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The Nelson Economist Sep 5, 1900

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Full Text

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Kootenay Belle
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If i Jf if? |M��%tek^  1 * ml litMw4^ ^5 ^; '  temperance Hotel and  Victoria Street,  And while m a qaiuifery^^l^^tlt  to ^ivc the walls ot vottr-tf   licaraiicc, let u> ��tg-'    ,    ^^v^l^^f?  5^est to you the      ^       ' ' "^  failKHiK  c  L'nW  f  )||  ^i, t   <"%  �����v  t-^a.K  f  t^  i^  For Sale  .,����� tffi  't'tf  .���V^v/^  v fvw  ^��  ���C3f  ^ irfSr-i  "ft.  ^i  Everything New, Neat and  Comfortable.      American  an:    Billiard and Reading Rooms,  MwJwuMtMniMmiiintewmH  ���f MWB WW MWHfrl IBiMlwmH��iWlt N�� WWHUHMn  12iF ^ -  ;��fe  CLUB HOTEL  RATES:   J1.00 rer da^ and wp  Schooner ��@er# to  i- 9fiWi r*^w*.*^.tfflft*M'!^>^ ECONOMIST  ��L. IV,  NELSON'. B. C. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 5. i9<*>.  NO. 8  4l 4if)n ���Mil'      - ****+*���*  t��mi*��v��i*. +ir- ^f.��,��\��nr>M*a^ir'irf����  ;n;  nmm'-soN   HCOXOMIST  is issued   kvkry  S^'^VAT TI1K  CITV  OF XkLSOS,  B.C., BV  j^KlKY,     SnisCRIlTION :     $2.00   i��KR   AN-  t, :!F,-.VU. IS AHVANCK. $r.50.     CORRESPOND-  U, I'    >K     r.KNKKAI.     ISTKRKST     RKSPKCTFUI.I.V  cnVuirin      ONLV AKT1CI.HS   OK   MERIT   W!U,   RK  i;.V:.^r{\���������>������������ iv��� r.i-S'-:  columns,  and tiik  in  it^^H     OF     KKADi^RS     Via  -   BK     CARHFUIXY  <;rAKl>K!i ACAIXST   IRRKSI'DNSniLK   PERSONS   AND  KvOKTHLKSS ARTiCUvS.  iKRHAPS il* -"   most  striking   feature of the* late  "session '��'.U .c Legislature was the amount of real,  Lcticai-'k^i'slittipji   accomplished without   that cits-  bvAvhich^o'!'uiarkc<i  the  deliberations of  the late  avermitcnu// Mr.   Duusmuir   is   rather  a man   of  brks.tlrm.wWds.:   instead of   making long-winded  :eehes,   he-  attended   strictly   to  business.      His  ���utejunu also .refrained from wasting wards, the re-  It beim* tint a-'.vpst amount of beneficial  legislation  i^plaml. on the statute books   in an almost incon-  |jvably?>hnrl space of time,     Future sessions might  u\ he'm^U-led 'on the one just concluded*  Vun Conservative Convention at New Westminster  LMns  U)  meet" with  the   aoorohattou   of th?    partv  neraliy.     The platform adopted   in one that should  vt-al'.. i'��a!l- elasses of  the   community,   and is re-  irkab'jy free from tho>c cbeai* vote-catchinc: oh rases  itch have become so common recently*     The Con-  v-ati.ve'party does  not have to  go beyond she   rein! o! its  time-honored    policy, which in the main  s been so adequate to meet all conditions, that even  Liberals Inve been forced to adoot it.   The British  Uunbia Conservatives   have wisely   refrained from  :iknu: promises thai they could not hope to fulfil.  ���'"K''\i jv.'Hulary   Creek comes the pleasing   intelli*  'iceihat the diamond drill which has been operated  \\v.' Minep( ircave-i svndicate is giving everv satis-  Mails'ot  this  description have   been used  no  m  i.siS8StflM "U;,n sneeess in other countries and there is \  r^g^ls'):i whv t-'PJ-d success should not attend the  IS^pM''' . ''1S method o! prospecting has many ad-  |'^i^nUli:'s nnl lh^ least among which is the cheapness  ft^Sfew1,1 whlrh '^'' work can be done and the'knowledge  *w?fe^ffiMv-'s "m' ot'the ground generally. The mode of  ���s*r'i<^|fS["'1.'lu,,n ]h] r^c Kootenays so far lias i>een slow and  ^{?^C^f1)cnsiVt'- When good indications are shown on the  !'L VSvSSt   u       sha!l ls *nnk.or a tunnel   run to prov  prove, the  ^���C.^1)CItv' We]1 "ndgood, 'if it turns out as expected;  ,^^re ivsy, nineh work done towards the opening up  ���j :y;;il inuie Hut should, as is too often the ease;,, the  /V-*'n nnl !)r��ve as rich as anticipated, so much  ���rc".^or a'ul capital has teenapenV.ih vain.     With "the  .'.-',- '>3CS   w S r ��� 1 f   '. *<  ������       "-    v��". *  ^   4 *.    *, .*'V.  diamond drill the nature of the ground to any depth  can be ascertained, and this at a trifling cost. If the  ore is not present in sufficient quantity or is not of  paying quality, the prospect can be abandoned before it has swallowed up several thousand dollars and  possibly impoverished the owners With a few  diamond drills at work in this country, much time  and money would be saved and a great deal done to  practically demonstrate its wealth. We therefore  hope to see those drills more freely used.  Thk dreaded bubonic plague has made its appearance in Glasgow, Scotland. &x\d in one case at  least has proved fatal. Every precaution is being  taken to check the spread of the disease. Three  members of one family are down with it and the  whole neighborhood in which they live has been  quarantined. It is grattfiying to note that at the  various Canadian ports a close look-out is kept so as  to  prevent the  introduction  of the pkgue into  this  country.  At last the United States government appears to be  realigns* that the presence of anarchists in their country is a source of danger. An Italian named Guida,  who recently arrived in New York: wHs arrested.  Guida with another named Maresca were suspected oi  being parties to a plot to kill President McKinley.  Tiik arrest in London Kng., of C J, Joss, accused  of stealing $300,000 from Parr's Bank, calls to mind  one of the strangest tank robberies on record. It  was announced January 23. 1^3. that bank notes to  the value of about /6o,ooo ($300,000) had disappeared mysteriously from the bank, which is an old  and highly respected financial institution. A great  hueand cry followed, but the police did not seem able to  make any headway iu the matter. . The case assumed  a dramatic turn January 26th of the same year, when  the chairman of the bank, at a meeting of the share-  holders, announced that S^oo.ooa iu notes ot tue  largest denomination had been returned to the bank  by post. The remaiader of the money stolen was in  notes  of smaller  amounts,   which   could be";   passed  easil>va��d''was^  accompanying the returned uotesCit was asserted   at  ':the'-time,;::set'for��r^  which the notes came into the hands of the writer,  who protested his complete innocence, and said that  uucontroUable cirenmstaoces put the notes into his  possession, and that he returned them as soon as he  learned they had been stolen. A London iiewspaper  of February 3rd, 1899, said it had been learned that  the   letter   containing the   money declared that   the  l>' '.J  r>  i-j  in  v ' -  ,. .,���,.., ���������.��i*���������mii^^iiu.. ' vn��-y-"i U  f  H  ,,&t.  �����.  %������  f  %t  ml&f  m 5 is  m  mi.  'if!  Aflir'FL--,  CFjllifcUi  UK  ��k  ' f3  -^TflilHllta  % * twirls  l!*F1$^  WmwkML  mini 1111*     ^f   *  1 *��� '* id  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ASt  person sending it had ^n summoned o   be 1^  o7a friend, who was sufcing; from f-^^^n;  he was amazed,   when   he arrived  there, ��*,?f*.  bundle of bank notes    projecting from ^^^k^   ^  his inend VcoaL^  notes had come from, obtained permission la rt urn  them, and pleaded for leniency for his friend, hmtmg  at the possibility of the recovery oi the remainder ol  the money. ;   .;   ���������.'..    .    - *-,.".  " I want the   shirdy   Scotchman to rcniain   the  Scotchman ;   I want   the brawnv   Engiishman ;   I,  want the warm-hearted Irishman to remain the Irishman "said   Sir Wilfrid;  speaking at the   Acadian  convention at Ariclta!     The Alexandra:7?^n^irritf.�����.  has'beeri^  44 This is a free coiiiitry, aiulSir \\rilfrid has a   right���  to want anything he   wants to Nvant.     But   what he  wants is to see the sturdy Scotchman become a Cana  dian,   the gallant   Frenchman   become a Canadian ;  the brawny English man   become a   Canadian' .���.;;  t he.  warmhearted   I^  Doukhobqr. the Galician. the Ameficah, the China-  man; and every mother's son become a Canadian. As  Canadians, we owe a sacred obligation to the British  crown, and we want to see that obligation cheerfully  and loyally discharged; We want to see annexationists ]and republicans and .'secessionists turned  down so that they will be down to stay. We want,  above all, to see every man, woman and child m  Canada a thorough Canadian first, last and all the  time.". .-  ���y&f  umon^'or^  Mr. Watson is ;re'p0rted';;;Ioy .;bii^ '-'":^m  will: have "to leave ;t'he,;Ufrions^;at';bn^Y;:  he ������ member s -"of. both'; atpthe^me; time;.; Y;The|^:'��,  pass; regulations lhaiirvto  theinHiuai"\  periehce;Mr^ Watson' "carr,'^  fact that the Tm^  legislaie in. this; difection^i-Y^tbit;;;.matter;mu$t;;i^:|i|  to the action,of'-y  'liuseVi'r^  ; ca u n o'tbe ion g 'to-i hf .'^  not;-' '" '      .���������. ^:^;;-^3"^  '*W.-itf*^P��W'*'Wi***i'  MWWrtJW  ���:.;' Th H: ;EceNo>i $T.��� 'tfit^vm&i^^^^^*;'-^  .deaits that cot^  -no  t-be'publisli^  ..'^Y,'     .   ..-������--.    :   ��."���"-.'   .Y"Y.-'y..::''y.;;   ' y*^ ��� ::������,.��� 'y''m~y'y: V^'ft^L^i'M^^^Mifil  occastonalIy;,,,biip^  'grievance;^ tW^  in. -the; .'case/^-.^ll'crtttiJi*  .cowardly "to; cttscu^;;  ,,. \\^u��i^YC'<Btiy^;rweil';aS^  ;.c.t.itiil>ratic^:^n/;wi  this f>ecui.ia^w0^1d^  : A1 read'y the,.troy'l>k;:;;iu:'';IJotii  Britain in-; the :iielgi?torh��lj||^  There appears to be some misunderstanding as U)  the scope of the mining commission'- top be appointed  by. the Provincial Governinent. We incline to the  belief that the object of the comtiiission is to give an  assurance; that no radical change will be made in the  existing laws affecting the mining industry.  Thk rumors that Sir Charles.Tupper'- would be a  candidate in Cumberland and several other constituencies have ...been set at rest by hi- acceptance of a  nomination for Cape Breton.  Thk : discovery of the corresDondenre nf Mr  Labouchere, M. P., with \he Transvaal goveniint-nt  on the eve of war will'probably-make.it necessary :oi  him to give up public life. The radical statesman  has failed to drive " Joe" Chamberlai'n r>nt-of"' oower.  even:with, the help of Paul Kfuger, with whom he  attempted to form an alliance. Now ,vhe '-.electors -of  Northampton will have an'���-opportunuv o/^��- ..o\.,,'  tliey think of this corresponrience.-.'  'tha!is the'amc^nit.. voled:!^  it Will'iW- ^U-ffi.C:i���U'f'!f*'-CO^  ! Krr of lives: lost;'i^e--^  atover'leo i^^*^Qfe  battle;- 750 died .'bfxWt^  ^a-se,;"and there".i^erC':i^':;i  sick nm\ woumiet! JVUittt^:}^  abnut:2j-^>o-toyiri^:^vjh  1>er of deal hs from-' aii^e^^  Wiled 4ivi>4��le/'^t^  .. thaVthe' health '.of the; tro*?.^  .been t!o<.Hi... -.-��� .���������;;^;;73r:;;i-i:J'-^'V?:ri-;?!^LB  ,1 ^..'..if-'    ���j.tfwwirtiWrtgwMwi*  Statements have been marie p, \\Vy C:fl;Tt lh;U  members of .militia who are also ���members ot'arades  unions will be expelled from the "latter. Mr \\*-  son is credited with the statement that ihe'lV.rU- -,.  Labor Council will at its next meeting ],mss a bv.pp  to this effect. When asked the rptestiou ��� '��� W  men now serving their three years have to   leave th'('  it-  '. 'tt.v w-ay of Tcwardin.g f;he:;-iiriiib'':M��#f^^  taciv'-ftKhtin^ |)ie^  'fltieniial 'quarters ' that -'the / t��^-:^-^^!^^:?:jM  'ituei vsis; in :Sdut.h A fnca!^.uch:�� .^:0trldv.tt5m^:, ���-  to' settle in that "countrv. ./.'To.thtSiSUgf^   .  ' very strong ' ohjectioh ��� from;. Atistral-^^.? _v:! .^|  var,(:h'coSon'y'.say!.o.thc>i6UlW  vou iic.-eiy' the'services' of,p.ur...iiien.:;.Ml.^  thev be sent t>aek to u*.:u spared. ���>::   :*v*    m::'-%  meut- aj)j>ears-vn 'have arizen;iu;.'-Cunawt*.-;^>   -. y  home icwards' w-hich" the Goy.ernme��t:''m.J8.!J.l:;.^  ' * ? ��� t-   .��f*f*e a.Cv^t--'  ti|?oii the^ Volunteers, and which: WOUlo;hf 'v^ *tm^  <tble     Th'at-'manyof the^^^^  remans in South Africa -is certain/1v��'-1;^^U-C>.-;or|  1 ilK:ni 1 <;���(Miccssi.��us might;vyitll profit be md^.  "-,;���-. .������,,, i-i<w 1M  Hrksci, the anarchist who ass!i^tnat.e<!^l.^,|  bert, Jja.s been .sentenced to impriS.oiUpCH1 r.: ,J  almost, any other country but. Italy, tbe.cr��M^. _;:|  ���pay the death jienalty.   :   Men. of the .class, are. * ;V|  7?'\ytym>^ -j ry: yy^:\:C #\V^'V .,;,''-, ^- '.^ v'. v ^^ ?y '^^T^^1^^^^  1 . . .' ���. YY./v  i*   .-.."  \  ���* THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  s|>ll  :. ,n ii ve-.M-heircxistence:;: is a menace ;^^  ^.^r'-^U  ';'" 'll,;(/J,(;eeds of vhileticedi'xharacters;!ibt-Jess;:deS;-;:;  ',���, ].{I an' hi iu se! f en n. be tn'^hidcc)- Trmn. his; preseiice;:-/  " ; .'l.th' !,urm? hereout  f; '���:���''],;,;:. ir; ..���ion:has.bcesraecornpUsliedr/vW.yea;n'y/  , !)rju.ve':Hesd^  Sometfiihg mdfe thari A  should 1>e fittingly pu  satisij yfeiigeance,  but  velting : public from siihilar criminal negl  or��-  :part;;;pf;^  :j'ito.sj-'  5:11  Din  Ir. .,*.v" \ e  Ii ?! 1 - K  ^o.haV.e.dfa^^  :v:m:,i'tiil.y iea!ize!he/^  ;;'s\vstetii:'',;v\,t'every-;poit^  i^.jy" 'h,a>;,!o .bc.'tijmed^  j.:���;'v..'So'thoia/>u^  .i.'.noir,;,i',! ay-ior, :'ihe-, privilege ;-/d^wbelrir;einH;��;  y\\xi v'ertain Work the' perior n^Vi*1<^^ f->vl* ..?<? 11" :;<vy ���iM.CA. ���'  e [Vh'.e'ol. ��� \ fcpV.' y��]&\*~S'$ ii'^  r'<;. who/are -^  on/xewlViH*i^Mi^  .��v,l,..���/"/ - ������ '���< ��� 1 ia 51g-c/i h'is::; ot^'eG-tvoi)a|>le-;'c^ijt|fj:t6��:;/--p'f;//  -s.   -The waitersv;t,u:ec!o!-'1>ebtg/fore/ed '.id-Iiye/off::/  ^i::,]���.e;i^^:5r.:.ged' to/'their: acti^vbya^  y. ^yy^rymyumui' a;SXnky^^  y^iv -. -/The systein. ' js!aii//un.ii*^  .;. .iTulpbtct^/uiCYp^^  ';���'���:���<;,���'������;���!>/.��' Forihe-pri.vi.lege';df.^i��yintf-;sirmnie-'!  *.yf;-yv ihers -:�����re:.charged"��� firam;/$o^^  h':yr^^v;-.w!Vo'ii'^  y[ at���v.tif'tauce:.and��� -all rlie-dam ties/the^ ^  .:cj e!!.- "    'i'hc;u.uendant^ ...are! now^defjiftrndii'ig;;//.  : ;cvd Uiev; ceit!m!y -are cnt.iOcd;j:0\t/hcm's./Tt;;;/:  ������ in?:e' *'! Wates.  himseIf -/who'./ souuded;:/t,he/:'  \\ of the .mv.'s.v-stou "//s.om^::';tittte://ai?o:':^eveti^  *   -'     " ���������' '.- ���'���'��� "������      ''' ���-. y: ���  . ���������' '.^y y':\  uid not.st^-ivd'its.exa'cuons.;..;''.'".���������.";���//:���;''^p'f;"/;���///"  n;  i:k. <n \]j'ese:appaHog.accidcuts tit*Icirtunatel-v-  'tis  Mil uie : 'railway ; systems;:;of-t;be;"lJoited.  >���'!> he recoTded this week, ' Oirtlic oresenr  '     '     ���������.'.'- '. ��� -'..'       '.*...-.  is an exciirsioh train ;whi.6h'^11i4esV\vith'':a  :r;lu4,g ��� thirteen. .per��soti&/-$^  r-s!>. ^, -. Souw  one;'.'Ivad/blundered, ./and;-.-as/���&,  H.,ive ihis  sertoil's''loss'^o! H^atirl-'itiaitiling:  - h"' -were/ out for \a<-'xlay**?. 'li'mtiseoietU'/atK!  ilie.. aceid.eiH/.'Occtu*cd..on/tbe1ineM^  ���'.jm'.vS- Reading. Railwayv near 'Hatfield,' .-and:  "��� example ofyth.e criminal negHgence,Oiv,t;he  V'i ''Ihciai, " the locomotive:plo.trgbed���'thro!  yyi ������'^aclies and . crushed  them/ .as if-they/  ^'.''11^ '.'' ��� Returns recently issued by aiv;en*:.  ''������'ur!}:��l sivfiw that- the-.number-., of ..���.persons  \ 'v>nu\ded;.on , the : rail'ways of. the 'United'  ]l'-y ''\rive  months  exceeds  the death-rate  wounded in the Philhpine and South'. Afri-,'  . 1 his is - terrible showing���that.: war 'and  ;i:'' ��n>t as destructive as railway travelliog.  :i-'v��<U-ut.sueh' as   the .one   here- alluded, to ���  I'.ulway company is called upon  to pay  ll;1) damages ; -but   is   this  sufficient?     The  li('nUI bears of the partv directly or indirectly  {lc is doubtless dismissed from the ser-  kO,V{ *'  l 1"( orP��ration, probably to get employment  ���s. ;y ''joule oihcr litu i ����� �� ..      y*  **.;n 111U�� a��d possibly to repeat his offence.  s      I  ^W^r^ an:  ft ^ 4M,  ',1, #vjl ?V,1    , ,  11    <���-*_?.  ������cideittVih;^  -wetmnst^ntin^  r.ie^s/:ai)d'-;i!?'c^mpete'h'.'r;:  '/;:/>^oT;:.iopg-,ago^ocean,,;^  ' ;l|r ;/;:Tikrer;wm a;;'keen  ;,f feam'ship'Cbra. pan ies  /er/ossH^  ;:;wh)%';adtnintig:..a';W  /j^dji^  f|p|)jreheusi  ;;;^  :';stde;;of't'he./A^  ;e^ cli" / ea r rv-i ii^-v e^  /boi^  ^gehia1;/;6n  :;coui|le;of-w^  /������had'^  ;;thi::/;hibieriV:^  /^|>&d.;Sii^  'i|;mlriite;fi^^  ;JimitI'ofi,ts:p  ;:;0f^';t1ife:?un!  ;ivl;r^j;|/9^d^^^  ;^tiil/iar|estcv^  d>y::a'u^ther���evng:^  ;:ife-t,!lM:;nd!;/.':/::Th  :/w;ith;tf;clrau.g.ht:;of/  ;::Cfea!f^'grey!io^  ;fad&rs."'-r:-:^^/::iv!;/!:y/-;-'^ ''���r."mmyy%'i:mW^  /'.'//I^  'teim;v;ha's!)een iTi;.a>urse;of/c^mpilation:'V;;;;^^  ^0iciaily/reported;;that;so-';te  :tlie present'season ;s;o'|>e ratio  :ruio!the'n':-l!^^  ^rivers.^'-'.-./From  diaye/'.repor-ted,td;:t:he'//-0e;pio  at;;Ottaw-a,;and;;:sttel^of;/Uii  ���Mcie-mi'bUc^  the work has beai dptve iii a thoro^  "a niap will prove of inestimable value to���the^prbspfe^  tor!and will probably be the meatis of opening up  new 'and,.'rich/sections;of country-:./, >y/!v  ���Mr    ��iVt*^fr'>-'��  QfI'ICIAL information has been received at the City  Hall that Lord and Lady Minto, who are now touring  the West, will not !>e able to visit Nelson. This decision on the part of their Excellencies is much to be  regretted;/:'4s..'thecituens--o^  their citv and "would' like to have the pleasure of meeting the Governor-General and his good lady here. It  probably appeared to their Excellencies -as if the invi-  tatjpw from tliis .quarter was a half-hearted affair, and  one such as need not be accepted. When it was originally announced that th^y were to come West, a  proposal to invite them to Nelson was voted down by  the City Council on the ground that there were no  funds available to entertain them. Only recently was  it decided to invite their'Excellencies;-   Too late !  :|,HJ.(*;a;j  .,'-.. y>y{ lyBogBi  yyyyy.  ''���mm  >y-:y:yyMyy.  ,":: yy^^y  ixst'tfij&j  - ;.���'.. .r.:. '���->���  yyyyyry-xy  '���(''':���'"$��� ii;"'  yy^i^ifif  "t#;jY;,:v7  ��� .'K..i.,-:%';;a  yyyyy  yyw-'y:  11  -:Y ,;.;*,..,  '���^yy_my'r  ������'.������f.T.'.ffj  yyymmyyms\  liliili  'yyyyyiyM:  yym?i(s$��  yyiyygii;  Srn y," yifi x'Y'/:^'.^��  y^/m^mmy  Y'yi-^'H'iv'iKsAfJ,  .Y::-.,;,.\j.*^g��j!lj'  ;s#ij;:ii!fiii*  yy. yYyyj;^  ,y i'sysi  n ��� <  I *it~**)**"  *r  . v*i*-w* ��7"  i'-"' n'  ^,��� n_ -^mt-i j-r-r  ��� %v *������* ���,"  wftrtrg.il T-WTf*H!J,��"Vtr''^T  W*   ���-���fc���   -���,(���*  ������II  ������>��� ,'.^.ij *"<- JL'js-ii.l ..v>  *���- -!i''>VC'>*!>"VJ^]f''t''��.>!cS*-i fcffe  if f f|  H*.?1  r=&  :fe  !***  *J  M  M  I  6-  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  m  'M  y:0  ��� :������������:{.'&  m  ���'���::'m  THE HEINZE REFINERY.  The last of the Heinze refinery  establishment came  down Tuesday, says the Trail Aw*! Workmen have  been engaged some time in pulling down aud  carting  away, but the last to be attacked was the tall octognal  shaped chimney, something over 60.feet high, which  had been kit for the .'filial act.     It was of   heavy  masonry, of course!    The structure rested on several  large  posts,   around   which brick  and mortar   had  cemented a  foundation  almost as solid as a   niece   oi  granite.     Men were sent to work digging out   the  brick and mortar from around tliese -posts, which was  no easy task, as it came out in "ha.ndfuls at a   time.  That accomplished, the weight of the structure rested  on the timbers, under which a tire   was built,   which  soon accomplished  the work   desired.     The   posts  yielded and the familiar column fell   to the ground a  heap of ruins.  The new lead   furnaces' will   take the place of   the.  old  refinery.     As soon  as   the  rubbish is   cleared"  away  stone and brick  masons will he.set to   work.  This is only   one of tlr-c many  improvenrents under  way.  '!���  ROSSLAND  At Rossland last week there were but three shipping mines, showing a total output of 507 1 tons/  which brings the tonnage for the year to date \'r"iX-  203.      The ore shipments were as follows ���  Week's  "   -..Tonnage.  ' f vatihoe untie; wa$v;butrfttdown.:;,,// Most of.-tlie,.  working; there tost^all;,:;their;;-;i)er^onal;; .;eifects"is  fire., "'���"���..-.' ;!,V ���/':!*?'-l:'^  ��� ���'The::'$  S^utatprGr^  ,.j55i0^iyhy;^  .are'Rv'lVK.irk.w00^,:  K. .$mjthering'&fo  ";' "Fred' Liebs^her;/oiie;ofthe;owner^;of/the llotmtaif  Scenery .property,!ht'jjKe'Sifv^r',/;Batid.'fiasiii>,/|^id!||  -visit to thrti."-.):prbjj>eriv':''%b]S^!��U^^ay'��� ��� ���;-j-^H'Sff-:cfxt  himself  brought back.'^  A,'few .-..days ago.'-/ thfc/tttts^  /���tunheLat/^  - \waieru>fsu  -the': 1 no��el.-���:;-Tbe;,water���S^^'^j^i:.;vwa^;of;/siic|l  ^size-t^a^  nioveabley:,..btvt '^ocMiyr^  !'. were1 ablc::tp.'"g^ 'bact^tf^  ;eieair,-ai;/:'eyefytliii||  ottt;;p't:liat/tlje;;'ig  m  ��� yh'i  y&  m  ,:'rwsf,  yyk  ./if  im  :^!ik>vii itie';:;'E^lp||  tB'ltilt;tp|;B  Mink. .  Le Roi. y-^-^r  War Eagle.....  Centre Star...,.  Iron Mask......  livening Star.,  Monte Christo.  I. X, L-........  'Spitzee:...........  Le Roi No 2...  Iron Colt.......  Giant............  tonnage  ,.4781  ���20  200  year to date  " .���' '.'   95>f'97  " '������'   ro!k)j,  7:; or 7  '.-���'��� r���4;V4  ������'���.#/*  /��� ���/,>���  355  oo  !  I i  5��-){  I 1^/2  ..S  Total......!..........   The Le Roi No 2 showed  an.increase ot more than  100 tons over last week's shipments..'  SILVERTON.  From tke Silvertonia.  :!/:,;'rAST',;K    ^  :'./"/;" ��� !K.:if^mT|iC^^I^  ;���' While/' iformueb;:ft  ^;hese;dayss I he'ivorfe bf :'drv|lf f  \Viid;Hort�� '-plictte rait&'xii^^K^Rt^^M  ���': ��� The KtMcmv F&ry:Ctmim^  French'creek, a - tributary,*!Wrr}Y-c.rwfc..ar|Pfg  \H development   rapia^^;(I^^8<^M  countered Oi i*   ��tfm**&';W^*V^'J^  and   bids: fair ,lo ���IjnwtsL^^ttop^Jf^f  ,..:.:,. ,���., .(,.. ..;.i..(. Af'ttt* : ttr&mitv. ,-usll is**1��,��  finari/ c*ir��* es��!teu't^Rlu^''I#��W..,: ^a^:M  ptinvjv doing mmc: wotkAhm. mmm' gJh%$  SuilivuH.aind^Su Eugene.':;y,^  .���'.Krncs'l Mansfield.-,wB*��;Ws:/.'^i^  gmui, ai-iuittc* ifi V^Hitfr:;*><>^^��^^  tiwiiy complete .abeurar:^:^^^;^^  MaitsficW Has jast tcturnetJ;.fras^e*H^flB    ' " "*  Reports   tn.m   Sand "Creek-arcW'tHe- el!e  ,'   �� ���',���.'������.���1 .... .;     ...   ��;    '���*�������*'    't'tt*   TW-*.   f-  ' .ncarlv-all of the' p.r*>|>erlieft''iii- tb'at':!^!^*"1 ���-������ :,.-#j&^  luv; up., better that!' ever with   ihtYaSW^'H"-  -.;-^  "       ' Y1    ' !. ':'Y.S'.,Yi����  whivh has recent lv been 'done,' "/���' ;,'ils��j  The mines  about   Phillips   arc ��urart'nb   ,J^5  .....     Y       i>  ��SS?  11  Assessment, work has just been eoinoleted on the  Galena Farm property.  The Wakefield Mine is still closed d > ,v 1. th ��� n.r v  manager not having arrived yet.  Development work is being done on.thc Oakland  claim, a silver-lead property, near the   I!s-x Oroup,  Mr. Peiley, one of the [irincipal stock-holders of  the Vancouver mine, paid a visit to that property  during the week.  During the first of the week the bunk-house at the  attention:      Several   capitalists    from   -�� *&|g|  l>cen there foi soiur lime lookup   *^vet u��t \        m  a r- sr^cts on  Phillips and other creeks. M  There is no let nV \�� the work  on tlw ���  .^^Ig  and Sullivan mines.    The ore i* ��;ol"K olU, 1'rfi  u"��i  ihein^^p  prooerties in a steady stream,     Wuu ui ��� ^te  ��� t the new - compressor on  will he increased to 50 ����r '10 l����ns daily-  Work is now   hcinu; done   on   the clan -^  Walsh on Weaver tvreek. ,   t1 ^S  Felix   Cock, will shortly : cotntuvuee   w^heC|^|!  claims at Chinatown on the Wild H^rHC*  W.  j ���  TPIV :?**,'  '���V;Y::r/:  ;*,'  NELSON ECQlNiOMIST  , ���    /\ I   prCMTO I, V IKU.v ui v flwiuv, ���. ���:.��� *^ ,w*.-....*f y-.:. . ������...,        ���        ,":"-Y-,.-.-,.,::;.- yyyyyj.'���,.,,/ y'.-y .-���;���..��� ,.     ./;; :^^%-;;..,..-,', j^^t;^  *'��� "',:''..:'''.-Y::'Y'l ��_:���    ���  :';'':Y':^_,Yjr.Yi*.'^_'-  i 1 ,,,,vn -lYthe   Black Diamond and Armor  ClUick Diamond is a galena property^ carrying  ,l!ml copper,' - The;; Armor Plsite .is^bld.qu^tz.  irryiiig excellent values. yy\yyy y^k!:^!!;  ''Vving'of six men went outl^l^^i^Py^Pl  B/.!,!u�� of K. J. Walsh oh Perry creek.,.eCQn-:  limbic work has been done on t!ii$ ground and-it is.;  IjinviiiK.ujvweH. y~m-- '���:lyy:ymmi.yyyy'-y:  .; Y-.;NEts6N.::; -yyy yy'yyyy-y  The Canadian ftolll.Fields Syndicate; oCRossland  |a, a^puiwl the Comnumwealth group of clairqs near;  !/-|ll!(| H:iv. the consideration being $50000.  ,fFhe  !r,^closed in Neison.,; The iirnr^rtyYJs^vveillde-  Iloped, and work is -.tod>emu.^  The Tamarae. near^Vinjr.;wU  nvshiPSK'r/'/'VAt'preseiit^th  re, o\\ the <  iv$.in:'*itfht;' ./'��� .'/'"/- !!���'!/!!; ;.��/:!/S!;/u^^  \\r, 11. .Harris,, formerly;^  iues-smciter^mt w  :l;dio'.-and rxativille,;Col;';!receh.t  eison u>. restnrie/his,6^  thcienl as he -.is. pbpula'r;���';���;!!; yy��m:y^-H^  'it kthe^ntentidTVofl^  es.ee wotk ivtnuce. / As;^iready/^^  :is ikxu taken .up.:."and���'^W^  ork, the J n no '������may .'/be -ex.pected /:;&> ^S^^^^M.  ^aherof/ Uie rich-propm  ,g ���Muunt;uu\iamou5.!/!y^  The'Kx.ehe<pier marmgeu^  [leMnnc :\ producer, ��� ������ The'h'6cessa^  f)e ore is ��� to..ik*... instal 1 e<i.���������;; / ;.!'/;���������        /���!!!.. !.���.!;!//;/'/;;;  ���At Uie^ilver Ring;there/is great ;a;et'iy'it^;the;:Chief;:  tenti����n >Kdn^ paid;to..^ practical/deve^  he mine never, looked ,in'-bette^  * the ore begins to come down;/regu.]ar;!y;':'the^  nil l>e large,   . ���'���'   ���:���.!".���������':��� ('^/^;;-!-/.^:;^^!;!!!!!!!.'''!!'!!  Recent  improvements  and additions:;at:Y;the;;,Hali;  ii.u.-s smelter, make it a .���; 'fairly 'up- to -date' 'estabHsh--;  ;:nt..-   .Modem mechanical:applianees;are,iibw./iti;tis^;;  Hth the re.suh.that more 'material"; can:d)e;btt^ed!at'  much less C'dst. tharf.forri^  letiou.; ���..'     ��������� r, ..'��� -..--..  .   .:;;,;!!;��� !!!;v!^!;f';  th>od reports eontihue to come-:in"-.frotil'Forty*Hlne  heek, where Mrvera'l 'pfoiutsing/pro]>ertiesiiave!^;b^u.  during the surumer season/ as snowslides make it too ;  biz^ir^6u5-;br<^ber^^  ;Y^The;tra!Bwa^;^  :Tbere;;:will/fe:;.3S;  :will/'be'1over/:i5,oo^;;:;^  /^:''^Tbe; reeohstr uh  ;l)^ii;;coi�� pleted';ai)d; it/^  crusher-;has/)>eeii;;.';pu't;^  'iu'l^bii^orer^hi^  terial are r^ing taken u  :are>pinpletedXhe/..force/^^^^  '/!;���': Act iijg;;,forYth^  isehts,;':;XIaiince^.6.iiU  \Moiiitrir;-:miiie;it/^  ���.������������ S"LQC AN..-:������  ,Knnu the Favstreiik,  {li the ��)ld workings of the Sovereign a strike of six  ��<iies ul steel galena has l>een made! /���' -:/  1 he Xolile Five .ira'i  eMtay.  ��e bii  Tl  fhe.  nur,,\s  mh.  m suspended operatiotis'-on...Wed-'  The mill will be shutdown again as soon as  ���> are empty..  Jw are twelve men working at theCorinth-aiine.''  property is looking better than ever before.   ..'-'.'A\  1,>.had charge a year ago, "is'now siiperinten-  w^ve men are employed at .the Red Kox;taking  Mt on- which is'being packed down jo McGmgan for  'h'^HMit.     'fhe Red Fox is one of the most'difficult  rnl>erties to handle in the Slocan,      Its isituation is  ;.bi!tbe;^  /giyeivowtljlJ^  |||;/||S  !/:^|hipm^  !^to;-|h^:>e  ?;llT.u^day;/s^  ^PP^I'^^*^  ���-!^etu.r!.is?'frb^  ;;tO:the;';#airs^  '^^t^vy^^  -,babty;-be  ..;;The:-shift'1s;do^^  1iii|toii/CatBp;^  have;:!a,:;::s-^  rea/d^/-.to;i;sbip^:Y:;P:i'-';/v^^^^  "���::^biS'-w^k/-tbe:;;:A  Mippers!^^^  ���ter'::at:-;Grand;Forks.,;:!-;:\-;^  :.!;;.;Tb^-;S^'pre^r;/  ;^np^d::A-itg&t::2^^^^^  ;ex r^cted-: to/arrive Jie^  ;eomes:tbe::heW:pk  '.ing 'Order.;.! myy- yyyyy;:  I^ast Sunday the diamond drill,   which has been  boring to a depth of 6oo feet on the Banner, ^  moved to the 300-foot leve  the Banner claim the drill went through a  .-of ore.-';".' /''":'';.-';/;,'���!-:;���;!;' -:'y-:;"-w"':  South Wellington camp is rapidly coming to the  froxit, and attracting that attention to  prospectors of this section have long  ���^ntittea.^  the bond by which he and his brother, J. K., map  over the :Evening^Star: and SiW^  to.. Andrew; Laidlaw^of Spokane, whois/ate  pyritic smelter to be constructed; this  ioundary PalkV'on Bonnd^rv Creek,   -the cons:  the bond is  ... yyy ,f.  :myy  "���Vy'tVW-  y<my,  ,',i:Y��;CiY  I'ii!  mm$}  yyyyyyyi&iy  y('iiif$j  ;<s  yy.:yy-"i'mym >���,  yyyyym��ik  m  mm#ym{'i',\  ymmmS::  YY''v,,iK.f!i  .... ..���. .n ,>���*>%  mmymw1**'*!  ::yM.n-i'$m$Wk W  yy^yyyw $&  ::ivY.^",Y;:S/:.��M.-,r^  yyy 101  ::Y'YY:;^if-J*'|;i  : ';.s.;y-���--"���'.'���aa���  ;...',F,.;.Jtr,,,jT'.A1  mm^iX  .-���'-������v- '^'l'-V�� ���.***:  ^Y,^!;!$:ggtf^r;;  Y::Y&;,-Yiiv:-iX|SV<i  Y-Y^m-.  it  . ���"���-. -.l ,?j-: ���'$  ��� ���.������: ���:v.,-J     1  ���"'���' "^.v-;"i    *'  ^MWI    - !-!���    ���*��� ^1  ���^   u p��T��� "* " "  ���*��**>,> w<-wiMAm\t'm^w^- m*  ��  tlitte'  MK  tfliP  3 lv M!i  i r44lSr4  11? M^W  fs$!&i!f  riff III  lllilf  '.mi  fl'fiP  filler  l mv,t %l  '    F  ,\(  ^SpStoor.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  8  ���hyXl  ���as"'  ;'SB3  SMi  ":fi.:f  TOURING one of his lectures the, ��si week.   Prof.  D    Ned Parker   remarked it was   common report  that the. young   boys of   Nelson were   the ,n^O��|  mannered   lot   to   he   found   anywhere    - ��  Columbia.      His doubtful if Prof. Parker ..egakd  an unimpeachable authority  on   deportment, bu    ��t  mus?be confessed that the rising.general.onpt Nelson  do not adhere strictly  to the code of eth.es uv   .orcc  i��� other* towns   and cities.     I   do not mean   to say  that our boys are vicious, but certainly many oithem  do not convey the impressJohrtbat their   home mn>,  ing has been just what it should havc.bccn,    1 here is  a strong suspicion that the rod has been spared at the  sacrifice of good behavior.     Boy, should   remember  that impudence is not an evidence of   sharpness, am,  that  the  impertinent  and   badly behaved   youtfi.��s  always held in contempt.  was Friday, when -eachYtnember^  afforded on opportunity of doing his or her bKell  comedy "-'".A; Night; Cue* .; was; very., ftinti  also the IniHestiue oh:"'Sapho.f'    Messrs;  Ward, Townshendr "and  Jones, as well as   ._..���.  Hlliott. Corcoraii,   Glrard and  Staudbb, eaa i|l  assured, that Jhey::wiH:^^  .come .in. Nelson,  ;: I ^  the. Australian Co��twly:Comj>any;:to" tlieaire-gocrs;i|  every city they.:raay:visit,;and1'r:!g'htJ:erc:'H.miglit^  ."said that. " Sapho".��i;- not;halts'::'riaugKij^a^  were lead tb''fc��!ieveY��Uh^  .faiwrtedahnlirwHl^^  uh&mtwifmmmimim'  ':':-';\yiiite^  i t / mi g h t -ho!;. lie' oil t^  .visu0rs-:.!0;ihe^  tb^ir-'d^irc; fof;;;-':d^^  Jamie^on';;0.f^  made tuanr'^'fe  -all' t he ta lent ;-t hat :Wjit vlsttl^^  The '-ii jipr o��^^  'r4;:  ���W53l  'II  .'���'* *:���  The'shirt*wa^ for.1  the following story : An updo-date chap went into  a fashionable 'cafe, seated himself at a tabic, and pre*  pared to order his repast. Waiter after waiter  passed him by. None stopped to heed his. order.  He signalled innumerable white-jacketed fellows."  They were not to be Bagged, apparently, Finally  tbe shirt-waist man fairly shrieked his order at a dying waiter, who responded, as he flew past.:  i% Waist not, want not." Which, most people will  admit, was adding insult to injury Fur what waiter  in what cafe has the right to hurl bad puns at even a  shirt-waist man ?  i!k$itff-��|  mmm  Why is it a/certain class of-.people will always  laugh when they hear something suggestive of. .immorality on the stage. Several times during tin:  production of " Sapho" some really harmless jests  were by the boisterous laughter of several in the  audience construed as improper, and vulgar. Of  course, this habit of misinterpretation is..not ueeulhr  to Nelson audiences. It is s lid.lhat it is only a'plav  ������ with an-/till usuallv larse mixture of guu'trr that draws  in the Coast'cities. . I suppose ''that'is why ?e> nn:s;-rr  has yet risked a production or " Sapho/'  It is altogether too .modest for the people,  .Neteu'i^  mti5Seaf;eir^  the jmtMeal/^  ;wtfhav<he^  ' artistic ps'csefH^  ��� si r i ft j i\ 'j:"' testi mm f M; whi V^tlm:-*  ���amateur' -prVidti^lotfir'lV:^^^ ,    . ,  ;'a!>scocc:' of" Mr*;-.-^i^^lil^  . irom t.akipg ;p#rt ;it!-llic- fer  the ���"���Mikado.**;,;.;.        \m,:y.'ty  -The phtnotnomlgrow^  ^urnrisc to neivrlv every.��� j*fMm^wb*^M'^fc-1  ,\V h a t w�� s .but a Hit le h*^rf^^|S^  is now a trtcal .wholesale -cet��tre,:��;Hh::fe  r.y '...        ... ,   v   y  ������'f.'*ti  in brick and tirofUh '/������'������Bttt ;ll#Mt'ife.. .......... v.  as a cofnn.ierci^.;^.rHre;;;-.;it  'a point'of iiiereasingli^er^  ih:ay some dav': the:.iotfrM::ti^  such dimension...l as to -tnftkepur, ���"^��^;^|  tu.nvonlv a-'maitet of secondaryvtopof-a"*:  . fl��w^!^M***����ilfl����',**l* .'���  th iwri tlurn  .;'rhc-victr,ries'rH>:w-I^in.^.^  Xrw -WeMmiuster lae?r^'-teftm'-.B ^?V;^"va'M  ..fcrediito Uie Roval'Cily; but to all',1^--.^  For vt-rs there has becii a/'theorytn -tu,-,!  ha.  at'tfi*m.��l.;-5  By the way, the Australian C</nK:<iy Company wa-S  a relief to a city that    has .suffered greatly    from l;lf-k  of real merit in the way of.dramatie jiroduetions    No  fault can be found   with   the  local   management   on  this score, for   geographical   situation has   ordained  that for years to come Nelson theatre g.��ers will have  to take just what Providence s.tnds their way.      i)Ur..  iug  the short   season of fair nighis, th��-    /  Comedy Company spent   here, the'menibei  demonstrated that  sometimes   ad/anoe   notiees m-.v ���      ���   ��   . t- ���.*-" hi  UCU1UIJ:5 , , n.niM.. , \n.{\      so��'ech. :itid the m��:re   subject?*.. .MU--..       ���,-;"Uio��n  sneak the truth.      Perhaps trie most   euiovabl- u\nUi       ' *    n t   o ),nr ir whicn     '1  hpediv tne i ��j nai)iv nigiu     command ed language we shall navt n j  .1;..  \ us'  .tliaf ho vjprKl Using could pf>mc���-.;oMt w.|^V^.;���-;t^  ���now-'u unusuires that' the. West caw'^^ "^ ' "  homer oi lana^se in.'the- East and'  .nwn game.  . '���������'*���'���' I-  i-t'f    re''llit**�� '���:*.'������) s��-i!&  "A good vocabulary is acq��tred.,b>-,^^  ���boc,ks, as well as bv hcf'arthK ���'l��iC:;.'Wk"?l-V^  ev|iress t.hcinsclvcs \n the HJKH?ch;A>f.t^uc^.^^  write.s ��� Margate!    lv    Sarvgst^r./ .H?  Lnii^y     llmni'     JfitriTil,   ' ������* *.'* iIP'W"-.-._ ....<.y ^g  '|;erest/^:ulV^  Ihes.^l  t-lfes;;��* 0       ��� ���   ..  :v-i;fc  ySJ  "&/&1  rrSl  Y��E:SI  .���.Vil*3?l  ry<M  m$\  yy||I  'yy%  e;cp  idiS  THE NEtSON ECONOMIST  9  Thev who   read  scientific books   will  ,lhc,n     scientific ti^ymt^i^y  fC:i:/��i' their mind, Wilt conS��lt a dictionary  Ph_Y,i    he sinvilaritieV  or the centres ^f,  fe wh /     will .choose,: ns  among gems,-the;  *'��� /       ...et word which can express precisely,  ,vllh : ���e   N.K t. * . T .   .^eV,    The; reading oC  ,,rV<. ihev wtsti to convey* ;;   .. ,,,,:,;.;,-:     ./���--���v-,  '    . '"': :,;.f.Vour vocabulary TrbuvmeanuessMd  /,Un' /,   ...hititv ,ndsplendor. enrichesYpur,  '' '������':;,    ,,',n,-,ite   or   :c��nvet,ient;;::forY;:��nuStra-:  This riiorning,at the Roman Catholic Churches  Nora O'Reilly and Mr. John Fox were married t>:  Rev; Father Ferial     The bride and0^*^  manyariends in ^e^^^^^^^J  unites iu exlet  r.y.' ^iwwr-***"*'  :r(VwvT/a'>en'^^  hJ i,nmc. ��f " JV��UHerink^��^T^a��lucoi  Le-"upof: rcniini^n^ift^^^w;^^  dlh.s participat'edY^^^  l������ qualified'   to deal * Uh*%iU^C$^M  ' Co!,  1 lenisn,.:. his i��?^��*����*^��*^S^  |rs b-n-in-' !)cen;ii!timivte'a)idcoiitin��:ou  , ���^ivu^,;,(''u,;!BA^y'^,w:*'-'' '"' ,'''���     y '��� ��� .;. ���.'���'"'.;''���.  ������'/''��� - ���'���'.-.������ '.')'���:'' '..::v     ;;  re]s,u^vas Imno^  rinainc'��*..'.: Mr,. ;Gleaver/;;/hM^  lotion of l>eiug;otte:of t*^"^^  5ti'in.iVe MeUiodisCmhustry^^^  ��� -J^mt.^.   ���  -(Mfc*****-"-.*  |r own,  [aica o  he most  yC-;?*'?  ���**i'!*t--..".. Y Y'.Y  I-. t< i;  \' do  y,,^mplnincd-liy-m^  L ih at he v a re' si dieted. to/$tf r^l :-;J^^^  j|iar.t oi"-ihc'ir neigh!*!!*'^  1 m accuuni for.:ii, but/it; ir-voev-eri "^"  hie fact that ehiekensdnvar^^^  iseovav awl re!^  ' Tnetr explorations,^  vour favorite :'fio^  .. exhaustive' nature;ai>4^  oi stronger, language then' nnv'hV" in accordance  h your, principles,' ���'"��� Of course, if you keep  'kens voumcif the process of retaliation is always  ji io von and yon can even-up by turning your  se upon the world in the hope that you may  unto others even as thev  have done   unto  P  O.  " n*i4s$W v"iv   l,reU>' w*<Ming   took place at high   noon  ^Jl;^lv al Sl- Saviour's Episcopal Church, when Miss  "    r^p^lyina-   McFeod   was united   in   marriage to Mr.  ! %f^^Va T-   Irvine, Rev    Mr. Akehurst    pcrforining-  ^^^���aieni.un       Miss   Jennie   McLeodv sister oi the  !!.   tiJ^^1'1 arl('(l ;ls hric^��"t��d. while Mr- Harry   Wright  at ' /.rf^MVd ihe Kroom; The church was crowded with the  :*-VX^iv friends uf the bride and groom. The bride was  ^^.���^11C(1 jn white Duchess satin and the bridesmaid  [ng f['\ ^white Fibertv silk. The newlv-wedded couple  *(SC !f^ ^"7" llu' r^M^"ts of many "valuable presents After  Ip^f .^ \.\ a'u'ni(aiy a reception was held at the residence  :rtnKB^:- --.Mie   parents of the bride.     Mr   and   Mrs,   Irvine  ��n ibe ,v.3<vp.ni. train for San Francisco where  #J   vvill spend their honeymoon.  congmtuiaiionSf:..-;Y,:,-eY:..,:;v  The^A ulraliaSom  gagenlent to-morrow night, when '' His^^ght^ ;  Ind  the burlesqued :$m^<^#$*^V*  This is perhaps the ���^^Hi^^a^^^yf:yH  ; :;;pitiock:;a,n:dY-Werner:m  :wasdohebnafive-{boVleadpf  ; values:'iir::Copr^r: and::gold...^':::,S,  : thonias Hogan harc^^^  ^^'^e^slt^WernerK.Th^  i-'lliiioWSrries:ver^i;hJihla^  ;:-S,io#^iri-iiiyKithbera;Ga^^^  yimmmmmm:m^mm:mm^  ymmmmimmmimmmm^  married in the Episcop^  wiU'be^partakeh^^faetbe-^. .��� ..,..���,,, ,  If,Vr extends best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. p*W  Z�� happy   and useful' married   life.--^p||  Mintr. . :im^;W$y��M  RAILROAD CONSTRUCTION RUMORS.  Engineer Lupfer. of the Great Northerti^l  wa, in Bossburg   Sunday and left   by prirate  ����-  ^a���cefor Cascade.     There are lots ot  rumors in  �� .ir �� to what point the Great  Northern branch  Icross the Reservation willleave the^��^^  a���d Northernline. and whtch route wdl ^^  ���ss^^*^^^^m&  ��nrtwl bv neople who claim to be in tnejnsiu^ i  portea i>> l^"Plc . . fr_ni Northoort to Cascade, via  the road will be built fr�����^3^ will give more  Flat and Pierre creeks. . This route^'"^^ the  ore tonnage and an easier grade. At >-ascaae^.  �����5er3e"will connect with the proposed,,-.eigne  SoRey>blic.     ^'^ ^several ^ey^^  Journal* :;   . -y  y^jm^;_  y:yyyy&ym  yyfs*  y y  yiy.yyyyyy^^yyim  yyyy'yyMy^i  itiiisiiis  yy yy^y^mmsyi  y,y-:yr-i<K&wi'f$"t<-$&&  ymmyyym��m  ym^m'''.''imi \yp-^$&y$'ty$'it  ...   5...    )..  .Ji'V:-,^    '���'*'.-"lr-tW,V  ��^ii^^wg��w��a'tfmTiaB?l'f  MHil L%  .it)  Once  .#,.  UI *w  :.!;:;S'3  YJH  aa  m  HE   I  Ai  IF  ws,  I-  "'"Ml  w-  a  OME on the shore, auntie. The tide ^is rac*  ing -i.11 and there are such big waves."  ConstanceMaynard put down her sunshade and  looked out over the glittering . ocean, and then at the  rosy, sunburnt face of her little 6-year-old nephew.  Of all Margaret's children Laddie was her favorite ;  but her seat was exceedingly .comfortable,; the  shingles very rough, so she temporized.  ;4 Wait a little and the water will come 'tb;'.M^/.::'' /. '.'  141 don't   like   waiting,'/ said the child,   disconsolately, repeating what many older and wiser people  would say had not the lesson of life taught   them   its  uselessness.  "'M And I would hot go near the breaky..w.alen'.'.  He had planted his elbows firmly on her jap, his  blue eyes were fixed wistfully on her face, and she  could never resist Laddie long. So after repeated  promises she left hira, and sat dreamingly -watching.  him with the faint hope that he would not spoil his  garments and get her into disgrace with nurse. The  little fellow's uords kept repeating themselves in her  ears/: ���;���'* I' don't like waiting." 2vo one liked it,  she thought, with a sigh, and yet lor years her';.-life  seemed to have been all watting ��� wailing.  She was nearly 30 years oi age, this pretty creature,-  whose' fair, blooming face spoke of ''perfect health,  whoseVsoft eyes had a pathetic expression in them, as  qf one who had sailered/ It was long since she had  quarrelled for the lasttime with :.Rupert Laird, and  he had gone away���so,long that everyone seemed .to  have forgotten him but herself, and Margaret h;\d  been quite angry when she'.'had refused several offers  of marriage and declared her intention of remaining  " auntie" to the children for the rest of her days.  Poor Margaret ! How grieved she had been; when  Rupert made the diastrous  mistake of   thinking that  Tom cared for her -Tom,   who had been   her    kind,  cheery brother-in-law for many years. Laddie was  very like him. She must not .forget the iiitl.c lad/'  and perhaps she had better go to him, though the  shingle was rough, for while his intentions were  , good, his memory was extremely short;     ���* '  Rising leisurely she glanced ���'over ..to where the  breakwater ran out into the sea, a picturesque u\>]m{  at low.water, covered with green seaweed ami /my  shells. Little of it was to be seen this iim; sunun*-  afternoon, for the tide was flowing in dveo aridVi'innV-  but as she looked her eyes dilated with ' '*'  Scrambling up the slippery side wa, a small  clothed figure, with fair curls bhe.vm- m i'i,  who gained the summit with wo-d,-r��'"-  ran boldly along the top  Throwing down her sunshade  nor: * tj,.  >      Mil   I..  ne, iii<yv/cr  s"'('ed   ;'( ]\(\  s\'->y 15/>'���-   <e , -,   y  ward the shore as   last   as the   rolling n,-.v.,C'7' "���  >V<.i! id  Siie  'f'��utt\  ���, " -1 -1  ������' with sudden  '*o��!g  WyUliU'..  permit, calling loudly to the boy as sin '  saw the beautiful baby  face fill  ���"���;�����  tion, saw   him turn  to come   to   hw    1,/  ._ ���  ��� i.v r     jif; vVa.s    never  afraid of any one, least  of all Connie  given-a sickening slip on the treaehenms ��r,..,.  e had  n slin)<..  '*  knew,  hardly  au4;1ean;i��g:;;iij/  ��ti^'��iiatch^atf:ife "  ���yisibir--:Of,fl\diig/.straw^  in thewatcrd!^  ..itwasso/icrnM^  /'���/ WSiat/'ha^^tied/tiext   ��� reuie'rabered shrieking  ;the slimy' edge;/ni&king  g'ling' .chll.d/i-:-thei'^y';;.iS;.:"'i��Aii?;:-:/aiyeU'';; bC'';;'"itid^ ;ii  :ga$pii>^aridt.d^  . /'/. Oh; -we; ean/^v^  as she"' huggeCi'^  ./��� .;B;ui.|ljevm^  the/hoy; ^iod/;^^  .^unili^r,'--;:';-Surft)*-;s  r ijig j t'r'.tlie ��� past.:/'^-p  the.laee>';;^  sauie/jveyerfe^  - :For a.- tuome?id/ih^^  and., shore ��� ''.seamed' -M^Ml;/  ���I t k e ;;wa it lug, *���' / ;; .Wcf die/hicl;,'Siicy/iat' v. ;f fe-Wip  ..5o1.ong'/ti}tt-sb.e'di^.::p  ever discover :.his/':inlS til keif  stmod ��� iKjfore. her/-.'.' y^m^S^ : /���////;:  ';'��� ;';,t'CcHinie, .yoU';.h#e;^  - s up p rested ...emo'tiofi ~////ffi  ;: -v Yei���no.,-;;Raj^  is-Tom.*$aii$^^  mi  1.;::  ,nau'g.tn.-y-ljddie'././;///  ." ."*'' Tom's *!/.^f.irrg,iir|!;^/l|;;fiie/:/:^Inured;;;ft;  his eyedevourfng /yli$r;/;ii  ;5aai  i**#fc;  IV  ���.VOlli  "OH  ���/:iiiict;ihis':lmy-  m  ...;..   i -am ..'.atiiH.H'��,Y.:4iia.-i;;>^  me." she. at tempted/ to, sii|l/:f iiyij4v  ������/���' .Let .tts,get ;-;Y;aut-;;'0.f'.i;|iB;--/ :/:'te;::sai;ifi||  aixruiH' old'Wiiv/tlliit sheyklieW^^  * '���    ' *': ��� ���      ���'���.���..'���,������.'..-���.'������.���������   '���''���.'"/' :.���;' _.,       . ������   ';.:  ��� . v.        v'^'-'':^  hen si'vel y s u fvey.e<i.;': xht$y\ f apMly;/: iiitr���ashig;g��ti|S  "'   ���������-���:���    ;';  -'-'O-v J v.:-'-*'���;;;���'' ...'��� '���',.���. :..���"���-������   '-m ':y^  wh 5 ch; see med/ i nel I ried.... fc# "eIi���er";hltiL /��� y M/r...wtif. ��p  ���Lacrue.-' ; "-' ������.. ��� y y:\yyyyyyy^^yyy;y\j;;y:y^yp^  ���Ferhaps neither 1iad:'aii^;'d  ��� -':''        .'���,''��� yy -'*' -";,;-'y;'.'-'-yy:';'.".-v-      .���������.-'���'.��� ���".���;:���,,.".",..t iYg  .had said as they \w^o;t,'o{>//ibf/./.ABfa^  she vv'as the more -���:coiupc>Seti':Of;'t^  ���k. no w \\ 1 he: xi u tb all; 'rt km^ :;wh;ile: to % ^^^yym  suddenly. was>a:iycrw'helihtng,.^  , ���"��� Vo'u- arevurjt   :changtdt*-'li���^,$iiid Jaterr.a5-a|  sio(;-d.by live ���gfde-in; tiie./.gfoaiBing*../: \*.^t SS'  wlioni "the ' vc.mt?* have dealt /^hardly;; .X.^JfS^I  ?*en a:   reckless - fool /yid^^hild^WYBUfe  .lint'. 1: haw .put' no'/'nue in ' ymr/place'. ' ���.',|hlVy.^^  ymr image 'inmy' -heart.      It is yth'r<).ugli'Tom^&i^J  tiiaj ' we   have met   again, add   roit loved ^.'.Vte*5sg  C<.��unte, ��� . ��� .-.- r^^r'j  ������     '\Ona:,^'.shehrcvitherV-��oft^  was shining over the/quiet .���.��� water,- ���'���. .'.casting *on^^^J  01 light into the room- where-:-Wddie;lby in ^JC^,^ v  ;^1 sleep of childhood : ��� .dightstegah'to  ttPP0^^ :^  by;rnK- \u the houses along"the Hfea front ; v^r-\["^ ." 1  ����   the ozone   laden breeze ���'.eaiii'e'':'the ��PPlc��.^ 'I  waves along the shore, the fomtodor of ^^jjr  trir- hu{ still they liriKercdir^  >viu^ had waited so long, who -bad"/silently w>,> _  laUh-that seemed broken, .arid after .long   ycirb   |fc   J  "tet again.'' '��    ; '^'y-y'- ��� ������Tm-'y-i'm^^-   if  "���'.'" �����.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  II  SHORT STORIES  icu quite a little child the Piincess Victoria, the  lit dueen of ...ftngland, went with her mother to  [ ()ueen Adelaide. 'The Duchess of Kent,  [ess Victorias mother, was obliged to leave her  [daughter alone with   Queen Adelaide for   some  and the latter, to make the young   princess feel  >uie,-said ���.'���:; v  sow, mv dear; you have an hour   to spend with  miivou shall do exactly as you like/'  Kxac't'lv.  as   I iike"   echoed Princess   Victoria,  hhillv;,"-,  < '��� e ' ��� 'a  >*cs." replied Queen Adelaide,    little:    imagining  was b> U'*UovV..  Mien.'dear Auntie Adelaide/' the child said,  fully/" may i he allowed t*> clean the windows?"  been. 'Adelaide, was rather startled 'at first, but  iulare Queen of Knglaud had her way. setting to  with sleeves care fully rolled up and an apron  It��urnd her waist  , Cv>iiiUJ Do vie U   a   methodical   worker and  a  worker.     He .pastes up over his mantel-shelf a  ,/4h<* things, he intends to do in .the coming sixths, and lie sticks to his task until it is d*mt* He  t \k a yreat disappointment to im old   teacher*  y\ ft   ^I^i's^hc^  upt!uy^h-hint;a'nd';saicb^^  have known you now for seven years, and I know  you thoroughly. I am going to say something that  you will remember in after-life. Doyle, you will  never come to any good !*'  A Chinaman's conception of life insurance is rather  amusingly illustrated by an incident related in one of  our Pittsburg exchanges.  A Pittsburg life insurance agent wrote a policy on  the life of a Chinaman���the fust ever written for a  man of that race in Pittsburg.  How the insurance   man did   it  he alone   knows.  The Chinaman had   no very   clear   idea.     He only  understood that if he paid the premiums promptly he  would be entitled to $5,000   some time.     He   beg<m  bothering The agent for the  money , after a couple  of  weeks had passed, and the agent tried to  explain   to  him that he would have to die before he could get it.  Then the Chinaman fell down a celierway   on Grant  street and was   badly   hurt.     His   friends tried   to  attend him   without calling   a doctor.     When  they  d\d   call   in one, two   days   latter,   the doctor   was  angry.  "Why didn't you  call me sooner ?* *   he   asked.  " Tins man is half dead now/*  Next day the injured man's brother was at the insurance office with & claim for $2,500  41 You nm not entitled to anything on this," said  the insurance man, "until the man is dead."  " Docter say him half dead^* answered the brother.  " Why he no get half ?'*  tel&j:>&Z&*VJ��&:<  eecs  ��� ft .^^^.���5^��>,  "���'ISM*  '".'V'K-- Ml  PECiAL SALE OF  PRINTS, LAWN  WE WILL OFFER OU  AT PRICES BELOW C  PETS,  LINOLEU  DRESS GOODS, MILLINERY, M  .PERCALES, SATEENS AND Dl  ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMER  1ST.   SUNSHADES HALF PRICE,  SLIN,  00D  CAR  INDOW   SHADES,   CURTAINS,  .1*  .yy-d-yy  ,..,.;.,;y%  ������,y,-.i;-  ym  ��  yyym  :|1|yI  ���ym yyyi  /////Hi '  nw��MWM��wtw��ffl^^ ���tilW��  *m*M*mmm*m**wm.MUH��m!Mmi*tm  f aWL~'b��  "S  htft  l��fi  m  ^ '���" *  ft *H ��  (4f  m%  %>*'  if  <8 if ^1  4i% vl > '  Ipf  '"'* Site* *  ��ir-fr i* .n  >       �����  THK NELSONECONOMIST  QUICKSILVER IN B   C,  Quicksilver is a metal  sparingly  distribtttedyandy  at present, the  supply is not keeping   pace with  the  demand/  says the HO. Review.     For the past  3>  years California has been the  chief producer, but her  mines, worked as they were with the usual 'American  energy,   are   now with the   exception   of the   New  Almaden and New   Idna   almost all closed.     They  average a little over one per cent,, or about .'.��3 a ton.  None   of the recent   discoveries of   the  metal in the  United States seem to be  of importance.     Russia   b  a great producer,   thanks to   Siberia/and there ore is  treated   which   contains less   than l.i-per cent.,..��������� "the;  lowest grade ore   treated in the world ata profit.      It  requires:6x/i tons to yield one .flask of 76 it>s      Spain  also   yields a large   quantity,   most   ofwhich comes  from the ������."Almaden. Mines,/   which yields   8 per --cent::',.  or ��16 a ton, andproduces'/20,000;ton's .of ore yearly;  The   Idria Mine   is the great   producer of   Austria,  which  vields/ about  200 tons/of the  metal/    This  mim has been /worked /for';4<x>yenrs; - ^ i  large output/ which,,;however' it alisorhs ; p  to Ik.a'��� large,pro���iticery/but nbw  o:hJy^iej^  atnotuitv/:.;;:The;-.:g'reat  d need .over/so,ooo; tons o  .wo/at-a e^^  ''period dur 1 ng; v'whicii/Tt';has'l>c^n/\;wbrtcci  heiyef^  .{Mush/Colonies-���  -     Y,;.     -Y.        ���.-"-"*,     OVW  ;and/'Brit'tsdi/Ctdu^  ���has had/they'll  :pMtaiiwv"'^  .. Icica .111 y -."is- jt-lre;-' tie we^t;;.' Aiid ���������iit an.'l>^;; .:dn? f^.'-i^  money been/Sf^^  .-a ;;sm,dl/5uin,/; ,/-its: -': cits jjBwiis ���/������^eib' ili-^ibe^/ii  along/'on \fom:' .xoiie^Ttiti'iii.a^ ; tmd^^t^  ; KiM'ul.odps;T/ikty^  ���width, -of a ,nu!c,,;.> ;4i;-^  producing tliMrttt^^  NELS  .Mi'iifi&z-  b  i-cv^-tjt'c-v^ ���.". yy^y^ - ;/^  iikft/  7 - ��� u ��� ivSl ���'��������� .W*i*W;'^sygi.  ^y:;;yYY;;^iilcef^S!^;'Nel^  Y:YAk|  '������4*'.'.  ij^li^Ep^^  OSLER & GURD  Mines and Real Estate  t.  J-  BAKER STREET  ...Over...  Bank of.Halifax  NELSON,  B/C.  *��  *.  ���-.'.: y1 '-i '$t*'$':-^*to?^^  :,..;,:v";-.������;��������������� -:���..:���;-.ih*i-,.o*^i'^4iuiltw��#4->;^yy  ���" ������; *^'i>*i*��*:i��fi&',i^vf-c^'^ h^:;iHj  /to;:w;pSr;;':P;RilI  ;;'������:     -.���;" .':;.;'Y:;;y^!.II^P#;��i*^W^Ip^ f^;;Y^!||  :",.;;.;.. ;;\';';:;t^^i.^^;o��**i,.,Y/;:y.Y;:-v:;^^ii  "��� yy&ufm?f 5|>i.i ;N��*'i*:: ^Yt;;y��t.(... y;;:y';';;,;.  ,.. 1* s iff; i*5^|:;:it *j. ii(:r^ttf*;Y;;y.-::".v,;-:-^:  SAMPLE COPY-i-1  '#��������� ############����^^H(  # ' -:::'-.;.";;-���'-;'  j; \^H.ci��,'.;Vdtf: -^y^-;:. ///^/;/':/|  ^;. ..-,;;:Y,.;,,/':y,-YY;;y  SLx^^  t  ��^>:  rnf^^0!KeU/A:;M:6r!B>  ���;  ���  !f C    We  Carry in  -Stock'., a .Full' Line, of  L.O    A*'*ayeTsV.a��dXhcrni��UvSupplic��'  B.   C.  AGENTS  FOR  R FIRE CLAY CO.       WIUINSWORTH & SONS  ��� W. BRAUN& GO.  OCKET TRANSITS.ONLY $25  yj**��'.-��ci. wi��ai-. ��r#, pm^"'.'^'-'/^!!  lujn^bi rr��u-.- .iirt*r ,��p--:��n; ��mS. "*yI1  O'KELLli MORRIS'  ito*Qt%*t*ty'���&*;���  <3  [9  SHOEMAK  y  !���  " ' MM.  II  f.N  S^tJ  1  \>l<     l';if-<-|M;H    U   HjKM'llOjV,"0��b'  '3 !sfi<" !Y;iih   tim.(\i�� w'uvH In'w-vMt, prh'*'t\  -"���' "''ii^M-'niHmMu, BAKE^ ST,-  ' *   ���  ���  *\    *  111  .       V ^    * V L     .  ^1��     ����IIIW|  ~J-r-tV"R?.n-^jp.  ��� i   "V  ��" t Vi .Yitifcl  -mm  f*M  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  13  , :'���,csent  supplv   necessitates new pro-  l0" 01!-   ' shmtkl be a matter of congratulation  ^likely to he in Britten Colonies.  lese  THE MAIL SERVICE.  [��� '���;  M,���ire Writes the   Mtawh.K   letter to the  f,'y,,-/. an<! it hs. applicable to the   mail  / V ,nv tbrunuhuut British   Cdumlna   th.t  '*' ! ,   " ,.'     T>ii< H what Mr. Moore has to say  ,;"/// kiodly ��ive   .pace for" my views   on  '.;  .;;.i,ir;icw.      For th,  past three   years we  ������^Unvthiiuj'   l.uia-��.MM;��.d   efficient   nw.l  k.-miins rente from Clinton  10 i5o-M��le House  f.lii.rau.i Alkali !..ke    It wilt he remembered  ���|,I(..,   vea'r<aj{��   lenders was called lor a   mail  , ,/n CHnunv to .50-Mik House to call at the  postoffices at Big Bar and   Alkali Uke   and that all  mail   contracts   north  of   Ashcroft were let by   the  government to the present B. C. Express Co.     They  in turn sublet   yearly   contracts for this  service, not  through  to  the 150-Mile House., but only as &r as  Alkali Lake.     What we want is a good mail service  on this route through td the 150-Mile House, as the  tenders called for, and   what the B: C.   Express Co.  has not given us.     I consider that   this company :s  infringing on the rights of  the people by not   carrying out  the mail as the tenders   called for or giving  the public a good and satisfactory   explanation   why  thevdidnot.     They have   given us a much  inferior  mail service than we had previous to their service.  ���' By subletting yearly it must be understood that  1.0 person can equip this tine with the necessary stock  and vehicles and give a reasonable service, if the  contract is only for one year, without asking big pay  ,<y  el son  yttimmmit*:  Doors, Sashes and Turned  Brackets and Office Fitti  [isfaction Gu  LEAVE ORDERS AT  VANSTONE'S  DRUG  u.\��;.i|.i..t...n^f7  ..'...{M *��������>;- '*'^r^.fv.'  V-,  ,+ .�� )  in" '  CEHTIFICATt OF i��P��OVfW����TS.  Unlit Crown  3llit.?r��l r��1^��\vslVU\I*lLtLmv  !wlS,  N,t^l:   Oil Moroltti: Moutilrtln.  IU ,*r* r Wban, Fw Mlm-r'�� Cert then *  \.\ n"wtf intt��iwl.M.tiyau>>f��mi he date  KftiiW Mlnin* Reorder for a  or ntanliilog �� rmwn  ��{m��J  of the a&ow.  H,i uu further take notice that netion under  ��m��umi 3?tmu*tbee��>mntemvd bWore ��> /*'  M,uii." uf hiiVu ��>rt��A��Hf of Improvements,  ��*��*��- u.i* iflti. ��**-* ^j;^��Ji:l4AWtlB.  Wadds Bros.,  Cf UTIFICATC OF IMPROVEMENTS.  tuttt*   Mav   Mineral   einhn, situate   \n  IH��trlet.  i'Thcw locate*   ^��rr^l^'^^  I fcttie southern extension of the    MajtMic  uJViv duv* from th��* date hereof* to apply  V ViVtftnine-Recorder for a certificate of  m^ov.men^ ftS^hS purpc^of obtaining  a ��Wn Orlnt of the above claim. .  Ami further-ink" notice that action, under  *���   �� S     nu   be commenced before the  Dated this ninth ^^gJj^^^fiTB.  'amps supplied on shortest  !a: and lowest prices,  1 -Tilers, receive   Ciiretul  ^���M.'uinpj    ])ut     fresh    and  Jail <n  ntion.  ��� t>thin'\  ijwi^tf'iesnine meats and supplies  �� fe^@; 111 Mock.  ��Ep�� -yjJ3*!J��XS!f"  MAGPIE MINERAL CLAIM.  HI-' I lUli.      \..|,  ...War...  Phtttr llolvl  f ...i   (���"���*;' vi:iiiri}j Ui>rnrih'r!<��rii Certificate  !..-; *.'���*,m' "i'-ni.s. !��,r iu,. pnijMw*' of ohtuin-  ��" .'    ' ^1   "? I,!^nt of th,. uhovi'i-hiliiK  l5\      .;-' 1'    wn'"r '"te notu.,'  thui iirHott.uiidor  *i,   '";. ,nuM h,%   ''"ininiMH'od  hi��lnre th��  ^���ttliU l.,th��.Uiy of May, A. l��. JWH��.  i(  lUdle iiiul Mnrhlo'Kdui* Mlnerwtt'lnlms.sUu-  ntehtthe  N<*l��Min   Mining  IMvMon of West  wiion* loeuled :   About nix ihUok wost tr����ni  Tukenotltv ihnt t�� Arthurs. t^rwcH, uot-  liiji ��?�� nixent for Kdwtird t*. Arthur, Krec  MlnerV iVriinonti* No.'JTJW. Intend, sixty  drty�� from the ditto hwvof, t<�� npj>ly to the  Minium Uee<��nter for tYrtlflcutvft of Improve  tnoiitM, for ..ho purpoHC of ohtnltitni;  Crown  And fnrther take notitv U\M uotion, under  Hvethm X7. mtisi he ootnmentvd hofnre the  IwiUHiuvofKUCh IVrtltleiiteMoi'liuprowiiUMitx.  l>utetl iht8*J0th dny of Juiu\lfw.  W-*W*�� A ��� &. Fa u\v ki.i*.  'yy'mm  yyv:'WB  tyyymM]  yyymmim  yipy'ymyymm  v..-,*' ;.;- ..-:���  iiii  ymm  yyy0^y:M0^��  myy&yyymmMi  mmm&m$f  "','1  'Y. i^iySSSi.l  iimm  }'-%lXiJr?  M  ��stBSffi^   ..uw > ����� > ins awiHWHi ii W Mfflffl ft"  s  Bi  ' i   If ii  f5 life  mmH'  if lip %  'ifr.  i *S  mm  "Kit >*^t <?i i ^  Mr  4 H   i  V 5  "*���"��� i|ri  14  THE NELSON  MIST  ���ills  for doing it. The consequence is that the contract  is generally lit to parties who have one year to learn  by experience that they do not know as much as they  thought they did. and the public is imposed on by  them until the term- expires, then some other party  will take their place and  it so goes   on from year   to  \ V For the past three years we have had all kinds of  vehicles from a bob-sleigh to a two horse coach, and  all kinds of drivers.  '���'.oi-: can truthfully say that in no part of the  Dominion has it ever been brought to my notice  where ex-convicts have been intrusted with Her  Majesty's mail until on this route, and very often the  stock and vehicles look more like a Siw*sh outfit  than a respectable mail service. I.' have been wondering for the past three weeks what will come next  as there is a new contract on and we have had all  kinds except the pig-tail Chinese to drive our mail.  44 We want a reasonably good mail and express  service through to the 150-Mile House and we must  have it or know the reason why.  i  duct  and .-we; are::;; entitled'yMa ���^if^dii^.  markets,/.;/  w i t H..: as" man y. sett tens ;tp; :^erve as: oii. 1111 f ���'-:bi^  for the samfrfe t0;send'^  the-' ;present;$<srv^^^^  causing- delay attd; tncotsveitienc��*;:--'This  remedied without ��ntiec��s$iary delay,0  *; '���"������rfj-i?  At Tuesday night'sV^wtitii^-i.-ofv- &e$ej��itf  'Couticil the etiginetr rtpoti$l that the recent  the dam' at ^lie,ftlect^  than at -first- Iselleved.yi���'���St^;:jhl^^(^ta  .nien.ha^^  have encountered jfcpn^YY  tio'n.-, ,'������.. IV-ovetjctf^    fr;om.$3000 ifr^j^;'^  ���the cost of' strengtheiittigYitljte  d a in; a t'jfh e .sou t h er ly rli mi mM  -!lume^et,e>;\U^  eluding land' orTtglit-of^^ay^  V PACIFIC Kv.  *"0  S00 LINE  G O BUG H A NA N�� P*>prl<  FAMOUS Lumber,  IMPERIAL LIMITED --  SERVICE  EAST AND WEST  Orders   Promptly   FIINitf  Bndi  SatiafacM6n;/Glyeni^?N^^^  Ya rd, Foot of H��fKjry.k:.Sti^��t,:;  ii  jmtmmmmnmm��'r9mmmii��ummmmKmHI'mM>'^'>>f*  FIRST-eLASS SLEEPERS }  On AllTruiiiH rroui  ARROWHEAD AND KOOTE AY LOG  T0UJ1I8T CAR8 pass Medicine Hat <Utl!v f<��r  Si. Paul. SaturtlayK for Montreal and lio^tor.,  Monauys and ThurHdays for Toronto. Hum*'  carh pass Revel.sloke ofjf day <��arlier.  wHoicsAir ana ret ah  WW  CONNECTIONS  7.10 Lv.,... NELSON   1-.5.30 Lv..:,  NELSON   Ar. UiXr  -���  Ar.M.^V  Morning train daily for and front Rosslnrid  and for Kovclhtoke, Main   I Am-, and  P;��rin��-  Coa��t.  Afternoon train dally for and from }{o^.  land, and from . Kev<*lxtok<\ Main Lin.- :trid  Pacific Coast, and daily (Ex. Sniidavi for and  from Boundary Points.  7.30 ex. Sun. Lv.  . NELSON .. A r ex. Sun. lil ;ji��  For and from  Sandon. Slo<-an .Points   j{,,NV  elstoke, Main Line and 'Pacific Coast.  KOOTENAY LAKE-KASLO ROUTE.  Ex. Suo.              Htr. Kokane*. 1-r  s,,,,  Iti.OOLv        .NELSON   ...  .       Ai.'iul.)  HaturdayK tx> Argenta and return l.-.vim,  Kaslo at 20.00k. %,n-  HEAD OFFICE  P05SIA8D  NE1S0W, B, C.  TKAlL  TM8EC ..FORI  'tibcAN ..ciff:  KOOTENAY RIVER  ROUTE.  Daily Str8 Moyie and Nelson hniiv  tZM Lv............ N ELSON ........  A r \\ %,  Connects Kootenay   Landing with  Ci'ou\  Nest Line train*.  For rate��, tickets ancTiiiir information ��ir>  ply to Depot or City Ag��?iit, Nelson, H. c., u'r  ttf. F.'Andersofi9 ��. j. Coylc,  Trav. Pmn, Ajc?ent, A .(J. p. A^V-ni  NcliJOJi, B.C. Vancouver, J{ c  ^rym*t'j  '���\:v-'!3i*,vft  .-Y3* *"�� -��V  '.'YYY^f?-*^  '.'��� ;-'-- y:iMv * -i��3  ..   .'::������;������ ���������;;-:^?i.�� <  - ������' ������ .... ���.... Y ;'������[.. .   ...;5iS^  ������" 1  ,'���       ��� '   . ..'���-. ���' .������'������ ���������; ,���'������������'������ .yyy.yp "I  Tarn now prepared to show; the. ld"tei��t;"JSty}��*' ���;:,*^^;"���-*.>-^i* *"J  Sprino- (;r>ods.  A Special I.inc oti  hand ut.....  lines   at  Low  Ra'  > 1  1  All    <��ther  emj)lc>yx*(l.  'None V :^!^I  NEELANDS' BLDG  BAKER   STREET  ���ir���  J.  "~iJ"   " "T"r *^r TB^ r.    ��� .   1.     T1 &  I i?/  jY(   .   *   J '  * - H  1.  I  J.  _   �����  �� If'  '.*.  < 4  i  *  *     r  ti  u  ��**��  ���   i   t       ' *  W  *.   ��-!  4      ���*-���*��       i t  Sf    *  -T^  ���r  J -  fci +  *mlf*  ^^^������^������������������������������^  EYGURORDE  ��o  *�����  *��  ? y *"^&(  r ���  if    ��r  ^���<  SJ6  S*     "*..  <������  /   -���  w'-i  -    l*T,  ���4     ^  PI  -i-C?  rt*  ���rva  1*V��        ^  t.  r V  'itlj  ' ^  * Ti f * *��� ^f   -'A'  with us. for now i�� the tlm^ '   y ���. -,  Crockery, m^******:'.  *,, ^  >���*��*�� i  n  ���."S1  -*��v  >��  1 x  ^t. * rf^  V  vte-  ������**  ' ',  .'   7  -*��     J.     -1'  p   ��� *  ����� ��� /  .1     ���*��,  ���  ii y -  1 -1  ? '  **Ah  ^��   ?  -'M;  if  rVin  comprtltto  (.  <  M!     *  '����*  S. % V   '*."t    #   -^'    err.       \ j  * UH   ** *- -*'. >      f  " A & ***** 'iV!  *���-��  .'. Ai  ^  .11  ^^  *'.���     ���.Ofcl*  'i \  * f*  V*.."^  ��  ��"��� "I -  /r,..la?  < i  V  fl^.  1     r.  ���t*   *x*  Y i" ���* "  .w*  .V*1  **j  ���rA  1     i-       I    * - s'#V 1  lira  it**l  li 4  ^  ft|3��i  t*ii  ^feKCi  .* r  ��* ^^ >i ��j  ",0S Rlil^'^RRINQ:  M^t  1;  ^r*,  if j  ��*w  V    "'*L*S^  n t  7t'  HbBt  %  1,1  :*  ' ^S  KMcpatricIc^  1     ��  1        #  ��e  ��  i  < f-*;?  < ' *  r  9  T����<  ttf^  *."  < i.  [postoffice^K * W  Tdeptione  i ���* t  Boleer Street  ����� ���r*^  V     i��  *      ���  ^ * * ~"f  i'Wr:  *<���  Ip*"^  r^Lr  5   nfV-fMj^  '^ 'y?$%s<  jS ��  ��   ��  n  v^^.^Krt^^wftfw*  .Mb�� ��������������    **   ���*!������*������ "^  HE WlON, GIBSON CO  a��*.-.��� D��.^��r riAvorinfl ExtractSt  r����  l - ��*.'*  -v��  vv  i.f  v*>  -it*   lj  Baking Powder, FI��voHng Bto*, Vinegar,  Pickles, Sauces, Spices, Etc., Etc*   -   -  TSTIPKGh, MAN  * "*"     mil?  ' *  < Eft  ���1* ^  /  * *i  SS.15 ?E8 T8H,  ��� E  *f  :*\...  >-t-*  1 l'  , Special ^uotatlosss fftf  i. Camps and $$in<��m  pi^fal.faf^^ilW'  iu> ^?  i  <*~        ^>:  ^mh^-  ;*t>  V  T1    * A  MfflSS��iMS��s��is!������<m^ mmMlm^tn  ft .<  * , \4- 1. i   j j   s so.,1 V^ ,'v  ir j;Hv?f*" ?  * ���" Y*t& ts m>y\  r\ ^ ia**\ t "if \ym\/iJh *NN^*  i  ^       ��1       ..��,��*-���*-.  \<-    \.  Vn.  t  M  \  7*  '1  *^  " 4 " *  * 5  - * M -J  7  If*  ��    i  *   *  ^        ! {**
$   lf\y .,y-\.yi .WIT   P^my^^ .*« *-*:.-   «*
M&- 'III
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W^"r   fc^J
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VU     *   r-
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1       I.   ' rj.        .v't
Tt    I   ft    A •
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.■"■.J,.-*   •-«.'
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0%N t- ^ '        H ft
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H * - J-i^ Wrt.^.w+.VO-^V*
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• Hy<.K     fu»j/(in! ,»< w^i]«!oi»v«t3Mft«^|
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&.*sl i tis ,* I; '1   -£Jt^ T?iy
On the market*
Consequently the C«sfe»t
W«rtning; Machine,
iwt  ALS
7'T",      ^     ,-   f <
& ia»toeii &^»
1 "%      ^s. 4 S
h     ^ m* **k ym ^
""■"■"TTi 11 ifrmi.. jjjiiiJl-.-.^--       .      "***1v'
y'        * **> \,     ' -y'^S   *•".
■ 4+
^ 1J
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"1-"m * ,	
1   *»»     W<   i- ir n.JrW,J,™**L!l*"r'?#'->lw^'*V' Tt"jjW*-ft-i*i*"i   Tt^-nn jrvyo-juts*   nw


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