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The Nelson Economist Mar 21, 1903

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 fc  \        \ ��� ~       Z JC- &_ * 71  1              ^   "* ^   ������ &-+--A-  �����rrf ,i,Urr?,iif\  ���^"���ji-1j"-j -^^ ���  -     j?1  ,t....^:-h   '-,..>.4g      -J.      r  ff.   . ,.-      ���^���������r.J.m.J*^ rj-^l^^jl..!.���j,.!^,   .^.. . 3.T.��-,     . *���-! T^^g..,....���-.-���*���-...���.*�� -r-..^"-'.-- ���^-.- ���  **��__!  r  r I H  VOLUME VI.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 1903.  NUMBER 36  ���jisnn  ��fi  CITV FATHERS  SHOULD STAND UP  When Speaking at Meetings  of the Council.  GRANT TO THE LIBRARY;  The Rights of Occupancy Question  ���Aid. Klrkpatrick's Notice of Motion.  Last   week   a   comparison   was  made between   the proceedings of  the Nelson Board bf Aldermen and  'the   council  meetings  of  the Iroquois.    A correspondent points out  that there is a  vast difference between the two.    He  says  that   At  the council meetipgsof the Indians  the speaker always 6tood  up when  addressing the meeting,  while  the  I Nelson city father dispenses   with  this outward mark of  respect, notwithstanding the fact  that the bylaw regulating the proceedings   of  the council, explicitly states  thiit  the speaker must  stand, up when  .addressing    the   board.     Here   is  the   manner   in   which   the   Iro-  [quois  addressed   the  meeting,  according to a celebrated  historian :  When all was  ready, Kiotsaton  arose, strode into  the open  space,,  and  raising his  tall  figure  erect,  | stood looking for a moment at the  'Bun.    Then he gazed around brithai  ' assembly, took a wampum  belt) ia  his hand, and began : ' } ���  "Onontio, give ear. I am the  mouth of all my nation. .When,  you listen to me, you listen..'tc^aU  the Iroquois. There is, no 'evil-in.  my heart. My 6ong is a Bong vof  peace. Wo have many war-songa  in our ' country ; but , we have,  thrown theni all away, and now we.  sing of nothing but gladness and  rejoicing."  The Economist does, not' desire  to convey tho impression that tho  foregoing should prevail hib the set  form of speech in addressing ..the  council hoard ; it simply, wishes1, to  go on record as being .convinced  that it is somewhat of an, improve  mont on the pronont method of proceed ure. However,, this ,'is only a  suggestion, hut Aid. Irvinj,; might  lay the matter before Fred Starkey  this evening, whon he dropti in to  read Thk Economist.  Tho council meeting last Monday evening was not specially, in-  interesting. A Id. Hamilton and  Bird wore absent, and thore wore  only a few spectators present.  Mr. E. A. Crouso addressed \ tho  mooting on behalf of tho library (.requesting a grant of $500 to that institution. Tho grant was made, Although thoro aro many, whoi bo-  liovo that tho oity has no legal  right to givo aid to a voluntary in-  Btitution. Tho oounoil" would bo  porfeotly within its rights in establishing a pnblio library.  ment appears to be somewhat irregular, as the plumbing by-law  requires that one of the members  of the board shall be a practical  plumber, which, it is said, Mr. Hip-  [ person is not.  Tbe old question over the rights  of occupancy between ii. Laird and  a number of Chinamen again came  up. Both parties to the dispute  are willing to pay rent. The mayor  was given power "to act in the matter.  Mr. Laird and the Chinaman  are both squatters on the city's  land. .One has at much right as  the other. Both are on the ground  at the will of the council. The  Chinaman was the first to offer to  pay rent and has certainly done  more   to improve  the land   than  Laird.  City Solicitor Wilson stated that  the law required a two-thirds majority of the residents of the lake  foreshore to bring them within the  corporation limits, but there being  no residents there the matter would  have to come before the city in the  form of a by-law.  Aid. Hamilton and Bird were appointed council representatives on  the board of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital Society.  The application of the Kootenay  River Lumber Co. for exemption  from taxation and free wate: and  light, was filed.  Aid. Kirkpatrick gave notice of  his intention to introduce at the  next meeting a  motion  to dispense  with the services of one of the scav-  i  engpr?.  Aid. Kirk patrick's motion is difficult to understand.    At this time  ;qf the'year it Eeems  that to  clean  fup   the  streets,   alleys   and- backyards of the city it will be necessary  to increase for a time the number of  scavengers, instead of making a reduction.    If the idea is to carry out  the proposition of ex-Aid. Scanlan,  and ask the  sanitary  inspector to  drive one of the  wagons,  the  proposal is impracticable.    How could  the    sanitary ..inspector,  keep    a  look-out over the whole of the city,  make his collections, Berve notices,  and attend to the  general work bf  the scavenging  department,  if  he  was engaged all duy as a t;amster?  And'would  the proprietors of  dry  goods' stores, hook-stores,  etc., ap-  prove of a .man  reeking  with  tho  elHuvia of stables and garbage com  G0V.-GENEH4  ANJUM  His Term of Office is for Six,  Not Five, Years.  LORNE     LIKED     CANADA  And Would Have Remained for the  Six Years, but for an Understanding with D'Israeli.  Ask    any    half-dozen    well-informed men whom you meet  what  is the term  of office of the Gover,.  nor-General  of   Canada   and   the  chances are they will tell  you five  years.     But  they   would    all   be  wrong.      A     Governor - General's  term of office is six years.    An authority on constitutional  subjects,  to whom the question was referred  by    the    Ottawa    Citizen,    said :  ''How does it come to  be generally  accepted   that    the    term   is    five  years?    I don't  really  know unless it is that   period synchronizes  with the duration of parliament in  this   country."    Whether   this  be  ihe true reason or not, it is a  fact,  at all events, that  the  majority of  Governors-Generals of the Dominion have held office within the five-  year   term.      Thus,  Lord   Lisgar,  who took office in  February, 1869,  was" Buceeeded  three  and one-half  years later by the. Earl of Dufferin:  the  Marauis  of  Lome   was Governor-General   for   scarcely     five  years, the  Marquis of  Lanedowrie  assumed office in October, 1883, and  was succeded by Lord  Stanley of  Preston, the present Earl of Derby,  in June, 1888, and the': latter  was  succeeded by the Earl of Aberdeen,  who was   sworn   in  as Governor-  General   in  September,   1893.   It  was on November 12th, 1898, that  tbe present  representative   of His  Majesty in Cunada took' oflice.  A five-year period would therefore terminate Lord Minto's tenure  of office in November of  the pres  Dufferin would hava had a term of  eight full years.  Lord   Lome recognized   that his  appointment  was, constitutionally  understood, an appointment of six  years, and he would  have endeavored to carry out his expressed desire to remain another year in Canada    but    for    a    punctiliousness  worthy of the age of chivalry.    He  was  appointed   to  the   Governor-  Generalship of Canada in 1878 by  Lord Beaconsfield, a political opponent,   who,    when    the   scion   of  Argyle was taking leave  of   him,  said, "Good-bye, Lome ; remember  it'Svi a   five years'   appointment."  Beaconsfield died before tbat term  was up and  Lord Lome, while he  wished, as he said, to remain another year in  Canada, .refused  tc  stay beyond the period named by  the great Conservative Premier. He  always felt that  Beaconsfield had  spoken but  abstractedly  in  reference to the term of the appointment,  but   he  held   it  neverthless  as:.a  point of honor not to ask to have it  protracted  beyond  the Kime mentioned. .,  NOMINATION  Starkey Passes It Up to His  Friends.  TAMMANY   IN    DISTRESS  which the Liberal mashine has  sought to eliminate Mr. Joseph  Martin from the political arena.  His supporters, however, have pre-'  pared for some such action by having everything in readiness to  launch a new party, to be known j  "The Western Provincial Party."  which will ally itself with none,  and will take for its motto, "The  West for the West."  If Defeated for the Leadership Joseph Martin Will Form a  New Partyj  Mining  Outlook  Was Never  Brighter.  EASTERN CANADA.  Brantford will have a great celebration on Victoria day. i/V  .v  Charles Cole, of Windsor; hanged  himself at Walkerville.     <  Over 1.200 settlers haves'/arrived  at Winnipeg from the east. ;   ���'.'  An organized gang of robbers are  looting houses in Winnipeg.  Dr. Giles, of Athens, former member for South'Leeds, ia dead.      ��.  ������������V;   ",:V  The local Tammany is now passing through a  period of,, great  unrest     and      tribulation.      White-  winged   peace  no   longer  finds an  abiding place in th9 wigwam of the  Tammany chief.    The cause of all  the   dissension  is   the  reluctancy  with which certain of  the faithful  respond, to the various calls which  are being made on their  resources.  Indeed, it has come to such  a pass  that it is only the rich who can indulge in the luxury of a seat at the  Tammany  political feasts.    A recent  convert to the  faith  has no  hesitation in saying and he says it  boldly that the organization is altogether too rich,for, his blood, and  that as soon as a favorable opportunity  presents  itself  he  wi.l do  penance,   for  his  sins by denying  himself,. the s priyileges, whioh  the  "Progressive People's Party" guarantees' its members.'  And thisMs  Col. Prior attended a banquet  at VernorilaBt Friday evening, and  made a speech iind satng a song.  The report does not say whether  th'e selection was a new one, or the  same old song.    ''  In another column it is stated  that the approximate vote among  settlers and others in the vicinity  of Trail is 190. Another authority  places the number at 100.  IDLE MINES STARTING UP  If the Dominion Government Will  Only Do Ita Duty the Kootenay Will Boom-.    ���  A number   of   gentlemen   have  been mentioned as probable candidates on behalf of the Liberal party  in  Ymir    district.     AL  Parr and  A. B.  Buckworthi   are being discussed in  the Ymir: section, Noble  Binns, of Trail, in the Trail section,  and R. J. Hamilton for the- section  surrounding Neleon.    On the Conservative side, D. Campbell is- spoken ef by Ymir people,, J. Schqfield,  [andD.F. Jelly  in   the  Trait'.section, while J. A. Kelly  and J, E.  Annable are also asked to take the  matter   into   consideration.     The  man who runs will have plenty,of  ground to cover in' canvassing the  district.  .ng into their stores whon lady customers were present to draw utttn-  tion to Home rubbish accumulation  in tho back-yuid ?  Tho Kootenaian siiys  Honry  M,  Stevenson of tho Highlander mine  at Ainsworth, returned   this  week  from a visit of two  months'  duration   to  Philadelphia.   New  York  and   other    eastern    oitios.     Mr.  Stevenson eayH .hat owing to the  high price of loud it  is  probable  thnt his  company will  commence  operations within a very short timo  in fact ho is ex poo ting instructions  at any  timo to commence  work.  During liifl oastorn  visit ho  made  arrangements with transportation  companion to shifk tho Highlander  J ore to   Europe.   Th'iH ore, whioh  nZ.b:yyAA\y\\A''\^       ���       Jcurrio^ about 70 por cont lead, will  lnorcquont of Wm.  Downio, of' I - , .       ,        ...   ,  n,���  \nn..\  n  n  i>     *    '��   ,x   .  A    H-eavo a good  margin   of  prout  for  tho  local C. P. it. staff, that   thoL, " , \   s  ����,,��nii ���������., i ��nr\ i     ��� !     1 two company undor preHentciroum-  counoil oxpond $900 in  improving;1 '  and ropairing tho channel of Cottonwood Crook, oaufiod considerable!  disouHsion.     Whilo Homo   of   tho  tlio eomp  stances.  aldermen agreed uh to tho'nocosRily  of tho work, they could, not boo  that it was incumbent -upon the  oily to undertake it. However,,  Mr. Downio was informed that tho  council would give the' mutter consideration at an early date.  The council appointed A. J. Hip-  person a number of tho plumbing  bujiru1, uh master plumber to act in  conjunction with tho city engineer  nnd health officer.   Thin uppoint-  G. O. Buchanan has beon elected  president of the Associated Hoards  of Trade.  Mountain lions are wild to bo  numerous ������ the vicinity of Vernon.  Maud HltinchiU, of Ottawa, drank  iodine und is likely to die. .She  was anxious to avoid arrest.  sent   year; but   His  Excellency's  full  term would  not expire,  until  November, 1904.   To the vast majority   of  Canadians it would be  pleasing to anticipate in  tho case  of tho pre^ont occupant of  Hideuu  Hall his rotontion of office for the  full term of six years,    Lord Minto's regime has been .marked by ko  many incidents of  high import to  this  Dominion,���incidents of imperial significance, suon aa tho participation of Canada in  tho South  African war, tho visit of tho Prince  and Princops of Wales to  tho   Dominion, and   the roawakoning of  British interest in Canadian affairs  ��� that it would  soom  but  fitting  that His  JSxoollonoy'fl torm  of office should bo rounded  out to tho  full  period of six yours.   This is  tho duration fixed by  tho  rulo of  tho colonial   offico,   whioh   says  ti  patent under tho great seal  Evory Huoh person is appointed  during His Majesty's pleasure, but  his tenure of ollieo is as a rulo confined to tho period of six yours  from tho assumption of his duties."  There is a precedent also for tho  extension of tho present vico-rogul  term beyond the fivo-year duration  t-ocmingly set by custom. Tho  Marquis of Dufferin, probably tho  ablest Governor-General in Canadian history, hold offico for nix und  Sir Gilbert Parker has'presented  60 books to.;the Kingston library.  Work in the Collingwood shipyard has been crippled by strikes.  Hamilton longshoremen are demanding 22 cents per ton for un-  louding.coal.  Winnipeg hotels are filled, and  accomodation in the Prairie City is  at a premium.  iPostoffice employes all over the  country are .besieging the P. M. G.  for increase pf wages.  James Oliver,r6f Belleville, was  sentenced to one Year in prison for  shooting Bert Skelton.  8  [not" a n]i rotated'"' instance".' * "There  are others who are" beginning to  ask themselves, where is 'the"profit"  in sasrificing all one^s earthly  goods merely to  win the favor of  lone man ? ....  It appears that Hon. Fred Star-  key has hearkened riot to  the siren tones of the charmer. He  will not accept nomination for the  Local Legislature, and will pass the  honor up to some ,of his friends.  Me. Starkey has not taken this step  without mature deliberation., although ,he has ndt, the slightest  doubt as to his success had he con-  I'Serited to run.  Loom fixers, and warpers in the  Imperial Cotton Company 'a. works  in Hamilton,.^��� on strike.  William Pea'rce, of Hamilton,  while in his carriage was struck by  a street car and fatally injured.  ���       ���<��� " ,  Kbenc/er North, of London, diod  suddenly, and tho shock killed Iuh  wife, who died a few houro later.  Tho investigation as to tho cause  of tho destruction of the steamer  Montreal by firo bo far has rovoalod  nothing.'  Frank P.  Robinson and.-Helen  Zozo   Robinson   woro  urrosted in  Hamilton, for    passing   Mexican  money.  ' Dr. Frank Tdrnbull, of Auburn,  Among the names mentioned in  conrieotion with tho nomination for  the Local House, is that of \y". F.  Teetzel.  Ex-Mayor Goodovo is likely to  ho tho Conservative standard-  hearer in RciHsluiul, with Smith  Curtis as his opponent.     ...,   -  Tho Cranbrook Herald says it is  being whispered about- that Dr���  Wilson, of Morrissoy, may bo tho  Liberal candidate for tho Local  Houho in tho Fernie district.  , Tho oxecutivo of tho Nelson Con-  HQryi\tiyo Association met last  night..  A summer  nd. JCingtiton.  hotel is to   !>�� erected  lie coiomai   omuu,   wmuu   mV��� ,  Governors aro appointed by letters  wafl ����>H0t from, a canoo  near God-  orioh  and diod aftor   boing taken  from tho water.  In order to providovfor the education of tho Jews tho I'rotostunt  School Board-of Montreal will ask  for nn additional $100,000 from tho  oily.  A   jeulons  woman  rovealed  tho  secrets whioh got tho instructors at  tho    Kingston    penitentiary   into  i trouble for carrying mi)snug()H to tho  convicts.  A   deputation of   lluuiilton   citizens waited upon the School Board  * . * a  n-half yours, namely from .1 uno,  1872, to November, 1878, and it is  .known that  if Sir John  Muedon-  and urscd  tho trustees to beautify  tho  Hcliool   groundu  by   planting  lnld'a  wiflhou hn<l  prevailed,  Lord (ll trees and owern.  At a meeting of tho V.��ncouvor  Liberal  Association   last Monday  night, tho motion  to   rescind  tho  resolution   pimped   last Thursday  night to request,iho  provincial executive to call another' con von tion  wuh  defeated by   57   to   17.   Tlio  mooting was called per  request of  Mr. Joseph Martin, and addressing  IIioho proeont, lib made ono of  the  host BpoechoH hn'hiiH  yot delivered  in   Vancouver.      A    Liberal    well  versed in local politics predicts that  it in tho beginning   of  the   hottest.  light that hiiH yot  occurred  in  the  Liberal ranks in British Columbia.  Ho  suggested calling  of   another  convention in hut the culmination  of a long cour��o of treachery  by  ;..;.,'   -,. lifers ,workA; v '  The ineffaceable, tragedy vciit lifex  [is..alwayB about us. The newspapers team with horrors. Nighi^fallB  and morning breaks upon an Ocean  of men and women, struggling for  life and ,, happiness and fame  against conditions : that, merci^  fully, they never quite relize. They'  hope t^nd they , believe in something. They struggle and they  achieve arid they, fail> but the effort  goes on���the great Wheel of life  goes round. V '���!  Perhaps among the metiQhers'bf  the theatrical profession���a profession which exploits, the good���the  endeavor  and   the  sacrifice   that  - -1   ,  shine through our daily lives you  will find more real downright  humanity than in any  othor calling  in life.    Thoro is scarcely a manor  woman before tho footlights whose  soul is not fired with  a longing  to,  do,   someting    groat���to    become  great.    Margaret Anglin, an  act-  tress, whose birthplace is Ottawa,  Canada, once told mo that twelve  hours of hor daily  existence were  givon>fup to her work.   1 ma,do the  observation that her timo for, pleasure wub thoreforo vory limited.  "Not'at all I Those samotwelvo  h ourH'conBtil'uto ��� a great round of  pleasure," she replied.  Six Irionthfl later Margarot Anglin wiih famous. She waa imbued  with tho idea which Fanny Kern-  bio, Mary Ahde'rBon, Bpmhardt,  Duso and other noted aotroBBOB, of  tho past and present poflf-OBBod,vitM  that it is off tho'ptago and notion  it that a'ctrcHROB aro made. (,,  ���   ���'���' G. A.V  Wm. YuH.i; of Brantford, fell off  a" C. P. il, car ui.d will UV'olv d'o.   A   '.'���  : ' '' > ���  (lanong's confectionery, worlcR at  St. Stephen, N. B., wero (lost^pyod  by lire.  Benjamin Lewis', n prominent  worker in tho Masonic Order in  Hamilton,is doad.  J. Hutton, tho (iueon's 'student  accused of gravo-robbing hau been  committed for trial.  With the approach ol .the summer season, old-time prosperity appears to be returning to the Kootenays.-   All the idle -mines around  Nelson, Rossland  and  Ymir and  the Lardeau camps are about to  resume work, and if the Dominion  Government will readjust- the tariff  on lead during'the session the silver lead mines of the Slocan  will  once more be the scene of activity  and industry.   At present about  860 men are employed in the mines  of Rossland with a payroll of nearly  $70,000 a month. The Silver King>  [.Athabasca, Venus, Juno and Granite, all of which are in the vicinity  of Nelson, are now working, Theaer  mines  were, all  closed down 'last  year.   The' mines in the Lardeau  are also making great preparations  for the coming summer, and in the  Fish Creek camp alone three now ~ .  stanqp.mills are. being ereetedrr-cnei  the celebrated^ Bw^iinii^HwfetcJF^-  has been opened up by the-Itflp*--  rial Development Syndicate of Nelson  and now under bond to ;the>  Calumet and B. C. Co.   This mine  has over $300,000 worth   of free  milling,ore   in   sight.   Then the  OyBter-Criteribn   group    and    the  Northwestern  Syndicate are both  putting in stamp mills in the Fish '  Creek camp.   The Slocan Star1 is  making   extensive   improvements.  The Payne has found  its old-time  paystreak,  which  means a return  to the monthly dividends.   In the  Ymir camp the rich values uncovered in the 1000 ft. level will soon  start the idle stamps in motion, and  once again  the Ymir stamp-mill  will be dropping 80 stamps, which  is the largest number installed by  any mine in Canada.   With  the  settlement of the coal miners'Btrike  and a speedy re-adjuBtmont of tho  load  tariff, fully  1000 more men  will be omployod in   Slocan. and  and   Moyio camps, and when; to  thiB is added tho unusual activity  in tho lumbering industry in  this  section, tho outlook  iB^oxopcdingly  bright for tho Kootenays. i.  "Tho   buoyant *p|'OBP0,,>*'y   nPw  prevailing in the cast Iiub developed  an unparalleled mania for speculation, "Mining enterprises ara, attracting no littlo attention and cor-  tain people ard1 taking advantage  of the tendency to promote all IcindB  pf   wild-cat BohomoB.    Kvorybody  boohib to havo momoy to invost,"  said John A. Manly, who recently  returned from Chicago to Grand  Forks.   "Tho Boundary <iotmtry, is  now woll known, especially in mining circles, and I found that many  woro familiar with  tho operations  of   tho   Granby   company.     Tho  Boundary coppor production is now  quite a factor in tho market.   So  soon as tho Granby pays a dividend  a  great   influx   of  capital to th0  Boundary district may bo expected.  There iB Homo talk in the east about  the company  lintimg its iitoolc on  the  New York Exchange.   If that  oouriie is puroucd you will Boon noo  n livoly mining boom  in progreao  out lioro."  IS*  P^r*  art  "��� *s  WB  ���^pt^WMM|HW^*��^l  ��MWWW,W,.WftP^M..,H.^I|,|r....W��  1' It '      11 '  ill1''  ,i , ,���IA  * A  mil  1  ir  nrrr*  l#  'll   li  'If  7-""i r; ;"���)!";;;��� i'7' ���-jr.-�����">��'- y-^ ->��� ���"-*-��� - rt.; r*' ;";'i'";r,i,T"r "-^-yy. 'C"".a"t7ru'''" "F'AVA '" 7,'T"ri A"4 '���'"  * i '        '  i\     ,���      ['   '*   A " ' I     '     '        '    , '      .' "' w' Ai        i" '   i    }>  i Ij >>, i|        ,   ",, '  i  I ,      ',,',,    I II ,    f.m    . '    , ���,' i (I ��� i      ��� , i, '  If  A,  ,1.}, ir  Jht ,i     i 'a 1 ^
<*   A.    j*   «,«.
- *.-    — ~-
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Nrlsox, March 14th, 1903.
One of the sighs  of  the   times is the revolt
which  is taking   placejin  the  ;United States
against  political conventions.    The objection
is not so much against a nomination for President as it is against the cut- and  dtfied ward
meetings and State conventions.;   Our friends
across the border are* prone  to  regard Canadians as  a little behind in almost everything,
yet the''agitation against the convention tyranny has been going-on  for some time in the
Dominion, the leading reviewers and, journalists having frequently pointed out the.fatuousness of accepting the verdict ofthe convention
• as the will of the  rank 'and'-'-file of the,partv;
It is contended, and perhaps '-trUthfully,,.:that
very often it happens that 'a   Liberal convention, called for the selection of a candidate,- is
packed by Conservatives'and nondescYipxjijvard
heelers with no other object  than   tp',select ,a
weak man, and tbat on   occasion Liberals are
not averse to taking a hand in the .selection of
a Conservative candidate who   will   be^'dead
easy."    It is a fact that the best mon jri both
parties are  never  found  inside ,a convention
hall, and that for the  look   of the, thing they
voteformen who are in -no- wise, .qualified,.to''
fulfil the aspirations of 1 the party,.   With   the
development of antagonism   toi.party conventions, it irf maintained, wei may;secure a bettor
class   of   representatives • in   our  legislative
Thk Economist ,hns been  asked  to defina
tho   new  electnr.il   districts  of   Nelson   and
Ymir.    According to tho  new  redistribution,
tho cities of Nelson and  Ilopslarid each send a
representative   to  tho  Legislative Assembly,
tho country Biirrounding iIiobo two cities forming tho Ymir   district. ' This territory   contains more voter.-* than oilhor Neleon or Rossland.    It ex'ends on   tho  east to Kitchener,
taking in Kitchener, Sirdar,  Kykert's, Procter, Balfour and east along both  sideB  of tho
arm of tbe lake to Nelson, taking in all voterB
on both piik'H of the' Kootenay   River to Rob-
son and  along   the  Arrow   Luko  to a  point
above Firo Valley  and  extending down   tho
Columbia river, taking  in  Trail and all set-
tlerH and mining camps  outsido  the city of
Ko.pliiml   and   ti Military  to  it,  and  all tho
country along the Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Railway  below   Wanota  to  Nelson:   In thia
district there  nro  approximately   1100 votes,
made up an follows :    Trail, 250 {.settlors and
miners in that  vicinity,   11)0; Ciintlogar and
Firo Valley, '10 ; Slocan  Junction and vicinity, '40 ; Fuirviow, nnd mining cam jib  in vicinity of Nolson, 275 ; along tho  lako   from
Nelson to Proctor   nnd   Balfour, 40 ; Creston
vicinity, 50 ; Porto Rico and Hall Siding, 25 ;
Ymir nnd minoH in   vicinity,  210; and Erie,
•Sahnu and   Wan'otii, (10.    In   Ymir district,
Trail is tho only incorporated town, but Ymir
and Fuirviow have each  nearly  as   many voter?. '•'.*', 1 :
At tho present time a great deal in being
written 011 the question of trade unioiiM in tlio
Diiiniiiiiiii of Canada and morn especially in
iliin I'lnvinct'. Organized labor forms a very
iiiipuiiiini purl, in the electorate of the country,  ai.d  if all  the workers in tho different
branc-hos of industry decided to combine their
foroes they certainly vroui4 ' wield :. powerful
influence on future legislation. They wouUl
hi- a power that would he feared by the t,)d-
':r:e parties, and there might be urore of the-
pre-election pledges redeemed th:ui at the
present time. Ttare is much discus-ion ovor
the fact that the per capita paid by ths unions
in C i2«..]a goes lo the United St at as .sv,u
very litCe benefit 1= derived therefrom. Ii ;s
further contended that on this account (Ik- ]■>-
fill unions do not receive the fame nim.m.-f of
j.nldk; tn-rupatby ia c a ;■•--; nt a strike that thr.y
v,oi.ud if they only ji^ know I edged alle^ianoo to
Cai.auian extent iw, and that the AnHuicui
litad has authority to order a strike whenever
it so will--. In the East, there is a growing
feeliig t» break away from the international
unioi.s and work under a purely national organization.
The "lawyer's union" should consider the
case of the editor of the Nelson Tribune. This
gentleman is a bit of a lawyer himself, although not a member of the order. He recently rendered a bill of costs to the city of
Nelson for $300 for professional services in a
real estate deal in which the city was interested. The bill was not itemized, and on
being asked for an itemized bill in order that
it might be taxed, this ouasi attorney indignantly refused to fun?ish one. His bill was
accordingly, paid without any deductions
being made. He now comes out with a denunciation of certain lawyers of the regular
school, who rendered an itemized bill for their
services, submitted it to taxation, and had
their bill reduced. If any question of honest
dealing arises in either of these cases, which
of the two is the better ? One cannot help
wondering how that $300 bill would have
looked if it had been itemized and taxed.
The "Gamey charges" against Hon. J. R.
Stratton in particular, and the Ross Government in general, will constitute the darkest
page in Canadian history. If the charges be
true, and they appear to be corroborated in
every essential detail, the days of the Ross
Government are numbored. J. R. Stratton has
been 17 years in the Legislature as member
for West Peterboro. He was taken into the
Government as Provincial Secretary in 1S99,
and has won great applause in his success in
managing by-electious. The other leading.
performer in this drama is "Gap. Sullivan."
He has been an "oiler up" of the machine for
, a number of yearp, and ..was one of the chief
operators in the West Elgin election frauds.
Death lurks in the Liberal political pot.
One section of the coast Liberals have pro-.
nounced in favor of Joseph Martin as their
leader, while another section are putting forth
the claims of Ralph Smith for the exulted position. This is the bone which the Liberals
are gnawing at just now, and the outcome may
be the death blow to party lines in the Province. The opinion is rapidly gaining ground
that neither party is in a position 10 fight just
now, the Conservatives being as badly divided
as the Liberals. The real truth is that the
eloctors of British Columbia are too advanced
in their ideas to accept without protest dictators who are party men for revenue purposes
Thirty-threo new subscribers, eighteen old
subscriptions liquidated and $43 in now advertisements ia the aum total of Thk Economist's operations for tho weok ending Fri-
day, Marc. 20. This business was not so-
cured on account of any imaginary "graft"
tho publisher of rhis paper might bo bolioved
to have in any quarter.
Mr. John Houston professes to know all
about tho financial arrangomonts of every
newspaper in tho Kootenay. If Mr. Houston's
honor an a prophet !h to ho gnaged. by BtatO'
montB similar to Hiobo ho is making with regard to this paper, he must bo adjudged aa utterly lacking in tho spirit of prophecy.
"Tho WobI for the West" is tho motto of
tho Western Provincial Party, which Josoph
Martin will form if Ralph Smith succeeds in
securing tho Liberal leadership.
Tm-: Economist is, under special obligations
to the Cranbrook Herald and tho Grand Forks
Sun for vory fluttering compliments to this
paper and its publisher.
With Senator Tcmploman and Sir Wilfrid
Laurier both hacking Ralph Smith for the
leadership, Joseph Martin may ho said to ho
up against tho real thing now.
"Political morality in now non-. xislont in
Ontario," is the way the London Star mzi-h up
the Hituation.
Tho Nelson Tourint Association  appears to
ho onjoying 11 period of invent ropoflo.
Kucitena.y Mail.
: ie?son of -h-  U. Ii. R. E.  strike   is   an-
argument   :<;.r   an   arbitration  and   con-
on jr. v.- winch shall avoid   the   nece^sitr
ot s;r;kc?, :*v<i ii;s-..v-.'- equal
to on-;,love;- __,_(>. riv.yAoy&\
rot  ana
Oaulnook Herald.
inr jnitiii:;: a.sso.jia tion out of politics
and [i is ai.i .ijr.Lt. Let the politician- £ot
control anrt <i>e ■..•ia;.iioz-»iioii -.viii uZi\ by it-,
our: M-eiirhr. Ai oh. n-Uri :* had the appearance of a Trio.- sideshow. a>.d it wan difiicuh
to convince,   many th-t tuc„ was not the case.
KOOTENAY     .  .
Coffee Roasters
Dealers  in
Phoenix Pioneer.
Just how the government is to postpone the
inevitable- and make an.., appeal to the people
at an early date is not clear to the average
person. However, it is given out at Victoria.,
as a resuJt of a recent caucus, that an attempt
will be made to carry on business. And Joe
Martin still "saws wood."
Tea and Coffee
Wenro'.>Hi-riiirf "I lowest j.riees tin-  best
Strmles ol"Ceylon, Imlfci, Cliiun ami Japan 8
I'l'iiK. i
f.   • MirlScsi   Moena .-mil .lava Collie per
pound. ?   -10
Moelia and Jaea Blend, ". pouiuls  1 no
Clioiee ItU-utl t'oll'ee, I pounds   I (jo
Speeial Hlend Coilei-Ji pounds 1 ml
Kin Blend t'.ill'ee. li pounds   1 110
.Special Blend Ceylon i'ch, per p mini.    hO
Telephone 177.
P. O. Box 182.
Sandon Paystreak.
Dick McBride made a record in lhe Legislature last year by talking without saying anything.      Now      he      is      saying      nothing,,
without     talking.      Mum      ia      the     word
with      Dewdney      Dick,      which     goes       a.
long   way   toward   proving   that   Jce   Martin is right when he says the McBride faction,
is conspiring to seize the government  without-,
taking a chance with the electorate.
Boundary Creek Times.
Notwithstanding the Fernie sunvcand complete shut down of all the Boundary smelters,,
mining near Greenwood is not at a standstill...
While fourteen cent copper looks good   to   the
owners of low grade mines, without coke, copper might as well be one dollar's pound.   But
there are mine owners in   Greenwood who are-
not worried over scarcity   of   fuel or  price of.
Fort, Steele Prospector.
If   there   is   any   one thing   the: people  aft
Southeast Koo'.enay need at the present   tirii».
it is the investment of capital to   develop \-im
great natural   resources   of  this   distrfct, audi
every inducement  and   every  encouragernenL.
should be held out to those   who'" have-'raoDoyy
to bring it here.    What we need is the invefrts-
ment of money in our great mineral res our«i»v.
Wiihout it the progress of the   district will! be
slow, but wi'.h'itjit is no idle assertion to «iy
hat in a comparatively short time' Southeast
Kootenay will become one of the  richest and
most populous districts in   British  Columbia.
"UnHl April ?.0tH tlie Canadian  Pnclllc Hallway Company Ik oHc'ring
Reduced Rates to Settlers
From  tlie  Kast  to points in   the Kootenay
Country.   Those having friends in
ew York  Boston
Halifax      St. John
Montreal    Ottawa
ronto       Buffalo
innipeg, Chicago
St. Paul
Or any other Eastern point, wlshin-r to .have
tlicm settle in or visit the .Kootenay will do
well to take ad vallate of tl is exeeptionsil offer now placed before tin* public by the
C. P. U.
For time tables and all infor.nation, app
to local agents, or to
Uist.l'uss. Agt..
M. J. COYr,K.
A. G.,1'. A.
Wholesale and Ketal!
Vancouver Province.
Of all the Pro inces of tlie Citna 'fan' Confederation, British Columbia is the one' in
which it is most easy for the individual man
to make a livelihood. It is essentially ih»*
poor.jman'rt piimdise, this north ci(iu portion of the continent. T . sheer iM.cessitie.1
of life are easily oh ained. The ...ests offer
abundant material for shelter, and to meet
any unusual rigor of the climate, which is exceptionally mild. The streams and water- , .
w 11 ytj-a.ro teeming with fi-h, and if  the woods IJ 'notice a\tid lowest prices.
Camps supplied on shortest
do not supply plenty of game, there is at least
an abundance of fruits which sustain li fo. A.
very considerable portion of the soil is cnp.ibW
of growing all the foodstuffs which can bo pro .
duced in any of tho other provinces. Them \b
very little soil, indeed, which is not cn^ahio
of producing lhe ordinary variety of vegiitaW-i b
and producing an excellent quality of Ih.iii.
With a littlo careful cultivation nnd ;itk»»iiiti< in
to tho ground not only neooduitiHH. b,tu vx«
tromoly comfortable conditions 'etui, ho ho-
curod, '
Trail Crook Newn*
It is rather armming to  tlie people of Trail
to hear from the Hon. Smith Curtis andothor
critics and   Ho-oalled  authorities   upon   load
questions, that tlu.y holiouo  thoro  is a   great
future for tho sale of load and silver in China
and Japan and if theso matters woro cavofully
looked into thoro would  bo  no> necessity   for
Canadian   producers   of   load receiving   the
same amount of protection  upon   thoirpro-
duct ua   lhey pay upon articles  which   thoy
buy.    As a matter of faot, practically the 'entire product of tho Trail and  Nelson smelters
has boon going to China lor ovor throo years,
and these markets are  now  occupied  almost
exclusively   by Canadian   smelters.    During
this  timo Mexican bullion lias been  refined
and oorrodod in Now York and the  resulting
pig loud  has boon   sent to   .Eastern  Canada.
While   thorn was  a   steady  consumption   in
Eastern Canada at tho rate of from   7,000   to
to 10,000 tons per year, the total   amount of
lead   which   the  Canadian   institutions  worn
able 'o-dispose of in China   and   Japan   frr m
tho  first of  May,   r..()2,   wan   apnroximu' oly
1200 tons.    Canadian snii Horn and  prndvo*trn
arc, therefore, thoroughly familiar wiih vouiidti-
tlons existing in China aiiu  .Inpun   and   .Dwv
aro thoroughly satisHod that they   much  p*o-
for their own  Canadian  market   instead  o:r
being forcod by Mexican lead to nook such, foreign markets as the above couutriou.
Mail orders receive  careful
Nothing    but     fresh    and
wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
E. C. 7RAVES, Manager
Fred.  J. Squire
TeiiiHund a- viilimtmiiK..' jiikI rirpnlroil.
('lotli(tur I'll tmii'd anil mcwli-il.
Over tlie Kfai'tace-Mlller Co,, Nelson
Notico ToD  ollriquent Co-Ownern'i/i>
; ToThmmix linn in'tl, Aliiert Hennett, MhkkIo
l.milHe Ken noil, i (leowe A. Milliter, .InincH
llniii'lni, mix rover v oilier iini-HnnHiii' ikii-hihih
mvlim.ii- (-intuit, ik nay liihn-oNi, In ((•«■ ••<Jn-
tdini" Mln> .mil (Jin tut m| I it ii 1 «< nliniit. hIn nilli'H
lim-tli i.rs Union a 'I'.'nn nml .».• a Mi-n whni,
nl I hi Ne Iiiiiii nnd l'm-t Hlioppur'l diillwny,
InlllK Nl |nc,|| Mlt lrn I)|vIkIQ11v Ol ll-l'ldl. of
NVi;mI. Ki loii-niiy.
,,'i'ii i .ml imoli < fi'oniii-ii lion.y nol.lili'il
Hint I .iiivn iixnor, (1 nt ono liunciiod ilollni'H
in oi'i' in- in fm,ii i Mm iiiiovo m>nilonoil
niliioi'i il claim » .niliT ilio rr'-vlilniiH ol
llic.M imh'iiI Act, .-; mil MliuniilniontH llii-i'olo,
•inn ir wltliln , llni'ty 'iIii.vh IVoiii Iho
null' mf IIiIh iu lie o yon i'iiII or i-oi'iiho in
I'onli |ii>ii|i, your |mi, -Hon ol'hiii-Ii i<N,iinii1lliii-o
Iokii' ,1h«t wlili nil <■«« iIh iiI'iiiIvim-UhIiik; your In-
ti'i'o m In Hiilil i-ihil in will lii-i-oiiii' Dm pi'ii-
lioi'i ji-i/iif iini hiiIim9r'il or unilor Hi-i-llon I'nurol
ii11    .%<«   milltli'il  "•   An Ai'l.  Tn AiikmiiI  Tlio
Ml   MtrM   Acl.ttUllH.'"
•   ' .1, M. Mot,Alius',
My IiIh AIHiip,   icy, It, M. Miiriloniilil.
,)r)ilii-<l IhlhllMi (iii|\v,  ill l)l>l'lillllil>l',MKI'J,
Wolice To ChuIMn   quont Co-Ownor.
tru Dun   I'nlini.-iTiir    to nn.v ihm-hoii or pi-r-
»iV|i|N   loWllOlllllO   IIIIIIJ llllVO   tl'IIMHli'l'l-Hll    IliU
Ivili-i-osl. In llii' "A'Ivm* niliiiio" unit 'I'lliri'lio"
tiii'iJ4ii<rnl i-lnlins, t,In :,i(ii on ilio HI\'lilo or lllril
»md .III i-i-<.i'UH,Nnlt,iii>i.\lli i.lni! IiIvImIiui ol' '•'»'cut
Koiiinnii.y i
You ini<I nii'Ii nf,v,<i.iiiii i> hi'i-i'liy nol llli'il Hint
I Iiiivii oNiii'iiili'it; uvjm linnili'i'il iIoIIiii'n In
Inlioiir unit lin |iro,\>iui. <nlH upon I lin uliovi'
iiiKiiiioni'il iiiliii'inlloliii in In orili'i- lo'llolil
until niliii'i'iil I'liilini iruiil -r Ilio PI'ovInIoiin of
Mm Mllii'i-iil An, moll Iil> vltlilii tin iIii.vh IVoiii
IIiimIiiIh ol' IIiIh i)iil,l«vi|,.v iu I'll 11 or 1-i'l'iiHn lo
iioilti'llillti'your  (iia-pnii'iil     iiiiiii' Mtii-ll i'.\|ii'liill-
I.III-II    lOKI'llll'l' Willi. Hill   *        IHlM   ill' llllV|.|-||Hlll|{,
your liilnri'i-l In  hiilil nlinl in   Will  Ih'i-oiiih I io
in-opnriy   ol' lln> nirli^iiiil., m1, iniilor    Hi'cllou
■loliin Act. tinlliWiil, •• a\iii '\<'l to innoiKl Ilin
Mliini'Hl Aiil, l|ll)i.\"
HArillll      1UINIC HKMAINK.
Dutt-il thin nih (laymi'i IPIrJ    n-iiin-y, I WW,'-
And ur.qucstionixbly   doubled.    The   stock on baud warrants the assertion.
We ask you to take samples, so that you may fully
test their values, and help you to realize that never before were you able to secure such goods at prices anywhere near so low as those now offering.
Star of India, Black Ceylon,
Now 35c per lb.
Tartan lea, Black Ceylon,
Now 30c per lb.
Our Tea Department has outdistanced all competition
aud we advise buying early to secure quantities desired. - ;
K.-W.-C. Block     Nelson
*f Our New Stock of
is now.complete and of tlie rncrft beautiful coloring and design!
It will pay you to call aiid see'^our goods. Our prices will suit th|
times.     Picture Framing-and Room Mouldings.
linker Slii'ft, opposite I.nwreisn.'   llnrdwnro  t.'o
Kootenay Valleys Co'y, L'td
This company offers for sale several parcels of the choicest
Farming and Timber Lands
In the Valley of the Kootenay on Iva sy Terms,    For full particulars and information apply to
T. G. PROCTER, Manager, Nelson.
• c»-*i'•-•!♦-♦;»—**,*—♦ -<♦—♦>—•!•—♦;• --♦ -♦
^{►—•;•—«;• —♦;•—«}>—»jk—jju— .*|
t Dawson's Perfection Scotch
T     This wHiskey will please connoisseurs.    It is a   high grndo  well
,♦, . f . ■ .
T niatu
'•* quality
trod spiritvof cjccellout bouquet aud except for age,  is tho sainil
ity as l)aw.son'-4 Old Curio (Over 20 years old), I
E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. Cl
►J«—*J»—-«5^—*J* ■
>,_,♦,_♦♦♦_♦♦_•._•.—.;.—.>-.;.-.>—.;. if;•-♦;•
Hazelwood Ice Crearv
McDonald's Confectionery
Baker Street, Nelson
Bartlett House
(l-'iiriiH'i'ly I'liirlii' IIoiihc) ,
'I'lin lii'Ml SI |"'i' ilii.v Iiiiiihc In  NcIhiiii.
Niinn lull  wlilti' hi'lp i.|ii|ilii,vi-il,    Tl'in liiir
Hill IllUit,
G. W.   Bartlett,  Prop.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor
Op. B.C. Customs HouseMst
w, |tWWfW^^wr«^fW^'«*w'n,r,^fj'^
l|^l*IWtW^fW«W^^ ftVW*H'««WJ*y!l'»"»s^p«'-HP *Mup<(^«WI*«W¥«WWi|«
"      . '   ' 1,    i\
^ »^^yw»>K'WWiffr»"rw*iw^'^^^^^
II-H Ai A,'   *    '
'O ,fr' > I
',   li      ll
H , -i*n i.
* jr
j^"^- i..
n*       fi
^    sA   -.
■ wi   .-.■-.   .-n ,   . r> Tgft  .
i   Id
ir\.ita--   S~rAi i->O.
C. .T .! '.Ic-r-.C:. :. -■
l\u: ;:v:-oa.iy .': :
1S-I0, ;-. .-■■::-.;ar- of. 17
lar ai-i'ty v.'iis i'\r\r.
Point i'i.;vt, ;:e:'. v i-
loacl—tho charge -.v.
icr iut-losod in a v
50 off, and lliu of!;.
De-rod it to bo pull'-i
Tho charge wiih
it dropped to the
that ono corner oi'
:o-h :■ ,-:.::!iCTnoratt>-a ■
;j.-:i    fo vO-.Iil'orjli:l 15i    i
.Vr-iA I <:£   tho 1VJ;U-
-.' :i lO.Inte at laimo
■::   Ioo.;icisco.    One
.; .".i; ] .".muds of pow-
(i.i   bag—did liov
r 01 command or-
'. ont of tlie cauuoc
w 1:!: drawn, and «*
ai-ournl it was sec-i-.
'ie woolen   bag wad
CtjI di TeirLLa toward Cunco on a tcbos- :
gats. ;
'•Ioo-::o;rra7hcd t1:-.-toy of thor.:oi-.n-
tai:i,"   JV->'  t-.-Us   r..--   i:i  letter   ::s,   "vo
pr;-T;:.:-c:I   f-r   (l...o ■;-::/!::t;r 7.-1   tin-   other:
sirlo by :.:•.-" ]i.-:'.e. 7.L.;. h i.; ;..12 (,;-'.-t'.:'i--".-i!:-.l '
slod;j;o i:;o77 of two ooco:i ,T woo-.!, i-a> j
ricd tio   : v iho   couh.-.::t.; Ho-.:'   ^r.idio) -
oh ivli::h i
Dii fire.   In an instant the powder would
havo caught   and   1!
si'veii  inen with
their officer would havo been killed.
Private .lohn M. .iui'.M jumped toward
the smoldering 1::-...-, roi led it in tho
mud and with his h-.iro hands plastered
lh^ singed edges with damp earth.
It was a quid-:, brave deed, and had
H10 hero been a lh-iti.--.ii .soldier it would
havo brought him a Victoria cross to
wear on his breast.
During the se;:oy war a voting captain of artillery saw an ignited shell
fall near his battery. Instantly ho lifted it up, carried it to a distance and
flung it away, .last then it burst, shattering his left forearm.
In tho Crimean war Captain Peel
of the royal navy, son of tho former
prime minister, Sir Robert Peel, commanded a naval battery in front of Sevastopol. Ono day a lai-go shell, its fuse
burning, fell into tho battery near
whero Peel was standing. Picking it
up, ho carried it to tho rampart and
tossed it over. It exploded before iii
reached tho ground.—Exchange.
KHlcacy or Olive Oil.
Medical authorities are generally
agreed as to tho value of olive oil medicinally, finding it also a potent agent
for any defects of tho excretory ducts,
especially tho skin. Eczema has rapidly
disappeared upon a discontinuance of
starch foods and tho substitution of a
diet of fresh and dried fritits, milk,
r.ggs and olive oil. The beneficial effecta
of the latter, when thus taken in conjunction with a fruit diet, have frequently been remarked in respect to the
hair, nails and scalp, supplying to the
sebaceous glands tho oily substance
wrhiT;h they sccreto when in a healthy
condition, and tho absenco of which is
tho cause of debility of tho hair, frequently ending in baldness, says The
Scientific American. It has long been
observed that t.hoso who treat Olive, oil
as a common article of food and tiso it
as such aro generally healthier and iu
better condition than those who do not,
and its thevapoutic and °prophylactio
proper! ies aro very favorably regarded
by medical men. It is known to be do-
fitruotivo to certain forms of micro organic life, and foi- the eradication of such
from the system its internal uso has
been successfully i-i-S'-vrted to.
had ti'..'
ji'.l it
■ des-J
on a Tur'.o'i
.■ling his bir.r.
•, "!y occiM'i't.'d
':'.-." e lice Is, so
upon by his
tho   ;ju<1
;e that, tho rub-
bat, fearing to
id subject him-
The jud
bath,- but   iio \
that; morning,
to him   to   li-s!
young friend.-:.
It scorned to
ber was terribly rough.
oxposo his inexperience:
pelf to ridicule by objecting to tho regu
lur treatment, ho patio.itly endured being punched, pumnieled, slapped,
Hpnnked, whacked and poked until ho
could not Ktaud tho torture a moment
"I.s— it — qui-iro — ncecs-sary—to—
m-ako— mo —bla-aek—und -- blue—all
—ov-ver?" panted the judge, as irrcgu
larly as tho rubber dug Ids iista iu moro
or less vigorously.
"Never you mind- Finikin you,"
responded Iho rubber, redoubling his
it.Ksiin.ltn ami uriinihig diabolically—at
least .so ii. seemed to I ho judge.
"Who (slap, groan) are (flnivl, groun)
you?" gasped tlio judge, a horrible suspicion <ltiv,'iiing in bin mind. "Your
(whack, groan) nice (thunip, groan)
iIooh (whuck, groan) look (slap, groan)
fa—(Ihud, groan)—miliar" (swish,
"Uh, you remember mo, do you?"
growled the rubber KuroimtimiUy.
"Well, (Infill yer old hide, tnnhbn you'd
lilco to Hi'iul urn up for nix moiilhn again
for priwllghrin »"—Ilarpnr'n Maga/.ine,
(Iiiiiii I'm- HullW'nlillin,
It. appear.) Unit the teiuloiiny hi Iho
Brit lull nml llm llniled States navies in
to reduce I ho number ol' guns and tu in-
cranio llieii' aivn ol' lire und also to huvo
110 guns above (I inch caliber for mip-
pnMiiig Iho IU or 111 Iiuih. ThiH lmithiiil
ol' (Increasing Iho number and caliber of
RtniH is an ideal theory for i-eihiiiing
WoightH, hut nhipH aro built to carry
gmiH and lo fight, and it, would Heein
bnt.tov to niihi(H) weightH elsewhero than
in tho hiitlnvy nnd iiiiiiimiiilion,
In 1111 engagement hef.wiioii liattleHlilim
of similar iirnior anil diH])]aeoinent
which one will probably he the victor?
There can be but one answer. II; will bo
tho one thnt ell'eel.ively deliver.) tho
gveuloKl; umoiintol' Hleel agahiHt; (heolli-
or ship. Hui'l'iig Hi" eiigiigoinenl. euell
nhip will iiciM'ssiirily Ioko the use of mi-
jiinvotiHgiiiiM nnd men, nnd (lierel'ore tho
nhip I hut, ciiitIon thn luvger mniiher of
giiiin and (lint, liasui-nsiirvo fuvco of men
below iu pi'iitoeleil pliieo.i I'm- tilling lliu
vacMiiclcH nt lhe i-enmlnlng gmiH will
tiei-luiiily havo Iho udvuntiige, und miniif
(ili;icii,-u giui.-i I lint; are geliei'iilly lnnlteil
U)io;i svilli ilisl'avoi- on itceuiiiil, ol' llin'rr
iiuiall r..-1-.i ol' lire inns-, nl, Iho erll Icni
nn.! mil I -., In 11 ilioi'.-i'.iitii|iiiii!oiinii!' Iai';.'ev
IU'im 11 '-ii il I   liioiuiled,   lieooiini   lliu IlieallH
nl1 iii. m-iii.-'.' , n-'.ie-y, -Iiii'iiieiiiiiii, I'i. W.
Kherl;-,  U. ;■'•, ! J., in '■ 'iO,;iei-'ii lM:ig;:;-,iiin,
''i'alio'.-^nnin,-,' III! VWi,
'If !|1 inlir ,;' in;; |o t!n|,i III I tl'illillcl f'll
"Ta ■ , .■ ; '. i-iui; .!i l-'i-iiin-n und H.iiy"
thai, soli I '•■• iH'O'li; I. wn:i iii:il;i.','|- nil
, ...in i in Miii- h, i -;i:,'i, I rum K'icn
i,"i-ii.,:i I !m i\:ai-il inm .M|i;t lo 'l.'uriii he
(lei.i-riuhid l.ho l.'ieilnioii|.,,so nlopo
1 ,'■■■-!
for the ;-.c..".oj;e. i. '.:.■■'. not
this I:i:::i ..f carri:;;;e, o:;pvci::!ly as t'r.'i \
mou2:tain was very steep and coverei''. ;
with surh a thick fog that wo could
hardly see two or three yards before u:'-
Neverthcless our guides were so confident aud my companion, who had passed the same way 011 other occasions, so
secure that I ventured to place myself
on this machine, one of the couluma
standing behind mo and tlie other sitting before mo as the conductor, wi"i
his feet puddling in tho snow, in
order to moderato tho velocity of it-.'
descent. Thus accommodated, we de-
ucended the mountain with sudi rapidity that iu an hour wo readied i.hnon.
Ilero wo waited two full hours tor the
mules which traveled with the servant:*
by tho common road."
This i.s simply tobogganing used as s.
practical means of transit for travelers
in tho Alps.—Chambers' Journal.
Civen aH u Jlolioinr.
A rebuke emphasized by a kindness is
apt to bo remembered. One day au officer walked into the office of one of the
well known business men of the west.
"What do you want here?" he said
to tho officer.
"I'vo couio to attach tho wages ol
ono of your men for a debt."
"Who is tho man?"
Tho officer named him. and ho was
at onco summoned to his employer's
"How long havo you been in debt?"
Was tho first question asked.
"Been behindhand for 20 years. I
can't seem to catch up, " said tho man.
"But j'on havo a good salary-. "
"I know it. but I can't get out of
"You must get out, or you must leave
hero.  How much do you owe?''
Tho wholo was not much less than
$1,000, but the employer immediately
wroto his check for tho amount, and
said, as ho handed it to tho man:
"This will pay all your bills. Ifl
hear of your running in debt again,
you'll havo to go. "
It was whar. tho doctors call "heroio
treatment," and it not only astonished
she man, but "revolutionized" him. Ho
settled with his ^creditors, and then, by
carefulness, kept out of debt.
Better than a genius for making money is the habit of paying as you.'-gb.—■
Youth's Companion. "' ;'-   :   ';
Tho TTouHKHtinr t!ut.H  Din   I-'Iukct. ' •'
" Wei!, " said Mr. Goslinglon, '' tha .'
youngster has cut his finger. Tho only
surprising thing is that he didn't: do it
the ih-st day ho got tho knife. How ha
did it he doesn't know himself, except
that the knife slipped and J: ho first thin.,
ho knew his finger was bleodivg. Then
ho ran to his mother.-" His face waa
white, but he didn't cry, .which i'
thought was very brave, and I-ubink eo
still. 1 lis mii: her washed the finger geJ.i-i.
tly and then bound ir. up with a-strip of..
soft, worn, white cotton., cloth tied
around not. with a pieu: of eommcii
cord, but, with a narrow strip torn off
tho edge of tho cloth itself. 1 heard lie,-:
(earing it, and I thought, it sounded familiar, aud then I remembered that was
tho way my mother used to do up my
"Thou vho boy went avcun,.) ;>•'.';?
that finger held out straight from tb,o
rest of tho hand and with a nolomn
look on his face, but; ha couldn't; stay
solemn long, and it. was surprising how
quickly bin finger healed too. Then hin
mother put a cot over it, 11 finger cut
from 1111 old kid glove (just'wliat, niy
mother used to do, too, and I wonder if
nil molhei-H do these things just alike),
to protect; it. for adayor two more uiitij
it got; fully well. That; was r.iluilly na\V
to him, and it; pleased him very much-
lie wore the glove (lngor with thoprouci
hut reserved dignity of one coiivaleseln;.1
from a saber slrohn instead ol' a cue
from his Ill's I, kuii'e, and il, all miulo 1.111
feel young ugain myself.—Nov/ York
Sun. "
Uhi-h I i'i ii' Cm-Id
Anion), (ho ninny urtldo.i made from
cork waste is tlie familial' cork grip I'm
bicycle handles, llyu secret prnee;:;i
tlie'watitn i:< |ii'cs.'ed into I lie rei|iiii'e(l
Hhapii, and, st i-ango to say, thogripnli;'.'".
uiiiili) am <'ilriiiigci' nnd niovo duruiilv
than IIiohv uiaiiiil'aelured from eovl:
ft'i-iO-.l. ullhoiigh Iho lullei- given a much
Hinoother finish. Cork slabs for insulating purposes, life prenervei'H, cork Holes
und insoles and penholders are also
made from cork waste, If, in very largely umiil for n .lUnv in tho lining of cold
iitorago and ieo Iiounoh, sineo cork is n
iKUKtondiiotnr of heat.
Another and a uniquo nun of tinrk In
that to v.iliiuh it in init iu the iulm-iiu'
Ironwork and platen of ironnlads uvi.
Htuiuntii'H between tho bottom ni' tho viih
md und tho wKiouil ovfalsn lloor In order
lo prevent; rust. Tho interior hutI'iiw ol
iho ironwork is couiml with juilut, iiml
While the hitter in si ill wet it is pow
tiered with cork (lust, in the same way
thiil; wood in winded to veneuihlo niono,
The waste HoiunliineH takes the place ot
BHhestiiH hi iMiveriu,',' i-ilemii pi]ie,i, llnlli
ynrk wood and waste liinku 11 vory do-
turiiblo hinidlo oi' grip for C'h polen,
which in a comparatively recent, idea,
C'lork linlu anil lidineln, gill or iinhio
iioi-liM, ring   buoy,1 ti in I   nmni in;; biinyi,
(.-Ol k  I'i 'lid'-I'll fur ve,,!--els ill 111 ci'l'lf ('Hi in 'H
Wnhci's I'oi' fopM of ciiiiii rcpr'-senl. nli\i
Home uf iIim us,.:-! ni' 11■ i-i iii-i i'-Io. — -■ Ku'.i'
Vurk l..'..iii!ii"r.'inl Advert iner.
'1'Ilii  !,u:ij;c.i,|   l.nvo  l,<,IH;«-,
lVvllllpn I lie  lo.l.'.'i : I   lllVO Id Ifl' ill  IllO
world in 1 ne- writ: 1 n by a eri'lniii coiirl ii r
.'ni 11111   1 in., nl'   1 '..n ' 11 ' ii;'aln'iIi   in hi;i
).|ldy |i jVi' 1 II I he IV' e ■■•: '''•' :n I !i" m'lllllll.l
r,ih'|i'ii"li, ll 1 -. 1 ■ 1 ■ 11; 1'.■ ■ 11 -IllO shi'i'M of
'•[.il.ln il will Hi :, I 1,7 nilinlii r nl Wul'lb
buiii;,' luiiuelliiii;-; lil.n ■'.0,1)01..,
A. C__r.-rAr.it Picture of Hiirvoj-.
"He (Yx'illiam Harvey) was not tall,
but of tlie lo'.vest stature, round faced,
oLivasrcr c;:::_-1.■:;i7;-i; lictle eie, round,
very 'clack, fail of spirit: his haire was
b!ad: a\= a r:tv:-u, but- quite white ~0
yearns b.-iVri-hc dyed. I have heard him
say, that after his booke of the Circulation of the Blood tame-out, that he fell
mightily in his practize, and that 'twas
beleeved by the vulgar that he was
crack-brained; and all the physiti;:::s
were against his opinion, and anvyi d
him ; many wrote against him. With
much adoo at last, in about 20 or :J.0
yeares time, it was received in all the
Universities in tho world; and, as Mr.
Ilobbes saves in his book 'De Corpore,'
In- is the only man, perhaps, that-ever
lived to see his owno doatriiia cetoMish-
td in his lifetime.
"He was much and e££e5?. tec-ibled
with tho gowte, and bin .,„_, «ji' cure
was thus; he would then sitt with his
legges bare, if it were frost, on tho leads
of Cockaino house, putt them into a
payle of water, till he was almost dead
with cold, and betake himselfo ta hia
stove, and so 'twas gonue. He was hott-
headed, and his thoughts working
would many times keepo him from
sleepingo; ho told mo that then his way
was to rise out of his bed and walko
about his chamber in his shirt till ho
was pretty coolo, i. o., till he began to
havo a horror, and then returue to bed;
and sleepo very comfortably."—Aubrey's "Lives."
The Original Siamese Twins.
The sleepy village of Biddenden, not
far from Tcnterden, celebrates yearly
the memory of the two maids of that
ancient hamlet who were tho original
precursors of tho Siamese twins. In life
they were joined together by a mysterious cord of flesh, and they died on tho
tame day, leaving,thoir property to be
distributed among tlie poor of the parish aud among all wbs car© t© apply
for a dole of bread and G&.CSCG G£3' Easter
day. This benefaction £__fi fej22ii'__'. existence for six or seven 'oCfX&sz&P. r ad at
present its value is about §aotJ a year.
Formerly the doles consisted of bread
and cheesei and ale, but thd latter produced so much hilarity iu the village
that it "was abolished, and tho.charity is
now limited to tho twro first mentioned
nutritivo articles. The bread is made
up in tho form of cakes, bearing a rude
representation of tho twin maids of
Biddenden, and-are generally preserved
as curiosities by tho recipients.- They
are baked very hard aud aro admirably
adapted to give work to dentists by
breaking, the molars of those who attempt to penetrate their mystej'ios.- The
poor of the parish as" distinguished from
neccssitou&is'trangcrs aro supplied with
ordinary quartern loaves aud cheese.—
LSij^Cju Telegrauh.
-   A.':-   '' Sul.-Ktituto Far nn "Kyo."
Ifc-Lis prah:ibk:"th;it every woman wha
does any part ol" her own sewing knows
what to.u.-;u as a, substitute tor an •• rye"
wli'cVn'^lie'iiii oblige^;'Jtbj'^ik) 11 |io-.ik und tlu>
"eye" ,yv*(iul(l- co:ik1 'in^Pfcmispiuuous place,
but- if ,y!':«'.fe Is one wlHi.de'es not. she v."ill
be gl;ub-:{<) learn el' tbs little ring which
can be .sulisi '.i uiiid', ii'l^'is about twicj as
long^es a I jr.-:;-...; eyelet 1'p a shfie'aiul* i^s luit-
liinhoio sthd'.ed around with!;, si Ik or twist
the eulcr of the goods upon which it is to
ho sewed, then caught in plaeu by one
edge, where ib will remain securely und
out of sight.
Tlilrtoou Wonmn'ri iTewoln.
Some ono who claims to know trays thai
l!i New York women. o\Vn, jewels worth
onougli to equip fi'J Ainei-icun reglir.e::ts
Thev nro Mrs. William Aster, Mis. .lohn
Jinob Asfor, Mrs. Ogden Mills, Mrs. Oliver Hellenist, Mrs. Frederick Vandei-V.llt,
Mis. lioorgo Oould, Mrs. Ih-ndloy Mar; in,
Mrs. Kountzo, Mrs, Twomblsy, Lr:':i. William (J. Whitney, Mrs. Harry Va-r.n Whitney, Mrs. Hoi try Sloauo und Mvc. J."i:oJ.ur-
)ok Gebhm-d.
Injury to Tantli.
Much injury is often dono to tooth by
using improper tooth powtlor. Powdored
oliall: silted through miiRlln is approved
by all (U.-utlsts und hIiouUI bo usudonuo ov-
pry day. Tlio1 toothbrush should bo used
iil'ier every inenl und lions Hllkjiressml bo-
twoen tho tenth to romovo food lodged
thorn, Thlri nuilhod will ummlly kmvo tho
teeih from decay till old (lire. It Is tha
custom luKoinefmnllleH to Wiiho the mouth
Willi warm ui-iinmtlo water aftur catluy,
OV »0«m>o^»^»»»<_^^^»»<>^^^»^^»<»<^«^^»»«»»»»»»»C>»^0»<^»»>»»»^»»»^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
Old niuilueiM HauTj,
Mrs. Plorn Annlo ,S\v.V;.iCr '■'* I'd home
|a Dunliigu.'i limine, n,-.vv ?■',"'    '■'.    i'\ Is also
the old  homo of  Mir'J'",   -v . '  '   <• iiu't of
('.I'oniarly, whii iintild       •'. .      illgieo
/nun tin) ornnUon, Tho iio^-a.-r.-:-, i.md of
Dunlugas has a jiooullav "...'A.::.:.'. ... India,
for It.gava hh'l.h to the fninouH |ilpnr
Klnilliilor, who filnyml Iho nlogan whou
thu lilgldaud iroihiH NtorniiMl Durgal.
1 :	
Wnnwiii of Hiirvliu
It In Htiitml that Sorvlun mon do not
marry for love, hut to Hnmiro mi rnlill-
tlonul wiii'kiii' for tho lunirinliolil, wo very
young iii'.ni liiui'i'y women hmvoi-iiI yoani
oldoi-1linn Ihiiiiiiiiilves, um kIi-Ih ui-o less ox*
piirlnni'i'd in liniiHowoi'k, In tho lower und
mhhlln (iIuhsoh women nro always hidjiod
juuli und may net. sit down uublddon la
ihu pivHoaco of tin. mon.
ViiMi- Oojddt.
Mv. unrt, Mva Cliuiwiill iittfl movoci
only iv few woekri boforo into a I'liHliiuiv
able iiolgliliiirhnnil and worn prepnrliU1
to Imiuio invilaliouH for their nilver wetl
"I'm afraid," wild Mr, (IuhwoII, 1mA.
ing dubiously »t; Ilio  pile of  cos-'ily sin
tlnncry lii.-l'orn liini, "most of these will
(fo In-;-,-,in.*jf:,"
"Why- ifaiues, " vesjioitiled l\lrs, Clun-
s\'v\\, "1 lial'h wh.-ii, wo ai'eiie.iidlug then)
out for, , '
A  lliiiii-viiiiiiiii  l-!,v«i Optinnr.
'^Vl.iln   love,"   mild   the  t!uiuml.iiH
villn  n:i.",i', "nin.v "inkii the yoang niaii
• iblivi- it-   of   I!h-   I'.b'.bf ni 1 i.sin < 1111' 111 j.'
lie-    l;..ii. ,, 1 ;:,   ll ■'   l.:> iillii,V gaii   bill.'
IdinilV I'.' in.'.:    Ill:,    biillilirn   ill i-hoi'l, (..'•
'I'1:..- In.-.--'I n:a dial In  lim w. "hi   ii-
1 !;:;.   ,11  I i1.      '.   1   l,,..'.",n    pi > :, ••   ,1.'.  nv
Ir1 .'ii'; ;'.   ' 7 ,,- - ; j, .,■;,•:', • ,■.-'. . 1 in, m ;i.
Ai   ; ' ■    , ,.:■        :i       I'l-ii-u!   !::..-,..   ,!:; di .w 01
I li '•,   I.  ...   I   '   11        i.    I   ;,!.;!li".' .-   '-•      by   l.illl-    V
ei  .   a   ot'   i, l.r: '.-,    ',',..ii',   ..el   uti   bom
t>i^nnw«<rinitn^ ♦*T»ww^f'wi«««*TlWi<tsr(ft'
!,»',.       ,  . ,«        • . >t     ".,      , ■'-','      • ,„.,', H    '        ,, <        If I '■ , C(| « ,'l
,(' I ,      ll II
ll    il
' (11   *
I.      II, ,
J        «'l, , II,.   ,   1
I '  . ' ',    - '{l      ■       ,
,,.    ,h>     ,h,   .     ,    It
I       • /    i[     'I* t ,
I.   'f^l
M     i.
,    "'
I  ii     u hj-^ii
.1 "'W    *'  •;    '•
i, 1
, u
and a
complete line
"184 7
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
Eyes carefully examined and
properly fitted to the best grade
of glasses.      _ , _ «-*    *s	
Pine        CPC^
Repairing. \ S        V_^X
Write, telegraph or telephone—we are ^here
early und lute, and on the jump to serve you
quickly with all the right things in Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, sterling and plate ;
Onyx Tables and goods too numerous to mention.
These are the days that a house like ours can show
its real worth to our customers. Whatever the
size or character of your order, we can fill it and
ship it at once. "The goods you want just when
you want them," that's my motto. Never were
wein a position to give better service to our customers than now. My stock of all kinds of goods
on all lines are a marvel of comprehensiveness.
Their bulk and quality mean to you the best
procurable goods at the lowest possible prices und
you have the assurance that they are all right.
Our watch and jewelry department has no equal"
in the country.
Mail and express orders have our prompt attention.
r «
? -&£
The Jeweler/1
»0»»»»»0»0<MO<»»»»<H»»0»^» »»»»+»<^»»»0+»»»»»»»0<>»»»»»<»»»»»»»»»»»+»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» ♦ I
There is no better time. Come in and see what a whole outfit costs
—not much—and it's the concent-rated essence of fun. You don't know
what real pleasure i.s. unless you've worked a camera and put into lasting form the beauties that you are: seeing wherever you go. We have
a large stock of Plate Cameras, ic 02 pattern, that we are selling at and
below cost.    A complete line of P hotographic Supplies of all kinds.
g  and   Book  Co'y.   Limited
MONTREAL,   Sole  Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts
R. H.CARLEY, B. C. Agt.
Hair,   Nail, Tooth,   Bath
Infant, Etc.
Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at
Vanstone's Drug Store
One scven-rooincd house, and
one three-room house
for rent.
Three dwelling houses for sale 011 easy terms.
One Lot on Stanley street, opposite Uoyal
Hotel for sale at u bargain.
h. McCausland, shoemaker
Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching
a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock
of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.
Other People's M
Your Own
Will buy u first-class, wcll-uiaih
Suit of dollies al my establishment.
1 I
n\\ (IoiiIh linyn fur lliri'i. liiniillin' imniiliiirHlilp,
/.J Kimli 1111.ml.el- ri.|.mvim tin ullirlulI'luhiij>;.iii
ovorymiMit li, inrlml 111 j(il|iiiii.i'H n( Inn li-iilitnnv.ini I
nml iiiHtriiiumiliil ni.\v iininin imuiIi muni li, III
|il'im»l In nil! 11N11 a I'.'iluinil.i i.f Mi'inl.ri;.|il|i
u hln'.l I'lv.'H I lin |irivlli'i(ii 11, I lull II.nun In Nuw
Vni-li (Illy, nml ii(|iii.vliiitllti'i'iilui'i', iiiui.I.. ui' nni-
iilrill I mil 111 mini In nt any ilr.iin l|il l.in ill. uliuli<imln
inlinm, hiivIiik .vim Irmn '.!HV tn t'Ji'V on i-mir Juir.
oliiihuh. >i. in'1 fu ill n )nl 11111111.on, V'nii will i'i.I in'.mil
lllnri' limn vimr iniiiii.y'KWiiitli, Mli'l'l'Al. I M I'.li.
AliV-MliMi'Ci.un, l»i.|il..     , lWlNiiHi'iiu hi^N.Y.
bb Printing
We Print
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
Note Heads,
Business Cards
Etc., Etc., Etc.
The Economist
Complete Stock of Stationery
Ortlcra by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.
AB Gee
o m
V.incouuer and Ncluon !
er Year
,. ,:, i,'> ,
M '
, ,iZ,\ifni
',"     »V"   " ,"
ih_; 1 A', ^
/     AA  . «-   - v, , a„ "Ai , ■ it  <   „   ;,.   '»,'-.  V.,".'i\ ; ,(U    ,    V/',!/!,'"',",,-^^   '.   .,,
• a ?-„' ",*"'iiAliH ;«'  -    ml" J'V'.i'> a- 'jj^' ' ;,,     ""i!,t!'-\. ,"«l;-^,'.i iA1' .    !,(   ■< zA  v „-> ,.^, *'""/  «ir .*,* ■
•r 7       l\A"i    '' ,
„■ .«i.M.«n>ww«wi».^ilwl«<wp»iww^wl»»»wil««»iW'^^ ..
,l-„,ll.       1,^1      ^1'     ll„l*,       Ill     ,       11^     HPUft.      .. .1   ,. (.1      ,1       l*~.l      I      B.*hl*~ *    "      ^MJ-      ,,,-!,!, I,        ~  vh-       -^.Ift.H*^      .   n.j.        ^r-lfctr..
It    I
Sk* *~        *   "     h,«4J-     ,,,-,.1,1,      ~ vh-      ift„l.t,4    .   n.j.
J»      »|1       • '    ' I
1| IS   tjtf i'i-
,„ 'Wi    id ■   i
.a1 . '
f 1 ft       o
1 - ^1,^.1 ,'11, i^ 1
«•'.'   'yjA'.
'i ».
'"   '     Zk   '    ",f '"
1 1       1 ,\   1,. 1 hi. ,1    1. 1
ii     i,, 1      mi       11'.,, %      1
,ji *      ". ' 1
> .    " .    ,        "',';"    if„n  '"
I Hi 4)
I'l-l'    il, l "   . 'll* v     II ,jl.a     •
,   V    )W    ' I' ', •     K 'I «l    -1       >-    WI .   " THE  NELSON   ECONOMIST  lii.-i'ts vou one minute with a sun   e <-:i  tacc.  ���avs, "Smith,   how  Complaint is a-ao.   made   that   yoa,  dents   of   LNc-lson   unmindful  of tht'i  duty   to   encourage   their   own   me -  chants   have   been   sending   ord-rs   to  the eastern departmental stores. Wlie;  it iseotisidi-ed that mo.-t ��>f the  .irood  thus brought   in   here,   when   exma.-  char^es ale added, eoiild be   purehase  iu    XiImiII  at less rot, the olVense  b.  eoines mole  au-^lavaled.    And in lm  iujr the   hmue   article,   the   pun-lia.--  knows   exactly   what   he  is    -renin  while the eastern departmental   Mm.  will sub.-tilute win never it .-nils   ib<  own  purpose,     if tlio   purchaser d<�� ������  happen lo yain in    priee,   he  certain;,  loses   in   quality.    The   other   day  ���woman called at   the house  of a   lad.-  friend lo show the latter an article tln.i  she   had   recently   purchased   from  :  Toronto  department  store.    She   wa  somewhat surprised   to  lind  that  tin  woman ofthe hou.-e had  a  day or s��  before  puichased   an   exactly  simila;  .  article at the stoic   of Fred   Irvine  <_  Co., and  even at a  lower price  tliai  was paid lor the same article  in  To  ronto.    Tliis isonly one  of the main  instances that could he related  when  people lose by buying from the easteri  linns, and thus sending money  out o;  the city that should be kept at home.  B. B.-Gairn y,   member-elect of tin  Ontario  legishduie   from   LNJatiitoulin,  -who created a u-nsalion in Toronto recently by charging the Iloss administration with bribery, is well known ii  Possiand, says the Miner.    He residec  here in 1S1.S ard  was the representative of the Columbia  &  Ontario  Golc  Mining Company, the shareholders ii  which were principally Sanlt'Ste. Marie people.    The company operated tht  Pug property at Waneta, but was  no!  fortunate' in    its     mining    venture  Joseph Gamcy, iifiw of Rossland, is n  brother of It. U. Gamey, M. P. P. The  former is a  member  of the  Ilosslane  Conservative Association, which seem.-.  to/indicate  that the  family   lcaning.-  were not Libera'. <���-  ," i  .11?      Smith,  I am  your   lrietid," ��. tc.  .'he next   man  hi-  r-t.,ps is Iirown.  an-o  h ivs to him, ������!'.!'.wn, don't you : liiu!-. j  -: 11 it 11 went  a little   out��'f   his way   U  peak so unkindly of .'ones."      lh own  uiows t!;e >tret-t   gossip   will talk   tin  i;ue about   him t!r- moment   his Lac:  . turned, so in   the   long run   littu-   o  .o harm    is   done,   bni    the   eurbsioi,.  ...i->ip   eonthufos   to   think   he   has :ic- ',  omp'iished   his   end and i-   supremi-i  sappy.      He may be -cut to   gual son  '."these davs.  ! In- pji . i itii ii of '��� Sweet !.a\ ���  o " by the LNel^oli An a'.< "V l'loni  I lull i- .-a:d t<' l.avi In en a I.i  arr than ��� i.. ioiniiT JilaV, blii .-I ���  -.lively ll). Io the a\ elage. The Ir-  -. wc.i- e.-illied < li' by Mir-- 1 '.:::  :;.-s .Jol:!..-t..i e and  I'. Ji. Winlel.  The Jessie Shirley company had  dates in various cities of British Columbia, all or which have been  cancelled, because some of the members of the company refused to  submit to the Canadian quarantine  regulations at Blaine. Several had undergone the ordeal of vaccination,  when the manager of the company  suddenly informed Dr. Kendall, the  oHlcer in charge, that they would not  submit to it. They were warned that  iftliey did not they would have to  stay out of the country.  Mere are .-ome letters of rec-oininene-  ition :  The bearer of this has been my hits'  >and for several years, and is onl.  :eaving me because we both feel tin  iced of a change. He i.s willing and  ibliging, a lirst-rate man about tin  aouse, runs errands and carries bun-  lies cheerfully, never kicks about expenses, and is used to one night out :  .vt.-ek. 1 can cordially recommend bin.  u> anyone looking for a good, durabli  irticle. Mks. A. Tomh'kh.  The young lady who bears this 1  have loved passionately for some time,  aid she is leaving me now only beeaust  I cannot afford to have her any longer.  She is easily loved and responds middy to caresses. She is very fond oi  dowers and candy, and expects regulai  supplies. She likes to go to the theatei  .ind eat anything on the bill of fare.  Anyone who wishes to be passionately  ioved and broke at the same lime will  .ind her up to all the requirements.  TlIKOUOl'.K STUKl.'KIi.  The bearer of this has been in our  iinploy, for more than a year, as conductor, and has given complete satis  faction During that time he was  never known to stop a ear at the right  corner, or to speak a civil word to t;  passenger. We are sorry to loose him.  Stukkt P.aiiavay Company.  The bearer of this has been my type-  w fitter for two years past, and onl\  leaves me at my wife's urgent request,  sh e has a kind, gentle and loving dis-  > osilion, and is a most desirable "companion. She onjoys the theatre vory  nuch, aud i.s fond of long drives. 1  -hall  nuts lirr.       Si.icnciHii Skatk.  -1-,-ond half and the interni-Mliates  -e.uvd the third a.mi fourth -games.  Then the seniors ��tored one more goal  making tin- score ."our to two when  time was called. Tlie teams ��verc :  Seniors, J Mack wood, Perrier, P.ishop,  L'oitcous, Heckcr .ind Thompson.  Inti-rmedieat'.'s, (\u.-iau, Sharp, Steel,  -. Ireybiehl. Wallace and Stewart. J.  Hawkins and .,'. Dichards acted as  umpires and it. li. (.'.-ir'.ey as referee.  ::.\si:t:A!i:..-  The   univer-ai   aih>n;ioii of  the   foul  strike   rill" is en-.i'in.g    no e-.id of  talk  throughout   the eousit ty, especially  in  the   American     i.cagiie   cities,    wlicr.  ! hey played under tin- old  rule last-e.i-  on.      In these cities licit Iter tin- plnv-  TS nor the pui die see, 11  In like I lie  lie .\  ; u!e.     However, afti r thev see the rule  ii operation   lhey v ill nodniil.it think  ..ctterof it, for  there is no doubt thm  the rule has  improved   the game com  sidorably. .    >���  Tin-: OAK.  The LXelson lioat Club held its annual meeting Thursday evening at  Fraternity Hall and elected the following officers ior the coming year :  Honorary president, W. Downie ; honorary vice-president, Captain Gore ;  president, A. II. lUichanan ; vice-  president, IT. ll. Croasdaile ; .secretary,  ti. ('. J lodge; treasurer, C. 15. Winter; captain, A. V. Mason ; vice-captain, G. TI. Jesse; executive commit-  tece, including the above ofliccrs, A.  M. .Johnson, G. McLaughlin, (.'. LE.  Miller and J. W. Bamlield. Messrs.  Waterman and Piayford were elected  honorary members.  CocUol-y Subjcctn.  Tho main topics given by an interesting  (yi-itcr  on   the  cookery subject  are, first,  bread; secind, butter; third, meat; fourth,  vegetables, and, filth, tea, by which last is;  meant generic-ally all sorts of warm, comfortable   drinks   served   out   in  toaeups,  whether they bo called  tea, coffee, chocolate, bromo or whatnot.    If theso five do  partmentsnre ah perfect, tho great emiso_  ilQincst io cookery are  answered, so far a��  the comfort and well being of life are concerned.     To begin, then, tho very foundation of a good tabic is bread.   It should bo  light, sweet and tender.    This  matter of  lightness, the writer  tells   us, is   the distinctive lino between savage and civilized  bread.   The savage mixes shm.iy Hour and,  water into balls of paste, which he throws  ��� into   boiling water, and which  cimw Qui  solid, glutinous masses, of which Ida ccttn-  mor. saying is, "Man otd> dis, ho no die,"  which a facetious traveler who was obliged  to subsist, on it interyvotcii to mean, "Dis  no kill, nothing will,"  That we are receivin  every day.  Here are a few things just opening tip :  g new g  lilouse Waists,   Dress  Skirts  and   Costumes.  Orkney  Shetland  Floss   in  all   staple  colors.  Piece Cooils in Plain tti.d Figured  Lus-    |       Our usual complete line of Fancy  Art-  ties, Italian Cloths,  Homespuns, Friezes,    |    icles.  Broadcloths, Serges and all  the Stylis-U  Cloths.  LBeatitiful and complete new line of Embroideries and Insertions.  Our staple stock is now in good condi-  tion, so you can get everything you require in this line.  Complete line of Carpets and ilouse  Furnishings.  Our Spring Millinery is coming; part  of it is here now. Ho not miss having a  look through.  We undertake to give you satisfaction,  both in value and style.  ^'^���^fc^^<a/3&^^/<v^^ V'^^^Bk/'fc^^^'^^'^ '  The anonymous U tter writer is said  to bo running at large.     Several Nelson ladles coin plain of having received  tetters   recently,    which contain   language not only impertinent,  hut ol'a  highly improper character.    11*caught,  the anonymous letler-wrlter should he  inudean  example   of.   An  atilhoritv  on   criminology   snys   people of thi.-  clmraetor are scarcely ever responsible  for their conduct,  and   really  believi  Unit what they write Is an act ol* kindness.    This mny be  so,   but  there an  few people who regard missives of tin  character complaint d of in this light.  Herbert and Weston's specially company will tippcnr nt the Nelson Opi-rn  House neat Friday night.  TIIK I'.t.TTO.NS DOWN ll|.lt HACK.  When Mabel Hqiii e.'.i's In u wnlsl.  That bullous ��liiw ti the hack,  And then (tries out In pleading liuies :  "('onio here und help me, .luck,"  I sigh for UiOMt delli'hiiH days--  Tliimit days when I was free,  And Mabel never pleaded lo  lie blllloiied up by me.  All, what n privilege would I  Have deemed ll then lo hi-iii'  Hor cry ; "Cniiic, ph-ure ami help nn-  wllh    ,  Them) (lreadfill lull Ions deiir!"  How gladly would I  I hen  havo gone  And given i'��>r a siniiek  For eimh (lellgliU'iil billion down  J'lio row upon her back.  .Hut things, somehow, don't  thrill me  now,  Asonco lhey might havo Ihrllleil;  And, oh, the  wnlsls Unit Muliel wears-  Arc nlwii.vm amply llllcil!  My temper's  warped, my thumbs are  sore,  My lingers ache, alack!  Confound     these   awkward,     foolish  wnlsls  That, billion down Iho back!  The (J ua i ii I Korku Sun mniiiiiiu-cs '. he  early prodiietloii of "I'luafoae" in thai  elly l��y an iiiuefiMT opi-ru coiupauy,  These warm spring iluys nll'oiil Hie  r��tri-crl. gossip every opporliiiilly of en-  Joying himself. The si reef gossip Is a  Htranue fellow, I ii his own llllliil, he  Is ll IIIIIII of ui'i'ilf lllipol'lliliee. lie has  ImihIiichs Vilih I'Vi-rybnily, and liiillon-  holes all pet a Lilian-, u ilh I hi- hope of  ^<Iding u- I.i.i .doie til Jnfoi tnntlon.  J Ie  MINING NOTES.  (.Sleciui Tit-Ill.)  The big Dalhousie slide, Ten Mile,  ..-anie down this week.  it is quite probable the Kilo groti)  ���vill again be in active operation thi.-  icason.  W. S. Johnson has been at the Ottawa this week, making a survey of the  A-orUings.  The Crc-w'tif tlie Fisher Maiden all  tame down last week, owing to tin  fear ofsiiowslidos.  A slide oamo down al. the Idaho lasi  week and hurried the men iu the bunk-  house. They had to dig their wav  out.    '' "���'.���  About. Ihe last chapter lu tho allidi.-  of the Two Friends (Jo. was enacted at  it Vancouver Thursday, when O, I'll in.  Icelt. bought, from the sherill" lhe <ireal  Western claim, in Ihe Melltilgnn basin, for ..MOO. Originally It cost a hl(>  (inn, besides having much money  spent In doveliipiiig il. The Two  Friends Co, was called into being lo  work Iho Two Friends properly In  this eaiiip.  s  MOKE  HE   CELEBRATED  BKiAR "PIPES.1  LAi'iuii-s...  Ih'porls IVoiii Winnipeg say thai the  lacrosse enthusiasts aro looking forward ton season of unalloyed pleasure  hi Iho em u pan y of I lug hie I <a in 11 and  lii'ihly ai.d iMooiicy of the Shamrocks,  Australia is ii|:uln asking a Caiiudlun  tcaiii to go over and see Ihem.  Cornwall objeels lo llm semi-profes-  slonal rule licciuse if has no cash to  pay players,  Wliuilpe v Shamrocks are talking of  s 'iidlng a team to Ansiralla.  Medicine Hat will impoi'l. a iiiiiii  IVoiii Oraimevllli', Out., and play New  Wi'slmliisler curly litis sea-mii.  Si. I lelll'l lacrosse chili will leave for  New York aliniil. .lime |o, |o play a  iiiiutbei' of iimlcliiM i here.  IKiCKI-JV,  ()n Monday nie.hl a niimbcr of -.pre-  I idol's iiSM-liilili'il nl I lie .-.kill III,", rl nk to  Wll ilea.-, a hockey match lilt Ween I In-  illlc|'iuci|lale and ?enio|- hoi-hoy leaiie-.  Nellher of llic Ii am-. I mi I their In-1  iiic-i pla.vlh'.' and I he Ice w as ?. > -nil  tlnil tin- |iIii,\ci>h could liardly sliiiul on  ll. In Hie Iii ���! half the M-nloi's scored  I luce goals and lliu inlciuicdliile-i liad  none,     Tlie play hccaine fuslcr in (he  %t^i^if^amiat^S^$  jt-m  Si,..'.,.:.yj*r':v~"pi;r.-i'������i������i  W'ai-'H  ��zm  ������  S!.7y  tedium and Full  fixture.  iavy  Cut  Cigarette   Tobacco,  'edsgree Tobacco, Navy Cut  [arettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes: ate Second to None  A  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUfllVC AGENVS FOR WESTERN C ANA.  ,ffy>:::t)  17-,I  Jf'    1/  z^,y  A,3<y  c/)  ���L  <  X  (J)  o  &  I  Q  <   !  L'J    |  ..J    |,  U.I    i  X  !���������   i  o  W. A. Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nclaon  CERTIflCATP. Of IMPflOl/EMENTS,  e M iiiiii'linliii " nml " II In wn 11 in ������ ,Mlui.|.|ii  i|i|i|il��; -.lluiilr In tin- NcImiii Ml hia;; lilvliilul.  . I w .���-1  U'lMiii.iiii v I Hi trie!  S\ lei. I'i.. il. i| : i in tin' In nilwiil.'ia. nl Vail'.  I'l'.-cli, on  km it i 1111.%   I ,|i |fi' -li.|,|..  'I ii I li" lluil   I,   lliilii'i'l   Wcliiiori.  Hun  llllll'.l'.ll. nl .'M'l.-nll, II. I '., ticI ll, |. H-. ||.;..||| I'm  III tin '    I I .   Jh'l'iill, l-'l'i'i'  ,M 1111 ��� I ���' ���- I'll'l llicnil.   ,\||  ll''M i.'; ''a o'i'" W, ii,-,. .ul..,. |.-|.,.,. Min,.|.'.  i-ci-lilli- tic Nn, IIU'.i.l.ii] nml ||,ii iimIiIi, Ami  ili.'W i '. Ill.'iii', I'lii. M i in-. , i.i.i'iiiic,iii> ,\n  I.''.',''. ''���',' liili'lnl .-I ,1 \ iIn\ .- hi,in Hi,, ilnt,  li" I,   I"  n|i|ilv   In I le Mliilnit   l!,.|.ii|.||..|. I'm  II    ''"I'I 1 111 ��� III'     nl'    llll|ll'll\ "Ul  'III -,    lot-    I III'    |lll|  |m ���" ol   ��� 1111;i llilli" n I 'run ii i-nitil nl   lhe nlii,\ ,  ,'Olln ���  \ id   1111! 111 ��� c  IiiUi.   tinili'i'   t iini   mi inn, llh  il'l'   !..i.(-li'.ii   aV,   HI il-. t   he   riilitini.in-ill    In.liif,  III'-    l|H-.|llll|l'C    Ill   (.lll'll    C'l'llllclllc    ll|'   |||||H'II\'I  llll'lllr..  Ililleil llil.'iilliil.ilii.v iiMiclnlii'i-, ,\,ll, IIIIIJ,  II-  W,  IIANNINII'I'IIN.  rner. Beeton & Co., Ltd, victoria, b. _c. ^  orrison  Special Quotations for  Camps and Mines  r.peclal Values in  banned Goods and Clutter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Filled  ed Front Grocery, Baker Street, Ne  a-Ss  j  ��� WI  The  Most Nutritious  Breakfast Food in  the Market and a Home Product.  ALL GROCERS SELL IT  RIDGE COAL  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be aocomp Mbied "by cash and should "bo forwarded  either personally or "by ma ilibo th�� (offlaoe of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  'Iffl  AW  Mi  "Now is tho Time to piok yo^ir Garpets and Linoliums just "boforo houso-oloan  ing. We carry a very iargo -assortment, patterns, very latest. Seo our Go  carls ranging in prices from $\ 3:00 to $30.00.  M(&$  MnM���*3r|fB,'��v   p***��fftni��if  \T\  0  ru  \i-_y  For/DStore  Pb aler-s and   Undertakers  ��*w*rt��������f|,��|BH(WM��^��W|W^-|H��J*1?!��l^^*^^  n, 'I" 'IN, Ill'l'll " ' �� 1)1 "  >. \> '  I '      \    -1 I  qwwyH.,' ���.',,>J<,{W��  , , ,V       ' J '   V '       J'' 'I '' U >'.,<. .',,.,     I(.l,r ' , 'll    (I     '  ,;.  i  it  III  l*r��������M*��*W����WiW!��IW����II^MI*t��^^ ,  '    '  ft 7      1*    f    /��� ���' *'      '      '    M ' h ,'      j'"  ^  "V  \>>: '     ���������,:',"���    , '  ���  :     ia  \  It  ii  s^i**n'��w",>*i'^_i��wwwi��^^  t#f*i*r��*iMvm*mmm<  ,'r ,,      l|,t     ,.',      ,l, �� ,        I. -  t     (


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