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The Economist Jul 16, 1904

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 ^^^iTLA^U^dl  L'-,Ui A :;?/[/,���  MA~-s  ��%   A  /"'C-A7JA  s.9>^  VOLUME VIII.  *s  || NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY JULY 16, 1904.  ���r  '        "Artf*  ,* "Vl-'\-l5  -   'A-'JaMM  ��� \CAAar'&��  '**':��� >^"o^f  ' 1 ales of the   JL own  It is to be hoped, that* some means I derstood how the collision would result  will be found of ensuring   sufficient I in such an aperture.     Moreovei, it is  water for safety and convenience without restricting its use for gardens and  lawns which contribute so much to the  "beauty and attractiveness of the city.  It may be suggested at the same time  however thut to allow a hose to run all  night is sheer waste, and in the present circumstances, exasperasing to  those responsible for the city's service.  Reasonable use, and no abuse, of tlie  Avater supply will probably avoid all  danger of scarcity.  The citizens e�� "tfelson arc always interested in anything concerning Mrs.  Brougham, who, for several years was  a resident of this city. Mrs. Brougham  now lives in Vancouver, and as might  be expected- takes a prominent part in  the musical events of that city. Last  Thursday evening Oiibcrt & Sullivan's  opera, "Patience," was presented at the  Vancouver Opera House, and Mrs.  Brougham appeared iu the part of  " Lady Jane." The Vancouver papers  containing the criticism of the "performance are not vet to hand, but un-  doubtedly the role of "Lady Jane" was  well sustained.- Mr. -Brougham acted  as stage manager.-  A exander" Ball, who has bad considerable experience in such work, is  now training 100 voices for the production of Cinderella, the date of the  performance to be announced Jitter.  The rehearsals for the production are  ' being held at the.Openx House, and as  far as Mr.-Ball is able to judge t'be'Vna-  -    I' .' 7"  terial he has to work on is all that could  be desired. The youngsters are taking  a great interest in the work, and seem  to realize thai? apart from the amusement they are getting out of the rehearsals, they are also gaining the ad  vantage of a good "train hi g in voice culture and acting, Mr. Ball being a professional in both cases.-  The Kaslo Kootenaian is not inspired with an enduring love for Nelson. The Kootenaian may not be  aware of the fact, but it is a fact never-  - theless,-that-the-citizens_of-\Nels6n_for_  some years have*ceased to'regard Kaslo  in the light of* a-competitor from any-  point of'view. If" the Kaslo;��� paper  would devote the/ space, it has,: been  giving to abuse of'Nelsoivto sounding  the praises of its own town it might  then reasonably-cxpect' support from  business men who were being benefitted by the publication of a live local  newspaper.  W. O. Gillett lias secured the contract for the exhibition buildings, and  will begin work at once on their construction, ��� Tho plans show artistically designed buildings, and large  enough for.the purposes for which they  ave intended. As was generally understood, the building used last year  was only a temporary structure. This  year the directors have arranged for the  erection of' permanent- buildings designed with*.due regard to to the comfort and convenience of exhibitors and  visitors. When completed they will  ��� compaie favorably with any buildings  for the same purpose in the west.  expected that the ship can "be raised  and if this cannot be accomplished, at  least everything of value can be taken  out of ber. The great object is to recover the large amount of treasure  which the Islander was bringing from  the north, and whieh totalled something over half a million dollars. A  number of attempts have been made  to locate the boat, but were unsuccessful. These gave rise to many theories,  one of which was tbat the Islander was  shattered by the"descent to the bottom,  and that the swift current of Douglas  Channel scattered her over a wide area.  Another suggestion was that she struck  on a ledge of rocks and glanced off, but  the discovery made by the Neptune  Company indicates that as originally  announced, sbe struck a floating iceberg and sanlrsoon afterward.  The Economist warned the citizens of Nelson some months ago  of the dire consequences that might  follow the boycotting of John Houston by the licensed victuallers. It now  appears that numerous friends of that  much maligned statesman have resented the boycotso bitterly that they  have become water drinkers without  reducing their consumption ;. hence  the" warnings of the city engineer  that the civic water supply is seriously  endangered.  There will be a meeting of tbe Nelson-. Operatic_Soeicti'isbortlyi*q discuss  the proposal to give-an opera during  fair week. There is' a desire on the  part of some members of the society  toacquiesce in the popular demand for  "Erminiej" although others believe  "The Mascot" would be preferable. The  point in favor of the former is that it  has never been produced here", while  the latter has been given several times  by professionals.  OSveryone in the West knows George  H. Ham, of the C. P. JR. George had  a great streak of luck recently, having  been assigned to take a party of sixteen  young~la~di6s"to"the St." LbuisFair; Bo  well. did.he";fulfill bis engagement that  >he .was presented with a ring by the  young women. It is not stated that  -George revealed the fact that he was a  grandfather, of'a married man at all,  which, if he did not, may properly be  regarded as a case of receiving presents  under false pretences.  " J. E. Annable is corresponding with  several people in the East with the  view of obtaining several high-class attract ions for-tke Fair.  W.J..Taylor, the popular Victoria  barrister, suffered a severe loss one day  last week because of an accident which  happened to "Prince Budolph," a stallion valued at about $5,000. The animal broke its leg and had to be shot.  He is the second which the owner has  lost since be stocked his farm atrNortb  Saanich with thoroughbreds.  "When I was crossing the Atlantic,"  said a well-known citizen to a repre-  senlativeof this paper the other day,  " upon one occasion among the passengers wad an elderly Jew- of refinement and culture. There were also  some young, rather ill-bred Americans  of undoubted Anglo-Saxon race who  amused themselves and some other  travellers by their witty cuts at the  good-natured Hebrew. Or.ce, however, the joke was carried too far,  when a number of passengers were assembled in the smoking-room; and  the Jew turned upon his persecutors  and gave them the most perfect  tongue-lashing I ever had the pleasure  of listening to. 'Yes, gentleman,' he  said in winding up, 'I am a Jew, and  I am proud of it, proud of it gentlemen. I would have you remember  that my ancestors were princes, iu  Israel, when yours were bare-legged  barbarians.' And he left those young  men looking and feeling very small  and uncomfortable."  The Rossland Evening World suspended publication last week, on account of lack of support. The fact of  the matter is there is not now, and  never has been, room in Rossland for  two daily newspapers, and it is doubtful if the surviving paper is making  enough as a business enterprise to  keep its head above water. Nelson is  the' only city in the Kootenays that  can support two daily newspapers.  There is one h*>xe now that is a paying  investment, and it iu aniiouuccd.-that.  there will be another started on August 1st, by the only man in British  Columbia who really knows anything  a t all about i mining a newspaper.  Word comes from Victoria that the  "Neptune Salvage Company, of Tacotna,  has succeeded in locating the Islander  in 300 feet of water, and that there is a  possibility of ber being raised. Not  only has the steamer been located, but  the men have been down to her three  times. She is practically intact, but  has a large jagged "hole in her port  bow, as if fehe had struck on a rock instead of an iceberg. As the boat was  going at a high rate of speed when the  acsident occurred, it can be easily uh-  The Olympia Opera Company,  which was seen here last year, is  asking for an early date at the Opera  House.  Referring to the presence of a couple  of boys in the police court at Fernie,  the Free Press of that town offers a  little advice that might not comeamiss  even in Nelson : " There arc a number  of youths in tbis town who are shaping careers which will Dot bring honor  to themselves and to their friends.  These lads may be seen loafing around  at nights, hours after they should be  in bed. There is no getting away from  the fact that moso of the responsibility  for this state of affairs must rest upon  the parents, many of whom seem to  think that when boys reach that age  when tbey can work and provide "for  themselves their responsibility ceases.  That is the age when character is most  rapidly developed, and" consequently  the age when the greatest care should  be exercised. Disobedience is the first  discordant note which should warn  the watchful mother, father or legal  guardian that all is not right.' The boy  or youth who defies parental authority  is far on the road which ends iu defiance of the laws authority, and he is  then a criminal. Parents, ascertain  where your boys spend their spare  time, aud if you are not satisfied use  that authority which the law allows  you to eiFect a reform. The police have  hitherto showu considerable leniency  in the matter but they have assured us  lhat in future the offenders will be  dealt with as thev deserve. The fact  that the police think it uecessary to act  should have a startling significance to  the parents."  Mrs. Irvine, sister-in-law of Fred  and William Irvine, and son, of St.  John, N. B., are visiting their Nelson  relatives..  Mr. and Mrs. George Clark and son,  of Grand Forks, B. C, who were visiting Nelson for the past week, have returned home. Mr. Clark is the High  School teacher at Grand Forks.  the Prairie Capital. The worst feature  of the vicious tendencies of tlie Win-  nipeggers, is that immorality is-not  confined to those who make no pretence lo virtue, but has seized those  who should be looked up to as models  for tho community. A dNpalph from  Winnipeg to a Vancouver paper last  Monday announced that a sensational  incident with a more sensational story  behind it oceured in lhe Logan Avenue  Baptist Church tbe previous morning.  As is customary, members of the choir  had assembled in a room in the rear of  the pulpit preparatory to entering the  church in a body for tbe'scrvice. When  Mis3 Johnstone, one of the singers,  came in,' the majority of the ladies  walked out and took seats in tlie body  of the church. It was latter announced that the pastor, W.C. Vincent,  had left the 2ity the day before on a  year's leave of absence granted by the  board of managers. This was the result of an investigation which had been  going on for some time, and culminated  on Fiiday in a decision that the pastor  aud Miss Johnston had been guilty of  immoral relationsnip.- Rev. Mr. Vincent is a married man with a family.  Miss Johnstone is also a teacher in the  Sunday School, and iu the afternoon  when the classes assembled, none of  the children who had been under her  in strnction ,were present. The ease is  all the more sensational to the citizens  of Winnipeg in general because Rev.  Mr. Vincent was the most vigorous  worker of the Ministerial Association  d tiling the moral "eriuade which resulted in*?* tbe'breaking up of tlie immoral colony op Thomas street last  February. The investigation of the  pastor's conduct covers the period in  which that crusade wasgoingon. The  climax coming as it does in close succession to other allegations of immorality in church circles, has causedamnst  noticeable reversion of opinion among  those who applauded the action of the  Police Commissioners in declaring war  against the segregation of vice by the  enforcement of the law as demanded  by the ministers, and the breaking up  of the colony. Last Friday night the  sou of a prominent clergyman created  Winnipeg has long boasted that next  to Toronto it is the most righteous city  in Canada. Winnipeggers who visited  the coast were inclined to bold up their  hands in holy horror when they contemplated the wickedness of Victoria  aud other coast cities. It is quite true  Victoria never made any extravigant  claims as to the morality of her citizens,  yet with its wide-open policy, it has to  take a back seat when comjiared with  fman, he rides somewhat stooped.  j' Come on, men,' he exclaimed as he  ncurcd us. ' And are these the Canadians I have heard so much about.'  Tlie men looked at him, and then a  rough-and-ready westerner exclaimed,  without knowing to whom bespoke,  'You'll have to straighten up, old  man.'  " Tho commander only smiled, and  after he had mingled among the men  he said, ' Well, I guess I won't have to  tell you to straighten up, but you are  not long and lanky like I am.' From  that time until he entered Ladysmith  he continued to grow in th e affections  of the men, showing himself in every  instance one of themselves.  ews of the  M  mes  s  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  " I remember one day were were up  on a kopje watching the Boers. It  was very hot and dry and the water  waggons could not reach us, We became very, very thirsty~witbout any  prospect of relieving our thirst. *\Lord  Dundonald came riding up to us.  " ' Is there anything you want?' he.  asked.  " ' We would like a little water very  much,' Treplied.  " He at once took his own water  bottle from his pocket and passed it  around unlil all the water was exhausted, but many of them were re-,  lieved."  " Lord Dundonald could appreciate  a joke as well as any one. As perhaps  you know we were given- a dog by  Peterboro' citizens for mascot. When  some of our company died we traiw-  ferred a number to the dog. One  day when we were out in the country,  and when provisions were getting  scarce, some of the men took to commandeering ��� sometimes, vulgarly  called looting. One of the men was  caught, and was to be tried beforo his  superior officer, Lonl Dundonald. He  was asked his number.  " ' Number 521.' he replied.  ''When next morning they called  'No. 521' it was found to be our mascot, the dog. His Lordship understood the joke, and the trial was postponed.  a stir~in the fashionable section of the  city where he resides by a fierce and  damaging assault on a well known citizen whom he surprised with his wife  in her bed-chamber. On Friday night  a squad of police made a raid in the  upper story of a block ou Market avenue east, and discovered the sixtecn-  year-cld daughter of another clergyman  among the female inmates.  E. C. Senkler, gold commissioner of  tbe Yukon, was in Nelson for a few  hours this week. He made a flying  trip to Poplar.  A veteran of the scenes and struggles  of South Africa was talking and Lord  Dundonald was his theme. Jn those  strenuous times, when the speaker was  a "hero," instead of a quiet unassuming citizen, he had been a member of  the Strathcona Horse, which was attached to the Third Light Brigade, of  which the noble Lord had been commander. Being in continual contact  with him he knew whereof he spoke.  "I tell you," he said enthusiastically  to a reporter of the Toronto Telegram,  "Lord Dundonald was one of thefiuest  officers who ever doned a uniform, and  every man liked liim."  Then by instance and illustration he  showed the*;reason why, for it is often  iu the little things that true greatness  is shown.  "I will never forget the first time  we met him," he went on. "It was on  Gogo Hill, and as he came riding up  of course no one knew him.   A tall  " Lord Dundonald had a great fondness for the wild songs of some of the  westerners.  " ' Would you have the kindness to  sing that again?' he would politely request, after eagerly applauding the  effort of some humble singer.  " Then on���Sunday afternoon he  would gather his men around him,  wherever possible, and give tbem a  straight talk on their moral life and  the importance of character. On Sunday night we would sing hymns and  Lord Dundonald would always lend  the singing.  "Yet he was always firm, independent and straightforward, and in constant touch with these qualities, is it  any wonder that the boys loved tbe  man whom the Empire cheered and  almost worshipped when Ladysmith  was relieved ?'  Rev. J. H. White, superintendent of  Methodist missions for British Columbia, is visiting Victoria after an extensive tour throughout the province. He  has reported conditions in the interior  to be very greatly improved over what  they were a couple of years ago. In  East Kootenay particularly is the outlook very bright, and Nelson is now  enjoying a measure of abundant prosperity. Marysville is enjoying a genuine boom and is probably the liveliest  town in British Columbia to-day. The  big smelter is now in operation and  times are lively. Mr. White is of the  opinion that the period of depression  in tbe interior has about passed.  Plioenix Pioneer.  John   Buckley of Sandon  13  doing  assessment work on his properties in  Wellington camp.  G. A. McLeod, of Grand Forks, is  starting work on some claims on  Monashee mountain on the North  Fork of Kettle river divide.  Monday will be the monthly payday  at tbe Granby mines, the amount being well up to the average of late,  which is about ��40,000 for the month  for wages alone at the mines.  Work has  been discontinued on  the  Brey Fogle claim in Summit camp,  which has been shipping to the Granby  smelter.    Work is still going on at the  No. 38, and there is talk of diamoud  drill testing.  ~>  A diamond drill is now being used  at the 300 foot level of the Mother Lode  1  mine. Some work on the Primrose  claim, one of the Mother Lode group,  recently opened up an excellent body  of iron ore.  Up to the first of May there had been  done a total of sinking and raising,  5,705 feet; drifting and crosscutting,  17,093 feet; diamond drilling, 1,493 feet  at the Granby mines. "Up to tbe same  date shipments of ore were 1,194,008  tons.  F. C. Bailey recently ie turned from.  Spokane to resume development work  on his Providence camp claims, the  Excelsior, Frederick, etc. He was  gratified to find that the Great Northern-graders had dciie some excellent  work on his claims, cutting through an  ore body some 27 feet deep.  Last Friday the Providence Mining  Co. paid its fourth dividend of ten  cents per share, as previously announced, making about $11,000 so far  paid. Manager Mcintosh is now in the  east, looking up the $7,000 worth of  electrical machinery that it is intended  to equip the mine with.  Phil McDonald, one of the owners of  the rich Elkhorn mine, passed through  the city yesterday on the way to Spokane. It is tbe intention of Mr. Mc-  Donald-and-Mr.-Sutherland-to install  an electric equipment at the Elkhorn  for running the mine, just as soon as  they decide on the best system to be"  used there.  Parson Smith coinmenceoT-Work'the**  past week on the Denver group, Io~_  cated across the river from -Bosworth';-  station.  - Perkins Bros, the past week crossed ft--?,  a 4-foot lead  of quartz carrying peacock copper.     The claim ia about two"'."  miles up Poplar creek.  Poplar is beginning to look like a' *  mining camp.   Every morning a train'  of pack animals is loaded with supplies  at E:  L.   Masterson's  store   for   the ";  working mines in the vicinity.        '/���' Z ���.  W. G. McMorris, D. LV-Dover"* ahd"v.  P. McGuire, of "Nelson," came iit-.oh '/.  Monday's train and went up to-the-/  Nelson group, situated on the opposite  side of the Lardo River from Rapid 1  creek. Messrs. Dover and McGuire  have an option on the group and will '"  shortly commence development work. '  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  A-'A;*fz��ir\  ���     ''^.**^   . I  ',' ** 7y}\  "J-?, ar ���  ���*--??-S>k\  .   "<h,~*# I  ��� - --H-1- - "��.* r  . A'-'M  .' ^I  ��� -,**<%..  z\  <��i  POPLAR MINING NOTES.  Poplar Nugget.  Jack Chisra and Oscar Nelson are  doing assessment work on some Johnson Basin properties.  J. A. Magce "of the Spyglass company has been in Poplar tho past week  looking after the business ofthe mine.  Slocan Drill.  Sandon's mines last week handled  121 tons. '   ; :.  The packers are busy removing .ore  from the Kilo to the Chapleau stamp.,;  mill.   5  The record office did some business  last week, 35 assessments being regis-  tered.  One man is employed on the Hampton running a short crosscut" to meet'  the lead.  Several hundred feet of air pipe-went-  up to the Ottawa and. the . Bank of'.*  England oh Saturday. ~    \v  - ���j'��� ..,..   ���..   .,     .   ���    ,   ������.-���'.-���-  ConneeUcp.  has .been made., at the;,;  Myrtle in the raise between the tunnel  and the shaft.    It took six .hours for*  the water to drain out.  It is not hot air this year .about the  Rockland, on Eight Mile.' Men have  started to work on the property and  everything points to steady operations.  Prof.  Parks has reported favorably  on the. mineral resources of- the south'  fork of Kaslo creek.   It will now be in-  order for the Great Northern to build a.  branch line thereto.  D. Graham and J. Skinner have located two claims on a big ledge on the  Twelve" Mile-Ten_Mile_divide:    iris-"  100 feet wide and carries stringers of  galena, zinc and copper.  A new property for the season appeared in the shipping list for the  week, being the Alberta, which sent  out 15 tons to the Nelson smelter. To  the same place went also 5 tons from  the Port Hope. The Ottawa added  06 tons to its total, making the-total -  for the week 80 tons. Nothing waa  handled from Ten Mile this week,  though both the Enterprise and Nee-  pawa have shipments ready^to go out.  To date shipments total 964 tons. *  .A=#lil  ";,'.;���'-: ������'F&Ml  7 A^$M  ��� if,:- -_3-__.fii$&\  , -��������� .^j^i  ��� y;pcA^j\  '-:- ���-ii&.fz-J  .. ^,  'j^r-H^'l  ' -AA}-^.k  .     .KfiS&l  v. >' r  t   -Z'tsi* I  "* $* -  *A!zi r* I  - ' v*w- L  "C*-A|  - "V-Vf I  ' ��� Ziy\  A''A'  ' '���7r7Z  :��� 'of'}*'  r��,. i,*l  :.   IK' \ f.riS&SI  B  oundary  OreS  hipments  The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines for' 190Z  1904, and for last week :   1903 1904  Past Week  Granby Mines, Phoenix    ...... 393,718      292,090 3,000  Snowshoe, Phoenix 74,212  Brooklyn, Phoenix   Mother Lode, Deadwood 130,492       93,724 2,880  Sunset, Deadwood 15,731  Morrison, Deadwood 3,339  B. C. Mine, Summit    19,865  R. Bell, Summit   Emma, Summit 22,937        16,877 800  Senator, Summit Camp  3G3 1,756  Oro Dp'"*"-. 15,537       13,766 "90  Brey l'o0.v.-, Summit  222 30  Winnipeg, Wellington 2,435 354 30  Golden Crown, Wellington   Athelstan, Wellington 5,646        2,968  King Solomon, W. Copper       .....  No. 7 Mine,  Central   City of Paris, Central.       .       ...      .       .  Jewel, Loug Lake   .       .      .       .       .      .       ,  Carmi, West Fork      ........ ���   ���  Providence, Providence ...... 910        _    436  Elkhorn, Greenwood         400 285  E. P. U. and Goldfinch .     .........      .       . 167 -204  Ruby, Boundary Falls       .      .      .      .      .      .  Miscellaneous  .      .      .      .      . ;    .      .      .  Total, tons.      .    -.    ���'.���"���;      .      .-   .684,426      418,837       5,830. uamm  ;;j-u, .,,-^Aim^mim  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  -4'*-  '**?���  I's!**-  l-s  !  1  A   5*V  I  Ie.  is1**:  ll-A  It". -  IJ -'.  H;?  1?."'  Ir  *  I.   '  The Nelson Economist  Published every Saturday afternoon at  ^KBSfON STKKET. NiiLSOU. Jl. C.  I Per Year in Advance  Advertising*rotes made known on Application,  All changes In  a<Jvc.*tlst..ienls to Insure I -isersion sliould reach  tills office not later thai Thursday, 12 o'clocK.  When change of nddrcss is required, lt Is Jcslriblu lhat both tho  O-fd address and the new be given.  Address   all   communications,   ���'Publisher    of   Tun   Xhxson  .Economist. Nelson. IJ. C."  j harvest of recent years, while the estimates as to the  fruit crop would appear to make a hopeless g'ut a  manifest certainty. British fanners have certainly  nothing to complain of as regards the price of raw  v.v-H-i. for tbey are receiving  something like  2d. per  | lb. more for the article than the}* did twelve  mouths ago, while fresh advances in price sre generally being looked forward to. The war in tbe East  has tended to strengthen the demand for sucn wollen  goods as array clothes, and Dewsbnry reports that  makers are busy with blanket and and rug orders for  the Japanese. Russia is also i:i the market for this  class of go'jt'j. The colonial market keeps up a fair  demand and in spite of the threatened changes in the  Canadian tariff, good trade is still being done with  the Dominion. It is said that the new duty will chiefly  affect such articles as cheap tweeds."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The  belief seems to be  general   in the East that  ttle Laurier Government will go the  country^ immediately after the  close of the  present session, which  ��� will come to au end iu a week or so.    In   all  probability, the elections will be held  in  OctoLer, but not  later than  November.    Word has gone forth  from  headquarters to   the  Liberal organizers in   Ontario.  There are   various  reasons given   fur this   sudden  change, but the most important one is that  the Dundonald incident and  the Premier's fatal   pronouncement against "dragooning  by  foreigners"   have  in-  fused'a sudden and very live element of uncertainty  into the question of tbe fate that awaits   tbe  Laurier  administration when   it  re-appeals  to   the   country.  The Ottawa  Citizen, supposed   to   be  well-informed  on matters of this kind, says that this doubt and uncertainty has appealed very vividly to the   promoters  of the Grand Trunk Paci6c goes without saying and  it is extremely unlikely that tbey will feel inclined to  incur large obligations daring  tbe   limited   period  which must in any case  elapse before   an election.  They naturally want to know where they are at, because "high finance" is an extremely sensitive factor  which demands the elimination of the greatest ratio  ofl uncertainty from any enterprise of the magnitude  oi nine figures.      The'same paper says that the,gov-  crnment, ou its part, while it may shrink from the  devil as represented by the chance of going Xo  the  country with the Dundonald   " foreigner"   incident  still fresh in the public mind, is afflicted wiih a nervous dread of the deep sea as represented by tl.e prospect of going" to the country next year with its railway policy a still nebulous, unrealized phantasy.   The  building  of a trail scon tin a 1 line is the" only item of  constructive policy which the Laurier administration  lias yet been in a position to submit to the public during its eight years of existence.     Already there has  been one  hirJch  in it, aud to finally go down to the  country with  the scheme sti 1 in the air   would be  fatal to  success;     With the prospect of an election  close at hand, it will be well for Conservatives in this  "ceustituency to  get ready for the  battle.     The   fact  thai the election here is to be held one moir.h  later,  should not be"allowed  to weigh in the matter.    The  chances are Lhat the-  Government will be defeated,  but should  it happen that  both parties were evenly  divided in. the result much  would depend upon tbe  seats.iu British Columbia where elections are to be  held a mouth later.  The suppression of Judge Britton's report   on the  Treadgold concessions is another nail in the coffin  of  he Laurier Government.  Montreal Scotchmen at a meeting decided to tender  a reception to Lord Dundonald iu the near future. The  date of the reception will be decided on later.  An air of mystery surrounds the visit of several  well known local capitalists to Poplar this week. It  is hinted that there have been several very rich discoveries made in the new camp within the past week  or so.  According to the London correspondent  of Dun's  Review, 'trade conditions in Great Britain are rather  ^contradictory just at present.    Money is cheap,   but  business as shown by railway ttaffic and bank clearings, i.s slack as a whole.* The weather is excellent  and  the harvest   promises lo be a   bumper one   all  rjuud but in the en.^ine-.-iing trade there is nothing  , save the most  pessimistic foicbodings  as  to  the fu-"  ' ture.    Consols have gone up, but speculation i.s stagnant, and the bears seem always to have the  best  of  the argument.    The fiscal  question  has  been  practically shelved, but a general election seems prQbable,  and this adds another disturbing element to the situ-  *!km.'.  The arrival ofthe Chinese at the Rand has, to  a certain extent, relieved the anxiety- as to the devel--  raent ofthe South African mines, but the rosy anticipations  which were formed   as   to  the  result of this  mive have yet to be realized.    In  the   labor  market  there has been a  slight increase   in tlie number  or  bands etnploj'ed in tbe cotton industry, while, on the  other   hand,   engineering   ancl   shipbuilding  works  have employed considerably fe>.ver   men.    The very  favorable weather ofthe past {six   weeks has had  an  excellent effect on crop prospects.'- Farmers are now  Jmsy gathering in what promises to be the finest hay .  Victoria is rapidly forgiug to the front as an art  centre. Mrs. William Davis, formerly of Nelson, is  about to open "a school of dramatic art" in-the capital city. If Mrs. Davis ever gives one of her aina-'  teur dramatic performances in Victoria, it wili in *all  probability instigate a riot.  Twelve years ago, Mr. Thomas Watson, novelist  and art critic, married Jean, eldest daughter of Hon.  J. C. Patterson, ex-M. P. and former Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba. "The ccuple moved to a West-  ern city, where Mr. Watson died a few weeks ago,  his remains being cremated. Last Thursday Mrs.  Watson returned to Windsor, Ont .bringing with her  the ashes of her husband, and cast them into the Detroit River, complying with his dying request.   ,  With -this issue, The Nelson Economist commences its eighth year of publication. It is now the  oldest paper in the city of Nelson, and bas never  missed an issue since it first started. At no time in  its history has this paper been a losing venture, but  each successive year has increased its assets, and today it is in a more prosperous condition than it has  been any time since its first publication. When it  cea es to be a profitable business investment, it wiil  close its doors. During the coming year, there -will  be several changes in The Economist, all of which  are calculated to benefit the community in which it is'  published, and the publisher, who depends upon it f- r  an existence.  Of course there are two sides to every question, but  in the dispute now taking place between the wholesalers of Nelson and tbe railway company, we do not  think thecompany will beable to justify its course in  assisting Calgary to invade a territory that by rights  belongs to Nelson. This frieght rate question has to  be settled sooner or kter, and if it is" not settled on an  equitable basis, aiid satisfactory to both parties to the  dispute, it can only result in friction.that must prove  disadvantageous to the company and the wholesale  interest of Netson. Aud one thing is certain, Nelson  business men are not going to stand idly by, aud permit Calgary wholesalers to monopolize the. territory  that by justice belongs to this city.  ��� -Thos. D'Arcy McGee was an Irish rebel. He cauie  to Canada, was oiie ofthe fathers of Confederation  and a monument to his memory is to . be erected on  lhe Parliament grounds, at Ottawa. Charles Gavan  Duffy was a leader of the Young Ireland party, and  was prosecuted for his share.in the political agitation  of-thctime. Disgusted with the turn of ievents he  went to Australia, engaged iii public life, became  Premier of one of the colonies, and was knighted by.  Queen Victoria. Twenty years ago Hugh Mahon  was a prisoner in Kilmai.nham prison because he was  an.-energetic participant in the political struggle of  that period. To-day he is Postmaster-General in the  new Government ofthe Commonwealth of Australia.  ���It is suggestive that honors should thus be bestowed  upcji men  vvho in   their own land   were   specially  jnarked out for punishment.  For the wet spring days must be damp  proof and vet light in weight and stylish in  form. Our new foot wear .fills these requirements in every particular. 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Are we to be crowded out  by these " foreigners*'?    - *  Toronto Telegram.  Add now the smell of the new-mown  hay is in the rural atmosphere and the  hired man has to accept hearsay evidence to the effect that there are such  things as beds. ..������Full-timothy is the  farmer's joy, while his city brother's  aesthetic taste can only be be "satisfied  with the long green.  Peterboro Review.  Mr. Fisher committed the crime of  inciting militia officers to. mutiny for  corrupt purposes and Lord Dundonald  exposed it, so he has to go." Tlie Laurier ministry committed the crime of  misappropriating ��3,000,000 of public  money for corrupt purposes, and the  auditor-general exposed it, so he also  has to.go.  Guelph Herald.  Even with Tarte and Blair removed  all is not harmony in the Laurier  cabinet. On Wednesday the house was  afforded the unique spectacle of the  premier repudiating the action of the  secretary of state in instructing Mr.  Justice Britton not,to report oh the  Treadgold concession. It is the old  trouble again cropping up. It was the  Siftonian prestige that forced Hon Mr.  Tarte-to retire. ^ Mr. Blair's resignation was in a very large measure due  to the same influence. To-day Hoii.  Charles Fitzpatrick has the minister of  the interior on bis back. But, the former is not going down and out without a fight. Mr. Prefontaine wants to  retire Premier Parent from tbe Quebec  leadership. Mr. Parent is Mr. Fitz-  ...patrick's law partner and tbe minister  of justice has the reputation for standing by his friends. 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I*-  Ut!  iP:-'  s A  f*  I*/  If.  fc_"  i-*i  ? .  JSL_&L_J$ JL  Engagement an  It has been our endeavor to design and make rings to the taste  fancy of our patrons, and at very  short notice. Our facilities are exceptional, as we have tocarry a veiy  large stock of loose precious gems  of best quality, and at very reasonable prices.  enauoe esros.  Manufacturing Opticians.  ��ft $} MA "W  Notice.  NEWS ITEMS.  Real esfate men report an increasing  demand for dwelling-houses of the hotter class.  I DEAL  .The Victoria Times says "E-lward  f arrer was never editor of the Toronto  Globe." Yet there are m my who be-  lieve.the brilliant Irish-C.uiailun j-.m-  jialiat was chief editorial writer of the  Globe for years.  - The final lacrosse match between  Fernie and Cranbrook of the Ciow'.-  Keat Pass league was --la.vcd ofFi.ii the  Cranbrook Turf and Athletic -issocia-  tlon grounds on Tuesd.iy, July 12th at  7:30 p. m., and resulted in a tcore of S  to 0 in favor of the Cranbrook  team.. The game all through wuh devoid of roughness, not one man having  to be put on the fence The Cranhrook  boys had an eu^y game and the ball  . wa3 always daugjrouily cIojo to the  Fernie flag-j.���  . Rev. Father Le Jcune. O. M. L, fir  So many years connected with the Indian missions in the Kamloops district, \rlll leave/for Fftuiee'^irtho J.0lh  of this month to represent the Proy-  ince.at a.Chapter of the Oblate^to bv  held there next month. It is 2o year-?  since tbe Rev. 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Comment-iris "tu stake inarlced onr-hall'mile  westof Kltclieiierjitntion on the south side  of railroad track, thence south 20 chains,  thenee east. 20 chains, more or less.to line 01  townslle,' thence north'20 chains more or less  to railway track, thenee -west along railway  track toplaceof commencement, containing  ���10 neres more or less.  Dated at Xilclionc-r.this (ith day orjtinc.lCXM  GKonQB A. Huwt.  Certificate of I m a rove m cits.  The Vnnccnvor and Kontrnny mineral  claims, situate in the Nelson Minln-,' Division  nf Wi-stK'oolenay District.  "Where located : 1111 cast, s'de cf Kootenay  r.Mie, about three miles cast of ihe tuwitui  yanca.  Take notice that f, J. h. (1. Aljl.olt, Free  Miner's CVrtilleutu No, US-I.iSl for myself and  nHagcnt for-If. Abbott, l'n* Miner's Certificate No. 1'81,-lS:', ui ii K. I/. IKiuley. Kree Miner's Certl(ie:te Nn, IW,">,2-r>, Intend, sixly days  frf in the i!ati-licreof, toapply to the Mining  ltecorder for 11 Certitlcate of Improvements,  f\>r tlio purpose of obtaining 11 Crown Grant  of lhe above claims.  And itirthertakenot.iceth.it action, under  Section ;$", must be commenced before Issuance of sueh Certlllcate of Improvements.  Dated th*s20ih day of June. lUO-l.  .1. L. (J. Abbott.  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim,situate In the  Nelson Mining Division bf West Ki otena.v  I):sl rict.  ������Where located: On Hover" Cret'c, about  three miles from ICoolenay ltivn*. 'Jake notice that I, Krank Fletcher, of lhe Citv or  Nelson, acting ns agent.for myself, Free Miner's Co rl'fioate No. 1182.02H, and A. C. Flum-  merfelI, Free Miner's Ccrtilicate Xo. 1580,02-1,  Intend, sixty days from Uie date hereof, to  apply to tlie Mining ltecorder for a Cenilieate  ol'Impiovementfi for the purpose ofobtain-  inlng a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must, be commenced before the issuance of sueh Certificate ol" Improvements.  Dated this 2Gth day of May. A. D 1904.  FKA3SK Ft.ETClIElt.  Ccrtlficatejof Improvements.  Recluse Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where located :��� Three miles West of Nelson, on the C. & K. Railway.  Take notice that I, John McLatchie, of tho  City of Nclsou, acting as agent for Edward C.  Arthur, Free Miner's Ccrtilicate Ko. 1330,57,1,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Kecorder for a Cri tifl ate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ofthe above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificate ol Improvements.  Dated this 21st day of May, 15)01.  John McLatchie, P.  L.S.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  JMargand J."A. Fractional Mineral Claims,  situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West  Kootenay District.  .   Where located : On Morning mountain.  Take notice that l,-,Tohn McLatchie, Free  Miner's Certificate No. K58.-I92, lor myself sind  as agent for Edward H. Stanley, Free Miner's  Certificate No. U58,484, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the llini-ng-Ke-  corder for Certificates of Improvements, for  the purpose of ublaining Crown Grants ofthe  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the Issuance of such Certificates ol" Improvements.  Dated thisl/tli day of May, A.D. 1G0-L ,  John McLatchie.  Respecting Coat, and Pktkoi.kum Laxds  in South-east Kootenay.  William A.-Donaldson of Vancouver,  has been awarded tlio Rhode*- Scholarship of lhe Province of Brilifcb Columbia.   The examiners consisted of Chief  Justice  liuuter, Mr. Ju.iti'e Duff and  ���Alexander-Robi'i3on,-Suporin tenden t-  of "Education.    The bHi-.l-irship carries  with it ��1,500 a year for an Oxford  course.     Tbe successful competitor i.s  well known in Vancouver, having had  a   brilliant career at    llic  local institutes of learning.    In so f.tr as general  qualifications are concerned, Donald-  boh, DeBeck and  hucus, others from j  Vancouver who passed the preliminary ���  exams, were about equal, and it was!  only awarded to Donaldson  because of i  his  prominence as an athlete, ami the  great  interest lie has always taken in  He is in hi.*- twenty-  populur among  the  member.-*, of the stair of teachers and  the scholar-- of the Vancouver schools.  NOTICE is hereby given that licenses to  prospect for coal and petroleum upon  and under lands situated within Block 4,393,  South-East Kootenay will he issued forthwith  to all persons who havo made proper application, in pursuance of tlie provisions of the  " Coal Mines Act*' and amendments.  The fee lor each license will t>o 8100, and al 1  applicants who havi! not deposited accepted  bank cheques to cover' lhat amount arc  hereby rciju'rcd to do so without further notice.  ���Licenses will be issued inthc/ollowing form7  viz.:���  "Mining License isstrrcn under the Coal  Mixes Act and amendments.  CEBTIFICATE-OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Mariposa, Hanky Funky   Fractional and  Kipling Fractional MineralCIalms; situate in  tho Nelson Alining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where located: On Moi-Lilnginonnlain.  Talce notice (hat J, John McLatchie, of the  City of .Nelson, acti ng as agon t for Harry Mc-  Leod.JFrcc Miner's Ccrtilicate No. 1558,304,'and  Thomas V.T. Stoddard, Free Miner's Certificate No. r��Sfl,70y, intend, sixty days from the  date hcreol, to njiply lo the Mining Recorder  for Certificates of Improvements, for (he  purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above claims.  And furlhtv take notice, that act Ion under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 18th of May, A. D.191M.  John McLatchie, P. L. B.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  hundred dollars  s, and subject I ���>  W. Gore, Deputy  all kind.-* of sports,  tfeeond year, and  Second Annual Exhibition of the  Nelson Agricultural and  Industrial Association  feplsmbsr  lew Buildings  Fine Grounds"  Big Premiu.n List  HOVEL OPEN AIR ATfiiACTIONS  Write for Prize lAat.  .�� Aimaife SeD��� Nelson, B. C.  *��� In consideration  of one  now paid under the1 said Ac  the provisions thereof, I. W  Commis-ioner, acting for the Cliief Commissioner ol Lands and Works, license  to enter, prospect, search and  work for coal and petroleum (but no other  metal or mineial) upon, in aud under all that  piece or parcel or mineral land situate in and  forming part of Block '1,5!)3, East Kootenay  Hlsti ict. and described as follows':���'  and not  exceeding in the whole six hundred and  forty stalutc acres.  ��� "Owing lo the number of applicants for licenses to prospect for coal and petroleum, and  tin- pei-uliar circumstances surrounding the  application for and issuance of these licenses,  and the well-known fact that the issuance has  been unavoidably suspended for so many  mouth-, tlie Government of Uritisli Columbia  finds it Impossible to determine the equitable  rights of the numerous applicants. Therefore, lor t.ho purpose <>f enabling all pcisons  to go before the proper tribunal foiMhedc-  tcrinlnat on of their respective rights and  prlorlii-s, (his license i.s issued and accepted  subject (������Mich prior rights of other p< rsons  us nmy exl-l hy law. and the date of this 11-  ieii~e Is not to be tuken or held as in any  scii-e diU rmln!n0'such iriorty, and further  il shall not bj taken or held to waive enquiry  !���} the Courts into ilie proper performance ol  ul) co dllioiis precedent us bei ween "ad verse  claimant.-; and fuifliei on I he understanding  that ihe Government shall not he held IV-  cpoiis b'c tor, or In connection with,any con-  It cl ul.ii li mayansewilli other claimants of  ihe same giouml, and that under no elrcum-  .-tanei's w 11 Iuen.se fees l.e refunded.  ������And tIn�� holder licreby waives any claim  ordem.md against ibe Government, and ex-  pic���ly agric.i not to take any steps or proceeding-, or piesei.t any petition, to fnfurco  any alleged i-l.iimor demand against the Gov-'  eminent i>t the IYovinee of Uritisli Columbia  arising out of the is.-.u;nic; of this license or  of any other mutter <r thing appertaining  lllf-U'lo.  "lhe land being" inlcr reserve from pre-  i nipt ion and sale thi- license dois not include  any right <>th��-r than the right to pn.spect for  <oal and petroleum.  '���Tne iltii.u.oji oi this license is for one  year funik , ino  ������ Depii'.v C- mmissioner of LamU & Works.  - 1,iihN .ind Wi rHx Department,  *��� \ U-Un I.i, IS. C, .I'M   ." I  K. F. ��i:KKN, I  di < I J�� m:n:s->:i>iie:- of Lais 1? V Works.  I.nidi. .-uni V, or!:-! IXipirlnKiit.  N It io: in, IJ. C., (Itii June. VX.i.  S. J-M. Mineral Claim, siluate in the Nelson  Mining Division of West Kootenay Cistrict.  Where located: On the North Koikof Wild  Jlorse Creek, A'orth-Eastofand adjoining the  Oronogo" Mineral Claim.  Take not ico that I, JoMi McLatchie, ofthe  City or Nelson, acting as agent lor Duncan  McAi'thur, l'*rce Miner's Certificate No  Hb0,703. intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Kecorder for a  Certincale of Improvements, l'or the purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance or such Corl ideate of Improvements  Dated this 2nd day ot May, A. I).1!X>4.  John mrUtchie RL.S.  Certificate of Improvements.  Oronogo Mineral Claim, situate iu the Kelson Aiming Division of West Kootenay district.  Where located :  On the North Fork of Wild  Ilorse Creek, North Kast of and adjoining th  "Joplln" Mineral Claini.  Take notice lhat I, John McLatchie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Christian  Ij. Hi hns.-'ii and Uunca McArthur, Executors  of the will nf Kobert Kicsterer, deceased, Free  Minor's Certificate No. .intend sixty dnys  from the date hereoi* toapply to the Mining  ltecorder fur a Certificate of Improvements  for the purpose of obtaining!' Crown Grant of  the above claim.  u And further take, notice, that action under  tseellou .1, must bo commenced before the issuance of such Certlllcate of Improvements.  Dated thia 2nd day or May, 1904.  Jo'iin McLatchie.  Certificate of Improvsmcnta.  '.. Ffngrce. Mayflow-r. Illake. II. G. N..Snm-  11, fractional and Snow Drift Fractional  Mineral Claims, situate in (he Nelson Miiiiii"  Division of West Kootenav distiict.  Where located: On the Divide between  Sandy and -19 Creeks above the " Florence G."  Mineral Claim.        a  , Tako'notice that I, John McLatchie. of tlio  City of Nelson, actlngas agent for Jam��� L.  .Stamford,Itcc Miner's Certificate No. MSIl.C'1'!  7r~~;_~_!)x.}8_"s G, ^���,!1'v'' I^cMinei-sCertiricate  No. H58,JI8nnd Louis Knist, Free Miner's Cer-  I flcivtc No. IS. 80,83:*,'-'Intend sixty days from  the dale hereoi, toi.pj.ly io the Mining He-  corder tor Ccrtificatis of Improvements, for  tliepurnose ol obtain'ngCrowu Grants ofthe  nb'ivc elahns.  Ancl finther tako notice, that action under  Seel ion 37 must he commenced before the issuance of such Certi 5cn(es of Im provements.  Dated this iuih day of November, A. D. IS03  JOH>" SlCLA*GiIIB. F. Ij. S.   "  NICKERS0M,Tia���^  Po| I.ii* lias Iiail it-* fir.-it fitc, resulting  in the destrtiL-tioti - of OMby'a uieat  market latt Tueotlsiy moruing.  We only ask one trial tomi'<o you ourcus  tomer. Fine Watch .fnwelry. Opti��U and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  line. Keas-juable chargei. Work sent us  from outside towns will reccivfi the same care  as ll personally delivered. UliEicuIt repairs  done for other Jeweler*.  oods  Ladies' China Silk Blouses, $3 75^  and $4.50.  Ladies' Wash Skirts, $1.50 $2,  $2.50 and $3.    Only a few left.  Ladies' Wash Suits,   $3.50,  $4,  $5, $6 and $7.  L: dies' White Lawn Wrappers,  $1.50, $2, $2.50 and $3.  Ladies' White Lawn and Muslin  Blouses, 50c, 75c, $1, $1.25, $1.50,  $2 and $3.  Children's White and Colored  Dresses, t to 12 years, 75c, $1,  $1.25, $1.50 aud $2 each.  A splendid line of ladies' wash  neckwear and stocks at a special reduction.  A very pretty line of girdles and  belts at 25c up.  A complete line of prints and  ginghams, white and colored muslins, fancy duck and drill in all  shades from 10 to 20 cents per yard.  Millinery Departm'  Great Bargains in Children's  Muslin-Tarns, Flops aud Bonnets,  25c up.  Ladies' Ready to Wear Hats, at  actual cost.  We have just opened out a very  fine assortment of the latest novelties in neckwear and stocks, also  wash ties, just the thing for summer.  Silk front shirts. $1 each.  Neglige and light outing shirts,  with or. without collars and cuffs,  from $1 up.  A line of light summer underwear,  $1 per suit, extra good value.  A complete line of Stetson and  Christy stiff hats,-also knockabout  and straw hats. _._���  ���' Belts,   sashes,   etc.,   at   reduced  prices.  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  We Print  ��� Letterheads,  Bill Heads,  " Statements,  Note Heacs,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.; Etc.  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corpcration  Straight Mortgages at S per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  -      GOOD FISHING     *  Extra good catches of fish arc reported all along the river and lake and we are  daily coining in contact with the host nuthoiitiesas to tlie hcstlcind or hait  in  use.  v���We are this month offering special values In " ��� '   We have a bi;r stock of Hardy Bros.' Flies, iM:nno-,vs, Rods, Reels, and Gut,  Luminous and Plain Spoons, and Spinning WiugK.  GOODS THE BEST.  PRICES THE LOWEST  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,  NELSON,  B.C  N  FISHERMEN'S HEADQUARTERS.  W. G, Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Estimates  given  and woodwork.  on .stone, brick  Brick and Lime for Sale  Frank  Fletcher  PROV1K -AJL, LAND SURVEYOR.  Jaande and Mineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown Granted  P. O. Box 663      Oflice: Koote*wiT St. Nelson  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anvone sending a sketch and description mny  qiiicitlF ascertain onr opinion froo whether on  invention is probably pntentnhlo. Communications atrictly confidential, nandbooton Patents  sent freo Oldest ncency for socurhip patents.  I'.-itents taken tnrouch Munn & Co. receive  special notice, without cbnree. In tho    -\  SciMfi.,* si��. ���-"����.  A handsomely lilnntrnted weekly. I.nrce-at circulation of any scicntlQc journal. Torms. ��l a  yoar: four months $L Sold by all newsdealers.  ._Z &Co.3e,BM^ Jew York  Branch Office. ��25 _? SU Wtabraston. D. C  The most healthful beverage for Hot Weather  $1 per day and up.  No Chines^ Employed  AUGUST THOMAS;PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STK EETS,  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  ��ribserilbe for  B,C,  Strictly m Advance  ���ii


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