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The Nelson Economist Mar 19, 1902

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 J \  VOL. V.  NELSON. B. C. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 19, 1902.  1  4     "  n  NO.  ;,6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST-is issukd kvkry  Wednesday. Subscription : $2.tx> per annum ; IF PAID IN ADVANCE, $1.50. CORRESPONDence of general interest respectfully  solicited. Only articles of merit will he  advertised in these columns, and thk interests of readers will be carefully  guarded against irresponsible persons and  worthless articles.  IF instead oi increasing lhe number ot .seals in the  -*-    Legislature   10   48. the   Government   would   reduce    lhe representation    tc   half   what  it    is    now,  we  believe the people  atlarge would  appreciate   the  change.    A Legislature composed of men of the calibre  now at Victoria    is of no   practical   benefit   to    the  country.���     During the    three wteksthe  Hous-e    has?  been in session the time has   been   taken up  mainly  with the discussion of the private affairs of the mem.  ber?, the affairs- of the pjovi'i.ce seeming to not   even  merit secondary consideration.      It   matttrs little to  the majority of tne people whether J a me*. Dunsmuir  invited Mr. Soand-So to enter his Cabinet, but  it is  a question of great  coin em lo   all   that lhe   business  oi this Province should be conducted in   Mich a   way  as to   restore ihe con tide nee   that was   lost with   tin?  dismissal   of   ihe    Turner    administration   in    1898  Since that time things have been going   from bad  to .  worse, tlie only   redeeming   feature   in the Mtuation  being that the men who were mainly  responsible for  the overthrow of the   Turner   Government   are   now  inciii ed lo admit their   error.       As   an   evidence  of  this fact, it might be pointed   out   that the   bitterest  opponents of   what   was  called   Tumerisrn in    ISMS,  are now fawning  around  some of the men  who were  associated with Mr. Tumor   in the    Government    of  that day.      Oi course that   does   not prove   that the  Government of to-day has merit, but it shows that the  friends of Mr. Turner could   not hsve   been   quite so  black um they were painted at that lime.      It   might  also be accepted as evidence of the deception and in  consistency   of ihe cringing,   crawling   knaves   vvho  will sacrifice a principle    in the hope   of getting   a  good  breakfast.      As we said before, this question of  redistribution of seals is a   matter   of little   moment  in comparison with the other   matters   affecting   the  Province.      In a Province like    British Columbia, it  is absolutely impossible  lo have   a fair   distribution  of representation.      Where 11 large population exists  tod iy  there may be   only a   small    population    tomorrow.      In fact, in the minds of   many   people   it  would be wise to leave the question   of redistribution  alone until the centres of   population   become   more  easily determined Ju*t now we want some mining  legislation; it is morally certain we will have no  more railway legislation until there is another  election in Victoria.  No member of a Legislature has ever occupied so  anomalous a position as Joseph Martin. He severely  criticizrs the Government, hut supports it by his  vote for fear it might go out of existence.  Thk    Toronto   Telegram  says:   The   welcome   to  Prince Henry at  Harvard-opened with the speech of  President Eliot, who dwelt almost entirely upo 1 the  relationship of the distinguished visitor to his grandmother Queen Victoria and to the value of the Queen's  friendship to  the American Union during the warof  secession.     Prince Henry produced a letter from hi*  brother, the Kmper��>r, which conveyed   assurances of  distinguished consideration for the facultv and stud-  ents of Harvard.     But   the fame oi the dead* British  Queen was more precious to the assemblage of American collegians than the name of   the living German  Kmporer.     President   Klioi   did not exactlv strike a  responsive   chord in   the visitor's heart  hv his refer-  ence to  Queen Victoria.     The  natural affection of  Prince Henry for his grandmother is subordinate to  public necessity for emphasizing the purely German  character of his oHici.il   visit.      The htartfelt tribute  of President Eliot to the   name ao,,d fame of Victoria  the Great   indicated   the   essential   solidarity of the  two   Anglo-Saxon   peoples.    There  may   he passing  clouds   and    Gtrman visits, hut   all   said   and done  the British   Empire and the   United .Slates are clwer  to each other in mind and heart than any other two  nations on earlb.  Foil tin* size of Nelson no city in the world lias as  many politicians. In the majority of casen their  influence is nil, but i heir own opinion of themselves  is simply " prodigious "  A   London dispa.en says:   " Major-General Lord  Dundonald was see 1 to-day by your   cor respondent,  to whom he said he had given a repiy with reference  to the acceptance    or    otherwise    ot ihe position  General Officer commanding   the Ca nudum militia,  but as the communications were, to the present, o *  confidential character be would   not be   justiliod in  1 he  giving any information thereon to the   press.  Karl naid he at one time thought of visiting Canada  with a   view of Htudying the situation, and to ju< b  for himself whether or   not to   accept the   position,  e iu of the opinion    that  the   general officer  coin-  I*-**   I*-!***  "���**"'  >     t_J?l*_=*  '����.��.i      *  fo"^  n  rv'  ��� !     r������fiA ��...-,����.���.<,���� , -     <n  rr "  r  " .5  fl  4 A  AfA:-A  . ���CSs '      -*��*-  , ���iO _��. *, ..--��-.  ;   7!^- i.  THE NELSON ECONONUST  A mix f��r  the appointment   of a   railway   com-  .i-ion  will   he  introduced  in the Commons this  m  session.  3-   �������*   %���% the Minister   of  i \ Wa subordinate   *�� lDC "fai"     . .  v,n.��-hottUl be euu* .:-;�����  ��uch positions  ^,u1u      ,,     tronslv fuvoiuB giving  *ucu *  ltl .uongiy                        ir*ini.v   status or  ��nuiA-       ,,    ^ filling   them.      rainuy   �� _    _   .U"'"''"^ ",M?."     Cat.adi.n   oflicer* ^ould     beinR {ormed induct the  steel   work* at Ouawa.  i..l-'"> ,,in1;;"   ^h,r  col..ni��.   and doe*   not  i*'"1"11'*" "'"on-   m.n in large town* owing *  iP�� "^,rrl       tuch   ,��ch    ,,l.ce.   oiler.     U   �����  ^l-|'U,t,';";i     d    Dundonald    will accept   the  Uii,;���.t,o. <l.;,i   nor.! tion9   contained  in  a-       .   MoHTtMKH.  I.'*  Angeles, ha*   r����-  M"   l        T^fnu...;   England   and o,,   the  i.eil,1. rf,HV,l from    u ^ ;n,rea8.ng  nsiiil ,,,!U.r. Maung   tn.^ Ihei-��.r-   i��  '���>������"   ':r   -��",>-b,,e,U "    .which   Mr- Mortimer  i  ,ml.m    from   wmcn   .�����  ,r0lli , nr,n ." I---   *.�����, j d,:  it)i .,,,. f.uow.ng ��tr^1 ' nMinlh.  ������ V..n ��iw <iou-.ile,�� r* ,prai Hlid we  then  M ���,, 1(, u�� about tin. n ��n ^ ^  ^>-,,'UM'*he7^\,v"uc��    oope-ty.     S,nce  i vv    ��'iher we * utl *��PP*>  Tl^! i... ..k,.,in,    ...  thtr l|���|kfcfX,H!rin.e..��H  ....��.,*��������      i'fW,'mh vnLum   all,y,H  (,,1I.,���.i.-i,i i.. n>��We .he   K" |n.  �����ui,i,   -  th.nk. ,,..w he worth -hU-t    I of  ;a.   vi��ur   Inenu.      ^u�� *  l(,(,,nl,u,uranm, ��ilh   >��t      ,      -^a. hut   thin.    ����  ",iv'"!"'"'"rv "- 'TT,.tihaiui��i"",��,r,"enl  Iron. A.-.-rali.., b !-w c-At*. ��l �� "��  J . ,)( en W*  ,,,,!.,��� .-.  la,U-,'��r'--1-n,,d    l'"'    "r    'fuink    Vol. could  1 '      ^    ,    .     |)��� von thinl*   >>"  l"'rc"1   "ll1 .      ,     . , ���mu�� ��* a triel   parcel  ...rarn,  ��,th y.mr (r..-.MU   m��i ,he  ���>    if wit     we \\ouo��    *������  (.( h nmi ni ihfir    orer    u ��*u�� .uinh   we   pre-  ler ��� nry  HrTanveniiMUHlnr   11^     '   f t 0f the    ��p-  Hiiu.t. ^.a.ld ne on Hie Une ot io 1^ u|Rllill|lt i��hip-  l.mxi.nuM' value td ihe oie ^^ cerldicate of  }dnv: d.uMunenis acroinpant^ !> ^ HftiiMaetorUy  anftlv^i^ and if the uiwtler   uirneit o oiaract  ai.k filter luio *��   *"���  lur rruuUir supply.  TuKUKun.   70.ipplication-.of   ��hcwl  <>.iilW!ll ��,,xioiw to K�� to South Alnc.  r,.;!,*.,*,,,!!. Which op��'��..'d  A. tl,.. R.��v��l K*rlift��R�� ^sh.on.     , eXhit,itH  u> l���.���dn,,. K.n-land,  l����l ��*!k; l",'l  ������rrin.y    hall  tlie   space.  VA.COUV.H is  rapidly   developing  ��^J������%  Incturing centre.       h^ J-P- *�� according  whiskey   or th.rrt, Wnum. * e   D..  to the ruW prescribed b>   me  parment.  i    ��.*��� thopioht   months  end-  C*��*��*-- foreign uade U* **��M   ^ .^^  illg Feh. 28an,onn.ed lo^'0;f.4'',14 886.068.  (1( $17,590,484.     Imports totalled ��l-��^  .��i    iiunneiit  ruUTir.u are lost sight of foi 11^   ��       ^ ^ hU||u.   in  in N^Hiui, in view of  tho   g���nt*r   ,hW  ti��e pin^-pnn^ touranitnent.  :;-iry.  7_._;;  !'r,)?����TF��.������������1,���.���,^ ..,..,.,���,.���,,,,,,.,���...  7Ui  I},  'ir''.'  ,.���,.1f.,,.,, .����..��..����  "', :.'.i*;i   ������ ..7".7  ... '��� .    ... ....(I ...  ST'  if. ,;,-.����>  ;t.  '<>'.',; iv  rti'/  f'  *.(-..:    ������*������:  ���Q;.  s..i. .--��� o -;*,=  i>   ���;:!'������.,;  :|v"'.  I �� t  ,v��-annual order'fof  rolling  TH.C. P. R. Compan   M��;^   -^ w over 80>000  ,UH-.k svilU.Mng.t^re.ght-car^r  c-��� and UH locomotive, t��j^tJ.0W).  ,      ���. of McGill    Univer,ity,    Montreal,    w  Thk facol > ot McO. inaugurating a   five-  ..���k���,p Parln..,.e..t    for   a ^        a(   pfe,  vear course in n.ed.cu.en^leao  rent.  ���        .- ���  "~~    \n ihe Cnimone relating to  Notice ha^ �������� g'^n '" of a  c>Mnn,i8��on   of  lh, grantio* hy the War   0*^^ . ^  .���  t trt the co!onie> tor   ^l'  3 per cent to me c  "^ wLvfttpm  credited    with  having  purchwed -the   ^ Northern    and  ,lllB, ha, an    "V"������*!*���^������ ^'^  R���i   tt'HV   Hi'"   ul  ,,cr      a��i����J  Ottawa- __  , "T"    been   adapted  for use   in  THE   automobile   I>a8 httBtorned   out a  agriculture.      A  Chicago   h beftring8   and  ,UerequipP���� with ball .d ^ ^w  Spelled hy a ^^       e eIlgln���   ���| rix   hor.e  --���-i;:::;e^^^^^^^^  l^ltunetcr and live feet_ l^* be  8ep'ured   to  The rear of thi- ,��P- ��* ^����    an   ordinary   draft  lhe   mo^er frame the   -��n��e . d b    a ateer.ng  i ngue. .*..** ^ l^1 U"d ' ;e? "   only a�� a bed for  ^ eel.     The '.ar*. P>���� ^~       hl the ���ndde part  Jf .uoxor, hut afco a�� a ��**er ^  .|8   fronl  ^^"V-r-SiS teach cylinder,  re-  and rear endh, one  actively. ing      devices     ^  ��� Although      the .       m.ichii>e, ��w  ����o��  i  ..rimiriW f ��r a tn ^^       Bv   simply  ui,.ued priii>��"J ,   .,u(.poao*i.      ��j \  h  .    L,t in  a   variety  ot   p*"i*       ,���lkV be u*ed aM  in adapted to .....^ratud it may "      ,     .  :l,b ��"-��."��� ,x;��� *:;.,..��d����i��j *���*  , lM,rul)le agricultural        b       ual��iiiS wftler�� Ba  il    t the farm. *r.t��d-.\g ,eed' f j0/which an eng.no  ,.a'      ,o     or any other purp-�� ��^  * lp.V  "il" 'it*  0,1fH �����  .  te       ��� - ���._*, j 7-^-'  *��"�� -^l-pB t���  It,  i .'-  tm  ��� ��� ��� :���, i  I. ���    ���! '  h'-V'iLy  "���,T!Nr��Tj��  , ..ti,i  lJ,i<.\il'.  :"(7  -.!��''.  ':;;o7'!'io^;:f/ ���):,:.::!!:;^  ;J:i . *  "53  ���>-�������?*��� M-^r*C3ii. ��������� it. * i.ftw.ann��  itWIm'b ililuiiiri- ���    -i'O  t -  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  *   \  i  A ��i��  H ^  ?���  ii  ��i:  f <  ���*. t  u  <. 1 ",  ���4 ���  A  \'  E Queen of Hayti the hig colored organization  -*-      which comes to the Nelson   Opera  House   tonight, is a musical comedy, and not a minstrel production.     The   piece is   different   in every   respect  from any   colored   company   that has ever   visited  the West.      Unlike most musical comedies,  it has a  plot   sufficiently   intricate to   admit of many   surprises.    The action of the  piece   take**   place on   the  I pile of Hayti ai.d is founded on historical facts during  the war with the  French in    1854 and   during   the  Spanish   invasion,    Benriette,   ** Queen of   Hayti*'  with the assistance of Gen.   Toussaot La  Overature,  Napoleon   Bonaparte,   a    stranded   Hebrew   and  a  tramp are  the  principal   characters.      The   artistic  work of Frank Kirk, as Tod Hunter  the tramp, and  Harry Gillam as Blotsky   the  stranded   Hebrew, is  said to be the cleverest character work ever done   by  c-jlored artists.    Around these two characters center  the comedy   of tbe   piece.      Every   opportunity is  afforded by the various situations  for the introduction of the clever specialties in a legitimate manner.  The   piece   abounds   with   catchy   music,   tuneful  choruses and novel drills.    The scenery is all special,  and the costumes are   within keeping  of the   time,  1854, giving   the   effect of the   times of   Napoleon.  During the action   of the piece,   a number   of   high  class specialties will be  introduced  by "Uraton" the  world's greatest  juggler and hoop whirler.      This is  one of the  most   novel and   latest  acts in   America,  and Craton's work with hoops has placed him in the  foremost rank of tne profession.    Ttien there are the  44 Grundy   Trio" in their   latest   song   and    dance  sketch.      "The Snerrah   Quartette*'.   The Gillams",  aud Kirk, the u Musical Tramp*'.  It is a fact that the handwriting of father and son  are  often very  much alike, althongh  the father has  not   taught the  eon.      Hand-writing,   according to  Darwin, and other authorities, io  hereditary, just a*  much as disposition and other characteristics.    The  theory   is that  certain   ligaments are inherited, and  so we  are led to shape our letters in   the same way.  Sometimes there is a'skpi over a generation, as with  maladies and marks, and the writing of grandfather  and   grandson are  almost identical, whereas that of  the father is quitedifferent.    Lord Brougham   wrote  like his  grandfather, who died   before   Brougham's  birth; and Lord Palmerston's "fist" strongly resembled his father's.    We have seen a collection  of &ig-  Biatnres and handwritings in support of this conten-  tion, and   the resemblances   are very striking.    Th��  characteristic is more marked in women than in men.  Says th�� M&rquino do Fontonoy: I hoar  Kitchener is to   receive   tho  Ordtor  of  St.  placed at th�� diopooal of King Edward by  at Lord  Patrick,  3 death  of poor Lord   Dufferin.    If  Lord   Kitchener is not  actually an Irishman, at any   rate he  was born '  Ireland and has   Irish    blood   in  his  Veing      Th  order    waa   instituted    in   th��   latter   part  of  th  eighteenth   century   by     King   George    III,    Its  membership is restricted to twenty-two  peers of the  kingdom of Ireland,   the   Viceroy   being the Grand  Master and   the Earl of   Cork the Senior   Knight  The insignia comprises a silver star, on which is the  cros�� of St. Patrick, "charged" with a trefoil or shamrock.     The gold collar of the order is  composed of  rohes and Irish harps, while   the badge or jewel of  the order   is a   gold wreath of   shamrocks,   within  which is a circle of blue enamel, containing the motto  of the order in letters of gold,  "Quis Sepurabit," the  whole encircling th�� cross of St. Patrick, surmounted  by a green enameled shamrock.    Both Lord Roberts  and Lord   \V��deeley are Knights  of St.   Patrick, as  is also Lord Dunraven.     The ribbon of the order is  '�����%"-  A great deal of interest is being ta  coming engagement of Frederic  Opera House.  ken io the forth-  at the Nelson  The startling suggestion was made in a labor conference in Chicago, the other day, that all men who  had reached the age <>f 45 yetra be dragged oiM to  so ue coftven.en'. pi-tee a �� i sh > . W lib this i��W  to be taken too literally, yet it well expresses a present-day tendency to employ young men exclusively.  Middle-aged men ctintaued th*t they h*d dyed their  hair in order to hold their piMitio is. I��n't itcirry-  the sirenuousness in business to an excess when men  are dismissed for no other reason than that they had  growing old? It's a way nil men tfave. Th�� tendency in modern industrial methods in this country  seems to be to eliminate the personal equation and  make men parts of a huge machine; just a mere cog  in the mechanism. If thin svstem is followed to too  great an extent, it cannot hut work disaster to our  industrial position mm a nation. The leadership we  have gained has been by allowing the individual to  have the freest scope for his powers and rewarding  genius and industry according to bis personal  worth. When it comes to that, a roan of 45 is often  more valuable than one who is younger.  The Saint-Ouen poh^�� have just made an axtro-  ordinary discovery in an old. tumble-down houw  there, which has been inhabited for mm^y years by  on aged rag-picker Mimed Louise Maritsman, better  known to the inhabit!!.* of that suburb of Pari�� &0  More " Motou." CnnidainH were made a few days  ago that an objeeti .��*v .lllf.!l came from the houset  ao tbe authorities nnded it to discover the^coaee.  The police comminH..ry on reaching Mother * jK>tt|-  cat'a" private room whh met with a strange ��UP'  Siting on a chair, m tho middle of tho room. ^  vmu surrounded by morn than SOI) rats, ^htch^ "s  waH feeding with ho^n-fesh.     Mistaking lb��  F-  r  i : ���*:&<  All '-._.. 4^|w&"^"^vi_;  ~~Am$A/$AA&  ���i ',*r<Jr'.>i'---J.iti^y.i:;;[^,gH7.  rrwr^ ���^T.iVS1 "^ ^C.r,?.^-.^; v"cc.^rJ^ ':���  707*7;  :.;if  AA'Azz-  'AAA:  ��Z  *���  tzm  ti-r'-  :OTt*  ;^AAzAA:a  S:  ^'VVo;  ���A:fc  ^"J?  :f.-��-  :>A  M  AAAi:  AA::  ZMZ:  /A'aA-^  Z/  aaAa  -:.�����' '-.  ZaZ  :-AA:  -LAZ.'5>  '-AfiiZyA'A,  ;SS:  '���" / --V  '-. 'A  ''?���?�� 'Z''.'  'His-  jA~~A.-~-.A-?;  :j.-^  ���r  :'���"'-'���-"-���   :ZZ.  ���"���1  Z-:-Z--a/a  Z:;ZZ-'-  A ._.���'������������     oTt-Tt?  "; ���..?;  HT;  "V ^--  "...ov  '���AA^a//  ZZ%  "SK?  AA/A^  ZS/  "?r  A  ?;;-;r^-::;g;:;^  '.%.<'���  T-"  :":4  :a$a-.a  A-AVA  '^A/a  ^gl.^^^-.  s  M'S?  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HH-uired th�� police cum..-, ry.  ,.Yf rt,.v hp* ��t the r��Mi.e.*rr.*��ml -"'�������>�����"- ^e,,i  ,11Iltl'u[-..'i������l- I ��U1 .how them t.. vou/'  yrrr- Matuii." ��ho ha.- tx-eu uolnl for >.;.:P for  it'r'h,U.-d of cat*. le��l the mMjtiM'*^ to n p.m>��.  wl.ere h:t��.*r:.nk* (mm thi-cetHr.g. ��*'�� ilifWw of  u,inv'c��.^. <>�� the w.Uh were lho��e of thr.r.v-n.m.,  ���mV) in niiinbrr.  " TheeiLn'i^nry hsd *��.en eu��-uph I Hf ^��ve a  Mgn.l to bih men* nod it* an infant the pia*- was  il;'lhe r;0.M. ,i���n of the police. No* lha; not. a  -i,;gltone<d h.r |-eiH is alivt- ih*rei* oo c-r-ohng  Mrre u   Mn'^.''  Tnmu^ A Kdi^.-u i* dv;��f, bin, like irnu y ,0>o��t-  .,;uii^ i. d,.f,-. nvr. in- m naun.^ undi-ri*i��t,d^whHt  t^Hui whni U-aM rxpt-ctrd in compr^hi-nd. There  nere vi-in-r- ..i.h day at hi:- b��boratoryf t'�� ^',,|,,i Hri  ���i.ual, iu- wa. p����litf,ahhouj!h bUf��\\tiud hep-* n-nt.y  ni,?were.i nian-v nnehttouH unnece^urily t-bailed at  i.im. Kn mUv iov id \le vi.-'itntf, the htiii^i^t ��jI  (hepartN. M,sci tn ai.����lhei: 4 KvtT\bodv ^^ ht��r  d wv   a-krti   him    to   iitkca    drii-k."    "Yr,,    �����**"��<*  K(hr<��n. I- ki,��K dnecily i��t the  rniin.   m*d   Moiling;  "yen, t��\t-ii 1; but no, ihunk you; not  today.M  A riMii.irk;ihb�� c.��reniony ������ook place the   other   day  iinlu'lnsiuric rhurch i-f    Si.   P^ter    ad Vinculu,    ����i  A    nunib.-r   of    human   reunion    were  i* :��\��out forty y��-irn u������, during the course  "f   hmih-     Mrnctural    ulteriitioiii*     in     the    church.  .. ...  I lin  8  aloud    in school, " Daniel Webster,  take your��>o.ik.  and stand up, sir."      Daniel obeyed,   and the  Kind  old man continued:    " Leave the room  and �� ���   into.  a higher cla��s.      Boye, sny goodby   to him,   f��'��r   you  will never overtake him.      He went through college,  became a distinguished lawyer and orator, a United  States senator and tbe great expounder of the American constitution.  Tbe Ladies'    Aid of   the Methodist Church held a  very pleasant social at the   residence of Mrs. Bdl on  Mondavevening.    A musical programme, principally  Irish, selections,    was   rendere I    and   refreshments  H<-rv^! during to* evening.  Tbe Miners' Union ball will take place at Fraternity H*llf.Friday evvnini, April 4th.  * -  Uli* towt-r  l'��Ullil  Ihrri  ii��j..riiy of these oorpses were hendlesH, but  a'i����"M^iin' l��nv that v\eu�� i�����i��giiiscul wt-re Lady .lane  Ur'\v,   th.*   Dukr    of    Northumberland     and-   Lord  v,"-.s   iti��'   iniKf    oi    ^unmiiiiiifuiiH"  SiHffur.l.      They wereall    reburied, the   unidentified  k��l'n'B   bring    placed     in     a      inrge      box    behind  ^"f th,-   walls   in  tbe   crypt.      Two   tablets have  ,inv^ b.-en erei-ied    rre-uiUing   these details.    One   is  un^ b��-en erei-ied    recounting   these details,    ouw   ^  l)lll^��l in the rrvpt and the other   iu   the church it-  self,  ���I.... i...   Vv^n Daniel Webster entered Phillips academy  Hl u'^ l-ot nf tho lowest class, the higher cl osh boys  w*,r��i��H��lim.d to make fun of tho diffident lad clad  1,1 h"����*Hpu.,l hut Daniel, taking little notice of this  l,,,at��>H'M, applied himself lo siudy aid soon roselo  th,,|'��'��<l "f the class.      One   dav    tho    teacher    said  Canadian Pacific Railway Ea-ter holiday return  r,^ f���re and one third, on .ale March 27th and  ,8,1.; good ,o return till April 2nd. *""����*  ������, informauon apply to heal ager.ts , H_ L. Bro. n  SelH.��.J S Carter, D. P. A.. NeUor. E.J Coyle  \ G P A Vancouver, Th�� above advertisement  In, n-ceivrd wo hue lo appear in usual space.  No, one   per.on in ten thousand   of those who'will  .Helen Keller', own stnry of   her   Me,   when   ,  rM.l   Helen Home Journal,  'Tr '" Vlie le    .   ��'. cepu -I the amount ol.b..d.  W,lkT;u^    .w.i.eVbertory.    Eirst  of all  Mt.      "  woiKrtquirtui Rrailie'    as    the  i-  n-r mil** down ber    ideas      in    tframe,  Keller puiMi _ tfa. lem   of  ivii.wl   pxnre.ss it    tns��l   lr*   lu l*v�� , j  ' lt ��� ' i.e.1 on p,p- by mean- of astylun and  ' ; L, el to ���.d the blind; these " points" hem*  Hl ^ ,, ITard by p^ing the wn.itiTe finge.s over  rrUl W." .11 i�� thi. Braille work has been com-  Ur\ M1 teller poe* to her typewriter and uaes  1 "I \*����*^id�� - the rewriting  of the  -tor,.  iut ^.��pi*, -t��.��������� ir ti1: "d^  ,.   i���m to   Mi--   Keller��   wh0   h depena  to speak, lo. Sullivan, to repeat a  ' ;r;:X   I:.;!:..-"-!, sentence ., means of the  ,        1   i. a tedious task, especially   as some  o(  h*ndH"       , o he   r.-.d   again   and  again,   with  the i-ge*. h��ve       ^���   ' \Vw Keller ifl ,���ti,fied.  ^ng-^reanc        "���   ^ ^ l(> her, al,  this    slow  Then, when the ��>..��!.�� d  ha8  t0 hft  ���olie  t)n,cessofspenmR  w>rd  ��tt ^   He,ftn  through once more. m.   t     * J J1 ftt leiwl   five  ?""��� .hat   til   publishers   of   the   Journal    have  know   that   tne   \ ���.������������,.. ha extraordinary  knoW   l��'all"e,b4Wntill, roanner the extraordinary  W:?B,,,7'll   a ience  which Miss   Keller  has shown  ability and pain,u��-��  in her work.  ,,.������ ,;������. imiuemoriAl   has been  The Chinese pen (rom um. .��    ^   ^^ ^  ^ .  11 hr,,S'��� ",afv flm��d"eTlerB of the Chine* alphabet,  the etiriousiy iorm��"  IS.   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On entering his little room he removed hits overcoat, took a  chair, placed it beside the wall, seated him-elf thereon astride, lighted a cigarette and remained thus,  watching the clouds that ascended to the ceiling,  every few minutes placing   his ear against   the wall.  He continued to sit there for some tirm, had  smoked more than one cigarette and had repeatedly  placed his ear against the wall, when his face, hitherto clouded, suddenly assumed an expression of joy.  Some one was moving about in the other room.  i% She has come home," murmured the young man,  and, in fact, a sound of chairs and dishes could now  be heard.  "She is preparing supper," again murmured  Giac mo, and, leaning bis head against the wall, he  tried to catch every movement of his neighbor; for,  though he could not s��e her, he was happy in feeling that sue was there and in thus being able to live  next door   to ber.  Poor Giacomo!    Fie feared   that he should    never  again behold her, and this was indeed   a   great grief  to him.  At one time he had been accustomed to see h*r  often, for he   used to   arrange   to   meet her   on  the  stairs,   and tbere^he was   wont to  await her coming  for hours and on seeing her approach   at a   distance  of hastily ascending a few steps in order  lo give her  time to arrive, when he would go idnwly down stairs,  feigning te meet  ber  by   chance.      But   be   was   always so overcome on    beh����ld��ng ber   pass by,   ever  serious and reserved, that be would   then bow   more  awkwardly th m the most   diffident   schoolboy   and  lower his ey^s, too tim d to ^aze upon her.      It  was  all in vain tbat he   told himself   to be   less shy,    to  practice hiwing, f.o fi id so no ore'ext to start a conversation or to m ike *ome   brilliant   remark, for   at  the   psychological   moment  all   his   fine   intentions  vanished in thin air, and he ended   by   saluting   the  girl more awkwardly than ever and  on one of these  occasions by even   dropping   his  hat.      Finally,   in  despair of ever succeeding in overcoming bis timidity  and   emotion and    fearful of   producing  a bad    impression, he had renounced the satisfaction of seeing  her at all.      In this way,   thought   he, if I   cannot  succeed in rendering myself attractive I shall at least  be sure of not displeasing her, and he   had then    arranged bis   manner of life so    as to go   out and    return simultaneously with bis fair   neighbor and had  thus contented himself with   living  beside  her,   his  existence to a certain degree   interwoven  with hers,  while she perhaps did not suspect that such a person  as himself even existed.  So he saw her no more, though he now knew who  she was. Her name was Ca lotta. She supported  herself by doing embroidery, going out early every  morning and returning to her home in the evening.  Giacomo was filled with admiration for this  courageous and beautiful girl, who, though all alone  in the world, for alone sbe certainly must be, as she  received no visitors, should thus resist all the  temptations that besot her pathway.  Sbe had come to liv�� in this   house  tlie   preceding  year. At first he had only thought of her as a  pretty girl and no more. Then by degrees, living  there thus beside her, he had ended by 'always  thinking <���*( her and by loving her with his whole  heart. If she had only been willing to say a word  or two to him or if he on his side had only had the  courage to speak, his declaration or rather his pro-  fession of faith would have been brief, but conclusive  ���thus, for instance:  "Signorina, I love you. Will you be my wife?"  But, then, alas, in order to offer his hand to the  girl it was necessary that the hand should contain  (something, and G'aeomo unfortunately had nothing. He was a painter, one of those artists who  " arise" in the end, hut who at the time possessed  naught save hope* and whose canvasses found no  purchasers, so that the poor boy had been compelled  to sell his furniture to pay bin rent. Nothing now  remained save his bed and this wretched, shabby  old cane chair that was only held together by a  miracle and on which h�� was now seated, smoking  and lending an ear to the slightest sound that proceeded from the other side   of the wail.  As the blind who hy the sense of touch alone can  give an   accurate   di script ion   of   the form  of . any  object,   thu*   Giacomo   on  hearing   the   rustle  of  Carlotta's gown   against the   furniture by her step,  now advancing, now retreating,   by the silence that  from time to time succeeded sound, had at last come  to *' see" her,   just as if she was really standing he-  fore him, and so would say to himself:  14 Now she is setting   the table."  41 How she is eating.'1  14 Now she ha*�� vanished/'  *   Now she is putting away the things."  And   then it    w����uhl    seem to   him    that he   was  renlly sitting beside her contemplating rn r in silence.  Sometimes when *eat#*d as usual a-tride   bis chair  bis observatory, a* be trailed it���be would chin? hi*  eyes and give free reign to his imagination. ?  * ���' Who knows of what she may now be thinking?  he would then ask himself.  14 Who knows but that she may even suspect that  I am here he-dde her?   Ah. if she   only knew  b����w 1  loved her!"   And   the   temptation   would then seize  him to make somo   disturbance  in   order to  attract  the   girl's   attention,   such  as   the   discharge of  a  weapon like some make   believe assassin,  one who  fires a revolver    loaded with    powder   at a   passing  prince simply that people may talk about him.   ����i  the fear of displeasing  her   restrained  him,  a��d Rv  preferred  that she should never know that   he lov����  ber rather than to be sure that she would never care  for him.  Then he fell to building castles in the air.  " It.ii! impossible," thought he,   " that she shouId  never think of me at alj.     She knows that   inert  such a person aa myself;   that  I  live  directly ��  joining her.      When she comes   home, she can  that there is a light in my   room   through the dt  that I leave ajar.      Like all women, nhe imwt  some curiosity and at times must surely asK   "  what I am doing and why I never go out.      ���      r  she   has   already  noticed   me   notwithstandinfc     ��  awkwardness,   possibly   precisely  on thai  t���>    ^  She mav even have divined   that I   lovo   ne ���        j  may expect me to declare myeelf, ami,   ��"{*".*flt ft(j.  dare not do ho, porjiapu she  wall make   in |U)t  varices.      But how can I manage  that boo  delay (hung ho?" ^ntinned'1'8  And Giacomo, mill aHtride hio chair,continue  '     ' '       H..,,,  *-tM p-n -p*"-^ tiwj*����fwwin--, ���  ,...*.,.,...+��*.*���* i***!* AAZ>AA.  ^.^^^7hW4;;.  "A&AgASAi.  ��     1  WZAAi  _��� ..u*. **����*-  ttllffiS'  IPS  gsSE^��?o;_u _  ai��3aW=.v>x^�������  j|- ^Sjf*;;.:., 7  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Suppose he were to write  her a   letter  reflection--     - ^i ^ doof?    He had often thought  jnu Cu" ,,...   ,u������   BsnulH tho prirl have read it?  V i  T1**S.  V* 1  Vefi /tVrto��peak   of some   one?    But   of whom,  ,5  Thev had no    friend in    common.     No,    no.  oML-einp-iits were decidedly objectionable   or lra-  ,p)ie     There was nothing to he done but to wait  ffoh'how long would he have to do so ?       ^  Meinwhile it was growing late and Cariotta in her  *,ruom WIiH making the needlf fly rapidly.    She  hJ\lecid.-tlt"fi"i*h the   piece of   work begun   that  mght, and in order not to fall asleep she   was   sing-  ^T;i8como naturally eat up likewise, still in the  sinjeiMsi!ion, listening and mechanically keeping  "me with his body to the measure ofthe melody.  Wren the tune was a slow one, ail went well, but  *hen it was accelerated his motions became  ���JaiiK-rou-. for the poor, trembling chair was con-  ��t'aiiiHl m execute gymnastics far hey��nd its  <wigtb. The repertory of the beautiful brodeuse  w^mosi rxtensivp, and hours thus passed by,  GUcmiio truly tuvhanted with this concert which  he wap thus privileged to enjoy.  After awhile, however, the girl began ' to grow  wr.rv, and the grand arias which she had been  filing from thM first to the I i-t noes were followed  i>v fra��m*-hi.�� of Ming* interrupted now and again,  while the n��n��.s of her voic�� grew l.vver'and sweeter.  hkI io . .vntinaa succeeded ** romance^' and  Ghicoum. still seated upon his chair,  tlr %v-v, but coounued to ��>uy there,  istening to the songs as in a sort of dream,  mechanically keeping lime by ihe swaying of his  bdy to the measure of the music Cariotta slso  wa-"failing asleep, but then decide 1 not to g<�� to bed  ii! i irr vsur k was quite finished and so made a  h| en ������:(.,rt to shake off the drowsiness that., was  ovK'H>w,-nhn her and in order to do so suddenly began t��> jon* .t wait* with all her might. * Waltz  of the Ko^h,'* by Metra. Giacomo was now dream-  in'.! of fT;i!t7.ing and so moved himself about, ke^pin*  lim-in th���� music, but lo this final pro d of its  ^rcn^th the chair refused to respond and, with a  fearful -en-irhing sound, gave way, dragging down  '������ ith full 0u�� unfortunate cavalier.  Thin <\uiM-.l such a terrific crash that Cariotta,  overcome with fright, uttered a loud cry, but  l.i.i('nn��.�� S\}\* silent, for the poor fellow in fall-  '���^ Iih.1 -truck bis head against the bed and now  'a.v Htretrbed upon th��* floor in a deep   swoon*  ^ li��'i' he tiinillv regained consciousness,   be fo-ind  llil,|S^   lune on his bed with his bend biiulsged, and  th-i>hen'uU him, watching over him whileembroider-  inM"<i   ean-d upon a   chair   that  was   neither   old  nor Mluibbv, he beheld a lovely vounu: girl, and whom  Hhouhl it l��e hut Cariotta I    ������'How is  this ?" he   ex-  4   Vou here, trignnrintiT''  ������-. wignor.      Last night   after   the  commotion  ,M'u��*d by vour fall, not hearing anv   further Bound,  1 u'll^l that some misfortune had   befallen you   and  ^ ciime here and found you in a faint.     Now, how-  ^yu are much better,   and  in a   few   days   you  ^11   b,.   ,;njh.    yourself    again.      Hut, tell me, how  "l l^\wo,bi   did you    ever happen to    fall off  your  chillr >" m�� strange a manner?"  /''' "hi did not reply and blushed deeply.      **ut  Wni"��i. :ir,( .,uic!ic to divine the sentiments that they  ,MHP're, H.,d (birlotti was not long in reading the  ���Vou��Rm.��i,V heart.  world. Cariotta is no longer compelled to embroider. The sale of some of her husband's pictures,  for he is now beginning to be known, is sufficient to  provide for them both. They are living in a simple  hut pretty apartment tastefully furnished and are  held in high esteem by all who know them.  One thing, however, causes their friends to wonder. In the place of honor, in the center of their  tiny drawing room, there stands a great ugly cane  chair which is in so rickety a condition that in  order to maintain it in an upright position  Cariotta has been compelled to bind it together with  cords.  SHORT STORTES  One of the admirals, after the first day of a grand  naval review at Portsmouth, asked Foote if the profusion of fire and smoke did not give him an idea of  hell. " Yes, indeed it did," replied the wit,  "especially when I observed Your   Lordship in  the  midst of it."  Philoxenus was sent to the stone-quarries by  Dionvsius for contempt of his verses. Being recalled, he was invited again to hear them. After  likening patiently for a time, he got up- to go.  -Whither now?" asked Dionysius. " To the quarries," says he.  When the late Ameer of Afghanistan was troubled  with    a bad   toothache he   sent   for his   European  dentist in open   court.     The  dentist examined the  tooth    and   advised   that the  Ameer   should   take  rughing-tEa�� and have it out.    The Ameer enquired  SXVffectofthegaB.and   replied:   "I   cannot  Sk King a dead maS   for   five  seconds  much   less  five Si "     So, while the   whole   Afghan court  ^^^e nPer.t\on, the   dentist   struggled  with  theSoth, and the stout  old Ameer   never moved   a  muscle.  ClHlUit-.,  I.  \��  -r,....... ���,���.������. -....ok���   " Yen, deur,   a  *��>'l i.i.w (iiacotnoiuid Oarlotta nr�� husband   ami '   '.   jH here now."  *"=">-l    hh happy    HH it i��  |mm-rU>1o    to ho in    tins      wrH'    ���  When the British ships under Lord Nelson were  h-winar down t�� attack the combined fhet off Trafal-  l?r he firrt lieutennant of the "Revenge" on going  round to ^ that all hands were at quarters, observed  round to nee i devoutly kneeling at  one of the   i en an i ,   UIlUBUai an   attitude  th��!?-t hi     rpK and curiosity, he asked the man  exciunRhis8url��ri.e anBwer*d the  tar, "no,  if he was ��*���d.     AJrJi-dI     a" faat ,he enemy>8  So"/ "��v��be di trU^d i^tL in,,  proportion-  ule pri"e money-the greatest part among theomcer*.  u'hi1A enioving a   ?ood   hook in   the parlor   one  While enjoying ��    ��� Looke,   who was   for  afternoon    ��eKj      l ^   ftt  Gr'ace   BpiBCopal.  nearly  ^'Vfu,^   noticed  a   woman  coming   up  S'Tont "steps Xin he Particularly detested.     The  lihe,Tic   SJeTipftately   leaving  his wife to  meet  doctor fled   prec'P Jhalf.hour   had   passed,   Dr.  the   caller.     Alter  a listened at   the  !iSS^     hS   nothing   below,    he  head of tne   euure.. ^ horrible  old  died down to   h s  wjfc        Ma m^  hore R��"2      ';;    Whowever, and she called  Cv^Y^riie wL nearly   an hour   ago.  "^i  \  ����� 7% f * i'��  -s����� tn  i'A"'lM  & ' *s-j fv?  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Int.*   of  On-   I'iiy  ����}    Nt-Kon,  Ot   (he  a? lo tne mater.a,   .��*>.in oiuiaiset,  |    rrm .im.t. tl| uHrJ>h, oiuiuhia, ��i.-*-,-��mml  lion of the camp.     Tne   Enterpri.-e"    x-'O.e* ^ hnvhy  ^v.mi  pm-tiam  i��- sh.*  concentrator is now doing splendid   snoun--* oi 'tin* pro\ hhtli' iimt-ii coinm-a*.  / i  IS*.*7. Oi{>. 1>7, tonll ��*r����l ��t��>f>   afnl   olhi'l*. huv  work,   running tlonl-le   s-hif s, and j n��^ ��-!.-* on* :i��?o��t^i n����>�� >ta?r ��.r ii��.- *.<u��i iv.  KT F. KnMr**'��H. uho<Ht -<t mi **ral��*��ut 1 m* I.an  the mine mav   notv   be said   to   be ! ��tj��y ����f i��<wrni>��*r. ,\. i��., it*i��i. tu M-mi n>   p<��*t  i��rt*|*al��l   or  0��*i 1 vt��r��"tl   to  Mr >  rs.   (��.0*0trr   &  fairly on the s 'Jiopiou ba**is.    Three  wiison, ����t th.sahirtty ..i \��-Kv.n. sni;.-i?or,  ^ . f����r Arthur H,  Huoliriimn itm! 1'rt.r K  \\ iU.tsi,  cars of conc> n ra'e- ;tre I eing turn-   two��*un��r>. f����r tin . i*��-i>.��>n-if ��';iir .*mt ������?!.���,{>  .       of   thi-   sdil   ��l*��< ..h,>*i!. ����r ?�����  !h��-   **.n-l   ArUmr  ed   out eacn    ^eeK, an<i, when   it is   11 tan-hanan ami ivt��*r k wtu.m, i>Mth or n����-  City i*i NVNoii. Oi tin1 i-ovin-i*  of   Ornish (To;  taken   H;tO * ��� o  oi<h-i ati'Oi   the engill- : umhia.   their   t'hrUUan   ati��t   Mjrn iiu">, a<l  '" tlr�����������--��. *l��-*��*rif��t i*>\\"* ami   iu.tl   f'iirt :'MjIu?"** ��<?  .)-    fln-ir i-luim**. *�����;��! rtn��-u' of in*"*r ao-oisjj;*. un-i  1 Iln<   tiaturo   fi" !h<;   M-nirit), if   any,   };��<M   hy  llltr   r��-M'rVt-\~     lii  SI    ut   1  i   lhe    mine.    .h<m   ��mi or h^un' ihe flh:   t.h*y  o?  Mutch,   V  "      ' " I*. V.*r*.  And   furfh*r "uk��*   m>t s<***,   ji*-u  nHi-r -*y��*h  Ia>t     8n��"isP����n*'d    *!a?��-     th**    -,'0*l    ��- v��M*tt��.nf^  eer> rep-.if^   g v- t ur�� e y^ ar-*  sto{  - . ^^T, .*fi. .,.-!*. .��   #trsfi-.jj.^^. ��*^��.*-*^V.  Coffee Boasters  0ea,e'*,n Tea and Coffee  if~Ci  it   n ;iy be   ui ���  the oiiiioi'k   ?. fi*-  e<!   how cheerful is  'r.     The Enterprise   u*-'- i*r����f��''r��t n��rn*-trci��nr. th*~ h.h-.*-^i**����i th*��� <i.'-  ' iH'"iS<**1 t���� 5h*'- j��arll��-:H riiUlh't! ?h��-rff����#  h ivlm;  if?t e  ia.-'l     report,    rrrmxt ��*uiy r���� llir rtuiu.*. ����r   whhh tU^y ��intll  t!j��-:i     hav��'     m<>" if*A     Th��-    ^t?*.l      ��*\��*��-un��r-**  raising ::s ^.;;.iS :o 1SJ torLis  AiMHtHM' r..; r was also ^elH out bv  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 1S2,  EST     BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  the Nettpriw.i. oi.tk in*; tbe thir  dertne ;;r��.-S'-iit r^.uia^erne.'ii.  will    not In-!�����*!��!��'������ lor  ?!>���    **iO��.l  ?t*H��i^   .tr nti\  cijiiisi.-. n����Z h"��* "'ItnU ��>�����! fj-.it\ ��*��� iw^-u rt^-fl v��*tl !*y  Hum a? ill** tOnr *��f .��*u��"h. *n.'"f rJ*'*5H ����*n..  ��� So|lrit*'r> IV��r ArKtur 11    l^M-nuna*: #�����.����<!   |*.����t.r  C\>n- -     ^'* ^"^>OJJ* Kn������-*���'nn-rs f����r l%'o?"'r F, l\?t*^r��^fn  8ider:n��j[ u:-fti ihr;b.��nd has oniv U en ! ��� ��>����"���� <*��*- *-��*�� ^S ^ri'^ruury . .\. P i-v.*.  in foroe   b��.i:r monhs, tlie ouintil is5  ESTATE OF SARAH   E. EMERSOi  ADDS BROS.  APHE  mos' zizi\}i\ u  eXf>?;''^   >   Lo tot ���;���  r  ont  n  j -1 X.  > r>-  ;. j  fne mjinantxneiJl- ln thi* "u!!t' r "(ulv  *:!it!'   "�� s��^���� K   I:'5"  tile   tTMid   [������� V mrlitS !      !>r,,Vin,v *>f Hr$o*l�� 'nlnmi.iH, .:<���*��������������������,��**1.  ' N����ti��.'��*   >��������   !s*T��'t.��3     -j;i\'**fi     {Htr-omtnt    {*��    On*  ot'U:6Hl-.        Ihe Sat- ' " "rrn>?**w .��ui��1 K..V ��-���������({{ or* A��.-f " ����;, the  r<:vN<^1  SJjj! W ?���������*% <i.f  Oi*-   fittv 5Jj��'��- of" ill- ir :'����h   i 'v-hjiti J.rji  ���'�����   '-he  r lev- {.������ r 1 iineil t     1^**7. <l4|��. I>7. t��>a*S ������rf-Utt*?^   .Ui>l   ����s. i/;�� .<������>��� h-�� v  Vancouver and Kelson  B<IKER STREET, NELSON, B. C  nttr t''��5; *(;- :����'3i t n*��?  < h  Ol  a  ���      ���   '- . , t ' �����      os     * (' 1' '���      �� ; .5 ' f 3-     .*" , t  !!i'*ri'   aiti'iiilon      r.Oi 1.'. Ko {*������:������ -on. n-h��. <!*���.   i ���  a**.>  of   pio-�� ?a'��>'?'.  A.  P.   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I��, 1'����,',  DIRECT ROUTE  KAST  one   11 me t o   come  he    mine are *-��������| ua i  ��� he   pa-1   ami    the  : e   cniiijiiiio    hi^li.  ie- tnon    t he ^^J^ 1 ter  A r hnjihoi   .-hipja d  'lor^tito  ��� Ufa vv a  Moni n-al  N.'u1 V��*rk  \v i:>r  Vii"h��ria  Ni-att l��'  I'ml luixl  San l-'ranii-*'"  Via S����o I,liit*  si. Caul, rhirak"* ami all V. S. ptilnis.  C-<r 11 < ���' ��� ��� I  >'.;���':?'  Bbow    ;na:   ii..o  7o.i i'o,.. .���..} "cdurinu J/uinuary  and .Ki-brna'-v. It rent .-m 20 ions  on \\ ei; i .<- (1 o y and anuiber car  next day. The wt-ek's hhipmentH  for tbe di vi* ion total SO urns and  for ih'-j year :.ne li^nr.-s ar��' 102S tons  vvhicij is a   nriunt di-pbtv.  For 11)00 the exports fr����m tins division amounted to 2187 tons, made  Sold by Ail Newsdealers  iva*  li  /^|a   ,te;  11 \\0 i', a i+l  1 Ug'^ayMWW^I^U^l  Furnlnhcn  ftRonfhly to  rill   InvtTH of h��ili*f  ami   Mn*.!- r   ',-.. t  -.  .,'i'ciM of U-nw, Cbolc��  Copyright Compoaltlono l��y iht* iiiohI }M>|y>  Uhir auf/ior-v.    6<, fatjen of Plxsno Uluolc.  nr,  f-nn.      in,,Wll,irtl', I '    J����lf ^ '��'�����!. half In- rruun i.tul*-   ai CorwploSo  up from    JO properties     La-t   year;   ^lecco for pi��no   oi, ����� n Month rv>r ag  Ceritta.    Vt-itrlv Swh rrrij.tu.n, 33.00.    H >'<'"  will si'ikI  u-i flu*  mi mo rtii'l nrltircHn of  Ftvu  ;   porforna-raon tho J'I mm or ilrran, woivlllRcnd  the exports totalled 0529 tons, from  M    properties.       following  1H  a  full,    you ucoj.y of tin- Magazine Prco.  J. IV.  ^EPPtiP, Pub I la he.,  fiwftli a Locust Sio.# P^'V'lolpE-aflD, Po  Tourist Sleeper Service  j l,t��uvt. |Coof,na.v LuimIIiik ItI'LO.  st. rAtrn/r utosrn. monthkak, hosio>  1     WKSI     l.^avt. HfV.'lMnlO'Mm..,   W��mI.. ^��l  ('. VANCotrVKn.SKATThK.'OASL  I   SfeamsSiip Service.  ,     ,T.��AlHNl��a. IIioviiH, <'��'��'l,k  VANiMUrVKIt   j\fnpanan*l AiiMirulla.  ThrnuKh honking m Kurope via all   All"'  ti*' 'on"*. .  lwlhliM ,ii   lti\v*'rtt  I'lfpahl   llekrlM   front   all poliiM  list BhipmentH   thin year to date:'   sir���-J- ���u/" p'E.pip.ER*i^,,.b,l?h<��f..  r  riii��'H,  ./.H.CAKTKIt,  I link PaN.s. A^l.i  KoIjuoii.  K. j.ro\ IiK.  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OOTEMY COFFEE CO  t  t  t  f  i  i  ��  i��.ff ���,,., <3  a  //?���  ." a  fz  ���*#  1 ,  t r  - J Z  *  8  ff  4-  ,-:riLi  :*sHf i  -i7 _  7 �� i-  l  41-m  #"&-?  *  ".i*  -^  -  "^ - --fi.  _  r~  r  -j,=&> -       5  ii-             ^H=MtC     ^f  T    3  -��r~ ^ *  *��  ���sr %  4      L-  *-r  '    HL.  ~J5'g%.'?  4+  i^~  u>.r  02x���7?  -           .  o--n  *^^t*  -    -J��~  ~   "y-;   ��)k   s  ,��     jf3-   ��=S  ��.o  ��-  4   U-_\\_Jt"Jtlf^ ll^'T.sVlCJIri  Is i%l3oC  ^T^        ^    ^^t  ^LTT    Tj.1^   I.-.  1-       7h?      ;* |j     ^      ��- OJTS, * * 1= ^   ^ 7-   _^  7    ���*   /      At*.  ni  z ~ n<rjz vs  h     .,4*1 1^E  .1 H -f =1  %'  5***,"=-. -___. -r-b-     -J^L-r -A-���        _ -w-,  -{=5-4  ���-    w-*t��S-   -&C_J^J��n   "=(i  ZL.S-  *-*  %-"*  >*TVWWOiJ>  jdT  �� -  If  ��N  t\  -*^5_��  -3C  =**    _  .   #   '"  "   =3* ~  ��s^tJ  *                     *t  *2  -*A^fe jti3��%~ J*?���^   ~ *?  n^  v> *�����. ^  JIS* *n.       ^T a***N  irr-<��      rtln1j^n'      *S5"^*     ".WW   in.  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V '       M.M i  It.j A       ,,    I ,     T*     .   < '    '    1 ��'        ' ��   'W* * ' ft ��   *  il'   ' J" I      I ' M     V        1     '.      1 ,,   J       k 111   (.ill1 1      ,7  'if. 11 '<A  fi \- * ' m\,   a jW    m> 1      i'u'   I'H'i    �� '  T' , V  1 ' ..lr^.'"t,  II   ,  , -1 '<, ;��� a ya >., fs��ii, Mf��,3|,p7Wi��^jmiM^^^ / ;*,;;: ;,Tu^ jVtflWt!  V     I'"]  ,rf^iT,;ii,,A;^f��','^iw  /  '     ii  i* 1        ��  1 i 1 t'    '  1     '��'       1     1 i\ A   i     v \  s r ><   1 ,mfoi^ v    m * '��� mzn,rt ,       ' i   (ii^  "-     " " - ' ' riCjf^'.  !  11 V  Oo  niflf^t,  !  !'t  n  Our Stock cm^^it,jc l>r vv: ��tM* *".  ���>  I1  *^)CA  4  , ^   #11  io  /tiilUf'^i d��!e"i uf. :  *     'ti"il,   t     i,  .'   >  /   1  ��/ IW" ,  '    "    1   I  > n  / 1   II  1   IU  \   't  r    i  I*     .,1    "       1   ]  J-1     I l  Y  I *Y  ��   1


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