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The Nelson Economist Oct 3, 1900

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 IELSON ECONOMIST  '"'-I  pi>��>ii��i i Hitf��n*>lr*n  !>^HH��f>rW.��t*-COwaH B<  L. IV-  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 3, 1900.  NO. i a  v i��*-n*<c��i�����*��'��*w*.',w����Mi't���������   1  w^.iiff��w^aH-����^fcKn-^.��.T^'<t��nct^4t. i<hi��  in,��y-irtr,_ ,.  K NFISON  ECONOMIST is issukd   kvkry  /FDNl^nW  AT  THK  ClTY  OP NKLSON,  B.C., BY  L M C-\rVky.-: Subscription :   $2.00 i>kr  an-  -pm" i'f'i��a:h)M'n--ai)Vanck, $1.50.   Correspond-  !NCF OF .CJKNKRAL INTEREST ft KSPKCT FULLY  toliClTKJ).- ONLY ARTICLES of merit will BK  'DYKKTISKD IN TUI-SK COLUMNS, AND THK IN  TKHSTS OF KEADKKS WILL UK CAREFULLY  H'AKDKi) AGAINST,'iKKKSPONStHLK PERSONS' AND  :0RTHI.KSS ARTICLES. \    '  ���.jw-.'i    �� ���wJMiA.tfAM* �������*<�� *'V< *����** ���>  11K prospector has done more to open up British  Columbia' than he often gets credit for*     He is  ���y,seldom rewardedin proportion to the services he  iders the country,   and is too   frequently   found'in'  declining years in poverty and want     This should  be so; nor would : it Jks if the prospector  were en-  1 raged and protected as are other wen engaged in  ping.     We now, have reference to the profession**!  ispecior��� -the .man.,who  will exploit  the country  th the intention'.of selling the discoveries he makes,  :h men as these���and thev are many ^-should have  [pedal license-,, and should not be obliged, as is the  linary individual who goes out mu\ stakes a claim,  lo assessment work.   He should he protected to the  tent that if others  take up one or more of his dispones and  work them   with profit,   the prospector  mkl have an interest in the property*      As it is, a  |>ablevnKlustrious.man   is likely   to locate several  th clnuns in a season, but if be cannot sell ih^ni he  puotaliord tmlo the assessment work, and hence he  ^bhged to transfer his interests for a  nominal con-  teration. There should be a very distinct line drawn  twee11 Hit -professional and   the casual   prospector,  , Cordon Hunter, I'M. , who is in ftnsslatul in con-  hon with the  T..e Roi   Mining Company's assess-  ���"tappcal,   has given the public  the benefit of his  ,mo�� <>n the situation.      He thinks it a great pity  "tthc man who risks  his life  and stiffens personal  vahons nj the  mountains  should not be assured  Natter s..nU'   reward.      The   government,   in his  ���,,lu>", s-hniiid introduce some measure having for its  ccl 1^ guaranteeing to the discoverer of a benefit  ��wnn-<lnp m his claim.    He suggests that a fund  tt'ahlishnl in  to.  >hvt and  f^e l,(,licy,  ���V^dlL.'i "' aU<i cllcrSctic prospectors and not to  SfSgSal! '"'.'" '" 1>c"1'le who��rc already independent."  ''����$��1,IUr"le:inS lct us tl,couri'ge the development of the  -^CC-eH'" ,"rKelli"K-'however, that it needs capital  &$%     a'S m"sd- "��'��'t a;ul energy t<raccomplish the  * -4" . !  ��    - ���.  . ' i. ' ���     ; _  1 ���*������"-��-    ^__.  est promising properties,  and thus  ^��i'"urage the locater or prospector. "The  s;��ys Mr. Hunter,  "is to encourage the  :;-^om,,/.aints   have   he  Mlo  . '} K -^tingents  >eeu   made  by representative  ntment accorded the  "Glided home from South Africa.    We  UlalsillI^ntlonastothetrer  it i111,   1   *<��T*   *��� T.  "p��j nni-,w  lead that some of the men, with $250 or $300 to their  credit, have received nothing beyond $20 paid them  when they first landed at the Cape In some instances a portion of the pay dne has been given to-  gether with furlough, and the men, in an utterly  strange country, have been let go to become the prey  of harpies and sharks. All this could have been  avoided had the War Office simply notified the accredited representatives in London of the colonial governments, that men from their several contingents had  arrived* and where they were, and thus brought the  young fellows into touch with friends, Representations have been made by the agents-general to the  War Office authorities on the subject, and it is to be  hoped they will have the desired effect. We recently  called attention to the case of a man invalided home  from South Africa, who was put on the train at Quebec with but $3 in his pocket to defray expenses to  New Westminster. The man was shipped in a colonist car, without blankets, although he was suffering  from a broken leg. There is much to indicate that  the War Office is in need of a thorough overhauling,  and tins it will probably get on the return of Lord  Roberts from South Africa.  Tint London (Eug.) School Board im just started  its 19th session of night schools.      The  number of  pupils attending these schools is steadily  increasing,  124*000 having come under  instruction last year, as  against 109,000 in the previous session,      Heretofore  fees were charged, but it has now been decided to give  night school instruction frfee.    This seems to be rather  reversing the natural order of things.   As these night  schools are  intended for   persons who are employed  during the day,  one would imagine  that  the pupils  could from their earnings contribute something towards defraying expenses.     Those attending the day  schools are charged a fee, small, it is true, but nevertheless a fee      To curtail expenses,   the  board has  succeeded in obtaining several voluntary school premises.      Three- hundred and sixty-three schools have  been opened for general instruction,   sixteen  for special instruction in  commercial subjects;   and nine in  science and art.      Experience has  proved that thtse  night schools are productive, of the best results.    The  very fact that they are so  largely patronized shows  that there is a big percentage of people anxious to improve their education,   and these are found to be apt  .pupils,.-    What is to prevent the general introduction  of the night school system in Canada?      Here public  school education costsjnothing, and is compulsory���-a  condition to  which must be  attributed the fact that  the  percentage' of illiteracy is much smaller in  this  country than in any other.    But the young Canadian  generally engages in the battle of life at an early age  ���>*�����-  > -   ���. ��� ",''!;  I-   ��  '"V L  r.  I  a  '���:  ': f  IV 5  r  j!  '   i  % il *:  It       T!  f- '1  Y If     -�� -.���^1^-   ^* -  \i mm  Jfi  Ilii  raf  i'i?  ��'.'  I  ���m  'it  fHf ft a  swot Si  111111  111  ��*��������� ..'..  Bl  THE','"NfiLSON;.��-  !N  ST  and should therefore  be" \atTorded' an Opportunity of  ��� continuing, his studies;'"the better.-'to'.quaHty;in in lor  the struggle/'   We would not'proposed that these...u'}g1s't-  '.; schools should be" entirely supported ^'1 the'..ptihli'cvex������'  peiise, but thev rertaitUv should be'iinde^ .public 'cnh,\ '������  trol.  ��������� ������'��� ���'"���.��� ��� ;- '.' ; '������ ;"'.���.'; ���:���:������.;":; ,,'.���':  ���/������: ".- An i!H'en.iationai-;;g,hng;',o'f .coiners 'and .',;. hanlf'-iiote'  .....: .forgers-has. just been acctdenally ��� discovered.' at Micro*  ������������' .vie, in SlaVoniav   Some, months-'.ag'oan'.i'tiilmu nr*med  ���;:;.' Sterio established extensive, vvorks therefor ihemanu-  '���.  tacture of plaster figures, 'and soon, after men'.of alniosl  all nationalities came to u-ork at the factoi v; ..A:, large;  ���v ...export trade, was carried, on.���with 'differerU::coi.rtftri'es'--.:  .";.;' Great Britain/the United States,  Canada, 'hsdy/.o'erA  ���..;  -niany, etc. '��� '���'.. Cases Hill of piaster'figtir.es'.'.were every,  /'���week despatched.;- :' The other ttay.one -of tbene 'cases''  while being taken 'On hoard a steamer for'ftaiv.  hruk** '  and when the ���workmen began .10 transfer fbecojuems ,  to another'case, it   was discovered1 .that   the. hollow-���  figures had been packed with forged iiaHandire: 'The'  .name, of the senders.was e ssityj raced,  and the police  took the matter in hand;    .The .���plaster' works'were  raided, and Sterio and five, of his accomplices placed  under arrest, . Forged metal and paper monev of various countries were found on the premises. aV well as  .a complete outfit for producing the��cann(er!'eiis.   " As  the firm had been in business for over six an,at lis ;uul  doing a very extensive trade,   it is imjUsihtfcio rsfi--  mate the extent of their  operations. '    It is Mm^U-  suspected that   the gang had been ooeratir.tj m ���,W  countries before starting tiie plaster works;,! Miirm-;,-  There has been a great deal  of o.imerfeii .v.i,.  v-d  paper circulating in Canada of lute, and i( is n<,< v f!i  improbable that some of it came into   the rl)mHrv ;..  plaster figures,   although as :,   -home j���/l���slr'v -:  .Z  nave  had many  engaged in   the busi���,<~, ,,f urii.:.,2  money who are now undergoing long terms of iCi".'  sonment     In the United States there b^Cf...,,.!','''  a great deal of counterfeit coin in circulation     '\ ..*'V .  peculiar  thing  about a   mure recen,   issue   iW,  o,.  ..eoumerie.ter'smint   ls ,hal the   ,l,>lirir ;iik1   f|ftv.,;:;.  p.eees turned out are of good   silver and  fnllvuo'^  the standard in .eight,   pr,vi���K lb!,t there ��'a insufficiently   great to  induce men to '  American silver currency'  ���...,. l-.?iSl  ��� &;*$  MM    '"      ���Wl��pa8K||  a i j: ever- a fotvi it &" i e ti<fcif>>f>:��..:- '.���s.v.;     ' ���'�� ��� *���"* ��S  ���take.tlie.lawitHd-tlfcir^WH-te  dot! bt; ��� si��e<tv..��f exectttion, ���. btiia ber^'fr^iutijf  >,K  a.0o u t ,V| t ��������� .;;.'������... I leny; Mppf l^^liy o ;bt: i^ this ��  o!'.om:s,w^  ,jndgt;.I.yncli ;n^.^r:-!:iOldi'c*kjrt';;;>'v;��� "���JJ.;���:^"'  ;;'':"rri'EK!f;jw,;cop^  f>rici:y:.<^f Iin;|Kisi.^  ;ing.e^stertv^i;Jotett  ';re|>rc#'?!.ted;ori;:i^  ��� t ax m aiid dlsirilitli^  ?'k>.nc%i:;me��it;i0.f:.f|  .nrtrftdC;wh^  .like;- .nud ,l��iy:^cuf!:ll||^  ,'vm  ' i'HitMHtvirtHwiaHw 'imfM*vi:&-w'*to**^:<<nittw  uianuiact.nre U;e  ������' fx a -recent i*M$-&.fc^  allied u> ilmJim'ih'm:M  ���the J$ifm*e#��.��t ,pre^e.atirt:lfi;b Proriiice;.wtrt.cli  the benefits of iiiitnridittiiottr'io^^^  ">*$ 1-     ��� , ' . ' ,'. ������.'.���'..,'','������:.���,.. ���"���   ���������-������������..'-,'.''-���"  mwxmnnry evidence (otbte^felJ  \:w a long time' tlnsfrmi^  thai'H is ho ext.eiiiftiVielv.;.pni��ticed- n0:onetcittldtel  Kiver established-ilte &���!>';-^  in cuunetrtibh: "with'-' the ;ftatid,:,-itrid������i'fe^tier:||  t^tch  oT 1 heHc-'; J"nauira!ised\cilteew's?>^;:;'HS  iK-jo're ! he 'Police' '���Magistral  were  rhiirged.  wiiii/;^biaiiihig'''':nttttirt  "n'the fulse rcpresenfiaio.n;'i!ial-:tb^'v������ l^rf:^��|  "Death by unknown hands "  .v-m th-   ,     r  -'coroner's JurviIlL,J!lisiaiIilthei)t ; y -    ���     '  ^^^^-^^���rcumstancesby,,,,,,,,;^        "  11 tl* vilhtgt of p���,ui  - ��� -  -_ i�� 111,1 i.<|, ; j ^  bar to this particular stale.       I, "a"  chatoula, near \tw Orleans, th, I,,,,,,,. , ,'^    '   ,"''1'  Holfelter was broken into .-,:,��! r.,1/,,,,1 "   'iC'\ '  were arrested on susp^on.^hein,!,,,,,,,,,,;.,^;;;-  crime, and were dulv lodged iM j-,j|     T1   "   "'  .^.committee of whitemen bailed  '������������ ,/,,. Xriff'"''l  demanded that the prisoners 1,, h,,,,,,.,, '' :,ml  This request the sheriff refused ,��� Com^'Znh' u-'.'!'  we know the rest.      The mob proceed,,   tlJ   thf^'::'  broke it open, dragged the unfortunate sum,-,'   J  and hanged them from a neighboring tree     rT "l'  bodies were riddled with shot  -,nn T, <-,    '        "-'"Hie  .;   f ���     . . ' antl le't suspended 1,11  the following morning.    When mi ,1, ���  6 b nt" tut "��". the form ���f  i hisemiiitry for a period of tliree years.and �������?!  es;t!y anxious to become ilriiish : subjects, .;';���.T��l  <'-ise called waf that of Sliahiita.  who,  it was  bit Japan   in   February last and was naturaltz��b'  June       The man could not speak-a word of-Jing^&  �� ��*��i>f * Sft  and did- not .even know the purport of thettOCM^jffl  which was Ui m:ik-e c*f him a -British' subject. ������-.. ?iJgi  rbwfW  ;in interpreter the- little fellow stated that lhe^.j^  was handed to-hlar at the cannery with inslfUC|^  hi keep it carefully, as it would prove useiid. V^  "otary hefore whom the declaration .'was'.n- ^.|^";  ^t- liad issued hundreds/of such documents to W|^j/  l,nt ccHiltl not identify'any-one.of the men. ^' |[^.  paucse labor contractor, who witnessed the doc^|h;j  ,,;ul �� similar tale to tell;    Under these cirttt^j^  as'to*!  the only course open to the magistrate w  the ease.    It was clear that the prisoners b������  Jined themselves���and this wM practically^^  ,Vv:v-;;.V"      ��  ",   ..��"���* n-  7}  *t��^  �� \  j"i  ��  Wl  i       *  1 <<  f��--��   ����#*!  4  wp^*^�����iY��*  r  "I���  TIM    I...    .^        ^  fcl �� I      It  �� -^r" THE NELSON ECONOMIST  them.    Hut thai there has been wholesale per-  jd'fnuid in connection   with the naturalization  fi.issued t�� Japanese there can be no doubt. It  r th:u'.svine steps must be taken" to find out who  Sensible tot the>e frauds, and to punish them.  ihay prove a tedious and expensive operation,  'justice t<> 'lie walking men of this'country the  iuisf-he';uiuU-itaken. But by whom ? Under  jriiish.Soith Ameiiea Act the supervision of unit!-mas vo-i'-d iii the lederal authorities. When  leal .ie^M itme adopted measures aimed at the  [e iVn"} of earnest' immigration the federal govertr  {. rt-iusvd ���" i.iiiiy them, cm the ground that the  Vpropped might conduce to Imperial com pi i-  is U'e Ii-'pe no plea of this sort will prevent  rior��ds av"i kuwa doing their duty in the case.  ii. Columbia must not he made the dumping  Did ft.r.the. scum of the Uncut.  {���O^M"^*" -JTtHtil'JJ.VI -  ^K Wi miivxg School ���:.Board--\m^::,introd^^  ^,s h;i::k-'svstem,ih dhe 'ptdd.ic::.sebools,.;;, whit tiie,.:  ;���itam>!uisiz:ing.the;n^  , an- essential par.i'of a true prae^  ^xperiuuMU is'one which..ought^  .,\'.hahi! K.iU.Hm;meiilea^  0 \iV Vl,-:<im:uv.e of g-ood. resiilis:in alter|ife;r|;^lie:;;.  ���j'm is cmhieut'iy cnlciilfltctl'lbM^  lrv .u-u^iu.; the pupils as-.to;wb.O' will���saye-;theiiK^st:  Jhriv i.orkef m����nev,:' and st^ndleM^^^  * "'    *  * J " '       ' >v   ..��� �� '..-..".���������:,.���'.,.���-���.- '������,['   ������������:  wa u:ui���:rsitble pop:corn, ��� . W'ith;;ativ;anduc^tBeiii;'  vf ;h.a:V,dd nickels and duncV'-WC:wo^  .m ci:cw'ilig during school;, boorsVittf-not  vi'.:au;Ue sm.<*kingvft5,novv prevmtfc.   J*or::  s --vines bank likeiv to "hurt, "the feelings ���.  -c d rerun stances  do' not permii'Of'Sub-:.  ���^ts  '    The pa-rents'of children 'Who "can  -vsde for  the 'future wants of ihetrliltle  hkele to adopt, the: school'-- system-; of :ac-  i reserve h\n\,    -;De|K)sits'are:receiyed:;i.n-  Maiiitol.M schools once a -week, ���-.'.'. The'amount; is  he nrmcipal. who banks ���ft.tothe ere*.  al depositors,   mxd   no  money -���cauvbe  let; ;">���*- :  -,  t! t<  is are r,<,  IHilatiui.  HSf.,1 .iivt  * < i ���  V r1* \ ' ( ���  BWI!  Ili.r  n tic- l-.oik except upon :i chequesigned by  i-uni-.^.d tin.- approval by signature of the parent  l^si-ii'iiaa a\u\ the teacher,   Deposits- of$3- and oyer.  |,ir ii'i'.ars* at ;, per cent, per annum.      We hope to  "-'a similar system introduced- in. the schools of this  UVilKV  &&$?$ ��in-: i-.e����.\.oMisT suggested, a couple of weeks ago,  $f��f[i ^<" in.- St-11 be rune everv day at 7 a.m.:, 1211000  ^��^'a-un l! f) p.m. Our uliject was, as then stated,  a*kj^UtMi<h SMUu- recognized tune in the city, and this  A^^1 ���i,"��t  "-;  to  the ratepayers       The   matter   was  '"'"n-th  e City Council on petition by a.mun  i5^^*       -s .oid was referred to a committee*  Since  ^S111 u]v ]){Z\ lias been as silent as ever,   and the eitf  *^liSl,IN"iv,";tn:  still Wondering   what the correct  re*  com-  feKftt ���'"'���or   sail wouoennc   wmu  iuc ^.v��i  gv^ ���s.uln.(U<ji piacitm- implicit reliance on their  |ra v t,,U(,pi^cs. We understand that the c<  >|^4Ute('lu wl,,,-���� the subject was referred, while agree-  ^'^ aS tM l,U' neccssit>' <>f establishing some recognized  '|^f le�� were disposed to believe that  the tolling of the  i. u if.tf.  fire bell would l>e confusing���that it might be received  *���  as a fire alarm instead of a public announcement that  the hands of an official timepiece pointed to a particular hour. We do not anticipate any trouble on this  score. The hours suggested for the ringing of the  belt are the most unlikely hours for a fire to break out.  Besides, people would quickly discern between a fire  alarm *nd the few tolls necessary to announce the correct time. Public feeling is strong on the point, and  as the arrangement suggested would cost nothing and  would obviate a ^reat deal of inconvenience reluctantly  endured, it is to be hoped the committee will act in  accordance with a suggestion so liberally endorsed.  A significant feature of the present campaign in  Tale-Cariboo is the   apparent lack of interest of the  newspapers.      Whik the  majority of the papers are  professedly  Conservative, yet  there is very little in  the editorial columns that would seem to indicate their  political inclinations.    Indeed, it seems as if the press  was gradually drifting in  the_.direction of independ"  ence     This may be accounted for by the fact that neither the papers nor the people are any longer content  to have their politics  made  for them by  a few self-  seeking politicians whose only aim is to secure prefer-'  ment and the spoils of office.    It may be we are coming to that point when party lines  will be completely  obliterated.  Tun Manitoba F>ec Pre?* has issued a neat souvenir on the occasion of its going into its new building. It is strange that in recounting the birth and  growth of that publication the name of the man who  was iudissolubly connected with it should have been  omitted. We refer to Mr.Wui.lv Luxton. Mr.  Luxton was at the helm of that paper when Manitoba  needed a champion, aud under his guidance the Frai  Prr��a grew to a position of great influence. Although  he is no longer a force in Manitoba affairs, he did  much to make Manitoba what it is to-day. It would  not have been out of place to have at least referred to  Mr. Luxton in the souvenir.  Thk labor men hold their convention to-day, when  the course of organized labor in the present contest  will be decided upon. It seems scarcely probable  that they will make the mistake of bringing out an  independent candidate. This is the rock on which  organized labor has so often gone to pieces.  Whilk the Liberal nominees in Victoria are exceedingly popular gentlemen, there is not the slightest  possibility of their election.  Thf'story'of how the sleepy old Westminster lacrosse club trimmed the Wiimipegers will be sad read  ing for Prairie City lacrosse enthusiasts.  Rev. Mr. Frew, pastor of the Presbyterian Church,  has returned to Nelson after an extended trip to the  Old Country      The reverend gentleman is much itu-  IK H��^  proved in health,  a fact upon- which he is' receiving  the congratulations of his numerous friends.  M The Irishman as a Soldier/' was the subject of a  lecture by Rev. Father Drummond on Monday evening last. The subject, was ably and entertainingly  handled, the lecturer proving that as a soldier Faddy  has no peer.  m  &���"{!  ��t~���ira- ���srv  .fw.g,-Mtfnw��ri.��,vwg** ���  :��.>'/ MWiUMBWB  m  *H* J?? *  A f>H  THK NKI.SON ECONOMIST  ���������������J --.:Sffi��  111  MINING   NEWS  ore, a  i its  ���M  NELSON.  T. G. Procter has taken a bond on theSilverton Bay  and adjoining claims for the Manchester, Kng , syndicate, which he represents. The propelty is a  galena proposition of great promise. It will be  worked steadily throughout the winter.  The May and Jennie, on Forty Nine Cteek, are receiving attention, and turning out well.  From Camp Mansfield the reports arc very encouraging. As work proceeds the quality and  quantity of the ore improves.  The Black Prince, Dundas and Iloodo claims on  the summit of the divide between Lemon and Springer  Creeks, have been seized bv the Sheriff to satisfv a  judgment in the action of Slocan vs. Gormley Mr  $336.  A Godsha'.l straight line roasting furnace is to \k in*  stalled at the flail Mines Smelter This will \k a  decided improvement, and will enable the. manage:  meritto secure a larger output. It is the intention to.  make the Hall Mines Smeller a'..thoroughly, up-to*  date concern.    :  The Princess ruining claia'i, situated on the Hall  Mines wagon road, about three and a half miles from  Nelson, has been disposed of to .Minneapolis capitalists, the consideration being $30,000. -About 400  feet of work has been done on the property, showing'  up two rich leads carrying gold, silver and copper  and  values  of from $30   to $70   to  the ton.      Ii   U  expected   that the  property  will be worked  without  delav.    ���  ��f ����te.     The Trail Smel J^"T" ^ =  F Art ik ��ti *���**^*    j��k i 1 ^ -. 1 . . * ���*  11 <*'���>���;���.���  wdle ttei  :*%������"'  m  ���<��� :->. .'';:;:;v',c;:ca-;;;:'-:::;;-:-:,:''-^,;:;i/, Week*'�����'���.'- �������"���'"������  ..,.*I.tfjfc,'���-:,-��� ^';^Z^M-::^^:���>�� ���     K'*:: v;4otu  ^T.e;.Roi:;;-:'V--:'-:--:-;''-:c  ��� .War m^^^m^tS^^        *  ���.^��utreSiar;.',r;^;;;^^.^^i.;;;.:  ::ito..-Mask...;.���:.,. ���,;;a..;;;-.:.;v, ;  : .Mont*:Christ0.w,.f,w,.���.���.:���;;,..^  I.. A, L,-,. ,-.,.,,:.,-&-.;,.-, -*i>i'?-';;���.. j;;_;  ���Spitxee*..���.,>���;���'-   .            Iron Colt  1  *   * 1v  * * �� *.  ' * *.�� * ��.  *���*'*.�� * v*y*��.*v^'#��.:��;  ?��*  Total  * ,-������*������*�� ^> �� ^ * * ,, ^ �� vi-*:.,:^.,;..;^'^ -  *   �� . T  '**,�����. �� ��' ���  a '.  '���'�� " *  �� ��  ���  ;:'6,|6  * �� k # * fr ���; ���  ess  4*7  10,1  *,<  41  qc  . -rw^**������y*uM��fa-<��w.  ill  m  m  ad  j ���-��������..-��� ?;l  n  ss  In.  be.v,c,m,y   o,   the   divide  between   Falk   ,.ul  Spro,deCreeksSon1everypro,���isiH,pt,;K;r{v!];4  orated during the year, a���d  co���>i !ml'.le    v " .  been done      Au.ong.the be�� dcVe^to^ L ?'  . ���  hB parncular section are the   Rovallrisi,     K ^  f'  rvatnleen and Cherry. '   ' L  The Red Rock dairn.rniUie Ilaii   \U^ n,H  another  verv   oromkin . " iv  ad  ^i> .pro.m.^m^ .property       a,   41. -,  ceeds. the lead widens ���ut ,,lf, t.,, .' '    ,        H*'!'k   I"-"  inioroves      The N iv 'l"jiUy "'tllc ^  Fhe Achilles group. ,,djoi���i!lir   tl)c   x,,.���     ]'..,  ."ampesofore   taken   fr,m th(, ^ _"  cent lead a���d 7oo ounces i;: silver.   ' " S"   !>"r  A new trail is beins cut to the   Hi-d's F- ������  Will run ,���.fr:)IU the v ���    '�����'^.>v.    w;���,h  ROSSLAND.  Construction work is still in nrr,gr,;ss   ln f|      ,  mg mines of the  camp, and   .hhou^h   l ,Cafl"  put for the   weekending   Saiurd.v   I, ,    l��lal   ��m"  seen, from the   oppended list of shinnu   .   "   'VlM   h"  ;;,;^Bpoiip  ^;;;'.;';Fr^iir  :. .,Two;.teams:\are 'eng^:g&i;:ffiuIlo|:;-:.^  .of.IVfcrmine- ;to:;.;.the^ M  take-';'idKiOt/'teu;i.0r^3  ; -'Mr, f>* ^J.po:re,;o.re::^  ;, reported; ��� to  ^Vc^^tt^  G rcen wp<^wm^ |s hc>fitl':tl  'win .?po.n tx!,-resiimed;;at;;th!s;;^  ������������.Tw9^;foMNmr^���:^  Athelstarr mih'e.,;irt;;.;wMii  I^g-spur, 'wbeiiwiKil^ '""^  .   -The .ore ,. bins ;-||t">t;3tefev-'0^  'mines -are: 'te'tng'.;rc^M-  irom, snow is to'.l^provideti;.?!!.theK.riob;Hill,&��k��|  A  cominencemeiit1 is>sb6rtiy-.: to "W tnMle"witi)'i  'Sffi  "lli  ��� work oferectinginore cottag'es^ employalE  the Mincr'Crayes.tntnes-and.��� imyiftg.TatiHli.es'.-   "'Z  ' It is expected, that fi^  will this , month .totida&dr ;.2,0CK>'tonsr;;jx^sib' ^  httle more;  ��� The JnIy'lotH?ag;e:was-a^  ���.atut  Atigust- -r,joo;1t0tts.i:; ���/Shipping-������wm;-.in  with dnring-- August". by-:: a'lt^roations'.'ai:}d^repairs  <  the main shaft, in ���corineciion^with the/inMaiiatios^,  a sa.iety pl.itforrn casje.  ���,������''���  A raise h being made' from;:t.he:'.driit'.^t:;tfee^W\  level of the R. Bell,- in Sumuiitcarnp:"-   As this dfiit  runs into the bill depth ' is'  gaitw'IvHo at'fhe'raise i  more than too feet   from   the /surface.     Ore of ^  quality occurs in the old workings   to connect wit& B  which the raise is   l>eing made, so it h expected that ��  hlS chute \vil 1 he r��nrn?!rif^rr��<l  bt Hu�� rai*ift. wk  *ssf  it might have been   considendji-  l"   ""'. lV''ls ,arj><  Eagle and Centre Star   had "resum/f" t,���lhe- W;  that the smelters cannot handle all ,),', 'aCl   is  is now in a position  to produce      i'.-vV"e,        <''',m!'  is not working to anything like its full,' ''" Roi  smelter  at Northport is not ablet,  r  'q."',ty-   n><-  C t<> lecejve   all   the  this chute will be encountered in the raise.  1 he ro drill   duplex  cross  compound cowle..-* ^^  ��� tT'!!   ?^ M  Hand compressor/recently received at the Knob H���� ^  "due, was installed hist week. ^V  'The British Columbia Copper company will shortly p;-;  have more power at its Mother Lode mine there lta��p.  will be at any other mine in the Boundary district. a�� �� ^  least until other mines arc supplied with morcboilert' rj  Thcre are now'at the mine two loo-borsa power^ v".  two Hodiorse power boilers, and there are two' i^1��� *  80-horse, power   to arrive   shortly.     The comp^��j j    ^  should arrive at the  mine about' the middle of nel , ,  1  it   \,  ��� '^^TW-T-l7ff?TWptr^r  . _T*WBtoKwew*>��Drt*�� ���\4'"'  THENEl  ;.:-:��/--;;fe-,>.'"r.kfe->''',''*;J; S:  :"m'^^:pi^:]^  ECONOMIST  CMBlIf  and the big hoist -is due ;for^t��i|y^t^  t^herbrooke;QueWrin^i!^;^^?f::^^p  e BritishColumbia Copper company have de-  to sink the main shaft af their Motherj.Lofle  ,ir Greenwood, to the 5<*>:fbot:tewe%^^*:  t acpth'is 325; feet, r ...This:decision,/:is;ot,,tni-::;  luCe/siuce^lw^  let at present down to'the'.;5QO~^  ���si* to that   depth h? thecNo;'2'^  iid'eji nvine. .in Greenwood���cample, ;This:,new;^de;;:;  )n,en.t. at' the   Mother i,ode^v^  l() ucr.the work as far  lorward;:;:^;'pqs$ihle;-..-be-:  |hc end ���>:' the.c-urrent:.,.ycarf.:-by. wai*^^^^  largerplaurw'ill-have beeir. 1 ��Sti&lIjfecii;af"-jtUex^m".^.*^.  y{opi: 1 i ,��re to supp 1 y;thc company*s; smelitt/tf9$;:  L.*hh��>oonioletion,': 'ba.vcr ;bee.n,'^:iiiHlerta:ken:;;':o!^  linoar  'urativelv large scale.  li'iere- arc over 30a sacks 7'r^d^  :hc p;ick 'train-      I't   costs;'$3p���*��� lon:;to::take:.;.-..:t  fas'Tir .15 thecL'indiUg J:KU::the;;^ore::.iS'sc>:  n.iv  s.    Recent s me Iter ld��t^':gtveyilu^.v-^f^<^  11 eo <i, ar.ti 51 v, S^ rn silver.- v'AeC/-';cc.ee^'e-:-m^-^^  Iis expected   that (;.some, ;.2dO toos^^  jicci iron; t he Triune before.^  miens.' . There  is; at. present'-'��� r^^iShfc^  ced, a-id ready to be sent:to"the^mel^r|^:S:j;:|:P3^^  "he i>S a-k Hear group. ,sitiKUed���V^i^B^r.-^wltfS:  ut.ary o: hh>h Creek, has', been'.. ;sutV'cy^  t'.���'!' havi:i;< u crown"grmuedc ������ /;Tlie;;;propertf:;  u��, the   Black' Bear.' Mining-^'Cp-v-^d^o^  dean...   h is a :silverdead;prop'ositiof^  >��-h.i.> ->-cn spent in developing/the property.c:^.'c::,':  ���Vitlun a mile��� ajid a half of l^rgits'0t|,,ivbig.:'itHke:  ton made *.n the -Vancouver and' Northv;.StaN-  claims jum below the Nettie LC: '.������A.parcel'of ore;  puyassayed" irorn   these properties ; giye:'$50' .������ tu;;  l<i and 5>..., m silver to the ton.   ;'. " : ::<-r��� -,��� -,ce-'  m?  M'u,    i  -.>/>VV*f**Mli>  SLOGAN.. c  ��� Kron.1-the DrHI. ",.:'������...;  '   ���> I ' ' '���     ': ������-������'..;;'      '  1 l]i- h'\>uin ims opened up a new chute of ore;': ���"������:���  v niaeiinw.- i(!;nit is to be installed at the Rockland  S" u' 1Va;'i--" concentrator is urshape for' handling  " it   -   ��s!     "  I*��1��vl1    ���  ��t  j\s.S,��"��.io  &/?    "(    ^"-'lr   1-ivc.  5s   t>eeu. encouiuered  in the   No. 8  aj��yr^      ' V t t ���       1  l^Sjf'!"41,   l )!!s ' ;   i>io was exported  by the  Star last  C$f 'Ca!i,i vjbv il,e. Ruth  ^'rfk1"    li|ljt]|,..  .).'-,  'lz5\   :";sr,iin   ihe  Whitewater  continue  large,  vv7;-   '��H' 'Vn:i;      j  ���I    -      ��I  '���^- *"    t(,.s       ! '  ^*?' '   " :i 1Vi-^> heen sent out last week.  1:��s   l��eeu done 011 R.   C.   Campbell-  i! claims, adjoining New Denver.  '..J,  ipii       -''"an   nas  c<Hi.M>leted his contract''  Tor  ll',iliUV:lV  outfit,   excepiing  the cable  '"n,,!| ",(ll,,K to the Chapleau.   ' '  ;ha:ye,a::;h^  .:,-:cJ.::Gross,':and-.|^  :to;;fgather':;'u.pThe::;ore:;:OT  ;^raon.::C^eek;';anld:^ake:^  ;or:'sev:eii.::'tqhtP.'of.:it>;:;;:c  Finishing touches are now he tug put q^  creek road   atid in ^ day or tw  dismissedy    it will prpye^ o  :miiies;iirv..tij^  :;V:':;';;!A]exCc'::Fergusoh:-^  ;-menced; wdrk'':on'.:;i;he:N^  cen'tly:;:: bonded; J  :5ecu;r^dca's,cohtra  ,wi.ll::ruh/it^;l)et:ween3^  the:-:;Shbw;ing:"feneathc^  c:i.Shipmeht^:;��  decide;d;ihcrea^  ^faejArlmgt^  lpadSg|;;^.ir^  .atif>the:;^  t;liey .������a,r^;mps t::desi rdu  ^wenty;,td!Vs;;wa:s  .M^raii,|cl^te:ir^  ihat::'propert%;^S'n  'it:nd&;^neiv::;:;m  toMncrea^seThe;!^  s hi pEJe>)its cc:;;'AS^  ���^r��'^tKe.'l^  :���;; Following; is'the  date;:::,' 'ec^''';e:.;;;e;c:';^  Knterprise:.,.:.,;..  Arlington;,:,;;;..  Black .vPrince,;.  fV.t *0��>��r  ���;��> ��� ��.'������..��.�� ��.* *  Hampton;. ;,'..>;^  Neepawa.;;..;  T-wb-Friends',  :CC;f:;';|e:|||||||}|  S:'::';;Sl5$|||ll^  ��� '���������-. ', ������       ''.���'��� ,���-:"��� . ''������'���}''-A�� 1''���!"' ,;V��tci- ''^fjVi  ' ���.��� '������'.: ���.:������; v'' y ;���: CC-- e:c,'ceic;i||#  '������:-���'>';;;., :���: ..:;C:C?::C:';'v||;;p^^||||  CM il, CC-JCC^.'cC vC;;C;;MS|l^?^  :yearTo:  **.,*.��* + ***'*���* **���'�����*��� * ���  .��  �� �� *  �� ^ ��������*> i��;. 1 ��� *.��..�����-*���* ((_;  *���   *���  V ���***���*��������� t- *  +,��*   +   *,     *   t,    f     4 .��*>.��  *^   .��.��*��� ���  ���*   ���**������.���*'*���*���**���*  *.�����.*. * ��*������** ��  . *, ���  ;- ��   <(,.  *  *' ��  . .��   ����   ���*   *  *  V4   ���   �� .*.-���  *  *���������  v*��i��       ��*,.��������*��������������       ����    +    ****��.i  So  *43��  - Y...  1        i'i  ''���.Ml  .���i)i;:rd.lv  ,   '^    'snc  :uul   Harry    Gibson   returned-  'I,,,n  <1(>in^   assessment   on "the   Rupert,  Bv recent amendments to the Dqmitiion election  laws a new and simplified form of ballot paper is provided; 'it -does "away; with the disc and requires the  names of candidates to be printed on the left hand  side, divided1 by horizontal black lines, extending  right across and the voter may mark his Jballot in  either one of the blank spaces to the right The  person printing the ballots must take affidavit showing the number printed and swear that none were  furnished to any person other than the returning  officer. it is hooped that the use of this form will do  awav with spoiled ballots.  The'Re ;E. .French Company are payine Nelson' .a.  return vis(tt/iand to-night at the Opera House will produce M yuo Vadisc!?    To/raorrow-tiigh't MA Cheerfitl  Liar" is the attraction.      Both pieces have been seen  here before; and should draw good houses.  Rehearsals are being held regularly for the production of '''The Mikado"' by local amateurs.  !^Mui0��$S  C?-CcC;:CCijp|^^|s|  VC*2&:^,i;"y.  n^:^0^^^^:  .vi6o';;c:;^  ^&'^3^&&fi^l|  '�� ��., v �� ���'����� %��� '������  >���;.: ,c :��� .MyppmtM^ymS��  ,��. *"> '*:>' .'  \-^MWti6ii:?^^^^  %- ��. >���*'�������� ";*  ��� ������'������: ���'- ���''��� -; c' :c A^^-^-e cc^c^^Sf&^c  -'-; ;',CCV:C';^:.:'C-,'^^^ie-':vvC'^^S^��SS  k   ft   ���>   ^'*. C.  ^W?^^WW^^M  :,;.;,:20.cc'"-:c  c--.cc;c.::";:;2o;--c-f';'::::  C'#Ms  ���3a��  <(!:,-,  'V���  "������^ �� n�� ��� 4*  ir'  ���w ������ ���������������I �� n*1  ., ��� i E-s|fi  8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  'yy'yyy^y^M^,  c:;:-c;:cc::^ciij  ;aca,:;.v; 'cccit  m  m  ill  Hi  m  m  5��    i  til  m  iW F,  ���<e  m  y- ^ * ����w��iai  Cvi  cover her  'staircase of;'.the;;paJa^(  did ��  was descending the  ;���:��$$  '������''Ci'f*  ���wfig?  S'S  #IP  TATRIMONIAL agencies are by no means a new  &    branch of business       Our great-grandfathers.  great-grandmothers might have had matters arranged  for them through a matrimonial  agent.      Hut theirs  were not the days of extensive newspaper advertising,  and hence the "agencies" were not conducted in thai  cold/systematic fashion that distinguishes the industry  in our veneration       In those davs every district had  its  local   match-njaker--an   individual  who   always  knew everybody's ���business';,:hot alone in-his 'OwirittJ*.  mediate neighborhood, ..but in the 'whole .surrounding''  country;    Tie' knew.ever)' marriageable ...'youngman.  and woman,   and when,, they   really ��� meant  husihess.  the ���������'pa rents- were,a pproaehed;,., 1 lie match; maker.'was"'  invariably conscientious in; his work.,     :;ff -the-.would-.'  be benedict had any pronounced vices, they were made,  known to,the parents of the prospective bride,,  '���..' The  health and respectability of the respective families was  also enquired into, and duly reported.one as  well as ���  the financial standing of both,    ll the old folks agreed  then the young people-: were apprised of the'prcposi~'  tion���-the negotiations up to .this .stage.may have been.:  carried on without  their knowledge���and  given ao  opportunity of becoming belter acquainted.     'Should  they prove congenial  spirits,   the  wedding  day was  announced, and thev  were  spared the trouble o? ar  ranging those important details   so essential tu  a lair  start in married life.     This was a good jirn.mmv,,  in which practical sound sense and sentiment'plavel  a part.      How different in these matter-of'fact davs !  The match-maker of old   has gone with the good'old'  times,   and the  advertising   matrimonial ,^n k .;.,'  businesss.    The story comes from Dexterviile. X. V -  of a. farmer who  advertised for-a wife,   sc  to help pay |  replied as follows; 4  to me, of all  lciii;:wa��!iM::  ;f'<febi:''fe  ^orjifttfly)&^  in; the; ^^g^giipK, imtimmm  e^c;t.a.hear^  g'otd,.heaverb;:Stit;.;d��  oi  si  pay-;for;.kreihe;;:m;o$t  prciic'lr'���and-;priy3':fehi  sand pit;' or ti C0ai;|oli;lt$pS*'  " ������:'\V'0rfcjnaci^  irye;  .Ms  |;chti;r|p||)|^  tiie'yc^'Giii'f  ^r.;.itf^  iss^j  ^iM*d a  C*���A.;..A:  i ��� . -- ������-��>���>-��     "sCt 11H15   forth  his expenences as a married mar.   a v^i-,-,-,.   .    I  unsuccessful suitor which lns. ���' f^"*"* ���.  , ���    .      , >vi..!c] hisi named  condition [,.,i  him to-adopt   the matrimonial   a,encv as a ���  securing a heln-m-.te       u. ��������� ���'" ������ means oi  o us.ij.1 malt. i 1C    IS Said  to  h-ivr.    - .      ���    -   >  hundreds of letters every da. cn,��, j, , " 'ece,vwl  would he wives of Ml n, "' r, B l",oto��"i>bs of  ,   ���  ,., '    '' dil ��Ji"J"alities. builds,   uei-Vs  heights, complexions, temp.ennu-.<-       ,        ut!*>'K;>.  latestfromDexterviile.s   ^ :;;;;i.,;';-    Ti"  tion has close on 4oo letters , .'' V U;i! '-"-  "rl.edfor,andyetl:ehasno;s:.;:;;,1,,,S:^-  a bride.     Is the matrimonial ^ 'ov,,: ^i;;;;;'^  The ladies-in-waiting on the ,,cnit;lI1 s ,  expected to   be ready a .nnrtrr of -     . '^   '"  ����e .ppointec. for.,'     ,^ X "ZT^  Court^netionorexpedu.on,  ands::l   ,    ��rany  hurried toilette has  to be   made.at nlnl( " VL'��'  On one occasion one of the ladies-i,, n-,iti 'T T'"1'"-  about ten minutes to attire her^lf f" "K ',a,d wl*  ball. Her maid, though wellskiHed nZlZ Z'^  only just managed to get through them i��� n ,u "',  was so flurried that she placed in the ],,, , Un<i  instead of a fan, the .curling-tongs she had^us       *'  t bee  u  ^  M ���"    **~r*    rf~��|*   * m^-*��*����- i m *nr > V|u  .:'..iiiont!is;:itr;;;ri!fe|  ; ;:str���ci.,;M:0i:itreii.I;;&  - ��ra:tiryuiii;;,rfe^^  .��� ��� the I>dtarc��^  ; mil M:��^  .:''itews;;reiiched;:;.^  ; fleer .m't ;Trii &I|ar|||p    -. on the:eveoiiig;af.::0i|I^^  cfiCliattge eofe^    ^.Siv-^aat;^  .was hthig ^^^Sa0^^^i^^^^^^^^  - Sfmutd;G;e^  ., received the pa:p���rili^'S|^  ' of these COTiiii.iied;;;:|iS��  of tbe 'ImiIle .'.of; '1'AlliiPBl  enemy*.s fkct:by:.tlie;:;fgJ^  King Getirg-e IIf.;;���iiised1|t|jtf!:fi^^MS^^  argina!d.c,-.but. .Uils��� wttr^^^  the dtuh of ���Nel.a-0o;;;;:--':;;lli|^ru  the spurbt the ^mS^  plan of erecting; amoiiuf^^  ^���defrayed 'by-|K>pi!!l*r;::itihi|r!^  w-as sporHfUicous,. arid'llsi ^  ^ pressed forward..'to'setd^owir;tli^^  half an. hour, ��� rndrfc-thch-'^^  scr^ i l>ed.    ��� a ��� C9mriilttee'.cwas;';;!:a;ppoi  folioudrig spring the wo-rkw^  carried mil, ; ''c'^'^^-'c':,���:;''::���:;;  T'he throne of-Great Brjki^  piece of furniture."'��� The'seat..t;hat'J^.s;i.heprior;d2|  to be called the.British ibiotieiil^  rorne people look upon t  -sits in   t  1 hi tain,  than in  ��<'Jd, ivory, and silver, and is..^Ufinoitnteti �� fe^  gorgeous canopy that is decorated with the embi^^c|  Gre;>t .IJritaiti���namely, roses, slirtmrocks, ^|S ^V:J  lio��*S and unicorns. The back has the roy^^;j  ��>f-aruis carved upon it, and the seat is,'upbpb ����.^  m cloth of gold that alone cost something f^e^ ^K ���_���.���:';  There arc, of course, .many Other highly ^"^jj;;;' '���[  seats  upon   which  the  Quern sits when recei      ;..  ;���  iV/'iiii'.f.-i,  i   !��� #*'', ��S,E-  *-J>: ��� s-/,v-  -."1^3  *rf**^*' ���"��!�� ���  ���.?!..J.  '.l'.'     HP AA.'  the Kelson ec^NOMisT  9  ��� ces at her different palaces $$*^ these can  K' be called thrones in the true sense of the word,  ���d, nowadays,   the throne is only a   figure of  Kirs Kruger measures five feet from the end of  te* tathe tip of the tail/' This startling an*  ���cement caught my eye in looking over an English  ��� the other night.    It made me take a sudden tn<  ��� in Mrs. Com Paul, who of all women, next to  Impress of China; I never took a fancy to. And  ���d one "Her tail alone is two feet���a swishing,  ���rful looking tail in spite of an injury it once suf~  ��� She sceuis to have a small bead, because her  ���have been cropped/1 Poor Mrs. Kruger. How  ���l sympathise with her! And this ear-cropping,  ���id,'was ' an act supposed to be performed by the  Mm in South Africa.' '   These cruel people!     To  ��� a lady's ears ! Reading on I learned that ���' She  ���me, hut the way she paces to and fro with open  ���th and gleaming eye, suggests the idea that she  Kid he an undesirable customer to meet when her  ���tiie is keen c I was about to throw down the  ���er.iu-disgust, for I do not like to 'see the character  K lady availed in this fashion, when I found that  ���he was originally refuse<i by Com Paul/' My in-  msi was again aroused, and I redighted my pipe  H swayed the rocker backwards, while I would  Rn ��f the circumstances under which the great  Bsident of the'Transvaal Republic refused the hand  ��� heart of the-woman who afterwards became his  ���c. Fancy my disappointment to learn that Mrs.  ���tiger is the name given to Mr. Rhodes' lioness iidw  ���the London Zoo !  ���And talking of Mrs. Krugcr's tail reminds me of  ���other tale.' A gentleman was walking with his  ���lie hoy the other evening, and in passing the shack  la German laborer the boy's attention was attracted  ���the dog- a common, everyday cur,' But the boy  pk a great fancy to'thedog, and entreated his father  ��� buy it i"or hillK just x\mx t|)e German came along  Id was met by the dog with a great fuss of joy The  pd parent explained that the boy had taken a great  pcy to the brute,. and offered the owner $5 for it,  B can't sell dat dog/' snid the German. i% I knows  I is poor dog and he worth almost tiothiti*, but there  |von leetleding mil dat dog vat I can't sell���I can't  111 de vag t.f his tail vend comes.home at. night.". .  1% the recent addition to its mileage the CV;P.,R..  |s passed tiie 10,000 mile limit, and stands out pre-  pincmly as the greatest owner of mileage in America.  I.lel" ^ ^-. li!H's,   including   trackage rights  of 94  ���'es- m,w stands at 8,184 miles, to which are to be  ���rC(l the suhsidary lines it owns in the United States,  He hiluih, l,ake. Shore and Atlantic, 589 miles in-  ���U(,"K lra^kagc rights of 17 miles, and Minneapolis,  ��� "   au'& Sauh Ste. Marie, i,24S: miles, making- a'  ��� '\ul   I()'��,s miles.     The  next  longest road  in  II uica is   the Chicago & Northwestern with-8,563'  wiles.  Sit A n   1    \  ���'       nsh paper   publishes  a  storv   told   by   Sir  ��� ,lh Tipton about himself and vouched for as  sS'1"    A lew years ago Sir   Thomas stepped into  a  smoking compartment of a Caledonian train and  was surprised to find a lady occupying a seat. " This  is a smoking compartment, madam," politely said  the owner of the Shamrock." '��� It is not," the old  lady answered with asperity. ** I begyour pardon,"  persisted the gentleman, pointing to the legend on  the window, " it is/1 " I don't care/' she retorted.  ** At any rate, I never allowed any one to smoke in  my presence." Sir Thomas shrugged his shoulders  and by-and-by produced a favorite pipe, the gift of an  exalted personage, and commenced to smoke A  moment later the irate female had snatched the pipe  from him and flung it far out of the carriage.  Quick as thought���he is not an Irishman for nothing  ���the aggrieved smoker lifted her pet dog and hurled  htm after the pipe. The lady raved and the knight  smiled shamefacedly until the next station was  reached, when the pwnerofthe deprived dog gave  the proprietor of the missing pipe in charge. Of  course, the latter protested���emphatically���rand the  argument bade fair to last for manv hours while  justice stood undecided by. But the difficulty was  happily solved by the arrival of the little dog carrying the pipe in his mouth. P. G.  HUSTLE AND BUSTLE.  You can't tell the size of a fire by the amount of  bia*e and smoke. The other day a stable and loft  took fire that made more reflection and sent forth  more smoke while the affair lasted, than the ten story  building down town that was demolished a week  later. To see the flames and the dense volumes of  smoke that poured skyward, you would have thought  half the block on which the old thing stood was  doomed ;' but twenty minutes settled the whole business. There are people that, to hear them talk and  see them fuss, you would think that they were the  only ones on earth that were doing anything worth  while. You have only to look a little closer, and  know a little more about them, and you find there is  a good deal more wind than wheat going through  their machine There is considerable difference between "hustle" and M bustle/\ If people would  hustle there would be less cause for bustle, says  Solomon in the Leather Journal. Bustle is caused by not  being up to the mark either in grip or application. The  bustler is a man who is always in a dead sweat either  because he does not know his business or because he has been asleep or loitering when he should  have been at it The hustler is the man who is  14 in it" from th* drop of the hat, and for all he is  worth Hustling and bustling may look alike, but  the results tell the tale. You can/t; to save your  soul, tell a turtxip seed from wild mustard as they  He side by side in your hand. But plant them and  you will soon find out.  The hustler *' gets there ;M the bustler is just as  far behind on the last lap as he is at first. Don't try  to hide laziness and supiueness behind a show of  activity.     Covet the ������' hand of the'deligeht."  .'< ���<,  '.$C  ���   '���" (i  ^      ,  A^  -M  1 VI  ���<' orrt t1 ��  1      N 1 '.,  ���"*;$  ym :;',���<��� W  M  '#.;'-*:':  m  BR,  m.  Pc:  ���ill7:  ���Am-'  t 'A  M  '.Wit.  i$n  mi  nrJtRf  ttf?fi  * -ill  * '    I   W    *  -a  10  ���(>:'  c  Km  "ll�� "I |M.  ?s?Si  t��etjt:cfcai!^  f;:^^es||;'''  ^;;had;pj^ttrt      ..., i  wcrom'CQltmzt^  to; the matt!  ; perfcctly:- seri^tif^  was; he;$eeii;o��;:::i!ie  sonie-ODtinty  a:'pri.rttedci^;f^i  WOtt*  the  profound  A STRANGE and  pathetic story, in  which it   is  ���"*   shown that the innocent suffered for the guilty,  is that of Sir John Dinely, who, at  the  beginning of  the century, was one of the Poor Knights of Windsor,  Dinely was a singularly eccentric and   unfortunate       -����� ~-..>6v v>,Wu,  .man.     He was often to be seen creeping by the first    brother and six other  light of a winter's morning through tKe great gate of    ' * -  the lower ward of Windsor Castle  into the  narrow  back streets of the town.     He used to wear a roque-  laure, beneath which appeared a pair of thin legs encased in dirty silk stockings.     In wet  weather  he  ..,   carried a large umbrella aud walked on pattens.     He  lived in  one of the houses of the military knights,  then called Poor Knights, to which body be.'.belonged.  Except the eccentric possessor, no human  being  entered his abode, and he dispensed  wijh nil  domestic  service.     Dinely in the morning went forth to make  his frugal purchases for the day-a faggot, a candle.  a small loaf, and  perhaps a herring.     The  Poor  Knight of Windsor might  have  fared better,   but  every  penny   except   those  laid   out   for   absolute  necesssaries of life was capitalized in the promotion of  an  absording and quixotic scheme.     Regular attendance at St. George's Chapel was Dinelv's duty ���  and thefflong blue  mantle which the Poor   Knights  wore covered his shabby habiliments,  as the dingy  morning cloak hid red herrings and farthing candles  Such were some of the phases-sombre,  squalid  phases-of Sir John's existence. But there were  -periods when the Poor Knight assumed the externals  ofamtocraticopulet.ee.. The poor hunchback lover  in the introduction   to tbe pantomime, who    by   the  enchanter's wand in the transformation w���e ^  comes the gay ,nd spangled harlequin, typifies Dinely  dessed for the promenade. Any circumstance  drawmgtogether a crowd at Windsor, whether he  presence of royalty, the attractions of the miiit v  parade^ or of tbe promenade, did not fail to J���  forth Dinely from his poverty-stricken hen when  he appeared on festive occasions his cloV-  aside, and he might have sat to a,,,*7  ���  to reproduce on  canvas z  g^nXl^^    T^  Georee  II      An    ������,k   ���',       uenidn of tl>e time of  g    u'     An    embroidered   coat   silt   n-> .  wa,stcoat, neither garments of velvet   c,L  jng silk stockings, with surmountedCf  * ^  buckles, in addition to a  lace-edged  cXd   ,  *    "'  powdered wig,   set off the attenuated  r ^  Poor Knigbt of Windsor.    T^���^ �� ^  ing himself was to attract the notice o PrCSe,,t-  for matrimonial ends, matriJ^X "'' "'" , ^  through which he imaging he could , *' "KAl*m  splendid dreams into no less Sp e 1, C-��� '"*  reason for his eccentric economy Y��ut o l^^  his history. >       ,g 0xl>��ai.ied  by  In January, 174,, there were two  h������  at Bristol who bad become enemies on "  "*"*  entail of property. The elder of the*. l^T* ��f a"  Sir John Dinely Goodyere, Baronet tie on'? Was  Dinely Goodyere, a captain in the ,'nw     Z       "d  '   ) ���     ''-strange-  w  tbgethetC  sailors ���)���'���":; Sirt: r *;'������ "  Retributior, 81blJo^^^^  Samuel Dinely Goodyere bad ex  ^he^iio^^c'ccc^  fc,  -i.A      it. n ;     ������   ��- ���      :'.-���.*      ���������.���:.:������-.,���"���,   ':���'-��� ���   ��� **   f  ii:;ltt:;;tktriet  merits  increased.Ja  means to discover  .by. giving '-her  Steps  ���paper until eleve0;,;o*.  as the con test eipdehtiy;;;^:}!!  sacred*' and; law  ...J*��'  ;i��0re;t0;mike;l3crgQi. ^  ��� ;--A ';-, ^������'r":'-: ' ��� ���' .��� "('��� -'a-.Csv.'V  ''':'C'':;'���/.j.^A^if-H^^Sai  :the;;t!eEi  SUj  delicacy in terr^;p|:|^u|g  here ' h latelyZjtf^  gates, built, in the-,1^ ..  can satisfy" youc :of my:;^e^|oir  every desirable particularS  ������ the most fiberalsetflef^^  extent of th re��' t bouaaiid '^uiic"!'.".. 1 Z.Z  Notbwithstanding the;':::feemipg: iiiureflwDls-rf ��  .circular, Sir'john  I)iueIy..;&M  bait.     OtiC'  morning  the' 'gecttstomed'" seat;ia Sl>:  George's   Chapel,  knew 'l)im:;ua >iore. ' He'.^  missing.    The dbor-pf his lodging Wi^'.forced,'and*  his room he was found ill and 'helpless, ,.;.:BverytW  about him was of the poorest and most squalidctoi*'  ter.     There was little furniture^a table and> ch^J  or two.-     The room was   strewn'with-1:. ,., _T.  for he printed his own bills.;^  John Dinely was borne'to the grave,: ;:;;,  CI  throughout the greater part of the  seventeenth   centuries  Londoners   remained��  patrons of the Bear garden, where "the sports jlpdw  prize  fights, ��� encounters, between' dog9i';:-^^ '���������iTQ.'<$*���.���'?'.  ^���^i:'^;}i^':-fi--.-v^'yy'-: ;>c''fT^jcfA'^.^  THE NELSON EG0NOMI^T  M  is and other coarse amusements. The public  fe admitted by payment of a  penny at the gate,  a  y at the entry of the scaffold, or raised seats, and  iird penny was charged  for a " quiet   standing."  ^Elizabeth went there by water with the French  )assador on May 26, 1599. So popular did the  It become that the Privy Council issued an order  jidding   plays tq'be actfcd on Thursdays,  because  dav'���'���had' been long set apart for M bear baiting/1  * A'  nil dili/.abcth's rei^u the Lord Mayor of Loudon  iplained " that the players do use to recite their  |rs to the great   hurt  and  destruction of the game  ��a'r-baitin^, w.hich is maintained for her Majesty's  isure;���'��� The Bear garden continued to be a place  requent and favorite resort among the cavaliers of  reign of Charles the First, but the sport went  Biist the cotisciences of the Roundheads, w^o did  jr best to suppress it On the Restoration of  irles the Second it was revived. Under date of  A 14. 1666. a few'days-before the Great Fire of  Won ..Samuel" Pepys wrote in his Diary: ** After  jher I went with, my wife and Mercer to the Bear  icn, where I, have not been, I think, of many  rs, and saw some good sport ��f the bulls tossing  [dogs'���out into "the very, boxes, but it is a   very  and nasty pleasure M      Although  the baiting of  |s and  bears  never    flourished   under  our   later  irt or uur earlier Hanoverian   Sovereigns, it   was,  until 1S35   that   the   practice   was put down by  Act of Parliament, which forbade the keeping of any  house, pit, or other place for baiting or fighting any  bull, bear, dog, or other animal. The actor Allryn,  founder of Dulwich college, enjoyed the lucrative  post of " keeper of the King's wild beasts or master  of the Royal Bear Garden in Southwark." The  profits account for the fortune of which he died  possessed.  A BIT OF HISTORY.  The destruction of the Roman  Catholic  cathedral  in Pekin by the Boxers, says the Daily Chronicle,   is  a reminder that Catholic missionaries have been laboring in  China since  1582.     It  was one of the first  fields selected by the Jesuits after the foundation of  the famous order.   Pope Gregory XIII, made it their  special  preserve,  and  forbade  any other  religious  order to enter China,     This restriction was removed  in i6Si, and the Dominicans appeared on   the scene.  Then arose a  bitter controversy over the  "Chinese  rites M or the concessions made by the Jesuits to secure  converts.     This included a modified   worship of ancestors,   marks of homage to   Confucius,   and permission to use the Chinese word  for sky or  heaven  as equivalent to God.     The Dominicans   denounced  these practices as idolatrous ;   the Jesuits maintained  that they were  innocent traditional   customs of immemorial antiquity    The controversy was prolonged  tor close on a century, and was not terminated until  CCvC-C'^SMcilfe  Vr  'r     "A  >AI  .    '.Vj  >%  < vi  '    ',;C.-  Cv J"1  H       _ i,\t.*-*,*, ���   v*r* V. -  vi^t,' #a*u* rfr-v **, -  REDIRVINE&CO.  FECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS, MILLINERY, MUSLIN,  PRINTS, LAWNS, PERCALES, SATEENS AND DIMITIES.  WE WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS  AT PRICES BELOW COST. SUNSHADES HALF PRICE. CARPETS.  LINOLEUMS AT CUT-  O ��  ^W*i  wmmmwmiw^immm SWNti  ������������m:  '���kw  If:  ���k  Kjjf.S '���  ���Ma  It;  P^iSfflti  BlU  #1  W/iJJ.  aI��A >i J2  A'PC)   S  4mwt  <^? 1#  a P f  12:  THE NHLS01CB:COKGM1ST;  J-C-S'^  Pope Clement XI. sent Cardinal Tournon to China to  report. Cardinal; Tournon condemned "tbe rites as  soon as he saw them .and was promptly im pr isoped  by the Chinese emperor.     He imeafnivity*.but;  his report was acted iipon ���'*>>' tbe Pol>e^  'ill  :greaterv^  Aemphicd*:ZZ^  ; ���TheTIall;;!^  satisfy. ���the;;\vants;Q  ,';������; SMELTER'FACILITIES,  The second furnace  of the   Granby   smelter  was  blown in on Monday last, which places it in 'a-position-'  to treat *from 500 to  6oo 'tons .of ore per day.      Even  this capacity wijl/prove altogether inadequate to the  needs of the district.      Still greater facilities must;;be  provided, and that without ''delay v |( the ���outpu'.tjot the.  Boundary camps is to be treated at home;   -The .smelter in course.of���.c6us(tructio'n ��� at��� ���Greenwood."; seem:* .to  .���'���have, been." designed rather as a private concern to treat  the ores 'of the syndicate by whom 'it. is'i>ein^;e;Stab'-  lish.ed;."' , It is probable,  however, that the plans .will  be so altered as to provide for much   more extensive  operations than those origitiaHy coutempiated.     The  ���rapid-development of the .Boundary district demands  :;������ c      ., '���������;���';���������������'���.���.���'���' .v^C:;-;-..:������-- -^.c",'^,^P.':'K3lii:g  ..dereapal#;ti$.^ '  greater thasv.^  :gtin..;to;:-gend;dowiv;it^  improvements: j*<^  teen complei^  ���busy,..and ;tdL^  ��� j>ed it i o tt s 1 y:;" h�� h d! etl Z.fZ ^ he;'JSI elson ��� smSt|��r; will Wi  k|ua0id'<>c\w  , - cOn.ce ag^^  smsdtcr -xsm eh^  ; ruining:'acuvsty^^  tdthe:r^j^r*v;';:;c:;|lci:  '^smelferSisf  ���^M$\  yppfmi\W:M  en'viable cme^-iii^cl^  fi na ncialcms�����e^;;c;;;^  ' -' The'';$m��^  ex ten si ye cvyerliiu )M0-  ������������'��� '[\ ���:." .',.'���' ��� ' -W ���' ��� ���  ������������������������. -'.������.���y..VM  iiew-'-isit-fehi')  tif;;.te'  s?l  NELSON  ���?%m  , f; A":: tf$#trw.^?tijv*  --. i JjflA \iHt;* ifit; .,t.'jO| iU-.''  :. i.l.^l^V.WwitiL  ;������'"..���'��� ���,'���:>���'���I'/.i^il  ,*p$#c;'t^# ;;,#|iiip|^i '^taifSii^  nit k mm *��:0*\!8:$'M '$&��$M  ������-������.-'I-       ���-.���:..������������.���,���       ,,-...   --T    ������, -;���������.'���..���'������������-:���-'������..��� .-������.-���     M^&fJ  THEOCMADSQ^   '"U^^'^.������ vJmv-/  ^Wili-.W-W^'AC.i.Oi.'!1  r  *'���-���������*%&?  WsttmifM  liitrte  ;11^;ciFmt"ii^*.toi.  llls*;<l.i^|^^it|Mw^iC;;  OSIER & GURD  Mines and Real Estate  BAKER STREET  ...Over...  Bank of Halifax  NELSON, B.C  j;      .  r  JlsAM:pL&;:eqPY---PPi  # f ! .'���. .^y Hill ��� ��0��;�� uv;: ZZW'm  ���.-'-.���' i%ds:$^ c*^#t,;.;;c  ������ ^M^titlpil^^ !i::r ^��^^  ^JsSl  '''A:%i  :y%M  ���ccai  ^^^^V^^^^^fe^^v^^^V^^^  gf^'  B.  C.  DENVER FIRE CLAY  F.  Wc  Carry in   Stock   a   Fufl   Line of:  Assaycrs* and Chemimts'SwppMea :  AGENTS  FOR  NSWORTH & SO!  RAUN & CO.  p'ria-b'%  U*mhM��   frtiti "J*��<t  Kiu^r,.-*-  &i   wiml  ^P^'^iM  "V  \l  BEST to  ���'"'!  Mini    S||<���-K  ��'m 'loor w,?,i or ni.iiki.rnnuirl,coi���mbiw. SAKEB ST  ���"������I'fn^;������w �� i����pl-.i -^^^ - mm  mmmna  W"  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  13  d but with all these improvements the establish-  Hs vet inadequate to fulfill  the demands made  it    The War Kagle and Centre Star mines  are  ^y^'hippiiiK <>re. and ihc? were the bi����est  iinors of the smelter. The other mines of Ross-  ; jppeax to be turning out more ore than the esurient can handle, and if the two properties just  ftioncd were shipping, the smelter would have to  I orders for".want of facilities to fill them. It is  lent that the capacity of the Trail smeltei must be  [further increased if it is to successfully cater to the  tsof the district.  ie \orthport smelter,   which bundles the  output  of L,e Roi, also appears to be in a somewhat crippled  condition. The mine is not turning out as much ore  as it is able to produce, and the management say this  is due to the factttbat the smelter is not capable of  handling more material than is at present shipped  from the mine. The additions and alterations recently made at the Northport concern have not been  sufficient, and must be materially extended to meet  the growing requirements of the mines.  Kast Kootenay is calling out for a smelter , The  rapid development taking place in this rich and ex-  tensive district demands smelting facilities. Here is a  chance for capital.    '1 he smelters of British Columbia  i  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  ,'CA  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings;     C  ���i"nri.w  tisfaction  Annie May Mineral Claim, situate in  the Nelnon Mining Division of West Kootenav  Dint del.  Where located: On Forty nine Creek, And  is the southern extension of the "Majestic"  Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John McLatchle, P.L.S  of the City of XgIkou, acting a* agent for  fetoloinoti John**, Free Miner's Certificate No  R 11,377, and WilllHm G. Robinson, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B 2g,st54f, intend,  Ulxtyday* rrom t li<* date hereof, to applv  lo the Mining Recorder for a 'certificate o*f  mprovement*. for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further fake notice that action, under  *ect:on <J7, iiuim- be commenced before the  iwuance of such eertltleafe of Improvements  Dated this ninth day of May, A. D.. moo.  JOHN NtcLATCHIE,  ENAUDE BROTHERS  CtRtiFICATI Of IMPROVEMEIITS,  I  .    -��������� j.:.���.���.0old:Crw:nCMinert! tClalin^ *Hnate in the  /:������';rX0li^��c:M:ini,nfCBi^  ..������;.,-." ..,,:.'���':.....'/'.:,,..l;:i;MMde!v-:-c:c::.cc  iiipi rnr    i Lin   Anrtni i mo -' -:'T'''^^ Mountain.  WEIERS aNU DPT CIANS   ���'���*/���������i^-iKc/ftfla^'a��iu'i;'jfiii��^->r��ut��ii��vs-i*a^.,  ifLLLiio  niiM   ui iiumitu a. f 0^iU��^Cft'^ for  ������      -     :'\--:fr^^  .-'��� rNoi- B $7^*4^Intends! say day?* frt*m toe, date  urinrm    iv ' n  ^ ta��r��H*'f.to'a#tf^^^^ a  Ntl XIIN   ' K   L' * 'Ctortttteai*?-.of imti'rov^meiH^-for/the.puri^we  tikiwuvi <   m* v��j 0f- obtalnln^cft :Orowti .<<jrau(' -of- the above  .-���������.-���       ��� ;.,..�����. -' --���������'-- relainiAA'.: ':'y ������''.:'-'". -.:.*���'.acc:  ��4H:Moti':^v'tttu^ the is*  wttaneft of mieJU'OertSflieate of Improvements.  : fMufil��� tli'l*J2tit'dayof Junecli*^'-a  a: 'aC-JOHN MeLATCHIK.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Imperial and Kcllpse Mineral Claims, situate In.the Nelson Mining Division of East  Kootenay District.  Where located: On Fern Mountain, about  one mile southwest of the Fern mineral  claim,  Take notice thai I. John McUitehie, P.L.S  WATCHES  LTY  CIA  AS. P. McROSTIE  T<;uiHT Of  ELOCUTION  Iji^' VCh'u! Training   t'hvftlcat   tTwItlire.'-'  nix\\>>i)   ai,i    <;<*Munv   Trial  TitUiOiv  283 Latimer St , or P. 0. Box g6  Wadds Bros.,  eate No. U 4l>"t2. Arthur Ferlar.d, Free  MI nerV Cert i fleate No B #��.2S7, and Jnhn A.  Cowan, Five Minor's Certificate No. 25Wi  S|>ecint, Intend, sixty days itom the date  hereof. I�� anply lo the Mining Recorder for  Certificates ot Improvements, for the purpose  of obtaining Crown Cnatits of the abovt*  claims.  A nd furl her take notice that action, unch r  section 87, must be commented before the  issuance ofsueh Cert I ilea (e of Improvement**.  Dated this tilt day of September, 1900.  Joitx McLatchik.  M*ttal'r Hotel  Vancouver and Relfton  VICTORIA ST.r NELSON  W'IhC^.u.* ttii<l'lb>ta)l  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  ffit'ifcilB  ,.i.y-- ajki  Belle Hod Marble Ed��c MhientlCla(mK,.situ-  ! ate .'In the Nelson  MI'h'Ing-.D.IvWon of We��l  I K'oot4*.iui'v District.  |    ��Vhere located:'.. About wlx.mlle��.>v.e.ht.fn>m  i Setrton. " .'���'... ...        ,,     ,  l Take hot-����v t hat 1. Ar(hur H.-Var.wel 1. net-  : ing as* .ngv'nt for .Kdwurd C, Arthur. Free  I MlnerV Cerf.ltleate. No. 27,700. intend, sixty  ] dnv*�� from the date hercuf, to npjdy to the  ' Mining Uectonler for Cerllfleate��*of Improve-  i mentB, (or J��e pitr|Mwe of ..obtaining Crown  IIttrnnt* of the above 'elat.mx.  s And fnriher take notice-: that aellon, under  Hcetion H7. must-���'be eonnneuced bofote the  * iKHUaneedfMitdiOerlMleate* of Improvements.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Atlln Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson  Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where Located: On the divide between  Btvar and Wild Hot* e Creeks,.t>ne-fourth of a  mile northwest of the i'tirker  miia-ral claim.  Take not U**' that I,.lohn McUitchie. P.1..8 .  of the i.'Uy of Selson. acting us agent f����r  Thomas ft. <l'Urien�� Free Miner's. Certilleate  No. RWUiiil. John Ryan, Free Miner's Ceriifl-  ���rate No. R ��S,r>I0, NViilium M.lWcy. Free  Miner's Certificate No. R.'tTVtlS, and I'atrick  Daly, Free Miner's Cer(illcute N��. R M.rM,  intend, sixty day���� frnm thedat*1 hereof, toap-  t��ly to the Mining Keev>rder tor a< 'eitititrate < (  hnprovt��ntents. tor the purpo^ of tdxaluiug  a t'rown t*rantof the above claim.  And f��irthert����ke notice that action, under  section %7, must, bo otnmenced before the  issuance of sut^h -Cort'Cleate of Improvements--  Dated this tifh day  .f September, UHH>.-  .John McLatciisk.  o  WI'jTS I Hcetlon"tt7, mu*d.-"tHi   commenced botore t  Kv"^-mi, , nsmuuuMM>f*uehCertHicate^ifJnn>rovemer  'J^dllips SUpnliccl oil ��:lirtrr#��ctl'    I)ated tht^HlMlay ofJune,WXJ  V--;;>*      l     ,     1 Fu<-M. tJU SHOT test   27-tHWJ                                     ���A.KKa-uwhm  m^ aim lowest prices. I Pimnr^A nhllfl'll  |?X?.or(lors receive  careful! LV PD[\\ Ilfl   Iwif   I  id  f^S��thi����    but    fresh  AC'..',;  luc "'cats and supplies  ,,A   'All  stock. ^  LEAVE bftbeits AT  S��r9t��@m��i!is�� Fine SMil��  ���'"  M  0    ,-y"  i/y.l  t  >     ���  t  \  ' I  1 i  r  1  z  I  F<     W ���        n ��� ^mnr~^  i\       ' .'  m*iw�� *--^-" 1���*+ r*r   - ������   ������������     1 i""  T  ��� *���** *it ���*     **������ ��� f ^  i.iwi��iiit     m      4"     m * RF  '-''���CfeC'C-iC-fe'!:  fflW-r-  Mp' ���:���'  111'-:  . wife ���  Icc'fptk  '        ffc  ?-"?jsc:-  lit :���'  fe&fec  If|:  $tA.":"  nsb  w  \m\  m  IJL  ��l  Cii.  Mi  Pi!  fiBh  mm  .!,;���' ;������(''  ���?<;>:'���&'.������  ���'': V-..K (���������  ���yymmmm  '.;���. ./,���.. , ���s.uf-.?&������ z~-fah&  :,,M  14  THE NELSON BCONO^tSt  ACCC[fClli|i  so far established cannot handle -all the material/Ihrit  offers, and hence much of it has to he sent out of the  countrv for treatment.      There must he a '��� strenuous  effort made to have the ores of the Provitice treated at  home, and this can be done by having a few more  smelters judiciously placed and those at present in  operation ���substantially enlarged. _  conststs/es^s*^   :orpush]-;tMtt:es  tfwsot  ,-,...,. t  .,JMfl  S'^.*pp  AUTOMATIC VOTING.  The Imperial Automatic '/Voting machine '.is' a late  device, and one which appears to be destined to do  sfood work in the  elections  of the   future.      In   the  O .'".'��� A ''.���",.' 'A.  past the should~be purity of our '''.���/politics has beetf  marred by crookedness, such as .ballot-box:.stuffing  and fraudulent returns. The automatic voting'..  machine will do a way with all this. It cAnnbt l>e  bribed to do wrong and may '.be. implicitly relied on  everv time to render, a full and true account of everv  vote recorded. The machine is the invention of Dr.-  A. AyParwell* who- tersely, describes his .������ object. .as  being-' ''to devise a simple.-, accurate and' .economical   ..-,..^|.--cl|:CO*||t  iil*tib���r ,or c.^  &ti:;Ill/;w  1  CCCCsilji  .eria,/;m;eeisa|!:ism  hevlia^ itqcoitipl  nut ch \m:;% WwZ'BM  VCC' ���fv.'C,...   "f^*^'**^^ ..'A'CCC  :v^t!ie:ir^  A ��� ft w/<Ji;^^  '  T'he:mW'^rf  .011' /Strike.;: ?/A$i:p*^^  efeed,  yielded^  .'C..CC^.'.��yK  T"-rrinn|t:inigMi  111 j  ill!  AND  S00 LINE  '^CTC'-AC-AA , -A.AAA''',-;..- .-A'::,.;----':.'7vA.'> A;;;^^!��  g o. Bue:HAN^:N:IillrIIolIsa  ;c#f  FAMOUS  ..........;.���,i.3>;?>OT  ;;! 7; ;;f :;i 7': A'|C C-:Ci!$iifl��  CCCCCC;CC^C||||pp  :^C;;;i;tfr:^vaC:��^^^l^  Lumber,  Lath,  Shingles.  SERVICE  EAST AfIB WEST  SattefaeW6n-A,G^^  Y a friWrfifto.t o;f./ H #n Btyitf  johm mAm  .���ir.inMwjuwmwiii.ii.inw  �����iii..mwtw^HMMHB)ifl  >,itiiiwi��liiiniil��wi"��'i��������1l'.'l".'l.'),|!,gf*  .jVh-iW^^ili  FIRST-CLASS SLEEPERS  ^^ii^^^^%^,-i^fc^^,^^  On AUTnihi.s from  RROWHEAD AND KOOTENAY LOG  TOICHIST OARK pass M��v.liH m- Hs.t dnHvmr  St. Paul. Saturdays fur Montreal and lit^fou  ���Montntys and Thm-stliiy.-.   fcir Toronfo.    K:tn��,!f  <ar>. |��as< l<!.'V��:-;lhiok'.f on. day earner.  WN0LC3AU- A>t0 ifiCTAItv  j  7-^C^3^jj|  :������ -i :vv'^i;-S3i3*  7:v^Afc{ea2iiI  is���  :':77(Vi''J^ii  CAiCSlSa  :'C;Ct!l|  *a^i  CONNECTIONS  7.10 f>v NKI.KOX  10.30 Lv NKI.SON.  EAT MERCH  Ar. lu..*C)  A r. !H.;V>  HEAD OFFICE:     NELSON,  >���      %��n  Morning train daily for and from Kf*.*;;iIl(!  and for R'-\a;l>tokC', Mnin'I,in��',  and   \'iiv\t]t'<  '.oast  AfUTijoot)   (rain  daily  for and from  |{o��v  land, and irorn   !i'-V(ds{<��l;r.  M;ijn   fin.-   -ui.1  l'ari!J<;C.ast.;uHl daily {AX.Sunduv,ft,rarJ('  ���ti'oni I)On:)daiy Points.  TJJOox.Snn. Lv.    N KJ.S( >N ., a r ex. >nu. ll> ::m  For and I'n.ni  Saiulon. Slorau   IVdni"   l'<-v  <dstok��.', Main  i.iiu-aiid I'aciJic (-,,;, ..^  KOOTENAY  LAKE-KaSLO  ROUTE  K.\. Sun.               Str. F\ok:un-i-  l'j.00 Lv NKI'XjN  ���70SSLAND  S :H0QH  8.l��m��CMt$'*T.:  It  TH'RC't FORKS  ���"s* * ������-!.�����  ���'���c��  ���������������\:MM  S  -;���"-' " >��]  1   r  K  **'rt��>**^M(  4  r^l"i'  a  I'Cv. Sun  Ai.   jj.uj  KntnnlayK to Ar^mta   and   return   l.avhn.  O fttly  our  II. AND  CVI  KOOTENAY RIVER   ROUTE.  Dally           SOb Moyi<" and Xclscat ,,���,,  22.30 Lv. N KIXOS.....", ,!.'!)!,;  Connects  Kootenay   Ljindjnjr v-\Ul r''Z  Kest Line trams. A>  For rates, tickets and iuh  information '.,.  fily to Depot orCily A^ent, Ni,|m,��. li. r   ,;rp  W. F. Anderson, E. j. Coyle,  Trav. Pahh. Agont, A. <;. v. A KV ��� t  Nelson, B.C. Vancouver, '|; c  S(v0tr  TRO  ii a i  l\SI  id   Irish  iKINCVS  t    MANAGER FOR;'�� SKlNN^j  IKlf   Announces Lar^e,"r^pof^^'J  SKROMS, TWEEDS, WORST.fcl*;A^  *^v- -til  wj���    -t-m ���   ��-   r-.f.   ��� n  "��?H 1 -  "i~  r'  *  t f  HAND  r    t  1*  <. '  J r .'ft* t  1 J,J> Is  e * Tiki  GOVERNMENT BUTTER  AND  RANCH EQQS  *.'J;M  '*.>s  t -w'^j  w%M^f^Sm> wp  t *  <��  tMKMTKmT N*c**mp**  ��.-���F-  -**  �������<  :f  ��*  * *  1 K  \      .,- -  ��*    +  !*  W* miJ��li*at��wcitl����ortc  that wIS ^^���ti.ftctio^Ajadt^  ofa����tha|W�� fresh.  We jwW^ v  ttobertiiidfttrnlAyoa w�� ll�� feesi  U/ **s  U (*'$���� 6��  ft*-  SW  tel  J."*1-'  9 ��  1 w  ^  I    I  fcPATRIQK <ft WILSON  x> ���*  ���^Ff stumpy  r#*  (ui ��*��  T^^��.!U����       Jwiw^.tninifiiiiii    w|��iyaft  ���**<  7i*  ;:i^;^A  M  GIBSON CO  fli   >  V-  /*���  i  taking Powder, Flavoring Extract*, Vinegar,  fickles, Sauces, Spices* Etc, Etc   .   .   .  J*'&  *  ���*s  1PEO, MAlSf  '  ^��*>75     w.  E COAL  $6.75 PER TON,  :.rP  All orilors *mi< i^straMU u��ku l*y owl* md si��mM *k. iWirAal cither  person ilh t>t !*y im ��t to tK **5I*H5 of  'j X        \ *\       ' V ^ V.b'-* ^ >  *J* *-j ill"*1'  i  *    ,un*    aft (T**p*  ^    Uv- ?*TlG��  t' ��� .^.-C-amPs and IV��ines  ��h  *fi   k' ?*t}9.h    *t ^ti^^w*  �� >  4 W,a  "*v    " i/*C 7  1- V  f II t"-'^ t i1  *'  '     ( y  C    J  tj-h ^ Tfv*^,     ^ ^ j ,  i���� ^   e*��  '.ft  i*  ���V.T  H        k  th  i  i     <���  t.  1    f  t /  j>  f   ^   v  r  *?    5    o 1  i  rV  i 'ML*     J*  a 1  UY  '^  t    i  t  y   if,   $  c  1  ***_,       ,   '."K?*-"  ��!  " \   . i  < ^  !      ��  ^^      t ���    ' r��  4 f  tf  .  1       t  t       i  ,>     u  �� I  \  \ i  N  *, t     4 >   " , *   \  $'     I   'njS1' m  11  !\  lm,  t ������  *t  ���St  <S��  * '  n  tra  C   / ��f A     i A  <  .*  I.  >*�����  y \        *       *        ..   , v.     *f^cc ^.^.( <?  .^^l^^m^ratffeM  , --H1' V    '    i  ^J  3?       ^      t $7^1 ^"#&t"'  ^ L     <-  \ '   <^'C    _   v  I'ft'r , ?i.?   M.rJtf.1%4  CV!.  rl    if  NELSON, BMTtW'XM&HL-  si  , t,t %�����������������W�������������� jH>��i��+++��ft^^  ^ ��i5C5��^  aS  si  :v  W  ^K$  ^^^^^Tfwnpcrance Hotel and  f/z  Lta  fMH  m  4ii��  ��^,;"^,\ t,^it^  ^pI?S|/it%Y*ii^ New,, Neat and  H^llm&I^^^Me.;     American  i��  4 s ;:/c]%^  M  HFi^  i   ^ ���*��� "ct^ \v  i\'(i  Vjl  ��il��MIWilHt��i|Wll��li����<MWil.JIMWiw��y��wt|  1        c  CLUB i^Tr�� * .  H^TES:   $koo per di%^ un^ up  ^  *��    *  ***  �� tAm*  .*      "  ���jo  5-    Vi.


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