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The Nelson Economist Jan 8, 1902

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 -15r  ���^?t --sv   ~"  r*��  ,     w  ,?  ���        3  ���AJ  t-  ���f*  S*  V   JS^! f  *-*  "^-S=tS.  -    *  5 _  it  -ay   c .  -*  - --IS   _      ft     ���  ��� ,       J-rClf���i _  ,T  .^   "-  ! ^^  ISSp^ -v-         tt  ,��* 4-   V t-    ^"M- I  sjfLrl  1"     ..  ���"���J    f  r ~f���  --&-"  -tr-  -*  :       ^   if  &  \ ,  \ .a  V.  . ^^. syr. ���^  Jlg^  4_    ^flf^^g  jfc. iHt  - 4*  Vf*       Wi'-j,'1  S-  %-^.   ^   ���  !*l_  "i.'.  -<Sat  o  *-__  Y1��� i��' ^?gi>f  .^^^.  -Vjjflgfer...       ^^       '^.e^  v - *^w*��d��wt*/ * ���  "SUA        *jC'  tu:���tJfe.V _   ���SsS.^tecSSk*-   ,""^ s^=="���~a��,     r ���.���Z~    sK.   S^isllljis.���=T"t��������TE^^T'  tjSj�� *��&___   "&AA.Z.   "L.r^1"* - ���tsSr"^--r-i!-���^   J^z.Z.^  '*�����*' *^~-rA ^"^^^."iAl. ^s Zi^  ^-  ~     -"** ���- *      rt    .  ������u  '.���c^y^^lj-;  5Ss  ��� i i ...  -a-   ������  ���*     ���"�������-   ww* >��f  J  r l  jr  J. 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(����� ��   ��. >i��'V�� <i    ;i  '" i   ',  ,   i    ,M  m   f   -h  ��  ] i tt ft.m,��  *t��   i a"i  *Hi,i, i       i'<      ii       ,  iite.'*"''^ ���"'( :-  if   �����'�����*���),   lii'i'i1^     '^l     '    ^  ,��.''1' t   ' "If  ;.v;WW<:.'i',U ���','���>  li     1 i�� Al'l^Wi     |t     " '  I  ���,',.' '1  j'                ' ' I I        '      *l           'I i ' <  '   1  '    >���       /l                           .M >,           ,                             ft'   H |    l       J* ' I     ,     j  I  i f '   I   . ft    * <li       i (I'1-      )    i               ��� i / i hM #  ,i          �� " p'        I ' i       i i ,   . t '  ,n��  <k i ki  iiii  *   i  �� i.'.  t   1  > F*  /.,  W       I  ; <4  * i  V;  i'   I  U  I  i >  f 1  i    (*'     it '    1  ) 'A o   /I '  StlA*-   *��-i��      ��**JU**.^ v*0  ����.   m ytm ���/* i^ f<,  ' (.-% i  ��,"'��'��<.��*,,��'       et fejf * j*|  !     si    M     "'  *    f     ' !    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T:m,s���which in generally supposed  g^hHE V ictoria n���� Liberals of British  3��    l0 renect the opinio^ of   *^ ��� ^ the  Alumina    ���,..* reviaed   it*   o.ifc��n t un  S��4xt election in th�� ^Z^*-   Bod���11   "  *&*���%      1 tkp   candidature oi ***��*  ^nV     "    - u 1-ed   10   have brought about this  Victoria   1*   biit.p��*����      hftVlne  ioined hands   vuth  ��.���� that  ,���   ����,�� to owhhrt.   the  fei4r.   McBnd��    in   hi8   e' doubw the election  S&usmuir Government.    No one  do g.  ��M, Bodweil, and  the  res.gnaUon   rf   - ^  lLr.hnul.1   come Jn due   ^J^order to  ifLcn  the Government ha, been re4-c^    and .  (JttLure a candidate c*n be fully   u��aer ^^  SFgWiated when it i�� stated that  Mr. -     -J  mc1!rJ"cl'1 , .      , ._���. tlip nomination m *���'"=  ��as been importuned to accept the noi  Siovernment interest (or Victoria.  <sJ&S| .    .   ���aiiit>ii  to   wireless   ten-  =*^1   'I'mr.ibl.r companies  opposition  S&3        , .   titp   the   opposition of   atage-coacii  SUClliraphy is very   like   tne   opi b     bont  538 lim* u> railroad, in the old days-and *i��  m��^t| as rflW.tive.  Tmk m*. of Sen^^hauncey I*^^  P���l11M.r i- another instance of the  union   of May an  �����  "^  0 <  DrtHuher.  lrh.Hta�����n.U,    decided that   -1^ ^o^  arc to lm present at the coronation.       I ne.exa      1  they will lake ha* not yet been decided.  Mi *' ilHW***1  *"  T���kuk was conBiderable interest in the ��e-tjn "th-  Tliriinlo municipal election, and ^����' ��" ? e  0x,,rUB��Kl   that    Mr.   McLean   was defeated   ...  (Ju��Min City.  Thusk who nrocorio.is as to the future ^^^  will read the foUowmB from the Ottawa <>tn, * w^ll.  ,,n,. decree of intareat :      " California ��ng.neer8 a  ;.imf to have diHtuncea the world   in   tut  1 ���    ���  .v        Alrmidv  power ih   ih-  * 1< "'trie power irananiiHHion.      Airmu��y   i ,,,51^  .i.R tr��,Littod   one   hundred and   forty-tw��    m   ����  mid another plant is being installed which w        di��  hilmteitB current 214 mikuOrom OolRato U, Kedvvoo<l.  The Colgate power plant stands on the  north bank  of the canyon o! the  North  Yuba  river, ]ust where  the famous old Missouri Bar trail crosses from bank  to bank.     The water is brought  to the crest of the  cliff above the power  hout*@  by means  of a  timber  flume seven  and  one-half miles long;  drawing its  supply from the  impounded   waters further up the  canyon.     It can carry 23,000 cubic feet of water per  minute.     This flume  is seven   feet   wide, six   feet  deep, and, with a descent of thirteen feet to the mile,  winds tortuously   around  the gorge,  following  the  contour of the mountains, until   it  reaches  ��be big  penstock of masonry, from which,  at a right angle,  Ave anchored iron and   steel pipes,   dipping   downward, then  convey  the water  headlong  to the  receivers and turbines at the foot of the  steep  incline,  seven hundred feet below.     To those  who   are  accustomed to the lower 6t heads"  of   eastern   water  powers, this may seem a big drop, Niagara giving  a  bare two hundred feet at its best point, but   Colgate  is by no means the most sensational of the Californian  plants in this respect.     The power house at Colgate  has five pipes each thirty feet in   diameter as  they  come to the back   door,   and   the   structure is   two  hundred and seventy-live feet long by forty   feet   in  width.     It contains  seven   generating   units of   a  total of 15,000 horse power, the Risdon water wheels  being of Californian make, while the three-phase  alternating current dyramoB  hail  from the  works of  the Stanley   Electric   Manufacturing company   in  quiet Pittsfield, Massachusetts.     Three of  the huge  ^  dynamoQ   are of  3,000   hor&e   power each, and are  doubtless the largebt  for the  purpose  driven   with  horizontal connection to a,water wheel.     The larger  units in the plant make 285 revolutions per minutes,  and generate a current at 2,400 volts,  which   would  be of little use in   driving it   to the   destination   so  many   leagues   away.     But   auxiliary    appliances  known as transformers raise the  pressure to  40,000  and 60,000 volts, or twice and three  times as niudi  as the highest transmission pressure used at Niagara.  The pole lines  or  circuits  that carry   the electric  current are among the most   interesting  features  of  the whole installation,  not only on  account of the  distance traversed   and  the  nature of  the country,  but the high potential  that  has been resorted to  so  that Bmall wires may be used.     One  pole line may  Vie noted as an example, that which runs in duplicate,  over hill and dale to O.ikland, the dormitory of San  Francisco���a double aeiial   track of   three wires  on  each pole for current-flashing at   10,000  and  60,000  volts, or, say, nearly 600 times  the  pressure in   the  incandiscent lampa or fan motors in daily use at th��  consumption end.     The poles are big  Oregon cedar  sticks ranging up   to  aixty   feet in  height, and   th��  p' *   g �� -  .J" H?  i*h  **��� y  i--*-:  -���^  ���  i"!r       ���r   ���  U 1 iXpl^i  Eft       ��- J /"-j     Zp^ ��.*?,  it tins  bfvsnur.ii  JK,<  rs^eai  ��82  s"i  ���"it-- ... .,���.  I 'l  "::r,   %,���  :.\K/^-  MT$v"''A'm:$  AA':"-/l/A"/ *.  :������  ���,./!;���'''���'��� '���'������"'���'���'��� Ah/-  .;���' ���..������ ���������������.:  ���      .���    .,-.;  ; ...  ^|-i'  ���������':z:,:^.,w::/-//f^^.  :V::vr  rr-  ��� it-  ' ���*.(��������� I '  - >  t  {"  i'  I  3  j.Jg*-it..iiri. t|juL.iiJtfM,M, inr. ^������^ftf^.tfli^.iV-w.'-., ���, ��� iL^rtowH^ia  -!j9jtm-txam*^  W���.Wrt-^rtWrrfA^    M**e*,  : I  ! *s,  *  .1   J  *     i  I  Ji  ���i  i <  I     t     ��        '��,    Ji  J    * I.    i    <    I    J  ; :.j  I        ?   *  .      J     1   '   "   I  i! PS**���     ?  liAAi'i ,:  i.'i  I.J*    *   ^-    M#  I"? i<ni.*i  *V  fi��T��|i      ,31  ^ .���>>  i ��s  <V? ,.lj  s  JAwm  'Mi  1#  f};! I^ri  Hi! I'!**  iMfcJ*.  HfpkPf  I J * I   f f�� 1 f j  ���* i1 ?!'  if 4 liftl  11J JV  H1 j.  m I |t  ;! h p n.-  til * ,, by *  5".?    J *' * I  hUiA''  i 5 . f T  < 1 {  I    It  ���Is  1" 5 f �����-11 j  (J. l1**(  lA'H  A i ��  AAA)/,}  iaj>^vA  i h ^' S '  ' J '   "Mi  'f. 'if  i j      I'M  J  1      >     t     1  I   \>A,  a  ��i (  I  *    hi  '/*  IN  ��i 5  .  if M  ��� i  lib  tin  ��� ill  ,^>**"*'  . 11 t  f  *  II  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  wires are held on Ihem safely wide apart in an  equilateral triangle thirty-six inches on a side, on  special porcelain insulators. These circuits are of  copper, but aluminum is also used, and with great  success. If Niagara Falls* power was developed to  the panie extent it could be conveyed over the whol@  western peninsula of Ontario, north to North Bay,  and east to Kingston."  In presenting the editor ofthe Tribune with a bos  of cigar?, Mr. J. Roderick Robertson only deceived  one person, and we feel assured that one wan not  John Houston.  l��t 38 so long that we will faav* #   , !  of publishing their n-.�� toforegotta*i |  g mmr mm^ until another ti  *5  Ai.MosTforthefirittim0inlh j  pal campaign** in Nt&ltmn  *k    "   nm��*y ol ^j  w clear and well-defined--it i. Jil, ��'e ,bt^J  b��'��g tyran���iZed over by a man*/ " qm]<%  ���bilit,. or the governing poZf"^^  hands of th. ^^ m i^ZTliuT^''����  here ��� ���nljr . veUerf atten.pt at L,^  John Houston win�� no one will taTS^"1  that attaches to hie victory. 8D? bc  The Castro Government offers $10,000 to any one  who will capture the British steamer Ban Ri^h, declared to h�� a pirate.     f)  There is a falling off in German trade with Central  and South America, China and Japan, but the exports  to South Africa are increasing.  _Li�� XIII   .ill before long (��,,.,���   ,b. 25l|l  1 here ,s to be a   grand   pilgrhwaee      p, 1  i '  -H parts of the w.d are" invi^ lo ,S ^     T  ofthe Apoa.J.8 in April, 1902. tOInb  �������� t. A. K3.A.T. of Prwcott. the invent ,  Knapp tabula, w^rtip, has 8UJJ^�� ��'  a company   for ��he   construction ^'V��?  Pattern designed by himself.    i���^  000. *ne capital uffy  I?    comtwt   ol   hm  office.    Utters adored 1  Gaelic can now be delivered  io  the m *  without the aid of a Scotch interpreter,  Mr. Hkkrv HfCBKitTMn of.the well known  dian ���cnlpior, Mr. Philiippe  Heherl, hm c  at ihe Kvening ColbKeof the City of Paris a ore  n^dal for the compaction and a silver medal for  beauty of hi�� design.  On Thursday,   January 16, the properly  qualified  votnrB of Nelson will be  called   upon to  select  their  rulers for   the present year.      There   are two candi-  daies for mayor in the field���the present incumbent,  Mr. Frank Fletcher, and Mr. John Kirkpatrick. The  former has presided at the council board for one year,  apd to Thk    Economist's way   of   thinking has administered    the duties of   his   office   with    marked  ability and success.     He would be   something   more  than human    if   he gave an    absolutely perfect   administration,    but we think    it can    be claimed   for  'him that on the whole his choice   a*  mayor for   the  past year was a wine one and fully justified the  confidence reposed in him by the men who were   instrumental in bringing him out.     The   other   candidate  is Mr. John    Kirkpatrick,   a   gentleman   known  Ui  every   citizen   of   Nelson,   and   whose   friendn   are  equally    an    numeroua aa  bin     acquaintances.       It  Hpeakf* well for Mr. Kirkpatrick   that   the men   who  will vote against him will do  ho only with the   conviction that hi*B   opponent   more  nearly   approaches  their ideal <>f n mayor and without the nlijjhteHt   ill-  fe����lin# against Mr. Kirkpatrick.     So far the interest  in the campaign is confined to tho mayoralty candidates, but there are also a large   number  of  citixemj  who   are offering themselveu for   aldermen,   but   t'u;  I hk Ottawa   City   Council   wants the DomioiWf  Government to bear a  t,hare   of the con of a draioi  that will benefit Rideau Hall   grounds.    Hon Mr,  larte   think*   the   capital  geU".-enough horn tha  Government now.  huAH Madwick, of Walford, Ont., has fallen bir  to an Englinh eeute worth( 150,000, according to a  despatch from Port Huron, where hi�� wife ia in jail,  He &��k$ for hor relent.  Thk many friendn of   Lord    Dufferin in   Canada  will regret to learn that hi* health ia rapidly failing.  Since bit* return to Clancleboye the Marquis has had  to be content to remain very quiet  pacing most ol  his time in his  own room.     The death of tho Mar-  quie' eldest Hon, Lord Ava,   in South   Africa, wab ft  nharp   blow,   and Mince   that day   many and flore  troubleH have come upon Lord Dufferin.  Si'WAKiNn of the Duke of Cornwall's visit to C.mA  the Weston, ICng., Mercury my*: The Duke of Corn-  wall, during his visit to Canada, has neon cornfield  �����n which England could bo Jont: ho hue looked on  foreatH that might build tho nnvfra of the world,!'  HhipH were still made of oak nml pine, ho has boon  carried through a mountain region whoro it ^&  been believed that   moro   mAd licw   bwriwl than  carried   through   a  yet bmm tukon from    Californin or   Australio.  T'T <s*  -i  r 2  ���jk  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  $B  tiCv  _3gi  from plain�� which seem fitted to nurture  I'Tthowpaiid* of horsemen, the. Cavalry of a  **�� i t hi thai "New Scotland/' identified with  -i ��� j j,.,v which ehould be the home of a great  Swe population in the future. Canada needs  j,. me��� to develop her resources. In all things  "We has the materials of a mighty nation ready  llierhan.i  Christain era. Many antiquarians have always  argued that the structure was made subsequent to  that computation, and it remains to be seen whether  the neolithic find will induce them to change their  opinion.  Ihthewarin Africa   has wrecked   some military  inutatioiw the United States war   with  Spain  has  'Senequally destructive.   Admiral Schley, who may  "���may not have been   i" supreme   command at  the  , Ul battle at Santiago, has   been   tried   and  con-  - ked of insubordination,   mismanagement,   negligee, (light from the enemy,  and   of   making false  .(port*.    Admiral  Dewey, who  dissented   from   the  Tnding of the court, has come in   for much sharp  ^iiiei-m and rebuke.    General Miles has been pub-  Ac\y reprimanded and warned by   President   Roose-  Sli fir'frauklv expretdiug his opinions on   the cm-  "tatof ihe  navy  department.      Admiral   Sampan  *-ws* V ft  lltta lost his reason over the controversy between   his  ill -..���..=    .  Siends and those of Admiral Schley.  m "~���' ~  g Wm.Waldorf  Astor has given ��10,000  for  the  Ifational Ride Association, England.  11--��  The Scientific American says:     " N. S.  Amstutz,  of Cleveland, the inventor of a  process  for  sending  pictures over wires to   distant   points, has  recently  brought out an improved process for the making  of  half-tone pictures for   newspaper   uee.     Its   chief  value is the rapidity   with   which  a picture of  this  character   can be   made,   although   it has  another  merit,  and   that   is   that    the    whites    are    pure  and     solid    and      not     broken     up    by      dots,  as     is   generally    the    case.      This    makes    the  picture crisp  and sparkling   because   of the   sharp  contrasts secured in the print."  i.i..-   ..ii  ���TT-T"-~"-��� ���   Hebe is the Fletcher ticket for aldermen: Messrs,  W. J. Wilson, Captain George Paterson, W. G. Gillet,  Harold Selous, John Hamilton and John Elliott.  A Board of Trade seat in Chicago has  just been  sold for $4tG00.  || ANoiiiKii expedition   is   going Xo  Bio   Muni, the  .pallida colony in the Gulf of Guinea.  Reports show that the U.S. bankruptcy law finds  general approval.  Thk McKinley Memorial Fund will b�� closed Feb  juarv 1*1.  It is rumored thai the  Yale University   will get  $1,000,000 from Andrew. Carnegie.  ANkwYokk clervgman, replying recently to a  hrintian man who retrained from political action  ^n the ground lhat politics were corrupt, said :���  5 You ure the salt of the earth, and if political life  ��|b corrupt, no much tlie more reason that godly men  ifthouUl touch it with tlie antiseptic salt of their con-  Hlecrauul  endeavour/'  ^4  m  H  ��S\viniujunk will soon publish his poeme.  !fctttftftl-  An   Hnti-governmeiU   movement    has    arisen   in  )(ll'HH!l .  ��  Hv t,le raism& into ita proper place of  a damaged  ,^<>nolih   at   Stoneheuge  antiquarians���or   some   of  ;-^����iu    have been able to tix approximately the  date  )f then* famous atonea.  While preparing the founda-  oJlollH f,)>* the concrete uncd in re-efltablishing   the re-  "tomUm, block workmen found in tho ground t�� largo  unnhi-i- of neolithic implements which   had indica-  H)Uh   tending    to   Bhovv    that they had   been    nmd  ?riKii��?iUy to   Hhape the hugo   monhira which    have  '.<,, H)en Liu. wonder off   travelers   for age��.     This   dis-  Serious trouble between ihe United State., and  Germany is said to be possible because of the movement Germany is making to coerce Venezuela into  paying a debt.  Hon. J. L. M. Cubby, of Washington, has teen selected to represent the United States at Madrid on the  oTcaln of the "coming of age" of King Alfonso XIII,  May 17th.  This seems to be about the right time for the  clerk's union to get even with the man who fought  their half-holiday.  It is reported that the October earnings of the  United States Steel Corporation were $10,617,000,  after aetting .side $1,500,000 for improvements.  It io reported that King Edward  is  re-arranging  his household on business lines.  ;0V^'V emboldeiiH expert** to iuwert  that   Stonehenge  /us   l"��ilt at    leant  a    thouu&nd   yearn  before    tho  John Dalryiiplm, the well-known  artiet,  has jusk  died of starvation at Belfast.  I *""    1 �� -_ ~   ��� ���  islH- _  ���i   t^~"  hA4\  WMhAi-Ff^  t     "41     ivk����.     -  ���&?%  \l  nk&a  II Off  - 1.1 ���C  JA.* -V    iTi  ini- <�����>;  f   *    :  S��!����--  ,,,,,,.    ....   .(:,...v,  -,a?.' %. ;:.:'.'ir.   ���...���'..:������ '    ..  ...-�����   I-..  ,i(!���....,,..  :��������:;!':  ��� W-/  '"II,  ,j|.   .   ..;,.,,. L^^A-JPJk^A^^^rfa^ff-^pi;.  ���tf^i>^^n.i^^.-^^.i-^^aA.v^v-^-^ii-V-ji'r'-Y���~Sr-nl  e + *- r  'i  6  Al  A 'A  Ill  -5 .j-   i ;  ftp  "fill'  > it-" ( - }\  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  XTEWSPAPEU men throughout the Province will  -** * regret the death of that veteran editor, George  Morris, of the Nanaimo Free Pre,<?. Mr. Morris*  lived in his own quiet, unostantatious way, and thus  accomplished what few newspaper publisher* in  British Columbia have done in the past, a life if  not of luxury at  least of ease.  Many busy men of affairs, soldiers and sailor* have  shown an unsuspected talent for authorship���' Grant,  for example ; and many other men who might be  supposed to have at least the ability to tell a plain  story have failed completely therein. It is recorded  of Speke, the explorer and discoverer of the sources  of the Nile, that he went through such misery in trying to write out the narrative of his journey that the  work was taken out of his hands, his rough notes being put in shape and ukc! by a well known literary  man.  The Rossland Dramatic Society gave a perform inoe at the Nelson Opera Hou*e last Friday  night, and le f t for Greenwood early next morning.  '��� We were playing in a small town out West back  in the seventies." relate* a theatrical man, "when  our leading heavy man had rather a tough experience.  All the miners were in the theatre. The heavy man  had been persecuting a poor maiden' through two  acts. In the third act he came to the powerful  scene of  the   play.  44 'At last, he said, I have you in my   power,'  and  nothing ou earth can save you!    I who" was the .-lave  am now the master.'      So Haying   he    advanced   to  wards his  trembling victim.  11 * Mercy P she moaned  "   ' Mercy!" oe retorted.    ��� You    had no mcrcv Un  me, and i will have no mercy for you!'  " At that moment a gruff voice was heard from the  gallery. 'You blamed varmint, I'll nettle with you I*  There was a crack of a pistol, lfcllll Jt b(llUH Vvnj/Z(M,  near the heavy man. ��� Plug the son of a gun, hny�� ���  continued the voice; and a shower of bullets saluted  the staue villian.  He did not stop long.  " In the wing he met the stage manager,   who w,.m  while with anger.    'You   hav, broken up the ,eene'  hn (jowl * ���-�����*.',  he said.  " 'Well?'  y'^nack    to the   stage, sir, and    wait for   Vnllr  exit! -  " ' I iruess not/  " 41 tell you I won't have the  ,      . rnan m my company  Uh�� ,"Ho "as,1>' J��H��oncertedr (So on with the ��VQJ  or you will leave the company to-morrow!'  That was scions.   To be stranded in that forsaken  ; 1  na  Pmk  Ef  5=  town was calculated to make the heavy m^  tive. J    iri  4 * I'll go back/ he said.  /< He tore off his wig just before going on.and J  ping down to the footlights with an injured ex      ^  of countenance, he  said.   'Ladies and gentl!2*  there were no ladies there.'hut that .didn't  / with your kind permission I will resume5  Before doing so, however, I want to call your attenti  to the fact that the young lady and myself are m��ri  acting parts.      In reality we are the beat .of frjJ  I bear no ill-will for your display of heroicchivab,  I   trust, however, that you   will curb you ge^  sentiments, for if you should hit me, the play wool  be interrupted.      If any of the gentlemen will m  me  after the show at McCarthy % they will, find 4  that I am not a bad fellow.*.  ���'Loud cheers greeted hi��"  speech, and tbe pi  was resumed/'  The* schools opened   Monday with  a satis  attendance.      As an -evidence of   the growing i|  poriance of Nebon as an ed uca't ion a 1 centre, itoigf  be mentioned   that -the -opening Joe hided 20 .'pupf  from outside points.  When Sousa returns to England -in-1902 he ��i|  occupy a place of his own, ai Mr. York has'.fakeafj  InniK theatre in the centra! portion of London, *Iik$;j  will be rebuilt and kept opsn iheyear round for cw^  certs, etc. The idtftt is to have a sort of glorified Etnpitij  theatre/ with a lounging place, where fashioni&  people can drop in evenings.  Douglas Lay, A. R. S. M., has opened an itfijj  office on Kootenay meet* Mr. buy has M  analytical chemist and control assayer to tbe Now!  Star Mining company for the pasttwoyeara.  Compelled to send their children to school, ana  thus lone the small wages the little one* might earn,  foreigners in Chicago are defeating th�� compuM  education law by marrying off their children tewrt  the little ones reach their teer.u. The moat rm  ciiho of this kind is that of Josie De Persia, a \W  at the Auburn Park Hehool. Though apparently  twelve years old she was married on NovemberW ��  Krancesco Tesio, at stock yard teamster, twenty^  year* old.  Kvery body in the West knows   Georgs  Leason o  Calgary and there are only a few who have notn-  of Archie Leitch of   Cranbrook.     The Jlerald��["J  latter place has the   following   story:     " A, W' '.'  of tho   Cranbrook    Lumber    Company,   receive*  /��i    ��� ���        uMiilnhUW'  Christmas present that was n surprise.   \vi">  ing in tho   territories   last fall   he had   hoW  with his feet, and George   Leasonr   of C-dgBsy,  lerably on  was one of the party* joked him consm  vanity that prompted him   to wear  bnotfl too wj ^  forcomtort.      CIiris^naH day Air.   lieiteli  ��^3  "��    Htle . i  -t '-*--"> If  THB NELSON ECONOMIST  in  log* and  t������o��*hto**k"'nTlong "������������' lrom Mr  ���oyi<*the *!UB with him oo his sufferings  >Mmi"irS"ii��g ����ta. to throw  vanity to  |gfeet ��na advwi  B hisdeclining years by  iDd8 an�� "* comfort .@ ^.^ a ^  Reboot* -oi-.        he.r  eatraordinary ����  -*lh9 "ilH get  tbem through any door  ��� :,j it imp0881  j house." ^   ,        ��� '   ���" u ���f *  mid bird  ina natural  ,   -V��PL^^  olw   qoUo* difficult  task,  ijon ha�� beret ,Iore  ����^       u d lhe woods  ,       msny . natura ��-has -JM* llBhiug  the  j,   ;day, .polling P^6'^1^     pike,    **    .*�������"��  [/ ��ae.     Now    Mr. ��������'��� rstu@ by means  I ..' ?hlch wild   bird.   o�� J����J wife      Uiog ���  ;1|pike   ^-^n  position on the ground  b^, be found, place,  u^      ^ ^ wltn   H  L^ tree or brush,  bslte  *   *"*itioB in front of i.U  h^'-a expended in the proper P^l"�� rf     Wheu  fc^bird comes and sei^ the  ��P h .  fulled, an electro   magnet  P���l    ���    . -    in8lan.  h*U the ^--r^^ "rrDf ^bird's picture  Us4ooub exposure of the plate, ������"  fiSMte been captured.  FT.'jwI  '""uerUHor War and Peace.    The preun  (#&. fro. which the  ��J*��rt��V��yU a"bard  la^mjanzofl  museum,   Moscow       They       ^^  fctfrfme getting there, borne yea" ag"�� manuBCript*  jCSiutoi was ill.. c"eleae8ervanttook b. m. ^  $��&d threw them into a d.sused can a wM  ^he house.   They were discovered alter several  V    ���  "Vt\Ot ,    1  _,     1  investin  iion9 life  more settled feeling .nd ^^f0"^^ ��  ���o*ioce  as well as the increasing popJ��W ��  province, as w�� 4rtr>1:��l  financial  snstitu-  ���      in  a strong, substantial finance  ihe Imperii Life.  ��.u       ,���W,lls show to be given at the opera house  The vaudeville snow w     &        -*rtain to attract  Friday and Saturday evenings iJ* baa been  large audiences.     A flrst-cUss programme D  1   E       ,   .    ,04^ :n   which   is one   ac.w"��  arranged, included m   J*   ^  giv9 ^ai TOcal  n  Not always the man who looks the part  l8Caliedt0aS wUht broken heart,  A ���^ ^B^ l^trtured soul  Shed peace ^th a tor  The toughest man on sn��_    ^  May write the *^ *e-^ho,d guess  And here to��d��PI^J"J^ws?  '  He writes the sporting views.  The villain who stalks on the mimic stage  A hero in life may be; ^      .  wtae �� hero actor "all the ��ge  I. damned for his villainy-    ;���  i^o.ph^^parV  Not always the man wo  The right to play it gams.  ticket agent o! the G. P. R-, *������  H. L- Brown, ci  returned from W  Business Announcements.  mnortant  business  announce-  There are  three^imp^ have & bargaia  mante this week.    *����*        week only, when   the  sale, which   will last for ^ ^ offered  at  balance of fall and w����  bargain priceB.  .'fVho dined   At the tiouBe ot v,�� .fcB*��iiminary . ��,;n h�� aiven on  ev��B^   ** *^  - -Jh. Irtrf, ����nb��. not long ago, "J^**-1-' ^    P-.^^Sl have our prompt J^*1^  S#-^.d.ri��^-T^��.^ ^flSti of charge this mouth    Aj I-P^  u  Lt watchmakers   and j. wUl ���       our  guaranteed.    Mail ^^^^ -Tho Jeweler."  prompt attention.  uui of drinks   was ordered.     ?������� V"  !fea|.am��,�� which proved to ^ ��� hoW.p.rtoljr��o J  M in a tall tumbler.      Hio f����^fl fldd8(1 "**��       He  wrJwLisky and gulped it  down   with �� dt  loHowed null. ����>^eupon another rou.d^. ^  and another hall pint was placed  ueiur ^  , �� Bay," he queried, turning to Mb neignbw,  ���. J  you ��h��ps take a drink do you  aiway       ^     ^     ^u  thai sue ?"   " We do," was the reply.  ^S4   I've not to remark, then," said Crane,    1* tna  ���    1  not surprised that the Boer war continues.  1      A ���,Rnun iust recoi^i, -^^^ ^  ..   th, total which  the Imperial   Lil0   A*.������oc  ���    IKvnv of Canada set out to complete for theJ��  . . 1 ;.,.�����   wi"'���Four million0 ��*  ;   han been more than roahwit, vu. ' ,     ^reataoft  ���     ��� -m.;.,   !��   the   company u   b"0  new   bnninesn.      hub   ,u   inu      .     "        ...,   M��lt)oi��  ,   .     ��� **    iv.w   tha"'Company 0   B0,uu"  yoar's bumneBB.     Mr. Day,_tl��e  w ( ^ .^n .fl  C(m.  Mima  indfti  s buHiness. Mr. Day, t��e ^�����^"' u, wm.  aBer, etalee that the W��lor�� ^^^g  ably in eseeae oi any provioiw ye*".   ����u  Mr. Gilker announc���� as fo       ^^  ^  For the   nes    thirty   o y     ^fc  confli8ting of  elaughteringsaleonallun |n       hatB   and  boy's and   men's   clothing, t to mftkfl room  C,P8, and boots and *�� some of my P^e��t  Jor .pring Btock I must^J ^^^^ ih@ beneBt  0tcck 0nd alw ****** Jpartake of oo������ol ����  thereof. ��oW "^^ in th. KootonajB. Th��  toat bargains ever 9��^ and tho  ptieeB  away  ,   ���   nnnnine. the otocti n<av   ^ , ^        n.  aale ia E��noine, esataine cjoodo ana  t��A in Nelson.  .-,!..';��:��  'I    I.  " I,'. ������'."������ I'.''."'  .1    >������?���. i"-:<-  4 !>'  '��� *i'-i','  <i    if-  "<>���:  ���-.,./  -;p^%:/A':^  stAiMfc  -a/^-  '.VrdA  A '��� '';'.:''."-"  'T:--:^  si  - Jl  'ft-  -3 ^"f  ^.  ji 1  si  /til*  I    1 r  I      SL      *  '1     ,      -  r " ��� -  ,.    *f��  H'lf  ^Sll  1 *."!..  V 11:, 4BF.'.  ^^  s  ��.1  1   ��  ��.     j.     -1  ,. J  fit  f 4j;  fif  111  > lit  i?  m��  *   '     '   ;"  Hi,  nscilla s  Peculi  ^  �� ^  l>1  *.���  .dd to hear from him again, after all these years!  '    I wonder what made  him write   directly he.  reacheel r-ou th a m pton!* *  t'nseilla   Haberiey   glanced  inquiringly  from   the  open letter in her hand to the mirror over her drawing room martelpieee a? though her reflection might  possibly answer her query.  The wistful  melancholy of her expression was due  .   to   an illness, which-had left her almost totally deaf;  though the fact was scarcely noticeable, thanks to the  knowledge of lip reading sne had acquired, and when  this   means  failed she   resorted to   tin* use of  an ear  trumpet, or an ingeniously constructed  fan.  i4Oh? dear!     If only i hadn't   been deaf; men have  a horror of deaf  old maids'      But I needn't let him  know just at first���he   always >poke  distinctly and  was clean   shaver), which   means a great   deal to me  now.    I'm sure I can   manage it/' she resumed meditatively.     4* I will set him talking of his campaign.**/'  She crossed the room and touched the bell.  "Catherine/'she said to the maul, "Major���I mean  Coloi.iel  Ewart will he   here presently.    isend up hot  toast'with the tea and extra cream/'  A moment affer the maid field aside the piu��di par-  tiere   and a   tall, military looking man, with a iln\~  ing gray beard and mustache, filled up the doorway.  ;    ** Good gracious���a heard as wellIs'    Mj<< Baberfev  murmured, horror stricken,"as she look up her fan and  went to meet him,   holding ir gracefully to her lips.  "Ah, major���colonel, I mean1"    she rurreeud herself agitated* v���' delighted to see vuuf     It's like your  good nature to call so s ��on.     How you have altered.  I should scarcely have known you/'  4< You haven't changed in tlie least degree/' lie said  gallantly, snaking-her hand bei ween hoth his, *v V\*hy  ii seems only yesterday that we said 'goodby'at your  sister's garden party.'*  His tone was gruff, but hearty, arid somen hat above  the normal pitch. ;inci .-he managed fu catch a word  here and there as she wa'ched his lips anxiously,  holding  the fan to her own.  "Yei���er���I have a little garden here,M >Iip rejoined he.-italingiy.     "But come   and .-it down.       I want  to hear ail ahout   youiself and y*��ur campaigns.      Of  course J learned a great deal from   the papers, but it  i.-n'i the same as a personal narri'ive, m> you must just  tell me from the beginning ''      .She se.ited herself opposite him,  her eye-* still   fixed on hi> face.  ''Really, Celia���I may call you tlie old name, may  I not'/-  there is nothing to tell, just the usual changes  from hill stations to plains, and vice var*i<'t   then tin  outbreak, which we quelled n(i*** -���     '  Jo his credit than a hB.,i..-_ |  . *b ^����n i was out tu, . * did aiH  Hffa.r, were quite'*,,?led I iT*'^1 Un^t��U  >-ou to tie vouwe f /   .J. lh.��V.^t UfairZS  not .alioMtj,*  I^ear ine~hr*ttL�� ***  *�������*��     now   Stmn��tf��M*  ��\  ed ��" his face, whilH ,hi. ��?.!   *?p,n8h**��  ec  OUsly.  fche broke the silence at li.. --.,     .  ijth. te at ,tt��t with a litti  ^he heard   the r       '  wHlasmv^lf       v      r>Ui>~   that   corie,��rrm   ,  ,,,'^rr,���l;,   ,��� "��dl"��ty��,.     tLatyouar/,,,';  KeaJJ v V"   t,i,, ,   ,  <:'��^rlvHi���;���,,',    IT,,,,")f;('   ��fti-r   a   ���-;,,���    ,  ik v ���     . I,,IJJaie<t surpriHM   n  tw, . , r,,ghl     (jh|w,(  ^ ,JfS H   hits aitvie    i '   tn,M-  ;;::J\z;;;r  *U,r for it �� And h�� iJJK l" V^-���^  'ng glnnce at the iai?W��!K "? ?th/��^  wnh  n���� dark brown^h Pelj" head'cro��*  ��"ti, inning   thh in.'.rll  !���    �����^�����ndo/hw��oli  th" "�� ,||Sd;S-,;��^��* v��  g'��n^. ��heconcla|  ���' Oh    nod r���U; |,'rrf?f�����h.i.'did you .avr    ��  fo-ing'heh u    *;/'-Hhl,,^M>   ��.po��.dW b��liK-  (li-irncu   inv   ���,.     .        ,.'�������� ����������!��. I'm makingii-t  laU(.,,/-   "��>   a��ei,li������,"   ,he   added . with a fowl  iM.sM^vVu!,ft'|',.h,,r "'"^ ��ro,ving |*l��aMir<>MlierhiiiH  '" ��'-r iiuir "'"*���"'�� J��m�� rayH touching the gold  I 'v'sh'M'w.V!'/! 1''"'^' w������hin��you ,���rtfeelea,Ce!u  w I h,. ,nv ,,rivi|BK�����|WMVl,...  ,ev,rny     ���'" ,,,u   l'��-.��lk/'  Hhe m.id   will, playful  "Hut    j    imiMf III        ��.   i  r." ����t ,��,.���; lt>Jl   ^V    "I   ����   tant.li.lng. M  >'�����"���'�� f>.-.��.nH��� ,"/ '.' M'*Y��had.vo;irHn.mr,l.l  '���'triu-Mt wi.i, i "    "."��  viKjuilriupatltoM  "'" ��)��-��� rnv Vj7,r'""    heor",,"��'' th* r.Mfii to her side,  ^^'"'���^"'"iMmiwwilderml.  -sl��y;aidvaKn,('|y',C1'',f   l"J��-��, ��irj*ly   in  thof/,"  H��.l,him,Hil,,"r�� foMow��'i-    S'ho m.w hv hiH faclhit  uh,!,,    ."��   vv,lH W"'"K.   and h..r   aKitnti<in incwMeJ  '''"������������rii.K   o'llim!,? /���' P U!" r"\t,,H<'>' ,ll"l,t th0 r��1*"1  '���|-\.���rV       !' "Ir "' " uiulnrloiio:  in thi. ho        '     V" "" a,'r",J i'v�� iiv.-<) mid worked  |;   ,(|   ''''.';' "' '">'��� <Ih.V ivirmiiHjynii, hot, n.nv itwellW  '        .l>,,-ra,,y.      "Idid���(.t,)uiu!c,t��:hii1l.nli'  ,���,>   .'   .'nv;' f������i.        f (old   v��������.,t t�� t��lk while I  r,.,n<������, '". , v" '"'1^ ��f HtiKiir, inn't it?    Younool'"  jut' , ',' riKnt ""liMsr    and half Ihoonwi"  J   f,    .von wownlway., torrildv ir��x-euv,<;olon��>II 'JTbcrel i_i.ii   ii "Ti-r--1  �����***��**  \  --  i "J  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  ���3  i  :_=r  ~3  ^ u.nrlpd him the cup and caught up her fan. "Now  ��� *" .?-, Win all over again. 1 don't think you're  ' n X W��� of humor." And she flashed a nervous  :     -io over the top of the fan.  : '"rlli'i " he naid slowly, raising his voice till it rang  ��� lhr0uRh 'the room, "this is no time for joking."  " ���    thp aneer in hie tone and his hurt expression fngh-  j tened and bewildered her; with a gesture of despair  -/%\Uonh/tahadn't been for the  mustache!" she  "' 1 murmured, half   audibly.  - t. "\1h"uche!"   he   exclaimed eagerly,  hopefulness  ., i rtarine into bis tone.    "le that your only objection?  -; :| Hoff fwinh 1 had known before I came!      But I II-  '^-i have it off directly." . . .  -I     He was standing beride her again, and now he res-  \1 i,d his hand on   her shoulder; but   she shrank from  ' .1 his touch and turned away, half crying and wringing  \ t \  i  ^4 UimiVht 1 could have managed, but I will have  to tell     1 can't go  on like this," she sobbed.  Tell me what?    There is some one else?"  He turned abruptly away, and Hung himself in the  armchair, burying hi* face in his hands.  ��Ju,u my luck/' he said brokenly.    "But n'fe hard  after all this time, and now when it seemed all plain  -���m -sailing to   hear  that���that���L   have a rival.      But,  fc-l  reproachfully,-you needn't have kept me so long in  - -   .suspense, Irim. .  A moment's silence folio* -i,..     Then she left her  -eat and   walked to the   fireplace and stood   looking  down at him, toying nervously with her fan*  I curt hear what you say/Vsne said at last dea-  perateW, flinging the fan from her. "I *h mid have  told vou-I   am deaf, but I couldn't bear   to use my  ES| par trumpet ju<t- at tin*, bsctuae I thought you would  H| regrei having come. I know men have a horror of  &"   deaf olti maids."  She laughed hysterically as ehe produced the trumpet from ihe Utile basr at her Hide and adjusted it.  It wan juH my *illy pride," she continued quick-  Iv/'aml 1 ihought I could manage with ray fan. lou  ^ ii h:i* this uibd in the center, which carrier the  sound through toy 'lip*���and ihen~I understand  lip rrading    if it hadn't   been that  your   mustache  conceals your*''���  11 N ih:it"aU?M he interrupted eagerly, starting up  ���uui placing his hands on her shoulders. % There  imi't anybody else?" .  " Anybody else, where?1' she asked, bewildered.  II I mean anyone you   care   more   for than  me-~  whom you intend   marrying?''  4  N " no    " she faltered,   the  color   rushing   into  her chreks;   l4 but what an odd question." ^  li Not at all," he answered   delightedly. Can t  you gut'SH, Celia, what I have been asking you.or���  ">d his eyes twinkled merrily���1'  shall I   begin  all  '>V'M- again?"  Ihu it wan scarcely necessary, for though she  l>lu<h.d still deeper she did not now resist when he  l(),��k her hands  in his.  An Irish farmer recently went into an ironmonger 8  *1>"P to purchase a scythe.      After serving   him   the  "*��'>piniin linked him if he would buy a bicycle  " What is 1,11111?"   queried the   Irishman.   ^  " 1 tV a machine to ride about the town on.'  ^  1 And shore,   what mi^ht the price of it be?  ^ev^ntytive dollar**."  I'd rather see $75 in a cow."  1   1-ut what a fool  you   would  look   riding  round  1 ''   town on the back of a   cow 1"  ' slmre, now,"   replied   the   Irishman, "not hall  Mirl> a fool as I'd look trying to milk  u bicycle!'  " Dear Tim, I'm sending you my old coat by  parcel post, so I've cut the buttons of! to .make it  lighter. But you will ��nd them in the '~~*~  pocket.     Yours truly, Pat."  ins  In the latter days of his life the Rev. Rowland  **!ll used to come to his chapel in a carriage. He  got an anonymous letter rebuking him for this, because it was not the way his Heavenly Master  traveled. He read the letter from the pulpit, and  said it was quite true, that if the writer would come  to the vestry wi*h a saddle and bridle he would -  ride him home.  Several ladies were discussing the virtues of their  husband*. Said one of them : ����� Mine Jiever  drinks, never swears   nor does  he  chew. t->oe8  he ever smoke?" "Yes, be always likes a cigar  just after he has eaten a good meal; but I suppose  that, on an average, he doesn't smoke more.- than  once a month." Some of ber friends laughed, but  she didn't eeem to understand why.  itf-pM  An old Scotchwoman was walking to church wi^th  her family.     The Auld Kirk minister rode:.jaat at a  tremendous   rate,  and   the   old  lady;�����'*.$*���'<:.  children :  �������� Siccan a wey to be ruhn , and ;^g��:v  Sawbath dav.   Aweel, aweel, a gude roan is marcifu ,,  to his beast!"   Shortly afterward  her  own   minister  rode past just as furiously, and the worthy .old wrfie  cried:   " Ah, there be goes !    The  Lord bless  him  puir man !   His heart's in his wark, an' he's  eager  to be at it."    A voune man who was a porter on the Caledonian Railway went to Edinburgh to get married.  Before his departure to the latter place he was sup-  nlied wi h a mss. On his return he was surprised  S find a nevv ticket-collector, and when asked for  hteoaWor ticket, he produced by mistake his  marrfageCertificate. The strange Rector glanced  through it, and then said gravely: H,h eh 'noon-  ye have got a teeket for a lang journey, but nae on  the Caledonian Railway."  ���'"��� i-' -2  It.   'Mr\  V  A Duke decrying family pride is a duke to be re-  mambVred In the will of George Charles, Duke of  MariKSlBh. filed the other day with the Regis rar  of W Us at Philadelphia, there is said to occur th.s  narwaph " I dislike 'particularly the exclusive-  SS of family pride, and I wish not to be burjed in  the famu!"vault at-Blenheim Chape , but in any  suUabfe place that may be convenient in whwh  Stow olSy own generation may be equally able  with myelfto find a re?ting-place.  T��o   Irishmen,   who   were   known   to be   great  friends w2?ob ervert one day to  pa��8 one  another  l-^b1^-tohh7>,3Sl^  ^iend,  " have you  ^T^we^rn^'tid Mr. Mulcahy decisively.  �� Theie seeS to be a coolness between you when  y0SK^lteinn8��.,noeofour friendBhip." replied  Mnlinhi " Mulhooly and I are that devoted to  ?n8 another that%i can't bear tbe thought, of a  arrXS ��2 we are both quick tempered, we've  ?ewived not to ehpake to one another at all!'  * 21- ���'*%j  -.-ill* *,--  *7 ^ ��, /���    "^  Ui.*j9_*;  i'Adi'^���"'-  f \/-k %    2"��.  :S ^^3 1 - SI-W  ���:s'J**A.  Fli  X-ffc  - ���"fl*--^ ��� ���' '-  Aimgm  IS  !5S  S! ?.3 S.''J  f-.V.  &iX  %���*���-���: .sn  ��� '   +    m  - * ' ^JS  -�����   - -   I'l^rtj  WMi  f  \1  7r*  -:-a: ��"B=Vi1>Wiitairi.l-fi��.i|,.i.ltM ^frifM-^-w  mJantmi frm*jg,ti'utfQ..ji>.-���  #~  J  *     r,  \l  1   *.i  -1      1 ai  i 1  .i i *  <&���  I '  IJf  m  &%  10  THb Nh'LSON KCONOM5ST  i  i-  INING NOTES.  jast(  Dealer�� in  ��> Aft* offering M Inw^t m-irwih* t  Ti'iw*,  and Jaj$.  Oitrlfe��(   Mo^lm mid J��v�� e<��fl<* ,*,    1  I  ianv silver camp in   the   \ve#t.   and  I placing the Slocan City division in  Another long-lost mine has been J lhe   fru|lt   ras)k    of  i}w   province.  found.      This time   it is the " Lost ) wiiTe in i'JOO the shipments total-  Dutchmair"    At the rate long-lost  e(j 28.|T ton^   heing lhe nigntfHl oll  mines are now being ftHin<l ; reeorjf thost-'for 11*01 reached 0aI4  it will not be long before there will j rons making a net increase of about I  not be any more to find and the ' u() {H,r ceut for the year. These j  finders will find themselves in the tigure, C2innot he accepted us final, !  sad position of Othello���their coc for %vhen ihw Arlington receive* iu I  cupation gone. returns from the smeller it  will be \  A great strike of natural gas is re    found there is an increaM*:     For the  ported from Walsenburg. Colorado..! portion of the wn*k from Thursday \  There are great hopes of finding bhp -morning to the end o: December the j .-..._ ,���.,������, .,�����������, _     r  in the  mineral  belt extending  for } Amnion *hip|*d <��ut 2ti0 lone and || HVJr��iinu^ }���  forty   miles    fromWalsenburg   to   the   Enterprise  20,   giving a   total!  Trinidad. pretty   close   n>   the record.      The  iSJoeau Drill.) ; former   h is a u>c ��I of  5477 tons for \  The Goodenough will pay anoth- ��� |he yeaT% tt|niOJ<l double the export*!  er dividend this month.  * f      '{}    ,i��vi>iun for ltfua    The  Ar- i  Ore from the Ottawa commenced   tjngton is. averaging clo*eto50 ton?* I  coming into town on   Monday. ,: a day. lately every effort being.mail*!  The Slocan Star ha? closed down   u> net ihe ore d<��.%it wiu*e the Mtow i  la-ts.     The pro,-pec is are  favorable!  for an export oj jgOO urns   for Jan* j  uurv, a;* theOt-awa wul Ossve 2 car?- j-  to send tun ami the Knterpnse   UK) I  tons,   '*> be aoV^i    *��� the Arlington j  .shipments.   \?>f UK)2 it iM'-timttd j  the diviMon  vvui ,-nip  10.000 ton*.   A  La.-1 v ear t n��- export* from thir* d��* I  v-siuii ��iie>oijO*d  i*> 2^47fof(-<} ajadt J  up f i o:n   1 (.) p'    ;  l- a  t��.-. .   of l n��-  l*��  tlate:  a Tftiia O^OE^ SOIICITCD.-  COFFEE CO:  Telephone 177...  P. O. Box 182.  WES       Batt��8 .STRCCT/  tight,   no   reason    being   as-igned  therefor.  Four feet of clean ore is showing  in the winz- Oflow tlie No. 5 drift  on the Payne.  The introduction of machine drill*  at the Enterprise is Setting out a  number of men.  Cross it Xathan,left.��ees of the Duplex, anticipate making a ship.ue it  of ore in the spring.  WADDS BROS.  Vancouver and &eteen  Bmm street, nusou, a|  k ��� ni*' o 5 ���* l h it*  yea I  1.  F   or  T ��� m ���  E x ��� ��� i 1  Jo  .'��  Inebiocan picked up  about 120   ���>   .  .    ' r Enterprise   tons of   ore in   two   days  this t\eek p>vo Kn��.,-ii-....  from the lake shippers. lil icf   I'm<���.�����.   A dividend   of $25,0v)()   has   p,Hl   B >ndh  hhr   been   declared bv   the Siocan  Slur,   (;h ' vl\'ltU   h^ing a total of $ I .So ,000 to dae. j>, {f.h:y  If   ore   .shipments   from   the laKe! ^    it   v      ports continue u> increase, tlie C. P. ^ ,n*"   f  R    v\jl| nave to put on the iu# San-  uun to relieve  tne strain.  Geo.   Aylwin   has   struck   a hun  inch payt-treak on the i>oiitiae} IVn  Mile,   assays   from   which   are   upwards of 200 oz in silver per ton.  ���  When all the returns are in, the  ore shipment.* for the entire Slocan  will round up (dose to .'id,000 ton*  for iast year.  Two feet of solid galena, aMS.iyiutf  1500 oz to the ton ,has been struck  on the Silversmith, one of the Slogan   Star   ^roup.       The ore wjc- en-  couuetereii iu a ero-Hoiu rn 1 io determine  the apex   of  tlie  disputed  vein of the K-ihhit Paw.  With this week's shipments will  end the exports fur the year l'JOl,  tdiowing a   record   unsurpassed   h)  ���     ��� �� �� ��� ���  o \ t   (  700 j  -pi:  15!  10  20  i  O  17  12;  �����   !  O !  (iol-i    ���  Genie Line of the  DIRECT ROUTE  KAHT  lVtllHf|��"K  Toronto  M����nt oiil  Ni'W, York  Viuicmivcr  Victoria  Hun KroitrlN?*  Sold by ASS Newsdealers  Pm<%%am<$-  FurerslcCauy U��u��Miiilw it* all  iov����ro ol H��>itf;  and Muiiln a vrua v��iluino nf C3ow, C^iolco  Copj/rlqht Coittpoidlttlona ��>y Uw incut im>i^  illnr ttinliorM. 0$ Papa ��? P'loeso Paaole0  half Vocal, half limtrinrifiitfil- at Coeupiota  Plocco for Plow��-Onro a Mrttith for an  CopadD. Yearly Hul>wjrl|��Uon, tla.oo. If you  will wjiiiI un tiw riuiuo an<l aiMrcNn of Fivn  Iporfnrfncraon tha IMutBonrOrfrnn, wo williwnd  you a copy of tho Mn^uxlrio Froo.  Via Ht#* Hue  St   I'anl, <?liteii��i��*imlntl tf. 8.H,,W'  Tourist Sleeper Ser  I; \HT    t.* ��i ve lUiveimok�� ^ ;;!^|H,.,wl  |,<<a% r P��inm'��re Jrl M' '"^hi.t)'.  ST. l\\!n./r)IK>NTO.MOSrKKAMW!��  \v|.xr   i/i��v, itovi.ii.mke >��';��;��� ^' M'  VANroirVKK.HU'JArn^COAHI.  Ifp3 sns (lis  �� To AlanliU, 1^11,1.'  VANfOl'VKIl   !liVV..������aA������^1^  ThrmiKli hookliiKM to Kutojm'viu �� ��  u,a  ilntH  nt 1"*'  Ci,.|.ul<! Urkt'iM  uoin an l"  .1 s.CAKTMK, 'V 'n. r. AJ  Pint. I'mmh. Ai:i.. '   VjMS*'"1  NflNJMI.  'I��T fl'   ������'*-  ������n,<--  ^,  A l" ""��l�� * ,-  J'  -n��  - "-%v-?~  *  *-J>  ����� .       U           -�����,,  j_       ���? "*              ��*~  -v  L   fl   U-   J^    v^T 1 .   ;>    *~  1   14���Jj >-fj"Ji*? U'slj Ji-ftf tt~ *'  L   4* If *^  fcjf  --     *��*���  z.t*m*  ���<?<*���  O  gjpiS#TjPsa'*33  1-3. t ,    '    ���~��  -li  *X  * ��t     <.-!;  ^ V?- V> #f     ,        -���     Sj%  F- .s  - <**   ^&  r.^-  - ^S- 9  ~~^T"     ���>���ii"* 4-  ,r*'   r =i~~  + . a,,   ^  - ~"~�� if  ^   <*^        _  5-  %    ^  ~j     ^    ���-_  <���  T  ~             *i  -            ���  J-  jnas-svtjj-tsj'  ~  ^^^  "  SS      ~          -         -vt*  "    "*  %C_    �� ___r-  X  S-"  ^ "��T-V~  0-  ^         ^fes^    ���w . J'  -���^  r   >*~         ^n^itS'  "'C  5-t:   ���-^B    "~ -4   "^     ^^v  .vTt  ��� ��� "^5^ ^   ^W  Y-&- %���;  ���-.���~?v-^���    ti���;"3i/i36i��� >=������  3Wi?| Ik  "z&'-g'   ~*  -W^Sa      fc. ?    Tt-3*,, X,-.-1 ~t^��  -Scesgae-  ���*,  i _ 4 E S3 P5 J ELid  -3  ���a^nt-Wia-* ^. -,_iir^-����  ^^Pt7/:  J3?   -    ^*     Li.     jt       - ���*        ^     ..ft, *��  MF^ - - -  i   in i lm  ii)   ii in \* ii in iiiii_> iii  i ii i in in  1 ii mi mil mi ml 1*11 ��� i ������ \m m i    ���        ii -*"     TOtcsi-rajtSi ^,>r   jis^-^3. au  121  a .-    ,        ^11^   J2;  " .���: ***!. v* ^"  -it* *  ���^.  tlf   -V,  -^  ��SS��  ^.�� J__   i,  ��- *aKt��JI..  ^s**h        '      -���- -       -   -  itfin- ���)���**��� **���   J���?P^ffit  *?* "t1  t*->  i^ftftMke turtle* tb��t'/I.^^k|1  ffiW*nw,�� CMtltlcat* ^Kitt  M�� from tho clate.feir^JtW  ��5.w��e��Ui.. for Ui��:pur|HmoC��<Wim^  ����!>*An,��%''Pii��.  ��!fM.IWI>  ^���^*."��ilWT*  ".     -!'*"'��>  i��'">���'?'$  i    1    ."IS".' ���}  I*-..^* *-s*l "������  '*��.r t?���"^i[*i- ^  !f:��l��ii��i'.��*  j,   i^    j ifu*. t\i. i���� . ����t��,t^(^uWm<f^Wv^fYl��*'if^^t f^A^!i��!e-��>i#(^*iir4  ';���! '^ .���.'���;  I.   / k    .  . ,. T    ,    ii.  V -;  ���    ������  ..... 1  1  I  r ���  <AAA'mm  ^m-ij*1 �����** fWitHn   '* ��f   >��fc )\ I!'IV  f*^i��k  "   ^��v*,hi ji��%i-, ft^'Hj   - h   '-friw* i\  MN    ' 'i  it. i.   ii     > i < ii  ri ter f l*-n^i  W    ^ I I J J-' 1 ' \ 1 -",���(�� (> '   , < I /'| !  I  it 1  'I J  .1 '!  ���  ' \    i>  Special'Om�� i^opI'v *.  S*  1  .^r-^i**'  1    jl /    I  I ''���)  \A,-- ���  1   !  ���1       f ������ ' ���  l;     .       (.  ���.(//,  'If  !^;v:'��;,  '" i��  ��:   -it:  ���\.t;." ������ -������������ 'ii.  ���?;..,:,v'w:.!  '?' fl  !l>  ,."���:'. '#:���  'li.l.ii'''^  .;���,,���/):���..  "!rtJ'.��:'��........1 :,  >'  'Vi(i"',''-P-'   .i.^'>..'  U ���.,.,- ... <!.���..,.   ,..''.���  nv _��.  -J*  <2.  ���3 *",  H_~^  ���*%**    "&,  ���fr     -->   _��,  ���4t_a~'   -a. __  -. ^- ~jf ^ ^ -- ^ ^/  *" ��V J*  I h I , 11I -  J1. <.��     . i i H  ���5  "sPt-A"    ^��"f 1T".,_"  13* _  T ~  ���>������*        s)  *fc  "^"St  ���1 - ** ��  |L.^*!3-  "v  **���      1    -it   jsc;  5    -*  P4  -r"sSr   r��_  wi��  '-���--  \s  "t-^festess*  aS=? ��y��~���.������*��� ,.,, -.  ^Ir-^r^^Aw^r-.s^tes* ���  T    /  i^iaw     a  'Hrgig.-  **a.  m  **����� -.��� ���  ^^..-���^EL^  3**r> f   s  '"1        -<;  ���,        i-     j^,-*j.     tss^ssT^ji **tS3=3n^              "tl.^^���=gjiJasL ~          ILsan���s*   ���-T** acpiSLTS- Xl*^.            �����r*-'  t-jSf��^-��_^.'3' *j, "^ ^gs-    ^MT-*-5Sg��;^^^Efi &r"3FjjP    V   "^S.   3^   _r&-r 5-tr^^   a    "**?"   *T^*~5'      * 1S^���'���'^'���Iw    ^_ ^,^_   __        ......  _.        _        .    ...   ..     _     . ._f _. .    ..          ._ .   _,_  in ��� 1 .*itWi���1.11 IT       a. ���iii'inn' iTii.-1 HIT!'m���miTiS'  ���    -Ttt~~-*^w<t        ������sA-c. mnit  �����"���! if. ������! i-.y-i ij^i        ^jill        It   i J-jJ^j^m��j.i.f1...ii ..i.i    ,   ������������.������'i  ~TtC*  '*-?!'qJKK*^5  '' j^ua!**; H ,r'f' uj��v c ^ "..  ���flr1^*-       ^^-SBW-TOTa1!  Ml   Pi  1     *  1(      , ^^**H !!*��..  A  V ^' t<M*(H    .tf ^^      �� .   .  I  *, i^R8 MTiro ft" at  E E0|R|in)C38^V OfiTJCK  f&ftn&m  k��pE!$$S)iiP  1    J *       v  '     <l   ' ft'     ' .   ," .y>   r i��l Ut'/' 1  V,|,N i^-'^iiff it/,i "Hil' Uil'W   '   riVtiU-f-V ��A%S*M fWWW  'Mil/11. 1     f    '    "'MiM'fi1 I 1 ���{  ' M\      "Uvi[i  ,/W'^' l'1H,Jv,p '    ��m'^ W!iii!'\!T*��^'|A'f**1iPi  ���tsii -t,    ' ) **    (it-   "^     *"'     " 1-* M ' p j t iy   \ /  **W**iW>'**W��|*MM��K .  -VOU-. *v,\'< i:rH"^Ki V.jl  5      <  ***H*Htrt. tt^tTrtHM*. ^  W*.#      ftfyl*.     mvi<lM  '-WlwiMrt,,,. lrww*At   v   <*,��  I*-***.*  wWfcw^Aww* j  �������    trt ���ftv  w frtAVb  "**��<n�� "uJ^mW. i,  Ju1  ! i J    U ��  1   (  / I  //l  1 1  ,1'iM  Hill  ,   J  i      *  *     ��  I'if  "I *  1 (   1 H (    1  f��  V  ���  >  A  o


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