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The Economist Oct 3, 1903

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 E.' V -  V  ���  I'V  la'1  ri  K  r  r  1-7 ���  (ft  I  I  ff  fir*  la.  for  B''.i  fP hAplTUy t-A.y  A  -AA  -5 i-i.  //,  >    j    i ~i,. , ���, __y_fi  -o  Jfi#l  L/ ,"^-P   I  VOLUME VII.  NELSON, B. C SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 19C3.  . ABiUMBEB 12  V^anada in JLvvidence  .-/Knowing covert belief which the  majority of mankind, places in soothsayers, aiid that much confidence is  , placed, iu the prognostications. of Old  Moore's Almanac by the lower classes  .-in this coutitTy,'one would almost be-  ������ .lleve.that some officiulof the Canadian  >'.Emigration- department had interviewed the editor of' this odd pubblica-  ti.on, seeing that the most happy anticipations held out in the comingycar  are mainly connected with Canada.  " Old Moore" tells us that at the commencement of tbe year '��� our sister col-  ony is skating with death, on .what  looks like very thin ice," but we are  glad to he assured " the fai r maiden  will not f*aU. .through," and we-are  greatly cheered hy reading that" Old  Moore" predicts " a most prosperous future for this grand country." In "February, we aire told that " Canadian rails  will he strong." During April the enterprising" Yankee will aparenUy.endeavor to make a corner in corn, and  as the prophet tells us that " England  Will be well on the alert, "and the  Yankees "will burn their fingers,"'we  feel comforted. _In July we are told to  expect news from British Columbia  **��� which willbringa heavy rush of miners to that colony." As British Columbia i3 a large territory, it is perhaps a  pity that " Old Moore" could not have  indicated more nearly the location. We  wonder if he has heard about there-  cent discovery of rich quartz in ..the  Ijardcaiidistrict? Tn September we get  this cryptic prophesy : "Tlie whole of  the Empire will have occasion to rejoice  on the'receipt of some wonderfully good  news which will corr.e to us by cable  jffoin Canada, business in many quarters will improve in consequence, and  the inercasc of emigration to that colony will be very rnaiked.'' "Old  .Moore's prophesies" niay very likely  help to swell the tide of emigration to  Canada, as his penny almanac is widely  read by the masses many of whom still  believe in Mother Shipton and others  of that ilk. She has nothing to'say  concerning, the B. -C. elections.���London H. C. Be view.  ews of the  ines  Now thnt the election campaign is j  over, there will be renewed interest in  the staple industry of the country. As  a matter of iaet the recent discoveries  in the Laideau and other disti icts fairly  well divided the interest in the election.  Of course, the near approach of winter  Xvillliaveatciwlencylo limit operations'  in.certain districts, but every one.-;looks  confidently ahead to. the spring in-the"  belief that next season will be the busiest in the history of the province.'  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  Phoenix Pioneer.  The slag hauling locomotive was received at the Sunset smelter at Bound:  ary Palls  last  Saturday, and will be  placed in   commission as soon as the.  . raite can.be laid. "... .  Last Saturday the seven-drill air compressor arrived at the Oro Denoro  mine, and is now being, setup at that  property. As a result the shipments  are a little smaller than usual this week.  This week the Snowshoe again tied  its best' record "in shipping, sending  out 2,880 tons of ore to the Boundary  Falls smelter. If cars could have been  obtained the recoHf would have been  broken again.    "���" "���'*"* 7'''" '  James Sutherland and Phil McDonald, who j��re working the Elkhorn,  Providence camp, this week shipped a  car of the richest ore that was over  taken out of the Boundary. It went  to the TraiL smelter. .-'.-,  It. Roberts'.was showing contractors  over the right of way for the electric  power line this week, which is to be  limit from Phoenix t to GreenwoooVto  serve the Greenwood smelter with electric power. The tenders must be in  by theSSlh inst.  It is said that ai deal -for upwards of  ��100.000 has been made for the Volcanic group on the North Fork of Kettle river, and that a cash payment has'  bec-n made liy the Chicago syndicatr"  tliat 'yesterday sent a" force of diamond  tfrill men tip to the property.  Tliis week, the'Winnipeg sent out  twelve errs of ore,, thus' materially in.-  eTeasingthe shipments of last week,  -which w��-r�� ffveor six cars. The eoni-  -fwessor hailding has been en-Hosed,  and a nigh t shift was placed at work  this week for the Srst time since work  wes resumed jastamonth yestcrdnj-.:  -...-. ,   "' \   '  '.....    Slocan Drill. .-.'���;-,.'  Work has been.resumed atthe Wakefield. :-.      ���...-.���:.  ..'..v.-:/..:'. ;-'. A'"   ::  ���O-       '���'     - .   '  ' ���'       ' -\ ''I-- -    ' .  . .Last .week the Sandou. mines ship-'  ,ped-89-tons."jofxiite. -A--~/'A-y-��������������� ,7.,'. :7-s.'Z  ��� W: lE^Bo^'&developin  op.Erin mountain..'-'_/.': /ooo / A,'.;,' -  Tbeaiihual .jneeting of the Arlington .,company "'Will bo held here next  week.-    .' A,:-. ������'���-/  B. O.Biblet; of Kelson, has received  a, contract to put in a tramway for the  Minnesota Silver Co.; at Sandon.   ���  ''Operation's have ceased on the Republic. The tools and supplies have  been brought down' and .stored in the  city.'"; ���-    ���  The Enterprise sent out another 49  tons of ore during the week to the  Trail^s!uelter.=H���HThirty-five-men=are.  employed at the 'ihine^&nd they are  breaking down- large quantities of ore  making it-the.principal shipper. Next  week the lessees of the. Cripple Stick  will make a small shipment, it being  the initial effort. " Shipments to date  total 854 tons. For 1902 the.ore shipments from the local division amounted  to 6333 tons, made up from 12 properties. . ��� ���  .    -  POLITICAL GOSSIP  To-day closes one of the hottest political campaigns  in tbe history of British Columbia. Being the first  election on party lines in this province it is somewhat  difficult to even,arrive at any conclusion as to the result?. There are no very momentous questions to be  decided by'the ballots, and after all the whole question  simmers down to a matter of men. In many respects  the men. before the public are an improvement on the  past;'although it is generally conceded that it woiiid  haveJ>een much better had both sides abandoned  nearly all of the old material and started the new political era with a clean slate. As so mariy of the candidates are before the peoplefor the first time, noth-  ing can be said as to which party has the best men in"  thefield, most people inclining to one or the other'  side according as they see through party spectacles. -  To our mind tbe Conservative candidatc-s have a,  shade the best of it, although there are instances  where they fall short of the party ideal. As to the result  no one can tell. .Theret^eems to be a certain amount  of reason for believing'that the McBride Government  will be sustained, but it might happen that the majority  would beso slim as to render some kind of a coalition  necessary. Or on the other hand, if the Liberals won  by a slight majority it might be necessary to form a  combination with the opposite party. It is not likely*  that either side would relish the idea of placing their  liberty at the mercy of a balance of power controlled  by a handful of Socialists.  ".'Perhaps the"Nelson contest has aroused more'interest than any other in J;he province. Everyone is  conversant with the peculiar circumstances surrounding the fight here.    The two  men in the field have  had more or less experience in politics, and have left  nothing undone to secure victory, ft -has been a  contest that depended greatly on the work ofthe candidates for success, and it will be known in a few  hours what the result of that work has been. Two  weeks ago the election of Mr. Taylor by a large majority was generally conceded, but Mr. Houston and  his friends have been very busy the last few days, and  the complexion of the campaign has been somewhat  changed. That the Houstonites think so, is evidenced by their willingness to make bets on the result. More money will change hands on this contest  than, on any election in the history of Nelson. One  Taylor man alone claims to have $1800 on the result.  LastTnight at the Hume money was flowing as freely  as a spring freshet, and there were very few offers  from either side tbat were not promptly taken up.  Men vvho had never bet a cent on anything-before,-  "flashed bills of all denominations ih the faces of their  opponents. ;       _>  , Mr. Taylor claimed a majority of 283, while Mr.,  Houston gave out to his friends; th at the-result of the  election would be: Houston, 491 ; Taylor, 390;  absent and not voting, about 95. It will be seen tonight whether Mr. Taylor or Mr. Houston js tbe  shrewdest calculator. Others who have less 'interest  in the result incline to the belief that' little'-depend-  euce can be placed in the figures given out, as there  ci^re'over one hundred men -who would not commit  themselves as to how they would vote, many of whlpm  may have decided not to voteall. Undoubtedly this  vote has had a great influence on the election, if it  has not decided it one way or the other.  Wise Men's   I  gnqrance  L - *'�� ���?;  yzm  Now and then one meets with passages in the works of the most celebrated authors which display an ignorance of things that every schoolboy is  supposed to know.  Sir Walter Scott In his '* Heart or  Midlothian" speaks of his heroine as  having " the merit of thosa peacemakers to whom it is pronounced aa a benediction that they shall inherit the  earth." Born and bred and passing  bis life in Bible reading Scotland, Six  Walter was yet ignorant of the feet  that it was to the meek that the inheritance of the earth was promised, and  the benediction of the peacemakers was  that " they shall be called the children  of God "  Dickens in his " Tale of Two Cities"  says " the name of the strong man of  the Scripture descended to the chief  functionary who worked the guillotine." One does not have to be a profound student ofthe French revolution  to know that the notorious executioner.  who-chopped offkeadsin the Place de  la BevjoHition was named Sanson and  not Samson. " -  The lowest pupil on the loweat class :  in history in the public schools Knows .-  that it was Balboa who-discovered the-"  Pacific ocean,, yet Keats fn his Immortal sonnet/' On First Looking into  Chapman's jefomer" makes Cortes the  man who stood " silent upon a. peak Lit  Darien" and saw the great" south'sea" -  stretching away before him.      ���*  The gTeat Gibbon who was so Ihtol-  rant of    the errors of other. men,  speaks in his "BomanEraplre" ofthe  Oxus and the Jaxartes, two rivers of'  ancient renown which descend from  the mountains of India toward the  Caspian Sea."    Yet every 'school igeo- -  graphy shows that tbe two rivers flow  into tbe sea of Aral,' and the Jaxartes  most certainly rises in no " mountains  of India." -V   '  Shakespeare wrote of" tbe oaaat of  Bohemia " and in his " Gertrude of-  Wyoming" Campbell had tigers pxjnrS-  ing through the jungles of-Pennsylvania.  L  P,  ocal and  JTrovincial  . ,1  fl  .>/':  The  Victoria exhibition  opens on I appear in tf me for tbe baslness nJeeJ-  the 6th and will continue until the  10th.  Kaulo Koolennlnn.  A strike of 18 inches of clean galena  was made on tlie Oregon group located  tin Silver Cup Mountain in the Lardo.  A fine specimen of Autiirni'e-Uran-  iutu Calcic Phosphate ni��y be seen in  the cabinets of tlie Kaslo Hotel. It  was brought down from Gerrard. Calcic plioshpatc was originally discovered  at Turin, France.  At Mercury Rubs. Cunning luisa regular glory hole now ex;M��i>I at tlie  mine. 'Iho rioS'i ore body lias-been  stripped for 35 feet each way and a w:''l  of solid ore j* laid bare. A carload i.-) |  ready for'shipment and only a lew  shots are necessary to -t��-ardown; a:i-  other.. Seven men are at,work ami are  likely.to be employed all winter. ���  Tho Kootenay Consolidated Miniiijr  Company of 13.1'., Limited, with head-  il'narters at Minneapnlus lias been organised to take over the following Lar- ;  deau   'properties.: Old GimiI   Primrose,-?  Mountain Lion, Tread we"!, Black .War-.  rior,   Lardeau   Duncan,   Guinea   GcM  Extension,    Spring   group,    Silvery  Moon",  Coiustock,' Rio Gi'undo,  Iiatt!-  nioire arid.Amazon.  ^lAA^vvv^^v^wyvvvvwvv^ ��  The Voting in  wvwwwvvwv1--  the- City To-day  The oratorical features of the campaign closed down last night with a Houston meeting at the  Opera House. Mr. Taylor was not invited to attend, but many present incline to the belief that the  Liberal candidate had enough supportersat that meeting to accord bim a good reeceptioii had he decided to be present. "Others are just as strong in the belief that the meeting was Houston in its sympathy. Mr. Houston addressed the meeting at length, and repeated his charges of a few weeks ago.  This time Mr. Taylor was not present to make any contradictions. Whether or not Mr. Htiustori  made any converts will never be known. It is doubtful if. public meetings change many votes. The  Taylor men who did not attend the meeting were said to be busy at their committee rooms, getting  ready for the fray. This morning both candidates were out bright and early. In Mr. Houston's eyes  gleamed the blood 01 an old political warliorse. He met Lis friends at the committee rooms and issued  instructions for the work in hand. His Lieutenant, Dave McBeth, remained up all night so as to be  up in time to get to work early. Each man was given his work to do, and everyone who knows  how' John Houston carries on his campaign fully reafizss that the'work would be well and faithfully  performed. He always knows where every vote is, and the right time to get it and where it will do  most good. So Avell has he looked after this work that it is.estimated every outside vote for his side  has beeu brought in. At noon it was believed lhat a great deal more than half his vote had been  polled. .. '-...-:  - It must not he supposed that Mr. Taylor hg.voyerlooked any bets in the campaign. His friends  claim that bis machinery was inmost iu perfect running order, and those who know the man can readily understand that such would-'be-the case. La^tfnight he spent giving instructions as to how'the  - the work was to be carried on to-day and so well, bag he the matter in baud, that it is believed he is  getting every vote promised him to the polls. His canvass was conducted on modern lines. Whenever a vote that he had any doubt of was promised him he had it canvassed by two or three others,  so that he would know almost accurately how the voter stood. Very many who promised Mr. Taylor  weie thus marked off for his opponent.  The display of fruit and farm produce at the Kamloops exhibition was  excellent, ancLthe,.number, of entries  very; large. * In-the A$o��k;dei��rtinettt  there was a vast improvementrin this  over previous-years both" lit-point'of  numbers and grade. Dairy- produce  was well represented and the exhibits  of fruit and bread testified to the interest taken, in. the- household department. The total number of exhibits  was considerably in excess of any previous year.  Victoria fishermen are making large  catches of cohoes, which axe running  freely iu the straits and in the waters  off* Beacon Hill.  The only apparent exception to the  rule of police quietude in Nanaimo is  molestation of Chinamen, which occasionally proceeds at the hands of men  and boys. One offender has just been  fined for an assault upon a Mongolian  and the police would like to trace certain boys, wan ted in respect of a like  offence. Otherwise the town is most  orderly and police court charges continue to be few and far between.  . Sockeyes are now running in the  creek at Lillooet, so that there are better hopes of a supply that will partly  meet the locul hatchery's requirements.  Ing.' The dob since its foundation^ ha��  served a very useful purpose and ft faK  earnestly to be hoped that htterest In il. ^A.  will not bealloweri todeellue.A   * c  - The��e:are.notiiia��n^^min��d1 egg**,,::  t"tor^t!"W,��rtlieeiOT^  toria, but several "are"serio��s;"*!'.T&����?r  Alfred Frith is to'be tried for thWila--  quimalt murder and Frank Mnno^for  an attempt to murder.'  J. A. Fullerton has returned to Van--  couver well pleased with his visit to  Kamloops. He proposes to oil ft meeting this fall of the secretaries of all the  agricultural associations in the province Tfith a view to establish irregular  circuit.  BTrs. Fred Smith has returned toNel-  sonalter a~viait extending over several -'���  months m the Maritime Provinces.  C^pt.'Fra8er of "the steamer Kootenay was in kelson Wednesday renewing old acquaintances.  The body of the elder Hodder boy,  who was drowned a few weeks ago at  Kaslo in a brave attempt to rescue his  brother, has been .recovered. The body  was found about two miles from Kaslo,  on the beach.  Afessrs. C. II. Hadwen and Henry  Parke have left Ashcroft. on their way  east with 150 caynses. If uot sold in  the Territories'.they will be taken to  Toronto. Some of tlie steeds are fiwn  Mr. Senttiii'��, others from Mr. R. Carson's ranch.  j '^WIA^��S��VWMV^AA^^VV^AAA��V^^^ 0>  ��� R. T. Low-ery will start a paper at  Poplar. The circulation - will not b.-  l:i)iHt-d: to the bona lide resiLlents <>T  Poplar.  H. & M. Bird, real estate brokers,  have moved front their old quarters upstairs at the north west confer of Baker  aud Ward street, to their new oGSecs  on the north side of Baker street, we��t  of Ward on the ground floor. '  Mrs. W. O. Rose has returned from s  three months' visit to Prince Edward  Island.  Many ohl-timers will regret to ijaru  of the the death <>f T. \V. Huston* ut  Oraiigevilte, Out. Deceased lived lu  Nelson H.r some time, ami was highly  talented by his ao|iiuhrtaiiut-s.  It seeius.to be a fort'ifoiie  coucluaiuu  On Monday evening the .Sa��w*i Club  that Harry Wri��ht will  be elected la  will hold its animal ineellnir for the   Yn,ir-   VI> ttt u,c hour .of going   to  election of officers for thee-iwuing ye-.ir  Pr���� Mr.-Wright claimed 73 per edit  and the remainder of the evening will  or the vote polled at Fain-lew.  1  be devoted to n smoking eoneert.    It w  hoped by the executive that there will      The Kooteiuiy River Lumber Ctuti  be a large utteiufcince sit  the smoker! pauy's mill began operations y��der-  ajid that She nwMuber-f����f" thte club will, dav. .-    Jvii.  ��� i *"*.-ri l  Advertising intuit iiindo known on nppllcn-  tlou.  All changes In iKlvcrtiKcmcnts lo Insure  Inncrtlon sliould reach tliix oflice uul lutcr  th:n Thursday nt 12 o'clock.  'When change-of udclrcHK.'iH required, il- Is  dceirable tlmtljotli llic old add rest; nnd the  iiev.' bo given.  Address Jill comnuinlcations. " l'ulillKlicr of  The Nki-son Kcoxoscist. NelHon, 11. 0."  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Before another number of Tin: Economist is in the hands of its renders the  electors of British Columbia will have  decided whether their fortunes shall be  entrusted to the trusteeship of Mr. McBride and his colleagues arid su importers  or to .the doubtful issue of a caucus of  elected Liberal   members.    That there  will be some elected Liberal members  we hope and believe ; that there will  not be a majority of them wc believe  -��� and trust.   In any event wc hope that  the ministers who may be installed in  office as a result of this struggle w ill remember that tbeyare trustees not proprietors and that  in future the Legislature of this fair province w ill resemble  more closely than it has ever done in  the past an assembly of wise or at least  rational men whose chief concern will  be the advancement if Ihe moral, mental and material intercuts of those who  have chosen them as llu-ir representatives.  We hope that t'ic ibo'iic of the electors has fallen on the Conservative  party,t but", if Fortune shnil have  shown her tendency to caprice, we  shall still hope tbat a Liberal administration muy aw:ikc to a sbiise of responsibility. History has levurded  some instances of progressive and efficient government by Liberal rulers,  and, if the worse bef.ill u.x, all  hope will not be dead and buiicd.  "There are .candidates in the field on  both sides who have been in thep:ist a  detriment and a curse lo thiir constituencies, their parties and their  province. For all such wc hope ior a  not unpleasant confinement to their  legitimate spbeies���attention to their  own affaire, and we.-shall not purine  them into .oblivion or disturb the dignity and seclusion of.-their scleral private lives.  Mr. Annahlcis the recipient < f congratulations from every quarter owithe 'success: of tbo- cchib'lio i. IIn  work was well doue/aud w.is in pleas-  ilug- eotUiast t-o-tljc-hunglisig-of���tliii.  "Domiuion L:iy celebration.  Tn our many-years' experience as practical druggists we  have learned to prepare a number of different family remedies, some of which we have now beeu selling for ten years  or more to our customer.-*. These are not patent medicines.  You will find each preparation thoroughly satisfactory for  the purposes intended.  Diarrhoea Mixture.  This is especially useful in Cholera Infantum, Summer  Complaint, Cholera .Morbus, Cramps, Colic, Bloody Flux,  Chronic Dysentery and other forms of bowel complaint prevalent in hot weather. This is considered by some to be a  splendid safeguard to have iu the house during the summer.  Price 25 cents.  Digestive Tablets.  These relieve distress after meals, cure  Indigestion,   Sour~  Stomach, "Belching, Pain in theSide, Catarrh of the Stomach,  and keep the stomach in good healthy condition.    They are  an effective cure for the milder forms-of constipation.   Price  25c and 50c.  Liver Pills.  A reliable cure for Chronic, Habitual, as well as aeute  attacks bf Constipation, Sick Headache, Sallow Complexion,  Weariness. Sleeplessness and other forms of liver complaint.  Gentle in action. No griping. Do not irritate hemorrhoids.  Price 25 cents.  Headache Powders  A quick, gentle and safe cure for all forms of Headache. Contain no injurious drugs. Do not depress the  heart.    25 cents per box.  Compound Sarsaparilla  A compound of sarsaparilla and seven 01 eight other  herbs effective in purifying the blood, regulating the bowels  and strengthening the entire system. Cures more diseases  than any other, of the advertised Sarsaparillas, we believe.  Price 75 cents.  Boots and Shoes  Good serviceable Broad Toe for Infants.  Splendid wearers for Children and Misses,  Ladies' Fine Shoes for Fall Wear.  Oxfords and Slippers in good shapes and styles,  Youths' and Boys' in both heavy and fine.  Men's fine Shoes.  ll  RUBBERS;  Specialty in Storm Rubbers for Everybody,  best quality. .  All  Canada Drug  and  Book Go's Stores.  rovincial   JT ress  P:  ealers  " - The campaign which 'CM.-'ti 'o-dnv  -has provoked strung'l'njfiiAjjv <->:f bjlh  sides, hut -now tlmfr "the '���foutes!. i-  'practically 6vcr, sensiblt! in&MvtM' fit'r-  getand'forgiveJiuJ work li^lit alonj:  for the welfare of the province,. .      .���,  -Mr. Carter-CJo-Uon uud 'Air.- I<&c|>h>  '���-, *Ma��ttn h&ve'befcu -us>ing very strong  ������"' 'language"."towards each other in the  -o_: Vancouvci'^i>ape:.-3. Mr. Cotton seems  -��''-'*toi "have^ouSidejaVly.-the .befct^of tlje,  argument. u .    ,   ._.;;,>  ^=5U-;     -  '-f>  ~A    Cjuiadla'ii   premier   otrcc".'*complained  tliiifc 'lie .had to sit '<>�� giurd  over ihe treasury -with -a gnu.   It ib  ���dilTe'reift iu =Briti'��h CJoUiriibi.i.   There  ��� iinothing iii'tlie "treasury to guard.  - '" 'October i��thc^mostdeliKht&iI month  "' * in the ycaV'ltj'llie.Iviiotfiiav.-j. . YVI13.  "* Jiot hold the exhibition during the  , .  early .-part of tbat month in future?  '.���_.-The.,numberrof jrien  who will' he  able to expl.ii.D-to-iuoriuwl.jiiat Uow.it  "���-.happened will he .more lunucr^ud limn  violinists iq Hades. ...,..��  ���>- It looks as-"iE-the McBride Cfovcrn-  inent would'life sustained by n good  working majority.  ��� Vancouver News-Adrert'scr.  . Every omen  now 1 o!nts tu the.de-  ci��ive__yictory_qf_BO<^ government���  that ofthe present. McBride aiUninis-  tiwtion���iu our proy'.nco.  ��� Ymir .Mirror.  T1se- Liberals are adding new plunks  to tlieir platform every day Lo uieet the  e,<igencie.-i of the case. But they still  renuire a.fe\v,good props to holil il up.*  Xcw props aire.,what are rcipiired.  Kwulooi'K Standard.  n lucrative office from the .Dominion  government docs the rest.  Morrla?jy t>H<>vtc!i.  The Canndiun Batik of Commerce  will go uli cad with the erection of their  local brunch here thid fall. The plans  have been altered so thut tlie building;  will not cost over fifteen or sixteen  thousand dollars-. *Weunderstand that  tho contract will be let this week.  Fori Steele IV<>��i>c<!tor.  Giving added emphasis to the reasons  If the Dominion"government would'j w,��y Conservative and  Liberals resi-  give the province adequate return for  tl;c .revenue .derived   from   It   there  j- ~- ���-      -. - "~/aV - .  would be no neces-iity of raiding the.  poll tax . to provide educational facilities.    _ pntiKl Kurktf. NewM-Unzvlte,  Tl io: Kast Kojte.nay coal land question iis being kept alive'for fWtizan advantage by the'IiXMtl wowld-l>ccoal-l>ar-j  ��� _r,. ���.   -\      ������   '  1.11&,  but it bias already failed   in   ita  piir-posr. thanks-to the definite promise  oA\lrVMclJi-t'ie':'  den Least ofthe Kootenay river should  reaped the pc.lHUt.1 pieferenctfi of the  Conservative candUlate, a man of recog-  '���nlxed fuiinoH, integrity and ability,  .vlio lias been yeUeti'd to represent thi*  fiinstiluency because, he ia familiar  with the conditions and need.-* ofthe  district ;,aiul he will enter the legislative hulls free fnxn ple��lgert and combinations of the Liberal ��pelbinders.  f���8  Bt0B0  ����  Now We*tia!rwU'rColuml>lan.  Tlie fillip given to the movement for  KcclpriKrity with. Canada In the Uintett  Stutes by Mr. Chamberlain's Imperial  viM^ufxrionoor. ! preferential proposals'isouoorthe moat  The Granby Col id nothing if not pro- j telling urguments In livor or the (Jol-  gr^d-iivo.    Therefire, it is safe to :��y-oufail Secretary's pohey.       American  Ut.it something wiJt be hcanl a.+ the re- _ Ufcrfness men acuevidentl.va trillescar��'*l  suit of the annual meeting to beheld  in^Mojitrcal in a coiiplc'of weeks, that  j \>i)l he.of great interest to the entire  Boundary country.  To-morrow the "I told  you" men  "Will have their innings.  Z&ow let'Jis'liv'c peace.  ' *   '���'>     ���'       1  "���  Iii undary Creek Tlw<-��.  The 'history <��f    Socialism   in   the  Boundary ! A windy blatherskite from  California stampedes otherwise sensible  men into the Socialistic ranks and a  j clever lawyer disappointed in securing]  at the prospect opened up by the adoj>-  tion of a protective lUesil policy by  Gieat Britain. IIow our American  friends can reconcile their argument  that the 'adoption of protection by the  British Empire would spell ruin to  British trade with llu-ir ardent attachment to tiiei. own protect!ves��yelemriis  beyond tlieunderstaiiding of any theorist who excludes from his mind the  new doctrine of Bluff.  ��  We carry an up-to-date  stock, sell wholesale and  retail and our prices are  as  low as any can sell  legitimately and pay 100 c  on the $.  'GO"  O  Funeral Directors  urn  Lands for Sale  Kootenay Valleys Co., Limited.  T. G. PROCTER, MANAGER, NELSON, B.C-  Farms from 80 acres upwards, well watered and timbered. Adjacent to good markets at Cranbrook, Fort Steele, Elko, Fernie, Morria-  sey, etc.  The well known prairie ground on the Kootenay River, near Fort  Steele, is being subdivided and is especially suitable for Fruit, Vegetables, Hay and Oats, with good range for cattle adjoining.    .._'  Some fine Stock- Ranches on the Kootenayand Elk Rivers.- Lines  of Great Northern and Crow's Nest Railway within a few miles.  Terms���One-fifth down.    Balance in four years at 6 per cent.  . Arso excellent Fruit Ranch, about 30 acresj on Kootenay Outlet,  near Procter, 18 miles from Nelson. About 7 acres under cultivation  with strawberries and fruit trees. Irrigation Ditch. A good  income paying investment. "  IE.FERGUSON&CO.  J. SOLE AGENTS  t'DawSbn's Perfection Scotch  EXTRA SPECIAL  .J, This whiskey will please connoisseurs. It is a high grade well-  J matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age, is the same  Yquality as Dawson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old).  ^Sews LoofrSuAB E. Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. C.  SOLE AGENTS FOR  Hazeiwood Ice Cream  WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL  MEAT MERGHANTS  Head Office Nelson, B^ 6.  Branch  Markets  in   Rossland,  Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon, Three  Foiks, New Denver and Slocan Cily.  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and care'ul att;n  tioa.  McDonald's Confectionery  Baker Street, Nelson  "��� *"������ ���������.," I.      ���        ���^_������ ���   ������ .        m^     ,-��� - I       ������     ���    ��� ���-   _, ���    IM   ,    ��W  EL _K. STRACHAN  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on General Plumbing,  t Sewer Connections, Etc.  I Baker Streets-near-Ward-Street, Nelson   New Fall Goods  Ofthe Latest Designs  MtRIVlNG DAILY.  Ilics Line of Trouserings  John Small wood  MERCHANT TAILOR  Ward St., next new P. 0. Bldg., Nelac n  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Ofd CuricsH/Shop, Josephine St, Nelson  Kelson Tent & Awning Woils  ���All kinds of Canvas Work  made-  tb order.  Also  Clothes  Cleaned   and  paired.'  Re-  Boy ington & Rossr  257    BAKER    bT..    NELS0M  . ^-*" i3*i  **  A^AA-}  Mmm^ymy:y:::yA  . , U&f .^igjJjfS-'/ii "TT33 _) .f.-V * -;;7. -,- >*;���;" vr7:- ��� ��� .;  i ��c C'esitHpn^sfor thrje nioatba'eicuilivrsbiti.  Av Eacli tu��i>7KTrJcoi7L-R ttioolUciAt r.lul'or��:u:i   ,  I eTOryDidnlli,ini:lucli:iK<ll>itccao;lii((li-B!ui.ivoui\l '.  and iostrumtmtil uew wuw'o ciitri nicnlb. IB  .  pi<f.t(. iu oil: iilson Curtiiicato of MciuL-tishi.!  niiiu:-. nivo�� Uo privilega o( 01cl> rtociin iu Kan  YcrL C'it>.��ndu'btirin|jliturati:r��.uiu��ici'riua-  ulcal lostrnmtmt* of *ay diwcription at wholeBBlo ���  priciy.mvinBJnofromaJ'Vtueo.Vcm your jar- ;  , ehuek. yjoo'tf*iltojoinitoi.c��.YfmwiIlir''��n'---��h , ,  nlore.tU^ar<��T"��>'>��J"��wortl,��� Mwnui kii- ��  ABr-Kuuo Ci.t:b. Depi.     , 150 Mmaaan: *   .Y. jj  u  eg  fi  ���H  0  m  fi-  V  Bssestsa.  w  est  >  i>  O  in  o  ~i--   -f^-fn-"*���'-: 1  THE  NELSON  ECONOMIST  A Matrimonial  Entanglement.  In "Olidpters Prom My Diplomatic  ���Life," vhich Andrew B. White, the  United States diplomatist, is contributing to "Tho Century Illustrated Magazine," tiiere occurs an interesting reminiscence regarding the working ol the German marriage laws:���  "One morning a man eame rushing in  exclaiming! 'Mr. Minister, I am in tho  worst fix that any decent man was ever  in. I ���want you to help mc out of it;'  and ho then went on with a hitter tirade against everybody and everything i��  the German Empire.  "When his wrath had effervesced somewhat he stated his case as follows:������  'Last year whilo travelling through Germany I fell in love with a young German lady, and after my return to America became engsigcd to her. I have now  come for my bride. The wedding is fixed  for next Thursday; our steamer��� passages aro taken a day or two later, and  I find that tho authorities will not allow  mo to marry unless I present a multitude of papers such aa 1 never dreamed  Of I Some of them it will take months  to get, and some ��� I can never  get. Mv Intended bride is in distress;  ier family evidently distrust me; tlie  wedding is postponed indefinitely; and  my business partner is cabling me to  come lack to America as soon as possible. I am asked for a-baptismal certificate���a. Taufschein. Now, so far as  I know, I waa never baptised.   I am re-  ?uired to present a certificate showing  he consent of my parents to my mar-  Tlage���I, a man thirty yeaTa'"old, and in  'ft large business of my own I I am asked  -_*�� 81V*8 bonds for the payment of my  debt* in Germany; I owe no such debts';  but I know no one who will give such a  ���bond. I am notified that the banns must  be published a certain number of times  before the wedding.    What kind  of  a  country is this, -anyhow 1'  "We did the best we could,- In an interview with Uie Minister of Public;  .Worship I was able to secure a dispensation, from the publishing of the "banns;  then a bond was drawn up, which 1  signed, and thu3 settled the question re-  farding possible debts iu Germany. ��� As  o the baptismal certificate, I ordered  inscribed, on the largest.possible sheet ol  official paper, the gentleman's .affidavit  that In the State of Ohio where he ���\yas  .born no Taufschein, or baptismal ceftifi  oate, was required at the time of hit  .birth, and to this was affixed with plenty  of wax the largest seal of the Legation.  .The, form of the affidavit may be judg'.d  ;peculiar, but it wais thought best not tc  'startle the authorities with the admis  sion that the man had not been baptisei'  ���at all. They cjuld ensily believe tliat j>  iState: like Ohio, which some of there  "doubtless regarded as stilL in the back  :woods and mainly tenanted by the abov  jigiries, might have omitted in days gon'  ���by to require, a Taufschein, but that ai  itmbaptised Christian should offer hiiiisel*  [to be married in Germany would per  '.haps have so paralyzed their powers o  IbeUef that permission for the mari'iag*>  jmight never have been secured.  I "In this and various other ways w>  'overcame the difficulties, and though th.  | wedding did hot take place upon-the ti\i  ppintea day, and the return to Amerin;  'had, to be deferred, the couple at last  jafter marriage first before the public an  ���thoribtes and: then in church, were ab.h  Ito depart in" peace." A  The Blighting of His Fame.  "Kulnedl"; heyvrficd, as he dashed :  jpaper.to the floor and trampled upon it  "Rained; disgraced! My fair fanp  Jblaafcedi'Mx honor gone I"  "Dearest", what disaster is thist" 1  was. his fond wife wh<> gasped the quet  Hon, in' tones of anguish.  "A disaster which is irretrievable;  i  calamity  Which.. will  crush   me   to   th  eartU" a-'He ran his white, thin finger:  through his luxuriant crop-of long an  jnky hair, black as the raven's .wing,, a  tejt-and-a-half the bottle "of black, wai  ranted to defy detection���not a dye, no  a    stain, but a    harmless liquid    tha  merely has to he combed into the hail  (Vide advt.).  ^'^eaYeii"si^Horatio,=tell=me^wliat-hafc  befallen thee!"   The fair girl turned ha:  horror-full. eyes upon him.-  Her youn;  soul,     aged     thirty-eight,    shared    hi  agoiiy.  "Felicia," he cried, "do t look like .  huinoriatT"  "Tlie fates forefend!"  "Do I strike you at  all as being  funny marit".  "Anything but that!" tilic shuddered.  "Am I not known as a serious a'  tthoif    '"  "You are," she admitted.  "Do I mot paint the serious side <  jlifeT  ''Tou do," she intcrjeeted.  "Am I not a novelist of grave an  iserious endeavor?"  "You am," she whispered.  "Does not my fame depend on' m;  'reputation as a man that abhors a jea'  las a writer who revels in tho darknes  Jof despair and the grcyness of exist  icncat"  ;   "It doth!" she moaned.  ���"Then ..listen to this," lie faltered  *"The8o are the words that should have  ;Wound up t3ie 'Fourpenny Monthly':���  ���'Aa tbe light-flickered out, she bent her  iqiieenly head and kissed him in tin1  dark!"  ���"Beautiful!" she ejaculated, enrap-  ftured.  "Yes, but listen to what the printer  :haa made of it-���"She bent her queenly  head and"kissed him on ihe heak!"  "Oh, Horatio 1" she murmured, an J  ���swooned.  <tThe horror of it!" ha wildly cried.  "The public will take mc for a new hu-  mtu-iBt!"���"Ally Slopei's Half-Holiday."  A Unique Luncheon.  The Paris correspondent of the "Pall  Mall Gazette" recently1 attended a lunch-  con given by M. Dessing-Whitniore,  which was distinctly original. The tabic,  lhe says, took the form of a-hoat, arid the  waiters wero dressed as sailors. There  was a. distinctly nautical flavor. about  the whole thing, and during the boss  d'ouvres and dessert a sailor-'s chorus  was sung. Not being a particularly  good sailor, the perpetual motion of the  ���table���which, it appears, took some time  to get in working order���was not fo-r me  the moat enjoyable sensation of the oc-  caaian. I waa able, however, to apprei-i-  g&ajg^fextsntj sith whicb it had .bean  planned, as riot an article'ever rolled���or  even attempted to roll���off the tabic'  To make the scene more realistic a canvas was hung on the -walls, on which was.  painted a somewhat rough sea.. The  guests numbered twanty-iour, and each  was gresepted with a small.cwmpasa.  Ai Mouse Mill.  Wee McPherson.  Thrift is generally acknowledged to ha  one of the leading characteristics of the |  natives of  Fifeshire, and it  never . was ���  more  forcibly  exemplified than  in  tho':  person of David Hatton, a native of Dun- j  fermline, who actually proved that even  mice, those acknowledged pests of mankind, could be'made not only to  earn!  their own living,'but also to yield a re-l  spcctable income to  their owners, says j  the "Scotsman."  About the year 1820 this gentleman  actually erected a small mill at Dunfermline for the manufacture of thread���a  mill worked entirely by mice. It was  whilo visiting Perth prison in 1812 that  Mr. Hatton first conceived this remarkable idea of utilizing ���mouse power. In  an old pamphlet of the time, "The Curl-,  osity Coffee Room," he gave an account  of tho way in which the idea^dawned on  him.  "In the summer of the year  1812," ho wrote, "I had occasion to be in Perth, and when  inspecting'the..toys and trinkets that  were manufactured by the French prisoners in the depot there my attention  was involuntarily attracted by a little  toy house with a wheel in the gable of.  it that was runrlins rapidly round, impelled by the insignificant gravity of a  common house mouse. For a shilling I  purchased house, mouse and wheel. Inclosing it in a handkerchief, on my journey homeward I was compelled to contemplate its favorite amusement. But  how to apply half-ounce power, which is"  the weight of a mouse, to a useful purpose "was. the difficulty. At length the  manufacturing of sewing thread seemed  the most practicable."  Mr. Hatton had one mouse that Tan  the amazing distance of eighteen miles a  day, but he proved that an ordinary  mouse: could run ten and one-half miles  on an average.' A halfpenny's worth of  oatmeal waa sufficient for its support  for thirty-five days, during whicti it Tan  736 half miles. He had actually two  mice constantly employed in'the making  of sewing thread for more than a year  The mo.use threadmill waa so constructed  that the common house mouse was en  abled to make atonement to society for  past offences by twisting, twining, and  reeling from 100 to 120 threads a day  Sundays not excepted. ������ /.���  To perform this task the little pedes  trian had to run ten and one-half miles  and this journey it performed with east  every day. A halfpenny's; worth of oat  meal served one of these threadmill ful.  prits for the long period of five-week?  In that time it made 3,350 threads o'  twenty-five inches, and ��3 -a penny wn-  paid to women for every hank made ii  the ddinary way, the mouse, at tha'  rate, earned 9 pence every six weeks  just one farthing a day, or 7 shilling;  and 6 pence a year. Taking 6 pence"of1  for board and allowing 1 shilling for ma  chinery, there was clear yearly profl'  from each mouse of 6 shillings.  Mr. Hatton finrily intended to appb  for the loan of the old empty cathedra'  in. Dunfermline, which would have held  he "calculated, ten thousand mouse mills  sufficient room being left for keepers anc  some hundreds of spectators. Death  however, overtook the inventor beforr  his marvelous project could be -carriw*  out.  Hugging an Illusion.  The .newspaper editors and very  special correspondents, who have latel.v  been discussing Papal ^possibilities wibi  such owlish gravity, must have felt ra  ther cheap when the news came thai  Giuseppe Sarto, whom .they had nevei  even heard of, had been elected" as th  two hundred and sixty-fourth Pope, unde  the name of Pius the Tenth���a name, b\  the way, endued with no particular od>  ^ofisanctity -by Ats last Papal possessoi  But tho new Pius seems to"bV"ifriihn"o"  "character. "Cultured," "religious,1  "mild-mannered," "pious," "a countn  mouse," "quiet," "kind-hearted," "liber  al," "'timid"���these are some of the epi  thets applied to the late Patriarch o  Venice tuid hew Pope of Rome. Tin  same authorities, however, deny hni  political shrewdness, diplomatic craft  and'executive ability. They predict thai  ho will be not a statesmanly but a "re  ligious" Pontiff.  All interest at this time, oL-course  centers on the policy of Pius with-reference to the Italian 'Government. It i  already clear that it will differ "in r.<  vital particular front that of Leo th.  Thirteenth. The new Pontiff is cvci  quoted as saying significantly: "My firs  pleasure will be to explore the garden  which now confine my little world  Heigh ho! How I sluill iniss my ion;  country tramps���and the seat" TMils, i  authentic, shows plainly enough thai  Pius, like Leo, will be "a prisoner in tin  Vatican." Doubtless, however, ns tin  despatches indicate, his personal likinj  for tho King and-Queen, especially tin  lather, will make the relations betw.eer  Quirinal and Vatican smoother tt.ni?  more  amicable than heretofore.  It is not an altogether admirable pol  icy this, that the Pope is about to con  tinuc into the twentieth century. Hi  himself cuts not a \ay dignified figure  He is "an alien and an 'enemy in tin  most Catholic country of Europe." >  play monarch in a toy monarchy, plnyinj.  at-ruling a few score soldiers and ser  vants���a man of .supposed intelligence  shutting'his eyes to fact, end hiiggiii?  fast an illusion���deaf to common sense-  but with ears open to' ��� moss-grown tra  dition���-mediaeval in ".the midst of mo  dernity���nursing a grievance, and Ion:*  ing for the impossible���:suchh the Ponti  fex Maximus, scared}' more impressic  than that noble person- named Yits.  James, who lays claim, to the throne r-  ���England as a lineal doseendnnt of r.l>  Young Pretender. The temporal-powi>  of the Pope ean never he won br��'c  should Italy cede back tlio Papal Stntc-  the Pope could not rule them; they wev  ill-ruled when thty were his. .Yet t'n  moldering institntiaii of Papal sove*  oignty clings desperately to the last vestige of its vanished power, ever bopip.g  denying, as it were, the ..sun. at nooTh--  "Argonaut."  (By J���n J.B���11 of the Finnan HaiMia  School of Literature.)  "  When Robert came home from the  day's Work Mary said solemnly. "Rub-  'bcrfc, I want ye to punish ilcPherson an'  gie him a guid skelpin'."  "Dod, ay! The Avean's fine. I'll no  skelp him," replied Robert with a fond  glance at wee McPherson, who was scissoring off small pieces of the cat's tail.  "He trun wee Mollie doon the well,  an' she was sair drookit an' aboot  drooned."      ; ���  "He's' the "wean," said the father,  though with a cautious admiration.  "Whit dae ye want me to dae? I canna  skelp him." -���  "Ya munna gie him ony curran'-eake  the. niclitj he disna deserve it. Tell him  so, Rubbert. McPherson, stop mutilat-  ia'the cat, an' dowkle to your paw." "  "Aweel," said Robert, gloomily. "Come  here; noo, McPheison."  "Wee McPherson finished the cat's tail  with one last snip and walked over cock-  ily to his parent. .."Whit wey do a cat  greet when ye, cut ail its tail, paw?"  "McPherson," ..said Rohcrt, affecting  severity, "yer maw is fair affrontit.  Whit wey did ye trun wee Mollie doori  the well? Didna ye ken -she canna  soom?" .;-.'������������  "Whit wey canna she soom, paw?"  "Fine wean!" said Robert.  "Haud yer tongue!" spoke up Mary.  "He's no fine."  "McPheisnn," said " Robert, nerving  himself for tlie blow, "yer maw says ye  are'no fine, an' ye; are no to have ony  curran'-cake the nicht."  "Boo-hool" bawled wee McPherson,  and Robert wept with him. "Mary," he  whispered, "I'm thinkin' the wean's been  punished enough. He's unco tender of  hairt, Dod, ay!" "  n; "Hoots, mon! But ;aweel!" replied  ilary. "Ye may .gie him the curran':"  cake now, Rubbert."  Wee McPhersou., seized the -currant  cake and retired tri'imphantly to a corner, followed by'the i'ind glances of both  parent*.  '" "He's such a wee dt '.Yil 1" murmured  Mary, softly.  "Dod, ay!" said Robert.  '.'".- GLOSSARY.  "Bawl," to  cry.  "Cat," a domestic animal.  ���"Cockily,"   pertly.  :   "Gloomily,", moodily.  "Paw," father.  "The," definite article.  : "Trun," to throw.  ;  "Weep," to shed'tears.  "Well," a water supply.  "Work," labor.���Chicago "Tribune."  Overcoming the Obstacle.  "Yes," said the young man who was  taking the youngwoman for an auto  fide, "the"auto has its advantages;- but  still there .is.a~great difference between  it and the good old horse."  h "Oh, yea; I suppose there is" answer ed the young woman.  "lCor instance,"; went on the young  man, "with the horse, when one was  driving with the pretty girl, he could  hold the lines in one hand, or wrap them  about the whip, and���and���and hug .the  ���girW ���.-,-. ������������ -;-. .  "Oh-h-h-h! you awful thing!" ex-  clairiied.the. blushing young woman.  They sped along in silence for several  miles. At last the timid young thing  said:.-  VJ3nt .I should think that difficult}  could he easily overcome."  "What difficulty?" asked the young  man. o  "Why, that���what you said about the  times when the men took the girls driving behind a horse, and���and when they  wrapped the lines about the whip, and  when they���they���oh, when they did  what you say. they did."  "Ido-n't see how it could be overcome,'*  said, the youth. "If you stop the auto  it's liable to start rip'of itself and upsei  you in. the" ditch, and a fellow simply  haa to keep both hands busy while it is  hi motion."  "I know," faltered the girl; "but���but  it seems to me there would be a way."  ^IViJike.to-kno.wjwhat it is." _  "Well, couldn't the girl���couldn't she  hug���hug the man?"  Items of Interest.  (With acknowledgments to the "in- .  formative" journals.)  In England two-and-sixpence is equivalent to half a crown.  There will be seven days in next week.  Roughly speaking there are twenty-four  hours to every day. Statistics show that  three hundred and sixty-five of these  days go to make up a year.  In North street, Kentish Town, there  are only five lamp-posts and five lamps.  This is not unlike a street in Bishop  Auckland, where there are six lampposts and six lamps.  In connection with, the Stockbrokers'  walk to Brighton it may be noted Hbat  there are 1,7CO yards in a mile. A miie  is one of our accepted standards of measurement.  Decimal coinage is accepted in France.  The English value of a franc is slightly-  under tenpence. Our own shilling is, of  course, worth rather over two-pence  more.  The present Edward is the seventh who  has ruled over England. His predecessor of the same name was Edward VI.���  "Punch."  Their Great Sorrow.  "1 am so worried about baby," says  ijic fond young mother to the proud  young father. "What's the matter? He  isn't sick, is hei", asked the husband,  with some natural alarm showing itself  on his countenance.^ "Xo, but he is beginning to talk, aiid "    "And what?  Does lie ��� have . an impediment in hi.?  speech?" "No. Wor*e than that. He  says thing's'that don't ��ound any mora  sensible than the cho.uucs to the popular songs!" That night, with str.iiued,  tearless eyes, a man and woman sat by a  little crib, wondering why this great sorrow should come upon them.���Chicago  "Tribune."  Poet (with emotion)���All people seem  to scorn my poetry���but I suppose when  T. die everyone will go into raptures. Editor���Oh, yes!���at least, all the editors  win, I jshould thiuk.  Nottingham, England.  Navy Out Mild, Medium and Full  Navy Mixture.  Navy  Gut Cigarette  Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  i .y-_  ��� \JX'-|  .-.    'S"hnP  y:A  '<JarJ.|  '- -j."!  V '4  /-. j'  y\A\  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  *;*�����  eeton & Co., Ltd, victoria^ac  MONTREAL, Sole Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  11      R. H. CARLEY, B. C. Agt.  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed bouse and  one three-room bouse  for rent.  Three dweUing houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on    Stanley   street,   opposite Royal qrr   AJUj MA Ol r  HoteL for sale'at a bargain. ��tJ"  HmiHOLL  Boots arfd-Shoes made to ,order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed! My stock  of fine ready-made work-lowest priced.in the city.  NEEi-ANDS* OLD STAND, BAK ER S  DEAL  Corner Mill arid Josephine  Sts.  Several families are  buying their groceries at  the little store on the corner of Josephine and IVSiH  Streets. Why not join the  happy throng and .deal  with Joy at the  O  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR   PIPES.  Idsal Cash  R.   G.   JOY,   PROPRIETOR  A l;irpe i-"t'<ck  ri M ilinery a;:d  Ladies' Oiti ^ttin^.s  Also i.fidies' iiaii CojvIs.  MRS. EM FIELD  *JcKt*Ctcre to   Hudson   CJ<y Company  '��3g&sB3a  co  UJ  Q.  <  X  CO  c  z  D  <  LU  U  X  H  Ll.  O  I.!'  job Printing  We Print  "F s'arsk  Fletch?  s/  ~?  I 'KO V3>"Cr A I, I, ANV/ H I'I IT KYOK  J -it uu! ami Mi lier::! (*l:iiriis Purveyed  :uxl CroM'n Gruiili tl  1". U. I!.,o; i.G'i       OiSlce : Kot.lfir.iy SI.. Ntlsoii  W..A fhurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  Ther Economist  ^."i  '* 'X  Complete Stock of Stationey  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON, B. C.  West Kootenay Butcher Co  Wliolwatound Retail  Ia.-b1<ms1ii  ]ES.  SALT MEATS F  W. G. Gillett  Builder   and   Contractor  Estimates   given on stone, brick  ��tid woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Caii'jaS supplied on shortest  notice uud lowest prices.  Mnil orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. C. TRAVES. .Manager.  red. J. Squire  TVntsaiul ���Awn'nfc's' nuittf nml r��r��!r��l.  Clotlitn^ cleaned und mended.  h\ tie WaHsce-MHIer Cc, Mm  JOB   . PR1NTIKG      AT  THE   ECONOMIST   OFFICE THE NELSON ECONOMIST  A Field-day Closing*.  On Friday the 16tb inst. the pupils of  the City schools will have a tiekl-day  closing with a concert in the evening.  The idea originated with Mr. Fraser ol  the High School stall", and has been  "welcomed l>y teachers and pupils. A  ' programme of sports bus been arranged  for girls aud boys, so /arranged that  even tbe youngest may take part. Included in the events is a basket ball  tournament in which lour teams will  compete. Atthe instance of some ol  the older "boys' a rock-<Li'illing comest  has been added.  The concert programme "will include  various drills, choruses, instrumental  music and short addressee.  Only tine weather is needed tocnablc  the pupils to have a very enjoyable cla\  and evening. Tho tiekl-day is an annua!  institution in OnUirio'aud Victoria and  Vancouver High "Schools have already  adopted it.  Curious Bits of News.  Eyeache and  Headache.  Eyestrain i  causes  ���both.  Drugs  relieve  only  temporarily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove  the cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  There   is  a   negro  ��� murderer   named  - (Smith, out in -Mizltnomali  County, Ore.,  (who ��3  certainly  a sti elder for Lis pre-  ��� judiees.   There ia a strike in the county,  end Smith objects to being executed on  the   only   gallows   in   existence   6ri   the  ground that it was "built by "scabs."  ���    -The inventor of the watch is a^ mystery., though .the place of its invention  js  assigned 'to   Nuremberg.     The   first  .  watches' >ve"re called "Nuremberg  eggs," .  ;the first .part of Lhe name showing where 1  they -were mad��, the   second telling of j  '" their shape.   It was not until the inven-  - tionj5f the spiral Spiing in. the fifteenth  century   that   watches   became   conven-  - aently. portable, and from that time the  . *ize. decreased,, v^hile   the   timekeeping  "mechanism improved.  *    "Women  are'   not-'good    tippers   and  jMack of "tips" "is said to he responsible  .-for the -withdrawal of twenty waitresses  from the dining-room, of the Hotel 3dai-  ' tha'- -Washington  in  New  York.    The  hotel is exclusively for women, and when  it was opened Li3t March one of the fea-.  - H--tures, was the Colonial dining-room'on  the ground   floor,   with   twenty   buxom  "* ���   young "women   in picturesque  uniforms.  All weufc  well   at   first,  hut   soon   the  guests of the Martha "Washington forgot  to give a dime here or a quarter there.  Later   on vit  became   positively   out  of  fashion  to   "tip"  in   the   hotel;   but  it  seems the fashion of scolding and complaining grew, afc least the girls say so.  Then the girls held a meeting and decided, to w>lk out.   The management of the  "hotel declares that  the gir!3 were discharged "because the hotel wanted to try  men waiters.  Afc a recent meeting of the Zoological  ���Society   of  France   Monsieur  Racovitza,  -.the naturalist of the "JSclgica" expedition,,  ���declared   his .belief  in   the   existence  of  ihe great "sea-serpent."   He quoted with  approval the views of a Dutch natural-  ���jsfc,  Oudemans, who holds   that the so-  called sea-scipent is not a reptile, but -a,  -mammal belonging to  the   order, of the.  pinnipeds, which includes the seals.    It  somewhat resembles in shape^the' extinct  Plesiosaurus.      It   probably    attains   a  length of 2C0  feet, the head and neck  'taking   one-fourth    of    the, whole,  the  trunk one-fourth and the tail one-half.  ���It never approaches  a coast except in  pursuit   0!   the  fish   on whieh'it. feeds;  Slonsieur Racovitza. quoted   the  serious  and circumstantial  report  of  a. French  _ Itorpedo-boat "commander who .chased a  ipair of these creatures in._the China Sea,  'and unsuccessfully fhed shells at them.'  ! A high, silk hat, prohahly the first ever  Iworn in the snra.il town of Fa����n, ve-st  jof Houskni, Tex., was responsible the  |Other day for the death of Philip'Buntz  , ,of New York, who was traveling for a  Bible publishing house in the Ea3t.   His  - 'attire was that of a clergyman, and when  lhe appeared in Pagan" he was the center  lof attraction. That night Buntz walkad  !up to the bar in one of the saloons where'  Ithe cowboys were drinking' and ordered  . Ilemonade. The bartender1 ,repeatcd the  order; in a tone of voice sufficient for-all   fin-the-erowdcd-harroom-to-Iiear.- Ons^of'  ithe cowboys insulted the wearer of fehe  isilk,hat.. The remark was resented, mud  [someone threw a lariat over the shining  jmarlc Buntz showed fight and was nc\  jupbn. En the melee he was struck ove^  , -Jthe head with a six-shooter, sullering ri  ���fracture of the skulL He never recovered consciousness.  Patenaude Bros.  Opticians  Baker  Street,. Nelson.  IMPORTERS OF-  Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Millinery,Hose,Men'sFurnishings  bacK, "who measured 3x4x6 1-2 lee't,"and  weighed on the high side of 240 pounds, j  seized the haughty  gentleman-chauffeur j  hy the  throat, .yanked him out of hi9  sumptuous puff-cart, thrashed the ground  with him till his    shoe-soles  flew,   off,  filled-the air full of. him, and flung him  into an adjacent tree-top, where he hung  quivering-and Jimp,  and giving a most .  excellent imitation of a. party-who had  received all that was coming to him. I  "You Tan over my uncle, last week,  ���and he left.every peniiy of Ids vast fortune to an 'orphan asylum!" saidBronk-  hor3t Thickneck Sluggs, as he turned re��  gretfully'away.���"Town Topics."  Notice  Notice is hereby given that SO days after  date 1 intend to apply to tbe Cliief commissioner of Lands tuiu Works for a special license to cut and carry ji way timber from the.  following described lands situate on itoundaiy  Creek about seven miles Irom the Kooteuuy  Kiver in West Kootenay District: Uu'iumeii-  clnsata post un the north side oi .boundary  Crui-k marked"A..J MeUnlre's" >'. E. corner  post, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80  chains, thence north tm chains, thence east  80 chains to the place of commencement.  .:���   T ���   1   ��� A. J. McGUIBK.  Creston,.B. C., Aug. 17tli, ia-��.  Notice  Specimen from Ffcra Kendall.  1  3?o one has ever .caught E; iu Kendall  (���unprepared with :i sLoiy.    11�� Is always  |ready  ig   entertain  his   friers'* with   11  I humorous chapter or s$. from i U fund ci  Ireininisecnecs 'itr.ii" -frequently    de light*  !his audiences avith them \vhe:i railed up-  Ion Ixifoic   the  cuiiain.    ITcre   is  some-  'thing   decidedly 'Kendallcsque   that   he  "itold one evening recently:  ������'���: "1 was on  my way  to Oh.ioag-o  from  '.Baltimore, recently, in a' Pullman sleeping car���oh, yes, they allow us to ride in  jthe Pullmans now.t After n good night's  irest I got out of my berth 'early in the  j morning and made my way to the wash-  Jtooto.    You know  the  little washroom,  jafoout so hig, ��,t the erd of the car. Well,  [T ptishcd Juy way in wk.h some other men  jand ibi-illy took my turn at 0:10 of the  iwash-tbasins. ~ .   ,  ! "Just sis I got cny face foiped up  jgood and well tha train, shot around a  (curve and into a tunnel, where it was  j dark, of course. "When the train struck  Jthe curve the jar caused my face to slip  rout -o-f my hands, and it; landed in the  ihand.s of the man -who was hending-o.vcr  jwashing away, just alongside of mc. He  .'kept on washing busily, as if nothing  jfcad happened.  : "'Hold on, friend/ I.said, 'that's my  iface you fcarc in your hands.'  ! "'Is that so?', he remarked. 'Well,  jwhat's become ��i mine?? ....'���  j '"Guess I've-got 'ifc.���here,' said a man  jbn the other side of him. 'I haven't said  ;a word so fa/r, 'hut this face I am wash-  |ing has lieen. talking right along.'"  "I wonder the Smith's bahy-has turned  out so. big." f "lndeedl Why t" "Well,  you know, it was brought up on eca-  densedmilk." .'���- A./        ;  "When a woman wishes .to retire froat  the world," says the Manayunk Philosopher, "she enters a nunnery. All a man  has to do is to many'a famous womaa."  ���Philadelphia "Hecofd."   : :  . A litftle thxee-year-old mias, while haf  mother was trying to get her to sleep,  beaune interested : in a peculiar noise  jind asked.'.what..It was. ; "A cricket,  dear,", replied her-raobher. "Well," r��-  -uuurked"the little "lady, "he ought to,get  himself oiled."  "Who drigimitcd ihe: re-mark, Tfc is always - the  unexpected 'that   happens?' "  /'I don't know.'^said the melancholy gov-  rerhnieht  attache,    ''but  I   suspect    he"  awbrked- ih; tho "weaflier' bureaul"���Washington "Star." .'-.������    ovl .:'���        -.: v.,.,-'.     .���'.:���'���  "W'y don't you put mo' hell in you1  sermons, Bret "Williams?" "Well,- w?ea  (I gives 'cm; too juu.clicr it de congregation makes sieh a noise faniiin' dey'seM,  T' "hez- '���' ter'^- order a recess 1"���Atlanta  -Wons*Ujition.!J7 ;.,;,.- ,-.;.-,. .���-.��� ; '���-. : ; ������.  ��� Von Quizz���-What does r your friend  write ? Verse? "Novels? Tragedies? "H.  Eaahe���Great Scdtt, what do you take'  . hhh for ? _. AJi. amateur? ���"- Ko, sir! He?  writes advertisement's, of eourse't-fNew'  (Drleans "TimLS-Democrat." ���.���'/.  Ascihri���-How are the plans' for your  new house coming ��16ng? '' Subbubs���  Splendidly.; My >'ife has Anally laid out  ;all the closets she Wants,.and now all  the architect's got to do ia to 'build tlie  ' -house around thera. r��� ��� Phi'ladelphia  ."Press."      r/ :     ' ������ r :7"7  Notice is licreby. given thut 3* days after  date I iutend to apply to the Chler L'ommis-  tiioner of Lands and Worki* for a syecial license to cutund csirry away timber from the  following described lands, situate on Boundary Creek, and about uiuc miles from Kooie  nay Kiver in the West Kootenaj District:  Commencins at u post on Hie north side o��  Boundary Creek marked "K. Malhinduinc,  Jr.'s">N. W. corner, thence south -IU ebuius,  thence east 160 chains', thenee north 40chains,  thenee west 1C0 chains to place uf eoinnicnce-  ment.  E. WA LbANUAIXE, Jh.  Creston, 15.C, Atigust 17th. IMS.  Ce.rtiFicat* of Improvements.  Rein.blic and Uepubll& Fraction Jllneral  Claims, situate in the Xelson Siinitig Division  of West ICoutenay."District.-   .0  'Whore located: Between ^19 and Eagle  Creeks. -' -. '  ��� Tiikc notice tliat I. Chnrles \\. Busk, acting  ���i.��:ijrpnt lor Arthur Pera-ys, Free Miter's Jer-  -Eiticutc No,"H.iiS,J7l, intend sixty days from  ilie (l.iti* i'.fli'ooi'l<V apply to the Mining lie-  'liinclei-. f'>i-_Ci-i-t:licntea i.if,Improvcmeiits for  tlio purpose or obtaining    C'rdvvii~(3rahtS'^o"r|'  the-'abuve claims. -��� -   |  7  am\ jurthifi- luke nntk-c. that action under  Section S7 innst be commenced before the is-  'suaiicu'of sucii C>.<i-tillci! tes of 1111 proveiiieuls.  i>atcd this lath SeptLLiiber, ia��.  Ch.\s. \V. Busk.  -"Certificate of Improvements.  Arolrcr, Gips)'' and Nelson Star Jlineral  Chiiiasi'situatu In theNclsoUAlliilng Division  of Wei;>.K��otc��i:iy dislTiut.  Where located : Seven miles went of Nelson, hulf-mlie north of railway, truck.  Tiike notice tl-.ntl, Cluirles W. Husk, actlng  as atiinu f��-r Arthur I'owyu, Free Miner's Uer-  iiticate>"o. II ,-4,171, intend sixty days from  the datelicrcot, .lonpjily 10 the Mlninj; Ke-  -cordcr. fur a i-litlcntcs ol ini|>i-<ivcmeiils, for  tlie purjxscoi obtain liy. Crown Urants ol'the  above epiim-s. "'  And further tJtke'nol.ica, that action under  Sect lot 1 '���'���" inr.st bo coiimieneed before the Issuance of sne-h ce.tl 'VciLles����f Im jtroveiueuts.  Dale-.l this lith acptumher. 1U0S.  ���        .    .   CltAS. W. Uusic.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Hurrah!  "Stop!"  "AVhat is your "business with me, sir?"  "I   have none a-t all;   this is merely  pleasure."  !   Thereupon,     "Broakhorsfc     Thickncck  ^���Iffsa. the famous bouldcT-jshaped hahE.-  Emcrald No. 2 Mineral Claim, situate ln  the N'elsou Mining Division ofWestKooteuay  District.  Where located : Attbefuinmllnl the head  of 49 and Summit Cre<ks, udjuinlng the  abandon  Mineral  elaSul.  Take notice that I, JJecinald M. Maedon.  aid, Free Miner's tcrtilleate No. B38.4U5,  ���intend '��� sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to thcMlnl!ig/,ltccordvr for  a ccrtlilcatu of improvements, for the pur-  pose of obtaining a Crowu grnut of the above  claim.  And further take notice -thaV action, un-  dftr section  HT, must Im; commenced   before  the issuance ot sueli ���eortiiiCaiU! of in��i)rove  meuts.  Dated this 17th day of July. A.TX 1903.  B. SI. ^IACDO.VAI.J).  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  ���'. Triscy V M>tiernl Claim, situate In the  Nelson Mining .Division .of West Kootctiay  1'If.trlet. o "  Wliere loealeuj On Rest CrCek, a tributary  ofthelCortli t''ork oi'Sdliiion lllver.  Tuko notiCHtliut 1,.I oh 11 Me atehie. nctlng  us airent foi- .luruen 3S:��r;��<-t- Mael-arcn,  Free Mlnei-K Orllflt-at�� Ko. 1171,7(11. and Kd-  niutid D.SeWL'H. l'"Tee.Minor's (iTtitif-ate Ko.  K71.701. Intend, sixty days from tlie datohere-  of, to urpl.v lo tiie Srinlny Iteco; der for a Cer-  tlflcatc ol' Iinjiro-vi-miTiti*, for fhe purpose of  obtaining a L'rown Guuit ofitc sib< ve claim.  And further takcvaoUcelhut action, under  section 'Al. mxifi 1>"; eomtuonced before tlie la-  suancoofsucli Cert lilwitc of Improvements.  Dated ibis 27th <lay of Jn ly. -A. P. 1903.  John jicLatchib.  Notice  Notice is hereby given' that -30 days after  date I Intend to apply lo the Cliief Conimis-  sioner of Lands und Works for. 11 special license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described lands, "ituutu on liound-_  ary Creek, about nine miles west Jrom the  Kootenay Klver, In the We��t Kootenay District. Commencing at a post;on the north  side of Boundary Creek, .marked "K. O. Little's" N. E. corner post, thence south 40  chains, theuce west KiO cliaius, thenee north  40chains, thence cast to place of commencement 160 chains.  V. G. Little.  Creston, B. C, August 17th, ISO*.  Notice  Notice is hereby given that'30 flays after  dale 1 intend to apply to the Chief Couimis-  sioncrofLnndsaiul Works fora-speciul license  to cut and carry avay. timber from the following described lands sltiuitci on -itonudnry  Creek, about, six miles from the.Kootenay  Kiver in West Kootenaj- District. Commencing u'tu post on the north side of boundary  Creekinarked -'A ..S..Farqi��har.son's," JM. K.  comer post, thence south-8U chains,-thenee  west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  east SO chains to place of commencement.  " A. B. FamuthaksoN.  Creston, B. C. Aug. 17tli, 1003.  Land Application  Sixty days after date, I intend to npply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for the following land:.. Commencing .at  post atthe .north-west corner,of lot 8:55. G:i  Kootenay District,'thenee'due west 40 chainsl  thence south 40 chains, thence east- 40 chains,,  thenee north along west boundary of lot 835  OI, to point of commencement, containing  180 acres. M. E. Fletchek.  Nelson, 25th July. 1903.  Mortgage Sale  Under, and by virtue of the powers contained in a certain mortgage, whicii will be  produced at tlie time of sale, there will be offered for sale by public auction by C. A. Wa't-  crnian it Co., at their nflices in the K.-W.-C.  Block. 'Baker Street, Nelson, il. C, ou Tuesday, the sixth day of October,- 1003,  at the hour of 12 o'clock noon, the  following property: All und singular those  certain parcels or tracts of land and premises situate In the Province of British Columbia, und being composed of Lots numbered  tblrteen(lX) and fourteen (14), in Block numbered thirty-nine (S��). subdivision of Lot uum-  bered one hundred and tifty (150) Group One  (1), West Division of Kootenay District, according to plan three hundred and forty-nine  (S4U). This property la situate ���. on, the  corner of Houston and Stunley streets, and  has erected thereon a dwelling-house.   '   "  Kor terms aud conditions of sale apply to  -      MACDO51AL.U<fc.l01IS3OS.V  Holleltors for Mortgasees.  Dated this nineteenth day ofSeptcmber, 1903  Corporation of the City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Electric light rates for tlie month nfScptem-  bcrure now due and payable at the City of-  ilcex.If jjild on or before the lotli October, a  dlscouiitol'lO per ceut will be allowed.  By ordi-r,  Li.C.McMORlttS  City Clerk.  Neteon. October 1,1MB.  New Fall Goods Just Arrived  '- 100 Pieces of Fancy Flannelettes, suitable for Ladies' Shirtand Blouse Waists, Wrappers and Children's Dresses, worth . 20c.  Sale price, 12 j/��c. New White nnd Grey Saxony Wool Blankets, o'd sizes and qualities. New Wool Comforters and Eider Down  Quilts. New Table Covers, Portierres and Curtains, new Table Linens, Towels and Sheetings, new Laces, Ribbons, Gloves and  Dress Trimmings. ,  Barpins in Rugs, AH Squares, Oilcloffis, llnelenois, lace Cispiaiiis  1%^/%%^/^^^  BURNS   BLOCK,  BAKER STREET  $7.50 PER TON,  ^ DELIVERED  AU orders nmst be accompanied "by cash: and shoTLld..be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the cflBce of - ���'..-.',"  W. P. TiERNEY, GENERAL -A&CN.T  Ko*w is"tlie Time to pick ycur Carpets ?nd Linoleums.;.jiiBt beforehonse-cleaii  'ing.     "We carry ayery/.large assortment', r-attems, very latest; .See"our Go  ranging in prices from $S.C0 to $c0.0Q. -i, ,AZ"A:'  Furniture Dealers and   Undertakers  &&__������  \ \^^'t^^";:^p/ <^^^^"^  EXCKSI0XBATE8  ProyinGJa  Exhibition  KOOTENAY    . . ;  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  ,n Tea and Coffee  Dealers  Sondou,"   Robson,   Sloran   *lfi.55   : S17.20   ........818.23   S19.K5  Gorporation ofthe Ciiy of Kelson  "    Water Rates Notice  AVatflr nitcH for the qn:irter en-lln? Decfiin-  lier3l, 1903, ure due ami iisiyjiliV-a' tlio city or-  ttce on Tlmrsdiiy, Outobtr Int.   It" piiltf on or  before Um I5tliucl. si dl8<niu!t or 10 (wr'cent.  will be allowed.   Jf not v>aid tin or before Out.  :ilHt tlie servlco will be discontinue d.  By order.  D.C. MvMUBRIS.  '���.-'-���. CityClerlt.  Nelson.October 1.190:!.  Nice oH man���<5ood learem, , bojr!  Are you srooldngT Muggs���Me smokin't  Gay, de T��ry' snapldoa oaltl me t' do  auiek. Why, Fro just fceapta* dis butt  ugbted in mm ae guy wlvo droppctl it  Belling. Dates  September 26, 27, 28  '   -��� Eeturu Limit  October 5  'Rates from Principal Points  Nelson,    Kuslo,  "City.  "...  Rossland, Trail.  GcaudKorkn....  (jj-oenwood   Corresponding Kntestrom All Stations in'the  Kootenay  ' Tl>rough CoaclVes aiid'Sleepers will bo run  from Arrowhead.      ���  .;     - - ':.  ,    Keserve berths throwgli local agents.  Victoria Exhibition Oct< 6*10  AVcstmlnsler tickets will be extended 8  diiys on payment fure Vaiicouvcr or Westminster to Victoria and return.  .For complete information, write  J. S. CARTER. K.J.cnyt,B.  Uist.Pass. Agt., A. G. P. A.  Nelson. Vaoeouver  JOHN  MQlAt'CHiE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. B C. Customs House, Nelson,  WADDS BROS.  PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET. NELSON, 8, C  \\re nTe offering at lowest prices the best  . grades ol Ceylou, India, Chiua and Japan  1 Teas.  OurlJesl Mocha and Java (Joflee per  pound....... S  40  Mocha and Java Blend,.3 pounds.....  Choice filendCoffee,4 pounds..���  Special Ulend Coffee,6 pounds   Uio TSIcnd Coffee, 0 pounds   Special Hlend Ceylon x'ea, per p->und  100  100  100  100  30  A TaiAL ORDER SOL'CiTE*D-  KOOTENAY COFFEE^CO.  Telephone 177. : ;  P. 6. Box 182.  WEST    BAKER   STREET,   NELSON  For Sale  $1500���Seven-rooined house and  two lots in good position. Terms,  small cash-deposit, balance monthly  payments.  $900���Two-storey house and lot  ' on O bservatory street.    Car passes  the'bouse.    Terms, small caih de-  positT^Balance "ioffln^paj'mefftsr  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  ATENTS  For Rent  "$io.oo��� Four-ropnied cottage on  Stanley street,-next to the corner ol  Observatory street.  $8.00���Four-roomed cottage on  the corner of Ward and Gore  lffeetsr"==^==i'1"^="'~~"   == a-7- : - h^=.=.  Trade Marks  Designs  ... - Copyrights &c  Anvone sending a sketch and description mnr  qnlclcly ascertain our opinion free vrliethcr an  Invention ia probably patentable. Commuiilca.  tioac strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent!  sent f reo Oldest apency for securing patents.  Patents token throuRlt Munn & Co. receive  tyeeiat notice, without charge. In the   "  A nnndsomely jllnstrated weekly. Lnreeat clr-  citlutimi of any scientific journal. Terms. $3 a  yeiir: tour months. $L Sold by all aewsdealerii.  MUNN &CQ.3e,B���d^Nsw York  Branch Office. ��35 5" St, WashingtoD, D. C  CERTIFICATE OF IM7R0VEHEMTS.  lloj-nl    Real  jind Hoyal  Charier   Jlineral i  ClalwB". .ciliiiite in the NeN'on Sliniujj Division  orWest Kootenay Distrirt.  Wliero    lncateil:   Between  40   and Engle  Creeks.  Take noliee thnt I, Robert Scott I.cnnlc. art-  iu^sia iigvnt for M.' S. liavyn. Kive Miiier'n  CertilU-nte No lUiii.:!3-i, nml - Alfriv! llnnh.'r,  Frep-'Miwr's CVniti'-ate >>"i>. I;8H,7C4. hitDiul  [Rlxt-v jUi.vb f) onr tne date henot, toiipnly toi  j thuiliniiifi KetorA-r'ffir Certiflcates nl' Im-!  yirnvemeiU.*. fi;r   tin*   |>urp"se or-obtnluing'  Aul further t�� Ice hotlee, thnt action under  Hi-% tion 37 must in- lommenwd before the is*  -���unuoe nfsa :li Cjrsi.i7iiteJ orimp/ovoiUtinU.  D.itea this lStb Av.gust, 1903.  il. S. Lexshi  Bartlett House  (Formerly Clarke House)  The besl SI per dtiy bouse in Nelson.  None but while help employed.    The bar  'li e best.  G. \N.   Bartlett,   Prop  Mortgage ?ale  Uurler and by; virtue of the powers 1:011-  t iltiotl in a eertiiin moitguiu v iiieli will l>c  prcxlneed nt the time ol wile, there will I.n  ulJiTi-d for sale by publteiittctlon by C. A.  W'aterninn &di., ut tlieir offices in tins K.-W".-  0. B uek, Kjik.r street. Kelson, IJ. Com  Ttu'KCluy. the siNtli tiny of 1 mt-ber, 19l��, :it  the Hour uf one l>. m..tlie lollowing property :  All mid singular those cerUiin parut-ls nr  tniets of land "and prviniscs situate in the  l'mvluce of UritiKh- Coliiinbln. bein:; iy>in-  l��is��-d ��;f lots seven (7) and night (S), in block  thirty (&���). city of Nelson. itecuriliniMo the of-  tleiul plan or isurvey, subdivision tot ninet.--  tiye(S5). <jrnupone(l).K.ii<>tenayDistrict. This  property is si tun te on stun ley street, belwecu  Hilii-a i��nd OnlM>n��le. ���  >"or terms and ennrliMons r.tsnie apply '.0  JlACDOS\T,r> & JoiINSlIN,  Mol uiti'i-.- ior Morts-i^ves.  Patcd this twer.ty -third day of Srptmubor,  liast.  ���vOSS.  Merchant Taifory  T/cmoni Blk�� Baker St, Nelson-  ��� r


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