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The Nelson Economist Oct 25, 1902

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Array __ ���-r-jy  ^fyXn     ^�����.>iiw7^r"wi,17i^iiii>w*wft,..  ji^rnawistdSwswM^KTi^iwjSnm^^  r-.i'wSri*���*^  m��i*mi<��iIi��rt^W��w��atifc��t��i  ht^W-^WV^^SW  ^,mSo^.��*ir��W^-���'  r; '��r_?*  4  1  I  ;: 4"  \5H  s5_a  -=-,-- -o  aaa���.  ��^>., IWI,..^*,  OL V!.  ELSON, B. C, SATURDAY,OCTOBER 25, 1902  NO. 15  ESTABLISHED  FRTABLISHED 1890  ���j&v?  l__^.=.f;_  J3B��Sp  [����19  " ������;*��  t^_3-  Two Ways of Making Money  One Way is to get a Job jn the  int.  A Better Way is to Buy Goods  at My Store.  The man who makes money in the mint has  only daily w*ges to show for his  efforts  but  the party who buys frqm me still  has   money  in the bank.    It isn't difficult to make moiieyl  The jeweller is a fixture in the community and  he hopes to make money of V e  same  people.  Therefore a big part of his earnings is his gain  in reputation and he does well to sell the kind  of goods which will farthest  advauee him  in  the good opinio:i of his  community.    I have  nothing but the best and invite all to call and  inspect.    Fail goods  are  arriving and everything is up to date.  ' " ��� --������ ~"^^ *W**fr*��W*  'z:AZAAA:yAz:yA:AAzyzAyyAl ...r:.r:.rr.:rr:::r.::,.uJ-.^-  ~~~~Z^T*\ m>^>m>m\C^ff^f^ffif^Eiffi^  Si  1'%^, C7  ��_.\jtJj  -���'  -m*^  tv ,pH~t j?Sj  r��-3_.,  :"s%frsr  : rS_|M&  tm  <&>i mff.  Hit  " W-X  "��^3jfcl  ���^TP  *    \      ^    "r.  t its  x^ftijj  4 ffj*~~ X*..  ^m  ��JKj f-fw  yp*  ���^'���  7.5",     _fc,t,*a_  reft  Ay  **���  *���Ja^  "^a.  pftl  �� f <  |J||  z* m \ v  ���a  i(W&Ss3k  >   V v^"    >  ^  *   p-^t  u & ~, -pM  a'f,���'"kL  ���>   -,-ate  ���*-��ffl  F_RctS  Mi  ?'- C.O  ^  ��kCt?  ,----      k-_.     ~  1 "��tb  SptfT T^aSsT"''  1            * V  ^A*y  *Aa\:%  . ���' *  "    'J  ^t   * t"'*  ��� ,J)s',_[  &* J  ":v"'  f <1  'Ay  M��  -V  ,4  S__j3^^_?^_iS  *    1   ���  y      "a  ,^  "a.-\\.:'  AtS  l&Sr���fi!  "���-a  V/*  .  "-,\  V  <r,   ���'  .i,J  ^��V.��1  '^1  ,a"a_  ., r*'  ��  tt��  \ '!  '''.'   H*!  * tt  M ,v be' made profitable and enjoyable if you are supplied with> RE AD-  ^r MATTER of an interesting character. WE HAVE, THE  LOOKS til the prices asked are bargain prlCes.  \_,  \ai  3S^/  'K&ajjS'  VMRD AW BAUER STREETS, NELSOM  ^  fHK"'  ,- .fJw*w.ti(_^��ffigjftj  >    nk-  O) I  ��,Hl��k.f ,,����T>tl��fjl^������V*rt"i<  ,    ax  ,jf, 'Ay**,**  **>  !'l?,,rrf��fl��w  ^WWWMwa.^^   .k.kk������ww��.mr.��w��"^w"*?1rw","  f .       k w .| S   |   ,  i      I ,. ,      �� a,       '<    * ,1" il   �� |, A  ,   ��� 4k, k*a,>��� -**h h1*"'  llii  it  ,^,��.�� ^k. ,��,��,���., .��l,,A��a,��   �� ,.,l,r��k��M>,<a.7"<    VO,,^,,,,,      ^ ,     ,y   ill '       y ,        ^  H,.,,!,      ,,��� ,.(    ,        (l(,,k���, .���   ^,,4|.w> ..,����     /-hi-    )��.��   ,U|HlsW("j|"'WSl'V'��'>'��lHir,1ilfl|      H ,��   ��   ,,    , -,     ,    ,k,| I, (j,      (      ,((     h  .   ,.      ,   ':;   ' .�� -,v , ^'   ,    ,-V- ��    ! ��� . <v %": :! . *   ..1.' *<m ������. "' ���  ^  ��'���..,'  M"..,.'h     m    "*r;v ���,.,'"','       A'Z   A ^   h     i   '.    ����" o  *���."      , ,!'    *��,  i','"r  ' ��� '  |r T  S.        ' '    .t,'1   " '    v    Ji    <���*      '' *7.V    ' i. ' ,'r    '.)' 'V1>7.|��' 3i}" i  i  III  'It.  4k  ���S1), k  I'M ^-��,St_kksi_  _ rtr,^_-_  'i?ev.:.-~i ���'���-���;���  2t~&<Gi**  '%&*pll$Z*i^f~r*A~ k^^^kk^T^ikTaH^a^iiB^Bgk^^d^^^^^  .JS���"-  HI  A  wm-  lifj-.  ���* *. A' i  ft      -7   ���  &Ai-  111:  its  ]j04o::>--������"��� ���"���������' 'v  fefcHi'-;:;,.-. 0:0:0.:  l!M|sa:;a'o:.;7o;:.:o:  i��i^aoo>i;o  |||;|707S-,av7:o-  [|.->st-'"Ti'';"^oia.;���r-::-P.'  py'A.AZAZ  WW^A'A/ZA -A  �����?*lfi;-$7?r:  aoO.,0-:. 7  Hft'.kt *r 7-.^'.;'.;,  ���3����ft S>i-.1 .  Ill"  i*;a  Ptf1��iov* '7.,K7,. ���77.-.. o:/  ��;l  707  E ��Bi"ik_?fc..'ffl..   -i     ,--  fea;  Special Quotatians for  Dmpsand Mines  Special Values in  Canned Goods and Butter  Large Stock of Assorted Fresh  Groceries Always on Hand  All Orders  Promptly filled  fi  m  roce ry  Ll C?w  el son  .'. '0-1  - "S  a  < i A  BREAD, PASTRY, CAN DIES ALWAYS ON HAND  WEDDING CAKES MADE TO ORDER.  *'  *i  'i <  11  , j  ,11/  $6.75 PER TON,  DELIVERED  1, *       ���  All orders must be aocompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  fi. lH  I*1 'fij  P. TIERNEY, GEN  EOT.  xz>ry  II  )' 13  a  111  ��  M  ,  /���WW-    vf*  Aifil'l nrf.w)fc     t n fiW-i  (c^ n n ffft i?�� n n  1        T c*.%  i"..  11    1 ). <  ���oots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  UEELAP3D8' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  ��  J,asrQ  ^M*  Q)  ttUaiW    '  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house ana  one three-room hottae  for rent.  Three  dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  One Lot on    Stanley   street,   opposite Royal cgf<?f��  AfivlLv  Hotel Tor sale at a Wain. *2)\L,IL im  ft  r I'  r  #���  ����h��*ifiWrf^ri��M*kd��i^fr��!!*'Hlt)0-^(?|t''-,'A 1. Ml   .    .A ,.     .  ,   -V    >. ...,��     ....  If. 3f-   - SA-iSA  Sk  ^^^l.aV'^��-,^^4^W^^���������^��V^.^���^^^l^'TW^  . ^��^ ,��Kui<<,*jTW>*t.   T*w-r~���-KilJ  ���'^���^w^feajt-iiaAw^-wiw.  �����^ Hk^  *��tl ..-7^^  7j   <H7    -kH"^  ���*  �����  !  -J  1  I  t  -J  ,   ''   '3  !*&*.& 1  is.-*"?  l-W\.e��F,ttH_  1st ��� i"  *3i  ��<��''. ��*a  �����"i'-,"7.i  f^gM  reel  i ^  VOL. VI.  THB.NKr.SON   ECONOMIST   rs    rsstmo  kvkry Saturday.   Subscription :   $2 oo  I'HR    ANNUM;   IP PAID.U.    ADVANCE, *i .50  CORRESPONDENCE OF   GENERAI.   INTEREST  RBSPECTEUI.t.Y SOLICITED.   ONLY ARTrCI.ES  OK  MERIT Witt BE ADVERTISED   IN THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OPREADERS  Witt   BE    CAREFUttY    GUARDED   AGAINST  IRRESPONSIBLE   PERSONS  AND    WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  ^f^^^^^^^^^^  ��r?��3��'  *M  EDITORIAL COMMENT  0  *"%��**  r~\UR graceful  premier has   returned   from  ^    his   trip   to London and Paris, nas been  met- by an'enthusiastic  crowd and   tendered  an uproarious welcome home.to Quebec.   This  h all right.    Everyone is   pleased to see Sir  Wilfrid.    He is an awfully nice fellow.   What  if his irresolution did prevent anything being  done at the Colonial   Conference?    What  if  i>is   views  on  ancient history   were  a   little  cloud-like, and his historical allusions a little  t.-mgled?    His manners are gentlemanly, our  Dlk at home derive pleasure from the sight of  ii Frenchman representing a part of the British   K,np��re���if. seems  a happy   augury   for  Nnuh Africa, you know, so we must, not men.  '">, and mu��t forget   as soon   as we can the  'inle things that disappointed us at first.  Hut in spite of the fraternal greetings of old  |i<'ehen, poor   Sir Wilfrid   has  one   back to  , ":i,,,s trouble.   Israel has been nasty to the  '"'lo  fellows   and  Wflfrid  has"-had to inter-"  v"o.    Clifford   is in open   mutiny and   two  '"'"���euro grumbling deeply about   the "new"  ^���"Hmanship of  Israel-it'* a little like the  "���yl'l'l^maoy we   have  heard   ���omethingof  ���'"���'.v-    lhe old   diplomacy, consisted in con-  "���y.ng definite intimations in inoffensive Jan-  '���'����, it is so much more manly and straight-'  ;'"���'�����     ll>en Id statesmanship regarded the  "��>' ��f a party as something   to be  remem-  "!"��vo��� between campaigns,  and   when a  !,��K�� H.etned imperative, it should b., made  "'-"���ately and with a  great mnrshalling of  -'">�����    I he new statesmanship i���   Canada  ��^�� in sounding the electorate constantly  , l||,l"Hing front   whenever expedient     If  'J '��������'. worilB have to   be  eaten, one must'  1111 distaste at tho swallowing  ,U>r Wilfrid left   Canada some months  ago  I     !,;"' "'������a--vory vagi,-,,,, course, but   still  >   -   -Unit tho party he loads (?) was   still  ',}   ��� ��K to substitute   Free   Trade   for   the  1'""���� HyHt��m of  Protection"   (,t  silver  11 lln.L     ,i    I *  to find himself _till "ie3_det���_ .   ~        ~~  -istnart.Dl    u ,e*��er ���of a Protection-  Pieci and  1�� m��� !earn a "*?>��� new set of  hU Ineset n r" ^ ^^ de"�����ations of  -indyth"eque8tfon7ia:   1   ^ '    " *���  are we  and ,h!        ''      Pfefer  to  say,'Here  "lblm.v��       Ierey��"*T*>">  which   is about  ^e only one of  his  old   witty sp;eches   that  changed       rePeUti0n   ����"   ��"   �����   -  miVrin ^^ CaS6' S,'r W,,Hd ; y��u hftve ���*  mo t 6 ncere sympathy, but you needed Israel  in jour business, so yoo. must   p*v   the p.ice  Remember Icrapl'a  ^���,��� 7 ���       p"*���  ba��i.����"     / . "otto, " Business is  IhZZ' ^ the 8h0t Hke   lhe ��"cefal  little man we have always thought you.  NO 15.  m\i*i  t'tt 'fill.  h  I  11  fi  ,b\<  j iRvistly   nuisance   sometimes, the  1  '-'"a way of lasting).    Ho  came   back  8, l>0  5  isjfi    ,    n'   i'    8rae'  Tarle'  from AuK^t,  896    to  October,  1902, Minister  os   rubiio  '  Work, m the Liberal   Cabinet, ha,  resigned^  hy request. s      ��  We don't feel like writing his  obituary ;a  a���dra rl? tician" ��f Mr- t"* -"bf  and w.th hw peculiar strength among his own  people, cannot be considered dead politicly  We don t care to disguise the fact that w*e'  are pleased; we have no more contempt for  Israel than for any of the others of our u^oue  government, but we hope that he will 1.  a -ve  ong enough  to make things interesting  1 il%- revv-|ea?,yCt fr��m * gerieral ele��tion un  lessS.r Wind's  majority disappears |a- the  ,  meantime. "  It seems to be growing  fashionable for ��m.  ;b, ,ous ministers to play  for  sensational dis-  ' *,u W*Tememh*r �� minister who was  ousted by the combined efforts ,f a Cabinet  and a L.euteuant-Governor and called to the  prem.erehip within six months by the same  Lieutenant-Governor. .However, the Evrl of  Mint., is not likely to emulate our Mr. Mc-  In lies.  The most amusing thing in connection with  it all is the comment of the Liberal press, thev  are 8o anxious to assert early and  oft^n^   that  the Liberal party will not be   weakened,    We  are not prophet,, we'll   let   the future  decide  that, but since Sir Wilfrid took office  we have  noticed that all   Conservative criticism of the  delay and inertia of the cabinet has been answered by  reference   to    the   activity   of Mr  lane.    Our   opinion   of   Mr.   Tarte   is   not  changed ���t all  by  his retirement   from office  We have never been able to recognise his ability other than as an organizer for QlIebec fin  wb.ch capacity  ho served   the   Conservatives  or many years), hut wd do not heriute to 8,y  that since Sir David   Mills   retired, Mr  Tarte  haHBtoodfor.all the energy �����d uhility"in tho  cabinet; of   course   this   is not   very   g._a.  Praise, it is   very   ea" v^TT ~~~~~  fishes. y      8y  to be a god of little  Peopie are prone  to  mistnl��� a  terest for fame and uLZ!   ���    .drarnat^ i"  nition of abflit.      A   fl ^"-"J*' recog-;  t^ony Hope wrV'e \ ZTl^ ^ &%  bero was a poIiticiarl pTs^d oTtl  "^  to fascinate   public in Writ     r- P��Wer  were   rash   and    nn* Hls  m��asures  worse than ouelioT,7        Ul'    "��   ^hodA  ����u����u questionable, and h�� 1*a w  to ruin, but while he li^d I   I ff ^ Par,y  People were ever interested ^  t       ^ 8tngfe- ������  would say or do next      r! "^ Wfaafc b��  is not all uncommon     C.���'T^ *  Quisant��  British Columbia has one'", all  r���   k '    ,T tle,:-'  whom it is unnecessarv to   nam!  *"?*' ^ A  Country   has   two- 0.  *     "T��> ^ th�� Old   T  than ours, however.       "^ fa,S**  type \;  -ponsibUity,^^ XPffSM*^  we expect much diversion from  tl��   R   ^' -  rael.    We shall be a  little luro?   f ��D' Ie"  *k influence in bis nativ   ^21 ^ ?f   *  constitute a grave difficulty LJuf  d        ^  the Government. * remai. 8 of  The caption. "The Passing of 'Tar.e " i  h'��peful comment.    We h-J��       1*r,e��c ������� a     ,-,.  Liberal friends would ald,v    ����   d��Ubt ��Ur  ��-would only stay deagdddly  CaD��mZe hj���^  - 7  . r\J-rl  j  ^ * /j��i  >>j.U  *J"C  AM  *sijy&  'AAm  *a>a  "*   "���TKnw  ^*W*^^Wf��l��iWVW^^.l����*MV^  ^^^^^^^^^^m^ma^  ��!(,'," tTjkVV'*-  l\l   i  ',    A :,   '��: j*'   711?  V ,��� r %'   ''"    i-h  viucial politics. Brreh:V8e ^ ����' P-.  was for or against the Turner r, MWSPaPer  from '98 to lmthhsimp^ST^^'  Plicated by a furtherdi^^Sl---  ner papers into for *��*m��$JTJSZ  In July of 1900 this dividing l!���. Martm.  ter   and shorter  thai!   ^^^eteai8h-  World supported Mr. Martin   aU ^C<*���  1-dhim.  ^he   unanimU?^:^  as^l several months, and-wasfollo^rj  "turn to  government and   opuositinn    Z  present situation is probably^ a fi '    " '  are ^tinst both governmenfand "SoSS?  Ib British   Columbia to  find no Er  ��  save her fropn the misrule of the nresen,T  of politicians?    We shall not  ^ZZl>u   *  legislators who are not seekers of qpoiIs and  who are ���amr9ly ^^ <)f ^ Z> the  public welfare, but it is  years  sinJ ���    ���  Statpsmnnlilr..    ,���, / 'C0  tt  einB e  suiKsmanlike   utterance  has    been   r^aAAi  from the House.    We have   had ,0P����*d  ,ohe,nes madly debated Z     l:re   Tad  pi v"i':1' ;;.nww in��^ --true ���  policy.    In addition to auoh *li��/��.*,  ���        vwvu  nab oeen nothing hn���t  nnn.,.������        - �� ���  ����� 'j .i^    "\ , ,.:; /../     ; >a . ',��� . *:���.i ���<��� tt���  ' 7.,'^     -    '���, ��� ,"f-J1   "(  1.. '������>,  "f ll'lk  -7 i ti  ^  , >A  v'.;/  (,'-)*  '���i  , r^  *i wawfiH i  '*  a''*,  V   \\' "^SS^^p  ;==#-  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  iir.  1;  I  1  i  '���^ff*.-  m  m  if, v  'if ?;  If ,M  'if })*  ,.i.��  .*t  .i (i  >���  .  .1  f  aV  I'  ���  ���;���.,-   and  interminable recrimina  appropriations  ana  unci"' o  tions relating to them. _ d   ,  Au attempt has been made  to .de"��y j  bonds and to regenerate our pohucs oy  form  DUUU . ���      with   what ��� result r     * *ie  i��<y new   oarties.      Attn   wu**  parties   have   been   formed, but   are  capped at tbe out��* by the ,dherence ,  Sd^evil  element,  th,   P^*;"^^  politician       ����� A   rose   by ^     poll.  W��Uld tTs nuuitC whe^r^e path to them  ^^MF^��il, I^ependen, ^n^J-  . ���*   liberal      Party    names   are   eabiiv  r:0;a, tubi ,.,.��; -��.�� -^ -  similators. anyone  that  it is  ."���".���^KT  rip,Ub". dU*.- ��bo  ^. f"t^^^�� 3? |  .   bol national bankMp.cy ��m  .eloome banktopto. .���d  ,he sooner i  f..    The Province i�� naturally nob ana  u��  lym not  dissipate H.   ���'""���"  innately reached ,h. H.U     -^ ��  ,���. Ksr-anse anvone aounis me u��i��*  capacity, not because an) l)ecau8e   there  ral wealth of the country,  bit because  Is nl room to doubt as to the capapuy ol   our  governments. .    is.  Is there to be no effort to secu  ' lation and ..ne-dau^trauon   ant.1 our ti,.  ancial position makes it nnperat.ve ?  WhaT^e the next .ta,e   in oar ev^u-  .    ^      ^rstn-iil   eves  cosed  in   my--11  tion ?    Our edito.al   e>t  ^ _  trance already  see   fl-aim*     lh-i -  , ��,*  c��r!lf*   millions    ��*    fer11  cate���   forming   to betile   nn  rOLkS lo R     , ^.-    t ���    We   on V hope th tt  for the London   market.     \>t.  it will not be too hard.  FATE UP  TO DATE.  There are various ways of going  ���Out.of this realm terrene,  Some leave it hv the poison route,  S *me vanish'like a dream ;  What boots it whether a man would die  In bed or on his feet���-  The auto will get him anyhow  If he strolls across the street.  There wa? genial Grandpa Jackson,  He lived at the Old Man's Home,  j   And very rarely from its grounds  j       D,d he ever care to roam ;  |   But ����nce in a fit of abstraction,  j       He crossed  Fourteenth street,, where  j  The auto gentleman lined him  j       A million feet in air.  And Auniie Doleful Water?,  Who walked with a little limp  And carried a faded calico ha^  (Her dress was trimmed with  gimp)  One dav went out for exercise,  She was feeling rather spry���  Ba;. the churter man was aUo uus  A id auntie hit thesky.  '      Hfl^  li        it "k"U<��m��,_  " i i   *,,  'i        '        V  4   '     ' ,M.tf  4  It is only about twenty-rive yt-ars- since the  great Edward Blake referred to the mainland  of  British Columbia   as a   sea of   niountaiuB.  As a poetical description of the landscape tlie  expression was appropriate and pretty, but as  a description of the Country it was   about   as  enlightening as Rudyard  Kipling's   Lady   of   J  the Snows for the Dominion.    Mr. Blake's fig    i  ure of speech certainly  suggested inaccessibil-   |  ity, Mr.  Kipling's barrenne.-B.    Orators   and  poets   occasionally, make   mist ikes :     Manitoba's   production   bf   wheat   this   year has  taught the world   that evtn   in   the   snowiest  part of this snowy country there   is   sunshine  and heat enough to lipen   thw   best   grain   in  tlie world.    British Columbia has   long   been  icgarded as anything but a  barren   waste,   as  no exporter of   minerals  and  timber and fish  we have had a reputation for some time ; but  we   beliei e   that  some surprise will   still be  caused to the outside world,  even . in Eastern  Canada and���yes, perhaps   on   our own coist  -���when the news goes forth that at   Nelson in  the heart of the lofty Selkirks, four   thousand  feet above the sea, a fruit-growers' association  has been  fortnel  ami   it is   pr uvned   in   the  early future to ^nve an agricultural and horticultural exhibition of entirely local   products.  u A    sea   of   mountains ,'���-a   rich   mineral  held-   avd now  u Apple and  peach-tree, fruited dw,)),  Fair as a garden of the Loid."  i  I  Z.M.  A.��) HulB-M;argarttB.*nneit,  PI Lying one dav in the ball,  Wa, irundlin�� the little babj cart  Containing her blond.ne doll.  Alas for Lillie Mar^ar-t 1  Sh" crowed the street tbat day !  When they tried io��U.|�� the chuchu  man  He was f-rty niile-s away 1  And ohubbie Charlie Morton,  Alwny? so (��ay and free !  A��Hhink ofhi^liUlecurlv h.-ad  Th.?rea-rotearHinthoeye8��! me.  I   He w��b playing  we thought, on tWe Hidewulk,  1       A-* quiet a* any mouse,  Rut m��, looking out. hhw darling  Sail over George Honnonfly'R houifc.  There ure various ways of going  Out of the realm terrene,  But of all the way* of exit  The one especially mean  I, a bump by a thick-skulled chuf^r  And Hnftxitno very .iuick  That there isn't limeon the upward climb  To reach for your foe with a brick.  rn  HpHE   return   of   Premier   Dunsmuir  \m  4      aroused considerable curiosity as to the  next moven?i the   political  chess  board.   lu  certain quarters it is charged that the Premier  too*   broken faith  with Col.   Prior, to whom  he    promistd    he   would    resign   after  the  Coronation ceremotiie* and   recommend the  Uenienant-Governor to call in the Colonel It  I is no secret that d  the   Premier had notcun-  j  sented to this  arrangement, Col. Prior would  \  not.have come to the rescue of the Govern-  1  rnent.    Ki��w   the   Premier'^ refusal  to  keep  j   faith with the Colonel is cau*in$_: a  great deal  \  of-dU^Hti^fuciion amon^_ the latter gentleman's  J  political friend*. It in further alleged, however,  |  that the real   reason for   the   Premier's viola*  \ .uoivuf-his pron:_i>e h the refusal of Attorney-  j  General Eberts to consider the proposal for a  j  moment.     Tht*    Attorney-General   has am-  j  hmom* himself, and  with Coh Prior as'Pre-  I mkrMr. Eberts \%uuld not he able to carrv  t out his own dosign^ ; therefore, he is strongly  ] opposed to any  *?eh**m*s that will place Col  J   Prior in the position of leader.    Indted^it \$  \ ?aid Mr. Eberta hae eanvasged certain tneu*  bar* of-the Bullae to ttnd out what rapport be <  1. 'would receive were he called  on  to lead th��  \  Gnvermtienl.   In thi* connection it is pleasing  j' to note that Mr. Eberts has received very little  !;  encouragement.    It is   h��ld   that   Coh Prior j  .1   with all hb faultr*   would   be a  marked mv  \  provement on Mr. Kberti*.    The latter is in no  ;  vvhv fitted lt>r th�� position of leader of apart).  ;   lie i^complettdy licking in tlie qualifications  of a smccesrtful   politician.    There  18 a great  deal.of the ostrich about Mr. Eberta ; he hides  j  bin head in th�� bu^b and an long nB he cannot  i  h���� the huntMuan he i�� Hati^tied that he ba��  \  enc.iped the vigilance of   the  huntsman.   He  \   will at any time Hucrifice the support of fifty  j  friends to secure the doubtful support of one  \  enemy.    This i* bad politic*?, and has', left Mr.  EbertB  where he is to-day, without  one so  mean as to do him reverence.    But whatever  support he could hope for from the island, he  I  certainly cannot 'reasonably expect any assist*  1  ance from tbe mainland.    Here he hasplay^  |  no favorites in the matter of sacrifice, until it  1  in doubtful if there is one other member in the  j  llom-e who is as unpopular on  the ���mainland  j  an Mr, Eberts.    No one has any faith in hinj-  |  Almost any one else in this Province of freak  \   politicianH would he more  acceptable, to *  1  people as a leader of if Government than Hon- ~*  i   Dt M. Eberts.  \  I.-.  After Vonic.', Berlin Lai- mon, bring.'.*   than  any othfir pla(;�� in K"'"I>1>.  Mr  John 1-hilip *-"xu ��"'1   hiH   American  hand will arrive in 1-ondon in January.  ,���,.,��� Viotor����ill", J  Th(,r(. irt u�����th��r rumor   fro����� v     ,(    ������  tJliH ������o h��.��.h t�� h*v�� Bom. truj���        ^  thlllll combination ��'���� l*��"  *       Hcln^  (,oU Prior. Wm. Molnnen   II.^       ,a^  Hon. Mr. WollBftna   anothm  Kt*t��*" r  ... . 7    AA.  t��  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  Undoubtedly such a  combination  would   not  only dispose of party line.?, but also   frustrate  any design Mr. Eberts might have on the leadership.    In any events there is some  consolation in the thought that   the   present Government will Boon he out   of   business.    No kind  i.f a combination can  keep  it   alive,   and   for  this? reason the people of this Province should  .offer up prayers of  sincere thanksgiving.    It  may be that   the   next   Government   will    be  f.iually a* bad, but it certainly cannot be any  worse   than   the   aggregation   of   incapable*  about tu be swept into oblivion.  Some 600,000 bunches of Jamaican bananas  have been sent to England this year.  Lord Roberts was presented with a sword of  honor at Portsmouth on the 23rd inst.  Nelson hotels are  crowded   to their utmost  vMpacity.  BerlinVlast horse-drawn   tramway will be  withdrawn from (he streets Dec  1st  Mr. Marconi is testing several new inventions and improving the equipment of his stations.  Paris and   Copenhagen   will   be   placed  in  Aphonic   communication   with   each   other  i"xt month.  Province of Quebec��� butv this regret will in  some measure be compensated for by a perusal of " Donovan Pusha." Nothing better  gives an insight into the aim and merit of  this latest addition to literature than the following extract from the author's preface :  "The years went hy, and, four times visiting Egypt, at last, I began to write of her.  This is now five years ago. From time to  time the stories which I offer to the public in  this volume were given forth. It is iikelv that  the old Anglo Egyptian and the historical student may find some anachronisms and other  things to criticize ;.but the anachronisms are  deliberate, and even as in writitig of Canada  and Australia, which I know very well, I  have here, perhaps, sacrificed superficial exactness while trying to give the more intimate  meaning and spirit. I have never thought it  necessary to apologize for this disregard of  photographic accuracy,���that may be found  in iny note-books���and 1 shall not begin to  do so now. I shall be sufficiently grateful if  this series of tales does no more than make  ready the way for the novel" of Egyptian life  on which I have been working for some years.  It is an avant courier. I hope, however, that  it may be welcomed for its own sake."  ''Donovan Pasha "is now on sale at the  Canada Drug <fe Book Co.'s (Limited) ttore,  Nelson.  The London County Council spent $50,-  000,000 last year���an expenditure greater  than that of many small European States.  There has been an increase of ��6S0,000 in  ��i��' Italian treasury returns during the last  'iree months.  The C. P   R.  is  making  provision   for in-  "ased tourist travel for next season.  Dissensions on the Home Rule question  have caused tt split in the Edinburgh Central  Division Advanced Liberal Association.  Al St. Andrew's University last Wednesday  lb*. Carnegie was arrayed in  the official rohes  bord Rector.  It is rumored that several officers of the  Imperial Guard have heen arrested for conspiracy against the Czar.  ���.'..)-., i'.l *,,.;:���  %mz  Mi  London doctors declare that a mild form of  mlucnza is largely responsible for the present  pideinic of illness.  AMA  '/5'in.i.:\  vy'H'v-.i  ,"VA7,:0;i,  '��nl Methuen's advice to the Boer generals  '"''trope is to go back to South   Africa   and  v (��n British  generosity.  Donovan Pasha and Some People of  ji:. H " iB the latest work from the pen of that  |is,i"tfuished   Canadian  novelist, Sir Gilbert  y  The African general service medal is to be  granted to all the Imperial "and Colonial  forces who were employed in tbe Aro and  Lango expedition.  Mr. David Wilson, who has just returned  from a trip over the -.Crow's Nest line, expresses the belief that Morris?oy is the coming  centre of the coal region,  .JH  Kcv.  rp  I *4  between J  nd **  The   book    has   been   lately   issued  n!n  Ihe presses   of  The   Copp,   Clark   Co.,  111ted, Toronto, and is printed on fine paper  !!ni)i  I clear type. It was with some regret  )''^ 'inadian people read in the preface to  |n,��' Right of Way" that Sir Gilbert had de-  I1,',' h> abandon the field in which he had  jhieved so much success ���tbe literature of the  J  The business of Fred. Irvine & Co. has  grown to that extent that it has been found  necessary to secure larger quarters, so arrangements have been made for the store in the  Burns block, formerly occupied by the Imperial Bank. This place in being fitted up for  occupancy within a few weeks. This will give  Fred. Irvine & Co. the finest dry goods store  building in the interior of British Columbia,  and will better enable this   firm  to  maintain  i'ts position   as one of the  leading dry   goods  houses of the Province.  Jacob Dover has returned from a three-  weeks' tour through tbe east, looking out for  the latest things in the jewellery line.  A general revival in business is noted  throughout the whole Province of British Columbia.  The New Zealand Government has accepted  the New Zealand aud South African Steamship Company's tender for the new South Ai-  rican service.  It  rp  The Old Great Man" is the new title  gtven to the late Mr. VV. E. Gladstone hy an  Italian newspaper in an article on the English Liberal puny. *  The British Government has purchased the  ancient border home of the Elliots at Stubs  Castle, near Hawick, for the purpose of  military camp.  a  "No compromise," the challenge of the  British Liberals on the Education bill, will  be met by "No surrender >? as the battle cry  ol the other side of the House.  The visiting  United Slates   generals   have  gendered Earl Roberts  an   invitation   to   the  United States, and he has   told  them that he  has partly decided to accept.  The British Admiralty have decided that in  future 27-knoi destroyers shall carry only one  torpedo tube instead of two, and first-class  torpedo boats only three torpedo tubes instead of five. .     '  George H. Ham, the literary man of the  C. P. R., will reach Nelson next week.  George is going about on crutches as the result of an accident at New Westminster, when  he strained the tendons in one foot, while aiding and abetting the Shamrock Lacrosse  team.  Manager Anna hie has secured several pood  attractions for November. The Georgie Harper company is included in the list for a  week's engagement.  A ping pong tournament in aid ofthe pub-  lie library will be held on the 11th, 12th and  13th of November.  * 4,Wt��W*Ww^ M^fW-WW-***'"^ ** 1*"^  .   frf^+l|.?**^KTfl*,*'J1��******J*W'  ���m!K^^,^T^^rr^r^'^^A^u ""' " v'''"* - >'  A  1! * Ai   % -       . ��       .i),   ' �� .    k     , iv  it      i 17 '���' ���  t�� <>  'Mr'    '        'A' ��,l, '        \}1\\     ,  f'-lH'1  .,(      .   t   ��� f       i>        ���  ",!'("     '  ,��� ,���^��  ii. "  4  ,"'  &  jr-  r--  1-,-  9    ���  s. -  $ k,  .. rpr..-- k -v?.  - zzAyyyyA'  "-?   ~%>��^������'=W&e��.  kk^mk-iT,. r,-^,-^ aa,<  -HPtf:  11:' -��Z&^^^1  air'-   i���fe^*���3��W'1_te8!,2**a35--  fi* *"*rT'r*3BSfl:-?3SS  ���&s  ���M  ism  Ma  fejr*  mt  Tmi  Mi  f *?*  J0T iiWWPIWWWW-biJ1 < nfnt)  ,'tfi  b  If* 1  I 6 i   '  t >  ��    .k|  1  11  "I r     \  ,        '      IU 'II ' �����!        I     U ,lf : ^ yjrfe.-aW!aigWfgW^  4^��S>0*beV*S1,��E  w;  ��&  &.tu  k:ii  II  lis  AM  (   o  I  '1 '���-  I"   \  t��e nelson':e::onomist  A CODE OF SIGNALS.  ks��,  1  (E0PLE tell me because I - ��r ty��g*.  *     unmarried and wear ^^^^  not be interested in youn, h,~��.    Ne^  les., I am interested in them and  pBct to be. flanked   by two  we'";:,; rt ..��-�����. !���  a   beautiful   girl   appeared   and  handkerchief to him. Boh  T am not curious   at   all.    -W>  or something of ^^^ that it had  tS t     h - the window all the  ^evening for fear of ��!������� tJ.      * ^  sage.    Nothing appeared till after d      ,  a candle wa, left   burning on   th    ��     ^  young lady's window-I sbal   ca^  No. 3 and tW other  house^o. .for ^  hour.    It went out suddenly,  and  bed* A    n Kaj ,vi��s��d about 9 o'clock.  The Bret sign-1 had pa-a.i  m.      ,   _    ihe. next   morning   i   oe=��"        j  Therefore,   the  n�� lhft  clocU  Watch a few miuuus be ��� n. J.  rttuck tne hour tiw b ^  wil!dews.    She  appeared  at   their ^r . ^   - iece nf pa,le-  looked troubled and  l.H t    I       I _ .  board on which wa, wr.ue., ��>'.���  TarkatU  p.ni��� ()i   un  , . This was surely the unit a nd   1 ^  *      Thp man* aH  fc-oon a.. ��*^  elopement.    Ihe ma t.lomme..t   i  me,sage, looked-u,    -an ^ViBed U)ii  once!    To-night will ten.  dow will show a light. _    .  w did -how   i  I was not mistaken.    Tne win^�� ��� ;  .   i,n- two   and thoj  ��lK "       i  a light���not one, M. t��   ,  red- ���      i   .,w-,ned the cypher me*-   j  In the morning I   Awaiieu  i        Tr    pqme   later   man   *��^       ,  sageanx.ou-ly.    I-   <��      drefttl{uUv  worried   |  and the P-r   s>rl   l^-ttebonrd were the  when she gave it.    On tne pa.  words :  Tark 10. .   ,    .    t  mud�� a  The man, too, looked worri^ 1*U ^  motion f��r the girl to wait.    Th en U ^  ingfrom the window,   he  returned   _  and held up i\ placard :  O. K. this end ; to-night sure.        .  I could stand  this   no  ^-/^���  u  ��� anH wraDsI went around   the corn.r  my hat and w'��PB. * ,���.-   irl who had  and rang the bell at *.��.o.     Ih�� fc' ^  been displaying the cypher  menage* came  |  lb<- Sly   I-P-k -Uh   you a   moment n  i       \     \   ~ '  ' '    "  \   asken.  MISTAKEN- IDENTITY.  She sat beside me in the car,  Young, fair���and yet so. bold I  I-ookinir me In the face she smiled,  Which pleased me, though I'm old.  ��� 7>  When I responded to her smile  Stie seemed as though she knew me,  At any rate she slowly hitched  A little nearer to me.  me then (more eoyiah) laid her head  80 gentlv on my shoulder, .  Somehow my arms were quite inclined  To reach out and enfold her.  Softlv *he placed her hand In mine,  My coiill��l��ne�� to gain;  Buffoon I m her other hand  Was tampering with my chain.  I {quite tH-uileaUiUowed her still  With me and mine to tamper,  Until a Ituiv near her natcl,  *<Buhy! that UnH Onuulpar  17  k  t  -   an  .jour  i er  4 a  $1 s-t'1  -ind '  4 nit  a h  rAntl  n  ^^^S  a serious matter  and imp0vtance.  this youn, couP 1. app��.c. take     1  . ,fl  expect any   iuo     _ ^  the   w||,a  xm^suig one 1 W 1 ^^^ ^_ gmj H  ^ ^.^v--..-���� ^,lrr. ���!..-  d^at.meanHt;atBomethin,��;r��.lT  .���A*if ihe elouem��nt tO-mgot.  to prevent tht uoi ttnxioUHly for an-  n m^er Bisrnal.    t Btnin un  o.her cypher mesSa,e in the morn.ng.  T lav awake half the night wonder...* what  llayawa* w:,i,e,l   that   I could help  hailhaTn     htbe"     >   >>ecleda   cnBd.nl  them.    H ought I*    n.> ji()i mftke  to ��-ke arrangement    the       ,f   ,,���,������,  themHelven     1     - (,        j   would  carry out the.   1     - iuul   ()1,er   my  Bo,���toNo..>, ��-1,fiioriih;B   pll,    helduP    a  Berviceb.    xn   un-  ��l Ceitainly.    Come;in.". ��  -   , 5  ���   *    ��� jr,ir;ncr   room, and I nius-- -\  W. went mto a dn?\*tng t<.,i    , ^ ,  teredcourane to open the delfcntlul .ub,ao.,    ������,  "Pardon me if I, ��em   officii."   I.""'..;  ��bu   I nave reason to believe that you love a,  , ���hn lives   in"one   of   the  houses-  genil.jn.an   woo lives .1  whose rear faces yours." ���  She didn't blu.h at all."Yon:,rer,g>.  .be-id. ; Her .ensiWe way. o.  com.nR   n.ht  \.eltu'��i me. -r "    ������'���     . .      -j       t  '   <! Y(1U ,,w,d a friend.    lam that fnend.     I  hiive;���Wved   your   siunals, your  appo.ni-  menlf and your disappointment.*.  " Excuse trie," she in.errupled,  "have   you  .^it: ^r Wh|no.- What  ha. .hat  a  I   to do with the matter?0  SHORT STORIES     ,  ** For a while he %va�� clean onto! his mind  about that"girL"  "1 u And now >"  **0h,   now   the  mmdz  m  ^  girl  is   clean   out of to  ���    . .7 old  remote  parish, one sun  to preacn ... an old. re��B0      , hjffi lo  d.y, when tb. aged "*����"�� V^*   �� or  Jthe pUoc,. �����-VlU1-U,!8iU    n' from theohun-  cel ; yv rtei��, this >����� �� 4UW   �� .        ujpit,'  auck.eiai.., on fourteen eg(i8 >n  the p   l��  1t(f��^**  "\  'i,%:<.  ���ri,..���'ro iroinn   to try   it   atviiu,     '      >  V       r,du.-.-   ��'���   0  thi�� evenu.,1 'l-��'R-  meUtnt   Home  phu<.  �� ��� ,,���. (,(M!H  lllllwl   hy  th,   word      1 ���   W. (iH     ^  44 V\i\ye   O '   mean !     \^ n>��   t,,a    ,    , ,.  ^rihrealoned then, hetoro hud   ��,��..��!..,.-  <��� Only that .ny two children ared-wr, with  ��� tlHi h you .hould take it it might ��<> bard  ��.,.,'yon.    ItaUvayH dueH with . eWh-riy   pe,.-  '''"A.-diheMgnals?-.! KaHPvd.  ��� ���They *��re la keep my hunhaod, who regained at home with our other children, .n-  f!\,��.d We look thin. hoi.M... that we miKht  ,e,,arate ihe Hick from the well.  'Then ��he explained the HiRn��lB. The B.n.lo ,  aml the handkerchief merely meant encm.r- ,  Lint ��� " Tark at ll.p. ����������" that the.r hoy j  Twton who had not H..r,ly thown tho i  i|^ B"l 1-ken out at U p. m   The whito  |  ^i re.lliuhtH were the only ^��^^A  llP Rivenatnifihtto nay     better    or    worm.  totr.e'.OHlo   agreed   upon      T��rkinKtn���   ��,.��   i  (,oin���  W��U,   M����el   recovered; two red l.BhtH,  T    kio.U.o worn,   ��<>.K.,thi,.-nd;  to-n.Bht  ;ire/�� meant that the child.er. at   l.o.ne   were  wt.li;a..daRra..dm..lher,   who   had   beer,   do-  luyed, would arrive.  [ retired di^.i ppointed,  ',jl������r-| have   com.'   .low.,   with   a   never*  I   case of uieaHlcs,  ..    .    .u Six.    a  re��dentofN��wJ��-  Mr. Fredenck U,   �� d tf.|l.  ..V, lately a.lvert����^ ^^nUero- *  brouaht-up ��Ue.     Among ->r. flnlfi  lhe had. of conrw,-- not -ttd'er-Mjua  ilMl that th��y h��d ������ ��P* .hBd loft bim  ,nl, married a r eh *0��*"-^aWrf H*  a fortune, and tm.had.jrjapj ^  Uy in ^"^W.^^^SSb for �����������*  ',��� h" f"��"1 h,Mf,oU  y -   ���herthre��-  'ri Bhoi�� now Mr��. SiKt number tn^  one, and 8l��o.�� ��'���"'  ol    "��*��� ��h��" rwcr��.o-��������  o  Soirte year?  dren were very  nmam       ���  _ , r0tiu  qul,t waters-place, *��d o. e day ���.  i����"fromaHhort..��,������o'*6>        ^j,  ^,HWllHwalianE��Ptb��^)HUl0,1.d     ,  ����"" "" :"  v   ad'��*Take care,  lorin��t.nct.v.ly naul; htl  I'he child arj.whor.elt      ^"i p.  TI,    J.  ���' " "r;  ;hl) oV���rheard tho k'��  'j|  (,���Hi.of Wh1��h, who ov_ re|)lr,  ���,nM,.tion   and   the   rather  HOI  (  ��ro <>ot'i  little lady   yot. ����ut ym I  r  a.  1) "  Toll the good Hiiilor'you  -^Mr-r-rr3'.^. -*. "  :m -   ' ^- A   ��-���,  -*? ~S- -vw^v  ���mflk.,h.j^^,.la.Jmf nsr.,..��,,^y-1Tii 'tnT���iirf  i����  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  PERSONAL MAGNETISM.  chi house hasn't seen a day of sueheseit��*  m,-nt >meo  iut 1 uhy was enthroned a monarch there.  !\vi-h was inoro respected far than that of  unv prince,  ul news of him was listened to witn car��.  bourse t he re was excitement when his moth-  j  er told us all  rit fur his father he, in language plain,  H'voral times, with earnest emphasis, been  h-T.rd to call  ui that doubtless he would do it soon again.  mother and his father and his undo and  his aunt  id the hired girl and tho farmhands gath-  .���ml round.  i'd have thought a famous t^nor had ar*  -ived to lead a chant  the way they stood and listened for th$  sound.  ��y watched his face for symptoms of an rate ll�� dual start.  lo oi-M'lo was ever more revered,  wlu-n he smiled and epoke his mother  held him to her heart,  ind his father and tho hired men whooped  and cheered.  p y oars have passed above him. He** a grown  up jmtriot now. ,. ��  to u oturert to the masses oft and long.  icct-hs has sometimes paused to place a laurel  on his brow,  aid hU mental grasp ia wonderfully strong,  it he cr.'mot hold an  audience ia a still, ex-  I��-etant spell,  rb:��uuh he's been a speaker since he was &  lad.  he did when, in th�� cradle long ago* h��  ovidn't tell  tin ok wo didn't   know, tmt jnst said  ���Washington Star.  <a  BALLADE OP A FRlENO.  A friend, a quaint and prudent friend*  It is my happy chance to meet  Ar on my daily "walks I wend  Through dn��t and d.*:*zle. cold and feaafc.  To my salute upon the street  Or in the shop or at the door  His lipd immutably repent,  Tin fair to middling���nothing mora**'  Of stature tall, he*a prone to bend.  His face is patient and discreet*  A subtle charm his manner*, lend.  He in composed from head to feet.  His ulanco !�� keen, his tra* b \x neat,  His t>. :ud is long and thin and hoar,  And is this phrase his one conceit:  ������i'm fair to middling���nothing more?������  fle'a oft absorbed, I apprehend,  In thoughts of some polemic sheet  Whoso view he labors to defend  Or strives to controvert and beat*  His intellect ia clean and sweet  Anil quick and lucid to tho core.  From his reply there's no retreat���  Tui fair to middling���nothing mornl"  ENVOY.  As pure as gold, as good as wheat*  His answer I do not deplore.  I love to hear, when him I meet,  'Tm fair to middling"-nothing morel  ���A. T, 'jieliumttn in Boston Transcript.  �����  ibtt-  ivrn*  l>rin;  *,,���  \\  0^\  flow 04M_naa Women Root.  * But it is tho beautiful relaxation ot tht  fifnimn women which Is so beneficial'to  tlu-m, I believe," says the American worn-  ��n who has traveled abroad. "American  wonjun Who have not seen and experienced  1'���������aunot appreciate it. In the German  fotieo gardens, by getting tickets by tha  ^"nth, one pays at tho rate of���at one In  I'iiiti.ular that I know���9 cents a day. To  these gardens the women fir.o ��very after*  T'"n with tholr work and to meet their  f'"i'-nds. Something of the kind would be  a wonderful benefit to our norvous Amorl*  ^��u women," v  Yes, those gardona nro n delight,1' says  'i1' i icrinan woman. MThere Is always a  J11 t class concert, one gets coffco and  ljl iiiks ono's own light luncheon, perhaps,  Ull,l then there is one's work, so that  Hie time 1h not wasted. There nro always  *>iu��'h friends there, for no owe thinks oi  K">ug to a ganlen patronized by tho people  {>[ a lower class. We mlsa It here very  1 hiiw h, Wo went to call upon Home frlendo  ��n the Hudson the other day, but they  (1 not at home. We would gladly have  k<m.,' somewhere then  for a cup of coffee,  < here wan no place. We could hardly  *;,v��' gone out of rnngo-of a coffwo garden  ��!l ^u'l'uiauy "  i  Up  We  11 ,M|I  ii'  Coffee Roasters  Dealers In  v Fy^~-~^y&  s_ L^QfA''  ^ t'A'' 1&k$  ��  ?  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Gloves at  Tea an��i Coltee  We are offering at lowest prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Best Mocha nnd Java Coffee per  * pound 8  40  Mocha and Java. Bl* id, 3 pounds..... 1 00  Choice Blend Coffee  t pounds  I 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds 1 00  Kto Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon xea, per pmnd.    . 0  A Tftl&l ORDER SOLICITED.  OQTEHat COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177  P. O. Box 182.  MERCHANT TAILOR.  ij  urmn  rthe  .1  Up-stairs In the  Wallace-Filler   Block.  ,*���  -t;-v  I  mW ScenlG Line.  DIRECT ROUTE  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  L G.TRAVES, Manager  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMjEHTS^'Ci^  ���'Aberdeen" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District. ._,- . ;  Where located: On Porcupine Creek: ,0.  Take notice that I, .Archie Mainwarlag;-:  Johnson, as agent for .Chris. Creamer, ,Fn,e  Miner's certificate No. B51097, intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply>^tfae  Mining JRecorder for a certificate of imnrove-  ments, fordthe.pnrposeof obtaining a Crown  grant ofthe aboveclaim.     . ^   .  r-  And further take notice that action,, under  section 37. must be commenced before, the  issuance oi such certificate of improvement*.  Dated this 5th dny of July, 1902.; .  v -   .  .   Auchjle Mainwakikg-Johksok.  . i'-:A  '���*  '.>-!  "   T1--',  i>n.y^ 7\v��  o*'^,VkH��  AttA/BA  'AH ���*, ���  * 1~ "f "Ai  k 1 .^y  As Wn-y ;��---"'���.  AAi-'Zyf-^r;  ii '-if.- f,H��*;  'Ay  *>V>.  )0HM McLATCHSE  Domsnton and'  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Ob. Customs House, Welscn.B C.  WADDS BROS.  H0T0GRAPH ER  Vancouver and Nclooii  BAKER STREET, MELSOW, B. C  LAKE ROUTE  From Fort William, the   tavorlte summer  route fer all eastern points.  Via Soo Line  For St. Paul, Duluth, Sault Ste* Marie, Chi-  cugo, etc.  CeRTIFiCATE OF ifgP^OVEiaEgklTS.     ^-:���  ���       '       O.'i.i.T,     ,,-v jO.        ,-���=��� ,       '  r.%. 1   ,1-   -f  Gladys Minerarciaini, situate in the Nelson Mining^Division of West Kootenay Dis-\  trict.  , ; - ''",  :      -- ' >   ,;>,  Where located :   On Morning Mountains   *��"  Take notice that I, John McLatchie. of  the City of Nelson, aetihg as agent for E^;J.  Stanley, Free Miner's Certificate No.'<  B 51,560, and K. H. Stanley, Free Miner's Cer- -  tificate No.B 51,561, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the -Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above clatm. ' .     :? ' ,"\ , ,  And further take notice that action,under  section 37, must be commenced,before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,  Dated this 15th day of September, A, D, 1802.  ,    JOIlNMCtjATCHIE.  m  > Vik"  ,'l\st-  ' hi  Tourist Sleeper Serroe  Notice To Delinquent Co-Ownera  To L. F. Murray and Thomas Burns or to any  persons or persons to whom they may have  transferred their interests in the ����� Big Chief  EAST���Leave Dunmore Junction daily for St.   Mineral Claim situate about eleven miles up  -   ndtnirTues-   East Side of Wild Horse Creek, and the "Foor-  ,'*.  'i.t.  Paul; leaves Kootenay Landing Tuesday and Saturday for Torontot Montreal, etc.  WK8T���Leave llpvelstoke Dally for Seattle  and Vancouver.  Through bookings to*Europe via all Atlantic llnes^  pi epnld tickets nt lowest rates Issued fioin  all European countries.  For rates and full particulars apply to local  agents, or  J, S. CARTER, , E. J.COYLE,  Diet.Pass. Agt., A. G, P. A.  Nelaon. Vancouver  TIMBER UCFHGE.  Notice Is hereby ��lvon thnt ��0 dins aaer  date 1 Intend to npnlv to the Chief Comiuln-  Hloner oCLiuuIh and Works for a licence to cut  currv  awnv timber  from tho   follow-  ,.t \,\u, Initial poMtH.K. corner, inui a in h up  (^iiHOiule Creek, running north eighty chains  then west eighty elmlns, then Houth eighty  chains, and east eighty chains to place ol commencement. A , tftrtrt  Dated this251.11 Hept^mher,ltH)2.  ANUim CAM1��IIKI��1��.  Notice To Delinquent Co-Owner.  To John Norcyoss, or to any person or persons to whom ho miiy have transferred his  Interest In the "Caledonia" minenal claim,  situate on tho Divide, between .Bird and  Ophlr creeks, and south ofthe Ophlr mineral  claim, Nelson Mining Division of -Vest Koot-  ona v *  You and each of you are hereby notified that  we have expended one hundred dollars In  labour and Improvements upon the above  mentioned mineral claim In order to hold  said mineral claim under the provisions of  the Mineral I Act, and if within 90 days IVom  the date of this notico, you fall or refuse, to  contribute your proportion of such expenditure together with all coats of advertising,  vour Intercut In said claim will become t \q  property of the subscribers, under Section  I of an Act entitled "An Act to amend the  Mineral Act. WOO."  John B IUxtkb,  Mauqahet  Nkwstt.  Dated this 15th day of July, 1902.  man" .Mineral Claim situate about % mile  1 east of Wild Horse Creek and twelve miles  from Nelson and Fort Shepherd Railway.,  both in the Nelson MlnlngDlvlslon, District of  West Kootenay.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that I have expended two hundred dollars In  labour and improvements upon the above  mentioned mineral 'claims in order to hold  said mineral claims under the provision^ oi  the mineral Act, and if within ninety days ot  tho date of this notico you fail or refuse to  contribute your portion of such expenditure  together with a 11 costs of advertising your interest In the said claims will become the property of tho subscriber under Section four ol  an Act entitled " Ah Act To Amend Tho  Mineral Act, 1000."  XL GlNSBKRG.  Dated this Mvelfth nay of April,1902.  *..  CERTO F��CATE OF IMPROV&Rfl;ENT.S.  Shepherds Star Mineral Clalm,Bttuate In the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  W hero located; On tho East Fork of Cottonwood Creek, M mile East of Nolson and Fort  Sheppard Hallway.  Take notice thnt I, John McLatchie, of tho  City of Nelson, acting as agent for James Bar-  net MacLaren, Free Miner's Certificate No. B  (18,122, Intend, sixty days from tho date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorders for a Certificate of Improvements, for tho purpose ot  obtaining a Crown Grant of. the above olCrisn,  And further take notice that aoUon, under  section 217, must be commenced before the hi*  suanco of uueli Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 27th day of August, A. D."ISMS,-  John MoLavomiis.  nW��l<Ul,'.A_V����ff..jl^I>.y^ ^  y  ,,    ,     , kkf- ,,, SfHu'H ��,J,��iy.���^,H-^riH    .,   l~   jkk^^uykkf^j. ,,u a^^^k^^^ 1 i^ikiTJkekl, , ,p, .   ,,    ,  ^'?'*��  ,., ih _ ^  _   -5  j^.^^     ���_.___ ,*���*__. " __ ���   J.    ���  %-i*"<    ^ -   ���"   "���"   -y   *  iii7*yi':;r-|TY,''t7H^TH  ii*T"���" iinif mlia-.n-T^Hf*  Mfl1. .Jr,,rt,M��� nrta.  '"^bi,-^  ,f;:7  yZA.  W"  mi  >-��� ��-  a  -' .  I;  ii   �����  Ii   f ���  III  mA 77...7.A:   :"������  11*3.17  l||J::J   s; j ���.-. .- .-  hf'f*  '0:0 o :,:."  tf$3.. .7...0-;.y:   -...  mi-y- h,-,o.7  lJ^:go-oOO������,:; .-  ��li.._J.-.-;:iV,:.->-.,V-. ..-;.-;::  ��$f -,^:---'-:o-;-  rill:,^,,;--.;:^,.;:  llSii   77;;.";,.-.  ff-|:7a?a:i ���'������,-���.  lim/  "'!*;��' -k-.",:,1;���;--.V.  ��S*'7<,.','',.:,,,o;.  .^ioaooH^-o  .'kllSIS-  ��i'.#;l.'iiJ. J. AZ/  iW^ZAAA/f  Mm-KAA-y-A-A- .-a  $%MfZyy7A/A  ja2_5f' JT 07. k7'-., :,',':. 7.k ���'  �� _-7p7k7: ka'7k,r.kO'.-.-y.v  J^kUl  ^ig-j'f&rimsf;::  lite  mm  ill-  m&z  mm  #���#'.���������������  J��>W��.. 7..  Zj/im '  :-4-��-v,+*..-.*��+ ���  i I..apt ' u h  'K!  ���'IU  '���5W^i.-,.  i  7|ISi7::  i \\\  ��� t,��  a��a��r>J__��^li  L^Ji^H^. a,aOs  pfs5_p  Jiktar-Tkil  ����� -~��7i 7  aj  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Goats,,  a splendid assortment of Ladies' Dress Skirts, Jackets, Fnrjand ||i|  ^le showing balance of Pattern Hats at reduced prices.  fc -  ���  fvSrSP^l  ���msi ��y   !  pita: i  s*3  Only the Best Brands of Goods Kept in Stock,  Ktttmmimummmmmsiitsatas  mmm  wMmmwMtmmuiMmm.mmm  Wxy -te IjxC^XXfc?  Answer these  Why pay $1 for 16 pounds of sugar,  when you can get 20 pounds for $1 at the People's Cas  Grocery? ,  Why pay $1.76 for a box of apples, when you can get a box of the same apples at the Peo#*  Cash Grocery for $1.50.  i  ;L%mmm  (^'^7^.^^,i��T,^.^^1f,f����?W^S��8SW��e��I^^  aj   .,   >. f(.��n  ,J7   J    fl  ""is  'If i     '  ' ����*  ���*"������� ,  k(^F     l,-,^k,v^ ,^��rf*rta.  ,r   .,   ,( ,  ���  .,k, ,,k       l I  'a    '��� A'U O  ���^���'iMifa-,  ">  IF"^  ^o^^^^^^^o^o^^^^^^^^ ^^#^^^>oo^^^^^^0  . ,> r < t, ' .  ..l,.!-��*rr''*^,r*'* ��'*   .


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