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The Nelson Economist Dec 13, 1902

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 fl-  Wanwa^iL^lfa.^  ~h,-*r ���  l^fiJlS-ie^^-j-  ���  ^"^wi^^ja^^.  ' y  j�� _ _ i_     ;  __  r*  ���** _ ^~"+��^j;  :a  vol VI.  rUtCCMBE'R 13, 1902  ESTABLISHED   ,j�� _ t  K-VL.IA  Jacob Onvor'A  Ohrtelmiut  ^Kis ihi* year hav�� no  equal In H. i\  .v>;*:io  &yAy  v&m  ty/Zfc%AZXw?A$A^W/iA^z  Vii^^SZAZAm^zy0SS  y ;*f v or^'i-'*;.' .*%/:  H^''��_��lw^^';^  Irom $8 to $60.   ^^^^^|^^^ilg?^^s^^^fe|^^S8l  Coflee spoons, Berry^DoSti*^fe2#^l?pi!i-  ffWr*>��- qTiI j^��":-��P?#*!?*A^ggliGastorsJ  ft^ppen Salt and Mustardj^^g^Ktel^^  too numerous to mentionyyyyAzz^mM&^A  ver set- from $20'to$5o;fpero^  American Cm CrystaLo^  ;*'i 9 '���' i;H^^Pr"S ���7,o;;^:^hs7';'jfvVSf^5?^S  O^M ^fi^K-V^SO^a^  ^ <&' t^^AaO'A' va$^��2  ���i/'l-a"''. vi!.:  'i';;"..  'MS. 7. A  ii'V-'ait"  iveryons Will Have Our  * ���#���^^^4^^^^  '..^.���aHlH,,.r,..'.'.H.*A  7.-:t.'i;7.��i'i,^,i:��hJi  ;h7'-';;S;::;o'';;)^,  :''.. :!:AA4'y:yi  AzzAMA  .���I-. I.;A ���.������>������::'I.i^  ���I;-h,-"V'",.V.j V'Ulf'l  ^'^^  -o.7'\;v::-'C:|^5  ''/A/yyAM  OO    '..'.'.',���,'.-ill. J  i.K;V,.,IVal'l /i��'';l V  ;; AA!-��^  11 A  @���^&S  1 here is no better time. Come in and see what a whole outfit costs  ���not much���and it's the concentrated essence of fun. You don't know  what real pleasure is, unless you've worked a camera and put into last-  bur form the beauties that you are seeing wherever you ^o. We have  a large stock of Plate Cameras, 1902 pattern, that we are selling-at and  below cost.    A complete. line, of Photographic Supplies of all kinds.  'A)ijj'k\  Kill  y,  ���>',, A  I V ( I  0  0  ���'ESN '  uu  a  tzzs  Wi^^tr'^ii  nc|P/^\/rA!  U    VJVl/ \^fj  j%^  , mm m& @AecEn.sTR&eT8, nelson *   ' ���     ��� ��������� ��� ;' ���'.���'"���'  ^^vbCp��95^ -*_ . '   #:  /   iC  r  1 v  ! }:  "*S��.  "*>��*  ���>��1N,  ft .4'!' "1  /,' '��� jC1: ^wf^'<r��^'*��-����.��--..**,��,*,,,a*,,,!��� .,.1.  { >f  HI    ,  'I -- .^. ���& ���l.r.^js^tt&.\SR&":5rtS^^  fH$._ J-  SfaoKanOO  11-S.la  fi^ 7 7 A  : I:  Special Quotations for  Camps and Mines  Special Values in  Canned Goods and Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Filled  0 \J\^  . .' ',    ���   .  ���; ���    -A- .       ���* '������  Call on us and see tlie fine quality of our Christmas Cakr  and you will find also a fine assortment of Candies anj  Christmas Goods* for Children.  , Josephine Street  A-  ���jA  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  ��� ��� A  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  ERNEY, GENERAL AGE*!'  A7/ZA/ty  1'  .,.-<"  I  Vi_J/  $  w  nit3iw3 I  fl  **t-fl  le*m*r  1  |iJI  rr  v__y  l  0)  KB  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  HEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  t "ll? ^T^'^f^TP'^^  lav��  mimi broke  4  *��2F B2HB-*  One Hcwn-rootned house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three  dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One  Lot on    Stanley   street,   opposite Roryal f|pr  IIM  Hotel for sale at a bargain. ���PE>I^  *"���  ���I ��i >-".,��'Wtf.iM*-  "W(fpitl(W.*M^.*#ttw(WMlw.SMrfp1.iW(  <   . " ft  ���^'"'���n^ ��;*^.*^  Ui'  ���Trf**,*,iHsj"^��mi�� "Y����wt*w( rw^iwrt�����.^��fH����1,^a��ww*��t,wl��^,)���������w��1��)Ufl.4|l<���>,!*.��.��� ���,,  m  1"-  1J  *v.  viiffjt.^ pft *, -^m ih*p* '��� '--"^S^SS^^iai.  -if    *="  k-__  ��  ?0L. VI.  ^fO^oC.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER  HTHEY SATURDAY.    StfBSCEIWlON :    $2.00  PSR    AN.VUM ;   IF PAID IN   ADVANCE, $1  50  Correspondence of general interest  RBSPICCTFUIXY SOLICITED.   ONLY ARTICLES  OF  MERIT WILL BE  ADVERTISED   IN THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS  WILL   BK    CAREFULLY    GUARDED   AGAINST  IRRESPONSIBLE   PERSONS  AND    WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  ��**.+vi  THE   !fSLSON   ECONOMIST   is    iS<��,��� I   ~~~A~~~~~   u*     IS     ISSUED   j   Duration  ami fc  ��" Saturday.   Subsc*���,��� .   *_ ._      percental ^Vk* noth,Dg ^ offer &s fee but a  ��**"ysu^t ! h-T��8; the so,icitw Dat-  tbe.ai ?o at ^ ,-figUre l�� ���� �����^ In  Party offers to comprise bv ��� ��Pl,0Bmg  of the sum claim*? N��� th/ P"8 ' part  billing, but tbe solicitor,!'  S        0t may  be  t^k g;hat ^T^XlZrill1:  ��he suit, and that he must be satisfied in anv  1  *3*   ^902.  I  A    _.���_.    1. . . i    ClOSel V   rHamll..   .1         ... .      _ f����������70MJl  moral character of; the  race and^l^^j  America from exercising anv   ilalZ ^ ^  Danad an. to be clawed   with bar.neijrf.Ls,  n  hlsia.t respect, bat *e have, no-right^  fortunately, to reeent it...-.o.,- ....;; A ' "  sur��L ? ��P,ni0!i8 ^"-Prtbrtijtafc*��� ata  and commercial development sincethehTcivU  war has b^n  remarkable ���a,^*,^  condition of the,PeoPleV in spited strikes^  w  fHILE   the   final   verdict   on   the   late  Dunsmuir administration will   probably he that itu great'fault  wm  monumental  j  incapacity, it is not too early even now to gee ! "JC1< "' ��" means ft is well known that ��nrvT  that what pamd at firm for harmless stupid- j Hre ��f*e�� claimed far in excess even of wha*  ly may be   productive   of    rave   misfortune.  !  lhe Plai��tiff faon-a tn ���*     xr^..    _ "  i. . .��   ^t   1 . .. . . t    .     . . _  A n.ce legal point is involved here which" a  layman should not venture to d.scuss, but it  menu .enous consideration. I��� the numerous  Mi.t< brought against large corporations by  men of no means it is well  known that sums  fj  N  J  I  vCJ  ml  fl  P3H  '���  iv  One of its act* which received   little attention  at ibe time   was   the Champerty   Bill,   introduced   by   Mr.    Martin.    It.    title  probably  conveyed little meaning to the general public,  "���afew remarks on it now may not he ami.*.  "Iu name is derived from   two Latin   words  weaning'-to divide the field," it* special legal  <iinnfi,-ati���n  is  a contract   between   solicitor  i  ��nd client to share the proceed*   from  a suit !  : succe^ful,   the tiiobursementa  necessary to I  ���ne cni.��i��ct of the ca*e being   m��d�� by the" so-  !  l:<-itorHnd not recoverable from   the "client in  i  I'll of loss.  Champerty and   Mainteminco, the cupport-  ���ngof cli,.���t by solicitor fur the sake of �� suit,  ���U111 Harratry, instigating to litigation, are of-  *��^ ��Bainstihe barristers' oath   in all parts  "ni" HniiHh Kmpira  except   m  British Col-  ""�����       They have   been  presorihed since  "" '""oniorial with   the   twofold object of  V ����nt,nB luigaii,,,, by thone who have noth-  J,0|"wtf. ��"'<l <>< securing the  independence  j. "0,,or "' ll'�� Ior-I profession   by preclud-  K,lH ,"7",,ert' ,ro'�� ����Hving any financial in-  caul!!'"     ' H"CC0''8 ��r ,a,,uruof their clients'  inI,,ni8"p,,,>r.1 ��' the ,,m IeK��li��ing Champerty  have,. , ro^nce' il WttH l,rKed �����>���� �� m��n may  j(     " K��'��d ciiuha and no funds   to prosecute  h,��I,i    'l,KOemH U> havo hvm  '��rgotten  that  ���liro'wi, 1?'"��� l�� tftk�� 8,,0h Ca��m ,munt  |.��riv,'K H a,�� co,,ri 0<,H* on thw 0,,,er  ��uri��w.Xr '' H,,cc<>BHf��|. ��1��"�� defeating the  ,    ' v-")rw,����eh it was  forbidden,   namelv,  gant�� ,?" V,'XHtio,,H  ����it��   by   penniless lit*i-  j       '(i'liiiHt those who   will   wrtainly suffer  Hut  j  the pia.nfff hop^s to get.    Now,  a company  wishing to settle out of court cannot do so except by consent of the plaintiff's eolioitor. Tbe  Boltcttor can  easily estimate the cost to the  company of defending the action and knows  juxt what he may safely demand.    We do not  mean to imply that this will   be  the general  conduct of lawyers, but it is certain that  the  late act has made it possible for such of them  aB care to do so, to practically leyy blackmail  by the menace of costly legislation.  It is earnestly to be hoped that when a sane  Legislature i< installed at Victoria some day  the repeal of this blot on our Provincial stat'-  ute books will not be long delayed.  s  !  b��V may win tbe verdict.  j  *ttnu.,Jnl|(*V*,lop,"l,t from H>i�� l��w in already  Micii",lr K|aJt,f,,ulotK    A poor  client  moIch   a  u* wanta to huo Homo poraon or cor-  Amono the philosophical statesmen of Great  Britain  during  the  past  twenty   years,  Sir  Charles Dilke holds a high place and any words  of his on politics is worthy of respectful attention.     Sir Charles is an advanced radical, he  even confessed onee to republican ideas and the  school of political thought to which he belongs  has  always professed admiration  for  things  American.     Therefore anything  Sir Charles  may say about the United  States can hardly  be attributed to  British  prejudice or to anti-  republican sympathies.  The London correspondent of a well-known  New York paper has quite lately interviewed  Sir Charles to learn his views on current topics,  especially those relating to America. The substance of his remarks has received wide publication and   need  not  be repeated   here.     In  essence his belief is that save in the steel   industry   America   has   not progressed   as  her  natural wealth entitled   her to  do ; that instead of advancing she is now showing a   tendency at least to fall  behind   in   the  contest  with the leading nations, and, most important  ofalli thai  this   ultra-materialistic epirit of  American life is dulling and  deadening th��  j closely resembles the position of  Britain fiftv  I years ago, that Americans cannot qnderstand  why the.r  influence; shoald: be XwSZSSb  quantity.      Tne  mistak* ,A ��� ''>:I"5-   SM%h  one, inherent in the- general   Am.._&   ���' afV'.*rn  of view, ^g^^^^^^^i^^ei1  has been due solely to her industrial,!!  laemai supremacy.    More^material wealth is  a valuable ��ss&;W^ixy*l&\^^^^  men as a  mekhs to5 thl atfei^b^nt^i?'.*_%����  ends, but is itself not^elem^t dn^t^r-  A comparison of a   milTfonaire's services   to  humanity with those <>f the  humblest,'statesmen or writer is supremely ridiculous; o    7 -  I      Now while national wealth taay^if  wisely  administered, aid   in   the-achievement of na.  *��^     bat;th��   spuitof   acqoisuiMn) onc���  generally arou^yd,,   kiU ;ial| pthe,l?rms ,of .  life .,.1-hw Hn, doings if .indeed, it has not, al A  ready^ done,, ,in ;the Wnited .States.;',','W^^"  has   America   contributed   to, , the. world'a  wealth ?j Of inventions for material ^mPro^  ment and increased physipal comfort she: hJT  produced ma���y,,aUd.theworld ie iriw^'EJ'  the comparative value of such is trifling '   To  Religion,   Philosophy,    Art    and    Politic*  America has offered practically nothing. /jm  political developments  have'been  uniTormiv''j  unfortunite. ' Theworst governed city fn'l^1  rope has no Bpectacle of unshaokieo3 vYcepauiri  crimelike the slums  bf New York and Chi-     "  cago.    The most venal little 8tatevw��-ufc��dil_,  Europe would be geuuihely  horfifod^Awai.  like those lately exposed in St.-!Lttrii8.iol a..ad,  In Literature America hae btetth a'f^bJw Ajj,ai_  with very rare exceptions, a  vulgar and degrading.imitator of English m^^imtApt  arts, ,n philosophy and ^i^^l^JCo  Stripes     It ,s, ,n fact, fr^y ��p^W^to>fls��^  ceive of an American p^Uosop^, m^Zmf  of thought     H��r criti��al,thwlcere,M,^;^  venerable P��8.deut J-_WJUoW)lflf fl^ ^  ploro the trend of 4,Wrio��n, ^msiW wAW '  and aoon, P��l��b *4u*ii**bfi, tfTO!r *J  penodof depres^^^tb^cw^p,,, wnwhJSl  nessofAmenca.wiJUpcogni^.f,!^..^^,^;:;'  man lives' not b#,lwa,<U<Wj,;., .,..,. A  * ,  A  ��. , il  , i7  .           1 fi'  11,:.-    1 ,1k-  Z.iZ.A  "...  (i   '       ~*WM*^,f5!^w,',^'^*w,>)tt��i<w*��&��M^��M��^.j^^ 'i'W'" '  V  V  \li  ii .el.  |C  ff/V'.t'  ���   : if  0 il       j* I     1 f p I ,  lv>f���If I       **>     H-    ^       I    .1 -.��        I      . HI      . 1     .�� lit *l     I   l��  1P7,  I. I 'I  <M      t  'll .  ��  I    '9  ,.v  '*.,  z .V  ' v'f;A  1  '^    ITS     "* "*  aM  ''^Aj'Jh.  -i trJiS^A  (   J.     ��jjA  c     * ii aH.  I- j y-%  :"<J  ,_ r .,ax  :m 'JSMa  I Sf.*i|, (j'JI i_  "' ii1 i__t.->.Tciri'  i,  :A(1J"'  ,t  . I.   Uf  AA,  i' ' t'll1'  ; .'-I >i)vm ,i  iU.  ;:i  i!  ��  h     i.  1M  " (I  i  ��it  iCt. a^^^Saaagi-w  Z ''*_-  st 2 "  ft5*  S*7  IHI  III "  -��*���    -.jaf_  ;S:  llj'fff  rifl'tA-  ,  ��-+.       ��*�����.  sr. $,  I-:* If  .' >.��**-  8 r. $*!��� ���  f 5i ft*  -  ?| filfl  ' ���' *. i  t- *1  _��$k.''  t"-S��F-#  ?j*  7'S  (�����.���  Ai  THE  KELSON  ECONOMIST  HE bloe book"on marriage-and divorce Is  said Jto sontaida singular faci*?- .which  oi&v be regarded, however, as touchstones of  civilisation.    In Res~Iar for  instance,'' people  mm.Y not wed a fourth time, aor after thev &?e  eighty years old- Io - Frao.ce.-the wife whose  husband objects seriously to- her going, oo the  stage- luakes herself liable, to divorce hy persisting in hex -artistic, desire. In Germany  &m& - ItooKiaoia ��S iosupera ble aversion." is  enough. Bat In Portugal civilisation touches  tbe high-water mark.;; rTfceire/ if -a ���. ;:wife,/pab-  lishes literary works ; withou% the.: 'busbazid?s  consent, thelaw frees him at.once/  The-lfcIiiBis?s haw agkio-^e.middle;of:.the'  stage. Ex-Lient.-Goveriior ; Mcln oes is ran-  oingin Btsrr&rd for^e^DoannfoiiHouse: as-a  fa? ��� ������       ���>������        ,'.1  Progressive and W. W..;B^;;M  as a Friorite io N6r,tK']:Sa!iaimo��^-/;.:'.'.-:'  Boer General YSIj*^��l^^  on the 16ih of 2^viemtfe^.s^^  �� Aay:AZy..AaZA/7'Z/Z-- :' r/Ar-/.:������/. ' i_7'7-.1-7yy  well he proud of h^-^!die^^^^A'  "Manchester ..has;;^  which   poor   wome^;A-^.li a-do .;:-.'fbeir ;:o'ia u..iid ry ���-.  work by paying--thre^-eemis^nyhom  The Yaucou ver '''Pr&vtHee:''be!leve**'. step?1 wi I i  have to be taken at ��� the-next'- sitting.-of., the  Legislative Assembly..to.'.'..'p.rp.vi  of the Foil Court in the Kootenays. Most of  the appeals heard at" "the.: Fall Court at''Van-  coo ver were from the-interior t��f British Columbia, and were all very important matters  in which both large amount*.of monev and se-  rious paints of law'were involved*  Lord Strathcona has presented ��1.000 to  tbe fund promoted by the recently established  Liverpool Scottish Volunteers for erecting  headouarters in that citv.  The directors of the Lipton Limited have  declared an interim dividend on the. ordinarv  shares for tbe past half-year at the rale of  eight per cent, per annum.  v There are a good many young men In this  eily who are spending more than their ?a!arr.  life io time* Hke these thnt dot peome rral-  im tb��' result of youthful extravagance. I  frish I could impre.-^ upon every man, particularly tho clerks and w^e-earners, the import-  ^w%^fy $%i ��*9��f*����i��rw   *?,,s*cb   week   or ecich iiiiooih   h  pt>r��8on of his* enrninjs. If he i* unci hie to earn  *nf��**i* *bi*D five do!!i**r^ a week, iearj* t<* live  r/l^bin !hnt f^i!ia nnd put aside one dollar. If  vou are f^ttsntt: iliteiMi a week put tive awav.  if OS only live vrithift your- iucosue   but  keet��  i,  . >hj I." i y��* 'I 'f pi!*1^*. ��v&\  '    'I.  '    I       ir   '      '  eonstaisu.v in cnled the rainy day.    Under no i  eirenmstances run in debt where the way out \  is act clear.    Don't feel compelled io ape 7our f  companions in the   matter  of clothes, exeur- j  sioos. billiards and so on.    Curb vour wants i  -* ��� -   am ^  to tally with your salarv   with  a surplus  for ]  ihe savings bank. Remember that he who";  has the means to supply his wants, whether it \  !>e one dollar or a thousand, is rich, while he /{  whose wants outruns his means is" poorf \  though he may count his hordes by tha mil- *\  lions. 'Establish the habit of saving some- \  thing es���.h week, cultivate �� contentment and ']  voa will s��a be rich. ���   '' I  At a spot indicated by a water diviner an  artesian well wag bored at Sieaford, Lincolnshire, with the result that at a depth of 150  feet a spring wa* struck th*t  U   now yielding  664 gallons of water dailv.  A committee has been formed with the oh  ject ef mUing the necessary fund* to found  ^nd endow rent free c>*ttuiu'e# for de*ervini;  men of the Bedford, I.i re regiment. Preference will be giv*n to tho^e disabled by the  S -uth African war.  Ihoi, JiiMhA* U':!ik��-m will, have the .-vm-  pathy oi the whole Province in the h>-s hvhn*  s-u.^ained by the tieath of his. wife. The de-  ceased I*dy was  held  in   high   etU-cm   by tbe  op of-Victoria. Her funeral was largely  attended by sorrowing friends,:-many beaati-  fui tributes being paid by floral offering/  showing how much the deceased had been  loved, honored and respected by her friends in  ! * if  iife  About��� ��7,000 has  been'' subscribed  for a sanitarium for consumptive.  in Ayr  sea a wcssb&s looks.up-at  vou with, a-twist- I  ���-���*������'"''.. 'A  'aLb&at.. her evas, ': - ��� ������:'��� '������"���     .'" I  "���Asdfeer -fewrows: are half ubltfted  in   a-nicelv  f  -...���. * - * .������. ������*'   '.  ;..���"'..������  i^fBed surprise ������.:.���>������".!  .As-vou"br��3athe.some' orettv sentence^ thoueh'..!  ������'���..'���Sihe-batas.rTou alt the while,   o' ���   ' \  She is -verv' &p% tb; st.au. vou 'with "a- made- to* 1  ;.....order:,sm;il^:u.:   a;.-- ���.  \  '.]������������"'       ���''' ��� a ' y _ * -._. ������       \  ..'It's a;'5ubiIe.eoinb'ination of a; 'sneer and a ea-: ]  ;AA; ��� rejss,: >;���������. ,;;������"; ";....'���., ^;..:: "' ; j  ; With; a..dash ��� of -warmth, thrown"-.' in ;,to :'re!Ieie"o|  ���-���������'������������:.'.:::':;"Aiis"icioe3r?s,'-- ;';;;;::'���-.";��� - ���-r-^,. z :-i  ���And: she greets: '-you- when 'she meets: x<m" with ������$  :...- ������ A-  ��� ��� -   '/'������' .%*" _    "*"-���' vl ��� ��� �����*���'��� 4'. ���*>���- ���?  v^'a;-^;ib ;.:'���' f  ^Ba3-.6e^-.';^  'a .in^de^io-order:-��iii0e. ���,;: :".���;"''���.      , -|  ;4 eonfessn' tha't Fm;eccentrlc and arn'ootaaWo- ���'.!  \:.;;;;.;;;.-;ma-a,s.;m'aD^:  For they ;seem , to'be constructed, on 'the bunco-' I  "...-.,   fakir plan. :���-:;���' \'-:..^. -- '������ ." ;{  And,-: it somehow *els me thinking that   her a     heart is fol! of ^ul!e'a..  When a woman looks.up  to me With a made-   \  ���a   to-order smile.  Now, all maidens, y��ung. and aged,  hear thiV  i:  iesson i entreat ���  Yewho.'meet m in the biii-room. ye who meet A  us on the street���  Pray content'to try   and  charm   us bv some  I  other *ort of wile.  And relie\*e'Qs from the burden of that madr.-   ;  to-order smile.  Mr. Kipling ia..a careful worker/ His copy  is well written, but almost every paragraphia  scored and re-written and wholly changed. In  the editing of tbe copy there ia one noticeable  feature, and tbat is the wholesale striking out  of adjectives. It would #eem that Mr Kip-  lihg.goes "thmugh'l his::;'mao  other objectUban.to'^kill:il^  .' ' Me��^i^.; Bonyan'^  ove^,_ the;Neison; sk^  ;ture;!conduct;that ingtltm  mc>st approved:-method*,.o  Jb^nv;made.--fpr;ibu  a !so on. speci a 1.; chxisjoos* a ������:;^  ;:AA;Harry Lindley;;is.;'':c��n  :tre-itV.Varic^ui^  o-'The snnouncemeht;;tb  ong/for.:some/tim  .Joseph:Dalv BoWb^^^:'tfio-.B^p^  ���.'J;;.EA,Arma'ble,;:bf:tbeys^  te r m i r* ate i n' a n;; ������ am s tmhle ���/���iet*leiBeh't;; Wtt hi a;  i-:!:--'--'Z:'A7---^.:': :.-A:-i7y--i..-7-*-. ��������� i-'--:777AAi: 77A\7:  ihe;h(KXt'.few-diyiv#iH:;^  ' ure   by, every' citiaten^bf^Ntdii^  :'mon th��' i t has,b-*n';no^���eret:;.;|hat:-;;Er.'J)gwiies.;.  tind  Mr. Aooable- were ���not;, workIng;.;|n'  mony, '.' The cause was uota:matter of  concern^ but no''cwrifideo^  tng tbat the great'ctinfltct ;wi*��� precipttated:;by  the refusal of-- M r] A.nrmble^tb  smaM: draft*' drawn ;:byv ||^n^^  continued until the matter   reached an  a^te  stage, and   all   at'iemptu atad^  f e re rices exiting bet ween the 4 wo gentlemen  were met with the emphatic and expressive reply of, ^Nixey, nawthing,  m��  by^  on \ e  part of   Mr. Downe��/ Of course, this was irrevocably and for smw months  Mr. Downes  and Mr. Annable  only  exchanged  refrigera*  ting noiU'aa they met at the club and other  resort*     Mr. Annable, moreover, cot off all  diplomatic communications* and as r.wtalw  tory measure   Mr. Downes^organised a company with unlimited  capital to lake oier tbe  bin-porting privileges of the ciIva He had already acquired   two   boards/ when   Mr.  An,:  liable, realising the menace of such  a  trust,  invoked the  good offices  of ��� mutual  frieode,  and   entrusted   a   skilled   diplomat   with  the  delicate mission of negotiating terms of peace,  ���with   the plutocratic  chairman  of the bill-.  board mint.    So well and discreetly did tin*  diplomat accomplish his   task, that^U mat*  te*-* were   amicably   adjusted, and  in future  Mr.   Downes  and   Mr.   Annable may  i>e.^--  m  .���alii  lis  &$   ll}!.'  , fi....i   I  V-'���'--' "  i  /'  I in I    (  I  J*wf"'  Ai> A  j, ..   ,,  AE  ���r;  i i fi  I   tjljjUt j ,Aih.  ���'      ��,*  !i  ?t  i intii:ii>l p) ^.i fr"i w*a^.*w'#ra��ai*>H4��fHTj.im\.a  t     it   "  ���it  /'1   'h ,    , i  , irlii    i 'it    if'   ' i > ir "t I1 ' '  .(I l_l  ,�����' [*'  ft t /f  I  _ %  .&--  11   A.  s  u  I  f  c  i  n        !  Wit (j-.  r-      "I H  THE NELSON E  pected to work hand in hand  building  of the city   and  healthy amusement.  towards the up-  promotion of  I  j  Alfred had hopes, but Charlie had the eirl  This, of course, was unknown to Alfred or be  would never have proposed to her, because it  was not the summer time and two engagements at once would have been bad formfand  furthermore, Alfred wae ���ot her style. So  sbe responded   "No,"  and was  about   to say  something else when Alfred held up his hands  Hppeahngly. r  " I beg of you," he pleaded, "not to say you  will be a sisler to me."  Sbe drew herself up haughtily.  "I had not intended  doing   so," she said  coldly.    "Charlie isn't particular as to   what  <>nd of brothers-in-law be has, but  we must  uraw the line somewhere."  From that moment Alfred   was a changed  hetng. 5  ���I  Other People's Money " is another   name  or  'My Wfse Uncle," given here  a year ago  I'V the Georgie  Harper company.    The company producing it is in many respects  one of  tlie best yet seen   in   Nelson.    If  it had  not  I'eenjhat the whiter of the prompter was too  much ,n evidence the performance would have  heen most enjoj able.    This  was the  result of  one member of the company taking suddenly  "I     and     his   part   being    taken    by'    his  understudy.    Miss Sargent is a promising actress and some  day  may be   beard  of at the  head of a more pretentious company .ban the  ��ne with which she is  now connected.    Miss  hatcher.nd Miss Kilday, two  other  mem-  oer8 of the company, are certainly entilled to  Tk -f^i Tb6ir W��rk Wa" caPilble H,", Pleasing.  1 he Clump" of Mr. Robinson was a splendid  P'ece of character work, and Mr. Marnell gave  ��n acceptable presentation of the 'giddy old  stockbroker. Altogether the performance was  one well worth seeing.  w U sutr^Cati0n- ��f C0^ Mra Starkey  ��**��! 7 V? ^rg7 f��r the Political d^-  hu^/WulIe DaVid M��Beath will devote  larv ane/�� the !mbeI,i^ment of the vocabulary^ inventing new   phrases  fur theex-  H���n.J l     ;       IV,de  dut'es   with   Mr.  .Houston   ,n   holding   down   the   theological  chair and combating the deep-laid schemes of  the ungodly to  turn   Nelson   into a howling  ^de^open town.    There is a general desire to  see Mr. Irving  in   the editorial   saddle.    He  has unsurpassed literary talent and is equally  gifted as a public speaker ; be is handy with  the pen,   besides  possessing   a   well-trained  scentific mind.    Those   who enjoy  the  dis-  tmguished honor of Mr. Irving's acquaintance  have often marvelled that  he  did not abandon the bartering in butter and eggs and   get  right down to literature  and  science ; surely  determining the age of eggs cannot be regarded  an   exact  science.    Although    Mr.   Irving's  speeches have   not  yet found their way into  any late revised edition of "Gems  from  Orators," there is every assurance that   the   next  edition will contain one selection, if not mare.  It will, therefore, be a source of gratification  to the  admirers of  Mr   Irving's literary genius that he has listened to  the   voice of the  enchanter ,nd will make a trial cruise on the  tempestuous sea of journalisms  The Kootenay  Press Association is   to   be congratulated   on  tbe latest additions to its membership roll.  'ftSET K     t* Jf1 W���*, bat how does  t affect the chief bad habit, that of curiosity.  If women teach their ears to b. erect and Del-  sartean  will they   refuse  to  take  in unkind  words about their neighbors  He. was  a   struggling, faard-to-make-ends-  meet lawyer.    She was his stenographer.  free    *" marfietL    She was ��� ^den, fancy  He wasn't young nor particularly handsome;    Neither-was she.  He didn't tell her that he loved her, nor  kiss her hand, nor give her flowers.    Neither  fltl6*8'   herUfe aWay  *>��***" ��f unre-  qui ted affection. .   . .- .       u  He didn't sllow her an afternoon  four day.  �����   \T*!*T? Ww^W cashier's sal-  ary.    bhe didn't expect it.  His wife came to the office. Ske didn't peer  through the keyhole and catch him making  love io the girl.    She didn't get mad.  The girl didn't tremble with guilt *hen the  woman spoke to her. The woman liked her;  She said she had often heard how faithful and  hard-working the girl was, and   she asked her  to come out to the house for supper. :*  The girl went.  And all lived happy ever after.  A      ������  .f.  i   ,.  Judging by the interest that is being taken  "'the Electric Loan By -law, there should be  �� large vole polled, both for and against it.  "A good name is better than precious oint-  "'����������      Take Jack Ki rkpatrick, for instance.  '��� can g0 out of business and  start in again,  ����<�� before he is opened up a month he has all  m old customers back with him. This prove8  ��'��at Mr.. Kirkpatrick deals  fairly   with   the  IJHople who trade with  him,  and  as a   result  fey follow him   no matter where  he is en-  K'ged in business.    This is a record of which  ���l��y business might well feel proud.  A new   printing  and  publishing  business  ,il�� just been organized in Nelson, to be known  "   the   Tribune  Company.    The   names   of  '���"we interested in the association,   ao  far as  J!!;*"''?,! Vnd'   Suirk&y> J����''�� A.Irving,  '���lv'<l McHeath and Alex.  McDonald.    Some  ^.OH.ty prevails as to  how  these  gentlemen  '"vide the work   in connection   with  the  You may talk of your concertos  Aud sonatas and all that;  You may rave of Paderewski  And the hair beneath his hat;  You may b..ant of Melba's warble���  ^ut they really can't begin  To make music with the rattle  Of the hard coal in the bin.  The world is full of singing,  And it ever throbs and hum?,  But how quickly I forget it  When the creaking coal cart comes,  Oh, it cheers my drooping spirits  When I see the chute go in,  And 1 know I'll hear the rattle  Of the hard coal in the bin  There are those who dote on Wagner,  There are those who Verdi praise,  There are those who care for neither,  But prefer the ragtime lays.  But a melody far dearer  Doth my fancy quickly win,  Tis the swift and vibrant rattle  Of the hard cud in the bin.  Up to the time of going to pres^thero kare  been no changes in the Provincial Cabinet  this week. Of course, the week h^et one  day to run, and goodness knows wtaJ mav  happen within that time.  There is absolutely no way of forecasting  the political future of this Province, except  that no Government can control unless a  working majority is provided for it by the  railroads. It is therefore up to the railroads  to provide the Province with a Government.  Prom Winnipeg it is reported that the  Board of Trade of the Prairie City will hold a  special meeting to urge the Ottawa Government to take immediate action in the matter  of imposing a duty on lead. This will help  British Columbia out in its fight for reoogni-  Ucn of its staple industry.  Jacob Dover will encourage education by  giving a watch to the scholar of each of flba  upper ten classes in the public school who secures the highest marks for proficiency in the  examinations this week. Other prises will he  given for the highest marks in the lower classes.  Boys will be given men's watches and girls la*  dies' watches.  r  I  I  H  I  t  :|-  .y*  <    ?   -  t >���<"!�� ]  j5  4ii  i.'*i  , A;&*&  ."A*S,  *  -   IB "* &'���  AM  (;   ����,/  And now we have a woman who lectures on  tho ears. 8 \e says that the ears should be  trained to do something etee but listen. Thev  should learn to hold themselves gracefully.  Every well regulated lady should have ears  that stand up Btmight and never flop, that  curve prettily at tho  top and never look ag��-  The Kootenay Coffee Co. is offering a spe-  cial brand of tea for the holiday season mi 26c.  per pound, in addition to tho rogula'r bvancta  of teap, coffees and spic��8.   W\A;d,  ,��  Fred Irvine &  Co. are now settled  in  tho  Burns block and ready to attend to the meMbi  of their customer��.  S      ^     I  t    i  uA'i   14,'  '     I  I,    ..���" *"���"' ���,   .      '  ."���   ',* * ,     '>        A  Ay H it  W'       *-    tr ' it  "A.  " *��"" "-AS  i. t  Jl   "if" ���*. ,   l<  III I . ' I ,       , 1 I 1        1    ' ' �� I   I ll      I II.  I        ' .     'I -1> A I r, | fl" -r. "I-",*! 1.,.^.! *a��jlM|ir��7 >i(HHd iB^mu^,^!.,,,^,,,,,,,,,,   J|���    (>      ,      ,i,_M        ,     ,  i y x,   y Ai"'     " v: , ;a y -��� ���,,, ft ������ )(= /��� , . v - ,: ... ^r %<     v, \z *,;,- , ?; a y *;-���;-&  ii      .��. ,     ���(. .    -   ���  ... ii ...       ,j - v <h��~i��ni    o i "* " i-i      r 'i    i\   i-i        '������       ��t> ii-U'f    ,(' ����   (- i .����* iir fw '<"       < i'i.mh . :   if i  ������.. .nij-i..   ����� - "imi    ' hhk      i��  ''t^*V'''.*<*#*'***W*;**'t'lW*��K'��'*W**"lW��*<-'.M**:'l,P.  *'hn W��v "''""'i,^' %r (^i i,��a��� ���.,*.. ���,  ,. w,.. ,t ,,  i-ll i                                      i                      ��    r           i            J.       ^     ii        I a  .     ���_         ,          ����<     ���,    .   ,,,   ,    -4)|F ������       ��   H-"          I>    7         f| ^         .  I I     "        i     ll      -.   ,  *i  ��� h  Ik     !'���( i A    ui,  * i ,i'l i   W ��� l|r��(l jf .'f | <   < |  i    t  j-  \1   >'  ' if *' i  11     ^'��#   ^ i  ���-�����   " i'   " V.  11,1   11 n^.  II      1     .J. I  i.  IS       J I  II  I     .      ! (H  -   -'     '   '" -"   Oli-t a -,.  it I ��� II     >   "     I ':/M!$y'%Ai%  :^a'f?��f:x-* /-- --':--7*j��  JplP^-ol  llSjSpfcOg  pfeS2t:.0;x  li^a'fe'?? O $ :  ^llfioa.-i  1*1* V   $.:  *imi:  mm.-  r-ilmif.-: 77i-  iAmy.i  W��;  ��17Sfe?7'. J7.,* n ��� ',>���������  ^":lf1i:.7'fi.7'' ������.-���I-..--  illllS.'  *-3K��S^)i';.'-::i:;'T7-';:''  H^^��iAfAAi  ft   ?Sv.t  l��77��fti:  7i'I��  m-m-.  ate;:  )   ���'     Bir'v'  wrcr  MlA  m  w  ''ft  ���i:-  II ���"  tl     'l  A  S   i'  t!'  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  &.&  M.^^ Smith.���  IS eyes were  blue���reflecting  heaven  as the depth of ocean and sky.  '"���I had lived alone with   mv father in   this  <4_r  old house by the sea all my short life, and he  knew only more of the world than I. His  people were proud and held themselves above  usf who were mere seafaring folk ; hut little  cared we. Our days were togetherand childishly we played as we drifted the swinging  waves* or climbed the rocky shore, or in the  fragrant woods sat hand in hand���and child-,  ishly we loved, as the cold breezes blew the  blood into our heads and the smell of the sea  drew"  us   and the  whimper of the hemlocks  A;toId:tl8. ;A;  *4Eyer^^ to the   moon,  hut  not  every rose blossometh when the sun is come.  It is not till the pain^ of a heart are real that  Ilcan hring forth love.  f-S;;-*^ man, his father,   found us  as we stood bv the pile of logs in the trail. I  saw^him coming down between the low, dark  trees! Crashing the  bright  mushrooms under  |feot��and starting off a flock of little mouse-  col^reiilhirds :|i>ut Percival was  looking  out  .;;   ,;;.  ^;;v^i:;^A'j;o.;;    /; .��� -.:-.,.,-  ;-���..--. V���'   '^/A ��� . C7  Jttl^^n^ij^^nin^ of the boughs framed a tiny,  f shimbg sail set against the blue, and I laid  ::mj- feandfon his arm to tell him.  p'^Pheh the bid man looked in   my eyes and  said : ;  *f*GirL finish vour embrace of mv son and  ���    - ��� '   -. J..;--     ��� * *  ��� -.���������������'      *!  . ���*   '���        ..;, '������   .;���_-.  leave us.r yy:'  "My love went bitter red there in the  shaded sunlight and said I knew not what,  for the green gloom trembled and flashed  around me. Then there was loud talking and  I fled^away.  "':,:  ''Toward evening a girl I knew came and  stood in our pathway in the level sunset and  called :  *' 'Have you heard the news ? Young master Percival is i��oing to sail to-morrow, morn-  ingwith Captain Shaw for China, and they  say there's been* trouble between him and his  father and that he'll never again come   back.'  "That moment is as longaB all my lime,he-  side^for it lasts always frozen on my heart.  I see the dry, gray rocks where they slope beyond Sally down to the water and the men  who haul up a dory ; one of them calls out ���I  can hear bim yet���and the little cat comes  and rubs against me purring.  " I answered Sally's   chatter and   I never  flinched  or wavered.     But  wheh   the moon  was up I left the house  stealthily and  stum-  katcross the  stony  field   and  through the  wn to our  own place   by the turn ot  shore.   He wae there, and when 1 saw him  back   against  a   rock   I knew that it  :'y$��n& trtie#������'"'��� v  \M0h I: my;dear, I-am an old woman- now  and Xhave loved my, husband and childien  all these yean*,'and I .trust the good God has  forgiven the thosiglits ef my youth, the wild-  ness of which Ho only'who permitted their  despair knew, and v/ill fjive me  p&ace^ at the  last; but indeed, indeed, nothing  in   all   my  life has ever been tome like that parting.  ** The moon shone so white and cold on his  forehead that its radiance nade me afraid ; he  might have been as dead as were our hopes.  The tide was ebbed far away down the rocks,  and the g&sp of the night wind over the wet  seaweed was heavy and dark and the bell-  buoy jeered. The word?, ever love's feeblest  medium, that we said were few, but he parsed  his hand across my hair and the gesture comes  to me when I hear of famine.  ''Human asonv does not suffice to hold the  tide of fate. We think we cannot pass through  our bitter water?, that they must be stopped ;  but surely and wholly they overwhelm us and  we are borne on the current, we know not  how, and our course is shaped.  "The ship he sailed in floated away down  through that great, blue heart between the  islands yonder, and I watched it from this  window.  ''Then the cold and the winter came.  "He had a brother, a cripple. If his own  sorrows made him pity ours I know not; but  he was ever gentle to me. In those long evenings he would come sometimes to watch my  father and the neighbors play whist before the  fire. I would sit silentiy with my sewing in  the corner where the tall clock sobbed slowly  against the inevitableness of time; while outside the wooden shutters the wind wailed over  woes forgotten.  "Always at 10 o'clock I took to the players'  table the heavy old silver tray with it* red de  canters that had a pattern of white grapes, and  the dishes of cumquat oranges and preserved  ginger. I dared not let anyone see my eyes,  fer fear they should betray me, but would  watch the reflections of the tall candlesticks at  at the corners and trv to follow them down  into the polished mahogany. Once in two or  throe times as they rose to go, his brother  would say gravely, '.I have had a letter from  Percival and he writes that he is prospering.'  Never anything more. But I knew it was for  me *e spoke, and when I thought the words  were coming there would be such a rushing in  my head that I would fear I could not hear  his name, hut when it was spoken there  would come such a stillness that I knew I  would never hear anything but it again.  'There was a friend of my father's, a grave,  kind man, my dear���it was all very long ago  ��� and at last I came to know he cared for tne.  My father wished it much, and one thing was  as another to me.  "So when summer came again, with the  mornings that Here hot in the garden where  the dahlias blazed in the sun and cold on the  rock path by the shore, I was a wife. And oh!  my dear, the first baby that lay on my breast  and smiled before he went back to heaven,  that truer home of hits had blue eyes, though  bin father's were as  brown as mine.  ''Other children came ��o bless me, and I  have lived the life that was mine, content,  peaceful in  th . shade.  " For what matters   it ?    Once   I   readied  I  the   centre of the labyrinth ;   once I  stood  within the vale, and to those to whom that*  given all things else, ��f sorrow or joy alik  are but the shadows of a dream.   Love's hop '  the true  theology, holds-'immortality, and in  heaven,, oh 1    blessed   words,   'they neithe  marry, nor are given in marriage.'"  SHORT STORIES  Elizabeth Cady Stanton was once giving a  -piece, of advice to a roomful of young men in  a little village on the subject of matrimony  "When you marry," she said, "choose a aV*  man with a spine and a sound set of teeth."  "Good gracious ! Mrs. Stanton*" remarked  one of her listeners, in alarm, 4fdo they ever  come without spine? ?'*  A justice of the peace was once called to  hold an inquest on a man found dead. Among  the effects of the deceased was $53 and a six-  shooter. As funerals were cheap and there  was more than enough money on the body to  bury it, the question of what disposition to  make of the funds was soon solved by the  justice fining the deceased for carrying concealed weapons the sum remaining after the  interment had been paid for.  A manufacturer not one hundred miles  from Toronto tells a good joke on himfelf.  He is credited with being extremely disagreeable to his employees. A man just arrived in  Canada called on him one day to ask for  work M Have you a recommendation of  character ?" he asked the stranger. "No,"  he replied,'"but 1 have friends in the village  who will give me one." Putting his bundle  on the fl*or, he left. In the course of half an  hour he returned, took up his bundle and wag  leaving the oflice without a word. "Did you  get your character ?" awked the manufacturer.  The man without halting a moment or raising  his   eyes, 'said': , "No,   m\stcr,  but   I   8��l  yours  ft  The Scotch of Glengarry are largely, probably mainly, of "the old faith/' and this story  told by Senator McMillan, touches upon that  fact, and also introduces oneAOf the old-time  giants of that county.    This particular giant  was Big Alex McDonnell, uncle of the bishop  of the same name.    "Big  Alex," the senator  began, "was probably the only man who went  over the Chaudiere. Fulls.and  lived.   Shortly  after his escape he visited  his .uncle., then*'  simple priest, and his marvellous escape,^ ^  the incident of hanging desperately to a floa ���  ing crib while being tossed about in the tur u-  lent wntcrw, formed the subject of conversation-  ���It   mutft have been a great comfort io^oU f  know that tha saints were with  you l?f  peril,'   remarked   the   driest.    'Oh, y<#��    .,  sponded Alex, "hut it was  also a co��ho��  know I was a ttunn cood swimmer.  i . i - i. a  I    ''tllH    (|i  ,yi  ��� '^HP  1  V  ���' U ... .V>,J  7\h\H"Vhh^<^)wi'\)J   -Nf ��    "��� .  I     !' II  > > I H 'it h"  ,t      \ , II ,i,      i $ ,\ -      1. t- - ��� '    Pi " ���am-*"-!;.:,    Jh   ..    ^, ^Mn (u^wrf.* <-,ii$ hw^wi<���MWW��f^|MrM��w,^1(>-__|  1 jr   ,     '      'i        ii ���,   '    h   |i a1       n i i, i it \ ,1' i/^i  i > ' -       '   '  !W.^��ia*tvS��fllw^.,  <Mfl,J*M put m. mytruf.t�� |, ��w./<|p��WM<p1hilj)^^ vp' '������"iy1' "  ^1^.1 S-Hnafc. -I f rni iijrt   '" wji.,-.  ���*sS*��_-^7-j.���rJ..T^^.J....(fr ^_  Nt-________.t__f_S_r..||1|.  ,       Q<|ii  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  HOW TO  PLEAS  i  ^  j  �����Tis not so difficult to pless^  As many men suppose.  Urbanity will always cli����m,  As every lady knows.  "Companionship our naiurea '��Mfe  We all affection crave.  ^is natural for us to Jov��  The gifted and the bravo,  ��'We turn a kindly eye oa ��sell  Winn first we chance to meet  Till some unguarded, selfish act  His arts to please defeat.  "A man refined, with nature kind*  Stakes friends where'er he goes.  Bin K*ntie ways and gentle mm la  A grace around him throws.  "Who wiHhcrf truly to t*�� loved  Should be what he would seeas,  Gekxi humor, honor, sympathy.  Must in his features beam.������  Thus spoke my ladylove.    "Ah, m%  "My hoj��eV mild I, **you ftv��zu!*��  "FarewtlU" ��he whispered, **Wo not thoa  But Htay     Do~ns you plea��te!"  -W, H. Morrta in New York Ledger.  off  a.:i.7  Dealers in  Coffee Roasters  Tea and Coffee  Also a full Hne of Sponges and Bath Gloves  Our Best Mocha and Java Coffee.per  * TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  Hamnn. Maiwhasta,  According to a writer lo Harper'. Week.  V, Ibe Consumers' league 0f jjew v__i_  rates �� rnir dry goods houses those in  rt.ch equal �����rk   gets  cqunl   pny, )ri��  |sC|ip.viivc of .he sex of the worker- in which  %il���1,,lch<.u"�� 8�� �������� " fund for eiuploV-  ^ *- �� w��k- The hour* of 0f���lr foa��  o    flit8/0 ��; *'�������.Uiwe^nartor. of an  ton J   i    �� ",ou,1w ���� ��iminer.    Fair ! Cri  Wd.     ? f "p!y w,th �����i��My laws  *�� I.w "''t f��r a(S��-���^' liquid   ' *��  ' '"*-"�� eiujiloj-ve* humanely.   "  COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WE%T  It ha9 been noticed that Thackeray wa��  lair P,��,n,ng Pl0k :'*"����*��� on   suchot  i afiM^raTrS ? We^ *�� * ��P~^i7  -inauii^.     The ^torni.l  /����^   ��_T# A  ^ 4^,,^ ^ �����* ^ th��  BMER   STREET,    KELSON  CCRT9PICAT& OF I $9 PROVED SG9TS.  ,.,,*lron  94l>"  ft,u!  "Grey    Eagle*    Mineral  Chirm*, situate in   the NeNon Mininz Divi  -ion of W��rc Kootenay District, S DKi  Where located: On the west slope of Sandv  Creek, about four miles from Nelson/ *  ISS. 'Jw* ,hat  ^/^ncis J. O'Reilly, of  eJ����oiit H. Cnu ��jr����nt for C. Sweenv  Fre��  Miners cerUllcHte   N��. H7t,212, Intend sixf?  rlayy from ffie cMfe hereof  to applv to the  Mining Records for certifte,��te��of Imprn^  mem*;, for the puriK>8e of oblahihisr Crown  ��^rant��ofUicabf^eHaini8.      lu",,us ^rc��wn  ^Vf\l.n,,Uhc!r ti,kf "o����e that action, under  section in. must be eommeneed   before  the  iKsuimee o< sneh certificates of improvement*  Hated thls22iid dny of October!, 1902 *  Kraiccis J. 0*Rbii.t.y.  !k:Iv !^-VK-OF  T,,K -"KGISTnATlOX  VN iMHA.P,u>VIXCIALCOMI'AKV.  ���Omimnikj* Act. JH97/V  HKKKi.y  ."ail..11,11  1   has mis  "Vill -Utl  (  itiv  Hilt  <K1UIFY   that    the   '�� Inter-  '��>��> been reKliftered ���� nn Kxtru-  ��. �� rrlvI;M,l.,,,c,|,r.rl,,e '.'^nimnleV  ' * J 11 > 0111 <jr effect, a   or anv of  :;hnni.i14 ...vt,-neiK.     �� U'tfU,,u��^ ��f HrliW  ''''���'''v^I'MniL!^' ^^"imiiy l�� Hituiite  ,s A       "' ^NHaukee.8l4*ie ot WiseonHin  w'V l  Joi, �����"* i<it��d  into 10,000 KlmreH 01 Sift.  ^:i"i'i.;;,!il::>Vnl^Co,n��m,,y ����� �������* i^*  "���^ is     s   l5,��11' iV4rr,Hl��p��*��.. who/w  ��,,i'|itm���,!|?) <l,or <'"��r>mvercd   ��i hunio-or  l'K,m1,,,'n,>',H��liiil!isd.  ',,,n.v   "i   Nov ,   iJiHt,Mh J?^����"hln, thlH  r,1'*,1 ''nl tuo,   ' J   ��� ono l,,OIIH��uiU nine  (        *-!������������� of Joint Mtoek CompanleH.I  ^���Vi^^ the  s- in. ii���n;..; i��.!M ,llu*  Implement*  of all  CEKT8FJCA7E OF IfiSPROVEOSENTS.  0i))i\ N?*u* M*n��rftlC!alm, Situate in theNe'-  <on Mining Division of We��t Kootenay District.  Where hKn\ted :  On eaKt 8loi>e of 49 Creek  Take notice  that  I.   F. <;   Green,  aetins  iih uijent  f����r Aaron  II.  Kelly. Free Miners  Oertitlcate No. 1.51.:Stl, inteiidUixiV day^ from  the^daireheiw^joaDplyfo the Slinfng Recorder f�� r a Certificate ol Improvements, for ,  the purpose or obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above eialin. A  j  And further take notice that act Ion. under 1  tiection AI7, must be commenced before the  icmianee nfHiteh Cci'tltlcnte of ImtirovementH  Dated thl�� fourteenth day of November, 1902  A'"' F.C. GURFN,    .' ���  Nelson, 11. O.  IIaSI  l-zr\.i;.Cj.l-.:  yA(i77  kA<i$}&  \:Ah&%  .AA*&M~:  tym  .   JiiJ&i-!  ZASm  mm  ;^^Kc:&  ��� >';V?.iyvy^\-fj/^.yi'  i^u>-���  ,���  ��� li*Sl������-:;.���V^^^���'������'7iv��,  i^3;?7^:^Ss-:Sif.i&ii|  at^.io^g&ffefM  77H,;";.;M7'H,7.^ii,H��l'��*W?:%!  H'^fv.70^-oBaSj#  yyyAwB$  yi: 7 ���yrrl.teftfrW^M  AiM  ^W  ���CERTIFICATE Of JMPIIOyCMIliTS..  ,.:�����; w*;��\ (Fraetlonal) Mineral Clnlm, 8ltuate  In theNelHon Mining Division of West Koo-  tenay DlHtriet.  Wlier^s located: On Toad Mountain.  Take notice that I, F. C. Green, acting a��j  agent for Aaron IT. Kelly, Free Mlner'n Certl-H  fleate    No.     Hol.281.    Intend,    Klxty   days  fr��im    the   date   hercf��f, to   applv   to   the  Mining     Recorder     for    a   Certificate   of  TmprovemeutrH, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the nbove claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section Jt7, tittiHt bo cnmiuonced before the it.-  Mtianee of Himli Certificate of Improvements  Dated thin fourteenth day of November, 1(102  F. C GltfCKN,  NelHon, B. C.  ;:7.:'!o7,i.H7f7J:Sp|S  ��� '��� Z'*Z��� :A -'A..%A:;;g <i'/i$&\  a::^aaaz imp'  m  Al I Sensible Pcop I ��travel by the C. P. R.  :\yZA.yi'Afc  yyy  .AA:/y/  Will buy a first-class, well-made  Suit of clothes at my establishment.  H/7HV,  zm  ���AW&  AW  '7 7 v _-. 7.a J;H; a     :.v.r-.+.,;^ i   '" ':','''���" iiy^i  PEED  AFETY  ��� >  ��7 ti  i<H)<  Notice To Dollnquona Co-0wre��rs  ToThomtiK Hennett, Albert Hennett. Maggie  lintiiHo Fennel I. George A Hunter, Jamen  ItourKcand every other pei'HonH or pet'HonK  having or <.lalmlng any mtei'CMt Inthe^Gn*  lenaM Mineral Claim Hltuate about wl.x mlle.M  northol'Halmon Hiding and two milea weHt  ofthe Nelnon and Fort. Hheppard Ralltvav,  In lite KelMon Mining DIvIkIoo, DlHtriet of  Went Kootenay.  You  and each  of you are  hereby  notified  that I   have expended one hundred  dollars  in   order   to   hold  the  above    mentioned  mineral  elaiiUH   under    tlie   provisions   of  the Mineral A<kt,  and amendments thereto  and    If within    ninety    dayw    tVom     the  date  of MiIh   uotlee yon fall   or   refuae   to  eoiitrlhute your portion of Hitch expenditure  , together wlthall coMta o.fadverf.|Hlng vour In-  ,    "'' ������ihtM^vrNi.'ViVuVw^  'J'11' ��lM;n��te, 1 fereat   In anld   claim  will become'the  pro-  " ",( ������auieN. na   ^.TV./i t./!!ly. fTl.u,��   portyofthe Huhserlber under Section four Ml  TREMONt BLOCK*   NELSON  JOHN  MclATCHIE  Domirsion and  iPrbvincial -      V  Land! Synrejor  'I  "i;i(.|,i,;::_,";,*T',"  narveating or agi-i-  ,a,,l^ fV.r  !.iVJ,.iVM,,M uml l����l��loMieiilM; W  4KNiin ,,i//:.iV.,.f.��.,,n|<J. ���>��<��,  i,,,,,,','^a!,|,��|lV��!N; ��mh,ll"��N. inventhViiNrinV.  ���������� >.,n/, V       lM'HM<;w UHed in connection  <���� ����! other eouutrleN or other-  i\ .4..  an   Act  entitled "An Act   To  Amend  The  Mineral Act, 1000."  J. M. M<H,AJU��N\  \ly lila Attorney, lt. M. Macdonald.  Dated thin 0th nay of Decern ber, 1002.  The East and West are almost ono when the  meana of transit is theC.P. R.   A glance at  of thIh Vac?" table will convince you  Leave Nelson 5 a. m..  o       ������   ���'.'   -A"' ��� ' ��� '' '-A..'-.  ^r�� ve Bt. Paul 2nd day 0:40 p. m.  Arr vo Chicago ard day 9:,% a.m.  Arrive Toronto 4th day 2:4ft p.m.  Arr ve Montreal 4th day 0:40 p.m.  Arrive New YorJjj 6th dayU.55 a. in  Close Connections for 'ill Eastern Points.  i    *  '"'it,,  m  Vancoy^cr and Ncli  - Th�� splendidly equipped tourlat cars o4*thl��  eompany leave for tho bast aw fb'lowe:  From Dunmore Junction daily for Bt Paul.  Frosn   Kootenay   Landing,   Tuesday  a iii  Saturdays   for   Toronto,   Afoiitreal,  ami  a  Eastern points. ��� ' l*u  Further Information an to why thoC. P   it  is the moat dmlrabie route acronn the eoiitln-'  UoVtl i'lH^rfully AunlHhed on nppiliS.  jr.% vfwmm, K. j. 'corm.   -  N��lBcm,- ��� ..Vancouver  hi. ZA)  ytx  j i  ��     ��     w        Ml  It       Mf  ���w**,.  \   "    ��"V  "ft  ^    ' -hi ti       r   #"   ( I    ai rt  ��  .��.���   ,    'ol��ir  *       ���        '  ft.  *^M l-MH*^^! ^,v*   (V,*,*^,!!*.*   I    ji,tj   iM(   rll  a'A ' ':7Ayyy, ...... '^v^a, t^.<  :,/* !���, u' ifAA.A'V'"  ''A",,,:'"      A,��^A a ?���-   ���,a'\,j!',"(  "VJ^T'^"'^^:' ^yy> ^-rr-T^r-  .''.   1(,W... . iu..    . t. .'..  V��A<��f   '.��  71*"     ( '1* ?  Jl [ ll  ''V.  " r f ' , <       , f I,        "I , ,.  t  ,. fn i i.  ��� i       l_.     It     - i ,   h i[   \\ "    ��    (     1 ,        O ,���  J if  if  ' �����''  ... I'm . ��� ,       iv,f.    ; '  '"    "    '. ii   '        V'   i   -i'.    i:   "  I        -WW    l ,     |l  t    li      H,        '  7 ,(S  (       f        . f^H   k    .   HfH^J,,,,,,   .  !''   ',  '���  ! ,,^��f'   *  (      Ail  ��  ^  1 -,'    r'11 h  "   " ,<*'.'f' '  ,; ' ,a   , (    ,, .1,.  �� I 1,1   I li   II ,i, I ,V>  ,��.   I   ii    mi  ,1 <l   ,  * ll  ll   ft MiBawwiarjM���MS*  >��.�������� gjfj !_$�� r^i��,-. wai,.gyg  ���:|;a . '���   -���.-������=���:.'.��� ; .    ������  * ��l^^^-T4^-t>*��>**  ?.���>��n^!!K1��;^v^^>^'*^.:^Ji��S^J^  VP'*^T��^,~*i=*^*^,,*^"~  ��i!^7Wr4-J^^��jjj^.r^,-*-5,S.^.^-^j,t. ntW-  ,^^w*.w���-��-J^��i'9-  |1^;|a-  lAA. '-'���  ff'7-1        "���  S5 ;.  ��� _0   -7 .  ���7l  t  i  T  E NBLSON ECONOMIST  ipZ-VA  WW-  8&' f 7 ������-���  %A7 ',* 7.7-  0:-:At$~-.-  p;oico-  @Sa"4*?.-.-  Ro|ia,.  pO-f?o  lift  1% ���*- Ai ISA  IpiA  gsioo  sflV/'-A AA  tAlA  I?lt;l iy  %AtZ  tMSA./z ...'���  ;|f:;.fy';:'-  A ������/���  hAfAA-ir-A --:.  fenHiiii-.-,:,   .........  tfej ftV-o'. .17 ���   .-,:  Si'i'f .I^opoo-:,.'...,.  wiwyAyi'A  WSyy/: '���"':-.  i4p&A y-  13 ||SA-^'^/-  ��!7iil07>:'7a   a.a,  :���**-���-5. iV'...- -V-"*'>���.-.., ���   ���   -  KllfojiS.'O  E;^^7.7.o.'a-:������:......  5'H,&:>a;^>07io7.  skf&^IHA/r  ^AA ��*_-:' '������';.-���,       ���;'".���  ?r,.��*.-.;:t.;-H? 7:7 .:.:"  ^iS.'A;7;7.h'  Sia.i|V7;..:H;:;;j77 . .-  ^afei.O/a/ZZ. 7  ^sWiAZyA//:/.  |afe7.)So;?H-.-n  lllg^l^HO.;;.;-  A^SA^o";.  f#&l*S777:7a  fcSf :Sa^-"7 7:-v.o7  ?5SaJAA-7 ���.' ;"7:'  ^77v< *;::,.  ^S^ioto  HH>HH>a:.; a.7  AsSAAi'  mAA&AZZ//  $0y?iAyy  fcifSIvAo  Prl^A^^iK'n';:!'  wAyz:.::z/,./A  iMZA-7:Z'r''..-'i Ac  mZZZ'Z-i: a:a '���'���  |!ii75t.f an,.. 7. ���';��� /?  fe^O-  WyA'A  i-tf::-:'j.i'ti  : ��� ������  i'&ZZ'A-A / :  iAAAar'a..''     /:  AiAA  3 it    '  ,r  '���������  :i  1  * '.  1  Lemon Peel   Orange Peel 25c per lb  Citron Peel '.../.. 25c per lb  Raisins (Seeded)  \%%Q \er lb  25c per lb     Currants (Cleaned) ���...,....;.....'.W...i*}4c per lb  Sultanas   Walnuts ......  Almonds   ���j#<  I2#c per lb  25c per lb  26c per lb  ��� i >  1 1  i"  1,  A-n^yA*^  berdeen Bloc  fWfiftRf  Ai'   '  1 <    ��,  jf),  f y  n fM#  J' .  '    .        ,1 I. ii '-* '    ��l O 1,       ��'        ' A  \ 4   '   I  '       . ,       it ��� '    ��      .'/.        ",p      !      l. !'  1. ,1 inu ,|. ^ dpi hi   ^ ���!>   LKUuMfl ^*.��,���^rt^��^.*��������l^'��^lrvHaw'H>l-*w^|��^����^^*���**>����l���"^*s���**",''," ,','f \  .r, ^'irVnp1*


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