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The Nelson Economist Nov 28, 1900

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 ���:,'>":-k:  iCti  ;v> f j-iic t-��wiww "t>> y' oiMxii.t-.ii .'wita / -��. ���  v.J: i%:��.\T?-<V^f^6  '^M^*  .���>lu(��^WM^Wril04i>*'t^^>��*WI��*A  iL'rv  NBWON;::pe7'::#EDNe^  ., .    :',.' :-���>;���.-  ';:  .:������,.-���-."' fj >',' ^ ������':.;  /v-'^j ''')���'"���',; \  v ''���;    ;.- ���;'.:,/.;'.;iu7 ��� ;- ,; .-   ,'-";.'        '��� '.' ���'"���.-    ,:.''   ,: ���.������������ ��� ._-���_- -._    .,���..���  '\   ���'; ' " .7 '        '7'-,'. *"^ ���'.���/;,; ' 7    ';  !N(3|?i  .���/ 7^7- :*.7777!'i��^lp��  ���7:7^:7i::l#::tii^lit|  .���.^%rtf^.it^^^"^^^>'^.M*.v^.f,ifr,^ww^^.^^rt^ww^Ml^  KCONC)MiST:ir^  , ��� Si? i.isc k i ?nf-|p N'v:7 >|3-; wfFKm;' AXv  W^iW&at  IxiJM-;  JkNCK   ��J:  SOUClTKt*  ADVKKTi.S  *tew)ND'  E NELSON  Wkunkshay .  n;M.U.ynj:v  H,j*;\!i�� rN^vrn'AXC'Kv^i^o  ." ( ) s LY A RYICLKS'' OF7:>fKRITyWlLt:;;^K  17' ' i \  T H i<SK,v COUm>%;V^^  TKKKSTS   ov " ��HA UKRS-; ;':'Witfo V:fe  \V0RTH.I.K^7\KflOIJvS.:.'-.' ;/,.,.::7\j7:''7v..  *MMrict^  ���Mr^McKarief^  ���^^ii-sici.'j?*!',T)i,t��ili u  *H'yv,M.ji^y(w.!?i-<,M��aA'i./tti'*  l^jHX'r WeU'u'scb*y ������.tlie". e!eot%f :'^cif77^^  ��� w i IJ1 te c ;i U ed \ uk h ��"to. selects betr��� re priori tative^  the Dominion HVutse of Com'm6r%^  .ndidak-V vi the ncld-v Mrv;Mc{K k^  lives,. Mr ��� fb-ii'IilKT for the. Ii'.ili��"ra"I*i"JiWiAK-'^r.^SI**St��r\^  f-the Ubor i>ar!\\\.    -. Mr ; ;MeKjtti;e^^  reach whe": M-.  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Jie w^  rcoaiphsh m:vrhing , for,-lix*icQi\^^  in er any circinnMauces only Jie;;regarded.^M^r&':  H*N*^*t *n 111 ��� ���''���'��� ���'*.���"������''���,;''        ��� -'.'���':���:������  ���^"Hfli \\l<    {)!      ii>��j��     <���<* ��>f *>><-���' Ii*'".1*' '��������� "��''*'��� -;-: ���"��� ���'��"*'���'   ����;"     '  -   ^.   -  -=-  nucrcjit.;-���.^AVith;;^Mt^McKiti^;-:;  -���:���' ;_111S M ^ 1 e d 1 ffcreht.'.,; /��� He^vouki-.;;be|;tkzM.y  " ; .    b !-' ������- l.w expccied-iliai'.a' wanwho 'has-  ^.^"J ^ Ins   liiciime in an   agricul^mi .^V-  Hh iiii-i*!!-, l!f; ,;Pi,<,r:l,',n y <>f doming .convewant--.  .vthe",')   ,UUni;i!'! h:ls 1)ecn di^racv-fiilly hegiected ���'������  icUCi|j,U!,ii,.,V   Ji,,nsc of  Commons     ��� Wtib-Mr/  1011 f��r com  inf(Kma|ion a^  .'::^"-l^l^,*:il^fH^  ::::|Ji:^c^|:^^  ::Sl|lt.riet^|a^  ;;:^aii]d:��p|e^  7^yi^|^d[t^:;f^  7|re^  :;ft^i^7ptesetrt7^  >:iitt07dln;gerp:iiS;;^rii  iti^t Utiaiiiniotis iii-a  ;:il]i7|ash^::;77^!a��^  ,- to wards .ev;ft;7v7Th^^  ^ilH eKtraordina^^  :1t-:Will7'folii t etestin��7^  dealwiih itv as ^  '���:���������"',: iife.-jK'tvl^iM  ,ViiA;-';.^,i'::'7'p'7  7.v,''i?77i7|7^  :'!^!i!ll!:f!  7&:::7sSr7��9i8ili  '%^'^; ^7S'7^?sSfyF  i,'ljV<?J  I^^S'Slllll^BS^  yyyyyyyyiiy$^^^  ������7-"7"'7'-^.c'i��'':-V^^^  v;:V:.:7:v:.7-7i77..t't7��?ti^'^Ssi^  :;7^-'*r.:7-^^i^*i^l^i^  ������.':���'-:, .^ ���h-'^-'r'^-,>^::'.'^f^h^ii^WM  ''^::-;"^T;;;-;:;:^H^;^;  ,l��s^ Uicre would be tio further rea-  ftuhis Provi,J4lUl'     MC hUS bCen 'eW"*^'i��-m��w��ng  lias-ercd ^l" ^ asu,hoicm hnPh of iimeiobaye  :��iuml)iaL,liS Ullric;ades- -and;no man iu   British  Pmion  monthj     '��� -xpressAn-int.elligem-  ���rvative lru.^.Sin>Jccl lhan lll��^andidiiteoft|ie'Conr-  ioiMvouhi'  a,Kl   WC   ^^to^'--^^  ^at the s-'un   '(SUU   '"   Useful mitlilJR'   legislattoii/  I to th, vastnl's ^ Cnlighteu the-people of the JKast  H8erv'atives 'nV'1. (>Ur ulininK  resources.      If the.  ,,u'irue  to  the best interests of their  ���7:7view^^  ;.:.:;pollcy^ofToad::'ma  7^pen1ng::Up7aiid7deve  in their Ikbors.   There is much to be done in this particular,   and ail  the help that can   be given will be  ��� .acceptable,-''..'���  It is report ed-'from Mexico that an American expedition has unearthed ancient records which show  that the Chinese discovered America 1500 years ago,  and ereced temples in the land of the Aztics. The  temples alluded to are in the State of Sonora, on the  Pacific Coast. We do not place much confidence in  this alleged discovery, but that the Chinese discovered  British Columbia many years ago is evidenced by the  number of Mongolians now in the country.  ��.,n.i.iiij.il.i,. 1.. .11.m11 in 1 < " �������� ������  ���s Victoria;is having trouble over the trading stamp.  This catclv penny system of doing business wastntro-'  duced in-the capital some time ago: and while'at ^~  :Wi  II If'     " J* <    i'ff  ifc .  ���;:  x      '      ���    V V   'y'  fir"  in     <  ^^f.W^'^"1^^^^^  'TH^  ���:.-.;it:;'appeared-  :;;Aiter::a:gpod;deal::  TaxAva^  ;:.of;this';;tax'is;;dispu  jitigatibtr is the upsho  )the^ failed ': ���'frhe:pedpie:;  don't   want   it.     There   is_.---'a^.^  in all brandies of business here, sufficieritlv   keen to  ensure a fair price^to ;�����: hehuyer and a reasonable profit  ioThe'-;'merc^  value/ofthe r^  customer the -'/benefit, of the c^scount and keep the  money in circulation aijibo.^^  -:design,���^,.ip^  house, y? / 7-'-; ������,/���.-'��� ^yy^y^-'r --yi^k/::ls-yy-.yy--?\- ^.-y  .;conq.ue  ''���'***nnm<tm  ;7:pl7wg;inV^  '^��::<��^::^  pressed-^yKTOrthera::'fhe%Uer'wi!! U#for7iiJ  cctned"-'   ''���'     '        >"'5''���"���������'-���������"���������'������-    :./..-���' wsi  ' ;wi's��,<^i'."nwj.i'��.<���'�� v (M,v  U^V-A  ���/������'^/Mox^^  './/���only-m^^  :;7broke.:the^  ;;;. su icides aniong.; ���"!te Josers:';if ttietables';\vi 11' never' be.'  7':-knowm-^  |:.; ieW7 promptaiKi.:conrteotis;v:aite!Kla-nts '������ Teroove- a:ixxiy::  ''���:from..ih.is:;den.-of;iniqu.ity To'/some v unknown^-resting..  place��� the hist,.. :';-Should\.;ihe^  ^.abouty/th^  /Utrdoes,not add to anyone's respectability ;to'te.'kn^wn::;  V,as/a;^  : a world-wide reputation,  and   an .I'll-reputation it-i^'-.  It is announced thai our friends to the soutbare'about  to establish a-.gramblers' rendezvous on a'much larger'  and more magnificent   scale than   Moote  Carlo       A  . sum of ��3,000,000 is to be spent on the concern; which".  is to be provided with  every' gambling device 'known  to the canny   craft,   from   thimble-rigging   to  horsed  raceing. .The promoters.of this very suspicious enter-.  prize have no suspicion   of any   interference   on  the'  part of the law : they are men of money, sufficient-to"''  influence nearly all the officers of the law  in the Un  ited States.    Among the number are several senator  Senator W. H. Clark of Montana  being interes ed to  the extent of $1,000,000, according to report.      The  si.eof this new Monte Carlo is on the shores of Ches-  peake Bay, within thirty miles from Washington, the  capital.   The laws of.Maryland foster and protect the  institution,   .and according to  their ehaner   the  pro-'  moters have carte blanche.       The   American   Monte  Carlo will soon be in operation, adding another to the  discreditable institutions of ihe country.  :7,;:7::f:,^  .������fcoudm  ^;:Mtii6ietIo.h;f  :,;the-;^il^  ���:4iceOT!i^  :;:;<^|;/|^'|:!;|i^  //ihe/^  ':/btitfeo^^^^  ��� Septeiisl^  /i/foIl/SiS/^  ;raise���i;^i.nc!;:ii^lil^  ������'IHieoreip^toRt^  ��� ���"''.���"' .,'. '". .'...'���������..���������'''���"'.���' :': V , " :'.   .'���   ;" ���       .7 .'    ''   '7.'7. '&������ '������':'���       .   -"���:        ���>-' "'.    '".���-..��� * '"'������'���    >���".'->.���''...���'.. .'��� '7-v';M  ;iIie;:.Bdin1'fMrfii'C;G^  an.<!'a,::copy7th^ tu the j tii-cipa! vwtnmi  m%: the".world"ovrr/*   '  ttp^ft lmt''*.*totre  'Ihosk who imagine   that   ;hc   fnited   States Go.  vernuient has ended i-s troubles with the Filipinos arr  terribly mistaken.      The people ol the islands are far  from being conquered,   :uui are every dav   becoming  more discontented with their deliverers.   Thcv declare  that cruel as was the Spanish sway, it was beniiieeuce  itself compared with American rule,  according to the  samples they are receiving or it.     If the dated States  are to hold the Philippines it is evident it must be done  by force.      The government is�� beginning   to realize  ��� . . ��� Ti:tM.iig'^f :;the:: youngest members of the new hi  :.7H'atn'etitJ^ CU��  relatives; Mr. Winstoa  '������������.Cbu^ ' Iror Churchill ��� Ciu-i ndMj  ;   M. White>Ridlev, son of*the Home Scciciary.   Mr  Churchill ioid:4ir finest, n In* me eotisin>. ^veietot|  .:ut" rhe;: from:. In. South Africa. Mr, Ridley is M?  . .Gucst^/ibrptber^ud^w      The time inn .m'tfithin  year 'of the same "age. and are undtr tuciny-ciglJt-  Now thai the .war in South Atrica is dr.iwi��j; wj  , close, and'-tliar.lbe n*tum of the' troops may soon or  expected, the' question of what to <U* u-iih theni is  being agitated in Kngland. It is cakuhited that a  least une-ttdrd of the army in South Africa are ]  ^ervi.sts���'tliat is abmit 70,000 nwv u Itotn thec *^JL  the war will sesid back to civil life.-' About ^>��^m  time-expired.- soldiers will have to he added to * |||  number.    There will no doubt I>ca coivsid'erablei^M  ber of these remain in South Africa, but even inakwjg  j, 7 ccrtfltt'��v>��K  very liberal   allowance on   tins score, 11 ^        &&  hat within the next few months the Britl5l\a'M  market will be reinforced by' many thou^anc fcl^  Mow are-ibev to lie absorbed ? 'I'hat is tlie Vt0^1&  which lias to le iacecL Many .suggestions/" |?,  made, the most feasible being that .sonie ���7- *-^  colonization be established to iticluce the me�� ^|;;i-/  iu Africa. Such an arrangement is one .w,,,c ^I(j^^  meet with public favor, and it is one vvhtcli ^^^^  much towards peopletug with loyal subjects ...  'fff'  1 ��V; '..-'V^T.T^r���.. .".j:! .1- '.f,.������[ V      .T^H??^*^   .���:<_! ���:'���-���, r  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  uired territory-  The labor market of Great Bri-  ijs a present over-stocked, and forty or fifty thou-  rd more idle hands would aggravate the position.  ih diort-service system is not as popular by any  |\ins as it used to he Experience has proved that  Ipracticnlly tin fits men for any class of what'is gen*  Lv understood as skilled labor. -The twenty-one  LiVserricein the army, with a life pension at the  ipiu tic no  round.  i ihe tetm, has proved more satisfactory  ���  irt��i    J1.1W-W  It i> said that the nmj s of Kuropc which were used  lithe Fdijin* ^h< cl* xwdu the Spanish regime,  vtd a krge place in the centre of the .continent,  ,ualiy occupying more than halt the space, marked  Sfsin. Thus the ytung Filipino came to have a  try fibUrtid 'idea.of the n agi itnde of that country,  kiiariy tie Ik��, c w us she* u a map of the world with'  btse little syces ki.cw n as the British Isles marked  lieiec.ii, md \M- that the people of those little isles  leie the dispiciible : foes he had to contend with,  [or deceptive is get^saphy when not faithfully  lugbt !���'  be Hall Street from Vernon north. There is little or  no traffic over ihi. thoroughfare, while pedestrians  would be fully protected by the raised sidewalk. The  ���uggesiion may be won h consideration,  ThkCzar  is seriously ill,, arid it is officially re-  ported that his troiible is typhoid fever.     Ho^vet  according to dispatches from Sebastopol,  the great  man is suffering from  the effects of pioson.     The  Nibiliats have been unusually active owing to the  mildness of the Czar's rule, and it is believed that they  obtained access to ihe imperial,kitchen,  where t^ey  mixed poison with th<* food.   How they Succeeded in  their design is <i mystery,  as all the sirvints of thei  Ciar's household are under the closest supervision oil  the secret service.     Extraordinary precautions, it ist  said, are being taken by the officials of the palace tdl  prevent the trii* story being drcrulated.      "Urieasyl  lies the head that wfcm a brown."  '���}:.?;:\V>��,ii��r  77;-.:7:,>;'   " y^p^p^  7S7��#Si  '���mm  ���-XimmiVn*  *>      -UfcMMlWfVWVhi*.  [It i> iquieci that the orpsniia ionof he Chamber  |.\ii!.c>oi.South-tin hritish Columbia (Kootenay*  Vale; js | HgHsssng rapidly. Such an organiz-  iitii.ii'iioju,) n iiout.ttfl# is t.ne which' will prove  [itufit i. U c/j u \ u-iic A a net ting recently held  l.ki^laiMhe j uject was jjiveh a good start, but it  ���iit.e-l.ii.ee--ihM (*ur mends, there will remember  j*ukeu uifit) ci important cam pa in Southern  pis} U h n i u v hi m o -i |.eiatir*n will be necessary  sacbaniUr t I i. ines j,s to he a success.  ^;77 7t;: '-'^^0^00$^  wyy'yy'isyy^M  7"v\.- \X;'7V^;i^^^-^V^-;r^^v��^  U'NTKk io:p(.i, us.      The city and surrounding  ^leuvcrect \Mth snow, mul from present indiea  ',!ltiha5 ^��ne.io May for a while     At this stage it  (|,i(i ��* well u i t. ur cilizci-M louttdcrstand that what  ,.'       aMUMCi�� by-iuw   will lie enforced-that  ^iiiheobnKu:t to kiep the foot-path in front of  feT^^ Ckar'    'ihc ofdinamce n} question pro-'  ysi^i ihe mk,^ ie dcurtd by 11 a.m., which gives  |!cb^tK(()C! (l l:t u-s*h�� fotr an, pie time to remove  ^Ull!u]      'u 0lh^ cities this is a work which  ^niteiT  h>' S  ��'Cl��Ck   '"  thC mortlil,K' ���� that  rticula        ' C0,HKier tbem^lves fortunate in this  f��ynon>     Aml whi,con tbis   '^tifuT' topic, it  SiL , * n,lt "f pl*'cetoca!l   attention  to auot  ���uaet  ���   (    .,   lseP^r^hle from the season.  Teni bad ^n,lC s!(",|ghin^*     Last winter there were  -rsist V arcidenls attributable'to' boys'who will  ;,.       ru,ini"K    their  l8i-sas   ~"r'" '* m annoyance to .  be- toleraied.    vVe'. would  hi,.       ,M,,,,,,��K   their   sleds  Nestrin S��UrCe ��f<lan^r ��* well  Lfof^'.^^uldnot bete  In the Old Country the working man appears to be  enjoying a period of great prosperity, judging hommmmmmmmmi.  the report recently issued by the labor department of lllltlliBiB  the Board of Trade.. The changes recorded durihgpi!iililll|^  the first half of the current teSt have affected neari|l!lli|8^S^  one million individuals, and have resulted jn'init'{^5^^^^^  crease of titidfe thah ^156,606 ($756,000) per Wwfe i||  wages���by far tbe^ greatest rise: yet recorded in anp  similar period. As in the previous year, themostl  prominent feature of the change of wages has been ill  the rise of rimiers' pay, which accounts for nearly Ball*  the total. The number of unemployed has beeri fcss  thah since 1890. The h^t result of the changes in  wages of all classes r*f workpeople ih iSgg was an  *J?gregate rise of ��115,000 per week, compared with  .��96,000 irr 1*898, and ��45,000 in 1897.  The Emperor of Germany, who professed to be so  solicitous for peace some time ago, has sent to the  Reichstag charts, maps and statistic! showing the  strength of the British. Russian, French dhd United  States navies in eastern waters. Tnese particulars  will doubtless be followed by another bill to increase  the strength of the German navy, The Emperor,  while wishing to pose as a inaii of peace, is evidently  determined to b^ prepared fot* war.  Latest reports from Nonimo are to the effect that  the small-pox scare is dying out.   No hew erases ^��^  beeti reported for the past cotiple of weeks! and  dowti with the dread disease are  improvingo  hoped in a couple of weeks to he able to show a  bill of health.  filiilill  ^i&vi'i'M  ���y^SfyyfAy&llri  -.<:,-.-:\  ���IS.'  : ��� '"'.HUrii t    - ���>'��� ���'������������ '"  ���  ���dePrivedoft MlggeSt lhat ih�� y^ngsier-s;should  roest agti��� ^ S0Urce of amuiemetit, but strongly  :Nino:'^ ,h"roughfares oMbie'c^y fieinf  |b'ch !|)e y^>mu <Vl(kH As ^se spori js orre  "etapait <l]** ns wil1 e!^��^' wouiditnotbeweii  Hsafe;V  *','!le hl11 <low" which .they edit Id frlid*  ^nvenil    -ei,,atC--^*  ncinMhe public?    Siicli a place wotii  Thk Bureau of Provincial Information, as  #en by our advertising columns, is invitittg plrlbns  having for sale ** -farms and'farm lands, -industrial .or  commercial concents, timber limits; water powers, or  other enterprises affording opportunities lor legitimate  investment/' to^ send in particulars ol same for mk in  the Agent 'Gener��rs'.0ffic^7lfi'i'..Xond6n,-. png, "We  suppose mining properties are included, though not  specified,, as they  certainly  anorci opportunities for  ti.H|l^ - a- r* .v#'V   ;iio^ ,-,'-.  t��-f��tft-��mat* {^vestment.- I %���':'.'  .������.<��'���'  4"'  -&':  ?'!������'-/  f':a:'..  $-17  NELSON: ECONOMIST-  .,;- , ���''-���:'',''7' '.,'���";!" -'���iw-'/V'*'VMUvoi^w,i3SH  \7v   :'\777:.777#lfp  ���777-.-,;;.:--:-::7:-::'-''v'7i:f||  :;'.;,'*jl  %;:  |:.S7  lf;'  II-'  i'"  I!"  ii:7  p-;:'  safe  i:  8  ffi:t  F*  -y^yy  :.,;.;/",/';The'Warner-Miller'Syndica  iitg active work on the Slccan Chief group.      A mr^  /."1oad;ot/qre is./to;be.sent-  /' /values/being encountered,;/ "Numerous ":: assays-'/ have.  '/"--been/made" wta  J>icksinsdti, the representative of the syudica  in town the other day, and gives a very good account  of the property     The Smuggler has been clo^d down  ,.   for the presentv//"/"/:'.  Work has been suspended otv the Northern  Ughtv  atThe head of Forty-Nine Greeks  cully of working "he property during winter  It is expected that work will he  resumed at tb^  ;������ Fern, ohHall /Greek,7next springy//;: :U,pwaMs"of'$30"-:  OOO have been paid out of the mine, which appears to  have been made productive with the view of iintiie-  diate/profits,- and without regard to systeniat^  ..^pmen^  ^thing;*ec^ry:/to;;a  whose opinions areworth a lot,  saythat the mine i  ,y';:::still:a^  .":;:";^;.:be'.;.wagdri"  completion, and will be a great boon topror^rtyhold^  ers itii-the district.    There a re^^  ":?Pr9P^t:i^  - "rii^ny ;:.of themTo be  -../y/Severaliverypro^  'bib-^elsoh/d :"  The mill at the  Cbapleau   is readv for work; and  \vill be running this week,./'"/The gold bricks will soon  :/IP.pW.f>"^  /dir<^tor^  satisfied with the outlook at The,'mine,   .:  The Monasbee is again coming to the front. It is  a free-milling proposition. and with proper management is bound to become a rich producer."-'  ROSSLAND.  The camp's ore output for the last week is  estimated at 5952 tons. This is slightly below the  average of 6000 tons a week looked for, but until the  smelters are ready to treat the ore no great advance"  in the weekly shipments can be expected The Le  Roi,did not send any ore to Trail during the ^eek  but sent over 3500 tons to Northport The Centre  Star sent u cars daily to Trail Since the new rule  about not.working- on Sunday has come into force in  some or the mines the shipments on that dav h ve  ceased on both railways and this makes a dirlerence  in the week's output omerencc  'shtpmenis/M^  wh,cb:prp^  upon;the^doo,1^    ..,^  qtJatuity-:of''om;ou"ttie^'''  $   CW^^^7  fbeJesswotv the Black wl  vvill a m wake a^arl^ad shipme,,,     fheluS  ma  m  ^Ehtcrprisei'^M*'  ���'������'- '��� ���'������'������'. .:������"   ������ ���'���-' ''���'���  ���������i;- ������������'-  It!  .*'*>';*.>, V*"** ,*'*.-��*'*���  �� * #.��'��W-'v.-  ^"Priiiiei  .*;>:*.*^>7*:*^!:.*'.%^--:*. *^^#'*:V.>��--^->^>;V^��:.:  ���Week/  ;".:;:.::r2'0:;:!  /"/7l'40"  ���"vi'S-.l  Jot  :M:<-  ^5*7:*:*: ���*:���*:.:*'*,'*:^*>>:��:^>'*',*v;  i  ��*-.�� +.*'* ��r<��v��,v��,:f ii^i.^^;*/ * *%*:i *���*'���>  N  am;ptor|  i* *'.*>'* *'*,��:��'��.'.  .**���'*: ��� * "*��� ^* .*^*;��'*i*:*';��. *:w *; \'.i '�����;���* ��: V #'- * ..77 *' K-'i  ^ri��*:yyfcy* '  TWtiiMm   Albert^..,  Bohd.bold.er  *,*y.'# y:��> y^y;'*; *:>.'#'?t "<��:,'* i-:* '.�����,* .'.yyy.yy  y*yy. .���*'*';���,���*':* *:*..!*:^*t>,:7*.:��'*: +y*y ���# .v-ii-v* ���*������'*.  '.'., * * *'.*'.. &:'  '+..li'�� ..'���*''...  i'-^^i-wiii..^..  m  .' '/���**��i"''r*VjlM';��i*\t ��� -iliWiJ'tt  7V:!'.'Mi'.;**'!^'.*' ***  ;/:.;/jFdlfowi^p  :T��all./^meltfr;';|  ,&<&fe:-eridiiii^^  "'"���"-.":'^"-'"^^  V*V *l 4.. I *��' 'w'i'is ��|';'t-*���*..'��*'.;*-\y.i'<<'.*;.r��'^'#:*;'*.*:'�� ,*;���*>- .�� + >.^'* ��������'�� *' f. ���'.*'V*.(t,V;''*'itiiii.'.��'.:*..:*'. ��.jtiy *���'*-        :'.��� ��J  j *w\'���t\t\a* * '*.:*. *.+������* *.*  it'��.'.^��i .+ ,��:*:'���::''-.' -#*'*��..'4 * :'.��|. #;*'����� *'.*:* iy]: *: * ����� *:��'�� ��� ���'. ��'*:*** ��.�� >'#��.��  Iron, Mas  ���ft-:C-'���������-'  Ath  .-''? ����� rf ���*, ..^ *_-'*��� 4/^^..* '��:���*.*)**��;.�� # V> *���'.* *>>'��-;*  ������ *.��� * *.*'��� m *' ,*.'*��� *.* *�����������*_  ��� ���*. ��������-.'��� ���* # '��'���'#_4��'-''*.#.��'. *;��'*. *�����*.'*;*'#���.# * *"���* *;��;* *.:+ ��� '*'.* * * *' +'*> *  . i.-,   *> 4ij.-.. ��*  I  .'���'."������J" *��e; .'*:���������* *-*��.*�����.#"�� �� �����*,*  ��'���'���ji.y*.'*��� ft *'.'*''*',���#���:*��� *::*'* * *������*'*..�� *. * f> ���'* ����� * ����� ������ *'�����.*  ���. 4 * .-���*, * *  m  ;' ��� For:/:' the7::W^|||t|i^ rrpiu  the :Tr  .smelterwas/775^   WRri^we*��*W^.-**^^  ;  Le Roi.   .... .,...,  War Eagle.   Centre Star.   * ��� * ���.��  ^Week's     Tonnage  ronnage   Year to Date  1 d6,95 2  3610  - ��� * ��� �� ���  veiling btar   onte Christo   \    X   T  J..      -*��V       1^ ..... .   .........  Spitzee...   LeRoi No 2...,   Iron Colt   Giant..   2207  *33  10,663  27.286  21 14  391  273  ��� ':yy,Wfmn /th%;0r^rlff^rki <Mwtte.  ������ ���':-The'-' ���Ath^tw)^ : camp^wbiclrfe  been'sbippfrg: to/tbe/^  :Mml in .i.oooltons of MP ;ha$'/cotnplet.ed the --coflM  ��nd::has stopped 'Ship^ibg ^  thought advisable'by ���ihe/m.atiagemen't to get a. <^;  L   quantity ofrbre blocked out on the 10  -  Sc::>:f'  *   *   *   p   ��  ���   *   ���   *   ���  *    *��**������  60  3260  7O  ���5952  f 90,888  the Drill  fall of snow  ��flate  has been   truly  the freighters and  mine managers   as  ��� levels of the property;.:-' before,: coutinnmg:  . after completing their-eon tract.;-; ���;���  At��� the . Humming .Btrd^'a:^eady improv|  noticable and the shipments o"  as regular as clbck^work,-..-two..-i.puFruv*-^. ^--  . tbSS^K^  busy.     The grade of the ore continues li^��..|^  rapid manner in wbtch:tbe; lead,; is strength   ^|  Rives great encouragement to the operators.        Wm  Word comes   from Greenwood that the .0%$  body yet found in the "Mother /Lode �������*." ^^  been opened up and the grade is if at1^^"L ^^  than that of the femotis B| C. in Summit ���.Wj^tfln^.^j  this- proves correct the itrikets>,i��ost ,mP .- ��fcfr-;^  as the ore bodiei of the Mptber Lode are  largest in the district .and1 high grade -ore  th* property is a"  y:y  -��A��  'I        M>tr 4  �����-  11.  *   lll-lr !�����        -.     V- *  W9���M-       ^ ���^   \   i. �� THE NELSON wCONOMIST  ONE GOOD TURK   DESERVES   ANOTHER.  Ladies of Canada��� Sisters :  Great Britain takes nearly all the exported produce  Canada English, Scotch and Irish boys pro-  uce'the teas oi/Oylun aud India.  Canada .consumes u,000,000 pounds of colored  |id doctored Japan Green teas. Green tea of pure  itiirafgreea-lea'h arc being introduced from Ceylon'  ui India.    They   arc   now on sale   with all   live  facers.  Statesmen >oe ohsueles to preferential   trade wi��h-  thcempirt'   Vou ladies rati sweep aside all obstruc-  Brinu pau'iutic- vntimrni on your   breakfast table  lour grocer'u*i 111^ft these pure   teas   if you only  in-  ThcSaiada  Tea   Company   have   placed them   in  indreds-'oi's lures.  Many other leading firms have   shipments coming.  uiy laggards a wail tnejumping- of imxM^fj^lml^l,:  sat srl? ^ m   *nCCS Graham has evefy reason t0 be  Si       I^lmpreS5ion she made ���� the strange  ictinL ,^1" herscene ^i-hjeanin the second  ra,^ ofi"Sf Sh^ WaS "deservedly received into .he  in eror/rl.     T���-    Her Fides was an excellent  "2KtedA work-      H�� voice has a wide range, it is  ��d��11!^dsyfmPa!hf^- a��d in usemploymentcareful  and intelligent training isevidenced.  -I  ���fit  Hon. R. McBride, Minister of Mines, is taurine the  Kootenays with the object of making himself better  ���cquainted with the wants of the district. He has  gleaned some valuable information during his trip  which will no doubt .ell in favor of . he country A  personal knowledge of such ma-'ers goes a lone wav  ioward?expedi ing business and securing theatten-  uon his rich mineral sec ion is emi led to at, the  hands of the government.  ,1.,���rtM^lW W*����T��W.   -  In'..our editorial, pages/ ir;'ls^st%^  leethi iof ;���: representative..iuyth&'JO  lent take* place on Wednesday" next; "Ttsbo^^^  Bmrsdav. .Dec '6. ������' .7'7"7.7./"v7/''^  \ The m 1 n y fric 1 :d s I u N e Ison of-At isf /Erst uc#G rah it m^;  H;s..HrouidKun j. will 1x! pleased- o/fciiru".cif'!:her, m "  ::,7/:;Sir,Charles^^  :,^7^!lsonza^  "*fp^  ;a I filiar/force/oii/'t h is/ociasi:^  *'..;��� jjf'^  .'VWW* , wmm**..*  lmi<Ni si!,xT>v=.��n ' iieopera^ ies /ag��",/.7/Th^^^^  h n j;c Cas k Sq,i:,ire Opera Cowpany^-^itdSplav^ngS"1  Vdijnctiii. ran of. Fide* /in',:��cyert^r  *?['���"   Ailmhni.: .*�� >be peribrimui^^  Myl^-n-n! s.iv> ; .Another newshfger''was;vFmirces/;.';'���:  |ia:Ki:n: ��;:': ! *J']ln   '" *|VbrlVwph'<i:js'7#t%^ii^rtm^K  *ra: lac ^n:"-i ' V*ns b�� -it .are 'fer;/MaM  >%% v%%^ ^,^%--^-%.  /;,:"Et)gesve.;BroplvS,/leaded  ,^na,\an^^  ;drpht1ienH;-7^  'te^:ed;M  ��� bfv^-sjdry^  -^���/The,Geu;7re.;S^  diyidend/ofT-Per  percent  We re su ch barga i ns offered to tH^^  of Nelson as those; ���' ��� :^h j ch h | wi|I ;/,"fae^ fc^iid:.  :at.vthe'-;sto^  diamonds,  Silver-pjate  Watch Repairing a  Aif Work Gua  hes?  rid Cut  eweiery, Manicure, oets  ocks. Lam  ��si  Gail and be-.Convinc  OPEN  E^INGS  : i  '    -ft  s  ..1  '^. ^ ,  ���,.-<'* 7>--,vr   ...    , a  ' - ;���>'���. f.' .'.��J";'S8  ''/'/���:/ ���'//': v|//*/;;/7//'M*:|p|^i  yyyyyyy$i$IM  ::���!.;':, Cv7:;;S;;|||||  f7 -^isSii^L  .'/y'/'^":ll";*lliii  '   '     .:.',' -.���!-���-���/;'.'.7-.'--^'7',''''--'-'S.i.''w   7��iii-;  :7"i:l!i  mm  Si,1  .���.,,,,,^i-;^  -:,7::^.:/..7iiii":'C.1  r  r  si* \V  -/7lf��'i  v'..":7if  t-*"*  /?7:?yi '��� j  w-m -  m  t  71 ���  m  II:.  I,'  t!:f  .1- i' ���  If ;.�� -     J  IS: : -  3 \  ... .#  /f I  -mi  .^ *  SB- :���  lis*'  /"ii, * ���  I'lii   '  ":'i��'    ' m  8  THE; NELSO'N;:;ECdNOMiSf  Smiyyy-  .Ri-*��5sr-.".';.-.-'-'        .'���'  W>i^|-:r: 77  rm  -cm  'nM -/^  SS  y,'":  ���km  m  *��� *:  SO?1  rvsf'i'Tl"'  I Visit  I  ^HE elections being over in the rest of the couutrv  ��� 't ^^ '7 .,-.-*  we are having our turnyMo^^  ,;���":ation day, when the'/three candidates'>were,duly  entered for the race.    He ^^^^  the trip is to be pitied. A Conservatirey a Liberal,  and a Labor man ought to satisfy all/ Yale-Cariboo  is a big constituency ��� the biggest in the Pominion  and I hope at the next election we will have two or  three representativesy instead of one, to elect" The  coming census will doubtless show �� great increase in  population. 1 often think that in a rapidiy growing  country such as this there should he a count otlteads  every live years. Since the lasTe^usus."wasra  least half a  dozen cities���duly  it ./biifesrrr--'.-:-  ;\;h��ye;s^  .N;Yaj^  ���': is the same as when"��� Kelsoii>.was/but:.a; yi?lage/when  Rossland was unkown,7W:hem :Kandoopii,"vvar'm;eTely,  .���'recogniied;-y  ':wbeu^rand;:FOrks.;was 'niercli--."i.n;_.'!tisin''ceptio.n"':-'.%vhetv::i  -���Greenwood/was a Jit^  ���:..;\vks-,dre'a^  developed prospects, and when Kaslo had but a few  /shacks/on;7tte^ ha*-teen/  metamorphbsixed, but still we have but .one .me inter/  in the Dominion House to represent all the tit versified  interests of the largest electoral area in Canada ! And  this is fair I     Is ft?,      I .hope;.-, whoever -is' elected :  will make it clearly understood at Ottawa '.(hat-he, has ������������.''  more to do than any^^o  we get t>et er representation at the Dominion caottal  the voice of the Wes* wjll.be drowned'in the cUmor-  lugs of the East.  So farythe contest has'been conducted'.in a fair and  square manner.   While each party is making the test.  case it can and evdeavoring to show un the other fellow, there is a conspieuous absence of offensive oer-  sonalities       That was  a rather good joke John Mc  Kane got off the other day. when he said that he was  /���called   from/above" to represent the constituency;  while Chris. Foley was "cal led "from below"'   to contest it     The one was in the Lardeau mountains when  the summons  reached him to. become the Couserva  live "standard-bearer, the other was down in the shaft  of a Rossland mine when he accepted the Labor party  'nomination.  A funny storv is told of tiro Quatsino voters,  father and son, who travelled 50 mil*sto cast, their  ballots Arrived a the booth the son voted for  Smith and the father for Wolley Nor docs the old  man yet understand that both might just as' well  stayed at home ���" Well." he said.' ".if it docs not  help that Wolley here, jt might somewhce else  Anyway, everybody is voting for Smith . and it is  only right to give the other fellow one out of the lot."  And he did.  In these davs of strife for the possession' of the  immortal- dollar,   which   some    rail   " wealth" -Mid  at  least one great authority   describes as " filthy lucre/'  few there are who do not envvUie lot of the millionaire  But he h is his troubles       Given his million hegives  up bis home  and   builds himself a   small,   first-class  hotel in some big- city, which for the   greater part  of  the year is occupied bv servants.      He  next erects a  country place.     This he calls a  ottage,   though   it  usually looks inpre like a public library, or a hospital,  ,7Wttb^tauie<i��glass'':windows, jn/ son,    v   J -  "^  ;.;btms^  "��^^^  ".^  ^s/xesiden  ..a.-tnp-t.o.Eurt^/he;has!ns:vacht' : ";" "'���  ^���Overy'goh^  jernhS,Mhing^  raany,h^  'where'!"/" 'cy^yy^^&^y^^"'";;''"":'''  7:Vteiin^  ./���cases..Eli#^  //.cycl^^^  ./,eyele^  "��� Hutigary/a;^  .:. |>erial/.Ba?i:k:;;of/i^^  ;.. /,This, is/,ih^fiii^ '��� sameya'mottnf; Hi  "/\Miyesty".bai-,^  /''gte^To/;^  /&$tej^a��^  ��� apart/from t^^^^  ::Tlie SHal^*iT0ttri^  ..'/pur^e:/ha l.f ii ;pi'!li^^  ;' .(&; hc:r;e/M*a"^^  ���'��� fcssor/;^  /.:tradesman;.t1}al"the;/;/Sb^  Jewellery/^  hold. '" Now' dfi^":(';"e'5tteider d^l /uea��y ami Ii  not pity the ruler  of Persia,   when the gid* tov  the imposition  l J-J.-nfrWa.-**-' i*^w    -V 1  A pathetic request ha*? been Issued h\t\\z&Mn  Liverpool   to girls who are candidates lor con��  .tinu   not to   wear pins   in their   hair, on the yrouj  that his lordship's   hands had  lieen sndly 'accraleJ  A witty  prelarr, who  is   tetter known m boH<iQ_  when asked how he solved ���? similar thorny proJ��  is said   to have   replied,   ** I  confirm all  the ^  ��� personally, and  transfer those   roum; jjorcop"  .  tomv suffraKai!. who is an old 'Varsitv ��*"?��*" j,  the castdrou hands of a   blacksmith/'    lHl!lT']  the services  of a   hard-handecl athlete ^^  tatneel   for confirming   prickly-headed youiiji  a re t) o I a I wa \ s avail a t>l e -  At   New   York,  Mr*-  ow  ,1 f-. tiU\ who ^'  Mr>- .i.wvard .(/l*ul<1'. ;���ryrt  lately smd bv her dressmitker, ������de.mauac<i , .^?  women to decide on alleged misfits and .lair ^^^M  the request was refused Ivy the '^^^'i'^VL^it^  that, although man is as ignorant oi me te _ ^ ^  of.womeu's drt^ as. the', bate uu born.- ^ v n ^  peril the foundations of justice to admit . ^  thiejurv-box;'      The   '���'gentieuicn; of tutj��� ;.^*  confusing than. m    ;!^  '������������'?'*���  such a  case I  do not envy  wottl  does.  wottld prolvihly .prove.more  I   am   r>leased   to note, thai the  ph*��^  ^d  stamped out uv Clasgo^ .      5au"V  " rrclHion.    1  good   work -expeditiously-on   this ������;..,''��� ^en-:.ft  different   the  older-time  style of- cU,e ;��� part of I" -  plague last raged hi Scotluud; in the wit ^ fg^.  seventeenth   eenturv,   the   services    0  W-,  ^^Mi^MMii&M^m^^^mf&mmmmm^^mtm,  ailaMilggSB��!i��Ha��S!^^M!i��!aMail^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  peii!iv     >iie;    hen loom     of    the    Lockharts,  P   iJ;,,,/ oHManilv   requisitioned   as a   charm  ���jin-it disease  jijKllltVO  t was also borrowed by the muni  r,uv..,,lVNewcastle when the ^plague crossed the  ^eriaafl .i dep-iMt of a large sum of money was  ifton.it' So e<>nei.jeed were the Newcastle folk of  rolanif"-searing efficacy that they actually wanted  b,"'s V)ic U'<" h'^anv. and lorfcit the deposit. The  h[!HV) is <'ini|.��i.y a Muali triangular pebble set in an  wj "silver eoii;: U was obtained in Spain by an  ircestui. ���$' SimMM Lockhart, as purl of the ransom  jfaMota'^h/eiuct, when that knight accompanied  ���ordJames i)ou;Ko. who w-<s slain, In the abortive  l.'�����riiM,-in to "bur,   the   hean   of Bruce iu the   Holv  |xpeoi;i'Hi to-  taiid.".'&*'^'T ''���������'���iV- which suggested Sir Walter  'onY" ' Tallin.i */' is kept in a gold ciske! that was  ires-^ital k/i mm eimtury scion of the Lock hart  Luiivhv Mar.u Theresa.  1 4 t       'Uf Jew     J  tec  Aitboogh' Xel-'-i:   j,h perhaps tetter provided with  tidew/k Mcilhie> ;han any city of its size in Canada,  is quite ���.Vr-i'are.tu that :.;-th��y"ped|^  [cry c. *avide r,i nlv by. f h^dft^^  [own the stievts.'   - l^rticti.;^1.;y:/is'.:^  taker' Street i h-e-i'e line af?eruoon$y/^7'/f,ft^  M imager *>;' v��me diffictidiy'.ipr;;;W^  (fay uiroii'jih '".he cro >.ds,yyokl Y<"J^^  Biat }x>limno-1. !h�� stationed.it.t;/:.t^e,:r-;.cll-fl^r^if>Jrii^.r^'^ir^^>��� .C  ieepthc'.^pk nh;ving<y-anc:i";|l^  ho j  ;s s !���.**<���>!  that the; sidew;a:lks^;:ou;;/'tekK"S.t:r^if:  sta*M  /some"  r* {jltee,:. ^ ice: wide. / it .'will /five":ihe/o  pa t,r \\u: !mm!:- t hat pre vails/ju^^  Nndcr mi thr latter diivs of tb^,bUiet^nih-;^SlWSrSK  ��^n��iy ��MrMi^��ivaiJ^.>:.  I   '7>t<! ;.t  i.... :.,,.'.   1/  interesting   ariicl&'/ifr/^  ..the  3)iyorce..'B.tirmud:��tmti.iin��MyM%:M.  Wk.      r should not be at all surprized to find that  similar enterprises are flourishing  in  nearly every .  fctale in the Union.     The divorce laws of America  are certainty verv accommodating, and that they are  so extensively availed of is an inducement to~unprincipled men to make a business of arranging the little  preliminaries-to make a separation legal. The church  appears unable to, accomplish anything in the way of  decreasing the per ceutage of divorces,  nor is it pro  baole that it can effect a change as long as the divorce  laws remain.as they are   However, the Episcopalians  are to try the experiment,    r understand that at the  next general conference of. the  Episcopalian Church  at San Francisco three new canons on the subject of  marriage and divorce will he submitted.      The great  g.,ns will be fired for the  first time in the  State of  California.      Should* these canons become'law/then.  the Episcopal Church will  have pronounced the anathema against divorce, and more particularly against  the  remarrying  of divorced persons while another  party to the divorce is still in life.    The only ground  fe^jAf��rcc which the Church will acknowledge is the/  mifei|hAilnesB of either party to the contract.   Parties ��  diyq^cld, lor any other cause  will not be admitted to |  t^gtisin. confirmation/ or communion,  except when 1  penitent and  separated  from the party to the subse- I  quent marriage,   or when penitent and  in immediate I  d|nggr/of death.      Now/1 doubt very  much if this f  /^;i|l/ha/ve any appreciable effect on the divorce statis- I  tics/  For the one marrhge solemnised in the States'1  .^^SS^^1*11* r^er^ are perhaps a dozen by some I  ,;>|Wge/;7,>/'colonel/'  registrar  or other  personage ||  4i^is^to:��ie the connubial knot or to undo L at will ff  iny^ Parties   who avail S  ttemsely^s of'such services are not likely  to be trou- 7  ^j^|by^tho$e little conscientious scruples which mark 1  t!it:good"church member.                                 P.O.  .*  > <     <**��� WS s  I;  I  .ll'J..  ;��i*S  ililiiijl  ' /��:  rm  y>\  ;-V#  rS--  . :P:.y '&��&?%$���&  'mM  h W4M WUlf, WM.H�� HWBW*  f'-^'WVfiM .--H��U����; ���.:  w ft w wumi h 1 iii wmm ������  ^S6^^a��<s>(9����^^  ���^6uf7^wa:ht the  LATEST  THE BEST GOODS AND WOR  ��� �� * ajL, . JL % ��� ��  m.v<*  &*l  ri'Wv:''tyfi.'.iP-*?^;f:i!?!^-  "')<3i$ii  All this yon can get. at  ��PPosite Q  mm  ���mMM  '*' ���*-~���.  It 10  The Man of Many Lives  J'HEE..!,���  whittled the    wind through   the deserted streets in the small   hours of a wintry  morning, and the drivitig rain, in piercing gusts,  made the walk of the {pedestrian homewards from the  City  and to the suburbs an  extremely  unpleasant  one, wrapped as closely as he might be in waterproof  7-;.and^.cape//7^"',:://: r  Thete were few people about at this time of dav  ���between 2 a.m. and 3 a. m, It was a little loo  early for the morning paper compositors to te leaving Fleer^ its neighborhood, znd h was not  quite: late enough for the men employed at Smith-  field Market and the General Post Office to be mov  ing towards these hives of industry.  A certain street coffea-stali mm hid, therefore, a  little leisure, and, sheltered behind his steaming urm,  uuder cover partly of wood, with a canvas extension  in the front and the sides of the stall, he seetned fairly  comfortable in his snug retreat, and the wayfarer  was tempted ?o break his monotonous tramp to try  the Warming effects of a cup of coffee.  /^;^^n^tV^ifeht !" said the coffee^star man cheer-  i.ty to the new comer.  /You are right/' returned I, his sole customer;  for a policeman/shaking his wet cape, walked acrosi  from the stall as I approached.  *IT pitied the wretches out Btaekfriars Bridge as I  crossed//! resumed. '���' Exposure on such a night  as this must te terrible ?"  /'"There are worse things than sleeping out in the  streets of London to be endured/' ansvered the stall-  keeper quietIy>'///.-  I confess thai I was struck with the t��*ne.s of his  voice /and the use of the world " endured** tet rayed  to me that the man had some education, Ilo >ked  at hira curiously, and then said suddenly-���  r  4/Pardon  me.'; but you are -  " I was orice/' saio1 he���" or  -a gentleman /  I suppose that  i  as  --if good birth; 'well-to-do parents, the opuortunit es  of acquiring a first class education, a cafdtal start in  life, and all the rest of it make the gentleman "  ���-. ���" And how was it  " I began; aud then paused.  not wishing to��ivc offense������ * how was n   thai  "Vou mean, how is it that I've cqme down   in the  world ?������ Supposing U I say drink :    yoa w$ll ask me  no more questions      Drink, sir, is thecal** of  luff  the misery of the poor   wretchei   who buv rav   coffee  to*** to**1*** *�� their veins,    But Wh.t 1 *  drink ?   Can you tell me that >" m leidj  ** Can you >"  ,  "Supposing ifi ask you to picture !ft  w.ld  harum-scarum youth, theS  3,l��S[sdf  stable solicitor,   who  bad the m^rt f/,^  his mother at the age when most h nTSl ^ J"  Imagine the 4?u��g fellow,  with his Sd m!  romance,   running away  to sea,  befor?    c 1  Wmcy   his   coming   home repeuum. with ,D  nonsense knocked out of him.     But whihn  away  something    had   happened : Mm fah, I  married again, and the second wife hates theprodi  It is no home lor the Lid now ;   ho off once mZ  goesto-'sea^this  time as  steward in. w���S  yacht,.      \V��ttloltow��>-    Well:   if I tn?T  thing at all about it, you have learned what was [i  hral cause ol that man's downfall -Wuiihaoprlio  with no parental control*  "I fancy/' continued the coffee-stall mau ��  nectively. as he vigorously wiped a cup he had k  washed-4-1 taucy I see that young fellow ���  back to his friends again I actually see him rk  ni charge of a business of some importance, wit  plenty of money to- spend, and no end of temptation!  Fool that he was not to. take heed by the first wara  ing ! ft isn't every man who realises what is mean  by the words 'The one shall be taken and t  other left/ is it >**  " }Vhai wan the first warning, then >Vf  " Thitf^    My irmul ~ lctu�� call him my friend  was very fond of boating   ��� :Un one Sunday he, t*  other men, arid three girls went out iu a mailing-boa  Two of the women &m{ one ol the men wcredrpivwc  The othc? .two men hung on to the b*wtt which n  bottom upwards      Thcv were saved with the otte  girb and one of the raeti was my friend/''    ;  ** Was he n wild young fellosv -your friend?"  Too wild to profit by hb   chances.    These w��  -very good;   but  he  got into  trouble ami disgrace  At last his  friends euuld  stand it n���� longer; an  determined to send htm aboard!     They gave him 1  outfit, plenty of money, ami lotsof imr��Hluctioi��fi  considered they had done \\mr duty, w> ^hl  ,,n  you don't know, perhaps, what   effect it hn�� up'���  yoang fellow's mind to he.��cut away from hoine-  oiack   sheep, as it   were,   expelled   frmn the noc  SHAMROCK MIWERAl   CLAIM.  situate   In. the   Nelson   Mining  IMvUiou  of  Went Kootenay   District.   Where looat"ri-  On Hast Slope of Mow t ni mz Mountain, tim r  Give-Out Creek.  Take   notice tlml.J, J. H    i$ou*e*, n�� h>>ou\  THORNE MIWESAl CLSIM  HORSESHOE MIHCRALCUm.  m  fvfUf [?*���  fl,f-   N^*��   MiMliiij   OivlHloii   i��r''SMtmlchUli��%NVlMi��>niiln��rt^:M'rt,0jB|  <#��vimnit rrw-k; <v^5i  THISTLE MINERTAl CUI  situate  Sn the Nelson  Minlfi-4    Olvlwimj   >,(  West Kootenay   IHsivici.    Where  lo<\(f('<l  On  Kant Slop*- o|'  Months*.: Mountain   uc--r  Oive-(nit (;reek, '      '  Take notice that. J, ./. H, llowcy ns a^enf hn  the Hall Mines, LiuHteo* (i'"or<'l^iu; Fti'<-  Miner's Ortiih-utv No iaH,(>a."), iuten<l, slxtv  dayn I rum the <la(e fjereoj.. l<> appiv to 111 c>  Mining K<-eor<ier for a < 'iTil/h-:��teor fnipro\-<-  nientx, for the purpose of ohtainin^ a Crown  (Jrant of the a hoy e elaim.  And further lake nolle.- iWai   action, under  section  *{7. mtmt l>e  eoninn-nccd    hefore Uje  i^Htiance of sudi Cert j Ilea te of Improvement/  Da knit his 25th day ofOetoher, hM>.  .J. il, IJOWKs,  WATIONAt EIWBtEftS  rj||8EaAt CLAIM,  Siiuai.- in the SYfHo-ti MlfUnjf DlvKJon of \W**t:'  ���Slop. <>f Mf.nilrtK  Mountain, iu<nr OivMiui  Take nolle,- ih��t 1    r  M   ||���Wr��lM t^ent tori  Mioej * ( erijfleate No. iM.m': intend, nlvtvi  V///!" *����'* <����to hereof, t,�� ;M��p|v to fhe^  Mhiin,: Recorder for aCertlfSente of fmproveti  mentM. for the purpose of ohtalnhi.tr a ('roivii ;  Onuit ot the above ehtftn.  LOS. ANOBLES  l6  Tiu;fireatMiMt.��R.tournH  the t"ii-����t HtaiUiivrH' f,    y We^ s'-vij  MmU��j?JV'.��M'��  I'aeHleCo.-.si,  flU����'t,H-  And further lake.. n<��tlee (|mi aethui. under;  jetton ,n    rniiHi he   eommeneed hefore Hip*   ^/>^u^j Certifier of improvements ���  <m.I t hl��.-'i',t h day of Ortoher.UKiO. \  J. H. UuWKs.     I  j4Ul��J��M'!����!"i��*  jfr'  Sj.  ^  vi!  iHMtmnc  Out  ,Semt f����r  i*^  UOdl'J Kirr<MMl��'i>.V' ^  ^UKcfr*^*1" 1  *<  1,  i 7j.(7^,m. iiipiuii���llJW  '���"���^"/ *' .^J' ��� -'^.'/";:'; T t'^ -j";r'/? *:'-?:- .*'^-",AV'-^**---^-'r^ ������^;"- rJ-v 'V;-'V'-v-''-:'- rvr/j^-' ^ n-; y-;-^v* -"V1-;^ :''^-}':v:~:��j;tiy^  ������::���::��� H-l^illt  ;��*"  ig|:piipN;;;ico;|oIiST'  m  iiiinii  ^V:|Sj��^St^^|^��|[  ��he  r ���iwb:cause/;oif:-'%^  '' TOutidf;  "f am told/ tl:  ��U  Kipr --;:.-a,'ni, when/he; lauded;^  ^jesMilltt>eo up-country,vbM  He spenr alldnrtu^^  ij.s- letters : of /;duft<KiuJti^  ���  . t        -i~' % '    * .^" . !���*  . 4*/i/^ti'-'���''' * & '���''��� -;"-.7 ::.: v.'���.".-.'- ^1,-~.^:;���-:.v^���;���^���;:'���^Vi;::���:���^^���v-^;;���':i'':-' '-'."^''^'';-v;-i':;v*:7^\-;7':'^!'''.7..'v  :jV>., ���'���  |^m^wheh:;;th^  mehywhi^  wre^r^:;on;;the;;spdt:%  ^^.|p?;;fe^  ���RjR.iaj  *'0U-.':  |r|uk��ll^  l^pd/tha^  ..........0^^  went'^o;/:sleep;;^  ;ptt4ledyh;ii^   I^bktw^ ���^���^.  ;:'/;^^  ptipi^  jldiers  >re up ,    ..      ���. .    r,.,,..  Idesd-'b^a't*��� destitute, ;in:;fi|cty  v*VhaV^^  -jmnped the 'kvarK^that^    lihvav without'-p'ayintf your;fa;r^;/ (  tis'ciestiN^i4'''*''^  jiiieiivirH;- Hkc i\    story.4?0dk^  yd after wards..-  ^The/:mito;;;^^^  ,VLP    ii 'vav ?>retiy.'hard;;/-fectfttf t&U^  iroier liked In/-' whiskey, ;and/k$pt;3^^  |ftee?i;i,;;dW.ii ���'' l;��\tj/.    'f ���-. :dooT"|W  [indly'io iariulu^, ;tud.to<xi<^  ie hle'v so he '."j imifK!d;.thr>k>^'r^  kikxitv nt .- ��� never ,:::tiw,t|d;:|^h|;r|!|  hic^o, <*('Thihi<jdphia.//^  "The Yuuk- fcckV'm;th.��^  er/< jus:; as-.'aiin v' kmlrfmop/^  ��me.��� ��� lie ��� iki/sllkr^  inedi<\mc���-: 4->ct**r,'a.rid. wm��� si|p^Rt|.||fe|JIl|^ii|  jsiou. wi? h ph::j.: y p>, ,eai-;fM;fc|;7^^  v~~1' ��u'a.:i   his. , ���: jo.k-���AV;ir|;:;/|:||/St;||||^iiifi|3i^[iSSp  ����� ij��: ;<!:* *" '���'"���'<-'"*  ;'!' *hir' 'Khcrw/;;;ipf;^  mi'invltici^ :d! the :Nt���Mkb'r'f?i^  -: ^retJ.%- ��� ;:*di vp!i.e<l7^m',;::;wllhl!isp^  iu i! ;>.��;s}o 11 >: '��� * :5',:".'.   . yycy^cyy^-M^iMM^y^^^^ss^^M  '7 7-Hl7>7��i-- - '--V  "** '   ��� -���������'l'-'^my/\myjmX::!:^  " "':u'.s '"'    ^''���, HOM'ie' ">KAlM  c*eami;if.i v\7:;77-u\erwar<k;;*'f^^  >!au>k process  of ���' rnb1)iii|f7a'/;;;pfip|^^  7t:%;/sliii|iiSlii' i  ::'7l|SK//:��lll:��!SiSl  * . '������.--* vm~'-</'."\:~'':'i,''-'y^-~'.~-^  ry^^vvvvv^vvyy^  lhetibef||^  |p:i|^|l||;|;:$|^ri^^  ||g|h||||m^  7||||i||ti|-|||Sb^  fpy���Tiim;il|^  ||i|;:l|ii|||t^  :;li||l|m|r||t|a^  ;i!e"bas;"heBi-^  :|||.|^d/|||a|y;;;at|o  |||^3b0|il|;ind:,i^  li|7^a||;biil|7;:d  tfK^HV^-'-t^���^t^^^^ itt^n^.mitm  DRESS G  ODS, ill^iilftl SARP��TS^&^^  -^ .-��,..*. j.. j.....  ^���Hi^.^V'^tV .iHMljwBu.JKafc-atUB*  I ladies' DeDartment  .; /-H7;i;2l   S.'t  : Chii��ire:!  : cr>, a-M. .  I ' .1          ',  ,j "'di:;��;iu:  j drawers ,  �� aliitr-'  Udll-  J  ���   i< \y-  III if1)  ���;iih.-.i-.n��  uitk  II!  1'  s     ��  ������**���  11 ;<  '-Ulles'  skirts.  ir M  *d    l.adies*. 'aivd'.'.  ������-������o! vests/d.riiw^'  "'����� >*nrHitui ysurfi��:/  d Vkin$ ���".-���:"-'  ^i-*u��.\. cnslniierc^:  '-'���^      ^Ktu; / 7Mld.  '"<���] Si^ijsr- waists'  :,:s- ��� jackets,-' mid  v'ii:s   frotn   l>cst  ������\- '���-���t.-tlinijfly low  ���'���   ' -inatk*      Iress  1 ^-' ^.ich  up.  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II;  12  THE NEL  7. ��� ���'7yi'''WM.?fSlM  ������'��������� 'i':'.-."-..������.; ^Si  .?**  M':'-'  i^H:'  l^t"--'-y  sr?i^1 !'-'"'-^''.':-'  n >%* mm-  ft *���        r-     *      S,''.y.rv'.;:  !*���*��-wlte*.-  P* 'itllte-7.":-':  .���*!������ -i��tev;*:  f**f '��� al I1 te^: ���'���:.-  f��L.1"'  IjS. r';a:.-,  ?" * -\PK:;'-7'���?  '��� : 11^:7': '���;'.  v,.- t#:::;7  ! ]  *-   ' ��� *77: ';.;:���;  IE-*wJ ���*��!'-'-u:.���''������������>���::  !{����;����� **M7:S'���  I  ���   <��� it-:;  : -:H|:i7  M-  ffv.'j*  . I  m  quarter   of the globe he  was "/shot 7 /at ���������'������and /badly  . wounded by .a .Greek."';..','::  /-./.: -/While on another carouse 'be :and;fq.^  drank whiskey in-".a barn :&nd: went to, sicepv    Tbeir  pipes set the /h.ayValightf.a^  ;: to:the;gi on nd~^  -...flames".' ;'..;���: My friend :,wa$:':saved//,:'':  "Your friend seems to hive had the tiin^ lives ofa  Vcat;'?if;;:;:';7 7. '\'-^  ;...' ''.Yes/;,; it;appears;.so/\v^  ;you. proves' that there>.;.a re ��� ���worse" things In/ the:worlds  loan sleeping,out of d^^  :'��� this/ eveu on,- a���' vyiitter-'s:nig'ht.::; DoesnT;;ii-T*y'���:.  /','/4One more word/'.said1/���//-'Is! t'hcre^iv'-se^uel'fe'  the story ?   Did the;raau~-your:: friend���recover ytus/  position ?'' ������-. ' ��� v"-ft7:;::./7.\: ,-���'���'"������,��� :/���/*:; v'^'>/::;>  '   * ���-.'.< '- ��� . ,r ,     ' |.������ ;������������  ���, ���   ���  M I believe he is tryingto do so earnestly;���/..��� -repited,''  the coffee-stall man,     " I know him very well;     He  has told me that sometimes   moods   have come over  him whe-i he hasl>eenseized;.wit^  able desire to take the  life of any man who  crossvd  his path.      Sir, it is a terrible, thing, lor'a feiiow*with-  out fear uf God or man to iead"a'\ *vuld:vr:a.iuh.^  roughing it ;   sometimes- earning  money, and   tbetv  riotously .spending it, and getting down -to': "rags.������ ;A ndi.  .|be:.bard.ep.tbi.bgT  ;:;tn^  ;::Biit;y;att^r:aH -        ' -���l^inaniW  &a ::->:  ���; ���'tv.  'flw^vMwjmw t��ii��i��*'::ra��(��-(kv*��������.'  ;;:g|||^  ;leitr^  ;eK;|)re^g::;^^^  :pcirtraits;7i^^  :w||'h;^l0^|��;^  Anc^t^'topg-  /,:;.;Ie|i||;|b^  :IIde;;by3::pal;;.:g||^  i!t���t//fQ  tli^/;t��a|i|il||;pii^  V��'.rw��rr ���,"������:. ��n wj;w,-������  * m IiAIm AW . Ml  rmflR"n. ���k?t0\'^tia ^m^^-^s^^  t in unuuLmlu   uilULlTirtnLiI   -intmvn^,. K*r*��.*i<w*^w*rn*..^  t':.i':  fi  > ��� ..rf-rtV. _-.'. .'lav S(v����4ift.T*.. ��� ��� ������.- .>���;.  SSSAVERS' SIPPtll  tM!:;Sta����/r!fu '|f...-Ufli  W*:;SIc*7Clierriiit8fS��  Bureau of Provincial Information.       DENVER FIR  w-y. :v<  F.  T N <")KI.��Kft thttt. 111*.* ' iovcrimi<��it t muy I>e 11j  1,    posst-wslon   of defbiite   iiU��>rmtulo"ii with  which to supply fh'^^^ey-kin^; invt^irnvmy in  thi-iT'-vlnee. I am ins?rue?ed to iuvu*r \n\r>  ti<*niarfi Jsoni tho>-^ who have pfopertie^ for  ��ale.and who may fe*-l iltsjv^ed to forwitrd  MurVi part leularj* iuthij< oitic*-'for the I'mrix'tH-  In fine*ikm.  In view f sf the projvtsed earlv re��>rpud��a-  Urni'-ftlK- Vj?<*m G.'niT.it'i* 'dlfeehj l/>ridon,  Ku^laud, *iie de->ir,<Muty of ii;��v'if.tic uti file a  3i*? of f;irn><. ana other prorwTUW Tor Fal��%  with full   and   aeeiirate   detaH��,  in   obviotin*  -Properites *?uh!nttfed,rnay hiehnle farm* *'tui   ' "''���"'���"'  "  farm Iand��. -Jndttsiri��l **r eommorehil   con.    n ��� ���*��������&��� �� ��� s  eertis, timber Jit aim. water rK>w<*r��, or oth.-ri yil  I L m h I j  ��� .(jnterprL��'*sftfr����r<Un^O|��|K.>rmnlUeA for h-tfiti-: ��  *^ *  LflhU  mum investrnant.  It Ik  not pnjjjo-ed to eonnnbnd pr*>p'rti<���-* '  to.vntemlhiK inve^tem*. but toutroni (he full'^t  access iu the chf^tfiedli^iHaud all avaihshh'  information eonm-eied therewith; mu'l to  place enquirers in eonunun U:ut ion wlili :he  Ovvner^,  The fullest pa>iteuiarKared*��irfd Hoi onlv  oft.hej>ropert;e�� -i:pin��e|vo.��. hot ofthf lof.;.,|].  tlf.K In which (hay ��re.Hluuited, und the eojj.  dinon^ iitf.-et, k Ui<-in, For thi.�� }��urpo^.  printed scliedto.* win, upon MppHejithm, in-  forwarded to those d��-;drotr* of m.'tklnt;Mi|r-K  H- !���- 0(JS.NKLO,  Seereuiry, Bureau of Provincial JnformsiUon  mmy  BRUNTOS'RO'C  .������-���OiTOw^ir-Vrs.-'  sons  l1  ;-,ii.-*WK^--,,WJ-'  0 W*W-  :M$,  BOTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  ;;7pei��;fe.mify.-;-::.  FINE WATCHES  SPECIALTY  tidOUt o�� u<  CrRTfFICATE:OF IMPROVEMENTS..  Oentrrtl  nod   Out.ml   i-'r-ieflunsil     Mtif nt'  <1.hJimh��� Mi tint tt�� In (he S>lH����n Mining Olvl^io  of W'��������.<���*<. K'-ofeiMV. I'd^trltd,  'Where l^jroted; On K��{>i*> rYe����k, l.��etweejj  ��� l:��d I'oiot" and rlnvinetble" Mineral  t 'ShHoh , . .  .T;��kf?n'��tle<j Ihiit  I, J����liij"Mrr:JiUrhl��% I'.LHi  of   t���*!���-�� rjty   <��f  N'rd��on. iwfinu ���� ��if��'nr  for  Otto Jnhn*on.  {->,-.,,    Miner's OertlfU-iU**   Ko(  It iT^u'jnnJKdwartl 0��mt.��niy Free -MlnerV  <,erUn<-M?.- No. H lT7J**i;i. Uit^od HixU'ditv*  fr.-,ni the dnlo ' hereof, (��> tippK }0 the Milt-  hstr I^'fnrder fc��r rerUnent^- of mprove-  nient^. i����r the pt^rpo^eof obtaining- Crown  <*rarjt�� of jJm* abt*ve e'lalinfi.  And (urther take luytlee tliaf aetfoti, under  fteetton H7. imifd t��e eoiiifneiieed before tli��  .iHijvir.nee at such f-erf iheate of tniprovernent*/  lotted ����.i�� iijt.h day of Heptemhcr, Ifwo.  JOiiN  McOATCIUE  ^ -Gaittp:sUp .... ^,,,  n ot ice and 1 pwest-' ft 'fefej ���  Mailorders .'.receive; ;^;,j&$  attention. c��cii  aiiB^,;  Nothinp   but    i^sa ,-y:i-:^  wholesome meats ancb"^. ,.,^ :  keot in stoek.  ��� ...  lanag^;'v]  !��*' |*'rf*      J    I'll  ��� '���-.-  ��  -      T��r ,. . +r'.m  ���. ,<��� >,,  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  a] Mr. Vincent :   and   Clayborne's  little country-  ired cousin, guileless  Sibyl May wood, a lovely   lily  - broken stem, bodily deformed, but with an   ex-  ... i.,v,wl     . iii>rhonc  ft r    /-<nint-t��tifin^<\..        . J i  13  ill a ��/����� 'a.��-     ......    ,�������, .������,, ,,*��,�� tlli   cjs,*  head   perhaps fit compensation���and a hunt-  ~ closer ihed as one those speaking instruments  luisite  dg voice  uore rare than any voice or song. You nearly over*  ttokDr./Xurih,. so persistently does he sit in the  |badow;of bis ft lends ;   but   they all   love him   (an(j  LEAD TARIFF.  Fi^MSe8/^^ haS ^ ��-ved from, the  G. 0. Buchanan, Kaslo ���   ��ttaWa' N��V- "' 1^����-  ^ii Vou,    0,,t lar��e; kind-.^ ^*���e^lV^3    KfZ X* ^ *~   ^co2L3ST  ,ilV//i,.,.l; .I^T*^ A^111".1?* .chi,d��fe    matter        th'S "   'S 'mP<"*i*>le to s-.yinanjTriff  , Mr. BuSSin's tetter to which thifuT1^'  closed  copies of thtWtSt 2 ����������������" reply* en-  Boards of Trade ��n,i���fyrl    ,of the Associated  subject of the 1eJ ��l?i,hV^a]COnvention on ��*'  Ifthe company, the dear glad little girl who loved  jig, wicked Xerxes Crofter, in whom her child  lean saw nothing that was not good; and here  [e.hav'e the-master character of the book, the huge  Mter, who, plays bear" so perfectly with babv  iarythe en.ue.-d mind has relapses, forgetting the  Ban's badness, and. thinking perhaps this unusu��i  in.has.oiily- ���>-;, >��� playing bear" to terrorize <m  iult world. *  Tbc subjects >chvted by the author are so vital  iib interest. * > imvlv discussed���nnd Sibyl Mav  food** loverstorv ml �����, wurth reading ihe book for*  fc theme is la-gk-cied. fn��ni the secret of flv-fithih*  *tbeiateM,a���nio��� Mr Vincent gives a daX  )��n.o,. rcg,ra,nK the success of Canada as a colon*.  pa. it,, and  anse   to   prove   ih*   ��:������*-  1 ii��� ,   ,. i' 'vv-   intz   saver   wrrtn**  kbl��hed :, .1 c Co,,,,. Clark 0��mp�����vi.,d ToSto  N lor -s;,lc  bv Canada  n���   4-   ��   V  V* om"l�� ���  WHAT BECOMES OF SILVER.  SUver��>'hefh2Ue4U��n'  �� What  ^��f all  the  ' Th" su^ N07SwhBa;r" / *?��.   a-we���:  Mppijr   ur   wnat metal  continues ahnut  *���  ����.'��T' UOtwithsta��d"* ^s so-calS demoni"  action, as for many years the yield from the mine?of  Staff valuf CY^ ^00'000'000 --Sby  thta ?&.- 1 here 1S no aPParetit surplus   at  Lr��i,t��l       T  thC COmrary" h 9een�� ���� be ap-  Jow TJLJ ?iUe f",Ce tbe United ��������� mint p&  >Km paying; 56 cents per ounce, compared with Af,  cents a few years since.    Silver i. still Sg&*  Wadds Bros.,  WWCMl BOARD OF HEALTH.  British Columbia.  ^    ^    Ord��r    0f     MU     M  ��yofs��pttmber jftoo  [���All sick eh|n,..M..'"  Mh.v*ir{tt,,M   |,(-1: V r'^��l^  ���SP"11".7.i ;;7 7'r,7"f "-"in. or-  If Hiring '^'li'        ;i  v      f!,,. *       "'I     I       lit   i  Plnsut^������fll  ,|,,,,,,,Mor ����'��W��rv  p  Vft*fcoyv��r and M��f��on  CERTIFICATC OF IMPKOVEMCHTS.  I - Okiuptv;OJeu Mineral Claim sttimrr. in th  **ate No. B .16.386, inieiMl�� slzt-v days from\h��  1 for a Certificate orrmprovements fcrih?���?  I Sffm*��bUll,llllf a ^*^&to^*  VtCTOmA ST., HElSOwi    Andftujhcrtakonotlwtliat aciioii^unaer  I action S7, mttst tn? commenced before JB iV  : Miiuice of ��uch OprUfleate of Imprtivem^te  i    Itited fftim 1st day ofKc^mlierf nSo  John McLatchik.  PERRIER  ccariFtarrc or fiMmovtMiHTa.  wncre *^��ii<?a:   un me   divide   Mwm��  j Benr and Wild Hor^ o��ek���� one^fourfh 5?2*  i inlle northwe��iof the Parker mmeralWhn  T��konolloe that L Joh^^ol^tchie; FSIS  r ���������������������������������������.  j Im}>erlal and Eclipse -MlncfnU Claims, situ-  at4* 1st tb& Setetm MUjing Division of Ea��r  i. Kootenay Districty-  ! Wbeca. lo��a^d: On Fon> Mountain, about1  one nitlesoiHhiw&t o�� the Fcra mi����jrl^  claim., . . -'*���:���'*��������� *7:;TJ- '���"  Tivke notieo that ty John :'MftLatcbi& P;h&  of -'Noteon,-:: acting as agent for Philipi* Xy  Thompson, Free Miners Certificate No 'it'"  44,888, JamesAdammniy Free Minor'a Ceriifi^  rate   No. ,-B 44.au-Arthur-   Jfd'rJai:dr;'   -Vtet-'  fe^'v'ti,.'-|i?����AN.,M. a.   ;  Toa#her of.  pt'ii  -���vWi-liii  snumlatitm   md   O^nire.    Trial TufUon J nootioh  37,imjat be comment*-\mffc?*&*  .���v    ,r?f- Hfi8uanc^orHuc.hCertifleateor'lmpr^veWeliit-ii.  aft* LaftliMr <&*'' *, ��  *i   ���"'     - ��    Dated this 4th day of September, J900.  '���6 >v.  MM  r * ^r^*  ��� -. 1 *���-  .if  ^-^i    ^.        ���,  I !-'��'  l  ��   >  MC-<  ,:::   ���' :.H  5 *  1       *  ���i\  -it   . .J?^5ft?8*Wwn  ���mrwimmmmmiitmfmtMmsnmm^imimit^^S^I^  ����a^lBBl^^^ii^^^^^i^ hi  1 &mp ���  It 'rt''Jt -'   ***$!!  1 ���  *    1  I   4  ' ��>'  hS&i  ;,t 'v i%f  14  ���amounts,.; with ',evcrv:'IndicationVihitii wilt in"i  :/foture/'l^  tliG.:'case':.for.-:mai'n ^In.^tJ^}}' the7.iln.ited';'3t^tes  ���voined'.v:^  coihed;;:$2'r\ocxxcx^:.;.:-;:Rns  .poo'.opp.-' "y' Ei^u res':'��� -show ���'ilfatil^  :of-^  THE; ;NElyS:QN::;:EGONOMIS^:  r^nt;e!ecttou;:!'ti;:N  > *'i.r.-.viri-"/'*^  ,'���';'. ,1*V:?-?'i?.^15  :'yy:f$0.  v-'Vi^.  :i:ate.::cant|>iiigni  r��ng the^  .;���        >;:���'��� ���r."-.:^' :>'^v-sloqAisf:��� ore;'���':. ���;v;r"..���;':��� i-���;;;;'-;1;:;-;;���-;H^,  ���.M'rbe'.foilO\nn^  ,';': E. Green -.of. K-aslo^; fi om '.���'. t he;; ������. secret a r v of :|he... ;P$jrt$ '-  ���V''Kxlubitidn;4V-V'������;���;, 7-777 ,;;"./';',,;:'.:,7'-7;-v:'; .'. y/.-:',y.::Xi ;y '���- ''���������������  -:'''��� ���.���':' ;Dear.Sir;-:-1; have much isleasiire'ln^'order'of-J-tk::'-  .'" Canadmn/ConHuission,;; to advi-se; vott-rliat,th��'������ ln|er* ^  ���,-. r.attbaj\\"���'Jurv.a1the Paris :4Shiversa 1-,' Exh i hition yms:���  Y a warded lhe:'-IM^ 'I0r7a7cd.ilec.ti ve/. ex-.':  .'/������h^ exhibi'��� of silver;  ';---ore-fdrv^ formed an.':.'��� important'.';:par'ty'ay  ;,'���:i7rand" -Prix- l)iploma, and';you:'\vi.l 1 .be. entitled, i&yriv7  1 ceiy�� aj'Cppy^r-i'he. award.-.*-':v;:   ��� ���f'^y^y^y^^yy'.  Now'.;.^  ;trei>mihe^  take-the���'binir'tha^  ' TI ve v: 'iieed' 0.0 f: 1>e 4 h o co ugh bred, ah i'ma is * ~i n' fa c t c?t'fe>; -  ful"l>reediug;:''teJl^-a  p irticular.'^ .'Just^lress :;M.r,,;,Dog'.;.;if|>' -.in;.', the'; ;  moist.-atvraefe "around ;Eis neck'-.  with vour 'card, atUiehecE and set  mm -at 'lanse to defv:' ���������=  t he::|iou.nd^keepeT,7:H^r,lfi^7f.>hfn ..was��d*-*pted during t.h^.';  I-; % y *:-;^  .7,'tno^..3mluab!e;plctu^;,.;in  ;,,;Ri4phh.er^.;v..S.istiue:MM  :7;-P;feiumba^y;^  . ��� tins; .yearsy;/Toronto  .:-. uioKt.,beau.utul-.:-psct:.ure;- eyt.r^:uVad^��� hy'��� pitotiJaoi  r-!w^A|$<>:^^  /7anotlier7-|>femium::-.wit:lvlhe,iino^  .;ksu;ed.,:i.o;::C%nadi*v7^  '0'''il1u^t;nuion^;:,|^  7:1^  :-;vmoM;touch.l;u  i;;mI|jii!:$9Jdlfr  ;.0-^^ori|>;lfi|!^^  ;;iv..y>'i|:.ihf!:);!t  :7ludipi;te  :'thing^^g^S>cl7  ;ortyout7.ii^^  "��t��J������^**��*SWi  IQiU.XIM.HHM.LiuJiMv..^ 11    1   1   m,.y  f|-      T^,^1Tl^vi.^1r~^^fftfr,^.^;,.,^  AN AD IAN  * 1>ACI F1C  w0   S00 LINE  *.%^%%i^i4%^^  ^^^--f^^^^i*^^  wnoLmM^mnrMtrMm  1.  %j  "**".���������     ��sW*   ihf'  y  7 <>sv AH 'Tr-yiin-^ iYnhs  BWELST0K�� Hi MfllBII tllfi  MER  HEA.O-O.iPff&jE^ ' HtlSO'H\M^  ,..*;;;  ��--At^O-  TOURIST    GARS  P.js-lni?    I)nti!rior*': JHii<Mi'.��[i- J.U'tily   {at '-'-  nossUffa :  ��� SAMDOM ���  n'nunys'Ji'nd 'i'inirrfdjiy>'-f'*>r Torbnto. j  Susoe -<*��ry }>any Hcv^ls!(��*;<���. one <!isy"* nfUvr, ?  j: . ���  ���TStAlt'yrv'-^-S  -.-'������TM R;��S: :F0  :af-  :llftSON;  i'MSt!!  �������������������  /sidc^it ."-CiTY;  ..-f.._.. l���1��� -,,.M. |....|1..���-'[..rij-llin.-.-l.r:.Yn-T1.^rn.^^���r-���....-���^^ ���^^-..^.���^^. .,.���,,,fiw��^-,-'.f*irt��)i^��arwi*TI  i��**ww*>** .-inM iffc.****' .  K*'��r voir:' K-nKU-rn trip  mmf':mi^��-��~  S���t THAT YOUR FICHT SHOS.K!l WIIM P'iOHC!  Doo rs ^ S ashes ^and^Tu  Brackets, and ��� Office:,:ff til sigs;..;;-. ������/:���'',  r* ^,;^v��\f��<-��.'',*fflj>v*��''  TRAINS AND STEAMERS ' 1 |  . dki'a.kt   }     Kit-ioncr .for   Konyenny   J.uudny.;. *  7��.(K) -aiui   KnsU-rn   point��,.   v ra    v.'ro'.v'"-. 1  n.m.y     I N<-s( r��.��uI��..���-. ]'  b 00        /    Train f����r Kn.-slnnd.<*ruri'l Ffirlti*, !   ������������  ex.   8?'N.   \ OrectnvixHi. M id way, etc. ���  9.00       |'    ' 'J'ltiUt   for -.siix'ttii   City, ysjfx'un'I .1  nx  8UN. i |��<jint��. a  ml Sandon. {  WM      /     Sli-juiKM- for K��wl��'  and   int��*rnM-- ?  KX,S'UN.   i diate j>oiru>.. y  tuji'i      /    Tntln    for     ItoKsland,    Xaiitf^p  !���  , i5;t v    H^veiKn>k(y    Mnlna- Lln����   and   |'a   !  P'or.tlcue-t:*l.)le*��, ratch aim mn   inl<��rnn*t 1*111 ;  i'&U on or ttrldrcSH iwuroKt lo<uil nm��ni, or  K.-W. Dkkvv,''Depot A^tTii, / v ,-  H.'Ii. BKOWK.City Ak.mh.    i >"'*>". IW. ;  isfaction Guaranteed.1'   Pr  -����� ��i  ��w*wwwmTntw"�� ^ii>"*'"  ��nn�����wmwwi��w'w>��'  5iT  ��r���"��->,*,�� "1  rl rT'~i  To Hu>  Voiir  HLL  >. F. Anderson,  Trav. PawsyAgent,  Ncteorj, 'B.O'.  ��. j. Coylc,  A 0. J'. Ax��ni,  Viini'oHvt-r, jjyc  Scotch and   I  TROUSERINGS.  fUiKL^   Announces Urge, l'1),^^^  rish SKROKS,/TWBB:pS, ^iMh[^-yy:--. t 1,   t- J&UnX  n   i.  j vir  y?Mm  r    *  f  t  *+*++++  St.     ft"***/*'  /A/ HAND  if K t    '  **���  QOVERHMSNT  A&B  RANCH -&  ��6 HANb fop^&ifiifii",&i  ^"f>;  4 -*/vH>  Ilk}  ���* Jtillll  ^o to��t ��od ftirni��K y  ���ttLEPHON&m  ^fe.-*���^in^rTi^tmtiindoii^iinnni^ffl,  mF>ATRiGK# WILSON  ��MMHi  "ii i* *   i  malinpiipniim  'SON. GIBSON CO  VHpWi  ^.^Vii���ii  7 'v&  ^ANyfACTU����RS 01  l?^"8 PJwder�� Fevering Extracts, Vinegar,  ruckles, Sauces, Spices, Etc., Etc.   .    .  \VIXNTI>KCf,  ******   tKwwii^imaw *       * *��-*  ���**���#<* ���**#, ��w��p*^   ^     ���|������r - HiTniiiiiirt ^(uni  Kivmaily ��n \\ mad i,* >> ,��L-  *��� ����.  ?IJ ' t .o;^,".'.^; tS:luT  p*  $6.75 PEH TON.  HEUlf��BI@  Oris  for  t ^  *iw*^  -V1*!.*-   hvuMia  Uf    IttttW ***l��h��.*    ��^  T   *-t��* j*\ ^JH^k     ^wj.   ^WfrLTW  >i      H       W*   VII.    {Rj^tfVk-  ��  ����*��- m��i  * t>  i     ��  If  ul    i  vt f  >*.r - ?  J*,   *  I.  r,  l'  ^^.  ^��  J t    Y, i-fa* .^A  *-��  s-it o "-t ...I.  4  *    ��  (   I G&bNIM&t.&mVilM WW**** tMMrt VnW-i...  AW w **4��fi*T   "wr^r  *> ,i'*' nf  HlftT!  *��� nut'  and*  Complete Irw  �� Ute  QCfkUf tie  I  t.  M/��47  Rogers Bros* '���  Kiilvw, Fortw,  dfNMMa% 4KC*  | K>cs <a*rf*lt* e*amt;i*4 **4  [property Attn} |e> fHe tw���� ��md*  ofajf  0( ^  If vou van;tt��J^^��^>,Wy war  Christmas ftrewnU. I Atfc^rt to tejiW  ofc0ttr*,atJta^OM*?& ��feta��1��Si  hi* goods right, aaa\#JHi^j$ftfti right. H*  wants to sell ht* SaaaVtm! la wants vow  money. He has Hue Jbtff&^|MMMe stock,  winch I��c will guai^ofce* |��*^��ete *tt�� ant-  em prices*, lie asttHf i$U)]feai goods, and  no doubt you waaf mlMjtg^pa#ttaiftft hea&te.  We can exchange gBpnjfm����Hwy without  any trouble. All gopftVltagftt W en*  graved free of cliarge^^H^e^PCss prepgki  * Mr    *      *.&  Mr  * v  *%  ***  Ml  wwmMh  a*  *  w��  mmmmmm  AT.  ������'I  U/KOOB DOvEFcQ^mmH  NELSON. BRITSBH COLUMBIA  ���i Kj'iiwiarma  if'aawiBB  ������1 ���imiiiaiwi mmiwmmmmmmitmmMMmmmmmmmmmmmm  ���iiw11��^awnum 1 mi. n iwiiM  IIL  1    *��   c       s  I     4      h ���*���  m     /  % i * t' < 7 t  4 ��.  tf ��,��'  ' X  ���s   *  *.  ,*    1  nelson, "il c  ^" 1"^      *    a  *^   ^   yjitL    ���at*    t       v       nfiif   v/ 3aJ  Ji& -^  5VT ^^ 1  71 'SjZJtifr    ^ I  ly  ?  it  \     *  l*      iA. ^ * ^     ^1 JI r        7      s V   7 ^ <"������ '7f|      A^?k' ^i#|,r* ���


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