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 .  +n*.Vt_*_.yU_M__,*ar*_;__Mnm*mv. �����__*��,.  A ��-^I'1-,"V--h    ' -A- V *"V *rtn-''^'aw *-.a*.aJ-i fly^ii* V.  m  IA  ���>���- ^  WM.  E. HEARST:    "1 linvo seen the  most beautiful lakes ia Italy unci Hwitzer-  %   land, tind all those lovely npots,but I have  > never seenanylliliig liner than the Koote-  > nny hike nnd the Arrow lakes.. We bad a  5   delightful time tliero.   Tills was my llrst  > trip through tliero." ^  yuUL.'V'c/' /j  ���^-VV**v*AM/V**V*V��Mi**VV*W  <%EBOK. MILLS lias never icen anything <,  m#r tityn the fruit or Nelson district.. H. %  udMil:\}"l didn't sec the cherrleu orranp-  berSjs or gooseberries, bat If lhey cutit-  paf*-wi_li the apples, pears aud plums,  you have here u rrult country unsurpassed  by anything in the Dominion."  AUG'8 -1905  $ _   .    WA.  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON, B. 0., SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1905.  NUMBER 4  MACLEAN,  SCOTCH MOOK  Raised to the Rank of Kaid by  Sultan for Service.  Then Muki Abd-el-Aziz reached lln-  lint in' saretv and the news of the death  j of the old sultan was proclaimed, and  Sir Hiutv Aubrey Do. Voro Maclean,  to give him his full lOnglish title, who  afier serving as a British soldier, resigned from the British army in 1S70  to be a Moor, is now leaving liis beautiful palace in Morocco and returning  to En gland.  A. keen, clever Scotsman, in Moorish  dress, a man rather, 'short of statu re,  gifted with commanding ability and  great courage ; a striking figure clothed  in loose trousers tucked into Unlit riding1 boots, an embroidered coat of  Zouave style, a soft white turban- and  a loose robe falling over liis shoulders���  i  such is Kaid Maclean, late commander  iti:chief of the grand army of the Sultan of Morocco. The sight of one eye  isgonc.but the other is good enough  for two.  Something over a quarter of a century ago, the young Scotsman, being  on duty in 'Gibraltar,-, took' a jauni  across to Morocco. At the iii.taiice of  the late Sir John aDruniniotnl 1 lay,  then British . the court of  the Sultan, he was offered the post of  musketry instructor to the' Moorish  army. Being a Scotsman,-arid therefore far-seeing, lie "grasped theski ts of  happy chance," and took the post.  He taught the Moor how to sin ot,  and as,jnaster of military things in a  country where the problem of defence  is of immense import, a very few years  found him standing close to the throne  itself. .Then a* a high honor, and as a  fitting recrgtiition of the great ^rv'ces  he had rendered to the nation, the  ��� Sultan made him Kaid. -When Abd-  el Aziz the throne of Morocco,  M..clean became his friend and council I oi\7  Of .all the things thc kaid lias  achieved he has done nothing better  than ihis great feat of becoming a  Moor "without ceasing to be a Scot.  lie has roamed the wild regions of  Morocco, with the" nomadic CMirt and  has often been the only 'connecting  link between the Sultan and the ministers of the powers who remained,  ra >re orJsjj pitto-Hly, at Tangiir.  - A soldier, a royal adviser, an atniy  administrator, he soon became a diplo-  mat. And now and then lie w'.iuld  put on, with a~~__r.>win,r leeltng of  strangeness, mayhap, an English s'lit  of.clothes, and would come over and  makS a stay at Brighton, and visit the  ollicials of Downing street. Then  buck across tl.e sea once more Morocco  bound.  Of course, like most successful men,  he wasa constant victim of jealousy'.  There were those who watched with  the "green eye" his influence with the  Sultan and his suc'jessfal h 1:1 lling of  the army, and in the course'of a "military mission" from France was ' |ila<-ed  sit lhe Sultan's disposal." Hut ull the  moves of the continental chessboard  failed tp break the contidence liis imperial master had in him.  Up and down the land lho Kaid  Maclean journeyed willi the 1.1. Su'tan'  and was with him during the List dramatic march 'from -Murrakcsh to Rabat.  In the last journey the ."son of Mohammed"   then   became a'-weaiy old  t ie body was l.iid beside the grave of  his ancestor, Sidi Mohammet. So  necessary been to maintain lite  death secret that the body had been  curried into Rabat through a hole in  the waJJ at the dead of night.  This ghastly mockery was followed  by a period of added influence for the  Kaid Maclean. The uneasy throne o*  the young sultan seemed to serve Mae-  lean still greater opportunities for wise  ciuncil, ready resource and prompt ac-  ti ni in ciisis. Tlie young sultan  cimeto the throne with no knowledge  of the world outside the walls of Itis  har.ui. To his credit be'it said that  he bad the wit to recognize in Maclean  tiie strot'g man to upon.  As illustrations of M_e!eau's endurance and resource it mny be mentioned,  that he has often been in '.. the saddle  nineteen hours out of tbe twenty-four,  and that when he lost the use of his  right eye, he made himself a dead shot  from tlie left shoulder. He has long  had the title of tho "best interpreter in  Morocco," and hasfavorablyimpressed  the Sultan witii his English ways and  diplomacy.  The drive from the coast of -Morocco  across Ihe Fez in a cab is an experience  given to few. He bought for the Sultan an up-to-date hansom from Long  Acre. It was duly latided at the coast,  and then came thc problem of getting  it acr jss to Fez.  Harry Maclean, who had overcome  so many other "difficulties, made light  of this one. He mounted tlie box,  cracked the whip and started off on a  d.'ive of 120 miles across a country innocent of roads. At one time at a difficult mountain pass the wheels had to  hi taken off and the body of the hansom slung between camels.  Sohe has'gone on fighting the Sultan's cunning enemies, lighting the  ch .Iera's scourge, fighting the wiles of  European diplomacy, lighting the difficulties of a semi-savage country for  the sake of progress aid liberty.���Philadelphia Ledger.  WITHOUT JUDGE  OR JURY  Wife Beater Punished, and a  Fiend Killed. -  Two   recent instances   have   heen  pointed  out by thc press as ind'ea lug.  tliattliei"e.��I.!eof0..tarl��aieiearnliu|t,ie   Li,ne  or  tlie'.'JO:)S   ��f reputation  tance of some twenty yards, and killed  the McGee person instantly.  The delicately constituted newspiv;  pers which insist that this wasa murder und that Canadians must not  he permitted to take the law in" their  own hands to such an extent, forget  how slow aud expensive a process  "law" sometimes proves to be. A worn m particularly can ill afford either  THUJRS DAY  HALF-HOLIDAY  Business Men of Nelson Get  The Usual Weekly Roast.  The mysterious man, from Slocan  City or some other outside point, who  always wants to buy a big bill of goods  *' /*k7-  a bad lesson from the United States, of! "HCeHSa,'y   i"   K"ia,��    l*efjre   a   maS"  in Nelson during the Thursday half-  ..... ''__.__..._ ,'.._   '���.   ....,���      i    'i t atn    and     nulline     im      inlrir'nr   taking the law Into their own haiuh  Near Chatham,a group of neighbors,  which, it is said, included the constable  and thc local doctor, ducked a-man  named Dulmage and whipped hiin,  witii no other end in view, apparently,  things that may happen a woman- in  the meantime need not be referred to ;  certainly a woman'has a right to pro-  than to cure him of drunkenness and tect herself, and"if; the people of On-  beating his wife while in an inebriated .>ta,'io 1,ave a,lived at* a,,y sucb P-er'  state.. The man Dulmage appears to "ni<*ety state of mind as to become the  be satisfied that he got nothing moie ' Prosecuto�� of ��?..e Yho committed ho'  thanhe deserved and it is doubtful if ��u"'lu under such circumstances they  he will prosecute those whom he'w,n find lawlessness greatly iucwiase.  knows to have.lieeu his assailants. I Imprl-oiimenfte intended not only to  This is an instance of a local jury , mtra,n such mfflans as McGee but to  trying a local offender and giving him be a warning to others, not as a humit-  exaotly what he nee.led. It was not iation to wonie" who are forced to Pro'  in harmony with thestatutesmadeand t(*ct themselves. ,The public have  provided, but public" must!been  savetl    -be  r^^'s  *>���A    in  lie remembered, is always greater than ' Pri'c��n' the woman ,a free flom 1,is vi,e  Slanguage  and . suggestions    and   his  A GOOl5 PLAY  NEXT WEEK  "Fabio Romani" at the Opera  House August gth.  . Very, few modern novels attained  such wide celebrity as-Marie Corelli's  "Vendetta.'; While the plot of the  story could not be claimed to have  been, original, as in many respects it  resembled a short story written years  "g<>hy Edgar Alluii Pop, it was trailed  in a manner to absorb the interest of  Llie reader from beginning toend. The  hero was "Fabio Romani,'1 an Italian  nobleman, who became a victim of the  plague, and was placed in the tomb  his fathers. A "volcanic crupti  shattered the tomb, and "R'imani"  was restored to consciousness.     He re-  drun'ken intrusions, and the whole  business would be over and happily  settled if the authorities of Ingersoll  simply complimented Mrs. Kyle on  her nerve and thanked her for putting  a public nuisanceout'of the way. If  the concensusof opinion t f Mrs Kyle's  the law, the law, being merely the  crystallization of public opinion,' having regular methods of enforcement. It  is idle to pretend that a decently conducted and neighborly punishment  must be regarded as a nebulous Indication of anarchy. Some people are so  fidgety about the law that they do not  observe it except when they fear its  punishment. The sense of justice and  propriety which exists iiAevery <le-"  centiy organized community is vastly  superior to tlie law both in its restraints  and in those, neighborly acts of cooperation such as are known as"chang-  ing work," barn-raisings, threshing  bees, etc.     The people who think if  the}- obey the letter of the law tbey are jthal -'* P"��tectiDg themselves'they are  doing all that is right atid being every- P���tectlni. the' community,_tlntt there  thing that neighbors should be, are, ** ,10 Iaw s"lierior to the law of .elf-  generally the meanest class of people '. Preservation ; and iu this case it was  out of jail. On the other hand, those ! so evidently a British subject of thc  who   think   nothing of the lfnV) 5nao. | female sex defending her home, which  much as they neither purpose violating i9 her (^t,e- that I co"f*ias '��* surP,lse  .   ,    .        .,       .    , i.i      at the criticism of any newspaper or  it nor inducing others to do so, but be-, J *���   '  ,        . ''���_.**._,- ,-      : the punitive action of any official.���  have in a spirit of friend!i'ie�� and jus- i        ' -:  'it ate and putting an intru 'er [holklayi haHtLBfl\0 ma(ie his appearance  under bonds to- keep the peace. The Lt tlie Trlbllll0 ���mce. Ko mutter where  unpleasant,   possibly   unmentionable, | t,.,B ReilHeniaiI coinc8 froIll be always  finds the stores closed, and is naturally  indignant. Being disappointed in his  effort to gain an entrance to the stores,  he seeks "tit a representative of the  Tribune, and pours a tale of woe into  the ears of that individual. He "roasts  the moral cowards who keep their  business houses closed to please a half-  dozen faddists." No one else seems to  be able to discover this individual, and  in the opinion of many this outspoken  gentleman is regarded aa a creature of  of the imagination of tbe Tribune editor. The presence of this apparition  at the Tribune oflice this year has been  supplemented by au attack on the business men who have dared to conduct their business to suit themselves.  It is charged that many business men  in Nelson who are observing the half-  holiday are victims of the tyranny of the "faddists," and that others  are closing their door merely for a  blind.  " Of course they are all moral  - Uf.. I  whole work unaided and unre.". ^oA..'  The other duy three or four official  i  the Great Northern  Railway arrived !  i  in this city.     It was important  that  they should be instructed as* to tiie advantages of Nelson as a tourist resort.  If it had uot been for T. G. Proctor  they would have been permitted to depart without anything more than a  mere mention of their names in tbe  dally papers. Mr. Procter when made  aware of their presence rented a launch  and took them up tbe lake and explained to them why their railway  should afford every facility to tourists,  with the result tbat they promised to  give tbis matter their immediate attention. Now, this cost Mr. Procter  not less than $20, and as there was no  fund to draw upon, of course he had to  pay it. And this is only one instance  of Mr. Procter's efforts to render good  services to the city. Tbis problem should be solved in some way.  The city council appears to be able to  spend large amounts in lawsuits, surely  a few hundred dollars could be spared  for the purpose of entertaining tourists  and others whose presence here would  prove beneficial to tbe city and Kootenay.  ^/TITTLE MONEY  "- - v//_  ;.  'h  V   FOR SCHOOLS  Tenders Will Be Asked tor a  Few Repairs.  neighbors  were taken, snch   a jniy i_^_,���_j,  tu������ __, *i,��� _.   ....     , -     ,  *"* . ���' J    J   cowards, though tbe majority of people  would endorse her action and decline  to commit her to jail,-where she is now  residing, the magistrate having accept bonds" for her appearance when called upon. Instead of  sending a woman of Jthat kind to jail,  she and her sister women the country  over should be given, to understand  tice, make goo .1 'neighbors  good citizens and we havj no  teason to feel horrified when  this justice-loving sen tinient occasion-  and  r^oronto Saturday Night.  John A."Turner has sailed from England, and is expected home   the latter  ally steps out of it-, way to reach a man   end of next week,  whose offences are aii affront to the  V  find it impossible to establish any connection between the closing of the  stores on Thursday and a breach of the  moral law. Some of the merchants  who bave been subjected to the roasts  of the Tribune are naturally indignant,  and express a strong disbelief of tbe  suggestions thrown out every Thursday.-evening as to,the deep-seated hostility on , the part of certain storekeepers to the Thursday half holiday.  They claim the right to conduct their  business according to their own  methods, and regard the interference  of the Tribune editor as being a piece  of gross impertinence. They are keep-  ing'faith with one another, and find  the few hours devoted to rest and recreation on Thursday as being not only  beneficial to themselves, but to their  employees as well. They do not interfere with Mr. Houston in   his'conduct  T. G. Procter has sold Mrs. West's  ranch on tbe West Ann to Mrs. Smith  of Pueblo.  Reports from all over the country indicate a prosperous year for the mining  industry.  J. E. Annable sold two fruit ranches  this week���one on tbe Arm and the  other at Creston.  An attempt will be made to give an  amateur minstrel performance at the  time of the Nelson Fair.  The fruit growers of the interior are  asking for more.efficient protection-for  growers and dealers against fruit pests.  of the Tribune and do not see why  i-oinrnunity__and_yet_who_cannot-be The Fernie Ledge has passed into the- that-gentleman-sliould-"btitt"in"-to  proceeded', against legally without ��;x- bands of. a stock company and will their business. They contend that  pense and the engendering of un profit- hereafter be known as I he Ledger. Mr. [Nelson, is not, as alleged, a town witb-  able strife.   Dulmage appears to recog-  Lowery will again take up his resi- j out public spirit, although the fact that  nize that his case was properly attended . dence in Nelson and resume the publi-  to, and noite but  busybodies will urge   cation of his Claim.  the authorities to make "exampits" of i    those who participated in. the giving of (    The    Kaslo    Kootenaian .reports :  John Houston was elected mayor last  January, might seem to indicate that  it was a town woefully lacking in self-  respect.     Thus tlie matter stands, but  a necessary lesson. - "Operations   on the property of the' next Thursday evening another couu-  The other ease which is excitin^ the Spyglass   Mining  and   Development   tryman will turn up at the Tribjno of-  ire of these law-abiding fussy folks" is Company, Limited, will be commenced   ^ce aI,(^ bitterly complain that bo had  the case of a Mrs.  Kyle, who shot a next week, it is stated.    Theproperty   to go to Rossland or elsewhere to buy  of ! rulllati named McGee, Who insisted on -8 situated seven iniles up Poplar creek j n's g����ds because lie could not find a  on [ establishing himself as a day boarder ,uui |,as a iea(j 0f very rich silver-gold , 8tore ��pen in Nelson.  and it visitor iui lib. at the Kyle home., ore.     Regular shipments will bo made  It appears that McGee,succeeded in in- to the Hall Mines' smelter ut Nelson.  turned to his home and found his wife j stalling a female friend of his at thb Bruce White of Nelron is manager for  in the arms of his greatest friend.   He   Kyle   house  on   condition   that  sho  the company."'  then vowed   that he  would devote the   wo-ked for her bourd.  The evidence j  THE CITY  SHOULD HELP  remainder of his days to the torture ol   at   the  trial does not show  that  the Judge Dill, one of the most eminent  the two.     The dramatization  follows . Kyles were aware that there was any jurists in  the United States wasa vis-  theslory very- closely.   Under the title   improper relation between McGee aiid jtor to Victoria this week.     In an in-  of "Fabio Romani" it-wiil be produced   this young woman, but the intrusions terview   with  a Times  reporter,   lhe  at.  the  Nelson  Opera House on   the . ofthe man who had a criminal record, judge said of his trip over the Canadian  evening of August 9th." I ts success de-1 lie'cii me so incessant and intolerable Pacific Railway : "It is one of the tbe future prosperity of Nelson de-  man, broken in the rough ways of a 'j.pends considerably on stage median- jthat Kyle borrowed a "revolver that his grandest trips one could take. One'pends in a great measu re on the ability  curious country, died aiujii   the stir ,of., i-nn. and   it is claimed_ that  these de-   wife  might protect herself.     The ruf- thing that struck  me  with   unusual  of the citizens to attract tourists and  tails are not lacking.   Thosewho were   t'wn,^ when   turned away, more thau force was the never failing crurtesy of others to  the  Kootenay.     The best  interested  in   the story will rind   ad-j once returntdand endeavored to enter the road shiff in all departments.   The  means of  accomplishing this end is  A Fund Needed to Entertain  Tourists.  No one will deny tiie assertion that  tion.  }���:  rjballi'oh -anil'-:bloodshed.:     It  was on'  this march that Sir Harry'Mai-leun had  the task "oftravelling by tlie bierof llic'f ditional  interest in the stage   produc-  dead king,:kept gorgeous with the lie-  lion of life.  "We-must not let it he known, that  the Sultan Mulai el Hasan i.s dead until  we can safely proclaim his success-ir,7  fiey said, so they b>re the b a  state litter, and the sheikhs and khalifas paid homage to the poor clay tinder its trappings of green and g.��l"i ju.-,t  as if they.were their royttl master stiil  alive and powerful.  the house by window8, made violent president, Sir Thomas. Sbaugbnessy,' t  threats, came in a state of drunken- gave-me a   letter   which   I thought/.  therefore a question of great moment.  The   work  cannot he  done without  | ness. and altogether conducted himself would be of service during ray trip, and  some expenditure of. time und money,  MK and  Mrs.'V...XV. Clements and , in a manner sufficient to make any re- when he did so he remarked that I   and everyone knows  that there is no  t      .  MissvFlorence Clements.'.ofoFrederi.c-  spectable woman sorry to boalive. The wouldn't need it.   He was quite right, fund for tbis purpose.   At  the   pres-  toii.N.I!., are visiting F. S.Cleinents   idea that the man   could be frightened I did not  require it.      I have seldom ent     time,     the    entertainment    of  ufN.lson.      -^ . I away by a random shot from a revolver found so much attention  paid   tothe visitors to Nelson   has  been  left to a  worked very well at first, but finally comfort and convenience of .travellers few citizens, who have   had   to dig  the decent woman iii tlie isolated house as I found on  this. road.     I was so down iu their own pockets to pay all  district, left for the cna.-t last night to' found the man'returning after having pleased with this and other features of tbe expenses.   These citizens have not  attend to matters connected with liis, b��ei. frightened away, and shot again, the line that lam going to return over complained, but itdoes seem as if tbey  Hurry Wright,  M.*'L; A. for Yihir  Chief Justice Hunter left Wednesday  evening for Halcyon Hot Springs, and  will leave there this evening for Victoria.  It will be universally regretted lhat  tbat there is practically nothing to be  done in the way of making substantial  improvements in school ac omraoda-  tions. At the present time school accommodations are woefully inadequate, and must sooner or later tell on  the health of tbe children in attendance. It certainly cannot be claimed  that-t^elson bas not the funds to build  and equip proper schools, for the council has been literally throwing away  money for experts, lawyers, etc., in  lawsuits that could have been easily  settled by a little tact on the-partof  the mayor. However, the school  board is determined to do the Le_t*it  can under tbe circumstances, and will  ask for tenders for the^performance of  the least work that will make the pyb.  lie school habitable during the winter.  THE MINES IN    '-  CAMBOKNECAMP  The Miner Reports Work  for  the Week.  The bounty claims of the St. Eugene  mine in respect of ore exported during  the fiscal year of 1904-5, amounted to  $90,000.  The baud|concert at the "new park"  was bungled as usual.    There were no  lights, and the people who went out  oti-tbe-cars to hcar-thennausie returned-  home thoroughly disgusted.  The attractions for tbe Nelson Fair  will include a balloon ascension, aero  batic, trapeezeand high wire perform  ances. There will bo sports on tho  ground, such as chariot races, pony  and relay races, etc.  JW. R. Rutherford returned Wednesday evening from a six weeks' visit to  tbe east. He spent some time at his  old home in Peterborough and was  pleased to note the great progress tliat  lias taken place there during the past!  six or seven years.  Operations at the Beatrice will most  likely- be resumed at an early date. A  small force of men is now at tbo mine-  getting things into shape..  The Mammoth iB looking betUr  than ever. A great deal af ore is in  sight and shipping of same will be in  force shortly. A pack train' will be  employed in bringing the ore down  the.mounlain side tq the bank of. Fish ���-  lake.  Theextent of the lead o'n the Sliver  Dollar is not definitely known yet, as*  tbe wall bas not been reached. The  last report was that the lead bad been  driven into for a,distance of seventeen -  feet, and from indications the lead  will be several feet wider. Tbe. mill  site Is the scene of great activity,  where preparations are being made for  installation of the compressor and'  other machinery.  J. A; Drapeau, acting tor tbe Alberta  Mining & Development Syndicate of  -Toronto.-Sias completed overi25feetof "  tunnel showing a largo body of well  mineralized quartz, ou the company's  property situated on the lake shore  about 5-} miles from Beaton. Mr. John  Porter of Toronto, a member of the  company, came to look over the property and inspect work done. He was  well pleased with what he saw, and  has gone east with tbe intention of  making arrangements for conducting:  operations on a larger scale next summer.  J'Many Improvements are being made  in the Griffin block.  Napoleon Pratt and Margaret Duffy  were married last Thursday. Miss  Duffy farmerly kept a restaurant on  Josephine street, and was the first to  iii (reduce Ibe nickel-in-the-slot machine in Nelson. It was a source of  great wealth to the owner, but was  wrecked by a well known sporting  gentleman wbo fed it to the extent ofa  few dollars one day. Miss Duffy's  wedding was strictly private.  constituency.  without intending to bit him, at a dis-  it.'  T. A. Noble, of Pittsburg, still adheres to tlie assert io n he made a year  ago, that British Columbia would in  time bo tbe greatest mining district in  Nortli America. Mr. Noble is a director of tbe Reliance Gold Miniugand  Milling Company, and visited the  property accompanied by R. S. Leunic,  A. H. Kelly, R. J. McPhee and 0.  Lydie. He is gratified with the pros-  of the Reliance.  A visitor from the coast was being  Several c>m;.lints have recently shown over Nelson this week, and  been registered against the failure of among other points ot interest brought  launches to provide lights after night | under his notice was the dry goods  on the river. The other evening a store of the Fred Irvine Co., Limited,  party in a small boat were nearly rnn After looking in the windows and  down by a launch the presence of a]org the well filled shelves he re-  which was not known. It may happen marked that Nelson was ahead of  that nothing will be done in this any 0f the coast cities so far as an  matter until a serious accident occurs, 'up-to-date dry goods house was con-  but there are many who belieye that' Cerned. And this is a conclusion frathe time to remedy tbe trouble is right '*qUently arrived at by visitors to Nel-  should be no  longer left  to do the' nov,  son. THE NELSOH ECONOMIST  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Verson Street, Nelson. B. C.  $1 Per leaf  Advertlalue rates made known on application.  All changes In adve/tlse./ients to insure  Insertion should reach this ofJlcc not later  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of addrexn is required, 11. Is  desirable that both the old address und the  new be Kiven.  Address all communications, " Publisher  of Tan Nki_ion Nelson. 11. C'  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  It seems likely tbat Gaynor and  Greene will be returned to Georgia.  They have apparently abandoned  an appeal of their case- to the Privy  Council.  A Kansas paper has declared tliat  a jackass has a right to bray, a decision which seemingly justiBcs the  editorial utterances of the Nelson  Tribune.  PBESS COMMENT.  The latest argument against woman suffrage is thai a lady M. P.  would have no pocket to hold the  indemnity.-���Toronto Telegram.  Cmnmissioner Mc Tunes of the  Yukon appears to be as highly delighted with tbe climate as the Yu-  koners .ire with the Commissioner  personally. He writes that the  summer weather in the north is the  most delightful he ever experienced.  ���Victoria Times.  jifFioestlaone  PORTLAND &ND RETURN  ��� 30-Day Limit  Mr. McDougall was appointed by  Mr. Alex. Mackenzie and is as  honest a man as Mr. Mackenzie  was, and Mr. Mackenzie, was.-as  honest a nian as ever sat Li parliament. It is enough to bring a curse  upon a people to send such a man  adrift.���,Dundas Banner (Lib )  Choice of Routes  All Rail via Sumas or S. S. Princess Victoriai Vancouver to-  Seattle via Victoria  Corresponding   rules   from   all- Kootenuy  points.  Through Sleeper Arrowhead  to Vancouver,  Wednesday; Friday, Sunday.  For full particulars, first class or tourist  sleeper reservations, app ly to local agents or  write  Goodyear Welt.   Very-Best  Value.  '77.-. A-good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  108$ j|,B Marconi Wireless Telegraph Go.,  of Canada, Limited  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.-  Par Value shares, $5 each.- No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share uf>;  Apply to  Your opportunity for a good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical shoemaker don't know when he is giving his customers their  money's worth then who does.    .  The Coulter: injunction proceedings are set for hearing- at Vancouver on the iolh inst. .. It.  strictly in the interests of jus: ice if  these proceedings are no longer delayed.  If the spots, on the sun. are responsible for tbe unusual electric  storms, it might be-well for Mayor  Houston ,lo engage some of his political friends to bave said spot;*  kalsomined at, the eailie_t possible  moment.  Premier McBride came out with  flying colors ih.the bye-election, in  Alberni last Saturday, the Government candidate, Mr. Manson, being  elected by a good majority to fill  the place vacated by William Wallace Bruce Mclnnes, now commissioner for the Yukon. The decisive  victory will strengthen the hands of  the Government uot a little: ���Phoenix. Pioi.eer.  Dr. William'Oslet * has little faith  ih the genuineness of (he tnrtjof it? of  Cases diagnosed as appendicil_*.  He says, "pain in tbe stomach  nowadays is always appendicitis.  and is "recognised by the doctor's  wife over tbe telephone."  The public_ funeral of Major  Walsh at Brockville last, week was  a tribute"worthy the .distinguished  soldiei., Majcr Walsh was a splendid type, of the patriotic Canadian,  and he contiibuled generously of  his time and substance towards the  upbuilding of his native country.  Formerly the Nelson Tribune  acquired notoriety through its malignant attacks on reputable citizens;  -_��w-its-claims-for--recQgnilion_are  based on arrequent references to sub  jects that are positively indecent in  suggestiveness, and certain y calculated to ruin the morals of the  young and innocent.  It seems strange that the English  liberals are angry with Lord Minto  f.r Laving stated "that Canadians  are in fjvor of.closer relations vvith  the empire. If his ex-Excellency  had said that we are dissatisfied  with the situation and are anxious  to cut lhe painter .these people  would possibly have been better  pleased. But then Lord Minto  would have offended us.���Toronto  ���Mail.  J. S. CARTER,  Dist.Pass. Agt..  Niilcon.  K.J. COYLE,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers In  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes.  T.G.PROCTER  .WARD'ST.  NELSON. B. C.  r-rt 1  N  HMD  If Auditor-General McDougall  had desired a substantial recognition of his services by the ptesent  government he should have studied  lhe Dobie and Nixon cases and  eaiulated-tbe example of those gentlemen.- Or he might'-have corresponded- with Canadian "Trade  Commissioner Jackson, late of In-  persoll, and served--the . party with  like zeal. Then those extra years  would have heen added, first" being  SALT MEATS  Camps supplied on shortest.'  notice and lowest prices.  .  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  "Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES. Manager  !OHN McLatchie  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Cor.   Stanley  and Victoria, Nelson  Hugh McCausland  Baker Street Nelson, B. C.  E. FERGUSON &CO  Nelson, B. C.  ti  ��� The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor. House in   the interior  PABST BEER  J*i  _ >  I ri Pints and Quarts  \ BARTLETT  HOUSE \  9 (Formerly Clarke House) a  ��     The best 31 per day House in Nelson.     None but white help employed    The       |  Da\v's*>n's '* Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  4-4-'-4~9  bar.tlio. bent.'  F. S. Clements  preceeded by an increase of salary.  But it is to be feaied that the ex-  auditur-general is. not in their class".  ��� Ottawa Citizen.  The acquittal at .Victoria by a  jury of Chas. H. Gibbons, jMaclic-  ally justified the method he took ol  resenting the iniury inflicted upon  him by the blackhearted rascal, "Mecredy, but it is most unfortunate  tbat the cause of all the trouble'is  st'.ll at large, and fee to carry on  liis work of destroying the domestic  peace of other families. The world  has little use for serpents like Mecredy.  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.      \  Room 16        K-W-C Block  Frank  Fletcher  PUOVIN *-\_ LAND SUHVEYOR .  IG,W.  BARTLETT,  Proprietor  f  ���       -.������-���- *    ���      ���  9++++++++++++++++4+++9+++++++++++9++++49++++999++4>++-  $1 per  day and up  No Chinese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER' HALL, AND   VERNON    STREETS.        Wfl ^RM    HT  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, B    nLLOUil|   Ui 0  4���4- 4- 4���4���4.  \  T $,tf����  \ WSI^^^a M &Hvninp Made and Repaired t  1 ��� * T  j  CLOTHES      CLEAALD    A A D  IV. END ED *  4      OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON. B. C  urns & Co  IhUjuIe una Mineral CIhIiiih Surveyed  und Crown Grunted  1\ O. IJiMfSGS       Olllec : Kootehav SU  NcIhou  Lord-Minto who was regarded as  anything but liyi-terical regarding  Canadian affairs during his regime.  said at a banquet in London the  other night that the six .years , he  had spent in Canada,formed a very  eventful period in-the history of the  empire. It had been a period' of  development of great' resources and  wealth. From one end of Canada  to the other he had found intense  affection for the .flag almost impossible to describe to tbe people of  tbis cOuntryi " It vvas a deep-ro'Ued  affection/which led t'Z the wish .te.  keep up connection with the motherland apd share...n its future history.  Licences for Selling Nursery Stock  A Mention Is dlrcftocl to tlie |>rovlsi'>nB of  Hoc ion 17 of tin!.Horticultural Hoard Act,  which rends ns fi-llowK :  'No person, linn or corporation  ���'Ifiijjii nr <:<>iiliiiuo In tlie business ol' Hellinj;,  ���Mis principal,iinent, solicitor, or oilierwtse.  "within tlio pi-ovinee, I'mlt tree*, plants or  " nursory Block, or of importing for sale, fruit  " trees, plants or nursery stock, intmlic prov-  " luce, without llrst having obtained a licence  '* lo carry on such IniHimss lu tlie province  "ns in tins Act provided."  All persons aulhori/.i (I to sell nursery stock  ln Hits province arc raptired hy their principal", or by themselves, to deposit In mils, in  the Department of, Agriculture, Victoria, l'or  the faithful pcil'oniinnci; of tlii'lrohllpttiontj.  The public Im 1 hoivl'orn warned not to pur-  rim so nursery stock e.\cept from duly licenced  IHjrsons.  (.iliice 1 ���! tlie Hoard nf Horticultural  Department of Ajirli ulture.  .(   15. Andkisson,  Deputy .MinlMorof Agriculture,  Secretary.  Victoria, 20111 July, liXH).  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B- C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,   Thre  Foiks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and  careful atten  tion.  Surgeons   iti   this   country  will  await with curiosity, not to s jy impatience, further   particulars   concerning ;i new anaesthetic, the discovery of which is briefly reported  from   Beilin.       It   is   said   to   be  adt��p ed   to local   use. like cocine,  but superior to that drutj   in that it  gives rise tn no undesirable after effects.      Several   weeks  ago a consular repot received at Washington  contained a similar  announcement.  To a vegetable  alkaloid,  lVand   in  West   Africa   and   called   "yubini-  bine," the properties ]ust mentioned  were ascribed ; and an Italian oculist  declared that it was  admirably  suited to the. work of inducing insensibility in   the eyeball.'      Inthe  story which now comes from   Germany a different name���' ally pine"  ���is  employed ; so that for  a time  1 here must   be   some   uncertainty  .vbether  two additions  bave   been  made to the- resources of lhe   pro-  "e">sion     or     only   one;    but    in  mv     case     a     continuation       of.  .       I-Wiiw i       -.  .-,,     ���     _      _i .   :ii   .����� _ I ������������   -.r_    r _! K. Kleirlifr'K. ii��rtli  enst corner, tlieiutu west  ���lther report Will atf >rd occasion tor U, (,|���,,nSi tHencei��nuh��>.��.'ha1ns. thenee cast  ���       "     T .,.,_..   I +�� elmlns more or lcs��lotlie mllvv��y. theuo.  congratulation. ��� iSeW,   ,\ork     Trt-: rollowlnprlsht or wny of said railway to the  p;)ha ui'cuniliieiieQlUeiit.  L,ulle' l   Diitea 2��i> Muy, 1303. -  KOTIllK.  Notice Is hereby (liven tli���� (�� dayn.nn.or  datel intend to apply to lhe Cliief roiinnis-  s'oiier of Lands and Works, for p-TinlBBion  to nurehiisetlie folIowinK. descrihi-d lands in  West Kootenay District:���Cnniiuciiclns at a  post about one mile suuili.of Castlejjar  {narked R W.' Pr.iejjer's soutlieast-<;orucr.  wefrt 40 chains, thence nortli :Xl) chains, theme  enst 80 chains more or less to tlie railway,  thence following right nl way of said railway  to thc pointof commencement^ Pkakork  l):itcd24th May. W)?>.  We are authorized agents for the Sale of  the Nelson Electric Tramway .Company's  lots, and will quote prices and terms on application  CI-OQUETTE BROS., Proprietors  ���  Genuine  Quebec   Maple  Syrup.        Sole   Manufacturers  of  Mother's Bread. - '  Store : Baker St., between Stanley and Ward.  rne photographers V  I HUB   B Vancouver and Nelson        3.  $        IIUUUUf-?lUUa   I Vancouver and Nelson       V  ^ BAK-yt STREET. NELSON, B. C. .^  ��:������:���-.  !���      ���       ���*"���_���     _-.     .���.     _>.     .���.    .�����     -���.    .���.    ������      A ���  A   ��� A     A    A    A    A    A    A.  �����&���������*���v���v���*���v���v���v���v���v���v���v���V   V   V   V   v   v   v   v���V   v-  ra. ��k. strachan]  Ji I  Plumber and Gasfitter      ���'-  t Estimates Given  on Genera!  Plumbing,  4  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.  .%_.%, _...__>_  4-4���4-4-4-  ��:���  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford  NOTICK.  Notice Is hereby niveii thnt. fit) days after  dale 1 intend U�� al'Ply to tlie Cliief Ciumijils^  Hloiu-r of Umds ���>��'' Works Eir permission  t->'inrchase tlie following descilhcd la nils In  West kootenay district j-Co.iiineiicli.jr ��t 11  ixxi nboiit one iiillcwiutliof i.'iistlcsni-niiirkcil  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Moth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue Stone, Hellebore, Whale Oil  Soap, Quassa Chips and all the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit trees.  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.   Better than Sponges.  Subscribe ior  conomist $1 a Year  Wm, Rutherford/Druggist  WARD STREET. KELSON, B. C.  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  Strictly in Advarxe  W.     C.X     (jsillStt      Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brh I j ^^  ^ ^  aud woodwork. j '  A ff -my*,-. w^^i*��auixminairfX*<*vrtyt. -r B]  '���l'Ji"t'ur tafjHt<_f_  a__-_aaosMjjtwe,  ���^^^,r^T7.l^..;ft1^fJrtf:^;,to^  THE  NELSON  ECONOMISE  H'.:r^.':ost:,,.s?i:,.,a.^jS^1KS^^s||  ', OH'V;r:vn'\oan';-'YO:rv '.;^^ o^hh^^hT^h^^^^^^p  ���o -A'^^S^S'aoao':7/77/7/0^^1  ��������� ,rA< A7'7. r7_-rrA7''.r:A:y*yAr.yftli��m  7 7/:; y7'-i-7A7i:y.A7//A^:AZ7.iZ^:i.!m^<m  :..;.:.',<' ;.H^; a.;,-.^. r.^r.7 7.y$$M  '/7/rAyy^.yfjyz/77Zi:s\  ooo o,0;'v.i:swi  '."��� "���.O.a'.v'a~"HS^B)��  ;:ii1-V.Y:"K2a&I  ���' 5.': .OO ,033^1  ^iAAlj  If in Want of a  Also Selling Agents for  T  T   /���   ���   V  & COM PAN  Canada's Leading Piano  ���v  .  ��� <3HMBSM^<3��Hgge��aK��^  A���/�����:/A\  -:.A2Si_  AASfBL  O',0V^a>.i&a*&l  o';v::';Sa;h.jajV^j|  ;Oa-=%>7*;RB_f  a''.;.H%^0:^i&|  ���yZAA$m  yyTygyyA  AASilfl  a 7rr7ki^smi  'zy7AZ0$y[  �����A.r��ms\  AyiyyyL  ���A77:rri^7i%u  '77A��$$7��\  At$8#|  Ayy&jsi'Tyk  77i7A<f7^7^  a'aO'  ���i.,.r;ii.-:y>  wyyyM  AfiskMm  A'.": 'AyAyiA_^'.^p<^g3^m  A-.A A AAy/:�� '/Tf'-^Z.'^^i. I  :o?::o;^A^rfgggS5j 1  0;:|;!^^l^fjgl��^pl  5ai;^']4^!^i|  sAg��|i��  a:;a;cK;H.^^[i^|  AyyZZMSSdi  Something New in Hotels.  : To whom it may "concern: We be; .  leave to call your attention to the fo! !  lowing novel features of the unrivaled 'j  up-to-date society hotel, which the w- ���  dersigned-propose, to build, if aullieion' !  .encouragement  is  forthcoiuing: ]  : _ The architecture will be a combin:i ���  ,tion of Queen Anne, GoLhic, Moorish .  ^nd several extinct styles,  the  plirpoi.  ��� being to secure adequate corners for con  Iveniont exclusive gossipT'also, as far a-  ���possible, giving_ a private "entrance t( ,  leach guest. All rooms will face from :  ���This arrangement will prove a conven '  ience to young people in the eveni:i�� ,  piirticularly as the management guaraii- '  ���tees that the electric light connection:  -H\ill_be-out of-order-at���least��� twice-;.-  ���week. r  ��� Each room will be furnished with otr.*  especially patented "vitaloinctcv," .suj. :  plying sea air or mountain air of an\ j  'altitude on demand. If desirrd, tlie ���  rooms will be atted with movable seen- |  cry painted to order by two Royal Ac.i- j  demicians to be especially .imported foi "|  the purpose.        .. ��� !  The dividing walls of the rooms  will  ba of papier-mache, and sounding-boards ,  will  be  introduced  when   requested   by |  liard-hearing neighbors. '   |  Electric calls in every room will con- i  nect with clergymen of all denomiim- ;  'tions, and guests will pres3 tlie button  should they require their services dny or ,  night. Discreet* witnessics supplied on up- I  plication.  Chinese, French, Italian  ami   German '  chefs will have charge of the euisinc on  alternate days, thus ensuring a genuine  international dyspepsia.  Our bell-boys will be mutes, our chambermaids will be blind, our coachmen  will be deaf, telephone operators wiil be  discharged twice daily, and every other  effort will be made to secure privacy.  Our mosquitoes hand-fed "with  Agamomoviuis Culicu3. These and other  undesirable insects will uot be permitted  an the premises.  A special chamber will be fitted with  Gatling guns, elect, oeution chairs, and  other suicidal conveniences. *  Arrangements will be made for a satisfactory time-table,'and affidavits' that  trains left ahead of schedule, time will  be issued to married men on payment oi  the notary fee.  Rooms may be reserved now. AriJress  all communications to the Up-to-Dule  Hotel Company.���"Town Topic*." 1  ������baring" Books.  It  ls   women   who    write    "daring"  books, and it is women who read them. .  "When once the fair -do take their bonnets off they"are not content with that: '  they throw them over the -windmills, ua  tho French -say.   Men do not like  this ,  kind of thing-   It not only disgusts but 1  bores them.   It is a particular kh:d ol !  woman, usually earnest and very stu- I  pid,   who  enjoys   these  excesses.    Our ;  "sex, if all this goes on, must provide  Itself with fans 'to blush 'behind.    We  must leave the ladles .before the coffee  ��ind cigarettes 1)65111 to circulate.���An-  Crew Lang- ln "Longman's 'Msuh>*ia���� "  Hugging an Illusion.  a        ^__.  f- ,  "The newspaper editors 'and. very  special correspondents, who have lately  been discussing 'Papal possibilities wits;  such owlish gravity, 'must have felt to-  thef cheap when .the news cime th.'*t  Giuseppe Sarto, '.whom- they had- uevei  even heard of, had been elected as tin  two hundred and sixty-fourth Pope, undji  the name of Pius the Tenth-r-a name, b}  the way, endued with no particular ado:  of sanctity by its last Pupal possessor.  But the new Pius seems to be a man o'.  character. "Cultured,"       "religious,'  "mild-mannered,"' "pious,"  . "a  countrj ;  mouse,"  "quiet,"  "kind-hearted," "liber ]  al,"- "timid"���these are some of the epi  thets applied to   the late  Patriarch ol  ..Venice and new Pope of Borne.      The  same   ."authorities,   however,   deny   him  "politicail"Bhrewdnes3;_dip!omatic~"eniftr  and executive ability.   'r>!/<sy predict that  ho will be not a stateamanly but a- "re  ligious" Pontiff.  All interest at this time, of course,  centers on the policy of Pius with refer-,  ence to the Italian Government. It i  already clear that it will differ in ��� no  vital particular from that of* Leo the  Thirteenth. The new Pontiff ia even  quoted as saying significantly: "My first  pleasure will be to explore the gardens  which now confine my little world.  Heigh ho! How I shall miss my long  country tramps���and the sea!" Thia, il  authentic, shows plainly enough that  Pius, like Leo, will be "a prisoner in the  Vatican." Doubtless, however, as the  despatches indicate, his personal liking  for the King and Queen, especially thi;  tatter, will make the relations between  Quirinial and Vatican, smoother and  moro  ttmicable. than  heretofore.  It is not an altogether admirable policy this, that the Pope is about to continue into the twentieth century. Hi  himself cuts not a very dignified figure.  He is "an alien and an enemy in tlni  most Catholic country of Europe." .y  play monarch in a toy monarchy, playing  at. ruling a few score soldiers and servants���a man of: supposed intelligence,  shutting his eyes to fact, and hugging  fast A.i illusion���deafto common sense,  but "with ears open to ,mo3S-grown tradition���mediaeval;-in tho 'n'tidst ~of modernity���nursiing a grievance, and longing for the impossible���such'Is the Pontl-  fex Maximus, scarcely more impressive  than that; noble person" named Fit/.-  James, who lays claim to the throne of  England as a lineal descendant of the  Young Pretender.' Tlie temporal power  of the Pope can never ���bf': won ba^c;  should Italy cede back the Papal States,  the Pope could not rule them; they were  ill-ruled when they were his. Yet the  molderint* institution of Papal aovc��-  oignty chngs desperately to the jast vea-  tige of its vanished power, ever1 ihopieg,  denying, as it were, the min at noon.���  "Argonaut."  Anecdotal.  _ It Is recorded ot Mr. W. B. Gilbert  that- on, hearing of the title of Henry  Arthur Jones' new, play,- "The Princess's Nose," he remarked, "I hope It  may run long."  ^^^������^-^  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  (0  LU  <  I'  (ft  o  W. A Tfiurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Sewing Machines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  0 d r.ufios.t^Shop, Josp^yne St. Kelson  ���  ���   Almost -the-toughest -thiug-in���the���*w hole- of-creation is. a-_'-pirito._.'-Ero_icho_*w*hen_he__X8_.iii_i  fighting humor.  Now his hide is just as toiight as he is, and that part above his hips and back is the very  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell."  That is the part usecLto make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves.  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof--almost wear proof.  Made only by  ���  Montreal  Win ni pea  R. H. CAl=iLEY, British Columbia Agent  t  t  t  t  RIDGE COAL  37.50 P��r Ton  Delivered  All orders must be accompanied by cash and shpxild be forwarded  either pereonally or by mail to the office of A   A.,- ���'/���'. '��� W.  P. TIERPiEY, GENERAL AGEMT *n*��iua***&u_Q*t*!i muas *)*"*>c  V j jS_l_.l *-*~T��W>*-  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ir i  i��rr"  GrFNT^TiA f ~N"FYVS   I ���������^^���������^���^���������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'  Dr. McLennan will leave N.Ihoii in  October, to practice his profcybioii ii  Vancou vcf.  Tlie members of St. Saviuur'suliurcli'  choir had a pleasant picnic ut Ilu.sUV  rancli Thursdtiy.  William Cranston's opera  Ib hi liiandon this week, urn I opened  to u tremendous house Monday night  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  of headaches are caused by defective eyes.  Yonr trouble may be remedied if you will give us a chance to  ��   try our skill.    We do Expert Optical Work.  OO..   LIMITED.  I J. O. PATENAUDE I  + Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optic'au.    'Phone 293. ���  ���<,<. *+-t4++++ +t *++���) ++ +++* �� *++++++++++ &++++++++++++++*4  Ladies'Blouses }  We. have just received the latest styles and dtsigns of Ladies' White Blouses, Muslin, India Linen, tucked and   lace and insertion trimmed ; sizes 32 to 44 ; prices 75c $, $1.25. $1.50 and up. _ '  Ladies7 Shirt-Waist Suits  We  have a large range.of above g'oeds in all the  latest styles, including Organdy, Linen, Fancy Muslin,  Cotton Voiles, and  Crepe de Chine, Mohairs, in all colors; prices $, $ $ and $ per suit.  _-  Io  �����  Trace Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c.  Anyone seiulliiB a sketch and description itioy  quietly ascortuiii our opinion free whether an  Invention la probably p.-itentuble. Comnnmlciv  lions nANDBOOi* on I'atmits  ��ont free. Oldest neoncy for securing patents.  Patents token tiiroueli Munn & Co. motive  tptcial notice, without chnrcc, iu tho  A hnndaomely Illustrated weekly. Ijircest cir-  culatiun of any scientific journal. 1 urnm. li a  rear: four months, ��_ Soldbyall newsdealers.  MUNN &Co.36,Broadway'New York  ' Branch Office. G25 F St.. Washington, D. C.  **  Nelson Opera Hous^  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Kdward R. Salter Presents  NOTICE.  Tn   the  mutter of Llic JiiilsnioiiU-Act, 139!>.  nii'l AiiH'iKliiK'iits MiuruLo,  Pnifiniitit tn nn ri'iN-r mii'lo heroin liy His  lliiiinur, Jui'cc Korin, In Clisunbei*. nn  Tlnirsdiiy. the alt li day at July, 19i"-*>. I -Iniil  ftr-r t���r > nt I'uMc Auctli.n, ill my ollice.  noxt to thf C'uiut Iloiisi'. in tlie (liy nf Nelson, K. ('.. on Tuesday, llir 151 li <lny ��'f Auir-  iiKt. nil tho cstnti-. rislit. litli* nn'it Intcrosi of  tht' (iL'I'i'iidiintK, SIIv��t Cr iwn MiniiiK (Jim-  piinv. Limited, nnii-pi,ri=oiiiil linbilily, nf. In  iind'tii lnts iiunihnivil-_8'7 nnd -ISilS. (Irimji 1,  l��noti'nny District, known ns the "Alice V>.  ���_" mid ������Znni" niim-rnluliilnis.  Xntt1���liitemlipfs l>mvli users shall satisfy  IhcniKolvcK a�� to interest, :md title uf the suiii  .(lcfentliiiils.  TprnihnrHiilo���rnish. '    -  Dated at Nelson, IJ. C, -Itii August, 190��.  8  P. Tuck,  SheriffofSoulli Kootenuy.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Ladies'Wash Skills  In White Pique,'White Dueh, I/iiieii, al shades, lace and embroidery trimmed, $1.50 to $5.00.  Call and see our range of summer,Muslin, Cotton Voiles���just the thing for shirt waist suits���from 15c a yard up.  Ui  SH GROCERY  A magnlflcentlr constructed ilrumn'Ization  at "The Vendetta,*' MarieCoivlii's fainouBand  Vldely discussed wwl.    An admirable eoju-  ' Jainy of artists iu_lutlin_ Wlllinin ilorrU  -Prices! 50c, 75c, and $1.00.  Seats-on. sale   at    Opcr.i   liaise  .Tues-  auj-r Aug iiSt 8th. 11 n. m  THEJ-V/SUa  J     BAKER ST.  We only nsk one trial to m.ilcc you ��tir ens  tomer. Flue Watch Jewelry. iipti'-i.i and  Bilverwnre repairing and everything In Iii-.*  line. Keasonable charges. Worlc ��=<':il u*  froiaoutside towns will roculV'' tin- <:i'��i' earn  as 11 personally delivered. Dl'Ilvull rojKiirs  done for other Jewcieri  By virtu* of a Writ of Flprl  Ii'ik-!iik. Ifwuecl  mil cf I He Supreme Court of nrl ti-"I�� L..iiu:nbl:i,  :it the ��iitnf Frank St'iiniail Hjrnlnst I.0.1I3  Ei-!i*t and  James I,. st:i:r_ft>r<.l. I have seized  and  taken in E.��vciil|nn nil tin1 aliarcs v.liich  the mid f.mtiH Ernsl his in th" cajiital stock  of thu Nortli West UmI and Coke Company,  Limited ; und all tin* sli.-in-.. whhii the Kaid  l.ouln lirii-t hn�� lii-tlii* t-ni��itnl��������!tn-ic of the  I.nvfiton (rold  Mlni"<. Iiiuilteii; ilh*i  nil the  >IuirfSM'hlch thc said, [."iiin Krnxt.  has In tlie capital stock  nf the North-West  (Jnal   nliil    Coke   UalKvay   Limited;    nnd    also    nil    the     riyht,    . title:  and        ln'i-rext,        of        the      snid      l.oiiii)  i'.r.'Wt in   the   mini'iiil   ��'lalins    known    ��h  h ii rl called ������Pin-five"'. "Miiyfli��wer"1,"Jllake",5  ������1-1. (1. N ", "Snow   Ilrft  >*mctU>HKl" and  Summit Pmclioiin]', n!l situate nn'���Hnrtv-  ] Nini*"'Meek, ni f-al'fd  Mid  iiToniirf in tiie  ti'_."C of the Miitinif Ili'iiHiler  for the N'elnrin  ! Slinin^ IllvUlnii i-f Wojjt Id into nay District.;  l'n roi-ivor t'lnstiin ofSJWi) Ifliinil also interest  on Sl'ill.'jilatij p:-rc'.'i<lirn pi'i'itinitini from llm  ;!.!iltl d iy of April. I1M3. uifli payment. bc-.i(li*s  Khefitt's poiind.iire, otlli'i'i'.s lees, atntall other  )<���!�����;   iticrdeiitn!   cxiv-ii.ti'S;  :ili ���t which'   I  (iliail   r��p.W , ior g-i tij  or   siiilloii'Jit   tlierenf  to ,-atfxly KtUt .lud-'riunt dot��t ai>.l  coats, at  nty otljci'. next to the  Court Home, In   this  City  of  Xrlsrin,  ]!. (j , o:i   Jlonilay,  thc lli-li  day nt"   Anjrusi. lSVin, at l:ic lwur of  eleven  o'clock. In tJie forenoon.  Note ���!n!\'tidiii!^   ptuvhasi'iH   irill    Billl��=f>"  ! thcmwlvi'S as-to the inUirpst and tUle, of the  ! s.iid Oi'lciidniit.  !     Dated at N",I5. C, Ilrd Anr-i t l'J0>.  | -       h. I*. Tuck.  1 Sheriff ol'S''Ulli Kootenay.   "  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  lis an Order fcf Tour  Groceries, then Notice * -  The promptness of delivery.  Tiie cleanness and freshness of Goods.  The full honest measure, rf?  The quality of wnat you get.  You -will find ahundant reason for sending  your future otders.    "  Thi*Week's Specials Are:   ���  H-lb Boxes of A 1 Cieamery Butter at 27c  per pound. .   _  .Silver Spoon Tea, 50c per pound!  Rajah TJrand Flneapide, 23c per tin.      /  Clarke's liuneleas Chicken, SSc i er.tiu  Joy's Cash Grocery  BIG GASH STORE  .. .                _                                             . ���  ��                                                                        IRON BEDS $4.00 ���  4  agents MASON-RISGH PIANOS t  V                      Two Becoiul hand Bell Pianos-Pianos taken in exchange for Mason & Itisch Pla n >i.    For Sile Cheap-One German make, Walnut Caso, Sl(50.   One Square Top, ?_>o- &  Complete   House  Furnishers T  9 Funeral Directors, Embalmers &  J. G. BUNYAN. UNDERTAKER.  ���  'PHONE 19  ^���^���^^^���^������^������������^���������������������-^������������^  Certificate of Improvements.  Kitten functional) and Kdnn (fractlonnl)  mineral claims, situate inthe Nelson Mining  Division of Kootenay District.  Where located: tin Hear Creek, adjoining  the Old Kill (lot 18C3) and Parker vlut 1S01.  Mineral claims.  Take  notice that I, J. A. Kirk, acting as  asiTit fur John Smith, Free Miner's Ccrtilicate  No. B7S.7f>7, Intend, sixty days from the dale  hereof, to   apply   to   the   Milling Keconlcr  fora Certitlcate of ��� Improvements, for   thc  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  ahove claims,  i    And further take notice that action. 11 udi-r  f Section :17, must be commented  before; issuance ofsuch Certlticnte of Improvements.  Dated.this 23rd day of May, A. D.liiDi.'"  I J. A. KlltK.  J. E. ANNABLE  Nelson, B. C.  .    "   '" SALE OK LANDS. '  For Uupald  Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Collection Dis-  trict, Province of British Columbia.  I hereby give notice that 0:1 Thursday, August 31st, i905,"at the hour of twelve o'clock,  booii, at the Court House, Nelson, I-shall sell by Public Auction the lands herinafter set  out of the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said'persons ou the 31st day of December, 1904, and for interest, costs and expenses, including the  cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount-due is uot sooner paid :  N a mi: of rrciwo.N .vsaK skd  Jaicky Boy Mining A Development 0>    Jlobnrt. A. IbholMon   ICeeSlns.. ��� ���������������  Kossliuirt KiKitcuiiy Miiiiiit;!-> . ����t*l   Active Gold Mining Co., Mil   Jlldorado Mine, Iitd......  ,...v   American KajrlcOold illlnlnirt.'o. ��� ...:.....  Active Gold Mining Com puny....... ...........  K. C. PoIlcU "ia........'...7.7. ��� .'.'���..".'........  William McArthur..;;'/..;..".' ������   Yi. Itroadfiiot. a......-;..:���"���..........'...".- ������  Kldftrndo MiiieK.,I.lil'..a..;.r.��� '.'...'������  Active Gold Mining Company.': -....... ..-���  H.C PoIIelt.. '..   Mrs 1). A. Copi'Iand   Mrs. Caroline lid me....   Kilward Miilleudaine '"   Jlenry Steirens...... ���   lt. W. Hehno   Michael McCarthy..... ;........;......  Itlchard llelme ...'. ......  / Kichard Holme...'.. ���-���  ' Jtiehard Ilelme ��� ������ -  Itlchard Hclmu - ��� ���   Kichard Hdme  ���   Richard llelme....   Kichard Hehne. ���  Richard llelme.   Richard llelme   -.;.  Swan Swaimon     A. U. Kelly   Mm. W. Kohc.-ts a.,  -.  G. Hheddcn.............../... ;.r.v ,...:._:..:  William Mewburn  7.7................  Kfeliaid Hctmi; ��������� ���-   William "Kirkup    The Athabasca-VrmiM. Mmllnl. A. If. Gracey  Mannger; J .1 Campbell, l'rovisiuni  Liquidator: and thc Venun Gold Jiinin;  Co., Ltd.,Xini-KtMonal tiiability.   The Ymir Gold MiiicB, Limited.':','.'.';...a  DIISCKII'TTOS OV PROI'FUTY  In sre. St rml 'Jl. Ti>.:>7. lot I'JSS;:..  In wc. ���-���h, Tp. :si. i..t ia�� '..  u, Tp. ai. lot, ia��i   T, Tp. 17. I..I 111'.   JDeliiiiiiient  TnxeH  Taxet  Interest  Costs and  KXIK'IIHIS  TOTAL  I n so  In sei  In si'i:  In.sec  In sec  In set'  In .'i  ���jHniid:::i,'lii.J7.lui. VM   1. 'J. X T|>. 17 a ml bl-o, li '!> Vi, lot UW.  ��l.-'l'l��.'��*l. lo! Ul8.:'v  .'��. Tp. Ill, lot lift.   VI, 'ii. Ti. 'JA, '��). .'li, SI unci ;;t, 'I'll. SI. lot  Ul:: ���'. '.....   in si'.: :u,T|>. iii.iiinaia ;   In seo. _>, T|>. 'M. lot UU...   toad-, -.ti,'lp.SU. lot. 1211   In aci\ Si.. Tp. "I. lot ^.81   In jW 21.21. 'A lit. if> 'iiiul 'ill, Tp. ?.l, and In  M'l-. 10. HOniil 81. Tp. 3-J. lot 3:��l. ;'���:.. ,".'   (user. i!S.T|> ���'��. lot i'SI   li'ivcks l.lii.-Janil:), lot 'Oil   Hlk.'JTi UHS12   lilts. VJ7,:'8.-J!>," lot SU   IVirvt>r lot SSS. Ill sir;....���:.. ..L;   uift.-i, Iiitii'.i... :.  ....  Milc.-G. urt'Stn...... :   B��k,B. h.l ft'l.. .-.-. S, lot 8:71   IIIk.'B. lot SU   ��:k. II. lot !��l   iuu. vi. i'.t. su --..- .;-���  illks.  Uand'Jti, lotKl ...a   ntk. ��}. 1  t SH....   Illk. 2��, loi. Mil. i...  151k. ��!. lot8UI   Ilik. IS. lot Ktt.'...-'.   .art of lot 2:��. Who -.-   raitofl'itlMlG......   I.oU2ii,27, block 8Mot2W   I,, it 1. blo.k 4. lot 21)4.   Hlk. II. lot HW ���   1'art U'lot ���������'.�� (J^interv'st)   Lot f'Jtll. G. I, Koolenny distrirl, lieing the  Veiiii-s Miii<*n\l Claim_   f,ot 1'OS. <:. 1. Kootenay ir.strict. beins the  Viri'r Mineral Claim: and. hit 17(19, G. J.  Kiii.teiiaY District, t.eii.j; tl.t' Ivoi-kland  illii.ral'OhiiU.o.H.-.H --���  4 till  ill)  ."j nil  'JS-.ffi  y Mi  81'U  ato  \ KD M  |'8U  a no  3 W)  a mi  '���lillt'U  1 25  ���J t��  10 w  nu i��  s no  �� s-*>  .���.ai  s wi  4 Ch)  _��mi  3  , 3G 00  800  4 -tU  (i Ou  10 00  12 00  20 00  . a��  10  5 'to  13 33  1729.47  ;378 1S  IS 3  is  05  ���Jo  Vi  40  , 1*>  1��  a lilt  OS  v>  15  10  G a*.  I'H  10  ���III  1 20  "IH  .10  10  *���'  ^H>  If,  111  1  Ki  :t")  in  ���&  ���40  ;��� a��  ;80  _ ooy  ���j. t-tt  3 t��,  3 01)  2 (H)  2 IH)  3W  3 I'O  ���i Oil  a.i^>  '2 W  2 00  3 00  *2 t��  2 UO  ���2 00  ���2 Wi  S��o  2 W)  2 OH  "a co  '2 1-0  2 00  ���2 Ml  2 60  2 00  2 00  2 OH  '2 00  2 Ml  2 WI  2 Oil  i oo  2'CO  2 00  2 00  2 00  200  d St  0 7*-  . '2 OS  7 -A  'ft 49  11 VO  : & i*.  ���I li  Wi 15  a:��  a tn  *5 9i  4 W  Hit w  4 il>  12 HI  .   SI _J  1 tn  :i fi  4 in  ��� ���   ir (Ji  IV :�����  ��. 15  4 10  :. ��>  is ��  io.����  ttw  s ai  12 41)  14 .-M)  22 80  ���1 20  a in  .7 4..  la SS  ITU fT  S580 4i  Under tho Auspices of  on  AND  pciation  oiumbla  For Sale in the  TO BE HELD AT  ELSON, B. C.  Entries, close September 16,  1905.    For further particulars  ress  arnous Kootenay  I  can  sell  you Choice  Fruit   Lands in  16, 20,  40, So or  160 acre  blocks at "   .  round  i\  Secretary, Nelson, BaC.  Atthe Auction Mart Saturday night at 7.30 o'clock.  Dated at Nelson, B. C,  : July >7th, 1905*,'  ROBERT A. RENWICK, .  Colhctor, Kelson Cqllectioii District* tyest Kootenay. Baker Street  Another consignment has arrived of High-Grade Catiadian   Mada  Boots.  I do not offer for sale a;iy fruit la:id that I h.ive not personally ex'  amined. I guarantee every block to be as good as represented, and having sold a iarge portion ofthe land now being brought under culture in  this district I would be safe in offering any rain his money back with 10  per cent interest who is not satisfied with his purchase. Not one would  lo it because they can double their money.  I have nice fruit  lands across the lake from Nelson, only one mile  from the city.    I have choice lands in tbe famous  Crawford Bay District, on Kootenay Lake, on Kootenay River, on Slocan River, on Slocan Lake, on  Arrow Lakes, on Columbia River, in Fire Valley and  Creston Districts,  and several partly improved farms. Wild land suitable for stock ranges  and timber lands that I have cruised myself. Write me for pamphlet  and terms of-paynient. and  Don't  Buy Till YotT See  Me  J. Green; Auctioneer  Nelson, B. C.  Nelson, B. C  ,���/*'


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