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The Economist Nov 26, 1904

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 ~   A';-'  .- - * ,_-;Ur'j   .  <t'. *l        ,.,6fft!  IProviaoial Libr&ry  CvWVW'vVVSN'VS  WM. It. HEARST: "1 have seen the  most beautiful lakes in Italy and Switzerland, and all those lovely spot<*, but I have  never seen anything finer than the Kootenay lake and tho Arrow lakes. We had a  delishtful lime there. This was my first  trip through there."  PROF. MILLS hat. never seen anything  finer than the frn:t or Kelson district. He-  added : "1 didn't see the cherries or rasp-  l.erritb.,r cooieberrles, but If they compare with the apples, pears and'phuuj.,  _ juu have lien-n ft tilt country unsurpassed  jr   by anything in the Dominion."..    -  VN****A*^^^VWVWyiV��W>/W>/-,/*  V i .Vh    ''.-le  z'A^Mi  __   *'    *" V- -*��  v "V^a-fl  Ail  VOLUME VIII.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26, 19C4.  I'A-j     jNOV291904  '.  Tells How He Captured Reginald Burchall, the Murderer of Eenwell, the  Young Farm Pupil.  ; "To detect a liar isa great gift; to detect the lie  is a greater gift." Chief Detective John Murray of  lhe Ontario Attorney-General's department has  given to the world the story of his 50 years' experience as thc pursuer of criminals. It is an historical and not a fictional work, yet it rivals in interest the sensational imaginings oL the desk  sleuth ; it deals with facts unadorned save by an  easy literary style, yet it must hold -he attention  of every reader. Many of the crimes that are referred to are still well remembered, especially by  Canadians, but until now no light has been  thrown on tbe manner in which the mystery was  solved or how it baffled the efforts of the experts  assigned to lhe investigation.  "The memoirs of John Wilson Murray" is aTitle  that gives no indication of the fascinating stories  the book contains except to those acquainted with  the remarkable professional career of Canada's veteran detective. Mr. Victor Speer, a well known  newspaper aud magazine writer, collaborated with  Mr. Murray in the writing of the book, which is  published by Wm. Heineman, of London, Eng.  There are some eight chapters, each of which deals  with a separate incident. These incidents are  taken from Mr. Murray's experience, and rauge  from the time he was a member of the secret service force of the United States during the Civil  War down to some of the latest events in his career.  One of tho most striking things m the. book_ is.  Mr. Murray's description of how he first met the  murderer Birchall and his wife. Birchall and hia  wife came to Princeton, where Benwell's body  was, and along with others identified it, they saying it was the body of a shipboard companion who  came over with them on the Brittannic. Mr. Murray met them in Paris, Ont., later. "The gentleman was," says Mr. Murray, "dressed in perfect  taste. He was handsome and easy hi manner,  with a certain bearing of grace that was quite attractive. Tbe lady stood by the window looking  out. She was a slender, pleasant-faced blonde.  She had half turned and watched us as the man  advanced to meet me."  Mr. Murray, after ** introducing himself, asked  Birchall whether he was the gentleman who had  been out looking at thc body of the young man  found in the swamp. "Yes," was the reply ; "my  wife and I were out to the grave and sajwr.^the,  "body."' "jfhe man~(*ou*tinued that he was glad to  meet me.   "You knew the young man ?" I asked.  "Yes, very slighlly," said he.    "Ah ! I am  very  glad to hear it." said I.   "At last we may know  who he is.'u Where did you meet* him ?" - "In Lori-  don," said he.   "London,   Ontario,  or' London,  England ?" said I.   "He came from London, England," said lie; "a mere casual acquaintance.   I  met him. don't you know, on the ship,.aboarship.  . in fact."   "His name?" I asked.   " Icbink .it was ,  Bentwell,.pr Benswell, or Benwell,"  said he." "I-,  knew him very slightly."   "What ship?" said I.  "TheBrittanuicof the White St.tr Line,"_said lie.  "We arrived in New York ou Friday, .Feb.-14.''  "When did you last see the young man alive?''  I  asked.   "He was on'his way to London, Out.,,and,  as we were travelling to the Falls, our way was the  same.   I law last saw him at the Falls." HeJi.id a.  great deal of luggage down there.   He left-some of  it in faet."   ' 'I'm very glad to know this," said I,  gratefully. , "You will be able to point out this  luggage*?" ���"Yes," said he.   "I'll be  very glad  to  aid you.   I am returning to the'Falls to day.   .We  came, you know, because wesawthe picturo'in the  paper."   "Your name, so that'l.ma'y.find.youat^  the Falls?" Iasked.    "Birchall," said he.    "Regi-,  nald Birchall, of'London, Eng."   "Very*, glad to.  kuow'you,   Mr. "Birchall.  very   glad,  indeed,"  said I. . ,  "       '      ���  During our conversation he became quite familiar and talkative. His wife was very nervous,  as if the sight of. the dead body had upset, her.  She began to pace up-and down the room"."  "How was the"young man dressed when you,  last saw him?" I asked. I had a navy blue overcoat on at that"time. 'Mr. Birchall put his hand op  the coat sleeve; there was no tremor in-it. I noted  it was rather a dainty hand. "Like that," hesaid.  " Would Jie take a glass, do you know?" "Oh,  yes, he used to get very jolly," said he. "That  London, Ontario, is a bad place," said I. "They'd  kill a man for a $5 note there. And this poor  young man went to London, eh ?" I could see the  wife's face clear with an expression of relief. Tbe  man "reiterated his pity for the young man and his  desire to be of any possible service to me. We  ChattedTqultecordially^ "Were^oiTcveT-"dn~thirf_  continent before ?" I asked. "Yes, New York aud  Niagara Falls, but never into Canada," said be.  "After further conversation I produced a notebook.  "Jam greatly indebted to you, my dear sir,-for  your kindness," said I.    "May I trouble you  ta  repeat this information so that I may note it accurately?" '  The lady began'to pace ttfeTfloor again."  * '���    ���   i  Thc man  sympathetic chronicler, '-she funned  -herself with an agilation which' revealed the sincere emotion excited by '  this memory of her youth." Perlmrs  the sincere emotion with which she  now pronounces his name is of a different character.  WE  The telegrams of congratulations to  Mr. Galliher indicate bow extensive is  his popularity all oyer the continent.  Even his old friends in-Egyptdid not  forget himTas the following dispatch  from tho Queen of the Bishareens  shows:     '  ."Congratulations.    My people trust  told once more the stoi^d told me.   Heinade j ����* ^^^5,^^" ��*��  occasional pauses to ask the lady a question, as if his  tres don't go.,'"  own memory had failed to-npte, certain desired details of a casual acquaintance..    She answered in a  weary, anxious voice!    "And I bade him good-bye  at the Falls," he concluded..  "'iDid you bear from  him?" I asked.   " Just^'line,'' he, said.   VHave  you go.t it?" I asked. '*   "Have I got Fred 'snbte,  mydear?'! ho asked ..his. wife.     v'No," said the  lady, "but I rememb'erseeing'it."    "It was just a  note to get his luggage through," said he.    "His  ' L A ���    . r   > ~ ,-4 ���,, -  ��� *���*     -wi i   rt��* --r      -   I.->.1 .tril-S-.l.  fii'st'natue was Fred ?" I asked.     "I.think so," he  ' ,        ���     '   f.-*-',-- 7...   ���  said, quietly, and wo eyed each..other.   .."It was so  signed in the note."     ,  .'""'  ���His manner- changed to an:;eveii effusive cordiality. "Mr. Murray, come down and spend Sunday witlrus at the Falls,"-he said heartily. ."Delighted, but I must go to Toronto," said I.     "T >r-  .onto," said.he, "I'd like to see Toronto. Mydear  will you go to Toronto on Sunday as Mr. Murray's  "guest?" -.,"Unfortunately la will not be houi'e^oii  Sunday," said Iu !*'Wili-*you meet me at,9 o'clock  '��pu*Monday morning at the Falls and'get, all "the  luggage at thercustoms house?" "Delighted to'aid  you," said'he^.;''   _-*:"   \*\ :"\ '   ,. *-    -'AA'f ^  We shook hands and ~bo ,-yed. The tired lady,  bowed, and I withdrew.* -I walked straight to-the  -telegraph office^i.Otr.tbe vfofT thcrughtitoVer."  The 'man was lying.. I vvas sure of it. : ���. . I'  wired :^,:Sfiadow;thi8-man,lU/ut. do" notfafrje-.t him  unless he' attempts+ojeross into the States:'?'$.- ������  Mr. Mur.ay treats entertainingly of the necessary  qualifications of a good detective. Among other  things, he says: "A wide acquaintance is'one^of  tlie most valuable assets of a detective". The more  crooks he knows tlie better. "Crime is a disease.  It is hcrcditarj, jusLas consumption is hereditary..  It may skip a generation or even twe or three generations. But it is an inherent, inherited weak-  ness." "Once dishonest, always dishonest. That  is the general rule. I believe in it absolutely. Reformation is the exception." "I believe in circumstantial "evidence:���Ihave found it surer than-di-  rect evidence in many cases. There are those who  say that circumstances may combine in a false conclusion. This is far less apt to occur than the fal-  sity.of direct evidence given by a witness who lies  point blank.  A Kitslo widow "has written to the  Kootenaian indignantly denying the  report that she,was about to remarry.  This.is'printed merely to show the  difference betweeii" Kaslo widows and  their sisters elsewhere. A Nelson  widow would have sightd, and admitted" that perhaps it .was the best thing  to do under the circumstances.  The occasion -of Premier McBride's  visit to Kamloops last week was taken  advantage of for a deputation of members of the Anti-Sanitarium in Kamloops League, beaded by Miyor Mit-  chelI,-to wait upon him arid to explain  the objects of the League. The Premier in reply'said : "Kamloops ha3 no  need to be alarmed. The Government  has made* no promises and those backing the Sanitarium have not'yet taken  any definiteractidri' looking towards  Provincial support. -We bave no intention of thrusting a Sanitarium on  Kamloops and I am pleased -to refute  / . .        _   '-.*       ���*  ,r  the'statements that' the Government  had avny such intention.' We perfectly  appreciate the feejihg against it. "being  1 ocated in'your midst.."'  In the Valley of the Shadow of  Death.  JOHN LEE'S EXPERIENCE  With   a   Rope   Around    His   Neck,  Strange'Coincidence Savetf  Him.  Hon. Robert Green spmita few hours  in Nelson last Tuesday. He had very  little to say politically, hut e*xpressed  the opinion that 'Parliament would not  meet in January.'     ",'.    . ,       ',  General Comment.  Half-a-million    fruit   trees    to    be  planted this year is the estimate of Mr.  Thomas Cunningham, provincial fruit  inspector.  Ten years ago Mr. Cunningham foretold the extensive growing of  fruit in British Columbia, but those  who did not see the wonderful possibilities of this Provinco regarded his  statement more as a joke than anything  else.    One of the largest blocks to be  put in as soon as possible, is that of  Messrs.  Stirling & Company, at Kelowna.    This compauy has 300 acres  prepared, and has contracted for 200,-  000 fruit trees of all varieties.     The  members of the company are all experts at the fruit-growing business, and  having tested the capabilities of the  Okanagan soil,.do not hesitate'in investing the ��40,000 necessary  for the  purchase of such a largo amount of  nursery stock; .  "  A Toronto paper yoices public sentiment when it expresses the hope that  the generous adventure of Mr. Gold-  win Smith will'pioneer the way for  the investment of money in the con.  strucliou of dwellings to relieve the  house famine. The experiment is tho  fruit of a noble impulse. There is the  inspiration of true patriotism in the  spectacle of a . great man snatching  days from the years of his vigorous old  age to spend in work for the good of  others and applying* his thoughts aud  money to the solution of a great civic  problem.  right on all questions, and there is no the penitentiary by Police Magistrate  good grounds for believing that it bas Crease for forgery, is*an example of  struck the right mark this time.     The ' the danger of permitting a hoy fo-grow  Prof.   Goldwin   Smith is about   to  make a* practical experiment of   his  theory'of bousing people comfortably  ' at a moderate rental.      lie has pur-  ,  f*"  chased a small block in the suburbs of  Toronto and will build-thereon a few  model dwellings. His experiment is  not philanthropic in the sense that he  aims at putting roofs, over people's  beads without eexpuse to themselves.  The Success Club has begun its win  ter series of debates, and from all indications the meetings of this organization will be quite as interesting this  year as tbey were last season. Young  men particularly should become members of the Success Club and participate  in every debate. It is~an accomplioh-  ment to be able lo speak well, and no  better experience in publia speaking  cau be obtained than that gained by  active membership in a debating society.  Laurier Government only paj's" rewards in proportion to the, services  rendered,,and the boy orator, as Mr.  Mclnnes is sometimes 'called, litis not  fully earned a governorship yer. In  the recent elections be.made, speeches  for his party, but there! was a time  when ho was not held in the highest  esteem by Sir Wilfrid Laurier." Several  times he kicked over the traces, and it  is only within the past year or so that  he made his peace with his leader at  Ottawa. Undoubtedly Mr. Mclnnes  has earned some measure of" reward,  but scarcely a Governorship yet. A  County Court Judgeship would seem  to be about the right thing.  Is is not likely there is any truth in  the statement in the Rossland Miner  that W. W. B. Mclnnes is to be tbe  next. Governor of the Yukon. The  Miner is more likely to be wrong than  -.AXo *:������  '.  The announcement of the death of  Capt. Gifford in California, last Thursday, came in the nature of a shock to  his many friends in Nelson. Captain  Gifford was for several years superintendent of the Silver King mine, and  was regarded as one of the best posted  men on the .mining-industry-in this  Province. Previous to coming to Nolson, he spent several years in Rat Portage, and was" well and favorably  known throughout the Northwest.  Concluding a very strong article in  condemnation   of  the    methods  employed to protect ballot-box swindlers  and impersonators in Ontario, the Toronto News   (.Independent)   has  the  following-:��� "A somewhat siniilar_con^  dition. exists  at, Belleville. ��� The Dominion Government,  which   bas   no  standing in the Ontario courts in such  a case, is investigating the importation  of bogus ballot boxes.   Where is the  County Crown Attorney? What is the  Attorney-General doing?   Tbe case is  serious eneugh to cajl for -tlie interference of  the Minister of Justice, wjio  can only investigate.   Tbe prosecution  is a duty devolving upon provincial officers.     Why is no move being made ?  It"looks as if the.Sault ex per ieuce is to  be;repeaied, and the case left to a* private prosecutor.   It has come to this in  the Province of Ontario' that when a  crime is committed in the name of the  Liberal party tho arm of the law is paralyzed... It is swift to apprehend and  certain  to punish an offender like the  man1 Callaghan, but5 the agents of the  party machine may defy the law and  commit the most heinous crimes without fear of conviction.     What is to be  done ?    If the machinery of the courts  is employed to protect criminals, there  is no way of  reaching them,      Inthe  past Canadians have prided themselves  upon the quality of j-heir courts.     Unless some means is found to put an end  to the present state of affairs they will  be forced to blush for their decadence.".  A London dispatch of this week says  the release from Portland prison of  John Lee. who in February, 1885, was  convicted .of murdering his employer,  Miss Keyse, of Babbacombe, will  shortly take place.  Lee was sentenced to death at Exeter assizes, and although placed on the  scaffold three times, the drop refused to  act. The result was that the prisoner  was taken back to his cell pending the  decision of .the Home Secretary, Sir  William 'Harcourt, "who afterwards  commuted sentence to one of penal  servitude for life.  The crime for* which Lee wa3 sentenced was a most revolting one. He  was employed by Miss Keyse as a manservant, but being only twenty years  old. he received very small wagea.  These wages seem to have been the  chief cause of contention between set-  vant and mistress, ,*  ' Many people believed in Lee's innocence,- and there was a story told atthe  time of a white*dove- a fitting, symbol  of innocence, .which .flew round and  round and finally settled on the scaffold just as the executioner was* making tbe first'eflbrt to perform the execution.  According to the evidence given at  the trial, Lee murdered Miss Keyse  during the night, felling her with a  hatchet, and hacking the body to  pieces, ile then set fire to the house  and gave an alarm, saying that burglars had murdered Miss Keyse and  bad set the house ou fire.  His conviction re3ted solely on circumstantial evidenc**, and from the  moment of his arrest-to- the time of  the attempted execution he strongly  protested his innocence.  The judge at  his trial remarked oiij  his calmness, saying that it did not(  show that he was innocent.   "Please.'  my lord," replied Lee, "the reason  I  am so calm is because I trusted to my  Lord, and my Lord knows I am innocent."   Then quietly with a smile on  with the white cap mill over hia'fate*  and hammers and saws were produced  j in,the hope of getting the   drop.to  work. , -.'.._  Lee could hear all that was going on,  yet. in   spite  of . thiB,. he*' remained ~  calm. v  "I think lt ought to go down now,"  said one of tbe warders, -whereupon  Lee was once more placed * upon the  platform and tho rope adjusted round  bis neck.  Again the drop refused to work !,  f- By this time everyone was excite*],  witk the exception of Lee. who" continued to protest his innocence.' Once  more was tbe wretched man taken off  the scaffold and placed some few yards  away while the bantering and sawing  went on. ., - ,.:  "This time it is sure to go d.��wn,"  was thc general comment, as Lee again  took his stand on tbe platform.  "Oh, God help me," cried Lee���and  a third time the gallows refused.to  work. , .._**'  Tlie governor of the jail would have -.  no more.     Ho ordered Lee to be taken  to his cell, simply remarking to the ,  prisoner that the execution would not  take place that day.-      -t_       ' *    *  The most extraordinary fact in con-.  nection with the horrible scene ir. that-  an eye-witness afterwards stated that'.  after each' attempt to hang Lee, and  ���        -   ���, ���  .  when ho had been removed from the.*7  scaffold, the drop worked satisfactorily. *"'  When  Lee got to bis cell'"he'"fell  down on his knees, thanking'God for  what he termed -the uiiraclovHe bad*  wrought. ��� ..���   .,.;--_"  .*���  . -  J9mI  ���.�����-1  A'-m  Local and Provincial.  -*Neh��on-Scotchmen-wlU*nDt_oele"bratc,v  St. Andrew's Day" this year.   .-  ����������7 ->:..'  ��� Joe Downes fell from the roof of a  building tbis morning, 35 feet, and  landed right side lip.    " '  There will be many'attractions at thc.  Opera   House   this   winter."   Nearly,  every   night   in   January- has   been  bookerl. - ������  When John A. Irving read tho returns from Hog Ranch, he nodded his  bead and remarked: "We've been  jobbed again."  W. A. Galliher, M. P. elect, will pru^ ']_  bably leave for Ottawa shortly in coim-  puiy with a delegation  froiuvthe lumbermen's associations.  up without proper instruction as to  his obligations to society. Five years  agoVyouug Parr wasa mischievous lad,  b'utV<ione regarded him in the light  of a vicious boy. If. his father had  taken him .in hand then, young Parr  might have been a respectable member of society jto-dayj but instead he  was permitted to drift along, and  naturally he chose the wide path, and  to-day he has developed the habits and  inclinations of a criminal. ���  Thirty years ago, says the Paris go?.-  Bips, Admiral Rozhdestvensky, whose  dangerous-looking name has recently  been so suddenly sprung- upon an unsuspecting world,.was naval attache  of tbe Russian embassy   in London.  By his manly graces, and especially  bis waltzing, he turned the heads of  all the marriageable girls of the English aristocracy.   Whouever he led the  cotilion his hostess was simply trans-      The next excitement will be the mu  ported with joy.   At an evening parly   nicipal campaign.        Only   one man  I not so long ago a nobJe dame who bad; seems to have taken any interest ln it  been a lady in  waiting to Queen "Vic-' so far, and he is evidential, figuring on  toria,   was beard to murmur the ad-  the $1,000 salary because he needs it in  mind's name which she pronounced   his business,  with perfect aud even melodious ease.  Duncan   Ross has a majority of 137  in Yale-Cariboo.   If the elections had  taken place on Nov. 3, he would hav��  his face   he stepped down from the'been about four times that number in  dock.  Three weeks latter on a gray Monday morning, Lee was brought out fur  execution in Exeter jail  the minority.  Toronto.  The Supreme Court judges, County  It was five Court judge and police magistrate are  minutes to eight when the procession a|i working overtime at'Vancouver,  started, the chaplain reading the bur- The Terminal City, wtth all Its moral  lal service. The responses were re- reform, will soon be as wicked a citv aa  peated in a loud, firm voice by Lee.  For the next twenty-live minutes n  series of remarkable scenes took place,  three futile attempts being made to  carry but the sentence.  The gallows were erected in an open  brick building, about 20 feet square,  and the platform which.had been used  oti several occasions, was fitted over a  deep pit, in which the criminal at the  moment of execution would fall.  Berry, the executioner, quickly  placed the condemned man on the scaffold, aud uf,*r adjusting the* rope  stepped back aiid pulled the lever.* The  drop refused to act.  For eight minutes Berry >and the  warders stamped on the platform and  did everything they could to make it  move.    They could not do it.    Mean-  Manager Cranston Is travellii g w'.th  the" Beggar Prince Opera C .n pan/  this week. The company concludes  its totir of the Rritish Columbia and  Alberta Theatrical Circuit next Tuesday night.    ,  Tlie fate of Tally Parr, who was yes  terday sentenced to thirty months in| to marry him!"    And then adds the  "Ah !'.' said she with.asigb. "Lwauted  The electric light service of Nelson is  gradually growing worse.  - Dick Sutton's stock company will  appear for one week at the Opera  House beginning next Monday. Th".%  company has an extensive repertoire,,  and will produce many pieces never  seen before in Nelson. ,->-*'  The "Rummage Sale," given by the  ladies, of- the Presbyterian Church for  the past two days at tbe Nelson Opera  white Lee prayed in a loud voice, but ��� House is a novel form of entertainment-  showed no signs of fear.  ' and the result financially shows tbat  It was then determined to take the itwas highly appreciated. The enter-  wretched man ofl the scaffold. Lee tainmeht closed last evening witn 11  was placed in a corner of the shed.' tableaux of Dana's Gibson pictures. /  /  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  t  M  THE HELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VERNO>* STREET. NELSON. B. C.  $1 Per Year Strictly in  Advertislne rates made known on application.  ah Mian��es In adve.-llsb./ients to insure  .atiiuon should reach this oflice uot later  thai Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address is requlrort. It i.-  deKlrVbletlituboth the old address and the  new be clven.  address all communications. *��� I ubilslioj  of  run Nelson economist. Nelson, u. ta.  .     EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Mr. W. A. Galliher has been  elected by a substantial majority  over Mr. Mackintosh It cannoi  be said tbat the result came in tin-  nature of a surprise to the uncom-  proinisiug supporters of Mr. Mackintosh. They were prepared for  "almost .anything excepting thc  small vote polled by their.candidate in Nelson. There can be no  fault found with the Liberals as regards the manner in which they  carried on their campaign, and for  that matter the contest ou both  sides was remarkably free from unpleasant features. Mr. Mackintosh  fought a losing fight from the begin-  ,'ning, and while at one time  it was  conscientiously -believed    that   he  ^- would   have   won  had   the   fight  I taken place on November 3rd, Mr.  Galliher's large majority, has dis-  . pelled even that grain  of consola-  - tion. This large majority is accounted for by the' "suggestion that  ^ many 'Z . professing .   Conservatives  * voted for tbe Liberal candidate,  ^and no.matter,how-humiliating it  . may be to this paper ��� to. make the  admission The Economist iucliues  to this belief.    It  is even   hinted  that    some'    of   tlie'    men    who  .. were mainly instrumental in bring  ��� -ing Mr. Mackintosh  out, betrajed  hiin into the hands of the crucifiers.  This, however, is  not the time for  recrimination!"   In a great measure  .".Mr. Galliher owes his large  major-  1 " ***  -.'-ity tb his own personal   popularity.  The Conservatives of Canada* are  now,-"all  in.''    They   have   been  vanquished at every   point  by   a  party  which  can justly claim that  it possesses the most effective organization to be found in any  countiy  ia the world.    If the Conservatives^  are wise they will at once put  their  ^Eduse~in~m~der~and-prepare-for the  . battle four years hence ; if they put  ^it-off-otntil the  last  hour, they will  /.find  tbe .next' election   a very . fair  ��� reproduction  of the  one that  has  just taken place. ,  would be pleased to see such a  Cabinet office created and Mr. Galliher Minister of Mines. He has  the ability tb fill tlie office, but he  will never, get it through any influence which bipeds of the Race  ty.e \.o sess either in the Kootenay  or at O tawa. Race is a political  stiff���too far gone in decomposition  to make a respectable appearance  on the anatomist's slab.  A   Halifax   despatch   to the  St.  John,   N. B., Sun states   that  it   is  proposed  to  protest   a  number   of  Nova Scotia elections.    It will perhaps be  found that behind this de  termination there  are suspicions of  election   frauds as well  as bribery  not much  has  been said  in public  about  these   matters, but undoub  tedly there are many Conservatives  honestly of   the opinion  that  the  voles of certain polls were not hon  estly  counted.     An   election  trial  may bring  the facts to light, and it  allows larger liberty of investigation  than a  criminal   prosecution, since  the latter requ'res that the prosecutor  should know  beforehaud   not  only the exact nature of the fraud,  but also the  name of the offender.  There are outside of this sufficient  grounds for   protest, as bribery was  undoubtedly carried on in the Nova  Scotia elections  to  au extent without precedent in that Province.  ��� ��� There were  many amusing   features in-connection with   therecent  election in this  constituency.    Not  the least  were the  congratulatory  telegrams   sent  to   the   successful  candidate.       The    one   in   broad  Scotch  from  the Rossland Scotchmen was a puxxler for "Big   Bill,"  but   he  was  fortunate   in   having  John Aytoun Gibson convenient tu  translate  it.    Tbe   telegram   from  Chas.   E. Race,   of the   Rossland  Miner, (a paper which gained  such  such.unenviable notoriety iu the recent Morgau  libel  trial,)   was just  such a  message as  might be  expected from that  enterprising politician.    Three or four years ago,  3?ace stepped out Irom  the Liberal  tanks to act as secretary of the interior    Conservative    Association,  and had the nerve to dictate a  pol  icy for respectable Conservatives ;  now he is back agaiu with the Liberals, and bas promised .Mr. Galliher the portfolio  of Mines in the  Dominion  Cabinet just as soon as  lie. (Race)  can get around  to it.  Conservatives as well as Liberals  A   new type of fuel bas been devised by two gas engineers of Southend, England, the  outcome of several years' patient investigation and  experiments.   - The  fuel  is manufactured   from ' what  has'   hitherto  been considered a waste  product of  chemical manufacture.     This  fuel  is intended to supplant the asbestos  or .fire-clay   balls   which   are    at  present  utilized in gas* stove fires.'  It absorbs  the blue "Bunseu flame,  which at present escapes, and converts it into  heat.      It also absorbs  the  carbonic  oxide  from   the   air,  thereby considerably purifyiug the  atmosphere,   has  no- smell,   burns  biightly as  a  coal-fire, and, owing  to the materials of which it is composed, is cheaper to  produce  than  either  fire-clay  or   asbestos  balls,  while the substance is   also   practically inexhaustible.     The tuel also  has the quality of retaining the heat  for. a 7^6nsiderable"tim^a"ivdrwhen~  ignited, gives   three times  as much  , .,,.,. I    The   Vnncouver   and   Kootenay   mineral  tieat as IS   possible With  aSDestOS or   claims, situute in tlie Nolson Mining Division  of West Kootonny District,  W FALL STYLES  Lowest Rates  Best Time  Toronto,   Montreal,   New;  Provinces, New Knglund.  York, Maritime  WEST  Vnncouver,  Points.  Victoria,   Seattle,    California  Unequalled   Passenger Service,   Sleepers,  Tourists, Couches, Dining Can*.  TOURISTSLEEPKR SERVICE.   ~  West.���Lv. Revelstoke duily for Seattle aud  Vancouver.  East.���Lv. Dunmore Jet. for St. Paul dally.  Toronto-Wed. und Sun., Montreal  Mon., Itoston FjL  SINGLE PARE RETURN.  On November 21st nnd 22nd ticketH will be  sold nt nil (3. V. R. stations to Vancouver to  Luggnn and Crow's Nest, Including Kootenuy  branches at sinssle fare for the round trip,  good till November2H��h.'  Atlantic S.  S. Agency  Through bookings to and from Orcut Britain and the Continent.  J. 8. CAKTER,  DUt.Paas. Ajl..  Nelson.  E. J. COYLE,  A. O. P. A.  Vancouver  Mortgage Sale.  Under and by virtue of tlie powers contained in a certain mortgage v hlch will be  produced at the time of sale, there wil! be  offered for sale by by C. A. Waterman*& Co.,  at their offices in the JK.-W.-C. B ock, linker  street, Nelson, B.. C, on  Tuesday,   the   Twenty-ninth   day   of  November, 1904;  nt the iiour of twelve o'clock uoon, the tollow-  ing property: All and singular Lots numbered  Eighteen- (18), Nineteen (19), Twenty (20),  Twenty-one (21), and West one-half of Lot  Twenty-Two (221, in Blcck numbered Thirty  (30), in the Town (nowcity) of Nelson, Province of British Columbia, according to the  official plan or survey of tbe Town of Nelson.  This property ts situate on the corner, of  Kooteuay and Silica streets (South side), and  hns erected thereon a dwelling house.  For  terms and' conditions o( sale apply to  W. A. Macdonald,  Solicitor for Mortgagees.  Hums Block, Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Dated this 5th day of November, 1904.  Of MEN'S SHOES to hand.    Good to look' at, good to wear,  and reasonable in price.  ! Fred. L. Irwin, Baker st.  &���������������������������������������������������� ������������������*������������������������*+��������������������*��� ���**��������<  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Wild Cherry Spruce and Tar Cough Syrup is the  quickest to relieve .and the surest cure for Coughs,  Inflamed Throats and Sore Cheats!- Try it. 25 axj.d  50 cts. per bottle.  Carnation Cream  For smoothing rough skin on face or hands Cay  nation Cream is the finest thing yet.    Apply a little  after shaving.    Nothing better.   Prepared by  WM. RUTHERFORD, Druggist  WARD STREET, NELSON, B. ��.  PHONE A214  NIGHT PHONE B214  % !S&l/**<S&!Si*,JPi''S&lS&S&&t'i  Certificate of Improvements.  Little Johnnie Mineral Claini,situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Where located: On Kover Creek, about  three miles from Kootenay Kiver. Take notice that I, Frank Fletcher, of the City of  Nelson, acting as njrentfor myself, Free Miner's Certificate No. B82.023, and A. C. Flmn-  merfelt, Free Miner's Certitlcate No. B80.024,  intend, sixty days from lhe date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Kecorder. fora Certificate  of ImpiovemcnU for the purpose of obtaln-  inlng a Crown Grant of the above claini.  And further take notice that action, under  Bection 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements:  Dated this 26th day of May. A. D 1904.  Fhj_.sk Fletcheb,  ftNDS FOR S  g In io-acre.blocks, in-20-acre blocks. Improved ranches.  <| J. E. Annable, Nelson, B. C.  s & Cc*  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson. B. C.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  .  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  .' Orders by Mail to auy branch will have prompt and careful atteq-  Certlflcatc of Improvements.  fire'clay, with   the  same consumption of gas. ���  - Though seasickness lias made  voyages miserable for centuries, the  physicians.have never been able to  fathom Lhe mystery of it and find  an infallible cure. According to  one authority, "Seasickness seems  to be !a functional disorder of the  central nervous system. Those  who attempt a more precise explanation usually expeiience that hopelessness which is the constant accompaniment of the disease." A  noted French physician claims that  the use of oxygen will effect a cure  of this distressing disease. It is  easily obtainable in compressed iron  cylinders, aud when taken iu large  quantities, say thirty pints, removes  the strain from the breathing apparatus, and thus prevents the paroxysm. Another authority claims  to have effected a cure by giving  two grain powders of petroleum  every ten minutes until three have  been taken. But the strangest  of all originated with the Italian  ambassador at Washington, Baron  des Planches. Acting on the theory  tbat seasickness is largely a complaint of the nerves, he swung a  "Where located* On east sido of Kootenay  Lalcc, about three miles east of the town of  Sanca.  Take notice that I, J. L. O. Abbott, Free  Miner's Certitlcate No. B84,j8nl l'or myself and  as agent for H. Abbott, Free Miner s Certificate No. IJ84.488. and E. L. Heutley. Free Miner's Certitlcate No. Btir>,245, intend, sixty day��  from tlie date hereof, ta apply to thc Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  ofthe abo\o claims.  And further take notice thnt action, under  Section 37, must be* commenced before Issuance ofsucli Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of June, 1904.  J. L. O. Abbott.  NICKERSQN,���B���i  WELER,  BAKER ST.  We only ask one trial to make you onr cu��  tomcr. Fine Watch Jewelry, Optical and  Silverware repairing: nnd everything in tlio  Hue. Reasonable charges. Work sent us  from outside towns will receive the same care  ns it personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for othor Jewelers.  JOHN McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincia!  Land Surveyor  Op. 8 C. Customs House. Nelson  mirror over his face,as he lay in bis  bunk, and by watching his reflection in the glass he became better  and finally recovered, in spite of the-  fact that the voyoge was a rough  one. The explanation is tbat by  gazing iu the mirror the eye tests  on an unchanging surface, and so  the sense of motion gradually becomes less and the brain is soothed  aud restored to its usual equilibrium.  tion.  West Kootehay Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers In \  AIJO  f  SALT MEATS  . *  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  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The man looked puzzled for  a moment,* and then replied: "Weel,  I was just wonderin' that mysel'.  Ye see, he died at twal o'clock."  Denman Thompson is beloved by  the youug members of his company,  especially the little  tots that figure  in the   scenes  of Tbe Old   Homestead.      During a recent New Ycrk  engagement   he wanted  to compliment a little fairy on her work, and  said : "You've done so well I'd like  to  give  you a big  kiss."      "Oh,  Mister  Thompson," answered  the  fairy horrified, "you mustn't, really.  Aunty doesn't believe iu kissiug."  ''Never  m:nd, dear," replied Mr.  Thompson.        "I'm   not   .kissing  aunty."  George Meredith, thc advocate of  ten-year mar'iages, lives in a chalet  in one of the most beautiful parts of  England,   and    here,  in  profound  quietude and seclusion, he writes his  brilliant novels with slow care.   Mr.  Meredith, like many other men  of  talent, is absent-minded.     In Lon-  ��� don, one day, he spoke of; a stream  near his house, describing.with minuteness  the beauty oi   its banks,  bridges   and overhanging foliage;  "Which   way,"   someone   asked,  "does that stream run, Mr. Mere-1  fby ��lil House hasn't seen a da; of such exalt*  in ont since  That baby was enthroned a monarch there. _  Bis wish wns more resp.ooted tar than that oi  any princo.  And news of him was listened to with car*  Ot course there was excitement when his motl*"  er told us all  That for his father ho, in language plain,  flud sovoral times, with earnest emphasis, beon  heard to call  And that doubtless ha would do it soon again.  fiia mother and his father and his unci J and  his aunt .  ���And tho hired girl and tha farmhands gathered rouisg,  H'ou'd  huve  thaaght  a famous tenor had arrived to lead a chant  By the way they stood and listened for (jh*  Bound.'    > " *   ' ft*'  Hey watcliecjjbla face for symptom* of an intellectual start. ' _  No oracle was ever more revered, 7        7~->  4ad when  he  smiled'and  spoke his mother  held him to her he.-.rt, ;    ...  o*-    ���'   .  And his father and the hired men whooped  and cheered.  Jhe years have passed above him. He's a grown  up patriot noir.  Ee lectures to the masses oft and long.  Success has sometimes paused to place a laurel  on his brow.  And his mental gra*p is wonderfully strong,  gut he cannot hold an   audience in a still, expectant spell,  Though bo's beeu a speaker sinoe ho WM ft  lud,  I Ashe did whon, in the cradle long ago, *��  1 couldn't, tell :   '        I  4k tiling wo didn't   know,  bat Just aali*  -''t.ad'r"-  ���Washington Star.  O    ���   , iii -  ON THE  BIRTHDAY OF DONIZETTI.  The Rome of Csssar orowned with hays -  Tho heroes who increased her might. .  The poet for his stately layx.  The soldier victor in tho fight.  Today it has no fair confetti  i'o grace the tomb of Donizetti.   -  The critics long have lost the ear  ;  Which found Rossini charmed amd sweet.  E'eu Verdi, in his early sphere,"-  Is almost always judged effete,     .       ���  And all the akill of Donizetti  Is voted crude and alphabotty.  . J"or Wagner's noiseful rule has com*  And waked tho world withblaring bras*  The tuba, trombone, horn and drum  ''   Have silenced silver strings, alasl  And all his Btrident strength makes petty  The duloet airs of Donizetti.  The Venusberg and all the gofie  Or Lohengrin are now a-tour, v  And no one thinks oflaying oddfl 77  On "liucia di Lammermoor." ;  _   .  We're told it's foolish and duetty, "  This masterpiece of Donizetti.  The very schoolboy whistlos o'er       ... ,-*  The intermezzo, note for note, ____  And Bizet's braggart toreador  Is daily heard from every thro��V   ��� '."J  But poor old Bignor DonissSti ... _','~  Is not piano-organetty. ._lJb  Tis ever thus.   What prophet BaU��   ^ O..  The honor that is his by right?  The oak today, tomorrow's lath,      ,  And day must always turn to night.  But shall the darkness dour and Jetty  BUt ��* ��w ^^g^gfct*.  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  Nottingham, England.  Navy Cut Mild, Medium and Full  N a vy" M ixtJTfe.  Navy  Gut  Cigarette  Tobacco,  A   Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to .*one  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  eeton & Co., L'td, victoria, b. c.  l^^o  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  '   turersofthe^Pinto Shell Cor  ��� dovan" Gloves and Mitts  llj       R. H.CARLEYfB.C.Agt.  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given to all orders lor  Chimney Sweeping.   . ;-   ...  Send your orders to Joe. D. Dowkks, care o��  the-Old Curiosity Shop. '.$1.50 per chimney;,  p^*^  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  -->��<!  v>  /'  8f. P. TIERKEY, GENERAL AGCHT ���IP  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  .��a ^  I  th-  0  Mining Notes.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Phoenix Pioneer.  A car of ore is ready to be shipped  from the Silver Cloud.  Owing to the shortage of water, work  has been temporarily suspended at the  Emma nihie.  A force of about 120 men is now employed at tbe Rawhide, Brooklyn and  Stemwiuder mines.  Both furnaces of the Mother Lode  Bmelter are again at work after being  idle a day or two for repairs.  " Manager McVicar, of the Last  Chance, which recently resurned operations, is much pleased with the large  body of ore he has opened up.  The Dominion Copper Co. i3 shipping ore from the Brooklyn and Stem-  windea dumps to the Trail smelter, box  and coal cars being used for that purpose.  As a result of the recent strike on  the Providence, reported in these columns, work has been started on thc  Coronation by H. V. Fuller, adjoining  the Providence. *   .      ,    .-  ��� The new strike on the Providence is  said to be of no little importance, the'  lead having been opened up for 400  feet up the hill. Foreman -Derniody  how bas about 40 men at work on this  titoperty.  The Lucile Dr'eyfus mine, near Dan-  "Ville, on the reservation, has resumed  operations with a force of some 12 men  and is now. shipping ore to the Granby  smelter... This, property is situated  only-about ten miles from the smelter.  It is the intention to work.the Betts  and Hesperus all winter, one of thc  new things to be started being a 700-  foot tunnel. A force of 12 men is to be  . kept busy.and the new machinery will  eoon be received over the Great Northern Phoenix' branch, f       ".  -Ten men are employed at the Sky-  . "J       *\ A __ .a  lark under Foreman Howe, and those  Interested are naturally pleased at tbe  excellent ore being taken out of the  lower workings of the mines. A car  of ore is-reac'y. to be sent out to the  Mnelter'early next week.  -.Prof.'R.DI'Brbck", of the Dominion  geological. survey, who has already  - spent several weeks examining and:  sampling the Snowshoe. for the interests of the proposed "merger of that  property with the'LeRoi and War  Eagle-Centre Star mines, will probably  proceed to Rossland to examine and report upou the other mines iii the proposed consolidation, in another ten  days.    -     ' -'  Why not get them ? It is such a comfort for winter evenings.  You may require a very simple pair of glasses, which would give you  great relief.  Consult our Optician.    He will tell you.  DRTENAUDE  Watchmakers, Jewellers and  I       Opticians.       Phone 293  mam  Fred Irvine Company,  X Waflfk Rro^ Photographers f  *>       f I Br&t>5*aw   lv I   IdPwH   B Vancouver and Nelson Z9  V -* BAKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C. c  New fall and Winter Dry GoodsPWliHinery, Lais' Jackets, Furs  .   Our stock of Ladies' and Children's Mantles, Jackets and Coats is now complete and we have marked them at prices exceedingly low.  Ladies' Walking Skirts from $2.50 each to $9.  Ladies' Dress Skirts from$2 each to $18.  _ Ladies' Fancy Dress Skirts, for evening wear, at reduced prices.  Blankets���We are showing in all qualities and sizes and our cash prices on these goods are much lower than last season.  A great sale of-Clothing, Men's Furnishings,  HATS  AND  The quantities are the greatest, the. assortment the most varied and  the-Prices the Lowest of any sale we have held  NEW FALL CLOTHING  20th Century kind, every Garment has style, character and splendid  wearing qualities, which coupledwith Always Lowest prices makes interest and 13 spare for careful buyers.   ,-  Men's Suits," $7.50, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00.  BOYS' SUITS  AU'size's, good cloth, strong and durable, and specially tailored, $1.25,  $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00.    .  DISTRIBUTORS  OF  HATS  Perfection in shapes, color and style. Prices, $1.00, $2.co, $3.00,  $4.00 and $5.00. .  SHOES OF QUALITY AND STYLE  ���  Guaranteed to give  perfect satisfaction.      Tbe best  possible for the  money. * Felt Slippers at 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00  MEN'S FURNISHINGS  Large stock New Fall Styles. The place where your dollars bring  their value. " ,  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  Slocan Drill.   '  Seven men are now employed nt the  Enterprise.   .  'Operations have been stopped at tho  fountain Con.*  The force atthe Ottawa was reduced  bv seven men on Sunday."  Sandon mines last week exported  ' 286 tons of galena and zinc.  More ore sacks and supplies were  sent up to Ihe Graphic on Sunday.  At the Ottawa everything has been  prepared for winter, and thc new ore  house completed.  One-third of the force at thc Black  Prince.was let out during thc week,  there being now less than120 men employed.  . Billy Coltcrill and partners arc doing  ���well on the "Northern "Light)    They  have driven 18 feet on the ledge and  have eight inches of ore exposed.     A  shipment will shortly bo made.  Eastern capitalists have bonded;  tbe Grant, a silver-lead proposition on  the north fork of Woodbury creek. It  waa owned by C Rossiter. and D.  Grant, ai>d the property will bo worked  this winter.  The roads in the camp have broken  BROWN   &  "TAD   DAI/CDVI  I  *L  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors.  We have secured the services of a first-class cake baker, and  ^ our customers should bear this in mind when preparing for  ^ Christmas.  J Store: Baker St., between Stanley and Ward.  NEWS ITEMS.  The Canada Drug & Book Co., L'td,  is now preparing for the Christmas  holiday trade.       ���   '-  Hugh McCausland, the well known  boot and shoe dealer, is holding a big.  sale this week.   The goods are the best  in the market, and.the  prices will be  found to be the lowest.  The Fred Irvine Company, Limited,  since adopting the cash only system  have greatly increased the volume of  their business. This firm carries the  largest and best stock of dry goods' in  the interior, and under tlie cash system is enabled to give the customer  better prices than can be obtained in  the eastern department stores.  ONE WEEK STARTING  FRED  IRV/NE  GO.,   LIMITED.  THE BIG GASH STORE  FURNITURE  The largest and best assortment of fancy Rockers.  Centre Tables, Couches, China Cabinets, Ladies'  Secretarys, Carpets, Etc., to be found in any Furniture Store in the Kootenays.  D. M��ARTHUR & OO.  FURNITURE DEALERS  AND    UNDERTAKERS,  $184  ��-  WePrint  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heaas,  Envelopes,  Business7 Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  The Economist  Sutton's  lock Go.  ratenaude Bros., the opticians and  jewellers, are offering 25 per cent did-  Up and it has become difficult to ban- c��unt on their hniid-puinled china and  die any ore for export. During the souvenir spoons. They have many  week 22 tons were sent out from the!dainty articles in that line such as  Ottawa, it going to Nelson. Several vases, fruit plates, olive dishes, etc.,  of the smaller properties have consign- auy of which would be appreciated as  Boeues ready to go out, but they will a Christmas present. Call at Patenaude  ljardly move before rawhiding sets in. . Bros, and see what you can get for a  Output to dat�� 2033 tana. j email amount of money.  Dick  g  20���PEOPLE-20  BAND AND ORCHESTKA.  New Faces, New Plays, New Specialties.   Change of play nightly.  Seats jon sale Saturday morning at  Butherford'Bl>rug Store. ,  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C  Canada Permanent  Mortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cent,  or Monthly Payment System  ��0^*$*S^��&*$&S>��6*S&&��$&$  \ TRIPLE   BEAD  FRONT SIGHT*  Just think of it.  Price Postpaid, $2  ,   An Ivory Besd, a Black Bead and a Gold Bead, all on the gun  at one time for hunting and target shooting.     There is no single  color that shows wc_i under all conditions.    Thus you can change  to suit conditions by simply turning the sight.    "r-^*    ������������  , Made to fit all guns having slot,  \ Nelson Hardware Co<  Sportsmen's  Headquarters.  ^'%^/^^^9^^'^^^f^f%^i'^/%/%^f^^'/^/^^^^^^'^^^f^/^/K  j  LAKEVIEW HDTEI  $1 per   day and up  NoChlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON   STREETS,       UC| CflnJ    D   P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, flLL0Ull|   Di li  NOTICE.  In thc matter of anappllcatlon fora duplicate of a Certificate of Title to part of Lot 1315,  Group l, Kootenuy District.  Notice is hereby given that itis my Intention to Issue at the expiration or one month  fiom the first publication hereof a duplicate  or the Certificate, of Tiyeto part of Lot 1315,  Oroup 1 Kootonay District, in the name of  Thc Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway Company, which certificate f�� dated Uie24tU day  or January, 1898, and numbered 809K.  II. F. Mact.iod.  __    . District RegUtrar.  I��and Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.,  5th October, 19M.  SewingMachinesanfianos  For Rent and for Sale  60 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights Ac.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly micertain onr opinion freo whother an  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ *<*��  i  i  x  ���t  9  t  (Formerly Clarke House)  The best Jl per day house In Nelson.      None but white help employed  bar the best.  The  ROfPRIETOR  Invention ti probably patentable.  Communlca-  "       tfiL���   -    -     -  oey,          .��� Ouil     _  ���pedal notice without charge, in tbo  lions strictly confldentl  ..; am  Patents, taken tnroi  sent free Oldest i  Handbook on Patents  ency for secnrliispatents.   -  :h Mnnn ft Co. receive  A nsndaomely illustrated weakly. J.��nta*t circulation of any aeienUfle Journal. Tanns. (3 a  year: tour montlis.fi. Sud byaU xewsdealan.  OMCmiHi"}%1Joaj_Ji{ S. iclsal MUiatCs.f/f-^terMt  Auction Sale To-Night  ATTHE AUCTION MART  ALL KINDS  OF BARGAINS  Auction Sales promptly attended to in any pa rt of Eritish Columbia.  J.  GREEN. AUCTIONEER.  BAKER STREET. NELSON.


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