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The Nelson Economist May 10, 1902

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 SP*  h      J     LS     H.J1  ,* f       *     * {��(      ~  -~57-"&-3   ---��  *w .���r"<.vr':,*_  h  '.�� ��� ���   -i ���  ' *        Hit"  1*    .Jn .  iii   ���-������.'.. * rf ! "t  ���fit   .'".v-.-'rt  ..���r'-* ki  .>f.'l!,��"|)'  .��i:.3r,..AJ'|^(  A      H-     M   | \'  ,  '     ���fHiiWl��'li  .     ,   ���W.IV-i'i,.*   ,  .-���*-ai.. H -  s'.; J,  ,      <.       'A  ' " '''    .J '  E.C.T  I*.  l|.��H*fl\,  <.)i.'/U'Z    '   '    >i  i      I   .Z  f    \  \ u f  i*' V. Wj lw      ,' ,,*  ',  4 !< J, t)  .1  i !  ��   ,i  '4    l  A ,  i  OMcV  <   '  "    ii  I O .  7'       H  ..   "      Ml.  il t v      i    \y  i "       > ��  I'AjyMAi^y^A A  i * i  t   1*7    ((UlflftflUSIWlW*!  w ���>. ,, I'-amrr r-fYi    f |irY4'">M"wltll>lw"'*wl1^  ;^.m-,'  ��i',��.  "   ' V,   ;.V* ���'    ^fJMt,"-!',. ^V^f' aL?  ' % <eiu  *,w>���  ,   ,/, ��^ fi   1  *  ���*'   W I)*     i H#(  WW  ill' >'/  *\ ,"'V  yi,  [lm  "*?�� f< ^'3!i^l?l  %   rf��/**n,M' I? ri II  I, " '     ,   NV i!  ���f;   I  i  i  >^r  ��S*    ^ I li  ."1114  m\z:/ /���tiriti?t) f .1 t', ���' "'*5  ' I  ��11   , <> i, * b. 7��'\ '  j     Sj    v lj*ff1-l **   I     1 i  ij   T un t- *yt  il'A' ���   h)  > iH,i  * fz  iv\l  >  1     ISA"   ruvi1"};.'./��.il: "i ���  s, t .*   i  n        -1      r    \  ��'   J/   i  !        1  j       !  f        t  i     t I it  ' II'  A  - Jl      '        7     1 -Q  \  -    AS,  V "*  -~   !  m  |  ���_,  "'.*  i    "���  sssfe  NELSON. B. C. SATURDAY. MAY io, 1902-  NO. 43  J     ��� J  Is*/          * i*  -i.���y  4NK  VOL. V.  THK SKi.SoN    ECONOMIST   is  issued   kvkky  WKltNK^S'AY. StWSCRirTlON :      $2.00     S'KR    AN-  SVM;   H   I'AIH  IN   ADVANCE, $**50.     CORRKSl'OND  KNCK   ����r      t.KNERAl.      INTEREST      RESPECTFULLY  >oucrn:i>.    Only articles of merit will be  AHVKKT:si-.I�� IN THESE COLUMNS* AND THE IN-  TKRKSTS or HEADERS WILL BE CAREFULLY  *;VAKiH���;!> AOAJNST   IRRESPONSIBLE   PERSONS   AND  WOKTHU*'.SS ARTICLES.  \ (IKNTi.KM AN from Los Angela, now visiting  * * \ :> 5 ria, has stated to one of the papers that  i-totin-i irude ia worth in 'the "neighborhood of  r.,'s��ti.HK! 1 t.r year to Southern California, and he  { ;;w��-* u wonUl be worth equally aa much to British  H   ' MunM:�� if o *- �����.��t rhi* rieht way a bout get-  *���-  ��i i< i,   1  l>  lUl  ne woririi ^H"      * .       #    __.  nr ^upie went the right way about get-  ^ hi pim ouL and -think hi. poiol  I       vi4 lotirovid^omeibing more than  {n,    intending   tfiurtftie.  nH,r,  M^:,,*ry    fo.    mitnau * .      secure  <    /    Hf^rtitit    have done    n*     lu  ma   irtr  their   vinitora.  a-'W.*).8!-  ��� ,���   fir *-*JW_v  1 te^s"."  SvPff"f. ��'  Zffki  Scenery  ,.       m<M,.    important    attraction   tor  ..  ,,,������*!.,v    me    most    imp��. ot  walk in the evening,   and   in <  dtr  ....*    oitrnr.tlVe.    Ulr!��^  ihi* jiro'i,  t *,*   _-t_r_.it  attractive,  M.ade may be made  mom  a*  '.Iv Ill  i1 ��#.*. itfWwl1  ��� 1    1 ���'?����� *AKi!  1    1       ,    Ti^n��r)rf.wJj  :-,;h *  ih^.ru-.a-niui,. maybemaoe   ����k-   ��  �� f      folifnrnia   citifP�� w "ri^  -nuul it,   1 Sland.       In   Calitorni�� uA11-ea   of  t ��    ��i.^r��  lire   nOuHetj   *  vmr.,�� ir ,,i-    i, ino��l  *����U|-ht, t >^��       ? halls5-  a,u..,���.,a    ,.H,tl   th��lre* .nd  goo- ^   d   ^  \, AA-, w.- h,ve an   o,.era   !.o��-   t ^ ^  cr-im,. , n.y twice ��-��.**, ����d 'l "r^ wrythinghe  f,, ���..,. ,.,-r of that o,kth houee .8 do,n��tleV2yno m���Bic  an 1.. o rttiinriard atlrHCiionn, hut -u Whaltourigl  h.il-ooah.T *ur��cti��n�� for vlfl^; vUilinj? ,he  t'm.k^ o,,,^lo l^Angelw w,lh,",|llhe Pacific  'irph...!.,,, ,,..rl��.i|i8lhebwtiu��"��e,,a =     N'���lson  ^-t. �� M,,MH.rted   by t��n.ri��tr?    H��     ^   wor,(1)  we\:��v,.   .c.ory hiuI the   l*"i       .,,"   fulfill the  es-  but in mi her ri<npectn we  am t-airceiy  peotiuintm of the average tnuri��t.  >    ^HMtfl*  1$^ y  >\     Uf '      1  <)k ,mM8 there is a limit M the   rJduc^0"^,d8l of  hour- of labor, and that limit ts net *,y        ������,���,������__.  "c'mty 1.n tlie proKent level   of   socia        ^^ ft dliy  Wi'.inmiit icduc.o work to three or   o��   ^   liiat timt��  '"'���u, ���r wu.lu,rt, could not produce 1 ieg(io0  wlmt    au-.ii.tv    requirtH.      B��t it i��   ��   ' in|ichiiu���y  wlieiLLr, with our vast improve.neut" 1     ^ ^ with  il'"l iu,.ih,His. we are not in a poiuttn"   <> *   ^^   ^  les,lhi(lMeil    lmu.V labor   from   l^"w re(luc��� the  n*"!' iinprov��MuentH have aorve'l m��   - .     t>ourae   tho  I'niui, of all uortB of commodities, ana o  Workinga>an has shared in that benefit inhisdegree  But he would benefit still more if that �����^*  reduction of prices were checked sooaewhatj &���  him time for intellectual improvement and soctal en  ioymTt . Where he is engaged in such monotonou  i^ment. a, tho.e of factories and mmes he has  ^ the nervous energy left for the enjoy men   of ar  literature and science, even if he had the time,  literature, ana , neighbors are un-  relations with h.s family an man  but   a  6atisfacto,y ���� ^^"b. Z not ne'ed it in  workman. H.><��*�� {ess exhau8t.ive. employ-  the varied, and therefore, le ^ ^      e  ���...��- of the worktop    and �� >. .  varied employment of the fa m ^ ^ ^  it may be objected, that  he **�� hoar of  oKhetimehe^nsby^^S   tbatihe  labor;   but  what   sec";y,.      i3 or dtankeune3B?. .  ^8i"ed ^V^X  mi^a afford to let him  That is not   our anair.       _ whatever   use he  may   ^��ke��   lko;rcrpdllorWUUpend itindnnk  because we: think ov ^  ^ feaUy  concerned  or some other  oll> ��� he  labor day,  then  .bout the result of  *tor**W* ^   op.  let us us show   it byline rea^i^ u      ^  portunitie.   for   '"f^^d that object.  The  wealth has not gone   m"c?JUulionB   in which   the  nUn,ber   of   P>��<��" *^  intellectual  employ-.  workingman can **\*���� t a8 it ought  to be  ���,.����� of any kind is not�� ^       ^   EurQpe      Tb  -not so great as i��   �������J P    be con8idered   apart  present   movement   �� n * effort of  labor   to,  <��*�� the 8eneWUnt       Ho��   ��^   ha8   bee\the  ian)rove its  con^1l;nlv they can  judge who  have  B��cces8 of that *o����* *J      of the relfttion8   of  looked closely into   ^ cJs8 ia the  safety-valve  Ubor and capital.      lh e .b sq much intere8ted  o, our -ooWW ���y-U.'-��� or the Auarchiat,.who  in seeing it fwl >*9 ine;^^ .���ipr0Ve conditions  except  argues that labor cann�����g For thto  reason  hy destroying our  ^'a'.Jd of destructive  revolu-  those who want  neither^ Bupport and  tion should give^every^ ^   ^^ alleraU0���s  pathy to etforts w  demanded by labor.  T~T of Mr Justice Martin's ad-  T,.��ou��h the medium o ^ q{ Nel8Q     are  dress to the Grand Jury, tb n  with   re.  od   to a full r��l.��Uon of  ^ ^^ ^            t  gard to the court houBe. tbe Hphere   of  be an   a��si,e   jo�� ��   J^ iM  Bach wlU   be  possibility, m fact it^a P ^  onc<j oR ft   proper  lhe case if a ��*ai-   is not ^.^   q| thQ  court.  ^UdinB ln "nSiS  P^it  iuries  and medical   me.  judtjea. gnmdjuueH, v  t-*i*  1  -' y j, i.n  ?.'       i  I   7  k-    -  f  L   " f F => i _  & t iJ*p. :  S(f_*��H>*_n3?*       5t  *   LI-*- ���'"�� *- 1 * i  ?. fr!!|f []  111  I ^ r  S-ilV|��lli f;  fc  II  41 lis-1  1*1  w  fSi  l  im  -  ' , ,Vr'?,^'^/��'��fcoiM.lrt*w.,, THE NELSON ECONOMIST  - *J  ki��1.4t��*fi:vW-,w,'!oT^*Pl��"' ,v-  have condemned, the shack that is now used for  ihe  transaction of legal business, and   it can be   only   a  matter of a year or .-o when   judges,   juries,   lawyers  and witnesses will refuse to   jeopardise their   health  by living three or four days in the   fetid   atmosphere  of the old tumble down building.      And  thev cannot  be blamed if, instead,   of   holding   court here,   thev  hold ihe sittings of the court at   Uossland,   where a  beneficent Government has   provided a  really   first-  class building,    The fact of the matter is, the Nelson  court house has bee une a diseuss-breeding, filthy old  barn, and the doctors have been able   to truce   many  cisesof fatal illness to   confinement in   the old  ramshackle.    If our citizens do not move in this   matter  at   once,   they can   only   blame   themselves if   the  capital of the Kootenays ceases to be an assise town  Odors as an ag-i-tuiee to diagnosis is a new branch  of medicaPseienee. The Medical Jiecord is authority for the statement that the odor of ne.w mown  hay ?s an indication of pyaemia, typhus is indicated  by an ammoniac smell, jaundice by a mibky one,  yellow fever bv the odor of -a gun-barrel, hvsterh* hv  a suggestion of-violets or pine-apples, intermittent  fever bv the smell of fresh-baked brown bread, and  measles by one like fresh-picked feathers. It seems  somewhat incongruous that the smell of the plague  resembles hone v.  Somkonk has said that a prison should not   be an  infernov but't: purgatory.       The *n iminal   is   almost  invariably weak of wi)]   and   mini) and   body.       Ho  does not unde'stun i himself or his relation to society.  His ideals ate   wrong.       His   pa**i-��ns    have    nev^r  known check.      In    this    state   of    barbarism he    is  dangerou*, and ������tunesy in its own defen.-e sends   him  into the exile of a prison        If   it dors   no  more,   he  returns at the end of his   Mmteuce   worre thun   when  he went in.      When it ����penj   his cell   door, it   must  open the way to a new life.      The prison   must   be rt  school, a . ho|-,   a   church,    rather   than   a    place,   of  penitence,    for  till   ihe    mind    and    conscience    are  strengthened      there      w.ll       be.      no        penitence,  only       anger      and       nuihing      of      r�� venge.     This  seems to he the view taken hy Warden Lemon in his  treatment of the pi isor.crs   at   the   Provincial   (iaol.  We doubt if theie is another    gaol in   Canada    conducted  with the   same   attention    to iheniedsof   itn  inmates.      Scrupulously   clean   from    basement    to  roof, and yml food wc)! cooked, the gaol, rather than  a place to punish crime, i- a home in which the outcasts of -ooictv   hi-i-oni*.- schooled   in   cleanliness   and  the wi-dom of regulai P y in diet        A  man who   once  becomes (dean in habit* is very   apt to   continue   ho,  even if the habit lias been ;o mined    under the   each*  eye of a prison  wanhn.       We know oi"   nooiher   institution in the  Province that is   conducted  with the  B.itiH!    attention     to    detail     that     characterize--,    the  management, of t he Nelson  Piovincml (Pod.     People  parsing along  Ward   Street   invariably pause   when  they conio to the gaol grounds to admire   tne   neatly  r  it  kept lawn and garden that surrounds ..the gaofri  Where once was a barren, -rim stretch of ground haiT  with the aid of prison la hoi��� h#.��m made to bloom J izy  rose. But what has been done outside is small in*-  comparison to what has been accomplished it^ideS  the building. Everything has been done with a^  view to tbe convenience and ihe comfort of UhJR 1  officinl* and prisoners.    So welt has this  idea   been1^  Pfcfc-i  carried out that   there are very few complaint* from^vai  ** I'   . �� v...    t i v'Sil SEE; " ^C  the inmates.      Altogether the Nelson gaol is a credit&��  to Warden Lemon, and while we have no   figures at fl'v"*  band on which to base our calculations,   we will  be  surprised if the cost per prisoner to the Government  m  is not less here than in any   other  gaol in the   Pro- til  vinee.  mAA\  **��������? *. -li  ^pnA~  H-^lr* -^  .-..  S���*���*��� ���2=  Thk Grand Forks Miner charges Nelson merchants with lack of enterprise in the matter of advertising We rather incline to the belief that our  merchants spend more money in advertising thun  those of any other city in the Province. We have  only a few* business mm here who do not advertise  very extensively, and they cannot by any stretch of  imagination he regarded as a type of the averageen-  terprising merchant. They are the drones who profit  by the enterprise of'other**.' As a- matter of fact,  Nelson merchants have kept half the newspapers in  the interior alive. Ask Mr. Lowery, o! the I^dge,  what he thinks of Nelson merchants.  Doctoks disagree as to   the influence of   heredity.  Some hold that a great  deal hinges   Upon it;   olhfrs  believe the contrary.      Some of the authentic stories  told to exemplify th is mysterious bond   between ancestors   and  descendants are   very  curious.     Then*  was a loan collection of old   portraits   exhibited   in  L  ndon lately   and    a young    girl   was   among   the  vi.-ilois.     She    wan  an    orphan    and wealthy,   but  without near relatives, and was often heard   to complain of the    loneliness   of    her   position.      As   she  pa-.ed through the   gallery   one   particular   portrait  attracted    her   attention    and she   went back to   it  more than once.      Her companion saw in it nothing  but the common place painting ol a middle-aged man  in the costume ofthe latter part of the last century.  ���" It is Mich a nice kind face,"   Raid   the girl,   rather  wistfnllv.      '��� I     imagine    my   father   might   have  looked bike   that    had he   lived."      As most of   tho  pictures were ticketed the visitors had purchased no  catalogue but,   before   going   away,   Mbs  lb  boti^  one at tl��e entrance and made a last visit to the pot-  trait, for winch she felt eo strong an attraction.      |>  her astonishment she found ber own mime  oppoM<  to its   number and    learned    on    inquiry   that    ^  original was one of her   direct   ancestors.     An0J^  uvru\t   (^incidence    or    psychological    pbenonuM  happened a few year, ago to a   Southern   ^'lt,^k  un(i financier whose family has always been u   u  iu   hin    native    State.     This   gentleman   whh   ^  hauling old  documents and   JottorH ^vhioh  nm       ^  Htored in a musty chest   for yearn   and intei        ^  publish whatever might bo of hiHiorio  value a*  8%'  m&m  S  Be  Mm  iy-  .   ni *  i I.* i  ���   r ��� ���  *r*  I. *i>.  r  A   ii  :  u :>  ^��� lO^^r*- -.Trt.���T-l.  t m mv  * 'i 'i  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  is A    V&P*  V3BBHI  A 38ft-  Kite  _,*#&,_  T��� hi* ^rorine he unfolded  a letter  y  ^ in��l'     whicb��M     ���MtteDWhw    OM  ,, ���iaie-rta<��ri. ^-mpfi   to   have  been  ,-     hind-writing,   or   eescaea   io  ��*a    ,       ������,  although tbe data  ^as mo geoera-  "T ^ 'L'birih. The eignatnre of the surname,  "*        ,  , ,-une *��  hi8 own. was-����� markedly  tJ.w" it ihat he coold scared  believe his own  ��� ��� ��� i fVitiimbian*   figure  that they  pay  ��������_���!. Untn-b LoJummanB     �� n     for  ... ,>f two and one half millions oi ����������  iiih*r��lf��" l*�� . ���   ��..f.l�� tal   that  ...i iwr vear the? can  ealety ���<�����   "***  1 -���..__ iu Grand rorks Jfuw^. ^,,w w  I Nonunion. *<a>* u^ .u^^almoet unanimous  tr,v (v.mf to think tt over they &r* aim��* u  in deciding that >t >9 not  .   t .u* UrasiA Jurv i�� a fearfully  The -wniment of the Oraoa jury  ,rd ��, nd,-rfullv conducted document,    Apartfrom  sr(iKl.n<nriuH> �� Btrikiog feature is  I;.flowing literary style. i*�� ������<** ""  B   ^t �����,,.����  ��� .erribl, arraignment of Government for negligence  ��,t��r.bl. a raig _       iUj-      in whicb to transact  a not providing a proper DUlKHn*  u,!^ibu,in^ of the district.    Th��* bas been be  lbenLt.v,ry former Grand Jury. b��tj��^  h, ^��� P,d to it by Ui. -;*;��"��-   htlWfor   o��e  -"��< ��T   ^Tf:r%" v^Ienttbat  )cWl,d���n,nt ..f our ^^^^Ud-l  ��� uuMdar.- to ignore ouch a forn��oaoie i  MU|,l������thv any ,,n_tch of imaging be regarded  h ��(Sl,v,rnme.u for the people and by ��he people.  ThkNimitHawk;   A   romance of the  ' J��'*"lby  Alii   j,.!...   i.tibliahrd   by The   Copp,   Claris   ^o.,  Limi^l, T.'.rnnio. .nd for rah. by The Canada Drug  t Hook (!.,���,p��nv. Nelwn.     The story centers.���  dutiful and ��..Hhy yoong Southern   woman, ����J  opens ii, !\,ri-. where she ��"d her bin-ban    \.    '   ���  Mr.,C..,..lle)   hav,hee�� .pending the Brat year of  their ,,,,,,,11110.     She begin* to lung to go.tack^  *��������� ...uotry.andat   �������8��^�����M'"I^����o.t  hush..,, ,,. do ho.     Trouble   begin*  ^.^d'.  mimed:.i!,dv   upon    her  arrival   at  ner  Uui^ia  rrsPCT  MP  ,��Bto  tti'>Vii*'4wJ(  {..fiiyra  '   \!  uom.anv     plantation.       She    di��overs   an   ��g  W,et ,n h��r huaband*. pa,tlife,and ����� Utter ly 1ate^  l)yali��...Uon,e young   mulatto   woman,  om  ho..Hd���dd ...rvante, who,   upon tbe occasion, of   ��  C��,,U..V .U^nceon a hunringexp^ition.^W  neBl,M t,,i hy her husband, and afraid   I ,,  *H l��.np,.r in hia home where her life �� u*ation  tWi.l,- i��� immediately leave for her own p ^ ^  i�� O-nrnia. A Mr. Martin, who '�� V,H,U �� thal  ��.iRbh���riIlR   plantation,   off^r.   to   ��**   "   ^ .���,.  ��eiK������MriuK   plantation,   otlerH   ��u ,lin)Beif any  8v��uii��i: t<�� the neareat town, but provw ^^  lhinR i.ut a true friend to her.      He p��n ^ey  tl"-.wrM���Kr,ma,hi��h��r8e   becomes ,��,",e' ^^  day-  ^nblig,.,! to amp at . �����'��f��bleiI";ii0|1 Bh0 i.  di.-  URl>l, ami i��� tbio com|>rouiiBi��B  Poa,u bolw0en  ;ov,n,! hy her huaband.      A d-e* ��- J��JV   0a||telIe|  �����'�� two men.    Martin ia woundci,_anu .|io  'wlinK R|)(l i��� the cwwo  08 tho   mioforiuiie,  to nurse him.   Eventually the Cafitelles are divorced  ehe resuming her maiden name of Le  Moine.    She  goes to Paris, where she is promptly snubbed by  the  American   colony   there, amongst   whom   ehe   was  formerly leader, but in  tbe  modern  French   court  circles she reigned supreme.   As soon as she learn*  that war is declared in the United States between|fcbe  North and the South, she decides to place herself and  her fortune at the disposal of the  South and to   eta rt  immediately for the scene of actum.    Her ^^  at the court of Tuileriesis made use of by the Con-  at the court oi    u o{  federate agent,and in her great zeal to   ��  her Moved South she was unt.nng.   The rtory of her  many adventures is told in a most ���*�������Z���*"���  Throughout and ends in  ber   happy marnage to   an  English artillery officer. _  hut refused to resign.     lttspernai��= r*ft��,h-'  DUire . j���:m(Mi bv the Provincial Govern-  fhcmanv virtues clatmea oyino i ,. :  the many v narticular stress on being am-  meut, it has never laid particu,  m8ted i-��y^^^^J:itWp��pi*  _p^t.   It has preferred in thjajegar^    ^    Aewlore    -  take it   at    its    true . *,        tbe Government  not       ����^;ngiwdeL lastMonday   night.    It  refused to accept   iutaeiea* ^ Victoria   K��e��  6bould J*^,-JJd|Jrl!Bii; its issue of Tuesday,  .Ul- - ����g ^2nt wae heated last night  Itsays:       The g fof       ernmentfi under sucb  in supply-     ll IS ��* . n      But it   mast not be   for-  eircumstances to^r^ gn-    iamb.a ^^ ��� n0  gotten lhatourn^l"8,1 lt wo���ld be too much to e*-  ordinary gove^nmnt uh   |f. ��pport��r. to-" ��� =  pa,, such a of����� uh no following to speak of  minority in the House, w ^^ aU ^ mleB  now in the country/wm    . ^ &nd ouWaged  of parliamentry P1^"*"^ govemment. to resign  .1, the tenets ot responeib.le ^ ^ ^ adherence to  wbenitHtadeleatea, f eeU.re8pecting men  power when any ott�� resignati���ns in the hands  would ^����lZr cannot obscure the utter help-  ol the L,eU^G0Vlrnment nor its unfitness tobeen-  lessness of [he government �� ^^ q�� ^  trn^wUb^n^. ^ blow  Pr0Vin��ei    .resentsession,each one leaving it in  a  duringtbepreBeniM ndu.onthan  before-     lt  ""^rlZTof dissolution and is in no con-  i8 now in the throes oi meaaure of such im*  dition to take up and deal w ^  ^ wo  portance as the bill in wb u ^^ be  Railway ���B"^"^^ tb.meelves and one of  act of mercy to ther "^    rovince if tbe House  greatest boons ^^"Jf of itB misery.     It .8  teretop��ttbegovenimentoutitB ^^  positively   Pft,nf"lj;a;ibleB   out  of one   "bunker"  ,ninuinKB ftfl   ll scramD1(8B      a    j, i8 hurdly con-  Bqiuriujnb worse one.   It is naru-j  0uly to find ital in ��� ihe  memberBO(   the  y to find it.ll in a  .���"J^   memberBof   tbe  livable that  th��'   ^��J��    ^ ffi coterie to   engineer a  Legislature *>�� J5"      ioaUy bind tho  province for  de^l wbiobwouWp^      ^ bQ oh b   .o  tUltime.    purely wOUid condone  such a  tolieve tbat the conatitaenwuw  *��  i��.j      s.r-tr  ; t! 11* i ���  Ajsj , 1 $ ,  st-1,*-1 ��  ���  :  I   |   '   I fl ',  ^.i   !   I  _  ffefiSM  .Zl,.,,,,.:..���Jta'-. ���'���  /  'AM:..,,  I'W      " li  - r.V :���     Ji  ���li*;:>4��; I  6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  %  It  I  fit*  @  !':  ;  -1  UST now in the various cities throughout the Province an agitation is taking place in the direction of beautifying the cities. This i** the outcome oi  a similar agitation which has heen going on for years*  in -eastern cities*. There is a financial side to,, this*  question, as well as the impetus it gives to the cultivation of-the sublime and beautiful, A beautiful  city is always a desirable {dace for residence, ami  property in a desirable residence city ever command.*?  good prices. For a young city, perhaps very little  fault can be found with Ntlson. No other citv in  British Columbia c ffers the t-a me rttiractionsat* we do  from the point of good residences and beautiful  gr )undh, but there is yet much to be done in this  direction. A beautiful civ makes a good impression on visitors, and the more the beautiful is  cultivated,   tlie belter it must be  for the city.  late in'life, as h��  was  forty-seven  when the Soutb'^i^lt  African war broke out, and had hitherto been chieflr *  known as a belud earl with a commission in the1  Second Life Guards, the command of which regiment  he relinquished in 1899. He did excellent 8erviceS����/  on the Nile, where he commanded the detachment of  the Second Lite Guard*���The Camel corps���which  went to the relief of Gordon. It was reserved for  South Africa to" make the name of Dundonald as  much of a household word    in the   British army   as  a*       n  that of Cochrane has long been in the navy. Lord  Dundonald married a Welsh lady, an heiress, Mies  Winifred Hesketh, who owns a Welsh castle, near  Abergele, rejoicing in a name spelled without any  vowels at ail. unless " y9f be counted and admitted  as a vowel. CJwyrc.h Castle is a beautiful place, of  which Lady Dundonald is   a   delightful   chatelaine.  (  f  Dr. Carnac Fisher, Bishop of Ipswich, declared at  the Conference of the  clergy of the   Diocese of   Norwich, that the rich spent their Sundays on  the river  without excuse, but the working classes, who worked  from six to six, had -ome excuse  for seeking   recreation on  Sunday.    Therefore,    he   wanted    to    know  whether they ought not   to   reconHch r the   question,  and revert to Sundnv   recreation   between the   hours  of service.     In putting forward this astonishing proposition   he made the   Mill   more   astounding   statement    that   there ran    he nothing    wrong in    being  happy   ou   Sunday.      Nothing   wrong?    Happy   on  Sundav?    Great Heaven, ve Sabbatarians,  what are  we coming t<�� .    There is  hope   for   us   yet.      One   of  these seasons we may wake up to find    that   Sunday  is not a sad day. but a   day of'rest   and   recreation,  as well an the day   set   apart for    worship.      One   of  these days you   may   get your woods out and   repair  to the green without shame, instead "id   sleeping  the  afternoon away before the parlor tire.     Lven as it is,  the Sunday game of tennis,   which ir* so   disgraceful  to all concerned if played before the eyes of man,   is  free from    ��candal    if played    ����n a   included    lawn,  where the neighbors cannot see you.     What a blessing it will he when we are   no   longer  compelled   to  play tlie hypocrite, hut instead, can    play the   game  without fearing the wrath of the righteous.  Rev. Mr. Graham will occupy Mr.   Lennox's   house  for the summer.  The Earl of Dundonald, who is coining to Canada,  in command of the Dominion troop;*, has had a dis  tinguished military career in the liri.Uh army Ho is  not only a first-rate soldier, but his inventions for  military equipments, notably the Dundonald f?;un  carriage, have beer* valuable. Ileal military distinction, however, came   lo  Lord Dundonald  rathor  A ball under the auspices of the Terpsichorean  club wilt be held in the Netsbn Opera House this  evening.  An interesting bit of old Paris is   doomed to   dis  appear to make way for a   huge   building to   he let  out in   Oats.      No.    .17*   Hue    Beautreilis,  with   its  garden, .covered a portion of the former Cemetery of  Saint Fault where Rabelais, Moliere's wife, anil   the  Man with the Iron   Mask   were   buried,     For close  upon 200 years the tradition has been constant that  the. body of that mysterious personage was   interred  under    the   very    garden    of No.     17.    Du   Jonca,  the     King's      Liemenmt     at     the      Bastille,     in  recording his prisoner's death in the prison   register  on November 19, 1703, refers to 1miu as " le prisonnier  inconnu toujour.*, maHju#: d'un masque de velours.  Was the famous iron   mask of velvet after all?  Mr.  George Luther I*nnox has left  for the east h,  help Whitney out in the Ontario election on  Muy'-�����  A revolution in hotel building and   hotel kcfpiff  ban occurred within thirty year*.      1* >��   ����� "���ulJ '  ii��*risu.i��i. wealth and improving tattfe. of   hug �����'  '  inR le-sure uml  facility of trannpor talion   "���ai'^  ��f   vacation   le-orla   have    become   popular  lor  l.euer re-H.,n than that they   had proper ��cc��������J  tionn for the public.       Americana lake ".ore k ����0  to hotel life   than   do   any   other   people. ���    ���  partly beuatn* of   the   national   rertl***?**, P^ }  became of high rent* in   the town.,   partly  tn     b;  despair of necuring reliable domeattc H��>rvice,  p    ^  b,cau��eof the exceeding   development   of   le  instinct, and partly  because of a   hk.ng ������� ����'  \'t v.��t   there   nru  ilL  (.,i���,,���ent of connate, life.      \ci   u riot(  when   the    frequenter . ��l   the   great   t�� ^ buBtlc  would, for a little, ��tep ont from the glare -^  um| take    bin cane    in the old    way, n�� ������ ������ ��� ^  where there would be no crowd,   no o��>h ���! ^  vantH.no extravuj.iu.cu in drew., naKiU^    ^ ^  ���o vu��l    parlor.,   filled   with   ijoh atp*.  ��<     _ ^  cumbered with  ImgH and   Irunlta ������>��*     . ^  *3  "Sam  Hf?BS*  n**i  ftrJr��"mtiiffmMi!l  Ell  *V  4MH  ? :i��  ������ .rSa  ... Jpm^  i> �����"*_  }   -W*1*!  ' if   "..'  *    jA5t"  <* ,rS  s     ,  f- rti-.j  ��� ��� V "  '  i ��' 'i  \L i  *. ,'���  k. ���* ���  f     ���    >IIH  ���hiatal    _   _t  I -'J  {�����>-���>���  "���'-Hi  fc:.W  m  V:-  ''. A.'  'i i  li  cigar Biuioti  e, no gaudy bar, hio are liRbto, no o  * <c  J '*�����  j>.^^hj;  !M  Oj t^inUAB.iDiii^w*^  *i In  THfc NELSON EGONOfAlST  ?  . ���aP<y furnsees, no dining-room  .>pl!*;nllli;(l   to eat in  state,  and, at   the  "���^r1**,; viniS head ^ait8r' Wbe  coffiPan5?J0r  ^a^jterrii)'  _ especially   where  "-1    in���< ,,,it care tor,   ana   wi"     J  ?#oW ,(lU week   would   not lake away  '   fUtin,'<:'''hw   breath.     There it, in   fact, a  ��� -<        \v *u our aummer  resorts, for a  new  ^LVl.all   be   ��he old   innkeeper in   -a  MA, ;..,,.v   fiuise.     Ul-   iiwunoe   the  Jii ,   nor near   a railroad   elation;  ������ n   _are*et    nor   ii��o����    ** .  '���'* '.nd other dangerous and  dirturb-  "'V       ������ , ��� t*. urced to elay sfler their week  - 1 ? . the Ktl* ; 'here will nut oe many euchre  ��� ',ueloutof their beds io tbe  hours  .  .-^w^pnutHUou.. kitchen,  :--Li__v   w.'idd    prefer   lo    .deep,    i"B        _  - r   ��� .      ..��,.. ��..ill h*. in a building  4it��nd ..liwT attachment* win ne i" �� ��  *-?f'- .    .    ,���.,    ^eaoi  and   the noieea  ��� A]M^-*^,,h"loaore:1|8l**���be   vistited upon  'Mi*,totl��e.rbu��nert   *lU   U��l      ,    '    *       J   a  :4^;l-.e will ��- no radiator-, buV, ��"W!d'   t  raj*^' . ���__.. ___*,* will send out  ���*����� ,_   i  -J*-"^Ap_$  door was thrown violently open, and the elegantly-  dressed young man dashed out.     The two old ladies  tumbled   backwards   in a fright,   but one of   them  managed to shriek out " Stop  thief!" and the  locksmith, who was coming up   stairs  at the   moment  secured the burglar.     He was taken to the police  station,   but   refused   to give bis  name.     " I was  fairly   caught,"   he said, " and   you  can do what  you like with me.     But I will   not dishonour   my  family  by telling you who I am."  n     ���    u   i   ii ��!,������   ereat logs will send out  ���Adi/sio tbe lisll where. grt*��i ,~w  W         ,'i "i_. Then ihet0 will  be no etable  **a��(fittneil  Ugh*. in��"   luwo    t            .   ^  ���^k^r  *25l-      t iAUnhmie   telegraph or ticker  W    i      i       , Swh  tsriU -be found tie&r.    tnere  .%dlKoftice, lb.ainnruch   will ooivu  �����bh ..     .      u.w-tird-   And   eou��e  The late Hev. T. Dewitt   Talmage .��� ���**����,  .���     >*a ��i ��<Utf) 000 which was divided among nis  estimated at I3W.UUU, wn' philanthropic  family.     There were no bequests to po����  objects or charities.  Someone suggests that kissing should be  made a  ..nffltl because of the danger that  diseases  capital offence, oecaub kiBging   18  W.H   be  dominated    the eby.     ��     ^  generally regarded as a capual offence  now  Jot so much of an offence either-  K drinking fountain, "^-^^^sX  doubted by a bron*e statue ^J^ of th  ����ea&BB..-e1ii....^nrue..  -nma    latest suggestion as _     u d> .   Tbe   Rossland  Jm.....,��vof well chosen book,, and ��*. �� Father Pat'Mund at Ross^ ^ ^^^ .^  flL,.f..o^"n.u,,c oo a Piano! There will of 3/��n,rtbelieveMh.�� planb�� �� - gefu) a6 weil as  r^   , fc .,...>,_..!.���.... heneethere will be     aP it i. a combination of sometmng _ ^ ^ ^  a .obMantial   monument to   the me  parted divine.  tuoUoa  mu,ic   on   a   piano.    ��..��-   "  .'  t       .,��� a_   h��>iice there win n��  ��,U: ���oru;nd.��uu cleaohur��^ lienoe mi��  ���      ,   ,'    ,     ihu r ��hi.h mav be removed  :irr*tr\ mil nikt�� ion  ty*a uiii��* w   f  - ��  ..^a,^, ���ut ru_. ...��i����d. ��hich ui.y be removed  ������ 4^*�� -erv day. and there will &* ��*> *��*"  -^....v b,i....d Mi,p.c.on. but beyond reproach.  . ^..l,���; ,���.   ,u,il   ,n..-for   many people-is tne  "JS^ke, quiet and comfortable.      The ueaal hotel  '. A ;,a,u-,o      The .deal inn is a haven of privacy  o Principal   Caven   of   Knox   College, .  ThC   Rr"    Ln of quiet bumor for which he does  Toronto, hae a win ol qui addre88i���g a   new  nr,t always get due   credit^ uin6d, amongst  c,t,9 of divinity   ^p^bh;riftnP church, ..H*  other things, that  the Pres y ftnd ^^  the Methodist church. ^J^^* say that yon  against smoking        ^   ^^   8aid   Prlnctpal  -.JS-jf'-*;���!��! I'n -r-Uv vhoiuii ��>�� wc. - ��� ��� must not   emoa ,     an ���ho feels  tt to be  nia  M^ir ,i, r ���.-1 auad.an national pm�� .1-uW be ,. ^ any gentian baBoment��  r;:l ��r,,,,, :Ulli hl Mll wmy ���� this be accomplished ^ emoke wlM please do  tSf^rih,��� i,v ojiuoniEine  the   nuitchee a�� uiey  -plvur  ���t,eb   between   Nelson ���"����   GrJn��  riw''**..��t T���..rMUv should ��>e well attended.        >  ���fc^l . . '       ,. ...:....,���I ..Mime should ��i  u-,-th...,l.v lli4lrMnitiiiK  the   matches as they a  ES^Niiri.,:- ..... HJaHon.     We have good  maw.iai  ,, no doubt the boys will do oW  pf g t!,,s   . m, to uphold    the   honor and   glory  :4|ti'll'',iit!i.-v nnn-ivo proper encouragement.  "irf**;!^  ..   N *h.n,|w.,.,er,,ri8lnB P.Vi*  burglar  orthe  Pj  liyf't'l-iv i* a.i.urgling he dresses himself  m a tn>c  !���'.- -ioitjn.i.....    ..... i i ,..iu nnrbof respects  ���,.>i*nn ^nacre does   not  frequently  Land at ��%**#* ��������n   London, but a  few  come into the market    eve Cheapside wae  years ago, wben Uk| freehold ^^  Lid, the sum it ^'^.^ grou���d that could be  acre; that is to ��*�� J^   pe8nny    postage   stamp  covered   by   ����� ��^J  aPt all a bad  price or  a  |u��4-ui,uy ,��� i hurdling he dresses mm������   ��������� - realised  6s   it- flauare inch of estate to attain.  fet^uui mov... ,���,��, h,ft, and this garb of respect^ fitfe.BixlUfl of�� q^ oo ^  Corn-  rf��y��..,y,I..,,il,ll,:hich  the janitor may   haj�����     I frol��� the ground ^  ��42>5oo-  P  h-nR 'lllUH   lUtim, pM..���fd   *�����    *'*    WH.which five orj��x J-�� Really ��55 - square  h   L,; '... f the city  aud at the rate o. i otber  delectable spots in the�� ty w ^ away wh  fold,butitto.^f"^ Pona ��.io thorough--  L site has not got * ft^J ^ ffl ^ oJ g.^d  - Twenty-tw0   pou inoheB   would  htiH   attired pwenteu        ^  ["��*��� i" .m��. <,f   the   rich   qaarlera  of the ci y  fk��' ����r th.- apartment of one of the tenant   **��*  lip,.    . * i.!^.,v tUit*   inior  ^Tf^wl ior t  .Ni(ui  ^Hiltr',1  r th   apnrmient of one ol uww������        or-  '^,1 ohuinod.     She  gave   hrna iM   , t          ...*_._.    u���,._i��t troth�� room  . ami he w<��nt unntniie ~ ~but not  to im  j  v--<i.     One of the other occapanls  11*11111  i  h�� ����tner "^ '"��"������ "      found her  '    vi.rniniiMia unv miiiuten iflter  ��������'���      ���    , ,  Ilr,!lu 'l'��..r   l.,,!,.,!.      BeinR   unoble   U.   obtain^��  /���ls"i������l��e,.,||,.d   the -W^e."   who  BUggest"*  ^Vi I'  f    l>iR for n locltauii&h. . ||B0  j W|>>l��t they woro aaifcimg for tho��"���� oe B"  Pl"| 1  A>m  "EL*  m  -411  !�����������.��  K3*fiJ  ���AY/'  ..���/., ;-:3:;'  r.*7 w*��^��_w��*^i"ifc**'^-*W*V;^  s*  THE NELSON HCONOMIST  f        -    -      2-  -^a".      ^T^_  a^  m ���_      a   *n  Fort Steele Prospector  The Knob Hill group of mines is  one of the most promising   properties in the district.    A strong body  of ore is being opened up.  As i��gard�� gravel mining in South  East Kootenay there is much renewal of activity.  The Good Hope mine is situated  E&st   Kootenay will   fofg��   a  rapidly during the coming summer* J  The mining outlook for   1902  is  such as to encourage all in this line  of   business and to   push   with   all  their energies the properties to sue- j  cessful results, j  It appears errtain that South j  East Kootenay is to hav��* w large j  addition to its wealth producing!  industries as soon as the big iron j  deposits of   the district  are  devel- j  \    mL&*mmMSBb  i  m  i  jA  X7$ft$t  "oasterl  r�� In  r  in the Purcell ran^e, in what is eon  sidered   the copper   belt of the   St. j oped. ��� j  Mary's river district. Speeulatirn is rife ai to what   is j  The demand  for copper is strong   happening   at North   Star   mine.-J  evidently and supply short in com-1 Sometning   is going  on   tbti*.    It  parison, and these conditions   will j seems to be the general opinion that  result in an advance inevitably.     ' | a large ore body has  beon   encuuii-  Althougfa not much talk is heard jlem*-  about the big iron deposits on Bull  river, the communications received | <��comr����ie** Act, i��ot,,# ������* Am��ntfiitc,  from   option   stekers  point to  the I acta*  *    ^��    tUVt l~..^o,*o   r^t   \m**w\    in     Cnnir. -NV��tiW*l*      hrr**hy   tfiViti     |lt��t     f<��:*U��?    Mill.  fact that  deposits of iron in booth  Clv��� Kln6|Mwr. ����r Net*on. u. e,. tm* .iwn t��i��  East Kootenay are of t-utticient ex--|{BrU,slj Columbia)  ftxpionttum Hyiuttotu*.  *~~*  ��n ,i.imo.wl ..nnntian 1 Limiwd,**     In    pUice   0i    H**rt����rt    Edward  tent to demand attention. T^rruk UatsitanV  _,. . .        .., . . lhit<*dthU Utli day of April, I WW.  The comiug month will   see   the' .......  starting of a heavy movement  towards tba development of iron  properties in this district.  Our lle��t  MiH'hn ami Ju v u CottrcTi  potltld   . . . .. U���,-^,-  Mmdm ami Java lllemt, 3 iKmnilK *^@^  Cholw litond Cnirw. I pounds       iS&L.  ���__* i>        -h    *- *. ^ _t #*"*���'�����������'*��  4      rf3_��i !&5f^fetto_^>t"'___<l__L  ��,.H?ci*tl H**1"1 U��dT**\ w pound* fe#pil  Hlii ilU*ful CoflW\ 0 pound* %@u!pip  Hpecltil HletutCvyloii ��tu, iwrp'mSSgl  ^S���_f*"_j!-WTY_^<**"^^  ti^1*tnir of Joitu Hiwrk Com pit��i��*#,,  o enroosous   impression  exists  in some  quarters that good   mints  are n@t  to   he   found in   the   mam j  range of  the Rockies, but develop- !  ments at ��siella and Tiger-Pojrman I  mines are doing much to dissipate  the  idea.  Perry creek placers.    An eastern  company   has    purchased   a   large  tract of good ground which will   be)  operated under the management of  C. St. Moore.  One of the corning mining properties of Sooth East Kootenay is  the Tiger-Poormau group. Active  work will comineuce as soon as the  season permits.  History is repeating itself in the  matter of development and progress  of placer mining on Wild Horse  creek.  The prediction is made that the  approaching summer will see marked activity in mining on the caul  aid�� of the Kootenay river in the  main range of the Kockies.  Jtthao b��on intimated that South  KuGi KcoConay may yet nee the inauguration of th�� moot elaborate  omeltirag workoin British Columbia.  iry of   South  A  Sold by All Newsdealers  Scenic Line of Ihe  DIRECT ROUTE  KAHT  Wlnttit��-tE  Toronto  (itmwu  Montri'ttl  Now York  WKST  VmuxiuviT  VU'torln  Seattle  Purllnnd  Shu t'nuu'lw^,  Furnlaheo Monthly to uM lovers ol HoiiR  and Mutft..- n vu, . rr*.����rn*�� r��f flaw. Choice  Copyright Compoaitlo.T* i>v the mrest }mp>,  ular rtuitwr-. 64 rv.e_e* of Plant* Que(c#  Uti\i Vu:��l. imli In*., .mi. 1 u) at CompBoto  PJocco for Wmr\o-i)nv<! % Mmith for o��j  C��vit��. Yvmrlv HubwrlpOoti, 0s.00. 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