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The Economist Dec 3, 1904

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Array ^sa&asammeaxsaismasse^^  9.V��7mM*m*M  um  mm  ���-M  ���*   -7 ,f*    ���*"   'rz^-i���* ^ftP  -AZA- >3y"j!  A*^��  '/;.--    - >    v.   - . - -��r  PROF. MILLS has never Been anything   ��  flnur tiian theimlt oDNeison district.*-' Ho *-  added :   "1 didn't sec the cherries or rasp-'  t.errlrsi.r goo��cbcrrles,,but If tbey com-*  pare with the applca, pears and' plunm:  .vou have hen1 u fruit country unsurpassed  s   by anything iu the Dominion.'.', -_  VOLUME VIII.  KELSON, B. C., SATURDAY DECEMBER % 19C 4.  3����tF  I'M  mw  Nephew of Cetywayo the  Noted ZUlu Chief,  FINDS WIFE IN OTTAWA  He Was Brought to England, With  Five Others, and PrJnceXetyr  wa^pi in 1882^  yj, i >  Nearly half a century ago in a native  village in Zululand a bouncing baby  boy-niade his debut to charm a proud  1 papa and a dusky mamma. All through  the long fly-infested summer dayi-s lie  squawled and- smiled in turn as babies  do the world over. As he grew in  years and yearnings, he, wandered off  and got lost in the jungle and tempted  the crocodiles in the near-by stream.  He seemed destined to live a life like  that of his fellows who cared not for  the fashions in their contempt for  clothing. But a day came for Derowedia, for that was the name the little  chap answered to when he answered  at all, when ho turned his back on^ his  jungle home. He was a scion of royalty, a nephew of Cetywayo, the cele-  brate(*j-.Zulu chief, and along with four  others he. was taken to England. Dero-  wedlaat the time was thirteen years  of age and his knowledge of English  about as scant as his native apparel.  On Tuesday night, of last week, Rev.  F. C. Reynolds, pastor of the West End  Methodist church, Ottawa, united in  marriage one John. Douglas and Mrs.  Annie Booth, a hard working widow  who numbers amongst ' her"'*earthly  possessions ii' small con'tingent of lusty  youngsters'and a neaf little restaurant  on Wellington'-street, immediatelyeast  of Bank*. Her husband is an honest  looking chap, decidedly dusky of countenance and Hearing thc half century  mark. He is none'other than Dero-  wedia, the child of the African jungle,  the man of royal connection, says the  OttawaCitifcen.  The story of his life -from the tithe  he left sunny Africa to the time he  captiyated and captured the Ottawa  widow reads like a chapter from a story  -book^and^a-good^slory^book^atHliatf  Derowedia, or Douglas, as ho is now  known, left his native land where  clothiers would go bankrupt in a week,  in 1884, the year that his uncle Cetywayo, prirrae "of the Zulus, made his  unsuccessful attempt to buck the' line  against the British. That effort on his  part, it will be remembered, resulted  ".���al.  in the disastrous Zulu war. Dero-  wedia's ' father wad also '.mixed up in.  the little fracas, occupying in tlie native ranks a position corresponding to  that'of lieutenant'in (lie British army.  ���..   ���������������'I     ^ ������"������������  "���* ���/,,-.'.'J iii j'-  .-,,.11  The son of course was rather young to  take up hie little war club, but any-  ���.-������:������'���.ll    '������'.������ < ������>.rl,.l.! \i  way he didn't get a chance, for, as has  been said, iu company with four others,  be was taken  to England at the* request of "the great white Queen."   It's  hardly  likely that    Queen    Victoria  knew that sucha little colored chip" of  royalty who shied rocks at! alligators  and wore his l'lecktie around liis waist','  existed, but'in' 'any���.v'eiit 'DerbXvedia  got "the*'^}l''''*i'fid';tb*e ti'iiJ'to^iEriglii'iidl  Victoria: the Goodv'away's int'ei'^fete'd in'  the  welfare   of   her fubjects,  black,'  white and otherwise;colored, saw that  the yisitors from' the. jutiglo wero in-  trod'ueed ,t.Q,the,white  man's burden,  fashions and education.   "Derowedia,  or Douglas,' as he was called iti English, "made good" and pickied up everything in thie way'of learning that honestly cameV liis way.'' "In'the'sights of  the Strand and tlie .plettsures of ,'Picca-  d/fliy he 'forgot to grow liome'sick;and  ^seldom in his dream's did tbe pleasures  of a crocodile chase ;hhU n t' hi m.   "Aa he  reached man's estate',''he receiyed an  Appointment as tititief'- at Alexandria j thought.  I a'aco, still enjoying the protection c f  .t^e^ueen, whoseportege he was.   Tir-  I ing, however,<# life with royalty as a!  neighbor, lie'came out to Canada about  five years ago, arriving   in   Ottawa  shortly afterwards.    Bis liking for thc  new country caused him tb spend liis  money freely, but he eventually came  to theend of his purse strings.  '"���'Then he struck a job as cook, turning out flap jacks-and steaks at the  Cecil hotel during Charlie Genslinger's  regime.    He was afterwards employed  as cook on the C. P.  R.  transcontinental trains, but it was only quite re-  C2ntly that he made the acquaintance  of the charming Widow Bootii.  "No, I was never married bofore,"  he said to an Ottawa Citizen reporter.  '���I liked this woman; she was honest  and hard working and I thought we  could make it. I asked her and she  thought we could make it, too; so we  got married." V  '���Do you ever iutend to return to Zululand?"'he was asked.  "I will when ��� I get money enough,"  was the reply. I never had much  hankering to go back after I got in  the way of wearing clothes and eating  bread and such like. Out there they  wear hardly anything and cook very  little and I couldn't go back to that  life."  When he first came to Canada, Derowedia, or Douglas, as he prefers to be  called now,.bore a letter of introduction from the Queen to Lord Minto,  according to his own story.  " I often talked to the Queen. She  asked me many questions about my  people and seemed greatly interested in  them. I've seen the present King and  talked with him, too," stated the  "prince."     ' ****  Douglas is a member of the Masonic  order, one of the few Zulus.in that  august fraternity] He also,makes tho  boast.that he is the only Zulu residing  permanently in America. In appearance he resembles a negro very'much  and appears to be an active sensible  chap  DR.  be the Candidate  for Mayor.  MR.   GEORGE  DENNY  Tells Something of the Horrors  of  the War -jn the Far -  East. _  To many it will occur that city election talk might well have been post-  poned.until after tlie Christmas holidays. The mind of the av< r ge business man is too much engiossed with  his own affairs during the Cluistmas  holidays to give that serious attention  to civic matters to which the subject.is  justly entitled. It concerns every man  that the affairs of thc city should be  conducted in a 'manner best calculated  to maintain-the-credit.of the city arid  at the same time In 'keeping with the  progressive spirit of the day. Partic-  ularly,i3 this the casein a young^aud  growing city like Nelson. It is essential at the present time that progressive  men should be 'at,the head of affairs,  but it is equally as important thai the  men who take charge are cautious and  will at no time pursue a policy will that  involve the citv.in irretrievable ruin.  Undoubtedly this is tlio idea of the  business men who have induced'Dr.  Ro3e to become a candidate for mayor  at the forthcoming election^ Dr. Rose  has already held the office of mayor  for one term, and his conduct of, thc  afFairs of Nelson during that period  was such as to induce tiie belief that  the business of the city would be safe  in his hands during the year 1905. It  was with great reluctance that Dr.  Rose consented to become a candidate,  His Canadian courtship was a realizing that due performance of the  short one, for brevity in matrimonial  matters is the rule with his people.  Out iu Zululand a girl is valued noton  the strength of her personal charms  so much as on the weight of brass and  other metal ornaments she wears.  Sometiires she'll be a regular junk  shop, carrying around with lier a  weight of forty or fifty pounds of wire  anda. onnamentSna about���her_ neck-and  ankles and in her nose and ears. Before ho "can call her his own. her admirer has to turn over to bis future  duties of the office would mean a great  loss to him in a professional way.  There wasa general feeling, in whieh  Dr. Rose shared, that'the present  mayor should accept another"term, but  Mr. Hamilton cannot really afford the  time, so thc choice fell upon the doctor.  It is understood that Doctor Rose and  his friends are selecting candidates for  tbo_ council-board, and that_due regard  is being observed asto their qualifications from a business point of view.  Tift) platform upon which  the candi-  fatber-in-law an agreed number"' of dates will stand for election will be  cattle. From this It can be seen that placed before the public in a few days,  Prince Derowedia in seeking a wife in  and the voters will then have an op-  Canada made a much better' bargain  than he would have under the shelter-  ���������:,������ ��� \f  ing: palms of his native village.     Ho  intends to establish a restaurant   in  Ottawa.  .  oA���oA  Information has reached this city  that VV. IS. Bowins, who formerly conducted the Commercial College in Nelson, died at Calgary last Sunday, after  having undergone an operation for ap-  peudicitls.    Mr. Bowins was well and  portunity of judging for themselves  whether or not it merits their support.  It will not be a document framed with  tho mere object of catching votes, but  a comprehensive platform woll suited  to the needs of city, and the public can  rest assured lhat it will be carried out  to the letter.  ie er will I forget the scenes I witnessed each morning, when the  wounded were brought oil'the fields in  crowds m.my of them diagging themselves along the best way they could.  There are so many middle aged men,  too, who dropped out from mere exhaustion.  "One war experience I think, will  satisfy me. I do iiot care foi* the sensation caused by the bursting of shells  over and around one.  "As one  section of  the army was;  fighting around the hiiN, we had a\ Improvement in the Grading and  grand view ,of the whole battle, and  could even see our-, enemy in a few ill-  stances���something .very unusual in  modern warfare with such long-range  artillery.  "We had fine weather during the  battle aiid basked -in the siiti-on' the  mountain tops watching our batteries  at work, and the Jap shells bursting  over every acre of ground. But it is  useless to try "aud" tell you all in *a  letter. '     "    ** ''   . .  "I have-'kept well throughout it all,  the little rough work agreeing with me.  We are all in hopes that something  will occir soon so'the campaign, will  ended for the "season, and wo will be  able* to go home for the winter."  ^  Thomas Ellis Fattened  for Slaughter by  BAND   OF   SAVAGES  Packing of Frnit���Brit  Inconsistency.  fH.uj:a 1.\ nfg, bolind. beside a huge fire  on which" had k-cn placed a erude  gridiron. With the "aid of friendly natives a port was soon reached, and the  men were able to set sail for Java.  To_be captured by a horde of wild  cannibals,   fed   until   he presented   a   ther improvement next year.  W. Ms*"*"M Smith. Dominion Fruit  inspect Provincial Library " '* Act,  has just, returned "to the'"coast, after  visiting nearly every point in his district. In conversation with a representative of^the Vancouver News-Advertiser, Mr.'Smith said that although  there was still room for improvement,  the grading and packing of fruit had  this season been carried out more in  accordance with the Dominion Act  than formerly; and he looked for a fur-  He was  mo^t appetizing spectacle to  h'is cap- greatly pleased with  the co-operation  tor's, and to have a dangerously near' given him by the Dominion Fruit Pest  view of a large, rough gridiron, where  - That the Sutton company, now filling a week's engagement at tne Opera  House, is not popular with the theatre-  going people of Nelson, has been demonstrated by the small'attcndance each  night. In the first place the company  has about as poor a class of plays as  were,ever placed before Nelson, audiences, and in the second place, even if  tlie plays were acceptable the company  could not produce them". There are  one or-two members of the company  who could get a place in an average  stock company, but the rest are without dramatic .inspiratloiV.and lacking  in everything thatgoes to make up a  good actor. The Sutton company is,  however, entitled to credit in one respect. It has an orchestra which is  one of the,b(si, if not thc best, ever  heard iu the city of Nelson.  .Inspectors at the boundary points' aud  he was to bo toasted until properly paid a hearty tribute to their work,  browned, was^the recent ex perienceof. stating that he had found very little  Thomas Ellis, a member of the crew of j Washington Fruit in the Kootenay  the steamer Astrakan, which arrived i districts about which there could be  at Philadelphia this week. The story any cause for complaint. He found  of how Ellis escaped this fate and thus  that the growers In the Okanagan and  Time is considerable interest being  taken in Ihe forthcoming visit of the  Marks company, which begin a two-  weeks' engagement at tlie Opera House  on Monduy evening, January 2. ,This  is one ofthe Marks Brothers' companies which for years have been touring  the east. The brothers are said to have  made more money than any theatrical  manager in Eastern Canada, and that  their people arc universal favorites is  best evidenced by the interest being  taken iu the visit of the Tom Marks'  company by people living here who  have witnessed their performances in  eastern cities.  disappointed the. expectant palates of  the savages was told by him to a  n ew spaper reporter.  At the time of his experience Ellis  was a member of the crew of the" sailing ship Aigburth. Under the command of Captain John" H. Reed, and  with a crew of seven men, theship left  New South Wales for Java, where it  was to take a cargo of sugar for Philadelphia. On July 10, when* off the  norlh coast of Now Guinea, the ship  met a storm.  The sails were carried away first,  and the masts sooti followed. The second day land was sighted, and it was  determined to make a trial at reaching  shore. When still some distance away"  tlfe hoat was swamped) and the eight  men, already exhausted, had to swim  to* shore.  One of the men had  brought a rilie  with him, and lie managed to keep this' as many Ontario as British  Columbia  dry, knowing it to be their oijly hope apples had probably been shipped in.'  of getting food.       ' The B.  C.  fruit,  however, generally  . Wet and weakened, the party made  commanded  the better price,  as the  their way inland for several hundred   packing and grading   were   superior,  other Interior districts now realized  that the regulations were largely  framed, for ' their ow.n interests and  most were thus living up to them. He  however,"detected some cases of flagrant violations of the Act on the part  of both Ontario anil British Columbia  growers which will be laid before the  Department at Ottawa-and which will  probably result in the prosecution  of the offenders. Mr. Maxwell Smith  said lhat tho Act had now been in  force for over two years and the growers had been furnished with' copies,  while its claims had been carefully explained so tbat the plea of ignorance* of  its provisions was no excuse.  When asked> bow the"shipments of  Ontario nii'd"British'"Columbia apples'  compared in the portion of the North  West under j his' jurisdiction, Mr.  Smith   said 'that   this    year    nearly  NW^EBh^o^I  IRTHORiTAYp  Posesses Secret of the  i    "**       *��� * *   ��� _,  Ancient Egyptians.  -��� - AM/wk  A *.Af*4  A NOTED  SCIENTIST  Declares He Has  Discovered  Processes for Mummifying Bodies.  yards, when they were attacked by a  band of naked savages. With the aid  of the rifle, which kept their pursuers  at bay, Captain Reed and three of his  men succeeded in escaping, but Ellis  and the others were captured.  __To.the_wonder_of_the.men,-the sav--  ages   took   great   trouole   to   capture  Iu thc recent election of a member  to represent-South���WentworthrOnta-  rio, in  the House of Commons, two  them alive, and seemed to express glee  persons contested the constituency��� IS.  whilo the boxes used by B. U. growers  are preferred to tho barrels in which  the Ontario fruit is shipped.  Following are extracts from a letter  from George Denny, formerly a member of the Victoria Colonist staff and  favorably, known in  Nelson, and  his | now Associated Press representative at  friends here deeply deplore his death.!  He'was married-last spring, and thero  will   be   universal spnipathy for his  wife, who was also, very  popular' in  this city.  The Kaslo Kootenaian, taking Its  cue from a paper whose editor has a  fancied   grievance   against 7 Mr.   Mc-  tbe seat of war in the Far East. \ The  letter was written from Mukden, and  is dated October 20th :  "We have been halving a busy time,  this being my second day in town since  the big battle commenced. I left Mukden on October 7th to join the army,  whichawas to advance, and wasjm the  spot when the fighting commenced on  October 9th.   I remained in the thick  Bride,  expresses the   belief that  the |  Government will fitid itself in shallow ,ofitfora week> tlien returned to Muk-  watev''when the House meets,  is not the slightest foundation for this  suggestion.     Tlie   Government   will  complete its term of four years, and  has the best of reasons for believing tance; but have made a short advance  that when it again appeals to the vo- again since.; However, both armies are  ters it willreeeive their hearty endor-, tired put, arid the battle seem3 to have  the w6rn~itself out, without anjTgreat ad-  There den for one day, going out again  the  next day and returning yesterday.  "The Japs gave us a warm reception,  ami we were forced to retire some dis-  satiom'   ' With   tbe  Kootenaian  wish   "is    evidently:   father   to  the .vantage to either side.  '���   "The loss of life was terrible, and'yearsago.  Noimnn K. Luxton, editor of Crug  and Canyon, of Banff, was recently  married to Mis-s McDougall, daughter  of David McDougall, of Morley. Mr.  Luxton, who is a son of \V. F. Luxton, for many years editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, has had more remarkable experiences in his short life  than the majority of men who have  lived the allotted span. ., When only a  mere boy he won the trap-shooting  championship of Western Canada after  a singular exhibition of marknr.anship.  Three, years ago, in company with  only oue companion, he made a voyage from Vancouver to Australia in an  Indian canoe. His adventures en  route would in themselves be a stirring' narrative. -While in Australia he  formed the acquaintance of De Rouge-  mo/it, of-Wide World Magazine notoriety, and indeed had, bim in his employ for some time. On his return he  settled at Banff, and started the publication of Crag and Canyon- His wife  belongs to a family historic inthe annals of the Northwest, being iv .granddaughter of the Rev. George McDougall. the pioneer Methodist missionary  to the Indians of the west, who was  frozen   to death on the plains many  rather than hatred in their glances.  Still more surprised were they whep  they were placed in a warm dry hut  and given plenty of vegetable food.  No meat was given them, and this  omifcsiou 'was due, they afterward  found out, to the prevalence of teUe,  a ily pest, whieh had exterminated  most of thc animals in thut section of  the country.   It was not until thc end  D. Smith on behalf of the Conservatives, and W. O. Sealey on behalf of  the Government. The latter was declared elected by a small majority. A  recount wad demanded, and the result  thereof i.s that, in consequence of tlie  Illegal numbering of the b.illots by lhe  deputy returning otlicer at No. .'i polling place in the township of Dawn,  the   numbered   ballots   had to  be ro  of this time that they began to realize jected and Mr. Smith declared elected.  Thereupon the Toronto Globe and the  the fate in store for them.  Good living and little work had its  usual effect, and lhey began to fatten.  It was when they noticed that this increase of flesh was appreciated by their  captors that they I'calized that, having  been long without animal food or flesh  of any kind, the savages intended to  have a gala feast with them as the  principal dish.  In the meantime the other sailors  minor Government organs throughout  thc country���not omitting our morning contemporary in this city���set up  a hue and cry, and vociferously demanded the resignation of Mr. Smith,  declaring that no honorable man  would consent to occupy the position  which is Ids, representing in the  House the minority of votes cast.' It is  however now pointed out  for the in-  had also been captured, but by another > formation of the Globe and the other  and more friendly tribe. This tribe party organs that joined in this cry,  had many dealings with traders. When  that the Hon. David Mills, Minister of  they .learned that the rest of the party  had been raptured by thc cannibals,  tbey offered to rescue them, as it gave  them a chance to wreck vengeance on  a���tribe with which they had several  scores to settle.  When   they reached   the  enemy's  country  they attacked the cannibals  Justice in the Laurier Cabinet, retained  his seat in the House of Commons for  thc lull term ..under, precisely similar  circurnstu.-cca' to those in which Mr.  Smith finds himtelf. And neither a  straight Grit, nor an independent Grit  newspaper���least of all tbe Toronto  Globe���ever hinted that the  retention  on the day that had been set for the, of the seat by Mr. Mills under such  feast. The captors were taken by sur- circumstances was the reverse of hon-  prise, aiid soon gave way, running in : est or that it would be honorable for  all directions. The captives were for- bim to resign it. Thus do eircum-  gotten in,the general route.  , ��� (stances alter cases and is Grit uews-  *EHis and his three companions*were paper inconsistency exemplified.  There has come to this country from  Australia a small grey-bearded, man' "  who asserts that be has solved the Secret ot the ancient art of- mummlfyin';  human bodies.  He is Professor Arthur Robert Ta3-->  lor of Perth, Western Australia, and'  he has brought with him one. of the  most interesting and varied collections  of mummies ever seen before In this  country, including two children, one  five mouths of age and other two days  old. Both bodies have been mummi-  fled for more than twenty years and.  are wondrously perfect.      [  Professor Taylor has already introduced his work in London, where he  established for the benefit of English  scientists a museum filled with hi*' ,  mummies " embalmed by bis secret  formula. ' He has the body of a man  40 years of age in bis collection! *- 'fUe-  body was embalmed-ten'years ago a^d  y ' '    ���   r"/    'J  is now perfectly mummified.' J*fe uFao   -  has the bodies of children, crocodiles,  sharks, birds, snakes, kangaroos,' deer. _  sheep, goats and hogs. " "' \.' " _.,  The collection which be huts brought';  to this country is not so large or varied' *  because of "the Inconvenience of'carry-'-'  ing a complete museum acaosa ibe Atlantic,  but it is  sufficiently Jarjre to  convince the scientists of the value of  his discovery.   Since his arrival he has -"*  embalmed five bodies by his secret process, three ot them for Cornell Medical  college aud  the other for a large embalming concern.  The embahner is an Australian by  birth and is now almost seventy years  of age. He has had the secaet for more  than thirty years. His father spent  many years in the study and ex perl- ���  mentation of it, and in the latter part  ofdils-li fe -was assisted-by-hia-sour the���  present Professor Taylor.  The latter one day organized a caravan and went away into the wilderness  of Australia, where be found certn!n  minerals and vegetables from which  he manufactured a compound which,  he says, proved to prossons mummifying properties such as were possessed  by the Egyptians.  To test the efficiency of tbe solution  ho has   hurried   certain animals   for  yeaiH after inoculating them with It  to see what edect the moisture of the  earth would have on tlie bodies.    Two  young children whoso bodies were embalmed and buried were taken up four  years later and found to be tbe same  in    appearance as   when   tbey.wero  placed beneath the ground.     Professor  Taylor claims that by his process human bodies can be preserved indefinitely, and that in tbe case of birds and  animals even the gloss of tbeir skin or  feathers can be forever retained, insuring the companionship of dead.pets for  those who do not waut to part with  them.  At    Perth    Professor   Taylor    bas  among his most interesting specimens  a three-ton whale, which for twenty  years has retained its   original form  and looks, but is as solid as rock.  *<l  -,* ^-.il  ���s'r.Z&J  -,i-    �� -V-1  -*       '-\*h1  J";.' I  '.ij-*. T-l  i    lit  V'JV.-|  m  AT'.  The banquet given Senator Tempfc-  man by the Liberals of British Colufa-  bja last night at Victoria, was a well  merited tribute to a popular political  leader. Though tbis paper differs with  him in polities, It freely acknowledge*  that Henator Templeman bas been a  good friend of his adopted Province-, > THE NELSON ECONOMIST  *Ai* ���  it?:-  ;t  >r-,-a-  1%  *'���   :  f. . *�����  THE NELSQH ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Verjton Street. Nelson, B. C.  $1 Pei Year  in  Advertising rates made known on application.  All changes ln advertisements to Insure  Insertion should reach this office not later  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address is required, it i*-  desirtblc that both the old address and the  new be given.  Address all communications. "Publisher  of The Nelson Economist. Nelson. B. C.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The contractors speak hopefully as  to the outlook for building next-year.  Several large busines blocks are spoken  of, besides a number of dwelling-  houses.  -Tne best men should be chosen as  aldermen. Next ycarwill.be an important one in the city of Nelson, and  capable men are needed in the city  council. -  .   ��� e  The Wade-Bowser libel case is the  leading topic at Vancouver. "Tlie action is the .result of certain remarks  alleged to bave been made by Mr.  3k>wser about Mr. Wade "during the  recent election contest. Mr. Bowser  pleads tbat be was misreported.  1 We ate now entering upon the last  _ tnonttr of what has been perhaps the  best year in tbe Kootenays. There  have Been years when certain months  have been better than tbe same months  this year, but in no year could a better  average be shown than during 1904.  THE PROVINCE DECEIVED.  - A man who has made a success of  .his own business may be depencd upon  to carry on the affairs of, the corporation'satisfactorily and to the best interests of the citizens. John Jacob*Astor  made* it a rule never to employ a man  whd was unsuccessful in.business. The  jule is a good.one.       ,  .   ���  The n'ew Governor-General, Earl  {jfarey, ^described by the Times as '"an  pptimisf on-Canada.." i\t'the banquet  tendered to bim in London on the eve  of departure for this counti'y, Earl  Grey said that he "was going to a  Country where the $ky was blue and  the atmosphere like chu,mpaguc.< The  Canadian winter was more exhilarating  than the average English summer. In  its'vastness of wealth, its variety of re-  J.  sources, and its breed of men, Canada  was not surpassed by any portion of  the globe. He hoped to see before the  conclusion of his term of oflice, Aracr-  -iean-iiiails'reaching-England-through  Canadian ports, instead of vice-versa.  He was- looking forward tc the time  ���when a steamer would cross to Canada  in four days. During previous visits  *o Canada the loyalty of the French-  Canadians had greatly impressed him.  He was looking forward with pleasure  to making a five yearn' residence in  Canada."  It is hard to understand the case  of  *��. J< Reilly, the Kingston college instructor who went pver to Watertown,  in New York Btate, and arranged  for  the ��� manufacture  of tho* false  ballot  boxes, says tbe St. John, N. B., Sun.  There la no doubt about his" share of  the plot, for he admits having written  the letter to B. O. Lott, setting forth  -What he had done.   In this letter lie  ssks.for   $85,   stating that   he    had  lecelved   the   samo   amount     from  the Government candidate in Frorite-  nac, and that the two sums would re-  - pay his outlay, including $100 for the  man who made tbe boxes.'  Mr. Reilly  says lie will tell' the whole story iu  court, as he ought to-.tlo, and  that he  did not realize   the \wrong*** be   was  doing. Yet he is a graduate of Queen's  University,  and   the   late   Principal  Grant did not fail to discuss with his  young men   the  value of a citizen's  rights.   Mr. Reilly was himself at the  time of thia conspiracy an instructor  of young men, and tbis should have  given him a sense of responsibility.  Mow could he fail to know that he  was assisting in one of the gravest  crimes possible to amy man in a free  ,GOWtry7  Previous to the election the Conservative papers throughout Canada, and  particularly in British Columbia, ventured the belief that  in the event of  the Liberal   party   being returned to  power it would be several yeare before  work would be  commenced.-'in   this  Province ou the Grand Trunk Pacific  Railway.   So insistent were the Conservative papers on this point that the  Liberals hasteiu-.il to secure from what  seemed an   authoritative- source   the  most emphatic assurance that construction on the railway in  this Province  would be commenced simultaneously  with work in the East.   Still the Conservatives continued to express doubts,  and subsequent events seem to show  that they were not far astray in their  surmises.   But it was" largely on the  strength of assurances from the sources  referred to that the Liberals were enabled to carry British Columbia.   Now  comes ths Vancouver Province, a Liberal paper, with the following statement :   "The assurances given by Mr.  Prefontaine personally and those delivered by   President Hayes through  Senator  Templeman demolished   the  arguments  of the   Opposition candidates and speakers, and entirely satisfied the people.   The statements made  by these gentlemen, one speaking with  authority for the Government and the  other for the company, were unequivocal.   They promised that work would  begin     iu     British      Columbia    at  the   same    time    and   with   equal  vigor  that   it   was   begun   east    of  tho mountains.   The people accepted  thc assurances thus imparted without  hesitation or   further  questions, and  sont a "solid" Liberal representation  to the {louse of Commons.   It is only  three weeks since the elections, and we  are given to understand that in harboring .the belief we have referred to  we were eherishing a delusion.   Mr.  D avid H. Hays, the brother of President Charles M. Hays of the Grand  Trunk Paciflc, whose letter written to  Se nator Templeman had such a forceful influence with the electors of tbis  Province, is   authority for the statement  that  nothing will be done in  British Columbia for the next two or  three yeare. ' Mr.  David H. Hays has  just returned from Montreal, where he  met his brother, iu  whose confidence  ho undoubtedly is.   When  he speaks  us he .does,  frankly and deliberately,  .'we can regard.bis statements as-om-  Ing directly from the president of the  pany and as representing the' actual  stale of uilairs.   Mr.   Hays does not  hesitate to assume all responsibility for  what he says, and his words will unquestionably be taken by the public as  conclusive on this matter. Now, what  construction-are -we- to-place on-this  announcement, which comes practically direct from the president of the  Grand Trunk Pacific?   Are we to understand that all the assurances which  we received, prior to the election, regarding a matter ofsuch importance  to us and to our business,   interests  were  intended only  as an    election  dodge, as a trap to catch votes ? If Mr.  Hays' statement is true, if there is no  intention of beginning work here for  two or  three years,   we  have  been  grossly deceived, and wc can only presume tbat we have been made the victims  of a miserable "political conspiracy.    Surely,  however, a breach  of  faith such as this, is not a good beginning for a great national enterprise."  Lowest Rates  Best Time  Toronto,  Montreal,   New  Provinces, New England.  York, Maritime  WEST  Vnncouver,  Points.  Victoria,   Seattle,    California  Unequalled   Passenger Service,  Tourists, Coaches, Dining Cars.  Sleeper*,  TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE.  West.���Lv. Revelstoke daily for Seattle and  Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Dunmore Jet. for St. Enul dally.  -    Toronto  Wed.   and   Sun.,   Montreal  .Mon.. Boston Fri.  SINGLE FARE RETURN.  On November 21st and 22nd tickets will be  sold nt nil C. P. R. Btationa to Vancouver to  Laggun and Crow's Nest, including Kootenay  branches at single fare for tlie round trip,  good till Novembcr24th.  Atlantic  S.  S. Agency  Through bookings to and from Great Britain and the Continent.  J.B. CA.RTER,  Dlst. Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  E. J. COYLK,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  Having purchased the stock of Boots and Shoes  carried by Fred L Irwin, by chattel mortgage sale,  the entire stock, worth $3006, must be sold within  thirty days. This stock and the $9000 stock carried  by myself is made up ofthe best Boots and Shoes  manufactured, and are of the Latest Styles. No old  or out-of-date goods. All are the Newest and Best.  All will be sold for half their worth.  $12,000 STOCKTOCHOOSE F  oys' and Girls' School Boots  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claim.situate ln the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Rover Creek, about  three rnllesfrom'Kootcnny River. Take notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, of the City or  Nelson, acting as agent for myself, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1182,023, and A. C. Flum-  merfelt, Free Miner's Certlllcate No. B80.024,  intend, sixty days from lhe dnte hereof, to  apply to thc Mining Recorder fora Certificate  oflmpiovemenU for thc purpose of obtain-  ini ng a Crown Grant of thc abovo claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of May. A. D 190-4.  Frank Fletcher.  Certificate of Improvements.  The Vancouver and Kootenay mineral  claims, situate In the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay DUtrlct.,  Where located: On cast side of Kootenay  Lake, about three miles east of thc town of  Su'ncn.  ' Take notice that I, J. L. G. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B84.484. Tor myself and  as agent for H. Abbott, Free Miners Certificate No. B84.J83, aud E. L. Heatley. Free Miner's Certificate No. B65.245, Intend, sixty days  rrom tlie date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Kecorder for a Certificate ot" Improvements,  for the burpose of obtaining a.Crown Grant  of the above claims. ' "  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before Issuance of such Ccrtifldtte of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of June. 1804.  J. I/. G. ABBOTT,  300   PAIR   CHILDREN'S   SHOES  Sizes from 5 to 10  Hugh McCausland  Baker Street, Nelson, B. G.  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Wild Cherry Spruce and Tar Cough Syrup is the  quickest to' relieve and the surest cure for Coughs,  Inflamed Throats and Sore Chests. Try it. 25 and  50 cts. per bottle;  Carnation Cream  For smoothing rough sltin on face or hands Carnation Cream is the finest thing yet. Apply a little  after shaving., . Nothing "better." Prepared "by  WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist  WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  NICKERSON/^  WELER,  BAKER ST.  We only ask one trial to make y  ���- , Ol  ry'"  line.    Reasonable charges.     Work sent  us  011 our cun  tomcr.      Kino Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything in the  from outside towns will receive the same care  as It personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelero.' = : .���-  It seems to be a little early to tulk  about the nuinicipal'elections, but already there are several names mentioned hi connection with seats at the  city council board for 1905.  The Bretons arc a cautious people,  and prefer to hide their money rather  titan keep it in a bank. One of. them  the other day, having had a small fortune left to him, could think of no better hiding place than a drawer in an  old cupboard,in an attic, which he serenely thought uo one would suspect.  Going one day to pay a visit to his  hoard, he found the bank notes all  transformed iiito a beautiful soft nest,  harboring a family of young mice.  Not a note waa intact, not a number  visible; the whole was reduced to a  state of wool.  JOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B C. Customs House, Nelson  Frank Fletcher -  PRO VIN ���Vl LAND SURVEYOR  laiinds and Mineral<Jlalin��8urveyed  and Crown Granted  1'. O. Box 6C3      Oflice : Kootenay St. Nslsoii  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE! AND RETAIL  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B* C.  Branch  Markets  iu   Rossland,  Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will bave pronipt and careful atten  tion.  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Old Curiosity Shop, JosepA/ne St. Kelson  BO YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  . . . . COPYRI6HTS Ac  'Anyone sending a sketch and description mar  quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an  'Invention Is probnbly patentable.   Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  sont free Oldest agency for secnrtnit patent*.  Patents taken through Munn St Co. recslrs  ijxciol notice without charge, in tho  Scientific Hmttkm.  A candsoraely tllostntad ��Mklr. I.anrart dr-  eolaUoa of anraoUntlSs toaraal. T*rnw,9>a  year: four taontha. ��L 8oMby��H Mtitaln.  West Kootehay Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  AND  SUIT MEATS  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  : Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates given on stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  JOY'S  CASH J3R0CERY  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  G  Insurance    Real   Estate  ���������������:���.V������:.:v^ly!���i.n]n'g'��� Agent  and  Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Now is the time to invest in good improved  Fruit Ranch Property  ������..- Adjacent to Nelson. '  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng..  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.  Fire and  Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  T. G.  RRGGTER  BAKER ST.. NELSON, B. C.  P. O. BOX 22*  Bans    HP wi  Nelson, B.C.  LThe largest exclusively Wholesale  Liquor  House in  the interior  In Pints and Quarts t  Dawson's "Extra Special"-Scotch.    Grar.da Cigars. * |  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc. T  A full Hue of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines. X  ?vV ��������� T-:*A 'iAT;.^v  :��'��'  ^mmi  ITents&Awninp M. cc'ecrdRepaittd I  CLOTHES    CLEANED     AND  MENDED   1  ���      I  .  OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NE LSON, B. C.        I  NELSON ELECT RIG  TRAMWAY  GO., LTD.  NELSON, B. C.  N.E. T. TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  7.00     * 7.40        8 26 a. m.  ��� ���   9.00        9.40        10.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. m.  BOGUSTOWN���  1 7.20 .00       S.40       9.20 a. m,  10.00     10.40     11.20   H-Every-40-mi11utes-until-io.40p.-m  -���   REAL ESTATE.  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.     Apply A. V. MASON,  Man. Sec  The Car Barn. Phone 165B.  Us an Older for lour  Groceries, then Notice  The promptness of delivery. , , l.*  The cleanness and freshness of Good*.  The full honest measure,  The quality of wnat you set.  You will And abundant reason - for Bonding  your'futurc otdera.  This Week's Specials Are:  14-lb Boxes or A 1 Cicamery Butter at 27c  per pound.      *    *.  Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound.  Rajah Brand Pineapple, 25c per tin.  Clarke's Boneless Chicteen, 35c per tlu  l*j    i*c    i*i    i*i    ,*,    i*i    ,���.     ��*t -t*i    i*i    i*i    I*,    i*.    ���������    .������    i��i    _���_    .*���    A    A  IE, K. STRA.ei-IA.Tsri  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing, \  ,'.   Sewer Connections, Etc. 1  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.       J  *-+- -9r-9-9~~tr-<r-4r-<r^>-<r-*~9���<^:*^:*^:*^:*^:��--:*-*:*-:-':*-*>-*>--��:*--: i  Jofs Cash Grocer)  THONB19  3. In 10-acre blocks, in 20-acre blocks. Improved ranches.  <l j. E. Annable, Nelson, B. G.  Subscribe for  The Economist,  ��ar  *11   * i_\  v_.  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We thought onr fortitude was tried.  that had so well withstood  The cacophonous   onslaughts   of our  musical neighborhood���  The  Availing iluto   uud   piccolo,   the  squawking violin,  The concertina's hideous blasts of inharmonious din,    The plunking  banjo and guitar, the  incessant ivory keys,  The    husky    basso's   Sunday   night  vociferous rhapsodies;  But   these   were   sweet as warbling  groves and   brooks that tinkling  flow  Compared  with   what  our    tortured  ears now undergo,  ���>  Since Abner Hopkins sold his house  and left us to deplore  The  day the  Jhowis moved in and  brought   their  plionog.iapli   next  door.  Soor. as lhe sacred  Sabbath   day with  restful silence falls,  "Bedelia,"   -'Down  where the Wurz-  biirgeF:Flo ws~',���to" ~'TM F~Doo ley' '"  bawls.  We'have our coffee and our rolls high  "Up in a Cocoanut Tree,"    '.  'Oiir   dinner  "Under- the .Anheuser  .   JJusch,"   and ,'lD)Wi\    on    the  Farm" our tea.  Meanwhile  thc   galloping   nig"   time  booms "On a Sunday Afternoon, "  And  "All   Aboard   for    Dreamland"  breaks my sweet siesta's boon.  And   when   we   ope   the   holy Book  , wherein the prophets tell  About lhe land of pure delight where  saints immortal dwell.  And  iniiso on  them whom,we shall  meet in that'supernal dime,  It's "Meet Me in St.- Louis,  Louis"  "In the Good Old Summer Time."  The quiet porch so soothing once to  this home-loving heart  Now rumbles nightly with  the noise  of "Paddy Dufly's Cart";  The horny-handed" "tamers" "drill"  and undermine our walls;  "The Suwanee Hiver" overflows and  inundates thc halls;  "McCluskey Throws Him Down'' with  vim, aud makes the tumult spread;  Tranquility lies mangled 'neulh "The  Baggage Car Ahead."  On "Nancy Lee" and "Sweet Marie"  we slam the indignant blind,  And   shut the window with a bang  upon "The Man Behind";  But scornfully the Parthian shot is  sped by Neighbor Brown:   -  "Say Au Ktvoir, But Not Good-by,"  "Go'Way Back and Sit*Down !"  In vain   our.place is billed for sale;  the applicants all say:  "We like   the house   but  could   not  stand tbat  phonograph."      Good  day!" _. *  But I shall spring a cunning mine  wherein relief apppears,  And "Home, Sweet Home's" derisive  strains shall cease to taunt our ears.  Fb*e lusty boys has Neighbor Brown;  when  Christmas comes, the same  Shall each   receive a box of- tools���  without the donor's name.  And someday whentheir trustful ma  is on her shopping route  Shall Nemesis beguile those kids to  get their hammers out,  And set to work with curious zeal its  mysteries to explore,  And   hush   for   ever and a day that  phonograph next door..  SMOKE  THE CELEBRATED  BRTAFTPTPES7  R!-^--~  CO  Ul  Q.  <  I  (fi  o  Z  Q  <  UJ  -J  LJ  X-  h-  u.  O  UJ  O  V)  W, A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Send your orders to Joe B. Downhs, care of  tlieOUl Curiosity Shop.  81.50 per cliimney.   Almost -the -toughest-ithing- in*-the- --whole- of-cre.itio:i is- -a���pinto���B-iS3nch-o-w.h^n-h.9 -is-ia  fighting humor. _ _ .  _No*w his hide is just as tought as he is, aiid that part above his  hip?  and,back is the very  toughest and most pliable���-it is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and G-loves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch ancl boil proof- -almost wear proof.  Made only-by .  ontrea  Winnipeg  R. H. GARLEY. British '���-.Columbia Agent  ���  ������������������������������������^������������������������������������������^M+^tlM  E COAL  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All orders miif-t be accon.panicd by caeh and should be foiwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  P. TIER! EY, GENERAL AG��flT  ''-*y ��� 1  -���_%Mi_\  a h. I  '' J  ��� A0\  *��.*  * H  �����  ��� :  ���  '   II  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  r*  -     -\  ���  ���  ������ .  iT  ��� _ -.r  ���  .'  i\  .    *A  v 8  .. . ���. __��  ���  .   "#  "   '���  -P  .�����.���  ���������'���%  ���  "* x"'> v* ���  r   ���  .'-;*���  , ^~t    ^t.s^. c~ r���~r.-SHt* * THE NELSON EOdNOMISl1  '* ������������'������������   '���* l-l - ���'   '   n-j-aa  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  ^���^nilrenry BoieLwjll.work t h e  jaBWSttssafei^ - - ���  iThnr-^kfraliv^fted^ last we'ck  bringing down,pre from the Club.  There was live feet of snow at the  Bannockburn, at the head of Ten Mile,  on Saturday.  Good ore'is being taken out at tlie  Chapleau. 'The operators have put in  a pack train of.their own,  \V. Cotteril brought down a magnificent sample of wire silver from thc  Northern I/ight on Saturday night.  The week's shipments are important  from the fact that two new shippers  make their appearance in the list, making 19 for the year an 'increase bf two  over last season. Tlie first of these  was the Club, on Erin mountain,  which exported 8 tons; the Graphic adjoining the Bondholder, was the  second, shipping four tons; and the  Ottawa 44 tons���all going* to Nelson.  No snow has yet come on the lower  ends of the roads to give sleighing ami  wheeling has become slushy. Output  to date 2134 tons.  Kaslo Kootenaian. "'"  The'.Province Mine," on  thoSouth  Fork of Kaslo creek, is'looking better  than .ever.     The miners have struck a  large body of ore on the north drift.  ':    'Eight feet of solid galena has been  struck on the Bismarck'   One ear of  is en route to the smelter and two car-  ; -loads .'are,- getting ready for shipment  'in the course of the week.  t-.    The Gibson is under lease lo Harry  A Klapack  and   partners and is being  . worked ��� steadily.    They are- woi king  **-;iri four feet of ore of which two fret is  vjsclean-Bbidpiug~ore.*.-~The .owners cx-  Ai pect to have two carloads  rtady for  A shipment about Christmas.  Messrs. Miller and Mollins are woik-  'ing tKe P. U.S. opposite^.lhe  Silver  '. Bell.'    They have'-six feefof coiicen-  trating ore "and on Uie hanging wall  have a streak of high-grade ore.   This  - property promises through time to de-  veloVinto:oi_e of -the biggest mines on  the South Fork.  Things around the Cork mine are  getting into good'shape'anddevelop-  ment work will be continued all winter. The miners while working on an  upraise broke into a large body of ore  tbat assays higher than any ore that  has yet been'1 found on the Cork. The  concentrator is almost completed and  it is expected that ore will be running  ���through the mill by the boginnin_j of  -  January.  Local and Provincial,  Gus Dunn, the  well  known   cigar  A ..���11~..     _<.'��.   il.n *.\l.r  '_____.     -HHYtikri, iS-iii-lU* \,lvj .   ' Ed. Phair is back from a short visit  to Butte.  ffHarry Wright, M. L. A., leaves for  . the coast in tbe morning.  Fred Burnett, formerly manager of  the gas company, la In the city.  .. li. Larsen has purchased the interest  of D. McArthur in .the furniture business. . .t_  J, I*.'       ' ���     '.-     ."..      . <C  . Manager  Cranston   of the' .Nelson  ���T.!-   _ m,.-.  Or era House, Is back from Ids visit to  '.ii.     ��� *   .. .  Calgary.. He states that the Beggar  Prince Opera bad good houses every  night after leaving here.  Here is an amusing item from the  Liverpool Echo.cven'if it somewhat  exaggerate*- the situation': "Vancouver  Islai d, British Columbia, U n beautiful, almost -aci earthly paradise, but  lacks Eves. Let an unmarried woman  go to Varlcover Island nnd the 'court  'ship'begins immediately. The men  bave gold to offer, they ow.n claim-,  they have partly worked farms and  they want a good Iioum; to live In.  They will hire Chinamen or half  breeds, anybody to do the hard work,  if only a good-looking woman will  Jight the pailor lamp at i.iylit and hit  by the fireside waiting for Iter husband  to come home.     Canada has tent a  jiumLer of its bright, capable women to  her  Island, but'__still  it.bas ueed of  mors."  JEWELRY in gold pnri silver, dainty designs, plain or set with  a*eui.s. Brooches. Chains, Bracti*T:;/*^>^.'=n>vd,Irfpckets-���io per cent  discount for cash.  WATCHES in the best makes in gold and silver cases. Hunting or  Open face���io per ceift discount fer Cash.  STERLING SILVERWARE in Tea Sets. Table and Toilet Articles��� io per cent discount for cash.      :'  SILVER BON-BON DISHES- -20 per cent discount for cash.  CUT GLASS iu many tempting forms--io per cent discount for  Cash. .:        ���   ���  CHINA���Hand Painted aiid Japanese, in dishes and ornaments���25  percent discount for cash.  SOUVENIR SPOONS in various styles��� 25 per cent, discount for  cash.  NOVELTIES large and small to suit all purchasers at  Batenaude Bros.,' ' w8$3l!r���IS��f_,f.  > uiijj-it.^'- Photographers I  nd Nelson   ,     ^  9^i_?  Vancouver ar  BAKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C.  A great sale of Clothing, Men's Furnishings,        ,  HATS AND  SHOES  The quantities are the greatest, the assortment the most varied and  the Prices the Lowest of any sale we have held  NEW FALL GLOTHING  20th Century kind, every Garment-bas style, character and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupled with Always Lowest prices makes interest and to spare for careful buyers.  Wen's Suits, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  , All sizes, good'cloth', strong and durable, and specially tailored, $1.25.  $2.00, $3,.6o, $4.00." $5.60 aud$e.oo'.'r   *       .���..:-'���������>���..-     '."-,���  DISTRIBUTORS  OF   HATS  Perfection .in" shapes, coW and style.      Prices, $1.00, $2.co, $3.00,  $4.00 and $5.00.., ���-.'.'"'"  SHOES OF QUALITY AND STYLE  Guaranteed to give  perfect satisfaction.*   /The best. possible for the  money.    Felt Slippers at 250,-850, 50c, 75c and fr. 00 ���/������"���   "  MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Large stock New Fall Styles,  their value..  The place where your dollars bring  BROWN   <&   GO.  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors. T  We have secured the serviceB of a first-class cake baker, ami 4^  our customers should bear tbis in mind when prepar in for' ^  Christmas. ^  Store: Baker St., between Stanley and Ward. Y  AN ORIENTAL NiGHT.  kbore. tho opulent ulory of thc moon  On roof anil Willi nnd eoiirlng jnlnurnt;  Bolow, Ionn shadows, otclicd In fold nnd Jet,  Anil in Iho dim roso gardenH tlio sweet boon  Of niglitlngiiles that aver xlnif in luno;  Knr off, 11 zithcr'x treble nml thu fret  Of a elenr fount nmiri tlio citrons set,  Keyed to tlio south wind's immemorial croon���  And uo (111 slumber klsse* shut thc oye��.  Sooth, is it strange thnt in tho vuloof dreamt  Vision on glorious vision Hhould arise���  Faced   nnd  forms ond   fields and   crystal  strc-inia.  Enrapturing glimpses and enlhrnllinggleomi  01 what tho prophet pictures n paradisel '  ���Clinton Scollard in Criterion.  ?i�� juntio xsroirn SccC.  A litliobrusm seed way down in the ground  , Wns bleeping so hard ho hoard not a sound  Till the lobjn called in a voice so shrill,  Ho sleepily said, "Oh,,robin. be still I''  I "Wake!" oaid tho robin.   "Oh, Johnnie, ium��  upl 0,0' *.  Sou'rc late.   It's most time for sweet butter-  . caP-  5Tou must come first, dear violet, you know.  Johnnie, jump up, jump up and growl'*  60 Johnnie awoke and pushed oat of bed,;  First his Kreen loaves, then yeilow head.  It mado him so hnppy to see the Bunlight  Qo bowed to the .obin. and said, " Vou wer*  rightl"   ���Child Garden.  The Text Explained.  A Htllo girl of i years had learned tha  Bible text "Lo\o ono anothor" at Sunday school. Bho repeated it aflar returning Lome, and her mother oskctt her if she  knew what it meant.  "Why, of course I do," sbo^oplled. "JJ  .moons that I must lovo you and you mul  lore m��. X'jb ooo asd you'ro a&atlw."'**  K��Jhibb��,    _    __ ________ j  Tha Only Thing to ISa.  There was a timo when the Illinois  Oontral railroad waa being constantly  ���ned, This Btpry illustrating the avidity  of plaintiffs in related by the Louisville  Courier-Journal. Emily A. Storra, the  famous Chicago lawyer, wur approached  by an old uinn .with a note one day.  Tho note had beon found among the effects of a deceased relative.  " What' s the nature of the note?' ��� naked Mr. Storra  "I don't know, eLr," replied the old  fellow.  . "Have yon any idea who"wrote it?"  asked Mr.'Storra.  "No, sir, "answered the noto bearer.  "Woll, do you know anything abow*  the note at all?" anked Mr. Storrs.  "Nothing at all. sir," answered the  old man.  "Well," remarked Mr.Storr- th ght-  fully, "the.only thing I can s do ia  the promises is to sue tho Illinois Central railroad."  ��� Bxtrsvagaaee.  "Here's a case," she exclaimed indignantly, looking up from her paper, "of  l man who actually had tho nerve to  put'his wife on an allowance of 10 cents  aday."  "What did she do with it all?" he  raked absenfcmindedly.  It was several hoars before she fell  that sho wan <atlm enough to diacua  taattan with. turn. diapMCBcaafadj.  ..'. Our stock of Ladies' and Children's Mantles, Jackets and Coats is now complete and Ave have marked them  at prices exceed  ingly low. ' ;....'.  Ladies' Walking Skirts from $2.50 each to $g.        /  Ladies' Dress Skirts from $2 each to $18.  Ladies' Fancy Dress Skirts, for evening wear, at reduced prices.  Blankets���We are showing in all qualities and sizes and our cash prices on these goods are much lower than last season.  IRVINE  CO.,  THE BIG GASH STORE  FURNITURE  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  ���--���.������-  McARTHUR & CO  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  v  m^ti  %.tm  /��&  *? ? -i  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  y  The EGonomist  Complete Stock of Stationey  Order- by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  I TRIPLE   BEAD  FRONT SIGHT J  just think of it.  Price Kostpaid, $2  An Ivory Beqd, a Black Bead and a Gold Bead, allon the gun  at onetime for.bunting and target shooting. There is no single  color that shows well under all conditions. Thus you can change  to suit conditions by simply turning the sight.  Made to fit all guns having slot,  ��\.  | Nelson Hardware Co.  Sportsmen's  f9      Headquarters.  LAKEVIEW HOTEL"  $1 per  day and up  oChlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STREETS,       UCJ C-flM    D   P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, IIlLOUITi   Di U  ���!  V  IF;  Take notice Hint I shall bold n Court of Revision unci Appeal, undor the "Assessment  Act. 1903", for Uie Nelson | AMessinent Diu-  t-lct, on Krldiiy December lGth, 1904. nt.the  hour of eleven o'clock In the forenoon, at the  Court House. NiLsnn.  Dated at Nelnon, 11. C, this 24th day of November, 1904.  W. A. JOWKTTv     j  JaOeeat the- Oaart of Revision and Appeal, j  .  Nel��m AsBCBBment District, Went Koote-j  "V-   ��� - J  NOTICE.  In thc matter of an application fora duplicate of n Certificate of Title to part of Lot 1315,  Group 1, Kootenay District.  Notice i�� hereby given that it Is my intention to Isgncat the expiration of one month  fiom the first publication hereof a duplicate  of the Certificate of Title to part of Lot 1315,  Group 1. Kootenay, District,'in the name of  The Nelson & Fort Sheppard Rallw��y Company, which'certificate Is dated the24th day  of January, 1898, end numbered 309K.  H. F.MACLroD.'.--.. ~  District Registrar.  Land Registry Offlce, Nelson, B. C,    >  5th October. 1904. S  ofthe City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light" rates for thc month of Nov.  are now due and  payable at the-City o'-  Qees.   If p lid on   or before   the 151_ Dec.  discount oi 10 percent will berallcrstd.  Nelson.Deei2,1904. '     '   -  ���0.5* By order.   ���  D.GMcMORRIS  Clty'ClerlC  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������0��������������������������  !  i  (Formerly Clarke House) ���  The best 31 per day house In Nelson.      None but whito help employed    The        J  '- bar the best. c '  ���' ���  G.W. BARTLETT. Rrowetor j  ������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������o��e������������<>H����������������������Cr|  'Auction':Bale To-Night  ATTHE AUCTION MART  ALL KINDS  OF  BARGAINS  Auction Sales promptly.attended to in any part of British Columbia.  J. GREEN, AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.


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