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The Nelson Economist Jun 6, 1903

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 ^~A  ������������" - ��� - -i^ ���  ....^HM.J.',....j-.���iT.��-���iijt.l  ifaj^wfrMrahfr>raAwft'M&  V^  ItT..,r.h,n.iZ..f..Z.i.v.*��L. .. ~.  .^.......iZ..   ^..^....||..1   T- -Y, 1,-iiiiTHiiiffl-innii,    n' ' 1���*l7li)iiil 'iirtm  ~-    . -7; a^^^sKF7*',lk^*wyua' i 3t^-  ...    ���....-,���ttmji: .....a. ..,-.    -^      ^  ^....i,  frra. AZA  0,1-  YT  - -��� 11-lifarfi ���rVrflm  .0 "----��' -5  ��r  "If  ,/A  >-^-  t  o  ���  -"���^  o  VOLUME VI.  NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1903.  NUMBEK 47  Immigrants in the Station of  Manitoba's Capital.  DIVERSITY  OF   RAIMENT  An   Inexhaustible    Mine    for  Student   of  Human-,  ity.  the  Winnipeg is a place of sights and  scenes these days. The place is  jammed. Not simply one crowd,  but two crowds in the space where  one would fit comfortably. With  the jabbering and the colors and  diversity of raiment, the place is an  inexhaustible mine for the student  of humanity.  Here is an Englishman, stubby  and well under-pinned, with bowk-r  cap, hunting-stock, short jacket,  knickers, and heavy hob-nailed  boots, with leather leggings. He  is in good trim for heavy weather.  He hummed and hawed in the  odorous crowd of Galicians, Hungarians, Roumanians, Swedes and  Russian PolesJ and finally took  himself off in search of a boarding-  house, for most of these English  chaps have money.  Next the Englishman in the  crowd was a group of Dokohobore,  a couple of families bound Yorkton  way, to join their compatriots. The  men, with their peaked caps thrust  well down about their ears, their  hair cropped square across the  back and projecting several inches  below the cap rim, their bushy  boards and blouse jackets, looked  like Russians. A pair of long  bootB, too, added to the resemblance. The women, stout, waist-  less creatures, with a waddling  walk, which betokened great bodily  strength if cot activity, wero cowled  with dark shawls. Tho scanty  print skirts and rought boots '"did  not onhanco tho beauty of any of  the womon. Somo of the younger  womon havo round, clear features,  but, liko Southern European wo-  men, thoy mature early, and ago on  the sunny sido of forty.  Tho babes aro solemn, littlo, owl-  liko gnomos, with bald heads and  oxprosaionlosa features. Thoy do  not gurglo and laugh liko Canadian  youngsters. Canadian mothers  might scouro tho Poukhobor receipt for infantile silence. Littlo  Poukhobor girls, exact replicas of  thoir mothorB in dross and build,  etrodo around, with thoir hands  thrust into sido pockets, and ro  winded ono by their postures of  tho familiar pictures of Jlollandoso  boya in baggy kntokors, who aro  eternally depicted with thoir fiats  jammed into thoir side pockets,  Tho Doukliobora aro a remark  ably solemn lot, and thoir taciturnity iB remarkod oven in a collection nono of whom aro noloil for  thoir liveliness of speech or vivacity  oi manner.  Just at sundown a Poukhobor  family in tho station gathered behind thoir pile of goods and gravely  offorod up prayor. A patriaroh in  n long blue ooal, with hia on))  ..rushed in his folded hands, stood  facing his littlo group and nuppli-  ttiitod tho Most High for protection  und guidance. Thoro way an utter  Jack of ostentation about this display of Huhdued roligioiiH fervor,  JlTit* voice, rasping though it was,  did not carry beyond the immediate  vicinity, hut despite this a spirit of  <lovotion jiorvadoil tho oornor, and  those surrounding him, unintelligible though the prayer wa?, ceased  chattering, and many bowed their  heads or clasped their hands and  joined a babel of tongues mumbling  prayers.  The Galician men, dark fellows,  have a strange hankering for blue.  They wear long blue coats, with  flaring skirtP, and blue trousers,  baggy about the hips. Their caps  of fur are fez-shaped, but the Galician does not wear his cap set jaunt-  iljT at an angle on his head. He  pulls it down tightly, stuffs his ears  up under the rim, and pulls his  hair out until it projects on all  sides. He is a queer duffer. His  wife is an unobtrusive little woman,  stockiljT built and very obedient, for  the Galician is a bit of a domestic  tyrant.  Half a score of Galicians dropped  eff a train and were met by a few  countrymen who were in the country three or four years, and had established homesteads. Without a  word the Galician men, beardedj  full-grown fellows, kissed each  other on the forehead. They did  not come together like the stage heroine and her long-lost sweetheart.  This was no hop, ?kip and a jump  affair, but a cold-blooded, deliberate" ceremony. They put their arms  beneath each other's shoulder  blades and gravely kissed. There  was no bluff about the osculation.  It waB a hearty resonant smack.  The women folk came in for no  such show of affection. In fact they  were hardly noticed.  Your Englishman is a strange  chap in many ways. He wants to  adapt himself to the country,, but  his ideas of the proper procedure  are decidedly startling, The majority of him runs to horse pistols  and sombreros. On a recent Friday about 30 Englfshmen arrived;,  and to-day at leaBt half of them are  parading Winnipeg in sombreros,  and it iB safe betting that tucked  down in as many hip pockets are  revolvers of all vintages and sizes,  from a handy pocket gun to a field  piece of Iho ancient Colt variety. A  new Bombrerois the hallmark of an  Englishman there. If you see a  big yellow hat coming you can lay  100 to 1 that the lad beneath drops  his"h's."  The Manitoba man has a poor  opinion of an Englishman and his  gun. Last week an Englishman  with a littlo Canadian liquor bo-  cAtno involvod in a bar-room quarrel. Out Unshod a big revolver,  but a heavy boor glass put him  down boforo tho first shot was fired,  He perforated tho coiling, though,  just to shew that ho was willing to  press tho trigger. An Italian with  his stiletto ifl more foarod, but a  spado and shovol artist who starts  in to oarvo gets handled about as  pontly as oro in a stamp mill. The  police aro never called ; it's always  the ambulance,  Dr. I'. E. Doolittle, of Toronto,  president of the Venus Gold Mining Company, was in tho oity  this vvoelc. Tho doctor lived  horn four or fivo years ago, and was  inBtruinoiV.nl in building a bicyole  path that was at ono time tho pride  and glory of the city.  1 ��� ������ n _____________________��  Tho Church of Mary Inimnculato  is indobtod to Itev. Father AUhoff  for a handsomo now holl, The  present is nono the lees welcome bo-  causo it camo in tho way of a nur-  priso.  On Tuesday last a daughter was  bom to the wife of  Gold   Conimis  aionor Ron wick.  The Man  from  Form  Dewdney Called Upon to  a  Government.  NELSON    LIBERALS   GETTING    BUSY  years, and found it to be rich in  gold. A long Eearch followed to  j endeavor to locate the property  from which the ore had come, but  none were successful in finding the  place.  Sir Hibbert Tupper to Leave  the Dominion House.  A PURSE FOR   MR. BAER.  They Will Meet Next Wednesday Evening to Select Their Strongest Han to  Run Against Mr. Lennie.  A series of those sudden political  changes for which British Columbia has long since become famous,  took place within a few hours last-  Monday. At 10 o'clock that morning Col. Prior received a note from  His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor announcing his dismissal. The  immediate cause of the Governor's  action was the scandal in connection with the Chimney Creek contract. His Honor in his letter to  Col. Prior stated so explicitly. He  said that the Premier's conception  of the Independence of Parliament  Act was such that he could no longer, give him his confidence. The  ex-Premier received the Governor's  action in a philosophical spirit.  He had no word of complaint to  offer and had the same cheery smile  when interviewed by the Victoria  Times representative that he had  when he first made his bow to the  Speaker after the celebrated bye-  election. He was quite willing to  admit that the course he pursued  in connection with the contract was,  as he put it, an "impolitic one."  Neither had he one word of bitterness for those who pressed for the  investigation, which caused his  downfall. He regarded their action  as perfectly legitimate, and recognized that he should not have  thrown himself open to suspicion.  "When this matter came up in  the House," he said,"I stated that  I would abide by the finding of the  committee. If I had done anything  wrong I waa prepared to accept the  result. I had not the least intention of doing anything wrong in  tho matter, but I soo it was impolitic, and my act was open to an-,  other construction  boing put upon  it."  Col.    Prior's   political    troubles  havo multiplied apace for the last  two months. Ho recounted somo  of them Monday morning, and expressed satisfaction that it was all  over.  Trains have not been running  regularly this weolt, Iho diiliiys  being caused by washouts in all directions.  Up to 1 o'clock Monday afternoon His Honor had not sont for  an advisor, and this fact aroused a  great deal of excitement, By Borne  it was bolioved thnt Mclnnes would  ho called upon, whilo others contended that tho constitutional  course wns to call upon Mr. McBride, tho londor of tho opposition.  Tho fact that Col, Prior was d B-  missed by loltor proven toil his nominating anyono as h'.s successor, as  ho otherwise might have done,  Shortly beforo 2 o'olock, nnd excited group of memhors gathered in  tho corridors, for at that hour it became known that Mr, MoBrido  had been sent for by His Honor,  and tho mombors waited in expectancy for his return. At live minutes to 2 ho onmo down Irom  Ills Uonor'n ofllco and announced  that ho had seen the governor, and  that ho had bo sworn in uh Kirut  Minister. Tho new minister aslcnd  for an extension of timo for fifteen  minutes to consult with his supporters, nnd In mako arrangements  for nn announcement in  tlio Legis-  ut 11 it).  Whon tho Houso assembled Mon  day afternoon the seat of tbe newly  selected First Minister was empty  it being impossible for him to take  his place until being re-elected by  his constituents.  R. Green immediately rose and  moved, seconded by Capt. Tatlow,  that His Honor be asked to lay before the Legislature all correspondence passing between himself and  Premier Prior relative to the Chimney Creek bridge matter.  The resolution being put, several  members objected to the resolution.  Mr. Green said that speaking for  the member for E>ewdney he had to  announce that that member had  been called up by His Honor and  had accepted the task of forming a  government. He asked that the  House should adjourn - until 3  o'clock to-morrow.  Hon. Mr. Prentice, proposed a vote  expressing non-confidence in the  member for Dewdney. . This was  ruled out of order.  Mr. Martin thought the House  had been treated with discourtesy.  There was no announcement of the  reason for the, adjournment. Mr.  McBride had the right to make his  acceptance of office conditional upon a dissolution. The adjournment  was apparently for the purpose of  patching up a combination to carry  on the affairs of the House. He  wished to have the Lieut-Governor  come down and dissolve the House  and test the strength of Mr. McBride in tho country,  Capt. Tatlow called attention to  the rapid change in the stand  taken by Mr. Martin. Ho had  a few days ago wanted supply voted. Now ho wanted dissolution. Mr. McBride had not  had timo to decide upon tho course  to bo takon. This adjournment  wos asked simply to allow him  that time.  Mr, McPhillips nb:o showed tho  tho inconsistency of Mr. Martin.  It was not unusual for that gontlo-  man to tako such a course. Ho  was glad to soo that His Honor had  followed tho usual course, and ho  had called upon tho londor of tho  opposition. Ho was glad that tho  usual ordor had boon, followotl, and  this attempt to mako it appoar that  thoro was moro than ono londor of  tho opposition frustrated.  Mr. Oliver recited from tho  journals of tho Houso of 1000, in  which it wiib recorded that Mr. Martin had been culled upon to form a  govommont on tho 28th of February,  That goritlomnn asked an adjournment until the next day, and it was  accorded him. Buroly tho mombor  for Dowdnoy should ho nccordod  tho sumo privilege.  Mr. Martin took tho ground that  tlio mem her for Dewdney was  mixed up in tho Columbia & Western mnttor.  Mr, Oliver, turning upon Mr.  Martin, brought to tho attontion of  that member that he had an late an  Inst session raised hiu voico in support of the railway company Rating  these hinds.  Tho motion to adjourn carried by  a vote of 18 to 14, Messrs. Wells,  Eberts and Clifford voting aye,  amid enthusiastic demonstrations.  The Tribune as a Political, Prophet  ���Col. Richard Wolfenden  Honored.  The foregoing is a brief summary  of events leading up to Mr. Mc-  Bride's acceptance of office. By  some it is contended that Mr. McBride should have formed a composite Cabinet, that is half Liberals  and half Conservatives, and thus  perpetuated the no-party line principle of government. This iB certainly what would have been the  result if Mr. McBride had formed a  mixed Cabinet. It ia stated that  he should have taken in Mr.Oliver,  but in what way could he have advanced the party line movement by  so doing ? Seventy-five per cent of  the electors of this province have  expressed themselves in favor of a  trial of party lines, and to most people it must be plain that the most  favorable opportunity of carrying  out this idea prorated itself when  Mr. McBride was called upon to  forma government. This paper  took the same line last week when  it waa believed that Mr. Mclnnes  would be called" upon, believing that  there was no better time than the  present to inaugurate the party-  line movement. So well satisfied  were the majority of members that  the proper thing for Mr. McBride to  do under the circumstances was to  form a party govommont, that they  joined with him in passing the estimates as brought down by tho Prior  govarnment.  After passing tho estimates, tho  House prorogued on Thursday and  the following gentlemen weroBworn  in: Premier McBrido, commissioner  of lands and works; R. G. Taylo\7,  minister; R. F. Green minister of  mines; A. E. McPhillips, Q. C,  attorney-general. It is announced  that Charles Wilson has accepted  tho presidency of tho council, but  will not be sworn iu until a certain legal civi-o in which ho ia engaged is disposed of.  Nolson Liberals aro getting busy.  Last night thoy hold a mooting to  mako preparations for organization,  and next Wednesday ovoning will  hold a mass mooting of tho Liberals  to name a candidate for tho forthcoming election.    If Dr. Hall will  accept tho nomination, it is rnoro  likely that ho can get it, but there  is somo doubt aa to whether the  dootor feola disposod to mako a sac-  rificoof hia timo which a campaign  will  demand.   Tho name of John  Tumor iH frequently  mentioned in  ���connection with candidacy, many  Liberals behoving  that  ho  would  mako  a   good run.    Ono  thing is  certain, tho Liborals will havo to  put up a good   man   and a  hard  fight to mako any  kind of a showing ngiiinsl Mr. Lonnio, tho Consor-  vato standard-hearer.  As might be expected, there is  scarcely anything in the papers these  days but politics. Every exchange  has its opinion with regard to the  political situation, and for the first  time in British Columbia, the politics of the editor can be located. Hitherto the papers have supported individuals rather than parties, but  now that the government has resolved itself into a party-line affair,  the editors are lining up on either  side. Of course there are a few independent publications. One good  thing about tbe sentiments expressed is the general hope that  both sides will put only the best  men in the field. The feeling is  that the salvation of British Columbia depends entirely upon the class  of men who are elected, after all is  said and done. The grafter element  must go. The people have now  an opportunity of getting good  men in the House, and thia opportunity should not be thrown away.  Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper-  member of the dominion House for  Pictou, N. S., will not again offer  himself for election for that constituency.  This announcement was made by  Sir Charles to a Vancouver Province reporter, when he was shown  an item which appeared in the Victoria Colonist as follows: 'Sir  Charles Hibbert Tupper on being  interviewed on the political situation intimated that ho would get into the local gamo as soon aa the  Dominion House dissolved."  Sir Charles stated' that ho had  mado no such stntement to anyone.  "I do not mako planB so far  ahead," ho laughingly remarked.  ���'What may have given rise to such  a statomont is the fact that I do  not intend to run again for tho  Dominion Houbo. It is not a mnttor of choice with mo, rather is it  ono of practical necessity. I am enjoying a full law prrolicQ in Britinh  Columbia, and simply cannot afford  tho timo to run down to Ottawa to  attend the session. I havo tried it,  but muBt give it up."  Tho Tr ibuno of last Saturday ro  marked : "Tho moat likely thing  to happen is that tho governor will  ask tho premier for hia resignation  on tho ground that ho haa lost tho  confidence of tho House and thon  ask him to recommend someone  elso to form a government. That  someone olso will not ho McBrido,  Mofnnos or anyon o olso in tho pro-  This   is   just  Col. Richard Wolfenden, King's  Printer at Victoria, has been made  a companion of the new Imperial  Service Order, which is a creation  of King Edward's to show Mb personal appreciation of the services of  distinguished public servants  throughout the empire. �� Eleven  other Canadians are included in the  list.  Previous to hiB departure from  Nanaimo, Rev. Mr. Baer was presented by a purFe by the members  of his congregation. Mr. Baer will  arrive in Nelson within the next  few days, and will take charge of  the Methodist church here for the  next three years.  Rev. J. H. White will leave  shortly for Kamloops, where he will  be stationed for the next few years,  in order to be near his woik in  connection with the missionary arrangements of the Methodist  church;  Joseph Daly Dowries, whose fame  as a director of high-class amusements extends over, two continents,  has secured as his latest attraction  Griffiths, the hypnotist. Mr.  Downes will play Griffiths around  what is known as the Downes circuit, after which he may take him  to Europe; Manager Downes has  secured several other high-class  attractions, which he will play over  his circuit tbis autumn. He has  now a monoply of all the opera  houses in the Slocan division.  Madame Vernon's dramatiecompany, composed of fifteen people,  will be seen in Nelson for three  nights beginning June 15.  The C. P. R. announces that the  Crow's Nest will bo open to-day for  through traffic. The first through  train for three days reached Koot-  Landing last evening.  Tho foundations for the new  C. P. R. machine shops at Nelson  are about completed.  MINING NOTES.  sent  op;>'v i'''i'i."  about as nonr as tho Tribuno ever  gets to boing right whon it essays  tho role of prophot.  Tho resignation of Joseph Martin  ns loader of the Minimis ia regarded  an n very nhrowd piece of politic.!.  Tho impression is that the Liberals  elected will conaont to accept Mr.  Martin au thoir loader.  Word has boon received at Victoria of tho death of \V. D. Snyder  at San Diego. Mr, Snydor wan woll  known throughout British Columbia an an assnyer. Whon ho was  engaged at Alert Bay in assay work,  ho nsHayod a largo boulder which  had   heen lying in a rooidenco for  (Hl.n'nn Drill.)  A zino plant mny bo installed at  the Monitor.  Tho  demand  for zino ib much  greator than tho supply.  VariotiB mines  around  Sandon  aro increasing thoir forces.  Last wook tho Slocan Star shipped 120 tons of oro to Everett.  Sixty tons of oro wna shipped by  tho Amorionn Boy Inst wcok,  On thoir Inst payday tho Crow's  NcBt colloriea paid- $103,2011.80 in  wages.  Last week tho Boundary minca  sent out 1.3,482 tons of ore, or 213,-  071 lona to dato.  Rossland mines Inst wotk shipped 5070 tons of ore, or 149,152 tona  for tho yenr,  Tlio Gibson group, on tho south  fork of Knslo haa been bonded by  Alex. Smith of tho Surprise.  Tho lessees of tho Enterprise are  putting tho conipicBfior  into shape  nnd   will   havo  it   running   next  wook,  .1. Frnnk Collom, manager of tho  Arlington, wont to Spokane on  Saturday, to havo a look nt tho ox-  porimonta taking place on hia oro.  i.  >-*  -- -. i  if.  "^ H-fj n    (UMh   *t     er*        1 --- Uplift U      >|U        *        1   u       �� I        n \ r ^     ~t v -, Hi fi tj       ^       t   ,     vf t       r   it ���* ��**"**"������   *f �����*       r V*-W   * i i.    in = W      ^t.    ifti      ^(1|H to * .\ *���    4lH tfy   MH  ��<n.-i   *, >t       ���      U   I ���   f.       VI &t\f*     f(=  i.      -t J*fj4 fsu Ai      ��������(*(* ��.V��->B l.*��ljW itH-#    ^  m      4    ��|M J-rfjc -*w i-E.  r    n  WWUM*tuiflll. rtf ���W��*nW'WW>(���**!*"T-yfl^- j\>����'fl -,,SW��*ffri(ff"^ ~9c  j&:  ^Tt- ^ --   I       ~"'  -���"^-  .~ H *     ~~   **.*   ~t.. .. rtr^.^...  .oil  ��� rr"-     .   .,ar.t.A,rr  THE  NELSON    ECONOMIST  'Ti  The Nelson  Economist  published every Saturday afternoon at  VFBSOS StRKET, KEI^sOX, B. C.  $1.00 Per Year Strictly in Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  Addre.vs all communications. "Publisher of The Nelson  .Economist. Nelson, B. C."  NOTICE.  All changes in advertisements to  insure insertion should reach this  office not later than Thursday at  12 o'clock.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  The party line movement in British Columbia may now be said to be fairly inaugurated.  The sentiment, in this direction has developed  rapidly during the past few years, but on account of the peculiar conditions prevailing in  the province, it was impossible to carry out the  idea on a plan that would meet with universal  commendation. With the downfall of the  Prior rdtninistration, and the calling upon  Mr. Mi-Bride to form a new government, the  time seemed opportune to make the start, and  the new premier, a consistent advocate of  parly lines, determined to put his faith to the  test. He will form a Conservative cabinet,  and we think, all thingB considered, it will be  admitted,0 that the names suggested in connection with this cabinet, ehould. recommend  the new government to Conservatives at least.  Of course, it would be beyond the bounds of  reason to expect that the , Liberals would admit this much, but a majority of them will be  disposed to concede that it is better to have a  Conservative government than the composite  airar-gement that has so long prevailed. Even  thia is something to start with.  A grave responsibility now resta with the  Confervative party in British Columbia. Con-  i-ervatives have been entrusted with the inauguration of the party movement. If they  carry out in good faith the duty with which  they have been entrusted, they will bring  cr*dk to themselves and restore confidence in the province. The grafter  ni.d trimmer element must be politely  but firmly requested to stand aside to make  room for men of substance and probity. By  giving countenance to trimmers and grafters,  the Coneervntive party would forfeit the es-  Im in of its followers. What tbe Conservative  party wonla now ia men���strong men, not  wobblers, foul-mouthed slanderers, political  vmnpirea and tho product of the sowere. If  iho party fails in this regard, it cannot hopo  to miiko good its nppeal to the country.  Tho samo argument holds good in tho caso  of lhe Liberal party.   If tho Liberals permit  the election tp go  by  default by putting forward third-ralo men, they must not complain  if they aro judged   by iho men they placo fn  tlie Cold.   Tho rt-spontibility of securing good  government for tho provinco liia equally aa  ninth with tho  Liberals  an it doos with tho  Conservatives,   for    whatever    buccohb   thoy  ncliiovo  nt tho polls will  ho duo in n great  mensuro to the men thoy havo in tho  field,  bo  tho future of that pnrty will  bo greatly  influenced by tho stump  of  men now put for-  wind.    It is quite concoivablo  that   in  thia  firirt election under party llnea a majority of  tho voters will prefer to voto for tho beat man  irrespective of   party  affiliations,   in which  event the Liberals, if lhey hud tho moat acceptable  candidates, might gain  powor,  although tho Conservatives start with a decided  advantage.  JCvon apart from party ndvanlngo, it ia in  tho IntoreslH of tho country that on'y tho host  sivailable men he selected for h'gislniivo honors. Thon will decent, clean men, look upon  a tent in tho Legislature im a specinl murk of  fnvor. Some of the men now in jmlitica aro  looked upon as poma-nsing lhe predatory qualities of tho iiiahwnyiiuin w thout the f'ontlu-  nmnly instincts with which Claudo DuVal,  (riunllcuian Garnet ami Mr. Starlight wero  tsaid lo 1>0 endowed.  Some of the eastern are discussing the question of how far a political part}' should be  held responsible for the views of a paper supporting it. Only an ass would for one moment hold a party answerable for tbe utterances of the paper which happens to support  it. The policy of a paper is generally shaped  by the man or men having control of it, and  the editorial remarks of that publication are  simply the views of the management. The  Liberal part should not be held responsible for  the vagarieB of a paper which supports it in a  general way, nor should the Conservative party  feel called upon to apologize for the utteiances  of the papers that are professedly Conservative. The Economist professes to believe  that the policy of the Conservative party in a  general way is the best adapted for Canada,  but this paper haa never asked the Conservative party, nor individual Conservatives, to  assume responsibility for the arguments which  are from time to time advanced in these col-  ums. The Economist speaks only for its  publisher, and will continue to do so.  It ia generally conceded that the party with  the best men in the field will stand the best  chances of victory in the forthcoming election.  It is felt that, after all, the best guarantee of a  party's good behavior will be in the character  of the men who are tbe custodians of its honor.  Belonging to a party docs not make a man  better, but it may curtail his opportunities for  wrongdoing. Believing that only good men  Bhould be put forward in the present emergency, the Conservatives of Nelson have selected  as their standard-bearer a man of irreproachable character and first-class ability. That  man is Robert Scott Lennie, barrister, of  Nelson. Mr. Lennie is a Canadian by birth,  having been born in the town of Smith's Falls,  Ont., in 1875. Preparing for his' chosen profession engrossed too much of his time to permit his giving any attention to politics, so  it has been only within a few months that Mr.  Lennie affiliated with a political party. There  ia some advantage in this from a political  point of view. He has no explanations to  make with regard to the past, and his political  career begins with a clean sheet. He will  not have to tell his audience why it was that he  performed political contortions of an astounding character, for the reason that he has not  been before the public in the role of a contortionist. Mr. Lennie asks for support on  the grounds of his citizenship and his promise  to maintain inviolate the honor of the parly  with which he haB affiliated. He will not  ask for Bupport on the ground that he will  vote with one party to-day and with another  to-morrow. He will vote vvith hia party when  it ia right, and when it is wrong ho will endeavor to put il right by hia counsel. In Mr.  Lennie, the CotiBervativea of Nolson have a  candidate of whom lhey mny well feel proud.  Joseph Martin has resigned tho leadership  of tho Liborala, porsumably to bring about  harmony in hia party. It ia understood that  tho Liberals will leave tho quoation of leadership open until after tho election, nnd thon lot  tho mombora eloctod ehooso thoir own loader.  In waiving hia claima lo tho leadership of  tho Coneorvativo party, Mr. Ohnrloa Wilson,  K. C, porformod a conimondnblo act of self-  aacrifico. Certainly Mr. Wilson haa given  tho lio to tho man who eaid ho waa a wobblor.  No man haB boon moro maligned thnn Mr.  MoPhillips, who ia likely to booomo Proaidont  of tho Council. An attempt on tho part of nn  up country mombor to bring Mr. MoPhillips  into disroputo haa fnilod, Tho snmo infiu-  oncoa woro at wcirlc to discredit Mr. McBrido.  Now, no doubt, tho tonguo of tho alandoror ia  busy coining honoyod phraaoa to exult tho  mon who woro moat traduced,  With four atalwarl Irish Canadians in tho  Cabinet, thoro dooa not seem to hn  any good roaaon why thoro ahotild bo further delay in proclaiming St. Patrick's Dny a  publio holiday.  "Cup" Sullivan, tho thrifty heeler for the  Rosa government, lina boon tolling tho Ontario  public accounts committee that hia pari nor in  tho timber limits steal, wlioreby nearly -1U.,0l)0  wna clenned up, wan n clerk in tho crown  lamia department. It in alleged that oomo of  ihioMionoy wan uwA iobribo Qamoy*  THE PROVINCIAL PRESS.  Phoenix Pioneer.  Are you   ready   for   another   election ?    If  signs count for anything' these days, it cannot  be far off.  Grand Fork.-; Xe\Vs-Ci:izetk\  There is every indication that the next provincial election   will  be   conducted   on   party  lines.    Even land scandals exercise, a healthy  function in clearing the political atmosphere.  Trail Creek News.  Some zinc tests are being carried on at the  smelter this week, and the results so far have  been highly satisfactory. With this added industry to the already growing business of tbe  Trail works, the city may look forward to a  most prosperous era in the very near future.  Fernie Free Press.  The Cranbrook Herald is out with another  batch of "likely" aspirants for political honors  in this district. Friend Simpson has bad his  hands full attending to the campaign work of  two districts, but he can probably find consolation in the knowledge that he is nearing the  end of the list.  Movie Leader.  What this province needs i3 men in effiep,  both big and little, who are sufficient!}1 high-  minded and honorable to feel that when they  are doing everything in their power to advance  the well-being of the people, whose affairs they  are put in office to protect, they are also advancing themselves.  Trout Lake Tonic.  A movement is on foot in Trout Lake to establish a mines exchange. The business of  this organization would be transacted on  much the same lines as those employed- in- a  real estate office.. A claim-owner would list  his property with the exchange and that institution would endeavor to secure a buyer for  it. If its efforts are successful the usual commission would be charged. The best feature  ofthe scheme���to tbe claim-owner���is the fact  that no property would be tied up and unless  a sale was made there would be no fee charged.  Kamloops Standard.  As both Liberals and Conservatives have  definitely determined to fight for control of  the House on party lines, this will bo the Inst  parliament in British Columbia where men ol  all shades of political coloring will dwell together in harmony on tho Treasury benches  or sit cheek by jowl behind the leader of His  Majesty's loyal opposition. There will be a  great burying of hatchets and granting of mutual concessions botwoon tho jarring factions  in lhe ranks of both parlies, but so far as the  Conservatives are concerned, we believe that  all who aro truo to tho principles of true Conservatism will gladly join in following tho  londersliip of the man in whom tho majority  will express thoir confidence, With the nondescript parliea hitherto existing, thoro wns no  chanco for harmonious political action, but  whon tho party's nnd tho province's intorosts  aro at stnko "voila uno outre chose."  (Jrnuhrook Herald.  British Columbia ia cursed  to-day by maladministration, nnd haa been for years.   The  political pull nl Victoria  has been tho potonl,  lovor thai hna moved   tho  legislation  wheels,  Thero havo boon rings within   rings, and corporation nnd favored  individuals  havo In-on  tho bonofioiarioa of publio  boned Ih, whilo tho  niassoa havo supplicated  in  vain   for lo^li-ln-  tiro notion   thnt  would  bring about  an  improved   condition  of  nll'nirs.     Tho province  needs ronovaling, and a revision ol Iho political methods in vogue.   Tho ono man government idea must ho rologntod   to oblivion, and  pnrty   responsibility   introduced.     But   this  nlono will not-bring nbout nil that is required.  Tho people must bo nwnko to tho needs of the  timo and tho hour, and romombor thnt eternal  vigilanco is tho price of political   liberty  nnd  political honesty.    A government  is but the  reflection of the people who  niado 'ho government, nnd tijion tlio people the  finnl responsibility ro.HlH,    Lot the masses demand nu lion -  est nnd capable  administration   of  their government, not only   this  year, but,  next  yoar  nnd the year after, nnd for nil time,  and   tho  day of graft in public afl'aira will  become nu  unploaoant memory-  inllnuP  We are now showing a full range  of the following seasonable goods :  You're right,, they are perfect  beauties and ay, cheap as if they  were ugly ; we show colorings you  like in almost any design you may  fancy. Whether you're paper is a  success this year depends largely on  where the paper comes froiu. We  are tlie people to get it from. We  have the paper ; you need it ; we  want to sell it ; the price is right.  That about makes a bargain,  doesn't it ?  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Also excellent Fruit Ranch, about  30   acres,   on  Kootenay Outlet,  near Procter, iS miles from Nelson,  with strawberries and fruit trees,  income paying investment.  About 7 acres under cultivation  Irrigation     Ditch. A     good  -;�������;<���;���;-  Ft.  SOLE AGENTS  Dawson's Perfection Scotch I  e  EXTJ2A SPECIAL  This whiskey will please connoisseurs. It is a high grade well-  ' matured spirit of excellent bouquet and except for age, is the same  'quality as Dawson's Old Curio (Over 20 years old).  CASCADE BEER  BEGG'S LOCHK'.VAR  ��...  T  T  T  Ferguson & Co., Nelson, B. C. f  SOLE AGENTS FOR  dice Cream  cDonalcTs Confectionery  Baker Street, Nelson  EL k:. strachan  Plumber and Gasfitter  Estimates Given  on General  Plumbing,  Sewer Connections, Etc.  j?       Baker Street, near  Ward   Street, Nelson.  JUST ARRIVED  lew Spiin  _ Vrotn $t- to #75, Films for every  size of Kodak, and all Kodak tic-  ecsi-orics including developing machines.  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Vim nml eimh ofynu ure hereby mil llled I luil,  I linvn 1 ���.% 111 ��� 1 n! 1' 11 two bundled ilollarti In  Inliiinr nml liii|irnveiiieiiiii upon llmnlinve  nmiil lulled mllii-l'iil iiiilili III nl'ilri' In In i til  wild 1 tt 1111 -rn 1 i'IiiIiii nmlrr lio provlMoini 01'  llli' M Im rn I A rl, nml II' wll liln I'll iIii.v-i I'i'iiiii  llll'llllll' III'   llllN   lllll ll'l', .Villi   lllll    IH'    el'lll'i'    In  ciin I rll in 11' yniii' 1 ni i| mi 1111.11 11 1 ��� ni'ii 1.7 iii'inll-  I ur,, iiuu'ilii'i'wllli iill rutin, ni ml vri I Ii.Iiih,  ymii' Inli'i'i'M In tin lit rlnllii will l.i'i'iimr I m  pl'iipi'ilv nl' Um Milw.ci'lliiT, iimli'i' l-Vrtlou  ���I ol an .Art entitled "An AH In niin.ml Um  Mimical Aot, IIIIIII."  (iATHKiiiNicr Hkmainh.  J)uU-(HIiIiiBtli tin.' ��Jl J'i'I'iniiiy.nu.i.  Notice To Delinquent Co-Cwncr  Ti��< li'ni'wn No well <>v I" wlininnotivi l'ln�� limy  Inl vn irnnMi'iTi'il IiIh Inlei'i'M In llm ".Nnwnl I,"  "ItnliliiT IsIiik," l"l'iiniiii'n<'l;"iinil "Annlod,"  Mlni'i'iil (M11I111M1 Hltiinln nn Wlilln (ii'iiuxo  Al oil liln I n, (lout lllvi'i- MIiiIiik DIvIhIiiii or  Wcnl Kimlnnny  DIhIi'IcI,  Vim urn lii'i'iOiy nnllllcil Unit, wn luivn nx-  |ici llml ini- iiHNt'HHini'nl wm'It imil lveorrtlnir  men nn Ilio nliovn nuini'il MlimriU i'IiiIiiih I'nr  llm iiiihI Ini'i'M yi'iii'H llm hiiiii of Twelve 11 tin-  ilivil imil Thirty iMUiiii) MiiIIiii-n, In uriler In  Ih In llm nnlil I'lulir.H miller llm iii'iivIhIiiiin nl  llm Mlni'i'iil Ael, nml If wllliln nlimly ilnyH  1'i'inii I lie iliiln nfllilH imllee you lull nr rel'mio  In eiiiiii'lliiile your iirnpnrl Ion of Hiieli oxpnn.  till 11 i'i H 11 iKe!her wllh I he funis of iHlVnl'llwliif;,  ymir liileri.'nl. inmilil iiiliiern I elnlniH will lie-  eiiinn lhe prnporly of Um Hiihiii'i'lherN under  lhe provisions of Heel loii four oi llm ''Mineral  Ael. Alimiuliimnl. Ael, llliill,"  I>uled iiLNelm.n.lUJ, ihlH'JVtliduyol March,  limn.  III'.Ill HUTIIKIIhANl)  .lull N A V'I'IIN dlllHON  II. II. N 1:1.1,  (Hia 111,km It, I!ih.mi;h,  Excursion Rates East  I Ulin I, fi. '.M In lllll ll,   .Inly in, 111.    AliKUHtliri, lifli  Kiiiin Ni'lHim, UoiihIiiiiiI, Trull to  III, I'iiiiI, Mluiii'iipnllH, nuliilli, Kam-iiH  CIIV,,, 8'VUIO'  Chi eim j-mi,Ml  To I $tll|,!ll>'  Montreal, New Vc rlc iflli'.i.fiO'  Corr-tpniid'HK ra I I'll In nil  Eastern Points  I'Vnin 11IIMI11II011H.  Tl I'Ui't.i 11 vnllnlile   via   I,nice llullli  1111; nmnli; nml lierlliH,  Ini'lml-  i*iW��'��|i,W>����>�� pf "Hilwi.iiia(wpTOf*ii|f�� putrriph  ut^vnrfHVf^nm^wr*  *��^l��t'PVW**#*aW^}l����p<<!^^^ '  r.f*iW, a a M'.  'I  '   1,1,  Hill     w,��� Jv-w .kWr*^t,"M  1    If   '   If  I1' nr Hum InhliM nml ul  I n ltii-iiI ii;.1 ��� 111m, or In  .l.H. CAItTI'.ll,  Dllll. I'lIMN, A|{f.,  Nuliion,  Inl'nnimllnil, apply'    '' ''  K. .I.COYrtIO,  A. (I, I'. A.  Viuxsouvor  i��  1 Wi** SW!tW*'%'*T*W ������tt,.*  ���fe  ~s���    -T"  HZA  _; -. 1^     ���  .r,,nr -  an ,  aw.   ^,^T^  ���> * *���y.  s^  .*. ���*  0"XH- ^  l~fc~   ���_���.*������*    >Jr,-��f,|^^tftr��l.T. ���  lr  -H_  i.*J*-'*  V  ".1... ,.rtr->.  V2___    ���_g.-i��-- - ���      y^y  THE   NELSON    ECONOMIST  ������   i  IN THE MIRAGE.  The train lamberod ilov.-Iy into th*  littlo village ftaticu. Already the light  was -waning, tlie sky v.-us deur and opalescent and tho air v,-;.is still. A man and  his young wife���ti laughing girl���stepped out on to tho pluti'tirm. They lir.d  been married that morning. A servant  ���waiting ou the platform collected their  luggage, and tli-jy pa.-.scd thrc.ev;h tha  dingy boohing oi'iieo. Outride, the sleek  carriage horses fretted impatiently. A  short drive took them to the lonely gray  houso up  on the lii]i among tho pim-a.  Somo hours later thoy fat together in  a paneled loom overlooking the avenue.  On tho v.-alls of tho roum were tho  things that a great traveler and a great  sportsman brings Lael: with him. It  had grown chilly and a lire had been lit  thero. Wax caudles burned iu brass  sconces on each ;.klo of tho firej.-laeo.  Tho girl w,-::; in whito (as ::he laid been  that morning in thoehureh). She leaned back in her chair, still scaling and  showing pretty whito teeth. .Ouo hand  played with tho pearls at her throat, a  gcstnro showing tho beautiful curves of  her bare- arm. The man stood watching  her. Ho was middle aged, tall, lean,  wiry and clean .shaven. His face was  tanned. His eyes were exceptionally  dark aud striking. As she looked down  ut tho tiger skin rug iu front of tho firo  eho said:  "Did you kill that?"  Tho man nodded. . ---���/.'^.'���o  "Ycs, I killed it."  "You never tell mo enough," sha  Trent ou, half jestingly, "about things  that you have done. What is tho uso of  being a tru-eler if ono does not como  back laden with stories of v/onderful  things?" r  "Oup tiger story," tho man replied,  "is generally very much like another."  "But thero aro other things," she  said. "Havo you never been captured by  brigands, havo you never been nearly  killed, or experimented with wonderful  drugs in Chiucso dens or been dying of  thirst or seen tho mirage?"  Ho sat down in tho chair facing her.  His expression "was ouo of habitual melancholy, just its hers was ono of a, continual light heartcdncss.  "Yes," ho eaid, "I think I can lay  claim lo all those things. I have been  captured by brigands, have experimented with hasheesh, have been practically  dead, havo seen tho mirage, and"���  Ho paused.  "Well?" sho eaid eagerly.  "I havo also," ho said, "been in the  mirage."  "How can that be?" she said. "I was  taught about tho mirage in my governess daj's, all about the density of tho  air and tb<> temperature and so on.  Sometimes ib is lakea of water, sometimes it is a city with houses and temples and pooplo, sometimes it is feathery palm trees, sometimes ships that  sail across tho sky, keel r.pward, but it  is nover real. How could you bo in a  thing which practically dees not exist?"  "Wo had been marching four days,"  ho said dreamily. "Tho sun was awful  by day, but tho nights wero cold. It  was on the morning of tho tilth day that  ' thoy turned on mo. They took what  thero was and went off. 1 was left on  tho sand for dead���indeed, for somo  hours I must havo been di' ad.''  "Goon, "said tho girl, leaning forward now, watching hint intently, no  longer smiling.  '' How long aao was it?''  "Ten, n, dozen years ago���when j��k>_  were bqwling yov.v hoop i-u Kensington  gardens. And most ol' the story is very  Wearisome, but tho fact, is interestina  that 1 was actually iu tho mirago. "  "What was it like?"  ' 'It was a city of ghosts. Thoy moved  Silently about tho gray, ghosUy streets.  Thoy woro Uio .costumes of all ngu.s and  ull oomitrioH. It had u weird and bizarra  ���ll'oot. Whim 1 In-siC-cunio to consciousness iu Mio mirage, tho lin.t tiling that  I saw wan a city man, silk hat:, frock  coat, expanded waistcoat, all tho sumo  gray tint, all shadowy. He was talking  with tho ghost of a beautiful Kgyptinn  vroninn. T'/:oy H.ioko in whispers, livery ono lipoko iu wlu.'peri;."  "Did any of litem speak lo you?"  "Yes; hesitatingly at llrst, just nu  litviin^ei'S dci union]; tho living. Thoy  4ol<l mo that I was dead, thu I; all tlio.io  cities of tlio niiriiu'o M'ovo eili.'s of the  (lead. They flouted and ilriflml lhvoii;*).i  tho ulv, nettling down now und then on  thu mind, tin iv boo might alight on n  ilowor, piissing onwitvd nijuiii through  tiimco when any living being approach.  cd thom. lOvory ship Unit, is sunk sails  BRain through tho nicy, nminied by its  drowned uvow."  "You tiro Hiiylng (Ida BorkuiHly?" nh��  Hiked,  "Quito,    I lmow   tho  Kc-loiitiflo ox-  plnnnllon thuli tho ship is nun l,v the  Imago of nvinwol out of night, I dure nny  tho Ni.iluiitl.flo cvphuuilloii is truo, bill; 1  cannot lollnvn il; hei'iuuio I huvo cxperi-  uneud tho other Miing, I wr.s jusl; ns certain of tho existence ;>i the nhudow eit.y  nnd ol! niymill! an n hIiiuIoyv In iln midst,  cf tho buihllngn I wiw, Iho Mti'cel.i I tnw  ersod, tho pooplo to whom ,1 rpolco. I  was juhI- an oei'faln ot tlio.io t'llngn and  of tho faot thai; 1 was (lend u>- i. inn now  that I live, that I um In (hi-, imvlioulav  yooin, thai; I touch your li'.nd "  Who drew hor lntnd Vtvuy, wntohlttH  liiiii, Jialt frighlened  "Why, " sho aulced, "did you not toll  fluio about thin heforo'i1"  "ll, nuonied iihu'..'����. Tho story in in-  crcdihki to everyone ox��'i'|il;in,y.icll'. l!o-  niili.H, il; in iv litllo inieaiiny. I thought  tt lsiiglili neuro ymi,"  Now nho luugliuil again, hnfc vatluii'  porvounly,  "I. am not (in tni.:l1y iVI'dilened, but  you must not go ou believing it."  "HelleC," Im iiiiiii, "in nut a limtlcr of  Will.  Iwiui tliero in (lmiuii'iii'o I'ornomo  tlino.   I' huvo llm niu,-;l ilki li;el; r<-ci'llei!-  ' tion of it,    .1 could   lake my i,!.el< hlmol;  mid draw you pintiiivn of it."  " Whal; wun il; lilcoi' Whal, '.lid yon do  tthorol"' iilui iisla.ul.  "Thoro wun no woilc anil no iiuiuno-  ^uqut% Oao^iijltho^^touof dnuik; uel:  ther slept nor made love. The housc9  were not really inhabitated; they -\vero  like ghosts of houses, perpetuated  through some strong human association.  The doors stood open. Sometimes one  Wandered through them, but one did  uot live in them. IMcst of the time one  wandered up and down tho streets, feeling vo fatigue, unconscious of heat or  Col/L It was all dead; everything was  dead. There was not even very much  talking; when ono euoke one sooke of  the past"���  He broke oS his account suddenly.  "Now," ho said, "let me tell yon  about something more cheerful."  lie told her story after story of his  travel, all that was most amusing and  most commonplace. Her laughter and  her color returned, but at tho did of tho  "stories, when tho eilenco came, she  abruptly said:  "Uo on! Tell mo more about tho mbr-  nge."  "You havo heard enough," he said,  "and, besides, tho rest is not very pleasant, "  "I deirt caro for that," sho said;  "j'en must tell mo. I want to hear it;  I um uot n bit frightened."  And then for au hoiir ho went on  with the story. When ho had finished,  sho made him tako his sketchbook and  draw for her somo of the faces that he  had seen thero. Sho hold tho book in  her hands and sat staring at them intently. Suddenly sho dropped tho book  and slilvereu.  "I havo to do all that jou ask," ha  eaid, "but I do not think I should have  let yon havo your own way in this  thing.    You are x-t-ally frightened."  Ho stepped across tho tiger skin to  her aud stood by her, resting one hand  ou her hair. Ho remained thus for a  moment, motionless. Then sho suddenly sprang up with a loud scream und  rushed away from him, cowering in  ono corner of tho room.  '' Don' t touch me, "sho cried. '' Don' t  touch me; don't look at mo I Yo*i have  been among tho deadl"���Earry Pain in  Black and Whits.  Cko   .vVomti! cf Ileriauda,  There a;-- perhaps a larger number of  spinsters in Bermtftla in proportion to tho  yopulation than in any other place on thl3  side of tho Atlantic, and it is a ourioutr  fact that this i.s the law of tho land.  The semitro|jical climate of the islands  and tlieir isolation hnvo mado of tho inhabitants of English stock a. quiet, almost  sluggish, folk of a simplicity nearly Arcadian. Tho women ���������especially, many of  whom live very narrow lives, never leaving these islands, are remarkable for their  old fashioned hospitality and a natural  ease of manner which seems to arise from  an entire faith in those with whom they  come in contact. Perhaps tho fact that it  Trould be very difficult for a .criminal to  escape from tho islands may account for  it, but, at any rate,- crimo is very raro  there.  Bermuda women arc excellent housewives anil bring up large families of children, some of tho most favored young folk  being sent to the United States for educational advantages. In matters of etiqui'i^o  thoy aro far moro strict than Americans  As a rule, they aro well to do and live  comfortably, whilo somo of them possess  aniplo means and enjoy much luxury. Iu  Bermuda, us in England, property, especially real estate, remains In tho samo  family for long periods, and somo of tho  descendants of tho llrst settlers still possess  lands which havo nover passed out of their  fm n I lies. It is .inst this conservntnsni  about, property which causes tlio superabundance of spinsters. No alien can nc-  cjuire iv title ti land in Rcrimulu either hy  purchase or inheritance. This J��s chiefly  iv precautionary measure against the Portuguese, who flock to tho country and go  In largely for onion growing. Hut the law  provides that If a women marries a foreigner she shall lose her landed property,  but shall also become incapable of Inheriting any. This law is naturally not popti-  lai-(wlth the ladies, who see their brothers  mate with Americans and other aliens  and would fain have the samo liberty. Occasionally Herinuilan girls renounce their  birthrights for love's sake, but, as a rule,  the charms of penniless maldeuM are not  tmlllclent fur young men to desire Ihem  for wives, nnd thus many girls are doomed  to iilnglu blessedness in Bermuda sluipl.v  by the law of the land, ��� Boston Lle.rald  Voicing tlio ftifiUi-nom Fir*.  One of the small things con tided by a  trained nurse Is that to pohe nu open lire  In the Invalid's room a wooden t.tlcls  Inuhot lew noise than the. luiual inelal  poker. This will Ignllo perhaps, bill, ni/'.���:,'  he prom/illy put out ly tlii'iealug Into (ho  iishes, and In mine euiiTgi ncicn vrhem thu  pill lent would othcnvh'.ii bo nrou.-i'd I'riuu  < much iiu'ih'd i.li-ep a hnuwk'ilgu of thu  tiliclt poker Ih useful,  An Vim|irciiH lSoiK.vml,  Tlu) empress of .lapau lakes her meals  with her hiiinbuud, an honor accorded to  no previous einpresH. The emperor Ih ,'iihl  to be nppn.'ii'd lo Iho i.iinlnlue fashion of  stained teeth and shaved eyebrown and In  favor of enlarging lhe r'.jvhlnnl' women,  i'ho oinprciiH Is an earned! friend of vvuiu  tin's husplluln,         One I'liid of cold water, to which ha��  licon milled (lie beaten white of one eggP  Will lie found useful In oieanltig gold plu>  Mi i'i) frames, Apply tho nil.vluvo with n  ,/pnngn, then wlpu with a tail't llaiuiel  Valce a second cloth purfceily dry and villi  lliu frames lightly.  Odd Hcrnpn of bread dried, not bunuul,  In the oven, poumled and flui'ly silled, arc  ihu nioMi sallMl'iiiUory inatialal for bread  criiiiihlna ei'iiipiellcs, sweethi'i'iuls, euiiuiH,  nto, The beaten egg works butler, too, ..(  iideflsui'tHpuonl'iil of water I nun hied with It  The li'i'i'iinh way of hulling an egg In to  put, II; In hulling wider and let it remain  until the water liccoiiii'S cold or on the sido  uf the sieve without; boiling for It) to UO  niliiuU.'n, according as It hi duiili'inl Kol'ti or  hard.  Vi'hen the rubber on tliewrlngci' breaks,  lake a piece of inni-lln I liielies wide and  wind bacl; nnd 1'i.rlli .'ironed the roller, U  will'not mil the cloi lien and muy be used  quite awhile louj.,i'i',  'lh,i   llluil,,!,   Ir.'.Ul.  Tlm Illnilooii cmnidi'i' tholr dead tl.  r;,ri'i'd und do not nllii'.V iIn-ill lo bu  handled by alien luiiuln, llm nenrenl  male relative���son, I'nlhci'or brnlhor���  pri'piiriiig Ihu body for burial, ami II  (hero bo iiiino of thenn rol.iliven a uun i��  udopted by the family for tho purpo..o.  Is Th-3 Kiglit?  One of the first women employed by tho  government at "Washington as a shorthand  writer was Mrs. Isabel C. Barrows, wife  of tho congressman from Massachusetts.  She was considered an expert, yet ihe head  of her department advised her not to draw  her pay in x>crson, but to receive it by  mail and always sign her receipts "I. C.  Barrows," as JTie pay would probably bo  cut down as soon as it was known that  she was a woman. The ruse succeeded  until she in common with other employees  was called on to lake ibe "ironclad oath,"  to the eil'oet that she had never borne arms  against tho country awl never would,  when her sex wa.; discovered and her salary immediately reduced.���Woman's Tribune.  InsUvlriual Freedom the Rule at "Vassar.  Ai Vassar the si udciit is winning greater  freedom in her domestic life, for the system of self government throws tho responsibility in regard to the order of the community upon the girls. Certain cardinal  rules aro submitted by tho faculty to tho  studeut body. I; approved, they are adopted, aud tho police force appointed to carry  them on:, is made up of students. Tho  change has brought greater freedom of  speech and of action to the students, and  the old gulf between the governing body  und tho populace is being bridged over.���  Margaret tjhervvood in Scribner'e.  Jl -7! a5>H^>?5  An Envelope Library.  Tafeo a package of large' euvolopes, write  E. L. in ono corner and tho number in tho  opposite corner at tbe top. Into each envelope place a good (short story or poem,  taken from somo .periodical. On the back  of each envelope writo tha name of tha  story or poem it contains, also tho mime  of tho author. Tio each envelope with ribbon. The stories or poems of some favorite author may bo preserved in this way.  They make pretty gifts for invalid friends  or thoso traveling who havo littlo room for  books. Tinted envelopes with ribbons of  tho samo shade aro very neat. A spray of  forgetmenots may bo painted in water  colors on the lower corner of each envelope.���liuth Raymond in Housekeeper.  To Kouud tho Throat.  To havo a rounded throat exercise tho  throat by singing. King whether you  have a "voico" or not, deeming the exercise valuable. At night wrap tho throat  in a linev. cloth wet with scented oiL  This will nourish the skin and soften ita  outlines. Exercise the throat every day by  turning tho head from side to sido slowly  and never fast. Try this ten minutes every night and morning. If tho hair falls  out, change your diet and improve your  general health. Friction is too rough  treatment for ordinary skins. If used to  prevent wrinkles, it should be gentle and  with a, littlo oil on tho linnets.���Exchange^  l'icty and Chicken X'le.  A newly married young Washington  man took his wife to church last Sunday.  The sermon was just about well under  way when ho noticed the little woman at  his sido suddenly start. Then she turned  red, looked around nervously and hesitatingly for half a minute, roso hurriedly  from her seat and left the church. Tho  young husband, feeling certain that his  wifo was ill, wanted to follow her out, but  ho is a bashful man, and tho thought of  tho long center aisle that he would havo  to traverse ii. tho face of the wholo congregation kopt him rooted to his seat. Ho  was pretty glad when tho services were  over, howover, and ho mado his way almost at a lopo for his little nienago. Ho  found his wifo cheerfully busying herself  about tho ki/chen.  "Weren't you ill?" he inquired breathlessly.  "Why, dcario m<?, you know I am never  ^ll," was her reply.  "Well, why, then, did you leave tho pow  bo suddenly?"  ".I suddenly recollected, .lack," said sho,  "that I. forgot to put the chicken potpio on  tho back of thu range beforo wo left the  house. Would my listening ton good sermon have compensated for u charred dinner?"  "Nob much ib wouldn't," paid Jack,  Who is as human as ,Jioy make tUeai,���  Washington Star.  Tho Winsome Shulcer Girl.  "A Shaker girl comes vpry near.t;h��  poet's ideal in all tho sweet ondowmonts  of maidenhood," wrlte-i Madeline S,  UrlilgesoC tho Shakers of Mount Jaobanon,  New York, lu The Ladles' Homo Journal,  "Sho Is frank, modest, gentle, rollnod Id  voico and movement and with that utter  lineonsoloiiMiioss of Bell' an raro as lt hi delightsome in tills age of self assertlvo fotn��  inlnlly, The Shaker boy���bub why HpoivlK  of Impossibilities. 1 will not nay that no  Shaker was ovor a buy, bub I firmly Incline to think that; no hoy ever was n  Shaker. Tho growing youths at Lebanon  were hearty and healthy an outdoor air  and exereUo could make (hum and full of  fun and nilsohlef���- the exuberant vitality  that makes Itself heard and seen���this In  titrlklng confraiib lo iho oxtiemo quIoUulo  and precision of the grown up lneinberH.  "It Is Homollinen asked hew Shakers  ainiisu liliotuNiilvuM. A pertinent answer  would lio ihnii they do not appear to feel  tlie need of amusement, hceuti.ie tholr dayn  and hours are ho full of Interest.. Nevertheless such need In provided for, two  evening.! In the week being set apart for  social plonmiroH, conversation, iiiuhIo, reel,  latlon, rending aloud, eto,, In vvhluli both  scxc'i paillelpalu, lu summer pleasant  outdoor Vuunlonn are held."  Milk Taunt,  Milk toast uh lb In served on nlnn tabid  out of ton Is nueulnbh). Properly pro.  pared, It In nob only a gooil dish I'ov tlio  light; menu allowed a unnvaluHcent, but in  welcomed eugerly by lliu children of tho  family, cerlnlnly If grated maple sugar in  .nont around with It, To two cups of  Hcalded mill:���and the mill; should bo  merely unaided, not boiled, anil If there lu  a Kiium, which litem should not be, it must  he removal���to thin amount of milk Htlr  In a paHle niade of ft wmitt tablcHpnonful  anda half of Hour, wei ma 1 lttlu cold  waler. To the Hour, while It hi dry, add  a good nultspoiiiil'iil of suit, When the  paste In mixed wiih the milk, It. should ho  cuoked In a double boiler, stirring eon-  slant ly. When It hi about an think an  cream, a piece of butter Ihn nl/.e ol' a walnut In added. The bread UuiHled dry hi  dipped Into ilio sniiee, each i-llco remaining until evenly lender, when It In piled  ��� Ightly on a .miull platter and what miueo  In left poured over and around It, II  ehould bu eldon while very hot,���Now  York I'o.'it.  After waihlng woodwork jilvvayii wlpn  tt vvllh a soft cloth. 'J.'hhi provenlndropa  tif water being left to dry on andtodhi-  colia- the palut,  It you want; a nice complexion do nob  WiuU thu face on damn or raluy dayu.  Watches need attention ; all machinery  dees. And the better the watch the more particular the owner should be to have it looked  after. Watches should be oiled every eighteen  months or two years, even if they are doing  satisfactory work. Oiling involves cleaning,  for fine dust finds its way inside the watch and  eventually works an injury.  We have tbe best men we know of for repairing watches���employ none but skilled  workmen ; and, of course, we guarantee the  work, which means that we can afford to do  only work that is first-class.    This applies   as  well to the finest Swiss hand-mode watches as  to good American movements.  A new mainspring (the best) put iu for  $i-5o. "  Cleaning, carefully and thoroughly done,  $i-5o.  If other repairing is ueeded we can tell how  much it will come to.  We will set and regulate your watch and do  it with our compliments ; or, you can step in  at any time and set your watch by the Government "ticker" that gives correct time from  from the Montreal Observatory.  Jewelers and Engravers  IsTelsoxi  Rossland  Trail  MONTREAL,  Sole  Manufacturers of the "Pinto Shell Cordovan" Gloves and Mitts  R. H.CARLEY, B. C. Agt.  We are removed to Baker Street, next door  to the Ashdown Hardware Co. We will  carr3' a larger assortment of cakes than ever  and sell at low prices,    Come and see us.  Choqu^tte Bros.  GENERAL BROKER  One seven-roomed house and  one three-room house  for rent.  Three  dwelling houses for sale on easy terms.  Otic   Lot on    Stanley    street,   opposite Royal Qpp   Aftlftl/VRIIP  Hotel for sale at a bargain. OCiC  RW WHC3IL..L.  Boots and Shoes made to order. Invisible Patching  a Specialty. Only Union Men Employed. My_ stock  of line ready-made work lowest priced in the city.  NEELANDS' OLD STAND, BAKER ST  ;   %Ss ky >rzMw    *  m If ^  * <& ....  vaayW -?  Merchant Tailor,  Tromont Bllo  Baker St, Nelson  JOHN  McLATCHIE  Dominion and  Provincia!  Land Surveyor  Op. B C. CustoiYis House, Nelson,  Bartlett House  (|.'i,rnii I'ly ('liii'lii' llniiM')  'I'lin ln'Ml :,.|  |nT ilny limiM' In  Nclsini,  N'niii'  lull   u lilli'   lli'l|i  rliil>lii,vrfl.     'I In-lull'  III,' lirM,  G. W.   Bartlett,   Prop  fin Montii pir/h f(... Ilinm iimnUiii' inniiiliiirnlilii,  Ael Knoll iii'.'i-a".|' ,i'ii,.Ivi,:i Ilin.iilli.lal nl,ill 1111:1111  '.'i7irylllilllHi.ii.. Iil'liniil! lili'i:";<iil IiI||Ii-i;Uhh vunil  nml liii'triiiiii'iiliil ni-W iiiui-lii tnuili iiiiinlh, Ih  Jj |,a 1 111 III 11II1 alia iv (.'ortilU'ulo ut' f.liiiiila ivlili,  I w.lio'.l itlvim tlm iiiivlli'i.'o nf < Jl ill) II1111111 In Niivv  3 Vml' tJlty, mul nl Inij'liiKllliimtitro, inimlii nr uni-  ._ iiliml Ini.i i-iiinniilM 1,1'any 1I1'u:rl|ii Inn at whoIi'miIu  J lirliicH, HUViliK ynu frnm 'Jll.V In HIU.' nil innr JH"''  I iiliimnN, iinn'l. (all 1.1 Join nl 111,mi, Vnii wllliMii.im.nIi  > lliniii thiui jinn'iiinniiy'ifworth, AIiitiiaIi ''I'l'.ll-  1? A)iy-Ml/i:l(i(.Mtlt, Mtipt.     , IMlNii.-id'Hih ��* N.Y.  WADDS BROS.  HOTOGRAPHERS.  Vancouver and Nelson  OAKER STREET, NELSON,  0. C  Nelson Tent & AwnlngWorks  All kiiulrt of Cunvas Work   niiulis  to order,  Also   Clothes   Cleaned   and   Repaired.  Boyington & Ross,  257    BAKER    ST.,    NELSON  ,  Letter Heads,  Bill Heads,  Statements,  We Print  Note Heads,  Envelopes,  Business Cards  Dodgers,  Tags,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  conomi  Complete Stock of Stationery  Orders by Mall Receive Prompt Attention.  VERNON    STREET,  NELSON, B.C.  WIloll'HIll.'lllUl ItOtllll  iH'llll'I'lllll  CM T  DHL I  Gimps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing hut fresh aud  wholesome meats and supplies  kept iu stock.  E. C. TRAVES, [manager  W. G. Gillett,  Builder   and   Contractor  Kstimntes given on stone, brick  and woodwork.  Brick and Lime for Sale  Fred. J. Squire  'IVnlH mid A.\vnl"K�� inutW- tt����l ru|>nlruil.  Cli.tlilni; <">un<"\ ����nl nu>iiili>il.  Over the Wallace-Miller Co,, Nelson  JOB     PRINTING      AT  THE   ECONOMIST   OFFICE  ^��l   ��.��kl.   i��*  CvA!w+.crt(t'    ���J***ti.ftf��   ��i*i()B*W+ i>��j^f; i'i* f *  tnlw* i  hHW  ~m���^y  H tW <,i.,^_.   mL*h fri  ���WX Vtm "WWHiMTi l^ft(*|! "WWW  ir -"  ���ranifaff^wpkmiiic.tntMi^T^  S.^mW-a rt|WirV,J,i^lt*M[��   *   *,jB_       fil -n'S^* b��liwU   w^   m   At��* *t" -< 1-MlWlf/C ,^ .f. ,     l   ||���N rl  ^p��mtf��tr7��fisY,!',WM,,',191t**1,��  w iwi!yflTWiW5piwi��wia( nr(Mpir*waRf ft*  <(.i  11  ii  ,11  , '    f ,��i        ' . ~    -SS -  -Jl a ��_  - V    H  -ftjfr. a =  -sr  ff ���*��� ���**���_!-���"- --",r--  ^^  _u2y    - sti  -.     -^^TH-J^    .-      ���.-,   Wjr,���^     |.|-  "������n      i|-HJp���jU'fl- "-*--"�� "-jnt-BC'-'  THE   NELSON   ECONOMIST  K-  The Vancouver World makes a ver\'  serious charge against certain ollicials  in departments at Victoria. In an  editorial discussing the question of  civil service reform the Vancouver pa- j  per says : " Contractors, tenderers,  aud others \v ho iu other various ways  have business to trausact with certain  government d'epartmeuts, have informed the World that during several  years past it has been virtually impossible to get legitimate business matters  through with promptitude iu at least  two of the most important departments of the government without paying substantia-! tribute to such ollicials  of these tlepartments*as are in a position  to facilitate or hamper the matter in  question. J n eil'ect the suggestion is  lhat a systematic system of hold-ups  is and has for some time past beeii  practiced, sums of money runningeven  into four ligiues upon occasion having  been paid lo civil servants to facilitate  the business which it is their duty to  dispose of as honest servants ot the  province, and iu connection with  which the country pays presumable  sufficient salaries."  The pupil3 of the St. Joseph's school  gave a delightful entertainment at the  Opera House ou Wednesday evening,  'i'ue programme consisted of piano  solos, drill exercises, recitations, choruses and the two-act comedy, "My Aunt's  Heiress." Those entitled to special  mention, although all were very good,  were Miss May Ulake, Miss Auge and  Miss JJutler. The entertainment was  brought to ft close by the singing of  '���Tlie Maple JLeaf Forever."  "The Wise Woman," is billed to  appear here on Tuesday evening. This  company was seen here last year, and  those who saw the performance at that  time will uo doubt be pleased to see it  again. The specialties, it will be remembered were very good.  Considerably above the amateur  dramatic entertainments was the performance of "My Uncle from Japan,"  given at tlie Opera House on Thursday.  Tlie cast included several members  ot the Clara Hunmer company, with  three or four well known local people.  Of those taking part, Mrs. Armstrong  came in for most of the applause, although Miss Manhart, Vic Manhart  and Charlie Jtoilly were not overlooked. Of course, Mrs. Armstrong is  always good, as those who remember  her work in connection with tho  amateur opera, productions will be prepared to udmit. Mr. Clayton and Mr.  riate aud Miss Thompson were  generously applauded.  It now looks as if tho forthcoming  celebration of Dominion Day in Nelson  will be the most successful in the  hlstoiyof the city. The committees  having charge of tho various events  have sent In their reports to tho secretary and these reportsindlcato ugreat  ileal of interest In the celebration. Tho  KibbCTiptioiiB to tho celebration are of  the most generous character.  There will bo tho usual Servico of  .Song In .Kinnmnui'l Congregational  Church to-iiiinori'ow, Sunday, evening.  Thu subject will bo "Gideon tho  l'n I riot" and will it is anticipated prove  tho best rendered. 'J ho following  munli'itl jirogiainino will ho given:  Opening voluntary, flute nolo, "Star  ol* Kulliloliein," Mr I tunnel I; qiiiirtolto,  "Thrro Ih Itest," Mchhi'h, Drown,  1 larillc, ItuKstll and Smith; llute .solo,  "Uluiiionlicd," Mr, UuhhoII; duet  "Hear tne .lehovnli," Mc.hhi'h. 'Drown,  Hurdle und chorus; nolo, "Arm, Arm,  Ye llmvo," Mr. (Irlr/.ol; Anthem, "I  Will Blng PralHt'H," Choir.  JI Ih life Hearing a oIoho through disease, John J oho, alias ..olui Phillips, of  Seattle, Iuih been iilontllled us tlio convict who OrU-.ii|mil from tlio Kingston,  (Jut., penitentiary tiH yearn ago, after  serving nine years for tlio murder of iv  wo iiiiiii. One night lust week on u hod  ^^���^^^^���^/^^^f^^^^Qf^f^^-^&^*&&^f^if^^^/^^  in a hospital, Jose admitted his identity. The facts regarding the murder  came to light through the suit for divorce of Phillip's wife.  Greenwood-doft's it hat and bends its  knee to Grand Forks. According to  the Boundary Creek Times, the mining,  smelting, commercial aud financial,  centre of the Boundary never gave an  inch to the ambitious little city over  the mountains until Monday evening  when the gateway citizens sent over a  number of its citizens and Greenwood  was soon conquered. The denizens of  the Gateway city discovered the royal  road to victory. Music hath charms to  soothe other than savage breasts and  the music heard at the Auditorium on  Monday evening when the Grand  Forks ametuer opera company presented that delightful opera H. M. S.  Pinafore would capture any city.  Grand Forks must be a mecca for musicians. Iu much larger cities it is often  difficult to secure suflicient musical and  histrionic ability to successlully present one of Gilbert & Sullivan's operas,  but it was evidently an easy matter for  Grand Forks since from the conductor  to the First of Lord's sisters, his cousins  and aunts', every part was well filled.  i  ���<&7<&^/Q^^sJ^f*��/Qf:&^^^*��A^yQA%^ Jb/&%,^f%/&^/&^%,<&^i^&^^ ^r&  ���������������������������������^������������������������������^���������������������^���^���������^������������������������^���������������������������������������������^ �����������������������������������*  Corporation of the City of Nelson  ELECTRIC XalGHT RaTES.  Electric Ia'glit rales for the month of Vay  arc now clue und payable ut ilie Cily oflice.  If paid [on or before the 151 li of June, a, rebate  of to per cent-will be allowed.  lly order  X>. C. McM ORRIS,  City cleric.  Net-sox, May ?,0,1!)0:).  Ideal Cash Grocery  Corner Mill and Josephine  Sts.  i Ooera House  J, K. ANN ABU-;, Manngcr.  TmsMj, Jiite $  The theatrical event of the season  ),  A Musical l'arce Comedy   uf  must  I'ciic.shiiiK type.  ���Scat;* now on   sale    ���McDonald's.'  Price  List for June, 1903  Cut this out  and hang it in  your  Pantry.    Telephone  31B.  Hungarian Flour, Ogilvies, per  100-lb sack $2.75  Malt Breakfast Food, pkg 15c  Fine Granulated sugar, 17 lbs.$1.00  Creamery Butter, 7, 4 and 28-lb  bxs, per lb....*.   29c  Creamery Butter, bricks, 3 lbs  for -1. op  Deviled Ham, 3 cans for ...,25c  Chicken Ham and Tongue, }{���  lbs, 2 cans for 25c  Coffee, "Joy's Blend," 30c per  lb, 3 lbs 85c  Coflec, Mocha Java, lb 40c  Ceylon Tea per lb 40, 50c  and 60c  Green Tea,   (Japan)  per lb 50c  Cream, vSt. Charles, Jersey, or  Victor, 8 cans for $1 00  Brooms, each 25c, 40c and 50c  Pearline, large package, each 15c  laundry Starch, 11) 10c  l'ure Gold Jelly,  Powders and  pkgs 2/10  linker's Cocoa, per half lb tin...35c  Malta Vitae, 3 pkgs for 50c  Cream Sodas, per lb iou  Macaroni, good, per lb too  Sainton,   2   cans   lor   25c,   9  ctvn.i for jjSi.oo  Pickles, Rovvat'M and Rob Roy,  pt bottles 25c  Royal Yeast Cakes, per pkg y.  Boston Baked Beans, two 3-lb  cans for 35c  Delicious Singapore Pineapple,  per can 20c  C. & IJ. Jams, 7 lbs (01 #1.251'.  Keiller's Dundee Marmalade 7-  II) tin $1,10  Fresh Ranch Kggs, per do/. 25c  Potatoes, 100 lbs for #1.00  Oysters, large can ...25c  R.  G. JOY, NELSON, B. C.  Mall Ordcro Promptly Attended to  House  Furnishing  Sale  We will offer a Special Cash Discount on  Carpets, Rugs, Art Squares, Portieres, Floor  Oil Cloths, Linoleums, Lace Curtains, Table  Covers. Window Shades and all House Furnishings.   Carpets sewn and laid free of charge.  ����������������������������������+������������������������������������������*  ' ���  iy Sale Continues  Glance  at Our  Show  Anyone that We  Windows will Convince  ean Business.  We have secured the services of Mr. Richard W. Russell (formerly with J. S. Barnard, London, Ont).  Expert   Optician,   and   Engraver  and are now preyared to test the eyes and do every th ing in the shape of  expert engraving.    A cail is  solicited.  KOOTENAY     .  .  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  ln Tea and Coffee  Dealers  Wo in-o ofl'iirliiK nl, lmvcMl, iirliics (.lie IiohI.  u'I'iuIch ol (.'nylon, India, I'lilim mul ,Ia]mn  TeiiH.  Our Hunt. Mnolut. nml Jiivit Cofl'mi pur  imilllll $   'ID  Moulin and .Iiivii lllonil, II pouiiilH  I (HI  Olmtito lllmiil (Joll'ou, I poiimlH  I III)  ,S|)i)i<liil lllunil CoH'.'i', II nun nils  I (Hi  Uln lili'iul (,'oH'i'iMI pounilH ,  1 (10  Hpoolul lllonil (.'nylon Ti'iii poi-ii'iunil,    l;0  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  ���  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 18a.  WEST    BAKER    STREET,    NELSON  MILLINERY.  A large stock of Millinery and  Ladies' Outfitting!!.  Also Ladies' Hair Goods.  MRS. ENFIELD  Next Store to  llucluon   B?y Company  ii  Jeweler,"  m IMTf.l���g |��  ^^t^^t^^***^****^^****^^^*^****  !  The  Most Nutritious Breakfast Food in  the Market and a Home Product  ALL GROCERS SELL IT  Q��  qpib  Fire, Life, Accident, and Sickness Insurance.     Real   Estate, Loans.   Etc.  llaviiiK purchased the Agencies hitherto conducted by Mr. A. R.  Sherwood wc bejj to announce to Clients that we will jjive prompt and  careful attention loatiy biutiness entrusted to our care, utour offices over  McArthur'ai Furniture Store 1  $6.75 PEN TON,  DELIVERED  AU orders must "be accompanied "by cash and should "be forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office of  W. P. TIERNEY, GENERAL AGENT  Now is tho Time to pick your Carpets and Linoliums just before house-dean  ing. Wo| carry a very large assortment, patterns, very latest. See our Go  carts ranging in prices from $3.00 to $30 00  \ti/ Liu.     iQfta  A  Furniture Dealers and   Undertakers  mwmmmwm.mH  .^_4  ijlw, ff ^trt-^frTimuwsff^wWTV^WlWWBH^Wii^^  OTmwwsaiwtiWM-*' T*fl*��fcfrt i  i! rnr��*i + ty 4S\tHi\y* *  r.|.,���  <��WWW����W!Wrm*��B0rWnF��^^  imv,w��*ww*^.'"*.  .-,  V  ,' **


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