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The Nelson Economist Feb 21, 1903

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 =f -r  ��� - - "���  il ��� iitu        "-- ��� --   -   ������ ���  ��^3L  ���J^.bM.M���>   WH.��  s %  tA"  V#  A,^a-L.AC'  "VC\:  c   .-/S :>":^a ���^������'���oH_>' ^Pjt^jnWrHT^-*' '"V-    ���*������  a' * ��� Si  =.tfrchnK  VOL. VI.  ~nS^  NO. 32  ^^^r^^^^^#^^^  JEWELRY  DIAMONDS  WATCHES  and a  complete line  ofthe  GENUINE  "1847  Write, telegraph  or  telephone-we are   here  early and  late,  and on   the jump  to  serve  you  quickly   with   all  the  right things  ,n Watches,  Clocks, Jewelry,   Silverware,  sterling and  plate ;  Onyx Tables and goods too numerous to mention.  These are the days that a house like ours can show  its real worth  to our' customers.    Whatever the  size or character of your order, we can  fill it ana  ship it at once.    -The goods you  want just  when  you want them," that's my  motto.,   Never  were  we in a, position to give.better,service to  our customers than now.    My stock of all  kinds of goods  on all lines are a maryel,Q.f comprehensiveness ���  *'    Their bulk and quality   mean   to you  the  best  procurable goods at the lowest pbsslble prices   and  vou have the assurance that they are all right.  .7 .  Rogers Bros."  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  Eves carefully examined and  properly fitted to the.best grade  of glasses. "*"    "^  Pine  Repairing.  Our watch ind jewelrytleuartment has no equal*.  in the country.  Mail and ex'press orders have our  prompt atten  tion.       over,      ___i  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������~^  v ���  G9Q&$&G��99&S9QG99QQWiGtSG  OWIS  amer  <���-/  i ���    i'  There is no better time. Come in and see what a whole outfit costs  ������not���'rtnch���and it's the concentrated essmce ol fun. You don t know  what real pleasure us, unless you've worked a camera and put into las;t-  ing form the beauties that you are seeing wherever you go. We have  a large stock of Plate Cameras, 1902 pattern, '.hat we are selling at and  below cost.    A complete line of Photographic Supplies ot all kinds.  WARD AND  BAKER STREETS,  NELSON  )������������'  J    ���*   -  ' *���  -1-,  ~    fc ���-4"  ���?-  ��"           t   .    J  �� * ,   -   t.v>  \- ,*�� ��  -  -       K-  ,"       ."     *-j.  ���s "f^r  'S.     -  r. ..m;.tij  '- :���&'?  '.,'*.*��-. ^  ���.".Wi'  rB jikc '���Hi  "���  r.vrrv_  iS3i^  wBKJS  .    w  meek  r.;.f��J��->  \  sate  Ir v.1- vv  ���rsirit:  ��  _ vt^^fyp^aaHarvffimwtmwMW'ir*^^ g#*��* *  ih  W��l��^!��aSMWS��^  Jill On* m    -flll��Wb�� is l&**i,��l,*r     11 in,*��f*ll   "     "      h  -       .      riff      ��      , .<, :��    -    ft .  rff     l ^i��-   ���.       ���   -,  -.y. ^A�� .�� .....  - -y-   ;#*���  ���>-_   -TS  |.____________B__M  n ii  nrfW���n 1��li   hi      I  Ir  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  1  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner, Beeton  Victoria. B. C.  Special Quotations for  Camps and Mines  Special Values in  Canned Goods and Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly Filled  Red Front Grocery, Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufac-  turers ofthe   Pinto Shell Oor1  dovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEY, B. C. Agt.  *p  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  1  H  ZM  i|  *___  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  EEIAPSDS* OLD STAWD, BAKER ST  GEP3ERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on Stanley street, opv>osite Royal  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  JIH  IE  .^.w,^,*^^**^^^*^  Mw|www^wff��^^^  Wit F|WW wyWqWW����WrW��W��  m,w*wwn^wmn#**mw#ii#*^i^^ a^ftcfoa? afe-iw  ,   J-*.,,       ,M   ��!    .    ,^      ,   -^  fx- -U A  ^mnmimnmmmmmrmmmtwmmmimgmST'S'r '���"L - ��� ���f I������  .r-. .., .     .   -jt-..^  ^-.  �����M*MMil2MMl_H  ....^g*��BB5WBHEw  MFiiiBT4iiBifgiirr-r__i  VOL. VI.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, ��903.  NO. 32  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST   is   issued  every Saturday.   Subscription :   $2.00  per annum; if paid in advance, $1.5��  Correspondence of general interest  respectfully solicited. Only articles  OF  MERIT WILL BE ADVERTISED   IN THESE  COLUMNS. AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS  WILL   BE    CAREFULLY    GUARDED   AGAINST  IRRESPONSIBLE   PERSONS  AND   WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  -1  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  THE British Columbia Legislature will  meet on the 16th of March for the transaction of business. The forthcoming session  will be watched with even more than ordinary  interest. By some it is believed that Col.  Prior will be forced to resign, while others believe that he will be able to carry on the affairs of the Government till the end of the  session. It is always difficult to tell what will  happen in the Briti h Columbia Legislature.  The members cannot be always relied upon to  vote just as their constituents would wish, and  it sometimes happens that the scales fall from  the eyes of the most pronounced opponent of  the Government and he becomes an ardent  supporter of the party he formerly opposed,  and yery likely traduced. These sudden conversions can be attributed to various causes.  Some are malevolent enough to contend that  in tbe majority of instances these sudden  ���changes are the result of purely selfish mo  tives. One thing is certain, no matter what  the cause may be, they occur with an alarming degree of frequency and may be said to be  almost epidemic in our legislative halls.  Therefore, it would not be surprising if many  ���of the most pronounced opponents of the  Prior Government would see the error of their  way arid when the Houee meets become the  most ardent admirers of the leader and supporters of the party in power. It might, however, occur, that this repentant spirit would  only manifest itself until the estimates were  passed and that the converts would then become backsliders, in which event the Prior  Government would go the same road so many  Governments have travelled the past few  years. Of course, that would mean a new  election, and the question then arises, will it  ���bo on party lines or otherwise ? It must he con  fessed that the party spirit is not as  strong as  it was a few months ago.    The feeling prevail*  that neither party is preparedfor an election.  In the Kootenays, it may be fairly   contended  there iB a strong Conservative majority, but it  is doubtful if the greater number of those Con- '  servatives would vote the straight party ticket,  nor is it certain that the Liberals are inspired  with any degree   of confidence  in   their  self-  constituted leaders.    While   nearly all admit  that the real   salvation   of   the   Province is  party lines, there is   a  strong   divergence   of  opinion as to the manner in which this change  should be brought   about.    It   looks as if the  machine had socured a   deathly   grip   on the  throttles of both parties, and   that the strangles were determined   to hold   on.    When   a  handful of designing men set   themselves   up  as the real leaders   of a party,   the rank and  file of that party are very apt to resent the imposition when the opportunity presents itself.  We have not yet altogether lost sight   of the  truism       that       the     office     should      seek  the     man      and      not    the    man    the    office.    We   have had   a   surfeit   of   the   professional politician   in  this Provii ce, and the  real worthy man should now have an innings  Blatant   demagogues   and   frothing   mountebanks are not calculated to  accomplish what  is wanted in this Province at the present time  and they should be given a wide berth.   What  is most  required is   men of substance, and of  this class there are not many   in   the Legislature at the present tim��.    One thing  can  be  said in favor of Col   Prior���that either   as a  leader or as a   member  of a  Government   he  brings to office a ripe business experience, but  this will be lost if he  is   surrounded   by men  wno  have   been  conspicuous   business    failures  throughout   their   live".    We think the  hope   is   general   that   whether the  coming  leader he Col. Prior, Charles Wilson  or  some  one else, that the affairs of the Province in order to accomplish   the  best  results   must   be  placed in   the  hands of   competent business  men.  Through the disqualification of Aid. Morrison, there is now a vacancy in the Eastward,  and the election has been set for March 3.  Two well-known citizens have offered themselves as candidates for the vacant seat at the  council board. One ih Mr. W. G. Gill jtt, vvho  comes forward at the earnest solicitation of a  large number of citizens, and the other is Mr.  James Gilker, who will carry the banner of  the "People's Progressive Party." Both gentlemen are well and favorably known to the  citizens, Mr. Gillett as a successful contractor,  and Mr. Gilker as a, merchant. If the issues  at stake were the respectability, honor and integrity of the candidate, there   would he little  ?��'  to choose between the two men now before the  people, but unfortunately this is not the case.  Mr. Gillett stands fairly and squarely on an  independent platform, pledged wto carry out  the wishes of the people, while Mr. Gilker as  candidate of that nondescript organization,  known as the ''People's Progressive Party,  must bow submissively to the rule of John  Houston. It is no argument to say that Mr.  Gilker will not submit to this tyranny���he is  too affable a gentleman to dispute the mandates ofthe tyrant. As a matter of fact, John  Houston would not have bestowed this special  mark of favor on Mr Gilker had he for a moment suspected that that gentleman would a,t  any stage of the game question his authority.  The result of the election will therefore depend  altogether on the spirit of the people. If a  majority of the ratepayers, feel that it is creditable to their manhood oto prostrate themselves at the foot of the man who has only  contempt for his slaves, it is quite likely Mr.  Gilker will be elected. But on the other hand,  if there is a majority who believe that the  time has come wh<*n they mu��t strike a decisive blow for freedom, Mr. Gillett  will win.  The serious illness of Sir Oliver Mowat will  cause sincere sorrow throughout the Dominion.    He is one of Canada's most   gifted sons.  A leading English chemist, Dr. Redwood,  says that if oil were generally used for fuel in  London the great institution known as the  London fog would absolutely disappear. The  doctor says the fogs are caused by unconsumed  carbon suspended in the air, and originating  from the thousands of factory chimneys belching out smoke. There is no carbon or ash  from oil. The doctor points out that oil has  been successfully burned as fuel on sea and  land, and urges its compulsory adoption by  the manufactuiers of the great metropolis.  A tunnel made under the Thames for the  aecommodation of pedestrians has been recently completed and opened for the public.  It is a tube 11 feet in diameter, 1217 feet long,  with the top 13 feet below the river bed. It is  accessible by electric elevators and a spiral  iron railway at either end.  There is a Dickens followship in London,  and Percy Fitzgerald, who knew Dickens well  and has written so much about him and his  works, is to be the first president. It will seek  to extend the power and influence of his writings in fhe English-speaking world. To that  end it will meet once a month from October  to April for the reading and discussion of  papers on subjects relating to DickenB, his  teachings and writings.  ��*a��n��j��s��iiBflff&i��^��fflff3ffl^^fft^^ ^iy>w'^��*roi^>WMiHWirww^  map ��r(M^j5WP!w^��ww��*��r <  ^       ' -     L _.       J I ,11, '���  ^��WWftt^^w-qqftf^^ -s*iw��rt^vfrWP?H^p^  '      . I ' , 'r. , ��4l  it-  THE NELSON ECONOMST  i  THE splendid record made   by the   Nelson ,  hockey team at the Rossland carnival is  a matter for hearty   congratulation   not   only  to the team but to the city as well.    Throughout   the  different   matches   the  Nelson   men  ���played ..the part of true sportsmen, and not the  least praiseworthy feature  was   their  willingness within two hours after a hotly  contested  battle with the Roes)anders to meet the   team  picked   from   Eastern   B.   C.   and   the  Territories.       The    hockey    team    lias     brought  honor to the city of Nelson, and   they deserve  well of the citizens. _.,..,,  and explained to the gentleman that it was  only six o'clock, and the -aour of dinner was  half-past seven, but invited, him to be seated,  and prepared to entertain him during the interval as best .*he could. '"Oh," exclaimed  the rising member of parliament, "I'll just ~o  out into the kitchen and smoke my pipe by  the stove, and have a chat vvith the girl," and  Lady , feeling   that   this was   the best  thing he could do, and that it would suit him  best, let  him   have his   way,  and    when   the  guests arrived, Mr.   came out from the  kitchen and-joined them.  A somewhat historical character in tho person   of   "Edward," the chief   of the Tobacco  Plains. Kootepays,   passed,, away   two  weeks  ago at the, ripe, age of ninety;    It is related by  the Fort Steele Pryspeeior that "Edward"   was  under the impression that in the settlement.of  the,boundary   line   at   Tobacco   Plains   the  United States   Goyernment   had   taken   more  land from   "King   George"   than  it  was entitled, to^and. for many   years ;he squatted on  the   land,, luiown   as   the  "Leonard   Farm,"  south of.the boundary.     Finally, he   was. per-  buaded by his people   to  cross   the   line   and  settle on the British Columbia Reserve   at the  Plains, where he spent  tbe   remainder   of his  days amongst   his    people   loyal   to   his sovereign and, country.    He fought many a hard  battle with the.Bipods and   Blackfeet and was  well known by the "Wolfers of the Plains" at  Whoop-up and Stand-off.    He  was   buried at  the reserve and   his funeral   was   largely   attended by the Indians  and many   of the settlers. , i( ,  Medical men say that books and paper  money carry the microbes of diseases, and yet  the employes of public libraries, who handle  hundreds of books daily, do not "catch" tbe  diseases. The reason is that library people  do not wet their fingers with their lips to tur^h  ot er the leaves of books, and bank officials do  not wet their fingers in the same way to count  money.  ; Nearly   4,000,000' pieces; of.. baggag^o wiere  hand led-by tm? ���&* _p/T��'"*.JL_u' l^^;? ; '   "  A   resolution   is    to   be   introduced   at  the  i Woodstock Council providing for the meeting  of the couhcilonce a month, instead of   twice,  as now.    Here's   a   precedent   for   the, Nelson  Council, ;.,-;.    ;     ;,   ,  your beautiful manuscript. We swear by the  ashes of our ancestors that we never read anything equal to it.  "The result is that if we had published it  the Emperor would have issued an edict prohibiting us from publishing in future any article which might be in the slightest degree  inferior to your sublime composition. This  would mean that we might have to wait ten  years before we could bring out another issue  of our paper.  "This is why I return your article with ten  thousand apologies. Behold my hand, which  trembles as I write. Your very humble  slave, "Li To Tsche."  Lawbreakers are hereby notified that a rope  factory is to be established at Kingston.  The penitentiary report   for 1901   shows   a  decrease   in  the   number   of   inmates.    This  may   either mean   that  crime   is   on  the decrease or that the police  officials  are  hot  attending to their duty.  I     Before the end of June  the Granby smelter  i'will have a treatment capacity   of   2,200  tons  ; daily, or 15,400   weekly,   or   800,000 tons annually.  The New Brunswick Legislature ,has been  dissolved and a new election will take place  on February 26th. ,.   ���  The   picked    hockey team     from . Fernie,  Pincher   Creek,   Frank and   Medicine   Hat  beat a Cranbrook  team the   other night by a  score of 11 to 1.  A wireless piano; has been recently ^perfected  by Ira F.iGilmore, of Bloomington,  III.,  who  has been working on-the idea for the last thirteen   years under   great  disadvantages.    He  was unable to have a steel comb reed made in  the United States, he says, and he started   in  to make one of these himself, which alone has  been a task   of   many   years.    He,  secured  a  piece of steel of the desired   size  and   with  a  drill and file made the reed   on   the   required  lines.    This was mounted on a   bridge with a  sounding board, when it was  discovered that  he had secured a beautiful   harp   tone, which  has long been sought after.  Events, of Ottawa, tells a story which may  perhaps be new outside of the capital of a  member of parliament who was invited to dinner at the house of a titled minister of the  crown, and who, wearing the regulation black  suit, presented himself at the house in question wearing a pink shirt and red tie. He  was ushered into the 'drawing-roam, which  was silent and lonely, and the servant reported his arrival to   Lady  -  - -, who came  Ballooninjg is now receiving   attention   as a  possible remedy for pulmonary affections. The  conditions are not the sanie as thoseof moun-  taineering, the change of  altitude being more  rapid and muscular fatigue being absent:    In  the trips of the French Society of   Physiology  Dr. Henocque proposes to   regard   trie atmosphere   as   divided   into  three z>nes:    Up to  about three miles the surrounding air supplies  all the , oxygen   needed,   but   ascents beyond  five miles are held  to  require   a   close car, as  was first suggested in   1871, or  an aerial diving suit.  It is proposed to extend   the Canada Allan-  tic to Sault Ste. Marie.  Polite as American and European editors  are when dealing with persons whose manuscripts they are unable to accept, they nevertheless do not soothe the disappointed ones in  the graceful manner that Chinese editors do.  Here, for example, is a letter which was recently sent by the editor of a Pekin newspaper  to a gentleman who had offered an, unavailable article :  "Glorious brother of the sun and of the  moon," it runs, "behold thy son who throws  himself at thy feet and begs for thy favor.  We were intoxicated with iov   when  we   read  ' '���    ���        i ! ��� '��� :   .        .        \ .   f  One day Julian Ralph was strolling   along  one of the   boulevards in   Paris   in  rather a  :    i :   7.0      - I .. ���,    .  lonely mood when two of   the newspaper correspondents came up, says  Vance  Thompson,  in the Saturday  Evening Post.    By a  sort of  premeditated hazard they came at  the luncheon hour.    Mr. Ralph greeted them   like brothers.    "You don't know how   much   good it  does me to get a chance  to  talk English," he  said.    "Why, do you know   what!  did   today ?"    They  didn't know.    "I   got' shaved  three times this morning at the .barber  shop  in the Grand Hotel because the barber  could  say,   'Yizzii ; rthankee, .zir P "    They    were  strolling downAthe   Boulevard   des Italiens.  "Come and haVe a  chop with  me," 8aid Mr.  Ralph in his usual cheery way..   "I noticed a  little   restaurant   hear  here-~quiet,   modest^,  cheap looking plade1���but by. the looks of it I  am pretty sure we ciiin  get things clean, anyway. ,, And, of course, we  don't want   mulch.'*  Mr. Ralph ledthe way into  \he "cheap little  place,   but  clean."    His friends  raised their  eyebrows, but, they were too polite tosay anything. , They had their chops, with preface ot  oysters, fish and other good things, and a codicil of salad, cheese   and' fruit.    "Now/1 sup:  pose thousands of people walk past this place  every day/' said Mr. Ilalph, "and never dream  of coming   in.    They'd   rather   go   to  some  gaudy restaurant and waste money  on   mere  style."  I   like things  plain   and  simple and  homelike.  ������Garaong, the bill, si vous   plait !"  UwfeWffl^WVJ^MtHH j��w�� "  ���vh(IB   1 "  "TTTT|i  .1 '  mew***** WWW* ��m����|**WW^WWWWr?**��W W*MH HWHfaWrar  11).  M  ,      '   ,  \  .)',- A I     A   ���     ���  Uh      * lit f   ��Pt I,   ->- r     -�� U>  "��� I      i    i   r       >fr  . -J-   ~l!(��r.   <*.t*j ftdr   ^S'*.-^    .ff,i^    wmn <.,.    ,    .  ��     .. -     ���t��    ,  n   , -^i, ^ ���"���T~��*"" "  fi  When the bill came, it was Mr. Ralph who  raised his eyebrows. It was���but never mind.  Mr. Ralph's clean little place was the Cafe  Anglais, the most expensive restaurant in  Paris.  Nearly everyone in Nelson who acknowledges a wide circle of acquaintances knows  Hon. A. J. Marks, politician and general all  round guardian of the city's interests ; but it  is doubtful if a dozen or more know that Mr.  Marks is peculiarly gifted with the spirit of  prophesy. His specialty is weather predictions, and by his friends it is held that he  keeps about a week ahead of the barometer  and is even more exact in his prognostications.  Mr. Marks is now making arrangements to  get out an almanac for next year, a feature of  which will be a fine collection of jokes by  John Houston, President of the Provincial  Liberal-Conservative Association.  The Toronto Telegram points out that they  are opening a poor-house in South Ontario, a  constituency in which poverty was abolished  by the bye-elections, which gave every man a  chance to sell bis vote.  Wilson's Uncle Tom's Cabin company, begins a two nights' engagement at the Opera  House this evening (Friday). The first night  "Uncle Tom" will be given and the following  evening, "Ten Nights in a Bar-room."  The Hewette, a specialty organization, will  be seen at the Opera House next Monday  night. The Hewetts have played the Orpheum  circuit, which in itself is a good recommendation.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  with a most undesirable class of tourists. Be- !  sides, it is not the best kind of an advertise- '���  ment for the citv to create the impression, that",  there are a number of people hei e in absolute j  want, especially when the   reverse is the case. \\  "It does not always pay to be too smart,"  said a lawyer. "At our boarding-house a. new  waitress was employed, and a young chap  asked her whVt he should call her.  " 'Calf me Pearl,' she said.  " 'Are you  the  pearl  of great   price ?'   he  asked. v  " 'No,' answered the girl, 4I guens  I am the  pearl that was cast before swine,  �� i.  L. G. Henderson, of the Henderson Directory Co., has been working up business for his  book this week in Nelson.  The man who does  not  care   for   the   good  opinion of others has very little self-respect.  To a group of friends Ellen Terry once said :  "Acting is not like drawing. You make a  line. If it is wrong, you rub it out at once  and make another. With acting that is impossible ; there is no altering���it must stand.  I often feel as if I must cry to the audience, {0  that is wrong, not as I meant it to be! Let  me act that part or sentence over again !  Charles J. Honeyman, of Nelson, was married to Miss Louise Cavendish, of Sandon, at  St. PauPa Presbyterian church, by Rev. Dr.  Wright, last Sur.day evening.  The movement to provide meals and beds  for "the needy poor of Nelson" is o great mistake. There is really no distress in Nelson,  and the only ones who over ask for a, meal or  a bed are loafers who have. a. constitutional  hatred against work. When it becomes generally known tbat in Nelson there is an association to provide for the comfort of tramps, it  is quite certain that the place will  he overrun  S. P. Shaw, of the customs, is a happy  father, a girl baby having arrived at his  home on the 15th.  The flour mill matter is not dead ; it has  only been slumbering. A special meetina: of  the council has been called for this evening to  consider proposals from Benjamin Friel and  associates in connection with the flour mill  site on Cottonwood creek.  Over 200 persons attended the annual ball  of the Nelson Boat Club given at the Opera  House last, evening. The arrangements were  perfect in every respect. The $bllowing ladies and gentlemen composed the ball and  decoration committee : Mesdames Connon  Gore and A. M. Johnson, and Messrs. Buchanan, Winter, Hodge, Mason, Johnson, Wragge  and Jesse.  Extra work on the drill shed to the extent  of $2,300 has been authorized by the department, and J. A. Macdonald, Government architect, has been instructed to proceed with  operations at once.  With the new wireless system in operation  between Toronto and Hamilton, the residents  of those two cities will be afforded better opportunities to talk back to each other.  The Vancouver Liberal Association is split  up over the recent election.  those matters in which all our citizens are vitally interested, the extension of the power  plant and the economical administration of  the city''* affairs, Mr. Gillett's past record is a  guarantee of faithful stewardship.  x\ celebrated bishop, who was visiting a  health resort, sat down to rest one evening on  a seat on the parade. When he wished to  rise from the bench he found it rather difficult, owing to his age and infirmities.  A little girl, noticing his trouble, ran up to  him, saying :    "Oh, sir, let me help you "  The good bishop gave her one of his sweetest  smiles and said : "You are a dear, good girl,  but I am sure you are not strong enough."  "Why, bless you, sir," was the reply, "I've  often helped Daddy when he was a sight further gone than you are."  The�� armless freak, who plays the piano  with his feet, comes nearer having music in  his sole than any man yet heard of.  Daily News : There is to be a contest for  the aldermanic vacancy in tbe East Ward. VV.  G. Gillett made a good run in the January  elections. He has a good record and apparently has the good will of a very large number of the electors in that ward. We hoped  to have seen him elected last month and now  that the electors have an opportunity of choosing again we hope they will see (it to give  him enough votes to head tho poll. Mr. Gillett has qualifications fir the office that should  weigh with the electors. He is a practical  builder and contractor, and should he able to  render valuable service on the committees  having   in charge all public; works.    So far as  This is the time of the year when the babies who want to be put to bed have to hunt  up their mother?, who are out skating.  MODERN MAN OF FASHION.  What is a modern man of fashion ?  A man of taste and dissipation ;  A busy man wilhoutemployment ;  A happy man, without enjoyment ;  Who squanders all his time and treasures  On empty joys and tasteless pleasures ;  Visits, attendance and attention.  And courtly arts too low to mention.  In sleep and dress, and sport and play  He throws his worthless life away ;  Has no opinion of his own,  But takes from leading beaux the tone ;  With a disdainful smile or frown  He on the riff-raff crowd looks down ;  The world polite his friends and he,  And all the rest are���nobody.  Taught by tbe great his smiles to sell ;  And how to write and how to spell,  The great \\W oracles he makes,  Copies their vices and mistakes,  Custom pursues, hii�� only rule,  And lives an ape and dies a fool.  ��� Charles Wesley, 17S.'h    ���  mam election.  To the Electors of thk East Ward :  Ladies and Gentlemen���At the solicitation  of a large number of electors, 1 have consented  to itand for the office of alderman for the  East Ward of the City of Nelson. I trust  that my past record in the council will so  recommend me to the electors generally as to  convince them thai if again elected, 1 shall  serve their best interests.  W.  G.GlLI.KTT.  Pi  *wMtt w��wi "g twftwym |r^M��?w iwwwhmm-1 w-w  tw^wpwwwiTO'wwW^^  BM^fWW-rWiwn^jpnaiwfpw -' ���TfA^'  ~* MlHIIIlllllllf g -      ��� ��������..���.....  - ^.... B  6  the nhlsone::onomist  HER   APPOINTMENT.  ISABEL DALE stood in Mrs. Lovel's dressmaking rooms with a bright light in her  eyes and with flushed cheeks, for she had  just heard some very good news. Major Ec-  cleston, her father's old friend, had just  brought it to her that morning.  "I am to have a new gown, Mrs. Lovel,"  said the girl, "and make it quite plain, please.  It is for a business suit. I am to be a government clerk," she added, with innocent pride.  "In the treasury. I begin work next week.  At $900 a year, Mrs.  Lovel."  "Dear me, Miss Dale, the luck some folks  have," said Mrs. Lovel with a sigh. "I con-  gratulate you, I am sure, fciit just another  goes down. There's my niece, now, Helen  Dudley, the lame girl���you've heard me speak  of her, haven't you?"  "Oh, yes, often," said Isabel. "I hope she  is well, Mrs. Lovel ?"  "As well as ordinary," the dressmaker answered with a sigh. "It isn't her health,  Mis   Dale,   it's   her living.    She's   lost   her  'V)  place."  "Lost hei; place, Mrs. Lovel !" repeated Isabel.  "Got notice last week that her services were  not required any longer," said Mrs. Lovel lugubriously.  4,But perhaps," said Isabel, with a deep  breath of pity, "she was careless about her  work, or uhpunctual, or something ? Do you  know exactly where her desk was, Mrs.  Lovel ?" continued she.  "It was room R, section 17," said the dressmaker. "Poor Helen, 1 don't know what on  earth is to become of her. And she supported  two little sisters, too." "     ���  Isabel had grown first a little flushed and  then pale.  "She gave every satisfaction," said Mrs.  Lovel, "and there wasn't a day but she was at  her desk, as regular as the clock, five minutes  before time."  "It's very strange," said Miss  Dale.  "Not so very," said Mrs. Lovel. It's political influence does it all, Miss Dale. 'We're  very sorry to lose you, Miss Dudley,' says the  the chief clerk, says he ; 'but there's a young  lady,1 he says,'that must be made room for.  She's got grand friends, and when they ask for  a place as sure as n person goes up in the  world a place must be had.' "  Miss Dale left her black serge gown.  "Make it upas you like, Mrs. Lovel," said  she recklessly, and then she went out with an  absent, far-away look in her eyes.  "Yes," she whispered to herself ; "there's a  deal of injustice in the world. But it can be  set right sometimes, thank heaven."  It was almost dark when she came into the  little back parlor where Mrs. Dale was doing  her best to entertain Major lOceleston, and a,  cheerful coal fire glowed through the dusk.  "1 thought you were never coming back,"  said the widow petulantly. "Now, I can go  downstairs and   see about   my  hat  from   tlie  milliner's. Major Eccleston is waiting to see  you, Isabel."  "About the office," said the major politely.  "I promised to give you some hints about the  routine th��re which���"  But Isabel glided up in front of the fire as  her mother closed the opposite door.  "It will not be necessary, Major Eccleston,"  said she, "I have resigued the office."  :    ''Resigned it!" exclaimed the major.  "In favor of the young lady who was displaced to make room for me," said Isabel.  "I have learned that she is an   invalid   and  lame. She cannot make her living in any  other way. And she has two little sisters dependent on her. Oh, Major Eccleston, should  I not have been cruel and heartless in the extreme to allow such a sacrifice to be made?"  "And what are you to do ?" asked Eccleston.  "Anything," Isabel made answei. "I am  young and strong. I have the world before  me. At all events, I should despise myself  if I insured my own comfort and ease at the  expense of this poor girl!"  Eccleston looked at her with dark^' glitter-  ingeyes.  "Isabel," he said, "you have dono right."  "Yes, call me Isabel,'? she uttered piteously.  "I am so friendless and alone. The name  sounds so sweetly in my eai*B. I thank you  for using it, Major Eccleston."  He smiled gently.  "Isabel," he said suddenly, after a moment's silence.  "Yes," Major Eccleston."  "Would you accept another office if 1 were  to lay it at your feet ?"  "If 1 were quite sure that I were not crowding out another woman," said Isabel.  "No other woman has reigned there before," replied the major. "No other woman  shall ever reign there again. It is the office  of queen in my heart and home���the office of  my darling wife ! Oh, Isabel, do not look at  me so strangely ; have vou not suspected all  along how dearly I loved you���how I was only  restraining the expression of my affection for  fear that you were a mere fashionable belle'?"  "No," said Isabel frankly. "How could I  suspect ?    I was only certain that "  "That what, Isabel ?"  "That I loved you !"  And that was the beginning of the end of  the love story. Isabel Dale never went into  public office, but she married Major Eccleston,  much to the gratification of her mother, who  was thereby pensioned for life. And Helen  Dudley kept her place.  Richard Le Galliene, poet, novelist and  newspaper man, began his career in the prosaic office of an accountant in Liverpool, the  place of bis birth. Later he became secretary  to Wilson Barrett, the actor, with whom he  remained until ill health sent him home.  Then ne began his literary career. He is now  a resident of New York.  PEOPLE TALKED ABOUT.  Earl    Beauchamp   declares   that   he   only  reads newspapers when absolutely obliged.  Gertrude Atherton, who has returned to  New York from her visit to Denmark, ig to  branch out as a dramatist.  Hazlitt, after the necessary work of preparation had been concluded, wrote one lecture a  week of the series, "Lectures on Authors."  King Edward has purchased an oil painting by the late William Clarke, representing  Queen Victoria landing at Granton in 1842.  It will be hung in Balmoral Castle.  Miss Florence Haywood   of  St.   Louis   has  been commissioned to select talented women of  England and the continent of Europe to represent their countries0at the St.   Louis   Exposition.  Prof. Morisani of Naples University, who  holds the position of physician to Queen Helena of Italy,'.'is both in stature and proportions the most diminutive doctor in the  world.  Prince Henry of Prussia, like his brother,  the kaiser, is an earnest student of music. He  has arranged with 3 Leipsic firm to publish a  gavotte which he composed during his leisure hours spent upon his flagship.  Di\ Herman V Hilprecht, the Babylonian  explorer, has heen awarded the first Lucy  Wharton Drexel medal, which was established  at tbe University of Pennsylvania a month  ago. The award was made by Provost Harrison.  The Emperor William's, creed about art is  the despair of the true artists among his subjects. In the first place, he holds that all art  should be patriotic ; in the second place, German ; third, it must be morally elevating in  subject. These conditions are not easy to fulfill without destroying the artistic element,  but this the emperor ignores.  Princess Mathilde of Saxony is described as  a modern Amazon. She is large and of a  masculine appearance and gait. She spends  most of her time on horseback or driving. In  the evening at the king's summer resort she  usually takes him out for a drive, holding the  reins herself. She is highly educated and  most men in her circle hate her because one of  hei favorite amusements is to engage them in  conversation on some subject on which she  knows they are not informed, and then make  them feel their ignorance in a humiliating  way.  '���i  Tl *T"  IJMftiffBwretSffl'^'T^fn^^  i [KBpt^ni-iffy^wnwijy^. i  'WitjW^PVi W^f����PTf' B*,aMlF'T^��*fT.��'*  / I        M   '  1 A ii        ,   ,  Ift^WrtdW^^iilH^W^j, 9  ll i m     ��� ���  ii      ��� - - ���."  "1  ��  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  fii!ss$?a?&.  ii-*, iW  A  u  . Asparagrtifl.  Asiyaragus was originally a wild sea-  coast wwcl of Great" Britain and Russia  &\y.[ is now so plentiful on the Russian  etoppes rliiit the cattle eat it like grass,  in some parts of southern Europe'the  seeds are dried and used as a substitute  for coffee.���Philadelphia inquirer.  3 . Woman's Wiles.  "Wli-at a hold Maud seems to have on  all her rejected sr.itorsA'  ���"Why shouldn't she, the artful tiling?  She always tells a man, when she refuses him, that she .is afraid to marry a  Handsome roan because she would be so  jealous."���Cincinnati Emiuirer I  Aanscf In Tin*. '  Open a tin of peaches, apricots, cberciea  oi any other fruit���for all fruit is acidulous���let it stand lor some time, and the  fruit acids and the tin are ready to do their  work of poisoning. A chemical knowledge  ' that tells just how the dangerous compound is created is unnecessary to ��a  avoidance of the peril.  The rule to follo.w �����s"never to make lemonade oi other acidulated drinks in a tia  recejjcacle or allow,them to stand in such  a vessel, and in the case of tinned fruits  or fish immediately upon opening the tin.  turn the contexts out upon an earthen  plate or into a dish that is made of earthenware or glass.  Fruits in hermetically sealed tins if  properly prepared germinate no poison.  As soon as opened the action of the acv$  on the tin, with the aid of the atmosphere.  lie-ins, aud in a short time the result is &  deadly poison. This brief treatment of the  question should lie remembered by every  one. and its instructions folkMred.���Boston.  : Herald.  Play ApronA.  A Frenchwoman visiting in this comi*  try wonders  that American  children \axx��  not  more often  put   in  the black   play  aprons; which   French children wear am-.  .ve -ally, (xiys 'and girls alike.    These are  lont;'. i;>ose aprons  which   button  to the  ihrnal in -the back and are made with widfe  ,ioos�� sieves.    They ilt on over any toilet,  sunt the children in French towns are seen  inctisiMl  in them while at play.    They are  quirk.'y   rc.nm'ed and  protect dress and  ft<H:ingw Ini'ii <lirt  nnd wear.    The little  L)oy�� are trained to their wear so that they  do not disdain them   . The aveiuiga American  boy,   however,   would  ha   likely  .to  ���chafe seriously if he was jYjturncd to pina-  lorcK..     The ajirons are invariably made of  black French cambric of suttieiently good  y.wtliny to pw?.vent cracking and are. in,  such common use a�� to be .accepted with*  out question by. the children.  KOOTENAY     .  .  COFFEE CO.j  Coffee Boasters  Dealers  ,n Tea and Coffee  Hair,  Nail, Tooth,  Infant, Etc.  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  tT  Vanstone's Drug Stor<  We are .jfteriiif. at lowest prices the best ~  ^grades of.Ueylon, India, China and Japan '{  areas. . d  ��\  Our Host Mocha and Java Coffee per  pound  3>  Mocha t\nd Java Blend, :i pounds:  J. 00 t  !__" Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds   I 00  .Special Blend Coffee,0 pounds 1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, 0 pounds   Special Blend Ceylon iOi, per p^und  1 00  b0  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  AfEST     BtVKER    STREET,    NELSON  :ATS OF iWPROVEWEMTS.  Yuil!  1,   *,>^i 1UIV   '  j reW G.  W1.&M.  HusiecniB  nYiwnaiJmim-'mm,,m'mmmT7���11 ������mwiii.il 1  _  2K Cental irawa Car ttutv* matttha/'memhtttihl^.  aiaieerf mouibi,wcivd}x.fi6 |?te��Ma4btob-ebuM: vocal  fc.'ibiicih i^imva than wrmkws of Club Room in JfiM��  Kiuul fnuHtmudVAMaiUi ��jtf amff^iiawripiioia Klwlutltailfl.  I>nltvon, <nv<vSij_ryfl.u Imm 2d% to Wii on root j��vr-  more than ywutwia>ty'*w<xxih. MwTCJi.Lrtmjk-  " Minnehaha ," and ���''Hla'wadva, " 'Tifineral  <*l:��ini��. ��Hu:ite in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where   located:   On  headwaters "of  Creek, on K.Kitenay  I/.)ke��lope.  Take notice thai. I; Robert VVetmorc Han-  ni>ifft<m. <��t Ni'lson. IJ. C. acting as agent for  Jame* H. Moran. Pr��t��* Miner's certificate No  B6V..lo7; (HiarleK AV. Crreenlee. Free Miner's  certifieite No. B(W��.if>8: aud Honorable And-  IJUvir. Free Miner's certilicate No  intend sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Uecorder foi  a ceriittcale of improvement.*, for the pur-  pose'of <iblaining a Crown grant of the above  And  further i^jke   notice  that  action! nn  dc'r section   :i7. must )>e commenced   before  the issuance o< s\ich certificate; of improve  Dated this 111 si. day of October, A..D. 1902.  II.  W.   IlAXNINGTOX.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  iiohl Kotc Mineral Claim, situate 111 the Nel  ���sou .Xfhting  Division of U'est Ivootenay D��s-  ���trici.  Where located :   On east slope of-ill ("reek.  Take notice that I. l;". (' (.Jri'eii. acting  as a^roni f����r Aaron' II. Kelly. Free- Miner's  Gertflicuitu .Vo. B'd/Jiil. In^.did.'sixty days from   inlehereoi, to apply to the Mining Ko-  corder for a 1 Vrf,i(i��*ate ot Lniprovcments. for  the puf]M>se of obtain.ng a. Crown   Orant. ot  '   And further take notice Mutt action.under  se<etkm   :J7. most  lie commenced before the  itisu nice >>fsucli < VrlSUcnte'ol" Iinfroveinents  Dated this Coni'JeeniJj day of November, 11)02  F. C. (JltKI-N,  N<>ls<tn, IJ. i.\  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVER!   NTS.  <*. WesicvKraetiotiul) Mineral Clnlin.sltunte  iw UieXeison Mining Division, of West Koo-  Wlu'rcliKMiteii: Ow Toid Mo\nttult\.  TrIcc notice that 1, V. C, t.reett, ivctlttg as  agent fov Aur����>t IV. Kelly, Free Miner's Certificate Xo. B">1,'.".n. intend, sixty days  from the tlate hereof, to apply to tin*  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvement*!, for the purpose oi obtaining 11 (.frown tiranl of the above chum.  Ami furl, her take not Ire t dot action, tinder  seetlou U7. iiutKt be commenced before th" issuance ui'such Cert Ideate of Improvements.  Dated this fourteenth day of Novetnhef.l'.HVJ  F. C   (illKKN,  Nelson. It. (',  3SBt  $����30$  s' -Vli��sJ.  ���    41  K5^3S5  Other People's Money  -OR  Your  Will buv a "first-class, "well-made  Suit <if clothes at my establishment.  y1"11"1^ a.  B   ^"'^ ^.",i" ^_^  -IIHTWFKN-  I9cttic�� To Dd|tamii��i9t Co-Otwnc r.  To Dam P^blDnmciU* or to any person or persons to whom ho may havo transferred it is  interest in tho "Alvorstono" and ''Pilgrim"  .mineral claims, situate on tho Divide olillrd  end �����. 1 ei'cc. s,.selson .Nlliiing Division ot' '-Vesl  You Mini each ofyou are hoivby notified thai  1 have expended two hundred dollars in  Hubour ami Improvements upon tueubove  nic)ttmi.c.| nti>M>rul elaliu In oivler to hold  mi Id mineral ehilm mill t the prov islons ot'  u.he Mluer.il Act. aud If within W days from  ���thedate of this uofh-x'.you fall or refuse i<  <cthit.rilMtte,vour proportion of Mich exp ��� 1 ��� ��� 1 i  Hire   together wltll   all   co��.ts of atlvi nisinu  youHutercet iu  said cliCm   wilt  bt me t .e  jiropeifiy of the ^nh>er 1 i��,��r. uuler ntihhi  -It.nau Net elilil te.d "An A el lo aiueird (lie  Miiieriil Act. h-bO."     ���  r vnii'iiusi: Dkm m nk.  , Jli'aled tJiis ,Mh day of Fcbi\n��i>, !'.���;���:!.  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owners  ToThonmti Hentu>t1, Mb<>rt H'>nnetI, Maixuh  Ij'vuise Feutn>U. (Je��true   A,   Hunter,   .lames  HourUe.and every oih<>r nerH'UiH or  nersoitK  havln-r or claiming MO'  iuteresf In the "(hi  lenav Mineral ��� 'lalm situate about six  miles  north of Salmon Siding and   two miles west  ofthe Nelson and   Fort  Nheppun'   Itullway  In the Nelson   Mining Division,   District   ol  West Kooii'imy.  You  and each   ofyou are   hereby   notified  that I   have expended one  hundred   dollars  In   order   to   hold   tho   above    ment  mineral     claim    under    the   prov  the Mineral  \i-\,  and nmendim  nnd    if  within     ninety     days  date   of this   notice  you fa  oned  sious   ol  nts  thereto  from     tin  or   refuse   t<  ndltur  our In-  TREMONT BLOCK.   NELSON  I0HN  WicLATCHlE  Dominion and  Prdvincial  Land Surveyor  On. ustons House, Nelsnr, BX.  WADDS BROS.  Nelson and Proctor  During lee llloekiide on Kootenay River.  l.V.  7:1')   j  li'i.(K)  NK1.HDN  (!row's Nest, connection  Ss. Moyle Dally  Kaslo and Kootenay l.dg  Hs IColcanee Fx Sunday  AU.  [���  1S.1T)  j IS. 1,1  ssssss; ,  ���syyyy^-TA-sjr 7.  Mineral Ael.UHMl.' ]   M   N1). iAi:KNl  IUM.lsAitowtey.,u:M.M��.;'(l;��i>H>��l.  l)���|eillli1s��8Ui   ,���i.volhee..m��u..MlHU.  Varco  verand Nelson  BJIKER STREET, NELSON,   B.  C  Low Settlers' Rates  Westbound  Kor time tables, rtito.t and   information, apply to local ntfonts.  H  .I.S. ('AUTFIt,  Dist.rass. Agt.,  Nelson.  K. .1. t'OYliK,  A. <J, I'. A.  Vancouver  ��<wM����w����ww��p����Mm^^  XlH*.   >l.^i    r  ir^i<^)��^fwpfWW*W^^7.i^f��'  ll I,  I *     I  I (If   V * U��   I    AH-    >HH.-.  w��^w^^ni^w^BW^.frtTw��r��i��wwl*'y]ww^  ��jM��wi^y*��sw��P��HWlM���� wiw��tm**7pa~  *��rM^www^��*M^W����wwippliwMw(fi^��jp����i^��tej^^��ff^  M^w^)fW��^f��wo^��^(WMM*nfWfWP^-^l��p.mM^WW^lwm^��f^^  ew^^ I *.!�������  ��JVi  iff ' _\ EtSfc. .     .    J^,.���    ....  "* " ' *��� li rr-       ��� -   ���_ ���  -*- *���  )j  ���g.i.-,,-,- it  'i-  sir  SO  *S  St  Si  prtfe  s  a  ���  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  That we are receiving new good  every day.  Here are a few things just opening up :  s  Blouse Waists, Dress Skirts and Costumes.  Piece Goods in Plain and Figured Lustres, Italian Cloths, Homespuns, Friezes,  Broadcloths, Serges and all the Stylish  Cloths.  Beautiful and complete new line, of Embroideries and Insertions.  Orkney Shetland Floss in all staple  colors. ' '        :  Our usual complete line of Fancy .Articles, o  Our.staplestock is n6w in good condition, so you can get everything you require in this line.     .        ,..     .,.,  Complete line of Carpets and House  Furnishings.  Out Spring Millinery is coming; part  of it is here now. Do not miss having a  look through. ;  We undertake to give you satisfaction,  both in value and style.  ���-m iiminr-w  iftin  i  jv%,  n  ^/%/^^/%^'%^/^'  The Greatest Labor Saver  and  rest Soap now made  T-rrrr-  I ��� ' ;  ���        ���  It Will Do You Good  A  ���*i�� \p"\ i  i<   ,w  To come and see our Large 'Stock of  ��� l'1'  ���"''''     I ��� I "     ' '    I -      ���  Furniture, Carpets -and I;iuoleums.  i 11  .'.'   i ��� i . !    o .  ��� I      ������ I   I".     >..' ,   (���   o  '-i :\::  a  .A.  ���ww���  ->W  ��� i. i  >  ' I  A.  \   ,. ft  W^!*W��^WW^��*��m^*^.^ ritfua^-VUw  -j i ^    *t��um*.\  ���a *  JU-JLL.  0  ll  i-lfi?!,!*  <4m  -*>   II  re Dealers  Jnderta'


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