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The Economist May 14, 1904

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 ��^m-mamm  r.A  bv ���  n>,'\.-A  !'!!���  v <^i  ���* �������:. *���-��� <fis\'*'��**��'  * ���<** *-, -^>.v-^sSw  ���     TV    1? -* -i^EiaVjasE  TOr'A  w  >-r  ' y Mil  VOLUME VII.  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY MAY 14, 1904.  L  ocal and  JTrovincial  Mining operarations in the Slocan  are reported to be unusually active.  After May 16th the Government offices will be removed from Fort Steele  to Cranbrook.  John A. Mara, ex-M. P., has been in  the city the past few days. Mr. Mara  has many interests here that demand  frequent visits to the Kootenay.  In the event.of another amatuer performance the public will find the exits  provided,by the. management of the  Opera House a great convenience.  Next year Victoria will have the  pleasure of entertaining the Presbyterian Synod of British Columbia in  annual couvention.   It is probable the  Honeyman's foundry is nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy  about June 1.  W. A. Macdonald, K. C., was in  Poplar the early part of the week preparing for the trial of the adverse to  the Lucky .Tuck, whioh will be heard  next week.  The citizens of Kaslo are making  great preparationg for the celebration  of Victoria Day. It is expected that  the lacrosse match between Nelson and  New Westminster will attract a large  number of visitors.  The last issue of Lhe Kootenay Mail  contains an excellent portrait of Duncan Ross, of the Boundary Creek  Times, which is labelled \V. A. Galliher, M. P. It is. not learned yet  whether or not Mr.  Galliher will pro-  gatbering of the Presbyterian ministers  of the West will take place during the   ceed against the Mail for the liberty it  month of May next spring.  lias taken with his name.  N  ews of the  mes  SLOGAN MINING NOTES.  Slocan Drill.  ���    A force of 75 men is employed at the  Ivanhoe.  Machine drills are in use in several of  the Ivanhoe drifts.������ .   - ���  Thos. Jones is after all the. zinc in  sight for his Kansas works. ���  The force at the Slocan Star is to be  increased shortly to 100 men.  An additional 300 "tons of zinc is to  be shipped by the Ivanhoe to Kansas.  The lessees of the Chapleau have so  far taken out upwards of 60 tons of  oro.  Sandon mines last week shipped 120  tons of ore making 4002 tons for the  year.  Wagons started in this week on the  Springer road, freighting up to the  Ottawa branch.  Ore has been coming into town this  week from the Ottawa. A steady output will be kept up all summer.  The Ivanhoe mill is running night  and day, turning out ten tons of lead  concentrates and 12 tons of zinc.  On Saturday the intermediate tunnel at the Ottawa broke into ore, giving pay matter now in every opening.  Tbo assay  First Chance  returns of ore from the  gave ?502.G0. Tbe group  is situated near Bossworth aud is owned  by Con O'Neill, Chas. Diamond and  Mrs. Barker. The lead is between  three or four feet in width.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Phoonlx^Plonccr.  'During the month.of April 383 feet  of development work was done at the  Granby mine.-?.  Alex. Miller reports tbat a rich body  of ore has beon struck in the Helen,  near Greenwood, and that a smelter  shipment will be made soon.  Three shifts havo been working of  late on the lower levels of the Providence, and it is expected that the  shipments this  summer will be somc-  what beaver than in the past..____ ^   The 18th of May is''the date set for  the sale of shares owned by delinquent  shareholders in the Morrison Mines,  Ltd. It was postponed from the 22nd  of April, and will bo held in Greenwood.  Work was resumed on the Trilby,  near Greenwood, this week. The property is under bond to L. A. Smith  Manager McPhee of the Ottawa sue-, and Gaunce and Wickwire, and being  ceeded in getting a government graut  of $200 towards maintaining tbe  Springer road. It is being judiciously  expended.  Al Teeter: and Geo. Ktoll started in  last week on the combination, near the  old bridge on Springer creek. They  have ground-sluiced the ledge below  the upper tunnel and exposed it for a  dozen feet or more.  There is every probability that tbe split in the Conservative ranks in Nelson will soon be a forgotten incident. It is gradually being realized that the feud  has been perpetuated by interested parties, and  would have ended long ago but for the. persistent  misrepresentations of some who desired to "embarrass" truly loyal Conservatives and by this means  help the enemy. It must be confessed that many of  the late followers of Mr. Houston are apparently  doing everything that can be reasonably expected of  them to effect a reconciliation with the uncompromising opponents of that gentleman. This-being  the case, there is every reason to hope that before  long the vendetta will have died out and the opposing factions will hereafter be found fighting side by  side for "the time-honored principles of the Conservative party, and not for men who are not now and  never were Conservatives. It is believed that the political association under whose auspices Mr. Houston  ran at the last election will ask him to resign his seat  in the House at his earliest convenience.  Some of the citizens-probably felt a little curiosity  toward the end of last week as to how the member  for Nelson in the Provincial Legislature would express himself in regard to the action of his once obsequious organization in repudiating his political utterances and making submission to the powers that  punished their leader. The sheet that appeared  would disgrace even Peck McSwaiu. Characteristically he accepted the repudiation by his former supporters, and devoted all the space he could fill by his  solitary efforts to a series of shrieks of abuse without  any application to the persons abused, without,sense,  or sanity. " Cackling old granny," "sorehead-*"  skunk," "leg-puller," "crook," and other such  proofs of gentle manners and refined associations,  may relieve the pent bile of their author, but they  can convey no intelligent meaning, even to those familiar with the manners and language of our honorable member. Like the spluttering of a htdf-witted  child, they excite more pity than contempt. Mr. G.  O. Buchanan would have felt humiliated indeed, if  his amusement had not been too great to allow of  any other feeling, at the praise bestowed on him. If  anything had been wanting to emphasize the insanity of the issue, the time-honored shriek that he is  b eing boycotted would have supplied the. deficiency.  "Iftheraberratioirwasonly temporary it" has probably  occurred to him since writing that the business men  of Nelson have little time to waste thinking shout a  " poor old stranded wreck."  land in the place where they will have to locate the  city would not be asked for the $5,coo bonus. Instead of being able to do so, they will have to pay  the present occupants in the neighborhood of $5,000.  The amount to be expended on this mill will be about  $250,000, and there will be employed during the year  75 to 100 men, which will mean a very large payroll.  Every dollar of this money will be spent in Nelson  and the merchants and citizens generally will profit  thereby. Should the mill be constructed it will also  assist another deserving enterprise, the Nelson Tramway company. That company will be enabled to run  their cars the whole year round, which is a consideration that should not be lost sight of. Nelson is now  at the turning point in her history. A determination  on the part ofthe citizens to keep her to the front will  succeed in the desired' object. A mossback policy  will result in irreparable injury? Of course, there are  many objections to be taken to the bonus principle,  but the compensating advantages in this case should  be borne in mind. If the citizens think the industry  is not worth the bonus asked for, they will signify it  by voting against the b3*-law when it comes before  the ratepayers ; if tbey think the advantages of such  an industry more than repay the expenditure, they  will vote for the by-law.  The Library Ball at the drill hall last evening  proved a most enjoyable event. The decorations were  very attractive and the supper was served at 1 o,clock.  The following were the committee in charge of the  affair : Mesdames Hannington, Beer, R. M. Macdonald, McFarland, Lamont, Arthur, McCulloch, and  Messrs. Gigo'i, TB. Irvine, Crease, Beer and Robert  Hedley. -'"".._      . _-   '-.- -  The Victoria Tourist Ass ociation intends to be  strictly up to date in every respect, and will if possible make the British .Columbia capital the leading  tourist resort on the coast. It is proposed lo secure  or Oak Bay glass-bottomed boats similar to those  now in use at Catalina Island. The other day Sec-  retary Cuthbert and members of the executive committee of the Association went out to Oak Bay and  made a Jest of a boat intended to illustrate the advantages of glass-bottomed craft in permitting occupants to observe sea life. The experiment was quite  successful and it is altogether likely that a number of  "sTfcEbdatswillbe "obtained'f6r_the~entertainrneiit_of  tourists.  A-tA  NUMBER  ales of the   X own  1  After due   consideration,   the  city I Thi�� coming from a gentleman so well  fathers have decided upon less elabor-j qualified to speak as Mr. Blakemore, is  ate changes in the recreation grounds  than were at first contemplated. After  asking for tenders for the work, it was  found that the amount of money to be  expended would scarcely do all thai,  was wanted, so it was determined to  u ndertake only a part of tbe work tbis  year. But the changes tbat will be  made will insure greater convenience  for those who participate in amateur  sports thanjm the past. Tbe ground  will be fenced in, and the greater portion of it graded. A new grand stand  will be erected, and the ground whieh.  is now overgrown with frees will be  cleaned up providing a place for women  and children to rest during the warm  summer afternoons. All of the large  cities of the east have little park squares  of this character, and Nelson is going  to take tbe initiative so far as the cities  of British Columbia are concerned.  The citizens of Nelson may never  fully realize to the full extent bow  near they came sustaining an almost  irreparable loss within the past few  weeks. Indulging in the fancied security that " Prof." Hepburn was a  permanent fixture here, they had no  suspicion that the sterling actor was  contemplating a change of scenery and  i ndeed had gone so far as to enter into  correspondence with a ladies' associa-  of Vancouver with a view to giving his  living whist performance in the Terminal City. The "Prof.," according  to a Vancouver paper, generously offered to-undertake tbe task <>f producing his gorgeous spectacle'for the modest sum of $200, including bis board  paid at a first-class hotel. The Vancouver ladies, who are assiduous readers  of The Economist, declined the oiler,  but the citizens of Nelson will see to it  iu future that the treatment of "Prof."  Hepburn is on such a liberal scale tbat  there will be no reason fer him to desert us for le&s hospitable hamlets, like  Vancouver.  LARDEAU MINING NOTES.  I?/'-  .���'.-"' Poplar Nugget.  ,0  On  the Marcus and Gilbert properties very rich ore is being taken out.  Funk and Richar dson have uncovered a 6-foot lead of gold-bearing quartz  on the Sunnyside, north of Poplar.  ARalph Higginson and Oscar Nelson  ' have commenced work on a claim adjoining the Dover west of the town.  Rory McLeod and M. Mouahan are  ���forking on claims southeast ofthe  - Buffalo group. They have hug a ditch  2,000 feet long and intend to grorind-  sluice after they have extended the  ditch 300 feet further.  situated near the steadily shipping  E. P. U. and having a good lead, it is  believed will prove to be a good mine.  Development on the Defiance was  resumed by. William Fowler, the man  who w as instrumental in making the  Providence famous. The entire steam  plant of the Marguerite, in Deadwood  camp, has been purchased, including  hoi-it, pump and drills, etc., and is being installed at the Defiance.   '.-  Supt. Longley is starting development on the Carmi, up the WestFork.  All repairs necessitated by a year or  two shut down, have been made, and  drifting on the 150foot level of the  Carmi is on tbe programme. This is  one of tbe properties that is expected  o b eeonie a steady shipper at no dis-  ?taut date.   '.- '  Development work was started this  week on the Lottie F. group, up the  main Kettle River, 'owned- byG. W*  Bamberger, Jas. Marshall, J. B. Mc-  Caulay and William Fernie. "Last  Sunday. Messrs. Rumberger, Fernie  and Strachan left for the property," and  Mr. Marshall will start in a few days  and will spend some time at the mine.  The    report    of    the     investigation    into    the  affairs of   the    Ymir  General   Hospital   has   been  made,    and   the    allegations   of   the   Ymir Mirror appear to be fairly .well sustained.    It certainly  looks as if tbe management  of that institution' left  room for the suspicion that false reports were being  made to the Government,   and, as the report suggests, there appears to have been a very broad construction placed upon the rules provided by the Government for the conduct of that-institution.    As the  matter now   stands it looks as  if the  Government  will have to take further action   to straighten things  out.    In the meantime, C. Dell-Smith, who is responsible for the exposure, has been  forced to abandon  his paper and leave the town.    Yet it is sometimes  boasted tbat the people can be depended upon to support a free press.    But the people are not always sincere in their boasts.  The Tribune proclaims itself a Liberal-Conservative paper. It has generally been regarded a Liberal  paper. The secretary of the Tribune Association is a  Liberal; many of the stockholders profess the same  politics, one of them, it is said, running in the Liberal  interest atthe last Provincial election, and just now  t he Victoria Times (Liberal) is quoting very extensively from the "Liberal-Conservative" editorials of  the Tribune. It would be interesting to learn if the  Liberal stock-holders ofthe Tribune Association have  also experienced a change of political heart.  just about the hardest blow this paper '  bas received since Windy Young called ,,  Tn e Economist a ���' rag," and the flat-' *  ulent promoter of coal companies, liko   "  Mr. Blakemore, is probably as good an"  authority on newspapers as he is on   *  coal prospects.    However, this paper --'  has lived and thrived for seven years, -*."  and may he able to survive the opinion  of both William Blakemore aud D. R.  Young. In the meantime, little Willie .7  might find more   congenial employ-" 1."  ment in trying to adjust himself to >���'  John Houston's cast-off" political gar-*A  ments than wasting his time in critt- ';.  cising The Economist.    ' ' ��� . <-  <4'-* Z'Si  An exchange remarks that twonighte  are enough for an amatuer performance. In Nelson, for an amatuer dramatic performance, 5 seconds would be  found ample.  1 Jl ���7ft,'^C  -     r _? Hi** Vl  . - - .���':���,' va  Dr. George Doberfy. well-known in"  Nelson, has decideded to return to the  Kootenaj's. The Dr. has been for some  time the medical attendant at New  Westminster asylum, and has now-  resigned that position to take charge ofthe Ymir Hospital, where he will also  engage in private practice. Dr. Doherty  has many friends in Nelson, who will  be pleased to learn that he has decided  to return to the Kootenays.   *  It is lumored thatH. W. C. Jackson  foimerly of Rossland, and latterly of  Chicago, has decided to,4akeuphis residence' in'-Nelsonffind'that he will engage in the newspaper bnisness here.  There is a splendid opening in Nelson  for a good newspaper man, and no  doubt Mr. Jackson will achieve fame  and wealth in his new undertaking. "  ���--���ml  '"' *^:*f r  A-Xfr  :Atf��.^  o-A3-ll  - Ami  .- y-.__y  The Nelson City Baud has been engaged for the  Kaslo celebration. This band, under the leadership  of Fred Irwin, is making marked progress, and is  now probably the best baud in the interior.  The new sawmill project has been very generally  discussed in Nelson this week. The majority refrain  from committing themselves to the bonus until the  matter is better understood than at present. There  has been au evident attempt on the part of certain persons to misrepresent the real situation of the mill company. In the first place all the company asks is sufficient bonus to cover the extra amount they will have  to expend to secure a mill site. If the company could  sec ure the site at the same value of the unoccupied  The Nelson & Fort Sheppard and Kaslo & Slocau  railways have decided to appeal against the decision  of Commissioner Jowett in regard to assessment.  A. H. Buchanan, manager of the Bank of Montreal at Nelson, has left for Spokane, where he will  assume charge of that branch during the absence of  Mr. Finucane. Mr. Buchanan will probably be  away three months.  The other day a respectable young  man of Nelson was married to a very  estimable young  woman.     It was a  matter tbat concerned themselves onlyr  but a dozen or so young hoodlums in  terested themselves in tbeaflairs ofthe  young couple to the'extent of making  them a visit at 10 o'clock at night, and  for two hours indulged in the most  riotous conduct, making night hideous  with their howls and by way of variety  smashing tbe framework of the bouse  by throwing stones and even resorting  to a battering ram.    The papers occasionally report occurrences of this character in uncivilized country districts,  but it is not often oue of those outrages  take place in a city that  boasts of a  cultured population, and for the good  name of Nelson it is to be hoped that  the offenders against law and order will  be apprehended, and such punishment  meted out to them that will forever  be a warning to those who feel inclined  to commit deeds of violence.   The man  whose hoi se was beseiged, feels tbat  he would have been justified in shooting one of the midnight intruders, and  when it is stated that his wife was  frightened to the verge of nervous prostration, which may leave its effects for  years, there will be a genersl feeling of  sorrow and disappointment that the  groom failed to prepare himself with a  gatling gun, in order that his uninvited  guests might have received a fitting reception.  The Nelson Lacrosse team will have  ano ther opportunity of crossing sticfea  with the Westminster champions. The  gen eial impression is that the Nelson  p layers w ill give a good   account  of  themselves, if they do not succeed in  vanquishing their   opponents.   .Just  now   they  are getting in some good  pra ctice,  and will play in their best  foTmr~The_teanawill be^streiigthened!-  by the addition' of several new players. ���,  The Vancouver News-Advettiser denies the sensational report that a "state of anarchy" prevails in the  Ymir district  "A Thoroughbred Tramp," which  a ppears at the Nelson Opera House,  next Monday evening, is claimed by  the management to be one of the best  comedies on  the road.    The story of  the play  deals principally   with the  troubles and scrapes of the tramp, T.  Rush Thompson, though through the  comedy there is a strain of sadness, the  history of a wrecked life, a fall from  fine  raiment to the rags and tatters  that proclaim him to be nothing but a  tramp, a turn from the'association of  refined people to that of the class who  beat their way from   place to place  drifting witii the season.   The play is  a new one and said to be thoroughly  entertaining from start to finish.    Of  tbe many high class Comedy-Dramas,  none is attracting more attention in  theatrical circles at the present time  than   Jule   Walters'  "Just   Struck  Town," which will be presented at the  Nelson  Opera House  next   Tuesday  night.   It will be a great treat for all  who   attend  this   performance, and  everyone( will certainly richly enjoy  themselves.   This powerful production  is full of fire and spirit of comedy life.  Wiliiam Blakemere has expressed  the opinion that The Economist is  not a paper upon which any reliance  can be placed ; indeed he goes so far as  to say that It is not a newspaper at all.  Very general regret was expressed at  the   announcement of    the   sudden  death of Capt. M. Richardson, secre*  tary to the Minister of Mines, says thar  Victoria Colonist.  .. /  ________  0 THE NELSON ECONOMIST  \  B-  mm  MB  mm  The Economist  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VKBITON STREET. KBLSOS, 13. C.  $1.00 Per Year in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All changes iu sidvc.-llsfcjifiils to Insnre  Insertion should reach thiB ollice not Utter  tbau Thursday ut 12 o'elock.  When change of address Is required, it. 1-  dcBlrible thutbotl) the old uddrcso und the  new' be given.  Address all communications, " I'ubllulicr of  tfitK Nklson fccosioaiiST. Ncl8on.lt. C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  A British Columbia exchange directs"  attention to the fact that much of tin-  interest now taken in the Canadian  North-west is the direct result of advertising that has been done during  the past two yew* by the railroads and  the Government.    There is a lesson in  this which the people of British Columbia should learn at once.   Thia Province possesses many advantages nol  to be  found in the Territories which  are now swarming with immigrants,  and sooner or latter the eves of intend  ing settlers will turn this way, but the  * ,��ooner the better.     It  is   quite true  British Columbia will never acquire  lame aa a wheat producing country, bui  it has a climate suitable for fruit-growing, an   industry equally as profitable  as the raising of No. 1 Hard.    As wuh  was remarked by a well-known railroad  man to this paper the othor day, the  " -remarkable  strides  that  have    been  ' made in the interior of British Colum-  "    bhfthe past few years, in fiuit rawing  simply borders on the marvellous. We  have bee^n talking about our mineral  development so much  that wc  have  been unmindful of the   fact   lhat   a  srreat industry has grown up which  , must become very profitable to those  engaged in it. "At will bVonly a short  time   till   this - Province-will   cease  importing "fruit altogether, and be in a  position to supply the Northwest with  the best article grown any place on the  continent    It would bewell if some  ;    intelligent method   were   devised of  .   makingthefruit.growingpossibilit'csof  British Columbia known  to the outside world.    The cultivation or fruit is  -    mere holiday work compared with the  '    production of wheat and grains of all  -    kinds, and tbe mildness of our climate  would-be an   additional incentive to  those who intend to change their abode  to take up their residence in British  We Print  Letter Heads,  BiH Heads,  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  For the wet spring*' days must be damp  proof and vet light it) weight and stylish in  form. Our new foot wear fills these requirements in every particular. Each pair of shoes  in our stock ls porticularly stylish and  thoroughly well made from the very best stock.  The various leathers���Calf, Box Calf, Viei,  Enamel, Etc., and the different shapes enable  us to suit all tastes and fit all feet perfectly.  Prices to suit everybody.  1  New   Pictur  Monl dings,  Room Mouldings and Plate  Rail.     We make a specialty of Picture Framing, Sign Writing  aiuting, Paper Hanging aud Kalsominiug.    Estimates Furnished.  i  T  T  t  T  ���I  1  Baker Street Nel  Insurance,   Real   Estate   ai  Mining  Agent  Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city  Now is the time to invest in good  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON   STREET,  6.   u  Household Ammonia, quart bottles  Benzine and Gasoline, big botlles  Turpentine, big bottle   Furniture Cream, extra good   Bug Poison, big bottle    ...  Copperas, Lye  and Chloride ot Lime, all ready   lor Soring House  Cleaning  Pure Baking Powder, in bulk  ............ 35c per lb.  Seidlitz Powders, Fresh... ;...;. 25c  Rutherford's Cathartic Pellets, Good for Liver and Stomach..... 25c  Wild Cherry Spruce and Taig" This is the popular cough remedy  originally prepared by "Teetzel & Co., and is unequalled for  coughs and colds, 2 sizes... '.. .......'25c and 50c  PRESCRIPTIONS    A    SPECIALTY   AT  REASONABLE I RICES.  RUTHERFORD, Druggist  PHONEA214  NIGHT PHONE B214  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.,  Fire and  Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  BAKER ST.,  NELSON, B. C.  BOX 223  DISPENSING  WARD STREET, NELSON, B.  E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  1    v~~*.*"~V    *J*    ���**    *���*    ���?    IS*���V    *i*   V    V    V    V  v    v    '�����"-   >'  .FERGUSON&  l   L�� B     I ftao 1      1 "W5  \~S  V^ *W   ���     *��      1--*"*.*      ^-*-  ,-**.  B  �� NELSON, B. C.  I'       Tee largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in  the in  Y terior.  -      PABST BEE  in pints and quarts.  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines  ���>-���  Three dwelling houses for sale rn easy terms.  One Lot on Stanley street, opposite 'Royal  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  /o  TO.  BAKER STREET, NELSON  AGENT FOR  ���5. The Julia Marlowe  J 'J tie Celebrated Keith Shoe.  % lhe Douglas Shoe.  i  Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty   |  TIMETABLE.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,  Trail/ Nelson,, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to auy branch will have prompt and careful atteu  ion.*  Columbia.  ress Comment  m:  , .It can be said of the citizens of Nolson.that they ore not lacking in civic  pride. We know of no city in Canada  where so much time and labor ure spen t  ln beautifying the homo as in Nelson.  The gardens and grounds are most attractive and this year particularly  much"has been done in the way of improving the appearance of the buildings. This is a beneficial advertisement in itself. Nothing impresses the  stranger within our gates more than  the appearance of homes. The citizfen  who takes pride in his immediate stir-  rouudings is Invariably a desirable  neighbor.  Kamloops Standard.  The local opposition of jackals, scenting the scraps that may fall to his share  from another political contest, are busy  circulating false malicious rumors anent  tbe position  taken by Mr. Fulton on  various phases of the Assessment Act.  They are laying particular stress on his  stand  in reference to the taxation of  agricultural interests, thinking to array  against him the farmers of the Kamloops district.     Mr. Fulton's well directed efforts in  tho interests of  the  farmers gives tbe lie to these  baseless  fabrications,  especially    when : compared with the self-seeking operations  of the clique who manipulate the affairs of the opposition in this district..  STANJLKV. STR12ET���  7.00 7.40  Q.OO 9.4O  Every 40'minutes until 10.20 p. m.  BOGUSTOWN ���  7.20 .00        S.40  10.00     10.40  Every 40-minutes until 10.40 p. m.  8 20 a.  10.20  9,20 a.  11.20  in.  'est Kootenay Butcher Lo  \v  hr  to  The  basis of wealth in California is  the production of fruit.   "Nearly every  acre, in that State on  which  fruit ia  grown.has to be irrigated at an enormous cost.    British Columbia haa any  amount of land that will produce fruit  without irrigation, and the fruit grown  without irrigation is the best.   Besides  we have a market at our own doors for  all the fruit that can  be grown.    The  North-west can consume all the fruit  grown in British Columbia for year.-*,  and there will be no competition to  slaughter that market. That the people  are beeiuing to realize the tlie  fruitgrowing possibilities of the Kootenays  is best evidenced by   the fact that real  estate dealers" are besieged   with   in-  tjiiirieij for twenty-acre plots, oue dealer  elone having disposed of seven of these  -plots (bis week.  Cutliollv  Register.  When Edward VII. lirst set foot on  Irish soil as king, it was to the people  Ins right baud was extended.   The customary   armed   guard   having    been  pressed  upon him he declined it with  the now historic declaration that he  needed no guards between bim and the  hearts of tbe Irish people.    When he  addressed tlie faculty of Trinity, college, it was to the figures of Grattan  and 'I3urkc.be   pointed with   admiration, and when he appeared within the  wails of tlie Catholic college of May-  nooth his words likewise told of warm  sympathy with tlie unquenchable aspirations  of . Irish   nationhood.     Go  where he will  through the green isle  to-day, King Edward will meet none  but welcoming faces and he will also  see in  tho=e faces high' ho^e and an ti  ll Is predecessors" read  very 'di'Ierent  emotions.    Ireland will be completely  happy one of these days with  home  rule realized   under   Edward as -her  King.- \ .'..:'   -������-    ,    '   ������-������'.��� ��� ���  Moyie Leader.  Eight carloads of ore;-'.were shipped  from the St.  Eugene to the smelter at  Trail this week.       This is the  first  shipped from this property since July,  1001, almost three years ago.    There  are now over 200 men on the payroll.  The   concentrator    will   be   running  double shift after  to-morrow.   The report tbat Mr.  Fernau is in   Ottawa attempting to prevent the Government  extending the bounty to load exported,  is not being taken to very  favorably  here.     Milling men iu tbe Kootenays  look   upon    Fernau    as    a  schemer  aud    a    seeker    of     cheap    notoriety, aud if he .carrier as little  weight  iu Ottawa as he does here littlo   harm  will result from his presence at the  capital.    The Kootenay mine-owners  never   considered   hia  schemes   very  seriously for the reason  that  Fernau  could never give them any tangible  proof of his ability to carry out bis proposed  undertakings, although  he was  given sufficient time aud opportunity  to furnish tbis proof.    To them he appeared only as a promoter with a gold  brick to peddle.   The St. Eugene company has signed a foreign contract for  4,000 tou3, with privilege of extending  it to 17,000 tons. 13ut if, the bounty is  not extended the contract will he cut  short after the 4,000 are shipped, and  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.  The Cat Barn', ..Phone 165B.  tt___at  Apply A. V. MASON,   Man.-Sec  Camps supplied on shorlest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  'attention.'  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E.G.TRAVES Manager  WADDS BROS.  E. K. STRAurii  Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.  ST. LOUIS  AND RETURN  80.DAYS' LIMIT  DATES of SALK  -May 11,12, 18, June lfi, 17. 18.  July 1. 2. 3, August 8,!), 10.  September 5, 0, 7, October I!, -1,5.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET. NELSON, B. C  Sewing Machines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  RETURN  TICKETS TO  Ofthe Latest Designs  ARRIVING DAILY.  Nice line of Trouserings  TO DELINQUENT CO OWNERS.  At corresponding rates on same dates.  l'or full particulars apply lo local agents or  ���write.  Old CuriositvShop, Josephine St, Helson  cijriUiliou of national recovery where about $20,000.  even  on tliis the company  will lose  ��� ..!���,.... i ton non  Fred. J, Squire  Tents and Awnings ma.do'aiid'repaire-J.  Clothing cleaned and mended.  Over the Wallace-Miller Co>V Nelson  J.S. CARTER,  Dtst.l'ass. A;  - Nelson.  ;t..  E. J. COYLK,  A. G- H. A.  Vancouver  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., nextnewP. O. Bldg., Nelson  Frank  Fletcher  ' PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  Bartlett House  (Formerly Clarlte House)  The best 81 per day house in Nelson.  None but white help employed  the best.  The bat-  Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown Granted  P.O. Box 563      Office : Kootenay "St. Nelson  W.G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  aud -woodwork.  G. W.   Bartlett/   Prop Brick and Lime for Sale  ���������pO G.Ed. C. MAitTiN. II. W. F. Pol-  ���*- lok. or nny oilier person to whom  ihey may have transferred their interests  in'the Goodenough "Fraction mineral  claim, situated on Wild Horse Creek;  about four miles from the town of'Ymir,  and adjoining the Mugwump, Rockland  anil Lexington mineral claims in'tho  Nelson Minir>g Division of West Krto��-  t.t'.nay District, and recorded in the.Re.-  corder's oilice for the Kelson Mining  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that I havo" expended thirty-four  dollars and twenty'-Bvp cents (?34.25)  in labor and ''improvements upon the  above mineral claim in oilier to hold  same under . the provisions of life Mineral Act. and if within ninety days from  the date of this notice you fail or "lvfttse  to contribute your portion of. expenditure, togetherwith all costs-of advertising, your interests in said claims "Will  become the property of ihe subscriber,  under section 4 of an act entitled "An  Act to Amend the Mineral Act/ 190Q.1?  . "      O. A. LOVELL.'*  Dated at Ymir,  B- C.,  thisJLTtl/day.  .of'February; 190-1.      -~      -  JOB PRINTING AT  ECONOMSSTOFFIOE  fc  -f*-~  wm��wii*V(������r'r, ':'IP*��lii! w  Spring.   See Us about it   Large New Stock  The only  really first-class  Piano made in the Dominion of Canada.    See them.  Hear them.   Buy them from us.  ��� '     -' 7 'J&  . >'Z0.  , . 'J*y"    * ^ "?"$$*  - Ai-A'iM  SA'>_t%B  ���LZAAyAg?*  A;AJi  ,V-h;V,75%S3  . v��v4$S|l  M  egular  Yours at $30 each.  **>  anys Stores  BS5^S^^aSS3S*S��*��EEEE����*S3S^2^  A Glimpse Into the Future  HOMER G. "WELLS, "ln a brut fill? '  frank article in the "Fortnight*  ly Review," gives us a striking  glimpse into the future tin-oust  ���what most people will consider a very  highly colored lens. His description of  the New Republic is, o�� course; an arraignment of. -the present order of society.  "The men of the New Republic," say3  Mr. Wells, "will not he sciueamlsh  either in facing or inflicting death, because they will have a fuller sense of  the possibilities of life .than we possess. They will have an ideal that' will  make killing worth 'the while; like Abraham,..they will have the faith to kill,  and they will have no superstitions'  about death. They will naturally regard the modest- suicide of incurably  melancholy",or diseased or helpless persons as a high and courageous act of  duty rather than a crime.    And sinca  _they_\vilL regard,__as_ jndeocL.aJAsiS'i-  raised��� above a brutish level do regarcTT  a very long term of imprisonment a*  infinitely worse'than  death,  as being  ���vlndeed death with a living misery add- j  ed  to its  natural   terror,  they  will,  I I  conceive,  where the whole  tenor of -a !  man's   actions,   and  not   simply  some  incidental or Impulsive   action,   seema  to  prove him unfitted, for free life  in  the world, consider him carefully and  condemn   him  and  remove   him   from  being.    All  such  killing  will he  doiiG.  with an opiate, for death is.too grave a  thing to be made painful or dreadful  e.nd used as a deterrent from crime.   It'  deterrent punishments are used at all  In the code of the future, the.deterrent  Will neither be death, nor mutilation of  the body, nor mutilation of the life by !  imprisonment, not any horrible things  like that, but good scientifically caused  pain, that  wiil leave    nothing  but  a  memory. Yet even the memory of over-'  whelming pain is a sort of mutilation  ot the soul.   The idea that only those  who are fit to live freely ln an orderly-  world state should be permitted to .live  U entirely against the use of deterrent  . punishments at all, Against outrageous  C<wduct to children ov women, perhaps,  or for very cowardly or hrutal assault"!  of any sort, the men of the future may  consider pain a salutary remedy, at  least during the ages of transition  while the brute la still at large. But  since most acts of this sort do, under  conditions that neither torture nor exasperate, point to an essential vileness  in the perpetrator, I am inclined to  think that even in these cases the men  of the coming'itlme will be far less disposed" to torture than to kill. They  will have another aspect to consider.  The conscious infliction of pain for the  sake of the pain ls,against the betten  ���nature of man, and it is unsafe and demoralizing for anyone to undertake this  duty. ��� To kill under the seemly conditions science will afford is a Car less  - oflansive thing. Tha rulers of the future will grudge making good people  into jailers, warders, punishment dealers, nurses and attendants on the bad.  People -who cannot live happily and  freely in the world without spoiling the  lives of others are better out of it.  That is a current sentiment to-day, but  tha men of the New Republic will have  th* cpurage ol their, opinions,'*-  - ��� A somewhat apocryphal anecdote of  Sir Wilfrid Laurier is filing the rounds  o-f the United States press: During the  last.general elections, it is related, a  Quebec, Liberal,, .whose acSTruaintance  with Sir Wilfrid was only 'political,  sent thi-s telegram to his leader, .who  was. in Ontario on. a speech-making  tour: "Report- in circulation in this  county .' that. your children have not  been baptized. Telegraph denial.'" To  w'h'ich despatch-the Premier sent this  reply: "Sorry to say report is correct.  I have no children."  Dr. M-acNamara, 'in his collection of  child stories, 'tells one concerning that.  wonderful dream of Jacob's and the  angels going up: the ladder, to Hoaven.  "Please, sir," asked one of the boys in  the class to which the story.was being  rehearsed, "'Why did the -angels want  ���to go. up the ladder when they had  ���wings?" This nonplussed the teacher,  who took a strategic niovem .-nt to) the  rear by saying, "Ah, yes! A iy? Perhaps one of the boys can answer that."  =Aii'd���one'=aia^'-!Please;���sir';"-"-"TB.ai"d~ her  "because they was a-mol-ting."  'Thomas A. Edison Is deaf, but, like  many whose hearing is defective, ho  sometimes understands what ls said  when it is least expected. There were  visitors one day at his laboratory, to  whom, as usual, he was polite, although husy, and he patiently answered many questions unnecessarily  shouted at him... Finally, one of the  visitors, the humorist of the party,  said to another: "I bet he'd hear If  iweaslc him to have a drink." "Yes,"  said Edison, looking directly at the  man and smiling, "I would; tout no,  thank you, not to-day."  The late Lord.Dufferin was fond of  relating an. amusing experience which  occurred when' he was returning to  Ireland from a diplomatic mission to  toe married, and his engagement to the  beautiful Miss Hamilton had just been  announced. He landed one evening on  -the platform of a small country station near Clandoboye, and hlre-d -a  driver to take him the four or five  miles, tout he was so muffled up that  the driver failed to recognize him.  Presently Lord Dufferin askeu: "Any  news about .' here?" "No news,"  grumpily replied the man, "except that  the 'beautiful Miss Hamilton ls goln^f  to marry that ugly fellow. Dufferini"  Edison's Prophecy,  Mr. Edison's latest theory is that by  and by we shall toe atole to do without  sleep altogether, as by the more perfect processes of electric lighting it will  toe difficult to tell night from day, and  we shall forget when bedtime comes  round. The man of the future ls evidently going to live pretty rapidly. It  was only the other day that we were  told that square meals would be a  thing of the r?ast in the good time  that's coming. Instead of laboriously  working your way through seven or  eight courses, all you'll .have to do will  be to go to the nearest chemist and  ibuy a few pills with the nourishment  of a city dinner concentrated into each.  In the face ef these conditions one feela  disposed to urge the races unborn to  stay where they are for their owa  sakes. . . '. - --./i---���-  THE   CELEBRATED  JAR PIPES.]  1, . trffC  a:#I  5     .^V7.^'j|  - ff vj ~,&\  - y H.j?  , AA^m  \ '��� 'Zym  ***���       ,  V *"��?���  Tt-, i;r*v7  Z, Ab&  AA1S:  - i-tyf-A  1 *t ^  - ��� y-rA&i  \-~-A~iKSj  A   "AA.m  \ "n j-r'All  'Ayjy:-  __   . \    .��^rv; t  *i    >-\.'_- *'J._,.S  o  0>  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  cLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op.BC. Customs House, Nelson  ���.,/, 1  Navy Out Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy  G ut Cigarette  Tobaccov  s   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Gut  ,A     Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  *���-*i  .- erf  "^H ���  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner,Beeton & Co., L'td, victo^aa  MONTREAL, Sole ManufaC  turers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  RBH.CARLEY,B.C.Ag��.  . r   'il  $1.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERBEY, GENERAL AGEHT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  B '  Not What He Meant at; All.  Politeness, tt ls true, ir*U!*t have Uh  ftrlgln in a kind heart and a desire to  please; hut tact and thoughtfulness  and quick wit are also essential to srood  manners.  A very stout hostess *\vho was entertain/ins a larg-e company one evening  turned to a group of young men standing near her chair and smilingly asked:  - "May -I trouble one of you young  gentlemen for a glass of water from  the pitcher on the tahle?"  Several of the young men hurried to  comply with lhe request. One, who  was particularly active, succeeded in  reaching: the table first.  As he handed the glass -of water to  the hostess 8he complimented him op  hia quietness.  "Oh, that's nothing," he said. "T am  used to it. I got Into many a circus  and menagerie when I -n-as a boy by  tarrying" water for the elephant."  It vra.* only when "be saw the expression on (he lady's fsice, and noticed tha  tlience, lhat the young- sn&a realized  that lit had said..  J. Pierpont Morgan makes his boast  that  he  never has  be^n.  interviewed,  and  declares   that  in   the   last   seven  ���years but one interviewer ever has been  able to approach-him.   This was on a  recent trip to Europe, when a representative o�� the London "Times" would-  ��ot take "Uo" for his answer.    "Tell  The 'Times' man my timd is worth ten  pounds a minute," at last said Morgan.  "The 'Times' man says he'll take two  minutes at that," came back the reply.  The   interviewer handed  Mr.  Morgan  twenty pounds,   talked just  two minutes by both their watches, did all tho  talking himself, and rose to go on the  instant.    "Why did you  want to see  me?" Morgan asked in curiosity.   "Oh,  I wagered one hundred pounds that I  would interview you personally, that's  all," was his reply.   Morgan congratulated him  on his enterprise, and dismissed him within the third minute of  his call.   When asked, the other day, i��  he  kept  the   twenty  pounds,  Morgan  said: "Yes, and I haven't earned money in a long  time that  gave  me   the  satisfaction that twenty pounds did."  2 NIGHTS  COMMENCING  Original     Descriptive     Character  Play  4 THOHOUGISIW  , .mmP..  Xotlw i.- lirrcliy pircn Hint :i�� iippllcntloi'  will bi> m-idc U> tlie I.u��if.lat|vi> Assembly ol  tin- Vrovliice (>f Uritisli C'oiuiiiUa, ��t its next  session, fur an A.i-t aiitliorislii!; nnd enabling  the Urn-ill I'rusl Com piny (�� body corporate  liiivlui! its vrtncipnl plucvot business sit the  Citv ol' Montreal, in ilie Province of Quebec  in 'the Dominion of Ciuliirln, inc-.orvanitcclby  Act, of r-ivli;iinont ol' tlie mild 1'ro-vincc of  Quebec;iiul oihti Provinces of Ilie D.1111I1 i in  ol'CiinadsiUo rseicKc in the said I'rovin cof  ' r.riti.H-li Ci limibla Uie following powers:���  To act os 11-ustec, attorney, surety, and : lso  jib aifcnt, vhctlier llnancliil or for the purp. t,eti  t of invest inont or otherwise, for, and to carry  on any undertaking, arningcment.firaalgnina-  ' Hon, ur busln-Hs of, persons, partnerships,  companies, estate, niunici pa lilies, corporations, g-ivemments and others.  To organize and assist in promoting other  companies, and to take and deal in shares and  other interests in f-m-h companies.  To sua r:i nl ec titles, invest inents, debentures,  securities anil otlier interests.  To advance or borrow money upon these-  curit v of, and to purchase or ot licrwise acqu Ire  and fnvest In, mortgage, pledge, sell or otlier-  , wise deal with, nny real and personal property, as also lrancliises, concessions, rights  and privileges.  'J'o receive money on deposit.  to negotiate loans.    .  To purchaser com>lmet, lcnse or oilicrvisc  ae<iulie buildings for Lhe deposit and safe-  liieplnKOf properly.  To act genera 11>* ancl fill l.v as promoter, guar-  aiito;-, attorney, surety,bailee,guardian, committee, triwtue, executor, sidimnislrator, curator, assignee, liquidator, receiver, assignee  for the benctit of creditors, auditor nnd ageut,  and to carry on any description of commercial and (liiancinl biiKiness, and to acquire all  neccstiiiry powers for the purpose of and incidental to the carrying out of any of the  above objects.  Dated al Victoria, 13. C, the 21st day or April,  190-1.  nouwEr-it, it L.vw.-'ox.  Solicitors for the Applicants.  JOY IN EVERY CUP.  IDEAL  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  R.   G<  JOY,   PROPRIETOR  All other tramp plays have originated from the seeds of success sown  by this comedy.  $1 per day and up.  NoChlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  SECOND NIGHT  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,  TWO BLOCKS FROM "WHARF,  B. C.  JOS! SIPBCS TOWII   AJoundary  The Swe'edish' Comedy Sue.ess  TICKETS, $1, 50c and 75c  SHERIFFS SALE.  I    The following tabic gives tbe ore sWpmeats  100-4, and for last week :  hipments  of Boundary mines for 1902  By virtue"or a. Warrant of Execution issued  6utof the Comity Court of Kootenay, liolclcu  ftt Nelson, at tho Suit of "\V. C. McLean, of  Kelson, Contractor, Plaintiff*, siKuinst Hujjh  R. Cameron, or Winnipeg.Manitoba, Aycnt,  Defendant, and to me directed nuainst,  lhe  floods and chattels of the suid Defendant,  ��ugti R-- Cameron, I have seized n ml taken in  Execution, all the right, title and interest of  ^he said-'Hugh R. Cameron in the two storied  building situated on tlie. Eastern ouc-hult of  loi numbered Eleven (11) of Bloch'nuiiibeicd  one (1) on the North side ot'liakurMtreet, in  the City of Nelson, 11. U.; To recover the sum  . of $122.U0, andalsointercstcin Sl-JDM at the rate  ��f$5 per cenLum per annum, from thcllth chiy  ol April, IBOl, uuoil juiyment, besides ShcrifTs  poundage. Officer's lees, and all other lcgul incidental expenses-nil of which 1 shall exposu  for sale ot sulliuleiit thereof to Hillsly said  Judgment debt and coats, &l my oflice, next  to tlie Court House, in tho City ot Nelson, li.  C, on Monday, the '23rd djiy of May, 1901, at  Uie hour of eleven o'clock, in the forenoon.  Note��� 1 ulemliiis   'jurchusers  will   satisfy  themselves an to the Interest and. title of the  said Defendant Hugh H. Cameron,  Doted at Nelson, B. C, LiCUi May, 1904.  H. i��. Tuck,  SherUroffcJouth Kootonay.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  Granby Mines, Plioenix    ."  Snow-shoe, Plioenix  IJrooUlyn. Plioenix    .  Motlier Lotlo, "Dead wood  Hunset, Desulvvoorl  Morrison, "Deadwood   .   .  li. il. aline, Summit-.  lt. "Bell, Summit  Emnin, Summit .  Senator, Summit Camp .  Oro Denoro . "*    .  Win iii peg, Wellington    .  Golden Crown, Wellington  Athenian, Wellington    .  ICiiijr Solomon, W. Copper  No. 7 Mine,  Central ���     .  City of Paris, Central .  Jewel, Long Lake   .  Carmi, West Fork  Providence, Providence .  Elk Horn,-Greenwood .       .  E. P. "IJ. and Goldfinch  .  Ruby, Boundary Fulls  Miscellaneous  .       .  Total, tons.  1903  tOSrTli  74,212  130,402  15,731  3,339  19,365'  22,937  363  15,537  2,435  1904   Past Week  -10.260  CI ,934  8.690  1,756  11,545  2,560  .' 300  SO  ���* ���  5,G46 2,908  910  321  400  245  1G7  184  034,426       282,103        13,250  S. J. M. Mineral Claim, situate lu the Nelson.  Mining Division of W<;st Kootenay I'islriet.  Where locuiud: On the North fork or wild  Horse Creek, North-liast ot and adjoining the  ������ Oronogo" Miu��Tiil Claini.  Tnke notice tliat I, Joliu McLatchie, of tlie  City of Nelson, acting sis agent lor-Dunctvii  McArthur, Free Miner's Certilleatc Ko.  B8U,703, Intend, sixty days from t lie date  hereof, to apply to tlie Miniug Uecordcr for a  Certificate of Improvcmcnti", for Ilie purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim. ..:���-���'���  And further take notice that action, under  section. 37, must be commenced before the is-  siianceof such C'ertlllcate of Improvements.  Dated thio 2nd day of May, A. U. 1904.  / ���'        . John kcLatcili k 1'. !_,. S.  Certificate of Improvements.  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  Orouogo Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division or West Kootenay Dis-  trh t.  Where located : On. the North Fork of Wild  Horse Creels. Korth Esist of aud adjoining tli i  "Joplin" Mineral Claim. j  Take notice that I, John Mcljilcblc, of the  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Christian  X<. BebnBenar.dDuncar McArthur, Executors  of tbe will of Robert Riestererrdeceiisrd, Free  Miner's Certificate No. ��� intend sixty diiys  irom the late hereof to apply to tlie Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ot  tlie above claim.  And further take notice, tliat action under  Section 37 must be commenced Ivcfore the issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  PateA Ihis 2ad any oi May, im  Sons HcXfA-iciruz.  Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c  Anyone sonding a sketch and description mny  qntoMr ascertain oar opinion free whether an  invention 13 probnblr patentable. Communications strictly confldentlnl. Handbook on Patents  scat free Oldest acency forsocuriiiKpatents.  Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive i  tpcctal notice, without charge, lntbe  Mortgage Sale  A nnndsoincly Illustrated! -weeltly.  ���.���...���.,���,.._., ...���-   - -    largest ctr-  culatioii of any scientific journal.    Terms, $3 a  year; -four months, t*.  Sold by all newsdealers.  MUNN-& Co.38,B���-d^Hew York  Branch Offico. 625 F St. *WBShinaton. D. a  Mrs. Browne���And who ls the president, of your club now, Mrs. Malaprop?  Mrs. Malaprop (proudly)���I am tho  present encumbrance, just ao*ar,���CPlalla-  deijtfiJa -'Prea?," ,      Under and by virtue or the powers contained in.a certain mortgage, ivhien will be  produced at the time of sale, there will be offered for sale by O.'A. Waterman & Co., at  their offices in the' K.-W.-C.Illnck. Baker  Street, Nelson. U.C.,on Monday, theslxtbday  of June, l'JO-t, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon,  the following property: All and singular Let  numbered seven (7), in Block numbered seven  (7), in the town (now city) of Nelson, Province of British Columbia, according to tlie  ofllcial plan or survey or said town of N'clsou.  This property is situate on the South side of  Baker street, betweeullnll and Hendryx Sts.  and has erected thereon a dwelling house.  For terms ami conditions of sale apply to  MAcnoNAi.n & JmiNSox,  Siollcltors for Mortgagees  Burns Flock, Baker street, Nelson, 15. C  Dated [hit, 14th day of Mav, 1504. '  Corporation of the City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates for the moiith of April  are now'due and  payable  at  the  City  offices.   If paid  on  or before   the  lotli May  dlscountof 10 rcr cent will be allowed.  Nelson. April 30,1904.  By order,  D.CMcMOBRiS  City Clerk.  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  . It was a matter of common remark that we  had Cut -Prices on Choice Millinery to a very  low figure,lower in fact than could be obtained  elsewhere.  However  we have desired lo make a more  sweeping reduction in our large stock.  We are constantly changing  in conformity  wiih the latest productions.  Ne matter when you visited us last j-ou will-  see something new to-morrow<  leading Millinery of Kootenay  - MOTHER'S BREAD is unquestionably  tlie most healthful, and is a special boon to  those with a tendency to dyspepsia.  We bake any good kind of Bread" and  Cakes your health and taste demands. It is  cheaper and more satisfactory than doing your  own baking.. Our product'has the pure homemade flavour all Bakeries try. toimitate.  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment Systern  p^-y^^^^/^^'^^^b^^'%''l^^e/��^&^'^^^^/^^< ���^y^-'Sk-^&'&.-^Svi  Just arrived a full stock of  CHURCH'S AIABASTINE |  in   all shades, the only PERMANENT, SANITARY/WALL  COATING.  Don't take something just as good, when you can get the genuine.-  Never rubs off.    50c per.package.  Si.^  I Nelson Hardware Co. ��etJ���B6.c. t  Ward Street.  Cash Advanced on Consignments  Go to  the  Auction Mart for  Tents, Trunks, Boot, Rain  Coats, Furniture or General  Merchandise.  ���J. GREEN & GO  Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers  Economist  Office.  We mean to have a reputation for the above  We sell  Blue Ribbon and Salada, and have the agency  for Silver  Spoon Tea.    Silver Spoon in every package.  There is no better Coffee than our 50c Waldorf Astoria Coffee.  f   \ 1  Dimpsorw���.  'Phone 34 The Red Font  Grocery  MAKE NO'.-M'ISTAK  For a Pure, Healthful  Cereal, none can compare with "  '9     *rm,   ��� -a"  Made in British Columbia.  The Brackman-Ker Milling  Co., Limitecl  Manufacturers of High Grade Cereals.  ;    -Witt--WULTV*  ��r*m   t *.*'  ItjiWUWF    *��������* 1


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