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The Nelson Economist Apr 5, 1902

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 -��_,  "���?  St  _ ?  f   54-  jV'       Hi  4  "V��� _. 1&  -���-��.-  ���  ^j           -a           -  .^L^T^-^  .J_-r-^L.  "__ ~-*i*>-  _  ^        T                ���  -     -       ^     t)>  ^1^  7��_7     ��.      ^ ___=^3^J:^-    "^h  7^  **���  vo  ^4 ^~i*��.  A o��-  -"�����-M       I    -     -  &-"  -6 ��~V^~  ^_  #w-  _p^    -q.-^.^    -  ^ ~  in-,,���  ^ -  i.'tW.^  y^K       J   4*  *t -f at. v- - jfSu^      *��<-a -t--i- ���     -?r��&jr-^"--H-j at7L-r"V  7.S*.  J  9  J**  *.*    .^  i. *  &��  % * ����� j*>     \ \  V 4.  JLsX ^    ^ ���  i     ^��  ��      ��� ��� ���    -       "��"  "*���   *~~-"     ���  r p.1  * jL ���"* "  -     i   dM*T     J  U   ���    J MM. ..1. .  t  ,   .-       ��� �� r       ��i       �� ' 3  ^J       vi i <<L^*dA-<.�� 4J.��� . ���_*. ^''**_,JC*,'  J*-' *���# c-  'J*-*  SSS& *���  v   ���** -p'-v*��� J*ff    f> h   t    r^    -�� b -i-       r * ^       w��    ^*     if    m. 4jaw.*-\     ���>������ ��b   j ��� ���, ���. *   ���* 1  1 fc W f-       ��i 4  ;*-hu-v -J  t#    &   w    ���  -9  > 1*T��~   "  J  \     m^  4 -      x> i^_'l^n���alb.  A^b'CSbr^Sf'*-  , (, T�� -1.   ��      ,,-������'- ,,���, _  4t  I- c    ��  , -*u   TiJ ^"s"!  ������ *-*���   ->iri    l*?-"  r l vj   j  OJ     -'.''Hv*  j  -    , **    - -7-:ap;Ji|;s!iv-j  - - :u-i-13 ww;  .   .5. ��-*-*,'--���_- Ujji |fc'l":j  itel  a-.��_t ������   i  ��������      A-   ����������*���     -��� 1 ^w->      ���%-��� ^   II-       ^ VUMifM   a      iV����� 4    H-H|i     "WW       -Mr*.   ^���Wta iClh-iMi-��"��   �� i -1 ��� ��>����� ��� . ������-talH   ��� i.ywi -p*-V4i-'>VI>����.t   ���'it*     VI ������fftaP-f   *-�����- I-  Vr"*-*     Aa ,  ->v-i-^  -V. vl*  ���m *v      W     i1-?   n r* f  J  j|IV,><{"1 Jkn*  M<t^KaJ*>**uI     i   T^  1*Tm *     i';  ftlf^     '���<,���  JW��J'3|V>ff..f  l^':';( Camps sup|��lii  ��;;iaotice and Imttm.  ��mfy  Mailorders  fgfftttentioii.  ���***J''��6thi-  wa��ii��,  4ifiu.-ii its  ���.".���.'���I' ��� i  '-���1   S''f,  ^l.-.'.Jf';  k "';#o  ? "V.  iWf m tur w tat * "Hi ^ ��� ^ ^  ijn    f O 1)   * h|    I!*��  >it    .   ,i  I   ill,   |�� * '*,"     V    '-i I ��'       Iji^ii'*     ifJttS"* f ��   %   1 f'   ' >   H 1 1        1      ''���(      "'        v       <      I '   ' 'li-     ' '      1   '   f< < 1 1,1  II    " 1 ���   p r il I      '\%"   "  "���"���. ��� ��� ��� - k    ,       ,,   ,, I ��     I       , !',<,' f    1    , , ) '      I  "**,>��������    ���  ��' I ,        ' ' , \ ' J , -jl V 1 ) '- f,,  T-le^il' I ����� r  I       t  I    I  I   I)    I  )    ,l  fecial Qtic::>^:,  I '1  1  1 -I     I ��M'I"  f,l"! i.  l! It  1��    I i  ( I M  , J  u  .  t  til    I tI  U \  " '   / , ,,; ^^^^^%l^-AA^rA:\,;: A-,v> '• ':jv;'u * .,r:''4V; ^'"'^v,  ] ...^ii.*
M*«tlWW»WMM!ll«fl^rf|ll!i^^ },",, „W.« ^y.l,«HM-»«^ •-""*-    * 1 ' I Mil '   '
"w#*»**i^ww«*^i.«^*,w.w(^,t.^*wrtrt|,ww«w^l.w,wwft>rn^^t,<WK wk»*»H,!iij),i,.w<*..**ywrtii,(.^,,k.MtitjrtHAH -   ri*>f ^r-vsi* H.-,-w,tf,. .h|m,..,h»\"  0- l.| n  i   ■ ^  > .t<m       7       II    *    ' ' '    ., l f , w,       A l*s d- I* " 1
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I Ir t  -"-af j-j* ���'SSSss-f u  ,-*���  -s  ft.  'V  '->���*���  J  la  *    -  k       - ���   ���  ��*1. i1     f     I   ill  l   "��� ���;*-  *���  Ltn *       _-."���-**���  �� *r       *�����  I?   -V"    *i  )> W*&iiZ.  k   . >1.l+��[J-K  ��^ -"to*.  >4 ���  >   T  IT-v.  I  I ���&CV.-  *hi||i.i   ...#i.m.i  V?i)s ��1,VM  1 Ham* iijii  * *  iV/1 "^  <�����>%���*:  ,?.��� v.  ���  ��t-J- '  a * ah*, ���*  '��'   ��  1 (iff "���  .     il  VOL. V  NELSON. B. C. SATURDAY. APRIL 5, 1902.  NO. 38  nir SKI.>uN   ECONOMIST   is   issued   every  ^KI/NKSSl-v.      Subscription:    $2.00   per  an-  NTM;  Ii   i'AM' IN  ADVANCE, $1.50.     CORRESPOND  KNCH  ,,r    ...i.skkal    interest    respectfully  ..���,...,.-.,       OM.V ARTICLES   OF   MERIT   WILL   HE  !*Ul. ��� >. * * * * *   '  AhVKKTIShM IN THESE COLUMNS. AND THE INTERESTS -1 READERS WILL BE CAREFULLY  Gl-AKI-KD AtiAlNST IRRESPONSIBLE PERSONS AND  WORTH l��> AKTiCLES.  THKKK  i?e :i;l kind- ol rum��ifi< a?*   to what    mny  1  ir .ti" ���"-iw'.'iiie *��! the   p*e**ent   political   <-r -i��  I nil it 11*  h crisis no   one  will- deny.  i-Mii -o fir h<t..* iw*��-n t!-u:nplfjt<?ly   hi  th��5  DfLt  itVici  Tlte i.i-'Vt-r  luritvu! Mr.  M   run, itt��ii ill  no tnOfUeilt   cotlUi    HllV  ti.trtii'^r nit���!������������������   t^ii wtuit ti iitty  wouiil bring   forth.  and what is  more,  he is tbe   only man  ht-fore   the  people to-day with a well-defined policy.    Of couree  there are other Liberal leaders and also a few gentlemen who profess that they have the confidence of th��  Conservatives* of British Columbia.     Up to the present moment ihey have   only   distinguished   themselves by their readiness to play Mf. Martin's   game  when he deals the card-'.      It is humiliaiing to Thf  Economist to make this confession, but  it is  forced  to do 1*0 lifter carefully investigating  prevailing conditions.      All   the world   admires a  positive   man,  even if his views  very often   run  counter to   theirs,  but no one hae any use for a negative character. And  herein lies tbe secret  of   Mr.   Martin's hold  on   the  people, and it may be that it   will place   him at  the  head of the Government of British Columbia  before  many months elapse.  IV  r rtfe  f-��  ,\  m t�� 1 tfituig ilmt   thi^   condition   of  ���ii a 1  ^tiirr ah ttumixt'ci evil, (or with-  y  Mr Mr:;n u ij- uitlicuit -.0  iortneil   what **ort of  vi.-i-m.    ;,. -;��j;t! mu ' the   Daii-niturit^  would   have  Mr. Bodwkll was not put out of business by  either C-l. Prior or Joseph Martin. His professed  friends worked the oracle.  U��.ilrrt;tK- 15.  Mr. Martin b��i* at   leaat the  merit   of  ki;oaii:i: -nri ,. liing <d \he co? sequences of an act of  ita l.t^S'-i,,' ��� i;rr ; the iu��Oil>t��rs of tbe Dunsmuir  WeniHi��-i 1 haw not �� nough brains* to form any  <nin,u- rt.n. hi-i����n ��r to wluii effect their legislation  tioiy \ax\a up >n t to- ct.untrv. Sfo far Mr. Martin  ''�����!��� .��t(Mr��.i ��� -\..<.-1 ly ihr legi^la'ion be demanded, and  oiicft!itT��-.ii^MJ,mi��m l>iii i.��hignvci by the Lieutenant-  ^"vtrnnr, r m..iH��ts "Til tie ti* bun when the Ciovurn-  ^''Ut^i-i! of hii-ihe-. IVrhap*. it woukl ^uit  111 ^"���'Ar: i; ,; t. \w (; ivensiiHviit would secure rein-  "K'fii.fh^ !r<M��� the Oppo.MUon .suflicieiil in number  ������I prostrating il^elf at the foot  (l,l^'tii��t, (r'.m Manitoba II would relieve the hit-  lHr fi..xii .t-  t'-ill  In  L,,   ;  *'!���* Mil 1 !* J- ;  "It'llt.        u,  BtsiNKss was never in a   more   satisfactory  condition in NeUon at this   ^eason of. the year   than it is  at the present  time,  to delight in talking of hard times.  And   yet  some   people   seem  h  to  '   ������ v r  II  UM  uer��  ���pt.i  "'���t.g ,i;,y   fur liter  tesponsibility for ihe  rninent, and when the time came f����r  5  -unity he   could   make  votes by   dis-  ������b;.Viitiini  ti��   bold   himself   accounl-  ^'���r legislation of tbe Dunuiuir Govern-  "���uhl wry truthfully say : ** I and   my  �����<l Mr. DuiiHimiir as long   as he gave  , eninUiiiin. but  when he   proceeded to  l'drU'r !!W'������ ;i"' heritage of the people, we dropped  l,,l,!,1,k'' A 1,,,! P����titto.M When it comes to playing  (j,e},an,,' ,,f l,,jni<'^ Mr. Martin can give the whole  i'(,Vl,,,i".' i.i.-.m.M and spades and then l>eat ihem  4li llM people throughout the couniry are  Mi"' ll:UK '���-inning to realize this fact, While the  ",Jorn-v   l { ����������� von..rH   do   not   bold  him in   high  ^H* Hi   11 1  i8   ���   '    "v  in' ������"inini; uround to the   view ihi��t   no  ^   "lu l|7- "iily   niif thuJ   known   where ho in   �������  'l"vl"1^��    iiuinhtT of    Liht-rain liohind   him,  DESIRABLE feat* for the coronation ^review have  advanced perceptibly since il has heen finally settled  thai Premier Dunsmuir till be present. Said seats  would be simply ou". of reach of aHyone ^but a  Millionaire if .h, .hole British Climb,. Calnnet  were on exhibition.  It is doubtful if Mr. Martin made the statement  ftl r hu.ed to him, .hat he would defeat th. Govern-  ���".fierih.redi.irlh,.uon bill had p.��ed and ap  o L coun.rv. II h�� did, it was done probably  ^ , ^nti,,,: of induemg several of the Op-  ;,li,ion men,bers   to rush    to  the ass.stancc of the  Government.  -. t ���  TlIK Ottawa Citizen remarks editorially :   ���'It hj��  1      �� ilmi at nresent Canada gets only *3,500,  been shown tl at .   J'^ Qom corda 0f pulp  aa/\ fl ��.p��ir out ot tne saieoi   *,wv/  ,  TntoM United Suites.    If an export  duty were  I this otiant'tv of P����P wood were   manu-  ��Ml��nrr   ��   lair  in   Canada   it would be   worth  factured into   paper  in         ^  rejl8on haB  Id  not be  to be no  Star io the  ^v':;  :'..-0-  ���ti.:-"  J^H  1 ���* r      r  ��� III   :i  .-}'  It  f   3  ^ It 5^ *  . ���  SS, -fill   ,��� ii-S  iff t |rf KK?  Jet lUliif  K':?.y| gfifi  ��--re.9-�� fife  i^/iphf,  if,,a',:,&ii  fell  11  IpWliWsj  .TTi? ,���,,  ���..���.������.-W-K-  .'���'-''.. ii r- ",?.''������  ��� "���^ - ���  ���"'������*.rt:rr:.������--���  ��� ii  -���:���������'.'i--~  "������"�����������������.&  ���."'���" a- ;!"-.'���%��-  %       :���      -"O,.  ��� '��: )i  -H   il��i        ~: II H-Mim-iuHrf-i. ���,.^ j: jmnc  i"-i.- ,T i    .,   I.LJ^^kM-,  ^  ,0-  -5  J  ��    4 \  *    I  I  'if'  A  11  ~l -  i  ��� i  ��� 1  i  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  only paper which attempts any defence of the govern  menl's inaction in thia respect.      It alleges that   the  Canadian pulp and paper mill*   would be   benefited  temporarily by such legislation.      But   that was not  correct.      There i^ a prohibitive   duty on   Canadian  paper, and   ihe proposal   is    to put a    Canadian export duty on pulp and   pulp wood   which will   force  the United States   manufacturers-to    come over here  and locate.      As a matter of fact an export duty will  be a temporary drawback to   the   existing pulp   and  paper mill**, but they   are ready  to    Mand the'    temporary loss in order to gain access eventually to the  United States paper market.      The   other   argument  of our contemporary, advanced in   a tentative    way,  is that the   labor    at present   employed   in    cutting  pulp wood f >r the Americans   may temporarily   find  its occupation gone, but th*- same answer i���� applicable to that.      Though the immediate effect may be to  restric   operations the ultimate result will be to   increase them.      It would  be instruc ive as well as interesting if eorne member of the house   w ��uld   move  a resolution or   interrogate  the government as to its,  reasons for neglecting or refusing    to put  a  pre faibi-  tive export duty on pulp and pulp   wood."  Carlyle and Fronde also came  in f���r  - k( "  admiration.      He was exceedingly f0���d 0f" >, ��f hil"  ���nt.qu. furniture,   china,  ourii,  ���c    11?^  ference   for anything  Dutch.    O.rdenin- .���f P*  culture were among  his   pastimes       m��� m  ����������� T.bl. Mountain alao had Zu * r "r**- /  him. the feature of which w��� a Xti, T? ^ "  'i-. which he vi-ited Whenever ^ J^f^o  zehra,, ,wt��iche- and bucks of all kind�� wL "."S  caged, hut allowed    to run    wild   in h" i **'**  tracts of the ruountan, Hide *    '"clos^J  Says  tbe Toronto  Telegram;    '��� With   their  voice-  Ralph Smith. M. P ,   and   A,lay    Mnrri-on.   M     1'  clamor for    relief  from the    ,>eril   of Asiatic   cheap'  labor in British Columbia.   With their vote, Mw��r.  Smith, Morrison and their BriiHh Columbia brethren  support the Laurier Government, which ha* violated  the provincial rights of     British Columbia   in   order  to   keep the   d .or   ,�����-., ������    C:unw   and    Japaneie  laborer-.      Eimeru C.na.i i i* ,*������ to   h|4ine   for the  evils which follow  the  influx of   Asiatic   lal,,r   into  Brittsb C -luml.i,.    The people of British   Columbia  are       not        m        earnest        ���n       this        q���w.  tion.     The   Asiatic    labor question   i*   rt    lt.xi for  vote-making .peeche-..     Imperial rea,o���- do not prevent   the  state,  of   the   Australian  Commonwealth  from   leg.slating    .,����!�����     Chinese    and    Japan^e  laborers.      Imp^i*) reasons should not  prevent anv  province of ,he    Dominion from   protecting its   own  people   against  Asiatics.      British   Columbia   elwin  partisans who .rifle wi.h the   question.       When   the  ... People of Bntish Col.mbia   Wo    to display    their  ,^^^����'n��*tne*H at the   ,,dl-,   Kistern   Canola   and   the  i.i .i..,HiV "V.-C-Vri.'^Ey?   ,!,,,-:���._/'�� .. ����������*.#       lilt?  ~L\^*^xX\*4pl'*"n*r Govarn.ni.it will lis en and  lmv,. .[��,,��� ��,��    ,  'rz'#rii&r'i:;22r^      U i .�� '  tl,,u   Klvre  them   Wh:*.t  .,-t.���.*.,.. *r       ihey what.  A    buixctin   has    ��)een    issued    by    the   r*       ^  department giving the nationality and ori��i��� o,T'^  prov.uces of   Canada   by province,   and  ternt^ $  i he rac.a   or tribal origin among the white, istr    d H  ���rough the father, and among the Ind.an* through ��  he mother.     The term Canad.an i. us.d B. �����,?., -I  live uf every person   whose   home is in   thecoumrv   "$  ��"<. who ba* acquir-d the   right* of citizenship in it' M  Aliens hving ,��� lht, country are classified by nation-  1  aliues,   according to the country lo which they pro-  ����  f^ss   allegiance.     The   people   of Canada   have their   -1  oritfii, irom   M sources, ar�� ol 32   nationalities, and   fl  those nauturalized, from 20 classes.    Those of Quehtc   1  have their   origin from 45 tource*, are of 26 different  nationality, mid naturalized from 15cia*c*ea  It in only ju��t to say that there has been nothing  .���oiar in the evidence lieforo the Royal Conimitwioii*  io connect Premier Dunsmuir in a dishonorable way  with th��* contract l��etween the Provincial Government and  Mackenzie A*  Mann.  Thk hotel arrival** at Ntdcoti show thai  the spring  travel hat* already *et  iu.  >ifv. wr^fn-tr-f.-KOItfuNVi-l j���  ..���i..i.ilbiti ilpi. .o.iMAr  ****** .,j  '"i  Guam* Fouks ban five palriotn who are willing to  sacrifice their time and money in order that the new  district may have proper representation, and strange  to nay there is a lawyer amongnt the number.  Thk Lr>ndon Pall Mall Gazette Qtatea thnt a syndicate of Smith African capitalist) has been formed  and which will takeover the whole ol the late Cecil  Rhode* holdings, so as to prevent any disturbance  ou the markets.  T��K value of the gold output of the Australasian  fields duririB 1901 jB sported at ��15,7.50,000, eoual  to .ibout $,8,700,000.  the  Tub lute Cecil RhodeH    was   very  fond of   horses  and took a two hnura' drive every morning,   HUriini  at 5 o clock.      He wiih a deep Clascal   Mtident,   and  poHHessed a fine collection of books,   with a   neparate  library of typewritten tninHlations, executed specially  for him.      He was very f..nd of reading   hibtory and  biographies,   and   knew   Gib.on   a!mo,t    by    heart  His favourite book of fiction wan Vanity  Fair,   while  Somk one    ap|H��irtf    to have    been discussing  aff iirn of   the Nelson grocers over at Roesland rather  more    freely    than the   merits of   lhe situation   demanded.      It is  charged   that  Nelson  grocery men  in their mad race after wealth are exorbitant in their  prices, and    that as  a    result local   consumers   ��re  purchasing their groceries elsewhere.      As a   matter  of fact, groceries   can be   purchased   in   Nelson   ^  cheaply as they can be in   any other town or city m  the Province, and this is paying  a   great deal  when  it in considered that the   high-glass   building*   hero  command higher   renin   than   in   almost any  etne  town or city in the Province.    All things considered,  4$ iaAAifAAAA/A-AS::-  a4  H^7.J^M*W-*iji^M  ���AAys/zs/iM '   AA>AS^!:0AA  '.AS^aAaAAs  A-AA::r;:^yA  OsSSfeH  0:777Sa7.:B^71,Sy'A7.���.H7.7'HvOv:73g2 .7:.=:;* -:a:^: ,.-7:  H#rtoJ^;-o;5fe3;j  .Pj*K  i iiih-wi)W  r,^w.j���'="  THE NHLSON ECONOMIST  5  ]���  >> r- i ���  ��*:������  difficult   to   realize   bow    Nelson  ����'f.��rd    to ***rry   <��n    bu*duet-.s on    their  ,   .IMrti,. of  profit.      Whoever told the   re-  rti' "'    (i      |\���,Ltnd     paper that     Nelson    grocers  ;l' ..,.   ,    1!ll,r��.     than      wa*   coining    to    them,  lt;!;,v    id  \iroir*    mit.r��'pr**r-t'iuatioiil   or  .,-,.*(   without    anv   knowledge   oj   the  ,f   'r.H'rTV alf-tsr".-*.  ,.<���-..w nrini��*d in the Ho4tou Trunin j.t.  v-*    11 .lUJinond, the mining" engineer, is  .. .. .: *' fin- ^io}\\\ African unpleasant-  . ���,';;.:.i.�� in U--��* TrfthhvaaiV mining his-  ���   .,-  ::~  mineral  wealth and   probably   a  ..   ,o\\-o\   in its   mining  pr ��gre-s ior   the  ��� ; ,   i.jit aOU*r>.  ,   ,\   -nmnincrd  in   N��-w York that    there  ���I...      h.,.tks of the     V nlted  Slate*     >t--el  ;!(, .,-uph'ted ord-rs f����r lhe varum,- ports  . ...oiid-   Hmuuiiiing    to tniKHJJHK)    Dns,  : ��� ^ prn-f.-, represent- biiMue-** a^gre^at-  -nil;!  dividend-, which it is believed will be some time this  year, there will be no lack of capital for the further  exploitation of our vast mineral resources. We can  then-say : We have the mines, we have the men,  we have the money, too."  How many know that devii-worshipexists* in India?  The distinguished Protestant  missionary,  Rev.   Dr.  Nevius, revealed    the existence of   such worship   in  China    and    .Manchuria    in    a     remarkable     work  published some years ago,   but now a new field    has  come to light.      Preaching on the missions in India,  at Leed-i (England) Cathedral, a few   evenings   ago.  Father W.   G. Woods   of   St.   Joseph's   Society   of  Foreign Mis-ions, stated that   he had   several   times  witnessed public services iu honor of the devil,   and  that  each    celebration     brought   out   hundreds   of  thousands of Hindus.      In the time  of the   famine,  he declared,   the  Hindu priests   passed stoically   to  their   ceils amid    the dead and  dying    leaving    the  work   oi    amelioration   to   Christian   missionaries,  Catholics and Protestants. ^  ���:S II :>���   ��S '  z. :;z th.tt points lo the treasure ship  , , (! the huldru wealth t�� that it cho^e  a  th��* members of the   Legislature   were  .V-.-.r... on   iheir   holidays   to   make   a  ���*>,(!���!���  t;  ��� a   i i . i  I   (   !   .   ^  . r ���, Manitoba have anything to say  r Praim- Province will still be able to  ���! it..'!:iN f.��rn first.clans drunk for some  a :n-. Hut it has cost the Province  ��� ��� fu d i hi>* out  In Lord Dundonald, Canadians are likely to find  a commaiubr who thoroughly .appreciates the  qualities of our citizen soldierly. Lord Dundonald  is about the stamp of a man who should become  popular in Canada.  Snt Thomas Esmonds is determined not to leave  the Iri-hgold ornaments wirti the Sax^n in the  British Museum if he can help it, and be keeps  pegging away in    Parliament to   get them   back   to  Kriu.  o    ��� ' , , t ���  <>;  ..mix   I'oo.fr:  ,4 In   a   c >ni a ir.ttivety  '..���u bl a*t inrnice^in It unwary smelters  . i B ii P...uud...y .oc.      Four  of  these   be-  '.Minl.y -no Iter, two to the   Mother Lode  ,>��� ^un-et.     This    will    give a   combined  <���:' not \��** than   2,-W)   ion-,   or at   the  i-n- per in -nth.   or   000,000  tons   per  >. ��� i  !>'>';!li     !i  ���'-*;������ 11 * 4 :t ;  llii-    , f  j ;  ,!^.( wi,  ''"lltlili   ���;  H''it  :i! !   ; ;  Hie   fill I ; r,  'I'M,,. ,.],,..  1,V  ll.lM:  ]h   '"UllMl;.  OH-   v,,H.    ,  j��"!   the,,  A,     ,  WMrd--, in    a   couple of   m-inthi*   or  P. -iindary mines will be  producing and  :i ��   t. i- will he rrducing   ore at   the   rate  > u,illnm tnnw Miiiuially.      This   doc*  not  '   '.hi-*    amount    will   be    smelted in    the  ���<   l^n-J, but thru, long before the end   -��f  i ;- rate will prevail.       It is  thus  evident  . ������������in   various   causes,   general   business  ' hr..ugbout the Boundary are not at   i��re-  ��: e.udd hede-dred, yet    the   prospects   for  iimiv ,ir les*> remol e     have   a   distinctly  Stmdthm   in the    Boundary mur��t    he  v   in u. a..ne profitably.    We  are favored  ''"���J' that are largely self fluxing, and this  ���' l-y the labor   saving   devices   iu   use at  '     The margin uf profit in of  course close,  ^tne margin, and that in the chief point.  ,n!'    -��h     Boundary      mines     begin    to     P*y  AniRLinMaine, who   i, a  church    member    re-  cenllv oflieiated   atthe   ceremony   of   naming   her  l\vachi   and, being -an  ardent   prohibition.!^,  n no  e S   V aco *��� ,<�����������*��� i n .  .V,1.;(,.tle A water   iiieiead  of a   bottle of   ��me.  T�� Lu.lv   en..����h. however, .he church ofhich.be.  v     H ...ember took ,he view that the  hottle of   w.ne  V    n UA use prolmhiv m.*dc ,o.ney<��u���� ���" ��n ^unk  :;:: will.vilHnne.lno.ndy^.heu*!  wlu" ,���,.      Ti-r-f.ri   it  w*l w  c^nnue  '. .,�� r hrt I'^rti noil v.       l '  '   l  A .leHehU-oHouoh to this story, winch .8 not  ;,,;,ll.;j tho.uh it-ea.ls like.   .onviB   that   the  11,1         v, ���,u   H��o^f��.Uy ��l>l��^led  fro... the acUon  y..u.��tf ��<>�����'����� N _firrtl    because out  of  ��>'^t-       t   ����.tC     win-   1�� ^ world    the  ���h*   r "Tm    1   o       lunate the   parllcol.r bottle  (.,,ur,h ,na f.u   i        ; n .f., did 80 ehe  Hllich,lHMU,ghth -;. woul(,have   used  P,',V,';rl     a young -nan was drunk by   the   w.ne  m:,U ! -  o a-er.ed .hat the wine was   actually  lH rehUlV ,;    ,    o d   man. who.   l,ein��  a  seasoned  C(,nsun.cd by ....     '' 1>U,  lo 8Un,i U;  and  V^[T     \Z      iroh   <���il .o disprove   her  .heoballonH tho   Ulim  iiBHertion.  -     ^t  J *  ,       SS  1 Jl 2 ' *' if.  '        , j * t^    |-  '   ^ ���     I -    'I  ?   1 u a  s    IJI ** ^^  l    __   _7*~   |-3f    1  * ~* m izV  5 Ai IP t$��Ji:  I" r'   7   .O   t   "?Hn*.   i-��  ! ��=i  rU  PS  M  K,  &t.  m  IP*;"  A  ic1  7'fl- ...������*iB..yir 7ffi~ii  r    a  6  fHE NELSON ECONOMIST  >*  2  'J*  'f?  U  A  ����  ����&  iWti'jttS  REDER1CK WARDE, who has won a place  among the great interpreters of English  classic dtama, is more than a great actor, although  that would seem to be distinction enough for one  tijan to have won ; he is a broad-minded, public  spirited gentleman, who keeps in touch with the  current life of the world. His sympathies are not  confined to the mimic stage upon which his professional fame has been won ���he propose* lo play  his part���a man's part���upon that greater stage of  the ^vorid; and he plays it well. Mr. Warde is not  only one of lhe lipesl Shakespearean bcholars in  this country, but he is a speaker of great power and  interest. To hear him lecture, especially when he  takes his theme from the works of the immortal bard,  is almost bs great a treat 21s to tee.him act, and his  generous readiness lo step from the stage/ to the  plaifrom to help any worthy objrcl. is one of the  causes of his exceptional popularity with the intelligent and cultured people of every community in  Ibis broad land. Mr. Warde is an actor of passionate sincerity, deeply devoted to his profession,  and his long career has been signalized by the many  achievement* of a iuoi��t commendable character,  honorable to himself and salutary in their influence  upon the tune of tin stage and upon the public liste.  Off the state he is a courteous, genial gentleman,  living quietly and rieptctably as a gentleman should,  and in leisure hours cultivating those graces of mind  and character, which come only from study, reflection and ennobling association?. In every city  in the country wbeie be is known, he is admirt-d arid  his annual appearance eagerly looked forward to.  Two German d< ctors, Messrs. Schlesinger and  O'Hara, report a cai-e of hair-ball in the Htomach.  The patient was 22, and had a painful tumour in  the left flank. Three attacks of violent pain sel in  wilhout any vomiting ; lhe swelling was then found  to be larger. The stomach was then opened, and a  mass weighing 21b. was removed. It counted of  closely felled hair. Afier the operation it was found  out that the girl was accustomed to bite the end  of her hair when a child. Hair halls Mre common  among cattle arid mad dogs, both given to licking of  their fur. Many other cases among w onion are on  record. The mass may lie tor years in the stomach  without causing any bad symptoms. Jt haw been  know to weigh 51b. Whilst sometimes the hair does  not harm, as a rule it sets up great irritation, resulting occasionally in death.  ring containing an engraved slone was recently  Offered for Bale to the medal department of the  National Library, and on close scrutiny tbe curator  recognized the gem as the fainour lost  t4 Triumph of  ffontejioy/' left by   testament   by   Mme. de   Fompo-  dour to the medal department.     The ring  had d'  appeared on the    Marquise's  death,   and   was ^tin-  posed to  have been'   lout   forever, when   chance h  brought it to the very spot where it would have been  had Mme. de Pompadour'*   will   been   carried out  The" Triumph of Pontcinoy" 1*1 one of the first worka  that the engraver Jacques Guay executed   for  Mme  de Pompadour.      The favorite po^se^sed considerable  skill in painti .g and   engraving and decided in 1746  to learn   engraving  on   precious stones.     She chose  Jacques Guay for master, took him to Versailles and  installed him in her apartments, ttbere he gave her  lesson-, and also executed a series of engraving? re-  presenting the principal events of the reign of Louie  XV.   There is   little chance   of discovering through  what hands the *4 1 riumph of Fotitenoy" has passed  since it disappeared 150 years ago. It has lately come  from Poland,   and   precise   information   cannot, it  seems, be obtained.  The Cosgrove Orchestra will be heard at the Nelson  Opera Motive on the evening of April 9. The entertainment will be under the auspices of the Ladies'  Hospital Aid Society.  Richard Mansfield will play th�� part of " Beauty"  Steele, in the dramatization of Gilbert Parker's  Novel, "The Right of Way."  A Sevres porcelain tower is to be erected on tbe  heights of St. Cloud, the spot where the famoue  Diogenes lantern was destioyed in 1871. The tower  will be 148 feel high and 26 feet in diameter. There  will be *>eveii Morn* aid a double wit.dmg staircase  im-ide. It wilt be built, inside and out, entirely of  ceramic t-tonewaie and porcelain, and will be  decorated externally with blue, turquoise, emerald  green, brown, coral and rose tints on a white porcelain background. The colors will be a perfect  polychromatic potm from base to nuiumii, idealizing  the fauna and flora aid legend* of the Forest of  St. Cloud. The work is about to be begun at the  mate manufncturory al Sevres. The tower will  composed of thirty thousand pieces, which will requite a hundred bakn.us. It will he completed in  five years.  The followiiiK were elected delegates to the syn��l  to be held in NoImmi thin nuno'iner. at the meeting  of the vestry uf St. Saviour'* on Monday evening, ��� ���  J   Campbell, George Johnstone and Fred Irvine.  A man in Nen�� county, Kaneae, got into print; t ���  other day with tho boar, that he-poHJeBU'd the  ancient almanac in Kar.BUP, lhe date of hw l>o<>  i���. Cttiith   county  iiiK-lS.U.      And now comeH a man hi bmiw ^  with a whole lihmry of mole ancient ��'����"'   (f uI)  example, he ban mx contfecntive annua) untie  almanac bearing the title,   An ' AHtronoin��'B ^ ^  or Almanac!'', an American publication,     '��  toe ai* having tho d-Ueof 17.M).    The owner  -t, MS  %  m =o  _��., ^jh^ ��� s-  ^-,..��J. t   ���.��*���*<��*"  *J  "^tt^T^E   '  jMT^^^V'*.*-��i-y-^1M*-*iwr.iilrti ii-aMw-iUJ  ���H^tfc>J^F..i��.  '���""���    trnfimlw-J.  THc NELSON ECONWIST  "-"- i  * j1  ~7i!7  -  > - .     ���  '��  i  i      *  *--���i  -   'ivf  'a j5  �� *�� i  *��        ".Ml  ���"���"��� aT*'|  *. A  r *-**���'  -iSBKWWIffl!^  ��� zm  ������.Wm  r.|,r>Mrtv��Mi ���*.  -���-'���flriw-*'  *rt>PIMP*?S!  r~  1 ���'-VSi *li .'  ��� ���.-'fc.-R-���-,!  ������������ V"-;  ���    .All .ri  HM44 m lamkiiH  1 ���������.::!  r    'ir>   --i|V, m  ffi    MMyliiB _���]  1  1  9        * t|f��  j    *��� rl*      ������  1 t  ���*i.f *  Im H  chC  .��� ,,nf-";. iiioufi i* Mr. A. C.   Coolidge,   who ap-  !:"r"k*.       ;..;^   v,   collector.      He   has?  oianv old  , .. % i   lit*        ,    ���" *   -  I *..  *    book-    and    clone    of them   The  rr> J   ".    ..,.-  ;,:.o.fT^f'r ��av* :    44 Mr.  Coolidge   bs$ a  mi hvcio* published in 1815 under  Secra. Did you ever wonder why it  ���-*- have the t*oprano placed above the  }-r.e rrA.ot. given in loU book is :  -r-. Are. io general, more numerous,  A,,rk:.-   uniformly placed   uppermost  yA"> '��� ''   *   ' "  , r       ' < ���     r-     M '��� '  ���,f.r .��������-  :. 11 a. - ���*.*!  '.i'. **     *  table from different sides of which Pitt and Fox  thundered, and ou which Burke placed hh notes  when he pleaded for conciliation with America and  denounced the excesses of the French revolution,  surely might have been spared such degradation.**  i* .i..  U    "O  m  ]-,.. ,0-r .-agnation of American, etc. beef and  rv,,*,,,,, .,. :.vcrp��.K)lADil.1o^��r English ports, i*  ^'!,,, .A ,.rv drawing Vff^ci  on   the Irish   cattle  tit *���*���    ��� *   j��� ��� . *  \y,.r.r :������: f ���-:t.^Ali oriieinAte?     Some   people  give  s';Ci-u: i/.-.r-'rr, in England, credit for    bringing the  gtti\  wi:.>:  pA��ti".u-   iot^��  cft^eace.      Tnere   ts ^a  L-o-d *d f---.''.*-l   oiaviog iu ih.ucii.y in ye*r  1540,  ihi.Chcr.riA..- b-ii-trve    *a *  ie^e id oi   uauc-i earlier  ;ll;,    in rn- ient?j   ceatur* i*   m  ^Aid, a Dine  was  wptur-d   <��� -i orh-*del by th��   ciiizeo*.    S^me  one  W��t!i ��.cs.r:i th? hr^u *b-*ut w*-s*tr��f��ts others to,-  lonti, aud      ^.1- dt-ovtfre.1 th it   thin formed a new  i:ul:^cni, .^^   *o-rt.     To.-* wm' repeated whenever  p-^iblr, 1-..H   ,. ^ em:e^ he^d#�� t<ec*aie   .scarcer and  theewtrru ..;i.vnt *u   kicking lo^ui m ore difficult to  prccurrrv *.^ .^.  i,i-t Arr^ii^ed f#f**r the   shoemakers  yo.y or. -or -v, Tu^dAV i^ deliver to the draper, in  the prr- ..r   toe itiayor ot   Oh ster,   one   ball   of  W.tfjr?, . ,   ,-.i   ;t ftfOttiAi), os   ihe value of 3*. 4d.   or  i'    r^  - ���v.dr-at.y + liae preceie H f3r th )^e  - j��aine **Ioj*iujj; their head*."  Mr. J. A    Ritchie,   county   crown    attorney,   of  Ottawa, has sprung into   prominence as a  dramatic  writer, having wou the   $300  prize offered   by Miss  Percy   Haswell, of  Baltimore,   for  the best society  drama   a vehicle   for her   next  year's  tour.     Mr.  Ritchie's production is entitled  "Worldlings"   and  iretiU of society in New York  at the   present time.  Mr. Ritchie received a telegram   last   Friday stating  that his work had been successful   and that he is to  receive the prize.      He is fond  of  writing dramatic  works but never before really   applied   himself to  a  finished effort.      Miss Haswell is to put the play on  for a rehearsal during the third week in April.    The  play treats of the evils of international marriage and  has met with high approval by the critics.  .'*->Y  CO - ,-r',  I h* ������������.A.  ofexi.-UMi' ������  1 llf    ��i * r ...    ���  i-ted in   i��  l>t4��itU'!. ?���.  T|]i' r.  ruv  ����  i('��*      f  a Turuer^Beet^n & Co. h��s gone out  ovtntf .-ucoe l*il by ih��$ recently orgamz-d  >*u  a-    Turner B��et��m & Co., Lunited.  :���*   of   t;.t:   caiu-uiy   are:  M^-rn,   J.   H  L.   KirsC   A. Kirk.nud H.   B.Thom-  ���u .d   r.iroer, Benton vfc Co.  was   organ-  ���-���. aud   the buifine^   han steadily   gr��>wu  v dov*  ..ne ��.f the  Urgest  jobomg    and  i    ..o-M-ia  cirried   on   in   ihe   province,  ^ cannery and other iuteres*.  ��� d    Father !fat    will   repose  in    the  ved nn well and accompliHhedi*o much  <��  for,n-i-I'.ntoai way.     The   InwJy will   reach   New  The   |���  ll'iii-i. ,,;  wliicl,.),..  ���' ba- i,..,  I'fMMTvpii  r,||nii ,,( ���  ''"iivi-n,. 1  wiH, .,   ���  *--\c\   .....  "��:--ti     .\>,r. i����y^: "The   old   lahlel of th"  '���"���!. hi' na.*   re cu-d fr��m iht  Kr��4t  h��  v.-!, m \y>,.it th�� chapel ..(rit. Siopii^nV.  '"r   'h.- Uit eeventy ve-.ru  r��vcr��tntially  ->-! i-   11..w   located iu   ihe   n����mhera' t��.*ii  ���    '"iu.-   ..f ,-���rnrnoiw.     Il hou   Ifttflly h��on  ��� o-rv   .ifi.Tiio'.n   ini<> 11   teotiihle  dw'Uoil  '"   Ui.i-datlioii   wtiir-.h ��r�� phu-A-A   i^ hot  "������I   .7   tr.-iy   <:-.i,t...ioio^   le.-i-cup-i.      The  When called to Jake up  the   new  mission of  the  Holy   Comtounioo   at   Chicago,    Bishop   Whipple,  found busy railway-yards close to his  cbhpel.      He  a-ked   the  chief   engineer  how   to  reach   raxlway  operatives.   -Read  Gardner's   'Railway   Economy'  until you are  able to ask a question of an   engineer  ...dhenot  think   you a  foal."   So  instructed,, he  dropped in, one day, on a group cleaning an engtne,  a���d ventured a question:   - Which, do youl.ke  the  Wetter, inside or outside connections?-    A torrent of  discussion followed   on  connections,  sieam-heaters,  exhausts; and at the end of a half-hoar he remarked  ���   leaving:   "Boys,   1   have   a   free   ch^h - n  Metropolitan Hall,   where I  should   be gUd to See  you."     The next Sunday evety man was there.  ��� ,u�� K"..nt��nav  Teachers'  Institute  The meeting of the Kootenay   i��  i     i' h�� nroliBc of beneficial results not only-to the  i0U/   themselves   but   to the  cause of  education  teacher   .hem.ele�� ^ ^^ ^  generally.      A grea k among8t  be gained   through an   exenange  educated people. ,  Th�� will be much sympathy with Mr ^Cuddle  oThis  wife,  which occurred Thursday  iD l" "J    Mr    Griddle was hel4 in high esteem hy  ;r:!yf"Utowhom   her death   ... a   great  .hock, coming so suddenly as it d.d.  .-.�� <r��ttinir ready for the season.  The lacrosse men are g�� t   b " J d  iUIdwill.holdan��eel.ngattheHun��eii  evening fur org  aniziition  purpoaea.  ��� .   i  ma w\\\   td\e a c��>ncart   and  ����� Uulm ,5,T       !:    up       T^.n����ic   for  the  dance will ba nuppHea ��y  HP  ,''! ]  -5-  A ||!  Ir     ST  ;. i  v y      *- ^  |Mh  ^tsi  m  1S3  ^fe7#1  li!  rSS  -I��� lit I  ���"��!���.,  ��'        II,  z__ .._  ���i!^"ir';'    ���',-���  ������, --O 'l. '��  v .  '"- T-"i   n-Sfcf in.rinii.ii nnm  M''^nt ..i.r,i...  o  (   <<  ���1  *<    3'  /'<  i   Z*  n  hi  ; :  ��� -i*  ' r  -1  5 *'  i iJ  I'  ;i-  11  1 ,  'I  ^��**"!!?~.   J\.'.,:~.mJ.$i'JH-]  Jj*j--aVM Iff��i*fl* |��|MWWP ���  i'*\+     -ret! **"  j ��|W i-f      f lf��lti.ir->     i's��i��|J  ���**.VjWfl.����^^�� !*<���**���  ���"���Mm  I r    1141m      -I*1(.*.y     "'  irjiw^f^^^fH  i.v'vi.'c  ,. a.l4.l.i��.n*&.  . t'l ���    **���  i* -l-.'i  VM*  |..Mll    I  'HE    day    whs ��me of October's rarest.    The car  windows were all open   and  ihe swift   motion  created a pleasant draft that   carried no   suggestion    of coughs   or   cold* with   it.      It    wag   car  No. 511 of the main line, and the conductor was No.  381.  ���ewse a plehsaiit appearing conductor, was No.  381, young and well built, with bright gray eyes and  his cap tilted back 0*1 his head in true boyish fashion.  He was an alert conductor, too, and keenly alive to  the responsibilities of his place He helped old  ladies and children ah iard, he made the passengers  sit closer, he kept a .-harp supervision over ait the  details.  There was a tall man with gray hair and a white  mustache on the back platform, a ^ery well dressed  man, who seamed deeply interested in the trip. He  had boarded the car while No. 381 was inside  collecting fares and a- this collecting process  took some time. the fcray haired man  had a chance io make a study of tjhe roadbed  as the car rumbled along. He was lo .-"iking over the  platform rail wh^n N >. 381 tapped him lightly on  the shoulder.  *4 Fare, pleas**."  Toe grav haired mm slipped his fingers in his  pocket and dr -w out a it vlf dollar. As he pushed  it toward No. 381 he slightly turned his head.  u George!'* Ha couldn't repress a little start of  surprise,  44 Hello, father," said No. 381 as he thrust the  coin into tlie   proper pocke*.      ** Tickets?"  i4 N>,M rt-plitd the gray haired man with some  sharpness He stared hard at No. 381 as he  counted out 1 lie change ai.d thrust it into his  hand  44 Transfer?"  *' No," snapped lhe older man.  " How are you, father?'*  44 Well enough.    How is it with you V  44 Fine," laughed   No.   381.     Then    he looked   a  little   wistfully    at   the     gray    haired   man.      " 1  wouldn't mind shaking hands with you, father.   It's  four year*,   y >u ��nov, smc-s I ha i ihe chiuce."  Th-i oid man -1 iwly  o it oa-   his   hand,   and   No.  481 gtve it a winn pre sure.  u Getting d >W'i to tin n��Hk��i, G iirgj?"  14 Hu<*k-*, father? Oi, I re me 'fiber now. You  allude to th-? unf irtun tte young man in the Sunday  school le<*won, ihe young man who lived on hu��*ks  and tended swine Ye*, yes But there have been  no hunks on my menu, father, and the end seat car  hog is the nearest approach to the porkers. No; I  get three good meals a day and carry home my $12  every Saturday night." He Uughed as he said it,  his eye  on the interior of the car.  14 But can't you get something better than this?"  *.' Haven't tried. You see, this was tho beat I  could do after being thrown out of a neter job by  the burning of the bicycle factory, and "I promised  th�� trolley superintendent that I would stay in the  employ of the road at least a year if they'd take me  on, and jt8��t sis monthn of it have passed. Change  hem for th�� HSIlinwood belt line."  Th�� old m&n followed No. 381 with hit* keen gray  oyeo   that    were very    much    like the   conductor's,  tSiotatfh deeper &3tv and u now light came into   them.  You are married, Ooorge?"  I cttoI�� you that I vvaa, father."  Vhure tvao n little oilenco.  ti*  41 And I have a little boy, father, three year* old  I wish you could see hioa. Why can't you? \\\  live at No. 37 Cornwall street, close to the end oi  this line.      You'd be very welcome father.*1  The face of the old mum hardened,   and he  idiook  his head.  44 I have very little time," h�� said.     4w I  on important business."  44 Very well/' said No. 381   quietly,  welcome any time,"     Then he  am   here  " You'll be  14 I take the  down car here. Good-hy." He leaped off, caught  the rail of the approaching car, waved his hand and  was gone.  The old roan sighed as he turned back/ Somehow he seemed to have lost all interest in the condition of  the roadbed.  When the end of the line was reached, he stepped  from the car and looked about him. Then he  walked over to the starter's little station.  ** Will you kindly direct me to No. 37 Cornwall  street ?'* he said.  Ten minute* later th�� gray haired man knocked  at the door of the little cottage on Cornwall street.  A neat young woman responded. It-was not a  favorable hour for calling, but the youu* woman  bore a trim appearance, h-r hair w.i* nicely arranged, and there was an air of refiti-uirM*, in her  greeting that the old man liked  *4 This is the home of No, 3*1. * b^iiev/1 hsstid  as he raised his bat���*1 1 raeiii  ��f G *���*'.*--���   iyiw*r."  44 Ye*, sir, but he is not horn��: tie' vitl not be  home until 6."'  44 1 have come some distance to����-,���.  011," ^id tfon  gray   haired man.  She looked at him with a new i.v>r..��*t. H* **��  an old man, and she fancied he looked, tired  44 Will you come in and re*-?M s;��e a*ked in her  gentle voice.     ''Perhaps you ca     b* ve a  me^ege*  ������ Thank you," he said and followed Iw   mto  the  pleasant little parlor.      His keen gr * v eye*   traveM  about trie room and   returned   t > th-   w ��� u-m.  beg your pardon," he said, ������ b.it   *voiild you  mini  giving me a little of your time V  She looked at him wondering!v and then nwteo  herself. ���   .       a:a  44 You   can't   really   be   h*ppy    b��re,    he   saw  abruptly. ,  She started at the suddenne^of the reman*.  44 I do not know whit you mean/* she ��ll4,l,<  44 I mean    that   this   little   house, thn   looe^me  neighborhtMul, the lack of slice clothes, the uti���  your nusband is but a poorly paid einployee, the  Hire for those things that just a  liltle   moiey woiiu  necure, must make you discontented at umrt^ . .    ft  Her color rose.     She held   ber  dimpled   chin  little higher. ���   .        ,    ���      o notiid 1  >* Do I look discontented? ' "he ft��ked.        ^f ^  bediHcontented with ho nnue.B to liethanKiu  have   our health,   we have   a cozy   homo, w  our little Stephen."  Ehf'cr  ledtheold man.     "You  have  what?"  km.K!  man. *��-   -7  at��nhen.  - Our boy, our baby boy.    Hw n^J Jir)(j  44His name is Stephen,', the old n���"^****>  ...   ���:iA���.    1���*   n   mnmnnt.     Then   h�� g����tiy  The" she  wiih silent   for  * May 1 see him?  44He is auk  looked at the  a moment.  Oft  -1 in 1 4t,��r   Then *��  :,  -my hniroil man o litt���� <^VJ,^ i  i  is  trusi," who Hoid, "llint   your  LhinU y",u  trusi," BhoHQia, "inn*  y��"�� ���""���    ,,xj     I thinly ,  not planned to rawho him diflconlonto��. ^ vfi),  will Jail.    Wo oro both oRrwd thatOooft.0  ^ -. vfsA-i-  . O  "Bfl  CZ'J  .*tr-  jTl1*Tjt  '��< h^^>J^.^nMlyUhfc*fa��jMlAi--.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  his true worth���at least I have tried to make.  ���       ink* ^o.    But  he  is  doing   the best   he  can  \r tcoiiUl he expect?    Hecame out of college with-  I'the*��li"htest idea of what earning a living meant  Q!Jl, ,j en uv met me.    Perhaps we were   wrong, but  were  vniing, and   George   braved his   father  to  W%rv  -��>*'��    XV%'n'   it was something of   a struggle,  Trwe met it with courage, snd never despaired."  ''^inn-w a defiant look at him as she uUered the  \$i\ word*.  j Uu\ ������ de-dre to hurt your pride/'said the gray  ���i;r..d rtranii-r. "If I did/l beg your pardon. Lone-  l-Told nien urow peculiar, you know. But, here, I  *��� ICV j L tn explain a little of the business that  ^.M.ia ,,��.- io voor nome. I came to the city to buy a  c'.^.ibni: mt'ere-t in the company that employs your  h*doi-d 1 have brum looking over ihe property and  i'^inini, .-.�� ran across bun. I���I liked his appear-  jre tun it ihe ��..ime time i am free lo nay that to my  mori n* i. not the man for the place.0 He paused  i-.-i I'ir.ir-d in** throat, the young woman steadily  f^ir.bnj: rom "He tofd me that he had pfomi-ed to  n-uwu    ti ;ne   employ of   the   company  a   year.     I  jn���.���;) .-I.* he  will   keep  hi**  Word?'*  He ..Uv.-��\>  keep- hi-* word.'*  ������p .<... in-. io.��k for promotion?"  " Yf-.    II- hope** to he made a starter at the barns  When Ui��' Vea r   i- mil.  "Y.-.    ttVH, a- 1 have made up my mind that be  a i\a '.die  man for   conductor, I   mean to. offer, him  ..>u..���trinn: a little iiHiiT-  If he**houidu't care for tbe  A8 the keen gray eyes rested on George's smiling  face the old man held up bis hand.  "Hush!" he whispered.    ''Stephen's asleep!"  SHORT STORIES  At a recent dinner in   New  York,  the Rev.   Dr.  Minot J.   Savage   told a story of   a lady   who   was  Do you ever think of getting   married?"  �� * ... ��� . it    X        J��  ked:  asReu: vo you ever think ot getting   married j  4' Think," she answered with asperity, " I worry."  euizen.   promptly,4| I   belong   to the   Carpenters'  Union."  ar'err-ti  i:V  i i *! V !:  .. ii.nv would   barn  sa .i iiimf  boa.* or a^si!*tant super  fs.Mi' -j WHiiini mi) tied laiut.y.  "[!��:"����� i** ?!<�� (jtH-Hction about it,** she said.  j   .,. c7     ...      ....... ^  he  wonbi   like   the    superintendence*.  the   o} i ��u i 11    dded  P'Tfiilf  !>��� w ul i, ��� niuf mured the young woman.  ".���rv w>n/ruid th* gray haired man, ''Between  V'Mi .iti'.j nje -,w will consider htm successfully pro-  ��.'a��-��i -dsr.^iub al! the**- graded* He leaned a little  f->nviN| "Th.. f:ict is" h�� *h.wly said, '* I am going  him -ecre'ary of the newly organized com-  "hat 1 ibfiik be will consider a very at-  ii;irv. He p uised and looked sharply at  ,' woman, who had turned her eyes from  iI!n o��,i v t~ -t.irini; intently at the pretty carpet.  'Art-  yfv,s  l-iti^hing over  there?'* he asktd.   ,  uy      ��,      . ...  ���>   '        -   it  .<���   !||,i K��*     !. i i  {'������oo' a?  tr;i 'Avr  piickly aiiHwered.    "I'm crying."  '���l,,,�� -!i- amse and   crossed over to the old    man  H,M* l��-'k hi. band and bent down and lightly kissed  [lis   l'|jr��'k  verV|   verveood of vou   Father Stephen  ��� M -��)fi ly said.  ��� ��� di!M be cried     "And  you knew me all  ���1 vei. bad never seen me?"  ���ii,-   voice tbe   instant   vou rtpoke," said  I     III-  l��i.i/.;ei  I  >�� i!  'Il'*  liilj.  'I   k  th.-  ���<    ,   mi,     vnu.r i lie    m put iii<    yum ��i|"'��-i  ;*,v' 'u yAi v Miian.   Ii i- junt like the voice of George.  , I|um,1!iiu��  Linked anxiously   toward the   inner  door.  1,  ���t��--t bov Stephen awake yet?" he awked.  , ll'Ml t'v.-ninjr (^eorge'H Hiniling wife met George at  l,nnr   "id plU   her arm   about  hi�� neck    as ehe  !!,��;:";1 l"-���� m the hallway.  \\'hv, what  is it ,Millie?"  , NNt* l'-��v.��  a visitor, dear."  ir it father?"  1( ���m ^pp��nl away from him aud opened the parlor  '"a nnd  i;i.,��rge  looked in.  ,11,. ,   ".1,i h��'io was Hilling in tho coziewt chair in the  ,   Hv   baited   room, and   ou   bin   ki.eo��f with   bin  I   ;i,v ,,"����l pillowed agaiucit hie breaBt, flat the little  Not long ago a well-know Washington statesman  received the following letter from a constituent :  tl Please eend me ^ome of the volumes containing  memorial addresses for dead members of Congress.  There is nothing I read With so much pleasure as  obituaries of congressmen.**  So freely has the ribbon of the Legion of Honor  b-eu distributed in France, that it is no longer considered such an overwhelming honor to be oresented  with it A pertinent storv is told of Parisian who  suddenly disappeared. The police, on being, appealed to for aid, asked how he might  be   identified.  "Oh," was the answer, -that's easy.     lie  doesnt  wear the ribbon of the Legion of Honor."  \ young heiress with a penchant for farming was  explaining at length the many difcculties she en.  Jouiteredi^ her fad.     - I really   am    a  *��� although it must be confessed, that   almost   all i  nI     ,    I    lC)t?e"     " Therein   ���<liffcnng     from   me,  a     tcotisly rejoined ber table 'companion, a^ rising  ��;^ caeethat al-  most all I lose I plant.  Pure blood Indians in the City of M^c<v ajj-  n��ver Been riding on the electric cars. 1 hey go and  never seen no    ^, always on   foot,  come from the neignooims ;1  ,,/ <( unrroq ��.  T���� lhe n,ore  *��<*����* ^^ tr ?n   h,  This Tndr hit-;,��: So:eotz���u*���i *���.  s,.ire in ll1?,'",'"'. .. eleetricoM more than a "toro  WiU h,eT;! I e ^ ?or heVa. recently run over by  C5 IhVnilVni Jaw >- Ughtearroll away glued to  the wheel.  vr -ir Twain once had a trying experience  with a  Mark1 wain oivuj oon^0jentious compositors,  conn^.tor^ne     ti��o.eun .  ��h��..ot only ^Mi* Harper's   Weekly,.. Mr.  ^,0r,h,u  receive" Irnm his puhliBhew the ptoofa>  CliiineiiH had lw-tivi��      a     d ^  funhv a8 anything  of natory wh,c,,i*/^   ������ reading the  proof*   he  h* l",a,��Vrr W,v d .1 the fun had heenoarrfully  dismally f ��X CI* 1" ".turned the proofB.con-  ellminatj"!-     Mr. w '" ���  ���. U|U)ll    having  con-  ..nuulating    the    u mi| ��� '       ..    '  wn���e  rtf a story  r;'^w���^";���',:;���"A��� * ",,on"  tu*nse of I  -L.'-*  t -  Ti  fi  is  I  * 1  Hili^  3 rj-  iy  fi:  Ik .0>- - *1  i?i  ���MU^Ul^AMJa^JMM  *>���; t>.  ���0-  *.'"-���'it) ���na.rtt... .uj^j-aw  -mr-n���...^��ii^i��.1,w..,m..,..a|��1||| Mr T ���,",,,  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  - - jf *--  -i t  '���V  ���>*��  I  f i   -  w  ?r  ;J!|.  r       J >  ii'  |'j  /     .    *  .if  3?5  *��l  ''i A  ��� I,  r  } rJ  ��   if  '. -  �� u  Slocan Drill.  Ore is   moving   freely   from the  gafl^n^  Hewett, Four Mile.  Ore  shipments   from  the   entire  Slocan amount to 5800 tons.  j Arlington        931    ..    240    7  l-Neepawa ���* *���  *V & <ft \      ������������������**  �����������������������������   *�������������*������   ������*���������  l\tyMreak ��� .-������   Duplex  ���   A ���:  Operations have t>een resumed on  the Capella group   at New Denver.  Another #6000 dividend was paid  by the Sui set on the 10th, ma kin.'  $36,000 to dat*-.  In the neighborhood <��f 70 men are  on the payroll of the Enterprise, at  the mine and mill.  R. E. Allen's   freighting outfit is  hauling   mining   timber   from McGregor's ranch to theArlngtm.      J .. ,, ...   .  ^                                            r��               satisfactorily.       I hev   are still   in  An    examination     for    as*-ayerp j good, rich  ore and are fast gaining  desirous   of   practicing   in   British j gruUud iu the Queen tunnel.  Columbia will be held at Nelson on  April 21.  1255  Ymir Mirror  The London and B. C. Goldtields  Co. has bonded the Ore Hill claim  near   Sal mo,   and   will, it   is   said  work the property this summer.  Foreman Good lad was down from  the Union Jack the other day, and  report**   that   work   is   progressing  Joseph    Ryan,   representing   the  Supt. Booth was down from the  New Victor yesterday, and brought  with him some beautiful samplei- uf  m^mvm m^mm-m^,,  *���*��&��  lasters  ��@@i��r@ {*--j  '?Hfc3HiHjKif*  Wo atv offering tO lowWi orhv* th*- .����.���.  I  $ iu  l w  I u��  II  1 w  Our Ik-*I   Morlut and Java r��,n��-*�� n, r  -.M     . .     pound    -'Moctm atul Java Ri��-utl. 3 jw-uml*  CltttfcW  III*'Utl OlfftH*.   I   plittU(|.*i  Si**ctui niciui c**ffw*.*> }��Miti(i<��  Klo UltMltl CuftW*. ft J'OUimIk  S|hh*Iu1 llU*ml (VyluH nit, f*r p mm\, * a��  a rm&i 0ROEfSiOuc<T��D.  OFFEE CO  Telephone 177.  P. O. Bos 182.  EST     BAttEft    STREET,    NELSON  Vulcan Smelting Co., <d San Fran-   ore.    A shipment is b in^ prep ^rd  cisco has  offered to build a 50 ton  lead stack at Sandon  Returns from the   shipment sent  for a practical t* me I ter teM.  At lhe record office on Wrdne-day  Mr,-*. Grutcbflc*ld   recorded lhe   1* c-  Vancoyvtr and foeison  baker street, neison, s. c  j *������*<��� ,'s..t.i'^��,k..,..-an i-i**.>!**,*i *<*������**��>.  OB0IlO i  t��UU I EL  * *  �����  '.i1  f    �����   .   #   ����� . >  1     ��������� %  ���*!* r"-*fVMl�� �������������������* Vlt   ������!���* If "li*1 M��ri  f ��� ,    r     iva'>  1 la "^  ��-*������ "Hi--       ���    I.M*!1,*,-  5  Tsyi  out a month airo fnmi the Ma>\ on ! ati��n ����f ibe Storm K$ng minetnl  Twelve Mile, netted the owners! claim nbuui two mite?* ft urn Erie  about $75 a ton. Theore gave 1301 and Charles? Ward recorded ihe  oz in silver and $20  in gold. | Rulblaiid, ��m   Tamarac  UMiiiotaiu.  A 50-ton mill i-   (���> b** er>-c?ed bv ;      T����e bi^ tunnel    vvnicn they  have  the Montana   Gold    Muh.'j   {f>   uti ; b��-en driving ����u tbe   Yunr irnoe m  their property a    De-*-  l*��rkt  Lo-.%er    the  1000-font leVii, i.- Uifini;i��, and  Arrow lake.     Hie, av-rvue   value of   the   body   of    ��ire   encooo e��id     t.��  the   ore   is   beiweHn   $14   and   $l(i. ' greater and   richer   ih.tn   exp�� coo .j ^pon jfj   SJllfi Of I1I6 WOHO  Spokane   is   tlie   he.td   otlice of  lhe  Tne main   ledge at   tn^ jm.iu   .�� lb!  company. feet wide.  Properties on thre,   cr^ks in tbe��     The Bla-.k Hawk 1- very .i    inr*  division appear in the r-hipp.ng list   ���>'    h^��rd   fr m  tbee <Ih.   , as c  forthe week, with a total ..f 127 ions -niderable   powib r   isbei-^u-d   in  The Duplex, on    Lemon creek, -ent | c,ft,Hrin^ lhe  w,l>' %i ��0,,,l V'%Y rnvk'  out    7    tons;   the    Arlington,    on!J,m   tiril,,l,��   who  H in   charge pf  Springer   creek,   80   too.-; and    he j operntions, Iimp a v rv bit'b opinion  ^Enterprise, on   Ten   Mile,   40 tons.; of the properiy���.nid JunV opinion  The   shipping    list    now   iiumb^rs j ����rri^ ureat  weight,  seven properties (or the year, a much  better   record    than   wa*   made    for  the  same   per'md    in    1W01.     There  area number of claims in enter the  list later on.     So far all   have   been  fairly   represented, there being two  shippers   on each    of    Ten     Mile,  Twelve   Mile,   and   Springer,   with  one on   Lemon creek.  KAHT  Wi��H��l|W|��  Toronto  Ot tit Wit  Montreal  Ni-vv York  W KST  VantMKivir  Vlfh��rlu  Sd*at tli*  rnrtlMWl  Man Franfl��'����  Sold by All Newsdealers  jg?J^W- PEPPKfCMMm  1900 the exports from this <li-  viaioo amounted to 2817 tons, made  up from 30 properties. La^t year  the ��iiporta totalled 0529 tons, from  14 projjwtiea. Following in a full  laofcoi? ohipraonfs   thin year to date:  VUl H��w�� 1.1nr-  St. Caul, nileatfouii.l till t'. S. jh.IiiK  Tourist Sleeper Service  1*:a^T��� l^-ave ftovi'lHloko OhII>.  |^u%-i��l)iimnnre.fo< l����ii> ���       aM(|Frl.  ST. I'AUL.T MtOMO, MtiMUI'.AI.. u^-  WICHr-b-uvi- Hovelfaokf l>��Uty  VANiMJUVKIt.HKArrnK.COAHT.  ervice.  ��� .,.._���.._,      ������,�����,,_,,        ��. w hw   ���-���- -���- ^l1rliir-Tl"-nrtlilli<riHlllt|.uli^lr-iim-'rtit,ri"rl|l-'rr-ffiitl-|iiiiiriiiiii)iii]|l|- tl.AiJ/i  FurnlohQD Monthly to all U.wrn ni Holiff  qikI Miihlo it v:ii*.t vjIiihu1 r>if t$��w0 Clsolc��  Copyright Compoaiilono hv tlu�� moat fmp-  ulnr <u:ii(.rs. 6/j Pnrtco o? Piano rJwo��c0  hall Vocal, half Imtrtifitrtitul-- ai Coim^plofio  Hecco for Piano Oih*��j a Month for ns  Cerita. Y��*nrlv Subcriplioii, jia.oo. If vou  v/111 mmi<1 vi t ihir naira? urnl a<lilroft:) of Fivo  v$torfortn��*nt��iti tho IMmioor Onrnii, wowIUrciuSI  you a c<n>y of th���� Ma^in.ln���� Freo.  J. IV.  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