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The Nelson Economist Mar 28, 1903

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„h,r?.mr\7    .-a ?, ..w^M.i"..!- ~w   . ~-.»,»„rt,t.«j.   .^J.-..,^J.J.^.J.,^,^.
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<-rt i-
Proclaims   Peace   and   Good-
Will to the Whites.
Delivered   at   Sault    Ste,    Marie,
Ontario, on the Conclusion
of a Treaty.
Looking over some old documents a few days ago, Mr. Arthur
Burwash, of Arnprior, Ontario,
found a copy of a speech delivered
by an Indian chief at a treaty concluded at Sault Ste. Marie, September 5th, 1850. The red man's
oration, translated by T. \V. Keating, runs as  follows :
" Father, I take you by the hand
in token of friendship and regard.
" Father, before I answer what
has fallen from your mouth, let me
say a few wards about myself. See
my changed ■■'• appearance, see how
long sickness has weakened my
frame, and do not wonder if I reply
briefly to the words of our great
mother, which she has this .day
spoken through your lips.
" Father, it  is   not   long   since
your wise men (priests) have come
among the Indians to  bring them
t h eTj no\\ ledge of *t 11 e~w li ffe."" ID a r k" -
ness Was around us, we were   blind
and could riot see : now the rays of
light   are   coming   faintly   to   our
"Father, there is a Great Being
above us vvho niado all—the earth
we stand upon, tho waters which
bear tho red man's canoe, tho trees
which grow around them.
" Father, these trees are many.
but there is one which far surpasses
the others, one known alike to iho
red man and tho whito—tho fine.
" Father, that tree will lust forever. Ita roots strike deep into tlio
earth, its branches spread fur anil
wide, its leaves are many ; it cannot die ; its fibres cany to it the
nourishment which gives it strength
nd power. j
" Father, so is our great mother
tho root whioh |»ivi..s fond to all.
Many as are tho branches which
shoot from tho parent stem, many
as aro t..cleaves which envoi' thorn,
Bho ruloa over all,she gives life ami
tmpport to all,
11 Father, what I say cmues from
my lumrt. From tho days of early
infancy,whon I first learnt of our
groat mother iiotosh tho vast salt
lake, until thu present day, I huvo
lovod, I have funred, I havo honored tho Quoon, and until tho heart
which now bouts but foobly in my
breast shall havo ceased its pulsations, I shall nellhor change nor
" Fathor, it, may bo that ore long
ono of those leaves may fall from
tho paront vino. Tho timo cannot
bo remote, but what is Iho dropping of a fading leaf from the many
whioh that fruitful stom Hiipports ?
It fullH and is forgotten.
"Father, 1 never nay thai, which
in not. I nover hide my thoughts
in my breast, and imw hear me
when I Hay that my fenlingH, my
actions, my heart,, shall remain as
they have ever been ■•■-devoted ti,
the Queen. And until the day
when death shall strike me I will
follow in the path which hor lirsl
men shall point out, that which
our great mother wit-lio-i nn to lead.
"Father, I have heard your
words ; they have ninde mo glad ;
und now ntoiioo in tho ni|nioof my
chief?, my warriors, rny women
and my children, I consent. As
our great mother wills it, so it
shall be.
" Father, when the man with the
small flags first came amongst us,
when the seeker after metal was
seen upon our lands, I looked at
them hut said nothing. I heard
many things, but did not allow
them to enter my ears ; I closed
them lest they might be filled with
what is foolish.
" Father, this day for the first
time I have listened. What I have
heard has sunk deep into my heart
and there it shall remain.
" Father, I speak not for myself
alone, other chiefs speak through
me. They as well as myself will
not go contrary to the wishes of our
great mother.
"Father, my strength is fast
leaving me ; I cannot say much
more. The money you offer we are
willing to accept ; let my people
have half ; with the other do as you
will as you think right.
"Father, to-morrow I shall again
address you ; but mind that all we
do must be written down as by the
white, mind that the treaty must
be twice on the strong paper which
can never break, which will prevent
the words of this day from being
" Father, our great father shall
keep one, the other shall: go with
me, it shall be near me to the last,
and when Joseph Peau de Chat
dies none shall say he wronged his
tribe or neglected their rights. My
name shall live when I shall.be no
jL.Xh&~tra.t)_sla_tor . notes that^.the
above speech was the first made at
the treaty by Peau de Chat. I He
was dying of consumption, and his
piediction about the "falling leaf"
was soon afterwards fulfilled.
robt. $. immt
Tho Greenwood Times believes
the Boundary country is on the eve
of a wave of prosperity. The Times
says :
The V. V. & E. engineers are
making their final survey which
enters Greenwood on Gold street
and coming on to Silver street
somewhere near tho Auditorium,
and fioiri there on out towards
Eholt. All surveys lo both our
smelters are complete and all that
remains now lo he done is tho ^on-
struolion of the road, whioh will be
commenced very shortly.
Our high grade properties are attracting a great deal of attention in
tho mining world and no less than
two eminent engineers havo been
hero thin week looking up properties on tho Goldfinch, Providence,
Wlkhorn, Defiance, 10. P. U. and
Lancashire Hill. Thoro are several
good locutions on the siuno hill, all
having the same showing of small
veins from !J to IS inches wide, but
very high grade.
If the Crow's Nest strike had not
occurred Greenwood to-day would
bo in a fair way of really jjonuino
good times. Copper worth 15 cents
means a lot to Greenwood.
Tho Hoard of Trado those days is
doing a lot of good work and they
are not t-aying much about it
either. If their present plans do
not miscarry we will havo with us
hero in a week or ho one of tlio
largest, conventions over held in tho
district; every farmer,- boarding-
hoiit-'e keepers from every mine,
smelter, saw mills, hotels, etc,
within a radius of I'I miles will be
asked to attend to devise a plan of
establishing a twioo-a-wook market
Who Has Been   Selected by
the Conservatives.
Meeting:   of   the   Legislature  May
Develop Some Surprises
V—Party Lines.
Nelson Conservatives evideptly
believe in taking time hy the forelock. A petition has been circulated this week asking Mr. Robert
Scott Lennie, barrister, to offer
himself as candidate for Nelson in
the Conservative interest. The
requisition has been extensively
signed by representative Conservatives, and Mr. Lennie has decided
to make the run. He may now be
regarded as the Conservative candidate in the forthcoming contest.
Mr. Lennie is a young man, who on
account of lack'of time has not been
able to devote much time to politics in the past, but will now go
into the campaign with the intention of winning. He enjoys an enviable reputation in the community as an honorable, straigbfor-
ward young man, of a'tgreat* deal
more than average ability. As a
representative in the Legislature he
will command respect, and fhis
friends claim that he can be /depended upon to work hard in the
interests of his constituents. Mr.
Lennie's candidature is favorably
commented upon by the rank and
file of tbe Conservative party in
Nelson, although there may be a
little harmless antagonism on the
port of certain "soreheads," "Mugwumps" and "the disgruntled element," as the saying goes.
Now that the Conservatives have
selected their candidate, the Liberals are beginning to do a little
figuring on their own account. Several names aro mentioned in connection with the Liberal nomination, the most prominent being Dr.
Hull, Ed. FergUBon, S. S. Taylor
and John Hamilton. It i8 understood that the last three have expressed a disinclination to take a
chance, and it is quite likely Dr.
Hall will bo the man. With tt. S.
Lennie on tho Conservative Bide,
and Dr. Hall, ub hia Liberal oppo-
nont, tho content should bo an
eminently respectable ono. Tho
partieB hero aro believed to bo fairly
evenly dividod, and'it will bo anybody's light until tho last ballot iB
counted. Dr. Hall nnd Mr. Lennie should poll tho full Btrongth of
tho party vote.
liest possible moment, but perhaps
it is only natural that Col.-Prior
should consider his own interests
first. If he succeeds in getting a
majority,' hi will still be Premier,
while a successful appeal on party
lines would relegate him to a second place; and it'is possible that
he would not be recognized in tbe
construction of a party-line minis-
tay at all."' There is another matter that appears to-be lost sight of.
Supposing an appeal is made to the;
country on party. lines, and Mr.
ChaB. Wilson, is:'defeated and his
party successful, who will be
leader ?" Without" in any way reflecting on tbe selected leader of the
Conservative party, thiB paper still
holds to the view that the selection
was premature:i-; It-■• would have
been wiser to have left the matter
until after the election and let the
Conservatives returned to the
House, choose'their own ; leader.-
Mr. Charles Wilson may be
the beBt man,: but he is not
yet in the House. -However, matters are now drawing to the crucial
test, and a few weeks may throw
some new light on the situation.
■Prof. GoWwin Smith expresses
the opinion that a committee of the
Legislature', 'and not a judicial
commission, should deal with the
charges of bribery by the Ross government, hot only ia the Stratton
case, but ia: all its bearings. To
which the . Montreal Witness replies that a committee nominated
by the Ross;G6vernment could not
be expected to give an unbiased;
T«rdict. Tbe Witness being 4''l«|.b-..
oral knowBwBsOcfciy wh»t-*o. <espeofc
of Liberals. .,
A committee of Liberals are said
to be discussing with Dr. Hall the
advisability of accepting nomination for the Legislature: and pressing upon him an early acceptance,
in view of the fact that the Conservative candidate is now in the
bacm to the
army again
Weston and Herbert's Show
Pleases Everyone.
Magnates Battle for Control of Coal
Property in Similkameen
The Economist has frequently
referred to the great good that has
been done by the Salvation Army
throughout .the world. It is the
most practical religious organization in the world. An instance of
the good work that is being done by
the. army is furnished by Nelson
this week. For several years in
this city the life and soul of the
Salvation Army was a man who is
better known as "Mac" than any
other name. He contributed his
share towards making street meetings attractive and altogether Mac.
was equally as popular outside the
army as in it, but like many another good man he fell. But the
army did not loose track of him.
They watched and prayed with the
result that "Mac" is once more in
the .rariks, which is not only a
source of gratification to the Sal-
prgtionistp,. b'M to his matxyZSifends
as well.;
It seems that the story about
Ralph Smith aspiring to become
leader of Bristsh Columbia Liberals
was an error, for which Mr. Smith
was in no"Way responsible.
Tho Wi'lland Canal will open
for navigation on April HHh.
Twcnty-throo casus uro on thu
list for tho Hamilton Spring As-
h'r/.os, at which Mr. Justice Furgu-
Hon will prcwido.
Tho opening of tho Provincial
Legislature next week naturally
aroufcos interest in tho political situation. The Prior Government
evidently boliovoB that it has a majority and will bo able to carry on
hiifiinoHH for the full life of tho Parliament, hut the Opposition, or rather, tho anti-Government factions,
believe that the Government will
collapso on tho first vote. Should
Col. Prior ho defeated, ho will link
for a dissolution, and if hia.ro-
qiioU is granted, it Ih understood
that ho will go to tho country and
appeal for support on tho meritn of
his Govommont without reference
to parly linen. Thiti will not bo
pleasing to a majority of tlie olec- Tho Crofto.i iiuioltor in nearly
torato, who are in favor of tho in- ready for blowing in, and may
troduoiion of party linouat tho eai- open up next Monday.
As far as the combatants on both
sides are concerned, the race of
Waterloo survivors iB extinct. It
is even doubtful if one survived to
see the coming in of the new century, and if the solitary claimant
was'a-genuine ono he. diod more
than a year a[{0, an inmate of a
Shropshire workhouse.
The laBt four Burvivorsof the
historioball on tho evo of Quatre
Bras, were women—Lady do Rob
and hor Bisters, Lady Tighe and
Lady Sophia Churchill.
Barbara Moon, who saw the bat-
tlo from a BritiBh baggage wagon,,
roaidofl at Hovondon, in .Kent, and
ia 92.
Madame Maria ThereeaDupuiB,
nee Holland, of Chapollo-loB-Horia-
montj noarCharloroi, iBugood riino
yoara hor Bonior, but far stronger
and moro vigorouB. Site ib a fino
Bpoctmon of Walloon womanhood.
Madame Dupius wau a' buxom
laBH of IB on tho over memorable
"glorloiiB oightoonth," and did a
roaring trade in cheap cigaro and
that ardont spirit known as
"sohnik" with tho Fronoh soldiers.
Sho naw tho battle raging from
the hills south of the scene of action,
and en tho following day came lo
Hraino-PAlloud and wan present at
tho burial of tho doad and search
for tho wounded.
Weston and Herbert's vaudeville
show at the Opera House last evening, came in the way of a sensation
to the many   wbo   were   present.
And the  universal verdict is  that
- i
it wa^ far superior to any
vaudeville show yet seen in this
city. It would be difficult to select
the best act of the evening, the
whole being so acceptable. Weston
and Herbert gave a sketch that was
provokingly funny and brought
forth repeated outbursts of appliuisa.
The Bradgons are clever, and it is
hard to understand how children of
Biich tender years can be instructed
in the way thoy have beon. Hugh
J; Emmett is a meritorious entertainer, and especially good in his
ventriloquil specialty. This act
alone was worth tho price of admission. Moving pictures concluded
what was ono of tho best entertainments yet given in Nelson. The
company will appear again to-night
in an entire chungo of programme
bia, and who is designated by some
"the young Morgan ofthe Pacific,"
and very properly so,—the Similkameen coal lands and Ashnola
smelter were acquired by a wealthy
corporation of Canadian capitalists, in which corporation Mr.
George Adam Shade, of Victoria, is
said to control a heavy interest.
Forces have been at work for some
time for the purpose of acquiring
the shares for American capitalists
by a syndicate surmised to have
been organized by James J. Hill, of
the Great Northern- Railway, who
recognizes the importance of such a
vast property in connection with
his Coast-Kootenay road. Mr.
Shade does not propose to allow
such a valuable asset to pass ;into
the hands of the grasping Yankee
capitalists, and has bent bis great
efforts and resources to frustrate
Jim Hill's move, and it is said that
so successfully has he laid his
schemes that when the company's
meeting is held in Nelson, on April
15th, he will show a, hand that will
fairly stagger the railway magnate.
George Adam Shade is a strong
personality, quiet and unassuming,
but very determined when he once
takes a line of action/ He has resided in Victoria fou many years
and has a town house as well as a
country residence and shooting preserve near Swan Lake, where he resides during the summer months
and entertains his many friends.
The death of young Anderson,
which resulted from what is believed to have been an unintentional blow from a friend at Vic-
tpria,_isi. a._particularly, sad case.
The two young fellows had been
drinking late at night and in the
the course of an altercation the
friend pushed Anderson, causing
him to fall on the stone pavement,
and producing concussion of the
brain, from which he shortly afterwards died. Jeffs, the friend, has
been brought back from San Francisco to answer to the charge of
manslaughter and ia now in a state
of collanse.
Thoro is ono man in NelHon who
mourns tho death of General Macdonald, who committed suicide at
tho Rogina Hotel in Paris laat Wednesday. Ho is an Irishman, and
with proverbial Irish modesty does
not want hia no mo mentioned. He
WttB with "Fighting Mac" on tho
ovontful day whon the latter won
hia Victoria CrosB on the field for a
Bpeoial uot of bravery. General
Macdonald may havo transgressed
tho moral code, but his old comrade-in-arms prefers to believe that
ho wae tho victim of an u nfortunato
combination of circumstances, lln
cannot understand how a man who
poBHOBHod bo many fine qualities
could oven ho suspected of the
crimen charged, and for which (.Ion
oral Macdonald was to havo boon
court-martialled on his return to
Under the guidance of Mr. D. II.
Young,—who hati for noma years
pant been tho originator and promoter of tioveral schemes of groat
magnitude and importance in the
WoHtorn States and British Coluni-
Rev. Charles Lewis, claiming to
ho Schlatter, tho divine healer, is
in Hamilton.
Hamilton is expanding. The
city has just annoxed 500 more
acres of Barton towhship.
Hamilton Trades and Labor
Council has expressd approval of
tho increase in tho Chinese poll tax
from $100 to $500.
St. James'Church, Montreal, is
on a firm footing, $133,000 having
been collected for its relief, Its
actual debt is  now about $50,000.
lion. Edward Blake will represent the Kingston Light, Moat and
Power Company in tho arbitration
before tho Privy Council in England.
Tho late Commodore Vanderbilt
was not so aristocratic in his tastes
as somo of his relations. On one
occasion he was Hitting in a fashionable hotel whon a lady approached. The Commodore rose
and talked affably with her, while
his wifo and daughter raged. "Wa-
thor," said tho daughter, "don't
you remember that vulgar woman
wan the one who used to sell poultry to us ?" "Curtail.I,", i y dear,''
responded tho old man, "and I remember your mother when she sold
root beer while I peddled oysters
up in Jersey.''
And Won Many Honors the
World Over.
Tom Allioo, traveller for the Tnr-
Hueton Co., Victoria, in in  the city.
Tho American cup defender Reliance in being speedily constructed.
Some   Account   of  the   Career
the Late Lieut.-Col
Lieut.-Col. Robert Edward Col-
borne .Jarvis, second son and
youngest of the family of tha late
Col. William B. Jarvis, sheriff of
York', and brother of Lieut.-Col.
William Jarvis, of Nelson, B. C.4
died at Toronto a-few weeks ago, after a long and painful illness. .Col.
Jarvis, says a writer in a Toronto
paper, was en the reserved list of
officers, having retired from active
service about 20 years ago* By
permission of the Imperial authorities he served with the army ambulance corps during the Franco-
Prussian war, receiving from
Marshal MacMahon one of the
two gold crosses presented to
British officers. Subsequently he
severd with the 67th (now Hampshire^ regiment throughout the Afghan war, was present in every engagement and was mentioned four
times in despatchSs. He~waB. fires-"
ent when Sergt. Hector Macdonald,
with a handful of, 92nd Highlander s, dislodged a body of Afghans
who were doing some damage,and
for which gallant action the latter
received a commission. Col. Jarvis
was on the staff of General Mac-
pherson and afterwards with Sir
Frederick Roberts (Earl Roberts)
in his ever-to-be-remembered celebrated march from Cabul to Can-
dahar, and wa6 actively engaged at
the battle of Candahar, receiving in
additio n to the medal and clasps-
for all tho the engagements,, ther
bronze decoration. After the retirement on Sherpur he was,,
amongst other other officers, warmly and personally thanked by Lord
Tho writer, who was in tho same
form   as ''Colcy"  Jaivis, pjobably
tho  only  ono  left in Toronto, remembers him   as  the handsomeBt
boy of  the timo.     Though a very
tall and rather  heavy man, ho until his illness kept tho light, oany
swinging walk which marked him
as a past ivthleto  at  tho colleges.
On   tlio  day of his death  ho had
reached his  01st birthday, having
beon  born,, on    March    4,   1842,
Hifl sisters are Mrs. E. A. Meredith
and Mrs. Nanton.     Tho late Mrs.
Lewis Orde, widow of Captain Ordor
71st Highland Light Infantry was
anothor sister.     Mb  only brother
is  Lieut.-Col.  William  Jarvia, retired, N. W. Mounted   Polieo, and
formerly 12th,Imperial Rogimont.
Tho funeral was private, and
was attended by old friends and
relatives of his boyhood daya,
among them being Sir William
The London car Hhops havo
turned out the 800 cars ordered by
tho («, T. It. management.
After April 1st, Hamilton Gau
Co. employees will receive a ton
per cent, increase in wages.
The Portage la Prairie ConBorva-
tives havo re-nominated Hugh
Armstrong, M. P. P., for the LogiBlaturo,
... * ,<r '        7 H,   ,i    ,(.   ,■   j    J «
1 H I        M,     |*l        ...      <j     . ,„
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 ..',:   i«'\"-
, .   ■ ii    ' "  A"     i '<       ' 'A h   ' ; il){ \> '   ,' L, „   , <(     7 > "u       .i   .'  .i'i *'»
'    'f.      ,   A
","***,"*'  r'y ■-•-'"■" ■"•"•   ".-«•»-  ,*-y   , ■ ■• ■, »...,'..,,,,. ,. *"* LA, A//A/TZ/AA. ZAZZAAAT/AZZ
'»,!';r;.!<I ; ''";   y ;m.    ,"*'\;,f
Jl   .1    v H,V,
Jl I' ll <-
it,     i i'i i    n*. < 4t i. m
'"P,"   '    '
HV       «      r„       ,       }fi(,,   i        ., Ij.,    ,
l;   Mi,    i . ,i i      , i     ,    . >   ,   ifl
I )'    (,    11 i.i I,
•,H,\      -tt,        7 III      , ,
H.'  *
1 ■ \ y i   i'A   ' u   ' A    • ,. ,t- •" .<•«,#," -
l\      I        .ill1
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'y       i!
! &        1t   tO       O',
1' ,     A ■   It -*w  zr>*  ���-^ r��-frn?���"*���-'--r-"^ -^-"7  ~ ^T7"^  ^g��*-��..k     r��        n���J-. ~-tr.   -r    -���--    .....     ..     -~r...  ���j4�� _.  ____  "fc_, "=r  ^^J.-  ���   -  ���~at...  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST  The Nelson   Economist  l'ulilis'.ii-il i'Vitv Saturday  ;il'tern<,o;i at  Vfrxox .SrirKKT, Xelshx, 1'.. ("  $1.00 Per Year Strictly in Advance  Advi-rtisliijrraU-s ni:i< 1 ��� - knuwn on :tpplii-ntii>n.  Addie-s all Oiiiimiuiiii-aUnii.-. "I'ultlislifi- ��if Tub  Xei.hon  Ki'iiXiiMIST. Ncl-oa, li   ''."  z  8  **&&&  ANNOl XCKMHXT.  8  ��  f  I  With this issue Tin-: Kcono^ist  is reduced lo> St.no per year fin  advance), and in order to settle old  subscriptions at once, all subscribers in arrears, who will pay up  on or 1 efcre April 15th, can do so  at the rate of $1.00 per year. If  not paid at that time, the old rale of  $2.00 per year will be charged.  0 This week The Economist has  been enlarged, and it is hoped to  double its present size within the  next month or so. Several new de-  partir.e: ts will be added, and it is  hoped to ir.ake the paper interesting enough to become a regular  visitor to nearly every household in  Nelson and the Kootenays.  Nri.son, March  14th, 1903.  t  f  t  ,^N^  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  A few nmnth- ago we drew  attention  to   a  striking nsemblance in the platforms   of   the  three provincial parties and  confessed our in-  ,  ability to detect any features  in   any of them  which could be defined   as essentially Conservative cr Libeial.    This is really not  strange  when one considers the way in   which conver-  tions   are m.ide up   and   delegates  to   them  elected.    Nel oi.'-i method will do for purposes  of illustration as well as any other :    A meeting of C-. nservatiyes   was   called   and  over   a  hundred men appeared, a majority  to   choose  delegates, a minority to vote for delegates   already chosen.    It is safe  betting that   a  considerable, number of those at the meeting, probably   half  of   lhe   forty-nine   who attended  to vote ".he ticket," would   havo serious difficulty in explaining why they were  Conservatives rather than   Liberals.    It  is    notorious  that one member of that forty-nine is equally  familiar with Liberal meeting?,    It is   rather  disconcerting to   a   Contervalive  who  knows  and endorses his   party's   principles   to   have  them enunchuu! for hiin by a man   who, but  for his presence at a Conservative meeting, he  would have classified as a wild-eyed   po-julist  and to etc such a man sustained by iho vote of  "Conservatives,"  whose   only title  lo vo'e at  the parly's   me-iting is   that   their   fees  have  been paid for 1 hem.     U��der   what   obligation  is an   inielliiieiii  Conservative  to  support  a  leader chosen by  votes of men too ignorant to  unde.'Bland   w ,.-it  Conservative  and   Liberal  mean ?   Uri| r 11 -ipled doiniigogiu.s cannot control Conservative voters by getting the nomination of a meeting  which   t-iiuply  calls   itself  Conservative  While lhe futoof the Prior ministry is uncertain and v. pcsiornl provincial election is  imminent, nlii-iiuon is naturally directed lo  tho Kin to of the provincial parties. Tho old  alignment of i-Uuil iigiiinst muiul.nul is happily fih.-mli'lo, CniiHirviitm. and Liberal conventions have buih decliiri'd for division on  party limn, and tor a while Hiioh a division  scorned pr"..ablu a;u. dmrahlo, Hut it niusL  not bo forgotten that even party organizations  aro but .1 moans lo an end, and the nml is elll-  cienl, and Imnc-l legislation and admiuislra-  tion. is it ijuiln curiam that thu victory of  eiiher pnrly would attain this oud ? Mr. Joseph Marti", of Vancouver, is lender of the  Provincial Liberal parly, and Mr. John Houston, of Nelson, is piosidciit of the Provincial  Com-m'iitive AFHoeintinn.  Canadians have become almost iuilil'fi-reiil  to political immorality ; lln-ir apathy and  cynicism havo been the dcspnir of many patriotic men who havo striven for clcmier men  and methods in government. Hut that there  is still a national enn.ricnen c-palile of being  nhnnl;rd is being amply proved by the old  Province of Ontario. A Liberal (Jiivernincnt  lina been in power for thirty years; the Op.  poHition has prole-ded for al. least, half uf thnt  time lluit, only wiile.-iprend cnrruplion ha;,  miide this long tenure possible, Ibitllm nd-  itii(listr.-tion has always protested purity, lias  made sweeping counter charges, and as long  jib possible ri ni,lined ostensibly the ally of the  temporuuee party, wen of tho prohibitionists.  For the last five years corruption on a grand  scale has been proved to have been practised,  but the ministers always repudiated connection with the over-zealous a_t; of their supporters, though such acts weie committed regularly by an organized crew, many of whose  members have served prison-leims for crimes,  men who were known to earn their living by  services in elec.ipn campaigns ; but, naturally,  it was almost impossible to prove relations be-  twei n the criminal agents and their principals. Hut the last election placed the Government in a desperate case, aud desperate cases  require desperate remedies. It was too late  for the usual treatment ; it was necessary  when Conservatives in dangerous numbers  held seats from which purchased perjury could  not dislodge them'.' to buy their support in tlie  Legislature. They could not be approached  by ex-convicts���.some responsible person had  to act. Three such members have stated in  the House that lhey have been offered bribes ;  two of them charge a Cabinet Minister with  making the offer. The Premier offers a judicial commission to investigate the charges  against that Minister; but the Conservative  leader, supported by his own party and by all  the independent opinion in the Province, demands a parliamentary inquiry into all these  charges and also into the whole conduct ofthe  Government's election campaign. Whichever course is adopted, there is little  doubt that the leading Province of the D.)  minion is about to expose conditions which  will rival the ri lest performances of the late  Count Mercier of Quebec.  It used lo be considered praise to be called a  staunch Conservative or a staunch Liberal.  Why it should have been thought so is hard  to explain. Of ceuree change- of opinion for  personal profit is contemptible, but honest  men frequently change their opinions and  hardly deserve contempt therefor. Ofcoure,  it would be very convenient for-party leaders  if they could rely upon the unswerving support of their followers for any object. But it  would be very serious if they could. The  scandalous administration of American cities  has been due solely to the strength of political  organizations whose members voted ,consistently for party victory regardless,, of men or.,  measure?. It will be an evil day.for Canada,,,.-  or for any Province or city in Canada, when,  loyalty to any organization is stronger than  individual conscience and intelligence. A ci.r  izen's first public duty is to his country, province and city, not to his party or parly chief...  What virtue i3 there in supporting...a,, man  chosen hy a majority in your p..rty when you  know him to he neither able   nor   honorable. ?���  Harmony is a happy condition. Harmony  between capital and lab u- would be a delight  to the civilized world. 'Harmony in a country or province would save the energy .'that is  now wanted in struggles for political'supremacy. Harmony in cities and towns might en-  abla larger enterprises to bo undertaken und  greater prosperity to he attained. Harmony  in political organizations may lead to victory,  But, however desirable, it may be too dearly  purchased ; harmony h agreement and it  sometimes happen? that agreement between,  two means the sacrifice of one. Harmony be-i  tween the wolf and tin lamb means 11 ���banqii/.t  for tho former ; harmony between tho traveler  and the highwayman tnuaiu murdor and robbery. Harmony even in such iunnoont mailers, as politics may mean a sacrifice of principles by one parly. When it does, discord is  inoro musical than harmony.  The p'ist, two years   havo   been particularly  trying ones on  the business mon   of  Nelson,  and it is only by   practising   the .most,   rigid  economy thai ihii majority have beon enabled  to   survive   the   struggle    for  existence.    In  nearly every instance, expenses have boon cut  down to the lowest possible notch, in iho hope  that sooner or later, bush,ess will resume conditions, ami progress and   enterprise ,-uppliint  stagnation.    KvidniUly the real   situation has  penetrated tho brains of some of the aldcttnon,  In order ihal'iuen may ho driven  to thu wall  before tin. return of   prosperity,   tliono sapient  city fathers have devised 11 new scheme   to aid'  in the d strutilion of many who' now' foe] that  they have   a   heavy enough   load lo carry already,     One of   tho  instruments   -of   tbi'ture  that will ho employed   is   the   enforcement of  coniie'.ilinns   with   lhe   sower, which  Will in'  many instance-!  involve  an  (-xpnutliti)ro of a '  couple of   hundred   dollars   to   ihe property-  owner.    It, is confidently -hoped that this will  materially assist, in the "putting out,  of   husi- '  iiosh" of many who have sn far wnatlie'red tho  gale of adversity.    Tho   11111011111, in good limes  would oerlainlv not be eun-ideree 11 gi'eal, deiil','  but, iu   times   like tho   present   and  in   cimo-i  where tb'.i heads of families  have just, all  lhey  can do to keep  body   and   .-mil   neither,  and  with hiisino-s men who ean do  no inni'o' thaii  live under   present conditions,   two  lniiidre'd  dollars added lo necessary expenses, sliould ao ���'  comjilirih in part what,  is  apparently the devout denim of tho aldermen in question.  THE PROVINCIAL PRE3S.  Kootenay Mail.  The outlook for British Columbia is brighter  than for the past   three years.     Following the  boom in tbe  lumber   industry comes promise  of busy times in niinine.  '[���>  Victoria Colonist.  It seems to be a common impression that a  Liberal party led by Ralph Smith and Iff'  alone by Joseph Martin could carry British"  Columbia. Il is r. hypothesis which never  will be tested.  IKOOTENAY     .  .    (  i COFFEE CO.|  | Coffee Roasters  flDealcrs in Tea and Coffee  Phoenix Pioneer.'  In another week   or two the  Legislative Assembly will meet, and Col. Prior  will have  a  chance, to demonstrate whether lie has   a   ma-  ��� - ���     .        >  , 1': "   '     7     .'  joruy or.not, to, carrv   on   the business of the  -.   7 ������.     I       . - ;       . r, , -  country.     I:,not. ari'appealrio the country will  come ouiclilv.  -.-.   ������ :��� V .  V  Boundary Creek Times.  Personally we would like to see a Canadian  Federation of Labor having dominion over all  labor unions' iAthis country. }Ve,be]ieve that  such a federation can and will be brought  ab.-mt, but until" it'is, ii is abso.utely unfair to  endeavor to prejudice the- public against one  particular labor organization.  Grand Forks News-Gazette.  It is n it Generally known that tlie principle  upon which .NL.Vconi's success in transoceanic  signalling is vsry largely based is the discovery oi a M?onti'ealer. Yet such is thecase and  Professor Rutherford, of McGill University,-  is the man to" whom the credit of the discovery  is due.      ' ��� 1 U|    '��"  ,,., Fort Steele, Prospector..  The minjing outlook.for  the camps   in   this!  district is   particularly  promising.    And   the  development of   mines'in  the vicinity of the  town of Fort Steele will   be   greater than that.  ..of. past   years..,.   Under lhe   prevailing   oondi-  .tions, t,he Estella and ��� Tiger-Poorman -. groups  of -mines should becorne shippers.   .  Cranbrook Herald.  Slfrh'e of the people, of the Territories are  t'kicking'over 4.he ' increased price of lumber.  Sawmill menb'have raised the price for the  ���very good- red's oh that last year, tilie product was  ;sold for less than cost. - Lumbermen are entitled to a profit.; and nn one has gotten rich,  ihi thi-s district up- to the present time sawing  Iliin'bter. vis    i-r, .. .,-���,;  i ,. ���' ���. Grand Forks Sun.  , -.'The opi.niftn .appears- to prevail at Ottawa  that Rklph Smith,"M. P., of Nanaimo, will go  into'provihenii .poll tics to lead the Liberals.  It is claimed, that.he'1 has .tlie support of Sir  Wilfrid Laurier, Senator Templeman and ihe  Liberals and labor*men in the House of Commons. 'Vhe next election will'iundoubtedly he  fought out1 out'on party lines, ti'iVd .Mr. Smith  would' make, a very capable leader of*lhe  Liberal forces'.    *������          m      We-;irc  illi-iiiii; :it luwi-st jirh-c-s tin-  liest^  a  sii'rnlt-K <il'(Vyl<ni, JihHii , China :uul Julian t  TV'lVas. " 1  OurUust   Mocliii and  Java (.'oth-i'pi-r !  pound   $ -10j  Mnrlisi mill Juvu lili.-ml, " pounds   1 en!  Choice lilrlld Coll'.-,', I pi'Ulii^    1 (ill >'  i;  Special Hlend CH'cc, ll pounds  1 <%>  j"   Uio Mli-ncl CiillV-c. (> ihouiu'.s    1 ('d{  ri Spoi-ial lUend Ceylon i < a, jier \, mud. oil \  | fl TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED. \  IkootehaFcoffee co.j  I Telephone 177. |  g P. O. Box 182. I  ��  WEST     BAKER    STREET,     NELSON j  ^Until April lUllli tlio Canadian   l'acilic Kail-  way Company is oll'eiin^  Reduced Rates to Settlers  From  tho  Kast. to points in   the  Kootonay  Country.   Those having lilunds in  ew York Boston  Halifax St John  Montreal Ottawa  Toronto Buffalo  mmpeg, Lhecago  St. Paul  Or any other Knstern point, wishin-j to have  Mic-lii sell lo in or visit, the Kootenay will do  well to talce arlvanase of this cNcoptioiiul ol'-  lor now plaeeil be lore the public by lhe  C. P. 11.  Kor timo tables and all information, :vpp  to local agents, or to  J. S. CAItTKU.  Uist.l'ass. Afjt.  Nelson.  ]���:. ,T. OOYJ.K,  A. (J, 1'. A.  Vaiic(aiV(;r  West Kootenay Butcher  iMiMmMmMMiiMm  I feBLLl\U 1 LH dLLL  nrnr^Trn  ntPEAlEu  And ur.questioiKvbly   doubled.    The   stock ou hand war  rants the assertion.  We ask you to take samples, so that'you may fully  test their values, and help you to realize that never be  fore were you able to secure such goods at prices any  where near so low as those now offering.  Now 35c per lb.  50c. Tartan Tea, Black Ceylon.  ow 30c per  Our Tea Department has outdistanced all competition  and we r.dvise buying early to secure quantities desired.  K.-W.-C. Block     Nelson  'f Our New Stock of  -'.���������;���������:���������;������--���;���������:  ���-.���.-.-._.  ; Wliotosnlonnil I'.ctnil  llenlers in  " "   '  "  ''���"''.���     Ymir Mirror.  An all too "prtval'uiil1 idea poems to rule  anions many-who ar-.'c/iitrusled with iho 111.111-  agonuMit of mining proportion that it, is tlieir  pr(i,vilo^o to.hco|)!:toi:ltho!derri in tho dark auto  what it) heiiijj; done. Wla-1ever thiti bort of  lliiiig, happens them is. al\vayn tho suspicion  that all i.s not. rij-hl, nnd in tho ninjoiity of  ciift'H this rVi->jii.cion ia -wtsll yrouiidod. Mow  tivor, it hhouhl not lit)- pueblo for ollicors of n  company to withhold information from tho  idiarohiildurH���ii, ouuht lo ho inadb an indici-  ahlo otTuiioi', u.-*ptoiulIy   wlion   tho   imoruHtH of  in vohIoi'.s' a'i'o Mluiroby ji-opardi/,: d.  ' i ,  " SSiindoii I'ayslreuU.  SoinotItiiiH HUh M(Jl) licon^us to pronprot for  oo:il iii S.iiillumHt Konteiiiiy aro lii-m^ advur-  lined for iu'tlm Ollioial (.Inziilto. Tho t?nvern-  iiiont claiiiH that tho distrust in (|iit*ntion is  under ro.'i'i'Vi', hut tho applieuuiH claim that  it is n'o't rocorVed'and never was, as tho particular piece of leyihlnlioii by which Iho ro-  corvo wiih supposed to, havo beon nnidii is al-  ionod ti'i hiiv'tfheen irrogular. This is iho sumo  t-eolioii; of country for title to which thu C, 1*.  II, hurt,'on to red suit against, tho Clnvornmont.  It unntiiiiiH lion I, mild,;sll ver, load, conpor an;)  petroleum and has some magnificent limhor  resourcer.' " 11 is undoiihlo.lly the most val"-  nble'lintWiVfilopoil area in British Coliimhin.  Tlio appl'iiatitins, if grinilcd, Will cover .'100  square miles .'of/ tho' ton-iiory. Syndicales in  'Van'cm'ivei'j NuIhoiv, Uossliiivd and I'lioonix' aro  hi'iik'inp; the tipplioiitinn--', Last ' Hummer two.  dilTi'i'eiit ('���.niVihinatloiiM 11 ied lo raise the reserve,  '"' * *' T-lie pre.-'en: applio.nnts have been  led inln llie'holief that no nisiirvii exists and  thnt therefore. Uy ndverlisiiiH and oomplyine;'  with tlui iitlh'r formalities Lhey would e;ei, tho  hind's. AcWrdiii^ly thlly 'rpen'd tlieir' nn'innv  in what, hiiilcs lileo   a' loii^   chnnee'.    The nni,-  'coilim' will' 'p^iibably   lie  jjrotraiilod   litigation  which'will tariKle np the title so  lluil.   no   ono  dan work'llle (loa1, seams.'   The   celebValed in-  jiiiiiiiiiuis of Cllffio Nciiu) Iniiy bo out'-nij^uri'd  ''HrKAbt'JCoofonny.   '���'���'���  Cainps supplied on shortest  uoticc and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. G. TRAVES, Manager  Fred. J. Squire  Ti-iiIh nml AwnlnuH Hindu ami i'i>|iiilri-il.  ('lolliliu; i'Ii mik it nml nu nilcil,  Over the Wallace-Miller-Co,, Nelson  is now complete and of the nu st beautiful coloring and designs.  It will pay you to call and see our goods. Our prices will suit the  limes.    Picture Framing and Room Mouldings.  KJ  (P1  B _____*>��� _    W! Iiwfl  a \__��?  HiiUer Street, npiinslte l.iiwri'iiee   Il.'irilwnre  (.'o,  'tuj^r-NaJ  Cov  .:��� -.-.���.  ,���������������-���:���.  T  V'  Sole  Notice To Delinquent Co-Ownaro  'I'o'riKilillls lli'liiinll, AMii'l'l llellllell, .MllKKle  liiilllHii I'Vlllinll, ili'iii'srii A, llllllli'i-, iliuui'N  liniirlOMiiiil evei'.v iilliei- iii'i-NiHiN in' iinrsiinH  lin vIhk in- clii I in inn iiny InieruHi. In ilii'"iin-  Imin" .Mini.ni I i.'liilin h 11 nn l c iiIkhiI- hI .s   iiiIIi'n  IKH'lll Ill'Slllnillll  ,":.." IIH  llllll    <���' 7    'll'N   Wl'Hl  nl'I he NcIniiii nnd rurl Hliei'ri,,.-,^ Iiillwii.v,  In lhe NelMiin Ml-Jll i( Plvll !c:iv ,'.):" li'lel- ill  Wi'Ml ICiiiilenilV.!  -  Yon nii.il miflli f'/"(in iirn 1 ���c.'-\\r niilllled  llllll I lillVe n.xpcrfi il nun llvinU'ill (Inllni's  III iiriler Iii hi.lrt lhe nl ovo ,yi > nl lnneil  nilnei-iil cliilni inoli'i' H'o ?��� r-v'!i.|niiH ni  lhe Mlimi'iil Ael, nhil nninnilllienlM Ihereln  hnil ll' wllhln u1111��� I,\- iliiys 1','iiin lhe  ilule ol' litis liullen ynil I'm 11 ur rel'iuie In  ei i ll I rl lillie yulll' pnl'l Inn nl' I'llell n.N|iellilllnrii  lnnelhi'1' Willi nil enxls iiI'ihIS'iii-I ImIiiu' yulll' In-  lei'eiil 111 Milll I'lnlln will lieiMinin Hie |irn-  |ioi-|y nl' I he hiiIim-i'IIihi- liniler Heel Inn 1'nlll- nl  tin Ael. I'lilllleil " An Ael 'l'n Amend Thu  Mlllnl'ill Ai-l-.ll'lill."  ,1. M, ,\1i'I,,mii:n,  lly IiIh AtliM-ni'y, II. M, Mneilnniilil,  Dilleil Ihlhlllli liny n| lleeeinher, lllll'J,  Notice To Dcllniinunl. Co-Ovvnor.  'l'n   Dun   I'lihnei'ni- In  liny  iiei'smi ur per-  HuliN III Wlinin lie IIIII.V' IlllVe I I'lillNlel'I'i'd I||n  lllti.l'ewl III lhe "AlS'i'lhlnlle" llllll -I'llui'liu"  '.lililiei'iil elu I inr-, ill I linle "li i In- I M\ hie ul' I Hid  Mild .|',l creel' H,Nelf<un Ml I.I UK I iIvImIiiii nl' '-Vi-hl  Kiiiilciiny :  Vim Mini en el I ulyiill n I'e heivhy nii||||eil llllll  I luo'c i��� \111��� 11111���'I luai hiiiidieil iliillniN In  111 IM il 11' nnd llll|i|'nveiiii.|ili' ilpnli I he llliiive  llieill lulled lillnerill elnllll III iii'iIit In llnld  Mild mini-nil elnllll liiiih-i' lhe PI'uvInIiiIih ul'  lhe Mliiiii-nl Ael, nnd II' wll III ll ml ilnyn I'ruin  I In ��� llllll* ul llll" linl Ire, ,\ nil lull ur rel'liNe Iu  eu ii I rl I ill 11' y i nn- pi'n purl Inn ul' i'llell c.\ ii ���iidl-  llll'e luu'cllicr Willi llll eic.|h ill IlllVii'l l.-illl).',  ymir hilci-csl III Mil 111 elnllll will lieeuiiie I ie  pruiii'i'ly nl' lhe NiiliHcrllicr, iindi-r Hccilnn  I nliitl Ael enlll led "Au Ael, In illilelld lhe  Mlneinl Ael, IIIIIII."  <!a-i-iiuuini.: Dkmaimh.  1 luted llilillilli dny <i|' l.'ehiiino', llH);i.  ootenay Valleys Co., Limited.  ' T. G. PROCTER, MANAGER, NELSON, B. C-  Farms from So acres upwards, well watered and limbered. Adjacent to Ji'ood markets at Cranbrook, Fort Steele, Klko, Ferine, Morris-  sey, etc.  The well known prairie jrrouud ou the Kootenay River, near Fort  .Steele, is bein�� subdivided and is especially suitable for I'm it, Vegetables, Hay and Oats, with good range ior cattle adjoining.  Some line Stock Ranches on tlie Kootenay and Flic Rivers lyines  of ('rent Northern aud Crow's Nest Railway witlrin a lew miles.  'Perms���One-lil'th down,    balance in four years at 6 per cent.  Also excellent Fruit Ranch, about 30 acres, on Kootenay Outlet,  near Procter, iS miles from Nelson. About 7 acres under cultivation  with strawberries and fruit trees. Irrigation Ditch, l'rice, #2,000. A  _��oud income payiii", iu vestment.  ���>' -���!�����*J< ��J�� ��� <J*������J*--��J�� ��� ���!��� ��� ��J��~��J����� ��J����� ���{���- <5' ��� *J��-- ���J��~-��J��--.J������J�������J��������}��� ������J�������J�������J�����.~r-~.",'.��� .J�����*t��  }E. FERGUSON & CO.}  j. SOUS AOFNTS f  I Dawson's Perfection Scotch?  T EXTRA SPECIAL T  *?* V  ...    This whiskey will please connoisseurs,    His a   Inch  tnwlo   well- I  i miitured spirit of excellent boiupieL and except lor nge,  is  the same J  'f quality as Dawson"s Old Curio (Over 20 years old). V  E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. C. I  T  CASCADE  BEER  ���f�� KEGG'S LOCHiMIVAR  ���:���������:���������:������  , ~..*,.. ,.,~.,*, ~...,���... _.j..._.*..  SOIJC AOFN'i'S l'OR  azelwood  \j>\,'j>  .^eam  ii ���,!> I  * if   '1 r^bs 1 *>^  "I  *%'  1      . .,    ^ ...  McDonaic!;s Confectionery  Baker Street, Nelson  tsss  \ "~^£ *'     £ _£_   -^js^    *W
-■"*"'-' — i   ^-■■-_|--j|1«-"'. '- -
—■ '"■■-—-■  ■-■- - ^i* -|
_ -o*,     ^.      -b-     "•?
•   Jt~" *"   ll    liliiiT^i
■"£?—«n ■*■>
7A..,.  J.....S...
*,       .-■   ™ -a'
fl If
*Ci  ~^~7'TA^,?y-rT<H
A^f      : *   'w *h1J_,-HI .
Three  men sat  in :i
tauruiit tin.- other day \v:i
■who passud.     Fur a  I;,::
xnent  wad   made.   In:;.
passed who loosened the
"By Jove!    At la.-r
girl has ainiearitl <a:i l
::iii   avejin?  res-
Inn;; tho 7vo-aeC
ii-iii.-  not n c nn-
nally   ;:,   v.-o::ii;U
i ve.-iily ari.-tueratlc
ie   ;:;o;i,\" said  the
oiliest of the three, a iiir.n v.hn .-ar::> his
living by liiakiiiL; feminine anil inai-enlino
6tudies. In other wiviis, ho writes hooka
that deal entirely- with men and w.;mcn.
tlie   st'.iiit
the third
a |iiii!n.-.ii;i,ic
in'-: ;ii;:t the.'
irk? ■■:'■!• I v.-lu-n
i v.,;■. e.  '-I'li:
7. and I miei.c
I see   he.- i:v
1I11-' UOV.'ll ti
"Oh, I've seen leads ot"
We've been   sitting  here," said
bachelor who f?'1('s hi for Ixidily
"No, ymi liaven'r." retorie-.l
man, a cadaverous eiiaji v.ii Ii a
ttirn of mind. "Von i-nly Hiin
aro aristoeratie }-'ii'!s."
■'Don't I know an •n'i.-\'---r.-iti;
I sec one'?" asked ihe eointertai
bachelor in asli.uhily iri-iiai-ii v
supposi-ii to move in that i-l
to bo  able to spot   li
this time, for i'jn n
pretty rapidly now."
"Aristocratic- j-jirh; are not <•;>!'.fined t-c
anyone set or class foi-tiinately in tKir
country," remark, ii the writer of hool.s.
"In fact, there is only one m-i.-toeiaey ir.
America, and that is an aristocracy of tlio
Intellect. The child of the slums, by vir
Sue of her brain, may become an aristo
erat. -Mind you, 1 would not discount
bine blood. Tlie saying hs as true as it it
old that blood will Jell."
"Now, how in the namo of common
tense can you tell an aristoeratie •_;!:■;—
well, say in the street? Do you look to sen
if she wears a badge of tins Iii 'land l-'amea
or Coloniul Dames or Dati^iuai-; of the
"By Jove, no," answered 1hc7 student
of human nature. "I can't, imagine anything more plebeian than advert i.-;in;.; one's
aristocracy by means., of buttons and
badges. Real aristocracy is an essence
nnd makes itself felt wherever it exists.
You ask how I tell un aristocratic ku-1 in
tho street. First of all, she is slender anil
graceful. She may grow stout with years
and high living, mind you, but while a
girl she remains slender, y.wd no matter if
she gets fat enough to raako her eligible
for a dime museum freak her ankles,
wrists and neck always remain trim, .just
tho same as they do in thoroughbred
horses, you know. Tho aristocratic giri
walks with a manner. What do I mean
b> that? rih.e holds her head up because
*iho knows that uh.e is as good as tho best,
and she lits her feet from tlie ground with
a slight spring at the knee. Vou never
ecu an aristocratic girl shuffling along. 1%
isn't necessary for all of her features to he
regular and delicately cut, lint her ears
must be small and 'dainty, her eyes must
lie expressive, her mouth innocent looking
and, above all, her hair fine. Did you over
Beo a really aristocratic girl with l-eadlike
eyes an'f jutelike hair? Xo; because there
isn't any. A girl may be able to date back
40 grandfathers, but if her eyes are \Vnolly
inexpressive and her hair coarse and mi-
,manageiible a common strain has crept, in
somewhere. Kmerson says, you kuov.",
that every man is a quotation from al! 'tis
ancestors. Of course in merely passing- a
girl in tlie street it, i.s impossible to ta'.:e in
her features at. a glance, but, that, does not
hinder one from .picking out.   ike  aristo-
is  a
cratic ones.    In the 1ir-
presence about her'that says as pi;
words, '1 am an aristocratic girl.'
ways'dresses near enough in the pre
etyle not to attract attention, and :;
cr wears anything! hat grates on lb.
inly ii,-i
:o nev-
is artis
tic c-yo. Her hands are carefully gloved,
lind sho could no more wear a couHr.on, ill
fitting shoo than she could go I.i.-irelooted.'
Sho take's proper care of her person, her
whole carriage is that of. gentility und
grace, and ymi enn't mistake hei,
"Did you ever study a our full of, worn
en, not aristocratic women, and wateh'tho
effect of Iho entrance of an arislocratiu
girl upon them? Xo? 'Try it, some iluy.
'j\hey can't Uike their yyes fi-uvn In"-. 'J'heli
faces nro Illicit with iifto curiosity, wl-.ii I
uhvitys marks tho vulgar, while, het-.coiin.
fcuniu.co js cheerful and her uia/iner''just
What it would be if she was entering a
drawing room, Hlu< never ■•squce/.e.! or
shoves or crowds people to get into a seat
the Hernial it is vaealed. Sho doesn't, havo
to, anyway, for niuo limes out of ten she
hu.-l one given her, U' I he conductor forgets to stop at, her street, she dm sii't grow
angry over such a ti-iile, ami if she litis a
companion sho converses in a, low, well
modulated mellow voice. Wlien you can
hear a woman's eon versa I ion mil, In I ended
for you In iv street ear, oxen when seated
\fj|i;:t to her, she Is not, iii'i.-.ioerafic.
"'I'Jie aristocratic girl shows up best In
(i i-OKtaiij'.inl. or public dining' room. I've
tvntc.lii'd )ie|- jn rest aura nts frequented al-
most exclusively |iy women shoppers, and
I've r.tudied her in tlie swellesi, dining
rooms In the elty. If shi. docs the oider-
ing, sho orders a few lliingri ilmf go well
together. She may linvn only a qiuii-lei- to
upend on hor luncheon, including her tip
for 1,1m waller, bin. sho does not order
Home sweets and an icocivnni soda or a
\intt.ln of beer, Sho culls for thin broad
/}lid Iniller and a imp of ehueolnio or ten,
C/if.s It, da I n Illy ami dcpnrls. If she Is morn
f.oi'llii/i/llo In Mils wm Id's goods nml
phiincivv ft) ho dining with a puny, how
jior guild breeding shows up! liow easy It
Jn lo pick out I his nrisiocrul le girl from
j.lui /Jii'oiiVf'of midei-lal minded women
phoiili luv'i Sim Ih iinvei'(in|illiain ni'Jciil-
|iiih; Hii|) i* linvei' eagoi'or ImputiiouH /iliput
trlllim, Ti'.lli'Hiln not botlier hor. Sim ,<lo(i-i
not allow JmrwiJ)* In grow angry under ;ijiy
(jli'iiuniHlnnceH In puh)|u, ,wlin (hum no|i
/,ii)It about the nlfnlrt) of hoc f/iiiilly or
tlliiHD of hnr liiighbiii'ri, Sim lines s)mp]u
liuigiiagii, HjiciiU.i illi-eetly and gently nml
takes earn not, to mil; nlmul ro|ui Iu Iht.
house of a mini Ihnl, him been hiingei'
Many pcopla really bellevo Mini, nn niisio
onifln gli-l In one who In iivi/Hieming In
lier urninc.' or linblfs, a proud or luninhry
jjiiawin. Sunh ni-lsloeralH nro ninrii pnsniu
«::>lynn iirlsliinriilln gli-l cnu look chai'iii-
fug w)i|)i) ciiMiiK, Sim inny linvn a ver.v
fji'iillhy ii|i|iolllo nnd enjoy n. good meiil,
l>ul r;);,', iiik'-ii )ie|-food wil h sueh dalul I-
liens and wiihout, .eniuiiicnt, so thai, she
lonviw you with Mm Idea that ...lie merely
t'lilH fo keep body nnd (mill logol hcj-.
Jlti.von't you Mi-en n woman dining wit).,,
ji/irly of men m.iil wouieii In n reslauranli
(bjioiV spllo bnealise liomn iiiio else wim ni-
inuiv)u/( ,;mrn ntteulloii? The iirlstocnil lo
jtfii'l nevordiies I haf, SliioiImply caniiol, bo
jillglileil, Slin in never jealous of hei' dig-
ully lioowu.-io nh-.i nlwnyn posse,-,: es It fully,
wild Him believes Mint only low people can
|)o hilghled, Sho Is always inuii.-.cd at nny
inn: who aileiupis I,i ,null her, and, \h lilhr
iilm Ih too/generous to say such a llilng,
«hi) plt.li.'M Mm peri ou who makes tho ul,-
teiLpI,. "—Mow York ,vuii,
ir.-r.ou out i-'ni" ■" -. "' "•■'•■';'.
•N,r) iwodi/in, lio'iVi-vei-   I  oV ' i ii 1, call a"-
I'ni'ti fo ;ieg}iv'l. Iho, e siiii.H delall,, i-. d ,
<,lmt  cost   nollilng   bui   lime nnd   I o
(Hl'l-alll II. hi    .1'" ollrli lhe    |,i Her  hi.' ' i
jglrhi one iieen who iii'o in.ee inclined h   i-.k
IliiMdy Mum  flu. ollun-ii, nnd lhe only I'i'.'i-
,Son one  attributes it  fo is that  they consider   themselves   good   looking   enough
Without bothering about their clothing.
Thvi'e  are  girls wi:;;::i   one   meets, and
ire thev are wear-
you know frotu   the
in-j: t'.at ir did not cost them half a, dozen
'J'iii-y wanted n hat and bouglit ono.
VThat matter if it i.- t::e proper shape or if
l*. soils:- Which it de.-.idcdly does not.
Some people are nevi r tired of saying,
"Cii. I c'.a-.lan't bo bot'icred, you .know, .
.y. orryii-.g ai>out my cloth-.-.-:!" And don't
Shey look like it?   One is often templed to
say. *°-
Some women, again, pride thempelveg
on never letting the subject of dress enter
t'o.eir conversation, but, those, lam happy
to think, are few, because one always
knows tlir- sort ef person lhey are to look
at, j hey being probably equally uninter-
I.-S- ing to talk Jo.
A!! girls should be a little vain abont
their clothes—i. e., .>;ho\v they are intori sled in what they should n.-.tiii.dly be interested In. and as. long as they do not spend
tlieir whole time thinking about' their
mlornmcut;; it does not matter.—ITiiladel-
phia Ledger.
Cicvor nnrt Attriictlro.
A clever woman, provided she be ruvl
sarcastic and too fully alive to a sense ol
her own importance, is generally an attractive one. lien may be charmed for a
time by a pretty face, but they soon tire ol
mere prettiness. Xor does it follow that
all women of good sense and sharp.Intel
li'ct are necessarily plain. Bright thought!
enliven the most ordinary face until the
rei'eefion of the mind shining out in all
its radiance makes one forget that tho
features aro not pure Grecian and leads us
fo believe that sueh a woman is in reality
a great beauty. The vivacious creature ol
vr.iying moods and quaint fancies is the
one to charm. A man forgets the type ol
b!.",uty sho may or may not possess, so in-
te.'.ested does he become in tlie pleasing
study of a mind that renders her face eve.t
•.-inning, irresistible and pleasing, because, like tho surface of a lake, there
comes a change with every varying emotion. • The attractive woman should cultivate the mind, for a grace of soul and education of spirit count for more than limpid
Ryes, a rosebud mouth and a dimpled chin
She should be ever teachable, for there ii
not. one iota of lovableness in the man oi
woman who thinks he or she knows it alL
Steel Hairpins Iloorned.
The attack now is upon tho steel hairpin, for specialists declare that the shell oi
bone pin is bet ter for tlie hair and that
many women havo suffered martyrdom
from nervous headache without once suspecting that the e;'u*-J lay iu a metal hairpin. „. -   '   >
But. what shall wo do without the little
Implement which might be ctulod."woman's best friend?" How aro wo goilig'to
supply thu 75 demands that we make upon
u hairpin? Wo use it to button our glovei
and our shoes, to open tlie drawer whose;
lock is gone, to cut, the leaves of our books','
Lo:'c!ean our husband's pipe, to pin on thu
extra wrap, to draw tho cork when thu
corkscrew cannot lie found, to wedge u
rattliiig window sash, to stone raisins, to
fasten a.eard to the bell pull in snowtime,
to do d-Stty as a bodkin amU render noqucs
knows*how many littlo sch-vices of tlil-j
sort. ,..:'.'.'•,. '
The shell subst ituto is good for none ot
these things, and if it. be doomed to crowd
•its- hu,7uhlci- relative from tho market wf
can only exclaim, "Though lost to tight
to memory dear!"—Kxchango.
i /■  .
piniry oy
how t :-.:-;,-
long ,-., :,.i
theV.entsr.f t!
Talk of ihe Ne:
i.-hes folly is to
persistent.     A
sheer want of consideration
1 e. :::ie upon us with a very
f shame as we lie awake in the
the night and go over all
e pasi and its mischances!
'esis for sin—she who pun-
Lku full as terrible and as
ganehorie   committed    50
mo»»»»»«<>»o«^»»»»«0»w»»»»^»»» »»■&<>»♦->-£> e» o<$fj- ;HOc.»oo»»»o»»»»»»<»»ei«0e»»»»»»»»»»»»«» ♦*>»»»»»»♦»»« »»»»»»»»»»»»
years ago can bring the blood to the cheek
now when remembered, where perhaps a
^bi elicits but. a half kind of sighing won-
iler—"How' could J.'h'a-Wdoue   it?" and
""How I wish 1 had not!"»-For it is a curi-.
ous fact—yet it is a fact—that wo suffer
more from shame than irom remorse, tho
roiKiemriatioii   of   our   associates  having
jJn:o:-e power over us than that of our secret
Xemcsis tracks ur; in our children. We
bring them, up badly, and they punish us
by tlieir ill conduct, either bringing disgrace on the family name or sorrow to
themselves or sorrow with futile regret to
the parents by their undutiftdness. The
indulge:,!: parents who allow their young
ones a I'ri-r hand from the beginning, who
check no fault'.;. lower no crests, punish no
misdeeds, reap their reward in the neglect
and insolence of t heir children, who, never
having been taught self control, have never learned if, and are now quite unable to
beiu^f'nj-ir necks to the yoke of discipline.
Self is their pivot, and on this the whole
of their life turns. If home bo dull to tho
girls, they leave is, no matter what tlie
agony they in.lict on the father, who
doubts the wisdom of girls living alone
in independence—of the mother who needs
their care, their help, their «Hiupanionshipt
at home. If.they aro dull aim consent to
remain at home, they make the place iiko
* fair with the constant coming nnd going
of their young friends, their "pals" and
ti-eir "dear boys.".. They have been spoiled from the beginning, and those who
have spoiled them have now to bear tho
brunt and pay the heavy bill. 'It is their
Nemesis, as grim as is that torm which
punishes the children for the sins of the
fathers, and so heaps oh the heart and conscience of those who see the result of their
own misdeeds a burden, of.pain that death
only removes.—Philadelphia Times.
To ICn.joy Cycling.
"The great secret, of,safe,, enjoyable and,
beneficial cycling,"fail! the woman withj
tlio scarlet cockade in her gray cycling
hat, "is not in Hying over lhe country like.
a carrier pigeon anxious to get back to itm
cot, but, in letting tlio wheel set the pace,
1 have found that; the pace will vary some
times to an astonishing extent if I put'stut
this method throughout, a day's ride. It
Seems ioiio a sort, of barometer which indicates otto's condition, the slide of the
road, wind, etc. 1 have found that, If on--
rides thus, 'wisely and not too well,'the
wheel will I ravel faster toward evening
than at; any other.! lino, Hut, if, l-setun
own pace tho evening invariably lliu'ls nm
doing about eight miles nil hour wiih
great effort and woni'MmsM. Allowing fliu
wheel to set Mm pace is Iho secret, of novel
getting tired and of associating cycling
wiih no Miisatioii less agreeable than ex-
hllarnilnn."— New Voi-lci Commercial .Ad.
Yenisei-. A     , .*
Climo-fiil r.lrU.
Good nnd,.healthy girls n^p nltnosb al-
wn,vn elleei-fiil, No iiovolisfViHinl'oo'rnirtcr
Ids youthful hei-olnn complete If a "rii)£.
Ing laugh" were ouillled from the list, of
her charms, and Iu real life the gliis whu
do not. laugh now and Mien are seldom
liked by Iheli- companions, l-iven licniil.v
will mil, wive Mmm. A belle who fails':','
tliidei'slanil I lie Jesl; of hei- admll'iil's itl~.il
smiles In amiable bnwlhlei nmfit, wlilli
oi her people nro laughing Is soon'left wit',
no eonsohil ton huvo io wonder wind; i(ny-
body enn sen in her Mvnl, agli-1 wllli "lip'
tilled" mush, perhnpH, nnd a Ini'K'o niiiulh'
nnd freckles, but the happy possessor of n
pnlrol' merry eyes and aclmei-liii mind,
Tho gift of gnyoly Is, Indeed, of great
tijilnn. '   '   "   ■•-•>   ■• "■-■ - " 4«X ■■ '"
'/.emit (,'himliiiil Coniili.Tiliiiii.i
Thi,re lias I icon much discussion an U,
linw Mm lioi-mi elieslniit. live derived Iu
niinii), Sun,) srleiil h;ls linvn d'eelni-ed Mint
ll, Is so called heen use of Mm shapiM)!' Mm
Iniil', which ivseiuhloH n |iiiiw'.i hnnf. Thin
l'lisoniblmnu Ih |.niilru!iui,v inm-keil near
Mm Ir.lei'seeMon of Mm twigs. Milt, yt.lici'
i.'ipmlly IcM-iied men linvn iihkhi'Iimi IhnP
Urn pri.-ll.-i "lini'Hii" lilmply menus lill'gn of
B.iiiiMn nr hi rung. Ilniicn Mm nit-iiin lioi'itv1
.tlienlliut IH dun to lliu Hi.'.o of I hn tltil, Iho
Iron Ir.'iii-iv In fhn satnn,. maniuii- luuv,:>
leech, hoi'i-.elly, lioi-.iu l;iu,vh, lii,t*-io Mi'r.itti
nnd hoi'ini oidlsh havo no conneei Ion what'
over wi; h the animal, but denote 'iil.-.o or
()ll-.,'!if lo Kr'n  ll!ln  Pl-oMioB'.'
Tcni'liei' (In n Hiiiolni' wUh' 'n very 'dli-vy
face) --.Inniiiy, I Hunk you it re jusl, t l !. < t tS t.'
us (liny \\h nny boy In Mm i-liy.
,11 m my-- Vouil o ugh I lo N-ouiy lirnllicr,
Teni'lmi- ■-■ Does yi.m- I.imi her kit von illrly
faro olieiior I linn ymi do?
.Iii: i my-   Well, mill her say-i sho don't, bu
llevn hen v.'icil.ed   lliu I'aen s.'ncu hu got ll,
-•'1'rtiih, \   1
Tim iNi-nii'iil* l'.'nr Viill.y.
I'ei'hnpM, Indeed, nn if.' Inle, ■Wi" enn'er
11777. ini- ,i,!i' foil!,-1 i han for our sins, |iu,l
'.nieil lliu Nellie.,i:i which follows Mlelfoi-
inei' |,-i n ii'.oi'K i-e , ere tori iiler I llllll I hat
which I 11 ti I, 1 -i ■:-; ihe Inlti-r, iim-e uiiwhii
hi !.•;■; ll nl \vo I-i w 7, lillen, I Iiom. |tar|i'
inli.e-; !u| ,, li'i.i e : III;.'. i-| .i-.-cl -e.i, 11,111 eon .-
v,o I.;- \e io l.ei'dh . ,-ly I reddeii on und I |.n
p ,in we ha\ o mi I ln.u," hi le,.,,ly J'io li,1 I las
Jlllli) (if 1'iiiirle.ileii id' wlileh \vu havo hiien
Helpinc tJie Worliing Girl«.
Miss Pluiikett, an English woman,
knowing of tho dillicultics with which
working girls have to contend in Johannesburg owing to lack of residential accommodation, recently'set out from England for that town with the avowed intention of going direct for the millionaires
and getting from them funds wherewith
to remedy this defect. As a result of her
efforts a women's residential club has
been established, consisting of 40" unfur-
.uished, rooms, which aro let at varying
'prices.""-I?urnished rooms can also'bd had.
A general dining room, a registry'oilico,
an employment bureau and a nurses' register are also attached.'.-
Mian Mario Fincgan. ■
Miss Mario Catherine Finegan is a member of a firm of commission merchants in
Chicago. Sho rose to tiiat position from
tlio lowest i-oucdsJ:of $fio_ clerical ladder.
Fifteen years ago sho began work for the
firm as cashier at $5 a week. The second
week she applied for an incrcaso and ro-
ceivod it, this being the only time sho was
oblig-.-d to ask for more pay. By watching
closely the work.of others sho soon ob-
'tallied a knowledge of tlieir tasks, and today sho is so well.posted in all details of
ollico work , that she can at a moment's
notice takii charge of any of the many
books used in the commission business.
A Splojuliil alrriiiijjciimnt.
Throw overs are excellent, devices to use
f\U   the  guest,  chamber or  any apartment
i wjiich   is   not;  eonlinifiilly   occupied.     In
"case of emergencies these covers can bu removed from tho articles of furniture, anil
tho room is ready at a moment's warning.
Tho  dust  of  two  or ,-three .days,   which
would, show very plainly on the'furnitiu-o,
Is  'gfifliei-cil   up   in   tlio wrappings   anil
shaken out of doors.    If  this be carefully
(lono, tho  room does  not require dusting
tiuforo being used.        }_ ,
It Is iv curious fact that when « .Taptv
Iieso woman Is dressed In tho national costume her husband always precedes her
wluiii, entering a room or in walking the
Streels and treats hei- as Jupaneso husbands generally treat their wives—that, la,
like servants, Hut when thu Htnno woman
puts on Kui-opeiin dress tho coiuUtlons aro
Copying a ("chemo utilized by our grand-
iuut.hor.s-, 11, Is not uncommon to si-o tho
Milliners around Iron und 'brass bedsteads
held In plneo by being shirred on to n
piece of thin ln«(V Aw UI o lmni Is niado
in Ihii I'libi-lo iniil the ftath Inserted, IV*
gnndlo ImnglngH are belter kept In plaot
hi this way thun with lings nnd hooks.
llnlf the KorrnwH of women would bit
nvorl.nd If they could repress tlio speech
they know to bu useless—nny, Lliu speech
limy Imvo resolved not to uttur,—-Uuoi-i/o
V'.l'lot. .
An oxeollmit tout, fq^- tho jiurlly of thi
Ur in a room islr Vessel holding llmowa*
H v. II' Mm air is bud, tho waterabuoi-bn »,ui
uipurtUcH and turnn milky,
A nqiiiii-o of flannel worn over Mm client
nml jusl, high enough to cover Mm hollow
In Mm llii'iiiii, will pt-uviMit your uuxjly tali.
Inj; nolu in winter. ,
' '"'a
Tim llnmd.of (In-Kni- ni'iiw-jiiJH with liiiyn
'.I'lni lini'iiim wlm Inet-i'iiHiiii lii-r ntiuht,
IMle p'lel  fill' lllrt Htlllely lliys,
■ V-liiu hiilillm- vioim- In nii-'ilnlit.
Tiiilny II. Imii no lull- coiil'elii
Ve ui'iii-ii tlin tninli of Mnnl/nttl,
Thu' (i|-ll lull loan lmva lost llin «'Hr
Which found UiiHtdni eliiiriiiiul nml iiwoot,
E'en VtMi'di,.ln Ids i-iu'l,v n|ilinre,
In nllljii.l uhviljii Jllilni'il I'lTeto,   i"
And nil ilm slilll of D.iiiii'/.ntll
Jh vetnil ciiiiln niiirl' idi'iliiiliiilly. '
For WnKiiiM-'ri iiiilseful ruin him (uitno
Anil wiU'.ol tlinwiuiil with hhiiliiK hrnaa,
The llllili, irinnheiin, hum und iliiiin
JIllVU |ill"llei'i|| HllVnl- Ntl'lllltH, iilnsl
' '  'And nll.lilH nl.rV,(liiiil. hlieiiiflli iilldiun |)utlj-
Mini iliilui.il iiiru ot Don Until.
Tim Venilshei'it nr.,I nil the »ni1t
I Ir |,olii'iiKi'l|i inn now n-toiir,
And nu one ihlnloi of hiyiin; oihlr)
(in " l.iii'ln ill l.iiiniiirniiiiiii'."
Wni'ii Iniil il 'n ('<Kill ,h nnd ilimlly,
'.l'lll:l,llllj-.lerp|,a M 1,1   IliiHIV'ul ||,
V ,1ft.-
Tim very i.ehi.iilliu.v wliialh.ii o'er
'Jim inlii'iiie,.,.'.ii, noli- for pute,
...lAnd JIi/cI'm linn'Kiu'i lureitilnr
III dully lii'ind I I'niii cvi.i'.V llirimfc'
lllll, |,|inr, old Siiufn,- I'Vnili-.-.'tf,
In mil, |iiiuni'iii-|.;iiuiill,v. '
'Tin i veI' Ihii-i,,  Wind pinplii'l. 'Imlh
Tin. I.mii.i' tlin'i,In hi , hy ruin'.
,TI\ii uiiM 11,dny, Iniiiurron '.i Imli,
And dny nunil ufwayn linn I" nlpliK
IliU i,hull, lliu ilni'ltnr m dmii' nml J'-liy
IUul uuf, «,iu'iilniiily IJunl/elti 1
»Liunibii> Mkulota,   .
i ^i~. . r^Z\ e§aaa»iiBiw»iiii>«xi*.rit."»*i«
i ♦
; o
: O
; O
i <S>
i O-
i c-
I    H&
i *
I o
I   'a'
i o
'. 7f
\ ■>
\ i>
!   O
I   O
! ■>
i ■■>
1 1
*  '
established -aso
9 ?      ESTABLISHED 1890
and a
, complete line
of the
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
Eyes carefully examined nml
properly fitted to the best grade
of glasses. "
Write, telegraph or telephone—we are here
early and late, and on the jump to" serve you
quickly with all the right things'in Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, sterling and plate ;
Onyx Tallies and goods too numerous to mention.
These ure the days that a house like ours can show
its real worth to our customers. Whatever the
size or character of your order, we can fill it and
ship it at once. "The goods you want just when
you want tliem," that's ihy motto. Never were
we in a position to give better -service'to our customers than now. My stock of all kinds of goods
on all lines are a marvel of comprehensiveness.
Their hulk and quality mean to you the best
procurable goods at the lowest possible prices and
you have the assurance that they are all right.
Our watch and jewelry department has no equal
in the countrv.
Mail and express orders have our prompt attention.
rf I ft.
Kite   *
he Jeweler."
uy a Camera
I here is no better, time. Come in and see what a w-hole.outfit costs
--not much—and it's-the concentrated essence of fun. You don't know
what real pleasure is. unless you've worked a camera and put into lasting form the beauties that you are seeing wherever you go. We have
a large stock of Plate Cameras, 1902 pattern, that we are selling at and
below cost.    A complete line of Photographic Supplies of all kinds
and   Book   CoV,  Limited
MONTREAL,  Sole  Manufacturers ofthe "Pinto Shell Cor
dovan" Gloves and Mitts
II       R.H. CARLEY, B.C. Agt.
Hair,   Nail,  Teeth,   Bath
Infant, Etc.
Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at
nstone's Drug Store
One seven-roonu.cl house and
one tliree-rooin house,
fnr rent.
Three   dwelling houses for stile on easy terms.
One.   Lot on    Stanley   street,   opposite Royal CCE*   A MM Am r
Hotel lor sale al a bargain. SEE   ANN ABLE
Boots nnd Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching
a,.Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock
of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.
..•I'. 1
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
Note Heads,
Business Cards
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Your Own i
Will buy ti
Suit   ul   clutl
Ill'Sl-i'ltlSS,    Wf
,  ««
'-] OF, <'onlrt luiyiifni- Ihrmi inniitliB' iiiiniil,i.riOi!|i.   '
r   k.il taii-li in,.ml,,.i'ri.,.|.|vi„i Il11111lll1.ini nliili ur,.,111 [
;    I'VI'IV llllllltll,il\l,llllllll|!ll|l||.|.|,.|l,t lll||l|-ll|,l;,:| VIM-lll
f   1111,1   IliaII III,II!llllll   IIIMV   IMII',1,1   l.lli-li   111,,lllll,   III
1-   1 >.- ■ . -1 Iii nil; iiImi 11 r,11,11,ail,, ni Mi'iiil,i.|,,|il|i' I
_\iy.i iiiv.--, Hn. iiiivlli.|;n nt' l.'lnl, It,1,,111 111 ,Ni7ir I
l!      U\Y   <-'i!..'llili-;|l-
Yii\\. t '11,v, nml 1,1' liiiyliiKllliTiiliirn. iiiii'iinnr inn
i.lial lu,,i niMi,,iil,, 1,1' nny ilia,1.1 ||,t j,in nl w 1111I1,1-.il
I'i i'i mnir ymi I rum'JH',,' fu llll",; nn ymir jmr . U
I'll.I -.' ,. 1 'I till III Ji,III III lll.l'li.Vlllllvllll.'i'l lli:.i-ll   \\:
iii.,ii. 1111111 ymii-mniiiiy'iiwnrili, M111 i'ai, 1 111 11
(j AHV-.Mrnirl'i.un, |ii.|,l,.     ,'IMINiiiimiiii h-.»>,N',V
The Economist
Complete Stock of Stationery
Orclcru by M.tII Receive Prompt Attention.
^ 00       P'AQ TOGRAPHERS.
»w«j]   «jh«i?. !J*wjX| ;    [((■'
«A K*r *0
V.iticniiui-i  ,hi(I (I'nliic-n
HAKEU iiTKI-CT, NF.tkoN,  B. C
1  I  ll:    H
* •   A
>\ -t,
>**« V    tfrtl-W-i iMw'tM   f "ft** 1    -\V  MslfJ.   -H^Mff.„i^„    ^,r (j.„ ^|V")" m t)  ^    iM tf «.tflK"i<4ll(trf   . tm, » *■   ^-n"r|Ji""ii»--o-^» <•- -il   .*"-' U-Wt*-^*n>« ><ti*' j*f\*i»   4|M   *^M-nh   1
,,,,     ,     „1f„r„   ,,»„,.        .,„.., ^.,»,   .«„,,.,   ..„     ,.        ,-,,„,        ,„. -,-.,„.«-, .M„„M*     I...    ,..,
i,   ,^     .    ' e ,  1      1     ,   , i 1 1 'i    ,.' , 1:
, i I, \ if. , \ : <»,
1    , ,"  ..« ,«      ','• "  ,    ,'   A
,   I .     1    « i > -Tt , '   , _ .,     •'
v   ,'   -    , al   -if >.      I ,1 <-    ,     „ 1        ,1   , J,0      ,  ,.J, ,t , 1   '>   III i     1       *    it    li   r * i.     I, ,
1   1.'■     vv'i""        if, 1   ,,7    - "    ,1-n   "v' i'Vi'   yr '*»»,•()■
Jl    I    "     i.v ...    ' '     .,    !      .*. Of
ff,yi    *v   »**» i-iH-  1111""  w   ^t.-(i|r   t"    -   i 1«-(   .     if    -^tr-itlripA*
' '/ %
'.;   ■   v
,K |{\    j' ,',     \,\)J ,<fri 1 z
.1    ' I'1     ':  .,:     >" %   ' ,    , ''»„?
•    r
<.     ^1,           I
s1           " 1
1         tl
f\     i\<        I    c    I
...  r ,7     ,f        '.'
"   'if*
U, v
■ ,-,r r°,,f,ii   >HTt ,
11 , 1 ,1 (,. ,
)' '   It 1 n '.
u      1 V,
'     '«      'I'
it'll      I 1*
IMW >    ( f       1,      It. ,1 1        J!)<«-      1 ,a|   «   .       A ,1
•AAf * V- ,'"» »Y   ';  ,    ,r"' ;i" '     AA\
A . 'A "" ,Ay'  '!,    ': '"L'AiA\ tih 1 \.
1 <,', ii ii  <■
1    . a1  „    1 . • 1,, , ,1    .   ,1
.!<    V   ,1   1      r> M      V  .    ii^    j.
' I.    , ' III ll  ft   ,„
II               Jk          II 11    .     «       1              il   , ■
: • ii    A
ii \   '
«i\ ,1
: * 1* :
1 #t
-i   if
'     1 1
i I -     ,     y4        K        ,1       v W,
il A
' h
IA   A, ,, '•%■■
It is observed that among those who
have assumed nu uncompromising attitude towards the despoliation of King
in. the forthcoming boundary commission, S. Perry Mills, the eminent Victoria barrister, stands foremost. This
matter might not have attracted
unusual attention, because every patriotic British subject will stand up for
the rights of his country, had it not
been for the force of the arguments of
Mr. Mills and the underlying motives
which are believed to have inspired
their production. In short,,-Mr. Mills
is a descendant of Lord Baltimore, a
name that will ever occupy a proud
position in British history. It will
thus be seen that Mr. Mills, in espousing the ciiuse of King Edward is simply preserving the best traditions of
)iis ancestors. Incidentally, it might
be mentioned, that when the present
King was Prince of Wales, on several
occasions on the streets of London he
was mistaken for Mr. Mills, ins resemblance to the Victoria banister being
so marked.
You can be sure of your minutes if you provide yourself with
one of'our accurate and reliable
Beautiful Cases, Standard
Movements, Various Styles, for
very moderate prices.
Don't run—get a good watch to
run for vou.
We carry the Best.
The photograph fakir, who has been
giving away enlarged pictures and
charging only for the frames, came to
grief, when lie attempted to flimflam John Devlin, known to his
friends as ''The Gunner from Galway."
The fakir had been taking orders for
the enlarged pictures, and charging an
outrageous price for the frames, and
when refusal was made by several women to accept the pictures or the frames
and a demand for the original pictures,
the fakir refused to give them up. The
•other"day several oftbese women called
ou the picture man to get back their
photographs, and it so happened that
John Devlin was bent on a like erran'.l
about the same time. The fakir refused
to yield, und,at the same time used unparliamentary language, which aroused
John's ire,,aud he proceeded to make
8hort;work,of tne enterprising picture
man. In this he, was aided and abetted by some of the women, with the
result that they, all recovered their
property. In future when fakirs strike
this town they will do well to remember that John Devlin stands no nonsense, and cannot be gold-bricked by
anv fakir on, the road.
" Minnehaha " and " Hliiwntlm" Mineral
claims; situate in tlie Nelson Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.
Where loeated : On the headwaters of Yuill
Creek, on Kootenay Lake slope. '
Take notice Unit I. Kohert Wet more Ilan-
ntiiKton. of Nelson. H. C, hcUiik as a^ent for
lames H. Jloran, Free Miner's certificate No.
K09.157; Charles W. Greenlee. Free Miner's
certificate No. Rij9,lf>8; nnd Honoruhlo And-
drew'd. Blair, Free Miner's certificate Xo.
Hfi2,f>59,; Intend sixty days from the (lute
hereof, to upply to the Mining; Recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under section :I7, must he commenced before
the issuance, of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this31stday of October, A.D. 1902.
It- \V. Hasxixgtox.
Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner
To George Nowell or to whomsoever lie limy
have transferred liislntcreHt In the "Nowell,"
"Kobber King," "Tamarack"and "AnnieG."
Mineral Claims, situate on White Grouse
Mountain, Goat Kiver Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
You are hereby notified that we have expended for assessment work aud recording
fees on'the above named Mineral claims for
tlie past tnree yenrs the stun of Twelve Hundred and Thirty (S1230) Dollars, in order to
bole the said claims under the provisions oi
the Mineral Act, and if within ninety days
f.-om the date of this notice you fail or refuse
to contribute your proportion of sueh expenditures together with tho costs of advertising,
vour interest insaid mineral claims will become tho property ofthe subscribers under
the provisions of Section four ot tlie ''Mineral
Act Amendment Act. 1900."
Dated at Nelson, B. C. this 27th day o( March,
John Ay-ton Gibson
H.H.N eli.
''The bity council meeting last Monday evening was nbtat all exciting, in
fact' the gathering might easily have
been mistaken  for a church tea meeting.    About the only matter of inter-
est.discussed was the proposal to collect
the watcrratesby cutting of the supply
of,th<* delinquents.   Aid Kirkpatrick's
motion  ta inaugurate a new civil service reform by placing Collector Symcs
on the garbage wagon was agreed to.
Mr. fcJymes  has been in the service of
tho city   for three or . four years, and
now linds that his occupation is gouo.
There is not much encouragement in
this way of treat.ngcity servants, and
i*£;iot tho best way to get a class of employees who will bo attentive to tlieir
terprising citizen. In any event, Mr.
Dover will not remain down long ; he
is made of the stuft' that gets to the top
in spite of all obstacles.
G. A. Huff, ex-M. P. P., was last
Tuesday before Justices of the Peace
Messrs. T. Haslam, Smith, Hiilis and
A. M.Watson, M. D., committed for
trial, bail refused, on a charge of perjury in connection with the Water-
house vs. Willie case in the Admiralty
court. The trjal of J. Bnr-ke, the,other
accused, is npw proceeding. ,
R R j A R   PIPES    &^,*if^>*brt>^^'^^w^*^^^&f^iif^&b^&
The first train over the Nelson and
Fort Sheppard for three days will arrive
this evening.
Iu the abscnco of Mr. John Houston nt tho coast, his old friend, Mr-
William Austin Jowett, will 111! the
editorial chair of the Tribune. Mr.
jowett is a writer of groat force, and
will bring the Tribune Into proinin-
"iico lit least from a literary point of
The ranks o( Montana cowboys will
ho increased by thu addition of three
Nelson boys, who are now making
their way on fool und by train to the
great cut tie ran gen of tho west. The
boys are all about, llfieen yoais of age,
intid have fo" huiiic (line been preparing to runaway, and turn cowboys.
The pureiitH of tho boys did not hiih-
pect lliut the boys wore plotting and
claiming, but, now that lhey are gone
twill not make any effort to bring tlioiu
Win. V Hclionloy Is Heekliiga divorce
at Ottawa from Ills wifo, Miihiiii Maria
Kchoolcy, of Detroit, on tho ground of
desertion. Thu wife of Win. Allen, of
(Jicnfell, Ahhii., eloped in December,
and IioiiIho wants a divorce. Alexander AlcDcrmld went to Montana to
got adlvoreo from his wife, who lives
in (Jlllicrt PialiiH, Man,, and she Ih
now looking for a dlvore.
Mm, Annie <MIIIh, aged 71, died hint,
evening atthe imhUIuik-o of her tton.
Tho Nelson Lacrosse Club has organized for tho season, and tho boys will
begin practice just as soon as the
grounds are dry. Tho prospects are
that tho team will bo even stronger
this year than ever.
To orctito nn Interest In Iium'osko
tho Ottawa Citizen has given a trophy
to lie competed for hj the lacrosse teams
of the Ottawa valley.
Nelson will have an Intermediate
LncroHHC team this sasoti.
Tho annual meeting of the Westminster Liici'osHii Club was held Thursday night, The club organized for tho
ensuing season.. Thos. Oiffnrd, M. P.
was elected honorary president, and
Warden Armstrong, president ; ('. A,
Welsh and Nels Nelson, vIcc-pi'sldoutH;
II. Jtyall, Hccrelary ; Mchniu Clioyne,
Tui-nbnll, Peele, Mahony and Mul-
coniHon, executive ; Messrs, llyull,
Turiihiill and Welsh, delegates In thu
lt. C, vV. Ii, A. (Ireal, regret was expressed a (ho possibility of Victoria
nut entering tho league this year,
The Medicine Hat team has organ-
j l/ed for the season, and it, Ih claimed
tho players MiIh season will bo stronger
than ever. The team will compote
with Calgary, Lotlihrlilgi., Kornlo und
Kriiuk for tho tonitorlal championship and the TnM'o cup. The Medicine
Hal, Juniors nro getting ready to meet
all Junior teams along the ('row's
W. A. Thurman
Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson
W. G. Gillett,
Builder   and   Contractor
iainty spring
Fancy muslin.
souses in
inti zephyrs, 75c to $$, m sizes
Mail orders promptly filled.    Write
for samples.
Embroideries • and  Laces  in all the
new designs.
April   Delineators.    All   the  latest
Butterick Patterns now to hand.
Infants' Robes,   Cloaks. Underwear
in complete sets. Children's Muslin
Dresses, in white and colored, in all
sizes from i to 6 years, plain, lace and
embroidery, neatly trimmed.
Prints, Chambrys, Muslins, Lawns,
Zephyrs,  Ginghams, Nainsooks, Dimities, at very low prices.
Ladies'   Print Wrappers, sizes 32 to
Ladies' and Children's Hose.
Corsets, the low   bust aud popular
Call and see our new Spring Hats.
Nottingham;  England.
| Navy Gut Mild,
ledium and Full
Cigarette   Tobacco,
Navy GLit
Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None
Estimates  given
and woodwork.
on stone, brick
There Inn hope among the elll/.eiiH
of N'ol.ion Unit .Iiutoh Dover'ri I.iihIiioh.i
dlllleultU-H may he only temporary.
Mr. Dover id one of tho iiiuhI, oulor-
prUlug iiiiiii in tho Province, and a
IiUhIim'hh iiiiiii of Hterliug . integrity.
Like many otliern, he hn-i HiiU'ered by
the pr.'Menl, depreHHlon, hut given (line
it. .h Ix-lleved ho could have met, lilti
olillKiitloiiH to the last, cent, Ih-hMcs
having t\ eoiiHlderal.lo liulunee to hl.t
, cre.lil, The high CHtccin iu whioh he
\h held l',v every el 11/.en Ih perhuptj the '
nli-oni;e..l WAUuony uu lo liin merlin hh 'enllllinglt to the lloiindury ehanipion-
nu upright luinlnciH uihii nod an en- whip.
Calgary  Ih
importing pluyei'H, mi Ih
Cranhrook in going in on IiuhoIiiiII
IIiIh year, and Iiuh'oshd in praetienlly
dead there. The Cranhrook HportH
elnliu they will havo Uu> l>i'n| Iiiiho-
hull team In the wchI thin mi'unoii,
Arlhiii'T. I.iill'.v, Ilio elmiuplon 100-
yanl Hpilnlei-ol'lhe u-orlil, will proliuh-
ly vlrilt. I'liiglaiid IIiIh Minium.r,
The  I'hoenlx hookey  team 1ln.1ml.11tl
(Jnenwood hy a wsiire of Ti to !!,  tluiH
Brick and Lime for Sale
SewinglVlachines and Pianos
For Rent and for Sale
Old Curiosity Shop, Josephine SI, Kelson
Riesterer's Beer.
Turner, Beeton & Co., L'td, victoria, b._c.
Now the best iu the market,
our Wines, liquors and
Nelson Wine Co.,
Tel. 93, linker St., Nelson.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor
Op. B.C. Customs House, Nelson,
Bartlett House
((''•M'llM'l'1}' t'lio'lst' IIohho) ;
Tim Iii-hI )M periluy lioiiHe Iii NelHon,
While   l)i-l11  i'iii|i|nyi'il,     T
Big Vaudeville  Show
The Most Nutritious Breakfast Food in
the Market and a Home Product.
$6.75 PER TON,
All orders must "be aocompar ded by oa^h and should "bo forwarded
either personally or by mail,to the office of
None lull
till' lll'Hl,
G. W.   Bartlett,   Prop.
*> ^^^f^t-^WW"1*^^/^^


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