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The Nelson Economist Mar 14, 1903

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 -, -r^'f-  *��� ��"'��*��� ^��W^.        ��.!���"(       ~ Jf O-     iCf -        l-     it. �����   -       Z    *��� :        *��*��'���* *���*        ��? ���* IS a.  .���jm^i^i.*..!.  ��K.^a  ^j.      A^r^1 fc-     tCI            -.���   Sfc   ��   ~v~r     5i        v-             *.         vty*   ..   ��n    ^inpfctt-s^i ^>- *���.���  "���n ' ���      ���     ��-- i-     -��.<-- . " ��� 7* .   *__    .-      ifiliV^  nn   if)- ������' H'^ "��� ���-��� .."  ~*      h. TSn.    - _       ^a>r<  i. ��v ", " ?*-*���  iOfciS.  Si  M^^J  i  ___  ���da  T  P   ^  -g.-^,,��l~  VOLUME VI.  NELSON, B. ���., SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 1803.  NUMBER 35  .ITY MISERS  fflfjflp  .:l".','  They Look and   Act at  the r/ieetings.  INSTATED  C;q.t.   McMorris   Gets .lhe   Coveted  City Clerkship by Unanimous  Vote  When it is taken into considera-  -tion that, the electors of Nelson  light to the bitter end over the selection of. an alderman, it seems  stran'ge.that little or no interest is  taken in the proceedings of the  council. There was some excu?e  for this'jap_>arent apathy in former  times, when there was no accommodation for visitors; but this  cause no longer exists, fur there is  now adequate, accommodation, and  visitor.- are protected from assault  hy a railing which separates them  from bellicose aldermen.  The council meetings are certainly not lacking in inteiest. The  sunny smilo of His Worship as he  steers the municipal ship clear of  the rocks and free .of the tortuous  channels is an. enthralling picture.  Again, when Aid. Seious lights his  pipe of peace, the mind of the visitor is carried back-,-- to, the (council,  meetings of tho Iroquois,' tlie Hurons and the Eries. ��� .       '  Aid. Seious is a, useful .member  of tho council board. " He is thoroughly conversant withthe routine  work of that body. Ho believes in  applying tho same rules 'to the afr  fairs of tho city that thosuccessfi-,1  man of business does to his own  trade. Ho speaks on 'every quesr  tion and is emphatic inhis deliverances. ���''''  Aid. Hamilton in debate wield.-  a keen Damascene blade, which it-  an eflVotive  foil   against   A"I'd   Irv-  hi LOCKSMITHS  away Maids.  Wed  a  Handsome   Lifcguardsman  Although   He Was  Only   a  Common Soldier.  Vlii;.!; .-^  tin;      ..  w;.nJ  I;  u .    . i ���  WM"  ll!"  hlii  !������' iu in  ���\V   -i  >i\  11 <  U!l,        .-111(1  i     ir'. >m  I.I   II ,-  \l  ui��ll   doi--  il.e      ICo  'is     ni  A   : t  'ill .;������   . :,;������  li  Aid.  :. i!.  ml. ���  mv  7.11 I AM.  Ii!n    i (,i    lie  h'.is a im>m���  i> ..,' miuii eip 11 lllil 1;  : t.f  .:ii.-,;.(.i   "order if.  h-.   n.   man   of   ponce.  ��� why   pimple   f-hi.tild  a  (]i.i:in.-! nv.7' ii hi tin mutter thin  <!nii!il lin iimioiibly disponed of in a  lew niiiuiteM. It is tliis pnciliii dis  position that makes Aid. (iilknr ko  formidable n. cundidiiU. in a muni-  cipnl cniitust. If the' nlhor alder-  men maintained the guidon silence  that is tho predominating chiirao-'  toriwiio of this giiiitlomaii, tho gutli-  ering.i of tho ocunioil \yould boar'a  ntnkiri|.,' analogy to tin cld-limo  <.iuiiktir nmoting.  lint t.li(j.y do not.    Aid, Irving Ih  in prinoiplo and prnotiqo oppevod to  tranquility.    .1 Io   has  opinioim  of  hiii own aud (ithor  pnoplo's, and is  ���w^   persi.slunt    in    oxproHHing    thorn,  which  occasionally provokes a war  in miniature,    Hut   it must not he  supposed   flint  Aid.   Irving is   nl-  ways Hcalp-hunting.   HoinotimoH ho  practicim the precept of   Paul,   and  hi all things to all  num.     In Llui.so  ri'|nii.<(jfiil moods, the lOnsl.  ward al-  ili'i'man in  a bubbling  fountain of  Hy, but after the calm' look out for  In: storm,  <���   Aid. Kirkpatrick in.a family man  o   never  ciinn   to wander  from  , i nwii   (lieside,  and   is ilio oxaot  .mlDi'luirL   of Aid. Ciilkor,    Ho  di    h  appears bored, and is not looking  for trouble with anyone. However, he asks questions, and aood"  naturedly makes a sugge^ion now  and then concerning the merits of  some matter under discussion.  Aid. Bird .was the < only absentee  at the last council meeting. After  the. reading of the minute.*-, His  Worship appointed Aid. Gilker to  tho vacancy on tlie finance committee* Aid. Gilker bowed politely in acknowledgment of the ALL MARRIED FOR LOVE  honor.  Then came selections for the vacant 'positions of city clerk and  treasurer. . There was some discussion as to the division of responsibility in connection with these offices and it was finally decided to  transfer the collecting part of the  work to the scavenging department.  The oflice of city clerk of Nelson  is an honorable position, and innch  sought after. There were four or  five applications, one from a Vancouver barrister. J. K. Strachan  also had in an application.  The council proceeded to ballot for  city clerk, and D. C. McMorris received a vote from every alderman  present.  There was some interest in the  appointment of a treasurer to fill  the vacancy caused by the unwarranted dismissal of \V. E. Was..on.  No explanation has ever been given  as to why Mr. Wasson was Uncharged, and many wondered if the  aldermen who were responsible for  it would recede from their position.  By their voles it would appear chat  the aldermen referred.to considered  that Mr. AV'asson had" been sulri-  ciently chastened in' spirit by his  purgatorial-experience, so he svas  declared reappointed by a   votti of  4 to 1.    ��� '    '  Aid. flu.milton re-introduced his  curfew by-law, and it will conic up  at the uext meeting for its second  reading.  Byvlaws to regulate stands for  exprees wagons aud cabB and to  control traffic weie brought up, but  will have to be amended before the  utxt meeting,  The council had several communications to eoiihuior���one from Superintendent Duvwiie, complaining  ul' lhe light" fill iiJ-.led ot the ^J. I'.  II. depot. ; "lie I -ii low Ti iilirA uy  u..ui|//i in , ii.-kl i'.       v ,i   can.il    >t-itJ  ill ll1"   n ill-"   o, ..     .v,i7i    din," .roilH  ,i ,.iiMi   vr.ioli, a;."   itiiolhor  asking  ���hat    Luiniii-r   sl.nn-1,    he  cxtoi.��li-tl  ijniii Ivoiiii'.'iiav Mionu to i^alli 1.1 n-et.  'i'liCMi coinniunii auoiiri wore ro-  furred to their proper coininitieo.-',  and the council iinjourned.  fact. The lady, who was a widow,  was walking witn her only child in  the park one day, when the little  girl, who had str lyed from her side,  was saved from a terrible death  under a runaway horse's feet by a  handsome    Life;;uardsman.      The j  mnmi  Many Curious Freaks of Run-: mother's   gratitude   to her child's  .���nty  i-om-  /. :ien,  ni nail>ade  nop,  A' re-  mo's  ...ig-  iloW-  A. 10. Amos, in speaking mi tho  "Conduct of Hiikiii.uH.i" before tho  Giinadian Club at Toronto thin  week, made refurenoi. to tho Htibjuol  of imiiucipal ownership, Ho spoke  cautiously, and while ho did not  condemn tho movement, ho pointed  out tho nocossity of exorcising discretion. "It iH too momentous a  question to bo decided in u fitnm-  pedo," ho said. There wiih danger  of running to extreme.'. That  there woro certain Hafoguards which  woro wrong, w(ih no reason to  change tho whole hiiHlsof operation.  His tulvieo was to close up tho loopholes through which corporations  woro porniittod to shirk th'oir duties. What was wanted more limn  government ownership was an intense and unanimous interoHt in  municipal nnd government, affairs.  I'olitioH, doll nod as tho scii-noo of  govornmont, was tho biggest of all  businoHHOH, and Hliould oomivuuid  lhe interest of all business  mon. Municipal ownership, -well  managed, ho was prepared to'admit, would i}o good ; the installation of further checks on corpora'  Lions, ho thought, would also, do  good, but neither nhpukl bo oarriod  to oxecuH.  Although the romantic days of  Gretna .Green and flying post-  chaises have long passed into history, the.fancies of wilful maidens  still turn" as lightly to thoughts of  .elopement as in the days when  young John Scott ran away .with  the barik��r's daughter, aud found  that one dvenue to the Woolsack  ran through Gretna Green.  . Unfortunately then, as now, the  heroines of these runaway love-escapades were not always as prudent  in their choice of a gallant as the  embryo Lady Eldon, and they paid  for their folly by-spending the rest  of their lives in deploring if.  That, there is absolutely no accounting for the .taste . of eorue  young'lodies who elect this unorthodox route to the altar >vas  proved a few years ago, .whw'i the  'daughter of a retired "j'udge, a t;irl  bf considerable beauty and ai\-,nra-  plishments, vanished one day in  company with the village b.'ka.-, a  middle aged widower, who v.a-ooot  only abnormally plain-featu'od but  a cripple to boot.  The astonishment of   the  at the flight was as   nothing  pared with its consternation  after a brief honeymoon, tin  away couple  returned   and  their   home in    tho  village  where the "Master of the ll"  a timed his baking within   a  throw, of the park gates of h  ust father-in-law. _ Nothing,  over, could have served his j.-inose  hotter;   for   tho 'judge's   wr. ������':   at  ihiS added insult was s> giv.-i' i;iat  he-promptly settled a largo t-nm on  his daughter, on condition ('  "t >ho  and hor husband should nov r Iivo  within a hundred miles of h.    pro-  seives.  In tho early Rovontio.��, the only  daughter of a Yoi kshiro aqtiiTo foil  hopelessly iirlovo with a handsome  under-gardener, and when hor father dismissed the undesirable ?ui'.-  or Mid sent his daughter awny on a  long visit to somo distant relatives  ho was, unconsciously, giving them  tho vory opportunity thoy sought.  A few weeks later tho gai'donor had  not.only become his Hon-in-law, but  had actua.lly boon offered nnd accepted tho position of gardener to a  neighboring squire, who owed tho  girl'H father moi'o than ono grudge  and took this way of paying   Him.  This wiiH'tho last drop of gall in  tho squire's cup, and, like a. sensible man, ho niado an unconditional surrender and offered the  position of .Howard to tho ox-gar-  douor. To-day thoro in no more  j'jopular landlord in England than  tho man who was clover enough to  marry a rich bndo and thou Lo  outwit hor father.  In this enso at loaHt.whnl appeared to bo a vory mad biealc resulted in a happy and Huoouisfiil  marriage, and a Himilar experience  fel) to the lot of a groat society  beauty who horrified her' fashionable friends /ibout three yearn iigo  by rii|iuing away with a "common  soldier." Tho story' roads more  like u romance than a page of sober | millionaire,  rescuer was overwhelming, and as  he proved to be a man of refine  ment as well as of exceptional good  looks, it was, perhaps, not unnatural that it should lead to a tenderer  sentiment still. a  One day the lady disappeared  from sight, and although it was rumored that she had runaway with  a soldier, nothing definite was  known of her until, a year later,  she and her husband returned to  town and she resumed her position  and old habits of life. For some time  society treated her with cold disapproval, but when it was found out  that her soldier-husband was not  only a gentleman, but the cousin of  more than one peer, it speedily relented.  With some women elopement  seems to develop into ��' mania. In  a recent divorce suit it wits proved  that the respondent had run away  with no fewer than three lovers���at  different times, of course. Her first  gallant was her husband's orderly.  She deserted hina a few months  la.er for ajprqft-^or of a French  Lycee.and weary lag of him sought  solace -with a handsome courier,  who deserted her i.i Berlin and left  her in a Btate o!   -^reat destitution.  But perhaps th<- most remarkable  C;ise of all within .ae writer's knowledge is ihat of -he daughter of a  wealthy North country.Squire who*  to her fathers gr;.-' and dismay disappeared with qui of his gamekeepers. In vain did v.'ie broken-hearted father beg his -..nUghter to return  home. She refu..-'J, as she said, 'to  bring further dis.-�� ace on him," aud  tv-gged him   to i -tgive  and   forget  her.  But the father had still his last  card to play; a;.-I in a spirit of  qiixotic chiva't.y ho forthwith  oil'ured his hand n the daughter of  ono of his garth-uers, so that he  might place him .^lf on the same  li el of uiisalliai.i as his daughter.  Tiiia pathetic evidence of his loyal y to his child broke down the  b criers of hor re-.-<tnrioe ; and now  fi inany yoa��s li---her and daugh-  n ; have been near neighbors and  on the old footing of mutual lovo  and trust.  Lwulora Duncan,- an American  dancer, who intorp-Us classical music by movement.-* in her bare foot,  is having a groat voguo in Berlin.  She says tho Berlin women who  have pretty feet have taken Lo appearing in sandals at private entertainments.  Her wealthy patronoshos havo  decided to build for her a Greok  thentro, whore her art can be cultivated in appropriate surrounding.!,  Tho chiropodists aro looking for  a boom in their business if the sandal orazo spreads.  Isadora Dunoan will bo remom-  bored as tho Blonder young California girl who tried to create a fad in  Now York by touching Greek dancing to the children of tho rich. Hor  olafcsos in tho Windsor Hotel were  popular for awhile, and whon tho  liotol was burned sho kept hor head  and marched   half a hundred little  ones out in safety.  Thou she was tnkin up by several  society women and gave hor bare-  foot dances in their parlors, Sho  tibiul to illustrate in poses nnd dancing the Ilubaiynt of Omar Khayyam.  Then she wont to Europe and created a furore in turn iu London,  Paris, Munich, Berlin, Vienna, dually creating the groatost sensation  of all by refusing to marry Harry  Thaw the, reolclpa^ young IHttubtirg  Fred  Starkey, in a Confidential Way, Admits  "THEY'RE   AFTER   HIM."  Dr. Hall  Likely' to be  the Liberal  Candidate���Other Political  Matters.  With the probability of an early  Provincial election, local politicians  are doing a .little hard thinking.  Should the contest' be on party  lines, the divisions now existing' in  municipal matters would . be  shifted. The-Liberals-claim to be  fairly well united, and many of  them seem to think that Dr. Hall,  if selected as the stahdard-beajer,  would have a walkover against all-"  comers  tion to claim that   the   Conservatives ar? united, and it  would be a  r'fous y and   the   would-be   Croker  depart* d with a self-satisfied smile.  The Vancouver correspondent  of the Standard writes : The political atmosphere is clearing. Col.  Prior has every assurance that he  will have enough support to carry  on the business of the country,  which news is welcomed by business men ia Vancouver as well as  in other parts of the Province.  Now, if only the more conservative  and moderate* of the Opposition  would place themselves in the position of say, a friendly neutrality,  the way would be clearer for a  party fi��ht at the next general election.. At present, with Chas. Wilson and Capt. Tatlow screaming  themselves hoarse at the present  government, which is made up'Of  two-tbirds Conservatives, a party  line fight in the future is impossible. You cannot call a man  everything that is vile one day and  welcome him as your long lost  iriend the next."  THE YUM$N  Machinery Wanted to Work  Low Grade Ore.  KI&G OF THE KLONDYKE,  Alexander Macdonald, Talka ofthe  Past;Present and Future  of the Yukon.  The  story   goes   that   a   certain  young Jady gave   a certain   young  man a  ] iece  of   wedding-cake, to-  It would   be   rank dacep'   gether .with   seven     very    neatly  folded.slips of paper.        !  She to id   him   that   he must not  hard matter to get a candidate  upon which the two sections would  unite. Some of Mr.' Houston's  friends are throwing out veiled  hints'to the effect  that  he will not  fail to pUee^JJ^^-efyfn'g^^^and  the slips of paper under his.pillow,  and when he awoke in the morning  to take o.ut one of the- slips and  readwh.il,   it   contained.    She fur-'  again c ffer himself in Nelson, but! ther informed him that each of the  will try his luck in the Ymir dis- jbix of th;-slips would bear^the name  trict. Mr, Fred Starkey, who is j ()rSoi.o yonog lady, but '.that the  credited;"with interprfeting' dreams j seventh -.vould Iho blank. If the  for Mr. Houston and who can  lead j __ j i p he ...ened on the seventh   day  i girl's   name, iit   would  ho that . i his future  wife^ hut if it  that usually incorrigible individual jcoutaini  was the  i-huik, he was   doomed   to  around with a silken cord, has   admitted   that "they're after him" in  Nelson, and it is supposed  that, he i i-.anhelf- iood  is now in tho hands of his  friends;    'i"|ie   . :>xt    morning  Certainly Mr.  Starkey   is trainin;.'opened .  for something, nnd he will probablv ��� a,w n,ur,  get it���in time.    He  fully  'realize;-jgjvou    I  that a successful politician   in   tho J i |,i^ ho ��  Kootenays must be  in  close touch j f,;r nj^ �����  with thorpress, and   while   he  ha- j     Su he  when he  flip lie found it contained  of the very girl who had  ni the instructions. At  -..< very much disappointed,  ��� oiions were set upon her.  jnncludi'd   that   tho other  not the time to write much him- j;;i-|m wo-ldn't interest hiin. enough  self, he will overcome the dinieuh.yl|ti, rlei-p m them six nigh-s, and  through the agency of an amanu- |1Uid proi-eded to open them all and  onsis. Not but what Mr. Starkey j ,-0ad their names before throwing'  can write, and write well. lio.hnH Ui,.m .'iw.iy. But whon hei found  had a vast experience in newspaper i thm. the Jrl of his choice h.-ui writ-  work, having beon for many years j ton hi r nvii name on every ono of,  assistant sporting editor of tho Car-1 ihem, it ivns but a short  time   bo-  man, (Man.,) Standard. In addition to this ho is a spel.binder of  no menu repute, clothing his  thoughts in tho most vigorous I0ng-  lish. A campaign in which Mr.  StarUoy contributed, eveii by  proxy, to a newspnpor, could not  be regarded as lacking in spectacular ifl'iicls. Moreover, lie would  givo tone lo a contest, something  that has been absent in political  conllictH up to dale. .lust, now  there nro ono or two others' spoken  of as candidates, but no can draw  the veil from tho future. Someone  has 'hinted that Mr. KrankFlotJior  might bo induced to run, but Mr.  Fletcher's intimate friendssny thnl  ho has a porfect horror of running  for ollico, and believes that mayors  and members should he elected by  acclamation, which really would he  a groat navin_j to tho country.  It is announced from tho coast  that Col, Prior hopes to bo able to  win John Houston over to his side,  That should not bo a very dillk.ult  matter to accomplish, when you  come to think of it.    ,  foro everything ciim'o about in the  iimst approved fashion.  This was the story tho other girl  read, ami she niado up her mind to  try the same system upon the young  man she most admired, hut who  .omohow displayed a singular hesitancy to question her upon the momentous subject.  The next, time he came to see hor  she entertained him sweetly, and  ns he was going sho 'brought out  some wrddiiVg-cnko and tho slips  containing her autograph. She  gave her hd-ped-for lover his instructions,, about dreaming and  opening the slips and all the rest of  it,, and hor consternation may bo  imagined at tho remark which ho  pleasantly made.  " ()h,'yo.i r'said ho, " I road tho  story niy.-t.'lf. 'Pretty good schoino,  wasn't it '."'  And tliiH'ilevi'r young lady hnsn't  soon the ii. ,M v.'t' her heart since.    ,  the   chirk   -'if tho  A   M.ir ineati!  iioi'.ounlar.t V branch of the department of militia, \Ou) obtained $7/5,-  t.OO of government money   through  ! forgery,   hnn    been     sentenced    to  j seven yc.'u'.-i iu the   Kingston    poili-  ImmodinU'lv upon Kohl. (Ireen's  leutiarv.    The prisoner made   res-  arrival in the city the other day, ho  titution <>.   nearly, :fl.r),00()   of the  wiih waited upon by the local Itich- ' amount i-'doii.  ard Croker.    The member for  Slo- j  can division was  instructed how to I     Tho general   impression  is that  proceed  in   inuttoiH   pertaining   tu I Lord Minto will servo out  his full  l..o next oontotlt.    Mr.  Green  pre--term of nix yours as Oovernor-Cion-  Jtondod to tako tho information ho-'oral.  Alexander Macdonald, the Klon-  dyke king, is on his way to tho Yukon after-�� a visit to Nova Scotia  and cities in the eastern states. He  is accompanied by Mrs. Macdonald  and her sister. To a reporter the  other day Mr. Macdonald said :-���  "While' in the east I have been  looking for machinery to work the  low grade placers because there is  almost inexhaustible wealth in  them, especially on the Stewart  river. There-is an absolute necessity for machinery for this purpose  and the exploiting of placers by ���hy-  draulic'machinery-will add largely  to the wealth of the country and ta  the royalties paid to the "government. ' As soon as the .quartz mining is exploited for all it is, wortb  there will follow the introduction-  of thei cyanide"process and the'.;'need  ofthe machinery-used in extracting gold frotn quartz. I am a firm  believer in the future of the Yukon  district. It has mineral wealth  undeveloped which surpasses the-  dreams of the most sanguine a��nd  all that we need is machinery and  cheaper transportation for the  machinery and for ail ' purposes1.' "It is nay hope to take into*  the Yukon this spring Borne hydraulic' machinery to work some low  grade placers I have bought, which  could only be worked at a Iobb by  hand, but worked by machinery  'should give a good return on tho  investment. I heard recently from  a friend who went to Valdez, where  the great strike waB made, and ho  predicted "that there would be a'  second Kldnyko there. Two town  sites have alroady beon taken up.  Thnt is in American territory, of  course, but the wealth of our side i��  just 'as great. In tho American Yukon they have begun a railroad and  lhe place chosen for tho sea tor-  mi mis of that road ia bound to bo  a second Seattle. You can flay that  the possibilities of tho Yukon aro  only beginning to bo diHcovored  and that its future is uh bright aa  anyono could imagine."  The liiHt. carload of Providence  ore sent to tho Trail smoker will  give a grosavaluo of $170 to tho  ton, says tho Greenwood Times.  Tho smelter returns havo not been  received, but the check HHBaya  made by \V. JC. Bogs worth, which  in tlie past have olosoly tallied  witli tlie smelter returns, bIiow that  'tho' oro runs to this high yaluo.  The 'values are H00 ounces of Hilvor  and $2-1 infold. In addition to tho  ore sent to frail, a second carload  of second-clnHS ore wiih sent to tho  Sunset Milliliter. Tho value of thin  ore is about -f'25 a ton. Anothor  carload of first-class ore has beon  loaded for the Trail smelter, bringing the total for the year up to lUJ-l  tons. Since August last ore to tho  value of gvor ' $���25,000 has been  taken from the Providence, and tho  vein ib stronger now than at tho  time of development. Ah recent returns show, tho values ar�� increasing. There aro now 21 men employed at thti mine.  !;;::������:;���  s;s*-  m&  r.i,*t  wmmMwim  ,,^w��,WM����w<��"��l'fflWI"^^  ^m��niwintM^rif.wiiill_fi  '      ',{, W   I.  ^ffWr^wm^��r^rt^rwffl.,H..a,^^J^^g|ti-fyf|rrt.^^iwv^��-.(yw^w��w.wri1VrH.  "    I    '     11 'I     ,       -       i    I '' .      Mi'  " 11 \\"��� l(l  mfw<*ty*t&>v>$%i>-!+f<ipi'*'*<'i;i^ <-*�����. ivf ��rtU4im. ^m ���>��� i-v >  rrA'  -:-" i  ^.^y.  41      ll *��-.  Xt  F,.l Aa.  -7,       -��  -A      -_  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST  The Nelson   Economist  Published every Saturday afternovii at  Vfiisox Sr;:2ET. Xsiso.", n. C.  Si.oo Per Year Strictly in Advance  Advertising runs made known on appMc.i.  Address all co;nmuii:catio is, "I'ublislicr '������  KruNOMIrtT. Nol itm. II. I'."  "II K   XELSOX  ANNOUNCEMENT.  With this issue Tine lice:  is   reduced   to   $1.00 per  advance), and in order to *������������:  ���subscriptions  at once, all sn  ers in   arrears,   who will    pa-  on or 1 efore April 15th, can  .;  at the rate   of  $1.00  per year  ��� 1ST  (in  old  rib-  up  o   SO  If  >&  not paid at that time, the o'd r.-ie ot"  $2.00 per year will be ciiarj.- h.  This week The" Economic has  been enlarged, and it is' hop*-d 10  double its present size with-: the  next month or so. Several ::l-v departments will be added, and it is  hoped to make the paper interesting enough to become a regular  visitor to nearly every household in  Nelson and the Kootenays!  i  I  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Reports   from   the  coast   as  to the rilaiive  Flit ngth of the   Government  and   Opposition  ���u-e    very   ron'flieting.      One   thiy   it   'n   an-  i.< finced that Premier Prior has   succeeded in  lai.ding'enough   members   to give   him a ma-  j..i ity, and the next day a   report  comes  that  lie  Will ask'for a dissolution.    Last Saturday.  lbt-ie was a caucus of  Government supporters  hi Victoria,  and  while   the   memi-trs who at-  tt'inlcjd'the caucus were pledged   lo   .-ecre.��y, it.  win ��� noticeable that  after    the   meeting  Col.  I'ii. r was in j.ood   ppiriti-.     lt is nvnl that the  Jt ciiii^ amon'g tiie M.ni^ters is  that   lhey   can  iraiiMict the busine.-s of  ihe coum-.y when the  Jliiuse-meets without any other  riipport th..n  tinti of their own   followers.    'Nev-:iihle-s, the  ''Premier,started at  0111 e   for   Vern -n to inter-  vH-yy. Price JCliiM.n,   who,   thr^ugli   his  paper,"  thOifV'ernon News, ba-* been   m.iki.._,   some de-  eididly uncomplimn itary reninik.-. ;:onceriiin��  lhe Government.    The member  IW E 1st Yale  i*-���.-1.-�� he has been a victim i.f   tnic-piucrfd couli-  (.'ei.ee, lbs (Jovernnifc.il having p:rt'?iii,<evl tons-  ��� i.��i iii in in the Vernon-;Midway [>r.-.j���ct.    Lite  J.i.-l evening  it  was  lepuried  thai.   Col.  Prior  iif.il spent the iluy will. Mr. Eii-i.. , but could  Jm. rt-cure a  promii-e fiom  Lim ili.:.< he would  1 - - .  ���'Kt.pport lhe Guveriim.nt. Aoci. .iiug to a  ytau-nieni irom Victoria, there w.. u.vhi- any  <l��'hlit as to where the nieinbir !.ir NhImiii  wniild stand. The fact that he r-.i,nrseles.-ly  j'uiihied the Government in li pa; er up-  jenicd to supply the Ktrougt.su. ,, 1 let lc?ii-  ii ony that ho would supp...o \! ,j. Prior  111 t..e right .time. li.-side, u.  lone a eonviiwing way will.  .11, the const. Ami thus the m  Tun Victoria Timns sunn -up   tin  t- .lows :    ''j'iie  Provincial    Gov  02ttainly  KMII     llllU'll  i;r stands,  illation as  ineiit   hiin  (inlently inade up  its   mind   nut   :o disnolve  imiredi. ttdv.    It   wil     ineit   iho   tlmi.-o and  1  ���  u u.-l to tbe ii-pugnimee of   the  imMiberH  ton  ^mit-r-il     ih-clio.i     to     ttuo    it    through    its  llollbloH."  Wiihout discu-Hing tho morils .if  any   j-ido  ill the uonll uts litiivMien oiipilal ami labor now  being carried on this Province, ihi- advanliigcs  of 11 0 mipulcory iwbitrittiim   l.uv   mtHl Iu ap-  paicnt lo all,  Within a few moniln the touii.-tseason will  ItOgln, and iilready tho  tourist a,-rociiitions of  the coast are miihir^ prepiiriilimiH for tho anticipated mel)   of sight.iiors,    List \w.ir, Vie-  . loriu through thy t ff uts of  a  \vt<il��eoiulueied  tourist assneiiilinn leaped u rich h.uivosf, and  l)iiH your the'citizens e.xptct a greater rush.   It  iHipears lo many that Nelson   ami the iu.'i��h-  boring   Kootenay   towns  shoild   oi.ipy  a' leaf  (ititcf Victoria's book and put lorih ovory rea ���  flonablo    tl'f <rt     ti     attract,   tourist    travel  to this quarter. Tho Ivo .tonay country hIiuhIh  unrivalled as a tourist resort, and   ii, romulns  wiJi tho re-iilenH In   mnltii   lhe  hm-m of 111����� j 1 ���  opportuuitio.-.    Nothing should ',>,��� .t.U uiuloi 0  that will bring about  the   dcind   end,     La-t  year a start wiih  made  in   this iiir.-ciion,   but  fur some reason tho results went not   satisfactory.    A very neat leallot was isi-iied, but il is  not reported that one of those  tracts was   i ver  diHcovered in a place where   it   would do any  good,    Tho C. P, II.  is  making arrangements  loeviul'iil) Ho louristu to Nelson, ami it miylit  not be out of the way to suggest that our citizens and the resident* of Kootenay generally  should do something in the way of showing  a bona fide disposition to co-operate with the  transportion companies and supply them with  the right class of advertising matter.  It has always been tbe boast of the editor  ofthe Tribune tha'. he never permitted the  columns of any paper controlled by him to be  u-ed by anonymous correspondents to spew  their venom and circulate maligning, rovv-  ardly falsehood.-. Mr. Houston ctfh no longer  make jiood this liuas?J ior a sneaking, snivelling vagabond, signing himself "The Eise,"  during tbe ah.-enceof tha responsible ��-U 1 ������ ����������� i-i  all candor wo are hound toadmit, has ���; .11 o  sTated lii-i right to be classed with :Ti.s- -.iin-t-  Durant, Henry Hose and the most viciou.- de  ueueraies of the pa.-t decade, by anonymously  circulating reports utterly devoid of truth.  Tiik Economist has never attempted to defend  itfcelf against the malevolent attacks of anonymous correspondents, but should the time ever  arrive, when it feels that it has descended sufficiently low to recognize mental perve ts,  vampires, wife heaj.ers, sneak thieves, defaub  ers, skulks, moral .delinquents, hash-slingers or  theosophifts, it will consider that "The E^-ie"  arid his patron bus the first-call on its recognition. In the meantime, ''Th�� Eagle" n.iiilw  inform the political bantam from whom he  derived bis information that this paper has On  tap tho opinion of a S.ipreme Court Judge as  to his moral responsibility," and furthermore,  that it is a wise; precaution on the part of  those who dread stings not to disturb wasp.8  nest-.- .  Premier Prior may be sure of a majority  when the House meets, but he does not seem  to be in any grei'.t hurry to demonstrate the  circumstance by name?.  This has been an unusually long winter in  the Kootenays. So far there has been three  months and a-half of steady sleighing, something beyond the recollection of the "oldest  inhabitant.''  The erratic Victoria Colonist favors a party  line'government one week and some other kind  of a government the next week. A study of  its editorial columns fails" to reveal the real  aim and object of the Colonist's desires:  The dispatches <vinvpy)Vthe;intelligence that  Senator Templem in lias represented to his  colleagues the wi.-d-uri of increasing the head  lax on Chine-e to -$oOO. It is understood that  the Laurier Government will proceed on the  lines of Senator Tempieman's suggestions,  both wit-s regard to Chinese and Japanese immigration.  It sounds somewhit ironical, that report  about a movement to secure cold storage facilities on the route to the Klondyke. It is a  serious proposition,- however, in order to save  perishable commodities in transit. The gon-  eral impression"lias been, heretofore, that cold  storage was a "drug in the market" in tho  'neighborhood of the A-ctic circle.  There is a strange cue reported from California, wherein a boy, at a gymnasium, wits  instantly killed "vhiln exorcising on a wooden  horse, It is 11 1 a ' warning of tho danger that  may lurk in even an inanimatb boast. The  warning comes right homo to us in Nelson,  where a local hero in political and municipal  war is in mon onlary danger of being kicked  by hia hobby horse.  J 1I1 ti Houston li is returned from tho const.  This time he has brought uh back tho promise  of r, new court house.,  There is trouble among tho '���straight ticket"  men, Ono alilcinuin objects to strong language on the purl nl' tho master of tho administration, and is openly threatening robollion.  So far, however, it has not ^proceeded boyoad  a threat.  The advance in copper and loud induces the  belief in millingeirobin that thooomingHiimmor  will witness'ri'iiownl activity in Britiah Columbia's staple industry.  . *  The Vancouver City Council lus beon urged  lo place a .by-law   before   tho   pooplo  for  tho  purposM iif'nii-iug  by   way of   sitlo of debenture- $l'i.VUi.. for the  erection of  new   scl'iool  building* liml niher sp. cial improvements. Of  ihi.i propo.-ed t-xpendiinri. ���i-i.O.OOO is for a new  High School and building  for the Vancouver  Colin c, ii'nd the remaining  ���$../".,()(}()   is   jiHkiul  for the purpose of Iniilding additions   lo  and  making improvements in the present  schools.  It is probable that this  request  will oxoite a  lively discussion   whon  it,  comes   before  the  Eirmnoo Committee of the Council,  THE PROVINCIAL PRESS.  Armstrong Advertiser.  The additional cost of administering the affaire of the Province, mentioned in our last  i-sue, has, in great part been brought about by  increasing the salaries of civil servants and  adding to their number. While in favor of  paying for "labor and paying well for it, we  ask : Does any business man increase the  rumber and salaries of his staff at a time  wher. his "bush ess is going steadily behind ?  This is precisely what our present legislators  have done.  ,, Kootenay Mail.  The Ciii.idun P.ens Association has passed  ;t ri���������'Jniiou urjjing government ownership of  ei��-^:iipiis ��iud telephones. This is a str-p  which dtmands the support of the whole people. The present telegraphic service fails in  several important elements. Secrecy cannot  be depended on, the wires are used to circulate false news with a view to promoting corporation interests and misleading the public,  mecharg's are exorbitant ami the puhlic do  not receive th.- attention to which they art  er. ii.ii d:. liitr-r dts-t-ei.T '.v.-Uiii i>h lemeden.  under sthte ownership.  I  Fort Sleek' Prospector.  opinion    Uie   announcement  n our opinion me announcement hy the  Opposition new.-papers, to lhe'effect .ihal the  rtrCent election in West Yale seals the doom 01  the Prior Government is premature. And  from recent advices received from the coast,  we are forced to tbe oonclusion that when the  House meets on April 2nd, the Government  will have a sufficient majority to transact  business. We are also of the opinion that no  general election will take place in this Province this year. The political bee buzzing under the bonnets of certain politicians in this  riding will have to wait another year before  aspirants for legislative honors can start the  "hot air" movement in the banana belt.  Cranbrook Herald.  It is said that if an election is held the  Liberals will stand the best show in the Government. Of course it is not known yet to  what extent Joe Martin will figure, but any  man who can conjure up an election in British Columbia at the present time without giving Joe Martin a prominent part in the deal,  has a power of vision not ijossessed by the  average individual,. It begins to look as if he  wonld be the next premier, providing the  Liberals were successful in the next contest.  Many men who were abusing him a year or  more ago, will fall in line this year and give  b.im their support. That is the case in this  district, and it is fair to presume that such is  the case all over the province.  KOOTENAY     .  .  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  P.,lc in jea an[j  QDffee  We arc ollt-i-ingnt lowt-sl prices tin- liest  j irrndcH of Ceylon, India, l.'liinii and Japan  Tens.  Our Ui-st  Moclia unci .lavaColl'ce per  pound  S   -I"  Moclia and .lava Ulend,:{ pounds   I IHI  Choice Hlend I'ollce, 1 pounds :...  1 00  Special Hlend Collee, 11 pounds 1 IHI  Kio Hlend CoO'ec, fi pounds    1 HO  Special lUeud Ceylon lea, per p|ii\nd.     dl)  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITFO.  KOOTENAY COFFEE  CO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  ^vwyvi  ^flB3E3  ���H  ^llnlil April Until (ho Canadian   (Vu-'iiic Hallway Company is onei-intf  Reduced Rates to Settle's  From   the   East  to points  in   (hf  Kootenay  Country.   Those having friends in  ew York  Boston  Halifax      St John  Montreal    Ottawa  Toronto  innipeg, Chicago  St. Paul  Or any other Eastern point, wishing to havo  them settle in or visit tlie Kootenay will do  well to take advaniiRe of this exceptional offer now plaeed. before tho public by the  C. P. K.  For time tables and all "information, app  to local agents, or to  J.S. CARTER,  Dint. Pass. Agt.  Nelson.  K. J. COYI-K.  A. B,f.A.  VaJioai��V(��r  Boundary Creek Times.  In these days of strife between Capital and  Labor, it is gratifying to see that a gentleman  holding an important position can retire with  the gocd opinion of the men employed under  him. The presentation to Paul Johnson on  Saturday was an honest expression of appreciation of his men. Because of that good feeling lhe interests of the company did not suffer  us more ore was treated per man at the Greenwood smeller and at a lower cost than possibly  any oilier smelter in the world. This is not  intended as a boost for Paul Johnson, becouse  his reputation us 11 successful smelter man is  so well csiuhliflu'd that nothing vvu might sny  could make or mar it. The moral wo sue iu  the incident is that it pny-��aU round to have  a proper uridersianding between umployur and  employed and a proper appreciation for each  others rights nnd interests. Industrial siriio  never contributed ono dollar lo the profits : f  cither cnpital or labor.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  " Minnehaha" and ���'ITiaw.illin. " Mineral  Claims, .sltunto in tho Nolson ^lining Division of West Kootenay Dlst riet.  Where located: On headwators of Yulll  Creek, on Kootenay T,akeslope.  Take notico that 1, Hobort Wetmore Hini-  nliiKton, 01 Nelson. 11. Cnctlntr as atfont for  .lames 41. Moi-an, Free Minor's certificate No.  Hilti.ir.7; Charles W. (irconlee. Froe Miner's  certillente No. Hlil.,158 ; mill .Honorable Andre W (i. Wall-, Free Miner's , cortl.'lcato' No.  Hfi2,fi,r>!>, inlend sixty diVys from Iho date  hereof, to apply to iho MluInjj Itecordor for  a eortitleiilo of Improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining 11 Crown grant of tho above  claims.  And further talce notico that action, under section 87, must he commonecd before  tho Issuance of such ceniMciite of Improvements, '  Dated thlslllstdiiy or October, A.I>. 1!HV_>.  It. W.   IlANNINOTON.  And unquestionably   doubled.    The   stock on hand warrants the assertion.  We ask you to take samples, so that you may fully  test their values, and help you to realize that never before were you able to secure sueh goods at prices anywhere near so low as those now  offering.  BOc,  '/$&  Star of India  ,Now 35c  Tartan Tea,  K  si ow  dUC  H\ptPl(  ���per lb,  Our Tea Department has outdistanced all competition  and we sidvise buying- early to secure quantities desired.  T,  K.-W.-C. Biocnk  elson  ->���:-  T.Our New Stock of  T  T  T  T  f  T  X is now complete aud of the most beautiful coloring and designs. I  I It will pay you to call and see, our goods. Our prices will suit the j  T    times.    Picture Framing and Room Mouldings. *f  times.    Picture Framing and Room Mouldings.  F. J.  T  linker Street, opposite Lawrence   Unrdwnro  Co.  uO.^ I  t������>--���:��  ?������;���-������:������:���-  Inland Woiitliicl.  It is of interest  to  the  pooplo  of   Ynlo  to  Know just where their  representatives will bo  in the Legislature whon it moots next month.  Thoro     is     no     question     as     to     which  sido   of   tho   House   will    find    Mr,    Fulton   of  North   Yalo  and Mr. Somlin of West  Ynlo, but thoro bus been somo speculation as  to what Prico Ellison of East Yalo will  do,  Ho was an ardent supportor of tho  Dunsmuir  Government, and tho popular opinion is  that  ho will givo Prumicir Prior tho Hiimo  dogroo of  support.    If what  Mr.  Ellison's  organ,  tho  Vernon Nowh, says is any indication of which  way tho wind blows, tho popular idoa  may bo  all   wrong   and    tho   throo   Yalo    members  limy bo found all paddling in tho samo bout.  Tho Nowh says : "Ono thing  is cortuin ; conditions aro not a  whit  hotter now than whon  Mr.   DmiHiiiuir   relinquished   tho    roins   of  power, and until 11 stablu (.Sovernmont of sufficient strength to sl.und up without propping  is formed, thoro will bo no relief from tho well  nigh intolerable state of ui'fairs which obtained  for tho past few  yearn    And thoro aro  now  few intelligent voters  in   this  Provinco  who  have not roitched tho oonolunion that stability  nnd comparative peace nan   only  bo brought  into effect   by   u general  election  on party  linen,"  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  ((old Note MlnomlCliilm. ��l I mile In tlie Nelson Minim. J.ivlHlun of Wosl. Koolenny District. .  Where located ;   On us��st slope of 41) Creek,  Take notice tliat I". K. V. (Ireen, nelinir  ns intent for A11 ron ll, 1o't>U.v, Free Miner's  Cerlllleiite No, Kfil,l!:il, Inloiml.Nlxty dnys from  the diiti.i hdi-eof, to apply to the AIIiiIiik lic-  corder for a Coi'tlllcnto ol Imorovements, for  the pui-poHe of obtn.lnliiK'n. Crown (Irani of  thn above elillm,  And further tul*o notloe tlvit nctlou, umler  seellon ,'t7, must, hi- eonmienceil In-fore the  Issuance ol'stich l.'i'i't I llenle of liuiirovnmcnlH  1 luted this foiirleeiilh day of November, 11HU  }'. C. (lui:i n,  ,  NelHon, II, (!.  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  CERTIFICATE OF 1MPItOVEMrNTS.  (1. West (Ifi-iuMloiml) Mine nil Claim, slliiiiln  In Mm NuIhoii MlirlUK I ll vision of WnNl Kiiih  tenny DlMtrlci.  Where localeil; On  Toad Momi1��lu.  'I'lllie nnlleii Unit I, |i'. (!. (ireen, notlliKHH  HKiuit for Aaron II. Kelly, l-Ven Miner's I'erl |.  Ileilte No llfil.'.'lll, Intend, sixty dnVH  from thu ilule lierenf, to itpply lo llir  MlnliiK Ueeiiriler for a. Certlileaio of  Iinpriivemi'iitN, for the purpnNe ni obtain-  I nun Crown (I runt of I lie ah live eliiliu,  And I'ui'llier lake notice ib.nl aelloti, miller  HOi'llon ,'17, iiuiHt he eommeiU' nil hii|'ore the Ih>  hum nee ol'HIIltll Ci'l'lllleiitiMif I lllprovemenlH.  Dated thin lottrleciilli liny oi: November, 11101!  h\ C (111HUN,  ! NelNon, II, C.   .  Notice To Delinquent Co-0wnera  TnTliiniliiH llenniMI, Albnrl. llnimel.t! MiikkIh  l/iilllHii li'eimell, ilimrti'n A, r.lllllti.l', .Iiiiiich  lliitii'lciiiiiuil every oilier imh-h :iiin or ikii'soiih  hnvlimm- rliilinlnK nay intnrcNt In lhe"(lu.  lenn" Mlnei'iil Claim Hllnnle 11 limit six miles  iioi-lhoi'Siilnimi fcli"t��K Mini IV-"' .-'les wuhI,  nl'IIim Nelnon and t'ort, Hliopvarii liillwa.v,  In Iho Nelson Mining DIvlKloi., Ul'.lrlel. of  West ICoiitmiuy. .  Yon  anileiioii ofyou urn  luioby   nolllled  West Kootenay Butcher Co  \  I Wholesale anil Retail  Iicalcrslii  BRIAR   PIPES.  '^Jg2^___5_539  iuve nxiinn(|v.iil mm huldu.d   ilollars  order   to   finld   the   uliovi  that I  In order to hold the uliovi' lit i-ntlimed  mineral claim nriilei- tho 'wwIhIoiih ol  lhe Mineral Act, nnd ameniluieiils Iherelo  anil If wlllilu ninety dayii IVom the  ilule nl' this nnlli-e yon fall or rcl'UMO tit  conlrlhnte your poi'tlon of sueh e.\piiiullliire  lOKether with all costs (iI'iiiIviu'MnIiik your In-  leresl In Hiilil cliilm will become the )tro-  poi'lyofthe NiiliHci'lher under Hoetlim foiirof  an Act enlllleil "An.\et To .Amend Tin.  Mineral Ael, lllllll,"  ,1. At, MllljAIIMN,  lly Ills Allowiey, It, M, Alaeilonalil,  Dated this lilh nay ol l)iicimiher,lti(i'j,  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.  Tn Dim I'liliner or to any person or per.  sons in whom he may have IraiiNien-cil hht  Ilileri'Nl. Ill Hie "Alvei-Mlotie" mill ''I'llifl'liu"  mliieral eliillus, sltuule on the Divide nl III nl  ami W crccliH,Nelson MlnlliK DIvInIoii of '.Vest  Koolenny 1  Vou and each iil'you are hereby nolllled thai  I have cxiicndcil Iwn liillidred dollniH In  Inborn- null Impi'iivemeuis upon lhe above  niciiiioncd mlncrnl claim Iu order to hold  hiilil mineral claim under the" pi'iivlsliins of  Hie Mineral Ael, ami If within nil days Irom,  llleilnte of Ibis notice, you tall or refuse to  emit rlhule your proportion of such expenditure loiselucr Willi all eoNlH of ailVerllHlllK,  your Interest In mild claim will become I 10  properly of lhe Hiibi,ierlber,', uiiiler Hecflon  4 ol au Ael enlll led . " An Ael lo iiuiuud the  Mineral Aol, IIHJII."    Oatiixikink Okmaink,  rUutcil tlilit OUt ituy of rubnmry, WJ,  ir^^ffiS3&aO  ���fflPZta'SSKtB  .��%$2*2Q  ^pn^'"'*^^  (/)  UJ  LL  <  X  -2  alC*m  Q  <  UJ  .J  LU  mLu  }���  ll..  o  til  ���Si  1���  O  W. A. Thurman  Dopoii for Brlnr Pip��a, Nolson    J  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing' but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock. ���  ��. C. TRAVES, Mananer  JOHN  McLATCHiE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  0|]. BC. Customs House, Nelson,  Bartlett House  (l-'ni'incrly ('InrUe House) ,  The ben! Sl per ilny house III Nelnon,  Nunc hul   while  help employed,    Tin  Inutile best.  G. W.   Bartlett,   Prop.  Fa U        <T"\  ���red. J. oquire  Tenls nml A\viiIiii-'s iiinile nnd ri'luill-eil.  ClolhliH!' chniicil nml niellileil,  Over the Mace-Miller Cou Nelson  'X^.  r.^^.WMi^^WWTOSWt'.wT^  <ffflitH-Wi(rfi^^(MlWWlWV^^  y,.i .   .'���    'tiii ���     ^    ,- h, n  '  ���    ' ,'" ���  wff * nwwfrpwt***,! u_ w  *IW^W^'f*R��ntT''W^'a^^  A  i.r *i  lll^(K��(��IWmi��<��M-*fM  "a^a  ^j^wenni^ (diawpw. JWw^��rt����HWl'  ^ijw^wpwpiiir^aww^^ a      fflf"i,-*-  gx   -?>��  S- -s.  "���_--       -Sr-  "i�� f-y��-  ^         ^/       Tl  l  221  MJli,  ���il" ������  41 i  1  yn  ni v  A, *t    �����     -^r ��������       ,_.  ,.�� , a,.  1-ir^..st.:  lr>. /��*ir-  ,..-., ^.��-^1.  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIST  FOR  HIS  SAKE.  Tho twilight had deepened into darkless, and tlio lire was -very low, bat tho  red glow from the embers revealed the  solitary inliabitant of the room sitting  in an attitude of hopeless dejection.  Thoro was silence save for the ticking  of tho old grandfather's clock, and to  Colonel Dalmaiue the pendulum eeenied  to heat out tho refrain that was echoing  in liis own mind, "Five hundred pounds,  five hundred pounds!" Presently a red-  hot; coal fell from tho grate and threw  a faint flicker on tho writing table,  upon which was a photograph of a very  lovely girl in a silver frame.  "Oli, tieauty!" said tho colonel, with  a long drawn .��igh, and a softened expression of infinite pity camo over his  rugged features as ho looked at tho  beautiful girlish face. "Oh, beauty, my  heart's dear queen!'' And then a sob  broke tho stillness of the room, and  Travcrs Dalmaino bowed his head on  his hands and gave himself up to a paroxysm of silent agony.  Just at this minute tho heavy oak  door was pushed noiselessly open and a  small iiguro softly entered tho room and  crossed to tho writing tablo. A littlo  hand was laid on tho colonel's arm and  a 'little -voico announced, "Chappie's  here!" and then Dalmaino raised hia  head, and tho firelight danced with  glee, for the sad face now beamed with  love and Ln-lemcss as ho put ono arm  round tho littlo lad at his sido and murmured, "Chappie, my beauty's little  hoy."  " 'E.3, Chappie's turn. What for oo  kwyr" desmiiKlcd tho baby voice, and  then, cati-hi.i-.g sight of tho silver frame,  ho added, softly, "Chappio's movah���  Chappie's bootnl movah!"  Then the littlo lad climbed on his father's knee and demanded a story. And  hand in hand Dalmaino wandered with  his littlo son through the delightful  mazes of fairyland, forgetful of the  overwhelming weight of trouble that  had come upon him.  As they sat thus the library door  opened and let in a flood of light from  tho hall. II; fell on tho curly golden  head that nestled near the iron gray  one, on (lie sweet baby features and on  the man's rugged, sun tanned face. It  was a touching picture that would  havo appealed to any woman's heart,  and a little gleam of tho sleeping womanhood in Ucauty Dalmaino awoke as  Bhe paused on tho threshold and watched her husband and her littlo son. Both  turned, aad then tho child ran forward  to greet tho beautiful young mother,  but sho drew back, saying, "Bo careful, child; you will crush my dress,"  and then daintily gathered up the shimmering isatin train. But there was an  ache in tho heart of tho loving littlo  lad as lio gazed at tho faultless face  abovo him, and then a kind hand was  laid on his head, .and his father said:  "You must.run away now, Chappie.  I want mother. Good night, my sou, "  nnd ho stooped and kissed tho sorrowful  littlo face with all tho tenderness of a  woman.  "Fardlo wants Chappio's movah," tho  child repeated to himself as ho ran up  tho stairs, and then tho library door  closed, and tho husband and wifo wore  alone.  "You'll bo briof, Travors, bocauso I  havo an ongagoniout," tho cold, clear  voico rang out.  "To-night your engagement must fall  through. 1 havo much to say, and I  must say it now."  Tho colonel spoko with decision, and  it was hard to boliovo that ho was tho  sumo man who had just boon tolling  Chuppiu sueh wondorful fairy tales.  Tho fonder siuilo had vanishod, and hia  usually stern faeo had assumed ita bo-  vorosf. expression.  ��� "Pniy sit ilown," ho continued, pushing a i-i'iair toward his wife, but Beauty Dalmiiiiiii remained standing,  "Nonsense, Travors. I can't postpono  tonight's engagement. Wu aro going to  the piny. Sir Arthur 1ms hurt tho groat-  est' ililih u.'.ty in getting tho soats, and  as iu' lias taken so much trouble I cannot, pin, oil' going."  "Tliero are worse faults that can be  laid nl. yi.ia-door, my child," hor husband replied gravely. "You owe sonib  obedii'iH'o In your husband, mid tonight  I wish that ymi remain at homo. I will  semi nn apology to Sir Arthur." Anil  so .saying ho rang .'or tho lights and sat  iho wi'llillg tulilo.  tho until hud heen duly din-  ('olniml Diiliiiaini) turned nueo  lii.i wil'o, She looked wonder-  ul, hut it. wits the beauty of  er expression was cold and  down i"  When  patched,  llioro In  fully heaiili  li i-.lutun.     I  prnuii, inn! lii'i- al til iiilo was one of  haughty rtelliineo. Tho sovority died out  of Diiliiuiiuo's I'aeo and gave way to ��  tiol'ier I'.-qnviiMiiii ns he spoke.  "Did you hear what 1.1m littlo ono  Hiiid? ' Kui'illo wuntH Chappie's mother.'  ��'i��a is jus!-, ||-��� 1 want you, bounty. I  -\vitrn; a little of tlinwifely lovo und ton-  duriiosH Unit 1h, my duo, Whnrovor I go  I hear of Homily Diiliniilno's loveliness,  of her sweetness, of her talents. 1 urn  the ouvy of all inon, but if they only  knew���if lhey only knew���Unit thufc  swuel neMii is reserved for any one but  her IniHliaiiil, Unit those talents are not  lined ior Urn beautifying of her homo.  Today I. have a bill for JtlfiOO from your  I'lressiuiiUer. Thoro was a titan, olilld,  when In pleiiso mo seemed your great-  osl/pleasure. Thnt time has passed, But  whai. huvo 1 <li ii in to fni'foll; your lovo? 1  huvu done my utmost to mulct* you happy, ami yet lm\v I've fulled I" And  'JV.ivoi'ri Miihiiiiiim drew his eoal, sleeve  aei-oMM his eyes, and tliero was sllenee  i'or iho npnco of a ininulo.  During tliisspeeeh his wife liuil stood  ���iii.l iinili-M.i, her eyes downcast. She wan  V"i',v pale, bill; olhorwlsu showed no  ���������motion. I'reseiilly he upolco again, hut  Jiiri vnii-ii sounded husky and far away.  "Jleiiul.y," he cried, "fer my saliii  pause in your mud career, or if not foi  mine for I ���liuppio'.i,"  Surely I liul, appeal would havo touched any rnol Iter's hour!,, but Beauty Dill-  jiiiilnn  heard it  unmoved.   Hiin slowly  crossed to the door, arid turning shs  looked defiantly at her husband, aud  her voice raug out with metallic clearness as she said:  "I have listened to yon patiently.  Now I am going to the play with "ir  Arthur Maynard." And then she vanished, and like one stunned her husband  remained vacantly gazing at tho door  through which she bad disappeared.  But Beauty Dalmaiue did" not go tc  the play that night When sho left tho  library, she slowly ascended the stairs  with the rutention of fetching a fan  from her room. The servants wero all  at supper, and the bouse was very still,  when suddenly a small voice broke tho  stillness, "Chappie wants movah!" followed by a sound of sobbing.  Beauty paused. The sobs continued,  and again tho littlo voico called: "Chap-  pio wants movah 1 God send Chappie's  movah!"  Swiftly she flew down the passage  and entered the nursery. Tho littlo lad's  prayer had not been in vain. God had  heard it and used it as an instrument to  unlock the mother's heart. Iu a few  short seconds Chappie was in his mother's arms. The costly satin dress was  forgotten, and freely her tears were  mingling with his own. For the first  time in his baby life ha tasted the joys  of a mother's love. Hitherto she had  only been a beautiful, unapproachable  dream. Now she waa a living, loving  reality.  An hour later, with weary footsteps  and an aching heart, Travers Dalmain*  climbed the nursery stairs, and on the  threshold a beautiful picture gladdened  his soitow laden eyes. By the cot of  their sleeping child knelt Beauty Dalmaino, her lovely faco illumined with  tho light of the newborn mother love  and her hands clasped in prayer. Softly  her husband crossed the room and laid  his hand tenderly upon her head, while  she raised her dark eyes to his and  still kneoling said:  "Travers, my husband, forgive mo. I  meant to go, but Chappie wanted me,  and when I heard him say so there sud  denly flashed on me the dark, loveless  future I was making for my little son���  our littlo son." Sho corrected herself  softly, and then she was raised to her  feet, and a pair of strong arms enfolded  her and her husband's deep tones assured her sho was forgiven.  "For his sake we'll start again, my  darling," he added.  "And for Chappie's father's sake,"  sho whispered, as her white arms stole  round his neck. And the littlo sleeper  moved, and they looked down to soe a  radiant smile dawn on his face and both  stooped and kissed him. Then hand io  hand they 6tole from the room.   ���*  Wouldn't Alter Hit Picture.  A friend of Arnold Bocklin relates  that when that eminent artist was quite  a, young man ho married a Roman girl,  seautiful and accomplisL^, but as poor  is tho young artist. Their daily meal  tf ton consisted of a pot of beans. Yot  tho artist would not sacrifice his ideals  for any sum of monoy. Ono time ha  painted a landscapo for a wealthy German merchant, who, as tho prospective  owner of tho picturo, asked him to make  certain changes in it. This the bean eating painter refused to do, though tho  prieo offered him for tho altered pictuxa  was nearly $1,000.  lb         I '          (tt                        Of  0                         '        "                    A 7     ,                  ,                |  11(1                     1 -                        i  i                      <               \ V        'i    i  ,A I              v 11 ' I'    '  '                                                                                                .        , H,  FearloHi Men.  There iB a condition possible to sora*  few souls that if not really tho highest  attribute of humauity would bo cliosoo  by most men of uoblo mold woro seloo-  tion por.siblo. It is tho unawed tranquillity, tho absolute, inability to fear,  that somo men, not many, possosB, ot  rather, ono should say, by which some  mon are possessed. An instanco of such  courago on a low piano is that of Po-  temlcin kicking asirto tho bloody head  of his prodccosHor aa ho stopped to tho  block, an act almost indelicate enough  to bo humorous, yot withal significant  of an iron norvo.  Somewhere in tho lato novontioa an-  othor Russian, but this timo a savant,  pavo a proof of what longth a rapt) intensity of purpose) will carry a man to.  In order to miiko good his theory that a  Buioidu may bo deliberate and unropont-  ing ho subjeotod himself to hidooiiH tor-  turo, onding in death, but unrtor suob  cirumiiHtnuooH that ho might havo relinquished his design at any stage of  Its progronH. Ho lay on his hack upon a  bedstead from which ho hurt stripped  nil tho clothing, with a lamp pinned un  (lerneiiUt him so that tho (lame just  touched his spine, rising ut intorvulfl to  miiko notes, whioh wero afterward published. They show a oiilm spirit of ro-  Houroh and uro slightly triumphant in  tone, though touched into high relief  own or twieo by uu expression of an-  guinh.���F. lftwtor in North American  Ruviaw.   Qnnlnt iriulilonn In Mnnllln.  Gem of the orient, earth iliitl opon linn,  Miinilln, tlmtln thy l:i)i anil on thy lirnimi  Until Kiitlniroilbimutle.i nil Hid InvnIUMt,  On whioh tho nun miilleii la IiIh limjonty,  jwul ho on. Tlio quatrain, with an unlm-  portanli omonrtutloii, is from Jluwrlng.  It sounds lino und riiigH fulso. Manilla  cisort to bo regarded us tho most fortu-  nattily situated city in tlio world. Just  e/hy is a probloin, Hot beneuth a torrid  iky, remote from tho ronton of oom-  meree, it lias squatted, unheeding and  pruotioiilly unheeded, the capital of a  Hti'oteli of unfortunate isles. Visitors  huvo been infrequent. Tho earliest Willi  Magellan, The most recurrent lias been  tho typhoon. Tho most pertlnuolous him  boon (lie ourthquiilco,  Objeets of interest are few. Among  them is the mosti/.n. KupersUtinus uh n  ballad, languorous an u liereiiude, :,ho  flouts, uhiimiin butturlly, along the sear-  let lanes, Another feature in the climate, Funcy u pitiilillo burning in a  vupor bath, The utniosphero has tho  suvor of eaehousand Urn bite of rod poppers. (aOHtuiuii, iu consequence, is brief,  The mini til la of the mesti/o is her hair.  Her raiment is silk, very bright, very  loose. The mule hull' easl.o wears Iron-  Hers und *. shirt. The lulls of the latter  mo not always tuolcort iy. On high duyn  Jie .Intuitu them. Tho ell'eet iu neat;, iiot  .1   Mln   i   ��� *-'     lh       ���  7            a     . 11(    j  ^*wl��w��nw^'MW^*V*wllw^��#WWM^M��^������w*wa^,a\ v��w.n   *r��i*i. m ,- �� wiii-nt ,*,r  ��� e, ,i,        ,, I  1 !   I        1  tr4 ��,  A    i  f,.- -il,,.  .ii, mi ><i .    n.,  gaudy.  So much for local fashion.���Edgar Saltus in Collier's "Weekly.  To Preserve Healtb.  People Ehould sleep on their right  ���ides and avoid the habit of making  plans when in bed. Eight hours should  bt spent in sleep. The window should  be open all night, and tho quantity of  coverings should be regulated by a thermometer. Tho morning tub should be  at tho temperature of the body. Exercise should bo taken before breakfast by  those who are robust; those who ara  weakly should take a glass of milk and  a biscuit before going out. The eating  of fat should be cultivated, as it fe*da  tho little cells, which destroy disease  germs. Intoxicants destroy these cells.  Animals are apt to carry disease germs;  therefore, children should not bo allowed to pet  and  fondle   stray cats, dogs.  -Wifely Pride.  In the course of a conversation be>  tween two workingmen's wives one happened to remark that her husband ir-  Ways put on a clean white shirt on Sunday morning. The other replied: "I  never care so much about the Sundays,  but I aye like to see John wi' a clean  shirt on Saturday afternoon, bocauso  he's gey hot tempered, and if he should  take off his coat to fecht I like him to  look clean and decent!"���London Telegraph.          Theory Is All Very Well.  Mrs. Mishaw���You praise yourself  too much, my dear. People would appreciate you more and would toll you  so if you were to cultivate a littlo modest reticence.  Mr. Mishaw���There's where you are  out. I did that for years, and nobody  took any notice of me but you.���Brooklyn. Life.  Self Deoeptlon.  If vr��  could  seo ourselves as otheri  see us, most of ns wouldn't believo ony  eyes.���Somervillo Journal.  A. Zioet Opportunity.  "Well, Uncle Wiliani," said the  president of the emigration society, "I  ��'poso you hearn de news?"  "No.   Whut's stirrin?"  "W'y, you ain't hoarn 'bout de treasurer?"  "Not a word.   Whut he done now?"  "Run off wid de funds���tuk ever*  dollar wid him!"  "Lawd, Lawd! En how much vnz  In de treasury?''-,,  "Fo' hundred dollars!"  "En you say he gone wid it?"  "Clean gone!"  Tho old man Beemed wrapped in  thought and hud a faraway look in his  eyes. "Fo' hundred dollars!" ho repeated to himself. "Fo' hundred dollars!  EJio des ter think er it! I wuz de treasurer er de' society fer two weeks en  had ever' dollar er dat money in my  power! My, my! Fo' hundred dollars���  fo' hundred bright, silver dollars in a  shinin lump! Bro'r Johnson, will you  please, suh, do mo a favor?"  "Des namo it, Undo William."  "Take des heah hick'ry stick, suh, en  bit me 'cross do head en den kick me  ha'd ez you kin, suh, out de do'I"    .  l.��     m      i  The Quo��a'�� Four I.eavod Clover.  An amusing story of Queen Tlorteuso,  daughtor of tho Empress Josephino and  wifo of Louis Bonaparte, king of Holland, has lately boon told. Af tor her ox-  ilo from Holland tho ex-queon sojourn-  od for v. timo in a modest habitation  near Constance, in Switzerland.  Ah hor health wus broken clown by  her troubles hor physicians proscribed a  visit to the mountains of Appcn/.oll,  and tho ox-quoou, accompanied only by  a roador or fomalo companion und two  or throe servants, wont to a rustic  neighborhood in tho hills. Thoro sh��  and hor companion found nothing bettor to do than hunt for four leaved clover and becamo quito oxoited in th*  Bouroh.  "To lend tho mattor interest," tha  quoou wroto in a lottor whioh has boon  brought to light, "wo would assume  that each discovery of a four loavod olo-  vcr had somo prophotio significance.  Tho next ono, if found ho and so, mount  that wo should return to Franco; another mount that I was to rocoivo a lot-  tor tho uoxt day from my son Lou in,  and so on. In this innocent pastime wo  found positively tlio only oxeltomout  that was open to uh in tho place.  "But soon it was noisoil abroad  among tlio otiildronof tho neighborhood  that wo woro continually hunting four  loavod olovor, and consequently, those  ohilrtron urgtiort, wo must want it vory  lunch. 'Dion all the children and somo  of tlio grown pooplo woro out hunting  four loavod olovor, aud soon groat  bunohoH of it woro brought to us, for  which wo hud to Hhow oursolvoH vory  gvutoftil.  "In another day our only rosouroo for  amusement was gono, for tlioso kind  but Hiipnrsorviooiiblo pooplo hud strip-  pod tho neighborhood for a milo around  of all lt�� four loavod olovor."  No Flowom Allowed ��t �� Military Knneml,  "Flowers nun pluy no parr, in a military funerul, tlio rules of army or naval  liurluls forbidding them," explained an  ftriny ollleor to a reporter. "While I  Was down at Chlekuniiuigu recently it  was rumored that ono of tho soldiers in  n ouiup thoro hurt died. Indued it was  no printed in a loeul paper. Tho result  was Unit on tho following day a large  quantity of (lowers were sent by sympathetic hidioH ami others with a request  that they should bo placed on tlio oiilllii  of the dead soldier. Now, the fact wait  that no soldier hud died and the ol.lour.i  hud tho flowers sent to their quartern.  If there were u death in the eump, tho  flowers could not lie used, for they aro  not military in any sense. Tho only  thing allowed on tho eelllu of a soldier  or sailor is u Mag. That has boon decided to bo decoration enough, and among  military mon 1. have never hoard the  slightest objection to tho custom, which  linn aHvayi*   x-rovailod."���Wiuihlufltou  UlttH  ��  ...,.,',..!.'. y   v. ,:,>,y  .,     *.nr,  f -V   <  ���    ff      i'fl-  .  7   1!  A       ,'\  A*      At)1>  I9W    , i,       s ��� i  I,.   ��,^JJ .-    ,    , T ��-   ���,  !.-���'. 'I, ~l  1'       I <       0,  i* < z, ��� A> 'if  ..���) A ��',A\.  ESTABLISHED ?890  o  o  '>  i*  I  ���  o  *>  ���  ���  t  ���  ���  t  ?}      ESTABLISHED 1890  JEWELRY  DIAMONDS  WATCHES  and a  complete line  ofthe  GENUINE  "1847  Rogers Bros."  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  Byes carefully examined and  properly fitted to the best grade  of glasses.  Fine  Repairing.  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Mail and express orders have our prompt attention. ^,  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  %  %  ���  ���  %  m  JaCO  *********~**+**+*************^*+**++^+^****++++*++^++++^^  aj0u___B_______9_     __________    __���_____[ _,  mer;  There is no better time. Come in and see what a whole outfit costs  ���not much���and it's the concentrated essence of fun. You don't know  what real pleasure is, unless you've worked a camera and put into lasting form the beauties that you are seeing wherever you go. We. have  a large stock of Plate Cameras, 1902 pattern, that we are selling at and  below cost.    A complete line of Photographic Supplies of all kinds.  g. Canada   Drua  and  Go'y,  Limited  WARD AND  BAKER STREETS,   NELSON  *$&*  v.-'  "--Or  pi  and  'eatest Labor Saver  est Soap now made  Hair,  Nail, Tooth,    Bath  Infant, Etc.  Also a fall line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  Vanstone's Drug Store  I. E.ANNABLE  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three dwelling houses for sale ou ensy terms,  One Lot on   vStanley   street,   opposite Royal CCC   ASVJMARI ��  Hotel for sale nt ti bargain. OCH  Hl\i WHOLC,  h. McCausland, shoemaker  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  Other People's Money  ���OR  Your  Will buy a lirsl-i-luss, well-miuh  Suit of clothes nt my establishment.  T R KMO NTJ3LOO K. fl ELSO N  mmMmlmmmmM.Mmmnmn, i.,m_ii���._,mm^mwm,i.im miw��.iiwa.ii.>.wiI  QC ClontN imyn for tlirun mmiliiii' iniMiilnTnlilii.  <v Knili inoiiilinr ruiiniriiH tluinllliiiiiliiliilioi'iinii  nvArvlllfltltli.lMiiltiitlliirll nliuiiMirii lilirli.nl.LHrt vm-iil  ��*v ibrtiii niiMiiiiur riiiiiiiriiii i ihmiiiiiuhi iiiiiii hi linu  ovorriminlli.lniiliiilliiKHliiKWKoMiliili'iilHHriviH'iil  Mul liintriHUDMliil iihw iiiiihIii tmnli liimilli, IH  lilioo�� in 11II1 iiiiiii a ('urlilli'iilo of Mi'iiilii-rnlilii  "hlnli uItimi llin iirivili'Kii ol I'lull lliiuin In Nmv  Vnrlctilty, nml iifbiiyliiK lllnrnliiri., iniiiiliinr liiu-  aliinl linilruiniuilH ,,l ��iiyilnniirl|illiin ulwliulimiilii  IhIcoh. rnivliiK ynu frniii '.'�����,' I" "V nn your Jmr ���  oIlMitoh. tloii't fall I n jnltmtiH.cn. Vim W ill.ri'Mm.ull  liinro tliiiti your iiiuniiy'nwiirlli. MiitiiaIi I ' noi-  Aiiv-Mliinn 01,1111, l)n|i|,.     , lWINiiiiiiiui hi-*N,V. ���  \jjm  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  e Economist  Complete Stock of Stationery  Order 11 by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,   NELSON,  B. C.  WADDS BROS.  iS  wi  r;A  'If  "  *  n  ��"  *"-"        '  "��"��- *  * illlH;  f.  [[,  ,  ^  ,     H'l       ���'  ii  1  A .  ;li  IL  (111      '   '  4  1,  f'    ,��lf  .       <            Hi  V  sy  1  ,',)!  ?  '  'H0T0GRAPHERS.!  "���"'"���""  i] lie tcononnBst,  SillSLS^^  i ��'        A   "  A Mr  9V f  y��'  ii    v,����       ,   1   ^     V       1,   ^ijp  '*''".. 'I '        <, .1  l\\ 1  I ll  fl  If '"  nn m,  �� 1 ;i)i  , )/    ��  J^ "���     1 ���triu\-   <��� ll"  I If  M,i  I \  ��f.  It.  ,i   h  " \'    (I:  ,1.        ,   ltfl|.rH  -V      .11' i   |H) '   , , I  ll  (        l>        I   v        .1 I     . il,i*     I (I > *J ��   <��   I k  >'    '    H"   '    <      '   '��l-   u/l��- a I  ���.r':. /., ...a>'.SWX''  '. u ..Ah 'ni���..A... .A. .   .. iAA'a'L., >/h'\A. a      a*3 ^.     "=7  T **'--__      .< -��-   _   - _.  ^ .��*��-��-4-y.  +*- -���  iliilf in   ^    i !-"�����-���' "���-���'  J"* ���  -^  iv r   *  ' hiiii  i TinA-^"^--  *m\ *i*ii bi i?tr imd�� % iifi  irVt "  j.i���5^tJ<M  ^.^���/ifi^^^-m^^^v^^-i  1  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST  ., vJLi Uy.     V^jq.'/  rijr'r.ial of "Harvt-y   Dull","  tin- iioli'.-e j        /-<��) ^ �����.  t>y.   Tiilbot wari an inn inner, and was j     TV/V^^T*'Tf  .-'��� '^" /*T*T f i I!**,  hot in    IHii.lin   oa   tne-   liith   "f July, | ^-H-*  ]')  J    A '~:.: \ f\^\   :   )j    \ \    \ ?  s7!.    Sliortlv alVril.'-'ftl!o'..:i>i- Ki-Hy i ^1   "     '-> i: Z V W ':  A    \lZyA  t  may tie that the next   ---.ru  V.  ll  have something to say ia  Si  nt  men I   eoiiL-e -,   ->   i-.'-.i.  7.- ii...i ,.-> lit e.-mii;ii mu-i   ���  ���:    .S;-��.-i-ial i-i-i'i-ri-nci* i- itiai-  . ti.ti v .iu  I-   �� i.ii   ii.. ������  ;)lib      I"   .-M ,17'i.-            A    >V I'll-..--  a..    ;,i.il   h..-.   w ni-       . ��� ���.;   i       in*     ���"���    I-..'  i    .i ,��� .i iii.in   whi.   i.- c.  ������:..i    to   know   bi-ttiT.  jji-tiia[is that is   the   In.-.-; .-���  :-li to   iik-ntify him, is   �����.-:;���..  t. .������ldie.7s his filthy remarks din������ >  , ..ekuly and gentleman in i_u.o>-��� ,  nut prefers to speak to some ini^.^; y  ���hTsoii in u tone of voice loud cm--. _:i  t ��� be heard by his victims. There ii>::st  1,0 home redress for this kind of per e-  i-iition. Boiling in oil would seem lo  be about the right thing for tlie oili.-.-  <!er. In any event, should any mere  complaints be made 011 this score, Tt-K  Kcoxomist will make it its busi:: .<s  to urge'criminal proceedings against  i..f: guilty reprobate.'  Three hundred dollars does not seem  to be an out-of-the-way  salary for  the  following duties :    Constable, caretaker,  of town   hall,  collector, sidewalk   repairer,   snoW  shoveller,    health   and  iruatit   officer.    Yet   the'    council   of  Kemptville, Out., thought it too much  money  for the  work, and added  on  assistant engineer of the lire company.  ; ijould not the exponents  of economy  'ii the Nelson  City Council   copy  the  .-.bove  lesson; and make   one  official  -'j-.iii the whole show ?  On'Tuesday evening next  the   LSv.5-  'K"ii   Amateur   Dramatic    Association  will produce "Sweet JLavender," w.'.h  1 be following cast of characters :  J)ick Pheynl.... ..  <dement Hale.  Mr.  SVedileiburn.  Li>i-l Delaney......  .-Ir. Jiuliier. ..  Horace  Bream ..  Mnltii ... .'.���.......  i-jwt-et Xiavender  ili'ah Kolt      Ji.r.s. Gillillian .  .uiis Gillillian..  ....C. B. Winter  :..1-I. A. Stewart  A.   S. lilakenn;:e  . Onslow Newiing   Charlie IW.-Zy    ��. Ji'!-.-il  . .:. ...Mr. :Vi:-\v  . Miss Ivy John��:;- ;e  Mrs. William D.i\ i.s   Miss   P.--;ii-   Miss Ot\v::y  II. \V. b'impson, the Rossland grc���r  who had sucliau unenviable cxperie<:ee  :ii fie hands of the police and a se<::i-'ii  o the press, has taken hi* turn at the  jiiiiim which has resulted so di-r.s-  inaisly for his business. He has ��;i��:��i-  ineiiced a libel suit against the Ii--.-..s-  laiid Miner, claiming ��10,000 dii/.ir3i -j.  Xotwitlis'landing what, is r^tnit-d  by some as a dull season, the lii.-n'iti' viol' the Hume Hetel reports a steady bi-  ciease in the limnber ofguett-i.  Tho anniversary ol" the birth ->l  Charles Dickens was made inti-..'- ....-  ing at J5ath, which is rich in .--  so.-iation with the dead noveli-a, '  Iho unveiling of u tablet to his ��r. ��� . ���  ory upon iiT> St. Jainct' tSipiure, v, n..-u  is .ilio House iu which the nc,-. t.  ii-ed to Htay. Tlni house is aihll'.lo;.... .-  jnleresliiig to Ihe lover ol Dickon-'  caiisoof tlie incontestable eviilenn .u  bis own writings that it was here I'.'l.  the idea ofthe character of Little >* .)  liint o;:cinivd 11 hiin. When, un-reo' r,  it' Is kiiown   that It was at I lie eele! rn-  I iiu 1 of one of his own birthdays ti"U  Ibe )iiirti'eiilur nviire rose iu his ii'ilinfs  eye the double approprlatuiies-* of t!,e  pioi.-eedlligM is apparent. The lubli-t  wuh unveiled by Mr, Percy KilKgeriud,  jirenideiil of the .DU.-kens Ki-llows!ii;i,  \> no also unveiled a mural ik-enraltiii  In   Walter   Wavugn   Lander, 'who' was  II ekeiis's greatest friend at Hath. In  t ii- evening there wasa nohihln fj;,i-  lini'lngof DleUeiih'devotees al the mi-  M'liilily  rooms, where Ihe  mayor piv-  lili-d al a diniii-r. The menu rani  i-park led willi i|iiul.'ilii)iis IVom Hie I11111-  nii-i novels, und Din toast lint was r.i-  ccived by song* of Hie novelist's coin-  position, Milk punch Hiieii as Mr,  Pickwick mo dearly lnveil was served  among the wines, The dinner took  pliiiM! in the ideiilleiil iipnrtineiil, still  called the eiii'd-rooiii, In which for tin-  lii-st time Iu his life .Mr. I'lekwIeU fell  among female i-ai'd-shnrpers,  It would be Interesting to gel, from  Honiii alderiueii a dclliiltloii of wind  lhey conceive to l,o the duties and  privileges of their nllk-o, Al lhe lart  meeting of the city council a elti/.eii  was Hilling otilslde lhe 1'iillliig coiiver-  ���,,hlug with a friend, When nn M.i.-ti  wmtl ehlei'linin approached him ninl  in an iiciolenl, tone deiiianded what be  was doing there, adding, "did you es-  jieel there was going lo be a row'.'"  There hi.H long been a suspicion I I...I  Ihe eolineil elianil.ei- is free lo any ni;i>  jniyer, and no one need iu-1; any alder-  11 ia II pri 1111-,-lull to attend I lie I in rib;, -  1,!' the coiiiii-ll,  II limy lie of some Interest, lo lovers  of 1 lie Irish driiina lo'learn that Mb-u  lloiie'ieailll eiealed IiIh "Ton Ibe  Mhaimhraiin" IVom his study of lb h-  ul Kelly, who played hiicIi an Ini) o :-  mil purl. In the Heipiel to lhe shoiiting  of llead-Conslable Talbot, the Dublin  jiotlco wjiy,     Indeed, T��l-K>t wiih  thu  1  w:..- ..ne.-U-d iii'ler a de.-pi.T:il-- r-lru^gie, j  I.. Ihi- e ilii.-e <���!' v.iik-ii lai- !-eVer��-iy 1  vvoli.idfd -two poikreuie.il.- Mud-  stained, blood-covi-iod and handcullcd,  he wa- taken to the Hardw ieke ���Ho.->-  pilai, where Talbol, who was in a crit-  iei.l state, recbgiiiZv-d him as Ibe man  who bad shot him. Tin .ilea;.. . ifTal-  t).it and tile eli-ver m.-lle.d lee.uiieahty  0:1 which Kelly was :;..-iiuifnd are too  sviil known to need recapitulation.  H. ! K- 11; W .1 ' ���'������ ��� . ������' ; III'- attack  ou tne ai.ibl.aina- iin.,_ over 111.-7 Head,  and for this be was .-cuteiiced to fifteen  year.--' penal .-e; viiiuie, Milne of which  was spent on Spike Inland. In 1S71)  lie was dl.-chalged and came to America. Kelly is now back in Ireland on  a visit to some relatives.  ���.   ���*.  l.ACKU.SSK.  Barney Quinii, of Ottawa, who was  disqualified bt <-;,iim-it wasall-gcd that  he had >old t, Jnci-osse lilatcli toToronlo  \.r reinslair-ni'.-nl as an  i.-.-.vi :m> ������irid.ivir 15ii* 1  -.i aY tr-j!;s;.-lvsseil the  1 tl v.as siij-i '���!!�� d in  ��� ! Ibe   1:1 it.J.V lead-  in 18J.7, yppl-i-t  amaleui.     Ah  he bail 1 ��� ! ii:  amateur  inli-  t his  by a 1 nn  k,^ i-iliz  iir,  St. George's Anglican Church, Ross-  laud, was the scene of a pretty wedding Tuesday night of last week, the  contracting parties being Miss Agnes  Peverley and Francis Edmond Dock-  erill. Rev. Charles W. Hedley, M. A.,  officiated.  Syeaking of the fact that since tlie  Fernie strike the C. P. It. has been  forced to get its supply of coal for use on  the BouHilary railway from the coast  collieries, the Phoenix Pioneer asserts  the difference in the coal is marked,  and that, "trainien notice how much  more readily steam is made with the  new coal than with the old." As a  result schedule time can be made much  easier than before.  Fverything points to a dissolution  of tlie Dominion Parliament this fall.  Much will depend on the health of Sir  Wilfrid Laurier.  The closing of the Extension coal  mines at Nanaimo on April 1st, will  throw 1000 men out of employment.-  The heavy thaw of the past few days  has been very disastrous to woodsheds,  barns, etc. It was feared also that  several houses might collapse under  the weight of the wet snow.  The timber lands around -Violin lake  have been sold to Mayor Seholield of  Trail, who is being backed by,a syndicate.  Ymir has an amateur dramatic association, which gave a production of  '���Struck Oil" the other evening.  On ' Wednesday, March 11, a daughter was bnrn to the wife of J. .15. Ann-  able, Nelson.  ThcUossIand city council met the  other evening and drew their salaries.  No other work was accomplished.  Wesley Bolton, of Grand Knrks, was  married to Miss Libby Knight, of  Dutirea, Manitoba, al the Victoria Hotel, on Wednesday evening. The cere-  ninny was performed by Rev. Dr.  Wright.  Nelson will be visited hy some noted  entertainers within the next, few  months. Included iu the list arc  Madame Trcbclli, Miss .Je.ss.'e McLnch-  lan and Watkln .Miller.  It is leporw 1 ! ������ Vm-'ov v. li! no'  have a .-i-nii . 1 .*���:-.-��� i��; n ii.i- sn  son. The rea.-i������ L-iven for this is thai  then- are not enough young players to  make up the ream, iu spite of the efforts to encourage tlie sport among the  juuior and intermediate teams, and the  old players have stated their intention  of retiring.  It is to be hoped that Nelson will  have a good team this year. Last sea"  son the Nelson Club was very successful and should be this year too if the  boys organize early and commence  practise in earnest.  An English lacrosse team is expected  to arrive in New York about June 15.  It is reported from the Eaat that Toronto and Montreal will have strong  teams iu the field this year.  HOCKEY.  The Ladies' Hockey Club of Nanaimo is preparing to send a team to  Victoria to play a return match with  the girls of tbat city, about March 21st.  MINING NOTES.  (Slocan Drill.)  Sandon mines last week shipped 310  tons of ore.  Ore buyers are becoming numerous  iu the Slocan.  There is a shortage of miners in the  Sandon camp.  A zinc roaster is being'^installed at  the Payne mill.  Slocan ore shipments for the year  approximate 3500 tons.  Operations at the Ivanhoe concentrator are to be resumed.  The time checks of the Sapphire Co.  have been lifted and paid.  Willi the rise in minerals there is a  much better feeling through the entire  camp.  Pat McGuire has" a Small force of  men working under his lease on the  Enterprise.  Several delinquent claims in this  division have had their indebtedness  wiped out during the week.  The owners of the Myrtle group  have about two cars of ore on the  dump, taken out, during development,  C. A. riurlbtirt, managing director  of the Republic Mining Co., anticipates returning here in May from De.  troit and remaining tho-suniiiier.  No shipments are to be recorded this  week and none will be for some time  At the Ottawa, development Is being  pushed and not much attention will be  paid to (aking out- ore, while work on  other properties in'tlie camp is limited.  A Utile ore has comedown from the  Republic, but it will be Home time before they have a carload ready. The  unsettled condition of the metal market has not been at all favorable to the  dry ore belt,  Harold Nelson, who begins a week's  engagement at lhe Nelson Opera  Mouse on llieevening of April -0, will  select the plays to be produced here  from the following : Ilaiiilei, ll unco  nml .luliel, Mcreh.inl. of Venice, Iticlie.  lieu, Damon and I'yUila.H, Much Ado  About Nothing, Don Caesar de llez.in  and The   Knol's Revenge.  Tlie prolll on the Holland xaiillnry  department for lasl mouth was .HU,  It Is rath ai' Mtruugn thai. Andrew  Carnegie can giveaway libraries e\ery  day mid im one hinls 1 lint lhe ureal  iiiiiii iiiiiii- by bis means other 1)1:111 by  legitimate inetlioilH, Yet, when Til t:  Kciinom i.si' iilli'iiipls to circulate!! lew  sample copies free, men like Ihe ciliinr  of I lie New Denver Ledge assume that  soiiicbnily has bcnii held up I'm' lhe  (Mpllal required lo carry 011 the eiiler-  pi'lse.  An attempt Is being inmle lo form 11  company to build a large curling rink,  Without n larger link lliaii the present  one Ni-lsnn eaiinol liopclogcl thebou-  splcl lie.c next year. ,  .Mrs, Verona IVilciier, u young n.h'1  of a I ion l h yiai'i of 11. e, whose parents  hnil IVoiii Sail Splint; Island, and \v ho  u'ii-h iniiiileil ;il,mil Iivh yen is a^o In  I'elleller, wasniTcsleil by Di'lccllvc Perdue ul  Victoria  Thursday Just   as the  Chimin.1 was   leaving for   Vat uver,  charged with obtaining money by fake  preteiiMi'.- -having uttered many Con-  fedora I o bills, mostly of the dcimnilna-  lloii of ten dollars, on Chlneseand .lap-  anct.1'.  "From the mountains of Now Hampshire," says Iho Boston Transcript,  "comes a Bavld Hnruni-like story of  tho advent of the llrst, automobile,  which made Its appearance last Hummer, having climbed one of the .steep  hills near Woniilaneont with disastrous  resultH to tlie running gear, The accident happened near a hayllelil, where  a farmer was endeavoring to repair a  broken mowing machine. Attracted  by the appearance of the h!range looking Iioi-hcIchh vehicle, tho fanner left  his occupation and came out to Inspect  the remarkable object with open  mouthed iiHfoulshiucuf. After a few  nionienlH of silent Hcriillhy he said to  the chauffeur, who was repairing the  brake an well uh ho could, 'Wha' <P ye  call that'ere machine? ''flint, Is an  nntoinobilo', wiih tho reply ; what do  you call yours'," pointing waggishly to  tho disabled apparatus In tho Held,  'Wal,' wiih tho dry rcHpoiiHe, with a  pause for a shift of 'chaw,' 'It aiito-iuo'-  hay, but It don't!' "  There have been  numerous dcatliH  on the Hlago brought about by accident  or   by design.     Orozlor, for example,  wiih accidentally  Htabbed hy 11 brother  actor iu Sin of the Night, at the Novelty, on AugiiHt 10, 1KIXI,  In iN'JOMmc.  Llnwky wiih filially nhot In a niclodraiiin  hy  a  Holdler-siipcr ; and   In   |.S!i|, al  n  wchnol  rcprcKculafinn  of   Itoiueo and  Juliet.  In  Manchester,   the  yoiingslm  playing  Tybalt killed  Romeo iu   (he  quarrel   Hcene,       In   RillS  Miss   Klhnl  Marlowe died   of In-art dlsciim.' al   lhe  Kniplro, New York, during a perform  alien oftho Chrihlaln.    I lor sister, Virginia Marlowe, in   I.Sim, ami her fal In-i  Owen  Marlowe, in IS7U, also  died  on  tho htago 111 View of the mullcucc,  ~l  That we are receiving new goods  every day.  Here are a few things just opening tip :  Blouse Waists, Dress Skirts* and Costumes.  Piece Goods in Plain and Figured Lustres, Italian Cloths, Homespuns, Friezes,  Broadcloths, Serges aud all the Stylish  Cloths.  Beautiful and complele new line of Embroideries and Insertions. ;  Orkney Shetland Floss iu all staple  colors.  Our usual complete line of Fancy Articles.  Our staple stock is now in good condition, so you can get everything you require in this line.  ���Complete   line  of Carpets and   House  Furnishings.  Our Spring Millinery is coming ; part  of it is here now. Ho not miss having a  look through.  We undertake to give you satisfact ion,  both in value and style.  <��  <L^  <%^v/&ijt^,<%&ik> ^<^^^/^/fc/^/%,^/^^*/v^'^fc^'fc'fc^'^^  ���tt^d  Navy Gut Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Gut Cigarette Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANA.  Turner, Beeton & Co., L'td, victoria, b._c. |  a$$0$>$0  ornson  Special Quotations for  Camps and Mines  Special Values in  Canned Goods and   Butter  9  LarRc Stock of Assorted Frcr.h  Groceries Always on Hand  All Crriura  Promptly Filled  ^ miF7 W4*h_ .^V^tlt  Red Front Grocery, Baker Street Nelson, b,_u  MONTREAL,   Sole  Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H. CAR LEY, B. C. Agt.  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be ao. jottipanied by oash and should Ido forwarded  eithex* personally or "b ,y mail to the orfioe of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  It Will Do You Good  To come and see our Large Stock of  Furniture,   Ca,rpets   and  Linoleunis.  ~w .  ^r"v /^IT^^  )  .V  Furniture Dealers  and  Undertakers  ���fH*  1  H    .        it ���, ,1,        ,   ,. in  l����m����,jltIWtJ>f��*WIWfTF���f  j<iimmii��^��i1!ii!mii^^ mm&mie  nr  W��'*fW!W*W!ff����WW,W*'  M��T-^ww��fl<e*^m��>��T,����Hir'����-  ��� W  ._.  WM.WWK ww-ww  mM*^r^��tWflw*W'"�������,'^^  1 1   h���   .    1   '  l^l^WH1W��^^Wffi>..M��WWWIWfff*W^*Ww��Bf**��'^*Ht^w4l. !*��illM>i  ��.f Frttf.-r.*!.  i\H  1,1      l/ ' * ,,,-,,,      '    '     I , .'A'   ,jlll


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