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The Nelson Economist May 2, 1900

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 '*       t,i   *  '-��       n/*"i      <��   * '    ^   -        rv��    "A^-a^A  J. ��#      *    �� 4*  ���*���' j; '**&  mum *  j^  ^  h*tm S^/lm-mA direct fm^r Ike manaftctm&t.  ���. > *  -.- -  ttslhrtt fillet' ^u; * -v.* 'V V 4* 3aTa  '*��*.  ni'  r  *sn  iJi  ll  *���-y%:-:( ���  ft)kMtft (ittlft'iMie obr flock i��tuMcfor tWt wintar,  !|,y^��  r��*  TO HOUSEKEE&  y ��  If ''?��k  ".41 a A #i  lft>liH^W��^UflHm...k,  3feyd{pt3ti*t-5SicSoi��, , -'-v^^.^fcya  a;,  UiMWiTowitKttstt ��y^!M����l��li��U|iu|i��u��s��i^��^  Uo(*iiT����H}fiff_.       .*, , 9ejd|���MAwiiMh^biiipi* ��Hc QACC^  r.7Stai����i*ni.  U^&^w, dXtravnt^Wj **>'��������;_,-       ��  j    r  >Wr <i|ft)^>rtiittUr ^ ^ ft'e to*^ qu^iiti^ *>f Rouse F^r?ii^tU^ nt won4^rfutly ito fHrihm*  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  jBAfcg* HWrtfT-  tbw    wittnb Ifcf >J*^���� ����*�����'  JTuwiHnna  ���fcfc* ^  ^ It Ml I  I     'r^.  "ROYAL SEAL" Ci^  ;4Ctt^^Atteote��ay Belle  f ^ tW^SW        U     "*** MMT.t^rtliWWr*-!-*-'-*'1    ������������MH1W  -���        5,  7 w  \  r  '.V KW.  ��� tSI! ���  Bonnie Fives  Vestaiias  islie lis  I)  AIL ��M0�� MM t |  > \ m ^As,'��o. mjJ.l> >  V-^^i,^^    o  k. A -;.    .. L^   yyj i^-i^S^t  s��~r\. v scs"'  v%,  i  ��-.  !  f  /: #��^ * > f^  '4 --1 lg��i  ' ��� :t*s  5  H     *  5 v  *     rf j I |  i     Is n  ^,    rt"!  r.  i ����  i, * *  *   rj��*  n ^v T ? "Cf  ti * ;��T^ ^^��M firs1  ft   ^ ' ^IIIWIIII  *?'  Ir h' v^y4ASi&.: Of.' If"  t  * S  *   *  t. x  *   -  *t  ��� f - ^ '   , *  _. ��   - 4 * '  r*    * j *  f��!j i  ill11- ���  I'll J  ' O  i��6r  frfS"  '     ��  ,ASi  ��� A *WA,fJ  ''*"* ^  *?*-  I*-   *  ENtt&gfcft* hfWtwt *��itoa  TregTir'R8eaBi,iir',T TrraE  \nS.��  O <  f  I   1  ,. 1  n  ��    '���  T   -    f  ivl '  '   I  JCpg^v'is. Knocked  * C        * *' e* "       J *       "*       "    *      ,.    *.  T- 4-    " c  ' 1   *   ''  * '    iff  *    4  *     J  t     -   *  ���V,  P _  ,. < *l  si s  i.     a ^   "V.  r ��      r -i a  V * t *     ^  t.'  4��  it . - '  .-3  i- as  ^1     ^  i1- J^\  11  $%'&  r��l  /^  4 -X*  V    ^f^  ��4,  4 ���* - AVr> a '-��� .ft .'"UHll  W-l  frti  <.%<��&  ���      i  fVXA  '��t*  i  -i  'I  e1  ** i  Ii n me  4�� t  <1  j ��*  NNCttS  Which are ��nivi*>&  4      ��  REMEMBER *l'r8y "T^T! T."! *!***$.  ���      '^��-*4*  Sss^i  5 4.*-  *  >��'  1  i  1  4.  Call mad inspect ttmn, and ca��tl mtlf,  as we are here to serve you.  Our Watch and Jewelry Repairing Department*  An? A i, a* we ��n!> employ the be** workman.    Mail order* revive  oiir promgi aitenfiofi.   I?o��*t fotgei the |ibce   w  fuk, ���< h,  p%j  i��y  ns  4.%  ��  K^^fe  -1*.  JACOB DOVER'S, " TH E  Nelson, British Columbia  fpe  :1  ii  :w  ^:  ���#ix? *  Hi  A?!b  hi M,  "%���  ��  ^ysf   ^ ",  ^��w#'lM��f#����el��#������<��������<  *fc  4��-wm.   x WMid^m Ak��  ^ wrvei^ 1  ,.���<.������  5   #  ��^  \4 vis  aa!  *     .^       . ^. J!   I. 4  \ i  i> A  a  I!  ">*-  �����n**-Mfl'*-XTr�� ������  l5-��^,'  ' .1  SI   '.'v,,'   ? ,f ' '������'!  If     . l r   . L NELSON ECONOMIST  VOL. f!L  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY. MAY 2,  1900.  NO. 42  ////���: XKLSOX KMiXOMI.sr 1* i**ntd -rmt Wnhie*<hnt  <tl (hsCijij *��/ Xrtet'H* 1L t\% hij IK M. i'nrhij. Subsrrip-  tbnk : '^'Jfl /**���/* annum ; if pahl ns <utrnun\ #/.#/.  *,**hrrt*i��iwlrtkre in* uittftrr* uf tjrutrtit' intcrt"W trupfrtj'nil//  *i,ti*:iUt{t Out 11 tttiicU* of mrril trill ht mlrrrlitftl in  lhr& t-ftlnwtitt* tttttt ihr iitltrtft* *if rtttdrr* wv7/ /���� r��j7-  /��//*/ tfHurthd n*jnih*t #>��.- wtmihlr p*n<*n* and irurlhtt1**  ttrtielf*.  Pay!    Pay!    Pay!  jfewpUftK**.'*  Xonct:,���Theo* im* several hmnirH readers of Tin:  Kru.voMisT lH*ht��i*l lis lUvlt *uhs<-ripti��ui.<*�� No doubt this  U sittrihiiUbtc Co ttt'^lwt ntul all tlint will In* require*! to  **iimiiy �� hii^ty rv^jiou*** la thi��* gent It* reminder.  QO FAR as outward appearances gor there are  no  v^    indications of any change in the political situation.    Joseph Martin's visit to the  interior has  not  .strengthened   h\*   position.    Nowhere   has   he   succeeded in winning a  following, and   it   will he something in the tmture c*f a miracle if he carries one seat  ,'iu the Kootenays.    Although his meetings have been  well   attended, his   reception was not  encouraging.  ���from his standpoint at least.   The Vancouver HW*/,  .however, professes to see strong indications of Martin  snr< ,;v<( as a result of the  campaign   thus  far.    It is  Grange that these signs   ese;��|>ed the  observation   oi  everyone who attended Mr. Martin** meetings  in the  Kootenav.    The truth is. no one has any faith in the  ���Pieuiier, and while some planks i\\ his platform meet  ���with   ireieral  approbation, the universal   impression  prevails that they are there onlv to trap tlie   unwary.  Mr. Martin is a de.id politician in   the  minds of the  people of the interior oJ British   Columbia, aud   it   is  satisiaetory to  learn  thai   the  other portions  of the  Province do not contemplate seriously his pretensions  ior support.  Wiv rather tear that perhaps the greatest issue in  the present .cauipa'igtt in being lost sight oi through  consideration dim the aedon  ^��i lJeiitAGoveruor Mclnues in turning his office into  a political machine/ It was admitted by Mr. Martin,  in Ins speed! here, that the Lietitenaut-Gpvertior in  dismissing the Turner administration, was guided by  the published reports in the papers, and that the parties were evenly divided at the time with the Cassiar  election .pending; Cassiar afterwards returned (two  supporters of Mr. Turaer, which, if he had not been  dismissed/would have given him a majority of two  in  the   House.   -.The  dismissal of Mr.   Turner, oi  course, caused one or two others of his followers to  flop, but the fact remains, according to the statement,  of Mr. Martn, that the dismissal of Mr.   Turner at  that time was a flagrant violation of official duty on  the part of the Lieut-Governor, presumably to either  gain notoriety or advance the interests of his friends.  Perhaps the dismissal of Mr. Semlin was not so highhanded a proceeding, but  it served  to show the extremes   to  which   the Lientenant^Governor is  prepared to go.    These should   he  among the most discussed questions in the campaign, and they certainly *  supply the best material for the arraignment of Hon.  Joseph Martin.    The fact that he accepted office uri-  dtr existing circamstances, places him iu the position  of being compelled1 to de(&\\d the conduct of Lieut.-  Governor Mclunes. .     ...     -  The visit of Queen Victoria to Ireland has ended,  and Her Majesty no doubt feels pleased with her ^reception in the Emerald Isle, after an  absence  of 39  vears.  Thk attempt, last week, to blowy  up the Welland  Canal has created considerable excitement in" Eastern  Canada.    The miscreants  have   been  apprehended,  but there is some doubt as  to whether  the  Government feels  disposed to  prosecute  them   vigorously,  fearing the prisoners mny plead that their attempt to  blow up the canal was only a political offense, and so  raise an international question.    It would be "a rather  deplorable condition of aflfairs if foreigners were  permitted to enter Canada Tahd  commit crimes  of the  character mentioned, with a feeling  that  they could,  not be  punished, because they   were  citizens of another  country, and  thus  evade  due   piinishment of  their crimes by pleading that their act was a political  offense.    Canada has laws made for the protection of  all, and the administrators of justice should  not be  ���deterred in the performance of their duty  on such a  flimsy pretext.  If Premier Martin has the principles  of  the  Lib-  ''eral\party^  combination   with-. Conseryativesf   What   would   be  thought of a Conserva^  Liberals and when discovered boast of his party  loy-  hitv'?-;';.'-=-;":i--     y",  Th k Nelson Conservative Association has homin-  ated Mr Frank Fletchej as its standard-bearer at the  fortiicomi'ng Provipetal election. Iu doin^ so, the  association has placed its strongest man in the field,  and this is not said by way of disparagement of any  other aspirant for the  nomination.    Mr;   Fletcher is  '.' 0-*S  ' o  ��� *\*  <���:���'��  A/A  * 'A- vS  y 1. .  V   < 'I'-;"  '."   ' -..i -41  H  ��� AM I  >; . $59  mmmmmmmMffl&smSBtiffiM 4  THE  ECONOMIST  ��fA  I'  y.'nplpn^  many-:friends," who, although  ihey-/tnay��� cilffer���/���frpiii;  ;'him.'^  to;the LegislatureAo-The.a  .'" ��� ���������     '������'':.���,'������.���''���''     .''���'..���'������ <������������ :'���'���:-'���'���������'���'���:'-.���     ' '   '��� '      ..'���; ���!/-/,'������,'.'���   ;     ��� ';'������ '. ��; '������''.���"������  * ':    -������:���������.',   '  ���������MryJ?le^  1>pund,^will:;hiake; every/lmheslA^  his election,   Tirk' Economist heartily endorses all  ,tbe'pleasantth^  moj ning papers*-. ���'/'���������/'"',; ./"v/a       -l'' a'-'  ��� flmawftn.nmtWMit)*** .own*  :-SteeveJHA.dii;:n:  I/-:;heore��lied;:' oa!;\vroie:-  'i.-,*'"'ry::���;.���*������ "'������:..:��� f... '��� ,' y"V,vO'' ��� '��� i:,.    ..;-  ���" o  o*;:AAi*Do^  '*���*  ���  * <���  va,;;*^  y:garditig";the;: death'^pfy;&  .:They.:.:.toId::'';;.;me;:;  /everythiogAto  ;.;tbey.';;,ha<Lgo^  ;;t:b^;-;t\v6.;.ii'u  ; great:,;:pr<^^  :::V.ery;:/ill./::A^  :;,:tn<^sage:?^  :.;my:^apprpv  /gerously'il  ;;a^ked:;f;,;^  :7#Sk^  .eye$^/;Hey  ;fear//I^  ���-���:.������'���'���"':yO"y,v'-O'-y".-"'.:: y'v. .���'y:: :.. "������  ���������������     ;.-.:���   ��>������ ���'������:'.'���-,���.������������.   ':'.-   ���������':���'-':���*..''���������.''������-������'    ������������''��� ,.-. ���' 'OO :������������.������"��������� O ���' ���'��� .*   ���    :������    ,���.���'''''  :::.;:-:o;;y;;AAoo  .;a;^drtrik,y  ���pfclmmp^  itig,;"^ fbemorn*  ing/.we^  terr/miimt^ .mid/'tmlk.^  o'clpcko:/he/com^  menl/so'treeiyt^ '\<  leftA-'M  sl^p;'y^  orlanr^Jrhjil -ill** i*iirl a^^i^ it^air:  &r    I* *.����� ��r ��� ���%��-.  /'himself,back ^^^  ������ ent /all/^^ more 'to:' '-be  done.'���'���:: He;; was-;asleep:. b'reathlog : qui:le;:- quietly ami  orqjuterty^  away ^peacefully ���so peacefully..'There'; v'i$-: noihing:  more to tell ���save this, that all through bis Vickies*  he was so patient, and he fought splendidly against it  to the verv end;  The hungry office seeker is strongly in evidence at  Kaslo and numerous, applicants for the-vacancy created  by the resignation of John Keen are willing to throw  off on party and friends a ud -join the Marttfl procession, provided the promise to secure the office of  mining recorder is forthcoming.  >fV  Ihk Vancouver Pmbtnce,: has': tlie following;  "Mr. Martin has decided to be a-candidate for election  in-Victoria, his running mates to he Minister Vales,  a prominent Conservative whose name is hot men  tioned and a labor representative whose identity is  also unknown. There is natural]v'/some speculation  as   to why the premier should ii:ne decided to   be  a  ^candidate:;U: bpt 'ii;,; Vmmm ver ^^>a^Vi^rirt; Wi)^  :Success;';here/the'^  /ers;lsa^^^  ���otfe: j>oss;iW^  prpininettctj;v:caij:/i  ;i?iA:Victoria;,::Tiheric^  itiieriiitmelf u  ^^^���'Cdndidam  |^t'A$^  *hee'autuotl^  (|pite''ea!ndid'::'lre;^  ^i/:pros:p^ct of eteetioii"'  '%*'  .���"������"CJ< "..:������,'���' ���'������  ��� 'W*.V<��/j.. .^hmw fKv*;.  '.*'!'%'.  .^itl^yert^heyyrig  /;^fartiu/;wiis;;^  .erumeuty  ::-;witiv:';jt)ie  ':'sh'oir!dA/:I^y;-^^^^  :;;Shotgd'':it/:;trii:^  /#K3:iMou';:-eom  ;;ttigA|^^^  ': I'tiiiielit :.t he''''tviui!;: y:',',:o  ;'(\MRr'Jiffl*$^  '���'���fy'ty  .���^:':the':day^^  ;' n \ iiible ������ t p' priu t .;t h.e ��� Wcl r & S ��� f h.fe:^^|i  t)f^fect^1t.:is/fHie.;:iiic!i:^  ;Ecc)Kd*tistrAo$d"'Mr,y:;H  ���cuHa��J^.b^;^u.m  ���or so,.��� oir ^we shuI!' .^ccSw^   ig^addrcssf.  ^II'AlJilj&ies/  i|M&'':i;>yev;.^.re  ''^l^M;;:"!iHt'it:et,::  ���r  ^^4^^���>fe��s*fti<u6��**'.,  A*r,��'  ./: ;It.;iii,amuslng the^tjf;ves:-':"  politician*? ftrt\nHMnjr*lje^:^  ":"V   it*.ifl'f*CTitiailW><*Wafr.     '-'o-v-l<+^lnw��,��*.W��;irtt.i*itit...  /���' Of the ,numi>er'of candidates in: the  honors-it" nia.v well !W:'s;tid that nnmv  few' are,:chosen���./ <  eWTor''j^Iitic.ftl  ire::-������called ������but  ,-  AM*. ..:.(��� HHM,^  *!>.,  Pi I it fol lowing lto:vk:$ '.'have'. Vbcetr received ^at/the  public library; No;'.5.joh.o' ���Street*/by .Richard Whit-  iug/.Scarlet Woman/ Joseph' .' H'ockingr ���M'fli.ry ��� :.'IPag^t��-  Mina Smith;' -'More,':Cargoest::;Jacdl>s;/:R.est!rrectionA  Tolstoi; James Mcreclit'h'/.Patjil Leicester Ford; :From.';  Cape'=��� Town:"to :I;ad'vsmitIi;.'Steevens; afoatV-'" of:.the-  Sword.HarKL Crockett.-  ��� T.hk'.Kootenay Cigar, M>uHifaetttriug':;Coinpany is-  extending its Inisiuess "all. over "the Proviijceo ��� Tins  firm is even shipfiing goods to Vancouver, and the  lovers of the weed at the Terminal City will .'.now  have an opportunity of smoking good cigars;'-- /������:". .  iMsl^  a^m^anyMpm ^  r"  ^  r <���  XWtl    *1j.^.f     Jfl  ���Wfc"  ��� N^W  ���^������TBIt'*���^"  ,fc  )  1     I  ll.  V   I HHSQM  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  '"rMIK event of the past %vee*c iu Nelson was the pre-  J~     sentaUon by amateurs of Gilbert & Sullivan's  ever popular comic  opera, **Pinafore."    I would not  like to say that it was the most artistic  production of  this opera ever given in British Columbia. In the first  place, that would leave me open to the ch rge of flattery, and iu  the second place, I have not seen every  production of this opera given in British Columbia.  Hut I will say,  that in 22  years,   I   have seen   this  opera as many times, and although   perhaps a dozen  times by amateurs, I have not seen a more acceptable  amateur   production   of "Pinafore/'    It  may  have  been local interest that created this appreciation, but  I rather thtrtk it was the real merit of the performers,  coupled with a desire to do their best.   The whole  interest  of the opera surrounds the captain's pretty  ���daughter, Josephine m\d  it is only a- due appreciation of merit to jjay tint Mrs, Macdonald didthepart  justice.    It  has bseu customary to say that so-and-  so  was eqtjrd ��o a profession a!*    in the case of Mrs,  -Macdonald this can Ik* asserted without overstepping  the mntk.    This lady not only sang sweetly, but^she  also gave evidence of dramatic inspiration not found  .in  one amateur in n thousand.'   At no time did  she  overdo the part and she left little, if anything, to be  desired.     She deserved every   bit of the applause  she received fro n a most appreciative audie ice*  Mrs.  ���-..GoejK:! is also an amateur of more than ordinary ability.    She sang according to the score, and, like Mrs.  Macdonald, did not attempt to improve upon the text,'  an en or   into which  one or  two   others  frequently  h) M/d.    Little Buttercup is rather a trying role,  but  Mrs. Gocpcrl won   repeated  applause,  which  proved  Athat her <-flf��tts were duly appreciated.   Mrs. Whalley  sang well and acted  even   better.    She  well  understands that much depends upon maintaining the interest of the audience, and with this object constantly in  view, she distracted attention from what might  have  been distressing -\vaits" on  the part  of others.    As  ��� .Sir Joseph Porter, RaC. IL. Mr.  Freeman-Lake was  ���simply inimitable.     It is a role (or which this gentle-  '���man is peculiarly   adapted.    Mr.   Williamson has a  !4<mk1 voice, which, in conjunction with his  excellent  acting, demonstrated that his selection for the part oi  Capt. Corcoran could not have been  improved upon.  To Mr. Lochore the role  of Ralph   Rackstraw  was  t^igned.    'Phis'���gentleman, has a^^eellent  voice,  which was perhaps!most acceptable in the  duet with  Josephine.    It was a sweet blending of voices.    Of  all the  gentleman/ perhaps not one comprehended  more what was required of hinL and {Suppli^/'the^de-jy.  maud more conscientiously and appreciably than Mr.  Winters ', His make-up was in strict aeeoid with/the  part  oi Dick   Deadeye and his  singing  and-tacting  were  only-, what the people of Nelson have come  to  expect of him when he appears on the stage.. In the  du-t'. ' The   Merry M tiden *iul the Tar/'Mr. Winters   was  at   hts  best, an<l was  repeatedly encored.  Mr. Lawrence, as Bill Bobstay, had not much singing  to do, but did that little well. Mr. Lawrence is above  the average amateur and knows well the value of  keeping things moving on the stage. He sang well  and was awarded liberal applause. The chorus contributed their share toward the success of the "production, and if space permitted, much could be printed in  their praise. The same might be said of the orchestra,  which was under Mr. Steiner's leadership Indeed,  the orchestration was a most enjoyable feature of thfe  production. The dancing of little Miss -Quinlan  should not be overlooked. She is a very clever little  miss, aud from a terpsichorean point of view, she  may be regarded as almost a prodigy. She well  earned the almost boundless applause with* which sh  was received. The tableau "Britannia," wasreally an  artistic conception. It was a pleasing innovation and  the selection of Mrs. K. C. Beaton for the ^representation of * ���Britannia" was a happy^suggiestiohv: The  singing of "Rule Britannia" by Mr/Lennox, in which  the chorus joined, was spirited and evoked pleasing  comment. The scenery, painted by Mr/Halton, was  beautiful. As intimated before, there was very little  for unfavorable criticism in the whole performance,  aud the participants have every reason to congratulate  themselves on the success of the first production of  amateur opera in Nelson, and my only regret is that  kck of space does not permit of more extended notice.  *-s.-V  The Pope has two hobbies in life. The grounds  of the Vatican have a special corner devoted to birds.  Every one of these is known to His Holiness, and  the Pope's great delight is, when the weather permits, to sit in the aviary and listen to the singing of  this famous collection of the feathered tribe. The  Pope has been known to admit that whilst so engaged  he has been enabled to turn over and settle in his  mind some of the most important matters. * His other  hobbv is chess..aud even at his advanced age he is an  exceedingly expert player of the classic game.  *  AV  r*     '       ''A'  1��    ��   ��  A //#���  >i ^ i'.yt  ..   y 1  v.      .uj  .  .   .\m >* .if  t ,       V>, t,  '    ' -A?  ' ���   A?;/i  '       ' * ' it', i  "*'����� ,\*jty\  'A" ft'A',1  -  I It���,   <J  i     ;, "i'-'I  e'  "    o "A4  - -AA*  ^r *.���>"���  ?���' 'ml  /f  On  a  trip which the Gladstones, T^miysons  and  other distinguished people made in one of Sir Donald  Currie's ships around Scotland and over to Denmark,  this story is told of a beautiful woman.    In the party  was the beautiful  Miss  Tennant, who became the  heart and soul and glory  of the whole party, and  entranced every body from the sailors to the  Prime  Minister, with  her charm and cleverness, her good-  humor,   and her overflowing  spirits,  which  placed  everybody at her feet.    One of the  sapors whom  she asked whether he was  married, looked at her  and said, "Yes, ma'am I am sorry to say I am* ���; and  this she said, was the highest and most subtle compliment'she-had ever.: received. ;/; ������; ���rA:/;y^^;A;;//���/;���.���:���J���:^  It is going a little too tar for Mr, Martin to ask  the whole province of British Columbia to assist him  in his policy of revenge on the Canadian Pacific  .Railway4 What would British Columbia he to-day  had it not been for the enterprise of the men who  built the great national highway ?        ' P. G  K*nwwsf��mtft��B��RW  15Stk9^*?^!135^^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  m  mt-  PROVINCIAL ELECTIONS, igiso  To theEUclon tfNetmnElectoral Dittrict A  .''' 'A' ���''.������ ���   A''a :' /.' ' ��� A ��� {��� . ., .      ' ' :'.'      A*  ; ./'/y/GBNti^  pfer myself as a ci  election to rep^  self, in the legislative a&?^  hei��with submi  l. v.: The abolition pf the $200 deposi t for candidates  evemra^  ;V/:;:U^ted;^  r//:;||T|:^  the Prpyiricei   In am iti fevor of thcreasiirg t  /'/r^ntatioh^  A;,h;aye.^':m^  //Thi^  ;;:: Province^  /''���'of;:;;prp^  /.'y^urse;;o|'lectu  ;;'/:C'hine^:;immig  //ip/a;grealr^  voanid^kih  :/;;-/4//:^  ;:;epltimbia,.y ;���. l'.tirnk:Ttis;  ;'���:'some Irden t;:su p porter' ^ s  ������:duties:.of ^ the;salary.: :��� ;:^A:,;; -  A:./ ���'������Sv.^  /.|iyt:;ib^--fatvpr/ of; '/-sa.inei-/-:-A'-s'��������-;:.ma��cr';'or fact; if :tM--  miners vvant to. work^  lieve they should only :\vork;: that time.;: '.aud;-- if ..-Isome.-'- A-'  .; do :not; wish to work at all /.I. am;$tro'ngly ��� in: favor; of -..'/"  : the principle. /.On., the;other/hand,'.if themine^owiiers  cart show me, and I am open /:tp.:o substahtial' con vie-  ^ian,/that ''th^  'ten; or.evetr t wel ye hours per day; I',' ahrola vorahle ^ to  their cloing so, and. will not oppose them;  /���/i^ of/the. Province,/!  .thitik,  would be a wise provision, inasmuch as the officials  sent out would be in a position to give "pointers 'to  friends and supporters of the Government, mid thus  cotiveiiiencepfall. thatth  may teprtnt^  9.   I Mlieve jn thee  atid with tliat end in  vkw/  vertisements and bthem  f^ complete sym  a.;<iiiemb^rv;;/'Al!;:^  ;/y:|��-:/t  Nelspn;;ofa;;ich^  branch^ pfel,ocuttop:;:m  ,;;'//.rt/  hod* ���**��$  11 the;afmti^  13J*  ....... ;t/A;am;A  'Muttic^^  .':;shall��;not;;hii.ye::wm^  ;fen^  ���a/:*3S^  ���cee^iu/^^  y&/o|^  ;porilptip::  ;#.hetber..it/be;^  ;:Mart!ht^  /vid^'Lim.^  ������........,.., ,*/pro>;  ^fitia|^;;Mitmteri  tf  sr/'otAau  ;fel;c0iM^  ;PppostttpiF(M;rty>  '//T4-;/^^  ppverutttent  . .^outh;nm<mH  et jDirfef t tii /��� lai.iK>.ir/--i r't' ���  ���/them-io-;thelr6ut^,  enable favorites to acquire valuable mineral lauds to  the disadvantage of the miner, prospector, wild cat  speculator and other graspitig monopolists/  7. The adopt ion of asystemof Govenimeut ownership and operation of railways. In this.-connect ion-1  would favor the purchase of the Nelson tramway  lines and transcontinental railways, as 1 believe it  would be a good investment, and the. Government  would then be-hi-a position to control the rate. The  acquirement of the Nelson tramway would be a source.  pf great and lasting revenue to the 'people:  $. The establishment of an institution for the education of the deaf and dumb. 1 think it iii proper  that every person, .should be able to converse iu the  deaf and dumb alphabet, and I would favor a compulsory attendance at this institution.    Also, (or   the  A-:/^ttt��ctv.;;.;;/'F6r.-,itm  ,���' ��� liad/;a.warded':': the;;; sett  .//^trouble bv/cc  ������'/'��� have .secured a large :pprtiou;;of  ���'.'; this 'Country:'/ .;airid.^;���to^|^^^  "- '��� backedr,up by ;ai;^  :;/would a!s^  ;.. ja pauese jmuiigra tioiv '���, '^ti^tioii/,; W^&^-i^  15, .;'; The Increase, pf (jhfejfc^  '���;. least $$��m>;:.;; It ;"<&ii^  ;Mr canitot: remunerate liiiiy^  ..:.'��� "sum .now allowed//.'/':a:-\.       //a//:/:/^  '.::���. 16, o:I : wbuki ������ favoritife/esiaBltshmeut:/of /wight"'-  .. schools;for the'compulsory '-education''of .Gitbluet/Miu/  ��� isters, labor' agitatnUy mu��e*owner.g,:/grafters ;and/al-:;  .dermerv. ���    ���  r7,-.-..��� I am ��� heartily; tit; favor������' of Use adoption of'a;  systeuf:whereby corporations and fttonopplistsv-AVould  be compelled to contribute a substatitiid'';itunV;ibr any���.''  charter or coo cess ion granted, andiit the :ef'ese-of each  session ��� the 'amount so '.collected should1:hedivided:/  equally amongst the government meuibers/'.as their  perquisites of office,  ���' ��� ��8... ��� I- am an : Imperial ;FecIeratto��feti';'a'.nd ;;will be-,  prepared/to "accept' a seat- ;ifr;ihe;:-||ritfeh^:H.ouj�� o(  Commons when-: Im.|>eriaf o!%l<*ratt(Ht.;is :an;acconi-/  olished .fact.- vI";  fi9. 1 am in favor of. removing :the -P rliam'ent.  Hii.iidiugjf from Victoria and the establishment of the  capital ait Nelson. These buildings would add mnch  to the  architectural beautv of this city and if .erected  r*jT "*m*����*"��n* t pryiiw^���m*  L"** V> *> "��� *<LNV> ���  ^rr  . .1 **T*)�� ��- r^*,"i't ���  I  1   %.  <to  p-H-afP" w l��� ki*  ' >  ��i^T ,*n*ir *r* "**ri|* &���* -rfl,**"1* ��������*���* wiri"ni-T  5"*^"*'  Pt��  ������ J^UMjylfr--*K*^V-i-HI*-r   TM* "f- ��*���������% *P    ,*^��pW*"Kl��MI��  t o~, ����rt * ���.-������f*ir,*,f' I"HE NELSON ECONOMIST  *���>  at the head of Josephine  street  would  increase the  value of property in that vicinity very materially.  20. I would give io each and every supporter aud  uiend any position sought for in the government service, and if necessary would create new offices to  supply the ever-increasing demand.  2 j ii elected, I will, so arrange the patronage of  mv Government that in law firms where one member  is Conservative and the other Liberal, each member  thereof in his turn shall have equal division of the  spoils of office. The advantage of such distribution  should appeal to the members of the law firms so con-  stunted.  22. I would inaugurate a system of immigration  iu lieu of that now iu vogue, which has been so uu-  saitsfacioiy and expensive to previous Governments.  1 would adyo&ite the granting of a subsidy to en-  �����mrag" matrimony, and would Ikj  prepared   to   pay  ' out uf the Provincial Treasury the sum of two huu-  died d^iars to each and every  couple  who  married  ..uk vtiei in this Province  2;y. I will appropriate a sum for the establishment  n    a   home   for   the   aged,   infirm    and    indigent  a tlttictaus who   mav   he   in  this Province now or  f    1  ���s:hi> may hereafter come from Manitoba,  In conclusion, 1 warn my friends and supporters to  ?k-ever on the alert, for  the enemy  is  not slothful,  A:d In troublous times like these will double  his en-  tvavors to blacken mv character.    Meet him at every  nun ,\wi drive htm into the wilderness.    Indue time  :. I will address the electors throughout   the   constitu-  rjry, and if any changes are required iu this platform  ��ll that i< necessary is to intimate the same.  Voms in ilw  sacred  cause of good   Government*  and   lots of it. ThkJCDGK.  deal oi trouble to an official, sending him up and  down ladders in search of books to satisfy bis literary  tastes, and on leaving the room he had gone up to  the man and told him that it might be some satisfaction to him to know that he had obliged Thomas Car-  lyle. The official hesitatingly answered him, with a  bland smile and ths usual washing of hands in the  air, that the gentleman had the advantage of, him,  but that probably they might have met at some mutual friend's house. He had never heard of Thomas  Carlvle.  The new form of ballot to be used in the Dominion  elections ought to give the voter few chances of making  mistakes  iu marking.    The   spaces  containing  the  candidates' names are separated by black bands about  half an inch wide, and in order to make an ambiguous  mark extending  into two compartments  the  pencil  must pass oyer the whole of this black margin.    The  other  nart of the  system is the  attachment to  the  paper  of two counterfoils, each bearing one number,  say 1,020.    As the deputy returning officer gives the  voter his ballot he tears off one. of these counterfoils  and lays it on the table in view of the, the scrutineers.  When the voter returns the deputy and scrutineers examine the outside of the ballot in order to see that  the  number on the counterfoil still atached is the satne as  that which lies on the table.    This is to prevent the  substitution  of a  bogus ballot, not to  identify the  voter  or to interfere in any way with the secrecy  of  the ballo4.  dummiM    mii4.'MfiH��''>  So Henrv Irving has the finest collection of swords  'u>ed by theatiical celebrities iu days goiHe by on the  <age than any other member of the theatrical profes-  Aon. Winn he is in Loudon they are always arranged in as necial corner of his stud v. and when tour-  mg in the provinces or visiting America they are  specially looked after until his return. The great  acl*��r particularly prizes a sword which once belonged  h> Kdmuml Kcan, and has on many occasions used it  himself on the stage.  ���'Charles' BradJaugh.,-the''..English /treethinker.,-once  engaged; iu;a/''diisc;^sio!V;with; a dissenting-.-minister.  He.insisted that the itnnistershouM  answer a ques-  f.if��h hy^sin^^  ���locution-, asserting that ever}* question could be replied  f<> in that inanuero The reverend gentleman rore  'and said;- '^lr Bradlaugh, will you allow me to  ask you a question 011 those terms?'- ^Certainly/'  -lid Hradlaiigh. "Then, may I ask/have you given  no heating your wife?'*  Thackeray once told Sir John Millais this amusing  story of Carlvle: lie had. spent, a day in the reading-  room of the British Museum and had given a  great  Passengers to the Cape who have never taken the  trouble  to  go tip to the high  ground  at St. Helena  can   have  little idea,  says a  correspondent  of the  Daily   yews,   of what a   beautiful combination  of  semi-tropical   and temperate growth  is  to  be  found|  there.    The hills range up to about 2,000 feet abov"  the   sea.    There  is   no harbor, but only  an  open*  roadstead off Jamestown, sheltered from the Southeast trade wind, which blows nintey-nine days out of  the  hundred.    At  one  time the population  of St.  Helena approached 20,600, and  it  managed to get  along somehow by supplying water and fiesh provisions to homeward-bound vessels returning round  the  Cape.    But the opening of the Suez Canal led to fewer  vessels calling there, and those that anchored off the  island  frequently  only came there  to correct  tb^ir  Greenwich   time.     The salvation of the  place has  been the development of the S^utii African gqldfields  for though the population is now under there  isnowork for them except to take off watercress and  cabbages to passing ships. The local rate of pay of  a telegraph clerk is fifteen shillings a month,. i.e..,-' for  a nigger boy who works the1 'police pattern " instrument and takes his turn with other boys running  with messages. A feature of the island is "Jacob's  Ladder/' a wooden stair-case of 699 steps, with an  average slope-of 39 degrees to the* vertical. There is  a knack in climbing this with comparatively little  fatigue in about sixteen minutes, but a novice starts  at too high a speed, and is sorry for it.  ��* i > /,  ." v-"-1"!  A-   ���-'.  ��� irfl  A1   j^'tTJS  > yv-i  >    O'y  ./i   '   'A ill  >������ ".'2WJ!  . \AAs;  . t,.  vr-A-Ayo ^yv.  ���'<Or-  *-Jt .',jra?.'4,  V.  'r��M:~c^��Si  .    . .1.' ii*  'f'Ski  * I,  v.<a  :'M��  i mi  ���in  fit ft '>'���*.  * r *P*  ft ? -* *���   1  ���j i' j 11 -,  �����������.�� *.  a* -. 1.4  ��� * �� ��  ��� *  f 1  ! * i v  !#..*' '  ^BSBSBSsmmmm s  THE NELSON b'CONOMIS'I  FROM THE CAPITAL  mm'  jwMum^idgwuiiMiiitiinv nee���  T VICTORIA, APRIL 30.-The political campaign  * is now in full Wast. The ' auti-Martinitcs in  convention assembled have nominated "The Big  Four", viz.:-Messrs Turner, Helmcken. Mcl'hillips  and Hall and the Martiniies have placed the Premier,  Hon. J. S. Yates and Messrs Brown aud Beckwith iu  the held. The battle cry of " The Big Four,f is  11 Progress and Prosperity versus Stagnation and  Ruination /'  It is unnecessary to give iht biography of the Hon.  h as it is well known, suffice to say that   his reputation does not improve with age.  In regard to-Hoik J, S. Yates, although comparatively' unknown   before he assumed the coveted posi*  tion   in   Martin's cabinet, little further can be added  to what has already appeared in the provincial   press  since  his elevation  to  that ex;dted position, except  that he was one of the assignees ol   the defunct baud  of Green Worlock & Co.. which paid the  munificent  dividend  ftf four per. cent., under the able and care-  ful management of this gentleman and his co-assignee.  It  seems  a   great   pity   that the Premier overlooked  Mr. Yates1 ability in this direction when  dealing nut  portfolios aud did not make him Finance Minister.  :;ai��;^  ���/���^������^  '.-': '*!l^'^^ i^;-/',  :.;:;:on/Situday;:,.,;/\\^sc^  ;';otherwi^;the;;wisckg  A^veAh  /:;liaye;l��eeu;;Vhe;la:ugld  '^?5'-^  ;::n^.pf.a;su.m.;6u  ,;;ol'^;;haviti^;/>iius.ie^  :/it-'wiis;w;hoi:;e  ^���aty^  //M^;|M^^  ; himsel f; tt j^S $:^ 1 id m te/lor' i'fegit hi i f^^^^^  ;;is;tinne&.MVryy  ;H$;$^^  :he;wtlS::f^ aa;;;/,;//;;/^  ' *"��^��*l������,v..,..i.,y;���;.-  ;,:.,;-.;^  :;slu;n'!.py.t]ie',:,I^  Gf)ine^;;^q.iJefio  pulilk::;j>tatlf#ut;^  Ch|pm^  U'hit.e������'���in.iii.K-: /'./������ ������'���',.'.'' ���.':������/������ :;'!-/:'v-aa;;::^;;'f//;o::''/;'���^'/���o:^^  ' .��HW1Ml*liil6W��tl����tol��w   4  J. G. Brown has apparently live:, pressed into service against his will and your correspondent has no-  thing further to add to what has already bee,, ,,���!,-  lished in Thk Economist as to this gentleman except  that the friends of Mr. Brown. a-:d their in me is legion, are very sorry to see him it, such b.ui company.  J. C. Beckwith, although comparatively unknown  outside the North ward, has a record.    Mr. Beckwith  claims to be a Conservative but this assertion* is   d-  ��ied by tlv.- rank and lilt- of the   Conservative   rartv  aud it would require a vast amount ol evidence ' ,U!d  documentary evidence at that, to convince  a   Conner  vative that J. C. Beckwith   belong to that partv and  even then there would be ayrave doubt in the minds  of many.    On the other hand the Literals claim that  they   know   him not.    Two year* a^oMr   Beckwith  suddenly   awoke   to   the fad that.hc wa* destined to  Income a great statesman and a leader  among   men  .ancUs the municipal elections  were  eoH,j������  ,..,     r,A  decided   that  j-C. Beckwith   was a   fit   ami   n//  person   to   represent   the   intelligent   elector   oi   the  North ward on the  aldermanic   board.     There   were  about a dozen candidates in   the   held   and   in   some  way he succeeded iaytcdug a place. Sinec tha. time  this   gentleman   has been continually endeavorim- to  impress his profound knowledge on the people oft/is  city by extensive  correspondence  to the newsPau-rs  It .is. unnecessary   to   add that these letters arc Urv  seldom read.     Mr. Beckwitb's  actions   on the alder-  the-  ��ij|i-Ms.:r!itiit��;;:.sSinuki,:;^��|^^5:ii^y:el*��titig-'  ^^csA^^^^'Mmc^  .ever. ,M>e:��Sx*��.lui;e:.:ne^^^  andy systen>aiiccatry��!^v.,.-rt^  '':    ti ���   ��� ���    - ,' .- : y' AA   ���    A*'' ' ''������   '--*'' /"������' ''���''/��� ���'....���. '���.   '    '"#' '  '-uiiit a!! iifHl4{iiri;I?i.A  a-^i.P.ceZ..^hpufdo Nr ���' itiufe^ed vwiti* i^l��f^^��it-^iL^i^,iAi:L  ���������������f  ���    ..-....-..--..-���������:_���-- ���.���-,.,.     �����*.*  >r-. it'fjvy-*   . nrjiy   ~% *y.,Ttit l/T.s.f ���  .;;^;>*e^.^  .'-.���..-'���     A     ' ; ��� ���" ���   ���-������ :���      : <-������ ��������� '"���'������    ������':.���' '���"������������ :���... .���;���..-. o' -A- 0, -:':-.-':-- '.":''-'.A' ��� ��� ��� .  ���.A--..:A^angc��it(fi|U ar^weirt^  /���Hon a of   the ���: -H-r^t   'i.*ir$Bdtn\ ��� c^^  '..���-' ���     '      , ��� .'...������������*"������ ..'���������.':'������.'..       ..���;   .   -V    -      ������"':;.     ���    y     ���     ���  y-u.ccu.;-tind the- citizens ^n.re.^piafiijjj';' oeither;,':trdubk.;  *wrkxpense/fr^  all.former  effort^/ ; \Th'd/ festivities'-' will extend'over0  Mircx-;davs/;t.nd s^  I he North Pacific fleet of warship** ���will/retufir"irout- :  'the South'-and ���In*.hi jfort/iu ;Bscp?to^ ������  and; a big '.sham  imtt'lc-v.ts-.' prpi��.iH.^t,'^-;->VAS'u  appropriation^ iian.' hmn', ���nmd.c  for ^,.dis'p!;ity. of fire*'.a  wprk^;- vviiich will. cKcel''auyUiU!g;;hct :  ihe Coast '��� A large punilKir of.'.y.'Httor?j. ��� will.-'aad.ouht.:';:  fKirtiike oi Victors;!'s,.h*xspiinil.it3:,during- itiw :giiv'afid '������  festive seaHo'n..  Contracts, hnva  hee.n. .'awarded, for ���the erection of  several   .snhstautial   hu'siness hloeks. atid-privatc'resi*  deuces ami from  present   indication:^  bnilding operations in Victoria this season will he greater than for:  several years past; T   : NELSON  yyy*K  I'iWA  Mm  mm  :?z*$m  ������>-Wp<M  -|:A^r#  ;*Mi  SMI  <:AnyB  jSpffif!  ���Yy;:y::^rrt0yM}*iifiS*y  s?//'AK/A;ilii|^  ;i;i.yAyAAA#lf��  yyiyygyiy:yy:Wygyy^y  '��� -?i'i'-. ^:s-My0-fy4 W^&Mjf:  AAAyAA^A'lXihiii  lli|Silllf|L  AaAAAAAIq^IijJk  ::::j2:^/5:::H^y5j^*||S��^i;;j  1 ��� 'y :A" :S:: Ay i^S'is!��SJ  ::S yi A!A As AA^ASS1^  :::i:::;^'':^^yy:y:^:^?ii^:  y:!::..y::i-!sU?;A5s:s��iSllL_,  . ;y !���<���.��� ���i?.^t y*]y $**%*(���:'  ,,;..ww^v.|,g:;^ri'd::bat|iirtg  :ed:in;tQ^  ever changing view of the snow-  d mountains, crowned with fo  y^i^i^i^M^}^^^^^   for;aySummer:;ho^  i  PrcKter is accessible by^^^d  railwayjajidissitttated only 20 mileiifrdin tie  towtt .of Nelso^  ustoess aM  ;at:prices^  pteli.    Terms of Sale:   ^  ance in 6 and 12 months;    Interest 6 per cetife  ftrmafsaod paruci^  ;y;*;'Sifl5S^^^  ���'i^iPllf  .yy-H^?.SjiS&sBa|  i@��.  Is fee r Street, -,W @i$on.  MfflffiTJffl^tijyi'OT'^^ ���  '\rf  4^vA4  aasssasssssassB  ���^��**UeiiiuJaiS"-'  *.j\yvA *���  >y. *��.-. *��*>3V{  ,y.  ,- ���  . .- -���    ; ���������" ... * tycXHsSH  i"l      �����  \        *..�� 10
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ancouver Hardware Co,
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i.   ./ .^   /�� i*    tflri  < "    , I-  .-f-J  .<; '> - ���y f  ��� y,i.,-H  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  U  "Daddy, why are you always .so brusque and disagreeable to Mr. St. Aubyit, when you are kindness  itself to any one else ?'���'  "Because   he  is an ass," growled  Mr. Van Nes*  with a scrovvl of displeasure.  ���Tai sure he is nothing of the sort/'argued  his  daughter, flashing  and drawing  herself up rather  stiffly.    "He   is courteous well-bred, handsome and  has ii spiemied position for a man of his age; and all  through his own exertions too/'  "That's just ii," replied her father, testily.   ''That's  what   makes   me, so blamed mad  -the prig is so confoundedly  proud and independent.    Did it all  himself, and has nobody to thank.    Bah !    He makes me  sick,   hL'dwH.    AI! those high aud mighty airs, just  iiecau.se  he stittck a little luck, when there's niany'a  poor devil worth his weight iu gold, who Is grubbing  at starvation wages/''  "Well, under the circumstances, I think he has a  light to Ik proud ; if he is, you cannot say he is either  vain or haughty/*  "Oh ! Vou know all about h, do you? Well, I'm  off; Vil suffocate if I stay on this veranda another  minute. There's not a breath of air. What are vou  kr^n��^jodo with yourself.this morning dear ?   "V<w have made my progntnrae, and Ishdlabide  hv u/ said Corctt.% meekly, "I'm going to row  ���m the harbor ull the morning "  "AH   iightv   'Hurry along, than, and I'll see you  -.ilvly start/'  Half an hour later Mr. Van Ness* eyes glowed with  iatheriy pride as he watched the light boat shoot out  over the placid waters of the harbor, skillfully propelled by the steady, trained stroke of his daughter's  oars; and after waving1 his handkerchief to her,  addressed himself to the enjoyment of his latest and  most enthusiastic hobby���snap-shot photography.  it Was comforting to "thatold,plutocrat to think that  Corretta was alone on the water, where that 'young  scrub, St. Aubyn, could not get at her.   St. Aubyn, anyway/' he muttered to himself. 4,Why don't lie keep away from Coretta ?  The Lord knows I've given him hints enough and  pretty broad ones too, batmen of his stamp never  will take a hint. Aud yon can't make him mad.  Why if I had been in his place I'd have thrashed myself long ago. He's always got some sugar-coated  speech ready that makes a man feel like a fool/'  On the following night papa Van Ness was in his  element. He had arranged a little entertainment in  the hotel drawing room for the benefit of the family  of a poor man who had been drowned in he surf.  All the talent in the hotel was pressed into ^service-.  The programme was to include vocal and instrumental  music, redratioifOege^^ hot.      777?  Mr. Van Ness was the moving spirt of the whole  affair and his portly form was seen everywhere���now  among the audience applauding vigorously, now at  the temporized box office near the door of the drawing room���a moment later in the impromptu  green-  ^***A^*^^J^****^*^W  36 Baker Street  House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths,  hades, ��� Lace urtains,  rui ll  r^_ 2  4^*'  '������������-.. a  j Tapestry Carpet from.,  I Brussels Carpet from,-  '   A xmineter Carpet from  50c up ||  $1.20 up I! ��� Window Shades from   $1.25 tip I| Curtain Poles from   $1.50 up || La;ce Qnrtains from   . 50c "^P Ii  free of If:   Art Rugs  and  Squares  at .Ail  ? ciiarge.   ....    , '    !  : ; |t: 3^xrioo^r;;-->-^_ --���_.-; "-��� -"_  �� --' ��� ���,   ...    .........       .: .. .     ,    Jt .^������-   ,..^..,..,��,^.^..^.i,^..��^^^��MgW����>g^^  WHMMMW-rnrt���m <  I. English "Wilton' from,/...;;  I Ingrain'Carpet from -... *.  All Carpets sewed and  ...** V*,!-.*, vt-itiw. ^inWSiW*.*- J ��JP��d*! 1<UtW*;iW��iWlf�� *#*��WI*��*W* '  BimMSfflaisBKsmlSBSSSBfflllBE  ^pnn�� ����aie  inoleum  low is-.the time for Spring House Cleaning  replenishing new for old.   We will offer  reductions in this department for the next 10  Floor Oilcloth from 1  ;th:e;::NI:;lsoN:  tooinroverhauling the prpperttes;   He t\ot oijly run  the curtain up arid dowiivlH^  >;:acj^^^^  ;:yper;:'audtble throughout t  -"he''exerted-himself sounceasinglv''that before the even-  a* t'tig'A was ;; half ���gone:-,lie;',;\v*is:'' i>ufti;*iff7.'likeV;:AA. .'7ish  ;���';;; out of water, while a ttara;k>.f perspiration-beads stood  A'-outoirl^  ,;.;:,:';The'':,last' nu miter.��� oti:'.the;pf ogra m promised,::'to;;:,:.lie"  a A^'ry-Vintere^  .;Vt;6'show;.a'serie5:of.l^  A'citste^  She 7;ha^  ;7^d;:aH^  /.yyT^  AJngAoiva'sea^  :,-..:his;':'.;c0i.os;saI;;w^  :Aap-:umbrella..;.;';i  ���Alaugliin-gly^ga^  >;;pict:uifevv^  :;:';;cot(ag<?-,;';:-;:'eyideut^  ATeve&fel;^  Shis'dogCA  A-^er-i>fthii>g^ui^  S��*fta^e<f^  .spoon tug::t n;'jyboat'O  fatiee;;Cr^  ��� rainc/';^  Jpg;;ieh$',/nu^  ;. ;Thej)ietu^  :ly;.;S;sl<>rm^  t;&trn^i-off.'^^^  -'Kre?i��A-:':^A':^  ,ne.x t;dtty,;,;" *:: the :;.old. - fc  tnj|;^  jip^khiide?^  CBRRENT COM MENT;:  ,..,  ;*>^7^Mrt*Jsati*J!i^*.^;.  :;.^':'^;;:::-:-'::v;:y./'::v*;;;'.'^':^;:  %;;aC^;;7  7,;^:lt.;:;'':u^ii;-:;to:i  ;;>>^/giH>d-^  ; wort h;iets';; Vheti't^i^  :ttie:Ah^  :' i-.'.'i-        'it'.'   '  '���    '   i*     ���������'���'-"    '��������������   ���������:���-������'��� ':���'���'"':    ..'". ..������'���'���������"'���'���' i- ��� ���"������ *'���'.r:':/^::'.'-. >, .oi';"-..',.-..r!..���';���-'';���.<} &t> ''\ :'���;���-������- ������'���.' "������ .���'������������:y '���������   -��v ������'���.' ���������'���',...��� ���  gr^sive^  !:he'tr:;;:lHto'^  ��p^f^f^  THE HALL-STREET GROC  OsIer;;'&.;..Oyrcl��  my;:-.  ^Family GrcK-eries. .;',,  '-.,;��� iSy.ery.iJne'Ereshv  ';:y~:, a Fruit .ia-. ..Season.' a  Mines and Real Estate  Express and Graying  ',-...,UvcfM.''.  Hftttfc.'of tt ��ttt'��'i  Baker Streeiv  Wcl��ob,.'Si:C;--  Ki4  ' iia'vSuy:..parrhsiM**.!. Use f*xpres% ami 'ftmjinjj' |  ��� tniKJut^K of..I. W. 0'Hv.H.it. wt* ''*mA.-j*r<r|mp.*t: i*> I  .do .all kinds of ..work- In ih.U IOi^, ufHl.��M*JMcH >  th<*. j>siir<Hr��si'��A��>f .j'n��.r j'M-opk* uf NAm^-m?; Or��jAn*.]  k*fi at O, .Me Art ha r & *V* ��A'fry rsor; Inv^i |  ^>riH'rH��k^i"iU!'f Wur<'1 MnA'A,.., <<tAi y-<y'H*;A  prom j��iAUU'Ht h.>ji,.. T��'Jopt}of*e x'V   ���  ER   DAVIS  * *  '''Gentledrien'ft Fine Su  A Specialty  >ominf0h.'aiid-.:.  ^rovrnciaf  ;:  ,anc! Surveyor,  p. uu isTonri House, Nelson  ,-* v.>  'S  *"WWW��l��W��lMM��IWirci|ii^Li��li|��uilrtllft^tMMrt>����^WM,^llllllM��M^^ ' l"*,''1  j      .^Nyj*!*,.,,  I*l*uir   H**��A!  :;''y'V*CTORrA.;ST����:N��tSON  .^Jmw^WW��ww.i|.w^T.��..  ^kES��.;r.-5..;i.'.."*^3^.***Jti\wrtvu^*V*'  ,. *;rt*Tj��*."*WJ���-<w*wfiw���,,  *.7t*i��*"*"*.."  tX   f*|.*Jflv*��OK  .���     AurM''r H'ntilh'V   A?'t��!   *ni��"ii Hi*.    .  R.ATI;5;-$i per. day and ��g>.  i. . Schooner H-eert to centf  rran.  ~4 �� ���..*   ��  -^,T*  lt^*i*i ��i��r-","i !������* ��� -��������  " jjffifl^K'iSflWBMyjWWSWWWW**  '- . ���'''< >^K. 'A'-'i'iMi-VfiA  THB NELSO^ EeONOMl^T  ;i&  Yietom+;for:$^  iliis' reason^  principally^  a hove, e veryW^  soitaL-: /iiiten^^^  Avelfrfreiofti^  sure i<,cpmpds^ci;of:;this:kitid of:materiaij'ust'so:"lon��r;;'::  .\viH;.the^|>eqpfe;;$tt  -In the'Shxjap^  t.��:represent t hispid inglat;�� ietofia;;::;:, 0he:'Itas - a.o oiLy-;.  yy.yyyftiifwj  AAAStI  yP.-*A"W  :^yffft  He is an ^nemy; to lab^  lucre-would:;knife:.-tbe:'.inter^  low the band wagon d|his em  as a tramp cur runs after a swiiib^  These are a couple of samples of; m^  ;represent:v;us-Segislatorily ^  and they shou^^  them the Slocan would be deiug^w  of swelled hesds^with nothing iii ttiem, exce^  ���*Wrr' ^?yy yy .i"^.!^  uses, to slander iui^  too... jveefc];iii^  I ,tzv:::��� to -jtfiy^^ -is'- a-.' gevser A.who:;  .<::*; unit VS?^  reimuuiohA^  ���'?���'���-'������''���'. 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'i,''.-'ji.lA��=i!E';! 14  THE NELSON EGONGMiS 1  !*  ^,  1  s&��-  m  stitution at the other end of the street;Fossih!v thev  Arec&gmze..^  .���tobu^y^  ',.they .feelihey/are^  ���vmg:hi$;p^  ������, would pointou11hat we,' too,"ar��;very:-4>ad C'ivt'-:listye������  wasted our substance in pritUirig  establish  "pther.. nineteenth ''^'n.tury.-iux.'u  :.spaeeJn;,a..'eH.minai  thaiy.; ourselves^  ;public; that ;.we'' wilt^g^  ' ooth in g���ncv;; -free':;., pu 9s:;; ; We,, must; .be, pa id, a. nd y ibe.'/  de&ryiug:pi^  ^.ft.y.:;��-.IWM��f����lll*MiWy-  ;;^^^  ���'[y^:M^:'''':^r  ;.y;'.&:;^is^  ���writtei}.'^  Ipd'ged .at-bervhou^  jfifonv;:Stim^  ;'prived-.ofyeve^^^  yhac^  ^audAthat^^  :..^ Ha wley. and'Cuoite^  . long- niveutory: of Mr. lo��BKBii^ :  ';:h?rf;:seen  -���^ioji'i'.^iiy^tte  ���:;;Ou.mi>e'rljAnci.-s..hatt'se.j  ;'jackso!^  A;Alxrdeen;..hoti^^  /Ja'od;!;^  v;\Huh^  ;'grent;;:Wol.fc^  i;;aud |:Wwtey:..i.n;':thelr:1  ;:.^;u;Aaoy;-�����  ;:a/lad^  -other ^^  yrd^rihetttbe:;  pother ^  ' veutory:; of ;t;he ,othet'-hy  :;tihe\;;^#  , JsrWjl HMW/B.-HIWli**!-^ ���fBtej.V-Vft'Jii' V-'  i,rf\v,VJWi,.--A.:*A-A.5\��'>.-*^--**-J/.^-o.-��v\-.i1.i;'.wA/-ii,,.;(^i1.^  Canadian >y-  ^ Pacific Ky.  **6  500 LINE  ���..'t.A.-y?*.y^ '���:y^;^.rv'ij;^u^.^y^;li^-1  I  I  ST  WEST  . 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