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The Economist May 7, 1904

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 *���*, KTiv��.-r**'>��ff*  ��.**warni^����K*��^^  ./  .AA/CnJ-X^'LAZA^lJ/    cAL-'LAl~^'\j,y  5aW^��f#',^7  .'  VOLUME VII.  NELSON, B. 0. * SATURDAY MAY 7, 1904.  L  ocal and  X rovincial  A light house will be erected at Pilot     A barge is to be constructed for traf-  Bay.  flc on Trout Lake.  The management of the Hall mines  smelter bas decided to blow in another  furnace.  The new shingle mill will begin operations Monday, if the engine can be  gotten in shape by tbat time.  _ J. G. Devliu, the mining promoter,  has returned froui'a two months' trip  to the east in the interest of the Great  .Northern Mines.  The Ymir Mirror says Ymir is visited  by a calamity known as the ''experience social." This is mild when compared to the Hepburn Dramatic Afflic^  tioa in Nelson.  It is understood that Peck McSwain,  the poet, i3 making several visits to the  recreation grounds with a view to writing a poem, called, "Sleeping on the  Becreation Grounds in the Good Old  Summer Time."  _ It is reported that Mr. M. K. Rogers  has sent an ultimatum to Ottawa in  forming the Government that he is  ready t�� build the smelter at Hedley  on tbeoriginal terms, failing in which  he would remove to Uncle Sam's country and ship the ore there.  The statement that there was a strike  on the Kaslo & Slocan Railway is denied. There had been some trouble  between some of the men and a foreman, but there was no general strike  and the men are paid at the rate, of  $3.25 per day.  No appeals were made before Mining  Recorder Black wood against the names  entered on the provincial voters' list.  EVENTS AND  Much regret is expreseed over the  death of Capt. West, which sad event  occurred at Ainsworth yesterday, the  cause being heart disease.  Last Thursday morning at the Presbyterian manse. Rev. Mr. Ferguson  united W. E. Bowins, of the Nelson  Business College, to Miss Z. A. Cullom(T  principal of the same institution. Mr.  and Mrs. Bowins are spending their  honeymoon in Rossland.  A youn ^ lad at Ladysmith deserves  to be decorated by the Royal Humane  Society's medal for bravery. Last summer, young Joe Thompson, son of J.  Thompson, foreman of the Tyee smelter, saved two boys from drowning. On  Wednesday last the.gallant lad again  distinguished himself in the same heroic manner. A number of small boys  were bathing at the bead of the bay,  says tbe Ladysmith Recorder, and one  lad who was unable to swim, climbed  on a floating log and pushed it out into  deep water. After playing for some  time ou the floating timber"the unfortunate lad lost his footing and slipped  into the water. It soon became apparent to the lad's companions that the  boy was drowning, and it was then  tbat our young hero's services were  CiilK'd into requisition.. Young-Thompson-sprang into the water and swimming out to. the drowning boy brought  him safely to shore.  N  ews of the  mes  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  I'-pi*  f  Phoenix Pioneer.  _^Pv_T._-Smith.i9 planningto start- de-  '"yvelopment on the Brey Fogle claim in  Summit camp.  ��� The idle fu mace was blown in at the  Mother Lode smelter this week, and  the other one allowed to go cold, also  for repairs.  The tuunei of the Blue Jay is now  in about 210 feet, the face having eight  inches of clean galena which gave assays of $40.  The spring freshets have made  havoc ofthe workingsat the Athelstan  mine, where work is expected to be resumed at no distant date.  Five of the nine carloads of machinery for the converter for the Mother  Lode smelter have been received. Installation will start*at once.  At the Elkhorn, since the water  went down somewhat, a few new men  have been added. The m^he continues  to ship about two cars of ore per  month.  It is understood that the bond on the  Senator, Summit camp, was not taken  up by the Granby smelter interests.  Over 1,700 tons of ore have been shipped  from the Senator.  Solicitor Kerr received notice yesterday that the appeal of the Bank of  Montreal to take precedence over the  labor liens against the Winnipeg mine,  has been dismissed with costs.  Nice ore continues to be found in the  shaft being sunk on the Don Pedro  claim, being developed by the Chicago  British Columbia Mining Co., with H.  H. Shallenberger as manager.  An extension of the bond ou the  Volcanic has been given till July 1st  to tbe Volcanic Mining and Develop-  incnt__Cp.,pf_ Marquette,. Mich. __It. is  understood lhat the diamond drill  operations have been conducted with  success, but latterly on account of  water, work bas been temporarily suspended.   .'"-.'.  Work is to be started at no distant  date on the Last Chance, Skylark  cairip,_which was acquired recently, by  a" reorganized company of Spokane  inch, called tho Spokane Boundary  Mining Co. The property is already equipped with machinery, and  in the past has shipped some high  grade ore, being in that belt.  Tie announcement that William Blakemore, of  comma fame, had visited Victoria vvith the hope of  making peace between certain members of the executive of the Nelson Liberal-Conservative Association  and Premier McBride, cannot be said to have come  in the nature of a surprise. The utterances of the  Nelson Tribune had fully prepared the public for the  grovelling- exhibition Mr. Blakemore and his champions have made of themselves. It might, however, be  regarded strange that the Daily News was selected as  the vehicle of communicating the news to the public,  for that paper has not hitherto beeu regarded as the  mouthpiece of auy great number of professing Conservatives. Why did not Mr. Blakemore and his  friends adhere to the Tribune as the medium, of notifying the public that they had gone to their leader  and admitted that they had sinned greviously and  were no more worthy to be called Conservatives; how  they had fed on the husks, and that Mr. McBride,  kind, indulgent^ father that he is, bad forgiven them  their transgressions, and ordered his secretary to kill  a fatted crow for Mr. Blakemore, and communicate  his forgiveness to President Starkey ? Why was it,  we agaiu ask, that the News, as orthodox a Liberal  paper as is in the Dominion, was given this scoop over  the recently professing Conservative Tribune? Is it  possible thqt the Tribuneis contemplating a return to  its fight with the McBride Government ? That would  not be surprising either���stranger things have happened in the Tribuneestablishment.  Several of the members of the moribund association  are now wondering when and where Mr. Blakemore  received his brief to" appear before Mr. McBride and  pledge him theirsupport. Of course, The Economist .  does not give'-auy undertaking that ..these anxiott^ino  quirers always placed: party before man, but they  were considered good enough Conservatives to vote  for the members of the executive who have recently  professed a change of heart. They refused the vote of  confidence in the McBride Government, proposed by  Mr. Elliot, and since that time have not been given an  opportunity of showing that they had changed their  opinions. Even Mr. Blakemore, within a month, refused to stand up and testify for Mr. McBride ; yet according to the despatch iu the News (the organ of the  Blakemoreites, albeit an excellent daily newspaper,)  Mr. Blakemore has had the assurance to seek an interviews IthitheJa'remier-andaundertake-to hand-over-  to the party an organization, no matter how small it  maybe in numbers now, that less than six mouths  ago relused to sanction, a vote of confidence in the  Conservative leader aud his Government, and members of which have since on the street openly declared  their hostility to Mr. McBride and his colleagues ?  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  Slocan Drill.  A carload of ore is being brought  down from the Ottawa.  Tom Tubin started work this week  on the Dixie, Dayton creek.  The Ivanhoe has contracted to sh ip  200 tons of zinc to Iola. Kan.  It is expected the purchasers of the  Kilo will commence development next  week.  The force at the Rambler has been  reduced, pending the repair of tbe  roads.  This is tbe month your miners'license has to he renewed. Don't overlook it.  The Monitor people have been surveying on Wilson creek for a flume to  their proposed zinc works'at Rqsebery.  A dam will be installed two miles up  the creek.  I  ales of the    I own  v.AA  may recant and come out strong as ever in condemnation ofthe McBride Government. The Tribune has been  known to change front as often as fifty-two times a  year. Indeed, it has been somewhat facetiously said  that one issue of that paper can scarcely be said to be  on speaking terms with another. .Ther: may  be even as we write a hot pot boiling for the men who  guided its policy during the absence of the responsible editor. The fact that the News was the medium  selected by the Blakemoreites to herald forth their  change of allegiance lends color to the belief that the  Tribune is no longer held in high esleem by many of  its former stockholders. Someone even has gone so far  as to intimate that its policy in future will be dictated by that strenuous hidebound old Tory, *who confesses he voted for Mr. Galliher at the last Dominion  election���A.J.Marks.  After a brief, inglorious career ns al to visit the Kootenays.    In return for -  In the meantime, according to the report in the  News, the Blakemore-Starkey division of the Conservative party are to divide with W. A. Macdonald,  K. C, the distribution of the patronage of the Gov.  ernment. It is not reported that the duties in connection with this office have been so onerous that Mr.  Macdonald could not attend to the matter himself;  nor has it been shown that the latter gentleman has  had so much tb do in the way of distributing patronage that he has had to work overtime. However, it  is announced that the Blakemore-Starkey whig, until a few weeeks ago the leaders ofthe revolt against  Mr. McBride, are " to be considered," and as this was  about all they wanted, it is evident Mr. Blakemore's  visit to the capital was successful. And the author of  the new manual on punctuation his been successful  in another way���he has made himself very ridiculous  by his assumption of authority to speak for any number of Conservatives. The moment he attempted to  usurp John Houston's functions as leader of a certain  section of the Conservative party, he lost favor with  both sides. He can never hold "de gang" together  like the dethroned leader. Indeed, as one of their own  number expressed the situation : e' Papa Houston's  pants can never shrink enough to fit little Willie."  The Liberals of Nelson appear to be in favor of G.  O. Buchanan for the vacant senatorship, notwithstanding _the rumor that_tbe _ seat_would go to Hem  Bostock. If the Laurier Government is desirous of  paying an old debt, the vacant senatorship should go  to Mr. Hewitt Bostock, but if it prefers to recognize  brains it will consider carefully the claims of G. O.  Buchanan.  The Economist has no desire to perpetuate dissensions in the Conservative ranks.    This paper believes  that the time has now arrived when the healing of old  wounds should begin ; but the cementing process must  be gone about in the right way.     In the first place,  the old association should meet at once and rescind the  vote which practically amounted  to an expessiou of  want of confidence in the McBride Government.     It  might be better, if Mr.  Blakemore, in addition to  this, would make some open profession of his intention to support the Conservative party, both in Provincial and Dominion matters, in future.     Then he  he could conscientuously say that he has authority to  speak for the Conservatives belonging to the old association, and it is even within the range of possibility  that the Liberal-Conservative Union might be prevailed upon to consider favorably his application for  membership.    Just now, he  only speaks for himself  and three or four friends, many of whom openly confess that they are not yet prepared to acknowledge an  undivided allegiance to t;he Conservative party in the  Province.     It is quite true their former organ, the  Tribune, for a  few weeks during   the past month  evinced a commendable spirit of meekness and in a  contrite mood  asked forgiveness ; but, as was before  said, there is no adequate guarantee that that erratic  publication will remain strong in the faith. To-day ii  -- ���  I  The news ofthe death of W. E. McCreary,-member  for Selkirk, will be received with regret by every one  who knew that gentleman. Mr. McCreary vvas a  whole-souled, generous fellow, who never permitted  politics to interfere with his friendships. He possessed more than average ability, and the west has  lost a good friend in his death.  Conservative member of the Legisla  ture, Mr. John Houston, M. L. A. for  Nelson, hasseveredhisconnection with  the local Liberal-Conservative Association. We take great pleasure in extending our congratulations to that  fortunate body ; it is now released from  a most grotesque position. All that remains now for it to do to rehabilitate itself among Conservative bodies is to  formally ask Mr. Houston to resign his  seat to which he was elected by its  efforts exerted in good faith as for a  Conservative candidate. It is, of course,  hardly within tbe range of possibilities  that Mr. Houston will accede to such a  request, but such action will show the  genuineness of the Conservatism of  the old association and will remove the  chief cause of discord in the local Conservative party.  this the Kootenay association will endeavor to induce tourists who have  seen nl] there is to be seen In the Kootenays to visit coast points.  Tlie five new launches ordered from ~  Carleton Place, Out., for Nelson gen-   '  tlemen have been shipped, and should  reach hereabout the23rd of tbe present  month.     Then' Nelson   will   have  the finest fleet of launches to be found -,  auy place in British Columbia. - The _'  new boats are made on the improved A  models and will be fitted up in the-'-  most luxurious style.  ���_. -/  '"S  Since the doctrines of responsible,  representative government have been  accepted, members of legislative bodies  hold their positions as representatives  of men and principles. What men or  what principles does John Houston  now represent ? He was opposed by a  representative of the Liberal party,  and he has now repudiated the Conservative party. Tbe only consistent,  straightforward course for him to follow is immediate resignation of a seat  to which he is no longer morally entitled.  The "devil" (which ?) of the Tribune  last week uttered the wise and original  remark, that those who livo in grass  (nc, he. said * glass") hoiWes-shouldn't  throw stones (or was it bones ?) Tbe  Tribune is certainly a sociable paper if  all hands and the cook, that is, the  editor-in-chief and the devil, put their,  or its, heads together to compose the  editorials.  James Hawkins, to  whom so much  credit is due for the excellent showing,  made by the Nelson Lacrosse team during the past two seasons, has returned  to this city after a five months' so%.  journ  at the Dominion capital.    Mr.  Hawkins left here with tbe intention *  of remaining permanently at. his- old  home, but he found the weather too*  severe for his constitution, and deter'7  mined to return to British Columbia,  for good. ���   His return here is bailed  /with delight by lacrosse enthusiasts. -.'  Some fault has been found in the  past with The Economist because it  has been rather plain spoken in the  matter of amateur dramatic entertainments, but those who have been loudest  in their denunciation of this paper for  the standit hasntaken are now-prepared  to admit the force of its arguments.  The Hepburn fiasco of last week has  convinced everyone that selling a person a ticket for. an amateur dramatic  performance, is simply taking money  under false pretenses. Nelson has only  one or two citizens who can rank as  clever amateur actors, and they refuse  to associate themselves with those,who  Have no talent for acting. It is to be  hoped that this city will not be victimized again for some time with an amateur dramatic performance.  Within a few weeks the ratepayers of Nelson will  be asked to vote for a bylaw giving a bonus of $5,ooo  to a sawmill. There are many things to be considered  in connection with this by-law. Perhaps the first consideration is whether the material benefits to the citizens as a whole will be commensurate with'the expenditure of this amount. Of course'the great benefit will  be the large payroll which will be created by the establishment of this industry in our midst. The future of  Nelson will depend largely upon the extent of the payrolls here, and perhaps after all this will be the great  consideration when the ratepayers are called upon to  vote upon the bylaw.  Mrs. Baxter, who visited here this  week in the interests of the Lady Maccabees, is well known as a contributor  to the Seattle papers. She is not only  a fluent speaker, but also �� clever  writer. She was formerly a speaker  for the Women's Christian Temperance Uuionj and in that capacity  gained an enviable name.  J. S. Carter, district passenger agent-  of the Canadian Pacific Railway has  been entertaining his brother, H. B.  Carter, this week.    H. B. Carter has-  been stationed at Hong Kong for some  years, and  this is his first visit to the '  Kootenays.   He is greatly surprised at  what he is seeing here, and will carry  away with him pleasant recollections-  of his visit to British Columbia.  The lawyers of Victoria want souther judge appointed at once, this  time a county court judge. Of course  they want a Victoria lawyer appointed]  to the oflice, and at the last meeting of  the Bar Association the following resolution, moved by George Morphy, and  seconded by W. Oliver, was carried  unanimously: "Resolved, that this  meeting deems it advisable that the  county court judge for the county of .  Victoria should be appointed at as early  a dale as possible ; and further resolved,  that such appointee should be selected  from members of the bar residing or  practising at the city of Victoria, ancl  that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the minister of justice and  to the senators and members representing the province of British Columbia."  The proposal of the city council to give $ioo to the  Nelson band will be endorsed by every citizen. A  first-class band is almost a necessity in any city, and  it is pleasing to note the unanimity of the council in  thus encouraging the Nelson city band.  Harry Wright, M. P. P., for Ymir,  who has recently been appointed secretary of the Kootenay Tourist Association, is now in Victoria, and will interview the Tourist Association of that  city with a view of ascertaining what  methods of advertising, etc.. have been  the most effective in inducing tourists  to visit the coast and which could be  put in force to advantage in Nelson.  Mr, Wright will also endeavor to get  the coast societies to use their influence  with tourists, who have seen all there  is to be seen at the coast and who desire to see flue mountains and scenery,  In Toronto Chinamen have a right  to vote in municipal elections.    One  Sam Kee was ou tbe list used last January aud the. poll record showed that a  ballot had been issued for him.   " Sam  Kee," however, was only the nomde  plume for the wash-house bills, and  wr,s sold  along   with  the  tuba and  clotheslines between the time of voting  and the investigation of election frauds.  So when a policeman called and asked  the new claimant to Sam Kee if he had  voted, and was assured to the contrary,  he subpoenaed the Chinaman to give  evidence of supposed impersonation.  Sam being busy with his wash, and not  up ou legal etiquette, hired a countryman to impersonate him in turn ;and  this bogus Sam Kee duly appeared in  court, and with owl-like gravity detailed his movements on polling day to  prove that he could not possibly have  voted.    The judge, says an exchange,  complimented him on his intelligent  appreciation of the proceedings, and  sent the the mystified Mongolian away  to ponder on the white man's vagaries.  The story appeared in the papers, and  Sam Kee's landlord having explained  the change of tenants the edge of the  inquisitor's wits is perceptibly dolled.  HHHU THE NELSON ECONOMIST  The Economist  Published every Saturday afternoon al  Vkbxon Street, Neilson, B. C.  $1.00 Per Year in Advance -j  AdVertisiug rates made Siiowi* on npi>Hca-  tlon.  All changes In ndve.-Llsfc-aents to lusnre  fiiSCTtton should reach this ollice notlutcr  iha,n Thursday at 12 o'cloct.  "When change of address is required, it i>-  desirable that both tho old address uud tl it-  new be given.  Address all communications. " Publisher or  fas Nxuios KcoxoMtsr. Nelson.!). C."  EDITORIAL COMMENT;  Nelson wholesalers report buUncss  better this season than any former  year. The volume of trade with out-  Bide points is growing greater all the  time.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  For the wet spring days must be damp  proof and vet light in weight and stylish in  form. Our new foot wear fills these requirements in every particular. Each pair of shoes  in our stock ls porticularly stylish and  thoroughly well made from the very best stock.  The various leathers���Calf, Box Calf, Viei,  Enamel, Etc., and the different shapes enable  us to suit all tastes and fit all feet perfectly.  Prices to suit everybody.  /  If the navy of Russia represents her  floating debt, then, of course, those  battleships that have disappeared beneath the waves represent her sinking  fund.  A missionary in Alaska has discovered a mine said to be worth over two  hundred thousand dollars. Evidently  'the-missionary buisness' is not so unprofitable as it is generally believed to  be.  The Liberal party has every reason  _to feel afraid of an appeal to the country, but the evil duy cannot be put oft"  very long. An elect ion is likely to  take place within the next three  months.  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.  G  Rail.  I  New   Pictur*3 Y  ^   Mouldings,  J,  Room Mould- ,1  ingsaud Flate j  We make a specialty of Picture Framing, Sign Writing,  :i  {  J      ainting, Paper Planging and Kalsomiuiug.    Estimates Furnished,  i  J F. J. BRADLEY -* ���* l  7  'aid Sheet,  Household Ammonia, quart bottles.... 7.25c  Benzine and Gasoline, big bottles 25c  Turpentine, big bottle ......25c  Furniture Cream, extra good  .25c  Bug Poison, big bottle  350.  Copperas, Lye and Chloride ot Iyime, all ready for S;.-riug House  Cleaning  Pure Baking Powder, in bulk.........    .........35c per lb.  Seidlitz Powders, Fresh .............: w 25c  Rutherford's Cathartic Pellets, Good for Liver and Stomach............25c  Wild Cherry Spruce and Tar. This is the popular cough remedy  originally prepared by Teetzel & Co.," aud is unequalled for  coughs and colds, 2 sizes....... ...25c and 50c  DISPENSING   PRESCRIPTIONS    A   SPECIALTY   AT  *    , REASONABLE TRICES.  WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214 WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  nsurahce,   Real   Estate   and  Mining  Agent  Houses and offices to rent'aud lots for sale in all parts of the city.  Now is the time to invest iu good'  The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.  Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.  Fire and  Accident  Insurance   a  Specialty  g 7*aasXy |  BAKER ST., NELSON. B. C.  P.O. BOX 223  J. E. ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER     ',  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent!  The announcement thatllewitt Kos-  tock is likely to get the seat in the  Senate made vacant by the death of  Hon. James, Reid, if true, will prove  that the Liberal party is not lacking in  gratitude. Hewitt Bostock supplied the  sinews of war>for the Liberals at a tiiiic  when they needed it, and practically  subsidized the Liberal press of British  Columbia.  Three dwelling houses for sale rn easy terms.  One" Lot on   Stanley - street,   opposite Royal CCC   A AIRS ft @  Hotel for sale" at a bargain. OCX Ml^AO  LE  ter  I     I Emx S       ��� ^WH   **W*'   >������*'   "VmS"'   3      *<a      Nka*>"ta*      "*3>f    ******  B  NELSON, B. C.  The largest exclusively Wholesale  Liquor. House in   the iu-  ior.  PABST .BEE  I  Y  T  y  I  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  . '*ft\^^%%VH%%%^W%^i^M^%%l%^(i^  H. McCAUS  Hon. D. W. Higgins has made all  fifraogemonte for the issuing at an  early date in book form of tlie series of  short stories dealing with pioneer days  in British Columbia which he contributed to tbe columns of tho Victoria  Colonist. Undoubtedly the publishers  ���will find a ready sale for this book. In  many respects it will be as useful as a  history of British Columbia.  . Canadian engineers arc loud in their  'complaint against the policy of the  Grand Trunk Pacific railway in employing largely, if not altogether,  American engineers, saj's the New  Westminster Columbian. As a remedy  for this, it is proposed that an amendment be made to the charter requiring  that a preference be given to Canadian  labor, Canadian material and supplies  In tlie construction ofthe railway. Iu  view; of the'extraordinary barricades  that are maintained by the United  (States against Canadians, the request  is held to be not at all unreasonable.  The Holddberg press has just published the " Acta Pauli," a narrative  of the Apostle'i*. travelings whieh have  not heretofore beeu known iu their entirety. The compiler is Dr. Karl  Schmidt, who has been for seven years  piercing together the two thousand  small fragments of papyrus and translating the contents from the Coptic. It  is said that the work solves many of  the problems connected with early  Christian literature and it proves that  several books of that era which we possess are only parts of one great work,  the acts of Paul, consisting, first, of the  so-called Thecla acts; secondly, the  Apocryphal epistles to the Corinthians,  and, thirdly, the martyrdom of St.  Paul." Dr. Schmidt says that the Coptic manuscript of the date of ISO A. D.  was written by atfelder of the Christian church '* to honor St Paul and  combat tbe agnostic heresies."  BAKER STREET, NELSON  AGENT FOR "  The Julia Marlowe |  0 The Celebrated Keith Shoe. a  ST he Douglas Shoe. p  Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty.^  in pints and quarts.  Dawson's " Extra Special" Scotch.    Grau'da Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  A. ress \_.  omment  Hamilton Spectator. 1  If Western Canada continues to attract people'; from the northwestern  stales as ii is doing���and as itundoubtr  edly will do���Uncle Sam will very soon  have vacant land enough for ids itn-  mjjjrants from Europe���land that, a  few years ago, was " cracked up*' to be  tlio very best on top of the earth.  Victoria Times.  If the wretch who is devoting his  time to the torturing und killing of un-  oiiending dogs 'could be caught, it  nii|*ht 1101 be amiss to administer to  liim a dose of his own medicine. An  experience of how the poison acts might  iimke him more tender iu his feelings  towards the lower orders. Iiut as such  adequate treatment is out of the question, we hope he will be caught, aud  that such punishment as the law allows will follow.  Kamloops Standard.  The failure of the Canadian Woollen  Mills Company is a good indication of  tbe trade policy of the Laurier Government is having upon the manufacturing industries of the Dominion. This  concern, a large and wealthy one, has  been compelled to assign owing to the  competition which the low duties on  woollen textiles has rendered possible.  Some may say that if the company  could not manufacture at a cost which  would allow them to meet this competition they should quit. That view  of the matter gives small satisfaction  to the 4,000 operatives thrown out of  employment or to the farmers who had  a ready market for tlieir wool at the  four mills operated by the. concern as  well as for the produce consumed by  the population dependent upon the  working of these mills. It is time that  Canadians insisted on a fiscal policy  which will benelit Canada.  Branch  Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt and  careful atten  ion.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers ln  Moyie Lender.  The working force at the St. Eugene  has been so increased that there are  now between 175 and 180 men on ihe  payroll. About 00 of these are at the  upper workings of the mine. Thej  concentrator has been grinding along  steadily all week running day shift  only, but a double shift will be put to  work as soon as the required number  of experienced mill men can be secured.  The mill is being fed by ore from the  Lake Shore workings. The aerial tram  which connects with the upper workings will be ready to run next week.  The mine is in. splendid condition considering the length of time it has been  closed down. ,* The timbering is still  sound and the ground still safe and  solid. Nothing will be done to the  shaft.at the Lake Shore _workings until the hoisting machinery arrives and  is installed.  There is still no word from Ottawa  with regard to the extension of the  bounty on exported ores. The delay is  causing a slight uneasiness with the  management, as until this matter is  j settled definitely the contract with the  foreigu ore buyers can not be signed.  Camps supplied on shorlesi  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C.TRAVES, Manager  WADDS BROS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C  Nelson      Rossland  ST. LOUIS  CHICAGO  AND RETURN  ��� 00 DAYS' LIMIT  DATES oi SALE  May 11,12, l.'i, June 16,17.18.  July 1, 2. 3, August's, t), 10.  September 5, 0, 7, October.!, -1, 5.  S TO  EASTERN CANADA  .     Certificate of Improvements.  Yukon Fractional  Mineral Claim, situate  in.the Nelson Mining Division .or West Koote-;  nay District.'   " .... r ��� |  where located : On Bear Creek, 3 miles  from Ymir. ���-���:.- .       .      |  Take notice that I, John McLatchie, of tlie  City of Nelson, acting as agent for Patrick  Daly, Free Miner's Oerliflt-a'te No. I! 58,663,  William M. Cotlcy. Free Miner's Certltlciito  No. 58.61*1 "A. J. Hushes, Free Miner's Certificate No. li 58.576. arid John Ryan, Free Miner's Ccrtilicate No. B 58,564. intend sixty days  from tlie date hereof toapply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate "of Improvements  for tho purpose of obtaininga Crown Grant o[  the above claim. .  And further take n6��icc,' that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  , Dated this 22nd day of December, 1903.  1 ���   . .       ��� -. ; . John McLatchie.  At corresponding rates on same dates.  For full particulars apply lo local agents "or  write. o  J. S. CARTER, -E.J. COYLE,  Dist.Pass.Agt.. A. G-F. A.  ,  Nelson. Vancouver  Bartlett House  i. ��� ������  (Formerly Clarke House)  The best $1 per day house in Nelson.  None but white help employed.    The bar  the best.  N. E. T. TIMETABLE.  STANLEY STREET���  7.00        7.40 ���. 8 20 a. m.  9.00        9-4P        10.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.20 p. in.  BOGUSTOWN���  7.20 .00        S.40        9.20 a- m-  10.00     10.40     11.20  Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. ra.  fim.*rrw  Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.     Apply A. V. MASON,   Man. Sec  The Car Barn, Phone 165B.  ���E. k:. strachan  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on ^General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.    ,  ���leitSpiing Goods  Of the Latest Designs  ARRIVING BAItiY.  Nice Line of Trouserings  John imaiiwood  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., next new P. O. Bldg., Nelson  Frank Fletcher  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOK  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  JOB PRINTING AT  econom/stoff/ge1G. W. Bartlett,   Prop  .Laudsand SlineralOIaimsSurveyed     -:'  and Crown Granted  P. O. Box 503       Oflice: Kootenay St. 'Nelson  . G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates  given on stone, brick  and woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c.  Anyone Bonding n Hkotcli nnd description may  quickly ascortuin our opinion freo v.-liotlior nn  Invention is probably pntontnblo. Coinniunlen-  tionafltrlotlycontldontial. Handbook on 1'nt.outs  sent freo Oldest nponcy for Becurinpr patents.  l'utonts takon tiirouKh Munn & Co. reeolvo  special notice, .without chareo, in tbo  Scientific' Htnericati  A handsomely lllnstrated ���wooltlr. r.nr:tc3t circulation of any FCientltlc journal. Tonus, ��3 a  year; tour months. $1.  Sold by all newsdealers.  F4UNN g Go.36,Broadwa^ New York  Branch Office. 623 F St.. Washington. D. C.  Sewlng-Machlnes'.iind Pianos  For Rent and for Saie_  Old Curiosity Shop,, Josephine St, Nelson  Fred- J, Squire  Tents and Awnings mado and repaired.  Clothing cleaned and mended.  Over the Wallace-Miller Co,* Beta :V  ...\  THE NELSON "ECONOMIST  HiB^flggsnag^sgHaggsssegassawan-n, ii i'l"i|illlil'illr1|iin|iin  9  ���-���rSa**^^^,  h -. .?.*������*,. fcl^i'J.l'.ll'lMSift. f  amMsw^  '/f'AA&l&^#i&  ;7a,��ijJ��&��||$ jl  h:'���SSfeS-^siS  77.oa.-7\v,6in��-,,Jp&  a/ioansiitgjllg  You will be Fequiring  ����&&��  r^  bprin  See Us about it.   Large New Stock  IS  The  only  really first-class  Piano  Hear them.   Buy them from us.  made in the Dominion of Canada.    See them.  fit  ���v  !  egular Price $65 each.     Yours at $30 each-  mm  any s Stores  13��^SB^JSS^2H5^Si5ESS;^^:;jSS&33-^'-SSi;  ^sass^ssasss^^sia^^i  sSISS  Finding the Right Doctor.  ��� ���gEsasqHBRE was a poor -woman.  " ~    f|       whose son was dreadfully  H       ill, and she wanted' to get  J^     him   a doctor;   but  somehow,  instead of going for  the doctor', she fell asleep,  and dreamt that her son was 'ill, and  that she was going for the doctor.   She  went first (in her dream) to the hous<j  of the first physician In the town, but,'  when    she    arrived,-   the    door    was  crowded with a number of pale beings,  who ;were congregating around It and  calling out to'those within.   So the woman asked them what they wore, and  they! said, **W*e are the spirits of those  who have been killed by the treatment  of   this   doctor,   and  we are   come   to  make him our reproaches.'   So the woman was horrified, and hurried away  to the  house of   another  doctor,   but  there sheifound even more souls than  When   .Cricspi  Was   Lucky  Being Penniless.  in  b efo rev^^a^a t^efSch~K  there^vereoixiore and more souls who  complained  of .the   doctors   who   had  killed them.    At last she came to the  'house of a very poor little doctor, who  'lived In a -cottage  in a very narrow, .  dirty street, and there were only two  souls lamenting.   'Ah!' she said, 'this is  the doctor for me; for, while the others  have killed so many, this good man in  all  the  course of   his  experience   has  only sent two souls out of the world.'  So she went In and said, ''Sir, I have  come to you because of your experience, 'because of your great and-.just  reputation, to ask you to heal my son.'  As she talked of his great reputation  the doctor looked rather surprised, arid  at  last  he  said, .'Well, .madam,  It. la  very flattering, but it is odd that you  ehould have heard so much of me, for  I have only been a doctor a week/ Aht  then you may Imagine 'What the horror  of the woman was���he had only 'been a  doctor a weok, and yet he had killed  two persons!   .   .   .   So she awoke, and  she did not go for a doctor at all, and  her s-OJi got perfectly well."���From "The  Story ol -My Life," by Augustus J. C.  Hare.  THE-- late "Francesco Crispi, the  -great Italian : statasman, once  escaped arrest as a revolutionist  because he did not have a sou wherewith to buy a candle. The story is told  In the "Courrier des Btats-Unis"' (New  York):    ������ ...  "On January 14> 1S5S, Francesco Crispi, the recently deceased Italian statesman, then, a political refugee in Paris,  received  from  an  Italian  friend   connected with the Paris opera two gallery tickets for the perforrnanneof that  evening, which the Emperor and Empress were expected to attend.    Crispi  and 'his wife were on the point of starting'fox* the theater'* when the latter exclaimed: 'Francesco, where shall we get  a candle?!   They were in such destltu-  tionthat they had��neither candles nor  jnatches,_nor  yot  the   wherewithal   to  "buy^tlfeSTr^'GO'i^  involve groping for. their room at midnight and going to bed in total darkness.    Too proud to confess their con.;  dition and to borrow a few sous they  regretfully denied themselves the promised   treat,   remained  in  their room,  and   retired  before, the   twilight   had  ���faded.   - .-   -  "On   the .following     morning   they  learned of Orslni's attack on the Emperor, the police raids, and the arrest  of all Italian revolutionists found iri or  near the theater.   If Ci'lspl had been in  the house he would certainly have been  among the first arrested,  for he  was  known as an ardent disciple of Mazzlni.  "The possession of a  tallow  candle  i and a match might have altered com-  . pletely'not only his own destiny, but  also that of Italy!"  THE   CELEBRATED  SAR  PI PES.j  A Smart Salesman.  Imperial Weather.  5OMBB0DT Is about to -pu-blis.1 a  vindication  of  the  character  of  EngUsli weather. It appears that  tt  lias been   most  unfairly  misrepresented    What we stupidly call its fickleness Is really nothing in the world  but a Perfectly laudable effort to reproduce^ in-our midst, the imperial,na-,  ture. of our climate, remarks "Outlook.  ���When it presents us with primroses In ���  November, that Is to-remind us of the  pleasant picnic weather they are hav-  ilng on -the veldt;  the  same laudable  intention - accounts    for    June    snow-  *   storms.    Nor do we -have to wait for  complete reversals of the seasons.    A  week of imperial weather-sometimes,  like a cheap trip, it is all crammed mto  one   day-runs   some^at   as  follows:  Monday, fog (home produce); Tuesday,  cricketing weather   (Australia);   Wednesday   skating   (Canada);   Thursday,  woterspouts   (various   ocean   territories)    Friday,  steaming  (West Coast);  Saturday, general Imperial represents  Jeweler (to new boy)���Did you sell  anything while I was out, Johnny?  "Yes, sir. I sold six plain gold rings."  "Good, my boy," said the jeweler,  highly pleased. "We'll make a first-  class salesman of you one of these  days. You got the regular price, ot  course?" ..'  "Oh, yes, sir.   The price was^rnarked  on the inside, 18c, and the gentleman  0took, all   that   was   left,   sir."���N.Y.  i "Life."  He Was Better Off Without It.  Hewitt���Cruet is a very polite fellow.  I a'-ked him if he would have-a cigai  and he said he -would. I found I didn't  have one, but he thanked me just the  same. ' Jewett ��� He ought to : have  thanked you more.���"Judge."  Nottingham, England  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy  CuflipPOofiaccdT  a   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  ���::.*._S.\s.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to Kone  UJ  X  t-  LL  O  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  Turner,Beeton & Co., L'td, victona.aa  A Classification.  Henry Thomas Buckle's thoughts ana  conversation were always on a high  level On'ce he remarked: ^en- ana  women range themselves into three  classes, or orders, of intelligence; you  can tell the lowest class oy their habit  of always talking-about persons; the  next hy the fact that then- habit.ia al-  converse   about   things;   the  Saturday, general impsniu icyic^*...^ , ways t0 converse c^.** ���������-��� =-��� ���----  tion; Sundly-but the British Sundayj^shest by their preference for the dtsr  j&as a climate of ita own, ' cussloa-of Ideas," '  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  ThN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Qp.B C. Customs House, Nelson  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  turers ofthe "Pinto Shell Cor  dovan" Gloves and Mitts  1|      R.H.GARLEY,B.C.Agt  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office ol ;>)y. ..-  W. P. m<kM% GENERAL AGEUt > �������� ./��� -..�����M<.tniM��it����aViWiB?!.CTr^l<tfy  njw.ic*Baffi^iaRg^^  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  I A  1:  A  Curioua Bits of News.  It la somevrha-t humbling to our p--id  to know that the sreateat speed attained under sail ls that ot the fl>lii*7  proa of Pactfl*; savages. Until the advent of the turbine motor these Ur.y  craft could outsail any steamer afloat.  even the modern German liners. Their  lowest estimated speed is twenty kr*ot:,  ��.nd many travelers credit them vrtth  -more.  Since March i tie torch ln -the hand  of the Statue of Liberty Enlightening  ,the World, In New York 'harbor, has  not been lighted. Thia does not mean  that the -sta/cue ihas lost its signiflcaace  as the symbol and personification ot  rthe broad political and industrial freedom which ls enjoyed ln the United  States. It sinvply means that no satisfactory method of lighting tie- tore'*  lifts teen dcvis-jd, and that the Lighthouse Board docs not think dt worth  ���While to continue an lnadequat-5 electric lamp. The other haibor llghta  /serve all the needs of the mariners, end  the statue itself, without Its own lig-ht,  will show more plainly ln the do.rk.nes9  than before.  The  reputation    of    Germany  as   a  ���country where life la regulated as much  as possible ln accordance with the behests of science ia borne out by the regulations of the German military authorities concerning the .marching and  physical training of troops.   The "physiology of marching" has recently been  the.' subject   of   careful   Investigation,  and the results obtained are taken advantage of'for the benefit of the Ger-  snan army.    Among    the    conclusions  reached    is    that    during   continuous  heavy  marching the  raition3 ��utpUed  are not sufficient to replace the waste  of carbohydrates, and that a day's rest  Is  required  e^ter   every    three   day3'  mardhltig, to enable the body to recover  . its normal power.  In typewriting 500 letters you waste  one hour in writing "Dijar Sir" 'and  'Tours very truly." Now, the total  annual number of letters sent through  the post all over the world is 8,000,000,-  000. Of course this Is not all commercial correspondence, nor is it all typewritten, but for the purpose of having  come statistical starting-point it will  be assumed thai lt is. To write "Dear  Sir" and "Your a very truly" for this  Jttfmber of letter* would take esse typist 16,000,000 bemrs, aiio-wing 300 working days to -the-year, albout 6,700 yearn  To translate thia Into an approximation of its money value, allowing $10 as  the salary of the typist and eight hours  as the average day's work, the cost  would lie ?3,S50,000.  The "W-larton (Ont.) "Echo" records  a remarkable Instance of affection between dumb taputes. A Mr. -Robertson  lost;a team of horses through the Ice  on* Colpoy'-B Bay. It appears tha.t the  gentleman mentioned Is the owner of a  ���dog���an ordinary collie dog���that waa  passionately fond of the animals  drowned, and they were In' constant  ���companionship whenever possible. After the accident occurred, and when the  horses were delivered from their watery graves and pulled-out on the ice,  the large crowd that 'had gathered  quickly dispersed, the horses being apparently "left alone In their glory." It  -transpired'later^on,- however, that the  ���faithful d-og, ln his" grief for hli- lost  companions, refused to* leave the spot  where,they were'/ and waa tenderly  licking *he -animals' heads and giving  Tent to his sorrow In various other  ways. Efforts were made to console  ���the bereaved canine and to attract him  irom the spot, 'but he went not, and refused to be comforted. He remained,  It is aaid, near the scene of the accident till th* l��ay was complntely enveloped lit darkness. The poor brute  *hen solemnly and sadly wei5ded his  way to his master's home.  '   Afraid to Repeat the Doss.  A local clergyman was engaged in  conversation! with a number of friends  *he other day, says the Duluth "riew��  Tribune," when   each   started  tcllinjj  -storles-of-weddlngS-heJhad-performed,  One of the party had this to offer:  Some time ago a gTeat big fellow,  roughly dressed, and a wee mite of ��  yorung woman came' to Wm. They hod  ao witnesses, and, in fa^t, did not care  to faave any. Nevertheless a biidas-  mald and groomsman were selected-  from the household, and the ceremony  . began. They had promised to love and  obey and all the rest of the service,  when the preacher announced: "Kisa  the bride."  Whe groom, on bended knee, hesitated  a little, tried to say something uni  wouldn't.  "Kiss, the bride," said the pastor.  "Why. parson, I did, afore I com*  here at all," replied the groom, whos*  <&ce had taken *��>�� color of a Jun��  nae.  NOTICE.  Eyeache and  Headache.  Eyestrain  causes  both.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporar  ily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  PRIVATE BILL.  Notice is hereby piven Hint nn application  ���.Mil l>c;ir.:s.uu tn the l.c'isliiiive Assembly ol  tl.e 1'rciMMce <-f firitlsli OoUuiiUn.nt Its next  session, for iin Act autliorisins* ��nd enabling  the KuMil Trust Company 0' b'-dy corporate  having its urtncipiil place oi business ut the  Citv <>t Montri-il, in the Province of Q,m:l)ci-,  in tlie Dominion of Cudndii, incorporated by  Art of I'lii-lis-iiic-it 'ot' the- said Province of  Quebc'.aixl other Trovinces of the Dnmii i n  ol Ciui:ulii) to exuri-isc In Miesnld l'rovin c of  liiitis.li Columbia the following powers.-���  '1 o act ns trustee, attorney, surety, and i. )so  .ib'igeul, wlietliei llnuncliil or for tlie purpi tes  of investment or otherwise, for, and to carry  on any undertaking.arrangement,aniul;;ainii-  tlon, or buMiH-ss of, persons, partnerships,  companies, estate, municipalities, corporations. jHpvernmoiits and others.  To organize and assist in promoting other  companies, and to take and deal in shares and  other interests in such companies.  To j;uu rn nt ee ti i les. invest ments, debentures,  securities anil other interests.  To advance or borrow money upon the security i f.nndtopurchaseorollierwiseacqulre  aud invest in, mortgage, pledge, sell or otherwise deal with, any real and personal property, as also lranchises, concessions, rights  and prir.leges. .. .  To ireeive money on deposit.  to negotiate loans.  To purchase, ct-nstiuct, lease or otherwise  acquire buildings for the deposit and safe-  Is* epingor property.  To act genera ily and ful ly as promoter, guar-  nulor, attorney, surety, bailee, guardian, committee trustee, executor, administrator, curator, assignee, liquidator, receiver, assignee  tor the benefit of creditors, auditor nnd agont,  and to eurrv .on any description of commercial and financial business, and Unacquire all  necessary powers for the purpose of and In?  cideutivi to the carrying out of any of the  above objects.  Dated at Victoria, B. C, the 21st day of April,  ISM.  nonwEi.T. <fc Lawson.  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Ai  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  R.   G.  JOY,   PROPRIETOR  $1 per day and up.  NoChl/iese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS/PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,    liriCnU    n    P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, N CLOU 111   Di   b,  ottndary  vJre O  hipments  TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS.  The following Uible gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines for* 1902  1904, and for last week :   ��� '��� =���-1903 1904_Past_WTeek  Granby Mines, Phoenix    . 393,718      1S8.71C        10,140  Snowshoe, Phoenix.      .       .    * .       .       ."     ���       74,212  Brooklyn, Phoenix   Mother Lode,-'Demiwood       .       .   y.       .       .     130,492      58,834 1,664  Suiifaet, Deadwood     .......   15,731 '���.-.,  Morrison, Deadwood 3,339 ., ""'  IS. O. Mine, Butnmit 19,365  R. Bell, Summit     .       .       .   '   .  Emma, Summit .       . ���     .       . * . .       .      .       .   22,937 8.300 G66  Senator. Summit Camp .       .   ���   .       .       .       . 363        1,756  Oro Denoro .  15,537       11,515 130  Winnipeg, Wellington   ......        2,435  Golden Crown, Wellington       .       .  Athelstan, Wellington 5,646        2,968  King Solomon, W. Copper  No. 7 Mine,  Central ���   City of Paris, Central   Jewel, Long Lake   Carmi, West Fork       .........  Providence, Providence .       .       .       ... 910 321  Elkhoin, Greenwood .       .       .       ...       .        400 245  E. P. U. and Goldfinch ...       ... 167 184  Ruby, Boundary Falls        ......  Miscellaneous  .....       .       ���       ���  Total, tons.       . '    .       .       .       ."������    ..       .684,426       272,815       12,5o4  TO G. Ej>. C. Maktin. H. W. F. Por.-  iLOK, or siny other person to whom  tbey may have tran&ferred their interests  in the Goodenough Fraction tnimtial  claim, situated on Wild Horse ('rei-k.  about four miles from the town of Yniir,  and adjoining the Mugwutrp, Rockland  and Lexington raineial c'aims in the  "Nelson Mitiing Division of West Koo-  teDay District, and recorded in the Re-1  corder's oflice for the Nelson Mining'  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified tbat I have-expended thirty-four  dollars and twenty -live cents (��34.25)  in labor and improvements upon tho  above mint ral claim in order lo hold  same under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from  the date of this notice you fail or **? fus-i  to contribute your portion of e-xpei dt  lure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests iti said c!a:m * will  become the propeity of the sub criber,  under scctii n 4 of an act entitled *-An  Act to Anund the Mi end Act, l'Ji 0.1  O. A. LOVELL.  PatedatYmir, B.C., thia 17th* day  & February, 1904. *  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  I  Ilis Honour tlio .Lientenant-Uovernor In  Council lirw been pleased to make thefollow-  ine appointments:���  6th April, 1904.  Smmiel Purker Ttiek, ortheCity of Nelson,  Ubqulre, Sheriff, to be OlHciul Administrator  for that portion ot the County of Kootenay  cmbrac-od within tlie Nelson City and Ymir  Electoral Districts, vloe Mr. J. b\ Arjnstrons.  A Question of Gender.  While he was being shown about  Chicago by' the Mayor of tlie city, a  French visitor expressed his thanks, and;  added, "But I am sorry so to cockroach  on your time." "Oh," answered tha  Mayor, "do not think of that. But you  do not mean cockroach, Monsieur; yea  mean encroach."   "Ohy is it?   I see���&  NELSON ASSESSMENT DISTRICT  Notice is hereby Kiven, in accordance -with  thcStatutes.tlintProvincial Revenue Tax,iind  all AU Assessed Taxes and Income Tax, assessed and levied under the Assessment Act,  1903, for tlie Nelson Assessment District, are  due and payable for the year 1904, at my oflice,  situate at the Court House, Nelson. This notice, in terms of law, Is equivalent to a personal demand by mc upon all persons liable  for tuxes.  Dated  at  Nelson   B. C, this 2!rd day   of  April. 1904.  Robert A. RENVtcK,  Assessor and Collector Nelson Assessment  District.  Corporation ofthe Ciff of too  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates fortlie month of April  are now due and  payable at the  City  of-  dlfferenee  in  (render,"   (the visitor bud-   ftces-  If Pa,d ��" or before the 15th May  . . ���. .     .      . ...��      dtRor  posing he ought  ctoacE),  to hard    said    hea-  discount of 10 percent will be allowed.  Nelson. April 30,1904. '  By order,  D.C.McMOERIS  City Clerk.  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers,  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store En the Kootenays.  A.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  "SS^-7  mc.  3JS<��St-  't^sS'm!  f^ri  &M05i_t.  p^^1^)^^  "Z%^  easonmour iniiun  It was a matter of common remark that we  had Cut Prices on Choice Millinery to a very  low figure, lower in fact than could be obtained  .elsewhere.  However we have desired to make a more  sweeping reduction in our large stock.  We are constantly changing in conformity  withthe latest productions.  .No matter when you visited us last you will  see something new to-morrow.  Leading IV!i!!ineryofKootenay  MOTHER'S BREAD is unquestionably  the most healthful, and is a special boon to  those with a tendency to dyspepsia.  We bake any good kind of Bread and  Cakes your health and taste demands. It is  cheaper and more satisfactory than doing your  own-baking. Our product has the pure homemade flavour all Bakeries try to imitate.  Ward Street.  Cash Advanced on Consignments.  Goto  the  Auction Mart for  Tents, Trunks, Boot^ Rain  Coats, Furniture or General  Merchandise.  J. GREEN & CO,  Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers  ~   Economist  g Office.  anada Permanent  orfgage Corporation  .Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  br Monthly Payment System.  $L^f&^^/fy^^^^f&Q/^^^*ft&f&^/&.'Qf&^*/&<$' ���^/&'%/^^&-^fl  ouse  Just arrived a full stock of  G H U R G H^S- A! A B A ST IW E-  in  all shades, the  only-PERMANENT, SANITARY, WALIv  COATING.  Don't take something just as good, when you can get the genuine.'  Never rubs off.   ��� 50c per package.  $ -Nelson Hardware Co��� NeiSoBn��,xB6c! ^  We mean to have a reputation for the above  We sell   Blue Ribbon and Salada, and have the agency for Silver  Spoon Tea.    Silver Spoon in every package.  There is no better Coffee than our 50c Waldorf Astoria Coffee.  J.G.Simpson  'Phone 34  The Red Font  Grocery  MAKE NO Nil ST AK  For a Pure, Healthful Cereal, none cau compare with   i!  '���      ****���*��      ��� -a"  Made in British Columbia  The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Limited  Manufacturers of High Grade Cereals.


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