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The Nelson Economist Oct 24, 1900

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Array 'OL. IV.  NBI,SON,B. -Cvi WEDNESDAyr OCTOBER 24; 1906  WQ^Vy  r,n; NrrsoN'-: HCONONI:ISlv;;is;;:issuEi):,; kvkrv  ��� \Vrnnk^i��vv'' at ��� thk City^or^mi��o:K; B/C.y;m  .���': rM ��������� ,,1,. x, nix ��� ,\ b\>XNc��';.-S5nf .'so- V,���0rk.i.vspokd-.;  ��� ;:Ncr  OF"   OKNKKA!.    '.INTHHESt;' "KK^IMvCTFtJLLV  \' i) V KKTIS i-i >' t N. TIIKSK ���.'.': CQ'LU M X��,-, / AND :-; ^,^ ���  TI;R)it.< �������!���.- r\katovKS: Vw^  (;('AKDKli At;AI N\ST. ��� IK:Kl^STONSlJ|I.E;^KK��0)��feA^>'  'pi 1 E.RK can be no deny i.ng;.t be-mct that^  1 . jon'!<�� in>h! the elect i-min :tti,^  [weeks liter than 'in- 'the ; etiS"i��r.n;'.'^COlis.litu^jlci^;:;'-;:^HA.#  somewhat dampened '���; the' ^'fciot; of ;/:tttew;:^Htit;iift^::  There are certain. men wiio;w]IIja!wmy  ativc and others .v.ho .will ���always/..vote"'���'UtliNiirs*i���;;r-liiit--.  [here are still a   hrge number": of;;Vvdier*"-w1\0;a're ,:a1 v;  ways',inxious to He at the,sidcof thefe^  iThese'Sata-r arc certain- to- he infiuencM by" the:resn1t  in the Has:...    As we "said last week, Thk KcONOMiST  is'satisiied'\vith the arrangement,   believing that the  [burierGovernment will Ik? overthrown.  ���**<Ma*����n�� -��u*  'uii sentences at the men   Howard and- Alhi. who  M received tVve years, will  have a healthy effect on  ihiscoimmmitw As Mr. Justice Walkem stated*  mere is no neo^sitv for a nun to cirry a revolver in  this erKintrv.    The only way to remedy the evil i$ ti?  overtly punish the offenders  U.nk eisoct <������: the cotton crisis in   Liverpool." Man-  tester anil :hr other towns of Lancashire*   owinij  to  he inliin^ utf 5n American cotton, has been the iniro-  (lucl!on n| l^yptian cotton upon the Kngiish market,  .u am.iapat.mu o{   such a   shortage as  now   prevails,  p��orts have been   made tor some   time past to induce*  ^spinners. .,{   Lancashire to   experiment with   the  ^yptiau rMniiurt, hut with only indifferent success.  v!Ue l,K" su!M^v  irom   America  had   Inren adequate.  \(n? ���' HK'n.-a * shortage  h*s proved   Kgypfs nppor-  rl /���' an,ral S>^'s^nt several   spinners-are using the.  "   n,:��tmi.il!rum K^ypt, and with satisfactory results.-'-  '* the  i"i ���',    ' ,   ��� ���'���.���'  i ���;   ' " ' K- ,,;,iaii^ a strong footing among   Lanca-  si,!'��ii<:isi u w,|| |)C a  heaVv blow for  American  w"rowers ^j,, , , t     ,.  I aa3S(.|v,. t '' l,lc '''KVpiuin producers will exert them-  IPSsn/S!,Miu' l,l,n,,sl U) Hood the market. Iflhev can  l"MSAMl ���'MiunuiK the demand, they   will be sure of  lil<l hicrative trade. There is a proposal  P1;nH in India and Australia, both of  are  climates  congenial  to tlie  MSCSfc  |Jf^qaii|,lcrc    ���  I#^totrvtlir(,lM  K-t^^hicl).  it    js r-  ' K-fclivhich  �����  plant.  aimed  *'/J"-ai��nee��l 1UUld llle experiment prove successful, Bri-  '",! ll(> nn^cl" he dependent on America for her  .���/Wyofc  1       k  ��� I  ����tt( Ml  1h  K lates  \ plants     mm    ���  jl .       '     i he 1  t 1 lii  "K  i"   Paris  is a  hospital for sick  "Caution has  been founded by a rich  LU ^\-i.*-.-^-,., iUk^*^^,  pliilanthropist, audis liitedu  eve^ry accommoda^  staff of botaiucal specialists an^  qimlifled     '1-here; are fe  pital; probably because hopeless cases are not a  Nor is the bosp^  ;;..:sfck^j)laru;is:;sjh^  0\yuercajiafe  ^.:;?i.ptr;;for;;.fiiture^  '';;^f:.;;;fl<)we  :J:|5robabhfhaye:.;a  ���::;;h.ospita;i;:W  f,^MliiHe1|igent>^  ;,.;irature;|.j|:;;:  ;:'^edu;|Me':;o,f;^  in Nelson, while now there are not many residences  in the city without a flower plot and a variety of potted  plants, all of which thrive under home treatment.  This1 fact we mention in case any of bur local philanthropists might.l��e prompted'to follow the example of  the Parisian gentleman alluded to. Intending bene-  factois will do-better by leaving their money to the  General Hospital for the Sick���people.  Mk. R, E. Gosxkll has been appointed secretary  of the Bureau of Statistics for the Province. The object of the bureau is the collection of information relating to mining, agriculture, shipping, labor, health,  railways, education, finance, building, insurance, etc.  ���in fact general statistics as to the development of  the Province. The appointment is one which meets  with general approval, as Mr. Gosnell has been in the  public service long enough to satisfy all as to bis competency. As Provincial Librarian he did good service, while his Yearbook of British Columbia has done  more to advertise the resources of the Province than  any publication we know of Now that the compilation of statistics is in competent bands, we may reasonably expect that more in formation will beavailable  than has been the case. We have always contended  that reliable statistics should be furnished as to the  mining development going on in British Columbia,  and that this information should be published at stated  intervals���monthly or quarterly. We should think  it would.not be. very difficult to .make such an.arrange v  ment with the resources at the command of the Minis-.',  ter of Mines available. Such returns 3re published  regularly in other mining countries, and always prove  interesting and valuable, There is no reason why  British Columbia should be an exception to the rule.  An extraordinary story comes  from the northern  British Columbia fishing grounds.      Mr. J. Gill,"the.  ,'.,lf:''X,T'j'.V|  mm  ' '"'Hi  i  ill  r  :*.jl  > i  t ^.  �����        ��-���* J      ��r*i 1    l-f       ��� ��������*  "*v��^i�� >iif it ^ ^mi> nti*m��u*^������llVri^ni��>'��r<f">  ���*f<M��T i"��'^   '  .������* g^KSl^rV^^^"''''^"^^^^^''^^'���^''^'^  ��;'";Y,"t!}';: '''"rVi'; n'''^i^V^'%;.;I;V^7" v,K   '���.: v"^B.W��W  S��-'^S��^&fi'^  3:'.:%SS#  ;.i.J;'Spf  tH B ��� '��� NBLSON ,fcCONOMiST  K".'I.;  JK  m  m  m  m  5 v(  ^1  iSf-Of '7 FY,  .JpJV^I ,1 P  J. v. J i^ �����'  MIIL4  "���* JM til;  wit  >   .ftv  1>"W��M.S  c  t  :,;7^*l  accountant of the Cascade Cannery, which put up the  largest pack in the north this season, returnedto Victoria some days ago. He reports that there were  mutterings by the fishermen and even threats of labor  troubles during the past season- in sympathy with the  strike oh the Eraser, but all was amicabl v settled be^  '���������'tweeiithe'fisherihea  did not agree among themselves, however.  Netsrwere -  cut and boats destroyed, and dead nien were observed  floating down the river on several occasions, and with  bullet wounds in their heads.      .!J' So for as I kubwX.  Mr. Gill is reported to have said, k' no;ie of-the criui*V  inals were arrested, but the tact that these things were  happening was common knowledge in the north dur  ing the past season."    Can it be possiole that a serie>  of murders have -.been, committed in the northern fishing grounds, and that no efforts Inive i>eeo   nmde to  bring the guilty parties to justice?    What was * 'com>  raon knowledge in the; porth during the past season,r  has on ly how reached t he ears oft beau 11) or it ies a 11 he  Coast, and no doubt the report will be thoroughlv investigated.  prpniiiiert.w/giveftj.;  not ���fesurpristed.ti)  ;*��f!w*���.^:^*toa^o,'^=w^a;  any rate, permanent CMres::are^(:!(ioni effect: fM  ��� thcrdore, encomnSin%mmmm ih^gjjf  lo.incrt-asinjjj kj^wled|te.Giiv::thCvsutneet;, T'pverM  ���K75��red-.oliy^citttt  tiorjs.re!attve:lo:et.{>erip  ir;^ **eou^^  h<d..tobacx<%::;e^  oue;clistsi5Jt,.tjiH.tv^;nit|^^  ijtv^tlgaiiop;^  tir!d.pubt^lly;:hiiitefi^  effe^  any^uattOfiaiitv^lSMSS  WA/rt.'f'Wj'/'VihTH*'.''.s ViftJH-At'^Wwir******"*'*., ''���%:&#xm<n#-- ���'  To judge by the statements of the United States  press and people, remarks the Prot-iiu:^ the American  leaders and troops in China have been first isi the  march, first in the battle, first in diplomacy���first and  the-whole thing in everything in fact except when it  came to looting Uncle Sam is truly a great and a  good man, although if it came to a modesty comt>eti*  tion he wouldn't score a point.  ���':';Ox.tIk:20t.^  Htiro^;ori;ihe:;l>tn^  maij is w:el.l.,.:^;xe^^;.iH^  cm i ���' bt -muil ^^Jkj^  'u0thtng;t0;fei*t  ���'. &���: V*' i^'/^OtSWtW-JW.; ^pi^i^f'.-'  The Patent Medicine Bill, introduced by  Mr. German in the Ontario Legislature/is a piece of proposed  ���legislation���which- is being very bitterly discussed by  the public.    The" bill-provides for the issue ofa yearlv  license, costing $iooo, to each manufacturer ofa proprietary medicine, and compels the filing of the for in-  ���ilia with a registrar to be appointed under the act.   It  is made a  criminal offence to  advertise,   sell, or offer  fbr sale any medicine which is, having regard to  the  formula,   fraudulent  or misleading as to the curative  properties claimed for it,      It would appear to us that  this affords a  protection to   the public,   who are continually   being  defrauded  by   what  are significantly  known as   -quack medicines"      Verv   many newspapers,   Thk   Economist  included,   will not accept  these  quack   advertisements,   soraanv of which ^re  glaringly fraudulent and positively indecent,  some of  them  even   suggestive   of the means of committing  crime     That there are good proprietary medicines on  the market we will freely admit, but that the vast majority of the "cure-alU" which  are freeiv   advertised  throughout  the   length and breadth   of the land are  worse than useless,   must  be conceded.      Those who  oppose the Patent Medicine   Bill do so on the ground  (as they allege) that   is would give   the medical pro-  fession  too strong a hold on the public purse���that it  would compel one to go to a doctor and pay him from  two to twenty dollars for what they could get from a  druggest for as many cents.    There must be immense  profits in quack nostrums, judging from the space and  :��������� /Tim. turf of :'Englan$^  ��� >��ei��eratiiijg;.;- -At;^^^  Lord Durha,ih..;iUtribut^  ��� things to '.'yAinericati^  .statemetu- whicii;.caui^v'm  nu.ruber of. Anieri^ftt/wii^  leading racing; fmtur^  explanation that his 'Joi^^  following was nece:ss��iri!v;:vA'mericiiu, ' Since Sioana  tire ���American j.ockeyi ro^;;ii.--lew;:0f;hjsbest"mounts;t<|  victory; the' English; mewon:^  over stpeket! vvitb:-;htS.;;:-ieU0'w::M of the pig*|  skin, all of.who?t^expeetedefigagements;' ::i;atliugt��  this, they h*ve had;;recoup '  tactics, which are -said id; have '.;i!Jjuriously:efrected the  turf.    . ������.������;���' -:-:'!:; VV'���������:'"^  * ;,wu*t����Al%"itf'."  ��� ��� " i^ikos ofa feather"flock' together/-.tlie;Wntd^f  iirrirw notes that a iadvin Colchester Township has  been married three times.      Her maiden name wa.  Partridge,, her first husbaturs name was Robb'ins, tie  second   Sparrow,   and the third Quails.     The** flr  five children���two   Robbins,  one Sparrow, and two  young  Quails.      And   the birds  in  tiielr little nest  agree.      In \faucbuver there is a matrimonially f  colored lady. She was a Miss White until she bc^c  M rs. Brown.    A fter Brown f.s demise she became Mr*;;  Greetr/andis now a Mrs. Black.    There are two lit  Jirownies, one pale Greenland one baby Black.  whole family, however, are known as Blacks.  The  WW?  UrSM  /���".'.���S'K  F'<.-  ���������  M No room to live " is still the cry in the Bast-c^ |;^  of London. So overcrowded is this particular Par |;,^  the great metropolis that appticttioos for lodgt��?s    |, :|  hi  ���*��� >wrf-��>     ��� w, .if*��� -n      ^  ���^ * -t v hw< ��n h r  f papropiwi in  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  ,������'���'������,rHimises ;ire so numerous that even these in  he :"WOI h>,lul4, . ���  'titutions' are obliged to close their doors against this  l -��f transients. And the houseless are by no means  Uitiite:'  They are in the majority oi cases able and  rjjin l0 jKly for accommodation, but cannot procure  It The Bingie nun can nnnage to shift for himself  nit the working man with a family has no shelter in.  Ihe'Kdst-eiid or many other districts in Condon. We  Frequently "hear a somewhat similar cry in Nelson.  Fbere:'is a i^aai scarcity oi small houses, suitable for  [lie���'ordinary.1 working man with   a   family���houses at  moderate rent.' A y,tv;*l deal of building has been  lis tie during the. past couple of years, but the houses  ire either.nor for lent, or if for rent, the figure asked  [snot'within the means of the would-be tenants. Of  Urse. Fr a voting and growing city such as Nelson  ne cannot e\;;>ect the hou<e accommodation available  h older eomnundtiv^ but .*c hope to see, and that in  [he near future, some of our enterprising citizens build-  ig cottages for rental at a sum within the means of  >ur artizans-���not from a pihlauthropic point of view*  Hit as a sound business investment. > '     ���  **m*nyi*miptmm  It is ;re;>ortcti fr-��m (riand Forks that the local post-  met was iKjn;laii./rd one night last week and $3000  tamed nil . This is the second time that this office  las received tin* aitr-aium of the burglar.     When we  itbklrr liie-vaM rtm'jtuH t��f busiuesiS transacted in a  nming eva'tre rlu��.ui-*h this branch of the public ser-  'ice, 1 Ik-������au.seiithie class of buildings in which the  l^st^nsa- ^-invariably located, the scanty remuuer-  um /d o.M',j the oflicmls/ and the absence of proper  |aciSuu's '���:���> Fr-torting Her 'Majesty's mails, the won*  ier h u\-\[ ti:r's.-(;stid)l.ishmenisare not more frequently  K1^;an/:'> L    l"< -he present v.\s; registered packages  W-nain.; ine 'mils ��.vere stolen, Thcr* is 'no safe  it tne < ii,i:-t) F,��rks Post office,   and  in this particular  isliih'x,:";:l!<,i! !<��   the  general   vnte       The stolen  lU^es were dvoo-du'd in a desk,   which was easily  ��"Uc��.rup?M  ^ .\ .,.rani:e!;e;nurc jH the case is that the  '"OF Was  kc',-,..,., v  j,  1.  1,  ' vo;u in a;  ���''���   Villi?'    ...j  i'vht In 5n  )!1 ���'"��� *   ��� I.  "fin; Mi-.  '���;'' ��''<.'kco on mo inorntnvj alter tne rob*  v,,;dd indicate thai the burglary was not  ";,'Wkv Some eighteen months ago  M-:^ <^)A their e-outews were stolen fnun  1 i'-v trequencvui postofhee robberies  '"<; tlie authorities to make better provis-  (,|v ' < f Ivr Majesty's snails,'.  ���i:n  Ml'  N . )��� ������ .(- I  i a  a:;  a1  1; 1  ���Aft p.  *W?3' Cm i,i  JLiro      "''"1.1  Jfc*3 ()(hiein���/  ��������> -,     .  JC* oti,| .,..,  \ i  ��� i I' I  11 v  en  ������*    tl   ft  ^1,1  (T  * t)  1* "i  Ml r'CiU:v  ��� 1.  <l  ; '   1 j 1 �� '���  "nee.   HoUiAV. S. iMcidin-,  in a  Montreal the other cveniui*;, made  emvnt that the Canadian govern*  vu^ the conseutof the Imperial.anthori-  '������lishnieut of .a branch of the royal mint  ' haw always  contended that Canada  '" P5,,duced in  Canada,      A country  nui<l1 r,l   tlie   precious  metals as this.  1 ��� srtjci elsewhere to have them  nor should it be dependent upon  m iunush the silver .coins in general  ,,m* is more of the  Amer can silver  s"|'vh"v in Canada   to-dqy than white  1: "wn superscription.      As to where  the mint will be established, that is a matter.of detail  which can he easily settled, For convenience sake,  the site should be somewhere in British Columbia���the  great gold, silver and copper producing province of  the Dominion In selecting a site we hope the many  advantages offered by Nelson will not be overlooked.  Novkmhkr 16 is the date fixed for the execution  of Yip Luck, the Chinaman who murdered Chief of  Police Main, at Steveston. A telegram from Van*  couver announces that the condemned man has confessed to having murdered two others -an Indian,  whom he did away -uth at Chilliwack, and a negro:  The latter crime was perpetrated some ten years ago  near Yale, according to the murderer's story. Yip  had an accomplice in the murder of Main, but his  partner in crime, also a Chinaman, died somr weeks  previoi��\ to the trial Had his life been spared for the  gallows, he, too, might probably have been in a position to clear up some of the other murder mysteries  on record in British Columbia.  Tin-: one murder case set down for trial at the Nelson assizes resulted in the acquittal of the accused���a  little boy named Ernest Chetmweth, who was charged  with the murder ofa Chinaman.    That the verdict of  the jury, arrived  at without  leaving their box,   was  endorsed by ail in court, was evident from the plaudits  by which it was received.    During the hearing of the  case, a sensation was caused by one of the witnesses;  who testified that her husband was approached by a  Chinaman   in Rossland,  where  the  crime was committed, and offered $500 if he would aid in having the  voum* nrisoner convicted of the crime with which he  was charged      Should  not some effort  be made to  hunt" up this particular Chinaman and punish him for  this serious offence ?     There is a  very   general impression that the rounder \vs committed at the instigation of the   Highbinders or  some other society of  Chinamen, and the theory is well rounded.     The fellow who offered the $500 blood-money would doubtless be able  to throw some light on the subject,   and  he out:m to be located.  '.i'M'f  II    1  ��� (  ;, I  \Vk are pleased to note that the Grand Jury in their  presentment did not f il to call attention to the state,  the wretched state, of the Courthouse of Nelson.    At  every assizes held in  this city of late years similar  action has been taken, but without result. The judges;  on circuit have frequently complained of the accom-  ���mr-dation provided,   the members of the bar have oil  numerous occasions entered a vigorous protest, jury  men are justifiably indignant at being forced to loiter  about the hall or in the open air awaiting a call,   and  the genera! public and those more intimately interested  in the business before the court are loud in their complaints.     Surely some effort should  be made to relieve the cause of al] this trouble by providing reasonable accommodation.    The business transacted at the  courthouse is growing as the country progresses, and  it is too muehto expect that a building designed for  service in years gone by would be ample to-day.  '-!  ������!%'.a*?-,.t.i\���-���*���-���,-.* * ii;m -?b.��� t<^-r*L- -v :��� ��� v��� ?7$^.      j.    j 1���r -������������������71����������-����-jtr'T*T��"?~w*T-    A j    f       , j,"    ,     vi ^, h.        'i.v..'    .[I.      ���^�����il".>.��.  I-       - ��   -    11 . j    ��.'   1 "  ' t 1-       1     ruin1''   1    'Tl.-'Vi   '*      .   ,11     >v     '1     ii.   In    ',.���    |i(.   v'��   ,   ,',V]i ' 11' ' \ ..'.'    ,        v' -i   ' V*il 'r      *s   '"   \\   V.V   ���.(������"**'      '     t        i'     'i1    ���K    LD ��>'- ��   ��t    f^ ,'       > - ..n.1���*%. v, tufa-ti - fW-- i*'.-- p  'J.; tfM-.t wr.^Yj**?*^*  .,,  .;1;.:-.F^  wsmk  ���������'���i&00tm  THE NELSON,.ECONOMIST  ?^f,|  ..������;v|  '.;!.;.'v'1  MINING NEWS  /.'</ :/ros^^  The shipments of ore from Rossland last week are  slightly heavier than for the previous week. The  Le Roi is a little under the average, but the Centre  Star shows an increase of i So tons and the Iron .Mask  an increase of 50 tons. The Giant and the I; X-.L/  have both added to the output, as will beseen by t he  following table :  I     ��� ������... Week's ��� '���; "Tonnage; :���.'.  Tonnage  Year to Date  ;th*J nu"*;N��^  may change ^��tdSsliortl| a^a wosideraUvS  mt  //."/ .Mine.'"  War Eagle..... ....;.  Centre Star.;.../......  Iron Mask....... .,....,  Evening Star..//...v>'.  Monte Christo..... ...  r v t  v/ V'l It i*vX ������������*��� ����*������  A^fW     aV K) 1      X^l \J      Jm  * m  m   ��#������**   �� ������   #   *   *   *   ����  Giant,.  ..* �����* *  '    ��    ���    ��     *    h-    ��    *    M    4  >*���!�����     ���   *���������*     *�����*��*     ���"*'-*���  ��� ��*������ + ���      *^0^*5  /I25��fe,8'2  '���**��*�����                         *    ���    4     ���    *    *   ".  ro*6��3  195^  '���������������.������21,150  �����**�������              ��� 1 Av  .1664  .,*������*���#.#���***...      -���**-�����*.* V . - ���'  .;���   39 *  ���     *��**��,    t                              *.',������           ^  i] ::/:','��� \Ti  ��    ��    *     ���   ������_,��   ft   ,          .                                         '-��-W     ^         '  /'���42O'  *       %    *     ���*     ���    ��     .'                         ���**�����*  ���'���'., 20  ���t     ��     4     "��     *    *   *                                   ���     *    ���'��*���.''"''    "  '"'���   2<57  ���    **��-*���#                                     ���     W   *����'.*'    '  ������.������'������������'"������.���:..7C>.  ...*n.\       " ��Q  .;.;/:;" :$39  ..........0 2 O J  .162,769.,  coil  Total...  SILVERTON  From the Silvertouian.  The  Philadelphia  Group at  the head of ������-Feiuielt  Creek is to be fully developed  at once,     A -bond to  eastern capitalists has .been given on the property  by  the Copeland's of Spokane, the owners, and it will be  developed under the supervision of 'A.' Copeland.     A  force of men are now employed in building"'trails and  erecting winter quarters for the miners who vnlFwTTrV  there this winter.  The Emily Edith property is now employing a  force of over forty miners and development.'work is  being pushed ahead as fast as possible.  During the past season, under the management   of  Mr. Dubois, the Arlington mine,   near  Slocaii   Citv  has been developed   into  a mine.      It  is   now in   a  position   to  become   one   of   heaviest   shippers   of  silvei-lead ore   from   that  section   of   the   Slocan.  A   spur   is   being put  in from the   A/near   Slocan  and two  ore bunkers are to be  erected upon it with  a capacity of 250  tons   each.      Another large  bunker is to be  erected at the mine and the ore   is to be  handled and shipped in   bulk to   the smelter.     The  Arlington    has   already    shipped   out   Ibis-'season  420 tons of high grade ore  and .with the completion  of the new   ore bunkers it will easily  take the   first-  place amongst our shipping mines  At the Siiverboy which   adjoins the   Emily   Edith  Goup, seven miners are employed and that   property  is showing up well under development  From the Eagle.  A. L.Deveuport of Spokane,  has purchased  from  Josephine   Lord,   of  Trout   Lake,  for $1,700,   the  mineral   claims   Cable  and Ten Broek,  which are  situated near Erie.  A. CV Cummins, on behalf of other parties, bought  '';;;-'Mear^^  ;,imerests1n  -;..ihe;ca^  ing;up,ail;^  ���; ...E., M,;Morgiig  .,al>ove.claimt:was,iti;^  ;.his.:way;to;;the^^  early closing <if this season on th^Wm^ai|  off work at least two weeks smiue^thanlx  ^ The Miiito group, belonging t^^^flCiiB.  C^^^-^^ had more than qiim^^mk  upon it to crown grant all their d��pffi||;||e._  party have shut down with th��t:;^fi|^^  thij season, but in the early ��priopi^^^^  curing an ehgineer^ tsamitiacfoitMii^Mn^  during the summer they will p^^i^'wi#ji  haste. They will get in their supplies by the Dan-,  can river and Speucer Ctijr route Their property  is next but one   to the  well known  Old Gold group;  SLOCAII.  From the Ledg��>.  Last week the Arlington shipj^i 180'tons.  Seven men are employed at the Silverton Boy.  C. B. Taylor is building  the ore bunkers for thej  Arlington mine.  .".- The IClhg Soloman Co.  are working ^5 men it j  their property at Woodberry Creek  It is .expected that the Ivanboe mill will commence!  to .grind about the first of next month  The wagon road from Silverton to the Hewett b.  nearly completed. This mine will soon lie a steady  shipper.  The Philadelphia, on Fenuell creek, is to be  worked, this winter.with'A. IX Copies* as superintendent.     It has been bonded to eastern speculators.  Last week the Payne shipped 220 tons; La*  Chance, 100,   Slocan, Star 60;   Ruth,  5* ��� Cotl1,  When completed the big smoke stack at the lral  smelter will be 175 feet high. This will /..be a respectable and practicable monument to the mineral industry of Kootenay,  The St. Eugene has shipped another lot of concentrates to Chili. Six carloads went out a fewdaP  ago. This ore is mixed'C. with;those produced i��  Chili on account of its fluxing .properties.  The final payment of the notes given io ^  the deal  on  the  Marion  group,  Silver/��l?tt!rta^  will be made on Nov.   4th, /at   which time it is  lieved that work will be resumed on the proper ^  a much larger scale than heretofore,  Last week there was a drop in the ship^eots  the division, says the  fit  tkt  ;*��  H -rrwn^t��-j��JW*Tt_yv-j;  1f"l1,'^P'��W,*1������irp'��[. r     -l-  THE NELSON, ECONOMIST  Arlington  nii  [comp  fiiiiesliape.  has   been crowding, work ,.upon the .new  "r^^n't'ch'ainl ore chutes.     Much has .been ac-  31 grilled and a few days  more will get things, into  \VVt weather is also having its effect, as  lhe;'nxui*:: are- hecomiug sloppy,      Forty   tons   was  [Jtte,   'Ore, trom^U^fe  'ft>'Frioiuki^iuciiucd :x^mi,m^  f' ' * ''j..    i"ii "ii.'iCi'i    f j J"'f'"   ".        ���"'" ���''.���':'- .    ���.'���'���''''.''",������   ,������'������ '''n'',-':-r-" '.','  ������I!    .���"���������''��� ���'.������  UfM'-i'MHt'. tiA,'v\ U   tiitfii, , Mlt,.,-.  ...���:   ,..��.;      ...:,������,..,"������������ ���;,���'���.;. '������,::;;:.;���:/ -���.;>���!;:;:. ^v--..  ;.,':;; .������..;  '������ ��� "���"   -.* ... :���,, .   ��� ,���������.���    ������' '.'..:  .   ���.���' ������...��� ������...,;i"o..;/'.. ;������.���������   ��� -;. ���'7y ';���'v..;-: .>������"<. ������������"���,������'���./.'  ':  bQ'U'RDAR.^;V/^  ���   |.',-.,ni \)a< <^-hn.i<i���"Fo>":k3^:;l***:^1!t-fe*'1^:/-j/'^^;y/;/":'^'/;��� .=  ThiVha^ I*eu a; busy; ..weck.in ;:;tm  L,5.;t* ��������-:!rr^-. ��v *k��' seus.kibualv^^^^  mineral find Jo chronicle, the development of some of  the best properties, ia the district has been steadily  pushed ahead; apd a constantly increasing showing is  reported from-every property on which operations are  now in progress. Outside investors are beginning  to be  attracted   by the  fame of the Boundary;,,.as, a  "|u.e^  ;>i;;corfeequ^  ;;tb;^;^airo|miivii^  ;;pr^pertie|.;fre'heing^  ,^/T'f;is;..T^pprtM  ;;dirhls:::pm^  Ipaehiiier^r^'ter  jqad-s melte^  .stnelier^wi  ;;lngl:Sl^  ���^f:'M^:$^^0P&^^^  wm  VOTE- I  ���~\  ���"4  i  ���     1  ICanclicu  Cari  , ;of;/  ber of  1!V;  ^M:  lllliililik  i:m"  )O0-  ::*V**��*x^f*&ih^^  W��i  ��*:  ml.  [Adopted    by   the ;:UMml^G^hsMryati^  Revelsto^  rtve'rvtilnllii  \\>. ^:; r  ��� i ��� k- a l es .' or .Ihe' ���:! it Mrai ~6;m#vax^  ^hi-M. iv:it:.r:n -he principle of ^  arid->ihitl" ii:u*t:i>r!iie.ipfe';.;i^  ;!J!Us.  Th  ������;:?' w  <���   !'. N!   ���  '- m ms:r.von;whicif^  ^ '<hat *>ur"intnins;.feduStrfei:^  ���*!Md * : therefore, wetuivoeat^^  ^i-vSlh- ;is hu/i as those'.ntnv tm.fx*^  ��� j."i;r-  \  ,!.;.;':V^:-V/V""'*  '���v;--S-"i^^ffiH  iv ;,  1 '-<*;��uij>ut nf (he .precious  "tint i he <Pccie in: emulation shalfhe that of our own instead of ^^  i^-rai, the tesiricuou of the iuimi^rauon of the the Chinese arid Japanese, and all  classes who  1 ntifcens oi the Dominion orCanada. and suggest the  adoption  of th^  principles of the  JSfa  w ...  1 ^W'liiv ���/�����. ,f  j .;.:  ",UI^' v "hiinhin  H&PU-^<'   w,-   ,,!v  3 '*.. mii:! 'i.>,��. .. ! ���  �����V^        ' ���*' ^ "Hii!li.��   t  iV'Cllt  has not:now the. representation in the Federal ���.���'Parliament.- that she is entitled to;  inn when the redistribution is made that this coiisutuency shall be given representa-  > its population.  ll;il  >i incurs well tor the success of the party that Hugh John Macdonald has decided to leave  the  :^;i('M,,! 1,r,iVi!'nal politics to take part in the larger one that affects the people of^he whole of Canada.  "v 5  JtA  i   *  ^*u.npaij  ���()uston  Block  cl'ilu  ::::|B  *��� I ' ���  I     *-������!"."�������� -^   ��� ... a  - t..^.M   .��.��   friw^^i'  -1;  ff . ��� ��.t r ������f-i.-r - * "\  ���MH*-���ftf" I"4"! ���"*  ���l-i'^v  ..fpM-^* <t'"-I  ��� ��,*������*��������� l-tl   1-F"  ��� i ��� ���  i    ��� * p.;-,'  8  THE NELSON ECONOMISE  ��/  m  p/  Mi v ;��� :  p/  p//  IP  ��ii,  HlW:7  is/  p':;  fefe,  !#?'B,:4t..:.'...j..  If// ���."������:���������  *i.  tl If  1l *��J  .^  ;.;:.:/:T  ''Upbn'us*  : re fer to  'taiiimcnt  ���wi  ."'���  IB 1  TO a God-fearing person like myself and an old-  time Methodist, T behold with sorrow theevident tendency of the followers of John Wesley to str^y  far away from the tenets of that .persuasion.      When  I was a boy, we '������Methodists looked askance  at the  young men and women of other  religious denominations who participated in the wicked pastime of dancing.    Indeed, to my early religious training on these  lines I attribute  my lack of proficiency  in the Terp-  sichorean art      I was taught to regard the dance as  the door to Hades/and even now I recollect a sermon  by a circuit rider on the death of a young woman who  caught cold at a country ball, from the effects Of which  she died. The preacher was wont to adorn a tale with  pictures of fire and brimstone, and on the occasion referred to stated with great deli  woman  would surfer the torments designed for the  wicked.      And he knew a :great deal,. having been- a/  farmer -for many /years.-, in his earlier /life'- /:/M,y ^ ey es:  ::/::may.^  pared to take my solemn affidavit that on a recent  occasion I saw iuany good Methodists taking part io  an  en^ movements 'danger-.',  ously approaching those'-of a".dance;;:;i'.was .horrilied,'  yea, shocked.      But I presume3.-Methodism .. h not���:so'���  exactingwithregard;'to. its���m'embers;.'aud;'adherents:a$-  /"it used to be/   Time c he re was when we had bat one'  .".'diversion in .the,year���the camp meeting,    ' And.how ���  we shouted ^hallelujah" and "amen!"  ' I am afraid I shall have-to revise my somewhat :cur- ���"  tailed notice of the-amateur production, of *' The Mi-  =��� kado." .������ The last-night's'performance here was .not-  lacking in the snap essential to the Successful production :of the opera.    On the contrary, it wtnl off with u  /"go" not often paralleled by'professional   companies..  Particular credit should be  accorded   to the duet between Mr Williamson and Mrs. Daws.    I h-iv,*/^,,  this opera fully fifty times/and I must confess to u��vcr  having seen a; better piece of character work thanthat  given last Wednesday night by   Mr ' Williamson and  Mrs/Davys       On the whole,   it was a   revelation to  many that so-much talent existed in a city of the size  of Nelson.  Now that we are bribe midst of a.political fight,   1  would urge upon the campaign committee the wisdom  of preventing the orators from making long speeches.  There is-nothing in a stereotyped speech."   As a matter of fact, I could point out many instances in .vhich  speakers were  rather a detriment to a candidate than  an advantage.    Anyone whodesiresenlightenment on  the issues can get the same from the campaign literature, supplied by the political parties.      Indeed, there  is no lack of opportunities to get  " facts and figures "  Our Liberal friends have provided a rare diet for their  followers in this respect, and are using   the postofficc  to distribute it throughout the Dominion.    However  this is a digression.      What I want to do is to point  out the danger of encouraging the campaign   orator.  lK::^'pla^;of^|J  m^y;%;,,spme;'di^  ,;,^|  "'��1  amusement  %  mi  ���Mm  .   latth to ^;^esr^ctahly;;;coj.t���iueted,^ f^m  ... /.year./there.wftaloy&e^  met with vehemeut/aM^  /men. ..And.simnge^o;^  ���. /most ;emphatie: in t^ ��� njus.fehalls:^  /;uoi:;averse:..tb/'^  ���';/1^*^  ':to;speak:intelligS^  v'-wil^  /^***^*ra  /'t0;p:ur$ue.:'|heir|  :;;terfa^  ;:eltisi^  ;.;tbey.:are;;a||ir||^  :tis% vit^^^  , .;clast;;pjiiSiC;;hai  ���:that:ihe;:stro^  ..':me?it/coiner/fro^  : .provided.-^  ;;;:/ro. /fey//  / gne vs wtes^-; od:;;deiiri|t^  ' children .a^^  ! o-y on rsel.I/;i-iid.,'I^h'iye  ^ and. wonieii;';';w;boV,wer^OT  .slaves.;o(their owp; chilli^  . very lew of us,who"are;w  fice our pleasure&l^^  some oi her' .person 's:prec^io|is ;otepriiigv./:.;/:Aiid w||j  is it t he 'child -&H'te/tK^  time- to cry/:'itivaTkbly^Iithi ^f8  hie- in sup.pressed;':voicf ^'ilIlI^pa;rttng:'to:tfie:li��ro;lg  tale -of a- b%ttted;,1i^  a Iwbt on.tbis>itJ^ect^:;--S^  /dud scientists the-world:oyert/:i"f///;://:.  While-T'-am- on the:suf^ect;/df; u.nsuppressed.:nu^|  ances, and.which seem beyond; the; reach olthe;^  I would.ask hp\vare\vetp;a^fe"tb��t:nuisa^  has so often manifested- itself-at "the ()Fra;House.|  1 refer to the man who so frequently occupies a iroflj  row on the balcony and emits unearthly yells during  the perpetration of Jborse-play on the stage- *'ia%$s  heard him until Mmve grown decidedly nervous. ^  haunts my dreams and otherwise distracts my/e^^  after I leave the plav Others have made thesanie^  complaint. The grand jury might have turnedtli||^  attention to tins subject while dealing with other ����/|fe  ances.  LrfX  /|^5W  a".1-, f  Mgr. Falconio, the apostolic delegate, js��o^a a|B  Westminster, and 1 understand an effort isbeingm  to induce him to visit Nelson,  born at Pascocoslanzo,   Italy,  Sept, 20,  i842.  Mgr.   Falconio ^gg  p,i ^ f.t.  1.      MWI^.  . t. pwm^w^wifm^^m-w^:- mmmwmwmsm  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  L  ���> 1 priest January 4. ^66, and spent many years  lecam^// _        Halifax and other  Canadian  pducatioiial-.^or.K.ai "����'��*  K     On being recalled to Italy he was consecrated  Eon julv-ii>95. *��<l ���� November 29same year  Usraised' to the archiepiscopal seat of Acerenza and  Era'':0d" August. 3. ����99. ��* was decided to estab-  La permanent  resident of the papal  office' in this  ���mntry. and Mgr. Falconio was chosen.  The "Conntown 400" cast their sable shadow over  [wo audiences at the  Nelson Opera House last week,  ,!]d'lbc K|0W \y as almost  impenetrable.      Last year  [hi* com\m\y, gave a most enjoyable entertainment,  jui this year the ������organisation was simply execrable."  there-was n<>\  a redeeming  feature connected   with  tbeVhoif ix-rformance;    Managers of opera houses in  )ther cities arc hereby warned  agonist harboring or  |n-anyway encouraging the "Coontown 400/*  I do not attend political meetings very often, but I  ade an exception-in the case of the Conservative rally  it the Conservative committee rooms, last Thursday  tvening.     The'.speakers were   Hmu T. Mayue Daly  fndMr: John Klliot.      Mr    Daly delivered what I  regard a magnificent; campaign address*    I w�� parti-  tularly.struck with his  reference  to early Canadian  history,- For my'.Wn part, I must confess he enltgbt*  tned'meon-inany poinis on   which I   had   been in a  thoroughly benighted condition       I  think platform  [speakers would do well to follow Mr. Daly's example  nnl assimilate their   addresses  with  history,  ,   Too  [many of m know more of the history  of other coun-  jtries than u cilo o-s our own.   By the way, I must pay  p tribute to' Mr . Kllhn.  In u few minutes be reviewed  fihe pcliiical  siuuuun in   a manner that was spirited  land w the.pohn      Mr. Klliot has the material out of  [which good shakers are made.   With a little practice  |Mr Kllir-u ;\��,;dd drvelop into an  excellent platform  Fnitor,  hi maeadami/mg the principal *lreet of Kelson the  [City 0>in-icd. h.i^ in ale a first-class investment, The  pkl Hakcr Street was a source of continued annoyance  [l!)N^niaus. t/nder the new order of things the  jpedesiri.iii who is compelled to cross the street can do  Pu without U-my phmged into a loot deep of mud*  '���lorenver, n ^h.e.vs th:*t the citizens of Nelson have  1 U] 1!1 'm"!! nty.     Let the good work go on.   .  1 "card a rather good suggestion the other evening  uin> regard in ulc habit of Italiausatid other foreign-  Ub hercnn^ together. It was stated that men >speak-  _^. /S :i foreign language/ living together," were a Con-/  ||| -uiai sr,iiirr0r menace to the social well-bein^ of the  M 0!mn;!!ntv. and uiubmbt the allegation is true..'They  gp| * <>n all thcii conservations in a foreign tongue,  Pfv ,UC s enabled to conspire without detection.  ***' *'mm h" inuihi be given to 'hot-headed, Tore-v  loeiisf* s  $*%������ .tiLtiiy   Italian?-.. ���    If permission to sell  ^��    0I u'm" n-tused, one great cause of the evil would  ^r!" ''..inpaign is shorn of some of itsspecta-  ^   ! r.f p  E] tilarefr...  ^>!">weu      r  ��� ���  ���*  :v-i..  'U.)..i:;-ii   the   absence of   Hon   W.    A,  .:^.qiif _ s understood that Mr, .Galliher's cam-'  *V.'f^ !V)mm!!^e telegraphed Mr. jowett at London  -:/������;��� nir ,tS rapullv  as  possible;  -but he was  unable to accede to the request, owing to the com.  plications in China To Mr. Jowett much of the  credit of the Conservative victory in Great Britain  and Ireland is attributed  The court house, during the assizes, is a rare place  to study human nature. There is a certain class  that likes to listen to the evidence in the case of a  person tried for almost any breach of the law ; but  there are others who choose their cases. I was particularly struck with the audience assembled to listen  to the bigamy case. I do aver, and without fear of  successful contradiction, that 90 per cent, of those in  ^Court were married men. Why should this be the  c��se ? Is it possible that a large percentage of married  men hope some day to quit the present partners of  their joys* and embark on another matrimonial cruise  with some more congenial mate ? I was listening  to a discussion of the case by several married men in  iront of the court house; while the trial wis in progress Some sympathized with the bigamist ; others  thought he should be punished. No doubt, those who  espoused the cause of the offender had domestic  troubles of their own, while the happily-wedded condemned him most severely Such is life. We all  look through glasses best adapted for the peculiar  form of our own optical affliction.  It is uo* often in a British court of justice is  witnessed a demonstration similar to the one mani-  tested on the occasion of the verdict of ,fnot guilty'*  being given in the Cheuoweth case. It was a  spontaneous outburst of approval, and while every  British subject is jealous of the dignity of the court,  on this occasion no one seemed disposed to reflect on  the motive which prompted the applause. There  was never a verdict rendered in Canada which met  with more popular approval. The boy'Chenoweth,  who was accused of attempting to solve the Chinese  problem by a somewhat drastic yet effective method,  is a child of scarcely eight years of age, and is a most  attractive little fellow. It is hardly possible he could  comprehend the full import ofa confession, such as  it is alleged he made to a detective Indeed, it requires a greac stretch of imagination to believe that  a boy could discharge the gun at an object with any  precision, Anyone who has made a study of Chiusee  methods would rather incline to the belief that the  Chinaman was a victim of one of his own race.  The next attraction at  the Nelson Opera    House  will be "A Breezy Time.M     This combination  ivas  seen here last year, and gave much pleasure to those  who witnessed their  performances.     If it is  half as  ���good as laal yean it will be  well worth   patronizing.  The. habit  of driving over crossings at a three  minute gait still prevails to an alarming  extent in  Kelson      I saw aii expressman running over a little  boy at the corner qf Josephine and   Baker streets the  other day.     He did not succeed in killing the   boy,  but no doubt he will meet with greater success in his  ���nektaUempt,:and then his. lawyer will plead that it  was an accident      I hope I may get on that jury.  If so I will remain in the jury room until Doomsday,  or see that that man gets all that is coming, to him     -  -, ft  '".1  -.. ,  c*  "���:/1  l A ��J. V S  l7*|  f-'/ I  my.  mM  ;-'V'..l  i   *-  ���-m--!:" * j, v  ;mp;i,   '  v...:-:;;;'*     . i  :^;;,i   '  1 :^^SI^fiSSR^^^  wrswwsirwrsrmpsmtwB^ ���������I-.'. ..-. ;<ri-,���-.'.��� jyJSSl  '���.:,?.^iM  O  'A'ftl  "   -f./ll  Tj^OR two weeks we had been playing to crowded  ���'.-*-": houses; The lame of our particular star had  preceded us to the Pacific Coast, and the welcome we  received was very envhusiastic, inciting the company  to greater exertions and a deeper interest in the noble  profession they had chosen.  M For heaven's sake; Graham, don't sell another  ticket !" was the message sent up one night to the  manager. /'��:very seat is filled/and there is no  Standing room/- ���'.'/'���  I was about to close  the office whet! a  voice from  looking man w^s making his way to wa rd   me;     I!k  face was strikingly intelligent, but   there was �� look  of sorrow and care   that   was  q ititc  affect in g.,: /    11 is  clothes, once fashionably cut and of good material,  were now patched;aiui threadbare, while   his haf/ail  dusty and jammed, I   never saw equaled.     As  he  pushed his way through the  crowd,   heedless of the  angry words and looks- that, greeted' him'qb'each 'side.-.-''  I noticed   that one  sleeve   hung empty  at  his side.  /':;^e\yay-heu^  me that it-was -abunda^^  ;.:terthe:theaterfpr. just >,: moment, '/I care nothing ��� .  /for..the:play,, But J-niustsee'Miss Una'-Howard.*-*' '/-���'���"  ,,.;: .*,' I am sorry/ but Miss   Howard cannot-:' give '':you: .  audience until tomorrow ,v  ..//���v-No/sir.      I do   not wish   to speak   to'-'her   './I".."  only;.want to -ee her���to look at her."  ,   "And even that r cannot gram    -  H<:re arc scores  of people all about you whom I   have refused   within  the last ten minutes.     I cannot issue   another ticket  ton:oht.     Come tomorrow evening.'*  He looked around and then   leaned toward   me  $&  if U speak ;   but, seeming to  suddenlv   change   bis'  mind, he turned abruptly away and was soon fos>    i���"  sight.  The following evening his pale, careworn face w  the first that met me when I t  rew.upthe sa-h.  "Can't ��� I. go in now?"    he asked cagerlv:  '  "You are  entitled  to the  first  ticket,   sir       i  dollar/' o  "I have  no monev,"   he   renlipH    ;IT   ,       . ���  (; -> ���      A^   rcpucu,   in   a   wnisper,  : but I must see Una       Will vam ,,;.. 4-  .     .  ���  J<1-      u m }-o��i give .me a-tieket v>  could not.      The m,esi��� ,!le   ;co,���:,u1vn��rha(Ie  and, glv,ng a firm   yet kind   negative,   J   turned  ���,v  attention to the eager crowd and soon forgot !,���,>      '  aril  e  When at last I had a  uio.nent's   respite. I im.-t'bis  deep, black eyes once more  '' I must see Una,"  said   1,,       "Cannot   v������  f���r  once depart   from your custom ?  Ian,   ���oor   '.1S   V011  , mav see," and he pointed almost   conternptuouslv a!  . Ins apparel.      ���' I have walked 300   miles to see her"  and r must." "er-  He   waited for my   answer, but I could only   dis  appoint him.     There were at least a score of arsons  who asked me the same and now   stood   waiting   for  mv answer to him  VI canxiot blatne you," said he   sorrowfully, " but  :;i;mtist;^:;tJha^;^  jdicants/-,-;/.//:':;^  .; /���. He r^^^ liibrii  ..^'^  ,tonr.away>::h^  ^t> a tcbi.ng;:a; ticket^  closed; .tfye;$^  ���.; This,vvas,^  .. ��� ��� ��� _KiK'bt;^%^  ..;';:Aii4,:::wi0.rXbe:resg  .:/:/ ;\vnierr:.l../e^  ��������� "��� *^g^:^':^  ;. :i ng- ��� th roug'-^  ; /k&^wledg^  ...: as. t he.;. s bowem" o;f. Jn*j^  ���' 'fclFat:;hc:r/i^^  :; SheTiti^  ri v'et.ed',- u pon ^mi^j^^^^^^^^^j^  ;;;sto<Kl:t'he;o!ie/;::W  ahovrthc ^ty/httJ^  . about. his^iiotilclerB:;t;:;:'ti eyes  'looking" full ,'tipori X^^BS^^^^}^^^^^  Whiter am! whis^^^ cry.  she tottered mul fell toward-tlie':bllizimg' Hghti/-��� Witb  the strength ij|" a giant   the one armed man dashd,  ..aside everything in his   way  ��wt>   leaping upon the  Stage,  caught the fainting   woman  in  his arms and  snatched her away just as the flame l>ogan to lick up;  Her'light drapcrv. :  " -Oh', TTna, Una. f have saved  you!"   he cried,  frantically kissing her pale  lips.     "Look upon me,  . l>nrt'4   once more  -only  once  more, and then I am  gone forever !"  "Silence !v" said a rough looking man who had  just come upon   the  scene,  at the same time firmly  grasping the only  arm the  poor man had.     "Come  with me, my   tnau f"  Kasily as one could shake off the grasp ofa babe  did the strange being 'shake-'/off the .giasp.of tlie  oflicer..  "Touch tne'iioi!"   be exclaimed '��� fiercely./. "  took the money    stole it, if you .will���aud l^11 %o  with you-, soon!   But   not   now.     Stand off,or  fling you off the stage,' "'���'  He kneeled by the side of unconscious Una aud i��  the  most   imploring accents entreated  l*er^..tp !<^  upon him "just once  tnore.M     The beautiful ^ k^  opened, and a smile of recognition played al>ou-  s-i^-  lips.  his feet  With a cry of joy the strange man arose iom  " There, sir, constable, I am ready.     I)0 w,t  sf'  V  t       1  4 't  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  Iike     I stole the money that I might sec her,  J^w I care not what   comes   next.     Come,  sir,  U harmless now."  Una "had now recovered, and as the officer and the  soncr passed off the stage she whispered to me,  Follow them, and release that man at any cost"  j-.hasterciltodo.her bidding* A purse of gold  ned ���he officers heart and hand, and the man was  officer arrested the bride groom on a charge of murder.  He escaped during the night and is still at large.  The beautiful bride is prostrated by the blow, but  every attention is paid to her by our townspeople,  and hopes are entertained for her recovery."  I read no further.    I knew enough.   My questions  were now answered.     Poor, faithful Bert   Howard !  J*!  It'"  "..<r  u'Tcll Una I thank her/* said he.   '���and give   her  iv best wishes  for her happiness and my farewell."  That was the-last of the strange, one  armed   man,  y ���o word of him ever passed Una's lips save when  ie thanked me for procuring bis release   .. =i  Who was he ?.'^. Whence:...did'-::M  Sid be go ?   What was. be.io/Uhay^c^  I' have /searched' fair'and^fi!^  tom.ibeAtlaiitic'M  md and on sea. have. I ;; foUo.we<|^  ievc'r overtake him.      I ��� ha ye ;?:nOW/^  ���arch, and once :mor*:;r follow:.: :l|^  ful, fascinating Una'Howard.   '^.W^^^^W^i^l:  In a quiet little village in/:o^  {[pent a summer   month.'���.'������ Anioi^^  illed the old IWmhouk;iutic^  papers, printed-.years ago,^ .:^4^  )ver. - ._ ������": 7--\:���/"./;m-m: ^  " On' the  '13th " inst;^]^^^  Howard to Miss Una I)efo��',/ajrW^I  "While the  peopie:':--were.--t^  VACANT PEERAGES  The earldom ot Wiltes awaits an owner. It is  true the title is claimed by the Scfbpe family, bbt as  they have never petitioned the House of Lords we  apprehend says,   Peartani WttUyy there must be a  :'flaw:in:tlie .claim/;;./  :'PuiifermUne;;:;wlib  ,p^i.h|3;|/0ne  ::#dme,-:v^  ymm^m^W^^I^  ;/fe��gvf??;Kf|;l  &W:  'tb^nty'dfi'ali'^: matters;^  icllrus-^  liik&fc^  FR PFtlf  ���,��'���"��� ���. y.������.-'X'liS'iiif.���'.���':��� ^��v-:'..';r;;i'teHSKK'*i  :;::,*;:;::;?:;/":v/^/pi;i?Sfi:gS^^|  mmmmmMi^WiM-MM  :7/iSSIllSl^  ���v-W.:% '. '.';V:���'���r^.v'T':.#;;;0':i,;:''3iii?Sl��^��:['  v';~!; ^/i/: :///t^/://s^Ks  i V V:- y 7yy'^fWmyKtfM*&$  ^^'->v.v:;^���-yy^:Km'mWmP^ ;  - ���A ?' y-m **:;&��� v ^ -SwlSlff^ j  ,;;;:;.;��.:-1:v.?W.^:.j&:W:^^��i��3S$Sift |  ���V.y;.:7^\?.';..'..:V;li:i.��';.^V^^(V.^fc1^  /'///^///ii/lsMiiiiip  f:7|||flllfij|^  DRESS GOODS. MILUNERY. 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Such ignorance  On the part of persons entitled to claims is not ;/un��:  known. ���/"��� ./ ..'v'-/'���/''.': ;'-;   ������'���-;.     //"/  It was not tmtii he was at his '.death that a person  who had been all his life gardener to a family living  in funbridge Wells learned that he was the long lost  Gordon wanted for the barony of Beauvilie, the last  holder of which died in 1853.  * Some years ago a next-of-kin agent /spent a lot of  money in searching for a Mr, John Long to fill the  barony at Fernborough, then vacant He was tin-  earthed at last in the workhouse, and so comfortably  housed was he that he flatly refused, greatly to the  disgust of his discoverer, to engage i h the exciteine.n is  of peerage claiming.  Should the claims to " peerages fo let��� ever assume;/.  the proportions of a   boom,  there will  be a   goodly  crop of applicants for/the title of Viscount RanelagbV  Plenty of us rememl^r 1^  time, was the soul of the volunteer movementy    The  ' iami y: rmme:k  ,uumb^  /^��*^  :l,st^  ���knowi^  thp^e':\vbo;:.co.ritem|lat^  ��� :0^more:tit]e^^  ��� ^iiig a^trictly::comm  :J)Otibe.::de^  o/U,arwjch-.:be:rse!f;^  .recommend^  there.: ** ���; a.: Cgocd^  south/;of.t'hfe:;.Tl-^^';;:";-r"  . ��i��^w��^toliv<��������i��i��!��>.->;  HtoW/TO^  .tM-?"jf ������; ib =vf ero^Jrittj^^HlIJI  irnportantl  .'��� ,��� ���-'..: >..���'. '.y    ������',". ., -:, ���.':' '.'   . ���..':������.'. .'...-���;.      ' "' '^y^'^yy"'^!*'- '''���^'^���^���^^ww^i^^^^^^,,^^^^         ..... ��� ���   .-.  /i8::i:<l;��*fc*'rj:S^  ^���'%^'%^-%.  P. BURNS & CO  ���������, ��� .....,���...���..���.������   v;-. i^ "'^ ..;"   S^ ' *^!^"^  m::mmi  ���Mi  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  MEAT MERCHANTS  HEAD OFFICE:    NELSON, B.C.  20SSLAND  SANDON  BRANCHES AT  TRAIL  THREE FORKS  ��^50* KASLO    it  SLOCAW ctrv a.? ���������  y^rm^m,Mm4$  //���^���^ii^  ���    :������.������ /'Mtrt.l%:^i*ftrft��i^i'Hip:'': -;��� :-'mi  "''���"'"-���:. -m ''mWHMikmMl^���:'���' '���:��� mm--'^^^  . >���; :$ittuI#i3m^m$(i%tM,".;.:;:: / y.\.m-���-:';?: .//./I  ///:./>/./.'///:///::^  SAMPLE COpy-FRE|  '/ ^M**-!.! $$^B Olt/|f    .     '       '      " *'     "    ������" 11        -i fu.1,.,.11 ,,���. ���  ' .",.'������;'  ''i *^    ^'.ji.:*.*...^^^  ^  AS8AVERS' SUPPLIES  Wc Carry-in   Stock a  Full"-Line' of  Assaycrs' and CherrHsU'Sypplies  8.  C.  AGENTS FOR  DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.       WM. AJNSWORTH �� SONS  F. W. BRAUN -& CO.  ��9  noot jimiI   SJmm-s   M'lfli-t-   ri   " " "^'-,'t���'  ^ <>i Hank of HrlfUhColumhJH, BAKER ST  ����� m�� -��� -^t-^.^.^.^ ���__  .11   I  "**r nWnHM.M     .^^  # * "- THE NEiiSQN ECONOMIST  . /.��� ;pv'...:'i','<L~''-/:^",;,;'iiL'.V:,'f"  Will as short as. it   is possible to do J^ior this  �� n suppose you heated it .tek^sayt-aiucljesr  Id and tempered: it iu  that way,  the  .the first or second blow the drill iSjStrofet^ff  !ta />,Vofthe face of the drill^o^ctinies liiiifeh  Lt other times'�� .inch ���; :,pen;thi^^  it- up before you can go.- Ofii\;;>#^  aeonce when' I' was engaged .at :^riU^pW  ,.0rke<l at it. fer i$ months, :a��d'in.:the  ia.pi�� dropoff ������.ih^  avc me a'sufficient lesson' never-���to'let.k:^  iow, if you want to make a'tfyfiF;^^  [ban'it \vas bei^  Lv'as-- vuu want/ And,. as>OOU :ar^  ///SI  ^^;^^|Mg|  'UkM^mWmSt^'  ;/;lll  .^lelt:/;l:  emperiiig, put irdown':t0/e^  ake itand temj>er as f described:^  is put'., into - \vaterit\vmn%^  i^telv- cooled off- txxaust-If'.:>^Ci:t-ijttfi4;'i-ifcMS^ti^fei^inife  iletc'lv"cooled if Ls liable io^fl.y-.ofl/l*,^  pit  wf'?,,w*��"S'*' ���v-*j*i��*��jirt'rCi!Sy(WJ-.  ;   HEATHEN VIEW..OF/CAJ^  ���A; very'��� curitniH-;aud iiiter^m^^  Ivritten 10 a compatriot hy a;Shim^-^^  says the Gauntly in' which::.the^^  cords- his ltiiprevious ��>f ���car4;.|i>l^t^||i��:  fcircles oi the French ca)>m*lv; ^;H^|^^jfe  |/^  '/G|||^^^  ;;:;w|eM||;:p  :^h9,;;:^  Fppest>^  :'dte::det^^  ;:1ian'4^/0^^  -���/ --; :'/���.' "'-'��� /'���"'���:/���"/���  /'i'- ������/... i,'1'/-^'/-;/:- ���;--/."','": '' //.//:..���' ���'���/'.-,;/'';//--��.;--..'- ������:<���'.'.-'.'-v- '/vr'i/ -���//:������/��?*.������ .���������.-..--j-;.-.',���'.--/-' ���-:/ .iJ;*?^. ,,v_ -.;r;.:h;> -A% :; .--..A ..-���::>:i1-;..''/-.>;v/:';/:V.^':'s  J|oi|yh|:||;:|::^  3?Srjm^  iS*.fr#^��,...'.;!;#<l��>k'-!.,^;..'.'T;J.^^  W.\jy  3#::l/';iflS^:  /'//;:://ISiiii;  5V....!i=;,.:.':;.W.f��:V'.*i<W:^S)tkl  �����;:���������".��.:":  :||rpstjrlm4|h  h��w&?^wK  |^e^nt||||A:||^  PATENAUDE  -���^i.'.;���:^:^AV^f^V/.l:���'*r^ifi'^^Ji^:n���^^.��1*t�����|;^.V-^'���:^iy.o.i^^^^  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  NELSON, li  *!:mm?$6m<mfiy;o^^^  [FINE WATCHES  [SPECIALTY  .,.---��� , -.-.,.-���.,-. ^>jv  .���.vK(>v..i��-.v.'ii|>iv-sw*;v**:  [UCHEQUER GOLD  MINING:-COHFAViV;.  LIMITED LIABJLITY.  V*neouv��r unci  N��lson  ;/;: :^v C^iitriir s it rt'tt/: <^��t:r^/.Praefcloiiitl //Mtjaerii'  :|: 6;f:Wett::K ��*oti*niiy^)f '^t-rieti;://;,?//-/:/;,/ ^?%m&  ^l'X*lsfett^iK/,: ^ - ':^-.: ^': :���-'/  :jifTi��kSiiit>id^':;'liiai;:i��J  ���i^rs.:.Ute^City:';ar.:::Xeli*o^  -.v-;::,-v:^rx^^?./r^/:;:\./i;V,fc/^^  a,^/::^/::;^::,;."-*:.:^':.-::/^  ���VTii'K H iik i \vx t a v t-*\* lint rk ��*ii**ri��Mt"i: ��� '-^^.^^.*:��':.^/"'v. ::;:���''/ :':";;-^v,-^^^^^^^  i��-.����.i^nv i.fnuut i,iuu nit Jin iM-h^^J/:::'^  I'lirvh^I .,mn- ,.f th*- rmui��ttA^��^kSr^';;'^ ^/���:/.-^-;/:/^;.^\^/r::^fe^^  |s.fv,t;N,N,n!/lirU^h(^oiut^UhK^n'T^^iay%^^   .-:��iirTtwbfrrOi:1ill  ������n^.^ ,.r ^\,l.j)f,.ri���/AI'Yl��VariVrt  ;:;.i3:!  if':5.'��v.\..  ;m^f\  |: lmim*v^i��^ini����:r**r-nie: i*��t i*^  l��.0s*!W.ti'.Gf**niiifxht. n.t��yvij cl.ii1hi>;..... ���/v'V''���t'44^/4ttWV��^'A4a��iso��,i:':Fr^:M^^  ]"��� And: ftirth^r -.tuiif. :noitt^: thutnjjtttMi/wndcr-f;^^ ���;Xo/^n; 44^2, Arttiwr^J^rland, i Wtm^  [���������INMSttOtt   '" '   "  "' '"  '   * *" '   '"'  ~      '���"���   ���*������������  o  . [   i^>jii>��wr*.i��>wwuiwiniwiiuaj  iVrtifivatt5�� of 'lmp.w��veuie��i����ror. trie purpose  i of.' obtaining- (Jroww   Orahta of   the above  i:cHii'm��.v"' -1' //���.:���'.   / /"������ :;" ������/��������������� ,"���'    ���"���"���.'-"  i    And Aiiihor take not\ve that action,under  Uttcttou 'S7�� mnst'bc ��� commenced- belore :th*-  ' .issuance ofauuh tfertdftcate of Improvenienta.  I    niiKHt ttn��i4th.day'of September,-19(H).  JoitK McLatcmie,  ^^unps supplied on shortest!  ^g   "cc;uh1 lowest prices.  M   ^HilonkTs receive   careful  ���bin,    M ,,,u  fresl1 :����tl  pe,Hne���K:.ls and supplies '/ 'I  mmzm  ;i'/m?;$$m  -*'  i\  s&?  (PEW1  &-P.  h?  Sf  &M  <m  12  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ,;�����  , '��� 3*1  '���",vS|  //5i  be interesting to learn what objections this gentleman can have to he called Your Lordship Perhaps  he does hot know who he really is. Such ignorance  on the part of persons:, entitled to claims is not unknown.  It was not uutii he was at his death that a person  who had been all his life gardener to a family   living  in Tunbridge Wells learned that he was the long lost  Gordon wanted for the barony of Bcauville.   the last  holder of which died in 1853.  * Some years ago a next-of-kin agent spent a lot ol  money iti searching for a Mr. John Long to fill the  barony at Fernborongh, then vacant He was unearthed .at last in the workhqnse, and so comfortably  housed was he that he flatly refused, greatly to the  disgust of his discoverer, to engage in the excitements  of peerage claiming.  Should the claims to M peerages to let* ever assume  the proportions of a boom, there will ka goodly  crop-of ..applicants'for the title of Viscount Ranelagh.  Pien'tv of us remember t^e last Viscount, who, in his  ���  '���      O  *     ' ', , ."���������������'���-'. " " *'    > r  time,was the soul "of the-volunteer movement.     The  is: possible that ohe^'i  family name is Jones  number  may be en  Ranelagh,  but *e adviseWmm^^^  started, all,the other Jo����W^^  last Viscount'died iri ver^p|or:a  sold the family estate #��Kujf^  knowledge of this fact w*W^  those who contemplate ti$^^  One more title may be^;-mie|^lipi��.i|id:^:Vyiiwi|"nt  died in rJtys.     We hear/tli^  miles fr#m Be rmondse y v;|iiis:;:cI^tgtis:,oti>:.;tli^  being a strictly commcraa^  not be deeply scandaltzTO^'^j^ially^Ihe:  of VVarwich herself serv&rJft'';M  if it pr&ently learns tbat/\��^  recommend his cighleeu*|&^  there is a coed sate  fec^t^f^htttMtleh's  south of the Thames,    :mWM::M^^^  mm  '���������:<?$&.  .J'^Wf���� *��<rJl**r*   Sit<l**iW&t**H&U!ttXKt.Vl >fWHI��HIIM>*l  HOW TO SHARPEN DRIMS:  m  A drill sharpener ^3M|2SS^���fe  thing in tempering dritl|fS|^^  KELSON  mdjm; ray  m:  ^f*i:.:'ilrt*l*ii'C^i^^*il*^:^r:i��i^I^:^CT  Uil:M^^  mmBMADsomm  5r:|/::/^:':':Bi:^tr:Si,:;.N*fto��  1  %'%/%*^^'%^%^%^^'%^^^M*% *V^fi  P. BURNS & CO.  %^'J^v'::i:/.i/:^  ;;./Sl  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  Mjlrllllhilll  " ^li^:^t^^4: *f<w? $.1* ^^t/::r/ v:;;/:v:;- /v; v;  :H1  ���;"..'5h|  /f  MEAT MERCHANTS  HEAD OFFICE:    NELSON, 8. C  ^ ROSSLAND  ^ SANDOtt  B8ANCHCS AT  TRAJL  THREE FORKS  NELSON  KASLO  /^hii:^c*W^v*f:Ev#^Wl  #.       -- ������ "'������"-- ���'���������  i  i  vk-i&MmxztiMKy. / '���//���^//./- :/,::/ii  ���' ':'--HttiwM^^l.fSM.^ifc;;.irij^^/-,.:^//-- ���://!?  - m^mm&:^.^^  V ,:::-.,:.M&ii^  SLOGAN .CI TV-. Jk  1  W  mn ��6mmt  ASSAVCRS' SUPPLIES  Wc Carry In   Stock a Fufi Une/off +  Assayers' and ���herrt{st#'Supplies. ^  O'Kef! A Morris/ j  B   C. AGENTS FOR  DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.       WM. iiNSWORTH �� SONS  F. W. BRAUIU'CO.  you  nH-   vr-fmt  ftuith'in   TrtiN  inoHf-v !x liffi iif hoi"*'.  iti'Ht >n*��r. ffrtrt..>ftBr  VW���^^fl��Wrt�����**,'*  ;  ffSHw^ fiSSarf  JootjuHJ n|io��<h Mf��fi.M.ooni.'��.   fnvisu*!.. f'airh^ n Hpj^aUy. :P��L\  piilon M��n;Kri��ploy<-fJ. My nu��>k nft\u<> rmdv-mndv work lowefii W^��  I irnt ��.lonr w*rst of Hunk <��f UrltUfi (?oiumbl��, BAKEB ST  in lhe rff v  LVfchtt  ^/-  I  r  (i mmam  mm  ptpiiiinii  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  13  irill as short as it   is  possible to do j   for this  suppose you heated it back, say a inches from-  1S!!d and tempered it in that way, the chances  the fust or second blow the drill is strack off  L , niece of the face of the drill-sometimes I inch  td at other times H inch. Then this has all to be  I up-before you can go on. I had this occur to  L once when I was engaged at drill sharpening.     I  wkecl at it for iS months, and in the first  week i  id a piece drop ofT the  end   about   i   inch.     This  ive'me a sufficient lesson never to let it occur again.  low ifymi  want to make a drill   larger or  smaller  ,a��� it vvas before you, have then to   heat it just   as  ing as you wain,   -and. as soon as made ready   for  impering, put it down  to  cool off.   and   when  cold  jkeitand temper as I   described  above.     When  a  frill is put into".-'water it wants to remain until com-  Ltely cooled off;-because if vou take it out not com-  jjeielv cooled ii. is liable to fly off."  ���Ut*j r^    U.-W*w*nP������ &tJ&.  HEATHEN  VIEW OF CARD PLAYING.  A very-^whous and interesting leuer has been  rritteii'to a-compatriot by a'Siamese visitor to Paris,  ix$\htGutih>i*t in'which the observant Asiatic   re-  lords his impressions of card ��� playing  in the   upper  firciesoi the "French capital.    "'He Says ;  '���The French declare that they worship one God  only, but I do not believe it. For beyond the living  God to which one sees them pay daily vows, they  have several other inanimate deities to which they  sacrifice, as Ijhave remarked in one of their assemblies  where I chanced to be present. There was to be  seen a large round altar, decorated with a green cloth,  lighted from above, and surrounded^by several persons  who were seated, as we are in our domestic rites.  When I entered, one of them, who appeared to be the  priest, spread upon the altar several leaves which  he detached from a little book which he held in his,,  hand. Upon the leaves were depicted several figures,  very badly painted, which, however, seemed to be representations of several gods, for, according as they  were distributed around the circle, each of the devotees placed thereon an offering according to his devotion. I observed that the offerings were much  larger than those which are made in their public  temples. '     <-  *��� After the ceremony of which L have spoken, the  priest raised his trembling hand to the rest of the  book and appeared several times seized with fear and  incapable of action. All the others, awaiting what  he was about to do.k remained inoticnjless and ex-  pectant      As each leaf was inspected the   spectators  1/(tJW%/.IMO*JlJl- W      t-^KJ  ATENAUDE BROTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  INE WATCHES  iPECIALTY  NELSON. 8. C.  Wadds Bros.,  Photographers  chtificatc:of mrirovcMEHTS.  mwi  LXCHEQUER GOLD MINING COMPANY.  LIMITED U'ASILITV.  [VtrTifK In HKiKllV -fffVKN that a��|tr*dal  f/.itipany.. Uimii-<1 MnMlti.v. .till   bt* held ai  !'��� \u".u\ uOic-t- of  the i\iiimnn>  ����u   tinker  <t.rM.!,. V'Nott. JlrHS^h 1Vj}.Mfnl��in..oii Tuc#dn>\  |!!ir^(h   ,\ny   ,,r   November. A. D   UMi, lit Uw  Ei"Urof '^Mu'vliH k }u Uh- uii*mu��mui. for I be  ilmrjmve ,>{��� i..-<��ns},J��-rUu. ftU*L it d* clued ml*  Vs:ilil<-, jni^Ur^ it ivMilmioM imthorifchitf the  ��� �����ni}?:iny ��o tH-j-s^* of u?e whi'donf It* $*n>}**  jj-itv. unu-rutklMj; urn! n*n-t��., ThU ifi��*cUHK  |'^'-:.ish-<l  u\u\n   !]������ pn*vi��n����n* ����f ��**���<* l |<m  Jtft>  �����V"fihr *���(."< !!)|;iHji,>, ,v*'.��, 1MI7/'  J'uirtla: S'.--|v.���i.. ft. ��   ��� iuu '^th dav ofOolo.  P r. \. It. iv��..i  U.S   t.KNXJK. Secretary.  Vincouvcr ����d  HtUon  ^.Kesr,.,,  l*tuttr Hotel  VICTORIA ST., NELSON  Bf Kootenay  Whn!r<;ii.- Hint i:�� *j,n  I l��'M,,<i'v i i;  ctmrianrt or mmovtutnt*.  AlitnMinprnl Ci��tm.����Uualetti Uu* XcImiu  Minium i?lviHi.��H of VV*^i KcMft��ntty Ul#trieu  Wh��?n> L��ii����Ht:   On Hit;   *UvWi:  t*e?wwn  : |k��*��raiul WtUI Hrtr*eCrtvk��*, onMounb  ��^f��  ! mlU* tiorthw^i *��rtlu* fnrkcr inntcrnl claim.  '    Tnkr iMafr��* tlvM I, J^Uu Mot-��it*iil*\ P.UM.��  t*r tttc ruv <>r NvImiii, n��*tinir h�� nu**��t  f**r  :Tlt��itoa�� It, O'tJrU'n.Prw* Min��r*s iVrtltlmttt  N��, !!M3gi�� Juhn Uymi. Krw, Mh^rV LVrtltl-  ' rtttc   Xrt.   H fcU��IO. wiilliiin  M.<*��*fR��y. frt1*  tMUtcr** Ccrilrti-utc No, ltS7.HlS.uiut Patrlrk  DjUv, Krw Miner's cVrftrtoifv N����. H &.8W,-  titimid. i��Utv 4nv�� rrvmi tlio <lui���� hiTtM^r, touj>-  ply to th*> )ilnltns H��i*����r*lrr Tor uOrtf rtaih* ����t  " ImpnTVMtnrntx, for tht* pur|M����Tof obiHhnngr  �� Cmwtt Omul of Hi��* iilmvc rttHm.  And ntrU*��Tt��ko notliv that nriioii.unurr  MvHott '17,   must Jn- (H��Hi����nwl lH��fon�� the  l��iMiaiitv t>r mnsi rt��rtli^��toof lnn��n��vpmr��l*��  Dfttc<t thl* **Hi ilfty -f ^Hfmhftr, iww.  John M<i.A"n��inK.  Central und C��ninil Fructlon.il Mlnersi  cShhuk, jiUunU' in the Season Mining Dfvisf i>  of West Kootenay District,  Where located: On Englc Creekt between  ������Kfd Point" and "Invincible" Mineral  Claims.  Takeuociw Uiat ItJohn Mel^atohie, JM,.s���  or Uie City of Xeteon, acting aa agent for  Otto Johnson. Frw Miner's Cert titrate Ko.  B 27^58, and Kdward Pumont.Free Mlner'a  CcrHnraW .Ko. B 27,iMXH, intend sixty dav*  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for ctkrtiHeaths of xnprove*  mrnta. ttor tht* purixwcof obtaining Crown  Grants of the above clsim*.  And further take noticr that action, under  Hoct;on ;i7. nm^t bv ronun����n��*ed before th�����  Issuance of^uoh certificate of Improvements.  Dated this25th day of September, 1900.  JOHN McLATCHIE.  "*��"  t   Vllnps supplied on shortest  ["oticeand lowest prices/  Mail orders  receive   careful1  Intention.  NotiiinR   i)llt    fresh-. :and  j,^soinenieuts and supplies  rei)l li' stock. l*  ccrrmcATe or imphovciicnts.  ImiM-rtulaud F*>Ho��c Mineral Claims, situate in the Kelson Mining-l>ivlsiciii of En*t  Kootenay District.  Where located:   On Fern Mountain,abnu  one mile southwest of  the   Fern   minetsi  Take notice that J. John McLaUdile, ^.L.S,  of Kelson, arttn.fr as assent for Philip X.  Thompson, Free Miner's Certificate Ko B  44,^J. Jamtw A damson. Free MinerTs certin-  rate Ko, B MJB&* Arthur Kerla&d, Free  Miner's eertitlcatoNo R3S,2S7,and John A.  i'ow��n, Free Miner's Certificate No. 2501  Special, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to anply to Uie Mining Recorder tor  tVrtltieatesof improvements*ror the purpose  of obtaining Crown   (trants of   the above  claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section S7,-nni'st'be 'commenced before the  t��Mianoe ofnu'cli Certiflcate of improvements.  ���"Dated thlsith day of September, 1900.  Jouk McLatchijb.  S@nti@>t9��^9�� ^^e S&s3ts.  Teacher of  including Vocal TmlnliiK.^vtleal  Wiltu.jj;  Articulation   and    (H^ture.     f.*-"*1.   il,nu>n  Free ���'...-     "' ��� -"-v.       . ''���  ��� . "''  ��'l'- 3 1  r  or  v*1  If  ���(  '���   '���J  ���<i1  *��� ���  5. -J i  &  Sy-,,-A'!,J-'"-ii-' * -T-   ��� '���5&SV  %m��;.-.  If:.,. :.i :,'.'���  P.:-.:-  W'-y  k!:yr  P  *>������.  IK.']!...  It.*.-  r  JspmA  ffiir fits /?>  motel )h  A.J.fS%..^  3J  > o  M ��\  14  Is  THE NELSON eepNOMIST  appeared variously agitated according to the different  emotions which influenced them.     One, with joined  hands, raised his eyes to heaven, another ground his  teeth, a third ^ his feet   on the  floor, and at last all of them  adopted  and were seized with such singular  contortionls  that  they scarcely  appeared   to he  h  scarcely  had the* priest  turned  than he became himself  enraged; tore the hook,   ujv  set the altar, and cursed the ceremony.     One   heard  now only lamentationsy cries and imprecation^      On  ���seeing them thus  furious and   possessed,   I judged  that the   god   they   worshipped was   a jealous god,  who, to punish them for sacrificing   to  other deities  had caused each   of them to he {josses^ed 'of a fvad  ., spirit"."- . ���";/. ���. m;:' :'"���; .,������������  come the great f^^j^^^  ������."'���,';-i.i- >���'���'".���''! t."v'��'S��Ss  ... i ryyy>l;i'Tk^:i(lsmm  ^tmmm^��sm  't^'mi^m^^M  '���'.'��� '"V ;.'*.;': ;.;.'v.?S^sf  ;'- -'.-:.: ���< ������:��� '������������'.. '���: m^m  ��� .'���;���>: ���������������,:-'��� y-,*s��l  mM  ������ydtmi  ,, T!'ere*ap.a good,picture P^Mri NicQl  lar contortions ���-that.: ���-.������: t< t1ii���� nfil... v,��i,�� .,:>*  '* "* oi uiin : yyyyMmm  ������-..���������,;���.           . v ,lt 0l u,e most pictnres��nie' fiimrtf::/(v'5S!ll  over certmn   leaves ... who wus )��dip��.tl��.^^  . tore 'the" Imik    mv <���' Commons duriiifftiieabseiitt��rif' ��;; iM^fX^ill  of eon��^,,s duri,%ii^a{4aicerifSir'eSriSSffl  Bom hi Ireland, he was called so Hit.pHll  vstte work m .Uii*��K^r^e?.��^;th^;,,^^Jif  �� ml German*, and was wounded W the -^ Jill  ':y"'W~  '���Kb Mi  PROMINENT PEOPLE  ���   The Bhick Hug v IkiS  among its" Prominent People;'f   a capital picture of  'Hugh John Macdonald, of whom it says :  14 The Hon. Hugh John Macdonald, the eldest son  of Sir John A. Macdonald. is plainly   des ined to l>e*  to; ^n^^Mp^feii^M  to..:. teach:}:; tMj:;^||si^r^  'sbusv'v-;J::1Aii)''*'v''','''''''1'v' ������A^---1-���'������-  CANADIAN  rpACIFIC  "��  S00 LINE  " '' ..  ........       ^:;:i.;.-:.-i:.;;.r.;..:,..^.'-.:..:,i:;?"S!'^^  G. 6. BUCHANANj Prtprietor .;  FIRST-CUSS SLEEPERS uST'  Shingles.  On AIlTruin^'from  ' ��� ^ BHfELSTfltt MD.-KOOTEUT  Orders Promptly FiHtiirii  Satisfaction Givcti^elioi!  Yard, Foot of Hendryx Street  AI.SO-  mm>0fcA   tggm  \'.>\ ���".'���'' '���������'���'. m'.i^. :i''-'; iv- '^iSM  '.;��������� ������,.���- :,.v. ^:y-.\';r'V-';^'^.A^!S  ,..;...:;���. .:.''.,; ;���;,; j.:/:^r\m^yv?;::f^-^fi  '���"���'���'.'   .,.! ^/,:;f*!*y,^^"������^'-V���A���^���':,.'*'^'Vv^l'���^>^���f^'1J'^fflJ  ,...��� ..;^::.!;;.-;;,,: .������; ryyyiyy:y^Mfrm  .i^:fe:'i!:-:;',..:v^^M  ;;:v..:/.v;--;i.>'S-^,s|l  '.';$*'\  Sim  TOURIST    CARS  l'assiiiar   Onnmore   Jnnciifisi    I>?nSiv   far "H-  ���i'aul.Satnrclayj*   for   M'ontrejil  uinl   lioMnn,  Monaaysnnd IhurKday.^'. for Tbr��nu>  ��� Siime-iiirK \m&> Kevefttioke oiie nay" earlier.  A POINTER  For your Cistern trip  is lo  SEE THAT YOUR TICKET READS ,!| EAIAOIAS "PACIFIC  Nelson  Mt��(#  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings  ction liuaranteei  ���flC  i  TRAINS AND STEAMERS  j>ei'akt  ,    Siearner t*>r  Kootenay  Undhi^  ,^v    (^ld(Kiltrn   Poil^>,   via    (-,,, X'  i>ailv   ) Nent route.  8.0O       /    Train for Koswlanrl. ffrand Fork.  P,x.hus. KireenvvrKxJ, Midway, etc  9.00      j    Train   for   Slogan   Citv, s|��m-iii  ex  sitn, (poinLs. and'.Sandon.  10.00     /    .Steamer for Kaslo Httd  inu*riii��.  ���ex. sun. {diate points. 'm''  >clrlc Coast-point*.  For time-Uible8t rates ana mn  information  :callonoraddro��w nearest local agent, or  ���������.. .-E. W. Bn&w, Depot A^ent, /'.. ,  BL I*. Beown, City Agent.   J ^^'^on. n.r,  E. J. Coyle,  A.fj. f*. Agent,  Vancouver, K.c  ���j j.rrt^vn. * ^nii wiw^ *.��i*- *^��� im j;. .i!>-. t>>^t>fl^tl��4) UWP4t i^iiSWAI aM fW ���'-  i,*WS��<l��31-W^��~^��-��' ^*^1%L    '^'^'^ '  J**  'l'o Huy  Vour  MANAGER.FORE. SKINNER,  e   . .       .   , '^   Announces L  Slea��d   l"3h SEROKS, TWEEDS,  ..���. Importations  WORSTEDS AND  ' ?* J'  �����   f-  r��   ��  > ��*  3"-  " *** ^  f    4  fit ���*  r  -Tiwr, Pass. Agon t,  '������  Nei#o.B, J8.C- ';.  'I 1 ���j   *%iJ) 'it  *   m  - * >  i'  ��v  J.    M  -      * T  - <*  -1*   -��  vr  *   ��  f &  $.h  1* 9  ���v**  I   *  >^^**^^^^^*w^^  -/   *  *i A  i *  ** * .�������*?���  1        n-*  /*        ~f  4    I  T ft1  i /,<        �������*<  fyfcj    ,   rf<'  1 Ji*^   *>&  avTTEJV  1 V  r' t >*  K V  "       *r     *���  .* ���'!.  *   w  i    >  t.  hX**J'**v *�����  \     +>J    !���'  I*5'��      *lf-  QOVB&NMBNT  AND RANCH ft  *   *;���  �����t  ��������  rv-fr1  ,��25..��.-J   ,���:  ��    'r  *��  *v  v ��ff* K  *"��l  I^'TflS/  hSMkS^I  ^.^BF^ .  i'i.<  ��  'A* '^  ^ -       'A/.  i',^r  m  9*  rt    "  *��**  Jc^i  oftlttMrtQf  *��!��-);��� ���'���*��  *���    ^  *  ;?(��  *t  1^  '�� ^rA'"'!^  ',4  v��  ,/ ��  *f.  **  7      v  \    ��  " -.  I !.       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