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The Nelson Economist Nov 14, 1900

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Full Text

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. 1 i-   j J-ts-R V;;f;»f t.jVK*.';•juirt>-'. i«;;: ^«*J|;i'0!lA>U|,Vtils
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.'ii.i.tt.^isi-st^ of:i'ht* 'OfuVsi:.hre'!io\r■■exertjng:;'tller.nse}ves to--serid;■'"
'•u.'JcK^!.ti"adr.tO'thc ti*ntI.;;of tim,Boui.h'.errr:Cross:"vTliev;.eon
:im id, iti a 1 t, h e N' ew-: \ V (^ t h i i u s re J" tea. r u V; aw: Hie li^-: .tui s; ea r rie<i -^
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.niwS; if Unry.-wl*h: to <V>;'baiiie--:fop cbunipioasbip boiibrs..:;
,-\Vi» bbpo 'iife. P^JvtrV-.will::^'ueeeed,:::and.::that- the bqys;;i\vijLA
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..'t.]iO-tji»o;:^i.ry funcK.
Ti..u^rebuktvt:.ubt;tb--;l!|iv.n.HK4i-tiifficulty in ndsii%
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r;;mnvMit ^tantb gm^l lo-dnv. ft
'ti?*idt*nib!r ;nu<nint of wteilom,
("  ' "n-«A-vaiivc  party <U'pikn.ti.H un  the.
'i,,i,n,!- :»»»«.! thai   Mr,  MaoNeiil would bo
;'! ni th»' work, Tho romimmnce «»f tbb'
!;!> diMnui)Mrub> ihert'iU htrivngtb oftbi?.
ggnum,, Ii.,r;''iM-v !n n,is district, whb.-h »nay Ik> useful
„ '  ,n Uu,|r »'hiuh-mv», tlu»(V»iiHt*rv«ti\Vrt will
ESI M,''-"MI,.|.     Snlhov «IV.'
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nl^'iijun !;!,l;,rrn"s,Ml'^»nM)ftlio wHrinSotiUiAfriou
Ml,u«Kh        M,,,,:un',,j«^^»»
■A ;"AT VhueiHiyer.ihe.i*is.i.tig gon■iii^tibn appears to be giving
a lot of trouble.    The other night theiu were no less than
".ton ■.boys locked up at the polieo stationou various eharge^.
»p|itf pohce of the ^Terminal Oity,;. by all accounts,  do not
<impiay any inordinate activity; ^o that we may safely in.
for that thoyoung^tors were bona ficie inw-breakers.     Ten
juvouHc bflcudei^ in. onoday is a bad record, for of course
the figure only 'ropreson.ts those "'caught, in thcact,,J so
to apeak.      li\ti- worthy of remark tiiat tnostof the crimes
were conuutftetl at a time when properly disciplined boys
: should'he at home, if not in bed. -''There is no excuse for
yuubalers In-inir ahowed to n»uu the streets after dark
Parents and guardians who tolemte this too prevalent ens"
ttnnare not doing their duty to the  rising'generation, .to
themselves, or to the community in which they live.    We
regret to siiy that in thKs particular theyouth of Nelson
areallowed too much latitude, and if some more of them
come to grief the responsibility will rest upon the shoulder*
of tho*e whose duty it is to deliver them from evil.
1 in  the lot of the inmates
IIS  Of  I
v :,n»y nerves wt»re called upon to rejoin
*3,kllf'''i;ui(i i!M,'! l"'lM,,ls of KnKto»<l.     When tbo war
AccoK.niNO to Cupuiln Quwtros, of the schooner Delta^
just arrived at Victoria from a cruise north, the Indian*
are Mo" llbor.tlly supplied with whiskey; and all the evils
:;   A 'A."  .":.. .:.^r. -..-.-.; ^..J/^;A>^^'^V^■y:^^?rM
A':-:' -■_,'. ■ r./:';A;'.A;v^^-;;r;/;^;:'y-jl!J'ii':i^'3
.-:  ;.■;;   ■- '■ ,;A. ;v;'^ ■ .-v>^-/.<- ='■*,■':■ ■'^r^l.
:.': ''■'' ^W:Wi§iM0
'■■'■■" ■,■■■'■ ■'>A":v;u;<P'iv':v'^^:^^^
,-C^'a y^, -:l^lf!I^W    S1
:  ''A~'''::\'A:A';:'';A^^A^A^A'!;i!:i7 v
':;vv-'.''"■^vw:;;i^;vA:iiilr $J
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l*r.«^H.«^Hfi(^ *«j iu'W'ty '"%yy itrBtw^irrv—n** C*V*¥"'
t^$P$$?'!/}i'\" :^aTa^a^-^tt^^t7"'^ —rr^'T^^7^^^^r^^T«7^^(^ ^.^>naV '*% :^: *-. ^ i"^,r?'>»-[ 'a u v ^ ~5 :^ 'J«j-■
-IvfiJ,.     ^
I ill'    1   /\,    . o 1 , 1  -, , ' 'f^��e3&iaM^^j^iii^��^i^  4  THk'Nfi'^  following in the trail of the poison si.W5' ��>b ervalde.     ?rh��*  '���Vftisk^  maddened   wi^  dn ven to ' crithe:. an;��I poverty,. ;;\:U:i.ipvi��oip!w| ; Antcrieaius,  areT. ^xdiief'o^  :; const an t yi si tors a t the 1 o d ia.n;. set tle'nieri b*s a n;d.The>\a j��r  \ pear to ;doa-good;-business,; judiring'frmu live.,. ovl!A*fft^t<v  ; following theh-^  \furs,dish,'^te.ir:aud,: tea^ve theTtnbans little \��rilotiiiiv|jr:'i<*-  tnKle';forelothiu^  jWing''inade.:io.|)atTol:'the.i  ;' pect t hat this sm uggl i i.i g ;>vJll he pu t do w n.   i t 1* a :cu do to.,  ' facTthat the -1 udians - of British ^Columbia   have\ never aha  <iuired the principle of di^iJlatioo, -us dmve. theirItretiffetb  to the south       Many of the tribes have innuaurd to cultivate' a tastefor whiskey; but none of themaUempt in make,.-.  itA  Let us Itope they never wHJA -.-. aa,.a'a';  ���������������; Sukgkox-MAJO.R MATTii:RWs��;at the riskiif^.xyiritrguo..  smallshare of Hd'icu leV suggests;, the.Atse --of, tnnbrvHas.'f h;  :aiiHilary,.service���-*'a .'large,'uud>reiia'^  .v marked conspicuously with .the.peni*^  ���'.or.eurUuhV-fpr^  :.: tmtbrella and an .���.-umbrella,- teub?r'.A TbisA- he:' points': -outy ���  - -would''afford shelter.for!two.or..lbree ;meh��A..t'bd'��.yert.soroe;';  :of the su tiering'due to: prolonged... exposure,' to' * be sib*. ..pr--,  :raiu.::,: 'Asautieipa^  '-been������'met with ridicule 'from'-:;certalnApmrters/' but. .It ��� tn*s  the approval of. those -whose .opinion will carry' weight  In  .. commenting on the subject Thtlfwpttat^my* :-We'.do jh.H.  ..���"hiukibat,the author..'-'..of this .'suggestion  need, apologise- ���  \ Shelter.'.- tents ,have...'been.: used bv.oiber armies*^ even,.; for-:'  "those who. were'n��>tA^oun<I*.Kh and as-for the-���uoU.nylbi,.:  ..most of onr Ideas as To illness:are'purely i's.w.venti'.onjd Til  coursiy the idea of a��ol:d.ier-doiirgsetttry-gf��'vUHder ;a.a1iUl-  . breiia;;is;absur,ib-. ���;-.. -But, is' it'-more .alksuh!; than the very  familiar sight .'of ;rsc.ntry -walklog'up'anddown -Pair Malt..:  , i u ���: i lie pour if yg. ra in w it h ou t one"?.' ��� The 1 ioers a re- w 11\ am t - [  ���prejudice1 in. foiiitary  mattery and 'a* soon ,.as  fhev were'  .commandeered for the. Avar .they are *-akl -to have/bought;"  up all the umb'xdias  in the country,     They 'knew' sheir'.  native rains, and, soldier^ or no suldiers, they did  noi ���**��**  why they should get wot.  The Zionites have put in appearance ��t Victoria and  Vancouver under'the leadership���judging from Uitv -news--  paper, reports���of a -'couple 'of 'dangerous! y /eatou^ tamuio^.  At tlie capital the leader on this .direct route to ht*aveu has  .been,holding open-air services at'..street corners, nod -having audiences corn posed of'sconer.*.." P<dlce'tu'en. haw been  specially detailed to preserve order at these religion* .kCj**  vices, but find it a xevy iliiHcult task. The Zb'.mite elder  ���seems to .claim a.-mo.n'opoly oft lie talk, and win le roundly  abusing secret societies and all connected with .them, will  not'tolerate anything, wuid in. their.def^ra;c. The M-ene*  enacted at these-servicef are described n�� di^graceful mtc'l as  having an eitect dire<Aly oppo>itv to'lhat whicjj the b��</  vigorous Zionists no doubt desire to produce.. Aniuular  condition of aflairH prevailn at Vancouver,' when* Klder  SimnioiiH holds forth. The leader and foumlrr Of the raw  sect is one Dr. John Ale'xandta'D^wie. Thin individual  is now engaged in ^ivino the >in!H��r^of London. Kn^., a  " spaukine;," ajnl declare* that ���not^hh-taudio^: the eunr-  inity of the task, be will   wage releutles* wara^rainht, the  .  ("*Im\ t't.l;   /,f   T^it .'.-I., >,,i 'PI.   .      t   .. . t    i   :    i ....  .wj.m�� v.���� OI   i-l.^)(.ulu, iiu:  ;\iCiil.i|.HiM)p   oi    <A;UilerhUf'V   If  declares is an incompetent peiwrn, and tie- church -Aha-  aliy a corrupt A>rgani/ati<jn. No coo^rc^tion At i2n<hm  can be induced to take I he Zioidtein, but m a public'meet-  ngat Holburn recently Oowie announced thai as he hud  been refused the.use of an v of the m��oA< ,.!,;.,,,(,., .  would hold a baptismal service at a given <\n\t��, adding "j  cannot promise the kind of baptismal hait that will be  used, but if nothing else is handy i will use a bath-tub  with a policeman to guard it"   Such religion as this does  AiihmHinroyUmm  :: their: A>tensjy^  ., ;;cr^f i^pds  A#owt:.r^u^  .-;;-':':ij.iH(;-ytde'f.aX:;iii:;  ;dtJ*,expeci^  ,.wl.il,tiiiyAiH-��jyeijii;i;;b^ ';  ��� ���a'moutft bf::re\^nth^-tib��l:;.r^  ;: totals  flRilr^ b;id|mb^^^  ^wn.eii;'-t��y-;:.|,��nirls:tsnre.1  ; of jit ten i ion $m bl.t*> ��� e^l J^ :1b; So n ny:.;^ouieet VnJ theval  a.iH.^o.rd.ed'i-i,uiby::|iH.'vl  :>yhe^l.^r^1m^iws^  ; .^.v'riitii.uy:aisii;;,;;A  ..WO*TSji?r-'-'^it;t SOWi^f^  :umdirii'il��m''.:aifd. :dv^^  :;Uiou n tdf iid��*r: tr^ i^  .t.o''.e^rry::C*fb^^lA?tbiit^  ; mm. ;t h ey -sb on M-:m&vMh JJ^M  'b*r)h*r:!?H'^  iter^ht/th^.*^  ha t nl'Iat p|,^ I i,:,!.H|^  /ci,;';'-''r/il^''iV'9^i,'*'.,'^'"'V'f^.,;/J*v��tsw. '^.ifiiitf^nnfl^.vwi'**;.'  ���of i b e;':.i*ic i mm t**ft*M$i$^ \%$M. *^M  .HiJ-.����pj-*Ob^iit.;JiA^^  ' Urti\\i*fy:wmy$ift t'i^;*i*;|^3��*|Aj|��;*::w|^4^I'ptM*!������-:wIie?i*';: 1��Is;tursi #]��]  .b^..w'-a.*.:f*ibbft:t^:-^^  it! to t-!i.e.;' :$��}mm. iri>bs::;::w.b !c^  borte. m:m-ui - pre vi*ht;;i^  ' bu t to ��� c( rui|.,ii 'g^*4:;��H*s^.rfllft^^^  Is so-nret.!dog''t.b^Ww':v;;:;'0^;S  ani'pitA.wdiicl'r;l*dil^d-y^  'toir^ht'--.^^^  their action ������ pr^bio;bj J h.e^ ; ; hM  /���*(<>%��<����/'A^W*  ���{��& ': ^i'.w��iw-jir��",*rt1*' ���  -..'-.A t.riTKt^.iuis:tmyrt^'^^  irH-rn. of.Ai:i1cuICib^A-.#;:tt  .the triar>b!|Uoelit;b.r:^  1'Ih-^r^pe^ kclc^tcd;,w8r^A  pu i��� n p ��� i n craids';^oo-isii HIi��jff���'li^ri^to^;^ie^., ���:l'^M  reported'.tt�� .'IraviAAirriyai^  ^ourid^ind.'^Ulttii^.:|iioo  berry to iMW&vteMm^  thc.'HriLbit.:uiafkeC.;:;^  iarJn Gri^t::BHfa1��iAfMn<1::thire  not* It wilt'do much -ioommotCAthe jud.u��ir> ui >��< v   ^  tjyand- to reniovci.nc; ,vA-..I.*|icl.:yr;0f,the bi��>^r .A-1".; .  Motlu'iiand, .:;-; :'':������;':.;;;,''a A--': '���"     . '.'';''..-' v:'-;.''A;-  ft Wtl'li  te   of   the. heaviest sc^a��n. -      t^t,-^  herldin^VJaiitinK'K^. U^a' '^  ft Is   pJeitMHK 10   "<ae   that . I��    *      j,,^  ght, considering the extent ei��� .l����    ���     ggj  - TilK  Fad As*l��i^-f?h')^;d' hr^efsoh: fast W^^       -.^r:���  we   believe,   one   of   the   'heaviest 'serwimi a -of-the iU';^  ev<��r held   in   I  and  a   half.       ft  calendar wu*'' ligh^ ufii^uvu...^ ��.���.,. .-���-���. ,      _ to'^?^  and that Nelson coutribuied duly';i'eoupl^ mI f'!^(je:i'-^J  The civil fHisine^ was that wltich mai(dy oceapu __&��$  tentlon ot the court, ami wnicn win ll!!Ml',,^^v0f |I:i^|  the country advunees. Never.htt�� the il,iU,pf,l-!-t]jC'|ri^  aeeofumndation provided for tire tmosaetiou o ^d0i^  ness of tlie court been so -forcibly demonstrate . ��� jj/V^  the present assize*. On several ',prev��oi|.. : ^ t0 jli��.:J#j  attention of the pro'per.atHhorHlcs, ha��'boe^M. ^.^^1''? r.*i  fact that the court house at NelBon it, not ^l(Snlc#'^-i  i>e. The build ing wan designed and put "Pr^ tbe ^ H'\  Nelson -wiw* little more than. "n village, M,l(l-1*-;-^^ S^-a  lying dlstrietH were unsettled and uiidevew.f ���-.       ,-  1 *        ��� -   )  o"4   -^y-  "'&   r  ���3   't  r^��. , i..^,    .,,.��� Wy���,  *mmmrvn ^^ L,|U ,     ...  .���,  5 ^.   :  J^*,  r. *����� k "'    K  ���* * '  L    'f THE NELSON ECONOMIST
leu inns'
Irivinii*-'1 !'^
((lheVi!Iutr,ha, become the capital of the Knot-     induces the case of a tfcllfornian who on being apprized'
ftli,, ' U jts tributaries  have grown in  proportion.     that lie had won a gold medal for his exhibit declared that
■\"V: .■;■     ,tl     '    ; ..",,.      .   ,     h«h^ ^bing on exhibition at Paris.     Upon inquiring
,nnui(j i„„.^ht nt those who realized thermit     about lit from a member of the California Paris Commis-
Hiol,» he Ienme(J that in the judgment of that member if
oe had not received a gold medal he deserved one that
such, award had been recommended by that commissioner
and that it was because of the latter'** recommendation
that the gold medal hud been awarded. For the credit of
the Paris Imposition, it is to he hoped that the com mis-
sinners from other States in the Union and those from
other countries, have more honor and principle than this
individual from California who has so glaringly proved
himself unworthy of the confidence reposed in him.
Bp,mvsftii«liiU-..it^ «ri . .     .
I., ,u^ujil«;«»iirflnan«esMll remains, a pleasing monument
1,,^'wi-tlenr.liod      ~ . r.
|,'{!1rr in AAn- f.»r th<- cinhroyo city, hut it remains. it is
l",.lA',.;'.rt,jr»t-:With the pmgrn*s to be seen on nil sides,
1 , .^|( jfc j,'.Vontimn in service it must he remodelled nod
Ant,! -:dl would   it be to put ojMtncw, sub-
i, , n.i^A.nriliuM'M       The prcM-nt building has been con.
*d   highly objectionabk
d!.u<i!l?   ,.„.   jaM-IU'.    pnM»iMine,» .    .    __. -..	
,;: .s,n.,,.; ,.■■,-n iu-j. • "U chvun, complained of Incessantly
'■'•;»     MMiisd  ha-* formed a subject   ftw un-
,h.    b\ i-M-ry   trrand jury  fur years past
Jy,;^'*!! iAM'lHjit.0 •) ' the legal headquarter* of the Koo-
LWnx ;hi«l'rt- ->i ■ < mudde accommodation should be pro..
L,,|t,;i sArAii, vm!>oom .'f biudm*** During the reei'iii
L,;/t- MA .b.»'Ni.ici U alKem wit* obliged to abandon the
Li}fH'^''ia:!»rMjK.T'.rid -u hi «mo of the other apparttiieut*
|jfiiii"'}..«ii4i!!i.'. i-:r-»:■ ojtriity, ulthtingh not so nocnninin-
^iiinL't^'.i'ie-.j^hf'hi' Such u condition of things Is any-
iiiiicA'wi s,,AA'.i',!«.»} ;., .»nd n<*bn;r  *o M*c,un improvement
i] (|.;iJ u:A, .;> -. U H,b- oVLi*   !e p<Hnibl
;,Ar-MiV i->.;:^^ivi A,c r»t«i;iA-;^ the piv***.** to the vllvel
itbaJ ih»:IAh1 "j" Ibto.- »« Im •••" -Kiik"d fi*-1 Use recovery of
pijti- y± aa ^^» -u in; iiih'icsi u*r bnt> years* The w«it
p?.'-iii\vti.i-:! t'ni.<.jnAd I'.mipfdbt. ami the claimant in one
[(t.'Sji.t' ->.?: a;■•.:,>ir, n      {!»v «-t t*<a »•-asijn I** be the  nearest
?nrv!vj:.:-ir rtO:»«_<\ ."'■ -]' b.»- pi.- < 'ardbod KmVtmit rlf wli«» died
:''A"r,r-.".:-  A.;fvo.i;   ;»  f«TlOMe   <"»thua(cd  «l MMlfKl.tKH;
liMr'^rrfK.'.H* -np'n   I tb.il inv   earditoil   left   no will,
l;t-! V"\h- j» }]., AX. :p- .clj i^Iv .•tpprnpriated ?be  pr*>perty
li.Al^r^r'W;? ,-.? ?h«-. ii- h ,S^        A   utll liuH r^eenllv  tnt*h
,ivm't :''--5 ^n*elj. A'iirouior.  noUu> tin* io«v«Mft  efatitotni-
NtulA, U.AA- r-.t*\>       U Mriiui. Ihtlt MMIllH* thttf «be
l';il|IT,l! *':-i''i"   ;u!",r)'<tW'H!   -b^nld irtnsdn  ,-o l^nsr »n-
'""'  <:"-'      ' •-•'   ' 'r?.';A h»>w»'\ri( pi'MtV^^VH   b*bi*;it>fv   ?,o
■^''•^-i■•'' = !■'• a;v ^!< i-y,   tout ii  *l»'a'rihiur*t j*i |»r»tH'CUlt' hl^
At Torotitfi the local authorities have been trying for a
long time to put down bucket-shop* and stock gambling
omcernn.but so far have failed in (heir efforts. Grand
jurio will not find true bills on the evidence submitted
and, us lint law stands, the police appear to be powerless
in the mutter. The legislature i* to be asked to so amend
the act that it will beeriective. In the Queen City bucket
shops are disagreeably numerous, and the amount of reck-
le^s gandding indulged in i* sidd to be much greater than
i* generally supposed. To these estabiinhments is traceable many a crime, and the cry U u put them down.M
ANOTHKtt big strike of coal miners is on, this time in
Indiana. A refu.sztl on the part of the mine owners to
accede to a demand for an increase of wages, has induced
7.U00 miners to strike. The, lock-out promises to be a
protracted one, as both parties to the dispute appear to be
in an uuyielding mood.
■JJl  Hit- ,••;(„■
'i<;i»<*.4*ti, i\i>*t*< t* \vbb'^pn*ad InCrre^c
.,.('!"Vi1, ^  ! "xJ\ ■'' 'V   "' '■'" d ^s>d ?«*r tur{|k?af|o;m fur tin*
,<('''{''u';iM"''"■' ''^'-A  <ii«iu«'|, at<d Tbttrr*d}i\   IteeentlnT 'J,
*'. "inr'  '' *        r'-:!' ^r" tijHv emd|.bit*M in the held —
,;,ti-«. ■' l.^>< j.mI, ati»} n J*HU»r mn»H—atiif )hefy*nrr
" ;'':v !!"5"^ mi- ;iny Iv-vn.     Po)ifiriuu^;ti-<" hav-
'"-'' ,;"^       \Vi»..  will cec tb»» (Christtim^
11 f...
,N':"l'liiitlt;   f.. ...
:*nd in >!i|i'M.'i'( j {}t« ("iiiiir-e an* ibrva-
'';,"JJ'!i'-       I? U rrpnM«-.'i   that   fr».in f«ur tn-dx
f": <'''! w;it!i
!iM(![| ,!|h   .,{ {*ri.An are In danger uf «ttarv
J''' iijilh.
.(Hll    M...   ..   .      :
J'Wr,.,.j,•,/,", '7'i;' nHr"   ;',!,Xt'  lM,t|oh*rmamled (he  ttv*\vi\
Tin: Departmem of Public Works at Ottawa is calling
for  lender*  h»r  the erection of the   Post  Ottiee, Custom
House, and   Inland  Revenue buildings at  Rossland, and
also tor various public buildings throughout the Dominion
As these udvet ti^eiuents  were isstieti on the eve of the
gtmend election, some people are saying  that thev had a
pohlleal sigtdlieatiee.      Be this a« it may.   tnu oh-cfor.s of
Nelson are anxious to knou why ?he loi.g.proiaised public
buildings for this eily ase not included in the list.     Was
it an oversight,  or is the volume of business here transacted in these public departments, and with such profit to
the Dominion exchequer, to l*e carried on undtr existing
difficulties ?     We have beanl a lot during the eampui<m
alwait "uofuitliled promist*a.p     We  need  not go outside
inn own municipal bo*iuds tor a case m point.
tb»n   li:ivhi« isern a  total Oh In re.
<■„,<.     '';.1 "'"'  "?.*s'llotr rii-««   wks   (o   Jmvr aern   -ent
''«*i.,.V|f   t /'"',' li,r sh;i!! !''" ^otoui of. Central.China,
,..„.,., ^ i( ' " i(; ' hrv Hint w hi n  fandne or 'ivant U ap
'" "!'V !;i!h,,;;:i' dUiritf in the Flowery KingdoniA
y '":«Ki' :, rabi ii | >■,»!,   (ju*jr  nibro tort limit«
' ',I|H '"   'h,. irsiib in.the present instmiee,
»dei;ibiy.  a^'gravaUhJ-—fidiH  (be
,\\ ill
P'Ml.l   .,!    .
,,,',lju,.<)rilrj,)"|,|s 'A' ,,||i01 i-^till n.i;jui.ng, although
|,irt,|l. \nl ^',y S,'!!i<',, ,Mr hringlugjt to a close luw.ex--
lh,nviM1r(.[|h,j."^,|,i:,',,","( uppeai deterudtieil b» keep the
rilis;ieij(111 K(.;|" in|i^;^ Hie shekels continue to roll in.'
'|l,'l'^iil.it,,,/^!,r,nisf " ,n,sideralde nmtoyauee to many of
^[ M.b j, ^ "" :,,t' »»»xi"d.s to remove their goisls^ To
ii'"iV(,,1';sl'M„'i!iP7UM| Mm,:l flv*Hh  imUtU °rl>ri56*^ lU^ i0
('"'"•frits „,• (||  ' ,,s l>''«»v,. true, it detracts seriously from
|'P"'"">'''AVoV,, 'ir ai,Vai,>' "warded.      The   Mining nml
|| ' "*'" n,,{ tldnk n.neh of the awards" and
s. ■
In a recent interview at Montreal,   Mr. Jay   i\  Graves,
lit'uehd manager  of the  Mtner-Uraves Syndicate,   is reported as saying that they are treating at a pr tit at their
smeltti at Uranti Korks, ore that has a value of $6 per ton.
the pie^ent capacity of the smelter is tiOO tons a day, and
•this, t^ to be doubled as soon as new furnaces can be built.
Cp to a co'nple of years ago the erroneous  idea  prevailed
that nothing under $12 or.$14 ore was worth handling, in
those days freight rates were high and smelter ohaiges'ex-
cessive*     A change, has happily come over the scene, and
unlay <|Uaniiry tigures in the calculation as well as quality.
.Improved transport and smelting facilities  permit, of the.
profitable handling of »«re which heretofore -found a place
t>n the >vas(e dump* if touched at all.      it is an important
•'factor iii'eonsidering the mineral restances of the country,
to know that *W ore is.a valuable commodity, as there are
iuoun.bd.ns of such material available.     The smelters are
at present having more ore offered than they can handle,
and in order b> keep, up with the demand, they are increasing their capacity-and adopting the most advanced method
of treatment.      In this particular our local smelter is well
in the fort? ranks, ami is being put in ..oider to  aocomaip-
date all comers.
i »
" 5
■•  1
*< ^ «*■«
t>n««ni!m«m*ntM«SMM9^S)S9ffi3a^^ spS*  t>  1 Hh Nlil.SON ECONOMIST  MINING NEWS  W:  SLOCAN.  Brinsley Walton has eleven men working on the Kaah*  group of claims for a Toronto company. The pr����|H*rty  is located on Carpenter Creek, close to the Chamber*  group, two miles from Cody. Eleven men are eng.used  in running drifts on the vein. The indications are pro-  n dating, s.  Another important strike Was made at the Keeo las!  week. in the upraise from the Xo. S tunnel, wh-re the  rtnd was made about a month ago, another str*vnk of  seventeen inches of clean ore was opened up.  The first payment on the bond of the Mountain Con.  his been made by R. (t. Tattml on behalf of the Loudon  syndicate which he represent*. The purchase price of  the property is $25,000 and the imynient amounted b>  $5,000.  The K��Miubler-<'aril��io uHl erect a null t*�� treat the va��t  amount of low grade ore they have on hand.  The Sunset, near Whitewater, will st*irt shipping wIh-m  the snow ^rows deep enmgh for raw-hiding.  The recent strike made on the Emily Edith, near Ncn  Denver. Jr.reported to be one of the utmo-��tdmport��mv h��  the lake district.  A report is current that a deal is ucmiin*: by which the  Arlington, Speculator and Maboti group- of ndnerai  claims in the Hloca-n mining division will be consolidated  and placed on the London market at a capitalization of  $.5,000,000.  BOUDARY.  Mining in tiie --amps ��u wounding dr.unl Kork* wa** <��n  the move last week in good shape, development *%nti nm  provement being reported from ail *ide��. Tie* minimi  properties on which work has been in pntL'h'.ts *-oolioue  their steady advancement and several new ihi��> an- preparing for a lively campaign during the winter mood*,  The Oro Denoro, one of the great properties of Sumuni  camp, has resumed, while the Brandon ��& ItoUhm frown  if* reporting improvement all Nie tine* at^l i* in hoe -iMpe  to make heavy   shipments.  W. F. UoberUon, nrovineial mineralogist, recently :�� b \  a short visittot.be district, says lite <ireenuood Miwr.  After looking over .(he Grauby company's smelter at  Grand Forks he proceeded to Phoenix, when* he went  through the Old Ironsides, Knob Hill and Victoria group  of mines. He came in to Greenwood the Mime evenim*  and next morning ascertained -from Mr. F, Keil'er,  manager of the Mother Lode, what extensions of work  had been accomplished at that, mine since- bis visit soon*  time ago. Mr.-Kobertso'u also- visited and examined the  work being done on the Greenwood smelter. He was  unable to visit any ..of .the Dead wood properties and left  for the coast on Saturday's train.  TRAIL.  Following were the ore shipments received at the Trail  smelter from the different shipping minus for the week,  ending November 10 : Centre Star 2008.tons, Le Itoi 021,  Iron Mask 136, B.C. (MO, Snowshoe tf.i, Athelston >S)  Enterprise 17, Payne 118, Bosun 20, VmiroO, Sullivapi 138,  Vancouver Group 20, Hampton 4, Valparaiso b Total  3949 tons. For the week the matte shipped was 171 torm.  The bullion amounted to 91-.j tons.  ROSSLAND.  The ore shipments for the past week, while lower than  the previous week's total, are well up to the average and  make a good showing, considering that both smelters are  heavily overstocked with ore and could not at the present  time handle the output that the mine* tire In anosiM  send down.     For thl�� reason  shipment, are n���t lu    ',"'  Ore is slowed away in the *tope* or piled  llp H{ ^ ^  As usual the  Le Itui U  the chief shipper, semlin* va  tons to Trad, and "M70 to  Northporr.     The Iron ^t  not in Uu* Ibt ibis week, '     k  Le fttol 4240t War Eagle 0, Centre Star 1080, im Musko  KwidnifSfnrtl, Monte UirW��nf L X. L. to, Spit^o  Le IM N����2f>0,dron. Cob 0, GbntO. Total i�� Vl*'r',,'  date l$>tttg t��tK  *MfrttX4f*a��, *WI*t ilm  The Ctab miners wiy lh**re in nnav jMolit la r.^rutin-,  Hilver-ieioi mine now with silver ai-i���� eeiitMhau wlivuii  wa* worth   J^hvi^jui ounce.      Improved ami Mu*|4'  method*,   e^monde   pn��^^,  reduced  exponas,  tmuer'  snm-portalbMi facilities improved machinery^ utili/ati��.ir<  of all mine product*, are among the stated niit^s  in the Xels-on mbdog district increased activity h ,tiA  *������rvat��le, and |��ro*i>et*<K hnprovv.  M-^-"i��.  **  The Maruy Comedy Company will complete a \htv:  night.-1 eu^gemcorat the" Opera Ibnise bHiitflit, when.  '��� The Black FUg** wltHs- produced. Tld- (koni]KtoyK  not without merit, .*evemi members Mtnr ratluir alwu*  theaverag**, , Tlie pbiy?�� selected however, areaotsaelt  ;^ to ttltntct h%rm* audienee.^ .having been seea hvtv a-  peatedly curing lb*' It^l tvvour'liireeyea^. MUsSutKn,  uitii a fair opportunity todispta;* her tHtent^sh**"!*! pnwr-  a elevt��r<otitirette.  Wt��u<^vWMMjwMw* nwvur ,*v      '   n^tom*-     *���'  M;>ry K. Wilkhis has fiM bobbed a new navel, which,  has be*'ii jre^OU'e^d t>y \tkv- LwUt * Jhtmr JournftL   Tlu*?��vW  life of a Hitait town 1> tier thiMtie. Shi*, reveidsiln romance*;  iu imuiMr.^aod  lt,<* r.rjttfi*dle?�� with thai ehnnnhu* rrainm  wbieb eharaW^rifc*** toe writing of Ud���� pnjiulrtr a����Vrit^  Ji UMMWHTt^MiMD  4<,,s       Wttht-.  fbe regoiui mootbly meH-ing of l)w S^on }Uw\*i\  Tn��de U raHi'd o��r ibis evening at S oVlo��'U. Tia-n* ^ ��ft  itruxirtani program no* to f*e ilvtetl with, amoaj? tla'^tW  ivnturvs IrtMOtf the in-olvvney le^Kbu-o of die Doininloii  and Sunday mail t*erviee .iVer the t'fowV S^l i^-> K:U*-  way. Several iutp^r^tnt subject'* -vtl! ',"*aa�� ��;* ':) t)A*'y ���  of motion, Au'iooii iln^e U o^e dealim: with tlu�� jw��r*l  ��ftbebi��ird o. rewind oi alter reAotution- p.HM'd����'M^;  vioii^ uir.;UMg, Ciifd,1 Uuio'rtn wiHwdi attend*'" tt'lK1  iifniwT regulation^ and l\w\r rivdriethuH *m^��o^li��'��^��c**.  ����f **rosvo-gritnte*l miitend ckdiKrt. ^I*v- Matna \vu -j  with the l* per rent, tax imposed on tin- mineral .��ut|����-��j  the laM ;*��-���ioo of tti�� Provincial i^gi^latore.  A  REPENT'^  '   ibmeraih Uio*e per^onsV^i'ioTrtV^c'li^^^  Anarchist ide:is are only Cbo 'tod>V:'tocarryA>^ 4 .;  lemre's'   against   11������^-^*>tfl*Sl**k^l-^"��i; ^���r?>>**.i'*_����*;-;.^^^ ^t  r here are  exceptions, >u��'.. thcV folio.w.btg  eoubiiu 11  which'" the   .NVio;   Zuriciw ^fboi;f7,reeeive^ froai. v ������_.  ���rthow.s : ' .!���,  ���� From the'rbyal paiaeeat��� 'M��n��a, the vv,|nu . (([{) ^  formed that ti��e place wa�� onee   lrt>fore design^ ^ .^flRg  �� i/jv,.*- 11 nfoner* i(   33i3^  come the scene of  an athick  'upon   Kit\u .llK     (hi,,ini:^  the  design    w M not  put   into-   ex��.����uth.ui^ >"    ji^l^fiHr5  who   had been  -elio.Wu' to kill   the ��� klugi��" ��       .^^  'run f.it't-* of nit��.�� . /^,-J  moment the minim* of couscicuce.     f ot i.�� ������ jgg^  according to the Carrkre dtlfa 8tra ltrcin''-. ��� ,t' i?o<d11ten'f"cH*-?  "July 9, iaS6, a sergeant of the lvtgh*y <����������, . f hi9bo(i)pf-,  Hiiot himself whlkAm guard in the palace. ^ ^ ^^ bee"p^  was found a letter addressed to the king. ^ rottN' 'butft5;K  -ommiasioiied to kill Your >C��je��ty��' h0 \ ^ottK-A,  think your life more valuable than my ��wl''n(i mvP*'(4  prefer to kill myself. Befor�� I die *r?c0,l,^jPrrtnc>t.i'.'^  mother to Your Majesty's nivor. ^^ne^f/^)lolielof ^^,;  Researches of the state attorney ,oad ^"j (i attend V ''  Fighty-eighth showed the   FranceBcbi u  a.   Vel  HltijUll*'  'C  th  . a  I       .  '   i       v-^t" -WTO f^��^rJ.T���-rTi .ipnv~-nirr'g-~-��im��T��-^ nw>U...��i��l..-| ��l> ...M.-_^^._  .- T��  *R'?i"iVnr*'^> sr-s  X,.^5^r^~i^}^--r^'^'��*-^^  ��?T^11W  ���wn?"T5^n-.^ .,-"1rf -T'lf t-V��'.- * *J�� ��� Mjiiil|iW),TB^M^"T7^TmTT" ,   ��� .   ' '       .^^^^^^^^Tf^^  AA  ������������*> ���  l|AB^||iRpj|^^^^S  iTHEi^ELS^N^EGpNbjyi.S'r  :AA;AS��1  \ ������'   '��� H*ting i�� yiiiao, at-w,hich;he;:?;,w^  ^'^rt'rsK  JE'iflgontllt ,iiif>    l I-. ; ��������..     ��� _���   ^v- .���,:v:-^-:^.v,V?;'iAAL-:\A:^^OsA.Ji:A.  '���'/'' ''r A-vA-A*'AA.A',A';iA^A'j'K'J  . .     . ���i .���.ffleer 'andhis(ieatb My^rl^;to;tnueh  ���'.U.  AAi;AAAAAfcA?^^A]  'l'j,e r-iil f'O'ts,. ii owe verV; have a^ ..._  A AA -' ��� ^voilftv^; {^v,\?$ll  '���''W^i^'-r^'-S  Ar tiucietit '*.��� n>po��r'\ 'oV^.'.'��>^  Uiu-Tniasvaai, i'aui ICroger,   was ;o*!sp^^d;:::oT;by^;:piibilic;  L".'inn iir 1 e'lido?:. rccenfly, ��ijnift#i^^  \\. (jj(.: aui-t i .��� ��� ��� i'-'-i^:. '!��ofnted.-mifc,;.V                                 ; to the'  j-^.j,,,-,: ..ntM-pnic , of the. article', in a, q.^'e��* tli'.> 111: ;flfo tii"' ~   L|��| hardly'  haw in .,,.,......,,,.,. .-....,. ,,.  im-nfore mil fe^ o-ould. 'come'..on.the-rnrtrketA  Liih.;nVieit \- ...wa.^ ��� ^unranteed;by ^ N/.*)|j^  Iful.' 1   Nnin- ajeier-   ihe^ofosvjjf A::':':^^  ���^niiii".e�� its !;Ar\u'.v"ucrVmjsf om,Ti^)^  YOTK I  $$&^  ;$��trJeL%  ;:iiiadelnto;.a3^  :ihfe;m<^  :apwn;forJi25;^  ;f*awutham^  hammer^ a  with;a;eertifi^  guhie*isr:andr'ana  vii an^exiraVaj��t niL'^   I^yds,-;wi:^  f&poi^^  :wAiibdi;;;:used;:^  ��� ���....-:��� .���."���'���'''��� A AAAAAAA^$���i.  '^Ar.YA^AAAllAllill  s^:;'���::-:.' X. ��� ;������ -;'|:;'AA;::;:AlfiJ'Aili  ,:v.-:.-;'':i-1i:::'i>:![^;S?:^Ss|Sij  ���''.':������������ "V, , ^rV'^./yiA^A'A^fe1^  ' V::'^::':^'^':,i':^''l'iv!',:^V;^^  ���'.���:' V' i-:'.v"';' -A 'i 'k: 'aSirt ::$0$jMm  ��� ������;, i:S^.:.f.v;,v-:;.^,i-'-i.r:;;^:rf;4:^^yf  '.,; /:^A. A-A-';y'v^-'^^^  ^P^v^A^A'^A^:VoV^O.^a^  ,-iiiiifcwrSii m.; j.��>,i(rf*F*  Laiitliclate c>  ���Member o  Caril  \M::  .;:*&^t--&>-;iT*^'^'*^  Adopted  by   the ; Li be raf-Gboserva. :;.  '. ������: R eveistoke^:::Se:ptemlDe:^  in  ���\;;m;;iS'A'A;;A^raAA=F:A''i.;AA^Sit^i��l^  Ai;!:S'#AAP^SliISSi^  :A;AcAilA:';lAAi:��Asl^:|?^^  ;AA?A;;.iA^:A^i^Sl!IJ'ss?i^lS|'  |A:AAAAIIpipS||il  As- A? ������A;5 A;:-: AS4 As^ftA*Ii^ftl|p^p  nvention  M'.atcs. 't'd ''��� 1  ^H-nihivii  >m<  a..v  i  ; f 4&ra1:rGobie  the iHi{ici:i>l;cs-of;rti:l:|^  WShfe^trri^  S:';; :i-:;'iiSv?i'(;riA'?^AS��A^i J  ^A^:AHif:AA#A4l8Aiillrtii ^  Ml  SS^SI* Til  iK.*!!-:  Cli;^  Tlie  A, - <AA.-  >\'\n\  111]!)!  ���! ���    i t     <  '������Ilol  'i'l ,?  lit '    f  \'���!  tl      \  ''��i i; i s.  ���!i'!.,r  u'Vl  no a  ir.\ ,r,  Hal  ���OI  '���t   !'��  'ttt- ill 'itA yiiilAM-MS :,���*#��  ndustVy.mt w*hi���lf'V!re;:i:HA>Sp���fity;V^  :'j a ��� therefare/ we���a.d\A-H!iiie,:ihat ��� the duties ob' ieM-'^��i;^e^A;;.^  !J> : h as -thnse now- Jniposed::1>y d���hfeilltilteti States' ouThe-same, articles.;,...:,;:-^jV'^^^  a��! i!a |o''ecn>u��-tnetAlmuiesisJ^  ' t;e specie m circulation shall l>e that of our own instead of that of" a.  foreigo   country.  -!  (he restriction of the immigratmn of the the Chinese and Japanese, and all   classes   who  '-,:"i citizens cd' the DoiMi.n.ion of Canada, and suggest the  adoption   of the 'principles of the  ; ��!^oia hts nnt now tlie representation in the Federal Parliament   that she   is entitled to a  v"��'��te fh;u \xh^) the rci!ist!ibnti<Mv is made that^^  '���^ A"pol;Uion,  ���'    ..' . \.tf  ->'> well lor the success;of the party tli��t Hiwh JohuMMcdoiiald iuis decided to leave   the  i! l��'liti(x to uke part hi the larger one that affects "the '..people of the xvhole of CanadaA        f  AIAllili'J  :/.::../.,::.';,,:;:^w^i:|       i|  .;������ .-"^Av.^A^Aff  .'���������^^.A/^^^iSiaB.       .!  if  ' ;->jS  8  C  I-  ;siii[>aij>-ii Committee  X  Alston  > I       1        t "A  w.  S  :^H  I  ���* r   b*��*     f r*  "������V"��"�� ^ ^f  -~* ^an ���> f ^-^    .  :i^A=��^l:  . m. -i*Mif��� -i���"^w  ".I ;^::AAA A-^Sw? a
Wx3 A
■'i;,£^A;warriors m
: ■'".-■/:A':.^-'diiyl.v ^ ThedirsL. f^ A*-'^ . Lee*, itnd■'.
■ a.ltim:u:gfrT'^ .received qobeA
an ovation on landing..;.a.As..soonA»s tlir-v-steauie'r hulking "
?"e<in ueetion wi'thThe '.Crow *s Nest Pass Araj !>y ay''■ drow.dear/".,
t. he "eh y her flags' were Hon ting'/ and her/ sireae/waA. going'
fonall it was/worth.   ...-Tlie imisib'Was taken up by the other'-'
■ craft jh p uT, n\ui S:ahc everyone ofine-itr/was biowtrrg/aod.>'
dVotsiing'colors; ; Thinkjhg ihat ■.there.:'"was a -.-lire■at The :'
:':';>vlufrf;;.ihecitizens-/.rush^l ■ down;..' iu liitm\reds,:,: and: -were:.
^giad"to.havesO,.a< it/gave-tli^'r^
;if^.;.the.;,retu':r.n1ug:; yoiu n leer. ;;'A /sbibker "1 n:dJ!je, t>|>e'ra. 1:1 o.usc- '■/
Att;:Whiehi; Lee■;ga.ve:Son.iy,:-;;ii.itc*rt»»}:Si< 14-;:*I'^t'MUs*-. .4*fy.':v*t>iM t>t<r*.»n. ;
:. set vl ce 'i t Ct li e:, Tra n s yaid,., ,wjui;':iv' "very': e i»j ova b le u Hid r:„:;.. (.le* >a -
;They .sky/tlmT^
,rcnmln:i!t:;Bmtth:,Afrk^i; /'-.'.'..^
^stadiA ;■>'//."; ■'\h^<:A■-■;;:',a^'';V:>a:S^-':-:-.''-vA'-'":'./' :"■  !
In the .English .papers to   hand, I read  that atthc   com
fereh.ee of Roman < atholic Young Men'sSocieties -of Nreat
Britain   at  Chester,   thin '.resolution    ua*  proposed   and
carried:     " That the young men's societies   d.esbeto  record their opinion that the youu^ of both   *exer« should be
brought   together by mixed    dancing,   promoted   bv tin-
young.men'ssocieties under the supervision of the eiergv,
as an innocent" amusement   and a practical means of  decreasing   the   number   of   mixed    marriages."     Father
Bominick, 0.8. F. 0., said that,"1'as a..spiritual director.'--'
he supported tlie resolution with regard to mixed dancing
He believed in young men >dUd young women   coming to
gether at gatherings of the kind.     Mixed  marriages "had
more or less disappeared in Chester since such dunces had
been held there.     It was .intended to establish a •dancing
etas for the young men, and they hoped to be able to say
life theend Ofthe  Beason that mixed  marriages had  entirely -d!$ap|)earec! from that city.     Most of the churches,
I'know,'.ajra;r®ppmM to dancing, but this ia the first in-
'■; ■0*l^K»r.".« ■ ^ -. ■■■.■» ■M**s*<^'is*v^Aimw- w-iia-^ra^v ^^f^
i!HV:niUHrvttr..^ii)cCY^!i.«!w«^ ,|(iy_
y wise ni>twUifyiatuiUmX:'^WW^ ":''     "'
' .WftaiMMUftMMWfa:'
;;>v ii I.;-; be '■■ reiiiieruber&\ ; A. b at::. 811 b -i II e-tb:>a t. ■; ■■ wits..• tii e.:.- i J 0 b II n ; :
';.the■■ Fe11ia:h;: exclternei31...j0;;:'i reia 1 idr:: when.:,.Lor*\ :Kavcit*:. I
;wa^Ajpitfti^hed-'.as; -ia, party'■■■■ to   thc; crime,.: 'having teeft"' lb"
;A>rhovi;:sinee. t,hat• inennaaide e>ei'it.up:tb' rccci 1 liy:. ,\Vhtn
■released: :he:was:;;t^jk:cn  luT^  fellow^'' of; his clas^'at- jhc:
irisii capital who tried to make a Merc*.of'liiuiA  Tbev"ore-
:dlctc<l;:thitt;there'wa«: great-pro^perty in store for' the old"■
man—that if he:;coub.|. but. gvt a ■iiceuse-t.V>- diive.ait f ri?*il..'':
jauoting  car,   he would :be : libendjy   patro-'nixed,-    Sour : ■'
people would give a lot to say that iticyrirove on-Skbethe
Coat^s car..' But  the   curporati<>n   of  DVOd'iu refused'  to' .•
grant the coveted Jicense. and Flu made arraugemenis. to a:
appear at the music ha!hot the (Aamtry.      1 n this fie was
fairly'successful as ..long'ms be- eon || ne<l hU  attention   to
Ireland, hut recently he.went over .to Liverpool to exhibit-
himself there.     He iaiied,   however, to re|>ori ' himself to-
the police according to  the terms ..of his  reiea-e, and   was
arrested  and  sent ,;ba*;k .'lb. Dublin.   "Bkbi-the-Ubat      I-
.have seen   the man—is- about the -most. repuWvedooklng.
fellow one would wish   to liehoid,  and ,tbill,lie- should   i^e
ble to make a living 'out of Ins ■ connection with one of the
Slackest crimes that ever siufsied the  history of hi> c^em--
try is not 'creditable to public 'sentiment.'
;;A;vl;u;;biA-by-;;^f#^^^ ,.|JV;
:;pa^i:i;b res:; W;|Bi*M;Y?M
■^ ta i *CC;:;.: beYi^MOi^-^ ^xkl'
Aiefcfem^^ 4
■ fim'if^i*ce:Y:;wAib!d
; i o.-i^dic:ve; t fbi b;;¥^r^
.,. b.*.« sl H*>^.i£ ftibbibg^iic^
d c f no mi h*. im 11 v. v Jf Hi c|**|f||i:: ;;e^'#b j;bgp #'i'| lfe;> j^^l.% dm u
;• y.eTuoi.i.'''.; m fec*L :::-:iby'.';':i*\yi^:A;te
- b.rotigiti:d^bdc';*;i.ii,y^:^
?yO:l:''-. yooog:.::;;:.wbbbri^^
' her.. hiy.er>:fH*ek;-:.:liro^i:.v:M|>.^ aH»l
. ■: v a r.led. ; e x j*e r ici -i t^e;..::;::.- fe*fe^l?oU r^ a J to.v;.&eti:iivM 0' ^ ^m
i oes«bge5* ■ e* «■ * ti»ib^:lA:..»i«L J:%|lli:;i11 Iby,: '■ y car^v':f ■ ■> t« '■ »< I fse
tijrailed.,. Then, tbtAciptf u',fttl
ou.t^ahd pHlc'liyOii;a*::iif^rf^
ht*bibd,.Aa   eloiid,      t ^AWAibClei'ctf Inimble
IfMlgings, ;vow'I^g;:.'.tbaL:Y:tH?:;^
■the sheerer'of iiiy/.ni-ijl;n1gb|.:::vl;^lpt
'. 81111-' .00 n deft ng , b \A*r::tbe;::piS«iil'i^ m^
eve*"had }us-t fnisfeLmbi:'^'W--tl'$ci;ii'4a^.^'t^
tVtkec >^1 ta
tlie direction.'f*f.arry:abbdl,'T!:^ var!'lU'
stti'jL'ert of ; inetiriatfe i:.:':.;T'ii^ jo^ffil:Wu"?n fiiW.'; '^ ^
one else tiiev*■ ebabeed ;U»- tb^ti'Aiiy'"'.own'. cef^ratea
bloved to .earrv oii i'h'eir'.\eOh.v^ l\
bom    I   met
■■■  *-■«   ■ •       \y ny  is micji   faogiot^o  |,n »....-
MtreeU  of an   enlightened   and highly   c.iihtired:W   ^
Nelson ?     VVotild it be inurd«.ror".justhi:d»ic lion»»'»,t
some parent slaughtered one' Of these  rhmo* .       •««
to   me a'mild   form of punishment   vv^nl'i■■»>«■ o ^.      ^;
out of the tongue'of the beasts whose lau^tn^c < f
|>rcssiouahfe youth.
1. *■■"*■
A Civic Reform Association is to "be bumt ^^ ^:::
eou ver at an early date, and the members of thetlh* i|j(jll0 pS^
will formulate a slate -for the Civic election *»_' la-lfi^S
next. The first move in this direction was;^(jii| A.-f^#=
week at the meeting of the Vancouver Mittw . .gtiel.,f^ ^:
sociation, wl»cn Ho v. B. E, BeotL of the H° Theid(4:A:\"
Methodist church, launched forth the scheme* .■■||eC|tji'•£}.
is to Delect about five members of each; church | v-;;
■ '.i
ssifii^ffiwia^awlififti^^ rfteffiv .Aws.  ��4*W3J  ���$i-??'z  Yxf'''- ''*��� ''���:,rX^:^XX^'U'h!n--'X,Xy fr:'0ktt?M?'rk  x&*;m  m  M.  ri,Mvhul^  ^d! meet  i^itato*  rutiiH'i  ait'-tlb*.' leKird  'and: discuss the" )^  passes but what beef^ cooked in some te  ':eold,Js/;^tteit;by  dinner is ipevitabiy  .:;phebr  :ttiit.;h;;iti;Tte;-ad  ;Wbbdrew'^  /wht^  dsot^  :so:'ireihaTkab!e:a^  .   A'"':    '     ';.'���'.'���, . '',:"'''     -.'..;. **   ���        ���'        A -A    .���..,',."'���''    '       r'���������'! A   '   '���'':'     ;:..'''    '   '     ''  A"1'"*',���. y,  :    A.A  "'''/,'.' - A- A" -,' A'' ; ,���'���.     '  ."'  I        ������; o, oM'iire-meu ���..t<)i'.,.ruiv/Tor:.c|vie:;M:^ivor��;:>v.ho  f{��     ������ lU,.ahv ���with ih'e;:.Tfcfor^  if(' 'V-'' irAeiT not appTv^doti^^  Vjv'::AA:AJAEA'AAAI@v^  ���?."'.:-'.���.���������; ,'.;/?,,,;:*'!'?  ;:.;':;.���; .!K\'-:i;.Yi!iv...-:ii;Yt  ���'.TV*1'  ,1 ^;.��>f' Bo hoof -Trustees//;^  ^���AyAAA...  ���''lAAAAlffltJ  ;::AAA|:fA||||  *AAAAASi$p  uih ventur>A-  |,ei.it<u*r, / /W><  ^f (>rne>n��h   ;':  larry'-pnrt nf'ib  Ln?tftr-ii"-<',d  |f\VA-'i "JAM a  if WViliuifA ./  j'v1^n;trlodde,fa'T:t^  ^iietA��fthc llriti^i A;ru'jy"'.bas;,beeo/Meld  ', ���������l ���, ���',)a.,!��� ^'ti miet^e-ssbui". since:/ the/iatter/^part:::of/:the:/'  ' ' 'when��� 11- was, held:.:by://tbe;then:.������ Duke^of ?'  .' \\\A>named / wiaivmi'Ct^  ;.//u:;i a eonvieted./.oY^^lrighltT^tSon/ib.Aibe /  ,���"��� is[Ii- ���eentory,::/; ������<,)tber:/1 rlsb-borir :,^mA'/.  . A ��� j j j el t i do.. I > o&f* fAi d ogii t1:: | W h"o��:/: a It lib u gfb /���:  ���x-}< HCtOjiity i.Kiri.i,/in:,.;'/rrehM'b!)t/,dJte;I)iike;'^  1 //pi \Vobeley* sM:hri.#o^ A-/:/.'  p*tt.  ���:AvA7'^��;AiA^^  '��� ','*'::,/:V\i V,.:;-^/v:^A:A4^(^!;^,f^|  :";iJ|P|ltlii!  ..... *...������.;, :f.-;"i;'.;-\:;.;!!,:.Y'':,��,Sj1'3tf.  : A, .���'��� ^ A!| /^i *'!All^lili:  ii';"..���'���:'" 7.,:'Y.:.':;^;^v:iKwSi?>fe!'  ^S^%w^  F*<wiw-*'��imi��*f! 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A-ne.'��� i/ eioc,k;* ��� il.tj^fjtt^ltlj''^^fti>i Ittl^  m;. mh- j��:i- ;��' 1 kd 11."��� -:?��-eeoi;o'i hrmMflM0,,\y:y+t$;ti  w> o ci'-w.K^. ->ith her -the ^fO*Sl"bf/:/:thfe/:to  i-rvis-l.^hvays at. i.l'iU, soot JU-'S^Thtftg^  |t��diuoer.     ! ,rk��- to-0.1 v bariT'.Wi>ri<.^rBAiEW  i;."''..V; ������ w:-:'V: XyX:y':Xi)'X:iiXf!nSMtg>,  :-,b--':, ::^va^k ^^���i*  /l::/-/iliSlliiSl 8  ,:';.^>Ve/;;>v.iH^  lea^;her;crapsr.accofding'  stit>e;':/;/^ict^'ry,.;;/;, ^  11:ie;;Jesitber^  .;.bir.nj;:wo<id::;p  :,:ftomA/lea;tber.^^^  ./:w..b/ic!h|.v^il^^  :,'im>p.Tt/bi to:; a; sol b  ^:c;|i:aihu^  Zbtiy/;ad^  ::;bg*ke^A;|cang:/;barefe  ,;;has;::^^.^^^  :/l1iyr||;M;a/g:re^  :;::t!je:S^:ips-:;.;fl  umd;/tte:^  Ai/lbt|le/b:b>^  ;-bi|iy;/j:|rA>c^s^^^^^  ';iib|:tfwllfvpin^:M  -a//pbmid.;::;::::"1*h''c:/:ieather  ;:l!*a;y*l:n^feU  ;:^bics;:bfsl:n;K^  .���:,'*y,'':;^;^';;:;fJt/;,*%?^  ,,.,.;il>#;gj|  l^^^^e'  ATEST STYtE, THE BEST GOODS AND WORKMANSHIP  : *'.��. VidfTJh.    A.   * * ��� .'  ���'���.SV.--ft3-l^.��^l^��S!��  ^:;^':iY^' vriA^fi^  YY\.*"tY-V:i>^j&^��;  SAiiliik  WilAiif  ;A,:;;A A.y^*^:^>l  Aiv|l .*  18  ilii1  :AV-A"'  j  .^*  -AeA^'f 'hi  rxxxMm*  >  :s;>v:VY;:Alsr 5e  AAiApif      f\  :',-y:1:?vA#     $  ' ���:���.���::���."������������'.:?$   '  All this you can get at  Op  posite  ���i  s    1 Illll  10  SLM  $AA/  mx  irSY-ff's1  lllltl  A:&A*A;A'' ���'  I* ���f',V,;,';."  ^1  Asa  '/nm;  :��rv^  *****  /A    \ MONO the instructions given "inc.- when I 'engaged at  ,, aj^a sheep bettJeri^^N^ ^w^as- .to 'stand,  bet\ye*bv the bush rangers and the   mounted  police  This was the bid y way to get on with the hitter and avoid  /.:'.:behig;'hiUjr^^ '"?������':'������ //'���:""/.'-,,.' ���/���/ .'va.a  I hud  been out on the sheep  range about tbtir  weeks  when T  inet ruv  tirst  buslvmnger.     It was  iust   at dav-  lighb and 1   was cooking my breakb^st when three ibetr  rode up to the lint and -'."dismounted,    They entered the  A--.'hut and looked me over for a  mitmte in sitebce.    Tbeb  '/'"tbe"leader:said/; /���./' >���/;��� :',-" '.."'������' -'/,���'���"���:'���  d You are a new nmb/ on/the :;nvngc�� ���l!Aseet-but.l:;,thi?di\  ypttam up to things.     If you piay us bdrr you neb*l b'nve  :A,' no" fear. ��� -Oamyou get.' us so'me:breakfiist ?;''\ :a "a:< /���'':'���/:/':'.���  'a: /f'/'Wiis. conside'ratdy ��������� ^raltleti;' over ������ the ./arrival .'of/ 'such' /.  ,. .::.gu.estsf/bu.t, I pu t; a '���: good ';1fa-ee.-'/oiv i t/;und ��� ebok e< I ��� -for t lie in, ���'  until tbev were sjitisn^d.     Tbev  bud wldskv wltb tbem  '.-;:'.:-:.-a'iid "also plenty of cigars, ^and- tbev -. were'--"!b lujb l.iurrv ���;������' to"/  ���:;,/������':��� ieaye;:-'- A-A:' ���./:-.:../A:' / :'?'���/': A/"::;- V/'/'-/';'"-; '���':a;./a//:/'/,':  ;:a/.;. /Just;at'dusk/on: the:previous:drty,".a.s T had learned//froui.-  /;'; i;beir/C()hversathbiv/.they.:;had'/held:/Op /a-- stage M iit fie* !  uway and tben had ridden all .night. ��� '-,;A.;s/.l.ak)ty :tbey bad'';  ���/'  about jC'100 ./ii'i ;easht'.titree.watches���ai|d."a/'wH:HO:ruVeam.u|ts;i..  ,;;;:;an'd '���:fi'tiger- riugs.'/'���.They'''.were.not "iVt-ali'.'Sij.'y of,. tjji"k.itig"'  ; ��� before /me :ji h ? I a t: me ���.. '��� ;:Tbey/ w ??& h ea/i i b g ��� e *r a ;big' ra v j ?��e;  :.: to the'.west and/about' five; miles, a way,;. where a.tm.'mp bad /  been made and a fourth,.man was::waiting..fbr.'t'b.eiib''/  .:.T hey asked when- the /police had ��� calleridastv.fisow mueh',  AVtrayel.t! oUtw.r/rjui^t'iob^*:.'  and J got a :gold. piece/to pay -for. their eiaerlab'nucnt,.  /.':������   They had rkhjen sb.dar' a rid- by/such'   devious. wAiys that ���  -'���,���;t'iiey-;'had.;nb fear of. thc/bafhA��  tnickerseinployed '.bV.'the''-  ./"..'l'johce''ii/nd/T1i.ereft.h:b''p trail/ as :  thev rode off... '..;  .���''*.'I ��iw.-'...to ..that,;.b.owever'A -.-'Scarcely','were- tliey  out  of '���,;  ���Sight when I rounded -up my flock and dr^ecrny thott^md.  sheep  l>ack and To^tli .aero<s the iioofprints   uniil  ibev  were entirely ohiiicrnled.   it was Well for th'ehu'shrunt'<W  that 1 did ho..-  At noon, asquad of mounted pollcearrived  They had not been   in cliasc -of't he  rohl^rs/   but bad   received  orders to  ride out- and   head-(hem .olf'before tbev  -.could'reach the ravine.  fwas sharply (juestinued as m Wlbtt i bad seen, and me  evasive replica aroused tlie >u*j>ieion of the . iieii'teoiiffi   in  charge (tf t he inen.      He coaxed and threatened bv turns  but I knew thai to give the hushrangers away was t<��.l>rin^  a "Knife to toy   throat,   and.'iio  iuforrnatioji   was  obtained  /y/:/^  ^/;,:and;;but:b>r/ni'yvcareT  -T$v.vaittl.an.d'iivey/I;u^;:ub  ���.y-m*)^:n$ a/y    * J  ': :H:e/wa:s,o'iuAof;:my,yisitb^ f(>Uml th���;,,|  ;. /utKiergiuteau.;:;u>i^a��|��^i^|;;^t^ti-;���:'ijft.-".-.^^;!': ^m k([ *|  .A:Wrti}^  ,/;secn'ineddiiii,.!' the'/trati^Vaud  ;.;;;tiie;i>bjb^.'':/;;H,ad/.i^  ���.-���;��� hven. tit ham:l ,1o take,i*/^ta^#:i re.vcngev:-:.:. The mm ^  //tbe'fuJbga^  :/ an'd:.t:tted<.il*>rob*ibb  Y,/s<abg-bt;io/;b|ilb'tf  ';;,'/At/fengt;b;;tit��cr;&  /::;poite.':r/out^  ';;;;T^rr/kn  ;��� '-were. 'h.eti.rd^fm;jmmi^ -^Mi'^'^^;" '" '"'  ,;;./:i.i,ma;y;.., Jb^e/T^'JtA|:^^  '.::a'|>tH?a;^b/;/;/"fti^  ��� '.Hnd/ii;otulie'red/��i^  .- i>^;b:s���ttl;tpt^{#:i^  ��� ' 'Sdioe/ibidr;sf ryeci:'-; styt/o/pr^^ : theft / tthw^  ;'T��siu^'!b^mrr!y^^'jiit  ^,:T.bey'<��ttie;fis/bif:^i  :-.: ��� ��� I t't ^." ���.' .:;-;*ril.i e;'jcH> tHi* ^r^:;>i*��^4eti ti^:m tu in'ii.i iK'J-tstd f-; 0 iV-'-'l^uig-^  . 1 i rely, free/ f*'Pin\hbM*r^  '::tld.t:?gS;^ti��y. l\>r/'l.be;  ���.- Hc-d; J.c*^^/;:;g#nv|^/^i^  /.itifsble iU;'llrst:lodd/'y|^  ; .Beltiers ''wdro;^w;'e/^  ��� meetlng.... ive'iC'/'''b.cb!.^-op:'"���/''jj?*/^'^!--::-V-jr'i*IJ**x<tvt!���"-..-;'o:I*":'��t-V"**r'VI.i.!"^-:..^;"'  ���/.������vt'dutvA"'.: ^A:-';'::^'-/^'./'':;::'/;-:';::-^  . .'ft was'lvvb'b.bitr!wf'itifmIdid^Iti-"/:'ob;'a':b.��.**>b.light;.:��i^|  ��� that t xvtt��'fuUM*il bp��-:'i*V' ��� ib*��vaifrK*aiy' of :'tlm;"sb^:-- :-*'H1^  " V V e��� w n i i t as/ gom 1 :a' meii 1 ���H&tfti&gi* *'��.;. get. * If*' .H,>/n ���*��� yM  Mvhi'-I.terJ-.Joi* a*,he//feH>ke^m^^  !iiai'w��H.Kdd'^  h,uf/ ���'. ft .waK'-t?t'keo;'//-ft'r  c SHAMROCK'MIMERAt   CUtM.  situ.;0'<* ia .the . Nt'ls<,rn M m1111*j: ).iivi*h'it( m  \V< f.? KofiO-nuy t ii -1 riett. Wacirn \<u-nU''l-~  <)n iv;tvf ,K[��jjK-of M<,iji Mitur i\f..io'j|';bo. ie*nr  Giv<--(��is( r'r��M'k.  Take n'?ti<'<? f lint f, J,H H��.\vr.*, n- n-r.-in  lor the liail MIim'n, t.iniio/<! f t'<��n i-m . Fr<*4-  ^finers ('i?{-iifIcjO��' X<v i.vi'l.i �����'{"* | uu ;-t;U. ' >Kr ^  ��1ayK. iroiu Mi" r?:��j- iH-n-..). o, ;ij,piv r".,  rh<* Mining l< <������,<!;���:��� :��,r ;, ' :��-rt UIohI" iAi-ii  proveire.-nIs. JV>r Lie- puri,*.*- n* .��i;iitinti!�� ;i  < .;ro\vi.iA;r;oil mIAIh' uhnvr cAuiui.  And further .fuke not ioc fti:>t   ;e-�� ion. iojij.-j-  s<-ci,ion .rr. rjiu;-;(  \x- <-..rMMi:ii��-.-a n^-|r(J,. j.},,..  isstiance olAu<-ti Ai-rSiar.-.!<, of h*ijK'ov*-rn,.-,f^;  ' HaO'd this l^th duv of i ><Mol.rr. j*mv��  AH   !!(.)\V!>,  THfSTtE f$8N��J?AL CLAf^.  .T.MORNE  MIWERAL.CLAIM.  ���: Si  J.".'///.:' ./HOJtscs'Hor timtn'li cUim.  t��iui*;. ,'ji -fh.AS:*..Kn* M-bOosr i��iVUkmi o'fl HNtmleVtritH'^e^^a/Mbilau i^^li'^Au^  w-^.-st K'H.t��.jmy Ot����ri'*.r... .\Vli��re tomt*-d-r '������Km>i**imv -t��*irbrtA' >^ M^'^^^Yfiv^^ri  <Oi.;t.j��wi Hlfij^.  ,ti   >n��rrtii>ni M<vi.i��ntb$; tnmr ! ���'..������Hlonc r��r'.Mbridji^. MmotUnn,UM* -���    ,   -^  Situate in the Nelson   Minftii:    Id virion   ,,f  ���West KboteOiiy  District.    Wrh^r<*  loraoni:...  On Kasl SJojjc or 'Mornljju: Mf��aul';o��i   n��>so-  Cflve-Out Creek,  'fake notice that I, J. I[. fiow^-s, ai�� n^cnj fui  ruents, for tlie jjurposeof ohtaliiln^ a rj-o^n  tIrantof tiioaOoyje eiahn.  And birtherteke notice that action. inidi-r  rfseeiion '47*��� mtrM he eominenee,<I   hefv>rr iJic  ji?ssyii.nee'of.such .Certificate of Improvement*  1   lmiv<l tofs 35tli: day of Oelohor, 1000,'  . ,.j,tb howkh.  UiVir-f *uj. < TV.-k,  0'����-  Hall   Mb.  M n.uT'., f/vrtifS  Minn,;* ^i-Hf  n<<��r!t-, ior t.h<vj.ur{  ��� irant. >>( Uw nhovt'- A  A ml O'lrtte-r hti   ^M'lt.ii,  :r;(   }iUj.-i!    he  i">!*ajK,"oi-Kterh ��� 'erU;  t>;U<M-i (hi�� 'A.sii *h  NATIOWAi E^BlEfW mtP��e��AL CLAiftH,  sittett^ m nM*.N'*-dfi<H.i Mlnn��..- ? -H-i^tou of VVW't"'  Ku**lentiy Hhtfrh't.   Whet-r i ��*nl*-tt>'()n Knnt  S!oj��.�� f��t M'>.rnn��u'   Mnnniain. e��*��r���Cllvv.otn  fVeek.  Talce. m-iti'^ ihf.il l,.f.H. \u,wrs} us nt'^ni .for:  He- Hall Mir.e��. J.hnMetl eFond^in ��� l-'rei* ?  .Mun.M-s <.>��riUtfjite No, u.-j��5.iut'��. jnM'm'j). ^Jvfv--  dnyn from Uu- Hat/- hi'n-nf, to upplv 'h> the '  MnitnK Heet.nler f��^r a ( ^-rnfirule of fmi>ri>ve- ���  jieMitK, e��r He-pun��<>?*i-or ohJalMtnu: n'Cmwie  wraot of the ?thov-'rktiiu,  And further tak^ nut hi that net ion. umtor !  '^���'���tioii ;{7,  uHiHt   he.   cnnnnciicfc!  hefore  the I  NHiismeeofwucrtjOertlrteato of Improvement*. S  !>at.-��1 :h!H25th day of October. IUM.- 'J  .!'. H, HOWFIS.  '   ^1,'A /:\'i ' "'  > *^ y    ...��iid 01 P Tf *-  TtieOmn,MiHl��^ounUlt      ,#/>  . if* l>����e��;' with Hcavy lo>er ��.>��    ^ ^h >. ,  I  ?Miidi^.io����,����l|,1,,1,,ft  v '������  ilwerb)tt'J>U��*ri��'Xon-''  -HtM��t b" p-OPEI" '  1  AMPLE  COPY^I/'i larwu i wui �� i     iiu miiu    ��<aHn  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  friieV ittt  . dmhk, Hin  ukvd nnd yarned until daylight c-amt*.  ���ii  Iiiioi  , , ,h? ���.,., their   burnen for them, and as  they  F   |lt).ithrb'ader��avenieaHovereSgti. p      -  <rk tiie"'poliee were after them,  and limbic of a  tlflhegHug��� "wuf broken  up.     That meant that two  ,v';kjilHl.j��MM,''"rhv��'ihor!*HCiiiU��rt*d.  ^fl nd nrith^r aided nor betrayed the police, but It canto  i. Toli I ���v'l.M'inirm'd with tlu* latter offense, and, be-  r   /���    j,n| :,Hd'nikvn   before u tuagiHtrate, I   wm won  ^..^t!ir(,, month- in jull. When my time had ex-  p!|jV\v;e''u'anb'd to " move <m,M tuuU went up the  r.^i'rvm'.'Inun'lWd   mile*   and took   sendee on a stock  A^jjoe ,ha��! hrefj m.nhin^  u tuinte  meanwhile.     With  l]|V;l,sj,:itil.;-.-oihj>jini'��n   be had   returned to the *M>e of  !!'-'.?,'���    ������,'i,<'.rnH'��������**'   Mid    \V;|*   tm*hilitf   bU*llK'*iS fot   fill 1)0  IWii." wml h.  'ithftnu-inu^^oiui'idt^uee tlmt I eooKed the dr��t hrenk-  |fK fur hitualb*r he turned out and that the lm��t Htlpper he  l^Tiiu-uH- in njy but i \v��t�� herdhitf edtle now, but  fe:il.*ne���ieA(wAore I imd ju*t rou tided up my herd for  Lr nii-'hl. imt! A,e riding towurcl my but to cook my  Li��ii \vtieM-twt'' bh''-it��.njt;ei> broke out of tho #erub and  iWaiie'i for hh'A.MVijni'  tip      I   t��e��k   them b��r mHCIvt��. ni  jjir>! .ii!*l did led. lee.iifid/.e  Red Joe till It** e*lllttd tWl I  ���'"Aii'i.H vt��n .is It,   Fm��er ?   When   did  you exchange  dliTji .in�� ' ���'4 *ll" -  TihA w;n��le<l m��'t ����.;dv' *Up|H*rf, but inf��M"lunth��M��   WheU  |-.i'i��ijntf/srd Folium, J ee be^uil sodthitf  qiietrtldiiH, uud,  lj��MU\   rur-lrlinsU'di,     I     MM>H     foilltd     thttt    tltC    |*ilIT   llTS^I  |p!;ujitb! :m hold uj.' -Major ttni'ttuult*. my In***,  !t"v.-;i- :. fibt.o;ee   of   nbMU   P�� mHe>   to   the   luitlMr,   ami  iui��*rr"were ,��.t  i��\��'*i'\ibur   men urouml  th��*  place.    The''  maj'-r i>:eI ;�� m' j.beW U if b him, thin* mnkbsgu foriXMcf  bA.;UA Mihru Itjeje vv'uuld he ,-b***��llu^ to kith I told  |tiii;fVii.j\v-.-p!jl':n);A\v-h''��t   they   miyht   rNHfetftud   did my  utmost'to dissuade tbem, but was laughed at in a good  natured wav.  Ah I learned afterward, they rode straight for the bouse.  Boldly they summoned the major to open the door. He  tired through a window and killed Joe's comrade in his  track. When the alarm was raised, the four men who  ��!ept in the atabies turned out and began shooting. For  a tmarter of an hour it was six to one. Red Joe would  not be driven away. He fought from behind cover, and  he fought in the open, and he killed one man and  wounded another. He had routed the outside force  when the major got a betid on him and sent a bullet  through his lungs.  Then the bandit, still lighting, mounted hi* horse and  drew ofi; and no one dared follow. With his life ebbing  way at every bound of his horse, lie rode back to my hut*  1 beard him eondng and turned out in time to help him  oil' the middle He did not aay a word until I had carried  him into the hut and laid him..on my bed and examined  bin wound.     Then he whispered :  M How had is it V1'   Am I done for r*  I (old him i��e wils mortally wounded. I 8 tan cited the  blood and gave hhtt brandy from hta flask, audf though  he rallied a little, it wa* only a rally. He was silent for  a longtime am) .seemed to" be reflecting. Suddenlv he  ?taid : ���    . . r '  " Well, it had to come, and odd** is the difference. 1  have always li'iid I wouldn't.be takenlilive, a\u\ the police  will thui only a dead man, I am going to do something  for you. Get pencil and paper and write down what I  wav.*'  He and bit* companion bad cached their plunder only a  week before in'oue of the foothills of Becmarang mountain.  He Kiid the money and jewelry would loot up at least  ��10,000.     He gave me the clearest directions :ts to  how to  f A  recover H, and i wrote the words down  as tbev fell  from  r  /|lA'^A^wvvvvvvv^^v^/^v^A/vvvvvv  &  w  RESS GOODS, MILLINERY, CARPETS AND MEI^'S FURNISHINGS  't-'tm �����>va*��wth4!n��tr.  mM&*mtm*m.i'mjm  ;-ladies; Department  >D-:.  f  3  c  l..**ties    anil  i ,S < i  '*        tl'u^-.  '     Frcn.  ! Ladies  !     tail*.-  ''it'll.. ���  SK1I 'Is  i,Ki;CN  ���'n��i   '   |  )  '"5 tvnt  s  ��iilten\  J.H-ke!^  <A    ;,',.  ���M\Cs'  .,  ��.f *;-i   I....... T  J. - UM-")| \t,^tst dfau -  '���������.-''nbtn.r i>et   suits,  n'-"    'niit'lJ!     djvssies.  ���-''.'i'lte.   o.i.sbnterc,  s;Hv,     s.aitt     antl  > ��� ��� ���{ iuiiHis- wats!**  ';';'<*N    j.n/k*Ms.  end  ���'���''" s/!::s    tsonv. heMt  '���   r,<'-t'cdinglv jtny  ' '-'u   ' made     dress  ' ;!> >; 'caeli   up,  ':   ^��� ������< ;   ���'*  -M��    i) "  v-     ''^'seb' (rem  M?x  'ceiers    and  tM -��o- vears  b'nu-'^; np  Millinery Department f  \\V are now showing the balance of our imported pattern  i::us at cost prices ; also a  hu>:c stock ed ladies' ready-  to-wenr hats at   h>\v   prices,  Men's Department  Wen re offering   men's  fleece*  lined underwear, in >i7.es 54  l.c�� 44, lrv>m 65c earb up.  Men* s:Canr.%l.vt :N:".-Wartier's',  national wool and cashmere  shirty .-and" drawers..- .ft^in  $1 ;.5��> each' tipv        '     "      .   f  Melt's.tlanu.el. cotton   flannel- |  .-. :ett,e,; cash mere and silk iii^ht |  .   *him    ". MeiVs . pajamas f' in |  "all ' weights/   ...Black   cash-,. j-J  " mere sox 25 cents per pair. | |  Latest novelties in   neckwear,-���'!  ������^^dllars, cuffs legatta-' n'egH-/.}  tree 'and-'Oannel shirts.    1  House Furnishing  Department  White lace curtains, from 75  cents per pair : chenile and  tapestry portiers, from $3.50  per pair ; chenile and tap-  estry tabic covers from 75c.  Tapestry carpets from 45c per  yard up ; Hrussel carpets  from $r per yard up ; Wiltons ...from.t Si.25 per yard  up ; /Vxmins'ters from $xt25  per yard .up/"'"  Floor oilcloth, from 35 cents  per yard up.  Wliite bed spreads in all qualities a Wool Comfortables  'from $t.25 up ;/Wool blankets (grey) from $2.50 up;  Wool blankets (white) from  $3v5o,up;..V'./;;/./;..'//A  All  Carpets  Sewn ���'������and  Laid  .Free of Charge.  A A  :^:;-:/|Ai:AA/l|lAiil  AKAA:Y:AA^A/0ll3$*f  ,|,:,A;|;A:ji||||^ \  /:/:/li;/|^IISlll$  ���:!���'). ?'A; A:i vAA/A'$!:l  'SASAKI  X&y  y-jft'1''  "Mm  tm  mm wwtWlUl'lMHtUftaiMflMWS ism  12  FHK NHt.SON ECONOMIST  ^'S|i'.Y'..YY'. X<':  his lips*.     Ail hour later he was* ��tt��n<l.  Next morning the police eoine j^diopbn: up on hi* trail,  and, though jjlad enough to bud him dewt, they wer*��  sorry that he h-id escaped the irtilLnvs. A mouth later,  when I could jyet away without anything being s��$d, t  headed across the country for the mountain.  Without much difficulty 1 found the ravine into which  tbev had descended with the treasure, but t aeiircelv bad  leached the bottom when I realized that the plunder  never wan to come into my hand*. Then* had been a  landslide and for a distance of 100 t\*$t each wav from the  cache the ravine bad been tilled with earth, roek* and  trees to a depth of 100 feet. It would have taken an army  of men a year to clear that ravine, and then a fre.-dt fall  would have been ready for them. The plunder lie.-* then*  today, nor will the hand of man ever obtain.iu  U*t of tunc,, rlo make tUU my Sunt will ��ml <,���_,  folio wm : lament, a  i leave the pro|H>rty  of' Uairhrald, and alt or!    i  and property I itmy die pf��*c��rtMl of, to  ���lv uU^Tuf  Koyle8toryund   KtlxaMh   Uovie  Dunlon .  .     ,Hrteh  SCOTCHMAN'S  WILL  t  Among many curium-* wilts mentioned In an article  on u Eccentric TttsUitor8r'* in Chamber*** Journal, i* that  of Dr. William Dunlop. one of the pioneers of tbe Cutuuln  Company, who made bis disposition* in tbe follow U*k  amusing terms :  In tbe name of liod :   Amen.  T, William Dunlop, of (tairhruid. in tbe lowu^hiji at  Colbome, district of Huron, Western (annda, being in  sound health of body, and my mind just us ut*ual (which  my friends who flatter me  say   is no Kreat shaken at tbe  lK.vau.-e Hhe h iimrrkM to a mhd*der whom ��Uh\ J, !m  she heiipevkn ;   the   latter Imnwu^ *he i* umrrie.lV>  ImkIv. nor is *|���. like to U*, for nbe Im an old ���JA   ^  I leave my silver tankard to the eldest sot, of old ,ollI  m*\Uv iVfirtSHOiiUitive of the family. 1 would imvVf'  it to old John hiuiHfrir but be wotikl melt It down hum!"  temperance moduli*, and that would l* xu-rilege \[nJ  ever, I leave my big horn Miuir-box to him ; |H. w,Ml'^  make teui|H*ruiice horn-apwit;* of that,  I leave my *i��h-r Jeuuy my JUble, thepr..|Wtvfori���W|v  of my great-gmit-gmndmothetA Hethia Hamilton Jf  Wood hall ; and when *he kuow^.iw much of the spirit of  it it* *he dot* of the letter she will hr suiuthvi gui*  tmrUthin than Mm* Im.  .labio   leaw my   tale   brotlwr'*   watch to my brotM  Snnd>\ exhorting Mm hi tbe *ame tiuteto ^ve tip Whk  iii>ry\   lhidt*MdUutt  and all other  Mm that do m^t neilv  ln*��vt him.  I leave my brother Alan   uiy  Mk'*fhvr >mtmi*^,> I  am informed be i* nttber a decent nui*iiari, with m ^wag-l  Indly and a jolly fmw  I leave ]>ar*t��tt Ctu��vtij*4* iMMggn ho��leind) tla�� MiufiJ  box I got fr��*m ftse ,Sarah*  Militia, tt* a Hindi Nu��ui��fmJ  ��� 1  Wadds Bros.,  CIRTIftCATE OF IMMOVtMtHrc.  H(��Ht��U^ v  tuM3Sm^^^^'  PROVINCIAL BOARD OF HEALTH  rIOTOGRAPHERS  Vancouver and   !9��l��c��tt  British Columbia.  Regulations for the Detection ��nd Treatment of * Dlteaie Known is Bubonic  Plague.  PlaurJ.kj&el  Approved by Order of His Honour the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council, Dated  the 6th Day of September, 1900.  1. All   sick '"Chi new or .Japanese must mrnd  or give notice of their illness  to.   the  Health'  officer or Police Gun stable in a district where  such Chinese or .Japanese refc'ide,  A.-. Physicians in attendance on nick Chinese  or Japanese shall notify tlie Health Officer or  Chairman of the   Loral Hoard or Health of  Municipalities:  i;r, if in an outlying dl-^t ri r{,  the  Government .Agent   must   he   notified!  ���Such   notification ..should Mate the cause  ����f  illness    and    the   condition, of.'?he' �����;.lands  throughout  the  body of the sick person, and  should.be delivered  to  the   Health  Officer,  Chairman of tlie 1/Ocnl  Board  of Health or :  'Government Agent, an the case may  he,  at  the earliest possible opportunity,  3, I n Ci ty M u n I ei 1 m 1 i I i en ih < ��� M ed I ca I i I ea 11 h  Officer shall be notified within nix iiour�� of-;  tlicdeatii of any (.Mdne-'M* <ir ��� JajianeMe', by the ^  person on svliose prt'mU<�� ��ueh' deatfi ocA  curred, or by somr relation or ]?er^on having���;  charge of the pern m >*t> dyinu.  ���i. In Ilural MnnielpnlitieN. the Medical  ��� Health Oflicer or the Chuirmau or .^eciviarv  of the Local Board of Ih-allh ntii^t -he m.-titicd  within six hours of'such death ; and in outlying district^, the Government Agcro or  Provincial Coiisiahlc shall be noli/led within twelve liourft after.such dcufh. rtraM noon  after as possible. Cerfiitcab's an to the cau.se  Of death must be signed by the Health Officer  in Munieipaliti' s.and inoutlyiuu districts by  the Government Agent or some person dulv  authorized by Him.  5. Any person violating any provision or  these regulations shullbe liable, upon summary conviction before any two Justices of  the Peace, for every such offence, -tea fine not  exceeding one hundred dollars, with or with-  out costs, or to imprisonment, with or with  out hard labor, for a term not exceeding six 'I  months, or to both fine and Imprisonment, in  the discretion of the convicting Court,  .CHA.BLEW JiKAOAN.M, 1).,     !  Hecretary, Provincial Hoard of Health. I  *        Bv Command, !  J. I>. FREWTWE, j  Provincial .Secretary, !  Vietorfrt. B. (X, September 8th, WH). ''   l  ��t>��tM|*v ��Hvii Mtf^mi cr'utima��HmitidotK  >V!��4'iA Mtntne hlvl*lu*i **1 Wc*t K����wrw��'|  DIM run.  Whefv  hw%\U-*l i   ��>�� ,��lnmi��tjj Mmujlftin  ; ;*������,.- .*TJRtlt^: m%%;f *2#. ItMlliI * Jolift':A<��l'4��i��ri|i^.':-.l*.'U^|  xfml���M*gMMM��*:- liitM^M x ty <&>**' 'ft mM\  '] 'dfilM^rffeif, ���l*j!��ti)%"-ii.<#:':tl*ii[?/MiM{H^ Kcwrdefj  ;,vf:fwi:tt-=C*sri i^t^i'ii' i4s..;**jr;i;*.**i*ri*v��*i4t��>.ftii^,f^r ibe p��.r-.l  -���"'''������'.:'--.'".|.^llii'ifsv*."vAs:^:\A^^  VICTORIA   ��*T:    WFi efkig ^: ^.AMl'ltel^rt^ -����^;  .'..'���./.���...������-,��."��� f^*M"��ii.����^:'��*'riKitfth:.0&rMft��*ii��(.of Itttpr^vcutwit^-j:;  '.|iNii��.^i.i'fh^-i*i--d*-r,^fKt'A*wn^fi--i^': ,:������',.'"  ���';^a:;,\a;^-'aA:::^  cciitif icATi or mpndwmwTi  ESS * 01  I ������w^.vy*��t��ife:ofl:.ui%yWvW"���r*m  A. L. PERRIER  LEAVE ORDERS AT  VANSTON'ES   DRUG STORE  TEVE  fiiv" to'im Hmm Umm^for.�� �� ^ y  Itnpm^ineis^.:^r tlnA pur|K^of ��!��unnii  f : Ami :fi��r.Ui��fr"U��kf aotlee lit jij -^    th,i  I *iutl,m '��?.- tMiwt iw6 m��mn��iy^ ^ ,nf. L  w  HAS. P.  GentkmsB's  F|?ie  Suit  A Specialty *  McROSTiE  "IN-a^'ljer of  or mm*  1    jmiwrttal-iiml:K*fl1i��c'^'^hS'^^ SB?  ute in the.KoliMin  Mining  Pl*^ ^  iKootetmy I>JHtricCr        ���   ���   Mf,unndn,Hl)<" m&  %     Where Uumt^i   PM t0?i.v   pirn  '��lt,eri' ftw*  I'J^'  " '"  Including  Articulati<  Free.  2  Vo<  Ml  ���aI Training,  Physical 'b'i  and    (.*cKtur<!.     Trial   T  iltun*.,  ulllon  mcr St , or P.  j section 87. htust he ��am����^ fm����,,n t'.. :;  lw*uai��H�� ofstich Ccrl-'"'^.^ber,}^'tt(t '  i   . ' .���������''..    ^  }"��?   '-i JJ   7   1. ^" ���*"*J)v     -4t    "���'i'.jI*   ''.i l   "     -il'-u.   /. '*       ^vi ^ 1 ,'\I'*"*"J*,p77Vr''      r'"J,^?'^."L^~,^^"'JV^JyJrr7'''<'r,T*,^"*'^','fTi~-a'li:l<'^r>im��a��B!ami��i(Mii��iiiHMii��igMwwi^ KM  THfc NELSON ECONOMIST  .rvj<M. he has done the   family in taking  i* taken,  to the end that he  13  lli,,1,1^;!lo m'an of ttislc would have taken.  r:   '" V crulill" a silver teapot,   t-0 tlie fcliu mat n<  leaV��J< ���" it 'nvfmm m ^���wtJif4irt him   under the nlflte  v<Uitik^,:ll,,in';r  '  (   J-iHrl'Silv* Wise.  rJ  ;1     .-hbok-'t-Vinv brother Andrew, beaauw he Im*  [lleavrniy/������,'���.���������. \v.dhih  'hii-ditnati) Untitle  may  ,0   i<>Ug !V  .,'..����wtih. titt'nt  <rnl<��� ;, 'V|vr;,rAnip. wuh ����� *��v��relgu Hi it, to my sbder  'r-?;m|^'^t|)-il-���.|;,j.. i��e.-��ur*' ��he to ��t> old maid imd  [^'^i^MvMre will mindly t��k��-10 horning. And  Xninnrt\v.iifr-Miuil, "* I! l��H*k<*  dwell Uo   **0   Ml  J�� awaiting developments that connection. Not a few  of the lead deposits tire held by British capitalists, and on  some options have been purchased in the past. When  the politicians and capitalists join hands, and succeed in  getting Home protection for the lead mining industry, a  rieh harvest, it is claimed, will be reaped. ������ People interested declare a great deal of British capital could be  secured for the development ��( the lead deposits in the  Slocan District if the Government could be prevailed upon to impo.se the desired duty on lead products.  It b believed that before long a change such as desired  will Ik.' made in the tariff, and that the owners of the properties itt the Slocan will Ik? able to profitably develop  their properties."  ��� .'',��i  ���IliEiKAi) INDUSTRY.  |T|v.v.uiinoh f-rAJw i.'npMH".f;����u of *����eh a   duty *u\ h*ad  |.j^^yvv'.-!l en.Mun w  the  w.frklni: nf the mine* of  L"iVoVdiivVr��^'  Kardutf  KPmnd*     In   dealing with  r^rAi)nvv1>e.'U'a*laiHt^d *****> ^t**^  i,^ tije' HnA-b . i;ai*U'n1|ia  ieud-. udm^Af*^  ��lV-tii'i't:*tJe ta^nvpitr^l--wit 1�� lhei:jrofe��Ri^  ^.f^ 'wdiie.il- Hfe- U-m^ "���. d^HopdAh^  L-viv toueiu-.! )vi. and.^ ^sm^ro/.gf*^  Tin* mm; ret *��u<:ieties of Victoria which some, time ago  organized into a board for the  purpose of fighting the  Medical A*>m>iution, which refused lo allow physicians to  ;:i^t:.:t*'taifte-d^  ;abr:og4it!o^  Yo;r^yd#t|��^  ;1 iiBrl'tMr Ctfiiiani i> ta tor/ tmni ng^ow ������ ^  vA^A::AB��'ker;?StA(NeI^  ;->������"'  A A  -i\!f.r-:<  ��U��-. WWf,flt.fi��*>.We V^fcfdl* T��-��a.��W>*��W��l  ^v*��.y i'.Ji��>i����yrJi* ,��iHf'  ^���l*V."ii��  *Jt.r/--iWl>t.j��->Mui��M>wri>Vi'>nT*w  .tu^.^m^i" :vt.<-  >**  ���'���**  '^~\  i��;,^>-;.V-.-^..'J,.;w^^.-*n^^^  irwww��.r.  -rj)  -.J/>��^-,.t-Ofc)ft*^i��.L?*^i;ia^  ^..v-^..*h��-..,^  oLftnU, onutVlft  i  m  ........ ...................;...,  tlCREQUER GOLD  MINING COMPANY, !  !..,;> WiV i ttu--n-inH..^��* 'awMomic  U.MIUD LiAOlL'tTV  1  LIE  'I'M  H  A����*ycrsy and Chemi*ts'Suppii��s  JAA;^  '." is: .  'IX :���������( .  A V  U'i.f��.Ab. * |>"';��iAft n   1  , *���, uj n-.<- ..'ttii4fj ^i I-  i��Y^iy '*^:?.' !i?4��trf I"  ���'j������:..!   <(;-?*   r?7r"wA?3A I  \   t*  r'stK.ut tlk* ���{.-���  r*'.v ;s>y .lv    t��<f  'i**' |'  H   U- ��"<n*'t;   tuj.--. |'.'  ���.asA^'^'^'s^'   ?liA f  ;;iuc i.'i'   iU��   |��n*J��* I'  *    TAiK' nv��'*<,-itn..c I  .':���=�� **f ->4<:*; 15s.��v' \f0 i.  '���'**'        ' �����  HAA^Alf^^^^^^^^^  '^' S ISA .Hr��"rvt4'3(f;V'.  w  *  ET  VBl  ������*:  [*.WHE'N y0^  BUY  IV  ���  ft  O'K,  ell & Morris  .-���r  #A  ���    #1  ������'������ ���.*  rV.*:.i.r.,(��->-i A-' ���  JEWEL  IU  ICiA  flOIffllDUIH  Dealer* UP -:A-  f  f   FINE WATCHES.  |;SPEGIALTY    a  ELSOH, B.C.  '>'<;*!  I*  w ^C-Ll ck  f��inKKlK'  t:        ���Cf��TtriCAT��.;or'iwiPltQVCMKWTS* j  |.  " /,..  ��� ;'.' I  I :    < vutml una I'yatni^ .KrrtpUjmi}l ' . Mi;��eni ���!  X ; (���I'timK.-^nittW hi.ttat Se��*t��i Mining MiviMM j  r ��� .-./LV l**4nr';  *��<*    ��*fnvu^n��l^'    Mimrrai i  C'^nips supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  ���ruit  reserves  drc  absolute I  PUREST  D BEST  it n i tiiiw ��^��tb *1h>' of H��pwmtH>r..iiw, ���.  ,, AAAAA|p|i|ft  -; 'j;:'SY,*-.';-AYi^A?S$l!|  wwrtMHWU��MMHM*HlWlBi ��A  A  ���*���  iir*Yi'  MXX'-i'  mx'.^:  mx:x::  Mx^X-:  paaa  mm  mxx.:<--  iff: A  fflfe&Y  IffA^  lis  iia  U  THh NKLSON KCONOMIST  1 'M  " ��� ��.3  ���    ��� ' ' '���.���'.".'       . ' '  1  Tlie latest (levi'lcipmeiit^ in vvir<-k's�� t��'lcitrn|>!iy prove*     Tlu> iipplitiitinti of thlx   |>ririi>ti>k- (.. t A]  that telephonic^..Qmnuiuiiinuion can In-otrrU-l ..��� ��ttUi;��i-     "^"'K l��������i �����"����!w l��|nw. Wttter,   4 rl,<'to�� PM.,^  orily at a ilisiaiKV ��^f mvr f����ur milt* without llu1 in* %*(  wires and telegrapiii*' iiitks��*ujjvs imu��iniiied at l<\t*i in  miles ami so oti imieiiuitoly. By mean* ����f ht*trum��*nN  tuned in li:iriiioii\ .lornHi ����ih��*r, a mnii ��nav U�� tmiithMi  ���that he ss-w.arit.efl   if he is   within a radius of two  mile*.  rulluuliHM ��.��  I *h.M|,|   ]imk lnilki.���� a bu-vrl, <"���  f H  runner. ��;5*;.'    ' "V'V> *<>'btH  Provincial Secretary's Office.  examination  of Assaycrs  for  Licence   Co  Practice in British Columbia.  jOTICF. is iit'Oihy irivi-n Ann*, in m'eonij��u*i'  wiili section 12 oP'Jimvau nf Min��** A**i/'  a gpecin'l  examination fur ttiiohuey  hi  the  'IpnicUceiofu^yln'jfAvill i>e held in thodiy *��j  Kelson, oit���'Deeem'her'fn.l aw! >ueh  fot!mvln��  :rt��;ysas* rhay be' fm\ ml nceo&t r\.  IVtails of nieh examination may u�� ft��t��inl  in the B. G* (hr/,ene-~on flit* in <wh ����<>v����m��  nient Office;    ��� ��� .  InieiKiiTiir C4iiubdftt<'> sh��>nid nutfc��* uppHen-  tion for Fttc*ii e'x��minuii����M ied��>> i�� uiIvuikv  ���'io.tbe Provincial Asr��ayrr. Secretary of Ifeutnl  of Examiners* Victoria.    Snei* application u*  .W'' fte��lomra��'k-d with I hi- U*r of $10.  iUCHAHn MelUUnK.  - :"y MnuAiir ��ii Min*".,  1 K��partment of Mirier,  Victoria'.'. B.:C..���!:!.�� Nhvi-jlImt, JMM��.  WHOtESAtt A��80 tiTAti  f    HEAD  dFFICE:     NELSON, B. C.  ROuSSi4'K0.  "���',..��� sAii:'6o"��.  .StOC.II|::;CfTY.':l^A|pl  k f-}  riiv  Pacific  AND  S00 LINE  FiRST-GLASS SLEEPERS  <.Mi A11 T.n? 3 si.*i. if'ifm  REVELSTOKE MS KBOTEHAY U!U-  -"���a ijs��;>���  SHORTHAND  't<vAr���cei;vgAj:>u|5B  to; ���; tdicli:;;tb'e-  '���'.-'' =-�������� ���������*"' .'   ' *A ���. ���������, "-���"       ���"���'->'���' - '.'A '..". '','' Vy :������-.;. ''/'.'..'A.;.--.-.: :.���:-.,..   .-j ;������ ���". ������-���_.���. a-- ":���������'������> A-".' A:  OFFIOI 01? NELSON CCOWOWiST  Wl*fc��iM��W^i^tW*WMV^WWwftWWi.J>��iti��lil'l��  Nelson Plariiri  '{'.'.#; ii'Stll  "Si  .������.#v..,fiWJ  e;-yam  TOURIST    GARS  'Vaulting ���. bimmwi   Junction    Im'IIv   [Ar 'Hi  Paul ^alurdayft   fr��-. Monfrwit and   hfweon'  Monanys and Thnr����day.t�� ff��r.Tor<>iit*>i  Sanif cars- pu��*tt.iU*'v.et��(-oke one day <��arlh'r.  A POINTER  For your Kitstfrn trip  SEE THH YOUR TICKET REUS ?!A CAHAOIAS PACIFIC  TRAINS AND STEAMERS  ">Bri'ART   |     8t4Jttin^r for   Kootenay   Landing, i  5.00       Valid��� KaKti'im   poinlH,   vi*   ip^vA  dailv    j Nest route. I  .'8.00/     |    Train for KoKKland, finuni Fi.rku  S  ex. suw. i Greenwood, Midway, ,-ie. ' \  9.00       (    Train   for   Blomn   ritv, hi<k-a��J  kx   sun. (pointH. and Sandon.        * |  ',-    16,00     I    ttteamftr for Kaslo and   InhTm,-  '  ex. sun. \ diate points.  Train    for    RoksIjukI,    Nakt^p  ���  -",����",">,   Main,* Line   and   lv ;  points.  ��� !  For tiine-Uibltifi, rates ana iun  information!  <-*a 11 on or address nearest- Ioca) a^ent, o*  Ik 40 ^ IVaJn for laws  niriv" > Hevcisttike, Main,*  ��AJi.Y    ^e}f|c coast poinL^.  B. W. Dkew, Depot Agent, | ��� '  H. L. BliOWN, City Agent,    j *��l"��>��. H.��.\  '. F. Anderson,  Trav. Fatsfi. Agent,  Nekon, B.C.  ��. J. Coylef  A.O.'P. Atfeni,  Vuneouver, H,(\  .1  ��OW��**i��rtl��iY.'-  Doors, Sasheis and Turned  Brackets and Office r*ittingi  n<���wmpnipin" '*'  T'  �����    r^^,  i*^  n^  J.vJ  To lluy  Your  UiTS  S;v3'l  satisfaction' Guaranteed.   Prices Beasona  t  .*-"'��srWe  p    MANAGER'FORE..SKINNER,  !���   v*   4J"^(UIi%i.5    Announces targe ���Imppr����t,iol'l:��  Scotch and   Irish SERGK.S. TWEEDS, WORSTKD> -A-  St.  TROUSI-IRING.S.  T *���  �� ���"<!��� s  f ��� -- rt  *��� ���>V."'J��  i-5 -6  ' lie  *���        *  i  i ���  m&mmmm  WS^MBmmimmkMmMmmmmmxmmmmmi  VM3S5M!aMiiMISS��MS����8��OTi'<B^^ Mi"  >'>  mm  JV-. �����*%! *  s,v"^H   ��  A~^i(  Ai#t  I!'     M   .......  >j' <',>AiwA  < ���* **ii *  '   v  ���**��  *V>d  ��      ���  > ���*  -�����   ���   <  HAND  11" ^w  llAuTiiiJiwirT-  ^n  *t��  *Jr>^'  1 **' fiLOG&l  ���1  *��� *  GOVERNMENT BUTTER  AND RANCH 'aMflfeV  V    <  ,IX.     *  I i  ih^  t�� i  IVr  f��5  ���!UAK  'tf.<S  to.  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GIBSON CO  >.   j>  ft***  fe***?f3  *i"*J  \  m   ^   >ftf j *  wA��ufACTu*ess or  ?; i*   ��  Baking Powder, Flavoring Extracts, Vinegar,  Pickles, Sauces, Spices, Etc, Etc   ���   .   .  \    X   ij  \VIX1VIPKCK MAN  i  HI  t *  'B "rwwiairt <3ub.HM  **^waim!^wa��itw(rt*�� ������� wt   ��.��������-������������, *.iw����w m>mmi��i  ���vrnMCMWaen  ���MKHHMklMWHlM  ��� <l IWIW1  COAL  $6.75 PER TOR,  DEMVEIB  h  * A  * *  l3  r���>    < tf  H t,  J-  u*  ^;l  h<?��  ti  1      /r��r- t      <"  Um^ and  Qtdiion�� f��r  'tncs  2s,*->..  >."*���, <*MKIh.*<I<lftu>4My*  k ran B* t  g   filial 1��4t  It "\*BkJVmnt  J?tfS.  ���   ��.  r ^  ��� it  '  ��*  h  ���5.  I-  t '*'  Sv'rj-  j.A  'j:  k wmMi>��>i t i* w ��  #  ���4k��u>-*wr rtwu^faw^Ytw ���"��� ��w-i****�����** *****+ ����v    r* �����*  im w*-�� JHi r *���  ^ f  *      J  *,   r  1  *"*.  7*"  V  ���*    *�����+  -,     *���  WITCHES  complete line  oftUe  GENUINE  ��>  "1847  99  Rogers Bros.  Knlve*, Forks,  Byte catelelly e*a*t��wtl ���*.<���  1*��f teiiy *tt��J to ��twbeat giwat  it you want^totcuow ttfcew p\l  ChristmiiS t^rpMMtaiv I a^lftnt  of course* at JMSd!* wW^A* ^^Kflwbo��Kfat  his goodt ffeKt, and wilt  wants* W�� sell *��i* ^  money*   He ha* tlie  which he will g t*araitt��if  enr prices.   He want?  no doubt yon want to ~  We caa "exchange ^     ��� -���-.-���-���  any  trouble.     All g���^^%R^^,%ne  graved free of ehaige rW%%^*l��e prepaid.  i. He  ���nt^yaar  f   eane/a^apar^  |jeods,and  JTTfMaifc  without  > >��  * .���*'  -<>  <  *  T  **  ���^  uaawaiMaaveeal  ���  /IT  JACOB DOVER'S  t  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA  >�����������+������������������������+����������������������������������������+�����������������������������������  MM*  MMIwrHIWfcMHTf�� HnWIW m  ��,����!����*  TOVES  h% f \fV A At  J1  ^ ^  A..4f  fV* A  if '���:'  ivf  <i/T��f-  kW/^P I  ii    H  *fpH "     ,V-I<V,*��-'   * i ' 1  cA^^^^vtr ^^11^"  '*  s,  rt i.


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