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The Economist Sep 2, 1905

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 WM.  It. HEARST:    "1 have seen the   ?  most beau ti lu 1 lakes In Inily and Swltzer-  ir   luiid, and all tliose lovely spots, hut 1 have  >'   novel* suuiiunylliing luit-r than thelCoote-  �� ���>��� nay lalte and the Arrow lakes/* We had a  > deliglitlul time thero.   Tills, wus my llrst  > trip through there.-', , <  *^?VVVi</^AAAAA^AAi^��S^A^A^��VV^  VOLUME  IX.  HABITAN AND  French-Ganadians Who Have  Scotch Names.  In the' issue of August 21 of that,  sparkling .yVestern weekly, tlio Argonaut, there is an article by Miss Geral-  dlne. .JJonn.er, bearing tlie ubuve'title.  Among other interesting things the  writer says : ������������'���������-��� ������  'IThere'"'''is.-'something so completely  foreign, so ''vividly pibturesoue about  this part of Canada, its villages, its life,  and its people, that one is in a continual  state'of query as 'to -whether one can  be on the same continent vvith Triumphant Democracy and New York.  If you could eliminate the American  summer visitors, with their sophisticated clothes andcarriages, you might  readily imagine yourself in the rural  Canada of the French occupation;  tiiere might still bean Inteudaut at  Quebec, the roi soleil might lie dispensing rewards and punishments from  Versailles. _ .  Outside the invasion of the Americans and the building nf a hotel among  the pines above the wharf, I do not  suppose..;this particular village lias  changed much in the past hundred  years.-1 /Thesame families live in the  same spots, if- not in tlie same houses.  Many of the farms���rented from tiie  seigneurs in long ribbons of land that  run ' back 'from the river's edge into  dimly wooded distances���have been in  the hands of one family for a century  and a half. ,; Tho village, nearest the  St. Lawrence is a straggling irregular  line.of. solidly built habitan houses,  made'oT logs/Jilted; together; at -.the  angles, the -cracks filled with a coarse  plaster./.' Interspersed among t hese av.'  the; lighter buildings raised., 'for tlio  suiiiineri boarder.0, balconied , houses'  untroubled by the- desire Tor beauty,  fronting on the dusty road that winds  along the gt'cat river l'or 'miles,' from  village to village, from parish to parish',-'from seigneurie to seigneurie, con-  ��� iiecting what once were the scattered  outposts of. the intruding white man  with the source of till things'.'secular  and spiritual at Quebec.  Among the British .Canadians'.this  'haB; been a popular ..watering-place fur a  half-century or, more. Realize,that',  aud'- you -'will have-some idea of the  ���^oo n'Ser \^f vTrtief si s t eif IfTrace"! udepctF'  de rice of the French-Canadians. They  have maintained their village almost  intact, have preserved their individuality in the ("ace of the encroaching Anglo-Saxon, with no diminution  of any social characteristic: lsave kept  the language of their 'forebears, ' serenely ignoring the tongue.of the summer visitor. "'Cu.lcohe-d.rivers, 'svho  have been piloting well-to-do strangers over the face of the country  lor twenty years, nave learned nothing  of their language. The washerwoman  with whom I quarrel'over my lost  lingerie appears to be absolutely, unacquainted with lhe vernacular of the  ladles whose custom is making her a  woman of means in the community.  They arc the best exponent* of the  Simple Life on our side of the water.  When Kriegolf painted them, perpetu-  ating a period in the lifuxof a people by  a series of pictured scenes, they lived  in the manner that Herr Warner.  appvoyes.'. Since then;their ideas have  enlarged, new desires and ambitions'  have srpung into life. But even so,  they present to tlte Amuricuu au extraordinary example of an unaspiring  and contented race. The women still  8-pin .the h -mespun cloth���1' eti.lt'.. Uu  pays���which the men wear. ��� Driving  inland you may see these housewives'  sitting in the doorways of tlieir-homes  spinning at their wheels..   -You seem  about tlie doorsill, many children play  ���little, wild creatures, with shy'dark  SEIGNEUlt'e^es looking out through drooping  curls of brown hair. The spinniug  woman is the mother of them all, and  probably has grown sons and daughters out at service iu the towns, or  married and settled on the farms near  by. .They marry young���singularly  young fora northern race���-anda baby  every .j-ear or two till they aro over  forty is the record of many of theun.  In the past, families that ran up into  the twenties were not uncommon. I  have heard (whether or not tiiere is  any truth iii the statement! have no  means of knowing) that in the old  French days it was customary to dedi-  the twenty-fifth child to the church.  One of the most curious things  about the habitans of these two villages is .that so many of them"have  English names. Among the shopkeepers and caleche-drivers there are  Warrens, Harveys, Baileys, McLeans  and McNichols. The names- have  been Frenchified into almost unrecognizable strangeness. To know what  they originally were you have to see  them written. Their bearers as a rule  speak no word of English, and the  stranger puzzle., over the anomaly ofa  McNichol shouting to his horse in  quaint old French, and a Bailey���  dressed in rusty homespun, a short  black pipe in tiie corner of his mouth  ���discoursing with his companions in  a patois which sounds as if it had been  spoken in rural France before the  .Revolution.  To account for this engrafting of  British names on a people so strikingly Gallic, one has to go back to history. '.'After.''.the conquest of Quebec by  :Wolfe/, two officers of the Seventy-  Ninth Highlanders were granted  sei'gtieurit s siloing the '"Murray Klvcr.'  iTtiese were Captain Fraser and Captain Nairn, both Scotchmen. Theirs  were the lirst, and, I believe, the only  seigueJiial grants made by the English. All the great seigneuries of  Lower Canada, whose occupation aud  history reads like a chapter of romance, date from the old regime of the  French. Some���not many���of them  are to-day inhabited by the descendants of the original owners, who bear  names that go back to tho noblesse of  the Grand Monarque's day, but that is  another story.  Captain Fraser und  Captain  Nairn  took possession of tlieir   seigneuries,  and���perhaps-in-order-notatobe!onelyr  ���brought, with them adisbahded com  THINGS TALKED OF IN NELSON DURING  THE W EEK.  The mistakes of. young -Englishmen I neighbors, and will even 'sit on   theh  in Canada, who have failed to grusp  j the real meaning of Canadian slang,  are so numerous as to be scarcely a sub-  joct of comment, but one happened recently iu Nelson thnt will stand repetition. The landlady ofa popular hotel  a few weeks ago engaged ii young Englishmen as a porter. The other day  she handed' this porter a $2 bill, and  asked him to go out and get some  "chicken-feed,"meaning, of course,  small change. In a few minutes he returned, and on being interrogated as to  the change, he replied there was no  change. Asked how���. was that, he  said, he had gone down to Brackman  & Ker's and bought the full $2 in  "chicken-feed," and further informed  the landlady that two bags of the stull'  would be delivered at once. It is needless to sity small change will no longei  be referred to as "chicken-feed"' in  that hotel.  this' was repeated several times, the  speaker realized that the man from  Bruce was not deaf, but only desired  to annoy the speaker. Then Mr.  Woodworth turned on his would-be  tormentor and delivered himself as follows :  On August 14th,  the following sor-      "Mr' Sgettker, when the final sum-  rowful announcement appeared inthe  mons�� shall come, and  the Angel Gab-  front doorstep while the persecuted one  is trying to drive the pests away.  There should.he a law enacted to abate  this nuisance, and punish severely the  owners of chicken ranches.  Interest in Sabbath Observance was  revived by the appearance, here this  week of one of the leading officers of  the Lord's Day Alliance. A fairly  well attended meeting was held in the  Baptist Church, Monday evening, and  it was decided to pursue an aggressive  campaign iu the hope of bringing  about a more general observance of the  Sabbath Cay. Of course this ia very  pleasing to The Economist, which,  while it is no the ollleial organ of the  Lord's Day Alliance, has always stood  up for the principle advocated by that  organization. At the same time, this  paper must confess its sorrow that the  former leader of tbis movement in Nelson is not now showing thesame fighting spirit that he did formerly.' If he  bad it is not likely that the brass baud,  excellent musical organization tliat it  is, would be permitted to desecrate the  Sabbath by play I ng at the park. Nor  would the Marconi Wireless people  have chartered bsats on Sunday to advertise their business, if tlie acknowledged leader of the Sabbath Observance movement had placed the matter  in its true light before the public, it  is not a defence for the said leader to  plead that he has been driven out of  the Alliance by political enemies, for  happily the platform of the Alliance is  so broad and comprehensivee that men  of all parties can stand upon it without  jostl ing eaclrotlieri Some" be tier reaT  son than this will have to be forthcom-  panv oftheir'regiirient. ' At that time I-. ,      ., , . , ,.  ling, else the suspicious  public  may  there   were   few   inhabitants   of  the  place, and habitans came over from  Rimouski and joined the strangers in  the settlement of the wild and beautiful, piece of eon n try. The Scotch soldiers took wives of the Freuch women  and settled on the land, farming out  pieces from the seigneurs, or building  up the two villages whioh stand today; one where the brown Murray  River comes singing over shallows to  the deep waters of the buy. tiie oilier  scattered along lhe rocky headlands*  that front on the vast expanse of ths  St. Lawrence.  E. ("I. Smyth, chief of lhe telegraph  service at Nelson, will give up telegraphy and study dentistry. Mr. and  Mrs. Smyth will leave for San Francisco to-morrow.  ������  J. W. Cockle, of Kisl.>, has written  James White, geographer for the department of tlie interior, that the  name Kaslo according to the evidence  of an old Kootenay Indian, named Se-  place a construction on this deplorable  exhibition of slothfulness in tlie vineyard that inay.be damaging to the local  leader.  T. G. Procter is in receiptor inquiries every day a- to the future prospects  of Nelson from an industrial pointof  view. One inquiry this week came  from Mexico, which proves tbat the  active member of thc Tourist Association is winning fame in all lauds.  Residents in Victoria who own  pretty gardens have often'been accused  of selfishness, because they surrounded  tlieir houses with high board fences.  But experience gained in Nelson leads  one to believe that the Victorians are  wise in their generation. Since Nelson pesple have turned tlieir attention  from mines to chicken raising, anyone who desires to cultivate a garden must build a fence six or seven  feet high, othervise his plot will become the scratching ground for his  neighbor's chickens.     It is impossible  Imstian���who claims that his grand  raiher told hiui-the names of the stop- to keep a lawn clean with these hens  ping wimps on Kootenay lake���is de-, and chickens ^running around, and  lived from the word "Si'ssaloe," which "the damage to gardens is also eon-  means a blackberry. The affix 'a' to \ siderable. One man from Fairview reads denotes a place where blackberries  ports  that his   loss   from this   source  to be taking aghmp��e back into the grow. This when modified by use rt- alone this summer is inthe neighbor-  days of French nobles and proud in- suits in the word "Ah Kas-loe,'' by hood of $50 or $60. The worst of it is,  teudants, of pioneer priests and hostile/ which name the place wus known to the owners of the tramp chickens do  Indiaus. [ tlie Indians. "Kaslo/' tlie place where not concern themselves in the least  Round the doorway and in the grass   blackberries grow. about the annoyance caused to their  Nelson Tribune :  "There isa patheticside to this paltry  victory. Perhaps those who wrought it  did not forsee it, perhaps they did. The  mayor said S, E. Coulter would never  drive the fire team while he was  mayor. John Houston has always  been a man of his word, and if we  know him he will keep it in this-'.instance. "The majority 'of the council  have made their,cEipice, and they have  chosen Coulter. It is not likely that  John Houston will continue to serve  the city." -'���''_  Although nearly.: three weeks -have  elapsed since the ��� foregoing was published, the geniusof Nelson has not yet  resigned, and there is no suggestion  from any.quarter th.it he will take the  hint thrown out by his own newspaper. Indeed, so far as the general  public is aware, the" mayor of Nelson  has not even learned tliat wonderful  changes in the 'com position "'of'"the  fire department have recently taken  place. All that "is -known of- his  movements and intentions is the telegram from San Francisco announcing  the latest market quotations for copper  wire and insulators. In the meahtime  tbe Tribunejs growing more scurrilous  and irresponsible.than ever, under the  incnpabje,i_diiagemeb.t of an exchange  editor... ���*���'-.��-I:.  -/Zy -'A .'AAr'; \' A'*  "   A'"'"    ������ ��� .'      '   >'���'"*    * ���  ���   "*' -     A-  /Young ladies with a fondness for infantile admirers should be warned of  an episode'at a seaside resort last summer,  Au engaging 'masculine of seven  years became on exceedingly good  terms with the belle, of their particular  hotel, a girl about twenty years his  senior. On day tlie charmer asked the  swain to go bathing,/and alter ,,the  bath; as tliey returned to their bathhouses, the small man suggested a race  to see who could dress first. They entered the bathhouses, which adjoined,  and in a short time a youthful treble  called, _**Mlss -Ethel, oh,..Miss Ethel,  MYSTERIES OF  Vessels With Crowded Decks  That Never Reach Port.  riel shall stand with'one foot on the  sea and the other on the land, and  with his trumpet proclaim to the living  and the dead that time shall be ho  more; amid the crash of worlds, the  groans of the damned, and rejoicings  of the blessed, I have no doubt- some  d������ fool from. Bruce County will  shout  "Louder, Gabriel, louder.'!  Mr. Salter adds that the member for  Bruce never again interrupted Douglas  B. Woodworth.  - Secretary Annable is busy sending  out the posters for the Nelson Fair.  These posters are even better than  those sent but formerly, and they wilJ  adorn the billboards in every town in  the Kootenays. The secretary has also  contracted for advertising space in 22  newspapers in British Columbia.  Everything now points to a successful  exhibition, and it will be if the citizens  take the same interest iu it that they  did in the exhibitions of tbe past two  years.  -."���  The city council of Grand Forks has  decided to abolish saloons/ This will  make it bad for the editor of the'Sun,  who had already established a desirable  credit in that quarter.  I've got my stockings on."  A low contralto answered, "Yes,  Robbie, so have I."  After a short pause the irrepressible  again called. "Miss Ethel, I'ye.gqt my  shoes on."  Again came she answer, "Yes. dear,  so have I."  Again a pause���then a triumphant  voice shrilly..proclaimedl "Miss Ethel,  I've got my pants on."  The answering silence was oppressive. .**>���  J. K. Salter, caretaker of thc Nelson  courthouse, is a native of Nova Scotia,  aud consequently u politician, ire  possesses another characteristic of the  natives of his province���he can repeat  almost word for word whole paragraphs  from many of the speeches of his  favorite public men. One of his idols  was the late Douglas B. Woodworth,  who sat four sessions in the.Dominion  House of Commons, fr6m Nova Scotia.  Mr. Woocfworth was one of the greatest  stump speakers in Canada in his time,  and on the platform or in the-House  was quick at retort. Mr. Salter takes  great pleasure in telling how his idol  once squelched the member for Bruce.  It was in tlie .Dominion House, and  Mr. Woodworth, during the progress  of his speech, was repeatedly interrupted by the member for Bruce with  cries of "Louder! louder." At first  Mr. Woodworth thought the member  was deaf, and accordingly raised his  voice. But the man from Bruce kept  shouting, "Louder, louder."     When  Thos. Ahearh, superintendent of the  'Ottawa-;-��liectric--:-^il,way-i:'wi��s'-in'5,i>'b'e  city this week. '/Mr..AIiearn'.was}lQok*  in'g over the Nelson Tramway in the  hope of securing information that  would be useful to him in carrying out  proposed improvements in the Ottawa  lines.  Any suggestion that R T. Lowery  was responsible in any way for tiie  weekly fires at Fernie, may now be  said to be fully disposed of inasmuch  as tlie fires occur with tlie same regularity when he is absent as they did  while'he resided in Fernie.  Lord Strathcona eats only one meal  a day. The Dominion Government  should increase his salary so that the  High Commissioner could afford two  meals and a light lunch.  The entertainment of royalty costs  British society each year, fully $10,-  000,000:or just about the amount the  mayor of Nelson spends per year in  lawsuits.  Prophet Dowie has issued a decree  lhat every family in Zion must produce one buby per annum. If tho  prophet lived iu Nelson, he would not  be under the painful necessity of making such an order.  Aid. Malone has gone down to tlie  coast, and may succeed in getting a  publisher for his new book entitled,  "The Lost Mayor, or He Never Came  Back."  The fact that John G. Devlin was  observed carrying a. bag of 'samples  along Baker street yesterday, seems to  induce the belief thut we are ou the  eve ofa great revival in tlie mining industry.  James Neelnnds hopes to leave for  Alberta in a few days, and may be induced to take part in the elections in  the new proyince, possibly us a candidate, if there is a shortage in the supply.  W. A. Thurman and family spent a  few days at Kaslo this week.  There are few things which are so  full of mystery, or which make such a  powerful appeal to the imagination, as  the stories of the ships that sail gallantly out to sea and of which nothing  is ever heard of or seen after the masts  have dipped below the horizon. At  present the papers are full of the records of these marine tragedies. Today it is the Cloverdale. which left  Hong Kong for Vladivostok, and of  which no trace has been found for over  two months; yesterday it was the  Royalist, which cleared a few days later from Singapore to Hong Kong and  has never reached her destination ; the  day before it was the Id um, from Norway ."which has vanished from human  seen   from   the   beach   at   Deal   sail-  TTTTT  QTPA    ll,K    towarcl    the    Go��dwin   Sand*  i-Ll-Li J_��X_AjShe was a fair picture to look on, an  she moved over the waters with her  stately spread of sails. But as the eyes  of the watchers followed her she was  seen to pause, and within a few seconds she vanished utterly from their  view. What caused this tragically  sudden disappearance of a stately  ship ? This is another of the countless  secrets which the ocean has in jealous  keeping.  The first attraction at the Opera  House will be MargaretNevillein "The,  Lady of Lyons," on  the evening or  Sept. 18.  His many friends in Nelson, who  have helped him to celebrate his numerous birthdays, will rejoice to leant.,  that Prof. Hepburn is organizing a  dancing class at Fernie.  A four-foot sidewalk is now being:  laid along the principal thoroughfares  view ; and so on, through the long list in Fairview.     The new school will be  of ships that have sailed and disappeared.  What are the secrets of these mysterious vanishlngs of stately ships  with their crews and cargoes? In  nineteen cases out of twenty these-  Itis  understood that   the appoint-'  .  . ..     mentofP. E. Wilson as judgeof the'  crets lie with the ships many fathoms new judicial district in East Kootenay ���  deep, and will, perhaps, never leap to  light. To this day noone knows what  became of the City of Glasgow, which  set her sails so gallantly in the Mersey  .half a century or so ago, bouud for  Philadelphia, nor was she seen again  after the hills of Wales were lost to  view.  The Burvie Castle left London some  years ago on a long voyage to Australia. She should have made'a final call  at Plymouth, but she never came within sight of the Hoe, hor has human  eye ever seeri her from the day she  dropped down the Channel. It wus  o n May 10, 1854, that the Lady Nugent spread her sails at Madras with  367 ofthe Twenty-Fifth Madras Light  Infantry and other passengers on  board. Her destination was Rangoon',  but half a century has gone, and  neither Rangoon nor any other port  has sighted her.  Nearly two years later tlie Collins  liner, the Pacific, dropped down the  Mersey witii 180 souls on board. She  w as accounted one of the stoutest and  swiltest vessels of her time���and so no  doubt, she.was. __But_she went the way_  the City of Glasgow had gone a couple  of years earlier, and .for forty-nine  years has been lying at the bottom of  the sea���but where, none may know  t ill all secrets are revealed. The trading vessel Atlanta started a quarter of  a century ago, for a short cruise in Ber-  m udan waters, and from that day to  this no one knows what became of her  and the 250 people she carried.  On Jan. 28, 1870, the City of Boston  sailed from Halifax for England with  101 souls on bourd. She was an Iniunn  li ner, a tine ship, splendidly equipped  and handled ; but she, too, was destined too vanish from the face of the  wate rs.  The history of another Mill remembered ocean mystery was the President, a fine vessel, which was expected  at Liverpool in March, 1841. March  passed and Liverpool saw nothing of  her. The long delay in her arrival  eaused great anxiety, and the wildest  rumors began to be circulated. On  April 13 news came tliat her engines  and rudder hud beeu disabled in heavy  aboard; but  she never came, and it  appreaehed by sidewalk from almost  every point, which will be a great convenience to the pupils.  will   he   gazetted   in   October.    His  Honor Judge Wilson will take up his .  residence in Cranbrook.  Rev. E. P. Flewelling, formerly vicur  of the Church of England iu Phoenix,  but who has spent tbe last two years  in Dawson, is reported to have ac-  cepted'the rectorahip of the Church or'  England in Greenwood.  The Greenwood Times remarks that  lio oue has yet signified his: intention  of starting a daily paper at" Midway,"  although one paper, the Star, ia now  in the field, to say nothing of the report that another one will soon appear,  a complete second newspaper plant  being now.on the way.  The Highland mine, at Ainsworth,  which is just now doing development  work, has opened up some immense  shoots of ore. Crosscuts show over 85  feet in width of good concentrating  ore. The new vein on which they are  also doing work has shown continuous  values and oids fair to be as great a  producer as has the other on which the  main tunnels are-driven;   The Cranbrook Herald believes that  the best way to put out bush fires is to  prevent them. Enforce the law  against leaving live fires this time or  the year. Most of the big fires now  raging throughout East Kootenay have  originated by carelessness. Make tlie  penalty severe enough to prevent carelessness and thero will be a most satisfactory decrease in the number of fires.  The Fernie Ledger says that a visit  through the residence districts of that  city will convince one that Fernie is  enjoying a healthy growth. In every  addition new houses me being constructed, and lots are being graded and  beautified. These new buildings are  being built to meet the increasing do-  mand for additional bouses, and bespeaks the prosperity that now prevails  in Fernie.  Somo disatisfaction is expressed because the council has decided to abandon the original proposal to build b>  weather and that she had put into grand stand to accomodate 1000 people-  Madeira for ronnir*, and there naturally  or more; and substitute therefor a stand  that cannot seat more than 600 at the  outside. As the performances iu connection with the fair will all take place  followed a icuction  from gloomy fore  bodings to transports of joy,   The vos  sel was expected at Liverpool on a cer  tain day, and her arrival was awaited   on the grounds, it is certain that thereby hundreds of people who had friends   will be more than GOO people who wilt  want seats on the grand stand, and as-���  was found that the story of her arrival   there is a charge to he made for the  at Madeira was a heartless hoax.   Ail  extra accomodation, there is no reason  tile time tlie ill-fated vessel was at tho  bottom of the sea.  On Nov. 30, 1889, a large vessel waa dollars more.  why the change was made, even if it  would have cost a couple of hundred TEE NE  _0N ECONOMIST  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  VdbNoi" Stkest, NE1.SOK, E. G.  $1 Per h\ Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  AU chimgeH In ndvc-tlsb.jientK to Insure  Insertion should reach this ollice not later  thai Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change of address i.i required, It Is  deslr ib le that both thu old address und the  new be Riven.  \ddrefcR all communications, .������ Publisher  of Thk Nkmon Iscosomist. NelBon. 13. C."  PRESS COMMENT.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  To" some it may occur that the  recent nude departure of the Doukc-  bobors is carrying the principle of  the Simple Life further than is  consistent with the ideals of modern civilization.  Saskatchewan Literals have prepared a very exhaustive platform,  the .fir. t plank of which affirms,  "Adherence lo Liberal principles."  Tbis proves that the Liberals of  Saskatchewan aie not altogether  lacking in the sense of humor.      ...  The one sorrowful note at the  conclusion of peace is sounded at  Glasgow, where the thrifty 'Scots-.  man bewails the cancellation, of  substantial orders for linens and  Canvas from both Japan a\.d Russia, as a result of the cessation of  hostilities.  Probably from inability tb find  any re; 1 defect in the administration of Provincial affairs-by the  Government, some of the Opposition newspapers are exercising a  malevolent ingenuity in attempt to  prejudice public opinion against  the Government by making false  aud abeurd statements respecting  its intentions or policy. We referred to one such statement respecting limber licences a few days  ago, and we had hoped that the  general disapproval expressed of  such ��� methods would have caused  those guilty Of them lo refrain from  similar conduct in the future. It  seems; however, thnt such anticipations are doomed to be disappointed.  Now another ridiculous rumor is  started to the effect that the Chief  Commir-sioner of Lands and Works  is considering the advisability of refusing to issue ;-ny more band loggers' licences and   possibly even, of  cancelling those in existence.      We  _*   -  net;d  scarcely say tbat   the   Chief  Commissioner has never had such  action under -consideration "or-said  or done anything that could in the  le tst degree be constructed as indicating such intention. As, we  ^ gather from the article referred to,  the statement is attempted to be  bolstered up. or made to appear  plausible, by the suggestion that as  The abandonment.of the indemnity clause- by the Japanese commissioners, reminds icne of tbe  peace conference at Ottawa, when  true Grits and complacent Tories  agreed to dispense with all discussion over the increased indemnities  to members of theDominion -House  of Commons.  The centenary ofthe death of  _Cord Nelson occurs on October, 21.  and will be observed throughout  the British Empire as Nelson day.  In Ontario appropriate services will  be held in all the' public schools on  that day, and advantage \\ ill be  taken of the opportunity thus presented to teach the young some useful lesson in patriotism. The same  line could very well be followed in  _British_ColumMa, aijj_iwticulaily  appropriate would it Le fer the  schools in the city which bears the  historical name of Nelson K- fittingly  observe the centeuarj" ofthe hero of  Trafalgar.  Ontario has long posed as a shining example of law and  order, as a  rsult 'of dne 'administration-ofthe  laws.    Yet tbe other night, in   one  of the small towns, a young man returning from an-entertainment, discharged' three   shots   at   a house,  killing a boy and seriously wounding a little girl.    The  young   man  who discharged the gun, when   lie  learned of lhe  result of  his idiotic  act,   gave  himself  up  to the law.  pleading  that  the shooting  wasa  mere boyish freak.     Strarge to relate, the coroner's jury accepted the  plea, and  exonerated  liim frcm all  blame.     Surely this is a great miscarriage of justice, and can only establish a precedent for young hoodlums   to   shoot   down   defenceless  people, know ing that  they will   be  exonerated    ly   coroner's    juries-.  There  are  sometimes extenuating  circumstar ees   in   connection  with  lhe shootis g of an enemy, but wb.il  flea can  be advanced for  the ci-ld  Hooded  mui.er  of children   who  fcave rxt given offense tc anyone.?  Ladigs'FinestTanned OxfordSbdBs  PORTLAND AND RETURN  30 Day Limit  Choice of Routes  All Rail via Sumas or S. S. Princess Victoria�� Vancouver to  Seattle via Victoria  Corresponding   rates  from   all   Kootenay  points. ,  Tlironsrli Sleeper Arrowhead t<�� Vancouver,  Wednesday, Friday, Hundiiy.  For full particulars, firat eliiss or tourist  K'.eeper reservations, apply to local ���������.cuts or  write .1  J. S. CARTER,  Dlst. Pass. Agt..  Nelxou.  K: J. COY UK,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  Goocwear Welt.   Very Best  Value.  A good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co,,  of Canada, Limited  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up. '.  Apply to  You: opportunity for a good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical shoemaker don't know when he is giving his customers their  money*" worth then who does.  Frank Fletcher  PitO VIN ���*-_, LA.N1> SURVEYOR  Lands and Mineral Olulins Surveyed  and Crown Granted  P. O. Box SB3      Office: Kootenay St. Nelson  NOTICE.  Notice Is l'ereby given-. Mint- 60 days nffpr  date 1 Intend to apply to the Cliiel' Comniitt-  Hionnr ol" Lands und Works, for, permission  to purchase th" 'following described lands In  Wi-si, Kootenay District:���G'onimeiiolnir at a  post xlmiit one mile south of C.-istlegiir  marked K. W. I'vaesjor's Houtheiist corner,  llHPPvnnrt nl"   ln<-<; i<- nnt   *��� qrrr.rrl'west40 chains, tlience norlh ��) eliains. Ihenre  uie export 01   ioj_.s is no. in accord- eiisl g0 t.h)lins ������>.,; or lt,ss t��� uu. _-,_iiw��y,  ... . .     ,      .       .  ,        thenee follow!iijjrij.ht ol way of said railway  Slice With tne Views Ol   the l.egisla-   to the pointof commencement.   ������-.-.  . E. W 'Pkakoek."  Dated 2-lth Mny, 19U5.  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes.  ugn ivipyaus  Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  1 lire as expressed by acts on the  the Statute Book; aud it is asserted  that the logs cut liy hand loggers  are being exported, llic Chief Commissioner proposes to: put an end to  the practice by the refusal of hand  lodging licences. While we think  there is.no question tliat the intention of the'Legislature to prohibit  entirely or as far as lay in its power,  the export of logs, it did not contemplate thutsuch prohibition could  be evaded as far as Iols cut under  hand loggers' licences are concerned. But .issuining that this is  an accurate view of the Legislature's  intention, and that it is being  evaded in the manner mentioned,  the refusal to issue hand loggers' licences would 'nut be the proper  manner in which the, Chief Commissioner should act. Rather, if by  any defect or emission in lhe draft-  i tTjj^oPihF^c^^^  Legislature is not being completely  carried but, tlie defector omission  should be cured by an amendment  of the Act. In that manner the  real intention of jthe Legislature  would be.aseertained by the discussion in the House that would ensue  on any proposed .amendment to the  present Act, and there would be no  doubt left on the subject, J��- any  case we can give the most authoritative denial, of. the intention attributed to the Chief Coramissinner.  ���News* Advertiser.  Bulyea and Forget are the names  of the lieutenant-governors for the  two new provinces. The first name  is pronounced bullier and represents  Laurier's action in the matter of  school coercion. . The last name is  an invitation for the people to over*-  look the matter, but tbey won't.���  Brantford Courier.  The government may h ive killed  Lord Dundonald officially, but his  soul goes marching on, in the adoption of the noble lord's policy to increase the militia and build forts at  stategic points.���Kit gston News.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby eiven that CO dayf* aftor  dale Iintend to apply.to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for jiermission  to purchase the followingdesciihed lands in  "West Kootenay district :���Commencin-g nt h  post about one mile soul h of Cast leuur marked  F. Fletcher's nortli east "corner, tlience West.  ���10 chains, thence soutli SO chains. Ihonce east  40 chains more or less to the railway, thenee  following ripht of-way of said railway to tho  point of commencement.  FhaxxF-Ktuiikv.  Dated 24th May, 1905.  UPS AND DOWNS.  Toronto Tciegrnm.  The Toronto Star unanimously  nominates R. R. Gamey to lead .the  Dawson City expedition to the  North Pole.  ''Milk is going, up," wailed the  Ottawa householder. "So is the  Chaudiere," chirped the wise son  of the milkman.  To discover whether Witte is the  Kouropatkin of peace, it will' be  necessary for somebody to take him  ont and run him a foot race.  Before France tries to sea e Morocco, she should make sure that no  part of the yellow peril i.s encamped  on the northern coast of Alrica.  "I have no gieat desire to remain  in politics," says R.R Gamey; and  sqmehow you seem to see JR.  Stratton shouting "Hear, hear."  Controller Shaw has not yet realized that the Yonng Street bridge  was built by Laurier immediately  before the last Dominion election.  The Free Press complains that  Ottawa is a crook resort. But the  message conies too late. Tbe M.  P.'s have made tbeir steal and gone  home.  "What has become of Tarte?"  asks a Hamilton paper, and its  readers are at once hurried to the  conclusion that he has "stopped his  paper,"  Lord Minto will find the climate-  of India exceedingly warm if he  does not point his policy to coincide  with the views of one Kitchener of  Khartoum.  _���  Earl Grey's attending the Capital  ++99<S94++++44++4++4+4++++444+++949+449+4++++4++++444\  \ BART LETT HOUSE j  ��� ���.-'���-.���  (Formerly Clarke House) o   .  The best $1 per day house in Nelson.      None but white help employed  bar the best. .  The  | <3. W.  BARTLETT,  Proprietor  i + 949444444444444444.44444 ++++++++++44449++9++44+4++++  $1 per  day and up  oGhlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  NELSON, B, C  CORNER HALL AND VERNON 'STREETS-  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF,  T.G.PROCTER.  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  CUSON & CO.  Nelson, B. C.  The largest exclusively  Wholesale  Liquor House in  the interior  ST BEER  n Pints and Quarts  Dawi-Mi's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's -Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto.etc.  ..A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  i*  CLOTHES  . Tents ;& Awnings Made and Repaired  CLEANED     AND  MENDED  OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON. B.C.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  EAT  MERCHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B. C.  (.ranch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,  Thre:  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have  prompt and careful attenr  lion.  We are authorized agents for the Sale of  the Nelson Electric Tramway Company's  lots, and will quote prices and terms on application.  t Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Moth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue Stone, Hellebore, Whale Oil  Soap, Quassa Chips arid at! the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit Trees.  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.   Better than Sponges.  Shamrock lacro-se match to-day so  Probably the smallest baby in the that   he  may realize   how  Teddy  world wa<*   born at Vancouver last Roosevelt  feels as  the referee of a'pHONEA2U  week.     It weighs just one pound.  Peace Conference.  Wm. Rutherford, Druggist  NIGHT PHONE B214  WARD STREET. NELSON. B. C.  In io-acre blocks, in 20-acre blocks.  Improved ranches. ��'  ^ J. E. AhnabSe, kelson, B.C. ?  Vancouver and Kelson  BAKER STREET. NELSON,   B. C.  *��  ->-*  {e.ak:. STRACHAN]  PI u m b e r a n d G a sf itte'r  1  4  i  J Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing, f  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near  Ward  Street, Nelson.  -��_���--���_- ���4-  4  Sutecriloe for  .conom-  Strictly in Advance  W. G. G i 11 ett  Builder and  Contractor  Estimates given on stone, brick i  and wox>dwork; j Brick and Lime for Sate :n:.:-m^f;^^!&^  ���'���--������:���. ���.*.:��������� '.���--"...���.''j'.'^������L.:-s?.^-��xtk?7i_*tt____\  ������..���...���-'.*->��� -. . .   ������������-:''AJ}.t*bif$f<fr:W  TBE   NELSON   ECONOMIC ;_l\  in Want of a  See Us  Also Selling Agents  T r. _  'V  COMPANY  Canada's Leading Piano  & Book Company, Limited  lS^S^?��^^ilW^'^^^^S^u^!^!^'^3lESi  AncLubta!.  Shortly ofter "Walt "Whitman *��  "Leaves: of Grass" made Its appearance, J. T. Trowbridge was walking  with Lowell In Cambridge, when the  latter pointed out a doorway sign,  "Groceries," with the letters set zigzag-, to produce _ bizarre effect. "That,"  said he, "Is Walt Whitman���with very  common goods Inside."  A Philadelphia paper declares that  Archbishop Kyan was recently about  to take a train for Baltimore at the  Broad Street Station, when a young  man accosted him, saying: "Your face  Is familiar, where In "hell have I seen  you?" "I renlly don't know," reDlied  the 'archblshoTi, Mpindly; ''what part of  hell do you come from?"  Many yi'nrs ago, -when Senator Installs wan In the Senate, oleomargarine  =-��.asHHa-bone-ol'-contentlor.-.'-H=The-debate-  led Ing-alls to nlMer one of those epigrammatic .sentences which made him  famous. "I huv�� never, to my knowledge, tasted oleoma rffnrine," said In-  ralla, "but I have stood in the presence  of -genuine 'butter -with awe for its  strength and i everence for its antiqul-  ty."      ���' '   .. . . -  A lady carrying on mission work In  the slums was teaching a little colored  girl to sptvll. She used a pictorial  primer, and over each word was Its accompanying picture. Polly glibly  spelled "o-x, ox." arid "b-o-x, box," etc.  But tho teacher thought -that she was  making "right rapid progress." So she  put her hand over the picture, and  said. "Polly, what doos 'o-x' spell?"  "Ox," ans-wercd Polly, nimbly. "How  do you know that It spells 'ox,' Polly?"  "Seed ihis tail," replied u,e apt Polly.  A very popular Oxford dean, crossing  the quadrangle of Christ's College one'  day. was met by ��. number of under-,  graduates who -passed him without  "capping." The reverend gentleman  felt annoyed. "Do you know who 1  ii/in?" .he asked. "No, sir." "Then how  long have ynu been nt the-college?"  "Eight days, sir." "Indeed!" re-piled the  dean, sarcastically; "Well, in .that  oase, you stand excused. I know that  puppies do hot openthiMr eyes until the  ninth day." Arid then he resumed his  walk.        /  While he was In ' England, Mark  Twain says his head was once taxed as  gas works. He wrote. Queen Victoria  a friendly letter of protest, saying: "i  don't know you. 'but I've met your son.  He wa.s at the ']ie*ad of a procession ln  the Strand, and I was on a "bus." Years  afterward ;hP met the Prince of Wales,  now King. Ed-ward "V-U.,' at Homberg.  They hid a.lnnp walk and talk together. When bidding him good-by, the  Prince said: "I am glad to have met  you again." This remark tr-oubled  Twain, who feared that 'he had been  mistaken for someone else. He communicated this suspicion to the Prince,  who replied: "Why, don't you remember when you onet me ln 'the Strand,  and I was at the head of a procession,  and you were on a 'bus?"  Slason Thompson says that, the late  Eugene Field wiis fond of relating the  following- story'of James' ."Whitconil)'  Klley: "To beguile the ledlousness of  the return voyage from Europe, it waa  .'��� proposed' to fflv"a a concert'. In the saloon of the whip���an entertainment to  which all capable of amusing their fellow-voyagers should contribute. Mr.''  Riley was asked 'to recite-some of his  original poems, and, of course, he  cheerfully agreed to do so. Among the  number present at this mid-ocean entertainment, over which the kev. ^Myron Reed presided, were two Scotchmen, very -worthy gentlemen, en route  from the land o' oakes to the land of  biscuits, upon a tour of investigation.  These twain shared t'he enthusiasm  with which the auditors applauded Mr.  Riley's charming recitations. They  marveled that so versatile a genius  could 'have lived- ln a land reputed for  uncouthness and savagery. "Is it no  woriderfu', Donal," remarked one of  these Scots, "that a tradesman auld be  sic a bonnie poet?" "And Is he Indeed  a tradesman?" asked the one. "Indeed  he ls," answered the other: "did ye no  Hi-hear-the-do.mlnie-.|ntryJuc-eH-iiiin='as-ithe-  hoosier poet? Just think of lt, mon!���  Just think of sic a gude poet dividing  his time making-hooslery?"  Back at the Old Home.  IRVING BACHELLER, the. author.  tell3 a story of having gone back,  after many years' absence, to Ms  old country home in the New England  States. On the ruined doorstep of th��  old house stood the seedy remnant of  a once -noble race. He wore, amongst  other things, one suspender and a seed/  pair of trouws. The conversation ran  like this:  '.'Glad to see ye," ser -ho. "Thank*,**  says I. "We've 'h.ecrd about you," sez  he, "and they say you done noble."  "Well, and how are you?" says I.  "Porcly," sez he. "How's that?" says  r. "Jest makln' a bare llvln'," sez he.  "Why don't you go nway?" says \.  "Can't," sez he. "Why not?" says 1.  "Mortgaged," sez he. "That's too bad,"  saya I. " 'Tis," sea he. "You don't  seem to have much to live for," says 1.  "Don't want to live," sez he.' "You  might die," says I. "Can't," sez he.  "Why not?" saya I. "Mortgaged," sev.  he.  At  this point  they were joined  by  another old acquai  tance of Mr. Bachelor's���a man who for. years had held  a mortgage on every acre of the country-side.    "So you're Paul Bacheller's  boy?"  he said,   after scrutinizing   tho  visitor closely.    "The same," said Mr.  Bacheller.    "Y'^ll," said  Mr. Wallace,  reflectively, "ii  your father had kept  you  on  the  farm  It  would  not  have  looked   as   It  does   now."    Up   to  this  point the unfortunate, farmer who was  i mortgaged  had   '^.ken no j>art'[ln the  i ionversatlon!   Now, ho-vvever, a stran^i  i grin came across his face.  j     "That's right, Mr. Wallace." sez hs.  I "If he had been kept on the farm the  , farm would hev looked better, but he'd  I 'lev looked a damn sight worse."  j EI:s Thirteenth Question.  I Little Clarence (with a rising In.ie*'-  tion)���Pa?  ���Mr. Call ipers (wearllyl���Uh ?  Little Clarence���Pa, how do angel*  STfrt their night-gowns on over their  wings?���"Judce."  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  B.R i A R J?J E��S.  V)  LU  a.  <  x  0)  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes. Nelson  Sewing Machines anTPianos  For Rent and for Sale  O.r.nosii-iSliopJosp.MneSt, Nelson  Almost the toughest thing in the "^rhole of creation is a "pinto" Broncho when he is in  InTow his hide is just as tought as he is, and that part above his hips and back is the very  toughest and most pliable���it is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Q-loves. .  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof--almost -wear proof.  Made only by  ontreal  Winnipeg  R. H. CARLEY, British Columbia Agent  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  < '"'.���'      a ' '  .-' *    ��� -f   ���  All orders iriuflt be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT _nin-~jU5.-*Xiv��_  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  trrwi1---  f ���  -j-. jk����a_.__.�� __._���--__  ._.____. _._._.__   . _-.._..^1f. ._, M 1(|. (  -���_  I  ?  I  I  GENERAL NEWS.  Arnold Bros' circus will exhibit in  Kelson next Saturday.  Miss   Evans lias returned   from  i\  visit to tlie coast cities.  Dr. W. O. Rose lias been appointed  a coroner for the Province.  The collectors for the Nelson  Fair  'uud report gratifying success.  The Kaslo hij;b school has nnened  with an attendance of IC pupils.  44++++++++*++++++++44444444+44444444444444444444++++  +  of headaches-afre Caused-by detective ej-es.  ���      Your trouble m_y be feffleciied if you will give us a chance to %  3  try our skill.    We do Expert Optical Work.  <>  Camborne district will send a lar;;-  D-ineiul exhibit to Die Nelson Fair.  The Watson Stock Company arc-  playing "The Christian" at Vancouver  this week.  An effort will be made to gel  Cranbrook lacrosse team here Uuriiifc  Nelson Fair.  Harold Nelson will probably produces "Jbtichard 111." during bis engagement bere.  The water cart could be engaged to  great, advantage in spi inkling 'Vernon  j;treet these days.  Lemons have advanced $l:a bos during the week,' aud are now ijuuitd ai  $7.50 per Oos, w JLuilenule.  mwmk:  usiness  ! J. O. PATENAUDE  4 Jeweller_ Watchmaker and Optician.    'Phone 293.  >++++��� >+49+++f>44444+44+4+4+4444+++++4+++4<>+++++++++ +  lhe "coming out'' puny of *>_��.���*  Helen JVlacUonald, iant Tueudry cvtii-  iujf, was a wry pU-uaaut cunt.  tl. 8. Lennie and wile have gone  over to Spokane, Mr. Lennie may  vlsItPortlaud Fair before reiuining.  Messrs. Thomas & BHcksoii have divided their interests, _ir. Tlmii��a�� retaining the Lakeview and Mr.- J_rick-  6011 tbe Uraud Central.  We Print  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Sate ments,  Note Heacs,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers, .  Tags,  Etc., Etc.  On Friday, the 1st of September, we commenced a genuine Clearance Sale of General Dry  Goods, Men's Furnishings, Millinery, Carpets, Linoleums, House Furnishings, Etc., at Actual  Cost, and we shall continue the sale 'until our"entire stock is sold., We are going out of business,  and the stock must be sold. This is an. opportunity for you to get bargains in every department.  TERMS  CASH.  IRVINE   CO..   LIMITED.  THE BIG GASH STORE  Z   :��� ���    .A- *���  '  Tbe niauv friends ol Mr. and  Mr_.  ' V '   "'  Joseph Thompson are pltm-ecl u. Uarn  - ' :l  that their little,boy is on a fair why to  lecovery froin a severe attack of spinal  meningitis.  Thomas (}. Earl, chairman of tin-  Provincial Board of Uorticiiltuii1. bus  returned to ibe const and reports the  fruit crop iii the interior as being  something phenomenal.  conomist  IRON BEDS $4.00  agents MASON-RISGH PIANOS  Two second hand Bell Pianos Pianos taken in exchange for Mason <fc RIbcIi Pianos.    For Snle Cheap-One German make, "Walnut Cuse, $150.   One Square Top, }15o,  Fl I OEUI ST! I OS_T f*f\   Complete   House Furnishers  U !T\9 ?1 I X3 b\Cv W w�� Funeral Directors, Embalmers  J. G.BUNYAN, UNDERTAKER^  The Fred Iivine (Jompai'v will retire from business and announce a general clearance tale of all slock on hand  at actual cost. The stock of tlie Fred  -Irviiie^Coiii[janyjH^tJi_e_i.la_r^e_____j__i_i  bestselected In the KootenavB.  The Standard Furniture C'ompaiiy  justly clninas to be the the |liii>t furniture establishment in the interior of  British Columbia. Tina comi��t��ny car  rlesonly the product of tbe be^t iniin-  ufacluring establishments, and oblige  quently tlieir goods can .always l>e relied upon.  It is qiiitc likely that before long tin-  party of Victorian sealer* who foil into  the Lands of the Muscovite* when the  cruisersGromoboi and JIim-pii wink tlieir  schooner, (keKokusei Mam, will I*) returned home at the .'��>xih.iim�� of their  captms. They are Rniicit Find!...-,  sou of Robert Findliiy, Dominion gov-  ernment jmrcctor of wviR.i'st and  measures; Chas; Grant anil Wm; AVil  liaras.     With lii.in in Fred Coeiiraio-,  Toronto, who also sealed from Victoria for. a. tyne, and a Korweyian, H.  Jacobscn who willed from &ui Francisco.  Complete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  R���I  STREET,  NELSON,  B.  C.  est Kootenai Butcher Co  Wholesale and Ruta.il  DuulerHin  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  J '���$,  Under the Auspices of  ricuitiif-i  AND  School Suits  jT Made from fine English and domestic Tweeds in assorted  ^ shades, neat stripes and chic patterns, good linings and well  ^ macie, sizes 22 to 33, Priced at $2.00, $2.50, $3x0, $4.00, $5.00  -^ and $600. '*���..*'."���'"  ��� _   ���  Sale of Men's Suits  Probably one of the most interesting  contests on Labor Day at Cranbrook  will be the tepee setting by Indian  t-quaWB. From a signal tbe *iiuu\v.��  will start witii tepee and poles and  tbe one who haw t-nioke coming out of  the top of her tepee wins. As the.  squaw always has this duty lo perform  for her noble lord and muster when  (ravelling, they are very expert and  will be able to give a good exhibition.  Tbis event has been substituted f'>r th.  ��juaw horse race, as the cliief of tli^  tribe does not want the women to ridn  3d public races auy more.  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh aud  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E.&.TRAVES Manager'  notice.  N...i.<- In .i.-ribyjrlvcn.'lm'. sixtv IO.)iln?*  nt'N-r dute, I fnliurt fi> apply lollnrClilrrC'iin-  mi(wl'-n<Tnf l.nniJK-.nnd Wnrlcs for permission  to pnn-hiiw thi- fi-tl. -wins rti-n-rllcU li>n��t*.��ni  the son th side of Koolenny-Hirer tn lhe wwt  Kix.fiiiiv I��t��trlrl.. nnd t-unUinfng approximately .12n.-n-n.-nnf li.nd. ...     ,   ,.  Criininoiii:ln!.�� :it�� post niarkcd A. J.. Mc-  CiiH-'Cli's southwest, corner, bring also llic  .s'tnliwofl corner i-f h m)7A. Tlie said lsoiOs  jiro liimiiiled on the west, by Lots BSU7_Vhii��1  r.iir, (Srotto 1 : on tlio north by the KooUHisiy  lilver: on the cast by I,on=32"4.%i��, 3!>ao.��9.1I.  (Jnmp 1 : on tin- m.uth Vy Lots 3TO1, K9.��, 63U7A  and JWW.Oioupl.  Ds��teaaVusn8t:_5th,lf05.   ���-.  a\. L. McOtri.i.ocn.  Us an Order for Kour  A  Groceries, then Notice  The promptnt-PKnrdelivery.  The uleitiiiiCfH unit freshnoKii of Qoods.  The full hoiient measure.  The quality of wuat you set.  You will IInd uhunilaut reason for sondliig  your future oUIlth.  Thi* WeeU'a Specials Are:  1-Mb Duxes of A 1 Cicuincry Butter at 27o  per pound.  Wllvor Rpooji Tc���� 5l>c per pound.  ItiiJ.-ih Brand I'lru-upple, 3w> P��'f l\V-  Clarke's llonele���� Chlckc-n, 3.** per tlu  '$ Cash Grocerj  .'HOKE19  Next Monday, Sept 4th, there will  ne held In Fraternity H��U tbe first af  a serie�� of.dances to be held during tlie  com in i. fteaHon. This popular hall Im*  been leased by Mrs. Mefntyre. whoso  aim will be to mak** the dunces a suu-  ci'ks. The price of admission will be $1  n-r {seiiJleiiien : ladies with escorts  irt-e. The dining room has been rc-j  fitted and refri'flwnents will le served  c nlimion-ly"froai 1! o'clock.  JIICKERSOH, "JETS'  We only nsk one trlul to make yon our cub  tomer. Fine Watth Jewelry., Optical and  Silverware repatrlue and everything ln the  line. Reasonable charges. Work Ment us  from outHlde towns will receive the Numeraire  nslt personally delivered. Dlfflcult repairs  done ft>r other Jewnlcr��i  Chimney Sweeping  Prompt attention given  to aii orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Kend your order* to Jok D D iviiffl, enro of  ha Uid (Jurloaity _i��_>.  tl.50 per uhiuinejr.  TO BE HELD AT  ELSON,  Entries close September 16,  1905. For further particulars  address  Secretary, Nelson, B. C.  The goods are the best quality. The prices are the lowest. jT  For the balance of this month we offer extra special inducements ^  on many lines to clear. Suits at $5.09, $7.50, $10.00, $12 00 and <&���  $T57oo~ T_Te3^i^_w3rtu^mo**e^crit"wiir^  look them up.  Hosiery at Cut Prices  ioct 15c and 25c  Special Hat offer for Si  worth $2.50 and $3  60   YEARS'  ' Trade Marks  Designs.    COPYRWH-?^ &,<&  AWlOae nciidlna i\ sketch nnd dosQrijiUwi raoy  wofo-tr ascerutln our opinion free whether an  Invention Is probably patentable." Communiea-  tlongntrlctlreonOiloutlnl. HANDBOOK on Patenta  sent free. Oldest nnency for neenrme patonta.  Patents taken throut-h Munn _ Co. receive  tpecial notice, without cbnrge, tntho  A handsomely illustrated weekly. Ijireeat circulation of any sclontlUc journal, lernn. 93 a  yoar: Journiontb5.il. Sold by oil newsdwlerj.  MUNN &Co.36,B��ad^New York  Braoob OflSee. ESS T SU WMbhutton. a C.  LOHN Mc LATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Cor.   Stanley  and Victoria, Nelson  F. S. Clements  DOMINION*'AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room 16       K-W-C Block  Specials���;gUQCQ Vales Best  .Many"Other Lines at  Bargain Prices  Next Door to Royal Bank  Atthe Auction Mart Saturday night at 7.3P o'clock.  1 Another, coii'sign-ment-.-of Goods  has   just .-arrived  consistfng   o>  Scotch Wool Underwear and Socks.  J. Green^ Auctioneer  Baker Street  Nelson. B. C.  ���BR


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