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The Economist Jul 2, 1904

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JL ales of the   JL own
To tlic patriotic citizen who never
wearies in proclaiming lho advantages
of Nelson, there will be much to please
liim in the testiinonialsofpiMi.se ol'the
many who have visited the city the
past six weeks in attendance at the
court. The first clay of the court, in
liis address to the Grand Jury, Mr.
Justice Martin referred to tlie uclvan-
vantages possessed by Nelson as a
residence town and as a commercial
centre, and since then the lawyer---,
litigants and others have re-echoed
the sentiment of His Lordship. Those
gentlemen had nothing to gain by
paying this tribute to Nelson, ancl it is
quite certain that they were sincere in
their utterances. When such high
authorities are so completely carried
away with our matchless climate and
attractive surroundings, surely the
citizens themselves can be pardoned
for exalting the beauty of their town,
as thev-do on every possible occasion.
But they must not restrict themselves
to praising nature for what it-has done
for the Kootenay metropolis ; nature
never built a city on its own account;
it must have the assistance of. man,
and it is this assistance the citizens of
Nelson must freely render to fulfill the
designs of nature.
Everything considered, the Dominion Day celebration may .be said to
have been a gratifying success, although it seems to many that nearly
all the events could have been crowded
into one day. However, this is a matter of opinion. The various events
were hotly contested. And generally
speaking, it..may be conceded that the
best men won. The committees in
charge of the celebration worked hard
to-make it all that it should be, and
they must feci flattered at the considerable measure of success they achieved.
: Now that the Dominion Day celebration is oyer, those in charge of the
Industrial exhibition should at once
take up the work they have in hand.
It wasa matter of surprise last year
that'so much was accomplished under
the most adverse circumstances. That
the holding of   that  exhibition  was
"the interest it aroused in the development of the, resources of the Kootenay.
/JV*ery'few,T.eveti'.of J those living ihiNel-
son,"• realized that in the interior of the
Kootenay fruit equal, if not superior,
.to the product of any country in the
world could be raised here. When it
was demonstrated that a handful of
people-had grown such a large amount
of such excellent fruit, no doubt it inspired many others to look into tlie
fruit-growing possibilities of the country, with the results that hundreds of
small ranches have been placed in
fruit this year, and interest in the industry is increasing. This is where an
agricultural aud fruit fair is beneficial
to the country. The society is fortunate in having an energetic secretary to
look after its work. Mr. Annable takes
an iuterest in matters of this kind, and
he has the faculty of bringing to a successful issue all his' undertakings. "No
doubt he will receive the encouragement aud assistance of every citizen in
making his arrangements for the forthcoming fair.
the ball down round the-Nelson flag'*,
Paul Greyerbeihl was always on the
alert, and relieved every time tho rubber came clo3e to him. In the second
quarter, the Nelson men seemed to get
the dimensions of their opponents and
scored just as often as they pleased.
As a matter of fact they scored three
times in this quarter.
In the third quarter there was no
score. Nelson missed several good
shots on goal.
In the last quarter the play was
rough, neither side being free from
blame. Revelstoke scored a goal and
Nelson rushed in two before time was
The result of the game doc3 not altogether reflect the playing. Nelson
meu did not play in their usual form,
although they defeated Revelstoke
so badly. The Revelstoke team
has improved considerably since it
was here a year ago, but there is still
room for much improvement. y
James Hawkins was field captain for
Nelson, and Dr. McLennan officiated
most acceptably as referee.
A protest must" be entered against
the exorbitant charge of 75 cents for
admission to the recreation grounds on
Friday. There were many who cared
only to witness one match, and it was
a cold-blooded imposition to make
them pay for the three. No town ever
makes much by grafting, and it is to
be hoped for the good name of Nelson
that a cinch game like this will never
be attempted again.
Yesterday was an ideal clay for lacrosse. It was not too warm, and all
the conditions were favorable for good
lacrosse. The improvements which
have recently been made in the recreation grout* uds was also favorably commented upon by the spectators and
players alike. It is now possible to
witness every play from any point in
the field, and face-ofl's are the exception rather than the rule.
In the beginning it seemed as if the
twoHeams were fairly evenly matched,
although Revelstoke seemed to keep
It is about, time drastie measures
u*ere*takeh against lacrosse players
who are always spoiling for a fight.
Undoubtedly there sometimes seems to
be sufficient provocation for a player
to resort to fists, but hot-headed men
should never engage in the game of
lacrosse. The prize ring is the place
for pugilists, not the lacrosse field. It
is not an edifying spectacle, especially
for women, to be compelled to witness a fight. Some, arrangement
should be made whereby j>ugilists
should forever be barred from playing
the mauly game of lacrosse. Exhibitions of bad temper should no longer
play the game without fighting. One
of the best lacrosse players in this
Province was W. H. Cullin, of Victoria. He played the game foi* over a
quarter of a century, and during that
time ho was never mixed up in a fight
on a lacrosse held ancl no man. ever
carried the mark of his stick.
After one months' trial, the firm of
Fred Irvine Co., Ltd, ia thoroughly
convinced that the cash system is
alike beneficial to the firm and the
publii'. The complete abandonment
of the credit system was a change that
required considerable daring to undertake, but subsequent events have
proved the wisdom of the step. Under
tbe new arrangement, they find the
firm can sell goods as cheap as any
eastern store, and it is hoped that in
time the department houses of Toronto
will be closed completely out of this
market. Cash customers ore no longer
compelled to pay for the purchasers
who never inteud to pay for then-
goods, and consequently the firm can
afford to sell'their wares much cheaper
than under the credit system. The
abandonment of the credit system by
every merchant in Nelson would be a
good thing for tlie city.
The release of T. 11. Hall under suspended sentence by Chief Justice
Hun ter will meet with hearty cixlors
ation by all who have had business
transactions with Mr. Hail. For years
the accused was- a highly-respected
business man of Vieti r'u* but through
a change in tie tariff he was ruined.
Worry over business troubles brought
about a serious illness—inflammation'
of the nerves—aud his friend.1- noted
with sorrow that his will power was
greatly impaired. He was confined in
a dark room for three months out of
tbe six months' duration of his illness,
and was never completly restored to
health. On account of his high standing iu the community, he was given
the position of collector of taxes by the
Government, and when the auditor
came to examine his accounts, in a
little ovsr six mouths after hisappoint-
ment, it was found that he was short
to the extent of S4.533.28. As might
be expected from a man suffering-is he
had for a year or so, no attempt was
made to conceal the defalcation ; indeed at no time did he seem to realize
the seriousness of his position. This is
a characteristic of men suffering from
this peculiar form of djscase. Had his
relatives, who are wealthy, been aware
of his trouble, they doubtless would
have made good the money, and had
him placed in a sanitarium for treatment. As it was. when the defalcation
was made known, they hastened to restore the shortage ancl the Government did not lose a cent. Moreover,
no difficulty was placed in the way of
the officers "of-the crown in the case, and
as all the facts pointed to the irresponsibility of the accused at the time the
offense was committed, the Chief Justice, with tho concurrence of the crown,
dealt with his case under the provisions of section 971, sub-section 2. The
accused entered into a recognizance for
§2,000 with two securities of $1,000 each,
for his appearance when called upon
and for his good behavior in the meantime. He must also pay the costs of
the prosecution. It is hoped by Mr.
Hall's friends, and he has many of
them in this Province; that a
season of rest and recreation, mayjrenijL
pletely restoreHiis health.
Twenty-five years ago the city of
Leadville sprang into existence ; not
from the clouds, but in the clouds.
In many ways it has been the most remarkable mining camp the world bas
ever known. Beginning as the home
of " carbonates," it has passed through
various stages of development and
has, from a silver-lead producer, became pan-metallic, and has added gold
iron, zinc, copper and bismuth to its
output. Jn 1879 there were marketed
from the Leadville district 322,483
tons of ore, valued at §11,447,040." In
1903 the output was 720,542 tons of
ore, whieh the United States mint
gives a valuation of over $12,000,000.
During the interim 1S79-1903, inclusive, Leadvillcs lowest production
was iu the year 1896 (the strike year),
when it was reduced to $0,903,050, and
its highest was in 18S2, when it totaled
§17,181,853. At no time in the history,
of Leadvilie has the future looked
brighter from a mining standpoint
than now. Harmony between the
operator and the miner prevails in that
district. They paid the price for common sense in 1S90 and the lesson
learned was a lasting one.
ews of the
ter, when I'm sober I dinna care a
il — n for religious conversation.'*
Then, there is a story about Thomas
Thorp, who died leaving his fortune to
a poor relative, on condition that a
headstone with the name of the said
Thomas Thorp and a ver.-e of poetry
be erected beside the grave. Costing
so much a word to t'hisel letters iu the
stone, the poor relative ordered that
the poetry should be brief. Upon his
refusal to approve, on account of their
too great length, the lines—
Here lies the corp
Of Thomas Thorp.-
the following was finally offered and
accepted—        •
The judgment in the Crow's Nest
damage suits, by Mr. Justice Martin,
in favor of the defendant company, cannot be said to have come as a surprise,
at least to those who followed the evidence closely. Mr. Justice Martin, on
the evidence of experts ancl and others,
had no hesitation in expressing the belief that the explosion was caused by
gas. and that the coal dust explosion
theory was not within the.bounds of
When  Truth is beheaded and Libcrty
threatened ;
When traitors conspire and attempt to
When grafters and plotters their fangs
"-   -'   -have embedded    >;.
In the heart of our country—then woe
to us all.
When  Justice is bleeding and-Christians unheeding
Are dead to their duty ancl Heaven's
command ;■. ■'
Then welcome the courage that shows
the misleading
And   crowned   be   with   honor   who
warns our dear land.
Right Noble Dundonald, your countrymen hail you,
We're proud of your record of honor
aud fame,
sail you,
We bow   down our   heads 'neath   the
weight of our shame.
"A Foreigner," you ? in our Empire of
Freedom, •
"A Stranger!" are you? where the
Union Jack flie3.
No, no, and we say to the chief prince
of Thraldom,
The coward who said it—we tell him
he lies.
Right Noble Duudonald, you are not a
To honor   untarnished   which   snobs
cannot mar;
Your laurels were won when lighting
our battles,
Vour name is illustrious in peace and
in war,
Like your sires, brave and loyal, a soldier and genius,
We boast noble Cochrane, your lineage
and race,
And well may you scorn the rude insults of claptraps,
For yours is the Honor—but their's the
province of Quebec. Abbe Hros'-eau
lolil his congregation that a crisis had
arrived in lite lelalions of the French
Canadian people mul their -■lergy
which must be faced now. He said
there wasa tendency among the people
to break away Irom the infHence of
the church. This condition would
have io be. met by the creation of
gteater harmony between the church
and the people, and it was with that
object that the archbishop was now
working. In these days of material
and intellectual developmental^ social
progress the people had come to the
view tliat the priesthood was not keeping pace with them. French Canadian priests might not be geniuses, he
said, but were devoted and loyal to
their people. He made a strong appeal
for more confidence and harmony.
The B. C. Mining Exchange, published at Vancouver, is doing a splendid
work for the mining industry of British Columbia. Each issue is a complete review of everything in mining
circles for the month, and no district
is overlooked. Incidentally, it may be*
mentioned that the Mining Exchange
seems to have a friendly -feeling
towards Nelson, if the amount of free
advertising it gives this city is lo be accepted as an evidence of its goodwill.'
Among the visitors to Nelson dur-
dtiring the celebration was Vernon
Thomson. Mr. Thomson has been engaged in ranching in the North west for
the past two years, but makes it a point
to visit Nelson for the Dominion Day
E. V. Bodweil, K. C, who has been
in Nelson'during the past six', weeks,
left for home yesterday morning. He
has been-so long absent from Victoria that it is doubtful if hewill know
the town when he gets baclc home.
A Portugese gentleman, writing to
La Revue, Paris, says that the first
Europeans in Japan  were the Portu-
gese. He points on t=ho.w.Jtul544,,the-
Mikado's empire was visited by three
Portugese merchants, who sailed from
one of the small towns in Cochin
China along the Chinese coast and
were wrecked during .a storm on the
shore of Southern Japan. Eightyears
later, the Spanish Jesuit, St. Francis
Xavicr, under the, protection of the
Portugese, began the work of Chris-
tianization of Japan. The writer then
traces the history of the relations between Europe and Japan up to 1009,
when the Portugese were expelled
through the intrigues, he declares, of
the Dutch merchants.
Richards & Priugle's minstrels are
really an excellent organization. This
organization has cast aside many of
the played out features of the minstrel
stage, and substituted therefor new and
up-to-date specialties. From a musica
point of view, these minstrels are par-
ticnlarly attractive, the band being one
of the best that ever visited Nelson.
Dr. John Kerr, in a new book of
"Memoirs," recalls a number of humorous Scotch stories. For example,
there is the story of the "argumen-
tatively tipsy" Scot, who, calling on
the minister ancl being told to go
home and return the next day when
he was sober, replied ;  " Man, minis-
Tobacco-planting was commenced on
the Smith-Holnian ranch, Kelowna,
last week. This is an industry that is
likely to be of considerable importance
in the near future, as the quality of
leaf grown in that locality is said to be
equal to the best imported Havana,
the climate being particularly suited
for the production of that kind of tobacco.
I'hocnix rionocr.
Tlie owners of tlie Summit claim,
Summit camp, have  let a contract for
erosscutting from the face of the tunnel.
High grade ore strikes arc reported
fioin the Gallao, adjoining the Defiance, ancl on the Maple Leaf, near
An important find of ore was recently
made in the Exchanixe claim, in Pass
Creek camp, on the North Fork of
of Kettle River.
It is saicl that the Quilp'mine at Republic will resume operations at once,
with 40 or 50 men, tlie ore to go to the
Granby smelter.
A number of deals are about to be
completed for claims in Boundary's
high grade belt, which is attracting
more and more^ittenliou.
Some diamond drilling is being done
at the Mother Lode mine, Deadwood
camp, and preparations are being made
for the installation of a new ore
The B. C. Copper Co. has put on a
train of pack mules to take out some
ore for test shipments from the Rhoder-
ick Dhu in Long Lake camp.
About two cars per day of Mountain
Lion ore are being received by the
Granby smelter from Republic. It is
used for the converter linings. The
Greenwood smelter is also taking sqme
Mountain Lion ore. f
Placer mining is again going on in
Boundary creek, with more or less satisfactory results. Messrs. Sansom,
Buchanan and Anderson are working
at the mouth of Norwegian creek, a
couple of miles above Midway.
The Greyhound, a well known
Deadwood camp claim, was bought
last Monday by A. M. Whiteside, solicitor for Wm. Price, the millionaire
lumber dealer of Montreal, under
judgment against the Western Copper
Co., Ltd.   The price was $7,000.
It. is said that the Providence mine,
the leading high grade property of the
'  ~'"!\j-i«J5JL
his trip to tlie etisfr.     Cascade-poVv-fi* •_:"*<&.
will bo used.  " A."    ' . "-"'*&.
Several men are now employed -.■t "A-^ff
the No. 37 claim. Summit camp,, nd:.   .''AW:
joining the Senator, under Ftueni.ta'A?^;
Rogers, and shipments will soon U-1 ..-
ing clown to the Giranby smelur at liiy
rate of a carload of ore daily.    J   J"^
Henderson has given the Granby Cou
an option on the property.
■ < * ^%&r
AZ A:;*fm\
..    - 7A7AM
Boundary, wiirbe "equipped with electrical machinery, to cost in the neigh-
hood of $7,000, which will be secured
by Duncan Mcintosh, the manager, on
Trout Lake Topic.'
Neil   O'Donnel brought down some
free gold samples from-his claim.on lite ".
Silver Cup mountain during tin Jweek
which eclipses anything yet found oh',,
that famous hill.     Neil intends doing
considerable work during the season.
Tony Becker is doing good work on
the Black   Prince group on   Gainer -
creek.   One car of high grade galena    f
ore has been sacked nnd another car    \
broken down for sacking. The average. *,'
value will run at least 300 ounces in
silver in addition to a good percentage
ol lead.    A contract has beeii given ,to    -'*
E. R. Vipond for the handling of the ■ ■
ore, which will be by pack horse to Ten" -j
Mile aud wagon to Trout Lake. - .This'   «
work will be done as soon as the trail,
is in shape at which   time the fo.ee
working at the miue will be largely-
increased. s
Barclay Crily, superintendent ofthe
Great Northern properties, was a visitor during the week. On the Swede- ' .€■£
group, at Poplar,, there are eight -men
employed at present. Tlie big lead bas
been cut and the gold showing eclipses
anything yet found in that camp. It
seemed impossible at the time of the
discovery of the rich rock on the Lucky
Jack to imagine that anything better
could be found, but Mr. Crilly says the
Swede has certainly got the best of it.
At theOyster-Criteron, Camborne, Mr.
Crilly says the lead is improving all the
time and there is now enough ore iu
sight to keep 20 stamps going for 18
months. The returns from the last
12 days'run of the mill resulted in a
brick  worth  $2,400.     This is the best
-   -'it-
:. ?#
i' *_ti
"r    j\"t    I
'" *-^1
_!' *l
'    'I
return yet received and justifies fully
the claim of the superintendent that
the ore is geting richer as they get in
on it.
ocal and  Jl rovincial
After the adjournment of the court with the requirements of the district,
on Thursday, W. A. Macdonald, K. C,  The ministers discussed several impor- -
on   behalf of  the local bar extended j tant questions with their  friends, and
congratulations to Mr. Justice Martin   no doubt  the visit will result henefi-
on the successful conclusion of  what! cially for this constituency.     It is evi-
Nelson has heen crowded with visitors during the celebration, and it is
safe to say that they all enjoyed their
Somewhat of a sensation was created
in Montreal last week by the sermon
preached, in Notre Dame church before
French Canadian societies by Rev.
Abbe Brosseau, whose utterances are
accepted  as coming from the heads of      Silverton footballers won from Nel-
the Roman Catholic church in  the son by a score of 3 to 2.
Mrs. Thomas Watson, wife of the
chief of the Victoria fire department,
has ascertained that she is one ofthe
heirs to the Sinclair estate, which is
valued in the millions. Heirs were
advertised for in the metropolitan dailies for some time, and it was only
through a rriend who drew her attention to the advertisement that Mrs.
Watson discovered she was one of
is the longest sitting ever held in British Columbia. Mr. Macdonald, in referring to the inadequate .accomodations of tlio court house, expressed the
hope that His Lordship had not suffered in health by the difficult and laborious duties he had performed in
Nelson. His Lordship in reply paid a
compliment to the beautiful city of
Nelson, and added that though the
court had: been sitting so long, his
health health had been in no way impaired, a tribute to the healthy situation of this city.
Hon. Richard McBride, Provincial
Premier and Minister of Mines, and
Hon. R. F. Green, Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, were in the city
for several hours Thursday evening.
They were returning from Fernie,
where they had spent a day or so looking into certain matters oMnterest to
the Government. Their visit to Nelson
had no political significance, tbe object
dentiy the intention of the McBride
Government to keep a watchful eye en
all affairs requiring  the attention of
the Government, and by personal observation  be able to deal intelligently
with all matters coming within the
scope of Government control.   Former
Governments trusted* too much to the
advice of interested parties, but it Is
quite apparent Messrs. McBride aud
Green w ill investigate closely before incurring  expenditure of  Government
funds.    The ministers left for Kaslo
Friday  morning, but are    likely   to
make Nelson another visit in October.
Nelson men won both the 50 yard
dash and the 100 yards. The winners
in both eases were: Kirby Douglas,
1st; Joe Thompson. 2nd.
Nelson bas a basket ball team that
is almost invincible. The members of
this team are: Pauline Anuable, Lulu
Ellis, Mabel Swartz, Gertie Graves and
Ida Rammelmeyer.    Yesterday they
i being rather to acquaint  themselves I defeated Rossland by a score of 14 to 2.
N mmz  . **-ai  THE NELSON ECONOMIST-  -t{ ���. r  iv*.  The Nelson Economist  Published every SatarJay afternoon at  Does Sir Wilfrid Laurier regard Irishmen in Canada also as " foreigners " ? This is a question the St.  Patrick's Society of Nelson would like lo have settled  at once.  Vxbbox Street, "Sf ��tso>*, B, C.  $i Per Year in Advance  A-lTertisine rutes made known on npplieiulcn.  All changes in  advc.'tl.sfc.nonts to Insure insertion .slionlil rcacli  fbla oflKce not later th��i ThurHtlay, 12 o'clock.  "When cliange of nililreRS is required, it I.s deslnblo that both tho  ol'd address and tlio new be given.  Address   alT   communications,   "Publisher   of   Tub   Nelson  fccoNOJWST. Nelson. Jl, C."  When a circus cau draw between three and foin  t'lousaud spectators in a city the size ot Nelson, there  is sufficient ground to justify the suspicion that money  is plentiful.  Reports from the T./irdeau continue to prerent all  the encouraging features of the past year. Mining  men everywhere predict a great future for that section of the Province.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  ���  The people* of Canada are being informed in scare-  fteaded columns by the Liberal pfess that at the close  of a speech intended as a personal' vindication the  premier received a demonstration from the members  frf bis party in ibe House such as is seldom seen or  heard ttaefe.  What does Sir Wilfrid's explanation amount to?  That the word "foreigner" was a slip of the tongue  find that as soon as possible lie substituted  "stranger,"  That will hardly do. A slip of the tongue may betray a man into saying what he thinks but intends  not to aay, but it would require a psychological and  physiological miracle to make a man's tongue say  what a man's mind bas never thought. Sir Wilfrid  has certainly betrayed his own thought and feeling;  - Uitlch as he may deplore the accident he cannot recall  the word. And just at present it is not the impudence ofthe spoken word that hae startled Canadians  -as the revelation tbat the leader of apolitical party  ���which numbers hundreds of thousands of English-  Speaking   Canadians, regards   the   British   race  as  h " foreigners'' to bim.  -Nor are we much further disturbed by the servile  cheers of English-speaking Literal members. The  passing of the much modified railway bill without  even an inquiry of the government benches proved  that the Liberalmembers have abdicated political independence if not also mental independence. .  We might suggest that if the only duti s of Liberal  members of parliament are to vote as they are told  and cheer when they are told ; street-arabs could be  hired for the purpose at less than fifteen-hundred dol-  . lars a year plus mileage.     We must wait for another  ^general election to learn what Briti-h Canadians think  of the Frenchman who called Lord Dundonald a  foreigner and the House of Commons that cheered  him for so doing,  The agility with which the Belford family turned  somersaults in the circus, vvas tame compared to the  political tumbling ot a well-known character in tl.e  British Columbia Legislature.  Judging by the interest bsin-j taken,in fruit-growing, it will be only a short time before the interior of  British Columbia will raise enough apples, plums and  berries to supply the Northwest.  The American Museum of Natural History has  Adopted  what is considered-the most advanced and  artistic method of reproducing wild animal life for exhibition purposes so far devised.      In  fact   as  the  Scientific American states, it is almost  revolutionary  in  its way, since it involved a radical departure from  the old  stereotyped methods of taxidermy.    In the  new process the animal's body is modeled entirely_in  clay, and is given the same careful treatment as would  be expended by a sculptor on fashioning a humaa face  or  figure.     The artist,   of course,   depends   upon  *   observation and study of the animal to be reproduced.  The sculptor builds up his subject with clay and then  the skin is fastened over the frame, giving the animal  a  life-like  appearance.     The "American Museum of  Natural History bas obtained a valuable collection of  skins from British Columbia, many of them species  hitherto unknown, and when mounted  in the way  described   they will he placed in   the new Mammal  Hall.     A  group of British   Columbia   elk, of five  figures, .will be represented in characteristic attitude  ��� at rest, feeding aud on the lookout.  The Tribune with its usual disregard for the truth,  states that Hon. Robert Green "has not a single  newspaper defender in the-whole of Kootenay." Mr.  *v^Green does not need a newspaper to defend him. Pie  is administering the affairs of his office with integrity  and ability. This being the case, it would be indeed  wonderful if he were "defended" by the Nelson  Tribune. In any event, Mr. Green should not  mourn over the defection of John Houston's hybrid-  mongrel sheet. Honesty of purpose is not the price  the Tribune demands as its support of a public man,  aud betrayal ol its friends can be arranged on au  even more liberal scale thau tbe Judas bribe.  For the wet spring days must be damp  proof and yet light in weight and stylish in  form. Our new foot wear fills these requirements in every particular. Each pair'of shoes  in our stock Is portictiJarly sl3*lish and  thoroughly well made f-rotu the very best stock.  The various leathers���Calf, Box Calf, Viei,  Enamel, Etc., and the different shapes enable  us lo suit all tastes and fit all feet perfectly.  Prices to suit everybody.  LSOB  ,.,      ,*,     ... .  New   Pictur T*  Mouldings, ^  Room Mould- X  ingsand lJlate y  Baker Street Nelson  The Eastern Province are looking ahead to Man-  itoha and the Northwest as their fruit market. That  market will be completely iu the control of British  Columbia within a very few years.  Jack Munroe, the British Columbia miner who is  anxious to meet Jim Jeffries in a contest for the championship of the pugilistic arena, is now struggling  with the inward fear that tbe latter is putting off the  meeting until death or old age precludes the possibility of a decision.  Household- Ammonia, quart bottles  25c  Benzine aud Gasoline, big botlles 25c  Turpentine, big bottle 25c  Furniture Cream, extra good 25c  Hug Poison, big bottle .- ���-���-���35c  Copperas, Lye   ancl Chloride ot   Lime, all ready   lor Spring House  Cleaning  Pure Baking Powder, in bulk 35c per lb.  Seidlitz Powders, Fresh " 25c  Rutherford's Cathartic Pellets, Good for Liver and Stomach 25c  Wild Cberr}- Spruce and Tar.      This is the popular cough remedy  originally   prepared by  Teetzel & Co.,  and  is unequalled /or _  ^   coughs and colds, 2 sizes 25c and 50c  DISPENSING    PRESCRIPTIONS    A    SPECIALTY   AT  REASONABLE TRICES.  ���  -WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist  PHONE A214.  NIGHT PHONE B214 , WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  j   Rail.     We make'a specialty of Picture Framing, Sign Writing,  T  1 il r/i 1 g, Paper Hanging and Kslsoruinsrig.    Estimates Furnished,  1  )*  * F J BRAD! BY  1. ���:������*-���>-��������>-���>- -:<���:���:���-:������.:.���.:���<>_ .>���-.>-  ���k  ', i*. ,���,      i*>     A     A      t��i     A   _A  Insurance    Real   Estate   and  Mining  Agent  Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Now is the time to invest in good  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'tcl^ London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.  Fire and   Accident  insurance   a   Specialty  a ^=3? a  BAKER ST., NELSON, B. C  F~F^  P. O. BOX 223  After 36 3*ears of unpardonable neglect, the people  of Canada are likely to raise a monument to one of  their most distinguished orators and statesmen���the  late Hon. Thomas D'Arcy McGee. Although he  was--born in '.Ireland, Canadians proudly claim  Thomas D'Arcy McGee as one of themselves. No  one has yet dared to refer to him as a "foreigner."  The Dominion of Canada has passed Ihe 37th milestone in its existence as a confederation. The Confederation is no longer an experiment, but stands as  a practical demonstration of the wisdom of the great  Canadian statesmen who breathed into its nostrils tl.e  breath of national life. Foremost amongst these,  was the greatest of all Colonial statesmen, and the  peer of any man in th-; Empire, the late lamented  Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald.  Hon. Charles Wilson's denial that lie was about to  -rcsign-from-the-Governmentrw'as entirely super Jluous.  The man who originated that report is never truthful.  His paper lies for business reasons, and it lies for the  mere lust of lying. Here in Nelson, neither the Tri:  bune nor its editor have acquired any fame to speak  of for the amount of time they have frittered away in  disseminating the truth. '"I suppose I may credit  the authorship of lhat report to my friend Mr. Houston," said Mr Wilson to a Vancouver Province reporter, " for he doubtless wishes that I would resign.  But you may say that when I contemplate retiring I  will notify my constituents before I have anything to  say to an}-one else."  IE. FERGUSON & CO.]  ! NELSON,'B. C. -        - ���*���*"  X        The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor  House in   tbe in-  f terior.  f      PABST BEER      j  t '  in pints and quarts.- ,L  Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars. 1  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch, etc.    Earl of Minto etc. 1  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines. T  Head Office Nelson, B- C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Forks, New Denver aud Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have  prompt  and  careful atten  ton.  Wholesale and Retail  Deulersin  Lord Duudonald's schemes so far as they have been  disclosed to the people were not expensive but they  Were very important. Certain schools'of instruction  vetoed by the minister without explanation to the G.  O. C, staff rides, etc. These were features that could  have been advanced at little cost which may readily  be understood to be of great value. An exchange  calls attention to the importance of the intelligence  department to the Japanese in tbe present conflict  with Russia. . "Minute care," it says,''Avas exercised by the Japanese entering upon the war. It is  illustrated by the statement that they had excellent  maps of the battlefield of Vafaugow. They probably  have equally good maps of every possible battlefield  in Manchuria and Corea. They know Manchuria  better than Canadian soldiers would know large portions of older Ontario in the event of an invasion "  The cost of securing these data vanishes when compared with the immense value of them to the Japanese  in contending with a power vastly greater in number  and financial resources.  . Camps supplied on shortest  notice aud lowest prices. .  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome .meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E.C.TRAVES. Manager  WADDS BROS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NEtSON,  B. C  ,BB~  ELS  GTRIG  E  a?  c.  N. E. T. TIMETABLE. -  STANLKYSTREET���  7.00       7.40        S 20 a. m.  "*- 9.00        9.-1O        10.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. m.  BOGUSTOWN ���  7.20 .co        S.40        9.20 a. m  10.00     10.40     11.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.  E.  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.     Apply A. V. MASON,   Man. Sec--  The Car Barn, Phone 165B.  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W,  Bartlett,   Prop  ^      .  T~. ana-^asTitter      t  I Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,!  Sewer Connections* Etc. i  Baker Street, near Ward.Street, Nelson.  ��� ^������^���-^���^������<$��"^H^-^-$>  |  ���  For a Pure, Healthful   Cereal, none can com-,  pare with  Made in British Columbia.  The 'Brackman-Ker. .-Milling-. Co., Limited  Manufacturers 'of Hisrh Grade Cereals.   -'  Cash Advanced on Consignments  ���   . .  ..      Goto  the  Auction Mart for  Tents, Trunks, Boot, Rain  Coats, Furniture or General  Merchandise. cs^^^msmwmfffi  ^^^^^^^^^^f^^&^^77frt,'^SI^*i  �����.--���    1!l'r,l'^Ti.-    *tZo?    - ...-":.,'. ��� h��'T���?"-~,*ir."-i"-i'1j*'_'*���r-.���,i-t"L.     "' 'TT���**Tf��� '.'���!���      ' '^'"'''"^'''"'���'���'���������'WwMitiiiiiiiiii  -' -^ .     ^.      I    ' "--' "'������*��� ^;-" ��� ���r^"*'fTr ��� rTr -r-in i in ngrr if ^iTiTFTTOiTfiifTniiTiii iiii ��� -��� ���_ ��� j - _ i nmn uu ��� ��im4 - ��� r n'Yri r    I J���,\i_k  /'yl.':y-'/i'^  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIfex  li -  iiiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiili^^B  'a.^:Vr-'-.;-,:..':.H^ri...vH'.',��:   ^&K$55SrJB'  :>uH..n<:a..(t->,i<.:H,.*^  :.   **liv:&____*7  ������:A7.A'u.A'-/.^^  oo;oo^Sia.^ai��  '���''oA:.; A-o'^AAoSCiaSi^^S  -"   --'-   "A* ��� ��� ���;. .'\.' j;*;' -.''-*;''--^'"i-i"--f.-*/;C*/^j^^^*vCi^^  ^.;A^^>:A^A-^A^AS|rfe|aiig^^g  Luxurious and Comfor  F  .^~*   a  i .75 to $7.  A few left of our  se  at $1.2  .I'A  s  , ���7.7r_:ri;:ZZi-i_i��. I  ^SSSIgi&J I  ZTmmm  AlptSti  ��ltSl��r  .l.r:ii>i^i.~!i_,:.l;lr t  -a.-.;a.^vars,-ir4ai fi,  -: 7~!_l:n'istxSSSM  AysAkmi  3ttmmsz^jm!M_**ti$&mur��  f&siiyWtiifl^^  . ::A^::A_'7y^!-'\  IMABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed, house and  one three-room house  for rent.  '-^hree! dwelling houses for sale fa easy* terms.  0��e Lot on Stanley street, opposite Royal  Hotel for sale at a bargain.  SEE ANNABLE  r1.  H. ^cGAUSLAND  BAKER STREET, NELSON  AGENT FOR  The Julia Mario we  ��� -     AT te Celebrated K  -.;...,.. AoA '^v'-a'Ke'Pdtiglais^Shbei'...  Custom Work     Ihyisible^ Patching a Specialty *��� |  ���^a/^<^%^'^/^'^-%/^^'V^'V^<fc''%-'^^^^/^^ '>^'%.*v  t  ress  C  omment  Toronto Telegram.  Canada has 11 whole lot of small agricultural   products,  of  whom  Hon.  Sydney Fisher'is one of which.  Hamilton Spectator.  That   " foreigner " ��� .Dundanald ���  won't   need an interpreter when he  comes to Hamilton to hand the colors  to the Ninety-first Foreigners.  and Sir Frederick J\ordeu now intimates that he is a sn< iak and a Judas.  What do you think ol such appellations with regard to- the hero of JDadyr  smith ?  Toronto Telegram.  To think that the Hamilton Spectator should live to hear a British lord  called "an awmployee" by a French-  Canadian senator is more than flesh  and blood can stand.  Peterboro Review.  When Sir Fred. Borden appointed  seven lieutenant-colonels to a force of  a hundred privates, ifc would be interesting to know how much he charged  and put in his pocket for each of the  comic opera commissions.  "Woodstock Express.  Sir Frederick liorderi told a reporter  that Lord Dundonald's statement was  beneath contempt.   Lord Dundonald  accuses Sir Frederick of deliberate lying.   Has^Sir Frederick 110 better answer ?   If he has he Uad  better trot it  out; if he hasn't he had better trot out  himself.  ......  pK:E-A..'-.;  THE   CELEBRATED  JEfiJ A ELaBJ EEB.  Brantford Courier.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier called Dundonald a "foreigner" and a "stranger,"  Ottawa. GiU��en.  It is hard to please the government's  defenders. They ejected to Dundonald's making his chacge.agai.11st Fisher  before resigning;; now they are kicking  likesteer8 at his charges against ^Sir  Frederick and. his department, made  since he was called a foreigner and notified in Lonidon by a telegraph boy,  about the irddnight hour, that he had  been kickc-d out of tbe government's  service���iu fact he was no longer Sir  Frederick's hired man.  V--'>' :--t':.*-a jJK .H��SaSt*.iS^|  -    .... -AimA&sim  - .4.,,..��������� ���: Hj;:te��>,<s!  A5AAAAZ7-A7;&Amm  Aflpli  N otti ng ha m, E ng la nd.  ''I  Navy Out Mild, Medium and Full   1: ���_. :..._ IU<^1 HI     MB min %_t_t^_:______-:_:_^_______:.__ ^_  wavy iviixture:  Navy   Cut  Cigarette  Tobacco,  j   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to Mone  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  I Turner, Beeton & Co., Ltd, victoria, b. c.  t  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  J  cLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  )0p. B- C, Customs House, Nelson  MONTREAL,  Sole Manufac  turers of the "Pinto Shell Cor  d'evan" Gloves and Mitts  Ij       R.-H. CARLEY,B.C.Agt.  'A   ,1  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the oflice of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT THE NELSON ECONOMIST  NEWS ITEMS.  Bruce White lias left for Miuneanoffo  and other eastern cities in tlie interests)  oi the Spyglass Mining Co.  <&  �� <��  �� <$  W. Q. Gillett is Retting everything  ready to proccsd at once with the  building of the Rossland drill shed.  Norris & Kowc kept faith vrith the  public by giving an excellent perform-'  ance. There are many new and novel  features-with tbe show, ami there was  scarcely an inferior act from beginning  to end. The trained elephant.-; arc particularly worthy of note. Altogel ber  the performance fully sustaineil the  ��� announcements made by Me39r-��. Nun is  & Kowe.  /:  Quality -for Everybody  When   you  are indisposed   try   a  Eyeacheand  Headache.  Eyestrain  causes  both.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporarily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  ?\Yt*3UR EYES  Cup of Tea  otm clary  Men's Furnish lugs  Men's Summer Underwear, in natural \roolr  light weights, at $2,0*0. $2.50 and $3.00 per  suit.  Men's Balbrigga^i' Underwear at $1.00,  $1.25, and $1 50-per suit.  Men's Sweaters-, in white, navy, black nnd  fancy at 75 cents up-.  Men's and Boy's- Bathing suits and Trunks  al 15 cents up.  Men's   Golf Stockings at  75c, $1.00,   and  $1..2.5.  Men's Night Shirts at 75 cents each.  'Men's Soft Front Shirts, with  and without  cuffs,   in  white,   fancy checks and stripes  at  $[.00 and $1.25 each.-  Men's Half Hose in Cotton, Lisle Thread  and Cashmere at 25 cents up.  Men's Hats, Christie Stiffs, and Straws at a  special reduction.  House Furnishings  Carpels, Ingrains, 40 to 85 cent3, yard.  Carpets, all wool, go to $1 25, )*ard.  Carpets, Tapestry, 50 to��i.io, yard.  Carpets, Brussels, $1.00 to 1.50, yard.  Carpels, Wiltons, $1.75 to $2.00, yard.  Carpets, Squares, Tappeslry, $10 to $12.  Carpets, Squares, Velvet, #20 to $22.  Carpets, Squares, Moqtiet,. $25 to $30.  Rugs, newest patterns, frmu $1.50 up.  Linoleum,, in very latest Moral and tile patterns, 75c, 90c and St.co, yard.  Curtain poles, complete from 50c up.  Lace Curtains, Nottingham, at 75c, $1.00,  $1 25 aud $2.co.  Lace Curtains, Brussels, net and'Irish point,  at $2.50, $3 00, $4.00 and $5.00.  Ruffled BobbineU Curtains in white aud  cream at $2.25. $3.00, $4.00 and $5x0.  Portieres in all colors.  Curtains, Muslin, from r5C to 30c, yard.  JOY IN EVERY CUP.  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  The following'table gives the ore shipments  1904, and l'or last week :  Granby Mines, Phoenix    .  Snowshoe, Plioenix  ' .Brooklyn, Phoenix     .  ] Mother.Loile, Deadwood  ' Kuuset, Deadwood  : Morrison, Deadwood  ' B. (J. Mine, Summit .  :lt. Bell, Summit     .       .  i Emma, Summit .       .       ���  ' Senator, Summit Camp .  Oro Denoro ....  Brey Foglp, Summit  "Winnipeg, Wellington    .  GoldiMi Crown, Wellington  ���Athelstan, Wellington   .'  King Solomon, W. Copper  No. 7 Mine, -Central  City of Paris, Central .  : Jewel, Long Lake   .  Carmi, West Fork  Providence, Providence .  Elkhorn, Greenwood .  K. P. U. and Goldfinch .  Ull by, Boundary Falls  Miscellaneous   .  1003  303,718  74,212  130,492  15,731  3,330  19,305  22,937  3(53  15", 53 7  2,435  5.G4G  BURNS   BLOCK,  BAKER STREET  87.9SG  15,054  l,7o(i  192  192  2,968  3,104  R.   G. TjOY,  PROPRIETOR  Corporation of the City of Nelson  Water Rates Notice  \Vatfr rates  for tlie quarter ending Kept.  Si, 1901, are due and  payable nt tlio city office on Salurday, July 2.     If   paid  on or  before the 151 li July a discount of 10 pen* cent.  1-rill be allowed.-  It"not paid on or before July  S0tk the service will bediseontlnued.  Hv order.  ���  - "       "D. C. McMORRIS.  City Clerk,  frelson. July 1,1904.  010  400  1G7  436  a-5  20-t  -  Total, tons.  GS4,42G   '   39G,461       1G,571  Notice.  KOTJCE.  iltsirBCilNS GOAL  AND  PeTKOJjKVM'LANES  '   i# South-East Kootenai*.  NOTICE is hereby given Hint licenses to  prospect for coul and petroleum upon  and under lands sltuuted ���within Block 4,59*',  South-13 wt Kootenay will be issued fortliwith  to all p3rsons who havo made proper application, In pursuance of the provisions ofthe  -'* Co.il atlnesHAct-and amendmentsr ;".~v "  "flic fee tor each license will be ?100, and all  Applicants who have not deposited accepted  bnnk cheques to. cover, that amount ai'e  hereby required to do so without further notice.  Licenhes will be issued hi the following form,'  ���viz.:���  " ilrssixa I.ICKNSE issitbd vxd'ek the Coal  Mi>*ks Act asj> Amksimikkts.    /'  Notice is hereby -riven tliat (0 days after  date I intend to apply to the CliiefConimis-  sionorof Lauds and,-"Works for permission  to purchase the following described land.  Commencing at a stake marked one-half mile  west of Kitchener Station on the south side  of railroad track, thence south 20 chains,  thence cast "JO chains, more or less, to line o!  townsitc, thence north 20 chains more or less  to railway track, thence west along railway  track toplaceof commencement, containing  40 acres more or less.  Dated at Kitchener, this otb dny of June, ISXM  Oeoiige A. Hunt. .  Certificate of Improvements.  The Vancouver and Kootenay mineral  claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay District, o*'  ���Where located: On cast sWc of Kootenay  r.ake, about three miles cast of the town of  ' Take notice tliat f,'.T. L. G. Abbott, Free  Winer's Certlllcate No. 158-1,48-1. for myself and  asa-'cnt for H. Abbott, Free Miner's Ccrlili-  cnte^No. l��M,48:i, niidK. I,. Heat.ley. Free Miner's Certificate No. 13G5,2'15, intend, sixty days  from tlie date hereof", to appiy to the Mining  ltecorder for a Ccrtilicate of Improvements,  Tor tlie purpose or obtaining a Crown Grant  oftho above claims. '  And further take notice that action, under.  Section 37, must be commenced before:issuance ofsucli Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20ih day of June, 1004.  .1. Ij. G. Abbott.  "Certificate of Improvements.  "In consideration of one hundred dollars  now paid under the said Acls. and subject t j  the provisions thereof, I, \V. 8. Gore, Deputy  Commissioner,actln-g for the Chief C'omnil.s-  Mloncr of Ijttiida andWorks, iicenso  to enter, prospect, search and  ���Work for coal and petroleum (but no other  metal or mineral) uik>ii, In and under all that  piece or parcel of mineral land situate ln and  loruilng part of Uloclc 4,303, JSast Koolenny  DlHtriet. and described as follows :���  nnd not.  exceeding In lhe whole six hundred and  forty Ht ita Ic acres.  ."Owing io Lhe number or applicants for licenses to prospect for coal and petroleum, and  the peculiar circumstances surrounding the  application for and issuance of these license*,  and the well-known fact that the issuance lias  been unavoidably suspended for ho many  month", the Oovernmcnt of Uritisli Columbia  fluds It Impossible to determine tho c>itillable,  right*) of the numerous applicants. Therefore, for the purjto.se nt* enabling all persons  to go before the jiroper tribunal for I he determination of their i-i-speetl ve rights and  priurlies, this license i.s issued and accepted  subject tit such prior rights or other, persons  kk n.ny exist bylaw, and tlie dale of this II-  een'o Is not to be taken or held us in any  hfiwe determining such priorty. and further  St shall uot be taken or held to waive enquiry  1-y the Courts into the proper performance ol  ���ill conditions precedent as between adverse  claimants; andfurthei on the understand! 111:  tlint the Government shall not be held responsible lor, or iu connection with,nny con-  IIlet. which'may arise with oilier claimants oi"  lhe some ground, and that under no circumstances will license fees be reiunricd.  ���' And the bolder hereby waives anv claim  or demand against ibe .Government,'and ex-  premtty agrees not to take any steps .or proceedings, or presentany jtetltion, to enferce  any alleged claim or-demand ngainst the Government of the Province ofliritlsli Columbia  -irtsingoutof tbe issuance or this license or  of any other matter or thing appertaining  thereto.  " I'he land being under reserve from preemption and sale this license dces'not include  any right other than the right to prospect for  coal aud petroleum.  ���   "The auratiou of this license Is  for one  j car from the ,190,  " Depuly Commissioner of Lands i'Works.  " Lands ana Works Department.  '���Victoria, B.C., . 1U0   ."  It. F.GREEN,  Chief Commissioner of Lauds & Works.  Jjcjids and Works Department,  Victoria, 9, C, Uh June, 150-1.  I>iltlc Johnnie Mineral Claini,situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District. ���    ���      ' r,     ,        ,      ,  Where located: On Kover Creek, nboi.it  three miles from Kootonay Ulver. Take notice thnt r, Frank Fletcher, of the City or  Nolson, iicling ns agent for myself, Free Miner's Ceitilicatc No. 1582,02.1, and A. C. Flum-  merrelt, Free Miner's Certificate No. I3S0.024,  ���intend.sixtv clays from llic date hereof, to  applv to the Jliaing Recorder fora Certificate  of Iivipiovemcnls Tor tlie purpose br obtain-  in I ns* a Crown Grant ofthoabovo claim.  And further take notice that actioil, under  section H7, must be commenced before the issuance, of audi Ci rtilicalnof Improvements.  Dated this 2Gth day of May. A. D 1001.   FjtA-VKFj.K'iCJIKli.  Certificate of Improvements.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEN1EHTS.  Mars and J. A. Fractional Mineral Claims,  situate in tlie Nelson Mining Division ot" West  Kootenay District.  Where loeated : On Morning mountain.  Take notice that I, John McLatchie, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 15uS,4'J2, for myself unci  as agent for Edward II. Stanley, Free Miner's  Certificate No. Bf>8,484, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apjily to the Mining Recorder for Certificates' of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tlie  above claims.  And further .take  notice that action, under section  37, must'be commenced . before  the issuance ot such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated thisl7tli day of May, A.D. 1901.  John McLai-chie.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Mariposa, Hanky Panky Fractional and  Kijiling Fractional MineralG'lalms, situate in  the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. '  Where located: On Morning mountain.  Take notice tliat I, John McLatchie, of tlie  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Harry Me-  Lcod.JFrec Miner's Certificate No. BaS.WM'and  Thomas W.T. Stoddard, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1180,70!), intend, sixty days fiom tlie  date hereoi, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for. Certificates ot" Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above claims.  Ancl further take notice, that aol ion under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance ofsucli Certificates of Iirmrovcments.  ^Datedithis4Stli-of-Ma.v-,aAH;-D.10l)4.=H=H=  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  THUR   &  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  ^^#>S##@#��  John McLatciue, r. L. s.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  We Print  i. Mineral Claiin.Kilualoin I lie Nelson  Division of West Kootenay District,  Recluse Mineral Claim, situate In the Nelson -Mining Division of West lCootenny District.  W here loeated:��� Three miles West of Nelson, on llic C & IC. Hallway.  Take notice that I,.lohn McLatchie, of tho  City of NeiKon, acting as agent for Kdwitrd C  Wi'llmr, Free Miner's Certitlcate No. Ht-u H7'l  ntriid, sixty clays from   the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certliu-ale  of Improvements, lor lhe purjiosc of obtuln-  In-a; a Crown Griiiit, cl"the above eluitu.  And further lake notice tliataetlon, under  section :!7, must be commenced before the issuance ofsueli Certificate oi Improvements.  Dated Wis 21sUiay of May, iat)4.  John McLatchii:,!'. L. s.  Corporation of the City of Nelson  Notice to License Holders.  All licenses Tor the half year beginning July  15 become due and jiayablc at the city ollices  on tliat date.  ,1-AI1'?U'*8 tt,r renewal or Hotel, Saloon and  Wholesale liquor licenses are required-to be  paid to tlie collector ou or beforo 5 o'clock V  M., on July loth.  Hy Order,  D. C. McMOHItrS  JulylsMOOl. City Clerk.  ��� ".S. J. M  Mining  Where located: On the Nortli Fork of Wild  Horse Creek, Nortli-Kast of and adjoining the  " Oronogo" Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I,.lohn McLalchic, ofthe  City of Nelson, acting as agent, ior Duncan  McArthur, Free Miner's Certificate No.  1180,703, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to tlio Mining ltecorder for a  Certificate of Improvcinents, for tlio purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section .".7, must lie commenced before the Issuance of such-Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of May, A. IJ. 190-1.  Joit.v molatojiik P. L. S.  Certificate of Improvements.  Oronogo Mineral Claim, situate In the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District..  Where located :  On lliu North Fork of Wild  Horse Creek. North F.nst of and adjoining tli  "Joplin" Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John McLatchie, of tlie  City or Nelson, acting as agent for Christian  L. I ehnscn anil Dunea* McArthur, Kxeeutors  of the will of ltobert 1'icsterer, deceased, Free  Minor s.Certificate No. . Inlendsixty diiys  from the date hereof toapply to the Miniii"  Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements  for the purpose of obtaining ti Crown Cranio/  the above claim.  And further take notice, that action under  Section 87 must be commenced before tho issuance or.sueh Certlllcate or Jnijirovemcnts.  Dated this 2nd day of May, 11X14.  John McLatchie.  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers^���j-=  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  Complete Stock ofStationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,   B.  C  Canada -Permanent  Mortgage CorpotatiorB  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly^Payment System  Mk^fy%^&/%f^/Q/&S&^f^f&*&^/QS&^^'QS&S&^^  hhOUFAWSNDOW-DISPLA-Y-.  Will  convince you   that we have something to catch fish with.  Plain and   Luminous Spoons, Pearl  Minnows, Pearl Spoons, In  sects and Grasshoppers, Brown, Silver, Gold, Blue and Phantoms.  Our prices will surprise you.    We can take care of all orders, large  or small.  ! Nelson Har  ^ FISHERMEN'S HEADQUARTERS. %  Corporation of l/ie City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates for the month (if .rune  are now due and  payable  nt  tlie  C ty  offices.    Jf  j.aiu   on   or before   the   loth July  diseountoflO per cent will be alloved.  Nelson, July 1, 190-1,  By order,  D.C.McMORUlS  City Clerk.  Certificate of Improvements.  Pinfrrcc. Mayflower, Blake. II. G. TS..8nin-  it fractional and Snow Drift KraetionaI  Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson Miniii"  Division of West. Kootenay district.  Where located: On the Divide between  Sandy and 49 Creoles above the ���������' Florence G,"  Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John iMcLalehie, of the  City of Nelson, acting as a��jcnt for James Si.  Stain ford, Free Miner's CcrtilleateNo. 1180,629,  , Fiec Miners Certificate  The home of Correct Dress for "Women, handling  no merchandise "unworthy- of our guarantee and  Prices always the lowest possible for goods of the  right quality. Why send East, when the same goods  at equal prices may "be had ? A trial will convince  you. "We are anxious for your -"business, "but ask it  only on our merit. "We wish to serve you only when  we can serve you "best.  -AiiKiisG.Sliaw,  No. K58,218and Louis Ernst, Free Miner's Cor  titlcutcNo. B. S0.832, intend sixty days from  tlio date hereoi, to upply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for  the purpose ot obtaining Crown Grants ofthe  'ib'ivc claims.  And further take notice, that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificate*! or Improvements.  Dated this lOIh day otXovember; A. D. 1903.  Joux HcLa-iCum, p. Jj. 8.  The most healthful beverage for Hot Weather  Millinery and  *  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  aud woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Frarsk  Fletcher  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  $1 per day and up.  No Chinese Employed  Lands and Mineral.Clnims Surveyed  aiTd'CroVn Granted  P. O. Box 563      Office: Kootenay St. Nelson '  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STEEETS,  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  IC,  or.-, ."to * srWWMa*-1


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