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The Nelson Economist Feb 5, 1902

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J,  Camps nttimp ?*������������  uotice and lowwte��S��"^  Mail orm^^mr "  wholesome >mc^Md��np suppaws 3  kept in stoc^^ ' i  EGTh  a "p=jkst:  ��� > ���  * ���.  * st:j*v Jt*,nA.\i<r*T?ri99i<tt\rt, ���* nc,-.cwxvivy��.vnfr>��^v-.-w. -  ��.* 1^ .* ����� ..  ��� I. 4   ��� i-ll.l I A I  fj.' ���^'W)Urtw!MJ��u:|t***��Wi��iW-'  ��nciH> ����*-��^ ���**tjr' v     \       &.s^.  ^r^iwo ,*Mrtt?��^v*yhiiJ^''      * ���>'  '*' *���  ^'.y-'i  ,   ^il^Li)^    ,WI*   " .   , ,j j V.1CIV, *!,����    N-*��*rt h* tr^   ftlft**-        ��   ��   ��� .      ,'*    h ���     <r    '  ^. �����    ^4.  i��..f��.it.   |. ... *��.H  h��iN '(i *j4 vtoj, i^i,,   l'i'J1t��,.w.,,W/"4<,  ��V��f MA'^.^-mi'M <oj!Wov,��! ffV ^w^rWi'M'N nvvJLrW  " ''     l^ J'i,       '���    if'     ���(   (    r1   '\' Vo.', ,'<V*    ,u   ',    m"'''      I'WV'Vi/'     'W 'l    rf,'   '    'Vl'   Wi,    ",l,ii,    ."/rN^'W,*    ,1,   V\  l",*'<itl,0   ..���,'      ,',!.* *,'.���>'   ^^irA'^iS  ,V4iri��  V.-"^^'.!.!,}   Ki'V.^    i,   Ml ' '#m��w3?  <:: " ^[ ���'���. i',(\/V. .i't^ (1iy��v.-V^tiR^O;f��^^v'ioo^:,^tf^-:olo^';;>d^t^ :^"l:AA:k:..' ^:t\:;^M;o!,:^>^����,^r;-v>:4'!;:!;|#��#  \v    * ? ff   itsjj-  ^-* *-Yt *  n \    ��     ���'  if-     ? u  (I ^ I ( I  ,|   t ,^i ir      ,,  1  M    >  "    '    I  n��  U,o  j, 4* ,,   v     ' 'M  <>        I      >  <    V  X, Bill*In,SUM  11   <  A  ������o' i  A  4-  ..   4  f  ���     I!   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FEBRUARY 5, 1902.  -. ao  ��� *;  ���THK NKI.SON   ECONOMIST  is  issued   every  1 Wkdnhsdav.      SCBS*t:Mi*rio^:   $2.00   s��er  an-  KUM;   IK I'AIH IN ADVANCK, $1-5��  I    fctfCK   OK     GKKE&At     tNtKfcHW     ft*SWftCtPOttV  "-��* I"  "*1  _���=*���    .***  SOUCITKI). OtfLV AltTlC-USi C\F tttelt ^WILt BE  ADVKRTiSHP IN THESE COLUMNS, AND THE IN  TKRKSTS OF KKAD&RS WIM* HBE CAI-tEFOlXY  GUARDKU AGAINST EMRESFONBieLE PB&50KS AKD  WORTHLESS ARTICLES,  THK result of the  Victoria election seems to have  been as grt*at a surprise to   the   Liberals  a�� it  1 waB to tin*  Conservatives.   Ii is certainly difficult  to realize that a constituency in which   as recent as  ���S^i ten yearn ago a Liberal wae almost certain of losing  ���5-| hi* deposit should  now   return a   Liberal   wi& the  .>���:���} almost   overwhelming   majority   With   which   Mr.  >^ Riley was elected.     In   th��   present  instance, too,  WiA the Conservatives put forth greater efforts than they  *jte3 ever did before, the services ot   all the local   mature  ��83 being   secured    as *ell    as   imported  talent.     We  ;?*:j rather fear tbat    the    Cotot>e=rvatsve    @&ntiment   in  ��K*J  Victoria ha* been only ��fetn deep, and that the des:.re  g|lj|j of being on tbe winning ��ide weighs ghore with flonie  of the electors than principle, or in other  words the  average voter ��vould at any tt��ie sacrifice a principle  for a good breakfast.  ��  S3 23  {H-fmvri  *��."���--1. "1J  EFfp  ���/ffc��,"J;  2  ���^ '-7.,  -.,�������� i'  it  111  Thk Vancouver World believes tbat while Hon.  Premier Dunsmuir has been industriously engaged  in the winning of voluminous open letters to tbe  ���lectorate unfolding the many large projects ic��r  the piililic good which he would be happy to initiate  if thingH were not ae they are, there is one subject  that lie ha* panged by possibly as quite unworthy of  hi* coiiMdt-ration but which very deeply and directly  concerns the humble, hard-working class that makes  UP the hulk of the electorate, and on this subject bis  numb are not bound by conditions that make accnm-  pliHhnn.|itH impossible. This is tbe question of  cheiipeinuK the cost of necessary School hooks with-  0111 impairing tbe efficiency of ihe educational  s>Hiein, ami while it may not M^m of much impor*  lll,l,l,! l,�� the millionaire bead of tbe Government  whose brain teems with railway building and  *m--l-ir gigMtitio projects, it is one that is felt to be  worthy of consideration bv verv manv honest   then.  1* utteretting in   thin   connection  *o   no e that   A  *a<* n-** been given by tbe Government of Manitoba,  w����'re the telegruphic despatches announce it is pro-  P^tui to issue   the   necessary text   books from   the  ^��vernment printing office and supply them  free to  n�� public schools.     Thin  is  rather   more than   tbe  thought of suggesting, but it points a lesson that may  not t>@ without value. When the question %afe  brought before the British Coluxnbia Govei-hm^M  not so very long ago it was freely conceded 'Mt  the capacity and equipment of the printin>g offiide'at  Victoria are quite sufficient to the wbfrk involfeBi  should British Columbia, like  Manitoba, decldfe *%6  print   its   own   Wxt   books.      TThe   one   ^ra^Vitca  objection raised was that a lew o  are copyrighted   and  the holder of the  privileges ni^st b6 {Permitted to enjoy thfem as  tofore. V  m 1^1  ���ir-ij  vf *���  Thic Dunsmuir Gov-rnment is making a desperate  effort to prolong its life,  but does not appear- to foe  meeting with any alarming degree of success.     The  truth is, no one has any faith in Mr.   Dunsmuir  or  his cabinet, and   no number   of fair  promises   %lli  restore the   GoWhment to fa tor.    Premier  Dunsj  muir and his   GoVernnient have  been given a   fair  tri��l, and it anything has been demonstated it is thai  he and   his   cabinet  have   been most   conspicuous  failures from the standpoint of statesinahship. They  have undertaken nothing and consequently it is hot  surprising that they have not accomplished anything.  The country is in just as bad shape as it was   uhtfe  the benign rule of Cory ftyder  and Joseph  Martin,  and no  beneficient change  may  be expected until  Dunsmuir's Government is   turned out.     The  timeV  for this is  happily approaching, and   then we  may  look for a change in  business   all  around.     If the  electors of British Columbia  consult   their own  interest*, they will   see to it that   not  a man now   in  office will ever again  be  elected to the  Legislature  We have had enough of hayeeed  legislators; let   us  now have a legislature composed of men of brains.  The Mansion House War Fund has already  reached the enormous mm of six million dollars  and contributions are still pouring in.  Somk curiosity is manifested as to tbe outcome  of the Liberal convention at Vancouver. A large  number of people believe that Martin has already  shaped the work of the convention, and that he will  succeed in having himself selected as leader of lhe  Liberal party of British Columbia. From a Conservative point off view, this wouid U eminently  satisfactory* as ho doubt  power thtla gained to em  tuition at Ottawa.  act tie tvith Sir  fr. MaHiios' tootol&'titi0  iho  rr&BB th& liiteiria! a*iiMWlB-  arfcin lias an oM et&ttftii 1$  ii ho  -    ���;-, pruning oince and supply tnein   tree   ���        ��� m ^ay coil!i  l,-M>ublu. schoo H.     Thin  is  rather   more than   tbe oottle mitn ^n  7 Ul"��       . . ,    *    ^^  ���Hdv04-.it.-   f    .     i��     . .     ,. ,.    .,    * oiimnliHli bis ends tottef than i>y being Boie-  'uvocite of schoo   book reform in this   province bad compiiBii mm c����  r  r ~  r  *" t|Oi" 7  *lfil - -������?-_  IP  1111,'!*-  ti t-   * �����  f E St-^ ^ -Sc~.ls  II'I  ill I?  hi  5.5  ftll  II  = i!  PI  111  i*��f��*l'#tW��iiWfe'i"'-S'��:^-::  ..I'iii.   h. .-Jk   ������ ���;���-- ��� ��� "���'"  ,,f,,....  *.-ll- ,��**l.��   ��M.tTl A-*  ,-"** "**wt*t.*uw^s^.J  i  S    3  -*r *  f  3  '    '    t'1  ������-if-  I  M*J',liI  ��� 'Ui:&;i  I   it.-j  ���5   i :���  S?     t��  f ty  S-Sf  II  *IP  of  Of '  ,1  141  T1  w��  12  ?r-'-,-.I,r'i*TvHl iV?'  ���1      1       ll  THH NELSON ECONOMIST  eader of British Columbia Liberals. Of course,  British Columbia might also suffer, but a people who  iiave survived the blundering legislation of the last  three or four years, could probabh* stand a year or  two more of agitation of the brand supplied by  Joseph Martin. By all means, let the Liberals  ��elect Martin as their leader.  Onb has to go away from home to hear the news  sometimes, says the Electrical Review. In an Italian  contemporary appears the following, which is  literally translated : " To what numberless uses  electricity can be put! An American theatrical im��  pressario, not wishing to submit to the impositions  of those hired to make applause, sought tbe aid of  an electrician, who conceived the idea of building for  the theater an arrangement consisting of movable  paddles conveniently covered with stuffed leather,  which could be flapped together and reproduce faithfully the sound of hand clapping. The apparatuses  were distributed in various parts of the hou��**, and  at the opportune moment were set going by pushing  a button behind the scenes.u  The castor oil plant is go universally detested by  the animal world that no bird, he*st, or creeping  thing will touch one. It seems to be a rank poison  to all kinds of animals: even a goat will starve before biting off a leaf, and a horse will sniff at it and  turn up bis upper lip a* if it bad tbe most detectable  odor on the face of the earth. Army worm- and  the locust pass it by, though they will eat every  other green thing in sight, and there is no surer way  to drive moles away from a lawn than to plant a  few cantor beans here and there. Even the tobacco  worm will refuse to be fed on its leaves.  With Joseph Martin scheming to get appointed  leader and G. O. Buchannan hurling inveciveat the  head of the great conspirator, the Liberal convention  at Vancouver should not be altogether barren of interesting features.  Thk Detroit Tribune states that smallpox infection  in Ohio has been traced to paper currency, and it in  very probable that other disease germs are scattered  about in like manner. Even coin is not above  suspicion, and yet we often see a thoughtless person  hold a coin between the lips, utterly legardleaaof tbe  possibilities of disease lurking upon its surface.  The extent to which contagious diseases are transmitted through the handling of money ip, of course,  unknown, but it is certain that it is a source of  danger in this respect.  *  The Victoria Times is curious as to what Frank  arnard meant in his card to the electors and  workers who tried to secure his return to the  Dominion House when he suggested that the  organization of the Conservatives bo maintained  64 with a view to exercising u  stronger   influence   at  the next election, whether for the Dominion or  Local House, in th�� interest of Liberal-CooBervati  principles, the   development of the   West and 7  souring redress for our  grievances."    Perhaps \h  Times may get some light   on the   subject after the  Liberal Convention.  F  :     Si  That frhich is popularly known as the funny _uv  just at the point of the elbow, is, in reality, nou  bone at all, but a nerve that !ie# near the surface  and which, on getting a blow, causes the well-knowo'  tingling sensation in the arm and fingers.  Business for tho month of January in Nelson h  said to h�� equal in volume to that of the same month  in any former year.  Moscow has the largest hospital in Europe.  There urn 7.000 beds, 96 physician*, 900 nurses, and  about 15,000 patients are cared for annually.  From   every   part of the   mining districts come  cherring reports as to the revival in tbe  mining in  du^try      Tbia year should be lhe  most prosperous  one in our historv.  Tug physicians of Ludtngton, Michigan,* decided  So raise the��cale of price*? for medical >emctt and  all adhere to the-price* as fixed. But this did not  please the people, and it wan agreed among them  that they should employ a community doctor, whose  duty.it wan to answer all calls for 200 families at a  salary of Sl.800 |w?r annum. This amount is made  up by general iiM'tM-mefii, and a line is to be paid in  case of unnecessary t^all*.  Is 1776,  when th* American   cause  againtft Great  Brtifii;: -     *����kin*    very  dark,   Thomas   Paine  puh|j��h>-d Jim fir-f nomh-ar ��if hi-*' American brmiH,  whn-h c���uiiii'-iived with the feiitence, 4I These are the  titmn ihMi rr.   men's houIi��I'  Thk ai.r oh> report id   ihe   Department of Justice  ba- jo. u.��� ,.mi��'d The Minister of Justin m  refcMiM*. to -ne i ��ekei of- jeave myetem says: al M  leave i .otiM.it ��he statistical information relntive  to die a to. 11 i miiiMii .f the ticket-oMeave acts during iin- -��� ooi *e.r of iheir ojieration. The ngur  giveo if. ib-�� iep.Ti which I had the honour to submit .r to la - .^.i,m, of Parliament covered ��10  period i oo v. hum the date of the first licenfl0  or tick*' -to v, o^u^ii.viz, November 24; 1899, to  Nove'uber 24. lnOO Taking tbe second year, en-  in,/ Novemiw, 24, 11)01,   1   find that 199 tloketn-of-  lc��* ^'���*    ���   o i  Vlrl-    |i.    P.  prisoner        o\u ,.��� o  in jhuhhiiuuhuji  j'��    �� #  Th.^rho o    , orri.aMJi.f54  Oil    the   t0tttI  "^     ^  tickets ihho>��i ��,. ihe previous  year.     Of  theeo  w��,(jni..vi..i i.; a foil remisoionofoentencefg^n  h  ��.f which 126 were grunted Ioood*  ,ri.M,   mi.) the   remaining 73 to  , ,��� j^ilMHiid other public priaoo"'  r  ,'ir.  ^>  I f(W ('^'^.^*l(��rtl��u��w���l^J ��� ~ *;���*  Jt -:   ���,  ���- f #  t  .7   -     I  WT**  F            "��� ���  ft -r   -  ?������      .   .r ^--  ..- - . ---i  ��     -V,i.rf,  ��   ".     ���> .1.  a     ��� If as  r^.~t  f,7,_j.���_i_ jl  E", *V�� ,  A-  .&*���, *-f  f&r-tr. ������������wliJM.!fc  li ���*  U - ri I*  i ��������� -|H"    ��  FV^-     \ U  k-��r*--\ijt  ���J  ���pi  4  *  1  II-r  9  11  . -I  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5,  .   ()r(]er t0   enable   the recipient    to be taken to   a  ?ireii,n culiotry for medical treatment ; another   be-  Hu-*e  tbe  prisoner declined to accept   it, and   third  \* cancelled for breach of its conditions.      Returns  revived during the year show   seven   forfeitures for  indictable    offence,   four,   of   which  are  chargeable  to the year   iSlHM900, thus   somewhat   raising   the  rrcri.u^e for that year.     Adding the three remaining forfeitures for conviction   to the cancellation   for  brracn of conditions of license above   mentioned, we  have a total of four licences revoked for mis-conduct  durii.n tbe year   under   coiii-ideration,   being   a  proportion   of   2.01  of    tbe   total    number of   beetles  irMh-il.     This exceedingly Mnall percentage justifies  thecomduMoii that the acts have   proved   successful  fr.,in a reformatory point of view,   while the   reports  from the   penitentiary   authorities   show   ilmi   they  have been a MlinulUr to good conduct ou the    part of  the convicts, and have had an  excellent effect   upon  di.-eipline. generally.,!  vinced that the people's thoughts and ambitions do  not harmonise with his he will retire. But he is  hard to convince and determined to make the people  think right if he can. If Bodweil were let in he  might deliver the province over to the corporations  in spite of the efforts of Mr. Hunter, Mr. Mounce and  all the other free and independent supporters of Mr.  Dunsmuir. And yet if Mr. Bodweil has made up his  mind to get in} we should not be surprised if he succeeded. '*  In  refusing to open the Victoria constituency, tbe  Dunsmuir Government has added   cowardice  to   its  other vices?.      An election in Victoria   at the present  tune would give one more vote against the   Government when the House meets on the 20th.  In Au.-una, a woman   \*   nev-r pu..   ui pn- ��i,   oo  tinnier what    the crime    may be.     Instead ����?    '���eing  firiu to jail. r,he i* taKen to a cooveo   dev.o^i ��<��� that.  purport, and kept there until tne  exp .r-��.tn��o     o   the  term for which she was eenteuced.  Thk coal mines at Frank will be developed as  rapidly as possible, ami an additional force of tu.ners  wili be put to work as fast as room can be mad* Ibr  them.  Thk   name   of   Senator     Templeman     i*   again  i��euiione<i in   connection with    the Department   oi  Marine and   Fisheries.       The   appointment   *ill   be  a popular one in British Colombia and   give us   the  Cabinet representation we have so long sought.  Tiik following from the    Victoria    Times will   not  coin.* m tbe way of a    surprise  to   anyone win*    has  followed ihe political situation at    Victoria:    "It   is  Understood the government has decided   not to   (ill  i!*��* Victoria neat.      It prefers   to   keep Mr.   Bodweil  *M��t "f politics for a time.    It is rather a humiliating  totf'Mon of weakncBH to make, and will confirm the  "I'-i-ion of the country, if it   needs  confirmation, m  tbe impotence of    the    present   administration.     It  *ill al-o strengthen the   opposition to   the   govein-  ,,H,"t m this conatiiueiicy and add to the determina-  lli��n of the electors to   get even    when   they have   a  uliam:!..      Such tactics   are   worthy of a blundering  ( '"'bimuion.    of what account the rights, privileged  mid desires of a single con stituency   or of the   whole  cmnury m> long as they are not in   accord   with   the  W| ins of \ir. DuiiHinuir?    He has   not   been   denied  ".vthiiigon which he 44set his heart" for these many  V,;"^     What   right    have   the   people of   British  (;,>,,1-����bia to interpose  objections when he desires to  n'l>��<-*ent this   province at   the ceremonies attendant  nl",fl tbe coronation of   the King?     The   answer is  <li;i1  bis onu consuming ambition is  to advance the  l,-h-n-HtK of British Columbia.    As aoon as ho is con-  Thk Dominion House meets on the 13th. Although the Liberal majority has now reached sixty,  it i- nut thought that ihe Government is so strong  a�� a matter of policy as it was a year ago  Sending a couple oi   curling    teams to    Winnipeg   ^  will serve as a good advertisement for Nelson.  The lollowing appeared as a telegram in yesterday  oiuruiinV* Rossland Miner: '��� Chas VV. A. Neill has  issued %vri^ here. agaiiiM. the Nelson Electric Tramway company and the New Vancouver Coal company ol Nanaimo for $94,900 in alt. The action is  to be taken for himself and n.r the King, the sum  mentioned being h��r penalties for alleged failure to  report receipts, traffic return*, accidents,etc., as re-  quued under the railway act of Canada, sections  299,300, 302 and 304."  Womkn are employed as conductors on the street  car mi*- in Chitl.coihe, Ohio, and have proved a  great success.  ____  IN New Zealand   there  is  ah*olutely   no   distress  but general  |.n��pcn-y.     Industries   are   flourishing,  m.d ih�� number oi factory hand, has doubled in five  yen if.  Thkkb was M.ld me..ily in London at public auction what is perhap* 0��e rarest stamp in the world.  It i,. tl.e KuuuiHiiia-Moldavia 1854 issue, eighty-one  -.aia-. blue on blue, unused, with nearly full gum and  large margin* After lively competition, it wae  knocked down for $1,100.  Thk typewriter is now in use in the sanctum of  Sir Frauow Ktiolly-., private secretary to King  Kdward. The late Queen dislikedwriting maohinefl,  telephones, and all such innovations, and all her  letters had to be written with a pen. Besides type-  writers, letter copying books, have been introduced  and many other changes of a busines -like character.  At the foreign office, the antiquated system of copying  letters   by hand ttill prevails.  Two hundred and fifty Trappist monks aw  now  working at twenty-live stations in South Africa.  i  ? -  r   :r*~  f 4  ~    a  of-  31  (H��r J:  A  -hi  *~m  ii  III  i- j. 1 * -7* ^_7Hej;^7|K  ;  ",��>a itJs -iS  [j,jSf  i%Bt SJ Zr~% -*-���--*-���&*��� ^S^ �����  M  :i  ��� i  5!  i >  ii  r  V  H  brim <  n  ���i  if-"--  if ���      -��������  IkV' '-'<���  ir.*-*- Jtt*ii  * I ������. . -." ���  SI ^ -  J.  frt:-"1,- ;.���*���?  X    "������������"!��� r��ii **l>ir  !��li -�����.:���_���-*  i:l��."*r*.*.'i?3*:  Bl*4���**"   **    *l  I'lF^ -;";  Mli;. ��.^v ���  Ull r I  ��� . if ���  Silirf*"'-- t*J,*,,  $ \.  ���w  ���"{i :���  "*"-"n- * ,  ^F":'1"^  .,��< mi .��n KWdiMWnJ^Aift 'Si's! a'a 'ii-i >'.v-i r"-1.  :itt.U "...  '/���/���r//-:r  '��� I..').. BMWOWrtSM.     ���,__  6  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  r  *��. -��s  KM"   ��J  -ifijL����   Sly  Kall'm*  <<i  OtJ  I. ?*���"*->s  /nr^Hi��  splendid   success   of   the  oratorio  *' Stabat  Mater*', under the direction of  Herr Steiner, in  the Opera House on  Tnursdav   night, is  one of   the  much   talked of things among music-loving   peoide.  Tne solo work was   in the hands of Mrs. Parry, Mrs.  Hanuington, Mr. Kydd   and   Mr.   Gnzelle,  and   all  were   in excellent    voice    and  did  justice   to    their  respective parts.      There was   a   short   intermission  after''Stabat Miter/' after which followed u selection  from  ** Cavaleria Rusticaita," by  Herr Steiner, cello.  Mr. H. Harris, viulin,and Mr.   W. A. J.nvett, piano,  winch   delighted trie audience.      Ail  of these gentle-  mm a e  mu.-dcians   of,a   high   order.      Mrs.   Parry  s o o;^ '" Ave Maria,"  a s do   admirably suited to   her  qo  lity of voice, and consequently heard to the   best  oilvantaie      The     programme      ended     with     the  *   liai.eiuja.i" chorun from Tne Messiah.  Tht-chorun,  C    ifjH^Ht of .-ome  00 voices, was well   balanced, and  did-pleodid work throughout, the Halieluj th chorus  b^i ii pennips the ben of  the  evening.      Important  auio ��g an- c  n liuous umi lem succes-* to the   enter-  t      ioir,u< was tne oreoes r i ����f 15 pieces Its hi^h state  or o*-rtcCit.#.i   -h >-vnii�� .i iioerti expenditure   or   time  ,.    At p.i;o>.icr��*.     ftiej audience was not   so iafge as the  ;      1 -rniaoce nr-rite I.  ao interesting love, romance culminated recently  i don real, When Miss Hibhi Cudlip, daughter of  J W . Cndhp, ����f S?.. John, N. B., became the wife of  K MontiiLiie Davey, a prominent singer. Mis*,  C idlip was for years a member .if the Sisternood of  S Margaret, Mini wi- widely known in charitable  w .rk .ii M.ni'real as Sister Hilda. Sfie and Mr.  D-veymet frequently at mu-i.-jii entenainmeots  given at Sf Margaret's home and a strong attieh-  ment en-ued, which finally re-oihed in Si-ier Hilda  reoou- cing the sisterhood and becoming Mr. Dtvey's  Wife.  rheCosarove Merrymakers come to the Nelson  �� "rit ii "ise on i.,e evening of Fehru-irv l'Jth.  This is the -arne musical organization which was  see i here three years a��'o.  has been    given under   his   direction,   has been  success    from    an  artistic    }��nm  of   view, and hi!  services as director will be . -Ulv ndssed in f^  the success of Herr  btein-r wherever his lot mav he  cast  Railway travelling U\ t.r-.'U Britain  \?  in the world.     In Amen*-.. ,uU*  2,100,000 is killed ;  in France.on  000,000; and iu Great H  000,000. g  19  the safest  P---*nger in every  e in every 19,G0()!-  -' ��� "*< hut one in every 28-  The Kin* of Sweden is acknowledged to be the  most learned man in Kurope. He speaks seven different luumi.iL'eH and can now write to the Fmperor of  China in Chinese.  The determination of Herr F S eiu.-r to return to  Spokane will be a distinct bus to huh ic al circles i���  this eily. During his residence in Nelson, Prof.  Steiner has coutribuied liberally of his time fur the  amuo-ment, of the public, and if. is not certain t ,,,t  his efforts have been regarded as substantially as  tbey should   have   been.      Kvttry   production   which  T11 e C bines e   ? i e w    v e n r  Chinamen here are makr  celebration.  begins   Friday, and the  i!   preparations for a big  Under the Belgian lawt on married men over twenty-five have one vou-, mirr-ej u��.u and widoven  with families have t vo v -.?.>., nod priests and other  persons of po.mtion nml e i-.n.v4? ion hive three vote^.  Severe penalties are irnpoM-d upon those who fail to  vote,  Hev( Dr. Chas. Wilbur.}.* Lvon Nfichols, an Episcopalian clergyman in New York, has assumed the  Me of arbiter of fashion formerly held l>v Ward  McAllister, He has is-ued a iUi of the select fe^v in  the whole United States who alone, he say**, are entitled to consider them-elves m fashionable society.  He has aroused a storm of indignation among the  ignor d thousands.  An interesting ilnov-rv was made recently at  W'.ndsor Ci-tle. ln#18G*2 a bu-t was made of Queen  Vuro.n.i and hidden aw.iv, iod it w*ts understood to  be tro- t^'eefj's v%jsh ilnif it be placed, after her  de-ih, be-nb- that of the Prince Consort in one of the  reception roitus. ThebiM was found iu the cavity  oi �� ��\ a i 1 where u had b-en bricked up nearly forty  ye��rs jiiia, and wie in g ����m| condition.  The lir*-t horses inifiorietl into Americn, MVH a  L .. doi journal, were la ken over by Columbuflon ^  second vowige in \4\M Thirty years biter forty-  two horM* v*ere landed in Florida, nut they all Aid  soon after ttieir arrival. De Soto, who made an <*���  pedition to the new world in 154(.M1, left a number  of fine Spanish horses behind him when obliged to  (put the country after his conquest of LtHiisiann, n"  this stock is thought to have formed the foundation  In  of the wild horse   of   the   southwestern   Htaten.  IbOl a    French    immigrant   brought   to Aciidifl ���  number of animals from   which  the   modern Can-1'  dian    ponv is    thought   to  be  descended.     H()r  from Flanders    were    imported   into    New YorK  lfi2o.  Daniel Webber once told   it   friend   tbat bin ^  speech in reply to Httyno, which   is the   hi(s��  mark of modern eloquence, but which at tlie tnn��*  1  ^"4  I  , ~>f\. t<i WV4^)��|>tj��WM<1t>tii( - Jf  n-��iM*iawt*a ������#'*���*  *-   -.#-  50  THt NHLSON ECONOMIST  r  t  1  t-z-.r    i  r -1  ���*- *     TJ  ��� ��� 1   _ I  >ii     *   *   -A  ���#- _������  ii    4  ��� Jjr i^r  iiiiy'.  ir   i.��  r"v*t-  J  t5**"1!  .,,o--e<lto have been delivered without preparation,  rj'tieen substantially prepared long before. When  c'i'lleil upon suddenly to reply to the fiery Carolinian's  ���^l- which so alarmed the   New Englanders   at  ati.icc.-s >***��w _      _  tnec-inital. he was entirely at  ease  and  ready   for  the hay, for, as he @aid, he had "only to turn to his  note* tucked away in a pigeonhole/' and refresh bis  recollection. " If Hayne," he said, *' had tried to  make a speech to tit my notes, he could not have  bit them better. No man is inspired by the  occasion.     I never was."  Fred Irvine & Co. announce that their annual  whitewear sale commences to-day, and special prices  are quoted on this line of goods, which will make it  an inducement to purchase. They have also just  opened up a large consignment of spring and summer dry goods of the latest styles.  Some of the prices paid by rich people for articles  of clothing in Paris are remarkable. In one  establishment are shown stockings priced at a few  pence and a pair of silk embroidered hose marked in  plain figures 350 francs (��14); and if the saleswoman  h in the humor to enj ��y your a��tonUhment%she. will  produce yet another pair valued at ��40, of which  the point lace insertions represent scenes from  Boucher reduced to miniature   sise.  A. "?'l,il  S. i-    Hi ��  ���IT 1     .    .  vrat.r*nvH  11 - it    ��  ��� * rr i* lt  h     *     . ������    I     I1.  ���1 >        '  ". ii ��-y* * 4  ft   '�����.    ->h.n ��� ���  Sara Bernhardt'** extravagance is well known  and her house in Paris show�� it in every direction.  Her bedroom is hung with purple material which is  embroidered with the golden lilies of France ; the  windows are curtained with lace worked with peacock's plumes; the ceiling is painted by Clarin; aud  the handsome marble mantel-piece is loaded with  portraits and souvenirs. Her later-t extravagance  itf an ermine cloak, so expensive that she blushes to  own to the price paid for it, and declares that this  cloak will he the remorse of her life.  A- I  ��� ����� ii *���    if  1      f ��� f> ��� *  .,'-"*.^��l'",ft  .V    t  Mr. Alfred Dixon, of Bristol, bought a landscape  picture several years ago at an auction sale, giving  '*��> shillings for it. Experts now declare it to be by  Kiclnird Wilson, R. A., who was a great patuter,  UI"1 tht-y value it at ��2,000.  1 f\*i    I* rt|  ��  ^^|  H<**"S!Sh''' ' *V  n     n    ft  J     ���    -.in  Mmo.   Nordica   hae   furniah@d   to   a Mow    York  puhlinhor the manuscript of her new b.iok, limn  to  k-^gurs.      Mme. Nordica treats of ihecnoice of sing-  |!1K an a profession, th��   ��election    of a teacher,    and  ^nere to study.    She then gives a clear and succinct  hloa of what is demanded of a singer, and   takes step  }y H^'p  the church, concert,  oratorio   and   (operatic  ��ar4��ers of singeri, and give��   practical   advice   upon  Rr(5at variety of points   that   present   themselves  o the vocalist who would attain the success   that   is  ��n<luriuK.  ; *��� i-be close of formaldinnerH in Japan the guests-i  ,ir<- l>rest^ntcd with any portion of the meal they may  0 ��at.     However  great or  nmall  the  ansoiint  ' lfty may  fail   |0 ��aat   it, is   carefully   wrapped for  them, and they art?, expected to take it  home with them. The unique custom was followed  at official dinners until h. short time since, when it  was discontinued, but the withdrawal of government  example has not seiiously affected the practice.  Each kind of food is kept in a separate parcel, and  at the close of the dinner the ihare of each guest is  made up in a neat and compact bundle.  A large staff of women is employed at the Vatican  for the sole purpose of keeping the  pope's   wardrobe  in perfect condition.      No  spot  or   stain may   disfigure   the   garments worn   by his holiness, and   as  he always appears in white, one  wearing  of even  a  few hours deprives the robes of their  freshness.     It  islconsidered that no man's hand is  dainty   enough  for their care, bo in this one respect  women are permitted   to serve the pontiff.   It is said that only the  most delicate  materials  are used,  moire uilk  being  the summer f rabric, and a specially woven fine cloth  for the winter.  Mrs. Anna Conover, formerly an American actress,  who has been the soul of the campaign for preventing cruelty to Paris cab horses, has been officially  listed for decoration with the cross of the Legion of  Honor.  There was a carnival at the rink last evening, and-  the place was gay with numerous people in costume.  Notwithstanding the fact that the ice .was not good,  cwiug to the thaw, everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. The lady's prise for the best costume  was captuted by Miss Dietrich, who represented a  Scotch Lassie and that for the best skater, by Mrs.  Robertson. The other prise winners were; Miss  Harvey, Mies Gore, Mr. W. M. Irvine, Mr. Dale Ew-  art aud Master Cummins.  A general meeting of the Nelson Boat Club will be  held in Fraternity Hall, on Friday evening,  February 7tb, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of electing  officers for the ensuing year and also to discuss the  outturn of erecting a new boat house. The matter  of making arraugemeute for the forthcoming regatta  will also be discussed.  One of the most curious perquisites in comiectiou  with the coronation is the right of one of the peers to  claim the bed and bedding used by the Heir Apparent on the ni��ht preceding the coronation. in  olden times this wa8 a perquisite of considerable  value, as the "bedding" uuually consisted of ncnly  embroidered coverlets of velvet or siHc, with priceless  hangings ol cloth of silver and gold.  .      i     mmm��� ���'���!  His many friends will regret to learn that Dr.  Doherty has decided to leave . Nelson. He has accepted the position of aeiuetant surgeon to th�� Crow e  Nest Coal Co., with headquarters at Fernie.  tmitMi IMWWIIIWWW *  The Nelson junior hockoy team will play the  hookoy juniow of Eoseland at tho latter $>lms thi��  waning*  3- .^  Jl" /  :f  -   -=3  =^ *"��� *   "'  %  ���*-*  [ t ^  *hau tsm  IA$l] 'JlQg'^j  <?!  ^ & fi   Z t  , J s-  il*5:"r  \pS  r i ��t.S*3t  Hi*"**  1'  i<    >n  l~LV  >'\  >���%������-���- :->-"-n-  ��� ���*���-�����   -ir  L*,*l-*   r,    ^ii  *���  �����      H'k     ll     *      i  ���t������        -a ��� -  Ui,'*i'*���i!?V*'  St. 4H-< *��� ���.    �� ���  1.10    < ���. iw .   I*-  It     V>'    ' ���'  ji. >*>  I ������ n **��� * "Ml ir^i  >*!>���* u *^  >"l. ^ril-ir-*  |gt3SS?��J3^  ���>W> M|llii��M|lf/|l**  i4--i�� -^i-i-irTi- K-ftrrl  m,*"i ;m-*A"  ,-L'j,:&rL./"-�� ^"*  lUn -HMtlili ���i(|.#t<wiIMii4  >>���� . r*l'   ". ��.������  ���'.*    ��.T" ".   ..  tiilrv..^..i;*.fitt:  r -**������#'jw* ��� iviH|i  .  IfiVftAW*!,"*  ['Jthii..w^*i*k.  .!��� ��� ��� ��� il ��� ��� ���'  >-*k Mwithfffik'fr   \t*\.t  ,( ?i   0',i  i ,   4m��.,. ii. .jit j  * (    4^1.-^'  ...���; V...I  11 7,n.;  li.  n  ,,f ;5��;;,oS  -'*f-, ';;;,,;-:^.��  :l|'..-, -   .   th<  ���'��� 11;:."  ���iO%'  ...Jj... ......  ii:,':'il:,.:.. .7-:.:.'::,..; ''i',..- ���'/...;:��...v ;,>','::%'  ..i,,.];,;,,!jt,,..:V,,,,lj.,,..,,s,,.,���^,U.||.��i p. ������,,., .,i.  .(��..���������������  Jf7.,-'"���'���."���(*  ���������...   -i1 -. il'1- .��v.  'dt-' ���'������|il')������': ; ".  1��  OK-  't "   .���!��,'  ^v*;^' O     '  % ~.^��� ��i-M��M,.^;3!ii��*^  :'&^  *       '*���'  il'  ' Hv^  ill  At   v"f*  t tit    *-_a-  :i:jS- <*o  !/.**%l *  ���"4,'*  (   3-1  >IH  f-Ji  *2S ��  Oj5>4  *  ��?,*Sl'J  i-o-tf*  s?fclr  ,?, "7-,o*v ���1-(,^n'  Ml  .W*-  HE ranch of Senor Diaz was on a charm **z  slop**, overlooking the broad, smooth water.*-- o?  one of the tributaries of the Parana, ����n whose  opp iwite shore tf*e rank grass grew ten and twelve  feoi  high;  Tne n-u-e .itself had �� tropical character ; it was  So mish-American, with a cool, shady veranda, a  long, b%��v front, punted walls and latticed window-*,  a :*pacious coin' and a flit r��o?f provided with a  parapet., which gave 'he whole structure the ap-  peAraio'e of a fort. Many acres of cultivated land  sttn.ved .Ion i line* of -u^ar cane and tall tree-* laden  with nanaoas, in -urprt^tug contrast to the dark,  impaoe r��o e m t-s orWibi hushl.tud which 'in the  distance suo rounded the settlement.  Seuora 1> az wh   ��me of tne   tropical  beauties   of  whonv MurtHo dre >rned. ^  ���" I amgoiuv   t�� *e'st' your   gallantry," she   paid,  -coining ou* o . ihe veranda   where I    sat, ** by    asking y����u to help to vvaer my    fl overs,    for with    my  lame hand it is not easy    for me    to lift the    heavy  watering p ��!.'*  ** I am at you*- service, butallow me���am I wrong?  ���to remiibl y��� ��u that you promised, to tell me the  ���story of how v<-ur hand was Jam^d/'  '* GerUiniv A* soon as ihe flowers are watered  we will have coffee tin ihe veranda, and von will  hear all about it/*  Accordingly I   *as shortly afterward sipping coffee  witn the littiV L -lna, mv host's only    daughter and  my    pet,   bes oe    me,   while   her    mother    rolled    a  .cigarette,'lighted it a��*d began as follows r  ��� When we came here this was    a very    wild   place,  and we had to ���-odnre a   num her of    pests.       For instance, when Ldita was a baby,   mv   husband    and  his men went-off one morning to work as usual, and  'the child lay    �����!��������� i��    on   a   mat   at   the end of    the  room.    -'Suddenly I saw on ihe floor    ihe skin of   a  mouse, from wni-h the-whole b*��dv bad been socked.  .as from an iTn��i^-. ;    I knew at once   that   a   snake  mu-t he itr-itr, fur th-y feed on mice and eat them in  tnis fashion, but, catef.ully as I looked   about me,   I  could see no snake,    tiil all    at once    it occurred    to  me that    it mi^h'    he    under    tlie   baby's    mat       I  riia'ched toe   child    up and    placed   her in   safety.  Then 1 lif'ed softly a part  of trie    mat and there    it  was���he long, -limy, green and  gold   reptile  coiled  up 'Unl fast asleep.      Ah, bow I  jumped \    I ran out  into the court yard io call, for   help.      -Luckily    our  man, Jo-e, was there, and he killed the reptile.     Hut  as we cleared more acres the snakes   left   us to   bide  themselves in the forest.      I began to hope our cares  were ended, but thev were only   just   -begun.'      Wild  beasts now first appeared on the scene.  One morning while we were at breakfast one of  our herd-mien brought the news that our cattle,  which gr;*ze in the tall grass on the other side of the  river, had been attacked by a jaguar that had killed  one of tlie hulls. The man who told us this had  escaped with bis life, yet be would have scarcely  done so if he had not misled the beast or had there  not been a fat ox there.  A week panned without a new alarm, and we had  come to think less about it, when suddenly three or  four Indians rushed in to tell us how a great  jaguar had broken into their camp and killed a  woman and one of theiV'dogs.  When my   husband   beard   the   story, he   judge I  that it was-the name animal tbat had   attacked   our  ��� bull, for the -Indiana   described   it as a  creature   of  singular  color, far lighter than any  they had ��    ��  about   there,  s>   th it they  n%med it " The \\%1 j  Death/* v j  We all thought it high time t�� do something and L  my    husband    called   his   people    together to go t  out and hunt the animal [  I   remember that morning distinctly.   Thev went *  away cheerfully enough, each man with his gun and I  hunting knife, and Moro, our bloodhound, vm wi;h I  them.     My hinband turned round just a- he enteral f-  the wood and kissed his hand to wq.    Then he i4,uj  1  hts companions vanished in the forest/  When I found myself with Loliia alone iu \fo  house and thought i��f what might happen ii\ *u*\  met tbat terrible wild animal, such aux.reiy *.?ze|  me (although I never th mzw I c mid o ia.. "iiw.  ger) that! o*>uld not be contented until 1 iu-.l Too-^d  every door in the house, and then I seated mvVih,  the great sitting room, took L��>lita on my up .ui]  tried to tell  herastorv-  Suddenly I beard a scratching alonj;. Ui���rooffi !  en a dull thud, as if something heavy .bad i.\i^>.  Anxi us and nervous as I wa*, I suru^.1 up'nioj  a cry, although I had tio presentiment wh it it wi  The next moment I heard jtHt over jnv a ��*m j  which I could not mistake���A long, passioriite r- ?  ��� ���a crv J had often heard from the wood* m m-u{.  and never -without feeling as if my hmri >.*>vi  still. The thought rushed through tny riumi, Uj,  hea%'en, the jaguar-f"  I shall never forget the moment.    For a ?ec�� o ;  was quite rigid and helpless, as if. life h-id d^| >o ,  antl then a thought flashed up oi .me. . T h* j^-��-*i  wa** 'not to l>e kept off if he penetrated n r^ tn��.u   ��  roof, for rno��t of the inner doorways had  only <s  penes.   In mv dining-room whs a greM w^fxie!? no-  chest, nearly empty and large enough to n  ol -x -�����  seven persons at mice.     If   L dila   and   1   i.M.dd  ��rt -Jti-tiri /,  there, thought 1, we are saved  I *e<zed   the child, r*n with hvr  i*ito  room, and crept   into   Mie   cm-st,     U *   ��n hi it ov,  had rt spring lock,    ofhat 1 was  f.-rced  m hold    ,���  lid open with my left hand to guard agam.-i r.      ^  ing and immediaieiv ntifliug  u-*.     Hut it   iv^l   nt r>  I 11 ��� 1  II llll t  i 11 ��� I I 1 �� f IllllUf ��> t . ��� t llM.i.ill .Miilnil'        \ ,'  lU'il'  s  L'Uti   J��  than    an    incti   ol   outer     rim,     which  bid my fingers.  I' wa- not a rm rti��nt Ioommhi. We wei  hitJden wont. 1 heard ttie great e.l tw-* ���  along ihe fl.,or# m.o the, hungry sniffle "f  uar showed mo that he was in sea re o of io mI.  He c#*iiim straight in lhe che*i and p.��u-��?d ��-r' *  monieiM, as it he ii -a red a trap Tneii fi< |iiit jm  beadc|o*eto ihe sm ill ooenin^, so ttut ( ��d��!;f"!l  bis hot breath. He sniffed awhile and then tnefl t-)  rai-e the lid wi��h his paw. ��  How I trembled !     Hut, thank   heaven,  die ��r^i  n  to utter piercing veils, which sent icy chills nwt,rl  I wonder wny the fright did not  kill  rne,  but t  I'.ueh of f,olita'*s little arm around my neck ;HW,n(  i i ��� ���  t^Jieep up my co ir'age.  . .    Hti|l the worstV-wawyot to could.  un. .   ..    . i        ��� *   '        ... i  <      ��;mi   ��� i��n   v�� t��r JM/ w jit*   y��.y*.   to ��.;iMis��t,;. ,,   ���   i  -, .Wheri'iho jiguar found that-ho'could   n��d ^v'  in��- from hclo.w^ h,o Hpr./;mft upon the chest. ���  iw ll ^ THE NELSON ECONOf/lST  ^���rht cribbed mv fingers between ihe two parts of  / f ^^    Then J thought all was over and shrieked  j8n?t mv Crie-* rang through the whole house.  ---J' * mv me* were presently answered by a sound  '" Vh made mv heart throb with Joy���.inhered by  CM irirkitiL'��donr bbiodhonml Tin jaguar heard  irr r _ u��� vcnriiiig down and stood for a moment  ��Lninti anil then ran to the door as if to flee  A "'in  �����������������   Jh*? ��8nUIKl    ,,f   lhe a'^8  bark^th,e  J Nuwrer-   and at the same time the voices of men  ...i^g m each other     Contrary to expectation, they  Unready coming back. ,,,.,,,,  Mr-nnwhile the jaguar seemed to be bewildered and  ntf.Mlv t;> and fro.    Sud-leolv a   loud  cry   came  ,!in one of tlie window*, followed    by two shot-* and  feirful howl ;  then my husband's voice  anxiously  lini :  "Cichita, where are you ?"  1 ��m��1 ju-t strength enough left to  get   out  of  the"  t-.t, dr.ig my-elf to the dour and   let  my   husband  Then I -wooned awav.  'IVy   told    me   af*erward   that   our  bloodhound  ami the j guar's trail, leading straight back to tbe  .ii-*, and they all hurried home at full speed, fear  iiii harm would come to me  My husband and Jo-e came   in   front  of   the  rest  ���nuVnot the j iguar  through   the   window,  but   my  ju-..;iml tnld me that when be  saw   the   animal   in  jhr* House hejelt as if stifled.  1 could not move a joint of that  band   for   many  c^k** afterward.     The Indians gave me medicine to  fal it, and they say   that  after   awhile   I   shall  be  I��1h to u>e it again."    1 dfd not need   this  injury   to  i.;ike inn remember ihnt d*y      If  I   were   to   live   a  BSb\>usitud v*-:us, I  could ml   fort-el   the  few   terrible  louients that 1 sp^nt   in   the  chest���-moments  that  (tniif-d t�� r unpn-e an eternity of terror.  SHORT STORTES  A pretty -,-tory comes from Rodez, in tbe south of  'fiuioM, where lately a banquet was given in honor  if Mme. (ilve, who was born in those parts S��me-  ����et*>..k it into his head to interview Mme. Calve's  lather, a hale ,llM| hearty old peasant of eighty years  pf *\ii\ who is immensely proud of his famous daughter. In speaking of her to tbe interviewer be pointed  " the ro**e tree in bis own garden. " Look at the*e,"  ^������^id ; *��� most of th^m are covered wiih blooms,  P,l*t here is one tree which has borne only one rose.  lit -unspent all itH strength in producing one pretty  J>l<*st>iii. That is the history of my daughter and  P't iiiiresinrs. She is tbe supreme flower of a bun-  PW forgotten generations."  u  A ^liuhtftil storv is told of a sportsman who  was  rating nf the intelliuence of bis dog.    "Would you  l'^U'v,Mi,n he saiil, uwhen 1   was   walking into   the  W[y ne. suddenly Htopped and pointed at a man by a  1 (,,��KHhill, and nothing I could do would induce   the  mMA ,-,-������         -  mw  V/novr-    So I went up to the  man   and   said,  :j?!,lv ��U    rv',u (lhliKe me wi,�� your  name ?'     Certain  H,inl tm- hi ranger, 4my name is Partridge/ "  A-��"ih��-r dngV   "tail" :      A   suburban   gentleman  4\  ii J )  ;i(.  �� WaH m the habit of giving bis dog   some   small  iJ pcy on leaving for the city each morning   forgot  lm    Hl),()l1 m��" occasion.     As he was going out of bin  | ...  "    "Oiiiniwu,        AM   lie   Wilts   f���� ����� b ��� {J; ��'*��� ��   "'���   ���*���*"  .j*j,"l,��y dog caught bis iniiHter*a   coat-tails   in   his  dlowe-1}   ' ,<M!\,,n^ nim inU> the ��ard��m, stopped at a  ,,r "(M--    The flowers growing there   were  forget-  ��t  ,*  ll����-nuis  Up the dusty road from Denver town  To where the mines their treasures hide,  The road is long, and many miles  The golden store and town divide.  Along this road one summer day  There toiled a tired man,  Begrimed with dust, the weary way  He cussed as some folks can.  The stranger hailed a passing team,  Til it slo-viy in ���ei its toi 1 along.  His hail raised up the teamster old,  Aud checked his merry song.  "Say stranger, kea I walk behind your toad  A spell on this yer road ?"  41 Wal, no, you can't walk, hut git  Up on this seat and ride, up here/'  44 No, that ain't what I want,  For it's in yer dust, that's like a smudge  I want to trudge, for I deserve it."  *��� Well, pard, I ain't no hog, and I don't  Own this road afore or hind,  So just git in the dust and walk  If that's the way yer inclined.  Gee up, go long," the driver said.  The creaking van moved on,  The teamster heard the stranger talk,  As if two trudged behind his van,  Yet looking luck could only spy  ��� A single, lonely man.-  Yet heard the teamster words like these  Come from the dust as from a cloud,  For the weary traveller spoke his mind,  His thoughts he uttered loud  And this the burden of his talk:  "Walk, now yer fool walk,  Not the way yer went to Denver,  Walk,  yer walK,  Went to the mines and made yer stake,  ��Nuff to take ye back to the State  Whar yer were horn,  Whar in smoke's yer corn ?  Walk, walk ���- yer, walk.  Dust in yer eyes, dust in yer nose,  D ist I ^vii yer th * >ar, an I th ok  On yer clothes.    Can't hardly talk,  I know it, but walk yer walk.  What did yer do with all yer tin?  Yes, blew every cent of it in !  What did yer do?    What didn't yer do?  Why, when you were there y��*r gold dust Hew,  Yer thought it tine to be opening wine,  Now walk, you soii-of-a-biseuit, walk,  Chokes yer, this dust, well that ain't the wust,  When yer get back to whar the diggina are,  No pick, no shovel, no pan.  Wal, yer'iv a healthy man,  So, walk. yer, walk."  The fools don't all go to Denver town,  Nor do they all from the mines come down.  Most of us all have In our day,  In some sort of shape, some kind of way  Painted the town with the old stuff,  Dipped In stocks, made some bluff,  Got caught somehow, in something,  And walked, yes, how we walked.  Now don't try to yank every bunf  Ont'ttrytoliavoiilltli^iii.  Don't think real estate won t fall,  Or that anything else is a certain haul,  And don't think you know it all.  For if von do  You can bet your sweot life you'll walk.  (The incident referred To in the skit entitled  ����� Walk �� which is published by request, did not  cJeuIr hi Denver, but is an actual incident of forty  years ago, and yet applicable. J  h-  -- JZ<:*~   *  'i   -it  ----  "SO w  ?. -.  \l' -ii.   :,  in  :t  I'Mf  *4*. --  k-.  , i. -  < - ii -  :i I ���!--*-: f.  3 t  * i  ��� i  'J . -   xit  - :���-���- 'lit-  ii  !l  '��  j>  t  % r  *^t  <1  -i  t  *  r .  'Bl.  s >  *'.  Lt  Hi  I!  n  I  S (  ..*���  I ���        Art    -����� ~  ' J.'     .   ���   t   ,  ���*   J  r     *-      �����     .4.  ��� * ~  ���k    k ^ -��������. r    *���  I    #p   Xifir-r m     *{r 1 *1  -/**'ft��*i* "���� '*  i     i-rn   i      n i. ��^i  tSf.-�����-�����" r-  I , ^. l��.if�� r, ��� v*9..  t. *   I"*"1    *l.       "     F-   "  fr     . ^f-.',.��r  FMIiiWMMia-liii ifi  Ja/r-jwiss*  pJm,*��S*?1'-'>.  i|��4M*K*i  jkft-i.i^u-t'-Hltim  lkr-r*"*��BWTr"s  i-l'-TO'r-1  k-*fv*Jr:ift  f-Jll5li"r��jf*��,.��CT  r ^1 *      r I*   jfl ' f  r i \  .     14  '���.'-���\,     il.  ��� It IV I* 4 **l  tJ(*..J'.l.,..W.  }*  t il�� **-�������� ���)������� h ������  ��� jir-lvpV    ��<   |-Tf  i  :.,.c :'. :������:/������-'.::���    :|:..;-  ..-..��   .. '  ,.v (I-.'..-  it-. *  ���,n:.������;:���'  1V:'-.".ji.������.���������;.-I|. -..<���;��� ���  M..y^-.\ii.J-.-..;^Ji'^\ i   i  *^,-"=^:2^-ai^^-4-V*tfww--.<-^*3^ *��  ��.-**���*.-*A*,51t~-*(S*���*��3t W.��.  ���^   I  -~ i  i     O  j   '  -     Ms 1  *>*   ', i 1  ������ r-.     '   %.   i  "-;   j5�� I *  "J    "'"^ I'O  5      J   ?   I   *  i��        I I  ' * J. < f     *     ',  **i   O i  *o  t ?��  *  *I'*o J'  J \-l   Si  ~ " 8'  'T*Mj  a? Is  k ii i  1  ;*S  si 1  1  pi  I?.' Ai. �����.���>��� m��n��frt8!iWhi'*X  10  T H fc! ��� iN ii I,SO N  b' JON O��V.5ST  J*-���- -  %  -  [MING MOTES.  Slocati Drill  Uonnage   fn��m   now   on.      For   tbe I  week 120 tons was sent out, tbe En- |||  ��� terprise  making its appearance for '\  A force of seven men is employed   lne fjr{it   ^uu, lni?-   year       pn,nj  |  at tne   lVausder. ' GO to..?   were   exported,    40 tons of  Last week the Hewett mine ship-   which were  concentrates, bring the \  peti out 111 tons of ore. ' hrst silver product of   that kind  t��  |  The Marion is to make a 100 ton   he shipped from thai division.      It  shipment from  New Denver. is expected the mine   will   continue j  .   The Rambler-Cariboo stock is at   ^N��   heavily,  both of  clean  ore j  86 and * ill soon be at par. j Hmi concentrates.      The balance of j  ���,^    ,   ,       ��� ���     ^���      .    ^  .      i       the week's   output came   from   the'  The lake   mines up    to Saturday l :  . ������       i j -no ��� *- "    Arlington.    wh����se  ire   is   running*  night shipped ^00 tons ot ore. ; * >  ...,,. .       pretty high in t*ilver values.    N��-xi*  The Arlington is the leading ship- ".     v .... .      t    j  , % week th*- .Neepaw?. will figure in th#!  0@a!��r�� lit  oasters  a and Ooffei  '������.:  ;v.  -hipping list.  per of the Siucan so far uu- year  Development is to be actively | plir 19jj the exports froir, hi* \  pushed on the Fuller Maiden, Four; l||V|alio||   ��mminted   to   2S47   torn J  Mile ? i i a  AA11 ; made    up     frt��m    ten      properties. > 1  Ore shipments from tne enure \ l ,>i ye tr theesporte Iplttlhd 6529 \  Slocan total clo^e to ^uUO >oo? Km *lt^9 front 14 properties. F. How \  the month. j ,Mi�� ls   & hill   list ofthe   pbipmeuu* (  Two   teams are eiuplotcvi    ikiui- t   hi.- \ear >o date:  ing ore trom the Arun^..����.��.      i"ne*�� ��� A'liogtoit , ....���   are bringing down it   , ,  vtv.     | Enterprise. .,.  ippiti4 ore ha- nee a   air *; v   ?o (Kaslo Kootenaian.) |  I The Last Chance and Americai�� (  i fi iv have ,-dgned contracts with tbt-t  \ Ev-rett smelter at   the new rate,       I  ; , i  I The Black \Vrarrior group at j  | lVf>u! L;��k��* have broken into a na* j  ' ofto'-e of ore at a depth of 50 feet in  ><>\r    new   tunnel.       The   chute    i* j  t-d   ���� b-��   the   -oitie   oi e *��nd   sam�� j  }     z*   t- -i'lMwn  Hfi'Ui  ihe *��iirf;��ce, j  Our th**l -ytochR ntul JftV��'Co����wr-  MiM*tm and J��vu ltli>n<l..1 tw>tinri�� i2  Wj1 ni��i��t t>��m^�� p.��ii,<ii/.:/.;" J B  Hiw^iul UlctiaCi*yloti ������, P^Vio^ind,   ij|i  a trial omm ^OlICITEO.   j  COFFIE d  hone 177.  JP. O. Box 182.  ��3 &����**! ' STREET//NEUOfti'  r  the   iieal luea,   uiie   �� i  Hughed group, New   1>��  The   local   smeller.-*  rated on ores from tor o  are the same, ad inuecoi  smeller.  Four  and one   hai  grade galena is eXo-i  on the Silver^mun,  can Star  grou p.  Ttie  vein  ou   me  creek,   is   siea.iiiy   in  pay.-treak      becoming  more mioeraiizoj  Some   ^'ery   pr��.��uj. o t,  men in Mnung.iu 11av��-  j fled Willi    tlirt   com r   o  vv-MK    Uie    Cnampio .  Tk\ Ci Ve Mile fi t t;K  M--}\ i i  !!�����'!,  00S BRO!  I*,' - fc**  Vancouver and Nelson  ��JlltgR STREET, WELSON, F.  Ho-   nr>-fcbui���� in the SH ver��*mii l�� !  !r?f'    h.i-     widened  ������ut    to four   U ei (   ��% ���        fl  * 4 &U  .���..j h.u ii. i',- f.uv>. f. i. c-v,r j scenic Line 01 tne  olid   -te-l   i��'��bo��ii   of   the     bii/b-o.  -.i.o I rr �� 'e ev. r found on ihe S'nf!;ui Si  jfiill      Aw-��iv-*   h o \v i'H"' ���*'����tired   -  htjjh  ;i**  1500 mince*  to the  ton     it 1  DIRECT ROUTE  o  ' 1'  : 'he nrf  *\ \ \ I    i��ive  ��.f��l   re  urnn    .1 **< o  4   lK*    on    in    'be     hundred*   of     ���������mi*  f  ��; ill oi    to    The* e  i�� cvf'rr r** 04 m�� f. i b   I i�� ve t b  group,    tm    'be    Bvron    N.   Whit#-   coiiumi  opening up another  enorm-'OH bo��  anzi which    will   in    -ime *��������   <p.io  The ��hipmeui m.oo   o:.  .ne renter      l}ie f,n(la| (>f lnw wor|,|   f���mou-   Sh  t)ri>e    on    {51ininl.1v    �� <'.n    i��-eil     llie-ei       Si-r.  tir*   silver  iMi.icf o 1 r.�� u^     o u<;   went j  ^���u ���" ���"������ ���i'v'-'-*- ' -" '"-j Sold by All Newsdealers  tlmaliou al-o iinti.  1.10- .nili  i*-< doiiiL! |   btct" --���-���'���    ��� ..���   ,_,,,   f  ,           ..                                         I  |^|^^'*J.W.PRPPKR  p 1 e 11 y 1 a 11  v\ o 1 k. ���*  ���  -  Wuai    1.-*   Know 11   ,m    the    Galena j  Vein  n.t-     "�����������!!    "uiii ,{    on  I ho    Last  Chance, m   .    \enic.. ��� d��-pth id  1G00  ?,-.��., .tml a   pr-nni-iiu ' M* chute ex-        'i: 1 f    'Y-'   ^\Sftrr^^^w�� ���  ���,-.o.    r,1B �� :...   ,,  .s,,o  f.,;1.   J^k^#fe^^����S!S.  I  .���. /    .ml     in.ik    1   \oi**r   mi.-I   �����   K..U   o.       Kjrnl*ih-**i  f\c"��tJil7 to nil   lovum of H<uik  Ioii^ .mil    took  a >eai   and  a  IniJI  K, |   ri,u;   S},,.,,,. ���  V(,,   v,,/,,,,,��� flf Wcw> choice  .. ,   ��� h��t!;\i.i    I   ���    !/ in:'riiir,o.i.il    -it Complete  I ne    ou   I  �� Mv     lor   or**    Sii I jiliicii to*      Vi��:c, .�����   for   r-'i .** n o    orici* u Month  for  as  KAST  WtaiiliH'tr  Torooto  i >f nov.��  Montreal  .Sim** York  WEST  Vrtficn��v��"r  V Irli triii  Stitttl.'  I'orfltaid ,  Shu Kriim-I^  ft!'.-: ������  VluHooblm* fcl  St. I'mil. f hin4iriuoul��ll t^ H. iH��!nwf t jkg;  rourist Sleeper Servtol  r�� ��� s.f-.  ene*i cooMfler aoiy and exports may     :"<�� o ^ .(.v .0 ������,.. , i,, :,l(-,ini�� Free.  i 1" ��   1 I.   ,f.'.   lJi;r'r'n}    ^ublluhtfir  expected   to  show       respectable    e-,ehtn a l.uim.r.i"u.>i���� r'ioioh'io. p��o.  KAMT heave ItevelHtoke U J   . l,.1,;^,,^ ^5  |.4.aveKoot��M,a.vl.H.     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