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The Nelson Economist Apr 26, 1902

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NO. 4'  TvriSOS   ECONOMIST  us  issokd   kvhkv  SOBSCRlPTIOSt     $2 00    PER  J***. . ��� *-�����   iB7__ JI^W '���__���   V^  ^."___.___5i  l__~'-i,>*5   -=�����:  ^��J_&Pi-^  JPlSh^J^S  -7-^k Jw^-  ^|fe^_?  lf__^_$?3_��__  &ku_s__s*i  -���.,FPU.�� IS AUVAKCB. *��.*>���     COE-i��-��HD  ',,,.Ra     JKTKttKST   - BHSPBCTPULW  :ttK,    osuvA.T��u��or����rrw.��x.fc  tr,*K.,   .��   T.����K   COU,.H��.    **��>   T��E IN"  T          ���     ..����.     WILL     BE     CA.HWU.T  �����EST*     Ol-      KKAun**     ^^     ^^  Sag ,lfVQT   .BRKSrONSlBLK  PERSONS  AND  1  ^t_asj��.^2'Sr%s;  HPl   fORTHLKSS ARTlCl-hS*  |H^fe���**S��7,'-M;-  T:  : , Mp     it   J.  Desne, of   toe  Umloop,  .V..��.��W, ��� *��n ��� ��� manage-  ,,,n in ��,�����,,*�����������.���   circle      *�������� ^  ��Diih��.\W,  should tH^me nol  o"������ .  B.poWi.h.r.  l.u..��w  u. <he   cty m  which  ar,   lost  to  the  P��blic, the nat.on^esses m   the  Cottonian library a  volume a^rted  to have been  used at the coronation* oi   En.li*f^T^Z  hundred year, fed*, the stone ~ ��^2^Tw  cbair was brought to England from **��"a"  a Latin manuscript ol ^^*$*^*��  lr.d.Uon a-ru tbe "J^ : *��* ^^  ���   8  th^ir   coronation   oaths.      iniB..u������        r  their   coro apparently   to-  quano volume of lit ����     ��� and for   the  1 .w.��   ��>i<i of the   ninth century��   ��-"    ...     .  ward the   end ��* ��\        q{ ^ wriling  and art of  p,riw|   M a fine epe.unen^ de8truc��on  in  .���lamination.     U "srr��* -   - fn   l731, and  beare  M* tire of Arf.burnb.rn H��-V�� 'leaveB   and  evince   of i.   ^ ^^00 evidence   that  8inged margin,.      "T"'^ \Ild gave it to  the  AtbeUan  owned   the   vomm  church of Do>fer."  �� R.����tand have reorganized,  t,,e c:r:z:A^*- �����* ������ * "ib-  1.. _._ ^^....,^4 ..   i^t^r that   win w of ^��!BOU�� .     .     .   rU3 for a contest.  organitai��ou�� in ^ape fo,^_  f"-��"'-       "    ".'iii*t  will be con-  te'edipart from its   nt*��r*   f����'u  wl'l1  ':  f  ires exclueively |n  .. ...a   them   that i*   l��i11  liwrin >r��-t-        We can   a^-Ute   .new  k ��.���������!   to   dn*cover   ibe reai  Liberal fir,-, Um and ����l the t.tne. and �������*..  M.a upon ,.. ,,!.�� theca��,eo�� b��^^  .rii���M.iB�����ly ��.<ore hi, reader. J bLibefal5sirot  nonumpiai   deception,   _U-t   e��r��i .  HI .M| L\ vard wldr.      Mr.   Hobert  A.   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Kgan wHI ��*����  l��rn tinti it in that geinlemnn's int��.��oi ^ ^^  l��ke Inn .i,.pariure from thia city-    P��>r ^^  ll>e <Jol���m,i baa Iteen employed 80 editor oi   _  ln which f��p���city ho made  a hoBt 01 ^^  wh(>  a*"-luu. will be deeply repretltd by ��ve�� ^  ino.nuot with Col. Kgon. onher m ��  ,  "'��   folhminB   in   fn>m   the   \*>���vn onumal\m*  1-"'Ugh the   Bihleo   uwd   ot   mo<lt"��  C;��m�� in <  lhe demise of the .Winer,  Thb Economist be-  c����"i oW��* ^i^U^y^e'tothiB  "u"ihe uS:; it d^��nce and re9pect  paper, wi��> d,"^uy  duetooldage.  ,'  to be tried for   heresy.  AsotHKB preacher  ib aR ^ feapt^  The Rev. Dr. C^^i church in, Cleveland,  ^   h��d the temerity to-jT      ^  ^      Men  who  .. Tbe anarchiBte are dot        y      ^ who   amassed  mBde the U�� ����   ^Z theg ,ailurea to enforce  "cheB by taking advantage of ^ ^  awa ��hich their   ��eaUh fe. . d      The  ..    .  are anarchii'tB 01 ">e neo��le    a ��  about, are, M ^ expe||Be o(   the people  an^/chi��toi^        ^^^  ^  U'OPB    that   while  THB   JT*r��.��.J5��2Ju.   Wl  Atlantic service  malterB relating to C��n���� offie we -^   aB���thor  have been  raOier   utneUor in lhe  future,  J earn that webop* ����J ��J       ^ iaBt line dieain,  and much *6jr. q����My ^ 8tj,affi,r6 bolween  u ,he ��,t.bl��h����it of a AuBtral.a, via  be  Atlantic ^Z^e X^y referred to th�� pro-  he Cape.     " We   ��*�� J    J&   becoU_e there  >b a  !,* ao not refer to 1* ^     j. ,   .wnfi0  ^0 a��0ire  ;: -: ��.-sr.rr-��- ��� -* -"  imfifa  _, ^^*iA(aw��Mrtu^MV����r.i  3  (,*(J''W*****'*''  I,      Il  I rKtamaU^naxn kw pt.U  lA-AMi^^T-A  THE WEI-SON 'ECONOMIST  r*~. -  tefV.'W.ff'WiVA--..,  Mr.   ! Jr  i ' �����!���   ��..  ��� !.*������  .    .- ���'!��� -'��� i."  _��� ���*���"   ?i   __ji.>^  AN auction.sale  of unusual interest   will  occur at  -A*     Victoria   on the 29th instant.     On that   dare  there    will be   sold    at   the   old     colonial    officia  residence, Victoria,   the   furniture  belonging to   the  Ute Sir James Douglat, K. C.   B f Governor of Vancouver Inland from  185! to   I8t>4,   and th��   United  Provinces of British   Columbia   from   1858 to  1804.  More   tha^i   ordinary   n-te.est  attach��  toihi@5*a!e.  ae the furniture offered, apart from intrinsic  worth,  has historical associations* inattrially enhancing   its  value.    This i�� particularly no of the old mahogany  furniture   dating   from   the   early part��!   the last  century.     This antique furniture, says the   Victoria  Colonist, is in a splendid state of   preservation,   and  associated as it is with  the early history of   the pro-  vir co, it will be a subject of regret if any of it should  be acquired by  purchasers   from across th��   border.  When it is considered that   the old  colonial   official  residence was the scene of many   a social   function,  at which were gathered the civil, naval  and military  administrators of the province, it  eeems proper that  some   effort   should   be   made  to acquire  the   old  gubernatorial residence with its content** and its fine  ground?, its  trfces and lawnp,  as a permanent point  of interest, rich   in   association**  for generations  to  come.  Lord Dufferin uned to tell a ghost story which he  declared to be absolutely true. Some twenty y��-*ir��  ago lie wan on a visit to the Emerald Isle, and Htaytd  with friends at their country house. While dreeing  for dinner one evening he hsard the noise of wheels  upon tbe gravelled roadway outside, <tnd upon looking through the window, saw a hearse driven up to  the front door. He was particularly struck by \he  face t��f the driver, a fat, saturnine, repulsive looking  individual, and whose countenance impressed itself  strongly upon his mind. Assuming that one of the  servants had died in the house Hia Lordship casually  mentioned   the   matter   to his   host,  who j-eriounlv  �� �����  assured him that the hear^a wjm the ghost of the  house, and that its appearance wan aupponed to be  a warning of impending danger  to whoever saw it.  The Empire stock company will begin a week/a  engagement at the Nelson Opera House next Monday night. Several members of the old Auditorium  company are with thin organization, and in many  respects the company is said to be well deserving  of patronage. In addition in the dramas produced  will be given a number of specialties.  case wan required-to-swear-thai ha^would'administd^--*  ju8iice>at*i  itnpartially u ma  th��   h��r?ing'i  baohhoi^"-1-1^  doth lie   in the   middle  of the fis��h."  Man is not the only >pleue in'theworld  a  '   _ i  �����c_r- -^  si__��g!'i _  '&k��?~��jr xi  s^a     til.  V  .  ^> y^mttt  ra**fe.    ��   J&5%1\\  ���aohhoiir  -*ne   t*yy.  -   , in ^hich tkS^l  nirtia! kingdom plava:a part!iti themakingof oath  One of-the  tiianymijdfftt in which Chinese witnsra^  at�� impressed with   ihe  important*�� of  tellin  truth is ��Hcing off the   bead *of m fowl, a  <^reme.-��.  which its supposed to Tepr-esent ihe  unhappy fite c:  the-perjurer.     Many Indian ^witnesaee were eworiii^fS^ !  on tigers'fiikins, in the belief that if they defile theifife'%1  1 ips with 1 tee their bodie* -will t^oaseie food for tigers Jp| "2  while others stand   on   iitardsf ^kins mud ask tfaa  their bodieVlhalI -be covered f-tt&fa  t be ��aales of lhv  reptiles if they fail to tell the truth.     A   Norw#gian^  witness aak# that bin   meadows and  cattle shall h#|  cursed if he swears lalsely.    ** Cursed be my-cattle,"'  he^eKclaims, ** my   h@aa&<���� my  ��beep, so that after  this day they may never -thrive or  benefit me; yea  cur@ed may J be and fiverythsug I possets."  iv  The lole of Mon, like tho soldier in Jacquofo  fowtiliar upeoch, io u full of eitrange oaths." Mr.  ^ti(p?, Q. C, boforo boginning hio iudiciul dutieu an  special cocamiosioner in connection pith tho Dunboll  MMIMIM  ���Mz&  ��� JWffrr  oft  A fttree-eU social will b�� given this evening (Friday)  in the Congregational Church to Re*. Win. Munroe,  who will leave n��xt week for Vancouver. Mr.  Mumoe ban many friends in Nelson, who will  watch with interest his labors in his new "  r#;  Booker T. Washington tells an amusing story in  the Galvei-ton Newt of an old colored preacher who  was endeavoring to explain to his congregation how  it was that the children   of Israel  passed  over tb��  Red Bea ��afely. while tbe K^typtians, who came after  them, were drowned.     The  old  man  t*aid :   " My  nrethren,  it   was   this   way:   When   the  Israelites  passed over it wae early   in the  morning, while it  was cold and the ice was sttong enough ho that they  went   over   all   right;    but   when   the   Egyptian*   |  came along it was in the middle of tbe day, and tho   |  oun had thawed the ice  so that  it gave way  under   |  them and they were  drowned."     At   thio a youn.   |  man in the   congregation, who   had  been away   l��   |  school and had come home rose and  said:     I aon  ,ee how that explanation can be right, parson,   in  geography that I've been studying  tells us that ie��  never forms under the equator, and   tbe Red Se�� i  nearly under the equator."   "   here, now,' ��������I tw  ���ld prescher, " that's all right.     Vm ^�� . ���P��ot'n  some of you smart Alecks would be ���<*!��. J���� �������  such fool question.     The time I   was talk."    ��d  was   before   they   had   tiny   jogafnes  or    qu  either."  Wholeaaler-i report considerable domand for good".  and a general improvement in busineas.  A d��p��lch to th. Nwr York Herat* ����-  ^S  B       t ,(f      ,       f^,;t-h-- *r^   h^-0 hotignw  anni>uncea that   Charles   tioUtfC..  n^   A|BotJIK.ti<��  Am.rie.�� riBht�� to Ollhart   Parh��r'o  ��Iro-^      ���  ���f hiH own novo., The BiBbt of V/oy.     ����^ .,  tho nppcarni.ee 08 Mr. Favm^am ��o *��        fl^  Tho   deopatch    qIpo   onnoanosa   thnt   l.  ���  u  ���i ���M'-  lit fl-Aii  'II        !�����'  Wl . ��v J -w  t v*    d  h .'it.1  K -V '! .f ih 'J .   .     ' ii!  = s jfV  THri NHLSON ECONOMIST  . K,h��� not been seen in the I tnted  -r" -�� Irving's leading man many  -T^t begin." American t����r in January  "-^vk  in Stephen   Phillip*'   P*��U   and  . ,���..��� poetrv �����   now all   the raw-.      H��.  'which the newspaper peeta of England  ^t^aaj   |QV>iect'.  fe'ir.H^Mioplayftt cricket?  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"'lixiifn ..[ tho parlor  Ar'' wiiii-hinn all the whilf.  in the subject if any  one is.     A few 7��ars  ago she  ^oke  up one  morning to  find  herself    a  widow,  pennileBB and with a pmali daughter to support.  *' I lost everything I had  at one  fell swoop,"  ah��  explained.     " I had two or  three hundred  dollars  instead of thousande.     Then I cast my mind about  for Bomething to  do.  " I began at the top.     It is a favorite delusion of  reduced gentlewomen that they can begin at tbe top.  I thought I would teach, and  I took the teachers  examination. . ,  -��� Well, that one day, before a wooden det-k, with  those cold-blooded question* before me, and my  brain in a hop,k.,s muddle, gave me a conception  of my ignorance that has kept me humble ^r  to Then I thou.ht Id be a governess, but the  field seemed to be entirely usurped by mademotseUes  Tod fra��'ein?, or enterprising college i��'^>��-^-  Ji was a kind of talisman.    The salary, too, wa.  ^Thtrsote one reminded me that 1 used to sin,  . .rr,*ti   and   I betook   mjself to   a  before I  wa*  married, ana      ���* *  .���;.M����tfer who told  me.fnily, but mmiy,   iu  n,y ?o.ce waa only on.    ^ x ^  o! technique execrable.     mat wa        ,  ^liugly about would-b,Pa^ ^^  faU6  ��. by that time n-J P�������� had ^       So  ���    nexl  that a dtdn t tiuuble n.        J^ .  ex percentwas filing  bovks.  "von ���,, H,nl,lenly compolled to ehoow����'t��een  ",ni,��"' i.o..rlioiiH��"HiHl earninc >'"r "wn hvl,,.,!,  ''trvii, i  i,..,.: :.      .. i ., ...ii'i. likp a   tm  T,ry'" !����� a Putti ii you have a "voice like a   tin  ''"(lip- ..... . A. .   ,i...,'i   know  *��    . t took up   typewriting.   ..Filially   1 got  a  KC *   IJ     i-Ik      The man   1 worked for   *����  .. When I ��*�� " "''" d,�� . I,i.��d who b.d  u ���}     Wlah    t ,  al_nondsforU,'Bhesaid.  .. We both jumped. ^  ;; ^^i^^T^ *�� ����e thins l can  aowell���, ,h��beuinning of it all.     This good  ..Tbat ��a.  lto^,n|a8Bie  ���,noug  her   friends  frfeud .. mme *����* ��J ^   Sue tilially induced  allli other order�� ion leBlUe nuts, and he  lhe liead ol her groc. ** - ��        ^ a ^ vder.  They Bold as wm  ft steady wniwot.     _ hM grown con8tantly  " Tbe ^riine in a" apartment of my own, with  and now behold  uein a     P^^   wofk ftB w8  three  tWo asaiBtanlB. ami J��  cftn manage."  in  ����� ��� "in n y��u mi��c .���   .ufual number of visitors at  ; ��"r a h.,��.�����,r, cither, when you don't  know ^^ hftVe been an u     ^ ^ $^^ difficult to find  ,r,,l�� > v.rh.    Tllko Bomothinft y���� ������ {!o'       Ult. ,u,tels thia *ock- -0UB   tiotola for the   in-  ,ril"   luil,    peraon   who   Knve   tb>   " ",ce      QCCOlMtoodali���� .at   tlie  creaiwd travel.  'nut.   |wraon   wno   ruvb   �����������������  :,*'l��i..Wl, h,.r vv),iu�� apron and cft��t ninntolliK���1  1Cl"ltl1'-   KasraiiRO.    She o��Bht to   h��   ��������� UP  ,,,-,777' : ���  ,���;��.:..���"..v��.. ���������"��� ��i*h"*'  71 7,17,  ,'J(M(;  fi*-        'V  '"-:'V/  '-0:'-  7',(U-  ,1'i -'  i    l    - t  '       r  %     i      H 7. |ii,l  I   i  f .rs-iii'r'  f r  *?  Er  J- �� f ��  :H 1 i * -  1^ 1 |Li5  ��� j, t -i  5)1  mi  tt;.  fen S*S�� Btf  U:!l  --xv*  KIT  Hv i  [it J  "fio ^g$2������  pen!  ���������i.z-'  *    1  e  JL o  -*��� ,~  &-_ _-  WO men, John and David,  walked side by side along a  dusty road. They were returning  from the great town in the valley  to thsir homes! in the hamlet hanging high above them against the  mountain.  As thev walked thev chatted of  the sights in the town, of the good  wives and little one-* to whom thev  were coming afier three days-  absence, joking, joyous, happy in  remembrance of their town jollity  and in the anticipation of their  welcome home. Occasionally tht?y  ��topped under the overhanging  branches of an orchard and ate apples, or they kneeled by a spring,  making a cup of their hands to  drink   from, then passed on again.'  The sun struck down fiercely  upon their backs and shimmered  on the dust of the road.  *VAh, the heat! Let ug go more  slowly, John."  " No," replied the other; "il w ill  be ������cooler higher up. Let us make  haste and reach the shade of the  woods, and beyond there will be a  breeze blowing.''  Suddenly a* thev walked David  felt that they were not alone and,  1 urn ing hin head, saw n third  person following a few paces behind ihem, an extremely tall man,  wrapped in a black cloak. As  David turned the man's eyes  looked into his with a sieady, unflinching gaze. The black robed  figure was only a short distance  behind him, walking with a long'  even stride, wiihout souini, his  cloak drawn up to bin ear., covering his mouth and ohm.  A-* David looked be nhivered ;  then, lurning his head quickly,  he walked rapidly on, urging his  companion to  hasten.  u But just now you were calling  to me to go slower, and now you  want to hurrv."  u Ye^; let us hurry���the heat 1"  And they paused on, tbe ardent sun  healing on their hacks.  A {-3 t h ey w e n t f (��r w a 1 d D avid  turned over in bin thoughts tbe  Dtmngo sight ho bad seen behind  hi'ou, that was behind them now  he felt cert��inf   though   not   daring  to look again, a shiver court-tints the  length of his spine at the thought  of the muffled figure in that tierce  heat. And John���had he also  seen it? Did he know what came  swiftly, without sound, at their  heels? He looked cautiously from  the corner of his eve at his  friend wiihout turning his he*tl  even slightly. John plodded on.  him eyes on the ground and hia big  shoes white with the dust, grumbling at the heat, his face dull and  expression Irss.  "At length they reached the  cooler air where th�� road chm bed  between the arching trees of the  fore>t, and John halted to rest in  the shadow. He was older than  his friend and tired more easily.  k< Now," -thought David,** he will  look back and se@,M And he  watched the otherV face   narrowly.  They sat on the edge of the road,  their legs hanging   down the bank  John's g*��e   wandered   back   down  the long   stretch   over which   they  had  come, and David waited.  Bill the? tild man onlv looked out  from the shadow wiih a half pmile  of satisfaction that so much of the  long journey was over, his simple  countenance placid with the  thought. * How white the road i��!M  he   said.  " And not many travelers on it."  said David in hail question, still  looking earnestly al his comrade's  lace.  44 Not a creature in sight,M  answt-red John quietly. " We  have ihe road to ourselves. Others  are not such fools to come out in  tlii- sun!1'  David, reasured hy this, turned  slowly and lot iked back. Just below, by the tirst tree, in fuil view,  silent, motionieHH, stood the tall  figure, a little nearer   than    before.  David leaped lo his feet and ran  along the steep road, mumbling,  terrified. J����hn saw nothing, and  this creature so close, in plain view.  lt Hurry, hurry!" he called back  and ran on.  '* What has come to you? Are  you crazy?" cried the old man.  *��� Oi e can't pause to r��st but you  jump   ami   run !''  ��^^%  �� I~~~I   am ���not���well.   ^  to get home/' panted Davitfi  ave yet  far to go.      We rtf5-��� -ia  ~Z> - -"���*��� a  3-a  waste time resting,"  46 You are sick.     Yes  pale.      Your  teeth   chattel  will stop at old   Andrew's  r-  you       something.      It  scorching day."  %      ��>���, \  ���  >  \es, vet, we will gtooS&fefitii  Andrew's. He will cure i#^--0  is not far; only beyond trpftjgl  turn where the trees end," 8&K"5��  '* And we can take the she* *--  home from there, the patl -U<-  the back of bin house uj. "IL  Rocks.* n  Again they walked   rapi<  * 'Zip       "  *"  ward, the ol^l man full of iXlzztZS  MFjCV-  *. ���     ���  for   his   friend,   the   younlllll  looking straight ahead.        flBtfP  At the border  ofthe  for  small   brown   house stood  edge of old Andrew's scanty  laud, the poor half barren I  tbe.*e    mountain   farms,  the few    field*    that stretch  gradually    from   the   hack  house rose abruptly ** The  a high cliff, reaching   far al  side   of    the   mountain, sin  bidding, iti* bald face cros*e  rough, narrow pathway.    B  this steep way   the   journey  cluster of   houses   above  th  was much shorter  than by  ing the gradual, winding **  the ro.io.  The two friends turned in  Andrew'it Utile ������������ Al ,||$jj!  they were met l��y th* l"rlllWB  Her tdeeve* rolled nt>.t" �����!>** e"W*  "Ah,   John   Martin  and Wf  Hack from the fair? Come inAfeg  " Yen, Mnry on tlie way if  Where in Andrew? DavitlK*  had a turn on the. mud ����|  ,.,������, below, and  we vv,,.,   Wj  mix him Mmieilniig- )ne ufe  too.trongforhim.    I��lunk^,  She mined her voice Hiidc��ll��*^.:  Wi  ���inwitihttcnlm  her  hhot-I"  the    house     over  -Cone    in,  hoth   of   )'��" ]  1 11    i ri W-  Hoinewtieie   iihoiil.      ll  U���. |,..u.e al the   Hha.lv   H(����.  Dav.-i'un lia   down tin'"';���      ���  David on*.   hrwf b'"'"-1  WI,rdur* he follow.d tl."'"l"'rl  ��    ' is   -     b
-' i--*
*" &■&
& c&~
■tii.YUi.idiir«w.Wtfi«M.iirW.M.tt^iiTWiri^^ •■«rT-Tii-jiSrwfi'-f "r-",-v-'at"' ~'- " *°
, i„ ,he read j.iat beyond   ca,c lieiow it a dense shadow amid   foldi 0{ black swei
l^and him, the
arm embraced   himmora cloe@ly,
went    down   together.
'*  n,Hiking   over il   stood   the surrounding whiteness.
-C,4l fanned. Ah they climbed David  tried   to and   lh
\"l\rrm   *a*   held   in  high   force himself to turn and   face the   And Havirl u^.k^ »u       ~   .<
j. \t.tirew zino uavid knew that th© one that
^H,^ ihe mountain people  man    in   lhe    Wack    cloak   and followed was Death.
'. • ..„.   li.tlf   wizard,   with  question hirn.hin name, his mission,
'.•.ice of   th*'   ut*e of   roots   why   he followed, gaining  steadily — -—-__ _
lb brewed a   muddyf  *tep  by Mep, but he lacked courage,
., ,   w»,ioh   David   drank.   Once he had met that cold,  steady
, ,f tise  #iiV.   placed   e&tra  gase.  lie could not br&ve,  it.again.
' .".i,P uhle and   inei^ted on   He   watche^   bin   comrade  climb ~
• *r,ttfkinc supper.                 above   him    slowly.    -Slowly     he It? is   recorded   of
. iisv d ret-t/' i-be >«»id< \*and  climbed after and, glancing d iwii, G.bert that o®. heariug of   the title
_vtrr if^er supper you can  saw   the  edge of   the  nnvJt cloak of"Henry Arthur Jones* new   play,
*i jr.'.he   evening    by    the   hlowii Upward against bi-Srg*. " 1 "he   Princess's     Nose,"   he @re-
Tsit-re will b»  a m.on,       Hestopped and   put  hie^ handv^ marked/'Vl hope ic.may-::ruh'''long.'*
,-iv *uv   th«*   night  if   not  over 'hi* ryrr.     ** Who  are  you?" ,?■ .■               ,
.».!'eh n> __i» home."                 he -paid   in a   low,  brokenr voice. :'                  "-'"   _—~   ~ ..;■-       ...._.■■s"
:ti* irriu-^d.. Old Andrew   "Why   do    you   Miow,   prying United States Senator Hopr   re-
,.:;£ ulked  together   of ^ih«Fnearer ami i«»«.at«*r?*v- ceived word the other  day-that  a .
.. rau s-ut.-iectA of their rude       And a voice .angered at his ear, friend, who had  heen   supposed   to
.:*, vrru  «»f the   «*oil,   the   while the folds of the cloak,  blown have    appendicitis,   was Buffering
."M<iv!. Aidiniii ram, the many   upward, flapped about hiui,   4 You not from   that   ailment,   but from
:!>:;? ii^t Mali tbe farmer.       shall   know   m\   name   when   you aCute iridi^eblion.   " That is   good
. C\ JL «»*    phed     David     with   are at the end of your j »uruey M new*," said   the  Senator.   "1   re-
" t^>::Mr-»ul the town.      *; Wm       " No,  now p   whimpered T)ayid J0ice ihat   the   trouble   lies ih   the
\:*^Mt A,iT,^d ltl th*. fair? And   hoarsely.     *  Now^your miner lable of contents rather thaninotbe
.5'<>4Ht2rt—.v;t?. it fiio; every dav^
* '■J
Tfi nvn «■■■**»# ■   \\ \   I i \        \ . v. r   wrw   w~ »   ft   ^ ' »■»# » »■* ^*
!f i'jJHjjijutK?.** ;ihd +o on,     David
•.-tit&v, thinking of the
i*ifnii^.-r ouiMtit! - the   gate.
;h«;-     twi;ij;hl      fell,
_ r_-l
11 Farther   on!"   c«rue.,.the  %^pice   appendix.'*
from  the  ** When you reach   the next ^aib
And they climbed on asrnin in '"gatuuel Roger-, the poet, told of
the moonlight. John had g&ne a!_ Eiiglitbman and a Frenchman
round "a turn c»f   the path   out   of  wtjo had to   tight   a   duel.     That
:ri- v- ui,   10*0.1..   and   «^      »**id'   ^v.nced    feebly, lhey might have a better chance of
;V                 o go  m   an.                 i|;    . -^j    f    w ^ep to .tep, mi,8ing one another, they   were   to
:: "  T     |h,,| '""A*   pacing often.      He could feel   the ,ghl in a dark room. The English^
'     ^   l"1;1:^   ^^Wingup behind him; ever uian   hred   up the   chimney   and
'•^Uier.fKy   heldi*.     Ai   oilier p.e.*_   k    1 ._;.._... ■ ,1,      '    ,h«    ffrpnehman !
'?»tr.».il   ihf    h.-_ne   uf    " The
rv i!i,i !"-^.in the  meep aeceht
«J« 1»__!
t !"I
way,     stepping
'i:     l.nck     lo '-the
brought   down    the   Frenchman 1
n**arrr. o .... r»     •    o
When ihey   reached  tlie railing.. •• When 1 wll   this story in Pane,
above,   David   Hopped.'  w.lh   his added Ru^w," I pul^the Engliah-
hundr>" upon it. " Now, your namef man up the chimney."
' *v"!,t up*    nu'rrtain
i *
• 7 •    :
V1>1.     •■limbin
!|,,! 'i: iui    hn t
•'■''• ''■fi w tiinl   outnio'e and
^ Do you not know?"
The moonlight fell  with   tender
beauty over the broad valley below,
,         v upon" the    white    road,   upon the
in/     a?a,f» for^ttreen, upontheHin.il   brown
iheHomb.r hmmta  the foot of the clff.    1 ^
' black   floated   about -hi*  bead, ^ he-
The late Lord Duffer!n was fond
of relating an amusing experience
which occurred when he was returning to Ireland from a diploma-
■ is^iou to be married, and   his'
U I)
he    felt
'Ai> _lh
,,„„,„  tic nil:
.,,,.« the fi»»ld«   . _   h|H eve(If coming between them  ^      eIlielll to the  beautiful   Mies
' '   ■■■' •■■"   Hmu.liun bad juet been announced.
He   landed   one   evening on   the
platform ol a t-mall country etation
»,„l the fair picture.    A hand fell
h-hind   him, hill| graPpinK the railing.
•• Y-ur nmnf! Vour name!
^   H
^       l„M
""".'id exct»pt when
'""■"    *tone    rolled
! v tlndr fe»o.   The
iff   ^-!.
"Ul»v.   {
Dav.dV   band cl.«*d  «rmly  on   neiU. cl)Vndeboye, and hired a driver
lha    Wood,n   rail.an.l   he   l..«ed -ke hlm lbe tour or flw   mita-.
h«vilv»K»in«,fcf,,rsU|MM,r1,      "  »H'1   he «'ve bo mutllod up tha   the
*m      }    ^ dri;ver   failed   to   roeoguwe   him.
.•Ian.   ho   near -«   -ear..    D..  1>r^nlly   Lord    Dufcrin    ..ked:
.. Any new? about   here f JNo
.,»? grumpily   replied  the man,
'   '   beautiful   Mi©B
to marry   one*
The   broa<l   ftrm rj0»e«l round him
!>e in the moon-
,j ihere   along   the   von not Uno
11.   wheit* there   wae       Therew
r ■■ i i in j
I-I 1
uuethero   wae        inerev»«^ •.- timber   tiewn,   B'"»'rv
i    ,*,i    the   rotten    imi11*1 • ■,   *ue
K-     hud   heon   inf{    wi.«.d    .in       , 1)rtV:,, fo|i  out-   - exd*  th'U   U1C
.1...    traveler,   purled in two. am I » » lUn.\\m. .» ^"8
by tlu-   lnw„.   ward, '''-«'r^f1,n\nu,;,;ltho  cyod P«n-r,..r
. * l.«-k      ruck. ^'^   ll
'"" " ""-k   juitiii|>   .nil   uloiip   ^0   rock.     A
u. ■: ;■   h;, ■ -   ■■„       ■    ■.'«■"■ '     .:••;;• 7 ..--u
In       ';■.: if"
c   *t
bilvi, H»h,ij
I'll* Uin
m ■ 2&$
'.■■*' ■3>5*l)i.V
?':y',a 1*1.
^^»«,.«.~..»-»»««-»'"1'' 1 Y""M'
-  ■■ 'H,
11,1   ■■'(-,,
-.-y ■-.-■'
''    ;
■:'■■'!:'" I.
\-.. ■   ■■'
:„■ o;i^';,'"r ■- 0---.V.O;
'.-    ,    --.V.   ■-:,,;■ v,t- - ..,-.'■ .-:,-,
h-.ii,„■■-,.. ,„r„, ;:! -i-iHt,-,   ,7
7%7;   ,. 7_; - "-  ~v- "a- ~A,     ���  10  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  z%  w  000,000 in common. All of the preferred stock and $45,000,000 of common stock are to be issued at once  the remaining 30.030,000 of com  mon to be retained in the treasury  of the company. AI*o that the issue  has been underwritten and that it  will be brought out on the market  in a few days. The Heinze interests  at   presents at   present control the  lip stated, spend 160,000 In putting  in an electric   power plant at New  * Denver  U is  stated   thai  Heinze'*   new,     ���'���...  %t i . ^.ittuii-rMLiirm       Harvey & Hauk, the   les��ae^t p*t��  company will have a capitalization j ��� �� *  i^^^rx     e    i ;~k   fts-tiWOCMIO  returns   of   121 ng   in   stiver   from  of $80,000,000, of which  foAWUWj f  e        i    * ^u ,,*a   *I7 *>-1 their      recent      shipment*      from  ill be in preferred stock and  *< & F  r * the Pres-cott, on rour Mile.  A  number of   application*   hav   \  been   sent   in latelv   to the   Ktmlv i  "A  Edith Company tolea����e ihe G  Iden \  Crown claim, eituaied n��ar   he Arlington -awmili.    Th�� lompany refused    the   often*,  as   they   intend  working the ground ihetiiptdvet*.  .   ,        _._ ...��� .. _  ���,...,  ...,.-.. ..-..,..,-,,  E3otlcG. I  Iu   lhe  mutter of  the   C. editor*  and    Kx-I  Montana Ort* Pli rt'hasi I1B CoilUU* U V j cculor* Actand in the mutter of the tv-twte o| j  ontana ure i urtnaMii^u��"i      . ��>_��r��h K. Kmet>on. i��i�� otthevoy ot ksviM>u,  It. <;.* dei"*uv*ed. j  i.tAt1  iiomwo   v*i*��t t>Ui**uuat to tlu. Creditors* f  itiid ..fccvtuui-.   Ait,    r ��..��i����   Kiel-fiver, ol  lhe j  Ciiy����i, NfiMiit,   Adutioifttrnior 04 the   IC��tuU*  tfcttti   vtleeU-*. oi   ihe ����Ut  meruit   VL   t&metm��u 1  deee***ed,   Iih*>   thl* Uuy   Uivtl ��� ��   IVelMruoon  pursuant lo the ahoVv mentioned Ael. lu   the  ufnee oi the lM*trlei KergUtrur ..uf lhe Kuprenie  Court of UrUtfcU Cohimhht t��t   NelMMtt. wuuiUj;  thai the ivHlute ui ihec*ahl SuritU K. fttster^ou.  Ueceu*ed* U  not suUtlclent lor the $***>*m*"lit ill  full of her dei>o�� ueul thtbititle*.  A meeting olUwcrwiUir* will be held at  theotnee of tiuilther & Wilson ��t NeU����u, it.  Con Monday the '>th -lay ��>f April.OA*i, ul the  hour uf four oVIoek oi the alteruoou.  And further t-uke uvluv thai <*U ereoltan*  ure required on or before the linh th*y blMwy.  I5��n_, u> tile wiih hh: tull purtieultir*. of their  eUtou.* duly verified, uiul tin* ixiiurr ol the  ���weCuritleH. lfuuy. held b>- theiu.  Ami uollee l*�� -hereby  jjlven   that after   the  3^as^"S_SB^S*S_3_S_SS23��_^S  Sa_s__gg  a 2.500,000 corporal ion, which owns  " Ai  extensivemping properties* in Montana and elsewhere. This ��. ompuny  is credited with an annual output  of about 35.000,000 pound* of cooper  making it one of the ten leading  producers in the world.  Slocan  Drill.  Despite the   bad road*, ore shipments   continue   at   a   satisfactory  ���-'. t.^ ���     And uollee h*-liervuy  uiven   um&uiier   i  rate, there having  been wt tonn ex-junh day nCMuv, iw^, i wmimHwiiu a**-  V       ,,,,       ., .      I tribute "the *o*-m*i*   umony;   ihe eredttor*  *��.  ported t hi**   week       She r,nterpri*e i.wihhk- debitorri.nm*. I ��iu��ti then ivwve r%^  ' t ��� | eelved    not lee.   ��Oi��l   that     1    Will    not    b*t*   re^  shipped  20 tO0�� of    Concentrate^   to ! *|��>u*ihle tor   the a<MM*iM or  uuy -Mrt  ihervof  ���    * i     t        4     i- i .*<�� distributed l.�� an)   in-t>-ou ol Wht*t' clutiu I  the Trail Fmelter and the Arlington Lhuiinoi then have ��. *etv��d n^tue. j  .        .,    , . J      imied   al   Net.*ou.   It.   i;..   thU   lAlh  day'  of  40 tonB of ore to. the Nel.-on work-. ; April. vatj>.  , Ull K     \>K   Kl*l:Tt*IIK.M.  One car of the latter will yoio extra        AdinlnlHtrutor ����1 the   tvume-   oi   ��iut��%h   K  .     Km<-r*iii l*��M'��-ii��e*d.  hi|>;h return**, as the ort* was -ome ot  the richest vet taken from the mine.  *~   ^-^-.f  "a.        _ ti  "A    ^   ^  I   A    '" *  ^E>"  Hfc**lHfc-3ta^-^^-  -      ���?.  31. b"      ''^   ���\  tig&S'ZLi  &*  3^      Jhw  j��JJ>iMJt-<-ajJJJ_U'gtd>H JO**D>K,W��.s.  J^^^A^M i��_   ~-'ga,* e  W^ure n/Tertng Ml It^^t prteisfi  ;r�����Se��* ��vf Oeylciit. IihUh, i hSu�� an��  Our Itf^t   Moclm and Java Cotlee  p>und  M��*H*si and Java Blend. S smundx' ��MK-<srse-  t"ll��olcr�� tUeiut C*df^��. | |m��u:uIh .. ,SaSSwS��2  Hp��N-iul nieud f>��ffiv.ft poumh*  Itlo Blend i\,iree_a fHtiinibi ...     . ^  H|M?��*lttl Utftirt C'Vylun ��a, |H��r j�� ��up  '-1 t. ��tt3?5irs*S  H,^^m��H%  2^__^"    *  l?Sr1l^3?Si3,_3"J"~ " " ""'    "   "  ^^^^.��� -  "'Companies*   Act,   ��8��7.**  and Amend!  Acts.  For 1900   the export*   from   thi*     Nnite** t*��   hereby jovm   that  i^niu* inn,  ^ f'lvll Kuvjlneer, of Srlwui, It. t*..5m*  U-iTnii��-  division     amounted     to    2tS47    tnl.P   �� pointed    tlie    ntloruey     lor    the   "llii.tmu*  ' . I (��lriti*h Coluinhhi-}' rlxi.loruOou  SymliniU',  made ni) from 10 properties     Last j i.timi*Mi/*    in   plan*   of   in ru-rt   Kdwarti  r '        ' Terriek   Hniiltaln,  luted !hln lllh day nf April. \9&*.  >. Y, WmiTioN.  icenic Line of the  DIRECT ROUT  year the exportn totalled ri52U 'onp  froni 14 properties. Following i- a  full liwt of the tthipment* thir* year  to d?te:  Arlington..  10i)l  Enterprine  280    7  ...... B0  Ih ictntrar uf Joint HOmtIc i'oin|*unle^.  Ottawa  Nee paw a  May     0  Pa vntreak  Duplex...  4     ���    ���    ���   ���     ���  **���������#*  5  O  *^  I  Sola by All Newsdealers  &  1455  For the year the entire Sloe ho  hae shipped 8407  toon o\ ore.  The ownern of the Two Friends  are making application for a c?own  grun-fc.  Ski Cooper and Jiuykh Hr��rrie��re  workflnj? the? Pi-aytUrealc, on Twelve  Milof undotf lenna.  Tho Bvron K. WSeite   Co. ;vill, it'  Furnlahco K3on46ily to all lovens oJ Bu��i  and Mlittle n viimI volurn��j of fi3eu��v CN��8c��  Copyright Corvupo^ltlona hy th** innat |M>p*  ular iiiinmr*.    ��4 ^a^o off Klono E^wttnlCf,  ho If Vocflil. hi^lf liiHtnimetdifil sat ConipB^o  Plceta Jof flano One? a Month for gsg  Conto. Yenrlv HuhMirlpUnn, ��Va��oo�� If you  will send uti the, nuino and rwldre^a of PlVQ  pcrfopmem(��n tli�� IMitrioor Orimti, wotvmtcstii  5*<ta u copy ����f tho Ji!ii;:sir:Sric f?rcc  KAHT  \Vln!ih*-K  Toronto  otmwtft  Sit otif rent  New Ynrk  \r ft H rHHlV0t*nmiw*ww^i4>t-  Vl����h��rl�� pr'^v"?'  Henttle v.*.-, '^.w  Portland c ;, ���' -i-  sun Knmcto; ;;���'��� :;Va  L. _.   I***i  frvi ���     ii^i 4 _   j��j  Ht. I'ntil. l.:tU��tRrtaii��ta�� lJ. B. Hb'^flfe.'^.  Tourist Sleeper Ser��  .*��� ^   ,"  r ., '��� i..  UMWe Kmdenny h��n ��*% ��J) jUJ      .  V  HT, PAUL. T'JKOSTO, MON I UU"    ,       .     -'���  WI'Kt-  t^live UevelMtnlU' t>J��tly        | -���  VANCOUVKIt.BKATTt.K..<^A���� ;  lervic  II. 0  ) To Al��f*^��*' ,',,8W.,iVi'li��  .   4'111   ��}���  Thrnntclt l��oottl��K�� to Ktir����lM  lie linen. *.._.._..  nil pointH r.t  11 n  'A  rnt<'M.  lu^, raiiM. 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