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The Economist Jul 8, 1905

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Array ���-^-o*  .l~f.il/.  ''���*.,  I  Wif, II, mUttST |- "1 havo aeon tho  moat beautiful lalcou in Italy and Bwltster-  hiud, and all those lovely spots, but I have  liover seenanylhim. _lr\ei' than the Kootenay lalto and the Arrow lakes. We had a  delijrhtrul I lino "thoro. This waa my first  trip through there."  ,Ju*- U 1905  '%  ^�� .**.  l WW^M/SAJV IWVWV  ArA^/WVM*^  r wan ��aytfctn*  ...... -.���.ith��Awt of .N'ei��Qn diet-net.. H*  added:  "1 didn't��ee ttte cherrlc�� or tmnp.  ftner uu>n.t(_�� fina of AetgQii d'ewict-  berrlenor gooseberries, but If tbey coir-  pare at it h the apples, pears and plunut:  .vou have her6 a trull country unsurpfli#cd  by anything trr the Dominion."  ^^ A rf*l A i_ ft lf_��� ift ^_i���ft* AAftrfti iftllfl A_* A_r  tW VV WW WWl^^TWW VVIf����* Vw  r-r  VOLUME VIII.  NELSON, B.C, SATURDAY, JULY 8, 19C5.  f'pJ.  ' yj.  END OF  THE WORLD!  A Variety of Pleasant Fates  Forecasted.  Many and varied are tlie fates which  have been foretaded for the world by  those who havo achieved fame in tlie  realm of science and discovery.  Loid Kelvin believes that in 334  years all..human beings remaining in  the world will be suffocated hy tbe Im k  of oxygen to breathe. Tlie great  scientist bases his assertion on the  ��� grounds that, as every ton of fuel  Hmrnide consumes three tons of oxygen,  the world's supply of the latter must  give out in the years mentioned.  Though this would certainly be an  unpleasant end to this planet of ours,  a far worse fate is that argued hy the  famous American scientist, Nikola  Tesla. i It is, of course, a well known  fact that the earth is surrounded by  vast currents of electricity; and the experiments made hj* ba-lloonists above  the clouds prove that these'currents  arc of a density impossible fur 'human  beings to fa.honi. Mr. Tesla therefore  believes that at some, future age thia.  electricity will suddenly-. burst into  llame, and so-terrible will be the heat  that .in,lthe apace of a few seconds the  earth tuid those who-" inhabit it will  crumble away to dust.  M. Flamraarion,  the  great  French  astronomer, has calculated that in the  twenty-fifth cei(iury the e r h"'will .be  wiped out by a collision with the comet  Beila, tlxe proximity of which to the  earth ai few years ago caused so much  uneasiness.     The size of the comet in  question  is sueh that it could in   collision destroy a-world-sevcral times the  size of .ours without  much damage to  itself.      Jn   addilion   to   this startling  prediction   M. Flainniarion   has lateen"  pains to discover that the shock ol" the  collision- would   be equal' lo  tliat   between two express trains, travelling at  tho rate of 805 miles an hour, which no  living   thing on   the earth,   however  small, could survive.      ���'-.-.  "Aa  even more  fearful  fate is  that  prophesied   by  the Spanish  scientist,  Senor ltigielto.     Fifty-six years from  the  present time he believes  tliat the  world will meet   wiih a tragic  fate" by  collision with two combined coiistolla-  alibifs, such a comijitiaiioii, in fact,'as  __was.:.noticed, early.:in_March of 1this  year.     The effect of these planets being so close  to  the earth would   be   to  dest.oy tlie .jasas wh c'r aus'...in .iiinan  life, and, although  millions  would  be  killed iti  thc space of a few ln.uis, he  unguis that the remainder will livo for  u<short time longer in a state of madness   caused   by  the   rupture of   tie  earth from its orbi'.  Thc food scare has been more or leas  a topic of universal comment for some  years past, and Sir William Crook* s  believes that it will be responsible io:  the end of the human race within 20  year's from the present time. D.ning  the past 31 years the number of thu  world's bread-eaters has exactly  doubled, and ifaproportionateincrease  , may be expectedduring ensuing j ears,  some clever' people believe lhat Sir  AVm. Crookes' augury may come true.  Jn 30 years he calculates that the  amount of bread require.! will be  greater than the world .can supply,  even supposing tliat it is almost entirely tinder cultivation. The moral of  this would seem to be thut we ��mi��t  find a new food���and that quickly.  Two famous novelists who have become well known fur their s-cientilie  works, have foretold grue.-ome fates  fir the world. One of these, the late  Grant Allen, believed that within four  centuries the weight upon the world's  crust would become so great tbat the  world would be no longer able to support it. The result would be that the  molten lava, of which the'interim' of  and, forming in enormous lakes, slowly  spread  over the earth, destroying all  life that came in its way. !  I  PI. G. Wells' predicti in of the world's  NELSON'S  OPPORTUNITY  end  is  no  loss  terrifying,  for in   l"s'Tourist    Travel     Should    Be  opinion not many centuries  will pass I  Encouraged.  opinion not many centuries win pass  before the earth heroines a solid sheet  of ice. The reason for litis opinion he  finds in the fact that.'whereas millions  of tons of water freeze every yt a-, a  British Columbia tourist resorts are  again filling up, that is those  places  leaser ajuanlily thaws wiih Ihe advent tlwt ,,ave m.lde an intelligent ��.f._it  of summer. At both ends of the world 11() develop this ejass of trade. f..r t< ur-  this freezing is going on, and every ist .ravel .j, flow regarded a commerci; 1  year the regions of ice become greater. n,alte,.. At Victoria every preparation  The present generation need have no ,I{W ^eet) Inade for Uie entertainment  grounds tor fear, however, Tor such �� ofthe visitors, and the same maybe  c.iti.s.i'ophe is not likely to become ac- saiu of Vancouver. Those cities have  complished till the world has enjoyed discovered that in order to secure lour-  a lease of life covering many centuries ists, special arrangements for their eti-  more. iferfainment and convenience must In-  provided. During the past three or  months the secretary ot the Victoria  Tourist Association has visited the  most populous centres in the east and  enlightened the,_residents thereof as to  , the special advantages offered by Vic-  Driver Coulter Asks tor  an;toria from a. toor^ point of yie>v  TO BE SETTLED  IN COIJET  Injunction.  Samuel E. Coulter has begun action  in the Supreme Court on behalf of  himself ami all other ratepayers against  John Houston as mayor. it is inllie  form-of an application foi- an injiinc-  tion to restrain Mayor Houston, from  interfering with Coulter in the discharge of liis duties as driver for the  lire department. Application ;is also  made.'' lor an injunction to * restrain  Mayor Houston fiom^interfering or at-  Tally-hos have been purchased, boats  have heen built, and bathing places  i have been provided, and every atten ���  tion given to anything that might.add  to the comfort and -pleasure of visitors  There are three or four music halls  that provide light entertainment for  the visitors, and altogether the capital  city has branched out as an ideal tourist resort. The citizens bane subscribed  liberally towards the expenseof making preparations for the visitors, aiid  they are now reaping their harvest.  At  _    .       , . , ���_.   ���   ��� Vancouver similar preparations have  tempting to interfere with the  proper   ,  ���    , ���    , ,      .-_        -,'���__��� ��� - oeen made, and the results are equally  use of the seal ot the city under the di-     h .      _ -. -..*-  ���   ������ as satisfoctory.  recti.in of the city couneil.    In short a      ������ .  ' ���"_, ���.   -, ���      .,, ,    .    '      Nature has   provided  Nelson   with  Supreme Court judge will be asked to  ,.,. .  . ���"��� ,',,,- facilities unsurpassed as a tourist re-  delermine the powers held by a mayor -.-.  ,      ,    ,-,   ���-. .    ,,,, . ���_.    m,     sort, and already many visitors  have  under the Municipal Clau.-es Act.    lhe ,.,. ���.';,.:__ .���������..---  o;;..^:. ,*-,'��� ���'���--'������       '"..'  discovered what the people themselves-  mayor has interpreted the act to mean . " .  '���',:     ,. .    ,,     r',..."-'". no not appear to  have  vet   realized���  that his powers are practically.without ,        '   ���,.....       .  ,,'-..       ,    '������;-��� ..   ,,        .7,;   -namely that Nelson   stands Second to  hunt; that he can  override the will of  the iii.-joiity.of tlie.council ; that the  majority of the council'liasno power.  It is safe to assume that no other man  in British Cokimbia holds the same  views as 'Mayor Houston, and if tiie  interpretation he places upon the act  is the right one, according tothe tothe  Supreme Cuiirt judge before whom the  proceedings w ill be argued, the .duty  of the majority of the council is plain  -a-they must resign in order to preserve  their self-respect. Tlieir presence at  the-council hoartl.. wi.uld be simply to  pe ipetuate a lalliiciotis idea that their  ^ii'esejice^there'wastirbeusefulandMiot"  ornaiiieiital. '1 hat they \\ ill do so we  have not the slightest doubt. Tooirry  Mr. Houston's idea lo its logical conclusion, majorities in either the Provincial -Legislature or Domini.n House  of Commons arc siijiei iluous. The result of the injunction proceedings will  b) watched with' inU-rest by other  municipalities iu British (/Vlumbia. If  it is determined that the mayor is supreme, there will be little use in selecting aldermen or councillors in future���  the mayor or reeve will be the whole  show himself.  was feared that he Iiu.il been stolen. Bu'  itch was not the case.   The other tl.iy  A  George  Kurt/,  received  a   postal card  'rom   Mr.   Turner at Loudon, and on  his card was aii admirable picture of  the favorite dog.-.  On   tlie side in view  was emblazoned   the   mystic   letters,  "J. A.  T.,"  and   it was also   noticed  th it around    his    neck   were    sus-  psnde.l   innumerable   prize  tags,   all  o" which told their own story.     It appears tint Mr. Turner had him secictiy  o mveye I to Londo i, and there en'e ed  him    ; t   the   var'o'.ts   kennel   shows  under an assumc^Jiunie, his fume having-readied  the w.irlil's   in itrop.dis.  He swept everything tie fore him, aid  Miv Turner   was. olfered   a   fabulous  price for his pet, but;-positively refused  to dispose of hi in at any figure.     He  lias taken   everya.precaution  for   his  THE LAOBOSSE  'MATCH  The Contest Between Nelson  and Cranbrook.  that future celebration committees can  profit by the lessons taught this year.  ' The old-line features can no longer be  regarded in the light of attractions.  What the people want nowadays is  novelties.      The    flower    show   was  j something new and drew a crowd;  the lacrosse match, while notn novelty,  The lacrosse match last Saturday be-1,* on U,e ,ine of ����'��W"ons that at-  twecn  Cranbrook and  ^bison  shows   tract tbe crowds-     This was conc,u-  whut can  be done by playing inter-  si vely established by the gate receipts         mediates instead of sending away for   Ver^ few PeoPIe were interested in the |^^^  p'avers.  There we.e four inu. mediates   [>asebaU  matches,   at    least    the  at-  >',  NUMBER  'AL  QUEEiO 7GLISH  TRAMP  Spends   Life  Dodging Work  and Picking Up Odd Facts.  safety, three-Scotland Yard detectives  being on guard alt the tithe. Mr.  Turner expects to Ipttirn in time for  the Nelsi.il Fair, anil the dog will be  one of the features of the exhibition.  on tlie Nelson learn, and while it cannot he claimed for them that they  played as strong a game as some of the  seniors, no one will conte.id t!'a* they  did not put up just as clean lacrosse as  was ever seen in Nelson. They lacked  confidence, but this will  come with a  tendance seemed to indicate a lack of  interest; the football match, which  was really a good one, failed in thesame  respect, and of many of the other  events the same could be said. The  cantata hi the evening was a great attraction, and an event of this character  few matches, and when  it does^ come \ wH1 staild repetition next year.    Tbe  The season for tourists is at hand,  and already quite a number;-' have arrived here to take advantage of the  unprecedented' opportunities offered  by the surrounding district as adesir-  able summer resort. '  Willi the warm weigher a large number of citizens have left tlie city, and  are now to be found in tents allaiotig  the lake shore. This year more than  the usual number will avail themselves  of the pleasure of a few weeks' residence in tents.        ���>'  The many friends of A. H'Clements  deeply regr.t the circumstances that  have compelled his removal from Nelson. * Mr.') Clemeiiis -was one of/.the.  pioneers oi .this' cttw^huid his��honesty  and integrity secured for him the respect and esteem of his fellow citizens.  no other place in the world as a plehs- I In his departure Nelson loses an cnler-  ure resort.    \ We have here everything j prising, energetic bm-iness man.  that should  attract  visitors  from the  overcrowded centres ofthe east.   Every  tourist vvho has. visited us, has  borne  testimony as  to tlie grandeur of the  scenery, excellence of the li.^liing, etc.,  and these visitors have done more than  we have ourselves  to tit tract attention  to.the Kooronays.   -But lhe  <|iiestion  is, what have the people done themselves?     Have  we dnie everything  that could possibly be done, to make it  pleasant.for the strangers within  our  gates?     Have  we advertised "tlie ad  vantages possessed by Nelson as a tourist resort? The answer to ihe last  question would seem ..to be that we  failed lamentably in the matter of intelligent adse.tiaiug. Lv.-rj visitor  who conies here tells us that Nels<)1i  is  v     ....  unknown to the outsid-world.  There should be a lemeily for this,  and it is incumbent upon us to find  that remedy at once and apply it. Nelson! was designed by nature to become  one of the grtatest'recreation resorts  in the world, and  it remains with the  I       \        .  people to assist nature iu making it so.  II. M. Walker, of tlieE.idorby Eden-  ograpli, has transferred his paper to  Messrs. W. and II. Fraser, the former  of whom is now editing.the Armstrong  Advertiser. '- Mr. Walker states that  for more than six months a proposition  has been before hiin ulnu.i the lines of  life culture and physics, and that lie  has only been waiting, to find the right  man to take hold of the p;i-per at En-  perby.  JOHN TURNER'S DOG  The Washington  newspaper forrea-  p.iiidents now  making  a tour of Bri-  \\ih Cohimi in, \i ill reach Nelson next   Has Carried   OS All the Prizes  at  Monday evening.     Th.se   gomU'iueii           the London Kennel Shows,  represent nearly all-the leading news-' ���   Thesccond production of the cantata,  "Rose Maiden" at the the Exhibition.  Building last Saturday evening," was  quite as arceptableas the first presentation. The big building was crowded,  and tlie frequent outbursts of applause  was the best evidence of the appreciation in which Mr. Macdonald'* work  is held in this cily. Mrs. Briggs and  Miss Crowley carried ill*the honors of  the evening.  Nelson can go up against any team iii  this Province with every assurance of  winning.    This is the first  year the  seniors have pursued  the policy of filling up their team with intermediates,  and the result, of the match last Satur-  day has shown   the wisdom of   the  change.     In  future,the. intermediates  will.work with  the hope of getting a  place on the senior team, and this will  be aii  incentive for. constant practice.  Besides it arouses more  local interest  in a match when "all  the players: are  known  to the., spectators.    .That the  Cranbrook team  was stroug   no one  denies, but it was composed of players  selected from the various towns along  the   Crows   Nest, and   itwas   noticed  that many of the players.did "not even  boast of a speaking acquaintance with  other members of the team. , Notwithstanding the fact thatNelsoli was playing against this composite team, they  had the game.all in their own hands  until the  last quarter, the score  then  standing four to two in favor of Nelson.  In'.th'e.last quarter' Cranbrook '.played  in  good  luck and  was able .to score  twice,   thus  making   tho result  a tie.  Joe Thompson   was everywhere, and  never  failed   to   get the   ball.   -.The  brothers Jclfs played with all thejr old  time determination and vim.    Perrier  never  played  better,  and Jamicson's  .catching, shouting; and-'running  was  irreproachable.       In  the  opinion   of  many  McCulloch was the best  player  on the  field.     He caught everything  that came in   his direction  and  uever  lost  his head.     A team composed  of  men   like McCulloch   would   beat the  world.     The intermediates were 'Itoy-  .Sharpe.H^-Wdhnot^Steed.Jlay^Ball'and-  Sam Car ley.    Sharpe isa hard man to  committee have learned by experience  what the public wants, and as the public pays for it, the committee should at  least make an effort to meet the popular  demand.  The Nelson Gun Club is holding its  regular weekly shoot at the the Stanley  street traps this afternoon. -  Provincial Assessor Lucas, whohas  been working in this district the past  week or so, left this morning by the  Crow boat for Calgary.  ��� The C. P...R. has Arranged an excursion for Sunday afternoon. The  boat will make a four hour trip, lasting  from 2 p. m. until 6, nnd the price  charged Will be 50 cents.     -  The Vancouver Board Of Trade has  [-passed a resolution urging the Provincial Government to refuse any proposal  from the Dominion Goyenrment to  consider the..".withdraw! of the Statute  imposing a -tax upon commercial  travellers, tintil the Dominion Gov-,  eminent shall have placed a duty on  lumber and shnigles, which has so  often, and justly, been asked for, tliat  our chief industry may benefit by inter-  Provincial trade as the Act of Confederation intended."  Next week at the Opera -House the  Sherman-Piatt Stock Company will be  seen in several pieces new to Nelson  audiences. --The pieces decided upon  are "Shall We Forgive Her?" for Monday and Tuesday evenings ; "Sherlock  Holmes," Wednesday and Thursday;  ^AV-hcn^We.H=H_Were--T-wenty-Gne,''-Fri-  day and Saturday. This company has  check, and his playing brought forth j .'cen playing in the Territories during  recognition, rrom the spectators in the .the past couple of months, and Ins  shape of applause. Itay Ball fought "ecu well spoken of by the press and  hard ami did ionic very effective work, 'public. Popular prices will prevail  Wilmot Steed required all the attention [ throughout the engagement,  the   Cranbrook defense could  beslow  upon him. He had a hard check, but  held'his--own.' Sam Carley was in  goal, and did everything lo keep the  Cranbrook home from scoring, and  succeeded fairly well. From a spectator's point of view, it was the best  At the last meeting of the Kaslo city j game ever witnes. ed in Nelson. The  council, Aid. Giegerich introduced the play was rough in spots, and I.eferec  matter of a high school. There is at -Buggins was compelled to interject a  present only one high school class in feW objections to the unduenggressive-  Kaslo and the pupils who have passed ness of some ol'the pi tyers Cranbrook  into the higher grade have to stop go- J might well dispense with the luxury  ing to school or be sent ont to a board-   nfa field captain.    He talked too much  ing school.     The adding   of   higher  to be of any assistance to the team  grades to the school would entail   the  expense of another teacher.    The new  papers and   i.eriodieals wf the United      The do^' presented to John A Turner  States, ami  a'e in  a pn,iiion~ to do a liy his many admiring friends  in Nel-  great deal for Ihe varii us places visited, son just previous  to  his departure for ' school  act  provides   that  city schools  H I I <  They  have   been -entertaiue I  in   tlie England has  been  heaid  from again.' shall receive lofio for each teacher em-  various towns and eitie.^. of  the North- It   will  be   remembered   tliat in   the1 ployed.     This would leave  about $400   A Creditable Celebration in  Every  DOMINION DAY.  west Territories and Br.tish Colunibia hurry of his departure l'or the Old' in be provided nut of local funds. Mr,  lhey have visited, and express them- Country the dog had been forgotten. Giegerich expressed himself as willing  s-t-lvcs as highly pleased'w-tlh   the  re-   At least this was  the charitable coir-   to put up a good part of this amount  Respect.  The celebration  of   Dominion   Day  The Gibbons case at Victoria* took u  strange turn this week. The case was  to hsvecome up last Tuesday morning,  but it was discovered that Mecredy,'  the man who had beeu assaulted, had  skipped out, ami lefta letter explaining that he did not wish to prosecute,  and    making   other    assertions   tiiat  plainly go to prove he is a cur of the  lowest character. lie was arrested at-  Vancouver and taken back to Victoria,  and will remain iu jail until the (rial  comes on, if he cannot get a Supreme  Court judge to grant, him bail.  The concert given in the Baptist  Church last Wednesday evening was  well altended. The programme was  one well calculated to give plensure to  any audience! Miss Crowley, who has  now become a prime favorite with Nelson audie:>'>'>'=. 'rive two solos, the lirst  ception they have tei-e! wd.    It is to be struction   placed   upon   it,   although   himself and thought that an arrange-' was a success, and the committee   has , "He Was a Prince," and   the second,  hoped   that lhey will not  have reason there are mahy who will not be shaken   ment could be made between   the city  every reason to feel proud of what was  "Nita."   These were well received and  to complain of their tteatnient  while in   their   belief that the animal was  and the parents of children attending accomplished.     The (lower show at-   brought forth rapturous applause. Mrs.  ii. the Kootenays, and it would be well spirited away   by some covetous dog   high   school    classes   by   which   the   traded a large number of visitors to the j Mclnnes also sang several times.and  fur the Tout i.-lA>sociat ion to see_to it . fancier.   However, the day following   necessary expense could be met.    Jua  city, and   while there  may have  been : was heard to  great advantage  in her  lhat tlu-y aao supplied with all the in- Mr;!Turner's departure, the dog was  case of   this kind   the   trustees have some complaints as to the decisions of duet with Miss  Crowley.      Mr.  Bod-  fi .final ion available as to the capahil. discovered wandering  around   in an  bower to charge tuition fees for pupils the judges, no one is bold enough   to mer, at the piano. Miss Newcotube, in  ities of tlMTdistiict fiom every jxiint of aimless sort of a way, and  he was i in-  who attend^ the high  school classes,  declare that they were not honest in   recitatlons,e Mr. Shanks, In humorous  view.      The   excur-ioi>  Id under tl.e mediately forwarded   l��y   express   to  This Mibject will probably be taken up   making   the  awards.     Tiie   lacrosse,, selections, and Mis3 Lily Oliver inu  the globe is composed  would   break j guidance of Mr. Geo. H. Ham, C. P. K. that gentleman  to Winnipeg.   Alter   up by the city council and school board  match waa perhaps the greatest source solo, completed a really delightful pro-  through where the crust ib weakest    promoter of-publicity. this he wits lost sight of, and again   it   and some course of action decided on.   of interest, and here it might he said  gramme.  Cursed���or perhaps one should say  blessed���with  a  stroug  aversion   for  manual labor and possessed of an In-  thirst for knowledge, William  Singleton has gone through life dodging work and picking up information.  At 01 fame has been  thru:-t upon him  and he has been acclaimed throughout  England   ' as     the     " Encyclopedic  Tramp."   His   renown came to liim  unsought through a brief incarceration  in^Knutsford jail, where he had been  confined for committing the heinous  crime of existing without any ' vislbli  means of support."  The.police found In his possession a  couple of memorandum books in  which, in ; encil, be had recorded ?a  vast amount of statistical informtit'o:i  and out of the way facts. He said that  he had, hidden away; something likea  score of similar volumes in which be  had jotted down all sorts of scraps of  information that he had gleaned in the  course of his wanderings. He haaa  profound and thoroughly catholic  reverence for facts and figures. ��� ���  In the books which were subjected  to police scrutiny were noted, among   other things, the exact heights of the  world's greatest giants and smallest  dwarfs; the days and hours at which  all the great institutions of Londoil  are open free to the public ; the height*  of the largest monuments, the spans of  the biggest bridges, the population of  world's biggest cities, the number of  letters in the Bible���3,671,489, according to tha. tramp���tbo-ocenn- record of  every liner, and the time occupied in  conveying the mails from one part of  the globe to another.  He was not content with merely  cribbing facts. On one page he had  worked out a calculation from data he  had obtained, proving to his own satisfaction at least, that every trip of the  Oceanic meant a return of $35,000. It  illustrates the diversity of subjects in  Which he took an interest that on the  next page he noted that London consumes "7,133,114,770 gallons of water a  year, and had left a blank space following in which to record, when 1 e  was fortunate enough  to come _across   the information, how much it cost to  satisfy her thirst for stronger  drinks.  Singleton picked up most of his information at free reading rooms, which  he always visited at whatever town 1 e  sojourned, and he has never waste I  any of his time on fiction. In fact, Le  confided to the police that bethought  peoplo ought to be sent to jail who  wrote books about things that we.e  not true or else be compelled to take  out licenses for lying ami thereby relieve the burden of taxation on the  poor.  It was found that most of the facts-  the queer fellow hud gleaned he hud  committed to uio'iiory during the intervals of leisure lie enjoyed between  his foraging or begging expeditions for  meals. Though he asserted that h.  valued knowledge for its own sake, he  confessed that he frequently contrived  to convert it into cush.  Familiarity with railway speed records had often earned him bread and  cheese. And once he had made a con-  vival swell treat him to a regular blowout by proving that his notions as tothe relative size of London and New  York were erroneous. He says that he  ought to have Inherited wealth and a  title. Then loafing would have involved no disgrace, aud as an "encyclopedic peer" he would be regarded as a  credit to the nobility.  "But as I can't be a belted earl," be  adds. "I prefer to be a blooming  tramp. That comes about next to it  fora downright easy job."  / __n_Hn_-_____i_��H--_apH---a__j.  tria3r?^^,v;:^'^'3S1aae.vif7'M - *..  THE NELSOH ECONOMIST  TBE1ELSfli:EC0I0MIST^'M-tlTu:irr.|fflE  Published every Saturday afternoon at  -Vkrnon Street. Nelson, C. C.  $1 Per tor Strictly in 'Advance  Advertising rates made known on application.  All changes'In adve.-U.se.apnU to insure  Insertion should reach this ollice not luli-r  than Thursday, I'i o'cloet.  "When change of address is required, II is  deal r ib le that both the old address und the  new b<- si ven.  Addresn all communications. " Publishm-  of Thjc Nelson Kcososiist. Nelson. ��. C'  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  _**. J. Deane has returned from the  Ccast, ar.d now the assassination of  John Houston   may be expected to  proceed  with the  dignity such  an  event should inspire.      It i.s understood that during his absence at tlie  coast  Mr. Deane   has  carefully investigated the latest and at the same  time safest methods of assassination.  He  interviewed  several expert assassins, ai;d finds  that in this as in  other branches of science there is a  wide divergence of opinion.   Everyone  interviewed,  however,   agrees  that the  old methods  ot  guns, revolvers  and swords  are  no longer  ���desirable.;       These   weapons   are  neither sure ncr satisfactory in Reii-  eral results.    The razcr ir still held  in high  esteem,but only with   the  colored  race,  which  precl-d.s  i s  employment   by* the   editor��� _f   a  highly respectable -newspaper.   The  ".Latin races c-xpicss a niaik.d   pre^  Je'-'ence for  the stiletto, but   it is a  so'tnewhat difficult matter to procure  a stiletto these days.     The preponderance of orinioti is  on tbe side of  poison���seme inclining  to  strychnine and others to  arsenic or prus-  6ic acid. '    A* few believe iu chli.ro-  fcim  where the desire is to make  the final dissolution painless, which,  of course precludes iis  use--in  the  case of Mayor   Houston.      In the  event  of   poison   being  employed,  the next question will  be the  best  means  of  administering    it.      On  this point also there is a wide divergence of  opinion ;   but   the mode  more generally in vogue  is the im  pregnation  of cai.dy with arsenic.  Mr. Deane, while he inclii.es somewhat to  this method of assassination, feels that it  is  lacking in oii-  Tgiual i lyTafidToresees" t her di fii cu 11 y  that-might arise in. securing  Mayor  Houston's  hearty   co-operation   to  the extent of getting the latter to  ��eat the candy.    While there is reason  in   both  objections, il is quite  probable that this, will he the procedure   finally  'determined   upon ;  although it would   be just like'the  mayor to exercise his prerogative of  a thirtv-day veto  and  thus  at  the  last moment upset all  the .prii.jslak-  ings  arrangements  tb.it have been  made to secure for him as   peaceful'  and  expeditious    a   takinjj-off   as  could  possibly   be devised by  the  best qualified experts  in their line.  Of one thing, however, ihe  public  can rest assured, lhe  ascas-itiaiion  of John Houston will be carr;ed out  in a   .manner   that- will   reflect the  highest credit ou Mr. Deane and the  great   paper   with which   he   is associated. -  $545'456.��5 3. being an average or  S3-.**5 Per every man, woman and  child in the Dominion. These figures represent only money we know  about without making any allow-'  ance for that deposited with private  bankers, lo-in companies, trust companies, or that kept in hiding placs.  Such facts as these show that in  proportion to its population, Canada  is the most prosperous country in  the world.''  Ladles9 Finest-TannedOxfordStioes  Low Return Rates  In an outburst of candor that is  really sublime, the Tribune boasts  "that it hss helped feed some ol'the  dirtiest scrubs that ever walked in  shoe leather." This was suspected  by the public for some time, but it  was not expected that the evening  paper would so openly endorse the  generally expressed opinion of the"  citizens of Nelson. ���  -TO^r-  Portland,   Ore.,  Exhibition  Ne'stp,. Rossland, Boundary  . ��a DAY-T.\iri.  Via Vancouver, Victoria  f.'iin-cspoiiiliiij,   ratcH   from   nil   Kootcnny  point*.  Goodyear Welt,   Very Best  *     ValueA  '  "    A good safe investment is to buy a few shares iu the  The MarooHi Wireless Telegraph Go.,  anada, limite  ������j  Your opportunity for a good bargain is rght now, and if a if a practical shoemaker don't know when he is giving his customers their  raonev's worth then who does. " ' ������  Kor full imrtlnuliirs. first cIiirs or t mrtst  s'.ui-por reiervalioiin, upply to lucul agent* o,"  write  It is generally understood that  Lieut.-Governor Joly will be retained inJiis present office for another   year   and   possibly  another  Oa . a--.  term. His administration has been  satisfactory to nearly every man,  woman and child in I'rilish Columbia. There are one or two exceptions, of course.  On June 30th. the Toronto Telegram somewlrt facetiously remarked : " 'Twas just such a day  to-morrow nigh forty years ago that  \Vilfrid Laurier made Canada. .A  Nation.",  J. S. CA.KTER,  DlKt.l'uss. Agt..  N��1boii.  E.J. COY Mi,  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver  West Kootenay Butcher Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  , Mayor Houston has laid it dawn  as au incontrovertible "statement of  fact," that there is no limit to his  authority.  PRESS'COMMENT.  General Manager Stewart of the  Sovereign Bauk of Canada. Montreal, and one of the leading financial  authorities of the Dominion, is  quoted as saying: " Ih actual  money in the 1 auks there is probably r.o rati< n in the wcr'.d ibal  outstrips Canada. The total annum  efmenty actually at the credit of  the jeople of Canada in the govern-  jD_t-_t ei.d post oflice savings banks.  AH.er.ni will now take the place  of Mniichuiia, as .the field where  the warlike op.rations of two great  political parties will be watched  wiih absorbing interest by the  people of British Columbia. Both  candidates are fc.ood men, and both  sides will put up a stiff fight. The  odds are, if anything, in favor of  Mr. -Manson, the Conservative  candidate, vvho is widely and favpr-  tably known, not only in Nanaimo,  but all over ihe Island.    '.  Mr. Hugh- Aiiken, editor of the  "N"aTiaiino=l! erald'psecured^the^Lib-  eral-jiomin.-ition at the Alberni con-  >...,. . - ,-  vention ou Thursday, There,.were  several Riehtnouds in the field���f  Victoria's! own and only R. L.  .Drury having youe up on the 2Qth  to g-l the nomination for Mr- King  of Alberni, and being ably assisted  by Messrs. Water house of Alhern ,  Brewster of Clayoquot, and others,  However, lhe final choice narrowed  down lo Messrs. Bledsoe and AiU  ken, the' latter winning out by three  voles.  Were this a political papor. we  might ask why the Liberals are contesting this constituency. As it is,  we will content'ourselves with wondering. The Liberals have been  \ cllii.tr themselves hoarse about the  presence of two Socialists in the  House���put there by the Libersls  themselves ���and their own papers  say that, it Mr. Manson is elected,  the alleged strength of the Socialists  will be broken. Then why, in the  name of patriotism, don't they let^  liim go in by acclamation ? He  will go in anyhow, and it would  save a lot nf expense. But what is  the good of talking common sense  nr patriotism to a Liberal ?  Tlie excellent conditions prevail  ing in ibe Province ; the increased  ..ctivily   iu   railroad   aud    mining  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  E. C. TRAVES: Manager  Latest Styles  and Best Makes  of Men's Shoes.  Capital Stock $5,000,000. Fully Paid and Non-Assessable.  Par Value shares, $5 each. *   No Bonds or Preferred Stock.  Can Buy from One Share up.  Apply to  T.G. PROCTER.  WARD ST.  NELSON. B. C.  ;.Fi  Nelson, B. C.  iT-he largest exclusively Wholesale  Liquor  House in   the interior  Hugh McCausland  Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  In Pints and Quarts  .i--. Daws -u's "Extra,Special" Scotch.    Granda Cigars.  �� .Mitchell's Heather Dew Scotch etc.    Earl of Minto etc.  A full.line of imported and domestic Liquors and Wines.  +9+++99+++9+9+++'+++9+++++++444+9+++4+++4++++++++99++\  I BARTLETT  HOUSE l  i.     :������������'  ...        (Formerly Clarke House)   :.:  The best 91 per day house In Nelson.      None but white help employed    Tlie  circles.; the fact that the West Coast  of Vancouver Island is busier with  its mines than has been the case for  many a day���all point to the fact  that the improved credit of the Province, due to the careful financial  policy of the Government, is having  its due effect on capital, which now  begins to come in. In ^ British Columbia's case, better .'.Government  has' already begun to spell better  times.���Victoria Week.  The City Improvement society-is  after the dogs. It is the "homeless  cur" the society is particularly after,  .__]i?._iLi_,_22djyLfa____ii-_'-"?_��� 7 But  it is lhe well fed thoroughbred with  a good home that causes most of the  damage to flower beds and la\vns.  for the simple reason that there are  rnore of him. But if the society  succeeds in inducing the council to  pass a l.y-Uiw to keep. r\3. dogs off  the streets, \h�� citizens Will Ijave  good reason to he thankful. Jt.st'  now it looks very much as, if a, dog  with a U\g was supposed lo Ue licensed to ph\y hoo. with lawns and  flower beds without let or hindrance,  ���Hamilton Spc-tato'r,  A western, coroner has made a  savage attack upon the train rules  iti use on the Canadian Pacific rail-.  way. The train rules in use on the  Canadian Pacific are the mles used  on all the big railways of this continent. They are the result of  years of earnest study and experience of scores of the ablest operating railway men on the continent.  Every once in a while, however,  they run up.ogainst some learned  outsider,-who would, be feased to  describe .the .difference-between a  blind end baggage car and a sema  phore, and are denounced as useless.  It is not tbe fault of the rule, but  lack of its observance by men who  are fully acquainted with it tliat is  at fault.���Montreal Gazelle,  ^ bar the, 1.est. ;..'���..���,.  I g.w. bartlett:^R^RRi^k f  ���J 9+++++++ +.+++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++9 ���*���.  $1 per  day and up  _U I LL    No Chinese Employed  :"*       AUGUST THOMAS> PROPRIETOR*  CORNER   HALL   AND   VERNON    STREETS,   '    (JH Oflll   DP  TWO BLOCKS FROM WHARF, ^LLQUllj  Ui  U  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  EAT M ERG HANTS  Head Office Nelson, B-C.  4~'> -4-9  T m  f CLOTHES    CLEANED    AND  MENDED  rehfe; &Ay\fninp;Ma,d^nd 'RepairiNi.;^'~  l  OVER J. H. WALLACE'S STORE, NELSON, B. C.      ���_  9 7    OVER J.  H.  WALLAGE'.S STORE, NE LSON, B. C.      9  4{-474-4-4-4-4-4-4-4^~4���9-4_ '4-.9r4-4-4r4-4-4rr4A9~4-4-4  CHOQUETTE BROS., Proprietors  Genuine  Quebec. Maple' Syrup.    :��� Sole   Manufacturers  of  Mother's Bread, - " '  Store : Baker St., between Stanley a.;d Ward.  Branch   Markets   in   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,-Thro  Folks, New Denver and Slocan City:  Orders by Mail to any branch will have prompt  and careful atten  tion.  We are authorised agents for- the Side, of  the Nelson Electric -Tr^niwqy Company's  lotsi, and will quote p.ri����s and terms on application.  it Pays to Dea! with Rutherford  Fly Poison, Tanglefoot, Insect Powder, Moth  Balls, Paris Green, Blue Stone, Hellebore, Whale^Oil  Soap, Ouassa Chips and all the Sprays for Rose  Bushes and Fruit Trees. A"-A  Loofahs, 3 for 25c.    Better than Sponges.  Wm. Rutherford, Druggist  PHONE Aa 14  NIGHT PHONE B? 14  WARP STREET. NELSON. B. C.  hQlQgripMr  Vancouver and Kelson  BAKER STREET. NELSON, B. C. .  ���_    ..   ...   ..   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  ... "... - >.   ...   .. ���,���,   ..,   ...   ,.,   ,.,   ...   ...   ...   ...   ,���,   ,��,   ,*.   A  \m. TEA. STRAGHaNl  f '��� ������ a;   " .:     - -A   . -  ' /  I       Plumber angl Gasfitter    ".' I  f Es;timate�� Given  on General  PIui-nbmg,,  r  '@^'w@f. Gonn.eeticns, Etc.  Bak.Qr Streei near Ward  Street,  Nelson.       f  At the Auction Mart Siturdiy night at 7.30 o'clock.  Another  consignmen.t'has arrived of High-Grale Canadian   Made  Boots.  j. Green^Auctioneer  Baker Street  Nelson. B. C.  Builder and  Contractor  Estimates given on stoue, bricl i -  aud woodwork. j-Briek and Lime for Sale THE   NELSON AEGONOMIbr  ��� 1        !������     ��� -I  'gggsaraasBa-ie^^  *?  &  /  >������ir-A  OC  r ��� a  SALE  a  2  i  For Cash Only  During the month of July we are taking stock,  and find that we, are   over-stocked in some lines.     On  these we are offering a discount ranging from  20 to 5o Per Gent off the Regular Prices  -A GENUINE SALE and GENUINE BARGAINS  A Call Will Repay You.  Mail. Orders  Promptly Filled.  da D rug &  *_____ESSSfn3SS!?-__����____--__  sAe��>��s^=^i_��HEBraH!w?.-;-s?;s��{!*"-  Breaking the  Bank at  Mont��  Carlo.  SK-NATORCHAUNCST M. J.EPE*"  recently  visited dentil  Carlo' Qi  his wedding Journey, and watched  Lord. Rosslyn    attempt  to  break   tht  bank. "Everybody," lie say3, "is laugh  Ing at the earl'3 so-call-id system.   Hi  announced In England that ho.had ar  Infallible system, and oiily needed SjO,-  C00 to r.iake it go.  'People tumbled ove.  each other to give hiin Uis money.   II'  began    playing    with    thousand-fran.  notes.    When   I   left   ha   was 'playlnj  with flve-franc pieces.   't was told tha  all but about $5,000 of the $50,000  wa;  gone.   There ls no such thing as break  Ing the bank at Monte Carlo.    A ma:  who 'has lived in the pl3.cn merely as :  resident   for  years   told   me  the   gam  bling-houso paid retiii-aj_as_iegular__a;.,  dividends   on   the   New   York   Contra  Railroad.   I suppose tiiere are ten rou  Jette-tables, and each table is a banl  with a capital of $120,009.    IE you  wli  all   its   capital   that   particular   tab'tt  closes for the day to got a change o'  luck.    That   ls   all   tho   bank-break!..!  there Is. You would have to go throug)  all the other tables���roulette, rouge-et-  noir,   and    trente-et-quatantn ��� bcl'oi-i  you close up the concern, and there an  several   of  each.    They  are  a  dlsma'  looking lot���the players.   I never saw  o_�� of  them  Rniile,  and   the   winner:  looked as miserable as the loanrs.   Nobody s;et��  away' vrlt). any mosey,  m  matter h��w much he wlni.   At Itxist It  is  very rare.    I  saw  one  mini  bcglr  With a. thousund-franc note���$200.    H<  played and   won���doubled   hist  money:  played,   and   won   again,   ami     agulr  doubled,   He kept on until he had wot  about $24,000.   Then he started resolute,  ly to go out.   At the door he stopped  hesitated, and turned b-ick.   lie sauntered -over to the table, and looked 01.  at tho game for a while.   Then he buttoned  up   his  coat  again,   with   great  decision, and started out with  a linr  stride.    But he could not ��� posltlvelj  could not get throxigh tho door.    Tin  last I saw of hiin he was playing- awaj  again, and  the $2-1,000 was going pell-  mell back Into the gambling-house coffers.   I did see one tnnn, however, wlr.  and go away with his money.   He \va>.  a  very  rich  man,   as  I   happened   tc  know, and Just played for fur., not caring whether ho won or nat.    Ho had  astonishing  luck.    The  samo   numbet  came  up  Ave times In  succession���ar  unusual.thing.   It made a great sensation in the room, and people gathered  about.   At the fifth turn of lho number he swiped ln everything from  the  table,  and   poked   away  the  wads   01  French    banknotes   Into -hl3   poelceti  right ar.d 1-eft. .He won about $5,000 lr.  a very few moments."  1 to hand; wllich, Tt Is _ope<T, wIIT ad.  enlightenment, as well as ccnsolattor:  . to any benighted Benedict, who has ex.  perienced this idiosyncrasy. It appear.-  that the reason'a woman cannot aln  straight Is on account of her _collai  bone being too large to. enable her t-  acquire a free swipe of the arm. Thi:  simply shows that when kind Providence "sent.--woman into*'the void fo  man to lavish his affections and earn  lngs-upon, everything was .beautiful':  and systematically thought out. Ha:  woman been physically constructed ��i.  that her shying powers were, equal t.  those of man, husbands would hav.  had. a mighty busy time of It dodgln.  things generally. Thanks to that sa_n  Providence, however, worna.a can stil  throw her lily-white arms round ou  manly necks and hit the bulf's-wye ev  ery time.  No matter what the World may say  .About a woman throwing straight  Dame ,_ff_ature_bul.lt Jiiw;Ljust_t*_at.way__  That   man might    dodge    her whet  _      -irate. .  Her collar-bone consoles kir '.itlll  In formulating Hi-le plans  To "collar" and to "bone" at wl .J  'Host everything of simple'anan'ju  Lost the Case.  Why Women Can't Throw  Straight.  !T has often been a source' of wondoi  to married men that their wive;  should invariably hit the cat, 01  some other inoffending object, whar  aiming bootjacks and other missiles ir.  their; dijecthjji,   4p extv1a21s.tlon.is non.  "Sometimes," said a prominent  lawyer, who was giving some reminiscences of his .pro-tosionaj career, "lease Is won or lpst for you  right in the court-room without your  lifting your (inger���or rather, your  voice.'  "I \yas once counsel fer the plaintiff  In a suit for Infringement of. trademark.. Sly client made a brand of  chewing-gum p_t up in a ilue wrap-"  per. This wrapper had been widely  advertised, and was a good thing to  catch the eye in a candy counter. The  defendant had got up a pretty close  Imitation; at a distance It looked the  same, although the words were different, and nothing was copied except  the general appearance^'1 which ls, for  advertising pu1 poses, half the value of  % distinctive label.  "The opposing counsel made 'out a  pretty good case, showing that In  wording, the shape of the letters, and  other points, 'his ���client's wrapper was  different from the plaintiff's.  " 'Why,' he said, picking up on��  wrapper and showing It to the Jury,  'would anyone "mistake this wrappsr  for that of the plaintiff? ;See,' he continued, reaching -down for the other,  'they are entirely different.'  "I told him to hold the two Just as i*  had them. He paused at ihy interruption, wondering what I was up to. HI*  wonder changed to confusion When li��  found that he had mistaken them  himself, and picked up my client's  wrapper first. It look two word* trots  me to win the c.*ts��."  SMOKE  THE   CELEBRATED  BRIAR  PIPES.  ^+*-**-****-*-#**��&$#-*^****^  ���#  ss  (fl  LU  Q.  <  X  (fl  O  z��  <  LU  -J  LU  I  H  Lu  O  LU  _>  o  0)  *Whii. preuc-h'x.ir from the text: "Ha  (rfvelh !.!.< belviveij sleep," a minister  ���aiot'ped in the middle of his sermon,  K. zr-d upon his dozing auditors, an^  _5id: "Brethren, '-t Is hard to reallza  the wondrous unbounded love the Lord  appsars to have for a good portion, ot  this congregation."  W. A Thurman  Depot for Briar Pipes, Nelson  SewingMachines and Pianos  For Rent and for Sale  Q d ruilGsli^fSliop, JosB^ine St. Kelson  ���  ���  4>  4>  Almost the toughest thing in the whole of creation is a "pinto" Broncho when he is in  -fig-hting-hnmor.r- ^___^_=_._____, =   Now his hide is just as tought as he is, and that part above his hips and back, is the very  toughest and most pliable--it is the "Shell."  That is the part used to make the famous "Pinto" Shell Cordovan Mitts and Gloves. *  Wind, rain, tear, rip, scorch and boil proof---almost wear proof.  Made only by  Montreal  Winnjpea  <*&  %  I   R. H. CARLEY. British Columbia Agent    t  $7.50 Per Ton  Delivered  All ortlerH must be accompanied by cash and should lie-forwarded  either personally or by mail to the office oJ  W. P. TIERREY, GENERAL AGENT tess
■■iy, 'jiMUCgfaH^jacw^*^
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Archdeacon Deer, of Kuslo, is in the
Mrs. Fret! Starkey ami (laughU-r will
spend the , summer months ut the
J. E. Annable lost 200 cord* of wood
hy a hush Hie yesterday in tlie m-'nh-
borhoud of Slot-tin Junction.
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Our stock of ror.venirs  is   most  complete  and   comprises  a.  +
Mrs. TCdwnrd Kerr lias left for a visit
tp In r relatives in (Jollingwnoil, Out.
tihe will he absent three months'.
llayden Stevenson, the poi'iil.-ir lending  man of  the Watson  Slock Com
pany, is  now play in k leads with  tin-
Sherman-riult Company.
David Jleliealh was i-xaiiiiii.il hr-
"'.forb'ReBistmrlJownmn this morning
Jn conneetiorTwith the West Konleimy
Tower & Light Company'- injuni-tim
proceediujis against the city.     ,
Nelson Opera Holism
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NOTICK is herein- Riven that. SO dnys nfter
.late, 1 Intend l,-> apply to tlio I'lilul" l.i.minis-
.ii.ncr of Lands nii'l   Worlis for a . peelsil II-
■ ii'iii'Otiiiiiit nml curry uwuy llmliHr li-om
ii'llnwiii"-   (lesi-rU,"il   lanes, situated  011
west   bank   of  llic   t;oluinljia   Kivor,   West,
k'oi■ lenity District:   CoiniiietHdiis at  a p<ist.
■ ua: kt-d, '-J 15. Htiilibs' K. K. Corner;'-., lu-.ini;
r.lic unrth-eastcoriii-r <>r 13. J. Clayton's tiniber claim, thence west-hi chains, thenee north
lliu chni'is, thenee cast. 10 clniinstotlicColuni-
ijin _ Western Kailwuy, tii«n«-e. south rollow-
li.« the Columbia & Western Kullway to the
tiointof commencement.
1 at. il at- Nelson,-is. C, the-Uh clay ol .fune,
I   B Sruiinp.
Wci.i.tAJi .-sruiiiw. Agent.
NOTICK is licreby given thnt thirty day- front
(lute, I intend  10 up   iv  tn the Lhief Commissioner of Lands and Work- fora apecial licence
the i to cut nnd carrv away timber from the follow-
Ihe ! ing described lunds in West Kootenay District
Sherman-Plan Stock Co.
Supporting: Mr.  Hayden K:e\elisor
A first-class  cornpair
first-class plajs     W'tu.
'. S'lCP't.ni
manager. Just closed a mree
month's engagement at Slierm-ii'-*
Opera Hatise, Calgary.,  .
Monday Night
NOTK'K in hereby given Hint. ::0 dors after
■late, 1 intend Uini>|>l.v to the Cliief Cnumis-
•ilohorof Lands ancl Works 1. r n si eji.il licence t» cut und carry away timber Irom the
followliv disirihed lands, situated on the
wet. bank <if the Columbia Itivcr. West
Kootenay District : Cnimvilclns at a post
ma riled "K. .i. Clayton's .■*.,>■ Corner,
ln-nce west f!.i eliains to K. >.. A Youngs
Umber claim, tlu-nce .south 1IW chains nl..ng
It V. A. Young's tiinb'.Tclaim, t'i; nee east fit)
i-l^ine tf>ilii>.t:<iliunbia. & Western l.tiiilway,
1 f 1C> 11(11 III f"lli>Vl I HIT IllO Coluiiiin 1 & U< <•!-
in Xt'lv.n 1>J ih.iliv>lo tin- point ot com-
'"piiNV^uVtlsou B C, the 4th i__i» of June.
1 "' E   J   CIA-MO.
We have just received the latest styles and designs of Ladies' White Blouses, Muslin, India Linen, tucked and* lace and insertion trimmed ; sizes 32 to 44 ; prices 75c, $i.co, $1.25, $1.50 and up.
Ladies'Shirt-Waist Suits
We   have a large range of above goods in all the  latest styles, including Organdy, Linen, Fancy Muslin,  Cotton Voiles, and
Crepe de Chine, Mohaiis, inall colors; prices ,?4-CO, $5. co $6. co and $io.co per suit. ,,
Ladies'Wash Skitts
I.-: White Pique, White Duch, Linen, al shades, lace and embroidery trimmed, $1.50 to $5.00.
Call and see our range of summer Muslin, Cotton Voiles—just the thing for shirt waist suits—from 15c a yard up.
A beautiful  story, well written
and carefully product*!.
Prices: 25c, 35c, 50c
Seats on sale
inoriiluglO a m.
ut   Opera Hot,-,"  Satuidjj
"SnlifC < f ("irnri ll Mil tingnf sli.iiilioldcisot
'Jin-Hiijcht T,lo':■l^^-t^tJOl^l   Minln™ and
Ikvi lopnu nt (.' ni! ••'■■• > I<ii"ittil
Ni flee ih hii(l>\ s iv  11 11 -it nBciuMil  meet-
,11'01 tin ^1   reho'iii i-,ol ilio iiiioM'iompunv
, fin'i'1.1 hi I" tt 0 , I M.^l.i   il- O Miei
II, UMi.n  lllr.U    r.itti   H1MJ   ^J"*-""'    c,i
•>n 1 n.l.n,il.'l.l~l il»lj   «f   »nl^   ,)   IV'1"'11
tin    Ik i.i  of 11  am,  lor I lie lolloping .ii'i-
l>o es
1   l.lKi'iif. (Uiedcis , .
>   ])!•-! 1 *-'Hg °1  '"   'tlioiv-lM1 <>r> 1Uiifr nun
Tril   <l\lm'   ti'ii""":   priu'lmlM   llic -iinie
1,1111.1   s w  s 1 hiihtU in;ni>n-cil wiliiin I he
1,1 n , 1   1   ('  mil-    1    im il*    '."•■'"ii   v,s , llie
xi nla in JUH v«.i.i.ii -U'CicUi iKurAniun,
*"..   M.ii.liipR_TjU__»»nciiti.ioHiiiUlntt'oi tct
tl,- 111 Iillt>llltffi-<>1 111. U«U.I|>11i>
|j.,|e<l >it \i In n.U CI'.Mj ho'5 f>» Ji'»C
A   li Til"'
« S TtU/n,
Notice To ttellnqoent Co-Owner
T<>Sold Ffcti'fscn, or to.un pci on 01-.id-sons
toVrliom lip 1111> l.nvi- Irnni-.eii' >'• h kintntrl
in the "Silmmlt" lnii'o il « 1 in 1,-nu m on
<_oon<rceK, in tli_ Nelso'i Mining 15i\imoii of
•West Koott n.iy: ,      , ,,„   ,
Yoti niiilfiieli of yon aiv lioicby noti.lcit
that I have cxi ended two liuii'UcU dollars in
Inentioncd claim in oi-di-i- lo Imlil
1lie said claim untlcr-• 11 c I'l-ovisions 01
tLe'Wincral Act. the wild nh ur btms done-
lortlu: year endiiiK ISHM.niul ir>.vlt!iii!'»liii;iJ'«
f.-om the date'of thin uot ice you Tail "r i-cUiue
to contribute your proportion ol' hik-Ii csimmi-
<llturi'B tOKctlior with all cunts olsidvijillsiiis.
vour IntcroKt in said ininchil claim will he-
tome the property of tin- iitiiliMvi(;n.d.uml.'r
acction 4 01 tlie" •'_!*.ueral a\L-t A:ncii..im.iH
Act,19«0." ,    _        -
Dated this Ctli day o] March. 1»h>.
UoB-iir.Y ltiii'iscn.
I herebv give notice thai !-ij;ty tliiys fiftcr
date.! Iiiluiul to..»PI'l.v to ,lhe I'ldi-r Coinm'*-
missioner of l."anils and  Worku tm'ii'-rmis.
ion to puri'hasoa tnict ot'laml Ir. W'-st lCoot-
enny dititrlct, ol" tlie-l'olliiwiiiir ili-sri ipiii'ii:--
BeKliiiiiiiK ntaiKiBt nnirlicd .1 .1 L'nmpliclt
B. VV. Corner, wliU-h is placed iiiljin-c: 1 I" the ,
N.-W. corner of lot fi:ioi). ruiinins tin r.-fiom
twentv eliaiiiK Xortli, thoilee mimi-ili'inti-ty
forty chains lCrtsl.llii-iicelweiilyi-liiiliiKSimth.
thenee forty ili'iins West to tin: i»'int,"f commencement, conlaiiiii.-g ..iippru-ihiml^l;,-
cijrhty acres. *        -    ■>'   ,-
«-»"'■"' '.'(Si.'iI;).l.J.'CAJJIM!_l-I.,
Certificate of Improvcmsnts.
K lien   (friftioiiiill iin.l    Tdn 1 (li nctioinl)
1111i1i1.il tin ui"-. sltt. le intlic "SiNoii Milling
liiMMoii or Kooiimij i)n-t 1 iu ,„rr„
-Win re   located:   nn l!ui   fin k, ,u jolnins
ll>c   Oh!  lilll  tlot )Si>a) and l.n'.n  0<->t Ioljl)
M^le",muVr,..it   1   T   A    Ki.V   nMve as
,i"i in for lohn binitli  K otMinoi -.U'llilii iti1
No PTioliu, nitc:.d. 1.1 \p\ rl.i\slioin  the d.ili.
luieor,  t>   apply   to   thc   Mini nr  I'eeoidir
101 .1  Uurillii-ul- ot   ImproNeineiiit-
(jurpohc ol «,bt..iiniK •!■ Uuiin
jiu \c el.ni'is ... 1 .
\id mith-r tiUc noliceUUit jil'on. undu
,..111.11-17 mn t  lie u.miJHncod  1 eloic ib-,11
■in otMi hCntllicilPiil I in pun  '"•h'1-
Duuj th s. ^'id d.O  of .Ni.l. , A   P 1" '>
.1    \   Uiu_.
I01    lh
(ji.nii, of the
(No. 1) CDiimieiiciii).' at a post marked the W.
C. IJ. Koeli sniitliuasl eorner post, tlience nin-
nin^ north eighty chains, thence west eightj-
c.iiains, tlience south einhly chain-, thence
east liglitv cl:r.in.s to point 01 coniiuencenient.
said post i's situated on the north bank oi the
Little Hlo'iiu Itiver, abou; three miles from the
Kast l-'ork.
■(No. i) Uomineiieiiiff at a post planted ami
iniirlcud the \V. V. IS. Koeli southwot coiner,
thence rnnuinix , eust eighty chnin.", tlience
north forty chnins. llience west eiglity chains,
thence forty eliains south to point of commencement. This limit is adjiiining linnse
Ko. 1. -'     - ■'*■'.
(No. ">). Conimcncing at a pes! marked the \V.
C. 15. Koeh northwest corner post, thence running eust eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence vest eighty chains, thence
north eighty chains to point of commence-'
ment.   'I His limit-adjoins limit No. 2.
(No. -1) Commencing at a post marked the \V.
C. R. Koch northeast corner post, theuce running west eighty chains, theuce soutli forty
chains, tlience eust eighty eliains, thence: north
fortv chains to point of commencement. This
limitos adjoining limit No. ii.
(No. 5) Commencing nt 11 post marked the \V.
C li. Koch northwest coruer.post, thence east
riglitv chains, thenco soutii eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains, thence north eighty
< liiiins'to point of commencement. This limn
!■> about one mile west of limk No. 4.    -
(No. ti) Commencing at a post marked tlie \V.
C Ji.'Koch souiheasl corner,post, thence running north eighty chains,alienee west eighty
chains, tiience south eighty chains, thence unsi
eiglitv chains to point of coniuieiieouient. This
limlt'isailjoining limit No 5.
(No. 7) Commencing at u post marked the W.
C ii. Koeh southwest corner post, tiience running north forty cliaiiis, tlic-nce east eightj
chains, tlience south forty chains, thence vvest
ci ah I v chains 10 polut of commencement. This
liiuit'is adjoining limit Noli.
(No. S) Commencing at a post marked the \V.
C I'.. Koch southwest corner post, tlience run-,
ning north one hundred and sixty chains,
thence east forty cl.nins, thence south one hundred ami sixty ennius, thence west forty chains
to point oi commencement. This limit is sit-
uuted about one mile from the mouth of the
east Fork in a northerly direction.
(No. tl) Commencing at a post marked theWV
C K.' Koch northeast corner post, theme running west eighty chaius, tlience south eighty
1 hams, tlience east eighty eliains, thence norm
Ughlv eliains to point of commencement, fcuid
.linil'is tit the'l''orks.of' the Kiver on llie^outli
->iUe. ■-;   .'■■•-.-'•   .-.--■   -    '■■:'■■        -;'■ :rr-
(No. Ill) Coirimencing at a post ihnrked.the
Vi.C li,.- Koeh southeast corner post, tlience
running north eighty eliains, tlience West
eightv,chains, tneuee soutii eighty chains,
thence cnsl eighty chains to point of commencement, fcaiit limit is about 11 mile west
of tlie.nioutli.of the Little* Slocan Kiveiv'
(No. 31) Commencing at a post marked the
\V. Ji. Koeli northwest ■corner post, thenee running eighty chains east, thenee south eighty
1 hams, thence west eighty chains, tlience
lortli eighty to point of commencement. This
limit joins the .No. Hi limit.
(No. i'i) Commencing ai a post, marked-lhe
V. li. Koeli northeast corner post, thence running we.it eighty chains, thence south -eighty
chains.'tbence east eighty chains; theuce. nortn
eiglitv clains   10   point   ofo commencement.
llusHinit joinson to lunit'N'o. 11.
Un ted and Located this 2nd cay of Junc.lTOu.
"W.-U. K. Ko.:it,
l'HANK li'LElXIIEH, Agent.
"IRON BEDS $4.00
ForSale Cheap-One German make, Walnut Case, SIM. ,0:ie Square Top, fl"),.
Complete   House  Furnishers
.....       ... ■. ' ■ .   "--'-'    '. ■.
\ Funeral Directors, Embalrhers
Two second hand'B.ll.Pianos Pianos taken'■livexchange for Mason &. RIseh 1*1:111-
Nelson, ll.O:, Kpn\
KQl'IGK.   - *  ;-  >_
Notice Is hereby given. Hint -s'-xi*-.«)).'*..-!>•«
nrterdnte. I inlend lorij>i>ly to lln: Cb'ei 1 "in-
juiSBioner of Lands aud Works l'or in-run.siilijn
in uurchime the folluwinj! descrihi-d In.ndK,. n
lhe North shore of Kootvnay l~il;e in Ilio ii:s-
lrlct of West Kiintcmiy.
Dmimi'iH-iiigat n sii.ke phi'-cd Iwuly (•.:»)
chains Easlof the Ni'r:li-w..-t i-crni'i- post ..1
Lot Vil'i. (Iroup 1; Ihciifo Kiisl ;i!oi« llu:
JCort-liern boundnry rr, s;iitl Jj.t IS);!, ji di.'-t:in.v
ofciglitv (80) clis'ins; tUcncc N..rth forty. (*')
«hainK;'tlience Wist ei.Thly (Ifl)chiti,:.*-, ll.vw-v
fioutli forty (10) cliniiui i<> place orb,-giiunn^.
Dated Jbili of April. l'JUS.
(Jor.lci: !!ii!Ic!i.
Corr.cr Mi'l and |cse
Send Us an
'. Groceries,
jesephine Sis.
and .,
Provincial A.JA-
Land Surveyor
Stanley  and Victoria. Nelson
F. S. Giernents
Rocmt6       K-WC Block
•I'lif proTi-.i'tui'Ssof delivery.
'I'he (.-ICiiiinc.-s JMid fr<sl>Htss of Oond«.
' The full honcKl liHiiturc
The una Illy ul' WHilt }'<«l !_ot,
Aon v-lll t'.nd iibuiuiniil rc-ason for condinfc-
yiiiti- luturv ulilcrs.-
W«eU*s Spac!al3 Are :
-NO'i'ICK is hereby given ■ tlmt thirty dnys.
f.-oin dale I intir.d toapply lo the L'liliJ (Joih-
inissii.ncr of Uuuts and Wdvlts tor special II-
t L'iis-.-s to cut mul curry away limber irom the
loi.owing (It-scribed lands situated in West
K..otunay'"District: ,    ,,,.-,.,.-
(A) Coninienciii'S at a post marked w.-C-i..
Kuch ti. -W. eorne:- post, planted near tlie eust
li.uili of lhe l.Ittle rilocno Hiver, about one
mile south of the l.ittle Slopun l.aKe, thenee
J'Ui|iilp^iiortli^clKllt>__.__ij.__u.!ns«_,tl.ii'Wi5i-; Jl«*t
eighty'ili'iiins, tl-.tin'isu south eiu'liiy" elniHi.s-7;
tnomie west eighty Chains loupoint of cuiiv-
(15) l.'oinnicneing ala post planted near the
east shore at the foot of Little slocan l_tlve.
.-Hid rii.-.rlictj Uni W. U. K. Koch ». \V. corner
post; the'iicc run'uiiiK east 1'firty c'ljiins, thence
iiiui.i forty elm im). tlience "ciilst loriy pli^iiKs.
iheuce north forty chains, inenee \fc^t loriy
utiuliis to Xitile .-slocjiu Lake, 1 hence .^uulh-
w'ei-lcriy eighty ch_:ns to point. ul'com»».'U(:c:-
iiuiiit. -.','■.,
u;> CoinuieueiiiK al a l"«t phuucil on tho
east shore of ^llt lo _locan l<i>He, aU'>".t «'ic
mile IVom Hie ouilet, sui.t iiiiyrKed VV.O, 1>.
Koch 15.'W' corner j.iist, tlience running east,
loiiV cluiiiis. llicr.eo ■jinrili eighty c.lialna,
liiei'iee west forty vhnins. thence north forty
. Iml us, tho.iee West loriy chains., llience south
elirhty cliaiiis ' tli.'e'iice' cast- lorty eliains.
tl.i-uee stoiiUi'tMi-iy chiii.is *-l> r«\1.'.V ul '-'01'•,.■
mciu'cii',eiit. ■      ' ,
(M) t'liinhleiiciiig at. u post plnntpd u\)dV\t
one mile south 0.1 \MlH> "Sluvati t-ahi'. »«'»r
the east hank id'tlu-. l.lllle Wlixsui Kiver, and
mnrlti-d lii'i- >V."0. K. Kuvh >'• W. corucv yp&b
llience ruiinintj soiilli one hundred and sixty
eliiiir.K, I In-hie oust lorty chains,, llience nortli
one liiiiKlii-Vl and sixty chain.--, llience West
loi-iy .cliains'lo point 01 eoninienecnieiit.
Located this-ind diii of .fuiie.^fe
\V. 0. li. KoCII,
Ily W.S5. Dkkwky, Agent. ..
■'NOTICE is hcrebv given that thirty days
from date 1 intend to apply to ilie Olnef Coiu-
inissiouer "of Lands and Worlis for a special
licence to'cut-ami carry a.way limber irom the
following described lauds in West Kootenuy
district: Coiiiiiicneiiij; ut a post mariced the
".losciih Provost N.-ii. Curlier l*o^t." and planted about BU < hains norlh of the northeast bunk
of the Little fclecan river, (.'in'o.wn us.tl:tt\\est
Korlt) iheni-e rumiing-south SO. chains tlience
west hu chains, UteiU'C.-iiortli SU chains, tiience
west 8i) chains to the point, of coiiimeiieement.
Dated this'.-)tli day of .Muy, ISfui. '
.;-. .lOSKl'H r.jnovos-r.i_
NOTICE is hereby-' given' that; thirty dais
from date I intend to auply to the (Jhiei Coni-
missiiner' of Lauds and*5Wor_s for a special
licence to cut'mid carry liwny limber from lhe
following described lands in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a n-st marked the
"C. l'rovost N.L. Uoruei- Tost." ..Inured about
(io chains north of toe northeast ..bank of the
We.-t Kork of tlie Liitle Slocan river, theuce
south'%) chains, thenee west Ml chains, tliiMH-i!
V.ovih'M) chains, .hence east SO cliiiins to polut
of comnioncemeni.- .-_.-:.  .'       •
Dntjd ihisafih duv of May.l'JOu.        /     -•
•;.-.-.;■.. C.  I'HOVOST.
NOTICK is hereby given Unit tliirty days
from (Intel inieiid lo apply lo the.cnief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor a special
licence tocut and < am uway timber from the
following descvibeil- lands in West Kooteuay:
di-.-trict: Com mencing nt a post marked
'•I'uorgc Ager's N.W. Corner i'ost, ■Limit'No.
T." and planted about :^J feet on east side of tlie
trail about i;W vards south of l'itmnn's buildings, wesi of l"(obertson creek, tbeni-e cust&t)
chains, thenco soutii 81) chains, thence west «o
chains, theuce'north SO chains to pointof beginning. ....■■-.'
"Jhited this 21th day of May, li».">. .:
^z^^-- ~"     ~'    -aa-^=--=-_z__(.;KORgE_,VCT;|t;-__
NOTICK is hereVy'given  that   thirty -days ■
alter date I intend to'upply  to" tne Chief Commissioner of   Lands and   Works for a sileeial
license to cut and carryaway timber from the 1
,-.101 lowing describi'd  lauus iu U est ICuotenay
district:   Conimen.ing    at  a   post:  marked !
Naeorgo Ager's S.W. Corner I'ost, Limit No. 2,-' '
and pl'iuiled about  tw leet on east side of trail,
about I'u'e Jiundreil   yards soutli  of   Pitman's
building.--, west ol Kobertson creek. IheiU'e-riiu-
niug uu.-1 -lu chains,  thence north •Ju'Saiiins,
theuce east -io chains,- tlience north i!U chains,
thonce cast 40 chains, tnence north _u chains,
theme east-lu chains, tlience north -lu chains,
tlience west rfU chains, llience soutli Ml chains,
tnence west 411 chains, thence south itu chains,
tnence west 4u chains,- thence south a) chains,
tiience we-=l -lo eliains,. theme soutii 411 chains
to point ol beginning.'    •'-./'.
Lated this inth dav of May,- 1S05.
.      ' ."■ ' I.EOllCIK AGEB.^
NOTICE is hereby given tliat: thirty tlay.-
froiii.dutu-l inleiidto upiily to tuu-Cliitt Comin issioner of Lands and'Works for u spuciiii
license to cut ami curry iiwny liniher ironi the
following '•iesi-nbuil lauds'in Vio^t Kootemi;.
district; Conuuciieing at a post m-ii-lceU tin-
••A,L. l'hmt iN.M. tx-i-ner l'o.-t," planted on
.the east sine 01 Lillie ..hloc'au ri\<:c, about 11
mile soutli of -ttse.forks . ot tne L.ule _locaii
ri\er, liiciu-e ea.-t !-.u'chains, theme south si'
chains, tlienic. uesi. SO chains, tnence north si
clmrihs to point 01'beginning.
"Luted tins ami uav 01 -May, 1005.
.   ■.;. •-." ~    .0.       a. l. -plast.:'
A 1 CiOtxmery l'.it'ter at
I! }1> llnxi-KOf
per poll ud.
Silver spiion Ten. »•: per jjouiid.
itajiili llrtuid l'Sni'an|-le,a<cr'«'T,ia-
Vl»rtu'il:i'ti<-'Icss cliiuV.1.']), '■'•<• 1 er tin
■NimCK--Is hereby given thai thirty duyH
from date, 1 inliiiii-toiipply tothe Cliii f C"in-
inis.-ioiieri'fl suids mul workM foi-n special licence to cut and carry uw;iy,t!niU'r U"iii tlio
ftii ihe r«<,v ..,  ,. ,
about one mile West of the Main nloonn Slo-
con Itivcr; lln-nce running North .) eliains;
itienco running West.») chains: tlien'-e run-
ii'i'nsr Sftntli SO. eliains; theuco ru am ng East 8l|
ewninii to point 01 c'oisiiiiciiceineiit.
D.iicil this 'ilth dny ol'.Mny, I9tft.
NoTIOB is hereby giv-cn that liiiriy days
IV.ini date 1 luleiiil lo apply to lhe Chief Commissioner of Lund* and Works lor a sppclaI,
Heche*. 16 cutaml  V'airy iW.Y timb.cr  ftopi,
NO'ITCS is hereby given: that thirty day.-
from date I-iiitu'ud to apply to the Cliief Commissioner ol; T.ands ami Works fur.a special
license 10 cut and. carry away tin's hur from tne
following described lands'iii West Kooteuay
■district: Coii'ii'neiieiug at'a ]iOst imirkud tin-
".I. LaUiUde N.U.. Corner-Post," planted about
00 chains north from the noriheast bauk ofthe
West l-'ork of lhe Little Klociin river, tlience
running south Su eliains, thence westsu chains,
point of"commeu.ccirient, and adjoining C. l'ro-
vost location. ;
Dated this i:-th day of May, 1G05.
NOl'1^10 isi \:iivnby given that thirty days
{rom dftt(i I intend to tipply 10 the Oi'U'fCoii.i;
(uis'siou'er. 01' 'hands iiiiU' <Vort;a-,Ip.r a special
licence to. cut -ami carry away |iniber li-oin tlie
following' lands in West Kootenay disiriit;
CoiniiU'iieing at. a post'iiiark.td"l'.. A. Mcl-tui-.
yen'ssH.W'.Corner l-ost," aiid plained about UO.
chains irom the b'aiik on \Y,a eust or north side
ot lliy'W'vs't 1-Vii't <<i Liv'ile tilocaii. river, thence
ruunii.ig nortli s'O cliaii-s/thenciivaslW) chains,,
.hem'e'sor.lh' SO chains,.' thence, w.est t-y chains'
(o poiiit"0,1* Ijogiiiiiiii^;.
liivtec. tills-/lui iliu'bf May, 1,00"). •--••
'.-'-:;■-    V--a-A:-,-.,-;',; a..;',.,.: J^. A. ;Mi K.l VV'^''
For Sale in the
I  ran  sell
blocks at
yovi Choice  Fruit  Lands in 10,  20,' 40, So or 160 acre
Wo'onlv nsk one trial tomnKe you 0111-011*
tnn.cr 'Fine Watch Jewelry, optical nnd
Silverware r.-pniring and everything in the
line. Keiisi.nable clmrsfw. Work sent us
from outside towns -ivlll receive I ho snmc care
si's if personally di-livtrort.'- Ditlicult repairs
do;;;. f..r ntlicr Jc-weloi.
Frank  Fletcher
NOTICK is lier. liy &lven lU-it II V U'9"J'*
from dine I i .Hei-tl 1" apply to the Llilcl t-oi'ii-.
mh-ioncron-imbiiUd WVrka lo.r siwciiil li,
cetiwjs in evil and c.yrry uwuy liinbi-r Irom the
lolti.vving di-Kcrilied Iuih\s iu*  We.-t K«ioit;i>uy
iKo. l/c'i'ltiim nci:\gat « \">H\. HUirKvil tlie
Ucorge AgevN \V c'-nicr po--4''. v,!1"tt'tl ^'I'St
of LiUcrlsou i'ivck. Iheuce running osl
cigblv chaius, lUei.ee south eighty elvi.ns,
llii'iice west'ei;.'li:y chulns. ttnuee north
1 ighic flisiliis t.i i>.iul nl' cunuueiietMiien'..
rNn'.'2> Coniinciicnig sit » post marked
(li orge Ager'sS. W. i-oruor posl. iliemv ran-
iiitigciist fi/ity eti litis, llu-tice north twenty
eliains, lltsriiec isist I'.irty chains, thence noi'ili
twenty cliainR, thciice eust lorty chnins,
thenee nor.U twenty cl.aiis, tlaui-e cast forty
chaiiif. thence noitli Inly ehaiiis, tlictice
i-.es.l lorty chains, tl.ence Sutitii Ixninty
chulns, tlience west iju-ty chains, t hence south
twenty chains, thene-. wcsl forty chains,
llience south twenty chnins, llience west-
lortv ihiiins, tlience soiuli  lorty   chains   to
niiig lia'st SO ehaiiis; thenco Hoiith.'m iliniiis
fitcucit West KU clinlns; thence Norlh Sllchalni
tn'Uic uiilnl i>f begin ning.
Katcd this ilth day of May, 11)05.
.    ''    ' '   A. T. yco-i-r.
NOTICK i.s hereby given tliat thirty dnys
frpm iliiti', I intend toapply tn the Chief Com-
iiii'ssioner pi' ^Jintlit nnd Works l'or 11 special
lip-nix- to'viit aiid curry n\vny tlniUerlfom [\\e
^ '.'.•-.• -        >        ......-I-.      ..      ....[        1     ....I ,
of thc Little slocan it-w-f. lUeac-c iiianiws
Ktist S«   otiniiis;   Uli'Il'-e  'iSOTtlv «^   oUt\i".»;
(U'-iiWH Weill 1.0 cUuiu«t; thence Sont .iKttc.hnios
to BO-Ut "t'Ui-gii-.Hitvs.
iMted this *lth day-of JJay.JlHW
A. T. Kt'OTT.
iCOTll.'K is horehv given that thirty ilays
friiiu date I tuli'inl 10 applv to »he Chief Com-
missioner ,of Lands and Works forKspueinI
licence lo cut and carrv uway tiinlier irom the
following described lauds iu West K-ooteuuy
Jllstrict-: ComuieiicMigat is nasi marked the
-'.lames ilorrie N. W. L'orner Tost'*, planted on
thejouth sido of Little Slocan Kiver.on hank
about SOU feet below orS- IC of the Forks of the
■ - - -K _-u._y.-_i ns Vour
chains to point of coiiiuiencenient..
Dated this -21lli iIh.v of il.ay.lBOo..
.1, I..v:.Y««i.
Lundf hiiu' Min!-rBl<;i:i:insSi!i'Vfyi-i1
anil Ci'oii'u ffi-iinic'l  ^
V. s). a.i.i W'S       0«3t-t-: Kooienar 31, Sci»vli
NOTICK is hereby given  that. 311 ihiysnrur
date I Intend   lo apply to the Chiil' t.'oiiiinis-1
sioner «f Lands and  Works, t'nv 11 speeoil II-j
i-eiicc to cut and carry away timber from tho
following dcs-cribi'il   I11111U.   situated 011   the
west U.-ii"i)i   of-the  I'oluinbia    Itivcr,   Wist.
Koolcm.v  liistilet.:   C"iiinicnciiig nt 11 po-t-
on t'u'si'Ulh l.-nnh "f Chiipi Creek, marki-u ;
•F j CiMylonVJS. W.Corner."' liietiiv imrth !
UO elm I lis* ihi-ni-eCHSt »_> cluilnti lo the Col-
tinibln A W. Hicrn  Hallwiy.   ill' c«   wmtli
•nil, wii.a li'- Colunibia <V  wi-Mti.-rn l?a!lw-ny
1-_ '•■biilh'", lln-nce wwt* clwl-'n- k.' I he pulnl
„f ciiii.wi-Hi-fi'i'-nt o7iit.i'ii*>i>-pi acr-nj.     -
f)..!i-ii .'ii Ncliuft, U. I-, Ih-.-i'lh <i.y of Jttiic,
*'*•!* '-'  ' ••i,yrir\_i.
jAMKit IIORlilK.
NOTICK-is hereby given that thirty days
oni d»te,:lintend to apply to the Chief Com-
■   • '' * -      ■ ..i..-    • special
Ku'4'H>^ is hvrekv gm'i.i llm! Utir-tv days
fruni dale 1 intend iii Apply 10 tin> Chief Com-
liiissitoier- Ul' LftlV-s mid'Works fora special
lleeiice io ci.I aid curry uwuy limber ire 111 the
.oil-Wing ilescrtbed lands in We.-t Kootenay
flisiyicti Conm-.em-iiig at a post marked lhe
••••A 11. Vl&tU S. VV. Corner I'ost." planted on the
I'ftslside o( the Little Bloian river, about a
mitesouUi of the forks of tne Liitle t-'.loeim
river, Iheuce east WI chains, theme nortli 80
chains. Iheuce iii!.-i 80 chains, theufe,south SO
chains to point of beginning.
Dated this '2-ltli day of }1 ay, till"*.
NOtUE Js liei'eby given thnt thirty days
from date I intend to apply to the Clnef. Ci.m-
niissioiier of Lands .and Works for ti special
licence to 4 t aiid carryaway timber from the
following ueseribed huids in West. Kootenay
district: Coniueneing at a post marked "J. P.
Sw-edberg's ^.K. Cornev 1'i.st," plant ed on tlie
north bmikot tlie West Ami of Liitle rih.can
river, opposite tlie mouth-of ltiissell creek,
tlivtice nonh to cl.ains. thence West Si) eliains,
thence soutii 80 ehaiiis, theuce east H.i chains lo
point of commencement
l:aled this --nil day of May, 1D05. .
•    ,    J. .1'.. SirKDBEnc
from -,, - urr>i -    -
uiispioiier.of Lauds and  Works for
■ KOTIC*.: is hereby  given Hint  thirty  days
from date I intend t«i apply to the Chief Com-
Lands  and Works for a specfal
I do  not off..-   for■"sale any fruit Ittul that I hive   tot personally es*
'■'■■■■ •«>■».  - -..-■•. .,
amjned. J guarantee every block to-be as good as represented, and having.sold a large portion of the land now being brought under culture in
this district I would be safe in offering any mm his'-'money back with fo
Not one would,
lo it because lhey ran double their money.
noticf. is. hereby given tlift. t'ni?ty iUiys|
from ditlft 1 iynv1"' 'l'1 >i.V\-\>' 1" U'.i* C'.iiv! Com-.
(iiissio\ivf' Uf \-APds ttiut  Works fov aspecii\l. ■
licence^ cut .ind carry a« ny tmiber troni ti.w  per cent interest who is not satisfied with his purchase.
foliowiii;.   described   hli_ds   situated  111  West    ro 1
Kootei,iav  dis.\rii'V':    V'uiiiUiei.H'iiig  ut   a   post
marked  lhe-■'■'■'•f: l.eyi;oil, N.l};..' Corner   Po.-1,,'■'■
planted about (A) cl.ali.is not-Ui of. I.i.ie uorthea.-t
bank of the West Fork   of  the Little Mocmi
riier,  tlience south bu chains,   llience westsu
eliains,  thence north St), eliains. .tliej.i.ce east Si).
 _____ ._., yji  _ . —
I have nice fruit  liands across the bike front Nelson, only one mile
from the city.    I have choice lands in the famous
Crawford Bay District, on Kootenay Lake, on Kootenay River, on - Slocan River, on Siocan Lake, on
Arrow Lakes, on Columbia River, in Fire Valley and
Creston Districts^
and severa'l partly improved farms.     Wild laud suitable for stock ranges
and timber lands that I have cruised myself.      Write me for pamphlet
and terms of payment, and
Don't  Buy; Till You
liieiicc to cut and ear.-yawav tlmhi-r from the I missioner  of Lands  and w orics for a   .
foilowinc described lands iii. w*esl Kootenay ! license tocut and carry away timl.cr from the
district:  Coiiiinejiniijjr ot a post  marked tlie ' {"HmviiiK described  lands 111 At est Kootenay
"Daniel RoUti-.n N. £. Corner Pout" planted   district: Coinweticijij. «ta po>t nmrki-il "« .11.
Ion the Foulh si-lc of the Little Sbvnn Itiver   Swnrdfojer's -S.W. -o-ner Tost.v. planted on |
on bank nbji t-.'O. I et below thi' Fork? of Ihe
Little ^lo.■ull KiviTund what ie ktiO'-v-a.asi-'oiir
M;!e i.'rc.'k; tLenre south Hi id;» »*: tlience
tYe-taichsii!."; iJitrnceXo. tii SO uliftinx: tlience
Emm !H/.'l>.tinwtr' j-oimoi fi Riiur-ni'Ouieiit.
J>*f«? !Sii«'Ji'l! dav of M v,li)9'..
■ !      JV.XIJIL P.ODI>*S('>'.
the north bank of theU'est Arm ol''Little Flo
cm river nnpoMlf H-c mouth of Kuf.ii.II creek.
IheiiceiiorlM gflclmiiw, thence «n>t J-0 cliaiiis.
thnir-e soutii Oil <■'., a "lis, thence west trt'cliflius
lo point ofw.miii.-'iici'iiifflL. ; .
J'ittcil this ••.'•Lh Uav of JMv. '*-"'. -'Tt'-'A-
w. ir, swEM-iKe^s"*-
Nelson, B. C


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