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The Economist Sep 26, 1903

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 V-  1 J A  i ,(jrl/X/U(^C^  V  /  /  -A  /  ��-��-' Vi  ST  Az-��-zn  -iA   ^iti  Atfi:?W  '���-���"Hi 5BV  .   ';'     Ui.  VOLUME VII.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 36, 19C3.  NUMBER 11  if  MIKADO.  In the production of Gilbert and Sullivan's famous  opera, the Mikado, during the past week, the Nelson  Operatic Society has sustained its high reputation and  -added to its laurels. This paper has always held  that amateur performances given in public, and  w Inch the public are induced to attend on the representation tbat they will be entertained, are properly  the subject for strict criticism, aud if the representations are in any case not fulfilled, that performance  should be condemned. It is with great satisfaction  that we can say ofthe Nelson Operatic Society that  it has always more than met its obligations in this  respect. For the three nights that "the Mikado has  been presented, large crowds have thronged the Opera  House and have gone away at the end of the performance satisfied. The opera itself is too well known to  call for any remarks on the libretto or the score. Of  the performers it might besaid that the general level  of excellence was remarkable. It is very usual tb  find in such performances some parts noticeably inferior. Such, however, was not the case in this instance. The principals were one and all good ; the  chorus accurate, firm and full. Mrs. Melville Parry  as Yum Yum was delightful. Undoubtedly comic  opera is particularly the sphere in which this lady  excels. Added to her rich flexible soprano, she possesses a refined appreciation of humor and a grace  and appropriateness of action that fully meet  the dramatic, requirements of the piece. Mrs.  R. W. Hannington entirely captivated the  audience in her rendering of the part of Pitti Sing.  Her perfectly artistic singing of a part which,-it must  be admitted, was not" the most suitable for her voice  and charming stage presence and manner, called forth  most enthusiastic applause whenever she appeared.  Miss Ida Johnson as Peep-Bo, the third of the." Three  Little Maids," was not behind her companions in her  clever andeiFicientperfoimar.ee. In Mrs. M. S. .  Davys the character of Katisha was presented most  perfectly. This is a part.of exceptional difficulty and  Mrs. Davys shewed Herself possessed of'a perfect understanding of its humor and a capability of portraying it as the uuthor intended. ' Of tbe men it was  found that a-pleasant surprise was in store in more  .than one instance. Mr. George Kyddis well known  on the concert stage here, but his admirers were not  expecting the clever representation he gave of the  youthful Nanki Poo. Mr. Wright as Pooh-Bah also  exceeded every expectation. The part of Ko-Ko is  ofeourseau exceedingly difficult one to fill satisfactorily, and tbe management must be congratulated  in their discrimination in selecting Mr. Edgar Mason  for the part. With, a natural talent for boisterous  '. comedy..Mr...Mason had evidently,bestowed careful _  work on the preparation of his part, and tbe result  was a most unqualified success. Mr. Ralph Clark  took the part of Pish Tush cleverly; his deep pass  sounding particularly well in'the Madrigal. Mr. T.  J. Scanlan threw himself into the part ofthe Mikado,  and merited the enthusiastic applause which he re-  c eived. Mr- R. McFarland evoked some laughter  w ith his small part of Nee Ban. The choruses uere  good, An additional rehearsal or two, however,  wculd not have been amiss, and this appeared clearly  by the improvement noticeable on Thursday night  over Wednesdays performance. To be quite fair, the  men needed this more than the ladies, thelatter seeming more certain in their attack and finish. The  ladies however had the advant age of having as leaders  Mesdames Armstrong and McLeod, who have done so  much in the past in advancing the cause of comic  opera in the City of Nelson. Tbe ladies' chorus at  the beginning ofthe second act was perhaps the most  pleasing feature cf the chorus work. Since we have  gotintothe critical vein, however, we might add that  th e stage wcik would 1-e improved if scute of the  ladies paid moTe attention to .thebusiness in hand and  less to their friends in the audience. On this account  there seemed at times a lack of unity in the movement of the chorus. The need of further rehearsal  was observable, too, in the work of the orchestra.  Thursday night's performance was in this matter also  a great improvement oil Wednesday's. A slight  misunderstanding that occurred on Wednesday uight  between the orchestra and the Mikado niitjht have  beeu avoided with a itltle extra practice. They had  settled their difference before Thursday's performance  and all was harmony between them. Finally; a word  of special-recognition must be added for Mr. Melville  -Parry and Mr. W A. jowett. without whose utitiring  energy and able management su^h grand results  could not have been accomplished.  POLITICAL GOSSIP  Before the next issue of this paper is  in the hands of its readers the electorate of British Columbia will have determined upon the men who are to  rule the province for the next four  years. The exercise of the franchise  at this time ia a matter of grave impor-  ance. For several years past the affairs of the country have been doing  from bad to worse, until now anything  like sane legislation seems impossible.  With new blood in the House something could be done to pull us out of  the slough of despond, and herein lies  the duty of the electorate. Now is the  seeding time. Whatever we sow that  shall we also reap. We cannot sow  tares and reasonably pxpect to reap  wheat. It is therefore the duty of every  voter to mark his ballot for the man  most likely to supply us with the legislation so much needed in the provinco.  It has been deemed advisable to  conduct this election on party lines,  to avoid, if possible, a continuance  of the shameless traffic in votes in the  House, aud no doubt there is wisdom  in' the departure. But, after all, the  party can scarcely be any better than  the rank and file of tbe men composing it. To our way of thinking, generally speaking the Conservatives  have a better class of men than the  Liberals in the present contest, and we  therefore hope to see a majority of  Conservatives elected ; but we are free  to confess tbat wherever there is a  better Liberal than a Conservative  running, It will be no disappointment  lo see that Literal elected.-An able  Opposition is quite as essential and desirable as a capable Government; the  best that is in men is only brought out  by being, continually on their metal,  and that is just the way it would be if  the Conservative-Government were  continually kept to its work. Again,  this is hot so much a fight forparty supremacy as it is for intelligent legislation. This is the issue that should be  kept forembpt in the minds of ihe electors. Should it happen that the Liberals  controlled the next House, it would be  well tbat capable men of that party  were selected.  . There arc numerous reasons why tbe  eloctors should have grave cause to  doubt the sincerity of John Houston's  utterances, not only as a Conservative,  but as a great public benefactor. There  are two classes of sportsmen , oue who  shoots for the sport, and the other who  hunts for the pot. This applies equally  to politicians^ There are those who  seek office for-ambition and those who  are public-spirited; as against those  who are purely "pot-hunters" in.tne  business. ��� Looking ..back, one can remember tbat John Houston was always anxious to secure public utilities  in a private way and then hand them j  on to the, public at the very top price���  for example, the electric light plant.  He boasts of having secured many  things for..tbe city, foreshore, park,  etc. As a matter of,fact, these things  had been conceded' to the city years  ago, and he only happened to hold office when the time~;.was ripe to hand  them over. To follow his line of  boasting, one would imagine that  being elected to represent the people  at Victoria he had no duty to perform unless he thought' fit, and that  anything he did was impossible for  others to do. Contemplating John  Houston's stewardship at Victoria in  the past, a host of sins of omission and  commission must must be manifest,  and this boastful tone of almost demanding the suffrages of the people is  nauseatins: to a great "number. No  oue can question the fact that he has  always used his power, his patronage  and his paper as a whip for the bacKs  of those who could not see through  his spectacles; rarely if ever has he  studied the fitness of. his actions as a  public man. The present unfortunate  position of the Conservative party in  this city is the logical sequence of this  man's actions in the past. Can any  one hope for anything better in the future?  William Hunter is putting up a good  fight in the Slocan riding, and will in  all probability be elected, but it may  be by a small majority.  There does not seem to be any doubt  of Mr. Green's election in the Kaslo  riding. He has made a -thorough canvass of his constituency and has met  with encouragement in every quarter.  Hon. Robt. Green, of Kaslo, wjas in  the city to-day.-- '<   - -    -      .'-'.-  ."acJ1     fcj  r wwwvwwvwywvwwwv^^i^^^w^^>v v^****^*^*****^**  The Nelson  Industrial Exhibition  The citizens of Nelson have undertaken many things in the past and nearly nlways achieved  success, but all past efforts have been eclipsed' by the exhibition under the auspices of the Nelson  Agricultural, and Industrial Association, which closed yesterday. This fair has shown what can  be done by intelligent work.- The success of the exhibition was mainly due to the untiring  efforts of J. E. Annable, assisted by B- C. Traves, James McPhee, W. J. Holmes, Jacob Dover(  Fred Emory, W. A. Thurman, John A. Kirkpatrick, J. J. Malone. and a few others, uot forgetting  the ladies who contributed so generously of their time towards the patriotic work.  It is a significant fact that the variety, quantity and quality of the exhibits did not surprise  strangers more tl\au they did our own people. In our efforts to develop what i.s regarded as the  staple industry we have been blinded to the fact that right at our own doors we have vast tracts o'  the finest fruit-growing land in the Dominion of Canada. If no reason than to impress this fact ou  our citizens the fair has accomplished a great amount of good.  Of course the mineral, and fruit displays attracted mast attention. Mr. D->ver spent several  days in arranging the mineral exhibit,, with the result that what is rejjardil a^s th; finest display of  specimens ever seen in the Dominion was presented to the view of the public.  The fruit display was a revelation to many, who were not aware that so many varieties were  grown here. Tbe apples particularly were striking evidence of what ca:i bz accomplished, in the way  of fruit-growing in this province.  �� ' i '        . .. ���  There were so many good tilings at the fair that it.would be impossible hi the sni.tll space at onr  disposal to mention them particularly.    Suffice it to s.iy, everything- w.is all th.it could be desired.  It was a courageous business enterprise, and   those to who n it   was entrusted are deserving of  the highest praise.     Me. Annable, th^energetic secretary, left nothing u.idpue to rouse a general in-  ��     tefe.it in it throughout the city a:il district. a:U its success h largely dui t >  him.  It is too early to predict results, but it has undoubtedly sho.vu the attractions and resources of  Nelson to be more varied and extensive than most people supposed.  ' . y-  N  ews of the  M  mes  Notwithstanding the Tact that we  are in the middle of an election fight,  the absorbing topic of conversation is  the discoveries that are being made  everywhere. The display of minerals  at the exhibition enlightened thepub-  lfeas scarcely anything else loukl have  done. The specimens exhibited came  from every part of the province, and  visitors were amazed atthe richness of  the ore from places about which little  has been said in the press. With the  opening of spring, mining will have a  boom uopieccdented in tbe history of  this province.  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  ��������*.'  Slocan Drill.  Lust week the Sandon mines sent  out 146 tons of ore.  A- deal, is being worked up on the  Meteor, on a working bond.  About 200 tons of ore a week is being  shipped from the Slocan.  John Wafer started work this week  on the Club, udjoining the B��public.  . Lumber for the ore bins has been  going up to the Ottawa, during the  week.  Frank. Malcolm has taken a contract  to develop the Ruth mine and to run  the mill.  The heavy fall of snow on the higher  hills has prevented several assessments  from bei n g don c.  The annual meeting of the Arlington company will bejield here the  second week iu October.  BOUNDARY MIKING NOTES..  I'liocnlx I'ioneer.  Tuesday was the monthly payday at  the Snowshoe mine, when around  $7,500 was paid out in wages. This  mine now has over 90 employes.  The platform for loading cars for the  Athlestou mine on the Winnipeg si>ur  has been completed, and Jackpot aa  well as rich Athelstan ore is being sent  out.  The third section of the ore bins for  the ore from the No. 2 section of tbe"  Granby mines is now being-,oempleted.  This will admit of greater oul^jt from  that level.  Forty or more cars per day is the regular shipping record of the Granby  mlues at present. A number of men  have come in lately and found employment at these properties.  Work is continuing steadily now at .'  the Morrison mineT Deadwood camp,  where some 20 men are employed, and  ore is being hauled by wagon to the  railway for shipment to the Mother  Lode smelter.  Shipments of ore from the Bette an d  Hesperus mines to the Granby smelter,  have been started by wagon.    The ore"  body haa been proven to be20 feet wide  without   encounteriug   the  hanging  wall.  Five more stamps are to be installed  at the Waterloo mine, Camp McKin-  ney, making a battery of ten. Inside  of three months the mill haa produced'  $18,000 in gold, according to the report  of Secretary Wolf. Eighteen men-are '  employed " :  Owing to tbe favorable character of  the ores ofthe Oro Denoro, under the, "  contract with the Sunset smelter, e*y-v "'  eral car loads have beeu treated  with-"  out cost to the  Oro  Denoro manage-'  ment.   This is believed to be a unique  record for any Boundary mine. '  The Granby Co. has a small forcer -  .M men -at woTknn"thcv^t��ji^��i(S*-oif *  the Grey Eagle claim, o)]eiiin�� up a.  quairy, from which Contractor Fisher  will haul the ore to the head of tbe  surface tramway, a distance of a quarter of a mile. Later a shaft may be  sunk at this point, and the workings  connected with the main workings of  the Granby|mine8.  v V--,  , :,a-  4  zJi\  . A- VF  l  I  Aj1 I  L  p.  ocal and  X rovmcial  A shark measuring seven feet long, [ the Government and contractor rc*pee-  caughton the end of an ordinary line  of the fishermen, was captured at the  dry dock, ICsquimalt. The shark was  found in the dock, and when opened  t he remains of a dog (lsh were found  together with those of an octopus.  tively, while Mr. W. T. Dalton will act  as referee.  On Sunday John IJlack, uged 66 years  and a native of Aberdeen, Seotlund,  died ut Ills late residence, Oak 2rarin,  Lake district, near Victoria. Hecauie  to this province iu 18l>2, and leaves  three sons and live daughters, At one  t line lie was on the Victoria police force  and at a still curlier period engaged in  mining In Cariboo.  - A a meeting of the Executive Committee of tho Vancouver Lacrosse Club  was held the otiier evening, iu Lhe  rooms of the Tourist Association,  arrangement.* for the California trip  were discussed. The Club bos accepted  the offer of the California Lacrosse Association for a series of three matches  to be played iu Ban Francisco aud Los  Angeles. Tlie team will leave Vancouver on October 11th, and will benbsent  about three weeks. A committee composed of thu following gentleman was  appointed to arrange with tlie pluj-ers  J. S. Clutc, ex-Mayor of Jtossl.nni, who intend to tako in the trip: Mes-ara.  was iii New Westminster this week on A. K. Suckling, II. Godfrey aud 1��\  his way home from Victoria. The la- Wright,  sue of the Uos.sl.ind content, Sir. Clutc  says, cannot be regarded as in d..��bt ] nufc and Frank, two prospectantwlio  sitieo the appointment of Mr, CJuoilove i,n\o been twoyeura huutiny for humans Provincial Secretary. l'"mru the out-J tile iron on Vancouver I��Iiiinl, have Ii>-  *ct Mr. GiioilevL-'s piv.sj eels nf election , c,,jt.(l :1 |iirge b uly on Q.Usino S.mnd.  havo lii-cn iu'Iulit, thimgh lliu eond-st The ore mns^xceptiini illy high, t.ln��w-  wus linnl 'f night jtnitl of course Uie: jug :,n uvvr.ige of o,".S |>erce:i.. by Guv-  ("tiliim-t i tliio " 111 :i(I(l lo liis fctruii��tli.   eniineiu aswiy.    This i.s tlie llrst Ln'in-    utile iron   found in   Hriti.di   Columbia,  '���An iwliitriitiirii will  be held over the  und moires the qno-dion of utilizing Ilio  elidm fi��r  extras put in W.v- ll<u<N..>tr.ic-1 rich magnetite- which ha.s been discovers for the  erection :i  U<��veriitiit;iit j crwl ���within the past two years on the  I House at Victoria.'   The eoiitnict |>rkc! Island.   Over 1,000 acres of iron rtinge  ' \v:is itlx.ut $40,000, and the' contractor: lia&lieeii located by the prospector* for  Hit in :t bill fur "��28,000 for t-'xtma.     An J syndicate.   Seattle capitalists want tlio  ! ofi'ur of "jli.OOO for. extras whs refused,; liciaiiilite  In  uao  with magnetite in a  and uu Jtrbilration   will accordingly Im>  new slec! \v��>rk.��  which   they   i>r����|jns-e  ! held.   Mr. Thomas Hooper anil Ur. A. j establishing. 'I he-iron i.s found in ctior-  ' M. Muir, architects, Victoria, represent njons bodies.���Nuws-AdvertUer. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  v  I  i -  fe  The Economist  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VehjtoxStreet, Nelson. B. C.  $1.00 Per Year in Advance  Advertising nUei made known on application.  All changes In ach'crtiscments to insure  Insertion should reach this ollice not later  tlixi Thursday sit laVcloufc.  "When change of address is required, it is  dCBlrahlc tliattaoth the old acWlrcxs and the  new bo given.  Address all communications, " Publisher of  The Nkisox JccoNoatisi'. Nelson.ll. C."  *wywvwvwww  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Monday night for the first time dur;  ing the present campaign the Conservatives of "Nelson had the pleasure of  hearing an exposition of the position  and policy of the government.   Until  then they bad heard and read only unfair attack and misstatement, to which  their alleged representative seemed un  able to reply.    Mr. Wilson's address  was a broad, able and comprehensive  discussion of provincial ail'airs, such us  is seldom heard here,  and a modest  and manly statement of the intentions  ��� of the government when they shall  have received the mandate of the electors of the province to carry out their  .   promises.  Mr. Wilson deserves well of his party  for hia ability, his integrity and his unselfishness.' At two successive .party  conventions he has been the choice for  leader, still, when the pc.liiicul.devel-  ',opnieuts atthe capital called .Mr. McBride to the position of First Minister,  Mr. Wilson readily accepted';a subordinate position and has gi\;en and is  giving loyal and able support to.-ills  leader. ^  This is rather in striking.contrast to  the position of our friends the enemy,  who dare not meet to consult about the  ��hoice of a leader lest they expose the  jealousies and prejudices,.,that., arc inevitable in a party which is coin posed  c-bieily of self-3cckers.  Bouic comment has made at a distance on tlie fact that the remarkably'  rich dise��v^iie3 of free milling gold in  the Xiardenu has caused so little excitement throughout Kootenay. 'The  explanation is that there arc similarly  rich finds in many parts ofthe Kootenay. There'arc no idle men iu the  country; many mines- nnd -smelters  are unable to obtain a full complement  of men because independent prospecting still oilers very large returns.  Kootenay is being fast, developed by  her own men with little or no outside  aid from foreign capilal, ami this kind  of development pays beat in the end.  Atthe Fernie meeting, Mr. Wilson  claimed   I hut Mr.   Diin.-minir   wan   a  Liberal,   anil   Mr.  Tuylor -denied"the  statement anil  placed  tlie coal baron  In the Conservative clas*,'   Inasmuch  us Mr. Dunsmuir lias  been   credited  with having   subscribed   Ii hern liy  ti  the campaign  funds of tlio   two parties, it  is a very  difficult, matter, lo  say what he is in Federal  puli;i<w, bin'.  it is pTotty hard on tiny man lu ruili/.i  that both parties are seeking to 'make  political cuiiitul by disowning him.  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In the Ymir district the result scorns  to be a foregone conclusion. Ilam  Wright should win wLlh u majority oi  nt least 200!  Mr. Taylor was not so reckless in liis  statements Monday right as formerly.  This time there was soinu one to call  liiru doAvn.  W. A. Macdonald. K. C, lias heen  doing cJCjetive campaign work in E-.ist  JECootenjy Sjx Conservative emdid.ites.  MoyieI��canle:r.  For a newspaper that is supposed to  be nonpartisan, does It not seem that  the Cranbrook Herald is very industrious on the Liberal side of politics?  The "Old Man" is'endeavoring to do a  sort of a Dr. Jekjl nnd Mr. Hyde  stunt this campaign, hut his mask  slips at times.  cure four or five members. We will  make the prediction that tlie Conservative) will secure a good working ma<  J^Il^^^^^^^,^^^   Grand Forks Hun.  Mori-issey Etwpntrh.  The substitution of thi1 name Tonkin  for the village at the mines relieves the  confusion complained of! formerly in  the use of the name Blorrissey. Now  that the postofliee at that place will  assume the new name, and the post^  oflice at this place w5il he called Morris-ey Mines matters ore beginning to  adjust themselves. n��i_ii(3Ey to the varying conditions. The 'change, which  takes place-oh' Octoher 1st,'-will be  heartily welcomed by all our citizens.  Furniture  It is to ba hoped that the men who  have been placed upon the ���voters' list  in Grand Fork's without being properly  qualified,'will liot carry the matter to  more serious leiipths by attempting to  vote.     The    affidavit   accompanying  1 the application to be placed on the list  states-distinctly that the applicant is a  lirilisli suUjcct and is uf full uge. The  Liberal canvass shows numerous cases  in which this uflidavit has been taken  at ler.bt carelessly, and in some eases  in which it is a certainty that the offence of j erjnry has been eoiwiii itted.  A further oath will face these men at  the polls.   No further warning should  j be necessary.  Phoenix T l��3i*<.'r.  Premier Mcllrkle says he is entirely  .��ut is Bed with the outlook for the govern ment being sustained tit the forthcoming elections, ithd Trankly gives  his mmotis. The' Lakicmls have it all  figured down to !�� fine point where  they will secure at least a nistjorjty in  the next legislative-. Assembly, while.  ihe Socialists coiiGdeatlly expect tose-  RevoExtolto ItoRilJ.  There is such a thing as political  cold feet. It is a sign of non-vitality'  of part}-, political' prostration" and debilitated organization. Tne disease:if-  fiiets a'political7darty in Lritish Columbia to-day, tl.e most noticeable  symptom being retirement from the  field lifter a nomination for the coming;  elect ion-?. So far three candidates  have developed the illness.   The}" are:  Grand Forks���Neil McOuIliim.  Siunlkaoueen���W. J. Snodgruss.  Sloean���E. A. IJradshaw.  Wc sympathize^ with the -aBMctcd  gentlemen mul ftrugt^.llmt iifU'X.n good  long imraing in political reliiciueiit  the. unhealthy o.JudiUons may be re-  inim-d. ..-_.....'.  Wc carry an up-to-date  stock, sell wholesale and  retail and our prices are  as low as any can sell  legiti mate I y a nd pa y^ioo cr  on the $.  Lands for Sale  Kootenay Valleys Co., Limited.  T. G. PROCTER, MANAGER, NELSON, B.C-  Farms from So acres upwards, well watered and timbered. Adjacent to good markets at Cranbrook, Fort Steele, Elko, Fernie, Morria-  sey, etc.       ���  The well known prairie ground on the Kootenay River, near Fort  Steele, is being subdivided and is especially suitable for Fruit, Vegetables, Hay and Oats, with good range for cattle'adjoining.  Some.fiue.Stock Ranches on the Kootenay and Elk Rivers. Lines  of Great Northern and Crow's Nest Railway within a few miles.  Terms���One-fifth down,    Balance in four years at 6 per cent.  Also excellentJ?ruit Ranch, about 30 :acres, on Kootenay Outlet,  near Procter, 18 miles from. Nelson. About 7 acres under cultivation  with strawberries and fruit trees. Irrigation Ditch. A good  income paying investment.  rr*-  EFERGUSON&eO.  SOLE AGENTS  I Dawson's Perfection Scotch  ���1  EXTRA SPECIAL  This whiskey will please connoisseurs.    It is a high grade well-  ^matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age,  is the same  'f quality as Dawson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old).  }it!i^!oBcHNR.vAB E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson,.B. C.  O -   A      A      ��������       ���*��      ���������      fa     _,*_,   , .*-      -��-       >  a J^ *���        -��� ������       ������        T��"       w__r      **���      *___*  ->-<���*  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Hazel wood Ice Cream  McDonald's Confectionery  Baker Street, Nelson  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  M  E..K. STRACHAN  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given on General  Plumbing,  Sewer - Connections,, Etc.  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Houston's practical admission that he is a Conservative only so long as the Conservatives  accept  hiin as their leader.  Houston's tactics of setting class against class for his personal ends. ���     *���  ���   Houston'swiUingness to sacrifice the Conservative party to gratify hjs pers onal n.  Houston's double-dealing with every party or section with whom he has been allied.  Houston's lack of capacity as a legislator.  Houston's threat to run as an independent if turned down by the Conservatives.  Houston's presumption in attempting to dictate the policy ofthe party.  Houston's persistent persecution of Conservatives in his paper with the one desire of creating discord iii the party.  . And lastly, the belief that Houston never was a Conservative.  ��*S^*$&������S>^S^  Nottingham, England.  Starkey's Idea of Justice.  Extr  Other letters were written to Mr.  Starkey, hut brought forth no response, so last Monday the following  requisition was forwarded tothe president of the association :  Fred Starkey, Esq., President Liberal-  a   Conservative Association, Nelson,  ;/   lie..- ���; '- ''���/���/'[,/  .Dear Sir,���You have been repeatedly asked to call a meeting of the  Liberal; Association of the city, but  have failed to do so. JSfo meeting has  been"held for 'months', "though'a general election is at hand. We now request you to call a general 'meeting"of  the Liberal-Conservative Association  for Wednesday evening in the board of  trade rooms, sm-h meeting being for  the purpose of considering" all matters  pertaining to the welfare of the party  and to endeavor to so unite the party  as to ensure the election of a Conservative candidate. .,  (Signed)      TV. A. Macdonai.p,  ��� r'  * ^ ' JOirN ElMOT,   ""  jf. J. BRADI/TCY,  .  Haiiry Biro,  "Frank FiaLrrcuER,  T. *F. Stoddart,  P. Lamont,  Jl. "W. Hakntkgto.v,  ': .      H. E. T. Haujltaiw.-  This was accompanied by the following personal letter from Mr. Macdonald :  ���act from The Nelson Economist,  August 15th.  Fred  Starkey, President Liberal-Conservative Association, City :  ..DjsarSir,���lam anxious to make  one last effort towards harmony before  it is too late. I enclose a request  signed by a few of the many who desire a meeting. The decision and responsibility rest with you. If yon decide to call the meeting, I would sug?  gest notice being inserted in the morning paper. Trusting that'you will do  so, \V. A. Macdonald.  This requisition was not treated  with even the scant courtesy of a reply, which, everything considered, is  perhaps not to be marvelled at, The  only sign given that the president had  ever received the letter, was the more  prolific use ot foul language l>y the  '���gang" on the streets to express their  opinion bf respectable Conservatives.  Wben no answer to the requisition  was received, thirty or forty members,  of the party came together and decided  to call the public meeting of Conservatives which was held iu the board of  trade rooms Wednesday evening. The  Houstonites refused to attend that  meeting, although one or two of their  number, it is said, as is their custom on  occasions.of this character, availed 1  themselves of a convenient post-to witness the proceedings. The attendance  at that meeting was so large as to leave  no doubt of tbe widespread feeling of  resentment which prevails amongst  Nelson Conservatives at the outrageous  conduct of President Starkey. The  chair was occupied by Dr. Stoddart  and Mr. C. I. Archibald acted as sec-  rectary.  _It was moved by W. A. Macdonald,  seconded by Geo. Steed, and carried  unanimously :  Whereas Mr. Fred Starkey, as president of the Liberal-Conservative Association, has neglected to call any meeting of the association of Conservatives  generally for the purpose of either preparing to- heal the differences known  to exist in the local Conservative  ranks, and has broken faith as to meetings arranged with him to be called  for that purpose, and has also failed to  comply, with or even had the courtesy  to reply to a request signed by acknowledged Conservatiyes for a public  meeting of the association :  Therefore this public meetingof Conservatives approves of the calling of  this meeting so that the members of the  party as a whole may have an opportunity of being heard, and further this  meeting condemns the course pursued  by the president of the association and  declares his conduct betokens lack of  fairness, and true appreciation of his  position and an apparent desire to act  solely in the interest of a portion only  ofthe party.  _- -  ���a  >-���MI  A if  .'-v;: w  t.  ,  AT>&  a             y.jf  '.". "x*  Aj___J-}tf  f'.3-t/r  - 1 * > ,. 7Z  -   .      3S  '  ".r1" ***���.  -  '.'-~.j<|  * V'Jl  l__i ��� IM  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy  Gut Cigarette Tobacco,  a   Pedigree Tobacco,r Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner/Beeton & Co., L'td, VMonaLa_c  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufacturers ofthe "Pinto Shell Cor  , dovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEYjB.C.Agt.  Oneseven-rooined house and  one three-room house  for rent.  J. E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  Three dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on    Stanley   street,   opposite Royal Prr  ANNARI F  Hotel for sale at a bargain. OttttW WHOLE  H.McGAUSLAND, SHOEMAKER  Boots and Shoes made to order... Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed.. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER S  Job Printing  flweer, Jtcvcnge.   The jiidgo.had uotct taken a Turkish  bath, lrat "ho was not feeling his best  that morning,''and it suddenly occurred  to him to test ita 'vivifying effects, so  enthusiastically descanted upon by hia  young friends. '��� ���  It seemed to the judge that the rubber was terrihly rough, tat, fearing to  : expose hia inexperience and subject him-  self to ridioulo .by'objecting- to tho regu-  lar-traitinent, he'patiently endured bo-,  ing' punched,' pummeled, slapped,  spanked, whacked  and poked until he  -could not stand tho torture a moment  longer.'    :  "Is_it ���qui-ite��� neces-sary���to���  m-ake��� mo ���bla-aclc���and ��� blue���all  ���ov-ver?" panted the jndge, us irrcgu  larly as tho rubber dug his fists in more  or less vigorously.  ���-'Nover*. you . mind.- I'm fixin yon,"  responded  tho rubber,   redoubling hia  assaults and grinning diabolically���at  ��� toast so it seemed to tho jucl^e.  " Who (slap, groan) aro (thud, groan)  yon?" gasped tho judge, a horrible suspicion dawning in his mind, "your  (whack, groan) lace (thump, groau)  floes (whack, groan) loolt (slap, groan)  Ea��� (thud, groan)��� miliar" (swish,  groan). '  "   "Oh,  you  remember tssa, do you?'  , growled tho rubber sarcastically.  "���' Well, dash yer old hide, incbLo you'd  like to send me up for sis months again  for prizefigbcin!"���Harper's Magazine.  Gnris Fur Battlcivl��ij>s.  Tt appears   that  the  tendency in the  Eriti&haud the tJmted States navies is  to rednco the number of guns and to increase "their arcs of fire and also to have  - no>'guns''' above <$inch caliber for supporting the IS or 13 inch. Tin's method  /.of decreasing the number and caliber of  guns is an ideal   theory  for  reducing  weights, but ships are built to carry  guns and  to fight, anil  it would seem  better to reduce weights elsewhere than  in the battery and ammunition.  In anengagementbetween battleships  of similar armor and displacement  ���"- which one will probably be the victor?  '- There ian be but one answer. -It will bu  the one that effectively delivers tho  ���;. 'greatest amqirafc of steel against the oth-  Aar~&i��.   Dnrinff the ensaeement each  ship wm necessarily lose win ubc <j��. aa-  merous guns and men, and therefore tht  ship that- carries-the-larger-tiuisi'ber^ol  guns and that has a reserve force of mon  below in protected places "for filling tho  vacancies at the remaining guns will  certainly have the advantage, and som*  obscure guns that are generally looked  upon with disfavor on account oi theii  small arcs of fire may, at the critical  moment when their companions of larger  arcs are dismounted, becomo tho means  of insuring victory.���Lieutenant E. W.  Eberlei U. S..N., in Cassier'a Magazine.  Nature'* SUvot Wcilu.  The process by which nature formt  inch accumulations of silver is very  interesting. /  It must be remembered that the  earth's crusty is full of water, -which  percolates everywhoro through th*  rocks, making solutions of elements obtained from them. These chemical solutions take up small particles of the precious metal which they find ..scattered  here and there.  Sometimes the solutions in. question  aro hot, the water having got a�� far  down aa to bo set boiling by tho internal heat of the globe. Then they rush  upward, ��� picking up the bits of metal  as .they go." Naturally heat assists tha  performance of this operation. Now  and then the streams thus formed, perpetually flowing' hither and.tli.UbcT below ground, pass through tho cracks or  cavities in tlie rocks, where they deposit their loads of silver.  This is kopt up for a great length of  time, perhaps thousands of years, until  the fissures of tbe pocket aro filled up.  Crannies'��� permeating tho stony mass in  every direction may become tilled with  the metal, or occasionally a chamber  may be stored full of it, as if a myriad  hands were fetching tho treasure irom  all sides and hiding away a future bonanza for some lucky prospector to discover.���Pearson's Weekly.  Impossible,  Pruyn���Why, aren't your -mlta'a  . gowns of the latest style?  Brobson���Of course not! That worn-  tm was never punctual in her lifet���  Brooklyn Lifa.  Clvac aa a ModUlnc.  A rebuke emphasized by a kindness la  l$t"^t��Tia^"^l^e3r^0iife"day"M='bfai"i  cor walked into the office of one of the  well known business men of the west.  "What do yon want here*?" ho said  to the officer.  "I've come to attach tha wages or*  one of your men for a debt"  "Who iB the man?"  The officer named him, and he waa  at one* summoned to hia employer'*  office.  "How long hare yon been ln debt?"  waa the first question asked.  "Been behindhand for 20 years. I  can't seem to catch up," said the man.  "But you have a good salary-."  "I know it, bat I can't got ont of  debt."  "You most get ont, or you must leave  hera  How much do yon owe?"  The wholo was not much less than  |1,000, but the employer immediately  wroto his chock for the amount, and  aaid, as bo banded it to the man:  "This will pay all your bill* Ifl  hear of your running in debt again,  you'll have toga"  It waa what the doctors call "heroto  treatment," and it not only astonished  the man, but "revolutionized" him. Ho  settled with his creditors, and then, by  carefulness, kept ont of debt.  7 Butter than a genius for making money is the habit of paying as yon go.���  Youth's Companion.  Ought to Sea Hia Urotbar.  Teacher (to a scholar with a vory dirty  face)���Jimmy. I thluk you an* just about  as dirty as sa7 Dos In tha city.  Jimmy���You'd ought to sou my brother.  Teacher���Does your brothor havo u dirty  face of toner thuu you do?  " Jimmy���Wall,-mother says sho don't be-  Jlovo he's washed his face sinco h�� got li  ���Truth.  Ybtiory I* All Vary wan.  ' Mrs.   Mishaw���You praise   yourself  too much, my dear.   People would ap  preciate yon more and would tell you  so if you were to cultivate a little modest reticence.  Mr. Mishaw���There's where yon art  out. I did that for yean, and nobody  took any notice of nu but you.���Brook-  Corner Mill and Josephine  Sts.  SAY!  Several families are  buying their groceries at  the little storeon the corner of Josephine and Mill  Streets. Why not join the  happy throng and deal  with Joy at the  Ifal Cash Grocery  R.   G.   JOY,   PROPRIETOR  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  :��� .h?!  *;'*l  MILLINERY.  A large stock of M'llstiery and  Ladies' OutSttings  Also Ladies' Hair Goods.     .  MRS. ENFIELD  Next Store to  Hudson   B*y Company  fat: &7k�� -��� "/Biking Back.  "I hardly know how to answer yon,"  aaid she when the widower proposed.  "I would not let that worry me,"  said ho soothingly. "That is something  a woman learns perfectly soon after  B&rrUgO."���Cincinnati Enquirer.  f^fc  CO  Ul  Q.  <  X  CO  o  z  Q  <  Ul  J  UJ  x  H  u.  O  LU  G  C/3  The Economist  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mall Receive Prcmpt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,   NELSON,  B.  C.  West Kootekay Butcher C  o  Wholesale and Kctnll  Ik-ii Icrsin  fe-72   \��//  \    ^��iA  W. G. Gillett  Euilder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  cii'.c! .woodwoik.  Erick and Lime for Safe  ^j'Fred- J. Squire  Clothing cleaned and wemlcii.  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes. Nelson    j  Cainj-S r.li]:-plicd Oil  SnOrtCM J    t,-.,-.^,,,,,] AWtl|nes made and rennirwl  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh nnd  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stoeic.  E.C.TRAVES. Manager  Over ihe Wsllace-Miller ��� "Co., Sebii  ���;.0B.     PRINTING      AT  THE   ECGKOIWIST   CFFICF THE NELSON ECONOMIST  i  British Columbia, apples are finding  a new market ia Hawaii.  The new pavement around the post-  office improves greatLy tlie appearance  of that comer. Til e work waa done by  Contractor Gillett. Several of the Government officials have moved into their  new quarters in the poslollice build-  inp;.  The great lacrosse'game is over. The  friends oftho Nelson lacrosse team have  seen their favorites pitted against  the  chain pious of Canada and have no rcu-  sou to be disappointed with the result;  our  boys, played   lacrosse   and have  proved their title to  plcy in'tho fastest  company the country offers ; tbey arc  not outclassed by any team. "When it is  considered that the- grounds are neither so extensive or level as might be  .desired, that'-alL'the members of the  team are seldom, available for practice  together, that it is unly once or twiceu  year that they ea.u meet worthy foc-  iucii. the performance of our lacrosse  team is extremely creditable and gratifying.    The visitora certainly gave a  line exhibition ofthe national game  as itinay he played hy a team  trained  together. The condition of the grounds  after the several days' ruin  was ".not  favorable ior fast worU and  made the  picking up of ttic  bull uncertain aiid.  difficult, but the passing and t-alcl.ing  cf the 'Shamrocks was a pleasure to  "watch.    The visitors' gajuc comprises  a skilful and elaborate <U-fer.ce in their  own quarter, and a whirlwind attack  on their opponenIs1 quarter ;-in centre  field  their play  looked less elaborate  arid thoy seemed to indulge ".in  more  zuuning than British. Columbia teams  are accustomed Lo, but they seldom lost  , control "-and  managed    generally   to  cover their own'checks very closely  while keeping 112covered ' themselves:  On  the whole their team  play    was  superior to that of the home! team anil  ^constant hard training-gave them a de-  cided advantage iu the hist quarter, in  ���which they scored the three goals that  made the iihal score (5 to'"S in their  favor. !       ''':.'���'  Eyeache and  Headache.  Eyestrain  causes  both.  Drugs  ���relieve  only  temporarily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove|  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.        ^  Satisfaction guaranteed.  ������*=,  Hon. B. McBride, will address a  meeting at Ilcfcidaiid somo evening  next week.  Bev. J. G. Shearer, General Secretary  of "The Lord's Bay Alliance of Canada,"will deliver an address in theMin-  cr's Union Hall on Monday evening  next at S o'clock. Tbe public are cordially invited.  Fred Irvine & Co's millinery opening  took place this week, and during the  three days it lasted attracted a large  number of visitors. The milliney was  displayed! iu their spacious and well  lighted carpet department upstairs.  There was a grand display of millinery,  including all the latestdesigns in head-  wear for women and children. There  is not much change in the shape of  bats, there still being a decided tend-,  ency towards flatness.; This iirin carries the largest and most comprehensive display of millinery to he found in  a hy' establishment 'in' the province.    "  Certificate of Improvements.  "WiacB Toit jCeer In Japan.  Nothing is' moro amnsiug than   to  watch two acquaintances saluting in the  streets of a'.' Japanese  town.   As  they  como in sight of each other they slacken their pace and approach with.down-  ���casfc eyes and averted faces, as if neither  was worthy  of heliolding the   other.  "Then they bow low, eo as to Lriug the  _ face on a level with the knees, en which  fcho palms of the hands are pressed.  ^"succ^ssioirofiiisdiiyEoiuids'is^nest'j  mado by drawing toi the breath botwecu  tho closed tcoth, uiterspcnscd with a series of complimentary 'phrases n t tared  "with great volubility iu a sort of under-  toned falsetto, ea^h trying to'outdo'his  friend in rapidity and extravagance of  language, whilo tbo palm a are diligentlyrubbed aguiusb each other.  At last the climax is- reached, and  each endeavors to give tho precedence  to tho :ollier. For soirio in'ozncuts,' perhaps for a ftdl Diinute, the polite con  test continues, 'then tho icorcniony'abruptly euchi, as ii tho diniculty wero ca-  pal>io of none but a brusque solution,  and tho two past on luin-icdly, with a  look of extreme relief.  Artlulett Jludc ol Iaulrtkljl.  An eelskin lna'hcr ftictcry Li situated  to a quiet street in tho neighborhood cf  London bridgo. Hero aro prepared and  manufactured various articles from tho  Bkin of tho con' ttioji eel. Tho skins are  manipulated by unmcrous complicated  processes until thoy resemble uud would  easily bo taken Cor leather, although cf  a moro glutinous a;ul pliable nature.  This streuigo commodity is cut "into  long, thin strips and plaited very closo-  ly together for whiplashes said to cotc*  portions ul the handles of moro expensive whips. Certain.kinds of lasher and  hamcs3 laces are also made cf ci lskiu.  This leather is almost indispensable in  articles ef this dcsserij.iion, wlicro Koxi-  "bilily allied with an cucominon toughness is desired.���Invention.  .Republic and Kepublic Fraction Mineral  Claims, situiilc In tlinNeleon Mlniny Division  of WcstlCoiitciiiiy Dlftric-t.-  .Where..loculcu :    Between   '19  and  Eagle  Crocks.- ��� _������'���''  Take notice Hint I, Oluu-lcs \V. BusU, acting  as agent fur Arthur" I'uwys, Free Miner's -Jer-  tinciue Ko. 13 58,174, lnUtud sixty djiyH.from  Hio date hereof iu apply to tltu Jliiiirig. lle-  eiSVtler lor CcrliflcuU.s of liii]��ovenien1.s for  the ]>urpo:;e ot" obtaining Grown Qi-ants of  lliu nbovu claims:  Ami further take notice, that, action under  Section ;!7 must be commenced before Lho is-  suiinucOiisuuli Certificates or Improvements.  Dated this 12 th September, lOM.  ClfAS. W.3JOHK.  Certificate of Improvements.  An-hcr, Gipsy and Nelson Stm- Mineral  Claims, siUiut-5 in thoNc-Iboh JliulnjjDivision  or West-KooU-ii;iy district.  Where louilcd: Seven miles-wesl of Nelson. haU-mtlc noitii of railway truck.  Take notice Unit. 1, Charles W. Husk, acting  as agent fur. Arthur l'oivys. Free Miner's Cer-  11Ileat�� So. It 5S,37l, intend sixty ilnys from  Uh; dale liercol, to apply to the Mining Ite-  eurdi.-r for ccnifk-iites of Improvements, for  ilie purijc.su nl obtaining Crown Grants ol'the  fib ive cpii-.ns.  And t'urtiier tu'cc notice, thai, action under  Section 37 muse be commenced boforo tho Issuance of snob t-ci'litlcAtasof iiii;>roveineiit.s.  H^iiHif,.iV7ii:.^iHa(.Ji^���.,i,J,i,Ui>iHV.i;n�� ���   Uiias. W. Husk.  CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM.  [Adopted at Revelstoke, September 13th, 1902. |  1. That this convention reaffirms the policy  of the party In matters of provincial roads  and trails; tlie ownership and control of railways and the development oi the agricultural  resources of the province as laid down in the  platform adopted In October, Is'jD,which is as  follows:  "To actively aid in the construction of  trails throughout the undeveloped portions  of the province and the building of provincial  trunk roads or public necessity.       ..���.',  "To adopt the principles of government  ownership of railways in so far as tlie circumstances of the province will admit, ana t.ie  adoption ofthe principle Ijiat no bonus should  be granted to any railway company -which  does not give the government of tho province control of rates over lines bonused, together with the option of purchase.  "To actively assist by state aid In the development of the agricultural resources of the  province.  2. Thatin the meantime and until the railway policy, above set forth can be accomplished, a general railway act be passed, giving freedom to construct railways under certain approved regulations, analogous to the  system that has resulted in sucii extensive  railway construction in the United States,  villi so much advantage ;to trade and com-  i fierce  3. l'hat to encourage the mining industry,  the taxation of metalliferous mines should bo  on the basis of a percentage on the net pro  Jits.  4. That the government ownership of-telephone systems should be.brnughtabout nan  first stop iu theacquiBllion of public utilities.  5. That a portion of es'cry coulpren herem'ter  to be disposed of should be reserved from sale  or lease, so that state owned mines may bo  easily accessible, It their operation becomes  necessary or advisable.  0. That in the pulp land leases provision  should be made loi reforesting and that steps  sliould be taken J'or the general preservation  of forests by guarding against the wasteful  destruction or timber.  7. That the legislature and government o!  the province should persevere in the ctl'ort to  secure tlie exclusion of Asiatic labor.  8. That the mat ter of bettor terms in the way  ol subsidy and-appropriations for tlie province sliould should be vigorously pressed upon Uie Dominion government.  a. That the silver-lead industries of the province be festered ai.d encouraged by the ini-  positiofi of increased customs duties on lead  and lead products impoited into Canada, and  that tho Conservative members of the  Dominion House be urged to support any  1 motion introduced for such a lmvpoRe.  10. Tliat sib industrial disputes almost invariably resu It in great loss uud injury botli  to tlie parties directly concerned and to the  publlCjIegislation should be passed to provide  nicuuKforuu amicable adjustment of such disputes between employers and employees,   o  11. Thut it is advisable to foster the manufacture of thu raw products or the province  within the province its fur as'practicable by  means of taxation on tlie said raw products,  subject to relate ofthe same in whole or part  when manufactured in British Columbia..  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Kmernld Ko. 2 Mineral Claim, BituiUe in  the Nfison iii iiln<j Division of West Kootonay  District.   '���'���������  Whoro located : At the FUir.iniLnt llic head  of -r.) and Siiininit Creek.?, adjoining the  .Sli.tliiloii   Mineral   claim.  Talte notice 'that 1, KeglnaId JI.<Macdonald, I-'ivo Miner's certificate Nn. ,1158,-105,  intend sixty days from '��� Il30' dale  hereof, 1o apply to the Mining Recorder Tor  u oorlillcalo of improvements, lor the pur-  pofu: of obtaining a Crown grant of the above  i.laiui.  And further take notice that action, under iiki.iiIon !J7, r.iust be coninienoed ticfuro  the issuance ol such curtlllcato of improve-  Dated this 17th day of.1 uly. A.D. 1903.  It. M. MACMMlN'AJ.n.  <    Tha Meniere ut Kei  Tl'ork.  A man is judged ly what lis accomplishes; a -wo-trum by the way that accomplishment a��F��cts her. In spyakiug  of a woman impresario tho other day a  Emm who desired to :give lho highest  possible pruiso eaid: "1 tell yon, Misi  .Blank's the most Bac.ccs.sfui wotnoa  manager in the country. Why, Ehe  "worts bo hard that every now and tlios  she's laid ap for two or three days at a  time with a sick headache " To the mas-  - cnline mind there could bo no strcngei  proof of. wanaat's ability to v.ork than  her ability to isOJ ill over it���JSw  jteJfS^j.    _y _ :::/''. .  CERTIFICATE OF rKPROVEMEMTS  Trixf-y V MIiiorn 1 Obilm, .situiilo lu the  Nel.Mii Mining Division of Wt-at Kootenay  l)l.-tr;ci.  Wheiv ksciiteil: tin IJeft Creek, it tributary  i>ri Iw-Nonh l-'ur't hI'SjIiiiiiii Hlvcr.  Take notice thai l.John McLulcliie. noting  as air<--nt for .Iuiiicm llariiet llncljircn,  l-'ivc Miner's Ortincale Ko. H7I,7tM, uud Kil-  inuiifl I).St-well. Free Minor's Ortilieule Xo.  1S7I.70I. hilcnd, Kixiy tlnys from tlie dsitelu-rc-  <if. Hi .i| p'.y to the Mi ii Ii-.;; Uecnider for a Cev-  ��� ificji'ci'l tmi��r<ivemontBJ l'or she punxiso uf  t biuiiiii-!! a frown liranl <>i ilie JilKAechUiii.  AiMt tintlu-rtnhe in.tici-:!::it action, under  .-���(���ciicin i,l, ikusi be commenced bel't.-re llic.is-  "suaiici- ofKiicli C<i-i lllfii le of Iiiipisn'omcnSii  Dated Uila^7tli (lay of July. A. I). WEI.  'John jjcLatciiic.  Notice  Notice is l-.cre.by given that SO days after  date 1 intend to'apply to the Chief L'otuiuiB-  sionct- of Liiiids aud Worl<t> for a special li-  ccmse to cut and curry awnv thntuer Irom the  following described lands situate on Boundary  Creek about seven miles from the Kootenay  l-tlvcr in West Kootenay District: Commen-  elni; at a post, ou the north side oi Boundary  Creek .marked "A. J. McUuire'a" N. K. corner  post, thence Houth 81) ehulns, thence west SO  i-linlnsr���tli��iicc^noi-th=8Dacliiiius,=tliencceasU  SO chains to the place of commencement.  A. J. Ml-Guiue.  Creston, It.'C, Aug. 17th, 19o:i.  Notice  NoLice is hereby given that 30 days after  date I Intend to apply* to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands ana W'orlcs l'or a speciul license to cut and carry away timber from, the  following described lands, sitiuttc on ituuiut-  ary Creek, tuidnbout nine miles from Kootc  nay Kiver In tbe West liootenuy District:  i.'oiiirnent-lng at a post on llic north side of  Iioiindary Creek marked "li, SlallaiHlaiuc,'  Jr.'s" N. \V: corner, thence south '10 chains,  theiii.-e east lull chains, thence north 40chains,  thence west ItH) chains to place of commencement.  E. MAJ-iiA-vnAij;*:..!.!:.  Creslon.il.C, August. I7t!i.liw:!.  Notice  mortgage Sale  lDl,0  Under aiid by virtue of the jiowors con-  luinei] in a <vr!ain morl-ingc, whiru will be  pro.lutvd :it the lime of Mile, tiiere will be or-  fei-eil fur sale by frtibMc auction liy C. A. VA'iwU  c.-inaii iSCn-.-at tlieir "thccR In the K.-AV.-C,  l'.l.";!i. li-ik^-r Street. Nelsor.. H. C.,��m Tup*  day, the sistii dny of Oetol��.-r, lflixt,  at the hour of li o"el->cfc juioo, thu  ftilli.wliiK pri-pi-rly : All and iiin^ulnr those  ceitnin pii-ci-ls or tr.u-ts of i-md unit lirom-  ia;\-t ti'.li-.:.!i! in lhe Pri.vincc ofB'-ilJinh C'ulimi-  bi;i.��'(l b-hiL- (���������iiijkj'O'I i f l-cilii iiiimlmivd  ihl>-lecii(l-">):iii(i fipiu-ton (14}, iu t'itr.i-1: itiim-  b.-r;-.i ti-irty-ii-UfiiiO). subdivision uf I.ol uiim-  !> ni ii:c iiliiii'r- <l and tiny ih'Oi Croup One  (;). iVi.mi Dlv-sion of Ku-itoniiy district, nc-  cnidltie lo|-l-inl!:n.-i>hundred nnsl f^rty-nitie  (^4'^j. Tips pn>i>crty is ^i'unlo tm th>:  corner ot Houston and H'mil.y .slitrels. und  hi-s erected  Ihi-rcon a dwelling-Ixukc.  Kor terms anil cotidition.s of suit! apply lo  IJacdokajmi & JFoijnBox,  SjolicIUirs for MrirLgagecn.  Dated :liibniJi.etecntbday oj'Bciiiember.iMS  Notice Ih hereby given that ."10 rtnys after  dntcl Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tor :i special license to cut and carry away I Imber from the  fnlhiwlni; described hinds, rltuiito on ltouud-  nry Creek, about nine miles West from the  Kootenay JKiver, In the We.t Koutcnay District. Coininencliig at u yor,l on the north  aide of Hound..rj Creek, nuii-lcvd "V. (J. I.'.l-  tloV" K. K corner post, tlience south 41)  chains, thence west 100 clmlns, thence uo>'lh  4Uchuins, tlii-ucu east to place of commencement 1G0 chaiiiH.  F. ii. Little.  Creston, II. C, August 17th, ISttt.  Notice  Notice is hereby Klren that, ;!0 days aftpr  djilcl Intend to'aP|>ly to tlie Chief C'oimnia-  sionerotl.aiidsaiid Works fora s|h!i,-hil liceiisa  Ui out utnd carry away timber j'n.in thefollow-  iiiK destonbed ).;��i:d# situate on Boundary  Crvek. about six ml'ca Ir-.m the Kuotcr.uy  Klver Hi Went KooV-tuiy pistrlct. Cotiitncii-.  <-riug atai'oston, the north side of l!ouhdai;y  Creek mnrteed ��� A. B. Kav^whnrson's," JfJ. h.  c-orncr jiost, Hieuce sovi.Ui ?��l chains, tliCJi.ve  west 80 c-tiuttis, thence Hin-i h. $u cliaU^s, tiio-nco  east SO chains to phicc of commencement.  A- S.. I-'AUiiL'IlAH.-WK.  Creston, \\. G.. aVus. 17th, l'JW>.  V '      V " "  Land Application  inence oorLii i\,uiig \v��-mi. in;ii!itiiii-.v  Ul,  to point of comiiicr.n-tiiPii:.* c-nntainittii  180 ai-rc-��. M. E. FLtflC'liXB.  Kelson, 25tb J uly. 3205,  ew Fall Goods Just Arrived  ioo .Pieces bf Fancy Flannelettes, suitrible for Ladies' Shirt and Blouse Waists, Wrappers and Chfldren's Dresses, worth 20c.  Sale price, 1.2]^q. New White and Grey {Saxony Wool Blankets, oil sizes and qualities. New Wool Comforters and Eider Down  Quilts. New Table Covers, Portierres and Curtains, new Table Linens, Towels and Sheetings, new Laces, Ribbons, Gloves and  Dress Trimmings. -  j ' ��� .  m in g^gs, M spires, OfgcEonss, LiiioEeums, Lace curtains  '%*&q^/&s&i'%/h.  BURNS   BLOCK.  BAKER STREET  $7.50 PER TON,-  DELIVERED  All orders must tie 'accompanied by casli and shoxild loe forwarded  either personally or by mail to the cfRce of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  No*w is the Time to pick ycxir Carpets and Lino]e"ums just heforehouse-clean  ;irsg. We carry a "very large assortment, patterns,'-yery latest. See oxir Go  : cans ranging :n prices from. $3.C0'to;^-cG.G0..- ���.��� a ������������''-��� -���>   -.  Fisrsiityre,;.Dealers and  Undertakers  ESCRSIOaNMl.VlES  xhibition  '/.--:  I KOOTENAY  COFFEE GO.  Coffee Boasters  " Tea and Coffee  ��cll ing Dates  September 26, 27, 28  Uclurii Limit  October 5  IUllcsfi-oui rrlnolpal Points  Nel^o:>,    KiiKlo,   Sitndon,    lvobson,   Slnnxn  . Cily..,. ..<Mi.f>,"i  llosslund, 'Pi-till..........'. '...$17,211  Gnuxl Forks Sl.l.'iii  (jreen wood Sl9.:t-">  Correspondlns Uulo.i Irom All Siutlous in llic  Kooteiiuy  TI'tohkIi Conclies und Sleepcra will ho ma  f��7jiik Arroivliiiiiil.  llcscrvo Ijerllm IliroiiKli locul ngcuUt.-.  Victoria Exhibition Qctv S>10  Westminster tlokcts will l>�� esteii'deil' K  Any* on ]��i.vmoiit fivru Vttnco'.iver Or WcsL-  lnlnstiM-U> Vlttoi-lu und return.  For c��mj)2i:t�� I iifomiatlon, wrile  J.S. CARTKIJ,  UliJt-l'a^s. Aj-1..  E. 3. COYI.B,  A. O. 1*. A.  Vuiscmsver-  J0H.��'Mc:UTCHJE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. 8 C, easterns House,-Nelson,  WADDS BROS.  'HQTOGRAPHERS.  Vancouver and Kelson  BAKER STREET, KEiSOM,  B- C  Dealers i  Wc :iro JH'erhiffatlriwotit prices tlie l)cst.  itnidcB ol Ceylou, Iudiix, Cliiua and Jupuii  Tens.   - - :     .   , .  Our Uesf Moclui mul JtivnColTce per  '���"vouml    Mof:liiiai\<l Java Blond, S pounds.  ; Choice!'.lend Coll'cc, 1 pojinds    I Special i;icnd (Joirce,6pounds..;   ; Kin lslt'iui CollVcri |>l>lllldti   j Special Blt-iiilCcyloii t'(.u, i>er piund.  S 40  J 0U  I 00  1 00  1 uo  !;0  fl TR!&L ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  //EST     BAKER   STREET,    NELSON  B253SSE2HH��a5S5e BEKEOQSKB  For Sale  !     ��� -O  51500���Seven-roomed bouse arid  two lots in good position. Terras,  small cash deposit, balance monthly  payments.  $900���Two-storey house,and lot  on Observatory street. Car passes  the Jiouse.    Terms, small  cajh de  posit,   balance   monthly payments.  For Rent  $ 10.00���Four-roomed cottage on  Stanley street, next to the corner ot  Observatory street.  $8.00���Four-roomed cottage on  the corner   of    Ward    and  Gore  streets.  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone sending a sketch anil description niny  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  Invention la probably uatentnhla Coimnimloi-  liinu ntrlctlyconDdentlal. llundbook on Patents  miic freo  Oldest aeciicy for sccuritu; putonts.  P:iUil1s UJten tliroucli Ifunu & Co. receive  rj'cdat notice. -wlHtoat ch��Tge, ui tlio  -   IU  A hJiTKlsomoIyllliisfratcd weekly. I.nrcest cir-  culutinn of nny sclentltlo Joarnal. U'errits, $3 a  year,- loar months 51. Bold byall aowadenloTa.  Bnuuai Office. 62S F St.. "Wasbmgton. D, C.  CrRTJFICftT"- OF !H?nOVEMENTS.  Roy Si I Seal niul-.IJi-ij;iil Cln'.i'liT TiTinrrrtl  CKiiniK, 'itun!c ''! llic .''"i-.laon M 1:11113- Divl.-iiin  ��JfYVesl H��iiti��n.'iy DiRlrir-l.  Where luei'ilud: ISutivcou -iy nuj ]:llsic  Cnioks.  Tsiko tintioc thi>l I, IldbvrLPtciJt T.cnnlc. r.rt-  Init iisoiUL-til for M. H.  1 lavvs.  t-'ii-e Mim-i-'s  Orlifirnft? No   !.l".i>.%���-', i-.iit!  j\ In.t�����I   Hiinki-r.  Free aSinurV C'onifk7!tu  No.   lWo./W.  iiilcnd  BiNU- rliiys fjoin 1 ne ��l:ito-l>Ti-(il.  toa{>)>'.y to  Uu> fiiin'uis  lii*W!itl( r for Crrtifli.-tlcu <-l   Jm-  )>rt.renwnts,  fov  1!:��)' purpf.R"  of  obtui nini;  1 L"i7>v.ii UiJiTi.s'of lh-;';il)(i\-e��lilni5--.  |    A">il rtsrlltcr la'l.k JKitic-, ths'tavium wuU'.r  I S'-fclirin-i-.i iniTHl t-,. i-or>i:iir-nml 'li-.-fi re iii-- !s-  i sii'i.-a.i:'!: \-.:'.; O.sA.i.'l Mtu.-��� ,1 1 n:n-ovuiaj.iui.  3>istCtl UilS 181L >.t!KVl3i, IEM.  I     .     . . li. K. Less:*:.  [Bartlett House  (Formcrlj'Oliu-kc House)  Tlie ljcslSl per Clixy liousu in iCulson.  None lmt wliilc hclj) employed.-'   Tbc-lMir  I   !i c l)<'Sl. A   . ' -  G, W,.' Bartlett,    Prop  S0;1'g8g3-?a!e-  Under and- by virlno of ilio pn-.rers 1:0c-  tsiiiifd in 11. ceriMi'i iiioiijinje ,v hieli -Mill bii  |ii-'jcSueuil nt. the' time 'of Nisle,' tht;i-tv 7vi I! be  I'tl'ort-d fuc s:i!o by pi-.lilic.auction by C. A.  Wiitc.ri-.i;ni ix;Oo.,:i't mo'r<iillct;s in tlii; K.-Vi'.-  (.!. 13 ��-!<, tltikil- K!t(H(!i, St-lsnn. li. (!.. Ol!  'i'no.sdiiy. I Ins sixt'.i day fit' 1 let; l>-r, iSU.-!; ut  tlie hoin-of'nif |>. ni.. IIil- foilUkiv-ins jiri>!)ni-ty;  All nnd sin<>u!;kr tlif��:e cci-tain pahiols i-r  tiiieis of liiuil nml ]Mfinises sllimt*; in the  Pi-tivinco of KriiiKh Coltmibiii, linirj,' coiti-  jvisi ii r-f lotN sev�� 11 l7j .-mil ciijlil (H), in blt;i;lc  liiirlv (7,,���). city of ^e'Kon, in-coid i:i>; to tne i>f-  lioi.iI plAiitii- siii-voi-. t.nbrt'yl-.;!on loi. iiini't-.--  Civi!(!)5), <;n-u}>one(l),Kooieiiiiy District. 'Hiis  I'JfJi'i'rt}- iusitn.-itc onstniiSi y Bti-tret, between  Siliin :v.M.l i.':i.twiiiil!-.  l-'ui-  li-:-jnsiiii(l  (onditiiiris cifsnle ni>i>!y lu  M .-.nn ���:-< i w> & .Ions:*.;;,  Mclii _Hii->- li:.T SI ��.rt��;sivi-c��.  D.'iU-d i.!;i.s tWDut-y -third  day of riejiti/nilji-r.  I'-'W. -  ee  Merchant Tailor,  Trcmont Blk. Baker St, Kelson


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