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The Nelson Economist Nov 23, 1898

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 -Lt  With which  is incorporated THE  NATION, of Victoria,  VOL. II.  NELSON.   B.  C,   WEDNESDAY, HOVEMBEE  23, 189!  NO.  20.  THE NELSON" ECONOfllST.  Issued every Wednesday at the city of Nelson, B. C.  D. M. Carley .-:...���  .Publisher  SUBSCRIPTION RATES:  03ae Year to Canada and United States.  .$2.00  If paid in advance.  ........... .. .1.50  Osie Year to Great Britain.  ........ ..... 2.50  If paid in advance ............................. .... 2 00  Reuait by Express, Money Order, Draft, P. O. Order, or  R��gi��tered Letter.  Correspondence on matters of general interest respectfully  solicited.  Advertisements of reputable character will be inserted  upon terms -which will be made known on application. Only  articles of merit will be advertised in these columns and me  interests of readers will be carefully guarded against irresponsible persons and worthless articles.  EDITORIAL COMMENT.  Thursday, Nov. 24, is the day set apart   for  general thanksgiving throughout Canad  .    It.  appaars to us that Thanksgiving day this 'yy&f  in Canada should b@ observed with ceremonies  befitting  the occasion, for if the   people of on-,  country in   the world more than another have  reason to   be thankful   for   the blessings   bestowed upon them by an all-wise  Providence  that country is Canada.    In   the agricultural  districts,   the granaries   are overflowing,   and  in the   mining districts,  with   which  we   in  British Columbia are more directly concerned,  we have only to point to the  marvellous development   of   the   past   year   as   evidence of  the prosperity  of the young   Dominion.    The  unbeliever may say that it is to man alone v�� e  should afford   thanksgiving,   but The  Economist is too  orthodox to  entertain such  a suggestion, so in keeping with the  customs of the  day it returns thanks to the Ruler of the Universe for so many blessings lavishly bestowed  upon man.  Bystander ,writing in the WeeJcty Sun says :  " Lord Aberdeen's parting admonitions  to  us  area well-paid judiciary  and  a   permanent  civil service.     The judiciary   ought  to be so  paid that the bench may attract ability   from  the bar.      It is not necessary that  the salary  tof a judge should for this purpose be equal  to  h@ income of  a  leading  barrister, sine�� the  judgeship attracts by the dignity and security  of the position.     But it is  good  eeonomy  to  pay th�� judges well.     England  finds  that it  is, and she pays her judges at a   rate  far   beyond our scale or means.     Time is saved and  appeals are prevented when the judge is strong  enough to have full control M his court.    This  an English  judge ha?, and the Py iaoder has  haard a member of the. supreme court   of   the  United Ft ites speak w t 1   admiration   of  thr;  expedition   of   1 r   ish justice.    Anyone   iu    a  British     con t    is      on *,:ious   of     the     con-  s ant      presence      of' ;i;i    au'liorUy    which,  without undue irsfl.i: u:e, h.is ab-u>l uT. 8 control  and hold-* everybody and   everything   to   this  p-nnt.-*     0:i the   other    hand,  the writer  has  seen a trumpery suit io    an   Ame.ri-.an   court  dragged through a \vh;>l,-. day, ;i< it seemed to  him, owing t=> the weekne-s   mn��i    timidity   of  the judg .      A   perumueut   ami   mm-parlizan  c'v 1 service   is    also    a     vita!    r? qiiireirieJat.  So lo:v^ a* \\v h:��vp i1, and the service is   well  mauot-d.   our   administration   may   be   g >od,  'notwithstanding.all the vicissitudes  of   party  ���and the intri s-��n of men for meve party   eo:i-  v m'iencftj, into' in? headships of departments of  .the iu iriess of w.hic'h' they   are ignorant.      It  is in  thU   wav   U a"    British  administration  maintain??   its   ��x elience    through     all    the  changes oi p .vrt folios,' and th it  even    Franc**,  where lmnfeirra fl t  like  shadows   across  the  parliamentary" scene,   the   public  service    -:��s  pretty well maintained.      Oo the oilier   hand,  the eivil servant  must   be    lova .      He   mti4  put off the' last  remnant   t?f   p,. rt zauship   at  the thresholdvof'hi-j 6 flic e and render hisvery  best and most zealous assistance to the minister  of   the  day,   wha'ever   his  own   political  opinions or those of the.minister may be."  The Young Men's Christian Association of  Victoria has gone out of business. The question now is, are Victorians so -good as to no  longer require a Young .Mors 0:iristian Association, or are they so -far sunk in iniquity  as to be  irreclaimable?  Ti-ik percentage of votes polled for .prohibition in the different province.-* was: Ontario,  27 per cent.; Nova Sco-ia, 34 per cent.; New  Brunswick, 30 per cent; Prince Edward Island, 38 percent,; Manito -a, 25 per cent.;  British Columbia, lb per cent.; Northwest  Territories, 27 per cent ; Q lebec 8 per cent.  The Province of Vancouver, says "Th <; Nelson Economist appears to nave a standing  quarrel with Mr. Bostock because he has not  the oratorical gifts of Sir Wilfred Laurier."  As a matter of fact The Economist has time  and again express i its admiration of Mr.  Bostock's oratorical   gifts, while  at  the same  t .��s this paper reserved to itself the right to  remain away from any public meeting at  which this young Cicero wasjikely to speak.  The Economist has no quarrel with Mr. Bostock,bit we believe he would be less ridiculous  in the eyes of the public if he doffed the lion's  hide manufactured for him' by his hired men  and hung a calf's skin on those recreant  limbs.  The' substitution of a small word oft��n  leads to serious consequences. The following  apology on the part of the Chilliwaek Progress  more fully illustrates our meaning: "In publishing the resolution passed at a recent cnee -  ing of the directors of the Chiliiwack Agricultural.So-iety, which appeared .in the Progress of last week we inadvertently printed the  w@rd 'for' instead of 'from.' The resolution  should have read 'that Mr. Kipp be exonerated  from tampering with said grain.' We cheerfully make the correction,  ii  A-recent issue of the Victoria Times contained the following letter signed, "D.W.H.,"  pre-urnably Hon. D..-VV. Higgins :  "To   the   Editor: Your article  in ^ re ..-typographical errors calls to my mind the  laughable and remarkable error of a Victoria reporter   in   1866.      The  reporter   was   young, impressionable and not- versed   in   the   classics.  Rev. Mr. Somerville, now of Glasgow, was  ihe  pasto~ of the Presbyterian  church   (since   devoted to the u-es of   the   Province.      He   was  a learned and eloquent man and   exceedingly  fond of lugging into  his   discourse*   the dead  1 mguages.    A tea-meeting had been arranged  for a certain Friday evening.      It was held in  the hall now occupied by the Deimonico music  esta lishn eat.      There was a   goodly  attendance.      Mr.   Somerville   delivered    a   (lower)'  address, which he copiously interspersed with  Latin q-otatic ns.      One   of  these  quotations  was care canem (beware of the dog), the   translation  accompanying   the   quotation   in   the  lecturer's  notes.     The   reporter,   in  an    evil  hour, conceived the idea of asking Mr. Somerville to publish his notes of the address.    Mr.  Somerville handed    the  reporter  his    manuscript, which the reporter   copied and   pasted  to the printer as a verbatim report of the rev.  gentleman's  address.    As I  have said the   reporter was not up in the classics, and in copying the   rev.  gentleman's   manuscript  he was  greatly puzzled by the quotation "cave canem."  !)R8V53K&3$&Pm*$$@^ 2  THE ECONOMIST.  The then chief justice of the colony of Vancouver was David Cameron, known to his  friends and boon companions as*"Dave" Cameron. So the unfortunate reporter in copying  the clergyman's notes which were somewhat,  illegible, transcribed, them thus:���"Dave  Cameron, beware of the dog." The translation passed the proof-reader, and the next day  the Colonist was the most laughed at newspaper in the realm. The reporter never recovered from the shafts of ridicule which were  hurled at him. He shortly retired to the  wiids of Kootenay, where his bones now lie.  "Dave" Cameron has long reposed in the  Quadra street cemetery, and few of the residents whose memory will be quickened by  this memento remain to call to mind the  laughable incident, but it caused a great sen-  saiion at the time." 7:7  A street railway at Madison, Ind., has been  making theexperime.it of using young women  as conductors and it excited much attention  and comment, and no little prejudice. After  several months the girls were discharged, but  it is claimed the innovation was so pleasing  to the public, and the prejudice against their  employment having died out, they will be re-  i nstated. It is also said the girls were pleased  with their work.  At a convention of women's clubs in Mendelssohn hall, New York, held last week,  amongst other questions discussed was the  work of nursing. Considerable domestic feeling was shown in some of the objections to  pretty trained nurses. Mrs. Margaret Raven-  hill said she thought there ought to be an examining board to determine whether the  nurse had a vocation, by which she seemed to  mean Whether she was dangerously pretty.  "They will flirt, the pretty ones," she said, indignantly, "and the result is bad. Why, I  myself, had to take care of a rich friend last  summer while the pretty nurse was flirting  with her patient's husband."  Mrs. Goodridge said she had two nurses in  her family for some time, both pretty, and  t iey had no trouble with them. Her experience had been that they were ladies and  behaved as such And another woman remarked that no board of inspectors could  j idge on examination whether a woman were  flirtatious.  Mrs. C. P. Barnes, of Louisville, pleaded  f.��r a "higher type of womanhood among the  nurses" who go into hospitals where our sons  g ', too, as internes, and we know the dangers  ��u such association. Some one asked why a  higher'type was needed, and Mrs. Helmuth  slid that the nurse? did not show a proper  si.irit of philanthropy. "They have an ironclad rule," she said, "that they will not take  le-s than $3 or $3.50 a day, while physicians  f . quoiilly give their services for nothing."  Miss Annie Rhodes said that she had no-  t --ed in her work in the War Relief Associa-  i:>> 1, where she watched the nurses, that the  more   natural    refinement   and   breeding  the  woman had the better nurse she made. I  want to say something in defence of the nurse  who insists on $25, a week for her services;",  she added. "It means more to her than to  most physicians, because she has many idle  weeks and also has usually a mother to help  or a mortgage to pay off. Women don't go  into that profession any dess because they need  , the. money than into others."  The Toronto Telegram says, if it took two  Governments and Isaac Campbell, Q. C ;' until  two o'clock in the morning to carry a Winnipeg Liberal meeting in favor of Hon. Clifford  Sifton, the millenium will have arrived before  they can prevail upon the whole country  west Of Lake Superior to lay its tributes of affection at the feet of the Ablest Man in Can-  ada.  No true coal is known in Greece, but lignite is now minedin three places the most important of which���Kumi��� supplies 15,000  tons annualiv. Lignite is not infrequent all  over the country, and should be more systematically exploited. As fuel for steam engines  the lignite is mixed with half its weight or  more of coal.  More than ordinary interest is being manifested in Mr. Henry J. Morgan's forth-comiug  work, "Types of Canadian Women, Past and  Present," now in active preparation. The  volume, or volumes besides recording the  names and achievements of Canadian maids  and dames from the days of Marie Madeline  de Vercheres, M'dlle de Lothiniere, and M >fy  Simpson down to our own time, will he profusely illustrated with portraits and other  pictoral representations. Many copies of  paintings and photographs have been received  from London and Paris for insertion in the  book.  A curious instance of muscular Christianity,  arising out of a ritualistic controversy, has  occurred in the parish church of Clevedon  Somersetshire, where the anti-ritualists  threatened to interfere with the service. The  vicar announced that in response to his suggestion he had received a gift of a set of the  best Birmingham "knuckle-dusters," which he  added, he had distributed among the members  of the choir and orchestra, enjoining them to  use the "knuckle-dusters" freely if any obstruction of the service was offered. The next  Sunday he added that he himself had carried  "knuckle-dusters" for the past 20 years.  The Lord Mayoral ceremonies were remarkable for an important speech made by the  Lord Chief Justice, Baron Russell, of Killowen  on the occasion of the visit of the new Lord  Mayor, Sir John Moorj, to the law courts.  The Chief Justice spoke strongly on the subject of modern company-promoting scandals.  He said   the two   chief   evils were   the   over  capitalization and notation of utterly   worthless companies, and alluded to the money paid  to men of title in order to induce  them to be  come directors.    Lord Russell pointed out tha v  during the last seven years some  ��23,000,000  had   been lost   in   company liquidation,   and  had gone  into oUnworthy,   pockets.    He then  appealed to the Lord Mayor  and   corporation  to endeavor to stop these   scandals by setting  an*example  of the  condemnation and   ostracism   of parties   engaged   in tjiese   nefarious  transactions.  ,.v The Gold Commissionership of Nelson is  vacant. It is not known the name of the  person who will succeed Mr. pennis; but it is  quite likely some friend of Mr. Martin's from  Manitoba will get the position.  At a recent banquet in New York given   in  honor   of   Lord Herschell,   the after   dinner  part of the exercises was opened by  President  Frank R. Lawrence, of the Lotus club, who, in  in<roducing the   guest   of the  evening,  said:  "The events   of the year must   give to  every  American a  feeling of  pride   and   happiness,  when we consider how soon   the  problems of  the war were met and mastered, and when we  remember the deeds of valor performed by our  soldiers   on  land and   sea.    But  there is no  more happy  recollection connected with   our  recent history, and  none, I hope, which   will  longer   endure, than   that of   the   friendship  shown  at a critical   time by the great mother  nation, to us, whom Kipling calls the 'youngest people'.    May   that friendship  always   be  reciprocal,   and m ��y it   bs accepted by  mankind as   evidence   that   the   ocean does    noli  divide the tvo great branches of the  Eaglish-  speaking race,   that they   are   one in  purpose  and   in aspiration   and   that    whenever  the  bounds of freedom are   to   be enlarged or the  wrongs of an opposed people are to be redressed England and   America will stand as one."  Lord Herschell,  after returning  thanks for  the   hearty manner   in   which his name had  been toasted, said:    "Allusion  was  made  to  the state of feeling which  most happily exists  between your  country   and  mine.    Nothing  could be  to me a greater personal joy than to  see this bond drawn still closer.    Perhaps   we  have not   always taken the   most charitable  view of each   other's actions, but  in-the main  we have understood each other, and I can say  with pride that never in "my career have I uttered a word   or approved an  act which could  embitter the relations   between   America   and  Great   Britain   or   to   make   friendship   with  them more difficult.    I join  most   heartily in  the belief that nothing would augur better for  the peace of the world and   the highest interests  of humanity than   the closest  unity   of-  heart and   action  between  the two  great English speaking nations.    I   am not   speaking  now of paper alliances, but of a true and deep-  rooted union   for   the  good   of   humanity,   of  which humanity   has   hardly  dreamt.    It  is  with the deepest satisfaction that I enter upon  my duties in this commission to which I  have y  THE ECONOMIST.  been appointed. If I can do anything toward  bringing about a closer union between America  and Great Britain-1 shall have contributed to  one of the greatest and most potent events in  histery for the lasting good of humanity."  ,Mis quite evident that the miners of San-  d6~t&o not want John Chinaman, but the  method of getting rid of the despised Celestial,  while it possesses the merit of being most effective, may conflict with the laws of the  land.  Between the dispute over the Corbett-  Sharkey contest in New York city and the  promised visit of Fighting Jo�� Martin, pugilism is about the only subject discussed fn Nelson these days.  Some interest is being taken in the selection  of a new council. It is not likely that there  will be any opposition to Mayor Houston,  should he again offer himself. It is believed  that very few of the present aldermen will  again seek re-election, as they feel they have  already contributed liberally of their time to  the interests of the city. The feeling generally is that what Nelson needs now is a business  man's council. Next year will be the most  important one in the history of the city, and  it is essential that our best business men  should be on the council board.  The "Economy Bottling Works," under the  distinguished management of Hon. Joseph  Martin, is said to have offered $100 per month  for a Gold Commissioner to take the place of  Mr. Dennis. It is not likely that any one can  be secured in this city to take the position at  that price. We have office-seekers Jttere, as  elsewhere, but to their credit be it said, they  ar�� not cheap men.  The Nelson branch of the Women's National Council is meeting with considerable  encouragement in the matter of establishing a  public library in this city. Already promises  of assistance have been received from many  quarters, and within a few months Nelson  will probably have a public library equal to  any in the Province. A reading room will be  one of the features of the new institution.  The refusal of the new Provincial Government to grant Mr. F. McRae, late police  magistrate of Vietoria, an impartial investigation into his administrasion of the duties of  ^ys office, is only one more outrage added to  w*ie already long list of the new goyerament.  Mr. McRae performed the duties of his office  without fear or favor, which, perhaps, a@-  counts for his dismissal.  The Vancouver World has the following :  "Yellow journalism the world over is the same  cry. Rash, unwarranted statements are catered  for and allowed to appear in their columns. In  fact they glory in sensation, caring nothing  whatever for truth or facts, and the consequence is that scarcely a (lay passes but that  there is a correcti@n of statements which  have appeared in their columns. The publis  speedily discerns between such newspapers as  these solid, staid-going, matter-of-fact journals, whose reputation for truthfulness, honesty  and the exercise of care and judgment in the  matter of purveying news to their patrons" is  proverbial. The yellow journals soon become  discredited, and then pass into oblivion, un-  knelleds unhonored and unsung."  So far the economy of the new government  has not reached the sala y of any of the members of the cabinet. A slice off the salary of  the Attorney-General would betaken as a sincere desire on the part of Mr. Martia to practise economy.  Lord    Salisbury's   words   :.n   his   banquet  speech about   the   appearanoe  of  the   United  States as   a war  power   on   the  international  scene are   enigmatic;   perhaps   they   were   so  even to   the  speaker, suggests   the  By<taaclcr.  But Lord Salisbury is quite right if he thinks  x\merican imperialism,   in   the   hands   of   an  unscrupulous  party   at    Washington,  with   a  deluded and inflmied people;  is a..menace  to  the peace of the world.     Rapine is in the air.  " Philanthropy," " civilization," " humanity,"  "propagation of Anglo-Saxon ideas and institutions " are fine phrases unknown to robbers  of old. .  Ottawa Citizen : The despatches state that  that bad old man, Li Hung Chang, has been  shelved. But Mr. Sifton is still on the bargain counter.  Heavy sentimental dram*, says the Kool-  enaian, does not take with a Kaslo audience.  We gathered as much from the performances  of the Kaslo dramatic club last season. In  fact, the same report reaches us from all the  great dramatic centers.  'Tis better to be born handsome than rich.  Mr. Ernest Hastings, of Parkhill, Out., a  Toronto University graduate, lawyer and actor, and now a leading man in a stock company, in San Francisco, earning $150 a week,  has been left $110,000 by Mrs. Hayings, of  Lancashire, England. She is no relation, hut  was shown a photograph of the namesake by  a mutual friend, became fascinated by his  handsome face, and, dying a short time ago,  left him her money.    ,  Governor-General of Canada of enjoying the  kindest feelings of,the Canadian people, wh ���  learned with pleasure of his appointment at d  looked forward to him filling his distinguished  office with the ^utmost credit. He is the fin-c  soldier who, has occupied fhe post of representative of Her Majesty in Canada sinc^.  Confederation, and- Canadians, have not forgotten that he ^won his earliest honors on  active service under- the most ard uous cmi-  ditions during the rebellion of 1885. -IIi-3  Excellency and the countess have many  friends already in Ottawa and it will* not be  long before they feel at home. They have  the assurance of the heartiest wishes of out-  citizens to make their stay in the Capital as  pleasant and agreeable as possible."  The resolution adopttd by the city council  of Nelson looking towards the establishment  of a mint here, for the treatment and preparation of gold and silver, is well-timed and  worthy of consideration. The mint is likely to  be established by legislation during the coming session of the Dominion Parliament, and  Nelson should move at once in having a rt-  finery established here, as part of the general  scheme for a  mint for Canada.  The prevalence of consumption in Ontario  is set forth in all the cold formality of a statistical diagram in the monthly report of the  Board of Health. Of 250 deaths reported  throughout the Province in September last,  147 resulted from consumption and 152 out d  230 in August. In the latter month a year  ago the morality wTas at the rate of one per  thousand per annum, or 120 deaths from consumption out of a total of 189 for the month.  Under such conditions the establishment of a  public sanitarium for the treatment of the  disease filled a long-felt want.  The Montreal Star prints a very good picture of Edmund C. Senkler, underneath which  is. the .following observation' from a western  paper: "Edmund Senkler, who a few sh <rt  years ago stood in the front rank of foothill  players, has been appointed Gold Commissioner in-the Klondike. The miner who take-s  Senkler for a tenderfoot and wants to mon key  with the commissioner may run up againsua  flying wedge."  If there is on�� thing more than another  that Cascade and the Boundary country  needs, according to the Record���in these  time3 when needs are so numerous it, ia  the establishment of offices of some recognized express company. At present the  nearest office of this kind is at Bossburg, not  a convenient p'ace for business men living  thirty to fifty miles away to do business in.  The Record was recently notified by the Dominion Express Co.'a agent in Pentieton, 150  or more miles from Cascade, that a small package for that paper from Victoria had reached  that office. This but illustrates the point here  made.  I  * 4  THE ECONOMIST.  :se  a  THERE'S MANY A SLIP."  A hundred miles from Aden, Her Majesty's  troop-ship Idena steamed along, bound for  home.  All day the fierce sun   had  streamed   down  with blazing beamswhich those on   board  endured, cursed or grumbled   at.   according   to  their dispositions.  ������ The sensation   of  the   day   had   been   pro-  1 vided by   a Lascar stoker, who,   rushing   from  the inferno of the  eagineroom,  leaped   headlong overboard, mad for one delicious   plunge  into coolsess after enduring   the   torments  of  ' heat." ,  '.' Man overboard I" rtng out. Engmes  were reversed. Ladies started from languid  recumbencv. A smoothfaced subaltern offered  100 to 1 against " the nigger being picked ap,"  but no one troubled to listen to him, for the  water hereabouts is swarming with sharks.  However, just as horror became subdued into  resignation, a back speck was seen stilf  swimming vigorously. A boat was lowered  and the poor wretch was dragged back, collapsing utterly when certain of safety.  Ail this, however, had happened six hours  ago. The incident.'had.been discussed, com;  merited on-'arid, capped by similar cases, and  long before the dinner bell rang the customary  state of boredom had again set in.  After dinner, when the sun had finally dis-  a ppeared, and the stars had shone out of the  wonderful luminosity of��� a Southern night,  . some one, probably the major's wife)proposed  a dance, and presently the notes of a valse  rose and fell, alluring with its languorous lilt  of melancholy sweetness even those who  vowed they " didn't dance '' te seek our partners.  Among the many who circled round were  the officer in command, Captain Assheton,  and his partner, Miss Phyllis Welsh.  The ladies of the "Dovescot" denied that  Miss Welsh had any claims to the attractive  adjectives by Which the men orj board ship  desirbed her charming manners and face  They emphatically agreed among themselves  that the only epithet she deserved was that of  being " an outrageous flirt." .  Whatever her character might really be, tonight more men thin Captain Assheton  though Miss Phyllis Welsh looked "uncommonly fetching !" Her eyelids, heavy with  dark lashes, drooped as though to hide the  exulting brightness of the eyes they shaded,  while excitement restored the bloom which a  year spent in Indian gayeties had somewhat  jmled.  As -he glided round she breathed quicker  than the he*t of the evening, or the motion  of the dance, accounted for. She wondered  at. h��r own sensations. To experience delight,  h-ar, rapture aud doubt, which had amused  her to make others feel, half terrified half  t:tia rmed \\ev.  Once raising her eyes, she met full a glance  from Captain Arsheton, and a thrill of c^r-  t linty swept away the last doubt as to whether  h��r love was returned or not.  i  Let's  come   and   sit  out,"   said    Captain  Assheton, then he added, "I want to speak to  you���to tell you, Phyllis���" He stopped  abruptly on perceiving an orderly coming up  to speak to him.  "Well, what is it ?" he asked peremptorily.  "Please, sir, the doctor says Private Robinson is seriously ill."  Captain Assheton turned apologetically to  his partner. "Will you wait for me here ?  I will be back in five 'minutes."  "Yes," assented Miss Welsh, leaning back  languidly in a dock chair. "I'll wait for  you here if you're not too long."  Captain Assheton   and   the orderly  strode  awav.   ���  Custom   had   not   yet   steeled   Assheton's  heart against feeling a pang  of sorrow   when  called upon to   visit the poor  fellows   whose  dying words it was his duty,   when    officer   in  command, to note and report.  When '���'*.* Tommy Atkins" die�� there is no  useless fuss made over the event. No loving  hand clasps his to strengthen him during the  last struggle. No tears fall to tell him that  even he, poor follow, has some one who will  miss him. No ! The doctor merely reports  him "seriously ill." The officer on duty  comes to stand by his side and note down  whatever message "Tommy" may choose  to send to mother or sweeeheart waiting for  him at home.     Then a few hours later,   if on  ��� ���������.���������'���������.:���-���'���  ',���������.     ."������������.v    ��� ::...    ���' ���;. "ft '������������������  Jand, "Tommy" is buried in a.'coffin the  price of which the government stops out of his  pay, or, if he dies on board ship, with some  shot tied to his ankles, overboard he h dropped,  to sink out of sight and then join that weird  company of shrouded corpses which stand  upright, drifting and swaying in the currents  of the sea, half way.beweehfThe bottom and the  surface of the ocean.  On reaching the stifling deck where the sick  the wounded and the dying lay, the orderly  stopped beside the berth of Private   Robinson.  Usually the officer in command knows nothing of the man whose dying words he has to  report, but as it chanced, Assheton had heard  something of Private Robinson's career. He  knew that Robinson was "a gentleman ranker," one of those good-looking, reckless, unlucky fellows against whom fortune Beems to  have a ���spite.  A3 Assheton came to the side of his berth,  the dying man started up with a curious expression of defiant despair. Above him,  beside him, all around the deck lay other  suffers, listening and watching to hear what  " the poor beggar " had to say.  It was hardly the place for confidences, and  Assheton felt fully the embarrassment of the  position. Robinson, however, had reached  the time when the world recedes into th�� background of one's consciousness, and what has  to be done must be done at once or left forever uncomplished.  He feebly strove to take something from  under his pillow.  " Can I reach that for you?" asked Assheton  gently.  " I've waited too long," said Robinson.    " 1  intended to send this back myself, but  somehow I put it off from day to day ;   I  couldn't  bear to part with it." He stopped a minute as  he succeeded in lifting up an envelope, then he  continued. "I want you to send this back  to her, and tell her that though she sent me  to the devil���I love her to the ������ end." He  added, as Assheton took the envelope containing the photo from him: " The address  is., written on the back of it."  "Is there nothing else I can do for you. 9"  said Assheton huskily. ���    '  "Nothing, thank you, sir," replied Robinson, and Assheton felt he was dismissed.  He turned  away  in   silence,   and  left  the  deck..- ".-":."-'.: ���'���'' *W"  As he again passed through the dancers, the  valse was hastening to its conclusion, and  the  laughing, talking company was dispersing  in  search of ices and comforable seats.  Phyllis   Welsh  was   still    waiting   where  Assheton had left her.  "You   weren't   long"    she    said ^smiling  "What   did Tommy want   to   tell you ?   Do  tell me all about it."  Something in her words grated against  Assheton's feelings. He sat down and replied slowly. " He asked me to return a  photo to a girl, and tell her that, though she  played him false he loved her to the end."   "  "Oh I"  cried Phyllis.     "How  interesting  it sounds !   Have you the  photo there ?   Do  let me see it."  "You   must not ask   me  to do   that," said  Assheton, gravely.  But Phyllis was not accustomed to have  her wishes ungratified. She leaned forward  and looked up with her eyes glowing. " Will  you refuse the first request I've ever made  you ?"   she urged. -  "Of  course,   if    you    insist���"    hesitated  Assheton.  " I do insist, I must see what thegirlislike]  Some common vulgar creature, that the   poor  fellow idealized into a piece of perfection."  "Probably," assented Assheton, dryly, taking the envelope from his pocket and producing the photograph. c  With eager curosity Phyllis bent over it.  For the space of a second she stared, rigid  with astonishment and dismay ; then exclaiming, "Give it to me! Oh, give it to mel"  She tried to snatch the photogoaph from  Assheton.  It was too late. Assheton, with blank disgust,had already recognized the beautiful'  likeness.  " Give it to me 1" she stammered.  "Certainly," replied Assheton. "It was  what I promised to do."  A.  He dropped the photo into  her  hands   and-  strode away.  Lord Inchiquim writes to the London Times,  protesting against the creation of a new Irish  peerage in the person of an Englishman (Mr  Curzon,) unconnected with Ireland in a  way. Naturally, Lord Inchiquin must be expected to be anxious to keep up the dignity of  the Irish Peerage, which has amongst its  members, holders of some of the oldest titles  in Debrett. Lord Inchiquin himself is fourteenth baron, and claims descent from Brian  Boroihme, who fell at the battle of Clontarf  in the year 1000. THE ECONOMIST.  AND INVESTORS.  There is a decided relapse in the quotations  for Republic stocks, and it seems as if investors were determined to await further development before rushing in to secure even the  cheap stacks. Perhaps in this they are wise,  "but in Tiiany instances they must not expect  to purchase, at the present moderate figures  after news of a strike comes to hand. The  _ fact7 that most, of these stocks area gamble,  pure and simple, makes it advisable to get in  on the ground floor, but with that the greatest care should be taken to act only on the  best information, obtainable, arid to invest  only in such properties as an assured management and reputable ownership make legitimate development a certainty. Possibly at  the present time Princess Maud is as good a  buy, as anything in the market, as every indication would go to show that a big body of  ore will be found when the tunnel now being  run, strikes the ledge. We were strongly advised. to buy this stock six weeks ago, when  its market price was 4 cents. Had we done  so, we would by this time have been laying  our wires, for a seat in the next legislature.  We did not follow the advise, however, and  must content ourselves with pulling somebody  else's sack,   instead  of   handing one   around.  The Rossland market continues dull, and  there is at present, no prospect of a freat improvement in it. It will take it some time to  recover from the effect of that theatrical boosa  and slump in Monto Cristo and Virginia. In  the meantime the big companies will go right  ahead, and by their legitimote enterprise, will  redeem the camp from the hard blow dealt to  its reputation by two enterprising (save the  mark) brokers.  In the Slocan things are improving every  day. The Payne, Ruth, Slocan Star, Last  Chance, Noble Five, Ajax, R. E. Lee, Idaho,  Queen Bess and Miller Creek are each employing from 30 to 120 men, and the shipments this winter will be larger than ever.  There has not been any. new strikes of importance made this week, at any rate none have  been made public. It would be quite a benefit  to the Slocan district if a.little more publicity  were given to the many good things that  have been struck around there, but as a rule  the first intimation owners give to the public,  are the shipping returns.  Slocan Mineral Float.  (New Denver Ledge.)  The Chapleau is to resume work.  The Wakefield  has 37  men on its   working  force.  Sandon exported 100 tons of ore during the  past week.  Commodious buildings are being  erected at  the Idaho.  The Fisher Maiden is getting out a car load  of ore for shipment.  Forty-two tons of ore was shipped from the  Queen Bess last week.  The Emily Edith reports  a  fine strik��   of  clean ore in the long tunnel.  W. H. Robinson and Major Reed are developing the Brunswick, on Four   Mile.  Ore from the Comstock has commenced to  come down to Silverton for shipment.  Fifteen men are working on the Treasure  Vault.    The new bunkho.uees are  finished.  On the Fisher Maiden a foot of clean ore  has been struck in the bottom of a new winze.  R. Green-, M. P. P., is.moving in the matter  of having the Springer.creek wagon road completed.  At the Montezuma an engine and boiler  htve been installed to replace the water wheel  in running the compressor.  Frank Wateon has assigned a mortgage on  the Arlington to Ross Thompson, of Rossland,  which has been recorded.  Work is being rapidly pushed on the E-sex  group, on Four Mile. Manager Dawson is undecided whether to continue operations after  Christmas or lay off till spring.  The Golden Wedge, on Lemon creek, has 35  men working.. The propert}7 is owned by th��  Ore Mining & Milling Co. They have a  townsite and a sawmill near the mine also.  Work lias ceased on tfee Six Mile wagon  road for the winter, after nine miles had beeii  completed. This road is being built to carrv  the trade from the Lemdi creek.country  to Nelson.  Shannon, McPherson and Goetteche are in  over 20 -feet under ground on their property  adjoining the Marion. They have a pay-  gtreak of 10 inches, showing carbonates and  galena, in a two foot ledge.  An unsuccessful attempt was made last  week by local parties for* '.outside capital to  secure a bond on the Mabou and Ohio claims,  adjoining the Enterprise group, on Ten Mile  creek, and owned by Messrs. Kirk wood, Weils,  Grant and Tunks. There was,not sufficient  money forthcoming to move matters.  ��� i  How it is Accomplished.  a. w. s.    .   . .'  The knack of   writing verses can be   learned in half  a minute,  Provided that you do not care to do it extra well;  Just take this  for example and you'll  see  there's  nothing in it;  And then to those in ignorance the secret you can  tell.  At first select a common word like���well, let's  say  ���"objectionable;"  Then bring a lady in the  game and  call her���  "Mary Ann;"  Now choose for your locality some place like���"on  the kitchen table.'7  And then  ring in  some catchy phrase, for  instance���"rush the can."  Now  add a little on and say���"a thirst  he  found  objectionable,"  Then add to number  two���"unto his daughter  Mary Ann."  Once more enlarge and say���"of beer and place it  on the kitchen table,"  And  make  the  last   line read  like   this���"will  kindly rush the can."  'Tis done���"John   Smith   was   bothered   with   a  thirst he found objectionable,  He therefore   called   aloud   unto   his   daughter  Mary Ann:  'Go fetch ir.e in a pail of beer and  place  it on the  kitchen tabic; .  In-other words, my darling will you kindly rush  the can.' "  Thanksgiving.  Wo thank   Theo, O Father,  for all that is bright���  The gleam of the day and the  stars of the night;  The flowers, of youth and the fruits of our  prime,  And blessings o'cr-nuirolling the pathway of time.  We thank Thee, O Father of all, for the power  Of aiding each other in life's darkest hour;  The generous heart and the bountiful hand,  And all the -soul-help that sad souls  understand.  We thank Thee, O Father, for the days yet to be���  For hopes that our future will call us to Thee;  That all our eternity may form, through Thy love,  One day of. thanksgiving in mansions above.  I Am   Thankful���  That-I   never .praised.the   poetry    of    my  female friends. '    .  That I never was edek more than two  weeks  at a time.  ,  That a t?la��s of whiskev n-ver put   n:e   into  an ex:i Ited state.  That i   never bluffed in   a    poker  game   at  the wrong time.  That 1 never.repeated a poor, joke   without  feel in-2 s-rt-y for it.  That  I never  'abused  the  trust  put  in   me  hy my wi?eor the grocer.  Th��t I never  let   my   neighbors  know   the  extent of my learning.'-.  That I never originated a theory concerning  the. origin of microbes.  That I    never   pa'ened   anything   intend* d  to revolutionize- the age.  That I never used a word of eight syllabUs  when oneof-rix would do.  That I never let tuy tailor wait''more   th;n  -nine months fur  his Kill-.  That I mver i-mokf-d a had cigar except   in  the seclusion of .my sanctum.  That' I t evf-r had any leai. iogs toward  philosophy, riding brcccLe- or canvaeh*; k  duck.  SDiirrreon's Blunt Critic.  When Mr.Spurgeon firrt '��� e*nn his ministry,  an anonymous critic   ti'-ed   to    write   to   him  constantly  ah >ut   his   mistakes   in   gramnir  and   pronunciation.      Mr.   Spurg^on   at   fir t  resentt-d these criticism--, but he <<\)i\   learn d  to prcfH by them.      " After   Mvihil'V'   he   na'.d  in telling the   t fie   st/'ry,   " I   looked   for he  weekly memoranda with much ir-je^-M..    ' li 1  repeated a sentence which 1 had w^td   tw>    < r  three Sundays   before,   he -would   write,'S<e  .       . ' >no-":-  the same expression in such and   such   a. Ff-E-  . .. anoiiu 'i  mon.  �� *?  Mr. Spurgeon, like everybody else, had his  pet quotation, and he used this line- -k< Notl -  ing in my hand to bring," rather frequently.  So his commentator wrote him^"?AVie,|''arb  sufficiently informed of the vacuity~fjf you'r  hand."  mmmmmmmm 6  THE ECONOMIST.  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL,  There will he a Salvation Army wedding on  the evening of December 6.  The next sitting of the Supreme Court   in  Nelson will begin December 5.  W. J.   Gbepel is   now acting gold   commissioner, in place of O. G. Dennis.  Warden Fkzstubbs sustained slight injuries  to his arm by a fall Monday evening.  D. J. Beeton, Winnipeg, has returned to this  city, and will take  up his residence here.  A correspondent suggests the calling of a  meeting at an early day to discuss municipal  matters.  It is predicted that nearly one million dollars will be expended in buildings in Nelson  next year.  The Molly Gibson has been incorporated  with $2,000,000 in $1 shares. The office of  the company will be at Victoria.  While H. W. Simpson, contractor, was removing some material on a handcar, his car  wa3 telea5C0ped: by an engine. Mr. Simpson  received severe injuries.  The work of removing the bodies from the  old cemetery to the new one is almost completed, and the fragments of old coffins and  other debris will be burnt up.  The departure of. Mickey Burns at thi3  time, arouses* the suspicion that he was offered  the Gold Commissionership at $100 per  month, and becoming disgusted, left the town.  William Harold, the seven months' old  child of H. G. Beardsley, was accidently  -smothered to death by being wrapped up in  b inkets last Sunday morning at his father's  camp. The parents have the sympathy of  many friends. The funeral took place today  to the English ehurch cemetery.  The concert to-morrow night in the Presbyterian church in aid of the Ladies' Hospital  and the public library should be well attended. The object is a good one and apart from  this, the participants in the concert stand  high in the musical world. Tickets may be  secured at the Canada Drug and Book Co's  store, or from any of the ladies of the Women's  National Council.  W. J. Goepel, Provincial Government audi-  t ��r, has returned from an official visit that ox-  tended to Cariboo. Mr. Goepel'a opportunities  for observation   are  unequalled,  so when   he  says that there is a revival in mining in old  Cariboo, it implies more than a mer# empty  statement. Throughout tfafc districts where Mr.  GoepePs official duties brought him there was  noticeable a great confidence in the future of  the Province.  An Ottawa despatch to the Victoria Times  announces a redistribution bill with additional representation to British Columbia.  This is likely to be accomplished by dividing  the Yale-Cariboo district and giving each part  of it a representative* It is not safe to infer a  general election in 1899 from this, but it is  clearly an effort to get ready, in case it becomes desirable to have a dissolution.  The management  of the  Canadian Pacific  Railway are desirous  that the representative  business and public  men of the West  Kootenay District, should have an early opportunity  of seeing  the district  opened ��p  by   the construction of their Crow's Nest Pass Line,   and  with this end in view have authorized the local  officers of the Company in this district to extend  to members of   the press  a cordial invitation to   join   them on a  trip  through   the  East   Kootenay.    This    invitation   has   also  been extended to the Mayors and  Councils ��f  Nelson, Rossland, Kaslo and Sandon, also  to  delegations   from the   Boards of  Trade   from  those points.    It   is   the   intention to   leave  Nelson  on   the  nitial  trip   of the new   steel  steamer   "Moyie"    connecting   at   Kootenay  landing with passenger train, and running as  far   as  Fernie,   the  center of the large   coal  fields, giving  the guests an   opportunity   of  looking over  the  mining   districts of   Moyie,  Craabrook   and Steele; and through the courtesy of the manager  of the Crow'o Nest Coal  Co   an   opportunity   will  be   given    to   look  through the   coal mines   and the coke   ovens.  At this time it is difficult   to fix a date  when  the road will be ready  to take care of a party,  but it will be somewhere   about the first week  in December.  The  Theatre.  The Jane Coombs company was poorly patronized. Apart from the principal, Miss  Coombs, the company was not deserving of  patronage.  The R. E. French Company opened to an  overflowing house at the skating rink last  Monday night. The play, "Hands Across the  Sea," was well given and the company received a curtain call at the end of the second  act. Last night "The Danit��s" was given, a  play admirably adapted to Mr. French's style  of acting. "The Danites" was without a  doubt the most artistic production yet seen  in Nelson. The French company are well  deserving of partronage. The stage effects  are much better than any ever seen here, and  the whole work of the company is performed  with an evident desire to please. To-night  "Dad's Girl" will be given. There will be  Thanksgiving and Saturday matinees.  City   Council.  At the last meeting of the city council there  werepresent: Mayor Houston, Aldermen Hil-  lyer, Whalley, Madden and Teetzel.  A communication was read from Mr.F. W.  Peters, of the C. P. R., inviting the mayor and  council to attend the formal opening of the  Crow's Nest Pass Railway. All the members  present signified their intention of accepting  the invitation, and the city clerk was instructed to notify Mr. Peters to this effect.  The Offer of John La Pointe to do the excavation work on Josephine street for 21 cents  a yard was referred to the board of work.  A communicotion from Mr, G. C. Hodge,  requesting the prohibition of bill-posting on  telephone poles, was read, and a resolution  passed in accordance with the request.  ��f A motion was introduced and adopted recommending that the city open negotiations  with capitalists to secure ike establishment of  refining works in Nels en.  It was decided to forbid the practice of  young boys coasting on certain sidewalks, but  the mayor was also authorized to select three  streets in different parts of the city where  coasting might be indulged in by the young  people.  The mayor was also authorized to have  gravel plac��d an all inclined sidewalks in  the city.  The finance committee recommended the  payment of several accounts, after which the  council adjourned*  The Cofbett-Sharkey fight at New York,  Monday night, resulted in the fight being  a yarded to Sharkey in the tenth round.  Corbett disqualified.  A team attached to an express wagon owned  by Wilson & Harshaw ran away on Vernon  street this afternoon resulting in upsetting  the vehicle.    The horses made their escape.  ,  Tourist cars for St. John, N.B., in connection with Atlantic steamers, pass Revelstoke  Nov. 25th, Dec. 2nd, 9th, and 16th. Berth  rate on these cars Revelstoke to St. John is  $8.00. Last steamer from Fort William for  Owen Sound will leave Nov. 29th.  The extending us�� of electricity  is  well   illustrated by its use for lighting  mines.    The  candle or   oil lamp of  former days   was   not  only dangerous in coal mines, where there  is  likelihood of an explosion, but it  furnished a  very imperfect light and compelled  the miner  to  work in  semi darkness     Small  electric  lamps,   to   be carried by the miners at work,  were  introduced in   France,   but  they  were  objectionable   on   account    ��f    their   weight  ���nearly five pounds���and also because they  would burn only  a few   hours without  being  reeharged.    The lamps are now attached  to  the roofs of the galleries, currents being established by means of wires.    By this means  an  abujndance ��f continuous light is obtained, but  care must be exercised in insulating the wires  to prevent   friction or   sparks  which   might  provoke an  explosion   or ignite surrounding  ���"���- p..".-'. i  * iif'   . "KKZ THE ECONOMIST.  7-  ..���/."Next to Nelson Hotel, Baker Street, Telephone No. 93..  Agents for  Victoria Col��wist  Sbattle Times.-.      -.'������  S..F. BULIiHTIK  SF.Call     ���i,.s-'--:;*���->-���  ':���-.-...��� ..-.���  Nblsos- ISoowomibt  Nelson Miner,      "���  Victoria Times  Toronto Mail, and Empire  Toronto Farm and Fireside  New York Sunday World,  And Other Periodicals.  el  eie  stefl?  pi a uysters^  BREAD, CAKES; PASTRY, ETC.  Fresh Daily From  N E LSON   BAKERY.  | West Kootenay tsutcner  g    .'.'.'. WHOLESALE AND  RETAIL DEALERS   IN  I; .  FRESM^^^^ MB  Camps supplied cm shortest notice "and lowest prices..  ���'.''���'���"Mail orders receive careful attention.  ���    ]NFothi%^bnt fresh and supplies  kept iii stock.   :-     .v .       -"   ���  "vvE.'.CTRAVES.. Manager.  ���it-  .���^^^^^^^  Wanted.  .By.7a reliable .person,.���;.position...-'as.-;house-  keeper inr hotel, boarding house'or'; private  family, where help is kept. Has excellent  references. Apply to Miss Pearce, 1227 Rob-  son Street, Vancouver, B.C. .. ������;.:���. ':;���,������'"'���'���.'  Telephone 93   For  NELSON   EXPRESS  J, J. Dervin, Mgr.  Stand   Opposite   Central   Fruit   Store  Official Announcements.  The British Columbia Official Gazette contains the following: ; The(Dominion Consolidated Mines ebmpariy, Ltd., non-personal  liability, is'ihcbrpbratedl^wfth-head office"at  Fairview, alio! wltn^  Hon. J. fced*Hu&^  missioners, mining recorders and others interested, to forward to :hinY without "delay any  'alteration or amehdmehts they deem advisable  %o make to the mineral and plaeer mining  ��� .acts;'' ��� - /' :  '* :  ;    Eugene S.   Topping   has entered   an action  against the  British   Columbia Mineral Prop-  v erty, Limited, for the sum of $387.67 for  cash  paid and work performed   for said  company.  Judge Eli Harrison, Jr., Nanaimo, lias been  appointed sole commissioner under the Public  Inquiries act to make inquiry into the   management of the fire and water  departments of  New Westminister, more especially with reference to the ^ firei which.--occurred on  the   10th  and 11th of September.    The first sitting will  be held at the city hall. New Westminster, on  November 25th at 11 a. m.  McPhillips and Williams, of Vancouver,  give notice:that they will apply to the legislature for a charter for a railroad from a point  at or near Lytton on the C. P. R. then following the Fraser river up stream to the Qaes-  neile river.  Bodwell & Duff are seeking an amendment to the Kitamaat Railway act, 1898, to  allow the Kittamaat Railway company to  construct a.road from a point at thehead of  the north end of.Kitamaat Inlet thence north  to Copper riyer,, and east to the. Telegraph  trail, south and east to the south end of Bar-  bine lake,: and north and east to Germansen  creek, near its confluence with the Omineca  river.  Th�� following appointments are made: F.  G. Jones, of Grand Prairie, to be a justice of  the prace for   Yale; Angus McQuanes, of New  Denver,   to   be   gold commissioner   at   New  Denver for Slocan;L. II. Patten, Fairview, and  A. M.  Bantirij,   Whi ewater^ to   be   n��tarys^  public; D  Jf; ���"R.---William'Fy''-:^hcroftV;to'-:;' be a;  coroner; Jo?7 Dee''Grab&^  P^Deacon Vancouver^ to be nbtarW public;;  LewisjWanerpatiUOreto be clerk hi the mining -recordersvoffice L9trFdtf tr^gt&ele',, vice' -tA.?C,  Nelson, and Wm^.Teague, justice of the peace  to a judge of the court of-'revision and appeal  for the Hope, Yale; Lytton^ arid Cache 'creek  polling division?, vice James Wardle.  The Kiss.  SHE.'  He threw me.a kiss;  Mamma didn't know it.  She would take it-amiss  That he threw me a kiss,  But she wouldn't dream of this,  For my face didn't show it;  He threw me a kiss,-:.  And mamma didn't know it.  .-'���    HE.  Pray where was the harm  When nobody knew it?  There's no cause for alarm;  _Pray where was the harm?  That kiss had a charm.  No one saw that 1 threw it;  Then where was the harm  If nobody knew it?  MAMMA.  They think I am old-^-  Getting blind, I suppose,  But my heart isn't cold  If I am getting old.  I don't need to be told   ;  Why she blushed like a rose  Though I am.getting old���  Yes, and blind, I suppose.  ���*na  Some Quaint Answers.  Iri*h domestics are. widely noted for.. the'"r  simplicity and their quaint remarks. A lady,  desiring to make the moat of her choice tap of  table beer, the   merits  of   which   her servants  had   discovered,   for it disappeared  rapidly,  thus   addressed   her   Irish     butler:     'lDah,  what do you think would   be   the  best   tiling  todo ih; order, to save; this   beer   as much   :w  possible ?"   v^^eijjv.'.ina'aiu,"    rep)ied    the;  butlery"jj don't   think   you could   do   beiUr  than.to   place a 'barrei of good strong ale ch>e  by^the side ofdt.^:n,An7lrieh girl called    at   a  houWe in London-in.answer to an adv:��rtisemen t  for-a general.servant.''.4'' Have  you a  character ;?''      asked    the    mistress.       4l Indeed,''  ma'am, I'm sorry to say I'v�� no characier.     I  had a beautiful wan whin I left Ireland,    but  I lost it the night I craved over to   Holyhead  in the steamer," was the i  conic reply.  An Irish   manservant was   discovered in   a  lie.    On being accused by his master of stating  what  was not   the truth, he excused   him?��df .  by saying, "Please, s.ur, I lost my   \ risence ^ f  mind.'V  Advice  to Scribblers.  There once  was a   fellow  who   thought-he   was  smart,  As every poor fool of us does,  So he warbled of love and a pulverized heart,  And wrote essays epigrammatic and tart,  While the bee in his bonnet said "Buzz."  He wrote on philosophy, politics, war;  On matters municipal, too.  He scribbled and  scrawled till  his  lingers   were  sore  In musical measures his soul did outpour,  To his bank account nought did accrue.  But he finally pilfered from  someone witli   brains,  (Not Shakesphere, nor Kipling, nor Hood)  A scrap which-.he hutched, without any pains,  And basely defaced -.with, most infamous  strains.  The readers all said, "That is good."  So  heed  not   the  touch   your   word-pictures    are  painted with,  Write not for "savants" or "mugs;"  Mind not the errors your  verses are tainted with:  Just mention   something your readers are   acquainted with,  Cimex lectu���I mean, bugs. Ijv...  I1' '���'"���  Ifev'  8  THE ECONOMIST.  ���m.  ses  r*  m  �����  hi  Cc.RTJFiCATE.-OF IM'PROVEM'E'NTS-  Tv ("a ; ] r- Hi] ):i g's "TheLight that  Failed," done into a morbid sketch and  acted by Gourtenny 'Thorpey.as.'a" ciu--  tain-miser to "Julia," was last week's  only first.perfon'nanee in London. The  i.-.irei  was wrutuii   oy  Arthur .feUinress'! 4948A, intend, sixty days from-the date hereof,  for Louie Frf'iur        It   wi��   "or   o   ,i7o7-.   ! t(- ?ppIyt0 t,!e mining recorder for acertificate  i-     Ajuu.t x k.ji.      ID   \-\db   i.oD. a nr.���.e-   oi impr.ove.men.ls, for the purpose of obtaining  worthy prbduoJ'ioi'. I a crown grant .of the above claim.  ' i     And further take, notice  that  action, under  One   of the   notable   features   in   the > se<"ti0n :;7> .must be commenced  before the is-  ...,,7,.   ".-   .       ...       ''���-,. ., T-,     '.,    t,       .        '��� ; ^i-iance of such certificate of improvements.  .-cemc investiture of " .Beside the Jion- j     Oaled this 9 th- day of August 3898.  ��� ��� . .   ���   . .   . -J<-,���,  ���   cv     tut k       ��� c^a *    *~a v w p-r Etfl t.'U   i  O i  " Grnifd. fJiiion " mineral ela/im, situate in"; jlS^i  the Kelson Mining'Division of West Kootenay ; fc��2!i  District. "    I  Where located : North fork of Salmon'River, j  r.bout twelve miles from Erie. - !  7i ake notice that 7, -John A. Coryell, as agent  for R. X. :N oil I,-. Free  Miner's  Certificate  No.  nie Brier Hush "is a ;i practical "'-waving field of rye, which Is hounded hy a  low stone dyke, crossed'.hy an old-fas';  John A. Coryell, agent.  t."T>.  Certificate, of Improvements.  ineess   Ida"  mineral  The Largest Supply of  Horse : "Blankets Ever  Brought into   the Kopte-  n:ay.-    Every one High Grade   Article.     Inspection  invited. -  OPPOSITE P.O.  W&JLSON, B. O.  ji         -----    -v���     ,..,......<. i  claim,  situate  m  i-M.^i     >i'~     $> ��� ��� �� i tl^e N.elson mining divisioiv of West 'Koote-  loueq , sine.   JJy an jmsreinuus nj'e<-h;ini-��������� n.av District.  WI-i^re located :  c il device (lie rye stalks sway back and  forth at the touch'of the garments, worn  by -the  characters,   who  are. " coiui. '  thro' the rvr.  Notice of Application   to   Purchase   land.  Sixty days after date I intend to abplv to the '  Cuie; Commissioner of Lands and "Works for '  permission to purchase the folKnvinJr described I  un.snrveycd and mi reserved land, viz.: Bei-Iu- '  niiv.c Jit a post, set on the south bank of Koot- !  enm;: River about 2'U' miles -.vest of Nelson, and i  marked " E. (-.Arthur's Northeast Comer," i  thence sor.th.   forty  chains, thence   west forty *  On    Morning   Mountain,  near the head waters of Sandv Creek.  Take not jee that J, J<>h n   McKatoh ie, acf in"-  ;)--��� ag<-at for   13.  H.  <J.  Walbcv,   Free Miner's  (.'oi-tiH.cMi.e .No, 2Hr,7 A, Wimam   F-l   JBamburv.  Free Miner's (Jerriileate No. 2751  A, anclMi-  ehae] Fgan. Free- Miner's  Certificate No. 2oK-i I  A, intend, sixty da.ys from the date hereof, to \)  apply to the Mining Recorder l\>r a certiiicate i )  of improvements, foe the purpose of obtaining  a Crown, gra ut'����[' the ab >vc   claim.    And further to.ice notice that, action, under section 87,  ���mast bo commenced   before the  issuance of  such certificate of improvements.'  Dated this first dtiv of October, 1898.  Jfj.u.v MoLATCurK, P. L. S;    .  s-$7nnririnnnr^^  3.  " Canadian Queen "  SM PROVE Sfl��^T5.  mineral claim, situate in  Lumber,  Lath,  Shinqies.  O. BUCHANAN, Proprietor.  Orders    Promptly    Filled    and ��� Sash db Doors  Satisfaction   Given.       Nelson   Mouldings,  Yard, Foot of Hendryx Street. (Turned   Work-  ciiams.tiience north forty chains more or less ; the  Nelson Mining Division of'West Kootenav i  to t!;e ivootenay river, tlience  east,   following i district. ^ "  i  tiie laeanderings of rise Kootenay river, to the :     Where located : North Fork of Salmon River, '  point  oi   oeginning.  containing  one !: inidred ��� ahou tf.vo miles froui Erie,  and sixty acres more or less        " ,     ���  -  -lub- m, 180S.  ^  J*^. C. AnTHrn.  Take notice tliat J, John A. Coryell, as ao-ent  i for W, [���'.  i :-;:>". 7S A. 1  ! No.  Mitchell, Free ^liner's Certificate No.  M. Ingram, Free Miner's  Certiiicate  ^JliLSJUL  C��MTSF5CAT�� OF ! KiPXQ\iZK"EKTS. '  ���"Second Relief" mineral claim, situate in  the Nelson Mining- Division of West Kootenav  I>i--trier.  '\\h<-vv locHtcd :    North fork of S'almon "'  o. b:lrS2 A, and A. B. Ingram,   Free Miner's !  Certifienlo N.-.3S38 A,   intend  sixty (lavs   from I :   the date hereof, to applv to tlie Mining Recorder i ~ ��� : ~   for a eertilh.are of .���.aprovo.i.enfs,   for thomir-  j about twelve Illi]es from Erie.  rant d t.io above!     Take notice that J, John A. Coryell, as agent  pc.so of obtaining  a Crown  ut twelve miles from Kn'e  . i ve  lluill'l'  hat r. J  on n  !��� m ���:���!!,  ��� ti  rec  a o.  'i':-..ici.'  \ov   J.  h'<7-l A . in JiMid, si  !��� i apply to  the   ;:'i i :i i ���>.���..��  ���������  <���::?:' of  improvements, io  ,; ,-5 in; ng r> ('rou n (-rant of  CJ>5! 111.  And further  (ake  notice that  action  section :'>7, m ?<s  ilVS  And i  '���������t 7:i  :r. nee  Dated  A. Coryell, a--- a.vrenr  ier's ("ert: ho; te >.o.  om -he da t e lievio',  ���oi-iler for a eerti lithe puin-.o.-e of oi>-  iu: n ho vi' claim,  ���oal.'er t��--ke n-:;tic> r'n.-u fiction, under  7. mo-t. be eoinmenccd lx.'fore the :s-  >:" .���!i;:!i certilieMie of i m pro\ emeu is.  this firh day of August. l.SvS.  ..'omx A. CoavEr.',, Agent.  , for  R    K    Neill,  free   miner's certitieate   No.  .        ,      be con.meuced   before  thf�� | f^X^ eertffi:  suaneeot.ueliceniiicateof improvements.        j ^fe^lfimWo^^nts^or^he^trrpose  of ol>  ''  tn.Is^' \  iv������       < taiuing a crown grant of the above chum.  Jo.MxN  A.CORM.LI..     !     And'iurther take notice ihot action,   under    ! section :;7. must be commenced  beiore  the is-  ' suance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated tin's ��tls dav of August, 1898.  Dated this ;>t!i dav of  r��sG>  ,e>   J^?rk sf^ r<r^     ,, -. ���   - .., ,, ....  F?5^. s&^h (S3^  1 u  ���Z  v3  CS??TI?!CAT�� OF  ir^pROVSME'r'JTS. i  " Relief Fraction '���' mineral claim, situate in |  t'ne Nelson Mining Division of West Kootmiav i  District.   ������ " '    ��� "   j  V/here located : North fork of Salmon River,  about twelve miles from Frio.  Take notice that .', John A. Corveil, as agent  for R. K. Neill. Free .Miner's CrrtifieatiT No.  ���tW-IS.'i, intend, sixty days from the-date hereof,  to apply to t ho mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtain i nga 'fowl-: grant of the above claim.  And   further take notice that  action,  under  section :-'?, .must  be commenced   before  the is-  ���'smin; e c��f ssu-ii certiiicate of improvements.  Dated thi* Dtii clay of August. l^flS  John a. c:orvkll, agent.  joux A. c'o.ryki.l. agent.  VAr<;GOyVESand KELSON  i-eir Rhai: Kot.-l. \*ictoria Street Nelson  CERTIFICATE OF 1MPR0V" NEWTS.  "BigRum[)" mineral claim, situate in the  Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay  District. .,���,;,,  ��� Where located : Salmon River, North  rork.  I.about twelve miles from Erie.  !     Take notice that I. John A. Coryell,  as agent  ' for the isif Bum}) Gold Mining Company, Free  ! Miner's Certificate  No.   IWJSIA,    intend,   sixty  i days from the date hereof, to apply to the i��in-  ��� ing recorder for a certiiicate of improvements,  : for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of  r-���_, .,__.,_..____.  "j the above claim.  OcrfilFS^ftTfc Or  iiflKrtO-JaSilEMjj. !     And further take notice  that action, under  "'P-tar Slime "   mineral  claim, situate in the    section M", must be  commenced  before the is-  Nc!<on Mining Division of West Kootenav dig-    suanco of such certificate of improvements.  Certificate of Improvements.  "Gold Island'' mineral claim; situate in th^-  Nelson Mining Division of West Mootenav  District.  Where located :���Two miles cost of Ymir.  Take notice that 1, Waiter Askew, Free Mi-  ner's Certificate No. 2,G30 A, for myself, and  acting as ageivtfor W. C. Forrester," Free Miner's Certificate No. OS.80S, and Charles W,  A mould, Free. Miner's Certificate No; 2,629 A,'  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a crown grant of the above claim.  And further talce notice that action, under  section 87, mast be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27tli day of September, 1898.  WALiTJSR A^Bff.   . , nsL_  Subscribe for  frict.  Where located  North, fork of Salmon Riyer,  Dated this !Uh dav of August, 1898.  JOHN A. COKVELL,   agCllt. THE ECONOMIST.  o  SHORT   STORIES.  The late Sir George Car tier, during a visit to the Queen, was asked  how many yards long was Victoria  bridge. The answer Game like a  flash: "Your Majesty, when Canad-  . ians build a bridge to commemorate  tha name of their soverign, they do  not measure it by yards���but  miles." Sir George was ever after a  favorite with Queea Victoria.  ���V--1!  P3��  &4s *^' '  Pj5  8-^b t^ ^ ^i ^r@  . i J? si   grja k k t&~s  bfe^$> .M. Js. ^s^.  Guaranteed Superior to any Sweetened n Ilk on-the flarkei.    Recommended  y Physicians.     Manufactured   and Guaranteed by'THE MANITOBA DAIRY  "Lady," said a Scotch servant to  Tier mistress. "I maun tell ye I  ; m to leave your service and.be  marrit." Is not this very sudden,  Mary? inquired the lady. "Who  is the person you expect.to marry?"  "It is John Scott, mistress." "But  3^ou have known him but a short  time; how can you trust a stranger,"  persisted the woman, reluctant to  part with a good servant. "Yes,  tis true, but he's kept _ himself  mony years, and he says he's all  right and I believe he is, for 1  asked him: 'Did he ken the ten  commandments?' and he gave them  every one. I asked hiin could he  say the shorter catechism and he  had it ivery word; then I told him  to grip his bands quick and hard  and then lady, I saw he was . a  strong man, and I'm goin' to, gie  him my hand."  COnPANY, L'td.  &      &        &J? ��  Wholesale  %j/  more.'"'    His frigate w&s allowed to ; ^^Hg2. you bny . m.  retain   her    original    yellow,   and j   *V OKELL& MORRIS'  innnnnrinnnrinnnnr^ fc"vrrru ~s~^  G'KELL & r  ii n  perhaps the navy board did right-  thus to punish Sir John's impertinence.  Fifty years ago the   allowance of  paint in the British navy was very  small, and   sometimes   the   officers  had   to   pay   large   sums in   order  that their ships might maintain a  decent   appearance.    One of   them  resorted to  a humorous  expedient,  either   to   soften .the  heart    of the  navy board,  or. if that   proved impossible, to   express   his    opinion.  Sir  John  Phillimore  painted   one  side of his old yellow frigate rblaek  and white and used the rest of the  black    paint   in   printing   on  the  other   side   in   large letters,   "No  more   paint."      The   navy     board  wrote   to call   his attention to   the  impropriety   of   his   conduct   and  signed themselves,   as they did   officially, "Yaur affectionate friends."  To this   Sir Jehn  replied   that  he  could not obliterate the objectionable letters unless he was given more  paint and  signed   himself in   turn,  "Your   affectionate    friend,    John  (Phillimore."    The navy board then  called  his attention  to the  impropriety   of the signature, to  which  Sir John   replied,    acknowledging  the letter, stating that he regretted  that the paint  had not been   sent  and ending:   "I am no longer your  affectionate   friend,    John   Philli-  ��3,  "^CTCXs^Jiaw. {W��y=*����>  ^   MORRIS'    f   ll  M  ibObiVUO  ^reserves ��j  ^o: "you g-et ���vrkat, are pur�� British Columbia  >o    fruit a,nd sng-ar, ��i-*l your money is left w.t  Arc absolutely the  PUREST AND BEST  An   interesting story was. -many  years ago told concerning  the Nelson monument at Montreal.      This  tale went the rounds ^>f  ihe " public  prints of the early   part, of the ce;i-  lury,    and   is   as  follows:    "On   a  column in memory of Lord Nelson,  in Cariad:-!., a.figure of His Lordship-  is to   be placed on   the.top,  and   is  now executing   of  artificial   mone,  invented by   Coade- &   Seajy, London. .A   .sailor    who    had  'served  hnder ,His Lordbhi]), having found  his way into the manufactory at the  time ihe Vutii'e was   hni?ii��d,: was  struck    with   the    likeness ,,of :ih^  .figure, embraced   it with great   enthusiasm,   sending   forth     ejaculations   expressive    of    the    highest  praise of  his   gallant   commander.  Turning    round,    he     exclaimed.  'This is really a grand figar�� of the  gallant admiral.    I hope it is made!  of good stuff,  and will   be as   lasting in the world.'    T have: nothing  to   fear on   that score,'   replied the  artist, /for His   Lordship Ja as'been  .in a hot fire for a wreek without intermission.'    'Ah master,' observed  the tar, 'I find you know something  of the  character   of  Lord    Nelson,  for there was never a British officer  who   could stand   fire   better than  His  Lordship.'"    The   money   expended in building the   monument  amounted to   nearly ��1,300.      The  items are a.3 follows:    Mason-work  ��523; ornamental work, ��468 12s.;  design, estimates, etc., ��58 Is; iron  railing surrounding pillar, ��66 18s.  lid.    The   balance   was   expended  in    contingencies    incidental    to a  work of that character.  A7  m  ��  $&  AA  '��-  V  m  V% 8*1 8  S    if}  r  I !  "j���  TEAS AND COFFEES:   .  !ue Gibbon, Saiacia and-Upton's Teas.       Blue Ribbon Coffae  .L- BRANDS AND BLBNDl  &\ ��� AA ASA AA AA  . f&  m  pk  c^  W  ^.--���wiir-ybM roast over a hot cooking store dvirisg  this':-wa'r.rn"w'catker- when we ca�� supply y��u  with a coal ��il stove which will -save your temper.'as- well as  your pocket ?   .You can do ainy-thiiag' with t-bettvl'  We have also a fine line of house furnishin-js on li��i��d.  ���/ss  K      3  tSH?'  jtf^ g5C\ goa  if      ��  fcscnr S"=>  &**>���  ���^3J0  ���J-^  IXJ  Wjl5-��;b vrerk aad Blaekskiifchiaj- in all its r>'ra.nehes.  '"elsoi  i  H. A.  PR03SER,  Manager.  Lake St.,  Opp. Court House.  HELSON,   B.   C  Urx*  8  SMITH & CO.  (Established 1858.)  Manufacturers of  D  GONFEGTIQNERY  rPEVLtc^son8:orCARLEY VICTORIA AND VANCOUVER  Continuous���"Now that you have  lost your job as surgeon of the regiment, what do you eipect to do?"  uO, I'm all right. I've opened up  a little office just around the corner from a football playing college."  TOTAL DAILY CAPACITY, 3,200  BBLS.  OGiLVIE'S HUNGARIAN and DGILViPS GLEHORJ  Gr  OOMPANY  OGILVIE   -  G. M. Leishman, Victoria,'Agent for British Columbia  i 01  THE ECONOMIST.  V.  i  ? ���  i r:  t -".  J t  If  h>  K1 v  Stories of Curran  Curran could say mordant and  cutting things, but perhaps no  man was ever insulted with such  dialectical neatness and ingenioua-  iitidd as Curran was by the famous  makwr of 4* bulls," Sir Boyle Roche,  in the Irish liouae of commons.  " l'lio hunurabie gentiemAU says  ne is mo guardian uf his own  noiior,' buiu Kociits in reply to a  c^peeon uf Curran, '* but ou the  other occasions I iiav��  heard   him  boast   that   he   was   an   enemy    of  ��� ?- ��� ���.'.������..    ���  toliicOUrfcs."  ; Curian waa defeated in a cenver-  batioiiai contest witii Lady Morgan,  ihe Irian iiuveiisi, one tjveiiiiig iu  tiiai iaay'o 'drawing room, when,  exaggei a ling tlic? prevailing iashioa  in ciiurt bieeves, she wore merely  &���rap$over her aiiouiders. Curran  o as v\ aikiiigavvay Iroiii the liuie  party wno witnessed the conflict  uiiue two wiio vvneti L tdy Morgan  caked out, ' A i, ootne back, Mr.  Curran, au^ acknowledge that you  are fairly beaten.'"Ai any rate,"  ?-aid he, turning round, "1 have  tins consolation, Lady Morgan,  that you can't laugh at me in your  sleeve."  To preserve the health the medical profession  are unanimous in declaring that Joy's Bread  is an essential. Enjoy good health, and use  Joy's Bkkad.  NOTICE.  Notice is herebj^ given that application  will be made to the Legislative Assembly of  British Columbia at its next session for an  Act to incorpmate' a Company under the  name of the "British Columbia Telephones,  limited." for the purpose of enabling the  'company so to be incorporated to acquire find  take over all rights, powers, privileges, franchises and assets held by the "New Westminster and Burrard Inlet Telephone Company,  limited." and "The Vernon and Nelson  Telephone Company," and vesting the same  in the com pa nv'so to be 'incorporated,'and to  assume the liabilities entered into by the  �����foresaid companies and for the conferring  upon the said Company so to be incorporated  the powers to purchase, lease, take over, or  othi rwi-e acquire the rights, privileges, franchises, powers and assets of any company in  anv parL ol the Province of British Columbia  having similar objects to the company so to  be incorporated, and to amalgamate with  such other company or companies and to  operate and carry on the business of the  a tore-aid company so acquired or to be acquired and for th^ conferring upon the said  Company so to b iacorporatecjof all such  powers a* may- be necessary to fully and  completely carry on aud operate the works  aforesaid, or anv of them.  -Dated this 11th flay of November, A. D. 1898.  jMcPnrM.n\s &AVu.i.iams,  Solicitors for Applicants.  WANTED.  On Baker Street, rooms suitable for Photographic Studio. Apply, with particulars, to  ''Photo," Economist Office.  imncj  epiew.  THE GREAT MINING JOURNAL OF THE  GREAT SOUTHWEST.  16 Pages, with Heavy Cover EVERY WEEK.  Mining Journal on the PACIFIC COAST.  Sabscrfption $2 a Year.   Single Copleys cents.  SEND    FOR  Once Tried no Family will Use any Other  Satisfaction Guaranteed by the  CARLEY& PEEL, Nelson, B. C;  Agents for the Kootenay.  Wf J. /QUINLAN, D. D. S  ":"'.";-.   ".������;������.'���]":'DENTIST   /��� V;'':  Mara Block,  Bo&*r Street, Nelsoa  ��h>ecial attention given to crown and   brid** j  ork and 4h�� painless  extraction  of teeth by  wort ana tn�� 'pal  ooal aaesthetios.  Queen Automata  Lig htn s ng I ce C rea m Freezers"8*^  Pails made of Best Virginia White Cedar, irith Electric welded vlre hoops  Puritan Wickless Oil Stoves  NBLSOnI HARDWARE  when    you    order  matches,  Then  you  will   be   sure  of having the best.  COMriANDINQ ATTENTION  is simply a matter of being  well dressed.  THose who wear garments  cut and tailored by us will receive all the attention a well  dressed man deserves.  Our winter suits of Harris  Homespuns are marvels of  good quality, good style and  good workmaship. The  value is great.  IRE, Baker St9 Nelson;  '  _ . _��HinMaMHMaMaHfm  AND  eat in  Josephine Street  Nelson.  Optician and Watchmaker,  McKillop   Block,    Baker   street.  All work guaranteed.  110-112 N. Broadway, Los Angeles Cal.  CERTIFICATE OF   IMPROVEMENTS.  "Hillside" mineral claim, situate in th-  Nelson Mining Division of YVes-t  Kootenay Dis  Where located:���On the east side of Giveout  creek, and is the eastern extension of th<  " Hodie" claim, on Toad Mountain.  TrtV.e notice that I, A. O. (iamble, Free Miner'.-  Certificate No. 13592 A. agent for Edmun<  .!anies PmImer. Free Miner's Certificate No  ���20K39 A, intend, sixtv days after date hereof. t<  aps.lv to the Mining Recorder for a certiricatt  of 'iinprovements, for the purpose of obtain  in^ a crown yrant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, unde:  section V,l', must be commenced before the is-ui  mice of*ueh certificate of imjirovemcnts.  ���  Dated this 10th dav of -epteinbcr. 1S0S.  A. <J. ������amblj:, Agent.  AND  We are direct Importers and Wholesale Dealers in  All the leading brands always in stock.  B &BBBE3      B    ^���Ullllfc   flWMM      fflMlQmr  YATES    STR BET,  Temple Building, Victoria.    Metropolitan Building, VanoouTer.  70 Bassinghall St., London.  General Shipping & Insurance Agents  Commission  Merchants.   Forwarders and Wa^housemen    ^ji��r.  Merchants and Tug Boat Agents.   Orders executed forewy d��aerip  tion of British and Foreign Merchandise.   Charters erreot��a.  Goods ond Merchandise of every description Insured against- loaa by  Fire.    Marine risks covered.  IJfe,  Aoeident and Boiler Insurance ia the  b��st offloso.   Klondike  Risks accepted.    Miners' Outfits Insured.  j is--  .Loans   and   Mortgage��   Neaotiated.     Estates  Coltect-ed.    Debeotupes bought and sold.  Managed   and   Rents  L    -  l ���������...-..-,���.���....;...: *Bf| lita.  THE ECONOMIST.  11  A kind hearted du��hees one day  stopped her carriage to give alms to  a ragged woman fey the roadside.  "God bless your ladyship for your  kind heart," fervently ejaculated  the poor woman; "I am sure we  shall meet in heav��n 1" This was  too much for the high-born dame's  nobility. "Oh, goodness gracious!"  she said; "drive on, John!"  I believe in fair  play and   Protestant members of Parliament."  One of themost substantial farmers in South Ontario is indepeB-  dent in politic! and claims that he  votes always as his reason directs.  After one of the meetings he said:  ..*-.-Haycock is the best stump speaker I've heard yet, and in saying  this remember I'm not a Grit. I'm  not a Grit and I'm not a Tory. I  believe in fai r pi ay for every bod y���  Joseph   E.   Haycock,    tfee   late  leader of the late Patron   party in  the Ontario  Legielature,   stumped  South   Ontario in   the   interests of  Hon.   John  Dryden,  and   finding  himself confronted one evening  by  an a��dien��e   of farmers   lie worked  one of his Patron dodges th at  hat*  perhaps  done him good  service in  oth��r  campaigns.    "I'm   a   plain  man myself and' a farmer," he *aid.  ''I'm used to working iii the "harvest field with my coat off "and I  don't feel natural all dressed up  like this, so if you don't mind, I'll  just take off my coat." Off came  his coat, and he roi 1 ed up his.  sleeves. "Now I feel more like  myself," he cried cheerily, and the  crowd che��red until they were  hoarse.���Saturday Ni^ght.  oars, Sashes an^T^^^  ttin  Satisfaction Guaranteed.    Prices Reasonable.  9  '4 Is now prepared to receive orders for  Domestic and Steam Coal   and   Blacksmiths9 Fu  PRICES���Domestic and Steam Coal......��� $5.75 per ton.  Blacksmiths'Fuel........ .....���.. 10.00 per ton.  TERMS���-Cash with Order.���  Office in C. W. WEST & GO'S Building.  GHA RLE& ST.. BA RBE,  A GEN T,  anquet, Hanging,  .am  s.  ill   and  Useful  ��� C  Corner Stanley and Silica Streets  RATES; $i per day and np.  Scheoe&er Beer, 10 ceats  E. J.  Curran, Proprietor,  T. S. GtoBK.  H.   BUBNET.  J. H. McGrbckmi  GORE, BURNET &.C0.,  Provincial  &u4  Dominion Land Surveyors and Civil engineers.  Agents for OfetaJsaisag: Crawn   Grants ami Abstract of Tiile t�� Mineral Claims, &.c.  - - -   Brutish Columbia  BUTTER^OOOO^FRESH  EGGS^OO*  We   have a full stock of' all" 'lines   of otir   goods  in our Warehouse at Nelson, and will quote  CLOSE PRICES TO DEALERS ONLY  We   have   on  track   to-day   four  cars   Ashcroft  potatoes, which are the best grown in B.C.  PARSONS   PRODUCE CO-,  Winnipeg, Man., Vancouver, B. C, Melson, B.C.  P. J. RUSSELL, MAMACER, WELSON, BRANCH.  INNAN   HABDIE^OO*  -H  "T3  ���* '4&*'"*������ *& -'��� ':��� ���{���&>'��� '^'''^W'^^'^y  W��@&����&��  TORONTO^  ONTARIO.  Manufacturers of the Famous  OXFORD RADIATORS,  BOILERS and   HEATERS,  STOVES and  RANGES.  n  44  The Oxford Radiators and Boilers an- u^ed in the l^rge-t  and '-'best constructed bidldwr^ in Canada, ami the United  Stales.    For quotations v\ rile Lu  C A.  Agent for British Columbia.  VICTORIA.  ��&<&*&  WHOLESALE AND RETA5L  erchants  HEAD OFFICE: Nelson, B. C.  .    BRANCHES AT    .  ROSSLAND TRAIL NELSON KASLO  SANDON THREE FORKS SLOCAN CITY  W. R.JACKSON & CO.,  Commission Agents Delmonico  Hotel, lay the market odds on  nil important, events. Starting  price commissions executed  Latest hettin^ received by cable  VICTORIA, B.C.  Brokers and Manufacturers9 Agents.  Agents for Manitoba Produce Company, Gold Drop Flour,  Wheat Manna, Manitoba Grain Co., M. R. Smith & Co's  Biscuits, Etc.  B. C. P. O.  Box 498. 12  THE ECONOMIST.  x-  fc  ���0  i  ft.  If %  I  "/v.  3;-,  11*.  1%;  11 ??,  IT- ���-��'  Ik  :|V.-  g'  ���  7  B &  '���s I  ?\ I-  Iff 7  if ^  1 f��:.'  I Fft'   '  t :-  i*r  u7  ssr  Liquors  Wines  Beer  Goods  Boots and Shoes  Tents  Flour and Feed  Drill Steel  Ore  s  s.i tfssssS'^'V  Carpets  Mattings  Rugs  Fire Clay  tc,  KOOTENAY BRANCH  Victoria, B. C,    Vasscoaver, B. C, and Lewd on, Eng,  *"���   S00  LIME  Quick Time, Good Service,  Fewest Changes,  Lowest Rates,  No Customs Difficulties.  First-clans and Tourist Sleepers through from  Pacific to Atlantic and to St. Paui daily.  Through tickets to and from all parts of Canada and the United States.  Dally Train  T�� Rossland and maia line points :  Daily Daily  5:40 p.m. leaves ��� NELSON���arrives 10:30 p.m.  Kootenav Lake���Kaslo  Route.   Str.  Kokanee  Ex. Sun.' Ex. Suh/  4 p. m.    leaves ��� NELSON ��� arrives :   31 a.m.  Kootenay River Route, Str. Nelson;  Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.  7 a. m.    leaves ��� NELSON ��� arrives 6:30 p. m.  Makes conaection at Pilot Bay with str Kokanee  n both directions. Steamers on ttoair respective  routes call at principal landings in both directions, and at other points when signalled.  Slocan Citv, Slocan Lake points and Sandon  Except Sundav p:xce-pt Sunday  9 a.m. leaves ��� NELSON ��� arrives 2:20 p.oi.  Ascertain rates and full information from  nearest local agent or from GEO. S. BEER. City  Ticket Afjent, Nelson, 13. C. J. HAMILTON,  Agent, Nelson, B. C.  W. F. Anderson,  Travelling-Pas*. Agent.  Nelson. B.C.  E. J. Coyle, -  Dist. Pass. Ac-ent  Vancouver B.C.  Atlantic Steamship Tickets.  To and from European points via Canadian  and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,  rates, tickets and full information to any C. P.  U~ agent or  G. S.  BEER,  C. P.  R.  Agent,  Nelson.  W    . STJTT, Gen    S.   S. Agt., Winnipeg.  Dominion and  Provincia  Land Surveyor,  Opp. Custom House, Nelson,  ODDS AND ENDS.  Chappie���Bar bah, how long will  I have to wait for a shave ? Barber  ���Oh, about two years !  Is your son up in the history of  the dark ages ? I guess he is. He's  usually up most o* the night.  Judge���You pay he defendant  turned and whistled to the dog.  What followed? Intelligent witness���The dog.  ��� The Kind_Lady���So  you   are   a  hero of the tended    field ?    Weary  Waikins���Yessum,   I   was   one   of,  the best in  the circus at one time.  Arthur���^-Ar.e you sure>he   loves  Jack���Yes.     When I   told    her   I  had no   money   to   marry   on, she  asked me if I couldn't borrow some.  Mrs. Howds���I don't know what  we are going to do. There is not  a thing in the hou^.to eatv Uncle  Gen rge���You in ig h t take  boarders.  'Before' we were married 3'ou  used to write me three letters & day.  Did I, really ? Yes j you did ; and  now you get angry just because I  ask vou to write rue a little bit of  a uheek.  Miss Sheafe���Oh! just look at  that wheat rising and falling in the  breeze. How beautiful it is. Mr.  City man���Ah, but you ought to  see it rising find falling iri the Corn  Excha; ge.  fe��  Yes, the fair young.girl went ohy  we   are   engaged,    but    I   do    not  think I should have accepted him  if he had not proposed in such a  delightful manner. What did he  say ? He asked if I would permit  him to add an en agement-ring to  tov collection.  Close Observers���Jack���Let's  play house. I'll be the father  and you be the mother. Dolly-���  Yes ; and I'll come to vou and ask  vou for,, money to buy a new dress.  Jack���Yes ; there you go! That's  just you ! You alwaj's want to do  something to raise a   fight.  a���:=..', ���. / jjja*&5*  HAVE   OPENED   AT  lext the Bank of British Columbia,  ��f  A FULL LINE OF  -AND-  ���KSSffiSW  A ;Li#*#Sf**a���'  wmmmmmmmmm


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