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The Nelson Economist Nov 1, 1902

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 t    a V     ~i  __���   ^     ���Sk.t^-  .-��A*   - *   Vfe-1*"  *,  Jsaiijuii^wirww ii Tmiiri*"   '.>' ^^^''"^a^^-^^^^^aft^ar  --�����  ,MW,,k* kk<, &imn  a,,, nn.,aj-Ki^^..  ,    --V  ? i  Hi  | VOL. VL  ELwO^i;    O*   w��b  , NOVEMBER 1,1902  * .</x  H��*TI  a kin 9 Moneys;  0^e ^a| is lo get a Job in the0  %\v%^A'i''.Z\Z'Z.Z^;"'7''y.'A:/.yA'AAA':A "~l "     i  IpBpii^?^ ���� to Buy Goods  t��f|^ money in the mint has  ^|^^i^^^^��iiow*forhis effortfl> hnt  ^^^^^^^^^^^ *ae still  has" money '  ^^^iS^^^^^iflM^ make money.;  ^^pi^^l^ire in the community and  llllo^iiPiiliiney ��rthe*'same' P^OP'f";  ^^^^^^1^^ his ^arnin^s is his gfm  i||epta1i^ well to sell the kind  i$i^^^^^^^^htat **���nee him in  |^ community.    I have  ^ invite dU to cal1 and  $&b^^^^^V^. arriving and everything ���  ���  9  ���*#���#*****���**��******  ^^^^���^^������^^ ***w>+*+  ��� im�� ���.  ���*tt~l  KA-'-k^ ���  r4 #"  .'TUtrS ,��-*     ,-,*-., ,at,*-<  a 7^/f- J^^yt,*!  _.      ,   ���  --        *��� ~ ^     ri '' 1  "���7?" ,'jW.7"'SC^&,  ^.v^^   . .V'7'' y   j'k'^k'.H^-  . e v   -> o ^~- ^M,^  7'      i     " iX *-\  ,.  -.      -><��>', > ,yHv i'I? _  - v \o .v\;il?,.|  .''    oV^;X  -  > $ <yzwi  ,, ,, ,  ,    'tj.l..  '     ��f.(,|(W  '  )(*>��>���  h' '    h ^!   k n^V       '    l  I     ,'' ')   .   'JJV/'1  . a, y$J  y?A,\  '���a Jk '   .'.K  ���.      ��� ��� ,i n*-'  ' i - :<* v i\4  , .    . ,   < *'j  ' A xfZ  '    ,71k'        ....Si  ����VjpvQ^  ������������^^��������������^������^����^(  *    - ���  May be made profitable and enjoyable if you are mtfk* ^g***  ING MATTER of an interesting character. WE HAVL THI,  BOOKS and the prices asked are bargain prices.  O.V  -"��  TOBBlWHW  S��*5  -a--"  VlfARD AMD BAKER STREEtS, HELSOI  >$VVV  t   r   -'if i  k  I , ) III I   I " I I,      -|J|  .U* r��.�� ^,^wl��M*����KriM**w***'*l**r" !"!'f'v "* *" '^  I    -il'  ��M��I ,^��(a|��a��--,r M��--wai>"'^,'1 "*��lv,j^ij|  'I ��   l(  (  ]    ,'J|  ���    ,.   i,   ,,--���l   ��t"H> H'M '��1 '. V     Ot    i,'     !f-jf>      .(^r  l( >       '  ���     . Vi Ki        a, "     i . I  1'.        If  n#,       O      '        \\  ���- r  n 1 o'" i, o   ."i     i;( 'k ,,UL.'v     ���;-    ,,  ,,"        i '\ l'     >     Ot, I     "     4<  )(  .<��'.-/    '"     .,��",.*���    \'4f,\o  ,J  ,r.l  Is     i  -*      I'  if.  ,A ,tt i   i is:  -���7*        -r C     ~ ���'-t-T1^  ^fyZtoi-i.tirf^h&Jifci^"^  WAaSA  3z~r~i-J~yfSi  yyz-  I i/y ?A.  lis  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ^  r ^v  ?_3pa-;-.'<'"  E'.4fe��oSk7,:'o:->-' a ���:'���'.'.-;  Ky&:(A777rA7.:.e-A7.Ai ���  ^t^ZAAZAP r/A:'..  xmrnyAA"'  ^/ymyyA  W^^AAAAiAyzzZAZ.  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TIE  [1.(1  j D  IMAM MOT SMRilM  l   'O ,i"  w  J  '!,,""'   '  "<   .'  ft      ,1 a.     Mi  i "J      ,'       ��  ��   ,4 I '  '*���>.  '    j**>J>W,  '��'����.  oots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My stock  of fine ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OL  a  Q  EPIERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house mid  one three-room house  for rent.  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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER i, 1902.  ^> if* ~*  Wjjy  THE NELSON ECONOMIST is issued  every Saturday. Subscription : $2.00  pjtr annum; if paid in advance, $1.5��  Correspondence of general interest  RBSPKCTFULLY SOLICITED. ONLY ARTICLES  OF MBRIT WILL BE ADVERTISED IN THESE  COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS  WILL BE CAREFULLY GUARDED AGAINST  ��� IRRESPONSIBLE PERSONS AND WORTHLESS  ARTICLES.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  FORMALLY the Hon, J. Israel Tarte's resignation became necessary because of his  failure to consult hi* colleagea before advocating a change of policy. Under examination  this would hardly pass: a Cabinet Minister  - does not owe any allegiance to hi* colleagues,  . but only to the Prime Minister, and Mr.  Tarte has asserted, with no denial as yet from  Sir Wr4frid, that he averted his present views  just as emphatically in Sir Wilfrid's presence  ai later in his absence, Be this as it may,  the reason assigned by the Premier i�� frivol-  oas but characteristic ; a formal reason suns  his temperament better than the real cn*>,  which would commit him to something definite. It ifc nonsense t���� assert that a Minister  should confer with his colleague* before expressing his viesvs ; when his views prove to  be at lariance with those of his chief, of course  he should resign, but let the reason be honestly given, let Sir Wilfrid state that Mr.  Tarte's views are not his.  Does he do so? Oh, no; he informB Mr.  Tarte that the economic point raised is interesting, but he does not care to discuss it now I  Instead, he alleges an imaginary breach of  etiquette. This is political cowardice of the  lowest kind. It would be the grossest flattery  to call it childishnens, it is mature imbecility,  The "'machine." may .swallow it (if the Ontario elections have not impaired that beast's  digestion,) bAt the:country will certainly reject it.  To dismiss thte cowardly and imbecile explanation, what is   the real reason for Tarte's  withdrawal ?    He is a   protectionist aB. he always was, he never  drivelled about |C the iniquitous system of protection " or the ct sunny  ways of conciliation ;" he has  steadily advo  oated the National   Policy  of  industrial and  commercial independence.    His opponents in  the Cabinet have advocated nothing and done  nothinpflinoel896 ; since the Joint High Commission adjourned to the Greek Kalends, they  have  forgoeten   that there  evelPwas  a limit  question.    If Mr. Tarte didn't know what his  o, /, \y ��� -'-.I  1 T��.|,^'S,**"��'��||������WfrWl*1''",��"r  ,��u>y,   ,'   ,(,, 1,1,''    '1 '  ,v :yh    ; ,>t 1  chief's trade policy   wa.-, he   was no worse off  than all others *  A few weeks ago, we drew attention to the  fact that acquiescence in Mr. Tarte's policy  meant the retraction by the other Minicters  of every speech they had ever made. They  have seen it finally and have coerced the unfortunate dodger who nominally leads them  into dismissing the only intelligent man in  the Cabinet.  What.are they going to do now ?  Nothing whatever. They dare not tinker  with the tariff; they know now that the  United States will not revi-e hers tp redeem  their foolish promises. Toe late event?, how-  ever, in spite of the Premier's feeble " breach  of etiquette" apology, commit thetn ;o their  obi shibboleth of Free Trade. What excuse  will thev offer now for six years of idleness  with the country c* groaning under the present tariff " ? None at all ; they'll cling to office grimly until they're thrown out, a period  which is now not far distant.  While the irrepressible Irish members  keep the venerable mother of Parliaments  from goirlg to eleep and incidentally from discussing the Educational Bill, and Mr. Tarte's  rapid manoeuvres save Canadian politics  from stagnation, and various other restless  spirits in divers lands contribute, each in his  own sphere, to what we call progress, a part of  the world whose existence we sometimes forget, is forcing��her way in recognition among  the civilized*8tates in most modern fashion,  Talleyrand, the witty diplomat, who served  republic, emperor and king with impartial  zeal, once described the goyernment of Turkey  as despotism tempered with assassination ;  we might imitate Talleyrand and describe the  government of South America as dictatorship  tampered with revolution. There are seldom  loss than three of the South American countries engaged in the genial tempering process.  At present two are at it seriously enough to  keep the attention of the Associated Press in  spite of the rivalry of the Irish and Mr. Tarte  (Mr. Martin is in the hospital so of course we  must excuse him )  ���    I"' . ��  Columbia has had a civil war in progress  for several months and several battles have  actually been fought, not only'with telegrams  but with real bullets, and latest advices assure us that, a naval battle is pending between a government cruiser and .a rebel gunboat. Her neighbour on the east, Venezuela,  the state which furnished Grover Cleveland  with campaign material seven years ago, has  11 little affair on al.-o, just to keep her citizens  from emigrating to Columbia to see the war.  A Mr. Castro was elected President years ago  and although his term of office .e^i^edi^Vr r  eral times since, his influence witp%W;iifB2^  and navy has not, and as the poslffoS^l^e^F  president is neither safe nor o^mm^^^M^  tractive, he has decided to detain^%KfeiSa|^^kS  sibilities and emoluments of o^c^.^a^I^Het  longer. The opposition have at:^ja^4j^��d)  that lead passes a more effectiye<M'p��^nt^^Bi%  of confidence than an erratic' fr&$^hiMiid^Kp&  These little disturbances are'^fiimiM'iSeill  & ' Y-':fA*'^.A r'   '7 ''J^^SttT *~l" "*' ,'  what annoying at times to foreig&iMercKaM^:!h:  and several European governmei|*t^��-Wv^SS��3!  gested thrt the self-appointed aukr&afctiPt^rM-  Western Hemisphere should 'foifoWSh|^"dW^  roe theory to its lo^ial conjoluQi^i��;fT^^^SrlM^  ���seem as  n u meroiij  naldo's capitals  tional guards   are  required   toy.wMoIii  find  prevent property  from .'being'^destfe^e^  too fast. Besides i t seems so trlflii  cares to interfere ; more, men   are^;i  every year  in  the   United   States"^��  killed in an average  South/American^  tion.  ..,.1 -ti .1, s-Jir Y  r-v yyt$fs  r   .��V>J>.5  The refusal of  the Provincial Gove^  to hold out any encouragemeut to the**"  hohors who proposed to  settle in Briti  umbia,is to be commended...,   These, prof!  of little good to any   country,  andXip  1    " a -I ,'7'l��*J).1'V  \��ears of social evolution before  theyyjS,,  transformed  into   desirable   citizene.f^ll  Province has about all it'can/do.to��iop^jJ.  its political madmen   without 8addliri^|||  with the extra burden of a lot of reHgicj��C|^  atic8.    Mr. Sifton is responsible for tfij^^  ment of those half-civilized  creaturesfliii"  Northwest, and should   be  held   aeonm  forthe trouble they are caueing the i#  ties at the present time. ;yM  }A4yi  It seems almost certain that Mr. MaS{r  M. P., will jiot recover from hie ail^  which is diagnosed as enlargement W|J  liver.  ,' AAA  o > r ] ���  l//l 'ti'  The new rules of procedure in tho*'Brifc^,,,,nT  House of Commons have quite .failed, it ia^MVrt*t  mitted, to stop Irish obstruction.  yAyj  A     �����      '  Pou the present, at least, no change will tw  made in the tariff, but Sir Wilfrid, hae piVi.ni*  ised a Montreal deputation, that thu-inA^'ar  will be gone into thoroughly later on.  it 1  ^ivtrttiii^,*��-*-"'*'1'M**"'  It* '      r��  ,l��   ,  ���.( A  ,\l  ,    <<   #  A'(     'it,  , ]!        'il 'lF       ' 'll '  * ,k I    ���     k.   I    ".     k,r,   tH. "'H-    H,frW,a'!�� -H'^*  "**', ,'K' <'!��.��   m* 'h',u��,)��.��.jim> Hi,r,w*W��^,<al��<wt��ia��r'a>H1����"ik'>|,   . ,h>   ���    ���      ���! y  I       ,    '      1          '   i        V   Itlfil               I    A        '  I-   *'         *        ,                    u "'o *,                                                 ���  '         ''         h        i    -        '     vi         ,    .7    ' ti , ��   d, ,'>      1            1 J1,            I  ���   1   , M      '���  ii,          "   I'        I il   ,    ���     a.     *>%"���>        " >   ll>''         >U'     ��'   '-   '5           ���   "          ;(     ���,���...���,������,     .���   k,-     ,,. 1    .-ir*      ��� ��.r '���  ..     r��� -:-;;-:T-rj--;.ri-.f'vir-vc7;.";-<'���.- .>. --��� -���*-^ ^.'-.-'-  , 't,  ,r  "\,r,k^��-��o:..����.<-H' ,��,*,(f, ,.7,��m, '   f "?L^,-ll"  <i( Ovy     IV  "1   .* .1    \  5 (f-,  ,1  rit  1,  'Ai ,  |1, li,    h  -e(p    f^4  '  :; ;\;";'^^i.^iSv!y; ^--i J^y*^}/*'.: .-��� /_zz  ....   V  t   k \<  1,1 s iii y  %       s[*,�� 1  ���i ,1 -, 1 ^   v  <f^ I    < ���    ���<��>" "."fll  "7- <  ,'t,j]'k<,.)    , ;���   *  ^  icy  if''a'1  1 ^ '   -ii 1.  1 ,i it l�� '  >,?"> ���"���  /(   k f'���  V '/* H&- J<  l~ ., Sk k��� -  wkvkaiMCNtfSte*  %_^5*tS��  JJ  . s^.^|ji^-_  V  b  I-"'  ���i k-   '���&'  k7 70    ._      aa. .  J_^��*^=*^.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  '���. -���   =-=f"��  ~%A  , I--,-'-'IS��t-cC5->'  i"1"'^'-   *lHI"l&rf~ *k> ,���'  - *'--^___Li:_  j��-i3Sj$__iSig'  a- _��y:gjggfcjl  gl^ ��*.^7��ftk��    Ak.-Ufe*!*^*!  j      ^    L.     Jrk^-^t-'l^ni^."  would better enable him to carry out the plan*  of the company. As a matier of fact, not o.i��  member of the nssocintion.- approached Mr.  Ham on the subject, which might be regarded  as most uiiforiiiiiate, if the company had not  alreadv concluded to carry out the tourist arrangement on ii- o.v.i acc-mtit.     What is the  (   ,   tmiri-*   n^oci-ition if   the members  '���BSBp  ing, before me moiiouiua..^,..,,  ���   ;  use of  a J.ouri-   a^oci-urni , ���     ,imi  -;Wnian complained that the deliberations of  1  thereof do not carry   into etft-ct the   aim ana  'i^rfeeii were   no   longer   private,   but   were      0bject. of its existence ?  ..   -.       -su'tv���-. ���,*���-��*.",       ' ��   - l-  l.��*��.<v<�� ��-\ tit     1 % T ' ___   tbe council meeting, last Monday even-  '4WV  ia^t before the motion to adjourn, Aid  ... ffr&bout the streets.    In complaining of  V. fth��itter, Aid. Scanlan was cerUinly within  o.hil||tlfirifege, as matters of importance are  =.'��� ve^Mitan discussed in the privacy of thecom-  trmi^llnS decidedly free and easy manner.  ^- Iri^l&ittee aldermen sagely discuss mat-  ^���terliilipersonal way that would result 10 se-  ?.orioulim61e;if brought before the open council.i&S'Scanlan complains that certain, re-  0..3,        W*'%y--.: .     '. .     ^i..���l���o^   h-  '*i.  to tK^rton whose dealings, with   the  corpo-   _  kioriiwereunder discussion.    Of course.it ,  lavfelontended that   Aid.   Scanlan should   ;  *t tftv"e%i'scussed in committee the affairs of, :  aly fgraJSeWithout giving  the other a chance  ;  loSpeffeW'biB own behalf, but as the worthy  v M -%|^om  the west ward ie always care-  ;  ful>����j.otbing of an offensive character in   |  publi^feprivate" this phase of   the question  S^ay-Jbe d^ilsed   without  further reference.   ,  S^S^S^twe'other aldermen who are not   so  .wscreet as Aid. Scanlan, and it is not so long  Jsfhceon-e of these took  refuge   behind  a  com-  f mitt:ee t�� make impudent aud impertinent remarks regarding a business   man   of   Nelson.  The "disparaging   statements   were   l.bellous,  and. were  designed to  reflect   on the business  metheds of a person who is under   no obltgu-  ionsfbr'his existence to this hybrid  mongrel  mature.    And  this   is only one of the many  Iwlly offences of which this ignorant clod-  ..pper has been guilty, but it affords  reason  ;r inquiring just how far a drivelling idiotic  German can go in   availing   himself  of  the  /privileges of a   council  committee   to   assault  '  the reputation of  re.-peclal.le citizens ?    Has  anyhmember  of   the council  a  special right  to ;malign   h'tB   neighbor   without rei-d-ring  ' (self amenable  to   the   law?    Finally, d ���  ���Wen maintain that discreet silence which  fy recommend to others as the   best means  Iriursing u-situation ?  Pfieorcefl.HHin,   the  literary  man   of  the  |  C. P. Ei'paid hirt annual visit to  Nelson last  J  ..... Tuesday.     The visitofMr Huintblsyear has  ^ peculiar interest to the citizens of Nelson, inafl-  ;?^Wuch as he was looking c��ver tlie ground from  a tourist point of view.    Thci C. P. U. is making special arrangements to accommodate the  rf  ,.   tourist   travel    of next   year,   and    the   trip  M   through the mountains  will   include a day on  * :'\ the Arrow   Lakes and  thence   on   to  Nelson,  i One would have thought that  tho importance  1 of this arrangement would have induced me.��-  1  berwofthe local   tourist   asBociation   to have  called on  Mr  Ham   ho   thai    he   might  have  been placed   in possession of information that  The   improvement   in-business  conditions  j  cannot, be better illustrated than   by referring  \  to the hopeful  feeling that  has   taken hold of j  the people.    A year ago busing men werede-   ;  cidedlv pessimistic in their views, but   to-day   j  everyone expresses the  belief   that  there is a  \  marked improvement iu trade conditions, and   ;  that at no time during the   past   three   years  \  has the volume of business been so great at* at  ,  present. The opening up of new mints and the  resumption   of   work  on others   undoubtedly  hassomtlhingtodo   with this improved' f��el-  liog,but oth-r things  also  coiitribu:e iiMhis  direction.    This id particularly im* ca^   iivso  Jar as N, Is.hik- concerned.    The almost absolute certainty that th,*   refinery will   be built  during the coming year has revived   faith   in  the mining industry.     But   the future   of the  Kootenays    depends   largely   on   the    people  themselves.    The  disposition   of   certain  elements to quarrel wiih one  another  has, had ��  I  bad effect on outsiders, and the sooner the peo-  \   pie   make  up   their  minds   to give  the cold  shoulder to mischief-makers and disturbance-  breeders the better it will be for ail concerned.  1 j ������*  feM  r-.  ���*  1  y. y  During Mr  Jacob Dover's   visit   in the east  he came in contact   with  many burines.- mem  and .one thing particularly impressed itself on  his mind and that ia the deplorable lack of information in *h'e.east as, regards:i the "preying  ���"ne'rds-.-.of Bruish   Columbia.    Several very in-  tiu^niinl   b.u-ine-rf- men-informed   Mr   Dover  that if the residents of  the   Kootenays would  only suntily thee��i?t with  intelligent inturma-  thina" 10 the  ital needs  of   the country  and  more especially the requirements of  ihe staple  industry of the Province the matter'  would lie  placed lo iu proper light in quarters  where it  would do most pood.    Thn is not a new story.  Only a few weeks a40 Senator Templeman via-  ted ."the Kootenay for the purpose of. securing  information as to the conditions  prevailing in  this section.    Me expected   to find   a   people  i  |   unanimous on some one   thinir, but instead of   j  tb.t he  found a  Pandemonium   of   voices���a   j  veritable rat pit���and he.   returned to Victoria   !  convinced  that the people themselves did not  know what   they   wanted.    When tho inhabitant become  poHfleHBM.1   of   the power to diag-  nose   their   own   disease,   there   will   be  some  hone that the eastern p ititiohiitK   may he   able  to apply the proper  remedy.  On the 21 Bt day of thin month, if   the   Min-  ister   of   .hiH-tiro   dooa    not   intoivenc,   Henry  i   U..K-, tho murderer of John Onlf, will (tay tli*'-  penalty of his crime.    Rose is?  reported to  perfectly indifferent to bie  fate, so   much so  that   he   has   gained five   pounds in   weight  since the time of hi.* sentence.    He has hopae  that his neck will yet, be saved .-but he jieems  to be   the only one entertaining this  be|ief.  Whe-.i   Henry Rose   pu.nsea   out of this world,  there will'bt, an end to one of. the most inhuman beings that was ever constructed on   the  phui of man.    ln-tnduy   respects he more resembles a gorill*  than a human baiug.   As  to the life of hie neighbor, he. appears .to-have-  placed no mure value on il  than the average  man d.oe��x>u that  o�� a   dettertled dog.    If one-  half the stories that are told of him   be true,  lhe killing ��i John Cole was only th* culmination of ui.nv attempts at taking human life.  There is one man iu Nelson who took partieu-  lar JHterertt ia the triai and sentence of   Ro*e,  from the fuot that a l'����v yeara ago   he   u��arly  became a victim of this fiend in   human form.  [  If it had not been that  the  gun   with which  ;   Bote intended in commit the deed  was taken  :   from him t.e would nava beeu called on jwh  ago 10 lUfomJ hiu����tr�� on'a charge of murder.  i   Anu this ia only one of tha many stones tbat  are told of the vicious inclination!! of the man  !   now under Mmw.ce  of death.    His believed  h  that Rooe will die g:une.    CsrUiolj he is not  '���  ��m��cied   with   that   terrible dweaaa, oeuft.-.  ?   thenia,   about which we have heard ��o  nueh  i  the past Jew wer.kn.    He ��le*p*  well, and  \M  \  ���,,  'tite i. in no   way impaired   by h.�� close  1  eonti���eu,en-.atCadil��Lemo���.    The olber Uaj,.  !   he requiMlitmed the sheriff ;o supply bun wit.  I  pie. and c*k.��, but as the Government had al-  i   ready be.u. oal.ed  ��!-����   lo contribute  ge.-er-  i  oat,l. toward* p.uvHhinj him with all thecoia-  {   iortn oi a home, U...��e U.-licacie.   were  denied  1   hin,,aadhe..nvH.goul,atriflabouer  thti.  the ordinary gaol fare. However, h��s biliw  fare will be added to a�� the day for hi�� exertion approaches, and the condemn** WJ��)  confidently look forward,ip a few *^?��?  before he reii��wa..i,U-';.ucquaiiiU���� ����* bl!i  victim in the great beyond.  The political situation at Vicloru tl.i�� J��tL  is devoid of  ��pectacular featurea.    Mr.     ���  1,kh   gone   cast   on businew.    Col.  rno  chuckling over hi* great suoce.B in ����--r��f  a)an   for   hi. deputy  who   know. ��^   ��  about the mining induHtrj.    Mr. 1 ren  u  pear, to be e.ijoying rather better health   ha  usual, and Mr. Ebsri-Js making tb.ng     M  arot.nd tin, Attorney-General'* office enforcing  hlWH that will preserve the cock Pf*��"    J  total extinction.    One thing can be truihful y  B1,ldofMr.Eb.rl.-to  h.i.ev-r waj��.  his devotion to the ihlereat- of the ootlcp  ant.    He��Uht��^lon.lly^l^  :   mntlera pertaining io   his   oflico, bul l'   . ������.  p.e .��R��L��n thai pothunter, were, ����� u����J  !   j,,,^.... would ur��..He   tho   l��il���� * Jorniore,  j   h iM ���oniI,H,ntcu upon that when the ��) ,..  1 , *    tvU, nfv_f*o to  ti^e ani'��  i   General eo��ee down to hm ofnto u ^  noon j  i        _�� rs.i   Prior it doenn't seem  md meetH Ool. i noi ��t m  '-  'iii*,)'  i\ M't   ..��,*. .".fry. .J-^   1,   *"    ">       .--%*J^'   "*���>�����-^3->'���---   ���*"*  f*V ^3*'"      ~��4ittiw j^   "^--^jj^^-     B (  o^���    fSM     -,*. ��--  �� - -a,-   a?viJ   " ���  ;F  *$  W y~  _>   A  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  6  the same old smile.    I   was nearly  overlooking that transcendant genius of a statesman,  the Hon. Jarues D u nsin uir. r James has  j ust  about completed the work on which he is prepared to stake his literary existence, "Me and  Edward/' Incidentally, he is figuring out how  many  promises   he  has   fulfilled during his���  short  and   eventful   political  career.    They  are   very   few,   but     the    number    he   has  made   are    numerous   enough   to   patch    a  mile of that  particular locality which is said  to have solved the good roads problem by paving with   good   intentions.    Jo&eph Martin is  now in the hospital, having  recently   undergone an operation, but he is very much in the  position of the old woman   who  was  on   the  cart en route to   the scene of  her execution.  She counselled the spectators to be in no great  hurry as the fun would not begin until she arrived.    Of course there are a few new political  parties proposed, but this is so common  thete  days as to be scarcely worth   mentioning.    A  new Conservative club-room  has been opened  at Vancouver, and Bob Green   and D.ck McBride went downthere to consecrate it.   They  said ever so many nice things about the Conservative party, and  vowed  by   the sun,   the  moon and the stars and the leaves  on   every  tree that they would remain constant io Charlie Wilson, which was aluo  a good thing, but  so   far   Mr*    Wilson    has not made   up   his  mind whether, he is  the   tail or   the body   of  the   Conservative   canine.      Coming   nearer  home, Jim  Wilka   persists   iu looking wiser  and    wiser   every    day.      Solomon     wasn't  a marker to Jim Wilks when it comes to looking wise.    Some  days   ago Jim   disappeared  and his friends were thinking seriously of advertising   for   him   when   he   turned   up tie  other evening looking more mysterious   and  winer than ever.    Some say Jim took advantage of Bob Green's  absence  at the coast   to  make a tour of the Slocan.    If  he  did so, he  is not as wise  as   he looks.    B. J. Perry has  that district dead to rights, and   will emulate  the deeds of Hearst by buy ing up and consolidating a bunch of   newspapers  there.    Perry  is a statesman all   right  enough,  ahd   moreover is one of the best friends labor ever li ad  in this country. For years he has been known  as a producer.    Altogether  the   situation   is  one that  affords food   for deep concentrated  contemplation, and amusement.  Truth is stranger than fiction;   The  other  day two gentlemen werfe walking down Baker  Htreet.    Both have   been  residents   of Nelson  for some time.    On   the opposite side of  the  street was a lady strolling along leisurely with  a boy tive or six years old.    One  of the gentlemen remarked to the other that the Woman  with the little boy on the opposite side of the  street  was rather  good-looking, and that she  must be a stranger   in   the city as he had not  seen   her here   before.    His friend   looked   a  little more  carefully   at  the woman, and acquiesced as to her good looks, but added : " 1  rather think I have seen   her."    A few hours  afterward the latter was sitting in the office  room of one of the hotels, when he saw tbe  lady with her husband and the little hoy coming out of tfye dining-room. This time he  knew her and the woman recognized him.  She was his divorced wife and the boy with  her was his son. He had seen neither of  them since he started for the Klondyke  four or five years ago, and was a little puzzled as to how he would be. received by the  woman and her present husband. He was  soon satisfied on this score, for the woman  walked over-to him, warmly shook his hand,  at the same introducing him to husband ,No.  2. The boy was also enlightened as to hi* relationship to the stranger, and a very pleasant evening was spent by all the parties to  this circumstantial meeting. Stranger still is  it that husband No. 1 discovered that husband No. 2 was hisu cousin through another  mystifying complication in the marriage relationship. The second husband, wife and boy  have returned home, but not before extending  a pressing invitation to husband No. 1 to eat  his Christmas dinner with them in their new  western home at Seattle.   .  adapted for the work  wbiofa   will  bs impose  upon him by the duties of his new offie��.  Th  editor of this .paper extends to   his fellow-laborer in the vineyard- his heartiest congratula  tions on the appointment.  Mr Frank I. Clarke, who has been recently  appointed to the position of city editor of the  Victoria Colonist, is a man of considerable  versatility. In years gone by Mr. Clarke  dabbled a little in poetry and some of his  ver.-e fouud its way into the New York papers.    Besides poetry, Mr.   Clarke has to, his  credit something  in   the  line of light opera.  *+  His poetry had more merit than the average  newspaper verse, and might have brought  fame to the writer had he persevered in that  line. He possessed muchfoice as a writer, and  his genius will no doubt make itself manifest  in the columns of the Colonist.  Dave King, at one time editor and publisher ol the Kaslo Kootenaian, is now in New  York Oity. For several years Dave has been  lost eight of, and his friends had about given  him up for lost. Now he U reported to he promoting a company to dig gold around Cape  Nome. . This disposes of the theory that there  was no gold at Nomel  Some pessimists would convey the impression that mining does not pay in British Columbia, yet the Mother Lode mine and smelter  at Greenwood is reported to be making $1,000  a day for its owner*, and this is only one of  the many paying  properties in this Province.  Mr. Robert A. Renwick, city editor of the  Daily News, ban been appointed Gold Commissioner, ir place of John A. Turner, resigned. The appointment will be popular  throughout Nelson district, and particularly so  with Mr. Renwick'8 many friends in the newspaper business. The new Gold Cnmmispioner  will bring to his office a mind well stored with  information that will be useful in his work.  In many respects Mr.   Renwick   ie peculiarly  There is more demand   for good residence^    ,  in Nelson.to day than there, has heen at anj.  time during the past two years. When there k_  '<  a growing demand for ho uses-.it ia a sure  sifpT; ? fj  that a town is  progressing.    For some time;;'  past in Nelson the supply in. houses has  b(  greater than the demand, but it is pleasingjgp  note  that  it  is gradually getting to. be Jill*  other way. _  "** i-y  Why is it .the drivers of delivery wag||^r;��>;  will leave their horses standing unhitched eii *'f'-|  the streets? During the past week thel%;-'1  have been several runaways, and that edS^vl^  one was not seriously injured is not thrM^fli^3ii  of ihe drivers who left their horB�����s; un|i^^^  Someday there will,he a case of killingzi'mm^iW:  this cause, and ttia- fidbsequent trial'oi'WBtmf^M  ver on a charge of niaii8laughteri"'>\^^'^-SS^^  - To see a rubber ball bouncedDubois tHj  and caught, then dipped-into Liquid^   :^���  thrown upon the floor, only to crusB like glafii  into little fragments ; to see -plgel  Liquid Air contained in   a turn!  ice���these sights are indeed sufficient!;  ling/ and  next   Wednesday nigh  many others will be  performed b;  demonstrator at the Opera House.  The seriesof lectures on fir3t aid '-to'"thfcliS  jured, now being given in the Pre^P��� sLq  Church by Dr. Rpse, are being well a! .^^.^^  No doubt many a life w��uld be saved!;!?fffi��|si  present knew just.exactly what to ddjlofeltl  person injured. It is to instruct popbl^pii  this that these lectures are be!hg'\gi^efi^'^  the instruction given is of a useful c^ar|iw,���,  ftwftfi  ,", l.,  ..^.fc., mhv^I^i^-.!  Fred Irvine & Co. have just  receive^l^^^H  second repeat  order of  ladies'  short  ial^Ml  and long coatp,  latest styles  and',ma{)fl^p,  children's short jackets for child orr@y&  six years old, long coats  to fit  children^Wt^Jf  three years to ten years, misses' short jackets fc  and long coats for  girls, ten lo sixteen ylars;:!  Thepe garments  are  made of   heavy  bed ver; 1  cloth  and Oxford  grey freize, and are beittg fe  sold at exceedingly low prices. '' :'Vf,'(V;'i(!F|'S  Mr. Jacob Dover notifies his friends  in tk^!?S  Kootenays that he has just  returned  from Iff^  purchasing trip to Toronto,  Montreal, Ne^ll :  York and other  places,  and that tho   gondii  bought will meet the requirements  of  all fori;  Christmas   presents.    There will bo no n^^J  eity to send away money for presents, beoance-  Mr. Dover can satisfy everyone in priceo nnH <  quality.    He has  a larger  aHsbrtiuont' than'*  ever and gtiaranteos  all. goods', bought ai Mo \  store. ' >    i  t    ,1 .  i|> ! I  ' t^i  , It  \   i  I  ,!*���' ft**.**,,.  lv,^^f^^^^,��^n^v^^  11   'I  w  ���A   -,  iL.l'V  ��.     i  k,..rt.  I'rfi  i/ \  .Am'.:.." AiZ.  if    >��\\y        .,'   -"  .....li..   ��� V  M ...... ,      ..   - . .  r>(  :. > ,\\ z 91. A"  ... ���.k .  sMkin^w ��l?krt w  rJ��,i^��Wn-a^kH,>tV,k?S,h^* V("Mr?>'l'tl"l<l<l)lt*  H"^1  ,<~ ,i> , . k   n       '     i  4 ,iv  rr'T"r 'i". V"^.v �� zA   '-'- : ��� ���   ��� - " ^Mt'Hi.'n  iA/:\, \ -      '��tyfi, ^A-i kz ,?,��    \u   -iy;:A%: '  ' k'- i�� w ,���,   - .i v  jf   '���  ji.,.  >  H   Ay/Avid* AlZ Z    -     r i  ,,.iu������f���    ,i. ...    .\r.M.  !ii���j,4     ..l.jut,  ...  v ���X ��i -Ct    t  ir^  f^���^^jj���^ - "��������"?.  -. _     ��� * HSf _,.-no  ^ .^&_.   ^."-iTSsraigEl^  "_ a- ^^jss?. �� h"^- -^-r-��Sf '   -^.Vk-kiujR*. *_._  *-     JC��*;&?YtfkH?1W^    kr^  ^^^i^S^___^~gv?t~  wo_______g_ig;.2&_  '-*  T;HE NKLSON ECONOMIST  %!^^^WITNESSES WORK JURIES.  .  ��TS is no body of men   more  suscept-  _ ..._ Jpe to artful wiles on the   part   of   wit-  |g9BF>an the average jury���remarked a leg-  ^rth -^eman tQ tjje  wrjter���and j could tell  totSntless tricks practised by ocoupants  fitness box for the purpose of gaining  p&thy and pity of the twelve u good  d true" who, with the help of the judge,  rife to do their duty to the plaintiff and  ���it alike.  |% of  promise actions  contain more of  iekerieH. perhaps, than  do any other  ti is no uncommon thing for the lady's  jto coach her carefully as   to her  de  |b  the witness-box, impressing  upon  ^@H; that  a sob   here  and   tfaeVe, to-  ith a liberal  use of  pocket-handker-  Wfl^j+BB&^Q't0**** toward8.increasing the dam-0  ^-Tafff!'  *',J K#*f i____^__^4��^i*iir''-'>'        _��   * "v   * *���  Iff;j��lgspBPMNr;f|iyor.    I know of one lawyer who  fill"M =si4w"5^'fe%-->''�� - * J  iff #ti#^W?S?ehearse8  the case to the  girls in his  ���S^  ^Mcepiistracting  them what to sav and how  e!di^ wornby the   breach of   promise  |^n she  appears  in   the  box is a  ftant   factor in the case.     A smart  ing, frock, crowned   with a'gor-  jWd   be firmly  discountenanced  w    spliciior   who  knew   his   business  ^^ %" plaiii but   well-fitting black gown  rvg^a^ bat(lqniet,,hat would be suggested,  "IStire leading the jury to believe that the  Oddest and retiring, and'is only bring-  fe^ctionbecau-e her heart is broken and  jury, and,   needless   to   add, this   admission  ruined his cause completely.   Another witness  who was sued for the payment of a small debt j  appeared in the County Court dressed in rags.  His trick proved  successful, and by its aid he  was granted a lengthy period wherin to settle  the  account, a tenieney   which would hardly  have been shown had   the court   heen   aware  that the apparel had heen specially hired for  the occasion from a second-hand clothier's.  Indeed there is no end to the specious wiles  of witnesses;    About twelve months ago I was  present, at the   hearing of a cas<? wherin a wo-'  manjmed a man for a  large  sum of money,  and in order to gain the sympathy of the jury  for her she brought with her  her little boy, a  child of  six, who   was  deaf  and   dumb, and  whose strange; pathetic, and incoherent  cries  appealed to ihe hearts of the said jury.    It is  true that the case was largely concerned with  an incident connected   with the child, but  I  fancy had the action been a "non-jury" cause  the little fellow would have been left at home.  For judges, you nee, are not easily impressed  and are merely guided by  the legal aspects Df  the case before them.  One of the most extraordinary ruse* that  ever I beheld attempted by a witness was the  following. A certain middle aged man had  been knocked down by an omnibu*, and al-  although he had ouatained no severe physical  injury, he brought an acion against the company for damages in re-pect of'Shook to the  system." On the day of the trial he appeared  SHORT STORIES  Dr. Arthur O'Leary, the witty Franciscan  friar, once told John Philpot Curran, theT-  mous orator, when the latter was laughing _t  purgatory, that he might" go farther and fare  worse. re  On one occasion, Sir John Arebary was  showing the heavens thfough his telescope to  some neighbors and servants,  when one ex.  clawed:    ��I do not wonder, Sir John, that  o ever people find out ^ ^ ^ ^^  bL^tar9 lnd how th*y move; but ���**���  beats me I8 how you  ever  could  tell   their  names.  *<ot long ago a coroner's jury iolreland de-  livered the following verdict on the *udden  death of a merchant who had recently failed  in business: " We, the jury find from the  new doctor's fctateuiem" bat the deceased same  to his death by heart failure; superinduced by  business failure, which was caused by speculation failure, which was the result of failure  to ste far enough ahead."  ���kru any   I   ���       ���   "p|����reu  sustained a life-long injury. It is really I  ln thecourt leaning on a stick, his face white  prising to behold how a sombre dress and a      a8 d,eatb> an.d_.his .limbs trembling with great  *k-  pjjcket-handkerchief will   impress   the  >    ��� . .        ��...  ���*t>V.r��a^.   -  i.o|  S*��f��^  jury, who   grith  all their   supposed  bV^*^?-?88" are  nearly   always   the  most  Inaple-minded people in thl World.  Ypu may hardly credit it, but I have  even  leard of cases where such plaintiffs   have entered the box  leaning on the  solicitors' arms  though   in the last  stage   of exhaustion,  ought about by grief.     The sight of such a  ^ collapse of course induces a violent feeling  Ji?V*he   unfortunate defendant,   and   no  att'erhow slight the evidence in his disfavor  is^safe to predict  that he will  find himself  mulcted in  heavy damages,  simply   because  the/artful   ruee on   the  part of the lady has  galhed the sympathy  of  the   innocent jurymen. �� ' .  ���IM, i. ��� ���      .     .  vf'�� '<���������.     ,  JfA^iIti|n,,B.''no**)��  supposed, however,   that  it  11^ mhtm*l* witnesses who thus endeavor  press juries with fictitious sorrows.   Men  pe in this practice quite as often, and not  Wig;v^go a young fellow who had got him-  into some legal scrape appeared in court  nibg upon a crutch.   So thoroughly piteous  is the'���speetaole he  afforded aa   he stood in  a witness-box with a crutch beside him that  would 'doubtless have got off very  easily  1 not the counsel for the other side".*me]led  ' aud   questioned him then and there as  liitf supposed lameness.    He was then for-  ;>io admit under oath that   the crutch  wa��  l;oly adopted for the sake of impressing tho  , g with great  weakness.    When   addressed   by counsel   he  spoke in   palsied,  quivering  tones, and altogether conveyed the impiession  that the accident had brought  about complete mental collapse.    He was awarded a very   large sum aa  compensation, but  I   happen   to know for a  positive fact that within two hours of the verdict he was dancing  gaily about his residence  rejoicing at the  skilful   manner in which he  had fooled the jury and   well-nigh everybody  else in court.    For the ashen hue  of his   face  had been brought there by the   aid of cosmet-  ics, and the rest of the  farce was merely   the  result of a rehearsed performance.  In his fc,Reminiscences/* Frederick Goodall  tellaaatory ot YVelliiigioft as an art connoisseur. He paid Wilkie *ix hundred pounds  for hie '��� Cnelaea Pensioners/' and laboriously  counted out the amount in cash. When the  aititit buggested tiiai u would be less trouble  to write a check, the great duke retorted that  he would uut let his banker** know " what a  d���n fool I have been to" spend ��ix hundred  guiueaa for a picture.^ I  te5'Vl^\ a" i  }A/  The late Senator Matt  Carpenter, of   Wis-  consin, was asked by a friend what church he  would join if he were forced to a choice   "The  CHtholic,   by all   means," replied Carpenter  '��� And   why the Catholic ?��     " Became they  have a pmgatory, and that's   a motion  for a  new trial."  t t  Here is one of the stories told" by the late  Dr. Whipple, jfohop of Minnesota, whose  death took place quite recently. ���'Many  years ago/' said the Bishop, " I was holding a  service near an Indian village camp. My  things were scattered about in a lodge, and  when 1 was going out 1 asked the chief if it  was safe to leave them there while I went to  the village to hold a service. ' Yes/ h�� said,  perfectly safe. There is hot a white man within a hundred miles.1 V  11.*  k ff-   1  Bishop Wilberforceused to tell a story of a  Kreedy clergyman who, when aaked to Hfty  grace, looked anxiouBly to fee if there were  champagne ghiPBes on the table. If u,ere  were, he began : "Bountiful Jehovah I"  But if he saw only claret glasse,., he naid-:  "r" are not worthy of the least of thy mor-  - -A.* fWtvf  C100.  V  ,"~"m"*nl"��**>���-W-:i<*.:<Vl<Lm,M,.a.   '��y H4 ^m^^^ui^fciiji-nj^-tr, ^jy^!weiiwHWfte��ipi^f^ifj^(w^4ifi^,ttt,,  a  71  W  1   < j  Colin Steyn,, the fourteen-year-old son of  ex President Steyn of tlie Orange Free State,  was told by some British officers on the ship  that was carrying his father to England that  ho wae now a British subject and should re-  joiee that he belonged to an empire upon  which the aim never sets. On this Muster Colin demanded if they knew what the Boors  were in the habit of saying as to the eauae of  the sun never setting on the British Empire.  At the reply ���' No," ho anoworecl: u It m  cauHe God Almighty could never trUM  Britiah alone in the dark f"  \  iit-fej  1  it-  r^s^a^iif!^^^^^ <r-    <��  Dr  . Zf-iS  V-  Z^yi ~>  ���%tjfi>"'~'  ' CI  ��-��,-.*  ���3k  ^r^     ^-^OrZT^-^tL   7k7X. -S-        J   -"       -�� V- "Sn     *   t- a-rrr-      -^     ^- ~fel   ��� fv^  ��&  ^  5 _ T     -tJa-.-"  >?^  ^HC���   ��� - "T�� "��=��� Bt-?    "^        A  i       ,     rr     *���*!?.   ""���* -SB's' V      -AT     -   -B���1    __     ~~_4_:        _J_j**t- Wv "- "*l  ^_   T"   " " "^T        c  t��j-H_ ��� w^-it ^^ *�� J^ssa   -��w =S=iar^. -_r^-f   ��~��   W> J v-   -^-^���-JS   ^rj^ui  ,*-;*��_>- _y     ^.^tv^-jW ^m^���   K.    "T* _ Ji.      -*=-s* ��� -*���-*-    __~ _~ -  ^���^.hn,.,, ^,,-,,4-re. ^g^-k^.^^^^^ ^^ .^jljL^ ^#^T ��yy$1LYLy^ ^r^  %~    "ftp 3J- -  r^fe  t  '*A��yA A&~  ���  ir��� 1 ���Eh'      ij"  : ��-  *V- ~-r    j"    - -y^  h-~t^'~'"-< -^* tf-^if . ���*.   -*     ________r ~-_ ~  f t_i��i-b=utifB^> ���.^i  /��  y  i^SSk^? k����-_res7��  ^_^_k_ZL^L  "^Iri i'-^-^     ; y/ A/S7Z  k" fly't.S-Ay.sZA'~"ic?ofej��  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  > ^��T,r-JKS��*'*l,��r'  ft  "111  L*uq  "5n the bi  ftTHDAY OF  DONt^ETTS.  ��f rrpsar crowned with bays  The Rome of ^flincreastHj ulr mi@h%  Tht; Pti" J "r victor in the fight.  I'o grace t��o iowu  ^   ��� tf.nu havo lost th�� ��@ff  ^ '?.nS KoLini charmed and  Vl'l'tta s^Ul ofDonixottl  ^liell cn.de -nd .Iphabetty.  _,. w.,n,r�� nolseful rule hasicoma  *? i -aked tin. world with blaring  JL" ���to.   roml��nc horn and drun.  H����� ��il��nced ��ilvcr Btrlngs, alasl  And .11 bi. -trident otrength make, pottj  Th�� Qae*o*e Fouf ILeavecS Clov����.  An amusing story of Queen Horteus^  daughter of tbe Empress Josephine and  wifo of Loois Bonaparte, king of Holland, bus lately been told. After her exile from Holland tho ex-queen sojoaru-  ea ror �� ti mo in a modest habitation  near Coustance," "in Switzerland,  As ber health was. broken down by  her troubles ber physicians prescribed a  visit to tho mountains of Appenzeii.  aud tho ex queen, accompanied only by  a reader or female companion and two  or three servants, went to a rustic  neighborhood in the hills. There she  and her companion--'found nothing better to do.than hunt for four leaved clp^  ver and became quite excited in tncT  search,  44To. lend tho matter interest," the  queen wrote in a letter which kas been  brought to light, "wow-odd assart  that each discovery of a four leaved clover had some prophetic significance.  The next one, if found so and ao, meant  that we should return to Franco; an*  other meant; that I was to receive a let-  tor the next day from my sou Louis,  and so ou. In this innocent pastime we  found positively the only excitement  that was open to us in the place.  "But fioou it was noised abroad  among the children of tho neighborhood  that wo were continually hunting four  leaved clover, and consequently. theM)  children argued, wo must want it very  much. Then all tho children and some  of tho grown people were out hunting  four leaved clover, and soon great  bunches of it were brought to us, for  which wo had to show ourselves very  grateful.  "In another day our only resource for  amusement was gone, for these kind  hut Kuperservieeablo peoplo had stripped tho neighborhood for a milo around  ��f all its four leaved clover."  Coffee Reastei  Dealers In  No now.��� Allowed ttt a Military PqibavaI.  "llowers can play no part iu a mill-  Vny lum��rul, the rules of army or naval  Nruils forbidding thorn,M explained an  ���rmy ofllcor  to a reporter.   "While I  ^vhs d��)Wn at Ohickamauga reoently it  was rumored that ono of the soldiors in  a ^ amp thero had died.   Indeed it was  *"> printed in a local paper.   Tho result  w��s that on the following day a largo  quantity of flowers wero seut byeynipa-  :, Htu' lu(hes and others with  a request  iat -they should bo placed on tho ootllu  )l the dead soldier.   Now, tho fact was  "at no soldier had died and tho oflleers  |��ad the floworH sent to  their  quarters.  J,   !hl!��� were a death in the camp, the  "nwei-H eould not be used, for  they are  ��nti  ��nihtary  in   any souse.    The  only  flowed on the ooflln of  a soldier  ��� ��� ���>' is a flag.  That has boon dooid-  bo deeoratimi enough, and among  |l,y men I   have  never  heard  tho  -��d��'Kt o|,je(ition to the ountoin, which  u;,s always   provailod."��� Wjinhin^ton  m ano mwm  We are oflTertng: at lowest prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  rens. <  Our Bent Mocha and Java Coiflee per  pound $   40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds..... 1 CO  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds I 00  Special Blend Coffee,U pounds I 00  itlo Blend Coffee.�� pounds  1 00  ttpeclal Blend Ceylon _>a, per ptund.    i0  lair,  f **  9  9  Also a full line of Sponges and Bath Cloves,at  a TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST    BAKER   STREET,    KELSON  rning  s?    -  f  . !    -< , ���  or the  Up-stairs in the  Wallace-Filler   Block.  ��� - 1 A.a7-'.a:-.a:.-:.v:77.A-a:  4   *r>  .' -I  ���ffl  If fit  ���<<ty*M  ,    -     I T/7      ���  \   AfVi  "i &�� AJ-ZZh  a       ill       \   ax  -II       7   , . ki  Wholesale and Kelail  DealersIn  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mailorders receive careful  attention.  Nothing bnt fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES, Manafjdi  JOHN  SVBcLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Op. Customs House. Nelson, B C.  WADDS BROS.  H0T0GRAPHEI  ..      *���.    . -o ���    ���   ���  ���������    ' ���        �����  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON,    TIMBER LJCCHCL  1 i  DIRECT ROUTE  EAST  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  WEST  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  CSRTBFiCATE OF ifH&PR��V����3EErr��.    /  ^  "Iron Cap" and "Grey   Eagle"'   Mineral "���  (Inims. situate in  the Nelson Minlng^DiTir*   '  sion of West Kootenay District.  Where located: On tlie west slop*�� pC-SaijdyVv  Creek, about four miles from Nelson. \ *  * Tm  Take notice that I. FranctsJ.O'HeUlr.Of{'  Nelson, B. C. as agent for C. Sweeny, Freef lz  Miner's certiticjtte No. J371t21^ intern sixty,5;;,  days from the date hereof/ to apply to the;^' *  Mining Recorder for certificates of improve-Y^  ments. for the, purpose of obtaining Crowri,#  grants �� f the above claims. , >  And further take notice that action, under :";,  section 37, must be commenced before  the\  issuance of such certiflicates of improvements; i>;.  Dated this 22nd day of October,.3902.' V       AZz  *��� ' FbAkcis&j O'REliAY.  ?\ ^  MI  'AA ~  ~^ym  �����' 1 X'iic  > r '?-  A ,, ,  -Jl  m  ���k.k-1-o  t  ���i.f^' liVdirr&i  '���������-���%J'i  .TliVkJ  *%&  ���+U\  LAKE ROUTE  From Fort William, the   tavorlte summer  route fer all eastern points.  ��        Via 800 Line  For St. Paul, Duluth, Sault Ste Marie, Chicago, etc.  Tourist Sleeper Servoe  i KAST-~r-*eavo Dunmore Junction daily for Bt.!  ��� Paul; leaves Kootenay Landing Tucb- (  day and Saturday for Toronto, Mon-'  treal, etc. I  WEST���Leave Revelstoko Dally for Seattle  and Vancouver. ^ I  Through UooklngH to Europe via all Atlantic linoH, ,     7 ��� ���������-���>������  Prepaid tickets tit lowest rates Insued fioin  all European countries.  ��. C  For rates and full particulars apply to local  agents, or  J.aCAKTER, E.J.COYLK.  Dlst.PaHH. A'gt.; .'-'-.:".'. A. G, P. A.  NoIIcoIm  luM-ohy given that :K)  dnlol lnt��Midmapplv to tho ( hh��  :U) davs after  f tNnninls-  HiiilnN. and ������uHfolghty chains to phuv of com-  nal<*d ihlH2MhKi��pt'.M��hor, ltui2.  Notice To ''Delinquent Co-Owner.  To JohtvNorcross, or to any person or persons to whom ho may have transferred his  Interest In tho "Caledonia'* mineral claim,  nltuato on tho Divide, between Bird and  Ophlr crool* p. and south ofthe Ophlr mineral  claim, Nolson Mining Division of West Koot-  oh��y ' .       . ���,.,   _._   _  You and each of you are hereby notified that  we havo oxpomlod ono hundred dollars In  labour and Improvements upon tho above  mentioned mineral claim In, order to hold  said mlnoral claim under the provisions of  the Mineral Aot, and If within 00 days horn  tho dat oof this notico, you toil or refuse to  contribute vour proportion of such expenditure togctticr with all costs of advertising,  your interest In said claim will become tie  property of the subscribers, under Section  I of an ActentltUMl "An Act to amond tho  Mineral Act, WOO." ,    ���  John H Haxtub,  MAHHAltRT    NKW4TT.  Dated this Ifttli day of July, 1W2.  CERTIFICATE OF IfiSPROVESIEiaTS.  Ghidys Mineral Claim, situate in theKel-\r  son Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis=- y  trict. " , , ��� V  Where located:   On Morning Mountain.     '   '  Take notice  that I, John   McLatchie, ofv"  the City of Nelson, acting as agent for K. Jf.*,,t.  Stanley,     Free    Miners��  Certificate    N;oi  B 51.560, and E. H. Stanley, Free 'Miner's Certificate No.B51,561, intend, sixty days Irom  the date hereof, to apply to ,*he Mining Re-   "  corder for a Certificate of Improvements,, for  the purpose of obtaining-atCrown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action,under  section 87, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this 15th day of September, A. D. 1902:  John McLatchie,  Ndticc To Delinquent Co-Ownera  To Ii. F. Murray and Thomas Burns or to any  persons or persons to whom they may have -  transferred their interests in the I*,Big Chier'  Mineral Claim situate about eleven miles up (  East Side of Wild Horse Creek, arid the "Foor-  mun"  Mineral Claim  situate about % mile  east of Wild Horse Creek and twelve miles  from  Nelson and Fort Shepherd Railway.'  both In tho Nelson Mining Division .District of  West Kootenay. .    ;  You and each of yoil are hereby notified  that I havo expended two hundred dollar* in  labour and improvements upon the above*  mentioned mlnoral claims in order to hold  said mineral claims under the provisions of  tho mlnoral Act, and if within ninety day�� or  tho date of this notico you fail or refuse W  contribute your portion of such expenditure  together with all costs -of advertising your itt-1  torest in tho said claims will become the pro-'  perty of the subscriber under Section four ttt  an Act entitled M An Act To Amond Tho*  Mineral Act, 11)00."  Dated this twelfth day of April,1902.  "i ^yAv~A~  _. * , p.! a, -a .i��7 ,  A i\t4F.iw-3��8_s5:  "  'r^-nPi,  ,.  'A\, ."M-  Aym  m  '���of I  -Ij.^  - A  %>k  AM  ;, onjs��  AA"A^  i.f. vAzk  ~> i��i.\n'  I  s,"a  t<i V  ��� 1 \ ' \1  it   t!J  i A ���  Alfi <ZZ  ,,,   , ,f*  Htf  CERTIFICATE OI?f mPDtOVEHDENTS.  . , ..,.'���  Shepherds Star Mineral Claim.sltuate In the  Nolson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.  Whore located: On tho East Fork of Cottonwood Crook, 1.1 mlloEast of Nolson and Fort  Sheppard Hallway.  Take notico thnt I, John McLatchie, of tho  Citv of Noluon, acting as agont for Jainou 1��ul-  net MacLoren, Free Minor's Certificate No, II  021,122, Intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to tho Mining Uocordor for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpono oi  obtaining a drown Grant of tho above claim,  And further take notico that action, under  section 87, must be commenced before the 1h-  ftitanco of such Oertl flento of Improvements.  Dated this 27th day of August, A. D. 1902.  John MoIiAtoiuk.  y  \  *.>,*  ��-:  I."  s  ;  iy^n^i  ii ���  "If   ll  I, ,  J(<''  ll      w  <>    1   \,  41  ��  ii, ,-  ;i  a        -   .1   . ll  ii  <>,  HWk^yJkf'kAWkkJJ.,,^.      ,k,.^k.  ,.     A1 .    i-  1  1     ' 1  ,  ,m i-i      ,j 1  ' '    ���     1'  - 1' 'lh,  11.1.if .--yi,, ,\i ,.��,r j.  r  "   " '"" '   -1'-'* ' ttV-t ��JI-k   V��U4.m|1��l �����h      k_ r. .  1 i'. I >  "I'M   1)  i' .'���  1 h\  j ll��- i7.  ... iii,���jjc;_<4.*1j!j.y.^^jjla|J>ii)tt  J*'"wa, i.rf,-*   .^*W  o  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Just a-^ed * splendM assortment of Indies' Dress Skirts, Jackets, Purs and Long  balance of Pattern Hats at reduced prices  36 BiKER ST  EL��OtSS, B. C'  vi.ny. tnu oest brands of Goods Kept in Stock.  Why pay $1 for 16 pounds of sugar,  Grocery?  MKMM  these C^Tiestion��i  Why pay $1.76 for a box of apples, when you can ��* , w    *��� ���*  Cash Grocery for $1.50. get a toox of ^e same apples at the People's  fllillUllDli  n*  <i\  i��  fi:  ���iifi   mi ih..  <X>00000<(N^^  ���^���t /������? oo^oo^^oo^oo^o  ooo<x>ooooo<  f. |\ ,>'.?-,)-,111,,  ���{ft." V;<  pyy;,/AA  [        '       , if 3  ni ; 'i  ' ���' /!  fa>,/         ��� A   |  L  -   ',      IV I  ���**��*"  M?,;f^,^k7��W^7?HiriYl!i��^^  i.^    ifV,       '   I    ,    ' K7(B^f*(*>


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