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The Nelson Economist Sep 26, 1900

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 ELSON ECONOMIST  IL. IV.  XBI.SONT, B. C, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 26, 1900.  NO.   11  ,,*.wiJ*����**<W*--:��-"��'M��'  ��'i  If XFLSOX   ECONOMIST  is  issukd   kvkry  fvJ'iJNV^i��-\v at tiik City of NkuSv*\ B.C., by  > M Caku-v    Sri^CKiiTtoN:   $2.00 per an-  l-n^v v\w\<i   VDVANCK. $��.5G.     COKRKSPOKl)-  KK01;   oi-   RKNKKAJ.     INTKRKST     RKSPJXT FULLY  u'uiernaa   Only articles of mkrit will hh  '^VS^TisiCa !N THKSK COLUMNS, AND THE IN  ri^KSTS':-"ok ' KfcADKKS WILL BK CAREFULLY  b;VKI>-J'.JJ'At:;A1NST   IRRESPONSIBLE   PERSONS   Azvtr  Ivor tin', ks-s .-articles.  dliJWI' *��**�����   1 H��t ��nlili ,*U��n�� f<��  }]K Viays orihc trading stamp firms are numbered  -is'aaaaiti ituiuc bv the action of various muni-  1) bddies throughout British Columbia. The trading  mtns aa'easteria institution, aud should have been  )t there: wo have u��> use for it tit   our western Pro-  cc:   "A one or two cent coujx>n with each dollar  ch,i>e':.iniii'HtI.��i   proves a big   inducement in parts  ieasiflrn Cabala w here the modest little copper coin  kh iU.a:,s active ^ejvice   as the   hundredth part of a  br \< so-hiahlv honored and socarefullv treasured  ,t-in the-West the people don't want the copper cur-  |ic>-     Coasaqa^atly   when the  trading'Stamp was  roduetajau the ta'.ies of the coast some months ago,  V3.s nana:! that .nothing-, under five'per cent* would  kcaiaUa^aVa.      Nfos? of "he   firms adopting the  icaiav^ra^.aaH^ed  to .'fix  mis standard,   and then  m ihA '^a.'.vanJcsome xivahy   which   is   bound to  ure Jana h-aiest.'...legitimate business'      To   gain  Vint (A laa^ahrr !cUq\v;, the opposition shop would  *eihea:aauaan a  point <>r two,   and  iu proportion  tfic premium went up' the quality, or quantity of the  ���Ktsauppiaat a rat dnwn.  as a logical consequence.  1 UK ptihh-Hike lobe Pauled - -for a while.     It takes  ��a time t<> '��� cat eh on/' as the saying goes.    While  v.are havma, their eves opened,   however,   honest,  wv.-iuvc traders are loaim; custom     To bring the  Ut*no a.!,fMuL the latter class have petitioned their  P^>vvc inin-jieii.ul.bod.ies,   with   the   result that h)  a.a |'ia, s.rur, where .t-his course has been adopted,  ])CO'   i:(>cns-' has been impose*        fn Victoria   the  'lM' ,ls-M a'> per month   upon   nil   trading stamp  i'TU'[Sa!)'i ^ 5 p(>r UKmlh <J�� -^1 dealers issuing trad-  ^;>mpa    Thisiscminvntlv  calculated takill the  �������,�����rj'|i, 1 .    . ,  *���  i&SM '���' n! ('nh;ipiise, or deception, or whatever else  ��fj|j-...', j't!(':tIi'"d.aand..to insure to the conscientious,  SeSfi''1 "Ul('! ,l!1 <>l'"n lu'i(1 ��*��' which  he has no tear and  Severn! attempts have been made to  U V1.1|  ^r1,!lu'('!1^ tiadiijy, stamp iu Nelson, hut to the ere-  fe^u ,v ." ls lie ttsnid'theY would have none  fe^ens C<1)il ! AV:nit thc lr<id*ng stamo here. The  &'u^[n" "'ll,s,^l that they get- lull value for their  "'^'���n "l��m 'u'.ry-sl4,,v in town,: and that while there is  ���/!�������� n, 1'MU'S1 a),��Pctitioh, bnving is more satisfue-  -���T; naming stamp were in vogue.  W ...  .Ml-. ���  m., ���^,    ,.,H,,,,,.,,...,.  I - .: ���: 'l '< Anicrir-i., ���  j-    :':.[ f()r , ?;'   ��� "  (,I!IS|!'S appear  to be more.on the-.  Jl],iMl4'St'intruders than our own officials at  the Coast. Major Walker, of the United States Customs, the other day arrested thirty little brownies at  Whatcom, who were promptly deported back into  British Columbia. Only two could show money or  give any evidence of having bjen in the country before* At Blaine, recently, a number of private citizens  drove a party of Japanese through the town and across the international boundary. The invaders slip  over in small groups hi charge of well-informed guides,  but as very few of them have any money or can speak  Knglish, they are easily detected. A little more energy on the part of officials at the coast would have a  tendency to prevent British Columbia being over-run  by Japanese aadXhinamen.  Thk latest news from South Africa is that the wfar  is practically over, and that Lord Roberts will start  for England about the 3rd of October. President  Kruger is trying to sneak out of the country, and  what remains of his misguided and once enthusiastic  followers are throwing down their arms. This is good  jiews. ��� ' -  V'Go into politics;" is the advice of Richard Croker  to all young men. The King of Tammany has no  doubt made such a huge financial success out of  the business as to make it a tempting one for ambitious aud unprincipled young men to engage in. It  is not, however, every day that a Croker, of Croaker,  of Richard's stamp is born, and besides, if all young  men were to enter politics with the view of emulating  him, there would not be enough money in the States  to go round. There are too many professional politicians already, and to increase the number would but  make matters worse.  Thk structure of the embryo of the grains of wheat  and barley recently obtained from Egyptian mummy  cases, has been scientifically examined. The result  is as anticipated, that aitlumgh the grains have undergone but little change in external appearance, and  the reserve substance* hive retained their chemical  composition, the chemical composition of .the embryo  has been completely altered and is no longer capable  of de velopmenL The dormant life of the seed must  long ago have expired, and this must be taken as entirely disposing of the apocryphal statement that  t hese seeds can germinate after thousands of years.  A liCHJSK of asbestos is the newest thim*- out The  'many advantages possessed by this peculiar mineral-  fibre is bound to bring it into prominence:iji structural  work; It is proof against lire and water, is as hard  a*'slate, and yet eatt.be nailed and planed like a piece  of wood: The substance is very light, and is an excellent insulating material against heat and cold.     It  :i  if  V  >.  ���l  i  *   1  i *  i  ,1  I.  1  S3  S*  ftf$v$f  ��.'  ^ . .ta    .-.,��.   ^   ^H|  . _w>.^>   ���n- ��.-flr ^"*  ^.*-F. *. f-��  , .���,>��������.      -.��������-.r -* -r%���     >1 -T :~r:]-' :.A��yAAS&&  'yyMm  THK. NELSON-: ECONOMIST  ' K* ' 4"  & & J3Sii$f  ?a  i o Iff. s�� &  i$ Yfrv probable that asbestos will l>e extensively  usidrin the housebuilding-of the immediate future;  except in Chicago : t|ie material would be too light  for the wiudv city.  California is tlireatened with a Belgian hare pest.  Less than a year ago the entire state ��� wiitf. Helgian hare  mad.    Prize stock was imported at exorbitant prices,  newspapers devoted much space to booming an industry Which was to rival the mineral wealth of Cdijoruia  and thousands of rabbitries were started throughout  the state    The craze, however, is now over,  and too  many who went into the   "industry-"   expecting to  make mone/, have discovered  that they can lose as  much in the business as in any other.      An effort to  create a demand for the hare as focxi has not proved a  success ; the flesh has  been pronounced unpalatable  and unwholesome       For this reason breeders have  become disgusted, and are turning their hares loose to  forage Tor   themselves.      The  wonderful   fecundity  shown by the hare in  California has had much to do  in killing the business of raising them.      It is estimated that there are more than   ioo.ooo of the little  animals in the state at present.      Not only dp they  multiply at a wonderful rate, hut they are hardy and  do well in theopen, hence the great danger of turning  them loose.     Our neighbors in California should not  forget the annual rabbit drives  of a few vears'. .ago,'  nor fail to profit by the  sad experience of Australia  and New Zealand.  IT is announced the Duke of Manchester has been  adjudicated a bankrupt, having tried in vain to compromise with his creditors.      It is a pity to  see  the  nobility of old England in the bankruptcy court,   but  still they must be taught the wholesome lesson to live  within their means.     This is what, other people have  to do, and there should be no exception made in favor  of "blue-bloods."      The Duke says  that   the family  estates are so heavily mortgaged that the receipts only  suffice to pay the interest.      This is".very ..unfortunate,  for the Duke,   and cognizant of the fact,   he will find  it difficult to justify his action in incurring liabilities  exceeding ��i5,000.    His grace says that his relatives  allowed him /70 a month, which is ample   for any  honest gentleman to live on I comfortably in England.  It is the etceteras that involved the Duke of Manchester, Ike too many more  of the English nobility and'-  aristocracy, in bankruptcy.     The sooner they realize  that they are responsible beings, and act accordingly  the better will it be for themselves and all concerned'  The Duke comes of a very extravagant  family, and  he appears to inherit this undesirable trait of character without the means to honestly indulge it.  An industrial commission is sitting at Washington  whose object is to devise ways and means to prevent  such calamities as, for instance, the coal miners*  strike In Pennsylvania. The strike inaugurated in  the anthracite region last week throws some M,nnr  men out oi work, and it we assume that each of'h*-  his on m average three persons dependent on hi  tBis would give 568,000 persons as direct sufferers by  .v.;  lbe:iroublef::afii  'iOMkfi^nbta'to  ':,;reasoti-of-thelock*out;a-  i'-'oftHis-cias^  ���ate,th*t^  ���:./%btna.te':^  \ and; worse,;^  ;���;��� this all.-.;,-;-.-No <HS��::%reatU l  pothers.: ;;.^  ... -aud i nsyaspathy^ii^^j^:risef;, tip goes freight 1  ; mahnfacture.-of wh^ "J  :: used by, t he ordi nary..;Consumer-��-i��; fact, an all^.  ' advaueedn-eve^^^  ; jjessand- vi>c*ir;';Ayives;:;iuS  ; kings do nor .wantt'te  :; miners-and  ,,munity:';i-t'larg  ��� idle men and -their-:,!ami  : this enlightened  sible. :..��� ComptdisatyM^  VreftiedyJ/'-a^^^^   " -���'���'-    'A  '������ -'  ���.������''...���*-'" :- .-���y^A-r--:-:A:----A'\'iAMMA;AA:'A7--,y--:'A- <-'-^:;- --y'i 'M----  Zcala mi for' t ItcTpitst^  . work^tisfaet^  ��� la w sh mi Id./-pro*e :;b*operitivmm$i$j��M$\j^i  ������, t he commtssiouaabove  - for me r 1 y ���.;. a; mem t^ty#f  was examtpedt::.and.';::t^!ifi  ; sory'; a rbitraiioo :"iirttiat,  ploy'ees and; emplbytm"very  their cases before  ' 'bad; case���if "he: willanot  manflaMf:the".p^rt:of hl$  tratorsVawafd writhe ;:;%a^^  hand, the'employees'-" are--i^Tkelyri-lo  an reasonable, a nd.-. for::a-iiMe;;!^as��>n  courts of New' Zealand^    appear :'in. them���do;^nbVf:'iSxS^  wages iol^paida'^  that a. -workman .of-exceptiotiaWbit^  mand:hU-price'-'/...--Siic^  would check the ..ever-recurrent  evils which a 1 ways, -foliowin-ii^f$$W-  SH  5M.^a-if|rH��fB  it b|it::;;t|;|:;e|te^'  yJ||$|to;.Wa^e  ileftdW;;fo;;ti  ;;if;;;^  ;i-to;;::a';':r^soaaye  M:*r,  Ai^��  .<tWt^A*W)W^.frt4*u^^lWKJW��- .**m<ct^,.  RTmf'.mo.r'c and.; greater'forttt^  mining jthan in arty;other-sittijieVi^^^.^*^^SlO  haps the brewery and-, distillery,; -is;, generally,^  stood.      An exchange calls atterHioti to the j^ctt  the very rich men inlhe  United  States Senate * ,  made their fortunes from mines.     Senator Clark.  Montana, probably the richest '���mat 1 in Congress,  his money in mines;      He is  said to be wortn   }\  where from $100,000,000 to twic^/that s\m<   & ^  Hanna'sli^.ooo^ooo was largely derived &���*! .  mines.   Senator Jones of Nevada is worth fl0>^'  in gold and silver mines, and Senator Elgn,s ��   ^  Virginia, is rated at $7,000,000,; made in coulan��^u  operations.      McComiell, from the Sacrantot) M*  is reputed to te worth $20,000^006; all dug ^^J  coal mines of Pennsylvania, In Canada, too, lor    1  have been made in mining, if not so <^IoS^1faS||e^  quoted for the senators  here mentioned, never  ^M  ifrf-:.v^uS:i" THE NELSON ECONOMIST  pectahla fortunes.    In our own Province of British  Iuinbia!- the Dunsmuirs have made millions in coal  ,;</   Then there are scores of men in this country  lose^vealjh- ru.iu well into six figures, all made out  '^idslj Columbia mines.    And there will be others,  ���v���others, who will make fortunesoutof the mines  tllc K HTteiia vs      The mineral wealth of the region  stahteiHal. All that is needed is a little patience,'  i'itle���'.capital. ��� ai lot of energy, and then���fortunes.  ���;,�� luVerased to be a mere matter of chance. The  lustry has arrived at that stage when a man can  e!v di^ ii<* init as lie would in any other legitimate  sinoss,' witti .the prospects of profit for greater than  u.stjallv.'nfxm to the ordinary investor,  *<-*���*$  it'-hat  x'Ausiraa the temperance advocates are not seek-  'a���ar.ihaatioVr, law,  as in   this country : they are  omi.iii ' th-*   wi<er  n\ul   more   rational   course', of  ���cat'nu' tlieaeoideon the evils of intemperance*    An  pcal.t" u-.a-^u is   more effective than  one   to ��   de-  sved ap;>-/iii��a      The police  authorities 'have been  ered t-�� ..sMst  the Workingmen's Aid Society of  .stria in ihe distribution of pamphlets entitled Away  th'Ah-'-n-I      This pamphlet gives official statistics  ik\\-:>> a- -la^w that evcrv sixteenth'man who dies  v dies from what is popularly known in  laaauiaN un "fjeer heart,'*���fatly degeneration of  he.ut    tad aa.u oj? per cent of iht: patients in the  ane a^aaas arc  lecruited   from drinking people,  esev.rf *-.avinving   arguments   against the   liquor  Hie; a:.a .a1 <\deuhited to do more to suppress ex-  sive !iv  ������ *a.mutants   than the  extreme measures  jnca.p:- laaaa aists would adopt.      In Ontario they  -d  temperance lessons into their school  nnilai ph\n might lie adopted in British  : ���alvaata.ee. - It is far easier to educate  i'-tnperauee  than  to force total abstin-  a:si> have acquired a taste for alcoholic  ve aa, .m,  stein  Huumi.t ,i.  yi/.u::,* a  (tea. !;:< -  fuors cua  ��� ^ a lu'verajje.  i\   1     >,*\   i_   ^xwawi  Tn  w, c:r  M  moKt dimmssed in hn:a! political circles  1 h(" 1'"(m--mI..!  certain  Rossland   labor  lenders to  cc an i:aa-a-5*dent candidate   in the   field.    .It is  nm\!,v- ",n'r that a  labor candidate would be dis-  '"*?s:" Ni'   Galliher. while ot Iters believe Mr, Mc-  ai  ������� wouid -���. tj)c krre.Uer snffcrcn   thk Economist  "   ,'V:1V^ ',,,:-t'-nde<l that iu a Federal campaign the  '"a1'1'' '���'���" "-d divide about   even,  and  it now be-  SES3,7 Ul11 !;:v 'm',inPt to run a  labor 'candidate will:  sew. \if\'j*' 11 ��� a  l$$$t        l M':i"l^spbt ���{��� the ranks of organized labor  p^MamM<' tn ,MiC Sj(lc or the other'in the middle of a  IWaH%�� mi zed-  Lev*!"*  usift.* ;: j;     , .  ^^.i)rkj);!!nUlj to nf>te the  coutinuauce: of casualties5  '.,!'>m So,,'h Africa, and the number of deaths  200 per week,  that the war is  ,._,,., , l,,��s'heretofore made that the British  ���a';.aVe 0r " '"KT War liave '^en small compared with  .'."��� i[ })v (; lr! <,,,lnP5t��gns, does not appear to be borne  ���a \;'   "   " v     A  peculiar feature in  the returns is  wnuM  ]Km. IV tendency .'to minimise the  ,!hi,r V(,te influence in future election con*  ... .;>;J;i,,, ���-.��..   iiuK.l,  -UUU. WtC fill  ^vl\\ ii11"-'   hnspita1s'   ^^regating  C:a^'   ,,,    ln l;lrer'f the statement tl  that the officers, in proportion to numbers, suffered  more seriotisly than the rank and file. Careful calculations show that of the officers in South Africa 72.1  per thousand have been killed or have died from  wounds, and 30.6 per thousand have died from disease. Of the rank and file 19 per thousand have been  killed or died from wounds, and 31:.8 have died from  disease. These startling statistics not only illustrate  that while officers and men have suffered, approximately, equally from disease, the risks of the officers  in action have been hugely disproportionate; The  Boers have proved themselves excellent marksmen,  and the British officers excellent marks  /��*.  Ihhkh are very fe��v changes to report in the political situation. At the time of writing the prophets  place the date of election.any day from November 6 to  November 22. It certainly appears as if the Liberals  have some inside information with regard to the date.  In every constituency the Liberal machine has been  set in motion," And so far as our Liberal friends are  concerned the campaign is now om  The retail merchants of Toronto Inve decided to  fight the departmental stores through the royal com-a  mission on taxation, and with this object in vievy have  resolved to raise a fund of $5,000 for the purpose of!  compiling and producing evidence to show the  ruinous tffieet of these establishments upon the retail  business of the city and province generally.      The!  �� "'      1,        *i , af:  Economist has frequently alluded to the evils of the|  departmental stores'as felt even so far west as British  Columbia, They enter into unfair competition with  our western store keepers, and seem to enjoy every  facility for so doing. A one cent postcard carries the  order to Toronto, and from that point the parcels post  is at the service of the departmental store to carry its  goods to every quarter of the Dominion.' We wish  the retail dealers of Toronto every success in their effort to force the departmental stores to contribute a "  fair revenue to the public exchequer, in proportion to  the number of departments represented under th*  roofs of their huge establishments.  "I     *  1      A  Thrkk months from date the new passenger depot*  of the C.l\R* at Nelson will, it is expected, be ready  tor use.      The contract   for   the  building   has been  awarded to Mr. John Hepburn,   which is a sufficient  guarantee that  the work will be   well  done  and on  time.    Tenders are also invited for the erection of new  and commodious freight sheds at the depot,   work on  which will be commenced forthwith aiid  pushed to  a:orapletion.     There is a significance about these extensive improvements which cannot but tell in favor  of Nelson.    It is clear that the CPaR appreciate the  importance of the citya?s a business centre,  and as a  matter of business are providing for the ever-increasing traffic.      A look over the railway ground at the  west end of the city indicates the  permanency of the  improvements the big corporation are making, and if  there is anything in the prophetic,  the C.P.R.  management can see as for ahead as anyone      They are  convinced that Nelson is the most important point in  the Kootenays, and are practically demonstrating their  confidence in the future of the city.  IV AC?  a- r'^  &*-  :  & is  a 'a d -'  ��� '* '   J\  �� %r �� r 1  ��� ���? *  f  ��� y ����  J-  14  in ;i  �� ^ 'il  ��  -  rf*  I lit  4 '*'\l  #  ���?  ���������if!!  \S&t<  ���s  "si  m  AmM&ri  i$$&*  sfifevasaisj!  MAmi*?'**  .a*fkelk  MA  ft*  ia. .--AAAA^'S        ��75^  AAAW. V $  :lili#'^  114.V. ���;K��.-;,A:ffi*? ^.^*-l���  .:���,;..-;.>.4...,-r4...,V4��k J 1  4->.. ���. 4i-...-,iWv;SL* *| ���*  ...7.:,.;..:.....-4-4..;)t4*.. ������     * ��  Amm ?\  -mmm ^ m  * �������� t;  ���V;.  i %;  ��� ' 'p (>?���.���' J'iji.",-"'"''' ��V".�� ��� "���-  ^"^ '-iKVf^h^-'^i' ��� ��-��.a  *.**���*���t*i    ��� hf ^       L  ���nr-  ��� ���t-����� -w -�� 1  * T     *"Tf   ���      ��>��� *    **���    *-��������>* -a X If  ^������������tf.��� ���q.y^,.... -  pa?- la  6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  MINING   NEWS  SLOGAN CITY  From the Drill.  Two ore cars were taken up to the Speculator on  Tuesday.  The Enterprise fraction is to be-surveyed for a  crown grant.  ���With the Speculator and Arlington combined, there  are about 150 men on the payrolL  Oscar McMillan has the contract for packing tip  the material for the Chapleau tramwayv  A.S.;"Farwell is applying, on behalf df the owners,  for a crown grant on the IJda fraction a  Crown grants are being applied for on the Rosebud  Graphic, Graphic fraction and Balsam  The owners of the Black Prince sent up a number  of men on Monday to straighten up "tlungs around  the property.  Ore is constantly being   broken down at the   Two  Friends and a second carload will  soon l>e ready  for  >tnent.  a'   ���".������ a a  lead     The total amount, of moriev ^ .  bonk by the smelter for the ore w�� f8**" *  a net return of $100 to the ton, 9l6,S  camp before the snow con^T 7m *?'*  done with the Evening Star �����;��� "h  but it fa fu.lv   cxpKJ^'���� P �� �� b  sumed. Their are six claims i��T Kroun - *  there i. a. first class 8ieam pIant���S^*!  pump ������d drill, together with good but^  man, shaft �� down ,73 fcct, with ��� ^  posure of ore for 100 feet.   J-n-e ton, o'or !���  out during  development netted fr��� J   '  toRethcr $15,000 has been expended o.Vthe  Star.  t ���     -Ii  'AM  A small shipment of three tons of ore was brought  down on the boat Tuesday night. It came from the  Ethel fraction a on ���...Eight Mile, andwas bille<l to  Kelson. ���.;-.        - -. .'������#; .;.  Assessment has just been completed on part of the  Alphine group yet to be crown granted, and. the results are equal to the past high reputations. Samoles  of the quartz have been broughtdown and tl.ev are  freely studded with gold The ledge is six feet be  tween. walls and traceable through  several claims,'  Oscar McMillan has secured the contract   from the  Warner Miller people to pack ore from the  Smu^ler  group, at the head of Ten Mile  to sW��� l-lke ���    His  first haul will be 20 tons, upon which he started in on  Monday.      I he ore, from the assays made, will   r(ln  Upm the hundreds of oZ in silver.     Tllc   Smu-gler  w.H add another to the listof shippers in this divisL  Frank L. Byron, of   Silverton,   has secured-a' six  months  lease  on the well   known Howard  FractioV  group, .on Gold   Hill,    Lemon creek       He In,   (  men employed taking   out   ore and   -. A ���     '    ''  . ������������     , b     "��������� "le<<UK'   a shiDtnent  will  be made at an  earlvdate. "    c"\ Ulli  ....- ^:-^Rtn^S^n^^^)^;.;.^^:^|  and 1 group, on 'mAmm^;'timAm^  partners: ^Urp^Sdp^niog^^the: '.property'  retutning home lie Ha* haiJinuttibcr of  :^:*��n^.-;.frk^  the gronpand   theal*^l^^alrto;���;wrprJ$ilw',  ^niplw ;frQma*&e;^  "went $6*p*a::^heireyi|^  went $^A9^A:::AAAAAAAAAaMMAA  aa   ���A-yy:::jA:yAy;Ak0:MAiSAAAAAMM:  ���-������-   ������. .-....-.,.<:... .��.-5- ,yyW^'^^r~ic y''-:y-y,f',-  -..-���������.     - ������������;   ���      ���- ' '. '-������- ��� '��� -��������� -\A -,y nM--''i:-AA''y?yyy;-yy:.'-'-AA-M. A-r -:������;- ������-������ *������.: aav-:'-  a-'" -: .a:'''m^ ysA^AfmM^^m&A'^ %^:-''aaaa  \ ;���;.        -aa:af.'roi^  mm  .,.;���:A portiona: of the  ceived. 'very:Tittle-:  ���gards- mirntig,;,;-it-:;that  ict which has r?|  from the press as $  surrounding the m[  bustling. li��f<b:^  since- the. Ga-& Waarndt^^^  withdrawn  mem,  .of Gladstone are tie  am lead !#!?  a 1  lying north of iW  base ore, pyrrbotS  "is tlie Orion  This is one  The  The recent strike on the Ladv   Franklin r,r, ,  the head of Lemon creek, 1S a great dea      *      P"   *  at fost reported.     The pavst^  wide there being but litUequartz mixe   !nU^!T  .s imples of which have been brought to tow       V       '  affair, carrying small gold values     The otla r  iron cap, and the recent discover- w��� ,       y'd"  and only six foet .from the surface    .'rh/Ia'tC .* this  ; feet wide and has been traced  / The returns have been received from ah,    i ���  of ore made by the Two Friends   last "week      'T?'  figures are highly encouraging.   A fraction'lC h  40,000 pounds was sent to Nelson the   c  ,   "  , *���   dd-A,  '-'y."       ., iK~   ba-mples'.fr()in��  a trifle higher than 160 oz in silver   <^<\ *  <XUil 33 per cent.  since- the C. & W  "construction their gnngs  ' .being develn|ied in the  Buckingham,  upon   which   b a  mineralised ;   the   Grusdv  jr  ���'Buckingham, work on u lead o  iron and copper sulphide,  .:Lying north of the Grkafy B  by Grant   Bros,   of Gladstone,  '-.best developed properties in'the  are now in the midst of negotiations   with an  company for the sale of this claim upon which a W  iignrc is placed.  No work b being done at present on the pr  of ^ John Bull Mines, Ud., butitraii p>~~~ ��r.,  wdl lx! started before the anttimn:h far advanced ^^  The showing on 'this property /is excellent, and *^g  indications are that with proper development li w1"' iA^  hecouie one of the producers of:'ihe Boundary.        ^V-  Lying nortbeast of the John Bjill mountain is Sor ^ ^  way mountain, upon which are ^located someff^ } jV J  claims, on one group -of which over :#,ooo; vvorth o ��^^  work has been'done with excellent:results;,;'  Li the Burnt Basin little work is being &>��e^  I>rcsc��t- The most ftilly -developed property |d!  that section are the Mother Lode, Unexpected, &*''  tact and Mystery,  although- oh several; othe^ g1  robability ^^  j a  ^^Ilfr^w��^*4iTV*o��f^rtnrtw4^?��i-��*e��  !^j"  lia...  1 ^U^^.. V.~Oa*��  ���. .  :^-/''.^  . .1  1  ���^" ' 4_ -    ^   V ^ -��� 1  2i THE NELSON ECONOMIST  .'���'. .nuiiieral  have l��en   uncovered.     Much of  "a,, the Basin is free milling,   though there k  ore  imv grade ore in  abundance  NELSON.  'he  Directors    of   the   Athabasca   Gold   Mine,  ited, have -declared a dividend of one shilling per  ���a   or"tive 'per   cent, on the capital stock  of the  'j^ijv,"pavai>le <m   the  first Octolier,   under   the  c^c'\in:cvons!Tuction   lately    carried'out;   the  ,0]ul cal] af one shilling !>er share (originally fixed  the",sih'.Se;��tem��)er and subsequently postponed),  dUonWobcr iSth.      In the case of the   Cana-  r,j   s'harehhiders.   and   in order  to save   them tin*  fcarvurauhlr. (he following plan will Ik? adopted :  ������nil'share.-*:*>n which  only the   first call hati   been  ji(j,::..ihe;.rccei|��t for the second  call will lie sent to  jeauaaa's nfthe   share* as   registered iu   the  com-  iny's.biK^a, as MH>u'  alter the Iinst  of October, as  ksihle. a'��h all-shares on which  two (or three) calls  jve haav paid   the   dividend will be paid by bank  (eck m ihe-rcgistere<l owners of such shares,,    This  fgoad news for X-dson as it is practical proof of the  laeral , wealth    of the    district.     Other  dividend  [vers will soon be on the list.  The .Ymir correspondent of the Nelson Miner  anishes the following; particulars :  During the-greater ..'part of laft month the full com-  .emesataa' '.So-stamps .were in operation at the Ymir.  tiring that time 4.650 tons were crushed,' producing  540 minces of bullion and 29S tons of concentrates.  lie-shipments 'consisted of 27S tons of concentrates,  isidesAvhifh 20 ton* of concentrates and the same  mount uf crude ure.are h>aded for shipment. The  Ulreceipts for tlse month were $t*;.6oo and the ex-  uses���$n,���{hh>. - Besides these receipts, however, the  ���islanding, carloads' of concentrates and crude ore  ring tlit-total output for the 'mouth Up to $57,15*'  l��e-pro:n a,a the mouth is tints S25.U0 With the  i'�� ^>Mamas now  .running   recti hul'v   the  monthlv  o  ;ut].>ut trran the mine will reach   $50,000. with a   net  rulit ai ahbu.t $^5,000.      The total output   this year  ������ 1 .)������'�����������     ���   ���  -Miuie,nas. inaai about'25.000 tons, which    places the  '^esccondnnly to the Le Roiiu British Columbia."  I: ���Anoiher.rich.strike h:is been made on the Venus  a  ^tletartbrrdovvn. the hill than   the point at   which  1*ratu��t.,s-;ue }HMng carrjcti on      A slmit vvj|| \^ sunk  > mediately .auhe new vein, which promises to prove  |^ en riclua than the others.   Arrangements are being  f��i?a(k' t(j:^t.i!i' a m.wv stamp-mill.  M ille '^niaiac, at Ymir\ will soon he a regular ship-  Sg   ���      neiv are sonic 14,600 tons of ore in sight, and  |^c ����i!|ut, it is calculated/ can  be treated at.  $7 .per  ^^.^���hu-h would leave a profit of $% so.  :a^    K- u d.e<,x is reported to   have  been   bonded Tor  ���r' * *"^)iOca.  of  1 ���".' a      ���.-������,... ���  &el^1X:!ti,MlaI r,old ^ Silvcr  Mining Co., Ltd.;  ;Hro:   ]' 'l)</ makin�� arrangements, to-- have the "..��� Ajax  ;L   ''-(Ml    ainarae Mountain, surveyed and crown-  i'uUted     aa  v     w Property.adjoins the Tamarac mine,  ; ' um^a(t win he let in a few days for the sinking  of the shaft on the Bird's Eye.     Recent assays taken  from across the ledge ran as high as $44.  A cyanide plant is being installed at the Athabasca.  Work on the Glad Hand group, at the east fork of  Cottonwood Creek, will be resumed next week, sinking the maiu shaft.  The bonding ofthje Robin Hood property on Cottonwood Cieek is causing quite a stir on the creek.  Practical men who have been over the ground say  that Cottonwood will soon be established as another  of Nelson's rich ore beds.  '?��  ROSSLAND.  The heaviest shipments in the history of the Rossland camp were those-of last week, totalling 7.484  tons The Le Roi is shipping well under its capacity,  owing to the fact that the smelter at Northport is not  yet in condition to handle a full output Neither the  War Kagte nor the Centre Star have resumed shipping. The Rossland Great Western will begin to send  out ore on the first of next month. It is expected  that before the close of the year the output of the,  mines will have reached 200,000 tons per week. The  following were the shipoienrs up to Saturday last :  Week's       Tonnage  Tonnage Year to Date  '*��� 11  M^ffi  r *-  Mink.  * j  ��� ��. *>  <1        4        ^        4 ^ ���> *����*�����*���**��� W        W IT       fc %        * ���      ^  ��.        + +        �����***. A      ���#���*.���*-      ���  Le Roi,  War Kagle.**.. 1   v.<eutte ot a r. .��**..������.��..����*��..����..*���.  1 ron *viask.*+����^����*��.��.��..��������.**...***.  lvventng otar......,.���..+ '.......��*..*��  %loute Christo.*. .,-.��� *   478!  2372  ���    *��� ��   ��   1  I08,50|  IO,i  I2,<  mi  273;;  ,#��t��     ���*<*.*4t*9    ���'���-�����  iron Colt...r.  Giant,  >��<>��* * ��* *  *���������***���*  4     *    *    +     ���   V   *    ���    fc    *     ****������*     **������*     *i��****tffc��*  270  61  '!>  Total-  *   *   ��kr*��*   *****  ^   1K f  . ��   4   ��   4   *���    *.���**�����    ��   >   t   �� A    i    J^ *>L \��f -&.  ^590  ��    :^:;8o:;  136,376  aa^^||||||.  laaK'aaslis?-  ?5aM;a|^!  a,,aaaisa^Si��*  ailliliil  :;'-!<(;.v  BOUNDARY CREEK;  As the firsi immediate result of the successful in-  animation of smelting at the Granby smelter, it is  said that the different enterprises controlled by the  Miner-Graves syndicate iu Phoenix Camp/including  the smelter at Grand Forks, are to be consolidated ipto  one great corporation, with a capital of $15,000,000or  $20,000,060.  Work iu the mines throughout the Boundary continues brisk, but there is nothing special to note during the week.  Ai%B  YVrv interesting services in connection with the  Salvation Army Harvest .Festival will be held in the  liarr.i^ ending  Tuesday October 2nd: Some special features will  be the decorations; selling of useful and fancy artieles,  harvest songs/ auction sale oL children, aid ren^sh-  ments* including coffee and cak*.    All are cardinally  invited, 'a  Rev Father Drummond, one of the most elaqueac  men of the Church; will deliver a lecture i-h.'Nelson on  Monday evening next on,  kk The   Irish iu   S uuh Af  rica.  *.��  There is a treat in store dor all who attend.  '���A  U^'-Jr'':' w  wmwl  A-fm  m  8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  llts  it A  s#  m\  ��m  HIS is a story' told on one oi our local 'dentists  He was working in a country town tor a few  weeks helping a triend. One day a farmer came in  a bip- muscular chap���and as he sat in the operating  chair asked,".'.V Will it hurt ?'V Being in a jocular  mood he of the fbrcips answered, ������" Wcib.if It;aioesn4t  I shan't charge you ...anything;*" Then he fell to work.  ���TinTTooth came even harder than he expectecL and as  the man got up Irom the chair and pulled himself to*  aether in evident pain, the dentist asked, '/Well, did it  hurt ?" " Not a bit," replied the farmer as he sinxle  out of the office, leaving the operator minus a lee -and  '  completely non-plussecl.  And this reminds me of another little storv on somewhat.the same lines.    An -Irishman living in a section  of the Emerald Isle visited onlv once   a quarter bv a  dentist, was troubled with a had tooth-ache^..���'������,'''.He determined .'he. would have thetooth extracted,   but the  dentist was not due for two months to come; and tins  seemed a long time to stiller,  and the  ache had;������ cvi-  dentlycome to staya    In his agony Pal vveht into the  village and told his troubles to the���-druggist,''-requesting that individualto   -yank'it'out'.'   The druggist  was' not disposed to undertake the job,   but the sufferer was persistent.    Finally the .man was placed in  an ordinary chair,   and the druggist-- n muscular 'fellow-��� proceeded to operate.      He fastened ..his 'farcins  on the particular tooth   indicated; as  the seat  of augment, and pulled and pulled, and twisted and twisted,  holding on to the tooth although his poor ..victim was  wriggling around the  store  in agony.-.   ;\t last  the  tooth yielded to the sheer force brought to .bear-upon  it.    When Pat had sufficiently recovered U speak, lie  asked the druggist his charge,;wastoldone shilling.  and paid it over.      The next  time he h?d a tooth \'}  be drawn he waited for the dentist.     'rhatgenUeman  put him in .'the chsir,  and with a slight scieiitihc jeih  removed   the  offending' member.      ��' Flowmuclr?"  asked Pat.   " Five shillings, please," replied Vjx>der~  tista   "What ["exclaimed Pat, ���������' Five shillW  ye only gave won  little  pull !      That   da'ise  capable.     She Wa3 ably assiste<i.,.  tenor of great sweetness and range ���� v\  a first class baritone.     Owing to L "   *' A  Opera House was not .vdhbj ,be7F 7*  panv holding the boards there.   Nfe'*,,,  scqucn.ly obliged to appear it, p^*-* "��  two such attractions on u lhe MIDe tim  J*  c��lt to make , *lMmu    ��� ����*  ��> ��*���      I he I-reneh Company fi���ishe<i      *  gaj;cmciit on Saturday njo-'  Wi  KchkI houses.     There was a change of pJon  every mght      R- B. French .nd hwcom^J  ways sure of a good reception in N> '  "-���'���; flowed ;to:;-ap^  ���v '^'O'we^  ;   tt;.a;-;:\\^hat..>ya$;:.ibe^  ..'-siightest;idea,,,;::;;^  ��� af{^!<^  ���.aftmnvgoing^^^^  ;:detect.; ���:;'.'��� A,ntl;;'?Iretf��� M&$^^  fro;ni a.-^f^.;tcr;a^^  ^.ordina^  ? q o^ who:  .- 't ^ /b'ijWe^  ��>f .-'i uteTestlt%:..history,;.*  ���Away b^  -. iicdan- act.ress,r;--v.a'flie  , toe-ordeal; ;UKl.:tfae:^  . try .for iier son, /PrTi^  .empress. -. ,:1 Vsatisfy dier^  'pec.nl h r .��� womn n". issped a deeri^  ��� ot. death.-by. the siyord.ofM^  ���of her sex toa^ppear.^^  me, no ope,'", said theempre&:d��^^  day "no . woman-wittim-'^  dared, to-test the srre?fgt.li-..0f:l!er;:decree  ���3  ns t   an  c-��t   man  down the street there pulled mcscif     -t  ���'"'   "^  an ;al!hfe��xed��efbr,waa.:tvo���-shi���i^I^n^  dsntly thought he.had,not Vnt vf.i... c.A ���      'U: CVI'  d^ritly thought he bad  !��">�� value for hiVinonVv  from  Here is another siirili,wr  Hrstanling .announcement,   this ,,me  a  Cambridge  paper : 'aVini,..  spectab1eraanto,ookaaera,arden;;!J";;'a',y   R'  Verily the Clriuenc are a peculiar people. n��dlv��ji  much regret  to observe that these peculiar people are v  rapidly increasing in nnml>ers in Nelson. A fewyr^  agnth'Tv did not seem to me to l>e a score  man in the city : now there are several imwird, 3��l  still they come.     Wson has now its Chinatovvn-W-  eyesDic in every city in the west.  Up to a few nv  �����K'^ the C-destial invaders   were scattered nil over*,  city, and <\'h\ n<>t appear to be numerically strong; ^��p  who   has a good   voire onri ,t-  b   ^   ^Olu. and is  accustomed u  U'lik  ;j   rf)yv'  the choir.- That cow ought to;;';;;;;''s,,,��i,i  moneyto the proud  owner of i,er.     '  ii   a lot   of  The Edith J.MHler Concert Co   V,,,.    ���     ���  son last week,   was fully as good �� K '" X'<:'-  believe it would be. Miss Miller ha* a cln ^ !c<l u'  which fairly captivates her audience ^mJ vol��  at each of the concerts were such as tr " m",,,s  r^cope for that fullness of expressi'n of' ^^  since they have been obliged to live in one particularly  quarter it is a surprise to many to know thai lhcPig'|^  tails arc so mmienms in our midst. MTp lo date *J^|  Chinamen of Xelson l,nvc contented themselves��*'  Hu: w��,rk about hotels and l>oarding houses, la����*^  -"id the raising ruul peddling of vegetahlcs. Onsimj'  lar lines they initiated themselves in other coming  ties which have since become Chinese strong0*  Slowly perhaps,, but surely, John Chinaman Pusll^f^  Ins way into other branches of business. 'Heget^  sewing machine and starts in making jeans, sino*  \ rrti *n-i**��|r-r����rw vi^ykmw* **^r����t*��j ^^^ _*,^     ���  I.  i  \ -"  *,v^��� Ci r (���.^���tuNiwi^mi'wmt of ("I?** THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  ,.rs etc a then he becomes a tailor, and will matce  wd'siiit nf clothes at half the price a white trades-  vai(hir^c    because John can live at one fifth  '���jji \si a v..a   .'r>  * * **  I cast; iu -will next supply you with gents' furnish-  - vtui'recommend vou to one cousin who will  ��pair ayofir sjmes or make you a pair to order; to  iio'tlier cousin who will saw your wood, kalsomine  ."l,ouse,-, paint your fence, dig your garden or a  |ra,���.���'clean c��nt vmrr office- -in fact do anything that  whiteaala can d*��. Then you will be told of the  i,;.^sHouerv. whereto secure your tickets, ofthe  .citi;i:ic*!i -'fJan-tau, and if you wish to experience  !lie.ver*sati^rvS'��i the opium-pipe the obliging China*  .uii will-direct y<��u to where you will t>e accommo-  ;ue'��i; - ���, Thysv tallows are a bane to<my community,  mi a<sitch>'lviuld im: discouraged. r They will 'prove  .Nelson, as',,they have proved elsewhere, a nuisance  1- a.:detriment to the' working man and working:  ivomim..."������'..\'eb<��n now ha* her Chinatown, aud I am  In  lorrv'lar'U.  .Now-disco ve lies are being mule every day,      The  latest is. that u-unv ������{" the fires that have destroyed the  riisvon-the. ranges  jn Manitoba and   in the western  hn of Da'kfUa. have U-etr started bv the concentration  !" the ravs uf the sun   noon  broken   tmttles that are  icaitenai freelv ab*:;i; t he cattle trails and wagon roads.  ismerot*Vine> have been started far awav   from hu-  :um hamus.aeVi habitations���miles l>evoud the reach  ! sparks i-ru'ni. tije smokestack of a locomotive���and  aimers, mid- ranchers have   I wen   so mystified   as to  iaararu;aathat several investigations have been m$de.  A hen a lira has hi-eii traced to its source,   in' almost  very aa'aaae: .j   ia^ken bottle  has   been   found with  vKleiuaa araund u to ct��nvince the imesdgators that  t was tiaaaau^' of the mischief      "I be  curved  glass  [\vasa��"'usai w\ m\aU a position as   to .focus the rays of  litmus waa a tuit ni dry hunch   irrass and, start a  Jbima   -I-idwuys knew that there was trouble in a full  h;rai< of a o>w hoy, but I never suspected  Pwxn emj.ty.on*. was capable of such mischief as a  Ipaiirie inc.  ;'n<i talkn^ ai new  discoveries, mv attention was  *     11     i  Tw< [i' 1n<''het a tew ddvs ago,    A new disease has  ;^na,i,|ed f"t'hpl.,ujr iist 0f i||j, to  which flesh is  'Mr, and curiiiuslv enough it has nothing to d> with  ���,-���'.        ��� ,!,,> s,lt<       It is a disease  from which J  ,!,nc U!u:iMlsn-nsiv suffered myself, and when I men-  10!1,the matter to my friends I find to mv horror that  ";'..- il;*> :ia. with lew exceptions, more or less afflicted.  ni.'iv Man* ���' V,? ��a; - * ��� . /���   .  �������� , u lllis J��cw disease has not one of those  Bjn)ia.."- "'':!u:> mysteriously significant/name's for the  SLa.  't!nn nl wll!cl1 ihe medical profession is suspected .:  V!iar"ivi" rv't.-     ' '   f"W    ' ' "'  ��iO*0ni-.^ ,'s   "ual"   vM- course the moneyed classes can ������  ^    ('t" mvr'leases" with aristocratic titles and a  patient becomes aware of them as he lies in bed in the  morning and gazes at  the wall-paper.      No matter  what the figures on that paper may be, provided they  are not mere geometrical lines, he presently discovers  that one of them represents a1 human face.     This is*  somewhat amusing at first, and the search for another  face or form is successfully made      The operation is  continued   morning   after   morning���the disease  is  developing���until many faces and forms are distinctly  traceable.     Then follows an effort to count each particular face or form and to'note the change effected by  position.     This apparently harmless exercise gradually  becomes   a   disease,  and the sufferer  getes so  infatuated with his study that he will lie a~hed in the  morning until roused from his reverie by some mera-  her of the household.    Then he will fein an afternoon  nap- irresistably attracted by those  faces and forms!  Next they will haunt him during business hours and  ' 4 ,4 /  in sleep, and then���well, another good man gone  wrong, another case for a louatic asylum. * Did you  . never hear children speak of the pictures they see on  the wall ? Just ask them what these pictures are, and  don't be surprised i( you find they have been traced on  the wall-paper.  1 .    (jr.  THE HOUSEWIFE'S FRIEND.  There are numerous inventions aiming at the relief  ol the wash-tub, household labor-saving devices.     A  welcome innovation in this line  is the Acme Steam-  Washer, just introduced in Nelson by Mr E. J Beau-  cage.      The washer is of tin,   and is made in various  sixes.    In the boiler proper, or steamer, is a revolving  drum,  |*erforted with small holes.     Into this drum  the clothes,   which   have  previously  been   soaked,  are placed*      The  washer  is put on the stove with  a couple of inches of water in the boiler, and as soon  as steam is up,   the cleansing process  begins.     The  dirt is thus forced out of the  clothes aud  falls in the  water beneath.      A few revolutions of the cylindar,  and all is over���the clothes are ready for the wringer.  The machine is provided with a close-fitting cover, so  that the wash-room  is not filled   with steam aud the  disagreeable odors of the wash-tub.    The Acme is an  indispensable washer.  It may be seen at Mr. Blaney's  store on Hall Street.  |fWn,il-r^s;throvvn i���.  The new disease of which  s M'H'-tr()m which, this" class suffer more par-  As } have said. I contracted it myself.     J  spoor n    ���     Uinvn ��f a ^se-of 'it in: the cabins of the  ���JSiiav im   -    U: tnlIUMS, bunkhouse.    It is not. as vou  % conic^ ".* ;l ^eoies of suspended animation. Now,  |nav}wr!]j  i  P��int*   tbe  inala<ly' of which I speak  JMiipiomi! /    wnlll)aPeritis or paternibbia.    The first  | S ai<' ���UCMtIe ajl<^ apparently harmless.   : The  P^iilarlv  Save "evert  ^a\  ELOCUTION.  That there is considerable  elocutionary  ability iu  Nelson i\�� evidenced by the decided taste displayed for  theatricals and the high-class ���recitations heard at the  ���rt'mate'ur aiU'e'r'taiiimerits which  are a pleasing feature  of the winter season.      Now and again tiie' rendition  a>f some  ambitious  piece shows   undoubted   natural  ability, an 1 leaves the  conviction that a little careful  traiiiing��� a little professional assistance���vv^uld make  a wotuieriully pleasing improvement.      It   is   nDt in  every comrnunity that :au aspiring elocutionist has the  opportunity  of perfecting himself in   this charming-  art.    Nelson is fortunate in this particular.      Mia  C,  :P, ��� McRostie.   a  thoroughly  qualified  teacher,   announces that he is  prepared to take  pupils  in eloeu>  '.tion'i including vocal��� -tr.aining,  physical culture,  articulation and gesture.    From tbe many who will avail  themselves of his services, a  decided improvement  uiav he expected in local literary entertainments.  ���*'  ���"���������.r ���   _.  ���i. -�����. ���  1   M. ^"���. * W���*      T^"  -*��� **.i r�� ^T v II-  f-.va^jj'  A^P$%  10  The ::S^6t^:^ W&&  ,<%  iii-  id  la  tfcl  SSi  i J3* ��**  ri  ��i  FRIDAY, Aug 24th, was the tbirtieih anniversary  of the arrival of the first expedition at For1  Garry, now Winnipeg, when the govemm^ttt of  Louis Riel collapsed. One of the column, W Pirrin.  a resident of Winnipeg, gave the following particulars  of the event to theWinnipeg rPree Pre$B: -  'V Thirty years to-day the dawn of the present prosperity first broke on the province of Manitoba and  Winnipeg, the occasion being the arrival in the settlement of seven companies of the first Batt. Sixth  Royal Rifles and detachments of the Royal. Artillery,..  Ro}ral Engineers and Army Service corps, with two  seven-pound field guns, altogether about 400 men;  under the command of Colonel, now Lord Wolselew  Field Marshal, Corapiander-iu-Chief of the British  army. The expedition was tor the purpose of reestablishing the Queen's authority in the country.  'aOu the night of the" 25th of August, 1870, the  whole of the regular troops composing the Red River  expedition, with about 50 boats, arri\ed somewhere  in the vicinity of Kildpnan. After making our  boats fast, we encamped on the hanks of the river for  ��� a        '' '-a  the night, posting an outlying picket with sentries  posted in extended order from the hanks of the river;  crossing the trail leading from the Upper to Lower  r Fort Garry. During the night one of the sentries  captured a scout from Fort Garry, He was kept in  confinement until we arrived in Fort Garry,     There  was a very  heavy thunder   storm during the night,  with very   heavy rain  " On the morning of the 24th we re-embarked in  our boats and rowed up the river to a point !*nween  St. John's and Point Douglas,, where��� wed'iscmhnrket!  for our final march. There were some men standing on the bank of the river who .said that Kit! was  in the fort, with a number of followers. We formed  up in quarter column. During the time we were  forming.up an Indian, in a verv nearlv nude state  full of ' fire, water,'tried to put his arms around one-''  . of our officers and wanted to kiss him  " We marched up the bank of the river to the  erel praue, and there stood the long talked of a��d  looked for Fort Garry, like a ship on the ocean with  its tall, bare flagstaff. We threw out two ' rom  pames.n skirmishing order. As we came near to  the fort we caught sight of a fleldgun o:, a platform^  over the north gate. ft was quite harmless \YU,U  we .were about half way to the fort thre,--���- f,Hlr  mounted men came galloping out of the. north ,-,���.  taking a westerly directton.    They were R,e, and' his  staff.  "On our arrival we found the fort   d.-s.-r'.-d       \y  marched around to the front gate and f,,,,,,,,, '���,,������ '  facing the river.     When the  front a,;iU. ....1)s .        '']  there were four or.five guns in a half-cm le   ,... nljMi,  towards the gate.     Our gunners   ran them ,'m   -^  fired a royal salute in   a downpour   of ram       Mi'.'"  an address by Col. Wolseley, and giving three clue"  for the Queen and Col. Wolseley,   we were   marched  into the fort, where the Union Jack was rehoisted on  aa  m  ...the-flagstaff  ^equery;.to:the'Qt^ P^b  ��� " '���'*������ .We,.. captureda;oneprtson.er^���;.a;'fiu,e  .;wbieh;.:witfv  ' where the ���regiment.was?  :men of Captaiir^  ;ate;ihe.. break%t.:preparedi  ���not.'think it  ' Assi oiboi ne ��� river.:a. reidy.;tO;take us;taciteaslon  arrivarotthe^cdunfe  I bus ended tin  .as  Oil  . -.wmji-sjaseftftwa- 'iK<m.��'�� ���> /imi*ddniMiyxaa*x  AW  AAm  MAf  M ARKVim 'm^mihpmiAy:,  In "Ghina....tiot:, raeret>*:.;>iheC;: llviW. are- marfici:3  ,   .    ,.   . v- _,        :���;/.   .vaa.a  r.-������.���'.' -,",;-'.<';'. !���������. .- a,  'aa - ..--.'v     ^^.        ���'.'���'iv.^a- --a. >���������- /fi.y.aa^f^  - the dead ��� also*;: 'a;Thus;  die'i'n:-inia.ncv;or;tn-l  ' married; \&i he^pirits:  /off at a .tike;early;;itge;  customary^ wberr/'be;)  all  m  4M-4'}%  M0  v. :;.v03A  -. for his '.parents'to. ItefcatS&iitt&hls?^l#iti3  . with''thai/of ^ m4  .. responded'.'.-do:' ,poipt$^ sad  . ��� I* or tb is ',purp*^e..^  and.-wlie'n-aaselectrf^ijjji^  ��� t ionar:y?s IbV'of'^tftS^  consulted..;.'aW^ *  hareseof^'^  the ^!<xtio'n |udiefe fe"  , tbe Mcnifiiai^tio^or  paper - .'figure, ;:���,."repre^tt^tjg^  carriage.S^tumerWpl^i^^  ��� -utst ' ��� ;.'.��� ���    .-, A:-;,   -a.. ':������'. ,.'-���'���.:', , a '.;' .   a.--aJ aa *' .a   . ��� ���.'. ���  his. -pn.mit.s '.hoti^  instaoces: bttr,:i;- ;bridatOcliajffia  ��� ��� ���  ������ '���' i ��� :(.  "-,'-..������. '-���-.-���a. ���.( ���:,. ,-���:-;. '}.- a"-';-."    .���������:���.���.--''���'' ���'      ���' ��� '\.' '-.-'���' ��� ,v   -      '   **���  made, of it rattitn:.-;.fr*i.rti$::;'-^  ���.patched in,tbe;.jii^  house'ofth'e wreutii oftlie-'/'/deeeaBed ^uirfe^ u  requesfthat   rhey;/:'';wtll^;:;i^;;ag  .spirit .of their'cbiu^hter:'^^  purpc^apf l>ein^'c6uvSFprtii':h^  :    Asone ofHl)^'tlit^o^^ Ci. ^:  "Chinaman 'is supposedly 3  .dealh .to r'etimift with; iijc'-'; ;:ah��stra|:\t^  .bearing the nnmt oi}t\i��-gltXA^ \  cestrataltiir and. pWec?^  'is.'supplementcd��� bv a .pa;j>eraJ5jB"U.rc^;-.i0W**��f*^-"^"-^P^B^  sent the bride  .   The -bridal,pro-ces-sion;�����?.'',iade?.-J'g^l  two. uHisicians/(>neof whom pbiys ��  the other,ujv��n a tottt-tomt.-and.;'56ine^  apparel    u hieb"telongcd    10   the���^���^/g^rf^^]  which, for the   future is to lie in the   keeping ��    b^ffj  :departed yotitb, is carried in ita :"';;-��� -a-5v- '"'itbe"^^v'i  <->n the arrival of the procession, the ^l)le^a,J3^|;V:^  cfh|>y are removed 'from- the bridal cbftira^P Mi^  the former on the ancestral altar and theW ( ^<:)  e.jau . ciom- 10 tint occupied of ������;*�����*> '���' ;v:*.jnds^ i.a-  bridegroom.-' A table covered' With v*Ho^  viands is placed'before the:effigiesa.;white:fi^ j  priests of Toau are engaged in.. charltitJg;: ^ ^0��\~  the spirits, calling upon tbem'-to ; recci^o^.;,;.^;   j  Ih ��� * 1      v ^a��',Ha   *"- ,  ^  W J    u       t. if ' *���  i>      ,��.-', i,      ,'  *A  I      ��.  ^  'A  >.J- ��**���wir**m*mmHi*mQi^^  THR NELSON gqONQMiST  husband and; wife, :andtO:partake;of ;:','the.;;;weddhig;:;  It     At the   close of this   ceremony the effigies  ie burned.' together; w itti a great quantity djf clothes,  [per-money;--paper manServants- andvt^  jis,'tobacco, pip^��4-;Scd.ia^  iThe l)irtlHlay-s:.of';the:;G  ter their dcat'l'i.:.   Offer i ng$:.df ft ui^  need-on a tableau front of-the;..;:aneutral:altar,^0  nichis th��: tablet-of tbc-Vd^  jo hangs in the ancestral hall to receive the homage  his';children and;,' grandtUHdjreu^  fesent :u thearatal.ahniversarya';bf;a lady 'who::::;-:;hada:  ui deal r:.n*s^v era tye,ars:sutes;: that  ik'.place ���ia'adar^e:aiicbitrir^'h'att;aa  I :.-'*.'.���        .��� '.'-a'--';,,va .-;,,       -.'a'ta' ,-'���"���   '���,','���.,:'. a-) ..        a ���������   ir',,  '.-!.,',���  |mtly. residence. a.:';fn.,'^  rwe.r than'40-.taciiei';��� itrthcir^-b^tair^Ii^  pay their dibmagc.^  lo.diad's.he iived.aWould:?iiay^  1st year, .--��� A '���' ousted''of^^^  id the.huiies !>eribrmed'the-kow  Monty."/, Th^relfgi^  ���banquet, -asui; all,;the; .servan^^  nib' Veceived suiaII'presenIBmof;;itlpti^C-idcl  [tie envelopes of r,eifpa'p^r';,'.a^  MftMMMMMK'' AWiuW  -.; ho w 0l.d;:is;;w  ....-���" ���      -a   ���������'-���:-���-���;. ;..:a-,'-:..-':*-',a:--:,':-':-''a..'''.'.a--.aaa-a;y-v  |Xiagara,- as is we 11 known.:(mygytSttlii'tilt^-A^figk^  [wears iig. its ...way ': aslpwiy^-'-b&C^^  airing the /gorge ���tbat,/tvq^  the   falls;    Many attempts have l^eri m  ;*Wt:it^  of iniportauce togeM^  based naore extended ^&timi^  reacljingeveh to the age of th^  tb&fcifa^  35,0^ yearsibr th^  ;i;tt-ooo;;yea;;rs;.;;^  :'*SA2^  .hadtakeji;;^  tb*:^  tbe^a't*^^  :*imeaa^  ......... :-:���. .:.-,. ,-- -���������':'���-;> ���.,;... ���������.'".' :: '.:���,. ��� -������, '���'.������.���:��������� .'->..-,a. ...', .".���:--:: ,:.'-y.'. ���'..-. ".a���������.'���;.;. .*���'���'.���������.': >.-. ',.-'. ���-..������a' '/-.��� -''.a'y-:- :���:)/���'p::':'-Y- ������ -v:-.���������;���..i...'.'i>',-a.fci>.!i ���'.". ������������;' '.  ;$&ti8[^  frilgtbe;^  #fcttiftij��ife  Ay :-.,,.���:.������ :'���>.' AA "a' a-a     :-. ������"       . " "A.">,'-,-".-V.-      A \'yA- a"-'-1 '���������.-'���-?/!'.''a."'-'���������.'��� ���;���.'. a.-- -> aa/.--���> -. -.'-/.:      a.-,a'������: <.''���* '"-aaa ��� ./a �� '��� -..���-a- '��� ���;���.<����� ���.;->.'���/��� >���";���'������ aa'" '. ���'..;;  ;<^ta-bl.is,hmeht;;ofthe;;;ft  ;did;^)i^  s^iftli^  ���hiS|boi'y  qt*^tt��^  ;betieyeMfe  ;80tbe/M  :go^e:^  ���A--  ^.���-r^gi^/j  ;'.-yji/ffzaytM  YV'\. '���;\\~-y&X  ���:-4.^��  AAAASitk  ,;f'^'y yy''\-'a.-'^.-v11 At<\%l  MdAAAAAyMM  JfiflPSlliil1  -'K/::?-aiiftS^p  '���������'V4-'i,-.:;^?v^'^ii'S;y-;-t^"K!^i  AA AA-- AAaASsM  AAAA^A^MAm  il  afflllJlljH  a.%aaiaaw&a.  ''������-t'--''*si4islii  I|;|||V|||||J||  '','��� '���: "������': AAAA'$!Mf^%$(f*  a:; AM-MAAAAm^mm fc  AAAAAMAAAAimm h  ���    ������-''MMAAAMmM��y  KSaaSSaail||'  - AY Ayi MMAAMr ^'  MAAAA&mSi f  "��� aiA:',ai;a^?fiij||i ~  :.."���..' A,..'���:��� v:;.;.:s^-;,:;:s-*!m��S3&^  * *  r �� ,*     -1.  -.;>.)'.,-  ��� s \ *  1   f    a.    .  "���1  FECIAL SAtE OF DRESS GOODSvMaL{N|RY, MUSLIN  PRINTS, LAWNS^ PERCALES^ SATEENS AND tJIMrriES.  LL OFEER OUR ENTlME SfO^  AT PRICES Bl  LINOLEUMS AT: C.I  VO-'rti-"  m  W      4 '  1 *  -iis)*'-  ^';1S  i^..  Si  a.-;f|f  {  :,-''"B>v;  M^AAYrWt  .-���      ��. -*.f-    .      f��*    ��^-��     ���*"��� *��1-  P.^^1       X   ���I"  ��������   ������^^     r    n*  '  1 I ���  1 mi  a:--jys$fs��sH  ^38  12  THE NELSON ECON QMIST  Aam T-af      , v     i a?  ���  J-1!*1 S ��"' ,1', ,  av,' -A v  a;.;?a; iW>.j   \n i[  1    jl-  J3  V'l  caused &y doubt as to variatiotj in the volume of  water. The new method depends on an investiga^  tion of tbe enlargement of the mouth of the gorge at  Lewiston, and Professor Wright, after careful calcula^  tion and experiment, has found that the gorge widens  at the rate of tone quarter of an inch per year, abd  ���that"'therefore the entire enlargement has been caused  in a peroid of less than ten thousand years But to  the average person these scientific calculations on a  problem so difficult, seem very futile The one thing  worth while is that in 1842 began an exact registration at the falls, which will show in a thousand years  or so what progress has been made, and from-thaf.  something reliable maV be deduced.  *  ���A-'A-'-\i^  m  :"im  GIRLS AT HOME.  The girl to whom bread-makiug is an exact  science, who cooks by weight and measure,who  never leaves any needed thing from the dinner table  when she lays it ; the girl who knows all about  making and buying her own wardrobe, choice "of  materials, selection of modes, cutting and   fitting and  dainty- making���t^ __"' "*"*  tomiiibii&hpojl  become ..useful'and^a^^  In every; busio^/;'^  and; prompt.at^^  nb;way;;^  learoed\thah;b^  duties',, as ;a'i^  suffiaenUo..ma.^^  ��� a To many;-w'pmeti ;the;?'butt.hm:; world looks Iftlf  great^royateric^  nothing.;,;- It ii;\.rcai^  well "g ii ided ^tid life  t hose' who; are i'm.mer$^.;ln;;.|ti:; Intcrbt^i:;^ girl-  not -go away:;frora^-jbipmffe^  tbe fx>ssibifit^  ,uess..:, -."Her - best.- prepsir&if$^ ftttiire  tingency will:coiteabyvft^  her, present mea.^  ftjhiess;'/-no''miiit^  ���/To-almost any-p^  ��� for ���'. t b ose. .she' lo.^$-/is J;;$ti^  >m  ���533  .-..-.^..-ViM-..-.-.,v^'-i..y-..'.<-.;^>^f.^  ....... ..., ,��i$pi ..  Mmttmm&m.$xmyMMmm  ���A  !���'*--;'��:>a��lt��r^,.N��tM8'''6's  ���:.':���. ���,������..:.]���:. '���,K;.:t'i,V"'.��:'*  ^���^tfC.^SW;^  $0   01  OSLER & GURD  Mines and Real Estate  eview  : >a ^%ti& tiw&'t' Sntlitt* JfWriwi ,4  Am. -:.;::--:\r.:.|iiMe'- ;Cl.i^.i\--lft^ii*i*!^*^-';., :,  ::'yi&'Pm$m Wrt^  LOWIST PR ICECy  aa*#$iy.ttf ^Mfifcl **** Uw  A "���;..a,-l^^M^&m^- -  a ^iftif^-^i^^'tMHH'V-.a;,;-..;  #:SA'MPlIi:-GOPt--fRfEi  BAKER STREET  ...Over...  Bank of Halifax  NELSON,. B.'C.  ��  'fc'^^'%'%^%%%'%^^^ v v%^%^%^% <%��  IFQ    We Carfy in   Stock  a  Fgn  tine of  SL<i    Assayers' and Chemists* Supplies  B.  C.  AGENTS  FOR  CO.       WM.-AINSWORTH & SONS  BRAUN & CO,  ���*t,it una:a*it??��r��-1��"�� *   inBPvv  \'mi snai  lumhifi   fru  rmm<*v f * left, lit Imint*  ' ,|MIpw��*W��*1!*N'V1 ���  IL & MORRIS  g&j  fi-T. 'l"Vw  f FniXr ft* X-  fit ���%*������ ' ' A  *!'���  *r��-*i��'��o��utely^f'  AMh-'flEST^r"  Mil l#   P*��w     I*  ^?. ;���*���l-c,".^W'���'*^t���,:;*'���,^J,,'  :.J--.-^>**K-��'"''-">;*:-"*1'-"  '���"i ami   S|ni(.h  i:'ii'-!i M,.n |.;jM'|,,  I!)  ! ht   ait y.     l-'i[St  M.��n- ii.uni,,.   hivuna,. Pnt.-h^ si HpmajiUy. o*��ty . IIfI Of  'a��a. M\ Mock oian���> n-ufHaiufick' work lc��wi��>��r prttw^    f|   Ml  ''�������>' ��',,t ����r uunkoinriiid.coiiiinbia, BAKER ST    l��^yv  i*  '  1  hi  r     1 ��������� i^r ���  At   >.   i  \    1 ���HUP" "I""  ���ii.ii  >FIH|||     ','M'"II"H��I>WII|IIM',MI<BIMHIIW1|I|.M|IIWI|^^  >LMi^iwm&m��ymwmimmgm'.  -������ fv  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  K'ractive.  It is hard to believe that anyone could be  nstinuously enthusiastic over the routine of daily  mseliold duties for strangers. But to make a per-  ct home for a father, to relieve a tired-out mother,  ind provide time for her to enjoy just the things she  post wants to give attention to, or to contrive simple  Lasiires for brothers and sisters and friends, these  [very girl knows to be /' worth while." . - ���  If you learn how to be a good home-keeper and a  onie maker, and the time comes when vou must go  iiit into Lmsinessaq earn bread instead of to bake it, ���  lou will know that 8 o'clock  means when the' hour-  hand points to the centre of the figure 8 on the clock,  the munite-hand being at 12 ; that an hour means  60 minutes; that your attention, as well as your  time, must be given to whatever you would do well ;  that there are 100 cents in a dollar, and that to waste  cents means to waste dollars ; that it is essential to  do all tasks well and expeditiously at the same time ;  that you may give an exact good weight, time and  measure, and that all this can be done by concentrating attention on the work in hand. In short, you  will be punctual, industrious, quick and neat of hand,  thrifty, saving and attentive to your task, the very  ideal of business adaptibility,     *  fATENAUDE BROTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  D0ors, SasheS and Tu rned Work  Brackets and Office Rttinfil  Satisfaction  ���II CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Annie   May   Mineral   Claim, sltuat*   in  DlsSfct?" Mfnlns D,V,elon or *��*��������  Where located:   On Fortrnlno 0��>t ���.���..  .Miners   Certificate   No. B ��;����fotem?  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  a Crown Grant of the above cWm. OOHMmilK  Am! further take notice that action un��w  fwtum X?  mutt be commenced b2fo��th��  l��mun��eor��ueh certificate of imprm4men��  Dated this ninth day of Mav. �� ��   rSS  JOHN ^cLA*oaiE.  *�� *��ii��fct��*lrti^ iU��rMK  fj'jtfr .*�� ."d*1*-/ "iWi. *>** MWr;:  ,<?^'*���^wmvto^^  ;ci|tt��ic^  INE WATCHES  iPECIALTY  NELSON. B. 6.  ;HAS. P. McROSTIE  T,'-;naH>r <jf ���  ELOCUTION  2��3 Latimer St , or>/o, 80X96  ctmncATc or improvements.  Imperial and Eclipse Mineral Claims ��atn  ^*w:--.:io^^  Olv.tlie :.0ffi^���y$��UtinAfi��linfr::' ��#;-aietn-' mr  ^,B:1I?JIW^^ Xo.  B UjBtt. Arthur   Fer&r.d,    Free  t^rUo*^ 'Miners CjylincateNo  B3*,2S7,��nd John 1  a*rUto*^^ Free   Miners   Certificate No.   2501  .���eotloii -���'^r.m.imt^'oaimn^i^d hef^ri^ ^  m^mMfmm^rmmtmofImprovetneniW '  -, Y^tMi;uii��;-itUi'dny of Juner liM.: ���: ^a -a'aa  *,V',y-^v^ft*A>i;-v.'-V'V.'-i(,iw.v!,''T'.**'iWja.!ii>iv.  ���Va'UcAto-v UfcKn iWr*j  ear  +'�����.  Phair Hotel  Va����^M**r ;;#����!��� Rrleon  ^VfCTOR^^^^  ''������aii-rs in  Retail  *��*��*��.WfcaSl- fl*/:.*^B/t*i��il.j.!��{,.\-i,l#ii*B.;*j,i��BBuC.: :  ; .AilU:i4,''/i��ii4l��-4;'|iWm ,iM*rtfc*J��   l*,��^   i��^VA'l-1W.-')Hmw  ;.cfiirriFiciTi/:^  m;��  4BL^�� I  91' Si'-  ������ Ply to the Mining: W  l^l^an4'Mart��I��*E<l|^'MhiemtChUm��t;tiMu��;��� Improvements, for  ate Irvthe 'NeJ**oo   Mining ".DtviMott-'of West ������ * Crown Grant oftl  ICooUmivy IHftlH^t- I    And further take  J^reoMoaoplv to the Mining Recorder for  Cert ftente*of Improvements,for tbeBurnoi  of obtaining Crown Grants of Uie abovf  titaim^. c  ..;-'.;; And atrther take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced   berore   th��  -tiwunnee officii Certificate of Improvement^  Dated thi��4th day of September, I9W.       U*  ;a JoirN McLatchie.  CEKTlFfCATC OF IMPROVEMENTS.  -AUin Mineral Claim,Rituateiu the Nelson  Mh ok Division of West Kootenay District,  t>WlH?m Located:   On the   divide   between  -Bear and Wild Hor^c Creeks, one-fourth  of a  ���mile northwest of the Park*?r mineral claim  ^Takenotice that 1. John McLiUehie, P.Lh  Of the City of Kelson, acting as agent ftir  Tbomiw 11. O^Bricn, Free Miners OertlficJtE  >o. li.^i.^i. John lira 11. Free Miner'R Cerfcifi.  "cate   No.  B ��8J4I0. Vniiain M. Coire%% frS*  Miuer'g Certificate No. B87,8iStand IPatrick  :Oftl.v.  Iftve Miner's Certificate Ko. B 38.588  Intend, sixty day* from the date hereof, toat>  W to the Mining U��*corder for aC^rtificate of  'mproveinentM^ for the purposeof obtaining  lSt/iipi,licd ������� shortest  ^^'^llowcst prices.  ite!ini0rs "eceive  careful  lUNothi,,,.'   1   .     ���  ���Wolcso^      1U    frcsh    a��d  .^iptinsiocralSandsuPPUeBl  ^he^hioiietl: Ab<ait*lx 'titileM-weat-'froin  Netmm* ��� ���  Tiike notice thjit I, Arthurs,'Pahi-elt. act>  Ini? m am?nt for- .Edv��tr<1 ("?, Arthur. Free  :Miners CertliU^te -NoaiRr.TOO, Intend, ^Ixtv  days from the date hert^f, to apply to the  Mining Hceorder for iMrilfimte^ of I'njorove-  ment��, for vhe pttrpt^e.of obtaining Crown  Omntit of the above claims.  Ant! further take notice that action* under  ��ofetUm 87. ,mu��t be iHuumeruj��Hl before I he  f����tiaiiee of *tic.h CertlficnteM of improvements,  ���l^ted Wil* -SOth day of June* imi  he above claim.  dt      ��. ;-? ����t*w��hataetloiifunder  Meet ion ST,  must be eommenee^ before the  issuance of such CtertlScate of Impri>vement8  -..Dated thl�� Uth K\ny *f September, ltmt  eptember, ItKJO.  John McLatcihe.  !��  m^m  A.K^AUWKht*.,  ���m'\  '9  Sefitl^m��^^ Rne Swsf.s  "   ,  ^     S  li        \tr/, 4  -   <   r,Ahh/S  ^"l nip.  h'  <* f  jriSBmaai  6 3f'i"Vi  *-a  l\  i    1      ^' ^     -'    --a    ^^  ;^^-^':f:'  .-���f  1  Hi rvw  i*wn  I   'l aaa^a^fSgw  a.-:^aa;*a?felP  ��� ,v,.!^,..'a-aa;r7<^^-^^  ���'������a-V";l-;,'V^'r^aa^n^  awja  m:m0AM  H^;#j-'a  .  ������*  It  ft/f  -     4T .^_  *wAS~i  14  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  THE SOCIETY GIRL  Next week Moyie will have another skipping mine  on its list, says the Moyie Leader.    The Society Girl,  which has'��� Recently  turned out so well,  will be  its  ���  /��� -: ��� 'A- a -:: ���'.   -.. '-':. a.-     .. :-', a ' .a  name.     W.J. Watkins   has secured the. contract of  hauling: the ore and left yesterday  morning ior Fort  Steele to secure teams.     He will  be ready to l>egiu  hauling the first of next week.     At the mine there  are already 75 tbh.s of clean shipping   ore.     Nearly  all of this has been  taken but of the new  discovery  within  the  past ten days.     A 300  ton ore  bin has  been built and a  large  and comfortable buuka house  erected (or the accommodation of the men during the  coming winter.     Charles Farrell, the owner; has ten  men employed, but intends increasing the force as the  work progressess.    -T.beSociety  Girl lies to  the ea$t  of the St. Eugene and is traversed by the same   lead.  The work already done consists of two shafts and  a  tunnel about 200 feet in length:    The ore runs about  70 per cent, lead and 45 ounces silver to the ton.   At*  ready enough ore has been   taken out to pay  all ex.  ;pensesrfrom^  :Society::Girl^  v. ���'���.mi.��4  ��� ~.o.';-...4'g.  \AA!;M  ASAm  AAAm  yy:oA!��M  =���;��������� ���y>(&'M  ���'TT'TT- I niHi A^M  all  AAm  A'AAAm  aaSli  . A-y*\iiixi32i  '. a ii:1,,���*!  . -'���"(^JJ  ;--;:,,^ENGLISH::;c^  ���^  .��� by. Fred Ji,..aSykesl^h,;:p  ,athe'presses'of JThe;^  .'JbeTorpo^  .theJookout-fc^  duct ing composition <S��?^  ���.thing will; be;'fottfid;v.;iii,:^  Ha SykeS, ; Ftla ^ "  origtnalitteib^  ������tiorii-.wbtch^  'able ".'������ to. ������ p&piii'ii; jm t;^wW  str uctoraslabors*^VSTiii"'"  terror, a��d;;;the;atiiechatii^l  "keeping^    C-opp,, CJ&rk^Comp^  aaa?��p  comi  A'mi  'w^tkAXtir^  mKm>\mtt4**kirt>"'  CANADIAN  aPACIFIC  *"��   S00 LINE  G. 0. BUGHANAN,iiii5ritor.  FAMOUS dumber.  IMPERIAL LIMITED --  SERVICE  �� AST AMD WEST  Orders   Promptly iFlMe^^^fiici  Satisfaction  Given:  Yard, Foot of Heridm^S*  JOHN RAEt  AM>AA.Am  aaaa, aijaf  aliiifll  . :"���"'. 1-'a a ��� .���*-''Vvv: \'a, yiJj>i��ji��a  ;-":MAmaA$^  'Am  ''Mlffifilnil  AyA%  AMr��m  Am  FIRST-CUSS SLEEPERS  On AH Trains from  ARROWHEftD AND KOOTENAY LOG  TOUUIST (JAllH pass Medicine Hat daily n��r  St. Paul, .Saturdays fur MonlnMilund lifwtoii  ���Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto     .San" !  cans pass KcvelKlokc one dav earlier      ' !  P. BURNS & CO  WHOLESALE AND UtTAIl  MEAT ME  CONNECTIONS  7.10 Lv. .   NKLSO.W  Io#) Lv ;-.. .NKLSON.. .'.  Ar. 10..V)  HEAD OFFICEa   NELSON, B. C.  Morninjr train daily for and from RoH,s}-{n,t  and for Revea-toke. Main   Line, and  Pa'cin/  ���Coast. a  uu'  AOernoon  train  daily for and from  !'-,,����  land, and Irom   RevelKtokc, Main   I ine V    f  Pacific C��;a<t, and daily (Xx. Sunda v, fi,ra !,|  from Boundary 1'ointH. ' u,(l  7.:W ex.Sun. Lv..  NKr>SONa.Ar cx.Sn,,. Wr.'Ai  For and from  S.mdon. Slocan   I'ojiiIk   i-"..'  fl.stoke.-Matn Line and I'acillc (Nmsi.  KOOTENAY  LAKE-KASLO  ROUTE  Ex. Sun. Str. Kokanee i.-v  ^  I'5.00 Lv NKLSON A i    j | ,",  Saturdays to Armenia and  return   !,.��,\\  KOOTENAY  RIVER  ROUTE.  30SSLAND  SAN00N  BRAWCMES At  TRAIL  T  i m  To ltu>  Your  IL Al  INiiy Sirs M.iyl*- and XHsoii i,,,,  2'J.:��i Lv NKI-SON......... 4,- v.;;,  (Ji/';nect.-;  Kootenay   Laiiilin^ with '<"�����,' ��'-'  Xc^t I .in:- .'rain.-, u s  WtV rat<-s, ticket ana lull   Inforrnat ������<,,, ...  ply to Depot or City Agent, .Ncl.son, ii. r.,,,,  E. J. Coyie,  A.O. I'. A^ei,((  Vanconvvr, i; (<  '���    MANAGER FORE. SKI  ^H��/.B^a^9   Annotiiices Laree ttnportatioiis.w'  .��"/!   Irish SI-kGKS.TWKKI)S, WORSTED^ ^    m8K  Am t^*is  Srotch  ���:a?v,5a*,I,  Trav, Pas��. A^ont,  Xeison, B.O.  ���Slf'3"^  '....���-.Y-v.J��� *    *w   ^ l}/  utf;'.'���f-S i> .  * ���  " i  S'-'PR^ ��n  .-as^J -si  ��� ���yAft$i'iMi*  MAm^'i^  aaM1 a ^;  'A'MA&iM1^ -. (i  ail��a'-_V!  ���ri#.-t r-    ''-���',���  f'   ���,l  ^-*   ������  [   y-*'~* -!������-.*  &5KSSS ���-a - .  r y  MM  ��  f  *  �����*  ihnA  **q  a 'i > a*  *���  ��   A  *n  f     �� ��  >     ��  Mm<��^^  a- $K$  ,  HAND  '���"Y;  >S *  ��*  ���v.    %  A       **-"  L.       ��J  fSWPJ  lu;  >V  **X 4  '/ 'a*  to  a  it^iw^  ^.-S^  iliW'^j  y*l>  j>***(  !  i-wmlti  rati  9 -nil'  7 *  >i  ��.   ,W  "��� <  Mtn  *��.p����Mi.iini  .ii I    i IMWMHI  u a in�� /y��sr  \   '  GOVERNMENT BUTTER  AND RANCH EQQS  ���s    ������  * Jl  t   V     *       f  ��� I  >'  4     *  J    *  4     �����  V       '  -",  OO HANai#H��!tl>0*TH*  *����  *J  **   *     ��.v.  i-*l  4t  ^���m^*limtw��<rfthe��rtcrfbtttt^  flat drill ��� mmtrn mmtitdkMitm *nA &m*atm*  of��g��ifi&i*ift��& W��.prot��B  thft Gtt �����* ittnaiilt toil wi& ��  ^WW    WWW   ^'^���Wr "JP^^^"^ ^^���^P^'^r^ef--P  fly   ^^^ ^"W      ������ eaBF^BB^Bjfr      ^awaaayjtaai'fci  ^<3k1  4,���^  ��.*     >t *  .*!  K PATRICK & WILSON  TELEPHONmP  ����������������������������<  "i    V  na^WMMu  �������*����� tW^MMIII 1  rf��a*a��w^aHa*4i.M  Wfc  ^ a^ta  a^  ON. GIBSON CO  MANUrACTUHrHS Qf  Wf    \>w  Baking Powder, Flavoring Extracts, Vinegar,  Pickles, Sauces, Spices, Etc, Etc   .   .   .  \    S  &  TV  C      <n  ���^       <  3     ijn  ���ji  *   *  ���t  J" "       4  i c  1  ��    1  *- .2.   *  '  V *,  "J \   3     J  w' ^ V5  1 ��r(  .    1       Jl!  v.* ^  y  b   *  * .  -^  jTP*"  JL    *���  *  /���  **%  4   ��"  *��   1  a*ij  ��- -^  Vh-rt  ^i  ��luk��.4  ���i��^ffl  7i  t ��  ,-rf��  .,�� -  o  ���*ir  $**4  rv p^  w a.  ^ ������  ��� �� �����*  a��;' *��  WrN'NIPBX*, M.AJNT.  *      ���  \l*  m&f ���* jUJlg^^BJift jm> ��jui 1  $6.15 PER TON,  mmm  C*iPcr j��^;f��  IcS1 ^^���^oiiai for  ��V��nipsand M|f|cm  .^���'{j'-'WrT-  4 "it  I    K  1     /  rf    x -a  A Af\f   A  aa /I * ,\, ��a i. ^^  f ~1��   4  ^f?  av  ���^ ,a^,a   ��4 *  VAV/! a  ~f k  <   y j        a  V1 ^  * ^a  H.41 .,1 -_ a      >4        >       M^.1.14      4,4   ) u  ^  s  ^  a. ^�� *  PW  "Lf  t i /-x    L*) J  A   I  I  %     *  ,��     i.   V  '    *\  ��� t ' J.<  ,    >''A  f Ml  I  ^gg^-EIPl^g^^^     - y ....... ^  **Y ^ -v*  4��HI  '2-M">-  NELQONAl&OO  ���V        ^        4*-'  i|UMMMM*��MP  a \'^.  t  ft    <  a   t      j    *  -    />,  dlif  a  \ a \vWtr  *�� P  [S4^a -  i. ,'aaa?^  J^j 1 try M *>  m.  re,  IT  ���'* *  T , (,(1/  ^$#a#- <v ����� '^  ���   s aa7S  ��! *aav  t'   A  1   t> *  }AA1>  �����AAtiy  ��U1  7T-^aiia  * '*' f  74 j,"a  ����a,  ", tal if        -f Wit- %  <a^ ra-a ^  ���*a  ��fa> v  ���KOMBnaaMBaaai  Am  mt.i  >  ���*lt,  s^.  J(5   *S  mmnmmmmmm^  ^ *-��*j  �� t^i  ^iJ  ^Ljiatja/v^^^ aaia# *       J ' v^ ^^ ^cv , **  MAA'A* i  .... .1  4-w-   y 'f/i  ^.v/af  * r t.r a *  *sT  ~   i   *  ^  ^ ,^^  rf ^ji_ r"i {ji.j,  a. �� t��  r  . v w    a ,*-(a  OUR WATCH AND JEWELHT OEWTRHarTS  h{? '/���^A*t fM^ir^'  H;c.c No Equal in the KooKuuya.  m a5- !^  h 'r  v*<  1?'  \ J  Wi  y&  * I  <fjC  4LZ. MA/i. ORDERS RECEIVE OUR PROMPT ATTENTION  A- ��'**���  vt  JACOB DOVER'S j^busr  * i?j  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  ���T  ������>��#>#)0������^0����#��#0������#������������������##��#��#��0a)��0#t>#>^  ^ *  "/  M f'  i  �����4 r  ia  Temiseratie�� Hotel and  sms^V* ���'  ��   V  A'  / -  At  ��g New, Neat ami  .able!      American  Billiard and Read-  *\ ��s  * A  &������  ��V#'  ;��'  And wbik In a '  to giv�� the wnlfe  pedrjiticef tet us  ^est to you the ^  i*15  flav.  ss  a *  i&Jiliife  ���;a>;:M;|��04|,&(!  1-      -<   >��  .     -J4...1  ^���"W  liBiii'  if       ^   "r  v^.  a v'aw *** & ����� ^"/ >*  *- -  &-*'-**.   Jd��+*1      - v  t a  Corner Mauler sisa HftteA^,  $*.���� l^��f dti ��m4 mm  ^AA;  ��/X ^  If|fHfP A. r  ^    a>�� ,    '?    ^ ^  apSa;"|'  C  ir*i  ai  *vW-  MAAAMUdAAi       a��    ^   ,  A��^  mmm a;,aa��a ,  mmAsmmim    'a ^ a \   a*�� a  a u/S a  r aW-flrola"Wl#w^   ^i "    *    v * - '   *   - *   ,r'     .7s     if*    ^ jr^^^rr-^fl^^, ^   ,        -.���-���,^,  v r v     ^ ij i       1  *     * if- *    j a-^   ���    .*.    i       '-I,**    *   ^(     i '    .    *   i  " -    . ���* i-       '    �� a ^ . j-1*'*    if 11     ,   ai   ��4     l r�� sv^iv^  i      * v  >A i     i.     ' '   i �� ������ ��� a '   * i        *  s. f        ���>    p     i . >i       . (U �� Vi  ','   ^ * 1 '  ^ i������   i" - i   '��   ���'������.j-'*-.^"-i  '5..V.    \   .��  j . , .���i..._LJ.4....v��Um����d^��M.J4tkl.._5��' r?_ ( ?!.     5 P.._.__ 1* *.._  >. J,L .*_  __  ..VI * JP..'J        ...A. J     Jl .'  - _Jh ... .'      _    *! 1 -..>_'���  JTL.I 'LlJ."._.-'_Tr.|-".''"


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