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The Nelson Economist Sep 19, 1900

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 ' ~AAW&  ^t'ffJAA  *��� i  :<���  v."  fi'  <  -��   *���>  ^ o  7 * ^ri&$  "t?        ���* r"f *���  ">*4k   "     J  *���   V  J   I  ��� *  a    i  *���    *  t     i. ..  f-  ���   *   '   i *  **��< arfa  THE NELSON - M-:.' 'Off  fQL IV*  ' a  -��?If   KELSON, B. a, WEDNESDAY, 8f PTEMBEfl  A'AWMULAHO  Latest $tx|M��<H!*"t * ��� ^J*���*!****'  Oil i/^CTD  LaiLi\C.rl  MALTtSC WW ^  MHM  "ft  ���(MMMMfMWHKMlhl  MHaMMpaMlwaanNHW  217-219 BAKEfl STREET,  NELSON,  ��� umiumwjfcwiHy*  -.^A IN i i r\ tJLC  \1��NERAL BROKER  Three dwelling house* for Mlie oo t*ay terns.  tor rapt*  (I-If  opposite Aoytl Sotd* far id^ At ��� hw^ihi��  '*,  ���^ f. -^iV J  WW  ��#M  (���  Kootenay Belle  Little Gem  y  OCC or\l ilN/\D  I t'4      *�������****��� <ft      -*���*���*��� bjiA- 1��*  ROYAL SEAL  OUR OTIttlt MMO*  Vestalias  Blue Buds  tfii vMm'mmvi  <W|HlHMH|M|Hfc**.-*tf ^Ib^^^HHRiM^yA^M. ^^^^MMilHlieih^VA^INH^  ''���m**a*m**m*^^ a-*A~**-rf'rfjws��.-��e��\ <!*>��?> k-t'* j����-T?wtf�� vjaas.^ rf."*kA��w*d.T Rjsr-o-t- wsrar^-t!J?"-��uscw^l��ua^^  ��� *��� ^r# ������ I'm ��� ������  -.i.-'jk-kr v(i  .>VmH"  ������ ���<.  ��� ' -    i     *S  i  .-���!   *\     N   =*-l*  "   I *    ^ -   T  ���   .    iii*  ���.?'l'f-x   �����'���"  -l*Xx 4     I -.S     x  - A.*"~   ��� ���  '     *' k'   >  k X" "  ' ' ',        \    f  * 4 *-  ik  - If*  w  ^���v*  <*  *   X   '  .r  A        r   -,  x!��l   *    �� f  W��J��.!��  r    &     J  t  4.1  if  jt   �����  . <,��  ���4 ^  ��'  �����    -    �� "  .i ��*        ��  ��  fit *\  4 " * * X X^  *,~*^;  -*-^KSMJW5a8.[^^  t;^.  *VA(rtWj>tt   K^^^^*^^^*^22^-**S^  J.  p   O    i  r X  44 1  k   J  ff a~a^?'^ a     <* tsw^s^iTJ-    - ^ i^x^M^&%imgfaA   .��'' '..'..k"-..ift>  S^u��^^l..,   m&sJ&*f?l i ,mA^aM u^mJii^    -a-'   .-.    ��� .���*   .-. ?i.a. .-;-,-"    -   ,  \'.A  71*.  a- - ";W\  I ��k'  I-*r  ���    _  j    -l^r ���  r      >    . A5'  kl  �� -   * kir j\  i  t a <^^j& a*a._  fa . ^^ ���  AAA >���'  mm bomb��  mmrf$  Ttt      "    M ^^ ^4 41     4* '  -a*   a o ^ -%  k.afl <   .   ,a*a  ^"x ^4*j?  FOr?  THE  ��t ,r;^a^-fmt|i  "S)    a  u'  *- a p" jj?i^ liS^i a^.y%  SUPPLY  '^iY.XJ.  il   )  ��^aa 4^s v*r  OTCNAV8  M^"2 !a^;i      ..      ,  F��^iLa *^wf^   **���'; :'�� *  r  Big  f^^va^a f*>o >  ft rfjf | ?  "(   r  *   A,.**  <k'r  i^i^��<v'?n^>     ��xa"|^   ���{  a��v ��im��!fxkA 'rf '"Lx1 .ai* .~v -*  '   ^ a  '   "v. * u '   jj*f    1 -} \ ^a 44al?#^  r   r        'n!trfM  , > ^ ?r�� v a^a-^^^aas4M.  TRONQ IN  A^tf*' *>a  > \'>,^p2Wfi%^  j -"JJ^Ikpi  1 -    t  >^tlew for ��wr Smm Ctatoriim  ���--(-. and all ibc Nobbv Thttgs��;  l ml  r. * "ri  a'  T; ' * ^  a ?������*   i. a / ^ >   *���  weMsamrKONQ in  * ^^-^fei  a ,^ j.\ a^? ^l:a.;,��7j1;��  ,    4 ,   1 l( tlAO^|| fe^��  ^ar^.^..J a>I^v4,o#  |'-��w,��i.L>iM>iiii<*niniiiiMiiii jui'i.iil^iliw^iwMiMiki  ^ iL  *#     \i,  A\^A*A  TRONQIN  ^   wai��^rilwtanttt��pii�� and confidaiortvy ttaadSngbr  .i-    ��U^..,��A^-k-_ .4   >e||r  ^^   ^^^  * iM^t^fier'^iij  / ^'. \aa "(5^fc  ���k.�����Je���-A' ^.kA.^^.k.xvktirtl^  iftiairifUi^flWHi^^  vO �� M  ^  $a%  p  ��NK��  tM  ' a? 4x  MMMtl  a��ii sLilV^i-v a   a '  ^l^#��$"or ���  ^H^i-^i ���-t .  fiC/-  ffi>..  *^4 .l>< V#  ? (^  ���  r^  5   *  �� ��  MAILORDERS RECEIVE 0��Jf? "il��JfO'if PT ATTXNTION  ALL WATCH REPAIRING GUARANTEED  X/-papYGi  yCSTT O  NELSON, BRITISH COLUIVSBIA  JEWELBR  'm'AAk'iAA ���-' �����������������������������������������������  lSij$af ,u ^aa<^  JKU* k-l      H>C   ��lt-V.t  t  x   jO  jig;ftr^yo^  1 -^'      ���   'Kt'x.  t  \.   ?*'fi'{ J��0>*  imx.r*(S.j ^A  AM  tAfX< lA  .^B i/'*-?  ��������������������������������##��#������##4^#t^^>^#<>t><>><>>t^^<<>^<H,  Ki    ^     -��j   r   xi u  1?  ���x  Ffa/^^r^:��<'oK  ni< U\4oV^;  Temperance Hotel and  iwrant   ....  Victoria Street,  And white Im u $%* ** -t.-ry :���- f��* whn **- ��.--v  lo ijive the wnfb * *   vmiV r* * :n* *h lv��*h* -q  pcor-mce. lei m M:-:-  >jcst to n>o the  iunnnts i"*W   '*L  /   ^ '^  ^ *  ��*% l\*      C\i     i��fc*     /  .       K    O       t''  <���  U    J  : 4 / -  ^-''  **^i  '* ��� .'���at  i  ar��  II?  * i  ��>,* g t  "r^'a''''1''^  >~ t^. �� - \* 'i  /;.  la.  ?i i  i    jxi, >H  v - a ;aa  t^ta>x   ,  '���o..,a. ...a > .4... ;^v'^^V;r.v'^  ELSON  IV.  NELSON, B- C.t WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1900.  NO. 10  ^.���Wil'���OX-k     >f*>    *��'��'   -API ��k*ltflMl**t.tM***,4 'j  [k  NlvLSOX   ECONOMIST is issued   every  ^FriNi^nXv at the City op Nelson, B.C., by  M C\kih\'    Subscription:   $2.00 pkr an-  h"M ' IK PAID IN ADVANCE, $t .50. CORRKSPOND-  iNCF   OK     CKNKRAL     INTEREST      RESPECTFULLY  DiiciTKi)    Only articles op mkrit will, be  il)VK-RTlSKr) IN TIIKSK COLUMNS, AND THE IN  {hrEST*' OK READERS WILL BE CAREFULLY  tKAKpK!) A(;.MNST IRRESPONSIBLE PKRSONS AND  foKTHLESS'ARTICLES.  u. **l*ft+&J*H*M.,M*&dV*��<.tWt*l"  HE steady and substantial growth of Nelson is a  point upon which the citizens are to l)e congra-  ited   It is without question the most advanced city  [lie treat Kootenavs,   and that  it will continue to  >y this "reputation there is no reason to doubt- Na-  has done much for our inland capital, but'it is to  energy  and enterprise of her people that Nelson  ��s"her prominence.      While other and rival towns  re pmting'up flimsy wooden buildings,  sure indi-  ions of a want of confidence as to the stability of the  ... w  here the merchants were erecting brick and  he blacks, and investing their tnouev in the com-  jt.itv among which they resolved to live and do  M.'ess This implicit confidence in the future of  city is.apparent on nil hands, and thx*t there is  fry reason for it past experience and future pros-  [ts testity.. ��� Vcars ago the enterprise of local raer*  |nts estahlished Nelson as the distributing point of  aays,���a position which she will ever main-  Kc  ote  i capital, courage, confidence and conscientious  Imgs will maintain it.   But it is not as a distribute  point, :ilo!K- that the people of Nelson depend for a  tmuaacc ot that growth and prosperity which have'  e paruculaily marked the history of the past few  T-'\- } h<rc is ^reai mineral   wealth in the imtne<  He.distnri..which is beintc persistently develooed to  t'Miire s;itisi;ic;ioii of those financially or otherwise  MC��K(1-       ! !����� there arc peculiar facilities offered  ^uuiariurin^ industries  which   are bound to be  Already arrangements are being made for  "^ AVO,,H��-,n mills here,  and several other big  ^y^AA aie on the tapis.      The willingness with  '���"waur . ' ���       ''"'���'ens  vote money  to earrv  mi public  "\S��#�� ks,OHiuf.,i-  HK-irfaj,,,   i��� their citv.       .And in  ;.-l�� lil  .'K>e advances.   Nelson is   n favored  l] fl��H;Mer, affording all the cdnvieneesof citv  tiled  '���hlishi  .^^���^Vx'^-fssia    . ���'  fc      -*aj. *v��'i&, a IK  1 * *        *X .*      *  ..     I."!" J*'        "   *��4l  a-healthy, congenial climate  ^ ^   au . mm  the-rapid  development of British  rV^fw !l,01 IltC years* thene^t census ought to show  t^A'ics w] nlial increase> Population:- "The diffi:  '��� C*V}\^* \h'h t,,c enumerators hnd to contend with at  tune the ias  ii  at tl  ;p��  K:  t census -was taken   leads to the belief  (>vince did  not get credit for .thejwhoSe of  a u,n-     The work of the census-takers next  year will not be so difficult, as the settlements are not  so scattered, the tendency being to centralize as much  as practicable. Should the figures prove, as we anticipate they will, that there has been a marked increase  in population and undoubted indications of a continuance of same, it may be desirable to consider the advisability of a special numbering of the residents, say  five years from date. Such a course would doubtless  secure for the Province an increase in the per capita  subsidy to which we would then be entitled. British  Columbia is a young province, and the one which is  attracting most ettention at present, and which is  likely to prove as attractive for years to come. Hence  the desirability oi more frequent enumerations than  those which prevail in the older divisions of the Do-  minion  The diamond mines of British Guiana, at the confluence of the Essequibo and the Mazaruni rivers,  are beginning to attract attention. Last March 282  stones were found. They were sent to London,  where they were examined and the lot valued at $12  per carat* On the 6th of July last 400 small stones  were brought down from the same locality. They  were washed but by nine men in eighteen days by  very crude methods. The stones are octahedron,  varying in weight from a decimal of a grain to a  carat and a half in the crude state. London dealers  consider the stones superiot to South African diamonds and value them 25 to 50 per cent, higher than  those found in that region, pronouncing them equal in  quality to Brazilian stones. An effort will be made  to locate the matrix from which it is thought the  stones already discovered came.  Thh census of the United States shows that Omaha  has lost about 40.000 of its population in ten years.  There is a mistake or wilful misrepresentation somewhere Indications on every h>nd are that the city  has grown and that there has been a substantial increase in population. The only conclusion to arrive  at. therefore, is that the census of 1890 was manipulated to magnify the size of the town about 50 per  cent. If this be so, what bone to think of the census  returns^of. he United States ? What has been done  in, Omaha was doubtless done in other places,  .-������.The roads of British Columbia are not what they  ought to be. Of course the Province is young, but  nevertheless better roads might reasonably be expected in many districts. There are good agricultural  lands distributed over the Province which remain in  their prairie state for want of roads to open them up to  settlement. Rich mineral belts are undeveloped for a  like reason, and  in very many instances mere trails,  itt-r  ">-,   ,*-^�����"..-,,��� ^^������.^^^���."^���^^Tir^a^^^^^^^^'-^TT^:^ --a," 1    ���_ ���' f   -^a. > v..   .m,A;  *    '   rfcjx,".x-?, m   ,x        ������    m, V4.''.     '-    .ftx _ _     . x    - v*     ��� ; 1   r ~m 1 b    i friki.,..       ���,. rxj  '% . ,\,     . v-,.-- . ,1.,-.'  'V'rt'  ^"V'i   *  * '1 "    vi' A'    .-k'    <.e    .    ,>���    k.>'c���"      k   lt.  ,p  -$.-tV  'rV,-      n       ������^4  c-��*C ;    --,x        'i'>ii-u.  ���    ��  L*i  '��� *.*'  ' ��� . 3 ��i  ��k��  <a  A-f  i'J*i  *  it  f  H\  * *!  iA*  ft  iii  ���y  Ii  AJ'ii  t*'r  Z    K*.  I  ���7 1  kt,x.'  t  ir'  mm  ��"k fi ���   'irti  .- .    if    1   ~  k" 4,'ir.T- =."     ''    ".C m  ���Jx'l* ������  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ���_. ..ssaiO'-.-  Eto#r' -���������  ��AWW:  mm:  mmm  and bad ones at that, are dignified by the name ot  roads.    We are pleased to note that the I'tiland Board  of Trade has taken the initiative in a '.;.: 'good roads''  campaign, and has called a convention to be held at  Kamloops on Thursday; the 27th irist. .for the organization of a Good Roads Associations     Similar associations exist in the older provinces; and have been  the means of accomplishing good work;    There is no  reason why a similar result should not follow in British Columbia, especjajjy since the Dunsmuir Governa  ment is pledged to a vigorous policv of road making.  We hope to see the convention   at Kamloops  largely  attended,   and that as a result a strong and represent  tative organization will be formed.;;'-..'  a An extraordinary report comes from the Depart-  ment of Agriculture at Ottawa throughrthe High  Commissioner's office in London .In the {peculiar  circumlocution of departmental work, it appears that  the British Consul at San Francisco reported to the  London office that Dr. Fagan/ secretary of the Provincial Board of Health of British Columbia, reported  to him that the newspapers, business men, aiicf even  the doctors of San Francisco had been keeping quiet  the existence of bubonic plague in that city The  reporfof the report states that Dr. Fagan was at an  autopsy on a-Chinaman in San ."Francisco which 'Went  to show that he had died of the disease, but yet the  doctors refused to issue a certificate of the existence of  the disease and the true cause of death If this report,  made public in such a round-about way, be correct, it  is a very serious matter. The report from San Francisco to the London office is dated July 20 If the  bubonic plague has been in the city since that date,  the fact has been concealed.      There is  considerable  o . .        .   ,0    ' '���      .  trade and traffic between San Francisco and British  Columbia, Jand if the dreaded disease-exists.-at' the  former port it is but right that its presence should be  made .known.     Perhaps Dr. Fagan will explain.  The Galveston horror,   from   the   more recent reports, appears to be quite as bad as at first represented.  The estimate as  originally given,   was that the dead  would number 3000, but now it is an assured fact that,'  upwards of 5000 people  have lost   their lives.      The  loss of property has not even been computed,   nor can  it be for some time to come      One of the ������most serious  difficulties   in the   way was that of'disposing  of  the  dead bodies, thousands'of  which were strewn   on the  beach and crushed among the debris.     The-first plan  suggesting itself as the most expeditious was that <>f  ; bringing the   corpses  out to sea   andthrowing them  overboard,       But this did not work well, as the dead  bodies were washed ashore again.      Burial was found  to be necessary,  and in order to accomplish  this end  metrhad to be impressed into the service.       ft   is re  ported that vandalism   has been horribly prevalent���.  that the most rigid enforcement of martial law has not  been able to suppress it. Negroes are thechiet oilend-  ers in this particular.      A number of them were tried  by'courtrmartial,   convicted,   and shot.      One of the  number is said to have had   a score of fingers   with  rings on them in his possession.      It is gratifying to  know that relief is being freely sent to'-���the  survivors of one of the most disastrous ca  of the; century,-. 0a.���:;;\'o'^.a,;:;:;v  ��� '.:��� The; war in SoMti^  practically: over;/  :mal:-leave.ofabseitce-lbr six'ni  . to ;Europe to suefbr  or'tullingintatlic;.hatt^  'lears; the; veugeauce.\bf ;^his;owri/geor^ley whom he bail  are |K>or.//;v^  gone conclusion, .and-.hacl:;it;ttOt;b^,��V.th^t'.': the:.I  fought ��� so'desperately^ "  long;;ago^;v^  ;tablished :oue-1acL:and:tl?a  .go- to-' war with'Britain; iu;jtlie;:^  British JJffi pi fc-'tc^  the .cotdbies-i^  tru.c;;to,the-mother;^  aueest r v.,: .        :''\'.,/:.;-^a3:v;-a.3 'rA-Aiao^tft ?Va  ?.'.**���***��.���. 'tAiv,*,iWW��WW,K^*.W^.-rti+-piC  ,'.���. .BiKTween;;" fifteen^  -were,' -masmereda^  'during 'thctm*nifi*ofJ^  o- ..,-- . -..,-��# ���       & A'    '-a-- ������'.. aa   ��������� .:,,A-       oi ���''.-. .���'���*..        -o,'--';.; a     .,.        - a:avs  officials-wlK;>;are^  .'the subject;;- ' 'Wttful^rfe'-'Ofm$Mi#  . counted o {ofiA and. small |b$g^S^  .;safety.,;;';/;T.b^  Oh I uese: :upon,'the ^^^  ;makes4pe.;sjHKp  ���mon-ftTr ther^  jnit.to:dc?*th 4Uti^Hie��r^  take their ��� o,wu 'It ves;tfio,';;;^^  arid so ..densely'poptilatedsU  is over-it1':'wi il' probably'..ImyeaCaii!^  than' any wor of the;'etn to :$*M  ��� their i.nntiv^i.iewspk  really defeats./^  the-.struggle; against;;ihe,''^fo  -vices; from -'Tekin '��� describe-ti|e: a p^$tti&no&s  and :the American.: consul^  Icavx.thc.c^ual^.V  warm of -the allies;. ;:;-She^  indidgebrdooiing/^  is produci'n.g a very hadyeffeet^  g.i ves the :i m "press ion .-t hat-t lie-'sole-, obj eci;oi.the  'nQwi^presentediri't'hecd'untfy  '"lat^t-'^i  ii  t. ��i��kBB��ft��4.v��J "**<"��� *?  ()K recent Tears Canada, and especially Bntwn w-^  vunbia, is gaining prominence as a mineral conn ,��� ,.^  Hven..before the Klondyke gave the couutn A^ J^\  as a gold-pro.tbicer, the precious metal had been oi   aj  Vet  theit **\t��  more or Iqss   in all the provinces.  Dominioti Bureau of'.Mines,     An agitation  is now 05 ^  foot for theestal)lishment of such a depart^1-      [^  t     ^   I*  I* r*  there are so many arguments   in its   favor tiw   *  '[^|  ilifTicult to see on what grounds the reqnat c^     j^  the^'-; ,!  siblybc refused.      Official information a  s i^  ;,rlV 100  krf;S  era! resources of a country is  always eagt ^  (or by people  interested in   this  particular in(U* 'I1-  WA:.  and  it   is  ever advantageous  to a un��infc>  ounW':  WM  ?ssa  i��'xd,'��ft*#;^i'.-'(-'Ksa'*   *��������� ���  L")^XXS .V^-i-".7'.4" ??���',[��� J;.'..'. ;('".XV.^ffi  ''   -I  -��������* ��.*-, ,  >rtw��  'I  r   a ���mpfemv. �����>.,   IS"  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  f/fmich information should be available A bureau  Ki ^-n.vha Dominion Government auspices would  |; mu,h ,., ���ukr known to the world the rich and  '.'',^(l inj,K.s:d lesources of Canada, and to attract the  ���'��� ^rVl-li;,iul to develop our mines. In this re-  \^{ jiMi^h'cdiimbia is. perhaps, moredeeply inter-  , :v .i the other provinces.  ;te��.i :���'!  Si j '���!  l.i..'  ||jv<���;.< .; ,  laare ���!.���* a'.  hn!">'k  ..>���  ' \   i* !  , i ���   ' M  ���la I  ja* v.  ���n . -h> a"o Mr James Dunsmuir announced  ���������:. .>t discharging the Chinese employed in  -.j... and advertised for 500practical white-  ,:-,. .'���.-; place.      At the time Mr  Dunsmuir  p. M;.t     f  the   Province,   and   his political  ���. : a--d the era that the proposed change was  :  ..',- .i..n dodge,   and predicted that as soon  ���; .; .   would he over the   Chinamen  would  ������':��� a- -x^ik,   How mistaken these traducers  .: fv*ut��i have nroved.      The Chinese  announced,   and all practical and  :atc   presenting   thenssvh-es at the  ,. veu employment.    The numl>er of  ling, however, wa* not sufficient oThc  .aoal   gives  particulars  of a miners'  \\ ifannloau Lanarkshire, at which 200  :���>: Xauaimo to  work   rn the  mines.,  the flourishing little mining town near  iXxaaana.?: ^onal'aoa cottages are l��eiug erected tor the  a)uve;ac!iiay-.a -nnuars,   so   that   when  the  Lanark-  lur'e men .r-a-ne'oiit-they will have house  ,iccommo-  torn areaaaod Par them     The employment of white-  ,m ��� aaamIa] Chtn.cse a ill mean much to Xanaimn,  pint iialeed to the Province generally. The Chinaman  Wi,U;S" -'-vcr lea a 1*0 Inn Id up a community      jfe i^an  !s'-,|il!^f aocaa.u. -creatine, who merely exists where a  H;'I^"lli��� "A.oaa ina;.,.     He sends his earnings when  a-adage;;.uok t���� China,   and gets there  y A<  s���������^n.as be  nukes   a   little money       The  ilrU!-1 iun^y <^ the other hand,  sijcnds his monev  wncr'-^<;nanaav'H,"' .and   enters   into   the   life of the  romnni'-'v in a inch he lives,   sharing the duties ami  s-"!SS,,li'iie> os citizenship.     Premier Dunsmuir is  ^'mpmn-nted -on his decision  to   employ   hone  'UUV:lil-'riK'r' fV'ris-minos     The example he has set  ila emulation.  [II..,,...!,  ;'!.>  ^ wa;aiiV  Thk  ^ V1' nil-nV!��Mas   of the Canadian   contingent  being  >c"tn,,,]l!'..:*'h the sick list are usually accorded a very  _  . ���    : ������ -u -OKI deservedly so.     Among the first  .a,,U'!(,Sn:   ln''ahflr(i  vnluuteers   arriving in London  gl    r   '|(,  " ��l,,,eivcu u.> ofncial   recognition   what-  '  :i ll'^ pnhlie turnedoutand cheered them  Attention was   called   to 'the .fact.aaitd"  ll^ ie.tum.ing eaduuial  soldiers, are !tivari.;  ;mn..;.-.  ��� iien  ^ ���'  > ���"�����������'i,.l! , trnOarv reception;   ThH.   l.mvcver, is  jo;* ordsi''1 '" Tn,u,u"nl ; lnrl whcn il come^ toacaseof  "���"* U   ",",,',!m Sht-��T neglect of duty, the respcmsibilitv  H* pi.teed  ��� ��� \   *m f  V^ase'is1";:!'1'1^-1 ��n lhcProP^ shouldersa Such a  f^fiiirocki,, Kr|,,,rl0tl ,roi"':'N*ew Westminster, '\vV'H.:  T ';''' ,,lil   ;i memh^' of the   First  Canadian Contiu  Er^AM   " ' 1M<i thc "lisibniftie to have his", leg broken  Africa, was sent ho  onlv ^ --r*^.   without blank  :.3lloi)a.v his expenses on the way.     Who  v-"hile on  ,with^^i colonist sleeper,   without  blankets, and  a.v ijuebc  "'(U,C^ ������� South Africa, was sent home from  is to blame ? It is not for want of funds that Brooking was obliged to take this long trip so wretchedly  provided for. There are over ^i.ooo.ooo in the Mansion House Soldiers' Fund and $1,000,000 in the Canadian Patriotic Fund.   Someone has blundered.  jr-'"  In selecting Mr. A H. McNeill,   the Rossland barrister, as the candidate in the Conservative interest in  Vale-Cariboo,   the Revelstoke convention acted with  discretion and common sense.  We doubt if a stronger  man could have been chosen in the constituency.    He  is a young man of more  than ordinary ability, and,  stands well with all classes.    >Ir. ^rcNFifl has wisely  held aloof from discussion of the questions that have  threatened  to disrupt the  Conservative  party, and  what part he has taken has been strictly in accord with  the traditions of the. Conservative  leaders.      He has  not attempted to make a new platform for Conservatives, but has been content to stand squarely on the  old platform, which was constructed wide enough" for  every class i'n the community.      While others worshipped at the shrine of Mammon, Mr. McNeill served  his party, and it is well with him now.      If Mr. Mc-  Neill continues to hold aloof from the unwise counsels  of the dissidents, his election should be safe.      However,   the Conservative candidate should not forget  that he is meeting a foeman worthy of his steel.    Mr. |  Callihcr is the equal of Mr McNeill in every respect, I  except in the matter of politics,  and already  he and!  his friends are working hard      All who believe Mr. la  Gailihcr will   not fight till the last  ballot is counted   ?  are mistaken       It is, therefore,   the duty of all Con- a  servattves to get ready for the coming campaign.  Thk  Provincial  Government  has notified the district assessor and collector that all provincial taxes in  Saudon have been remitted in consideration of the loss $  suffered by the citizens during the recent fire,  which  practically wiped out the whole town.  Tin? Saudon l*nyatrrnk'  is  authority for the state-  o  ment that n third candidate will be placed in the field  to oppose the two already nominated for parliamentary honors in Yale-Cariboo According to the Sandon  organ, a convention will be held at Nelson within the  next thirty days to select a candidate to represent the  new third party which, we suppose, will adopt the  Toronto platform, the planks of which we published  in a recent issue of Thk Kconomist.  Owjm; to a shortage of cotton, several of the Fmg-  lish mills have been closed   throwing  ioo%ooo  bands  . out of employment    It is estimated that the loss will  he in the neighborhood  of /25,ooo,ooo.      England  depends upon the United States for her supply of the  raw material, and as the cotton mills of America increase in number, the quantity of cotton available for  ex port becomes 1 ess and more costly.     It is now evi-  dent that if the English mills are  to be kept going,  cotton must be cultivated within  the realm of Great  Britain,     There are within the  British possessions  several legions in which cotton can be grown���India  and Western Attsralia,  for instance���so that if thg  present crisis will have the effect of producing the raw  'matrial under British control it will ultimately prove  a; gain to the empire.' ; ��� j ������ ���  f  > a  -a  - ..'         it  *xl  ;i  ' ';  A  irt  fa  iliU^S  a;i  llillji  ':P;;��  AAAA'-AAIidM  f>':V  liSIllllS  aa:''.'::a:;-:;aja'^|i  .;.-;v::.  ;;:::aa^Ws-aa^aa;|^|  * ��� ^ >' *  a-^3^of^?lii||  s  :l||ia||ia  )maW^aWMm  '".A -  i:S|Ml|f?il|  'AA "'���'-'  AA  A  A'M^i  .'a-.'..--;  '\M  M  'MAB  A  y.;y..;l  ;.'.'.;,'-  AMi  MAS  *AAA  *���':'&:  M  ';.'^<.'.',V&.:  A-  ������Aa  M  ���RAAi  ���.������������:.T5fi?Vgj  : '.-,���������: A-.  At'  ���;..:^  M~  ;H|  AM  m  '������Bff    " *  ��t* !*������* *"'"     **"*  ~~*.   ��r-     ���W   ��r        r- I     ������1       TM>*        1      T- "  T *��� ^^T  1  .1 septa  N(!WIPW"WV*|'.''>IP'  ���tm-  _';���: ���; vAftm  M  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  K*S  KS2  l��  Ii  ss  5 S.'; K5#3  &.. KfiS  Hi  M  iHifM!  I  :��&f|l  fiiMM  g  !S  t f*S  ��*?  fit  ,J!tixlf I  Si   ,4^f  �� a  :t%I'!  ^5^'i^i'-'  ft  MINING   NEWS  boundry creek    ,: .    .  Al. Turnweiser has purchased a quarter ititerest tn  the Minnie claim .Summit camp,Trom J. H. Goodevea  The claim has a four-foot ledge upon which a 5^-^>^V  shaft has been sunk.    The values aie principally   in  copper,   assays   as high   as 7 p^r cent having -been  botatned. ;a.���'"���'���;;    .Vi'.;  WK   White, has   purchased the Monitor   chum  inBrown's Can^  short distance   from the Golden   Eagle   anci   adjoms f  Volcanic. ;-���:/. -���".���.���-..������. -v." ��� ";,;'��� ���������     ������"/������:      ���, ���'���'"'.'.,  The series of,assa}*s from the Homestake, Franklin,  Camp, are sadd to giee-Taiues;, ot/$56i?r.; go]d.,aud;':Co;.  0 unces of sil ver ��� per; ��� ton a ^t he  l^daje .hits"-; .bee an; ty  covered for a considerable distance, aiid it is proposeti  to Continue the development u^ork all winter,  A force of men has resumed work  on  the English  & French claim, Brown'sc'imp, 'north lorkyof -Kettle .  River.     A"shaft will be sunk 20 feet''from the'face of ���  a 200-foot tunnel.  A rich ore body   was   encountered Igsi week in   a  drift from the R. Bell, Summit Caaip.  Ar 'Hugh Cannon;claims to'have struck.^ieetofsolid';  ore on the/White Elephant in    Brown's Camp, 'north  fork of Kettle River,    "������"���'-a' ���  a ���/   rossland.  Late reports from Rossland .are  to the ��� effect  that;  the Le Roi can be ranked as one of the biggest 'mines-..  in the world.     It has been  determined   that Hie  ore  bodies are of great extent, and   from what Is ...'known o  there is $100,000,600 worth of ore which  after   mining, freight and treatment, will yield a profit of  $32,-  000,000.  Ore shipments for last week were the heaviest  known in the history of Rossland. The .previous  record was established in the early winter of last year  when 6200 tons were, shipped in one week. The  figures are as follows :  Mink...;  Le Roi. . ......  War Eagle.......  Centre Star.....  Iron Mask......  Evening Star...  Monte Christp.  X 1       X Jk. ���      i-4 ......    .   4   .  .  Spitzee...   Le Roi No 2....,  Iron Colt   variant ������   ���Week's.  1  'o linage  tonnage  year  to date  a, 45*4  10.3,708  10,603  1.8 00  10,01 f  ..,,,,..  r��434  391  ��� ���  '1��-��� -.  - i A  M\  -.0  ..       290  I 260  ���  70  ... ���  ......  .   42  x OtdJ. .������������������   667  74  1 28,221  '������    TRAIL.-  From the Trail Creek News.  Several large orders have recently been placed    bv  the Trail smelter, with Eastern machinery firms.   The  Vulcan Iron   Works,   Winnipeg,   has received   ad  ditioiKil- o.rders;';;: also;:tli:ea:F.raser tfnid-: 'G&:iliner&-  \Vorks.r,Ch^  ; Indiana.--; '.aAiid ,tHeetiitj^  ;.aThe.pre$en'tw^  lead and copper-m atte 1 hat w^ ^Traitsmelt^ I  .It'Coti^etf'^  ���:T!ns.Tthe,;work; ;o  ;iurf'Kt<^s.;a.are;;;;iu:;;iulf^  .guessed;t.y.;Th:^ ''������*v*  Thernost :;p0werfnT:;eH^^  Tir's.tpC't'he krn'd::^ert''nort-b;of^  .ilary ;aiio1.',w'est'of the:;K^  :t^ \M'rdvatS^  ''as..th??Shay'en��^  ihe'hea'vy^  Xw.ee viTTaifand/  muy/feugiue/to^  u> Rdss!a.rKt.r:4>M  '.away, easily:\ri.tli,;;^  .-for ';:sm*ed,:;:.Im^^^  strength'^-a-^^  ������' ���"; Aa, W;.', ��� Wf]giii;,0f Sftite^ he..'iM\\iM  ���A"      ���-.-���'.,'��� "-.'���'��� ��.-.1   , ���-AA':.'- ������������\:A- A ; .v.n... ���:;-:���!'*'^:0/-.; :"���;-.��� ���'������v.--���-' ���   ���.���������.��� ��� :i��':.:i|  toil iifst.W?eiin'esa:ia:y;,;:;;;:::';:::;'t  ;'nectio!ivwith;'the;i!r^^i^  ..at' -1 he T r a il, sfnelt^T^Atli.I^  ���". W e:r "a tin b'u'nced ;;:v:'test;:',:wf tBm liiu. % .;a; t he ''ileXV;-^'COppSI  .. ,-���'.- .a ��� '.������ ��� ,     ".-.���>��� a      ..'���'."'���-'" '��� ,;���'a'--'-''':������ . a ���..'���,;'.-:'^>T''���.'".-������' ������';' ��� -a',-������������ -a-'v ������ '���"���* v-    ��� ii,r%-  ; i\\xijim:m\ Smeltep:Hi!fwiittliailf;-;;bIpw'uWjMm  ah '��� Tticsdava,; ;a:S.iicb a-vVi^*^- i.t*ie^: ;V^'^S^^^^cr t'^iii Icii f>_ .a;'-;>-^*Cfs^': f��^  ��� aLmtstxiFttngau^^  the 'Bohndarv eclu'iis..ry:::.Iiiii';ci;us^ ^^|  in the-stiicScer.!busin^;.f|fn  p*>stj><>nc:staitini?-uti:ttevJ^  1 i.l mor^ nun?/werea''avafliible^  meats liti.ve;}:&��iittimn^4i^ aiiciaotl^l  ':papers calb.o..g.'for-:aW0rkersi,:  .. wii 1' be- sunbHed.-tii-'' ��$: 'fcw'davC';'::;:"':.Nii^^  now a hat he can't f&ct>v0rfc;';oaV^ "������"���- a"a;  '- ',���*;>��������� * w :!tj^ w��'f -rtw ������"  r*. *������<��;��� ������*!*��� -'tf A'rt^'$^M:A'V^  ���,.'.-��������� '^rotiv^ 1.10:1*$^  '������'��� 'C!rarl.e:^TaS.inrei:e, :-w!.ic^:;rit;itri!|if  ���otv Tuesday,-.reriorts a'!strike%f^  -'-���������       * ���������'���      .���"'���' ^     - ���������' .'��������� a   - - ������ a-, ,"���' ���        .      '''.-���������':;.ijM  "tahceif.Ujeh^  ol far Re .bodies of t'rb'fr:^ made-aiid;^^j  ca used quite' a tinm t:>ec!r 16 i hit:":;fe.tion:.:. a; ;-M r.:0^m  mere savs"tiuaveiia'c ai''1^.,if^cMfffo  that it" wdlniaicnaitf' ii';-unifor  Theore-is'-high-^  is-said to carry--$4^ av ': goid;a"invOiereu^  The ore is solid between.walls.'  '    C. M. 'Keep-'has.a shaft .-house.and.cahms WW t|^  the .Sdver Crown group, of. minls'and hopes Ft "^^  a shipment before -navigation closes* ' a'.-;;i��feS  '������     ��� ' ��� -a"' ���p;,^di.ei:��  ��� Work., will 'be continued ;ail, winter''on the, l arau:.v|ffi  Owing to the oversight >n recoroirig tliea    '.^^'in^  work on John L. and;Jv;H.,^  claims-on Tracy Creek,.-the claims'-'lapsed fifl\ ^fea  relocated by-J.. H. . Conklina  on behalf w^������^-.;WZ\  !>any, under the names1 of trie .Sunrise and ^!ulbC;p||:^  Sullivan stocks are slowly   but surely '';:'a^:W:^,-."1,,j  There seems to be a local demand for .^shares.   ";g|p,^j  .1   . x. ,    J   , ,    ,     '    1        ���?'        ���' "i ill'.     *       '   1> L      '   r  ��� k    *���"    xf =-J       ���     ~   ��  :^"x^rw*?p,,r-^T-rT.- THE NELSON EGONOMIST  ^pressor now installed means largely  rienut of ore, ��� and''from-this: out 5P tons;.;, will;'gO;a. out  .' - A INS WGKTH^KASLOay;;.::^  '..' FmiutheK^UHiiM^  Ti,c-c��:mtract'lito:beeh;.^  i,jLr& 'Machinery :Cotnpany-,bfa'S  f^cam'^  VsheT in to'operation  |iany:expects :"to',have;'.it'.:;-working::witbitf 90'-;;:.days..:  ffhe IHi>hland ^6m^an?>^^  fkuow.rHi^h^  Ivorth district, paying :$f.oo-ooc>;|ir;cash; to;:^1^ntjs^  /olumh'ia owners,: ,���������.'��� it has <K>nim'en^; o  |. large,scale, 'a .t'ramvvay:''ffom. ;;tbe;;,:;tnine^  :entrat'or. is -to be com f%ted;; within'/^  iKuationS'^  rapklly*|)ivsbed/forward. ���'.'������ a'::aa: a^ )ff'&  ���Never; ha ve. t he cla fins ��� along.; '��� the-South';:.^  iasio river promisttLJ.^  ;��� rencl'r. sy \u\ ien tc, the /Mansfield- 'and; ;plow;maua:^  pa;nies, the B ismark- -people and numferouSSpri  parties are ener^eticaliv'./at;-'wbrk;'and/SOO^  ft *���  * ' '-*!' "���     ��� ;', -t:' ' - "''v    ' * - .'-.-.",'��� '' ������' A      '  road will a abound to/the Iranijrldfr  Lkogether 1'ikelv that ���; the'-Sou tb��� I^rfc;;;g?yriagotvrjOHflx^  kill lie pushed to completion. 'thr$/-Seii^  Aid.  la la, Archerhas lostlWJtim^^  horn Toronto \n putting, men :4or;-'w6r&:0^  HQek;Virgi.nia,eia.:ms-o  has proved afeilure; but m  ling a ten-stamp battery;   T  of development^  of the company lias been caU^  ';consider;tbe;;{^  ;:;';/:A;tm  ':'b^n':';made;iii;/the;;-district  Dev^  lh.^a;variousa^  fq'uali��y^for;Crpwn:;grahts  :;'/-';W<)rk:ou:^  persistently, ahito the e  ;;:v;;;';/.;/;/;  ;thl::bon<l'^^  ;Ten~mile;:^  .^G^^forr'Aupst  Iprlofedl^^  ^^  liai'an^  Shippit^  '/,/|fa';/f:o  y:|Tlte/aSo^  "prititi^  ;:affi<^i^^  ���Near  a  lv every (  lay-word comes' from;the-;South;:Fork  encouraging work done ,'iheif'G��:  ..���^xt��**l��*WW*  's:  !so;/ preparing' tO;:;;-:;s^tid'otsfatbig  .������';.SLdCA#.;;;;;^  ..iii^'fov'vFV.u^^^^  pa Cits- division last'.week; ..'but ' the": oh lv:'-: mine "there  {which sent-out ore.      ��� ������ ��� ���'���''���; '''aa://A/v^  i he Knierprise is preparing another'shi^  I He teams were taken of! the creek: for a-few  iweek ��� :"���.;'���' -a 'r-:M  The Arlington'is'   al  Pot of ore i - ���-.:.,-.:/-- -... aa-Vaaa  llie|lioti(ih��>lderis expecieil'to'.^  ��'.rails/of ^avhefore/wintersetsin..^^^  'im '���     ;  ���' - ���      :      ..'���',-���'   ..'.' A-.- '.''....-: "��� ''.-'���'      :  :. -  - * ne saipinonts for the "year to date;are ivs-afo-llows/:  Mine,  8$lv��terr>rise.\  :^-<;Arlini;t(>n......  -^^aek IVinee.....',":.���  fo*'l'->   uVivlamnto,,.,,  k-^-*^eep;nva  ;  k^u.^^1^ ...  P^TMVO lUKMKls-   .  If  j . 1  Weeka.a:'/  '" ',:;Total  ��� ��� ��� "��� ��� * - -  ��� *\�� ��� *  .'V. :.'.'926  "*,,',**    ��� ��� 'f_ t   * .fc   ���  *  �� ���*   .  * ���****��  ������":.'���; '300  '���*���*���*����     !��*���.'��     ��fc��  - *0.��  ��  ��   ��  >�� ��� -  . .:/-:';.6d  *'**"���**���**>*     *i    *   fc.   *���  '..**���,+ ����������             t  .-������ .:2��  *    *     '     *    *   *    *   *     V   4    ��    ��    fc    ^    ,  ���   f   ���   * ft   ��  *  ���**,*��*��fc?������4����  .**��**%.'  **��*�����      <.��*���*��*,    ^  :,2o-; '.'���;  '���..;.:iO.  W*.-VI ��* A* ��*UkWiW��tk  (' 20   :  ������������'.������������;.��33P-  NEL$ON<  *.  Ve  J nol'iH-*fol<l brick was brought' down, from';the  U,sl,v 1^.- Doolittl  ��� his re  e yesterday, -valued- at  $1,200.  ."   f)ta    ' ..     l   Ulc last cleau-up�� -up to the time the  1  4 ' mi   r^ntly installed broke down.      The mill  Fig. 1 shows the device la perspective,  and Fig. 2  in cross section      Fig. 3^^  ��� forator as/applied,.to;a. press.; /aA!V';ektended description oS the invention was given in a recent issue of The  Economist^ '��� .��� The objectofthe-invetitot;is.to provide  ,'a'.new :and, improved';' perforator^  ��� durable iti ''Construction,/;effective, m  .arranged' to perforate theapapet'whil  i'sl>eing-^ken'/ ' Owing to/the great  device, -Mr. Evans is.:at''present'dif^ting'his'utmost  : efforts, towknis having it placed on..'the market as soon  m  - �������*  *- f-  AAMiM^^mi ".;*  liailiii lir>  :y..,:!aa!:aa%at|$ '4 *' :*  AAAAMA'i-xMAAAi 1. *������  "AMMMAMASAt ft  I  ;;;:;;;-:a;..xai:afai |?' i:  ;��t  ���>.:a>av:'A a;.4a   ff  .^;-a:;^>fa^   fc \  A:AAm * 1  ������.������- \v.\-.'.^i-.;^.sva:v'��-jw'ax ^*' �����  ..'.-l.'-v. .:. ..-��� ..���r-.A..;-.kV....'.i-itf-tV; V%>��      *S      i1  r.as^-.w.:-.av'-a^;-^.te^ ��� * ; *  ,^.".;..':;:^...\\:v.M^...vOx. ���:: :::x^,iH;.:'.4.^x;.ix?3��        41 *  aHiiiniP..*3  mmAAmmAm. *��� ��  :.-���' aaaaacaaasxaaiyf t; . ���  ^-.-ta^s;-'::;'::::,:^:*^!^ r    v  AMAAMAMAA::AAAi *  :-4i-.S.i. :=..-,:.--.v a:?a^'ivS,,*a. *   /  ���..-������������.-.���.;  .,-..���-:���..������-������,���'.:���-��� :--,.���'..->;..i-:.-..��;-v.-j'x^.*--v  k"     �����  AA AA. AAAMAAAiM       , "**  ;:'.^-s.....''->v,.'':..V'.V:'.--fc.'.^-':;-'i'?.:.'.xx"<-i.fe^5 *��� �� f     .,  ������.���,,'x-;.,,:,������.-..-..;,. ..;'..;;,:i.-.^^-'^1; -    ����    '  iaa:>^.;c4:--::^#K^|s^ ��v '   ���*  AAAAAAMmAm * s;v  ^AA^AAAAM '::::.;;a.-'ipiia  -f      J  A^A:.X::rA^'''''A:-A:AA&    J - '  Am    ��� *  AM  y .���..., -'4 ���*  aa  ti.  Am  a;a<$  ..-Vf;::vSi  'rl!  a-4f  MAM  M  ���'���������:.--'-ts  ������������'������; xi,:'Sr  ���������.'. ::VI.-'lxS  lyaai  ^aa  '������?3  al  ^vi-i ��� k,v^.va- ',-k "^vi-^^jrrr^pp-r^.^.^^..,^         "V      L     1      "I1'      'x     ��'     J     ..'    ���"      4.'    '        .1   l,.*    V      ���. . * "���- �� *      .        ..T' -���.!.���      ���-     ���    1 ,�����  I- X.I       i.,0     1���    "'V    4.      '    l    *      "X*  k   gi   :    '" <f   -*    ,,  A' Ji> -"Ik'   *  k',^'11   1     x4*   .    i  x 1 ay-ifet&aiK'ii ill  "rfiWrii» "'*"
:*■«! ''pa
THE reception to Lord and Lady Minto last week
passed off very satisfactorily, considering the
short notice the citizens had to prepare  for the visit.
Only a  tew days before a letter from his   Lordship's
private secretary  to City Clerk Strachan announced
thai the vice regal   party would   not be able to visit
Nelson.      This was followed by another message announcing that   owing to some  delay in railway cono
nections it would be possihleHo spend a l&w hours'.in.
the city.   A meeting was hurriedly called, at which a
creditable programme was drawn up, including a banquet in honor 6f the visitors.      This programme was
submitted to his  Lords h i p, a mi a pproy ed of i n e very
particular save and except  the  banquet.      Whether
this exception was made in consequence of a previous
decision of the City Council that it was undesirable to
spend public money in entertaining the party, [know
not, but the tact remains that there was no   banquet
I hope their Excellencies; were not  chilled   with jhe
reception they got at the railway ilepot.      H#re they
were '.met by the reception committee  and   welcomed
to Nelson.      A brass band, the local company of the
Rockey  Mountain Rangers,  and some .'five; hundred
citizens were also present,   but not a cheer was
by way of welcDme.  The visitors weredriven in open
carriages to the schoolgrounds,   where  the children
sang patriotic songs, and addresses "were- presented on
behalf of the  City and the Board of Trade,   to which
His Excellency briefly replied.    A trip over the electric street car line, a sail on the lake, and a reception
in the evening concluded  the  programme.      As the
day advanced the enthusiasm grew, and whatever im
pressions the distinguisli^d visitors msy have   formed
at the earlier stages  of the  proceedings,   thev   took
eir departure  very  favorably  impressed   with the
ital of the Kootenays   and   the genuine    if somewhat undemonstrative, reception accorded them.
Lord Minto, who succeeded Lord Aberdeen as
governor general of Canada, is a man with an inter~
esting history As a soldier he saw service in Afghanistan and Egypt and is well remembered in
Canada as secretary to Lord Lansdowne. He served
as a volunteer with the Canadian militia despatched
tothe Northwest in 1.885 to .suppress tae Kiel ,-,.
bellion and helped to organize the Canadian voy,^-, rs
who went to the Nile as part of Woolselev's ex^di
tion to the Soudan. His ancestors belong p)(/ne
of the fightiugfamilies of the Scottish border and for
generations the name of Sir Gilbert Hlliott descended
from father to son. At the beginning of the preset
century two brothers, Gilbert and Hugh Elliott were
governors of Bengal and Madras and in r 813 the former
was raised to the peerage as the first Lord Minto
The present earl is his great grandson. Lady Minto
war a Miss Grey, daughter of the Hon Charles Grev
private secretary to Queen Victoria, and granddaughter
of -Barf Grey,   prime minister  under   William IV
Lord a nd Lady M its to have lieen married
.years/ and .have':fiye';chi^
tears■■ the 'conrte§y; tjtle;of' A^seoti 111 Melguad b
■'toy' of' nine./.-../    a-aa'a a :.|^ a:-a/'a~
;■ ;AiuUustratj^
1. 1 lord ehancellors>;: jl*:rif^
Of:the House/of .Com t^ ihiw;.bisho^
every ;':se^:ai.id'-;;;fiveb
/bishops' 'ofCant^rbu^^^^
and   five   ^uniaiid^
dukes of Narfo^
!§he has;otttls:ve4'.:every;;;:;^
' a nd every ;W^ter;;;'.;:0f risep^ut^^',V^|^g|^|
'"1-837,/. ;,sbe\ #^,.^^
States, :ieit;Vi<^
rii led. ..by/one. kingv/^n
of a TepitbUek;''a/';;a;.y/./:^':;;'';a/;a
'; Margaret -^aga)^
'.■who may' at.he'r vp1eii$tife^
the.' most. exci.ittiy e dr^j^
. fulfill'her- /part ofatl^
-sign j tig ,a check a i n: 'Seiil^
• large,; is ;ofier|f;^ar#«j&^
, .;a.cq'.u a i u t.ii'it cm- a ■'": .T'' si'i lo^iamcK
and /costly/; fabric; ^^ri;!;!!jfa.^^j^iir^.i.«Qip;:^*^-l^
and dainty '-with jewel%/;;;u*ak^
3limited . 'uiCOinc,.'a.nd;i;0tiiyathe;^
array theuLsdves.ybi-.t.b
/price to he'paid.     Afet..S;Hypmiu
'm bus su.m on her.■•apparel/a^d;:^l;:f ;;M;of ^urinf;(^
chic &nd^-modish ,eflect;;wbi^
Once for all; it must. ■■be'/:'^
'      ■'' '• ■ A.'     '-'■''■' •'■' ■■■' "  *' ■ *..-; ''   * ■'■■''■''iii
s'houts/'a't one,*..which..;;pr6ciaffiri:.tber' stjekels;tnat^
cost,-which is 'ill any/wsty/loud'orInharjaonious;^
again,, which detracts sttenttdiK
fixes it.urxmi^
a(ivertisemetn;;-fo.r of.be;
materials, ■.and.:'Tdt/:'the
them,;, but' 'it acts; as. art
whom it was meant
lor.it' :/■:/:/
' *..--v>",a
Six hundred jrvinerscrowded;the Katmmo 0   ^
house on Saturday  night for the purpose  of takiaf
definite action .whether'to strikeor not    Alter a^
hot discussion, lasting three hours, the division
ncd out 2ioagainst the strike, and 190 for,    ^
was short by 76 of a two thirds vote of 266,■ requisite
the strike wars averted, though acknowledged aptf •
close t!)ing.      H was decided to wait  till April tie -
it! In»*
by which time all contracts now running s»aU     _
expired, before   renewing   the request for a tcn **
cent advance  all   round.     The   decision gave co
siderable relief to the citizens, who feared t&e
Artisans who make their living in the bu^
trades would do well to shun the Hawaiian ba^
for such occupations ate almost absolutely conVlQ^
there by the Chinese..     Plumbers,  stone-cutter^
'4"'-'". \"x.:, '^'r   L '.1.«. =. >-■ v^1 - v.111  -■*■■ . \' xr .-"     & . • \ •     <
,   A>'--A%AWfZ'^' A: 'A'^i a^'-a^aV; /.Vv-i-S v*< "���>.���lt^'i,''    "Tt-wmt,  4    ai^-a^>a^:a-.*ara.i "<���' , :v 'TMAA- AAASa4hs^M  '���   '-\ AM\ 'A'A ' -" f   A: Aa- \-V..V '���-:r-v, j,'v":$'���'':>>.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  Hi'er-; arc nearly all f��*��m the flowery kingdom,  j;";;/,.,!lr;K-t(.rs of the Caucasian race are being  ���.,jVce,i >,y' ..ritual i ivalft Of the building permits  iloAnlu simv Jan. i about So per cent bave been  t, ,/,,!,> Ciiiiicst.-, who have reached   the stage ol  aaati >:������.����������'i"hs-    Ma��>' of lbe lM-uerhouses  "///.le ,/��� m-acr-uc ineonfe  have in   the past twtr  ./;'.., aih bv Chinese,    Nfett of this.nationality  aUIaararalcr- an*�� contractors as well, and this  ii!ii:Mti..oTi.-4iv.- them a great advantage over con-  (iraaivha have to bay their lumber and pay there-  a.va.a.ra', o oht Even the white contractors  ' -rnoaasai: Chinese labor, to the exclusion of  fauns' and Portuguese. Hie japs are also  ,%;r;teav<aK-inca. though they have not vet obtained  laiaKahe Chinese.  .The.-Ra ���!��'���;.Fraadi Compaan\ now at tYj Nelson'  i;l'o-;-a"a- a meritorious orgaui/auion in many  ���s ���; lap ��iu: of numbers it is the largest that  a visual XeNo:., and in regard to excellence it  ec.ti.alof' aav dram uie organization so for seen  ..Tla.-^ayr effects are all new, Mil particularly  ,amlia.the.'a:*a!ncutni of ** Quo Vadis." This is  <: plav'.o! -which?o"'muoh has been written the past  aa.aao,,.uai is interesting from the foci that it de*  Tihes'thc-uiarivrdom of the early Christians and the  na.ai"!a--ai^a persistency with which rhey were pur-  -To  the student   "Quo VadiV is a  rvs' t   f  !:)V' AtiTO.  \\ ii  wertul'-ksson industorv. The French Company  il! concilia.e its week's engagement Saturday night*  he p;-urniKV4c' io.Yar has been of the most satisfactory  ararter.  ns?To.iiih��� Millet Concert Comnanv will make its,  bt aaaaoaaea in NeNou. at Fraternity Half fhurs-  ay eveaastya .' The newspapers .speak in the highest  aris o: Mhc; a\L-|!eras vocal accomplishments, attd.no  Olihi s:!i  u  a: well received here.  his re-aoited from  Constantinople  that a plot hati  aaniasanaaaal p.., assassinate the Sultan   of Turkey,  .a.i rests have been made   in consequence  pi! O' O  iere- ���'  i.  fhe year.of grace 1900 will be mentioned in  ^ "no   notable  among  other things for'the  f*  .MOia  n^ '>uuurehisin and the deadly work of that dm*  c:!,!'is'".?i;anizati'ona-     The rulers of the jttople have  t  ll!i tune }K��eu entirely sale from the assassin Let  |> avail a kav of these regrettable occurrences On  --ii p!li :~' !Svo. ; l-Metro Aeciarito tried to kill King  ^ )nnil-M1' wll() was spared for the fatal bullet of Hresci  j^.iCA. w'*' ^ :u:'"- *:our attempts were made to assas-  ;*&        i"   K-at .\apoiron.    Otieen  \ ictona s hie has  'ISA ik ., . >**���  trMM'h-d three times The particulars I gave  Brail.- ''KV]]' illlrle ''''Twt> efforts were made to kill the  ^1{ <!j'u' n! ^ ,ll,>v Napoleon ML was frequently shot  ^|;|',Ul,K'VlM "^'i-tally wounded. The King of Prus-  l;^l .lNas Ulrr Urv<{ at iu l85t, but escaped on both oc  ^���^    ,'"'���   Km*>  \ ictor  Ktrianuel narrowly escape<  :.?^th at t  I  ' I-  , '-assassiu's hands in rasi,       King Ferdi-  i.-.'."k. , '   " a|      vva:: st.abbed bv-a-would-beassassin in  - ���,* ,lK   vv'iJ yuCcu l��abeiia'(.it of tain nau  .. ~]ty( \ ]L-      l hc yueen of Greece was shot in  '\,4teS   rAI,raham 'M��coln,   President of the United  ��� ". f es��(��ed on April 15, ,865, from a bullet fired by  Wilkes Booth the night before. In 1873 and again  in 187S the German Emperor was shot at. In the  latter year also an attempt was made on the life of  King Alfonso of Spain. Alexander IL of Russia, was  assassinated in March, 1881. Unsuccessful attempts  on his life had been made in 1866 and again in 1867  President Garfield was assassinated on July 2, 1881.  President Carnot of France was stabbed to death in  June 1894, and a bomb was thrown at President Faure  of France in 1S96.    And so runs the history.  The greatest strike in the^ history of the labor world  is now on On Monday morning 142,000 miners of  the Pennsylvania, anthracite region quit work, the  mine-owners having refused to accede to the request  of the men for an increase of wages. The lock-out is  likelv to continue for some considerable time,  as the  V  M Or  miners" unions are said to have plenty of,, funds on  hands, and the mine-owners express a determination  not to yield The city of New York is declared to be  face to face with a coal famine, which recalls thestrike  of 1878, when the anthracite cost the consumer from  $J2 to $14 a ton It is said that the amount of coal  now in the hands of the New York dealers, on the  wav to the citv and in the hands of the coal companies  above ground, is not more than one month's supply,  or i ,000.000 tons. This is a serious look-out for New  York, with what promises to be a severe winter drawing near. �� ~  I am pleased to notice that the suggestion of The  Economist that the fire bell be tolled in the morning  al 7 o'clock, at noon, and again at 6 p.m. is likely to  be acted on. A petition has been presented to the  City Council, I observe, to have the suggestion adopted. If carried out, it would certainly do much to  establish a recognized time.  A young gentleman took his little sister with bim  while calling the other evening at a house in town  where he is a regular visitor, The little girl made  herself quite at home, and showed a great fondness for  one of the young hdies, hugging her heartily. "How  very effectionate she is/' remarked the lady of the  house. M Yes; so like her brother!" responded the  one being hugged, unthinkingly. Paterfamilias looked  sternly over the top of his spectacles at his daughter,  the voting gentleman blushed, and the rest preserved  a significant silence.  - Weather prophets it re beginning their predictions  concerning the temperature of (becoming winter. All  prognosticate a very severe season, taking their cue  from the excessive heat of the past summer. I hope  the prophets are out.  But mistakes will happen in the best regulated  iamilies.    The:.DuhUn./)wi7y-3/at7;justto hand quotes  the following paragraph as appearing in one of its  morning contemporaries: .  The Prince and Princess of Wales will  charged with stealing ^6o;6r8 from Parr's  Bank, was yesterday at the-Mansion House  committed for trial  The newspaper in which, bv mistake, the Fnnce and  Princess of Wales got mixed up with a bank robbery  item came out the following morning with an explanation that their Royal Highnesses had nothing to do  with the robbery.  P. G.  L       '      1 4    U     ���   "        TO  ,' ' t   - 1 ���.-','-,;���.a? J  . v.- xi,- ��� 1 'jr^ryp  X'Aj'-MA1 -"'-' ''- *"  ^4 j^i 4.--*  X     -<    ���-   r   >t\  %  **1  i^  jk-i  S i  4  \>\  Hi  ��� 1.  Iff  *  '  4 �� .�� \  Mi    f  .' :     1  ���-VIA  '���Vrf* a  a a  ;-.   k   ' ��� ' j  "*jC  * J,       y'r  ... i A *  i, a  1  x    4  1      I   *  ��� i-�� :  ������>- I  4       �� ,-1  x   'k    *���*      ��  I   ,���*���!  V*  t "���  ' t    *  t*.  i  4k  i *  x*  1    4    l   ��^^~n����� *      ,  :; '^v/' Sc^x x f;  , X- l^ l A-x ��s, vv  a'J-    -<>ak   .>,����  ���" v^ Vi >.  . . ~ 'ma     .VI A h   .   ., , n    , ....     -, i ,-\ J   V.   a^ ^      >a^ *- ^<>.\A\a   "*> v     ..���    . la ^ �� A.t. ^.��k mm  'LSmS-vK. C1   Ps   iris   J;    *A.r \  ^i-m^wM k<$A  JJ 'ri�� H  "' ^ Hkf I'  4**% iiifx*-  IslllllR"  v...-'-  FOUR men bticetipon a time came iiito the wilderness seek nig for pick^^^ They procee<l to a  ..pond which is dtteent from all other ponds in the  world,  excepting the   remaining ponds in   Sullivan  ���.County.. ���; '.;,'/''' ' .",;,/.-.':" V ,  A scHwny stoned dam, clinging in apparetit ties-  l>eration toils foundation, wandered aimlessly across  a wild Valley. In the beginning, the baffled waters  had retreated to a dense forest. Consequently, the  four men confronted, a..,-, smooth slieeTof water from  which there upreared countless gray, haggard tree*  trunks/ Squat stumps in multitudes idly stretched  lazy roots over the surface of the water. All manner  of weeds throttled the lines and dragged them do  Great pine trees came from all sides to the pond's  edge. Floating ' logs and sti.c.ks pumped "gently  against the careering dam.  In their journey, the four men encountered a  creature, his person concealed behind an enormous  straw hat ; he with a voice as from a tomb /demanded in sepulchral accents to he hired to assist  tacsHir their quest. They agreed to accept his  services.;.  From an inner recess of the bank he then produced  a blunt-ended boat, painted a very light blue;in  accordance with Sullivan County aesthetics Two  sculls, whittled with a jackknife from docile pine  boards, lay under the seats. Pegs were driven into  the boat's sides at convenient rowlock intervals.  In deep, impressive tons the disguised '������ individual  told the four men that, to his certain knowledge, the  best way to catch pickerel was to '" skidder fur 'em  from them there stumps." So the four men climbed  into the 'beautiful new boat and the individual  manoeuvred his craft over the waters until he had  dealt out four large, low-spreading stumps to the four  men with fishing-tackle. He then repaired to a hfth  stump, to which he tied his boat, and, perching himself upon the stump-top, valiantly attacked a worn  rid midewed corn-cob laden with black tobacco,  which, smote the chests of the four men, all within  hailing distance.  The sun beamed merrily   upon   the riffled   waters,  towering   tree-trunks   and   the    low lying   stumps'  Troops of blue and silver   needles darned   over the  surface of theponda    Down in the   waters, millions  of moss-branches waved   gently and hid   mysteries  The four men sat and " skiddered.1*    The individual  puffed   tremendously   at his pipe.     Kvcr and anon  one of the four would cry ecstatically or swear dreadfully, and his fellows, upon standing to gaze at   him  would   either rind  him -holding in joyous   fingers a  stout   fish or   struggling   with a hook-and-line   entangled in the hordes of grasping   weeds, sticks   and  stumps at the bottom of the pond.  They fished until the sun slunk down behind some  tree-tops and peered at them like the face of an angry  man over a hedge. They had good fortune, for the  pickerel is a voracious fish, his   only faults being   in  av���  m  met hod. / ��� He.lia3;jl;fo  JleaHi^  /.around; ^ cbruer'/withTtv"^^^  ..'���-.Jiacfvou'e^of th-e.;'fo  audi:viduai.:s?it.-,euthorned,/c  :all<lay:,.j')i|>e;i;u;m.out^  ,;^<to,;;he'w^  .relate'anecdotes ^  , domestiedifoc.^  struck hima   :Ab0tit;;no^  'outfitbito/neh^  he'distri^  " : ".Thcyvfeli^a  ally ���/.'���''be ;.;:made;;;^  wa.tcrs'-tQr.theiitif^  ,: ;l'oward';tlie. c!ose/;;0  evdclently.t.h0Ughtftil'aS  iuhtij'itth^  four'. men ������ stood. ���. M.&i|w^  ��� .������*; Vint.had/M ter;;&^  ��� :���:��� T he' otber; t h ret.' rttjeit^  a The iodividuatrai^  . d en I y,' a mi-,: iva vt hg a W h.is}o;  roared": a.';/'-   a/a^^-f.^  o''./''���* Yoaifellersh^ld  ;.. '"There were;a/f^y'-./ra^^  t lie. map; who '$too/<T  s.at:down abectvsl^  ���/��� /'The night caiaie;cr<e��jS  st i I l,n.ess. f > f. eve? * i og-rei t&d/it ^  dividual began to'curse Jo decp,:'niamlHtf'tmieki  ':,i pernvfools."   be  said,   %'dcni    fools!    W$  don'-tcherg'-'liome ?*' ' j  .  '���'* He's full as a fiddle.1*   said  a little man ooj"  third scump.     The rest groaned in reply.    They  sat facing the stump whereon the individual perch  berating -them with gigantic oaths,  / Occasional! v he would take another drink from  inexhaustible bottle,  '������"���:Sh&y,   you'm   fine lot   fellers/f he would cry,j  '' Why blazersh don'teher g' home?"  The little man on the third stump had been A*fo  thoughtful for a fow moments, He now got upa��'j  made oration.     He, in the beginning, elaborated   .  many good qualities which he alleged the indiviQ  possessed.     Then he painted graphically the prt��*  distress and utter woe of the four men in their n '.  Later he descried the  reward due to the indivi*  if he would relieve them, and  finally ended with M  earnest plea to the humanity of the individual'  The   individual struggled  to his feet  and en ���  " G.'homc, dern fool !" ^  The little man sat down and swore   crimson o *���  Then, in chorus,   the four   men entreated,  P  threatened, cursed and berated/    AH to no p��r ^  The individual called them names  and told tlie  "g'home."     He drank deeply. -'        gis|  The night-wind sighed and   began to moan, ^  clouds faring a load of   rain appeared in *h*  ���m,-Mlf-ki X4��4jxyx.,T"X���J;��li-l,kTrnr���.;��n"|llk.."��'X .fj k.vi'k---" 1'] ���������i-xyjiyy T��yx.��t71;  4 x   ^ M .     ��x ^*x.  x-  ^    *  )k k    I,     i    -     .Hrk >k.,k -,  i   ���" . ���.���>'   -x"    O        >  lA��-     ryA^'  'L    ^  ^   - ' \ x  'I*  k*    ��\ k  ���"kj'1!! ..  4^. t  I '  1 .      .x  .     .'   I     " k  , ->51 if - * ���  I."'  1 'it      ,   1  .   l x\k.    .        ��   x<;      ,    ,4,x��   CfCf���"T*~r���-ji    ������! nil..,,, ,���.   ..--mir"! ,i <'.    v ..'���'*   '  ?+??fc\\t .r,f.-��   '���     *A'^A'    ���   \Vl  ,V.:j     u^a % ��� T\:.AAA  '.'ac^-'"-^/     ,. * r:A*>   \V.'  '  '-'��),.   vr/.;^va;a >-;i   ^.   ^���:.J  a^ j^.^ ����� A^"-. <  *.   ^jx^,^   .,    >'. >^,-*-i^^Jr. .j  t    k T ,1  ^ j* '    I l     X    * "��� * J^ ^ tl     \   *���* *   �� i. t Ji   i k * if*      ��li .if -     tl I THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  nngs,-.;  ���a. a a  The four   men  shivered and   turned up  averts.     *u/-   ,wi**  eir coat c dlars.  .\j] those .'things which come forth a taught began  ,0^ noises I'nseeu animals set ambled aiid  hashed among the debris on the water. Crooked,  lijnv'./sucks ...seemed to scjuirm like snakes. The  ul*nltai bewail-to feel that they were sitting on live  A legion of frogs and tree-toads chanted a  ;;: oilic pond's cd^c The little man  aruy ua'aad alirieked that all creeping things were  'nvlin-aiboaiiaside his stump, Kacb felt himself  t   .. .wi a;- "the mercy of unseen horrors, which were  IrVpP'.uiune; at hi* back.  " jv. amhvidnul was Mill- drinking nyd hoarsely  \\mUW f��-ut tiuu-s they labored with him.  i ,ri!j!;.i them nau/bt. To each other 'they  ata:caa'varra^ plaa> for escape, but they gazed  owa )::aatiac!bh��ck water and thought that it teemed  nihMiww hie.'' They shuddered and sat still  ��� A ��"jiost-mi>t:'came nud hung abave the water* In  ��e slia/lava/ the pond began to look like a vast  raWynrd, the tree-trunks turning to aged marble  iliars and   monuments.     'Fire-flies  began  to  look  g over "the graves:c/-.and-.;���.,th^jak-:.;.;  la^nar  IC  tiSj.��'Hi,i-its..';da-ncm  :ig regular .sbapes.'.apjxiaridi-Hk.e;  aide caskets.  in  tir-a:-  The individual Ijegarrto/glibfen  lass'.voice'appalls the stoiitestbearis,/;;;;  The.'iittic'manbegan^^  the   remaining two,   being   timid by nature,  swore  great lurid oaths which blazed Against the sky.  Suddenly the individual sprang up and gave tongue  to a dreadful yell which raised the hair on the four  men's heads and caused the surface of the water to  ruffle. Chattering frienziedly, he sprang into the  boat and, grasping an ore, paddled frantically to the  tittle man's stump. He jumped out and co vered at  the little man's feet.  " Stumps turned into an octopush. I was a-set-  tin'  on his mouth," he said.  The little man kicked him.  The others cried out to the little man, so he desisted, and, climbing into the boat, sculled about and  collected his companions. Then they proceeded back  to th,* stump whereon the individual lay; staring  wild-eyed across the water at his octopus. They  gathered his limp form into the boat and rowed  ashore. -���~^    .   -,  '���How far is it the nearest house?" they demanded savagely of the individual  *l Four miles," he replied in a voice made of camp-  ,<ia.m:p'a.:/;,-,,a:;;,/}/:;ai;:/   , ,-aa;ai^  .:.a;a$^  ;$ti��k��^  :indivtdnaf^^  ;water^sa^  it  V r>'    ���> i".  ) i  fit  ;apgpig|  AAAASAAf0MA$^i.  .MMAAMifM0$k  AAAAmAmlM  Am :AM:^AAAA^&^ . ��r  ;���.. '���AA-}'AAAA-:AAA^i  *'    A"  AA^A^^M'MiMMff^.  ,-..i'..,.Oft^i.*..^tk;i^  ..rt^.^MiW^tyiitfMttW^ ''^y^^MtHMrin^hmtMi^ i+*m*  ':K%:;  PRINTS, LAWNS, PERCALES; SATEEN  WE WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMER  AT PRICES BELOW COST.   SUNSI  PETS,   WINDOW   SHAE  LINOLEUMS AT CUT-DC  'AAAzAmt,  ,;.............. .,..���:).^AAAASM  'AA:AAAAAAA^B$i&  AA'AAAAMA.iAmmAim  ���;.. '���A. ���';^AAAAAAVMASMmi  ^A^MAMM^AmAAA^  i1'.'.-;;..   ;K-:> ������.'.K.V i\v >fv;ife'i!??'^.fpv*io,VW.  ':-..���:, I; ���.���.;.: .,;���:; :?Ji*ij.:J:-* \$jfcii\��?h,tesi$iS^  ���������. .:-";'���: ���������-���.��� '''.:���"���:A:::,.:^A\M[''AA>tiA-  AAAAM->A-?AAyWym  ������:.���:���'."'. 'V.,..' A ���'���'������������' A-.hAA'$'&>:/i��w  " ''-":*"''-:"'-'r'-'' ,:'-'J'[:: "'A^Wm  4"!  ���*:  *, *r  T'  ft  ^-A-A^AAAAAAAk ��� r.  A:^:XA:AAAA'.MA}M "i  AAAAAAAAMkM'tf  A^A AM:AMAA:W^w.   *  :^'/'v//';//?!:/a^RlS^'  a;%..;a,ai.a^i#Ir.  :'^-;-,oaa*a;afis;|fc*  ^ AA..AAAAA?Wm*^  A^.A:::^':AA'^A& '%  AA^AAM^iMS^'  .mmr  1 'v^a -:a.^ ^h^'sS' 7 *  '"' :*'A'A$w  'AAcAAMm''  '   E ���.���"  K   ."I  if?   *  ,,[, ; ,4Xj;.;V;'.'{V.V"^-'.'^^^'.'-'''^'^^ * ^\  ���MAA:AMAAAAms- ���'  /,afaa|'d||I,����,!  ,a:,yaa;ai��$i^  '���;> A^AAAAAmb '  A-MA^mm. i  ������"-       'O^yj-alg,* l       !  .:;::ai:a.:::ia: Jl;.*, i  : ,.>,-,lv..,.'..'.-,i>" !|-     T"  A AM   A  J.'v'..'-. "'*  ft        '.'i.f  #,.  ^s^^i^aa4^^^att^sB@Bi^Hi4^^��^^^^^.^s@^^^��^B  ^':M  **li   *r-~ r��*^    I   �����        \ t  t ���   �����T"-*    ���'^���rwi   ��� ���"��� I    "^  p ���^������iTr-  *"iT   |�� ��� r* "l  1 i 'If iff f
The new C. P. K. house boat .which is now   com:
pleted and ready for occupation has" been visited by a
large number of Nelson people, ail  of whom declare
it to be an   ideal  outing home     The  boat   is com*
pletly furnished  in  every  respect.     The f mr. state
rooms with their four double and four  single   berths
are equipped with everything one   would desire in  a
bed room at home.     In the dining room is all   that a
dining room requires; silverware, etc , and the   room
itself is sufficiently large to   accommodate any   party
that could travel on the   boat.    The   kitchen is cam-
plete, too, and in fact, there is;, nothing''- lacking; anywhere.      All of the rooms are carpeted   and the hall
way is laid with   oilcloth.     Upstairs -veil are in   the
open air, with an awning to shield you from - :he sun
and a ham mock if you won Id lay do w n a nil tea d a nd„
rest.      No more delightful placed/to spend,,a-,week a;>r,
two, could   be imagined,   provided,   of  coursea  the
boat is anchored in some one Of the''thousand   l>eauty
spots of Kootenay Lake,     'Nowhere, perhaps,', in   all"
the   Dominion of  Canada is there   a bodv c f   water
offering to.,the;man of;'^|^rifiel..aW4r;'^'^^>ft^
fully s^luded/plao^
■ within; the '^tfottaf^
bm. ■ 'have, to.,.; dp,.is;:to;.:' ^t^fci:.';! .iv^.^-iUV',"-5^?^«' 'a^
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less,,: they//d^sd^
of!ici;ds'-wi.il tifid.ertak'e/;to;'^
V.ftV-k-' <Wpib»)iw*bmw«w<
;.:..;a;...;:.;;;: A;;BRlTIi?ll;:.OEf
■ Mr, Arnold'■Wfcrtti^iwiSjm^
■.',..      .■   i' .   ;'-,'. -■,    '   '''■'■■■■„'■   ;■   '->■ A:A'\A'A.':' va'   '•'-/   a'''/a. ,;-,■-  ,   'A-    ■_ ' ■ ;';0' /."'■.-a.   ?.■■-:. A<>-■-■
.'ntmber otCas/seir s-;&Mg;ra^
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■;' 1 b^'.'i»i^i;^*iii^f!^'iw.!-,/: /a/ ■/
Mines and Real Estate
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, .^ro^^^i^i|4e*-l* i*.mn*^:. '•"''•'■/'-iaa:-A
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WP      ' a  - .r',rA^.AA---'Ai'A*~A'y~-'''y!A:A,?^''
Wc-Carry-in   Stock a   Full   tine  of
Asaaycrs-' and Cheml»is'S.uppMe».
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RTH& SONS-'■-.'.!
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'i|s1 'i'"T Uf.;.( ,,/T  "! th'H' l'e'«t'iy !Hu,h*%vork lowest f»ri<'«al
{-l,'^a laitisi.outurubiu. BAKER ST
^^^^^^,#Kf^|*wvj?s5fsS—" ">i'"*';\"n"" k ;.|.,■■..», .■ n,»..,».i.^.»?.x„-MM,.,,.-.,.„_ nn„|i.t  t, ,|ti».>w^^„__ rt.             "1
a^'isaa^aii t ^ ^ ... a * f . *, ^t.^s*"   *■     '< ax/A-   v.*.   1       *.   t^^™^—— — r^—,r_» .  ___«-*---<»^r^jr':a\-a
^;I#ife«^ ^4 '*\ .     ",/   ■ a^-'^  A' '^a-'«'^   **^.1' ; ,J   *        ,u' '% p* ?>   0^'^-k ... •'-n, . v  -   « - ^ * J   aa vc'a-s ^. ■■■? .- "^va
'mAmsMA'AA 1      ,««'   . *-      -  i     xl   k.- .   .    i'  t      ■        •■«•«,      ^/-. %sijk,   ■>       ,.'   >'     .a*   a4- *a'   ,    . k, ,«l    k         1 ,.,;. tfit k->, -., .,. ,'a,.
_       ^aj5ix4kWt?to!.i^S:«H    tft      •                            "l_                i         '\.     xx                  k                            >                        s     .          .    „.   1             .   L             .-•-..                    „     k  X4         r4   f_  x            ''    --                 -     .    .'--V    -?t. V-                   '         *       '  -"                    '                                                '    k.-'-.-'   ..    - -'    x, .  -    k.      '   .     '"" ,       x_:
ffi«S*SSMgffl^iirB®^aS®f"    '"   '        kl-    >     •           ...     * "         "   f" ,        *                     >■    - * "        "•      '     '"■                   •>                         x        "'>           .    .-"      *      v     ' 1                *   *              '         k                  7                           j,   -.   -I         1T|i  ',. ".?    .         ,^.      • ■!
KSPSR^SSffiiSiS* "     ->_   "         _    _    «"__i      >     V   i   »v- L          _    _^_ 4^ k     1            _ _       _             s_ _        «i_   J    1       x       »f   a-^      ' 1            4 ki               »      fl.    . u ,   -'                        \         f, t              1-          ,   o   i   /■          •; J   i-   « ; . >. --   -*■• .i'i1       i- ,, 1 i".  : THE NELSON ECONOMIST  13  > .li0ll shall Britain be ' Ladysmithed ?' He faces  "possibilities oi a British defeat at sea : " Is the  itish navy sure to win from the outset in an en-  iiterwith France and Russia? and second. If  11 what would^happen ? To answer the second  I stion first. The country has been confused by  ^he talk about rifle clubs and general volunteer-  for the sake of hearh and home. Even great  lesiiien have been misled by conditions th&t exist  the continent < >f Kuropc but do not exist here. If  -h man .women and child in the United Kingdom  Lstkuig'as.'Sandow.'and could shoot as straight  [theOueen's prizeman,   the   prowess of the whole  forty million hungry Sandows would be absolutely  useless for British defence if the British fleet were  beaten at sea, or if a naval disaster were to occur  similar to one of the three defeats which Lord Roberts  was sent out to redeem. They would have nothing  to eat, There is also a great deal of nonsense talked  about invasion. If once the Mediterranean fleet were  defeated, there is no necessity for the foe to invade  this country. It would be futile to invade. The  way in which defeat would be brought home to  Englishmen would not be by systematic invasion, by  a battle of Dorking, by r-ivaged farmhouses, or by  the horrors of an invading army      There  is no need  elson Planing Mill  Doors. Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings  iwmn ��fri��i#ft<  Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Reasonable  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Annie May Mineral Claim, situate In  the Nelson Mining Dl virion of West Kootenay  Dtatrict.  Where located: On Fortynfno Creek, and  In the southern extension of the "Majestic"  Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John McLatehie, P.L.B  of  the City  of Nelson, acting aK agent for  Solomon John*, Free Miner's Certificate  No  H 11,377, and  William   G.   Robinson, Free  Miner's   Certificate    No.  B 2t��,!*>^   intend  twisty days from the date  hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  mprovemenfa. for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  . And further take notice that action, under  jfs-ci.on #7, must be commenced before jthe  Iftstttktiec orsueh certificate of Improvements"  Dated thin ninth day of May. A. D��� 1900  JOHN MCLATCHIE,  ���,���VW-l >u ��,.>>.�� imriiu^nuunX*. n  .jart. ���**��vf*4^i,��i  ���>*<*r*t-1 f*i? Hrd*d\ ���,�����   wJie.ni  L't^'T-    !(..��>-  (*-f> ,tlpt> f     i      iiM.jWi   i ft I*/*. ���*�� \      \iyv I.  \, ���rtt^(\rX.wtMPifi\jainie*r\ >>.x    B*^i��1���o?��-��( *oowirF*f  BTENAUDE BROTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVE ME UTS.  I    t'ioid Crown Milium I Claim, situate In the  \ NeU��m Mftriiut ���Mviidon of Woii Kooionny  i I)i5*tHct��  |    Wbvre io��Trtt**d :  On Morning Mountain, *  INE WATCHES  ECIALTY  HAS. P, McROSTIE  ELOCUTION  Thfce indict' that I. John MeUUchle, iM**K���  ] ot tht* city uf N>lMin�� hHIihj us agent for  ��� ffertwt   C Wfbon, Free Miner V Certificate  : Ko. H&PW< ltd* mi, Mx\tv day* from the date  nrionii     n   n   * hereof, U�� apply to the Mining Recorder for a  M H \flN     n   il   i Certificate ��J ttnpmvemen?,*. for th<*purpncc  niLUWiit   u* w�� j of ordntlntn* a. Crown  t*mtit  of Use above  j" rtatm.  And further hike male** that neitun, under  5 Norton 87* mu*t he cmtmcmvd before thy \y-  ' xu����i*x* ofMtrh Certificate of lmpr��v*-merit***  I     PnUHl thin |��tii day of )\tm\ I��*.  J John MHmtchik,  �� '.!->"xi  rM  oo-.i?'  ruining,   ^hyafwil   Culturv, r  iuu!    <>eMnr*a    Trial  Tuition I  283 Latimer St , or P. 0* Box 96  is  Wadds Bros.,  riOTOGRAPHERS  Vtncouvtr and Mulnori  CERTIFICATE OF IM PROVE HERTS.  Imperial and &:Jlnse Mineral Claims, situate in the NtdKon Mining  Division of East  ootenuy District.  Where located: On Fern Mountain, about  one mtittftonthwest of the Fern mineral  claim.  Take notice that 1. John McLatchie, P.L.S  of Nelson, acting as su*ent for Philip "x*  Thompson, Free Miner'* Certificate ��� No "ii  UjSXld James Admnson, Free Miner's? Certificate No. B ^I^J2. Arthur Ferluiid, Fret*  Minor's certitleateNo B tftf.237, and John v  Cownu, Free Miners Certificate No 25tJ��  ^j^H'.hil. intend, .sixty days from the dat��*  hereof.(oauply to tlio Mining Recorder for  Certtfifties01 improvetnenttt.for the purpose  of obtaining Crown Crams of the above  trtuims. -'���  And further take tiotiec tliut action, under  sect itiu ii��r must be etimnieiieed before the  finance ofyueh Certificate of improvenienty  Oated thlS'ith day of September, l9uo.  John McLaicwikl  ! FimtrTlot^! VICTORIA ST., KEtSOK  <W\        -   vi   'WHef .:  C6RTIFICATE Of 1*8 PROWS WE NTS.  rA * -Ml.  a sr.;  '��>.  ���^imjr^ijo Hurl Hama' i  ' '<�����!����� o. in    '    ,,;������; I  I titdtentid Marble Kd^' Mha'mUMahn^situ.  Inloiutho N>lM��n Mltilnjr I^vM.��?t ot W est  I K��H��t*Mmy Id^trtci.  Whrit�� hw*M��ed:   About Mx mih1?* went tnuu  i TnktMjnti.v thm 1. Arthurs harwHi, tu't-  * inr n�� n��i'nt t'ff Kdwurd (', Arthur. !��� rro  ' MnuM-'w iVrtlthMt." No.-J?.7W. intend, sixty  UiavH rr��MH ihv d.ih* he^vof. to ap|>ly u* the  MTiiinK Hee.��r��lrr i��ti* 1 Vrtififale.* of improve-  i ment*��. f*��r -b���� purptw of oldaluinu: frown  !<?rantHorilieatMiveelaiiiw.  j And further take uotUx* thai ����etlon�� under  [ section 37. m��nl be commenced he fort* the  1 isj*tiamv����fHU��'l�� Cert 111* atv^of improvements,  !)S supplied on shortest >^ru,,,^hhilay ^'"v^auwku.  U!(1 Invest, prices. I  j CERTIFICATE OF 6 at PROVE ME UTS.  i    Atlln Mineral Chtimi situate in the NoIkou  ; Minitio nivlsion of West Kootenay District.  !    Whe.e LowiUhI:   On the   dlvidu   between  ' Hoar and Wild florae Creeks, one-fourth  of a  mllo northwest .of the Parker mineral claim.  Take noiiiv Clint 1, John McLatehie, P.L..S .  ; of ilita City of  Xelxonk acting as agent for  Thomas il. O'ttrien, Free Miner's Certificate  No. B;*��,;ka, John ICyan, Free Miner's Certificate   No.  B S$,M0t .VViltimii  M. Coffev.  Free  Miner's Cortitlmte No. nH7,313,und Patrick  1 Haly,  Free Miner's Certifieate No. Il 38,jjSK��.  intend, sixty day?* from the date hereof, toap-  ply to the Mlnintr Recorder for at.Vrtltiente ot  Improvements, for the purposeor obtaining  tt Cr��>wn <��!nni. of the above claim,  And further take notice that action, nnder  section U7,   must, be c unmenced before th*  issuance of sucn Certcicatc uf lmpr��>vement>  hated this 'mil day   ��f September, BIOO.  John Mi'L.vn'iiiK.  Notice  'ltM'11 ��r(icrs  ^ceive   careful  anc  ^]()llli��K    biuv fresh  ���   }1^)inc meats andsupplies  ^Pt in stork  H^^*Jt|inim<>���m����J  ��  ?��  LEAVE ORDERS :.AT  >  m  f     'fd  I  I  al  1 IE  ' A     1  1  4 4    ,><  'AA:AA0A^  AAAA0$l;  AAAA::^A$��t  ���\: ���v''.;:a.-:Ta:.'''*<!'v  '���^:'';'.:>:':AM?M ffl|  l?|a|if-H  ::v-;;;;H,  ; a^^s  '" s'^SS  .';..);.-    Jj  "x     >,..*���.     <  l'U  ��� RM    N   1,1 "��� f$��8^a  mm  IP  U  S^f^i  W  ,m  $a  ! ^"IS^E  ���ftl  *$?{  res  **.x    '  ! I if life   ir"f'�� "^  lli^all  14  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  }AAMA0mL  a -MAAAm  ���:;^;'.':';-':a,,',;i&  >a?Mf  for anything of the kind. The way in which the  average British householder would leant the fact that  tiie command of the sea was lost would be by the  failure 6f the butcher, the butterman, the baker, and  the grocer to call for orders in the morning.     >f afck*  berley, and Kumasi for shorter periods. If the  battleships under the comtnand of Sir John Fisher.  Lord Charles Beresford, and Admiral Kawson were  defeated, the victorious and implacable powers wouId  cut off the stream of food that now pours in to the  crowded docks of London, Liverpool,./Glasgow,;  Southampton; and Tilbury day and night, from the  ���first of January to the thirty-first of December. Gr^u  Britain not only does not grow her own faml, she is  dependent upon pro-Boers for existence. Alone  among the great powers, Britain is parasitic in this  sense; that she can only exist for a part of six weeks  without sustenance from outside/"  purpose r^leb^  ie�� of meetings ia their fe^        ^S^  to October 3,:t#Wv*p^i^^'^^^  bration will be a sale������ ^o.C i^rii';iiid;ornii^ni^  this'.aeservin'ga:Orga��  :: aiid:f':-. Hen. '��� ������'_The;siicc^%;of tlie.;sale: Will" '^"  small measureU)fk)!i;ih^:;:stipport.of the general  amongst .'Whom. ^  ���weU-wtsher^  will be pleased ;to; relieve gijM>��i^  ������^*"l*����*i�� ������<v-,?iv.*ai|i,v.'rt!-,/4 -,  -n^MKCTW��WMtWft.-^��,l.-.iWit^  ������Ar<m.  :,:>��2&��  aM  ��������� "Am  Placards have been posted throughout the city announcing that the local branch ot the Salvation Army  William Howard  BulfekaWer^ier; ��^  tavorabi>a;kim^  at .Victorut:;^^  . ot' \as;ncdtrvera:: ; 'The';.*edding ;jwfe/iajpiyfif  :';mriy;Um;:*mm  t r act i 11 jj ;:p;ti t i^bcraj^p J, Tbe;: Srici^ Iwllf11  . cia S,: Pol ice,. _ and: thebr^  jv.; B^aVawdef^  willmake 'Kelson;  1.4-wi'       ��� .J.^,~^i4.4.ttf44444*4l4l4il^Xr<R��mX4x74^  ��^l^,y4��W<��<4I��..��M��<��^  w  CANADIAN o  > Pacific Ky.  kH0  S00 LINE  GO. B U G H AN ANIProprfetpr.  FAMOUS Lumber.  IMPERIAL LIMITED --  SERVICE  EAST AND WEST  O rtf e rs Prom pillar: Fit liiglrt tf;  Satisfaction ^::��yen^?l^iD!.n:  Ya rd;- Foot of Hendrjfik StffltX*!  AAMMAAm  ��� ������ ��� '       ��� ���   ���   ������'-���[��� 'V',^*?.i  ;.':������..:���;���::. ~ ���������:-^i^ifm  ���:���::���;:.'������^::^-,'i',Ams  ��� ���' .vvi'S'... *? Vr' .v.'-'.^^i?^  ' Ar-:AAM'AA-?$��*&$  AamA'a/AaA^M  '���A ������.������;"'��� aaay,a:aa A^'^gm  ���A:':;AAAA&A'Wmk  Mliiidiiii   * m  FIRST-GLASS SLEEPERSi#  On A. li Train* from 4$  ARROWHEAD AND KOOTENAY LOG  TOURIST CaUiS pass Medicinaffat-dalh fr.r 4  St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston ^  ���Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto 'Sanie m  earn pass ilevelstoke one day earliar. im  CONNECTIONS  a wo grriit  ���. IB -W H  7.10 Lv. .  lo.3() Lv...  .NEWON.  .NKLBON,  ��� Ar.'i.ar.  'At, 1H.;V")  Morning train dally for and from lioKslana  and for Revelhtoke, Main  l;in��'.aiul  |��aHn>  Coast.  Afternoon train daily for and (mm Holland, and from Rev'olstokc. Main"Liur. ^ik]  Pacific .Coast, and daily (Ex.-Sti nda v r�� i'r'��nd  from Boundary Poinu. "  7.30 ex. Sun, Lv.. .NELSON". A,r. ex. Sun. \u :��  For and from Sandon, Blocan   I'oint^  fo-  elstoke, Main Line and Pacini Cua'M.  KOOTENAY LAKE-KASLO  ROUTE.  Ex. Sun.             Str. KokuiUN: ��� F\.k,-'���  16.00 Ly..........; NELSON  .. A',    j ,(J/(  Saturdays to Argeuta and return, i.-avimr  Kaslo at 20.00k. ^,1,|{  KOOTENAY RIVER  ROUTE.  Daily Strs Movie and NcIkou i)fli,v  22.m Lva........... NELSON       A.,. 2 -J,  Connects Kootenay Landing with (row".  Nest Line trains.  ���HEAD. OFFICE:'   NELSON, B.C.  SRilMCM.t'S'Af  30SSLAW0  SAHD0N  TKAlt  '   THittE''  ri��.'|K*J>"'*','-^,Wif ��j  �� ��� ^ -  1^ am now prepared to-show-the latest styles  Spring (irxxls.'  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