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The Economist Dec 2, 1905

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 /.  7v/A>'-r-..,.  VOLUME  IX.  DEC 5 _ 1905  \  V**  .v--rGR.A. ^*   '���'  NELSON, B. 0., SATTJE.DAY, DECEMBERS, 1905  NUMBEK 21  LOUIS KIEL'S  LAST WORDS  He Sent Messages to Many-  Old Friends.  The following interview with Louis  Riel, the rebel, was written over, twenty years ago. The interview took place  a few days before the execution bf tlie  celebrated rebel, and the writer thereof  was the late Nicholas flood Davin.  It is being republished in several of  the eastern papers:  I wish to send messages to all. To  Lemieux, Fitzpatrick, Greenshields.  I do not forget them. They are entitled  to my reconnaissance. "Ah!" he cried  apostrophizing them, "You were right  to plead insanity, for assuredly all  those.days in which I haye badly observed the Commandments of God  were passed in insanity (passe dans in  folie). Every day in which I have  neglected to prepare myself to die was  "a'day of mental alienation. I who believe in the power of the Catholic priest  to forgive sins. I have much need to  confess myself according as Jesus  (Christ said', 'Whose sins you remit they  shall be remitted.' "  Here he stopped and looked in his  peculiar way and said :  ���'Death come right to meet me. He  does not conceal himself. I have only  to look straight before me in order to  see bim clearly. I march to the end of  my days. Formerly I saw him afar.  (Or rather " her" for he spoke in  French). It seems to me, however,  that he walks no more slowly. He  runs. He reards me. Alas! he precipitates himself upon me. My God," he  cried "will he arrive before I am ready  to present myself before you. O my  God.' 'Arrest it! By the grace, the  influence, the power, the mercy divine  of Jesus Christ. Conduct him in another direction in virtue of the prayers  eneffable of Mary Immaculate. Separate mefromdeatb by the: force the  intercession of St. Joseph has the priv-  elege.to exercise upon your heart, O  rcy.JGod! Exempt me lovingly by  k, Jesjis, Majje_and Jo^  lenl andigiioiriinious death of the gallows to which I am condemned.  "Honorables Langevins, Caron,  Chapleau, I want to send them a message, let them not be offended if a man  condemned to death dares to address  them. Whatever hangs upon you  don't forget, "'*��� What shall it profit  a man to gain the whole world and to  lose his soul.'  Honorable Messrs. Blake and Mac?  kenzie, I want to send them a message.  For fifteen years you have often named  me, and you have made resound the  echoes of your glorious province, in  striking on my name as one strikes on  -atocaiivr^tthatikyoufor-havlng-con-r  tributed to give me some celebrity.  Nobly take .from me an advice nobody  will dare to give you. Prepare yourself each day to appear before your  God.  The Vice-Regal throne is surrounded  with magnificence. He who occupies  it is brilliant, and my eyes cannot fix  on'biniwithout being blinded. ��� Illustrious personages the qualities with  which you are endowed are excellent.  For that reason mien say 'Your Excellency.' If the voice'of a man condemned to death will not appear impertinent to you ; it, vibrates at tlie  bottom of the cells of Regina to say to  you 'Excellencies! you also, do uot fail  to hold youself in readiness for death,  to make a good death, prepare yourself  for death.  Sir John Macdonald! I send you a  message. I have not tho pleasure of  knowing you personally. Permit me,  nevertheless, to address you a useful  ' word. Having to prepare myself for  death I give myself to mediation and  prayer. Excuse me, Sir John. Do not  leave yourself to be completely carried  away by the glories of power. In the  midst of your great and noble occupation take every day a few moments at  least, for devotion and prayer and prepare yourself for death.  : "Honorable and noble friends! Laurier, Laflamme, Lachlaelle, Desgnrdins,  Taillon, Beaubien, Trudel, Pru'd'hom.  me, I bid you adieu. Iilemand of God  to send you the visit of death onlv  when you shall have lone time desired  it, and that you may Jjoiri those who  have transformed death into joy, into  deliverance and triumph,  "Honorable Joseph Dobuc, Alphonse  f). Lariviere, Marc. A. Girard, Joseph  Royal, Hon. John Norquay, Gov. Edgar Dewdney, Col. Irvine, Captain  Deane, I would invite them to think  how they would feel if they had only  a week to live.   Life here below is only  the   preparation   for    another.     Do  not omit to prepare yourself for death.  "O God how is it that death has become my sweetheart with the horror  I feel towards her! Andjhow can Jane  seek me with an attention proportioned to the repugnance she inspires. O  Death the Son of God has triumphed  over your terror! O death I would  make of you a good death!  "Elezar de. Ia Grinodiere! Roger  Goulet, and you whom I regard as a  relative, Irene Kerouak, prepare yourself for death. I pray God to prolong  your days. Louis Schmidt,-I ask of  the good God do enable you to come to  a happy old age. Meanwhile, prepare  yourself for death. Listen to the disinterested "advice of one condemned.  We were placed in this world of pain  only for the purpose of probation.  ."And Jyou whom I admire and respect, glorious Maj. General Middleton,  you were kind to me, and you treated  aie nobly. Pray see in my words tbe  desire to be as little disagreeable as  possible. Life has been smiling and  fortunate tor you, but alas! it will also  finish for you. General, if there is one  thing I have appreciated more than  being your prisoner of war it is that  you chose as my guard Captain Young,  one of the most brave and polite officers in your army.. Captain Young!  Be not surprised that I send you a  message through a newspaper which I  understand with reconaissance has not  called out against me, prepare yourself  all your days. Death also disquiets  himself about you. Do not sleep on  watch.   Be ever well on your guard.  "Arul you whom death spares arid  does ait dare to approach and you  whom I eanuot forget, Ancient Preacher of Temperauce, Chiniquy, your  hairs are white. God who has made  them white slowly, wishes to make  your heart white right away (tout  d'uri coup). O, be not angry at the disinterested advice of a man who has  never spoken to you, to w-hoiii you  have never given pain, unless it be in  having abandoned regrettably the amiable leligion of your fathers. The  grace of Marie waits for you. Please  come."  '   .���"'.������'  The prisoner paused, and, in the  pause one heardtheskirrof thespurred  heeL^ofithe_.MountedaPQlieeuMui.-aiid  the neighfrig of one; of: the horses in  lhe stables hard by, and I said: " Is'  this all? " Have you no more to say?"  "No more," replied.Riel, "Father  Andre has been here. He has told me  there Is no hope, that he has had a letter from my good friend, Bishop  Grandih. I have made my confession-  I have taken the Sacraments: I am  prepared. But yet tlve spirit tells, me,  told me last night I should yet rule a  vast country, the North-West, with  power derived direct fioiii heaven,  look! " and he pointed to the vein in  his left arm, "there lhe spirit speaks,  'Riel will not die until he has accoin-  plishe d-ii iani issiori '-and���'" ^o  He was about to make a speech and  I left liim with some sympathy and no  little sadness. I felt that I had been  in the presence of a man of genius  manque, of a .man who had he been  gifted with judgment might have accomplished much ; of one who had he  been destitute of cruelty even won  esteem, anu as I rode over the bridge  and looked down on the frosty creek  and east my eye towards the Govern  ment House where happy people were  perhaps at dinner at 'tliat hour, I said  to.myself, "Why did he murder Scott?  Why did he seek to wake the bloody  and nameless horror of an Indian  massacre?. Nyby did lie seek the blood  of McKay and his fellow peacemakers?  Unhappy man there is nothing for it.  You must die on Monday."  KUMORSOF  the aid of competent ministers. In  selecting his eoileagi es, he paid partie-  DISSOLUTION ! vi&'r 'attention to the capacity and fitness of the men for the work before  them, with the result that he is now  surrounded with a cabinet organization  equal to that of any province iu the Dominion: ' :���  EVENTS AND '  GOSSIP  The     McBride    Government  Should be Endorsed.  The Local House will meet on the  11th of January for the dispatch of  business. This announcement is followed by a telegram from Victoria to  the effect that the Government will in  all probability dissolve the Legislature  early in the year and appeal to: the  electors.  It is quite possible that the Government intends to go to the country at  an early date for an endorsation ol its  policy, and certainly it could not select  a more appropriate time. It is popular  now and it would have the Liberals at  a disadvantage.  When the McBride Government took  bold of affiairs three years ago, the  Province was in very bad shape,  financially and industrially. Years of  extravagance had resulted iu the complete demoralization of the finances,  and capitalists were afraid to invest a  dollar in.a; Province that had'"placed  them at the mercy of a band of "freak  egislators who had permitted themselves to become the prey for-a horde  of hungry office-seekers. v:'' ��� ''A-/   '���  Mr. McBride had oi. Iy taken office a  few days when be was informed by.  the bank that the Province was practically bankrupt, and that he would  have to meet the people at oncf. Thus  an election was forced upon him before  he had time to get his house in order.  A man with less spirit ancl deteruiin-  a iou than Mr. McBride would have  shrunk from the task, but he never  faltered ; and the'result was that, his  party was returned, with a small majority, it is true, but quite enough to  give the Province a sound administration. .tIf he had been given longer  time the result would have been even  ino're'sa'tisfactory.'  ,. The task.Mr. McBride aud his colleagues set for .themselves was not an  easy one, but they'went about their  work in the right way. . They had to  restore the financial prestige of the  Province and assure the world at  large that an investment !i'.i British  Columbia was no,longer a hazardous  undertaking, but that the iuterests.of  both the capitalist and the-.'laborer,  would be properly safeguarded.  In1 this connection special mention  might be made pf the Department of  Lands and Works. This office is under  the control of.;.'Hon. Robert Francis  Green, and hist administration of its  a fill Irs is eminently satisfactory and  wise; This is particularly pleasing to  the residents of the Kootenay. Mr.  Green has practically grown up with;  the Kootenay country. For years he  conducted a successful; business in  Kaslo, and bis word was as good as his  bond. The experience he gained in  his'business in Kaslo has' been beneficial to him in his new- office, and the  fact that the cop'iluct of his department  is generally recognized as being beyond  criticism is.perhaps the strongest testimony of: his spepial fitness'for the exalted office which "lie holds.  It is with no dfeire of detracting from  the achievements of the other ministers that special,.;reference is made to  "Bob" Green, asjSe is familiarly known  to his friends. Tri^ intention is merely  to accord honor to a man who is one of  ourselves.and.who.ia held in high esteem by every man, woman and child  in the^Kooteriays, without reference to  political affiliations..  All things consideredi therefore, the  Government haSaio reason tp 'fear an  ap peal to the people. Mr. McBride  was entrusted with a sacred duty, and  tbat he and his., colleagues bave performed that dutyin a worthy manner  is a proposition that cannot be successfully contested.'; That his Government  will be sustained there can be no reasonable doubt. \Vhether he resolves to  go to thecountryiiext year or oue year  later the veidictimust .be-in favor of  good govern metj^-aud set tied, political  conditions.  y*  1$  J?  "p-  OF      *-  ENGLISHMEN  John Bull Does Not Like to  Waste His Fuel.  The spread of glanders iu the Vernon  distict is becoming alarming. Drs.  Tolmie and Geddeaare taking vigorous  measures to cope with the trouble, and,  in all probability, the di&ease will soon  be under control.  Owing to the change from a weekly  toa daily, The Economist will require considerable more room than it  has a't. present at its disposal. In order  to instal certain required machinery  for the daily paper it bas been decided  to dispose of considerable surplus plant.  This includes two job presses (a Beaver  and a Pearl), a hand perforator, a  stapler, and other rna hinery necessary  to the equipment of a printing office.  There is also a large quantity of job  and body type, quite sufficient to turn  out a big weekly paper and atthe same  time supply a job plant. This material  will be sold cheap for cash. The space  now occupied by the presses and other  plant must be utilized \\ itUiu a mouth  or two, so uo reasonable offer will be  refused, ������'���'���'  Capital is always sensitive, and it  took some time to convince tbe investor that the Conservative Govern-  !nent^wasHaCompo��ed-of-men=-w.ho^re-,  garded their, promises as solemn and  binding contracts, but the desired end  was gained, and within an inconceivably short space of.time confidence  was restored..  No branch of industry suffered more  from the freak legislation of former  governments than mining enterprises.  The laws governing this industry hud  been tampered with to such an extent  that the most learned lawyers in. the  Province freely confessed their inability j'but  With the' approach of wiiiter the inability-of the Englishman ?to warm  his . house/is becoming* increasingly  eviden t. Of course there are lio furnaces, and the only notion that they  haye here as to warming the atmosphere in the great majority of houses  is to place a small grate directly under  a"chimueyi=andH-to=Hsend-quite^7&-per  cent, of the heat produced up tlie flue.  Nowhere is a crass and rank conservatism more displayed than in this domestic matter. The people do not seem  to recognize that tlieir halls and passages are wintry, and that tbeir bedrooms are of a frigidity that is calculated to strike a chill into the bones of  those who have been accustomed to a  more, s-ensibie fashion of heating arrangements. They seem to thrive on  it themselves and they like draughts,1  t takes more than a  few months  Things Talked of During the  Week in Nelson.  The Economist has received many  letters of encouragement on. its proposed entrance into the daily field,  and the newspapers have also been  pleased to make kindly mention of the  matter. Many of the leading business  men, Liberals as well as Conservatives, have proffered support, so that it  will start without any doubt as to its  success. It is proposed to change the  name, as The Economist is not desirable for a daily paper. While the new  name has not been definitely settled, it  is more than likely that it.will be The  Nelson Daily Vidette. The prospectus  will appear early in the new year,  when the work of making contracts  for advertising space will be commenced.  * Hon. Richard iMcBride and Hon.  R. G. Tatlow, Minister of Finance, left  for Ottawa Tuesday on departmental  business. The Premier before leaving  said that the proposed meeting of Provincial Premiers to be held at the  Federal Capital, to discuss tbe question  of "Better Terms" for the Provinces,  will nrt be held until after the Tariff'  Commission has concluded  its labors.  male and female chorus. The operas  selected for Nelson are Sous i's "Ei  Capitan," Bulfe's beautiful ballad  opera, "The Bohemian Girl," Gilbert  and Sulivan's "Mikado," and Morton  and Kerker's "Telephone Girl." These  will all be adequately mounted and  costumed. The engagement starts  Monday, December 11th, -with "El  Capitan" and runs four nights. The  reserved seat plan will open Wednesday, December 6th, at 10 a. m., at  Ruthei ford's.  "The Hustler," which comes to the  Opera House next Monday and Tuesday evenings, has many features to  reoommend itself to, the public, and  uot least of these is the-Rollo Troupe,  which was seen here durii.gexhibiitou  week. A theatrical organization that  can afford to engage the Rollo people  as a special feature must be of a rather  pretentious character. No doubt the  company will receive the patronage  which its enterprise deserves, r-     '���'-'.  The "Jerry from Kerry" company  had many high-class specialties, and  the show afforded- much'-amusement  for thoso who were fortui ate enough to  be present. There was one disagreeable feature, however, in connection  with the sbow.nind thut was the impertinence of the treasurer of the company. The '.'Jerry frem Kerry" company deserves a more gentlemanly  treasurer. .  to get acclimatized to their usages.    It  i.s not that the thermometer shows any  to interpret-the meaning of the sapient  legislators. The man who invested in  a British Columbia mine had no guar-' very low temperature, but that a de-  antee tliat bis capital would not be ! g.t.e or two of cold in England seems to  "legislated" out of existence by a hay-; be as objectionable as ten or fifteen  seed legislator from the prairies of. degrees in Canada. They build their  Manitoba, instances of this kind were cooking ranges into the walls of their  numerous, and the results were disas-' kitchens in such a way that the radia-  trous. The mining laws were made! tion of heat into the room shall be as  less difficult of comprehension and ' little and the passage of the heat into  vastly easier in their application. And. the chimney shall be as much as  it was the same with regard to tbe con-   possible.  duct of other industrial   enterprises.  The financial situation was investigated, aud based on sound methods of  business. Heavy taxation had to be  resorted to, but the eod justified the  means.  The Government cut losse from corporation rule, and to-day it is no longer  a case of railroads dictating to tiie Government���tlie Government now rules  the railroads, not with a ruthless hand,  but nevertheless with determination  and with strict observance of the rights  of all parties concerned.  In giving credit to Mr. McBride for  what has been accomplished in the way  of beneficial legislation aud practical  administration of tbe affairs of the  people, it must not be lost sight of that  j he could not have done all this without  There would no doubt, be difficulties  in the way of getting any other method accepted,'.but if an enterprising  Canadian were to come here and build  a few houses on the Canadian plan,  with the usual hot air furnace in the  cellar and pipes leading to the various  rooms, I feel sure that he would never  lack tenants, and that the object lesson  thus supplied would ultimately bear  fruit. Tbe Englishman does not particularly like to waste 75 per cent, of  of his fuel, though even in London he  only pays from $3.50 to $3.50 a ton for  it. It is only that in things of that kind  England is as slow to change as molasses in January.���Loudon Correspondence.  R. J. Ward, who is in advance of the  Roscian Comic Opera Company, bas  had a long and varied experience in  opera. For many years he "was  prominent in the cast of the Emma  Abbott Company, ancl was well known  in operatic circles. Since then he has  been connected with opera companies  in the United States and Canada, and  lie has many irfferesting experiences"  to relate. In latter years he has been  engaged in a managerial capacity, and  his knowledge of ���the work is both  exhaustive and practical. Very few  men in his line who have ever visited,  Nelson were so well fitted for advance  work as Mr. Ward. His manner goes  a long way to inspire faith in his  company. Mr. Cranston is to be congratulated on having secured the services of so efficient an advance agent.  The Victoria Theatre, owned by Mr-  J. Boscowitz, has been leased for a  term of five years with the option of  purchase, by the Northwestern Theatrical Association. E. R. Rickets,  manager of the Vancouver Opera  House, will take charge of The Victoria on. January 1. Mr. Rickets will  continue in the management of the  Vancouver Opera House dividing his  time between the two places of  amusement.  The'Tribune plant (exclusive of the  linotype machine*) was sold yesterday  afternoon to Rev. W. W. Baer, for  $950. It is understood that Mr. Baer  will revive the paper on the 10th of  this month under another name. The  staff has already been engaged, and it is  promised that tlie paper will be a credit  editorially and mechanically to its promoters. The Economist wishes the  new paper long life and prosperity.  President Scanlan has been requested  to call ameeting of the St. Patrick's Society to take action on tbe rharge  against a member of that society that  he walked with the Sons of England  on Trafalgar Day. The complainant  will be James Neelands, whose aimable  disp sition isa guarantee that the conduct of the accused must have been exasperating in. the extreme.  The\dc-ath at Victoria is announced  of R. Oflerhaus, who had resided in tbe  Province.many years, having been a  teacher afc.h the Coilegiate School, and  lateratthe^High School; in that city  for thirteen , years. Deceased was  highly qualifidd.for educational work,  and- was a a-vocalist 'of ability.-* ���' He  leaves a wife and two daughters and a  son, Herman, whoisliving in Nelson.  The recent cold..snap has brought joy  to the hearts of tiie curlers. John A.  Turner, one of tbe most eutusiastic  curlers iu the city, has been wearing a  Tam O'Shanter this week, which isa  sure sign that the sport will be fast and  furious.. The organization was completed last evening.  George Tunstall's telegram to Jock  Gibson on St. Andrew's day was a  source of much amusement. This is  not tbe first time Ceorge has supplied  theScotchmeU'with^telegrams of-con-  gratulation.  Tbe second contingent of the Royal  Garrison Regiment sailed from Halifax  Tuesday. Less than 200 Imperial  troups remain.  William Cranston, recently connected with the Nelson Opera Honse  in a managerial capacity, and director  of the Alberta and Northwestern  theatrical circuits, now announces  an attraction for Nelson which, judging from the extensive news articles  and advance reports, is the most pretentious plunge in the amusement line  with which his name has ever been  connected. This is is the Roscian  Comic Opera Company, organized last  spring for the stated pu rpose of giving  its patrons in Western Canada a series  of high class comic operas, magnificently mounted and happily cast, a  radical departure from the stereotyped  shoe string methods of the so called  "productions" booked in this vicinity.  As a friend of Cranston's said yesterday, "lam not surprised he has made  a big success with his opera company,  as I knew he would handle only the  best." Prominent people in the company, are Claude Arasden, principal  comedian, formerly with De Wolf  Hopper; Frank Walters, leading tenor,  well known here as a member of the  Beggar Prince Opera Company; Hilliard Campbell, b.iritoue, last season  with Whitney's " When Johnnie  Comes Marctn ing 'Home Company ;"  Hazel Davenport, soubrette; John  D&wey, basso: Jack Leslie, a clever  second comedian ; Effie George, Maud  Proctor, and Sallie Winwood and a big  There will beameetingof the hockey  clnb at 5 o'clock this evening to make  preliminary arrangements for the work  of the season. There does not appear  to be as much cnthusfr sm over hockey  along the Crow line as in former years,  but it is early in the season, and no  doubt interest will develop with the  beginning of the new yeur.  Modesty forbids the reproduction of  tlie many pleasant things the Victoiia  Colonist said concerning The Economist this week. Just I he same the  compliments are appreciated.  No one would deprive the boys the  pleasure of coasting down hill, but lt  does seen as if they should be more  considerate of tlie rightsof pedestrians.  It is not pleasant to get struck in tlie  shins with a sleigh running at tbe rule  ofa mile a minute.  Acting-Mayor Gillett is the busiest  man in Nelson these days. He has a  large business of his own to attend to,  besides lookinp after the affairs of the  city. He manages to attend to both  satis factorily.  'lhe   Rossland   Evening Star is developing i.iio u blight newsy paper.  Two well-known Nelson lawyers will  combine fortunes on the 4th of this  month.  The Fred Irvine Co.'s clearing sale  continues to attract a large crowd of  customers every duy.  Starkey & Co., tbe old reliable commission  firm, reports a  marked   im-  ; provement    in    business   conditions  throughout the country.  SIRCHAKLES  TUPPER, BAET.  The Old Conservative War-  Horse Talks British Politics.  Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., has returned to Vancouver accompanied by  Lady Tupper, Miss Tupper of Winnipeg, and Mr. James Tupper, son of Sir  Charles Hibbert Tup -er, who has been  with the Western Canada Ranching  Company in Alberta. The party went  to Vancouver to be present at tbe mar- ���  riage of Miss Sophie Tupper, which  event takes place on December 4th.  Sir Charles and Lady Tupper will  spend the remainder of the winter iu  the Terminal City, guests of their son.  Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., is known  as the old Conservative war-horse, and  af erhalfa century in Canadian poll-  tics, his interest in public affairs is at*  keen as ever. He has recently returned from England, and despite his 85  years,||travelling has not affected |hi*  health. Ou his way to the Coast he  spent sometime in Winnipeg, having  two sons Hying in that city..  Interviewed by the News-Advertiser,  Sir Charles said : " In* my judgment  the policy of preferential trade ih Great  Britain is making steady progress," he  remarked in reply to a question regarding political affairs in the Old Country.  " What convinces me of this is the revolution, the greatest ever witnessed,  that has taken piace in the public mind  of Great Britain since Chamberlain  made his famous speech at Birmingham in 1904. At no distant day hia  policy will be accepted. England U a  Conservative country, especially when  asked to support a policy that is opposed to accepted policies of all parties,,  and from the progress Chamberlain  has made and the change produce 1 iii  the public mind in aje.irthere Is ���.!..��  room for doubt that his proposal will be  accepted.,,  " While Sir Frederick . Pollock's  scheme is.for "closer inter-Imperial relations, it has no.connection with Jo-,  sephiphaniberl,ain;.B_p.olicy;j_ hich i_.for_.  better inter-Imperial trade. ^Sonie oi  Sir Frederick Pollock's scheme is" old  and somo new. That which is old has  been * generally accepted, but the. new  so far has not obtained great support.  The proposition to have a Council of  the Empire, representing the colonies  with members of the Imperial Government, is not new.  " Chamberlain's policy in a word is  the imposition of a duty of two shillings per quarter on wheat from countries not in the Empire, having no duty  for wheat from the colonies, aud in  general terms there is something like  ten per cent, on the products from foreign countries, while the products from  the'colonies will" have~free access"."  Asked concerning Canadian members of thelmperial Parliament andwhy  little is heard of them now, Sir Charles  replied that tbe principal of home rule  for which they contend, has steadily  lost ground, until it is difficult to find  any outside the Irish Nationalists that  support it. Home rule might almost  be said to be a dead issue.  "Everything Canadian is in the ascendant in Great Britain," he said in  answer to another query. "This embraces everything relating to this  country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. People in the Old Country are  beginning to realize the great importance Canada occupies in the Empire,  and its extraordinary rapid progiess.  Emigration is increasing because of  the fact that the European world, obliged to look for homes iu a new country, sees that no other country can-  ofl'ersuch advantages as Canada does."  Sir Charles did not care to offer any  opinion on Canadian affairs, being, he  said, somewhat out of touch owing to  his extended visit abroad. He lefto  England on the last day of August,  hence has been on this side of the Atlantic only a couple of months.  It is expected that an electric railway-  will connect Owen Sound and Meaford  nest summer.  The stores are getting ready for the  holiday trade. The Canada Drug &  Book Co.'s store is crowded every day  with seekers after suitable Christmas  presents.  Lawrence Duggan, of Selkirk, the  Crown's star witness in the cases  against Liberal Deputy returning officers, went into the box at Winnipeg  last week and stated he alone was  responsible for decrepencies. lie  collapsed afterward. THE NE  SON ECONOMIST  P,  WHOLESALE AIMD RETAIL  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B- C.  Branch  Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and  careful attention.  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Their  visit cannot be said to have had any-  political significance ; they merely  took this means of acquainting  themselves with the wants of the  people, and in doing this they showed  more wisdom than former Cabinet  Ministers, who seemed to be pos  sessed of only one desire, and lhat  w**s lo draw their salaries. It is  safe to say that Messrs. McBride and  Green now know more about the  country over which they travelled  than lhey did before, and it is  equally certain that they have  gained much information with  regard to the wants of the people.  That their visit will result in the  ���inauguration of considerable much-  needed legislaion when the House  meets is a fair deduction, for it is  not likely they would have gone to  the trouble of visiting the interior  if they had iiot hoped to get in  touch with the people and their  wants.    During their two weeks'  information was.as freely given' by  their political .opponents, as by their  political friends. And in this way  it was more reliable. The inform1  ation supplied by political friends  is very likely to be colored by self-  interest; the advice of political  opponents is not given so much  vvith the hope of personal advantage as with the desire of remedying existing grievances, for lhe  latter know that they have no  claim ou the Government for services rendered the party. The  Premier and the Commissioner of  Lands and Works have in more  than one way shown that they are  astute politicians, and they can be  depended upon to judge wisely for  themselves what information they  received ' was prompted by self-  interest and what was supplied with  the mere desire of enlightening  them on certain points in which  they were in the dark.  To-day the election in Saskatchewan takes place, and if all accounts  be true, the methods practised by  the Liberals in order to gain a  victory have never had their counterpart in any Province in the  Dominion. The campaign methods  of Walter Scott are described by the  Regina West as being most debased  and steeped in iniquity. It is reported that Mr. Scott issued from his  own printing office a pamphlet purporting to be published under Provincial Rights auspices. The front  page was gotten up in a deceptive  manner, and was beaded : "Hon.  F. W. G. Haultain Outlines His  Policy." In the centre of the cover  was a cut of Mr. Haultain. and  undernea h in display: "The former  premier states his attitude in regard!  to  schools and  lands.     What  his  daries." Ou the inside pages of  this pamphlet certain-questions were  asked, aud garbled statements and  broken sentences from Mr. Hault-  ain's speeches as answers.,Mr. Scott's  organization also sent out to Catholics copies of the Regina West and  Standard with the circular letter of  the Orange Order attached. The  scheme was to represent these as  being sent in mistake to Cathclic  voters from the office of publication,  Certainly Premier Scott will have  little reason tp boast even if he does  gaiii a victory to-day.   The local politicians are beginning  to prepare slates for the forthcoming municipal contest. . It was believed that there would be no-contest for the exalted office of mayor,  but it seems now as if this would not  be the case. At a meeting ofa few  friends of a well known citizen the  other evening it was decided to offer him as a candidate for mayor.  In connection with this mysterious movement, it is announced on  unimpeachable authority that John  Houston will return to Nelson the  first week in the new year to take a  hand in the fun. An election in  Nelson without John would be a  very tame affair indeed. John will  start another paper, this time a  weekly, it is suggested.  Visit they must have gained  a vast test case policy will result iu.    The  amount   of information, and   this'much discussed question of boun-(  A telegram has been received in  Nelson from a well-known politician now at the coast to the effect  that he has fixed up certain matters  all right for his friends, and that he  will return in a few days with more  money than some farmers have hay.  Money is a useful thing either iu  the development of the vast coal  areas of Ashnola or building up in-  fluentiul daily newspapers.  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes,  cGausland  Baker Street Nelson, B. G.  Apply to  T.G. PROCTER.  WARD ST.  NELSON. B.C.  1 +4^4^4+<9<9+4> ������������������������ **44&4~&&*4>f><4"4*><><&t>+  R8eIsof.g B. C.  , The largest exclusively Wholesale Liquor House in  the interior  In Pints and Quarts  Begg's Finest Scotch Brands.    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It was only quite recently that a  young merchant of Amsterdam met  for the first time, as his wife, a lady  whom until the moment of meeting  he had never even seen. This singular matrimonial romance���by no  means unusual in the Netherlands-  came about thus. Some years ago  the brother of the bridegroom had  gone out to South Africa to practise  medicine, and had lost his heart to  the pretty daughter of a brother  physician in Cape Colony. The  young people became engaged, and  were on f_e eve of marriage when  the doctor fell a victim to enteric  .ever.  The sad news was transmitted by  the girl to the brother in Holland,  and was followed'-by a correspondence between the two, who shared  a common loss. It was, perhaps,  not unnatural that this link of sympathy led graduallyto the more tender and intimate sentiment of love;  and before two years had elapsed  the girl had become engaged to the  brother of her dead fiance, 6,000  miles and; more away. After a  /year's engagement, as the lover in  Holland saw no prospect of leaving  liis business long enough to fetch  liis bride, tbe marriage ceremony  was performed by proxy in South  Africa, and the bride immediately  started for Holland to meet the husband whom she had not yet seen in  the flesh.  Almost equally strange are cases  in which a man loses his heart to  the pictured presentment of a girl  who is an absolute stranger to him.  Of romances of this kind many  stories are told, not a few of which  have had a tragic termination.  A good many years ago a man  fell hopelessly in love with a portrait of a-young lady, the daughter  of a wealthy Lancashire merchant,  which he saw on the; walls of Burlington House. He sought the  artist and-from him learnt that the  original of the picture which had  enslaved ;his fancy was staying at  So   Low-Priced I  the time in the West End with an  aunt; and, alter surmounting many  obstacles^ he obtained an introduction to her.; As Fate would have  it, however, his love awakened no  response at all in the girl, who met  his proposal with an uncompromising ''No".; and when his attention  became troublesome she: picked up  her belongings and went home. To  Lancashire and to other places the  love-sick man followed her, but the  maiden war. relentless ; and at last,  in despair, returned to London and  ended a life which had become  valueless to him.  In another case a scion of an old  French noble family was so captivated bv a fair portrait which was  exhibited at the Salon that, with  infinite trouble, he traced the girl  who had sat for it, and found her  the daughter of a small farmer who  was affianced to the young artist  who had painted her. An honorable man would have retired from  the pursuit under such circumstances, but-not so this impulsive  young aristocrat, who made such  oersisteut love to the girl that he  /29fjipletely   weaned her from  her  The grtist, furious at being supplanted, promptly challenged his  j-ival to a duel, though he knew he  was pitting himself against one of  the deadliest shots in France; and,  as was almost inevitable, he fell  shot through the heart, while the  maid, troubled by no qualms of  .poncience, awarded him her hand.  Jt isgjelief to turn from these  ty   20th Century Suits and Overcoats, the best   ty  .j made Clothing in Canada. 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The  sister was, and is,'a governess in a  London suburb, and in her letters  tocher distant ��� brother frequently  spoke in warm terms of the pretti-  ness and sweetness of a girl-friend,  _lso~a-governessnn=the same school;-  The brother's interest in' this  3'oung lady was so stimulated that  he asked for her photography so  that he might judge for himself of  her charms ; and the pictured face  sent to him played such a havoc  with his peace of mind that he  wrote to the girl forthwith and  asked her to become his wife.. He  had to write many' another letter,  however, before he received the  answer that made bim the happiest  man in Melbourne ; aiid one��� day  last spring tbe bells of a certain  church in the north of Yorkshire}  where the girl's home is, were set  ringing a joyful peal, and tbe young  emigrant led to the altar the girl  who had romantically won his  heart at the other side of the world.  Irving's Treasures.  Sir Henry Irving's remarkable  collection of curios, books and pictures is to be sold by auction. The  sale is in accordance with the terms  of his will.  Amongst the most notable are a  pack of playing cards, and silver  counters that belonged to King  Charles I., and are contained in a  case inlaid with ivory. The designs of the cards, including the costumes of the kings, queens and  knaves, are worked.in colored silks.  There is also a leathern goblet  which once belonged to Oliver  Cromwell, and which Sir Henry  used in the part of Werner.  Of  theatrical   relics Sir" Henry  F. S. Clements  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16        K-W-C Block  Frank ^Fletcher  PBOVlK���AXi LAND SURVEYOR  t.     Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed   ���  '7, /-'ii Z  ani Crown Granted  P. O. Box 563      Office: Kootenav St. Nelson  ctftTCHtr  Do mi nicn and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Cor.   Stanley  and Victoria, Nelson  had. probably the finest collection  which has ever been brought -together.' Garrick's gold ring, with a  miniature of the actor, was given  him some years ago by Lord Rose-  berry. The sandals worn by Edmund Kean as Brutus, and the two  swords worn by the same actor as  Richard III. and Coriolanus are  also among the relics.  Remarkable interest will also attach to Sir Henry's first playbill.  It is dated September 29, 1856, and  relates to his first appearance on  any stage at the New Royal  Lyceum Theatre, Sunderland.  Though yellow with age, it is in  other respects perfectly preserved.  Sir Henry Irvings pictures include the famous " Old Battersea  Bridge," by Whistler, and a niag-  nificient engraving of Charles I. by  Mathew Antonius, of Antwerp.  Besides these there are two interesting sketches by. Sir John Tenniel,  ot Othello aud Shylock, illustrating  his ideas of their costume.  ' Included in the library are albums and scrap-books relating to  Macready, Charles !., Mathews and  Charles Kean. Other relics consist  of an eastern dagger once owned by  Lord Byron and a mask of Shakespeare's face.  EMSMBHIgMM^Jg^^  J5waBBB__rr-  stmas Holidays  ���all  We are now Showing a Full Selection of X'mas Presentation Goods-and owing to. Contemplated Changes in our Business pn January ist, 1906, we are offering the whole of our  Stock of  iB  Fancy Goods,  Toys,   Sundries,  Books and  '-.; !i  -".   >_K'\  AT  iARING PRICES  / -'  -.wi  It is not too Early Now to Make  your  of  We GUARANTEE LOWER PRICES than Ever Before Of  fered in Kootenay  Books  A stock of$5500 of. well selected  books.of every description at discounts ranging from io per cent  to 50 per cent off the usual prices.  Six hundred copies of current  fiction, comprising some of the  big sellers of the past two years.  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On one occasion  a father registered his child in the  name of 'Finis,' evidently expecting  that his family vvas complete.  About a j-ear afterwards, however,  he appeared again, and. this, time  the new baby was registered by the  novel name of "Appendix."  ���iJOOmQi  AH Kinds of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Crockery, Etc.  Complete   House  Furnishers  9 Funeral Directors, Embatmers  X  *  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  Notice Ib hereby given that 60 days after  date I iutend to upply to lhe Chief Comnils-  slonerof Lands and Works ut Victoria, for  permission to purchase tlie following de-  ncrllM d lands In West Kootenuy:  Commencing sit 11 post marked .1. T. Greenwood, S.W. post, planted ut lhe northwest  corner of lotKlOO (Campbell), thence nortli 20  chnins; thene'e oust40 chains; thenee south  J!0 chnins; thenee buck ton. point of commencement, containing 80 acres mo'-e or less.  Dated at JSelsou, this 13th duy of October,  JS0*..  ���O-.-, / . "   ;     J.-T. GUKEKWOOD,  and can now get along, without  the  use of a stick.,   ,  Under the .management of J. N.  McDonald, the Ymir Herald has  developed into one of the best  weekly papers in the Province.  Mr. McDouald is a clever newspaper  man, and a thorough Conservative,  in politics.  There was a large audience at  the concert given 'at St.* Paul's  Presbyterian Church last evening.  Rev. Mr. Ferguson demonstrated  that he was equally at home on the  lecture platform as in the pulpit.  The leclure was intensely interesting from every point of view.. There  was an interesting programme, in  tbe rendition of which Mrs. Melville  Parry sang Lady Nairn's beatiful  song. "Will Ye "No Come Back  Again."'  Al. Perrier has returned from a  visit to California. While in San  Diego, he met many people from  Nelson, including Mrs. W. H. Wilson, and A. H. Clements and Fred  Byrnes. Mrs. Wilson's little boy  is recovering from his serious  attack of spinal meningitis, but she  wiil remain there all winter. Mr.  Clements is riding a bicycle and  has gained in flesh. Fred Byrnes  makes San Diego his headquarters  but spends much of his time in  Mexico in the interests of P. Burns  & Co. All are delighted with the  clim-ite of the city of "Lost Opportunities." .  A gentleman *who was in the  habit of dining regularly at a certain restaurant said to the Irishman  who always -waited upon him,  "Instead of tipping you every day,  Pat,- I'll give, you your tip in a  tump sum-atlhe end'Hthe^moiithT'':  "Would' ye moind paytn* me in  advance, sor?" asked, the' .waiter  "Well, that's rather a, strange request, "remarked the patron. "However,, if you are in want of some  money now here's balf-a-crown for  you. But did you distrust me?"  "Oh, no, sor," grinned'Pat, pocketing the half-crown, "but I'm lavin"  here to-morrow."  A green sprig from the Emerald  Isle entered a boot and shoe shop  to purchase a pau of boots. After  overhauling his stock in trade  without being able to suit his  customer the shopkeeper hinted  that he would make him a pair to  order. The price vvas nmned. Th_  Irishman demurred, but after some  discussion an agreement was arrived  at. Paddy was about to . leave the  shop when the bootmaker called  after him, "But what size shall I  make them,'., sir?" VOch," cried  Paddy promptly, "niver mind about  the size at all. Just make them as  large as ye convauiently can for the  money."  - -:A11 orders, must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  ���   either" personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  leison upera  Two Nights  Messrs Clark, Kyle aiid Measmer  ��� ; Present the Screaming Farce  Comedy  ;  ���Specialties   between   acts,  including the famous  ROLLO TROUPE  of Eight  Lady and   Gentlemen  Acrobats.  Prices! 5Dc. Ik, and $1,00,  Plan at Rutherford's.  The following story is told of a  prominent Baptist/ minister celebrated for his caustic wit. He was  speaking once at a dinner given to  commemorate an impoitant event  in tbe history of New England, his  text being "The Pilgrim Fathers."  "I have always." he said, "felt the  deepest sympathy for the Pilgrim  Fathers,'.who; suffered such extra-  ' ordinary hardships in establishing  ; a foothold ' in this country. But  sorry as.I have felt for the Pilgrim  fathers I have felt still" sorrier for  the Pilgrim mothers ��� for not only  were they obliged to endure the  same hardships, but they had also  endured the Pilgrim Fathers^"  . R. H. Carley returned to Nelson  yesterday after a trip that extended  over every portion of British  Columbia.  KELSON ASSESSMENT DISTRICT  Take notice that I hhall hold u Court of Revision and Appeal under the " Assessment  Actrl903'-!,Hfor-lheHNnlson=ABsessment=r)lstrictr  on .Monday, December 18th, 1905; at the hour  ol 10.80..In the forenoon, in the Government  Agent's ofliee, in the Court House, in the City  of Nelson.  ���'���.'���,:'���������.--���  W. A. Jowett,  Judge of the Court of Revision and Appeal,    /  ,������:���-���  -   Nelson Assessment District.  Dated, Nelson, B. C Nov. 20tb, 1905.  NOTICE.  Take notice that sixty days after date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and works for permission to purchase  the following described lands, situate on the  east bank of the Columbia Kiver:  Commencing at a post on the east bank of  the Columbia River and parallel with the  north end line of M. Carroll's pre-emption ;  thence north 60 chains to post-No. 2, thence  west 20 chains.to post No. 3, thence north,60  chains to post'jNo. 4; thence east'40 chains to  postNo. 5, thenee south 60 chaius to post No.  0, 'thence east 2U chains to post No. 7, thence  south (iO chains to post No 8, theuce west 40  chains to post No. 1 or point of beginning.  Milks Cahho__, Applicant.  Dated November 6th, 1905.'  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that. 60 days after  date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to purchase the following deseilbed lands:���  Commencing nta post planted at the southeast corner of lot 4396, group 1, Kootenay,  thenco west 32.22 chains along the southern  boundary of lot 4395 to the eastern boundary  of lot 222. group 1. Kootenay, thence south  along the eastern boundary of said;, lot 222 a  distance of 40 chains, thence east 32.22 chains  to the western boundary of lot 306, group 1,-.  Kootonay, thence north 40 chains along the  western boundary of said lotSOfi to the point  or commencement, containing 130 acres more  or less..    - .   ' .  Dated the 0th day of November, 1905.  Thomas Gkeknwood;  Land   Notice.  Notice, is hereby given that HO days after date  1 Intend to* apply 'to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission  to purchase the following described lands:���;  Commencing nta post olanted on the west  boundary of the Canadian Pacific Kailway,'  half a mile south of Sullivan Creek, .West  Kootenay district, marked -'F.U. Tirenian's  S. E. Corner," thence running west 40 cliahiR;  thenee north -10chains: thence ea<t40 chains,  more or less, to the Canadian Pacific Kailway  right-of-way; thenee following said right-of-  way southerly 40 chains, more or less, tothe  place of beginning; containing 160acres, more  or less. .   . ���.  Dated the 29th day of September, ]90*>.  F. C. Tiiikman-.  YMIR LICENCE DISTRICT  Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of;  Mineral Claim.  Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persons have made application under  the provisions of the "Liquor _Llceuee^Act, i  1900; '7ior "lotel'liechces at'tlto pluee<rset"op-~  posite their respectlve;iiames:  ���Joseph Walkeiv'iUissell Hotel, Kitchener.  John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kitchener.  John Ulanehurd, Northern Hotel, Salmo. ��������� ;  William Gray, Salmo Hotel, Salmo. '  George Munro, Munro Hotel, Creston.    ���  S. J. Miller, Creston Hotel, Creston. o  Fred Adfe, Forl'Sheppard Hoteh Wurieta.  Robert Wood, Thistle Hotel, Granite.      .   .,  T. 'i. Procter, Outlet, Hotel, Procter.  Mrs. ...Josephine McBean, Mersey Hotel,  Erie.      - ,_  C. E. Burgess, Edna Hotel. Patterson.  Owen Itoyor, Vancouver Hotel, Ymir.       ��� ���  Mitchell Tait.Pal^fte Hotel. Ymir.  ���   T. W, Masteison, Ymir Hotel, Ymir.  E. M. Peters, St. diaries Hotel, Ymir.  Finlay McLeod, McLeod Hotel, Ymir.  John Breuu, Cosmopoliiau Hotel, Ymir.  G. S. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel, Ymir.  Samuel Miller, Miller Hotel, Ymir.  J. M. liieuardson, transfer to Louisa E. Mc-  Peak.Sidar Hotel, Stdai..  J. H. Smith', Kootenay Falls Hotel, Slocan  Junction.'  Fred Uoyer, Valley Hotel, near Ymir.  A meeting of the board of Licence Commis-  missioncrs of the Ymir Licence District will  be held to consider such applications, at the  Court House, at the City of Nelson, on the  fifteenth duy or December, 19U5, atthe hour of  ten o'clock ln the morning.  \V. H. UULliCCK-WETlSTEU,  Chief Licence Inspector.  Nelson, 2-lth November, 1905.  Cancellation of Reserve.  COAST DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that the reservation,  notice of which was published in the B C.  Gazette, aud dated 9th August, 1901, covering'  a belt of land extending ��� acfe a distance of  ten miles on each side of the Skeena River  between Kitsllus Canyon and Hazelton,. is  cancelled.  Notice is also given that that portion ofthe  reservation, notice of which was published in  the B. C. Gazette a,nd dated 27th December,  1899, covering a belt of land extending between the mouth of Kltmat Kiver and Kit-  silas Canyon, is rescinded in so far  as it covers land lying between the  Kltsilas Canyon and a ��� point ' in the  Kltmat Valley, distant ten miles in a  northerly direction from the mouth of Kit-  mat Kiver, and that Crown lands thereon will.  he open to sale, pre-emptiou and otherdispos-  Ition under the provisions of the Land Act,  on and after the eighth (8th) day of December  next: Provided that the right of way of any  railway shull not be included in any lands so  acquired.  W. S. Goee,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Worbsj  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B.C., 31st August, 1905.  '  Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at  his olhce iti the Court House, In cho City of  Nelson, will be received up till the hour of livo  o'clock ou^theaf tornoonBOf-Monday,-Decem-H=-  ber the 18th. liiOn, for the purchase of the  "Rhoderick Dhu" Mineral'Claim, Lot 1493,  which was declared forfeited; to the Crown at  tho Tax Sale held In the City of Rossland, on  the 7th day of November, 1904, for delinquent  taxes up tillJune 30th, 1904���and costs.    .  The upset' price upon the saifi' mineral  claim, which includes the.amount of delln-:  quent taxes and costs atthe time of 'forfeiture,:'  together with, interest upon the same at.the  rate of 6 per'cent per aunum, taxes which,  have since accrued, and fee for Crown Grant,  is $114.75, which is the least amount that will,  be accepted.as a. tender.   ..������:���.'���'��� - .    :  Each tender' must be accompanied by an.  accepted cheque, payable to the order of tho.  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,,  at par in Victoria, for the amount tendered.  Uojbkrt A. Renwick,  Government Agent,  ���   Xelson.'B. C.:  Dated at Nelson, B.C., .this 7th day of November, 190D. '    ���   \        O:  ���" . o  ,; o" :  Tender* Wanted for the Purchase ofa  Mineral Claim.  Tenders addressed to the underslgne.l, at  his ottice in the Court.i House, in the City of  Nelson, will be received up till the hour of live  o'clock.on the afternoon of Monday, DecenV  ber the 18th, 19U5, lor the purchase of tho  "Mountain Cliief' Mineral Claim, Lot 230S.  which wuh deelured forfeited to the Crown at ���  the Tax Sale held in the City of Rossland, on  the8th day of November, 1904, for delinquent  taxes up tillJune-30th. 1904, and costs.  The upset price upon the said mineral  claim, whieh includes the amount of delinquent taxes and costs at the time' of forfeiture, together with interest upon the same'  at the rate of (i per cent per annum, taxes1 .  which have since accrued, and fee for Crown  Grant, ls S7G.46, which is the least amount that,  will he accepted.  Each tender msut be accompanied byaa.  accepted cheque, payable to the order of the-  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works;; ;  at par in Victoria, for the amount tendered.  Roberta. Keswick,      ,'  Government Agent,  -Nelson, B.C.  Dated at Nolson, B. C, this 7th day of November, 1905.  NOTICE. .    .'    '  Sixty days after date I intend to apply to-,  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works'.-  for permission to purchase the hereinafter described tract of land: Commencing at ti post  placed at thp southwest corner of. lot 4216, G. 1,  thenee 40  chains  nortli  to    northwest    of  1014216, G. 1, thence 20 chains east, thence 20'  chains north, thence 40 chains west, thence CO*-  chains soutli on  boundary ol lot 7244. G. 1,.  thence 20 chains east to point of commencement, 160 acres; ..      ' ���' '    '  Haeoi.dSei.ous.  \elson, B. C, 18th November. 1905.


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