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The Nelson Economist May 9, 1900

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Array jy  *,#  ��� >t  6"!  r  t ���;  iKV-t  lata antf ShfiwJ^ ��I11be  44   4S   r 4.       "f 4.  ��� ; \ .'^Latent Slylp, iM^ttwC* from 4he to^ttfecttW.    ,  . fm**t\ h�� t�� fttHHir *rtock suitubkfw this winter, '' A  .���:%4 '"'      '           #  I  1.  ?v  ftay Mal*r�� and ��t  latest   ���*"  ��an.tatlk,a.MMm -i��4MM��  iattesjB Cass  Rsirtefs ill Owsl��tt  NELSON, B. G. -.<V:"^"j  ,.<<neiv>���i4T  r-xM  i  y  HINTS: TO HOUSEXE&PM  A uui* ��*4hv* ; ?<��** **** tit* 1��*t��-fU;' fr>r m*# *wlt w�� will will s"    *  ���W     * +f  SK*i  m  |��   ���        4��   *��� J11��*    41  m  i <  rtvi  ?��"ii * 'if'  ���y^' ;...-'=:.t5  tfi  9.  IF  **���?  im  rttltiiitrtW^'itiWm ��� Mta him   ���������    <M^  ��� x tv<Hir 4��t}|Mrtit>��lt>) &*ffrtT"- 'KHt .iiiilUiLSof f{ou^e Forni��Ut*t|ir^^f.~woH<JerftiMv close prices; '- ' *���-  MARTIN O'REILLY *. CO.  PAKrft&TflteET  r< v  i  issis "ROYAL SEAL?1 '��&  ��� I  ��*4VT,S  *J:  w  rl  .-��*  i   f  .>  u^t '  ,""  ���4��    4     ���>  *-/  3^'  f ���*  .  ..  V-i*f  * ���  * \  < fj  jpv  *��irt!  >c  Ul  m  >��;  ������ *���**.  4 4      R_'  1    ��!*V*'  t^^N&4l^^iM(^m4^^  *  tt,  OUR OTHE* SRANDS  Kootenay Belle  Vestal las  ��TPivV^-jPailWpSR V.rpS'lWiV lR'^GW'ltr  Bonnie Fives  V-PS-O. B^Stt*��' -'��>.   .,.4  r>     ->���^-~;  ���A^.i >. -k    V-*       .  ��4./.. _ -     .     i1^**    4/  T       4"  WJ >4,     It��    ufKAM    f-OllV.   TT��vtf*��f*Hl4i    Ul��-**4-1"^"*4. *H���� ��*t' .   ���fl*"  ^���"      ^     ���*   \ ^  .J,  *,  )  ^   .  tf 4. ^   -__     -N L y.      M_jtJSi.^4.        _44��.      4JTi    ^JUifa.    lG.A4.   443��fa4M4. lAllUPMZM      P^t  ss'"5rT5"414" *f ''t^^*^te"S?ijl  5* u^i^M^^l'V^ I  ss J**  4,     v��5^���  f *  Its, ~tM  *  ��' y^4J  "9vk, ?/^#i  ftW^i  -���     -*���     1   <, -A *     -        ,  3*. I     -l���.^^j'1   .44,      -M^    .  f  Everything New* Neat and  Comfortable.     American  JP-ton*"   Billiard and Read*  iifg'i Hootos. 1   "  �� *����w*��>&����wm��ww^ ��� ^-��^������������-�����i���~4,  4 "f "1  i 4  y  hi  ^ s  n i  i,  r*y.  WHifirW^1**-**^  >   1  KlrtcleBk of Canvas Good*  (Sl-tlcta* of DucklffR front  ^  * ,  h 4.  fjtfj  * I  If    n  f ^  iy ELSON  ���f -H.J ,IC| c/ wl-lfty* wHvipr ��, b ,   t  -"""I*   W      ,riJtWl,Mirirti^ii|  VOL. III.  NELSOX, B. C, WEDNESDAY. MAY  9,  1900.  NO. 43  ''*.wp<m<lwr>s <*n  m'lf/*��� of'jnMit inkrt,( rrtprctfnlbj  t.K^r  sninmH*. awi the   inUml* uf tnubr* trill hr mrr-  (>tlhi ,jHAir*M wjvimt iwwM*iM<i pr*��uA mt,l worlhto*  'K'Ut'Xft,  <*, +. l*> UD a  Pay!   Pay!    Pay!  (a**w<*4>. .*�����  ;X����Tiii;,. /IVrM   an>  *��\H��niI homlrwl nnulcrs of  Tiik  -Kp.iNt.MiM- Mitm! hi Cfii:irxittKf>rIptii>ii.��.    Xochmbt this  ^aUributnUI** ����i m-<#h'C( ami nil   tlmt   will Ik* required to  '���*"n��iir** n Im^iy r*--p<*r?M* is thin? tjfciillr reminder.  C^OMK years jigo Urimh Coltimhh was regarded as  v ;..  tbrm*��se pros|tcroa< Province in  the Dominion.  yrue  aiuns  *?{   tne  ro'.imrv   were administered bv .1  yvro-i^^ivc gavcritmem. and, as \x usual under such  c'��.��.diti��m*;. the peopJe were contented and happy.  fin. I\:un\��m!ST does not pretend to say thai that  :.y>vcjumc:u was always right, hut it contended then,  ���,-i< it has sir:<\\ that the policy of Mr. Turner and his  <-v*llcu.;i)v< %v;n t��> co'hIuci the niuks of the country so  '.���JS'-.i����  ow   the  he>i;   possible results to Uie greatest  ���i.v.vSvStMo number,   ht the words of the poet, those were  y^e days **wheu none were for the party, but all were  '* the state, and the rich m,u\ helped the poor man  ��� uul thi* p��i>>r man helped the great.'* In an evil rao-  me?t.i "he tempter itt the form of Joseph Martin came  Upon the scene, am! peace and prosperity were turned  mio-t.innoil and stagnation.   By an unfortunate com-  r   *"��� ��  ���otuation nf eiivutttvtances, Martin has become the  KVveruiug power in British Columbia, and he is now  hc-inrr the people, -seeking their aid to assist him in  i^t'petmui,,^ |,js policy ol unrest and revenge. Ifhe  sueeecds, ihi^ Province, so far from being a desirable  i^-Jee in which to live, will become <:. seething caul-.  4���uw����� of violence and agitation. The people are now  ;o*ked to choose between Joseph Martin, with his  tearing down propensities, and men whose efforts will  ���h* t<> Iniild up;      ��� .-;.;.'; ;  thonty of the act of the session of 1898 would  have  secured theconstruction  of r,ooo  miles  of railway  at a subsidy of $4,000 a mile, aud "left $1,000,000 to  be expended ou roads and other public works in the  Province.    The annual cost to the Province  for  the  whole 1,000 miles completed .would  be at the utmost  $170,000 a year, and from this would have to be deducted 4 per cent on the gross earnings of 400 miles  of these lines.    This   4  per   cent   probably   would  amount to $60,000 a year.    Now, under Mr. Martin's  plan, taking the average cost of railways in   Canada,',  the United States and New Zealand as  a guide, it  is  quite evident that this Kootenay line would cost about "  $40,000 a mile; but put it down at $35,006, and the  total for only 300 miles would be $10,500,000.    Suppose that  the  interest   and sinking  fund was  only  4?< per cent (he believed it would  be" nearer   6   per  cent;, the annual cost to the Province would.be $472,-  000, and there would be in addition to this the annua)  loss on the rtinuiug of the line, which would have  to  be met for several years at least. Thus only 300 miles  would cost the province $472,000 a year, and contingent loss to add, whilst under   the other plan   1,000  miles uould only cost $u 0,000 a year and no risk of  loss.    If the i,000 miles was constructed  under  Mr.  Martin's plan, making allowance  for the  depression ���  that the application for so large a sum would make in  the credit, at least $40,000,000 would be .wanted, and  this would cost at the lowest  estimate $1,800,000 a  year, and the certainty of considerable loss   on   running   to   add.    The   whole of this large sum .would  have to be provided   from   the   provincial   revenue.  This now amounts approximately to $r,500,000, only  about $900,000 of which is raised by taxation   in the I  province.    Out of this there has to be first   paid   for  running expenses,   public Uebt,  education, hospitals  and  charities, etc.,  etc, about  $1,300,000,   leaving  $200,000 for public works; therefore largely increased  taxation must result.    For only 300 miles of the line  taxation would have to be   doubled,   and   for   1,000  mil s fully lour times as much taxation would be necessary,  and the largest  part of this increase would  have to be borne by residents outside of the municipalities;    If the whole line to Kootenay, which would  be   400   miles, not 300  miles, was built; the charges  against revenue would be one-third more.M  During his 'progress ���through'.' the country, Mr. Mar-  n,t has been endeavoring to gain support on las rau-  r��a<l policy.    In reality,   his   policy ^is simply one of  Avenge, :\\\<l his government ownership   of railways  i)tnp��sal is only to wreak vengeance on  the C.P.R.  '^h,!: fallacy of his proposal was fully exposed by Mr.  Turner  at the meeting  in    Victoria   last   Thursday  "itflit, a  summary   of which   is  printed as ibllows:  '"'vhe $5,000,000  to be  -borrowed   under   t)ie   au-  Hhrk is the way the Toronto Tdegram deals with  a question that is now agitating the minds of British  Columbians: * 'Dividends for the few are not the  main reasons for...a country's existence, or there  would be force in Mr. W. H. Orr's plea for throwing  wide the gates of British Coumbia to Asiatic labor.  Comfort for the many should be the ideal of nation-  >,      ",;ti'i'\  VJ   ~  J   >     4-  : v,-  , H  ���,'*3T  -4.4 .--.--^Hji v -*r 1 fl*  .4?*;';  ^ l**��'","^"!44!?  ';!*i"��?  '     4      JU   fl     4 t  1 j. \ \ * nK>  I    *     f     j     44 "I  i-t** . -  i:  I'  ti*��e��*tvABrtmmWI!!l!tM2&ti!<il  1. tHH';NEtSO^".E'<  m  ���'''���:;''::';-bi4tl<iej^",pri  :.:  atic labor .is;.!ncomi$enty::w ; of  ';:::that'y ideals  ;-��yiiyB^^  ;;;;Hig;,'o;:^  ��� ;;tuiiity'^  ' ;;;ese;lar>on  ^ylifadteis'.m^  ������i'^whicb'iwou  .r;;toy-th^  ;;.;$ueiitaljfa^  ;:'.:t!ie;^  ;;\ labor.;: v;; Wor fc;w  yyTOm'fo^  J?wheire#  ;;;0rr;^  .iuttiniateH^  ���upeo^^^  ;J;&xtei^  ''(eiitly  "���;raeuts^f&  ;;;Mr;':.Or^  ytioibia^^  ;y:.p<x:is;;ia  :;;u��!^  ;;���>rie;nta^  ij^ed:M  ;f rom;; a-;; & nil men t al';; girl :;t n'^ y; : w: \ |;  ;and:t!obler^  :*&-��to  ,resett^  ':-But-;tfe  earlier ;novefe'it,,i$ti;i  ;niaiti.^  of infold ;^  .fcllipVri^  ciiseusssitt  ��lii|>;li'fi,H;fc^^  :MfIy^  .Serving;  inte^o^^  pr:^i.l,e;;by;tt  . ���i^ffiWttww'aMW'. V/Mfcifi^iW-s^^ '  1 *t%.  from;;^  tl*ey;wiii;��cw  ���wiifnot;^  ;.:i-;U��^.^dJSsicii4Uh?.i\V;,it.' '���:KfW&W'^W,!��^d{ltyt<^&r  N����4��*n*w^w.^si*����wV'<4.> .Jto*4j*i^w(iii>i*uNr.<aM����k;: ^mw  ;;:;::;ErTsjhde^  ;;nq*riti^ .bis. works;'y:Tliney-thtre  :was:;'w hen-Jose^ '���';���;������-, '^  .;;;:;l^.is;:!|d!w  ;tliB^stt;witt^  jit^i.;yeiir'y--;;;B^  eupyifigy^^  waved: i*^^  y;yHpK^S3trrH;.G  first-kuowlM ;.m.ii.ang:.i0 .jhb'  .''grovin.^ '.Mr.y.Mike:-, 'Ke-eley,;;;it;'  iscbiuted'that Mr..;Keeiey. dt&s not.hold Curtis in:'very:  'hig.h';;esteeM;;;''' ;::; ;V  *r.t(^Vjp^jv,<^ito(js',-:.i!,j"*!;-  >=m.*tf��' ' ^i^.KMii^tKc.t^^  ' .^���W'Wfr   ��UWM'JiW*>4  ;';QKH;:of;the pleasing .features yof the- campaign-, in  ,Nelson...'is that business,remains good'. -, AH ;th.e ,raer<"  ���c.ha.fi ts report; .'a sat is facto if. vol u me of trade..:-'      y  :^:,CkK0|^.j��;;.4^  School,.^  jn;^:^  ;now enabled to;take-;up.t hell W  'Work.;,;/  higberih^  'amhmuotiju^ .;���  Jwru.w&Mwts, wA  Vi../;,.v,^j.:^iiw^.^Ma��'''-*fti ���AjjWi.WjvW'^WIiOW.-  If Smith Curtis is a fair specimen of the states men  in Premier Martin's cabinet, it must have been manufactured from very cheap raw material. His remarks  last evening impressed his listeners with tlie idea  that the speaker lacked sincerity.  ':��� ..-.TH-.K-fact. ������that>yben.;!;fhe;^ <:)l  St;.Catherine^; Ontario; ������wasy.orct.e^  ��� Wel'kiiui t-o'-proteet the'canal,.'it:;:was;'-found.;''Uiai; the  supply ,:of, annniiintiouyOnly'' ammnsted.t^oue round-  of ball cartrjdge |>er manf strewn the;slip^npd 'manner.  in -which..mil.itarv matters'are cotuluGted'.iri'-'Canatl^v^  ,v.j*^-^hj.-;j,vxi-  Thh Economist acknowledges -with -thanks-, the  receipt of many interesting Parliamentary papers from  Sir Charles Tupper, Bart., and Sir Charles Hibbert  Tapper.  M.'fM  Following up the success which he attained in  The Castle Inn," Mr. Stanley J< Weymau has laid  the scene of his new romance, "Sophia/' in the  England of George 11. This is a novel of character  as well as of plot;*. Sophia, a rich prize in the ..matrimonial market, is beset by intriguing suitors and  harassed by scheming relatives, but, in spite  of   all,  ;;/f sin com pitmen ts being - 'exchanged;-; between, the  editors - of. the  uo mon'M��g;'|>a|kr^  impression that', the newspaper profesion yi'n ;Neb-->i-��  .werehotscrupuloiwiyljon^^  .we have-.not- heard of-an^-r^ mm"  milted :by either-gentiema-ny... ���'.-;':;  -...;-..��**.'   ��UW>>Hv>��>iMfMa(H.   M^tt>��WIAwMM*M|l��   '.    *:<'  li? one feiult of the "oroj-Hed combination-' ol ���  newspaper publishers in the East .-ir 'the; suspeitmon;  of duties on. news' paper until' the rebittkiingr,;ot -the  Eddy mills, a great deal in "the' way of assisting a  struggling industry will have teen accomplished,   ���  v* r�� ������- I--  i ,-j i* ��� i-  f >  * ������ S ,.*;,,  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  MR. \VHALLEY has wound up the accounts of  the. recent concert given in aid of the Canadian Patriotic Fund,'and finds that he has a balance  .��: neatly 5^5- This money has teen forwarded to its  niU'iiiled destination, and will be duly credited in  onrw-of time. !t is pleasing, to reflect that Mr.  U'hailey'* concert was not only a success artistically,  v.it also financially.  eighteen and a half hours, which was thought quick  work, and the people were well satisfied.    Captain  Rudlin's next experience was in the Emily Harris, of  40 tons, to Nanaimo, and then he was transferred  to  the Cariboo Fly.    The captain has sailed in  the various boats belonging to theC: P. N. Co., and is regarded the most popular officer in  the service.    He ,  is now enjoying a well-earned  four months' leave of  absence, during whicli  time  he- will  visit the Old  Country.    He has one brother and on  this visit  he ,  will see him for the first time in nearly half a century.  Bon coy**g>; Capt. Rudlin.  The Library Hall passed off pleasantly, and was  .\.-ii aUcneded.> The music was tlie test yet supplied in  Wlv..nf and the twinnes worn by the ladies were the  handsomest ever seen at a Nelson function.  ti^NRfeMtoMta* ����MU��  By the way, is it not a little strange that in a  new  ;tv like Nelson class distinction should prevail to such  , ,;:eat extent ?    This, I am informed, was painfully  ��� 'vident at a rewtt public function.    The Nelson 400  ,:>A<\ aUh){ from those who were not so  fortunate  in  ���'���lv jMis^eswJoit of this world's goods.    What  a  desir-  '*���> pi e-v <1 leaven will Ik** if class ^distinction is carried  at on the lines sometime-subserved in a Nelson ball-  ��� i)  '��� ��� m '  Th<-:c is a <|ory g*nug the rounds that a young  who is :i$*hi Ut the tmn\ rank of * Nelson swell-  b.i> itacuvintu :��U public functions for the fn-  !".;;'. At a iceem gathering he became'slightly in-  ������ '��:. -ted.and 0:1 his wav immehe had a pugilistic en-  y ^rm^m with a vmtm* ladv with whom he had been  .6 yt ft  ^"'pm-s' r^:noanv.    The   store  vjoes  that  he black-  ���������"\^\ the eves of the   voting   woman,  but, of course,  4- < *Tl  '"'  wouldn't  do such   a   thing.    Simply  a  case of  : ������ yde will  talk,*'    However, he has not  aoneared  Men hive been known who wanted to,marry certain women just because the women were rich. I  received a letter this week asking me if "a man without money can ask a girl who has money to marry  him and .at the same time retain his self-respect."  He asks: 'Do you think such a marriage would  turn out a happy one ?" I know that society -has ordained that a man should be able to support a wife  before he takes one, but when a man reaches the age  of 35 and has been unfortunate in money matters,  should   he allow himself to drift into old age  alone ?  ���at.*  'in  It  would depend a little, of course, upon   whether  he could help himself���upon whether the woman was  willing'.    Supposing, however, that her affection for  him is as great as hisfor her, and that it is very  considerable, there should be no  worthy  objection   that  either might weigh, so far as they themselves are concerned.    The only trouble will  come in   when  their  kind  friends  and  neighbors find it out and begin to  philosophize.    .But, as the marriage   really   concerns  the contracting parties first, the question of the outer  society ought to be of relatively small importance.  public receptions since.  f.��-4   uwnt    fire   at   Smdon   \>na:    more  causes  ��� r--,,'0'.htful citizens to roiled as to what might be the  r  sup ..-"a similar conflagration   in   other   Kootenay  *y*  .���b-w:-,s and cities. IVrhap* Nelson is better equipped  ';I *" ��mbat a fur than anv other nluee in the Kootenay,  h-' 11 is always well to keep well to the front   in  the  ��� ���nai.tt.-rof; 6re;.protection;:' ���; "-;���;;'.'-"���"       ;   ; ���.���������.;.;  ".. A .uiong* the^^ttldr^'to " Nelson..; this week   is Capt.  Rudlin, known to almost every person living  in Vic-  t,,f'ia   and .Vancouver,     Captain   Rudlin   landed   at  ��� -^pii'malt'in the  vear VB.sq'.    Victoria  was  then  a  r"dy of tents- with n population of ::S-.ooq, chiefly min-  tki's.   There.: were unly-.twoi' steamboats,- '.the' Beaver  ���iud -the'* Otter,,belonging to the Hudson's Bay Com- ���  pi��ny. , The'Beaver:was.oi:>out .70 or 80tons, and was  '.''.nil 1,'.in. Green's'** yard, Blackwelh London.    She was  '���uiuched in rH^sV and was  the  first steamer on the  I'aoific Ocean.    She carried the mails and passengers  1,1 'SippiTton, on the Fraser.    Capt, Rudlin .left-Vic-.  turia in June, 1859, for Sappcrlon, leaving at 3 a. m.  ���"id arriviiijf'at $.20 p.m.   (.lotethe length ol   time).  't was.75 miles to that point, and lie made the trip in  The tact that the girl is rich should not keep her  from happiness, if she is, certain that the marriage will  tuean happiness. If she is certain, she ought, logically, to be willing to burn up her bonds and throw  aw'av her money before giving up the mau. All these  questions, like a hundred others, which confront people who are contemplating matrimony, are to be decided only bv those immediately concerned. Any  man or woman who seriously doubts the advisability  of taking such a step ought to reflect that the doubt  itself is a strong argument against it.  Never have jewels played such a prominent role in  ladies' attire as they do now.    They are even  worn  'iii profusion at night, and are not relinquished, as in  vears gone bv; for afternoon receptions    Turquoises  are in great demand, for, although   they  are  at best  bnt second-class gems and not to be ranked with diamonds,   rubies, emeralds,   sapphires or pearls,   yet  they arefthe jewels par excellence for blondes.   Many  years ago. .coral"went out of fashion,  but now  very  ���pile pi"k coral set with diamonds  is again coming  ���j,!    'Another vagary of the tyrant Fashion is to bring  once more to the front the long-despised amber, this  half-miraculous production Which has electrical prop-  \ . p. g.  erties.   ....���.���  ��� r      r< .  J ft>  v - -, y  ���I'*  'A   "lilt  4-t,-.  "���I  -"''  UV,  un -      V   -4.  ^4jm  ,"'.- .' tt^t&  "C~-^-~tTO^..TSftMHW(^ THE NELSON BGONOMlS  ���Sip:  ssMfa?**  ;;yB  -.;;.. ;2V ,^  ^;;;;:QlNe.E;;jssui  ;;;';; the-voters^li  ;;;:;list;sm  ;.;;-;'follo'm  y''.';'ter;at,��ia^ :��������������� ;^*;;:''--';:^''';v;:;^:y:.;^;;;/.'  '"���'^���''-"���:"'^ ;  ;;.;;; ;;;;DicA.k'itife  ^ytin&t-^  ���;\,&a;ve-  ;;.:;;ddra^  ;:;:;thai..-y^  ;:.--:;(speecb;;-;;:;.T\voT  ;;;:;npw;sem  ;v.;j^  ;;;:diar;;.y ,lf;you  ;;:;;oppressiw  ;;.;two ;rate$ a t.'.Ymlr,;:-'���:'-Youm:jpr;|oo<!y govertittient-y::;���' ���'  ;;';':;:-;;;;;'^  ;';..;;;: In ;res par i$e;t.p.,-di.art  ::y;f n*&y;^  . /.-politic^  ;;..di<l;;iKn;incor  y.;;ject'|i;;my.p  ������v#&te ;.P��S 111.011; of: Uis-;ff i fei.icls^* :i^^ib^Jar���^:.���^;���^^ w; e*rt i'ovi wW:-t*-he"-^  ;;;;iiosp!ta.]ity;;of:d  ;;;that;:ffia^  ;;:;ercising;;;the ;;nmiiena1:?I.e';Tighf..;:;of, ���'���ff*ce-;\^}K^h'.,;.' ��f .':  . ��� .'elected;, ���'11;will -be; ioy-it rst;d nty t;oamend ��� * the-prpmni:'-  ; ;.laws;.wii^ privilege'of irm speech, for'a^'.''  ,;.the,ca$e is.;sipw*^  vson;^  ;.M.y-.aim is'to amend -thelaw-scras ib'gjve :.caverv-. m^'ii- - ���  ;:aehaocey^ social::,su-ujdiyg. .*.  '������ oi;his; itiebtis, :;so:iha.t 'Ca'l 1 ing* :a" man y> ;thicf or' -a  Yutr  ;,.wi^  ,.op;inio!|; oione'.gentlema \qua.HGca--.';;' ���  .;tipriS:of;'a;nothe.r'.Im ���'.  ; trusts  : Mas airenojuraging sign ...of .'the ..times, xhM .'.so '������. much '"  ^���IM t>"^s.t. .?b ou icj-' -tie; take i.i;* i'��.' iii 'e :g re^tt .*qii es.t ioii s-. :'be fo-rc ���. ���'  .the.'people. ;  ; :;;great;cj.ue|tioti^-  ,;- ���'������l^usKulioo  ;;;;po^^  ::;r^cord.;i^.;;,iavo  :-;;;.OJfHee-:.:o  ;A*^  ';,;l$c^me:n:,;Siipr  ;.';:wa.t.clun,err>  ;;;*>eve;f::^  ���-���.i^..:iv!v;oirtia.ge^-p  ;ihr.J^  ;;;K^#M  ;ic);a;mi^|:.;w  A-kiity::|>M^  :;the;>^  ,;kiui0^  , ctase. (itef-r; itg mi im::Mx^ tbetr^ ���  ;ng;b^  ;.;?;';^.^^^��^J��*:^  ;iii;;ydurUl&tri.ct;;l  yy'y^y^ y-:  'yU^-Wivi' . .���.���i-,ifSKr*fitf/^-  -ttlmughxiisY  ���t^  ;a!s<riiK^;W^  :Uiat;yotir:pI|Ufi^  Ti-iwche^-'^  ���ted 'H'-fiiV dui^  ���hi: ymtmhdL';.-'   ;.;;::,y ��� ;���;: .;;;;:;;/.-;::;;;; ;;^ ,*  .  ''*WtK^w/M1lB^**'��Wfc?*|fW"���  ;;���������:. "A; Friend -0f;ihyemt^  eemly; mmk:- yiipiitkntmiy 0r:t '0&$mmi:M;yiiie;: ptd  ��� ^'^s H ^li*^ -.i^M -v^y -UidlfiiJ^  *>e��**.;taKeii ^  Hst-;s"i*ki obje-euto^&m  year*^:oi age*- "Thky'ls^ to:��� preiis-  dice hi-si imare, j.r��s|>eCl^, ��nci"^slcs���:l^iky;-It;:.csif-t :1;^��� ������;rv-;  mediett;at..once, ::Xiitiiy'��� ;'t��.i.hd;':tlie-mW'::miU; .'way.Itf  proving..age is ;foy-'-exatmnaH  ha>'-teei! .feti>Hl:yer>r,'tdTicac��oi.$^  and'in regard<?d- -aj? an���'.mifiiilthtf :'1C5!:;:by"iiori*t5.��� Unclers.-  ': ^Another letter.:.15 a^Jollow^'-.;.   ���  ��� ." : ��� ..*'���' 'K'lrskANoOKv.if.ay -5,  My Dkak ji'DGHllou* are you -on. the ��|ue^tiou  of women's rights ?    I have'a -pamphlet, ...written  by  - myself, which would give you   sonic: vakial.de .'information- on   this., subject.;. We   ha v.e a ...-.society   here  called "The Female Union and Ladies Society'lor the  .Amelioration oi   Wrongs, imposed   on   the ��� Weaker  Sex, -No. 5I-2-,;' and the candidate who favors 'all the'.  suggestions of .our society is sure to poll a   large vote  in this section or ihe district:    Yours si nearly ^   ,���  r.   Pavunk ^ucAH(:>NTA8;AI,rjijjGANWSec.  1 have forwarded the following reply :  Swket PAVum~l am indeed pleased -to see that  4,The   Female   Union   and   Ladles*   Society for   the  Amelioration   of  Wrongs   Imposed  on! the Weaker  Sex; No.** 512," of .ICnskanook,   is   moving   in   rhi.s  l have received;^ coniuiiiiMC^tidii;. fr'oni..'John' Cob.  linsyiskiugone if 1 am in:'favor.'ofijilaciiiir beer: on'the  ��� ���freedist; ' ���;'. . ;.yy'..  ��� As John is an' olii;aud;esteemed.,frieiHJ'of mine .and  has on;nuun*;o���easior^  thing l<.toked 'dreary,-.-!   am ^-exceedingly:. .pieased.- to  learn that-iu* is taking an active interest in-' the afbiirs  of our inaguihceiH .Frcn'irjce.   ���My.repl'y.-fe .that.,!.' am  tiot ���onlv.'i>res>a.red: "io placelii:tr on'--ih��fi*:frefc;,l-.fett hut -1  'would'go. further, and advocate the govern ment ownership of. - breweries and :;other; utilities:,; -. iiideed   1  would go $0 tar, as;io insist that; alb 'water- tuaiiis he  connected, with the. iHt'Wcries.so'-that.. :bepr:.u?'ouhl; ,be.  always on fop in eacn and ^vcry residence'1 in the,city;  Thbs.vvould go;a long way in the;d.irectt,on'of jnakitig  connection.witlrthe mains compulsory/.' ������  .';' ���:Tiik Jvmm.  11 i| 14 ���  >*<���   ������������i.a.4.1,.,.���1..4H- vn����f|^.��linm ��fffw  iny^^^y^l^^^j^ jjjg^j&ftftfi^Qggfe*^^ mmmsMm*t#**m>  ttate&W&lMBXi&iifl > -. ���: r.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  FROM THE CAPITAL  ���wmwmMnMemw**  ��   m  <S|*i*��'inl 4%>rr��fcM|>iHKl.M��r*��4��f Tick  Kro.vo.tHMT.)  Victoria, Mav s-  "MUv Opposition campiign opened in Victoria last  Thursday evening when the electors of the  dtal city were addressed by essrs. Turner, v,c.  sihpp^, Helmcken, Hall ^\u\ K. Peters, Q. C. The  :,agression created .by the meeting was that the four  yry.tlemeu elected in 1S98 will again be returned with  wu larger majorities than on the former occasion.  l\w speeches were well received, and it is worthy of  ui-wU' Uiao parsing mention that among1 the most en-  * 'msiastic persons present were many who worked  .o��i;,-u the ticket in  i*S9*S.  season and attracted the attention of Barnabee and  McDonald, who, on hearing him sing, immediately  determined to secure his services for the^Bostonians.  Mr. Filling's career as a public singer came about in  rather a peculiar manner. During the Provincial  campaign of 189S some of his friends induced him to  sing campaign songs at political meetings, by which  he obtained considerable notoriety.  At the mect-hii-* of ihe Opposition held at the A; 0.  F. W. hall, Thursday, the chairman read the follow-  ;-",; letter from K, V. Bod-welt, Q. C:  IL Culiin. Secretary of the CamoatVu Committee  -t the Opposition Party: ,  Djuk Sik*���1 have v.mr letter of this date inviting  0,. m be present aud address the meeting ot the elec-  ' *,>  \��  be held in the A, O, F\ W. hall  to-morrow  ve!tiuv��4    I wish von to express to the committee mv  1   * V ft ��.  "hanks for the coinplitfuiut they have paid me by this  .-.vii.iU.m. f shotiFJ j'ladly be piessm, except  Fa.tt a bu��duos engagement takes me rvvay from Vic-  l--ria toj a few davs I tic-sire to sav that lain heartily  ".-. uw'tt <��f the election of the candidates who now  ^���pfescn! the Opposition in the citv. In mv opinion  "*>e public interest demands ih&t all   who desire  the  . o  :dva.icemen* of i;*c province should,  irrespective  of  ���   ������ oty asv^iatu>n or [K*rsonal   predilections,   unite  in  ��� ;���; -MUi* the oresent fiovenunent.  >Fu tin's political and public acts  in   the  past  .-! o' very s;housIv a fleeted the ofoi*ress  and reputa-  ' t m of ihe Province,     lie has been called 10 office -at  1.. ��� prrse. * juncture by a misuse of the power   which,  ';;,der our >/onstmuinu, is placed   u\ the hands ol the  Lfouieru^i-Oovernor.     1 have no faith  m   Mr.  Mar-  ���:u as a o *hlical lv.ider.    I a:n on:>>sed to the princi-  d pl.tnksin t*t:: platform which he has  presented to  :'i'.* p-.- >ph\ ind 1 o.si^v? t.ut t \: - > tlbiai uv of him  u��d ids   ->vernmeut ii?   power will   be   a  constant  m-maee to the public and material welfare  oi   British  ���A'luinbia     Vours very truly.  lv V. HonwKU,.  Victoria,  May ;:. 1000.  x';\ Hod well, it will   be remembered,   was among  ' se str.��m��est omwnenis of the  Turner  Government,  (���"��        it'  5 ao years a^u.  Jair.es Pilling', a former Victorian,   is now  singing  ���u the Kmokerbueker Theatre in New York city with  Hie iamoivs Bostonians,". Mr,';Pilliug'iias ..made; rapid  progress since his entry upon the operatic stage some  two years ago,-mid;hfs'mnny,'friends here predict a *  [��rilliaut'fuuire for'him..'.-.' i*Jimmie,M as: he is poptty  larly called among the boys, has been playing with  the Castle Square Opera   company during  the  past  There is some doubt expressed as to whether Pre-  mier Martin will contest Victoria City, and it is alleged that Samuel Perry Mills, K.C.M.G.PC., will be  substituted in his place. Without doubt, Lord Baltimore is the strongest man that can be placed in the  field to day, as he wields a powerful influence and  would secure the united support of the nobility. Joe  Martin again displays his shrewdness.  fHi  The ^Victoria Tinvs is authority for the statement  that Hon, Joseph Martin has no intention of retiring  from the field to make room for any man, with or  without portfolio. The rumors, that have been in  circulation to that effect have no foundation in fact.  The Government ticket originally selected will remain  in the field to the end.  Next week (Wednesday and Thursday) the opera  "The*Bridal Trap'''will be produced by amateurs.  Of course we do not look, forward to anything like  the elaborate production of "Pinafore," but we hope  to have a clever performance nevertheless.  We have been enjoying a  season of opera  at  the  theatre here.    The Boston Lyric Opera company has  been running a   week, but  the  attendance  was not  nearly as large as the merit of the performances -de-^  served. However, this is usually the case in Victoria^  Poor   productions   receive liberal   patronage,  while^j  meritorious work  goes  unrewarded.    I  understand  the Boston Lyric Company may be seen  later  on at  Nelson.  J. 1). Taylor, for the last three years or more night  editor of the Colo nisi, has accepted the position- of  editor aud manager of the New Westminster Cdani-  bmn under its new owners, aud will enter upon his  duties immediately. Mr, Taylor is a life-long Conservative, and the CMwWw/thereafter will present  the peculiarity of a,Conservative newspaper being  edited bv a Conservative.  Everything points to the foithcoming celebration  of the Queen's Birthday as one of the best in the  city's history. The chairman of the 1900 celebration  committee has received official notification that  the  ���V;UicoW  accompanied by their military band of eighteen  pieces, will take part in ��� the festivities in Victoria;  This should prove a unique feature of the celebra-  ���:���"������ 1 . :":���,''-���-'-'���;-.:-".T.;;-;-  tion. ��� ��� ���   ���������'������ ."���  4r:.i  ! 4.   .      it'A -  '0,;;/W  ,   ''wo,'}.,  a  v     , .      .;fl,44j,.����j.t   ��  4 t J- * J*       .  '������'jft- ??-'Sr��  nK, >   -".V  x. 1 .^0.4!  Mi  Wi  mm  :��-A..v_.^_^i  iiiJfiiitfMlS"  ���-.yi 8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  CURRENT COMMENT  .������.��.  Ottaw^^ .  :,;:;;���: ;.;,y:.;.;.'; Toronto; Te  Ottawa  will ^  honesty do not preside ov^r the distribution of the vast  relief fttnd  which is ac^  the fire sufferers.    Good intentions are as dust and  ashes w^  gpvertnent of Ottawa is perha  hands  than that df atry city in the 0om  ^ Montreal.^  :. ��������������������� :"������- -q" r,;.-y:....^:^,.y:.::V..,;-: . v.,_,.  ,. w.-o y.-.,. .:;.-������.   ���������������������,���.���..,.���..������, ..������'���.'.������������:���.���-"'. ;.. ���:* ���.������'..������. ������������.:*�������������� ���.���.���',.���������"*  chance bf jobbery in connection with the  distribute  ^of\th^  ^chiltT^  :^prthy;frp  y will' ;.iiee^-;ytp;: call ;Ber;.best-arid; trues t;c^  ���>wo:rk.^  :.;Diflferen^  ^no$;W  - an.;;.e|fort;:;:should  /sufferer^  ;.aloi||:theV  dawning ,u^  ���r.i fay: :��� .'.   ^*.    *.*�������� ��4 \#-%�� * ���  must ;be.worked:for *.yy.-'^  ���;merehants:of:-Victoria; Itv^  :e.h;ttt!e<r  ;;ute-; vyht.ch,:Jtt;a.;fcw;T  .;etity-.';;They'-;:d3^ve^  :have;:be^n;rai^l;t^  ���:out;for;.t^  merciaP'expan  'the;-;rapid:;;growth;pf;.'this djl^^$out^ :'  Oriental tr^  '&]  !-;-:;:'-:;'^  ;;,;:;So.iithi:; American  naw attracting the attention of rherc^uvtile com mu id ties  f;':.;;.;^  p/yyy:--::^yy::' ;;;;:;yy^w  ;.y,:-.Tbe :'!;fo^^  ;J British^  ;-;fS$$M  -:meot.;d^  :;-abilityy.of;;;.Hony'Jp|^  ;A*tt^  ;el:u5^  ;Utuch;p^  ;#*-'r^  jelct-e^toy  ^etB;; ipcd'^  tal;:1ahor^'in  ;Ac;t, :th^;: jitrors.:-;.'^  iicei!^s..;:;;.���Why,t  dc��es oot;appe^^  I:  .���''^'���'^^������"-^'f*.'-��*^^  IRVINE  ;;...-���; ''',<-' '     ' ���    ' -''   ���     ������'.���''      -���' -  36 Baker Street    :  nua  ring   MsammmmmKmmmmmmmmHmmmmummmmmm  TT--   ,T.lWfclliWiW��liWllHL'WWlMii:i|-i  House Furnishings,  Window .Shades,  'ortieres, Poles  ���' v;^^;;;yy;y;y.;;..:.:  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning  replenishing new for old.   We will oiler s  reductions in this "department for thenext 1"  etffits;  50c up  $1.20 up  Tapestry Carpet from  Brussels Carpet from  Axminster Carpet from  English Wilton from  Ingrain Carpet from..;".          All Carpets sewed and laid free oi  charge.  Floor Oilcloth from  Window Shades from  $150 un     Ctirtain P��les from  5qc Up  I Lace Curtains from  Art   Rugs   and   Squares  at  Prices.  'W^iiwmaigywrw^snrrrawTaSiBOEreaBsaja:  tmsammmmmmmasemmwwimaB!,  fx&tmmmmemmmmtmBSB  %  .-"..      ���      i.  til  E  'A  1 ��� >\2  m  * ���   I-'  * ������&  5 - i  r   ���'  7 ; -I  r '*���  ((  - "{  i .;  1 ��� *  1  ���  1  11  LI  ���        ������  1  ���y p  **!T"  r wn*MTW^J*<"^> fM��npm  �� k^'t1"''1*  "t^r** r"wiji��i ^ . 4  About Proposals  "\v.  ��v  U  T'f'S jolly hard lines/' Bailey Junior said,  fling-  A    ing himself down in Jack's armchair.  -What's hard lines?*' I asked, thinking at the  same time that although be a had been Jack's best  "'���man when we were married he need not now be quite  so familiar with Jack's own particular armchair. I  never like to see any one at home in Jack's chair,  ixotuse, if I am left a widow. I mean to keep it  sacred to Jack's memory.  "A fellow isn't allowed to see Baby Jones alone for  five minutes/*  "Why do you want to see her alone?" I asked, for  the fifth Jones girl, to my miod, was still a child.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that she is called  "Baby/* but Jack says it's because she's not allowed  to have her tjth birthday until the two eldest girls are  "of!" Mamma Jones may be right; more than four  girls out atone time is a great responsibility.  Jkiley Junior, who had retained the suffix "Junior'.  even since he went to school with his eldest brother,  looked at me hi., surprise, "Why do I want to see  her alone ?" he replied ; "because I want to propose,  of course ! A fellow can't propose with an audience/'  "You  propose!"  I echoed.    "Propose to   Baby  .Jones !*���   '  'Anything the matter with me?" He pulled down  his coat and stuck out his brown riding boots on my  new hearth rug,    Bailey junior prided himself on his  bootmaker.    I   can afford to keep a wife; Jack's  married/1  "Oh, but Jack's quite different/' 1 said. "Any one  can see in a moment Jack's different    Besides, you'll  never get  the chance," I continued, remembering  was scarcely complimentary to the eldest Miss Jones;  "and I sail for India this day week."  "I'm awful sorry," Isaid ; "but that's the principle aud code of honor in the Jones family. You can't  pick out the best and leave Mamma Jones saddled  for life with the plain ones.''  Bailey Junior was silent, and I tried my best to  think of some plan to help him out of his difficulty.  It was of no use to suggest asking Baby Jones to  spend the day with me and letting Bailey Junior meet  her here, for the Jones girls never went about single;  they hadn't enough friends to go all round, so that if  you asked one to tea two always came. The were  such a devoted family.  "Dear girl," he said, "sacrificed to her elder sisters.  She'll be 30 before she gets her hair up at that rate.  I wonder what her age really is?"  "She's probable got mixed herself," I said ; "but  isn't it up yet ?   It will be getting quite worn out."  "It's in a sort of maidenly plait," Bailey Junior ;  said,   reflectively,   "awfully   becoming,  don't   you  know, but������"  "But it's time she wore quite long dresses, and put  it right up. isn't it? A big girl old enough to be  married in short skirts.   Jack thinks it horrid."  "I think they're lovely/Bailey Junior answered,  'so archel and slevier; just think of the eldest  girl's."  ''Oh, no one does," I said; "she was put into long  skirts before she left the nursery, and she was never  allowed to play lawn tennis."  ���*��������� ��V -c-1  Mamma Jones* tl  ���-������' -A'tiy the deuce not ?''  Because the four others have to go off first,  and  'hey must go in proper order.   Jack says so."  "What's Jack got to do with it ?"  'Oh, nothing," I answered ; "but Jack's so clever;  he always sees through things*"  "Why have the others got to go 'off first?" Bailey  ���'Junior asked.    "Baby's marriage hasn't anything to  |lo with the others."  "Oh, yes it has; you don't understand."  "No,; I don't;-and ,1 am; hanged if any ���'due'-else  *Ioes.* Why can't they ''begin marrying from the other  . :^nd?"/ ''.-'- .'.:;*,- ���>;-������'���  .''Because  if the country knows that  Baby's old  /nough  to  marry, that would make the others j list  t��>o old; don't you see ?    It's a point of honor with the  Haby to remain under 17 ������till the eldest girl's off/'  ��� ' "Phew!"'said Bailey J:unior,i"now';I; see;; ���that's;;  why she is so closely guarded and why the eldest girl  is always thrown in my way ; but I won't have her, I  tell you.    No Mamma Jones in the world will make  we marry the eldesti none 'of your serving "for ;Rafchel  business.for" me/':., ;  ���  "That's right." 1 said, ''but you'll have to  wait  until.some other fellow does want the others."  ''O, Lord !" he exclaimed',..in.a tone of voice -which  Bailey Junior's furlough was up, atid he went  back to India without having proposed to Baby  Jones. I met her six weeks later, and she told me  she had a letter from him asking her to marry him.  She seemed much astonished that he should want to  marrv her and not her eldest sister. The Joneses are  not an imaginative family.  ���* Poor old Bailey, he sat for an hour and a half talking to Bella."���that is the eldest girl's name--"the  day he went to say good-by, hoping that you would  come in ; he was determined to propose to you before  he sailed/' '���^^^'^���'u^  Baby Jones opened her big eyes wide.   /fDid fae  really ?   But he ought to have known that mamma  said he was to marry Beii^.    I w^  some shopping, and the others staid in their rooms  and said they were out.    I wonder ^h^  propose to Bella?"  "Because he wasiu love with you/' 1  vou like him, Baby ?   : -(;";-';  '"' "Oh, yes," she said slowly ; "he's nicely sunburned, an<T(w^     little '"sigli)- "Mo like his boots.  But it's Bella's turn first. ,  She took Bailey Junior's letter and opened it.  ������'*% must) ask mamma, for the poor fellow seems  quite anxious, and he's in such a hurry.    He wants  'PI  ,' J  *"..'!  1 tj \'  , ��� ' (Sit.  * -M  ��� .��j|  ��� -"''ill  1  ^ 4  rt   4  <yy$i  .�����'' V..J  f V*"'''-  ��� 4" 1,  ;^j  ^'ry'.-.f  ,,-i .:���  ��� Vi  ' 4.ia����4  ..'*.?  ���;*���  .MMnaiHl��MMl��Uttiaeia��rt����^tMV^^ 10  THE NELSON  m: :������  ;'me:';ta  ;.tient;w^  ;.:;/;^  ;;untii;you:.bay  :; pnderetw  ;;,;.:-;;:Then;;;l;.-;tprned'.^  -���slowly;td;--he^^  /.:/."M  ->4Perha^  ;;.;.: >.8y^  ;ters,.;;;T^  ;:plead'yhis:..;ca  :romantic;;;Iett^  :limited;.:un;de^ta  .;wifes;at^;:the,p  :^ooia^  .,a'nd;-:chanictertstic-.o  /'Wlred;;^  '^ww^ikw^jtwt^^ji^tnwMaw^w^. 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Dumimo, A*dx., Mft'iiuftiC'rarcr*'."' L.  W  Agerttftt''Mowcttrd Station, St.'touts,'Rip;  ��^^w^r*^^^  *"ilWl*'��*l|ipHji^wr��H,i|Fi ���*"lli KPTMWUMHWHlf *l^i*Jit-*^  ���T^^iflj-r���<t-  *'*.#. -..  *>l  I  rtC4444|��.  ^5-"��fl>4F t fl !������ -"T*      ^,'"  ��� I     ��  > * 1  V  It ���} -i '��� THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  blatherskites call him a wricker; Oi'd call him a pol-  ithiral murderher.    An the way he cojoled Simlin an  Cothan  and McGinnis.    Shure he's a broth af a boy  h Joe. Ve hav rid af Joint and the whal; Joe could'nt  stay in a whal; he'd mak the fish or whativer ye call  it, so  bastely ill that he'd lit him have his own  way  .m  wrick the pore beaste.    Whin I stood benath his  platfohm, at the sate afgovirraent, the other noight.  an heard his illiquint %'oiee, Oi says, says Oi, Joe your  t ji:n dandy, says Oi.     An whin Oi read the papher  which he supports in Vancoover, a produchtion called  ������the  monarch  af the wist/' by the  iditor, Oi says,  J*>c is not a polithical corps by any manner of manes.  I'hwat  he  forgot to say shure the little papher man  ���Jjat   thraveJs1 wid him took-down.    Weil,  Oi quote  ;>hwat the papher man said?    Vis. *'It was the larg-  ^t   an  most reprtsinttve   matin   iver   htid   in  the  </..unty      The  butidtn   was picked   to  suffocation  i..1 die** graced the gathcrin,aud the high mucktmuek  had a bng distance telyphoue, spictally made for the  ��� ��o<MM<)a.    Conthrary to ixpieiatfons the matin was  oM..i'ily, and  the spakers rimarks were syinpthitic,  Tiie  pa pic wor swept clanc a(T their faat by the  iiristhable  ftishioiiation .af the'oratherl   The ladin.  i 'ights af the grate city were sphrinkled throughout  ihe hall.    It was a foine noight fer Joe "    "Oi've no  paiihicuLir love for ye/* says he, "but Oi'Il pull the  divil off the beard; aftheliueh  the attemt,'' he says.    ^Ther^  he. "Takeit prieaiye itasTO  wid satisfaction an4;proide to the pa  niction  wid that wprS^  govirmint is fresh in yer n^^  can  be more.impressed wid the sacr^  thracthural obHgathion than^ 0  must be clear to iviryone that the: ^  given by Misther Simiih for :i*ny;;d^  hoind thim rale rasoris of asubstantialc  Oi   think; that subsiquintiv  those rasohs are/'    Oi mbightgo bti all^  Joe did, but be. puthis: footin it whi  point.    "Oi-m proud  tiemin wihtybackyp^  as Oi' ve toime andigihsee^  -1he sand idtsfbfiFri^  t he gall oCtBe3tn^  and darin:the;vWhdie;crowdS^  ye  ha ve a fashionatioh; Joe; S We'ci^l^y^ptif &a^|affi��  net in <Jireland;ahd niyer ca^  ilictors.    You're; bypnbthi^^fo  gaged,  loike astahie^c  batthie  wo^ild be accipted in^  tale.   They're;.- *;a$^  much on $hfef$^  astonish ye/;'ilt;S;a;quiet^  whin ye "t9ke the polithical st^  bugs will whisitley^  month.    ' W'^^^^^S^^  ��y%;'' m:^S:^?sM  :|y;;syy;;:|fpp|fj  ���t'itttJ,; i��y^fe?J'^filS��i  ; y^yyyiyyMsi  ;���':'���-. ;:;;;.yr;y"':'4fjtil'^  '��� :;..,; vyjf^'Ky^-vf^  ^^������^tmtKSm  .-..y^'yyy^fe  ��� ;���' .���-���; >;.-;-:y,..pfiy.yy,g1t55  .,' irtyyy^''':: y^yy-yy^?:^  .;; ::;;;^;;:;yll|iil||  '���: ���'.'.. l?:,^i.?&:ktWim  yyyy<SM&!m  ���* ,;������ ��� - -t ..���'.:������������ ���&:f,��&\$$^'il  '-��� ���" .(*." ������"���"-.���' yyV"'^1'-;./'-w.j'rfift��~*'-i  ; Wftttttt:S0��^00^_  ���xti t:t:ti:y;Sit!tt^M!  ,��� "'��� ;���������"��� ���; ���.-:';:.'���',',''���yFo*?M'$i'ffi  ";;:y':vy(yf;"[!|,f!*  ���C^^tMtB$^$  v... .���������?:..o;yyfi��fivfe^f  .v^y;y ;y;.;y;S;;g;;Sfji|  yyyyyyyptKf  r>^:^:vv.;.;,i;r,'-!,.fe##  ������>������ ....;'���.. ;:....y.-:y;-yi%  yymyyyggM,  ;;yyyy:;y^|lig  tyyyytmyym  irtt:ttyk^0tptik.  ..'���'��������� ;.���:;���;?' j;y.y*-^fe>fl��  ;..i'.;;,'::;y;.;-yi{;yyi,J^;  ;;L;.,;;;;y!^^gp  '���' '���''���  I---.' *��� ''   ":"    y ���'n ������'������',',' !v,;';. ���",���'������..���';-���',' /���,.'* .:.';.,.;y--;iw*^,tW^*i^f^^'^'-"'W'^i��-ji'j>-*  THE HWf SIREEI G80CER  ���X0ww#wt��.mm��*  t^inily-'Grooc^s-  ;:.;;:��� Bver^;'��ine^  '"./. 'Enifit^^  I:.v^s*^wiw^tfK|*r.^j.w^,*.*��,A'^1'*��  Express an|i ��laying  .��.^:4?*4-��   ����>*��*���(.��.:;. JutW^r  ���Uavi.nK j'mreli^^:i th^^-exp'rii.j^'n.ha '".dniyitijf  LMiNifH^^ n(j. WV.t.\*\vuti; w:^' ��r^- .pr^pHrcHt *<�������� I  to nil khi.ijiy.f uS'��r.k'..ia.''tht��.''Un��. ft.i��rt '.Kollctl j  -ito'is-ttrotiH^ ir*f thf^i'^opt^'of.N.^i^ti. .Or��lW4�� ���  ������"H rvV.V>.- M��*Arth'��ir:\ife'--<k��*��;*t^'i%v- ttorthwtwt.^  '������ruor Hnk^rHtHl-W'rtnt Hfr<^t#.-. wMI;rt>c^iv^  ��� '^���>n��pt suU'iiOttH.  Tol'eptmncMy y  GO  ..jrt.^;j>-^>"V'-.���.  mMMMKMlMRft-  QsI^^rOuirld;  Bank of Halifax  Provinci'a!  isfoni if oyse,  STARTLERS  IN PRICES OF  ,..;:���-.: /������r-^y-yygiifift it ���!  ..-���"^::';v:'?J;'.y:;:viy|l.|J 'J  ���y't''^--''''^ti^^MM �� \  ::-^yll3iilii ^ ���  i\  ��entieme-n's Fir*��  -A Specialty-':-  Corner"Stawlev ����<* SiHca Sts.  RATES; $i per  nd.up. ������"������'.  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crown nnder the peculiar politic
right ;;to':;in&^
:^aj •■months
;:;Gollege of;Surgeohs of liond
?;; ea Isolate.;;;;
, ■BfMtfmmMvvm.vit^nmimtih
•..|>'WtwtMWn*wi»'it*.- -*.«.,
;i>ahk;",':<^anie':;.;o 111»;.I;:re
-men t».;;andA; piircha
J$.;a..^; iii ?s.-tiifc;^ .a^J
l>!Wi.irfiiy^i;4i,T*.iW'i!««¥*^:.* ■:';;■
,:'.'r.    %•&'■ '    :>   ■       ■'    ti    ■ ,■ '...„'.'-..       ' .( '   . -,. ■  . ..'#'   -\    ■    .'■' '■    ..<„ >'.'■,"■>.''■'    ■'.''■'.'• ■'■.'..''  - r'';J ■""-'■'.' ■■" ■'-".' '**''' '.'■'''' V;.'    . *'- ' ■''.■■■■''*'\";. ■:"■.'""•-        ■'.'"   ' '■".'..' -'""''
m soo mm
TUi.* ;i>ln*M.; iMitivte.'Vrnj'it .K^>t^i«;y .■ >.C*>ti?4*"■'*••'■■
-'a.:.;.-";;-'--:.■;;;■;,;; ;;,.''''to,:.Al.i.i:V>vti:^>' ■■;■;;       :■■';-;, ',;'';
lII5 I," if u A W.( 0 im L ul.«t 115'
;•' :S|iritig;.€1OOCfs; :;/■■;  ;■. ;■ '^:^;:.:^aa;---'^-n^^^
^y^^'Si^ciiil^-Liiit -'on';
,:-:A,li-^';o!.liy,rv   IfniByft!..^
.. .■.ei'n:pfoy-^dv'';.A;";;■;. ':';';;■'■'::';'y5'^,y'';^
; ..pji.All Tnslns*.fro2^..-
T0t;l:iJ8T .OA,IiH.|m.^ >l«ileipy Jiiiis d.n U.v* fnr i./y .<x .OC^V"x^'"V^^
Bx;.;^tni;;.'Hu'iiau>5j?:;u»a ■. Wmhv^d^y* /w To-tW*   v-'vy v w."-        ?:■■*"'"■;:? ■* v'^'**';?■," «* »-$:5_i
.r.oi'i&p,;J'*$id«,>>.f*;*r>f *miixmInn*;!'R*»•■ ?;*j»;'- Har:nft-1 ^
t1:U>;':piKH-'I'lC"Vf*.1.«.U>kvM . ■-L*.
■ to
.,;-".; ..To"jukI from 1^;-i*M*ny U^^ii£u«i,:        ■ i -; L,
tHM.iiX.tiimvLv,:, .:.N1aI;^ON :■ Ar/^tx.^nnAi ■■ -to : {-,
.A.ryljiUr 21it>;A
Mo fill n^' ins lit .e^nn<;*fr!tw f.<«r..« S l. t*o|. rH a | f j
BOUNDARY COUNTRY;!   Lumber,       y Orders   Promptly vFiI
Kv«.l.iai"r.iIn.-o.»l:.rCu  !.A,.h.!  fr.,,,,   yinn't*    eftH'   ,       A        i -SaUsfaCtion   :Gfvei{.   ; ';
i.im-.»'.!',! r-iin.n. Noriii.....mi v..»,-ii>i  sun. !°.   ohingles. Yard, Foot of Hendryx
''■■   •i°
\y .|t.:% ■ y>r
and,! S'a*s h^yOoors-
IreeC ITurn'ed: Work:
JOHN ft.
'^U!)l, ;;
!*.' Kf^rrU'i*';-
■  "{■■>;
1 Lv.. ....
A t.
.SitUir.lftVri  f.i) Aw!i!a  ;ii*nf  r«.'tVu*u. b>i\v\r,u
■Kn.s-io [it^^Hi;.-
U.Oa.i-x H«in. .Lv. ..NKf*SON;;A.r."«-x. Hsin.Al.LlO
For mn-H    aiKJ    iuu i in}<*nuu\\i>:\   ntUJn>!
C...E. Beasley, r^.y r«^.M-nj«<T A.-f«-jn,
■' R*< W.'Drew/A^ni, .\f».lKt»n.
W* F. Anderson, £. J, Coylef
Tmv, Pum, Ancniw   .      A.ii.K Akcim,
NolK»>n, IIC Vjun'oiiv^r, H, L
««»!*«BM«aB«(i»»t>i» ■ ,: <&«*«,:
Doors, Sashes and Turned Work
rackets and Office Fittings
0-n' .(v.jcwt^«^^s^W.J,rJ.."*it»«l*(S#«tKI»
1 4TN
TTl   ""^»«-   444,   ■~4T(.y..„lip   t>   .J^y.    ■
I    1
—*7 —r -i~ 4;.-
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m'*nvmn f p ^r* •■»■•*'»■'!*"■» '*■■
r* }        f H *                              r ,,.���-��    r     ... ri     - .-               p              C* r c          -        ,          .    ^                     ;                                                               .                       ~f  'tifc ���. "  " -���-���r 4 -:- " ' - *   -  1   V'.JjV 1                       "+ .4T-4.                                    .4jfc4l_..                                                      a.                                                                                                             .)  ^   r.   ���t . *���       .r    -.     *    *         *     " *   .     i*                      �����          . r  ��!=*    *   ��-,  f/"..      .'9-*       I      "l-l-.  ���  Aa r ���   ���    *     . *y T '. <��� i     '-���    ,-t    i        *  E YOUR ORBffli  ���*�� . tv **.    *r ,ji *-- * *�� 'AHjf+i  m  "* i  4    if*' ''liJSSSrtK  y r-  y>4(  'With us, for now is the time.' ���>,  have the largest supply of Groceries,  leery, Etc., in $*-������--  X  - '  t   *  !   * ��> #       i -  . .*   , * >\ i  i'.Vvi ,-,-'  v*"*   J4<:  t '��.      4- J    *  "���*  <--��-.  r*    I.W,  ���wy i  ^.^a  �����  s  \l^"  f��  tv  .44*    |  ���p?  r    1  /.���*  i.  MMPWMI  MENTION  *   ��        *    3  us we defy competition.  1"0N;;;<:iSRtC^-f^^  IHII>llllaiBI11111^^ z^/v     -V-   -  ��t.(  -Z *?     ��  \   -^  ' /"'   4 '   '  '-At.  ^  V tj  Jt-*!  A'*"-'* |J-   fS  i ��k  Postoffic* Box K & W  4 1   S       t'.T-i  ,v  y y v *  y    v��-tss[  Telephone io  KM*****  Ba^rStwet  ��      i  ��    -*'JW  hi  %I Your' Groicer. for  T"^  xoort Milk  The Children Cry for It  nfiwirifi  $OS PER TON,  ��������*  *r-v  ��� -.s. y...: vyA&S54fsSS^ y n        ,   ���>  '.:'.;' -|;:.y.;'.iKV..^A'K|,m5i45s r      ���%  tm&m$$M * c - ������ v  -i*/     *��� tfc   *.  A    1  OVo^eHteft ilWafs^ jUiafSi'v'^-  >; << '^^V^'fe'v  4.  ] {(�����-!  !      -J  1l        1.     li  v <   r  i ���"  t1'{ - *  "l- .    Vl  i  to<5 y?a, i?^  4 "���!' 4 '  ' -'   **,.      'I  i. tt 4 -4  j v **^      ^y * 'i   -  Itn. .-���  U��*vs��  f *i,,' -  ft*-1*  * La j*  f fc ^  up  ��� *.�� ii^  "H-  .4 . !  S    ' ���  -���*   ..-  .* r-  ',   "*"  ���t .v-."  "*"*,  Ait'  J    4 ��� ��  H*  r 'i  ** *  -. * -  * f  ��� ;1  -   -|��rrriiniKifiiiiiHii \\hut**\\   i  * J. .- f -     Aj- ���  i^^layer's ;Navy Cut-  -��       I      w  ���4 ... .ta"4..,'l *���  vv. :^.; rm^ st*.* <*^  ' J    *"*������*-      V-        4.  . ��� JB,  ' ��� * 4 *'  ���  t    �� J"    ��� < <_.   ,"  ��      \  -    V  4,  *        1  J>   1  ��  li      ���          t  r  :'  ���  1  -  ���* "   I  4  1           I  -i  *   I  ^                         T  b  v. *  ���V  S  r^  4  * 4. y fi  .' -' 1 " *     ���  <r I .  f if  '.i  ��>'+  *rVi*->A.5,*f  1  1  t  ^  *  i  ��  *  i  ��  *1  1  ��  * ��      v  <4* ���"'  I 4��     kv  Nelson*  ��� vitriwr  MyC.::*y ��*,"Vt ^w-.  ^ssyS^  I * ^ ^y  \ *        K    '  t        t" '  *   * tf* 4,4,    1     pty.  t^p-    ^       W44.        ^        J .~.^v  1   MAf  y��^H���*- i �� ^s<-  if  t  ^.f s#^    ,  i   r  ^T-  V  if-  Alr  t1  i  /   ^^  si.y^v^.-4��Css,y.iL'l'-V'. ,    i.  t  \  r.      ��  ���" .-*���������- IW^^Jmu^w.1.1441^.14. -^.m-4^4^   ��� ������'  " >"rv��� ,        j  i  f^lfc  ?=     if'  t  &  A  ?      ^      4  *  ^ ,**o,   VsJw ^y  *  ^rf ya^t ;    \��>-^ I' '  Su 4-~~Ji' 1 xi - ^ *  ���'   s|;  ^ ,"v-  v 4 ^ f y 1  ^     t-5  y^5^ , ..   ^t4y^rt  �����t&msm  '"�����.!


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