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The Nelson Economist May 30, 1900

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 I, I *  la     -"  i;  ***.  >**  r  iff,  IV     <  ! I'   I  v  *��� f *    ,.  '*  J.  V  4l\ A  fc V        At  m^iS^SSSISSSnjnBi*  ,J  ~���. uj^^uautnTfrtS?  "-^^fflSSnBSOEBSRBIHH .F'T  ��*"t"v J '  a.   ^. ^  r-  4 �� I  **  .ii t 4.       4.  ���      P   4-l~-l -^t        t    "M-  4  -f    r    *  0        j,  J    (  ui ���, .  ��    1   =  4 J  i   i_i��<.     ,   1  -St        "a.  ,r-iv>4 *  iS  -.t 4.4  '144   tl  4���        14.  1  ����     i    <  "   J J  j.-��h*rtl s.W*-4t��4nl*  <   ijy^.Vf:"^   ?'** l  *   'f a t*VjKS*  ^tiknv'1 *  MMMA^ y  m*'*  to) t��J>     ">A  <% if  x*WK��^ t&W& >($�����*�����>*���  WrwS&.W'.'.* 'riAiirt* l��\r. fi*\i-A iftti'l  ���4VJ4,.  �� 4,,t��S��S>,iJ1���lr.^w������|W.���<>_lt(iii  vol.. III.  XKLSOX. B. C, WEDNESDAY, MAY  Where They Stand.  30,  1900.  NO. 46  [ -tK^rmtiter iiti  Th*; fallowing pargraphs arc from the election ad-  .irews of the three candidates. They are republished, so Oku the public may know where each can-  !id.ite stands on the eight-hour day:  Dr. Geo, Ii Hall ���  The principle of eight hours constituting a legal  -lay's work should be recognized and strictlr en-  :'*rced.  Mr. Frank Fletcher���' ���  With regard to the eight-hour law. I am opposed to  my change in the hnv as it now stands.,  Mr John Houston-  lv-sitiyc, not negative, laws should only be passed  l>jhi* principle of a law is good, the law should be  i-rtcctive. The eigludiour day for men working un-  i^r^rouud in metalliferous mines is now'generally  .*��� wpted n% IcgUtation in the right direction.' I would  ,t*pj*we any legislation that would repeal the penalty  vian*^, or in any other way impair the effectiveness of  Use l*uv as it now stands.'  anti-Martinites will be well-advised they will come together within seventy hours after the elections and  unite on a general policy ; otherwise they must abide  by the consequences of procrastination.    Delay will  only make reconciliation  more difficult,  and give  Martin time to form new combinations.    There will  be  at  least   thirty-two    anti-Martinite   candidates  elected ; perhaps more.   If those thirty-two members  are animated only with'a patriotic desire to advance  the best interests of the Province, surely   a  strong  government, such as British Columbia enjoyed a few  years ago, could be formed.    If the outcome  of the  present turmoil resolves itself into a case of self-aggrandizement,  may the Lord have mercy on  British  Columbia !  �����.��'  .'"I'MIK   most  careful  scrutiny of the nominations  .������*-���     imuk last Saturday fails to reveal much  of a  ������^v.istactory character,    He;oud doubt there  will be  ���*'\ overwhelming  majority  *tt  anti-Martinite candi-  ���'������! iie*; electa!, but as the only plank in  their  various  pUuoims on which all might  stand is opposition to  . tiic present Government, it becomes an exceedingly  difficult matter to reconcile the conflicting elements.  . ' ts generally conceded that the wing of the Opposi-  .*-��'��n party following the leadership of Mr. Turner will  ! Hvt the greatest number of men.  and indeed even  '"'���nyof the  former  opponents of that   gentleman  .would  regard it as a happy solution  oi  she  present  'hiTiculty if the followers of Mr. Turner were numer-  kU^ enough to form a strong government; but should  '. ,x-inspire through the  multiplicity of parties  Mr.  . ri3nicr shauld h'ive.only a score of straight  follow-  '���'**<��� with whom will he coalesce, for. .at the present  *�������ue it would be a dangerous undertaking to attempt  l'\tt"Tyon: u:. government  with a majority of two.*'  ' M r.*��� ���;. Wilson...will'have a'great many followers, as will.:  ���iIso 'Mr; Cotton ; hut .tbegreat'-question seems'to be:  U!J what common ground can the followers of either of  those gentlemen .unite .with- Mr. Turner and give the -���  ^�����ntry a  strong' government,.,-Mr, Martin ��� cannot ���  lu>l* to elect over abalf-dpzcn followers.   Indeed,, as* ���  ,,l,r   Victoria   correspondent .remarks,: the:  Martm  sl<*k is gradually Jailing  point .after", point, until no  i,lle^n  contemplate the .Martiuites seriously as .a  Possible    party.    But even with only  half-dozen,  M;min will not die without a struggle,   tor he well  i  When Smith Curtis offered himself as a candidate for Rossland riding, he had little idea of the task  he was undertaking Things were sailing along to  Mr. Curtis' satisfaction until Mr. Mackintosh re-  turned from Ottawa ; then the Curtis following began to shrivel. The old campaigner is literally leaving the Martinite without a leg to stand on Mr.  Curtis has now less time to spare in looking after the  interests of the other Martin candidates  Mr. S. D.  Schultz, barrister, Victoria*   who has  written  several   very  iutereresting short stories, has  recently composed a  patriotic march entitled 4'The  Charge at Dawn," dedicated to the heroes at  Paard-  berg.    The fact that Mr. Schultz was at  one time a  resident of Nelson, and was a member  of  the first  brass   band   organized   in this city, gives additional  local interest to his composition.    The marSh   has  received the endorsation of several  talented musical  critics, and is strikingly original and conspicuous for  its inspiriting martial style.   The opening strain  has  a splendid swing, with a free, bold movement; there  are many unique  and attractive features about the  music, the melodious euphonium solo in the trio being  especially new and catchy.    Most of the band effects  have been preserved in Mr. Shultz's arrangement for  piano.    The title page of  Mr. Schultz's music is a  fine specimen of lithographic work, having been executed bv the Oo/omsMithographing department.  K��N*��4*ikili��t:r  , disunion; and if the  At a recent meeting at Nanaimo, Mr. Jatnes Dunsmuir, of the Wellington Colliery Company, said he  was prepared to discharge all the. Chinese in his mines  and replace them with white men. Some were inclined to doubt the sincerity of Mr. Dunsmuir*s  promise, but, as will be seen by referring to our advertising columns, Mr. Dunsuuir is as good as good as  his word, and has already advertised for white miners  -�����  ���cv  mm  id-Hi  ��i>��<����MflaM4��2mt(MteM338l!i  II'"' ��',1^  .'4      "��� '     I     I        -  ! --vn - ������-ir*:  -. ,\ J. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ��*���'  If-  m  %��.������������������  to take the pi aces of the Orientals,-'   M r. l)u nsmu ir;��� to  our mind^ has struck the key to the Chinese   tmmi-  .gratiou'question. ,--W  :;wilPnow^fcIlow::M  the Chinese ;pro^  ������no\^  legislation.''   -THE.EcON05rrsT-.has: heUl $trong, views  ���on:the, suyect,-;and:';it, feelsi  thing in congratulating ^Ir. Dunsmuir  on  his latest  >ln��o^^  Oriental dubor.^ s,;-2-:.yy^  '.t":yJulia-��� -ARTHtJR'S'-'realijame ;.is:'Jda'Lewis.: >'-5he:::;is:  a-Ganadiany wa^^  ,st%eappe&raiicey'^  '/:>:N  :ph:rast^  ���Legislalive-'h^  ::dearvv':*:*.y::;^  .���Ugb.frw^  .���sea.^nv^ greatly, improycd..  . >W����Wyw.-Cwi**W.  :;.y2$R^ :'at Nelsoiiv'-':said;'';he:.^  AypuJd::';;ha^  question /now. a rises/. tuts- *'Mr,.- Martin,;, kept Ids: word, -..  'Some-answer In.the'affirmative,'.'-  tt \'Hxthkrto.: we have suspected,the Nelson "iW-jWr 6f  holding strong pro-Boer sympathies* -but /.we- nev^r'  supposed;.:if would: openly": parade its;.|>e-rtii<:t0u.*s preju-  di<^10".the..exte.iVt...o  flag, which it. did last/Monday.."'   Should such a thing''  'be tolerated' in British colon v?  ���bbj--&tio5^  'anything.doubtful about it��;-'|>asses:'tny';:ut!der$tatH!infc.:  ^n&tahi'si^  : r|ttonaIyEp{^  :an'd.;the:';lea'i^:aud:the:doub^i coul^  ,?noe''th;/t^  oonduct;the state$man^hip;of avgrt^t;  .rMaw.i'��*wa^*stt^JtS'*'  ..\;I%ri,w  -Commisstbued tojm^^  Xeo,/-^  strtist; Jhmy, been,;  p%tral^  i'lhrone* -';'*:;::;*::-::'y.  m-sh^-wi*,'.      vv-Vi*W,MM*��4i%*w,��r'  riMMKpMMfeWgv*--..  J':*'J^R.p^  'Satitlr-yAfnca;:^^  Ca$>e:'-'^  , 'tV>YMv.\r^ftVA^itv'^��Mi��ii,W'. m  I -*-���  iTsrSreeowo^  intosbJi^^  tbeia|&;��^  t#'thc',:^  .He.; 'says;: ni.; re fefenfe; t o': XI $ rtio /lind ^;!I^r^ he;':  Ile^ipp^  t.he.wc^^  i.inpri'^  .tri/Maniito^ ;  and,he l.eft'"the'*fig*ht is* M'*a;t.ih.^^-.y/:'-.Ii'e  pie's cause in Manitofea 'to' workrfor-yr.: cori^rtoon'^iri:./  British Colour  there,;; : ;T;hb,.:. hii.friefids:sa.y 'r $bowi wMt M.r$m&tttmn:: ���  .he is..; * It does v*';''*- ::-    V-.'': ������������ ���.:���'.'���������'y-'^'^ ^:/:-:Vy w^.--C~.^ ":"v.v ^-.^'".^-'  *rnvv,��'.w.w��.v-iiwv-vatv HWMWHMMiMHn^.^nMmM-ftweteW.  ,:..T'ifK-.iuhj  a re looked .to ta k& place ab&ut tte  Has*"5"  ;���������"-A..lateissue:of theySan.''Francisco. Examiner .'contains a";.very interesting- article yby.  Mry/Justm *..Mc-'  Carthyin answer to���'the.-.oft-repeated.'cjuestio.n,'''.'Shall'  Ireland then be free ?*; ...Mr.;" McCarthy 'deals with the  ���.question.in'a different light to that usually  attributed.  to Home Rulers.    He':.believes'that Ireland .would l>e  happy as a self-governing colony like Canada .or- the:  Australasian colonies.    He telieves there- Is   a   ukifjc  in the people of self-government which-brings".dui-al'I  that is wisest, niost just and most progiessive   in   the  intellects of peoples.     He concludes his article as  fob  lows.:    ." If 1 had any authority to'.state the   case   for  Ireland,.my statement of.it.would'he that .Ireland   demands the right of administering her domestic-affcirs  for herself, and is ready on that condition to send her  representatives into the Imperial ParHameutat   Westminster to speak for her on ail questions that  concern  "the common interests of the, Empire The time-cannot be. far bff'when all reasonable ���Englishmen, will  tegin to see that only thus, and not otherwise, can  anv true'solution be. obtained for the pioblem which  has so long perplexed the .statesma:\mip of the two  countries.    Why any reasonable Englishman  should  ..: A'.������.' vi&rimt^' by SiM^.y,':.^The,y-.E1o^  sold- by. the. arrint. in ;,i.fyfi^fdr. $B'������aii.clteiotd: 'ai:phblfc-;.  sale.' in ���'Bordeaux'.,Xi��:;i88d-.V^  Paris * .recently for $B,&m ���,Xl W^ii&Al^'ify  Sislevis- dead; .;���'" -"': <���'.'������;'  '  v.��-''^fcj!.Jr'u^*a^*��l|h^^,'--WV^*tiCi*rt^��^��Ji  * t    'I*  Thh Nanaimo' ;;::' titfnU: y hm-y i'tie"., fbllowihg .:'  The .New:-Zcalandcrs have solved .'ihe,'-"hdK>r;,l'pro-'  ��� "bl.em. with compuUory -arbitration without ."alienating"  any capital, without despoiling-'-iuiy 'workman: pi : his  'ernplbyment or-'depriving"theiu��eIves.oi^aMy'.^ theu  libeftyJ At least, this-is what'Mr.- Henry- :f)eumrest  Eloyd' tells m in'his new book, "A Country*: Without..  ��� Strikes/ .after .a thorough' persoimleKiiminatioiS--;' of  the operation'of'thc law in force there.since'.;January  ''������'' ��� t  ri 1895.- .'?">��riug -the   past: five' year^'therc^. has .'tvot  been ��� a strike, in that happy country* and that in the  midst of an   industriar clevclopoient m������'enterprising  in proportion as any to be.found. i.n'.'J3urope,or ���* Atuer-  ica The New Zealand jaw is the device of Mr, w.  P. Rebves. vvho, without any precedent to-guide-hun,  devised the measure; and after four years-.of agitation   inside and outside the parliament, succeeded 111  c  ?J'  -4  '- i  1  4  *  ���ii  _����'-"��''  !i : NELSON ECONOMIST
^generally regarded asthe most -striking: feature
<>f; the whole celebration. The 'committee haVing:
charge ol the celebration should endeavor to* strike
. tlOHSv. ...-.--,.- -,-,-,■'■ ■«' -Try-.-y^y
Is Manias alive again, and has he beeti engaged
to report for the Vancouver,^ the meetings m
dressed by Joseph 'Martin.?- ^ ;;^-S^';;::::;!^^l::?:>,yy^
.-■ ■TMKRK/.if^^
iRjohn Brown's body liesv-a^mdnl^b^i^^
grave after the Election, it may ^
.:pwn .■■'<;t Win'cheier^^^^^
■0. y. v' y"¥§ ttBBif.§JL
-'--'   ;'-v ■'■■'■'yyf^^^
.<-■ ».'.'•-■ ;;''.:?-'i!1f.':''.:;f:v*:'-f€f*1
v ,..-;y, S;«ygM
;-■■-,'-. :';..'■■■■ ■;W.ft;»,-;';fi*ro.
;.'"'tf -V*!
i*,tn'*MWyrf«WMBtf.- - jutffoMiWWWWWft-if:.\ViW#ittit*Mmii'-J&**tHW.-
. :o j-tjy%lty:; iwhl^K
...Bo wen deiuiire1^'
y ^'--'H'E>^
.......... t'P^m
■ :-:::;^HE:average:;
realize the nonsense of sending
■','-': < yy 'y- '■ ■■<>^lui2*-' A'ti^y,J'^"W:>&
-. y' ■:? '•':>".' .':■', a - y'^'.y^WffivSt:
y - yKTy--y yy;^;^yfiiipsi;
- :--.!,.-'-(i"'1, :■ ':';':.'':.n^w"*>^:'i'j*lj-!»w:s
'..^*^ft*tW»4a«MlC4W«4Wl»«^^-'l«(>»A»jVft^**'.. iM4tl»M44Wr4nrt*A4».,
i ion - would ;e<^;f; Jit#:^
•■*■■■ ;■•'■■                 -*•» 'i■■''*■■'.■'.':'"■■' •:-"''«-"'i,":;'-': '"* -k.'': .;--i.-----'- ■■.■"!■■■■■■■ '*■--- ■'•■;■ :*' ■'-.-.-:---'-:,-       ■•,■'■■'.■'■■ ■■■■■-::-':r.■■-"-,L-■■■■-■
Mut or..&mne0r.;-h;*^ ten,years.,*';;;:--
irived''too late;'<or;i.hb,;vipuC.'•: Reference;;'is/".tnade■■ to"
use d.aiiy-.'^r\H^
nrated June: roth-froM^^ from
In the iricideuts cbns^
bounds like that of a Pullmahc^
entirely lost* sight ;o
■..; \< v.: 0\" i:y.;:/'y;'^^:',^'r^tS^fe^i^;
' • '* ■■-'-y, tti:;t t y\ ■'tStipJ-y;$i^'til0$B:
Melton Prior, t^
has been through fifteen^
eight times. e Tlipeetinies his naine
the list of those killed in  battle;  T^^
taken him all ov^|he world
1      . "''/'-■ -.-.■•      ■■ •'    '■'<>'$",    ■      ■■■'„■■  \y'.: ' \. w^^,'.      ;'   ■-'■ 'a,.y ■'-■■' '.■■:■-..'... '  ■  ■       ■"'■.-'■'      ■:■".•■  x   -**'...■..■.   '\. ~' '■-■>•■-'■'  ~ ".'■.■,;'• ;' ;.;;.-''■ ■.     . : '.■'"'■''■■■.■''■". -y.'"  ,-r     ''"■ "'■■■"'■■ '■'.' :.V'. ."'['■■• ■     ',: ■
■nil af uuse^. :;'i|^i£l
■.\\^.u&vi-.\Jit*tev>in»*&*Mt ■ sVwajwiijMsKwwawwiiw*
1   .    V
... >:!i
lit in bia' i-S-conceri'ied.*
.■ -(l**«rtiw«Ni*i*^'-^»^
..  ivn k -st>^v::triattMt ::Canadians:*:are
. .'■■■.■■'*'*■'      ■ •      -,,,..''.■-'.■. . ■*    '* '     .. ■■■' '■"■''■.'  ■■       ■    ' .-.■<'*.       '■■'. ';'.■■  " .■' •''
■■■>'!/' n i ioh of 'the':. #ho!e*} world, -*:, '■ torid -y:Robens,; who
^-^xw^ ^o*xl"s<>idie.i^'^
-■''■'i t.lHV'CiinrtdmnsJn/yerj^'h ■'' -
ii r . Ekank Fletcher will entertain his fr^
^!r. Jolni Houstot) and l)r/H
Walter Scott, editor of the Reginai/^a&r, willy
:cpntest Assiniboia with NicholasJFlopd Daviti.
a? i*y St
.v.;>i_'fttew<***»**"*   ti<'41vv>i>e:»»»W(iJ.r*<.'«^*'««'«' D.-^i'*
1 v is riui.K>reci,t!mt'T.;ord Stratlicoini may-.'enter the
^■t-.irk-r Government y.as -Finance .' Minister. Lord
s'' f t lu:y>na; staried:iii; iife-as a;liberal, ■'but changed to
: v^^servacive; and. h.o'-.dou'bt he would return to his
•: *s{ 'h'>ve witli-that-f raceful curve'for,/''which-;, he "■ has;.
1 "■'<•<> uoteii' 'th'rougli .'..life. ■;'■■■ No:^loyerument 'eould.,
;,'i!-^»ge qtucker/than-T^ordStridhcoua,
•* i *
A- start -h«s:''been.fiade-jnlhe'. way.''Oi\ preparing
:,'>r l'he l.)t>iniuion Dav-'cele'bratio.ri-.iu Nelson" this year.
1 lu; snggeHtio'u of devoting niore attention; to aquatic
"u"nl.-s is a good'one, With our broad sheet-of water,.
tllls ^n l>e macb-a most attractive-, feature..-'Without
.lv{ T^ nig, from tlie.-sucpesi's -attending" the other events
iasl year, it must, he coniessed that* the water carmv
Mr. Flktcher visited points bet ween Nelson and
Creston last week, and Mr: Houston is going over
the same ground this week.
There is a general impression that cue of the can-
v.-aies in the Nelson district will contribute two huh-
dred dollars towards the building of roads, trails arid
bridges throughout the Province.
^he contest in the Slocan is waxing warm, and
the result will be close.
Mr, Costigan is pursuing .a vigorous campaign
iin South-east Kootenay, with good: prospects of sue*
fetSHSfoPwi U- '���':'  s% - -  Sit. ,: <  ��R-  TO  M-  w^*iv:  W-  G  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ... a terribly destructive animal the human  being is- Man's apparently ruling desire is  to kill, bis thirst for blood being seemingly unquenchable ; armed with gun, rifle, knife or axe, be.  can have no better pastime than slaughter. Sometimes this propensity becomes abnormally developed,  and extends to his fellowman. Then he �� called a  murderer, whereas while he confined his operations  to the lower forms of life he was a sportsman. Woman's destructiveness manifests itself in another  shape. She pretends to admire all that is beautiful.  "but it �� with an undisguised, desire for her own per-,  sonal adornment.    The woman'who will shed  bitter  - 4*4 U % ,4.1-te  :ifihe:m&tute:  society'://  !biv*j^  ;dtc(;ab^  ; streets-S.itturdjty:-';eya  ;*iV:ii^;^.',pu'��  'iioby.y^  musing  ;idi.ihesej��i^  .itmirsbmiof'H^  "li&&*TC;*^  ;.the>-  nevtrleartf mmlensdiMs*  .-* x ��� *  tfyi$:;--:c^*p  thatyi^  r 'tf''<*iHtaii*;  'iamcierlhfe  ���p:aivluvtt^eiy^  ::pluma^e;of;a/^  'isiaden^  :;t-^  ;%^  :SaM::e;ve��:':m  v;::tbe;vbeautifui':fl  ; ^lovely;-  :' cooseqo'ence':?*:-'. ���0.ut'nigeci';K^t;ure..refused.. tor^orrt;.-.ihe  *:'^  :-:*:so::'dn>he.'wit  -the.-pl^  "���������'in' the*'(district-- surrounding INelsou ;'��� desolation������ and  ;'<Iestru^  ���..������ .people.canuot lie.'content; to *-:adniire.��� witho.tit.' .destroy *  ������{tigis:a"difficultproblem, and a,physi���al;defect-wlikl)  '  I am afraid cannot be-remedied *  ' ��� As I have said- on .'more than one' oc^toHy I ; am  only giving; my'.own personal views on the' subject ol  "���'the -observance;'- of .-Sunday/but 'I take the view ot  many others "that., because .\here may i>c a .few hundred people" who desire to spend Sunday"in religious  exercises, the thousands whosr-'wishes lie in the other.  direction should have all 'ihe rest, recreation ���and enjoyment which the Sunday affords.; The churches are  open and the ministers are at' their posts tor whoever  wishes to attend divine worship ;the hoy or girl who  -is whipped into ehurcii or Sunday school will never  make a red-hot theologian*..or earnest 'worshiper, and  it is doubtuilif an'y;difibrent impression can he made  by coercive religion on.the more mature minds of ihe  grown-up members of.the community.    For   myself,  liiereas^  ���wjtW  &dded:;iw^  .'.'Sophia.'^ ^,..,,,  ';dmof'lM^^^  .::er��nefs:i*of-T  i*;y|Kieh':  etmliafd.;.;.  !���"%:  ...... '-.Fl&;:':.w  for;,'.;: ;Wtt'bin;\:'.'T^  ie;:.;:<:*iity  ���Elcge;:-  ./��*.-��:����H*',"i*'>,*1?w'*.  '':lf ti^^^  Hj-tte-Jen-ekes cot��pat��y.-be^ff^.^^^^^^y'" - :.  will enjoy a 'rare (teat, at:&m .Oj^Rt:>-I:|o��^;W��s:;:-:^"*  iug.':- itis-iiot often 'tftat^  tuiutv;' of:::i.tstcniHg: jo-swclv*!^  pruned'to-night.    So-d��M��.ihe.^  i��*We��i*ut��e;-WiihVtlw  .  The oj*nin^ofW.mw'^M:^M��^:S  s-U':anotbef-evtd#^  UitC  Kl:Si��i:W��:��  win *rnvmwnv:C<)i��p��.vy.::; Theayttrtjor^ei    .tbus:��.��':pl*c^'ui^  t;VatWalrcady-doi?if'.^  nwkitig Kelson ati- up".t^,.tlat.e-..city-������% .\  ;trt��Mw����Wii<MiirKhh v  ' :; -Stciner'a banc! .will, gi'vn'- ���an',-Oi^n;;'^-itir .^  evening in froia''bfAhe:,>?el^n^  erf''-this.  ��� ��� ���. ��� ��� ������ ������ '      ..-��� ���'���  ���-������-'���   .���-..���������   ���{-..- .'-i  iftvitations-havc   i^n   issued   to; a   Pta.ivo.H ��'��"  Aeoikn recital 10 be held at ibcTlipnwob f��f��^  sum i\m��� afternoon. - The obtcct I* w;^.*j;  'sources- of  the   insinmieats .ttumtfetiwl .;1>V-.1 �����������  Aeolian C(ims��nny.yr New .\'i,rk-C.ity-  ^atn'jX*^****"*1*  It is 11 liiiticeable circurastanee that in the  is J^  jot Martin candidates . ihe  name  of 0,,c. i^��,��l"?.,c  m.����loes.not*ppcar.'TI.*cre>��l��o*.l.^  dearth of solid btwirt'ens men on. the ��ou��ih��lu����    -  ,. ?  .   ,      ^ini/*   ��u��n   who   *ho^  pers of the Martin eatuiulale*,    -i Ut  m^��   v _      .  tlie best interests of the Province at- heart ^^ '  -.Martin and. his. Populist friends.  P. G.  1^  N  N  i-5  i  *   t  >������ *  T  tT*?l>rVP*'*Wt>*p*w��'*C?>T  n*�� ����w-  ����tjt<i*N*.*"t: &  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  FROM THE CAPITAL  Victoria, May 28, 1900.  'vj��h .Martin and Samuel   Perry   Mills drove to  ���:.e ;.m week to adrift** the electors on the poiiti-  ,-.o<>, of the day     The residents of that, district  ;'-m'TK-d the treatment which Mr, Martin had ae~  SnTnment CandidateS wil1 ��**��* Jose their  de-  i  >  m ��i the , memorable Literal convention at  -ef, with the rctfuh that they were generously  tt-ri   J.*  a choke collection  of well-matured  hen  ;-     Although   Lord   IJalttmore denies this, there  - .rrv strong corrotoiattve evidence  produced the  .osv? the meeting by the egg stains on thcappa-  .�� the Prvuiier-    It h safe to assert that there are  w *ym|>aMuxer* is? Sooke.  Dr. Lewis Hall, of this city, brother of Dr. Hall, of  ���Nelson, stated that Joe Martin would have a candidate m every constituency, and that Dr. Hall is the  government candidate in Nelson district. Dr. Lewis  Hall is in a position to know as he is one of Joe's  admirers and supporters. The candidates at the  Coast are all making definite announcements either  Martin or anti-Martin, and it would be well for the  Liberals of Nelson to find out ere it is too late, which  side Dr. Hall is on.  \l   1 ? f * *  n  The Queen's Birthday celebration this year eclipsed  all former efforts in that direction, although the weather was not quite as favorable as usual. T.  > > *. 414,'  t the town ui K��iutuiall the' Marthulei are few  Us ^uvecn.    The elector:* there are very much  nvtcd with the lif|UMr  license legislation of Mr.  md iiic determined that so hr as  Ksquimalt  vi-n*cd there sihalt be no more bungling legisla-  >v ihedercjltc( politician from Manitoba,  * f  I'ciiv -nul $tminic  Simpson are among the  ���n.u Jnciids   aud  connricmia! advisers of Hon.  * 1.�� >�����  .d��kftit��.    These   gentlemen   have   a eert.nn  ������''"-:m **i mthiemx amongst the liquor eleineiu, but  ���'��� Aldrrmaii Ikckwith   and j, CI Brown, who are  ^l ><i:u-u um iterance worker*, can hope to secure any  '>��� **>u Ut>tu the hevnjscd   victuallers* is difficult  to  1 he sU*e& t>f J��kt MauiuV ticket has been drop-  " -*'h; p'iint by jhdnt l*lcly\ and the prospects arc  that  ;- ��v wdl he a big <riump by the oth of June.  "^ the (luvcrimtcul meeting held at   A. 0. t:* U*.  : -i-i  Ms?    weekj   Winchester   Brown t who  has taken  j* "������'*'*'s job a** Finance Minister, addressed the and-  **.    Mr. HroMi is u good speaker, but some state-  Vi :?> made bv him were absolutely incorrect. Mr.  :,,,:,,'v�� Mated that the Kraser Valley and the whole  '"������������jtvu;ty country were all clamoring fur that man  ������������E:tjn and would all elect .supporters of the Gov-  It is needles   to  sav   that  "Winchester*'  -nienl.  i  !< 3��*>t succeed in making many converts.  m.- m*.i-WMt-n.W".'  1 he weakest man on th%i Government ticket is J.  !;'' k with. If gaiU would elect candidates, Mr. Heck-  "il- "mihl be returned at the head of the poJL His  ������'d dress ut tbe'Coverntneiit meeting was,the '.weakest.  : hij'g. of the-kind ever perpetrated, .:"His- appearance  s gainst him and his..oratory and.logic'-are"nou. est...  n<>n IV M. KtettsAViH be ���returned; by a/handsome;  "'ajority in South������ Victoria and the same may he said  M! l u^��� C K,. Fooley in Esquimau, "   ('���..  Why the Province 'Opposes Martin.  The Province.  It  is being asked why  the Province  is opposing  Mr.    Martin.     Trie   reason  should be    plain!     It  opposes him for reasons already stated.    It opposes  o him because it believes him to be inordinately selfish,  vain and insincere, with no thought on earth beyond  the attainment ol   power and  the aggraudizement  of  himself.     The  Province  has  inflnitelv  more  at  stake in this country than Mr. Martin has, and it, is  not prepared   to accept the prospect of having ducks  and drakes  mads of th.2 people's .possession and the  people themselves burdened with debt by the reckless  acts of a political madman. Not only in. its own interests but in the interests of all who toil it is time to cry  halt when a man with nothing to lose and.everything  to gain comes forward with proposals which if carried  out would bankrupt three-fourths of the white people  in   British  Columbia and involve ihe country  hopelessly  in   debt.    Do  the  working men  realize  how  ���.heir taxes would pile up under Martin ism? Do they  realize the burdens that would be placed  upon   their  already  burdened hacks? Do they realize that with  the vast  increases of taxation employers would, in  self-defence, be compelled to cu   down wages and that  thev  themselves would be fortunate  indeed   if they  kept the bailiff out and managed to retain the homes  which they have acquired through .years of industry ?  Do they realize that Mr. Martin's accession to power  for the next four years would blockade the  channels  of industry, cause the withdrawal of capital, pi event  the  opening up of the mines and bring  a  financial  depression upon this country that it would take a decade or more to recover from ? It is  impossible^ for  the imagination to conceive a greater curse to British  Columbia than the election of the Martin government  with a working majority.  The C. P. R engineering department are working  ciii the plans of the new depot.  :����wwna��*.*������*��^','t  The Opposition are pursuing .a systematic canvass.  :uul without doubt the "Big Four" will again be re-  1 ln ned.    jf people vote m they talk all four of the  The first services of the Congregationalist denomination were held last Sunday and were well attended.  \KV, il  *.*'(  v-7:  m  ,.oS���. i  V.:  Ms  ���7^9 S.  .*#>>  Is"�����"���; "�����  JR  E-t'i ?'  , WW  H - " * i  r ?.i  i!  >   l   :   . -���  ..   -_J 14.     I       S    14        ���  44   ��M^44T$&HhS4VP&1  WSgg^i  ��4�� TW��� ���    '���"���    ,                 I  1 "              ������<                      ~__           >..  I    -  '          1              1  - i  ,,  M <'  �� * *   ( I  ".-if. -   '      JW 8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  If'  m^y.  M  S'S.'    ..      *"." J-"-   4T1   'Jft..       ^     4 1   J4.^4 4f  .'j&.-'.jr.s.'i^r-tH.t.r.Mt-j-r* -c^  ^w-'tv *,-"*" "'* ^j*5^  ��;.' ".V-ji'-i-'-'.liv.'-'' *  THE POLLY TICKLE POT  .yty-r-y.. (To tlie MItUr.,  ylast;V*wee^  eom&l'-*S:'*W  an  whin Jo spoid the die^rathions he thot the  town  ! had-���-���gone yw^  dick*" af; the'Oislanden:an-'-tufc 'aff-'his"hat:to the ''-flag*  panther -.bitdins;V:>::The:y;saliiv:;  scodhers;:wpr;^^  .tora#er';.y^  anywhin*;^  .ihey^it^e^k .thank  ilie;;ctt;W  doi^m^^  newst;yanysedy.:;y^  i-jEmye^pHw  ;wa*^pris."^  -Marie ih^^^  the;;;;nod$;;;^  iveryohe:1 iii ;the:rdom':.sed:,heduked loike ;Badin:;;'pbw��-;  'ef;;in ';di%^  **0-iii;:ycarryy  me-:;:dame*y'ag  Givey;sarp^  ..wlnhvm^  ^iy'.G.hii^ay;;:hO  Rdider^'lift;��� .his.; ;kays;; on/ his disk, btiI*:.' OHve'.'..got -. i":;  ^WinchBter, ''''an,' tut-'ittn. -'I.ord^Ba.ttymore'^e^'/O'lm^:  ;tp':;'udh':^  im -the-Only laderixtant'van "mtn must'have ��� lader; *  :,;���T;he;guvernor*s wid me,au/ef Oi fall ye-llall. he w&otin '���  ; ��� '.a''job-'::: To ypriviut��� fbightihg;0 *ilL sind.\.the'"guver'nor;,  ��� as me-npnsintateve' at tbe'coort af Lpniin ;��� an - tbecon-.. ���  y'thractpr' .?ery.;''t^^  ; "loive .weight ������ ye "carry itt,the:: community,' an ye : will .  ;-.-*bave"'.on-:' yer; card another;-tbit.el as���;dircehtor.v;fer 'the.';  Yguyern^  tindiutif edication ; an.'qiefreaJownVOPil.apptofye  ': diligaie   to. Sir AVilful, Larer;' ,-��� Yer' :a*y'fren- af ". tbey  :*Gbpinese.-vait ���we;cau:-con^iehciousty'.ta;x alLGhoinese :  lotthery seames nidout hurting yer mor'af'couvixious'.*���''  Thin there's Lidimiu left to provide   for.    Oi'll make  him���'shperintindint of loonatic asylums,    Last, but  not laste, is Little Lord Baltymore. Whin the spiles  of office mates me atttutiou the portetoipe af the Prince  af Wales will; be a power in the land.-' Oi m'iritiou'..-  him last for the rasou .that he so filled wid bashfuhViss  that the loikesof him niyer met me gaze before. HcM!  succeed Giunis, and will soign:. me spicial warrants  widout a protest. Now, me frens, good .lioigh't  There's singing outside, and the chune is, "What we  have we'll hold." Remimber. the air, an the words  will remoind ye that the.'holdih* part may. ex poire on  the uointh day of the sixth month. Ye know what  we 'have' and it will ' dipuiid   on  the ilietors what  ."wz'll bold." Paddy Larrikin  ���     Victoria, May the Twiuty-Sivinth,    -  It is believed in London that Lord Roberts entered ���'  Johann.esberg to-day. ' '. '"  appeal  ;Mry:ju^  ,name$;from^^  /up;be,fbre'ithe;l*all Gbun  wiw�� w������ m ii��we^;iin*wwt''**t>m'if ;;**nm>-wKmm;.  ;;;;,: The;'weather Io  - seasonable;, ^^^  :;'C���dd;and;'a^  ':sidexab!y;,Y  ���mot e ^asonable>.;and 'crop' -pRos |>ect4'.: *i^'������^i^-jpbir"  ^���.���'ry,*T^^^rt^W''��^W,��^WW'M����.. �����***��� .������*WiW*<*<*��LM<W\  ;-;.;Mayor;'Harw  :;��oioo:;;.men;;^  li���e;,m%*^  JiiaiiJwMnev^^  ,detectiye$;io;tbey.pii^  ���wa$;e3e^  ���party' Ijii'e:  kef,:.  -, fctov*-*** "J*^ fflwwA-^  ;��to*^ifrWK'Jj.r*ft:'  '���^yr;Wtti'*r'^m4.te\v  "'Witihfp^i;^  ers f>e-���i*]ted'..by;;A^  -' nite ';p!atiyptc!ti��^  ^mibion fefet|Pns;:\;;Tte  :!>e'vch<^fi:;.a;itd;a.Sl; tb^  >:fi b ionists: i ft rpug^b^'iS ;$ft  the:nbmbiees eh,o^o. ''    -    *v��� r;-1?vS:.3::?��';S ;  ���MM***xi'tmtm*)i.i  :.-,-��� Whatevery - may' .��� tie;;.C)l>em'!rii.itte^  ;:cooti��ruing*. the-preseiniitic^  ;of :On.e-t-hing 1' hii-^e ;not; tlm  ence on-;the'Jives';of;lhos���.,whp  parts' in .it ��� has' beeif,a'irweet.ettid^  ;itig-out t:gen tfen���is^;:ii-iiipf!ci^  '*t>f;ehafac:t.errsdch.:;;a.i ';'n.rC; rarety-'-',pet;;ld  days';;:..' Be * "Tfee 'IN*^^  sonat. contact';. with; ih$m -tiiiipe.;/^^  '.do* oue: good;'^:lrf g-:-'Stia.j^r;:^  :&K^3i$&j*3jUteS&t!KSi&& ^ft*+'*��WSiWeJSefWt.  -; The Earl -of ���Tankeryilleisgoinf: tolet Ghlttingliaw,  ��� CaMle.i'and'a;'rarc'dp|)ortunity*;&  'of the picture5qiie;':v^ho'do^nott>lfect to^a gho^t.-walk*;.  The.Clsill'ingham superniitora! yisitent 'is:";knd.wn:'as-  The Radiant Boy, a cheerful name.for'irspcK)k ;. Thc;  castle .was-erected in- the ��� ti rite of. Edward' III,'..and: is  "of .many ���perirKis-of architecture; the ymodern;;part; in  Renaissance ���'��� style, being" designed.,,; by.;.-Inigojones-  -Th'e .'entrance   hall, now  the  dining.room, eontaios  mariy poriraitJij- .and t.he chimney-piece;,,now;removed.  to another room, "has the story of '.Susannah; and: the.  'Elders.carved on it;   A.stone in the'co��rt,;ouee';pari  ot thecllimney-piece.' has a'-Latin ifisc'ription;...setting  forth   that  when* it was  accidentally broken, a bv^  toad was found in...the.middle of it.    The:'beautifully  wooded nark-of. 1/500 acres is' the remains, of";a.n ancient fotest, and the liest-known feature of it .is;: the  collection of wild cattle.    There are only two other  :  similar herds known.  'AM  - ~h  f   -A  *-. J  ���   -1  V.  '  "4  m  ��-WJ  so- ��3  pi  K  1 - i*:lB  * * "tW**". ���' \>\l ' .       4,     .,'' 14 **     "        ' l." !      * wm  ���:���&.-  1  \��s'  ;>���.'. :iani;'tlK*':.d���bfeim$.  ������' .^^^.^-v-cb^  r;; - y., n 4*.,,; r fht ��� mime;tf  '",,*;:,a',' :l.i':-; kifigitt'&fe  ,,;-;.:,,k, *!hK^  ���''' '���'\a :'. tl^r^wS^oit wit!.-;��ek;'.in';yaf h',for;nientfon  '-/Vy-Hd^^'the^  ' ' '  >.:...���.'   ������-. ' :.:'- ..--'���      ���    ��� '.'���'-.'   ��� ���.��� ������������ .-   ,..'���'..".'.' .< ,..'./ , ���-���.   .    \ _   ������-.���.-"..-���.;. *���/;., , IN   '��� . .    ' ��� *6',f*  Ut. ;'r4!l'-��l''Wi1'^;||;'*:  f��;^  S:7^hXM  ^:^;'';;r*h^  yiy^H-uhe'^  :.y,:jnM1^  ,-/,W wid:t-wiilt:fearY  Ct^um^^^  y,w iv'u^., -MLiogfe^  ���'.'��� U f%m.y\m^  -y >he !.ovtedypW:tb^^��^  ������.^���.4-dd' j*en��h;-'0^  ���<������ \   i-" if ���*'i.^ 'K'*-"H.e:-' lookea*;:.-at  *  And ��� H---UIOU JOVeuC^ly^ :.-���������. -y.*--- *  " -^r--:i-;''^'K': a;w^i#i;#"fe  :n- -moon ileeusi&lW^ -.,--*������.?-*: *  r,;d  his. -.fact ;fi'e^-Sa.d;.;-:';' ;-:*;;;':vy;;'���;,-,*;*;:;������;,;,'.*:;���-':; '���;.:  ���;'ir\;.l:-;iovcd:';fer  ���uh'l mx lierir**'1'"    vcrtei my head iomyWlAana saui ��<^"'��- ^  i.M   swing" the  Oyiiig' hours U>:: ope-"'.^^  P^0'  .�����!-<   >  K.v. mciungiKl, sprang.;up.a����l��� ������^ed upo   t.c  ,,u. :���,! Ch.nnieks wi(��t the ^vent lroiu:hls^ro��.  ������:,1 .cased to strike the horses as they P��>^; ^  -u^Uni ip.;the b^e of the great; pyramtAvvnert.   . ,  'i ' '���'���������>�� was. . ,';. . .  And   l)chold, thev  hntl tortured herand she   wt-  '���ii.'d in the night! .     ,.   ,,ione  S-,  I  weiit'batk-to.'tbeteropte". !"4�����tt*.   '    ht  h��,���ttv I made a spell from my arts, tl**..   >   ,  ���cehorn  when she>�� ^V^^jeepU  i'��:ii I died and none knew why-    *��/ !U*  -if.pl .i.i.xia years. I' '���(�����������.����  i-M i knew none oi these  When i was newborn a chiUU ��-nt��    ���    ...  'l.i���Ks, but one by one they came tack w _   ���  One c-vening tnv lather held nie upon.bis  9  vl':'k!ij^i%  ���p  'r::^.^.".-.S.p.;3  !��  ::|iftl|  i*  ,-    -j" J''.'''^.J3  showed me a quaint picture-book, and-1 trembled  r^with^VagueTeraembraric^;,;^*-  uThis is how people drew in E^  ���^terdays; ago,*v;he'SH^  ".1>ecause they were cut upon stone. ; Seer tbese are  archers;;-anet these are horses, and this looks; like ;a ;  ; big 'bull.'-*-.;.'':.;;;;';.��� r.;,;'   ';-;;;-* ,.;���-���::,;y->.-;;;yy;:y:^        :.';::.;:;;;;  I  touched the figure of  -"'hand-'V'':-;*;.;':.; :y'^^yys.^;;'7.^'\f:Pv^  :'.;;-*.<Piis^;';:;i;>aid,';;^  :i.;^;^fter*leavingrscho^^  ).wi^tiki^:^i*$^  ;f*:$oon;^.iBa.dt ;a ;n;ame^  "J^hein^  ^mnr^;;;::*T-hire;:'^  :^i|rld!^ik;!maU^  ,'l^pted^  -i;adise^-:':;' ���::':. '���:.-----'-,;- -. ::'y.V'-:;-'::.v:::y::;.-.:::;'-y/;:.:'-:::::'-/v:-.^::^     tt^.tyy-ttycytt-^tyu^'ty-'tt -yi  ;^:-ifter:tbts:i:had:a::str6ii:i|^  :-deHri��m^:tii'e::past;came:'Backyo;i  iwelt'agiiv::'!: rememhered-'yl^  :(kred:b%limPelia^a^rebdm  ��� Kafey 'her:ioyer,diad^:a  ' self t^l(r-��ewis'S:tlfe-i^^  :i���*:'tbe"^'p:made:me:Wondro^  :she:^a^atwavs':tjentle.::-::*Yet,I;to^  yhe;:didn'ot^��e;ine:^  .married,:^;;^!!!;:^^-';,:!.^^  R^rthadeome;bome;on;a^  M^lW--.::   y^-*:-y:vv:^-4.^:-��Ak^^^:?A^Hi^>i00kT^  ,  yy:Mm^  ';:::::-"i:<i;i  ...t- .',.���,',���.���,���..;���,.,;;,';^..-,v-.;,..;.':!k   ;;^>Y*K:  -'���...      ^.���'^..-r. ���-...'V'1;-..',���"..'.'.���.'v:     ';i.'^V-.;^i  .'.:--.|' - '.���:-.':.- -. - ,y.-'-:. ;,,-,'",;,|...t,v-..1 ,'\'.^.-^-i^.  ���v.     ,V.     -.���.:���'���--��� ���'y'yyy'ir'.' '"iWSJSi  ;y.v;-::iyi:-:y;?:^w'yyyysi||  :\'y.;fc::y;;::yy��g|y|y|^|  ;--v? - 'iyy i\;s::.i::^'*p:sfe fisIS"  '���'���' yiy0;t&tii.j.:-jp0t. 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".   or e ftrwGrse, for love o!  her.  , -Hnsh!" she sobbed..     Hum.  ..You do ���ot4ove.:liim-e T    nlie tbok; ber .-  "0hl r -T^LrS^he   -be who had been my  in his arms and comforted  friend. . -. But when ber lover was  I went stealthily Away-  -:V;\-\-:.'u:S:*':>ai;'st5��i^KfS  ..A::--:,-:,V:-;.-?*S:;..--^a��SJf.^  ...   :��� i-.- ���-..,���-���:'. ".-W'vriv*'-; 'Si  :ii^^*  ���:l^:����s  4       '~4>      .1C    ,   .|J     w   uSSft.  ^Sl  ..���^..I^-IH.  .^<4w ��sar"  ���i4r"Tp,*".,^Ts  1 c  t��iMF��   k���*--r |V  4>��j��j  4f        S.��  j r      4   (��  �����-,��� -T-        -i���l<���  ^       I,  , " JiM-ftj'fiy  \W$4&y  'tlizm'tt:  iUVff"��g-:V".:.-*-'  J?q?i?|:::;-  life*? 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'.,-   :  v'.Fift* Watch** *  :S|����C;!'��<.ty^:;:;:.y;-:-;;-^  ANaOPTICWNS  ^ft��;-Gi��  j <' * >f (1*1 J-tif.-i-isn ij-iiB y.��ji[i .j ft ^;.*aoii. ���  ;eritTtri|^  ;.;;;pMe;;'MK  -*a: Cbpjtb :O.MJit-of-Uitt- efefe*cMm.*, ���"':       "^ f  - ,.na^iw*;^tmh:��ii>.. ^;..M.��v..:Z^^^!--f:i  ;,;,.;,:; ,; :;ii)HN;:>r^LAT01im:-:y:  WHOtllSAl.H  ^0;OFFIC^  ''::-;:������ ��� ft<M^.i*X.N6v*yr:'";y:: ���'"';:-;';i';:-'l-;- 'irii^ii^:-V?  and Ranges  .^;t:oi"get:we;-,hiiye;';the:  a^k,!irt.heXooteniy;  aVftt'U.IIite.df:'--'.*' 'y,y--���"'-'  ���%*,,!  ^HEM you BUV  Q'Keir& Worris  Shelf and Heaifjf fiartfirafe  /;';:.;. ;\Ve;ihyi^  ���;:-:';::.--:".'.:/ *^fifiiw.r^ciW"--^f  'ancouver Hardware Co  >mt pvt what ttrty pun- Hril^h rv��.  iumbla fruit ���'and.^Br;i���J'-^  money Uleft m tumu*.*    '    -H>  >m?r  *- ...  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J  : -.;  ^.^^��?��  ^iii"Msi*i^ii^^S!isfiS,.*,!*��ifiii^^ THE MELSON ECONOMIST  Xi  win niea.note  spell. The;; next  dead.", The':';s^r  ntd noting  ,���'<>  ii  was closed, and the curtain  -4,000-years.;���Q,fe��.nOtivtr. 11::  ���   *d***^.**DW<��^^  ^ ##h  '���w/*mpmt*eammi'  J croincj K^jjcroine,  1'J.Mt,'.���.. FuIjIis '  lie had; recoveredthe-^master-yj...  1��� ^ ^terbuslyy^  the^^^^  ItoB. W yy?1StS UP��n tak'"gT��W wheel apart  Avheelman^sjpys are the first consideration, the book  eotjatus much in which a godd^^y^^^  After wheels and men have finally decided when to  go, and   are   actually ready to~i^y"tte:..:j<^^  ney, a speedy crossing is begun from London 1^  yon::are i,r the Black Forest of Germany, withno tire-  somedelaysas to how:you got th^^  ���amouscounti^yybhMlow ^the.narrat^wfib-^t^-J  tains; yotralongthe way with lively sketches d^awrt:  yy;Jerome*S:;observat  -:W&ys;;^  :-'tion; :to:'ytliei^  ;:;the';1aogu^g|gso  ;'spokeo;:;i-;;^  law,personi|||in the policeman, to whom they look  :u^;'as;;;a?.|||||od. Here he makes a comparison.  In "3i^ has been found useful in  crowded ti3^rou|hfares to help old ladies over crossings ���;.'out;iii:;Germany a man is guided in every walk  .. .    Three-������Mm- in a  l-:o,y^.elsoiiy;;;;:;;yy;;;;;::^ .;  |cii��e ;feattires. ptactrijj.' k  ���JKiiirt *:;it Mnoi a-novel,' but  iree:men already'  iaS'..not;a:so^oilied  ���'-    T'hU. llOOiFv;.i����  ,. .:d^;n*���;.Oie^fd|ii  ; .M:or!itc-;hj.ito^;^|  "'')na wnhMitM^tMrn  ^mrnvii^m.imm^y^  ; dcstrov"-' lite S-oli Wsk  '.^<;ke^^  ^tire;lo.'^t&  '7linuM^  F��^d^g.;::I^  ^'^^'^'tH?^  'l^.!.^:;:fiifiy-;i^  * >vo ���.- of:; tp|f||||f |p ., ��� j^s^  * : *vi^"<::^��#li:iilill^ tir-,'  !* ^#.^-,;^ :0f; liiVbv ;^officii    When a German  -mM.Hriy;fW ;. comes.;.'.to abridge, if a policeman is not there to tell  ;06: Baker; Street  ' -"**""'"*"'" '" i iii Tfwimiimi.m  mm^mmmm  mmmmm*  mammum  tMmmitmmmmwm  rtital spring Sale  .���ttWl����ltttWM.lt��f^  r"��n'  riitsrtin  yykace  s, Oilcloths, LinoSeums,  -��:  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning and  replenishing new for old. We will offer special  reductions iii this department for the next 10 days.  Brussals:'yCarp0t;.- from  Axniinster; ������ Gairpet-from  English; '"^^litoitt-- ^*65Si. ^.. ���;-.  Ingrain; 'Ga/rpet;fi*ora  $1,20 up.  1;25 up'  1.50 up  up  All  chat  eta ;se wed ��� and- laid; .free .of*  i ��*tto*m  Oilcloth from :.'...25o up  Window Shades from -40c up  Qnrtain Poles from         40c up  Lace Curtains from    75c up  Art Rugs and Squares  at   All  Prices.  'ftWBtttaa*-  rsisrr^^^ssssssssssssssss  5wsss��san��r>T<sM8��  TsssaBssssassa  "���'.���;-j T ''*'!v��'.?-'K.4^l  : .?yy?vSj^il^l  ':;::;yyi|s8vl  A;y;yy!^ap  ;.:'-.'.;y;iy'y;5r/>3_  :iy---'.yj!l2i?iSvf3  .:'--'-:;,''v'.'./^.;f/,^Py'yi"s^S  ���''->rt-tttMsMt��m  ^yyyttysgm  ;���-- -:-:u :::'v' :^siffiiill.  ;���: '::;v::^-:K|tlif  ������:���������������������.���':-;:. ^^.\:rJ^\m  ���������:<-" y^yy y;V. y4-"'^f$$  ���:.y,y-;W-ty^mm  ; ���-;o:.!'iJ::::y-v,^-yK.?,*S'l  "'. ������'. ;'-v- ."w-vfrS'ssSffiS  ;:,���:��� y::^:??.B|?!lSi  'r;;;--r.->:y;;^.y'j|ji|^|  ....,v:,;. *..-i"y.l!$ptQ'&  .'.- .--'i' ���'ii--',,\-'V.;;.t'~?'!4iv*i"fejA  ;.:-;\;;y:.|.-;j^|gf|  y.\tt]:ftry''S-i0'hW^a  -  -v -^'.sr-yyj^i  -'.-. '-.-.���.;.���;.' 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"lit.'' ��� HWal  ���':i^i-;:::.::7f1y:-^:aiy  ���"v;:vrt;;yk-''sy5y.^sil  .-. -v..;;;y-^y^:aa��  ..;,'y;5,^-v;;;-s-^  .;y^;;,; ;;:;<yy|yy��  ���G:.;;:^-Slliip  ,.���.yy^y;.yy^$5s���?E  '.' ���;���'*; :,; -;���.i-.-J^.'-S'MjnSi;  f^y^ll^j!  -: ;:-,;.:i;..,^:M'.yiyffJj  "���<s^  r-r\i  f :  ~-���-.-"vJJruBtr,re0j.SMlmm||aBfia^^��� 12  THE NELSON  J*  Si  m  ;;;him;  ;;;;;dc^He;;,iiiB  .....;;b^;;ji'i^  r;;eliiaa;x;..;;;is  ;3*s;^  ;^;nian-^  ;;;;haug;-;;h  ;;**lsixueto  ;;;.y|Mry.Jpoiiie  ;,-Eveo;;^  ;a-!id:if;l>y:^cl?ati^  yald::plot;y;^  ::-,pp|^  -:;-iii��ly;;:-^':--���'-:;:;���'--::;-;; ;^;-:-;&y;v  ;���::::; "^.iro;u|i.out:;t^  ; by;; ���Mr,; Hatr #fi;^  "SidationsHwy;":���  Ije^trorfHUj-^convincediiwi there was;.iotg^fo,,^.  attoa tor Praidcnt Tiwrniey^  *be fallow!^  Dr. Borden j ' -mm law;:^"Hp|a^iflil^ Sjjj, .^  R^�� dratikemi^ m  ���^MMv.-.pr.t-y.^  ;��1iieh;;tbe. Hiottiers:-of-;<Klr;j^  ;, test-yis ;;-t;he;-;drtuger;-to-whit  -����**^��":"-"'"\lo'r".:t*bte����s;^��", a ~ti��iiir-i��|^ tlcini "V^-&"ife:fe-:-Tft^v v^iib't, j a  ;i.ot-be;ex|>^  :wev;e,aisdt;te^ :  '* - -:��  ���>��n   lie;.Gat.i^dinB  ;.}rfiineh;;Ii|&nrfe;  7   T..,t, */... ^,��� - ..-,.y. .  i|loimied:;ii.;  ���Wjn.+JnufttjwviV ������w*-wat*r*tirni*t'4!j4ifu,:!.   ,'^j.jy.  '^W^^Wl*^^^  .Mppw,w>*t.acrlSiap',-. "'"'"',  .^^v.J;^  .;4^.y|nf|tiie  ;|t!mi3^f;|wte^^^  ;^;^  ;.C.;;^  \' .������.���''...���-:. ,i. ���'���' -.' ���-.'��� ��� ���;'-���': ��� ���'���'.'i,1*'' ��� ��      i1"'1 *>1*'     * *��� '        St.'p.*  ' 'ti|^$^  it: ft  :. *  .:...-..:';-: .;,..;; . ���-. .;������' ;;,     yyy : ''*^w,M*i^��f^.*<��^^  ;:;::Mt.:: jy|J i- -^f e^. ji^|tl^  d0ae<S;;|jisliciasi;ilSete^  ������������*W*s��!i��w,.;,4u��i!^^ ;���.  M^Sii&  ^����y  ;;J;y.:y:~"V!yrwj~:  500 WHITE MIN  teat I ea$S6tv."A'r jtf.. 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Curran, PmnriV  f ^  Irrl.lt'-Kft..*!;;>>''  ^���1-MJv^-��tWj��inu1t^hq1iT(..i*^J��  W^i^-WM^i>^|rt��^��fl^vi-^^^^  ���*,vr**  P       -        '   4  ���       i  SsiKSffl'iW  ���') NELSON ECONOMIST  18  Of the Nelson Riding  it D��s-  To the E!  of the  "���yr:\^v^  ;;;'GKttTtM's^  .. pari); !-��� feg;;V^ a 'candidate ";zx, -::the'  ; la H-,ve.'A^tth!y::%^  ���:-..The; ti*m��^ areyftdly'  ytivey'i^  aBee;de��iM  - lidm\ n m rtition; Md;t!*it;^^ I?arty niust;:'  ttont'than'  i��nj.>ea'l -;to:'.0thtr:;M.i  ���  -* '������ -,'':-:  ��� '-...-;:���,:v:-::-:,':'-:;:*H;---:-":-  v>.r'it}dividoIl;|tto  :-:''I..';-a>nS!der;it;l'^  interests;  -h: un  of the Province %st, ^  all good legislation with thatp^^  In asking you for yd^  am opposed to hasty legislation of &^  ticularly ^ith^  to jeopardise business interests and -^i^^^^B^z  for instance^^  Exclusion taw^  time seeking to repeal them ^  :; siderable ;miscliief ;and:^  With regard to the Eig  ytO:any;change;m^  Shorter hours for classes of labor  but in my  to ap  iirgwiththe general  I wouldaclMOcate the ame^men^^  ;me��t;of;tl^  ;...������......  ,.-.--���������, ..-.rl&jl  '.c.y^:-:::'--y;;y;ij'li;s  '.'���'   ���'"'���'''���'���'.������-.V-'<"-i 'vVr^t'  'y\'Ct^yJ--&';MMi  \^:ttyttt/J��lttJ!>itti  ������;':.:i;::,:.::.iiiy>)vf;wff  -'' ������' -iV .''-.' 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Ccmntry  FIRST-CLASS SLEEPERS  .'.yyHOn AJ.iTm.ht$ .from-.,;.-;  REVELSTOKE AND KOOTENAY tDG  .'TOUBIHT-CAIt^ tor \ /Of ipT 1  Hi,- Eta til, .Bunaiiyji \and:AVedn&Mlftyti far To*:. ^  rtiiito,. Friday * for Mori I rm\ n. sikI lif'^ioit.. f^siftie  4��r*''psiiiw.^y^  CONNECTIONS  ..���.���'���' Tofind from EoMonyli^MiHlnTid. '  ������ HM ex Bun, Lvw,NE.I J>ON,. 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Best Tobacco  In the.Wurld   4  i. i *   P.  *  *-�����.�� ���**-'*        Iff*  V��        ��,/   *. ,    i**   i^J ft-.      ^  N     I  <   r-  r��    *���  ���  t  AGENTS  Turner  Beeton  Nelson, B. C.  > mmn aM.3tvmtri *mh�� ^-mnrnMn-ir... ���  '��  * i  I,  i-��   s ���">" *~     ^���*  ��   ������  fs    -*��*.    ^   ^  iM^SMlAM  i  *;  ^i.  7^      t  f~  Jj/  t      �����  1    {  r ^  4^"  T^ -J114���-4.  ^y* t^!  .sW  ^1L  *   ��VV^   ,*4V.n.wv.-rlnvot*-<.  ft]  "    PX        (^4     �� -4,.  inl  ^.f  N4^l    >     144, T  ,   >  ',    ^  "I "     ^ \   "        ^t /If  "���> ^'  yyy yyyt, v',y|  ST     fl.        So   ^U  rt*  ��   T   ^


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