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The Nelson Economist Oct 10, 1900

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 #%��,^  ���/;"���������'*.������.  tit^3.jipf  ^.i'i^ ; i-iu^ryjitf *****& <���** W-A* .-ii-* - "���i^Jl^M/'~CLiii(F wA'i jy, fr��&*  NELSON ECONOMIST  l?0L. IV.  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 10, 1900.  NO. 13  11>-HU*<IMt*l^M AWf|Wj imwft   "t  fHE NHLvSON IvCONOMIST is issukd kvkry  Whdnksdav at the City ok Nkuson, B.C., by  I). M.Caki.kv    Subscription :   $2,00 per  an-  Nt'M ; IF PAID IN ADVANCK, $1.50. CORRESPOND*  ���liNCH-   OF     O.KNKRAI.     1NTKRKST     RK5PKCTHUIXV  soijciTKD.   Only articles of mkkit will bk  AbV.ICKTISKft IN Tllli.SK"COLUMNS. AND THE IN  TKKKSTS OF KKADKKS WILL UK CARKFULLY  GUAkDl-n AGAINST IRRKSPONSIHI.K PKRSOKS AND  WOKTHl.F^S ..ARTICLES.  f fiftU J' itri*   * r'r 3r    VMrfSMlu  ^HK,ahccess; .attending the Canadian exhibits at  the great Paris ex position-is inn tier for congra-  ulation.      It is .eisjxrcially gratifying to note that the  ost-successful of the provinces, according to the num-  r of prizes awajded,   is British   Columbia.      The  j'ineral display from this western section of the Do-  itiion secured the. grand prize, while, the products of  ur fisheries and 10rests were a revelation to  the mil*  lonsof people who enjoyed the big  attractions provided for them-at the beautiful capital of France. We  bscrve that  the executive of the Glasgow Interna-  ional  Exhibition  has  allotted   7,000 square feet of  pace to the West Australian Government,   who will  ake over from Paris the collection of gold in various  tafits of refinement" which'has been so much admired  * the exhibition there.      The collection is valued at  !5o.ck:k>, and will be'augmented by other products of  lie count! v. What is to prevent Canada following this  ood example, and securing ample space at the exhi-  "hon in Clas^ow for the material which now attracts  K> much attention-at Paris ?      If the Dominion  Go-  eminent will not undertake the task, then we would  ���u2scm that the Provincial Legislature make arrange-  acn^ to liavc the British Columbia exhibits now do-  nR good service at Paris,   placed in position at Glas-  i ne cost would  not he much,  while great  ��*fu- wculd  accrue  by thus   advertising  the  re-  ^ees 01 the Province,      We hope the matter will  ^vethe attention it deserves,  and that immediate'  cPs will t>c taken to arrange for the neeessary space  1 t'lns^ow.  -i-., ���   ��� ��� 1    .....  "SpecH|a"-0ftC" take 8 lc9so"frcun ��aM old England.-  Wsl' ' '" '"'lUerS P0!'1*0*1- �����<��� ����� *o running a  'i      "ot r��x>m in the parliament buildings, they  Wm"Sive us ����  ���TFT *^  j*4��� '*"Y��  tiv  a point.     The refreshment depart-  ��^Tlcl,0Ur h��llSe al Victoria *na"ols�� that of Ottawa  ^tronsV0 lhC Country' a,though to the honourable  ��^ of tT,e 7Z Tua gai"   Thc Kitcheo Com*  ���^��Wht0, 0U5C of Commomi is to he con*  ^Sle-   Pvul "^ **'* snccess atlai��^ **V the catering  |-r|^ed U) nj emlV me,nl)ers of Hie House are well qua-  'f^Hhere is "'l .relrcshmcnt rooms on business principles.  l'^'^ dinned^^ * respectable amount of trade done at  f:>*vNat.aii isa^Jea UbIes�� aml ** ffiust not be forgotten  *��aged  by hon. members themselves*    the Koote  They are able  to announce a profit  of ,��2,835  this  year as a result of th->ir work.      It appears from the  official statement just issued that  66,402 meals have  been served in  the House since January   1st.      As  might be expected, teas head the list, 30,397 of these  having been served.     Of dinners there were 19,376,  and of lunches 10,558,   while 148 suppers were provided and 5.923 meals served at the bars.   Sir Wilfred  Lawson  will find food for reflection in the statement  that over ,��4.000 was derived from the sale of wines,  though the House of Common still remains without  a licence.    Nor do the Kritish members of Parliament  receive those welcome little remittances known in thiflt  country as sessional allowance.  ������-mmrn���. .   ".  "���   ������      \  Vancouver is making another attempt to start ii  raining association.    We wish our friends of the TerE  minal City every success in their laudable effort, bu|  venture the prophesy that Vancouver will never be|  come the point at  which the mining business oi the  Province will be transacted-    It is too remote from the  scenes of active mining opetatiohs.     However, if ouiS  friends at the Coast manage to iorm ap association on  the lines laid down,  they will  do much towards forwarding the interests of the industry generally.   The  aims and objects of the proposed association are : To  submit desirable amendments to  the provincial mining laws for the consideration of the .British Columbia  Legislature; to prevent wild-cat  schemes from being  launched on the market to the discredit of the Province; to provide a suitable meeting place where ideas  could be exchanged between mining men, papers read  and-lectures by eminent mining experts arranged for;  to establish a museum of  mineral specimens from all  parts of the world, the specimens to be properly tabulated and displayed, and to have available a general  report on all the different mining sections of British  Columbia and specimens of all the rock and ore, and  to eventually establish a mining exchange.    The object evidently is to establish Vancouver as the mining  head centre of the  Province.      But geographically  situated as the Terminal City is,   this  can  never be.  Fancy "desirable amendments to the raining laws*'  amanating from Vancouver ! or a mining exchange  doing business at the Coast. If our Vancouver friends  are really sincere in an effort  to promote the mining  interests of the- Province they  will assist such an institution as they propose in some of the cities of the  interior, some well-established mining centre such as  Nelson, easily accessible from any point of operation.  The idea is a good one, but the site proposed as headquarters would, if adopted, detract from the usefulness  of a British Columbia mining exchange.     We should  like to see the matter taken up by the mining men oS  ���niavs  l>:j>~  11  , t- "��  -'������ i"'"'e$g.$l  mm  r'i:y  ;'. ��� ��� vm:- 'iS!:--J'-'Sii<iV:-'*';4al  lift...��  '.iM ypi^���"51"--^'"*1  II.  mm  w  Ik  *&���  &K:  lift  !$��  4  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  C i  i t  Mr. William Holden, Itispector of Agencies of  the Federal Life Insurance Company for British Col*  tirabia, has returned to Vancouver from an extended  trip through the interior of the Province, and has been  giving the Press the benefit of his opinion  condition of the country generally. Surveying the  situation, he concludes that the interior is enjoyingan  era of solid prosperity such as it never bad before~-  now it is on a safe commercial basis, the mines producing largely, and the payrolls increasing monthly.  Two or three years ago,'! observes Mr. Holdeu,  was the" period of promoting the different mines ;  then followed the trying time of development ; ;.now:  comes the period of production, and it gives promise  of surpassing the expectations of the most sanguined  Mr Holden gives some very interesting details as to  the progress being made in the various localities which  he visited, and endeavors to impress upon the merchants of the Coast the importance of establishing a  trade with the Kootenays. Speaking of Nelson he  says: ''In Nelson the feeling among the business  men is that affairs are now on a sol id foundation, and  they report that businesses good and increasing. Nelson is the commercial entire of the Kootenays/* and,  he might have added, the.'mining centre also. Such  is the verdict of most observant men  There is a prospect that the great strike, in the  anthracite C091 region of. Pennsylvania may be settled  sooner than was anticipated. The mine-owners have  offered a 10 per cent increase on the wages formerly  paid, but do not accede to the full demands of'the  men. However, a meeting of the strikers has been  called for Friday, at Scran ton,., and there appears, to.,  be a disposition" to come .to terms. That the troubles  will be temporarily patched up.at some of the collieries there can be little doubt, but that anything approaching a permanent understanding will be arrived  at there is no reason to hope The men employed at  the mines, as a rule, are not of that class from which  any stability can be expected They are a horde of  illiterate foreigners, who can be easily swayed to the  side of lawlessness by designing agitators, if they can  but be pursuaded that the object in view is to secure  for them an advance in wages or a shortening of the  hours of labor. An incident occurred a few days ago  which goes to prove that the present trouble is really  f war of foreigners being fought out on American  soil. The night shift of the Calvin Pardee colliery'  at Lattimer were proceeding to work, when they were  attacked on the public road by a mob of women, all  armed with clubs and stones, and forced to beat a  hasty retreat. The mob was composed of Hungarians and Italians, probably not one of whom could  speak a word of English. Would such a scene be  possiblein any other country in the world? However, we hope for the sake of the community at large  that some settlement will be arrived at which will  bring to a close this the most extensive strike in the  history of labor troubles.  WORD comes from Nanaimothat forty of the miners  recently imported from Scotland to work at the Union  "alUiwT  vtm  m  M  n'4  ;;coal-:miiieii,vta^  appeare^fr^  yre.: are;', not in ;* ^^jj^ :**  ��� meu::>vere,bro^  ^and/;were;giveM  ' more i u.' prqpbrtion |;^  'ercised.;:;;;;-;T^^  and the"result; i^^ :'SeVeralf mll||  ���ago the^Chihese;^  ���ehairg^.:-:;H^  ���minatio^;if:j>a#^  Fivc;hundred:roin^  Iikc th is ii uujber;;;;r ^'^��4^  '-stances -MnJ-DuiiSm  forhelp,/and:M':i^  :arra.ngetnejits^ei^  : 'who ..were;gi:ven^  they; wer^conii^  It is: unpleasatit;M;lei��r^|t  soot^^but^mfe'w^  : forty 'ofitejtop^  vailiogxowHtlo^  'U ti ion colliery ;i$|;;^  coal mine; out heM*^  ���of whitemeuxau'^  not. be; lairlv-Sait^^  a  m  ���'���������������{*4$-  expertuieftt a\tair ,.:,  I Recent ' news-flr^^  President Kruger'^  extent of-��t,$���*^<^  n$li  ��� least sixty.' e rsi w hi! e;/'^  prosperous as'aresutt;^^  tion.sV.  '.��� Me*ttwtiife*&^  widov?s'-aitd or p hansv; a te^  lek to.starve on .the-streetl^    of helping them:ir;tuy���'b^  lives .are'arriving:d^^  although many ��� are::,rich;;;iu  'c^nH.n^nly'kncSw'n'^sv^'bl  is, 'however,; not :itegdtftbl��er::::: ;;|;lJfj"J&;re  ���distrtsi  ���*&t; S;;;p& :  m  W0-M  government :#f*dpH^  banks and is$ued:-Mueha^^  that those who reteeclto^  threatened with the cmifl^atw  expulsion," "   They accepted;'-the; bluebac^, a.; ^  find \ hem' val uelcss.; "'; I f t he re; is- ��� mri y;: legal; me ai^;|  getung/holit.tf  made'available for "the release of this worthless^  which he forced his unfortunate people;0 Ulh' v;^  of their hard cash  ^.-ii  irtWirtT' *******   *��***  *��\::  ' I it eke a pilars to !>e some  t* vh*-t-  s  ���������''��� Phillip r  location'of the Mount Baker miues in the.lp. ^AU��  district/and as a matter of cottrie our;"'v^.^c|ii|^'  other side of the international boundaryIinegf fjief;v<;,  ing the mineral belt as peculiarly their owiJ  always do this when there is anything ;g(ooc        ^ _  It is the same old game tliatwas tried"^^ ;:j?f|?  able mineral deposits were found in the nor  ���|^  time to time we see dispatches in the neW0^}afSa||  the Uuitni States to the effect that locationp   ' |#.  iii $  .���i'i  I-"  V       t H     V>  A  IV'  ������������-���Zi*  t i c  -\,    l I1  ���*�����   ���V - fj  m  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  S  * 1  41  .numents are being discovered in the disputed por-  0111    h' Mou���t Baker district by surveyors of a  ^& or some other project.    The 1Mb the dis-  U, of a monument in the vicinity of Cbilhwack  X' in the middle of a wide swath which was years  Lo cut through the timber, and which goes to prove  TfUst so our neighbors clafcl) that the mineral belt  )n the American side.     There is likely to be trou-  tie in the matter   One would think that the boundary  Lit this particular point was well established, but  few "decrees .cuts no  figure with our friends to the  ;ulh-when thev covet a rich bit of territory.     ,  Thk Dominion 'Parliament has been dissolvcl and  |he elections will take place on the 7th November. So  far as the Conservatives are concerned, that day will  1 quite as good as any other 10 defeat the Laurier  overnai'iH,"-- If tiie reports from the East have not  *en exaggerated, the 7th of November will be a re-  nitioii of the"17th September, 1^78, when the most  brruprand incapable administration that ever ruled  Canada was hurled from power* and the Laurier ad-  niiiistraiion is not very far behind it. Sophistry and  jiypocrisy have .teen the leading characteristics of the  Laurier party..' It lias not redeemed one of its pro*  |iisesto the people.. Its leaders might be likened unto  Ivhitcued sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful  Ltward, but within are full of dead men's bones.  , rfir*>i>wl.��Mv'!lUk��    ,/#W*����*��WlW<*��ta  iris understood that an attempt is being made by  the labor leaders in" Vale-Cariboo to have Mr. Gallther  [withdraw ������ml. secure the endorsation of the Labor  tandidate by the- literals. Mr. Galliher is not likely  |tostand aside after having received the unanimous  lemiorsatior. by a retfularlv-called Liberal convention.  [He is mi! tiie stamp of .man who will play second-  [fiddle 10 anyone.  bX   H-        k*i<i����*VlIM  iit-SVX  Thk injured innocence programme of the Literal  [leaders will-not deceiveanvone but themselves.  .1 hk Conservatives in the Nekondistrict have their  u'1' pann,-:), and will go in pursuit of Literal gore  i��>m now until the 7th of November. There will be  iJO cessation of hostilities until the last ballot has teen  counted, and Mr.. McNeill may count on a substantial  majority knm Nelson. li the other portions 01" the  constituency will do as well as the Nelson district, the  Egg I ^ .  P ^onserwtnve majority in VaIe-Caril>oo will be simply  ^S'^erwSitduiin^  -^f? hi I'i}Kfrals who have attempted to m  |ft��> tl?or:jrKaniz:uion subservient to that  party a  > tt*V t ��  ma!  ;*re dis-  I leaders?, and as'a'consequence  t(*d a Labor man in the field,      The Conser-  Vl��nveswh()  ||^f��ted,vith the Libera  have pla  1 "--������� v. v�� v v 1:1 y     !  v^John Tl iUr UU exi"leuce    'Had il !K>t teen for Sir  "to ha'"' :i(<lona!(l' ^ would  not have teen possible  : :\.," unj0l) ' ' kran,/'(i(1 an  association for  the benefit and  )or'      ^ *s not so many years ago since  scarcely a Liberal was connected with a labor union  in the Dominion. Liberalism and non-unionism appeared then to be Synonymous terms. In the days of  the Hon. George Brown the Toronto Qlohe office was  the head-quarters for "rat" printers, and scarcely one  Liberal daily from the Atlantic to the Pacific employed a union printer* Organized labor will not be  apt to forget the time when the Hon. George Brown  brought an action for conspiracy against some half-  dozen printers who had the temerity to join a labor  organization.     Of course, the Liberals of to-day do  not like to hear these things spoken of,     They have  become the special protectors of the horny-handed  sons of toil.  Thk appointment of a Chinese commission at this  time by the Laurier Government will not deceive anyone but the ostrich-headed leaders of the liberal party.  If the commission had been appointed three or four  years ago, and the government had promulgated an  exclusion policy, then there might have been some  faith in their ante-election promises, but the appointment of a commission on the eve of election is too  superficial to even merit serious consideration. The  Literal party promised four years ago to curb Chinese  immigration, and only now is it making any attempt  to fulfill that promise. If returned to power it would  probably deal with the report ofrthe commission four  years hence.  A "'Seattle man named Price has skipped with his  wife's earnings. She is now without money and without Price.  Mf. Chris. Foley, the nominee of the Labor party,  is a man of more than ordinary ability. Possessed  of a rare M gift of the gab," he is well equipped to  make it at least interesting on the platform for the  other candidates. He is strictly temperate hi his  habits, has made a special study of his subject, and it  may be well to warn the orators to beware of this man  of one book.  Thk determination to lid the city of tin-horn gamblers and other undesirable characters is amove in the  right direction. There are altogether too many non*  producers in Nelson, and the sooner they are forced to  leave the city the tetter it will be for those who live  by honest industry alone.   Clear the rascals out.  The managers of the Charleston party, engaged in  stringing the all Canadian telegraph wires to Dawson,  returned recently from sections of the Klondykecouur  try where it was thought the foot of whiteman had  never trod before* Near Pike River, in a dense forest,  they found the skeletons of twelve horses in a clearing.   Further on there was a complete saw mill and  In the cabins there was no human ;  were stocked with provisions. There  overalls lying around, and grindstones,  It is supposed that the men of the camp  to'dtath, but no human skeletons were  vicinity.    This is one of the many mys-  being, but  axes*, etc.  ~        Jet  <* n  1  Jps  a -' ^i  Jl\  m  ������������� T f*��ilf  ���  rM|inr      .,-.*..-,����� ���mi-it  1^-  m %    rrf"-"*  1 ��v * ��� 1 *  ��� ^ > ����������������� ��1l"��"~ ����� l"*"��� '���?; '���?'������ v. >','.":��� ."-':.::-ft  |-1 ���::'(���  .���''.'���^V'.ii.'i'-y  !'���'-'..'. "<���'.  ~:i,.,--;i"A*i��*S  6  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  '��  I  ��� if-;'  ��h^   A  I f I i  *'^13i  w  W1 J  ft  li  1  >H. < if?  ?.ft;  1 ^ 4  i..^} *l  ..j..,.ri il *  .    .....  ;,v'^'     ''���'       .;'.:'>���' slogan; '��� V  ���'.,:',''.'���.   ���������'.;'"' From -the Drill.  Ore   has  been   moving   freely  again   this .-.week."  throughout   the   division, with  the   indications of a  rapid and heavy increase.     Sixty tons was   sent out  by the Arlington and  20  b}* the  Enterprise;     The  former is now   sending down part   of its product   in  bulk, which is being put aboard the cars at the roundhouse switch.     Contractor Koch is being pushed bv  the management to  get   the ore  from ."the   property  Shipments will be made in a few days from   tiie Two  Friends, Duplex and Bondholder.  Livelier times are in store for the Kuterprise and  shipments are to be increased, while the development  is to be pushed ahead rapidly. Last week word  was sent to Silverton for miners and several good  men went down, including some who had worked  there under the Finch management. Ou Saturday  the force had been   increased to 22 men.  <m  m  montus back.    J'jrom aJi sides^ftiir ek\-  ..- mmM :ininiHg:::;pr<if is|:��pit,vpi  The. 0 it y -oftiPa rts^li i|I;ilia^^f:  .gtxx^bmvjng,;:^^  m  i��-  1  m  m  M  3  silverton;  .-.'From' the��� Silvertonian... '.  During the week the Hewett. sent -out a twenty ton  shipment of ore to the smelter. This with the shipments from the lower end of the Lake brings \lm  lake shipments up - to,'3189 tons, more than the total  of last year's shipments of 3078 tons, and with the  best part of the shipping season yet to come. ft  would be no surprise -il, at the end 'of the year, a  total of 5000 tons would be reached. With Slocau  ore netting an average of $100 a ton, the wealth being produced by this new country can be easily  figured up.  Ten miners are .at.present employed on the Condor  Group up Four Mile Creek above town. This is a  silver-lead proposition lately acquired by an Fug-  lish Syndicate and is under the management nfMr.  Sandiford, who is making,such a big success of die  Bosun mine. Development work is being pushed  on the property as fast as possible, and besides a lan*e  amount of surface work accomplished a cross-cut  tunnel is being driven which is now in 170 feet. A  shaft.is also being sunk upon the ledge and is-���"now  down.30' feet.  F. L. Byron, of Silverton, who has lateiv taken a  lease on the Howard Fraction on the divide between  Lemon and Springer creek, spent part of the w^k  in town. Frank believes he has a good thing in Uie  Howard Fraction and expects as soon as r iwhidh"'  commences this winter to ship considerable or- from  that property which will run oyer Sioo a ton in ���r,ld  and silver He will drive the tunnel upon the oro  perty ahead and do considerable other development  work.  BOUNDARY.  From iho Grand Fork.s (iaz<.��tu*..  .-.The week just  closed  in a   mining wa\  one of the best in general  development vet   recorded  and   the   firmer tone  noticeable than   -im-fv.-  111   an> .101   some  has  >een  *_J      ��"   "�� J     ,!���        I t ����t L        *        *^ "*  ��f��     ^ ���**trf\    *.        ^  M l_ t X' \ *  : su��������: caiijp:��ttci;i|e;:r^u!sir:::ii  ;, ��� i m proveraeii t\ ^n:;::!e<l|&��':iS3re^^  ��� ������ Week. ..; ';y:y^';:;^;^--Sk^ "  ���;^;;i;)uriiig:;the;^  ::!>onr.;tlie1^w^*^^  :.'. not. bciti ��� 9^ijbg^ Hh;0rtlmej5|  ;;Rep.orts;.fr^^  :!.KKlies;t1ier^:;areop  . ...where-cut;^  " m] ue,:;teporti;^;lt^|p  ;' The: lo \ver.:| un ^^^^^i^^^^^^^^  ''.;ctitch\the..lepge;;'^  11m \ he ore; 1 m&y:J| |$$tf^^  :;than.. has:1>etn;:take|i^l|^  'time ibemil"ti&^0^^^0^^^^^$^j^  ���5u:i���.i.t:er,;\..h.a.vi.?t|;.;;;||r^^  .daie, ti\Yft(-wh^  lopnien t.;- k ���:;;tei?^.f .;5:{|ii|h^  which' wm M$n^::0:^  ne!r;.... .0��t:..:ihe dtiinp;.;vihlriSi!��ftii]riild���S^S!biii|  ''high. clas.s ..ga'feftli-COp^r;iirfIffhlgpl.|lie:;:vittijfi|tt|p  h t\%uriog, on $hi^^W^^M^i^M^\BM  ' i��v iden < I v i bc:; Moi^r^  which is.exi^eieiL'to;:.;.!^  the first .of ioe.-veif*;^  the orm  of;.; I^liccri!%-,^:;,0rcin;#<^  camp..    This tact. is:eykleucttLl^    M^S?:1^^  .on iiood atHlKifilv'thiu-ibtmah  peg mine   inVWeUin'gtdn^Ccii^jpS^  por��ition' ftom Patti'loutt^^  ���to'handle lheir-:6res:at;]t^  frcig li t and treatme.ntv.-^;::;;;;;;'.-������"^���^'i;:5^^-rtiv'^^W^"-^:-V'5'V  m  -^���H.'.��l/. ��� a*.*! ��ftsl*"5 :!lW��*W< ���"  ;. '���'-;nelso;ii^  The returns .>f Hie'Afhaba^^^  ruut are as foliow$ ;'. . -.-,:;;':;  '':^:^'r:c:.-v^  1 'criod of run, 29 days, ;S hotif^'^  Xumber of tons crushed, 410...^-'ik"Vv        ���   ;:?;"v-f %  \*alue of t)n1liou  rtTOvered.'.v^>;/^'i.-:^';��:^^*-;lJ^ ,  \ alue ol coucet��trates......,.,w,-r^^.-v".^-'*i'"^4.^>> \  Tot;d values recovered........  ,,. ���- .,.--"$^'2^ I  ?6.  Cot*  This shows'the   value  per ton  to.be  $'$9.1  reeled returns for   August- place���",the:tpU��l;.ya!��*rf  covered at $17,872.24, . '''^���'���J^  At the r.ranitc mine, during the mpttth of^te J  H34 tons of ore were crushed* producing1 bw��^n ..  wun''' run "-  c<,nccntratcs to the value-of $7,000.      *iH  but i6��:f days, owing to an accident to the com  Ail is now in good running order.  Palues;ofl|i  Ninety tons of ore   was  shipped  from the  Bess during last month giving -smelter. v  The mine is in good working order  V ->< ���..).  :; .v;;:njl  :::M'4  "T ���        ���   *^n  ;j^��iwtfjs^  .       ���  *  'j - ���������, ��� .V  �����  '-*^.   - J  mrf ����� -    - ft 1 *"^^" ���qanpH��^aiw��HnM^OTmMi^iiiuM^iiiMiiiMiiiiiiii.iiij mi  WgHWWWBB  a-'MaiiBliffii.  '1  THE NEL  ��� k 01) the Richalieu will be coiitujued <iurib|  if anil from present-jjiaMidn^^  Jvea good thing. ;;'���     .;.' /"./;-:j^;/;:;-;;���.:;;:v,:;;:; ^;;:.^;^':;;;^iV,���--      ^-r-v--:  *heChantalgroup,^  to:  olv'to-'fjeiBt?  h out an exceptionally-go^^  ^cr. aclive^developmerit'workT  thing iir a 50-foot- dnn^in^a-ibJ  vork on .the 'Tamarac:t'i^  Irably! and it 'is expected/^  fory'nexCwheh,^  ..onirics a.lar^  iir J" C;  Urcwry; general;': man a^  iii(;okihekis,-\vas i':u:Nelson;du  [orts a-remarkably^  Whitewater../'   .���������;������������; ./://;/,; :v:/x-;::)��i^  i^-o prizes, have' beeii,;aw;E^  ���Spokane exhibiuonVy.;^ 7^.^'^^  he Puritan,' .on , Le mou,;;:0:^  sat property:.'    Recent as$^  |re- is a large bod.)' of-this. Qt^Sd^^^^^S^iM  If he' Newsboy clairn; .siuia^  bkane Falls &���' NorUienr-lteU  |nr.Xelso��, has yee*):.purchase^  Considerable \vork; ha$ ;1:^^  rty, ami assays ntsnnug/as;.:hlg1^  f'l';ni'( ������ ������    v '':'.:..;.. ,''��� '.���:'������ .������'������������'. :;-'-:'v.'-i-:,i*:, ��� J,^^^j..^^\-i^'':''^,':---!i^'-i-/-^:  liiiiitU .... ���������...���.,,��� y:\;./V;.1;, ;;.:..(;��� ::;::r':^.:.;.-:i^-::K--^/x.y-^..^;-^.i-.:f.'\-f!^^:f.y:,^  [Work has been started on^ib&yjS^  jparation i>''being"made folki^if^  the winter.  ���        ' ^'������������;--'-;';^'-;:::���  Work at .the Sdvej .Klngls. pr^  |* but no t|u..oitity  of .ore-.'is-being^hip|^^iis6^JS;  sent.   ' ���' -       ^Y-V'V--'^^  jihe li-ali Mines smeller will'sooU1';^  Indie more ore than eveh. .owingno-sm^  pent underway.'-.. -'   - "'      ^^c^^yi:^-^::-^  ��� tO.- U*tXif+;i.'.utfUlr>Ui(itfli<  FALL   OF.ENiNG:,/;/;i^  ACiS'^n ���> r'"^vcr!)ia\ justly s.o^;':To'r/ii^-.;^iitfe^r^tt^g-  (' ti:oruu:^}]|y u ih\o-date stores, ';chie'C:a^^  lna:"' *'"��� Irvine &  Co,,  \vho$e,fall-;:;o:peu  ^e iijsr week. ���   The' ��� first .'thing. ^^hi^lV'^ttrlattedi.  e:>ve was the show window, '--which-avM; tastefully,  "l!1^(1 W!ll! ^n,   warm .blankets^  lcis, ^��i.i pillows, etc,,' and; as''the";/'w^  ,i,uc cool, the comfortable -apf^araoce-of this.window  i^nea to everyone;      Inside the'-''store;/;-cScK^e^  j!- "'em ;?re>entetl its own. attractions.    A large and  jf^��^"( s"mc ]lnc of lurs  arc  carried, and/ although  so.  t-fe- ) in the MMv.,'1,   several  sealskin garments have  &*''.'  ���' ''"'"1  dis>Ked   ��>f      Orders "for remodelling  'i*'"   :,mi:iL' !l^s areabo attended-to in this* depart*'  ���?i^i\ ' '    ,v ;'^"I'.'e hue i>\   full   dress   .roods ��� were dts  ^5^;^.  m 'i!1  <"<���    leading   shades ':and' matertals,'  i'V^C i"' 1,,>l,h's��Mni au^  ladies' cloth  being the  most  ^\M 'lI u]   ,;l,Iu,'*uiade   gowns;   and  rii>ht   here  it  -" ������i-'iri   n'!l    ' ailnss lo "teution   the dressmaking' deV .  :''������ "irj  .    \ w-lr,'v sirietly first-class work of every de-  *4-   ";]Sr,],' s tnrne<1 out.     This progressive firnt have  - "ilor -1)!(HUIC(}  lne services -of an" expert-ladies1  1    ,dm tllaUhe   pt-rfect  fit and  workmanship of  ECOiSldMlST  r-;/,&,^fi.s?I  ..._��BffJ, f  i,'l'J'-\:WjV)ft.-VS1iJ  ;gannent^:'made/;;by;';;h'i  dadies;;,of:.Net|oh^^  ;raauy-r|rd^^  ::possibie;ior;:.  ;'e;n^ugh-/aiid:''Si^^^  ;iai|or,;{rorn,::/Va^  ^.aM;^at2:prices;;;'s6-^.Mofe  :;re^$pu/^hy|'^rp  ;a../i^w:';and-;';;sr^  ;thfe:;iiri:e/orgp<^  ;balfiih^^'pafison  pj&hhiggwi^  ymMi-lm  '::.''.-.::';';v-;^v:''.-'^f''''i'':^^'':'':"...v^v..v:^f^L-'^  :��� ��� -/^j*^:.:^;:^...::'/;:,;^^::^::^^^^!!;]  ?v.;'.: /^:';'^I/-'',;-:-':'^/^/f/'/^'M^illl  ������'������ . '^���:/^:?:/a. ' //'^/^/'jQ^l^sISi  M^b^ME BON^A  .;;6|l;;iJfllilll^^H  iiiiiilisiij^^fl  l;p'atr|a|eil;^p^'i^a^r^  |ej|'rHtnat^|bI  ;;i|^rit|hg|o,f;|h.e;;fb^  ;jerpiuef|;'Bph|p^  ^^isiii  ^visifii  ^uMrri^ti|i��^  |of:y|l;;^Sh:Ip||   vpWI^^tilpiSlwIys    ^;|o|i|pr|;^|^  gli||II|i|lidl^  |;whp$|^l|iftlps;;w^  |;ffit|uerBr|i|/��he^  fIs|K|liill;;W^  ;';-siSt|-/t6E^^  ;;;;Emj|!rlr;i;I^  ;-ditd.lIi;tM^^  ^-���pe/nc^k;. of ;i; ��� gbsl it  ;'��������  ;^re|foaeh:;wh^  ;f/home;iu#  ^::k|rj|dSm-;^  /��uee^s;'B.;^    ;:sa#/;Scb;oth^  i^pi;th^m.;/;;;|:^  ./iieiiwp';  ���:'Fta^epe;/^heu^  ;;'s||i^  ..whispered^  .'^Ilke(i-:<>tL'';  care ttot to tarry in the galleryy aiKtft  ing left the city." ���������������:       ^V;/V:V;^.t--^^-']  ������;:*heVoductiQn^  mises to be an event of more than passing local interest. Already a large number of seats have been  dtepo'aed of The costumes have arrived from  Winnipeg, and last night the first dress rehearsal  took place, and is said to be most satistactory. The  parts are in capable hands.  ^*//a:siil!|^i  ivOj1,-",,.;:>A'.  ^ i  :&;���>'&''���; ::}rji  The Gorton Minstrels will be/ssen two nights this  week at the Opera House. The organization is  spoken of highly by the Eastern press. ,  ���~1Tl"^--   ^    ,_    _^||t|l.^pn ^    ,.   ^^ .  ����� ��������-*-*       wa ���1   ���������  ���t��^TfM*VT"- ��,"WrWT ���  T *!-.��-IVa<w* *���*! ���  ������������i���T'  * -    i  at ;.  r>| k-^-h"   j������   -*��-���- iv��i  I   MP:  f1 ft I  . ft i    i  i- - *    fP*   Wis  MWBM���  THE NELSON  T^HE lady gunner is in full evidence, if we arc to  judge by the prominence given  to the doings of  sportswomen in the Old Country.      Tiie species appear to be increasing by leaps and l)Ounds���-In fact,  they know no bounds.      They bring d<nvn big game  in the jungle of India and stalk the deer with veterans  in the cult on the highland moors. Cycling has ceased  to be a fashionable pastime, and the smart set have  taken to  the gun; and believe  they.- have- in   this a  source of recreation With some reserve;     Of course  they must have something to keep them going; but I  would not care for a woman who would take a delight  \n slaughtering birds or taking- life in any form as an  aramement.;      It appears to me unwomanly. :   1 like  tp see a manly man and a womanly   woman as I dislike to see a boi ly boy.      No w, iff he.se sports women  were to take to target shooting I could forgive them/  nnd possibly  admire them   if they turned  out   to ite  good shots, but when I read oi"a lady who killed forty  brace of grouse tlie first day of. the season (and it was  not. a drive)   I cannot say that she is a woman after.  my own heart.  As I have said,   if women aspire  to bulls' eves ou  the target, they   might ..win my admiration--,-)   prixc  worth shooting for, if I say   it  myself.      I  have not  seen any of our Nelson ladies in   the shooting nailery'  as yet.      I am afraid the proprietors of th�� establishment must revis* their prize list if they would .cater to  this class'of customer.     A cigar is no prize to oiler a  markswoman.   , That there  are some ?ood   shots in  Nelson there can be no doubt, although our local men'  did not come out on top at the recent competition at  the nfle -.ituge:      Nevertheless, we have  many sure-  shots ,��� town.      The. other day while walking along  Baser Street I observed our friend,   Joe Downs,  who  approached me with his  stage struck   stride       Jo-'s  hat appeared to me as   if more thoroughly ventilated  than was consistent with   the prevail^ atmospheric  conditions,   and I ventured to  surest that thee di-  -veisified currents of air p!ayi���, arolllld hi, ,w ^  Knowledge might   be productive of di.saerceahl, con/  sequences-a cold in the head, for instaur,   .   ,()C'/ s  sured me that he  is under all circumstances i'���'���*'.  neaded man, and   in proof of his  s,;U,;mem mrmU  the circumstances under  which the extra   vcti!,^,,  was secured.       He had been to the sho<,i���P ^rv  where he met a well-known local  marksman"-:,   -^  shot, and to demonstrate his  confidence  in 1,;,, '.���  '  n^sman,   Joe volunteered his   hat for a vennln'tion  hole.     I Ins was duly made by a iJU|let frf���n tl](.  gun.       Then the hat was donned l,v   ti���.  r      . . >""-u  h\   the proprietor  tnereof and an appl.- placed on the top ���f it      \t f ,,  range of the gallery, the rifleman did the William Tell  act, and following his "and shot a Ijipe from Jop'-,  mouth.      "That's what I call sharp s|100tin��� ..    ' .  1:M   ^.-wa^once^  /���hsmse^  .;trythe;;^illla^^  /criminal-^  ;Gttawa..:one;:;jime^  ;ti��itig^an<i^,was:|oi!g;:i  ;tho5e.dayt;:;:;,Ah  .to.put.a^ttlletln:;;!!;^  sure thing.;tor.^  berate -aim  the;;buliet'.;. inlr|;t^  ivhci;;^  llast/'my /beity/a  ';plcdge���never,  ���fvhy'l/aut'out/; (  afterivardsy/tbat  ' there..,; wasv.uo^^  ; Jatttude-JgweUitb  may. have.._ .  ';Domt5^/;'':/..:'.;/;;v  /'./Atidtiililuf  cidei.it. :/;A.it'-irish  'iu;:.ge0gra;p!i^  to, n questlo!v:reg  ,.for.a,defirii.t  ;&|'t��ejo,;^  lii.t^;trp;;ap.ke;oi|  *������*�����  ���ig^M^Sw.Pw*iii  laS-.me:  '"/!i  m  ... .iiiWII  iu|^  iMttudlM;;!^  then i-hnghl^y^^  :.we:have;i^;liit;iiude/  aUow'us-fuiyV^  Imty but. I/&fn jiSe^  over t be. srene/;an^ !d;-M;e/'rebei^|  the iaiiuute'.to; \yht^ :dM  who/was terri.b.!y.:;iiddieteti?;tl^  aNv that rclatft^  , t a i i n n ^ some ..f riends.;.;'nt tlieKicltiyiyi.lliyy^:;ihe -Wfe'^  ing retired-to ..bed..;--;;;:-:A;fteilte^^  host went iir^ufrB./fisii'.of-T  rid of his outer.j:arrueul^  n a me ^ M acg reg or,:,;.'/. mid ���;:: w^Bfedt::;/fe/: flrf':M Wm  . heath/* when 1ii#;wif|>.:.....w.ho/-happen^i/;t^^^^^^  cried out; .������vComc^'tb-^  Jones, "md your foot.tii;in;'-J;he~^^  article of..bed*rpom\furintdris)vt  "tling; off-poetry' on every '.posstbte'e^  !>e encouraged. ". . T notice that':'Seatchm  particularly prone'to this ciasd .of illtistration.  ���[���  uevcr hear/a victltu 't-o'. .thisl.crft^'-hoW-.foilh-^^^  does not call to mind the hopeful youth at theama|^fe  mi  Joe Downs, as he showed .me the bowl o  exhibited the bullet-holes.in his hat.  rlSle pipe and  "literary", entertainment who was .supposed .^'W^M  verse how ".The boy stood oil the burn.^'d|||^  Me had committed theJinestpjni^iftpry^^^^ **'  dent were  his admiring-" parents - that:the-;r^il,Jti��j  would prove n great  stico����,-" :'Mjit';'the ,y^11?^  ttouist wasioduccd to memorise .Cte^d,. ���  1(>gy( to be given as an encprc;'"'^^^  night arrived,   and ��� Alphonso's;.tuniq^?  cended the platform, made a'gn  proceeded : .  ,..  " The deck stood, on the:burnitig^��'^^  A^be-applause which' followed,; was rig^^^-  and  $& >  4   Hs i>*r  ni��   ��    k  *>     m ��� THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  I., ,  .���-, as indicative of ridicule, andjnever after-  Kibe appear in P��blic to recite.     " The deck  ��� on the burning boy- is a fair sample of the quo-;  ,     i,It,.ucnth-hear.     Those Riven  to spouting  L";W.W do well to remember what Shakespeare  ,;���y o!. the subject : " I pray you. mar no more  L'rer^ bv reading them ill-fnvorcdly."  A h -,v, -���ot had Kood weather oflaie,   but a lew  ,n;/ even thoi.Kh the clouds do hane below the  /;,;;;a���.i;,   has not.that depressing  effect which  ,Vri>' li>!liH(S    I ! )  the cities of the Coas*, for instance.  Uh^tratin- thv ill effects of the wet season at Van-  i 'Jj;'/l-'raViu:r jr^nu <uory is told. The head of one  |hrhui!t" iinns there wan much annoyed bv a new  |rk. Jho "fr^iucntly fell asleep at his desk.    Waking  tJ}v o'fiVador from a quiet nap one day, the prinei-  (l landed, "'.Whai do you mean, sir; by going to  lep'at 'vo'ur desk in broad daylight ?M ulbeg a  Js'vul 'vu-dons/' reolied the clerk. '* but my baby  .)t me awaksvail la>t night, and I urn dead tired."  j\h wclf." replied p.e head of the firm, unfeelingly,  vmi Wd'letter ���hring.thc baby to business with you  ���Kiornsw, -so-that you may keep awake during the  I %'   "Iv   V- ''^ S i  I \   tl >   "' \ 11 ���  IMadne.hi 7V*d//, his an interesting jut tele on kiss-  ��, The std��jcct..is one on which I cannot speafc-with  ilm'rinvbat I am informed that there is quite an  i in kissing.' I w.is reluctantly obliged to do a little  it myself oiia few occasions, and so awkward was  (my kivsinj: was done in public) that there was a  isty insinuation that it was a thumb I subjected to  Bk-eet i-;<adauon. In reality it was the book I kissed  ���I swear. lUw Mad^e treats of a different operation  y readers will,-pvihaps, letter understand the sub-  ict thnsMJn I. Here is what Madge says : ** How  idc ki<^ nicely ! I should like to recom-  cn��l ^-��m.'M'f :nv ��lv;ue^t friends to take lessons in  be an nf ^s.-uiati'-jK Hut who would act as proles-  And vet some practical knowledge is really  jadly iuvdt-d. Sometimes a kiss is made to resemble  :ie m�� r-\ a Mr] The lips of the kisser are made  Aiii'- Imrd. snciuuvh <n that thev leave a tnomeutarv  diiie.m.uk on the cheek of the person kissed. An-  'thcr variety is the careless kiss, which never reaches  lie supposed jadpicnt a tall, being bestowed upon the  ireuannnhieni air somewhere in the neighborhood of  eri-h<*!-k. . I pieier this to the moist caress given by  i(-,n^ inexp^i I kisser. The, kissee is not happy until  ne n:is 'lively rubbed it (M% politeness forbidding  KT l" 't'1' lni! obvious' in the performance of this duty  ��� [m<''���'���" I should have thought; that kissing,  !'!(Vi ��s -.;i]>|.nsed to have had its origin in the Garden  r-(U"!/ wi- ;m institution so old that it could.not be  'd,,0V('(i iij.un. Hut here, approaching-.the'dawn: of  u'nl:eI^ century, we 'are told that it is. an -.art-'  ^k-u-have acquired.  , ! a,n u!;l(| U) learn that Mrs.. W. P, Brougham, so  P   ^H'tiavorjbly  known in  Nelson,  has  been en*  ^<iU)s!!!K |;idcs ju Meyerbeers^'The Prophet,"  ����� ^>nunkr yrrjlm| opera season in New York;     As  Ils-S Kranecs Tc  ^tnowii on th  i, i" ?~  mpest Graham, Mrs. Broghara is vvelj  f opera stage, and  her  most recent en-  gagement proves that her talents are appreciated in  the world of music. Her many friends in Nelson will  be pleased to learn of her success. During her residence in this city Mrs Brougham and her husband did  much to cultivate the musical tastes for which Nel-  sonites enjoy a distinctidn.  It seems as if the Deceased Wife's Sister Bill, which  has agitated the minds of Old Country legislators for  so  many years,   must give  place to a more urgent  r  question. The disagreeable discovery has been made  that 334 marriages celebrated in a Sunderland church  between the years 1S76 and 1S79 are illegal, because  the license was not transferred to a new building. It  has taken seven years1 correspondence to determine  the law on the subject, but the verdict has now been  given against the validity of the marriages. Therefore 334 married couples are in a terrible plight, and  their children are all legally illegitimate ! Here,  then, is a clear case for moral and intellectual damages. An act of parliamenr would probably secure  the recognition of these marriages., but the matter will  have to hold over until after the general elections, now  on. To all intents and purposes these marriages were  properly performed, and ii the church bed no license  it was not the fault of the innocent public. At the  most it is only a legal technicality, which, however,  may have disastrous results unless rectified b>r law,  since the inheritance of property would be endan-  gered, P��' G.  i  A VICTIM OF THE WAR.  In a letter to the Rochdale Observer, Trooper  Harvey Rigg, a member of the Duke of Lancaster's  Own Yeomanry, thus describes an incident which  oceured during the advance of Sir Charles Warren's  column through Griqualand West.  *�� A Dutch girl, about 20 years old, was leaving  her house a short distance from where.a picket was  posted. In a pitch dark night, amid the rain and  thunder and lighting, the sentry could just discern  some human form.' Immediately he challenged,  14 Halt! Who goes there?" But the girl was  scared and ran away. Twice after in quick succession came the challenges, but the girl ran on. The  only result that could follow was for the sentry to  level his rifle and fire. He did so, and most unfortunately brought down his victim. The poor girl  fell to his bullet, being shot through  the   abdomen.  ������6r;co:ursfe,thed  weather contributed greatly to the accident, because  if the sentry could have seen that it was a woman I  don't think he would have fired. *  '���This happened on Saturday, the night we arrived  and on the Monday afternoon Sir Charles Warren  ordered all troops-to attend her funeral. It \yas &  most impressive sight to see hundreds of spldiers,  with heads bent and arms reversed, shewing their  sorrow for the victim of this most uniortunate ac��  cident Sir Charles Warren, who was accompanied  bv the whole of his /staff, ��� expressed his sorrow to jbe  bereaved parents at the graveside (the gr*ve was du|y  in the grounds attached to the farmhouse), and,  hardly a man in the whole assembly but what .was  touched to the quick,"  >    I  ? * '*  'Ji  '', (   f��',l"l  .* s  1        '�� \  'r  . 1  l *   J  >  1  '1 ('' v\  3  \ 1 *-" f  A1  -/J  1     r'3  " -A  '1 �� \i  I \<  g.sw  ���':::':>m  :f;'*>i  ��� ������ -p '.ip. iv>ipB^-i|^ni  r ��� rw"���T*  ��   ���       -      \  s^7jr  h **. .rv  *j  - r ���> f F- zWffm  *      1 mf<[  .i--;,-:.,'fli;v.'/.;,Jlffl  ��� . .....   -:,';-:''i.,':.14?S  10  frtIA  y:  W(  SI  "iWB  ��*Hf *  V*  1-" I    ��  Will  ATA  JL .1.1 lw   ���.JL<v>-.'t - I LI'...,  NE day as he entered the -vestibule,,a large  house inhabited by merchants and govertuuetit  officials, he found the janitor sorting the morning  mail and putting some of the letters into the urai!  boxes which were nailed to the wait near the front  staircase. Somehow Hausa caught A a glimpse of  one of the letters. The address struck him as; being-  in a laniiliar handwriting, and no sooner hud the  janitor "dropped the letter into one of the boxes.; than  it-flashed "upon-htm that it was\Vilhehuina*s,  "AVhose box is it ?"  ���/������'.A young "gentleman's. , /He -has lived, .''here since:  Christmas/     He is a young painter/     He ts   sipgle,  yet he occupies a large  apartment.,    'HeAs'   rich  arid:  [baud-ome/Asaid the,. janitor, with, -obsequious.': g&A /���  ' rulity.   '.'���/ ���... ��� / ���  Ludwig's heart sank   within   him-    At the.'.sa'me'-  time he was overcome with; a:-. keen sense #f his ; ^clJJ ���  humiliation at discussing a gentleman with a janitor.  /'You are not asked to teiball this," ;he mid gruffly '  ; and betoofc himself to, the house of lib'uncle,'the; okl'  ' town hall clerk/ on the third floor/ rear -staircase*  That evening Hansa said to Wdhekuina ;  ���/���As I passed - through !K ������street this morniutf i  met an old chum of mine   wham   I hM not seen, for  three years/' and as he sp;>ke'he watched her closely  to see the effect which the mention of the street would  have  on  her.      She   blushed,   sure "enough'!  blood rushed'to his face, then hack to his    hear  he felt held to the spot.      Was he   mistaken > .{{ he  was,, why did  she not   even ;isk. what he . had   ken  -street ?   She s^eme<:l   t<> I>e   painfully  :-'"-v"iffl  y0m  :aM  WBv,;:;tlol::vl��f^  /;;^::i\..Kouit;:  be electared: Vehetnentiv  .-���, " I .don * tfct,o��/ whg/|r��u'rl - 'altlgfabopll  wig/:'^h^riyoined,;.:^^  tbr :sonie :moinent*i::aitd/^avtBci^  reiharlt w4s.:pcf^av^i*i��^:;^t^^^;;|^^^M  V- -,-. ���  ''���'��� '���" ���'   '������'���  '  ,������-,���''--,: '���('���. ���"���" ���A-"\',$>1M  laugh ^^ be-saidJ^A;'  .. ;*-*'',i'<ldii*t;:-k^  ...They wetsrout  'eve'iiiifi3Kr'tb��^��..^*.^  1  .Isomebe  .booby.//';  figure  .grew.,-  ������"*' What - aili  uod.ei n g -hii :^rried,::te  /? Noibfng^t''-iili3;:-  , /VBuryou  ^^;tM^taI.kihg  ii''.:;;/^iM;-v:ariii'A-i:  ,v ;,.;v., ;.'   ,-   '���_, ���, ",,..���-..-./  .���-. \;   ������    *  -S^A.hi*;;  IfjIpAa  t  .;.^a^^iit^;:.;|:li/  ';,<3lV��   *<5fi.lR.-:...-.-  /pi  /-'���'.''^i-^l  mm  ;;||inl|^  isiil  1 tie  mm  doins: on K  c i  ��<  ne asked,  :>\i   i��>o?ced  embarrassed.  What's the matter, Wilhelmfua  Nothing."  Are yon sick?"  " What's got into you ?''  11 But you  look���er--I   thought ������  ���er���indisposed A'  She burst out laughing, and hecou'Wn'; !,<��������  /ng m, but in the depths   of hi,   |,^rt hv   a   tr.v,M-  which was growing more excrueiatin/  n^rv minu-*  If he. could only ask her a id a uv  [ M, ,vr, r  this.he luliix the arirt t > .1 i.      h 1:. [ \\ '  take offence and return his cn<.i<e;ue:n      '  judge shuddered to think m h.  The next day he went t �� his  paftsed the painter's 1-tter b,x \\* ?  peepholes in the do>r.      Tiuue wn  His curiosity kept growing ;lud with n'hvv  ness.  11 What  were   you   hiii^hi , ,���  Wilhelmina ?"   he inquired.  ���' ":H:e ,:assu:red|he^        .........  wirdly "woiK(i^  pa rt of ;a'::compSe^/;M|e^  - '��� One'da.y^'a.t^1$e;i*IH  ���where---hW- ;uiiete/-l|yed/|^  f.^iiiier's boxrAf S^^l^i^^  the Httle !i^Ies-iir':t'K;d��r/;&  sure the %* im**t<^$^  corner oi lbe. eri''ytl0pt:#ii;l!|:-^^^  nn gov ctrmbte cfestre: -t^?jp^��'0ttt  thc ' whole. .;acl'd.r#is/���"miwMi\WA;^^H$^  wi ih ! be ��� terii ptatioti ��� itt^^vti<ij|��  lie guas-hed hit/' t.eetli;A{$e:/:iiSr^I^S;^fe^H .  !>enknifc . out all. ;|h^^ilitM  pockei... as.ke���i;hiutfeif^wlethe^  or��� t hree m\nute$'-later^:^M^/Cfi*^S ��� *^l;^*  join*    his uncle's door, he.iuddeiityAAii  ill.  nugat  i ne  fore he coy I'd stop -him!  struggling,'. 'r^ot:'-:witti;;!iIf Atem^  letter. -   lie���. was ���'��� all:^fep&g:^rid         I'tm  iric.e s  > r,:  i    ;  n- > !(--'  > *  at  ne   (.��:  As ���die  a* the  -vital j  ���-''ehed -  :'   day.  : M\d to bif 1  "When ?"   she asked wii'n ;l hlatn: fae  When I was telling Vnn .,k-.���. t  <�� ?  "K  �����g-you ab'>ut  r  -street !"    she echoed      ����� u-  v -.  11��' * r' i ���  street ?"   ���  ,lCau it be that she d>es   not   ivm-ir,,.,  she   burst out   laughing that dav or  ^  th-  88  -All  iairI y covered. with, tli'e ��� prlck^of his-;&��!��*�����Il  he had got hold'ontat-^  out fooi^tefis were  hearcl. outside the gatcr ^  }^dzv. turning pale as"death, let go of bis quarr)  j  tiptoed his way back to-his uncle's door  " This foolishness must stop/*  - }    ^mi  in Use morning. Hut k did not stop,^ ^^g^  bad not passed before he found himself i" ffon . c,-f:  terrible   letter  !>ox-once' more,  grapp"^ ^a>\'a*  ��� This t��^cl li**  temptation and -the ptxinm*�� lettci*. A ' . -j. W.  hshed it out undisturlKKl, but to his ^rw ^ --j  the address turned out to be so utterly uii��ke ^ ^c  miua s cinrography that ne nu������.' ^ jdres* j/'i  Hut then the next letter he pulled out wife ���       .j^j  \<, ���  S !! i  -j �������  in a baud so strikingly like hers that  ��'s        ^ ,  e of �� fi"��n,,g     '  llli:-: ;i    dizzy, :uk1 he seemed on the verge  * 'I 't  yMMru>BuiL'tii.n jwfjww^iw  ���-   I       wh. �� '  ��  "WnsnjsaimBiwwm  ^UMMHWlHtMMVn.^1fl  i!��iVffi*SW��lffl  nM^S^ffinSSlB. ���J*  \  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  heard a noise, however, and in his rush to restore  letter to the box he escaped the fainting S|)ell,  ,ich was an excellent thing to escape ; but, then,  iw was he to find out what W'il'helminia was writ-  to that accursed painter ? "Oh, heavens!" he  [claimed, dropping his arms in blank despair. Why  ive I not the courage to speak to her frankly,  mly, and put an end to uiy misery ?M  .*���  i*P��  *  *  What's'-'the matter with my letters ?"   asked the  inter, holding  out one   which   was  all slashed  at  e end and frill of triangular holes in the centre.  f* I'll ask the Inter�� carrier/'  au<**vered the janitor*  Never mind asking the letter  carrier/'  retorted  painter.        I  have spoken  to  him myself, and  stiys.he delivers my letters  free from   poektnarks.  is is the fifth letter I have received in this condition.  ere must heAsome fiend iu  the  case,  some  fellow  o has a knife and dosen't know what to do with it,  ci I tell you,   this thing   will have  to stop or   I'll  ve to a place where my mail will be safe/*  The upshot :>fit was that a trap  wm set,   and bis  icr was  caught  with  an empty envelope in his  ind.  ' So you arc the chap !M shouted the janitor, grab-  ig him by the collar,     "You  arc dressed   like  a  mleiuan, but. you act like a miserable sneak./'  *' Hush, hush !M   the  unhappy  young   man   height his captor.      "A   great   misfortune  hast*-  I J-i y      r p.iT^- A-*i     J*>yjAu,iW   /  fallen me, but Iil explain the matter to your satisfaction and make it worth your while if you only  make no noisejand let the affair go no. farther."  "What!   Bribing  me  to keep quiet?   Who are   #  you anyhow, and  what do you do  here so often ?  Are you a thief?**  Hansa trembled. " After this I have no right to  continue as judge. lam going to resign/" he  thought to himself. *��� I am going to commit suicide/'  he added, a moment later.  There was nothing for it but to tell the janitor  abou his uncle an old and respected tenant, and,  what was still more to the purpose, the aunt and  the jaoitress *ere bosom friends. The matter was  hushed up without Hansa being put to the necessity  of telling the whole truth.  " It struck me as if it were the handwriting of a  man whom I used to know/' he said, and, although  the explanation was anything but exhaustive, no  further questions were asked. And as the offense  was not repeated the janitor was satisfied and the  epis<xte soon faded out of his mind.  The incident cured Hansa of his jealousy and of  part of his sentimentality. The wedding took place  shortly after, and now he presides over the proceedings of his court with his old time dignityv but often  when he gives himself airs, he checks himself. Often,  too, when about to pronounce a heavy sentence the  letter box stands forth before his mindAs eye, urging  RVINEdoCOl  ��� ������; ��  ,' ' v. ..  -:-H'  K  PECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS, MILLINERY, MUSLIN,  PRINTS, LAWNS, PERCALES, SATEENS AND DIMITIES.  WE WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS  PRICES BELOW COST.  SUNSHADES HALF PRICE.  CAR  PETS,  urn.  e��9��o�� o e  i��* li  %>  '*?;>''" l/',s" ^ ?'..". ^nrrr^-rr-  ��.������!tiM<S*��M^^ ���WBHi  8p*T<. "  vM%  ?i:  12  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  Wwf-  M&W  S:  P-^  Kpf  'S.aifK."--.'!?..*1 ���  .''itf;1  ft*  m  4-fif  * It-lxPi'li.  Iff  8  pkt��  the weakness of human nature and pleading tor  mercy. The judge smiles when bethinks of that  affair. " Whats child I was !" he says to himself,  And yet the letter box has done him a considerable  amount of good.  ITALY'S NEW RULER.  Owung to the lamented assassination of his  father,  the  Prince of Naples has become  the King of Italy.  King Victor Emmanuel III , as he will   no doubt   be  ��� stvled, first saw the light on November nth, i$6otaud  -.������ '���������������' '        ' "��������� .a        . . - ���,  for years he was a sickly bo v.' Though his life was  despaired of more than once, he grew upiiUoa healthy  manhood. In personality he is well able to give many  lessons to other scions of the European Houses Royal.  His tastes are of a distinctly scientific nature, and he is  probably the only practical electrician among the reign*  ing 'famiUes;,o��,Eu'^^ was one of the first and  most successful experimenters with the X rays. '(His  residence at the Quirinal,   in Rortie,   had j he  aspect/  during his bachelor  days, of a scientific laboratory.  Indeed, he has spent so much time at scientific -.pur-.-  suits that his education in literature, music **a ��� ^  ing has been almost neglected. The time aunt h ^  ever, for thoughts of marriage, es|>eciallvasneithertP  King nor the Queen of Italy relished the idea of baT' ^  Helene d'Orieans, Duchess of'Asota, installed a ^  spcetive mistress of the Italian Court, Wither ftp  they fancy the probability that the crown mightso^  day be placed upon the head of the son of the Duke  and Duchess of Aosta* A suitable bride for the Prina^  was (omul in Princess Helene of Montenegro, whohrf'  been chosen by Alexandra HI. of Russia as consort fe.  his son Nicholas. But theCftir found hissonobduiattl  and finally consented that the Princess Helene should!  Ix* thrown over in favour of the Princess Alix of He*!  Therefore the lair daughter of the monarch of Motitc^  negro becomes Queen  of Italy  instead of Cxarina tfl  ,. U ttssja. -. She, U l>:*3r?^.?f ^^^n, very carefully ^  ^eatf4*/&jicf^^  ;; mot her A';/ S ttg-?^  , "h & s:' bee n ja li* yorl^  'lier.'.pet:'game;/ts/tS  W$M��M\$$$W.  SfN r ;:S t;A;,:N* i ��jb Alii  .//';���;���; .:;���/���/ '/-.-.-.,������ A7 -;/':.;':'':,/;./ 'A-/./..'   '���::.:A;.v^'^  'iMifmMM  l||lt|��:  ���/Afj  -*/i^i��  eviei  1  -i;iWi#v0*#&i^ fitwwu/:/: -���///:.���  AH  OSIER & GURD  Mines and Real Estate  *&:1������#*A^  mmmmp  I^^t||.^-;C*f^i> >;.:     / ,:///  HI>ilt;i^;^;Vs(^!.r��./:  i%i^;C^p#i'^'W^^*:;:..    ://��� /���  ^;SA:MPlBi!<^Y^FRi  ^.AAA/*M^rJ*  ir. to -'A.u��^>,t>KiS  r'.-V, *.���'".'-. .������������.*.���-.���   ���; ���._i*..v.,i'l  BAKER SrREET  ...Over...  Bank of Halifax  NEISOW, B.C.  u/men yoo *W  r  '9  B.  C AGE  FIRE CLAY CO.  W��� Carry in   Stock a  full  line of  Assayers* and Chemists'Supplies"  S  FOR  m. AINSWORTH & SONS  CO.  you.   Bf**t : wlmt-. -��^ f..ittro .---���, vpur-  ���ItimhU   milt:���..-����ml >u^J*'�� ���'*"-   ���  mr��iM?>* l���� left iit-iu:��WHS  ��  ab*��M.*,*.0��*  ��  ��'I9  la iljocirv.   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We can trace  one of the rites of Aryan sun worship in the deisil of  Highland superstition. Ghosts have a history almost as ancient as the (town of creation, and it is  manifest from the strange story of Saul and the Witch  of Bndor that even the Jews believed the phantoms  of the dead could be envoked by means of sorcery.  Shakespeare makes the witches in ** Macbeth" conjure up spirits and with admiral impartiality he makes  the ghosts bothfin "Jelius Caesar," a play dealing,  with pagan Rome, and in " Hamlet/' a play dealing  with   mediaeval   Denmark, behave   in   much   the  *ttfb.~i     rthMW**��i I  t* it<rt,*itMrui **f*-4>r-  Planing Mill  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings  Mm "m'ww  Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Reasonable  Central and Central Fractional Mineral  Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division  of WestKootenay District.  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Certificatesof Improvements,for the purpose  ;     And rttrfhertakiMtntloi* that aetioit, under f Mr obtaining Crown   <��mms of   the above  tectlon sjy. m��*{ he commenced before the U- j c{n$ms  tmant* of Ktirh Certificate of improvement*,    j    And ntrther take notice that action, under  <Md Crown Mineral Claim. *!tunie In the  Nelmtfl Mining Division of* Wntt Konienav j  Dl��trl*t*  Whvru !fM*aiUHt *   On Mornlm; Mountain.     I  Tate** natlce lh��t t. John M el <at elite, l\ US., j xhonYngon   Fr  *>1 ttt��>  City of Nel*or��, acting wa agent for \ i4jg$\f Jame.<* A  ���mt.  (3ii-if.ii.tiU;  flirts Us  f!<"  1 > u    a.  Tru 1 ul n  I'hyM^tl   <*ohur��\  UeMur^     Trial   Tuition  283"Latimer St t or 9. 0. Box 96  1 tailed thin lith day of Jtttu.% tt**\  John Mct��ATXkit!K.  Wadds Bros,,  H0T0GRAPHERS  Vaocouver and W��Uon  *.,NV��r��,.  riunr Itost^l  VICTORS ST,. NEISON  |tJ��     V<"*^>����  \vi  ".'i'-^llr Hint   Kot'tfl  CERTtriCATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  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UHott he commenced before the  i^utUierof^iM^h(>rtUSrat��^oflmorovvinents,  Hated this anti-day of June, 1WW��;  section <u% must i>e eommeneed before the  I fcatinnwofsueli Certificate or lmprr��ventenift.  \    Uated thla4th day of September. 1900.  j JOHX MCliATCHTK.  ;    ����� i.��..��i...i .I..,,,,,,.,��.., ,-,,.,. ,i-.���.... ,.   ,   ! CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  '    AtHnMineml Claim,situatelu the Nelson  i Mining Dlvlfthm of West Rootenay Dlstriet.  I    Where located:   On the  divide  between  'Bear and Wild llor-e Creeks, one-fourth of*  I mile northwest of the Parker mineral claim..  I    Take notice that I, John McUitehie. I*.L.��;.  iI of the City of  Nelson* acting? u* ujrent.  for  jThonuiH it O'Brien, Free Miner's Certificate  No.B'K>aii. John Ryan. Free Miner's CertM-  cate   No.  B 8*.5t0. William  M. Coffey, Free  Miners Certificate No. B��7,��U(and Falriek  lUly.  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It is not so certain that thebelief in the unluekmess  of rats, in the approach of a storm whenever a cat's  fur stands erect, and in  the  orninus ticking of the  M death-watchrT can boast of a respectable a:uiquit>v  There is a semi-scientific   basis   for the horror   eh-  gendered by a  visitation of rats, for it  is  associated  with bad drainage;   and when sailors  say trial  a  cat  has ,4 a gale of win<��ifUier taii?J they may not be far  from the truth, for the fur of the cat-js liichlv electri--:  cal, and is therefore  extremely   sensitive to   atmqs-  pheric changes.   But there is not much reason to anticipate evil when we hear the watch like click of the little  insect known to the learned as  Searabaeus  ^aleatus  pulsator.    It has its abode in dust and decayed wood  and if its ticking M goes on our nerves,.'/ we   can end  the trouble by taking Dean Swift's advice  and pour-  ing on if'" a   kettle  of scalding hot   water/'     The  world has happily seen the end of witchcraft.    In its  ,,,, ->^ii.M  ..-.;   .���':;:-";,:.....v.'.''���:,y!j��i?$fv&tie  {.;' :;".'V;'. ������''���������'��� z:'::W'i  "'"'���'��� /���, ��� '���''���,-:' ���'"''.. '���������K-,A;^W  ..  . .      ������ft-Mi  gloomier forfeit prevanckt'lbiiger'],,-: ffitil  L brd, R ot>er ts.: hai--feSjoflei  1>robab!e;th.ar  !Kmie,itr^  ion-will;te'irodeiit^^ "' ' ";  .ofagc on;the.;3rd,of iiii^mon^  T$mi  to ,���';��� receive;;:;!)!!^" "',Z'.   ..... ~���.  t0:;ieacE^  W0  canadian  /Pacific  '������.'<>.,   -.' ��� .-,'.   :���     ��� i ������.:..'��� ':������     ..- ���'   .��� ... -.:i. ��� ���.���.'..; L-;;.--.(... ;  '-. ; ��� ���:.-'1'-i-;V..'.-jUi^  AND  S00 LINE  G. O. BU G HANAlNIrf lliibr,  FAMOUS  IMPERIAL LIMITED  SERVICE  EAST AND WEST   ..M  Lumber,  Lath,  Shingles.  Orders Promptly FiHit lifil  Satisfaction Given^;.i^NSSii^  Yard, Foot of Hendryk Slreet.  JOH^M^  mm  ;Sn$ri:AfO(p  ;MIulcifftg|lfi  ���fnrntii  On AllTrnins from  ARROWHEAD AND KOOTENAY LOG  TOURIST rAFi8 pass ModiHn,' iluitlnilv for  ���Si. Paul, Saturdays for Monirwilfiiul lio^jon  Mondays and Thurs��lnys  U>v Toronto     s��uw'  (airs pajis Kcvelsioke one day earlier.  P. BURNS &  1m  WHOtCSALt INO'.RCTAti  CONNECTIONS  MEAT MERCHAN  7.10 Lv.  Ib.m Lv.  -.N'KIJSON.  NELSON.  Ar.lS^V*'  HEAD OFFICE:    NELSON, B. C.  Morning train daily for and from Rotund  and for Revelfttokcs'Main   Lin,-,  and   Pacific  Coast.  Afternoon train  daily for and from  Kom.  land, and from   iti.'velKiokc. Main   Line   -.no  Pacific Coast, and dally (vx. fjnn.lar, f/,r a  from Boundary Points.  7.a0ex.Sun. Pv..  NKI^ny.Ar. c'.-.Snn. iu,:^  For and from  Sandon. siorurt ��� Potm*   i��,.��-  elstoke, Main Unhand I'aeineCoa^t,  KOOTENAY LAKE-KASLO  ROUTE.  Ex. Sun. Str. Kokaner- !-:.\. sl!u .  A I .    II.(HI  ROSS UNO  SAiN DOW  THAIL  TNRKC'FORKS  SASte  'SiOCAN ClfY  T  Li.  /I  IG.OOLv  ..XKLSf)N  turdays to Ar^enta and return, l.-avin-  KOOTENAY  RIVER  ROUTE.  Dally          Sirs Moyle and Nelson DhIIv  22.30 Ly NEUSON         .. A, .}%  Cortoects  Koofenay   Landing with rrow'v  Nest Line trains.  '.u.  To Miiy  ^*'lur  For rat*K, ticket* ana tun  inrorniation apply to Depot or City A^-nt, Nelson, p,. c., ,,r  Scotch !|'an<!   I  'n<()ITSI(RIXGS.  P    MANAGER FOR E. SKINNER,  If    MwbmL}   Announces Large Ifiiportatioft^m  rish SICROHS, TVVKICDS, WORSTEDS AW  F. Anderson,  Trav, Pn-Hs. A^ont.  Nelson. B (',  E- J- Coylc,  A.Cr. P. Air^nl.  Vaneotiver. H.(  riH ?��M  fj<  **-  * +  ��*  j  *  ~ /A/ HAND  ���* if  �����  \   *  �� -  ���Ife  ��*.��  1      "  .��*        *  ��l,1  f        t  ���V/  t    t  -f*  ���J    #-  *,.    ��  - I  -    JViS  4  "3 11    J ��      I  *     *  <���   ��  i *  *\  I  *      I  GOVERNMENT BUTTER  AND  RANCH  EQQS  GO HMD It* HM0 #8 THK  t        ��  to* 1w sxurmh^^   ������� *��taur ijitmlnir of th# ^�����*t���^.iiiMaftr  - - y^4��f  KPATRIOK  ri  TELEPfiO&mO  ��        ^l^��al^l^llJ*il^l���^^^'>^^"i��^'*' till JimJt  HE  J*.  ON. GIBSON CO  MAKUfACTUHf��IS OP  .1      > p1  ^aking Pdwder, FI��voHii|  cktest Sauc��sf Spices  r    f- tc >  V   v  .11'  H4w��i����n n HMWni'lit ilimitlll��n���WW  COAL  M��I��|MW II !!�������������� ���!!���*��  hi i imi mi mm#mm&��mmpifr*emmn nil n , i iip^i^^wi��w^ii>tMii#i iljt  IlV3SrIPEO, MAN"  ���MMMIM��m��  $6.75 m TOR,  DELIVERED  ii-,\  Alimd-xh nu*st ^ u\Mtii!*tiHe��l S>* %��* ^��^i *ho��fal *v G^v^rdcd either  penKiftntty mr by aum! *;i tS'e oKc�� -if  Ca"" ^-^^ j^s^ff-*  I* *  <WJl4K*��mMfcAf  ���wei. or** #rf*r. 4tn ,k��ii7^r��rM jr^usi%- ^ju ��t ��*-**n'rt^Wttu"������*-A- <-    * �����* si^  ^#*K*wr-< 4<rwd �� ^����.c /*      u <- ��*������ **.-*�� -\rt��-.^ftrfNw p x fcswKff*ft-s��-t -r  *ffir^-��r -u   ~  ;!f.ic����t Cuotat.0  >*:*&�� and. Mine  *   *  *  ^���'  t4-  c   ��  thU  ��*<"  t^   ifrf-M   *, ^  es*1     '  ^e^i^r^* t\.  #*   c  ^  .i-  sa&  l'^  .��!  %     ;   D  I      1  -'i  t  t-  \  i t  * i  i  ?���' Z Lc;7: Mff-'S biS*?7S!pjia!i mi  Wi  $\m&..*3.  Bt  y*s*  Wi  W&.  TJ-*  w v��j��  v   tn,1  J* '<.  't��  ��  *S/M  V    **,  in-  *��  SlSSto  ^   "   /   '   f '  *f  i**j  >��I}^  Isi  ?$���  ?i��\T  m  iUt  wp*  n**y  ** fli  T t  ���&j.  <��>\  t ���  P/     Tl     1*  ^  ���H ^r  )  J  t-   J-  ���>4  L^j  J&1  V V  f!i*  m  mU  ^��J  4'  fltelai  fM4  *$Si  **.<��  ��-  Ml  A  !^  ftyr  m  M  $&,  ^  xv ih  tfrnrtva.  *JA*\  #4  Ja  &>m��>M��i  01"  *'K  jft;  4lCv  ra  **W  W6MS  mmm ��tf\  <%  *AW{  mi  M  1^4  itl  >i >�� Tin  &L Wa  m  im  if  V**i\  /a*s  m  ft  la***  s> ?  ^!.  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