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The Economist Nov 19, 1904

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 ���"A  i, U*Ji����w ��� -  ��!*"** -*- ^  -WM. It. HEARST: "I hare been _...  most beautiful lakes in Italy and .Switzerland, and ull those lovely spots, but 1 have  nover been anything liner llinn (he Kootenay'lake and t he Arrow lakes. We hud a  dellglitiul time tliero. This wus my first  trip through, tliero.'"  aV**��A***A/N*VVVVS*AA>V*^*/Vi*V*.'*  NOV 221904      ��  s'fA  PROF. MIULS has never seen anything*  finer tnsirtba fruit of Nelson district. He  added: "I didn't see the cherries or raspberries or gooseberries, but If they compare with the apples, pears and plums,  _ you have here a frulticimiitry unsurpassed  >   by anything in the Dominion." -  ~^<��M  VOLUME VIII.  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19, 19C4.  Conservatives, Vote for Mackintosh  NUMBER VS  The election wbich takes place next  Tuesday in Kootenay electoral district  will not change to any great degree, no  matter who wins, the political complexion of the Government at Ottawa.  By a large majority, the voters of the  Dominion of Canada have endorsed Sir  Wilfrid Lanlier and his Government.  But it should not be concluded that  the electors of thi s district, although  placed at thc disadvantage of not being  able to record their votes ou the same  dale as other freemen of Canada, ure  to refrain from emphasizing their faith  in their party by casting their ballots  " for the principles for which they have  contended.    On behalf of Mr. Mackin-  '-tosh it'must be said that he consented  to become the standard-bearer of the  Conservative party in this district, believing that the election would take  place here on the same date as it did  elsewhere, and that.be would have the  united support of his party. It is not  his fault that the elections were deferred for nearly three weeks, and there is  no reason why he should not receive  every Conservative vote in his district.  If he receivesjhc support to which he  is entitled; he will carry the district.  If he does not receive the'Conservative  vote, and if it transpires that there is  within the Conservative ranks any  considerable number who are dispone I  to sacrifice their principles to ba on the  winning side, ho will be defeated. The  principles  for which Mr. Mackinto.-Ii  , contended three weeks ago-are just tl.e  same to day as they were at that lime,  and if eleo'ed, he will Undoubtedly  8 ta lid up for those pr inciples. Jf the  Conservatives betray the man to whom  they gave, their pledge they "would sup-'  port, it will be to their lasting disgrace.  Many another man would. have faltered, when called   upon   to face the  A>dds with which hois called upon to  contend, but not so with the old war-  horse, who is.now travelling night and  -day disseminating the_ principles of his  -party.   He  is made of sterner stuff',  *^$nd'we very much misunderstand the  ^Conservatives of Kootenay if they fail  \'to grant him their full endorsation.by  casting their ballots for him next Tues-  '  "day. ';* All .this .rot about "the .ball of  - progress," should not affect the vote iu  the slightest. The voter should only  consider the promise he made, to support Mr. Mackintosh.- The man who  fails in tbis is lacking in the courage of  his convictions, and shoujd-never again  ' hold tip liis head amongst self-respecting men. . - '���'-,,  Why Borden Was Beaten in Halifax-Many  Conservatives Struck Off the Lists.  Manitoba  General Comment.  ���V  Manager Cranston-did not herald the  Beggar Princs Opera* Company with  trumpets; he merely stated^tbat* the  public would get thc worth"* of rthei��-  money, and he has kept his credit with  his,"patrons'!    He .might-havo said a  -'-greatr3e"al*m'ofehtpraise of the Beggar  Prince Opera Company than  he did  and yet have been within, thc mark,  but he preferred to .let the, public place  its own valuation bn the quality ofthe  entertainment provided..   The public  did so, and the concensus of opinion is  that it-is the most accomplished musical organization ever 'seen in Nelson.  What it lacks in thc way of a large  chorus is made up in the r_ualit'y of the  music.    Another feature that is worth  remarking upon  is* the' fact that not  only are all the principals clever- and'  acconaplished voealists,  but they possess a qualification very often lacking  in operatic singers, vi'/., duo appreciation of  the dramatic possibilities of  their roles.    Mr. Wade, the comedian,  if~~turabandoned the-operatic- stager  could   take up dramatic work,  with  every prospect of establishing a name  for himself." And'in this connection a  great deal .could tie said for each and  every, member of the company.,. The.  presentation of "Fra Diavola" gave the  principals an opportunity of display ing  their talents. , Quite.naturally, the iuterest centered in MivBronti iu   the  title role.   He has a magnificcut voice,  and it is rarely one is given  the pleas-  of hearing the   robber chief sung so  well.    Particularly was he agreeable in  the duet with Miss Palmer.   This lady  has also a highly cultivated voice, and  her rendition' of the nocturnal prayer  was really a treat.   Jay C. Taylor has a  tenor voice of line quality, in the opinion of some the greatest tenor that has  visited the west in many years.     But  the ole in "Fra Diavolo" did  not give  him as good an opportunity of displaying his talent as in the part of Pedro in  "Girotfe-Girolla," when  he was repeatedly encored.     Mr. Walters interpolated a solo on the first'evening, and  by the amount of applause bostowed  upon    him,     we     rather     imagine  those    present    were    very    pleased  that   he   did    30.       Added    to - an  exquisite voice  of   gre..t   range  and  volume, he   has   clear    and   distinct  enunciation,  a   merit so often absent  in operatic stars.   Miss Hutcheson has  a good voice, and indeed only words  of praise arc due every one of the principals, amongst whom are Miss Mum-  ford, Miss Lelia Thorne, Miss Winni-  fred   Petersen,  Miss   Helen   Lieperg,  and Jack Bpaulding. .There'''will''bo  some difference of opinion'as* to which  of the two operas was given the most  finished  presentation,    but   all   will  agree that they were both  highly eu-  s     joyable.   It is also gratifying to note  that Mr. Wade is so pleased with his  reception   in Nelson, that he has decided to-visit this city again within a  few months, and he will have no rea  son to regret his decision. He should  and will reccive.an enthusiastic reception. And_the thanks of the. public  are in a great measure due to.Manager  Cranston,- for ��� providing his patrons  with such high-class performances as  have been witnessed hire the last two  nights. To-night "La Mascotte" will  be* '..given, _- and . thj public, will,  best "show, its appreciation of Mr.  Cranston's efforts to elevate the standard of entertainment throughout the  interiorly turniug out in full force.  There is vCgreat flow of oratory-in  thc vicinity of Nelson these days, and  the legal profession appears to be working overtime." W. A". Macdonald ~K. C ,  has just returned*from*Kaslo, where  in company with William Blakemore,  he addressed a large "audience in the  interests of.Mr, Mackintosh'.' * R. S  Lennie is up the Crow's-Nest making  out a good case for the Conservative  candidate. It. W. Hannington has returned to his old stamping-ground al  Slocan, and is said to have simply mesmerized the whole district. Rex Macdonald will open the eyes of the people  of Nakusp-vto. the iniquities of Grit rule,  and - C.~' H^ 'Mackintosh,...in*- company,  -with A. H.-.>IacNeill,of Rossland, is  putting.his case���before the people in  Rosalandau'd Trail".' W. A.-Galliher,  the" Liberal candidate, has-completed  the tour of his constituency, and next  Monday night, at the Opera' House,  will address the citizens of.Nelson. He  will be assisted by S. S. Taylor, of Nelson, and J. A. Macdonald, of Rossland'.  It is believed that Senator Templeman,  of Victoria, and W. W.B. Mclnnes, of  Naraimo, will be present.  What this country needs is definite  legislation, fixing the dates of election  and providing that all elections shall  be held on the same day. In the federal election Nov. 3 the Government  held open hair a dozen constituencies.  In thc event of a close contest these  could have been manipulated to save  an otherwise defeated government. As  it happened they were not needed, bui  that did not make it less wrong and  unfair. Now we have Ontario and  Quebec rushing provincial elections on  the people to take advantage of the  Dominion organization and the prestige  of the federal victory. Even in the  United States which is no model for  any couutry in the matter of runnjng  elections, such abusesdo not exist. Now  that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is in power by  a huge majority he should take steps to  rectify these interferences with the securing of fair electoral reoults.  - - ���   ---       *   e.  remembered the visit of George IV to  Edinburgh; he was present when Ed-.  ward VII passed through the northern  eapital. Colonel Thomson ��� nevor'saw  much in the way of active service, biit  though his later-years and rank were  associated with the Fife Light Horse  he was- once in a-dragoon regiment,  Jfroin. wtiich,-however, he-retired,-ape  parently to undertake the Mastership  of the Atherstode, seven years before  the outbreak oftho Crimean WarU He  mastered tha Athorstone .three times,  and other packs of which lie had control were the Fife, the Bicester and tlie  Pytchley. Among his intimate-) were  the famous sporting novelist \Vbyte-  Melville, and the equally well-known  Devonsh ire parson, Jack Russell. In  him fox-hunting has lost a cornerstone. "  The Nelson Operatic Society, undoubtedly the most accomplished musical organization in the West, will produce "Erminie" on the 27th of January. The parts have all been given  out, and it is believed from what is  known ofthe capabilities-^ those ^vho  will take part, that the forthcoming  production will be in ho way inferior  to those given by the Nelson Operatic  Society in the past. - The rehearsals  will be under the direction of Mr. Melville Parry, which is in itself a guarantee that the presentation of "Er-  minee" will be an artistic triumph.  Thanksgiving Day was observed ac-  cording'to-custom in Nelson. /f he-demand* for -turkeys showed that gener-,  ally the people were determined to have  good dinners, and the .attendance at  the Opera House in the evening further proved that the citizens of Nelson  hal the money and inclination to enjoy themselves. ���  Colonel Anstruther Thomson, who  has just died in his 87th year, was the  oldest hunting.man in the English  society. Born only three years after  the fight of Waterloo (after which, by  tlie way, was named that historic run  of his with thePytchtey), he was in  the crowd that mafficked over the relief of Ladysmith and Klniberley.   H^  This has been a very successful year  for the mining industry in the interior,  und strange to say the districts from  which most was expected are not the  places that have turned out the best.  The Boundary lias maintained its preeminence as a mining district, the Lardeau is rapidly growing in importance,  aiid there is a noticeable revival  throughout the Slocan.  Nelson experienced its first snowfall  to-day, and now the poetry-loving citizens of this place are anxiously awaiting the Daily News to-morrow morning, which is almost certain to reproduce tkat beoutiful' .poem entitled,  "Beautiful Snow."  , yj}-Q. recent election resulted in not a few surprises'  in many constituences and several provinces.   - .For  example, few, we .'think, expected that  Mr. Borden  .and his running'imate would  have been defeated  in  1 -Halifax.    dp to' a very few days prior to the election,  , there were  the  most confident anticipations of their1  return by large rnajorities.     That this ^.anticipation-  was ' not realized was, we  now. learn, brought about'  by.a.verytlargerexpenditureai.the  last moment .of  moneys supplied 'by the  people .of the -United States  terminals of-the .Grand  Trunk  Railway���Portland  ���and -Boston;-chiefly the  former of   these.     These  moneys, stated.to. have been in tbe neighborhood of  $8o,ooQ,.were.tnade;Use of to,debauch the constituency,  and. the result shows, howieffectually that eud was attained.  .   -Again; few ��xp\cted the result which was witnessed'  in the Manitoba constituences.     No person who was  well informed as to the state of political-Sentiment in  for instance Winnipeg, Prov'encber, Selkirk, Portage  la Prairie etc.-expected that**they or  any of them,  would elect members in support of the Federal Government.*1    *T his'"result was for'the moment inexpliao  able to the Conservative partyiAvhV had'be\n led  to'  expect, "judging;from, the  pre-election*sentiment.of  the. people-there;"'an entirely different verdict, and one  markedly in favor of Mr. Bordeii's-policy of Government ownership of the transcontinental railway.  :.    What was the cause of* this marked change ?      It  now turn'jAout that lrwas Caused ���inl va^Very'-simple,,  but not less effective '.manner- the simple process o/  ���arbitrarily strikingK'o*ff from*, the regularly compiled  voters' lists the names of enough Conservative voters  to ensure" tbe election of the Government candidates.  This plan, thong-h simple, is uniq'ue-in its unblushing  effronteiy.     That it was  carried   out-systematically  and with a  supreme  disregard for  the  principles of  honest Governm-nt  by the suffrage'of the electors is  stated to  be  amply proved by evidence now in the  possession ofthe Department of the Attorney-General  of the Manitoba  Government.   -.  The Hon. Robert Rogers, Minister of Public Works  in the Government of Manitoba';.states as follows, in  an interview with him which is reported to have  taken place, when he vvas asked for some explanation  .as'to the unexpected outcome of the vote on the ��rd  instant  "The Conservative party," he said, "vvas absolutely  and clearly cheated in that election in the most highhanded manner ever attempted in any election campaign in the Dominion of Canada.      We were  prepared to meet  the influences of a huge Liberal campaign  fund.     We were confident  that with fair and  honest voters' lists the honest electors of Manitoba  would be uninfluenced by any expenditure of money  in behalf of the Liberal candidates, and would record  their votes in favor of Mr. Borden's policy.     But we  were  not prepared to have constituencies  stolen iu  broad daylight.   What really happened is this.   In a  number of the ridings  we  found  that on election  morning the  regularly prepared  and proper voters'  list, advance copies of  which had  been   furnished us  from  Ottawa, had been gone over  by someone  and  the names of vo.ters recognized as Conservatives had  in man}' cases been crossed*off in red ink.      At various polling stations from .ten to forty Conservatives  had been struck out and men who had lived from 20  to 25  years within the boundaries of the'riding, and  had all the privileges of duly qualified electors,.and  of having their names properly recorded ou the lists,  ,/��.?"-��. �� t*ie'r amazement, when .they came to vote,  that their names had been crossed off. The deputy  returning.officers, in reply to their indignant requests  for an explanation, vouchsafed only the reply that  they fou��d the red line through the names on the  lists'fufnished them."  ** On-whose authority were the names struck out ?"  asked the interviewer.  "We are taking steps to find out," replied Mr.  Rogers. "When the facts were brought to our notice on election day several of the returning officers  were arrested in Winnipeg and taken to the commou  jail, where tbey were afterwards bailed out. In one  instance where a deputy returning officer Was arrested  before Lis ballot box was locked the voters' list used  during the day was examined and it was found that  forty:two names had been marked off in red ink.  Every name" thus crossed was a known Conservative',  and ballots had been refused them when applied for.  For example, in St.,Boniface, a suburb of Winnipeg,  *we have numerous instances of this being done.  " You can easily imagine the indignation of the  electors thus autocratically*' and illegally disfran-_  chised. In some localities''the indignant Conservative electors actually drove the few Liberals.of the lo-  ",.'''* -y *  cality out Jnto.tbe prairies, for the night.    The defeat  of:Mr. W.-W. Colo;mn/ii&{&i_^^ -*��*��  *&ivlereTih iProvench'er, is easily "traceable ;.ta.these  tactics."- *   "���  .' What steps are being taken to "investigate -the  matter and to bring the perpetrators ofthe outrage,to  jnstice?" was asked.  " We are going to sift the whole proceeding to the  bottom and punish the guilty- parties," replied Mr.  Rogers. " No expense or trouble will" be spared.  Tlie Attorney-General's Department has. the matter  in hand and will institute prompt proceedings  to thejull extent and-power of the law. Under the  Criminal Code the offence' committed is most serious!  and the punishment of those responsible will be a  lesson to those who dire to trifle'with the rights and  liberties of the electors. We are not positive yet as  to the exact responsibility for those unparalleled  methods of disfranchising Conservative electors,,but'  we do know that they were'freely employed. Mr.  Nat Boyd's defeat in Portage la Prairie can be easily  accounted for by this tampering with tbe lists. ' Dr.  Roche owes his election to the fact that the attempts  to fraudulently defeat him were nipped in the bud.  Two or three days before the election a Grit heeler  was arrested on the charge of bribing foreign electors.  On his person were found $700 in bills of small denomination, evidently to be used for corrupt purposes. His arrest intimidated the other Liberal  workers in the constituency, and they did not cairy  out the prearranged plans used with such success  and to so great an extent in the other constituencies."  " Do you intend to go ahead with the prosecution  of the returning officers and others arrested ?" queried the reporter.    1  "Yes, at once,and regardless of who may be affected. I believe that had it not been for the out  rageous tactics pursued by the Liberal machine in  Manitoba w�� would have carried every seat."  was a thriving city of 43,000'inhabl-.  tants, and when the allies entered the  j place they found only fourteen buildings which had not |been badly  injured. Russia did everything to restore  the shattered fortunes of Sebastopol  but seven  yeara after the siege the  population of tbe towu had only In- >  creased t^,570, and In 1902 Sebastopol  had only a  population of 26.160,  a*  against 43,000  before  tbo allies > laidv  siege to the place.  T4_e hazardous occupation of coal  minirlg 'is once brought to the ntten-'  tion of us all by the^deplorable disaster*  at < the - Morrissey,. Mines yesterday,  when a gas Wow-out caused the death  of 14 men. A calamity of "this character even more to be 'deplored when the  victims leave behind them widows and  orphans without any means of.support. No doubt an effort will be made  to provide temporary relief for the  helpless ones . thus .cast upon, the  world. ., /     ;  Hon. R. F. Green has. been doing  goodjwork for the Conservative candidate 'in Slocan riding. In- company  with Thomas Taylor, * M. L. A., Mr.  Green has addressed several .large  audiences with telling effect. -Harry'  Wright, M. L. A., is also working  hard to secure a victory for Mr. Mack-"  intosh. ' The effect of thisvote is sure  to tell in the vote next Tuesday.  ���5:Ml  i*i,tj .  ���   h^T-M  (1:, '���>>���  ~   *  ���rH-,  ai'A'AI  <_���:  ��� -" v- '-'i  t ���_��� 1 *  .Frank, Oliver,  of 'Edmontoni'.-=nras7-;  jelected^y. over< ^300Cl-H��j^fcy��-..-^^��^?  will, the Conservatives'- bo atile toCpi��.1',?'  duce a Rolandfor this Oliver ?    '        A'  , It is to be hoped tbat:.Lord:JUaio-i"-  dowiie will not accept 'any^VHstfiitet- v*v  assurances from-.Russia'' at theirVface  value. Russia is known to have tlie  happy faculty of rendering her "distinct" assurances indistinct to" tbe  point of invisibility. ;.  George Tempest, the Calgary Impres-  sario, is traveling through the Kootenay looking after the financial end of  tlie Beggar friuce Opera Company.  Itis understood that Mr. Tempest is.  taking lessons in vocal culture with a  view of going into grand opera exclu-*  sively aa a profession.        '        *   "*��� \  . '���*    ' - v|  "Vote for Gallincr'and a full dinner'  pail," exclaims the Kaslo.*Kootenaian.  Does the Kaslo paper suggest that some  one is going to "rush the growler" ?    -  _. *���*   *       s _,   I  ''A"-1*-" .  ^V-V-��T*yag- h- - ���  Here is something from the Cranbrook Herald that the Tourist Aewocla-"  tion might use in its next folder: "Nature bas made this mountain  country  the most glorious part of the world.   It  has given us th<* magnificent mountain  ranges,  beautiful   and fertile valleys,  grand-watfcr fullvaitu Go<i,��-own'!Bun=-J  shine   nearly 365 days in the- 'year.'  Health, vitality, lite are in the invigorating air of the Cranbrook valley," and  unknown possibilities in the undeveloped resources of the tributary territory.  Our mines produce bright virgin gold  in placer and quartz, the'richest lead  on the continent, copper and silver aa  well,  while the valleys are yielding  grass for tbe stock, and vegetables   for  mankind.   There are fish in our steams  and game on the mountain sides, while  the great wealth of timber, is giving  employment so hundreds of men and  building industries that will lead iis  from a land of wilderness to homes of  permanent   prosperity.    The banana  belt is a great place to live, and a great  place to die.   Pessimistic must bo man  indeed to ask for more."  certainly that man is Senator Templeman. \^hen he first came to British  Columbia, it was a difficult thing to  When Senator Templeman returns  to Victoria, he wiU be banquetted by  the Liberals of that city. This will be' sorry to state conditions are somewhat  the method the Capital'City Liberals reversed and to Senator Templeman,  will take to show their appreciation of almost alone, is due that change. He  what the Senator has done in the in- has worked indefatigably in the interests of his party in the Province, terests of hi3 party, and If Sir Wilfrid  If aiiy man was ever entitled to credit Laurier sees fit to honor bis lieutenant  1 for i-wrvices rendered a political party, ia this Province with the exalted office  of Lieutenant-Governor, very few will  say that the   honor was not merited.  Seven years ago The Economist ad-  point to one man and say with  truth [yocated the appointment of. Senator  that he was a Liber.il>   To-day; we ^ re  Templeman as Lieutenant-Governor of  British Columbia, but Sir Wilfrid does  not follow tbe suggestions of Conservative papers, and another man was  appointed. ...Telegrams from the capital seem to indicate the appointment now, which, of course, isa tribute  to the wisdoiu and forethought of  great family newspaper.  this  The News refers to W. W. B. Mclnnes as a whirlwind on the platform.  What's the matter then with naming  him Whirlwind Willie ?  Sebastapool will perhaps supply the  best analogy to the fate of Port Arthur.   Before   the   siege  Sebasfopol  N. F. McNaught, largely interested  in Slocan mining properties, was in  the city this week and left for home  this morning.  An interesting case ia now before  Mr. Justice Duff at Vancouver. A  Mrs. Arcure, of Nelson, has entered  action to secure possession of two children, which she bore as the wife of  Thomas Henderson, deceased. Shortly  after her husband's death, Mrs. Arcure  left the children in charge of ber sister-in-law, Mrs. Bessie Henderson, of  Greenwood, stating that she would  take them attain in a few weeks. Mrs.  Henderson says that for over three  years no demand was made for the  children, and during all that time they  were well cared for and sent to school,  and she now objects to give them up to  Mrs Arcure, whom she does not con*  sider is a proper person to have, charge -  of any children. Her contention is  supported by affidavits. Mrs. Arcure  presents affidavits, to controvert any  charge of misconduct. THE .NELSON ECONOMIST  THE NELSON  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VERNON SM5EET. NELSOK. B. C.  $1 Per Year Strictly tn Ad/ance  /idvertlsliij. rates made known on application. "   ���  All t*liftn?es l'n ndve.'tlsfc.npnts to Insure  Insertion should rcucli lliis olline not Inter  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address* Is required, it K  deHir*bto thiitbotli-tlie old address and tin-  new be -riven.  V-MresH all noinmunlcatiotiR. " I'uIjIIrji^i.  Of   ritlC NKL-iON   ECONOMIST.  Nl'lriOll.  11. C.  PORTLAND REJOICES.  For   several   months   past  The  Economist, in common with other  Conservative papers throughout the  Dominion, has contended   lhat   the  terminus of the proposed transcontinental railway would be Portland.  Maine, and that already millions of  dollars had been expended  on terminal facilities at that point.   Naturally, the  Liberals  made  denial   U,  "this contention, bnt   the American  papers, in the States on'tbe Atlantic  seaboard, before  and after the election,   manifested  a   suspicious   in  terest in the  return of Sir  Wilfrid  .Laurier and   his   Government   to  power.    It is suggested that the interest ��f citizens of  Portland took a  more   substantial   form,   and   that  they  contributed  $80,000   towards  the election lund for  Nova Scotia.  It may be interesting at this time to  read the comments on  the result of  the elections.-as  they appear in the  .various New England papers.   The  victory won  by New   England  in  the Canadian elections is still a surprise fbrjcongratulation in the opinion  of the newspapers.      In their  view the future of Portland is now  assured���at tbe  expense of course  of Canadian taxpayers and Canadian ports.     Portland appears to be  reveling in a grand delerium of de  light, nowthat it can freely express  i.itself without furnishing campaign  material for the Conservative party.  A special despatch from Portlind  to the Boston American siys:"Every  ��� business man  in Portland feels 1 ke  celebrating,  for   .the   entire   community looks  forward-to  a   boom  that will  rival any western mining  camp  boom  in  its.-palmi-.-st   days.  Predictions are made that the p��f��u:  lation of Portland will be doubled in  a few years froin the time the Grand  Trunk' railway, from Winnipeg   to  lhe PaciBc coast, is completed   Th-.  building  of .the  extension' of   tin.  load   was assured  by the result o.  the  Canadian   elections, when   the  Liberals won  over    the, Consci-va-  lives."       This  dispatch then.goe.-  on to tell bow real estate owners art  .already, holding  their propeity at a  be opened up in southern central  Canada, from Ottawa to Puget  sound, and that there will be a  largely increased volume of wheat  traffic from these new farm lands to  the Atlantic seaboard. Portland,  being splendidly equipped for the  handling ofsuch traffic will logically  become one of tbe beneficiaries ol  the new business, and we may reasonably expect that the business of  this port will feel the increase in"  some practical ways. The whole  Canadian incident is of deep interest  to the city, in th.t to'some degree  it contributes to the growth and the  welfare ofthe community."  A Poitland special to the Boston  Herald says : "The victory of the  Liberal party in tbe Canadian elections, Thursday, will result in a big  boom for Portland as a shipping  centre. The victory of the Liberal  party means that the Grand Trunk  Pacific railway will be built. Portland is the natural terminus for this  road, which wi 1 be the outlet for  the great grain fields of the Canadian Northwest."  ��� The Portland Argus says : -^In  this transportation business Portland is nio.t deeply interested. By  virtue of it.- gecgrajbical position  and its natural and acquired advan-  ages ls a seaport, Portland must  receive a share of this transportation business by the law of commercial gravitation, which is as  certain ai.d constant as the law of  physical gravitation. When that  time shall come this city will be  prepared to meet all the demands  tbat are made upon it from this direction"*.":  James B. Baxter, mayor of Port-  'of. unfriendliness   on   the*   part  of! -������������������������������������������<>������������<���  Canadians/to the  Republic of the  United States.    The  fact  that  we  refused to prosecute offenders under  the alien laws was one instance of 1  friendship, and  now we are going | ���  to further demonstrate our deep re- j  gard for the "land of the  free  and  the home of the brave"   by throwing away $150,000,000 or  so  on   a  railway  that   will  make   Portland  boom.  EW FALL STYLES!  ���&&*  D!AN  AM I FiC  Lowest Rates  Best Time  EAST  Toronto,  Montresil,  New  Provinces, New Kuglund.  York, Maritime  WEST  Vnncouver,  Points.  Victoria.   Se��ttle,    California  Unequalled   Passenger Service,  Tourists, Coaches, Din ins Cars.  Sleepers,  TOURIST SL.EEPER SERVICE.  West.���Lv. RcveJstokc dally for Seattle and  Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Dunmore Jet. for SI. Paul dally.  Toronto Wed. and Sun., Montreal  Mon., Boston Fri.  land, says  The buildinq. of the  slight advance in anticipation ofthe  boom-. It is predicted that u'lthough  Portland   is   prosperous,   and   he:  business has been   steadily i .cre.is-  ing, this railroad extens on  will afford a boom that will cause tlie citv  ' to grow in   importance, po,..(iLtioi.  Viirid commerce with all the r:i;.idit\  of a western boom, town, and   with  tbe added improvement tliat it wil  be permanent and will always con  tiuue.  The Biddeford. Me., Journal says:  ,,"Iu view of  the result of  the Can  adiau  election, Th-irsd.iy. I orilauc.  would seem to be fully justified in  burning a little red fire and putting  a little more carmine in  the niu.ii  cipal paint.       The Journal congratulates" Portland, and it nny not "*���  out'of bounds lo say that Our Lad.  -   ofthe Snows :s also entitled to con  granulations."  Tbe   ron'.ar.d" AdvertUer  says '  ^ I"The success of the Liberal   p.irt  .   in the  Canadian, elections certainly  ' means much-to Portland, as ii does  'also,   of    course,   to    the    Grand  ' Trunk's eastern   outlets- generally.'  .While the" excite'" c- nditioibof cw.i  . .Ca iadij_..i   friends led  them   to .sr.  .Portland in thelight'ofa terrifying  ' bigaboo��� the  cow-fed in the prov  -'irices'and milked in" Maine, we very  .   Will   jiiidtrsu iid ' ���that    what    we  , naturally eirn,-from.the outcome of  -tlie fight is_sitnply ouroshare of the  g.-neral' biieli*.   'The   Li!- -nil vic-  t>ry means thai the  Grand  Trunk  1 acific will be built - that   \ ithin a  few  years some  rich teniUai;. ��i.  proposed railroad is going to be a  great thing for this city. Portland  will have to be the eastern terminal  by reason of its geographical location and superior natural advantages. There should be no jealousy  between the two peoples, as they  have too much in common. When  the proposed Canadian road is  completed it is going to help business in Portland nirtieriaUy. More  products from the west will come  here for shipment to European  ports, which means more work for  our people . It will" also assist in  increasing pur population. There  is no question in my mind that this  city will be"the terminal for the proposed railroad."  Charles "M. Forbes, president of  the Portland board of trade, observes : " The victory of the Liberal part}- in Canada will make  Portland the greatest outlet city of  its kinJ i i.-th'i co.mtry. The  Grand Trunk} lias..been acquiring  land on the south side of Portland  harbor "awl- lias" been-build ing"  docks and elevators in preparation  for just 'this thing that has happened. Por .and is, under the.cir-  ounibtances.   the  natural   outlet  of  81XGLE FAKE RETURN*.  On November 2Htnnd 22nd tickets will be  gold nt all C. P. It. wtntlons fo Vnncouver to  ijaggan and Crow's Nest, including Kootenay  branches nt Blnirle fare for the round trip,  good till November 24th.  Atlantic S; S. Agency  Through bookings to and from Great Britain aud the Continent.  J. S. CARTER,  Dlat. Pass. Apt.  Nelnon.  E. J. COYiE,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  ortgage Sale.  Under and by vlrtuo of the powers contained in a certain mortgage v liicli will be  produced at tlie time of sale, tiiere-will be  oNercd for sale by by C. A. Waterman A Co.,  nt tlieir offices in the K.-V/.-C. B ocif, Uuker  Ktreet, Nelson, li. C, on  the   Twenty-ninth   day   of  Of MEN'S SHOES to  hand.    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WHOLESALE ANO RETAIL  Tuesday,  Twenty-ninth   day  November, 1904.  at tlie hour of twelve o'clock noon, tlie lollow-  Ins property: Alland nin<julnr !>otn numbered  Eighteen (18). Nineteen (19), Twenty (20).  Twenty-one (--'1). and We->t oiie-lmlf of laot  Twenty-Two (22). in Bli ck numbered Thirty  (.'Ml), in the Town (now city)of Neimiti, Province of Uritisli Columb'u, iiccordlnK to the  oltlcial plan or survey of Hie Town of Nelson.  Tills uropiTtv ii uituutc on the corner or  Kootenuy und Sill.a t-treetK (South Hide), und  lino erected thereon n. dwelling house.  For  terms und conditions ol sule.upply to  W. A. Macdonald,  Solicitor for Mortgagees.  Burns liloek. linker Street. Nelnon. Jl   0.  limed tills 5th day of Sovembcr, 1904.  Certificate of Improvements..  Mule Johnnie Mineral Claim.situate In the  Ki-Npii Mining Division of West lCcotenuy  District.  Where  locnted:   On   Rover   Creek,   about  thri-e uillex irotn  Kootciwy   Ulv< r.   Take no-  j lice  thut I,  Kniuk  HetclKr, of. the City of  Cf- liada.       1 lie COlirse Of trade troin I Nelson, hminK tin njtent fur inyi-elf, Free Miu-  ' er'u CertiJIeate No. BfcMte", und A. C.  Fltim-  Canada igkes naturally }o tlie near-   mci-feit, Free miiu-i-k ci-riitieu:e No  ��s),o-.m,  .. ; I Intend.siJLiy-diijH irom   Ilie diitc hereof, to  est   pert, which   IS Portlaiul. apply to the Mining lte<-oi-d>-rl��>r��Ci-rtlfleiite  -   . ." ......    i oi'IinpioveineutH l'or lhe   purpose of obtain-.  All things considered, U   la    little   lui>��j? =i Crown <>rant of the above claim.  , . '.  . |     And further take notice thut net Ion, under  VOIlder tll>lt the   aillhltlOUS   Citizens    Becllou 87, must be i-ommen<t-d before thc id-  -*,.'.       ,      ...      '   r  i su.-iiiw of Biu-li CVi-tlfleuteof Iiniirovements.  of   Portland,   Maine,  feel  jubilant!   Uuu-d this aath iiay of Mny. A. D iixx.  r     , .... | KKAKK FbKTCHSK.  over  tne   result ol the   Dominion  MEAT MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Thre?  Forks. New Denver and Slocan City."*"  Orders by .Mail to any branch will have prompt  and  careful atten  tion.  and  T.G. PROCT  Insurance   Real   Estate  Mining Agent  Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city.  ^*Now is the time to invest in good improved  ���  Fruit Ranch Property  Adjacent to Nelson.  The Kootenay ValleyTCo., L'td, London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co. -  Fire and  Accident   Insurance   a  Specialty  T G.  RRGGTER  BAKER ST.. NELSON. B. C.  P. O. BOX 223  - ^�������������������<>H��<��H��H��>H��H0"��^��^4>^��~��.  E. FERGUS  OO  ���  ��� The largest exclusively   Wholesale  Liquor House in   tbe interior  In.Pints and Quarts  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch. Grar.da Cigars. ..  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc. Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  NELSON ELECTRIC  TRAMWAY   CO., L'TD.  NELSON, B.C.  ���   N.E.T.'TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET��� ". -  7.00     ' 7.40        S io a. ra.  "���---. 9.00-       9.40 10.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. m.  BOGUSTOWN���  7.26 "        .00        8.40        9.20 a: m;  xo.oo     10.40      11.20  - Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers In  JtlD  Certificate of Improvements.  ���.lections, a;.d the  follow i g extract  from a letter written by a gentleman  who lives ill Olie ofthe  larger cities   eti-lmsi-ilmit-! intliu Nelson Mining Division  ., , ... r ���       1  ���     �����-.   .     oi West KiMitcnny DlKtrlct.  Ill Massachusetts to a ilieild ill Nel-     Where .������ciitc-.:   on-.<iu.t side of Kootenay  , ._..._ 1.   .-        ���      taiiko, nliout throe inilcn.cuKl of the town of  son,  shows  that   the  exultation is .smit-u.  ,     , .       .1 . .1    ''"��'''��� notice thnt 1. J. I.. O. Ahliott, Free  IlOt COIltlllCd alOl'.e   to    the .ortUIiate   Mliior'H Ui-rtllk-Hte No. VX*,m formywl/and  ,       , 1 iiNnsrcntror II. Abbott, Free Miners Cerlln-  Poitlailders *. <-oic Xo. hm.-ISH. ms<l K. L. lliatley. Kree Min-  _, r , ���   . ,    .,   j .      ' er'sUiTLllU-stte No. 116.1,243, intend, nlxly doys  Laurier s   victory   is   nailed by   n-om tiwduu- lu-reur, uuppiy to the Mining  ., , ..   r       . I Iteeorder l'or u Certlticiite ot lmprovoinents.  our pajieiS With   much   satlslaction.   for lhe purp..ne or obtuinln-t a Crown Grant  ���.        ,    * . ...     of lhe above eliiim��.  1 lie Democratic  papers    point   to It      And 'urtln-r tjtlce notice that notion, undi-r  . ,. r      ..... .,-     - Section.-17, ni'iMt be coininenccd heftire !��su-  US an  evidence  Ol    a    desire-Oil    the   a nee ofsuch Certificate oi' Improvements.  r ,- .     e        . , ,i    Dated lliiaaoih day or June. 1H04.  part of Lanada tor closer trade rela- j j. i_. g. Abbott.  lions,   and  the   Republican  sheets' ; ���  glory in the fact   that Portland and-  uot St. John is going to receive the  miybty boom ol the G. T. P.    PoTt-1  land rejoices and already sees itself  a mighty shipping port  controlling-  all  Canadian   trade.    The   Boston  L)aily Record said last evening that  Canada's hand  is   extended  across  ihe border  and'tliat  annexatio.i is  coming soon and   as   easily as lhat"  of Texas.  I. mei.lions the bouncing  .of - 'Dundi.uald  "and   lhe snubbing"  tuns give:��   to-Ij. it.kin  a.s a ai-^ii^.-f  tl.e timis."  S.trely,   after all. thi-;. our'Anieri  can cou.sins can no longer (.ctnj-'ai  Corporation ofthe City of Kelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES!.  . Klcetrlc light   rates for tbe month of Oct.  are.now due nnd   payuble  at  tbe  City  of-  flc.-s.    If-jmia on, or before  tbe  15th Kov^  discount ol 10 per cent will be allowed.  Nl-Ii-ud. Oct. 29, KKM.  By order,  -D.C. MCMORRIS  Citv Clerk.  RESH  "ALT 'MEATS  Camps supplied on sliortesi  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  JOHN Mc LATCH IE  Dominion anil.  Provincial  Land Surveyor  0.. B. C. Customs House, Kelson  W, G. Giiiett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates given on. stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  JOY'S  CASH GR0CERY  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Us ao Order for Your  Groceries, then Notice  The promptnesH of delivery.  Thc elraiiiiew und frc8hue.su of Goodi.        -.  The full honest measure.  Tho qnullty of wnut you get.  You vrlllflnd almndunt reason for sending  your future otders.  This Week's Specials Arc : i  U-lb Boxes of A 1 Cieamery Butter at 27c  l>er pound. ���  Silver tyioon Tea. SOc per pound.   '  Itojuli Brand Fineupplf, 2Jc |>er tin.  CI��rke'a'llonele��s-ehit k -n;83c per tiu;  REAL ESTATE.  Apply  A. V. MASON",   Man.  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices  The Car. Barn. Phone 165B.  Sec  *--*-  1  Jl  1  m  K.- STRACHAN  Plu ririber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing, j  Sewer Connections, Etc. |  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.       (  1  ��V-��V���A-  Joj's Cash Grocery  ���1'llONE ^9  Frank  Fletcher  -PBOVIS-���.V INLAND SURVEYOR .  laandrsnd MineralC'lnimtiSurveyed  xn& Crown Grunted  1\ O.-Pox 563      OfHee: KootenuT St. Nelnon  ��� '      -* H. McCausland *  BAKER ST., NELSON '  AGENT FQIi , _  The Julia Marlowe  lhe.Celebrated.Keith Shoe  "i he Douglas Shoe..  i Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty, i  t  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity Shop, Josephine St. Nelson  Geuinrie Homemade Bread  Cake and Pastry  Orders Filled  Promptly���Everything Warranted Pure  and Good.  .- - -._, j-r-jA- 4~c.v^\^-, ^ THE  NELSON  ECONOMlb*  Talking Machines."  Edison Phonographs, Prices, $10, $20, $30, $50.  The New Edison Moulded Records, at 50c each, $5  per doz.  Berliner s ' - ���  Gramophones  Prices, $17, $25, $30, $45. '..  7-inch Rebords, $6 per dcz. "' -   -   -     -_  10-inch Records,'$11 per doz. ���   ,.       .^  Needles and all supplies sold on the instalment plan.    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Thon his husky throat Rre\v dries  When lie told hfr thnt tho sijui'-a  To hilusolf would gladly tin her.  If she would.  -Slight ho-now go aslc-hoi' sireJ���   And he thought lie would expire  When sho said to his desira  That ho could.  ���Buriingtoi, Hr.sykeya  'HOW TC   PLEASE.  '" 'Tla not bo difflcul t .to plcasef  _.-Ab insAy'incil sh'p'.ose.  Urbanity will always chnrin,  As every lady knows.  "Companionship our natures seefc  "We all affection cruvo.  Tis natural for us '.o love  The gifted and the brave.  "We turn a kindly eyo c n each  When first we chance to meet  Vill some unguarded, selfish act   ~  His arts to please defeat.  "A man refined, with unt lvo kind.  Makes friends where'er lio goes.  Bis gentlo ways and gontld smile  A grace around him throws.  v'Who wishes truly to bo loved  Should be what ho would seem.  Good humor, honor, sympathy,  Must in his features beam."  Thus spoko my ladylove.   "Ah, m*.  My hopes," said I, '*you frcozol"  "Farowclll" she whispered. "Uo not thM,  Butstuy.   Do���as you please I"  *-W.'fl. Morris in New York Ledger  ANECDOTAL.  The appointment of'Sir F. Bertie'  as British ambassador to Paris recalls a story told- of the late Qneen  Victoria. When Assistant Under-  Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr.  Bertie had often to visit the Queen,  and used to announce his arrival by  telegram. Finally, one day, Victoria  ���is said to have" remarked to bim :  " Mr., Bertie, I must ask you to be  good enough not to sign your telegrams announcing your arrival  'Bertie,' as it makes me expect my  son,' and causes me disappointment."  A London lady who tried to climb  over a stile the first day of her va  cation, certainly thought she hsfd  left London a couple of hundred  miles away ; but she rather >vished,  all the same, that the country was  was not so densely,populated, and  she turned an appealing look upen  the rustic gaffer '-who insisted on  watching her climb. A broad grin  spread-aver his conn ten .nee as he  caught her meaning. "I_ r' bless  ye, mum,"don't be shy before me !"  he adjured her ; "I vvas a bus conductor for fifteen years !"   ��� \  -���The���house���in���Portland.���Me���  where Longfellow was born, is now  a tenement in the poorer part of the  city, mostly'inhabited, by Irish. A  few years ago a teacher in, Portland  was-"giving a lesson on the life of  the poet. At the end of the hour  she began to" question, her class.  "Where was Longfellow born ?" she  asked. A small boy waved his hand  vigorously. When the teacher  called on .him, his answer did not  seem to astonish the rest of the  class, but it was a cold shock to her.  "In Patsy Magee's bedroom," he  said;  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  '.Afci  BRIAR  PIPES.  Joseph Jefferson tells the story of  an amusing '-'break" in a production of Camille at the old Walnut  Street'Theatre. in Philidelphia. In  those -days sea.island. cotton was  stage ice creamA'just'as molasses  and water was make-believe wine���  sherry or-,port, , according to the  proportion of molasses.'.* Arrriand.  and Camille were at the table j\wn*2r'e:  they had been '- '"discussing.; such  viands.as-these,.: .a.nd Htbeir.'di^ldgtje  was making tbe finest sort of a:n  impression ou the crowded house.  Enter a maid .servant with candelr  abra of the wabbliest sort imtagiA-  able. The scene was so engrpssiry-;  that the maid was hardly noticed bV  the audience, but, when she had  set down the candelabra b��tweeii  the unfortunate Camille ana"her  lover and one candle- toppled'over  and set the ice cream in a blaze, tKe  nervous strain upon the- bouse was  broken, and the entire audience  burst into a roar of laughter that  brought down the curtain.  CO  LU  <  </>:  o  z  Q  <  LJ  X  r*-  Ll  O  Ul  O  PLAYER & SON  ���Nottingham, England.  Navy Cut Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy  Cut Cigarette  Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco,  Cigarettes.  Navy Cut  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to ione  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner, Beeton & Co., Ltd, victoria, b. g.  W, A Thurman  ,. Qepot for Briar Pipes, Nelson"  Gh i hnney &weepin g  * Prompt attention given  to all orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Send your orders to Job D. Dowkbs, care of  tbe Old Curiosity Shop.   S1.50 per chimney.  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufac  hirers ofthe "Pinto Shell Cor  dovan" Gloves and Mitts  R.H. CAR LEY, B.C. Agt.  THBRIOGE COAL  $7.50 PER T0Nr  DELIVERED  All orders must be accotfipaiiied'by cash and should be foi warded  either personally or by mail to the office of  f. P. TIERREY, GENERAL AGENT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  D  Jiliniag Notes.  LARDEAU MINING NOTE;  Camborne Miner.  A gold brick  valued  at $2,800  was   taken   from  the  Oyster  mill,  owned  and operated  by tbe Great j  Norther  Mines, Ltd., being the re  suit of the last two weeks' work in  October of the mine and  mill.    A  representative of the Miner  had an  opportunity of seeing    tlie brick.  The  bar  was  of a  bright yellow  color and from  allappearances the  . gold contained  in it  was of good  "value.     On enquiry it was learned  that the gold would go about $16  an ounce; figuring   on  that  basis  the   weight of the brick  would be J  about 175 ounces.     The brick was'  taken out for  shipment by assistant  manager Barney Crilly. The Oyster  .mill is now closed down, but it is  thought that work will be resumed  in a short time.     Various reports  are in circulation regarding the suspension of operations, but the most  plausible are that the new manage-  **��� ment is desirous of straightening  out the affairs of the company preparatory to installing*more machinery for conducting operations on a  larger scale.  >.-   Arthur Gunn, J; Catneron'and E  Graham  have taken a lease on the  Suiiset.    Tbey will commence operations ou tbe property early in the  apritig.  Satisfactory progress is being  made with development on the Silver Dollar arid a number of men are  employed at tbe mill site gei'Ung.  things in shape tor tbe installation  ofthe sawmill. ���." - ��� o  **, 'Ore sacking is progressing favorably at the Mammoth'. The. California Syndicate will, rawhide the  * 'ore down to tb"r-.-mp,uth'.of 'Ruby Sil-*  > irer:creek-themselves. ���.\ About fifty  tons of high grade*-..galena, jvill be  brought down tbis winter.   '-  SLOGAN* MINING NOTES,  ,     .,    ��� -motiiuiArMl. ;  -  freighters state, the mine roads  have kept in^ejegant.shape this fall.  '- Sixteen - inches of' fine grade ga-  lenahas beep struck-'.0:1 the American Boy. ' ' ;'_..  . A "new body of high grade ore  lias been opened up in the No, .8  tunnel of the Payne."  Messrs'.- Brown and Smith have  taken" a lease on" the No. 2 and 5  drifts on the Payne.  TheSlocanStar people-cxpect-to-j-g-gg8~-  Why not'get them ?.N Itis such a comfort for winter evenings.  Vou may require a very simple pair of glasses, which would give you  ^reat relief.  Consult our Optician.    He will tell you.  Fred Irvine Cdfnpany  ,T ���   ���'.      ���" ���������-���   ���- ���������������������'���. '.- o   ' ���';.  '-;.>2T  and Winter Di; Goods, Millinetf, Ladies' Jackets, Furs  ATEliE  Watchmakers; Jewellers and  1       Opticians.       Phone 293  g^*i^&i^&Jfi+i^&i^&\Jfo*Jte\#&lJftrtfi*Vfl**S  I Warifk Rnrc Photographers |  %       WW ULiiiBU   B9B  UWfl   3 Vancouver and Kelson        \  ^ BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C. 5  n .  * ini-ir. i*  Our stock of Ladies' and Children's Mantles, Jackets And Coats is now complete and we have marked them at prices exceedingly' low. '-.,".  Ladies' Walking Skirts from $2.50 each to $9.       ijj, ' "  Ladies'DressSkirts from $2 each to $18.'  Ladies' Fancy Dress Skirts, for evening wear, at reduced prices.  Blankets���We are showing in all qualities and. sizes and our cash prices ou these goods are much lower'lhau last season.  FRED  IRVINE  GO.,  LIMITED.  THE BIG 6ASH STORE  A great sale of Clothing, Men's Furnishings.  HATS  AND  SHOES  The  quantities are the greatest, the assortment the most varied and.  the Prices the Lowest of any sale we bave held ���    -  NEW FALL GLOTHING  terest and to spare for careful buyers.  ' Men's Suits, $7:50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.       .  BOYS' SUIT'S  '   All sizes, godd cloth/strong and duralle, and specially tailored, $1 25;  $2.oo,*$3.-oo> $4-00. $5.bo-and $6.00.   .  DISTRIBUTORS} OF   HATS  Perfection in   shapes, color and style.      Prices, $1.00. $2x0, $3 00,  $4.00 av.d $5,00,    "-y. ....  SHOES OF QUALITY AND STYLE  Guaranteed to give  perfect satisfaction.      The best  possible for the  moneys "��� Felt Slippers at 25c, 85c, 50c, 75^ and $1.00  -MEN'S FURNISHINGS  ���    Large stock New Fall Styles.      The place where .yo.ur dollars bring  their value.     - ���.   ,���������������'  BROWN  &  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  M��ARTHUR  <& GO.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS:,  realize a large divided from their re-  Serves of iinc ore.        - ,  Slocan tnineowners are t onsider-  ing a* proposition of shipping their  - iinc concentrates iu barrels.  The old stamp mill at Oro, Lemon  * fireek.. is being demolished and the  ' itiaefciisery taken over to Ymir.  Wm, Barker, one of the owners  &{ the Rob ancl Robin group, New  l>enverr came in from Vancouver  last week, to arrange for the continuation of work ou lhat property.  ' .He will also do assessment on some  claims he is interested in on Silver  mountain.  ���onnomist. $1 a Year  Strictly in Advance  Mm Opera Hoos0*  TO-NIGHT  Beggar Pnnae  Opera Company  La Mascotie  Prices: $1,00, 75c  Are you satisfied with the stand of the Laurier  G3y3rr.ii. jnt on th 5 following matters, which affect  each one ofyou? y  i.   Better terns for British Columbia.  2. .Duty on lumber imported from the United  States.  3;   Alien labor legislation.  a.   Permanent Protection for lead industries.  If you are not. satisfied use your only means of  protest, and by a vote on 22nd November for  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  " BusinessCards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  n_x \  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  TRIPLE   BEAD  FRONT SIGHT  just think of it. Price Postpaid,-$2;-  The Economist  ackintosh  :  lents&Awnings Made and Repaired t  AND MENDED.  Complete Stock of Statloney  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET, NELSON, B. C  An Ivory Beqd, a Black Bead and a Gold Bead, all on tlie gun  at onetime for bunting and target shooting.     There is no single  color that shows well under all conditions.    Thus you can change  to suit conditions by simply turning the sight.  ..   .Made to fit all gutis haviug slot,  Nelson Hardware Co.  Sportsmen's  Headquarters.  9  WALLACE'S STORE. N��LSON. B.C.     |  ^ $ fr 9  0* 9  9  9  9 9 9 & 9  NOTICE.  Tit the matter of an* application for a dupli-  cateofaCerliflcate o'f l file to part of J_otl3I5,  Group 1, Kootcnay-Dlstrlct.  Notice Is 'hereby griven that Itis my intention to issue at the expiration or one month  fiom. the first publication hereof a duplicate  of the Certificate of Tiye to part of Lot 1315,  Grot-p 1. Kootenuy District, in the mime of  Tho NHson 4 Fort Sheppard Kail way Company.which certitlcate In dated lhe 24th day  of January ,1898, and numbered 309K.  1(. F. Maci.' oi>.  District Registrar.  Land Breistry Oflice, Kelson. 11.C,  5lh October, 19<M.  NICKERSON, ���j~  We only ask one trial tnmake you onr ens  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry. Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything in" the  line. Reasonable charges, .work: sent us  from outside towns wilt receive the same care         Difficult repairs  as it personally delivered,  done tor other Joweleri." -  80 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Traps Marks  -fusions  .,. - Copyrights &c  Anyone sending- a sketch and description msy  . ._ ,_.��� '���j whether oa  lift-  sent free Oldest agency for secortakpal  Patents taken through Munn & Co.  iptetal notic*. without charge, tn tho ^ .  Scientific Httttricaiti  A oandaomelytltaitrated weekly. Ijintest efly  rotation of any scientlOe tournab.. T��nn��,** fe  par: tour months. ��1_ Sold brail "ow,t'gft**3-'  &Co.  SSIBraadwr.!  FL  $1 per   day and up  |sloChinese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,       Mj.|Pn||    D   P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, - HLL0UI1|  Ur. U  ������������ ����������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������� 999  9   _^ ^^  mmmm     9  I  J (Formerly Clarke House)  i      The beat 81 per day houso in NclRon.      None but white help employed.   The  bar tho best.  | G.W.  BARTLETTy Proprietor   ���  Auction Sale To-Night  -   ATTHE AUCTION MART:,  A^LL KINDS  OF BARGAINS  Auction Sales promptly attended to in any pa rt ef Tr^tish Columbia.  J. GREEN. AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET,  NELSON.


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