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The Nelson Economist Sep 12, 1900

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 Ti  ���   /. *Ji  '   T  ?j  c i  -    4m  ', �� ��������.  *^^|��  Jo  V�� 4* IS1  * ^*1  Wfltri SfttiMM *)��:'-  4�� ��^Wrl.I!iTER  I  k      f Id  1       , ���> jV  INNABfcE  '" �����?&  *    *.  3NBRAL BROKER  j lie,    \ " l*tr*H 1  ' ;4T|ll4w��mn��lioi��4����.forMkoh.!^y.terin��.v,./ ?. ���/*������;<:'.-���:���  :>''��� Oue Lot ni> Sua icy street, tapwilte ftoval Hotel, for sale tt a bargain.  w-J*  1 J*v  J-  ( -1       ,  SEE ANNAB  ���w    *-   fl- H1��M >���" "  dd   ���* -^  ���r  UMtUa  ;;w>:-^  (  f   ���U>��A-  ROYAL SEAL  r-,  QIGARS  ** m  out othcii mmm  Kootenay Belle  "l",'~"'"w"-*J-^-1-^'"*^~'il "" " "-miii nwji*��n wmi  mm mini it  Vesta 15 as  Bonnie Fives  4;  * h  \,i^5iii^  tt\\  ittle Gem  ^!ue Buds  limiinr  ���������  J���MWWIMHWII MWHOi dflMW  IW1N��dHn WM|Bl<lld��F*��j-  4ti llt^iOfl ��9^^  f  c,   ?  ���*v *\^/v��H^*4^^y^X^^V.kr^44^^^^A^*^-^^ *��� : *.^" cw;^*?*- *r  f����.*  #w  1 *af?.S*c> "t  -.0  ff  feai  ff    V\if*��VK. 4W* J J  ,'f��'-,V  ������������J-  'jr  /   -V"   ���,  ���      r  %  -    HI-',    1  f��  >  ����<��� J'.'  &�����-.;  ,   K- "r  V  .1  - ���w,,1'.  ������ *  ^,- .!-.���  - "��� v r- 1  ��� 1   "  . O" f  . . ����� 1 -  f*  -     ���,  K  < i  1 ���   , ��  ^  *   'is  I   *  ��� r  ,   ~   1   \  -   1  f  ���  ">i-,  "1  ���s^rWy^Mij^ t����?*W��V3lVav��rt'vuaJ  ���*WW��W**��4WWl>  jv,i ^^ Jflitesp*  'Vji >!?�����;& w - f  *li   ( Y   p*      / 1      �����  ' tit   V   V      r>  r.*.��� *��,*. ^ / ^ j,   ���   m;   i,   h  -"^  ��� s  *�����  #roorvMiiy#r  SUPPLY  ; *.*  ONMftNM  i" ' ^ * s.  i   f * Jj-ii. ri��lh��^fM���� _r-n_ wm aro km. k t J,*::     ml  _  WEMSMSTRQNQ IN  I   * *  h  v  tr  ���)       T.*l  Be?tCrf ��tt^N!|*st S��i��, ��n<l all the ����*W Thtojs* fe'  *   r. '-v.-'^'n  '-WM.iAt4m STRONG IN  Stvk- in Kv orv Rcliu!^ Article lb*t W ����UOtt��* wiU  1 A  ���Ml  �� j  JJ..f*r!'.  W:E::ABMs STRON& IN  rrniniinrHiiniiiiTfi -'i i-if in" - r-"']",nTr-irtiTJTr *"���"���Mr*1^'"*'",J**hiTTTTP*nTTIffliT^^ >  1  i  J  J*  B  our  tiiifidte^ of ^sMi^liet*, ,��rto  \ u�� ��ekso^ fir '      ��������� "  hwi, v^,ir attusf %*��tr*  ��<"���*  PNH  * fi #*" ^ W^T *  IWXI/.L ORDERS RECBIVE OUR P&OMlWtlATTeNTt&to  ALL WATpH REPAIRING,QVA*AflT%$&,  JACOB DOV  W����.SO/V, BRITISH COLt/qH^A  i   5  * <.i  ���###^####^###^##^#4##4###^######4###4#####  w  1  r t    j  ��� ��<  *<  *,  V  -    ���<  Si   4*  And while in a quarry ta hi wfcrt l�� *��*  to give the walk of 'j^wr roww * bri^M ^1**  I^anmce, let as sing* \t ^  gest to you the TV/TXTIhP   A   I   ���* n  famous '   liVR. !0'A v.A.'VJf--1  Corner Stiwltiv h��i1 atHfiimj����  i   ^��-oo f����r dajf and up  J* CU^R^n^  fftOPftlfnTQft  .a ��. �� -?~--A.���i  ? �����  ���if a  ���-, t***#  ��-i CONOMIST  "J  B  *��MfWt<��MW  T, IV.  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 12, 1900.  NO. 9  ��<��.JJ.j^*J *trtT mt7J<iUl)   'twill  IIv NivLSON HCONOMIST is issuki) kvbry  ivi'iiV^nA'Y at TitH City of JJklson, B.C., by  |.) M Cvku-v     SmscRii'TioN :   $100 fkr  a.v-  TM' IF !%\tn IN ADVANCK. $t.5��- CORRKSrOND-  ENeiJ or' '(IKNKRAL INTHRKST RBSPKCTFULLY  joUCITJ-n:    -ONLY ARTICLKS   1)1'   MKRlT   WILL   BK  DVIvKT^HO   IN   THti-iK    COLUMNS,    AND   THE   IK  kKRHSTS   :OF,    KKADKRS     WILL      UK     CAREFULLY  bt'Aki��in>,:'AGA��NST   IRRKSK)NSI1ILK   PERSONS   AND  tyOKTlILK^S AKTlCLHS,  k>\#' *"��� -tnr**--i-|i-i��*M>-*���-�������--#��  wj^fflwiiw-mMw  Hi; agitation tor an advance in the duty on manufactured It-ad is growing apace       At   the time of  adjustment 6i the tariffs now in force the mining  lead w* in'Canada was m its inefpiency,   and the  ���noiucnai growth of the iudustty was not even ami-  laicd.      But circumstances have altered, and there  [ow'-m reav>n why paints, lead pipes sin d other such  Wucis should.nut be manufactured in this country  ie.ad.o.f .-toruss the border. It was a step in the  Hit .direelio'i.i when provision was made for the free  ur;;-iuu> Canada of lead., of Canadian origin smelted  'hut rented abroad,' but in view of the large pro*  :tio5rdf \v;u\ bu'Uiou-'.now  t>oimr on in Canada and  g.fcai.inequality of'duties   levied m\ lead products  <nher. uiatoria.hused in the manufacture of naints  [anii'inu ftutn nothing/to 35 per-cent ��� it is desirable  |t the-tanif he revised..;:   Such ji revision would !>e  nd. tou:ii \u favor of ���.home manufacture, and that  dm we slxnild encourage.,  Twiil he a surprise to   ninny to hear that   Hewett  lock, \{.. p, lor Yale-Cariboo, has assigned.   There  ���" ut'urral impression that   Mr.  Bostock *s  wealth  ���pr;j.--4-ir:t.l]v unlimited,.     He came to this country  eJnv Vf'!rs ago/a youn^   Englishman    refined.  -mi-nshrd, and wealthy, but without experience iu  W;1VS {>- ��he. woi id.  ���"; He was  attracted to British  niUlMa as a desirable   place in   which to profitably  *i m.s money,   and Simony his  first ventures was  purrliasc ot a ranch, or ' " estate,'' as he termed it,  Uck^ near KamloopsV-   Ranch life was new tothe  nK.''J,-i��^.lishnian, and for a time it proved very in-  9ms*-<*T"      I,(1' 'r<nvcver,'suon got tired of this life,  V*1'*" m'^c k) Victoria.      Here  he made it  "^^fa  " 1Mal hv h",(1 considerable capital; to invest; and  ^gg^ resuH h^ was t^iiriy  itrtinciatei!   with   all sorts ; of  ) *-tV*^.|   ,U!U:    .l)rn.Phsition.<   from a catiary   seed and  -.^;?-'V ,u" monopoly to a glue.' horn. pickle,  and ice  ''f/r y*     ^����niaeturing  company,      He   put ;money  -�� **L \ J)neuinatlc horse-collar syndicate,  and  in some  T-i" JJS 'vl,lch l,ai(i -ind many that did not pftvi     As a  - -'   -,01 of ,\Ir   HrKt.u.t.'. ��� ��������������� * V  !,    '    ' n��sl(HK s inexperience,'it may he stated;  % -.'*  L,-u,tnt lnto tlle Panting, and publishing  busi-  cls L- wa�� induced to !>elieve #ould net him  profits.      This was one of his big: mistakes  ������or bad investments. The Province was started as a  weekly paper on Bostock capital, and with the same  bank account to draw upon that paper developed into  a daily. The job printing and lithographic departments were also supposed to be paying concerns, but  the fact was that although separate accounts were  kept neither showed a profit : on the contrary, both  have been losing concerns, and the loss has been paid  up by Mr. Bostock With his capital to draw upon  to make up deficits, the printers and publishers of the  Coast had unfair competition to contend with, and as  a result some of them went under. Mr. Bostock's  money was also invested in at least two other newspapers in British Columbia. His next big investment  was in politics The Liberals wanted some one to  oppose J. A, Mara in Yale-Cariboo. The district is  large and scattered, and it needed a man of means to  contest it. Mr. Bostoekhad this necessary qualification, and was therefore selected. He fought the fight  and won, and when a few weeks ago he announced  that he would not again allow* ^is name to be put in  nomination, nobody suspected the real cause. We  hope Mr. Bostock\s affairs are not seriously complicated, and sympathise with him in his troubles. Ah  honorable man, and finding himself unable to meet  certain heavy immediate payments, he has assigned|  for the benefit of his creditors.  r, 1..  In view of the approaching federal elections, a third  party, with a very radical platlorm, has been started  in Toronto. At a recent convention^ attended by delegates representing the trades and labor council, the  local socialists, templars and several church clubs, it  was decided to nominate candidates independent of  either political party. The platform which the standard bearers of the new political cteed will be called;  upon to adopt includes the following planks : Proportional representation, legislation by the initiative, prohibition, government ownership of railways and other  public services, single tax, a legal eight-hour day,  and compulsory arbitration of labor disputes. This is  a decidedly radical platform, but candidates are so  very obliging at election times that there is every probability that some good Grit or Tory, or both, will be  found to adapt themselves to the exigencies of the occasion and pass as staunch third-party men. We will  watch with interest the progress of this new party,  whose operations up to the present appear to be confined to Toronto.-..  ". A novel plan of campaign has been adopted by the  Women's Christian Tern iterance  Union  of Indiana,  The ladies have.' avowed themselves as bitterly.; op-'  posed to thfe-'candid^ on  t" M  ���' -H  �� 1;  'V*  '.':#  /3  'y^:^;:^^Mi��$^^  'i\t\~0''V]'��k'^'  \:tV-'-,:'i'-"-��8  W'^f-M  ���..������#  m  am  ;v��  >***M*Aa>t*^*u<e*tmu^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ������'-"���,* Mil  hdi  rl  i��  \\  H  mu XI'  Jfflt>l  flfcf  Fit  'id  n  m  -iff  (iiris.fi if1/??  Will/ *���? ?nat  v    '1  e;<^^  iiuc>%'^:\'uid:.is;va.Hed;-  the %,  Urm^      The [dan is unique in po      *^  . .��� 1' ���   a*? /?������,���.��� *' .'    P? as oro-.  the" Presidential Prayer-cha��u 1 ;.i��lgc. ', >M!  !)0<ed to start a��VcMaie^ch;nn<;r  praverHl.V   h.iv.ng  a,e woinanvaci(ireS,ea  tnake prayer be.-el!  ��*id >eua  the olecke to two of her lady iri.ua.. each 01 whom  will prav arul forward , similar pledges to  two others,  and so on until every woman in ti.e, Fuued ^ate��.rs;  supplicating heaven for the  deseat   ofMcKmley because he will no- close   the canteen   and   depuve the :  American soldier of his regulation !>eer. T!)e ?niymK  istocontinueuntilTleetionday. ������ y^um:d:y\xUuky.  be defeated, these women, wit! be.foanrf .leelanng that  they, withthe heh'Mjf; G.Hi. wonOi; presV;ie-Mial clec-  lion ;��� but shouid the preMdeut te re.^lecu-.i !   .What v  luen'?    X..verdict in;!avorofthe cintei-n COOs to be,  hoped that the sensible 'American woman will ;��4 lesfti  herself to the scheme of her fanatical  sistcrros iis.li-:.  ana/aiid by sodomy bring religion  and ivhtics' itit(>:  contempt.    ��� '   ... ������  . It is announced that Dr. HiipreeUt. of the V'nivers.  itv of PenusvlvaniaExpedition into Nippur, liasj st  arrived at Constantiuople.diavirig* discovered;,the"hi*r-;-'  ary at the. Great Temple: ��� Here, he- found over-rTaw  tablets dealing with literary '.and ���.historical., matters,.  none, of which, ��� we;ai'e told, . are. of ...a later date ...t h>ui  2280 B. C. . ;. Reliable historic data; of; t his/dale: must:  prove.interesting, giving Us /m Insight of ancictii civilization ���".; . :":,'v  SEPTEMBER ast waS'the   sixty-hj>l  nrv'i r*.'  iveiNi  M  the birth' of Herirv (rcor^e, the���. .tar..5ous author of  " Progress-:and Povertv."' ������ Evervwlk-re.' the'-���Anrld  over, the great reformer was 'known.by Ins -w*->rks,' a;.d.  that .his anniversary������ should have been so ^eu'erallv  celebrated is but a. |>roof that the ds,.>otri.u'e-h.e Jaii^lH is  more popular than ever. .WhJe.there ak* inanv who  do not believe,in the principles laid;down in'���������*������'Pru^ress  and. Poverty," there are none who'doubt thesiureHtv  of the author or .who'fail io ap|)reeiate -his vrvtiius/ It  is only a few brief years ago -since Ilenrv ("jeo^-^e  passed away, but his works, remain'..'.'.a inonnmeut t  the man.  o  .ih^dmt.-few-ir'^  ���>V^hOj��:t^  (lonc:.scrAdc^;'4Jt;:.,Sl��ok.a?te.;.1  thej.?ttclcnsV>/ft:-jf^^  we .hopc'do^^ce c^t2*t>tisheti  ���:*!*.'*rfs��rt*v.i*WM��^**ii��f   ',}*dh(*i!1*.��^��t��.t,1?{!;'-'  .'the'cause .^;^;'niitch;;aiHi'oya  ttns\siate''oftliulft.��'|s"i^  ,.cl<H;k' i$-j>!;ice<l in mvbfc yptiblif': |>lacre a rid;, kept 5o :<>rH  ai---ihe:^  tune. vue<  '^���.tAi-JLUL  jJll'3  I-Jt^ttMiVi 4*;  * ��  i *  OvS  diitslniieiH.;jvhicl.i;is|f^  im 1" is.'.' Tiievitablci::.;';':;;::;���'..Si it^ev'jtlihif>;<liff^rs;.;fi;6ttf;:rmi^  tiin.ev;,'riiii'w^y."ti.me/;fr<m  |'acto\rv': u4;!iis!M^/ai!.d^  <^ted''by:';Uie:i^hd^.^  esla !>1 i.<'Sitiet if;fc::/#f i icy  Ml4vi$*/va^^  t^t)ersx*tu^te;'1:H^'OWiil:tii  '���el^..!"������������ .M':e ���iMi.i!cg.y''Jic^  ttdveh t o (sntiv- a.i* ��� iridlyldiili^  tliitti^ ���tiiit^hl d?e^ton^  uu^t.im.j>row.4matti  the .l;j'rco.il'al1^^for;;i'i!itt��fc^  -;i. in ; t.'S-��� yi*ci^k^i^|^i|^  be tolled;. ' ';i;^is,;W!oti1|S?te  ,'v;enieneew"mild.;WcHrt^  Of,-a ch-*��:k; .'for ili^;rt|;iilarlt^/^  .sii>lc |>ersi��i ������: wp'u'kl"; ;fe: :1.fe!|!v/;ti^fWi^^  ':/Uixii I?/ i^sliioii :?it;t;!!e:|^i|iBI^  charirtv". Tteo^at^iti;;:er^itM^^^  Ui'U;ht !H^i.>r(.Hi|tlit/trfei'r  't^ ^nhvt thenlaiiHoFthfe-jiirapCi^  -1 k ^ 1 * -:fli ee'' bi* i Id ing;.��;: toS .;jir6jp|<lfej; for ^'^!?��^^ j  W'h;tt we Wii!H;te^U/CStaWiBl)^  objcct. *nd '.ai.."very;diit;fo' coit/:/^  ",-iC? von l^Kieih' aiHl: that-WltliW  #mAkxu**m*Ma��& ��� ����**������(*' 1  ^^;:\.;iiW**W!fe��*"jf!:i��',lliW'ft^  ���.   Pr is satisfactory to know that the distnet <h XeKon  will have a "mineral exhibit at the .,S|)okatte.' .'Pair. The  .Board of Trade   has taken   the  matter-.in hands   and  appointed Mr. W. II   Dowsing   to ' 'make a ronee-ifon  of-ores, and see to them while on exhiiaM^n      At,,.,.!,,'  there are some fine specimens ot loral oif-s a!. t.h- }\^-\\v  of Trade rooms,   Inn the intention   is -to ..Minjdeim-nt  these.so that a displa-v- mav   be "niai'P-   >vorth,. ,'.�� .,  district:      The progress made   in   matters, .mining in  Nelson of late has been phenomenal,   bu',  evervthiiu'  has been done so unostentatiously thauh<''uMierM.nrM  knows but little of it.   Recent discoveries on M-urnhn'  Mountain indicate that it will |>rove'a veritable mass  of mineral     The majority of the later locations have  be<e.n made on free-milling ground, and aiesorieh ih-it  the gold is  clearly discemable  with   the  v~.ii,^\ r.C,'  Such samples as are every other day brought, iif from  the neighboring hills and creeks give Xelson a sj]()i.'.  .    It is':onnonncecl tlmt-i-'l^U^  ing -av uoie ��� rnntil.^,rcd.;;:l43^  mlies'east of ��� Vatdoe;   the llt0^^i::n#|h*a|i^  ��� a ia n -1 >or. t' < n V t he ''A rtliv(Mi$0;^ .  inf* ��r'm'ed' as -io. the rinturfc <*ift^  forc;di^.>used to j.ook.':upor^ti^  .iuformation- is i*iyen in-the New; V^rH''^^.>:;-:^.!    .  ;dkw'd-tovhavel)e�����iiuppVM  Vaoloe,. ���     Nor arc we t6ia;'ibe..date.= bf %:m?^N  whets .it Wasco.nsig-ned' to the snow' ot:1^     ::\^^  does not bear tbe-ruarksof i bona fide.arOcle,,^  Audree started on. his, balloon 'voyage tol'ie:^  m .the sumnverOf 1897, ��� und':btit/Htt'te'"h����;;f^,^^S*'l  from himstnee.      The ��eiiirai^  has shared tin- fate of many -artic expwrtrs \,,,ih:  Droved fatal to 8ir||;  undertaken the mission wbichrprO'Vg. -fjieif, ���  Franklin 111:1845..   ��� It. is the old, ^W.S^-^^i;"  one parly of enthusiastic explorers-^V^:^j^^-  .the- mith ; they are 'lost ���forevcr^and 't^^���1^[,,.  search oft hem are followed by searchers %|^(|| *  ing party, and so on.     The  discovery ^''; ';^  ::'i     '  -1  T"  "i t��%���j������ 1  ���    ��! THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  ,, .,��� llliulll  be an interesting event from a scien-  lUi'."' '; !^;. hllt.is it worth tbetesoflifewinch  in  V:itMnirt has entailed up to date?  where the smoking of a cigarette by an adult has been  the cause of legal proceedings. The courts will probably consider the cause too trivial to occupy their  attention.  ..,.,. ���., o/ar oi All Hie Russians has his domestic  *'       '   j us aunt, the Crawl Duchess of VaWimir.  ,;,t!'/���,(> .v.,...,,, ,ir, at l.^rlK-.d*  and all because  " ?,:.���,'.,' ���< l.,.lv will it-rMSi in playing roulette  V  .' ",,'.     X.r.v '���.����� .!,. noi wish to interfere with  .;,'," ,,:,,. ..: Cue C/ar.   hut ihcic can he little  /'.' ' . .;���. .., v  issiioi  the edict  forbidding the  ",Vri. ��� .... ��.-! hv had s-tstici   reasons lor so doing,  '"' * ���'-,   i' M���4t. o, :l vivuv navS when the chapter of  .  '. .��.. . :1; t-i;..i| churches jn the Russian inctropo  Vs V-ied &.*��� ^-hiiM-h platband jewels to pay gamhl  ' , ��.,;������ s , ..;;o icied at baccarat ami umluUe.       Thi  !^,'!/j;MM   b.errasr in   the number of scandals at  '.' ������ ,���!r:v,  ia the army,   and even  among the  ������ Isn't it a curious thing to think about," remarks  the Province. Xl that Bob Pitzsimmons or ignorant  4 Sailor8 Sharkey, or even 4 Kid' McCoy, makes  more money each time he puts on the gloves for a  fight in public than any minister of religion Or education in'British Columbia can in to years' devotion to  his ennobling profession? What small satisfaction is  there, from a 'practical' standpoint, in the pursuit of  letters, when it is remembered that ��� Lanky Bob'  coined more cash in his 5-minute interview with  4 Sailor' Sharker than Shakespeare accumulated in  a!! his lifetime."' *  \. ui  , t...... ..���.**   induced   Nicholas to forbid  1   ��      -   <  I'l"  t'V y <  ,:lims,      < Uir own   Prince of Wales  ,. ; ..;::t.,i ir. .1 baecuna scandal,   which fact had a  : . -a? he ib," game unpopular in Kngland-  ;.KS'. takt, the Paris c* rrespoudenl of the  ;. w'V-ife-*  that   :triti>h Columbia is by far the  ..iju':ii��uti��i to thcCanadsa:: exhibit at the great  /a. aial ,><U\>t " WiOnml In any way wishing  mm all". I -:an safely say that but furthepecu*  ���a:-:s>bkr ,��:;d he:ir:v   manner   in which the  v/.si.-ik*-u   a-bvthc   Hmi   Fred Humea it is  Ivoaldiu that Canada would tmt  have hven  m ;he t;;:ure il   has done here       Other and  ''virjor-s uuehi   res bans make  a ju>t��r o��   this-  ���r.i'aj h,-.;d '.aijk of making this Collection fell  '..'']��� Sk :'.-.'-i-i.   I'hief inspector for British Cob  .'h! the fONt oi   this exhibit was defuyed by  h Columbia (Government as i;tr as  Ottawa.'  viuTtn k*u��w i'n.it British Columbia enjoys a  <e anpuii'; the provinces of the Dominion real the exposition,  and that our mineral ex-  awarded a etand prirx.  kvM <;  ti!        ��� ���  kasv'a  tiv'h-i  H'.'l   a  v (V*. 1. i  Ml  lih:<  i  ' i   ���: I. 1  Onhueu  . M. i , <A. Li.  pH.-i.vas  ft   :' ' ���1   ! ���  lima-  It I  biu- a.'n.aserv.nives of Vale-Cariboo will   met:t at  ���v^^ti:kt' next Satuiday   to nominate a  candidate*  yet no one is spoken of in particular, but no'doubt  ;tr��a// nva^vill!>r chosen.  v e/ASK ���iini<juc in the  history   o( jurisprudence is  a .tin-   attmuion o\   the courts at New York.  bowmikin   has entered  suit   against   Harris  ni     ��� : having eirculatcd a.renortthat the plaintiff  Kt;<1 { (,i/:u-vtte on a certain'Sabbath;. : This, to  ('I,,ln;i-v uund, would seem a very trivial oflence,  'ln("'dcii! avers that the circulation of the report  ^ lI1J'nct| mm in his business and good standing- in  rn,n,1ninity to the extcntof $2,000.'; Bot.lv parties  I lls ix-vuliar action are jews.' One of the laws of  |iaMu, ivearded by the more pious ol the iaith, is  flno��ne shall handle fire on the Sabbath. ;:The  . ls^'w (iocs not light   his fire, nor  the gas,   txud  We 'ill  '       1 "' ���.���������'.������.(���  4 ' n^' does not. smoke tobacco,     Now4 Hvman  $ V        i    1 * ..:������'*-'���  f"   lat '"roomkiu did smoke on  the- Sabbath;, and  lee tl  ���'������. .lc aetion.      This is the first  case, on record  Tun Lilicrals of   Vale-Cariboo   have started   the  political hall rolling by   nominating their   candidate.  The gentleman chosen is   Mr. W.   A. Galliher,   the  well-known   Nelson    barrister.      In   selecting   Mr  Odliher,   in all   frankness it must be   confessed, the  Liberals have   chosen a   man who will poll   the:f\ill,  strength of the party vote.      Mr.   'Gallilier com||n|^  with more than ordinary talents the happy fac||t>|p|  winning friends wherever his lot may be cast, ;|M|'a;  for asTiiti Economist is  aware, he is withou||i|p|:  single enemw      In  addition   to this Mr,   Gal|i|||^  an excellent platform speaker, " and never reso^;||0:  personal nbuse^to'  score a   point  over an   <>PP^|fes|BS;  This is a guarantee that in  so for as he is coii^ri|i^fc  the   campaign will be   carried on  in a   getitlemanly  wav.      During the progress of tlie battle The Eco^O-  Mtsr may take occasion to   sav harsh things oi^;^|^  c;allilier:s politics, but it will   studiosly refraift^^  taking undue liberties with the   gentleman   himself  The Liberal Government is   not entitled to any: consideration at the hands of the people of the West^p^fc  a Conservative candidate who will not be embarrassed  with'the enmity of any section of the voters willassjst  so excellent a citizen as Mr. Galliher to remain where  he will be more appreciated than at Ottawa     Butjthe  Conservatives  must  not  serd  a boy on a man's%-,.  rand }:,:T^m:m:  Tiik City of Galveston, Texas, is in ruins, i^tH^  dead will probably number 300. The devastation  was brought abont by a tempest and a flood /which  turned the city u4" a raging sea. sweeping alV.^'fore  it Latest reports \<* hand state that the wind had  attainecl a velocity of 84 mite  measuring instrument was blown away, so that it is  impossible to say what the maximum w^s To add  to the conftision, the storm reached its highest during  tbenight season/ and the electric light and gas works  having been destroyed, all was darkness. To leave a  house was to drown; to remain was to court death in  th��;\ wreck ^  tlieir-m^^  smaller craft were washed miles inland. One half of  the property of the city has ten completely destroyed  qnd the majority of the survivors are left destitute,  s>   '[i��  ^///:;/sf|��;^|  ;;;;;|//;;;i||/|||l  ':;::^/;l"/;Silfi  ���'������v^SKWH  ���;. >'ri\\a  ::.:.'.'''������.' A:.::i:':  ���;v-;^  ,.W4 -^-ii --r��"  la m*.   j.*+~ |��. ill  ��'  II I  h*  rat  iff  $1  ��lfa  Si'ttM  &l ��J'il&al,  mm  sSras  fl** M&��,  ^ a  a J* I  ill  ���**i  &. ��  al  ,.,JM, Ileal  6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  if  MINING   NEWS  PHCENIX ORES ARE SELF FLUXING.  A feature which is worth nieiitiouiriJi just at the  present time and which is becoming a great lactor in  the successful operation of the Granhy smelter, savs  the Grank Forks Ga^-Ms the  peculiar atlapialwity.  of the GW Ironsides and Knob Mill ores �� irea.troent.  ��� While prdinary ores, especially   such as  require pre:  liminary roasting, have to be mixed with hint   rock,  and othera-flmscurg tnatenabaue.-mi vs.,, out,��� yu^.- T-J*  pertiesV-:andthe:"A:ta wel^  have the necessary lime and (Tit x.tiu-^ngh'Iy disseinin-  ated  through; .the; .body /of  the. "rock ..-a ud t bus .the  furnace room whichwvotiki <>rdi.]rarily be. ;ia:k.eu. up,, oy  fluxing'niatenalAs/in ^  the ore "'itself; and.'this; enables the. .furnace's t.o-haudle  I *'i  a hi  StK  Hi V  \ '   ��� S    A  K 1'  ���, n  *    i   I \  any  sajilf*  < * a *���> .  raa v  more than their staled   capacity   per da\a  case the/furnaces,; - instead-of smelung ;; ^vTmi<ead'i-  day will, run .through from .275 to .30.0 .'tons -apiece. ,.'������'  PROPOSED CODE OF MINE SIGN A! ,S  The'following isa copy of; a,circular., issued: 1  cold commissioners, 'ainuing'.-recorders., ami..-  officials by -theProvincial Minister of,Mines':  li It is:my/inieniion k/re'CGmmcaui 'that thai;,  meat, at the nextses>iO!i.a>fLhe:- legi-cinire,. fair  ,a bill establishing a urn form'code o?: Mgaatsaa be used  in all mines  in this   province..- ;������'���.-Will".1' you ���be'  /./.-fal  enough,' therefore/ to'' consu.it wit If the unao'mae/1-e:e/s  in your vicinity;, and forward'- tolaeaay ���-aH/ge/taa;;-  thev   make-���.regarding,   the' 'a 1 lac ma lea-/a 'a hieh-ais  similiar to that ���o'f'M'orjt'ana  is proposed to   recommend ha  vince.:    You will also-be good enough />���  circ ila'r to the notice of.the   execanvefon  Miners' Union withi''n..yoiirju:risdietio.n, u  purpose.1;  A copy of the proposed code' :a an ine 'si  be seen at the office of. the -mia'aig reewader    ������./���'���  ���/���''.    BOU.NDA'R.Y-,.CREEK,' ".-  '.'���������      rFirom-'t.he bhieiux Pee-a*.^  ./.The Winnipeg   bad -".shipped'40 ears   of o/eaio" p.  last Monday:  , The--Morrison is reported to be lookber '���'"������<������.]?   ^'ho  plenty of ore in sight  '��� Tommy Hogan lias just Ibbshevd.asy^v.u fit: -vera  on the Clipper, adjoining the Bine ]av.. In thvSkv  lark camp.  A 30-foot shaft has been sun)  recently, with the   object of s-rrkiu'-a  lead.  Superintendent Mcf ntire, of ihe'Kevj.<.  .Chesaw, reports the long tunnel hra-dist  ; 500. feet'  '.The, recent   two-car   shipment.'" ironi  camp,'to the Trail smelter, is said to have vieldrd ���<]<������.  per ton net.  For several days prior to.the first ot. September the  Golden Crown did not ship, but it. is given   out  tha*  ���l. :':<���    i ''Mi' >W  t.. \.. t  i   .  ] * ���       'S  mine ��),ear  '���'������ f.a.-over  *>;���  mS(:t  :the.'shipmeuts.wiH:'a'verage'at:a  during::-S;epte'm!>er.^./^  the''coinpatny'wil.!..;^  'inst., ;"���'/ /^;'.-..'va,:/;f:;;r';/i:V'/:'f  . .A-.t.H>x car\pi*rtialiy':;10a  .dinnped; a;iVCr.1.hcV'';|ti-��l/  \\*hiint>tgMxnc::'oiie "4av,��� rccc'nilv,:.:'/ ��� '��� -;;:l- "���''������'"  ��� ���, Rich;ore������ is again:W^^.m  'iiie;!te:td-w'ooci.;c/iino:.:b;y:lJ^  ��� sacks-.'are/nci-,w/;l:Ciiiiyo^r;/^  f ���' ' '���/���     : '  ��� ��� '\a' ������  '-;.:��� " ���!/: . ���, 'v .e-: ^';-   .���- ���.  ���  .,.&���������'���'','    ���"���--;������..  :/adt is extketed:/thiii-'tbca^alcw^  ���.c'a.u.jp.-\v;I.il;S^oii'-1  ���-hil'tc^r'realnciif ft :::.;-w:-olfe^^  '��� faaseS'..:: ;v..., .'���v.'.-;' \.;:-:!::;;e.. ;';''-/:a/:''.:,-/'',-a;, '  -'".'a-'V'^"-  rAM  Mm   i.;:jS:-  MAM  :\ - *  ,J -,:,:  ��� ��� ��� j \n\my --asoraua?s,-;p0iii:ge;ii?^c3^iiicin;. >\vj.;tr^;.i>8'.-jp  ;'l':Ia.'bolVilCtbafi:';ai^  ef.!.n'r)r;t^'e;saa!;^ttt'':i;:fe^^^  i;dair'v':Kalb,, ;;:.l;i;ii^^  ^�����nVb'rbmrscti-'^nd'#''^  -' '���..������' T. ha ;:ia;ii;i'>v'^  li i v^!i/";bi-|di,!f ilii^  'tuf>;'-::0'l .rwcl'UC  .As SO1'a. -a% 1 &.����� :t'oa--:<^|-:M��%kM:jm^.$%.*l;;;:Ci.?;ifiiif :i|i  ai::!'ifi  .**'*-5  '-;:ama  ^% tiaicu'-d- ik; t*.iyi a^rclijiiirycfiiii;^  ;-A; * rovl--fe:hi'r^j^i***r -;.!'^:.;'rb'^':'fY'|fftMte.:Mf|Std.^fr':;i^::''^^:i-��iil  ���t .o-.- c.��a ���!11 ad a -.������. <! i :-:rt la4/:'' :M:rMMM 'AMU' p^M")}. S:A-:'-  A$kuHcr.'"bi^'-^  c.vcnbs'g'. 't>y:j:.-':lara;'^:lC::-;.;^  ' a b a a e: t h e-. K' tf let pr-'l |^;;W;lid/!ifll|g-;^f;|f ��� S|^| :PrS!^afe ��|  twcea' tb^tmm'c.iifid-tl^a^  b.-i'ud jtjadc'-by. 'M'fo:CQ^  afuv'aas ab ^hfevgTtMM'-va^^  'AAliU)ilm^<'iMM^  f 1 aaMoM:Ux- ;CAiUmA026  I ae  .a>^a;uaii:��z -: *fii0'i;>o-la.r<-llica:4;if^l'oe- ..&-::a.��^. fe^  >f^/> ��i f:a: 'H.u? Yt^.diciir,.ii;iid-0!lfs.:.- ���/���'^;,;;/;--a^  ���-" '   ��� ���'" '   :'    ���' ':     v   -'���"���,;"-'''������ :-:.iaa;:aaa^--;-va^^���������=.a;V:.. -\-s,     . r.,,tft��.  W- i a i \ t], ega-a ti < I: C:> *;MmA &tmi\^  sjKwvsh-'^e '��� A'f>:Hir't7^'fV^roih;!li^  ���the.south was/madesS^  iu;/'o;-i';.>r.e, :' Cb.'airmaai';!WS  e      ���     .    ' ..'��������� .'' ;������.���l'; ������..������''.:.��� ���'������"'������'���:���.������.'���:.������..������ ���������. ���' 1   ���''������.��� rft-fajfe  < > a i a l/.. t;be pro'|Kr r t y i :w;l'i0awiS:";t|#p;1  u'coV^rvaii'vc' csiiriUle ;atbafiIK-^afe  .'.:.���.:-���::;���,/:.;: . :.;.:.  :-.ev;;:*v��.::-^:.Hp  ! :k.ae..was now over -Ke^WiAoi^^^^  iiK^riddiiUtedAlnu^itli'e^  .in ^AihSitMi 'would :I>fe e ^d^i^"^He ydh*e?^  inaaaaav.,-.'     .        ''/'���"    .':���//��� :::.f-ra/:/f        -..'''���'afaal  * 1 rk ��� , .-'.������';������'���'��� ������...���;.; *.y  In -s^-ird /-aUres^clr-ofS'rbe.; Min��.*|  :M'ide-r-<;.rav.e.s- syndicate1,   '���'at-'ihe./.Siwciicr :,W^yi  ���> *��� y-t   w5\'i*i  h^t  week/aAvnTcsuonrtc-nl'W  ���  * ���.���'...��� ���������   . *^��Fis  if*  ai r,   \I tner s    speech ���Was, ol CO.ur.SC:.;.. -.t��v;. ���-    ���... a/|.  lI'<--" ev.-nin^..   ��� 'Irs assuranccil-Mu^t   ne.p^a ^   .^  ironf^  hip'aud trcatat a pf'ofit^'orea running- .,:  nm uj., wa> the k'cvuotfc:" ','H;is;pract$caia ^ ^]j{||  tit"  or thc-mine*-At v.1-a a t^  nltimatc enlargement 'of'the Stheltcr. .to <f-''"gc||  dailv, the (>peratioi.i'of the mines at Phcctt^a.^  ment of the futur^ operatioitsofh'is,syndtc��ten^  ���"��� '-tii hi v->u\pressor 1  '���ncal power taken from thecompany^ PUV��  'lorks, and tlte   possibility "of . the smelter  c��f|  a/Mf  "   '   I  wVfr^'yi^ptvvaMy*' *m>..p. ���  --    .-'.'  ---.V ''"^ t*"4f  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  <a  *. ���  ���>firerv      "We must   make  ^'^  J'Cr :11" Ive to uverc ome the long and expensive  l0S��v     v^rk refineries  and the rake-offs   con-  f"1"    baV^n^ing  ��f the   copper.     Our next  [ted rt - " -fiiiery and keep * gbh:g  [il S��>uthcrn  Briti-h  Columbia is  put in shape   to  Cariboo, and 42 tons from the American Boy. The  Reco once more joined the ranks of the shippers,  sending out 13 tons last week. It must be remembered that these aie only part of the shipments of the  Slocan and Ainsworth. A good deal of ore goes out  of the country by way of Sandon, while the Slocan  Lake mines are busily adding to the total  G  .u.AVith the world."  I  SLOCAN,  From tin* Drill.  ine carload, <��r 20  tons, of ore was sent out   dur-%  the'week, being  consigned   to Trail by   the En-  .irisc:    Shipments from that property are running  >iu'bb ban per month,   but recent   active developed in the vicinity may stir the management up to  eater aet.iV.iiv.."     Next week the   Two Friends will  iter'the year's list, with a   20*ti*n shipment      It   is  iten/iaa .of the IWmdholdcr  to get out  a carload'  ���.ore/which will be its initial   attempt.     Other de*  i'>nmr;c.siu;e-slowly coining to the front.  Iff ���eadsnj'is n   \\<\ of the shipments this   year to  o-e'eo ��� ai  ���M-.  .,, ��',  ��'* *'���'**���*.���'�����*':.. "���*.*''.  1.- *���' .*���"��' .*.  '.^:eek-.;;;  ���AAA:2Bm  /To^af  / ... /'.:      :���"';'-O   / :  ,     *     t     y    &    %    *���   *    *  , e ���  ii''.''. b  * 1  ,.-i ��'.��"V �����"�� * !.*, ���'�����*'.  ,k . v ��;���*...,;*. �� *��� *���-*' .  * *. M '*��� *   ���. *  .. ��   *.*'.  �����"*  *�����'.*���'��"-  .-.* �� V* ��.*���.  : ^U:.i<>'W*fI**t**B^  M  e/^20;-  ii/i  :;t;S;-to:  i:hr:e ;s.'tr<..uble over the Lone Star, and as a result  ianv-1' Caaavle. who claims to l>e manager of the  |!m.a,.e.���a:nd'n   A  Sutherland have been arrested at  inn taking therefrom a ledger, cash book and journal  neveiaunikev were entitled  to the  custody of the  a, v! r ���, 1 ; -.  a ��BHBt\la  JB^inani  boa ,M,e,Uovt!te Kntcrprisc lead was encountered  tiafaf-eat tunnel on thrr Mnlwu, at a depth of  ���erno iovt' and about the same distance from the  i the drift. The lead is upwards of a foot in  did shows good ore scattered through the  .though little of it is as yet clean mineral  ai the vein, however, will soon bring in an  f a >n the surface the vein has been cut in  a pfaees. showing the same characteristics  a oaiaii-e -4roup. In addition to the Kn-  aae. the lead from the Neepawa hasbeen  .duiosf the full distance across the Mabou.  lii./it yj,\ae ore wherever opened i\p. The  :* a eondnv: shipper.   ,  u the Slocan and Ainsworlh mining divis-  ��� diMineilv reviving/says the ^[mttnmiimi. Ore  "-- via Kasha are beginning. to rise to their old  uhhovigh the output during August did not  a>  Actio  l!l,|ii the Payne,   104  tons  ROSSLAND.  The costly suit of the Centre Star vs. the Iron Mask  has at last been settled.    The case has been before the -  courts for the past two years,  and was partially tried  before Mr Justice Walkem about a year ago.     The  Centre Star people claimed that one of the veins which  the Iron Mask  was  working  had  its apex on the  ground of tbs Centre Star.     Tbis was denied, and to  decide the point some of the best known experts on  the continent were pnt hot he witness-box at Rossland,  including Clarence King      The testim#ly of these  gentlemen was'very interesting, as bearing on the  geological formation 01 the camp generally.   The case  was adjourned so that certain work could be done  to  determine on which of the properties the vein really  did have its apex.'     This particular work has been  going oh for the past twelve months, with what result  has not been made public.     The litigation has been  very expensive, costing many thousand dollars.     On  what basis a settlement has been arrived at is  not  made public.  The Centre Star  again joined the list of shippers  last week, sending out I2oo tons.    Following** the  shipments up to Saturday :   ,  Week's  Mink ^tonnage  Le Roi    -���  War Eagle..���  Centre Star   iron Mask   Evening Star -   Monte Christo ; v.   i.x I ��� -;   Spitzee...... .��������*���< :���**   LeRoi No 2   Iron Colt   Giant. ��� *   3927  Tonnage  year-to date.  99��I24  10,603  ^ ^****** ��* ���  ��� ��� �� .- .-,.</.  1200  8,217  1,434  ..��.<���*  391  29  3&*  355  20  172  979  70  -  42  Total  53'#:  121,5s1  Miaae  \ rich strike is reported from the  Society Girl, a  Property adjoining the St. Eugene, at Moj��     F��  eel of rich galena has been uncovered     This has en  couraeed  the  owners to further exertions,  and it is  couray,ca Society Girl will be the  confidently. expected that the aociciy ui     v/  next big mine in"Moyie./  Work on the St. Eugene is progressing tavorably,  with an increased output... .  ���    X great. dfekl.of work is being^done .on the vanou  claims in the camp,  many ot which give promise oi  ' good* things. ,  f   . *?' Miy.'." iS eT 7?vr"->'���r  ��__      �� ������������--   .������*'���������� ���'������'���'   ' ���i------~T,'-~,^?��,^TIf^S^l-<aM",'P!i  W i..,1*'i,'J��)iii.1ii.,    ->"    i     nip'    i\*  i    '   ���>*    *      ' . ��. - .  -*���*��-. '-        t\h , ,k  ..'     i.ij    *     : -���, f   j   j    > i    11 j.u.    irf    .' -        .r        ��/���!��        ^     *v.   . -i   �� i  ^ /    lp   >.      .    ,<���.     \      ,       if   i  -Jfl  a��C'*  jUbJ  i-il  S^.^Lisg  :-apf  .rbifi  m  ���m  >jr  ���v;; I L?f  "��� r*1  a*"  d|  Ititf  m  40$  m  18^ i  S^  I''  ���s| <w  ���f.V^  m  m  !, mm  W  ��SWM  fill  fft  B*rti  '* JS  il^* i^'  mi  'lit  3h ,  .-.���.���������o��&g  r'HE NBLb  ECONOMIST  aasi  THE event of the week in local circles is the visit  of the Governor General ailcTLadyMsntob who  are to he in town to-day. Every preparation is Mug  made to give thevice-regalparty a,right royal reception, and when the people of Nelson/ undertake to do  any ting it is generally done well. ..'Inthe .'present instance they have had to act   hurriedly,   but, that our  "'distinffuished visitors will be agreeable entertained 1"  ���have'.no ���doubt.''.;:- It would���,uuki,e<l'ii he cause dor-regret  if the Governor General and his^ good lady sbauld  leave,the province without paying .-Nelson :a.visi|.'/.';' !  ���anticipate it will be: ari agreeable ���"���surprise 'to. {.benr'to  find away'up- in the uiotintains of' the ':.-.Koo:teuays a���  solid city: with an eleetnc''Street.carservi.ce:^th'or0Ugti'e  fares builfc|��ap with such business blocks-'an'd arusijte  dweliings/lighced tip by electricity,, and piacadrijuizcd  in the most up-to date ���fashion.'��� .aVn. -excellent.��� program me. hais   been prepared ibr/'the occasion, ��� and, of  Abe: reception   I shall -have something ���. ba^ay; ..next  week: ,       '"���,.'; a .A  ������ ��� The football match on Saturday afier;aoon|aoved aia  easy/thing for the visitors, the.Gram! Forks..tea.in win''-'.  n'ing by three to one. ;'   The play  was .?a if r^unh. -as  football goes,: but yet. it ��� wasanot: what .'.oaefavoraae ���  the milder form ofsports woulc|.-'Cai|.av'h6lcsomc' axaa''  atiom    It is a game---especially when alavedaarbaa'd',  .ground,; as in  the present   instance���which 1 do, tea  altogether admire.   ������ ..Weight always  tells in a:ea!>?fl.  and. while there   is tmdoubiedlv ��� sonr^ '^n^nr,. ;,,  ?a/:  .jrame, there is; not:enough of if to make.it interesting-'  to the average albroirtid athlete;       hi'some ���"���states'-of  the Union football isai game forbidden' bv  1 ,-.uv while'-  in others the lam hris been   olaeed   a-op m'U-- *w- af  culty of the various   universities.       When  adaved' hj.'  Germany recently the '" .British s.p:aa " wr-ivdW-am^--'  as brutal.'' It is .unfo.rtiiiiaie ' {\'Y UuA\Ki\\ ibaa naae ae>  .dents, many of them fatal,  are ae*aa;al aaaaivr t��   ?>���.���',>  anv other game.  Country as well as in Canada.    It is ^A.'��  u ,be, fought.oil the present register, the nomi,,^  o! the Insh parliamentary party. John' R^ifr?  ;.!, nve. he dist met ion M appealing W the s&l  torate in the linited Kingdom.   Cast yearp!  .���������.vo670-oters^  h/r. ������������ i'''       ��� ��'������ '���'>'���'���'     " ^*        -e/UlHrttlO  an,a-.50O.;; of them:-hii'v^;^  ..' ��� .pay men i; of Ta;tes,;';aiHl' It :i$.:fiilculiite(i: thif^ ^  ::;..,Jo.ss^:, front.death-^  ; - - titan;j[oo: pitwtif-^  ���',.;scssio'rb'of;thcIr::^  v;;!r;1ook.s.a.sif,t!ie.;'^  * coiningH^cry'.apatiieu  , ui!yit-^t'av:|Kir;t,'isi;;:^  .. -sueh;a.-cotisiitiiency.Mti;;iy;rcely ::ho^:'to!;arrv i  a wcighL. ���"'������',��� ///a'.Va^^ "  a--: ���. A" wormoi.^,; age :if ^/w ^  ,injoueh,;.yctlC^^^  ���prib't. I; w;a.s ���re^dMi^-'klt'^^  tk>vih'vivhfch\rbe^.W  1 he,; sc v t ifizi ag#; c)f .;:woi||ti:^ f_. n'2  co t ti. | >oscd ���'. ,o f! in ��' I ti|:d,ai;;-Sf ��� :M^tip The- -^tip^'ll  are i..Hlaaicv,,;'t,!;e:/I^  girnif^L'the joufili  caHcf] iheff11fit*��'%*(��f":iigA";;"'^y^i|itts;^n^iKW]iJTi^m  tho.se vear'*>me ol^^  p*: rcc'pi ion f ���;. ilia i ��� Hm t, ;fe��*ti;.^fey eibpii^airttlie/prt^  gr.oiips'".   Vp Xq MMMm^  t a c 5; e r;. Is t m ng;;.'.njiitutid^;a'iid  idebfe-cslaldislictf.:'^:  .it''r.U?e're'al'jHjf's'c*n;''.:������''' '~'t  t , **���' ..' ������'a** ���.' -,       ' ���*"'," -'^' r;<v'' ���:     ��� <: ' ��� �� a ������ . > ���;������'������' a; ���'������'���::.:���.��' ���".'���'rf/^i;:;!  .{M>ns t.nei'e ��� m;i.y ;m:;.Cii���,::C>|*il|.l0lr|v.-:';l*.Ut-.;liOliMllgv.-d^J  y-iSai���.is-Iikciv io-. tninsfor��i��� aifeilgjife:.;.:���:;.Th,e'-;0i|i  ph'ra^es-.. /" a ,confIVi^^  s >ld -maid; *?; a.|>pli^L'.,tO'HViW ;;n#!l.'i^f:;f prtfe^  t'oitya' ��� :i r ^-: ���' l >ic i i; .ifc c i cit i^'i a��ii;��^"tof ;;t liiit.. T ac^t/ -li* i|ma,t ipgMJ  mental;a.wi p^h'y^i'CH.li.hii(.bit^0:^Mf;#|jv;frtj��  '    '    ' .���        ���������"���������    '':.      ���   ���������.������.���."���   ,-..'.   '������.������'..���:���'   '' .---"-���-;���-i'**>"-"-   - : ������'.,'���������'���'������������ '-..���'���       '���  ���'������ ������'.������ ���."������.���':���.'������ ;';,.;-a:  lhe ��� adapt:hi\'n.y. Q(''\h.&:0(TU%Tffi  a ad ��� t hc per S0n-a.s:.ii\cir|Xifit^;'.��f itc!jtiitnvciif;;|ftI new||  v i row met & l.'.  : ��� *Ti?e' Via te.%0^^t^a^  m  Anamusing .ilhist'rati����n.'.r,f rhe'trrov^ih- demnnd in  .England/or athletic clergymen was'recently -iv^u'"bv  a country curate, wdioreceivedni^iee naiiuifbr  though unexceptioii'dble   \n  nnodle Idea.'6/; ilic cncroiichuiciil'^^  of k v-jsi,-nK:t,..,:.11,e vdc^ad'^''���o.P^vcM'K-'.!;^youa;;.wniC4,^  a nuae u ailing mr t..Ne��� C*.llil,';;./;:^;:'::"aia;//::;a'    a������ 'o!���/:":.o  : Mm  ���(an'  t 'T V  area- res'K-cts  ''��� "lifc.Si;i. 1 he.,;fssassin ;:e,.f tvfnf ^l|^^��'0^v?^  he had !>ae������; ,h-'ft��� 10'file'-|C!ldcWfItC^  ^> e..;t r  a-a re ojy wools is a ooe<r  deel a red t h a t '���'" w hat tin s pa r i  fast bowler with a break from ?he off."   xf(-,p���pl( ..-Mf.  worthy vicar perceived that no viila��e   lad (o'/p 1^  sibly reject'the theology of a curaoM-c-abi..', <.'*\l *'-^  the   annual   cricket   match   against   th*. ;,,,,.,!,;..,.'^  hamlet bv his own prowess   bat tiw- '.,,<a..i  , "' '''' . " "'  lurid light on the passion for spmt in Knvlaud   '*rh'al  a game is played   for the love   *.*" Uu.   .eurie'   V^f''/^  gate receipts.    Of course it mav be argued i!rd"e���<��� -^  a game���baseball ior instance  -reaches the pro^st,'/Z  stage it is seen to   the greatest advantagrr.      Ian 'inordinary   Britisher does  not   care   \\tr this ,.vi'i ���, ������*''  play.: be likes  to see  sport that is SIiMr,   .t'V,: "���1,1"'n  -   . ... 1    >l v     'OKI     J.f;!    a  money-making exhibition.  mob,at  Xnlae  Ai^:*:r(1iirg^:t(f:'U#-  ���. .��a? -.-'- ;"' ;"���-��� . ' ' - A������'."'������>���'������$�����  S]H��p(i , .ne vear. if! ^ * * 1. i {*i "r >^. ^feViij'ti t W'^^.-f It- -.M"1 -'^ '������?'^s:o^5-:^L  six; leal ban.: by 'threeafi^t^  f'-r a brd; -and'brcad anci\v^icr.OUCC  luaiTs- as a -diet       Few 'nHs^merrOT^  ihtfsri ��n��fyS  Should l��Sf.  There is a prospect of a general (���i,,.tj,  ��� '  solitude a  tbev eitber-tfo mad <<r diia  likeb  to jaaaa: an ex.ee'j it., n tt��thcruha      - -       ^.^  survive he will be liebi a ;>fivmcr lor l^'-    VVh^' P;.  prises me is that thdte can be anv an.irchiMs in ^'.'fcrfJ.  in that  country f bey, haw an  iuMitnti'*" ^m '^/  domic.illo coatt(��, by virtue n\ which Jaw. il the g��n *,f': 4  ��ncnt   thinks the presence   of a  person in a tow^y-  village is opppsecl toils regime, it  can P1 onounce^/b���  "dangerous to rmbl'ic order/* and has powerdoc^';  .     . pel him (o livein anotht-r di-trict       l!i��ler tms" ;���   ^  '"!1 "! !!l - ')M     Inm.lrcds o!   stisp'icions characters art: ev��r>' )'earI !'  t ���  a  * - ��!��>������� ^'t*rr�� *�����  ��� ��ir^��* �������   n ��� fee  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  ,aa and not to congenial quarters either���usually  PV-meo< the unhealthy islands ofT the southern  ^UK Not alone do the Italians get rid of suspicious  f J,Cter< hut they know where they are. Those,  'a..ejore' with criminal intentions have to leave the  ^nntrv':m' hatch and mature their schemes. The as-  fcsination of King Humbert, for instance, was planned,  j-America.  "Messrs. \Vilham Potts & Sons, the well-known clock  rikersoi d weds, England, have just constructed   for  J;iKpv what is claimed to be the greatest herological  1'iuevement ..f the century. The clock is a huge one,  :upm ilari. eombined many features of the most   re-  Kirkal'Ieadueks in the world, such as'those at Berne  iul'a'Siraslinrg   Cathedral      The   huge  clock   dial,  Inch 'is bf polished cupper with she/igurcs inscribed  ���Hln it In blue, is Hanked upon cither side.by a mail-  lad knight, each inkling above his her.d a battle-axe  .������.hieh-sciye^ t'�� ���ittike the gongs at the  quarters and  ours '.'-Abuve   the clock,   upon ��   kind of   perch*  a:ab a large  cockerel       In   (tout of the   dial is   a  ���latibrn) .  When the quarters of the hour arc reached  \c   nanbeiad   knights    .strike   their   gongs.      lm-  sedi.iUaw op the ieit hand side of the dial a door opens  Itiioauiaabfy, and there issues forth_a British   soldier  It full mu'foim.      U hen he reaches the center   of the  Huiorm"'lie halts and salutes in' precise military man*  ier      iie the a. passes on to the left, and is   followed  jv-'a'kilted .1 ligidauder, who  repeats  a   similar per*  fe'rmanee.w'heu he. reaches the middle of the platform.  fhea :.anes'atblrishman in the old dress of his conn-  hrat-dislnug a sbillelah ; then a ' Canadian boat-  laa wu'h his padtlk', and finally .1 Hindoo, wearing  Hsaaaaa and bun cloth* When the figures have  a-se! r��vand the platform they disappear from sight  .tanther door, which closes automatically  \\mi\ :he last .figure's exit. Then the eockhird over-  lead daps its. wings, raises its head, and gives three  b'v i ;^vv     The/figures are  manufactured   of cop*  >rori/e  while many of the other parts of the clock  aucied from gun mctab'     The escapement is  Jh* double.t'hreedc.gged gravity by Lord Gritnthrope,  1* probably   the   greatest living  authority   on  !<�� k^  md bells. '  re e.v  H1' chinaman in   British Columbia poses as a re  ���tine:  lie he  I i lJ< \  lie !  s'  " ��1�� >v  'hna -���  tie nv  At the outbreak of the present troubles in  ���a\ Kingdom the ulmnud-evcd Celestials de-  ieaisel.v.es against the Boxers, and in proof of  '������������-'Mt\ they have raised a fund of $20,000 to  ���r,i to the enlistment of an army toprotect the  .^nipe.ror/    1 have not. however, heard of any  Vi,lnnteering for service in the new corps;  II ls t.cported   from  Vancouver that several japs:  ilu'  ',vei1  -nrestcd   with   fraudulent naturalisation  MH'Is vu their possession     The "fishermen's strike .'at  ^U'stnu has had t he -effect. of exposing this fraud.. It  ()llM ,l,��w appear as if thousands of these little ieb  XSs have lx>cn smuggled.into the country.     A three  :u^ residence in   British Columbia  is necessary .to  ul> ior naturalization, but the wileyJap manages  ^Nur'> it m three months.    I wonder if Imperial in-:  terests  will render  it inadvisable  that these frauds  should be deported ?  An invitation has been wired to the New Westminster lacrosse team to visit Nelson, but as the3r are  west of Winnipeg, it is feared that arrangements cannot be made to alter their transportation over the  Crow's Nest Pass Railroad. We would all be very  glad of an opportunity of welcoming the world's cbam-*  pion lacrosse team to our city, but I fear that pleasure  must be deferred. A visit from the victorious team  would give an incentive to lacrosse in Nelson. To  my mind it is one of the prettiest of games, and I much  regret that we do not see more of it here.       P. G.  NELSON MINING NEWS.  A four-foot lead of rich ore has been uncovered on  the Toronto, one of the Venus group. A gang of  men are at work on it.  Last week Dr. Doolittle, manager of the Venus,  brought down a $1000 gold brick, as a result of Ipt  cleanup. The iniil has been doing good work, but  there has been a scarcity of water. However, the  company have built a ditch to tap Sandy Creek, from  which it is hoped to get an ample supply. The buildings at the mine are now complete, and allis^rrreadiness for steady work.  The Granite mill crushed during the last month  126s tons of ore, yielding 593 ounces of gold and 36  tons of concentrates���<ross value $11,074. All is well  at the'Granite. .'._,. :J  On Monday next work will be started on the Juno^  on .Morning Mountain. From 15 to 20 men will be  put on.  During the month of August the Queen Bess had  115 tons of ore treated at the Nelson smelter, -which  aggregated $6000.  The wire for the  Molly Gibson tramway has been  shipped to the mine and is now being strung as quickly,  as possible, ��� * , ��� /;>  Mr. K C; Seukler, Gold Comix?issioner of the Yukon, paid Nelson a visit last week, and spent some  davs with his old friends.  mi  Work continues at the Silver King, but as yet no  ore has been sent to the smelter since operations were  renewed.  Arrangements are being made to work the Exchequer again.  Several new .and promising properties have been  registered from Forty-Nine Creek, There is considerable activity on Hie creek.  A general meeting of all LiberalrConservativ^ of  the   Nelson district will be   held at the rooms   oyer  Neeland^s,shoe store':otr Thursday v  at 8 o'clock; p. ma for the 'purpose;  .'gates! to attend the-  to 'be held at Revelstoke, B. C.r otv Saturday, the -istli-  instant- m      :.".'-/  are invited, ;  ���:���-..:.;;       ^a; b -���'.,,'"/���  .<���   I i  Kl  >   m  IliiH  aasait 1  a aaa?''  llitii  aaaa  '?>?(!  . -.1��  in  rtfli.f^^.v^r"*^!".  -x   f^   -        it'   M  ]WTB ^^ ,r^^^j^^r^T,r^^:r^:;~ ���  ���    fir.   " ��� *  ���!�����' 1        "    - r  iH . If       j . , " . f,      -o    --��� ^     .'  -e#    ,?   . ���  -/ >it '*vx ", ��     v   ���{ *..��.���   \- ^s'  'V   - .*:  ���     - -'\i l ���>>   "    l ���^."it.1 - a   ^ ���    a>/* ,r, ,-h   a��c .; > ��� ,j> v^e\   ^e , , ,.e',-(   v t.   *���*. .'.^ U; ..--.v, *o-"j' > ^-ih1' - a j ^'^:/'-' rcMBMiltiirw—
/e t.t
,* *■ W," f
1     M*    ^ --If
, JJ) .        .. ■    ^ ......■;. .-...■•..■    ■     .
Q(>>IEWHliRH if is written that reading is avselr
O fish pleasure But che bookworm thti* assailed
may cast the glove before his detractors in saying
that as books are well within the reach of many/ and
sought by few. the perusal oi them, admitting that it
leads to unsociability, can hardly l)e termed a ...selfish"
trait, says Daniel SaMerceiniti the f^uf.^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^
The high foad of literature is wide, 'and/there is no
need of jostling on this most delightful of thorough-
lares, whose scenery is ever varied and interesting, V
Again/the characters one meets in this fairy land
6 ■" books: The sauntering traveler may loiter and
chat with old friends or keep on trudging until he
finds a new and delightful personage sent to niect
him by the road's engineers, whose constf.uction tools
are not chain and spade, but pen and intellect:
The strongest friendships of the flesh '.may; be
broken, and oft-times are, but not so with the friend/
ship made in books. I have yet to „ meet a grey
head who does not number among the friends of his
boyhood, Robinson Grusoe, .Mr." .Midshipman' Easy,/
Captain Brand of the Centipede/ Baron Trenk. and
others of their ilk. ,
Is there a man of us now who does not like to sit
with the spectators in the tilt yard of Ashby de la
Zouche, and mentally cheer the good Knight i van hoc
as he rolls the haughty Templar in the dust..?
Yes—one makes lasting friendship in books. From,
the novel reading summer girl to the savant, deep in
the yellow-leaved tomes of a by-gone century, every
reader has his or her favorite author. There is not
a writer, be he obscure or well in the public eye.
who has not his lovers and followers. But the theme
of this paper is not the comparison of authors. This
preface is simply to pave the way, so to speak, for a
willing but a sadly inadequate pen driven by one who
would pay tribute to an author who has made for
himself lasting friendships on the broad road of literature—I speak of that brilliant and gifted Writer of
Irish fiction and history, Charles Lever.
Never will I forget the day I found among the con-"
tents of a long-forgotten trunk, brought to light by a
spring moving, half a nozeii or so of "yellow backs''
of fifty years ago. Among my prizes was "The
Confessions of Harry Lorrequer." I distinctly remember that so deeply was I interested in following
the fortunes of the hero that I .missed", my supper.
Truly a decided compliment, the highest a boy could
pay. Then and there the author introduced me to
my esteemed friend O'Leary, and even now I often
laugh with and at him in my thoughts. For quaint'.
ness and originality he stands out from the book's
pages in silhouette. Mrs Ram certainly showed her
good taste in her indefatigable pursuit of the much-
sought O'Leary.
In this book the author gave me also a peep of
Irish barrack life and the then mode of living of the
Irish gentry, whetting an appetite only to be appeased
by later works, devoted wholly to these topics.
Perhaps Lever was at his happiest in the portrayal
of "'the personages;; pectt!&r:to;:the:; limes of the
,,;AV ,ho(i after f;readtug;;,,t;:rom
.wavering leaders;of;t,he;.upH^
but'a ix>r^
'^'.Ca'tise' 'Ireland would/{kiff;'-^
■'.today.'' ":;. ■■■'■" ■''"■'■■a   ?;P;: a/J-a;
meet anyone-in i fict.tbhfs;htgbwiy/who resembles'
Unconsciously at limes/I/Bn
comparisons of ^ dashing
P'w era ;-Some ;wpd;';;prto
belaidu* thrd
'frt end ~^hmi-'':ifa^
■ M ickvy ;'you:.are; yery;1^
......... -..•...'      ■■■   '■'■.,..■:'.''■....'■   .'■".. .<■ '■;■■:■". •■,::: ■;'-.".'-W';;^;rt;-.i    -.  ■■'■"    '?'0. .-• ■ ,,    \""..0../ '..'.■:■':   >\ l\
■ mi tid. ..'Lever' ^ created-:yop^^^
.he a 11 h.... M r.; Ftcca * .■;.; 'va/^^maPm^a^m'.
■■■ ■"' Major 'M<:msoon^^ x*&m
■about.' thek'tng- of Sr^ur;s./ih$frf :*;/;/' Ncr?;
.listening;" bclii'ndi-''- the.';dodr?;:l^
magnum'-ify.©^ .
so I read it;agam ;and latighb wath L^'-
tena n t- €ha rles; 0*;,^ il.: artauch a$ I j
do:-.in.f hed;>ook:!: ..■'■
.Sir Haitrv ;Bmdeaud;itte
Count Conskline to whottfra, ,:
convivial .Maurice Quill a'ttcLltii.
Scotch doctorbaliaregood^,
ihg.'/■. Perhaps the strongest
v M.aj'or: O'.Sha ughnessy—atiS;-1risti.-barmy type,
ttow;cxiinct/-'--''-I.&ver^ V
times,; as an' tbe case of this:devil-may^^ ^
fortune: .- Flis-discipline'of'ColoiieL^ ^
-1' Dirty Half. Hundred/1; is;^^ Vl .
■ lover" of these books hm riot v* ■§p!tt;h!S':skiesM at \^f\
Major's bivouac story of the -V:4inn^ptfrty. at ^ p
(rCrady's   where,   as a -'seisinirited'/guesf the lj^;
dtcrously   disguised OfShaughnessy   drives tne*
important little colonel from  the table and the      ^
with his rapid-fire delivery of wit and repartee?      ^;j
Father Tom Loft us   is the man of mat '.in all   ^
Ixvcr whose many sides can be', likened to a cut      .,?_ i
tal.'    In   creating   him  Lever   has  filcbed boj.» ;
from human nature.     Father Tom is priest, a^^ J-\
and diplomat   rolled in one.     A   strong tnm s^;t ,
needed to combat the   turbulent spirit of a ^m^] '
people, and Lever makes his priest rise to the occa    ;
A keen sportsman, a convivial companion, */^
lis ;  tlie gnad
taint b: confrere, tbe -
Sf: miae;ancl tafc"|
in the novel m
1   »v    i°        i. - - < i - '      ;„* >  i jf ■ ii ? j1*   *' *-t   m    *•       i /   *?-«■■"' i.   ■>    " ' v    ->iil< ^'   *(.• e"   *   ■ aj -    v   " ■■ „  '"     ' r!i   i  > >    •>        a     ii'c, - ,.*'. » a   ' + * " i •<• THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  le to the  cloth and its  demands,   Father   Tom  nicies a prominent niche in literature.  (Lever states in a preface   that Tipperary Joe   was  fewn from life    AH I can remark is that the author  ist have searched long and far. Such a warm  tart as was made to beat under   the ragged dress;  \ derotiou as he showed to hb master's friend is  [re in diction and almost an unknown quantity in  Itual life A master hand of light and shade only  Itild have painted such a splendid character as Tip-  >rarv joe.  I love to hear his  merry   M Tally Ho !M and   often  �����k him on the road.  Corny Delaney with his ������ Haythens and Turks P  bd otherwise crabbed   disposition  adds   spice   to a  level rich in character and human nature.    A rough  liamond of literature is Corny, atid   a good man   to  leet if one feels conceited  The   women1 of   i^ver   are   characteristic  of the  lines.'"- They have none of the independent qualities  tat goto make, 'up the  strong-minded   heroines  of  itteralay novels, nevertheless, they are  refreshingly  tweet and womanly; and withal    ��bey always fall   in  ivewith the right man, a satisfactory method to the  love! reader at'large,  Lucy lbis'hwoex'b Inez. Louisa   Bellew, Lady Jane  ���allonby, were all   lady   loves of mine, and us   they  lever grow passe,-.perhaps they are so still, and who  *an hhme a man,for this weakness?   For/ as   Lever  himself savsa  ���it-    t   t&ttjjM.^tfXj.   j^�� ��fti��\^n Hh^tlfri ���  Her cheeks were red, her eyes werebluei  Het hair was te<mntof deepest hue,      /  Her foot wassm^l/audtieatto  Her waist was'slight aad;,taper;;:eK;^)pj|^/S/|:  Her voice was ,music;to;yottr;;;^*a  A lovely brogue/soxic^^  Oh, the 'like I ne'er-again-'iball:^  ��� As from sweet:-'Miry:Braperr  The exceptions to;:this'gen^^  Baby   Blake,   whose/a;bree^/^^  methods so charm Charles  O*^  friend   Lieutenant Spar^s^    A  rounds off the plot  tiic^yf bur  that this decidedlyfir^sh bit of femininity  be so sacrificed.    l ^BSKSS^  Minette, iu MTom��BmrW^  brave little vivandiere,   is ^^  sister heroines.     I f Leyer^ may/^  made Tom Burke ex<^^ingly blin^  the soldier-bred girl/who^^  and receives but   uf��|^  Mine tie was a thordii^^  often ' whished tbatT/fm^  portunities |;;;|;;;|:/;;::;;:fa/:|'^  Lever's keen sense of h^mbr^w  in many of his women||f'^ho;,ba^  'social aspirations of }.M:rs/1^  and one that is   r icfeitrlhu^  Hinton, where the heroes mother/w  '^^�����*������xfc^^**��vjk,rt^��/^HWttH^.mle��iflM^,^^  i^MtuwnlKWKi.  **vv^v*vv*>^mni*V'*��vw**  OKI  **  VINE&CO.  �����������-,���  ���I  AMMAtii^l  iHsr;  fbM    (''* I  0W$   <���  FECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS, MiLLSNERY, MUSLIN,  PRINTS, LAWNS, PERCAL|S, SATEENS AND DlMlTIES^  E WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMiaERdSOODS  PRICES BELO  TC  ST.  SUNSHADES HJ&F FRICC CAR  ��� ' �� '.. .���.'���",'������   .     ..-���'���'     .���.'���.������.:.,   .     ��� ������'  ^Ty^c^^p^^^^ �����5*.,   ft-03  ,v_v- ��~    i4 -���   -l.  THE NELSON ..ECONOMIST-  ���'-$  .���.b.-^S  really thinks the Irish little better than savages, demands an itemized bill   froai Mrs: Paul dor the   Intnt  ' <o       ���     ' .   ��� '<   ��� ���    -    ' /���'   ���   ���  breakhists/ dinners, etc.. that that worthy has re-*  ceived from the hand of his ambitious hostess, and  \vho again, in another part of tbe novel, anxiously  hopes that her foppish son will not wear his hair in  the style that the brilliant p rat tan a fleeted,  Thus one might fun for many pages, for Lever has  the gift of making lasting iiiipressions iiv his charac*  fers. Thackeray and Pee. contemporaries of the  Irish novelist, somewhat bitterly attacked''... their  brother craftsmaii;;'.th^'former'.in-.hi?;;sk'etc.h-.irrOticriny  styled ;i Phil Fogarty��� A tail' of the' ..fighting-.-One*  tyo'netb, by-Harry. Roli'ickerv'a.a'nd the latterain a re  view -pf Charles O'Malley/ in 'which ������ 'he .attacks both  the plot and mot i ve so as to lea ve ahem '..hoth th.react /  bare. Bnt even the gifted,. f!be ..'saw" the beaut y'-.- of  Lever's character construction: and������������tempersthe-sting'  of the criticism by generously ./praising ilte Irislr  author's work in this respect. a  The fact that Thackeray  saw in  Lever's novel's.'.s  field for his biting sarcasm is.complinicntar'y :    lor it  ���MI  m-"i:  .���Hi,  ,'is':a I ways/the^  '.;that receives.;i.he;most;. criticism a\Vpnce-l  ��� leading aictor say on rhejitornihg aftef dii$ '' ^1  ofa,^  ''/.i>^  ���is'.'hopelessly commonpWec,f *���'../'::'':";;-/  \. AVhat^  ���of the- auOiot^ toa&bof 0*sl^  /nes^y M  ;sula;;:a.*;;^  ��� a t k! V wi t h :��� t. he;f icsf - cb��^  i^ theagreaie^  ,.Hcitry;'Gra;^^  ..will always JK^kcpl by .t?jef|rgions'o't ���^���Trictj^  .gre^tras the^^  ., welI: u ndcr;s t<wi-a lid' w hose; eSta r'thhig .7charackS  :hc".,sb ioved: to., |>o^t^jiy^'^���,���;a;://;!;;v;���  /.���'/;,'o;f,-^  ' The%^^^  teamed c<>W^  .Golpr^'dbf.';'.;' :/b ��� b.,-';:��� ���'���:���": :��� ;;:'b-';boa'b^  : .fblfyott ;#rc foiiteti^  ���'31  ���rj+pfi  .'���'  '.'CI  ST' ���?���  ���<-m  r-ii-j^v.tj:   ^i^>i    (Xflwvwn**-*;  mm  j iv-; Itrf Sl*h Cit>t��i.trtt*fei .fwittriijat'ij'i  ;a;a/:-.,:a&��K#r:S^  'IS'.^i-.'v^'-it'^r.ll/i...:,....,!;^;,;.':  ^'i^y^ki'v^ni 'M!i!^wAx!-rn,ht;^i:: i ��rt.& jv;:  %*-%%>%%!%���  . I*AfiI]>'��� 'J%:|Hl1.i..|it*l3;5s.  fi*��':;<$t^i;'$iM  ���s:?i|  OSLER & GURD  Mines and Real Estate  ivy mirtf^iF'tfy-.W'Mi  LO ^y5ES?KW8Wi  ,#.o' aa'oMf.$f&�� 4*^tr��t^.| ;^ff"p5�� ���-: ���'���:: /ifJ  ���i |.    ���    ;=a: ���,.;;'... -v-. ;I^ijiue!^i^i5��^^ti^"f ^:'::" ^-;^a^ii^^at^  wa ��� a HttimAp$A^M-^t$mf> :aa.a-'--a:aa/i  f ; a ;���; Hri^.lfs c^|iit^'#4*#iiP,p-/:v,.:^:v:;-;-:.'i.a;/||  '#" :'       ��� ���      .m:^:m^AA-:^m^^t:'i:M^yMAAM^  i SAM PCE GOPf -/FBEl  .#���.;   ������/ Ii;taii^./I|e^  BAKER STREET  ...Over...  Bank of Halifax  NELSON, B.C.  WHm:ymm0;AA-P:':M:  ;���"���'..'.   ������%':;   ���'/va; -'/'/oWiva" ;,*     a       ������ '���-"   "'  0'K^I& Morris'  ^*^^v^ ^%%^%^v^^%%^v  v  We  Carry in   Stock   a  FuM  Line  of  Assaycrs' and Chcmlsts'SuppUe��  B.  C.   AGENTS  FOR  CLAY GO.      'WM.'AINSWORTH.4 SO  F. W. -'BRAUN  1t>ml��lk'.: (tnU :������.���*n��t::*��g?t*v '.f ;��.u,}.- '/Jij  Mn^fttry l.��f^nasitJmi��*v��.;. -a  aimfwitwWtiwwiwiWniBifufiW).  i��p.tut��ijr $M-  U :P^S;  -<-;  i:'"'1 i'M-i sit(��,-. \i.,,j( .   ,    , *  "  ' --.������-..---.-���...������-���-������ -���-  //v;;;\;vV'!; ,;:!��ii-i'"v-i.'MvV:;;.-,, .I,,i;^ih]' ��'����'�������*������< ������� HtM-^nity. .o����y-  '"��� ':t>>. ' ;;o <:..,, v.4.;.,   .  / /; '������.-.-uay tnitao work tmvmt.p'riewt  "'        'l"! ,iniut'��"huubin,eAKeR.ST.:.  m  ���*��        ^IY-�� ��   ������ '  n ,  ' ,"^p"*     "   ���x   ^^^^  .;'^'.^.> ,s ;���:,-, -.-'i-v.-...-.���. a���?>������->.���������'.' im:   ~t.s.?': -. -J.A,M<y ��� ��� .*.������;.-V-"'.'-'-'>�����. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ! * - a-  |ypanoftbe West, investigate alongsome of the  ling 1-"eS lAOv of the local paper aud give it care-  f ��� !��a? vT otlrve that it contains a number  tl,dy' lotion advertisements, you may be  jtent api!><-* ���� weU  enougb of  red lhal "ra perfect title to their  ground.  Nion to *cure     1* ^ ^   deputy  ^U 0bSCrVe "JaJZ -veyors,   and of several as-  ^States   mu,cra X^  ^ ^ ^ &  NS! y��U     u>-U the'prospectors are interested, and  'CtlVC ��a' tZ are making a fair living. If  of parties who W��. ^Jgf *^  ber   of the mmes  are  producing who ������������,  regularity, and that some of them are������*****����  Or in the absence of this testimony, if a railroad has  be��� built to the town, the same conclusion may  safely be drawn. If thepaper contains the advertwe-  ^Jofone or more banfcs, the IJ-^J*  olacemaybe considered certain. It is then only  piace a*** ���    whether it is what the  miner  necessaiy to ascertain wncmci"  calls a ' One Mine Camp' or otherwise.     One mine  camps   are   settlements   around a mine   which has  Lved   to   be  pre-eminent p*��fi*ble.     In   such  p aces the mine generally owns the principal stores  ^v^* *����� '^*f*  Planing Mill  Doors, Sashes and T^f^Work  Brackets and OftV      "* '"*  itisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Reasonable  ��� .��� .  ,:' :a -a -������.* - -.��- -��-"  ITENAUDE BROTHERS  CttTtrtCATt Of ��*r��0��I*I*TS.  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  NELSON, B. C.  iE WATCHES  >ECiALTY  wai<a<^ar n��*a laauii  j ***** l���� r% \u  NH<0* Mlnlmjt In* Won *��   ***  UwrUtt- 4< >on \lortitmr Mountain.  rlutm. ��, * ��M(t��t tiiitt action, under  *������ ^'SmSK ^mmH^Vrw' th* W-  *,,.*>mi j.. w"*V^ Htr or lmi��n��vvim-ni��.  t*U*d th** 121 h ^>*��f Jjtt, ;^t7i.ATCMIK.  Wadds Bros.;  Cf OTFtCATC Or |*r*0��tn1i��iT*.  \nnte   May   Mineral   Claim, situate   in  the Nekon Mfning Division of W��*t Kootenay  'wSSi loented:  On Fortyn ine Crgek.and  I* the southern extension of the    Majestic  ^rSSnoU^UM I, John McLntthle, P.��*8..  of  l5e City  of N��feon. acting wjagejit for  Miner'* Cert Acute No. K i��,��o���� lniena,  teiitvdnv* from the date hereof, to apply  Sine xfiilng Border for a certificate of  mprovcin"0f�� for the purpose of sbtalnlm;  Ittown Gniril of the above claim.  \nd VuVilicr take notice that action, under  ^i"r��u r*���   m%m b�� commenced before the  Dated ibU. ninth ^jg^^ffiK  ct rrtr icati br'iiSSSiMiiST^  ,��i^rhdandVkiip*e Mineral ClaliiiM, situ-  ��J ilfthJ! Xefcin Mining  Dlvtelon of East  KwC^lwilcSf On Fern MoonUln.about  on^^mUe^ilnwt of   the   ftrn   minei-al  C TmS; notKv thai L John McLatchie' KL.8 ,  imkc ��"1 ,v   ,.       , H  u&ceut   for   Philip    N.  of SelM>n; ^\,?u^|ucertineater   &.  H  ll^a.W"^ 7ijJS \rthur Kerland, Free  . Miner *Cwnnwie.o      ^^n^e  So    2ZM  Oiwiui.   fntt|ulM;!uiT   day* from the date  Uprclatj ��n^n?'l*,the Mining Recorder for  TO ���Jaii^ Sui|.n��veinenu��Jor the purpose  Iclaln**-      .      wk0 noiiw Unit action,under  Andnirthirjaaj. ^   ^tom   the  tKffnnoe^i5^ft��nc.ae oi Improvements  l!  i  cwtihc*te or IMMO��EMtllTS.  riOTOGRAPHERS  i  ,    ���.Se*r...  i iJim*r H*��l**��  'i?ha.,:-^  ���'������ .It-v  Camps supplied on shortest  iiolico and lowest prices.  ; Mail orders receive careiul  i^iutention.  t^J^ NTotli.i;n^' hut fresh and  JteJ^��vli<)le's<)iiie uieuts and supplies  {?W';-'S?Kcpt .iu stock.  Ikniraiid^lW I lor^"J.* ' miIWral claim.  , Tliumw U. VJ:. Mt��iV Krw Htner's Certin-  ��.rTORW ST., ��ELSO��   ��*������V&Mt)  *��� "torn  M. Coffey, Jfr,*  VICTOR!* SI., ,   , ,^   B*jW- N,(   n;p.HlS.:u��l l'��trUk  imvml.��**��?.   , -, .aa.Xr loriitvrtlliiiitt' >>l  "'���v '" '2!l 'XrtUO    ��r "��'-.. ''">��illi nt  ...  I Hilii't.jVOUH Ul>.�� **"*    ***�����    |J��" i        ,  '*"   ������������ q~s��::a'?^SKms-"'"  csRTiricMt er ��MP��o*e����E��TS.  S��*Wm.  f ?*.'*-.'V 'ft.  | P.M.*' **!��  BIAGPiC ^IPIS^At CLA>^.  s  *���  I  ^iniiirlnihi'   NrlMin   Mining   l��ivlt|on   *���!  AV<->1   Knott-nitv IHsirlrt  Wf     ���    '  s\,-.    Wlicic Uh-mUmI :  on T<m<l  Motiulaht,   ��h��*ut  ^   <( Jlinv nuU-h t'n.viti t \w Sllvrr K \\\<�� mliir,  jVTiiki'imiiir  thai   I,  KuIht!   Sr����u     heu*iir,  -'-'Soling   ms nurnt   for  lliiiiillton ttt��oru��m   Net"*  1    ,iamU,   Kr.M-   Mtn.-r's  (Vrtin.atcNn.lt   il,'^"��.  Miner*   * * �������������� ��� .   |0  j^Mif, to �� �� "/      '  V  .  davh from tlu VL.V/vrtlft^1^'*1 'i��')niu  ff��nT;5?tj��v*^  And fttrthrr  ��K��;   �� ����        ,��w-tl Im.|..iv  Hi.-  iMtwam^ot Hitjh <   *��w}��u  G��sitl@m����e�� ^lsl�� Se4to  TAB ^T j ^gsgsiSEssKssBSBiw"  r  ! X  ��� ��� t  at-  "���-���  1"*^lff* *   f ���    '^* n   **[������*     **     ��� p  T"  tm  ���* r>*~   r   r*.'^    ��|���- 'Mmm-iMi
4 *s$&*.
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and the aaaK^
sacii. .as waiier.;imht and" telephone plunls, arid <U>e>
a,an^eriCvaiv.:i;ie-theyandng. oi outsiders ; and ".outsid-;
'ers.wil: o:\ea.'<i-» well- Wsta.v auav frosn such districts,
a^r'tae- a'roa;;-, al.tea'  to sa j re h   tor at   i)ananza .'is  at.
-<a;;e';lhi;e,:dis! a;ce^!a*!iaAiic already discovered,,, ;.
a'a- VauAIv Ure'h'cahaaiekiy'p.uai'ieatiaa   nad, to the
carei'id oh'server,Hfi!" a plain story, -.'al-f the signs men-
aionedare". f*ma< 1, o *] aaa"' torresaoiulenee \vjth a.u ■■'■;as-1.
siiv.-O! aadsunyyoiaeneh ;siiig'"a cash ie** oi-sity $'!0 .in"'
vour letter, a'iid\'n.*-k" ■ -.their.;.i>r<-fessii>;t;t 1' rievv'.,'pn the
These nerede- a re v ceaaad! v. aea \ ?«.ane f J a udv
■'■ tjiicii 'thevait'e ■ volleye' ^radu'aics-'
'; Their npinioas arc wotah haviay.'    'Atua   -<*Jaai has*
them, ii the outlook; is   uvaaaia\a s-'|ts^.af^■.»,-.■,■ ., jye ■
loeal .a>a:oer '-and: .fd;^/.|he..'.»ve'ek'lv :. uiird'nit • i*a'aaai ■
.{,-{..iae' nearest large.'Cam.sna-n » a-.aaoaa. ■ Muoy : aoth ■
a-;u'ekdlya*sahey'Vco,me,ah ngaaiad. exyloreJhe advertising e.,/»liim'i.iS;--;v»'ia the la'iter ■lor-: thea n ..anas and Ad-'
dresses of: ininiu* eagineers ^vho ■ avafa iaa,-- husia:es<,
a reality.".
'a;eava»t ,la,n;or
la,reportaiai examlae tuhiey ■
rflheina aiul enclose,h $25 .fee,
Address at wo
hanrkiy {heir
the wholes
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.vteior will first'j«^»ail^i^k^l!U^sia,ti|
offertel in about ;ite Way suggest^, he wiir|l
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rcj-oscd. 111 uiiii.  :;r»cse:afe^rasc^s''i«;a!i ,iwiq
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li'iiiisch'," *- ■■:      :'.:-'■ ''"',a-;;-->:'ay'::-oaa,-;-''.a''.a:;;.:;-.;;
4«<*i*Mv*;A#^ iw
lND   S00 LINE
G. O.; S'UCHAN'A-^l^r-oirl
LfllfIL Lllfl
IT   m
■» f »'S
vYti * n •■■■■* ► #!» =»
Orders' ■Pf'b'm^tly:",;-M?!ii
S a tis factfon /Given.'::;y
Yi'»;d, Foot-of■ Mendrv^c
.a   -
r>n A !I 'I'r.ii sis 1: om   ■
Paul,  .Salur..lay^iv>r Mwntr^arai^i'-i-v'/i/in
^ Jotiaaysatul'j-hur^iay;,  j\„- Toroma '   :- r,,\\'
,;,=,, ears pass Hov(;a>a>k(v<in.Miav «-:ir.}i.-j.  '
-,I-1,JLv' ■■•-'/....-.XKLsoNa. '        : :Vr «,',"-
l^OLv. ,;.... NRLSDN'..-'      ' Ar.-jLv;
■Morning'.!rain daily (V.rana !V.,JM ia„u.t,1(i
-■and for Revclhioke. Main-la,.      ...V ,,'*    !'
■ C0aHt, • ' u ' l -U^M
Afternoon  train  daily  for and imm   !{,,-,.
, land, and Iroiu   I^v<-isir,K-t- aj-ajo r a a
■    Pacing Coast;, and daily (Kx/sunda vo!,-a!!;;
from Boundary Points. " '
7.30 ex. Sim. Lv...NKI-SON .. ,\r .«•:•;. s,.,,   j*, -,.",
For and from Sandon, S!(,f.ail   p(ti,hv   *'.   '
elstoke, Main laiKouid Pac.iM«-a.\>Jtst."" : '"' '"
ExaSoi). Str. Kokand. ,.-,.   v'
Saturdays U) Ar^onta  and  iviurn   'a-,\•;,■
, .Kaslo at 20.00k. "'• l'-l^"~'
Daily Strs Moyie and Nelson o-   1
22.30 Lv.......    ...NELSON.. ,v,r>,!l,!Jyi
Connects Kool/aiay   Landiiw \v'ir i, ■ r •,"■ 7,'.
Nest Line trains. "     un    ,OA s
£     HEAD  OFFICE:     N£tS0Nf 8, C.
'., -.3aA«i'CH:£S,:AT
-',     TRAcL ■ ■•■■'
.'.SAN pOM
^pnui' ^ f^aai-. " ■   ' .■.'. '•-   '";    ' ■*''   ■■■■■■■.   ■
■V s?>'s j j- a a-,
'•;nai at....
For rates, tickets and mi, iniVmnation „„.
y to Depot orCity A^mt, Nelson, H. (•..<;,-'
1 t
ann)io\"0(.i '    ■ '        - ■■ .. i. .. ■■.'>;/■.■
Trav. Pass. Agent,
Nelson, B.C.
£■ J. Coylc,
A.fa I'. A^r,,,,,
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