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The Nelson Economist Jun 14, 1902

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* L    1    > ' F3SBK  iy-gz-Ay-yyy::  i  X-J  y\  *i**  SKLSON. B. C. bA1 L         ���  NO. 48  s v  W V  *>* *i.  Ai'VJ  i    ��. t. *���   *   '  mnuicated   with   Dr.   Barnardo, whose   "waifs   and  strays" have hitherto heen settled   in Canada.    Dr.  Sauer spoke of  the need   of five thousand families,  and Mr. Arnold-Foster dwelt upon   the   advantages  the British people will enjoy in   the new possessions  of the Empire.    The climate is excellent, and  while  the mineral development must always  contain  the  element of a gamble, there are practically unlimited^  opportunities in the way of pasture and agriculture.  Much will have to he set right as  regards sanitation  \ jy and the like, and  the various   unhealthy   and   im-  1 -J 7 -"���"-���    - moral habits of the Boer must yield before a cleaner  ��s*q   Vr��W lha: the % art* ended, the British people are     and purer British administration.    But employment  W||f   A        'Hnjuming \o calculate the exact benefits which     of all sorts at good wages ought to be available soon,  ������*��� ir**m the eonque-t of the Transvaal Re-     and private enterprise under State supervision should  *-......_ vufrained     speedily transform   the face   of   these wasted lands  aud afford a happy subsistence to the large numbers  of the surplus British population.  Binge the restoration of the tram service, the cars  have been  well   patronized.    The citizens   are  well  disposed towards   the   tram   company,   and   rejoice  that it has been enabled to resume operations.   Concealed somewhere around ihe person of every citizen  there is more or less civic pride, and it  gratifies  his  vanity    to    be    able    to     inform    " the   stranger  within our gates" that we have   in our   city   all the  modern conveniences, including an up-to.date electric railway.  **�� *  WAir-  \%   ***  ����� *���       t  -Tq       �����  ii_f*  **       ' -  0-  ���*���--�� ri iihi  D��*lF-Vi*f  ��-t    |H-|"�����|  ', V  ��� r,,,ru  ������ ji*.���  ��� '.-���  rl  1 '  ��� '������  I.".,  \0z.   . .  i   77   ������  .,.7-   N,,soN   KCONOM1M   i*>   ^lI  KNCK    -r      UhNUKAU Mt..RiT   WILL   Bfc  Aviv   \KT1CLKS   Ol-   MLKIi  n.:v.      OMA   AKi THK IN"  1*1*      uKUJKK.S     will  ,KI, AGAINST   iKKKSPONhtBU.  W<-K'niLK5S ARTICLES. ^   ire  ich  ��� ��  Ui  l'.y'\  HHHr-��f  Vf  i���.aini.i..g to calculate t TraIlSvaal Re-  ���. ��� ,.,.aU ir,m the ^��^;1 ^   ,e have refrained  ir..,,,    ,..u.m..��    their   eh.*..-    ^ ^^  war> pUnB  ir   :.,. a.-unuH^rau.mof .i��,      ^ ^a   ^  that  ���, , in* fr-iy ai^o,.^       1*   ��� J^^ the {act lhat  .r.i.nnrv r.mWi ������* ,,,M' '     wU, |,��  ��he   acquwi-  ,,..   1(, Hnuu, of t^uor ��* ^l |he V.oh��t  in the  B;    ,,,lu.k��ow^l^��  ��-  a,,0v?;||tttred   ft   prophesy.  , .,..,, even if �� >- h��" f fl " Intv-five  years from  ,., .      He believe* lhai w�� > ciue8  t;,.> worlu.    i��*a ,     one of t'ie l"'���*    .  .. ����� J..'.��nn��berg ������ WJnMn���T ba���� h�� P^  ;;ul,r the Bri.i-h H-.��8. ^ wealll) in the ne.gh-  ,,1B-VO��lheinirn������^ lhan   pro, he  ..orhmul of that e,tv      A     l important   ��  lhal Ll,rd Milner w.H pl��     ^buildinP.   m��f  than  ;.. th'H new drmmi   of   empire hi<j  dehv.  (     liry depenaence may he pi^   ^ Africft have  '   lCe/ Our two new colonies in h     lred   and  :tia   area of   ��.nielhi��* l.k    �����' ^ore lhe  iiy.Mven thousand   ,q��.r��^n"^. ftt  ab()Ut  wa   their white p��p��U-o-n   ��'��   ^ d>    BmWm,.  ,ree hundred -^^^-.uo  account, to  say  there l.W��^iaW^t.k�� wWoh t  nolhin. ol Cape  Co on> ��� ��u u   nJUfl  be  re-  (,xiu,tly overcrowded.    I��^ he Boer popu-  im,mbered that a large      ^    )laced li9  a  result. ol  lalionwmbei��er.n^!y^lgllodoah. a�� to    he  ���lowar.    Oonwquenly^ ^ fc|r   lh  amonntof room avat ah ejn ^^ fche      e  nnrpluH populatton of Ore** Uuwe  (>f the  ,-,��� w remaining to ^,;1   t JerrHorio. will he colo-  ......ditiona under winch t^ wn���.otion   wttlv  ni7,(,a.    An inter-t.nB ������"n��;       WoiM���'b I^1  Hi,,   Kensington    h"f\Zj[hi>m que��tionB qutte  >��� moniHt A.-w��ialion a.Hcn-��> ionM, that ten  ���,.,.nth,    The  l)��h�� <>    A   ;>ri, hiu, beon  placed at  .,,m<���,Hl.��.r..Hlnth��    .��    �� d   alrtauly   com  in. ilisposal, and stated that  A      "i  mi  Premier Dunsmuir evaded the farewell requests of  certain of his followers by secretly taking his departure in one of his own boats, instead  of getting out  ou schedule time.  There should be no longer any   misgivings as to  the success of the Coronation   festivities.    For some  time it was feared that Premier Dunsmuir would be  unable to reach London in time to lend   his  picturesque presence to the gorgeous pageant, but that unhappy possibility has bee t finally disposed of by the  great statesman himself making the necessary u proper  arrangements"  to  permit  his   departure.    No  doubt this information will be quite as gratifying to  King Edward as to the people of the Province which  Jamie rules. It should be pleasing also to the Colonial  Premiers who were so desirous of acquainting themselves with the method by which-Premier Dunsmuir  was enabled to resurrect a defunct Government aY\d  galvanize it  into life    These  means may   not  be  within tho reach of the other Premiere, but that may  bo net down as their misfortune, rather than the in-  ulVicacy of the method.    Mr.  IX.   E. Gosnell, the historian of  ttritish Columbia,   accompanies   the  Pre-  ii(J(.,.(iln,W **'"'''"''  AZZZZZ/:-'-----' '"���" y_.,.,,..^,.^r--A-i:'A:;A'-'  f...i:.ms.:'A'AZ//A:.-.A.....:,!..Ar..:i-.:....-  ��� T  i f 7 f      h "*  W     %        7    I      =  i >*  fe  ii il  '     i      r  Wi t-1  sz  i  ����,  \\  A  1  '���":" '"/'���  {y  .�����   ������o:'*''  .'l :.lli\  A A '^i.  ������,-)������������:������      oi  /y .]���/ ���WMBSoiWMW"***,  Mm^ ��� ���in,..ttf.TBUn.Tl. 1* ���c-JWW...1r )|lf  |ff~r��� ������  er  ~-3  THE   NELSON  ECONOMIST  -ZjS _i    _1  niier, and, it is understood, will write a hook with  the somewhat significant title : uPeople Who Met  James and Crowned Heads Me Snubbed." The receipts from this hook will he devoted towards building a court-bouse in Nelson, all of which, if true,  will be pleasing intelligence.  Capt. Mokuison,editor of the Ottawa Citizen. has  left for the Coronation. It is Captain Morrison's intention Ij attend the sessions of tlie Colonial confer-  ence9 and there study the dongs of a congress that  is bound to have a great inline nee on the future of  the Empire. He will give his impressions of that  body in a series of letters to his paper.  The more the methods by which Ho-s carried Ontario are investigated tbe more it becomes apparent  that the Premier was not ihdissoktbiy weddedjlo his  prohibition idol. At one [Hilling place in Ea*��t Jvip-  issing there was a keg of whiskey in charge of one  of the Government candidal**' supporters. Whiskey  and money are said to have done tlie work and won  a brief victory in that constituency.  We have received a cosi.imunica.iion from a gentleman intheold country soliciting information as to  the best mining investment in British Columbia.  We know of several very promising properibs, hut  as to the best we would nut like to venture an oft-  hand opinion.  Another American heiress has paid the penally  of a marriage with a European nobleman. This  time ii is the Prinoe ot Monaco who has discarded  his American wife, a daughter of Michael Heine, the  New Or lean* banker.  A Li, we want in this Pr*��vinc** now   is a volcano to  fill our cup of sorrow lo the brim.  T.!!;iiK i.- some fp.ie-ti'>:i to the real leader of the  (i .veniment in the an-enee of Piemier i >u lu-mu i r.  Some ui-ist that it is Jor*eph Ma; tin, while just u-**  many pin their faith to the statesmanlike genius of  Hod Tolmie.  p7  aA g  strong, th ���* sporting editor.    The Mirror is to he congratulated on tliis renewed manifestation of journalistic enterprise, and that the editor will reap a cnm^.  peusaling  harvest is the sincere   hone   of his   many;   v  friends in Nelson.  -a- -="- C  Miss IIalk, the female candidate, g^t 8Kv-otes in  North Toronto. She also got a chance to tell her  opponents just what she thought of  them.  1  Win-.N Premier Dun.-muir starts into address the  UoUr-e next year with the words : "Me and Salisbury/' etc., etc., we can just imagine the look of triumph that will illumine the physiognomy of tin.?  e.udite and far-seeing member for XeNon district.  Thk Ymir Mir no- haf- hit upon a new plan to add  to its already la rge ri reii j at mo. It is offering as an  inducement to new -ub-criber��� a cm hi ne! -^i'/ed picture of t he -t a tT <��f * hat paper, It ir- gathered from  the picture tha* the Mirmr has about a- large a "-tali  as the New York W'n<hi. Amongst other-, we recognize a life like pre.cht metit of its g.mial managing,  editor, Mr. 0.   Dell-Smith,  aUo   that   of   .Billy  Ann-  ��  Wk have peace in South Africa, but Dick McBride  still continues to discharge his pom-pom guns in the  ranks of the Government's increasing majority.  i-< *  AS srNU UY t'HK^UCR IHINSMUtH.  He^-snw% see-saw, now I'm up, then down ;  Hee-snw, see-saw, now I'm oil* to London town.  Lout* CiiAMnKiu.AiN--Your Majesty, a breezy looking gentleman, with pistols'and bowie-knife, ami  who calls himself Jim Dunsmuir, demands admittance to your royal presence.  King Ei>\VAUi>��� For tlie Lord's sake, send for Lord  Kitchener at once and have the man surrounded.  One of the Victoria papers prints a picture of Boh  Green. We hope Bob is not as black as ' he's  p rioted.  J>dm  ,ht tuif  -3��_��  HfTSt    7_  3K��  in'Kl   11V THK MKMltKIl VOK NKI^ON DISTIUCT ANH.TAMIL  imNSMtHB*  -Whim' ye khujj hwu', Jamie,  Ear across lhe sea, laddie,  When y��* gang to London town.  What will ye >vnd to me, Jamie?  - I'll send you u marble heart, Johnny,  The tbiest in ihe London mart, laddie,  Kor vou In vva-ar, how you will -wear  When yon get thai marble heart, Johnny.  <r       v        ;<> n, w orintcd in the old Tribune uflice,  ;i ihiiir! lifvcr   ilrciiml   "'-   "'   l,u-   V"v- 'i    ���  MiHiuip-r of tin' liat.T)>Hii..r.  W���a.-k.vk.�� m.iy 1* 'li������'> "l ,h" lm^M.1 Iu  ((.r).nC(V>f(,11,���UlinuW,nn^valOeoln^urHl)un  i4lhl.Vlli,fl���(|��riii.ht!olu.nW��V   Premier  w.l  ,i��M,r^in.h����.(��.v��H/��l....an.��i����t����o   .xciuMon of  S���t01u��I.K,T.wOUKT..wh��iiH��n-^  .!���>,.. --"y^ l^il,,w'!:l^.��  ,,terview  lu-t week, Mr Oharn ( {  ��-... ��-'^��''����yhttr;r^t:^  ,,,,,:..  .I-i,-.,.-,.  in  t :ih.. n...U��.   -^   >"     ' ,,0  ,|,,,,n.l( r.ml.cuin.lo thr Hn,M'��rt '" \       ���,.  <;llV.-n,.m-iU and  Uriiihl. ..u.i, *-1" �� ��� [(krcd  ,. ,.,ry.     Whil-nayin,; thi.-, Ii��w��.v��r. (i)|1l  ���,,-,,,,,,���,,1,1,.  ,��� (,iv, ,,-,a��,r  l'r,,;un iIU,(llion  flirillll  th,   ,|,f,.���-.. of   ti'"   I'-O"'-"   '"  Wi *&  B'/s  ^M  PI  1  ��*%  fat  3rt?  S3-"*  '���  ^  -m  W  m  la*.  f  '!"'" *?-*  '��� T-  J.    *J*v<7"pi������^>^t-  jthe1^lson*e=onowist  o  1  i  1  -3  I ,        ,.   ,rrane��ment.    B .th parties  ^���-iaii:":;i: Uu-connn, conference colon.  ,-.,,���.!,,uut iU.ii from tbe corn   and   flour  : viU .���. (.x,n.pu.4 from    ' oI  li uu- ^.do , Helti���si,��to Manitoba ami  ^-'"'V      "C  "    *   at an early date. ��n-  . ..N,,rir,w.-t  l��rrti- r.��,, ���������� - ���_���,  Canada  ---   !^'���lhU   tnWleI     ,e   whole  of the  .,,..._   -1,�� ri'��iiiir��'��l  5ro!U .   ��� w r^nrp-jenVed  ���a',irt ...        ��� ,i��.. colon e* being represen  is., .h.. ,,,a.ib,lay uf the u.io     ^ ^^ iuauy  '.". ,. ,1- had he��n from tun* to !.Vug,ril!i:, and  ���;;   .   ������,���   in   Knizland.   Can**>    ���    the .chemea  :     ���'   ..-,..._   baton   ��x*��inti>��t��"n   a��  , f.uimi to he alwiluiel* H��|  f*. if fc"  ...   nt     *       �����  Y;r?<  i       ����   a distinguishing  *"  *  W��*   r"le,   V;0.;f:;h     paragraphs in the  ..���. tllijrhl readily tell * .     !^   ^^^   note8  ���"���- ''������'"n,"*i WOre I'^ar!t. of creating a hearty  .....iU.o-v primed lor the ptirp...*.        f  ������- " worst kind  ,   .    . r,l   Prior made tlie*'  1 < ,, ���ow .aid that CI-     r ^ ^^   o{  lhe  ,a IlU,uke when   hi;ch!U"  ':m,,���t Victoria elec-  l,il���-���,��ir Ot.vfM��u��ni i��>   tht  o!  ~~"'~"~'   Jered by the Liberals  osrA.uoha.been^rry^  , u,a. U h.�� *����  L,to'a �� rmlnt. even .fitted  li,.,,buttht,l)anSnnnrO^ CoUunhia so   that  ,,,,1,1   nev��r gerrymander  i, ,v���uld go l>un��nuir.^_^_  ... 0f Onion Jacks  nortion of Hie suppl> 0l Ger.  ���1-iiK greater poriioi iinported   from       ^  ,.,r lhe Coronation b.%e Uet8  profess-to  miiny, and some o   the  B ^   gtran^  ��.t  >"���  ����"'^   '^fier emblem   ha. ����   *>   l��  ��M  Great Britain   tor   ber  many. ��������� .  , Htride forward   when  , linitv took a great ��trul de 0f at  Imperial unity { lhey vvere ma  Canadians proved the  Paardeherg.  ���. a   Lim      As a  matter of fact,  tu-fitn  that   awaited   rum-    *���*> ..  the fate  mat uronounced upon mm,  while the sentence wa, be.ng . ^ court-room.  Rice was the least concern^m n - ^  He. U a mar, of far more     an av^ do,  rather  he preferred to �����'���*��� We  ��I hig splendld  than that of the good cit��e.I    ^ ^^ ^  -'>ility fille'lh,;n, be^; egarded as a qualification  some men should be only r g  to better fit them to preyupon^  ,        P,t"dlTabout the rush of settlers   to  o we read a great deal a wriiten coacernmg  A Iberta, but very httle. b5^ whQ   ar6 bunl-  lheUTn^:ruB^h Columbia.    They want  ing up locations   in  climate as well as ^______  -A      ���   ~ .hP hie��e*t   and best  v., con can boast of having the Dg���  M.iaSON cai      ...    Co umbia. -lQ 7ary   s.  retail stores  in   British ��� wellery the stricuy  t'-re is Fred   )^^j^ D.ver, in grocery  up-l0-date HtaW^��^t drUg, etc., the Cq^*,  ���Wrn. Hunter & Co., in ^ & Co-) aad  xu  DrUg &  Book Co- and F&     ���- ^ % doZen or 60  ;u other lines, all w'  ;.> the  Province,  toanyuitpe i-        ^^ ^_   ~~ r are holding meetings  THE Progressive Party m   ' aUon pttrp����;  S��:^ - for theu-oney.  ~~~ -la    vvinch  contt^n  BOMKOS., has -vented aU Pastdes,   ^   ^  the ��ureSt and best a,r   <  be   h vm   ^   yQU  0 ed localities.    Al  f*��^ d   Vo the grocer  \  . ..hanee ol air �� t�� He,ul .       k   them   in  want a change un��tilee   and   brtaK  or chemist for a  fe��   P^ lh��� you   feel   ae  .linintt-room.    Afler a        . ���,, B,)cnt a fortnight  of the editor of the^ew  grov08 of California  "      ' ���    * Tnrtee Wilkinson  T���EREwillbeanapPea^aga,nsUig^  in the Lennox recunt.    ��^ he8e�� h .to  said, was  oftrs:S^^^herwilhacros9  marked witn a  a circle around it.      ^_______   "       u     Roers are cheerfully .ao-  lT i9 announced *��^��Z��n how the Boers  ^'^rtXliy   do anything else under  the  could philosophically  circumstances. ^ ;  _  t *he earth at 24,-  000,000 years. J^f^Lg  the  E��i families,  that Adam and *vew   r  **      (^  ttl(!B, the surviving member of ihe  fc^  _1       who came to Toronto to   ,nu lng hlm,  wU   nnffa- aeath on ^^ ^^ leniency  but  th�� condemned man t.t%  ^��frrAtalated   on   us  marked improvement, both  news features.     i    ���n  his mind  to  ���VHKH Col. Arthur ^^t'tivU he should  palate - ^ ^eCt ����� ^ ^"TZ  Lt have overlooked^    prepaWd to extend the  hospuaiuy ^ ^^   " i    ^^\r a rehearsal ot  leant ot it, tt��lu  %  %  ���*.��������!��� IT*"1*-* '*"'*""*"  /  li J-'  ������A/.,��z..,AAy:yzzy  -.���,  ���^'v.lMOV'OTooi,; ���������"-:���" 70 r:  ...���.����(m����i��ry-'.:.;  7|l.o,-a. ���;;���;��� (T*  irrrfcr  ^���*s__rcrc> *o^v"v~~x  wwawfi^^^sSj,  5��#,*%��^w,^!twiy��(W8W!"  i AP'iV!��/f,v .Mi  nk  ff 71  i)  Ir   -  I)ARIS is again   coming   into prominerce   as   the  center of suicidal mania.    So many suicide* and  so tuanv crimes are at present  startling  the   French  metropolis    that   sociologists    are   looking    for   the  caure, and believe that they   have   found    it   in   the  gloomy dramatic productions which   Br tux and his  followers have managed to keep on the hoards of the  theatre?.    Suicide and crime are the whole theme of  their obnoxious school of playrighls who,never seem  to he inspired hy a noble thought or a healthful sentiment.     Public opinion has been   slowly aroused to  the pernicious influence of Brieux's  plays,   and   ihe  other night during the course of   the   p oduction   of  his newest piece,   ** Petite   Arnie,'-   at   the   Come die  Francais���in which the   hero,  insteui    of  going   to  work to support the woman he loves, flings   himself  into the river, with her, because her lather refuses to  support them���a man got up and   loudly denounced  the play as immoral and refused to be quieted   until  he   was arrested.    This  morbid   set of   writers has  captured certain theatres and the youth of France is  growing   more   and   more  vicious   in   consequence.  Every young person now thinks he   has a   right   to  commit suicide when anvthing goes wrong* while 16  kill anyone who stands in-the' way  is   beginning  to  be a sort of creed.     A prominent American critic has  just writttu to the French   press  that   he   considers  the type of  play  now  in  vogue   in   Paris  so low  in  standard that-if taken across the frontier   in anv-di-  rectum it would be hissed, and wisely  suggests   that  a new element be introduced among play writers.  staff of subordinates, he has not succeeded either  placing his men in important  executive posts or t  moving the Generals who   opposed  his   administn'~  lion.    His committees scheme of reform of   militm  education amounts to   his   hist  official net and fair"*  as lifeless as his previous   efforts.    It is further su?  gested that Lord Roberts' successor will be the l)uk*  of Connauglit, which will be accepted as due  notie  that brains   will   not   be   regarded   as   an   essential.  qualification for promotion in  the army, ~  Az  _     3  i  1  J  i  -i  t  t  i  j  * f *  ^  4  <n -p-  mA* �����  *5ff_ it' . "  ^t_S_!:-^: -  The   Clara   Matties   company   will   commence  week's engagement at the  Nelson  Opera   House   on||Ji:  the evening of June 23rd.    The company   has   beenf|tf>f  reorganized since it was here last,  and   is  now  welill  up in a repertoire of modern plays.  The announcement, if true, that Lord Huberts will  retire as   Commander-in-Chief of the forces after the  coronation ceremonies, will not   increase   confidence  in the efficacy oi the British army.     K--.ither   will   it  have an exactly opposite effect.     It  will   also create  the impre.-rion that the British "people   are   about as  unstable in the worship of their   idols as   tlie   Paris  mot)     Lord Huberts, suffering with the pangs of appalling domestic bereavement, broke the backbone of  the uprising in the Transvaal, and   no   matter    who  may claim credit  for the last chapter   in the history  oi the war, it was Lord Huberts who wrote success to  British arms.     But he did even more than this.     Me  discovered the weak  points in the British   army and  prepared an elaborate scheme to strengthen aud make  whole the weak link- in the chain.     For this   ho deserved every   honor   that   could    he   bestowed   upon  him.     Undoubtedly  the   British   people regarded his  services at their true value, for   he   was   constituted  Commander-in-Chief   ofthe   force*.     Now, it is said,  that since  his   return   from   South    Africa,   eighteen  months a;_o,   Lord   IL.bert, ' tenure ef   ofliee bus been  an unhappy  and thankless task   throughout..     None  of bis wi.-hes in   the   matter  of   military   policy   has  been complied  wiih, and except i ng f.r his immediate  Jsjp-.j-.-'-il  jb.ii      At,  tm  J*Vbe lacrosse match between the Conservatives and IBM1  the Liberals at the recreation grounds last Saturday g^  did not   turn out   as the   Conservatives hoped   and Jltl  thought it would.    It is alleged on seemingly incon- f ^  trovertible testimony that the Liberals   indulged  in ]  their time-honored practice   of   ringing-in.   and   instead  of   playing' the   team  first   accepted,   several  young men  were induced   to   personate at   the  last  hour.     Be that as   it may,   the Liberals developed  unexpected   strength   us the   game   progressed, and  fought with the determination of men who are ever  in the race  for the  spoils of   office.    Besides, it he-  came  manifest during the earlv stages of the mntch  that there   were a   few old-time players in the game.  Thi* was notably the case  as   regards. Ed. Ferguson,  who played the game in a manner to entitle him to a  place on the Westminster team.    There was little of  the rancor usual in   political   contests, and the Conservatives, when the.:match was over,   admitted that  thev had been done to a   hard-b died   finish.    As   a  result of   the much, th-  F^ruie   relief fund was increased by  the amount of !l(M.  There is some dissatisfaction among Nelson merchants 0V(&r the proposal to observe Coronation Day  as a public holiday, and without yielding to any  man in mv loyalty lo tlie King and British institu-  tious, I must Hiiy that I agree with those who are ot  the opinion that this public holiday business is becoming just u trifle monotonous. No one will con-  teml thai a certain amount of recreation U not a  good thing in its proper time and place, bat why  business men should be upon called to violate their obligations to their customers and creditors simply V>o  chum* the King has selected a certain   day to have fl  n willi   iiny  <>��<��<��ti-tu>  11  ut nl  nut ,linrk   th.7uccH.on .v.m   .....������ ���   ��� ,,,���  ,|,1,.rulh<!r,urmiH,U..i�� wl,��m H��   ��    '    , (1 wi!1 bo  ,|;,���M, iMu.-mmr with rt .l,nro-c��cU��HU��ut   ho AZ^Mi
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-,. .lonn A. ^^h,,,aH     "of Kingston,   it   *••
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• en   at the   Nelson
Tne   Watkiii-MiU-  Sn^fJV.rfer  ^   atUpicea '
Onera HouseThur.day evening      church, was
5  he Ladie,' Aid of the Me hod^ ^ a mag.
riificent, voice,  a^d  hw enCores had to he
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" ;„dedto.    Mr-f-^Jt^^s   s.etche, were
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jnc «tnd   much apiu^ A^iahtful en-
verY   amusing ano mQgt-deltgn«ui
I—,n^So-: ,t.rd ^ p^-^ ... —
Opera House. ______   .
• t   7 house-boat across
Billy Thurman ha, moved  into■_ ^^^ w
voice in anuc.patioa
opera next season.
Sianchir Warren, who-aerecen^ a P ^
Blancuf prAncisco, was   a <v:rc\e  of
eecapmg g^« in   . he  had a .lar^e
,nt    of   Vioto.na,.wtiere .      w death.
del i     ™_U regret her untimely a
friends who wtU re.»r       ^^	
wii*    in     wrang^1^
tt .«qp     spent    vnu ,        0   Jici.
The     House       1 There will  oe
, lot oi railway   bills.
Tm he takeB ouUho        uwa
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,-.a   the mishap to Mr. J.
M«^^,U«i;--srd;l,    Uis hoped that
ii(. accident may m>t pr-^
"""     "",      notified that in fu-
Moral delinquent, *«*™Z.A   <» *° ^'  **"
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What oon^tttui                                1; hy int
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Percy -riddle and Rod lolm tleH   yet  din-
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in B-~iti«b Columbia,    i oarcy ou
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o *-"=���fflj  i<  i  s  nil  ��^��f!fJ-F**,W*W_ wyi*W"*WV  ��- -V.' ^^.^^"  ip-hwayiiiaii  V-.  window r  A *���-  $>A  n^HE   hou��e    in   question    was  it aim..    A   bright   Brussels carpet  poor   creature   this   world   cotil<T  i     what Peter the Scholar   (who  covered   the   floor,    and   the   wall   scarcely ^how.  corrects my proof sheets)   call   one  paper, I remember���though, for the.    "lathe  ladder set   against   tht  of   the   rusinurhv   sort-the   front   life   of me,  I   cannot   tell   why���  Hcin-a  street and the back   look-   wasa   pale   gray   ground,   worked  ins   (Tver a turfed   garden,   with   a   up to   imitate   watered   silk,   with  lime tree or two, a  laburnum,   and   springs of gilt   honeysuckle   upon  a lawn   tennis   court  markedxout,   it.  its white lines plain  to see   iu   the       I   looked    around   and "listened  -      3  "   1  1  1  1  "  i  r-   J  1'. -  -i  Since   you     seem     to     kn  UVf  ma'am/' said I, " it is."  -.JrSfeC,  ���* Ah, Romeo!    Your cheeks  art^T-  ruddy���your poppies are too  red."'!?;'*  u Then    I'm    glad     my   colors  <A2v*'ZZ:j~-  __?_*���a-*=*s- t-��  1  starlight.  At the end of   '-he   gar-   for half a minute.      The house was  come   back;  for, to   tell the  truth.g^j  den a  door, painted uark green.  a* < I \  St. i 1 J  as  < I _t_ all*  v��*   *�� v �� *  ti % _  ht^re��� not    a  led into a narrow lane between sound in the room or in the  high walls, where, if two persons passages beyond... With a nod to  met. one bad to turn sideways to Peter to bob! the ladder firm I  let the other pass. The entrance Hftrd one leg over the sill, then  to this lane was cut in two by a the other, dropped my feet care-  wooden post about the height of fully upon the thick carpet and her embrace me.  vour hip  and just he\ond   this, in went   quickly  around   the   bed   to  **> *on����   Hive sau  - * ' " .   . . . *      _   . ��.klla I.  Ann      In*-  the highroad, George"  was   waiting   the dressing  table.  you did give me a turn just at first.  You were looking out for me no  doubt**���-'  " My prince!"- She stretched f^rj  out her arms again, and, beinulf?!:J  pretty well at my wits* end.   I   let  *' It   has   been  -n����j-7yV7^.17_.  jps^Wii.   ,_jjB��  ��_v a    ^  -*>' A     >  t_jS3��'ia'aH^?  -^  for us with   the dogcart.  We had picked the ususl   time ���  the   dinner   hour.      It     had   just  turned,   -dark,   and    the     c h u r oh  clock; two streets awaw was   ehim-  ing the quarter after S when   Peter  and I let ourselves in by   the green  doorU spoke of .and felt  along   the  walbfor the gardener's ladder that  we knew  was   hanging   there.      A  simpler job there never was.      The  bedroom window on the  first   floor  stood right open   to   ihe night   air,  and inside was a faint   candlelight  flickering* just as a   careless*   maid  will leave  it after her   mistress* has  gonedcwn to dinner.      To be   sure  there was a chance   of her   coming  back to put.   it    out. but we   could  hear her voice going in t be..servant**  hall us    we   lifted   (lie ladder   and  res'ed it against the sill.  i4 She's good for half an hour  yet." Peter whispered, holding  th" ladder while I began to climb;  " but if I hear ber voice slop Til  pivc the signal to be cautious/'  I went up softly, pushed my  head gently above tlie level of the  sill and looked in.  It was a roomy place, with a  great half test.-r bed, hung with  curtains, standing out. from the  wall on my right. The curtains  were of chintz, a dark background,  with flaming red poppies sprawling  over it, and the fart ber curtain hid  the dressing table and the candles  Upon it and tlie jewel mse that i  confidently    hoped   to   stand    Upon  But at the  corner,   and as   soon  as ever I   ,��aw   around   the   chintz  curtain, my   knees   gave way,  and  1 put out a   hand   toward tlie   bed,-.  pos t.  Before t he d ressi n g I ab 1 e, a nd i n  front of the big glass in which she  could see my white face, was an  old   lady  seated.  She vvore   a blaze   of jewe 1 s   and  a low gown, out-of   which   rose the  scraggiest   neck   aud     shoulders    I  have    looked    on.     Her    hair  wim  thick with idiick dye and   fastened  with   a   diamond     star.      Between  the two ca tidies the. powder showed  on her cheek bones   like flour  on a  millers cojit       Chin   on baud   she  was gazing steadily    in the   mirror  before her. ami, even   in my fright,  1  had time to note   that a   glass   of  sherrv    and a    plate   of    riee    and  currv   stood   at her   elbow   among  the rouge pot* and powder puffs.  While 1 stood stock still and  prettv well scared out of mv wits  she rose, still staring at mv image  in the glass, folded her hands  modestly over her bosom and  spoke in a deep tragical voice:  ** oh. the wearv  * B'  ill   treat     me.  been    all   this  while ! And thev  Where' have you  tedious timet"  I was not going to answer that,  you may be sure. By this time  1 bad recovered myself sufficiently  to guess what was near the truth,  This was a mad aunt of 'tie  family below, and that the game  was in giy hands if I played  wnh decent care. Sol met her  question with a not tier.  ** Look here/' I said, H I'm running a coosid* rable risk in braving these persecutors*"- of your'n.  Hnda'J    We beUer   elope at  oncG?n  ** I   am read v.'*  " And    the   jewels?   You   won't  them    to   your   eniuiuts,   I  leave  juippose.'*  Sue turned to the dressing table,  lifted her jewel c.^e and put it into  mv hinds.  ���� I    am    ready."   she  repeated.  " Let life be quick   ami stealthy  as  death." .   i   .  Sh�� followed mo   to the  window  ttiul, !noki.����<>��loir����-liack.    ^  �� What horrible, Muck depths...  ������liVn. e.H.y,"  "��'*1I. "IIS, ,m,  Yon  could   do it  on   J'��ur  head-  11)11    l:i m iv.     .....    . .  Look   licrc!"   I   cliinl.)od   out lirct  '��� Th, prince!- un,| helped ht-r, Hotting hor foot  . .                      Wa w��iit   down   i"  Then    fm:iriK -Hharply     nroun.l, tho    rungn.      ;%0   ,.   .         vntthe  nix- hi-lil out her thin anon. _ iluuco, 1 choking all uu.  *" You have come at las'.?"  There wan not much to say to  this except that 1 had. So I con-  fe.-sed it. Kvcn with the candh-s  behind \ivr I could see her eyes  flowing lik<* a dog's, and an uglier  .iking with  hi. moolhopm.   >  Ww   ,i,,��    I"    weak    to t  (,irK.H and   wonderment that  up fro.n the depth* ����f ll,nl-   . ��� ������,���  't(,llch(,(1 tnrf and iHtndud huu  w  K  ifti  ' -1*1  ��� '^  I ���.*"�����<�����  t   M  t. . .  >,*  ti  1 '.��<  1  rp  a  4,7-.>  -SSI  t'f-j  if**"*  r**V>!  Wi.  won  _w��.  ^  i. iD1     ' mz  iy^J&2t>i&&***^*~-'~'  ���'���'::A*Fr-''  O  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  4  i  "  i  - i ,  SHORT STORIES  ;  ���  4.V*  V,  -���  rni ���.f    %i*pre  .   ,,,... ���>.. - ��� ��� -io \:yyA;:y ������'    ,.��*. rr - *t;r,;:  ���       A low wlu^ie sj her  h!la  P-efecn h0   however,  : tir��.,t ��.tt tori.1.^ , lunlirs?, J-'-1' ,(,r    ,   ���,1]nled  forty .m his e,uou . At bis wit s  -"V; a,in.t  ,*pUin   here hat w I-ran 1  counted y   to entrust the ^       t        ^.^  ;:-; '  Who, in   pity'-   ��.,,  J^ lwr screfn;  cam..*�� end, be ai l��t .^.ed .  ,   lhP   . ound   ot   ber feet   p William   1\ ��� lor     , ifae  PfUSSian ���>  r;      m     ,   She'a   the ^.lherm.. runUkeademon,   ^-^^f^re sent,  and   re-  u 1.Ilielop.n������h       She ��m*t h.v. run 1. head  Guard;    hese ^   ^  .:,    v.,u'v.^berj��-,U. for 1 wn�� ie,B tnun   e^ d  turned   to   Be. ,       ���.  i-i:;...,. ���,a.J��n,M>��  ^.VV    when   ^'���lt   v^ckseatofthe ple��o��   ��^ to        preielu,    "bo  f.^o.-u.anlv w,V,   " il\d;       pulled ����������' \�� ^-^      George beav.ly laden . ^ ^        ���>  .;.���,.       Ar"   you taking her.       ^ A���d       beU ^ ^ng ��� 1 ca u u     wfcl  ���.,,., Vrori�� marry   her?    b ��* ^lhe borzoi  ��^ ^V*^ i8 Tepor��ed..to b��ve eaid,  -. ������:,  ,.-cW ahead   o   u     -        ,nd   ebe ^  ba){ a      ^ut^^l ._-...  * ;"'  I-  m   ,ha�����  Hlint-d  d��-n   ^ked   into    tha^   ^P"    ; h   . ,J. Pierpont ilo^g &  :r''>!! ''*"        .   whUvunP  her  hare   f_UnwinR   us   and..^(r���   -��,*e   at  an   anecdote . ref^nnarterP oi th.  '. M'  inn1  *..*.��� ? .-r  l "V'.  Morgan,   ��* ���  i,Hvervnm��" ' her -,ul^'       f ,he Empire   ��i����   ���    �������. 4J Yes,    ��    endorsea  She "pulled   the  gems    rou      ^  ^ c    the ^ ^^ ^ gur ^^gnate frowned,  ���   ._��d bosom   and   nano which nc pipped   haughtily-    1U-    ,   who8e notes  I  "rTr   e.-ho   received  lhe"  J        lbe   wlegrapb  H e II ^   , x ^ very careful wh-^^  ^  lh-T     llow       Next   the  marched B8l seemingly *�� ��^1 ^ ,,       d        .. _atd ^ *^    Uenge  the,  W'\\!\     ketand drew out a   ����y  lhe teeth in a hue ^m, ��� l)o     0u   oha^  "lherWr   blocked   the   ca, ,                  ,    9lUd    U       ��J���' k 0,   EnglandJ     ^ P^ -  ^^ hav n" "towed ihe   diamond                  o_.     ���There   ��^i��. ing al   be v��t          w^  !im',          iked    U ��vBain,  handed                      0 Mawuukee* d     ��� lieme-.          you                 ^  ln,,whe   ��y ^ed bta hat  and .^ u      1 started to c - ^^             ,o   you  want -y^  ^  ^  h'U''              toward the dogcart.                   h��� r0,d and   beau ?���     lhe the  -^-l0ttt0Wari,..,   1 he��an, a�� ��conihlg.     Havtng^r-t  p -    ^  y ^^    ^Gnpan               .  of -,VUU ' -"tv^m    -hen camel !Word- ^^^      '^l  and the wain waagom ^^    8peecn wilh  i   ...7'    'Thai'ri  afaat train, u .�� continued the mat,  down.     ���i" ���;,:������,.       'ltie   well,   ia>���� .      ���.  ���e to p1"  he    New    JersaY    c "^Uy fa8t,  vi%M.    "We ������ ^   clerk  looked  le" time left ior     m,,y Central Wter �� eq aUy       .% ^M    The#petr.bed J�� .^  hnppy..    Vejr  butmak-heuer  um.biptn ^  mad about U^ea and  "     r hllV��   marked off   the              iBBlB.     My*^ in  lnB In reply ��^ lhal lhe bank  i(U,Vy<,,ir    ,   "  bv    d^'��   hftVe   inform   to   hul   me   t. vidiculoUB assurance             ^   Mf  almnnao;   day    "Y  ilked ofi towar     ��� -;_    . ^  ���' My dearest Udy,en  the  ^*��"��X:   rdovoUonof   a  hinb   walls,     ��i  Uf0"" rm crept into  mine.  U��r ^^ T li to time left for  - Th��ro i�� but *?WAtnnV Year  ������ in which   to  he h.    P.^        ^  ���^'oUrt.a; hapPV.-    YeM  b-akes better  time, n--��        -^ about U.bat c.u��=     ftnd  - '�� whU>A\ "a       marled off   the ^rW w.     My ^  ^.        in in repiy excep     ��- ^ bank  >tU,,'y,11V      ,   .    bv    day    I   have     .  l|ornl   to   bid t- Um   ridlculons assurance ^   Mr.  M'U'nUV;"'  ;   "dial       l'   ������   '^,   lersey City.      .^^S name of   wa, u0t   i"a^d endorsed  the  washed    the     .a . ^.^^.^       ^, ,, by   he^   kie8��d   a       0     ��� Blmled   and e  ,s,���v,    married,   ��> d    Bft(,h   the land ����^ding    on  the  'hUU!h,��rB,,V:     .ve   her  and  tend   "^^  ��'��-.im��n  to ^ n)Rn lv�� plathnm  l,(,V) but,  none had   sucn  ^                ....       ^    ... .   ��,    *���"*    " " * n II 1  A**'  tit? i? * i y%  r> ^H-  s* ?  I" s  r .-*���-!  VAM i  I   fF>,  S'  * ?  iR I.  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There is t���� he  an   improved    in-  said, put   into bis mouth    opxuum,: u,rnjlljnnal   ferrv   service   between  he had never expressed.     lie vowed ; v^{ Ef^ ,uul   j^^ lk>  tnat if the editor did not   apologize j  he would move that he he  brought J      Customs revmue for May for the  to the bar for a breach of privilege  j Dominion   stalled   $2.77l>,0!H),   an  Next  dav   the     reporter   of    the \ increase of $:io0.47o over   May iad>  speech waited upon   O'Couneil ami ; year,  nave a most remarkableexplanauon \ ,.��� ,,  ,.,.,���, ���_ ���_ ,, ���  He staed th,^^;^^ MORTGAGE SALE.  the house to his omee in r leei *vi*l-..i j w  ihe rain sireannd   into h��s   pockets j ._  ,uf]   obliterated   the    nutefe   ot   til-?    t;��uior��i��a i>y virtm -uf tiu* !*��������� .r-*>oou_��n��r-u  ] in a certain snort ^hii*",, \vh!rh wilt h** provhu'-i'd  <n^peh *�� as n����* ^'w��f t��j��* >*u*y. Uiorv wtU l.**? �����ilV-r*-*t i'*��r  v!cru . ,,        . i   . >,*��..* hv p\UtUt-tut<*Uott Uy NVwifiiij .vr��t��u��nuy.  4T y*r*f*put the exnlanation,    saiu   nudi->n< �����>?>. m u*i.*.r o*tk***on K* ������i*>i��ft>- Mn.��*t.  1   Juri '    *                        ., ,   ".   va? Nri-us, u, r .on Thursday, th��*'.Y>th ��Uy  of  nTiinn^Si t7(K>d huiuoredlv, "OUt let  . Jum\ li*>-\ut th*' tmuir *��fW��*vi*x�� nvt..����k in Ui*  uuw'wtn,,- .                           ; rt'r^��.Htu,   thr r��4lo��:}j>t:   property:    AUniut  iti^ cqv  thai  it mtist  have.-  been an    siusculur thai .��i-rtain   i��.%r-*��*i or  tm*-t of   l*����d  u,t-v    ������ . (       . ana |>ro!��iM>( Mlim!.'. lyl'na:  ?*nd ��>��nii*; Iti  !hv  PY.rnnulinarV fllO^fcr    OI     ralU, lor j (.;itv ,1. y-'Non^'Jit t>..-inKo>nij'��.w<t o< !.<��{ ?��ix  rA,iav-iu.��        ,7 ^                                 , ^   i.io,rk   olf..'tn>**n   (IM,  ?ott*a*vJ<.k*ii   oi   !**���>!   . ,  ii notonlv washed out v>f v��ur nott- ' utn^.y.riviMio?. iimup ����>��� tn.wvM Ko^u-nay ^ J  boou   "the speech    i    fletivered,    out)    on-ttie j*rojH'rty  u  �� 5i.\-.r��:����m   ttw��4Ua��- -j ^^S����  v ^ ^ -      $      ��� 'a'-m-jr with. ffiSnT ivnpn>vi>ri��*;-aJ^.  iv-icI-5��-m1 m   anotliie" of     an enurely I ��� yi>r t<-rtu��.��� .mu t>��tHtiu��>��iiH .��f *.��ir.. ^u>P^  different character."  -SSSSES223E  S*S_aBS*S*SEB  _,a___��-. ~__.j: yj  J-  ^ ^    -^   a^.    TgT  "- %a .'r^Hr7. .    ... _Jl_ ���  ���       7  Coffee Roasters  ��ea,cr9 ,n Tea and Coffee   .." -   ~         ... *-���.. .7-. ��v�� -s. *r��. rNTv.Ty. ,f_ ,f, ^��-,*~^Tv^r^^^rr;rr?rr,".i-r*.i*r,.*r���_  W*' ��ir��* oflVrhii; at lQ\v��*��.t jirlc*-?* Oi*   hu ,  jjrmK'j* c��riVyl*��ti. Iiulia, t'liiim and ,1;u<���  Our Hot   Mocha a art Javn <%��rlt ><��� |��.-r  jwiuihI  ..,..���... .i   ^  Mo.-iia fttnl' J��va HJ*-ntt, 'l \��\\oul*r ,       ! (,  *  t  1  JC  i  '"J  ��� to-  *}K*<*ait |J!cna iNiflV**. n.i pounds. . ,   . I u  .  ii** Hhiitl t*oSV��***, i�� jHnHulf. ,,.. .. it:  ���il'HM-iui H1.*tul i'%-yliit! i .-a, |ht j�� .uud.     -;  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.      [- r   \  OOTENAY COFFEE G 0i': 1  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST     8&&��R    STREET,  1- *  J Sir        jfr     ��f  NELSONk---   .���  j ���  i Ui*> rttJ<*H��,'.m:i-*>r>,  !       I'rH>Mt>'.lV(S  I'KRMANKNT  LOAN    O.Mt'ASV.  I Mtor^^***^'"*'  WADDS BROS.  1  A   clever   answer   in   court   wns 1 .��ComrJ)nicA'  Act, iSot,** ������* Amending  that uiven to the  late Chief Jt^sUce j Act*.  ��^        . j    ....^-^    v,.r_,   I     N'uiiwl'i    her-^ny    jiiv��-��    llml    S?Ofiuvi    s  Coleridiie   ot    h,iij��iaiu.i   > ear?-- au* , : F,,w^.rf i;,.,iu.-n��iOi. <>? >%'?.^>p.. n. t'^m* iu^u  when   he   w:i8  deieiunng     a    ��dU> ^j^,^    LJuou-d".   ��na   " Ta*'    KtorxVri^  .   , -   ,    ,.  , t     \1 o��..v Mt'riUsr> rtdsoiU��ta- Miin;.'*, Umi^'d."  h�� plutv  who had become a ^>i.-iei *o    ��nt;nj.' ; nf tu*- uo*> Jajti.^' t;.   H*.h,<rtHo:��. *�����_'_  a^��*  .   . , .    _'        ,.   t..,tt  . n!'<��*'ti��'V      for        f'lh��<      W |ut*'\vii?.��T       Mini'**;  aiul war expHi^i xrom tne r.onvtni   i:lltiU,..y^   ]u v*iit.t. (.f<;,���r^ .u.-,;m-i^ <a  for refusion t--�� ob��iy the ruie*.    *.,ue .    '^.^jV.-'j-h'._��-*.. ,:iv.-t�� ihiit Ui��--?o*i Ntinm'S s.  ^ ���.,,,! .it,!.     FmhI-t  *��ml  John   I'Va.^^r.   ��-J   Nirl����*��i*T   It.   ��'..  had broutii'it an actioi^ tor expui-iou   h;tVV  UtvU  np,M>int��M$   uM^r��ryi. r<:>r ���;��� in^  and    libel.       In   the   eour.e  ol   me   ltUu-.w,v-t u, vhir.. ,,< y.ny-^ o. H-(^t-*:i. ���  ,..,   ,      .   . , ,1        ,i..t iMtMlshis-Mhtlaynf April. I'X"  trial        C*derid^e      u-^umed      t(Mt ^   v. W*K..m��v.  breaches  ot   (h^<upbne   are   trivial,.  Varrcouvcr and Nelson  i _...:-���  i- v ��� .-*  >*t .* - *.  T- ���  v- - . -t  BftKER STREET, NELSON,  B. C  &K$  WOfr-ifc.Tv'''.^??'"   ^  .^��&. ^r|i..'-:.>|,<"^tt.  contemptible, and should never b*  notieed. '* What has Misr .Siwin  d-me?--  h��- asked  Mr*.    K^one ly,   a  !'_ i! S ! r' * s s        ��� U  Ktid the   ladv,    4t rhe    has,   f-r    ex  j, mule. i-a'en sira wherrie.-,'  CERTIFICATE OF  I M PROVE WI EMTS.  *rruM��v,'uO M ht'-nil < 'lahn. *���]{ uut��- in U��** N��l  ��i��n MtjiOr*:   I��.v i��.i<of'4 ��...  w*'~--i K*'<<?.<'��n��v f��t?"��.-  !"i!    '"^- ' Whriv. lo#-iO��"1 :    (t��iTi��:ii!   MMinjinln.ul.Miit  Isaif it in.!'" u*"��.t  iO' (Ili'Sth-T KO��k'   M;tM*  i-i!;,-    (i..n<'     Uiat     1,    .lultii     M'l ,hN -hi*",   "I  Ih��- <vit>' �����{' >>���.*���"��., iu'dii'rCa*1 (^''"iit   t*��r*   |vr*\y  iiiiij'i' . * ���-*   ���  ��� ��� ..-.- , t '1, i�� nm o, n        1-*: �����-.���      Miiiit'i      ��� *��m I\ il,\ilf       \ ���  "  Katen strawhe.rrie. .'   What harm ,.^ i..���Hr,u,<,/n,- |s���, ,. |.-,,-  Mav  ���j (A  and      ,y>.     J����e  July 2, 3, 4  is there in that ?" 4I It was fur-  bidden, sir,'* said Mrs. Kennedy  1 lint, Mr-. Kennedy, what u��mh>  wa�� likely V* e one from eaiinji  H rawberries?M u Well, nir/' H��iil  Mr-. Kenru-dy, u yon mijiht a^  w��d! j��sk what tr<��ul��le was likely  to come from eathu.ran apple ; and  vet \\ e know what trouble did  (!<���>!.ie from it."  Mcdiilh art*hei��j^��    d i^*t -i i��n r ed    to  l-orne    o(;(J    ti)Uiih��-ir*   of   the    N'iirlie  Wf-t  Mounted   i'uliee, who   were    in  the west   a t  1 he t i me . >f t he    it iei  re  lad lion.  ��������'-���,������������., 1 ������������-'���������������-������'��.  ......       .... .  Illlralr,   Nil,  i;  '���*>, 0 '..'.  Ji-C��t��r'.U"  <#.. N ���'}".* Mi,  Vi*,' .  |..J.��r\.s.hvfM.i,.-rmv,-uii.ai.-NM  U :..��.v.��:i.    ProtU   Ke.sslatUl.    iiau,  *>  hit��n*5,  -ixts  ��tuv>.    ..-..��.,   ih��'   ��ta����   in r< or,  '���''���, Jji.fnncdi'lt^  fioiuts  at )>!> to ih. 'Mlhtiti! Ufn.nl.Td.r.oVrim.'aSr    imum '    x  ��� <f' ! tn pf < *\ '��� ��������ii.* 1 ��!.���*.   li'Olic pur po ���<��<��.��� J   t ��Pta l;.-  hu; a- < row n tiranl  oi'  !lir itln.vr i-Juim.  And furUn'r tulo* non��-��* (lull a<d l��a��. uud<r  ���7��'<'i;f.jt ;;t, iihi-i \>>' ������ofrm��<,��>��"��'d i^pi��*i'' {i"*  iHsiauM'* ofwut'li < 'or ini-atc of   I m [��iov��iih**iO*.  Iiao-d li��i�� i'o'ii ��!h>  o( Ma>.   V,  h, J'.i*?��.  .hill s Mr 1,a'I < III .���:. 1\ h. S.  CERTII-tCATE OF  IMPROVEMENTS.  >:�� m'.vi nd* r   NtOi'ial  rfaini,  ^I.uh<��*   in   Hk'  NVlo.n    Miuljik'   OlvtMoh   of   UV-l   Koot��-in��>  I .       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