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The Economist Oct 21, 1905

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Array ,;'^A^U-,^,  II  .^  A   U.  ��0T24  V  1905        %r  IA/B  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1905.  NUMBEB 15  LOAFING IN  PAKLIAMENT  Are Members of the  British  House of Commons Loafers?  Rufus Isaas, the brilliant advocate,  in an interesting maiden speech, made  fie confee3ion that the House of Commons was something of a disappointment to him, writes T. V. O'Connor.  He had been accustomed to see things  done in a business-like way, and be was  surprised to find bow unbusiness like  the methods of the House ot Commons  were.  This is the first experience of every  young Parliamentarian, and the more  lie has been act ustomed to business like  vmethods outside the House the greateXJ  is his surprise, the profounder his  shock, when he enters that assembly.  The first six weeks of a young legis'a  tor's life are often the mo3t trying. He  often asks himself when he looks back  on the amount of time, trouble, and  money he has spent to get a place in  the House of Commons whether he has  not beena fool for his trouble. He finds  that instead of being an important personage there with a.possibility of making a career, he is regarded as an item  whose main function in life is to wait  about for hours doing nothing in order  that at the end of the time he may give  a silent and perhaps not a willing vote  ln favor of the leaders of the party to  which he belongs.  Mr. Lloyd George, who is now an  old Parliamentarian, commenting ox%  the speech of Mr. Rufus Isaacs, said  that veteran members got accustomed  tothe loafing of the Hotise of Commons, to its want of business method*-,  rt'oits.-utilitlesT"'' It. became a habit to  expect nothing but these things ; and  after a while they ceased either to interest or to bore.  Naturally, a member of Parliament  becomes an inveterate and incurable  loafer. Anything like steady work,  except when he has. some big bit of  business on hand, becomes almost impossible to him. He is accustomed to  sje every rational, man in the House of  Commons agreed that a certain reform  is necessary iu the interest of the people, and yet to see the measure which  embodies this reform blocked for ten,  ���' fifteen, twenty sessions in succession  __by-asmalLandobstinate minority.==H-h  beholds powerful Ministries and overwhelming majorities kept in complete  check by handfuls of men; and, in  short, he gets so accustomed to the  creaking, unwieldy, cumbrous, immutable Parliamentary machine that he  loses courage, hope, and even faith,  and sinks into the pessimistic conviction,that everything is for the worst,  and will remain for the worst in the  worst of all possible worlds.  It is, perhaps, difficult to explain to  an outsider why it is that work in the  House of Commons is thus difficult;  but I will try and make him understand. The first great cause is tbat  time is so cut up there. You rarely  know how long you would be free to  attend to any work. Divisions wait  .(like time and tide) for no man. Often  tbe division comes in the middle of  y��ur dinner; often when you have sat  down aud begun to work.  But, secondly, interruption from di-  r vision is but one of many interruptions.  There is always someone in tlfe outer  lobby that wants to see a member of  Parliament; it may be to wirepull  about a bill, or to ask a situation, or  perhaps to get a seat in tlfe gallery.  And, thirdly, all around^.the building  there is the ever constant sense of un  atmosphere of gossip, rumor, all the  other things which belong to a school,  not of scandal, perhaps, but of personal  views.  If youywant to realize how  much a  < loafer the British member is, yon have  only to compare theappearances of our  Legislature at Westminster with that  of any other Assembly in the world. I  know the Legislatures of America, and  I have often been in that of France. In  America politicians have to take their  politics seriously ; it is what I would  regard as little better than a dog's life,  especially if a man be a member of the  House of Representatives. I used to!  be appalled when a friend of mine, who  was a member of that body, told me of1  his occupations, and what he was expected to do. He was literally at the  beck and call of every one of his con^  stituents; he had to be their guide,  philosopher, friend, lawyer, supplicant,  representative, trustee. For one man  he had to see whether a new patent  could be got out-; for another to get a  place as a cadet at West Point; for  another to try and stop a rival from obtaining a postmastership ; and so on  through a. hundred, different details of  life which are done in other countries  not by the poor politician, but by the  solicitor, or the doctor, or some other  paid professional man. -  The member of either the House of  Representatives or of the Senate at  Washington has his seat allotted to  to him. That seat he does not often  leave during a Parliamentary debate.  He us-js it perhaps more, us an official  than I should like ; it is there that he  conducts his multifarious correspondence, and attends to his business,  public and private. But he is there ;  you don't find either tiie one chamber  orthe other of the legislature empty  throughout most of the day as you do  with us���public opinion in America  would not standit.-       "  Look at the condition of the House  just now ; you will see it at its worst.  At 5 o'clock the terrace is literally  crammed with visitors. It is a pretty  sight with all the beautiful,women of  London there, clad in the most beautiful-dresses'.* A garden party on a large  scale could not be prettier, and there is  nothing so pretty as a garden party at  this time of the year and in England,  where the light colors of summer suit  so well the blue eyes, the fair hair, and  the beautiful complexions of Englishwomen.  A stranger coming to such a sight,  and seeing theie three-fourths of the  members of the House of Commons  employed as cavaliers in attending to  beautiful dames, would forin a curious  idea of our Legislature, and of the seriousness with which Englishmen take  the duty of governing that Empire ��f  j^hi_ch^they__talk_so_muoh._____Ana=Irish_  member is credited with the suggestion  that a band should play every afternoon. I don't see any reason why iti  should not.- -The other day there was  a great crowd to see the pygmies; every  other day there is some celebrity or  curiosity trotted out for the amusement of the ladies who congregate on  this sacred spot. I am afraid I must  stick to my theme���that the House of  Commons is a house of loafers.  S A YERS AND  HEEN AN  How the News of the Fight  Was Received.  While a party of men waited in a  New York resort for tlie first news of  the prize fight between Britt and Nei-  son one of them said :  "Receiving the news of a light in  these days is nearly like seeing the  bout from the ringside. I reckon I  am the ouly man in this room who  was living at the time when Heenan  and Sayers met inside the ropes.  ' 'I was a boy at the time. I lived in  a town on the (Missouri river that was  about fi ve days'travel from St. Louis  by steamboat.- There was no telegraph  system there then. The news from  the outside came by stage or steamboat, and for the river town the latter  was the quicker way of getting the  mail.  "The whole country was stirred up  over the Heenan-Sayers, match. Interest was not coufiried to sporting  circles. I remember that my father,  who was an exemplary elder in the  Presbyterian church, talked so much  about the coming fight that my mother, who was one of the leaders of the  congregation, called him down iu the  presence of his children for being  worldly-minded.  4)  "The only daily newspapers received  iu my town were printed in St. Louis,  aud those who took them were yearly  subscribers. They were sent by boat.  The papers were confided to the clerk  of., the boat and he had the bundles  thrownoff at the landing.  ;���������: "In. some way^ my father learried  that a fast steamer was to leave St.  Louis with the papers tliat contained  the news of the Heenan-Sayers'affair.  The steamboat was due at my town  Sunday morning. The night before,  my father called me out to the barn  and gave me a message, which I was  to deliver on the following morning.  " 'On your way back,' he said, land  before you go to Sunday School, run  down to tl.e levee and if the stpamer  from. St. Louis is in sight wait until  she lauds and get ray St. Louis paper.  Bring io up to the store, as I have to  go there in the- morning before I go to  church. I have spoken to your mother  The weather for the annual field day  sports ofthe schools was all that could  be desired, and-the event afforded great  enjoyment to those who took part aud  to the spectators.  A public meeting will be held at  Kaslo ou the 25th inst. t<> consider the  desirability of forming a horticultural  society for that district as at present  defined by the Act.  Work at the city power plant is now  proceeding most satisfactorily.   It is  believed that   notwithstanding the de-!  lays caused   by   litigation,   the plant  will bein operation April 1st,  The Kootenaian announces that tlie  owners ofthe Beatrice Mines intend to  abouTit, so you will not need to- get7  her consent.. Just go away quietly  after breakfast.'  "I carried out my father's instructions. When I got to the levee I was  surprised to find him there, Not ouly  was lie .'waiting' for the arrival of the  steamer, but several other citizens  were on hand.  -"All the talk was about the prize  fight. Tlie postmaster of the town,  who wsis an elder in my father's  church, was more vehement than the  others, for he said if John C. Heenan  didn't lick Tom Sayers lie would resign ottlce. I remember this because  I had heard a number of men say that  they believed that the postmaster  would never give, up his job until he  died.  "It was the most excited crowd I  had ever seen on the levee. When the  steamer came to her landing the citizens made a rush for the gang plank  before it touched the shore, and one,  the landlord of the leading hotel, fell  into the water and was barely rescued.  The clerk of the boat was nearly  mobbed before he could hand out the  papers.  "When they read that Heenan was  the victor they sent up a cheer that  "When we reached his pew the minister had just risen to deliver the opening invocation. As soon as the amen  was pronounced my. father whispered  to my mother���I was seated between  them :���  " 'Heenan licked that Englishman,  all right, as I said he would.' '  "My mother made no reply, but she  looked ninny things. Wben,��fre.ser-  vice was over the wife of another elder  whose pew was just ahead of ours,  shook hands with my mother nnd  asked her if all was well. My mother  replied, right off the bat:���    .,  " 'Philip informs me that Heenan  won.' I  EVENTS AND  GOSSIP  Things Talked of During the  Week in Nelson.  Itis fitting that the hundredth an  niversury of the great  and   decisive  battle of Trafalgar should be celebrated  by   the    subjects   of   King   Edward  throughout   his   vast, empire.     That  battle decided that Great Britain forall  time   should  remain  mistress of the  seas, and to Nelson belonged the credit  I of winning the battle.   No hero in Bri-  "Phillip was my father.     The good   tish history deserved  better, than Nel-  sister who   had beard .the news from j son to have his fame perpetuated, and  it is to the honor of the British people  the world over that to-day they come  my mother said :���  " 'I am so glad.   I must hurry home  to tell Richard���he was unable  to be  together to-do   homage to   the   man  here this morning on account of unex- ] whose name shall live forever.   It is  pected, business at the office.1  "Richai'd was the postmaster whom j  particularly appropriate that the citizens of a city bearing the name of the  r.    . ,, ������'���', ,     .    ,    ,'great naval hero should make this day  I had seen on the levee, and who had ,& .  ������   ������  sworn that he would resign if Heenan  failed to win.' If I have hada tendency  to be a little Sporty now and then I  lay it to the interest which the good  citizens of my town evinced in tho  I-Ieenan-Sayers fight."  GRAVES ARE  LEFT OPEN.  An    Innovation   in   Toronto  Cemeteries.  What was considered an innovation  in tlie cemeteries of Toronto only a  year ago bids fair to become the pre-  vailing custom,.ho>hely,,ihatiOf../placing a screen only oyer an open grave  after the body has been lowered, and  putting flowers on it as though laying  them on a covered grave. It is taken  advantage of by many people in that  city���both rich and" poor���who request  that the screen be placed on top of the  open grave, and not that it be filled in.  The idea is tliat the/shovelling in of  the earth over the coffin and the harrowing sound of its following upon the  casket is heartrending to the mourners.  the occasion of general rejoicing.  '' William Blakemore, accidental editor of the Tribune, has had the misfortune during the.past week to'have  to diet himself on leek twice. One  would think that with all the experience of the food'in question that Mr.  Blakemore has had in the years he has  spent in Canada, from Glace Bay to  Nelson, that he would swallow his  medicine without making such very  wry faces. There are two kinds ot  apology. One is the gentleman's  apology given unreservedly and  straightforwardly, w-heu he discovers  his mistake ; the other is the whine bf  a cur under an uplifted whip. The  demonstrations lately afforded in Nelson, belong,to. the Ja Iter species., First  the Tribune surprised the public with'  the statement that Capt. .Gore had  asked the Tribune to contradict a report that had appeared iu the Daily  News. Now, a contradiction in the  Tribune would do no good in Nelson,  and would not be read any where else.  Moreover the report referred to had  never appeared in the the Daily News.  Capt. Gore promptly repudiated the  Tribune's claim torepiesent him. Then  an apology was made, with a.nasty  snarl at tlieend like the revival of courage in a cur when the whip is dropped.  After the committal prayer has been  read, the body is lowered to the grave, j The second occasion was a leport of an  and  the men  usually  there   to fill in j interview   with  J.J.   Campbell, man-  tlufri^eiiri*^  gently on the new made grave, and which was a really shocking example  the floral'offerings are carefully put in ' ��f suppression of truth and exagger-  it., The relatives and friends then . ation of the false. Again the sneaking  leave the cemetery and the grave with retraction had to come. Disgusting as  only the memory of peace and calm. these exhibitions are, they are having  Itis not till the last follower is out, ����e g����d result.     There are very few  of sight that the screen and flowers are , adults left in Nelson who do not rate  removed, arid the grave-diggers cover the editor of the Tribune and his utter-  up the coffin with solid earth in ��� the ances at their proper value. After the  old-fashioned way, but the loved ones ' sworn testimony of William Fernie as  are not there  to hear the gravel and , to his honesty and  veracity, his reek-  earth falling upon the casket of the departed.  When they return for the first time  to the newly-made grave there are the  same flowers as when they left a few  days ago���only a little withered.  less, random statements in print are  likely, when placed against thc word  of any respectable man, to���at least  give rise to serious doubts.  P. Scanlan, of Chicago, brother of T*'  do about HCOfeetof work during the was caught by the crowd ashore.* For  fall and winter. Thework will con- some minutes the group of respect-  sist of drifts and raises to connect the ables hovered about the bar ofthe  three levels. Two small trains will be . steamer and drauk to the prowess of  put in at the present workings 1500  the American eagle.  and 2000 feet long respectively.     The  "When the party went ashore it sep-  company are also figuring on a 1500arate(3> each member going his way.  foot tunnel to reach the Ferguson slope My father took me by the hand* and  Jn order to ship direct by C. P. R.        .' led me to church.  Tho appointment of Mr. P. E. Wilson as judge of the new judicial district, will give much pleasure to his  many friends in  Nelson.   Mr. Wilson  J. Scanlan, is visiting  his relatives  in   c&mQtQ Ne]son ,n 1890( and since lhftt  Nelson. tjme ]ia3 j-ggjried here.   i-��e wag born    in Simcoe County,   Ont.   He gradu-  The trainmen have reason to con- ated from Toronto University with  gratulate themselves over the success * honors. a���d after studying law, he  of their ball at the Opera House last j waa admitted to the Ontario Bar in  evening. The music was supplied by; i895. -In September, 1897, he entered  Irwin's orchestra, and there were about j,lto partnership with "W. A. Galliher,  260 present. , and the firm has enjoyed* a large and   ��� lucrative   practice during    the  eight  Within a few weeks J. A. Macdon- years it has been, in existence. Mr.  aid. the wholesale fruit dealer of Nel- Wilson lias been city solicitor for four  son, will have in operation one of the years or more, and in that capacity  largest candy factories in British Col- | has given eminent satisfaction. He  umbia. He has secured'the services of will be greatly missed in Kelson, and  one of the best candy makers of New Cranbrook, his official place of resi-  York city, who i3 now getting every-! dence, is to be congratulated on the ac-  thing in shape for extensive   opera-  quisition of a good citizen.  tions.   The whole number employed    in the factory will be at least 14, from '    Harold Nelson returns to this city  now until Christmas. ' next Friday evening,   when he will  produce for the first time'here the  | great Italian tragedy, "Francesca Da  j Rimini." This is one of the new plays  Mr. Nelson has added to his repertoire  this season, and it is gratifying to read  in the coast papers that next to  "Richelieu" it is his best production,  at least the one In which he gives the  greatest satisfaction. This is saying a  great deal, for this really talented  young actor has presented us with  many pieces, and iu every one of them  he has scored a success.  AN UNCALLED  FOR ATTACK.  The capture of the Montana murderer at Vancouver the other day,  once more demonstrates the fact that  the police of this Province are a vigilant and intelligent body of men. Although the capture was made in Vancouver, the work of tracking and locating the fugitive was done by W. H.  Bullock-Webster, of the Provincial  Police at Nelson, and Chief Jarvis.  As soon as they had been notified that  Remy had crossed into the-Province,  they began making investigations,  witii the result that within a few hours  it was known that he had been in  Nelson and had left for the coast. The  Vancouver police were notified, and  the arrest speedily followed.- It is  men of the stamp of Mr. Bullock-  Webster and Chief Jarvis who have  won for British Columbia the enviable  distinction of being the best guarded  Province iu the Dominion.  "Ihe  Dominion   Government  Again to Blame.  John Houston has left Nelson, and  there is no reason why he should be regarded as a factor in the city's afrairs,  nor is it manly to kick him when he is  down. This is probably the general  opinion of the people amongst whom  he .lived so long, .and even his'  greatest enemyawill admit that thereis  no good,.end to be gained in perpetuating the feud. The slur that the Tribune attempts to cast upon John Houston, although framed in the shape of a  "dispatch" from Victoria, is paltry and  mean. No one will believe that there  is any correspondent in Victoria so  foolish or idiotic as to send out that  "dispatch," and it seems as if there is  only one paper in the Province that  would be mean enough to print it. .So  far as Premier McBride is concerned, it  is not likely he has ever given the subject of Mr.'Houston's resignation from  the Legislature a second thought, and  "certainly Speaker-Pooley~is'not losing  any sleep over the matter. As far as  Mr. Houston's debts are concerned, it  is understood tliat they are pretty well  confined to his friends, so his old-time  opponents are not, interested in them  ���financially or otherwise.  There is no place in the world where  anian should be more contented and  happy than in Nelson, yet attempts at  self-destruction are frequent, if not always successful.  Kaslo has organized a brass band,  and so far there has been no protest on  the part of the citizens.  Among the visitors to Nelson this  week were Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Robertson, of Victoria, who have been  spending their honeymoon in the  Kootenays. Mr. Robertson was married to Miss Winnifred Ethel Cullin at  Victoria on Wednesday of last week.  Tbe bride is the youngest daughter of  the late William Cullin, and sister of  Wm. H. Cullin, of the Government  printing-office. She is related to Hon.  R. F. G''cen, and the happy couple  visited with _\Ir.<--. Green at Kaslo for  three days.  The judges, Rev. F. H. Graham and  E. A. Crease, awarded the prize given  by the Sons of England for the best  essay on Trafalgar Day to Joseph Ingram, a pupil of Nelson High School.  The judges highly commended the essays of Albert Middleton, Amy Swan-  nell, Peter Turner, Ethel Ritchie,  Charles Motley and Eya McVicar.  A bitter attack is made on the attorney-general in connection with the  partitioning if the judicial district of  Kootenay. It is as uncalled for as it is  malevolent.. In fact, as we shall  proceed to show presently, the fault  of the delay in court proceedings in  the Kootenays, caused by the refusal  of Judge Forin to act owiug to his commission, issue I in 1896, not covering  the newly created district'of West  Kootenay, is entirely tuat of the department of justice at Ottawa.  Last session of the Legislature the  County Courts Act was remodelled, and  provision was made for tbe division of  the Kootenay judicial district into two  parts, East and West Kootenay. In  accordance with the authority the authority thereby vested in the local government an order-in-councii was passed iu July last creating the new districts. There were several reasons for  this���the greater convenience of the  public, the saving of expense iu the  administration of justice, and the relief of tbe judge from the excessive duties of covering so large a district, and  the consequent increase in efficiency.  Tlie immediate justification of the  order-in-council was the provision made  by the Dominion government for the  salary of the second judge, and as  soon as it was passed a copy was forwarded to Ottawa wiih a covering  letter intimating the requirements of  the situatiou. No notice was taken of  this, and the responsibiIity7.f ensuing  complications rests with the Dominion  government, and not at all with the  attorney-general.; It follows, therefore, that the invective which has been  hurled against the latter on account of  "con venience or the welfare of the public," which is so seriously in question,  should be directed to the Hon. Chas.  Fitzpatrick, Minister of Justice, who  is notorious for his delays, in dealing  with British Columbiajudicialappointments.  It may be stated that the order-ln-  council abolishing the county court of  Kootenay and creating the county  courts of- East and-West���Kootenay'm-  lieu thereof, provided- that it should  come into effect on the 1st day of October. The department of justice was  notified of this on the 18th day of July  and was requested to re-form the commission issued to the judges exercising  jurisdiction in the county court of  Kootenay. \No action was taken until  the attention ofthe Minister of Justice  was again called to it by telegrams  from the attorney-general on October  the 3rd and 4th. These facts might  have been ascertained by simply telephoning to the attorney-general's office.  Apropos of this the Kootenay Mail  just to hand has tlie follo%ving paragraph : "Some sensational developments are circulated about West Kootenay being without a county court  judge by un oversight in the proclamation creating the new conrt district of  Eust Kootenay, but Judge Forin declares that tbe matter was much overrated and has taken steps to have the  technicality rectified." It is evident,  therefore, that ? Judge Forin, who  created the supposed deadlock, does  not take so serious a view of the situation as some others, whose aDtipathy  to the government outweighs all considerations of truth, fairness and common honesty.���Victoria Colonist.  Kid McCoy was married for the fifth  time at Chicago yesterday. Certainly  Kid is a brave man.  There will be a big sale of framed  | pictures at the store of the Canada  / Drug & Book Company this evening. f  THE NE   -SON  ECONOMIST  THE KELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vernon Street, Nelson. B. C.  $1 Per leaf  in  Advertlsln. rates made known on application.  All changes in advertlsb.Jionts to ln.sui-e  Insertion should reach this otlice uot later  lha _ Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address ls required, It Is  desirable that both thu old address and the  new be u'lven.  Address all communications, "Publisher  of The Nelson Economist. Nelson. H. <J."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  NOTICE.  "Notico Is heroby jrlvcn that 00 days after  dute 1 intend to apply to tho Chief (Jonimls-  sluiier of Lands and Worlcs, for pprmltisloii  to jim-clmsettin iiillowiug described lands In  Wi-st Kootenay District:���(,'onnnenelnir at a  post alxnil one mile south of Uiisllcgnr  marked K. W. I'raejji-r's southeast corner,  west 40 cliiiins, thence north SU chains, I hence  oast SU cliaiiis more or less to the railway,  t hciu-i! following i-iglst ol way of said railway  to the pointof koiiiiiiciiccincnt.  E.  W   PKAKOKli.  Dated 2-lth May, 1305.  x otic I-;.  Nutleo Is hnrcliy uiven tliat. CO (lays after  date I Intend l<i apply to the Chief Commissioner nl' Lands unci WoiUs for permission  to purchase the rollmv-liig desei I lied lauds in  West. Kootenay dlstriel :--C<>mtneiu-hiK at a  pust .n hunt one in lie sunt hot CustlvKUi' marki-d  I". I-'letehei's nortli east corner, Ihi'iiee west  ���iti eliains, thenee soutli So chains, thenee east  4l) chains more or less lo tho rullwny, tlience  ful low I ii;; ri^lit of way of said railway to the  poll it ol commencement.  KllAXK K1.KTCIIKK.  Da ted 24th Muy, 1905.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  Thomas Kiddie, manager of the  Britannia smelter at Crofton, says  he believes .the outlook for Vancouver Island mining properties was  never so promising a�� at present.  , As long as the rapid acquisition  of wealth continues to be a fad in  America, tbe daily announcement  of bank and express robberies must  fail to create a ripple of excitement.  A published report shows that  the Mount BischolF tin mine in Tasmania, bas paid over $to,ooo:coo  in dividends since tbe first dividend  was declared twei'ty-tiven ai d a  half years ago.  The Toronto Telegram sagely  remarks that Sir William Mulock  did not get "a telephone in every  farm house" in time to let the agricultural population learn tbe news  o his retirement without lraving  the room.  The international tuberculosis  congress at Paris vehemently advocates the discontinuance of kissing. The advice is not likely to  be followed to a perceptible diminution in the practice that i- as old  as Father Adam.  Notice.  Nolle; is hereby jrlvcn that (iO days after  dale i intend to apply lo lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works at Victoria, for  permission to juirchasi; the following described lauds in West Kootenay:  ComiiieeehiK nt a post, marked J. T. Greenwood, S. \V\ imst. planted ul tin; norlh west,  corner ,,f IntlHUO (Campbell), tlience north 2U  chains; thenee east,40 chains; tlience soutli  -.'ii dinnis: thence b:.ck Ion point, of commencement, rontaiiilii^ SO ill-res moro or less.  Dated al .Nelson, tiiis ltltli dav of October,  I Olio.  .1. T. (iKKRN^VOon.  Land   Notice.  Notice is hereby jrivun that-0days nfterd-ito  lintendto apply to lln- Hon. Ch'le:'Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  lo piirchsiM.' tin.'followiiiK'.disci-ibed lands:���  t uiniuencliiK al a post ��� liinted on the west  b ;uii(liiry ot lhe Caiiadiaii l'aeUic Kailwuy,  hull'a mile soutli of Kullivan Creek. West  Kootenuy district, marked --K. C. '1 iremau's  .S. K. Corner," Uieiic.e run ning west 40 chains;  tiience nortli ���!���)chains: llience ea-t40 chains,  more or less, to tlie Canadian Pacific Km I way  right-of-way; tlience. following said rislitot-  wii.y southerly 40 chains, more or lens, to tlie  place of b_*i;innliir_;; cuntuliiiiij. ItiOacres, more  or less.      :  Dated the2i)th day of September, 19fl"i.  |l-', C. TlMEMAN.  SewinsMachinesandPianos  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.      \  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. C. 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It now  looks as if Sir Wilfrid had not yet  made up his mind as to the proper  person to appoint. ,  It is fitting that the ashes of Sir  Henry Irving should rest in Westminster Abbey vvith   Britain's hon-  We only nsi_ one trial tomsike you our eus  tinner. Kim-Wat eh Jewelry. -Optical and  Silveiware repairing and everything in the  line, lteasonahlp charges. Work sent ub  from outside t.o��-nn will rfoeive the same eare  H8 il personally delivered. DiUleult repairs  done for other Jewelers ,    i  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyono sending a sketch find doBcrljillon may  qnlohly iwrartnln our opinion free whether au  Invention ia nrobnbly piitcntablo. Conmiunlim-  tloiisHirictlycoiitldoiit.lal. HANDBOOK oa Patenta  Bent free. Olrtuat aconcy for securing patents.  Patents taken throiurli Munn & Co. Tecolve  special notice, without clmrge, ln the  A handsomely llHistTatod weakly. I.nrirest cir-  culatlon of nny soicntitlo journal. 'J'orins, $3 a  year; four ttionthn, tl. Sold by all newBriealors.  !yiUNN^Co.36,s^dw^ New York  Branch 0-toe. ��_ tr RL. Washington, D. C.  Globe, whose editor, Hon. J. V.  Ellis, supports the government, of  the clay in the senate, thus sums up  the financial showing of the fiscal  year: "The net result all round is  that there is an addition of $5,380,-  oco lo the public del t. The country is no doubt very prosperous, but  tbe best way in which that prosperity could   manilest   itself would  ored dead.    The place the deceased  artist held  in  the  affections of ihe  be m a rednction of its liabilities."  people is best indicated  by the expressions of  sincere sorrow   from  e\-ery quarter of the globe.  Referring t_ the' agitation by  eastern boards of trade because the  Dominion government failed to disallow the statute imposing a tax  upon commercial travelers, the  New Westminster Columbian suggests that we should hand over the  province to these eastern wiseacres  and let them run, it entirely for their  own benefit. It makes reference  to the eastern hog as a most rapacious species of the porcine family,  whose appetite is as keen as his capacity for absorption is enormous.  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room (6        K-W-C Block  Frank  Fletcher  PKOVIX���VI. LAND SURVEYOR  Land, and Mineral Claims Purveyed  and Cro>vn Granted  I\ O. Box S63       Olliee: Kootenuv St.  Nelnon  Last Call Pacific Coast  Excursion Rates  Round Trip  Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle  $21.15  To Portland and Return  On saledally until Oct. lo.   Good for :.U days  hut not later than Oct 31. .  Through Slcppcr Arrowhead to Vancouver,  Wednesday, Kriday, Sunday.  Corresponding rates from all Kootenay  and Crow's Nest points. Kor herlh reservations and full particulars, apply to local  agents or writo  S. CARTER,  Dist.Pass. Agt.  Nolson.  E. J. COYLE,  A. C3. P. A.  Vancouver  NOTICK.  ?,:  Not all the Liberal papers in the  country are ready to laud the addition of over five millions to tbe  national debt as a thing of beauty  and a joy forever.      The St. John  Only si\ are now left of the fourteen who formed Sir Wilfrid Laurier's cabinet at the beginning. These  ure the premier himself, Mr, Scott,  Sir Kichard Cartwiight, Sir Fred  Borden, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Fielding. Sir Oliver Mowat vvas appointed lieutenant-governor of Ontario and has since died. Sir Louis  Davies is a judge of tbe supreme  court of Canada. Mr. Geoffrion  died in 1899. Mr. Tarte retired in  1902, and Mr. Blair in 1902. Mr.  Patterson and Sir Henri Joly were  not in the cabinet until a year alter  it was formed, though they and Mr.  Fitzpatrick were members of the  administration. It is altogether  likely that Sir Richard Cartwright  will soon follow Sir William Mulock  into unofficial life, though he will  retain his position as senator and  will claim tbe pension.  Notice is hereby given, Hint sixty (fill) days  alter date, I Intend toapply tothe Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  10 purchase thc'following dosorihed lands, on  thu south side of Kootenay River in the West  Kootenay District,, and containing approximately 1_U acres nf land.  Coniioeiu-.lus. at a post marked A. J_. Mc-  Oullnuli's southwest corner, being also thc  southwest corner of I. (tiuTA. The said lands  are hounded ou the west-by l.ot.s (K07Aan<l  ,Ti)7f>, Group 1 ; on tlie mirth by the Kootonay  Iti vet-; on the east by Lots 8_i4, 'WOiS, 3I��.'K), :W'l,  Group I : oil lhe south hy Lots 3!M, BBS.'., 63U7A  t.nd l$04, Group 1.  Dtt'ecl Au.gukli.5th, 1005.  A. li. i^cC-rxocii.  *z?  Cancellation of Reserve.  COAST DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that, thc reservation,  notice of whleli was published in the B C.  Gazette, and dated 9th August. 1SKH, covering  11 belt of land extending nek a distance of  ten miles on each side of tlie skeena Kiver  between JCitsilas Canyon and Hazelton, is  cancelled.  Notice Is also given tliat that portion ofthe  reservation, notice of which wns published in  tlie B. O. Ga-.'.ette and dated '27th December,  1899, covering a belt, of land extending between the mouth of Kitiuat River and Klt-  sllus Canyon, is rescinded in so far  as it covers land lying between the  Kit.silas Canyon and a point in the  Kiumtt Valley, distant ten miles In a  northerly direction from the mouth of Kit-  nint River, and tliat. Crown lands thereon will  be open to sale, pre-emption and other disposition under thc provisions of the Laud Act,  on and nfter tin; eighth (Sth) day of December  next: Provided that the right of wny or any  rullwny sliftll not he included in any lands ho  acquired. _  \V. S. Grille  Peputv Commissioner^ Lands nnd Works',  Lands und Works Department,  j Victoria, B.C.. :Ust August, 1U03,  Capital Stock $5,000,000.- Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up. X  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes.  Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  ! 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We are authorized agents for the Sale of  the Nelson Electric Tramway Company's  lots, and will quote prices and terms on application.  it Pays to Deal with Rutherfo/d  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Moth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue Stone, Hellebore, Whale Oil  Soap, Quassa Chips and all the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit Trees.  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.   Better than Sponges.  Apply to  OCTER.  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  1 <��-e>^��-4>-Q>-0"^a^<��^^4. +&&4h4^+-&4y&&+~*.4>^.*&&ifrQh^&  IB  *   Wesson, BoC.  . The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in  the interior  n Pints and ^Quarts  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch. Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's. Heather Dew Scotch etc. Earl of Minto e'  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  ' etc.  ���  \  T  f;  ^Tents Mwiiinp Made and Repaired {  T  t  CLGTHEC     CLEANED    AND/MENDED *  1   ?m,mMiim&&s*f^^^~  -t^  i  OVER J. H.  WALLACE'S.STORE:NE LSON, B. 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NELSON ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTING DISTRICT.  Sale of Mineral Claims for Unpaid and Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Assessment and Collecting District Province of British Columbia.  icreby give notice tliat on Monday, the sixth day of November, A. D. 11)05, al the hour of ton o'clock In tlio forenoon, ut the Court House  n, 1 shall oirur l'or sale by public auction the mineral claims lu the lint hereinafter set out, of the persons in said list hereinafter set out  leli Crown Grants have been Issued, for taxes remaining unpaid und delinquent by said persons un tlie 3uth day oi' June, A. D. 1SK*>, and  I hereby |  Kelson,'  of which i              ....   _ _  for costs und expenses of said sale, If the total amount due Is not sooner paid.  LIST ABOVE MENTIONED.  NAME OF PERSON.  DESCRIPTION OF CLAIM,  UNPAID  TAXK-.  H.  Seious   Nels. Pearson and W. Gibson    Nels. Peauon and W. Gibson ..;..  Nels. Pearson and AV. Gibson    Delight Gold Mining Co., Ltd   London & Rossland B. C, Limited  London & Rossland B. C, Limited  Duncan Mines,   Ltd.,  Raymond  B.   Need-  ham and Charles K.  Mllburn ������_,,.  Dundee Gold Mining Co., John M.  Smith  Helen Louise Lueke   Rupert E.  A.   Meuller      Nels Pearson  and AV. Gibson     Georgo *VV.  Chisholm     Leopold Ernest Keller'    ���.........  Tlie Blue Eyed Nellie Mining Co., Ld, Lia.  John Dean   -   \V. de V le Maistre    ................  The'B.   C.   Mining;  Co.,   Ltd.,   (Foreign)..  F.   E.    "White,    administrator    estate   of  Ralph White    Delight Gold Mining Co.     ,--^���'���.;;  T.  B.  Garrison,  P. Aspinwall and D.'-W  Cameron ���   Cumberland Gold Mining Co., Limited ���  Alex.   Goyette,     J.     A.     Quinlan,   Prank  Coryell...   ���   O. J. Win-gen, J. H. Field and C M Reese  J. E. Winze and A. M. Patterson   Tho Western Oil and Coal Co.,, Ltd. ...  The Western Oil and Coal Co.,, Ltd. ...  Tho Salmo Con.  Gold Mining & Develop  meat Co.. Ltd. '������������i:*  ������.-������  Tho Salmo Con. Gold Mining & Development Co., Ltd    ...  The Montana Gold MirJing Co  John Dean  ���     Robert Miller  .-...  John Reavis, Theodore R.  Newman, Jo'nn  Y. Cole and G.  AV. Monk ......  W. Griffiths & T. A. Cameron-   Geo.   AV.   Chisholm    ������  >Tho-Minto  Mines,  Limited      London  & Rossland  Tl.  C,  Ltd.   ..  London  &  Rossland  1"..  C  Ltd.   ..  William T. Mitchell     The   Trail    Crek   Hidden   Treasure   Gold  Mining Co..  Ltd   Noonday  Mining  Co..   Ltd. .......    ���  Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  Co., Ltd.  L.   Duncan Mines. Limited ��� _    ._  "Duncan United  Mines  and AArm.  McEwcr.  Deligtit Gold  Mining  Co..  Ltd   London  &  Rossland  B'.   C.  Ltd.   Cumberland  Gold  Mining  Co.,   Ltd. ........  Rio Grande Mining Co.,  Ltd.   Geo.   AA*.   B.   Heathcote    ��� ������������  Geo.   A\r.   B.   Heathcote          Geo.   AV.   B.   Heathcote    ���   John   A.   Dunlop   &   R.   AV.   Gibson   and  Duncan  Mines,  Limited      John   C.   .Dunlop   &   R.   AV.   Gibson   and  Duncan  Mines,  Limited   ���'   Duncan-   Mines,    Limited,    Raymond    B.  . Kec'dham  & C.  K.   Milburne  ....'    ..  He-iM-y  Kearns ������-.-���.:,������   ������������������  Henrv S.  Crotlv & Edwin S.  Pen-treath..  Duncan   Mines.   Limited   and  R.   R.   Hed-  lev  and  E.   R.  AVokes       -.-  Franklvn A.   Jones and  Hary AVright  ....  Eldorado Mines,  Limited, N.P.L   Lrizetta  -Fiel'd     and     Chnrli-s     G.    Major  committee   for D.   Munro    ....      M.  D.  Mahoney and  J.   "E.   Boss ���  The Minto Mines, Limited    The Kenneth Mining & Development Mining Co.,  Ltd.  L....   The   li.   C.   Mining  Co.,- Ltd.   (Foreign)..  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   London & Rossland B. C. Ltd   New Brunswick Consol.  Gold Mining Co.,  Limited        ������   Henry  Roy.  J.   J.   B.   Gosseiin  and  J.   fa.  C. Fraser    Delight Gold  Mining  Co.,  Ltd   Primrose Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Isaac Van Ness      Lerwick Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.      Pine Ridge Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd   Fraser Harry Lantz       ' London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   Fairmont   Gold   Mining   Co.,    Ltd.,    and  >Ernest Kennedy and J. L. Parker  B. C. Mining Co., Ltd.. (Foreign) ...  Eldorado Mines, Limited,  N.P.L.  .....  R.   M.   Macdonald       John   Rouchbook,   J.   E.   Boss,   Josephine  Ward, A. C.  Flummerfelt,  M.  D.  Ma  ���honey, W. A. Crane and John Johnson  Julius  Peterson   Alex Goyette, John A Quinland and Frank  Coryell          New Brunswick Consol. Gold Mining Co.,  Dimlted     __=The-*Westem=.0.11i.&-C.oal_.C.P.,_.Lt_d.  T.   B.   Garrison,   Chas.   Ink,  Collins   AV. Griffith & T. A.  Cameron  John   Dean,   Martin   Salmon   and   Iv.   L.  Burnet  and 'Thos.  Annie        Lot 407  Aaron's Isle  ;.. Lot 2955  Aaron's  Gem     Lot 2956  A'aron's  Star       Lot 2957  Atlantic   Lot 4209  Al Fraction   Lot 3729  Albermarle Fraction        Lot 3842  Alice   .*......'.     Lot 3248  Annie   Fraction   ....".....     Lot 3849  Armour   Plate    Lot 4186  Anne          Lot S3S0  Aaron's   Fraction    Lot 2958  Alice Lot 5627  Bolus ..Lot 2123  Blue Eyed Nellie Lot 2936  Blue Belie   Lot 3843  Brvan Let 1699  Bannock    Lot 3293  Big  Red   Horse        ...Lot 29S6  Balmoral         Lot 3944  B   C.    ..' ..Lot 4255  Boston Lot 4019  Bully   Boy Lot 3238  Badger         Lot 785  Big 4  Lot 4C73  Big  2    ..Lot 4637  Bonanza  ..Lot 4638  Blue  Jack    ������ Lot 2688  Blue   Jack   Fraction     Lot 2691  Blue   Bird ..Lot 5438  Black Diamond  ..Lot 3413  Black Hawk No. 2  '     ..Lot 29U  Eunkor 'Hill       .....'!. ..Lot 29?9  Bunkov   llllll ..Lot 4923  Big   Duluth      '.. ..Lot 5626  California   ....      ..Lot 1677  Cily   of  Paris       ...���' ..Lot 3405  Copper Lily   ..Lot 3407  Canadian Queen     ..Lot 3240  Coin-Hand       ..<... ���    Lot 3436  Copper Belle     ��� ..Lot .3133  Copper  Queen   .'.         ..Lot 3429  Colorado   Fraction ..Lot 3334  Colorado        .���������'��������� ..Lot 63-1  Calgary      ..............J^ot 420S  Candidate        ...... ..Lot 3S07  Copper  Cape  ....Lot 4020  Champanc  .'.     ��� ..Lot 5131  Canadian. Belle .' ..Lot 4T8'":  Canadian  Belle No.  2     ..Lot 47S4  Canadian Girl Fraction ..Lot 47S5  Comet  ......    ���������������������    ..Lot 3273  Calumet  ....;.   ........   ' ..Lot 5123  Condor ���������..Lot 3250  Carthage    ..Lot 2197  Champion  i............... ..L,ot 2912  Catherine  '..    ..Lot 4437.  Copper   Bell      ..Lot 5379  Carmerielta ..Lot T-201  Corinthian  ......   ........*.   ..........   ..'.."..!.. ..Lot 2(190  Democrat       ��� ..Lot 2.6  Deadwood     ..Lot 2232  Dinner Bucket       -  ..Lot 3800  Drill         ..Lot 3291  Dennis       /   ..Lot 31CS  Dodo .-' ..Lot 3101  Deadwood ......   ..... ..Lot 3976  DeJaware        ������������..Lot 2S5S  Delight- h. ..T,ot 4206  Denmark ..Lot 43S9  Etna ������ ..Lot 414  Elise     --..Lot 1310  Elpro     ������ ..Lot 252S  Empress              ..Let 4424  Eclipse    ..Lot 3S09  Evening Star ..Lot 377S  Ethel    ..Lot 3293  Eldorado    ..Lot-5198  Emerald No. 2 - ..Lot 1486  Forest  Fanny  .Lot     233  .Lot   19S6  Florence ..Lot   3237  Florence  Franklin.  Imperial  Copper   Co.,   Ltd.,   N.P.L.   .  London & Rossland B. C. Ltd.     Walter  F.   Askew,   AV.   C.   Forrester  and  C.  AV.  Arnold   London & Rossland B.  C. Ltd   A. H. Kelly and Mary R. Driscoll .  A. H. Kelly and Mary R. Driscoll .  Oriel Mining & Milling Co., Limited.  Oriel  Mining &  Milling  Co.,  Limited.  Rio Grande Mining Co., Ltd   Joseph Bernard, Paul Bonnet, Dolph Boyce  EMza Anne Crowe   Golden   Gate   Con.   Mining  Co   Hairy Wright and C. J.  Ditter   Valpariso Gold Mining Co., Ltd., N.P.L.  Roy W. Caldwell and Chas. L. Caldwell  Geo.   H.  Caldwell,  Benjamin Thomas,  J.  A. Turner,  Finnamore M.  McLeod and  Robert John Bealey   Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  Co..   Ltd   Cumberland  Gold   Mining  Co.,   Ltd   G. AV. Chisholm     Geo.  F.  AVIvlteman     Noonday Mining Co.,  L.L   A. II. Kelly and Mary R. Driscoll    W.  L,   Lawry      Edward  Baillle     Xondon & Rossland B. C. Mining Co.,Ld.  Free Coinage  Fidelity      Farnham      Grizzly  Bear  Golden Gate .  Gold  Island      Glasgow      Golden Era    Golden   Chain      Good  Hope     Good   Hope  Fraction   No.  Georgina,    Goodenough     Golden Queen     Golden  Plate   ,  Gray Mouse    Government      Garfield      .Lot 3977  ,Lot_4635_  .Lot 1945  .Lot 4925  .Lot 5433  .Lot 105  .Lot ��934  .Lot 3244  ..Lot 3404  .Lot 415S  .Lot 4154  .Lot 4382  .Lot 4383  ���Lot 5130  .Lot 5466  .Lot 5��84  .Lot 4017  .Lot 5378  .Lot 4908  .Lot 4939  Hidden  Treasuro    ..Lot    411  Humming Bird ..  Hidden Treasure  Hattie   B   Imperial    Irma    ,  Irene      Ivanhoe    Ino     Jennio Lind     ..Lot 3128  ..Lot 4021  ..Lot 5628  ..Lot 3025  ..Lot 3426  ..Lot 4151  ..Lot 4329  ..Lot 2920  ..Lot 2933  $10.50  24.00  46.00  46.00  4.75  3.75  3.00  39.00  3.00  11.00  39.00  6.00  12.75  75.25  7.25  36.00  23.75  16.00  76.50  13.00  38.25  42.50  9.00  20.00  26.25  3.50  13.00  78.00  4.50  12.00  21.00  39;0O  ��� 60.00  13.00  12.0)  11.01  35.25  39.00  31.50  20.00  61.50  23.00  1.50  14.25  9.50  39.00  "26.25  19.00  33.25  as. 25  30.75  .' 10.50  33.75  37.50  ,12.50  20.50  33.75  12.75  35.75  11.50  20.25  9.50  24.75  2(i.OO  15.75  33.75  39.00  13.00  5.25  12.25  3.75  '  14.50  91.00  61.25  35,25  SO.OO  2*1.00  S9.00  13.00  31.50  9S.00  12.50  65.00  r___6.00__  61.25  12.75  23.00  26.25  10.00  57.00  24.00  22.00  19,50  215,50  10.50  34,00  11.25  13.00  91.00  10.75  22.00  12.75  4.50  12.50  37.50  12.75  66.50  78.00  26.00  45.00  39.00  9.75  Costs  AND KX-  l-EN-liKS  Total,  $2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  '2.00  2.00  2.00  .2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  .   2.00  2,00  2.00  2.f0  2.00  2.00  '; 2.00  2.(0  2.00  2.00  2.W  2.00  2.f0  2.00  2.C0  2.00  ���2.00  2.00  2.f"0  2.00  .. 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.03  I  2.00      |  2,00  2,00  2,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 .  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.01)  2.00  2 00  2.00'  2.00  2.00  2.00  2,00  2,'JO  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  _2.00_  2.00  2.00  2.^0  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.P-0  2.00  2.00  2.00  3,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0D  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ���{12.50  26.00  48.00  48.00  6.75  5.',5  5.00  41.00  5.00  13.00  41.00  S.OO  14.75  77.25  9.25  2S.10  25.75  1S.0O  78.50  15,00  40.25  44.50  11.00  22.00  28.25  5.50  15.00  SO. 03  6,50  14.00  23.00  41.00  62.00  15.00  14.50  13.00  37.25  41.00  33.50  22.00  -.63,50  25.ro  3.50  16.25  11.50  '11.00  2S.25  21.C0  40.25  ���10.25  12.50  35.75  39.50  14.50  22.50  Si.ia  i4.-;5  28.75  13.50 '  22.50  11.50  26.75  2*. 00  17.75  35.75'  41.00  15.00  7.25  14.25  5.75  16.50  9^.00  C3.25  32.00  S'J.OO  41.00  15.00  33.50  IOJ.00  14.50  67.00  _   8.00  C   Arthur   and   J.   P.  W. J. Nelson    A.   H.   Kelly,   E.  Rogers    T. B. Garrison, Chas. Ink and T. Collins  English Canadian Gold Mining Co., Ltd.  Pine   Ridge   Gold   Mining   &  Milling   Co.,  Ltd -   AV. J. Ledingham   Lerwick Gold Mining Co., Ltd. Lia   Freeman E. W'hite    C. J. Schleif, G. Ji. Schlief and J G Brown  C. J. Schleif, G. J. Schlief and J G Brown  Kokanee   M-ining   Co.,   Ltd.   T.  B. Garrison and P.  Aspinwall     T.   li.  Garrison,  & J.   H.  Graham and G  Aspinwall      O. J. Wigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd.  J. E. AVize    Duncan  Mines,  Limited, J  .C.  Dunlop &  K.  \V.  Gibson    Henry Kearns'   Emma  A.   Rand          The  Montana Gold  Mining Co   E.  J. Roberts and F.  S.  Phillips    Dollaracracy Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd  Pine  Ridgo Mining  Co.,   Ltd   Fairmont   Gold   Mining  Co.,   Ltd.,   Ernest  DESCRIPTION OF.CLAIM.  Jubilee  Lot   3026  Julius Caesar     Jeff Davis     Juliet    Kalamlsh     Kaffir    Lytton    Little  Blue  Grouse  Leap Year Gem     Leap Year Pride   Lake View   Loi-.gsley    Lake Ariew    Lizzard      Lexington    -,.  Lucky Seven    Little  George      L M.  Fraction     Little   Pe rl      Lorna   Doone      Little Dot    Lulu      M P.  Fraction     Morning Star   Minnie   Moken-BIrd   Fraction   ...  May Flower    Morning Star     Morning   Star   Fraction  Magpie    Maggie   Kennedy and J.  L. Parker  The  Duncan  Mines,  Limited      The Duncan  Mines,  Limited   Kokanee   Mining  Co.,   Ltd.   Lia   London & Rossland II. C, Ltd   London & Rossland B. C��� Ltd   H.   G.   Neelands      Andren Sostad    A. H.   Kelly,   E.   C.   Arthur   and   J.   _  Rogers         Mascot....  The  Montana  Gold  Mining. Co  Michigan  John R.  Revis, Theo R.  Newman, G. AV.  Monk and John Y. Cole    Mormon   Girl   .  Charles P.   Hill       '���  Morning Glory  John   Rouchbook,   J.   E.   Boss,   Jospehine  Ward, A.  C.   Flummerfelt,  M.  D.  Ma-  honev, AV. A. Crane and John Johnson Newmarket  Pine  Ri*dge  Mining  _  Milling Co.,  Ltd... Nako  Noonday .Mining Co., Ltd Lia. Noonday  E.  C.  Traves, G. R. G. O'Driscoll, G. H.i  H.   Symonds     ������������  li. C. Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  13. C. Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  3.  C.  Mining Company, Ltd.  (Foreign)   ..  B. C.  Mining Company, Ltd.  (Foreign)   ..  The Duncan Mines, Limited  j--iz---  New  Brunswick   Con.   Gold   Mining  Co.,  Ltd      ���������������  London  &  Ymir (B.C.) Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd,   ,.���....���   ������       Anthony J. McMillan .....   James .E Wise    Jas E.  AVise and A,  N.  Paterson    Jas E.  AVise and A,  N,' Paterson     Western  Oil  and  Coal  Co,,  Ltd.   ...,   Valpariso Gold Mining Co,, Ltd. ,,,,...,,'.  The Kenneth Mining & Development Co,,  Ltd ,   The Kenneth Mining & Development Co,,  Ltd     :   Ontario Gold. Silver & Copper Mining Co.,/  Ltd     ������.I Ontario   ,   O.   J. Wigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese| Old Abe   The Picton Development Syndicate, Ltd,,.| Picton    B.   Tomkin,   H.   B.   Landers   and   Albert  Forsland            ���  Pilot .,.,., ,. ,,  London & Rossland B.  C, Ltd  Slcc^i">:   O.   J. AVigen. J. H. FjeM and C. M. Reesej President^...  Number 2     No 1 Le Blanc Group ."..".".".'."  No. 2 Le Blanc Group     ..  No.  3 Le  Blanc  Group '"  Northern   Light   Nevada Fraction   New  Brunswick  Nancy Jane   ..  Nip and Tuck  No. 6    No.   2      No.  5       ,  Neb. Girl    No. 3   .Loi  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Loi  ��� Lo  .Lo  .Lo  ��� Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Loi  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Loi  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  October  .,,,,,   ..            .... . .Lo  October Fraction ,.,,,,.  63.25  14.75  25.C0  28.25  ���12.00  59.00  20.00  24.00  21.50  27.50  12.50  36.00  13.25  15. CO  P3.00  12.75  24 00  14,75  G.50  14.50  29.50  14.75  6S.50  i-'O.OO  2s.no  47.00  41.00  11.75  Pulaski  Fraction  Pulaski      Porcupine    London  & Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd  London & Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd."    Western  Oil  and Coal  Co.,  Ltd   Duncan Mines, Limited, J. C. Dunlop and  R.  AA7.   Gibson    -.   Dollaracracv Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd..  J.   A.   Coryell.   Alex.   Goyette   and  J.   A.  Quinlan ......  -.v.-  The   Trail    Creek-Hidden   Treasure   Gold  Mining  Co..-Ltd.      The Kenneth - Mining'& Development Co.,  Ltd.   The  B.   C.   Mining  Co.,' Ltd       Duncan  United Mines and  AA'm.  McEwen  Duncan  United  Mines and  Wm.  McEwen  Kokanee Mining Co., Ltd.     Anthony   J.   McMillan       London.: &  Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd   Rio Grande-Mining Co, Ltd       Duncan   Alines,   Limited       A.   H.. Kelly,   E.   C.   Arthur   and   J.   P.  Rogers      ....   Duncan   Mines,   Ltd.,   Raymond  B.   Need-  ham  and C.  K.  Milburne   The Montana Gold Mining Co      Harold Seious  ....'      Harold Seious  ������  Thos. R.  Morrow, P. A.  Barnhart, Elizabeth Gray, John P.-Roberts   Emma  A.' Rand \...    .'   Lizette Field, and Chas. G. Major, committee   for  Robt.   D.   Munro   Robt.  F.  Dodd      David D.   Birks         W de V.  le Maistre   London  ��._  Rossland  B".   C,  Ltd   John McLellan McKinnon   T.   R.  French  and  I.   Erickson   O. J. AVigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese  John  Dean  and   Jacob   Stierle   .  Rio Grande  Mining Co.  Ltd.   ...  Primrose  Gold  Mining  Co.,   Ltd  G AV.  B.  Heathcote     The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   &  Development   Co.,   Ltd -  The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining  Development  Co..   Ltd.   .-;     ���  Golden Gate Con.  Mining Co.,  Ltd.   ..  Valpariso  Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.   \V.   Griffith and T. A.  Cameron     Prank de ie Mieux ���  C.   J.   Ditter  and  H.   AVright      Harold Seious    ���    .  Hamilton   &   Rossland   Gold   Mining   Co., Tennessee  The Kenneth Mining & Development Co..|  Ltd.   ....... I Tamarac  Planet   Pete     ....  Rosa      Rookford   '..   Racatam   Red Top         .  Royal   Canadian '.  Roy No 2     Royal City     ,  Riverside    Ronoke  ...,'   Rio Grande Fraction  ...  Rocket   Rebecca   Romance    Randolph     Rover     Rambler   Romeo   Red Seal   .  R &L    ...'.   Snow  Slide      Summit    Silver Champion    Swansea    Stanley     Shenango    Selkirk   Sunrise      Sandauiphon    Seattle   Safeguard   Sitting Bull     Sitting Bull  Fraction  ..  Saratoga    Starter   ......    ..  Sullivan      -,Santiago      -'Sampson      ��� I Try  Me      London  & Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd   The Montana Gold Mining Co   W.  H.  Sherrod     Charles Hall, Oscar Hall, AVinsiow Hall,  John Hall, Henry Oakes. -William J.  Oakes, Osner Oakes, William H.  OakeSr-OlivoH.BrHHOakos.H-WilllamHaMiller,  James Durkin, John Taylor, Ebenezer  Ramsay, Robert Day, junior, and Amelia White, administratrix of the'estate  and effects' of William AVhite, deceased, and heiress-at-law of Mary AVhite,  an  infant,  deceased   ���  Jo_n Johnson  T.  R. French and I. Erickson  ..  Valpariso  Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.  Henry  McCandlish     The   Trail    Creek-Hidden    Treasure    Gold  Mining  Co.,   Ltd   Tho Golden Plate Con. Mining Co.  Oliver  Blair      Delight Gold Mining Co.. Ltd   Duncan Mines, Limited, j. C. Dunlop, and  R.  AV.   Gibson  The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   &  Development  Co.,   Ltd  Dundee  Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.,  and  John  M.  Smith     r.   J.  Ditter ancl  H.  AVright  Oliver  Blair     H.i Seious   The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   &  Development   Co.,   Ltd   The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   &  Poyplonment   Co..   Ltfl   Tom Thumb  Trout   U   B   .Lo:  ,Lo  .Lo  .Loi  .Lo:  .LO  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  ..Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo-  .Lo  .Lo  .Lo  ,.Lo  ..Lo  ,.Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo"  ,.Lo  ..Lo  , .Lo  ,.Lo  ..Lo  ,.Lo  ,.Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo:  ..Lo-  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  ..Lo  3501  1916  1620  2526  5182  2194  2987  43G3  4364  3667  4356  3215  786  3718  4674  5121  3SU2  5181  5141  13.W  2173  2529  3779  3931  3932  3665  4361  4362  4422  5114  35S8  5140  1919  5836  235  2527  3425  3110  32S8  32S9  3290  3291  3933  3975  2930  2931  4G71  41.70  4672  4636  4911  3804  3S05  3G59  783  3134  3139  3S0S  7S2  4360  3103  4G34  3271  2472  2160  3435  3803  3294.  633  3930  3666  2932  3402  5132  3272  3h5S9  3219  5142  5292  5293  1030  2918  2089  21.79  3427  343S  3406  4384  4785  7S4  43S5  4539  4391  47SG  2C90  2093  4010  4192  4924  53S1  5376  415  1317  3S02  372S  5439  2018  Victoria     Venetia Boy  .  Venango     Valpariso     White Rabbit  W. J. Bryan .  AVaters Meet .  Wild Horse ..  AVoodstock   ...  Wren     White   Cloud  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  ��� Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  ' 24S  408  4757  4907  3196  R-134  4015  4212  4207  ��� Lot   5122  .Lot   2GS7  White Pine .  Widow    X-ray    Yankee Girl  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  4004  5377  4213  400  I     ��� j   Costs  , UpAID      AND EX  lAXES,      PEASES.  Yellow Jack Lot   26S9  Yellow Jack  FraoHon    Ix>t   2f93  15.50  10.50  65.00  65.00  91.00  11.50  20.00  78.00  32.50  12.25  52.50  36.75  12.75  21.(X.  10.00  SO.OO  12.25  5.25  29.00  8.C0  100.00  42.50  31.50  36.00  .'13.00  9.75  42.50  30.75  1S.75  37.50  31.00  12.50  . 12.00  8S.0O  12.75  29.25  80.50  78.00  7S.0O  24.50  14.50  14.50  24.50  14.25  4S.75  20.25  25.50  21.75  19.50  35.25  8.00  52,00  39,00  19.50  37.00  15.00  71.75  55.50  39.00  1S.0O  2.25  9.75  13.00  13.00  45.00  12.25  25.50  31.50  25.50  15.75  &.50  53.75  37.50  13.00  1S.00  39.00  10.50  39.00  S.OO  39.00  39.00  65.00  28.50  11.50  13.00  5S.50  14.00  3S.25  12.75  8.50  51.00  19.50  7.00  n.oo  IS. 00  7S.O0  1.50  7S.00  52.00  12.75  9.75  11.75  .75  59.50  39.00  39.00  13.00  G.25  23.75  S.OO  12.00  30.00  65.00  16.50  76.50  24.00  9.25  11.75  72.00  9.25  11.75  26.00  15.00  4S.00  1.50  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0.  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C, this second day of Ojloher, 1903.  ROBERT A. RENWICK,  Deputy ARKesscraiid Collector, Nelson AskphhuiciiI and Collecting District.  The Origin of the Loving Cup.  THB .loving- cup Ib very common  nowadays, and we see lt everywhere.     But   many   years   ag.4  there   were  no  such   things   a*  these queer three handled affairs, and  the following story tells how they firsl  happened to be made:  Once upon a time centuries before us.  there lived a great and powerful king,  who was extremely fond. of hunting.  He was one day ln a' forest pursuing a  stag, but it was so fleet and clover that  lt eluded him and his band of followers, and led them entirely out of thelt  way. After wandering about ln a  hopeloss fashion they finally came upon  a. little hut, and the king himself dismounted and rapped smartly upon tha  door.  A young girl answered his knock, and  soon showed the men the right path.  The king was a/bout to go, when he saw  a well near the house, and at the sight  of ithe clear water Immediately felt  thirsty, and, going back, asked the gin  for a drink. AVlthout hesitation sho  went Into the house and came out with  an earthen Jug filled with the well  water. But, instead of offering his  royal -majesty the handle, as most people would do, she held that Herself, and  handed him the cup the wrong way.  The king said nothing, thanked the  girl, and he and his band soon found  their way out of the wood.  But when be reached his palace he-  determined to reward the girl for giving him the water and at the same time  to teach her a lesson ln politeness.  Sending to his Jeweler, he bade him-  make a silver cup, with two handles,  and deliver it to the young girl, without a word as to whence lt came.  Perhaps a month after this the king-  again hunted In that same forest,  sought the hut and asked the girl for  another drink of water.  This time she entered the house and  came out with a beautiful silver cup,  full of the sparkling water. "Now,"  thought the king, "she haj certainly  learned a lesson." But never was he_,  more mistaken, for the poor, Ignorant  girl took a handle In each hand, and  for the second time offered her liege  lord nothing save the side of the cup.  The king rode away deeply perplexed.  He resolved to teach the girl the pollts  way to hand a cup without directly rebuking her, and many were the hours  he spent in cudgelling his brains for  some way In -which to do it. At last a  bright Idea struck him, and he sent for  his Jeweler a second time. "Make mc/*"  said he to the man, "a silver cup, heavily chased, and with my royal crest,  and put three handles on it." The jeweler, much surprised���for remember, ne  such thing had ever��been heard of up  to this time���did as he was told, am3  soon the mug was finished. As before,  the king "had It privately sent to the  girl who lived In the little faut.  One day not long after this for th*  third time he rode Into that forest, and;,  taking the now well-known path, soon  reached the cottage. Dismounting, he  knocked at the door and asked humbly  for a drink of clear water. :',.  The girl immediately came out wltfc  the beautiful three-handled cup, and,  taking-two of the handles in her bands,  she offered him the third.  So the king roda away well pleamd  with'his strategy and, reaching home,  ordered three-handled cups to be made  In every sort of ware, and they became so popular that we now hav��  tfhem In all our shops and stores,  Shortly y ��fier Walt TVilarmii ���  "Leaves of Grass" made Its appearance, J. T. Trowbrldg-e was walking  with Lowell In af:ambrldge, when the  latter pointed out a doorway sign,  "Groceries," with the letters aet zigzag, to produce a bizarre effect. "That,"  -said he, "is AValt AVhitnian���with very  common goods inside."  A Philadelphia paper declares that  Archbishop Ryan was recently about  to take a train for Baltimore at the  Broad Street Station, when a young  man accosted him, saying: "Your face  ls .familiar, where In-hell have I seen  you7" "I really don't know," replied  theiarchbishopTblahdryr''wha.t"part"of_  hell do you come from?"  M-any years agt), when Senator In-  ffail3 was in the Senate, oleomargarine  was a bone of contention! The debate  led Ir.g-alls to utiler one of those epigrammatic sentences which made hln.  famous. "I have never, to my knowledge, fasted oleomargarine." said In-  salls, "but I have stood In the presence  of genuine butter with awe for Its  strength and reverence for Its antiquity."  A lady carrying on mission work ln  the slums was teaching a little colorad  girl to spell. She used a pictorial  primer, and over ea��h word was Us accompanying picture. Polly glibly  spelled "o-x, ox," and "b-o-x, box,",etc.  But the teacher thought that she was  making "right rapid progress." So sho  put her hand over the picture, and  said, "Polly, what does 'o-x' spell?"  "Ox," ans-wered Polly, nimbly. "How  lo you know that It spells 'ox,' Polly?"  'Seed his tall," replied the apt Polly.  Company,  ANO TO RENT  See  Also Selling Agents for  -\  Canada's Leading Piano tf}Z^i_}s*i~^~r^&^r^**^-Trvtr!K-  \  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  GENERAL NEWS.  A Montreal bookseller ordered this  week ten copies of TheJSconomist of  October 7th, containing tbe beautiful  poem which had no title.  Next. Thursday is Thanksgiving  Day, and those who have anything to  be thankful for will unite with those  who have not, in observing tlie day i"  a becoming manner.  At tlie special services at St. Saviour's Church, to-morrow evuiiii'X,  Gounod's Anthem, "Praise Ye tin-  Father," will be sung in commemoration of Trafalgar Day.  +  ar.'s Hand Painted China!  There have been a large number of  people looking through the Kootenays  the past few weeks is quest of fruit  lands. Many of the seekers are from  Manitoba.  The Kootenay fruit exhibit for the  London Horticultural Fair, collected  by James Johnstone, is being shipped  to London to. day. Tlie exhibit from  the coast will reach Medicine Hat Monday and all will be shipped together.  The Goldfield (Nevada) Sun  says : ��� "French capital is invading  Southern Nevada, and it is coming  in goodly quantities. Messrs. Ed-  onard Riondel, Octave Liegart and  Walton E. Dowlen* have been here  and in* Bullfrog: for the past several  days looking the mining field over  as the guests of Manager Potter ot  the Nevada-Goldfield Reduction  Company. They go away ouly after having made heavy investments  in both Goldfield and Bullfrog.-'  444++++++++++++4444 44444444+4444444 44444444 4++++++++  4 4  4 Our Show Widdow. Full of X  4 4  tn.        i     i       i   n  i   i       n  i     *  +  +   ��� . _   ��� ���  % is irresistible.  ���  ��� Pitchers, etc, all in  the daintiest and newest designs, and at ex- ���  ��� ���  4   ���>j:..~t.. i~���. ���-:,.���c ���  Id. O. PATENAUDE:  It contains Plates, Bon-bou  Dishes, Salad Bowls  1 ���  ceedingly low prices.  Don, I fail to see it.  ea ranee  ii  Now is the time to purchase New Evening Dresses when you can get them at cost and have  a good stock of materials to select from.   Such as  SHERIFF'S SALE.  By vlrto-'orseveral Warrant* or H.wntion  If sued oufof the -J'lunty Court tif'W'-st Kooie-  miv, lioldeu' 'at, Trout 1,-ikiv��� acala^t. the  goods and chattels of William -It.  Pool, or Nelson, 13. 0. niiiiiiiai o__.-ni.toi-.'I  have seized and talo-n lii'l-lxeeut.ioii.ul I tlu-  sliarcs whieh'the said William B. l'o.il li;<s in  Capital Stoek of the Great Nurtm-rii aUlu.s,  Limited: To recover the buih-s imiru-d- 1" the  several War'nints of .execution, mvl iiIbo inti-r-  est on the Judgment.' debts ai5 p.-r centum  per annum rrom the 3rd day of tiutolwr,  1005 until payment, besides Slit-nlta  poundage, ofllcer'B fees, and nil oilier  legal Incidental expenses; all of .whioh J  shall expose for sale or siitlleient. thereol  to satisfy said Judgment debts an.I o'slrt. At  my ottiee, next to the Court House, In the  City of Nelson, B. 0., on I'm-sday. tins t-Mili  day of October IW,, at the li->ui- of eleveu  o'clock, in the forenoon. o'  Dated at Nelson, B. C, 9tli Oct iber.-lW'-j.  ��� ti. l', TUCiC  8heriffof South Kootenuy.  RESER��EA  RIGHT 01'' WAY FOP. KAIt.WAYS, ETC.  Notice is hereby given that all Oo-.vn linuU  along the locateo lines of auy railway, pou-i-r  or trauiwav company, iueorp-miti-.l under  authority of tlie Legislature of this l-r-vimte,  and liuvinga width of tl fly |��>> feel on ��.-i��:li  side of said Hues, are reserved lor right of way  purposes for such l-ailway, power or irauiwuy  company.  W. S. Goi'.H.  Deputy Commissioner uf Lands uud WorfeB.  JLands uud Works Deparlineiit,  Victoria, B. O., lird Ocuiber. li. "���.  Nelson Opera House  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Friday,   Oct.    27th  Return  Engagement.  Mr. C. P. Walker Piesents  tbe  Eminent Actor  8 n   he!  LU rJh  __ UJ S 1 Cat  Supported  bv Mr. Clifford Lane  Bruce aud a Capable Company in  l      l    l  HI  the greatest of ftalian Tragedies.  Prices! 50c, 75c, and 11,00,  SSat    sale    opens    Thursday  morning at Rutherford's.  ���  4  4  4  ��� - 1  4 4  4+4 W��+++*444+4444+++++ 4 *������*�����<>������������<�� }4444444+++++++* +  Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    'Phone 293.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Sate me nts,  Note Heaos,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  Silk Crep de Chine in pearl grey  and light pink. Regular price  $2.25.    Sale price $1.50.  Silk Eolienne. Regular price  $2.00 and $2.25.     Sale price $1.50.  Wool Voiles. Regular price 75c.  Sale price 50c.  Wool Voiles. Regular price.$i.25  and $1.50    Sale price $1.00.  Wool Silk Crepe de Chine. Regular $1.50.     Sale price $100.  Evening shades all wool Henriettas. Regular price 75c. Sale  price 45c.  Evening shades all wool Henriettas. Regular price 50c. Sale  price 35c.  Black Wool Voiles. Regular  price 75c $1.50.  Sale price 50c, $1.  Black Silk and Wool Voiles., Regular price $1.50, $1.75.   , Sale price  Black Crepe de Chine. Regular  price $2.23.    Sale price $1.50.  All shades Silk Japanese Taffeta.  Regular price 65c.     Sale price 45c.  All shades China Silks from 20c  to 45c per yard.  Black Taffetta Silk. Regular  price 75c.    Sale price 50c.  Black Taffetta Silk. Regular  price $t.    Sale price 65c.  ^m  MILLINERY.   A complete stock of the latest importations of Pattern and Ready-to-Wear  Hats at Cost.  PRED  IRVINE  GO.  LIMITED.  Complete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  X    All Kinds of Furniture; Carpets, Linoleums, Crockery,Etc.  X  ���  Complete   House  Furnishers  ��Funeral Directors, Embalmers  ���  liny_OJj.nJl_  *> Corner Mill and losephine Sts.  Are you Drinking ray  If you are not���you're not in  line���for most people are. I'm  selling pounds and pounds to outside people and the largest part  of it goes to regular customer.-) in  town.  Do you think they'would continue to buy tlieir Tea if it wasn't  all I claim? Better get a trial  lot of it Get up now and Phone  19 and tell Joy to send a pound  at once.  THO*S"E 19  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders for  Uliinwiby Sweeping.  .'���SoTifl ynr orders to Jok D Doivnks. rare of  hv Dlil Curiosity ��hop.   $1.50 per chimney.  JOB PRINTING AT  THE ECONOMIST  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should he forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W..P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  Following the summer heat, the present cool evenings-make  the thought of a brightly burning fire most attractive. The  necessity of up-to-date Heating Stoves is becoming apparent.  We have anticipated your needs by passing into stock the largest  cci signtneut of  ever brought into Ne'son.      We have them in vari'oas styles and  sizes that w 11 suit every requirement.  *>;-  The Prices are OUR Prices, therefore the Lowest.  shdown Hardware  NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale.  Retail.  Boys' SchooT Suits  Made from fine English and domestic Tweeds in assorted  shad.es, neat stripes and chic patterns, good linings and .well  made, sizes 22 to 33. Priced at $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00  and $6 00.  Sale of Men's Suits  W..G.-i_i.  Estimates given on stone, brick j  ett  Builder and  Contractor  nd woodwork:  {trick and Lime for Sale  The goods are the best quality. The prices are the lowest.  For the balance of this month we offer extra special inducements  on many lines to clear. Suits at $5.00, $7.50; $io.oo, $12.00 and  $15.00. They are worth more and it will be to your interest to  look them up.  Hosieryjat Cut Prices  10c, 15c and 25c  Special Hat offer for $i  worth $2.50 and $3  ���  ��� Specials  Vales Best ^  Many Other Lines *at  Bargain Prices  1  Next Door to Roval Bank


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