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Array i       t-   ir  ..P ^-       v        T       *���*��        -  ->  V       2    _  ��.  , - >>,  .*"   ':m.i. ���"'  nri.ii cn.Mirf^rfMijyii.rtiB  ^h ������   i   fnpi��J��  /y  :<��2?  ^   .<���"     .���:.��'  /%  X  rf<  VOL. VI.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1903  NO. 29  * ���  ESTABLISHED T890  ��<���  ESTABLISHED  1890  When the lute South African war began Lord Roberts was 20years beyond  the dead line, it was said. He was 70���so younger fighters, Methuen and Bul-  ler, were sent in search of easy glory. What they got is recent and painful  English history. In the end tne Old Man was sent against tbe Boers and  when he found .that they did not do battle according to the books, he changed  his tactics to suit their little ways. At 7c) this veteran of many campaigns Bad  to learn how. He had to adapt himself to conditions instead'of trying to conform conditions to his previous standards. But he won out. While some men  cross the dead line at 30 Roberts is one of those who will never reach it though  he live to be 90 until he is carried over it by pall-bearers. Every man crosses  the dead line when he feels that he knows his business and can rest on his  knowledge. Although my business represents twenty years of experience in  the Kootenays, handling diamonds, watches and all kinds ot jeweirv. I don't  feel that r know it all. T am all the time trying to learn. ' li isn't what I  know and what I have done, but, what I am learning and doing that make for  the future prosperity of Jacob Dover's business. There is always something  to be won and a new way to win it if the old way will not do, and r am evei"  lastingly trying to find a better winning way.  We are glad to get the compliments that come in a constant stream from  our custodiers. You can shrw me faults or shortcomings in my working policy that I could not see. I am trying my best and trying eontinuallv and am  never done learning Will you teach me by your honest criticisms of my attempts?   We shall be most gratefully thankful.  Jaco  \llglfff ^p ^p  ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������#^#^#1  +++++++++++**+***+*++*+4+*+++++��++++++*+++++++++^^#^  *# �����������������*�����������****  A.  1-1  ��)����������������������l  Ihere is no better time. Come in and see what a whole outfit costs  ������not much���and it's the concentrated essf nee of fun. You don't know  what real pleasure is, unless youVe worked a camera and put into lasting form the beauties that you are seeing wherever you go. We have  a large stock of'Plate Cameras, 1902 pattern, .'hat we are selling at and  below cost.    A complete line of Photographic Supplies oi all kinds  WARD AND  BAUER STREETS,   NELSON  *p^|WW��P*W'*,'"( "*  . "���   .-'J.^t f<U^K"lj^tv\M-t!r-1"��fr/'i>l-*'Bl<f**��'A��'H^'3trtU'Ait��-^l,. u   1  -*��N_  "*- -  ���>i 'if���    Tit   _h_i  ���-*-*��� ������ r-^-in-ii ii  . . ��� -.   ���j-.i���^^x ���_       -t. _mi nil i' _  ���u>OiAto_B-Maaafi.  ���**���">������! ���������iibmm_i_  "i  2  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  Special Quotations for  Camps arid Mines  Special Values in       i  Canned Goods and  Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Filled  Red Front Grocery, Baker Street, Nelson  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEY, B. C. Agt.  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of .  Ht��!  1  61.U1 I  I   :  <  U*��rB I  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city*  EELAMDS' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  ��� O  GENERAL BROKER  . P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent..  vr.'  , JV.  Three dwelling houses lor sale on easy terms.  One Lot on Stanley street, opposite .Royal  Hotel  for sale at a bargain.  li I     I       I  I,    I II  *TWrwwww��ww"w  T>V-<***~*nf*mmv^^  ^fm^va^m^M^ntjtf^,  ^f'9''nrim*fvmimf^^iim.  >!^^'f***t<*i>>��^>*ir^rf^ ^^  Wimn^rtiwwit^wfc | _, jwmw^hh;^^,  mmfVjmpmaamaeHf* X*  ��� ^���iw .     kan   ���n^jrt.fto*-Mrfto^l���**��  -1    "  C -    X   t.      " lT     ���    Hill  ���"- "ft I I"  VOL. VI.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1903.  NO. 29  THE NELSON ECONOMIST is issued  Every Saturday. Subscription : $2.00  per annum ; if paid in advance, $1-50  Correspondence of general interest  respectfully solicited. only articles  of merit will be advertised in these  columns, and the interests of readers  will be carefully guarded against  irresponsible persons and worthless  articles.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  ON no subject perhaps is there greater di-,  versity of opinion than upon what constitutes good public speaking. Born orators  are as scarce as born poets and the greatest of  both are those who add to a natural gift intelligent and careful study. Among the  Greeks and Romans the preparation consisted  chiefly of voice-culture and rhetoric, the matter was taken for granted. The modern European idea of an orator is of a  man who can present clearly and forcefully matter worthy of utterance and  succinctly arranged. The development of  American oratory seems to be due to the teaching of elocution in the public schools, and we  have frequently heard expressions of a wish  that elocution might be taught to Canadian  boys. It might improve their articulation  and expression, but it may easily be shown  that no training in reciting or reading can  equip boy or man for public speaking. No degree of skill in expression or elaboration in  manner can supply the matter which is the  only justification for a speech.  In this the English model is certainly most  worthy of imitation ; tho debatfng societies of  Oxford and Cambridge, which have been the  training school for nearly all the English orators, pay far more attention to matter than to  manner ; the road todistimtion, the only road  there", is by mastery of a subject and lucid ex-  piession of organized thought,  Canada's public men have no such advantages in preparation. Perhaps from our intense democracy we are not friendly to learning in our publicists. Consequently the style  of public speaking most familiar in Canada is  an unhappy imitation of the oratory of our  neighbors. It is born of the lodge, the union  and the ward caucus, and the first, and unfortunately too often the only, requisite for success is self-confidonce and insensibility to ridicule.    Dr. Johnston once said :  "A   woman's  preaching is like a dog's standing on his hind  legs ; it is not well done, but you are surprised  that it should be done at all." Similarly the  demagogue never speaks well, but his fellows,  who could not speak at all, are filled vvith  wonder and acclaim him an orator and a genius. And as the aim of oratory is to influence, such speaking is at least equally effective with serious,, sane discussion by a man of  sense and learning.  It is a pleasure, akin <to that of reading an  essay, to hear a subject discussed by one who  understands it in a manner that edifies tho-e  who hear ; it is a pain, akin to those of the  Inferno, to hear an ignoramus, incapable  of understanding any subject, composing sentences vvith no meaning, manufacturing words  that convey no idea, delighted with himself  throughout, and applauded by his mental  equals.  The remedy is more education. When  every audience contains a proportion of people  with some knowledge of language and logic,  the "blatherskites," political, social and  clerical, will die a natural death.  .The premier and the attorney-general have  become such fast friends in spite of former rivalries that they have travelled together from  Victoria to Ottawa. The former probably  looks forward to renewing old friendships in  the Dominion capital and the latter has always been fond of travelling. If they really  want better terms and think they can get  them, why not present the request through  our Cabinet Minister and our other senators  and members ? Or, and it ic. a wonder it did  not occur to ex-Premier Dunsmuir's associates, why did they not retain Mr. Green-  shields of Montreal ? His fee for using his  influence with the Dominion ministry would  surely not exceed the expenses of the two ministers, and the latter would not then have to  neglect their departments for such a long  time. "  But then���how stupid we were not to see it  ���there would be no valid excuse for postponing the meeting of the Legislature, and that is  an evil to be deferred as long as may be.  We sincerely hope that the two genial gentlemen will enjoy themselves as they so well  know how.  All taxpayers of Nelson will be glad to  know that the new council has declared for  economy in civic administration. Efficiency  and economy are good watchwords, but  neither alone is satisfactory, certainly not  economy alone. When one learns that two  men are to do in tho future what nan required  three for several years, he naturally wonders  whether there has been   extravagance in pay  ing three men or will there be   inefficiency in  burdening two men with the work of three.  The abolition of the position of city health  officer will probably lead all other Canadian  cities to choose medical men for mayors. Or,  of course, there are other possibilities presented : We might, for instance, next year  elect a barrister and abolish the city solicitor-  ship, "some other time elect an accountant and  dismiss the city clerk, or treasurer, or auditor ; again, and what a blessing that would  be now, we might elect an experienced fireman  and be able to dispense with a fire chief. And  there are other positions, which might be filled  by the, mayor and effect a great saving. Nelson is certainly the pioneer city of Canada in  the movement towards civic retrenchment.  Sl>tce we have intelligent and impartial authority for the statement that the late municipal elections were really fought for or  against members of the Legislature, Nelson  and Kaslo at least have no occasion to go  through the form of elections with their accompaniment of expense and excitement. It  is of immense advantage to the whole district  to have a  sage   to  interpret  things   that   the  simple laity do not   understand.    At the next  session of the Legislature it   may   be   of great  advantage to some members in  many ways to  be able to convince   ministers   that   they  are  certain of re-election.    Though, of course, this  consideration can never affect the performance  of the sacred duty of the seer.  If those territorial papers are not very careful of their language in referring to the judiciary their editors may discover that contempt  of court is an offence outside of British Columbia.  Tino management of the Success Club is arranging for a series of debates. We would  humMy suggest that Mr. Wilks and Aid. Irving debate the question : "Resolved, that  speed is a greater factor than endurance in the  making of an orator." They might "toss up"  for sides.  Wis are credibly informed that the aldermen  are not going to be outdone by the mayor in  gratuitous performance oi public duties. They  hope tohaie all positions allotted soon and  to dispense with all city officials.  It is generally understood that Mr. Wilks  was slated for chief of p.dice, but with hiB  characteristic modesty declined so much  honor. Of bis qualifications for the position  there can be no doubt, but perhaps it is well  that he should be reserved for even higher  things.  ���.!,   A  KiX<.t i ^'T-i-ilJi>li-'v��l5Ml.^Hij^iiit  ���"'A ';_<  ��' '   A.' " '.'i   '  .    '/������'���' A   i      A., '  ��� i. A  inirrvi....^    i.knllll -il.:iiilll-l.limiilll^- ..ni^,.^i^.Ui.  tl,i.h,>li.*..i.T.i mllH^i^M:   - n7*.***. *���   *.-*,.��� .*<*��. ����  M     '  h. 4-r-  a , ���' * i t A, ' l i '       t   . I    , >���  ftlfe*j ��> . ��i *.    *.-.  '���H^!-rt,^lt^1Bj|*14^*^VM*it��klH.   i.   K^M^^W^UW-V^'t^A-Wi  ���rrtfKt��H.U1*  If,  ,��4. ���  | ,1-^1* tilHi I. Kft.i-^yillii In. rf^wmi^iipiMir^ii^tiV, ~it*< *.i J4��Hfslu.<iUr >*,  I!  , '       ,.", /  ���JS-    - ��� ---J'-Il_ 11  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  WHEN the future historian of British Columbia comes to the name of Wilks   he  will pause and drop a tear, for it was but  yesterday that the  name   of   Wilks   might   have  .-tood against the   world ; now  il is  different.  The fall of any man   is   ever   a source   of   regret ; but when that person happens to be one  who   has   hitherto    been   regarded    as    proof  against the snares that the   bloodless  plutocracy set for its victims one's  faith in humanity   becomes   shattered.    James   Wilks'   fate  should be   a   warning   to   young   men.    For  years he labored   hard and   earnestly   in   the  services of the horny-handed son   of   toi1.    So  faithfully did he woik that he had established  an honorable credit as a man who spurned the  luxuries and vi��es of the   wealthy.    But  like  many another man Jamas Wilks had too great  faith in his power to resist temptation, and he  fell.    In other words Jim has become a   devotee of the aristocratic game   of  ping-pong.    Ic  has  been   noticed  for some   weaks   past   that  James Wilks has been   unconsciously  assuming an air that did not conform   with the general idea of a labor agitator ; but   the   change  was not considered as a   privileged   subject   of  discussion.    It   was   only   when   he   absented  himself frequently from his accustomed haunts  it became   suspected   that the  labor   agitator  had had become a   victim   of   those   luxuries  which are reserved alone far   the  aristocracy.  Even   then   it   was   hoped   that   once    more  thrown amongst his old associations, he might  be reclaimed.     But   it   was   too   late.    James  Wilks had become a confirmed slave of the insidious ping-pong disea.^e,   and   preferred   his  new surroundings to his old associations. The  fall of Jim Wilks is   a   lesson   to   the   old   as  well as the young, and  its far-reaching consequences must   not   be  overlooked.    Might   It  not be asked, what hope there is for the rest of  us, undisciplined in the severe school of  self-  abnegation and simplicity,  when so rugged an  example  of  primitive   democracy    as   James  Wilks is unable to withstand the   allurements  of an effete and degenerate civilization ?  Nixon Waterman, an  American   writer   of  considerable note, says the true philosopher is  the man who when   he cannot   have what he  like?, Hkes what he can have.    To some life is  a prison : to some a   palace,     Ho   makes   the  most of life who makes  the   best   of   his   surroundings.     Shakespere    makes   one   of his  characters   to   Bay, "There   is  nothing either  good   or   bad,   but   thinking  makes   it   so.  Goldsmith says,  when   Chinvang the   Chaste  ascended the. throne of China, he   commanded  the prisons to   be  thrown   open.    Among  the  prisoners   was   a   venerable   man    eighty-live  years of age vvho implored  that   he  might   be  Buffered to return to his cell,     I��\>r sixty-three  years he had lived in   its   gloom and solitude,  which he preferred to the glare of the sun and  bustle of a city.     Mr.   Cogan   once   visited*, a  prisoner of state in  the   Kind's   Bench  prison  who told him he had grow.,   to   like   the sub-  dued light and extreme solitude of his ceil ;  he  even liked the spots and patches   on   the wall,  the hardness of his bed,   the   regularity of his  daily duties and privileges,  and   the   freedom  from all the  cares   and   worries  of active life.  He did not wish to be released and felt sure he  should never be so happy in any other   place.  A prisoner condemned to   death   had  his sentence commuted to seven  years   of close   confinement on a bed of nails.    After  the expiration of five years he  declared   if   ever he were,  released he  should   adopt   from   choice   what  habit had rendered so agreeable to him.    It is  perhaps thU way of looking at things that has  inspired John Rogers, the Nelson philosopher,  to regard the provincial jail   as an institution  maintained by  the government for his spec al  comfort and relaxation.    During the past five  years, since it was opened, Rogers  has   served  about a dozen sentences,  covering  a period in  all of thirty-two months, and was sent down on  Wednesday to the penitentiary  for two years.  In this connection, "The Sailor's Consolation"  is worth remembering :  "A strong nor'-wester's blowing, Bill ;  Hark !  don't you hear it roar now ?  Lord help 'em, how I pities them  Unhappy folks on shore now 1"  The failure of suceess with which   so   many  meet is often the fault of the one experiencing  it.    Some men are   invincible   by nature an d  overcome all obstacles.    No failure can break  them down.    But there are   thousands of men  of superior intellect who are deficient   in   this  glorious gift and who are never rid   of  worry  and trouble.  Which of us cannot call to mind  some individual of this   class,  who, after battling manfully against perverse circumstances  for a time, at last gave up, acknowledged himself beat, and tacitly admitted that his life was  a miserable failure.    Many   a   man has thus  broken   down, when   one or   moro   vigorous  essays would have tided him 01 er his difficulties, brought him into   smooth water and enabled him to snap his lingers triumphantly at  a world  which   scarcely   bestowed   a   pitying  look on him  as he  threw   up  his   arms   and  ceased to struggle.    No help is of  any   use to  such persons, because it   would   require more  effort to keep up their   spirits   by sensible advice and financial   assistance  than   would  be  necessary to run two   or  three such establishments.    Certain dismal moralists tell us that  we should never try to cheat  ourselves ; that  it is unwise to view   the  world   through rose-  colored glasB ; that  our   surroundings are "all  a   fleeting show   for   man's   illusion   given."  But is it not best to look atthe bright side   of  things, if they  have  one ; and,   if  they   have  not, to believe that they   will   have, if we persistently try to lighten  them up.    This is the  creed in whioh every boy   should be educated.  Let the young be taught to trust in Providence  and themselves and teach them also to overcome adverse circumstances to the last gasp.  In a large majority of such gladiatorial combats, he who thus "champions fate to the uttermost" wins the day ; and, at the worst, it is  a consolation to defeat to feel that nothing  man could do to secure victory has been left  undone. Never think of breaking down before any impediments. Think only of breaking over them. Let difficulty find vou always  ready to do your utmost to overcome it. Keep  up your spirits under all circumstances and a  lighter side of the embarrassment will always  be found.   -  The Sandon Paystreak in its report of the  hockey match between Sandon and Nelson,  makes a slighting remark with regard to The.  Economist. No doubt on second consideration, the Paystreak will retract its uncomplimentary remark and extend its usual apology.  Three hundred thousand dollars were invested by Mexico in electrical machinery during the first ten months of 1902, a gain of 300  per cent over the previous year.  Father Haggerty will lectureon "Industrial  Unienism" at the Opera House to-night.  There will be no admission fee, but a silver  collection will be taken at the door. Mayor  Rose will occupy the chair.  There has been a bill introduced in the  Missouri Legislature to prohibit the playing  of football. Under the provisions of the bill  it will be a. misdemeauor to play football and  the officers and board of managers of the  State University, school of mines, State Normal school and agticultural college shall be  fined or imprisoned if they permit students to  engage in football.  The gold output of the Rand, South Africa,  mines for December, 1902, is reported at 196,-  023 ounces of fine gold. The total output for  the year is 1,703,972 ounces of fine gold, compared with 238,992 ounces of bullion in 1901,  34S/7G0 in 1900, and 4,065,180 in 1899.  He was cutting an item from a newspaper.  "It tells how a house was robbed, and I want  to show it to my wife," he explained. "What  good will that do ?" a friend inquired. "A  whole lot," was the reply. "You see, this  house was robbed while a man was at church  with his wife." "Say 1" exclaimed the friend,  excitedly, "you haven't got a duplicate copy of  that paper, have you ?"  The Lutheran church, of Saxony, has decided that the name of Princeaa Louise shall  henceforth be omitted from the customary  prayers for the royal family, all because she  has left her husband and ran away with her  music teacher.    One would say that the Prin-  .'     ,.      '     A,  1 ' .        A ' (t ''l     1 ' -.r   ' ) ' ll '      /A '  em^mt"ww��*wiw��^^  ttyni^ialwwtr*wtpwm&���**wi<^  ����4tffi^yyM**w^��iw��wj^  WftWtW^tfWWt*? ��<�����. ����� .it, r .mif��� ttir .  ft  i ii nil ii.  i  ���   a.il  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  B  ;t  cess now stands especially  in   need of prayer,  providing always that it is prayer to   Heaven  U    for help and guidance, and not simply prayer  to the royal family for contributions.  When first he met her she was fair,  And chewing  Chewing  Gum.  A rosobud nestled in her hair ;  He breathed his love unto her there ;  But she���she smiled a smile so rare���  While chewing  Chewing  Gum.  She listened while he urged his suit,  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  He vowed her charms had made him mute,  And tuned his passion on a lute ;  And she declared that it was "cute"���  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  At last she blushed and murmured "Yes"-  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  He wrapped her in a fond carress,  And she remarked : "'Tis time I guess,  I saw ahout my wedding dress''���  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  She strode in state adown the aisle,  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  He met her with a happy smile,  And thev were wedded there, the while  She swept in pretty, bridely style���  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  Today I saw her adown the way,  Still chewing  Chewing  Gum.  Throe children, joyous, blithe and gay,  Were shouting in their happy play���  And they were her's, I know, for they  Were chewing  Chewing  Gum.  The district trades and labor council, Toronto, by a large majority rejected proposed  amendments to the constitution along the line  adopted by the Canadian trades and labor  congress at Berlin last spring.  The many friends of Miss Clara,   Townsend  who was  employed as   a compositor   in Tni<.  Economist office during the latter part of 1898  and the early months of 1899, will regret lo  hear of her death, which occurred at Rein-  beck, Iowa, on January 15f.h. Her death resulted from pneumonia, after a short illness of  one week. The deceased was possessed of a  very amiable disposition and made friends of  all with   whom   she came   in   contact.    The  u  Economist extends its sincere sympathy to the  sorrowing relatives of the deceased.  Honors have been coming with great rapidity to J. A. Kirkpatrick this month. Two  weeks ago he became a city father by the almost unanimous consent of the electors of the  east ward, and last Friday he entered upon'  his duties as father of   a   bouncing baby boy.  The Nelson curlers were very successful at  the Rossland bonspiel. They brought home  the Hudson's Bay cup and the Tuckeit trophy.  The latter was won through the excellent  lead of W. G. Gillett, who took the place of  G. Hodge on the team.  lt is understood that if Col. Prior is unseated  he will dissolve the Legislature at once and  appeal to the country. Everything points to  an early election iu any event.  There will be a masquerade carnival  at the  rink next Tuesday evening.  President roosevelt has transmitted the  Panama Canal treaty to the Senate.  The right of Americans to prospect for gold  and other minerals in E istern Siberia has  been granted.  Hardware merchants of Canada will hold a  convention in Hamilton on February 14��.h. It  is to be called by the Retail Merchants' asso-  ciation.  MISTAKEN IDENTITY.  She sat beside mo in the car,  Young, fair���and yet so bold!  Looking me in the face she am Med,  Which pleased me, though I'm  old.  When I responded to her .smile  She seemed aa though she knew nie,  At any rate she slowly hitched  A little nearer to me.  She then (more coyish) laid her head  So gently on my shoulder,  Somehow my anna were quite inclined  To roach out and enfold her.  Softly she placed her hand in mine,  My oonlldoneo to gain;  But soon I fell her other hand  Was t.a.uiporing with my chain.  I (quite beguiled) allowed her still  With me and mine  to tamper,  Until a lady near her said,  "Baby!  that isn't (Jrandpa!"  PRESUMPTION.  ��y I ^ H E Y presume," said the Captain, "i've  -���*-     seen them in many part? of the world,  and they   presume."      We are talking of   women.  I had made his acquaintance casually on  the quay at Novoe Port, just below St. Petersburg, and he had invited me on board for a  final smoke and drink before turning into my  cabin on the adjacent ship. Tlie Captain bad  ample quarters below. The cabin was, perhaps thirty feet long, with a table running  down the middle, and cubicles fl-inking it.  For this was one of the steamers that hesitated between cargo and passengers. The cargo  won, and this saloon, which is now the Captain's cabin, wherein he usually sits alone, is  the only reminder of the contest. At one end  of the long table the whiskey was placed b}7 a  respectful boy; the Captain, from one of the  side cubicles, had brought a box of cigars.  Now he leaned back in his swivel-chair, blue-  eyed, with a white beard, close-cropped, and  the unmistakable air of authority that every  sea captain acquires when he is oo his own  ship. And, as he twisted his cigar in his  mouth, he repeated that they presumed.  "I was thinking of tbe last time I came to  Petersburg," he said. " There was au instance. You know, these steamers often bring  over small parcel", Christmas presents, and so  on, betwten Petersburg and L mdou���o vners'  friends you see. It saves postage aud packing, and all that. Well, I'd just made clear  from MiLwall D >ek at one iu the morning,  and there was a matter of half-a-dozen little  things that had coaie down from the shipping  office that I'd stowed in one of these cabins.  Just about when we'd made the Nore lightship, early on Sunday morning, I left the  bridge and came down for a wash, and there  on the table ju-t where your glass is, was a.  big package���a sort of box. It had a name  ou it,'Mrs. Fleetwood, St. Petersburg. To be  called for.' That was the first I'd seen of it.  And when I made inquiries, the only thing I  could find out was that someone had brought  it on board at the last moment. Tne right  thing to do would be to pitch it into t \e North  Sea. But it struck me that it might be some  friend of the owners that I'd never heard of, so  1 gave orders for the box to be stowed fn the  corner of the saloon, over there, where I could  keep my eye on it. Many a time, as I sat in  this chair watching that box, 1 half-determined to chuck it overboard. I didn't see why  I should lie turned into a common carrier to  ploase Mrs. Fleetwood, whoever she was. Besides which, 1 have a sort of prejudice against  carrying myste.it ins parcels into Russia. Well  I'm not a nervous man, as a rule; but that  box in the corner began to get on my nerves  its we came up the Baltic, and by the time we  made Cnmstudt-���it was just after gun-fire, I  remember, and wo had to drop anchor for the  night --.I had tho box out ready to drop over  tho side.    I wished   afterwards 1 had.     But!  1 w^'rtt("��T*WW*^wtTw^  '�� l"        'U    .      .        '     '  * w*>'w>w���*��'w,'*wr*w^  'r'Ad.���in kbrMaldticw  A  :' ''"    ,     II    : ��� , '   '' ff'*" "'' "' ' ' ' ���!', ' '' '    '       ,  '>)( ' )l    1      ^       r' H, *_      "�� '     It     "     'H'0"l      ��"    ��� ��      ,��^,,�����,*��,���.,. , , ,.,,,      Irv,__.  1       I '<<' | ' -    1      ,�� ��� . __       ' f , ,1,     II, ��� ���  fi >l       i  A  I ,  '�� , ���! i. A  ,  ft.MtlSVf- *lrt*.J III*'.  :A bkliMta^uu*��  J~   "    ���*�������-������  ���I*. <Mll>W��r_MU_.L  ���  '���Mm- vr  6  THE NifLSON  ECONOMIST  To come and see our Large Stock of  Furniture,  Carpets   and Linoleums.  Furniture Dealers  and  Undertakers.  was nervous about keeping it and nervous  about getting rid of it, if you understand."  The Captain pushed the decanter towards  me. and then  measured himself another dose.  "Next, morning," he continued, "when we'd  berthed the Novoe Port and the stevedore had  set his men to work on the cargo, I wa^ just  going to catch the little steamer Up to the  Nicholas Bridge to call on the agents. In fact  I'd got my foot on the quay, when a droschky  drove up   alongside with   a girl       A fine girl;  quiet, you know, but Well, you-should  have seen the way she told the 'vorshik' to  wait. That's what we call cabmen in Russia,  you know.  '' 'I wish to see theoapting.'  (Here the captain became suddenly histrionic, and imitated the accent of the aristocracy.,)  " 'I'm captain of the ship,' I said, 'in what  way can I serve you, madam?'  "'You have a packet for Mrs. Fleetwood,'  she said.  " 'And suppose I have?' I said. 'I don't  know who sent it, and I haven't ihe honor of  knowing Mrs. Fleetwood. Are you Mrs. Fleet"  wo.d?'  " 'No,' she said;'I'm Mrs. Fleetwood's maid,  and she wants that   packet most,   particular.'  "I considered a bit, and then I ask^-d what  was in the parcel. She said it was a hat and  some other things, and���)ou wouldn't think  it when you've heird the end���ihe blushed  when she mentioned the other things. Of  course I didn't believe that; but I pretended I  did, and I asked her how she'd drive nut of  the dock-gates with a boxful of dutiable articles on the front seat of the droschky. I had  a reputation with the Russian Customs and I  wasn't going to risk it for people I'd never  heard of.  " ' Look here,' I said, at last, 'if your mistress likes to come down and give me proper  explanations, I'd be glad to get quit of the b >x.  Till then, it stays where it is.' I'd one foot  on the gangway, so the young lady drove  away in a huff. I'm not a man easily upset  and I'd go a long way round to oblige a woman, if she asked me properly, but I won't be  put upon.  "Well, after lh\ seen the agents and had my  midday snack, I took a little steamer from the  Nicholas Bridge back here.    There was raiher  a pretty girl on board. Her dress wasn't anything to boast of���it was almost in rags���and  she hadn't anything on her head but an. old  shawl. I suppose I looked at her pretty hard,  I saw her eyeing me, and just before we got to  the landing-stage she came over and spoke to  me in English. That rather surprised me, for  there aren't many poor English in St. Petersburg. It startled me still more when she  asked me if I could tell her where the Mary  Bacon lay. But.I told her. And then she  said :  a  " 'I want to see the Captain.'  "'Well,' I said, 'you see him.'  " 'Oh! Then you have a package for me.  I'm Mrs. Fleetwood.'  "Now, it wasn't reasonable to suppose that  the maid would come down in a droschky  dressed up to the nines, and the mistress would  come down in a threepenny steamer, without  a hnt. So I was very stand-offish, and told  her she couldn't take the box ashore unless I  knew something more about it. But she only  laughed, and when we came alongside, she  was across the gangway before I could stop  her.  " 'Anyhow, you'll let me look at it?' she  said  " 'You can look as much as you like,' I said,  and showed her the way down here. I didn't  come below myself, for I was rather annoyed.  It was some time before I began to get uneasy.  But, when it came to half an hour and twenty  minutes, I thought it as well to look after my  little lady, and, when I came below, I found  the saloon empty and the box gone. There  was only one way out, and I'd had my eye on  that all the time. She couldn't have got  through a port hole���let alone the box. J  ran back on deck, to see if there were any signs  of her on the ouay. But there was nothing  except two or three droschky men asleep on  their boxes. You'd hardly believe it, but the  explanation never occured to me till my lady  came up the companion in one of the finest  dresses I ever set eyes on, and a hat to match,  all feathers and fal-lals.  " 'Thank you, Captain,' she said, '.I don't  want the box. You keep that. And how do  you like my new dress? I've got two evening  ones under this and some other things as well.  And this parasol.1 She opened it and stuck it  behind   her    hat   and   laughed   in   my   face.  'We'll pitch the disguise into the Neva, for  safety,' she said. And over the side went a  bundle she'd brought up from below.  "Of course, she'd been in one of the sleeping berths, changing. But before I could  think of anything to say, she skipped over the  gangway and prodded one of ihe droschky  drivers with her parasol. And the most annoying part of it, was that I never could discover that she had the least acquaintance with  the owners.     Don't you call that presuming?"  SHORT STORTES  One   day a fat little colored woman entered  a dime savings bank ir Detroit.     She carried  a huge   basket of clo.thep, and her remark, as  she handed in her book, was, "I want to draw   VJ  my remains."  A South African constabulary commander  wrote to a local troop officer, asking if there  were any donkeys in the camp. The reply  came, in the troop officer's handwriting : "Yes,  one���R. Ii. Synies, captain."  Senator Hoar was showing some Massa- 'i  cbusetts visitors about Washington, D. C, one  day recently, and was pointing out a magnificent old residence built years ago by a famous and rather shady lawyer of his time.  "Why," the senator was asked, "was he able  to build a house by his practice?" "Yes," replied Hoar, "by  his practice and practices."  Counsellor Tom Nolan, the famous Yankee  lawyer, was once retained by thj defendant in  a suit at law brought to recover payment of a  gas bill, in which a witness for the plaintiff  was. asked : "On what evidence do you conclude that sixteen thousand Eeven hundred  and forty feet of gas had been burned during  the month by the defendant?" "On the evidence of the gas meter," was the answer, At  this the barrister impulsively excloimed, "I  wouldn't believe a gas meter under oath 1"  Tiik German flotilla fired 1600 shells at  Fort San Carlos, killing 15 people ; at the  same rate the three days lighting at Waterloo  would have required 7,500,000 shells to account for the casualty list.  iirn  W*W��yWHir*iw<��"Wt^^  .    '      '    '���>    .,       i*. i   /   V ' i ���  ���Hswmmif,**  "^^fljWW^p^^mrK-^^mwit^wBM,  < ,\Z  ^       /!      rt i ' '_ !ttt"> '- ���I 11- fftll   lfl~  lL  '-**-- ii*   --".J*   '���*'   ���-   ���  *"-**.- un-  ��� ���*-"      ��� -*"?v^-i  --U-.  THfc NELSON ECONOMIST  Injury to Teeth.  Much injury is often done to teeth by  using improper tool h powder. Powdered  chalk sifted through muslin is approved  by nil dentists j>.nd should be used once every day. The toothbrush should be used  after every meal tout floss silk pressed between the teeth to remove food lodged  there. This method will usually leave the  teeth from decay till old age. It is the  custom in some families to rinso tho moutb  with warm aromatic water alter eating.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  *��� , ^Jm ^w v*/   v'.. M# ���."> ij*  **/ ��*^  *V *.*/  *"'!*,'* **i____l'* ir' O* j>f*m_* * ^. .'  Dealers  Coffee Roasters  in Tea and Coffee  \  Hair,  Nail,  Tooth,   Bath,  Infant, Etc.  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  anstone's Drug Store  Old DunlngraH House.  Mrs. Flora Annie Steel's Scotland home  if> Dunlugas House, near 33anff. It is also  the old home of Sir Thomas Urquhart of  Cromarty, who could trace his pedigree  from the creation. The neighborhood of  Dunlugas has a peculiar interest in India,  for it gavii birth to the famous piper  Findlater, who played the slogan whea  the highland troops stormed Dargai.  Women of Servia.  It is stated that Servian men do not  marry for love, but to secure an additional worker for the household, so very  young men marry women several years  older than themselves, as girls are less experienced in housework. In the lower and  middle classes women are always helped  last and may not sit down unbidden in  fcbe presence of the rn&n.  ���       "���   .-     '        fA%H/   ll  ���:>. i.i       ___S: ...r-JlSgl   ��  .,��� ��� SUA- vt^Sj^  i ���  --;..      . ��� �����-���-��� ������ f *aT*i*r--y?=jaaft3.'  ��MMy?&g3&  ���?fe pay..- for throe months' membership.  ���> -r.c:r.lK'v receives theollioial club organ  v. ���*���������������. bid n(iin:;Gx_iecos of high-class vocal   ��� ���-.>.t.-l ri��.,w nuisio enoh month, 18  ��� ���������:���.  v.-.z-j a Oertilictite of Membership  .    .   '\r. privilogo of Club Koom in New  '���;:������ <i ot* buyins literature, music or mn-  ���-. .u;i:!s of any description at wholosalo  ,/. i.'-; :.cu from 20..^ to C>0% on your pur-  ' > ... V'.i. i I to j oi n at or.co.You will get much  ...: your ijionny'sworth. Mutual Liteu-  ,-;. j C'.T.UB, Depb.     , 150 Nassau St., N.  :zmjy^smss^sm  CFRTIFUJA r-K OK   THIS   RFCilSTRA    TI O  () F A N FX T It A -1 ����� 11() VINCI AL C<) M PA N V  "(Jojn'AxrKs Act, 1S97."  t HERFBY CERTIFY that the " Inter-  ���*��� national Harvester Compnny of America" lias this day been registered mk nn Fxtrn-  ProvlneinI Company under the "Companies  Act, 1S07." to carry out, or elleet all or any of  the objects ol the Company t.o which the legis-  lative'authorlty of the t.egl statu re of liritlsh  Columbia extends.  The head oflice of the Company Is situate  In the City of Milwaukee,Slate of Wisconsin,  II. S. A,  The amount, of the capital of the Company  is $1,000,00(1, divided In t.o 10,000 shares of SlUt)  each.  The head office of the Company In tills Pro-  vince is situate iu tbe City of Nelson, and  Robert��� \V. Manning-ton, Marrlster, ^c,. whose  address Is Nelson aforesaid, Is t he attorney of  the Company (not empowered to Issue or  t runs fer stock).  The Company In limited,  (.liven under my hand and seal of office nt.  Victoria, Province of liritlsh Columbia, this  17t,h day of November, one thousand nine  hundred and two.  |I,.H.;| S. Y. WW COTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies,  The following are the objects for which Ihe  Company is established :���  To manufacture, sell and deal in harvesting machines, tools nnd Implements of all  kinds, including harvesters, binders, reapers,  mowers, rakes, headers and shredders; agricultural machinery, tools and implements of  all kinds ; binder twine; and all repair parts  and other devices, materials and nHides  used, or Intended for use, In connection with  any kind of harvesting or agricultural machines, tools or implements:  To engage In the manufacture or production of, and to deal In any mulerlnls or products which may he used in, or in connection  wltli.fhe innnutacture of harvesting or agricultural machines, tools and implements;  To apply for, obtain, register, lease orofher-  wise actpilre, and lo hold, use, own, operate,  sell assign or otherwise dispose of, any trade  marks, trade names, patents, inventions, improvements and processes used In connection  with or secured under, letters patent bfthe  United Stales oi ofulber enulrles or otherwise.  *.. \l* *J> Or  Or \.    vj> ���.!*���  ,,r x,/- *,. O* *��* st* vl* vV ,,A K,r O/ K,r 0* ^if^f^f.   .  \7f���vTJfr^T ;frJtC7K'7'J<r -^rTfr^rp: vcrr'j^r^i -K-TrrrYCTfr Tfr^r^-5?c ^  We are offering at lowest, prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Best, Mocha and Java Coffee per  pound   S   JO ,  'Mocha and Java Blend, y pounds 1 00 ;  Cnoiee Blend Coffee, -1 pounds........  L 00 j  Special Blend Coffee, (j pounds 1. 00]  Rio Blond Coffee, (�� pounds   1 00 _  Special Blend Ceylon ica, per pumd.     o0 i   |  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177. -  P.O. Box 182'.  //EST     BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  " Minnehaha " and ���' Hiawaiha "' Mineral  Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Ko itenay  District.  Where loeated: On headwaters of Yuill  Creek, on Kootenay Lnkeodope.  Take notice ihat [. Robert Wetmore Han-  nington, of Nelson. B. C. acting as agent for  James H. Moran. Fi-c^i' Miner's certificate No.  BOO,157; Charles W. Greenlee. Free Miner's  certificate No. Bf.si.158 ; and Honorable Andrew G. Blair, Fr< e Miner's certificate No.  B()2,059, intend sixty days from the date  hereof,, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  a. certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above  claims.  And further take notice that, action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 31st day of October, A.D. 1002.  R. W. HanMington.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Gold Note Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. -    ���  Where located :   On east slope of 10 Creek.  Take notice that I. V. C Green, acting  as agent for Aaron H. Kelly. Free Miner's  Certificate No. B51,2:51, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, toanplyto the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above (Maim.  And further take not Ice that action, under  section :57, must bo commenced before the  issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements  Dated this fourteenth day of November, 1002  F. C. Gkkkn,  Nelson, B. A..  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  G. West. (Fractional) Mineral Claim, situate  In theNclson Mining Division of West. Kootenay District.  Where loeated: On Toad Mountain.  Take notice that. I, F. C. Green, acting as  agent for Aaron II, Kelly, Free Miner's Cerfi-  liciilo No. B 51,2:11, Intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claini.  And further take uot.hu> that action, under  sect Ion 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh Corllllcufe of Improvements.  Dated this fourteenth day of November, 1002  F. C GllKKN,  Nelson. 15. C.  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owners  ToThonias llenneff, Albert Hennett, Maggie  Boul.se Fonncll, George A, Hunter, .lames  Hourkcand every other persons or persons  having or claiming any interest In the "Galena" Mineral Claim situate about six miles  north of Salmon Siding and two miles west  ofthe Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway,  tnthc Nelson Mining Division, District of  West Kootenay.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that I have expended one hundred dollars  in order to hold the above mentioned  mineral claim under lhe provisions of  the Mineral Ad, and amendments thereto,  and If within ninety days lYoni the  date of this notice you fall or refuse to  contribute your portion of such expenditure  together with all costs of advertising your Interest In said claim will become the pro-  port v of the subscriber under Section four ol  nn Ac! entitled " An Act To Amend The  Mineral Act, P.H.0,"  ,1, M, Melj.vuHN,  liv his Attonney, R, M. Macdonald,  Dated Ih'ls 111.I) day ol December,1002.  Will buy a first-class, well-made  Suit of clothes at my establishment.  All Sensible People travelby the C.P.R.  PEED  AFETY  ATISFACTION  TREMONT BLOCK.   NELSON  JOHN   WIcLATCHIE  > )  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  On,  ustoins House, Nelsn\BC  WADDS BROS.  H0T0GRAPHERS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON,   B.  C  The Fast and West are almost one when the  means of transit is the C. P. It. A glance at.  this condensed time table will convince you  of this fact :  Leave Nelson 5 a. m���  Arrive Winnipeg 2nd day H:5o a.m.  Arrive St. Paul 'Jud day 0:10 p. in.  Arrive Chicago :ird day 0:.K> a.m.  Arrive Toronto ���lib day 2:l.r> p.m.  Arrive Montreal Ith day i*>:lo p.m.  Arrive New York ath day 8,a.r. a. m  Close Connections for All Eastern Points.  The splendidly equipped tourist cars of this  company leave for the Knsfus fo'lows:  From Dumnore .lunetlon dally for Ht Paul.  From Kootenay I.nndlng, Tuesday and  Saturdays for Toronto, Mont real, and all  Fnslern'points. v'  Further information as  to why the t\ P, K  is t he most desirable  route across the con fin  cut will be  cheerfully   I'm uished  on appllm  t ion to  ,I.S. CAKTF.K, F. .1. COY I.N.  Disl. Pass. Agl., A. (J,  I'. A.  Nelson. Vancouvei  *   It  -.-.  ir  m  tS'S.  1r.W.F  75T.I*  4.3  n  mam>il*ntm((pmp*  v      - ,(.   i     '        ' �� Air  i��)!��ii!^fr��TOt^|iTiWmri>j,*(  w^tttTWfw*w����ppa.r  ���jIY���np  ������!f��B^tfTTapfw^Wflw^ffB����B9B^^w^^  .' l ,  'i ,  ���*wmw<imm*iHW#tmmen,f*iWit*>iMi.  !_ i, t, -  u,   i  \{      if;   L  " il Ai' .   ��� A'  "f^'WP^WpdrWttW"  ;A : '  11      i >,  ^ff,^"W.��'w^w|.^'",.n^pvw.ry��..y^  '^r~r"^l*~,*<fp<��i'>*><W*!^^  "'   '      '.I .'      ' ���     " ',[ ,1     ."  .1.  >!'   Mi-'. ,       "I ,(,    ���'" AU,' ' i- * X  j:  --p--*--ft   �����        ������-<--- .^._.   ������    ^   . -   -*- *nll ���- *J ���'"  Mk��^^��  li" :���  aaw  8  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  Having finished moving into the P. Burns Block, we invite the public to call and  see our new premises and inspect our stock, as we are showing complete ranges m each department.  Ladies' Department.  Ladies Silk Blouses in   all   leading  shades.    Cashmere and  French Flannel Shirt Waists.  Ladies' Neckwear���A very choice  and pretty selection in Silk. Ties,  Tabs,   Chiffon   Collars,   Lace  Collars  and Boleros, just received for the holiday trade.  Ladies' handkerchiefs in endless variety.  Ladies' Kid Gloves.  Furs���Large range of Ladies' and  Children's Fur Ruffs, Boas, Muffs,  Collars, Seal Jackets, all the latest  styles.  Gents' Department.  Men's Smoking Jackets, Dressing  Gowns, and Travelling Rugs,. Kid  Gloves, Silk Suspenders, Silk Scarrs  and Mufflers. See our latest novelties.  Ladies and Gents' Silk Umbrellas.    Just  the thing for Christmas Presents  See Our Fancy Ware Department.  't,  CI  LIMITED  IF "YOU FAILED TO PUT UP  enough preserves to Inst throughout tho winter, or  would like o nice change, try Home of our evaporated fruits.    We have a full line ofthe bent put up.  Apples, Apricots, Peaches  % PrOSBBCS M PBQ1B9BS  Also u full line of tho best brands canned fruit*.  0  (0 A  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  MAfimmmmmftft^^  i  i        ��h   <iUn4��Y     <�����!*.�����!*   Wi* h,1b.|1 <rtt��  m t  hjiiio-i.-.- �����    U l*~ni~   w. Irtli  11        -mm  ^W^fttffft*^^^^  ���w��*p<Frlm^^twm<ymtl^ m*tf*nrmi*  t RW���*fc*'f**    mi17M  j*��r����^i*wr^mw^^ www^wrw*^^  - *   j^t~Jt  *t*"faa��"ink-f.hrtV��:wSif s^M H (,v*-i^*Tr��iV��i-H. AiMciUBi'l  *   WAV v*   Wl"1 ��� ��-)- MtO-HtlH"


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