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The Economist May 20, 1905

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 __3H#SSK_,  SJiSf**'*  rgfe&^fiJriSsgf*"  ��W  -'-O  'vaasvwwvww  WM. R. HEARST:   "I have seen the  * most beautiful hikes In Italy and Switzer-  �� land, and all thoso lovely Hpot.s, but I have  > never seenanythiiiK liner thun thc Kootc-  �� nay.lako nnd the Arr<wr- hikes. We had a  > delightful time there.   This was my first  > trip through there." <  ���-^4vi��oi0;  S06T-B^AWvE  fill  Kill  n anyt. i .if  5.  added:   "1 didn't nee the cherries cr raspberries or/gooseberries, but it they; compare with the apples, pears and-phm.s,  _    jouhaveh   "arruitcouiitry unsurpassia  >   byanyth)      y>'he Dominion."  VOLUME  VIII.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, MAY 20,1905.  SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S HAT BOX.|THINGS TALKED OF DURING THE WEEK IN NELSON.  The following advertisement ."-ia  clipped from tbe London Daily Mail  of April 15 :  "Lost���On Thursday, April 27, on  road between Cambridge Aiid'London,  ' box containing four Indies' hats and  some    artificial    .lowers.       Reward.  Doyle, Grand Hotel."  "Doyle, Grand Hotel," it is learned,  is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, king of  mystery dissolvers. 'Yot. Sir Arthur,  - knowing as he does all the, wiles of  Sherlock Holmes, seems unable to find  a box containing "four Indies' hats  and some artificial flowers'' witohut  calling in the assistance, not of Dr.  Watson, of Baker street, but of the  ;newspapers' small ad. columns !  Sherlock IIoTfties could unravel the  mystery of murder, but  to find "four  -.ladies', hats and some artificial flowers" which he lost  while journeying  Dr. Watson and Sir Arthur have made  fun for years, must be laughing   in  their sleeves.  "Doyle's a fine detective���on paper,"  the Scotland sleuths say, exultingly,  as they show the advertisement to one  another, "but he isn't sleuth enough  to trace four hats  and a bunch of ar-l  tificial    flowers    himself.  Holmes, 'it is to laugh !' "  "Reward '"How Sherlock Holmes  would have philosophized on paper  about the mystery of a box containing "four ladies', hats and some artificial flowers." He would have taken a  cab to Dr. Watson's chambers in Baker street, and over innumerable cigarettes quietly and quickly iu one chapter have solved the mystery .of their  disappearance.  But theory and practice in detective  between Cambridge and London is too j work seem to be two different things  much for him. How Scotland Yard's ���especially in the ease of''four ladies'  experts, of whom Sherlock  Holrries,) h'ata and some artificial flowers."  A RELIABLE PEN PICTURE OF CHRIST  The following is the only reliable pen  picture of Christ as seen in actual life,-  and is an exquisite piece of word paint-  .Ing.     It is takon from an MS. now in  . possession of Lord Kelly and in  his  library.-    It was  copied from an  original letter of   Publius Lentulus at  Rome, it being the usual custom of the,  Roman Governors to advise the Senate  . v and the people of such material things  aa happened in their provinces in  the  .days of Tiberius CYpsar.     Pulius.Len-  tulus,  Procurator of Judea, wrote.the  .letter to the Senate :  _.__-_ ."  ~'"'~**There'1rp^a'red fi_mese", our, days,  a man of great virtue named Jesus  Christ, who is yet'living amongst us ;  -and of the Gentiles is accepted as a  . prophet ot Truth. He raises the dead  and cures all manner of diseases. A  man of stature somewhat (all, and  comely, such as the beholder may botli  love aud fear. His hair of tlie color of  a chestnut full ripe; plain to his ears,  whence  downward it is more orient  [and curling, and  waviug about   his  shoulders.   In the-inidst'of his head is  a seam, a partition in bis hair after tlie  manner of the Nazarites.     His forehead plain and very.delicate ; his face  without spot or wrinkle, beautiful'with  a lovely-red. . His nose and  mouth-so  formed . that nothing   can  be reprehended.     His beard in color like his  hair,, not very long, but, forked.    His  look  innocent aud mature.    Ilis eyes  grey, clear and quick and luminous.  In. reproving he-is .terrible, his eyes  piercing���as with a two-edged sword���  the greedy the selfish and the  oppressor, but look witii tenderest pity on tlie  Weak,   the  erring   and ..the*   sinful.  Courteous and fair-spoken.     Pleasant  in  conversation, mixed with gravity.  It cannot be remembered tbatany have  seen him laugh, but many have seen  hiin weep.   In proportion of body most  excellent���a    man   for    his   singular  beauty  surpassing    the   children    of  men."  Asa result of the misleading advance  notices in the daily papers, a" fair-sized  audience greeted "That Imprudent  Young Couple "at the Nelson Opera  House last Tuesday evening. The  Tribune particularly grievously offended   in   this  connection, claiming  ���.    .    ,    thut the piece was tlie one in which  Sherlock I '  John Drew and  Maude Adams estnb  lished tlieir credit with  tlie I lieatre-  goirig public, that it was the hit of the  season  in New York City, that Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto went wild  over it, and even going so far as to  give it tlie endorsation of the editorial  "we.'-'. After all  litis guff, one would  have been prepared to see the dramatic  critic of the Tribune sandwiched  between   billboards, - parading   up   and  down   the  streets,   proclaiming   the  merits and virtues of. ���'That Imprudent  Couple."   As. a matter fact, the Tribune people, in an outburst of enthusiasm; had a sign in their window, on  which was printed,  "Do you  know  that Imprudent Young Couple?" certainly a'suggestive interrogation emanating  from   the  Tribune   editorial  rooms.   The play itself has been seen  many times in Nelson, every time under a different title, and just as often  have the" patrons of the theatre been  entrapped into  witnessing  it.   It is  barren of anything employed in the  coustruction of a decent play, and the  company   producing it at the Opera  House   last   Tuesday evening enjoy  the dislinctien.of iieiug the worst lot  of barn stormers that have yet visited  Nolson.    May   wo  tlieir like again.  never  look   upon  It is no exaggeration to state that  few trials in Nelson in past years have  aroused so much interest as that of T.  II. Atkinson, who was charged with  setting (ire: to liis drugstore in Ymir.  The accused was well known in Nelson, and tlie unauimeus endorsation of  the verdict by which he was horoi'ably  acquitted is perhaps the best evidence  of the esteem in which l.e s held. It  might be just asj well to abstain from  commenting upon Uie case, but atthe  risk of causing pain to the publishers of  the Ymir Herald, we must say that  ilinre is a generaltfeeling here' that the  rebuke administered from the Bench  to the men who: attempted to fasten  should carefully diagnose their own  case, and if possible at once remove  the cause of thc disease.  _V, ������      /  ANOTHER CERTAIN CURE FOR CANCER.  Montreal has a self-respecting mayor.  A few days ago the city council if  Montreal by a vote of 20 to 15 ruled to  over-ride the mayor's veto, with regard to a gns franchise extc-iitled to the  Montreal Light, Heat and Power Company. As a result of the adverse vote  Mayor Laporte lias decided to resign  his position as chief magistrate ofthe  city. Here is an example which the  Mayor of Nelson might adopt with  profit���to the city.  The clerks in Nelson stores are agitating for a weekly half-holiday, Thursday afternoons.    In   several cities in  the crime on Atkinson  by some pro-|the Evince Saturday afternoon is ob-  cess of deduction hitheito unknown,  wa3 'not altogether undeserved.     So  far as  the Crown prosecutor and the  duly organized police were concerned,  they only did  their duty, but it does  seem as if there was an  evident de-  terinination on the part of some ofthe  citizens of  Ymir to railroad  the-accused to the penitentiary.     They may  have  believed  they were doing- their  duty, but the result of their work must  now  be apparent even  to themselves.  It is a phase'of life that is entirely new  to Canada.     The accused is now free,  but he has passed through an experience that mustforever cast a shadow  over his life.   There seems to be something wrong with Ymir.   The citizens  served a half-holiday, and it is found  to be advantageous to both employers  and clerks.' '   l  The citizens of Kaslo are making extensive preparations for the celebration  of Victoria Day. Kaslo has had many  celebrations of the Queen's birthday,  and it looks as if.the forthcoming One  would be equal to any that has ever  been held in that city.  Dr. Doyen, the Paris surgeon who is  so well known for his treatment of  cancer, concluded a visit to London  a few weeks ago. He visited the  Brompton Cancer Hospital a few days  previous to his departure, and expressed his appreciation of the treatment which the patients receive.  Dr.   Doyen's   treatment, as he  explained to a London Express representee, generally includes the injection  of serum  both before and after operations, the second injection, he said is  to prevent a recurrence of the disease.  Regarding the alleged cure by means  of   a decoction of violet leaves.  Dr.  Doyen said:.  "The Dover lady   who  attributed her cure to such a remedy,  could  not realiy have  suffered from  cancer.   It   is a medicine that dates  back to  the middle ages, and it is utterly unreliable ; I never knew a case  that wasreiieved by such a remedy."  Dr. Doyen does not hold the view  that the disease is hereditary.   "I do  not think that the microbe of caucer is  transmitted   from father to son," he  Mero than four long months have  passed away since John Houston was  inaugurated Mayor of the city of-Nelson, and the rock-crusher iias not yet  moved from its position on the clifi'in  the rear of the fire hall.  WHY DO WOMEN MARRY,: IS  THE GREAT   QUESTION"?  TO DROP THE CONFESSION OF FAITH  ���The General-Presbyterian-Assembly  of the United States, which met at  Winona Lake, Ind., May 18, proposes  to discuss the advisability of dropping  the Westminster Confession of Faith  and adopting instead a brief statement  of .reformed doctrines.  The proposed action of tho As  sembly isdue to a movement inaugurated by Dr. Carter of New York City,  who says in explanation of tils campaign against the confession :  "The Westminster confession in  factaays thatGodisa monster; modern  theology says that He is not. Tamerlane built a pry ram id of two thousand  men of the garrison of Herat, laid in  brick and mortar, and history calls  bim a monster for doing it. Lord  Jeffreys presided over the "bloody circuit." in which he condemned 700 to  execution, aud lie stands scorned .arid  by himself on the roll of England's  Chancellors.       But  Tamerlane . and  -JeflVeys-were_sweet souls"~c6mpared  with"a: God who could 'condemn a  whole race to endless torment for a  single sin."  "Readers of LornaDoone will remember how the robber Doones of Bag-  worthy looted a farmer's cottage and  found a little.babe in its cradle. One  of them called to his comrade to have  a game with liim. He tossed the infant to the other who., caught it,upon  the point of his pike. We call these  men fiends, but they -were bright  angels and seraphs compared with a  God who could send a million infants  to eternal torments.  "The moral sense of the people is  shocked by the shilly-shallying of the  Presbyterian Church as to the Confes-  sion. The present connectirn of the  Presbyterian Church, with the Confession, jf it were not so serious, would  be a farce; being so serious, it is a  crime. A sham theology is sure to  make a sham religion." ���*  Local and Provincial.  H.   T.   Annable,    of   Moose   Jaw,  brother of Aid. Annabie, is in the city.  Charles Hay ward, of Victoria, who  spent a week in Nelson,-left for home  Wednesday.  The Prospector, published for many  years at Fort Steele, will "he removed  toCranbrook;  -Now comes Kaslo forward with the  claim that it is the centre of one of the  finest fruit growing districts in the  Province.  George Doyle who was severely injured at his mine rn the Similkameen,  some months ago, has left the Vernon  hospital and is sojourning at Enderby.  Aid. Bird . returned last . evening  from Calgary, where he has spent the  past two weeks talking over business  matters with the C. P. R. Land Commissioner,  A few weeks ago, the following letter from a young woman, twenty-six  years ofuge, was addressed to an exchange, and following tlie inquiry* is  the answer given by a female writer on  the ) aper. Both the question and  answer may interest some of the.readers of The .Economist :  _Dear Editor :  I am a young woman, not married,  and I make a pretty good living.  I suppose I could get married, but  would you really advise me to?  I have two married sisters���and I  know that both envy me my freedom  and.easy-life.-jf the-truth-were told.���  They have the worry and care ;of  children, and they have to hear their  husbands' worries as well as their hus-  bands'-children.  When my work is done, it really is  done. My time belongs to me, and I  do .what I like.  Their work and worries are never  ended. It is the house, or the bills,-or  the children. Always some ono sick  or .something they need.  Theylove their children and their  husbands���both of them. But why  did they get tied up in that way? I  have more money, really, than either  of them, considering tliat I have only  myself to care for.. And I don't have  to thank anybody for it.  There is very little in lite for them.  They are getting older all the time,  and things are not going to improve.  I know you advise all men and all  women t" marry. But is not that just  general good, moral advice ?  Do j'ou really advise me to marry  while I am able to take care of myself,  and enjoy life with only my own troubles to worry about? Yours for Hard  Facts,       Twenty-Six Years Old.  ANSWER.  Young woman, we don't control  ourselves iu this world.  If we did manage ourselves entirely  it would, be a colder, more selfish  world than it is. Very likely- marriages would be less numerous. People  living alone, aud thinking of themselves only, would be plentiful.  But men and women are put here  on earth already wound up,S  We have to run in a certain way,  obedient to our winding. And the  Wisdom that winds is very high and  very pure wisdom.  Men aiid women marry because they  havo to. That's Ilie real, answer to  your question.  Your turn will come, Miss Twenty-  Six���at least we hope', so. When it  does, you will wonder that you ever  asked such a foolish question.  A   married woman  with   babies is a  real woman.   Otliers-are not real.  ��� What-do-you���tliink- of-a-mairtbat  does not work, and that does not want  to work ?  The woman that does not want to  marry and to care for children is the  wrong kind of woman, as the idle man  is the wrong kind of man.  We Ciin tell you the answer to a  much more diflicult question than  yours.   The question is :  " Why do women consent to marry  men who���as a rule���arc not at all  worthy of their good luck ?"  Women  marry men chiefly because  they want to know about themselves.  Women have not the faculty of interpreting themselves to themselves.  A very plain little man in Shakespeare's day boasted that with ten minutes start he could so interest a woman  that the handsomest man in London  could not attract her for a second. '.__���  What he said was true.  His secret���although he kept it to  himself���was very simple.  He told the woman the~things that  sho wanted to know aloiit herself.  When the handsomer man came along  and wanted to talk about himself���he  was not listened to. '  Young men may remember for their  guidance that the important thing is  to study the young woman's character  ���ability, talents, fine qualities, etc.���  and then" give the results of the investigation.  You see, women cannot yet produce  actual high class work such as men  produce. They have in them qualities far higher; than men's qualities.  But these only   show in their sons, I  Lincoln's mother was greater than  Lincoln? The creator is greater than  the created. But she did not know it.  She did not get tlie applause of the  crowd, the votes of the millions.  What she needed, and probably  never got, was the kind of man that  would have .understood 'her greatness  and told her about it.  Nancy Hanks "' was her name, and  she was .about six feet tall and very  homely, according to Beatrice Fairfax's usual standards.  But the riglTt man coiikl have told  her that her big hands were proof of  men talpowern-Ie'couU^havirfold her  that the fierce character which perhaps  made neighbors afraid of her was aline  thing���an indication of power that her  son would inherit. Sho would have  liked such a man and gone a long way-  to please, him.  Women's real qualities ure revealed  only in her children. The right kind  of a woman is only really happy when  she has sons and daughters that tell  her what she is, and tliat combine with  her own good qualities the best qualities of the man she cares for.  Naturally a woman's liking for the  admirer and future husoand comes  first.  While waiting for healthy, clear-  eyed children to sing her praises and  prove her worth, she likes to have  around ah intelligent man that can  guess those qualities and describe them  well.  Women marry because tbey must���  nature makes plans and they are  obeyed. They are not forced upon the  unflt���which explains the existence of  voluntary old maids and bachelors.  Our letter writer, Miss Twenty-Six,  is taking notice, and altnough she  does not know it, there probably is not  far from her the person who will  marry her aud make her working  hours irregular.  She will be glad that happened,  when a small, wrinkled human being  about ten minutes old is handed to  her, nicely washed, with a little white  dress ou���looking extremely ugly to  all the rest of the: world, but wonderfully beautiful toiler.  said.  Tobacco does not, in Dr. Doyen's  opinion, cause cancer. "What itdoes,"  he said, "is to make the teeth bad, and  under such a condition a scratch may  have very serious results."  Dr. Doyen is certain of the fact that  he has discovered the microbe causing  the disease. He has discovered micrococcus neoformans present in every  cancerous growth, and inoculation, of  animals has ahvays resulted in a tumor.  "The point of difference between  me and some of those who have argued  against my discovery* lies* simply in  this, that I hold malignaut tumor to  be caucer, and claim that inoculation  witb-the neoformans produces in animals, not merely benignant tumors,  but malignant ones, which are similar  to cancer in man."  " Apart from the augmentary points  arising in inoculation experiments,  what confirmation are you finding  from the use of the serum upon cases  ofcaneer?"  " I have treated now about four hun  dred patieuts. All of tbem bave certainly obtained relief, and about one  hundred have shown marked improvement."  "So as to give hopes of permanent  cure?"  "It is impossible to say at once that  a cancer has beon eradicated.   One can  only tell in time.    But if a patient is  brought to one suffering so badly from  cancer that he is expected to die almost  straightaway, and then one improve*  his condition, and removes from him  all symptoms of cancer, one is justified  in being hopeful.     If after five years ;  that patient is not only still alive, but  has had uo recurrence of caucer symptoms, I should^hen say that he was  cured. One must wait for five years. I  have been working with the serum  now for between three and four years."  "But your experience has convinced  you that cancer is beyond all doubt a  microbic disease ?"  "Certainly, beyond all doubt."  "Is   it, then  transmissible  in  any  way ?"  '���Much, I think, as consumption is :  not more.   It is not directly infectious "'  or contagious.     But there is certainly  danger where there are Cancerous patients, as for instance, the room wherein  a case has died.    The microbe lurks in  the dust, in  the air,'in  the clothes,  everywhere, waiting for conditions-fru   -  which it can develop."  "And   what are   those  conditions,  speaking generally ?"  "Always a  weak state of health, a    -  low condition of the blood,   coupled -  with some spot which has been weakened by the results of a blow or some  wound   setting  up inflammation.   Of  the actual causes we are stilljignoran*.;  but cancer, I think, always starts as a  tumor.   A blow, not causing much immediate pain, may set up internal-ii-  flammation, resulting in  tumor.     If  the condition ef tbe health  be bad, a-  benignant tumor becomes malignant,  and then cancer.     The initial inflammation  gives the microbe the chance  for location and the coudition of heaith  provides it with  the  opportuuity for  development,    aud   the   disease    results."' -,  " 'i_V  A3  "* r  zn  aVBJ�� I  un  o-  *-^_.  -a-  ���m  PLAIN REMARKS FROM THE LARDEAU  The Lardeau Miuing Review replying to an attack of the Nelson Tribune  on that paper, says :  "The Tribune attributes the action  of the Review ��� to a wish to stand in  with the Government on account of a  few crumbs of patronage that might  fall from the table in the way of advertisements. This is the same old,  old story tliat the editor of that paper  trots out as his most deadly weapon in  attacking contemporaries who differ  politically from him. But in this in-  stance his usual chestnut is illtimcd,  as in the same issue in which this ti  rade occurs there appears a whole page  of Nelson tax advertising. This looks  well, more especially as the editor-  owner is Mayor of that city. The Review has much to learn from tho Tri-  I bune of consistency (?) and   the art of  grafting.   We say, and we say it without fear of contradiction from ari  unbiased    mind,   that   any  movement  which will tend to the keaping out of  Oriental labor must have the support  and sympathy of all political shades,  and the attempts of the Nelson malcontents to fasten blame on the present  Government will   prevent   any such  unity of action.     We bave uo "yellow  peril" in Lardeau  unless we classify  "yellow   journals"   which   flutter  in.  from  the Houston block in thesame  category.     We have always agitated  aga'Dgi it, and we will continue to do  so, but in the  future if -we should be  up against it we want the co-operation '  of all, aud this is not to be obtained by  knocking one party down  to help another up."  TO FITTINGLY OBSERVE EMPIRE DAY  The Minister of Educatiou has issued  a circular letter to the schoolteachers of  British Ci-h.m.-i-i suggesting that steps  be taken to celebrate Empire Day in  the schools. The suggestion is a good  one, and will meet with the hearty approval of every patriotic resident of  the Province. The object is to devote  one day of the year (May 23) to the  study of matters pertaining especially  to the British Empire���that is, to impress upon the pupils the meaning of  the term and to show how the Empire  �� as built up.   In the hands of an in  telligent teacher the observance of the  day can be made not only interesting  but profitable to all those who participate in it. Mr. Fulton's letter contains the following suggestion :  ������'  l,In the forenoon the teacher should  devote his time to lessons of national  interest. There should be a study of  the causes of the greatness of the  Empire, the great principle of unity,  the foundation and government of the  Empire and its leading institutions,  and great endeavor should be made to  bring to the pupils an intelligent, comprehensive idea of the subject." THE NELSON ECONOMIST
Published every Saturday aftcrnoou at
1 Per Year Stiidlj-in Advance
Advertising ru*.C8 made known on application.
All chanses in adve/Mse-icnts lo Insure
i insertion should roach Mils ollice not later
thai Tliumduy, 12 o'clock.
Vi'rieii change of nddroKs Is ruqtiiri>il, it. W
(forif-iHIe t-hatbolli tlie old address and tin-
nelv he given.
V I Iress all ■•.nimniinlcatinns. •■ t'lihlisli-"
ol   Till'.  "I'mrflS   •SlJi»NO»IHT.  SflKoll.  IX -.'
However just a strike mny l e, if
it le followed by acts of violence
public sympathy is turned against
Ibestiikers, and public sympathy
efttimes plays an important part in
the matter of winning or losing a
strike. Violence is as wrong morally as it is legally. Men have a
tight to quit work, but no man hns
n right to do bodily barm to another for taking bis job. Wcrk-
iiigtnen bave tbe undoubted right
Jo organize, to strike for better conditions, to persuade other workmen
to stand with tberu: and to persuade
the public to give the preference to
those who concede union conditions. So much is conceded now
by all except a. reactionary few
who wculd  follotv  the  trulh  thnt
* IJ
■ "every.man bas a right to manage
liis own business" io the absKuiity
cf destroying l'ur.d_i_e:vtui light.-* o:
•woridngnien. These few, bow-
ever, are so far in tbe minority tbat
tbey and their opinions are of small
moment. But wcrkingmen ar.d all
other men, must realize—and nearly
all of t_em do realize—that others
have the right to refuse to be persuaded without  incurring, violence
. or threats of violence. The unions
are not going to be weakened, but
strengthened, by a ligid enforcement of the law. Tbey bave ample
loom for tbe exercise of all  their
. energies under the law. The brick-
throwing unionist is tbe most effective strike-breaker. The unionist
who assetts .all- his rights, and a'.
the same time respects tbe rights ol
others, is tbe man who helps bis fellows and improves tbe civilization
of which he is a part.
In a fe\r years, no doubt, we will
have imprisonment of men ofthe
new provinces oi the Northwest for
refusing to cor.trib_»_ to tbe support of schools teaching formaof religion of which tlicsj consciences do
uot approve.— New Westminster
Daily Mr J *.»? fclh.
If it required ivo days for a letter
to reach.Spokane, from Plioenix, or
v-        -.!.■<   .      !.-. -o tii-* !i;:htnin£t'like
.\v--i jM>.-.tu iu.ilii'.Tiiit's to lea:-! ;; a.
three trips daily nre made by slave
between Phoenix and Greenwood?
Tbe Pioneer will be sent free for a
year to any one who can pive the
correct solution to this question.—
Phoenix Pioneer.
Low Settlers' Rates
■ Westlxitiml from Manitoba, Ontario, Quc-
hpi-. Maritime. I'rovlnues, Now Knglitiid,
United Slates 1'oldt.s to
ootenays and Pacific Coast
I.(-;.; uiilii.-til ad
it has transpired tliat ' Prank
Oliver" is not the family 1 ame of
the new Minister of tlie Interior.
Tt :s really Frank Oliver Bowsfiekl
He is a Peel (Ontario) boy, born in
the township of Cliinguacousy, who
came West as a printer in the early
days of Manitoba. On account of
some family trouble, it is thought,
he dropped "BowsGeld"-from bis
name. Tbis disposes of any claims
the member for Delia may have for
relationship with the rew Napoleon
of ihe Northwest. John and Frank
>re iir.t any more- i:i tii. miinc cia?.".
— Victoria Culi'-.'ist.
Westbound Tourist Cars leave :
Montreal. Sundays:!nd TliursdjV.vs.
Toronto, Tuesdays and Saturday:..
Tt 1'iiul, Daily.
For rates, ticitet.-. tourist sleeper berths and
complete tinfoiination upply lo local agents,
or write lo
—Regarding-tbe^Toron to-World's
Ottawa story that Tarte will run
for Levis and enter the cabinet
without portfolio, the puliic bas
the assurance of the ex-Minister of
Public Works that there is not a
scintilla of truth in the statement.
"lam happy and prospering," be
said, "in my own legitimate newspaper line. I am free to write and
do what my conscience and brain
dictate, and the salary of the Governor-General would not tempt me
to again shoulder the burden of a
Federal portfolio."
Viper or cobra poison, if sul milted to the action of radium, is said
to lose its virulence. Some of the
Nelson physicians should make a
test of radium on the wounds inflicted by tbe Tribune on respectable citizens.
With the prospect of an expensive lawsuit for the city and a strike
at the power plant, His Worship
should have enough material on
hand to keep his massive brain
working overtime for the next
lew weeks.
The sale of the K.-W.-C. Block
for #55,000 shows that there is always a good demand for desirable
property in Nelson.
Hon. Frank Oliver, who took his
seac last week, by the grace of the
illiterate foreign vote in bis riding,
as Minister of tbe Interior, made a
good impression as be stalked up
the floor, supported by lhe Premier
and Lamont of Saskatchewan, wearing the same comfortable tweed
suit which lie sported before be acquired tbe prefix of honorable. A
cabinet minister generally affects
black broadcloth and a  white vest.
«-r- _
Oliver may fall into line, but so far
he gives no indication of abandoning his old homespun ways. Like
Sockless Jerry, be poses as a man
;-.f tbe people.—St. John (N. B)
Mr.    McDougall,  the     Auditor-
General,   has  again reminded Par
liament tbat he   is wailing to make
certain  amendments -to Ibe Audit
j.s. caijtf.r,
DiNt.l'ass. AjTt.,
E. J. COYU.,
A. G. V. A.
Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.
Send (Is an Order for four
Groceries, then Notice
The promptness of delivery.
The cleanness and freshness of Good*.
The full honest measure,
The quality of wnatO'ou set.
You will And abundant reason for sending
your future otders.
This Week's Specials Are:
1Mb Boxes of A 1 Cieamery Butter at 27c
per pofrnd.
Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound.
Kajuh Brand Pineapple, 25c per tin.        o
Clarice's lioneless Chicken, iISc per Uu.
Joy's Cash Grocery
60   YEARS'
Act. So earnest is be about the
matter, thai be has intimated tbat
he will feel it incumbent upon bim
to resign bis position should these
amendments uot be made. Mr.
McDougall's attitude will be generally recognized as the proper one
for him to take. If tbe Act in his
opinion does not permit of a proper
audit being made, he is right in refusing to continue to attempt to do
what the law makes impossible. At
lhe same time it will be a matter
for regret should lft. McDougall
resign. No successor could succeed
any better under such conditions.—
Vancouver News-Advertiser.
The construction of a line
through the Similkameen disirict
to connect tbat country with the
coast cities of British Columbia is a
pressing necessity. This all admit. Eut it ought to be, it must
be, au all-Canadian road unless the
interests of British Columbia and
of the Dominion at large are to be
betrayed. If Mr. Hill is p'epared
to build an all-Canadian road good
and well. He should not be obstructed. But if he secures charters and privileges from the Canadian Parliament and then makes
Canadian territory tributary to the
United States, it- will be due to the
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending-a slsetch and description tuny
quickly n3certain our opinion free whether an
invention ia probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. HANDBOOK ou Patents
sent free. Oldest iieency for securing putenta.
_ Patents taken tbroneli Munn & Co. receive
tpccialnoticc; without charge,"in tbo ~
A handsomely illustrated weekly.   I.nrccat circulation of any scientific journal.   Terms, $3 a -
year; four months, $L Sold by all newsdealers.
fi/SUNN & Go.361B-aa^- New York
Branch Office. 623 F SU Washington. D. C.
250,000 Fire Brick. These brick
bave been tested in the United
States and Canada, and are used
exclusively by ihe Canadian Pacific
Railway Co.
Samples on application to
Wellington White,
Moose Jaw. N. W. T.
Frank Fletcher
l_inds and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted
r. O. Box 563       Office : Kootenar St. Nelson
Dominion and
Land Surveyor      -
Qp. 8 C. Customs House, Nelson
assistauce lent him by -just such
men as Mr. Duncan Ross, now
member of Parliament, who, whether through ignorance or design,
makes himself a party to tbe sale of
his country.—Vancouver Province-
Ladies' FirrT,n
Goodyear Welt.   Very Best
rooo acres of choicest fruit and farm land for sale at head of Crawford
Bay. Prices ranging from $10 per acre upwards. Will subdivide into
blocks of from 20 acres upwards to suit purchasers. Plenty of water.
Wagon roid through propert)*-. Fine timber and mining country in immediate proximity.
These are the Best Lands in the Kootenays.
Also a few improved fruit ranches on Kootenay Outlet between
Procter and Nelson.    These are dividend payers.
Your opportunity for a good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical shoemaker don't know when he is giving his, customers their
money's worth then who does.
Latest Styles
and Best Makes
bf Men's Shoes.
Hugh McCausland
Baker Street Nelson, B. C.
(Formerly (Jlai-ko House)
son.      None
bar the bent.
£     Tho best $1 per day house In Nelson.      None but whito help employed    Th»        *
I G. W. BARTLETT, PrOPr,etor 1
♦ •""*• +
$1 per  day and up
No Chinese Employed
Head Office Nelson, B- C.
Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,   Thr
Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and  careful atten
Canada Permanent
Mortgage Corporation
Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,
or Monthly Payment System
At the Auction Mart To-night at 8 o'clock.   Look out for Bargains.
J. Gr©Bn/ Auctioneer
Baker Street
Nelson, B. C.
©ixTasorxbe for
The Eoohomist• $l: a Year W. G. GILLET
Strictly in Advance
Fire and Accident  Insurance.
C* __ff_fc_
, The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in  the interior
In Pints and Quarts
Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.
Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc..   Earl of Minto etc.
A full line of importer! aud domestic Liquors and Wines.
*-•:—•:- +-<- v c~- _   _-:.-.:_.:_-.:_.:_.:._-:_.:—:._.:._.:._,:._..._.:._^_.:^..:..
9   fc!_3SSiS^m.        \ ■'■'■"* \"--w-Vf'Sfj-TiS
...    «SW3!eS.«»A     -r:\\        \       \i~777h
1 ■ B_*_^^vj
}_ WM^^^. Tents - & A*wn ings Made and Repaired -
4      OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE. NE LSON, B. C.      i
•% A    A    A    A    A    A    A    A    A    A    A    A ■.*»■• A    A    A    A    A    A    ■»_    A    A    A    A    A.. A
CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors
Finest Quality of Bread.    Always Sweet..    Beautiful to L?ok
at.    Delicious to Eat.    Try It.
Store : Baker St., between Stanley and Ward.
Vancouver and Nelson        ^
._.♦_     A     A , _A     -♦-     A-     >-     A. .-.♦■     A     A
-V—V    "%*~~V^
}E. K-. 8T_=L_.CH[_4LlSf 1
9 v I
Plumber and Gasfitter
* Estimates Give*n  on General  Plumbing,
I Sewer Connections, Etc. i
I       Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.       f
I - 4
%_        In io-acre blocks, in 20-acre blocks. Improved ranches -
^ J. E. Annable, JBelson, B. O
Builder and
Estimates given on stone, brick j _• ... .    ■  «% ' t
and woodwork. Brick and Lime for Sale a  **ra  ^ja-.-raa.  '  ~&77_.  THE   NELSON  ECONOMIBx  r.vH^a?,-ia.:rH;>;^'afea^a'H  ft *' lllll lllll" ill I |||ftW!Ksa��tasM3H��*^^  ��&  O  i  !  !  Stock of Garden and Flower Seeds and Lawn Grass.  s  Our New Stock  Comprises all that is   NEW   in coloring and  designs.     Papers suitable for Hall, Parlor   Dining Room, Bed  room and Bathroom.  Prices Lower than ever.  MNANT  We have a large number of remnants of last year's stock, sufficient  for one Room, at Great BARGAINS  Ao&|  - '��� *'-fii  Ai -X  K*-  I*  s Stores  \maM885&2E^&5S��2gZg!S3^Z3g^&SB3aSS38S&  Curious Bits of News.  1  The (first monument ever ereclefl to a  cook la about to _e Inauguraied In  Paris. The chef ln c.ucstio.i is tTrbaln  Dubois, who labored in the German  Emperor's kitchen.  A new volume of reminiscences by  Dean Hole quotes the following extraordinary prayer as ottered by a loyal  but certainly injudicious English clergyman on 'behalf or Queen Adelaide, the  wife of William IV.: "Oh Lord, save  -���hy servant, our sovereign lady, the  queen; grant that as she grows an old  ���woman she may become a. new man;  strengthen her with Thy blessing that  she may live a pure virgin, bringing  forth sons and daughters to the glory  of God, and give her grace that she  may go forth bet'oro her people like a he  _ goat_on_the_ mountains.*!   Certain creeds .seem to monopolize  certain industries. Practically all British manufacturers of cocoa, l'or example, are Quakers. In London a very  large percentage of cigar merchants  and all the best-known manufacturers  of Christmas cards arc Jews. Whenever a Welshman goes to London to  seek .his fortune it is long odds on hia  making his pile either in the draper's  or drug store business. Irishmen, probably owing to the fact tha.t they lack  the money-making instinct, Hock to  Journalism.  Gasolene is, It appears, Uie fuel most  suitable for submarines; but human  sensations give no sure warning when  Its collected fumes are becoming dangerous. White mice, however, are said  to be extremely sensitive to -this poison,  and perish Incontinently before human  beings begin to suffer the slightest ill-  effects. So ln all submarines of the  future cages full of white mice are to  be kept on the floor, whence the heavy  emanations gradually rise, and It will  always be someone's duty .to go round  end see how the mice are getting on.  Much Interest attaches to the recent  discovery _t Oombai-elles, in the department of Dordogne, France, of a  cave the rock walls of which are decorated with engraved figures, some of  ���which aire rudely colored, representing  -such animals as the horse, the cow, tiie  bison, the reindeer, the mammoth and  the wild goat. Most of these pictures,  which number more than 100, are covered with a stalagmitic deposit, partially or entirely concealing them. It Is  believed that they were made in paleolithic times, and that they furnish evidence -that the reindeer and the mammoth lived In  Prance contemporane"-'  . ously with the'artlsits of 'the cavern. >  It is a curious fact that the present  session of the United States Congress  contains no negro member. With the  exception of a brief period from 1887 to  1889, this is the flrsfsession In thirty-  two years when this has been the case.  The first-colored man to be sent to  Congress .was J. Willis Menard of New  Orleans, who was elected to fill a vacancy In 1868. In 1870 Hiram R. Revel's  took 'his seat In the Senate,  the first  -negro to be seated in that body.  Blanche. K. Bruce was the only other  negro to enter the Senate. The Forty-  Fourth Congress, which sat from 1875  to 1971,_may Jbe. called the .black Con-  \  gress, since there were eight members  in both branches.  There Is an historical reason for tha  baneful repute of "the opal. Two or  three centuries ago the stone was popular in Em-ope, -and .the jewelers of Italy  were especially cunning In its setting."  At tiie height of its popularity came  the plague, which made havoc in Venice. It was noticed by some observant  person In that city that when a victim  was at the point of death, his opal, If  he wore one, brightened, while after  deaith it became dull. As this accession of brilliance implied a sort of malignant purpose or Intelligence In th��  stone, lt was charged with the death of  Its owner. It never occurred to the  scientists of tbat time to turn the incident around the other way, and see If  the patient bad anything to do with  thc opal. But that was th- way of lt:  _ the_hcightened_fever_ just-before-death-  caused the stone, which Is affected by  heat, to become more brilliant, and the  chill and damp afterward dulled It.  Proof Positive.  A convict at a French penal settlement, who was undergoing a life sentence, desired to marry a female convict, such marriages being of common  occurrence. The governor of the colony  offered no objection, but the priest pro-  ceedrd to cross- examlna the pr's ner.  "Did you not marry in France?" ha  asked.  "Yes." ��� {-  "And your -wife ls dead?" .  ���   ' i\~  "She is." ,. '-���  "Have you any document lo "show  that she Is dead 7"  "No."  "Then I must decline to marrr yon.  You must produce some proof tha*  your wife is dead."  There was a pause, and the brld��  prospective looked at tha wouid-ba  groom.  Finally he said: "I can prove that  my former wife ia dead."  "How will you do so?"  "I was sent here, for killing hor."  The bride accepted Mm -otwlO_-  ��ta.ndln_'.--"Scotsman*  Epitaph.  . Here lies Luke Longpenne, the ' distinguished historical novelist, who died  at the age of. eleven -'.years in the full  "height of his fame, three week3 after  the publication of-, his 'first book.���  "Life."  On a Dog.  "They're thinking now of reversing  ! the usual process/and first trying  I plays in New York before taking them  1 out on the road." "What's the idea?'"  j "Well, if a. play succeeds in New York,  Lthe rest of the country will know It's  ' rotten."���"Life."    "  A Matter of Contrast  "Give an example of bow beat expands  and  cold   contracts."    "In  th��  j summer the days are long'; in thc win-  1 ter they are short."���"Judge."  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  d r"> �� a r��    ni [are  0 rv b r\ rv   r S r cr ow  Almost_ the toughest thiEgin the_ -whole of creation is a "pinto". Broncho "when he is in  t  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  SewingMachinesandPianos  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity Stop, JosprMoe St, NeIsod  fighting humor.  Now his hide is just as tought as he is. and that part above his hips and back is the very  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell.'*'  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof--almost wear proof.  Made only by  ���  ont real  Winnipea  I    R. H. CARLEY, British Columbia Agent  ��  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All orders mast be accompanied by casb and should be forwarded _...    ���__..-,  either personally or by mall to.ih��1 office of W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGERT ��.wj*j^,i^^v.-io^'>:*M^t,-tfX'^  H *i3__i��� USTi��.!;* w  _i��KAT"uiJ*��i_".W_*_T-*��.>.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  GENERAL NEWS.  Mining Recorder Lucas, of   K.-iM.'  'was in tbe city yesterday.  ++++*���++++*'} ++++++++Q++4++++ <>++++++++++++++++++++++++  + 9  B  Olio F. Weeks, formerly of Vancouver, bas accepted a position will)  the Nelson Tribune.  George McMillan and Robert R-ibert-  son will begin operations on tlieir iron  properties about  the first of June.  In most of the civil cases now.before  the court, \V. A. Macdonald, K. (J.,  aud B. S. Taylor, K. (J., have been retained on opposite sides.  ���Next Thursday evening Mrs. Brigadier Bouthall will conduct a special  rescue meeting in Kelson, in the interest of the army's work.  ������. From lhe language used on the  streets by Ymir vis-horn, it is (jiiite  evident that the people of that burg do  not love-the citizens of Nelson in -the  tame old way.  Superintendent of Provincial'I'olice  Hussey has been at Salnio th is week  endeavoring to arrange matters Le  tween the Kootenay Shingle Company  and its former employees.  We carry the Largest and most Varied Assortment of:  Watches !  in the Interior and you cannot fail to get what you want,    As we  are   giving  Special Prices  in this  line  now is the time for  you !  to buy one. ��� . .  PATENAUDE BROS. |  Jewellers, Watchmakers  and  Opticians,     'Phone   293. ���  ++ ++���>++++* +t +>+++++++++ ft *++++++++++ >++++++++++++++++  James Hawkins, of Nelson, will engage in the theatrieal business thi.--  uulumn. He will organize a company  to play "Romeo and Juliet." lie w ill  make a specialty of the balcony scene.  The Intermediate laurosse i-U,\ ers are  requested lo turn out f..r prat-ine next  Monday evening at the ie--ie.ui.ii  grounds. There is 11 po.sihility of *  gtime'with Rossland on Victoria Day.  The Mori-ells gave-an enUrtaiuing  show at the theatre last evening, aiid  will give another performance to-  night. This team lias played many  engagement on the Orpheutn circuit,  which is Ii'"its*]f a'btrong reconimeiul-  tion. " '  Notice To Dellnjuen: Co-Owner.  To Archie M..Johnson, or l��nny person or  nurxnns to whom he mny huvo transferred  his interest. In.llic -Opliia-" mint-nil eliilin,  sltuntu en [he west slii. ofBiril creel', iihuiit  one jinJ 11' half miles up from the old IJxvcrti-  monl trail ln.the Nel.-mn .\iii.ln_. Division,  '-Vi-fi .Kootenuy :-������. '������,'_''  Ynu -ind eueli ofyou �� ro .hereby r.otllleutl.at  I ��� linvo expended one Uund.ed and two  dollur-i ana liity cmim in hilmiir and  improvements' orr tlie above 'mentioned  claim' in order to . hold said claim  under the 'provisions, of. the Mineral Act,  the sulci labour he'iii; 'lone lor the yciir enri-  iiv* April 12. lSiM, and it within UU days irom  Ihedai.eof this notice.you luM or refuse to  i-onU-ibutc your pioportion of such expenditure together with all costs of udverllisliij.  vour interest in t ie sind claim will become  ihe properiv of t.io undersigned, under Kc-e-  tion -1 of "an Act i ntitlert '-Mineral Act  Amendment Ael. I'Hlu."  Dated thid 17th day nf Februarv.lfln.")  J. IJ. Baxter.  Hotlce To Delinquent Co-Owner  ToNels Petersen, or insmy person f.r persons  lo whom he niny liuvetrnnsferrcd Inu interest  ln the "Summit" miiiernl eliiiin, situate ou  Ciion creek. In the kelson Mining "Division of  Wisl Kontenisy : .,.-��,��  you iind each of you ure hereby notified  Hint 1 have ex ended iwo hundred dollm-K in  inl.i nr .-uul improvements on the nlove  nu-niii.red chi'n-i in order to IiOtU  i he Mtid elaiiu n:j.ler II' provisions ot  t i> Mii-.ev-.il Aft, Uie "aid ah ur buimr done  for the year ending IDU-I.nncl if within 90 iluys  l,on. the date of this notice you fail or refuse  lo contribute vour proportion of snehexpen-  diti.r. e together ivllli all cutis ofiidvcrliMiif.,  vour Interim in said miner?. 1 claim will become the proportv of the undersigned under  Section 4 oi-thu ''Mineral Act Amendment  Acl.l-H-0."-     - -   -  , ,   Dated this lith uay ol March. 1f0j  GoDFHKY ElUTSCH,  Notice.  I hereby Rive notice that slxly days nfter  date I Intend io apply to the Cliief Cniiinii.s-  missioner of Lands and V.'orics for pi-rinis.  slon to purchase n trnrl of land in Went Kootenay district, of the following descrlpiion:--  Keulmiing at a post marked .1 J Campbell  _. W. Corner, which is placed adjacent to the  N. W. corner of lot (VlOU, ruiiniiij; tlierefrom  twenty chains N'orili, tlience uppi-nximntely i  forty chains East, t henee t wen ty chains.Sont ii. ���  thence forly elmins West- to the point of commencement, containing approximately  eighty acres.  "(Sjfd.) J. J. CA3TfBE__.  Nelson, 15. U., April llii, 1005.  PREP  IRVINE  OO..   LIMITED.  Ladies' Blouses  We have just received the latest styles and designs of Ladies' White Blouses, Muslin,"India'Linen, tuckedand   lac: -a-diiiser-  tion trimmed; sizes 32 to 44 ; prices 75c, $i.op',-$i. 25, $1.50 and up. '  Ladies' Shirt-Waist Suits  We  have a large range of above goods in all the  latest styles, including Organdy, Linen, Fancy Muslin,  Cotton Voiles, and  Crepe de Chine, Mohairs, in all colors ; prices $4x0, $5.00 $6.00 and $10.00 per suit.  Ladies'Wash Skirts  In White Pique, Whi:e Duch, Linen, al shades, lace and embroidery trimmed, $1.50.to $5.00.  .   Call and see our range of summer Muslin, Cotton Voiles���just the thing for shirt waist suits���from 15c a yard up.  NOII-E.  THE BIG CASH STORE  Notice is  hereby given that'0 days nfter  date I intendto apply to the Chief Commix-  <  sioner of Lands and  Works for permission  to purchase S'2U acres of land situate in West   <  Kootenay District, about  iy__ miles West of  Slocan   Kiver, on   Kobertson  Creek':���Com-',  mencing at a post p'.anted at the centre of  William   E.    Koch's    East   Boundary   line   <  marked "A. M.J.'sN. W. Corner Post," tlience .  ���South  40  chains;   thence   Ea��t   80 chains;   <  theuce North 40chains: thence WestSOchains  to the point of commencement. ',  Dated February 14th, 1905. - j  . A.M. Jonxsoir.    I,  /  NOTICE.  Two second hand Bell Pianos Pianos taken in exchange for Mason & Risch Pianos.  :-Tbe Fernie Ledge has liven boycotted  by "the local ���' manager' of tlie: Opera  House. 'Mayor Stork should have an  interesting time dodging Uie shafts  that will be aimed "ut his- head hy the  versatile editor of the Ledge, and he  will probably acquire'fame as'w.ll.  .''The Grit"papers are republishing the  confessions of Henry Dalb.v, ut one  time organizer for the Conservative  party. Mr. Da'lby must certainly  have been a very bad man if half what  he tells about himself be true. Moreover, lie must be lacking in honor,  else he would not now be so ready to  violate bis conQdential relations with  Notice is hereby piven that 60 das-s aftfr  dute I Intend to apply to the Chief-Commissioner of Lands and Works for p'lrinfssic.n  to purchase 10 acres of land In West Ko-itenny  District: Commencing ut a post .marked  "K. E's. N.-.W. Corner Post" planted lmile  East of. Bonnlnston Falls Station' on the  South si de.of the Right., of Way of the Columbia & Kootenay Bail way, thence-East following said Jtight of way 4-10 yards, tlience South  to Kootenuy River, thence following the si n-  uousities of said Kootenay River to thc point  of commencement.  Bated 21st February, 1905.  Fiieb Er.WE__; .  i  IRON BEDS $4.00  agents MASON-RISGH PIANOS  For S-Ue Cheap-One German make, AValnut Case, S150.   Ono Square Top, ?l_o-  Complete   House  Furnishers  '�� Funeral Directors, Em ba I mers  J. Q. BUNYAN, UNDERTAKER.  NOTICE.  the men* of whom he was once the  trusted associate.*  Fred Irvine Co., Ltd., will hold an-  othe Special Sale of Ladies' Shirt Waist  (Suits and Costumes commencing Monday. This will consist of Ladies' Per-  cule Suits, Ladies' Dimity and Organdy, Ladies' Linen, Ladies Cold  Vaile and Ladies G rass Cloth at greatly  reduced prices. Special reduction in  all ready-to-wear suits and costumes,  Silk Shirt Waist Suits. Ko suit on approbation or exchanged. Fitting room  on premises.  LANDS AND WORKS.  CAXCELL.mOX OF RESERVE.  -VTOTJCE is hereby ci ven that the reserva-  I^V tion established inpursinmeeoftho provisions of llic "Columbia and Western Railway Subsidy A"ct��� lstM,"' notices or which wero  published in the Britis-h Columbia Gazette  and dated 7lh May, 18CG, and f>th June, 1SDB,  respectively, ��re hereby ojinecllid.   .  Ciov.-n Lands situated within tho area embraced by lhe said reservation will be open to  sale, settlement, lease and other disposition,  under the provisions of the "Land Act, three  months alter the date ot the llrst publication  of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette: provided, however, that in all cases  where lands arc s=o sold, pre-empted, leased  or otherwise alienated by the Government  and are subsequently round, upon tho survey  of the Columb.n. and Western Kailway company's bl( nits, to lie wholly or in pait within  such blocks, then the persons so acquiring  Sueh lands shall acquire their title thereto  lroin the Hallway Company, who have agreed  lo deal with suck pui-ehiiseis. pre-pmptors.  lessees, etc.on tho same terms and conditions  as tiie Government would under the provisions of the "JaUiid Act," except in respect to  timber lands on the Company's blocks, whieh  shall be subject to the regulations issued by  thc-Company-relative to the_enttingot tim_.  ber on the Columbia and Western Hailway  I-and Grant.  \V\ S. Goi'.E,  Deputy Oomniis-sioner of Lands & Works,  lands and Works Department, ������.._   -  Victoria, 1$. C, 23rd Febrrary, VK)o.  Notice is hereby given.that 60 days afler  date 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of-Lands and Works, for permission  tn purchase 3 acres of land situated, In -West  Kootenay District:���Commencing at a post  marked "L: A. C's. N. W. Corher I'ost" planted  1100 yardB East of Bennington Falls Station  on the SOutb'slde of the Right or Way of the  Columbia*: Kootenay Railway, thenee East  following said Eight of Way to Fred  Elwell's North-West Corner Post, thence  South to Kootenay River, thence following  the sinuousltles of-said Kootenay Kiver* to tbe  point of commencement.  Dated 21st _ ebruary, 1905.  ��� ' li. A Campbe__.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 00 days after  date, 1 intend to apply to the Chief.Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to  purchase 4S0 .-acres-oti land situate in WeBt  Kootenav District,;about 4%-inlies West of  Slocan Kiver,. on Robertson.'" Creek:���Commencing at a post planted *0 chains North"of  William E. Koch's N. W. Corner Post, marked  "M. E. K. N.E. Corner Post," thence West 80  chains; thence South 40 chains;'Uiencc East  40 chains; thenee South 40 chains; thence  East 40 chains ; thence North 80 chains to the  point of commencement.       .   ..  Pated February 14th, 1905.  JI. E. Koch.  son, B.  C.  teT Kootenav But  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  Co  NOTICE. -  Men's Highest Grade Suits  $15.00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50 and $25.00.  -.N?w and .exclusive  designs,-tailored ' in the  heighth-of the present  fashion, only to be compared with the best custom tailored garment.  amou  For Sale in the  Kootenay Valleys  Notice is hereby given that 00 davs after  date, I intend toapply to the ChiefCommls-  sionerof Lands and Works for permission to  purcliase 640 acres of land situate in West  Kootenay District, about 4% miles West of  Slocan River, on Kobertson Creek:���Commencing at a post planted 40 chains East of  tlie North-East corner of Lurcher's pre-emption, marked "W. E. K. N. W. Corner Post,"  theuce South 80 chins; thence Enst 80 chains;  tlience Norlh 80 chains; thence West80chains  lo point of commencement.  Dated February 14th, 19(15.  William E. Koch.  NOTICE.  Tt. M. Palmer has been urging thc  fruit growers of the Okanagan lo make  separate exhibits at tlie New Westminster Fair believing that a spirit of  emulation, if aroused, would secure  better results, while each part would  be enabled to receive its own proper  share of credit for the products displayed. He urged the advisability of  having one energetic paid manager in  charge of getting up tbe exhibit, emphasizing the advantage of system and  business-like and matter-of-fact planning as a factor of the. greatest importance iu securing the best resul.ts.  F_-S.- Clements  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. "C. TRAVES. Manager  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16       K-W-C .Block  Chimney {Sweeping  Prompt attention given tb all orders for  Cli im ney Sweep', ng.  Send your orders to Jok D DowheS, care of  the Old Curiosity Shop.   $1.50 per chimney.  *'��� WANTED.  TiADIES AN"D GENTLEMEN in ihisnnd ad  joininir territories, to represent and advertise  the Wholesale and Educational Department  of an old established house of solid financial  standing. SalarySS-'iOperday.witli Expenses  advanced each Monday by check direct from  headquarters.'Horse anil buirgy furnif-hed  when neee_i=ary ; posUion permanent. Ad  dress. Blew Bros.A Co., Dept. 6, MononBld_.  Cfiicsso.Zll-  Notice Is hereby given, lhat sixty (BO) days  afler date, I intend to apply to the Chief Comin isslojicr of Lands and Works for permission  to purehnse the following described lands, on  thc North shore of Kootenay Lake in the District of West Kootenay.  Commencing at a stake placed twenty (20)  chains East pf the North-west corner post of  Lot 1313, Group I; thence .East aloug the  Northern boundary of suid Lot 1313, a distance  or eighty (80) chains; thence Nortli forty (40)  chains; thence West eighty (80) chains; tlience  South forty (10) chains 10 place of beginning.  ~    - ��� ������'" ~S.  Dated IHlh of April, 1905.  Gordon Htvllett.  NOTICE.  Notico is hereby given tliat SO days after  date I intend to apply to thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for special license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described lauds In West Kootenay  district:  1. Commencing at a post planted \% miles  from Moat Kiver on thc South side 01 Sullivan Creek, and marked C. A. Paulson, S. \V.  corner; tlience East 40 chains; thence North  1G0 chains; thence'West 40 chains; thence  South IM) chains to place of commencement.  2. Commencing at a post planted L mile  from Goat "Hiver on the (South side of Sullivan Creek, and marked C. A. Paulson, 8. W.  corner; tlience East 40 chains; thence North  160 chains; tbence West 40 chains; thence  South 160 chains toplaceof beginning.  Dated at Kitchener, B. C, this 18th day of  March, 11)05.  C- A. Paulson, Locator.  -    J. D. Elbridge, Astent.  NICKERSON, TSEST  We only ask one trial to make you our em  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  line. Reasonable charges. Work sent, us  from outside towns will receive the same care  an if personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers.  - I  can sell you Choice  Fruit  Lands in io, 20," 40/80 or 160 acre  blocks at  Ground   Floor   Prices  I do not offer for sale any fruit land that I have not personally ex"  amined. I guarantee everyblock to be as good as represented, and having sold a large portion ofthe land now being brought under culture in  this district I would be safe in offering any man his money back with 10  per cent interest who is not satisfied with his purchase. . Not one would  do it because they can double their money'.  I have nice fruit lands across the lake from Nelsou, only one mile  from the city.    I have choice lands in the famous  Crawford Bay District, on Kootenay Lake, on Kootenay River, on Slocan River, on Slocan Lake, on  Arrow Lakes, on Columbia River, in Fire Valley and  Creston Districts,  and several partly improved farms. Wild land suitable for stock ranges,  and timber lands that I have cruised myself. Write me for pamphlet  and terms of payment, and .     "] *���  Don't  Buy  Till You See  Me  J. E. ANNABLE  Nelson, B. C. ..   .  MEN'S STYLISH  SUITS  $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 and $12.50.  ' Rich new goods���splendid in fit, substantial in wear and satisfactory  in every sense���made for wear as well as for style. Come in and see the  great assortment.'  Every suit a special value.  pnvc  UVIVJI-  r\ f_TUiP-ir_  we_u niin^  $1.25,     ��2.50,     $3.00,     $4.00,    $4.50,   $C.QO,     $6.00  and 7.00.  Our spring  line represents the very best in  Boys' Clothing.      Our  stock covers.the complete range of prices iu all styles, low-priced goods, ���  medium grade and best quality.      Each piece represents*   the very best  value any firm ever gave its customers.  ' ' The place where your dollars bring their vaiue.  it Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Seeds for Garden and Ranch  Canadian Seeds sold by one who knows the  seed business.  This season I am prepared to supply fresh seeds  in large or small quantities by weight���and besides  the regular vegetable seeds have a specially good  selection of flower seeds also by weight.  18 different kinds of Sweet Peas.  wm. rutherford; Druggist  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  WARD STREET; NELSON, B. C.


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