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The Nelson Economist Oct 31, 1900

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 ���iiaa.uaiiiiAmnaarawa  w.;?m?m  mm  c^nr\  MHt'Ur'^^"1 KM&sViiMU ���� MH��* M  MVtor--.#^*'~^-W^^^  bi, rv  >;>>^^ 311 j 90{X  ���fey  mi; \Ki <()V   KCON0MIST:J  i-\VK!iNHSl��;Vi" AT THK  CrTY' <>1* Nki^ON, ;'B; L,  Vi)  >l" CAK!:1-:V .    'S'rf$CRf^ AX-  '^rM ."��� ikr.'\ii.'-iN AJ��yAN.a-:;:\$V;'5C3i; .;.:;��� Corki&ih>nj>*  smjci'Fi-;i>. '. on'i-.v AKrteUK^ mk  .A!)VKKTIS.l-'l'   Vn'.XH'RSH :.COi;UM:?ci$ii. ���AKt>.;.:';TriK'   IX  'tKKKSTS '  or   :.' HKA U'KUJ* ���/Ami: ^  cirA.KI>Iv!*��� Aw.A IN.<'T ' mks^K)K^ AXI>  avokthlks^ artics^s- (  |AlrR I NT.' the 5v-'isi ��� week,' t ti ^'J';-/5S!" ^? 1.^^ j f ,&��!//^i ^^ -: t�� ** * I tr*'  1 /   severe! unvrnibb,I charges.;afain^f*t^.^BcoN���  Imist.     A ^ ^ - a' *���   now In;tbe/mM  iisu\ml;:5,..uK' sycressfu!���:rmu!t;off,w hieliftedtlie Con-  trvalivc ^rivca-nou^  |iis na:.K'r prcicJ *   to   postmm :U:^ MifiWtt^-io^lhese  prge*.t*'> :a :m >re con vei M.em''se^  jesday :4!oahk: n;c election-Th)��,-;^ wjli  Stilly jUm! AUlh the elKlfgeS \.setiatU^^ the  ltnor ot uirin.. '   As the writer revferfet^ij^f^itnU''  K-'w h:ivc :h����i^>ubr . he -av fit'' s<?��. -t.ihiSVj-iisiic^.: of a  SqrTH A vk iva s11i| cotiiimie$; (?) be.:T:,>*oarc.eol.rnnek  [o.uole, TSk- rteurremx*'of Boer aeisvitv- IsTauMnir  |ear unrssr;r>. Vi uitlii;��r^vz-ctrcIe^^^r^viH^i"^;'t.t. iss-'; now  tew* i:;,t! ::;<.- ;.-.; vvirncc of ;i large' force Avi!I;!>���..:iieee5'  fry*- tea! v ������uvMv i<-(r- sntuc time t cr co nre A.''R aiding  ranmM r���>;s'���"* ^''' <\ v:s{j'aue at.'������ var ifrus; poitjW ai**i  pr tIlf>'-; u:i un^uuees it is notconsidefed';s:a'!e to  ' ,ill!:)n:v '^" i^>,'.>:��> Boer ���'.prisoners'.;nmv:: 'tinder  '!" " j !;<"-{-.r*�� !��.�� i;u,u-a;uetMlm:i ihev AV0iVl<! tux  ���""^���, 'lie i.jnins -.uifi hav��Mtece^io;secret stores oi'  (^;,,;:!n;|;i;i[;i,i;'' 'i'be critics proie^iio believe  ,fij K!:r;inr:';-������ J^H-er man lv do.\the-.work now to  ��!f l!la:s k i;,'*:N T bey say the latier is .not'stern  I���".��!�� i<> n.-iMik' ihcsciitu-reil reuitr ia of Rruirefs  1 ���    'Ml []i:^ ^��* couciliniory.    -It .is:clear tbat the  NO.  i��  '^P^^OTrPn^et Sound with i 500,000 feet of lumber,  506 tons of'general merchandize, and"severs-1 hundred  head of cattle, A few of the steamers in port managed  to steam out in safety, but fears are entertained for  some of fch<* sailing craft thati put out in the gale- to  avoid lieing driven ashore. Sue!) a��calamity, haslong  been predicted for Nome. The piles of driftwood and  watermarks found along the bleak shores of the Bher-  ing sea miles inland tell of past storms of even greater  violence than that of the 15th Just Vet in face of  these warning signs ihe oyer-eager'^oid-hunters and  traders of Nome will persist in building on storm;  washed ground What effect the storm wiil have On  beach ^ohl-diggings remains to be seen. From the  Nome papers (and they have two dailies there} we  leant that since the opening of navigation last spring  between 17,000 and 18,000 people arrived. Of this  number 8.000 or to.ooohave left. The present population is estimated at ro.cxxx  Whk.v the great strike of the Pennsyivanian miners  was inaugurated, a rise in the price of coal was looked  for as a natural consequence. ft came, and no one  was surprised. The look-out lasted a little over a  month, during which time the price of coal went up  from 75 cents to it per ton. Some people expected  that as soon as the labor troubles would be settled the  price would go down tu the former figure. Not so,  good friends. The coal barons were forced to advance  the rate of wages paid their men 10 per cent > and you  wiil Imvetu make good the reluctantly conceded increase Advices from New Vork state that coal will  remain at least 50 to 75 cents per ton higher than before the strike, no matter how much is mined. The  strike will, really prove a financial gain to the mine-  owners.  i("|!H-��r  '.'!!(!  plMa' ;s ;,r---!aimed tbclwltcr will it be for all  |jtcl "u "      !''!(1 K<��berts'has been recalled,   and if  !!ierN> '-MK-uitr matters he   will   doubtless be  rena.!ret: j,,,-,,,!.  *ri.,i" nl!U" l!ln' p!sl [n ��;4"fl gives particulars. 01 a  LU) ,,,v"is!"!in whirb'visited the great bvioni  |cstiuialr) l1',\n P:M Tlu- daniaK^<^>neto property  trniii,.."' " ^M,l,,,<h''   ail(i several lives were lost.  1!'i;,:, lh'  ln:u h lcnls na(*  ^n- ln position  'ni!"1!1"s ^'^rnivd   in   which business was  torn, a (    ' >U l,K' alu'nhM!n ��f ibe day in question  !rgjniM),^1' "   w,ibm  a few hours the seas were  WetiK-ln1   kU,Vl'  SUUe!' lhe 1)il,ows carrying  all  rely t]^ , ���' h(" s},iPI'ing at the port surlerect very  ���'erely, t|u.  lyi  ^'eeks. \r,''!"   h:lIKe Sko��cnm  being  among the  ||       '  (ul:l'!(''l niomtbs ago the Skoocum reached  An interesting case lias been set down for hearing in  the Knglish courts, which promises to give our Yankee cousins great scope  for comment  on   the misfortunes their millionaire daughters are subject to when  tbev marrv, or buy, titles.     Lady William Beresford,  formerly Lillian, Duchess of Marlborough, has brought  action against the young Duke of Marlborough to recover the money which she spent on Blenheim Palace  during the lifetime of the late duke   The matter came  up originally when the present duke succeeded to the  title, .but owing to the pleasant relations existing between   him   and his stepmother  it was  temporarily  arranged    Since the Dukes marriage with Consuelo  YauderbilL however, it is said that  an estrangement  has grown up between Lady Beresford  aud her step-  son.' The young American duchess has snubbed Lady  Berestofd, her fellow country woman (formerly Mrs.  ���"IT" IS  1  i  ��*  �����'!  ;-s &  cn-\i"T' '  i-T-     *���   ���!���-   --1^7���*"-V��  !������*���< ��� i ������ �����n  v>vs ���������wa        wt  *"*i   inar      r4    " I"!"1  P'" ;!1#S{*jjj  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  -ft  ;AHw.  Hsmmersly; of New York) on several occasionsraud  hence the civil action       Itis said that atvimm^  sum was spent on the restoration of lUenheim G^tle  whiiejLady Beresford was Duchess of NIarll>on>ugb.  /The work of the tonservaU^  is being done in a thorough   maiHier.llie last   reports of the canvasisiug committees will he bandexl in  to night and if we may be  roermittsd  to iivdulge  to  prophesy we believe it will be show n that   Mr A Mae-  Neill will get a large majority iir Nelson;  Thr Hall Mines smelter have paid to tlit lessees of  the Bondholder group, $2,200.00 for a carload con-  tainiug 17H toos .A��l ore. This is not after de-,;  ducting freight and treatments ^  in silver were over 2iS ounces per ton, and over  7 per cent lead, and only i per c��nt zinc; Tin  high average keeps up the credit of the granite  ' belt c>f the Slocan/ .A;'  The local Liberals are now endeavoring to arrange  for a meeting in the Opera House Friday night, at  which Mr. L P  D :'!>e-  the principal speaker. In defending the''/Government; Mr. D iff will have a knotty brief, but nodotUn  he will accomplish the task with the   marked A'ability  he displays ^  What Nel��on wants is light that is the best/and  at the same time at the least possible cost. In the  words of a youthful philosopher, v' now, most excellent gentlemen, here is your opDortunitvA*  We foci quite sure British subjects appreciate very  highly the honor '* A Breezy Time" company bestowed upon the British flag by associating it with  the Stars and Stripes, but we mildly protest against  the flag of the neighboring Republic being placed  above the old Union jack, and more parueularlv  against its being placed over the portrait of Her  Majesty Queen Victoria.  Hon. T  Maynk Dai.v has lea Kosslaud for Uruii"-  douf Manitoba, where he will take    part in the   contest between Hon. Hugh  John Macdonald   and Hon  Clifford   Sifton.     Mr. Daly   speaks at    Brandon tonight.  MacNku. and Mayor .Goodeve of IJossland  will address a meeting at Moyie Friday ui'ht zwd  another at Craubrook Saturdav ui'riu.  IN the battle of the ballots next Wednesday all  eyes will be turned towards Ontario and Quelle.  Those two provinces will tell the tale.  THE plague which has made its appearance in Glasgow is declared by medical authorities to be the same  disease which   was prevalent  all  over England and  caused such havoc in London in 1665.      Previous to  that elate it was an occasional visitor to Europe >  |i��^tlte ^fourteenth century put a stop to a warbetw"1  ^f,i:'^il^lat,<1' having been  introduced fT  :/^i^^hifi|^ii.was constantly  epidemic about \\*  ,;ii^:^tt:|^eycr been present in epidemic form\  theiBritk the  plague in I-ondou, which  ;::was:;foI!owed;^y the great lire.      But Europe hW|10t  ;)>een/qmte so fortunate.      The South of France was  devastated in 1720 by what was styled the plague of  Marseilles/and Poland, Sicily und Russia suffered in  1771.    ASince then there h��ve !>een a lew small oat-  breaks  confined to the K&stern   Mediterranean and  Russia* the last being as late as 1878*9.     I��feor years  past it has Jjeen generally known that pia^ue isept-  detutc in China aud India, and from time to time it hai  spread along  the channels of commerce in spited  sanitary precaution?* to Australia and Europe    It &  uufortuuatelv to befcared that the next vearor  ���th.e/g-reat'^  ..'Eoro^wl^  ..scarcely'lik^v^  di$ea^with:;il^^  .willlie^euM  ..seaport j#wA^  district/will/)^  ^iW^A^W^M^'V^*''?'' \������V;^��f���^^^M*m^^^*��i<^��^i���;���  ,-. .:;:;..Tt:n:K.TV; .sp^.ech^Air^  . William-Jem _ ',.. ���  : f or the ��� pre^idetic^  , who. 'bre-t k i' ill ...pas t |et^^ t MirX:>* *f^|��  : were dcHveredjiil^^  ��� adiaii ��� "p^ixj^  atdeast. fifteetv-oftbetiiA^  .^'A.'.'rtct<j.W'ta. ���" \^\*,s jaV^.m^w.^w*'-;''*; .  ������ .Maud Gokni/A:w^  oflrelatwLAs'T^  ��ociet yjrv't be: Hmera!d/Is^  ������the rising;gener^  aiKidiatTed.'of^  ' h a ve 20/000. ytill ng ste# , /ancf $WP^U  bold evening das*^  ItfcfcJaiiguage;-!^  erallj^'IficIudiiVg'-^tn^  will this fonatkefTdd:  tatight by" 'M-flud :Gbm^^  mmlest Maud/ : /Qf:<&ttt^^  funds to carry on her enterprise, and 'in her a pi*  theseihc says :  * It is owing to the neglect,0 .  subjects by the present system of H,^lish edUC3t^  Ireland that liver 20,000 of Ireland's sons atf J  wearing the uniform of her oppressor ^^^j  the moral guilt and the contempt of Uie en**h* (;i  by fighting England's warsagaibst1it)���rt^ a" ht t0*  Maud is becoming a public fiuisance, ^!0^iig .  dealt with as other dangerous Mtsisances are.  Nkxt Tuesday McKinley will'lie re"ele<:  dent of the United States by a large majon y;  ��..* ^i******* WW>'.�� .w^tf*********1*-*  'c2   h is the ^"j  Two hundred starving Itidiaiis? ^ bnc^^0  dition of affairs reported from/Agassi*   *. . ^Aaj  settlement  150 miles north oi that place ... ::  W1 *.>^~.u.-^M.~*,ji.*U  ���';^J**#x&3&% WmyM~m:m  THE NEISGN ECONOMIST  %^m^^^0^^M^^  5  lion.  The salmon catch for the season has been al-  , the potato crop has failed, and the cattle and  ��S;. Civo been clrowned in the floods.    Heavy rains  Worses iii'>L MV ���     ,  ve caused the Harrison River to overflow its banks  overing the settlement with water to a depth of over  ixcfeet*iii.?na.ny. place*, and destroying everything the  li06r Indians had.      As soon as the sad tidings'were  L,rie<l at Vancouver ami Victoria, immediate steps  tie taken to forward relief, and the Indian Depart;  mtti.t was put in .motion,  so that by this time all the  auisolAhc.MitlVrcrs have A>ee!S attended  to.      The  udians of British  Columbia  are practically self-SUp-  jrtin^, aiki wSico misfortune overtakes them, as in  ihe present insf.Mrce, there i*< ever a liberal hand out-  fetched to help them tide over difficulties. ���  And the  >resen'l instance' "K no exception   to the rule.. ���'   The  Indnusknow this    and show   their  appreciation as  loyal, law-abiding subjects,      fn contradistinction to  }bb policy, the neatmmi the aborigines receive from  burcoasius-ai rhe-other side of the boundary  line is  Interesting    Some duys ago a telegram from Cheboygan, Mich., announced that the Indians in the village  [t Burnt Lake arc homeless.    The land on which they  i.'ed.wa* sold  um taxes two or three years ago, and  [bey prom ised tu 1 e.'i��� ve the foi lowing, spring.    ��� Some  Ifthenxii'i \iw\w bm those who remained w��re fore  ply evidni the other day and   their homes burned  own.    " The tneu, wom��u  mu\ children remained  lith their \>ci*U out in the rain all night/* reads the  lispatcb. \i\n\ " sr.^l?e i��j the squaws are over Ho years  jfage.'.'  ���������MWty ��'4��MM'.' *fltVM*UU.Al| iMUM  Thk great Nirike in the anthracite coal 'regions of  Pennsylvania has been brought to a close much sooner  |��n wasamieip^ed.- President Mitchell, of the Un*  led Mine uV-tUns, has declared the strike off/ and on  piiuay last ihv vast.mnprity of the men resumed  *01*- 1 he mine owners in-must instances have de*  pd to mew the demand of the mtn for a to per cent.  'crease in wa^s.and thejbolttiou of the sliding scale.  i.V agreement. however Aoujy holds good until the  ^ot.April next, at which date other troubles -.ire  l'e> t" arise The companies agree to take up with  m m\M'^ all grievatices-complaincd of      There  a (����Khst.>i these, which"��� in individual cases may  iarl0:��renewal   of hostilities  at any of the mines  lMMI y m those collieries where the  to per cent ad-  lnce has been granted tbt work   has been resumed.  V> A k K I'l ��� i s   ���l  t]]   '\/ XUMKb��ng, we arc assured by an authority  iMiihsT'10-L sh,>vvslhiit an ordinary bee, 'not loaded,  |K; ts   * iiviMhuusaudth part of a pound.      Parties  are suspiciously high in the eyes of a would-be pur  chaser. Hence he will take nothing for granted,  and when at last he is induced to visit the property, he  finds that it is not at all as represented. If a man on  the look-out for a good tiling is thus deceived a few  times, the deception is likely to give the district a  , black-eye. The bad habit to which we have alluded  is happily being forced out, as now-a-days a man will  seldom go to inspect ore of these suspiciously rich  propositions unless upon the distinct understanding  that his expenses will be paid if the property does not  prove to be as represented. Such an arrangement is  calculated to minimize that tendency to exaggeration  and misrepresentation unfortunately so prevalent.  j . ir     _. ���������������___. j  t  Mr. H. H. Cook is figuring very  prominently in  Dominion politics ot present.    He has been liberal in  his denunciation of his erstwhile leader and colleagues,  whom he charges with all sorts and conditions of  .crooked-work.   Among the specific charges made by  Mr. Cook (and they are many) is one that an offer  was made to him of a senatorship on payment of $io-  ooo      Thar any such ofler was made was denied by  Sir Wilfrid Laurier at the Toronto meeting the other  night, but despite this denial Mr. Cook adheres to his  statement, aud claims to be in a position tP substantiate it in every detail       Some very interesting re vela  tions may be looked for.     A lot of dirt will come out  in the washing.    An Associated Press dispatch reads:  /* In  connection  with  the question  of trafficing in  senatorships, a pretty straight story comes from a friend  ofa prominent Toronto capitalist, who stated personally thai he actually subscribed the necessary $io,ooo  for a seot in the senate and was bounced out of the  JKttMIOIK*' ,     .  Tmk Transvaal in future will probably be treated as  a Crown Colony,   with an  administration  similar to  that of Ceylon or the West Indies.    Sir Alfred Milner  has left for Pretoria to initiate civil, service examinations      The result of the  British elections have simplified his mission, confirming as it does the policy oi  Mr. Chamberlain as to the future government of the  home of the Boers.      Sir Alfred is anti-military, and  he will doubtless relieve the present irritating incompetence of junior officers holding magisterial positions.  Cecil Rhodes is not likely to have any advisory voice  in the settlement, and under the new regime the Transvaal* is bound to become a prosperous country.  The annual report .of United States Commissioner  o( Pensions Evans shows a grand totnl of 993,528 persons on the rolls.      During the year 40:565 orii^i  pensions were granted and 4,699 names were restored  UF   >: to the "rolls.-.'    To o^et these; 33,344 names were  Vlaiu iSill0t' preva,c,Uciwt0���aro ..-;dropp^  *rt;!! !'!1<k',S of cxa��Se���tingthe riehnessof their    death/ 909 by reason of remark  .6/6*6 lor Mother/causes..   ; This is an increase of ii; 121  pensioners for the year.     The claims pending were  .. 437,104. against .477,233: last year.; :A These figures vgo/  when tl,ey get an assay,' the. specimens ���'���.. to��how that the United /States., has ���. a -big/lot^of :pen.V:  ���    '"<��� '^'cn stung dispute this  statement; unless  1,,)aae(l'^usnnnus the sting.:  'IV  lltH  1(1  h)erli^ When 1-fT   ���  fy select tl U]% them lor *��!����� .'.They iuvari-  tnds on -J. ndlCSt piecc of rock iheV can lay their  :ei��anne,,K produicc il m an average sample.      In  tft0() carefuiiv niri_rl . ,      . - . v      <      s  m^kco. and as a  result the returns    sioners on her hands.  '   I,  ,-��� *-; s  ���^r.;--:  1, ti fe I.  ' M  ��� ���**,  mm  is  ���i  r ���';'-.y "''���.''��� %m:$P  0  THE-.' NELS.OI  illlA..  mm  MINING NEW'S  ROSSLAND  There was an increase!^  ments of over 400 tons the total amdunting to 6633  tons as against 6203 tons for the previous week The  Wat Eagle sent a sample lot of 60 tons and the Le  Roi Ko. 2 shipped 53 tons. The 1 rou Mask ship��  ments were decidedly smaller than for the previous  week but the Centre Star has kept up to its record  and showsaii increase of 30 tons.  B*��R��       **���������������  Mink.  War Eagle.. ��� ��� ��� ����������������� * ��� ��� ���*������������ ������ ** * *  Centre Star.................;.......,>..  Iron Mask..v.........��>������ ?����������������'����� *������>���  Evening Star*.-������ ��� �� >..*>**��������� ��� ***������*  Monte ChristoV..... ... ;< ' ��� : ���*  I. '^\.. L-.. �����������* �������'��� ��� * "* * ��� ��� * * * ���'���..* * ',*���.���*.* *.*"  Spitzee...... ��� ->���������**.* ������������.*��� ��.���>������.��������������  Le Roi N02......... ;��������������� <; * ��� ��� ���  Iron Colt............-............'.'..  Weeks  founage  4470  60  : /-to/;  ',����.*  * * ,��  53  �������**.**��+��*'��  Tonnage  Year to Date  .A. 1.30,152.  10,663  ������''������:���' A'A >3'',t 3<>'-  <734  A'A'1''"A-;3.91/  AA ;���������;��������� "'���273;  :;.7/.42<">/  "."?��� ';��� :'20-  22.10.  A-jd-  V :-./'/,. //339.  ;��� ;l 69��40.2 ;:  I otal ..,..............;."-���."���- ���'������ "O033  SLOGAN  From the,Drill./ ������'  The Arlington has about too men on   the payroll.  About 50 men are employed at the Chapleau mill-  site and mine.  The Vancouver .group, on Four Mile, is a^ain"  sending down ore for shipment.  London capitalists are after the Mountain Con  group/situated in the granite belt above Sandou.  Martin Isaacson and Henry Boie are working'  steadily on th- Standard group and getting out some-  fine ore  The whole breast of the No. i  drift on the   Speeu-  ..... yV V  lator is full of mineral, aud all the muckings are   be-  ing sorted over.  British experts have   l>een   examining the    Wakefield,- on Four Mile, during the week, with a view u>  .re-opening the property.  P. W. George intends to run another hundred (m  on the Creole, on Lemon Creek. The ore assays as  high as $150 iir gold.  D. Graham and J. Sauher are working on the Erin  group. They have exposed a promising showing of  six inches of steel galena.  The Iron Horse group. nu'Ten Mile Creek/situated  immediately below and adjoining the Enterprise,'has  b*eo bonded to W. S. Rogers and W. D. Wrighter,  of Spokane, and Geo. b\ Smith, jr.. o Ogd=u.-Utah\.  The deal was effected iu Spokane and the papers iu  .connection therewith have been forwarded to that  city The bond runs six mouths for $19,000, of  which a substantial portion was paid down.  W\ H. Sandtford, manager of the Bosun at New  Denver, says that his people have successfully flo.ted  in England another company,   to  be   known as  the  Condor Claims,   Wmit^; th  subscribed in ,3*^  ./Thexotn^  /Cf^k^Aa;n4/;*t  /;/The;/featu/re;o^  ttot.i/;of;the;;8oiidhoiSer;  of shippers/frc^^^   'Sen,tto/the:<Ne,te  the-lesseesAd^btp.;a;ca  Arlingtotr/^oionS;"  Nelson also,;/:;;;i.t:;is;!ieing;-:handled/.iu;:bulk''>:.;;So;soi  as the buglers ajrer ^  grcatiyincrea^:.^  'prise/:.Moh^  divAmoti-irup^  -^������������a/v^a^  ���/ : E<L: Ward-andj^  .Ayvbrkjn'g-Jea^  ���A^m:th<ro^  . ������'���cduvjerA .;' \Constdc* al^ <bW  -orA'the-p'roper^^^  S Daney is busy getting the Triune ore from It*  Mile to the Landing. The entire lot, except that  which is sacked aud left in the tunnel at the aunt,  will be taken to the Trail smelter in one shipment.  Contracts are now being let which will keep tat  -the'-.Old Cold aud Primrose working all winter Sop-  plies have lieeu taken over from here and further de  velopment will be pushed continuously.  The large number of ore sacics taken up to tbeCafj  '.last week would indicate that at leant jootoniofore  will be shipped out this winter  Most encouraging reports are received concerni*.  the deal.'.now in progress in the old cduntry. on tW  True Fissure, situated just back of Ferguson ov H,  Great Northern bill. I he constant rise in the ��W!  market makes this one of the biggest thingsm ��e  district and consummation ofa deal to a corner  prepared-to build at aerial tramway and erect aw*  centrator, etc.. would mean a great deal tothistnwi-  The Nettie I... as the Great Western Mioft  Limited, have just about closed a contract*^  Messrs. Craig & UiUmati for the ^w"^^  1100 tons of ore to the Landings Manager 0 ^^  been up at the property for the past two weeks ftptt  ���tinuously, md if at the bottom of the 6? ggj  they are now sinking on the crosscut m theca. ^jj^  the ore holds  out  as  ab>ve,   this XwyW ��       ��$4  ��*�������<> A-,-,, of *i*rita  The Imperial Development Syi��tlie��tt. \'     io������!^fSj|  have bunded  a group  of claims   at. Ihe JV   y^y,:*  Pool and Fish Creeks in t��ie Lawjeau #^.^  .properly consists of four '.clal^>;|^'.?rfrt;-  iinlltng.     Tlie   names   are4.jrflgJila*"1'.^ ae^  Iron Dollar and  Last Chaftce.    W Psp  executed last week in Nelsoii>.f-;:".;...  1 -,< -. <  m*.s. ���  ' Jf  * I'  i$%i��iTOs$!sro  ':^-^MmM��bgSSM5i ;-:;��v  ma-  t;H��-^Ei.sd.N;;:EGONC)Mi^t.  yk  j   p.  llarLiu;  Critic ASmel'.ing  jre A purchaser/  ':f>rA:tb^:::;-Sti.bd.:ird;  Compan.y^ Anlo^  l^'ttort'ih  ���>��ii\vu.xl a.u��l >will be' Aosta'iled..//Srmnedi A^  --..,! jl   Villi   mC' bloAHiA'V  aA:J'it;i:h^  ;��� ,ir.:;i)ij I y ��� o i��c. iii r iraVe..'of." joo'-''ufr*^:;eapaci v>A^>!|0ie.7  v �����;r<* ,!-i r��e<i ������ '1 ni 11 It e:"const ruction';Aof;tbevAworks' "is;  'tich that it-can be duplicated:atsh:dft-;Aii^  arlaii says die company'-wiir.expew  , ..yettiii^   ure. ;h- there   .sre ,severa)Apr^  k;|.;Ur-,:i, I.k\idvA��Od' And S:uim��lt/Ca^  Lju shipping as."soon ii?;.the/'p.Ia'iij i^'^sli^l^i^^-^/A;^  that the. (-ton by smelter is orpyin|A;::aAC;  uccess is am; Av evidenced 'by.;s*:*ni#/Jafiii^  toj,in;^  ^e^ti.0n|  |n;;aj.^  �����  i srf  pp;AlerA;atr  .^ew/yoTk::::;;;^  'Wba^  :per4;la^  metfts/  |ver��:^ixty;;d  $J^ictipft^  /OTE  'and id ate o  Me tuber af  Cariboo  ���AIA;A>'AiAlll|^ft|  -���m ::m;xmmm'yk^^% 1  A^(Ai|i|||i|i||i i|  A^A;;rA.|A|Mil||#'  yyy-; - ��� iw y mm $m?MMmw  ^Aiiiiiiiliis  ���i.;'.'.;:1''.-/ ',A't'iSifcil^OJ"'^'^.'.-'.'^.^'!/'���SUSP  f&^:"mym.my^mm^^'ymi&^m\  fm^myymm^y^my^M^^^^^1  AipeiiiiiiM  ,  ykS'ymkmmA&m^m^M  g;-^fAA;;-SliilSliiii|  -.>��� ...-.>;.^':^-;-..,r.t,-,.���;,���. ^^..���v.���^,,���,���':v,H,^.^^^>.v;(���SK>':'^^  ; ������.������������;.s?.;:'i'i'.,,.';;'-S^^^f'iiv;',?*;iSiiv(X'5;*:S^.  i;;ltlll:illlSSi|pS|  iliAAlllil^S  mMyyymym^y^yis^^  ���������yi',  ���rrm'r^:^  idopted   by   the   Liberal-  Re ve I stoke,  y. tSSS J?;J?Wi:'v:-^^*l  i&S  A e. ? iu- AHecates M  tbe'-.lJI^ralrCoii^rv  ^niihtu. reaii.nn the-principleS;Of;tbe>part>%'::aud^^  cid   that  :vYv:S;t^ps#S5l'',Jrifi  i"��R i'hissi:;.  tyfiliS.  that:.. |>ri{icip!e:;.l^v:carr  'Pi ��� ''   ��� '-���':-..'���'": yyy.,      "Gv 't'.':'... '���'���������'���:'���   "���������'������'.���������f. ':'��������� .'���''.���.;,::" ���'���' '.y.:-:: . :���.    '���''',yy.:~ ���.'"'" \ '. ���>'������      :'-v...'.''.;'i.:, '/���';.',;,'.. ���.���'.'���:; i 'y:&^y'y/')yy.[y'\:m'y^-^y^/;mmi  1IJ�� one uidustry.oii which Jl^/'|Mr^J3^  { ^ i>eheve tha.t our mining' industries atT;as';fair!y^;entitiedW^  ,,,iSt'r^ i. .m.uu ; ihcretore, weAidv<>catetluitihe:d  !-. M����   .��.- as h;,-s, a<-those now imj>osedf.bv' Vhe^lli'Mtett.'Siates Oirthe;same:.articlesA.'';s:-:'-:;^^^A^;-;^,-^^^^;:^^^  ,KU t)iv 'Hitput "( the precious metal mines is'largely iucreasingv therefore we fa vor theestablishment  111 ��� Si) Ai,it ihc s|h?cu* in circulativur sballl>e/that of our own instead ^o^  1 adv.,..-.;!,. \\n. rr>trictii*n of the'.immigration, of the' the Chinese and Japanese, and all classes  who  c-'miu' ���.;.. -k[ i'iti/ens ot the .'Dominion of Canada, and suggest the  adoption  of the  principles of the  ?U1 Act; ��� ��� :���'/' ��� ��� '-���"' '"���".:���;   ���  D    '     ��� ���'.''* . '     ������'.������'���'���.:"  ,n !sl) ^'luin!)ia has uot now the representation in the Federal Parlianieut that she is entitled to:  Nsc *l,|v��c;ite tb;��t when the 'redistribution is made that this constituency shall be given representa-  L-Uh l"its population,  9��%        ''M        ��� '������,'������'������'  p,, ./1<U u ,iuKtir.s well tor the success.of the party that Hugh John;Macdonald has decided to leave the;-:  ?|       nn ,nnal Politics to take part in the larger one that affects the people of the whole of  ; ��������� .,,'i4:��:..;i. :;v.%iS.'.:'.f:!S��^iK.,K  ''yyyyyymm$$y$$iMt  .13-.  ;:p;;||pg||��vJ  i   '%  tin  1LIC  l(Histon  fi-iya  fo THE NEL  yep,-  HW:  %six^>Myyy  F&mm.  I?' ���8..W|..';.;;j. ...  *��� ^t *!�����   St...v..',..-,. ,. .  - v   ' ^wm^yy: 'y-  &^Mm:mm  &^mmm  $i*tf$ymmyy:  W^nMM'my  r&H^*.m^<p; {������-:,'"������yZ-j  Wip#llA  f^U|f;;a;.';:-;-:  .,    j.,,.,.  Ftf.o.  M1. ,"��' %f''s&j-v^':'  Sep ���   ���*   si !*'���*���-;  Tw��  ���   u * V>��./v','...'  ���   -i-. >  *    Ij.   !���  m  m  HlAf  k< 'v hi  TO  MfJ  *&#  YPNDTISM  is more generally  practised than  most of us suspect/���and not always with the olA  ject of applying it  to some of the good purposes to  which it can unquestionably l>e applied.      Several of  my young friends in  Nehon aspire to became by^  nists, and  have become possessed of some advertised  pamphlets which are supposed  to tell them all about  it.      /* A little learning is a dangerous thing A' is an  axiom which just  fits  the case.      Most of our local  students have just arrived at the dangerous stage m  the application of bypotism.      They practice  it   for  amusement, and the more ridiculous  they can make  their subject or victim the better they like it.    Ik now  of two instances in w^hich one of our amateur bypnot*  isers have done their subjects barm.      In one  ca^e a  young man of a very nervous temperament was duly  put to sleep in the presence of a number of friends one  evening recently.      While in this state the variety of  impressions  he received were '.'not;removed from bis  mind,   and the result   was,  as   lie assured me, that  for days after he could not concentrate his 'thought on  any partieidar sutrjecf, and was troubled with a sense  of drowsiness.      Another instance of the harmful effects of amateur hypnotism came under my notice last  week.     The case is that of a reallo jolly and obliging  fellow who,td help entertain a party of friends who  were guests at his bouse, consented to  be hypnotised  by one of the number, who professed to have acquired  the art.      He was a willing and easy subject.      The  operator soon had him under control.    A sensation of  pain was imparted,  and that same pain proved intermittent for fully a fortnight afterwards.      These are  only a couple of instances in   many   that have corue  under .my   notice within the past few  weeks.      Now,  that winter is nigh and that social evenings will be the  order, I would advise my, young 'friends to keep hypnotism off their programme.      It is a  dangerous pastime for amateurs.  The good people of Father Ferland's flock are enjoying the benefits of the special blessing sent-by the  Pope to the faithful of Canada, whose devotion his  holiness appreciates. The blessing was dispensed by  Mgr. Falconio, the apostolic delegate to this country,  who visited Nelson last week.  Since  our  own   sea-serpent   or   lake   serpent, has  only been seen under   extenuating circumstances   bv  a few, it may interest those on   the   look-out for   the  monster to know what they  may be   expected to behold.     The  following  account   of   the   latest   sea-  serpent is from the   Sidney   Hxnulay Timet,, and may  be of assistance in dentifying that terrible fellow who  is said to be desturbing the waters of Kootenay Lake:  The   captain   of the s. s. Perth, which lately arrived  at Geraldto.n, states that when   about   30 miles  from  Fremantle,   a   huge sea    serpent    was  seen      The  weather   was  quite  clear, and as  the vessel   passed  ,wtthin;a^  Jiad/a;f>^^  , could :%;.;fbrm^  ;not/aJi/see^  .of/the/aniga^  ': bead;: and ;th^/pp  ;but;��  ''a;p'p^are<r;t^  .It.had;a/;blac��  ���was,attack.H  ;long,'at the;sur fafe^  . fully. au.JionrV;tri^  1 ���i**mmvmp*mmm*mmmi. ���  ;A...T/>hwtd^  ;will/tx!cbm^  /ucw;farm;:^  ���:yca'rv' and /statist!^  : o/nt/of/^.s^S^^  Brit ish :s6ldier^  ,were:attaek^AA;w/W  :t*ulat$l;i:;cK>ri  ;'also^'i5';|dig|i0^  : the inoenbted^^  .34. atses of inocislat^  'terie^-.eom^pared;;^  amw'iig\Ath^^  ���...whereas; the .-genera} ;a|tmsM^  /Euro|Kan;A^  :;' wcMWB*'.iiirtww��**i��ir��i��ri Hi',  ; ��� A,abor/troub5ei;;?t��  .tjmt.. we., are alwayf/��  no u iiicecl.' whe 0; 'yyeAtakE^ ��f ;'Paf 1/ |!fj  in Nelson;tbe;.str:l;fer;^  which-c>ccut|.\yith^  -mines���ri<h-^tHk^^^^  tin ue. "  Ho we ver ,/a;iM^:;:fe^  js thai now'tfirea^.ef>^L'b;y  AA.^ATKlic��t^^/tiiiide;:AM^-  *s Roman  soldier'r;,,|^;tieW  .women. holds', its' meatin;gs;%af ;the/;;,PigaUe;;lo��nta|  The aUegexLgrteyancj;^  .the ,feminine-mc^els/w^  The sculptors 'and:;;-|)a1nte/rs;:^,S!o!��^?r1^'  that professiottal^.models-are;m  out civic status'or������coh:^i^��i��.atid/  will end  in smoke. '. y   ;;.v  ���M  An undertaker's busm^  an English paper in terms which are ..hardly .*i ^J  ,y..*-   ���^;/4*��nrpAn the  !l  <s alto-i  .,        i?t the  locaHl)''!  to encourage a permanent   residence: m t  ^���"Sami  After stating that lie   is   retiring fr<>*��   b  gcthcr. the advertiser prais^titeto^^  tary arrangements much'.neglected ���:   nJ��rt^ - higbe  levers excessively high ; total.-:^a*!*-fa-^f AIP^1C -tra  than any town within radius of 50 mtics ; {     ^  competitor (carpenter.) only.     Excellent Pi^     ,  ���   ��� ' �����������������      t     v...�� uie heart   nitnc  energetic man willing to. put. ins m..����. ���...    ���  ucssA*  A long-lost heir to the estate of ^lf   r Vir John Af  has at length turned up in the .person ,a\ ������%  y ��� >��� . i  \   $^^^'Vo^T'T:^T::7^7a,^^  ^T.^tir.fEW^gmTBmxwui^^r;  niiMWMwawmeBBWffl t-Sfw^WV".-^;.;
4*.*i ^.;.,..;>r>hfcSUiV!7.'>---'ti.->r.v.,./--.
■■' A' A' .AA'■'''•'"V,;;-''::.  y :''"■■■ ;;/'A s^ym^l'^
kt a large fortune at the:time :^/WJ&
^'y0':-l\'ym'< -y-.i.^r^
frtj,* Wtten: years.he liasfc.l^^
& andi'iQW ail-bis papcrs^e^ad^
'oiirt ever sunt, ••» <»■.•••& ••-. r;.^."-:----::.s;; ::~-~^
':e American , will .^hc^C^W^^
bich has remained in  th^/ban^^f^^
er: since, 'awaiting' his/ :$lau?^^
■■■' ■'''"' *.':'''■',''''■" '■■V:-',: ;„''■':'■!' ■-i-.'-'": <,'T.i.vJ;./wtii7f't;J.^£ftWC'!l
laim nobody  knows, ■ fvut bis,;';'frie?idsA|ktib#^
lities. are confident that. lieAyil!;,'^
)r it.    M rsi oi -the.;. fGrtuue/jsAih^^
jpturcd frtnii the/Spaniard^ :hn^
trest ■.;       _. '■;,;'        ■■.•■■.. v;//; ■ :'AA AA,/ ;\ /A;Ai'AAA:AAA;A.'A:
■   """''""","""*'"-*'..;'.'-.".,••.;;.,.'.'o'.;^-.■';-/'.■-y; ■■'■■■ 'p^y:yy:yyy~■{''..fy
The [ollmvin/ little:- sketch.'' of: theAJife-:;:!.>CA:'l.*.ord/;
I'olsek'v, ■■.■ h«> ds '.to.be;. succe^ded\by;;anothep
ish.iu.iu. as. o»jj)luaiuier-iiircbief;/of. JHerAJ&aj^
Drees, .amy- 5)e ' interest ing;.' ^,;:;A?i$^
field - M arsh 11,   K»1* , - 0 C.:H. v.'.'\. t^iC^M -..Cr^- ;.:;:;p?»Cvl^;j:v:
iL'D.. the retiring Cotnttiander-in.-:Ghief;.o|th^
t>loitel Kon'uI H(H^eGimrds,;0'olds^iek-i'n^^
(son of Major"0 .JAWol.se.ley,.: of the/^fb/;'|^
if Foot, and was born atXAoSdc;n.:-Bri.dge.":Hoii^
fublin. June 4.   {H33,/;vHe;,enteredAl
isigji in.'iH5.?, and after^uccess^
jotions.kcame c<ilonel iu;t865,AfA;He/;^U%^^
iring service iu Uie; Btn-ine5e/y;ajidA"0
Bd was also at the siege of-Aktifekfio^^
jrvedthrougb tin: Chinese cauijp^i^
in:, tS;;v he audsiaff''''emBa^
-■•■■-. ■y^'\..y:y^;-::.y-\"y-:yy:y-y:.yyu^:y-yy :•;? ■>-^'-^M*56iJ«S^I
■.: y^mpy-y. pymymmMsiS^
;'..■; -.'■-■;".'-: ■"'■■.s'Ji •,"'■■ j/i,'.A;r...!J iui.^i;*,l'i''JS*«
'---.■' .■:.;i';^r;:^.S^t|^|.^^#
:..' ■:•■;. ':.y':ymy'myyy$y$0$0
? r ■ v. y^ yyyyyyyfyy^>^:yi^^^Si
"y;- y y. ma 'fmmm ^Ii^MSsm
■■■;.-y, ■■\''riyyyy^yy^cyyJffii:i:'y^i^4f'iS^fstfm'vm
:> vl V-v.--..!- -;'v;.tv.";'.':,;r,iv-';'.-,4','■'i:.'\'^:!:i'.''-.-'y,^'^itf^i
•e V esi LoaM of  Airicav wh^$
^ps during uie A^Isanu wj*tv. Jiefbrriiitg^icfe
'vf^'"!-',:'/',---:-v',^JT^'-^ Jj
S^MjS^.t*     1 11
A;^:^S|^ ^^rfi
■■■■=ir;.*,->T..li ?.•:(.*;,
V^C^v-.^^  c
>'.'.'■!•' ^-yu-y&t-^c,
;..;r\l:~^^:.y.}x    ■"/
u^|y|||   ,
"*-■■" .i'j'^'V^'.'".     ■*
*. ; -'■"';'.v'v^'v,
V:'^;'-/;:;:^^    :
W^kfa    \
W*»" hnnw^pwdirt fWlft-""-" »^P '
'     il i'fcv-;;'.  0��.#;!:  iidi?:  fyH^yy'  '^X'T..;V'  I!  p  mm-'/y  my  te;  f.'fc.'.  P  Hi  ,.9��,::  p.;  i  fM0'';^-:  L-"ii.';V.  >:fe  . -�� r;:.V  Pi��S:^Kii?:^r  ifMA:::;  *�����;<;  itil  'firti'.ijV"-..-.. ���.'���  fc>:^^-���  u^i'v..-:-..:  10  lw  pQ W;v/sir/::;;/';;th is'-way,/p  >:,/.:;tbe energetie:.A  ���the energetic;;:::Frenefrrai.lyVa'y':;-6fficT5jl.':'-:oj^'tiib'g  the  cariAage door, hustl^  'A.y:Al^ngft;.th^  AAAstatip^  Settling mvself comfortably in a   corner and light*  v'-^AAinig"Aip a good cigar; I tpinui the carriage had btit oil  occupant liesides  myselt      I bad  only te glaticc  at  kis^ his'.?inilit'aty'/;'aji-  pearance and bearing, that be 'had.served'.hi^'coitn'try.  A^in.the.'armyAZ-'On. yeutunngAto;iife  AAckse^i^ ���.politeness:  ���inherent in a Frenchman, ������"���: Thinking; t > draw;. hint',  AA'iiitb..cpn'y  ������/���vA^iahpn./a^hd  -;;'came;talkativev^^ the'hours', .we;;  /AAi5bpul#^  ;'--;..-;;ourjourney.;so.uth a;.Aa^;AAA:  A. a, ;;: A|^>[ a rs bal ;Ma cM ^  to instila������'���new:..life  to^h^^^ wliic!rl;;^nrb-  :������������������'.':"���������'���".,"���     y   *,'���':. ''���.".... ������,.'������'' ������-. ���'���. ������ .   " .......... ..���'���.*'���:-'���.���::���  duced bad thedesired;e^  ;  flavor, arid his   tuoiistache a  twirl,   he told  me the fbllOwiug tale :  :;;;:;,AA:'Two.;years/before  Cloud,    jean  and    Henri    GascdtA twin    brothers,  obtained commissions in the ������he   Regiment-cH^  A French Cavalry.    Poor; but .of noble birth, they botli  ; Ahadtlfe E^the  marshal's.-������'baton.'iruur../.  within their reach.     During the  two years   that intervened, and  betore France  became too jeutous of  Prussia/all that study and hard training could do  to'',  perfect and develop their knowledge of the science of  war Jean and Henri took advantage of    At last war  was declared,.. and   their  regiment   was  ordered   to  For bach. ���   There reverse, followed reverse until the v  were gradually driven towards Metz.  A//1'One  night,   the  General    sent   for   Jean,;' and;.,  handing   him   a   packet   of   papers,   told    him   to  try to reach Benzieres,   and  deliver them to General  M- .     Night fell, and with the darkness jean set  '. forth'on his dangerous mission. He got but a few  kilometres from the French camp when a squad of  the ubiquitous Uhlans appeared, gave chase, and  Jean was captured. His papers (which were in  cypher, the key to which be was acquainted with)  were tatcen from him, and he himself was taken he-  fore the German Commandant.  44 Jean professed to be entirely ignorant of the key  to the papers, but, on being pressed, and promised a  large sum in gold and a  safe   passport  through  the  German lines, providing he would disclose the necessary information, his avarice at length   got the better  part of his feelings, and he  disclosed the whole  contents of the papers to the  Germans.     jcnn   was   allowed to go on his  way,   after being  given an  order  signed by the German Commandant which would ensure him a safe conduct through the German lines.  "He reached Benzieres safely,   and delivered  the  packet to General &f������,  and  received another to  ���KM  carril  /BteiiA^  ^iiinimt - ^  -���'^  ;.to,outflSuk^tbe/Ge^  ''^beir-;.wr  :w^re;:ai;rt  ;: Z;^I'ea.it/S|��ti|;/  ,;/^  .;,.//fusiorl;iii^  /aI?'^  '/A*m|/|o^  A.An.|C*^  /: /iant^ " '*"'  "~  ;./reMh  ... ���onv Ate^Ar��g;it|^  ..:;;j.ean/;w^s/^  /;;.: ;A;'*; Aft^^^  .:':%"h i)A JfSH |f i|;|^^  ;', Col ope i/|$^  ;��� to;1;be::surgipuA;^  :.;;^lteC/:$^  ,j>oekeis.;^  ;;' The; ;'Coipbp;.vg!abe|d/;l  AfrotU:'the gmuiid/Area^  Geraarf;pas$fWt^^^  .passion,, he-c^b^  ' treacheryAand^  ,"    -   '   . ."'''���'"      "���   -'        :'V'." -M:; ,.-.;;''.-. ^;^IV::v;,;-;;v.:.;,;i;:;,;;'v :������:.';..;;:���       ;���'; -'^r;;. '>"'������]"���.' ������"��� '-'''ff^i  ���'feeluigs;,of.:��mp  was;; placed.. u uder/an<^ ������ -|: W^^;ll  after; bis.wpitird;li&l/belled^  .m\d senteheed'tp^fe/sbpf-^"��/vttW<Sgftiil^^Vi^^S.^TO^P1-**^^^  ���:'!':Duriujj./^  : by conrt-martial; AHtu.riA^^An'early-A  with' sorrow ���;��� ^tA:ihaiihe��3laii^       j^arlmi&U^M  pending  fate of; jean;: b���:lt'ili:':u0bir:a"^  -    * "^    '    . "���.."���.���'.'������.���"��� ���''.."*���.��� ' ; |        ��� ~9 ��^k  ject' for savitig ���hXs-brothir^^ ;  markable .likeness'-:.-WbicB"'��� ;ek|ftt*5d',.beif^^:;-*^.;:/,  enable him to suecesslttliy;earry';'out itis daringen|  " His plan was to ^j*ec��reA'.hi*-:,- .l>rotb^V*-'-d^aAS^  and, trusting to kind fate for tbe rest,  to takc^,,^  place on the tnoruiur of the execution, ^v^/,^  for bis plan, the Germans advanced so rapw ' g L-^v  night that the French camp had to fall back ��%^  upon Laon. In the bustle and excitement  managed to give his brother a peasant's smt.|^-,  him hastily to don it and escape at once to Ml^ l  Throwing the large coat aroundAhtoi' Jean ina.,m:  at length to make good bis escape "from eatflf...., -^  , "We reached  Laon, and  the fo11(mi)^ ^|;    ';  a firing-party of twelve men were detailed ^or      |j.  |fc"* Ml 1    ^  p lf*Wl  ��� >����������* ��������m, u^,  '���5*1   /.    "      ���"'   .        IT   *M     '.    -     -  u  U ^Itfa^l^KMi^WSwHS'Sff!  iii��^^if^^S^#w^^i^^^p^PB  :cs'3s5p:��  ������"���''" Xv^S?���  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  >!'Je  Willi his great-coat  collar  turned  /"""'^'hiseves, the brave Henri looked .in the  ALiiv hour* sufficiently  like his  brother  to  ^aetectiun^andhewasledonttodie.  Outside tW cainp, with  loaded   cbassepots,   the  / /- rtyst(loato attention, waiting the, word  to  fU% iuukin- with undisguised contempt and dts-  ���s^conteminAnul disgust'on the form of the  man  U.-tbeus. and yet. doubtless, wondering in  their  ru how-one" so treacherous and debased could face  hthbo bravely.     Suddenly  the order came short.  liarp and incisive a/ '      ��� ;  |;;r{ng,uarivt   attention !    1'reMmt arms !   Hre !  AJ|he smoke  cleared   *wa>\   the   figure  before  mem -swayed aud   fell   forward'���dead      One more  IrouiKranaAhad^villifigly  met  an   ignominious  fjjUh���to save the brother be loved !  -When too late,, they discovered who it was   they  ladshut, a'id the uieu oi" the regiment wept ��� bitterly  rer the fair of their  brave   young officer,   as, with  fcvereut hands they'.laid him to rent **  There-were-tears in the man's eyes   as lit   finished  its recital, but  be brushed them roughly away an  1  ��d to him.'A" Aud what  eventually  liecame  of the  leal culprit. Jean A  Did you ever learn the   *eq\\is\ of  (isescape from the French camp ?** -   ~  "I never  saw   him   again   until the fall of Paris I  wperite' men   were   required   then     -* mett   who  tared not deatb-r-iu.try to  break   through Prussian'  hies. 10 communicate with the Army of the   South*  One tall man. with a look/of As^t/sadri^Aand/d  in his face, volunteered to perform aneitta ^ngetou|  mission.     He wa* entrusted with the tBslk^B^p^j^  morning   his body was   found scarred with  s^o^-:  marks aud riddled with bullets.     A^n|||OT|||ap  seven dead Germans, whom he had kil^iiilliaiiiSaBi^i  desperate fight for liberty and life.     ^^S(|itfiB^WE  hands were clutched his sword   and reTolyerl|^iiUs|  in his pocket they found a piece of paper/^at^l|||ttfe  day he left camp,  bearing the   insCTiptfi^  ptation of ray treachery   to La Belle France!; ami in  atonement for my beloved brother Henri's life^ whiclt  he so nobly gave me at Laon.' 'V tyWf^ym  " Aud how came you so conversant with this A his-  lory V*     I asked my travelling companion.  A  'm&y;yyM;y$} if  :|AAiS;!ffI |  ww$im  :.-v:: ���'':/... .',V( ,?'���:���ylxyVy y^l? h%&.s$;v��v  'fa. :>::.:.wo''i-At:�����K&ztwxmrM^M������  P:pm^<;H>y^ ,m$zmyf?&  mmmmmW;yj0ip0mf  y*y ymy0y^yfyBMiM0;  .V. i^'M/, "]���'.'',!���', V."'--VV'  : '.^V,:' K ���::,; A ���;-. ;; ,t- ^'-pafkm  %yfyi;yymmmy$$  yyy ���:��� '<:.ypy^[Wy,{iVi paSsS  m:m^m)M^g  ;'^!|p  li;l;Sli!W  ;p;-AAA��-y;/A;A  " I was Henri Gascdt's valet, sir/' he.ref^jw^^i^i^^^^^^^| ���  ' A LITERARY CUROISITY.    U^iM$M^MM^^^^i  Mrs. H. A. Deming, of San Francisco, is a��^|^||^^^^^^^^|  ��� qccupied a year, in searchiiig for and fitting |^J^^||^|^^^^^^  the following 38 lines''from 38 English and MvM^^^M^^^^^  poets.    'The author's names are appended llllilfliiilll^^^i  - -LIFE.' ��� *' .^^^^^^  1 C  o ' *���  Why all this toil for.triumphs of an hour ?  IJfc*s a short summer���man a flower ;..*./>/������  By turns we catch the vital breath and dier-  The cradle lud the tomb, alas ! so nigh. ...  To be is better far than not to be,   .A;.:.......  Though all man's life may  seem a tiagedy .  ��.��#������;*;��.;  ^U^myymmfiyy$ymyi:yym��0i  ^^m.myymmm^m0mx^.  #^S:iAliA|i|IIii:iiS��i  i  '^l^iilillllllB^^B  ��� ..������-.-.���.'-; Mmi+;mmmmm0M:^<&y&tii'  j ��?��t*byj ��wfc*pr��*'*i-ff lw��l^*^'w^ w*jT����Ai>��M'A*iw*��*"��l*3ff*')' <��>:"*> ^ah**  > j��tt<��i*��*��Ww��j��*w JiV*(i**M  RED  RVINE &  i.v*;.-|rj:vVf,-''v*    *  DRESS GOODS, MILUNERYv CARPETS AND MENS FURNISHING  Ladies' Department  tyfceial Sale oi.' ladies* and  Lhi��dreu\. wuol vests, drawers, .rid -uHibination suits,  ^ a i u ic! e 11 e n i jj h t ���.:��� d r esses,  drawers and sktrts  Indies' tlauuclette. cashmere,  '^Ipaea.    silk,     satin     and  I'reueli flannel blouse waists  ^ulieV uianiies. jackets, iun\  ladur-in.uie suits from !n*st  makers at - exceedinglv low  prices.  ^^f^ ���<-*dy ��� nude dress  sk!rIs. Irmu $: each   up.  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''���\'yy':\T->rnJthyy,  Vile intercourse where virtue has not plkc&i.'.<frim<mriU'L  :i>en keep each iMssioud  Thou penduIum betwixt a smileand tear.::,%)-iByfy*;:.  ::.|[er:;sensual;sna res'letf ft iib  ,With;.craft-and,skili;:to:.'.T  Soar not too high to;;fai;i! i.\bu.t s;rfwp:tq;Y��ife'. .l.>l/^f *i^>'..'----:-;  ;:We: masters ;gro,w-<)f;a^  ph,lthen renb  ::;vRiche9;i;ltave;.;w  . mV.-v ���������,y-y mmy^p^m^m^ u* dream :/ym  VThe-baths:^oT4l��rf^P  myyyyyy yyy;m'":my"''y-yy !yyyymyyyyyy--y-,v ..^ '...-:''���--'. *}*���* ���'����t/<  ;^#^SS^iiSSfeif>,ifigi  ���"���. '.."������'.. ���'��������� ���,.:���������..::y.'\''fy.yy���;./:'��� ���;"'V--."<"���..'-/<i-/.:;">:-.',:.:.-.,--"-1.".''--','y;yyyyyyym^y^.\yy''y''',y:.y'"yvyy/.^h:'':: ^.yjifM  '.."'.". ;��������� ,:m: ''yyy:yi":y\yryi:m:yi:yy^  ' m  U%ii  mmm  my^i*}*^  .^cupat^  1  -.'.'.���'   -.������.���., i;   .������.--.:���  ....;..;."���; :���������.//'���': ���u-.-'a'.: ..''-'s? ;���-,.-;���������!.:.; !:.-���;���.;" S-vfiii ���ri-..-*,-..-'-.-.^-.1 ���'���'���V... .,.���'���������.-.  ".'���;".  '.'...���:.::���/,:.���.���;������::���.  v-t*.lV.>...WwW,*.w.'  .^W.^rtt^tfJWj;^^^.  :.ll&|��jiif *tt. {&! tunMir ft* turalsil  |i|||jti^:t>r.i|,V.^y^g:(^jl^  illiill**^^f^''^e^R!||  P, BURNS & CO  ;"Wl|  ;:#iii^ii^|;:^i��iiii|^r^ii^  WHOLESALE A2I0 IICTAii  MEAT  |��^i|^|^^  HEAD OFFICE:    WCtSOM; g. C  i',V<*''��:   ^M^^u^yy.  ���. ���,....... li:*iii-:|Sl^^y el 'r* "-^  Mm  ';m?m  yym  iym  ���>y:$m  y-m$&i  JIOSSUNO  SAHOOfi  ��� SAMCHCS AT  TS4IL  TNSCC FOUKS  MEL30II  SLOCAM Cfff  KASi0   #  ASSAVERS* SUPPUE  '%��' "".'!' WW   /���VMS.,��-.-i|i'>.,S��-ViaiV��'^>v*>^t^.iJlk^ ���  AatflU^t^K'av;fr;^*V^;M^.^.C^^^  8. C.  FIRE CUT CO.  W�� Carry in   Stock m full iJ#t��� of  A��ftay��r��* a���^ CN��ml��t��*S4ippM����  roa  *Wl��i*W��WilWillM|liPMHH  i    In the citv.  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LIABILITY'.- '   ���  ' -      - ������ -  - ���- -    ":   ';       LT .   v -.''������*'.��� ���:. ���;',./ ..;..........  jni��r..\, l.iii, !.-;,! i/a-'iuty, *vl!r >>*.���*���. h^ltft-iii ,  i>v;t/i ����n,h>- , j  sh��- r*..4?nf^"�����>������ mm ��� niife*ir J-  Ti\h  (Say  ��-��   N*v\>,fS)hr.r, ���Sr|�� 'll^HtllHT I  irat -jv'Stj,<���!,>,-:v' j.n ��>;,, fO?��t.rj.i*.,W��i-!i."..|V*'r-;0��<.v!  ���it'iJi-rj.'iklni.; j,  sutal ij��it!,.r tji��. |���-i,v  iofth*.   f.n)ijMiiit.t.  r a. !��. i'.Mit*  Xw&r*  ;:;.::.���.,... .:;.^.i v",rr':;.;,::;;^f?:$rM^ffit)(|i  '':?'-'.' ���/:;";".' .���.'���'���'"'^:":-'-''':'''.-.r cif.:'''^:'-^.';'^'^^  y|^^ffi^t;^ia^  ^:lV^tfti^w^BIiEUJ(tt^^oV't.tt  hO jii^ ,;.SvS';s;s^;s;:  ^/i^r;:#Oia;-^it^;0f-;'''NeiB<������yae  ;��� I'iMrimeat ^h-^<i^:: B.';;27,f*#*y;r nt  ��>GfdftlA---ST..V?WKtSOW:|;.Oi^.^  '������'���"���   " '       ������������������������������-������*-������-���-- ^<���-���<��������� ^ty\&^wixx*m&<)f^ y-'":  :S*-:  V�� flC��ii**��^'i��n^ :':#*i������ny  ;iinfefiU^a>t^  ,A:  2\ iiti '':Mi!i^r;:c4{��d��'i��*ii;��  'SS  ^���"Pssuppiiwi on shortest?  2fe"iRl lowest prices.      .  *ail<.nla-s  1Vl-civc. careful1  LLIltH)!].  n1n     ^    !)lU     Iresh-   anch5  Pll�� stock.  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Believing it to  contain gold in paying quantities Libby and a-"companion  stopped   and   prospected:     Confident   they  were to be in the countrv the -'folio win'i* winter   Libbv  and his associats decided to say 'nothing of their find.  In July subsequent to this discovery a   steamer came  and took away the Western Union   party,  the    ele  graph scheme having betn abandoned.      ft   was not  until 1899 that Libby again   visited  Alaska.       The  company iu which   he   is now the   principal   .stockholder owns eight claims  on   Meuckluck  and other  streams of the  Colovin Bay,   district.     Libby  says  Ophir creek of Golovin Bay paid   from $50 to  $ioo  a dav to the man.      A   claim on   swcckcakc   creek,  owned   by  the   Alaska   Exploration   Coiiirmny,   he  stated,    yielded  $6/oa in   24 hours,  with 15   men,  working.     Crooked,  Warm,  Albion.   Klkhorn   %imI  Meising creeks he regards as rich streams.  South Africa will not be treated   as   was   Hungarv  after 1849,   Lithuanina nfter    1863. ��or   like N'orth-  Schleswig after 1S64,   Alsace alter  r87o ���  "tier .119,      Thfapo^rf ^  ����loro paper, British statesman can/weil^'  leave to their continental contemporaries, WS  now profess such fit,, feelings for other 2i  liberties Of one thing we are quite sure Tl  of sctge proclaimed by r<ord &'��ft  welcomed by many a Russian Liberal L l  many a German as an agreeable ediauge 0'^  iron rigidity of their existing regime.  *~��**.**p*wmn   *~  It is stated that while the AdmiraUv'hasbeenB  suing experiment* with a submarine vessel it1  also been experimenting with what may l*e descnl  as an antisubniriue bint. Th** w^~ ri  latter is to arrest the other in its emuae, aud, if���  Mc. chock and destroy it.; The nature of the ���  is kept -a�� have been the'exfjcriineuts-^u atah  secret, and nothing bus, become known conctrniur  even in official quarters, At the same time iti  certain that the utmost importance is athchedto-t  in veittiou Vol only hive the experiments had tt  secrecy attached to them, but they are being watcJSe  by the iiUMt authoritaiive experttconnected with  service v  n    j>^'   *fc  Canadian  "Pacific  *N0   S00 LINE  KOOTENAY LAKE SAWMILI  G. O. BUCHANAN, Proprietor.  FIRST-CLASS SLEEPERS  Lumber,  Lath,  Shingles,  On AilTmiiw from  Orders Promptly Filled *na  Satisfaction Given* Nelson  Yard, Foot of Hendryx Street.  Sash & Door  Mouldings,  TVned Wor  tm  ill  3*tW "T  BT  lEmSIOliE ill -lOOTEMiiy'UHHHG-  M^i.i--  TOURIST    CARS  l'a..s��*'iii��   Dunmore   .?um-Uon    DhIJy   f<��r "Ht  Paul, Saturdav*   for  Mont rea I and   fW#Uin  Mondays and Thursday* for Toronto,'  8a me cars pass ,KeveiW'��ke oiumIuj- earlfvr.  A POINTE  Kor your Ivu**t*n> trip  is to  SEE THAT TOUR .TICKET BEADS 1!i M��FIJW PiiaflC  TRAINS AND STEAMERS  |>KI'AKT  1     Htfam*-r (or   Kootenay   l.atidhj"  5.00       vHiui   EasUtVii   points,   vja    t'*mw^  daily    ) Nest route.  8.00       1    Train for KoK��dajid. Grund KnrkH  KX.8UN. i Or^nwood. MidwH.v., o(r. ']  9.00       (     Train   for   Hlocan    Cltv, siocmi  bx   sun. i point*, and Sundon.  Ki.00     I    Htt*amer for ICanl" and   lntr*r��u*. I  kx.hkn. wli ate point*. ���  -j  16.  J)Ai  tM ) Train tor Holland, Xjikusp i  V,v > Kevolsteke, Main;> Lim* and !����'i  "'*    Jciflc Coast points. !  For time-tan It**, rutas ana iu'ii  information I  ��;&!! on or&ddrex* nearest local agt'iu. or j  It. W. Dbkw, l>opot Agont. t ��� . ..      '  H. h. HKOWN, City Agent,   s ** ��'��<>��. B.C.  W. F. AiKtofBOft, &��� J- Copi��,;'  N**lsS0Kf B.C. Vancouver, K.C.  -iVt-hi-^ ���*-  JOH/V /?A��". /IGE/VT  MVNrtOMfcmftqw  Nelson Planing  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings  :f  r  r  M  ��- rTlfim  To fin v  ^'o^!r  A'NAGERFORE. SKINNER-  0;  Scotch  TROU  m^ Announces LarRC ianportations �����  and frish SKROKS, TWEEDS, WORSTKDS W1'  SHRFNOS.  ?SV!TlH  f��; Vv  , ��;;,����������  ���,^.'.Srk  'jBii-.jrta  - *; .t?  '-      v il-rti  .?:���'.��� ^  ^ <BffiW�� J. J.V  ' . / "  ITELEPHONem  ON. GIBSON CO  1  I  r s>  MAffttfJtCTttltro w  ^1  ? V:  Flavoring Extract*, Vinegar,  , Met** Etc, Etc   .   .   .  ^  IPBGh MAN  nMtwumn     ��vn��wiwkwwi awwim WW inwrn l���*^^^^^^��M^^MMM^^IH^WW|^>^:^^l,llll|ll**l''"w^"'"*'^^^  *��H��j*mM^M4*i  mA  $5.75 PER T0��,  s   4 [**'  -n  n �� r   k i  .j  'Psarid  Ca*��*    Vu��l'*tion��  "nts  >j^ -ei f  i t ���� i*  9 *i  ��r  r*.        "���   ����� ill  w ��1  fT  t  .i  I  n r-  ?PC*  a r<"  *>.  f t^  HI-       "*  4     v  r.   * t  ^  r    r  f'\  * 1l  r  !i>y,!-,-=.'f."?^'?*  s'^sa^M^^^  P.MiresL.. *-%*  !Mft.  'Hi  Mr,  ���Hi"* **  rf      V    "      3?   J  ���WW   WsJ���    �� ���,   kiftv*'*     ������A,, ��� J' ,      ,    ,        ,,      .  i  DOVER  MBLSQM, BRITISH COLUMBIA  JEWELER  *     a       .j       j- ����  .?4      ��*  Vi   it"      *  ������v.  Everything New, Neat aud <  "^r~~tafole.     American  Milliard aud Read-  Cm iW itthtiw ��ikt MUM It*,    k) >  /��        flu        ){i    ,  v'\   j*  J�� ^    r'H'* i      t    Ja-Jft.4.3* < tft.  ,��  i  ��� if"  ft  �����*  }>  ^/  .* fi J  w' "*i L* *  r*i.-jt\^  *H  >��>  ^ ; ff *ij y i y  ^  >m, ^ ^*A^^_,  t       S^v  , r y;(U^r i '1  ..*._ ... ^. u.   ,i..,ih, ?; .K*.^..x.LiA.7u���..,iii.'  'A ti-J  flaw-*  ���!4  f k  .._*.4a;  *#.���!


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