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The Economist Feb 17, 1906

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Array mm  _ -.. _..���.-;. -ov,--.  MB  IBH  HP  liiiiiiiiiiiiiii-Hiwuiyiip  A',^  '.J  VS.' BEOIBALO H Jit;  \YALHALLA     BX. 1/9   -  MEL-SONi    S- Ow  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON,.-B. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1906.  NUMBER 32  FATHER OF  CONFEDERATION  A Reply to Sir Richard  Cart-  wright.  A correspondent writes as follows to  . the Ottawa Citizen : Richard Cart-  wright's reminiscences before the Canadian club have brought lorth in the  press many comments of different  kinds and conflicting opinions of this  subject of his early recollections of  public life. Tlie point of issue between  the persons taking part in the discussion   seems  to be whether Sir John  "Macdonald accepted confederation 'iii  1SG4 of his own free will or was brought  toaccept it under pressure from Brown,  ��� Cartier and Gait, as stated by the dis  tinguished speaker at the Canadian  club. The most direct way to set at  tlie truth is to give a statement of all  the facts connected with the union of  the British North American provinces  in 186-1 and previous to that date.  An important fact in this connection  seems to have been left' aside. The  persons taking part in the discussim  do not go further in their recollections  than the period just mentioned. They  forget, or do not know, that in 185S  Cartier- Macdonald, being then in  power, laid down as the principal  plunk in their platform, that they  would endeavor to form a union of the  British provinces afcd, at tlie end of  the session of that year, the following  paragraph appears in the speech' from  the throi.e: _���'  -/'.I propose in the course of the recess to communicate with Her Majesty's government and with the governments of the sister colonies on another  matter of great importance. I am desirous of inviting them to discuss with  us the principles upon which a bond of  a federal character, uniting thc provinces of North America, may perhaps  hereafter be practicable."  Accordingly during the recess, Car-  tie'% John Rose and Alexander' Gait  we're sent to London as delegates to  confer with the imperial authorities  ���with a view of getting their consent to  earn on their plan, which was d.-vel  oped jn a memorandum handed to the  then minister for colonies Bulwer Lyt-  ton. The scheme fell through because  the eastern provinces would not accept  it save Newfoundland. - Here is a passage from tint historical document:  . "It is" our duty to.state- that very  grave difficulties now present themselves in conducting the government  of Canada in. such a manner as to show  due regard to the wishes of its numerous population. - ���  "'���The necessity of providing.a remedy  for a state of'things that is -yearly, becoming worse and allaying feelings  that are being daily aggravated by the  contention of political pirties, has im-  lutions which have formed the basis  of the British North America act would  have preferred a legislative to a federal  union because this form of government  would have been less expensive and  less cumbersome, but that, in view of  the opposition of his friends irom  Lower Canada and the Maritime piov-  inces to bis plan he had given up all  idea of legislative union- This is what  may have led Sir Richard to- conclude  that Sir John was opposed to confederation.  Memor.  EVENTS AND  GOSSIP  Peter Ryan's Joke.  At a by-election in Lambton, caused  by the death of the late Mr. Pardee,  the then Hon. Oliver Mowat and Mr.  Peter Ryan were the speakers at ajraass  meeting at Sarnia. The tunnel was  then under construction, and a large  gang of English navvies were working  ou it, who.-e votes were much sought,  after by both parties.- Before the meeting the visiting speakers were taken  into the tuunel, where the "Little  Premier" put ou .the smile that  wouldn't come off, but somehow the  navvies didn't seem much impressed  by him, and it looked as if it was  "Love's labor lost." Mr. Ryan saw  bow matters stood, and remained behind with the navvies, some of whom  had helped to build the railways of  England, and, after a few words to  every one ot them about their birthplaces, which he seemed to know like  a book, he started on the glories of the  English prize ring. The Englishmen  grew deeply interested, and hung on  every word, for Peter was familiar  with the deeds of every famous pugilist  from Tom Crib to Tom Say ers. He  told his hearers about the loug string  of English fighters, and tbat Tom  Sayers was the best bit of stuff that  ever wore a hide. He emphasized tbis  by telling the crowd that Mr. Mowat  was a great admirer of Sayers, and that  the Council Chamber table was neyer  without a copy of the latest issue of  Bell's Life;aud that a large picture of  the great light between Sayers and  Heenan was hung up ou the wall of  the chamber. This was followed up  by telling the now enthusiastic crowd  that Mr. Mowat was in the habit of  putting on the gloves two or three  times a week with Joe Pop just to keep  in, for in liis young days Mowat was a  bit ofa bruiser. One husky Englishman ou hearing this said: "Wot, Mm a  foiter; well, I wouldn't a thowt, so to  luck at 'im.". To clinch matters, Peter  said that the life of Tom Sayers was  going to be given by '.the'- Mowat  Government as a prize book in the  public schools, as an encouragement of  the madly art of self-defence. This  settled it, and' the votes went to the.  Mowat candidate to a man���Toronto  Saturday Night.  pressed'tlie-lulvisers of"Hei^MJijesfy's  representative in Canada, with the importance of seeking for such a mode of j  dealing with thc-'difficulties, as may  ' forever remove-theih. In this view,  it has appeared to them advisable'to  consider how far the union of Lower  with Upper Canada could be rendered  essentially federative in combination  wiLh the provinces of New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, Newfoundlaifd aiid Prince  Edward Island, together- with such  other territories as it.may be hereafter  desirable to incorporate with such confederation, from the possessions of the  crown in British North America."  We have in the above evidence that,  in 1858, five years before Sir Richard  entered   public   life,   Macdrnald    was  committed to  a.scheme-of confederation, which was taken up again in 1804  What were the reasons urged in 185S to  justify a change of regime in  Canada?  It was exposed in the memorandum  laid before Bulwe_*Lyttoii, the union  of  lower and  upper  Canada had  become unworkable or. account of difficulties arising out  of  provincialism.  Tho same reason was still more cogent,  in 18G4, when politics were approaching  a  deadlock,  the  two provinces  being  more apart iu  their  views,upon, important subjects than in 1858    This ber  ing the case, it doe3 r.ot strike one that  Macdonald could be opposed iu 186-1 to  confederation to which he was.pledged  in 1858, when tlie remedy suggested at  that   date   was  more necessary  than  ever.    It is therefore difficult to reconcile the  attitude of Sir John, as described by Sir Richard with the facts  just stated. However, it is just possible  that a misconception of the  facts may  have arisen here.    That there was a  difference of opinion between Sir John  and  his colleagues is  certain, but  it  dees not affect.his views as to confederation.   Sir John, as lie himself stated  . Jn the house in introducing the reso-  The late.Judge Ferguson when iu  court often displayed some slight  'ftemper^'liie"^^  of negligence came to his notice. Anil  he was not afraid to voice bis displeasure, either. It is related that his  nephew, W. N. Ferguson,.-once appeared before hitnon a 'motion, and he  submitted for His Lordship's scrutiny  a certain paper. There were figures ou  the paper, aud they wore . uo clearer  than lawyers' fissures generally are.  The Judge noticed au almost indistinguishable "o." "Is thut the best  '5' you can make?" he enquired  sharply. "My Lord, I rind it difficult  to make a '5' at all sometimes,"  answered the young lawyer,, and the  old Judge saw the point. He was in a  good humor for the rest of tlie session.  J. P. Nanotti, the Lord Mayor of  the Irish capital for .li)0ti, is foreman  printer on the 'Nationalist paper, the  ['"iceman's Journal. He has loug been  a leader in tbe Dublin Trades Council,  is a membei of the corporation aud  represents the College Green division  in parliament. He still nightly does  duty in the Freeman office, though he  lives in Dublin's palatial "mansion  house, has a salary of $17,500 for the  year, and ranks during Ids term as  Lord Mayor as a Privy Councillor.  There will be a meeting of St. Patrick's Society iu the city hall next  Monday evening, when arrangements  will be made for the celebration of St.  Patrick's Day.  L. G. McPhillips, the well-known  Vancouver barrister, has been in the  city for the past few days attending  the sitting of the Supreme Court.  The Kooteuay1 Lake minstrels are  holding frequent practices preparatory  to their performance on the 17th prox.  Things Talked of During the  Week in Nelson.  There is an unwritten law amongst  members of the newspaper profession,  particularly in Canada, that all matters  before the courts,' or under investigation, must' not be commented upon  until a verdict has been reached by  judge or jury. This is considered only  fair treatment of parties whose cause ls  being tried. The Daily News has  either never heard of this practice, or  else it doesjiot feel under obligation to  be governed by the code of journalistic  ethics -prevailing elsewhere. Tht  latest violation of the rule set down is  in the case of the Kaien island investigation. Not satisfied with a wilful  perversion of the evidence before the  committee, the News, while the investigation 13 still proceeding, makes a  virulent attack on the Commissioner  of Lands and Works. This. attack is  not justified by the evidence already  given, nor does tbat evidence afford  sufficient grounds for the vile suspicion  that tbe News (ndeavors to arouse in  tbe minds of the public. Hon. Mr.  Green has courted tbe fullest inquiry  into his conduct in connection  with tbe Kaien Island matter,  and there is nothing to show that at  any stage' of. the proceedings he  has been guilty of duplicity. However, Mr. Green is a man and he  can star d the attacks of his political  opponents. He can afford to treat the  editorial in question with contempt,  but the News has certainly transgressed  all the best traditions of the profession  in its base attack on a defenceless  woman. Tbe Opposition must be in a  bad state for campaign material when  its papers bave to resort to warfare  against women to accomplish their  designs. There is no reason to suppose  that the remark made to Mrs..James  Andersoti was anything more than  what it was claimed to be���simply a  joke. But the News places a false  construction upon it, evidently witii  evil intent. But no one will be deceived, and the News by its malignant  misrepresentation of facts has only  defeated its own object.  why can't Iget-the witnesses I want?  Now, if any two of your readers will  get together, learn tlievabove off.by  heart, and repeat it over and over again  for three hours and a quarter, you will  get a very fair idea of oue morning's  proceeding.._  The trouble is that the Government's  bargain with the Grand Trunk Pacific  is an exceedingly good one for the  Province. The Opposition, judging  presumably from a knowledge of what  thej' themselves would do in a like  position, cannot believe that there was  not something crooked in the transaction. As it costs them nothing���the  poor country having to pay the cost of  tbeir unfounded suspicion���they are  having a hunt after a mare's nest.  It is stated ou good authority that  very un pleasant questions will be asked  in the House at the conclusion of the  investigation, as to the cost of this expensive delusion of the Opposition."  I  TRICKS OF THE  *.    CONVICTS  A�� a result,of one of his InvertlgatT.^        HARD  PRESSED  was one of the mo> t successful en--in- j ORTTTPQ   A T? TT  eers of stern-wheel craft on  the Cq '    |^��A��lUO  ___J*U*_  Prisoners Prefer" Confinement  in Lunatic Asylum.  The following synopsis of J. A.  Macdonald's cross-examination of E.  V. Bodweil, the principal witness in  the Kaien Island investigation, writes  a Victoria correspondent, will give  your readers an "accurate idea of tbe  methods employed by the sagacious  leader < f the Opposition in endeavoring, always at the country's expense,  to fasten the brand of crime upon  the wicked Conservatives :  Mr. Macdonald���Are you a thief?  -M r.=E. AABod well���Nb^indeed.���  The Juvenile Bostonians return to  the Nelson 'Opeia House for one night,  Monday next. -They will repeat the  "Rajah of Pazala," a piece that Agas  very.popular here during the former  engagement. The Juvenile jopera  singers made many friends here on  their former visit, and undoubtedly  they will draw a big house next Monday evening.  Mr. Justice Duff is presiding- at the  Supreme Court sitting now being held  in Nelsou. - His Lordship is heldjn  high esteem by the legal profession of  the interior, both on account of his  judicial qualifications and his patience  in listening to the arguments of the  counsel. .  Washington, D. C, Feb. 17.���Miss  A Hie Roosevelt, daughter of Mr. T.  Roosevelt, our well known townsman,  who lives in the old White property on  Main Street, was' united in the holy  bonds ot wedlock to-day,to Mr. Nick  Longworth, of Cincinnati, west of here.  Nick is a rising youug. man and  is well thought of in bis own ~towu,  *kere. bjrv. ..is .yi^sedjn^a^luorativa  business. He has beeu keeping company with Miss Allie for some time  and tbe announcement of his marriage  is not so much a surprise to liis friends  a9 it might be. The boys are con-  graulating bim on tbe event aud he  is setting up the cigars.  The wedding took place at tbe  residence of the bride's parents, and  was one of the most brilliant social  events which has taken place in our  midstfor some time. A large number of invites had been sent out; most  of which were accepted. Following  the ceremony all present sat down to  dinner, after Which the happy couple  left on a brief honeymoon. Later they  will they up house-keeping in tbis  city, or Cincinnati, we have notlearned-  which. . ,/,.,.  Mr. and Mrs. .W. J. Wilson are home  from Sau Diego.  Mr. Macdonald���Remember, you are  under oath. Do you think the McBride Government are thieves ?  Mr. Bodweil���I do not. " A  Mr. Macdonald���Well, I differ with  you. Do you know that Mr. Green  and Mr. McBride sold this land to the  Grand'Trunk Pacific Railway'Co. or  their representatives for a terminal  site?  '     ���  Mr. Bodweil���It is quite possible.  Mr. Macdonald���Well, isn't that  stealing?        ��� ' ;_>  Mr. Bodweil���Certainly not. They  made an excellent bargain for the Province, and iu every way protected the  interests of the people.  Mr. Macdonald���Oh, bother ! I do  not care about the interests of the  people. What I want to know is.  didn't they steal this laud.  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. Macdonald���Well, why didn't  you say so before ? Not that I believe  you, anyway. Now, remember you  are under oath. Did you get a rake-off  in this deal?  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. Macdonald���Did Mr..McBride?  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. Macdonald���Did Mr. Green ?  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. Macdonald���Did Mr. Larsen ?  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. Macdonald���Well, dash it all,  did anybody get a rake-off.  Mr. Bodweil���No.  Mr. M: eiouald���You are not at all  the sort of witness I expected to get. I  believe you are trying to tell the truth,  instead of telling me what I want. Do  you realize that you are under oath  aud?   --.  Mr. J. F. Garden (Chairman)���Mr.  Macdonald, I must call you to order.  Mr. Macdonald���There now. The  slavish tool of the Government is trying to burke the investigation.    Oh,  _^A-maleH=tcacher-ain thea=oast-receutly-  added to the studies already arranged  by the educational department, that of  kissing the larger girl pupils. This  provoked the following effusion from  an eastern poetess. She has forwarded  it to The Economist, so that, it may  have the benefit of a wide circulation :  THE  NEW CURRICULUM.  All kinds of fads aud fancies have  Been introduced in schools,  'Tis enough to set one crazy,  All their subjects aud their rules,  There's, nature study, and there's art,  Constructive work, by gum,  There isn't much that isn't on  The new curriculum.  Domestic science there is too,  And needlework and such,  And also manual training,  In fact there isn't much  Tbat hasn't found a place thereon,  And still they're adding some  Ideas every day or so  To the curriculum.  There's not much time for writing now,  Or history, or grammar,  It's more important now to teach  A child to wield a hammer,  Geography will have to go,  And the time-honored sum  Has scarcely found a place upon  Tbe new curriculum.  The latest fads in punishments,  Old forms bav*.- given way  To "moral suas|^7  Love, not forctfef../  Is thought the-Pfetter way.  The-old schoolmaster plied the rod.  The new ones kiss���yum, yum���  Tbe biggest girls, perhaps that's on  The new curriculum.  Broadtn oor is cousidered the pick of  all penal establishments in England,  and itis a common dodge among old  stagers commuted to any of the ordinary prisons to essay to convince their  jailers that they are insane and ought  to be transferred to that criminal lunatic asylum  The most effective way of doing this  is fora prisoner to make himself so  extremely troublesome that his custo-  diaus have every reason not merely to  opine tbat he is cracked but to heartily  wish him in Broadmoor or anywhere  else where they are not, and the law-  abiding world has no conception of the  trouble a convict can cause the staff of  a prison where he is lodged without  actually committing a breach, of the  prison rules.   -   .. r      _,  A once successful dodge of this kind  ���it is rather threadbare now���was to  evince a fear of being poisoned, to refuse all food and drink unless tasted  by a warder in the presence of the  dodger. The prisoner would invent a  plausible story of how bis friends put  him away in order to possess themselves of his fabulous fortune and had  threatened to bribe someone in the  prison to convey a deadly poisou to his  food. He would tell this tale to every  one who would listen and doggedly  refuse his food for days together, often,  indeed, until he was reudered so ill as  to be sent to the infirmary, where he  would frantically refuse food and physic unless it were poured down his  throat or tasted by the doctor.  Consequently he would become so ill  that the authorities were predisposed  to deem him a fit subject for Broadmoor, especially as the contingency of  the prisonerdying of starvation aroused  -those_iu_niedi_.tely._responsible .for. his  wei. Deing-TO-T_e"ft��jtrt��mii "tH"ete"iB"no*  arguing, as the corpse speaks for itself  Thus, if a man happened to have, as so  many habitual criminals have, a streak  of insanity in his brain, it was not  unlikely he was transferred to Broadmoor when he was no madder���very  likely, much.saner���than thousands of  otl er men who never put their heads  within an asylum at all.  This dodge is, of course, capable of  immense variation, and, redressed, it  is still being played in our penal establishments. '_ Some convicts, having  BroadmoorUiu distant view and the  prison infirmary in the immediate foreground, wiirsuddenl'y develop passions  for swallowing the most extraordinary  trifles. One man will .evince a maniacal taste for swallowing small stones,  a trick a certain prisoner carried so far  that.when he was operated on he was  found to contain '/moreAhan four  pounds of stories. Another prisoner  will sacrifice his. nightly comfort by  gradually eating up bis mattress.  Blankets'ah'djclothin'g are also absorbed  in the same 'manner, but such dodges  as these*::.generally miscarry, and  scarcely ever lead to Broadmoor. The  more discreet prisoners prefer to qualify  for theassylum by less heroic measures.  In addition to Broadmoor, and much  more accessible, there is the infirmary,  intc'which experienced prisoners will  contrive to get, despite their enjoyment of the most robust health. The  dodge by which they secure this form  of holiday, or relief from the ordinary  routine of prison life, is called "fetching the farm," the "farm" being the  prison name for thc infirmary.  "Mere sham sicknesses are useless for  tbis purpose, and a prisoner has to resort to some more or.less heroic measure to secure his holiday. One such  dodge is to set up blood-poisoning by  scratching the flesh of an arm or a leg  with a surreptitiously obtained rusty  nail. A certain prisoner at Pentonville  did this so successfully that i< became  necessary to have his leg amputated. A  similar but less drastic dodge is to make  a wound on a limb and keep it open  until-.it becomes so bad as to "fetch the  farm."���Tit Bits.  J. W. Pittofeit, ior many years connected with 'Sav. Economist, was  married at Lewiston, Idaho, this week  to Miss Stella 'I4-, Tamblyn, second  'daughter ot ^FSJv'uk Tamblyn, of  Nelson.  Death of Hector Sproat.  1 the engines of one of tbe steamers  I which ply on northern waters are be-  I Ing compounded in a Victoria establlah-  j ment,-aud if the experiments being  carried out prove as anticipated the  effect will be the application of the  same improvement on nearly ev.ery  steamer in' the White pass and Yukon  Company's fleet. Since taking charge  of the northern business Mr. Sproat  has practically revolutionized it and  has brought it up to a standard of  efficiency previously not attained.  Prior to taking charge of the northern  service Mr. Sproat was connected with  the Columbia & Kootenay Navigation  Company at a time when Mr. Mara,  of ...Victoria;--, was president and Captain  Troup was manager.'. He had,always  distinguished himself as a maniof mark  in his business and because of this  and bis affable manner his' death will  cause much general regret.    "  '*��/��  <?/���  Univers*.    . Bill   Should    Be  Endorsed.  A.. S. Farwell will leave for the coast  in the morning.-     / ^  The moving pictures of the,Britt-  Nelson fight at the Opeia House last  evening were favorably commented  upon by all present. The exhibition  will be repeated this evening.  Mayor McAnn,of Kaslo, was in the  city this week in connection with a  case before the court. He-took suddenly ill Friday morning, but revived  sufficiently during the day to return'  home. .'���.  S. F. Tolmie, V. S., Dominion Veterinary Inspector for British Columbia,  was in the city last evening.! He has  just visited-the Okana^aa. and is rov  making an inspection tour of the Kootenays. _  TheMisses McMillan are late additions to the musical talent of Nelson-  These young ladies belong to "a family  that is known all over the eastasliigh-  class entertainers, and the hope is expressed that they���will be heard in'.Nel-  "" '^uilPg-tfacir-VJatt "to- t_:_i��j^��'t_T."  Mrs. Jas. Nicols. '  The Nelson Boat Club has elected  the following officers for 1906: Honorary president, Capt. J. C. Gore; president, A. Whealler; vice-president. Dr.  Hall: captain, E. C. Wragge ; vice-captain. F. Nott; secretary-treasurer, J.  Teague; committee, W. H. Smyth,  F. D. Aruudel, D. Manhart, A. Pool,  and W. F. Mawdsley. A resolution of  condolence was adopted and ordered to  be sent the family of G. H. Jesse.  The management of Pilot Bay smelter are erecting two new Blanchard  furnaces to .bardie the silver-lead ore  from the Bluebell mine. When the  new furnaces are completed tbe ore  from the BluebelLwill be put through  the concentrator at Pilot Bay, all  siiveri=ana~*iea^ being-treated- there;-  while the balance, composed mainly  of zinc and copper will be shipped to  the Frank smelter for treatment there.  A western Kansas paper tells of a  local merchant, Bill Jones, who came  to Kansas City several weeks ago to  buy a new stock of goods. They were  shipped promptly and reached home  before Jones did. When the boxes  were delivered at his store his wife  happened to look at tbe largest and,  uttering a loud cry, called for a hammer. A neighbor, bearing the scream,  rushed to her assistance and asked  what was the matter. Mrs. Jones,  pale and faint, pointed to an in scrip  tion on the box, which read as foi  lows:   "Bill inside."  Pre-  new  min-  took  Many old-timers in kelson were  grieved to learn ofthe death of Hector  Sproat at Victoria, Wednesday, in his  37th year. Deceased was born in  Scotland and received his early education as an engineer in that country.  He has been ailing for some time. It  had been his custom to spend his  winters in Victoria and Seattle, returning north in time for the opening  of navigation.     The late Mr.  Sproat  Almost a year ago, just after  mier Whitney bad formed his  cabinet, a prominent Methodist  later of Conservative leanings  occasion to call upon the leader of the  On tario party to congratulate him on  his January victory. The recently-  appointed Provincial Secretary, Hon.  W. J. Hanua of Sarnia, was iu Mr.  Whitney's office, and the Premier  promptly introduced him to tbe clergyman, adding by way of biographical  reference: "Mr. Hanna is   a   strong  Methodist." "Indeed," eaid Dr. C ,  beaming upon the genial minister,  "let me see, Mr. Hanna. Who is the  pastor in' the Methodist charge in  Sarnia?" The Methodist delegate to  to the cabinet looked as unhappy as is  possible to that benign orator, and said  slowly : "Well, he hasn't been there  very long.    He is a Mr. Mr. cr  ���that is-���well, I'm banged if I remember the man's name."   But Dr.  C , being a"strong upholder of the  party, still maintains that it was just a  "momentary lapse" of memory,���Toronto Saturday Night.  A certain section of the Liberal press  or British Columbia has taken the opportunity, offered by an appearance of  public opposition,' to criticize the Government bills, numbers 23 and 24 of  the session, providing for half of a university course to be given by the  faculty of McGill University to students of British Columbia high schools.  . Evidently the fact that the second  reading of the bills passed the Legislative Assembly without any opposition had no weight with journals  whose only acknowledged Junction is  to criticize. It was, however, entirely  to the credit of J. A. Macdonald and  his followers in the House that they  recognized a genuine benefit offered to  the Government and endorsed the  Government in accepting ifc,  The only serious protest that has so  far been made against the bills has  come from organizations of graduates  of Toronto University. The point  raised by them is undoubtedly .well  taken, and the Premier has already,  promised such an amendment in committee as will remove their objections.  For several years university graduates iu British Columbia have been  urging upon the Government the necessity, as well as tbe wisdom, of mak  ing early provision for higher education. It is worthy of note that tbe  movement began in Nelson at the  second meeting of tbe Nelson Uuiversity Club. A similar club was at  once organized in Vancouver, and since  then.the matter has been kept well in  the foreground.  For more than five years several or  the high schools of the Province, including Nelson, have had either formal���-  affiliation or a workhig agreement with  ^;  j^^.oii_anMa^uaiy.ereItj^H��K^(^^^^  Canada, providingfor "local examination of students taking their "courses." -  The system has worked fairly wt 11, and '  many boys and girls of British Columbia cities have been started on university careers by means of it.   ,     ���--  Later the graduates of McGill University, of Montreal, resident in the  coast cities, addressed tbe governing  body of tbe university asking that an  effort be made to bave teachers appointed by the faculty to undertake  the work. Professor H. M. Tory was  accordingly sent out last summer to  investigate and report. The offer  lately made oy McGill Uuiversity may  be taken as tbe result of his report.  McGill University has offered to send  out a staff of teachers aud give two  years of ber course at one or more  centres in British Columbia without  expense to the-Provincial Government���  or to the students so instructed. The  offer has been made possible by a  gift from Sir William Macdonald,  who has already done much for  McGill aud for technical education  throughout Canada. He has offered  ��5,000 a year for three or five years  towards* the expense of maintaining  the institution.  It is difficult to see-why anyone who  is prepared to advocate the establishment of a Provincial University at the  public cost, should object to the acceptance of tbe generous offer of McGill  University and Sir William McDonald.  Its acceptance would ensure for five  years at least tbat British Columbia  students would receive, without cost  to themselves or to the Provincial  treasury, two years tuition by capable  and experienced teachers.  Apparently the danger apprehended  is that ,a vested right of control over  university education in the Province  may be given to the authorities  of McGill University. How tbat  may be done is not apparent  in the text of the bills. Tbe  Premier has ilready promised a  deputation of graduates of Toronto  Uuiversity, that, to avoid offence to  others, the name of University College  of British Columbia shall not be given  to the proposed establishment so long  as it is in any degree under the control  or influence of the faculty of McGill  University.  No one wishes to see the Provincial  University which must be "founded  before many years to complete the  educational system of British Columbia,   committed  in   perpetuity   to  ,''.-;iv(*.V��'  H*. Vl.+ . y?  "'A^i  "      "���i V1 I JZ  ���*- 7.4.  ". ifj&  ' *-i_  ..*��� -ass  -.f'3  ���7'   1 f-ftf  V/>i  ~>*^  the position of dependence upon, or  subordination to, any eastern institution. A fair reading of the bills is.- all  that is necessary to convince anyone  that no such position is contemplated  1 by the Government.  Jkm  JZ2- ;-��-^T5  "-,'   *"*  I  -,A  -a*  THE NELSON  ECONOMIST  urns & Co.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  EAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and  careful attention.  RANCH LANDS FOR SALE  We have improved and unimproved ranches for sale on  the Kootenay and Sloe-mi [.ikes, Slocan valley and Nelson  district.    Before purchasing call and examine our list.  Iu io-acre blocks, in 20 acre blocks. Improved ranches.  J. E. Annable, Nelson, B. C.  9-4-4-  .*--,>_.>  Kootenay Agents \  . R.i. Rogers �� Go., <;.  a|: Limited, Winnipeg. J  Wholesale Provisions, Produce, Fruit  Dominion    Government  Creamery  One-Pound  Brick's ��� received *  weekly fresh from the chUfn.    l^or sale by all leading grocers, V  ��� "  '       -*' *'**     -"-   * *     "-   ���"     ~ 1- 4  Oflice  and  Warehouse :   Houston  Block, Josephine Street, Nei  lson, B. C,    PHON1- 79-  I  -4-^4-4  ��_fw  Daily  Tourist  Sleeper  Service  Effective January ist.  THE CHOICEST  On Kootenay Outlet For Sale, opposite Procter and adjoining the Town of Balfour.  West.  From Kovclstoko to Scuttle, Vancouver.  East.  From Ditninorc Junct. to Torouto, Sun.,  Tut"*.. Wed., b'rl. Montri-ul, Mini., Tliur.  Boston, Suturdiiy.   St. Paul, dully.  Stsmdiird Sieoper Vancouvi'r Train S'.ocai!  Uoutc. ���  ���\  For berth roservalions and l'ull particulars,  upply to local agents or.wrltu  J.S. CAKTEK,  DlHt. Pass. Agt.  Nelnon.  E. J. corns,  A. U. P.*A.  Vancouver  West Kootenay Butcher Gb  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers tn  Camps supplied on shorLesi  notice and lowest prices.  Mailorders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats andsupplies  kept in stock.  E.C.TRAVES. Manager  IDE msoi^t-WM  Published every.Sattirday afternoon at  V_KNOW StEKKT; I\'Ki.SO_ . H. (.'.-  $1 Per to'tol-'ifinee'^'t'" ���  it Seems p.obablethat Hon. Wm.  Templertian will be elected by acclamation fof Victoria. Conservatives as well as liberals bave signed  the fecJUisltion to Mt. Templeman,  ie best evidence of that  gentleman's popularity   in the cap*  ___'' *'��* city.  The;  session  Adve'rllstris rates riiade kno-wn oil application. I . .  AU changes In   adve.-tlsb.jipn's to  Insure j Legislature   IS  of   the  Provincial  being  unduly  pro- q testion,  tners paid under private ownership.  This is an exceedingly encouraging  report and illustrates the advantages of municipal ownership of  such public utilities.  A Kansas woman, Mrs, J. A.  S.tanley, of Lincoln,' has been  awarded a prize of $256 by a Boston firm for tlie best answer.to the  What  constitutes    sue-  tnBertlon .hould1  reach th Is office not Inter . ^       ^   ^ -^ Mj.. .0,iver an ��� ^    ��� ,,   3,     wrote   .AHe bas Jichieved  than Thursday, 12 o'clock. |        ��       ....,.:.-. ..- ��� I .,;    ���-: "*        .   .-s  When change of address is'require', it  is   portUliity of listening to the echo <f  bis  own   voice.      The   Opposition  i  endeavoring to  find something that would discredit  (lesiTablo that both the old address and tlie!  oqw be given.  Address nil communications. " muiisher generally has  been  endeavoring to  or TnK Njei-son  Economist. V. O. Drawer  1027, Nelson. B. C."  "Telephones: OClceTSlfl'rRcsrdrtiicorSTl'K-r  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  the  Government, but  so -'fur;-'have  not succeeded.  Ko:i. Richard .McBride has been  Tbe young man who married tbe .the recipient of many messages  of  girl in the   Montreal policecoiut'in ! cpiulok-nce in his bereavement.   His  baste is only 21  years of age, so he j brother passed away last  Saturday  will have lots of time to  repent  at", evening  after.'an*  operation,   from  leisure. '      which he never recovered conscious-  ���";    ~     ,, , _ ,        r ., __ } ness.'    The Economist joins with  J-   A,        ^       "  Opposition  Smith'Curlis.    Mr. Macdonald  has  leasou to fear betrayal in the house  bf his friends. ..���-:.'-j  .  Macdonald, leader  of  tlie !    . ..'��� ���,.'       <  .*       .,.,,- ("the  press  everywhere   throughout  1011, should keep his eye on j      .-" .,-������-..  the  Province in  extending   to  the  Premier sincere sympathy.  success who has lived -well, laughed  often "and loved much; who has  gained the respect of intelligent men  and the love, of little children; who  ~l_aslilied.HjITnicEl^ancl accompilslied  his task; who has left the'1"'world  better than he found it, whether by  an improved poppy," a perfect poem,  or a rescued soul: who has never  lacked appreciation of earth's beauty  or tailed to express it; who.has  always looked for the best in others  and given the best he had; whose  life was an inspiration; whose memory a benediction."  I have lately bought this tract and have had it surveyed into 5 and  10 acre blocks   which are now offered to the pub'ic:     A fine chance for  business men and  others to secure a summer home in the prettiest spot  ti   *���      miron^c..     1      r-r-.     x. j on. _    1 i3i      :���� the Kootenays.    Two post offices, telegraph office ancl that well known  Entire $15,000 Stock Of Boots and Sh033 t-O t>3 SOld by  summer .resort at Procter are within one-quarter of a mile.     Land partly  tlie New York Brokerage Co. cleared  and prices  asked will be according  to location, quality and im-   ; ; ;   provements.    From  $25 to $ico per acre.     The name of this tract will  be Riverside.    Apply for further information to  ' Read these Prices and Think for Yourself  Men's Working boots worth $3.75 j heel, worth $4, $4.50 and $5 now  and $4.00 at 2.45. ] $2.55  Middleton's hand made shoes! Boy's Leckie H. M., worth $2.50  $4.50 and $5 at 3.45. .! and $3. now $1.95.  Men's fine American made shoes i Boy's H. B. Co.. English make,  $5 and $6 at $3 55. . j $2.50 ancl $'���$ now $1.90.  Men's fine American made shoes I U��>''s Chas.' A. .Ahernls 1-1. & N.  $5.50 and $7 at $4.65.   '.- $2*50 and $3 now $1 55.  Men's Box Calf, Goodyear Welts'; ��� ^'S Sch��o1 BoolS* worth $2 aild I  $4-50 and $5 00 at $3.50. I $2 25, now 1.15.  .���Youths"       Ames-Holden        and  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  I ���&<X>-G-<40<&-Gn+^>-&&4fr 4>&&&&<*&<&<4^&<>&&4-"&&&&&&  Ladies' Oxford's worth $2.00 and  r    , ���  . .   _ ...        r     $2.50, now $1.15.  Lecki. s, worth $2.00 and js2.50.for | '   A|isses.    Patenl . leather; $2.50  *I'*^-:'* ��� ' and $3.00. how $1.25.  Ladies' Latent Leather   worth $4     . Baby Shoes Cut in'two.  and $4.30 now-$2.45 'Rubbers   and . Overshoes   almost j  Ladies'   Patent   Leather.   French ! given away.  We   have   100 Men's  Suits   from $r2 to $20 to be sold  for  Less  than   $  Half Price..  TH  Not^ Selling "but Getting Rid of H. McCausland's Stock  kelson, B. GB  exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House  in  the interiPr  Open Evenings  10P-M. .    " Manager  In Pints and Quarts %  Begg'?: Finest Scotch Brands.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  <>-^-<��^^-<>^-^<'fr<><��~^^^<4y^<g^.^^4M^H��^<��>~e^-<�� ���������^^������������^  $1 per  day and up*  %  NoChlnese Employed  +4494494444444444+4444444+4+444+444444444+4444444+++4  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.    .,  NELSON. B, C  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF;- ;  ��44+>4444+4+4444444444444444444+444444444+4+444+4444S  4  TT   HOUSE  4  +  +  +  ,        (Fonnerly Ularkc liou��o) '  The best fl por <ljty house ln Jfelson. ."��� .None'but-Avlitte help employed  -    .'���...      bur tlie best.  The  I ��. W.  BARTLETT;  Proprietor  +  ++444494444444444444444444444++4444444444444449+444++  Smith  Curtis   has certainly suc-  ...       ,,.       .    ,.    ���'���,..���   ,.r educated   in   Canada,   their   native;  ceeded  in getting  to the centre  ot , . I  the stage once mere. His speech  at Ymir is not taken serioKJly, but  it is a source of much talk,-which  should be satisfactory to Mr. Curtis.  Mr. Gear, the   retiring  president  Col.     Steele     is    bringing A his| of the   Montreal Board  of Trade,  children from South   Africa   to  be I madc an aPPc:U at the ai,,iual meet-  ing of that body for free trade within  His  conduct  is  in ���m..rkcd'lhe  cn��P>re, declaring  that  if   the  The Legislature of New Brunswick has passed a bill permitting  women with the proper qualifications to prac'ice law in the province..  In other words a woman is now regarded as a "person" in New  Brunswick.  1 land.  'contrast with one of the Cmadiau  I candidates lor election in England,  who explained lhat the reas n for  his residence in that country was  his desire to get an education for  his family. Canadian school.** were  not good enough for them.  The city of Kingston owns its  electrical and gas plants and the  reports have been presented of the  colonies were to approach the British electors and say : "We will admit your goods free of all duties in  return for the placing by you of  duties ou foreign goods and admitting those of Canada free, the people  of Great Britain would enthusiastically endorse the proposition."  We do not know what the British  electors would say, but we have our  doubts as to the Canadian manufac-  Following  the summer   heat, the present cool  evenings   make  /IU E L  HEATINGeENGmEER  Heating Plants Designed and Installed.  Plumbing.  I    Opera House Block, Ward and Victoria Streets, NELSON, B. C.  PHONE No. 181  P. O. BOX 401  4  4  X  4  *  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  444444 444&449+9+4444444+4444444<$>K+4444444 44444444+44 <>  (J"^  Of the Best Makes  the   thought;of a brightly burning   fire most   attractive.       The  necessity of-up-to-date Heating Stoves is becoming apparent. .  We have anticipated your needs by passing into stock the largest  consignment of  ever brought into Nelson.      We have them iu various styles and  sizes that will suit every requirement.  Tha Prices are OUR Prices, fliers.ere the Lowest.  ty/  ty-  ty     ~~~     '      '  -,sjv  - Sole Manufacturers of Mother's Bread.  riT7v_i Ejaasa^     fl R     S KTF^jym |q ��\        IV B     K^^axiN.      .^==3��k       -   ^'  first  year's  operations.      The net'turers   endorsing  the   proposition.  John  Oliver complained   that he earnings after   providing for taxes The   Hamilton  Times  points  out  had  expected the Conservatives to! andinterest on debentures and   the \*�� ^  Canadian   Manufactures'  1 'Association,    which   presumes    to  I ,. ���/���__ /- *t      i_.rJi3 *U-\_.--cr_W't_i_J 1 ��*i*h_i�� t^i v,.juiu..j  put up his deposit for the last I>ro- expenditure of MS.ooo.pn ��P��t��l|,^ak for our manuracturew> has  vincial election. The Conserva-; account and betterment of plant.jfar refraim.d from even hinting  tives have in the past made many amount to $5,674. In addition to1 a desre to reduce'-duties on" goods,  sacrifices for their eueu-U..-., but this, light, heat and.p.. wer was tur- to say nothing of taking the duty  surely Mr. Oliver expected t. much.' nished at $4500 less thau  cousu-'off altogether.  naowfi  nelson; b.c.  WholeWe.  ^  Retail.  <��A      Also  Choice  Land   in  one and  two acre  I     blocks near terminus of Tramway line.  I Ra E,-CROASDAILE, ; .  \ ,_    '      - .      Office :'������ Next Canadian Bank of Commerce.  ^       Phone 247. Nelson B. C.       . P. O. Box 6-6. ,  GREAT  Bigger  Values,  Larger    Assortments  More Goods ihan Ever Before.  and  Sewing Machines and Pianos j  THEJ-WELER  J     BfiXER ST.  For Rent and for Sale  fl d-Cofiosjlji Shop ilosp^iae St, Kelson  Wo nnly nnU one tr::tl to make you our cub  t"incr. Finft VVatcli Jowrlry. r!t.ti<iil nnd  SHverwnre rephlrinp :i)id everything In the  line. Reasonable <rh:inr<'s. Work sent us  i from outslde-fowus-vriu'recolvp Uie ��jnnc care  r.s il pcrsoiittlly dt'liv��red. DillicuU rrpairs  doiu? K^r oMiW.JewfcUjrs  ���Our.. Great Clothing Sale could not possibly succeed wiihout real'  merit and real bargains and their wonderful success is due to the Great-  Values and Good Quality we are giving. If Money-saving counts iu ,  year plan's ���that is Real Money-saving ou Strictly New, Desirable Cloth-.  i'.ig, Shoes, Furnishings, Etc.���-then you will surely visit this store this;  month. '���'  You will always Save Money and often  a Great Deal by Dealing at .  this Store.   ..  Opposite  aj Hudson  Bay Stores A.-  A-ih-.  ��� -ft  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIST  \  '  ANECDOTAL.  President Eliot d_ Harvard, when  a "young" man, ordered a bottle of  bock in a Boston restaurant, saying  Vas'h'e did so,: " Here, waiter, bring  me a bottle of hock���hie, hsec, hoc!"  The waiter, who had been at college,  smiled, but never stirred. "What  are you standing there lor?" exclaimed the professor ; "didn't I  order some hock?" "Yes, sir,"  said the waiter, "you ordered- it,  but you afterward declined it."  A colored undertaker was requested- to embalm~ the * body of a  colored man. The wife"of the deceased-asked what the cost would  be. He named his usual charge, to  which she quickly replied : "I  think that's too much." " But it  is the regular fee," protested the  undertaker".'1 *'"That may be," assented the widow, " but'this ain't a  regulat corpse.' 'My husband'had a  wooden leg."o    ���  Breakfast Bacon  CANADIAN MEATS  - 16c per lb-  - 17c per lb.. .  The Hudson's BayCo  9  A story that comes from Ireland  relates to the ��� custom among farmers ther.e of:depositing money in. the  bank iu the joint names; of husband  and wife, so that when one dies the  survivor can; draw out the money,  without any legal formalities. To  a farmer who recently made application for money deposited for himself and his wifev the manager:p�� the  bank asked : "Why, Pat, how can  this be ? It is not much more than  year.siu.ce_.you came with an application on the death of your wife."  "Well, your.honof," was the reply,  "I'm'a'b'if lucky wid'winim'en.*'  An eccentric American millionaire  would" go nowhere without, his pet  ��� bear. He was' staying one night at  an hotel in New"York, the bear as  usual sleeping at. the toot of his bed.  He awoke iu the night with a start  to feel a* sudden draught, the door  open, and the bear gone.    Rushing  -into.thte. long'corridor outside he  was just in'time to see the hear disappearing into a room at the. further end. He followed hard and  arrived at the door tgheaCr-ad'emin-  ine voice saying, " How often have  I told you not to come to bed with  '.your motor coat on ?!':/.  -During the'South African war one  ������of the privates' .irr a British infantry  regiment 'performed���'a very gallant  -dfeed. He dashed forward from the  ���trenches across the veldt, which  was being swept by a hail.of bullets,  ."lifted a H.wounded comrade in his  ;arms and carried him safely into  'shelter. The colonel, who witnessed  Jthe action, before the day' was over  ���called the private before him.  praised him for his heroism, and  told hiin he would be recommended  for the'Victoria Cross. Later on  the soldier.-was relating the incident  to his comrades :���. "He said something about the Victoria Cross. I  didn't think anything about crosses.  What I know is that I wasn't going  to leave Robinson lying-out- therewith "all the couipany*S;bacca in his  haversack."  A professor had, been summoned  as an expert witness., in a- case involving the ownership of a tract of  coal laud. "I will ask you, professor," said the attorney for the prosecution, "if the geological formation  of this land corresponds with the  published data pertaining thereto?"  "It does, sir," he answered. "You  have thoroughly read up the geology ofthe tract in question ?" . "I  have not." "You have not ?" "No,  sir." "I ask the jury to notice that  the witness flatlycontradiets himself. Now sir: if you haven't lead  up the geology involved iii this case,  why do you pretend to know ;my-  thiiig at all about it?" "Because,  - sir," said the professor; "In studying geological formations it is my  invariable custom to read down."  W. G. Gillett  Builder and  Contractor  Estimates given" on stone, brick I.        ��� ��� ~" ��� . '���.  ���  and woodwork. Brick and Lime tor Sale  Wadds Bros. P.M5  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  Notice is hereby given, in accordance with  the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax,  ancl all assessed taxes and income tax, assessed and levied under thc "Assessment  Act" and amendments, are due and payable  on tlie second day of J a nuary, 190<i. All taxes  collectible tor the Nelson Assessment District  .are due and payable at my office, situate in  "the C6urtHouse,"in the the City of Nelson.  This notice, In.terms of law, is equivalent to  a personal demand by me on all persons liable l'or taxes.  Dated at thc City of Nelson, li. C, this 20th  day of Jan., 1906.  Kour. A.Uenwick,  Collector,  jNels-oii Assessment District.  Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a  Mineral Claim.    '<-  NOTICK.  -In tlie matter of an application for the issu  of a duplicate of thc Certificate or Title lo Lot  3   Block: 10, Addition "A". Nelson City,(Map  3l9). ..;-. - .  v'Notice is hereby given that it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month  from the tirst. publication hereof a duplicate  of the-'Cei-t.ineiite of Title to Lot. 7. Block 1G,'  Addition ,'>A", Nelson City (Mop���,*��) in the  name ol* William A. .Jowett, which C&rliflcute  ot Title is diited the 19th day or April, 1895,und  numbered-41MC. ...  "H. F. MacLkob."  District Registrar.  Land Registry Office, Nelson, Jl.C.  12th January, 1006.  Land  Notice.  Notice Ik hereby Riven that sixty (��0) days  after date 1 iutend to apply to the Houour-  al>le^Chiet'-=f Commissioner��� ot^l-ands^aud.  Works I'or permission to purchase the rollow-  ln��- described tract of land situate at Queen's  liny, nn the west shore of Kootenay Lake, in  the District of West Kooteuay: ���  . Commencing at. a post marked "A. K Shipley's southeast corner"; thence eighty (80)  chains west ft hence forty (i0) chains north;  tlience eighty (80) eliains east to NY. W. Wests  corner post; thence forty (-10) chnins south to  point- of commencement, containing three  hundred and twenty (320) acres, more or less.  December IS, 1005. . ���  A. E. KiurtEY.  _iANt> NOTICK.  Notice Is licrebv given, lhat sixty (fill) days  urier date. I intend to upply to the Chief Commissioner or Lnnds and Works for permission  to purchase the following desei|l>ed lands,  situated in the West Kootcnny District:���  Commencing at a post- marked >eter  Sylvester's N. W. irrncr, thenco cast 40  chains, I hence soutii 20 eliains. tiience west  20 chains, tlience south ::0 chains, I hence west  10 chiilim, tnence north 'Hi chains, tlience west  20 chains, thenee north 20 chains more or leys  to tho.point of commencement,  I'ktkk Sylvester.  Oth January, 1900.  Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at  his office in* the Court House, in the City of  Nelson, will be received' up till the hour of  five o'clock, on the afternoon of Monday,  March fith. 1906, for the purchase of the  "Kiwi" Mineral Claim, Lot, USD, which  wus declared' forfeited to the Crown at  the Tax Sale held in the City of Hossland, on  the 7th day of November, 1901, for delinquent  taxes up-till June 30th,-1904, and costs.      .  The upset price upon the said mineral  claim, which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes and costs at tlie time of forfeiture,  with interest taxes which have since accrued, and feefor Crown Grant. isS96.50, which  is the least amount that will be considered  as a.tender.  Eacli tender must be accompanied by an  accepted cheque, payable to the order ofthe  Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and Works,  at par at Victoria, for the amount tendered.  Koiiekt A. Kenwick,  '���' Government Agent,  ,    Nelson, IJ. C.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 1st dny of Feb-  . .rmiry,*190C.- ���:.->:-,���  Tl MISER NOTICK  Notice is hereby given that 30 dnTs after  date, 1 inteud toapply to the Chief Commis-  sionerof Lands and Works for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the  following described lands, in the NelsonUI-  vislon of West Kootenay District: Commencing at a post marked "International  Lumber and-. Mercantile Company, Ltd;  Northwest corner'-' and planted on the soutli  side of the1-. C. Southern Hy. rlght-of-wny,  about CO chains'east of McWeillie Biding,  theuce south 40 chains, thence east 80 eliains,  tlience north 40 chains, tlience east 80 chains,  thence north to the south boundary of the Bv  C. Southern right-of-way, thence west along  said right-of-way to place of commencement,  containing 010 acres, more or less.  "-"Dated ���)aiir24th7l9()fir"-1---"  INTKKNATIONAI.  LUMBER AND MEBCANTII.E  Coail'AUY, Ll-D.,  By P. A. Paulson, Agent.  TIMBER NOTICK.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days after  date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for a special licence tocut and carry away timber from the  following described lands, iu the .Nelson Dl-  visluu of West Kootenay .District: Com-  menolnj; ut a post marked "A. K. Paulson's  northeast Corner" and planted on the south  side of tlie IJ. C. Southern Hy. right-of-way,  at the northwest corner of lot 709-1,-thence  snut.li CO chains, thence west. 80 chains, thence  soutli 40 chains, tlience westfO chains, theuce  north to thc south boundary of tiie right-of-  way of the Uritisli Columbia Soul hem Hull-  way, tlience easterly along said right-of-way  to place of commencement, containing (140  acres, more or less.  Dated Jan. 24th, 190C.  A. K. 1'AUiJiON, Locutor,  By 1'. A. Paulson, Agent.  TIMIiEK NOTICES.  The late P. T. Barnum. in hisde-  clining years,was advised by liis  physicians to abstain from all spirituous liquors. He became a crank  Dti'tte subjiect of total absimeoce;"  lecturing to many audiences upon  this subject. A woman who heard  him lecture afterward met him one  day at his home at Bridgeport.  "Why do you preach total abstinence to humanity," she asked,  "when it is well known that you  allow your trainers to feed Jumbo*  four gallons of whiskey a day and  ten; pounds of tobacco?" "Never  thought of that," said Mr. Barnum,  and he almost ran to the telephone,  calling up the winter quarters of his  show, and in his squeaky voice gave  the order: "Give Jmnbo no more  tobacco or whiskey." Next day be  got tbe following message from the  trainer : "Please build a padded cell  for Jumbo, and send down at once  five thousand grains of bromide.  He's got D. T. 's on account of P.  T., and has got the delusion that  fie is:performing in Kentucky. '  Canada  & Book Co.,  Limited.  LANK  For the New Year  ."Not many business people but bave to get at least one or two New Blank Books at the opening of lhe year.���*" It may be a Full  Set of Books ; it may be a New Cash Book, or it may be only a 5c Memorandum. We have them all. Ledgers anti Journals 25c up.  We buy direct from the maker.   That saves the middleman's profit.    We give you the advantage of that saving.  .''':'''���'.-'���.'���.-.' . *  ;:'yWe'.-Seli .-Diaries too, ������������'.-���"'  / --.-ii  -/���-Ji  z -Mj  Had Them  but never said so before, at least never advertised them  That's Pens.    Coarse Pens, Long Pens, Short Pens, and Stub Pens.   All Kinds Six for 5c.  Double Pointed Ruling Pens, 2c each. ���    - ':*���  We Sell a Fountain Pen���Hard Rubber Barrel for $1.00.  "Coiiibiha tib'tTRevefsi Ble"T��i^ri_T>e_ar5cr  ^^^^^^^^^^4^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ���  *  earing Out Sale at Cost  $35,000.00 STOCK  All Kinds of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Crockery, Etc.  STAN DARD FURNITURECO. ��___��= ___=  *���  Take notice that 30 days after dato we Intend making application to the Hou. The  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for  special HceiiRcH lo cut aud carry away tlmbor  from tho following described lands situated  In West Kooteuay district, commencing ata  postmarked: o  Nol. W. Ij. N-E., placed on the north side  of Boundary Creek, about eleven in Hen from  Kootenay Kiver, running thence 80 chains  south to the International Boundary, thence  80 i.bains west, thence 80 chains nortli, tlience  80 chains east to point of commencement. ���  _*o. 2. Commencing at a post placed one  mile due west of No. j, theuce80 chains south,  thence 80 cliiiins west, tlience 8u chains north,  thence 80 eliains cast to point of commencement.  Ko. 3. Commencing at a post placed one  mile due west of No. 2, thence M) chains south,  thence 80chains west, thence 80 chnins north,  tlience 80 chains cast to point of commenco-  mcut. '  No. 4. Commencing at a post placed one  mUo due west of No. :i, thenco 80 chains south,  thonce 80 chains west, thence 80 chains north,  theuce 80 eliains east to pointof commencement.  No. 5. Commencing at a post placed one  mileduu west of .No. 1. tlience SOchains soutli,  thence 80 chains west, thence 80 eliains north.  thcnceSO chains east to point of commencement.  Dated at Rykerts, H. fi.. Tauuary lfilh.lOOO.  WATTSllUKG LUMliEB Co.,-  Wattsburg, B. C  Colen s>. Smith, Agent.  BOYS WANTED to sell the Canadian Graphic, a National Illustrated  Weekly, priee 5 centf. Twelve copies  to btart will be sent free. Address:  Tho Canadian Graphic Pub. Co., 176  Victoria St., Toronto, Ont.  COAL  $7.50 Per Tort  Delivered  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded,  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERREY. GENERAL AGENT  Green's Auction Mart.  Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cutlery. Fancy Goods and  Notions. "Auction Sales Afternoon and Evenings. Goods sold at Private sale during, the day. Chance to buy Christmas Presents at your  own price.    xrr\ '���������-���'.-���  J  Baker Street  n, Auctioneer  .,..,... Nelson. B. C.  7ente:&Awnings Made and Repaired  *f  CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED  OVER J, H. WALLACE'S STORE. NELSON. B.C.      ^  -4 4 ��-�� �� ���  ��� �� '  OH. THE NELSON ECONOfillST  ��������� 4+444444��������������������++++44+44*���������������������#������������������������������������������������  I CUT GLASS -j  j is always a delight <to the eye, and makes a most useful present. ���  __ Our stock ccmiain.s Spoon Trays, Bon bon Dishes, Berry Bowls, ���  j Decanters and Bottles ot all kinds, Celery and Mayonaise Dishes, J  X, Salt and Pepper .Sets, Etc.     The goods have just airived and are  ��  the Ffnest we have ever shown.    Marked at the Closest Prices  If you want anything in this line we cannot fail to suit you.  d. O. PATENAUDE  Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    .'Phone 293.  ���  +  i  4  4  l  4  4  ��������� ��������� >������������ ��� ��� **��������������� ������������ ��� >e* ������������������������*��������������������� ++++++++ +  Corner Mill and Josephine St*.  _  Are you Drinking my  5 CentTea  If you are not���you're not in  line���for most people are.- I'm  selling pounds and pounds to outside people and the largest part  of it goes to regular customers in  town.  Do you think they would coi.-  tinue to buy their Tea if it vvasn't  all I claim ? Better get a trial  lot of it. Get up now and Phone  19 and tell Joy to send a pound  at once.  GENERAL NEWS.  W. A. Galliher, M. P., returned from  lhe east \Vedne9d11y evening.  Following our usual custom  after stock taking we are closing out a number of "odd lines  of shelf goods which are not  moving fast enough to suit us.  Everything   placed  on  this  counter a genuine bargain.    ���  *��� ~  ���  11 Trading Co. I  "v ������:. "7ty  Phone 56.    Mail orders receiveprompt and careful attention,    ty  r 1 "v  Mr. Justice Morrison hus been  appointed Deputy Judge in Admiralty  for British Columbia.  ���*+++++++++4+444+V444444++++++++++++++++++++44444+++4  I First Order of        :���"<���'*  Wetitlier permit tinj., the clerks will  phiy the employees of the Aahdown  Hardware Co. u mutch ut the rink.  Nelson Opera House  TO-NIGHT  'l'UONEi.  itt-N el so n Fight  Motion   Pictures  Prices : 50c and 75c.  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Return'Engage ment of the Famoug  Juvenile Bostonians  -I N-���  r   1  A  j  i -  I   SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRiAR  PIPES.  ui  a.  <  1  tn  a  z  Q  <  in  LU  X  I'LL  O  LU  s  o  CO  lhe Rajah of Pazala  Prices! 50c, 75c, and $1,00,  Seats on sale Monday 10 a. m. at  Rutherford's.  Now in Stock  JAG  ��� ���  ���������������������������������������������������^^���������������������������������������������������������������������^ ���������������������������*���  No. 204.  NOTICE.  -NotIcp Ib hereby pi ven that 00 clays after  dale I intend toapply to thu Jinn. ChiefComin Issloner or Jjimis-��nd Work* for permission  to purchase thu following dcseiilied binds :���  Klurting.uta p6��l nurfcrd vftoniild "Stewart's  Southi-ast corner-p��.Bt," planted ut tlu- North-  euKteorner ,,i hi 1395. Kootcnny District,  Uieuiu i ..nt sir) ft-i t to the \n rthueM coriu r of  lot I3<_, thence i.iirth to the right-oi-wuy ��>f the  Coluiribiu nnd kootenuy Itiillwuy, theme  n..rth*iiMleiiy uIdiir H.ild right-of-way to tl��.  northwest ci.rncr of lot 13Jtf, thence sou.ii to  pliue of eoitiiiiPiu-i m< nu   Utiles UN d^n, B! v., Fibruury inii, 190��.  ,      ; ���"'   VOXAL_ HTH-WABT.  J  W  'V  W. A Thurman  Pepotfor Briar Pipes* Nelson  ���    ��� �� ��� ��^ _-���    a ii. ft _-*   i _.�� _^ r> t _*** r***  "LAN uS-H��u~v��uni\S".   COUitT liOUSK, VASCOUVKlt.  Notice lo Architects���Competitive  Designs.  Certificate of the Registration of  an Extra-Provincial Company.  (in  The Government of HrlllKli Coltimb'n Invite Ari'liltect* to submit - competitive duMgna  for a iii-w Uuurt limine whirl, it Ik proponed  to c rect- ut V�� ncoiivrr, IJ. I!., ut u co��t not e.\-  eecdiiij; JioU.UW. ,  The ilmwlngs, uddret>8cd to the Hon. the  Chief Commission! r and HUperseribcd " Design. Court ijoux'e, \'nncouver,''nro to be Kent  .linn ��r hiiorc tlie iuih Murcli, I9U6, uccom-  pmilid by u^pecllieatioii tmdj-cportv,  Thu dmwIinjH, fc|>eeltl<utlon iniil- r.-port shall  Inivc uo (liuitiixiimliiui. murk or motto, ihe  iittthor'" . name.-being enclosed In u hlunk  sealed envelope ttecurely ilttnehcd tothe rtraw-  tnus Kiibinllleil.  The dniwlnj;B t-hall include onlv n tl'X>r  pliinof t-iich Hour, section und two eleviiViutiH,  nnd shull he drinvn toan .eight '(.ulc. ,'1 he  srctlnnul pitrtHof the wnlls Hliull be bhickod  in. mid tlie elevation:) sluill be in line only in  ink. No etelilDK or colourln;. of any kind  Khali be permitted. .     .  Tlie nceouxKlullon shnll consist of:���(1.)  Hollrrioom; t'A) l'ollee Uepurtment; (:t.)Hi.t  ei-H'n; (4 ) Timber Agent's otllec; (n.) AMMi-KBor  niid (.'ollictor'-s ollice; (��.) ABrleuHunil Derailment ; (7.) Amlw t'ourt; (8.) Full Court;  (9.) County Court; (lu ) Clmiul.i.rs Court; (II )  Hmnll DebtB Couit; (li)Wlit Judges' riKiins;,  (in ) Barristers' roi.tn j" (14.) liiw Soelet> Library : (1"��.) Sheriff* otllce; (1�� ) Keuli-trar  Supreme Court ottice ; (17.) UeglMnir County  Couit office; (��8.)Tnx Cost tlllce; (l-,)Rten-  oeraiilier's room; CD.) Grand Jur>' room;  (31.) rcttyJury room; (V2.) \V!tIJesB<���_l, roonm;  i23) Caretaker's miarters; (24) Land Heglstiy  ottice;a'('i'i.) Vaults for Court records; (28)  "Water Closets. _c.      ���   ' ��� ,      ' , _  It is PUpP'Hid tint the I.r.nd I'.rplftiy (f-  ficc sliBllbe a sejiarate flie-proor-bulldlng,  and therefore the design chafI show It as an  aune.Ton onewldeof the maiu hitlldlnar. The  correspondlng annex on the other side shall  accommodate all olUcea not directly connected with the Courts. :.  The design shall be so arranged that additions harmonizing with the original building  can he made as the puhlicservice may require  The tlrnTrlngB sholl.be judica'ted upon by  Messrs. Durllnc and, l'iereon, of Toronto, or  by the Hreiiident of the Toronto' Institute of  Architects. , ���"_���''���'-.;.__ irA/     fi J...    _  The desiKn phiced firetaby the Judieators  ��hall receive a premium of .$150, and ..the de-  slKn receiving second placeKoO. .-���     ���  5ho Government does not bind.ltBeJf to  erect the bulldlugHfrom any .of the designs  suhuiitted .    , :��� ���       '   ,  Thoftte of the proposed building is Book  .11, situated immediately west of theC. H. It.  Hotel, betwreo Ocorula Street and Kobson  street on the south and   Howe Street and  Hornby Street on the west.   .  * F. C. C/|(Bl^,--  "-.������      '     ��        Public Works "Sugipecr  Lands nnd Works Di'iBirtint'lit,,- ; -.-  YUtorla, JB-.C. 10th February, 1900.  "Companit s Act, 1S07.'  I hereby oerlify thai the ������IntciiiHtloitnl  l.t.mberand Mercantile Company. Iiimited,"  I.iik this day been r, cislcred as an t^tiu-l'i-o-  vjrcinl Company under, the "Coinpn-nies Aet,  1897," to carry out or effect all or any ot* the  objects of the Company to which Uie legislative authority of .iho .Legislature of j>ritisb  Columbia exteudsl-'r. .. _--  'J he head ollireorthe Company is si Unite at  Spiknne, in" the County of ��|��okaiu-( in the  State of Washington.-:''- -a.  The amount of the.esipital of the Company,  Is on'}, tuiullcd- and twenty-five thoutuind  di Ua^M, divided into twelve hundred and  Pi*, st area of one hundred dollars each.  ** The head ottice ol'the (.'onipiiny in this-Fro-  \ Ince it situate at the Houston l)l"Ck, liaker-  stieet, Nt'i"f��i, I" C, and Sidney Stockton.  Taylor, IW.'iihtoi ai-l-aw. wliose address is tlie  *'/he attorney for tlie Company (not  to Kbue'and transfer stock). -.-  of exi-Htonce of Ihe Company ls  liftj .v'fai'. rioiu Iht _2nd"clay of 'July, 1905.  TliuCoinp.ui} is limited,   o  O.ven undirinj hand andscnlof ollice at  Vieioi iu, I'i ovliue of Uritisli -Colmn'blu. thi<  Bt li day of January, one thousand nine hundred und six. '.'.-. -   ;  v.       .S. Y. Woorfos,  Heglstrartol Joint tj'.ockCowpjnics.  -TheTObjeet^iorTrwliich���the^Compaiiy^has  beeu establislied atid registered nro:���'"  (1st.)-To enrry-oit in the Cniteil states of  Aineriea, the -Frovlnce or British Colunibia,  the Dominion of Canada ahd_e.lsi-wlieie, business as general -traders, inerulmms and man-  ulacturers of luinbi-r, in all IU blanches, and  to buy., sell, grow, .prepare lor market, manipulate, import., export and deal in saw logs,  timber, lumber and wood of all kinds in  the miiiiul'netureof which timber or wood Is  used, or forms a component, part ; to carry on  tlie business of .general merchants, wholesale  and retail, and'est:.bllsli shops and stores,  and to purchase and '.'end general, merchandise ;'to'bulld,'acquire, iiossess and operate  ll_-l!_l,  f> 1*1 It  line, j.'/he  npo,v/eil ti  Thp, <rme  a  factoiies, grist mills, Hour mills, pulp mllis  und saw mills ami maehinery of all kinds,  and to purchase, si II arid deal in lauds, timber  berths.grain, Hour and breadstuff':       -    ...  ('ind.j'l'o generate, accumulate, distribute  and Bitpply -electricity- for heat, light und  power In connection with this Company's  work and operations, and to dispose.of eleo.  tr'ety for profit, ior public or private purposes,  and lo deal generally In i-lectricappllaiices;  (Sid) To acquire and unilertake the whole  or any part of tlie business, property and ll.  abilities of any person or company carrying  on any business which this Company Is authorised to carry on, or possessed of properly  suitable lor the purposes of the Cuinpany :  (4th.) To enter Into any ariungcment. for  sharing profits; union of interest, co-oper-  ullou, joint ad ven I ure, reciprocal concession  or otherwise-with any person or company  carrying on , or engaged In, or about  tocurry on >r engage in, any business or transaction which this Company is authorised to  carry on or'engage'Iii. or any biislncsH' or  trausacilou enpalTIubf being conducted so as  to'dlreotly or indirect ty benefit Oils Compuny,  and to .guarantee the bunds or contracts or  otherwise assist any such person or company,  and to take or otlierwlM* acquire shares and  securities of any sueh compnny. and to sell,  hold, or otherwise dial M-lth the same :'  (5th ) To sell or dispose of the un icrlaklng,  lauds, property, is!alr, eiuit els and rffects ol  thiB Company, or any part ..thereof, for sueh  consideration as this Company muy tliink fit.  and in particular for shares, deld ntuivs or securities of any.other compHpy having objeeit.  altogether or in part' similar to those of I his  CbmpaiO':'"     ;    a  "���>iiSth.).Ti>- promote any company or companies for the purpose of acquiring all or any.  ol'the property or liabilities of this Company  or for auy other purpose which may sei-m directly or Indirectly calculated to benefit this  Company:  (7th.) To purchase, take on. lease or In exchange, or otherwise acquire, any timber  lauds or other lands iu fee or otherwise, and  also timber and tiniber limit* by lease, licence or biherwlne, and rjghts to eut and remove Um erand oilier" trees.'and geneniliy  any real or personal properlyVand any rights  or privileges which this Company may think  necessary or convenient for ti_e purpose ol Its  business: ������:.""-".'���������  ���(8th. To amalgnmate'with nny other company now or -hereafter incorporated having  objects altogether or in part similar to those  olilil8C.impt.ny:  (9th.) To construct, improve, maintain,  equip-wllcr, work.operate, nian��ge. cptrry out  or cbuuol any roads, ways, water i>aweni,  rcservoli-s, dams, aqueducts, canals, sluices,  flume., tramways, logging railways opeiated  by steam, elcef'felty- or other m^chanieai  power, telophoiie..-,lines, telegraph lines.eUc-  trlc supply lines.t.bridges, wharves, booms,  timber., slides, booming iiniunii��. nmniil'ac.  tiiries,. war��hous(e8,.hydniulio works, electric  works, houses,shops, stores, .buildings and  oilier works anil ..conveniences ' which may  seem calculala-il, directly or imiirectly. toud-  vaoi-e.this Ci-mpany's interest, and to contribute to, subsidise or otherwise aid or take  part in auy such.operations, thomtii uiider-  Inken, constructed or. tnalnbiijied by any  oilier person or company:  (10th.) To borrow or raise or secure payment,  of -money in such manner and form us this  Company may think tit, and in particular by  the issue of -bonds; debentures, or debenture  stuck charged upon all or any "f llieCnu.  pa ny's property; presehtor future, or both, including unt-alhd capital: ;  (llth.) To drnvr, make, accept, indorse, discount, execute aud issue both-preferred nnd  common stock, promissory notes, bills of exchange bills.'of .hiding, wairants, debentuies  and other negotiableund.miu.sleiablu instruments::  a-: ���-.-'���.., :. .  .';;.-���:.  - (12th.) Co sell," improve, miihage, develop,  exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to  account, or otherwise Ueal with all or any .part  of the property, insets and rights of the Company:  ,-��� (iuih ) Tu .distribute any of the property of  this Company among the members in specie:  ���" (14th.-) TO acquire, hold;and dispose of op-  tloi.s, stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages bf oilier  companies and individuals, and liually to do  anything consistent, pnper and requisite for  the currying out <if the objects and purposes  a lorcsuld, In their fullest and broadest sense,  either in thc territory of the United States.  Uritisli Columbia, tho Dominion of Canada or elsewhero.     -.---."��� ..       -  Liquor Licence Act, 1900, Amend ment.  Aol, 1904.  Notice is hereby given that I. "IVm. Gosnell  InU'iid to npplya\v the Board of Licence Commissioners for the Vmir Licence District for  Ihe transfer ofthe liquor licence issued to me.  William Gosneil'in respect or the premises  known as the Urove Hotel, situated at Fair-  view, 'Nelson, 1..-C , to John  -v, Crow.  Nelson,.li; 0��� 'Jud February, lsuti.  o       ..-'-,���--. '���".'-  r     "���"���'        Wit. GoSNEI.J..  I0HN !��cLATCH(lE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Survey^r  Cor.  Stanley- and Victoria, Nelson  F. S. Clements  /*���  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16 \     K-W-C Block  Frank  Fletcher  'i   -  PBOVIK- :v��j_ LAKD SURVEYOR  Landsand MineralClnimsSurveyed  ��� nndCrown Granted  V. O. Box 563      Mfflce: Kootenav St. Nelson  ^  Tlie tramway _ Ber vice has been restored, to the great convenience of the  public.  Mrs. J. E. Harris of Nelson, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. A- T. Garland,  Ka-lo.        \.  , ������.-.-  '������if  In the evening, at 7 o'clock, there will he an Anction  Sale, of Men's Goods, such as Hats, Caps, Balbriggan and  Health Underwear, Men's Fancy Socks, Whit�� and Colored  Shirts, sizes 14:}4 to 19, Collars, Ties and Mufflers.  Everything at Your Own  Price. Positively Nd Re  serve on  Fred Irvine Company,  Liinited-.-..-���  r  MANUFACTURERS  OF  'PINTO" SHELL MITTS AND GLOVES  Moccasins, Caps,  Underwear, Sox,  Jackets and  Overcoats.  A Score of the Best Styles.  For Sale by all Dealers.      All Prices.  R. H. GARLEY  BRITISH    COLUMBIA  ,_,


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