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The Economist Oct 14, 1905

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 M'AHrtWj.,,  ._ V  7.^  *<�����> \  \t-.  VOLUME  IX.  NELSON, B.C., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1905.  NUMBER 14  THE FUNNY MAN-  IN BUSINESS  A Reputation for Wit Means  Failure.  Give a man a reputation of being  funny and ruin him. is a paraphrase  ot the old adage which recently was  used by a prosperous friend of mine.  He is something of a wag and wit  himself, in a droll way���and lie declares that, in earlier life, hia unwelcome reputation as a funny man came  near ruining his life's prospects.  "I fled from my reputaLion and my  home town," he says, "aud I had $25-  000 in the bauk and an established  business before T dared crack a joke  again. In that period anyone who  laughed at1; anything I said was uiy  enemy."  He may have exaggerated tlie facts a  bit, but it is a notorious fact that tlie  "funny man" of the office, the shop,  factory, is usually the worst failure. It  pays to be funny only in books or on  the stage.  I have known scores of casesof funny  men who. have failed, men of bright  minds, quick .wits, clever tongues.  . They acquired reputations as wits and  were lost. Everybody laughed at them,  nobody took them seriously or wanted  to.employ them in any capacity. One,  1 remember, made a grand success,  after many failures, by getting a job as  atravelling salesman for a liquor house.  He was a good.eutertainer, a wit, and  a brilliant story teller, audi in that  line, they helped him dispose of goods  until he got funny with his employer  and was discharged.  He suddenly realized what was happening., He saw himself as others saw  him and the laugh palled on him. He  quit making puns. '. He settled down  to business. He ceased to ainuse street  coruer crowds of boys and worthless  fellows. He is president of a bank iu  one of the largest cities in the country.  The re reputation of. being funny is a  curse to most men. The moment they  become imbibed with the idea that they  are wags aud wits they begin to cultivate that turn of mind to the exclusion  of everything else���especially their  business duties. ��  There was a mau in a certain town  who, when about twenty-one years of  ^S__i_s___ddenlvQ^_^  uiarkable punster. At that time he  was employed in a bunk at a fair  salary. He cultivated tliat habit of  punning until it was reatly remarkable.  He could turn a pun on anything or  everything, and he became the villago  rest. Inside of three months he was  discharged from the bank as worthless  and was looked upon with ti species of  con tempt all over town. He was tlie  hor_e block comedian. His wit was  of the livery stable style.  Probably it is the sweetness of the  applause of those around them thut  spoils the funny men. Their friends  roar over their witticisms and tell them  they ought to be on the stage, forgetting that tbe man who is funny in the  olubor in the bar room seldom is funny  in the theater, and that the funniest  men ou the stage usually ure staid,  sober men of the boards.  Also, it is an odd fact lhat the men  who laugh loudest at the bright sayings aud quick repartee of the " funny  man" are the ones who turn them  down when they seek work.  "I'd like to do something for bim/'  said a friend of mine to whom I appealed in behalf of another friend.  "But I can't use him in this business.  He is too funny. He would waste time  1 being funny for the benefit ofthe other  employees, and it is probable that he  couldn't resist trying to be funny nt  the expense of the-customers."  He didn't get the job���although,  barring his wit, he was the best man  available for the position.  It is ielated  that Bill  Nye often  spoke, late in his life, of his gift of rare  humor us a curse. His fun palled upon  him while his readers were still marine;. He saw himself as a buffoon, a  clown, amusing ihe rabble���and the  idea was not sweet to him.  Indeed he tried to do serious things  and the crowd laughed because it was  funnier to see Nye trying to be serious  than to see him trying to be funny.  That is one of the fatal features of  the habit  of being funny ; after you  NOTABLE  TEA TOPERS  Men Who Imbibed the Stimulating Brew to Excess.  The most hardened tea drinker may  admit that  tea drinking can   be and  often is overdone, and yet the best  known tea topers do notappear tohave  acquire a'reputation for being funny jsuffered lu consequence of their exces-  haidly fair to rank as tea topers, but  who have shown marked devotion to  I the teapot. In recent days Mr. Gladstone and Dean Stanley would appear  in this class, but indeed any list of enthusiastic lovers in recent times of  what Waller called the "best of herbs"  would be of most inordinate length.���  London Globe.  EVENTS AND  GOSSIP  you don", have to be ; you are. If  you try to brush a fly off you nose���  you are funny. People will laugh,  simply because they expect you-tobe  funny.  Frank Moynihan, the actor, illustrates the idea well in a storv. He  was call boy in an old Chicago theater  when Joe Jefferson was playing Eip  there.. In one scene he was astonished  to see Jefferson deliberately turn his  back to the audience. The act puzzled  him and later he approached the great  actor and enquired about it.  "I am glad you asked me that question/' said Jefferson. "It is this way.  I have been making the audience  laugh for an hour. Every move I  make is funny, whether it is funny or  not. This is Gretoheu's scene���her  one chance to shine in the play. I  want her.'to have the benefit of that  scene. If I turn my face and even  move a hand or an eyelash the audience will laugh and spoil her scene.  The only way to keep them from  laughing is to turn my back."  The "funnyman," the "village cut  up," the "wag" works under tne heaviest handicap of any of the world's  worker*-./ To call a man a wit in the  business way is tantamount to branding him as a failure.  NATIONAL DEBT  CLIMBS  Financial Statement not an  Encouraging One.  The statement of H .n. Mr. Fielding  of the tbe Dominion's finances for the  past year is not an encouraging one  for the people. There has been a big  increase in expenditure above the estimates, and an increase in tlie national  debt of ��5,349,113, against an estimate  of'$l,250,000v The total revenue for the  year'was=$7l7lS0;2B2;"aii*=iTre  sive indulgence in the cheering cup.  De Quincey was a notable tea toper.  In his picture of a winter evening in  his cottage among the Cumberland  hills he mentions the tea equipage on  a table beside the fire, aud behind the  table a fair tea maker, whose duty it  was to fill an almost endless procession of cup3. De Quincey declares that  he drank tea from 8 o'clock at night to  4 in the morning,, and claims the infusion as "the favorite beverage of the  intellectual."  Another tea toper was Hazlitt, the  essayist, who was not only very.fond  ���Of the beverage, but seems to have  drunk it of extraordinary strength.  We are told on excellent authority  that he used two ounces for his breakfast and that for his tea���the finest  Soochong���he paid at first 14 shillings  and afterward 12 shillings per pound.  Perhaps this extravagance and excessive consumption of tea may account  for some of the essayist's quarrelsomeness.  Cowper, as we all know, appreciated  to the full the charm of the fragrant  leaf, but there is hardly sufficient evidence to show that he was guilty of  undue indulgence. The most famous  tea toper was of course Dr.,Johnson,  whose feats with the cup which Mrs.  Thrale filled so assjduoualy.are to well  known to need enlarging upon." His  record appears to have been twenty-  five cups, which he drank at a sitting,  but in mitigation of judgment it should  be remembered that in all probability  the cups were much smaller than the  teacups'in" use at the present time.  Still, Johnson told Miss Reynolds in  playful verse :  Thou canst not make  the tea so fast  As I can gulp it down.  And he described himself as a "hardened and shameless tea drinker, who  has for many years diluted his meals  with only the infusion of this fascinating plant; whose* kettle has scarcely  MmVftorei^rpwtitrwitlrt^a^  evening/with tea solaces the midnight  1903 of about $500,000.     The expenditure during the year was  ��103,309,305,1 and with tea welcuines the morning.'.'  against an estimate of $02,250,000, or  nearly $8,000,000 in excess of tho figures of the previous expenditure. The  expenditure on capital account was  $15,441,403, or $4,392,20p more than  the previous year. Mr. Fielding's estimate was for a capital expenditure of  $12,500,000. The debt is increased $5,-  349,113, against an estimate of $1,250,-  000. The customs revenue showed an  increase of $731,037, Post office au increase of $473,047, Public Works au increase of $422,123. Excise collections  decline 1 to the extent of $372,233, and  the miscellaneous account declined  $743,100.  Tlie surplus is given as $7,871,320.  With the expenditure on. capital account deducted from this, the surplus  is reduced to $2,522, 207.  The committees in charge of the Trafalgar day celebration report gratifying  prospects of success.  Dr. Gibson has opened dental roomH  over the Hudson's Bay store. The  doctor is regarded as being very skillful in his profession, and no doubt lie  will be kept busy in Nelson.  During the autumn Mr. Thomas lias  made many improvements in the Lake-  view Hotel. This hotel during the  past seven years has -built up an enviable reputation for the attention  given to the comfort and convenience  of its guests.  It is an amazing confession, but we are  bound to remember that this intemperate tea bibber ' lived to the age of  seventy-five.  Johnson's record was equaled by  Bishop Gilbert Burnet, the author of  the well known "History of My Own  Times,"��� \. lio is reported tohave disposed of twenty-five cups in a morning. Another mau of letters ofa very  different type, Nathaniel Hawthorne,  who might have equaled tlie doctor,  curbed his tea drinking propensities  early. When he was a very young  man Hawthorne was in the hajbit of  visiting at a house where the hostess  made excellent tea, and one evening  when the visitor's cup was passed to  be refilled she said : "Now, Mr. Hawthorne, I am going to play Mrs. Thrale  to your Johnson. I know you are a  slave to iny tea." The young man  made no reply, but he had no inclination to play the role assigned to him  and for five years from that night  Hawthorne did uot taste a cup of tea���  a protest which seems as excessive in  its way as the inclination which his  hostess had attributed to him.  There have been other heroes of the  teapot not a few. Hartley Coleridge  may fairly claim a place among the tea  topers. Borne one is said to have asked  liim once how many cups, he usually  drank and to have received tlie scornful reply : "Cups ! I don't count by  cups. I couut by pots !" Then there  have been others whom it would be  "Hooligan's Troubles" will be seen  at the Opera House on tlie evening of  October 30th.  Thos. Allice, representing Turner,  fieeton & Co., of Victoria, was in the  city this week. Tom possesses the distinction of being the first commercial  traveller to open a trunk in  Dawson  Bruce Heathcote, .of the San Francisco .branch of the Canadian Bank of  Commerce, is visiting fri ends in Nelson. V.Mr. Heathcote is well pleased  with his new surrouudings, but cherishes a deep-seated love for his old  home.  By the death of Rev. C.-Gooderich  Roberta,- M. A. LL. D., last Wednesday, Fiedericton loses a respected citizen and the diocese of New Brunswick one of the oldest clergymen in its  service. Canada also loses the head of  one of its most famous literary families.  Of the children, Charles G. D.', William Theodore aiid Mrs. S. A. B. Mac-  Donald-all have become famous as  writers of prose or poetry.  There is trouble in Dawson over the  celebration of the Nelson centenary.  The '"French-Canadian section of the  Yukon metropolis is making a protest  at the celebration planned for October  21. It is claimed that Canada should  forego any/attempt to publiclyhonor  one of the.ni.ost illustrious of England's  sea fights because a large portion of  the'��"population' of the Dominion is  composed of compatriots of the nation  whose naval supremacy was lost on  that memorable day.' This has been  asked, even (hough all parts of Bri-  Empire are celebrating the great event.  Says the Vancouver Province: "Mi-  Harold Nelson as the cripple Lanclotto,  in Francesca da Rimini last evening,  deepened the favorable impressions  which he made in his previous night's  performance of Richelieu. Tlie role  is a very exacting one, for it is invested  with- such prominence that it stands  in a very limelight of criticism. He  not only succeeded in speaking his  lines with clear articulation, but his  voice was equal to all the inflections  demanded by the varying emotions.  Mr. Nelson's efforts won lepeated outbursts of applause from the audience,  which 'was not as large as the excellence of the play merited. Beppo, the  jester, was cleverly performed by Clifford Lane Bruce. The costuming and  special scenery contributed very materially to the general success of the  production."  Ihings Talked of During the  Week in Nelson.  The many friends of J. W. Banfield  rejjret his departure from Nelson, but  are pleased to learn sinco be must go  that his new post in Cuba comes in the  way of promotion". During his residence here, Mr. Banfield made many  friends, and lie will be greatly missed,  especially in amateur theatrical and  operatic circles. Some of his work on  the local stage has never been surpassed by an amateur in Nelson. His removal from Nelson is at the special request of the inspector of the Royal  Bank, who recognizes in himvamost  capable and trustworthy officer. It will  be remembered that ifc was Mr. Ban-  field who drew the attention of the  eastern financiers to the electric light  debentures.  The Vancouver papers criticize rather  severely Harold Nelson's production of  "Prince Otto," but bestow lavish praise  on his "Richelieu." Mr. Nelson gave  tlie former play on the first night,  with the result that the performance  of "Richelieu" was poorly patronized  on the following evening. "As the  great Cardinal," the Vancouver.News-  Advertiser says, "Mr. Nelson scored a  decided success. Dropping all mannerisms, he interpreted the role in a dig-,  hilled and, masterful style that "won for  him the applause and approval of all  present."  C. Douche and wife have returned to  Nelson .after a three montlis' yis.it ,to  Europe. Mr. Douche enjoyed his trip  very much, but does* not hesitate in  saying that he visited no place that  could be compared with Nelson as a  delightful residence location. Tn Italy  the heat was almost unbearable, with  the result that in two weeks he was reduced ten pounds in weight. He was  delighted with the scenery jn Switzerland, but even in this regard he believes Nelson, surpasses the famous-  scenio resort. YVhile he was absent,  like a true patriot, he sounded "the  praises ofthe Kootenay metropolis.  to see his friends and say good bye. It  was understood when he borrowed the  suit case from a friend that some rel-  ^ alive was very ill, but since then information has been received that it was  theadvent of an unexpected birthday.  The professor is true to the teachings  of childhood and seems to have a profound reverence for the day of his  birth. For that reason tlie Herald feels  confident that he will exert every  means available to return to Cranbrook  for his October birthday."  The death of Sir Henry Irving will  causeuniversal'sorroVVf^The'sUm^to^  tal of the dead actor's services, to the  people of his time will be equal to that  of almost any man of the past one  one hundred years. He was the greatest actor of his time, if not the greatest  in the history of the world, and he elevated the profession of which he was  so conspicuous a member. There is no  one left to the stage who can hope to  successfully fill the void caused by the  death of Sir Henry Irving.  Vancouver News-Ad vertiser: "Those  who may be so imprudent as to listen  to the suggestion that they can take  up timber lands under a pre-emption  should remember that the right of preemption "only extends to lands bona  fide taken up for agricultural pur-  poess." The officials ofthe Land Department have the duty imposed on  them of seeing that this qualification  ot tlie right of pre-emption is strictly  observed. We call attention to this  m atter because one person engaged in  th e lumber industry, who seems to be  under the impression that the opportunity to enrich himself quickly is of  more importance than .tlie permanent  interests of the Province, has openly  declared that if timber cannot be got  in any other way it can be secured by  tlie filing of pre-emption claims. Those  who attempt what is nothing less'than  a fraud on the country wiil find only  disappointment and loss awaiting  them."  John Drewe leaves for Calgary by  way of Revelstoke this evening to  take charge of the J. II. Ashdown  Hardware Co's branch store at that  point. His departure is universally regretted. During his residence in Nelson he was foremost in every tiling  which had for its object the advancement of the city's interests.  Every man in Nelson has been on  his best behavior this week, for the  reason that Judge Jowett is dealing  out even-handed justice ut the city  hall. The judge is a terror to evildoers, und as a consequence highwaymen, burglars, sneak thieves, inebriates, etc., have taken to the tall  timber.  The many friends of "Prof." Hepburn in Nelson, will be rejoiced to hear  from him once more. The Cranbrook  Herald had the following last week :  "There has beeu no word received  from Prof. Hepburn, who was called  away in the night.two weeks ago, and  under these circumstances was unable^ stadt.  GEO. E. FOSTER  IS CONTENT  The Tribune made a vicious attack  on Dr. Rose this week, and even when  the editor was convinced of his error,  he failed to( apologize. A "vigorous"  editor and a gentleman do not appear  to be synonymous terras.  Since the Spokane Northern Rajj.  way substituted a mixed train service  for the one given all summer, it is a  difficult matter to tell what time the  trains will reach Nelson in the evening. Some time it reaches hereon  time, but usually it is t\wo or three  hours late. As a consequence, this  railway is not growing in popularity  with its patrons. '  The' excellent deportment of the  entire company on the streets, in  fact everywhere, is one of the noticeable things with Richards & Pringle's  Famous Georgia Minstrels. People remark daily on the way the boys carry  and behave themselves. They are  never seen hanging around saloons and  tough negro dives, or associating with  loose characters. It is this discipline  that makes it possible for them to give  such a really excellent.performance as  they do. The reputation of the organization is. world wide. This season  they "ih iye consolidated their twoshows  .idto'.one, making it the largest minstrel show traveling. They will appear at the Opera House on Monduy,  Oot.lGlh. '  Those who cannot afford to pay for  Harper's Weekly, should subscribe f r  the Nelson Tribune, which publishes  some of the best articles from the former publication, as "special dispatches  to the Tribune."  The Slocan Star promises to be one  of-.the-largest zinc ore producers in  British Columbia.  Fred Elliott is down from the Lardeau. He reports a-better -feeling  amongst mining men in   that district.  Harold Nelson returns to the Nelson Opera Hou_e on the evening of  Oct 27th, when he will present "Francesca Da Rimini" for the first time  here. ���  The Kootenaian urges tbe horticulturists in the neighborhood of Kaslo to  form a fruit growers association, adding that-the benefits to be derived  from such an association are manifold.  Rev. Wm. Murphy, brotherof Dennis  Murphy, of Ashcroft, B. C, aud James  Murphy, M. P. P. for Cariboo, has  been appointed head of the Ottawa  Uuiversity, Canada's foremost Catholic  educational institution.  Thejudgment handed down by Mr.  Justice Irving to the effect that every  brewery in the 'Province should have  paid a Provincial license since  1900 will be of considerable interest,  The case on n-'vich th e decision is  based originated in an information  against Joseph Niderstadt, brewer, of  Cranbrook. It was heard before Stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong, and  Niederstadt was fined $50. with the option of two months'-imprisonment. It  was appealed and came before Mr.  Justice Irving in Nelson, It. S. Lennie  appearing for the Provincial Government and James O'Shea forNieder-  With the Larger Salary, and  Takes Full Responsibility.  "I suppose," said Hon. George Eulas  Foster, M. P., with noble resignation,  "we will have t*i be content."  He was referring to the increased indemnity in an address to his North  Toronto constituents Friday night of  last week. They did not all seem t<>  be quite as well satisfied as their contented M.-P.  Mr. Foster lightly approached tiie  subject, quoting a remark once made  by Sir Wilfrid about the gifts of "the  gods at Ottawa."  "The gods at Ottawa have given us  these things," was how he adapted it, -  "and I suppose we must be content."  The North Toronto member made  uo attempt to evade responsibility.  He did not pretend that the Government alone was to blome. ��� -  "I didn't sign the round robm about  which so much has been said,'' he declared. "I object to round robins on  principle."  "Every man," he declared with emphasis, "who sat in Parliament and  allowed the hill to go through without -  objection must take his share of tlie  responsibility lor the vote and the consequences that came from ft. Whether  a member signed the round robin or  not, he is responsible if he did not protest against the bill. The only way by  which the indemnity could be increased was by a vote t.f the rneni-  bers."  "You're worth five times the  money," declared another, reassuringly.    "North Toroutd'is proud ofyou."  Mr. Foster, with becoming modesty,  passed over this flattering remark. He  did not stop to argue that he wa9  worth ��12.000 per year to his country,  hut he did respectfully submit that  -52,500 was a very reasonable indemnity. A less amount would not indemnify members for their losses.  -"At the same time," he confessed,  "t do not,think that the cost of elections should be taken into account in  fixing the amount. It has been said  that there are men in Parliament who  could not earn $600 elsewhere. If that  is the case, then it is the fault of the  t'leclors-who send them there."   He pointed out that across the line  members of Congress received $5,000 a  year and $1,200 extra for clerical  work. He was applauded when he  said the people wanted the indemnity  fixed nt a figure that under no circum-  Parliament would be closed fo a poor  man. ���.-"���  Mr. Foster discussed other matters  as well; in fact, the "other matters"  constituted the larger part of his address. He pointed out reasons why a  session could not be shorter than five  or six months. He scored members  who absented themselves from the  House a large portion of tbe time. The  siime was true of the Senate.  "The Senate," he averred, "ought to  frame and fashion work for itself, slay  and do it or te abolished."  On questions of tariff and immigration he enunciated the Conservative  policy, and incidentally declared himself iu fa\*r>r of public ownership.  "lam in favor of public ownership,  but not for everything," concluded Mr.  Foster. "We are coming to the period  when it isa fair question to ask if  many tilings carried on and operated  by corparations should be taken over  by the State. There is a line to be  drawn somewhere, however, as to  what the State shall or shall not take  over. Where should that line be-  drawn ?"  The management af the Nelson Fair  are able to show a surplus of $308. Tbi_  is'the proper way to finance an undertaking of this character.  Mm  ip1  IS �����*-  THE NE   SON ECONOMIST  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Published every Saturday afternoon at  Vernon Street, Nelson, 13. C.  NOTICE.  $1 Pet tear  Advertising rates made known on application.  All changes In advertisements to Insure  Insertion should reach this ollice not later  lhan Thursday, 12 o'clock.  When change or address Is required, It. In  desirable that both thu old address and the  new be jjlven.  Address all communications. " Publisher  of The Nelson economist. Nelson. B. C"  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The Liberal Government has  again shown its utter disregard of  western interests by appointing an  eastern man to the vacancy on the  Supreme Court Bench of Canada.  There are many cases before the  Supreme Court of Canada thut demand the special information possessed by the western jurist.  At a charivari, near Peterborough, Ont., last week, a young man  was fatally wounded, and the claim  was made that it was an accident.  It is s'.range some people never  seem to realize the risk lhey run in  participating in a charivari. There-  is one. satisfaction, however, in  knowing that the man who i.s  killed at one of those midnight  gatherings is rarely' ever ���_ loss to  the community.  Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after  date I Intend to apply to the Chief L'oinmls-  sioni.1- of Lands and Works, for purniisslon  to pui-chii.se lho liilliiwlnj.'described lands in  West Knoteuuy District:���Commencing at a  post abimt one mile south of Custlcgni-  uuti-ki-cl I_. W*. I'racjjorV southeast corner,  west 40 chains, thence norlh SU chains, thence  enst.su chains more or less to the railway,  thenee foi lowing ritflit ol way of said railway  to tlie pointof commencement.  K. W  Pit A EG ER.  Dated 2-11 li May, 1U05.  NOTICK.  Notice is hereby civrn that CO days after  date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wor l.s.l'ii- permission  ti> purchase the following dewKilhcd IshkIk In  West Kootenay district :���Com mencing ul. u  post, a bout one i n i le sou t hoi Cast leenr marked  K. Kletelier's north east, corner, thenee west,  ���lu eliains. thenee south SU chains, tlience east.  ���10 cliiiins more or Ii-.vs to the nillway, thence  folhiwiiiii rlRlit nl" way of said railway to llic  ])olnt of eonimeiieeineiU. .  l-'KANK Kl.ETCHEU.  Dated 2-1 th May, 1905.  SewingMachines andPianos  Wholesale and Ketail  Deulersin  ics'fin  For Rent and for Sale  0 d ruriGsii^ Shop, Jasn^hine St, Nelson  MiCKERSO^,^STy  We only nsk cue trial to make you our ens  turner. Fine Watch Jewelry. Optical and  Silverware repairlns: and evei*ythln_. In the  line. Kensoiiitble ehiii-'ates. Work sent us  from outside towns will receive the same care  as it personally delivered. Difficult repairs  done for other Jewelers  o  Camps supplied on shortest  notice aud lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ��. CI TRAVES. Manager  IQHU McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  Cor.   Stanley   and Victoria,  Nelson  A good safe investment is to buy a few shares in the  e Marconi Wireless Tefegra  t  5  Gooo'ear Welt.   Very Best  Value.  You: opportunity for a good bargain is right now, and if a if a practical sl'oemaker don't know when he is giving his customers their  monev sworth then who does.  # Walter Scott is relying on the  foreign vote to win the day in Pas-'  katchewan. Behind this 'foreign  vote is an enormous campaign I nnd.  Mr. Haultain depends on the sym  pathy of loving friends and his record as an honest champion ot the  people's rights to win out, and  there is every to believe that the  Haultain forces will vanquish the  Scott following on election d iy.  Hon. J. H. Turner, Apetit-  General in London for British Columbia, has-been advising Britain  manufacturers to .advertise" i.hejr*.  goods in Canada if .they would  reap a rich harvest. It is rather  strange that the English manufacturers never thought about ihis  matter before. They complain of  lack .of patriotism on the part of  _CaDadians_.vho___b.uy____Uiiited___gtate.i  goods in preference to those of  British manufacture, yet they overlook the fact that they have never  attempted to reach the Canadian  market through the chant) .1 that is  always open to them���the advertising columns of the newspapers. Mr.  Turuer has done British r.ianufac  turers a great service in drawing  their attention to this matter, and  he may also have dcr.e a gocd turn  to the Canadian newspapers.  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  ��� Anvona sending ticket<-h and description maj  qulclcly iiscertain our opinion freo whothcr uu  Invention Is probably T��i'entRble. Conmimilca-  tlonostrictlyoouHdontial. HANDBOOK on Patenta  sent freo. Oldest niroticy for Beourinc: patents.  Patents taken tliroueli Jliinn & Co. recolye  tpecial notice, xrlthput clinrga,in the  e merits  A handsomely Illustrated ireekly. r.nrizest cir-  dilation of any BciutitiBo lourual, Tonus, S3 a  yenr: four nionttia, fU Sold by all tiewsdaalors,  I CQ.3e,Bpoat!TOv. New York  Offlou. IMS H" St_ WaaUinffton, D. C.  Branch Offlou. IMS  of grizzly bears. The Herald of  that, date printed lhe story, and  last week it'reprinted the tale under the head of 'Seven Years Ago.'  A few days later lhe Kelson Tribune, which is presided over by the  immaculate and erudite William  Blakemore, printed the story in the  shape of a .special telegram from  Cranbrook, bringing it out with a  big double' scare;head. The amateur editor of the Tribune is also  excusable, as his knowledge ol the  newspaper bu.si_.C!*s stuns to be  rather limited."  DOMINION AND PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR.  Room s6        K-V-/-C Block  ���Frank-'Fletcher  ���PKOVIX ��� i-L LAND aUKVBVOB.  ��� - *    -  Lands and Mineral ClalnisSurveyt-rt  nml Crown Granted ,  P. O. Box.nBS'���    Ollice': Konteimv St. Nelson  Last CaiS Pacific Coast  FxcursioiT Rates  Cp __1 Oa /   O  Round Trip  Vancouver, Victoria,.Seattle  To"Portland and Return  On wile daily until Oct. 15.   Good Tor 30 days  but liot later limn Oct SI.  ThrnuKh 'Slpcper Arrowhead to Vancouver,  WedncKCluy, Friday, Sunday.  Coi-rcsprmrlliis rates from all IContcnay  and Crow's Nest pointts. l'or lierth reservations and Tnll particulars, apply to local  agents or write  S. CARTEK,  Dist.Push. Agt..  Nelxon.  E. J. COYI.''*,  A. ��3. P. A.  Vancouver  No one denies, not even the edi  tor, that the Nek on Tribute i.-.  usually a week behind in its news,  but it was r.cvcr suspected lhat  some of its mrst brilliant scoops  were seven years old. The Cranbrook Herald thus exposes the  celebrated bear "dispatch " :  " There have been several amusing questions asked by readers of  the Herald since the paper started  to reprint items from the issues of  seven j-ears ago. Many do not notice the heading and take lhe items  printed for news of the day. This  is excusable en the part of the  masses, but when newspaper editors fall into this error it is amusing in the extreme. Seven years  *go last week A. W. McViitie had  quite'an   experience with  a family  NOTICE.  Notice is liereby jclven, lhat sixty (RO) days  lifter date. 1 intend tn upply to the Cliiel'Coin-  missioner of Lands and Works l'or permission  1<> purchase tlie I'nllowliur described lands, on  tlie soutii sidcof Kootenay River In tho West  Kootenay D'strie-t, and containing 'qpprox.  (mutely .20 neres of lmid.  Comincneiiu: tit a post marked A. 1j. Mo-  Ou (loch's southwest corner. Ih>I��K also tho  noutlnveiit corner of I. tl��i7a\.    '1'Hesald lands  Kiver; on tlio east by Lots ,'HHM, B2U3. ��!>xo. Him.  Group I: on lhe south hy Lots aosi.Sirajl, 1U07A  and (raw. Group l.  ftnleil August 25th, 1005.  A. li. McOur.i.ocn.  The -slaUn.ei.t in* the Tribune  that Dr.Rtft ar.d tbe publisher of  the Daily News and the publisher  of Thk Economist h3d" arranged  to buy pj.it- the landlord's interest in  the Tribune, is pu rely a fabrication  ou the'parc of the editor of that paper. Certainly no one connected  with The Ecc^ojirsT has ever ever  harbored such an idea, and there is  no   reason   why  Dr.  Rose or Mr.  |Vt����� chniilrf cminnrler their monev   lU'o" bounded on tho west liy Lots a"��7Aan<l  ueane snouiu squanuer tntir money  a,^,-,, oronpi; on tne north hy the Kooinuay  recklessly on a scheme ot the character suggested. The landlord's  clr.im against the Tribune is $1400,  which is considerably more than  any experienced newspaper man  would oiler for the plant independent of the type-setting machine.  This machine, vvas purchased from  the Central Press Agency, of Toronto, under an agreement that empowers the company to step in and  tol-P it  whenever a navmpnt  is   dp-   a "belt of land extending" uck it distance of  xaKe u wnenever a pajiutnr is   ue    ton In���es on (.���<._, .suie of the skeena River  r     ,���     ,        ,  .   ,     .     ,, .        .    ,,       hetween Kitsllas   Canyon  aud Hazelton, is  faulted, wh ich  is the   case at   the > Uncoiled.  Notice isalsosiven tliat that portion ofthe  present time. If the Canadian Pa- reservation, notice .of.whichiu-as published In  ^ 1 the B. 0. Gazette and dated 27tli IJecember,  r.\f_r> Pailu-nv   ic   -invifiii<;   tn  ��p<-tirp   ism,  coverinc a belt of land extending be-  ciuc Kauvi ay is anxious  to secure  twu^n th0 m0utiior Kitmat iuver and Kit-  ,      n,  .. "    .   ���     _.  1   ir''    -m   1 silfts    Canyon,    is    rescinded    in    so    far  the Tribune and   H1.--t.il   Mr.  Blake-   ....    n    eovers    land    lying    between     the  Kitsilas    Ciinvop    nnd   a    point    In    tlie  more as editor, it will not have any! Kiunat   vniiey, distant  teii  miles in  a  ' J \ northerly direction  from  the mouth of Wt-  /"h'rriniilrv in dointrso   hut it  nnuot   mat Kiver. and that Ciwn lands thereon vill  GUllCUlty in aoiug bo,  DUX It   unuoi   be open to sain preemption and other dlsjios-  ....       ,     .       ition under tlie pro-.-'slmis ol" the  Land Act,  hope to pay any more   dividends to   on and :ift<r tne eighth (8tm day of December  next: Provided ttutt tlie right of way or any  the shareholders of the railway aud   railway shall not be included in any lands so  Ile(luirc<1- _ .   ,  keep  the  Nelson  daily running at     Dcputv commissioner of 1 'nds'and^vorks:  Lands and Works TVpnrtnient.  the same tune. , victoria, u.c. aiut August,wos.  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up.  Apply to  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  , &��~&4>G~&.^.&^^^4>^ ������������<3��o^0><>-��^��*e~*-^.-^^<><^^>'^.  Latest   Styles  and Best Makes  of  en's Shoes.  eison, B. C.  444+Ci.444&4444444W44++4+9++4444444444444+*4444+++444\  t BARTLETT' HOUSE j  T (I-'orinei-ly Clarke House) ^  J      The best SI per day house in Nelson.      None but white help employed    The        ^  bar the  best.  IB. W. 3 ART LETT, 'R^mito* '.  4 ���      ������   +  ���144444444444 +++4+44444+4+444+4+++ 444444+4+44444444+4+  $1 per  clay and up  No Chinese 'Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,      ��� Hfl CflM ' R ��� P  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, I.LLOUilj   Ul  U  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  s  Head Office Nelson, B- C.  Oranch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,  Thre  Forks, New Denver and Slocan City. ���  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and careful attention.  Cancellation of Reserve.  COAST DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby jfiven lhat the reservation,  notice of which was published in the B <J.  (iazettc. and dated !Mh August. 1901. covering  We are authorized agents for the Sale of  the Nelson Electric Tramway Company's  lots, and will quote prices and terms on application.  It Pays to Deal with Rutherford  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Moth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue Stone, Hellebore, Whale Oil  Soap, Quassa Chips and ail the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit Trees.  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.   Better than Sponges.  Wm, Rutherford, Druggist  PHONE A 214.  i NIGHT PHONE B214  WARD STREET, NELSON, B. C.  Nelson, B. C.  The largest exclusively   Wholesale  Liquor  House in   the interior  pfi -Pints and Quarts  ��� ���/���':  Daw-en's.'Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  ���Z���4-4-.4���4 ^��  I Tents &Awnings^Made and Repaired 3  CLOTHES .CLEANED    AND   MENDED  I  OVER. J. H. WALLACE'S. STORE, NE LSON'. B. C.      -f  .... ... .���..  A  In io-acre blocks, in 20 acre blocks. Improved ranches.  J.'E. Annable,'Nelson, B.C.'-  Vancouver and Nelson  BAKER STREET, NELSON,   B.C.  _..,' ,�����_������, ���_       1*1      ���*.     V*| ,���,      .���,      ,���,      .��,      ,..       A A  t    v^~v~v   v~  Ie, .rn straghanI  4  1  4  I       Plumber and Gasfitter  X Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing, r  T "���"  ~ '���'��." "'���   ..      ������'������' ��� . 4  /  A  Sewer Connections, Etc.  Baker Street, near Ward   Street, Nelson.  9-4--.'.  A    __�����     ��������     _����    t*.    ������0  X      Genuine  Maple  Syrup in   bulk.       Sole  Manufacturers of  a   Mother's Bread.   .  T Store: Baker St., between Stanley and Ward. Y  Atthe aAuction Mart Saturday night at 7.30 o'clock.  Another  consignment  of Goods  has   just  arrived  consisting  Scotch Wool Underwear and Socks.  v -           ' ���  J. Green/Auctioneer  Baker, Street  Nelson, B. 0. THE   NELSON   ECONOMI&l  NELSON ASSESSMENT AND COLLECTING DISTRICT.  Sale of Mineral Claims for Unpaid and Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Assessment and Collecting District Province of British Columbia.  1 hereby give notice Lhat on Monday, tliuHlxl.li day of November, A. 1>. 1903, at the hour or ten o'clock In the forenoon, at. tho Court House  Nelson, 1 shall oll'or l'or .sale by public auction the mineral claims In the list hereinafter Het out, of the persons in said list herc-lnnl'ier set mil  of which Crown Grants have been Issued, for taxes remaining unpaid mid delinquent by said pcr.sonH on the ,'iOtli day of June, A. D. HUM, anil  I'or costs and expenses of said sale, If tlie total amount due ls nol sooner paid  LIST ABOVE MENTIONED.  NAME OF PERSON.  DESCRIPTION OF CLAIM.  Need-  Smitii  B,  H.  Seious   Nels. Pearson and W. Gibson    Nels. Pearson and W. Gibson    Nels. Pearson and *W. Gibson    "Oeli(?ht Gold Mining Co., Ltd   London & Hossland B. C, Limited  London & Rossland B. C, Limited  Duncan Mines,  Ltd.,  Raymond  B.  ham and Charles- K.  Milburn  .  Dundee Gold Mining Co., John M.  Helen Louise Lueke   Rupert  E.   A.   Meuller          Nels Pearson  and W. Gibson     George AV.  Chlstiolm     Leopold Ernest Keller  ^.............  ���The Blue Eyed Nellie Mining Co., Ld, Lia.  .John Dean    -;  "W. de V le Maistre ..............  ..������.������������������  The  B.  C.  Mining Co.,  Ltd.,   (Foreign)..  F    E.     "White,    administrator    estate   of  Ralph AVhite.    ...:....-���������  Delight  Gold  Mining Co ���;..".','r'  1. B.  Garrison, P. Aspinwall and D.   "A.  .  Cameron  ,':���-._��� ���������������  Cumberland Gold Mining Co.,  Limited  ..  Alex.   Goyette,    J.     A.     Quinlan,   frank  Coryell     ���   O. J. AVln-gen, J. H. Field and C M Reese  J. E. Winze and A. M. Patterson ....   The Western Oil and Coal Co.,, Ltd.   ....  The Western Oil and Coal Co.,, Ltd.  ....  The Salmo Con.  Gold Mining & Development Co., Ltd.  ...; '..  '������ ���  The Salmo Con. Gold Mining & Deve.op-  ment Co., Ltd   ������      The Montana Gold Miming Co   John Dean    ':..'   Robert Miller ������ ������������������������������������  John Reavis, Theodore R.  Newman, J own  Y. Cole and G. AV. Monk       AV. Griffiths & T. A. Cameron ������������  Geo.   AV.   Chisholm   ... .      The Minto  Mines, Limited      London  & Rossland B.   C.,  Ltd.      London  &  Rossland B. C,  Ltd ...  William T. Mitchell  ......     ������������.������  The   Trail    Crek   Hidden    Treasure    Gold  Mining Co., Ltd   ������_   Noonday  Mining Co.,  Ltd.      Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  Co., Ltd. L.      Duncan Mines, Limited ���....  Duncan United  Mines  and Wm.  McEwen.  Delight Gold Mining Co..  Ltd.   London & Rossland B.  C, Ltd   Cumberland  Gold Mining:  Co.,  Ltd   Rio Grande Mining Co.,  Ltd ���������  Geo.   AV.  B.   Heathcote       Geo.  AV.   B.  Heathcote ���������  Geo.   AV.  B.   Heathcote ���������������  John   A.   Dunlop   &   R.  -AV.   Gibson   and  Duncan  Mines,  Limited         John   C.   Dunlop   &   R.   AV.   Gibson   and  Duncan  Minos,  Limited      ...  Duncan    Mines,    Limited,    Raymond  Needham & G.  K.  Milburne     Hewry  Kearns    ������  Henry S.  Crotty & Edwin S.  Pentreatli  Duncan  Mines.  Limited  and  R.   R.   Hedley  and  E.  R.  Wokes   Franklvn A. Jones and ��� Hary Wright  ���  Eldorado Mines, Limited, N.P.L.    :..���.  Llzetta   Field     and     Charles     G.    Major  commRtee  for D.  Munro      M.  D.   Mahoney and J.  E.  Boss   Tho Minto Mines, Limited    The Kenneth Mining & Development Mining Co., Ltd.  L     a      The  li.   C.   Mining  Co.,   Ltd.   (Foreign)..  London & Rossland B. C, Ltd.   London & Rossland B. C, Ltd.   "New Brunswick Consol.  Gold Mining Co.,  Limited      ���������  Henry Roy, J.  J.  B.  Gosaelin, and J.  S.  C. Fraser      Delight  Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd   Primrose Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Isaac Van  Ness          ....      Lerwick Gold Mining Co.. Ltd.   ..-....:   Pine Ridge Gold Mining Co., Ltd   Praser Harry Lantz    London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   Fairmont   Gold   Miming   Co.,    Ltd.,    and  Ernest Kennedy and J. L. Parker  B. C. Mining Co., Ltd.. (Foreign) ...  Eldorado Mines, Limited, N.P.L.  .....  R.   M.   Macdonald        ���  John   Rouchbook.   J.   E.   Boss,   Josephine  Ward, A.  C. "Pluminerl'eR.  M.  D.  Ma-  ���honey, AV. A. Crane and John Johnson  Julius  Peterson   ........   ......  Alex Govette, John A Quinland and Frank  Coryell     New Brunswick Consol. Gold Mining Co.  ^u=,Dimited=...:.^.=.-.i.-=.....:>.=.-���:-.-:.:.....;-��� =-....:.  The Western Oil & Coal Co., Ltd.  ..'   T.   B.   Garrison.   Chas.   Ink,   and   Thos  Collins       ��� I ���������  W. Griffith & T. A. Cameron ....  John   Dean,   Martin   Salmon   and  Burnet      Imperial   Copper  Co.,   Ltd.,  N.P.L.  London & Rossland B. C.Ltd   Walter F.   Askew,  AV.   C.   Forrester  C.  W.  Arnold     London & Rossland B. C Ltd.  ......  A.  H.   Kelly and Mary  R'.  Drincoll  A.   H.  Kelly and Mary  R.  Driscoll  Oriel  Mining & Milling  Co.,  Limited  Oriel Mining & Milling Co., Limited  Rio Grande. Mining Co., Ltd   Joseph Bernard, Paul Bonnet, Dolp-li Boycc  Eliiza Anne Crowe  ���   Gold-en  Gate  Con.   Mining  Co.      Harry Wright and C. J.  Ditter ............  Valpau-lso Gold Mining Co., Ltd., N.P.L.  Roy W. Caldwell and Chas. L. Caldwell  Geo.   H.   Caldwell.  Benjamin  Thomas,  J.  A, Turner, Finnamore M. McLeod and  Robert John Bealev   Baltimore   Gold   Mining   &   Development  Co,,   Ltd.      Cumberland  Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.   ......  G. W. Chisholm  ....  Geo.  F. WW tenia n         Noonday Mining Co.,  L.L   A. I-I. Kelly and Mary R. Driscoll    TV.  L.  Lawry     Edward Baillle    London & Rossland B. C.  Mining Co.,Ld.  K.   }..  and  Annie    .'   Aaron's Isle ....   .'   Aaron's Gem     Aaron's Star     Atlantic  ,  Al Fraction   Albermarle Fraction  ...  Alice   Annie   Fraction      Armour   Plate   Anne      Aaron's   Fraction      Alice  ..".   Bolus      Blue Eyed Nellie   Blue Belle     Bryan          Bannock  ..     ..  Big Red  Horse    ...   ;  Balmoral      B   C.        ...  Boston   Bully   Boy   ......      Badger      Big 1    Big  2   Bonanza  .   Blue  Jack  .......   .......  Blue   Jack   Fraction   ..  Blue   Bird      Black Diamond      ....  Black Hawk No. 2 .....  Bunker  HM1   ........   ...  Bunkor  ID11       ...  Big  Duluth       ....  California   City  of Paris   Copper Lily   Canadian Queen     Courtland    -..   Copper Belle -. ..  ....  Copper  Queen   ���....   .  Colorado   Fraction   .   Colorado      .'..  Caiigary      Candidate    Copper  Cape   .. ���..   ...  Champane     Canadian' Belle   Canadian  Belle No.  2'...  Canadian Girl Fraction  Comet ..    Calumet       ������  Condor ..,.,., ,  Carthage    .,.,  Champion    ,.   ...  Catherine   ...... ...  Copper  Bell   Carmencita   ........  Corinthian     Democrat    Deadwood      Dinner Bucket     Drill           Dennis          Dodo '...   Deadwood    Delaware    ���  Delight    ....  Denmark   Etna   Elise  .'. ...   ........  Elpro    .....  Empress          Eclipse      .   Evening Star ���  Ethel      Eldorado ......     .  Emerald No. 2   ..Lot -107  ..Lot 2)55  ..Lot 295(1  ..Lot 29 J7  ..Lot 4209  ..Lot 3729  ..Lot 2S42  ..Lot 32-1S  ..Lot 3S49  ..Lot 41SG  ..Lot S3S0  . .Lot 295S  ..Lot 5027  ..Lot 2123  ..Lot 293G  ..Lot 3S43  ..Lot 1���99  ..Lot 3295  ..Lot 29S6  ..Lot 3914  ..Lot 4355  ..Lot 4019  ..Lot 3238  ..Lot 785  ..Lot 4673  ..Lot-'4637  ..Lot 4638  ..Lot 26S8  ..Lot 2691  ..Lot 5438  ..Lot 3413  ..Lot 2911  ..Lot 29?9  ..Lot 4923  ..Lot 5626  ..Lot 1077  ...Lot 3405  ..Lot 3407  ..Lot 3240  Lot 3436  ..Lot 3133  ..Lot 3429  ..Lot 3934  ..Lot 634  ..Lot 4208.  ..Lot 3S07  ..Lot 4020  ..Lot 5131  ..Lot 4783  ..Lot 4784  ..Lot 4785  ..Lot 3273  ..Lot 5123  ..Lot 3230'  ..Lot 2197  ..Lot- 2912  ..Lot 4437  ..Lot 5379  ..Lot 5201  ..Lot 2090  ..Lot  236  ..LoJi 2232  ..Lot 3806  ..Lot 3292  ..Lot 3408  ..Lot 3401  ..Lot 3976  ..Lot 2S5S  ..Lot 4206  ..Lot 43S9  ..Lot  414  ..Lot 1310  ..Lot 2528  ..Lot 4424  ..Lot 3S00  ..Lot 3778  ..Lot 3293  ..Lot 519S  ..Lot I486  Forest      --..Lot 233  Fanny  ..Lot 19S6  Florence        ..Lot 3237  Florences. _=_  =���-���:���....Lot=3977-  Franklin ..Lot 4635  Free Coinage ........   ..Lot 1945  Fidelity   ....... ......Lot 4925  Farnham   ........   i....     ..Lot 5433  Grizzly  Bear ..Lot 105  Golden Gate ..:- .... ..Lot 2934  Gold  Island .-...Lot 3244  Glasgow        ..Lot 3404  Golden Era      ..Lot 4353  Golden  Chain ..Lot 4154  Good   Hope ..Lot 4382  Good   Hope  Fraction  No.  1 -..Lot 4383  Georgina I..Lot 5130  Goodenough    ..Lot 5466  Golden Queen  ..Lot 5\8t  Golden  Plate   '.    ..Lot 4017  Gray Mouse , ..Lot 5378  Government    , ..Lot 490S  Garfield         ..Lot 49.:9  UNl'AIJ)  'Taxes.  $10.50  24. UO  46.00  46.00  4.75  3.75  3.00  39.00  3.00  11.00  39.00  6.00  12.75  75.25  7.25  26.00  *" 23.75  16.00  76.50  13.00  3S.25  42.50  9.00  20.00  26.25  -3.50  13.00  78.00  4.50  12.00  21.00  39.00  GO. 00  13.00  12.00  11.0J  35.25  39.00  31.50  20.00  CI.50 '  23.00  1.50  14.25  9.50 '  39.00  26.25  19.00  3S.25  3S.25  30.75  10.50  33.75  37.50  12.50  20.50  33.75  12.75  36.75  11.50  20.25  9.50  ��� 24,75  2G,00  15.75  33,75  30.00  13.00  5.25  12.25  3.75  14.50  91.00  61.25  35.25  30.00  26.00  39.00  13.00  31.50  9S.00  12.50  ^65.0Oh=  6.00  Hidden  Treasure  Humming Bird ...  Hidden Treasure  Hattie  B   Imperial    Trma      Irene      Ivanhoe    Tno     Jennie Llnd    ...Lot     411  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  ...Lot  3128  4021  5628  3025  3128  4151  4329  2920  2933  61.25  12.75  23.00  26.25  10.00  57.00  24.00  22.00  19.50  25.50  10.50  S4.00  11.25  13.00  91.TO  10.75  22.03  12.75  4.50  12.50  37.50  12.75  CG.50  7S.00  26.00  ���15.00  39.00  9.75  Costs  and lix-  1'ICNbK.S  $2.00  2.W  ���2.0',)  2.00  2.00  2.0J  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.60  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  : 2.00  2.0J.  2.00  2.H-.0  2.00  2.00  2.00  ���2.00-  2.00  2.00  2.10  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.10  2.00  2.00  2.CO  2.00  2.ro  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  :.   2.00  2.CO  : 2.00  '   2,00  2.no  2.00  2.00  2 0)  -. 2.00  h.2.00  :2.00  2.00  '2.CO  2.GO  2.00  2.00  2.00  _2.00_,  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.CO  2.00  2.C0,  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0)  2.1.  2.0')  2.00  2.01)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2. no  2.0)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2 Cf)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  NAME OF PERSON.  C.   Arthur   and   J.   P.  i  DESCRIPTION OF CLAIM.  Jubilee  &  Total.  $12.50  26.0;)  4S.00  4S.00  0.75  5.,5  5.00  41.CO  5.00  13.00  41.00  S.OO  14.75  ',7.-'5  9.2.'/  2_.U)  .25.75  IJi.OO  7S.50  15.00  40.25  41.50  11.00  22.00 ���  2S.25  ������'   5.50  15.0)  SO.O)  : 6.50  14.00  23.00  , 41.00  62.00  15.00  14.50  13. CO  37.25  41.00  33.50  22.00  63.50  25.C0  ' 3.50  16.25  11.50  '11.00  28.25  21. CO  40.25  40.25  -   32.75  12.50  35.75  ?9.50  14.50  22.50  31.75  14..5  - 38.75  13.50  .   22.50  11.50  26.75  2S.00  17.75  ��� 35.75  41.03  15.00  7,25  !   M,?*)  5.75  -. 16,50  ���9--.00  t3.2.i  37.25  32.00  JUtO  41.00  15.00  33.50  10J.O0  14,50  _,67...00_  S.OO  63.25  14.75  25.ro  28.25  . 12.00  59.00  26.00  24.00  21.50  27.50  12.50  3G.no  13.25  15.CO  93.00  12.75  24 0)  14.75  6.50  14.50  39.50  M.75  68.50  SO.OO  28.no  47.00  41.00  11.75  P.  \V.  Co.,  Julius  Caesar  Jeff Davis ....  Juliet     Kalamish     Kallir   Lytton  Lake Arle\v    Llzzard      Lexington      Lucky  Seven     Little George    .  L M. Fni.tion   Little   Pe rl      Lorna  Doone      Little Dot    Lulu   M  P.  Fraction   Morning Star   Minnie     Moken-Bird   Fraction   ...  May Flower    Morning Star    Morning   Star   Fraction  Magpie     Maggie   Mascot     Michigan  ..'.'  Mormon   Girl    .'.  Morning Glory   Newmarket     Nako    '."..*  Noonday    Number 2   No 1 Le Blanc Group ..'.'.".  No. 2 Le Blanc Group ....  No. 3 Le Blanc Group  ..  Northern   Light   .......  Nevada Fraction ......'..'.  New   Brunswick   ....-.-   Nancy Jane    ...    .  Nip and Tuck  .......    "..'  No.-6    No. 2 ..;.,  *'*'."  *  No.   5   ,......-    ,, ""  Neb, Girl ;   No. 3���..:..-. ,.. ..,,,..,..",'','.'  October   ...,,;   .'.,,,  October Fraction    VV. J. Nelson  A.   H.   Kelly,  Rogers    T. B. Garrison, Chas. Ink and T. Collins  English Canadian Gold Mining Co., Ltd.  Pine   Ridge  Gold   Mining  &,  Milling  Co.,  Ltd ,      '..  AV. J. Ledlngham ......':     Lerwick Gold Mining Co., Ltd. Lia   Freeman E: White  |Little  Blue Grouse  C. J. Schleif, G. J. SchlieE and J G Brown| Leap \ear Gem  C. J. Schleif, G. J. SchlieC and J G Brown Lea.p Year l^ride  Kokanee   Mining  Co.,   Ltd      | Lake View   T. H. Garrison ancl'1'. Aspinwall  : ....| Longsley    'I'.   B.  Garrison,  _i J.  li.  Graliam and G.  Aspinwall    .���   O. J.  Wigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese  London & Kosslmid B. C, Ltd   .1. ���. VVIzc  ���   Duncan   Mines.   Limited,  J  .C.   Dunioi>  ��� K.   W. Gibson   Henry Kearns ���  Kmma A.  Rand       ���   The Montana Gold  Mining Co -.  10. J. Roberts and F.  S. Phillips   Dollaracracy Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd  Pine  Ridge Mining Co..  Ltd   Fairmont  Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.,   Ernest  Kennedy and J. L. Parker    The Duncan Mines,  Limited     The  Duncan  Mines,  Limited   ' :.  Kokanee   Mining .Co..   Ltd.   Lia   London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   London & Rossland B. C, Ltd   H.   G.   Neelands      Andren Sostad    A. ti.   Kelly,   E.   C.   Arthur   and   J  Rogers   ;   The  Montana Gold  Minln*.  Co   John R. F.evis, Theo R. Newman. G  Monk-and John Y. Cole   Charles P.  Hill    .������������������  John Rouchbook, J. E. .Boss, Jospehine  AVard, A. C. Flummerfclt, M. D. Mahoney, AV. A. Crane and John Johnson  Pine Ridge Mining & Milling Co.,  Ltd...  Noonday Mining Co., Ltd Lia ������  E.  C. Traves, G. R. G. O'Driscoll, G. H.  ��� I-I.   S.vmonds    :     B, C, Mining Company,;Ltd. (Foreign) ..  li. Cr Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  B. C, Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  B, C, Mining Company, Ltd. (Foreign) ..  The Duncan Mines, Limited ;.-.'.....  New   Brunswick   Con.   Gold .Minln.  Ltd .,.    ,,',..    ��� ������-���  London Sf Ymir (B,C,) Gold Mining Co  Ltd ,.,,   ,.. ������   ........   ...  Anthony J. McMillau .,,., ,..,-���  Janies E AA'ise  :   ���   ,., ,���  Jas E.  Wise an4 A.  N.  Paterson  ,.,,..,  Jas E.  AVise and A,  N,  Paterson  ..,,...  AVesterri Oil  and Coal Co,,  Ltd ..,..  Valpariso Gold Mining Co,, Ltd.-,; ,���  The Kenneth/Mining & Development Co  Ltd. ......';           The Kenneth-Mining & Development Co  Ltd ..,...'.. '..   ..������..,  Ontario Gold, Silver & Copper Mining.Co.,/ .  Ltd   ....|Ontario    .  O.   J. AVigen. J. H. Field and C. M. Reese'Oid A-be .........  The Picton Development Syndicate, Ltd...|Picton   B. Tomkin, H. B. Landers and Albert]  Forsland    , ' ��-Iot A_,"   London & Rossland B.  C,  Ltd |Piccadily ,  O.   J. AVigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese| President   London & Rossland B.C,  Ltd.   ...; | Pulaski   Fraction  London & Rossland B.  C,  Lid.     Pulaski   ..  Western Oil and Coal Co.,  Ltd  Porcupine  Duncan Mines, Limited, -J. C. Dunlop and  R.  AV.  Gibson          Dollaracracy Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd...  J. A. Coryell," Alex. Gbybtte and J. A.  Quinlan  > '���.'..: ���   The Trail Creek-Hidden Treasure Gold  Mining  Co..  Ltd.    The Kenneth Mining & Development Co.,  Ltd     ........    .:  ......  The  B.   C.   Mining Co.,   Ltd. . ....   ........  Duncan United Mines and Wm.  McEwen *  Duncan United Mines and Wm.  McEwen  Kokanee Mining Co., Ltd.-,........  Anthony  J.   McMillan    .  London & Rossland B.  C,  Ltd.  Rio Grande Mining Co. Ltd.  .....  Duncan  Mines,  Limited   ���.'.   ���  A. H. Kelly, E. C. Arthur and J. P.  Rogers     ��� ;.  Duncan Mines, Ltd.. Raymond B. Need-  ham and C.  K.  Milburne   The Montana Gold Mining Co.  ......     Harold Seious .'   iHarold Seious ..'��� -....-...;   Thos. R. Morrow, P.. A.; Barnhart, Eliza-  *    beth Gray. John* p. Roberts  Emma  A.   Rand     '.  Lizette Field, and Chas. G. Major, committee  for Robt.   D.   Munro      Roht. F. Dodd ....;      David D.  Birks    ...  W de V. le Maistre   London  & Rossland  B.  C,  Ltd.  John MeLellan McKinnon   ....  T.  R.   French and I.  Erickson  ..  O. J. AArigen, J. H. Field and C. M. Reese  John  Dean  and  Jacob  Stierle  ..  Rio Grande Mining Co,  Ltd   Primrose Gold  Mining Co.,  Ltd.  G AAr.  B.  Heathcote  ...V..   Tho Salmo Consolidated Gold Mining &  Peyelppme.nt  Co.,   Ltd.-    Tbe   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining  Development  Co..   Ltd   Golden Gato Con. Mining Co., Ltd.   ...  Valpariso Goid Mining Co., Ltd..   W.  Griffith and T, A,  Cameroir   Frank de lo Mieux     C. J.   Ditter  and  H.   Wright  .' .'...:..!  Harold Seious  ,   Hamilton   &   Ross'.an'd   Gold   Mining   Co.,  Tlie Kenneth Mining _��� Development Co..  Ltd.       London & Rossland  B.  C.,  Ltd   The Blontana Gold Mining Co.       AAr.  H.  Sherrod -  Charles  Hall.   Oscar  Hall,  AA'inslow  Hall,  John   Hall,   Henry   Oakes.   AVilUam   J-  ^^OakeSri=1Osner^Oakesr:^Willla;mi--=H..-  Oakes, Olive B. Oakes, William Miller.  James Durkin.  John  Taylor,  Ebcnezer  Ramsay, Robert Day, junior, and Amelia AArhite. administratrix of the estate  and  effects of William  AVhite,  deceased,  and heiress-at-law of Mary White,  an infant, deceased     Jtfhn Johnson        T. R. French and T. Erickson ...  Valpariso Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd.  Henry McCandlish     The   Trail   Creek-Hidden    Treasure    Gold  Mining Co.,   Ltd    The Golden Plate Con. Mining Co.  .  Oliver  Blair      'Delight Gold Mining Co.. Ltd   Duncan Mines, Limited, J. C. Duniop, and  R.  AV.   Gibson    ".       The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   <t  Development  Co..   Ltd   Dundee Gold Mining Co.,  Ltd., and John  M.   Smith     c.   J.   Ditter  and   H.   AVright      Oliver Blair    H.   Seious      The   Salmo   Consolidated   Gold   Mining   &  Development  Co.,   Ltd  Yellow Jack  The   Salnio   Consolidated   Gold   Mining1- &  Development  Co.,   Ltd ��� I Yellow Jack Fraction  .Lot   2026'   ^..Lot   Lot   Lot   ..Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   Lot   ..Lot   ..Lot   .'..Lot  ........Lot   ..Lot   Lot   ..Lot   ..Lot   ..Lot    Lot  ...... --Lot   ..Lot  .....  ..Lot   ..Lot  3591  1946  1620  2526  51S2  2194  29S7.  1363  ���1364  36o7  4336  3245  7S6  3718  4674  5121  3862  51 SI  54-U  135*3  2173  2529  3779  3931  3932  3665  4361  4362  4422  5144  35SS  5440  1919  5S3G  .    ..          ..Lot 235   '������'..Lot 2527   ..Lot 3425      ..Lot 3140   .....Lot 32S8   ..Lot 32S9  ..Lot 329!)  .    ..       '..Lot 3291  ,   ......... -Lot 3933  ....   .....--Lot; 3975  ...Lot 2930  . ' ..'..Lot 293.  ,-..  ..   ...  ..Lot 4671  .   'I,*'.-Lot 4673  ,., .-Lot 4636      ..Lot 4911  ...   ....... --Lot 3S01  ;...,.. ,,....Lot 3S05  Planet ......     .  Pete  ...A.".'  Rosa  ..".���   .....  Rookford   Racatam  ..:...   ....  Red Top   Royal   Canadian   ......  Roy No,2 ........  ..  Royal City ..;......-..*.'  Riverside  .....  Rbnoke  ��    ...'  Rio Grande Fraction  .  Rocket   .......  Rebecca '..  Romance '.......-.  ....  .  Randolph   ........      Rover   ..............  Rambler ..."  Romeo ..i-.v:  ........  Red Seal .......    R &L.     .  Snow Slide      Summit   Silver Champion ...   Swansea ;...  Stanley  ....: .'. ...   Shenango ..'   Selkirk   Sunrise      Sandaulphon'..;   Seattle  .'." '.;  Safeguard ....... ..'....".  Sitting Bull ..',,..     Sitting Bull Fraction  Saratoga   Starter   ......      Sullivan   Santiago      Sampson    ,   Try Me     Tennessee      Tamarac   Tom Thumb  ..  Trout           U   B   ..Lot  ..Lot  "..Lot-  ..Lot  .. Lot  ..Lot  '..Lot  "..Lot  "..Lot  ..Lot  '..Lot  3659.  783  3134  3139  380S  7S2  4S00  3403  4634  3271  2472  .Lot 24C0  .Lot 3435  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  3803  3291  633  3930  3626  2932  3402  5132  3272  ..Lot 35S9  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  ��� Lot  3249  5442  5292  5293  1930  2918  2089  2679  3427  3406  4384  47Sq  7S4  4385  4639  -1391  4JS6  ( Unpaid  Taxkjj.  .15.50  10.53  to.UO  65.00  91.00  11.50  20.00  7S.0O  12.50  12.25  52.50  36.73  12.73  21.(1.  10.30  30.0-3  12.25  3.25  39.00  S.OO  100.0)  ���12.50  31.50  36.00  33.00  9.73  42.50  30.73  1S.73  37.50  31.00  12.30  12.00  SS.00  12.75  29.25  80.50  78.00  "S.OO  24.50  14.50  14.50  24.50  14.25  48.75  20.25  25.50  '21.75  19.50  35.25  8,00  52,00  SB.'OO  19.50  37.00  15.00  71.75  55.50  39.00  18.00  2.25  9.7.)  13.00  13.00  45.00  12.25  25.30  31.50  25.50  15.75  34.50  53.75  - 37.50  13.00  1S.0O  39.00  10.50  39.00  S.OO  39.00  39.00  65.00  28;50  11.50  13.'00  58.50  14.CO  3S.25  12.75  '8.50  51.00  18.50  7.P0  11.00  1S.00  .Lot 2C90  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  '.Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  2693  4016  4192  4924  53S1  5376  415  1317  3S02  372S  5139  201S  Victoria   Venetia Boy .,  Venango  ......  Valpariso      White Rabbit  W. J. Bryan .  Waters Meet .  Wild Horse ..  Woodstock ....  Wren.      White   Cloud  White Pine ...  Widow    X-ray     Yankee  Girl   .  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  .Lot  2IS  40S  4757  4907  3493  3431  4015  4212  ���1207  5)22  2CS7  4C04  5377  4213  40G  20S9  2?92  1.50  7S.00  52.fO  32.75  9.73  11.75  .75  59.50  39.00  39.0)  13.00  6.2,->  23.73  S.OO  12.00  30.00  65.00  16.30  76.50  21.00  9.25  11.75  72.00  9.25  11.75  20.00  15.00  ���IS.00  1.50  1    Costs    i  and Ex   |  Total.  | _ KXSKb.   I  78.03     I  I  -2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00 .  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0-J  2.00  2.00  2.CI  _.IW  2.0O  2.01  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.03  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  -2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2.CO  2.00  2.0')  2.CO  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.C0  2,00  2.00  2,00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.CO  2.C0  2.00  2.00  2.03  2.00  2.00  2.00'  2.CO  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.03  2.00  2:00  2.l��  2.(0  2.00  2.00  2,00  2.00  2.C0  2.00  2.03  2.00  2.00  2.01  2.01  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2. CO  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.0i)  2.0<)  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  17.50  12.30  6i*.0j  67.00  93.00  13.25  22.00  i>0.CO  14.50  11.25  54.5)  33.,5  11.75  2J.I��  1-1.it*  22.1W  14.23  7.25  ll..)  1U.00  lirj.m)  11.50  ���i'LCO  3S.00  35-tO  11.75  14.30  32.75  20.75  39.50  33.00  11.50  14.0)  90.00  14.75  31.23  S2.39  .0.00  SO.OO  2-.. 50  16.30  16.50  26.50  16.25  27.50  23.75  21,50  -,'.25  10.00  54.00  ���11.00  21.50  39.00  17.00  73.75  57.50  41.00  20.00  4.25.  11.'i5  15.00  15.00  47.00  11.25  27.50  33.50  27...0  17.75  36.50  55.75  39.50  13.00  20.00  41.00  12.50  41.03  10.00  41.00  41.00  G7.00  30.50  13.50  15.00  60.50  16.00  40.25  11.75  10.50  53.00  21.50  9.00  13.00  20.03  SO.OO  3.50  S3.C0  51.(0  11.73  11.75  13.75  2.73  CI. 50  41.00  41.00  15.00  2.i.(o  10.00  11.0)  32.C)  67.00  IS.50  7S.30  20.->  11.23  13.73  71.CO  11.25  13.75  28.00  17.00  I      50.00  I 3.50  Dated at Nelson, IJ. C, tills second day of OMober, 1903.  ROBERT A. RENWICK,  The Bargain ofthe Future.  AN honest man.entered   tlie'stor*  of a clothier 'one' day, and     ln  reply -to tlie query .as to  whal  could be done,for film on  that  particular  occasion,  'he   assumed     a  tumble pose and repltid:  "Sir, I wish to furnish, you proof thai  t am wh-at I am."  "I cannot doubt your 'honest y," said  bhe clothier, "but still proofs are  proofs, and you may, submit your documents."     ' ��� ' !  "Do you remember, thfct   I   was In  your store six months a'jfo?"  -"Alas! I do not;:but you look like *  man of truth, and I will not e.aln*:aj.  you."  "I was here, sir, andi bought thin  suit of clothes of you,.( It had been  marked down from fifteen dollars to  eight dollars and  fifty .cents."  "Yes, I rocognizii the ^loth, and I  grieve to think that I'iost six dollar*  and fifty cents on that suit. I (had to  mark them down to make room for  the quick-lunch business oa tihe other  Mae." .   ,  "You -wai-ranted the dye," continued  the honest man, "and there has Ibeen  ao fadlr.gr or croclclnff.' 'I cannot say  tliat  yo-ji lied  to  rue."  "A.nd  the Price was rightV  "It was. I hugr the delusion that T  TouiiJ a bargain."-    '  "T_en what ls the cause of thy com-  &'a.*nt?"  "It Is no complaint, oh. clothier. It  i�� that after I had _ot miles away 1  round a ten-dollar bill In the trouser*  pocket."  "A. ten-dollar bill In the pocket oi  an clffht-dollar-and-ftfty cent suit,"  mused the clothier. "Here, Ikey, corns  forward and explain."  "I���I was tempted," said the young  man, as he trembled before his employer. ������  "So? Then It vas you who substituted a ten for a twenty, and made  this honest man a journey to get his  Just dues? Go, bring me'a new, crisp  ten, and later on I -will see to your  case."  "I would not that he come to poverty," said the honest man.  "He shall not. but I will stop lt ont  of his wages and humble him to the  dust. I always give a twenty-dollar  bill with every elg-ht-dollar-and-flfty-  cent suit, and here is .your balance.  Take It, sir, with many apologies; and  If I have put you to viy expense, remember that all my elgliteen-dollar  overcoats have been manked down to  nine dollars and a fifty-dollar bill  placed ln each pocket to clase -them out  quickly and make room for a chicken-  farm in the rear end of the store."���  Detroit "Free Press."  Onions and Epidemics.  A READER of "MarmadukeV let.  ters In London "Truth" has sent  him the following;  "Whilst turning over some old books  ln my library last week I stumbled upon the following paragraph ln the  'Rural World* ot 1863. ��� As there ls an  epidemic of smallpox In London lt.haa  occurred to me to send this to you, for  some of your medical readers may be  ���ither able to prove or disprove the  statements it contains:  "'Onions and Epidemics. ��� In the  spring of 1819 I was In charge of one  hundred men oa shipboard, with the  cholera among the men. We had onions, which a number of the men ata  freely. Those who did so were soon  attacked, and nearly all died. -rAs soon  as I made this discovery their use was  forbidden. After mature deliberation  I came to the conclusion that onions  should never be eaten during the prevalence of epidemics, for the reason  that they absorb the virus, and communicate the disease, and that the proper use for them is sliced and placed  in the sick-room, and replaced wlth  fresh ones every few hours. . . . After maintaining the foregoing opinion  for eighteen years, I have found the  following well attested: Onions placed  in the room where there .is smallpox  will blister and decompose with great  rapidity; notonly so. but_w_Ill_prevetit_  "the sprea'd of the disease. I think that  as a disinfectant they have no equal If  proporly used. If needed, the foregoing  (which I have greatly abbreviated) can  be attested on oath." "  It I�� a curious echo of a bygone prevent! 'ft, and it Is slven here without  much hope that the suggestion can be  valuable. /  I  Hard Lack in the West  Deputy AssOKserand Collector, Nelson Assessment and Collecting District.  I The cowboy sat down on the ground.  1 fingered a roll of bills and looked sadly  at his pard.  "Bill," he said, "it's no use. I can't  go to town with you to-day."  "Why?" asked BUI.  "I've only got $25 to my name."  "Figger it up ag'in," said Bill.  "No use. I've figgered it up a dozen  times, and it always comes out the  same. It'll take $20 fer the drunk, dollar an' a half fer bed an' breakfast,  three an' a half fer ca'trldges, an' that  won't leave a cussed cent to pay th��  flp.e."���Indla.Tia.riolis "Sun "  f     1     "*\  f in Want of a PIANO TO RENT  See Us  ' Also Selling Agents for  &   CO  Canada's Leading Piano THE NELSON ECONOMIST  (I  __:  GENERAL NEWS.  Police Magistrate Crease lias been  spending a well earned vacation at  Spokane tbis week.  It. A. Esnouf has received word of  tbe death of hia son Ernest, at Victoria  tbis week. Deceased was a prom wing  young man of 27 years of aj*e.  There will be no division of opinion  as to tlie necessity of the early building of tbe C. P. II. from Procter to  Kootenay Landing. The Board ol'  Trade bas made the first move in the  matter, and the agitation should he  kept up until tbe desired end is accomplished.  +4++<r444+++0+4444+4+++4+44+<>++4++++++44444++++++++++  t X  + Our Show Widdow Full ot ���  ��� ���  ��� 4  4   r*. .            ���         n            ������                          ��-_                                     __***. 4  I Picard's Han  D  oa  Notice.  Notion is hereby given thnt 60 days nfter  date I intend to apply to the Clik-f OniniiiK-  uloner of Lands and Works al Virtonn. fur  permission to nun-huse the following de-  Hcribed lauds in West Kootenay:  Commencing at u post inurKi-d .1. T. (Ireen-  wood, S. W. jiost. planted at the-norlhwest  corner of lot ICWO (Campbell), thence nnrili 2D  chains; thence east 40 eliains; thenee .soiilli  20 chains; thenee back to a point of commencement, (.-onUtiniii.. 81) iieres iiiui-u or less  Dated at jSelsuu, this 13th day of October,  1S05.  J. T. HllKKXlfilfill.  Land   Notice.'  Notice is hereby ftiveu thsUHOdays afterditi:  I intend to apply to the Ifon. Cliief Comuus-  Kloner of Lands and Worics for permission  lo pui-cha-ic the following described lauds :���  Coriunencius ata ]>ust . hinted on tin; west  luundury of tlie.Canadian Paul flu Kailwuy,  Imir a mile south" of Sullivan Creek. West  Kootenay district, marked "IV. C. 'Ilrcnmii's  S. K. Corner," tiience running west, 'lu eliuiiis ;  thence'nortli 40chalns: tlience eu-t -lu cliiiins,  more or less, to the Canadian E'aeitii: Kailway  rlght-of-WMv; tlienc�� following said right. <>f-  wny southerlv 10 chains, more or less, io the  place of beginning; containing 160 aere_, more  or less.  Dated the 29th day of September. I��o.  I'l-VC Tikem/,?.-.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Ry virtue of several W.iriMiits of !-.";cei'iition  Issued out of .tlie .Jouiity Court, of W.-sl Kuoie-  n.'iy, holden at Trout Lake, againal. urn  goods and chattels - <,f W'lilutai li.  Pool, of Nelson, H. C , inning ..peralnr, I  ..ave seized and taken in Kxeuuti-u-.. at I tin-  8'iafes which the said William 11. l'n.l Ins in  Caiiltal Stock of the.Great Northern .Min-s.  Limited: To recover the sum- n.iin.cl in th.-  several Warrants of Kxec'it.ion. an-In Iso Interest on the Judgment, debts at ii per centum  per annum from tlie ;jrd Olay of 'tii-twbor,  1905, until payment. besid-s Siieriit's  poundage, officer's fees, and. all oilier  le"al incidental expenses; all ������-!' which 1  sliall expose for sale or suificlrnt flii-reof  to satisl'y'said.ludgiiient debts and costs, At  mv otlico, next to the Court House, in the  City of Nelson, H. C , on fucsday, ihe 24th  dav of October 19;i.r>, at t:io liiur of eleven  o'e'lock. in the forenoon.  Bated at Kelson, li. C, 9th October, 19i)5.  ts. i'. Tuck,  Sheriff of South Ivootuuiiy.  4  4  4  4  4  t I  ��  is irresistible.     It contains Plates, Bon-bon  Dishes, Salad Bowls,  ��  + 4  4 Pitchers, etc., all in  the daintiest and newest designs, and at ex-  4  4 4  4 4  4 ceedingly low prices.                                                                                  4  + +  + Don.t fail to see it. +  * 4  +   J  Id. O. PATENAUDEt  Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician.    'Phone 293.  _NTow is the time to purchase New Evening Dresses when you can get them at cost and have  a good stock of materials to select from.    Such as  +4+ 44 ���*���������� ��� ���^���T--^04+4+4+4+ �� >++ ++++++++ $4444444 &044444G 4  RESERVE.  ^ ��������� -        :.:������-���",������       ������'"-".,  RIGHTOI''WAY'FOB'RAILWAY.., ETC.  Notice Is hereby Riven thatnll Crown lands  along the 'located lincBof any railway, power  or tramway company, Incorporated, umler  *H authority of the Legislature tu' this Province,  and having a width of 11 ft.v (Su) feet on each  side of said lines.aro reserved l'or right of way  j>urposes for such railway, power or tramway  company. w.s.oork.    A  Deputy Commissioner of Ijinds and Works.  Lauds and Works Department,  Viotoria, B. C, 3rd October, r.'0">.  UlCEHCEJiSlCI,  Notice Is hereby slven that J.Iiliinclinnl Im."  made application under ttit- pruvi.- ions ot J lie  "Liquor Licence Act. 1M)0." fora hotel licence,  for tne Pilot Day Hotel, at. IN tut Buy. and ">;"  n meeting of tbe Hoard of Lli-cine Conimls-  wioners. of tiie Ainswoith . I.lwtnu Disliict,  -will be held to consider sui-h iipplicatli'ii, at  the Court House, nt the City of K��t>!��.<ui Monde v, the thirtieth day of October, U*i, at l'je  lioiir of cii'lit o'clock in llic al'ti.'rnoi.n.  W. II. Uin.r.iicK-w'K:i.-iTKiil  Chief Lic-ncc Inspector.  Nelson, B. C, l_t!i October, lSHJo.  oeia House  ONE NIGHT ONLY  Monday,   Oct.   18th  A Volcanic Eruption of Laughter  Twenty-eighth Annual Tour  Richards & Pringle's  Famous Georgia  40���Celebrated Fun-Makers���40.  10���Big New and Novel Acts���10  20-Svveet-Voiced Choral Court-2o  THE BIG 6 COMEDIANS  Clarence Powell Fred Simpson  Happy B lifeguard James Crosby  Lester McDaniels    Frank Kirk.  Beautiful  Scenic and  Electrical  Effects.  Gorgeous Street Parade on Monday.  e Print  Letter Heads.  Bill Heads,  Satements,  Note Heacs,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc.   *  Silk Crep de Chine in pearl grey  and light pink. Regular price  $2.25.    Sale price $1.50.  Silk Eolienne. Regular price  $2.00 and $2.25.     Sale price $1.50.  Wool Voiles. Regular price 75c.  Sale price 50c.  Wool Voiles. Regular price $1.25  and $1.50    Sale price $1.00.  Wool Silk Crepe de Chine. Regular $1.50.     Sale price $100.  Evening shades all wool Henriettas. Regular price 75c. Sale  price 45c,  Evening shades all wool Henriettas. Regular price 50c. Sale  price 35c.  Black Wool Voiles. Regular  price 75c, $1.50.   Sale price 50c, $1.  Black Silk and Wool Voiles. Regular price $1.50, $1.75.     Sale price  $l,$l.25.  Black Crepe de Chine. Regular  price $2.23.    Sale price $1.50.  All shades Silk Japanese Taffeta.  Regular price 65c.     Sale price 45c.  All shades China Silks from 20c  to 45c per yard.  Black Taffetta Silk. Regular  price 75c.    vSale price 50c.  Black Taffetta Silk. Regular  price $t.   Sale price 65c.  MILLINERY.   A complete stock of the latest importations of Pattern and Ready-to-Wear  Hats at Cost.  PRED  IRVINE  CO..   LIMITED.  **??*  Compiete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.  STREET,  NELSON,  B.C.  All Kinds of Furniture;Carpets, Linoleums, Crockery, Etc.  Complete   House  Furnishers  9 Funeral Directors, Embalmers  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  (/>  LJ  <  o  z  Q  <  HI  LU  I  H  Ll.  O  ui  _E  O  0)  "CeTrrffeV Miira'n~d'Tb��ep~H'i'n~e Sts."  Send Us an Order for -Your  Groceries, then Notice  The promptncsKof delivery.  The cleanness und i'i-vsIiuusk of Good*.  The full houost measure.  The quality of wnat you get. ]  You will find iilHiixlunt reason for sending  your future otdere.  This Week's Specials Are:  14-lb l'.oxosor A 1 Cicnmory Butter ut 27c  >er pound.  Silver Spoon Ten, 50c per pound.  Kiijiih Brand t'inenpi'le, 2Se per lln.  Clarke's lioiieless Chicken, a/ic per tlu.  Joy's Cash Grocery  All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be forwarded  either personally or by-mail,lo the office of  W, P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  -'HONE 19  Chimney Sweeping  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  Prompt attention given  to all orders for  Chimney Sweeping.  Send ymir orders to Joe T)  Dotxes, care of  v\e Old Curiosity Shop.   S1.50 per chimney.  JOB PRINTING AT  THE ECONOMIST  Following the summer heat, the present cool evenings make  the, thqfaghl of a brightly burning fire most attractive. The-  necessity of up-to-date Healing Stoves is becoming apparent.  We have anticipated your needs bj* passing into stock tbe largest  consignment of  ever brought into Nelson.      We have them in various styles and  sizes that will suit every requirement.  The Prices are OUR Prices, therefore'the Lowest.  shdGWfinardware Co,  NELSON, B.C.  Wholesale.  Retail.  Gr^lllO'f'f       Builder and  ���     Vwl I 1 B W L L      Contractor  Estimates given on stone, brick j  and woodwork. ! Brick and Lime for Sale  w.  Boys' School Suits  Made from fine English and domestic Tweeds in. assorted  shades, neat stripes and chic patterns, gocd linings and well  made, sizes 22 to 33. Priced at $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00  and $6.00. '     .0.    ......   ���'  ��� :'. Sale of Men's Suits  X The goods are the best quality. The prices are the lowest.  A For the balance of this month we offer extra special inducements  ty on many lines to clear. Suits at $5.00, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00 and  ^ $15.00. They are worth more and it will be to your interest to  V look them up.  ���  ���  ��� '' f,   ���  ���$��� Hosiery at Cut  Prices   Special Hat offer for %\ <^  <$>       loc, 15c and 25c worth $2.50 and$3  X  <& Specials  Vaies Best ���#-  any Other Lines <at  Bargain Prices


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