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The Economist Oct 28, 1905

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 ,'v ^'^ Ab  ZA- "i  '*% 3   Qersi]��o5  y  *     i>_  *  =2:  ov/  V?7pmA.��v^  ^  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON, B. C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28,1905.  NUMBER 16  DEATH OF  COOL BURGESS  He )Vas the Greatest Minstrel  of His Time.  A dispatch from Toronto last  Saturday  brie'lly announced  tlie death of  * Colin Burgess the previous day at the  Toronto General-Hospital,  where he  had been a patient since last Jinie suf-  ,;v.-fering from a complication of diseases.  h.   He.was six ty-ii ve years of age.  'Very many in the west will remem-  j:'   'ber "Cool" Burgess, the veteran Canada   diau, minstrel and  comedian and the  pionCer'of the black   face monologue.  A He was the most, popular aud  most  fc   successful delineator iu the burnt cork  4* line that ever faced  a Canadian aud-  7,   ieuce.o As anaentertainei'   he had hot  ���ff   billy   a .Canadian,   but a  continental  �����   reputation,   and. made   a   name   and  f fame that placed him in tiie front rank  a of song, dance aud wit artists.'  A;     Unique in  every act- that lie placed  . A. upon the stage,  lie secured  public ap-  ���'. v -.-.,.. .....  : g proval by the care that lie always took  Ar tohave ":a'clean   show,   nothing   oil'  "" color, or that would offend  good taste.  ai,.        -.      -.    a .     ...      '%.   ,_���.      '      . '-.���---������  And so the   thousands  that   remem-  "   bered him in all his songs and jokes,  ."'  appreciated his stage work  as the best  in'.the.minstrel line. ..:.-_'.'  ��� .Cbol was born  in Toronto in 1840,  and was only two years of age when  his father died.    His youthful days, as  ., ''  he himself has said,   were  "not very  , *   eventful."^ He was musical from the  a    start���many youngsters   are���but the  - ���*?..      ��� -.--������-  variety of entertainment differs.    His  h;*.    ..Vs .A, ,������,���-,���!,'���*���  j -a >.v-  ,-.--' ..-.'.; ;   .  ���  ���". mother insisted that he should learn a  ;_.  .-'., -<,    ,���_,. ��� ������.������ -;.- ~_-    ���;-   -', - ��� .-     ���       a.,- ... .  'trade, .and   he. was apprenticed   to a  carriage painter. ' His progress in the  *'trade was nbtjihenomenal. ,;The hvoiv-  ^ .......        .       .. ...     ..  '..,#. otohy bHhe work did-.nbt barnioriiise''  , with' tbe'actlvities characteristic of the  ���'       -'V-     >0 "    : ft'-" i-1'.������������'    .   .' h-'0-0--0--.,- ..,;.-. .   -   -::    '  a'lad. j; Hbjwas.fond of song and dance,  '''and,with ;his chtims  cbutrivedj to or-  Jiganize.minstrel shows in a barn.    .  7/r Somewhere about 1854-5, Coolvwith  Aa. lot of his.friends, sueh'as Allan ,Hal-  'jl .' ������'   I.: ;������������: - ���       I .   r- .-���'���: \   '���        ���   ���  iJ ford and-Dick; Masters, gaye a down  town'feshow.. ' In .the Jate  fifties Bob  Storey fitted up a concert hall in the  ��� ... rear,of. the Lovejoy Hoiise,.and  here,  i'rCbbl played- tlie bones and sang the  .jmejbdies that were then so popular on  :fthe;minstrel stage.- '"Old Bob .Ridley"  .  Avas a favorite," and "The Old Fblks'at  "^?ijbme' 'THrd^' 'Eu cy^Eon��g'' *" were tak^  'ingsqijgs.... /'"....-*'  Cool had given  up  his trade, after'  ��� ���' ���  ,.H> , ..    .  ^working at it.for three years: -He had  ; made up his'mind that'the minstrelsy^  was bis vocation, and every"show that  : came to Toronto saw the young artist  in the front   row.    He made f'-iends  with   all   the  riegrb  delineators' who"  .visited. Toronto.  One of his old friends  ', in after years'was'' George Christy, of  the-original   Christy   minstrels,   and  . Dave Heed, bf Wood's  minstrels.   He  ���knew,Birch/of; Birch & Donniker's  troupe,   Cu nan's   troupe,   Buckley's  serenaders,      Campbell's      minstrels,  Skill* & Gaylor's combination, Duprez  &,.Green's, and others  then known as  the leading travelling companies.  -���'About 1800 Cool organized a troupe  '.-��� -      ���      i-  '  ���jvith William.and George Grainger,  Pat Redmond; with . three or four  others, and Frank Somers as agent,  and hilled all the small towns within  a hundred miles of Toronto. The first  place: they, struck was' Whitby, and  after a few months tour of Port Hope.  ���Cbbqrg.vBowmauville and. th.en back  to town and up the northern  line  to  ���-���;   Newmarket;  'Holland   Xiandiiij." and  Bradford, they  returned to   Toronto.  .T'his;:washisfirst;ti-pupd and first tottr.  Early in  the sixties, about 1803, Du-  -��� prez and;Green's Minstrels-were-billed  for Toronto.- ���;   Charlie Reynolds, their  a comedian,.'was ander the weather, and  had to go.homa.to .the StalcSj and the  show \yas.without one of, their. ,best  men.     .    _   /���     ;   ,t-.i ..    .    ._._y\ .,  .... ; Mr.. PearsbnJ vah! . American,fwlitf  kept the. American Hotel on Youn^e  street, suggested to Reynolds that he  engage Cool Burgess to take Reynolds'  place. Pearson said Cool would make  a good man for the show, for as an end  man with the bones, Cool was unexcelled. '.'.-���  The engagement was made and Cool  started off. Ho had quit his trade, and  thought that as he was making hia  start witii agood company, he would  make the t<*ur not only one of business,  btitot pleasure. Iu fact it was his  honeymoon, for he married Miss Edna  Stephenson Taylor of Toronto, and his  bride accompanied him -ot. this minstrel tour. .-"������> ���__-  7 .!'-  After this tour was over, Cool and  Charlie Reynolds, Wallie Thomas and  Bobby "Newcomb, formed a troupe aud  travelled in the States. Jack Haverly  was their agent. Then they sold out  to Sam! Sharp ley, who:.b^d a famous  troupe, and after that, in 1864, Burgess  and Haverley's Minstrels were organized aiid toured Canada.        -   -  When Cool returned to Toronto after  his first American tour the City theatre  on Church street was opened. It had  been fitted up by Mr. Petrie, of the  Lyceum Co., and played regular drama  for a while, and then vaudeville. It  was aftfiiwards known as "The Melo-  deon.'J Cool Burgess, Den Thompson,  Pat Redniond and a host of local talent  played'there.  In 1S73 Cool went to England. He  engaged with Sam Hague, of Hague's  Minstrels, in Liverpool, aud after that  engagement he played in London with  Moore & Burgess at the St. James'  Hall, with NUgent at the Royal Cam-  liridge, and with Jennings at the Oxford. He visited all the leading cities  and was well received.   ,  'His great feature was "Nicodemus  Johnson," a song and dance that he  got from Joe Murphy in the sixties.  It dicih't' amount to much when  =Coo. goWt, but iie inip,Eov��d*' the-song,"  added, the dance, and ,made, it his hit  i -. j i ���  fijr jnany-a year. . , r  o.His shoes in this act had more work-  to do than his voice. It was not their  beauty, but their size, that attracted  aUeutirfn, for they were about three  feet long,-and he-.moved them about  so- grotesquely in , a, very vigorous  dance, and.' liis motions as he crossed  his- leys, raised his shoe," placed a  lighted caiMle at the toe, and read fake  stories, with local color from a daily  paper, were so amusing, that he kept  tht_ house in roars-of laughter. ,He  saug^a^=good- song,-in-early -days-a  tenor, in later days a baritone. ,, '  -iGpol,always, commanded a high.salary. .. In-pne engagement in the States  he had:- ��500 a week and he .generally  averaged for years from $250 to $300.  In Britain he. had ��50 a week, and wasT  one of the .highest priced black face  comedians, of his day;     " ���/-'���  Aftea his return from England the  toured Canada nearly every yeiir for  ten or.twelve years, but about fourteen  years ago he decided to retire to aEg-  iinton; till he-was stricken will; illness,  and finally iu June last, Lie had logo  to the General Hospital.  H leaves a widow and one.brother;  John, and two sons. Alec, whoowiiB  the Russell House, Eddie, a commercial traveller, aud two daughters, Mrs".  Chaplin, of St. Catharines, and Mrs.  Ford, of Toronto.  IEISHWIT  :, ANDHUMOK  Irish Drollery a Precious As-  set to World's Wealth.  Irish wit and humor have become  proverbial all over the world.. And in  these days when so much is heard of  the struggle for life and contemporary  pessimism, Irish drollery becomes an  even more precious asset iu the world's  wealth than in times less sophisticated  and strenuous. Most certainly it was  not to Ireland that. Horace Walpole  applied that terse phillipic, "The whole  nation, hitherto has been void of wit  and humor, and even incapable of relishing it," for if there is one thing  more notable than an Irishman's own  fun it is hii great appreciation of a  good story told to him.  These are some of the reasons why it  is at times difficult for any stra.ngers  to appreciate the Irish properly. You  may remember how Lord MorriB summed up the difficulties of the Irish  question:���  "It is just the caseot a quick-witted  people governed by an intensely slow  one."*  And what is true of politics is also  true of humor.  Au Irish landlord delivered himself  of tbis :���  "Home Rule is always advocated by  those who can't rule their own houses,  and daren't call their names their own  within earshot of their wives.!'  An Irish member of Parliament once  within the House of-Commons vilified  tbe Chief Secretary in a superb "hull"-:  "The right honorable gentleman,  who so shamefully misgoverned my  unfortunate countty. has *pttfchonor'so"  ..-r-,��      -   7^r.  '.?*-    "*-^:-' r-w    .      -<  far behind bim that be, can uot'see it  when it is staring hitii iu the fitce."  Wit does not belong only to the  lower classes, as was shown by * the  Irish bishop, who, having been entertained witb every known legend of the  ghost which haunted tbe room in  which he was to sleep bu a certain  night, woke to find the ghostly apparition calmly gazing at him. The cleric  was not'in tiie least taken aback', but  entering into conversation with him  asked _tini who be was. Ou tbe spectre proclaiming bis identity, the bishop  replied'!���'-  **.' Will I ford the. str^me anywhere  here!".   A'  ���    "Bedad,    ye  may,   but   you'll   be  drowned," 7 /"...  "Is there onny boat at all?" ;  "Faith, there is Pat Mulligan's on  tbe.other side."  "How wijl I get the. boat across to  fetch rae?"  "How the dMl should I know ? All  tbe same you would if you forded tbe  strame for lt.".A  And that is. tlie kind of impasa whioh  seems, characteristic of so much tbat  goes on iu tbd' distressful country.���  JIomeGord6n{H Author of "Reminiscences Of an Irish Land Agent."  E. Sheppard   has sold his-160-acre  ranch to J. F.'Hug'garii of-Wiiihipeg.  In Saskatchewan Mr. Haultain; is  fi gh ti ng not only fprProyinci^l .Rfghts  but for political independence.. Tl'here  is no meaning in the names of Liberal  and. Conservative, Grit .and Tory, as  applied to the contest for, the government of the Province, and Mr. Haul--  tain is supported by many men who  will- support the; Liberal Government  at Ottawa on its general policy. The  fight between tbe machine and the in?  dependent electors is watched with  keen interest in this Province, where a  niacbiqe was.smashed last January by  an uprisingofindependents.���Toronto  News.  "r 'ani very pleased to see you, for  your descendants are among my most  devoted and generous supporters. I  trust that lam uot wrong.' iu tracicg  that generosity back to you. Now I  am engaged in restoring the cathedral  of my diocese; For what subscription  shall I put you down ?"     '    '  History and "the bishop relate tbat  that ghost promptly vanished and was  never seen again.  An amu.-dng story was told of Mr.  Gladstone, who asked an Irish peer to  tell his private and confidential opinions iu.1881.    ',.,;.-"'  The peer,-who had par.taken of re>  fresh ment somewhat liberally, was  only too eager to.comply with the re*  quest, and, slapping him on the back,  emphatically replied:���  "Ad-Ml bad bill, my dear boy ; a  d-^ dbadbill!"  Lively as Ireland is to-day, especially  at pig-fair iii'a small town, matters  must have bummed a good deal more-  iu olden times.     7/A'".'".'���'''  It was no unus'_al" thing for two  opposiug-lrOuhcil tb\Call but in court in  discussing a legal pbint and to retire to  a neighboring fileld to settle it with  pistols while Beflchi jury, aad spectators awaited-' them, quietly-betting ou  the possibility of one of thorn being  killed���ih which case hie client would  claim a verdict in his favor), "just to  show there was no ill-feeling !"   -  ^   ��� r .,-   . .''"A,      !  Sometime- there ia a system about  ..���A     ii <_   .      .a   : ';   v ,.* .   j l. I    ; ���'-.  Irish wit that shows how Impervious it  can be oh occasions.  A" traveler*" catne to a 'river and be  met a local on the bank.  EVENTS AND  GOSSIP  The story is told of a well-known  man who, not finding bis wife, went  out into the kitbhen where the.laundress was husy ^ith the family linen,  aud.inquired : ''Bridget, do you know  anything of hj^^wife'e whereabouts?"  "Yis, sor," replied Bridget, "I put  them in the wash.'.' '  A certain old hiald had a timorous  admirer who Confided to a man  friend that be baa tried ia vain to propose, but alwayiTlacked tbe necessary  reasonably found  with Mr. Campbell  In this connection, and any one who  Things Talked of During the  Week in Nelson.  The refusal of President Doull of the  West Kootenay Power & Light Company to sign the agreement between  the city and his company that had  been prepared With the consent of bis  representatives, will not convince the  public that Mr. Doull possesses a very  high sense of business honor. In all  his dealings with the city the word of  Mr. Campbeil has been taken as that  of one having authority to act for the  West Kootenay Power A Light Com-  pano, and it cannot be contended tbat  Mr, Campbell did not believe that be  was acting as the duly accredited representative of the company. Yet tke  president of that company after nego-  tions bad almost reached the climax  absolutely refused to be bound by tbe  word of his representative, and on  one pretext o.r another cancels his  pledges to the city.   No fault can be  nerve to pop tbe momentous question  "Why dou't you telephone?" said tbis  flippant person.' .'Tbe idea appealed to  the timid one and he put it in practice. "Is that Miss Brown ?" ."Yes."  "Well, Miss Brbwii will you marry  me?" . "Yes !   Who's speaking?"  Tbe special Dominion Exhibition  number issued by the Vernon News ia  a credit to tbat publication. It can tains  58 pages of well- written matter and  beautiful illustrations. Tbe advantages possessed by the Okanagan Valley are set -forth in .-the most convin-^  ring terms, and- t_k' Illustrations., eon-1  vey their own story ot the progress  that has been made In tbat portion of  the Province during the past fiveor  six years.  It is quite usual after.a ball to find  tbat the-, action of,the. heart shows-  traces of-fatigue, particularly in delicate'young women, whocoraplainof a  vague sensation of uneasiness, sadness-  and even>of pain, and are, in a word, iu  a peculiar condition<ihat is. not yet a>  would presume to lay the blame at hia  door would be doing that gentleman  a grave and cowardly injustice. There  is nothing on the surface to show that  Mr. Campbell does not now regard the  concessions made by tbe, city all tbat  could be reasonably expected ; so that  the conduct of President Doull Is left  open to the very worst:construction  |hat can be placed upon It. Tbe latter  may flatter himself that he bas done  something very shrewd, but tbe public will interpret verjr differently his  open refusal to he bound by the pledge  of hi* representative.... It ;may be that  the trouble can-yet ro adjusted<rbutlt  nqw looks lis if the aid of tlie courts will  again have to be called ih. .fit does, the  repudiation of the pledged word Of Mr.  Campbell by Mr. Doull should enlighten the jjudg'es as to the methods of  the West Kootenay Power & Light  Company and tbe relentl'essness of tbe  enemy Nelson has to deal with.  " It bas been   proposed   tbat a vote  should be taken as to whether the city  disease, nor is Lit health���much nearer: shall continue to be.a customer of tbe  the former-tban  the latter.     Diseases West Kootenay Power ���& L^ht Com  ^caused, _bv_dancing_ are commoner_in  women titan in men.     The most frequent   are laryngitis, particularly in i result of the vote, even ..if the public  women'-who talk a:great; deal while  dancing; colds,:bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia and pleurisy. Dancing should be -absolutely forbidden in  all cases of consumption^wbich may  assume a- very: rapid, form, from ..this  cause. Itis counter indicated as well  in all cases of heart trouble.  pany. In_ the present temper of_the  people it is not difficult to foretell - tbe  "Hooligan's 'Troubles,'* which Manager Arthur J. Aylesworth brings to  the Opera House on Monday, is said to  make no pretensions to -be other., than  a farce of the most furclal nature. It  has one advantage over other comedies  In that it is mirth-compelling from be*  service, should suffer some; inconvenience. Last month the city paid tbe  company $1,300,. and this is about tbe  average cost tothe city every.month.  About the only great inconvenience  would be the stoppage of the street car  serviee. This would be only temporary, and the public would not complain when a vital principle is involved.  Hon. R. F. Green, Commissioner of  Lands and Works, is now making a  tour of his own riding and will reach  Nelson early, next' week.     Since Mr.  Green accepted office in the McBride  ginning to   end and more, diverting1 Government be bas made it his duty  than many owing to the almost endless complications ��� in which "Hooligan" flh'ds   himself.    The  story  is  to visit the Kootenay three or four  times a year. He is thus always in  touch with the people of the interior,  based upon the illustrated pictures; an,j_s abie todeal Intelligently witb  made familiar by the Sunday newspa- j their demand*., In the old times, tbe  pere in their comic supplements. In a) ministers peyer Ipft Victoria until an  skit of this kind comedians and pretty! election came on ; then .they made a  girls who know how tbsinganddance, hurried trip through the country and  are  necessary adjuncts.-    Specialties jyyen never heard of again until an-  botb quaint and novel, ballads and  popular songs, dances.of a refined nature and other features are promised.  : W. Nickerson has purchased a 20-  acre ranch from A. G. Bush at Slocan  Junction.  other,election campaign. The min Ib-  tersoi* (he McBride Cabinet inaugurated.a- new system. They are constantly in touch with tbe people, and  do not have to depend on rumors filtered through half-a-dozen channels  before it reaches .them for their guidance in conducting the affairs of their  Fred Starkey has returned from a office..,.A thorough knowledge of local  viait through East Kootenay and Al* conditions Is particularly essential in  berta. Wherever he visited he noted the successful administration of the a.  algqa of prosperity, and grand pros* &iw of the Chief Commissioner's of-  pects for the future.   .   .    - tice.    A designing man could make  representations to the Commissioner,  which, if acted upon, might cause  I grave injustice, as bas often been the  case in British Columbia. But when  It is known that the Cabinet Minister  will not act upon the uncorroborated  statement of anyone man, but will  seek the advice of the many, the door  closes on the man who would manipulate the department to gain his own  selfish ends. By pursuing the policy  of making personal investigations into  the wants ot the people generally, and  not depen ling wholly on the opinion  ion of one, the Lands and Works department under its present chief, has  won the proud distinction of being  conducted in a more efficient manner  than at any time since British Columbia became one of the Provinces of the  Dominion' The fact that the bitterest  opponents of the Government can find  nothing to criticize in the Government  at the present time is perhaps the best  testimony of tbe.efficiency of eve ry de-.  partment administered by Hon. B.  McBride aud bis ministers'.  FKOM THE  STRAY POETr.  Things that Furnish   Muse*  with Inspiration.  The praise bestowed upon Harold  Nelson for his acting in "Franceses  Da Biminl was well deserved. The  play itself ls one tbat calls for the best  efforts of an actor; it is dramatized  from Dante's story, the arrangement  being the one used by the late Lawrence Barrett. Mr. Nelson takes the  part of "Lanclotto," the cripple, a role  though widely different from any of  the classic parts in which he has beeu  seen here, demands the same inspiration and fire. Being, a cripple, he is  sensitive, and shrinks from exhibiting  his deformity before the woman who  has heen .chosen' for his wife. The  maiden falls in love with "Paoil,'' the  handsome brother who haa been Bent  to'bring ber to Rimini, and is horrified  wben.she discovers tbat-hie Hmot<to  he "her "fiuaband." She seeks revenge  for the deception that has been,- practiced upon her, the result being a domestic tragedy. The part of the court  fool, "Pepe," is taken by Clifford Lane  Bruce, and is a clever interpretation in  every respect. Miss Scott bas a splendid part in "Francesca," ar.d is seen  to great advantage. Miss Scott is improving all the time. Miss Patterson  was very good as the maid, and tbe  acting of Messrs. Blake, McKenna and  Desmond was all tbat could be desired. The elaborate scenery added  S!*_';Jy_*'0_the general success ofthe  "production.  JUST A WORD OF CAUTION.  I like a pleasant, harmless Joke  As well as any one,  I'm never angry when you poke  A little bit of fun ;  But when I find that where I've Bat,  You've smeared tbe seat with tar,  It ought to be conceded that '  Is pushing things too far.  I quite enjoy a merry jest.  E'en at my own expense,  It's very seldom I protest  Or take the least offence ;  But when you'pull my chair away  Aud give my spine a jar,  On such occasions I must say  ' You're pushing things too far.      '  I'm not one of your testy cranks   . ' ___  Who always seem to frown  At any gay, light-hearled pranks, .  But please don't play the clown.   '  Those jokes tbat you term practical'  I fear that I must bar,  So, if you're bound to joke at all  Don't carry It too far.  Geo. D. Collins, tbe San Francisco  lawyer who has oeen fighting extradition proceedings iu Victoria for the  past three or four months, has returned  voluntarily to his home. The first  charge against him was bigamy, but  his extradition was sought for on a  charge of perjury in connection with  the bigamy case.     A dispatch from  she SMrr.ED.  Was It a smile, or was it a wink ?    .  Truly I didn't know what to think ;  The 1 girl was a regular peach, you  see,  And she certainly did look good time.  I'm no masher, you bet���no, sir !  But the passers-by all looked at ber, '  -   And   I, by   her beautiful   face   bo-  .    guiled, .        .  Couldn't .help staring���suoh   things  occur���' " ' *" ."''���"  Aud I thought she smiled.*  1 wasn't quite sure, of course, but then  I never was one of those timid men ;.  If the  smile   was   mine I'd see  it  through,  So I went right   back   for anothi r  view,  I  hurried���I  met  her���I  raised my  hat���  Then my feet flew up aud I fell dow <\  flat!  Dou't those banana peels make y< u  wild ?  But sbe took oue look at me as I sat.  And I know she smiled !  really  A PER.IL,.  Takin'  things   too  serious, it  'pears to me,  Is causiu' very nearly1 all  the troul>.<  tbat we see,  Worryln' about the weather when ex  perieuce will show  That tbe sunshine's bound to folio 7  every case of rain or snow.  San Francisco says tbat the impression ! Gettin' the impression that your ow.j  among the best lawyers there Is that \  particular brand  Collins    will    eventually    beat    the  Of sorrow is the biggest tbat is raLi-c  tbe charges against him and go free.  He has so tied up the record by the  trip to British Columbia that the District Attorney Is in a quandary as to  how to proceed against bim.    It ls con-  in all the land;  Thiukiu' about yourself until you flint'  you're half delirious.  Nearly   all   the   bother   comes   fro a  takln' things too serious.  Tolllu*  cetled that the perjury charge will uot '_���/,, .1-1 .     , .  1   J   J * 8onie folks ou a holiday make lab r  stand under the ruling of the courts,  and also that under tbe treaty a prisoner extradited on one charge cannot  be prosecuted on another, the latter  difficulty obviating the prosecution on  the charge of bigamy.  Wm. Cranston bas telegraphed the  Nelson Opera House for four nights  for liis opera company beginning December' 11th. The company has reorganized, and ia one of the best  musical organisations on the road.  Tbe repertoire includes, "The Bohemian Girl," "Chimes of Normandy,"  "Mikado," "El. Capitan," "The Telephone Girl," etc., etc.  out of mirth,  aud  a  hurryin'  to  get  tin- it  money's worth;  Never takin' time for any comfort a: i  repose  An* maybe   gettin' jealous  of some  other person's clo'es;  Makin' it a custom in  their pleasut 00  to be glum  An' clingiu' to their sorrows like tluty  must enjoy 'em some ;  It's time tbe nation realized it might]*  deleterious,  This  universal   tendency   fur  taking  things too serious.  Intending settlers from the States  have been looking over the Kootenay  Fred Elliott, the Trout Lake bar- the past two or three weeks, with tht  rister, is down' from the Lardeau. The intention of engaging in fruit-grotr*  outlook for that district ia improving,' ing. ; :M ;.,wys��.vjyi-:_. tf-i*,* -iri.��a --���;__*'.  THE NE  tfON ECONOMIST  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at-  ^ERNON STREET, NELSON. B. C.  $1 Pet Year  in  Advertising rates made known on application.  All changes In advavtlse./ients to Injure  Insertion should reach this office not Inter  than Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address ls required, 11 Is  desirable that both the old address and thc  new be elvon.  A.ddre&B all communications, *' Publisher.  of Tub Nklsox Economist. Nelson. B. C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Nearly $300,000 has been recommended by Vancouver's city engineer, to be spent for new sewers  in various portions of that city, and  for the building of several sep'ic  tanks.  The Dawson contractors who attempted to cheat the government  agents in ehort measurement of  wood, evidently overlooked the fact  that Governor Mclnnis has had  considerable experience .with grafters for many years.  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  Are you Drinking my .  When will tbe public duly appreciate the prophecies of tbe Nelson"  Tribune ? The ��� great peculiarity  about the Tribune's prophecies is  that they are never made public  until after tbe actual ,'cvenis have  taken place. Of course, it is better  late than never.  Bernard Shaw will not add to bis  reputation as a gentleman by his recent attack on Sir Henry Irving.  If Sbaw had charges to make  against Sir Henry be should not-  have waited until.death;'.prevented a  defence. Shaw is a coward and his  attack on the dead  actor  proves it.  Rev. William Leroy, of Nurwieh;  Ijngland; cannot be regarded as a  champion of Russia. 'In ft' recent  sermon be gave liis estimate of that  '���"���-���.;,������-, : j -  country in the following language :  "Russia has ever combined tlie ambition of a Lucifer with the putrid.t v  of a Lazarus. Sbe stands preeminent to-day in the gliiy of her  guilt in massacring Jews."  _. _ JTbe. A us t ra 1 ian_me mher__JJPartiax.  riient who. took money for exerting  his influence to secure certain legislation will be compelled  to pay the  . penalty bf bis crime. In the United  States recently a Senator was convicted of a similar crime. It .is  quite possible that similar (.flenses  have  been  committed, in.  (.nt__��dn  -fbut the perpetrators bave been able  to elude the  courts of justice  thus  ���.far. ���.  . ���"<'  If you are not���you're not in  line���for most people are. I'm  selling pounds and pounds to outside people and tbe largest part  of it goes to regular customers.in  town.  Do you think tbey would cm_-  tinne to buy tbeir Tea if it-.wasn't  alii claim? Belter get a trial  lot of it*. Get up now and Phone  19 and tell Joy to send.a.pound  at once.  Joy's Cash Grocery  'PHONE 19  Co  "Wholesale and Ketall  Dealers In  A good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  Camps supplied on shortest V> \_/ A   '��, r_     ��  4.-    'Ai     �����. Gooa<fear We t.   Very Best  uotice aud lowest prices. ��>_v��   v,��.     . w ..       . w.j  w^w  \t -i ��� 1 r 1 Value.  Mail birders receive careful  attention.  Nothing ' but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept.in stock.  ��. C. TRAVES. Manager  60 "YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ^ Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Last-Call"Pacific Coast  [xGiirsion Rates  $ __-. Ob /   O  Round Trip  Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle  $  To Pcrfland and Return  On n.l'c'ilnlly unlll.Oct. 15.   Good for 30 days  but not later Hum Oct 31.  Anvono sanding n nketf-h ntid deacrlptlon may  tiutcl'ly aacort.ata our opinion frco whether an  qUICItiy   uauuiiai.i.  imi   ir|iiumu  11 uu  ����jtumu.   *���,  Invention la probably p.-iiontitble. Communion,  tlousntrictlycoulldentiiil. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent freo. Oldest aironcyfor secainiff piitonts.  Pntents Inken tbroueh Munn _ Co. receive  tveelal notice, without clinriro. In tho  --    -   ......       .��  . A hand3on.6ljr lltqstratoil weekly. J.nrcost circulation of any scleutiuo Journal. Terms.-*- a  year: four months, $L Sold by ull jiewsriealoi-H.  Bnuieb OQcp. R25 5" St- Washington, D. C.  ' ;0       xoTKJK.  . N'ollrp I^Hi-ri-bynrlvflil, llml Pixly (fid) d:\ys  ttt'.fi: .ilnte. Miiii-nii in Hjnily ui'ilic (JhlprConi.  ini��sl.ni��'r of LnrnlnJ iitk! Wnrkhfnr peimi-slon  ��� o |iitr'-li!<fii.! lit- Htl'nwi|ii�� (losci-Mii'd ImkIr, on  fli'e smith ���Ideof Knoli n.i> Klvcr in I lio West  Konffiiiiy DiMfrict, nnrl tout���iliiiiig'nppi'ox-  iinill.l'ly 1-20 Ji��,-POH.��!f It nil.  ������ >0"iijrii(!iicln!r nt:i po^t marker! A I.. Me-  Cull'icii'.-i gfrnliiWM a 't-jii-r, bfing aKo the  '��-.-uiliwi>*i '-oi-iicr 01 Ij li't'TA IIiCH-iitcl lands  nro .hinimlMl on the went- by I..11IS .liWA.Mitl  .toTi'i. (Jroiip'l : mi Ilio mirth bv tlio Kootonay  Kivi-i-: 011 Hi* eust by Ioti'42'H I2d*i S'l 0. ����131,  Ori.np I : 1111 .Ihe'siniili by l.oti. .JIJl, Jl'C!, C3U7A  mill nsn-i. (ri-oupl...  ������ Oiilo.l August'���___]_, 1��)5  '. .���'..   . A. 1,. Mr-Ci'i r-rrir.  Through Sleeper Arrowhead. to Vancouver.  Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.  Corresponding rates from nil -Kootenay  and Crow's.*? est points. For bertb . reservations' and full particulars, apply'tb local  agfents'or write  3. CARTER,  Dist.Hass. Agt.  Nelnon.  E; .1: COYLE,  A. G. _, A.  VmipnuvPr  variety., -tn. 1.893 it 1 ore S tons of  grapes,-and jn 1895 over 10 tons.  -Tlie  trunk .of, the vine  is.7 feet 8  inches in circumference.  ' EIow   to  Tin ash   Your  Wife,"  ^ays Lahoucher., in "'I ruth," "l-as  Of the. seventeen members of tlfe  administration which .Sir Wilfrid  Laurier formed in 1S96 there' are  eight left, and three of the eight are  almost sure to retire within.the next  twelve months. The Victoria Col-  Ofjist thinks  that 'lhe salary bill .of  ..last session might appropriately  have  been   entitled,   "An   Act   to  - render easy the resignation of Cabinet Ministers under  certain condi-  ;> ttohs." ;;.  not .received in tire Pies-, tl.e at ten-1  tion such an important su!j.ct*de-  scr^ves. _S"otliiii^ is mo.e ct rtain lo  ���iflect the lone of home life prejudicially than, errors ot* judgment  in , administering correction lo the  wife aiu.1 mother, i    It is so eisy to  beat  Vour   wife-too   much, or ��� too .  "���������������.���.-������ .-��������� - .i  Hllle.or to do i^'ih the wrong,way.  The u$e of .the pokfer  is apt to lead |  to serious  cQnsr.quences.      On  the  other--'hand,- .whi'.e a  strap ,'stings  abnoruially.J  it..is 'heven-leads   to  trouble with-the coSr&rier's" jury.'.','.  A vine now standing . in Calir  fofoia, which, is considered the  largest in the world,.was planted in  y 1842 by a Spanish woman. Beneath  its spreading branches,- which cover  "'nearly half an  acre,   800 persons  could find protection from the sun's  heat. .' The. first election- in Sant^  Barbara   County  under   American  .rule was he'd beneath i s r'pening  %/ruit-     Tbe vine is of the Mission  "The Teleg'r'a'ni says that Toronto  was <nice governed with so 'little  wisdom lhat laud'was,sold for- taxes  to ihe-highest bidder. Lpls might  go for twenty,peri'centqf the taxes]  against them. , Thencity never complained. > Property owners found-it  cheaper to buy their'"I'-ts at the tax  sales for twenty or 'thirty cents on.  the 'dollar than'to pay the hu'n_r��d ���;  cents'on the dollar to the tax ddlle_^  ���tors.      Tcron to-n'.was, years : in  dis-  '   ���������'���*���':������...-. A '*':'     '\v.A-.-  covering the wisdom of-. th.e;.��;irn.ple  expedient of, taking ���.'6veny,thie,VlgDfi'  for the taxes', ratlief" _thanH..allowniig  the livid to'te^bqugbt'^fbr���"���'a'fract-  tion of ?th'fe 1tk^:-v\T0s.',dls;cVv^?ii'.'  has. netted t'li_'cit,y ;a.p]t:q^t.,pi ..oyer  .$t3^,'cbViii/sercri*;3Seat$.jLa��^..i>5.'^iU  m.��g^  SMOKE  THE   CELE-BRATED  BRIAR  tMPES.  ni  Q.  .<  X  tn  You: opportunity for a.good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical sli'oemaker don't know when he is giving bis customers their  money''s worth then who does. -  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes.  The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co,,  - of Canada, Limited  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up.  Apply to  ER  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  -I.The largest exclusively Wholesale  Liquor House in  the interior  Baker Street Nelson, B. C.  In Pints and Quarts  'Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  +++4 *444++444444 +++4444+ 44444444~444+++44 ������������������������������ 44\  I BARTLETT  HOUSE !  J                                         v            (Formerly Ulurke House)                        -                      - a  *      The besl SI per day house lu Nelson.      None but wblte help employed    The ��  p       ���           .                                          bur the bent.                                         ' , 4  +                                                                                                              "���'  -       - ���          ^  ROPRIETOR %  4 4  ���t44+44+++++4+44++4444444t444+++++>+44444+++++++4+44++  IG. W. BARTLETT, P,  $1 per day and up  NoChlnese Employed  AUGUSt THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HAIX' AND   VERNON   STREETS,       liri 0011    n   p  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, HLLOUIlj  Di U  V-*y- ������������ ^#   -*i�� -^--��V* �����{���- -*>��� --*��������-%    ���**#    *\ �������� ��*>    ��%    >%    9%    �����>���1\    >�����    <*%    ���% i   ��+��    A   ���  31 ents. &'AWiiings-. Made -iand .Repaired'  CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED  f      OVER J.H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON. B. C.      ��V  v���.'y  5 In io-acre blocks, in 20-acre blocks: Improved ranches. ��'  J. E. Annable, kelson, B. C.        ^  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  >; Depotfor Briair Pi0esir N elson  lanos  ' f o rj% e rrt -an d^^Sja le \  -.-��_.'���.- ..'-     *     '���'<&������'**..i.'.^.'aV'-' :xt,.f'Z-: .'.a':.-.'  ::'.'i?-'?  MEAT MERCHANTS         Head Office NeSson,-B. G. ,  Branch  Markets  in  Rossland,   Trail,. Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City. :"*���'*  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt and. careful attention.  .We are authorized agents for 'the Sale  of  ������'.' the- Nelson \Electric.'Tramway 'Company's  ���lots, and  will quote prices and' terms on ap-  ' ���-���"  �����'.������ i        .7       ������' ���    ��� '"'���'  ���5k-     ..-.���/.'.'.'PUcation.' ; \7rZy ,���  Aw.y  iii ��� ��� ...    ���'..     J -,,. 7 co- ' ������    ���. ��� .�� ���  ,-i: i. .'.���   ��� I..:-. : ...  :��� .-...���:- :-r .,:.   .-I _���;���.:    i- :.  ���  ������o ; Tooth Brushes, Cloth Bmshes and Whisks.>- o^  o.:...,.   .���,,   A ���   -"-A 7A aV.A,: :*;!������ o. '.oo :ai7:.a\[."a......   7 ���..: '."' .. 7 ' '  y::$ew;TeTi^ V*^:oV"''''/.. ^ .'.  ���ilait OiridBrs Pi^oiiiptly i^iliedj ���  ���NIGHT-:pS3nS B2X4-"-'.:' S- ���- WA^D STREET. NELSON, B. C.  f^^l^ffl^^l^^l^^l^ffl^^^^^^^^Mj^^^y^^  - *   "      - hotagraphers |  H   ��� Vancouver and Nelson  'B'A'KER STffEEfrN EISO MABAC:  A     A     ,*n      r+.  E. K. STRA.CH[^_ISr t  .    I  ___.  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given on Genera!  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward Street, Nelson.  -4���4  9 -4-^���4���4���4  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors.  ���  ^      Genuine Maple Syrup in  bulk.       Sole Manufacturers  of  a   Mother's Bread.       .  __ ,.'        ���'*       '���' ��������� ��� .\..  Store':'"Baker St., between Sta hley a nd Ward.  At the Auction Mart Saturday night at 7.30 o'clock.  .A Another'consignment of = Goods has  just arrived .'consisting   off  Scotch Wool Underwear and Socks. v .���      ���'������.���,  J. Green  Baker Street:  /Auctioneer'  ���: '-vN^oB, B. Cr THE  NELSON EGONOMIbx  ''^.AJ^'I  9  NELSON ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTING DISTRICT.  Sale of Mineral Claims for Unpaid and Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Assessment and Collecting District Province of British Columbia.  I hereby give notice that on Monday, the sixth day of November, A. D. 1905, at the hour of teno'clock In tbe forenoon, at tbe Court House  Ntfson, I shall offer tor sale by public auction the mineral clalnia ln the Hat hereinafter net out, of the persons In 6uld list hereinafter set out  of which Crown Grants have been issued, for tares remaining unpaid and delinquent by paid persons on the SOth day of June, A. 1). 11)05, aud  for costs and expenses ofsald sale, If the total amount due is-not sooner p��ld. ''  LIST ABOVE MENTIONED.  NAME OP PERSON.  H.  Seious......    Nels. Pearson and W. Gibson  ���������  Nels. Pearson and W. Gibson    Nels. Pearson and.W. Gibson  -���������  "Delight Gold Minln? Co., Ltd ������������  London & Rossland B. C, Limited    London & Rossland B. C, Limited ������������������:  Duncan Mines. Ltd.. Raymond  B.  Need-  ham and'.Charles"'K.- Milburn,���������������������_���/-  Dundee Gold Mining Co., John M. Smith  Helen Louise Lueke  ."   Rupert  E.   A.   Meuller   Nels Pearson and W. Gibson    George "VV. Chisholm    Leopold Ernest Keller  ���.������..���������;������"  The BluenEyed Nellie Mining Co., La, Lia.  John Dean   W. de V le Malatre   ���������������___-"���  The B.  e.  Mining Co.. Ltd., '(Foreign)..  F.   E.    White,    administrator    estate   of  Ralph "White .'  Delight Gold Mining Co    ........  T. B. Garrison, P. Aspinwall and D.  W  Cameron ,v,_'V  Cumberland Gold Mining Co., Limited  .  Alex.   Goyette,    J.    A.    Quinlan,   Prank  Coryell '.   ���  O.J. Wlngen, J. H. Field and C M Reese  J. E. Winze and A. M. Patterson   The  Western Oil and Coal Co.,.  Ltd.   .i.  The "Western Oil and Coal Co.,,  Ltd.   ...  The Salmo Con. Gold Mining & Develop  ment Co., Ltd   ���������������  The Salmo Con. Gold Mining & Develop-  ;   ment'Co.. Ltd ,������������:;    "'  The Montana,Gold Miming Co   John. Dean  :'---  Robert Miller- ������ ������   ,  John Reavls, Theodore R. Newman, John  Y. Cole and G. W. Monk    W. Grlffths;'& T. A. Cameron    Geo.  W: Chisholm      The  Minto  Mines,  Limited       ���������  London  &  Rossland B.   C,  Ltd   London  &  Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd   William T. Mitchell   ���     _.  The   Trail   Crek   Hidden   Ti ensure    <->old  Mining Co.. Ltd   Noonday  Mining  Co.,   Ltd    ���  Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  Co.. Ltd.  L   Duncan Mines, Limited   .  ������  Duncan United  Mines and AVm.  McLWen  Delight Gold  Mining Co.  Ltd   London & Rossland B.  C,  Ltd.   .....  Cumberland  Gold  Mining  Co.,   Ltd.   .  Rio Grande Mining Co.,  Ltd   Geo.  W. B.'Heathcote     Geo.   W.   B.'"Heathcote      Geo.  W.   B.   Heathcote      John   A.   Dunlop   &   R.   W.   Gibson   and  Duncan Mines, .Limited  ���  John   C.   Dunlop   &   R.   W.   Gibson   and  Duncan Mines, Limited  ���������  Duncan    Mines,    Limited,    Raymond     B.  Needham & C.  IC.  Milburne    _  Henry Kearns      ������������  Henry  S.  Crottv &. Edwin S.  Pentr&ath  Duncan  Mines,  Limited  and  R.   R.   Hedley and E. R.  Wokes      ....  Franklyn A. Jones and Hary Wright  Eldorado Mines. Limited, N.P.L.   .....  Xdzetta   Field     and     Charles     G.    Major  ��������'������     committee  for D.  Munro      : M.  D.  Mahoney and J. E. Boss    The Minto Mines, Limited    The Kenneth Mining & Development Mining Co.; Ltd.  L .*.-...  The   B.C.   Mining  Co..   Ltd.   (Foreign)..  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   Now Brunswick Consol. Gold Mining Co.,  Limited    ������  Henry Roy/ J. J.  B. Gos(iellm and J.  b.  /"���   .   T|^f*fl__30T" * _,     _��������������**��*  Delight Gold  Mlning'Co.','Ltd.'.'....:...-...  Primrose Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Isaac "Van Ness      Lerwick Gold Mining Co., Ltd   : Pine.Rldg�� Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Fraser Harry Lantz '.   London & Rossland B. C. Ltd   Fairmont   Gold   Mining   Co.,    Ltd..    and  Ernest Kennedy and J. L. Parker  B. C. Mining Co., Ltd.. (Foreign)  ...  Eldorado Mines, Limited, N.P.L   oR. /M..  Macdonald      .John   Rouchbook,   J.  E.   Boss,   Josephine  Ward, A. C.  Flummerfelt. M.  D.  Ma  ���honey, W. A. Crane and John Johnson  Julius  Peterson      Alex Goyette, John A Qulnland and Frank  Coryell     '    ..  oNow Brun_wlck_Consol._GoId_Minlng_Co.,  Limited .....:   The Western Oil & Coal Co., Ltd. ........  T.   B.   Garrison,   Chas.   Ink,   and   Thos.  Collins   1 W. Griffith & T. A. Cameron   John   Dean,   Martin   Salmon   and 'K.   L.  Burnet   Imperial Copper  Co.,  Ltd.,   N.P.L.   .  London & Rossland B. C , Ltd   Walter F.  Askew,  W.   C.   Forrester and  C.  W.  Arnold   * ...  London & Rossland B. C. Ltd   A.   H.  Kelly nnd  Mary  R.  Drlsooll   .  -A.   H.  Kelly and  Mary  R.  Driscoll   .  Oriel Mining & Milting Co., Limited.  Oriel  Mining &  Milling Co.," Limited.  Rio Grande Mining Co., Ltd.     .  a Joseph Bernard, Paul Bonnet, Dolph Boyce  "lEldza Anno Crowe      Golden Gate  Con.   Mining Co.   ............  Harry Wright and C. J. -Ditter ..'::'..'.;.-;.'.  Valpariso Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.,  N.P.L  Roy W.  Caldwell-and .Chas. ,L.   Caldwell  oGeo.   H.   Caldwell;  Benjamin Thomas,  J.  A. Turner, Flnnamore M. McLeod and  Robert John Be&ley ....'!...   .............  Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  .--'..    Co..  Ltd. _   Cumberland Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.   ,  G. W. Chisholm   Geo. F. Whlteman  ���   . Noonday Mining Co., L.L ���  A. H. Kelly and Mary R. Driscoll ...  ,'W.  L.   Lawry     -.   Edward Balllie ...... .,   London. & Rossland B. C. Mining Co..Ld.  DESCRIPTION OF CLAIM.  Annie    ,  Aaron's Isle    Aaron's Gem   Aaron's Star    Atlantic   .  Al Fraction     Albermarle Fraction  AHce:-'.,:;..  ..'.;'.;;..  Annie   Fraction   ......  Armour   Plate      Anne      Aaron's   Fraction   ...  Alice   Bolus   Blue Eyed Nellie ....  Blue Belle   Bryan      Bannock   Big  Red  Horse      Balmoral     B  C   Boston   V-..  Bully   Boy '   Badger-, ,.   Big 4  .-.-. .....  Big  2      Bonanza    Blue  Jack     Blue   Jack   Fraction   ..  Blue   Bird      Black Diamond  ,  Black Jl-wk No. 2 ......  Bunkor HIU   ..-...."..   ..::  Bilnkes   Hall    .'   Big   Duluth   ..;.-    ,...-  California      Citv of Paris ,   Copper Lily    Canadian Queen  .......  Courtland  .''....t   Copper Belle   ."   Copper Queen     Colorado   Fraction      Colorado    Calgary   ......... -   Candidate  ..-.'...:..- :...*..  Copper Cape     Champane     Canadian-Belle ..>.   Canadian Belle No.  2  ..  Canadian Girl Fractjo^  Comet '..'.,..',  Calumet     Condor ..*   Carthage-   Champion      Catherine  ���   Copper  Bell      Carmenclta     Corinthian   ...A.....  Democrat' .'   Deadwood  .,   Dinner Bucket     ...  Drill    *:...  Dennis    ,'..'  Dodo    I    '..'.  Deadwood ...,' .'."...'.  Delaware     Delight    :   Denmark-. ,    Etna   .*"..   ..  Elise     Klpro    .,  Empress-   Eclipse    Evening. Star    Ethel    :.  Kldorado    Emerald No,_S  ,. ...  .Lot 407  .Lot 2955  ..Lot 2956  ..Lot 2957.'  .Lot .1209  .Lot 3729  ..Lot 3842  ..Lot 3248,'  .Lot 3849.  ..Lot 4186  ,.T,ot 53SO  ..Lot '2958  ..Lot' 5627v  .Lot 212S  ..Lot ".2936'.  ,.Lot 2843  ..Lot 1C89  .Lot 3296,  .Lot 2986  .Lot 3944  .Lot 4335  .Lot' 4019  .Lot 3238  ..Lot 785  .Lot 4S73  .Lot 4637  :.Lot 46S8  ..Lot 2688  .Lot *691  ..Lot 6438  ..Lot 3413  ..Lot ;2911  .Lot 2939  .Lot 4923  ..Dot 5626  .Lot 1677  ..Lot 3405  .Lot 3407  ..Lot 3240  Unpaib  Tax__.  -'-." Lot:  ���-..Lot;  ������..Lot  ���-..Lot  ��� ��� ..Lot  ��� ���..Lot  ������..Lot  ������..Lot  ���-..Lot  ���-..Lot  ������..Lot  ���-..Lot  343G.  3133  3429  3934  631  4208  3S07  4020  5131  4783  4784'  4785  Forest   ..  Fanny  ...  Florence  Florence      Franklin    Free Coinage    Fidelity     '    <  Farnham-..'   Grizzly  Bear     Golden Gate    Gold. Island   ..;...   ',..  Glasgow    ���.   Goldea Era ...'.   Golden Chain';   Good  Hope     Good  Hope Fraction  Gcorglna  ,   Goodenough   Golden Queen.   .,  Golden Plate   Gray Mouse ,   Government       :;  Garfield    '.  Hidden  Treasure  Humming BJrd ...  Hidden Treasure  Hattlo ,B. h ........  Imperial ......"..'..  Inna ..-....-.   Irene    ;   .......  Ivanhoe    Ino     Jennta Llnd     ..Lot 5123   ..Lot 32"i()   ..Lot 2197   ..Lot 2912  ���������������'.Lot 4437  ��� ���''���'..Lot 57(9  ���������������-..Lot-. 5201   ..Lot 2090   ..Lot 236   ..Lot 2232  ������������..Lot' 3806'   ..Lot 3292  ���������������..Lot 3408  ���������'���:..Lot, 3401  ��� s ��' i .  ������������/.Lot '39t6  ������������'.'.Lot 2858   ..Lot 4206   ..Lot 4389   ..Lot 414  ......X^X 1310   ..Lot 252S   ..Lot 4424   ..Lot 3S09   ..Lot 3778   ..Lot 329J   ..Lot 5198   ..Lot 1486  ..Lot N233  ..Lot   1966  ...Lot   3337  "i��<7.Lot"39T7   ..Lot   4(35  ..Lot 1945  ..Lot 4923  ..Lot 543X  ..Lot 105  ..Lot 2954  No.  1  ..Lot  ..Lot  ..Lot  ..Lot  ..Lot  ..Lot  ..Let  ..Lot  . :iiot  .:Lot  ..Lot  .'.Lot  ..Lot  3244  3404  4153  4154  4382  4-Vii  5130  5169  : B-'Sl  4017-  5378  4908  49.��  ���*10.60  24.00  46.00  46.00  4.75 '  3.75  3.00  ! 39.00  3.00  11.00  '   39.00  6.00  12.75  75.25  7.25  26.00  23.75  16.00  76.50  18.06  38.25  42.50  9.00  20.00  2_.25  3.50  13.00  '  78.00  ���   4.50  12.00  21.00  39.C0  60.00  13.00  12.00  U.OO  35.25  39.00  31.50  ' .20.00.  : ;6i.��o  23.00  1.50  14.25  9.50  39.00  26.25  . 19.00  '   38.25 a  3S.25  30.75  "���10.50  ' 33.75  37.50  12.50  20.50  33.75 ���  12.75-  36.75  11.50  20.25  9.50  24.75  26.00  ���'   15.75  .    33.75  '39��00  13.00/  ' 5.2a  12.25  3.75  14.50  91.00-  61.25  35.25  30.00  26.00  39.00  13.00 '  31.50  98.00  12.50  -65.00"  ,���6.00  ei.25  12.75  23.00  26.25  10.00  G7.00  24.00  22.00  19.50  25.50-  10.50  34.00  11.25  13.00  91.00  10:75  .82.00.  12.75   Lot 411   Lot S428  Y'..'��v.Lot 4021  ......Lot 5628  ...:..Lot 3025  .......Lot 542��   Lot 4151   Lp,t 4329  .....;Lot 2920   .Lot 29��  4.50  .12.50  37.60  .12.75  66.50  78.00  26.0ft  45.00,  39.00  9.75  Costs  axo Kx-  I'KNSKS  %2.0O  '   2.00  -, 2.00  2.00  '���' 2.00 -  2.0.)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ,2.00  2.00  2.00  '2.00  2.00  2.00  2,00  2.00 _  2*00   '  2.<J0  2.00  2 00  2.00  2.00-  2.00*  2.00  2.CO  2 0D  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00   '  2.C0  2.00  /       '.  ���i   2.00 <  -    2,'0D.;  2,od  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  - 2.00  2,00  2.00 (  2.00  ' 2.00'  ���    2.00'  ,   2.00  "2.00  2.00.  2.00  2.00.  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P.  *12.60  26.00  '48.00  48.00  .   6.75  5.16  5.00  41.00  5.00  13.00  41.00  8.00  14.75.  17.25  ,9.25  28.1.0  25.75  18.00  78.50  15.00  40.25  44.50  11.00  2J.00  28.25  5.50  15.00  80.03  6.50  11.00  2J.00  41.00  62.00  '15.00  14.50  13.00  37.25  41.00 1  33.50  22.00  63.50  As  * 25 rtf"/  3.50  16.25  11.50  41.00  2S.25  21.CO  40.25  f 46.25  32.75  12.50  39.50  14.50  22.50  35.7.*i  14.75  38.75  13.50 '  22.50  11.50  26.75  28.00  17.75  35.75  ���Si.00  . 15.03  ��� 7.25  14.25  5.75  16.50  91.00  53.2*>  37.25  32.00  K.00  41.00  15.00  53.50  100.00  14.50  67.00-  8.00  63.25  14.75  25.C0  28.25  12*.00  59.00  25.00  24.00  21.50  27.50  12.50  36.00  13.25  15.00  93.00  12,75'  .'24 0)-  14.75'  6.80  14.50  39.50  14.75  68.50  80.00  28.00  a 47.00  41.00  11.75  W. J. Nelson   A.   H. aKelly,   E.   C  Rogers   ..;.  T. B. Garrison, Chas. Ink and T., Collins  English Canadian Gold Mining Co., Ltd.  Pine  Ridge  Gold  Mining  &  Milling  Co.,  Ltd     ������������  W. J.' Ledingham ......    Leirwlok Gold Mining Co., Ltd. Lia....   Freeman E. White  ...;   C. J. Schleif, G. J. Schlief and J G Brown  C. J. Schleif, G. J. Schlief and J G Brown  Kokan-ee  MUnlng  Co.,   Ltd    T. B. Garrison-and P. Aspinwall ....| Longsley ..  T.  B. Garrison,' & J.  H. Graham and G.  Aspinwall  I Lake View  O. J. Wigqn, J. H. Field and C. M.-Reese) Lizzard  DESCRIPTION OF CLAIM.  1 Unpaid  '  Taxes.  Jubilee  Julius Caesar     Jeff Davla   ,  Juliet   Kalamlsh     Kaffir   ......  Lytton   Little Blue Grouse  Leap Year Gem ....  Leap Year Pride ....  Lake "View    .....Lot 3026   Lot 3591  ....Lot HH6   Lot 1620  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd  J. E. Wlze _���������-,������-��� ���������  Duncan  Mines,  Limited, J .C.  Dunlop &  R. W. Gibson       Henry Kearns ;:     Emma A.  Rand    ....   The Montana Gold Mining Co/..  ............  E. J. Roberts and F. S. Phillips   Dollaracracy Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.  Ptne  Ridge Mining Co.,  Ltd ^.   Fairmont  Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.,  Ernest  Kennedy and J. L. Parker    The-Duncan Mines, Limited    ...  The Duncan  Mines,  Limited   Kokanee  Mining Co.,  Ltd.   Lia. -....,  London-& Rossland B. C, Ltd. .......  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd.  .......  H.   G.  Neelands      Andren Sostad       <  A. H.   Kelly,   E.   C.   Arthur   and   J  Rogers   .'   .  The-'Montana  Gold M-inlng Co   John R.  Revis, Theo R. Newman. G. W.H  Monk and John T. Cole   ...  Charles P. Hill    ���������  ,  John  Rouchbook,   J.   E.   Boss,   Jospehine  Ward, A.  C.  Flummerfelt. M.  D.  Ma.  - honey, W. A. Crane and John Johnson  Pine Ridge Mining & Milling Co.,  Ltd.-.  Noonday Mining Co., Ltd Lia.  ........  ....  E.  C.  Traves, G. R. G. O'Driscoll,-G.'H.i  H_ Symonds   ........;.....'.   ......   ......  B. C. Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  3. C. Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  B. C. Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  B. C. Mining Company, Ltd.- (Foreign)  ..  The Duncan Mine's, Limited   .; ��� ������  New   Brunswick   Con.   Gold   Mining   Co.,  Ltd         "'��� ������"���������  London & Ymir. (B.C.) Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.a ........ --.'..-.v..*. ..:. ���������������  Anthony J. McMillan ......' .........  .:......  James E Wise  1.���./....   ....;.-..    Jas E. Wise and A.-.N. Paterson     Jas E. Wise.and A.  N. Paterson  ..:'   Western Oil  and' Coal Co.,-Ltd ;..  Valpariso Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.   ..:   The Kenneth Mining & Development Co.,  Ltd.   ,....:������......  The Kenneth:;Mining���& Development;Co.,  Ltd.   V...V.' ''.���.:.-':���,..'���'���...:"...'.'   .:..77'......  Ontario Gold, Sllver-<& Copper MiningCo.,  Ltd    ;..   ���; ���������������  O. J. Wigen, J. H; Field and C. M. Reese  The Pictbn Development Syndicate,-Ltd-������  B. Tomkin,   H.-.B;.  Landers   and   Albert  Forsland . ���...;��� ..'.;..0."���;   London &'Rossland" B. C,  Ltd.  O^ J. Wigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese  London & Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd...  London &:Rossland. B.  C,  Ltd.   ;  Western  Oil  and Coal Co.,  Ltd.: .  Duncan. Mines, Limited, J. C. Dunlop and  R. TV. Gibson  :.    '......;.....  Dollaracracy Mining:& Smelting Co., Ltd..  J. A.: Coryell,- Alexl Goyette and J.-'A.  Quinlan ......A.:A.;.������.._... ...v.'. ...*.....  The Tra.il Ci'eek'-Hldden. / Treasure a Gold  Mining  Co."  Ltd;-..'....:. ���... ...  The Kenneth Mining & Development* Co  Ltd.    ......   .*V..;,  The   B.   C.   Mining. Co.,   Ltd.   ....   .......  Duncan United  Mines and^Wm.  McEwen  Duncan-United Mines and Wm.  McEwen  Kokanee-Mining Co., Ltd. a.     Anthony--JA McMillan    ......  London-&;Rossland  B.  C,   Ltd.    ;..'..  Rio Grande Mining Co. Ltd.'  ���....   .;   Duncan'  Mines,   Limited   ......   ...'.   ........  A.   H.   Kelly,-E.. C.   Arthur   and   J., P.  'Rogers'......  ��� .'���'..   ���   Duncan Min'es,-;Ltd.. Raymond.';iB'.i Need-  ham and C.'.K.;Milburne ......     The Montana Gold-Mining Co ,..  Harold Seious ....:.  ..;   ....     Harold Seious ...'...*..���>.   .................  Thos. R. Morrow," P, 'A. Barnhart, Elizabeth Gray, John P. Roberts ;.  Emma 'A.   Rand   . .X.:"...   ,,.,' t,,,,... "...  Lizette Field, and Chas. G. Major; com'mit  , tee  for Robt.   D.   Munro. ........   .>...  Robt.F; Dodd'.....:..-......''...:.o   :.  ���  David D.  Birks  ......V.  :.';.....   ....... ......  W de V.  le Maistre   ...  London  & Rossland; B.. C,  Ltd   John McLcllan McKinnon ..;..'..'.   T.  R.   French  and  I.   Erlckso.h   O. J. "Wigen, J.  H. Field and C. M. Reese  John  Dean  and  Jacob  Stierle   ..  Rio Grande Mining Co,  Ltd.   ....  Primrose' Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.  G W.  B..Heathcote     The Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining &  Develcfpm'ent  Co.',' Ltd.   .'-...   Tho Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining &  Development Co..   Ltd.   .'   Golden  Gate Con.  Mining Co..  Ltd  Valpariso Gold Mining Co..  Ltd.   ..  W. Griffith and T.'A^Cameron ...  Frank de le Mieux  ....."..'.   C. J.   Ditter and  H.! Wright  ......  Harold aSelous ;���;..... "...i      Hamilton ,& Rossland'Gold-^ Mining Co.,  The Kenneth Mining & Development Co.,  Ltd;.v.^..; ..\.  ......  London-:&'.. Rossland B. C, Ltd.     The Montana Gold Mining Co   W.. H. Shferrod   Charles Hall. Oscar Hall. Winslow Hall,  _ _John_rHall,___Henrva.Oakes, -William^ J__  Oakes, Osner Oak-es, William H.  Oakes, Olive B. Oakes. William Miller,  James Durkln. John Taylor, Ebehezer  Ramsay, Robert Day, Junior, and Amelia White, administratrix of the estate  and effects of William White, deceased, and heiress-at-law of Mary White,  an infant,  deceased      Jo_n Johnson       .-..'   T. R. French and I. Erickson    Valpariso Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Henry McCandlish     ���  The Trail Creek-Hidden Treasure Gold  MIning'Co.,   Ltd.'    The Golden Plate Con. Mining Co. ...-.::,..  Oliver - Blair   ... : ' '..i.;'   Relight Gold Mining Co...Ltd.  .............  Duncan7 Mines, Limited, J. C. Dunlop, and  R. W. .Gibson  The Salmo : Consolidated Gold Mining &  Development  Co..  Ltd.   Dundee- Gold Mining Co., Ltd.' and John  -    M. Smith  '.:..,���> ..,.'        C". ' J.   Hitter and  H.   Wright      Oliver Blair ,,���....   ,..,   H.   Seious   .........   ,;.,,   The Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining &  Development  Co.,   Ltd.   ...-.   Tbe Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining &  TVydonment   Co..   Ltd  Lexington          Lucky Seven   Little George     L M.  Fraction    Little  Pe rl   Lorna  Doone    ..  Little-Dot   ....  Lulu    ���M P. Fraction   Morning Star ...-.   Minnie ;....  Moken-Blrd  Fraction  .,,  .May Flower  -   Morning Star ........   ...  Morning  Star  Fraction  Magpie     Maggie   Mascot   Michigan    Mormon Girl      Morning Glory    Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot  .'....Lot  ......Lot   Lot  ......Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot  ......Lot   Lot  \ Lot   Lot   Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot   Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot  ....-���Lot  ....������Lot  ......Lot  ......Lot  2526  51S2  2194  29S7  4363  4364  3667  4356  3245  786  3718  4674  5121  38G2  5181  5441  1356  2473  2529  3779  3931  3932  3665  4361  4362  4422  5144  3588  5440  1919  5836  New-market  ,   Nako     ....   .......  Noonday   ���Number 2-.......   No 1 Le Blanc Group   No. 2 Le Blanc Group ....  No.  3 Le  Blanc Group  ..  Northern   Light   Nevada Fraction ,,  ...  New  Brunswick   ..........  Nancy Jane  .......  Nip and Tuck .......  .....  No. 6     ..  No.   2        ...,. '  No.  5  ..-.....-.   .:....���   ..  Neb. Girl    No. 3 ..!   October :,  October Fraction .���.......,  Ontario  .....:..   ......   ..'  Old Abe    Picton ........  ....  pilot .; ���...  Piccadlly .....    President ......... .........  Pulaski  Fraction      Pulaski    ........  Porcupine  .........  Planet ......    Pete  ;.',  ^->sa    ..  Rookford .....   Racatam  ......   f..i.   ......  Red Top   Royal   Canadian   Roy No 2 .........  ......  .'.  Royal City,...'......  .......  Riverside ..;.:......... v..,-'.  Ronoke   Rio Grande Fraction    Rocket   Rebecca  ........   ........   ,.  Romance      Randolph   Rover     ..........  ...  Rambler;...'...'. ........ ...  Romeo   Red Seal    R &L.  ....  Snow Slide  ......'.   ........  Summit    ,  Silver Champion   Swansea  .  Stanley     .,  Shenango   Selkirk   ........   .;  ���-;  Sunrise       Sandaulphon    ..  Seattle  ���   Safeguard   Sitting Bull ......  .........  Sitting Bull Fraction, .'...  Saratoga    ..  Starter    ....  Sullivan  .........  . Santiago   Sampson    Try   Me          Tennessee          Tamarac   ..........   .......  Tom Thumb '......  Trout       U   B   ......Lot 235  .    ..Lot 2527   ..Lot 3426  ......Lot 3140'   ..Lot 3288   ..Lot 3289  .......Lot 3290   ..Lot 3291  .......Lot 3933  .......Lot 3975  .......Lot 2930  ..Lot 2931  "......Lot 4671   ..Lot 4670  ......Lot 4672   ..Lot 4636  .......Lot 4911  .......Lot 3804  ......Lot 3805r  .......Lot 3659  .......Lot 783  .......Lot 3134  ... "..Lot 3439  ......Lot. 3808   ..Lot 782  ......Lot 4360  ......Lot 3103  ......Lot 4634  .......Lot 3271  ....;.. Lot 2472  .......Lot 2460  .......Lot 3435   ..Lot 3803  .......Lot 3294   ..Lot 633  V....Lot 3930  ..;....Lot 3666  .......Lot 2932   ..Lot 3402  ......Lot 5132  .......Lot 3272   ..Lot 3589  .......Lot 3249  .......Lot 5442  .......Lot 5292  .......Lot 5293  .......Lot 1930   Lot 2918   Lot 2089  .......Lot 2679  .....';.Lot*  -JS7   Lot 3438   .Lot 3406  ......Lot 4384  ......'.Lot 4785  .......Lot 784 ���   Lot 4385  ....'...Lot 4639   Lot 4391  .......Lot 47S6  ......Lot 2690  .......Lot "2693   ...Lot 4016   -Lot 4192'   .Lot 4924  , Lot 5381  , Lot 5376  .......Lot 415  , Lot 1317  ,. Lot 3802   Lot 3728  i Lot 5439   Lot 2018'  Victoria     Venetla Boy     Venango   Valpariso     White Rabbit   W. J. Bryan     Waters Meet   Wild Horse'   Woodstock-...   Wren   White  Cloud       ...  White Pine   Widow  .  X-ray   Yankee Girt     Yellow Jack     Yellow Jack Fraction  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  ;Lot  -Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  ��� Lot  248  408  4757  4907  3496  3434  4015  4212  4207  5122  2687  4004  5377  4213  406  2689  2C93  15.50  19.50  65.00  65.00  91.00  11.50  20.00  78.00  12.50  12.25  62.50  36.75  12.75  21.00  10.50  30.00  12.25  5.25  39.00  '    8.00  100.00  42.60  31.50  36.00  33.00  9.76  42.50  30.75  18.75  37.50  31.00  12.30  12.00  88.00  12.75  29.26 .  80.50  78.00  78.00  24.50  14.50  14.50  24.50  14.25  48.75  20.26 i  25.50  21.7S  19.50  35.25  8.00  52.00  S9.00_  19.60  37.00  15.00  71.75  55,50  89.00  18.00  2.25 ,  9.75  .13.00  13.00  45.00  12.25  25.50 -  31.60  25.50  15.75:i  34.60  53.75  37.50  13.00  18.00  39.00  10.50  39.00''  8.00  39.00  .39.00 '  66.00  28.50  11.50  13.00  58.50  14.00  38.25  12.75  \ 8.50  51.00  19.50  7.00  11.00  18.00  78.00  1.50  '7S.00  52.00  12.75  9.75 .  11.75  .75  59.50  39.00  39.00  13.00  .6.25  23.75  8.00  12.00  30.00  65.00  16.50  76.50  24.00  9.25  11.75  72.00  " 9.25  11.75  26.00  15.00  48.00  1.50  Costs  and   Kx  PBHSKD.  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0*  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.09  2.00"  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.09  ���,-2.00  2.00  .2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  \2-00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.OO'  2.00  2.00  2.00-  ; 2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0)  2.00  2!03  2.00  .2.00  2.00  2.00 h  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00-  2.08  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00.  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  ToTAI,.  17.50  12.50  6/.00  ���7.00  93.00  13.25  22.00  80.00  14.50  14.25  54.50  . 38.15  14.75  23.00  12.50  32.00  14.25  7.25  41.00  10.00  102.00  44.50  33.50  38.00  35.00  11.75  44.50  32.75  20.76  39.50  33.00  14.60  14.00  90.00  14.75  31.25  82.50  '  80.00  80.00  26.50  16.50  16.50 -  26.50  16.25  50.75  22.25  27.50  23.75  21.50  37.25  10.00  54.00  ;41.00  21.50  39.00  17.00  73.75  67.50  41.00  20.00.  4.25  11.15  15.00  15.00  47.00  14.25  ,27.50  33.50  27.50  17.75  36.50  55.75  39.50  .15.00  20.00*  41.00  12.50  41.00 ;  10.00 7  41.00  41.00  67.00  30.50  13.50  ��� 15.00  60.50  16.00  40.25  14.75  10.50  53.00.  21.50  9.00  13.00  20.00  80.00  3.50  80.00  54.00  14.75  11.75  13.75  2.76  61.50  41.00  41.00  15.00  8.26  25.75  10.00  14.00  32.00  67.00  18.50  78.50  26.00  11.25  13.75  74.00  11.26  13.75  28.00  17.00  50.00  3.50  Too Much Parent.  IN these days of strenuous paret.t-  ' age, it may not be ��xalss t�� sug-  ���geat mildly that there may be. ln  "the constitution of e family, such  a thing sua too much parent. Time was  wh��n being & parent was incidental t��  other business In life.- Our grandfather* brougaht up children, a dozen at ft  time, with 0. careless familiarity that  takes aivay the modern breath. Each  of the dozen was disciplined and duly  chastened. They were whipped when  they told lies, and occasionally when  Uley did l��ot. They laarncd to read at  (our; were put to work at Ave, as *  matter of course; and developed, ln due  time, the -tuff that men are mad* of.  There waa never any particular fuss  about lt. Th* larger the family, the  more whippings It took. But there  were Always enough to go around, und  no one the -worse for It. The adver-  Ueement, "Boy missing. Run away  from home," vai not an uncommon  feature of the weekly newspaper. But  of the remnant who had the courage to  stay at home and grow up. It may be  aaid that -they made admirable citizens. They had. tihe rare privilege of  passing their childhood and youth ln  the presence of men _nd women who  had other and more important business  ln life than that of being parent to off-  ���pringv They grew up wlch a chastened  sense of their own unimportance in .  the scheme of being,-and a philosophic  expectation of taking the bard knocks  of life as they came.  We have changed all Chat. We have  listened to the voice of Froebel, "Let us  play with our children;" and to the  educational moralist, "A father ehould  be his. boy's best friend;" and to our  most famous and most unpractical  poet, "The child, Is father to the man:"  and the whole -business of child-raising  Is turned other end to. We no longer"  raise them by the dozen. One or two  at a time Is aa muoh as we dare venture, and very cautiously art thait. We  study the development and take notes  on the bumps, phrenological; the other  kind the mod��rn child ds never allowed  to ihave. "We agonize over our relation  to his moral arroTVtih.Hand drop tentative; trembling seeds Into the ground  of his being, end exchange specimens  If .anything comes of lt. The result,  as a. ���*hlole,.le not, it must be admitted,  altogether unpleaslng. There ls something-, aibout the welliborn, well-bred,"  wholesome child of to-day that make*  glad the eye-and the heart. But the  poor, parent! We .protest tfliat he has.  aever had a chance In life. Ten to one  lile own parents belonged to the did  school, and disciplined him' within an  lntfh of life. And now his children belong to the new. He ls ground between the upper and the nether stone.  Dnly In scattered, precious momenta  does he .dare call himself his own. Lat��  in -the evening, perhaps, when the all-  Important child has been adequately  played with and encouraged and developed and put to bed on his hygienle  Mllow, there comes a moment when,  the exhausted parent may sit down be- -  fore the Are and draw a comfortable,  grown-up breath, and gather strength  ���B_l wisdom for the morrow.  Epitaph.  Here lies Luke Longpenne, the dls>-  tlngulslred historical novelist, who died  at the ago of eleven years in the full  height of his fame, three weeks after  the publication of his first bftok.���  "Life." . _ ���       ��� '  On a Dog.  "They're thinking now of reversing  the usual process, and first trying  plays in New York before taking thera  out on the road." "What's the idea?"  "Well, If a play succeeds in New York,  the rest of the country will know It's  rotten."���"Life."8  Proof Po��iti��e.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, this second day of Oslober, 1905.  ROBERT A. RENWICK,  Deputy Aasesser and Collector, NelHon A/iaeusment and Collecting DUtrlct.  ^���Ar^convict ���'at=a"_f rench" penal" settle--  ment, who was undergoing a life sentence, desired to marry a- female convict, such marriages being of common  occurrence. The governor of the colony  offered no objection, but the priest pr����  ceedrd to cross-examine the pris ner. ;  "Did you not marry in: France?" bo  asked.-  "Yes."  "And your wife is deadT* ?j  "She Is." '  "Have you any. document ifi "show  that she is deadT* '7.  "No."  "Then I must decline to marry j-na.  Tou must produce some proof that  your wife ls dead."  There was a pause, and the bride  prospective looked at the would-bs  groom.   '  Finally he said: "I can prove that  my former wife is dead."  "How will you do so?"  "1 was sent here for killing he-."*  The "bride accepted bim ootwlt9_��  stand ins.���"Scotsman"  7zM\  0��i>--Sl  lA_  a-an-WI  $181  "SMI  iii.  Oia>g_il  7i_yA7.1  si THE tf ELSON ECONOMIST  ]���:&  ��� GENERAL NEWS.  "W. A. Macdonald, K. C, is expected  back from Ottawa Monday.  Leo. Brown, electrician at Cascade,  is in Nelson visiting his mother and  sister.  It may be some years before the  Harold Nelsori Company return to  this Province. Next season a tour of  the Eastern States and Canada will be  undertaken.  To-morrow.the new time schedule-  on the C. P. R. go** into ellect. The  train will take eastern passengers from  Procter. ' The coast train will arrive  at 7.45 in the evening.  G. _T. Gilchrist and wife have returned from a visit to the coast cities,  including the Portland Fair. The visitors were delighted  with  their trip,  particularly the days spent at the Port-  aland exhibition.  ++++++++++++++++++++++44444+4444444444444444++++++++  4  Our Show Widdow Full ot  Jake Dover was oyer in the Boundary this week and reports unprecedented prosperity in' thut.'district.  In Mr. Dover's opinion the Boundary  should be. the busiest cam p.on the continent next seasoo.     ':'������''   -'������.���'���   .,  Rev. \V. G. Dean, the new pastor of  the Methodist Church, and his wife  and family arrived last night in Nelson. Mr. Dean is one'of .this* .bright  men of the Methodist Church; and Uu-  Nelson congregation is't<> be ennyratn  lated on having secured his services.  If the report that the Great Nortli-  etn- Mines, Limited, has secured ihe  recessary capital to - begii'i^ operutioiis  at. once . proves to be correct, tliViv  should be something doing in the Lardeau before long. No one hn-_'ever  doubted that the properties controlled  by this syndicate were very "rich ; it  has only been a question of securing  the necessary ca'bitiil to carry on operations on a Iaige scale.  The Toronto Gl )be of a recent 'dale  publishes o tabulated statement of the  cost*of life insurance iu ��� Canada, accompanied by the comment: "Tliat a  third of the fifteen million dollars contributed by Canadians for life insurance  last year was swallowed up in general  expenses proves that there is need fur  retrenchment, a more careful supervision of expenditures, and, nbove ull, a  reduction of . the excessive amounts  .now allowed to agents. These re-  -marksappIyotopraelicallj^alLtlie^c'onir  panies."  fa  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Monday, October 31  ���������n_____Ba_MH__H_l��H_M-H_nM_��ne_-_a-MH_a  A. J. Ayleswortb's Laughing Hit  Hooligan's Troubles  Full of Life.      Pretty Girls.  ���Latest Songs and Dances.  Unique Musical Numbers.        J  and Painted China  9 \  % is irresistible.     It contains Plates, Bon-bon   Dishes, Salad Bowls, J  ��� ���  4 Pitchers,.etc., all in tbe daintiest and newest designs, and at ex-  ���  ��  ceedingly low prices.  +  ��  +  4  +  Don.t fail to see it.  Now is the time to purchaseNew Evening Dresses when you can get them at cost and have'  a good stock of materials to Select from.   Such as  IJ. O. PATENAUDE\  t  Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    'Phone 293. 4  Tbe Company Include :  Wood and Ward, Three Grden  Sisters, Grace Ayleswortb, Mattie  Fitzgerald and 15 others.  Prices: 50c, 75c. and $1.00,  Seat   sale     opens     Saturday  morning at Rutherford's.  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Send your orders to Jon D. Dowitks, care or  J��e Old Curiosity Shop.  11.50 per c_i_i.ii..-,>.  ���  +444-P444+44+ +44444 ����������� �� *+++4++++4+1>4944444 +++44444 4  rinting  We  Print  i  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heacs,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  Silk Crep de Chine in pearl grey ���  and   light   pink.      Regular * price'  $2.25.    Sale price $1.50.  Silk' Eolienne.      Regular   price  $2.00 and $2.25.     Sale price $1.50.  Wool Voiles.    Regular price 75c.  Sale price 50c.  Wool Voiles.  Regular price $1.25  and $1.50   Sale-price$1.00.    ��� -. .  Wool Silk Crepe de Chine.' Regular $1.50.     Sale price $100.  ���    Evening shades all  wool Henri- *  ettas.    ; Regular   price 75c.      Sale  price 45c.  Evening shades all wool Henriettas. Regular price "50c. - Sale  price 35c.  Black Wool Voiles. Regular  price 75c, $1.50. Sale price 50c, $1.  Black.Silk and Wool Voiles.. .Reg.  ular price $1.50, $1.75. Sale price  $1. $1.25.   ���  Black Crepe de Chine.     Regular  price $2.23.   -Sale price $1.50."  All shades Silk Japanese Taffeta.  Regular price 65c.     Sale price 45c.  All shades  China Silks from 20c  to 45c per yard.  Black   Taffetta Silk.      Regula r  price 75c.    Sale price 50c.  Black   Taffetta ' Silk:      Regular  price $1.    Sale price 65c.  MILLINERY.   A complete stock of the latest importations of Pattern and Ready-to-Wear  Hats at Cost.  ���  arm  aie  *  conomist  Complete "Stock of Stationery  I Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention. ���'. 1. -.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.C.  AllKinds of Furhto Crockery, Etc.  ���  *  ^  Complete   House Furnishers  e Funeral Directors, Embalmers  j*. <_ i,, {'^  IOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and      '  Provincia!  Land Surveyor  Gor.���HStatiley=and==Victoria,^N_elson  F. S. Clements  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16        K-W-C Block  Frank  Fletcher  PROVIX ���VL LAND 8URVKYOE  Lands and UIncralClalni��Suryeyed  and Crown Granted  P.O. Box563      Officii: Koot-cnav St. Nelson  NOTICK.  Nnllr-e Is l'creby (jiven tlint GO dav-B afler  (Into I intend to apply to tlie Chief Cominlu-  Bimipr i>(. Ijuids and Works, fur pi'i-iolKHion  to imri-linsp thu tVillowliiK ilr-soribi-il lands Ln-  W't-iii Koott-nay Dihtrlin:���Coiiiiiiniiciiis.nt a  pout iilaoot one mile south of '��� Custlcgar  niiirkrd 18. W. l'meijur'H soutlieast corner,  vivni 40 eliains, tbence* north 80 c-lutiiiK, theiure  cant 8U chainB more or leas to tlie railway;,  tlience following right ol way of 8aid railway  to the poiiitof commencement.  E.,W PkaegbR.  Dated 24th May, 1905.  NOTICE.  Notice In hereby jriven that. CO days .afler  date Iintend to apply to the Chief Commls-  nloiier of Lands and Works for permiXHlon  to purchase the following-desciibed lands:���  ComineneinB nta post planted at the south-  eai"t o.orncr or lot 4395, group 1, Kootenay,  thence west "K>.'_- chains along the southern  boundary of lot-1395 to the eastern boundary  or lot 2*V<rr<>up 1. Kootenay, tbence soutli  along the enBtern boundary orsald lot 222a  dlxtancHof -to chains, thence east 32.T2 chains  to the w-este.rn .boundary of lot 300, group 1,  Kootenay. thence north -10 chain* along the  western' boundary of si.id lot 305 tothe polut  or commencement, containing 130 acVes more  or" less. .'���' ..*  Dated the28lh day of October, 1905. :  ':     THOMAS QltSKKWOOB.'  Cancellation of Reserve.  CO AST "DISTRICT.  Notice Is hereby given that, the reservation,  notice of which was published In the B C.  Gazette, and dated 9th August. 19ul, covering  a belt of land extending - ack a distance of  ten miles on each side of the Skeena Kiver  between Kitsllns Canyon and Hazelton, is  cancelled.  Notice isalso given tliat that portion ofthe  reservation, notico of which was published in  the Ji. C. Gazette and dated 27th December,  1899, covering a belt of land extending between the mouth of Kltmat Kiver. and, Klt-  sllas Canyon, ts rescinded In So far  us .it covers land lying between .the  ICItsilas Canyon and a point in .the  Kltmat Valley, distant ten miles in a  northerly direction- from the month of Kit-  tuat Itivor, and thafCrown lands thereon will  ho opon to sale, pre-emption and otlierdlspos-  ition under the provisions of the Land Act,  on and after the eighth (8th) day of December  next: Provided thut the right of way of any  railway shall not be Included ln any lands no  acquired.  *W: S.- Gore,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works  Laiian and Works Department,  Victoria, B.C., 31st August, 11)05.  Land   Notice.  Notice Is hereby given that��0dnys afterdate  J Intend to apply to thn Hon. Chief Coinmis-  Nloner.of, Lan_8;and Works for permission  to purchase the following described lands:���  Commencing at a, post planted on the west  b.utidaryof the Canadian Pnclllc Hallway,  half a mile soutli of Sullivan Creek, West  Kootenay district, marked ���'_.._. Tlrcman's  S. E. Corner," thenee running west 40 chains;  thence north -tOchalns: thence ea-t 40 chains,  more or less, to the,Canadian Pacltlo Kailwuy  right-of-way; thenee following said right-of-  way southerly 10 chains, more or less, tothe  place of beginning; containing 160acres, more  or less. ; j ".���  Dated the 20th day ofSepterhhef.1905.  '���' K.C. TlHEJfAN.  JOS PRINTING AT  THE ECONOMIST  Kotlce.  Notice Is'hereby given tliatvfio dnys .after  date J Intend tovnpi.ly, to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria. fo"f"  permlssion-to purehase the followlngr described lands in West Kootenay: "...  Commencing at a postmarked J.T. Greenwood, S. W. post, planted at thc northwest  corner of lot 0300 (Campbell), thence north 20  chains; thence east-10 chains; thence south  20 chains; thence back to a point 'of commencement.'containing 80 acres more or less.  Dated at NClsbn, this 13th day of October,  I505- f-. '������   "'    ���' T m /.  3. T. Greenwood.  NICKERSON,  THEJEWELER  BAKER ST.  W"e only ask one trial to make you onr cus  tomer. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing and everything ln the  line. Reasonable charges, 'work sent us  from outside towns'wlll receive the same care  as it personally delivered. ��� Difficult repairs  done for other Jeweler*       . ...  LETHBRiDGE COAL  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All orders nmat beaccompanied by cash and should be forwarded  ���eitherpereoiially or by mail tothe office.of.  AV. P. TIERI.EY, GENERAL AGENT  Following  the summer  heat, the.present cool evenings  make  the  though (Tof a brightly^burning' fire most attractiye.1 *   The.  necessity of up-to-date Heating Stoves is becoming: apparent.  We-bave anticipated your needs by passing into stock the largest;  consignmentr-ofn  '-'''���  : :   ���'���'.   ;    .-.������.:.'���..������' ��������� Ziy-.       ���'V*' ;>^  ' ever brought into Nelson.     We have them in varipus.styles.and  sizes that will suit every requirement.  The Prices are OUR Prices^herefcra the Lowest.; , }  siidown Hardwar  NELSON, B. C  Wholesale.  Retail.  W. G. Gillett  Builder and  Contractor  Estimates given on stone, briefc ft '   -' .*'      "���'���'7 yA /  aud^dodwork. ^ ^ | Bripk and time tor Sal  e  X  X  Boys' School Suits  rMade  from   fine English  and domestic Tweeds  in assorted  shades, neat .stripes and  chic patterns, good  linings and well X  m'a4e, sizes 22 tb 33.    Priced at $2.00, $2.50, $3x0, $4.00, $5.00  and $600.      \  ���_/   a  Sale of Men's Suits  :'A.o,.^  The goods are the best quality. The prices are the lowest: X  Por the balance of this month we offer extra special inducements a  on many'lines'to clear. Suits at $5.60, $7.50. $io.oo, $12.00 and A  $15.00. They are worth more and it will be to your interest to ���*$���  look them up. v  '     !   ���������  ������������������������   ��� ��� ������������  .    *���  Special Hat offer for $i ^  worth $2.50 and $3   |#  Hosiery at Cut Prices  A--* ���rPC.-igc and;^5cfe' -;���  I Socials ?SHOES ^==S|  'A    . ,7     W,  1 J Many Other Lines ��t  ��� Bargain Prices  ���  *  1  N ext Door to R oya S Bank


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