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The Nelson Economist Nov 7, 1900

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 v^''':vV:'):'> :Y.;':  ���!>���TO��wj|in|��  PPSPS  ~A/~^  Ik _ kp< J    s *  :n.in ��� ��^n<Aj('iHit��Ci ��u(VOM>��"-'1  tor. iv  XKLSON, B. C.t WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 7, 1900.  ^H]-Sl;J:SpN''lvC()NOMIST   IS   ISSUED   KVKRY  Wkunkspan at run Citv of Niosok, B.C., by  ���:rj V-VarVky,   -SiniscKii'TiuN :    $i.oa i*hk   an*  : s(tm * IF r.'w'P IX '.VOVA.VCK. $1 .50* CORRKSPONH-  j;NCK or AHVKKAU INTKRK35T RRSPKCTKULLV  SOMCITKI*. UKLV ARTICLI^ OF MKR1T WILL BE  ���ADVKrnSKl* tXttlKSK COLUMNS, AN'U THK IN  TEkESTS'. 01-: rKaWiRS WILL HK CARKFUI.LY  .tirARDHlA-VvaiNST, IKKKSfOXSIHI.ti PERSONS AVt>  WOKTHtHSS ARTfCU^  r"   HK rapid andsulxtaulUl prog j ess of Nelson  has  ......'���made it jar excellence the leading city of Koote-  i:fv. if not indeed of. the interior       No effort should  spared >:>'''maintain;.this enviable reputation. The  nan who o>nus here expecting to &nt\ a milting camp  j>Mlie roughs mi rcudv ^>ri will be terribfv mistaken  (J��iortu!iv.ik'ly thrrr appears to lie uki large a re pre-  intati.j.i ,��vnhe wild and uoollv element in tbe^ettv  lust at ikcM'ur men who drink to drunkenness and  Indulge its language the moM repulsive As a rule  hispnniailaf.brand-of rowdvism is reserved for the  lightscistin. although it is hv no meuiuttuobtfervable  ping the. da v. .'Our limited police force do good  ernes, hut they cannot lw exacted to lie everywhere  in a beat.-, ami the rmvdic* t��* whom we refer take  pre to conduct themselves when the police ^re about.  there I* sh/ a sufficient nnmln'r of constables to  j^erve order and deceucv in Nelson, let the staff he  IHcrvaseu, .alu'Tu is?< some oj our respectable citizens  nN becomtd.ini u< take the i,iw into their own hands  N'iuinjiiijster wh^ievmie, chastisement to some of  IWM(rn,sivc, fnuhnn.uthed ruffians We have heard  rer ComP,-unis on this score, and have experienced  ,l^tire.inilictod by these fellows. Their vile Ian-  :l'^e!s m,)M nflViisivc to the niasrnlineear. but to  p',dlt^d children it is horrifying.  ���""*���"/'.if London,  Eng,,  contains a  'r��K .1/,,,;,,,,  ifor" . j''.I('M''!^ ���,rt��clc-��m the possibilities of dredging  miri!    nU,C Htre;tms��r Hrilish   Columbia.      The  I" this r]- T-* C"UKuk*]ablc c*'perienee in. New Zealand  ]nitinij'T " >V"rk* 'uul vvho ��s''"^resting himself  poops.   'p..VN:Ucrs.nf *,,)e Thompson River near Kam  iliefuj.j.   1 "f!M,<'n,an,s cx|>ericnce-'leads him to the  blv���,;,'! ,     " dimalc of ��� Bntteh. Columbia is admir-  "t tli  li,S!mCf,il)��,red  pwinrin.  preat  *ter leve  n")^,  as the writers are  invariably  ^summer months.   He points out that  !r ' rovmce have been  worked  to the'  '%riv.rs ' 4'1( tl,:lt natllrally the tributaries to'the  * has f0l.   > , ,vh'ch i!�� ^'posited in the rivers.  tab ., "���      "' R,,lfl to Ik:  '^r V'ard  of  evenly distributed in the  i' t in* 'im  -    n^mpson the..returnswere 15cents  ^Hsiitp, H*,R<>ld Was so ea?J1>* saved that the use  *as not necessary.    Ak ranch as $2 |ier  NO.  17  yard has been washed out of some of the bars. Mn  Kingsivell strongly advises the British investor to  look into this field, and guarantees the rivers of British Columbia to return the monev a hundred fold.  The result of the elections in the United States  does not come in the nature of a surprise to anyone.  For four years William McKinley has ruled with  wisdom, and it was not likely that the people would  discard a statesman for a man, who, if he has de~  monstrated 'anything, it is that he is a demagogue.  President McKinley's election to a second term, is a  guarantee that the United States will enjoy four.years  more rule under the direction of a statesman.  BKPOKBthis paper is in tbe hands of its readers  the people of Canada will have selected its rulers for  the next four or five years. If the people, in whom  is invested the power, are satisfied with the Laurier  Government, they will have manifested it by their  votes On the otoer hand, if, as we believe, the  people, are convinced that the Laurier Government  is not entitled to the confidence of the people, he will  be turned out aud his place conferred on a better  man. So far as Thk Economist is, concerned,  while it believes in Conservatives and their.policy, if  the battle has gone against the cause it espoused, it  will bow submissively to the will of the majority'.  Thk case of Alvord, the New York bank teller who  got away with $750,000 in the course of a few years,  would seem to suggest that the work of an auditor  does not count for much when a clever swindler has  the manipulation of figures in his hands. If thereis  not some let up to batik defalcations there must be a  change made in the present banking system, and that  a* once  Thk owners of the Treadwell mines in Alaska  figure on a profit of $1.50 a ton on the output of a  thousand stamps, which is 4,000 tons per day, making a profit of $6,000 a day. And yet we are told  that there is no profit in woricing the mountains 0  low grade ore to-be found in the Kootenays !  A A VHRV peculiar case is reported fromPippin^burg,  Fa,,    The .body of a Mrs. Streke was handed over to  an undertaker to be embalmed.   The man of the dead  ������'bc^upation.coHwiv^  gown, and left- his supposed corpse on the cooling  table over"night' The following morning there were  unmistakable .signs- of life, and a physician was summoned, who pronounced the woman in a state of coma.  The body was at once removed, and,the last we heard'  of the case was that the patient was being treated for  nephritift, which  we believe tolm a  ,;te i,-,  /    ' A  ��� -V,- \ '  ���/ - ''/.���::  1'        A  i   ���    it,  ay i  *''./M  I.      ���<  ?  m  'Nf^,  ���.w�����^--|-'    ���|���  |B*n��ar����11 P"**��  r ^��  rv>���     - �� *   tt WX'XXXzi.  .;>4���  : ���;��������  ���*":-f;'  THE NBI.SON ECONOMIST  ./��� ,'./��� . .'��� .-.'*  I  disease.    There is a general impressi��>i| that cases oi  this class are ntnhemtts���that many bodies are coti;  signed to the erave before^ Itfe is extinet    In the -pre-  sent instance  the^  restored; coiisciousnesV  J>abiy;-;whatied;'to t  ;-of the kind  will ';<sefVelo;^  the medical certificate of death;  and  strengthen the  contention of those who hold th  be inter red luUil symptoms of decohi posit ioiv are ap-  ��� ���bafeht',--;.-���'���''''������"������'.���'''''.������ '���  United States District Judge Kstee has rendered  in an important -libel suit a decision to the effect that  the constitution does not follow the flag.    1'hej udge  said that Hawau^beibre'^  ���eniijjli^^  sovereignty,;and a-with; h  anuexed, and by the well ,: esta bl ished la ws; of 'nations  t hese la ws and cus to rus re ma i nedx\ n .: .force/-' un ul.;;hc w;;  Ala ws':: were en acted ������for-':-1 he; go ver n me n t :pf t h e* tejri '*���J  ������lory'-./a  the ftag^^  would like to have decided a:;  Aay:Th:e-gtowt^ to.be;  making our ir feuds - to - the .soutlvA envious, ; '.One -of the;  ;';Ne\y.-':York; trade journals declares it to .be-falling''."1.0';.  patriotic: Americans   \vho gloat over the vast strides.  ';:W'e.:haveAmade;J.o'rAfo.reigtrlracie:to. JeanrihiiCwe/are'  playing second fiddle to -Canada in the matter of ex>  ports df perisbable 'food: prod ���;cts. I1 certainly moves  us to wrath.r 'a /foe' paper . bemoans the ��� fact ���. that'.  ^Canadians are beating us in the game of progres-  siveness.4' and in proof of this goes on to show that  Canada sends more butter, cheese and eggs abroad  than does the republic, which is also being overhauled  in the fruit business;      Of course, according  to our  friend, the United States caa produce allthese ihinYS  in .greater quantity and superior quality a it is their  refrigerator --system that is. at fault M Refrigeration  is doing for Canada what it has done for Australia stnd  New Zealand, and what it ought to do for this country." It is somewhat consolatory to find that our  neighbors re obliged to admit that there'is some en-  terprise and good in Canada. A recent dispatch tells*-.,  of a prominent London dealer who was heavily fined  for selling Chicago cheese as Canadian That man  deserved to be punished who would filch'- us of our  good name.  The first election of Mayor and Aldermen for'the  newly created municipality of Phoenix was held last  week. There were 147 votes cast Mr G, W. R��m-  berger was unanimously chosen as mayor, and an  excellent choice the people made. The mayor is one  ���of the pioneers of the camp, and a competent and  popular man. There were eight aspirants for seats  at the council board and a very lively contest was the  result However, the contest was.carried on in the  best of good humor, and the best-men were elected���  ai! leading business men.     There are two miners on  ���A��;j>v..A--v:'-^AA,^A^  -Amhnitt^  /;.;the,presen;f^  ;;-but;;th;e,nipi<i;d^  ;:into'^  ������io .gTOW,:;lncl-;^  '; future:hi ve ;^ Tlicfmr^ "���/c "  ^and;^^  ���: predkti��>rfs;;of;:it$-;ci  '-'���''������'��� ���''  :'���:��� ...'������     ���. /..  A ���      '   ���'..���'.. ��� A ,!y : *'.-������_, ���;.; . '���;���'���������'������  ���������'.'* >. o'-x ���  ..;��� ,..     ��� A;. ".v.- ,.���"':;.��� A '���.      ������/.'���   :      .   ��" '���   '   '  1':  -,  ,        ���'-���������'i     ": .A'>-'' ':������������'������' ,_���'���'",    A'.-  'wwv#*t^iit^: ^a^ m-iv/fan****-)' ��� "���'':'."',.''  '   '���'       V  '.  ::with;obta^  !'-!S\^.��ot:hing;;iiw  ...prison^  ^staned^  ;ou.ee;pp^^  :vCr*rysng;i^  ,<^i^v;;;t&  ��p^tabk,affia^  :lmixi\nfy^  ^received-AA^  'ci'iti'ed/tO;-:fttr!iisb  te#on#thl��'^  jo.;.whop{&  ?tifeR^t^:��tW^?^vc:  ytm~ aidA-athev  *��  ;eleA:ted;.^  ;pla^ci-:"iiSW^  : club;::: were :v;ioi^h^  boosterv: atitf lhme::Sfl|:i^  tif;tJbe-'C^iiiie^^  :s u r pme;i^-tbit^ a Worked ���=;- w|ih s|  cesftin;M6i��tr^l./!:pAA5Sffi  ���-5-^-' .;TW>-;i��(v*.'i^i';.'\;i^v*��v>;\i*AftWJMait(rt:W. ���  "���������'��� A<xoitm^  ���liud^tii��i!tdf^00<^^  .tbiryearih^  those who';take-;^ ^:f  Aned.icinid; :.phr|)Oies;;w  merely "���.that 'ii&d^  supply tbei>ubii^  .3W.i4iwrt>*jM>>M��>V- ��� ��t' <*^-;. ��� ^oM;  ;;; v,>Mlf.xjtwflMWrt'***"'1  \':.THH:japanese'^^  tennitied: to lest:the;:Ciymtiltttifi>aii^^;^c ^rov  law. which' debars' them'/from^yotiiig -it.-.elecuoiJ.��� ^  test case^wiirbe::heyrdltv;,the  these days.      Tommy,; Homina, a iwunalt^ ^  sul)ject,,soiBe time;ago niade.appltcanoa o.1 _  Cunningham, collector of votes at VRUdoUV^nied|^  ���his name placed on the ..voters*-list     ':He/!.^l,u^fe|  po5'sess' all the qualifiditiatift" ^M* is tt mUS ^-a|p  * A -j  3|1   hin rates a'lpr;  twentvoue years  of ager has paw-Ui li;   ,krftiofe  taxes and has.beeii'a.resident..Pv1^-;01?".-  than the prescribed term,     Mr. Ctnuittigiw ���  Ihev-hstt &"��� }  w-A-i  ever, refused to'place th^:riam^ oti  itis.- Afira  ��,, or India-'^-11.^1^  ;inW the British Columb.a^  fied his action by quotii   -that no Chinese, j. g  .  name placed on. tfce.'.:ybte^  limply/a tool in the hands of-the Ja  |JtPKp^JI��ill  SSSBTWHWKmwemflsjmiM  A' ,$Ji. l''    "���     I'    ' ' - '   f '<'  THE NKLSON ECONOMIST  5  l��C<  in  ,'m-:sM;:- Harris it Bull,   barristers, to test the  An ,,ine. pmvinws of the Dominion all natur-  liW-Wwiilvilic other accessary qualifications  ';���;,;.,,(,, In Manitoba, for instance, the  r'l-!Tu^ A.A1 ami in tine time the Dou.kho-  KkMliivcii to the pulls by -some designing  r.'U s     Howler, we would be sorry to sec the  !"U!",S .��� r.i.i.'i.'M- ..i��Uritish Columbia put in pos  11. :-'v'.w.-r-u'hisr.      They are  a  too numerous  L^i.crc-a'ati 'driven a voice in the government of  r'nlrv wr.i,i(i'hec��me evcu more obnoxious.than  ���iy< V;" r{y.-^msv of Totnmv   Honinw will be  proem y      ' ut .    ! v *  |airheti.\v-id:-ujtviTst ,    \  A     .     , ! 11       i     n   r  |,".\f Kaml^.'fH ihcbthei day :�� Chinaman committed  jj.-^ un<ici" vxit.aordinjtry circumstances      He had  lilo.tnpIainnAA^r some weeks, but his friends paid  ^uteutMt a�� in*, ease.     One nii*ruiii)$ laM week he  t'kniiHfihAd 'in''���a-water barrel,   bead downwards,  ma^mimau;d suicide.       At  the inquest it trans-  rcir'tiiai the "man bad fever of a   very   pronounced  he,-and th.it-!��.r several days previous to the suicide  'tod been; im*vhjtf'.a>'Ui in the   ChittcSe tptariers.  iititiut. In-JA^sAHv"had turned out some work.      It  L> loruin.uc. that ihc b����dy hm*   found as soon as it  as:or his ���a-ihw ouniirymcn   would   probably have  lushed ui> the wh��'��lc. thine and the water ui the bar*  lA Wi,mld h-'tV  b.5hi��g".nw'! >A?A,.!(I contagion.     The case shows the  jeo^iiy there ex^ls   f'>r  ourelnl   HUjservision   over  Chinese quarters-.      These  )>eoplc are naturally \m~  Ik-anly m thei: i'^'bus.    Their presence is a danger to  couimunuv;.      Since the Chinese have left their old  bailers at the --.w^i cud of Nelson the scene to beex*  pciux-d liiou' i. v.u;h a,s to suggest  that the ibrmer  feinzens <>i^\n rhmalmvn must have been impervious  Mtaw    Their appears to have l>een no drainage,  >'bilc.nearly .11 houses, seem to have had a cesspit or  peptide to:  wins? under the flooring.       Now that  ftt-Gnnaiueiiu? Xdsun are iu new quarters, too much  ^mion canu.:>f  be exercised bv the sauitarv authors-  Nlo prevent a u-lapse to old conditions,  I 1)o^'n hi \'.:i:;ro��iver they aic having a school ques-  10,1 pcouiiaih   ihcir-awn.       The  teachers   arc not  w*ta ov tnr M-hot.��l board to take part in politics���  tJal,s. ;���� HAivr part..      They   object  to   being thus  deprived <T rUA;.s and liberties which their fellow citizens  enjov  ES-istf  'Ji':(i M'lii': time ago a deputation ot the  gieaeheiv Ass,,,-iati���n wajle,i ou tj)c School Board  P|eMl1 them)!,j��-< [ ,,{ having this icstriction removed. A  Mt CilSt: w,ls m>ule (JUt by the teachers, but no de-  y|;imle acl,nn -^ taken bv the board. However, at  is3"*'sl 11K'l'llnK "i that bodv, the bv-laws governing the  ijw|; ��i>enRMii fl| schools were submitted, having un-  |S/01K-cen'u^ revision. Tlie clause referring to  ^| ..]eis ,ll!(1 iclitics remained as heretofore, a tact  ^!f,. ll Was 0lll��^d attention to   by .one of the trustees,  &k\J,aV01e<l Mu h a 0,Kln8c ns> would givt the teaching  1-"   a trce l,ili>d in jiuttors   political,"    An animated  -. ..,    .'Mon CMsUl'd.   during   which   the  concensus of  ^^n dearly was that the  teachers  should confine  ^      (  emioiMu school   matters  and leave'politics  i   -        i.. ��fW  tr.Jr-.il.��  ...  "�����  severely alone This seems a trifle hard on teachers  who have pronounced political views, and who have  a right to them. A school board or a school room is  not a proper place for politics, but why a trustee  should have a right to advance his political cause by  every legitimate means in his power; and that a similar right should denied a teacher, we fail to see.  Rkw J. B. Rknk, in charge of the Roman Catholic  missions on the Yukon, reports that the Indians of  the district are fast 4yiug from a peculiar disease epidemic among them, resembling a combination of pneumonia, measles and typhoid fever, At one of the  missions 6o out of a total of 150 died in less than two  months. In addition to disease, the natives are threatened with famine, as they have hot been able to lay  up supplies of fish and game for the winter. The reverend gentleman reports that the plague is prevalent  all along the river and the coast of Bhering Sea, and  that thousands have died and thousands more will  succumb to the disease or the starvation following in  its train unless assistance is promptly rendered. The  case of the poor aborigine is a pitiable one . Driven  from place to pi ce by the advance of civilization, he  finds himself isolated aud, too often, in districts barren  and unkind, so that when sickness overtakes him he  is outside the  reach of help which   might  be  freely  a- been mvd   to soak someone's family    given*  It would seem as though another assault is to be  made on the Tichlwurne title and estates. A claimant  is coining forward in the person of William Cress well,  who has for the past quarter of a century been confined  iu a lunatic asylum near Sydney This person is now  pronounced sane, and a syndicate has been formed to  take him to Kugland and prosecute his claim. Many  of our readers will remember the time when Arthur  Orton, the Australian butcher, contested the title and  the Ttehbourne estates. it was one of the most pro-  onircd and costly trials in the history of the British  Courts, &m\ resulted, as will be remembered, in the  conviction of the big Claimant, who was proved to be  an exceptionally clever fraud. His acquaintance with  the family history of the Tichbournes was surprising,  while the minute details of travel, traits of character,  incidents of life, and even certain body marks of the  real Sir Roger were all so well known to Orton that  public sympathy was stronglv in his favor. The  aged Ladv Tichbourne was for a time deceived by the  Claimant, having received him as her rightful son.  Orton, however, was not equal to the educational test.  Sir Roger Tichbourne was a good classical scholar,  aud showed a great partiality for Greek. Orton had  not the slightest knowledge of classics ���indeed, he  could not distinguish between the Greek and Roman  characters when standard works were placed in his  hands. Then his false aspersions on the charactei of  one of the ladies of the family also did much to expose the fraud. If the new claimant be pot the genuine article, he will doubtless make himself up on those  points on which Orton failed, The Tichbourne estate  has been ..in the family since the days of the Conquest  and is one worth holding on to.  - 1 V  I* '       J  .  -1  .!  .\<vA  1 'A'ji  '  '   .<'/*'..  . r.-v ���  > -*- jrr-  -' .X"i  ' I  ^  ��� f i\Kj^t^^"^iX^^: '^SmS*: ������tf  . ���: '''^:nM^X:i'CX0^0iMi  ; .���' .'-;��� >;..>���... ..��� ;.;:i','������---.j..'V-.'::XiX-m  ���"���,.���.������'.������,    .���;. ���.-!-..-'i^ ��� -  .-...: ���..>"f^j  .  ''.;v..;":-'.';.-i..:.Y-";/ V;:���'���!..y':��  ���'���������.     ,.-.������    r '.    '���" '���- .'.���;.',-.'.i>:t.  H B N HI .SON:; HGONoMlsi  life  :MirHN&"NE.WS  px-  SKA ,:r  KVA'  Ia:-  il$pA;.: ;  "*".*:AV:-'-"  my  $".  ;A':'-'. :::.:���::,���yyy,:-��-':;-nelson.-AAA^'-tAAA.':  There is great activity H the various vaiiipsiuaiid  Y around YMelsqn.    The past seHSoitAH'brk has shouwl  up well -in. advance ofwhat wascoiisiderea   extrava-  : g-am anticipation, aud on the -uiajorit^bfAproijertW'  cicvelopme.it work will he continued 'throulfAut the  winter.      New machinery ; is '-.being:-, n.suiled in tlie  various camps, 'showing a   determination of  making ���  mines ,hi: "of Viiat were hut projects a year ago.'���:  "  AINSWORTH;     . -;y.Ay-   A.-.  :: Ainsworth is again; looking up us abijr mining  camp -I here.:, u more work going on there at present than at any.-time since the  place Iwd a first   bigX  Ybcom.       The   properties     working :are : air   bei,lp '  operated  on   an  extensive y scale;, audAvish   modeni'  tnaChtnery, so that great  things are ;exfwcteds irom  this camp.     A :tew shipments x,i orfe-haVe^.-aJVeady.'-."  been made so and satisfactory ha ve been the returr.s that  ,iOs expected that at least two of the mines if Utecamn  will !)ec<.meregukr -shippers *mnXm;mxVcm0-  or months. ..'��� : : :   ;��� I -���':  :;':>"^5-,*!f to fe^tAl; A  Arlitifirtoii Wiifi A   .  talena a���ci Mi We^  :.c?i|>t.taliifs;,|ronr:0bio  'A-'ThcY^  .veaotS^^  ;;;a;^  :;^  nearly-. 200c, tons,;; The".,!roa' . m$k dQlthl^ Q %h^  memsQ the .previous- week'-.a-uci 4he OiautV ieui ont- -''  one  carload. T The��� total . ,hiruue,Ksto dace'-are '^ -  proximately what was sent out Iroauhe  camp for th.  past yearr. From .now till the end;of  the/vear  ^erorexs^  .,-.. ;Minh;v/V-'-;- '    ..T^:fk's ';T<>����age. ;���;'.���  tonnage.  Year to".l)ate;.  .-.lie Roi   .    a   .............-.,;.  War Eagle.....      .....,...._.,,/  Centre Star......,;.. ./,;.,;'".^  Iron Mask-......,,._... >,/,,,.,  HveningAStar........ t  Monte Christo....;.,.....;,,.^"*^  I. X.. 1^..."  ........  Spiteee...   Le Roi No2;..,........,,.,(^""  Iron Colt.......... '"   (riant   Total...   49&0  1980  *  3<>  t35*^2 2.  .;K\66-3'  ;^l j tO'  ��� ��� f-874-  ,.39-f  .420 ..���  ���   20  22 ro  70  ���7130  369  1 7ft', 53-?  MOYIE.  Bvervthing is now in full running  (jrdcrMtheSt  Movie"   TH 0UlerWe!I   devc,��Pe��lproK,ti.sa,  Moyie.      I he camp is last growing  .'���-''���-'"���to.;  A: ;,;'ArheA|liU  "-,;aitOt^|HJ^^:fe  ;;^S^i^^  A:;;Eriii:;fro^^  ;;;':;:;^/Wl0t^|;||^  ^Bear,.,;Silv^  ;;'-*tea'diliiA;;;;;:);::;:;f)  .;;;,':;'rhe;:; ���bunfc;;;  .-':mbjeopA0f|ni;t^  .;. i>le!ecl;laif;;;^^^  ;���' v;::-T !:^; e 5C |>er lS;;X|f n r ^  ���������' ^&^fi^  ;V.. Thevifeiijft^^  ; AThe'ore;gave::4;-iip:^  ; AOuucefiUve^^  ���:A:.0^_r;Clit_rltA^^^  ������'��� tra'ct''todrive:tf"r^fd^  ���ftr��P��rt^'ii|ui^^lpi^  veins ;have;i)���eiV:;e^i>os^|| : 4^-Q  ���'"���������  A; call hm--l>eeh;Ai!i^  ,- -liquidator, 'for,tender^KS  ��� claims of the Cotti.sf&lc"im:f^ :^}l* h}  . one ;of-.".the-.'prfTperties;-'ItliatfM^ pcop^.rop  .���managed ���aud'miidkrV^^^ ?'K:��*. ���" a  Manager RaiiHnehneyer,: on the Ernily-l^urK  greatly pleased with the nwtner in whiclrtn^ ^ E^  is developing, Qrt hu$ \>ecn encountered w wm* |fflB|  Nos. r. 2, ami 4. In Nolt the ledge k hci��^.crl^ [||f  ^i.      At   thin point   the   ore body 'is about to ieei ^  the No. 2, 22  inches  of ore Ik stowf* ^  * .    . . ��. �����      .���.������... *    ..... *   ...   re     lllL,Mv''   li.'v.~ft<  A:.:^rhere is a good deal of activity in the ���,;,���.,��� ;.���,  nessof-this  district  of late.     fwo mining 'dt.^r  more than prd.nary importance have been consnrnated  .Within the last few   days,-tbe sale  of��J,e   Kevsr  and Shamrock groups.     The Keystone is  ,itu.,'^  in crosscut 16,- and in the No. 4   the ore is:t5.. '"^-.-re:^  through. S3f��  O. 7. Kane, of Kasio,   Jjelteves bfr lias a tin m'"^^  r��   the   Dayton   (iroop.   suuateo   aoutu o����� ���r^  w-����� \t^..,^ r .i.a       ��..:.     ._._..-. -.r^m-the ore jTlve E.-,^'  ���I-  Recent assays from:the ore �����   h  Id   and eight per ^  copper      Specimens of the ore have been   stin -���   -���;;   .^  The bdtum^ ;;-;;:  irorn Mirror Lake.  high returns in tin, $4   tn gok  copper      Specimens of the ore have been   se  government assay office at'" Ottawa.     Tlie.U  uovernment   hzx a  landing offer of $50000 to  itllffrawffi  ^^^^ii^ia^^ii^��y*fefe v.��tW '"  ���iimna  _.^'^''^.Vffwfjwwjwipi,,^ .��� ^���  .A;$rf|^|f5|A|g||g|^^^  THE NEl-SON'ECONOMIST  i)  ;:��. .;::A: ;?v A A y^AS'I?  ';; 'A-v'' A .:-A ��������'$i-? AP��2  ;A?:p|;:;iAS|||J  V..W.;.'.'',W,*Ji&*.  :a';'  it  ^ : (jiso,vei>;;- the;firstv tifj;:�����0;|>  V:,|c,��r,,c'isa<'lcr the tin; ;;v-K "  ;"    "'v. ,,'��� "-,'.'.:ti'- value' of :3hevotev:sh;  'jM-eionn;��.>;'  ���������'���0, *     .���;���....���������������������-���. ;.a.av^-a;^A   '..','���"y Vc-nil-<** ljl^   ">:eat:promtJies;;t;0.exce^eci:  ���I asi, year   tbe  sh,'if:hnents;;;>^  m'... ^ ��� ' of  t his'; tthibun^i J^  M. , '/, *.., to-:i<' :' Tln^'Viai^  '!'. i.-v.f 'i.* ir'he.'i 1700 ���. tons^'ofVwIu^  j);es ,',t K.��nr M ile 'have' ��hipp^��i^  eeI; irmu' tbU that new shippers;;; to  A'  Wiu-n" the.".��� Four >Mtlerpropertiesv restiui^  ���Pijienb as  they, n'f>  'preparing: ;1A^  Mcvsfs. iHi>mea tVraiuiuont a a^Iout^^  iiie^re^^  ^aN^  tp;Prop^  the;:$heri^  b|;th|;Sii;|)rem  xXXXlxMX^XiXx^$0M  ::cVAAA:AAASiti  ���aa;'aa|aaiii||  .'���'" xXyx J-XixXvW:S]^Wn  ���r. ..v..:...";....:*v.v>S  ^A?iM  tie, :i*i  ;;%rest��iu^  ;^;^^in^  .^;��^  'Completed^;and.;;it;is sa  .Tunning  ^ufficieii't^orepin  -capacity-^  ,ipgh;gradeA^^  AAAA'A��iAi$  '0TB F  S';;;ilfttiM  '/'.Y-^Y^iY;^'1^;''.^::-;^^-:!  ..''.������;:���:���.' ;������ ���.:!'.'.^[Y'^'^vi-'i^feftw  Y"Y .. ''V. :lXv ������' ��� ''"i^Xftft'"'^.'^'1  '.' ixxxx.ryx^:>x:0y$0m  '������i':xx: y ;; ;a ASA A^A^Stt^  ,:::;v;*':.r>%Y:?sA^'AA;;A:^^lls  A'.V;1 rj,"..-;'.-,i'.:;A-. ���'^-���., >'.V'-L=V-"���'' ^^iA^'.i^fO^'^hvi  ���:,:,;::':- :a;AA��AiAAAABAflMii  ��� ���''���:���'': i-i'--*'Ay ��� ''/" '''yV'   ": r ���'' A:;; .V''^'"; ��� j ��� -^ A A; ��� ���'i i1,!^ ^Vu'/^i.'; i?-v?xS*!i!^K  .;;|?A^i:A;.^  and idate  Meiiiber  Cariboo  X ',;*���>: :'��� ������ '��� '"X>�� y^XX - * .'itV^fe^&^j  I  Y^,.Y.-^..i;YiY-;h';';^Y:(i:^;:Y?;4<i?S^iWi'   S  3:AAA;^^A;^iSliliii^i  llsilB^S   p$p?  Adopted   by   the  w  e, ;ne  ii'ui we  Revefstoke, September 15th5l|9||Wj  ���iele^a.tcii of  the  Uberal'Conservative  {Mrty  of Yale-Carib^ACo��i^  p>emh!cd, refUknn the principles of the party; and more particularly  that cardinal priricipleAp^  lim l,^ast.ne>. .intl   that  that   principle   he carried  out so that' all section sV'oflhe  refits. '       '..'..������. ��� ������ ' L f^xrx-y}:^  ;'|*t . ' *i '::;'-���':':'X'-'/;:' '-'':r' '������'������'  \:':: :X::'"/': :'\xX. -XXX'. ^''/X'^i   : A-AA-:;;:AA A/.\ ^ A-AA  ������ nne industry on-which the prosperity of this constituency is almost wholly dependent is  miii ing ;  Relieve that our. mining industries are a< fairly entitle<l>to prote^tio!r:aithe.:;;:manufe  ��� "���'vt'rii ^'-ns.ula : therefore, we advocate that the duties on lead and lead  products  be  increasedv sp|  '���' ��� N1��in,!>c as higii as those now imposed by the United States on the same articles,;- A;.;;  1:11 tne uutpm of the precious metal mines is largely increasing,' therefore we favor the establishment  I       nu s�� that the specie in circulation shall be that of our own instead of that of a  foreign  country.  ( ,l(h''M ite t he restriction of the immigration of the the Chinese and Japanese, and all classes who  >eo���iR  ;t)lH| ritizen!> 0| the Donsinion of Canada, and suggest the adoption  of the  principles of the  A'al����l Act ' ;...'  "1,KM ^����lumhia has not now the representation in the Federal Parliament that'sht is entitled  to:  J L' w^-   idvocate that when the redistribution is made that this constituency shall be gi^en representa-  Iif'ii acri,-n .  lt",,1,��i;������ts ,K,,,uiatioii,  'r,i. :' .       '. '*''    '       '.���-���;'   ���"'..' ;'  field  "���")lal U 'lllKUrs weil for the success of the party that Hugh John Macdonald has.'decided to leave, the-  Xx''Xv$p '''I  X'VKi'XM. U  'x.mm  'M  ot F  ro  vmeial politics to take part in the larger one. that afiects the people of the; whole of Canada;.  Cc  ,-^  oust  OI  !^^N_  MBMnamari miy:  ;A��i  s  TH EN E LSO N^ECONOiVUST:  mmx  m.  ����&  B;v:X::  mmm  m  ':fiX:-lJ-  to conceal hb indignation, but"th. , i  worshipers were so completed h' a * Nf  compelled to announce that the serviL>     t ' *  'HE Orangemen of Nelson observed the anruver*  sarv of Guy Fawkes' Day with a banquet at Hotel  Victoria. An elaborate dinner was served by Host  McCandlish, and speeches were delivered by Revels  White and Muuroe, and Messrs. Stanly, Irving, Stevens, Bradley and Robinson. Mr. John Tove'occu-  piedUie chair, and made a m0*t acceptable toasttnas*  ter.  R Irvine & Co, have just received $otn  ft    'V.��J  tiutequ in the glove line, and which should fill a long  felt want. In the palm of the left hand glove is a  small spring-clasp purse for carryiug small cbangefor  carfare, etc. These gloves are of the best quality 0  kid, manufactured in France by Dent & Co  ;-^--^w***s*,' /Hl^' .  A correspondent sends me the following rules  which he suggests should be inserted in 'the city  ordinances for the regulation of -bicvcluts and the  protection of citizens : One rj���gi SEand stiu . ,wfi  rings, dodge to the right; three rin^-divc to the  leit ; four rmgs. ��mp straight u,�� and I'll run under  you ; hve rings, turn a back somersault and laud  behind me; and soon. You see. us folks who  walk are always giad to be accommodating. bu> the  trouble is to had out what the fellow behind wants  us to do  .'.;��� The eiecttpt^TetwrhjSY^iJl;^ diea  .l^liticun&jtfMJAi^��^  ���iryft*?};'^,,^--]  *** I  '? m��;;lwwsft;|i|tf ^ Ji5MPiip3|A|SgA*A^  i.-^iW'Witw^toJad^i^KM^ ���  '-**���������*''  I be population of the fnited States .s ranidlv in-  creasing.as .shown bv the eensu, j,���, counted.  Iheoftcia. announcement is 76.295,-0, of which  74,627.907 ��re contained i��� the 45   slales, r,?l^nl,  ing  approximately   ihe   nomibfi,^'i,    \.  .    w*c   ^upiuatiiA>   to   he   used    or  apportionment   purposes.      There   is1,,Mi    r  o   j   ,. "Ul    ��s a total u? n* ..  158   Indians   not  taxed.      Th-   in^l   ,v,m.i,.-  o ��� . *,n   papulation   i'i  ibgo, wuh   which   tbe agKrci-ie   r��,����� ,'-,,;        r   .  ��*&*��'*��k��*ie   population o��   ih��*  present census should ��;ecompv   i    a;   C  Taking the ^9 o; population I^^^.^ther!^^  bee"ta ga!" '" PPP��1.atio���. ofI3,225.464   duriil!/   tht,  past ten years, representing aiI    mct^c afn^J^  percent.      The tabulated statement  shows  thatth  population of New York   state k   - ,6o .v. .. .    '  5.00,863 in: 1890.       The mimbr  Af   f    r          '  state nftKhv;/' timber  ot. -ludians-jn.- the  sure not taxed is 4,771 r i,^���* ���,���..  '���3 ."-1   ,                  -w/'- i nave not as-vet seen- ihr  detailed report, and   am   anximm n    1    '      ."   ���   -lhc...  V ��� anxious, to   know   how   the  nationalities  stand, but r   sho-ih'   rh,\ r    .  be as   nrmv T-. ��� ' blnk there '.Would"  States.- -'""V*  Americans  m the    United  _   Another gold saturated beach   is   reported to  have  ^een   found   in   Alaska       It   is at   th.   X^   of  lhA  Malaspina   Glacier,   about ,60 miles   north of   r,,,.  Spencer. ���  I here is one little thin,, that   generally prwes ���,,  much for the ordinary courageous   m���Uail>   aml ,,���,  is a mouse.      A somewhat amusing instance of   tins  recently  occurred at   Hdgbaston,   Birmingham       ^  mouse was observed  running down the auk-      The  mouse finally  turned  into one of the seats, and the  ���ady occupants sent   up a   shrill   cry winch   drowned  the voice of the clergyman, and caused the r-st ol tlu.  women folk to   mount   the   seats.      The  commotion  ruffled the temper of the clergyman,   who had his ex  hortation   thus abruptly  stopped,   and  he made "������  "....       j , ' >     .,- -irkVin   f       -. '."l.^ ",iJ,     ,'. ���.���,�� ��, \��c~-i,��l.;jnis ������   .      ,    -      r IS^Ai" "V ' ' ' >" l^    lull*';    "A .1      TT '>,   r"T^-wmMnMw.���  .he:w��i:A:ffie|!a|i|Sg^  ::a:S>fa;{,chY;iu:lh|S;ci|Mli||i  /plnrteYStrce^utgfetAKlli^  .:duaio��s;o!Y|jpg|^  ;rticr��;Y:;;Y:Otjly:;|!^  sbaWYtSYU^  ���^ry^-^y:^  ; ������.;: ,-Kas i crt|.. pa.pe0|^;||^  .- thelaogimge^  ..a.J>raircIr:oft..i;ia|Tf>y4  '"Sjiid  ;.. I wish to;make;,ii:;sia;tey  . iug. a.!i 11 te'.-inatttr^rafft^1mi::^  : tk>iis for.-.sonie; flftii?;;^!^  thar.ol: the ���mother ^otshi^^^  has .b���CO.Vntr\agHatioii;;:;for^  ���Canadian Mirtt..:,;;rhisino^^  noticeable :in .the west; but;1t;;:has had' s^aie'aclvocnteA,  .also h�� tluAcast..: _"��� ylv .has lieefs\:.adv'Ocated':JbrvSent^  mental   reasons and, (or nuiicria! reasons''as-.'well.   It  has been swl i\utt :trade ':lbfIows.the ���fljig.'hut there  A-^rc others who say   that  trade������felioW'the?.gold, ^  they  say   that   when  the  gold   went   from -tbe rich  Yukon territory.'to .the.  United   States tliat -the traiK*^  went with it.     Canada ''is a great, and growing c<>if  try, and there are those who consider that she oujihi  to have her m hit a    The liaiikei-s-' "Associntiqn. pas.^  a   resolution   in -favor .of Va ������'iiiitit; ".'"but ���'the opinion </'  bankers is divided on tlie   mt!>ject,   . AVe .���have, a currency   here in   Canada   based   on gold,   bat there i?  very little -old  in   actual circulation/    We  have .1  r m  silver-cut-reiicvY but the silver in use is nil  ���   gold  tell von that nineteen  tited-int,ie  i in ffold,  United Kingdom.      All money is���'r'edeetnet  but almost anv banker will tell von that��� nihetccn out  oi'nventy persons going into a banx  in nioney ��  ��   1 "*       *^"'"*M"wiw��i*     ��,_��,-��.. w   ^  ^   .���^^p.,^   ffPfl ���--I-.* j -rf  ^������������  rr^-^rr^77^n^^^^:b^l 9  lr Ia .-old as: notes ^l!.JUt:kAooteS;A  rold    ��� * 'Scared,.: there forest ha^  ie^]Stgetsnme more.:.*^f��^  |e.^c.1|atl0!,ri]v;,Canada  Ko(jaljoii*vviih'^  \X.\, .|u.r/v a .branch, of^t he::: W  StaOH-^n     iK * " '" :'     ';.'���������'���'���������' ":������-���������������'��� ' 'X-:vv.:XXyx^xX:'x:\^y;X:~'-::^'^x-:yy,y  r::   i,���-.   '' \\V ha've���'oAtariied;::tlie-:.cOri^  (jl)tfClOIJU   ',   \* v    ,' , ,-.., i   '  -��� :'���,���������;���'���:,..���;���.���..���;'������ ^.xX-^/^^xXx.^xxxxx^^xx^:^^:^  '.{th the iuini ' orojeeted;;;\ve. uiay;',ma'^  ,n'Coin  without.litjuit;^  ;;ppratin^;injthe|am^^  # |f^|^  |^otirsiotg;|a^  ^AJt;;th||s|i^  i-liicii wih'h  c 'cmrent'the world'over^A.';.;I.: ;ahucipate,;  gie,ei,>ic, :.;ijt- iit   the next ;seHStoo;:Al^  ni' he br^^JA-* u>- * aid.t'o :sueh::ti'^'di^re^lH  " >nuri\\ it.h /'.'the, v.rnuM'AtO;��^  Li ���.-' Mi- ^jirevtfi'ti reo!rired;A-;MM  I ^0 *    �����  A'       ' , ^, -    ���';.'.'.���..���..        ������'-���. 'A���'.'."'.'' /V'A-r,'" ,     v'.. ���.       .-.        :A-- ,V". '��� .A'  [inch .\vill ���i��a<> *a ? heir, full-ViiUii^t^  fiviiized id'*hv, and thu$;; weAiylH^^  flp-dnot^ ��->i'<an' ^������'h -inkies'"0f:CHe^\'U-i��^ll  ;���/,.'!*������  -������'���������'���'���'��� ��� ��� ,':0.  A'^V.'A^S  A )x^.-V-- ��� ''��� v: ;^a--'^ '^v^^^^'.li  'AA'1 i:i-A- ���^A^'A\;^r^:v^'Hh'':*''';f  ������'���.-.-.-:    '  -.   ���������:'������- ^' ���������'-���������'���������'���- fa$'J:-&  w  im[  ��� r.t-;^,iri-7W^-     ���'., [',-1 pf.��JM,>W7 ���  ��� THK PROFESSORS;  I-1 r.uM'wry Strath, in i.ls.e/,;!itfi^  I:��! :,���' s ; ���U  UlV  I r}) H H; J' - * i t C��A{ U'��^ f I **!>: y A '$ !;A J^ ;A/^  At a nir1t i; i a   o I   :!ic��� - VV?'om#U:-$��A0^  trance- uai��>a it. was -stilted, ih&t-ttw^  Ills litr^e hiuacms at Hta.keJo'i^  frnis aud  raihvav   eoqK>ration|AA^^  fnjjlov   men '  nh.>   '\vere,v./not^/'^ItU^  ai that   siunv;. 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S  ���'���'?.' ������>.',.'.  uxyyy^^yMftjk  10  ng  ve  a;; of, t hat ancient university f^  :: ���'nastics:,;v:.of eyery,,kind^  :''which I >vas;yery :fbnd��;^  up heart and soul ;   and in eonseqtiehceV though   by  no means a big man;/',[; acquired a hardness of muscle  and degree of confidence 3nd presence of mind  in  dangerous situations which have frequently  in gocKi stead sin^ ;-:aa';sV^^^  When the time came for me to leave college and  settle down quietly as a curate in a certain cathedral  town in the North of England a I did not give up my  oi(* ^usement :   aud at one time   great scandal was  Y.cau^;:in;the^^  St. Bones had been seen depending by his   toe?i from  a hoiizontai bar in his  gardenv  and in that inverted  ^position/^  pd^ssorof^  -ah/MvAAdegree^  .,..rBut;.my:fayoriteTe  :two;;to3-spare.;:and-;,i  obtain access, by a suiall fee to the verges  of the huge old cathedral,   and   (having   previously  : divest^ ^myself ,o  light a cigar aivd have ^ramble and scram  m  It was  !*'��':  , ...,, #A$$$��^  > occurted.:;. l/iy^Msi^n^^hat round-tlii  at some distanced aiid directly above the great ,1^  /was,; m /immeusey stoiieAb^ bad af*  time AUgported�� colossi! stitueofSt. Peter Ajeari,  a large iron laui^fTfiisstatbe/  hurled/down  by��thei^  Cromwell, and iibtbiag/Was left but the i*mp^hi  :.:wf s;secur��Kl-tO::tn^/^ir^  /side/of;, t he/fci tapi fe^ broke,! a wijf  ; *syt0;present: i|0i^ii^^S,i^r^^^  ���"���Z ����:* WcfcY%e/tB|t/||^  isffibfced^aV'eie'ar/.f'MK^ XvX-r:X:x:X:i  :���'<:''[y-X'-X.,.:.  v'-'.y yy-'   *.,y ^^Yy^yy^-y;^^  ;a;;;^  ;fcnelt/^  *e<x��n^^  ;from^  ioundy^  quite./ tip>^ib '""  t.hc^walli-;'fY^wIin  You want the  LATEST SIKlt. THE BEST GOODS MD WORKMANSHIP  �������JnL> JL # ����� ���  i/i  All this you  It  ,,"/^i:?M>, ���   >..  "**Tt ywy��-Tfwi^firte1*1*"���"���^hi-ir.MwwrM+iv  1   "  /ll 1 xsx  IpA/^is��l ?$^^  fril/Nlri^ol:;'Ecd^oMist^  m   ty  iliiii  nesi of/the   even-  ndythe.'��uniwa  ''' f the ��� hmI) into 'the desired ^^^  '!| there some time, kicking my  ipniovinR the delicious coolL^^,,^^  - ^e'hVheirht';^  .' vire 1 thought it time to ^  Phidnoti^l one or.,two^rsonS.;.^  I    ind quite a little':ciwd./begtm^  lose to ��w ^lhc strange-;';*^  |i|  ting in  St:"Peter's lamp.  [AHnilo ��'��� thought 1;/ ^Lmust.��� tijiln.^iAl%^;t;^cjiiii^;  lreAvi!l I* n nice to-do, '/..when; it sucldeh^  luie'ti^ig^J^w0uUl  s seated in a kind .ofchair -that;.;^^  Unlade to'lit me. ' ..Iconld.^^  border.to stand-..upright Vi'V*^??^  as too narrow./and l he side*'/;^r��|:^  iuid not help' mysclY:up '"by ihe^Sl^  lootbiroii,.' afforded -no it^^^^^^����i  .me to reachc'the top, /        i^-0^  [ saw at: once .what \vas the.;'^irt^||tottig||^;^^__w  [mustrest my hands behind-J0f  myself go over the etlgt.i^j^^^^^^^^^.  ickwurd hy:.n.iy ;oMm\a).On^;#  gider.me,until'-I :'coulil place-//m'y-^  nidi.. ' '...��� ^,���     A-i/iJ/-5>:S^  Novv ttiis .was   a .trick, l":hM/i^0;;^  rrformpver and over again o'ivt^  I, then, anv- s��vmua'st will-'-feZ-aw^  operation it is. and what. ;sr.S/ttai^  / au^ how tte^  give^'vofohe/*^  TA' -y-A--'-:.':A.:--:'V'; -<       ��� -,,-.. x- . *.-yV:.^��� 'A: ���^::,xX .-.^xyx x xx*y> y /-AA A>//Ay/.r  altogether, and hurL^  .. 6ti;:;the^^  :gireai^difieren^  Ir^/thi^  atidfauw  '.dre&i-fe  ;dowii:;at^;he/crowd,,^  'eVery..;miiM  Id-tbeiiiAis^  |:^*;;W^  1;;sban^^  ;c>u|vi:head;::lik  ftke;ii;<^^  'offthe^  \?t,.\X'^.:���:-.. . .���:.;'.'���. i,XlX'' ;y..~-yyy:yy:;;"..:Y<i ...Y..r-yvv'-KYyy'y :yYY.v.yyy;";. yyv^.:.y, y-:';yyYy<y'yy>':yy^^  pt|*h^^  :yX yX'y y^v^^A^'A^A^  gymnasium.^  ;iimp|t^a^  :Mtdliffi^  and;i.^il^  |t<id^^^  ^yK:V;:-fe'������������������'y^-;;^^  ;ll*lflip  ;A^I;illllliSiltt  ���/ ��� :':yyy;': y7..;.1 yy >': .yy^y y^y.^ ly^y."^  : y y ���-y rr^\.;"^'.Y^Y^/^y^y^ivii^y^?:  ;y:.:'y'''y:;y;v.v:y ^r'yyy-v^^y;:'.r'^^^^  -ry^AA-yA^A-AMflfl.  ^;yA^'A/A^|;v^'0|^��^|  yyyy'. ; ''lyy.., y^jjX^yxX'H^xy?  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Ladic^/*ind  Children's wool vests, draw*  ers.and���'combination swt$<  flanncletto ��� ui^ht dre^es*'  drawers and skirts.'- ���  Ladies' tl.inuck'tte,  cashmetej.  alpaca,    silk,     satin    .and.  .^rench-H.inncl ))louse'\va!Sts;  Ladies* mantle,  jackets, and  tailor-nude suits   from   l>est  niakeiA ai   exceedingly low  prices.  Ladies' :,.;i(iy . ma(|c . :|rc5S  skirts, hum $: each  up.  Ladies' "R. ^ (; " ..p^ j^*��  ���tnd "D .\ ������ corsets from  25 cents np.  Chilreirs t-oats, reefers and  jackets. from i to io vears  of age.  '^s^oli capes from $3 np.  :We/ar;e:ho^y^  ;;";:':,:iittO��-of:mir-i  ^���;:'4iats-?tit^:^  /:A-lirge/'iit0ck::;O  ://. ;'to-\v^  Wen's/^  : We; are;offerthg >' men's/.' fleece-  ; lined:underwearV :itv-sizesM  '    to 44A from 65c each up.  ' M en' is' Car trig h t";.'. & Wa r ner %  national wool and cashmere  shirts and   drawers,   from  $1.50 each-up, /  Men's-.flanneL cotton flannelette* cashmere aud silk night  . .- shirts a :Meu'* ;pajainas..in..  all   weights.     Black   cash.  :���'��� mere'-.sbx-25 cents per .pair.  Latest novelties ���in neckwear,  collars, cuffs, legatta   nej  gee Vi'l- hat/"; �� ���;  -W-hite/l^/d.urtain^^  ^f^ute'pe^'p^i.^^  ^///���taf^stry'p^  '/:/.;:'l>er';^air;:;/che  i^'eMry: t^hleyco^  tapestry-car pets' v:frbm"45c-per:  \ y.:/yard-up 1 y Brussel   carpets  :-':-: f rotn '-���$ i. i |^r/-y ard.- ������: -up- *:.;; -W il'"'  '/'/tons.''':from^:'|t.^  up ; Akmiiisters from "$i. 25  1 -per yard; up.  /  Floor oilcloth, from  35 cents  a per yard up.; aa:#  White bed spreads in all qualities; Wool Comfortables  from $1.25 up ; Wool blankets (grey) froni $2.50 up ;  Wool blankets (white) from  '���"��� /'-l^.so'iip.;-;//-/ ''::/;-  All Carpets Sewn. and Laid  -;Free of/Charge.,a'���'."..;  i;:A:A;^!A-.f^%'^.^  ::{^-: v xy"^ '��� Aa iV^V'-S-S:^ '<~Jmi h 'W0^��-^^ti  vxSimk  lliliii  ��� .r'.'\Y.^.���vcY.Y-.Y:;v; ^YJ.'.v.i  --"- ^;riir  ���.:vV��l  mm  ;3;:l|  -'yll  -;'\"tt;  ���via  AAi " :'r' Y-��� A-//A;Z AAAMi%  '.yyy.wYiWffflp  12  THE/'NBf^  PA  mx  myyy  $8$':*-X'X/. '���  qMX'  ;. ''^/  !>hce sitting well   hack, -.Whereas,-?(I-wereT.0'Afov't0  -'/^eep''c^  topple over and be found   (lead  next morning in   the  ;;/#:>*e,:\.;At^  /.'uiis^edTiie^  \v^^'.,:^-j>^cks/n./::said I;,;. ;'stoping.:the ./t'brreju;.t>,r/:ejactt;-./.  ./sreai/ii-x.' /.;':J-;chii-T't.:.iyac}v-'U  /���'fye^^^  ���/*,^  I'm iu��t particnlarlv .heavy/-4-;'//^    "  A v% I'm siire I could jieveriiiVyoi.L. Asir,y .he reoiifcci;-^  "My good 'man',/'; ret-nrned'i, .'a'; .yon'm*ryf.���:������������ I cairU;;  AStop;.here^  .nonsense;;: .;,.Give-me'your,.'ha.nd.*-//":.  hekl out his'hanti.yvI grasped/������inm\ttgiulV;rbun<:f"theS\  ,.wrist.witlr bulli' ban(lsv;A.tn<l  Y.l:lelt/;two'c)r/:tiH'ee;.;;eotiviiisivej  ��� raised :'a!w  ���/���9pked.u.p>; ;S  :*o.:see;a'0  truded^an^  X'��X\  ���;>t'i"m  ymrnmm^    -. ��� tioii stoodyoti/i��is:^reIiea<l/i//'::: X :: xX^Wti  :'v;'/r'.i,et:go::{^:h|:;;s��eamea  ,.  :y Vo.u.are bt^king:inymmx 1 W^M0^  ys^ti^teheci^  y%l. m mil svveepiHg/thrQigi,;:^!:'^,. ^ peet��  at tljecleafiies^wittiavbiclia spoke     "  ���':'; ������'':J#^> AA;s��i|/L'AlisteuZ%/&/>,<! sl0-r,tf  :^ecof��d..;::.Ya;f.;l/l���tYgoA/;siwlpfe;/-k  '.^A^ll-we;^/;^  :;as:rfe��!i^ol<iydn^&  y: :..yi; sa w: himyset/yiiiSY::^^  N|s/y^  /;iy^i::h!m;cfo^gt^  Y^'afpA^)^  f''A^/^I*'*l*:y:/?��|A  i* l*iy/ sMiisetf % W��i^^::^^��0^tks^^(^^  .im  ^���v, v vV ��*>.r  PROVINGI^L BOARD OF HEALTH.  British Columbia.  '..Regulations-for the  Detection   and-Treat*,  merit of   a   Disease   Known   as   Bubonic  Plague.  Approved by Order of Hia Honour the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council, Onted  the 6th Day of September, 1900  1/ All   sk:k-,. Chineseor Japanese nmM M*nd' ���������  or ffivo notice of 'their Hirsts to  the  ItVaJjb  Officer or Police Con'Mnble.fM a dUirkt vrk<��v.  such Chinese or .lap;* i��<<<** r^sbk.  .' "��� A  .2. Physician* in aifdniun,^ on Me:< <^ihscse  or J.a panose.shall'notify ?k>'IteaJih UUbw'or ���  Chairman  of the   Local Hoard  of  Health  of  Municipalities :  or, if in an outlyiriir-.dkirhV  ��� the' Ooveruim'nl   A^em   mu.si 'oc    nos.ifk*/  ���Snelt   noiificasion >hould stair- the can*.-A-T  illness    ami     On*   ''oM''H(hin   of- ih��-    -hunk  throughout   [til'  body osA In- s:rk jhtsuo  and  islxjulvl he   (k'iivi.-r.><r 0. 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LAPERRIER  a/; ^hmh mmmii: urn m^MM^m  ' ^" I U.<4 r n ��*<?'��� W1I��1-' -llrtr'.*? .��.*reei>.: M-iw^^'un^fi  rut iti'^iM^^^^  ;/-tut**-- xnx-n���mto::\YMtow:.y^yf)Lia  LEAVE 0��OiE��S AT  (lovernn'KM'.l   Air*.-{jJ  iixiu    :is  VI f��"   1'H.riV    ( I JJS  X * I'  r  u. i.  the carliehi po>sn>if <��j>n<irtun't!. v .  %. In(/lty Mnnicipalnii > ih.- /.'icdii-ai IL u\ih  Olli'-er^ha!] lie tuoAtl-ci vvIMun^ix ho��;jZ t\l  the death oi "any -('hinc-.*' or .JapMii.-T*", Ov !h<<  person on who.-*.- prenrsrs M;ch-<;/ifii o<>  <.airn<d, or hy.some reSatio/t .<r -,;���[���,,,!, lrt��-w����  charge ot the j.u-.rs >.n -!> My im.'.  ���1.   in   llnnii     Muiiifipa!.i!ir-s,   ih��- /m,mIh-:i!  Ih:*alth unk-cr or the rh.-iir/nan or Ss-rrHaj'v  of Mm- Local UoarM of ileal A* niu>t. h<- \\<>Mt\<-~(\  svilliinstx hours of--neh   dotili ; .,a<l >,u   n;,!.  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(!��r ^'ife ;^|  mp.,.,h(���|Mhi^   r?o��n.;, . rfte^  Provincial Sf-creian  N'ietoria, B, C, September 8th, umhj.  ;./!  swfk  J  j f  'ha  i-�� *    e4      lit  !,.-  iu yyyxxy  NELSON EGGNOMIST  *-:'  13  tue of rumour  but, owing to  /ot  [SOU.  who  represented ��� the ;^W��^^W^^^  thel)ean oi the Cathedral were *ept in  I retain mv curacy and rayJoy*; ;��or  !-l it shall please isomebody/KJ'^rt^tv^^ipsfel^  when' it is prolwhle W*i. ah/ iricir^^i^/^^e :of:  /with aii:tenti^Jtcy-to cliiiit>/;;;,.--::-/>  I)  ;'.���; FUTURE H/tPPENlNG^  n bis' London almanac for���'19#; *:^  ted more than one great war* t^  Lgrcb aui a terrible ^u��ifcinii?eJn^  prediction* , prov'ed'/irue;;';:^^  [lr in Europe/ but *dso^^  'some time curious'.'A<>';kno>^  kioiis he ' would make  in ;";hi��A|lmi:MCj  [eir''curolsity - can . be'.' 'miM^^S^^i  Ibeconiinif year hasju?it;ap:f^iir^;!  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Mail orders receive ca:  7:v4".'~v-:iV:'. ��'S��Ka2S  Nothing   bot  whoksonie meats and supplies  kept.in stock.'. ;';';/;;;;//  Xf&m  yy-y^-r-^���. ^wj  > ,'{^ A/;;C'r ^vr^^-4^^s v"��,,^,i '^>/'v:/^ \i\z,^^:><-^Ak^$fr ^:fc.,rv^ ^/,/>^ 'A^^a'^^a,.; -^K,;;^'. fn^^v^ X"Xl>:iX  "W  fe*tv  14  THE NHI  agitation,which may attain ibntiidable proportions;  iii November the kingdom of Holland will attract at/  teiition by its dangerous and novel citp{i>inatic policy,  '..aiid-Hje/stateshjen-'ir  have to exercise all   their  conflict.     In December  there will he insurrections,  revolts, and strikes in virions quarteisc^ftlie/giotie  ;'-;A.sa;rU|e th.ey  they will occur at this time, sv|k1 they vvilli>estriking  features Aoi/ the  month.      As    will   be  seen,   /Old  -:' M opre;s; !;-.pred ictions ���' for v 1901 a re; ��� sta rt 1 i n g' ��� ��� to; ;'sa v"':'''  the   leist.     11 is   statement   regarding    HoHiintl   is  their ."brain's to   discover .how this little kingdom can  ever manag^  .-and ._ tiny^1 _;._:';:fJ1 ploii^"ittic"';'/ppl|c>'*;*'' ���:vvftielr'"..- %v.ji'i "VciiLike;':.^ '������  i AA/A  Wm  ISffI  ���'���"''.ii:'.-:^{p.  vA.:-;.::iM  'Xyxyy  A;rA<|  .���;..,'��� y.,.-.,.  Y'A/ff  "��� '���'.' X.X'tri'1  A/fl  nmsa! of a Ministiyor tK:resigiiationl9  compelled b*the Sovereignh MBoiH-  totbepassiril ofaReferni  Bill-A'.gf /   ,  ^SSo.yiS^y^d^pj:/---   :::/ 'A ,82A '847,  ��� ���W*V��i**m^*MlWt.WJ*Mtol<MW*4��  ���A -.fa  ���A\Mel  7&L  Ku rqpesM at night  - The last- dissolution 'Of'ih-e ^hishliouse'^  inous-wa.:Uhe^  :Df;r]ie;t\venty^ix:Yeig.ht'  ; vote/in H h�� . 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I MinJiKi;'^ ' .hiH'<'lh-ivy  Paul    Satur^y*    }:,r   vh,,u v,':,, i   !llit|. n,5S^?r  Monday-:thti ���j^swrs'Acy-..  ;.:>��� T,;r.Yk:,'  iins-'r.  ��*miMMlMn��*��:  I        ^ I isrwva    8 I  lA.ir \'o(,��r .I-!:c*.?^i-(��-1 ruT  see that ran - hcket rbos n mm ?m  TRAINS AND STEAMERS  i.kpaim:  1    st,ltin,r !<;r  Y,,yil;iV   j.Uil,   ,.;  I'AILV      IN,.si  Tf-UJ. .  H(,(i        (     Trail.! [..r ];<,,.i;ni,<  ,;,..,,���   j v     ,.  kx.si/n.  r<;r(.THwooil, .Mi(lw;i\. ,-i,..      '        <t"  KX    srN -i points. amlSriiMl';!.;. "  *  '^"'"i  Kx.sr.v. i diaic points. '.��..-. i,���-. ;  ' For timfriHUk*, nttv* turn lun   i.ifonhi.ji,,,. '  call on or address Jieaf-t lomi;,^.nt"<l:jV,,,,,n |  H.���Li-B.KOWN,'dry Am-ni,"  j ���N,',-iv;oii, |}.< ���, ;  W*;:.f..-AM.ttfBont ��. J. Coyle  '''������Xrav.'P&sH:Agent, \a |>  a,/.,.,, '���  IS  oors.? Sashes; a.fi.d'Turricd-^iijk:  rackets and Office: ffttftiffs:  ::  �� . V  >���:,��-!. 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