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The Economist Apr 30, 1904

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 ��������� 7,-,:. 77'77 A^r'" 7i rf/ii^AyZ^AfSys'^ri^  , --za aa:^a7Sa0^$^^^M  '������''-"��������� ' '*���** ���?. "A:" Al "'rA 7-Ay.. 7A77:7rr:7:i7(.>i':1_f.m3.  * f.  ���-������..���.'.y.y  i'i-i,04'-*''V  Z:A'y:  7-7.A^7:Af^^'Ai\  ^  *  Aa-  A t <  i., i  -  i  VOLUME  VII.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1904.  NUMBEB  ocal and  JT rovincial  About 500 new coke ovens are to be  built atMorrissey.  The shoot of the Nelnon Gun  club  ���\vas held this afternoon.  Tbe Crow's Nest Laciosse league has  been formed and the schedule arranged.  Work bas been caraniencerl on the  tbe boat bouse of the Nelson Launch  club.  Geo. Nunn, of A. Macilonaltl <�� Co.,  lias returned from a very successful  trip through the Lardeau.   .  That Victoria is iu fact the honeymoon town of tbe Pad fiecoast is shown  by the fact tbat in nearly every instance couples getting married in Vancouver spend there the first days of  nuptial bliss.  Tt ia probable that Moyie and Cranbrook will be connected by telephone  in the near future.  Robert McLean was married lo Miss  Nellie Sullivan at the residence of  Hugh Koss, last Wednesday evening.  J. A. "Wetinore has been-transferred  from the Imperial bank at Trout Lake  to be accountant in the Imperial bank  at Nelson.  Mi*. Rolands, who resides on the  Fern wood road, near Victoria, dug up  the ol her cla3ra. very interesting relic,  connected undoubtedly with the days  proceeding the advent of the -white  population on . the coast. This is a  stone pestle such as might have beon  used by the Indians in grinding corn.  It is about three or four inches in diameter. It lias been reduced to a convenient size to be grasped in the hand,  The Star Bakery bas added an ice , .  J but uniortunaiely little of this remains,  cream parlor to its confectionery, and   ....      ,    ',���-���.,       ,    .,    ,     ,,,  r .it being broken ofl close to the handle  will during tbe summer months supply  patrons  with   the best Spokane   ice  cream.   Private rooms have been fitted      St. Patrick's Society, of Nelson, has  up for ladies. '(.elected billcers l'or the ensuing year as  ���  A, follows: Hon. presidents, Judge J. A.  Tbe claim of thearbitratorswhocon-l Forin, and   "W.  A.  Galliher, M. P.;  sidered the Government House con-   president, "T.   J.  Scanlan ; viccapresi-  tract has been reduced from ?5,240 to  dents, W.  H.  Lee, John Fraser and  abous $2,6f0, as a result of the taxation  Thomas    Madden;   secretary,      Jos.  Toronto Saturday Night says tbat at Pembroke a  few days ago a boy eight years old was sentenced to  sixty days imprisonment in jail for the theft of a  watch. The Minister of Justice quite properly ordered the child's immediate release. Such a sentence  is a disgrace to the Province. How two magistrates  ���and there were two in this case���could have sense  enough or pull enough to get their appointments as  officers of the Crown, and yet be blessed with so little  horse sense as to send a baby to jail is almost be)*ond-  comprehensidn. A child eight years old a convict!  They might as well start putting nursing infants  in  ��� -  the chain gang. There have been a lot of fool sentences lately, but this is the limit. Peports from  Ottawa state that a great deal of indignation has been  aroused by the extraordinary conduct of the magistrates. No wonder. If those men continue to hold-  their jobs there is likely to be considerably more indignation. We have shown our ability to grow quite  enough criminals without setting to work to train  them from infancy in our commom jails. A good  spanking by the child's parents would doubtless have  done him some good, but the sentence of a matured  criminal inflicted upon him could lead to nothing but  his hopeless ruin, and if the magistrates in the case  had been possessed ofthe most ordinary degree ot intelligence they would have known it.  by Registrar Drake. Mr. Thomas  Hooper is allowed about'��855, and in  addition is to be reimbursed for about  $40 expenses he paid in connection  with the investigation. Mr. A. Mux-  well Muiris also allowed ,about ��855.  Mr. Dalton, of Vancouver, gets ��750  and travelling expenses amounting to  about ?140.  Meagher ; treasurer, Fred Smith; members of the executive cornmitlce, Dr. E.  C. Arthur, A.  Sullivan,  T.   Kinehan,  D. M.'Carley, J. A.Irving, S. P. Shaw,  Michael Scully, J. J. Malone, R.-J7  Clark. W. P. Tierney, 3. II. Nolan and  D. C. McMorris. The society will in  all probability hold monthly meetings  duringlhe winter.  N  ews of the  -ines  LARDEAU MINING NOTES.  Camborne Miiicr_._  A for-c-eof men are busily engaged at  building a wing dam at the intake of  tbe Oyster ilume, to prevent the obstruction of the Hume by floating logs  during high water. General repairs  are also being made to the flume.  A snowslide on Monday knocked out  a portion ofthe Eva Hume. The mill!*  which derives its motive power from  the water conveyed by the flume, has  in consequence been idle yesterday and  to-day. A force of men are repairing  tbe break, and it is thought that mill-  liug operations will bo resumed tomorrow.  Tbe Beatrice mine will, it is reported,  be actively worked tbis summer. A  small party of men will proceed to the  mine in a few days to make preparations for the commencement of work,  and later a force of twenty men will be  sent up to start actual mining operations. The Beatrice is in a position  to ship ore, and it is intended to put  the ore mined this summer on the  dump, aud ship* it as soon as rawhiding ctin be carried on next whiter. The  Beatrice trail will be completed by  that time.  In the month of March a total of  l,0i)G feet of development work was  done, iu addition to shipping over 50,-  BOUNDARY MINING NOTES.  000 tons of ore from the Granby mines.  After stopping some of the furnaces  for a few clays for repairs, etc., the  Granby smelter is once more running  the full battery of six furnaces.  On account of the spring break-up  no work is bping done by the steam  shovels at the Granby mines, which  makes it necessary to ship more ore  through the No. 2 tunnel.  It is now confidently expected that  tiie Boundary Falls smelter will be  started at work again shortly, which  will allow an output for several Boundary mines not just now on the shipping list.  A. J. McMillan, managing director  of tlie Snowshoe and Le Roi companies, who sailed from England about  the middle of April,,aceording toad-  vices received by the Pioneer, is expected in those parts shortly.  Orders are expected shortly for the  starting of work on the Nellie Cotton  group in this camp, which was recently  taken over by the Chicago Phoenix  Mining Co., of which Hal J.Cole, of  Spokane, is the manager. -  SLOCAN MINING NOTES.  It is tbe little acts iu life that indicate the true inwardness of a man, or woman, for that matter. The  following incident came under my own notice a few  m onths ago, and I give it as merely illustrating how  tboughtfuKsome men may be; while so many others  let pass the opportunity of doing what they "can to  make those around them happy. I was standing in a  store one day when there entered a man who is now  approaching sixty years, and known to almost every  citizen of Nelson. He glanced around him and then  walked over to where there was seme crockery on a  table. Finally his eye rested on a particularly handsome and serviceable teapot. He gazed at it a moment and then motioned to the clerk to parcel it up for  him. Something aroused my curiosity, and I asked  what iu the world he was buying the teapot for, and  he answered : " Well, it is something like this, do you  understand me. Down at my old home there is an  old weganoyereighty 3*ears of age, who when I was  a young fellow used to call me her boy. When I was  home a few years ogo, she made me a couple of pairs  of socks and insisted that I should take them with me  back to British Columbia. Many a time when I was  a boy she used to make me a cup of tea, and even to  this day I think of her kindly. A relative of mine is  going east to-morrow, and J. have a chance to send  my old friend something, so it occurred to me that  there is nothing she would like better than a teapot."  I am quite sure the old lady appreciated the present,  and will treasure this token of esteem ofthe donor,  and I cm equally ascertain that there must be some  place specially reserved above for the man, who after  many yeait residence in the west still desired to perpetuate the friendship of his youth by the present.of  a teapot.  Phoenix 1'loncer.  The Helen, near Greenwood,Is joining the shipping list.  Ore has been struck in the drift in  the 300 foot level of the Providence,  which is said to be very rich.  One furnace at the Mother Lode  smelter was allowed to go cold this  ���Jveek a few days to admit of repairs.  Slocan Drill.  A couple of mining  deals are under  way in tiiis camp.  Sancton's ore shipments last week  dropped to 45 Ions.  Forces   at   the   Sunset   aud   Last  Chance have been reduced.  The Ivanhoe is turning out a better,  grade of zinc than the Payne.  The columns of our weekly contemporary were less  offensive last week than they have usually been of  late, the reason, it is understood, being that the  editor-in-chief, McSwine, was not wallowing in them.  That genial gentleman was suffering from a temporary indisposition to which his constitution renders  hiin liable. It is pleasing to note that his style of  ''journalism" has shocked all elements of the community. The days of toleration for mere stupid impudence masquerading as journalism are gone forever,  as far as Nelson is concerned. We may continue to  have our divisions and even our bitterness, but we  derive no pleasure from mere coarsenesss. A very  bright wit m?y redeem some measure of coarseness,  but the latter can never win favor alone. Men may  be pleased to see their opponents severely criticized  j aud denounced, but even children derive no amuse  ment from the calling of names. Even a long experience in newspaper work and frequent study of its history afford no recollection of time or circumstances  in which McSwine would have been an acceptable  writer for any paper. In the roughest pioneer days  of the Western Stales there may have been editors  who used language as coarse, but never any who suffered so from imbecility unredeemed.  tm.  X ales of the   X own  Undoubtedly the best news the citizens of Nelson  have received for some time is the announcement that  the railroads have determined to accord the Kootenay  metropolis the same rate privileges as prevail to Vancouver. This places this city on an equal footing  with Vancouver as regards the wholesale trade, and  even better as far as Kootenay district is concerned.  There is nothing to prevent Nelson becoming an  active competitor of the coast cities for the wholesale  trade, and indeed the coast houses will have to establish branches here if they hope to meet their upper  country competitor on even terms.  R. S. Lennie, barrister, has returned from the coast,  where he has been for the past month in attendance  on the Full Court. Mr. Lennie was very successful  in his appeals before that body.  Liquor is about as dangerous a weapon as a revolver in the hands of a careless man. -The other evening, at a public place/a man had " cached" away  three bottles of Scotch whiskey for his own use. While  he was absent for a moment two boys stole the liquor  and in a":short tiir.e were inebriated. ��� It may be that  the parents of the boys have not heard that through  the carelessness of an irresponsible character, their  boj's were enabled to take the first step on the downward grade, but if they do know it, they should at  o nee proceed to horsewhip the man who left the  liquor within reach of the boys. ,"*'���'  The Nelson Tribuue begins to look like the weekly  edition of the Nelson Daily News.  Rev. J. T. Ferguson preached for the first time in  Nelson last Sunday. The sermons were  able,    and   fully   sustained   the   good reports that  had reached Nelson as to Mr. Ferguson's ability as a  pulpit orator.  O, Itoirends me to the soul, to see u robustious perlwlg-pated fellow tear a Dissiou to  tatters, to very rngs, to split the ears ol the  groundlings; who, for the mos; part, are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumb  shows and noise.���Hamlet's advice to tub  Pr.AYEKS.  "Professor" Hepburn announces he will stay iu  Nelson, no matter what the people say. By all means  " Prof.," tarry with us a season, and give us another  dramatic performance. How would "Ten Nights in a  Bar-room," with Peck McSwine as Joe Morgan, fill  tbe bill ? Peck looks the part, and would not require  anything in the way of make-up or costume to go on  the stage. If A. J. Marks could be prevailed on to  take the role of Simon Slade he could be depended  upon io give a fine interpretation ofthe part. As for  the " Prof." himself, he would be perfection itself as  Morgan's daughter. Indeed he is peculiarly fitted  for the part, inasmuch as he would be able to sing  tha't sweet, pathetic ballad,so dear to us all,'- Father,  Dear Father, Come Home with Me Now."  W. A. Macdonald, K. C, is back from the coast,  where he h��s been for tbs past two weeks ou professional business,  Harry Wright, M. L- A., will leave Tuesday for  Victoria, to attend to matters of interest to his con-  s tituents.  The terrible disaster by which the town of Fernie  has been aim ost wiped out, should draw the attention  of many other towns to the necessity of being prepared for a visitation of the same character. There  is not one town in the country that could successfully  combat a fire of the proportions of the one that visited  Fernie.  The Economist has frequently expressed its disapproval of amateur theatricals, on the ground that they tended  to lead the young and unsophisticated  into the mistaken belief that they could  act.     Certainly the performance last  night at the Opera House did nothing  to change thi* opinion.   By this wedo  not mean to say that the amateurs were  any worse than amateurs usually are;  on the contrary many of them showed  some signs of real genius.  With proper  training they might have done well  enough ; with such training as "Prof."  Hepburn was able to give them they  were most unacceptable.    Evidently  " Prof." Hepburn  never saw a good  performance in his life, else be would  have instructed his pupils to avoid the  errors that were so repeatedly made,  and which cau only be perpetrated by  youngsters who have never watched  closely the conduct of actore on the  stage.  Nearly half the time they stood  with their backs to the audience���an  unpardonable offense.    Yet they no  doubt meant well, and for tbat reason  we have no desire to deal harshly with  them ; but what can we say of the man  who presumes to teach and bas never  learned himself?    Is he to be encouraged in his evident intention  to exasperate the public?     Hepburn must  know by this time, if he has not misconstrued the derisive laughter of his  audience, that his acting comes in the  nature of ah affliction.    As the two  pieces were presented last night, it was  absolutely impossible to gain any conception of the plot of either.   " Out in  the   Streets," may   be  au   acceptable  melodrama, providing it is interpreted  intelligently- but as it was produced  last night, it is simply an incoherent  confusion of word3.    Half the lines  were lost, no one gave a cue. and the  participants seemed to amble on the  the stage whenever it suited their purpose.    The " Prof." himself, who took  the part of a heartless landlord, went  around the stage howling about collecting rents from widows, and threat-  eninglo turn them out of doors���certainly a ver^heartless pfoceediiig���for  no one likes to be hounded to death  about a paltry rent bill���but it wa�� in  the play.    " I must have me rents,  woman," said the professor, and the  people in the audience looked dark, not  because they had any objection to paying rents, but tbey didn't think it was  just the thiug for the professor to turn  a poor widow woman out of doors, because she lacked the price.     This appeared to be the plot of the  play.   It  certainly was, us far as the audience was  taken into the confidence of tho players, although there was something mentioned about a forged cheque.     For au  hour or two " Prof." Hepburn and his  pupils seemed to be much upset about  this rent matter and  the affair of the  forged cheque, and those who remained  to the end say, that as far aa they could  see, the forger and the persistent rent  collector got the worst of it���and so did  the people that went to see  the performance.    It must not be construed  that The Economist is animated with  a personal auiniosity towards "Prof."  Hepburn or his pupils.    On the contrary,   this paper   has  no reason   to  feel unfriendly town r. Is  the  dancing-  master or his pupils, and the only object of writing thus of the performance  is a desire to prevent the public from  offering further encouragement to amateur dramatic performances. Occasionally  there is such a thing as a really  meritorious amateur dramatic  entertainment, but Nelson has not the talent.    As to " Prof." Hepburn, he has  neither the voice nor the temperament  for an actor.   He haa no knowledge of  stage business, aud, speaking of him  only as an aspirant for histronic honors, he might be compared to the American orator, of whom it was said he was  "a tiOise with  hair on it.''    As to the  performance itself, the words of that  fine old Shakespearean actor, Joseph  Downe3, fully reflect it, ���' horribly tortuous." If the young men and women  who   took   part had been   better instructed,  tbey would have acted lcss-  grotesquely.    Particularly might this  be said of Messrs. McOandlish, Perrier,  Ball, and McAlman, and Miss Brown,  and Miss Swartz.    There waa a pleasing feature of the performance, however, and that was the really enjoyable  specialties by Baby Egan, Arthur Gil .  ker and Mildred  Irvine.   Baby Egan  will be a very clever whistler some day  and of course Arthur Gilker and Mildred Irvine are always graceful and artistic.  The Clara Mathes company played a  successful engagement of  two nights  at the Nelson Opera House this week.  The company has been changed considerably since it was seen here last  November, and in the opinion of many  the changes are for the better.    Particularly   in "Tennessee's   Partner"  were the changes noticeable, and this  performance could not very well be  improved upon.    Tbe specialties were  good, perhaps  tbe best seen here this .  season.     The   Mathes  company   has  gone east and will return here this -  autumn.  Included in the improvements now  taking place in the Opera House will  be a box. This box will be on the left  hand side and will seat six persons.  This will give the theatre an even more  up-to-date appearance than it had formerly, aud will be appreciated by private parties, and those who delight in  beiiig exclusive at the performances in  the Opera House.  The following from the Manitoba  Free Press; concerns two young people  well-known in Nelson :  The marriage of Mr. Geo Bell, of the  staff of the Imperial bank, "Winnipeg,  and Miss Harriet A. Yates, daughter of   Rev. and Mrs. C. T. Yates, was celebrated in St. Paul's church. Golden, B.  C, on the morning of April 11.  The bride's dress was most becoming, being a tailor-made of soft grey  cloth over white tafleta. HerNapolepu  hat, composed entirely of shaded  violets, was pronounced a sweetly  pretty confection. Her bridesmaid,  Miss Edith Yates, looked very charming in a tailor-made gown of blue flecked  cloth and large black picture hat.  The bridegroom was most ably supported by bis friend aud colleague. Mr.  E. II. Van Koughnet, of the Imperial  bank, Golden.  The bride's mother, who has been an  invalid for nearly a year, was sufficiently recovered to be present in tbe  church, much to the delight of her  many friends, and she looked very  sweet in black silk, rel ieved with white  chiffon, and a bonnet of shaded violet,  black velvet and sequins.  After the ceremony, at which Eer.  C. F. Yates officiated, the bride and  groom left the church to the strains of  Mendelsohn's W edding March.  A simple wedding breakfast was-  served at the vicarage, only ihe immediate friends of , the family being  present.  Mr. and Mrs. Bell left on the west-  bou nd express for Vancouver and other  points on the Pacific, amid Bhowers of  good wishes, rice and old shoes thrown  after them by a host of friends who  had gathered at the depot to say farewell.  Mrs. Yates held an informal reception  during the afternoon at the vicarage,  assissted byMissiYatesandher friends,  Mrs. Monteith and Macdonald. THE MLSON ECONOffiST
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The Conservatives of this district
Were never In better shapje to Itgiit'thalt
atthe present time. In Mr. .Mackintosh they have an exceedingly strong
fcandtdate, and one' who can be defended upon to fight to tlie bitter
We Print
Last year Germany's great army and
imvy cost about §170,000,003. That is
a great sum of money ; but it U.olcs le*
-tvlien we consider that the United
States pension list called for ?140,003,-
000 last year, and if the rulings uf Commissioner Ware stands it will pn.bal.l\
cost 5200,000,000 this year. That U i
terrible drain on the earning "power of
the country.
The announcement that Nelson if-
made a distributing point with the
earae advnntages'as Vancouver is hailei!
with pleasure by the bii.siucds men ol
the city. This concession on the pan
of the railroads: means a -groat-deal h.
Kelson. In order, lo com pole with Hit
local wholesalers, the houses of the
coast will bave'to .establish braiiehef-
here, aud this'should.mean at an earl.*
day tbe. establish ment <-f-'*u score ol
wholesale houses in this city. Neldof:
can now make good its unrepealed
claim of being the'distributing centre
of the Kootenays,     : '
A job on the New york fire department is worth looking after. After
four years'service on the force a (ire-
man gets $14,000 a year, one day out ol
five to himself, two weeks vacation annually, and a liberal treatment in the
the matter of..sick .time-and leaves,
and is pensionod in his old age or when
lie is incapacitated, from further..dirty.
Nor is  their  calling extra 'hazardous.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
Note Heacs,
Business Cards
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Complete Stock of Stationey
Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.
For the wet spring days must be damp
proof and vet light in weight and stylish in
form. Our new foot wear fills these require-,
ments in every particular. Each pair of shoes
in our stock ls porticularly stylish and
thoroughly well made from tbe very best stock.
The various leathers—Calf, Box Calf, Viei,
Enamel, Etc., and the different shapes enable
us to suit all tastes and fit all feet perfectly.
Trices to suit everybody.
Household Ammonia, quart bottles 25c
Benzine and Gasoline, big bottles 25c
Turpentine, big bottle 25c
Furniture Cream, extra good 25c
Bug Poison, big bottle.  '. 35c
Copperas, Lye and Chloride ot Lime, all ready for Spring' House
Pure Baking Powder, in bulk  35c per lb.
Seidlitz Powders, Fresh .'. 25c
Rutherford's Cathartic Pellets, Good for Liver and Stomach --25c
Wild Cherry Spruce and Tar. This is the popular cough remedy
originally prepared by Teetzel & Co., and is unequalled for
coughs and colds, 2 sizes 25c and 50c
PHONE A214    , ''•'■"■.'■
New   Picture   •?
Mouldings,   i
Room Mould-  J,
ings and Plate
Rail.     We make a specialty of  Picture Framing, Sign  Writing
aintiug, Paper Hanging and Kalsoihiniug.    Estimates Furnished.
nsuranee,   Real   Estate   and
Mining  Agent
Houses and offices to rent and lots for sale in alt parts of the city.
Now is the time to invest in good
The Kootenay Valleys Co., L'td, London, Eng.
Nelson City Land and Improvement Co.
Fire and   Accident  Insurance   a   Specialty
D -OSsaSS* a
P. O. BOX 223
One seven-roomed house and
one three-room bouse c
for rent.
Three dwelling house.-? for s.ils rn easy terms.
One  Lot 0:1    Sttnley'   street    opposite Royal.QCC   AWR3A8! £
Hotel for sale at a bargain. •  OCC MWIlH^Lt
m_y^.. '^^v^/^^/^'^^^^^/^'^^^^v^^'^^/^'^^^'^^^^/^^'^^'^b^
The New York Sun say a the'dtulh rale
from all causes in the tiro de-tartu'ient
its (i.8 for each thousand anmi.dly. The
death  rate including accidental death.-
id 4.8 per thousand.    OaUide ut' the lire
di'pa'tmciitthe rutcanioit-^ professional
a men is 7.6 per thousand, anionjj police
and  millitary  men  S:2 per  liiotiaiind,'
among servants aud laborer.* .13.0'per
J .   The Julia Marlowe %
\ '1 he Celebrated Keith Shoe. *      %
% -lhe Doug-las Shoe.' ^
i  Custom Work.     Invisible Patching a Specialty. |
om merit
Fhocnirc Vlonccr.
"^ T1 rc'fcTiTTir~ ixfiTveTrfeTf nw^foorrfrtlfo1
east to consolidate scver.il of the orthodox deiioiniiuil Ions. If the nuni-
lier of churches be reduced one-htilf
mikI lhe number of saloons three-
fnurllis, 301UO people might put a few
• lolhirs more into other necessities of
hiippiiiess atul eomfyi'ts.
Leading surgeons and •'•"•ysidtuis «T
New York Iiavc coulirnied thcsUile-
inent made liy Dr. Ilu.ssell J'ark, ol
JJuHlilo, in llerliti recently lhat cancer
i.s t!ie-iuost prevalent ili'tM&c in lhe
Uni ed S'atiwaiid that l!»e stale of New
Yuik i-.wi.ll within the cainer U-I.I.
'J'li-y ilcelaiid that thed.eiiilful uioLi'-,
is rapidly inuieasing all ovir the civilized world and thai they are si Ul ultirh
in the dark as to the iau.-e or iu cure.
3n the last 21 years as .s'lo.vn l.y the
Malialics il lias tlouMul in j>ie v..le 1 ie>
in the Untied States and is i...«ia\
claiming more . victim.-* lhaii '•oiisuiiij.-
lioii. The surgeon's knife i., the 01.ly
remedy accepted by the moat skilled
members of the *iroi"esfi..n ami that U-.c
tieatnicnt ntu&t Leap-died very early
to injure against 11 return 'of lhe disease in a moie serious firm .Several
1 rominent surgeons said itccnily tli*it
the disease was a much ni<-rc ■ serious
question than the average person realize 1 ami was made doubly so i-ecuii.ie
it may attack any pci>:o:> without warning and once developed i-liHsiciails are
powerless to cope with it tiuderatand-
real facts are becoming understood, the
•tetioTi that tho-"GovernTnenir"lias aiF
'n minced it intends to lake in regard to
lands upon which -the paynienls are
in arrears, is meeting with general approval. When the-Chief Commission*,'!
of Land:! ami Works issued a notice
that on the IGth instant the records
or filings on sueh lands would be liable
to cancellation unless the amounts in
arrears were paid by that date, sonic
of the Opposition .newspapers thought
t terior.
He-ad Office Nelson, B. G.
Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,- Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo,. Sandotir Three
Foiks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders b3* Mail to any branch, will have  prompt  and- careful atten
"Wholesaleniul Retail
SI. John (X. U.)&•«(!.
The London Times' military  expert
is of,the opinion thai the last  destruc-l llieAsuw  «» opportunity   to' make a
lion of Russian ship^m ikes Tort Ar-   little political capital and prejudice ti^
lluir  of no impai'tuiiw t» Japan.    He
cmsidcrs that the   Rus.dau  navy has
been so damaged as to  be no  longer a
matter of interest to the other party,
ami expects  that Japan will   now proceed to lam!   troops whenever it-is eon
vi'iiient.     With  all   due deference  t«>
ihis authority., we   ra lier   expect  to
bear a lillie more <>r Togo around this
amiiiar harbor.
1 V<-
! The largest exclusively  Wholesale   Liquor   House  in. the in- *|4
in pints and quarts.
Dawson's "Extra Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.
Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.
A full line of imported and domestic Liquors''and Wines.
7-00 7.40 S20n.ni.
9.00 9.4O IO.20
Every 40 minutes until to.20 p. m.      *■
7.20 .00        8.40       9.20 a.
IO.OO       IO.4O       1 I.2Q
'"Every 40 minutes until 10.40 p. m.    "*'...
Lots.     Warehouses.     Offices.
The Car Barn, Phone. 165B.
Apply A.-V; MASON,  Man. Sec
Around tlie Frank mine of the.Canadian-American Citil & Coke Co., sill is
again actively ami bustle. Under the
supervision of Manager S. \V. Gebo
the iiiiae is again in liivt class sha{K\
and i.- even in (teller condition than before the ill-asti oils s'iiU', of a year ago,
lo produce anil maintain a large oul-
l>nt of good clean coal. The quality 01
coal now being mined was never better
and the output i.s only limited by the
number of ears for loading obtainable
from the C. I'. K.
Government in the minds ofthe people.
They attempted to make out that it was
acting in an arbitrary manner; straining
the law in fact, if not, indeed, overriding the rights of pro emptors and
purchasers of Crown lands. Now, how-,
ever, that the matter is coming to be
understood, the Government is being
eoiiiiiivmlci,! for the course it is taking.
It is realized that it is entirely in the
interests of the Province and that the
results of it will also accrue to the
advantage of prospective settlers, while
those whofiiWi! tbecondiLioiison which
they took up their land are not prejudiced. As a matter of fact the ini.ere.->ts
ofthe Province, both as regards its finance, and  in   respect to Hie oppoitun-
Camps supplied 011 shorlesi
notice aud lowest prices.
Mail orders receive careful
atteu tiou.
Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
£. C. T-RAVES. Manager
Vancouver and "Kelson
Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,
SewesvConnections5 Etc.
Baker Street, near Ward  Street, Nelson.
Direct Lino,    Lowest Bates
Certificate of Improvements.
YuUon Krac!ioii:il Jlinrrjil (ilniiri. situ.itc
in tlio Nelson Miiiinj; Division of West, JCoutc-
na.v Distiiul.
Whore   located :   On Hear  Creek,- 3 miles
Iriiin \ inlr.
Tube notice Hint I. John AtcLittchie. of Ilie
t;.,c   f „•   i,,!..,,,]:,, ,   ^„,n   ,.1 .•    City or Nelson,  aetiiix ns airent l'or   l'.-ilriclc
ties   lor   lllleiiUllljr   selllcr-i,  luive bill- , J»i_ily, Free  Miner's    ViliiieuSe  No.   1
N*e\v York
.San li'i'tniclsco
Via Soo radlie. Koutc St. Paul, (Jliicngomul
.St. Louis.
S.S-. - _ Service from Vancouver
Seattle., Alsislsn, Japan. China, Il-iwnil, aVus-
! rnIia.
Tlirotiir!) bookings to Knyland and the Continent viaall .S. S. lines.
ti-oi- time lalil.es,rains and   inf jrmation.ap-
iMy to loe«iliiguuu>, «'.• write.
■ iiL-a   nn    aaciiuing   fuun-i.-.,  n;i\o bui-| J>a ly. Kreo  Alinerb-    :<-ilit!eat<!  No.   1* 53 51a
leiv.1   fr.m.   lhe delay  which   has oK.|2;V».M^^^
eurreil in sueh  nclioii heiny taken.   H c-ateNo.n5S.57t>. and .loim tty.-m, Froc Jiin-
...  ..i'i 1    ,, , 1      •   1    ..      • j er'sCertllitiitc No. IloS.S&j. Iiitond.sixty (lays'
woul.l h.-ive heen miici better in every   from the date, hen...,- to apply to tlie AiininV
way had the  notice given in ISTO been ' nVr'tile purjlf
carried on! under Lite provisions of the   1 i>e above triahn.
1 C.tI ideate of Iinproveinonl.s
for the purpose of obtaining :i Crown ticnniol
Victoria Colonist.
Jt ia satisfactory to find that, as the
Jons-AIcLATfll IK.
,       •     ,,     r n      ■ ,_. ■ Ami fitrt.lier t:iko nntiw. Hint, action under
law 111 the following ye.ir.    It is, there-   Section :t7 mtisf. 1-e commenced before the is-
fore  11 catKC   fur saLid faction that wlvit , s",iln<'l^'"*,•s,"'•'l  Cert idea t.e of Improvements.
101L, .1 tau. c   mi b.iLid..iciion iiwi \\ nat. .    jlhiio<1 tiiia 'Una day of Decern ber, 1!5«:!.
has come to be nothiny less than an
abuse of the L:uid Act is abdiit to be
[nit an end to and the Provhieial Jands
administered in sometiiin-j likea_busi-
liess manner.
J.S. CAItTL*'!,
DiMt.l-ass. Agt...
A. G- V.A.
Ofthe Latest Designs
Kice Lin-3 of'Irousefe
Ward St., next new P. 0. Bldg., Nelson
50   YEARS*
Frank Fletcher
Bartlett House
(Formerly Clarke House)
The best Si per day house in Nelson.
Xonc but white help employed.    The bar
tlie best.
J.ands; nnd Mineral Claims Surveyed
and CroM-n Granted
P. O. Box 503       Oflice : Kootenay St. Nelson
Trade Jfi&cw.s
Anyone sending a sl<.<Hte**.3uadwei*ntIe-,. mn-
— -'-           '••'" **  7 wbothe
quickly- (iscertnlii gxit cmUxlon f/co '
liivoiition is.pv^aalirpatontiiblo.   Coniiiumk.n-
tlonsBtrictly oautt«l«fi»Jal. tlanclboolcon l»jteiits
sent rreo QIAkoZ af=3!ier for securing urtientu.
r:ite(i^ tiiUun tbroucli Munn A £{,, receive
s^cwiaoSice, without chnrtro. iatUe.  " -
- Scientific Utttrkati.
A niindscinoly tllustratcd TrcakiT. T,/ir.n-.it cir-
culiitiou of any scientiUc jo'.irual. U'erm's. S3 a
your; four months. $1. Sold by nil newsdealers.
[VIUNNI Oo.^aroauvray, New York
Branch OCDcQ. 835 F 8t« Washington, D. C.
Sewing Machines and Pianos
For Rent and for Sale.
W. G. Gillett
Builder   and   Contractor
Estimates  given on stone, bricl*
and woodwork.
G.  W.   Bartlett,   Prop Brick and Lime for Sale
I Ofd Curiosity Shop, Josephine- St* Seta
Fred, J
Squire .*
Tents asul Awnings saado and repaired...
■ Ciollilog cleaned and mciided.
Over- the WaHace-Mtlfer Co,, Beta.a - -j*a5*wsif��8l  TM NELSON SdONOMIfe r  ^^<-v ���*j.^'>*K5<-r  n     ���-Ol"&*i|  '"���^i-O^'l  <"'<%-"J* t'-I  You wi  - w- '���"^.'Vfl  S'-  'i^y  is Spring.   See Us about it.   Large New Stock  The  only  really first-class  Piano made in the Dominion of Canada.    See them.  Hear them.   Buy them from us.  'r-*��|  >  egular  ��j 63  Yours at $30 each.  any s Stores  EEffiS^SSSS?^ ^TS-^ESSS^^f^^SSSa gggsa^pg^sTiSS^^  Anecdotal.  It Is related that once, wlien a captain fc the army was cornered by the  enemy, he addressed his men is follows: "My mon, fight like demons until.  your -powder gives out, then run. I'm.  Hi little lame, I'll start now."  An English rector on coming into a.  new parish, asked t'he clerk if there:  were any Puseyit'es.. (followers ol Dr.'  iPusey, a lidgii churchman) in the community. "No, sir," replied ilie clerk;  ".there used >to be some, but for the last:  two years 'the t>oys have took all their  eggs."  Mark Twain was recently chaffing Sir ���  Wemyss Reid on tlie vagaries of English, pronunciation. "You spell-a. liania :  B-e-a-u-c-h-a-m-p, and pronounce It  Marchbanks,". lie said. "And you do  precisely the same thing," replied Sir  =i^iWerriyss.~7"What=do-youH-nean-V^H.as]ceaHHH  ^;-.rk Twain. "Well, you spell yoiu-  /a'riame C-1-e-m-e-n-s, and you pronounce  f   it. Twain."  An-error of a. new clerk In the mall-,  Ing department of an. English publishing  house   was  responsible  the   other  .. day for the matting of a. prospectus to  a   world-famous   statesman,   who  had  been dead for some years.   The letter  was returned a few days later, with tho:  folio-wing   endorsement:    "In   Heaven,   :, 1901.   Gentlemen: As your publications are not permitted to circulate  ohere, I believe it would-be useless for..  me to subscribe for them.    Yours respectfully," and here followed the name  of the famous statesman.  "When asked what ihe thought of a  certain captain who frequented the Essex links, a Scotch caddie said: "Weel,  sir, he's a verra nice gentleman an' a  good gaufer, ibut he's awfu' nerra���aw-  fu' nerra." "Narrow! What do sou  mean, Donald?" "Weel, sir, It wis this  way. Ef ter the game was over, and I  ihad carried his dubs up tae the house,  ���he says: 'Donald, will ye hae a draw?'  and I said: 'I do be verra pleased,' so  he gets the bottle, an' he pour-in' twa'  Intae a glass, an' I wantln' tae be genteel, says: 'Stop! stop'���aa' he stopped-''  What to do with Jefferson Davis  should he toe captured, was a problem  ���that puzzled Lincoln's Cabinet not a little. In speaking of it.to Generu.1 Grant  one "d-ay, the President remarked:  "There was once an Irishman who liad  signed the Father Mathew temperance  pledge. Going into a saloon to get a  glass of lemonade to uuencli his thirst,  he leaned over and whispered to the  ���barkeeper: 'And couldn't you put a little brandy in It unbeknownst :to me-  silf?' So," continued Mr. Lincoln, "let  Davis escape all unbeknown to yourself  if you can."  L. R. Stockwell, 'the popular actor,  says that some years ago in San Francisco, when Peter Jackson, the colored  pugilist, was a feature In a* revival of  "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Bill" Nye was  to have lectured at the Baldwin Theater, 'but was greeted 'by so small s.n  audience that he excused himself and  ���went over to hear Jackson talking of  ���the pearly gates to Little Eva. After  ���the performance Stockwell met Nye in  the lobby oi the theater, and he exclaimed: "Hello, Nye! What did you  think of Peter?" "Well," responded the  'humorist, dryly, "anatomically 'he was  great, but Untile Tpmieally she is the  aporat J_eirar��aw��" .    .'-   While James McNeill Whistler, the  eccentric American painter, was in a  London shop, one day a customer  rushed In, and, mistaking Mr. Whistler  for a clerk, exclaimed: "I say, this hat  doesn't fit." The artist eyed him for a  minute, and then replied, scornfully:  "Neither does your coat, and I'll be  hanged if I like the color of your:  trousers."  Dr. Varnadoe, a noted professor ol  Greek, is very '.fond of liowers, and  some days ago, on returning from his  college duties, he found in his front  yard a pestiferous calf, belonging to a  neighbor. The doctor gave, chase, and  the animal plunged toward the ilower-  pit, and in another instant crashed  through Hfhe. glass, cover and mixed at  random with the pots and plants below. When another professor passed a  few minutes later, he said, gravely: "I  .do^notoinderstand, Dr. Varnadoe, why  ' you should object so ^iri'^'sly~to'"hECV'���  .Ing  a  modest  cowslip  added  to  your  } line collection of plants."    The doc-tor's  ;' frowning face relaxed.   "Ah, Sanborn,"  he retorted, "you see, this was only a  worthless bulrush."  Not long ago a tourist in New Orleans went to see the statue ot* Andrew  Jackson in that city, 0:1 the pedestal of  wiueii is inscribed,'"United We Stand;  Divided We Fall." 'Seeing an old colored man standing by, he asked, "Uncle, did that 'inscription stay there all  duning the Civil War?" "No, salt," responded the old uncle, "hit didn't stay  dar endurin' de wah. In de fust place,  dem letters was stanuin.' out laik dey  was plastered on. Don de wah bust  loose, and de Confed'vate gin'ral down  yere, he tuk.a chisel and cut dem letters off smooth. Den ol' Gin'ral Butler, he come erlong wid his Union so-  jers, an' -he tuli a chisel an' cut dem  in deep, laik dey is now. An', Lordy,  how de folks down yere did sw'ar when  or Gin'ral Butler brush de dus' oll'n  his clothes an' git up fru-ni his wu'k an'  say, 'l'se a-gwine to hang de f us' Johnny Reb what cuts dem letters - off  ag'in.' "  When the late President of the United  States and party went west not ninny  months 'before he was shot, Mrs. McKinley, -it will be remembered", -went  too. While talking- one day with Mr.  Scott, the man who built the battleship "Oregon," relates a writer in the  Boston "Journal," Mrs. McKinley said:  "Oh, do you play cribbage, Mr. Scott'.'"  "Yes,".was the great shipbuilder's answer. "Well, so do I." said Mrs. McKinley. "I wish you would play a game  with me." "I should be delighted to  do so," was the reply. later, as President -McKinley and -Mr. Scott were  looking over the. latter's big plant, Mrs.  McKinley not being present, the President said: "Oh, hy the way, Mr. Scott,  didn't I hear you and .-Mrs. McKinley  arranging to play cribbage some lime?"  "Yes," said Mr. Scott, "we are going to  play." "Well, what kind of a player  are you?" asked the President. "Oh,  pretty fair, I guess; I play- v. pretty  good game." "Well, so do I," said Mr.  McKinley. "But, do you know, it may  seem strange, 'but it is a fact, that I  nave never been able to play well enough  to heat Mrs. McKinley." As lie said  this he looked at Mr. Scott with a significant smile. Their eyes met. It waa  enough. Mr. Scott understood, and It  ���was safe 'to say Chat he did not beat  Mrs. McKinleF. 11  THE   CELEBRATED  P-l-P-E-S'*,  Nottingham, England.  Navy Out Mild, Medium and Full  Navy  Cut Cigarette  Tobacco,  Pedigree Tobacco, Navy Cut  Cigarettes.  Tobaccos and Cigarettes are Second to None  WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTING AGENTS FOR WESTERN CANADA.  I Turner, Beeton & Co., L'td, victoria, b. c.  A        _  _  __  _._._..__ A ..__._. A _._. .. ^ __. ^ ___________ ^ ^ ^^^^.^.^^>^^^>fl.^^^ ^ ^. ___*. ____. _____ ____. __*_  . A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson .  m  mc LATCH IE  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor  0 p.B-,0. Customs House, Nelson  MONTREAL, Sole Manufac  ture'rs of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves aiid Mitts  R. H.CARLEY,B. C.Agt.  $7.50 PER TON,  DELIVERED  All orders mual be accompanied by cash and Bhould be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  \ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Curious Bits of News.  In "London on New Year's Day, .*.  feurffiar, having carried oft Ave thousand pounds' worth oC jewelry, all tha  eilver. and a large sum ln ready money,  pinned a note on the hearth-rug wishing its rightful owners "Many happy  returns o�� the day." -  The "London "ChronicJe" quotes a  naval officer as saying that during Ill's  "War ol 1812 the British Admiralty sent  out to Kingston (Ont.), where the British fleet was then s-tatloned, a lar^a  number of water-casks, in the hei let  that Lake  Ontario was  a  salt water  lake.  ^  ���A coal-hod In the "window of a New  York clothier ls filled with bills and  coin, ln which is thrust a coal shovel.  Beside lt is a small stove, so arranged  ���with a red incandescent light that it  appears to contain a brisk lire. Near  them is the legend: "We are just burning money on these $12 suits, but we  * need the room, and they must be moved  by February 1."  In an article on "Life in Labrador" in  "Blackwood's Magazine," Mr. W. T.  Grenfell vouches for the' following: "A  friend who had a young live black bear  as a pet burled It in November in a  barrel under the snow. Twice he dug  it up ln the winter, but lt showed ao  signs of wishing to move, so he permitted lt to sleep on till May."  Odors as an assistance to diagnosis  is a new branch of   medical science.  The "Medical Record" Is authority for  the  statement  that   the  odor  of   new  mown hay is an indication of pyaemia,  typhus  is  Indicated  by  an   ammoniac  smell, jaundice by a musky one, yellow  if ever by the odor of a gun-barrel, hysteria by a suggestion of violets or pineapples, intermittent fever by the smell  of    fresh-baked    brown    bread,     and  oneasles by one like fresh-picked featl*  ers.    It  seems somewhat  Incongruous  "   that the smell of the plague resemblft>  'honey.  The newest of queer religious sects li  the "Association of Christian Brethren," which, according lo the New York  "Sun," is "sailing down the Mississippi  in a modern imitation of the Ark to tell  people that the millennium Is surely  coming in 1941." '.'.jyiegiddo" is tlie  name of the boat, and nearly one hundred persons, men, women and children, are aboard of her: The president  ���of the sect is L. T. Nlchol3 of Minneapolis, and he launched his craft at. the  end of November. He holds hlmsell  onainly responsible for the support of  his followers, who are planning to live  on the "Megiddo" until the day of the  millennium.  Men sometimes dream of enormous  wealth stored deep ia the earth, below  the reach of miners, but according to  "the statements o�� Professor C. It. "Van  (Hise at'the Denver meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, there Is little or no  ground to believe that^.valuable metallic deposits He very deep In the earth's  crust.' Sueh deposits, he said, are made  by underground waters, and owing to  the pressure on the rocks at- great  depths, the waters are confined to a  shell near the surface. .With few exceptions, ore deposits become too lean  to repay working below 3,000 feet. Nine  mines in ten, taking the world as a  ���whole, are poorer in the second thousand feet than In the first, thousand,  and poorer yet in the third thousand  than in the second.  An article in "Ainslee's Magazine"  contains this passage: "The world has  never seen, and in no other part of the  ���world Is there now to be seen anything  ���like America's Jewel-madness as shown  *y the conditions of to-day, when more  than three hundred New York estab-  * dishments are engaged solely In the Im-  , jportatlon <rf precious stones, when  agents of American dealers are searching Europe for the white gem and hopelessly endeavoring to supply American  appeals for rubies and emeralds, and  ���when six thousand men in South Africa are toiling to obtain diamonds more  than half of which are 'to add to the  (beauty and happiness of the American  ���woman.   It is she that has caused the   "Unite^SMtes^o^becomethe^greatest  diamond market In tfieoworTdT^FoTr he?  we have imported in a single year $20,-  000,000 worth of precious stones; for  her, at one period we smuggled them  In at the rate of $7,000,000 a year; tor  ���her we annually buy something like  $12,000,000 worth of diamonds, and thus,  (for her sake, heartlessly leave, of the  ���world's total output of diamonds, only  some $8,000,000 worth to satisfy ths  vanity of all the rest of the women on  earth."  Drugs  relieve  only  temporarily.   Properly adjusted glasses remove  tlie cause and effect a  permanent cure.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  PRIVATE BILL  TBOVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  His Honour the .Lieutenant-Governor in  Council liusbeen pleased to make the following appointments:���  fith April, 1001.  Samuel Parker Tuck, of the City or Nelson,  Esquire, Shcrlll'. to he. Ofliclul Administrator  for that portion ol the County of Koolenny  cmbriu-od within tlio Nelson City utid-Yinlr  Electoral District*, vice Mr. J. *���'. Ar!n<itroi-<:.  NELSON ASSESSMENT DISTRICT  Notice ls hereby Riven, in accordance with  thcStntutcs, that Provincial Revenue Tux,and  all Alt Assessed Taxes and Income Tux, fis-  KCssed and levied under the Assessment Act,  1903, for the Nelson Assessment District., are  "due and payable for the year l'JOi, at my office,  situate at the Court House, Nelson. This notice, in terms of Unv, is equivalent to a pergonal demand by  me upon all persons liable  :DaieaX<at  Nelson   B. C, this 2 ird day   of Ice Cream ParlOP,  April. 1504.  Roiikkt A. Renwick,  Assessor and Collector Nelson Assessment  lUstriet.  Xntlcn i.~ liri'ihy (riven tliiit ai'. application  wi1! lie i:i:i(lo to the Lciiislaiivu Assembly ot  tlio i rovinev i.f l'.ritlsh Columbia, ut its next  <essliin. for sin Act authorising und er.al)lin.!r  i-.u Il> ysil a'l-iist Company (a hr-tly corporate  i:\V.nj! its principal plnei'of business at the  ���;it.v of Montr-al. in the I'n.vlnee of Quebec.  n the l'oniiii'on of Csi'iudu, ineorp'jnited by  Act. of i'ai'liumcnt of the said I'l-ovime of  Quebec and other Provinces of the D-nnii i n  if Canada) to exercise In the said 1'rovin co"  British Columbia the foi lowing'powers:���  To act as trustee, attorney; surety, and ; iso  his iigi-nl. whether tinaiic'ml cr for the purju tes  of invcstuieni or otherwise, for, and to carry  on any undertaking, arrangement,a alalia ma-  lion, or business of, poisons, partnerships,  companies, estate, municipalities, corporations, g-ivc.rnincnls ami others.  To organize aud assist, ln promoting other  .Mimpaniis, and to take and deal in shares und  >ther interests in such companies.  Tojrua-.-aniee tit les, Investments, debentures,  -secuvil ics and other interests.  To advance or borrow money upon the security of.and to purchase or otherwise acquire  ind invest ln,'mortgage, pledge, sell or otherwise deal with, any real and personal properly, as also franchises, concessions, rights  ind privileges.  To r(-ci ivc money on deposit.  To negotiate loans.  To purchase, construct, lease or otherwise  ���icquire buildings for the deposit and safekeeping of prop! rty.  Toaetgeiierallyand fully as promoter, ganr-  tntor, attorney, surety, bailee, guardian, committee, trustee, executor, administrator, cur-  itor. assignee, liquidator, receiver, assignee  for ihe beneiit. of creditors, auditor and agent,  and to carry on any description of commercial and financial business, and to acquire all  necissary powers for the purpose of and Incidental to the carrying cut of any of the  sibove objects.  Dated al Victoria, B. 0., the 21st day of April,  KW. , *' .'  RonwEtr/ & Lawson-.  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Corner Mill and Josephine Sts.  R.   G.   JOY,   PROPRIETOR  $1 per day and up.  NoGhlnese Employed  AUGUST THOMAS, PROPRIETOR.  CORNER   HALT.   AND   VERNON    STREETS,    Un OHM    DP  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, UlLOUIIi   Di   U,  otmdary  hipments  The following tabic gives the ore shipments of Botmdary mines for 1902  1004, and for last week :  Granby Mines, Phoenix    .  Snowshoe, Phoenix  Brooklyn, Phoenix    .  Mother Lode, Dead wood  Sunset, Deadwood  Morrison, Deadwood  li'. il. Mine, Summit .  R.."Reil, Summit  Emma, Summit .  Senator, Summit Camp .  Oro Denoro .       .       .       .  Winnipeg, Wellington   .  Golden Crown, Wellington  Athelstan, Wellington   .  King Solomon, W. Copper  No. 7 Mine,  Central  City of Paris, Central .  Jewel, Long Luke   .  Carmi, West Fork       .  Providence, Providence .  Elkhorn, Greenwood .  E. P. U. and Goldfinch  .  Ruby, Boundary Fulls  Miscellaneous   .  Total, tons.  393,718  74,212  130,492  15,731  3,339  .    19,365  22,937  3G3  15,537  2,435  5,646  ~1904rPastrWeek  17S.576 9.G60  57.170  6.811  1.75G  11,385  2,968  4,4S0  759  105  910  272  400  245  167  100  6S4.42S       25G.54S       35,004  The Star Bakery has added  to their confectionary an  Corporation of the City of Nelson  ELECTRIC LIGHT RATES  Klectrlc light rates for the month or April  are now due" ani . payable at the Cily offices. If paid on or before the lotii Muy  jtlscountoflO per cent will be allowed.  if eUoa, April so, 1S01.  By order,  p.cmcmorris  . C��y Clerk.  The    "best    Spokane  Cream served.   -  Ice  PRIVATE ROOMS FOR LADIES  Individual Instruction  *-v  Bookkeeping,  Shorthand, >  Typewriting,  English, Etc.  For rates of tuition address,  W. E, Bowiss, Business Manager,  Kelson, B, C  It was a matter of common remark that we  had Cut Prices on Choice Millinery to a very  low figure, lower in fact than could be obtained  elsewhere. '-....  However we have desired to make a more  sweeping reduction in our large stock.  We are constantly changing- in conformity  with the latest productions.  No matter when you visited us last you will  see.something new to-morrow*.  inada:-Permanent."  ortgage Corporation  Straight Mortgages at 8 per cerst,  or Monthly Payment System  nery-o  /^/^/^/a/��^^'W%^s^/^^'^^a^>^/a/^,%^i/^^/^^- <a-%'^^i/%/^-^a-'i  Just arrived a full stock of  tl RQH-B-iM^B^RN^!  in  all  shades, the  only PERMANENT, SANITARY, WALL  COATING.    \ .    ._ S  Don't take something just as good, when you can get the genuine  Never rubs off.    50c per package.  MOTHER'S BREAD is unquestionably  the most healthful, and is a special boon to  those with a tendency to dyspepsia.  We bake any good kind of Bread and  Cakes your health and taste demands. It is  cheaper and more satisfactory than doing your  own baking. Our product has the pure homemade flavour all Bakeries try to imitate.  I .Nelson Hardware ..Co.- ^isoBn��,xB6c! ������$���  Ward Street.  Cash Advanced on Consignments  ���    Go to  the  Auction Mart for  Tents, Trunks, Boot, Rain  Coats, Furniture or General  Merchandise.  We mean to have a reputation for the above  We sell   Blue Ribbon and Salada, and have the agency  for Silver  Spoon Tea.    Silver Spoon in every package.  There is no better Coffee than our 50c Waldorf Astoria Coffee.  'Phone 34  The Red Font Grocery  Baker Street, Nelson.  Auctioneers  Economist  Office.  Delicacy of Flavor,.-  hoiesomeness,  Are three of the strong points iu  See that your grocer fills vour order with the B. & K. Brand.    There  is no other JUST AS GOOD.  racKman-fter svisning to,, urn  Manufacturers of High Grade Cereals.


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